Airport incident

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Airport incident

Post by ShrinkMaster » Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:50 pm

Warning! This is a purely fictional story and has absolutely nothing to do with reality!
It includes nudity, physical abuse and forced sexual acts.
(English is not my native language, so prepare for typos and figure out what I might have meant. I hope you can still enjoy the story.) ;)

Airport incident
by Shrinkmaster

My wife Elisabeth (47), our son Max (late 13) and I (Norbert, 51) were on our holiday trip. Our destination was Australia, but we had planned a 2-day stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. When we wanted to start our onward flight from there, there was a problem!

Due to the enormous traffic in Kuala Lumpur we were a bit late and hurried to the check-in area. Directly in front of us the last passenger besides us passed through the check-in. Immediately after him I was the first to enter the newly introduced body scanners.
When Max came through behind me I went behind the bulletproof glass door of the check-in. Directly behind our son followed then Elisabeth, when suddenly a warning signal sounded and in the next moment exactly where my wife had stood, only a small heap with her clothes was to be seen.

Now I have to say that due to the terror danger the new body scanners are equipped with a function, which causes a shrinkage of living cells on any indication of suspicion immediately! So a terrorist is no longer able to carry out his action! And for some reason, the scanner triggered a suspicious alarm on Elisabeth.

Of course my wife was not a terrorist! Since introduction of the new scanners it was heard again and again in the press of alleged abuses. Finally after a shrinkage all rights of the miniaturized person are void and thus the officials have absolutely free power to act!

I must confess that this suspicion stirred up in me when I saw two airport officials simultaneously pushing forward from two sides into the chamber, eagerly pushing the pile with Elisabeth in it together and bringing it out!
But I should also mention that my wife is a bit overweight, but her breasts are huge as well! I am talking about cup size 105K! (usa 46I)
Shrinkage technology usually achieved a reduction to 1/11th of the original body size. Which resulted in a current size of only 15.5cm (6.1 in) for the original 1.71m (5.6 ft) of my wife!

Since I was already behind the bulletproof glass door, there was nothing I could have done! Only Max stood directly beside the happening and looked perplexed at the pile with Elisabeth's clothes, which were put down directly beside him and the body scanner on a large table.

As the first grip of one of the officers in Elisabeth's neck opening pulled out her enormously large bra. The two airport employees joked loudly in an incomprehensible language about the enormous dimension of the cups before it was put aside.
Then the blouse was lifted up and put aside without even a hint of interest in any terrorist suspects. The main focus of the two officers was now only on my thereby exposed, shrunken and completely naked wife!

Elisabeth had clearly not yet fully understood what had happened to her and still scanned her gigantic surroundings, when one of the two airport employees grabbed her arms with his big fingers and pulled them upwards.
With far apart pulled mini arms my shocked wife dangled suddenly some meters (at least for her) over her gigantic panties. Elisabeth's gigantic tits stood off thereby like large, round balls from her belly.

„Ma'am, you are suspected of transporting prohibited substances, which is why the body scanner's shrink-program was triggered and we are now authorized to examine you closely!“ said the officer standing before Elisabeth in a broken English.

Before Elisabeth could even say a word in her defense, the huge Asian man had her shrunken tits in his big fingers and played around with them. Not only did he knead them and lift them, but the greedy official also stroked his thumb over Elisabeth's already stiff mini nipples.

I looked over to Max, who stood right next to them, staring at the small, naked body of his shrunken mother with his eyes wide open. It wasn't a shocked look of pity, no, that was the fascinated look of a hormone-controlled teenager!

After the airport employee had occupied himself apparently enough with the tits of my wife, he led his index finger into Elisabeth's face: "Open mouth!“, came a dry invitation. But without really waiting for an action from my wife, he squeezed his big, dark fingertip into Elisabeth's only 5mm (0.2 in) wide mouth.

I could only see my shrunken wife struggling wildly, which had to mean that he really forced his huge finger into her little mouth.
After a few seconds he took his finger out again and wiped Elisabeth's saliva off her „fat“ tits.
"Stick tongue out", the next order came immediately, again with a strong Asian accent.
When my little wife didn't follow the instructions immediately, he flicked with his index finger firmly against Elisabeth's left ass cheek, which reddened immediately!
"Stick your tongue out LITTLE BITCH!", it thundered out of his huge mouth.
This time my wife immediately followed the instructions and stretched her little mini tongue far out.

The Malaysian official bent down for a closer look very close to the small face of my wife. At that moment I could no longer see her little head. But from the expression on our son's face I could tell that there was something very interesting going on!

When the inspector withdrew after about half a minute, I saw Elisabeth's shocked-looking half face and her whole mouth shiny and wet! I hadn't been able to follow the events, but I was sure that the officer had sunk his huge tongue into Elisabeth's little mouth! In addition, my wife, still hanging from her arms, a lot of drooling was running down her big tits.

Suddenly the airport employee standing in front of her, grabbed Elisabeth's hanging legs and pulled them up, wide apart. Meanwhile his colleague let go of her arms and my shrunken wife hung upside down.

Both now had a truly magnificent view of Elisabeth's most private places and again made incomprehensible, laughing comments. Nevertheless, the so far rather inactive colleague first grabbed Elisabeth's „heavy“, hanging tits and pulled them down like soft water ballons.

When he too had had enough of my wife's fat tits, he simply let the heavy udders fall down, bent between Elisabeth's widely spread legs and placed his two dark index fingers on her slightly hairy pussy.
"Mmh, let me see what you hide here...", spoke also he in a broken English and pulled the thick labia of my wife far apart!

I couldn't believe my eyes when Max bent over to get a better look at his mother's open pussy.
The officials didn't mind that much and so I could see behind my glass door how the inspector, just in action, tried to sink his finger into the shrunken pussy of my wife. Elisabeth fidgeted quite much, however, the other official had her legs well in the grip.

After several only halfway successful attempts to penetrate into the miniaturized pussy of my wife, the airport employee changed the procedure.
"Damn, tight little one. Then my tongue will find out if you hide anything in there!"
The other officer laughed as his colleague pulled his mouth over the intimate zone of my shrunken wife and continued with his tongue his "search" clearly recognizable!

Even if a thick glass door had not separated us, I would still have done nothing but watch the hustle and bustle helplessly. The right to deal with shrunken minis at airports was clearly on the Malaysian officials' side!

It seemed like an eternity to me which the slightly dark-skinned uniformed man spent with Elisabeth's little pussy with loud-slurping noises. Moreover, the guy seemed to have mastered his "tongue"-work. My wife's timid, whimpering groans and her curled toes didn't go unnoticed by me. She only did that when she was about to coming!

But then he finally pulled his huge mouth and tongue from the intimate part of my wife. Completely uninhibited, our approaching son stared directly at the gaping pussy of his little mother, who has just been raped in front of his eyes by a giant tongue!

"OK, just one hole left", grinned the just still in action been officer and pulled the big ass cheeks of my wife apart. His colleague, who held Elisabeth's legs with his hands, suddenly pulled her away and let her dive face first into her panties, which she had worn shortly before.
Another short push and already Elisabeth's knees were under her belly and touching her fat tits. So the thick, completely wet ass of my shrunken woman easily accessible stuck out upwards.

"Hey Junior, you wanna help us?", suddenly asked the official, who pressed Elisabeth's face with his hand into her giant panties, our son.
Perplex Max looked at the airport employee and immediately looked at his helpless, shrunken mother. The extremely wet-licked ass seemed to deter our son a little bit.

Then the other officer pulled out a cotton swab: "Here, you can use this!“
Max didn't hesitate a second, grabbed the Q-tip and spread his shrunken mother's ass cheeks apart. I was totally perplexed!

"Just lick it," gesticulated the Malaysian official who had handed him the Q-tip, "otherwise it hurts a lot!“, grinned the man.
Max followed his advice and licked briefly over the end piece with the cotton wool. But immediately afterwards he drilled the stem into his mother's miniature asshole!

