The Tourists. M(teen)/f

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.
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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by Bobascher » Sun Oct 25, 2020 8:52 pm

Hentai Hunter I really like this story a lot! Thanks for posting it :) I trust your creative spirit but appreciate knowing that it won’t be coming :)

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Oct 25, 2020 9:19 pm

Bobascher: Thanks, as long as people seem to be enjoying it I'll keep posting it.

On a side note, I'm always a little conflicted answering "Is this going to happen" questions. The worry I might spoil it is weighed against my want to share. I like people taking an interest. On the old VSW board where I originally posted this story. I didn't think I'd post more then the first chapter. I figured, like most of my writing, it would be a one and done story. Then I started getting feed back. And I feed creatively on that. They shared their hopes and wonders for the story. Which made me want to write more of it. So, thank you all who there or here have posted support. If you have questions, ask. If I feel it won't ruin things I will answer. If it will, I will try to let you know that is way I don't answer.

As for other posters to the site. I'm sorry I don't comment on things. I always feel I need to explain or offer suggestions. But then I worry they will be seen as complaints or insults and chicken out. There are many an interesting image and story here on this forum and I thank you all for sharing.

So, Thanks for reading and thanks for posting.
PS: If there are any of my other stories you're looking for, or would like me to continue, let me know. I can't promise I have more to them. But it will help me know what people are looking for. Wow, don't I sound cocky. :P

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CH22: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:01 am

Chapter 22 M(t)/f,f + M(t)/f+ Non-consensual.

The alarm goes off. Karla finds herself airborne. Micheal yips, "Oh no!" She landed in a soft bounce and rolled to a stop. Karla sits up, a foot from the end of the bed.
Micheal was over her almost as she stopped. "Are you OK?" he says fearfully.
"Yeah. What happened?" She asked.
"I must have wrapped both hands around you. So when I went for my alarm I flung you. I'm so sorry." Micheal explained.
"Oh, I'm OK. So, you should start getting ready. Port day and all." Karla advised.
"OK then." Micheal replied. He kissed her on her head. He wanders over to the bathroom. Karla works her way to the head of the bed.
She sighs as she travels. The shower has started, she would have to wait till he finishes to get access to a bathroom. The tumble left her far too awake to doze back to sleep. Her bladder wouldn't let that happen anyway.
She makes it to the pillows. Karla sits. The shower finally shuts off. Micheal steps out of the bathroom. "Micheal!" Karla calls.
He wanders over holding his towel for some reason. "Yeah Karla? Did you get hurt?" He asks sweetly.
"I need to go pee." she admits.
"OH, sure." Micheal says and she finds herself inside her cage. And relieved.
He comes back dressed. "Did you want to go back to bed?" He asks.
"No, I'm awake. I'd like to join you for breakfast." She replied.
She finds herself flying out to the shared room. Howard is having breakfast sandwiches and hash browns. Milly is eating poached eggs on toast. Karla is placed on the table. Milly leans over. In her fingers, a mug just Karla's size. The nectar of the gods, black coffee. "Oh, thank you!" Karla accepted the gift eagerly.
"You should have said something. If I would have known you missed coffee so much I would have shared some with you sooner." Milly said with a smile.
Micheal lifted his lid off his food. omelet? Not scrambled. She was shocked again this morning. But ate her nip of his breakfast. But port day meant little time for talking. She was happy to spend this time with them, there was just an exciting energy on these mornings.
Micheal finished and reached for Karla when Milly said, "One second Mikey."
Karla found her cup refreshed. "Thank you again." And she found her zipped to the nightstand. Micheal topped up his cages and Karla's pellets. Finally, fruit flavored ones. What a good morning.
"OK, we are leaving. Tablet is all set for you. Just turn it on when you want. Here is the TV remote. Wish us luck." Micheal stated. Ending with a sweet kiss to her head.
"Good luck." She called as he disappeared.
Karla sipped her coffee and wondered what to do next. Then a voice behind her, "Morning boss, what's the plan for your day?"
Karla turned to see Amanda wandering down the gate to her, "Oh is that coffee?" the girl asked excitedly.
"It is, black. Did you want a sip?" Karla offered.
"Oh please." The long haired girl took the mug and took a big swig.
"How would you like to help me pick out outfits for the collected girls in the cages?" Karla asked.
"Sure, it's not like I had anything planned." Amanda noted. "Should I wake Maria?"
"No, let her sleep." Karla said, taking back the mug. She stood on the power button.
"Hey, could we use this to contact help?" Amanda looked at the device Karla was standing on.
"No, The Company would have guards for that. Lets just order clothes. I'll show you how I do it, by typing out a list of each type of costume each girl will get one of." Karla noted as she stretched.
Karla handed the mug with a few mouthfuls left to Amanda. Then she starts her dance. Amanda watches as she finishes the coffee.
Soon they trade off dancing back and forth. Once Maria wakes, they turn on some music from the TV and Maria joins them. They laugh as they don't just collect outfits into the wish list. But show off different dance styles they know. What a wonderful experience.
Karla lost track of time. They had gone through so many in the scan list between the three of them when the suite door opened and a friendly voice called out, "Morning Miller Princess. It's just me, old Gracy."
Soon the older woman with dyed red hair is peeking in. "Oh, standard sized today?"
"Yes. Morning Gracy." Karla responds.
The lady wanders over, "What are you sweeties doing on that tablet?" She says with a smile.
"Our Owner wanted us to order up outfits for his collected girls. Guess we will get into the cage now." Karla offered.
"I'll clean the other rooms and come back. You ladies keep helping your owner out. What wonderful Shrunken you are." Gracy offer.
Karla bows, "Thank you Gracy."
Karla and her servants continue working. Gracy is soon back. As she cleans she updates Karla on their shared interest soap opera.
As she works Gracy notes, "So next port day you should ask to be in your cage. Cause that's my port. Isn't that exciting?"
"Yes it is. So someone else will be cleaning this room. I will try to remember that, thank you." Karla notes.
As Gracy gets ready to vacuum. "OK ladies, let's get in the cage for Gracy." Karla advises.
"You know Miller Princess. I think in my rush to get work done. I might have slipped up and not shut you three sweeties in. Get more of that help done." Gracy winked.
"Thanks Gracy." Karla replied.
"Just make sure I don't get in trouble with your owner." Gracy winked.
"He'll be happy. You will not be in any trouble." Karla bowed again. This added more hours to ordering. Getting more of the girls outfits picked out.
Near one, Karla noticed something, "Why don't you ladies pick out your outfits. I'm going to shower and actually change."
Maria gave the temping offer of, "Did you want me to join you Lady Karla?"
"No, pick out some cute outfits. I plan on being quick. Micheal should be back soon if all went to plan." Karla felt like she was waiting for her parents to wake up Christmas morning.
"Gracy took the wash this time. Your tee will not get washed till next time." Amanda pointed out.
Karla sniffed it out of a strange reflex. Faint, but still Micheal's body wash. "I think I can get one more night out of it."
She shed her favorite shirt and stepped into the shower. Maybe it was the talk from yesterday. But Karla paid more attention to her own body. Legs still smooth after days not seeing a razor. Breasts held their shape without any support. Ass could bounce coins off of. She snickered to herself. If they could do this to full sized women the Company would make a killing.
She came out to find a smiling Maria. "What would you like to wear today Lady Karla?"
"I'm not sure Maria." Karla replied at the sudden company.
"Let's pick out something really nice to welcome Lord Micheal back." Maria turned to look through Karla outfits.
Yeah, welcome Micheal back from collecting cheerleaders and fashion models. Karla's mind slipped in worry, what if he finds a new favorite pet? Karla shook her head. Will she wonder about that at every port?
Distraction, "Maria, where do you and Amanda put your clothes?"
"Oh, we hang them off the back bars by the bed. Did you want to borrow an outfit?" Maria, cheery Maria, replied.
"Oh, I need to talk to Micheal. You two need your own space. Maybe we can get you a bigger cage." Karla still felt that worry.
"No, no, no." Maria was saying as she flipped through sundresses and school uniforms. "I can't find one to remind our owner how special you are." Maria announced. She had fully slipped into her new servant life it seemed.
Then Karla saw the perfect outfit to remind Micheal how much he cared for her. "That one Marie."
"Jeans and a brown tank top? Really?" Maria questioned.
When did this get washed Karla wondered. She wished she had the bra from that day as the cups of the tank just held her chest. The jeans were tighter than she should have been wearing at work. No wonder why old tourists leered at her. She did up the blue belt and looked herself over. Less than a week ago this was a quick grab outfit to get the day started. Get through her shift and get home. Now, it was going to gain his attention again.
"It does look good on you. You sure he'll like it better then a sundress, or maybe we could be bunnies." Maria worried.
"No, he'll like this." Karla sighed. Old work clothes, new play outfit.
Maria went to shower and Karla joined Amanda. "You look like you're happy. Maria give you some extra cleaning?" The long hair girl crudely teased.
"No, just excited for Micheal to return. Did you two finish getting your outfits?" she replied.
"Maria had to go play servant oh Lady Karla. So her's are not fully picked out." Amanda said with a snicker.
"Well then. Guess I better start getting her outfits picked out." Karla noted. Lightly stepping back onto the pad. Denim hindered her dancing, but she wouldn't be the one removing them.
Maria finished and Amanda went in. Somehow they finished. Ten outfits each for nearly sixty girls and women. Yes many had three or four already. And certain ones like the cheer and school uniforms were the same for all except sizes. It was a big job done, for now. They even managed a few extra picks for certain girls like Peyton, Marcia, and the busty Brunettes. Karla was certain Micheal wouldn't mind.
"Good job Ladies. I owe you two big." Karla praised.
"You get me some cola and I will say we're even." Amanda sighed.
"I wouldn't mind my own bed." Maria meekly requested.
The dancers were just starting to taunt each other about bed habits when Karla heard the suite door open. Howard's voice sang out, "OK Mikey go pick out your keepers. Once your mother gets here and shorts hers, we'll head over to The Grant's suite."
Micheal came in grinning. He placed his container on the end of the bed. He came and kneeled to be head level with Karla, "Your plan was perfect just like you." he praised her and she felt her heart pound.
He stopped and tilted his head, "You're not in the cage?"
Karla pulled her arms and shoulders back and leaned forward. Pouty face and cutesy whimper voice, "Please don't get Gracy in trouble. She saw we were helping you and let us stay out to finish picking out the outfits for the girls."
"Oh no. That's fine. I will not say a word. Wait, is that what you were wearing?" He mumbled to a halt.
"Yeah, do you still like how I look in it?" She said rolling her hips slightly.
"You are so hot in that," he gasped.
Karla was about to tauntingly say thanks. But hands were around her. Fingers stroked and caressed. Her shirt was being removed. Playfully she sang, "You horrible giant. Stop that."
Her breasts were exposed, briefly. Warm lips encased them. That tongue drove her crazy though her nipples. Then she felt her shirt leave her arms. "Oh you dirty giant. You can't do this to me." She happily moaned.
Powerful fingers made short work undoing her belt and pants. Massive digits stroked every touch of skin from her waist down as her jeans were removed. "No right you beast. You can't just strip me cause I'm smaller than you." she purred.
She was moving. Cool cotton pillow case. Sadly his mouth left her alert breasts. His mighty fingers hooked her thighs. She played like she was struggling. He liked the extra play from his noises. But his digits easily out did her legs. "Don't you dare you nasty giant boy." she crooned.
Mouth found its way around hips and thighs. That masterful boy tasted her. His passion washed through her. She wanted to say something playfully resistant. But all she could manage was, "Oh MIcheal! Oh your beautiful tongue down there!"
He missed her. Tongue washed all but the experiencing of it's work from her mind. Her body hinted to his fingers towards touching places. She vaguely knew she was moving herself for better licks. Most likely she was making sounds, how could she not be with that boy savoring her pussy.
She knew waves hit. But he was so intense in his oral affection this time she didn't know if they ended as she was in an ocean of him pleasuring her. Her body tired, she felt like she was going to pass out. She had never considered she could be made to pass out from pleasure.
Distantly she heard a knock and Howard's voice, "Your mother is on her way. You're almost done?"
That perfect torture left. She was a rag doll in giant tender hands. Micheal's face lifted from her. She could see Amanda, on her knees. Hands deep into her sensitive areas. His voice filled the world, "I haven't started sorry. Just telling Karla about our day."
"Your telling Karla took a half an hour? OH. Yeah, well finish telling her and get started." Howard announced.
Karla's mind boggled. She was his oral toy for how long? He turned, "OK dad. I'll be a bit longer." Then a licking smile started to descend again.
"No Micheal stop please!" Karla managed.
"Why, I was having fun." He purred.
"I can't take any more right now." she reluctantly admitted.
"But I have lots more I want to give you. I missed you." He sweetly informed her.
"Later, give me it all later. You have stuff to do." She gasped. His expression was disappointment. She knew how to fix that, "I want to feel you finish now."
"OH, really? You're so hot!" Her boy giant replied in clear surprise. "You mind if I rub it on top of you?" he sweetly asked.
"Oh please!" she lied in an arousing tone.
Her boy titan stood and took off his shirt. His pants opened and that friendly Behemoth jumped out. No matter how often she had dealt with it. Being under it as it descended was still terrifying.
Mass caved in over her. Light was gone. Smooth hot skin was being rubbed back and forth over top of her. How he never crushed her or another girl amazed Karla. He was pumping hard. She could feel his towering powerful body work his cock over her. It was strange, she felt so aroused by this now. She wiggled to get as tight as she felt safe to the moving beast.
He shivered. He stopped. Karla could feel hard bursts pump up his mighty shaft. His voice reached her cave with each pleasured grunt. There was also a faint sound like glee filled girl giggles.
Light returned. Micheal sat beside Karla's laying place. Now she knew what that giggle was. Seems Micheal grabbed Amanda to finish on. She was soaking white. Held at his tip, she licked at the Behemoth's cum moistened skin. Her outfit would be a pain to strip off once he put her down.
Michael was smiling down at her. Karla felt she was smiling back. He gave his highest praise, "Oh Karla you're so hot."
"So are you, you hot giant." she cooed back. Then she sighed, he was glowing from that praise.
He placed her, then Amanda, into the cage and headed to the bathroom. Maria headed over to wipe Karla down with a fresh warm cloth. Karla took the cloth, "Help Amanda get that outfit off. I'll freshen myself up."
She was redressing. Even in his passion, her Owner placed all her clothes on the nightstand. What a sweet thoughtful boy. He returned and scooped her up, kissing her head. "Later I'm finishing what we started." He promised.
"Oh, I am looking forward to it." Karla growled lustfully.
He grinned and she bopped his nose with her hand. "Later, let's pick out the keepers now. You will need to get ready to get to the Grants." she reluctantly reminded him.
He sighed. And place her on his shoulder. He walked over and grabbed a couple of containment tubs and a play pad. Then over to his capture box.
He set up the pad beside the capture box. Then he opened the lid, it was stuffed. Must have been as full as his trip with James or more. Only there were some men in the mix.
They were in groups from their horrible hunting path. In the top left corner was a rainbow of cheer uniforms and people in sport gear. The right upper corner was fancy dresses and big puffy wedding dresses. Mixed with women and girls in regular clothes. Spiced with shapely forms in underwear or less, models caught changing display dresses Karla figured. Bottom left was a colorful mix of booty short and barely containing tank tops. One blonde woman still held a basketball. The bottom right was who they saw as they walked back to the ship.
Micheal began humming a playful tone as he picked out person after person. Males and unwanted females he placed into the pen. Wanted females into one of the containment tubs. Karla counted as he worked. Making notes of any fun looking samples he lifted up for inspection. He had shrunk and collected Forty four people. Thirty two keepers and twenty two trade stock for tonight's dinner. She could already see a few the ladies would want to trade for.
They left the room and Howard was waiting tapping on his containment box. "I have nineteen from my forty six collected for trading, how did you do Mikey?"
"I didn't count," her sweet boy admitted.
"Twenty two from his forty four collected." She praised her wonderful titan teen.
"Good going. We are going to have to get you cages out here this keeps up." Howard praised.
Milly came out from their room, "Karla that was pure simple brilliance. I collected forty eight people alone. Eighteen to trade. You are getting all the coffee you ever want." She walked over and kissed Karla on her head.
"Wait, we're supposed to be kissing Karla after we say our numbers?" Howard jokes.
"On the top of my head, yes. Now kiss me you silly man." Karla teased. And got a sweet peek in payment.
They were about to leave when Milly's phone went off. "It's Debbie. They're coming here. We don't need to lug our catch there?" Milly announced in a confused tone.
Soon there was a knock, room service. Another meal of finger food. A good mix of healthy and unhealthy. Seems the Grants ordered for the night. The room looked ready for a party.
The staff left saying they would clean up in the morning, or if the Miller's wanted, they could just leave it piled on a small table outside their door.
Then the Grants arrived. Only Debbie had a case. "Where's your traders Jeff?" Howard asked as they did their handshake.
"Howard my man, what is my job again?" Jeff said with a light tone.
"Breeder, oh right." Howard laughed.
"No trading for you Chrissy?" Karla asked.
"Naa, like daddy, any I don't want will work well at the factory. Hard to get ship credit. But better over all." She said with a smile.
"Even the, I feel mean saying this, but the ugly ones?" Karla questioned.
Jeff snickered, "Little Dancer, the computer will pick out the genetics that will breed the more likely attractive kittens. The male will be too hyped up to worry about the looks of the female. As she will be strapped down, so the male's looks don't matter. All that matters is the end product."
"That makes sense." Karla sighed. She was still having trouble with the forced breeding. But she'll have to get over it. Her likely job depended on it.
"Well, I want more boy toys and I don't usually breed them. So open up and show me your stock Miller boys." Debbie added.
"Hold up, you have to announce how many you caught and how many you have for trading. Then kiss Karla on her head for the plan." Howard teased.
Jeff handing a Karla sized cup of a familiar red drink to Karla announced, "I like that idea. I caught forty two. I will be trading zero as I said. But if it helps, I'm tentatively keeping twenty five for personal use." Karla then received a peek on her head.
Debbie swayed over. Karla felt Micheal shiver. Boys, Karla giggled in her head. Debbie announced, "I caught forty two and have twenty as trade options." Then Karla received a peck. Micheal got a view of Debbie's Tarzan trapped between two flesh boulders.
Chrissy giggles over announcing, "I caught fifty three and I'm keeping Thirty one, for now." She missed Karla's head for Micheal's cheek.
"Well, what you three catch, Little Dancer needs more kisses." Jeff teased.
"Alright, since we did announce before you got here." Howard submitted. They announced, Karla gained three more kisses.
They placed the four containers on the coffee table and opened them up. Howard and Micheal had some fit guys in sportswear, likely coaches for the cheerleaders, some handsome guys that were the tuxedo and suit models at the wedding show, and a mix of guys. Most likely foxy basketball fans. Few good choices. Karla wondered how many guys they shrunk and left thinking they wouldn't trade well?
The ladies had a mix of lady boxing fans and random finds, fit ladies in cycling shorts and shirts from the cross country bike race they visited.
And then the clear prize trade items. Karla wouldn't have thought a lumberjack competition would have scored them such offerings to the eager eyes of the Miller boys. A mix of different color plaid shirts, open low and tied just under their breasts. Tight little denim shorts. Shapely legs into little work boots. Each big team must have hired their own set of models to be cheerleaders for their teams. They looked like extras from a beer commercial set in the woods. They ranged from late teens to early thirties. Wonderfully, they trembled away from the lust filled looking giants.
"We should draw names to see who trades first. You know, your name is drawn, you offer a Shrunken for someone else. Then the next name is drawn. We do this until we are done trading. Good?" Milly suggested.
"Sounds good to me." Howard announced.
"I'll draw names for you." Chrissy offered.
"I'll get you tubs to keep your new keepers." Jeff offered.
"Milly!" Chrissy cheered.
"Mikey which one would you like for the guy in the blue jumpsuit?" She asked.
"Can I have that blonde?" he replied.
"This one?" Milly asked, pointing at a lovely lady in her mid twenties.
"No beside her." he clarified.
Lifting a platinum haired pretty in her late teens Milly asked, "This one?"
"Yeah." Micheal said lifting the wanted man.
"Deal." and living toys were exchanged.
That's how the trades went. Karla noticed Milly and Debbie focusing on Micheal trade stock over Howard's. Very clear when Debbie started asking about his lady trade choices. Though a wink from Howard to Milly told Karla he was in on it as well. But they were all gaining nice additions to their collections.
Micheal was beaming. Two pretty random teens, four biking fit ladies, and his prize trades, eighteen LumberJills. Karla joked to herself they would work well on his wood. Micheal was over the moon.
Chrissy and him sat at the scanner working on his new additions. "Micheal, do you have enough room in your cages?" Karla wondered.
"Lets see, yeah. This should be a, wow. A hundred and three. If I do nearly as well next port I will need more cages." He gasped. His mind was having trouble accepting his small village of pretty ladies.
"Don't forget, Amanda and Maria are in my cage. So they are not taking up cages in the big group." Karla tried to help.
"Yeah, still leaves forty four unless I request the bunks and the double up." he mumbled.
"That's amazing Micheal." Chrissy said hugging her boy. "This is exactly what this trip is for. Rewarding us for lowering the human impact on our world."
"She's right. But if it's too many, we can help lighten your load. Or trade some in for ship credit." Howard offered.
"Oh Micheal. Over a hundred pretty choices just for you. What fun we can have." Karla heard IT whisper in his ear in an arousing tone. She did agree.
He looked at her and sweetly whispered, "I wouldn't trade you for a million pretties." And kissed her head.
The two families began working on getting Micheal's new Harem stripped and scanned. More tablet dancing Karla happily sighed.
As they worked Jeff wondered, "What's on the docket for tomorrow?"
"I don't know about you all. But I could use a day of noting. No shopping, no events. Just sitting on the butt." Milly replied wishfully.
"Oh Micheal, we could battle our Jumpers tomorrow." Chrissy suggested.
Micheal nodded, "I'll have to plug it in tonight to charge."
"You haven't charged yours yet?" Chrissy asked meekly.
Micheal caught the tone and answered, "I didn't want to charge it till we had a day picked out. That way it'd be ready for a long game or two with you."
"Oh, that makes sense." Chrissy sighed.
"What's a Jumper?" Debbie asked.
"It's that cartoon shooting game they play." Milly stated.
"So, video games?" Debbie said in a disapproving tone.
"No mommy. I bought a remote control one for Micheal's birthday. They can fit a Shrunken inside. Even possible for a them to pilot it." Chrissy explained.
"Mikey go grab yours so we can show Debbie." Howard suggested.
"I'll do it. You stay and scan your new pets." Chrissy offered.
"Just inside the door on the dresser. Thanks Chrissy." Micheal directed.
The blonde teen giantess was soon back with the toy, it's box, and the booklets it came with. Then back to help Micheal.
"Huh, so they are little robot tanks." Debbie snickered.
"Yeah, there are a bunch of different pilots and Jumpers." Chrissy chirped.
"Oh wow. Did you pick this one for Mikey because the little pilot looks like Karla?" Howard asked.
"Ezza is my usual character when I play." Micheal answered.
"Interesting, a catalog." Jeff said while lifting a booklet.
That led to Milly peeking over his shoulder at the offerings. Soon Karla saw the building of a parental conspiracy. Pointed fingers and whispered ideas. Plans made and data shared. Milly and Debbie slipped out of the suite. Gone twenty minutes before Chrissy noticed and asked, "Where are Mommy and Milly?"
"Oh they went for a walk, my sunshine." Jeff replied.
Howard's watch went off and he asked after reading, "So, these Jumper things. Would you two play all day you think?"
"It's just the two of us. Maybe a couple battles, maybe three or four. What do you think Chrissy?" Micheal replied.
"Yeah. If we had more people for teams. Thought they would be fun to play with from time to time." Chrissy agreed.
Karla suddenly knew the parent's plans for the next day. Shortly after Micheal and Chrissy finished the door opened. Into the suite came Milly and Debbie carrying bags from the store. Through the thin plastic showed Battle Jumpers merchandise.
"What's that?" Micheal exclaimed at the carried prizes.
"We thought since we didn't have the next port planned out yet. That we would do that tomorrow, while Battling Jumpers." Milly said with a broad smile.
"You want to play Battle Jumpers?" Chrissy asked.
"I'm not much for video games. But it looks fun this way." Debbie said.
"Well, let's look at what you bought." Jeff suggested.
Howard took over scanning his new pets as bags were emptied. Milly got the Business guys Jumper for her robot, The Hostile Take-Over. Karla liked that it was painted up to look like a suit. Milly got Howard the Maid's called The Clean Sweep. It too was painted like the pilot's outfit. Debbie got one seemingly perfect for her Tarzan. A jungle man themed one called, Going Bananas. It was painted to look like a gorilla. Jeff's was for the cheerleader pilot called, Pep Rally. It was pink with rainbows and Unicorns. They also bought four sets of barriers for the game.
There were also special packs listed for game styles. They had a capture the flag set. And one called, Tag and Drag. These were sets of armor pads for Shrunken to wear. Basically they would capture one then place it in their team's pen. Winning if your team held the most Shrunken. They bought two for females and two for males. So they would have to bring four targets each for their games the next day.
Soon the Grants collected their Jumpers and the accessories. The battles being planned for their suite. And left for the night.
Micheal came into their room and placed Karla on the nightstand. Carefully he picked out the cyclists and the two random teens and placed them into the cage.
Karla could see he had a gleam in his eye. He grabbed a second container. Soon he started stripping LumberJills. Soon all eighteen were crowded into one tub naked. Karla could see his shorts straining to restrain the Behemoth.
Her giant opened his shorts and there were shrieks from the trapped Shrunken models. He then laughed happily as he rubbed the end of his massive cock over them.
He stood at the edge of the bed. He grabbed four of the blondes. With both hands he wrapped them around the girth of his shaft. Aiming the tip toward the contained beauties, he pulled his hips back. Then shoved that thick cock at them.
Karla watched with a weird pride as he pumped his hips. The Jills in his hand grunting in discomfort as he fucked their bodies. The targets encouraged him to finish by begging him not too. Eighteen spectacular beauties learning their new life was to bring her Micheal pleasure.
Karla was aroused. But to mesmerize at the display of his power. Six blondes, four Brunettes, four Asians, three redheads, and a black goddess all waiting for his release. Him, lustfully gasping as he worked.
Soon he stopped and held his man cannon at the cornered group of womanly curves. Thick spunk sprayed and spattered all over those exquisite bodies. Gorgeous faces soon dripped with his cum. Micheal gleefully snickered as he enjoyed watching his release flow over them.
He dumped the four blondes into the white smeared tub. Tipping it so they could share in the fluid that dripped from the others. He poured them carefully into the shower area of his cages. Adding their cute outfits on an upper floor. He took the soiled bucket to the bathroom and rinsed it out. Leaving it to dry in the tub.
Karla turned to get ready for bed. There was Maria holding that tee, folded and stored in plastic. She changed and noticed, as she was expecting, Micheal changing as well.
Soon his hands cocooned her and placed her on her bed. A sweet nuzzle from his face followed. She giggled under his affection. Then he laid down.
"Those girls from the lumberjack contest look like a fun bunch to play with." Karla teased.
"Yeah. Are you thinking up fun for us to have with them?" Micheal sleepy replied.
Karla purred, "Maybe. Those outfits are so versatile. Campers, maybe lost hikers caught in a certain web."
"Oh tell me more." he sighed.
"Nope, bed time. Maybe in the morning." Karla teased some more.
Suddenly he sat up. "Oh Karla. I said I'd give you special kisses."
"Not tonight. I want an eager giant doing that. Now you're tired from a long day and recent fun. But you do owe me." She reasoned.
He laid back down. Kissing her head, "Good night my special Shrunken Karla."
She nuzzled her little face into his massive one, "Good night my special Giant Micheal."

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by Bobascher » Tue Oct 27, 2020 2:08 am

Hey HH - please never feel obliged to share, it is all part of the creative process! I really enjoy engagement and dialogue, which SWB does many good things, but engagement isn’t one of them. I’ll have a thread with hundreds of views but no comments. I’m left confused is my work enjoyed or is it hated? Then when a hater comes along it just hits you in the gut. I have found for pics DA is much better with engagement, so I have been happy there.

SizeTwitter can be a good place, but only if you are into GTS and speaking with girls who just close up shots of their body. I am not knocking them, as they are creators too, but I could get much the same just zooming in on vanilla porn pics, you know? And SW/Giant Man stuff is not tolerated well there. They view it as “anti feminist.” Which come on, it’s a fantasy, not how I am conducting my life!

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Tue Oct 27, 2020 3:09 am

Bobascher: I never feel obliged too share. I want to share. But I want people to discover and enjoy if I can provide that. That is where I conflict. I don't feel I need to share my future story items. If I did I would likely not out of a overly developed sense of resistance. :P No, want is my burden.

People in my life have mock or disregarded my interest in writing. (Non-SW ideas). So to have people I don't know personally go, "I like your work. What about this?" I get excited, proud even. Writing this story and now working on it's following one has been the happiest thing I've done in years. I myself look at the number of views as a sign people are reading and hopefully they are doing so for enjoyment. I thank them for their support. If not for enjoyment, then as some short of torture. Which will end once they tell me where the microfiche is! :P

I can't complain others are not commenting as I've not done much myself. I am trying to fix that. Be supportive. Just not sure what to say more then, "Good Thing!" or "Creative Idea." I think that's another reason I like replying to people's comments/questions. To show I read and am grateful for their support. Not that I always remember to do so.

