Helpless Doll for Intense Email RP

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Helpless Doll for Intense Email RP

Post by Hand-Holder » Mon Dec 07, 2020 8:38 am

I want to engage on a meaningful SW RP, to explore all my creativity but also all my dominance with a willing daring Little Doll, who knows her place as a submissive helpless shrunken woman, for all my Giant deviant pleasures and someone not affraid off obbeing all my demands... Of course what moves Me is seeing you teased and aroused, so I will quickly find the paths to better do so, also for my pleasure...

Email/Msgs only, because chat is an inconvenient mess for RP immersion...

It will become an adventure with no hurries, msgs dont have to show up everyday and there will always be something new, with no end in sight, a journey to your submissive soul, where I will put heart and soul into being suggestive and creative...

It will involve original roleplay around diverse issues - clothing, self-pleasuring, hand-held, (a lot of endless hand-handling) bondage, inspection, forced confessions about your most indecent fantasies and thoughts, tasks, challenges, groping, fondling, voyeurism and above all, teasing eachother with well thought and written provocations...

I wont ask about your real life details - work, address, names or family - but I will demand to know some generic secrets about your sexual thoughts and behaviours in real life, if you are mine they are mine...

Above all, I will always respect your dignity and will never hurt you physically, but make no mistakes, you will be my doll and make no mistakes, I will get you aroused and wet, for real, several times...

Who's window will this Giant invade with His whole face to appreciate His future living warm doll and force wide open with His hand, to get a hold on the smallest teasing treasure on this whole board ???

I like my Living Doll to know how I look, so this is your Giant in RL - ... 1607330212

I dont want your RL links in return... In exchange for my total transparency I only demand one thing for you to be able Shrink and be taken - send me a picture first, of course it does not need to show your face, Im not that intrusive in RL, hate that, but I will be intrusive in RP...

I know it is a very demanding recruitment but as honest and intense as it can get ... The real deal, for Us to invest creativity and passion...

Don't enter this Giant's realm if you can't handle it... My SW realm takes it's toll and you will be in for a long ride...

Thank you for reading and considering to DARE, cheers...

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Re: Helpless Doll for Intense Email RP

Post by Kara Dollgirl » Thu Dec 17, 2020 4:06 am

Standing in the palm of your giant hand, I timidly raise my tiny hand to volunteer for whatever you wish to do with me...
Kara :kiss:
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