I heard Elisabeth scream out loud. She was used to anal intercourse but without any preparation getting an oversized Q-tip stuck in her ass was too much even for her!

"Wow, that was quick," laughed one of the two airport employees, "and deep," added the other as he noticed that the cotton was already gone.

"I think the hole's empty, too. Well at least it was!" grinned the one who pressed Elisabeth with her face into her panties.
"Well, I guess we're done here! You can take the little one with you now." He let go of Elisabeth's head and instead grabbed my wife's huge bra.
"We'll keep these things with us for a closer inspection," he winked at his colleague.

A little disbelieving Max grabbed his shrunken mother, lifted her up without even thinking about removing the Q-tip from her asshole. Elisabeth's eyes looked howled, which didn't interest our son, instead he grabbed his mother's huge tits with his other hand and waited for further instructions from the airport staff.

„You have to hurry, your plane's about to take off“, the other officer asked Max with a moving hand to walk through the bulletproof glass door, „there's no time left for re-growing! We send the biosignature of the little one to your destination airport. There you can let her re-growing again, of course only if you want to!“, he added with his usual Asian accent and a clear wink.

Max let Elisabeth's left giant tit slide through his fingers: "Mmh, I think she's still big enough, haha", laughed our son, grabbed his mother's big nipple and pulled it out like an oversized teat.
I saw Elisabeth's shocked expression as Max finally came in my direction.

Suddenly a stewardess came out of the passenger boarding bridge.
"Please sir, you have to hurry. The other passengers are just waiting for you!"
At that moment my son and my shrunken wife came through the bulletproof glass door. When the stewardess saw both, she seemed to know what had just happened: "Ooh I see", she said, looking contemptuously towards the airport officials and twisting her eyes.

Nevertheless, she left us no time for a brief emotional reunion after what had just happened to my wife and led me friendly but decisive with her arm towards the plane. With a short distance behind, the stewardess followed me together with my son and Elisabeth.
Only from the corner of my eye did I notice that the stewardess exchanged a few words with Max before we all arrived on the plane and immediately went to our seats.

As we now had a free seat in our row of three due to Elisabeth's shrinkage, I let Max slip through together with his mother to the window place on the right side of the plane. When I had taken a seat right next to it on the middle seat and fastened my seatbelt, Max had already folded down the tray, put Elisabeth kneeling on all fours on it and held her so in position.

I just wanted to say something, but just then the stewardess bent down to me and handed me a form with a carbon copy.
"Please sir, you must complete a registration form for this new Mini before we land at our destination airport", she politely asked me.

Distracted by the stewardess, I suddenly heard Elisabeth groan in agony. At a quick glance over at Max tray, I saw him pulling the deep sticking Q-tip straight out of his shrunken mother's ass!
Not a trace of caution! With a short jerk the thick stick with slightly brownish cotton ball was outside. The flight attendant led her arm past my face and received the used cotton swab.

Somehow everything ran past me like in a film! And thus I noticed only with the second look the fact that Max had gotten at the same time from the stewardess a small wet cloth which he rubbed immediately with his finger eagerly through the legs and in particular ass cheeks of his mother!

In my opinion this went far beyond normal cleaning! But just as I was about to step in, the flight attendant again energetically typed on the registration form.
"Please, sir, don't forget this. It is very important, otherwise an unregistered Mini will be taken from you at customs and gets on the free market!"

Shocked by the thought, I looked back at the registration form. Until Elisabeth tore me out of my thoughts again: "Uuargh! M-MAX! NOT! Stop it right now!"

I couldn't believe my eyes and saw how our son had sunk part of his little finger into Elisabeth's pussy and held his mother with the other hand.
Max looked at me with this "Ups"-look: "Huh, I must have slipped down the wet cloth...." and grinned at me. I knew exactly that he had used his index finger for this!

But then he pulled his little finger back from Elisabeth's pussy and grabbed her between her legs to pick up the used cloth again. When Max pulled out his hand with the wet cloth, our son deliberately slipped the knuckles of his index finger through the ass cheeks of his jerking mother. Then Max held out the wet cloth to the stewardess as if nothing had happened: "Thank you, Miss!“

The flight attendant took it with a wink and again turned towards me: "Sir, I will come back later, when we have reached our altitude, and get the completed form back. The copy is assigned for you." Then she turned away from me with a friendly smile and walked down the aisle. At that very moment the turbines of the plane were howling and we were slowly rolling off.

I was still totally perplexed by the whole situation, which seemed to pass me somehow uncontrolled. This was especially confirmed when I turned again to Max and Elisabeth and saw that in the short time that the stewardess had distracted me again, my son had turned his shrunken mother on her back and spread her little arms and legs sideways away!

Unbelievingly, I looked at the unreal situation in which my son had given himself a clear view of his shrunken, naked body and especially the most intimate parts of his own mother!

"That's soo cool! Look how mummy's huge tits wiggle with the vibration", Max grinned at me. I couldn't believe how quickly the late 13-year-old saw his shrunken mother within a few minutes as just an object or a toy! Because I had to agree with him somehow, it actually looked like fast, small wave movements, which were reflected in the huge tits of my wife! No wonder the teenager was so fascinated.

Elisabeth was as perplexed by Max's plot as I was and looked at me looking for help without losing a clear word. Suddenly the turbines became even louder and the plane started to take off.

The thrust pulled Elisabeth's exposed tits into length by itself, which intensified as the plane rose steeply into the air.
"HAHA, the tits of the little one make autonomous themselve", I heard Max laugh loudly, who called his own mother only "little one".

While the plane was still climbing, I had the thought that the relationship between Max and my wife would never return to a normal mother-son relationship after this drastic experience and I seriously considered whether we should even carry out a re-growing of Elisabeth!

[Since in most cases I only write down my first impressions, don't be afraid and feel free to add chapters to ALL my stories if you want to.
Everything I publish is for the public and can be changed as you like and published again everywhere as long as the content is allowed there, no matter if it is my original or the edited one.]
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Re: Airport incident

Post by ShrinkMaster » Sun Sep 13, 2020 12:51 pm

There is also a continuation of the story by shrinker_s. Maybe he will post the sequel here. ;)
I don't like playing with dolls,
I like to play with little woman!!

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Re: Airport incident

Post by shrinker_s » Sun Sep 13, 2020 11:41 pm

Glad to see you posting your stories.
Yes I will be posting my additions. I just wanted to give some time for folks to read the good stuff you put out.

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Re: Airport incident

Post by SciFiCrazy » Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:03 pm

Yes. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. I remember this one well. The great start and additions. Looking forward to reading them all again.

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Re: Airport incident

Post by shrinker_s » Fri Sep 25, 2020 2:26 am

A Humble addition to the ShrinkMaster stories. As always, suggestions and comments appreciated.

As the plane got to cruising altitude, I began to chastise my son regarding the treatment of his mother. However, before I could even begin the stewardess leaned over an tapped the form in front of me "Please sir you need to fill out this form sooner than later if you get my meaning."

I figured to fill out the form quickly to then handle the goings on next to me. As I began to read the form, I found my self confused with the forms directions and spaces to fill out. Several times I needed to backtrack my steps to properly fill out the form.

Meanwhile my son kept his mother, my wife, on the tray table stretched out before him with both hands on her. I noticed his thumbs moving slightly on either her breasts, or the space between her legs. The bothered me and I knew I needed to deal with my son’s handling of his mom, but the stewardess was nearby to refocus my actions to the form in front of me.

I did take a second to look around and I did find several other men working away at a form similar to mine.

The Stewardess came by with glasses of iced water and placed them on the table.