Chatty fellow my last few replies aren't I. :P

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by Bobascher » Tue Oct 27, 2020 2:53 pm

I like chatty!

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Ch23: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:37 am

Chapter 23
M(t)/f/f Non-consensual + M(t)/f/f*3 Non-consensual + M(t)/f+ & f/f Non-consensual

Karla woke up. There was a glow beside her. She sat up wondering where her warm hand blanket was. There it was tapping at the light. "Are you OK Micheal?" she asked her giant owner.
"Just woke up early. Thought I'd upgrade your cage. I could go to the other room if I'm disturbing you." Micheal replied as he worked at his project.
"Nope, just missed my blanket." Karla sleepy replied. She soon found herself on a warm boy thigh. She stretched out on his pajama shorts and snuggled. So comfortable and kind of him, she thought.
She woke up sometime later. She snuggled to an oddly shaped oversized body pillow. Suddenly her bed shifted as sighed. Opening her eyes see seen a large bump in Micheal's short. Then she realized what she was nuzzling her face and chest into. So she gave her favorite beast another snuggle.
Giggling at the arousing disturbance. Micheal requested, "Karla, please stop. I'm doing something."
"Is it me?" She said in her cutesy voice.
"It's for you," he answered.
"Not good enough." she teased. Using the shorts material she climbed atop his drowsy Behemoth. She laid out over the still floppy shaft and gave the one eyed friend a good cuddle through Micheal's shorts. She could feel her big friend rousing under her attention.
"Karla please. I'm planning out a bigger cage for you. Could you please stop that's distracting." her owner requested.
In a pout she replied, "Only distracting. Guess I'll snuggle harder." She then grinded herself into the hardening shaft. Rubbing her face into the thick mass making cute noises.
"Fine, you want to be on my cock." He said in a mock anger tone. Karla felt herself lift and her shirt was removed. Then Karla saw him lift the shorts waistband. She was pressed to his penis and pulled his shorts closed tight. "Is that what you wanted." he jokingly asked.
Karla snicker in her warm prison. The Behemoth seemed quite happy for her company. She rewarded it's firm welcome by cuddling with her thick friend. Micheal gave a happy sigh. Holding as best she could to the tip, she was able to hook her heels into his sleeping shorts. She stroked the end of her giant's cock with her entire body.
The noises Micheal made told Karla he wasn't working on his tablet anymore. So she began kissing and suckling at his sensitive skin. He whimpered cutely at that she noticed. Karla pressed her thighs and womanhood to that happy beast. Then pumped her hips. grinding to his girth. She felt herself pressed back, tightening the shorts material to her back. Giving her more leverage.
She felt her titan boy shift position. His massive hand joined her in his shorts. Wrapping around her and moving her the length of his towering manhood. He vigorously traveled her up and down his cock. He was moving.
Suddenly light semi blinded her. A platinum blonde a little younger than her was trapped at the tip of his cock within his Plexiglas cage. The first traded for Lumber Jill. The girl, just waking, hardly realized her situation as thick cum poured from his manhood over her face and chest. Load after load flooded her bed and coated her in semen.
Micheal staggered back and sat on the bed. Karla felt herself being lightly massaged on top of his relaxing Behemoth. Micheal happily snickered.
Karla was lifted to his eye leave. He praised, "Look how much you make me cum."
Karla looked. In one of the chambers was a bed. Thick goo dripped off it onto the chamber's floor. In the center was a woman shaped mass trying desperately to wipe the giant's cum off her body. "All that because of my little cuddle?" she playful asked.
He fell back onto the bed. "You always make me cum so hard. You're just so hot!" He hugged her to his shirted chest. "I can't believe how lucky I am to have you." he praised.
She snuggled her giant teen Owner. "I'm lucky to be your Shrunken." she heard herself say. "You treat me so wonderfully." she happily added.
He lifted her and removed his shirt. Only to snuggle her tiny body to his giant bare chest. Loving titan hands petted her. There they laid for a while. Happily in skin contact.
He held her to his chest and sat up. "Want to see what I'm planning on ordering for you?" Her sweet giant asked.
"OK." was all she purred.
They moved onto his spot on the bed. He laid on his back and held the tablet on his stomach. "It's called the pampered Shrunken. I've modified it from the original to better suit your needs." Micheal explained.
Karla rolled over to get a better look. His hand rested over her. She guided his finger to a localized petting area. Purring in enjoyment she asked, "What's with all the little rooms?"
His fingers caught on quickly. Karla stretched out as his mighty fingers rolled her breasts gently. "Those are usually areas for storage or exercise equipment. But since I added a gym cage and that little side cage I made them into servant rooms." He explained.
She snickered, "Micheal, I only have Maria and Amanda. Why do I need nine servant chambers?"
"And that Sam hottie. But you will be getting more. I want my favorite spoiled. Severed anyway she wants them to serve her. Or her giant will punish them anyway she wants them punished." Her titan teen promised.
She cooed, "Right, Sammy training me." Then she asked, "Do I really need more servants?"
She was lifted off her warm giant chest. "Need, maybe not. Deserve, all and more." He sighed.
"Oh you spoil me my Lord Micheal." she teased.
"Spoil, yes." he said with a licking smile. She found her new seat heavenly. Secured by his mighty lips. Tongue lapped her and she floated on an ocean of pleasure.
Her hips rolled with a slow pressing stroke. He gloriously flooded her mind with slow tastes of his powerful budded tongue. Torturing her in a heaven of arousing rolls. Then he hugged her tiny body in his giant hands.
Fingers told her how much he cared for her. Her titan learned where to touch over her body quicker than more experienced lovers learned. She knew this was the closest she could expect to love in her new life. And it was better than past brushes with this feeling.
Reward her Micheal It advised. It was right, he deserved to feel as good as he was making her feel now. She weaved through dominating digits to grind to the colossal face. She could only request in an aroused purr she was so content, "Micheal. Oh my Micheal. Go grab some girls. I want to feel you finish as you kiss my pussy."
He stood and she dangled and giggled in sensual delight. He walked toward the cages. She watched as the contents moved back in terror to her giant's thick cock. Of course they did, she thought. They were things for her titan's pleasure. Bow and cower playthings, your time of service could be now.
Karla sounded in agreement as he grabbed two of those plaid shirted pretties. Blondes, the behemoth loved having blondes pressed to it. But only two she whimpered, "Micheal, don't you want to cum on one?" she sang to her colossal owner. A third blonde was now being stripped.
He carried them upside down back to the bed. He laid down and his arm moved. His free hand attended her again. Goliath fingers messaged love into her body. But she requested more, "Turn me so I can watch you enjoy please my sweet titan."
His hand lifted and turned her. Lips kissed around her waist and legs again. Tongue returned to dance with her rolling hips. His holding hand loosened back to it's devoted touch.
It sighed out a giggle. The three Barbies dangled upside down from his hand by those fit legs. He slowly dragged their chests and faces slowly up and down the happy Behemoth. Their long yellowish hair brushing over his sensitive skin. They foolishly begged her Micheal to stop. To not hurt them. When they should beg their new lord to let them service that magnificent cock till they were baptized in it thick hot cum.
"Don't tease us Micheal darling. We want to see a blonde dripping in your pleasure don't we?" It said. At least that's what Karla wanted to believe.
One pretty doll was dropped just in front of Karla's one eyed friend. He then laid the other two on top of his shaft. Pinning and starting their efforts to pleasure that titan dick. Karla felt the fingers were about to leave. Hoping to keep their attention she ordered, "Your Lord Micheal wants you to kneel in front of his cock. Obey or suffer."
"Suffer what?" The scared blonde questioned as she knelt as ordered. There was something about seeing a gorgeous woman in her mid twenties cower into service to her Giant boy teen that delighted Karla.
Karla didn't answer. Let the woman imagine what suffering might mean. She directed, "Chest out Blonde. Mouth wide. You have to taste it. Because it makes Lord Micheal happy. Happy Lord, gentle lord."
The blonde nodded and stuck her amplified breasts toward the broad manhood. Forcing her mouth to open wide.
"What's your first name Shrunken pretty? Just your first." Karla moaned in demanded.
"Sarah." The terrified doll replied.
"Beg Sarah. Tell your owner that you, Sarah, want to taste his cum. Beg to feel his semen all over your face. Be creative and you will win favor with Lord Micheal!" Karla advised. She was so close.
"Please Lord Micheal cum on my face. Sarah wants to drink your cum." The pretty model begged.
"More!" Karla shouted.
The woman nodded, "Cum on me Lord Micheal! Sarah wants to choke on your white load!"
Thick white spattered in the blonde's face and Karla delighted. Pure pleasure exploded through her own body as a few more blasts painted that blonde tart. To sweeten her sight, Micheal moved the other two faces into the path of his spraying cum. Giving them mouths full of his release. Thick semen coated those pretty faces and soaked down their long hair.
He orgasm hard. Which seemed to extend Karla's own intense sensations. Karla collapsed back onto his gasping face. Hot giant breath flowed around her hips and thighs. She begged for air at the same pace. They laid together, affectionate in their mutual erotic exhaustion.
Karla felt strength just starting to return when Micheal carefully cradled her in his palm. The three play women were pressed together. Held so his fluid would run down their bodies. He dumped them into the fifth cage as the used tissues they were.
"That was perfect Karla. What did I do to deserve such a special Shrunken." He praised her.
She snuggled his hand, "You were a special Giant." They went and had a nice long shower.
They dressed. Karla got into her Jumper pilot costume. With much help from Maria and Amanda. The latter remarking what a good Ezzie Karla made. Micheal came to collect her and stopped. Sighing in arousal at the sight of her in that contour fitting bodysuit and boots. Worth the struggle into it, Karla thought to herself.
He gathered his Jumper toy and entered the shared room. His parents were sitting in there. Howard noting with the hint of better knowledge, "Finally you two are up. The Grants are waiting, we are having breakfast together."
Howard had the blonde girl he was favoring for a while dressed as the pilot of his jumper. Milly had her athletic choice as her Business man pilot. "Did you grab four for the tag and drag games?" Milly asked.
Back to the room. Micheal clearly had chosen his living targets already. Pulling the four fit cyclist ladies he gained in trade the day before. New and scared, they will make good capture points. It purred into Karla's mind’s ear.
They arrived at the Grant's suite. Jeff smiled, "I'll request the breakfast I ordered now."
They entered. The living room area had it's loose furniture moved to make as much room as possible. They had the barriers and other obstacles set up. Two pens for the tag and drag games at either end of the room beside small flag poles.
The food arrives soon, like a small buffet. Micheal was happy, scrambled eggs. But there were some poached eggs, bacon and sausage. As well a English muffins and a small pot of hollandaise sauce. Fruit cocktail and pan fried potatoes for sides. Karla found a mug of coffee lowered to her by Milly. Which she gratefully accepted.
"So let's go over what events are happening at the next port. Plan our Karla attack." Jeff suggested as everyone sat down with a plate of food.
"Well, we have to be quick, but there is a ladies beach volleyball tournament happening. But it is the likely first location for every straight guy on this ship." Jeff advises.
"So strike there and more quickly to the next spot. Ladies, we have a convention for local police. There could be a strapping sample or two there." Milly suggested.
"Or could be the older officers sent on a holiday. That sounds like a hit or miss my darling. I'm not seeing much for us to plan for. Unlike the last town." Howard noted.
"You guys, we should go to the Horse show. They are having races which means jockeys who, yes are small, but need to be fit. And horse trainers. And for you guys they are having a junior ladies and ladies horse dressage. So fit girls." Chrissy advised.
"I don't know what that is?" Micheal questioned.
"Here, lets look." Jeff noted. "Oh, tight pants and tall boots." He noted. Micheal smiled as he looked at the past contestants.
Chrissy sweetened the idea with, "And they are trained to straddle large powerful beasts for long periods of time."
"So, we hit the volleyball tournament then take a transport to this exhibition and race tracks area. You ladies pop by the police thing and meet us there?" Howard wondered.
"It seems like our best shots. Any other events are less likely to have good stocks or later in the afternoon, well into town panic time of our visits." Debbie nodded.
"Then we walk back to the ship as a group collecting stragglers as we see them?" Milly wondered.
"So then, since that's decided. Who thinks they can defeat my Jumper?" Howard asked.
"Oh Micheal, The usual room attendant Gracy. It's her port this time I'll need to be in my cage. Hopefully one of us can remember that." Karla remembered.
"You know I don’t think it's against the rules to bring a Shrunken with when out on a port day." Jeff advised.
"But it is frowned upon and dangerous." Micheal noted.
"Yeah. But this once, since it's a different room attendant." Jeff suggested.
"Extra set of eyes. Let her off the ship to stretch her legs short of speak." Milly thought out loud.
"OH yeah. Karla can come with us girls." Chrissy offered.
"If I am to go off ship. I'd rather I go with Micheal." Karla was nervous about the idea.
"Well, if it's just this once. Let me contact Jimmy just to make sure." Micheal said as he typed on his watch.
"So, while we wait for the answer. A quick free for all so us old people can get a quick idea how to handle these robots?" Howard asked.
Jeff had a girl in her mid teens as his cheerleader pilot. Seems he collected an Eager from the last port. She was ecstatic to ride in the pink, rainbows, and unicorn decorated robot. Debbie had Tarzan dressed as the Wild man pilot for her gorilla robot. So, he was dressed like Tarzan again. Dan was of course Chrissy's fireman pilot.
Karla wondered if she could handle watching people being shrunk before her eyes as she masked up and climbed into the Spicy Pursuits. She did learn the answer to an earlier question. Yes, all the girls piloted in an ass up position. The guys had seats. Of course.
It was a hoot to ride as they battled. Each had a gun on the top that shot plastic BBs. The left arm of the Jumper had a small vacuum to suck up BBs into the chamber for the gun to fire them. Each arm had two spring powered launchers on the shoulders. They reloaded as long as you had the extra missiles in the feed device. So, four missiles on each side for a total of eight to start. The Pursuit's missile tips were shaped like fireballs as per the game. They had two arms with claw hands. Great for reloading missiles into the feed tracks. All the missiles had the same shaped end, so they could swap missiles. Over the Jumpers limbs were these pop off armor pieces that released when hit with enough force. Under those were damaged panels that would lock up a limb or shut off a weapon when hit.
It was like a free range amusement park ride. Though the BBs slapping into her canopy was nerve racking at first. The missile hits really made her jump. Though it was funny firing the banana tipped missiles back at Debbie's jumper.
She was getting used to the tapping of plastic projectiles and thuds of rubber tipped missiles when she learned why they're called Jumpers. Debbie and Howard were chasing behind her when Chrissy was suddenly in front of her. Then she was airborne. It was terrifying. She lost the feel of gravity for a second. Then she landed behind Howard's robot. Taking out his right leg with a couple quick BBs into the damage panel. But Chrissy landed right after that and took out the Pursuit’s right arm and launcher.
Chrissy actually won the first game. Though both teens remarked at how good Debbie was at handling hers. "I used to work the crane at your Grandfather's scrapyard, remember." she reminded Chrissy. Karla suddenly remembered the old calluses on Debbie's hands. From helping her father scrap cars most likely.
They played a couple more games, Millers vs Grants. Grants won. And Ladies vs Guys, Ladies. Then Micheal suggested, "Why don't we let the Shrunken try out the controls in the cockpits."
"You Shrunken want to try a free for all to test out the controls." Jeff actually asked them.
"OK, according to the manual each of you need to pull down the connecting port to your masks or helmets. That way the cannon will turn to the direction you're facing." Micheal explained.
Karla was already inserting the phone charger looking plug into her skull mask. The controls were actually simple. She moved her legs and feet to move the Jumpers legs. Control sticks moved the arm. Each stick had a squeeze panel to close the hands and a thumb button to fire a missile from that shoulder. The right had the trigger for the cannon. Left trigger turned on the reloading vacuum. A quick double leg movement caused the jump. Landing, was helped with a balancing device in the Jumper. But would need good foot placement as well.
They started. Walking was like swimming in slow motion. She walked up to a tall grey wall when suddenly a screaming was above her. She looked up to see Howard's pink robot. Seemed screaming was a bad idea for that girl as rubber tipped missiles hit her from three directions. She landed and fell facing down. Karla nabbed a couple of the spent missiles and dashed away.
She didn't get far as Milly's business one was right at that corner. Missile and two BBs took out it's leg mid step. But they managed to shut off one of Karla's launchers. Karla put a couple of kill shots while the driver tried to position to still be a treat.
She turned to see Howard's maid dueling with Debbie's Gorilla. She snuck up and quickly took out the Maid. Then traded shots with Tarzan. He managed to lock one of her legs but she was able to barrage him out of the match.
Karla wondered why the owners were not resetting the robots. Then a fury of plastic BBs and rubber tipped missiles made her fall down, Daniel had taken her out. It was great fun.
Then they had them play girl vs boys, and the boys won. Then Miller Shrunken vs Grant Shrunken. Grants won. That Cheerleader was awful. Jumping and screaming to be taken out first each match.
They took a break. Cold drinks for the pilots. "OK, why are you so good at this?" Karla snarled playfully at Daniel.
He laughed, "Was a trained soldier before becoming a teeny bobber's pet. Also, there were old show tanks at the base. I was trained to drive them, these are so much easier." Then he asked, "Why are you so good? I think it's between you and Chas who's the biggest threat out there."
"Who is Chas?" Karla wondered.
"Debbie's favorite, in the ape mech." Daniel replied.
"I've always thought of him as Tarzan." She snickered.
Daniel laughed, "I see it. I really do."
Suddenly Micheal's voice cut through the room, "OK, according to Jimmy. A Shrunken is not supposed to leave the ship for a port day. But they are making an exception this once because I'm a legend among the Security staff?" Then he became red, "Oh yeah that. So they are bringing me a special case to carry you in Karla."
There was a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Cheered Chrissy. She opened the door then yipped, tripping backward to fall on her ass. Trembling at the person on the other side of the door, Mr. Cartwright.
"Hello miss, is Dr. Micheal Miller here?" Came his being of the night voice.
"Hello Carts." Micheal said cheerfully. But Karla could hear his nervousness.
"Greetings Micheal. Can I come in?" Carts dark voice asked.
Micheal helped Chrissy up. She then hid behind him. The parents seemed to be frozen in confusion and their own fearful reactions. Carts bowed under the door frame and entered. "Hello all, I'm Security representative Elie Cartwright. But my friends call me Carts." Carts said with his soul draining voice as he extended his massive hand toward the usually jolly Jeff. Karla thought of Carts as tall and thin. But seeing him stand compared to Jeff's board build. She realized he was thick chested. His height and length gave a false sense of his dimensions.
Jeff attempted a smile and lost his own meaty hand in Carts' grip. "Hello Carts, I'm Grant Jeff, I mean Jeff Grant. Please call me Jeff."
"Howard Miller." Howard walked over to the towering wonder. Hand extended. Then he pointed, "That is Milly Miller, my beautiful wife. And that lovely lady is Debbie Grant." Carts accepted the handshake and his features shifted to be smile-like.
Karla snickered, the Shrunken pilots all trembled away from the living skyscraper. Even knowing his gentle caring nature, she was tempted to join them.
"So, why is my son a legend with the Security forces?" Howard asked. His fear seemingly just gone. Unlike the others.
"Did he not tell you about the Port with James? Where he took out a room full of armed men. Smugglers of some kind according to James." Carts emitting sounds of shadows.
"Micheal, you took down some armed smugglers?" Chrissy pride edging out her fear of Carts.
"It was nothing." Micheal blushed. "Just shrunk some guys."
"According to James, he took out five guys as they pulled automatic weapons. Mocking the fifth with an action movie line and leaving a sixth wetting himself." Carts’ being from beyond tone boast of Micheal's actions.
"You could have been hurt." Milly hugged her son as if to protect him from imagined past harm.
"Oh mom, it wasn't that bad. Only the last two even got a hold of a gun. None even got pointed toward us." Micheal dismissed the danger.
"He will have to regale you later. I'm her to deliver the Shrunken port pouch and show how to work a pouch. It's simple, you put Miss Karla in the pouch. But James said I needed you to do so in front of me so I know you understand how." Carts’ explanation trembled their souls.
"OK." Micheal replied. Lifting Karla in a caring cupped hand. Carts handed him what looked like an old cell phone case to attach it to a pack strap. Its front plastic window was mirrored. Micheal opened the top, and Karla slid off his hand inside the little pocket. Inside at the back was a little bench-like seat. A pocket for a small cup and a pouch for what Karla figured was for pellets. Micheal closed the lid. A little light came on and she could see through the mirror clearly.
"There is a button to your side, press it and talk." Carts’ dark voice reached Karla's ears.
"This one?" she asked as she pressed.
"Yes perfect. Can you see out and is the light on?" Carts asked her soul.
"Yes to both." She answered.
He nodded and pulled an ear bud looking device from his ear. Then cleaned it with a disinfectant wipe and handed it to Micheal, "This is so you can hear her without her screaming. She will hear you and others around you fine. Please bring both back after you return to port." came the living night's voice.
"Thank you Carts." Micheal said.
"Your welcome Micheal. But next time you'll want to play remote battle Jumpers let me know. I have access to a fair sized room for groups like this. If I can I would enjoy a battle or two." His living shadow of a voice explained. Then he nodded to the room and the darkness in words requested, "I hope you are enjoying your trip." Then he bowed through the door and left.
Micheal put the bud in his ear, "Karla try the button."
"Can you hear me?" She fulfilled his request.
"Perfect." He took her out of the pack. They both looked around, the group was frozen staring at the door. Micheal and Karla laughed breaking their trance.
Realizing the time they took this break to order a late lunch. While the Shrunken were given pellets in the pen. Karla sampled little bits of the Chinese finger foods Jeff ordered.
As the ate Chrissy asked her, "Karla are you excited to get to come on a Port day with Micheal?"
"I'm a little scared actually. Not sure how it's going to feel watching him shrink and kidnap people." She admitted.
"Collect Shrunken. Not kidnap people." the cheery young blonde replied. "They aren't real people. Just yet to be sized Shrunken." she said, like describing the sky as not cloudy, just not sunny yet.
Karla didn't know how to react. Part of her mind wanted to say that was a horrible mind set. Yet it made so much sense. After all, if it made her Micheal happy, it couldn't be wrong. If he was happy, she was safe. Happy Owner happy life.
As Chrissy advised her on the best way to spot tricky yet to be Shrunken hiding spots. Karla felt she was getting excited. She would be his extra eyes. Look for signs of new lovelies to add to his pleasure army. Earn the treats and rewards he gives her everyday. Micheal saw her looking up at him and smiled warmly at her. She melted under her sweet boy owners approval.
The rest of the afternoon they battled. Sometimes the owners piloted. Sometimes the Shrunken. Even matches of Shrunken vs People. Karla lost track who won and who lost. Just how much fun she was having.
Supper time came and the Shrunken got to join them in sampling the marvelous meals their owners ordered. Micheal got some short of lobster meat dish, it was delectable.
After supper they cleaned up the battlefield. Karla got to help piloting her Jumper. They split the barricades between Micheal and Chrissy suggesting the both take the time to paint and decorate them at some point. Plans to have another Jumper day were discussed as furniture was arranged back. Maybe even try the tag and drag game idea they forgot about in their day of fun.
Milly pooped on to the couch and sighed, "What's on the schedule for tomorrow. All this doing nothing has worn me out."
"Tastes of the area buffet." Debbie announced from behind a brochure.
"Could we just sunbath tomorrow? Maybe some distracted reading? No fun ideas from you kids?" Milly teased.
"Oh, I like that. I want to get more tanned." Said the Lilly white Chrissy.
"Some just easy food, deck lounging and pool side bar might be nice." Howard agreed.
"Shuffleboard. Just out here is a board. Just easy, none of you kids new found toys for Shrunken play." Jeff voted for a sun rest day.
"What do you mean new found toys? You didn't have play sets for Shrunken play when you were younger?" Micheal lit Jeff's nostalgia fuse.
"No my good lad. We had to buy bits and bobbles and design our own play areas, short of say." Jeff started. Micheal borrowed their tablet and logged in so Karla could dance up the new girls’ their chosen costumes and play clothes.
As Karla waltzed through the Shrunken fashions. Jeff explained how they had a lady in his father's office that modified dolls clothes to fit Shrunken when he was a kid. You wanted a cute outfit to take off your pet. You had to buy the doll clothes or even a full doll and then pay her to modify them. And that could take a while depending on her current demand.
She tapped along as he then explained if you wanted to play evil villain or naughty teacher you had to jury rig your own playsets from this and that. He used to play a game he called, collecting fairies. Which was simply putting fancy dressed Shrunken in mason jars with holes in the lids. "Now," he laughed, "Howell Toys have a set of safe jars with lids that have safe holes for sale in the store on this ship. I feel robbed of my idea." He jokingly finished.
Soon the parents, mostly Jeff and Howard, went back and forth about what games they had for playing with Shrunken before the Company toy brand formed and started making play sets. Expensive silk twine to tie them to pencils and dowels. Cheap toy boats to play sea monster in the tub. Karla learned where Micheal got his imagination from. How board games like Battleship or Monopoly were modified or cheated at for some creative fun. Jeff used to enjoy Trouble, watching a five inch girl in a short skirt pop the dice bubble used to amuse him.
After an evening of filling the kids minds with ideas. It was time to go. They carried their toys back as Micheal asked Karla about some of Jeff's past fun ideas. Some had arousing potential.
Back in their room. He put her Jumper back by the TV and dressed for bed. Karla sadly had to pick pajamas. Seems her shirt went with the laundry. She grabbed the cute little low cut pink one when suddenly playful giant hands nabbed her off the nightstand.
Karla giggled like Micheal enjoyed as she felt him helpfully unzip the front of her second skin. He exposed her chest and messaged it so her breasts stayed warm. "I am so horny." he purred at her. "But tired." he sighed cutely.
Karla pressed her chest into his gentle touch. "I could be Happy Karla for you." she offered. Despite her own fatigue from the day.
But her owner was sweet and observant, "No, you must be as tired as I am. We should just go to sleep I guess."
"Micheal, my sweet giant," she started. Looking over at the cages she advised, "You have a whole pile of nimble little playthings. Just demand they serve you or you'll punish them."
"I don't know. It sounds good." he looked for an excuse not too.
Karla purred at him, "Just grab some. Order them to service the Behemoth. Lay back and watch as a group of shapely ladies work their bodies at your cock for your amusement." Leaning forward in her pouting voice she begged, "Please, be a mean giant. For me?"
"OK." he gasped.
She was placed on the nightstand as Micheal went to collect his service pets. With Maria's help, Karla managed to remove that jumpsuit. Happy at how well it breathed. When he returned she was naked with her chest out, bouncing excitedly for his leisurely fun.
He lifted her to his face and asked in a purr, "Can you be all demanding like this morning? That was hot."
She snuggled her face and chest to his cheek, "I will be my giant's voice. If that pleases you my owner."
Her breasts were suckled in a massive kiss. Then he purred, "You are the best Shrunken ever. Oh so hot."
He placed her back down to strip. The Behemoth bounced out of its cage. Ready to be rubbed down. He laid in the bed. With one hand he snuggled the naked Karla to his face.
With his other hand he poured the models on his stomach. She was glad these LumberJills got him away from the teens for a while. They backed from his erect cock like it would snatch one of them and eat them whole. Karla snickered, it was large enough too.
"Your Lord Micheal demands pleasure. Use your bodies to serve his cock or he will punish you!" Karla bellowed in her, I'm your queen, voice.
"Really? Like how bitch?" a foolish Brunette dared questioned. Karla need not answer. As Micheal nabbed her in one hand and squeezed. Soon she, with labored breath, announced, "I'm sorry Lord Micheal! Please may I service you."
He let her go and she crawled over to the side of his shaft and pressed her breasts into the happy beast. Her tongue and face rubbed at his skin. Her hands kneaded at his shaft.
Seems that Brunette must have had a reputation for being the tough one. As soon as the other gathered tributes saw her submit, they were licking and painting his cock with their breasts. The area filled with the erotic sounds of pretties serving Karla's giant.
She reached down to ease her own arousal at the display of his power when her Titan softly whispered, "No, pick one and enjoy too."
Karla wanted her enjoyment to bring him more pleasure. She spotted a certain platinum blonde beauty. "You, girl, come here." Karla ordered.
The older teen nervously approached Karla's palm throne. The girl begged, "Please. I was doing as best as I could. What would make him not hurt me, should I get on top of that thing?"
"Behemoth, you call Lord Micheal's cock Behemoth." Karla snarled. Enjoying the rush.
"Should I get on top of the Lord's Behemoth." the pretty sweet voiced full lipped beauty begged at Karla. Looking up at their owner's favorite. Their better.
"No Lord Micheal wants me serviced as well. It pleases him to see me well pleasured." She purred as she parted her thighs.
"But I'm not. Oh please, OK. Just don't crush me." The Shrunken Blonde agreed to the demand like she had a choice. Pouting lips just making her more delectable. She stepped forward. Those full lips kiss Karla vagina. She clearly was not into this play. But the terror of Karla's Micheal encouraged her unknown talent.
Karla leaned back at the sensation. She wrapped her thighs around that silken near white strands. Hooking her foot around her ankle and hugging the sweet taster's torso.
Karla looked to see if her giant teen was enjoying his harem lapping at his cock. But found he was eagerly watching her get serviced from the sweet sunshine crowned girl.
Karla was going to try to hold back. Quietly enjoy her Micheal's sweet tongued gift. But since he seemed more interested in her face riding one blonde beauty over watching fourteen super model build lovelies worship his cock. She would just arch back and show him her pleasure.
She reached down and ran her fingers messy through those fine locks. Her other hand display kneaded her own breast. She gave him honest longing looks and gasped, "You're such a wonderful owner. Wish that was your marvelous tongue."
She laid back in his palm. Allowing herself to moan and sigh in pleasure as her legs pressed the pretty blonde and her wonderfully long tongue deeper into pussy.
His fingers closed down and began touching her. Pressing with a restrained firm touch. Stroking lovingly at her face. Karla relished being the center of attention in this odd ménage a trois.
Karla was soon drunk with sensations. Lost track of her limits and exploded in loud organismic delight. She was lost to it that she only knew she could not stretch and arch like her body wanted to do. Hotly encased in a tight space.
As the wave drained out her toes. Karla soon realized what held her down. Micheal's fingers were wrapped tightly, powerfully, around her. The girl still lapping at her was an afterthought.
She heard the familiar sounds of Shrunken whimpering that Micheal rewarded their efforts with his cum in her unworthy faces. She snicker as she heard one question if it tasted a little like chocolate to any one else. Her sweet giant was seasoning it for her. But they wouldn't thank her for that additional reward.
He smiled at her and praised her to the highest, "You're the hottest girl ever." She almost burst again.
She released the lapping delight and he poured her onto the nightstand so she could freshen up for bed.
He took the curvy playthings back to their current home. She heard him sweetly praise her choice, "You made my Karla happy. Looks like you could become an important pet if you keep that up."
Faintly she heard the scared girl reply, "Thank you, just please don't hurt me."
Once she was ready she was placed upon her sleeping throne. Warm giant hand blanket stroked her lovingly. He settled and sighed out, "Good night my special Karla."
She glowed, he left out Shrunken, "Good night my special Micheal." she sang back.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by Bobascher » Thu Oct 29, 2020 1:37 pm

I hope you don’t mind but I was inspired by the story and Karla Spice


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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Oct 29, 2020 3:30 pm

I don't mind at all. Actually Thank you is more appreciate. Nice pic. Her looks have inspired several sw story ideas. This one is the longest running. Glad it inspired you. I'm sure if you look through her images you would find all kinds of good pose/expressions I'll share my made images. Not as good as your work, but get the ideas across.
Good starting expression
Good starting expression
GOODSTARTINGEXPRESSION.jpg (552.04 KiB) Viewed 1074 times
Firmly in control
Firmly in control
Firm Start.jpg (480.69 KiB) Viewed 1074 times
Left timid
Left timid
Left Submissive.jpg (499.8 KiB) Viewed 1074 times
This image inspire an incomplete story and one of her described swim wear in this story.
This image inspire an incomplete story and one of her described swim wear in this story.
Fun at the Beach.jpg (342.98 KiB) Viewed 1074 times

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by Bobascher » Thu Oct 29, 2020 4:16 pm

Oh wow...I really like these especially the open mouth expression!

