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Star Trek Stories

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I know Tina Tempest wrote a hot little story about James Kirk and Yeoman Rand, but are their any other SW Star Trek stories out there?

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Re: Star Trek Stories

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Oh yes. I’ll need to look for more on a proper computer, but this will keep your motor humming until I can. Sorry for it being a word blob. The original version has a paragraph mark or too, but my phone is being a punk


In A Mirror, Shrinkingly (Mf, sex, ENT fanfic)
Posted by tinytaletellergirl » Sat Jun 27, 2015 9:06 am
(This story is based on the two-part episode "In a Mirror, Darkly" from the series "Enterprise," and includes a tribute character to a long time member of the SW community. At the end is a picture of T'Pol when James first encountered her.)

Despite their best efforts, neither Captain Forrest nor T'Pol could prevent Archer's machinations from coming to fruition. The ISS Enterprise was now looking upon a ship from the future: the USS Defiant, a ship that the Tholians had lured from a parallel universe.

T'Pol, like other Vulcan scientists, had rejected the possibility of alternate universes. Now the proof of one was on the viewing screen before her.

For T'Pol, this discovery would soon be a moot point. A small bit of---reality shifter, for lack of a better phrase---had been moving slowly about in local space ever since the Tholians had detonated a tri-cobalt warhead inside the gravity well of a dead star. This small bit of reality shifter was undetectable to the sensors of the ships in the area, and would have deteriorated in due time if it hadn't floated through the Enterprise just as the Enterprise itself moved through a particularly unusual part of Tholian space (unusual in the matter of physical laws, that is).

It was the right combination of events (or perhaps the wrong combination) that moved the bit of reality flotsam through T'Pol just when it did. For reasons that would be beyond the understanding of the scientists of her time, T'Pol disappeared from the reality of those around her.

The disappearance of T'Pol would not have any effect on the eventual emergence of the Empress Sato on her new flagship, the ISS Defiant. It would, though, have an affect on others in a different reality.

- - - - -

In one instance, T'Pol was on the bridge of the Enterprise.

In the next...

In the next, she found herself in a large metal container of some sort. It was easily seven times her height, with some type of ventilation slits near the top that allowed light and air in. By the movement of air, its density, and the light filtering in, T'Pol could tell she was no longer in a ship's closed atmosphere, but on an Earth-like planet. The temperature was rather cooler than she was used to.

The fact that her uniform and undergarments were not on her, or anywhere in sight, didn't help.

As T'Pol contemplated her surroundings, tbe side of the container with the ventilation slits swung open. T'Pol found herself facing a giant human.

- - - - -

His name was James Shatner, and at eighteen, he was an exemplary student athlete at Henry Archer high school (a school located in the western portion of the Tennessee administrative area of North America). James always thought it was a good omen that he went to a school named after the father of the President of the United Federation of Planets. It gave him hope that he just might get an appointment to the fledgling Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.

James had stayed after school for Anbo-jyutsu practice. A great practice session made James confident that his team (and himself) had a very good chance of making it to Regionals and beyond. Afterwards, James had grabbed his book pack from his gym locker and was about to head home when he decided to check his main locker. Not that he left anything there, he thought to himself. But he didn't want to have to head back to school in case he did. So James quickly ran to his locker, unlocked his biometric lock, threw the door open and...

Found a tiny Vulcan woman.

She wasn't a normal Vulcan. Not that Vulcans were normally one hundred twenty-seven millimeters tall, but James expected certain things from Vulcans. Not that James had met a lot of Vulcans. He had seen them on the entertainment and educational channels, of course, and a few had spoken at his school. But still, one expected Vulcans to be...well, Vulcans.

And Vulcans didn't appear in his locker, nude, with incredibly hot bodies.

The tiny Vulcan woman didn't move to cover herself. She just stared up at James. And James didn't do anything but stare back in shock and a certain amount of lust.

The two might have stood there staring at each other for hours if a sanitation robot making its way down the hallway hadn't made a noise. Startled out of his daze, James quickly grabbed the tiny Vulcan woman and put her in his book pack. He wasn't sure what he was going to do, but this required more contemplation.

- - - - -

T'Pol realized immediately that she was in the worst situation she could possibly find herself in. Somehow, she had been reduced to a mere fraction of her size. How this had come about, and how she had survived the transition and was able to function in such a diminished state, she was unable to fathom. But it had happened.

Now she found herself the captive of a teenaged human male. A male of one of the most rapacious species in the universe. And one who, because of his adolescence, wouldn't possess even the veneer of self-restraint and discipline that the adult of his species would. T'Pol knew her only chance was to invoke the young male human's innate fear of the Imperial Authorities and have him turn her over to the Imperial Fleet.

Otherwise, her fate wasn't worth contemplating.

- - - - -

T'Pol used every technique she knew to calm herself, but to no avail. She was in the hands of an adolescent male of the most feared sentient species in the known galaxy. Escape into the hands of the Imperial authorities wouldn't be much better, but it had to be a more palatable option than whatever fate laid in the hands of her present captor. Being confined in the pack wasn't doing her body any favors, but her blood ran cold as the jostling of the pack soon stopped. T'Pol had failed to devise a plan to escape. It seemed her fate was sealed.

James had run home as fast as he could, giving little thought to the comfort of the 'passenger' in his book pack. Excitement, wonder and curiosity had so consumed his body that he ascended the stairs leading up to the second floor and his bedroom in three easy leaps.

James gingerly reached into his book pack and lifted T'Pol out, carefully setting her on his desk. T'Pol took a moment to steady herself, then looked up at James, resigned to her fate.

James stared at T'Pol nervously, then asked, "What are you? I mean, are you real? Or are you some type of robot or something?"

T'Pol stood up straight, which only focused James' attention on her body. If she was a robot, somebody had done a fantastic job on her. Her breasts were large, capped with brown nipples, and stood high and proud on her chest. Her stomach was flat, her waist narrow, her buttocks inviting. And there was a thin strip of light brown hair nestled between her thighs that James desperately wanted to investigate.

"I am an Imperial officer, young man, and it would behoove you to allow me to contact the authorities." T'Pol put as much authority in her demand as her size and state of undress would allow.

