Reluctant pixie (3D render, nudity, sex, half size)

Post your pictures of shrunken or otherwise tiny women in here
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Reluctant pixie (3D render, nudity, sex, half size)

Post by odastein » Mon May 17, 2021 9:59 am

It's well known that faëries magical powers are hindered by iron. A pair of manacles will do. Now, the creature can't do anything, like becoming invisible, or turning your cock into an independent- minded grey slug. And her diminutive size makes her a perfectly helpless sexual toy.
RP 0056D - Fantasy captive.png
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This human makes his intent rather clear.

On the one hand the size of this member has a certain power of attraction and an interesting novelty aspect. Also human males famously can have sex at any time, contrarily to male pixies who copulate only on solstice nights, leaving the females of the species rather frustrated most of the year.

On the other hand, pixies don't like to be forced. Besides, and much more importantly, what would the other pixies at the faërie court say if they learned that she had sex with a mere mortal? Her reputation would definitely be tarnished, and there would be gossips for at least a millenium or two.
RP 0056G - Reluctant pixie.png
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Deprived of her magical powers, and so unable to turn his cock into an independent minded grey slug according to tradition, the pixie uses the means at her disposal and crashes her small fists in the offender's balls. Her situation still seems pretty precarious, with a human now pissed but still lustful,but pixies aren't noted for long-term thinking.

(I never continued this series. It was supposed to come to an hide and seek chase in the apartment, followed by a one year and one day pact whose terms escape me, and ending in a now consensual interspecies sex scene. Maybe one day I'll come back to it).
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