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Oct 29, 2020 5:17 pm

This one:
KarlaSpice-2233-49-lg.jpg (152.98 KiB) Viewed 1071 times

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by Bobascher » Thu Oct 29, 2020 7:27 pm

Yes that is golden!

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by frollo » Sun Nov 01, 2020 6:03 pm

I love the interactions and plays between Karla and Michael . Especially her being the dom in a way , and a shrunken one . It’s very erotic ! Also the new twist where Michael offers her her own size toys , is pretty exciting.
So much potential there . ;)
Thank you for sharing to imagination here !

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Nov 01, 2020 6:38 pm

Well, I hope to continue to entertain. Thank you!


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Ch24: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Mon Nov 02, 2020 3:32 am

Chapter 24 F(t)/M(t),f Non-consensual.

Karla woke up. Her sweet giant boy was sleeping. Softly breathing. Light under the door told her Milly and Howard was up. She worked her way over the held down pillow to his colossal face. She stroked his cheek. She tried to remember being frightened of him. Of her disgust at what he did to her and others.
No, his sweet face was kind and protected her. Sure she had lost. But look at what she gained. Him, his family, new friends, a job, oddly more opportunities then when she was free. So she had to be a sex slave pet for a fourteen year old boy. It was kind of fun now. She even kind of looked forward to him cuming on her, how much would it taste like chocolate.
Old her pleaded for her to see reason. To look at the monstrous things this ship was for. How the Company saw anyone not theirs. How he treated women and girls. How he had treated her even. The things he did, or she encouraged. Yes he may be a nice one. But nice compared to those that maim and murder is hardly a high bar. Look what your becoming her old self tried to reason.
Her dark friend argues, yes look what he's done for you. Made you his queen. He's at the top of the Company hierarchy. Pseudo royalty in their, the real, world. No more slaving, scraping to get by. No more tourists grabbing your ass instead of a cheap trinket. No more worry about bills. If you wanted to just stay home and be his spoiled pet. He would love that. Like he loves you. So you have to play the pleasing pet now and then. It's incredible knowing little you can get that thing off. Or how amazing the feeling is as you direct him, control his power, with just a word. How he gets off performing for his Special Karla. Besides a happy Micheal is a protecting Micheal.
Karla ignored her imaginary selves as they debated in her mind. She laid along his face. Running a hand along soft smooth skin. She understood her old thoughts. They were right. But her new self was right. To survive she needed her Micheal to be happy with her. She could not go back to being just a Shrunken. She lost everyone she cared about. To survive she had to care about the ones who took her. She did care for them, they were her family now. He was her whole world. She needed his happiness because that brought his attention. But at what cost?
His eye blinked open. His entire face sleepily smiled. "Oh what a perfect way to wake up. Morning my special Karla."
She broke. Tears flowed. Was she just an item like the others. Him following her suggestions is the same as him playing with a Shrunken and the spider puppet. Was she being special just another game he enjoyed?
She was moving. Kind gentle massive fingers stroked her head and hugging palms held her close to that body wash smell. He was talking but she was a mess, words didn't have meaning. Just the flood of emotions.
After a flood of tears she managed, "Micheal what am I to you?"
"You're my special Karla." he said in a worried tone.
"Not just a Shrunken?" she mumbled out.
"You are a Shrunken, but not just a Shrunken. You are my first, special, head, perfect, hot, wonderful, intelligent and more words I can't think of for great, oh yeah, your a great Shrunken. So wonderful and special that many that know you see you as like a person. I see you as my angel. Guiding me. So what's wrong? How can I bring back your smile?" That sweet giant asked.
"I'm sorry. For a while I did stuff for you only so you'd treat me better and keep me safe. I used you to make my new life better." She confessed.
He just smiled and petted her head lovingly. "Did you hear me? Are you not mad?" Karla had to know what he was thinking.
"Nope. Makes perfect sense." He warmly replied.
"Why? Why are you not mad?", she worried he didn't understand.
"Cause you said for a while. That means at some point you stopped. And I'm hoping cause you started doing stuff for me, cause you liked being my Special Karla." He said reassuringly.
"Thank you Micheal, for being my Special Micheal." Karla said hoping he knew what she meant.
He kissed her head, "If I'm special to you, then what could be better." He held her close for a bit. She nuzzled to his chest. Gentle strokes down her hair.
He held her up and looked at her and said, "Did you want to shower now? Or cuddle some more?"
"Both." she tried to smile.
She flew cradled in her Micheal's hand. Caring titan fingers stripped her clothes off her. Then she was held as he worked his clothes off himself. He turned on the water and entered. She was umbrella by giant chest and shoulders. Close to his skin. Slowly he starts washing off with one hand.
"You can put me down." She offered him.
"Nope, you wanted both. You get both." He teased.
"It's morning, did you want to have a little Karla fun?" She offered.
"Nope, I think something special happened. I don't want to ruin it. Maybe we'll grab a few and play later. OK with you?" He correctly read the situation better than she realized.
Slowly they showered. He held her close the whole time. He washed her hair. Cleaned her body with gentle touches. Aimed to message caring from him into her. No lingering on certain spots or repeated soaping. Just tender cleaning.
He shut off the water and gently dried her off with a cloth. Wrapping her in it. Then carried her as he dried himself. Then he walked to the nightstand and just held her stroking her hair, smiling softly.
She didn't want to talk, but knew she had to at some point, "Am I to get dressed Micheal?"
"Yeah. Something nice. Just, so hot holding you like this." he sighed. He knew he had to set her down at some point. Just didn't want to.
He set her down then ran his hand over her head. She heard the words he couldn't say. They could never say. But she had at some point. Somehow in their short time. And she realized he did sooner. Much sooner.
She entered the cage and Maria greeted her, "Morning Lady Karla. Everything ok?"
She smiled at his busty gift to her, "Yes Maria. Better now that you're here to help me dress."
"I am to serve." Maria said. But Karla knew fear brought her loyalty. But it was working for her.
She picked out a pink bikini he had bought her early on. "Oh, Lord Micheal will love seeing you in that. Very sexy." Maria purred.
Karla walked out and waited. Micheal approached her and she posed in her want something stance. She got what she wanted, his goofy smile of attraction. But was surprised when he asked, "Are you going to wear one of those sexy hanging dress things. They look so hot on you."
"Yes, just wanted you to see what would be underneath first." she lied. He knew it. But his blush told her he didn't care, he liked the effort.
Maria was out and nervously handing her the white and pink dress covering a few seconds later, like she had been waiting for the request the whole time.
She hung it down over her body. And then she flew to the shared room. Landing softly upon the table. A mug and a nip of omelet. A piece of tangerine. Milly smiled, "Ready to sit in the sun and make men take double takes?"
"Then we guess which one of us they are checking out." Karla suggested.
"Oh we know who most will be looking at you tease." Milly laughed.
"Yep, Debbie's rack." Karla jokes.
"Yep, talk about mountains from mole hills." Milly joked back.
"I thought you liked Debbie." Howard interrupted.
Milly looked at him funny, "We do. It's nothing she hasn't said herself to me. You can't joke about her."
"Additions." Karla added in.
"Yeah, because then it would sound like you were creeping on Debbie." Milly said.
Karla teasing, "Then I'd get jealous."
Milly burst into a quick guffaw. Then gathered herself, "It's just like when you tease Jeff for his lackluster card skills."
"So he's a good mark for some quick bucks?" Karla jokes.
Howard acted upset, "Hey no suggesting you're getting quick bucks from Jeff missy."
"You three are just weird sometimes." Micheal interjected.
A knock on the door ended the teasing round table. Micheal answered it. "Cool, Karla your new cage is here!"
"Are you renting a larger cage for Karla?" Howard asked.
"No, bought one. I'm going to need big cages once we get home. Thought I might as well buy one to spoil my Karla while we were still onboard." Micheal explained.
Karla caught a look of conversation between Milly and Howard. They had something they were not sharing with Micheal.
"You contacted maintenance to set it up for you?" Milly asked.
"No, I set up machines that turn things into energy and back again. I can put together and connect a cage with the instructions." Micheal said as if we had been insulted.
"Hey another box?" Howard said as the delivery Stewart brought it in.
"That I'm renting. I wanted to double up my cage chambers before the port tomorrow. So I got extra clothes storage and the upper bunk attachments for the beds." Micheal explained.
"This is going to take all day to set up? You not coming out to the deck then?" Milly asked.
"No, I guess not. Sorry. It's OK right? Tell Chrissy I'm sorry, but need to set this up for Karla." Micheal said. smiling at Karla.
"Oh, certainly." Milly had a tone in her voice. Karla looked, Milly looked sad.
"Cool, dad can you help me carry these in, that one should be clothes for the new girls." Micheal asked.
"Yeah Howard don't let you son show you up by carrying more boxes than you." Milly added.
The boys carried the boxes in. Milly leaned low. Sadly she noted, "You know for Mikey to have a normal life in the Company, that you two can't."
"We have a special relationship, as Shrunken and Owner. But, I know what you mean and agree." She told his worried mother.
Milly petted her head, "K, I will keep your deep connection between us."
"Thank you. I would worry Chrissy might get the wrong idea." Karla stated.
The two guys came and got the other two boxes. As they left the room Karla asked, "What's your secret involving cages for Micheal?"
Milly smiled, "I'll tell you later if you promise not to tell him."
"Tell who what?" Howard asked.
"You her bust size." Milly teased.
"Come on you two. I just got over leering at them. Oh, nope, now back to doing it. Your ladies fault." Howard jokes. Karla hoped he was joking.
"He's going to be busy all day. You want to get some sun Karla?" Milly offered.
"I should stay and see if I can help. At least remind him to eat." Karla replied.
"No Karla, go and have fun. It's going to be boring watching me put this together and locking bunks on. Mom, you’ll look after her right?" Micheal requested.
"You sure Micheal?" Karla questioned.
"Yes, if I get too lonely I'll take a break and play with a couple of Shrunken. You should get out and enjoy the sun." He answered. "Besides I would be happy if you kept Chrissy company. I'm worried she might be mad at me for not going to sit and do nothing."
They left. Milly brought some teen boy a little older than Micheal. But Karla was carried in her hand. Like a little princess.
They meet the Grants by the seats almost literally outside their suite. Jeff and Howard shared their handshake. Then Jeff handed him a shuffleboard stick.
Milly sat beside Debbie. Chrissy asking, "Where's Micheal?"
"He got a new cage for Karla and decided to put it together. He wasn't keen on just sitting in the sun anyway I don't think." Howard answered.
"He also got a bunch of bunks to double his cage holding to be ready for tomorrow." Milly added.
Chrissy pouted. "Oh, that makes sense. We got some guy named Gus building us new cages right now."
"Just means you get to have a girl chat with the two ladies that can give you advice on that silly boy." Milly offered.
"I think I'll read for a bit." Chrissy sighed.
Karla felt bad. Was her special relationship with Micheal hurting his chance with a nice coupling with a real girl? She wanted her Owner to be happy.
The Owners placed the Shrunken in a sunning cage. Karla got a special spot on the table among them. Even without Micheal here, she was favored. They even managed a little umbrella for her.
She watched the guys play shuffleboard. While she worried about Chrissy's feelings. Hearing Milly torment Debbie about her tanning space.
After a bit the guys talked the wives into joining them in a doubles game. Karla suddenly found delicate fingers lifting her. "Hello Karla, I thought we were friends?" Chrissy sounded threatening.
Karla noticed they were headed toward the rail. "We are Chrissy. I thought so."
"Then why are you stealing my Micheal?" The blonde glared at her.
Karla worried this would be her reaction. "I can't steal him. I'm just a Shrunken."
"Not to Micheal. You're special, almost like a person. A person I could say, oops over the rail. I'd lose Micheal. But he chose you already. Rather build you a cage then spend time with me." She was moving closer.
"He chose to build the cage because he likes building things. He chose to send me to spend time with you cause he trusts you. He wants me to help you two. If I'm so special, and you're the one he wants to look after his most precious Shrunken. Doesn't that mean he thinks you're special? Not almost a person. But an actual special person?" Karla was near panic. Her captured little hands were over the rail. Just a long drop and water below them.
"So, he sent you so he could have a special connection to me?" The girl was blinking.
"I think so. I know I think you two are sweet together. I hate it to end because of a miscommunication." Karla had to grab the girl's thumb. The wind almost took her.
The girl suddenly pressed her to her chest. "Oh Karla I'm sorry. It's just he treats you so nicely and you're so pretty. And you have big tits and I don't have any. Then he stayed to build that cage. I just thought. Bad thoughts." The girls sobbed.
"Want to take a walk and talk?" Karla asked with what little breath she could manage. She could also tell the girl had some chest. Because it was semi-smothering her.
The girl was facing back toward the deck. Looking down with tears dropping, "You would still help me with Micheal after what I almost did?"
"If you promise we always talk. Not attempt to kill each other. You can't just go killing others Shrunken." Karla offered.
The girl nodded repeatedly, "Yeah, that makes better sense."
They started wandering down the deck. Karla kind wished they stepped father away from the rail. "So he likes building things?" the girl asked.
"I think so. He's bought many of those playsets and put them together with a big smile. Honestly I was a bit panicky. I could be wrong about that and he could just see it as a practical need. More storage for his other Shrunken." Karla nervously admitted.
"He does look at the numbers a lot." Chrissy reasoned.
"Look, Micheal is special to me. I want my Owner to be the happiest he can be. I feel you are a great girlfriend for him. I want this to work out. I like you in my new crazy life." Karla stated.
Chrissy lifted her, "He's more than special to you isn't he? And you him?"
"It is a strong connection. Stronger than most Shrunken and Owners I believe. And because of that, I really do want him to find that type of connection with you. I can make him happy, but I feel down deep you could make him whole." Karla offered.
"Really, whole, like a whole couple, whole?" Chrissy asked.
"I'm not sure I followed that. I know he is my Owner, and I want him to stay with you. So I'm hoping we can build a deep friendship together." Karla answered.
"A deep friendship making Micheal happy?" Chrissy asked.
"Yes." Karla replied.
"OK, then let's go do that." Chrissy said and started walking quickly.
"What do you mean Chrissy?" Karla asked.
"Shh, we have to be quick before the adults notice we're gone too long." Chrissy replied.
"We should talk before doing anything drastic." Karla hoped to reason.
"It's not drastic. It's a big step, but not drastic." the girl replied.
Suddenly they were at the suite door. Chrissy knocked and Micheal opened the door, "Hello Chrissy, Karla. Is it lunch time already?"
Chrissy pushed him into the suite, "Micheal Miller, you're important to me."
Confused, Micheal replied, "You're important to me Chrissy."
She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Karla could see he was surprised, but happily kissed her back. Karla also felt her clothes being removed. As Chrissy let go he pointed out, "We'll be in big trouble if our parents find us like this."
Chrissy popped the top knot on her top, exposing her chest, "I'll be quick." She grabbed his hand and placed it over her breast. "I know they're not big like Karla's but do you like them?"
"Yeah, but trouble." Micheal mumbled. Karla was surprised how good this girl was at multitasking. She stripped her naked with one hand while she manipulated Micheal.
Karla noticed the little blonde had pushed Micheal near their bed. "Karla and I just want to make you happy real quick." Chrissy commanded.
Micheal mumbled, "But if caught." Still handing Chrissy breast.
Chrissy stepped close and undid his shorts. "Push them down Micheal." she ordered. Karla heard a flop of clothes on the floor.
"Oh big!" Chrissy purred. Karla looked up to see Micheal falling to sit on the foot of the bed. The Behemoth mid erection.
Chrissy was almost sitting in his lap. Karla was raised and pressed to familiar territory. She traveled by delicate girl hand up and down Micheal’s quickly stiffening cock. "Does that feel good Micheal? Should I press harder? Karla and I want you happy and are excited to work together to get you happy." Karla heard Chrissy say. She had a counterpoint. But it was hard to speak pressed into his thick shaft.
She heard a nervous Micheal reply, "Yeah feels good! Karla feels so good in your hand!"
"Oh goodie." Purred the young blonde. "We feel good or better together?" She questioned.
"Better, oh both, oh." Teen boys happily whimpered.
"Tell me when you're going to cum. Don't want a mess over the floor." Chrissy requested.
"Soon, oh oh oh, soon." Micheal gasped.
"Oh you're so cute when you like this. I want to wait to do more than this. I'm not ready for all that yet." the girl hungrily growled.
Karla felt his tell tail shiver. "Oh Chrissy now!" He warned.
Karla stopped mid shaft. Oh no, She thought. Chrissy placed her mouth at his tip. She could see the sweet girl react with each burst from his manhood. But she could also see the girl swallow after each burst too.
He stopped and Chrissy moved her mouth. Smacked her tongue. Then Giggled, "Hmm, chocolate. Good choice Karla."
"Why?" Micheal mumbled.
Chrissy was trying her top. "I made a mistake. A big one. I thought Karla was trying to take you from me. When really, she just wants to make us both happy. How you want us two to have a special connection. So I thought, I'd give us all a special connection."
She turned and gathered Karla's drop outfit, announcing, "I got to go back before our parents notice how long we are gone."
"So, ahh." Micheal tried to say anything.
She turned and giggled, "Micheal. You're cute when you're satisfied. Hope we can do that again some time." then she left.
Alone in the elevator she opened her hands so Karla could get dressed. "That was so bad. Please keep what I did secret." Chrissy asked.
"You shouldn't have done that yet." Karla advised.
"But, it made him happy." She purred.
"Yeah, he was happy. But next time please ask." Karla stated.
"So, you want us to do that to him again." Chrissy stated.
"Not for a long while. Like years." Karla advised.
"But we made a good team right?" the teen asked.
"I think he'll think about us together a lot." Karla had to admit.
They arrived back and Debbie asked, "Where did you two wander off too?"
"We went Micheal gossiping. Got a whole mouth full of knowledge with Karla's help." Chrissy happily announced.
"With you two working together, my poor baby boy doesn't know how good he has it." Milly teased.
"No, no he doesn't." Chrissy agreed, stretching out on the reclining chair.
"Since your back, either of you want to play a game of shuffleboard?" Howard offered.
"No thank you. My hand is tired from holding Karla so tightly." Chrissy hummed.
"I think I might be at a disadvantage." Karla replied.
"Then you haven't been watching him play." Jeff teased.
They had lunch on the deck. Milly texting Micheal to order lunch. Karla was ready to scream as Chrissy asked for a light lunch stating, "My stomach feels mostly full for some reason."
Karla was thankful the rest of the day was less eventful. Micheal even joined them a little before supper. Long enough for him to beat both men at shuffleboard. Him and Chrissy kept giving long giggling looks at each other. Lucky that was only seen as puppy love. Karla didn't want one of the mothers holding her over the rail too.
The families split after supper. Port day in the morning. Karla was still nervous about being with them on one of their collect days.
Her and Micheal were getting ready for bed. Karla asked, "You OK? You know, with what Chrissy did?"
Micheal gave a goofy smile. Then answered, "No. I wasn't ready to do sex stuff with Chrissy yet."
"Why didn't you say something?" Karla asked worriedly.
"She just came at me so fast. I wasn't ready. I liked it, but I wish we talked about it first." Micheal shyly admitted.
"You two should talk then. Let her know. I'm sorry I wasn't any help." Karla apologized.
"You couldn't have stopped her. You're too little. I should have. You did help in a way. You, in her soft little hand, was hot. Maybe that's why I didn't say anything. It was just too hot for my brain." He said sweetly.
"Can I do anything for you now? Make up a little with Happy Karla play?" She asked.
"No. I want to. I just feel I need to not right now. Does that make sense?" He was clearly distraught.
"Yes, Micheal. More than you realize." Karla felt awful.
He turned off the lights and snuggled her. "You like your cage?"
"Yeah, it holds all my stuff. But I like my bed partner better." She cooed.
He snickered, "Funny, that is kind of the opposite to what Maria said once she was in her own room."
"Is she over her fear of you?" Karla asked.
"No, but not as bad. Amanda I had to peel off my thumb. That athletic one is in there too now. But, there are more spots. Time for you to start picking out more servants." he sighed.
She was about to say something about testing them before him. But didn't want to stress him more. "I'll do as my owner wants." she sighed back.
"Good night my special Karla." He purred.
"Good night my special Micheal." she purred back.

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CH25: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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So, I noticed no one else posting on this section for a month besides me. I'm not monopolizing this by posting twice a week am I? I could post once a week or every other week if that would make others feel more comfortable with sharing their stories too? Just let me know. :?

Chapter 25 M(t),f/f,f(t),f(t)