As I was about finished with the form the stewardess came by to refill out glasses of water. My son requested only a glass of ice, which brought a smirk from the stewardess, she also handed my son additional napkins. She took my glass and refilled it, however when she placed the glass on the try it spilt over and ruined the form I had so attentively filled out.

“I’m so sorry sir.” She whispered using a towel to clean off the try table. The form was ruined, and I knew I would need to fill it out again. The stewardess looked at me with concern and whispered again “can I get you a drink to calm you nerves?”

I swallowed my anger and smiled back, “to be honest I’m a little over whelmed if only you had something harder than booze.”

She smiled back and reached into one of the pockets of her apron, “Take this by the time you finish the form, and you’ll be fine.”

I thanked the woman for being so kind. I took the pill and took a big swig of the whisky she paced on the table. I brought my focus onto the form in front of me. The pill began to affect me quickly, so I needed to give as much of my attention to the form as possible. I didn’t want to have a problem when we landed.

I forced myself to ignore the noises that sounded like screams coming from my son and wife next to me. I did steal a glace and noticed my son take and ice cube and rub it on his mothers’ body. Her belly did have a little bulge to it which made be believe that my son might have been inserting them into his mom.

I reached the bottom of the form and signed it as best I could. I felt my self-fading fast. The stewardess picked up the form and I think said that she would have it ready for me up front.

I leaned back in my chair to take a moment before engaging my son regarding his behavior with his mom. I closed my eyes and dozed off.

I barely remember the rest of the flight. I did remember my son crossing in front of me saying the he needed to go to the bathroom. He had his mom in his hand each time, this was good I thought since we wouldn’t want to lose her.

The bump of the plane landing woke me up from my sleep. I looked at my watch and realized I had been sleeping for nearly eight hours. I sat up in my seat and looked over at my son. He had kept his try table down and held his mother securely in his hands. She looked exhausted and as if she had been crying. I also noticed that my son’s pinky finger was up inside her private part to the second knuckle.

“Son, please take your finger out from your mom.” I spoke quietly to my son.

He smiled,” But dad it was this deep up her ass only an hour ago.”

“Well I was asleep and not awake to stop you. Now I am awake so remove it.” My voice sounded no argument. He pulled his finger out of his mom and settled down looking out the door.

The plan pulled up to the gate and the rampway connected to the plane. The door to the plan opened and I waited for the deboarding announcement to sound. However, there seemed to be some confusion in the front of the plan. I was feeling a bit nervous, and then an announcement over the P.A. sounded.

“Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking. There seems to have been a problem with the computer systems in the Malaysia airport. Unfortunately, the bio signatures from the screening have been corrupted and are no longer safe to use. For most of you this will be of no issue, however, those of you that have had members of your party miniaturized will not be able to return them to full size at this time.”

The was a moan from several passengers in the plan. I guess there was more people with members of the family in a mini state than just me and my son.

“Due to Australia’s laws regarding minis we will need to collect of your minis prior to deboarding. They can be collected from customer service after you make your way through customs. Please pass your minis to the flight attendant as they pass through the aisle way and ounce all are collected, we will begin the deboarding of the flight.”

The stewardess that had been serving us began to push a cart down the aisle with a plastic container on top. She started in first class and began to collect minis from the passengers. A few of the passengers handed over their loved ones’ with obvious trepidation, but no complaint. However, on young man seemed to be distraught when the stewardess came to his row.

“This is unacceptable, I’m not going to follow your stupid rules” I was able to hear him say to the woman.

“Please sir the law is the law, and you delaying the other passengers moving on with their travels.” She tried to sooth the man.

“This is my wife, we just got married, it was bad enough wat those ‘gook perverts” did to her at the scan, now this? Not going to happen sweet tits.”

The stewardess, who was asian, stood up and her demeanor changed suddenly. “Sir, there is no need for that tone, or use of racial language.” She spoke with an edge to her voice.

“Fuck you sky whore, you’re not getting my wife. You can shuffle your sideways cunt and ……” his voice stopped as the stewardess produced a taser and applied it to the man’s body. He shook as the electricity went through him and he slumped back into his chair. She hit the man a second time with the taser, and the third. The man had lost consciousness by that time.

The stewardess then reached over and picked up the mini that was on the table. From the distance all I saw was blond hair and franticly moving arms and legs.

The stewardess then stood up and faced the passengers, “please make this process as quick as possible, this airport is extremely busy, and our schedules are tight. As mentioned before, we cannot deplane, or remove the checked luggage from this flight till we are sure all minis are secured.” She placed the mini into the container with the others and started down the aisle again.

As she came to our isle my son looked disappointed to be losing his new-found plaything. I must have had a look of concern because the stewardess simply smiled and stated, “Don’t worry sir, you will be able to collect your mini after you get through customs.”

My wife looked at me with a forlorn look, but I myself had no choice to follow the directions and she was placed in the plastic container with the others.

When the stewardess had made the through the plane she headed back to the front. I noticed as she walked by that the contained had a little over twenty minis, all were female, and all were naked. I think the supposition some abuse of this technology was taking place might be true.

At the front of the plane one of the other employees places the cover to the container and without much apparent care carried the container off and out of site.

As we waited, the passengers began to stand and exit. My son taped my arm and looked to me. “Will mom be alright dad?” he asked.

“I’m sure she will be fine, we just need to get out bags, and through customs, and we’ll pick her up on the other side.”

“Will she be small forever?”

“Oh, I’m sure they have her bio signature back in the U.S. when we first got on board, so we should be able to at least get her enlarged there if not sooner.”

My son looked a little disappointed at the prospect of his mom being returned to normal. Not surprising since I knew he would be in a lot of trouble from what he most likely had done to her on the flight. However, that would be a bridge we would cross when we got there. Right now, I focused on getting my wife back into our hands.

The trouble began with our luggage. It seemed that the computer glitch had affected the airlines luggage management system as well. The employees didn’t seem to have a lot of concern for efficiency so as bags were pulled off of multiple planes, they were simply placed on whatever baggage cart was nearby and then tossed on whatever baggage caracal was available.

This lack of control and the confusion is caused made the collection of most passenger’s baggage a nightmare. We had to go to three separate locations to collect the luggage for the three of us. The maddening thing was that what should have been a simple twenty to thirty-minute process took over and hour.

Getting through customs was even worse. Many passengers were attempting to simply pass through customs without their luggage. Their intent was to have the baggage sent to their homes ounce the computers had been figured out. However, customs would not allow passengers with checked baggage to pass through customs without their bags, more importantly, they kept the passengers at the custom station till the baggage was found and brought by an airport employee. Some passengers attempted to complain, but they were warned by airport police that they could either quite down or find themselves in detention. Most complied, but some were lead off in handcuffs.

It was over three hours before my son and me made it through the gauntlet. We rushed over to the customer service desk, but to our dismay it was closed. We looked at the sign and saw that on Sundays the desk was closed at five o’clock on Sunday’s. It was forty-five minutes after five o’clock.

There was a number underneath the sign to call if help was needed. There were a series of phones and each was occupied by other people, clearly trying to reach the folks the number indicated. I saw a man who was fron out flight and I approached him. “are you trying to call the number” I asked.

He nodded and replied, “my daughter was taken from the flight, I’ve been waiting for fifteen minutes and still getting hold music. Stay here and I’ll ask about yours also.”

We waited for another twenty minutes till a voice came on the line. We placed the ear phone between our ears, the man did the talking.

“Hello, we were on Malaysian flight 743 and our daughter and wife got miniaturized, we were supposed to pick them up at customer service, but it closed”

A think accented voice replied, “Yes sir, unfortunately our service office closes at five o’clock. Sorry for that inconvenience.

“Wait, we need to pick up our family, where are they?” he pleaded.

“Well sir, we can’t be held accountable for minis left at customer service. We have a service pick them up and take them away.”

I felt my stomach tighten at this news.

“Do you know where they got taken to?” asked the man.