James still wasn't convinced that the figure in front of him wasn't a sophisticated doll of some sort. And what Empire could she be speaking of? Maybe she was a member of a race that James hadn't heard of. It was possible, with the boundaries of the Federation seeming to grow by leaps and bounds every day. But James was pretty sure that he would have heard of a race of humanoid beings that stood no taller than 127 millimeters. Still...

"Does your Empire have an embassy in San Francisco? Or maybe a consulate in Memphis?"

Now it was T'Pol's turn to be confused. What game was this human male playing at? He seemed genuinely confused at her presence, which was understandable. But what was all this talk of consulates and embassies?

"Can I touch you?" he asked.

Before T'Pol could respond, the giant male ran a finger down her back, stopping just short of her bottom. She wasn't sure what she was expecting, but the gentle touch of the giant's fingertip wasn't it. In truth, she had never been touched in such a gentle fashion before, and the experience was...interesting.

"You feel real. What Empire are you from?"

"The Terran Emp---oh!" The last syllable was uttered involuntarily as James, not receiving an admonishment from the tiny being in front of him, had continued caressing her with his fingertip, letting it slide down her buttocks and the back of her legs.

"The Terran Empire?" James must have misunderstood her. Terra was the Latin word for Earth, he knew that much. Perhaps she had mislearned the Standard word for her home world.

"Ye--yes," T'Pol replied, finding it difficult to concentrate. James fingertip was lingering on her bottom, making her weak at the knees. The feeling was absolutely delicious, and overwhelming her sense of caution and fear.

James, for his part, was in absolute heaven, The most beautiful woman he had ever seen, at any size, was standing before him in her absolute glory, and was making no attempt at either hiding herself or stopping him from touching her. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying his touch!

T'Pol stumbled, as her knees finally gave out. James quickly scooped her up, a concerned look on his face. He caressed her face and hair, asking, "Are you all right?"

I must be in some drug-induced hallucination, T'Pol thought to herself. In what reality would a Human male shows concern for a Vulcan who was in his power? And what being, outside of a dream, was capable of creating such wondrous sensations in her body? T'Pol was used to human males being desirous of her body and, in the past, had used this fact to her advantage. It was a fact that she took no personal pleasure in. Had never taken personal pleasure in. Until now...

The giant asked her again if she was okay, and she nodded. Then the giant asked if he could continue touching her. T'Pol could tell the giant would take no action if she did not consent. For some reason, this fact reminded T'Pol of a human story she had read once, about a girl stepping through a mirror into another world.

What kind of world have I fallen into? T'Pol thought to herself. And is it possible that this is a world far better than the one I left? T'Pol found herself nodding to the giant's second question, then moaned in pleasure as the giant's finger slid from her head down to her breasts.

James watched in fascination and appreciation as T'Pol writhed in pleasure under his touch. James enjoyed the paradox of T'Pol's breasts, simultaneously large and small, soft and firm, and feeling absolutely wonderful underneath his fingertip. T'Pol, for her part, was overwhelmed by the pleasure of James' touch, the way the ridges of his fingertip dragged softly over her hardened nipples, sending lightning from the tips of her breasts to between her legs.

And speaking of between her legs, T'Pol held her breath as James' finger caressed both her breasts one last time, before slowly tracing his finger down her stomach to the thin strip of hair between her legs. T'Pol's hips thrust upward, inviting and anticipating James' touch.

James was not completely inexperienced with the members of the opposite sex, and T'Pol had certainly had her fair share of partners, but this was new territory for both of them. James assignations had been in the dark, hands underneath clothing and stolen kisses in dark corners. This was the first time he had had the luxury of looking at a woman, much less an incredibly beautiful woman, and watching her delightful reactions to his touch.

For her part, T'Pol had never had a partner who was interested in anything other than sating his own appetite. True, she had sought out partners during her seasons of pon farr, but that was biology. This was....exquisite.

As the human's finger moved between her legs, T'Pol felt the rough ridges of his fingertip caressing the folds of her keshtan-ur, and her kolok, sending her to new heights of pleasure. T'Pol's hips pushed upward as her hands vainly tried to clutch at the skin of the palm of her giant captor. No, her giant lover, T'Pol corrected herself, before the gentle rotation of the human's finger overwhelmed her senses. T'Pol heard a voice screaming in pleasure, before she realized it was her own.

T'Pol felt as if this ecstasy she was experiencing would last forever, unless it consumed her in its fire first. Finally, though, she began descending back into reality. The human seemed to have realized how sensitive she had become to his touch, because he was returned his fingertip to the right side of her face. T'Pol allowed herself the luxury of losing herself in his touch, forgetting the reality of the world for a few more moments.

Then the human said something that threw T'Pol's concept of reality even further out of alignment.

"I guess I ought to get you dressed so that I can help you find your home," he announced reluctantly.

"You want to what?" T'Pol asked incredulously as James gently set her down on a table, allowing her to stand up.

"Well, I mean, you are so beautiful..." T'Pol stared in wonder as the human male actually blushed and turned his gaze, "but I guess it wouldn't be right to make you wander around, y'know..."the human made a vague hand gesture toward her nude form. "And I don't even know your name."

T'Pol stretched in such a way that made the young human's eyes....'bug out', she thought the expression was. "It is T'Pol. And I do not mind being in this state of undress as long as my form pleases you," T'Pol added, wondering to herself where THAT response had come from. "And what should I call you?"

"James. You're name is T'Pol? Wow! That's the name of the Academy's Commandant. I got to meet her once," James said gushingly. "Well, not directly. She gave a speech at our school. She was with Archer on the Enterprise, you know. Well, maybe you don't know," James added, realizing the person in front of him might not know Federation history if her race had only been recently contacted. Studying the T'Pol in front of him, James added, "Your people look like Vulcans, except smaller. And I've never seen a Vulcan with hair like yours," James added, tentatively stroking little T'Pols long, dark blonde hair.

It was a pleasurable feeling, having her hair stroked softly by a giant finger, and T'Pol would have enjoyed just luxuriating in James' touch, when something clicked in her mind. A theory was forming, but she needed to verify it.

"James would it be possible to access a biography of this Commandant T'Pol?"

"Oh sure," James said, touching a part of the table. A screen emerged from it. "Just address the computer and tell it what information you need. I was going to use it to access the Federation's database to find out where your people were," James added hurriedly, feeling guilty that perhaps he had taken advantage of the beautiful little alien.