Karla woke up. The sun made their bed glow like a cloud. She looked down, she was full sized again. She climbed upon Micheal, waking him with excited kisses. He wrapped his arms around her. She watched his hand come up and through her hair.
Tightly she squeezed their naked bodies together. Mouth speaking only in passion. She sat up and poured that bucket of Shrunken woman that was on the bed. Then pressed them between their giant chests. Micheal giggled as struggling little ladies tickled his skin.
She lifts up. Reaching back she wraps fingers around the tip of her still massive friend. Trapping a few pretties to it as she lifts him to a better entry angle. She hopes she can take all that girth she holds in her hand. Even the little wigglers. Her hips arch and move back ready to give him a really happy Karla.
The Alarms buzzed loudly. Karla sits upon her pillow bed in the semi-dark room. "Fuck!" she growls.
Giant gentle hands lift her from her spot, "We got to shower and get dressed quick, Karla. It's our special port day." Micheal says excitedly.
Karla thinks about trying to get a little fun delay. She's still wanting after that dream. But she knew Micheal liked to go wanting. He said he thought it helped with the hunt. She wanted to test that theory, but not upset her sweet giant.
The shower and she is placed in the penthouse of her new cage. She picks out that shorts and tank top outfit. Still leaving the guns. Why did it have guns? And waited on the veranda. This cage was nicer than the house she grew up in.
He smiles, "Man you make an even hotter Lara Croft." Then scooped her up. That's why the guns, she realized.
Out to breakfast. "Morning Mikey, Karla. Sleep well." Milly gave Karla her now expected coffee. Scrambled eggs, of course Karla snickered. They ate as fast as they usually did on any port day.
They finished and Micheal dashed them into the room. She freshened up as Micheal topped up food. She found her carrying case laying on the nightstand, so she wiggled in with some pellets as Micheal finished getting ready. He picked her up and they headed to the shared room. He was connecting her to his collection box when Milly became Karla's second favorite person. Where she found a standard Shrunken sized thermos she didn't care.
They rushed through the empty halls. Encountering the Grants as they joined them on the elevator. The two families were like kids headed toward the tree on Christmas Morning. They reached the ground off the boat.
"K, see you ladies at the race tracks. Good luck." Howard kissed his wife.
As Debbie kissed Jeff she asked, "Catch me a nice one."
Chrissy kissed Micheal, "You two have fun."
Then they split. The men headed to a beach side volleyball court. A good sized crowd of fans and players already mixing about down there. Karla could feel the men's excitement.
She wondered if they would mingle a bit, find the best selections first then start. Nope four fit ladies looked up and said hello and were inches tall. They grabbed the ones they hit and moved forward. They must have gotten eight more collected between them before the crowd reacted. Leaving a few less wanted ones on things for others to collect. Eight more wanted fit bodies found their way into the guys' cases before other ship guests were descending on the location like locusts.
They left, feeling they could not pick and choose as well in the chaos. The exited the far end of the courts and walked around a building. Gaining a young teen each as the young girls missed understood why screams from the courts were happening.
They started through the park when Karla noticed some screens and a few trucks parked at the far corner. "Micheal, what's happening over there?" She asked.
She was going to clarify which direction when she heard Micheal say, "Dad, Karla thinks we should check that out."
Karla was really invested in their actions. Like watching a horror movie from the monster's perspective. She absentmindedly grabbed a pellet too much since she had no popcorn. She bit into it, strawberry favor hit her tongue. She was certain it wasn't what came to mind. But she pushed it out between the flaps. She wasn't taking the chance this early into Port day. The next one tasted like orange.
They headed over and a tubby security guard walked over. "Sorry Gentlemen. This area of the park is closed for the photo shoot."
"Oh interesting, a nature suit?" Jeff asked in a friendly like tone.
"No some catalog. Swimsuits for next spring. Can you believe they shoot these things nearly a year in advance." The guard’s friendly reply.
"Gents or the good stuff?" Jeff jokes.
"Both really. But mostly the good stuff." The guard nodded. Then he was inches tall.
"Karla you eagle eyed vixen, Mikey go to the far side. Howard about midway. We'll trap them between us and the ocean." Jeff directed.
Micheal nearly ran to his spot. A text saying “Go!” and he ducked under into a tent. He stood to see a lovely topless woman snarl, "You little pervert." Then she was in his hand. It was the changing tent for the ladies. Seven more in limited to not dressed states were collected. Micheal was nice enough to scoop the unwanted ones on make-up tables. Few of the barely dressed ladies ran out of the tent. Only to encounter Jeff and Howard. The three of them shrunk every model and staff member. She figured Micheal made out best. Certainly he got at least twelve of the models of various ages and two very pretty make-up girls and a hairstylist. With a half dozen or so guys to trade to his mother and Debbie. They found the photographer's keys, but not his car.
So they walked on. Howard nudged Jeff, "Bet we find car keys and more in there." They headed toward a women's only gym. Like they were advertising for them, a fitness class could be seen in the far corner from the main window. The attendants looked like well trained regulars. "Karla, we are bringing you with us from now on. You're like a honey magnet." Howard praised.
The perky Blonde receptionist clad in gym wear smiled and stated, "Sorry gentlemen, this is a ladies only gym." Micheal walked behind the counter and collected her. Then they walked toward the soon to be plaything buffet.
The side instructor started around the class toward them. She didn't get far. They waved through the class like hot knives through butter. Selecting eighteen of the twenty two students and instructors. Six each.
Then to the locker room, showers and the steam room. Finding it was a busy morning for this gym. Five more naked to near naked new pets each. And a fancy car key ring. The car was right outside the exit door. As were two more fit ladies. One each for the fathers.
They drove to a coffee shop. They picked up coffees, directions, and three more pretty ladies each. Michael was smart enough to grab some trade boys for later.
Jeff drove leaving Howard free to pick up a jogger on the way to the tracks. But they stopped at a park to split a grouping of young teens gathering for a summer activity thing.
The three guy's cases were already stuffed. So they decided to duck into a cheap goods store. They grabbed a cheap storage box each and put holes in the lids. Howard also collected the sweet pretty young woman who cheerly guided them to the containers.
They arrived at the tracks. The Ladies pulled up smiling in a souped up Police cruiser. "You gents having amazing luck in this port?" Milly asked, stepping out. From their back seat they had the same storage box idea and need.
"Yeah, walked right into a swimsuit photo session then a ladies gym just teaming with nimble hot fitness honeys. You?" Howard bragged.
"It was a police fitness and hand to hand combat seminar. Into some early morning college men's soccer match or something. Then Chrissy wanted to look at some superhero video game thing at the convention center. Found a few interesting trade stock. We need Karla on every port if this is the luck she brings." Debbie cheered.
"OK, let's go through here then head slowly back. Since we have the room now." Jeff hummed excitedly.
They wandered in like a gang. Jeff noticed tan pants and tall boots near one set of three barns. Milly saw what she said looked like, "Very handy men" over by the other.
Three barns sat beside each other. So they each picked one and walked through. Micheal's must have been the main barn for the Junior Ladies. Most were his age or slightly older. He walked out with seven saddle trained new pets.
Karla noticed movement, "Michael, by those horse trailers." He walked over.
A big buff man charged at him screaming he wouldn't touch his daughters. And Micheal calmly collected him for trade stock. Whimpering in one of the trailers he found a busty woman and two girls that looked enough like her to be her daughters. She began to offer him whatever he wanted. Then he was picking her up. Then the girls followed suit.
He managed a handsome security guard and two more western romance cover looking guys on his way to meet up with the others. They had gone through all the buildings. Anyone left someone else would have to find. They left any unwanted finds on shelves or on tables.
They drove back to the boat slowly. The girls turned on the patrol car's lights. Attracting a few more hoping help had arrived. Gaining each guy six more pretty pets. The ladies gained seven more males.
It was early afternoon as they walked back onto the boat. James greeted them, "Hello Millers. Grants. I see the collection went really well. Leave any for the others to collect?"
"We could go back out and look. Let us put these away and we'll head back out." Howard jokes.
"On the scanner. Chuck, these are Red Status so ignore the non-standard containers. Scan as normal." James said.
"The boy has a pocket case?" Chuck asked.
"That one is good. That's the Mikey kid I went with at my port." James informed him.
"Then he has to be his Karla in that I bet. Come over quick-shot. I want to see how well you did." At this Chuck happily scanned Micheal's newest pets. Karla had to turn away and cover her ears. Even with her new perspective on her new life, she couldn’t handle hearing the screaming end in a mechanical grinding noise.
After Micheal's, they went through the others. The removal of undesirables made her stomach turn. They panicked and begged the giants for their lives. But that machine still chewed them up and spit their remains into the ocean. None lost more than a few from incredible hauls.
They all went to Grant’s suite. As they found seats to reset from the active day Milly asked, "Mikey how many hunks you trading?"
"I have, let's see, oh seventeen guys why?" He replied.
"I have six lovely ladies." Milly said.
"Huh, I have eleven." Debbie noted.
The two mothers came over and gathered his men and left seventeen pretties aging from early teens to late twenties it appeared. Most were dressed as a superheroine of some kind. Karla wasn't a follower of comics but she recognized Wonder Woman and Supergirl costumes. Others she had no idea. But the girls wore the outfits well. She wondered what comic had a shapely blonde police officer, then realized it was actually the woman’s police uniform.
Howard jokes, "You don't even want to look at mine?"
"Yes, but I can trade other things for ones I want from you. I'll even proxy for Debbie if she wants any." Milly responded with a wink.
Chrissy came over and placed a Shrunken woman in Micheal's hand. "I thought you might like this one." Then she kissed his cheek.
It was a very shapely Latina in her early twenties wearing a Wonder Woman costume. She looked the part. Long black hair and gorgeous. She must have been fairly active, her body was softly defined. Micheal stoked the trembling woman like she was a long lost treasure.
"Thanks Chrissy, don't you need her as a breeder." Micheal clearly forced himself to say.
"Oh Micheal. Sometimes a Shrunken is just too special to breed. Since you're special to me I thought you should have her from me. I like making my boyfriend smile." She cooed.
Karla saw what Chrissy was aiming for there. She understood the attempt. Karla wasn't worried about this port. As if to prove her point Micheal purred to her, "We need to find you a super villain costume now. The fun we can have with her."
"Yes my Giant. I think there is all kinds of potential with her." Karla encouraged Micheal loud enough that Chrissy would hear. Adding the olive branch of, "That one should only get your attention since she's a gift from your girlfriend. Such a fun looking gift." The poor woman was clearly not amused to be held by Karla’s mighty teen.
"You don't want to play villains?" Micheal sounded pouty.
"I think even if I do, this one Chrissy gave you should one face my doomsday giant." Karla cooed. Hoping he caught on.
"Oh," he did. Then snickered in arousal.
Chrissy sat tightly to Micheal's side. He jumped back nervously. Karla’s poor sweet owner was more bothered by Chrissy sexual assault then she realized. "What's wrong Micheal. I don't bite." The blonde whimpered.
"I'm just tired." He excused. But adding, "Can we meet up tomorrow, maybe for ice cream. We need to talk."
Karla whimpered, he really needed to word that better she thought. Clearly so did Chrissy as she whimpered, "We need to talk?"
Micheal clearly didn't catch it as a question. He stated, "Oh, I'm glad you agree." But saved wonderfully, "I want us to be honest with each other and build a strong relationship."
The Blonde girl smiled hopefully. Clarifying, "So a talk to make us a better couple."
"Yeah, what else would it be for?" Micheal questioned. Karla smiled. He just didn't realize. The idea wasn't in his mind.
The two teens exchanged timid smiles. Chrissy offered to help Micheal to count his catch. He gained seventy four new pretties in that port. They also learned Howard also caught seventy four, though fourteen were to be traded to Milly for undisclosed favors. Chrissy and Jeff actually caught more with seventy five and seventy seven respectively. Debbie ended with seventy while Milly sixty six. Though these numbers didn't count for any that she bribed from Howard later.
The families ordered lunch and ate it contentedly. But both were tired. Seems Shrinking and collecting seventy plus people in a day took a lot out of them. Karla was surprised, it was actually late afternoon. The day was nearly done. It still felt early despite how tired she was.
The Millers said their goodbyes and went back to their suite. Micheal got a couple tubs and sat at the scanner. He placed Chrissy's gift in one tub by herself. Then Karla found herself placed beside that tub. Then he began working. He started with the dressed women and teens. Seems her sweet giant wanted his job to get easier as he went through the crowd.
About the third girl in Karla heard a timid voice speaking Spanish to her, "What is he doing to them?"
She turned to see a frightened Wonder Woman watching her powerful Micheal strip ladies with little effort despite their struggles. She smiled and replied in kind, "He's stripping them to scan them. See the scanner will record their body dimensions. Making it easier for him to order clothes for them."
"So, he lets us wear clothes. What will he do after that." The red and blue clad beauty asked.
"Yeah usually. Well, sometimes he'll pick out a few ladies and play with them. Sexually. So he will strip them at that time." Karla explained. Resisting the urge to purr out in torment of Chrissy's gift.
"And You?" the woman asked.
"Yeah, he strips me all the time. I really enjoy it now." That Karla couldn't help but happily purr out.
"So why am I being kept separate." the shapely gift asked.
"Most likely you're his reward for getting through that crowd. Last one then his fun time type of idea." Karla guessed.
Timid curiosity made the woman question, "What will he do to me?"
"Knowing him and how tired he is. Most likely masturbate by rubbing you to his towering penis." Karla admitted.
"That's all? He will not cut me or beat me? Just rub me on his penis?" was not the question she was expecting.
"Micheal isn't into hurting his Shrunken. He can and will be rough at times with them. But mostly, he's just a kid looking to get off. Honestly, you might even get away with acting like you're enjoying it and he will do things that are wonderful. He'll even let you play a little maybe." Karla explained.
"What are you then, a spokesperson to us for him?" The woman wondered.
"I'm his special Karla." Karla replied.
"Which means?" The fantastically dressed plaything questioned.
Karla thought, how to explain that. "Lets just say I'm his top girl. What I say for you and the other Shrunken ladies to do, goes. I'm like his second in command. And so much more."
"Does he speak Spanish?" the woman asked.
"No, but if you can read guys at all, what he wants is usually fairly clear. He hasn't allowed language barriers to hamper his fun yet." Karla mused. Fighting back the urge to laugh as the Wonder dressed woman whimpered worriedly.
He filled a bucket and took it to their room. He came back with it empty and his tablet. "Karla, you want to start filing outfits for the new girls while I scan?" He asked.
She bowed and playfully announced, "I will gladly dance for my Micheal."
Off with her boots, Karla began lightly stepping along the device's surface. He will never get all these outfits ordered, she thought to herself.
Shortly the heroine announced, "You dance nicely. Is it hard to work that way?"
"Not as much as you would expect. More tiring than the usual way though. You will be good for my Giant and I will see about letting you try it." Karla suggested.
"He is certainly your giant. Even while stripping girls his eyes linger on you dancing on that thing." Chrissy’s gift observed.
"I think he's peeking at his finish treat." Karla teased.
"No, he does look at me, hungerly. But his eyes travel back to you. Then he smiles warmly. You are special to him. Very special." the girl's voice trembled. Like she suddenly learned she was addressing royalty.
"That's why you want me as a friend." Karla offered.
"My name is Sofia. I will do as you tell me if you promise he will not hurt me. I would like to be a friend." Sofia took the offer.
Karla looked at the lovely woman. She started wondering how obedient Sofia would be. Would she be another Maria? No, Chrissy’s gift was Micheal’s. As a show of friendship she wouldn't play with her that way. Just wouldn't be right. No, she would actually work at having a friend her size. "My name is Karla. Welcome to Micheal's collection Sofia. I'm hoping you're a pleasing addition to his collection."
Sofia nodded and requested, "Just let me know what he likes and how he likes it. I just don't want to be hurt."
"I will do what I can." Karla said with a bow as she glided over the touch surface.
Soon Milly was placing a plate of healthy finger foods and veggie sticks she ordered them for supper. "How far have you gotten sweetheart?" She asked Micheal.
"A third. I think." He replied.
"I'm worn out. Shrinking so many today drained me. Why don't you eat and then go change. I'll do a few while you and Karla are getting ready for bed. But honestly kiddo, you mom is pooped. I'll be hitting the hay soon." Milly offered.
That's what they did. Milly looked down at Karla as she took the easy route and placed a nude photo suit model into the machine. "How can you still be dancing after today?"
"I didn't shrink anyone. Or even do more than sit and watch." Karla noted.
"You'd look good in the woman's costume." Milly suggested.
"They had one like it on the site. Skirt is a bit shorter, but I did put it in the wish list for me." Karla admitted.
"He will not be able to resist. There is a masquerade dance in a few nights. I'll remind him." Milly suggested.
"I'm still uncomfortable seeing how others treat their Shrunken. But, I do want him to see me in that costume." Karla was divided.
Milly nodded saying, "Yeah, some are wasteful with their Shrunken. These pretties have no idea how lucky they are to be my boy's pets. Teach them Karla. Let them know him playing is better than being someone else's living snack or the like."
Karla never thought of that. But it was a clear option of possible turn outs. After all, she remembered what they did with the undesirables in that arcade for fun. What people did in their cabins could be worse.
"Thank you for being gentle with us, Shrunken." she said to Milly.
Milly petted her head, "Oh, I'm not that gentle." she said with a playful wink.
Karla felt her cheek warm. She snickered at her odd reaction. Then to make everything clear replied, "I will pass on to them their lucky state. By letting them know the worse they could face. Or I might threaten the worse to get them obedient for the better."
"That's one of the reasons you're his Karla." Milly teased. Running a finger down Karla's side. She laughed to herself. Shaking her head she mumbled, "I am tired."
Micheal came up dressed for bed, "I forgot to bring Karla with me."
"Look Mikey. Just go grab her PJs for tonight. I have to turn in and I bet your dad is already slumbering. Worst that will happen is your new pets will see you best pet naked." Milly explained getting up.
She then sighed, "Oh I got to clean up the supper stuff."
"I'll get it mom. You're tired. Go to bed." Micheal sweetly offered.
She kissed her son's head. "You sweet kid. Now, do not stay up too late. You're tired, I can tell." She then staggered to her room. "Night Mikey. Night Karla." and opened the door. Snoring from inside was Howard's good night call.
"Night Mom, sleep well." Micheal said.
He brought Karla some pajamas. Little pink shorts and a plain white tank top. She was slightly disappointed he went to collect up the leftovers and put out the dirty dishes while she changed.
She was pleased that he cupped his hand and gave her a wrapping pet from her head down when he sat back down to continue scanning.
After a few stripped and scanned. He stopped and listened. Then a playful smile came across his face. Karla then saw him pull out the younger girl from the horse trailer. She looked about his age. She had dark brown hair in a cute little hair cut. Her body was like Chrissy's girlish with touches of womanhood. She was stripped and scanned like the others before. But she was stored under his PJ shorts instead of the carrying tub. Karla could see her little bump next to his larger stiffening one.
Next was her older sister. Her long hair was in a ponytail and was a touch lighter than her sisters. About Mid teens, but her body was shaped like an older woman. Long legs and maybe just reaching C-cup breasts. She was scanned and kept warmly snuggled to Micheal's now erect cock.
The mother, about mid thirties. Was a beautiful woman with a short but still very feminine hairstyle shaded the same brown color as her older daughter. She looked to walk a lot as her legs and ass looked tight. But it was her chest that drew Micheal's eye. DD-cups minimum Karla thought, but expected larger. Her back must ache every night, Karla imagined.
Micheal stripped the woman. His fingers scanned her chest many times as he maneuvered her. Karla laughed, as he was strapping her in. She folded her arms to cover, but mainly to support her massive bosom. Only to get a confused wide eyed look and stare at her own suddenly perky chest boulders. Poking at them in confusion.
Once scanned Micheal added her to the underside of his shaft. Purred in demand, "Snuggle my cock with your bodies. Or I'll give you some hard bareback lessons." He gasped and happily shuttered. Then returned to scanning. His family of playthings helped keep him alert.
He worked later than he should have. But he was on to Sofia. He looked and sighed, "I wanted to play mean giant vs Wonder Woman."
"Micheal, scan her. Play tomorrow. Maybe Wonder Woman got shrunk and trapped in a spider web?" Karla suggested.
Micheal smiled and shook his head. "You're so much fun. Yeah, get done and play tomorrow. I need her scanned might as well finish tonight."
He pinked up Sofia and began stripping her. Sofia made no action to resist. Fearfully allowing him easy access to buckles and belts. He sounded disappointed as he said towards her, "Your Wonder Woman, why aren't you fighting a little?"
Karla knew right away from Sofia's expression. She didn't know a little English. She knew no English. Karla answered, "That's my fault. I told her earlier not to resist. She doesn't know English. I'll explain that she should at least pretend to struggle as Wonder Woman when it's fun play time."
He smiled, "You're the best Karla. Did you want this one as one of your personal servants?"
"No, Chrissy would be upset if you gave away to me. But if you wanted to keep her in the nightstand cage for ease of access that would be fine." Karla advised.
"Oh, Maybe I should get you a batgirl costume. Then you could learn some Amazon wrestling techniques." He purred.
"No, I don't think I should ever play with her. I think Chrissy thinks I'm trying to take you from her. So, it would hurt her if she found out I'm the one enjoying her gift." Karla advised.
He was strapping the wonderful body into the machine. "So no Sexy evil villain Karla tormenting Wonder Woman?"
"No, just I'll be getting my handsome giant to deal with that bothersome Wonder Woman. In very enjoyable ways." Karla purred.
"Ohhh," he sighed. "I'm looking to see what other Justice League girl hero costumes they have. But who should you dress as?"
"Clearly our own new villainess. Since I'll clearly win right?" Karla suggested in a warm growl.
He liked that idea. Sighing his biggest praise, "Yeah. you're so hot."
He finished and took the last to the cages. Karla lounged on his shoulder. Sofia on his fist, she was Wonder Woman after all. The family of ladies still pressed along his behemoth.
Karla noted that if he collected a guess of thirty five at the next three ports each, he would over fill his cages. "Micheal, you're going to need even more cages at this rate." She advised.
"Oh yeah. That is awesome." Her fourteen year old giant beamed looking at his crowded harem of tiny play beauties.
He placed Sofia in the night stand cage with Karla translating, "You better stay Wonder Woman fit or else." for him.
He placed Karla on the bed and took off his shirt. Laying down he placed her on his chest. Then wiggled his shorts off. Then laid there holding her and caressing her all over. He sighed, "I want to play. But I'm so tired."
"Just rub them on your hard cock till you spray them in your thick cum." She said in the sexy tone he always smiled at.
He sweetly responded, "But You haven't gotten any fun today."
"Oh, but you being happy is my fun. I'll be ecstatic just to watch." she cooed. It was a bit of a lie, she wanted some of his special attention all day. Dang that dream.
"No, If I'm just doing a quick rub out. I Might as well put in some effort for my favorite hot Shrunken." He said in a determined tone. Karla found skilled powerful fingers easily stripping away her clothes. She realized he was pumping himself up to have the energy to pleasure little her. She was spoiled.
She was turned and placed on her beloved seat. Lips belted her to the location. She was facing down the landscape of his body. The family of three brunettes looking back up at her. Still fearfully attempting to pleasure the Behemoth as a group. They kept it alert, but failed to do what Karla could do alone, tame that stiff one eyed monster.
Her hips rolled along with his first delicious lick. He reached down toward the youngest brunette and the mother. She saw his other hand coming to hug her as she rode the waves of his tonging. "No Micheal, I want to see all three pleasure you. That would be so hot." She knew how to tempt her giant.
Both hands trapped the lovely brunettes around his shaft. Then they were dragged up down the length of his manhood, whimpering along as they traveled.
The sound aroused Karla. The power he had to pleasure himself with a whole family of pretty ladies was erotic to watch for her. The best was he was kissing her pussy in the same slow rhythm as he made them travel.
There was an old thought, a touch of a past world begging something wasn't right. But it was lost to the sight of seeing those two teens learning their new lives were to be his sexual delights. Their experience of manhood would be around his massive cock. The mother foolishly fearful, when soon she would share in his thick cum with her daughters. She should have been happy to pleasure Karla's Micheal with her big tits.
Karla lost it to him. "OH MICHEAL!" She announced in a long passionate moan. She couldn't last long receiving his tonging. Let alone while being entertained.
He must have liked her submitting to his attention. As he lifted his ass off the bed and was giving the family of brunettes the body fucking of their lives. The Behemoth pumped hard towards and away. Pointed down toward her. Karla arched back knowing when he released it would spray hot semen all over her.
Then the thought, and where I'm sitting. "Micheal arch down. You'll cum in your own face this way."
She timed that well. He rolled up onto his knees. A stroke or two and he was catching bursting flows of cum over the Brunette family. The pretty family whimpered as he pumped a day's worth of want over them. Karla laughed as a young girl's voice whimpered, "Mom, is it supposed to taste like chocolate?"
He dropped them off into the fifth cage. Then travelled to the bathroom. Karla was amused that he still held her in his mouth as he travelled. Teasing touches from his tongue as he went. Washing his hands he giggled at her hanging from his mouth. Which was a torment, because she got to feel those vibrations only to find herself removed and placed in the top of the cage to freshen up for bed. He delivered back her cute PJs before going back to finish up in his bathroom.
He came back and placed her on her usual bed. He plopped down so tired. He mumbled his, "Good night my special Karla."
She cuddled to his massive touch. Thrilled knowing he spent the last of his energy so he could pleasure her. "Good night, my special giant Micheal."

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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I look forward to the twice a week update! So no worries from me there. Honestly this is about the same rate I saw stuff posted to VSW...

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CH26: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:41 am

Well, if everyone is good with it then. I'll keep posting till the end of this part of the story.