“I’m sorry sir I don’t have that information.” the voice replied.

“Can you put me in touch with someone who can?” ask the man.

“Sorry sir, that is actually handled by the airport and not our responsibility. If there is nothing else I can help you with have a good night.” And the line went dead.

The man slammed the handle to the phone several times with anger.

“Is anything wrong?” came an authoritative voice. We both looked around and standing was an airport police officer. “That is airport property your slamming at.”

My wife, his daughter, they have been made minis and we are trying to find them. This company won’t….”

The officer lifted up his hand and silenced me. “Listen mate, I don’t really have authority to help, but I just saw a few containers of minis taken to the loading docks. You can get there through those doors right over there. I’d head that way and see if they are there.”

The three of us thank the officer and quickly stepped through the door. We entered into a loading dock and saw two men by a delivery van next to them was an empty cart. The driver was signing a form on a clipboard and handed it to the other. The one pushed the cart away, the other started walking towards the door of the truck.

“Excuse me,” said the man I was working with, “are you carrying minis in the back there?”

“Who wants to know”

“My friend Benjamin Franklin” said the man showing a one hundred dollar bill to the driver.

The driver took the bill and pocketed it, “Yeah, there are some minis in the back, why do you want to know?”

“There might be ones that belong to us in the back. Is it o.k. for us to take a look.”

A smile came over the man’s face “Riiiiiiiight,” he let draw out with a smile. “It’s another hundred for each of you two, the kid gets one free on me.”

I didn’t know what he meant, but I also didn’t care. The man pulled out another two bills and handed then to the driver. He indicated the door to the truck, “you can get to the back through here, you have till I get to the stop. Should be about an hour with the traffic.”

We started towards the door and as we slid it open the driver started the motor of the truck. To my surprise it elicited a round a cheers from voices in the back of the truck and as we entered into the back we saw the source five college aged boys were laughing and opening the separate containers of minis.

The young men began to poke through the minis in each container as if looking for a favorite flavor of candy.

I looked back at the driver. “What’s going on here?”

The driver eyes didn’t even leave the road, “Oh, you don’t make any money as a delivery driver in the city, so I make a little change on the side when I run minis from the airport. It’s not like it’s a big deal, they’re just minis”

“well one of those minis may be my wife, and his daughter.” I replied.

His eyes still stayed on the road, “you don’t say, well then I would get back there quick and have a look, if these blokes are like the last batch they might wear through a few pretty quick.” He followed that with an evil chuckle.

I turned back to the action that was occurring and whispered into the mans ear. “I think we need to be quick and get a look into the boxes.” The smell of marijuana started to arise.

He gave me a nod and we both began to step forward when one of the men held up a mini in his hand. “hey, look boy’s” all the others stopped and to see what’s so important. “It looks like this one has on a shirt, I wonder what is so special about her.”

He held the mini in his hand at the waist and his waving was flipping her upside down and right side up. From the movement it was obvious that she had on nothing underneath her shirt, and that she was around twelve years old. One of the men at the customs must have let her keep her shirt out of kindness, or a sense of modesty.

“Let’s have a look then,” he grabbed the bottom of the girl’s shirt and lifted it up and over her head. She tried to prevent it from being taken off, but to no avail. The girl was in hysterical tears and was crying out something I couldn’t hear from where I stood. He held the girl to his ear pretending the hear what she was saying, then he looked to his friends “awwww, she wants her mommy.” He looked at the little girl, “sorry little one all I have is what your daddy has.”

Almost at ounce they group of boys began to chant “cock-kiss, cock-kiss, cock-kiss….” In response to the chant the boy unbuckled his pants, and unzipped his fly, he pulled down his underpants and presented his member to the crowed to cheers. He took the little girl and placed her under his cock and began to whack up and down. As he began to get fully aroused, he tucked the girl and member back into his pants and zipped up his fly, leaving a bulge obviously the result of the little girl pressed into the cock. He tapped the bulge getting a cheer from the rest of the boys.

The cheers were still going on when another boy stood up holding two minis in each of his hands, joint in his mouth. “Oh, we got another winner here guys, sisters!!!!”

The cheers of the crowd erupted again, and the two minis were placed on the top of one of the containers in the center of the truck. The chant “kiss, kiss, kiss” began. The girls looked at each other and began to meet the demands of the crowd. It was obvious that the girls were upset, and the shaking of their bodies made the action look seemingly cartoonish.

The chant of the crowd turned to a new chant “sixty-nine, sixty-nine, sixty-nine”. The boy that had placed them on the container flipped the girls into the position and pressed the top girl into the bottom. Yet again the chant changed “lick, lick, lick” the boy leaned in and presented the glowing tip of the joint close to the face of one of the girls and they began to begin an action that brought more cheers from the crowd.

One of the boys noticed use three and turned towards us as the others were watching the show. “who are you guys?”

The man next to me replied “some of our family were made to minis today, we are looking for them.”

He pointed to the two girls at the center of the crowd. One of the boys pressed the red tip of a joint to the top girl’s bottom forcing her to scream. “are those them?” he asked.

We both shook our heads.

“then look around, but don’t become a bother, we paid good money to be here.”

The three of us looked into each of the boxes. The boys didn’t seem to mind our looking, but after a few minutes we were disappointed with no results.

“What are we going to do dad?” asked my son.

“I guess we wait till we get to the delivery point and see if they are there.” I replied.

“That’s probably where they are.” Said the man with some hope in his voice.

I tried to get my son to sit up front, to avoid him looking at the goings on in the truck, but the driver wouldn’t allow it.

So, we sat up against the back of the truck trying to avoid watching the goings on happening before us.

Most of the action was typical of a group of college boys stoned, horny, and with a bunch of naked minis available to them.

Within a few minutes most had found one or two minis that met their fancy and used the small woman to jack themselves off. Then as they sat back and allowed themselves to recover, they found time to be more playful with the minis before them.

One of the young men had proceeded to impale ten women onto each of his fingers. One of his friends helped with the last few. The got a chuckle as he wiggled his fingers like someone at Thanksgiving does with olives. The minis on the end screamed in pain as each movement caused their weight to move the digit deeper into their wombs. Most likely, the fingers stopped when they reached the cervix.

Three of the boys had dumped the contents of one of the containers of minis into another making for a quit crowded environment. The then sealed the top of the container and only opened the container to exhale in the smoke of each of their tokes of their joints.

The intoxication of the smoke and the reduced oxygen obviously caused many of the minis distress. This just made their tormentors laugh more. The one tapped on the top of the container and yelled. “All you need to do is start some muff munching in there. If we see you start to eat pussy, we’ll open the top up.”

Many of the mini woman simply looked to the woman next to them and spoke quickly to their arrangement. Some laid on their backs as the other placed their head between the thighs of the reclined mini. Others would straddle the face of the girl laying down and lean forward to assume the sixty-nine position the young men seemed to enjoy. The three relented and lifted the top of the container off allowing fresh air to enter.

They however, made sure that the women still kept working on each other. The began to issue orders as to whom should be servicing whom. They specifically wanted the younger of the minis to be doing the servicing. As one of the young boys said. “Pretty much your future is going to be swallowing big cock, so let’s give you chance to taste a little pussy.” The guys all got a laugh out of that.

The most disturbing scene was the two woman that had first been chosen to entertain the crowd with their show. The woman where still in their sixty-nine position, but they had switched several times between which sister was on top. The young boy had taken both of the girls and used them simultaneously to jack off so now as they were laying on the container top, the cum from the man was coating their entire bodies. To add to their misery, the young man had on several occasions applied the red-hot end of the joint he was smoking, the result was that several blisters and burn marks could be seen on the girls. Some of the boys had seen what was being done, and by the look of their faces they didn’t approve, but they weren’t going to stop it either since these were only minis.

The boys did all have another go at the woman, some took a little longer this time since it was round two. But the result was several other woman got a coating of cum.