T'Pol took no notice of the last sentence, however. Instead, she addressed the computer, asking it to provide a biography on Commandant T'Pol and Jonathan Archer.

T'Pol watched and listened in amazement at the biography of "herself", Jonathan Archer, and others that she knew of or had encountered. During her research, James had brought a small cushion for her to sit on, and quietly stroked her hair. That filled T'Pol with even more wonder even, that an adolescent human male would concern himself over her comfort.

T'Pol had come to the conclusion that she had somehow found herself cast into the parallel universe that the starship in Tholian space had emerged from. From what she was able to deduce, the time period she had been 'relocated' into, in this parallel universe, was some time between the "present time" in her universe, and the future that this universe's USS Defiant had come from..

T'Pol also found a live feed of this universe's Commandant T'Pol giving a speech, which filled her with a strange sense of relief. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she had suspected that perhaps this universe's T'Pol had been shrunken and thrown in the hands of her universe's James Shatner. That sent a cold shiver down T'Pol's spine, making her literally shake.

"Are you all right, T'Pol?" a worried James asked.

"Pick me up please, James." James set his hand down and T'Pol climbed into his palm. James lifted her up to his face, and T'Pol allowed herself to bask in the young human's concern and, yes, his appreciation for her body. Finally, T'Pol asked, "James, do you think it might be possible for me to meet this Commandant T'Pol of yours?"

James brow furrowed. "I could make an appointment at the Academy's registration office, I suppose. But wouldn't it be easier just to contact your embassy?

T'Pol gave a rueful smile. "My government doesn't have an embassy on your Earth, James. I am a..."T'Pol searched for the phrase she had come across in her research and smiled "...a First Contact. One that I believe your Commandant T'Pol is uniquely qualified to make."

"Well, she did serve on the Enterprise, so if that's the route you think we should take..."

"Thank you, James," T'Pol said, with a very unVulcan-like radiant smile on her face.

James lifted T'Pol up and gave her an impromptu kiss, covering the entire top of her head. When James pulled T'Pol away, she reached out a hand and used it to caress his lips. James stood there, lost in the moment, when his sense of responsibility asserted itself. "I'll go ahead and make the call for the appointment."

"Tomorrow morning, James," T'Pol said huskily. "For now...these are your personal sleeping quarters, aren't they?"


"if you would disrobe, I have some ideas on how we might pass the hours between now and the morning."

It was quite amusing, T'Pol thought, how quickly (but carefully!) James set her down so he could rip off his clothes. And then all thought left T'Pol as she immersed herself into the only night of pure pleasure she had ever known.

- - - - -

All things considered, it was probably for the best that the rest of James' family was not due home until Sunday evening. The call to the Commandant's office was eventually made, though not until Saturday afternoon. Even then, there was some delays. One of the toys that James' younger sister possessed was a doll clothing creator, with plenty of supplies and templates on hand. Even then, both James and T'Pol were reluctant to put clothes on T'Pol. James seemed especially fascinated with T'Pol's breasts, a fact that both amused and delighted T'Pol.

Finally, a fully dressed T'Pol and James placed a call to the office of the Commandant. Once it was determined that the image of the tiny Vulcan was not an electronic trick, the layers between the Commandant and the general public were quickly moved through. The two T'Pols gazed at each other for a few moments, then the larger T'Pol simply stated, "I will send a transport for the two of you."

Within an hour, James found himself in the office of THE T'pol, Commandant of the Academy, personal friend to THE Jonathan Archer...the accolades that could be attached to T'Pol's name were endless. This was not someone who would be merely remembered by history; this was someone who WAS history.

Commandant T'Pol looked at the tiny T'Pol riding in James' shirt pocket. "Young man, if you would leave your friend here and step outside, I will see to you when I have finished with our conversation," the Commandant said, point to tiny T'Pol.

James did something that he never thought of doing, not even in his worst nightmare. He began contradicting THE T'Pol. "I don't think..."

The tiny T'Pol in his pocket patted his chest through his shirt. "It's OK, James. This is a talk T'Pol and I need to have alone." The irony of that statement was not lost on the Commandant, who arched an eyebrow and said nothing. Tiny T'Pol smiled as James lifted her out of his pocket and gingerly set her on Commandant T'Pol's desk.

James sat in the outer office for what seemed like hours. The civilian receptionist at the outer desk would look at him occasionally, especially after answering an incoming call and advising the caller that the Commandant was unavailable for communications. Finally, the receptionist advised James that the Commandant would see him.

The two T'Pols gave James a very abridged, misleading but still accurate description of tiny T'Pol's history. Tiny T'Pol was a Vulcan from a very distant Vulcan enclave, who through an unknown event, had been shrunken and transported into James' locker. No mention was made that tiny T'Pol has been sans clothes when this event happened, but the look that Commandant T'Pol gave him made James blush and duck his head.

Commandant T'Pol advised James that she would initiate a project that would explore the possibility of "unshrinking" tiny T'Pol but that, for the interim, tiny T'Pol would be residing at the academy. Before James could respond, Commandant T'Pol asked if James would be interested in remaining at the Academy for the interim, to serve as tiny T'Pol's caretaker.

"T'Pol feels that, considering the intimacy of your relationship..." James again turned beet red "...that you are the individual who would be best suited to see to her needs when she is not actively participating in seeking a reversal of her present state. And while you are here, I will have Academy instructors see to the continuation of your education."

James was stunned. Did he hear the Commandant correctly? It sounded like he was getting two dreams at once. He was being admitted to the Academy AND he was getting to stay with little T'Pol, at HER request!

"Oh, hell yeah, I'am, yes ma'am, I would be very happy...I mean, it would be my pleasu---I mean, yes, ma'am."

Tiny T'Pol actually giggled at James' acceptance. The Commandant merely raised an eyebrow in her sometimes infuriatingly Vulcan fashion before she continued. "Understand, Mr. Shatner, that you are not being accepted to the Academy. However, if you conduct yourself in accordance to the traditions we are establishing here, any application you might submit in the future to attend the Acadamy will undoubtedly be looked on favorably. Now, if you will permit me, I will escort you and T'Pol to your new quarters."

Tiny T'Pol lifted up her arms, indicating she wanted James to pick her up. Almost as if in a trance, James lifted tiny T'Pol up and placed her into his pocket, then followed the Commandant out of the office, thinking to himself, 'I'm going to be so pissed off if the alarm wakes me up in the next five minutes.'