Chapter 26 M(t),f/f(t)+

Karla awoken on a smooth warm arousing scented surface. Her hand blanket seemed to sense she was awake and stroked her hair. She knew this bed well. Karla stretched out and wiggled on the silky surface. Happily sighing out a wish to awaken upon her Micheal's bare chest every morning.
He adjusts his touch to stroke her face over her cheek and hair on one side. Giggling she wiggled out of her pjs. Rolling over she stretched her skin to his. Rubbing herself into her boy nest. He gently ran his fingers down her entire length. Karla bathed in the caring attention. But stuck her ass up a bit hoping to tempt more intense attention.
He continued to caress her back for a while. He didn't accept the invitation. But Karla was ok, this was just incredibly wonderful. She was so relaxed, his presence and tender affection smoothed her to doze off.
She was sure she had been out for a while. The room was brighter now. She stretched and looked up at Micheal. He saw her looking and smiled back. He sighed her thoughts, "This is really nice."
"Yes it is." she purred. "What's my giant doing?"
"Well the convention babes mom, Chrissy, and Debbie collected got me thinking. So I'm looking through the superhero section of the online store. Trying to decide if I want any of the play sets. Which Shrunken would look best as which superhero lady. That way we can have sexy hero adventures. Sounds like fun?" He explained.
"Yeah it does." she said. Anything that got him this interested in play ideas sounded like fun to her.
"Who is that?" She asked as a blonde in a costume that was blue and white with stars and red boots was on scene.
"That's Stargirl. Though they modified the end of the star rod for more play option use." Micheal explained.
"You shower girl would look cute as her." Karla advised.
"Yeah, let's wish list that." Micheal agreed.
"Who is that one?" Karla asked about a red haired woman in Batman type costume.
"That's Batwoman, she's a lesbian." Micheal answered.
"Angela isn't a lesbian, but would fill that out well." Karla suggested.
"Wish listed, next?" He happily asked.
"That blonde one?" Karla asked.
"Power Girl, she's like Supergirl only with big tits." Micheal purred. Seems she found a favorite character design.
"That blonde cop you mother traded to you would fill that out well. I'd guess double D cups at least." Karla suggested. Snicker in her head as the custom description included, transparent when dampened. Spray and see she thought to herself.
"Oh I know who you mean. She's a bit smaller than Power Girl's chest. But yeah she would look hot as her." He explained.
Karla wondered how she would fight crime and stop alien invasions around bigger than Double Ds. But, she could fly, so maybe that helped.
Micheal asked, "Which one now?" They spent a while picking out a character, Micheal giving a brief description. Then Karla tried to think of a Shrunken that would look good as that character. Karla was amused at the outfits. She wondered how many of the male heroes work leather and fishnets. Maybe skirts or high cut leotards to show off their shapely legs. She did see how her Micheal would enjoy his shrunken dress as them. Better, how he would enjoy undressing them.
He stretched and sighed. "I guess I should get ready soon. We should do more online shopping like this."
She nuzzled into her giant’s chest as she pulled his hand close. Agreeing with, "Yeah, this is perfect morning time."
"Got a little more time. Want to shop a bit more? There are play sets." He offered.
"Do we have enough time to play?" Karla wiggled enticingly.
"What do you want to play?" Her dirty minded titan teen hummed.
She rolled over and giggled, "Field Trip?"
"What's that?" He asked.
"I had a play idea the other day. Can we try it?" Karla asked, giving him a wanting look.
"Anything you want." he sighed in arousal.
"OK, I need to dress the part. Please place me in my cage to prepare while you collect me a tub of cute young students." She explained.
"OK." he trembled. She melted knowing just the idea of play she thought of got him this excited.
He placed her carefully into her cage penthouse. She called down to Amanda and Maria, she wanted to be ready as soon as possible. Where was it? She made sure it was in one of the recent orders. Used one of the coupons from the classroom set. There, white with black pinstripes shaped like a business skirt and blazer. Deep red shirt with frills down it's low open collar. Jet black stockings whose garter straps the very tight skirt didn't hang low enough to hide. She decided against the heels, where she was going, the heels might hinder the walking surface. She didn't need glasses, but the cat's eye ones that came with it did fill out the look well. Amanda put her hair into a very tight bun on top of her head. Pinned down with a few quick to pull out bobby pins. Amanda added two pencil yellow sticks in. She was right, it did look just right.
Micheal came back with a full tub of girls around his age. All wearing shiny buckle shoes, thigh high stocks, short pleated bright blue plaid skirts, and with sailor style school girl shirts. All trembling away as best they could from her Micheal's colossal powerful body. Passing through Karla head was the dirty thought, I'm glad my outfit didn't include panties. I'd need to change them now if it did.
Micheal laid eyes upon Karla and froze. At that angle he would see straight down her cleavage. But she could see his eyes were all over her. She could feel his mind stripping what little of this outfit there was off her, mercilessly. She let that nagging old thought that they shouldn't use teens as play items to edge down her lust for her own pleasure. She did like the fact that her outfit's name, Hard-On Student Teacher outfit, lived up to its name. Amanda brought her an accessory she left behind. As a reward Karla used it on her in front of the giant. The yard stick made a nice smacking noise on the former dancer's firm ass.
"Now what?" her young owner trembled out.
"Why Micheal, I want you naked please." Karla said.
He placed the tub down on the bed and his clothes were gone. He waited like a well behaved puppy for his next trick request.
She barely had "Pick me up." out before she was eye level with her big student. The please was unnecessary.
"Lay on your back." Karla commanded.
He was down before Karla realized. It actually made her have to take a second to recover from the dizzying effect. Powerful touching fingers helped.
"Put me on your chest like a good boy." she purred.
He poured her upon that field of his torso. "Bring up the tub so I can address the class." she sang.
The terrified mix of young beauties looked at her begging for her to save them. Protect them from the giant boy and the massive terror behind her. Karla felt so warm with power, they had no idea how good they had it as her Micheal's living toys. They should kneel and beg to pleasure him. Well, that was kind of her first lesson.
Karla paced along the length of the tub. Dragging fingers along it’s clear surface. Walking on the balls of her feet to show her giant how her legs looked in the stockings. Micheal placed it long side across his body, just as she wanted him to. She began her first class, "Greeting class, My name is Miss Karla. This will be your first class in what your new life is. First lesson, your Lord Micheal likes pretty attention. This Field Trip you'll all get to experience serving his Behemoth. He will lay here and you will rub your bodies and lick at his thick cock. Which is different from what has been, him using you to pleasure his Behemoth. Questions?"
A brave blonde girl she didn't recognize asked, "What if you don't want too." Karla's mind reminded her, one of the cheerleaders from the port before last.
"What is your first name, pretty Shrunken?" Karla asked.
"Jenny." the girl whimpered.
"Well, Micheal's pretty Jenny. Pets that fail to perform will be disciplined. By Micheal. If they continue to fail in my classes. He might just get bored of punishing them. He does have so many choices now. So he could sell you to the ship for credit." Karla leaned right up to the plastic wall in a soft growl, "Where anyone else on the ship could buy you. Whose pleasures could be damaging. Possibly fatal. Could be your last sight being giant teeth trapping you in a massive mouth. Lips taking away any light slipping between those white boulders. Then the horrid pull of a colossal throat pulling you down. Pressing your tender body down that last trip. Dropping you into their acid filled stomach for you to be dissolve alive."
Karla looked at the terror filled faces. They were mesmerized by that nightmarish possibility. "So, would you rather serve our sweet Lord Micheal who only wants to touch and stroke your tasty bodies. Just wants you to touch his Behemoth with your delicious bodies. Worse he will do is a little penetration fun with smooth soft play tips. Or would you rather tempt fate and wind up on a plate?"
The more slender of his busty brunette favorites asked the question, "None of them actually eat people do they?"
"Lord Micheal?" Karla asked.
He softly rumbled out, "It is more common than I like. But I will never purposely maim or devour you."
The shower blonde turned and asked, "What does he want us to do?"
"Lord Micheal, could you unload the bus please?" Karla asked. She snickered as the play school girls were poured out of the tub onto his chest.
The girls gathered themselves and when Karla thought the time was right she smacked the ruler into her hand. Making them jump from the slapping noise. She tried to hide her plan. She would not do that again.
"OK class, before the fun starts lets get some terms out there." Karla made a wide gesture to the location they stood upon, "This is Michael. You will call him Lord Micheal. Understood?"
The girls whimpered out. "Yes."
"Well, greet your kind owner then." Karla said like a stern teacher.
They young teens all turned and said as a group, "Hello Lord Micheal." Karla was so wanting at that power.
He replied, "Greetings my Shrunken." Karla felt that was perfect.
"Now you heard that, you are now Shrunken. Understand that means you are items for his enjoyment, any enjoyment. Not people any longer. This might take a while for you to understand. But I want you to say it out loud. Repeat after me, I am Lord Micheal's Shrunken. His to enjoy." The crowd of fearful teens repeated. Karla savored the feeling that glowed within her.
Pointing the yard stick toward his penis, "Now that wonderful territory has two names you are allowed to call it." Turning back to face them she directed, "You either call it his Cock or Behemoth."
"Miss Karla a word please?" Micheal said as he scooped her up.
Whispering he asked, "Could you not get them calling my penis a behemoth."
Karla wiggled cutely in his cupped hands, "But I want to hear them call you big dick by my given name."
"Look I know it looks big at your size. But it's weird having you talk about it like you do all the time." He whimpered.
"Micheal, you do know you have a huge penis right?" Karla asked.
"No, isn't it average?" He honestly replied.
Karla was stunned. He actually thought that tower was average. She wished it was average. "Didn't you notice a difference between you and the other boys after gym class?" She asked.
"I've never been to a gym class. I was educated by the data input system", he reminded her.
"You have measured it right? Most boys your age do that." She asked.
"Never seen a need too." he replied.
"But that day I was half sized, you were so careful not to put it all in. That was because of its size right?" She could not believe otherwise.
"No, you were still so small, I didn't think you could take a whole dick. I kind of felt bad for the Shrunken in the club where guys didn't consider that." he sweetly replied.
"Oh boy." she gasped. He wasn't playing. He had no idea of the mass of this situation. Was it going to be a big effort to get him to understand. She had, well, wanted him to know how intimidating that limb was.
"I haven't been calling it Behemoth as a cute nickname. Micheal, you are disproportionately big. Every Time you put a Shrunken under that penis of yours I'm worried you're going to crush them. If you don't believe me look up what average is." She pleaded.
"Fine I will." He replied. Clearly not believing her. "Oh, that is. Oh, so I am about, oh." Then he blushed. Karla couldn't believe it. A teen boy embarrassed to swing something that size around. He was just too cute. Surrendering he stated, "Sorry to interrupt the class." and placed her back.
"Ok, class, we will skip my preferred name for now. Seems cock is what we will focus on today. Now turn and beg Lord Micheal to allow you to pleasure his cock." Karla requested. Still trying to work out how he didn't realize.
That thought was enticingly distracted by a chorus of sweet young girls requesting of her Micheal in fear seasoned voices, "Please Lord Micheal, can I pleasure your cock?"
"You may," he replied. The penis distraction seemingly forgotten for now by the pretties short song.
"OK Class." Karla said as she walked toward Micheal's face. "Form two lines. You will step forward, strip off your shirt, bra, and panties for your owner to watch. Then give your first name, so he might start to remember you better. Whoever volunteers for the splash zone, stand at the last spot. I'll see what I can get you for a treat for being such a good Shrunken." Karla instructed.
Karla smiled, the first two inline was the busty pair he favored. Karla waved them forward and they nervously stripped as tribute to her titan teen. The taller one finished and announced herself as "Gabriel Lord Micheal."
The curvy one stuttered out, "Donna."
"OK, girls, you two on either side of the tip." Karla commanded. Their expressions told her they were hoping for a less front located spot. Karla snarled, "Now ladies." then snapped her teeth together loudly. They jumped and rushed to kneel on either side of this beast.
That continued down the line. Karla felt herself getting as aroused as Micheal sounded as they surrendered their names and bodies to his power. Her recent guilty feeling about him playing with Shrunken his age now only hinted at her mind enough to keep her from getting to wanting to soon.
She liked that she learned that the tourist blonde from his first port was named Hannah. Shower girl was Sarah Marie. She barely remembered the other girls' names. She wasn't surprised at the worried curves attempting to look exciting that took the last spot. Who wanted to be the center of the results. Peyton forced a smile and said, "Peyton, Lord Micheal. Looking forward to receiving you sperm on me."
Karla walked up and lifted Peyton chin. She found herself delightfully too close. The thought, maybe she plays her and he enjoys the rest of the class. No, she argued, remember this is to replay him for. Something that happened. Karla couldn't remember what, but today they are all for him and his hard manhood. Karla instructed inches from Peyton's nervous full sweet lips, "Tell him you want him to cum on you. Be disgustingly descriptive."
"Lord Micheal, please cum all over me. If I can get your fresh cum over my face and in my mouth I would be grateful." The perky chest little blonde offered. Micheal murmured his want for that.
"Good Student." Karla whispered. Kissing the blue eyed girl's forehead. She had to kiss her somewhere. She let the teen go and she ran to kneel with her chest out towards his Behemoth. A whole crowd of pleasure sacrifices to her Micheal's dominance.
Karla half turned and asked, "Lord Micheal, May I get boosted to on top of your hard erection?"
His hand reached down and she stepped on it. He then moved her over the waiting girls to her manhood stage. She stepped off. Pacing with it's length rocking hips. She stroked her silk stockinged foot as she traveled on that sensitive skinned path. She inspected her waiting students. She could Micheal's excitement building. "OK girls, chests into this awesome cock. Taste pleasure into your Lord's shaft." She had to catch herself as Micheal shuttered as fifteen nubile lovely girls pressed their chests into his dick and Kiss, licked, and suckled his smooth skin.
She paced long her path on top of his erection. Watching gorgeous delights trade their bodies to her Micheal for his continued ownership. Fearful if they didn't please, or appear to please he would discard them to more cruel giants. They would fearfully surrender to him pleasures to avoid possibly becoming a snack to a different titan.
Karla snickered at them. Micheal wouldn't give them up. He enjoyed owning them too much. But he played his part in her little game so well. Karla wished yesterday's dream became real right now. Then they would pleasure two giants as they attended each other.
Karla stopped, "You red hair. What's your name?"
"Carol Lady, ahhh, Karla." the girl whimpered.
"Are you supposed to be pleasing this massive cock or miming your pleasing this wonderful manhood?" Karla demanded.
"Pleasing, I'm sorry. It's just so much." The girl started.
"That's why there are so many of you loving being owned by Lord Micheal. There are always others that can be students along here. Remember that." Karla sternly reminded her. Carol's mouth was too terrified into sucking at Micheal to argue now.
"You Miss, black girl, your name?" She asked.
"Sasha, Miss Karla. Was I doing something wrong?" the pretty lass replied.
Karla got on her hands and knee and leaned toward the girl her hand out. The Girl leaned up and basically placed her chin fearfully in Karla's hold. Karla felt her tongue longingly lap her lips right before she spoke, "No lovely Sasha. More of the girls should be as determined to pleasure Lord Micheal like you are. You are one I'll be noting for special treatment if you keep this affection up." Then released the delightful tender skin go by caressing along the girl's cheek.
The girl clearly didn't appreciate Karla's attention but timidly lied, "Thank you Miss Karla."
Karla continued pacing his Behemoth. Praising good workers. Scolding lackluster Shrunken. Michael watching her lustfully approving of her every action and movement.
In the corner of her mind, her old self begged her to remember they were just girls. How bad she should feel about what she was doing. Her new shadowy friend danced and cheered her. Praising her for realizing how the world really was. Approving her now seeing them as they were, Micheal's, and by proxy, her pleasures.
But time was draining. Micheal sat at just the edge of cuming over pleasing Peyton's pretty puss. A display that would spatter spunk on the tit collection of Donna and Gabriel. But this whole class could not do what Karla had done several times alone.
Karla stopped at Micheal tip. Sexually she blew him a kiss. And he glowed at her affection. Slowly she undid and stripped the tight blazer from her chest. Snap after snap of the blouse she teased her boy. The outfit came with no bra, but the shirt did hang wonderfully teasing him. Not that she could restrain herself much longer. And tore the shirt from her own torso.
She crouched down along his shaft. The skirt was too short to hinder her from pressing her wanting womanhood to him. Her hips rocked her thighs and more along his massive cock. She arched back so he could watch her chest dance as she rode on him. The pure satisfaction on her face to pleasure him. She thought briefly of turning so he could see the skirt straining across her ass. No, she wouldn't stop this glorious sensation of the closest she could have to fucking her titan.
He shivered and she felt the first thick hard blast welling through his Behemoth. It spit white liquid spunk over Peyton's face and chest. And Karla was pushed over her pleasure cliff. Eyes wide as she screamed lust happily from her very soul. The splattering cum painting the three girls in the front of his cock was a perfect firework to her own release.
She collapsed and draped over his shaft. The three girls that got to receive his cum shower whimpered quietly about it being disgusting. Other girls along the shaft unsure if they continue. Or were they finished with this lesson.
She gained her breath and waved the girls on one side to move. Then slid down. She walked up to the curvy dripping girls. "Good job ladies. I will note your happiness on receiving his pleasure." She swiped two fingers over Donna's nipple and tasted his seed. It really tasted of chocolate. She was tempted to savor one of the spattered honeys. But decided against it this time.
"Well, Lord Micheal. Did my students please you?" Karla asked.
"It's a start. More classes are needed." Micheal replied. Karla looked forward to more field trips. He added, "Find out suggestions of rewards from the three at my tip. They are well ahead to earning praise."
"Yes Lord Micheal." Karla replied.
She talked to the man soaked three as the other students and the clothes were taken back to the cages. Karla was surprised at the reasonable suggestions at rewards. Seemed the three realized this was their lives now. No requests to see family or be changed back. Just food treats or the chance to watch certain shows. Books or to pick out an outfit for themselves. Karla savored the fact they surrendered to just wanting to survive. It was like a wonderful wine after that heavy meal of delight she just had.
Then they returned to the cages. Karla took off the play suit, what little she still wore. Freeing her hair as her happy boy lifted her and huddled her sweetly to his chest. They traveled to the shower to continue their day.

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CH27: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 27 M(t)/f f/f non-consensual (Technically)

Micheal was happily humming to himself. Karla was so proud of how happy her game made her giant. They enjoyed the warm water in the afterglow of their relish. She looked forward to her next class.
"You missed a spot." Micheal snickered.
"What do you mean?" Karla asked.
Giant finger tickled her side. "Here!" Her giant giggling continued playfully touching her all over with a happy, "And here." accompanying his attention.
He stopped and Karla fought to regain her breath, "That was mean." she teased.
"You saying you don't like me scrubbing you?" Micheal countered.
She felt her cheek warm, "Scrub yes, tickle no."
Micheal's warm smile filled her view. His powerful fingers caress so tenderly over her. "I just like holding you." he whispered out in a sighed.
Karla nabbed one of those massive fingers and he let her hold it. She stroked her face into his touch. Her heart was pounding. She was his whole focus. She longed to reward such a gift. All she had was the simple reply of, "I'm always yours to hold."
He was leaning toward her. A different Karla feeling like this would have wrapped her arms around the person causing the sensation. Pressed her lips to theirs and tasted their mouth. She yearned to hold him and not just be held.
He pressed her to his face. Held there she could feel his heart pounding through his enveloping hands. His eyes looked deep into her tiny orbs, She knew what he was thinking, she was feeling it too.
"Karla I think." He started.
She twisted her own heart, but it was the right thing for her to say. Karla placed her hand on those affectionate lips, ending his verbal path. Karla told him without admitting out loud, "I think you're my special giant."
"Very special." he agreed. Warm soft lips made her skin tremble with each touch. His hands delighted sensations through her. Karla felt helpless to not return his affection, but it wasn't because of her size. She had to release her warmth back into him.
His watch went off. The electronic beep startling them both enough to step back from their mutual unspoken interest.
Rightly, he stepped around and reached out to check the device. Karla took the moment out of his view to swallow her emotions and collect herself. But Karla didn't feel bad. It was the way of her life now. What was best for her Micheal, she would always be his and it was her Shrunken duty.
He smiled at her sadly, "Chrissy is expecting me soon."
She attempted the sound hopeful. She felt a greedy hope, she'll have to find a way to make that up to him. Karla needed him to go out with a real girl. It was healthier for him to say, "Well hurry up then. Can't leave your girlfriend waiting."
"Yeah, thanks Karla." He accepted her unsaid advice.
"Micheal?" Karla hummed.
"Yes?" He replied.
"You want to deal with that?" she said coyly. Pointing toward his mostly erect penis.
"I don't know if I have time?" He questioned.
Karla put her arms back and chest out. Wiggling playfully she offered, "But you have a wet naked Shrunken right here. Too small and helpless to stop a big strong titan like you from pleasuring yourself with her."
He gave a goofy smile and she was in his hand. Karla hugged at that thick shaft as he pressed her to it. She gasped happily as her towering teen stroked her along his manhood with grateful aroused grunts. What took two or more other Shrunken she would accomplish herself, alone. Not even a real girl had done that.
He shivered and she stopped. Powerful bursts rocketed up that colossal cock. Karla was hoping he was going to wrap her to the tip. Where she could savor the release of his thick pleasure all over and into her body. But she said nothing. Allow her Micheal to relish the pleasure she brought him.
He finished and held her up higher, "You're so hot." he gasped. Karla glowed, no one brought him pleasure like his special Karla.
They finished the shower and dried off. He placed her on the nightstand penthouse. Karla used that unspoken feeling to give herself strength, "Micheal?" she stopped him.
"Yes Karla?" He replied.
"You're going to go talk to Chrissy about your relationship. You should leave me here." she advised.
"But, I like having you with me." He whimpered.
Karla blushed but explained, "I like being with you. But Chrissy and you need to talk without any distractions. I am a distraction. If you need me or she wants me there, just come here and get me."
"If you think that's best." he accepted the advice.
He got dressed and ready to go. Karla idlily got ready. Too distracted by watching her giant to rush. He left and she sighed. She already missed him like a silly girl with a crush. Then he was back, "Here, have this bit of muffin so you don't have to just have pellets when I'm away. And mom got you this little pot of coffee. Here are a couple mugs. I'll be back soon, my special Karla."
"Good luck my special Micheal." she replied and he was gone.
Karla poured a cup and broke off a chunk from the mound of muffin. Sweet boy, it was chocolate chip. She relaxed in a chair barely clothed like some diva. Coffee smell attracted her servants, Sammy, Amanda, and Sofia. She allowed them to join her.
They talked about how much they missed food. Passing the other mug of coffee around like it was a gift from on high. Karla snickered to herself thinking, oh wait it is a gift from on high.
Karla walked over to her closet. She requested, "Sammy since we have time, you think I could get a work out while I wait for Micheal to return?"
"Sure." Came a cold response.
"Good." she grabbed work out like clothes. "Lets go." She said after she slipped on her booty grey sweat pant material shorts and a pink sports bra with a flap of fabric to call it a shirt.
They entered the gym, "OK, let's start by stretching." The tall fitness beauty advised robotically.
"Sure." Karla responded. "So do you have a plan or are we just going with what comes to mind?"
"Haven't decided yet Miss Karla." Sammy replied, it almost sounded snarled.
"Is there something wrong Sammy?" Karla asked.
"That, this morning. You were not just acting to make him happy. To keep that perverted boy's wants in check. You enjoyed it. Worse you asked him for young girls that you terrified into debasing themselves to that sick kid. You feed those kids to that abuse." Sammy growled.
"They are his Shrunken. That's what they are for." Karla responded.
"They are barely teens. It's sick. They shouldn't be used as sex toys. It is wrong." Sammy argued.
This felt familiar to Karla. Like she had this conversation lately. Oh she had, she was Sammy in it with Milly just a couple days ago. How could she have been so wrong back then. What was Milly's correct response, "Look I think you might be having trouble seeing this correctly."
"Is the correct way to see it strutting along his erection like you were their queen up high?" Sammy sneered.
"Look, as Micheal's favorite I get certain privileges." Karla tried to explain.
"Micheal isn't here now is he?" Sammy said, stepping close.
Karla backed away, "No, but he'll be back."
Sammy still moved closer, towering over Karla, "But not anytime soon huh?"
"No, but he will be back. Looking for me." Karla worried about that look in Sammy's eye. Cages bars stopped her retreat.
Sammy grabbed the bars on either side trapping Karla there. That powerful womanly body pressed tight, "You think because you're his favorite you can use any of us like you want don't you?"
"Honestly, yes. If I requested he would make any of you, yes even you, service me. So back off or I'll tell him of this treatment you think you can get away with." Karla snarled.
"But, that would be when he gets back. Now, right now at this time, you're too weak to stop me from doing whatever I want. How would you like to feel helpless and used?" Sammy rumbled.
"You wouldn't dare." Karla rumbled back.
Suddenly Sammy grabbed her wrists and lifted her off the floor. "Now let's make you feel fear." Sammy growled. She managed to restrain both of Karla wrists in one strong hand. With her fit body she pinned Karla up on the bars. Sammy's newly freed hand started stripping Karla’s little shorts off her, "Make you feel too helpless to resist being used as a sexual plaything." Sammy howled.
Karla knew fear should be her emotion, but that wasn't what ravaged her brain. Sammy positioned herself to hold Karla up and released her wrists. As the athletic woman finished stripping Karla's shorts off Karla lustfully messed her attacker's short hair.
"No, this isn't for your fun!" Sammy commanded. Karla felt herself drifting through the air onto some gym pads.
Karla was dazed and attempting to get back up when a powerful shapely body pinned her down. A mighty arm reach down her chest and she felt her top pulled from her breasts. Then with a roar it was gone.
She was flipped and her arms overpower to her sides. Firm thighs pinned her arms there. Sitting on her chest was a snarling Sammy. She tore off her own shirt releasing her firm B cup delights.
The robust woman leaned forward and hooked the waist of her own little shorts. Freeing Karla's arms at the elbows. Karla reached behind and they both striped those shorts from Sammy's amazing body.
"NO! You're just mine to do as I please!", raged Sammy. And in a jump was laying on top of Karla. Mighty hands again pinned wrists. Passionate mouth forced itself over Karla's. Sammy's tongue attacked Karla's. Sammy's pinning body began crushing itself around Karla's more slender form.
The mouth sucked and licked down Karla's neck and attacked her breast. Sucking painfully on the mound as that tongue wonderfully assaulted her nipple. Sammy's powerful arms let Karla's wrists go and coiled around Karla's torso. Karla wrapped her arms around the head sensually devouring her breast. Hands running fingers wildly through her wonderful attacker's hair.
Sammy lifted and rolled Karla around the matts like she was nothing. Karla was delirious. Sammy's body looked too womanly to be this powerful. Yet Karla was helpless to stop what she was enjoying.
"No fuck no!" Growled Sammy. Powerful body raised up. "You will learn what it's like to be someone's sex toy!" she announced.
Two powerful hands snared Karla's head. Soon mighty thighs were pinning Sammy's pussy over Karla's mouth. "Now your a sex toy! How do you like it? Huh? Like being my sex toy?" Sammy growled.
Karla couldn't say how much she liked it. But she could still express it. Tasting deep into the sensual attackers womanhood. She stroked and messaged one of those amazing thighs. Her other hand found a firm mound, squeezed and kneaded.
Karla felt Sammy's hand clawing through the hair on top of her head. Sammy's hips rolled with Karla's savoring of the athlete’s sweet pussy. Karla thighs parted as a hand stroked between them. Accepting access to Karla's tenderness.
The feel of this sculpted body just dominating hers made Karla's blood race. Sammy's touch was clumsy, unsure, but so eager. Karla could feel passion lustfully wrestled from her.
Though Karla was pinned, Sammy submitted to sensation first. Karla lost Sammy's touches and felt her stiffen up and tremble on her face. Passion was released and Sammy literally howled when it did.
Sammy fell off Karla's kisses and flopped to the matts. Suddenly Karla was pulled atop Sammy's fit form and those arms crushed her to her chest. It hurt, but was enticing. Sammy growled in an angry cry, "Fuck I hate you so much!"
Soon those arms loosened. Karla found gentle hands playing with her long hair. She snuggled her lovely attacker. Karla sighed, Sammy huffed.
Soon Sammy announced, "What you did to those girls was horrible."
Karla caught the hint of something. Teasing it to appear with, "But?"
"But." Sammy huffed. "Seeing you strut up there. All those girls worshiping his dick. Hearing him, that giant boy, bow to your suggestions of your wants. Fuck if it wasn't arousing seeing you rule all on that bed this morning."
"So are you mad that I got him to play with girls he sees as his to play with? Or are you mad you liked it?" Karla tested.
Sammy huffed again, "I'm mad that I got so turned on by you doing it. I am not even that into girls. Yet I had an interest in you, but it was just curiosity. Then you all sexy teacher heel toeing down his literally giant erection as an army of pretty girls worship the ground you were walking on. That boy dominated me the other day with no trouble, and I ended up liking it. To watch you led him around by the nose with a smile and a hip wiggle. I just couldn't handle it. I'm sorry I attacked you. But I'm still mad at you too."
"Well, if this is how you take that anger out on me, I hope to make you mad again soon." Karla teased. Then found herself flying off her attacker to thump onto the matts.
"You are horrible." Sammy snarled.
Karla crawled over and put a palm against Sammy's face. A kiss was accepted. Happily Karla asked, "Now that we warmed up, should we get dressed and start the work out?"
"Yes. Lets start building your endurance." Sammy advised.
Sammy really worked with Karla. She explained her goal wasn't to buff Karla like herself, but to make her a bit more fit. Mainly focusing on flexibility and endurance.
After they finished Karla dragged herself to her shower. Washing off alone. Sammy was still working things out in her head. Maria offered to wash her. But Karla wanted less subservient attention.
She managed to dress in her light white with blue trim and flowers sundress. Lounging in a comfortable chair in her little apartment. Gracy came in to clean. They caught up on their show and Gracy regaled Karla on the maid's success on her port day. Seems a group of strapping young men came up to her to rescue her from some people attacking the town.
Shortly after the nice relaxing visit ended and she headed onto the next suite. Micheal came back. He was not happy. Rumbling he collected Karla and flopped onto the bed. He was clearly very upset, but his petting was still very soft.
After a few moments Karla asked, "Are you OK?"
"Girls are annoying." he grumbled.
"What happened?" Karla asked.
"I told her I wasn't happy with what happened the other day." He mumbled. Then he took a deep breath, "She said I was being silly. If I didn't like it I wouldn't have been hard or filled her mouth. I told her I was surprised. And just because a guy gets hard doesn't mean they are ready."
"Than what?" Karla asked.
"She said she had to because I'm too attached to you. I said she was being silly, you're my Shrunken, she was my girlfriend. She then got all better then me sounding asking whose idea was it for you not to come. So I told her. Then she acted like that proved something." He grumbled.
He shook his head, "So we got yelling at each other. How she couldn't just do things to me without permission. She was saying I should switch up which Shrunken I take to things. Then the Ice Cream shop rightly asked if we could argue somewhere else. So we left and I came here."
"Are you two?" Karla asked, a little too hopeful.
"Meeting up later after we cool down, of course. How else would you build a strong relationship." He replied like that's how he expected couples to act.
Karla didn't want to know but asked, "Do you think you're too attached to me?"
"Yes, that's just how I want it. But she should realize she is my girlfriend. I'm not going to be attached to her like you. She's a real girl, you're my Shrunken. It's different. Girls are confusing Karla." Micheal whined.
Then he snarled, "I think she's so used to working with her dad doing breeding stuff she thinks all guys are like male Shrunken. To be used for fun when the dick gets hard."
"I'm glad you two are taking the time to cool down before something was said that ended your relationship." Karla said out loud.
"I wish you were there. You would have found where we were missing something." he sighed.
Milly's voice called out, "Mikey, you here?"
"In my room mom." he pouted.
Milly came in looking worried. "You and Chrissy had a fight huh?"
"Yes." he stated flatly.
"Want to talk about it?" Milly offered.
"I am." he pouted.
"But maybe she might help?" Karla suggested.
"OK, but only cause Karla thinks it will help." He surrendered.
"What happened?" , Milly asked.
"I wanted her to understand I was upset with something she did. She ignored that and told me I should give you Karla cause I was too attached." Micheal let slip something he clearly meant to keep from Karla.
"Well, you might be a bit over concerned with Karla. But I don't think giving her to me would have done anything but made you want her back. What did Chrissy do that was so bad?" Milly softly spoke.
"I don't want to say." He murmured.
"Do you know Karla?" Milly asked.
Karla suddenly found herself cocooned by her Micheal's hands. She heard Micheal respond, "She doesn't want to say either."
"I can't help if I'm blind folded. I promise to not get mad or tell anyone besides us three." Milly offered in a tender mother voice.
Micheal nodded. Karla saw light again. He started, "The other day as I was making Karla's new cage. Chrissy came here with Karla. She was very direct. She took off her top which caught me off guard. Then while I was unsure, she got me to pull down my shorts. She rubbed Karla on my penis till I ejaculated. Which she caught in her mouth and swallowed. I. I was not ready and she doesn't understand since I was hard."
Milly looked bewildered. "OK. I understand." she responded. Karla could see understanding and having advice was two different things.
She asked, "Are you bothered she touched you there or used Karla to help you along?"
"That she did any of it. I wasn't ready to see her without any shirt. I wasn't ready to show her my penis. I wasn't ready for her to touch it. I wasn't ready for her to stroke Karla on it." He explained.
"OK." Milly responded. They sat there a bit. Milly asked, "Chicken soup?"
"Yes please." he replied. They ordered lunch. Sighing each spoon full of warm broth. Karla was amazed how his features relaxed from the yellow liquid with noodles.
"Well my boy. I think you need to explain she has to view you not in the same vane as her Shrunken males. That just like she would not want someone to make her do sexual things without her permission, that she should respect the same of you." Milly advised.
"OK Mom. That sounds right." he accepted.
"As for your attachment to Karla, too bad. If she can go on about breeding like she does. You should have an interest outside her as well." Milly suggested.
"But I'm interested in breeding." Micheal stated.
"No you're interested in watching it and the later results. All the other is not your science." Milly pointed out.
"Oh, yeah that's true." Micheal admitted.
Micheal's watch went off. "Chrissy wants us to meet and start our talk back up. She wants me to bring you Karla."
"You should go. Good luck." Milly added.
"Thanks, be back soon." Micheal announced.
"Micheal," Karla stopped him, "You should put me in a chain cage for this." Karla was soon seated in a cage flying down the halls of the ship.
They found Chrissy on deck. Karla wished they were meeting a little less easy throw close to the rail. "Chrissy?" Micheal announced himself.
"I'm sorry I touched you there without your permission." She replied. Karla sensed parental advice there.
"OK, thank you. Please don't do that again." Micheal sat beside her.
"I am sorry, but I think you need Karla to have a Shrunken boyfriend to make this less distracting." Chrissy advised.
"No. I am the only male, person or Shrunken she touches. Or touches her." Micheal grumbled.
"But she needs someone to be with her when she's with us. Or it’s like we're both with you. And that isn't fair. She needs a partner too." Chrissy argued.
"She has two servants and a trainer. I could bring one of them." Micheal offered.
"I thought you didn't collect boys?" Chrissy questioned.
"Their girls?" Micheal replied confused.
"Oh, so they are actual servants. Sorry the way you said it it sounded like they were for her to play with." Chrissy laughed.
"They are? Chrissy Karla likes both." Micheal explained.
Chrissy's nose twisted in disgust, "Really? You didn't get the wrong idea when I made my mistake did you Karla?"
"Nope." Karla felt amused.
"Wait! I have girls. They're just waiting in cages for when I get home. Sure I put a few in with my boys to keep them healthy. But we could look through girls to see if Karla likes any. Then I'll bring her with us." Chrissy over simplified things.
"Yeah, we can try that." Micheal agreed.
"I'll text dad to see if anyone is in our suite so I can take you guys in." Chrissy offered.
"You know, I might not be interested in any girls you have." Karla advised.
"Then I hope to find one next port." Chrissy replied.
Karla found herself being carried toward The Grant's suite. Inside they were greeted by the parents. Who seemed happy to see the couple working together. To a cage with teens to early forties women were nervously looking. A separate cage was nearby with naked women and girls. From their expressions, they were the male Shrunken entertainment.
Karla knew a couple of the unused ladies. But it was not a good environment for meeting a person. "You sure none fancy you?" Chrissy asked like Karla was picking out an outfit.
They walked out and Debbie called to Chrissy, "Come, we ladies are going to go for a walk."
"But Micheal is here.", she argued.
"Well, we guys need to chat a second." Howard advised.
"OK." Chrissy sounded confused.
They opened the door and there about to knock was James. "Come in, they are just going for a walk."
Karla was weird out. Howard started, "We need to apologize son. We forgot a very important ritual every new collector of Shrunken should get to experience." Karla noticed Micheal's hands wrapped around her cage defensively.
James noted, "We will be modifying the usual parameters. Karla isn't part of this, or I'm out."
"What are they talking about?" Karla asked.
"It's this weird thing guy collectors do around when someone gets their first Shrunken." Micheal explained still defending Karla.
"Relax, Little Dancer is too familiar to many of us for the Circle. We are suggesting at the next port, you pick out one to be the subject for the ritual. And we all get together and perform the Circle. We want to prepare you and ask if this is good company or if you had other choices you wished to add?" Jeff explained.
"What are they talking about?" Karla asked.
"Karla, usually what happens to help a new collector objectify their Shrunken. The new collector usually puts his first Shrunken on a table and him and a group of male friends and family take one of their Shrunken and masterbate on the target Shrunken. It helps see them as lesser. I objected to you as the target. They agreed wholeheartedly. So we were suggesting next port he picks one from the ones he collects there and we perform the Circle." James explained.
"So to make Shrunken seem less like a person, guys get together and circle jerks on them?" Karla asked.
"Yeah. That's it." Howard nodded.
"Karla is not the target or the stroked?" Micheal asked.
"Not unless she wants to be." Howard offered.
"No, thanks." Karla answered.
"It just seems odd." Micheal announced.
"It would put certain concerns to rest." Jeff advised.
Something Micheal said made Karla wonder, "What happens to the stroked?"
"They are placed on the table and made to move one owner over then lick that semen off the target." Howard explained.
"OH, Thank you Micheal." Karla stated.
"Look if it will make you all feel better. But only because you're all weird and Karla isn't in the ritual." Micheal stated.
"Well, that is a little sticking point, not in the ritual. But we would like you to bring her so she can see. Might help her with her new life and job." Jeff timidly stated.
"No." Micheal replied.
"Micheal, if I'm just watching and not sprayed on or made to lick it up at the Circle. I am OK to watch if only to support my Owner." Karla offered.
"OK, I'll book a booth at the Half Mast Club for the night of the next port." Jeff offered.
"And I'll clear Micheal for entry." James advised.
"This is so unnecessary." Micheal complained.
James left and the girl returned with a smiling Chrissy. Karla got the feeling Micheal wasn't the only one going to have a Company ritual happening after the next port. But the ladies didn't share knowledge about that one.
They were just ordering dinner when the boys all received a text. "Alright, so tomorrow the ship is likely going to be hit by heavy rains, so the next work day has been moved to then. To save us sunny days for fun." Howard explained to the ladies.
"Wet Shopping Ladies?" Milly asked.
"I have to go to the security office. Guess Karla's processing has been approved to be done here and ASAPed." Micheal announced.
"Perfect, if she passes I would like her to start pre-Input duties tomorrow with us. Actually, I'm sorry, but I'll need Chrissy to work on some reports tomorrow. But she should be done after lunch if she wants to join you then." Jeff stated.
"OK, I'm going to go to the suite right after, since Karla will most likely still be sleeping." Micheal added.
Karla received a pile of good lucks then found herself travelling. James met them partway. "Don't worry, if you don't pass you will just have to live as Mikey's spoiled Shrunken." He advised.
"I'd be OK with that." Micheal said nervously.
"What happens during this?" Karla asked.
"Well, it's an assessment. So for that processing you will be given a sedative that will make you feel like you're sleeping. In reality you will be in a hypnotized like state. Images and sounds will be flashed at you. The machine registers your mind's reactions and somehow that translate to a technician as whether you are trustworthy or not. And if you're anything like me you will be out till tomorrow at this point." James explained.
"I'll be right with you." Micheal said supportively.
The entered the room was like an operating room. A large bed and a domed device sat hanging over its head. On a table a tiny bed and domed device sat. A dark curly hair woman welcomed them, "Hello, I am Processor Donna Henley. This is the Shrunken to be assessed?"
"Yes." Micheal answered.
"Thank you Mr. Conner, I can handle this. Young man can you please strip her and place her in that little bed." Dr. Henley directed.
"You'll do fine." James said to Karla. "Talk to you soon Micheal." then he left.
"Do you want me to explain the processing to your Shrunken?" Dr. Henley asked.
"Karla, did you want to hear it again?" Micheal asked.
"No, thank you." Karla stated.
"OK, once I've given her the sedative, I will activate the device. We will have to go into the observation room through that door. So our presence doesn't disturb the results. Understand sir?" Dr. Henley asked.
"But I can see Karla right." Michael asked.
"Yes, but she will not see or hear us. Honestly it will be boring for you. I can text you when I'm done." the woman offered.
"No. I want to stay. She's special." Micheal advised.
Karla was stripped and Micheal placed her into the bed. Tenderly tucking her in. He leaned in and kissed her head, "Good night my special Karla" he whispered.
Karla stretched up and kissed his lip, "Good night my special Micheal."
Micheal moved and the Doctor moved over her. "Apologize, but this will sting then feel like a low burning going through your body Shrunken." and it did, but darkness pulled Karla's eyes closed despite the mild discomfort. Karla heard the Doctor advise Micheal, "OK, to the observation room."
Karla dreamed, but it was like she was clicking channels on a TV. Nothing started or stopped, just a flow of thoughts, sounds, worries, and pleasures. None connected.
Karla awoke groggerly on her pillow. Micheal's hand was keeping her warm. She was dressed in her wonderful tee. She sadly sniffed it knowing better. But there was his scent.
"Karla, it's OK, you're in our room." Micheal said with worry in his voice.
"How did I do?" Karla vaguely remembered wanting to pass something.
"Let's say you have to join us working tomorrow. Your work collar will be at the offices when we get home." Micheal smiled.
"Collar means you can fuck me." Karla heard herself ramble. Then asked, "My tongue is all gunky. Can I get a drink?"
"Yes, I'll get you a drink." her sweet boy said then kiss her head.
"Thank you," she remembered saying. Then morning.