They would most likely have been working and round three when the truck came to a stop. The driver leaned over and shouted towards the back. “O.k. boys, times up. My drop is around the corner so get them merch back into the boxes and get out.”

He tapped the side of the truck as he walked towards the back of the truck. I think he did this with the intent to let them know where he was. The young men quickly put the minis back into the containers and sealed the tops. I noticed that all of them had shoved one or two minis down their pants. One of them winked towards me as he tapped his crotch “best part of a party is taking home party favors.”

Before I could reply the door of the back of the truck, and all of the young men jumped out some giving the driver a tap on the shoulder or nod with his head. The started to walk down the street laughing the laugh of young boys having gotten their rocks off.

The driver looked back at us, “You got to get out too. I can’t show up with passengers.”

“I thought you were going to take us to your delivery destination.” Asked the man as we exited out of the truck.

“It’s just around the corner, big consignment sign, you can’t miss it.” He pointed ahead as we walked to the front and took his driver’s seat.

“So, this is where the other minis have been taken” I asked.

The driver looked down with a confused look. “What do you mean.”

“The other minis…from the airport…they are all brought here…right?” I asked.

“How would I know?” he looked at us.

“What do you mean.” Asked the man next to me.

“I mean that minis surrendered at the airport are taken to auction houses all over the city.”

“Auction houses?”

“Yeah, they send the minis to Auction houses to get them sold and shipped out of the country as soon as possible. Minis are looked upon as an invasive species in this country. We get the ones abandoned in our country out so they don’t mess up our ecology.”

He started to drive away in the truck. “Good luck guys.” He yelled followed by a honk.

As the truck turned the corner, we stood in the center of the road looking at each other.

“I guess we should go see if they’re there.” Said the man with a depressed sound.

I felt the same amount of despair, “yeah, let’s go.”

We walked the rest of the way toward the building the truck pulled into. We were hours behind when our loved ones were taken, and we had no idea where they were sent. On top of this, they are quickly sold to be exported out of the country. I had begun to fear that I may not see my wife again.

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Re: Airport incident

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Next chapter of the story. Again, mush thanks to ShrinkMaster.

Chapter 3

We walked up to the door and knocked. An eye slit opened almost immediately and a pair of eyes looked out at us.

“How can I help you gentlemen?” came a voice.

“We are looking for our wives, they were shrunk today at the airport.” I replied.

“Sorry ‘bout that buddy, but minis are kept at the Airport till claimed by their loved ones, you know that.”

“Well we rode with a delivery man bringing minis to this location.” I replied.

A double-barreled shotgun came out of the slot and I heard a distinct sound of a hammer being drawn back. “I think you need to go and not come back” came the voice with a certain hiss.

“would suggest that you step away from the door and move on.” The voice behind the door spoke.

All three of us picked up our hands and walked stepped away from the door. We walked a little down the road from the door and sat on the curb our heads and moral low.

The man we were with, stood up and looked at both of us. “I’ve got to do something; I’m going to get to the closest police station and report this.” He started to walk away.

I wanted to say something, but there was nothing to say. My son looked to me, “should be go with him dad?” he asked.

“I don’t know if the cops will help, let’s just think for a moment what we may be able to do.” I replied.

We both watched the man turn the corner and walk out of our site. I never got his name and would probably never see him again.

The gate to the building opened and we saw the truck that had brought us there roll out. The driver saw us sitting on the curb and stopped his truck and leaned out of the window. “No luck getting in?” he asked.

We both must have had a look of desperation and depression because he paused and looked at both of us.

“Guys I don’t know if it will help, but I am about to get coffee with some other drivers who deliver minis like me, maybe they could help you out. No promises, but better than nothing.”

We thanked him and hoped into the truck which drove away. We asked the driver to turn the corner to see if we could catch up with the member of our group whom left us, but we saw nobody as we tried to follow what would have been his path.

“He must have found a cab and took off” offered the driver. “Let’s move on.”

We agreed and headed to the coffee shop as planned.

He introduced himself as Eddie, and he drove part time at night to get a little extra cash. He explained the same was for some of the the drivers we would be talking to. It was a short drive to the diner and as my son and I waked in we took a seat at a booth where another man was already seated having a sandwich and coffee.

The man’s name was Greg, like Eddie he drove part time to make ends meet. No sooner had we finished the introductions and starting conversation when another man walked up to the table and sat down. His name was Giles, and in his hand, he carried a paper bag that upon closer inspection seemed to be moving. The waitress took our orders of sandwiches and coffee.

Eddie explained our plight to the other two and they seemed to be sympathetic to our plight.

“The whole system is corrupt.” Said Gregor, “It’s gotten out of control, but it does let us make a living in both delivery and services.” He winked at Eddie with a little bit of disregard to our plight.

The waitress brought our food and a tall glass of ice water for Giles. When the waitress left the table, Giles brought the paper bag he carried and placed it on the table. He reached in and pulled out a shrunken woman. She was blond and nude. She immediately began to scream up at the giant that held her. Without a word Giles turned the woman upside down and placed her headfirst into the glass of ice water. The women’s entire body was submerged, only her legs were out. Giles held the one leg while the other jerked back and forth with panic.

“Jesus Giles,” said Eddie, “you got to be careful taking those for your own use, government doesn’t want us having them.”

Giles smiled and lifted the woman out of the water, she was coughing and choking from the experience. “My daughter needs a new doll. She let the dog get the other one.” He brought the face of the woman up to his. “Now are you going to be quiet as we enjoy our meal?” The woman began to say something but didn’t finish before she was back into the water. This time she was pushed deeper into the glass. Giles didn’t even look at the struggling woman. “My wife has been nagging me about it for a while, so I need to get some piece at home.”

“Well just watch yourself,” Spoke Gregor, “or you could end up just like her.”

My son and I were looking at the woman struggling in the water. Her movements were beginning to slow down as she was beginning to lose consciousness. Giles lifted her out of the water and spoke to her again. “So, are you going to be quiet?”

This time the woman just nodded. Giles placed her on the table next to the glass of water and handed a napkin to her to dry and wrap herself in. All of us looked at her a bit more, then it dawned on me, she was the wife of the man is was initially traveling

I pointed this out to Giles who protectively placed his hand on the mini before him. “Hmmmmm, that’s too bad mate, do you have a way to contact him?”

I replied that I didn’t but that he went to the police station and that I was sure that he could go there and track him down.

Giles just shrugged and picked the woman up and placed her in the paper bag. “Not going to do that,” he rolled up the top and stood up. “if I showed up at the station with a mini in my possession, they would throw me in the click. So sorry buddy, looks like your unknown friend is going to have to go on without his wife, and my little girl get a new doll, and my wife gets off my back. Win-Win for me.” He stood up and placed a few dollars on the table to cover his part of the meal. “I’ll will mention this, if this one was on the same flight as you your wife may have been with the batch I took to Big Louie’s place.”

Both Eddi and Gregor smiled. “That’s good news.” Said Eddie, “I drive by that place on my way home and can introduce you. He is actually a nice guy and usually will return minis to their rightful owners if they claim them.”

I saw some hope for the first time tonight. Giles wished us good luck, and goodbye and left the diner. Eddie quickly finished his meal and we were on our way.

As we drove through the city Eddie explained to me that Big Louie’s place was one to the most popular speakeasys serving the mini market.

“Is there really that big of a market?” I asked. I had heard of the technology, and even heard a bit of the controversy regarding its use, but till now I really hadn’t been part of the discussion.

“Are you kidding me?” asked Eddie with a smile in his voice. “You saw those college kids, that’s just a bit of what the mini market. There are whole factories where mini labor away at small devices and micro mechanics. And the place where we’re going today….” He shivered a little, “let’s just say the Louie is one of the more civilized places.”