- - - - -

If life teaches us anything, it is that things are never as easy as we might wish them to be. There are always people who have different agendas from our own, and some who just delight in putting obstacles in the paths of others.

A shrunken Vulcan was a prize many found irresistible, particularly considering her Imperial background (the knowledge of which was to be highly classified but still made its way into the hands of interested parties). Section 31 was particularly interested in an operative of such diminutive size with Imperial training. Then there were the theoretical physicists who insisted that since such a shrunken state was simply impossible, there should be no rush to try to reinstate T'Pol to her former size. The fact that tiny T'Pol was a sentient being never crossed their minds.

Of course, when James' family returned home, only to find their oldest child had gone to Starfleet Academy under mysterious circumstances, they were less than pleased. Since James was eighteen, he could technically do what he pleased, but his parents were of the mind that, if the Law thought they were going to simply walk away from their only son without the Law explaining what happened, then, in the words of Charles Dickens', “If the law supposes that, the law is an ass—an idiot. If that’s the eye of the law, the law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is that his eye may be opened by experience—by experience.”

Fortunately, there were four people who would be instrumental in getting tiny T'Pol reinstated to her normal height and smoothing out the rough waters in the process.

There was Commandant T'Pol, head of the Academy and not a force in her own right to be reckoned with.

Then there was no less a personage then President Jonathan Archer himself, the man leading the Federation and, in the eyes of many, the man who was instrumental in making the Federation a reality. The day after James and tiny T'Pol had gotten settled in their new quarters, Commandant T'Pol had called James into her office. Waiting there for James was T'Pol and Jonathan Archer.

James just stuttered as the Great Man offered his hand for James to shake. Archer obviously had experience in dealing with star struck teenagers. Telling the Commandant that they would be back "in a little bit," Archer and James walked around the new Academy campus.

Jonathan Archer was nothing like James thought he would be. Walking and talking with him was like talking to one of his favorite teachers. James brought a smile to Archer's face when he told him he was a senior in a school named after Archer's father. Archer shared some of his boyhood dreams and memories, and was able to pull out of James his own ambitions. James admitted that he was fascinated with the technological research making starship exploration possible, and particularly integrating the technology of the various member races into the new Federation Starfleet.

Archer then had dinner with James' family and was able to alleviate their concerns caused by the events of the last two days, all without revealing anything but the vaguest details of those events. But then, for a man who had gotten Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites to all sit down at the same table, a potential family dispute between loving parents and their equally loving son wasn't a great difficulty, even considering the bizarre events that led to that dispute.

There was something to be said about having the President of the Federation being fully committed to the project of restoring tiny T'Pol to her full height.

The third person to be of assistance was an elderly Denobulan doctor by the name of Phlox. James had a vague idea of who Doctor Phlox was but James' mother, who was a medical researcher, acted like a schoolgirl who had just learned that she was going to meet her favorite singer, when her son informed her that Dr. Phlox was one of the individuals that James would be interacting with on a regular basis.

James liked Doctor Phlox. There was something almost comical about his actions and his speech at times, but the Denobulan was a pleasant conversationalist and had a way of making James look at things in a different light. The Denobulan said he had planned to spend his final years on his home planet in semi-retirement but, at the request of his old Captain and with the additional lure of a steady supply of egg drop soup, had decided to remain on Earth instead, serving as an occasional adviser to the burgeoning Star Fleet. A little research showed the Denobulan doctor had been the chief ethicist in helping the new Starfleet devise its Prime Directive. And, at Commandant T'Pol's request, the Denobulan doctor served as a site supervisor on the project to restore tiny T'Pol to her true height.

The doctor was also one of James' instructors, though not in the traditional sense. The Doctor would have lunch with James once or twice a week and ask about his studies, and would occasionally suggest a book that James might find interesting. The next week, the Doctor would casually bring up said book, asking James his opinion on different points.

Doctor Phlox was talking to James about David Thoreau's Walden when the Denobulan asked, "Young Shatner, what would you say was the greatest political fallacy put forward in the previous century?"

James pondered for a moment, then answered, "Well, I know there was a leader in North America, I want to say he was from Tasmania or, it was his father that was from one of those countries...something like that."

Phlox gave James a wide Denobulan grin, "The New Machiavellian. Willing to sacrifice civil liberties for the perceived greater good. But he was a symptom, not a cause. No, the primary fallacy was the belief that a dynamic society was moving toward a static end and that some of that society's members felt the need to impose their values on others to achieve the perceived benefits of this static end. All for the good of the less enlightened members of their society, of course. So tell me, young Shatner, what does Thoreau mean when he says, 'If I knew for a certainty that a man was coming to my house with the conscious design of doing me good, I should run for my life?'"

James pondered and answered, "Well, I suppose it means that simply because someone thinks that they're doing good for you or someone else, doesn't mean it's necessarily doing good for anyone."

"Precisely. There is evil, and then there is cultural difference. And sometimes in our rush to do good, we fail to differentiate. Which is why we must be overly cautious before interceding in other cultures, and even then, we should do so with great care. That is the underlying principle of our Starfleet's Prime Directive. Overly simplified, anyway. Now then, young Shatner, have you ever seen a performance of Falor's Journey?"

The fourth person that was to be instrumental in the attempt to restore T'Pol to her normal height was Dr. David Alek (Dalek to his friends, though James never understood the cultural reference). The head of the restoration project initially made James flabbergasted because he was a...

"A hobbit," Dr. Alek said with a laugh on his introduction to James.

Of course the good doctor was nothing of the sort. He was probably the Federation's leading expert on the physics behind transporter technology, as well as the part of theoretical physics which the good doctor referred to as "Funky Physics."

The Doctor was also a descendant of group of genetically altered humans who had migrated off Earth more than a hundred years ago. More than two centuries ago, an article in a scientific periodical had described "the perfect human", which had been theoretically designed to live longer, and whose stature was reduced in order to place less stress on the human structure. There was a scientific name for this subspecies, but when they had been rediscovered by the Enterprise more than twenty-five years ago (living in a fleet of self-sustaining ships on their way to a new world), the title of hobbit stuck.