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CH28: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 28
M(t)/f Consensual, f,f,f Non-Consensual
M,M,M(t)/f+ Non-Consensual
M(t)/f Consensual

A very chipper Micheal filling the silos. Karla wondered how this shirt that was laundered smelled so freshly like her owner. But that and anything else that sat on the edges of her mind was lost when Micheal landed on the bed.
Karla landed in a giggling heap on the bounced pillow. She was buried by a boy face nuzzling her playfully into her bed. He let her see light and his wide smile as he asked, "Who would you like to play with this morning?"
"So, I vaguely remember you telling me I passed the processing?" Karla remarked.
"Yep." he happily barked.
"So I will be working in your building then?" she wondered.
"Technically it is a series of buildings, but they are all connected, so yes." Her cheer filled giant explained.
Karla couldn't help but giggle at his silliness, "So are you so happy because I'll be bringing you more money or that you'll get chances at me at half size?"
"All kinds of reasons." he announced. Then Karla was attacked by playful fingers thieving her shirt. His mouth closed around her waist and thighs. The reason he was happy changed to how she gets him like this more often.
He released her and she whimpered, "Why did you stop?"
"Should I grab anyone to enjoy while I'm kissing you?" he wiggled as he asked.
"They are your Shrunken, go ahead if you want." Karla was not sure how to handle him so chipper.
He playfully scooped her with his mouth and was headed to the cages. Which was OK because she was traveling to pleasure town as he moved.
She watched him select two blonde women she didn't recognize and Marcia. Then dropped them on the bed. Giant shirt obscured the world. Then he released the Behemoth. The fear expressions on the women's faces reminded Karla who they are. Seems she only knew them from their plaid shirts.
Her eager titan stripped Marcia. Then the two former Lumber Jills. He pressed the former cheer models to his erection and started to soothe his manhood with them. Karla delighted that his use of them was in the same beat as her attention.
Just as her back was starting to ache his free hand became her bed and fingers caressed her breasts. "Oh Micheal, tell me what made you this happy so I can hopefully do it again!" she begged. Maybe that was it, because his beaded lapping intensified.
It soon drove her to her peak. Fingers knew to stroke her face and snuggle her with touches. She was barely down from that peak when he sped her up to the next one. Whatever it was about him doing this, it drove her pussy delirious every time. Size, power, texture, rate, locating, he had it all perfect this morning. Only thing she needed was spacing between organisms.
His hand sadly left slowing the eruptions of her delight. But she was aroused to watch as he pulled helpless MILF Marcia to the bed edge. He forced her long dancer's legs apart. The thick tip of his cock stretched them wider. The woman pleaded for the boy or his mouth toy to not do what was coming. She wiggled and struggled but his one hand out powered that foolish blonde. Micheal moved her so the very end of his tip was pressed tightly to her pussy.
Micheal shiver. Then Marcia arched her back and called out in distress. White spurts of Micheal's thick cum overflowed between his giant cock and the dancer's little womanhood. Each burst brought another moan of strain as Karla's towering teen fuck that shapely little blonde with his blasts of spunk. And she felt pleasure sing out from her as she enjoyed his performance.
Karla felt him weaver after drowning Marcia's womanhood in his thick cum. He carried his sperm bank over to the cages and placed her in. Wiped the end of his penis with the two hand puppets and placed them in. Then headed toward the bathroom.
But this play was different. He didn't stop licking her sensitivity. Micheal kissed her womanhood over and over. Allowing Karla to hang from his warm lips like a cat carrying a caught bird. Teasing another release of pleasure as he prepped the shower.
He took her from his lips and almost literally poured her onto her shelf. She laid as warm water spattered on her pleasure exhausted body. Too spend by reaction to his attention to even move.
"Come on lazy Shrunken, we have a work day today." He poked her with his nose.
Finally managing to sit up. Karla asked, "What got into you this morning?"
"Can't I just be in a good mood?" Micheal asked. Planting a big kiss on her head.
"Did you kill Marcia with that?" Karla jokingly asked.
Her giant snicker, "No, her stomach will ache, but no real damage will happen from that. No real difference from when I do it in their mouths or up their asses."
Karla managed to her feet. "So no hint of why you're in a good mood. Cause next non-event day I could go for more of those special kisses like this morning. In fact you can do them till I pass out you big goof."
She found herself lifted on a happy humming boy face. Then back to the shelf. "We better get going. We have to take our stuff to Chrissy suite." was his response.
They finished and she found herself looking for a business-like outfit. Hell with it she thought and put on her school uniform. Micheal came to take them to breakfast. She glowed as he had to stroke her thigh high socks for a few minutes first.
Out for breakfast Milly snickered, "Karla, what interesting business clothes you have."
"I really don't have a lot of business clothes for some reason." Karla jokes back.
Milly snickered and replied, "Really, a teen boy didn't order his sexy pet sensible clothes."
Micheal interrupted, "I placed an order last night. But real business clothes like that are less popular so it will actually be arriving at the house. Sorry."
"What, I wish more ladies at work dressed as nicely." Howard added in jest.
Karla received a darling little travel mug from Milly. "It'll adjust to your size if you're holding it when processed. If you're sized up without holding it, too bad. Sadly, the coffee will not adjust up. Just down."
"Thank you. When did you get this?" Karla asked.
Milly bowed, "I have been picking our best Shrunken up items since I learned Jeff offered you the spot. I had no doubt you'd get adjusted to your new life. Hopefully Micheal doesn't mind us spoiling you."
Karla felt a bit overwhelmed. Howard pushed a small briefcase toward her. "Works just like the mug. We'll have to wait on a tablet that does the same. Welcome to the Company Karla Micheal Miller."
"Huh?" Karla replied.
"As a rented Shrunken you're given a name. Technically you are to be treated the same as if you were Mikey. So your name is your name, then your owner's first and last name. Now I will tell you several people will not treat you as Mikey my advice is, tattle. You are my employee at the Teleport Research and Jeff's at his breeding factory. So you deal with people on both sides. If they are under my side, tell me. If factory, tell Jeff. Because if they are causing you problems they are hindering the association between the two projects." Howard explained.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Deliveries." came a voice.
Howard went over as Milly placed a bit of pancake and a nub of sausage before Karla with a touch to much syrup.
"And I need a signature for this one?" the man said.
"Milly, did you order Karla something needing to be signed for?" Howard asked.
"No, Mikey?" Milly asked.
"No, what is it?" Micheal replied.
A brown box package was placed on the table. Carefully Howard opened the box. He lifted out a shiny back tablet labeled with Karla Miller. "Maybe a gift from Jeff welcoming you aboard? He must have paid through the nose to get a tablet that can handle adjusting here and labeled so quickly." Howard suggested.
"Welcome to the Company indeed Karla." Milly noted.
They finished breakfast. Howard examined and re-examined the shipping box and the paperwork for the tablet. Karla was nervous about it by how distracted Howard was about it.
"OK you boys pick out some break fun and get going." Milly advised.
"Oh, Karla, help me pick." Micheal requested as he scooped her up.
In the room he pulled out a little cage. Placing before the big ones. He looked saying, "Should take a mix." He grabbed Donna, Gabriel, Peyton, and the brunette gymnast. Followed but Angela, the perky blond from the gym, one of the photoshoot models, a dirty blonde with wavy hair. The Black and two of the Asian LumberJills, Mai, and four of the mid teen cheerleaders. Two brunettes, a red head, and a blonde.
Howard waited at the door, his cage holding about the same range. They took all three tablets and Karla's mug with them.
Jeff greeted them, "Morning. You guys ready to trudge through the rainy day."
"Snacks and lunch ordered?" Howard asked.
"Yes. Nice break toys." Jeff noted. "Oh good, you will likely need coffee as you go through registering form after registering form. Good buy."
"Speaking of which. Thanks for picking Karla up an adjustable tablet and labeling it. That must have cost a bundle." Howard clearly was checking something Karla noticed.
"I didn't order her anything yet." Jeff replied.
"You kids set up. We have a report difference to hash out." Howard lied. Micheal clearly missed it as he had just started setting up.
Chrissy arrived dressed like a little doctor that she actually was. Karla wished she could read lips as both men talked low and kept looking at the tablet.
"Karla?" Chrissy's voice cut through her focus.
"Yes?" Karla replied.
"Aren't you excited we will be working together." the cheery blonde asked.
"Yes. I am looking forward to it." Karla replied.
"OK, let's get going." Jeff announced.
Micheal started his tablet and slid Karla’s toward her. "Go ahead, it's safe." Howard replied to Karla's nervous look.
She took off her shiny shoes and pressed the on button with her foot. The mysterious device lit up and a robotic voice requested, "Karla Michelle Miller please state your name for future voice recognition."
The room was quiet. Now the kids were aware of the strange nature Howard caught right away. "Karla Micheal Miller." Karla said with a lump in her throat.
"Greeting Karla, welcome to the Company. Would you like to continue your first day via voice access or touch screen?" the machine spoke.
"I'm working with others, so touch." Karla felt she needed to explain to the machine.
"Touch activated." the machine announced.
A listing of options of sizes from Full to Pen with a last option of No Adjustment Required. "Oh cool, Karla it wants to know what size you want to use it at, funny full is even an option." Chrissy relaxed and explained.
"That’s amazing. Your standard if it helps. But I'm not sure why it asks since it would need a tube to adjust it in." Micheal informed. His tone was amusement.
"Go ahead." Howard said clearly curious.
Karla carefully walked onto the screen. Both men watched carefully. The teens started downloading their reports and were focused on those. Karla looked to the men. They nodded.
She tapped the Standard option. The machine popped up a timer requesting she step off before the timer ended. Howard scooped her off gently.
The three watched as the timer ended and the machine became Karla sized. "Wow, new feature." Micheal stated excitedly.
Howard and Jeff nodded as Karla mimed picking it up. She turned so the men could look over her shoulder as she started using the device. It went through requesting a personal password. Fingerprint scan. It explained if she planned to use it in full as a smaller size she would have to adjust its size and do a stance ID. Then a Company form popped up and both men leaned in to read the tiny print.
"Dad, are you going to marvel at Karla’s tablet or download your reports?" Chrissy asked.
"Yeah right, sorry honey smile." Jeff announced. Both men mouth wait please then start up their tablets.
Karla took this time to re-adjust the size so they could see better. Micheal asked, "Why not leave it your size?" as it grew on it's own.
"I want to stretch my legs. You carry me so much I need to get exercise when I can." She felt bad lying to her owner.
The machine took her stance ID. The form was back. Howard and Jeff looked it over. "Jeff and I have to go over something real quick with Karla. Be right back." Howard stated and she found herself suddenly in the main bedroom with the two men. She allowed a slight nervous snicker as the thought being alone with these two was scary a few days ago.
"Well, what do you think?" Howard asked Jeff.
"It has to be. Otherwise how could it have that security level and connections to both our departments." Jeff replied.
"What is going on? Should I use that thing?" Karla asked.
"Well Karla, we think someone above us wants this partnership to succeed. To the point they are actively monitoring our progress." Howard advised.
"That device gives you access to both our companies as we would want but neither of us approved you yet cause we didn't think you would get a work tablet till after the cruise was done." Jeff advised.
"And self adjusting devices are not an option allowed. That keeps Shrunken more dependent on their owners. But helps us three immensely." Howard pointed out.
"That with the fact we wondered why we were sat together the first night with a family we didn't have anything in common with." Jeff advised.
"That may still just be happenstance." Howard cautioned.
"But my status increased as I started and broadened my scope. This trip at this level will give my department a tremendous boost." Jeff pointed out.
"I don't understand, who is higher than you two?" Karla asked.
"Really, White status, the board, only five people and they don't usually focus this closely on these things. That is our job." Howard explained.
Jeff's voice was strained as he explained, "I was blue when I started planning my breeding factory. Shrunken breeding has been a thing for years, but no one started grand scale planning it to me about two years ago. I was blue when I booked my family a room on this trip. I figured it was my family history that boosted me to purple, but my booking jumped too. A month before this trip started I was suddenly red and was booked for all the trips."
"This is like if the President of the United States was using all his powers to keep your old souvenir store open." Howard described.
"One of them wants full scale breeding and unrestrained shipping of Shrunken Kittens to happen." Jeff said, shaking his head in disbelief.
"So, should I use that tablet?" Karla asked.
Both men agreed, "Yes. For certain."
"Karla, you have become a very important Shrunken. Now that probably happened when Jeff here requested you for this job. But, I expect more interesting things to happen as we continue to work together." Howard advised.
"If the board doesn't usually focus this closely then, why are they and what do they do?" Karla asked.
"They seem to issue proclamations every so often. Making directives and such. Some say they have a device to see the future and guide the Company with that. Their success rate seems to be incredible. But only their representatives know who they are, and maybe what they do. As for why this, After this and the next few cruises we would have a limited area to collect from. But a successful and covertly shipped breeding supply wouldn't have to be covered up." Jeff suggested.
"Well Karla, it seems Mr. Conner was right about you. Let's get out there and get this working. Besides Mikey is probably about to break down the door thinking we're playing naughty teachers with you." Howard advised.
They came out and sat at the table. Micheal gave a worried look. "Howard wanted to warn me about someone in your complex." Karla covered.
"Yeah, Gerald is a creep. If he tries anything I'll teleport him into space." Micheal advised.
Karla stepped onto her tablet. She danced through the Company form. Then a quick bunch of tablet and company security password requests. Then she was receiving her own copies of reports.
That’s when the first snacks arrived. A basket of fruit and muffins. The guys looked nervous at each other. Chrissy advised, "I'll eat and play in my room."
"Ahh, I don't know." Micheal started.
Karla touched his hand. As Chrissy's door shut she advised, "I'll see them during the Circle. You're not playing with me here right. So we should be able to be professional."
Micheal scooped her up and placed her on his shoulder. Howard asked, "You sure. We could hope into the other room, or Chrissy probably wouldn't mind you hiding in there with her."
"Oddly I think I'd be less comfortable seeing Chrissy play." Karla stated. "Besides, what do you guys do, just rub one out then back to work or are you more creative?"
"Honestly a little toy play then rub one out." Howard answered.
"Suppose your used to seeing Micheal enjoy his Shrunken by now aren't you." Jeff said placing the Lock-In Room playset on the table.
"Micheal what did you bring?" She asked.
"The spider stuff. Sorry I didn't think about how you don't like spiders." her giant stated.
"So, do you guys play together or separate? Like could Micheal's giant spiders attack some poor cheerleaders in Jeff's locker room while, what did you bring Howard?" Karla asked.
The men smiled at the creative shoulder devil of Micheal’s. "I only brought shackles and chains." he admitted.
"How horrible some mean men chained up some poor girls and left them for giant spiders to ravage." Karla playfully growled.
Howard handed out a few chains and things to the other two. Micheal lent them a couple vibrating spiders and a half wrap. He hooked up the web in a corner of the room. Strapping the Black Lumber Jill in it. Howard added a shapely Latina about Karla's age. Jeff added a blonde who looked a touch older.
Howard used the half cocoon on a blonde girl in her mid-teens. He forced her legs open and slipped a spider up her. Binding the legs, he turned it on. The girl gave an arousing moan as the spider trembled in her womanhood.
Jeff then took two Asian girls about Micheal's age. Used the half cocoon to bind them together facing each other as they pleaded in their language. He forced their legs apart and slipped one of his spiders along their trim pussies. Locking the legs and switching it on. They made a fun duet.
Micheal asked, "You sure this is OK?"
"Yes. I know my life now. Go ahead." Karla advised.
He took Peyton and used her flexibility and his father's shackles to restrain her with her feet folded by her head. He slipped his spider into her exposed womanhood and clamped it on. He turned it on and the girl’s eyes rolled back. Her big perky breasts jiggle enticingly.
"That's great, now what are you boys going to do with your second spider?" Karla challenged.
"Are you usually this relaxed as Micheal plays?" Howard asked.
"Can you keep a secret dad?" Micheal asked back.
"Yes Mikey." Howard's eyes sparkled.
"Lot of the time when I'm playing. Karla's suggesting what I should do. We play as a team." Micheal praised. Petting Karla's head.
"Fuck, she is a special find." Jeff praised.
"Which one Karla?" Howard asked.
She survived his collected choices. "Is that the teacher from that gym?" she asked, pointing toward a fit looking brunette.
"Yes, how should I bind her?" He asked, snickering.
"You shouldn't. I think if that spider is tightened right it will hang onto her tight ass as she flops around." Karla advised.
Howard stripped the woman of her slave outfit. She cursed them all as he bent and restrained her. A bit of wiggling the blub stretched her ass and slipped inside. Howard secured it to her ass, then turned it on. He let her go and she squirmed and jumped. But that spider kept deep and vibrating.
"Well then, who for me?" Jeff asked.
She looked and asked, "That blonde, is she from the beach volleyball?"
"Oh her, yeah." Jeff said grabbing the athletic form still in her game clothes. As he stripped her he asked, "What happens to her?"
"Looks like she was chained to one of those benches and a spider mounted her." Karla purred.
He took some of Howard's shackles and bound her to a bench bolted to the floor of the play set. Then rocked his second spider into the girl who grunted with each movement. She was thin enough that he ended up binding the legs under the bench. He flipped it on. They could hear the soft sound of her skin gently slapping into the flat surface as it worked her.
"Micheal?" Karla asked.
"I only have the Daddy." He said with a proud smile.
"Any full cocoons?" She asked.
He pulled one out asking, "Which one?"
"That lumber Asian." was all she said. And a Lumber Jill was finding her clothes being taken from her. He wrapped her in the cocoon and placed her by the web. He then pulled out the big puppet.
The men watch him make the spider walk across the table. Up and over the set's wall and over the white bound pretty. Both hummed amused as Micheal wiggles it's phallic between the held woman's thighs and into her tender womanhood.
Michael began moving his wrist to hump the trapped woman. Both jumped as the stinger snapped out. He opened the mandibles and pierced the pussy of his Black webbed beauty. Essentially raping both targets at once. To the men's delight.
"Hey, Mikey can it get my hanging girl?" Howard asked.
The Mandibles released the Black woman. It turned toward the Latina woman. She begged not to be violated in both English and Spanish. But the spider wasn't bilingual. Mandibles hooked, she let out a scream as the stinger pressed deep between her legs. She called out "IE!" with each insert.
"Mine next." Jeff requested. The blonde made clear her thoughts on that idea. On them and where they could put the puppet. The mandibles steadied her and the bud popped into her. She was actually quite receptive once she was receiving attention.
Micheal then took turns. Switch to one hanging woman for some deep spider tastings then switching to the next. Jeff's blonde became rather instant that she got her turns.
"As much fun as this is, we need to get back to work soon." Howard sighed. Pulling out and stripping a dirty blonde gym rats from their last port. Jeff pulled out a young brunette from the horse show.
Micheal took the puppet off, but left it inserted much to that blondes glee. He pulled out his busty favorites. Jeff teased, "You think you're going to need two for a quick rubbing?"
Karla replied, "Wait for it."
Both men seemed nervous about exposing themselves in front of Karla. But they both took a deep breath and pulled out their erection. Howard's wasn't impressive, but she had seen that before. Jeff's was fair sized.
They went from nervous to more aroused having her watching them. Howard placed the fit woman facing toward his balls and began pumping her face in and out of his sack. Jeff forced the girl to straddle his manhood like she learned on horses. Sliding the whimpering sweet thing's legs up and down his length.
Micheal finished stripping Donna and Gabriel. Then he undid his shorts and pulled out the Behemoth. "HOLY SHIT BOY!" Jeff exclaimed.
"See I told you that you were big." Karla praised loudly.
"You sure he's yours?" Jeff teased.
"He luckily takes after his mother's side of the family." Howard noted.
As he placed both busty beauties around his shaft Jeff commented, "No wonder you need two."
Karla was enjoying Jeff's appraisal of her colossal owner's manhood. Better was the men's Shrunken at seeing the teen’s towering cock. Trembling in fear. She burned with want. Whispering in her giant's ear, "Would you mind giving me kisses?"
"Not in front of dad and Jeff." He whispered back. She agreed once she thought about it. But couldn't help but pout.
Jeff grabbed tissues first as his rider knew enough to press her tight thighs together to better ride his stallion. Howard was next, pinning the fit blonde between cock tip and tissues. Micheal left his girls clean and caught his flow in some tissues.
Howard went to freshen up first. Jeff sighed tracing a finger over the girl's developing curves. "I'm surprised you hung out for play break. With your reaction to the idea of the Circle."
"It's just a weird ritual. This is just stress relief. Honestly I'm surprised at you Karla. I figured you would not want to be around other guys' things." Micheal sounded worried.
"I figured I would see them at this Circle thing they want me at. Besides, it's only your big thick cock I ever want to feel myself on." She teasingly purred.
Howard came back and Jeff left. "So, you suggest ideas for Mikey?" he asked as he sat back down.
"He sometimes takes my suggestions." she down played her role.
"She gives the hottest ideas." Micheal praised.
"Like what?" Howard asked.
"She had me dress a bunch of the freshly ripe girls in outfits like she's wearing. She dressed as a sexy teacher. Then she informed them how some owners eat their Shrunken and how they should show they are thankful that I'm not a vorest." Micheal praised.
"Can you talk with Milly about your suggestions? Might be a fun bedroom game." Howard asked.
"Ewww dad." Micheal complained. Karla just nodded to her owner's father.
Jeff came back suggesting, "If you have it in you Mikey, you should reward your co-worker there."
Micheal wandered into the bathroom. He freshened himself up. "Well you heard Dr. Grant. Just some quick kisses."
He pulled her frilly panties off. She spread her legs and leaned back. Watching Micheal play then intimidate crowds of women left her wanting. She wouldn't say it, but directing the two men's play added to her arousal.
His lips pinned around her under her plaid skirt. Powerful fingers stroked over her shirt and attended any exposed skin. He was only going through the motions, having just finished moments earlier. But his actions were better than anyone else's intended attention. Soon she found relief as he lapped.
"Thank you Micheal. Sorry I asked out there. But seeing those women in their cages trembling at your manhood just got me too excited." She said.
"That's OK. I was so tempted, they would have been so jealous." Micheal smiled.
She kissed his nose, "Yes they are my big playful Micheal."
"Break is over, next one. Us in here." He purred.
"I hope it comes soon." She purred back.
The next couple hours were mostly Howard and Jeff giving her a crash course on how to read and connect the relevant information. They reassured her she didn't have to remember all of this right now. As she would get the knowledge of how to do it Inputted once they got home.
The next break was lunch, but the wives/mothers came to cheer them up. Food was dished out and Karla found herself sitting on the arm of the couch with her little plate beside Milly.
"How's your first day going?" she asked.
"Good, I think. How is shopping?" Karla replied.
Milly snickered, "It's mostly us sitting in the coffee shop being catty about the people that walk by us."
"Are you having fun?" Karla inquired.
Milly snickered again, "Lots. Debbie and I have so many opinions in common despite coming up in different backgrounds. Speaking of fun, what did you do while the guys had their break?"
Karla felt embarrassed. She didn't know if she should say or not. But she figured honestly was the best policy for dealing with Milly, "I stayed and watched."
"Why you naughty minx. Learn anything interesting?" Milly plied for gossip.
"Nothing you really want to know." Karla honestly replied.
Milly laughed, "No, you're probably right."
Karla did supply, "I can tell you one thing, Howard would like you to direct him sometimes while he plays with his Shrunken."
"How did that come up." Milly questioned.
"Well, Micheal likes when I do it, and I kind of slipped into doing it with them during the break. I think it got them over the nervousness of me being there." Karla explained.
Milly nodded with a smirk, "A few days ago those guys would have played with you for hours. Now you're telling them how to play with other Shrunken." Karla felt Milly caressing her head, "You are one special Shrunken."
"Thank you. I figured since they want me at their thing for Micheal, they should get used to me being around." Karla slipped.
"Yeah, Howard originally wanted you as the target for the Circle. Then they got distracted with fun on the ship. I'm glad that they got distracted." Milly noted.
Karla questioned, "You know about the Circle?"
"Please, Howard gets so excited sometimes about Shrunken getting cummed on he has to tell me all about it. It's like a proud child who uses the potty, I cam I cam. Did you wash it off? Not yet it's hot with my spunk on its face." Milly jokes.
"So what's the girl's one?" Karla asked.
"It's called the Bath. In Chrissy's case it might as well be one for the males we have. Basically she sits in the tub and we dump a group of Shrunken males on her then start filling the tub. She then becomes an island as the males try to delay needing to tread water. Shows her they need her to survive." Milly explained.
"Huh, is it always males?" the question slipped from Karla's mouth.
"Depends on preference. Lesbians would get females, bi would get a mix leaning toward any preference. It's the same with the Circle, only guys usually don't attend if it goes against their leanings." Milly explained.
"I learn something new everyday." Karla remarked.
Milly nodded, "It is a whole new world when you enter it."
Once lunch finished the ladies left with Chrissy who had finished. Little more sure of what to take from the reports Karla was able to work alone more. Though before the afternoon break arrived Howard and Jeff were back to helping. Seems she was the last to finish.
As Jeff tapped out the last requests she needed he noted, "Hate to be that guy. But we should call our wives home. We haven't looked over the next port yet. We do have tomorrow but, sooner the better."
"I'll text them as you help Karla with that." Howard announced.
Karla was a little disappointed she didn't get her break playing with Micheal. Or even more directing the guys with fun ideas. But this trip was for them to have fun toys.
The ladies came back, then the afternoon snacks. Karla was still using her new tablet. She hoped whoever sent it didn't mind her using it to help her owner family.
They searched and searched. It was the darnedest thing. The next port had nothing planned that day. No pageants, fashion shows, car exhibitions, not even a swap meet. They were disappointed. They did make a list of gyms and other likely locations. But that was limited to the start of collecting in the mornings. Strip clubs and things like that were not likely to open as the town's population was gathered up.
"Well, that's OK we have our lucky charm with us." Jeff announced pointing toward Karla.
"No, Mikey only had that pocket for one port. Karla will have to stay here." Milly sighed like it was Karla's presence that helped them collect all those sweet pets last port.
"That does take away our hope spot." Howard jokes.
"Maybe you could ask Mr. Conner for it again?" Chrissy suggested.
"He has been so nice. I don't want to bother him for every want." Micheal replied.
"Oh, tomorrows the Little Beauties event, you entering Karla?" Chrissy asked.
"No, I don't want to stand among a crowd and be bored." Micheal grumbled.
"Really, you wouldn't want to watch a parade of pretty Shrunken?" Milly asked.
Micheal looked at her and smirked, "You have seen the cages in my room right? If I want a parade, I'll demand a parade."
"But then you would know if Karla's the most desirable Shrunken on the ship." Debbie teased.
"I already do." Micheal replied firmly. Karla felt her heart flutter.
"You know there are all kinds of things in this ship to do, why do we not just experience those. Parasailing, target shrinking, that skydiving simulator. Let's just go and be tourist's on this ship." Howard suggested.
They found a new thing to look up and plan out. The evening was learning what was on board and where to find it. They split up into couples and planned a day together. Micheal and Chrissy looked adorable picking things to try together. Karla just sighed quietly and watched them be happy.