We all stayed silent for the remainder of the drive. My thoughts as to what I would find kept going through my head.

We pulled up to a nondescript building and was met at a gate outside the parking lot. The man at the gate identified Eddie right away and with a few words of grating allowed him in. We soon found ourselves lead into the building by a larger man.

We walked through the double doors and entered into what would be best described as family restaurant. Many of the tables held single of groups of couples, but I did notice that at several tables were children of various age. I we weaved our way through the tables I also noticed that on all the tables were at least one or more mini.

All were women, and all were nude. Some were standing or dancing on the table entertaining the diners. However, several had the woman being abused in various ways from being dunked in sauces and being licked to having pieces of food, or fingers of the patrons at the table, being inserted into the woman’s orifices.

In the back of the restaurant we came to a larger booth, seated at the table was a very large, well-dressed man. At the table were two older Asian men seated and talking to themselves in quiet voices. Louie acknowledged our presence and indicated to us to sit down at the table.

The topic of the current discussion was obvious. Standing at the center of the table were four mini women. They were in string bikinis, barley covering up their body, but most noticeable was their bulging bellies indicating that they were in the final weeks of pregnancy. The woman stood side-by-side, their heads hung low, obviously broken and accepting what fait had done to them.

Louie polity held up his hand causing the gentlemen to halt their conversation and bring their attention back to himself.

“Gentlemen, please understand, the price is not negotiable, and you won’t find a better deal.” Louie tapped the table a few times with his fingers bringing the women out of their stupor and they all looked up at their current giant owner. “Please ladies, the suites.” Without a word the woman took off the bikinis uncovering what little of their flesh had been covered. Louie spun his finger around indicating the woman to follow suite giving the two men a view of their entire bodies. This was when I noticed that each had a tattoo on their left and right ass checks. Probably some form of identification.

“You will also find them very compliant.” Louie snapped his fingers, “Ladies, show these fine men how well you play together.” The woman immediately paired off and began to press their lips together. Squeezing and pressing the breasts and asses of each other. As we all watched the pace of the action increased in tempo.

The men they gave each other a final glance nodded and spoke in their language in what was obviously affirmation to whatever terms presented to them.

“Wonderful,” smiled Louie. “I will have them boxed and waiting for you at the front door.” Assistants suddenly appeared and quickly picked up the woman on the table and carried them off. Leaving the suits on the table, I got the feeling that they wouldn’t be needing them anyway. With nodes the two men stood up and left the table.

Watching the action, I finally noticed that all four of the women could not be over twenty years old. I did wonder how they had gotten in their current condition, but I then saw one of the waitresses walk by with a plastic container in her hands containing three minis covered from head to foot with what was obvious seaman. So, I concluded that if you spent your time covered head to toe in cum you couldn’t help but get pregnant.

Could this be the fate of my wife? To become inseminated by some giant rapist and sold to some old Asian man for god knows what.

Louie brought his full attention to us. “Eddie, what brings you here?”

Eddie quickly explained me and my son’s plight. Louie payed close attention and the look on his face showed concern. When Eddie finished Louie looked concerned.

“Gentlemen, I wish I could help you, but I really don’t have a mechanism to look for a specific mini in my place.”

“Could I look around, maybe she is on one of the tables?”

Louie held up both his hands and his face took on a serious look, “No…no…no”, my clientele value their privacy and would not appreciate the two of you going from table to table looking at what they and their minis were doing.”

My face must have reflected my disappointment.

Louie rubbed his chin in thought, “Well we could have the two of you work in the kitchen, we bring the minis through there to be cleaned up before we send them out to the next table. It would give you a great chance to see if your wife is here since we cycle through the girls two to three times a night.”

That each mini woman had to deal with two to three different tormentors awed my mind. No wonder the previous woman looked so broken.

My son and I agreed.

We said our thanks and good-byes to Eddie and were quickly escorted to the back of the club. I was still fascinated by the sights with the minis and the patrons of the club. The fact that some tables even had full families was something that I found hard to believe.

We passed through the doors into the kitchen and was greeted by a cacophony of noise and organized confusion. Typical of what a successful restaurant. They directed us to an are in the back where we were introduced to a young man by the name of Ramone.

He explained our roles really quite quickly. The minis, once the guests are done with them, are taken directly back to our area. We washed the dirty minis in the sinks provided, we had devices that looked pretty much like eye droppers that we inserted into the minis pussy and ass. This cleaned and disinfected the mini. We would inspect the mini for any injuries that would prevent them from redistribution. Finally, a little bit of hair removal cream to the pussys to make sure that they always remained clean and smooth. After a final rinse we placed them upon a conveyor belt that guided them through a dryer where they were placed in sorting boxes to be picked up by the waitresses to fill the orders of the guests.

Ramone was overjoyed to have our help. He put my son at the sorting section and he had me work with him to was the woman. There were several tubs of woman in various degrees of post use. I got to work right away, keeping an eye for my wife.

The first hour or so was pretty easy. I stumbled a few times, but by the fifth or sixth mini I got a flow going. Also, the minis seemed to be resigned to their plight and didn’t say much as their private areas were rubbed and violated by my fingers and eye dropper. I had even stopped being squeamish about the younger girls coming through. Some seemed to be barely over twelve and with their budding breasts they have been in grade school, not coated with cum and empty eyed like they were.

About a hour in I had one of the minis actually speak to me. She must had heard me mention something to my son because she reached out her hands and said, “Please help me.”

Initially I was stunned speechless, but Ramone must have heard and seen my reaction. “Dude, don’t talk to the mini’s remember they are all drug smugglers and criminals.” I looked at him and reminded him that my wife wasn’t a smuggler. “O.k., maybe not your wife, but it’s because of bitches like this that made the security necessary”

The woman looked up at me and pleaded, “I’m not a smuggler, my name is Sister Alisa from the catholic diocese of New York.”

Ramone grabbed the mini woman from my hand and laughed. “You a nun, no way the church would allow a slut-whore like you into the fold.”

“I was” screamed the woman as she was held upside down in Ramones hand.

“Bullshit, if you were a nun you ass wouldn’t have a tattoo, and your pussy wouldn’t be so clean. Only sluts are like that.”

“I was.” Screamed the woman again. “You did this to me. I was a virgin when I came in.”

Ramone was rubbing the woman with is thumbs when he paused for a second and pressed his fingers against the women’s belly. He then flipped her over and looked at the tattoo on her ass check. Then he started to laugh. “Well sister, you might have been a virgin when you can in, but you also were a fast breeder; because it looks like you’ve only been here for four months and are already knocked up.”

The womans’ face changed to disbelief, but Ramone kept on going “Looks like you took one to many spunk baths sweetie.” He reached for the tattoo gun that was sitting on the counter. He lifted the minis ass up closer so he could see, and he applied a new tattoo to the minis other check. He then spun the woman around and looked her in the eye. “Don’t worry bitch, you’ll still get to work the floor for a good six more months before we look for a buyer for you.”

The woman was in tears as the news of her plight sunk in. Ramone finished the cleaning process, but before placing her on the belt he smiled at me. “There are some benefits of working here.” With that he pulled open the waist of his pants and slid the screaming woman down into the front of his pants. He let the waistline snap back and with no humility he adjusted the miniature woman that was now face to face with his penis. He smiled a little as he found the right spot for the little woman next to his cock. He gave the bump a little tap and spoke down to it. “You better get that tongue working, or you and your baby will get fed to the dogs.” He smiled in response to what must have been the woman following directions, he gave me a wink and went back to work.

I followed suit, keeping my eyes open for my wife.

As I worked, Ramon’s words rang through my mind. These were drug dealers and smugglers, and it’s because of them that my wife was shrunk, and me and my son are in this place cleaning them for further use. To be honest I found myself getting angrier as I worked, more than ounce Ramone reminded me to go easy on the minis. Ramone stepped away to take a break, and when he returned, he had Sister Alisa in his hand. She was covered in cum yet again. Ramone processed the sobbing woman and placed her on the drying belt without a thought.