It wasn't just their height that was different. The hobbits had shell like ears and other subtle differences. Their heights ranged from eighty five centimeters to one hundred and twenty centimeters, and on average their IQs were twenty-five points higher than the average human's. They were also exotic looking, to put it politely. The rediscovered hobbit population had been thriving in their journey, but had gladly taken the Enterprise's offer to help them reach their destination quicker than their sub-light vehicles would have allowed. The population of a hundred thousand "hobbits" were soon settled on a planet that was dubbed New Ceylon.

More than a few "hobbits," however, had decided to rejoin the rest of humanity. Including Doctor Alek.

Doctor Alek was one of those people who was always himself no matter where he went, and still managed to fit in and flourish. He enjoyed people, enjoyed laughing, enjoyed his research, and enjoyed teaching. But he also did not suffer fools lightly. One day, when a person representing himself as Federation Intelligence advised the good Doctor that he would have to take custody of tiny T'Pol for a number of questions, the good Doctor told the intelligence agent "No" in no uncertain terms. When the agent tried to use his credentials and height to intimidate the good doctor, the good doctor simply turned to one of his Andorian assistants (whom he always referred to as Lurch) and said, "Lurch, take this gentleman outside and beat the fucking shit out of him." The rest of the lab was stunned at both the doctor's tone and language, but the Andorian in question began to advance toward the agent. The agent hastily beat a retreat toward the exit, advising one and all that this would not be the last they heard from him.

No one in the lab heard from the agent again. A call to the Commandant, which led to a call to Jonathan Archer, took care of the problem.

Six months passed, and those months were nothing like Jonathan and tiny T'Pol were expecting. For one thing, T'Pol expected to spend her days and nights being electronically poked and prodded. However, all of her measurements were taken exclusively by Doctor Alek, were as non-invasive as the doctor could make them, and only lasted a few hours a week. The good doctor also made sure that no session ever took place on the weekends. When another scientist came by and insisted they needed to take measurements personally, Doctor Alek would respond, "No, you don't. Now go away." Since the channel of appeal for such decisions were limited to Commandant T'Pol and Doctor Phlox, the scientists in question resigned themselves to the single channel of data provided by Doctor Alek.

So tiny T'Pol would spend her lunches with Commandant T'Pol, discussing everything from their diverging personal histories to the perils of assignations with human males.

Tiny T'Pol. though, found herself becoming more and more attached to James Shatner, and Commandant T'Pol had early on recognized the folly of trying to dissuade tiny T'Pol from her relationship.

As for James, he wasn't sure what to make of tiny T'Pol. He only knew that she was becoming more and more important to him, and not only for the physical intimacy they shared. She refused to divulge anything about her past, saying it was best not to discuss any of the events the preceded James discovering T'Pol at her present size. James thought he detected a physical resemblance between T'Pol and the Commandant, even noting their identical names. T'Pol had merely noted the abundance of John Smiths on the North American continent, speculating that even those who bore more than a passing resemblance were probably not related to each other. T'Pol did admit that she and the Commandant shared a "common genetic heritage," but didn't volunteer any information beyond that.

T'Pol certainly didn't act like a typical Vulcan, though James remembered reading about a group among Vulcans who felt it wasn't right to suppress their emotions. For T'Pol's part, she had spent her entire life hiding her emotions, since they only served as a leverage to her human overlords. Here, in this reality, even at her diminished height, she felt safer than she ever felt in the Empire.

And James discovered that T'Pol had a sense of humor, one that could be randy at times.

James was finishing up an assignment when T'Pol called to him from the room where the entertainment center was located. When James entered, he found T'Pol had made her way to the top of an overstuffed chair. "James, you have to watch this old commercial."

T'Pol instructed the computer to project an image as James sat down, his neck resting on the top of the chair. The video consisted of a young boy carrying a lollipop and asking a turtle, and then an owl, "How many licks does it take to get the tootsie roll center of a tootsie roll pop?" Wondering why T'Pol found this commercial so fascinating, James turned his head, only to discover that T'Pol had quickly shed all her clothes. Pressing her breasts against his lips, T'Pol asked huskily, "So how many licks will it take you to get to my tootsie roll center?" James picked up T'Pol, and gently drew her breasts between his lips, the tip of his tongue running across her tiny, hardening nipples, which elicited a squeal of delight from T'Pol.

As it turned out, James forget to keep count that night, not that either he or T'Pol minded very much.

All things considered, it was a very pleasurable six months for both T'Pol and James, until the day came to attempt to restore T'Pol's height.

Doctor Alek took James and T'Pol to an underground transporter chamber. James and the doctor sat on opposite sides of a table in the control room, with T'Pol sitting on a tiny chair on the table's surface.

"So this is it," the Doctor said, motioning at the chamber. "The theory is that I put T'Pol in the transporter chamber, pull the switch, and she's back to normal."

"The theory..." James began. "Meaning something else could happen."

Doctor Alek nodded. "There are enough similarities between the DNA shared by T'Pol and the Commandant that, even though I can't get a reading from T'Pol's present state, I do have a template, but that's not the problem." What the doctor was saying was an out and out lie. He was one of the few people who officially knew that T'Pol and the commandant's DNA were virtually identical, but he also knew that knowledge was being kept from James.

"The problem is the physics of your present state, T'Pol. From what I am deducing, you are presently in another dimension or, more specifically, a point of intersection between another dimension and this one, which allows you to interact with this dimension. That's the theory. I'm not sure how much energy it took to place you into that intersection, or how much energy will be released when I attempt to use the transporter to move you fully back into our dimension. Which is why the transporter chamber is buried. It's also why I won't be able to work the controls remotely. I'm going to have to monitor that energy release directly."

T'Pol nodded solemnly. "So there is a very real danger that this chamber and everyone in or immediately adjacent to it will be destroyed in an explosion."

Doctor Alek nodded solemnly. "I'm prepared to take that risk." With a whimsical smile he added, "Who knows, I might even gain a few centimeters from the whole experience. Imagine the fortune I'll save on platform shoes." Turning serious, Doctor Alek added, "But you have to make your own decision. I've spent a lifetime being half the size of nearly everyone around me. From what I see, you and James have a very good relationship. Changing your size isn't going to add any more to that."

T'Pol and James gazed at each other, and T'Pol realized the doctor was right. James was not only the best thing that had ever happened to T'Pol , he was better than anything she could ever have imagined. This world was...was...