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CH 29: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 29
M(t),f/f,f,f non-consensual

They were sweet together. Matched well and shared many interests. Both near the same age. An adorable young couple. Karla was happy to see her Micheal so happy with her friend Chrissy. She would do what she could to help this budding relationship bloom. Because that's what a good pet Shrunken does right?
She sat alone. The couples all snuggled close. Sharing ideas and suggestions. She watched quietly. As events were booked and features were mapped out. She was happy for her owner's family and their friends. Like the special pet should be right?
They finished their plans and families parted for the night. She traveled back to where she is kept. Her owner stroked her head as he walked. Her reward as a good Shrunken. If she was really good, more intermittent attention will follow once alone. That's what she wants right?
He says good night to his parents and they are alone. He places her in her cage. He smiles and announces, "Let's get ready for bed." So she does. Putting on that shirt that holds his scent. She waits to be moved to the bed. Because that's what she should do right?
He scoops her up and rolls into bed. He has his tablet. Ordering more clothes maybe? Toys to play with the less special Shrunken? She will help him select whatever he is looking for. Because she's a good thing right?
Teen sitcom, haven't watched that for a few nights now. He strokes her hair as he snuggles around her. He leans in, most likely wants to pleasure himself using her. She will stretch and arch to help his efforts. She will be attending like a good Shrunken should right?
"Karla, you're the most special hot Shrunken ever." he says kissing her head. Her heart shouldn’t pound like this right?
"I don't know what I did to make you sad. But I'm sorry. Let me know what I can do to make it up to you please? Let me know what I did so I can try not to do it again? Your my special Karla." he warmly requests. She shouldn't feel this. She was only a Shrunken right?
"I'm just tired. Sorry to worry you." she lied. She shouldn't confuse him with her emotions right?
"It's confusing. I'm a person and you're a Shrunken. But we both are tired together. But I don't want to stop spending time with you. Because I feel you're so special and I know you think I'm special so I know you want to spend time alone with me. Feeling special to each other." He says. She wants to cry, he's a person. He can't feel like this too right?
She turns and looks upon his sad smile. She forces a smile, which brings a little warmth to his face. She nuzzles her face to his chin. She tells him, but only as much as their life together can be said, "You are my Special Micheal." and kisses his lip. That's the best she can express right?
"You are my Special Karla." he sings back. And snuggles her entire body. Kissing her on her head. He turns off the tablet and lays his face beside her. She snuggles to him as best she can. Cause that's what people feeling special to each other do, right?

Giant brown eyes welcome her as she awakes. Micheal begins petting her, pushing her wonderfully into his face. She stretches along his cheek. She feels bad about her behavior last night. She shouldn't have burdened him with her misplaced emotion. "Sorry I was so mopey last night. You didn't get to play before bed." she apologize.
"That's OK. I got amazing cuddles to my face." he smiles back.
"Don't you need to meet Chrissy. Shouldn't you get up?" Karla advises him.
"We do, but we have a bit of time yet. We can stay snuggling a while longer." He sweetly responds.
Karla feels like she did something horrible. But Micheal does not realize it yet. "Maybe you should get some quick morning play. Make up for me ruining your chance last night."
"Would it make you feel better about you not ruining last night if I played this morning?" He asked.
"Yes." she admitted.
"OK then." he growled playfully. His lips pillowed into her face and over her body. Dang he was good, his fingers had her shirt before she even really noticed him taking it. He licks her entire body. She should be disgusted, but for some reason it feels amazing. "I like playing with you." he purrs.
"You big goof, why not molest some of the others." she suggests. Feeling guilty he was rewarding her with this much attention.
"You want to see me use a few Shrunken?" He hums as he's petting her body with his face.
The image of helpless woman pressed to his cock pleading him to stop. When they should be praising him for being a gentle titan. Yes she wanted to see her Micheal's power over others. "Please, I like watching you play." she gasps.
He whispers, "As my Karla wants." and is up. Karla feels a rush as little voices beg for mercy as he collects his wanted toys. He held all three in one hand, the mother and two daughters from the horse track.
He places them on the bed and they cuddle together staring up at Karla's towering teen. He strips. Making sure his Behemoth escapes over the helpless brunettes. They all let out sounds of fear as it bounced over them waiting to savor them. Micheal looks at her and smiles. He knows she likes seeing his pets cower before him. How sweet for him to prolong that display just for his little Karla.
He bends so that thick manhood hovers just above the trio. He stanches the youngest daughter and strips her. She whimpers loudly so he takes his time allowing Karla to listen to the song. The mother adds to the tune begging him not to harm that lovely slender form. He places the girl on his thick shaft once she is nude.
He bends again. The girl clings to hang on as his penis bows with his movement. The other daughter is now in hand. She's a fighter. Spouting treats and demands that mean nothing in Karla's giant boy's hands. It mixes well with the whimpering younger sibling and the begging mother. She is perched on his massive cock as well.
They cry out as he climbs back onto the bed. Karla can see he is being careful not to lose his riders. But it must be heart racing to be on that wobbling tower.
He lays beside Karla and nabs the mother. The daughters slip off his member, but are too frightened of Karla's Micheal to risk his wrath by travelling far from that beacon. Karla finds herself giggling as she is being relocated to his chest.
He takes the mother's clothes as easy as unwrapping a candy. The woman struggles and it does nothing but show off her curved features. He takes the time to press and squeeze her massive breasts in his powerful fingers.
"You really like those three don't you?" Karla questions her giant.
"There is something hot about enjoying a whole family of women at once." Micheal replies.
He takes a hand and collects the two daughters. They are rewarded by being wrapped around the base of his shaft. The mother he balances at the top. Straddled over his tip so her pussy rested over his spout. Karla was electrified at the display of his power. Nearly breathless she gasped, "It's hot how easy you can enjoy them." Then the daughters started up his cock.
Her hand ran along her womanhood. Sweet giant voice purred so close to her she felt his warm breath over her bare skin, "There is just one thing hotter."
Karla had no idea he was as flexible as he was. His tongue hooked between her legs and swept her backward into grasping lips. Soon they wonderfully entrapped her waist and thighs. No longer needing his tongue to capture her, he used it to attack her wanting pussy.
Her hips rocked as that amazing budded surface drank deep from her. Her Michael displayed his ownership of that family of Shrunken pretties before her. She was in heaven.
As her colossal owner dragged those two teens along his shaft the mother's unnaturally firm boulder like breasts bounced. It almost looked like the tiny woman was attempting to insert the tip of the Behemoth. The way the woman's legs were stretched over it showed a history of riding large beasts.
Karla couldn't watch any longer because her body exploded in satisfaction. She sang praise to her Micheal for his kisses and the show. Her song hit a nerve and the thick fountain started into the woman. It was hard to tell around her own noses, but Karla was sure his cum blasts were making the woman moan out in pleasure.
He stopped but held her with his lips. Karla looked at his marvelous manhood. The teens held part way up, staring up as the slowly tricking semen approaching them. He had a finger pinning their faces to his skin, so if that didn't move they would taste his spunk.
The woman sat atop the now tried Behemoth. Her hips pumped. Smearing her womanhood and thighs to the cum still clinging between them. She liked being used by the wonderful giant Karla delighted to herself.
He rose and released Karla on her pillow. Where she laid happily limp. Watching as the mother let out a autable "Oh." sound as she no longer topped his tip. The girls whimpered as he gifted them by wiping the cum from his cock with their bodies. He replaced the three back into those clear cages.
He slipped his hand under her and Karla was floating to the bathroom. She snickered at him, "I like watching you be a mean giant."
He replied, "I like making you moan like that."
She admitted, "I like that too."
They showered quietly and got ready for the day. Karla found an outfit of shorts and a baseball style shirt in her choices. Well the shirt was baseball styled if she wanted to distract the pitcher by flashing the tops of her bases at him. But Micheal must have thought it would look good on her, and that's what mattered. His finger did dust the home plate as he lifted her, so clearly he did like how the shirt rested on her.
Since it was not a group day. It was a cold breakfast choice. Milly did gift her with coffee asking, "You taking Karla with you on your day adventures with Chrissy?"
"Yes why?" Micheal answered.
"Well, if you were not I was going to invite her along with your dad and I. I know there has been some miscommunication between the three of you." Milly offered.
Micheal nodded and advised, "I'm hoping us having fun as a group will clear that up."
"OK, if anything changes, text me. I know Karla wants you to be happy. Right?" Milly asked with a warm smile.
"Yes. I am glad to go with your parents if you would rather try a day with just the two of you." Karla offered. Because that was what a good Shrunken does.
"No, we made our plans for the three of us. Everything we booked we booked with a Shrunken attachment for me." Micheal explained. Karla was really glad to hear she would be attached to him and not Chrissy.
They finished as a knock at the door. Chrissy stood there in a loose button up baseball like shirt and shorts. "Oh wow Karla! It's like we picked out outfits together. Great minds think alike." Chrissy excitedly praised the matching. Karla actually found this reassuring.
They began their adventures. To Karla the world was extra large so certain pleasures for people were extra adventurous for her. They did that giant fan hovering thing first. She was strapped to Micheal's chest. But the spacing on the grate over those whirling blades was unnerving. Then go-carts around a deck. That was like being strapped to a rocket as the world whizzed by at lightning speeds. Then rock climbing. She pressed to his chest as he happily scaled Everest to her perspective.
All through lunch she wanted to just lay flat on the secure, not zipping around, table surface. They happily chatted about doing some of the dangers again.
After lunch was hang gliding in the pull of the ship. That was worse than the fan. The fan would be quick. This would be a thump then her body draining out as she was a heap on the deck. Or worse in the ocean.
The next activity was on the ground and not trying to fling themselves off the ship at high speed. It was Shrink targeting. Like clay pigeons only the disks are made to be shrunk like they could do with people. James and Frank must have had the day off as they were enjoying targeting the red disks as Micheal and Chrissy waited.
Frank spotted them, "Hello fast draw. You here to show us professionals up?"
"I just wanted to try." Micheal replied.
"Come over, we'll share time if that's OK with you Mikey?" James asked.
They fired off one to four disks and the guys practiced minimizing the targets. Chrissy had no interest, but cheered Micheal on. Karla was amazed at how fast he could pick and shrink a target. Frank noting, "You have a real quick eye for this Dr. Miller."
"You want to try Karla?" James asked a question she was not expecting.
"How?" she replied.
"There is a special helmet for Shrunken that allows them to shrink the disks. And only the disks. Want to know kind of how it feels?" he explained.
She put on a helmet wired to the ship. James explained, "When you see a target, lock your eyes on it and just think shrink. You have to really lock your eyes and wait till you feel it's shrinking before you can target another or it will not work. Understand?"
"Yes, I think, but how does it work?" Karla asked.
"Well that's easy. I have no idea?" James replied. Between two doctors and two security personnel, none knew how the shrink ray worked. Karla found that amusing.
They started slow, one disk. She looked at it and thought shrink but it hit the water at full size. "Relax, take a deep breath. Now when you spot the disk. Don't just look at it. Make it the only thing you see when you think shrink. Ready?" James asked.
"Yes please." She replied. Disk went flying. She made it her focus and thought shrink. She could feel in her mind it's mass began to reduce. It was such a rush. Her heart pounded. No wonder they got so excited for port days if shrinking a disk made her feel this powerful. "Again please!" she begged.
Tricky James launched two. But she knew how, could she learn speed. She got both. But just barely. Micheal praised, "Way to go Karla!"
"Can we do this some more?" Karla asked.
"Sure Brown Eyes." Frank said, "Ready?"
"Yes!" she shouted. Two disks were two spots.
"Looks like you're a natural Brown Eyes." Frank said.
"Karla, if we beat James and Frank in a clay challenge they will lend us the Pocket for the next two ports after the one coming up. Want to try?" Micheal asked.
"What happens if we lose?" Karla asked.
"Nothing, seems they just want to challenge me. They think I'm really good. I could ask Chrissy if you don't want to." MIcheal offered.
"No, I want to. Just worried I'll make you lose something." Karla responded.
"No, I offered to put something up. I think they are really just enjoying hanging out with us like guests." Micheal suggested.
It was simple. They would take turns. On their turn the launcher would fire one to four targets. Sensors would track them and award points for targets shrunk and the less distance from the ship.
James went first. Three disks flew out. He tagged two but lost track of the third. Karla got the one on her turn. Frank had four go and got three. Micheal received four and shrunk four. The launcher fired two for James just as he sneezed. But he managed one. Two fired for Karla and the got one, but lost the second. It fired two for Frank and he tagged both. Micheal got both targets fired for him. James got his one his next turn. Karla jumped for joy as all three launched for her shrunk under her gaze. Frank went one for one on that round. Three flew for Micheal and three tiny ones pooped in the ocean. James managed to catch all four his last round. Karla caught two out of her four. Frank caught all three of his last targets. Micheal of course nabbed the one on his last turn.
For disks they tied at seventeen per team. As the computer calculated averages Frank noted, "If we are shrinking attackers to defend the ship I'm calling the kid. Man he's good at this."
James looked at the results, "Looks like after Carts gets back from Port tomorrow we lend the pack back out to the kid."
"Way to go Micheal!" Chrissy cheered. Karla was proud of her sharp eyed owner.
James showed Karla her stats, "Not bad for someone who was just taught how to do that. You have an eye for it too I'd say."
Micheal hugged Karla, "You'll get to come out for two more ports." She was excited. She really wished she could use the helmet at those ports. But watching them was the next best thing.
She was strapped onto Micheal's chest as the two teens traveled some rope maze above part of the deck. It was nerve racking to travel over people's heads. But they looked small, like she had shrunk them. That taste of that power made the danger of falling from these ropes vanish. Even zipping down to the deck at the end was just a distraction as her mind's eye reduced the other guests for Micheal and his family and friends to enjoy.
They meet up at their suite. Milly nabbed her from Michael, "Well our Karla how was your day?"
"Terrifying mostly. But fun. You?" She asked as Milly brought her over to where Debbie was sitting.
"Fun, but it's a little less daunting for people." Milly noted. Handing Karla a tiny wine glass.
"What was your favorite part, Karla." Debbie said in the same tone she used for Milly.
"Honestly, Micheal went shrink targeting. They had a helmet so I could try. To feel things shrink just because I focused and thought shrink was honestly intoxicating." Karla confessed.
"It's even better when after you shrink them you pick them up and they squirm helplessly in your hand." Debbie purred.
"It is a rush.", Milly added. "When you go out on your first port you'll love that sensation." Milly sighed. Then suddenly bit her lip, "Oh Karla I just forgot somehow."
"It's OK, can we just pretend I have a port coming up." Karla asked.
"Oh, when you shrink some broad chest guy. Stroke your pinky between his thighs. Make sure he’s broad down there too." Debbie played along.
Milly sipped, "I get a strange kick out of hearing some newly Shrunken teenie bopper whimpering, Oh please lady don't hurt me."
"I'm not into females. But wrapping my fingers around some pretty plaything for Jeff to enjoy just makes me feel like a goddess." Debbie shared.
Milly snickered, "I like females. Karla when you pick one up. Tap that rack. They plead so sweetly."
Debbie sighed, "Shrink everyone you see out there Karla. Less screaming to warn others. And leaving unwanted for others to find is just a kick."
"What are you looking for in Shrunken Karla?" Milly asked.
Karla smiled, "I know you don't want to hear this, but I want to wrap my hands around all kinds of pretty things for Micheal to play with."
"No, I figured. Nothing special for yourself." Milly offered.
"No, he shares so nicely with me. But I would love to get you all a few too. To thank you for treating me so well." Karla admitted.
Debbie leaned down and growled, "If you see any fit guys. You know the type I like. I'll be so grateful."
"I like those too. Track or swimmer bodies. But I like a little curvy ladies to mix my attention." Milly sighed.
"Jeff never got over his teen fetish. Grab him some perky one. The ditzier looking the better. Think what I would look like as a teenager. Tits, especially if they are blond with tits." Debbie joked as she topped up Karla drink.
"Howard likes those, but has a real thing for early to mid twenties. You get him a girl looking like they need to work through college and he wants to educate." Milly shared.
"Chrissy likes Black guys as Shrunken. Horrible to say but my sweet girl likes them hung. I think she can smell size." Debbie laughed.
"That explains why she latched onto Micheal so quickly." Karla jokes. Breaking both women into cackling joy.
Micheal came over. "Karla I want to show you something."
"NO shoo. She's mine till bedtime." Milly snarled.
"Yeah, let the lady have some time with her gossip group." Debbie growled.
"You sure?" Micheal asked.
"Please Micheal. I'm having fun." she asked.
Milly and Debbie shielded between Karla and Micheal playfully. "Cool, have fun." Micheal left with a big smile.
"He likes Shrunken his age." Karla shared.
"Gah, Karla I know that. I don't want to think of him doing that." Milly stated.
They ate and drank and talked port stories. Karla was a person, their equal and friend for a few hours.
The Grants sadly left early. But it was a port night. Micheal was allowed to regain Karla. She rolled in his giant hands like a cat over catnip. She happily giggled as she did. Knowing she had too much wine with the girls.
Micheal barely had their door closed when she demanded in a yell, "Cum on me! I want to know how much it tastes like chocolate!"
"Karla your drunk." he countered.
"Yes. Drunk girls are easy." she joked, "Oh put me in the end tent and just plow me!" she suggested leaning up and rocking her body like his massive penis was pressing into her.
"Karla maybe you need some water." He advised.
She started undoing her clothes, "No I need a Micheal stroking and a fresh hot cum shower."
"How about I give you special kisses." He offered.
"Oh you. You're too sweet." She cooed as she slipped her shorts off.
"Let me get naked." Micheal asked.
Karla wiggled playfully, she cheered, "Now we're talking."
He placed her on the bed. He took off his shirt, she whooped, "Yeah, take it all off!" Then his shorts. She waved him over playfully. He leaned down and she playfully snarled, "Not your cute face, your big cock."
"Karla, maybe we shouldn't you might have had too much wine." He cautioned.
"Only too much whine I'm hearing is you not letting kiss your Behemoth." She taunted.
"Fine here." he surrendered.
As he carefully lowered his penis over her. Karla stretched up. Stroking hands along his smooth tip, she gave him a long slow lick. Micheal shuttered over her tiny touch. So she gave him more shuttering touches. Nuzzling her tiny face into his girth. Running hands over the hard surface. He gasped in pleasure, She had him.
Karla curled onto the bed. Spreading her limbs wide. "Please Micheal, you haven't sprayed me in a while, is it no longer hot?"
She couldn't stop herself from cheering as her titan teen pressed her to the bed with his manhood. Suddenly her body was pleasuring a giant, her sweet giant. It was amazing. The other fools would cower or beg to avoid this. That's because they can't handle his power. That's why she is the only Shrunken that can please her Micheal alone.
She knew how to make him happy, praised him. "Oh Micheal you're so powerful! I'm just a Shrunken helpless woman! Yours to play with as you like! Oh you massive boy, your thick hot cum is going to cover every inch. Cum on me! Cum on your Karla please!"
He stopped. He stepped back. Then sat on the floor. She sat up, "Why did you stop? Did you spray somewhere else?"
"I can't cum on you while you're drunk. That wouldn't be right." He mumbled.
"You've cum on me lots of times. Why not when I actually want you too?" She asked, confused.
He blinked and "Cause I, you're special."
She tried to look sexy. Tempt him back. "But I was special before?"
"Yeah, well your special special now. So I have to treat you better then some Shrunken." Micheal babbled.
She waved him over. He sat, his head at her level. "What's wrong really? I'm not that drunk, little drunk. I just wanted to let you have a bit of fun with me. I do want it right now, I don't know why."
"I'm confused." was all he said.
She leaned on to him. Kissing his cheek. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you."
"You didn't. Really." he sighed.
"Is there anything I can do to cheer you up. Little Happy Karla on you. No spray I promise." She offered.
Suddenly massive fingers nabbed her legs. He pressed that tongue between her thighs. She didn't want to complain, but he was focusing a lot lately on these special kisses. Karla wondered why. She will have to ask later. Maybe in a few days or so if he keeps up with them. She laid there repeatedly reaching climax as his magic tongue devoured her pussy.
He stopped after a while. Karla felt like she was going to pass out. Her body was so content and tired. He smiled and nuzzled her. Kissing her head. She managed, "You're hard. Get a little play."
She was raised up. His careful massive hands slipped her tee on her and rested her on her pillow. He pulled out two Shrunken, she was too tired to focus on who. They were not happy picks. But naked and pressed into service. She attempted to say, "Good night my Special Michael." But it sounded like, "I love you Micheal."
Strangely it sounded like he said, "I love you too Karla." just before she fell asleep.

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CH 30: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 30
M(t)/f + M/f Upon f Non-Consensual
M(t)/f(Half Sized) - [M/f(hs)]*4 Trained Upon f*5
M(t)/f(HS) Upon f*2

