Looking for a story

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Looking for a story

Post by Anonym » Sat Aug 01, 2020 11:34 am

Hi guys! I am looking for a story which I have found about two or three years ago. It was called something like "The Rellic" and if I remember it correctly, aliens have shrunken some people on earth and watched them.

Something I remember from the story:
A shrunken couple (maybe son and mother?) had sex outdoors and someone grabbed them (this image is likely connected to the story deviantart com/underdonedude/art/Man-With-Shrunken-Couple-2-463480796 ).
Another scene was where three shrunken people (a couple and a man) were used in a school, where some giant student picked the wife up, played with her sexually and then gave her to her husband to have sex which the whole giant class watched. The other man was cut open for biology or something like that.

I swear it could have been some Russian site, but I could find anything called "The Rellic" anywhere.

Thank you guys! :)

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