Was something she wanted to experience. And as wonderful as James was, she couldn't experience it fully at her present height. She couldn't experience James fully at her present height. So there wasn't any other possible choice.

"I'm ready to do it, Doctor, anytime that you are."

"Are you sure, T'Pol? This is not something you have to decide today. You can take a few days to consider it."

T'Pol looked up at James, and saw in his eyes that he would support her decision, no matter what it was. Turning to the doctor. she said, "As soon as you can bring this transporter up to power, I'm ready."

Doctor Alek hit a communicator switch on the wall, telling someone to "Power her up. Protocol Three." Turning to the controls, he told the James and T'Pol, "You have a minute."

Suddenly hit by the "Now" of the moment, James and T'Pol stared at each other, not sure what to say. James then picked T'Pol up, his lips covering her face. T'Pol's arms stretched out as she tried to hug his entire face.

James moved her away from his face, so he could look at her. "You are the best thing that could have ever happened to me, T'Pol.

T'Pol replied, "You are the best man any woman could ever hope for, in any reality."

There was a subtle clearing of a throat as Doctor Alek advised them, "I'll need to get T'Pol situated in the transporter chamber, James. And you'll need to get back up to the surface."

"I'm staying."

T'Pol's eyes flew wide. "James, you have to leave now. This is dangerous."

"Dangerous for both of us. So I'm staying. Besides," James added, trying to act nonchalant, "I'm bigger than both of you put together. How could you stop me?"

"He's got a point," the doctor added. T'Pol's headed snapped between the two men as she realized the doctor had considered this possibility and was going to let James stay if he wanted to. With a sigh, T'Pol accepted the inevitable. "The most stubborn man I have ever known, and the best," she added with a faint smile.

Doctor Alek got T'Pol situated in the transporter chamber before re-entering the control room. Warning James not to move from his seat, Doctor Alek began moving controls about and then told the individuals on the other end of his open communication link to "get the ball rollin' and smok'em if you got'em!

- - - - -

It was the longest thirty minutes of James' life. There were flashes and glows and klaxons, with Doctor Alek's fingers dancing over the controls and his voice shouting, cajoling and cursing at the voices at the other end of the communication link. Finally, there was silence. The doctor took a deep breath, looked back at James, and gave him a tired smile. "That's one in the win column. And I think I'm going to retire undefeated. This game'll make you old."

James ran over to the window looking into the chamber, to see a nude T'Pol standing up shakily, then walking over toward him. Belatedly, James realized that since whatever she was wearing was in THIS dimension, she couldn't be wearing it when Doctor Alek used the transporter to restore her. When T'Pol came over to the glass, the first thought that popped into James' head was 'She's shorter than me in real life', then wondered to himself what constituted real life. It didn't matter, James decided. It was actually comforting in some way, that there was still a fifteen centimeter difference between the two.

T'Pol placed her palm on the glass, and James placed his palm in the same spot.

"When can she come out, Doctor?" James asked, not looking back at the Hobbit.

"Medical and radiation protocol first, James. And T'Pol, you might want to put on one of the robes in the chamber. You're a little too tall for my taste, but in about twenty minute, twenty horny technicians are going to be down here drooling." The doctor eyed T'Pol and thought to himself, 'And height difference be damned, I just might make an exception in your case.'

James and T'Pol just stood there, staring into each other's eyes.

- - - - -

In the end, only Doctor Phlox descended down into the chamber.

"Phlox! I'm surprised to see only you." Doctor Alek was beaming at this unsuspected development.

"Yes, well, Dalek, there were a number of young men and women who felt that their presence down here was absolutely necessary, but between the Commandant and the Head of Starfleet Medical Corps, there presence didn't seem quite so necessary. It is one of the benefits of having lead an extensive life. After awhile, you get to know everyone." Doctor Phlox entered a code to the door to the transporter chamber. As the door slid open, Phlox turned to James. "Come along, young Shatner. She'll be wanting to see you as well."

James thought there might be a little awkwardness as he walked into the chamber, but T'Pol simply launched herself into his arms and the two embraced tightly. A quiet clearing of dual throats behind them made the two part reluctantly. Dr. Phlox beamed at the two of them as they turned to face him.

"Let's make this quick, young lady. I'm quite sure you have quite a lot of things to catch up on. Oh, by the way, Dalek, I hope you don't mind that I borrowed the services of your Andorian assistant, the one you refer to as Lurch. There were one or two gentlemen who didn't feel compelled by my arguments about why I should be the only one descending down to this level. And there was no time to call Jonathan."

Doctor Alek thought to himself that it must be nice to be on a first name basis with the President of the Federation, but said nothing. "Not at all, Phlox. Lurch enjoys being accommodating."



When they returned to their apartment, T'Pol and James couldn't stop touching each other, not quite believing that they were now (approximately) the same size. Finally, T'Pol expressed to James a misgiving that she had, that he might not find her attractive at her present size. By the next morning, James had been able to successfully persuade T'Pol that her misgivings were definitely misplaced.

Now that she was her normal size, T'Pol found her life changing once again. She still had appointments with the scientific and medical staff of the Academy, but these became fewer and farther between. There was simply no evidence that T'Pol had ever been shrunk. One or two of the people she was schedule to meet even seemed miffed that T'Pol had been allowed to return to her normal height. And since T'Pol had no idea about how she had been shrunk in the first place, the only people who seemed to have any interest in her at all were her new found friends, Doctor Alek and Doctor Phlox, and T'Pol had already deduced that the two used their appointments to get away from the office and have lunch or dinner with her and James.

If anything, James seemed more physically enamored to her full-sized then when she was shrunken, although T'Pol would have thought that would have been an impossibility.

And now that she was full-sized, T'Pol was finally introduced to James' family. James' sister took to her instantly, but James' parents weren't sure what to make of a Vulcan with long blonde hair, who openly expressed her emotions, and who was in a romantic relationship with their son. In time, though, the two parents decided that T'Pol was a good match for their son.

T'Pol would eventually become an instructor at the Academy, with her specialty being Counterfactual History. For those who questioned the wisdom of teaching Counterfactual History, T'Pol would give a cryptic smile before answering "It is often argued in history that one thing happened, so another thing followed. How can we test this thesis if we do not consider what would have happened if a certain thing did not happened? Consider, for example, how events might have unfolded if Zefram Cochrane had not been as affable as he was in his first meeting with the Vulcans."