“You have to get going boys, it’s a busy night.” Came a female voice from behind me. It belonged to Juanita; she was the lead waitress of the six girls that worked the floor. We both looked at the minis waiting to be cleaned and to my surprise there weren’t’ many.

“We are cleaning as fast as we can Juanita, we just are falling short.” Answered Ramone.

“I told Louie a few hours ago.” Answered Juanita, “He said he was going to take care of it.”

Almost as if set up in a script, the door in the back of the kitchen opened and five men walked in. Each carrying two boxes that looked just like the ones that were used at the airport to carry off minis. The very one my wife must have found herself in.

When they were placed on the table and opened inside were minis of all ages and sex. They looked up at our giant faces with fear and confusion. They were all naked, and family units that had been able to stay together were hugging each other in support.

I asked Ramone as to the origin of what had to be easily three hundred minis. He just shrugged and said that when supplies get to low, Louie had contacts in high places. High enough to have a plane get pulled off the tarmac, its passengers shrunk, and then shipped here. The plane will be declared lost with all hands.

I must have had a look of disbelief on my face ‘cause Ramone just laughed and said to not thing about it too much and we had work to do.

He explained to my son and me that the first thing we needed to do was separate the minis that won’t be of use on the floor. “Let me show you.” He said as he gazed down into the crowd of the first bin. “Oh, here we go.” He reached in a pulled out an elderly couple that had been cowering in the corner. He held them both in one and and showed them to us. “Basically, if you don’t think someone would want to fuck them, we toss them.” He then pushed the two headfirst into the garbage disposal at the bottom of the sink. I saw their legs move in panic, but that stopped really quick when he stepped on the button on the floor in front the sink and activated the blades within the disposal. Within a few seconds their remains were gone.

My son and I were shocked at what we saw. Ramone looked into the bin and saw something that caught his eye. “It doesn’t mean we have to be bored as we work.” He reached in and pulled out three minis.

He placed the minis on the counter before us. There was woman in her late thirties, long blond hair, large breasts and a trim hourglass figure. She had her arm wrapped around two younger girls, both also blonde, one looked to be around fifteen the other just a toddler. All three were nude and tracks of dried tears on their faces.

“Stand apart and let’s have a good look at you lovely ladies” said Ramone. The three minis complied and stood shoulder and shoulder hands covering their private parts. “Please lower your hands girls.” Again, all hands went to their sides. Ramone reached and picked up the mother of the two girls. He held the woman in his left hand, and with his right he pointed to a scare on the women’s stomach, right above her cleanly shaved bald pussy.

“See this?” he smiled at us, “That’s a caesarian scare. Looks like this mini wanted to keep her snatch nice and tight instead of pushing these two out the normal way.”

He brought her face to his. “How is that pussy girl, nice and tight?” He brought his pinky to his mouth and wetted it in his mouth. “Let’s take a look.” He placed his pinky against the women’s pussy and slowly inserted it into her body. The woman screamed in response to this violation of her private area. With little twists the finger went nearly up to the knuckle till it hit a stopping point. The woman was sobbing, and a bulge in her belly was clearly visible. Ramone smiled and winked at us, “Yup, she was tight all right, but give a few weeks on the floor and it won’t be any different from the others.”

He pulled his finger out of the woman, eliciting a grunt, and dropped the woman on the counter next to her children. They both ran to her and hugged her yet again, and it looked as if more tears were about to begin.

Ramone grabbed the middle girl, brought her up to his face and gave her body a full tongued lick form crotch the face. She was still spitting out some of his saliva as he pushed her down on the table, belly up, with his palm on her body he used his thumb and forefinger to force her legs apart.

“Hey,” Ramone snapped his fingers bringing attention from the young woman to his face. “Look mom, that pussy isn’t going to lick itself.”

A questioning look came over the women’s’ face. Ramone reached and grabbed the women’s’ blond hair behind her head and squeezed with his thumb and finger bringing the women’s’ hair tight against her scalp. She screamed in pain, but Ramone had an answer to this. “Use that mouth for licking not making noise bitch.” He pressed the women’s face directly into her daughters’ snatch. Ramone pressed so hard that the mothers air supply was blocked by her daughters’ flesh. He kept her pressed into the suffocating position for almost a minute, till panic started to show on the mother’s body. Ramone pulled back the women’s face and spoke again “let’s see some action bitch, or your daughter will feel your last breath in her womb, and I’ll make your other daughter do the work right next to your dead body.”

With the situation clearly explained, the woman began to gently apply licks, and kisses to her daughters vaginal opening. However, with Ramones encouragement, and his application of pressure by his finger, she began to press her tongue deeper into the girls slit. Seeing the action going, Ramone stood up straight and smiled at me and my son, “looks like we got those two sluts walking down the right path.” He winked again, “mother-daughter combos are big on the floor.”

We watched for a few seconds and Ramone grabbed the toddler. He brought her up to his face and gave the girl a good crotch to face lick. He put her down back down on the table in front of us and slid the girl face up between the legs of her mother currently servicing her daughter.

The little girl clearly wasn’t able to process what was being done to her and as a result was hysterical. High pitched screams were coming from between the older women’s legs, Ramone was quickly annoyed and pressed down on the mother’s hips forcing her pussy to encompass her little girls face. Once again on of the trio was brought almost to the edge of passing out when Ramone relented.

“Hey bitch, you better tell you little brat to shut up and get licking.” He hissed down at the woman.

She looked up with pleading eyes, “Please, she’s only eleven years old.”

Ramon stood up and looked into the bin. He saw and mother and father standing with their arms wrapped around their daughter. The girl looked younger than the girl on the table and was perfect for what he had in mind. He reached down and grabbed the little girl, ignoring the attempts by her parents to prevent what was happening. He hung the girl over the three girls and readdress them.

“See this bitch, how old do you think she is?” he smiled and looked at the bin he had gotten her, “Lets find out.” He retrieved the girl’s mom and held her in his other hand. “how is your daughter bitch?” The woman was crying but was able to squeak out “She’s eight years old, don’t hurt her.”

He looked back to the three on the table. “You see here, we have no real use for girls this young on the floor, so we get rid of them.” And with that he tossed the screaming girl into the sink. She was quickly washed away by the running water into the garbage disposal, the sound of the blades changed a little as they dealt with the small piece of meat and bone, then they fell back to the low-level purr.

The now chopped girl’s mother screamed at the sight of her daughter being tossed away like so much waste. I got the feeling I was going to hear a lot of those screams tonight. Ramone looked at the woman, she was attractive and would be needed on the floor, so he put her back into the bins. I couldn’t help but notice that it was a different one than she came from and where her husband was.

Ramone, seeing that his point had been made looked back at the trio. “I’ll make it easy, tell your little bitch daughter to get chewing on her sister’s pussy. You help her out by giving showing her first. I think the two of you should be able to get that little bitch doing things right in no time.”

The tree started to move to their assigned positions when we heard a female’s voice come from behind. “Have you guys got to working on those new minis? We need them on the floor --what the shit is going on?

It was Isabella, she was the lead waitress on the floor and basically ran the restaurant for Louie. She was blond, in her middle thirties, but did look younger. She was wearing the uniform of the waitresses, a tight-fitting blouse with a pushup bra displaying a large set of fake breasts. Accompanied by a miniskirt that barely covered what should be covered by a skirt, and black garters and stockings. A very sexy combo. However, she was not sexy right now, just business.

She surveyed what was going on and looked at all three of us. “Why are you guys fucking around when there is work to be done?” Ramone was about to speak, but she held up her hand stopping him talking, “I don’t want to hear, and I don’t care.”

