Quiet giant trying not to step on tiny ladies

Ask here to find new players for your role playing games either on board or even off board
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Quiet giant trying not to step on tiny ladies

Post by jazz69 » Thu May 07, 2020 7:58 am

I'm interested in exploring RP or other G/sw concepts and fantasies from other perspectives.

I don't have many limits and I respect the boundaries of others.

Fond of imaging myself growing in public places, clothes tearing off and having all eyes on me encouraging curiosity or fear.

Like the sweet spot of growing about 10 to 50 tall, depends how it feels at the time.

I love shrinking women, either subtly, about 2 inches to 2 ft shorter. Down to doll size around the 6 to 18 inch area.

I'm open to either or dark stuff, I was a lot more enthused by extreme stuff for years but it feels a bit old going over the same fantasies. Interested in seeing what I could branch out into.

Drop me a DM with your thoughts.

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