As for James, after his talk with Jonathan Archer, he decided to begin the pursuit of his dreams by going to the California Institute of Technology.

T'Pol became a favorite professor at the Academy, not least for her sometimes unique perspective into the various histories of the member species of the Federation. And there was something exotic about a long haired blonde Vulcan who laughed at a witty remark. As for her and James, the two became closer and closer as the years passed, living long and prospering, as the Commandant might say.

Of course, there was an incident involving Historian John Gill. But that will be a story for another time.

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Re: Star Trek Stories

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Re: Star Trek Stories

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Part 1

Captain's log, It has been three months since beginning to chart an unexplored region of the beta quadrant. Many finds have been discovered as we have successfully charted 12 solar systems in this region. The Enterprise is set to arrive at Starbase 51 for a much needed R & R and Dr. Crusher awaits for information on upgrades to her medical diagnostic systems. All is well as we maintain warp 6 to our destination only three days away.

Beverly Crusher was in a very excited mood as she was eagerly awaiting a sub-space message from Starfleet medical on upgrades to her medical scanners and diagnostic equipment. Beverly paced up and down the sickbay waiting for the message to come through. 'Come on Starfleet medical...what is taking so long!!!' Beverly exclaimed as she continued her pacing.

In an instant a chime sound came from the entrance of sickbay. 'Enter' Beverly replied as the hydraulic doors whisked open and Councilor Troi walked in to greet Beverly. 'Well hello stranger...I haven't seen you since you were six inches tall!' Beverly chuckled.

The Councilor just looked at her...'you just had to rub that in didn't you!!!' The Councilor exhaled in an irritated manner. The good doctor continued to chuckle...'well at least we restored to your normal size...but it was quite fun seeing you at the size of a doll...I'll never forget that day.' Beverly replied as she was recalibrating one of her hypo-sprays.

'You'll never forget it...hey...I'm the one who was shrunk in the transporter and was in constant terror and getting lost inside one Jeffries tube after another...not to mention an unknown Borg-type monster that almost had me for lunch if it wasn't for Geordi's heroics!!!' Troi replied in anguish.

'Well the nightmare for you is over...I just hope there were no emotional scars left behind from that day.' Troi approached Beverly in a slow manner, 'the nightmares have stopped and I have resumed a somewhat normal way of life.'

Beverly smiled at Troi...'I knew that you were a what brings you to sickbay?' Beverly asked as she completed her hypo spray calibration.

'I just wanted to let you know that your message that you have been waiting for has is being decoded and will be relayed to sickbay in ten's chief medical officer eyes only so it must be very important!' Troi exclaimed as she leaned along side one of the sickbay beds.

'Thank you so much Troi, that's the news that I've been waiting for!!!' Beverly yelled as she jumped for joy shaking all of the medical equipment in sickbay. Troi got up from leaning on the sickbay bed and started to walk out of sickbay.

'Well, I've got to run along, I think I left a chocolate fudge upside-down cake in the replicator.'
Troi exclaimed as she walked out of sickbay with a silly grin on her face. The good doctor sat at her desk in front of her monitor waiting for her message to arrive.

Ten minutes later the monitor started to flicker and come to life waking Beverly out of a small catnap. The monitor started to voice it's message in computer voice. 'This is a priority one Starfleet subspace message decoded CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICERS EYES ONLY please state access clearance code.' The monitor recited in a machine-like manner.

Beverly shook her head from her catnap and recited her access code. 'BEVERLY CRUSHER OMEGA ONE SIERRA WESLEY SEVEN.' Beverly replied to the monitor.

The monitor continued to flicker for a minute then finally...'access code accepted, relaying information.' Beverly smiled with relief as the information came to her monitor.

'To Dr. Beverly Crusher this is Admiral Sarah Haskins of Starfleet medical, recent medical advances to diagnostic equipment has been fully downloaded into the Enterprise's main computer core and can be fully accessed through your ship's EMH program. These are upgrades to every medical equipment in your sickbay and must be performed with the EMH program to make the necessary calculations...good luck with your upgrades and I want a full report of your progress...Admiral Haskins out.'

Beverly rolled her eyes in her head, she didn't like using the EMH program and she had Data turn off the program on this ship since she had no use for the system. ' I'll have to have Data turn the EMH program back on in order to do these upgrades!' Beverly cried out in frustration.

Beverly activated her com badge, 'Crusher to Data, can you meet me in sickbay I need your assistance!' Crusher asked in anticipation, a response came on her com badge...

'Data to Dr. Crusher, I'm in turbo-lift one, I'll be there in five minutes Data out. Five minutes later Data enters sickbay to find Dr. Crusher. 'Data, good you're you remember when I had you de-activate the EMH program?'

Data looked at the doctor in a puzzled manner, 'why yes, I remember it took ten hours to bypass all twenty-six safety interlocks to keep from destroying the main computer core.' Data replied, Beverly hesitated in asking Data because it was such a big job but she needed the upgrades badly.

'I was wondering if you could turn the EMH system back on...I need it to complete badly needed upgrades to all medical equipment in sickbay.'

Data looked at Beverly and smiled, 'No problem doctor, when I shut the system down five years ago I downloaded the EMH program into my neural can access the program through me to complete your upgrades,' Data replied with pride.

'Thank you Data...this means a lot to me.'
Data stood before the very tall redheaded doctor. 'I'm accessing the program now...please state the nature of the medical emergency...oops that recording was still in the mainframe system!' Data replied, as they started the upgrades.

Hours passed as Data and Beverly worked around the clock on the upgrades in sickbay. They came to the last piece of equipment needed to be x-ray ionic interface device used to diagnose patients on the cellular level.

Beverly came up to the device, 'now be careful Data, this device works almost like a scanner but it can change the molecular structure of any cell in order to repair and speed up the healing process,' Beverly stated with caution.

'Acknowledged doctor,' Data replied. Data didn't notice that the device was set on only six inches and there was a light emitting fixture on the very top of the device, which was aimed directly at Beverly.