She looked down at the three woman and the action going on. She picked up the youngest girl and gave her a look top to bottom. She looked at all three of us and smiled, “You really think this little one is going to do a good job eating pussy?”

She looked at the girl with a soft look in her eyes, “Honey, have you ever even kissed a boy?” The girl looked back at the first giant friendly face she had seen yet. She shook her head indicating that she had not. “Well little one; don’t you worry about that.” She continued in a soothing voice. “By the end of this week you’ll have seen more dicks and pussy than most woman see is their whole lifetime, but first, let’s get you started.”

This woman had no shame. She lifted the front of her skirt showing a small black thong. She used her hand to move the front of her panties exposing a clean-shaven pussy to all three of us. She looked up and smiled “like what you see?” she looked down at the girl in her hand, “you’re going to get a way better view.” Isabella took the now screaming girl and inserted her up to her pussy till only the girls thrashing legs were seen. Isabella adjusted the crotch of her panties between the girl’s legs guaranteeing that she wouldn’t fall out.

Isabella lowered the front of her skirt and gave a little shiver to her body. “When they panic it really feels great.” She looked down at the two girls on the table then to us. “You guys get going, or I’ll have Louie put you on the table with your heads between each other legs.”

She turned and walked away. We watched her walk out to the floor, and no sooner did the door of her exit close that Rosa came up to our table. “She can be a bit of a bitch, but you guys really need to get going. It’s crazy busy tonight, and the VIP room is hoping as well.” She scanned the bins. “These little ones are all going to be needed.”

We began to work with the minis as directed. Basically, women between the ages of eleven to mid forties were handed to Ramone to be tattooed and placed in their appropriate distribution bins. Men were pushed down the disposal, and some of the younger boys were saved due to some of the members of the VIP room.

“Oooooo look at this.” Said Rosa with a little giggle. She pulled out a naked man in one hand and in the other was a woman, obviously in the final trimester of her pregnancy. Rosa reached her hand holding the struggling woman towards my son. “Give these titties a suck kid. The milk is something you won’t believe.”

Surprisingly my son didn’t even hesitate. He took the woman from Rosa’s hand and placed both of the women’s breasts into his mouth. I watched as his mouth sucked on the women’s breasts as she screamed, even though her arms were pressed against her side. As this happened Rosa looked at the man in her other hand. “Guess you two were looking for a final vacation before delivery, I bet this is a surprise.” She shook her hand a little as the man pleaded to her in a language I didn’t understand.

Rosa lifted her hand to my son again, “Give me back that little cow kid, I need those titties still plump.”

My son returned the mini woman, wiping some of the milk from his lips. The mini woman was now in tears. He husband in Rosa’s other hand was trying to say something caring to his wife. Rosa hearing this smiled and with out a word shoved the man headfirst into the garbage disposal. His legs spinning as the blades cut into his body. Quickly he was gone, and the woman began screaming again.

Ramon spoke up. “Hey, careful with her, “pregs” bring good money to Louie.”

“Only when it happens on the floor.” She flipped the woman in her hands, so her bottom half was exposed. “But she’s showed us she’s a breeder so let get her ready for a new one.” With that Rosa licked her long-nailed pinky finger and started to insert it into the women’s pussy.

I had to turn my head as the mini woman screamed as she felt Rosa’s nail scrap against her uterine walls. “Congratulations little one.” Rosa laughed “It’s a boy.” I felt the flick of Rosa’s and, and a sickening noise of something hitting the bottom of the sink. Rosa looked at the woman sobbing from pain and loss. “Oh shut up bitch.” She held the girl upside down under the running water forcing the cleaning fluid till it no longer showed red.

She brought the coughing woman up to her face with a smile. “I know a great cure for an empty womb little one. It’s getting it filled again.” She looked up at us, “One of my regulars son brought in his hamster, a few hours in a cage will help her forget.” She laughed and looked down at the mini woman with an evil grin, “A hamster cock will be a good step to getting back on the cock wagon.” With that Rosa turned to walk out of the kitchen. Ramon raised his voice and call out to her back.

“Wait Rosa,” Ramone said, “We need to get her logged in.”

Rosa looked back with a grin, “Don’t worry Ramone,” we smiled, “She’ll be back in no time. Hamsters fuck and come like virgin boys.” And with that she walked through the doors to the floor.

Ramone sighed and looked to us. “Let’s get back to work.”

It took us around forty-five minutes to sort out the minis from all the bins. The pleading, crying, and screams of terror became nothing more than a buzz. I had become numb. I didn’t even notice my son, walk to the bathroom with a mini in his hand and come back with the sobbing woman covered in cum.

When the bins were empty, we had to get back to work on the back log of minis from the floor. Some had been waiting since the bins had arrived. Many had the cum encrusted on them, or the amount of fluid was to much to fully solidify so it was the consistency of glue.

Rosa entered in the kitchen, and as she passed Ramone asked about the mini she had taken. Rosa gave a flip of her hand and stated that the last she saw the woman was on all fours getting some hamster cock shoved into her. Ramone reminded her to make sure she got her back by end of day.

It was close to three hours till Isabella walked back in and reached under her skirt and pulled out the little girl and placed her on the counter. The girl didn’t move. She just laid there motionless, the only thing that indicated she was alive was the movement of her chest. Isabella didn’t look at the girl, she just looked at us. “Clean her up fast, I have a client that wants to bring this on to the VIP room.”

Ramone knew and order when it was spoken. He picked the girl up and applied the standard cleaning we gave all girls. If she was a virgin, she wasn’t anymore.

When she was processed, Isabella passed by and picked her up and went back to the floor. As she passed through the door Rosa entered into the kitchen. When she saw Ramone, she stopped and put her hand to her mouth, her eyes wide with sudden thought.

“Oh my gosh.” She said with a little grin, “That family with the hamster cashed our when I was on break.” She huffed, that little brat probably waited till one of the other girls was covering for me. She chuckled, “That girl is not having a good day; shrunken to a mini, husband ground into garbage, forced late term abortion, hamster raped, and now probably spending time as jack-meat for a teen age boy.” Rosa was making jerking motions with her hand as she was finishing her sentence.

“Jesus Rosa,” exclaimed Ramone “We could get in trouble for that.”

“Don’t worry babe.” Rosa placed her hand on his shoulder. “Louie isn’t going to care. Tonight, has been a good night, even with having to pay for the special delivery. He’s keeping the VIP open after hours even.”

“O.k.” Ramone was placated a little. He looked up at the clock. “It’s almost closing time anyway.”

With horror I realized that I’ve been working and hadn’t seen my wife. I mentioned this to Ramone, he shrugged. “Basically dude, if they have her in the VIP room still open, we won’t get a chance to see who’s in there till tomorrow morning.” He waved to what looked to be the few minis being brought into by the bus-staff; “Let’s finish these last few minis and get out of here. You and your son can crash at my place and tomorrow we can see if your woman shows up.”

I didn’t know of any other option. We finished the few minis that were coming in. Many looked to be from the bins, the expressions on the faces I saw told me of that things were done to them that they could only set as a nightmare, hoping the wake up from. I guess within a few days they will realize that they are not in a dream. I could only think what had been done to them by the customers. As we finished up, I pulled the mini out of my pants to wash and have put away. My son did the same.

We walked out of the restaurant into the night air. Ramone lived only a few blocks away and had a fairly well-furnished apartment. Me and my son laid down to sleep. I listened to the noise of the city outside, as I drifted to sleep, I could only be worried about my wife and if I would find her, or worse yet; what she was enduring in the VIP room.

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Re: Airport incident

Post by SciFiCrazy » Fri Sep 25, 2020 7:00 am

Remember reading this addition on the old site. This was a wonderful addition shrinkmasters story. I always wondered if they ever find the mother or get into the VIP room.

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Re: Airport incident

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This series is brilliantly written ! And the twists turns and characters really compelling .

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