Dualism Darkness and Light Yin and Yang

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Dualism Darkness and Light Yin and Yang

Post by chesya » Thu May 31, 2018 6:34 pm

You may recognise this. It is the first use of a picture I later used as a story panel. It is about darkness and therefore light, misery and therefore joy, hopeless fatigue and divine hope
era oscura IMG_7199 l1 cr1l2rs1.jpg
era oscura IMG_7199 l1 cr1l2rs1.jpg (351.77 KiB) Viewed 2491 times
I dialogue with a sephardic Jewish poem from Andal Luz at the time of the expulsion that is full of dispair.

Era oscuro como la media noche
cuando la luna esclareciendo 'stava
Todo callaba, todo 'stava en silencio,
como la nuve'n la oscuridad.

"Miseravle, porqué venìs agora?
A recordarme de lo que yo pasí?
A recordarme de toda la mi vida?"-
Estas palavras yo le havlí.

In my intellectual thoughts I am an adherent of the views of Dawkins and Attenborough - that we are of one thing and that one thing and that one thing (a configuration of biochemistry) generates consciousness or the mind, which is that one thing and no more.

Living my life with Bipolar contradicts this. I feel the mind and an energy force (Dylan Thomas's 'green fuse') running through all nature in and out of me. There is a biological thing/person and a soul that flows through them. Fairies sometimes come of this duality - anthropomorphic that we might notice them. The following cases of duality are not just antonyms but opposing existencial states often within the same individual in which opposites are enjoined or in conflict. I cannot convey the pain and ecstasies that these poles enjoin.

Body Soul
Yin Yang
Anima Animus
Nature Supernature
Biosphere Life-force
Female Male
Animal Vegetable
Dark Light
Good Evil
Heaven Earth
Our World and Anwynn
The 'this' and the other
Right Left North South East West
Tonic Dominant (music)
Tritone 1st Inversion (harmonics)
Diminution Augmentation (counterpoint)
Counterpoint and Harmony
Big Small
SW gts
Sub Dom

Some dulaist elements pivot around a third

Manic Stable Depression
Or cycle in circular or wave form
Sine Cosine Tangent Cosine
Bipolar extremes

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Re: Dualism Darkness and Light Yin and Yang

Post by JOE66 » Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:57 am

Interesting read. Thanks for sharing ;)

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