In a freak mishap as Data tried to pick up and move the device he tripped and activated the device. A thin green laser-like light flashed from the device and hit Beverly as she was bending over to pick something up off the floor. The light was very warm as Beverly could feel it travel through her body from her head to her toes. It was almost an erotic-like feeling but also a sinking feeling too as she noticed that the sickbay started to look bigger and her cloths were starting to get really baggy on her. Her Bra in which her breasts were really tight now practically swam inside them and her shoes were beginning to flop around with her feet.

'What the hell is happening to me!!!?' Beverly yelled at the top of her lungs as the sound of her voice started to raise a few octaves, almost like she inhaled helium. It hit her as the beam disappeared from the device...the room wasn't getting bigger... Beverly was shrinking...and very quickly! Beverly's head was just below the medical table and that was only one foot tall!

Beverly just looked around as she continued to shrink...'I've got a very bad feeling about this, oh no!!! My clothes are practically falling off me!!!' She cried as the shrinking continued, the once tall and long legged doctor was no bigger than a small doll...about six inches in height as the shrinking stopped.

Beverly was naked and felt helpless as she stood in a big pile of clothes that she once fit into but is now more of like a mountain and she could use her bra as a parachute. Beverly started to cry like a baby as she grabbed a sock to cover her naked body in as Data got back on his feet he looked for the doctor but all that he found was a pile of clothes.

'Dr. Crusher are you in here...? Did you change your clothes?' Data asked in a bewildered manner as he looked around sickbay for the doctor. Beverly yelled in a high-pitched squeaky voice...'Data, I'm down here...HEEELLLLP!!!' Beverly cried as the sock was starting to fall off her naked body.

Data looked at the pile of clothes and saw in the middle of the pile a very tiny woman with a black sock covering up her naked body. Data's eyes widened as he saw her in the pile...

'Dr. Crusher...? What happened?' Data asked.

'I-I don't know...! All I remember is getting hit with a thin green light and somehow I shrunk down in size!'

Data just looked at the small doctor in amazement then assessed he should try to input some levity in order to calm her down, 'I think,' Data replied as he picked her up in his hand...sock and all 'Councilor Troi MAY have a… LITTLE fun with you…'

Beverly didn't see the quip OR her situation as amusing…

Part 2

Beverly was still getting used to her new height, as the room seemed to spin a little from the shrinking process. Being naked and wrapped up in a sock for clothing was no way to go in style for the bewildered doctor. The feeling of Data's cold android hand didn't help much either.

The small helpless doctor looked up at Data as Beverly wiped away her tears from crying. 'Data just get me to my quarters for right now... I'll probably feel better.' Beverly politely requested as Data gently held her in his grasp.

Data looked down at her and smiled, 'As you wish doctor... I'll examine the device that shrank you to see if I can reverse the process...I'll keep you updated on the progress doctor.' Data replied in his usual manner.

'Thank you Data...hopefully you can find a way to restore me to normal...I hope.' Beverly shivered as she continued to ride in Data's hand.

'Don't you worry Doctor, I will do everything in my power to fix this mess that I caused you for it was myself that tripped and activated the machine that did this to you.' Data shamefully exclaimed.

'Don't be so hard on yourself, Data... it was an accident... did you know that there was an old saying from the 20th century about situations like these...? SHIT HAPPENS!' The six inch tall doctor yelled out at the top of her lungs only to sound like an elf that got kicked in the balls.

Data only smiled as he came to the entrance of Beverly's quarters. In an instant Data stepped into Beverly's quarters and gently placed her on the bed to rest. Beverly quickly crawled under her covers on her bed which seemed more like a football field with bed sheets...and went to sleep.

Councilor Troi was passing by when she saw that Data was in Beverly's quarters and quickly stepped in to investigate. 'Data, what are you doing in Beverly's quarters?' The puzzled Councilor asked.
'Ah Councilor...Beverly has had a slight mishap in sickbay' Data stated as he pointed to Beverly's bed to show Troi.

Troi looked at Beverly's bed to see a small six-inch woman sleeping under the covers. 'I didn't know that Beverly collected 20th century Barbie dolls... wait a minute...that's not a Barbie doll... it's breathing!!!' Troi exclaimed as she took a closer look at the extremely small woman. 'Oh... my... GOD... that's Beverly! But she must be only...

'Data politely interrupted her, 'six inches tall... it just happened about a half an hour ago.' Data replied as he tucked Beverly into bed to let her rest from her ordeal.

Troi got a devilish look on her face as she looked at Beverly...'Well it serves you right, making fun of me while I was shrunk... now let's see how you feel to be the shrunken one this time.' Troi babbled as she darted out of Beverly's quarters in a childlike manner. Data just shook his head as he stepped out of Beverly's quarters to contact Geordi.

Captain's log supplemental: I have just been informed that another member of my crew has been shrunk down in size... only this time it wasn't the transporter that was the cause but a piece of medical scanning equipment that was accidentally activated and that member was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The ship's EMH program has been fully activated to take over Dr. Crusher's role as ship's doctor until her present condition can be reversed. We have dispatched Starfleet command for another Chief Medical Officer, which is currently onboard the USS HOOD only three days away at warp 7. Geordi and Data continue to examine the scanning equipment that gave Dr. Crusher her shrunken condition as we continue on course to the USS HOOD.

Captain Picard stood in front of the entrance of Beverly's quarters; a chime filled the silent air as Beverly finally awoke from a long sleep. 'Enter' Beverly exclaimed as Picard entered with a handful of flowers for Beverly. 'Oh Jean-Luc thank you... the flowers are beautiful... but they seem like tall trees to me.' Beverly said as she continued to wake up.

'I'll put them in a vase for you... you looked like you could use some flowers in this place to brighten it up... and I thought this would be a good time.' Picard replied in a dashing manner.

'You know jean-Luc... I guess I have taken my height for granted all of these years, and when I was a child I always made fun of the other kids who were smaller than myself... and now it's all caught up to me... how ironic!'

Picard walked around the bed to where Beverly was sitting to face her. 'We will get to the bottom of this... there has to be a way to reverse this... there's got to be a way!' Picard replied in a scared manner.

Beverly just looked at him and smiled... 'What if I can't be restored to my original size.. .then what?' The scared doctor implied.

Picard just looked at her... 'Beverly, this is not the Kobyoshi-Maru... the no-win scenario...

I firmly believe that we can win this one!'

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Re: Star Trek Stories

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Keith also has several on his adult fan fiction website: ... ry&zone=tv

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