Micheal's alarm went off. More alarming, did she say to him what she thinks she said? Did he say what she remembers hearing? "Micheal, what was the last thing I said to you last night?"
"Good night my Special Micheal. Then I replied, Good night my Special Karla. Why what else could we have said?" Groggily replied.
"Nothing, sorry. Bad dream." She whimpered.
"I think you should be more careful drinking with my parents," he teased.
"I think you're right." she replied when his fingers were stripping her. "What are you doing? It's a port day." She reminded him.
Between his kisses to her now bare skin he purred, "You reminded me how playful you were last night I just can't resist. You were all cum on me cum on me."
"I remember. But I thought you liked to hunt hungry." she countered. She didn't know why.
"Maybe I want to try to rub a little Karla luck on me this time." He said as he was lapping her breasts.
"AHH, Micheal you need to get ready. Stop teasing me." She said between gasps.
He nuzzled her to the pillow, "What don't want me to cum on you any more?"
She thought it strange, she actually did. "Fine hurry up your horrible giant." she mocked.
He pressed her to his cock and she warmed in delight. Her body was so small and helpless. His, so large and powerful. How could she bring him enough sensation. But she did, alone, and she basked in that fact. Soon her happy owner grunted her name lustfully. She sang his back in joy. He was quick this morning.
She felt the thick liquid pump into the underside of her breasts. It sprayed between them onto her face. Some seeped into her mouth. Her brain read it as rich milk chocolate. How did they come up with these and why not market them to everyone?
He was walking, to the bathroom most likely. Hopefully so they could shower. She laughed at herself as she caught herself licking it off her hand. But it had such a rich chocolate taste.
Shower, quick and to the point. Then dressed, quick and to the point. And out.
Milly and Howard both gave a quick greeting. Milly adds as she passes a coffee, "How is your head?"
"Good, Yours?" Karla replied. Digging into some Scrambled eggs.
"Touch sore. But not going to slow me down." Milly said with a wink.
Breakfast done she is taken to the night stand. She adjusts her tablet as Micheal fills the feed tubes. And he places her in her penthouse with the TV remote. Kissing her head, "Wish me luck." He asks.
"Good Luck!" she yells as he leaves.
She wanders over to what is technically, her bed. She lays on it. Nope, still not as good as the pillow. But she does doze off a while.
She awakes. Sounds below, the girls are up. "Morning Lady Karla." Maria welcomes her down.
"You want to change, I'm about to do a fitness class." Sammy offered.
She takes her up on that. Not as fun as her last fitness class. But still nice. Maria played translator for Sofia. Karla noted she had to remind Micheal about that one.
Up to the suite. Shower is better then the one in her first cage. Then out to the sitting area. The girls join her. Happy for TV, any entertainment. She would have to ask Micheal to leave them the remote. Karla notices they seem to have bonded as a small group.
Karla at their edge. Like a spy in their new family. She turns on her tablet. She has a plan to spend the time. She looks up on the ship's schedule. She would start researching the next town for the Millers and the Grants.
Something catches her attention. How far out is hunting allowed. Her heart raced. It was within the boundary for the port. They would need cars, but if the information is good, there would be more than enough to share. No interference from other guests. Remote, trapping their prey. She was getting aroused thinking of the enjoyment Micheal would get collecting from there.
"Maria, can we talk for a moment?" Karla requested.
"Yes Lady Karla." and she was in the girl's room. "How can I help you?" Maria asked as they entered. Karla stepped forward and pushed on the girl's shoulder. Maria stated, "As you wish." and was on her knees. Karla's loose skirt lifted and her panties slipped down. Sweet Maria's tongue worked at Karla's womanhood. So much better than her own fingers. The former dancer still feared Michael so pleasingly much.
Maria soon suckled away her excitement for the next town. Karla savored her lapping deep into her. Her fingers played in the sweet girl's short hair. Not Micheal, but so wonderfully attentive. All so Karla didn't ask her giant to come playing. Maria kissed and tasted till Karla shuttered. She sat down on the girl’s bed to catch her breath. "Did that make you happy Lady Karla?" Maria begged.
She petted the pretty girl's cheek. "Yes Maria. Thank you."
She got a few dirty looks from Sammy and Amanda. But too bad. That's what they are for. Making Micheal's Karla happy. Maria knows her place. Very well.
Karla noted the location for the next port. Save her owners and their friends time. Then started searching the tablet. Checking programs and access. Nothing she noticed was odd. But she was a non-tech skilled person looking for secrets in a world she barely knew.
Pellet lunches were not her favorite. But the fruit was way better than the veggie. She tested where the tablet would let her search. She searched her hometown.
News report of an industrial incident. Travel, even communications ban till investigation finished. Authorities are searching town for any survivors. The articles all are written like that isn't a high possibility. She knows their right.
The other towns read the same in a way. They are suggesting a new strain of the virus, local Earthquake or other scary happening. Somehow they are not connecting them. Even the comments are about blocking those small towns from affecting the larger population. They really have no idea.
A message box popped up, "Kind of scary isn't it Miss Karla?"
She types back, "Yes. Scary how everyone isn't noticing a connection."
"They will after, but you'll be sailing down the east coast of Asia by then most likely." the mystery contact noted.
"Who are you?" she typed out.
"Gabriel Jacobs, Red Status representative of board member 3." was the reply.
"Why are you contacting a Shrunken?" she questioned.
"Curiosity." he replied.
"About?" she replied.
"How a Shrunken about a week owned is trusted by two Red status members enough to be requested for an important position connecting their 2 departments? Resulting in testing for loyalty, and Why you passed so highly? You are an odd spot." Jacobs replied.
"Don't trust the results?" She asked.
"I do. Just wondering why you do? What drives you to help those who destroyed your town and now keep you as a pleasure pet. I will be requesting more testing. Hoping to find my answers. But frankly, Welcome to the Company Miss Karla, I am watching your activities with high interested hopes. Talk again soon." Jacobs replied. Karla shut off and put down her tablet. She didn't know how to handle that.
About mid afternoon Milly walked into the room. Over to the cage, she popped open the top and asked a question she should know the answer too, "Mikey not back yet?"
"No, why?" Karla asked as she was lifted out of her cage.
Milly shut the top and replied, "Just wondering." She started toward the shared area. "Found out why the town was eventless."
"Really why?" Karla asked.
"It’s nearly dead and some big fair in the next town over outside the hunting zone. But I did find Mikey something he is going to flip over. How was your day, boring?" Milly asked.
"Found a good spot just inside the boundaries of the next town. Also, got messaged by Gabriel Jacobs." Karla noted.
"Really why did Gabs contact you?" Milly asked. She clearly knew him.
"I think he sent the tablet." Karla pointed out.
"Oh, how sweet of him. We'll have to thank him the next time we see him." Milly said like he had given them a pie. Clearly she needed to tell Jeff and Howard.
"What was your suggestion for a hunting ground?" Milly asked. Adding, "Want some coffee?"
"Yes please. Just outside the next port are two youth camps. One for girls and one for boys. And if their site is honest, they are full during the next stop. Ages thirteen to seventeen, international campers for the week. Fully staffed with active young leaders eighteen to about thirty." Karla described.
"Oh you marvelous little schemer. Wait, didn't you complain about the guys collecting freshly ripe Shrunken the other day?" Milly asked.
"I took your advice. I'm just serving my owner and his family and friends the green bananas they enjoy." Karla hoped she would be proud.
Milly skipped over and planted a big kiss on her head. "If you weren't Mikey's I'd kiss you more interesting." She was joking, but Karla was tempted to offer to keep it secret.
"What's your surprise for Micheal?" Karla asked.
"Oh, I shouldn't tell you. Can you keep a secret?" Milly clearly wanted to share.
"I'll keep quiet what comes from your lips." Karla stated.
Milly picks her up and they head toward the master bedroom, "We split to our teams. And Chrissy sees a boat with a film crew on it. So we grab a boat and hop on over. They are filming a special episode of a show. We snatch them all. And well,"
Karla sees four mid to older teen girls in a carrying tub. They look so familiar. Why would she know these four. Then she realizes. "He is going to explode." Karla gasps.
"I know right. Sure, no new episodes. But it was a stupid show anyway." Milly snickered.
"Won't that cause problems? I mean they aren't big names. But they are celebrities." Karla asked.
"They were within the boundaries. Makes them fair catches. Not my job to cover up their disappearance." Milly beams. "Oh, Coffee is ready, lets chat while we wait to surprise Mikey. Chrissy and Debbie should be here soon."
"Besides them, how was the hunt?" Karla asked.
"Awful. Barely a worthwhile catch in the whole town. Deserted almost already. Tiny place anyway. I think that's why they were filming so close." Milly complained.
"Huh, someone told me they are targeting the small port towns. It fits even if it's not a good hunting spot." Karla sighed. She hoped Micheal had better luck.
A knock on the door and Milly greeted Debbie and Chrissy. "The boys are having as bad luck in that one horse town as we did. But are still hunting. Didn't spoil Mikey's surprise." Debbie announced as she entered. "Hello Karla. Does she know?"
"I had to tell her. She's my secret pixy." Milly jokes.
She poured coffee and got Chrissy a soft drink. "Karla, I will have to show you the two camera men." Debbie said ending with a smacking chief kiss. "Such fit little squirmiers."
"I got to have the boys from the show. Do you know which one is Brian?" Chrissy started. Which began a long detailed description of the assault on teen sitcom boat. And plans of the stars and staff. Karla gave her advice as a good secret pixy should.
It was nearly supper time when the guys came back. They looked tired. "How did you do?" Milly asked hopefully.
"Looks like a fair amount of ship credit." Howard sighed.
"Mikey why don't you take Karla in and pick out you keepers. I'm going to talk to your dad." Milly suggested. Giving Karla a signal to try to cheer her troubled owner.
Micheal said hello to Debbie and stole a peck from Chrissy. "We'll be right back." He said, sounding tired. Collecting Karla off the table with a soft smile.
In the room he placed the box down and noted, "This has nothing to do to our fun before I left. From what I was hearing. No one was having luck in that little place."
He pops the lid. Little over twenty. Maybe thirty people in there. A couple cute finds. Then she sees reddish brown puffy pigtails in a frumpily skirt suit, it was just her style. No Karla thinks, she's at school in the capitol. Why would she be in this town so far from there. Then she looks up, her tan skin with those adorable freckles across her nose. Her mixed heritages marking her. Still wearing oval glasses. "Josie?" Karla finds herself calling out.
"Karla?" The floppy dressed girl replies.
"You know the chubby nerd girl?" Micheal asks. Karla looks at him. Course he sees her ill fitted outfit and thinks it's to hide fat. Not a gorgeous shy girl too afraid to show her figure.
"Micheal please can I keep her? She was my best friend all through dance. Trust me she is well built. She just has bad choices in clothes." Karla hoped.
"So, you saying she looks good out of her clothes." He asked while reaching for Karla's cowering friend.
"Yes, but please for me don't strip her." Karla pleaded with him fearfully for the first time in days.
"I'm going to put her on the bed and you two can chat while I pick out any I plan on keeping." Micheal smiles. He is happy for her.
Josie fights and squirms as Micheal moves her to the bed. She steps back and turns. She looks at Karla. "I thought you were dead." she gasps.
"Nope. On this boat." Karla says. Then the embrace.
"Are my parents here? What is going on?" Josie asks.
"I don't know where you parents are. As for what's going on. You've been collected as a pet. Why were you even in that town? I thought you were at school in the capitol." Karla asked.
"I intern at the paper. My editor sent me here to do a human interest story to distract me from worrying about my home town blowing up. I was talking to a local historian when these guys suddenly made us small. Wait, did you say pet?" Josie replies.
Karla shrugs and awkwardly nods. "His name is Micheal. He's a nice owner."
"Owner, I'm a person not a pet." Josie sang a familiar song.
"Yeah, not to them. As you can see, they shrink and collect people as pets." Karla didn't want to explain what they did with their pets to her friend yet.
"They can't just kidnap people as pets." Josie reran an old idea. Karla pointed to the cage complex behind her. Josie looks, "These people are the reason so many disasters are striking so soon together. Wait, why are they mostly women and girls?"
She looks over at the towering teen picking out girls and women from the case she was pulled from. "Oh, what does that boy do with his pets?" She asks in fear.
"You don't have to worry. He lets me pick out any I want to keep as mine. He will likely only touch you nicely. Besides, out of all the families to collect you the Millers are the best. Some are, let's say monstrous." Karla starts.
"You get to keep? Oh don't tell me. Of course you flip your hair and wiggle those hips and even giant boys fall over themselves to please you." Josie accused.
"Look, I have done things to earn a better life here. I am now able to help you too. I will get him to treat you as good or better than he treats me even." Karla wanted her friend safe and understanding.
Josie hugged her. "Things you did. You performed acts on that boy haven't you?"
"Yes. But it's OK. He really is a sweet guy. Tender, gentle even." Karla defended her Micheal.
Josie could always read her better than anyone. "How often does he make women do things with him?" Josie asked.
"Usually a couple times a day. Morning, before bed." Karla felt like her mother caught her in the cookie jar.
"What else?" Josie's eyes cut deep into Karla's.
"I like it now." Karla mumbled.
"You like when he does stuff with you?" Josie asked.
"And watching him enjoy the others." Karla felt guilty like she hadn't in days.
Josie sat down. "I can't even."
Karla sat beside her friend. She suddenly felt like she did that first night, "I've had luck. They see me as family. I even have a job waiting once the cruise is done."
Josie hugged her tight. "Oh Karla girl what are we into this trip?" was Josie's refrain on many dance trips when Karla convinced her to sneak out or some other adventure.
"I want to introduce you to them all. They are good people really." Karla tried to defend them.
"For kidnappers and rapists." Josie countered.
"There is far worse on this ship. Some maim, even eat Shrunken they decide they aren't keeping." Karla advised.
Josie started, "My parents are dead aren't they?"
"I really don't know. I don't think we would ever be able to find out. It's only blind luck we connected. Honestly I just put everyone out of my mind and focused on surviving." Karla noted.
"Surviving alone." Josie sighed.
"No, I have friends now. They do care and treat me differently then the other Shrunken. That's what they call us by the way, Shrunken. It does help to see us tiny people as different to them." Karla advised.
"What do I call them?" Josie asked. Always practical Josie.
"Well, to stay in their view, they are people, we are Shrunken. Micheal makes the other Shrunken call him Lord Micheal, but you should be able to get away with Micheal once he learns how special you are to me. As his favorite I have servants and a personal trainer. I sleep on a pillow beside his head even though I have my own personal cage. You have to eat these pellet things. Just a few a day to stay healthy. They work in different departments under the name of The Company. Micheal has a doctorate for teleporting technology and works for his father Howard. Who is nice but a bit of a pervert. Milly is a homemaker and is also nice. I get coffee now thanks to her." Karla started rambling.
Josie starts. Karla looks up at Micheal sitting on the floor looking at them. "I've picked out who I want and I am going to go trade with Mom and Debbie. Did you want to come see what I get or stay here with your friend?"
"I don't know? Josie, this is our owner Micheal. Micheal this is Josie. She was my best friend growing up. Please, for me, be nice to her?" Karla nervously introduced them.
"If it makes you happy, she is special to my special Karla." Micheal answered.
Josie stood up and walked bravely toward Micheal. Hand out she states, "Karla says you'll look after me. That you are nice. She says she wants me to meet your family and friends. If we go with you will that happen?"
Micheal puts a finger in Josie's hand. "Yes you will meet them if you are ready too. I try to be nice. But I enjoy my Shrunken. I hope you understand what that means."
Josie took a deep breath. "You plan on raping me at some point."
"Maybe. You are prettier then I first noticed. But it would make Karla sad. Mostly I think I'll let Karla look after you." Micheal stated.
"Well, let's meet the rest of my owners." Josie requested trembling.
Karla didn't know how to act, she was back to her first day with the Millers. Learning she was going to be the living toy to a giant young teen boy. But she knows the life now. The steps of the dance as it were. She could lead Josie through them without the hurdles she tripped on. Josie saw the world as need and want. She would adjust better then Karla did. Give up hoping to see her family or her old life to become useful to Micheal. She would be the better choice for their company plans with the Grants.
What was most unnerving was her special giant boy Micheal reaching for the girl that first made Karla realize she liked girls. Too bad she didn’t feel the same.
He was gentle with Josie, then nabbed Karla as kindly. Karla's heart pounded as he took them out to introduce her long time friend to her new life.
He stepped out and Milly looked curious, "What do you have there? Find one you wanted to show off?"
"Actually, she is Karla's best friend from dance. Her name is, oh I'm sorry what was that again?" Micheal stated.
Before Karla could say a word Josie braved to stand, "My name is Josie. Karla says that I am lucky you collected me over other families. Please take care of me as I adjust to being a Shrunken."
Chrissy skipped over to Micheal's hand, "Oh look how pretty her hair is. And the freckles, ohhh." Josie hated her adorable freckles.
Micheal placed them on the table and both families made a wall around them. Josie nodded at her and walked to the center alone. Questions were asked, how she knew Karla, did she still like to dance, and school. Karla was overwhelmed, none of them referred to more carnal questions. They slipped into old tones of talking. But seem to be making an effort to treat Josie like they treated her.
Milly whispered softly, "Karla, she seems nice."
"She is." Karla replied.
Milly sighed, "If you were going through the bath, she would be in the bucket by your feet to show you are bigger than any Shrunken."
"But she's my friend." Karla replied.
"That is why. Lucky for you, you will only have to watch Micheal enjoy her from time to time." Milly said in a worried tone.
Karla smiled. She liked the mental images of Josie's body arching in Micheal's mouth. Her gasping as he slid her along his Behemoth. Oh she would be Karla Circle target if Karla was a boy person.
They started talking about something as Josie came back to Karla. Milly gave them space. "Well, they do seem like fairly nice giant kidnapping rapists." Josie noted. She always had a good view on things.
"Yeah, only Micheal will play with you though." Karla wished she was as poised.
"So let me get this straight, that dirty blonde is Micheal's mother Milly. The professor on holiday looking fellow is his dad Howard. The flighty blonde girl is the jealous girlfriend Christy. The jolly fellow is her dad Jeff. And the stick figure with the tits is her mom Debbie." Josie asked Karla.
"Yes, It's Chrissy not Christy. And why would you say she's the jealous girlfriend? She has nothing to be jealous about." Karla said what should be the case.
"Right, you never notice how you have lots of guy friends whose girlfriends are usually jealous about them wanting to hang out with you?" Josie reminded her.
"I wouldn't do anything with a person who had a partner." Karla retorted. "You seem to be adjusting better than I did at first."
"Honestly I'm barely keeping it together. If you were not here to lean on I most likely would be making a dash for that table edge." Josie trembled.
"I tried that. Micheal is faster than he looks." Karla admitted.
"So how attentive is he? He is an attractive young guy. So maybe I can manage to pretend to be into it if that helps." Josie was clearly trying to convince herself.
"He can be very wonderfully attentive. Or shove a toy spider's dick into you and turn on it's vibration. You're my friend, so most likely he is going to want to play with us together." Karla advised.
"Like Gina's dad wanted." Josie reminded her of past discomfort.
"I forgot about him." Karla laughed remembering the pot bellied father of a fellow dancer who had too much interest in their talents.
"How could you forget that man? You girls dance so well together. You should partner up as a duel. I have a large empty basement you could practice in if you wanted to keep it secret." Josie said imitating the man's inflections.
"Ewww, Only thing he wanted us practicing in his basement wouldn't be on our feet. Creepy." Karla cringed.
"It was bad once, but it was any chance he could suggest it out of our parent's ear shot." Josie sighed.
"The fact he would cup his crotch and just constantly lick his lips when he talked to us." Karla imitated.
"Gina wasn't even part of our class. Couldn't he hit on the under aged girls in her class." Josie mocked.
"That teacher had banned him from her room." Karla explained.
Milly leaned over, "I'm about to bring out Micheal's surprise. Should she be put away?"
"What's the surprise?" Josie asked softly.
Milly was taken back by the question. Then answered, "I found the stars of a teen sitcom he watches on a boat and collected them. He watches the show only because they are on it. Or did. I was going to give them to him. He will be ecstatic."
"No, I want to stay. If this is my life now, I should face these types of events." Josie trembled. Karla was proud of her friend's bravery.
"Huh, I like your friend Karla. She might have to join us for teas." Milly replied and walked off.
"What happens at these teas?" Josie asked worriedly.
"Usually we drink coffee and we talk about the world as they see it." Karla described.
"Phew, I thought she did stuff to us." Josie admitted.
"I think that was her original plan." Karla noted. Feeling a touch disappointed that it wasn’t still that case.
Milly asked, "Micheal, do you have any trades to offer from today?"
"I have some guys. I'll be right back." He replied.
Karla watched as Micheal trotted to their room. "After ports they usually trade collected unwanted Shrunken with each other." She explained.
"I figured. I did collect things as a child, I was aware of what trading was." Josie mocked.
He came back out with his case. "You can have a look. But it was a very quiet town." He lamented.
Milly leaned over the couch with her hand behind her back. She hummed and hawed. Dragging this on as everyone else in the room knew and waited to see Micheal's expression.
"No, I don't see any I want. You Debbie?" Milly teased the crowd.
"Nope, shouldn't have even stopped here." Debbie mocked back.
"Well, I guess you'll just have to owe me for these four then." Milly said as she lowered the four beautiful starlets before their giant fan.
Micheal looked at the girls then closed his eyes and shook his head. "No way!" he gasped. The pretties coward as Karla's towering teen's eyes gleamed lustfully at them. His hand reaching slowly like he expected them to puff away in a ball of smoke. "How did you get them?" he asked with little breath behind his voice as his hands wrapped around the container. One of the girls let out a sweet yelp of fear as they were given over to Karla's sweet Micheal.
Josie's voice in a soft tone saying knowingly, "Oh, that is how you adjusted."
Karla looked nervously at her old friend. Josie could read her like a book. Was she too going to judge her because she liked watching her Micheal enjoy himself. Was aroused by directing him? Josie was giving her a supportive smile. She nodded understandingly. Karla broke down. Every other Shrunken she encountered judged or feared her. Josie, sweet Josie was at her back like she had been through her life. Through break ups and touchy teachers. Josie was here now, hugging her. Whispering, "Kind of a rush watching him is it?"
"Yeah, you don't hate me because of it?" Karla replied.
"No. I see your connection." Josie said, "Wait I think he's going to say something."
Karla wiped her eyes as Micheal looked at his mother. "I am so happy. I can't believe this. They are hot!"
He rushed over to show Karla, "Look! You know that show we watch? This is those four hot girls from it! Mom collected them off a boat and is just giving them to me! Hot huh?"
Karla looked over his new prized pets. The show knew their audience and dressed their stars to attract them. The first was Micheal's favorite on the show. A girl with amazing legs and long flowing brown hair. Her outfit was a little pink skirt that frilled out at the helm and a tight white top with black trim and a black drawstring at the neck tied like a little gift bow. Beside her was one of the blondes. Cute body clad in tight Capri style jeans and a stretchy orange belly top. Her big full lips were her best feature, very kissable. Next was the rack of the show, long dark, almost black hair. Her belly shirt with a low collar would have been a shirt on any of the other three. But stretching over what looked to be double d breasts took much of it's length away. She was wearing cute little round glasses, her character didn't wear glasses in the show. She should have, they were fitting for her little face. Last was the other blonde. Athletically built with a tight ass and a nice perky bosom. Tight grey athletic shorts and a pink bikini top clad Karla's personal favorite just gonna by esthetics.
"Mikey I know you want to inspect your mother's gift. But we have that thing to get too." Howard reminded him.
"OK dad. I'll just put my new hot pets away and bring what I need. Karla can you help me pick?" Micheal asked.
"Yes." Karla purred as the starlets looked at her like she was crazy. Josie snickered.
"Oh I got to take my unwanted to get credit and put Josie away." He whimpered. Karla could see he just wanted to give the actress a big part.
"You can take them tomorrow. As for Josie, I was hoping she could stay out and tell us embarrassing Karla stories." Milly announced.
Karla turned to her friend. "Would you be OK with that?"
Josie nodded bravely. "I got to start somewhere."
"Cool, be right out dad." Micheal said, placing Karla on his shoulder. Carrying his new prizes in both hands.
In the room he placed them down and just stared. "OK, it will have to be two of them. Maybe Amy and Jo?" He said. Karla realized he was calling them by their character's names.
"Why not Grace?" referring to the shapely legged one he was focused on.
"I can't take Grace, she's too special." he responded.
Karla didn't like how he said that. She could see him spoiling that legged beauty. Would she get her own cage too. Or would Karla lose her standing. That was not happening. Slinking up to his ear she used that tone he liked. She smiled as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, "That's why it should be Grace. Because she's so special. Really help you see them as the pets they are. What they are for. They will see how she was used and know your pleasure is their life."
"That's why it should have been you isn't it." Micheal was going down the wrong path.
She nuzzled his ear and cooed, "But if I'm the target I don't think I'd ever be Happy Karla again. But just think of that pretty spoiled starlet. Looking up at you naked, trembling before you power. Hot cum raining down on her from your friends and family as she waits for you to cover that gorgeous face. Dripping down her chest and over her fit little legs."
Micheal liked this mental image. "OK, yeah I see that. Who should I stroke with?"
Good, he was hers again. "Oh, I'd get so hot watching you rub Tina up that marvelous manhood of yours." she hummed.
Soon her giant was placing the two requested girls into a cage. No spoiled Hollywood bimbos were going to take her place at the top of his collection. "Micheal, I want to change real quick. Give you a chance to distract yourself before going back out into the room with the others."
"OK Karla. Good idea. I need to freshen up." He said placing the two left girls into his cages. She was really going to enjoy watching them perform later.
She was placed in her cage and he went to splash cold water on his face. Sammy glared at her, "What is he going to do to those two girls?"
Karla picked out the perfect outfit to support her Micheal in. "They are to be used in a ritual they do. The leggy brunette will be cummed on by Micheal and three others. The blonde will help that happen and then be made to help lick off the spattered spunk."
"That's horrible. Can't you do something to try and help those girls?" The athletic beauty requested.
"Why?" Karla replied.
"Cause it's wrong!" Sammy snapped.
"Well sorry. But you'll just have to pin me down and hump my face later over it later because I have a cum shower to go cheer on." Karla said coldly. She couldn't believe she used to be like that at one point. Besides how dare that long haired celebrity slut think she could have Karla spot.
"I will not let you leave till you actually listen." Sammy threatened.
"Micheal, Sammy is treating to hurt me." Karla cooed.
Sammy must not have noticed the light stepping titan had traveled over already. She attempted to avoid his grasped. But he was too big and quick. His fist coiled tightly, "What should I do?" her sweet Micheal asked.
"We have to get going. We'll have to hope this put her in her place." Karla smiled at the helpless short haired woman.
"Yeah, OK." Micheal said. Informing the athlete, "You do as Karla says or I'll make you do it. Understand?" His hand tightened its grip.
"Yes." meekly escaped Sammy.
Karla wished they didn't have to leave. Now she needed to splash cold water in her face. "Oh sweet you're a cheerleader for me." Micheal chirped as he released Sammy and offered that palm for Karla to be raised up upon.
She stepped into his hand and curled onto her knees, sitting sideways. "I am always going to cheer you on Micheal. You know that." she said loudly. Hoping the other servants would remember who rules this and the other cage after her sweet giant.
As he turned to walk away she blew Sammy a kiss. Karla was looking forward to their next work out together.
They exited and the men said goodbyes to the women. Karla wished Josie luck. She had been given a glass of Debbie's drink from the look of it. Hope they don't let her drink too much, Karla thought as they left the suite.
As they walked Karla took a look at what Shrunken Howard and Jeff were bringing. Howard had his college aged blonde he liked to get drunk. From the way she wobbled, he was doing it again. Jeff had a stunning black woman Karla guess was in her late twenties to early thirties. Not a usual age choice for him.
James met them near the club. His expression showed he liked the options for the centerpiece for this even. He had a leggy Asian beauty. Most likely one of Mai's former dance troupe.
"I'll be right in. Don't start without me." James noted then walked over to talk to one of the workers.
They were shown into one of the booths. Really a small round room with padded bench seats around one side. On the opposite side was a short bar clearly designed for a Half Sized Shrunken to attend. In the center of the bench area was a short little table with a wide mouth bowl in the middle. A few more little tables were placed in the room.
Howard walked over to the table and placed his hands on his waist. "Good height. Like the bowl idea. Collect the cum they have to lick up."
"So which lovely is the target?" Jeff asked, eyeing the starlets.
Micheal reached in and almost picked Tina. But a nuzzle to his ear from Karla got him to grab that leggy beauty. Though Karla figured the guys would have been happy to spray either one.
He striped her and she begged and pleaded. Explaining she never even had a real boyfriend yet. Poor thing Karla thought, but you're not taking my giant from me.
Micheal placed her in the bowl and she knelt there whimpering. Karla liked her like that. So did the guys from how they watched her squirm. James came in and agreed verbally, "Oh, nice target."
They sat and tormented the long haired brunette by just making her wait. Such a sweet pout Karla observed. James asked, "So how do you guys do your Circles?"
"Mine was just a group rubbing one out on to the target." Howard noted.
"Really, we always had the new collector go first then his supporters fired off after." James noted.
"You know, since it's Mikey's Circle, how would you like to do it?" Jeff suggested.
Karla sighed happily as an eager Micheal announced, "I want to go first alone."
"Sounds good son, let's get this started." Howard said.
The four of them stripped their little helpers as the target unwittingly encouraged them by sweetly begging them not to soak her in their cum. They then took out their dicks. The three men slowly teased themselves with the helpless ladies they brought as they watched Micheal walk toward the former actress.
She, like all the other Shrunken cowered as Micheal's thick monster was brought over her. Her eyes wide as her co-star was pressed and stretched along the girth of its underside. Micheal began running the blonde up and down his colossal cock. The men mused, the brunette beauty was wide-mouthed in terror. But she bobbed her neck in rhythm with Micheal's enjoyment. Like she was orally pleasing Karla's giant.
Micheal's heart pounded with excitement. Karla could feel the power of it through his pulse. He was hard, from a whimper he made, painfully so. Why wasn't he spattering spunk into that famous face. Then she remembered, he only had one shrunken riding the Behemoth.
Karla realized the problem. She could see the question in the men's faces. The strain in her Micheal. He needed help. She didn't want to offer to add the sensation to his penis.
An idea. She nuzzled his neck and cooed, "Oh Micheal, that face. Oh your thick hot cum dripping off that face. You can see that right, those sweet lips white with your cum flowing over them. Those sexy legs bathing in your semen. Dripping off that gorgeous hair."
She couldn't help but murmur a happy nose as her words alone were as good as a second Shrunken. Micheal launched a thick glob into the face of Karla's biggest treat. The actress was too stunned to even close her mouth. As white thick fluid dripped out over those lips. Her spot was safe as his favorite as he grunted, "Oh yeah! I'm going to cum on Grace all the time."
He finished and sat down. Waving the men to release their fun. Howard said, "Wish I had a Karla to whisper dirty thoughts into my ear while I did this."
Not that it took them long. The pretty former actress was coated in men juice all over. "Alright little ladies, get licking or else." Jeff ordered as he slipped his African beauty right into the cum pool. Micheal giggled as he slipped Tina in, face first. Howard laughed and did the same while James rolled his in on her side. Karla delighted as the four were too scared of the giants to argue. And did as they were told. Glopping the mix of spunk into their mouths and swallowing for their amusement.
"Man that's a good show." Jeff jokes.
Suddenly the door opened and five half sized pretty Asian ladies. All around Karla age was directed in. They all wore penny loafers with knee high socks. Black pleated skirts. And a white button up top with a black bow tie. They all had long hair, all styled in playful pig tails off the sides of their heads. James announced, "Where I come from we usually celebrate a new collector for a bit after the Circle. Pick one Mikey."
He looked asking, "Which one should I get?"
Karla snickered. "Did you want to go take a closer look?"
He waved and the five obediently shuffled over. He looked, "Oh, I like this one." And leaned back. The other four shuffled back.
The chosen girl without command untied her tie and took off her shirt and bra. Still not commanded, she slipped plan white panties off. Micheal just watched. The girl took both hands and lifted the end of his cock and just started licking at it.
"Howard, Jeff, pick yours." James offered.
As they did Jeff asked, "Why five?"
"Need one to feed us drinks." James advised picking his choice. The fifth grabbed an apron and notepad. Tiring it on she asked, "What you want to drink?" Soon the guys all had a drink and a half sized half naked Asian beauty licking and nuzzling their cocks.
"Sorry Karla. I didn't know what to order you." James noted as she received a tiny drink.
She curled along Micheal's neck and cooed, "I got what I want right here." Which got playful woops of support.
"So my boy, was this so bad?" Howard asked.
Micheal sighed, "It's only because Karla was here to support me and not here as a participant."
"You are a lucky kid. If I had a Shrunken that supportive I don't know how to finish this." Jeff said.
"I'm getting all hard again." Micheal noted.
James advised, "They are here to fix that."
Micheal snickered. He moved the half sized Asian to the center table and turned her around. Bending over she knew what he wanted and raised herself onto her tiny toes. Karla cooed seeing even a well used Shrunken at this size tremble fearfully as Micheal positioned his Behemoth.
He pressed and the whore let out a sound of stress. Going pigeon toed as a thick cock buried deep into her pussy. Micheal began gently pumping her. Making her head bob from his pleasure. The pig tails waved adorably.
"Micheal, you know they are here for you to let loose on right?" James asked.
"I don't want to hurt her." Micheal replied.
"It's OK. She can take it." James offered.
"It OK, this feel real good." the pint sized fuck toy announced.
Karla did think it looked like it felt good. But she wanted to see Micheal let loose. "Oh it would be so hot to see you fit all that cock in that tiny little pussy." She purred louder than she meant to. But liked the looks of approval it earned her.
Micheal took a nervous deep breath. Then slowly pushed. Deeper and deeper. The fuck doll let out little wobbling whimpers as he explored deeper. She managed to take his whole beast but was lifted off the floor. Her legs curled tight with toes pointed up toward the ceiling. The rented Asian's bottom lips bounced as she gasped in distress.
"Oh Micheal, how does that feel?" Karla gasped.
"Awesome." he said then pulled a little out. The Asian girl nodded as his pressure eased in her body. Then he slammed it back up into her. Soon he was hard fucking the pig tailed beauty. The massive sensation caused the girl to moan loud enough it echoed. Micheal slapped her thighs into her spread thighs.
Karla was shocked as the girl soon screamed in pleasure. Micheal kept pumping and the men cheered him on. The whore puppet started to beg him to, "Rent me again! Rent me again!" then screamed from stretched pleasure.
Micheal dragged himself out and the girl dangled off the table mumbling, "So much cock." He pumped over the spent girl's tight little ass. Then sprayed into the bowl. Refreshing it despite the contained Shrunken's protests. The men cheered again.
He walked back to the bench literally dragging his choice. Sitting, he placed the girl so his penis rested on her face and sat there panting. The girl weakly went back to licking his manhood.
Karla sighed in his ear, "That's my Special Micheal."
Soon the men were fucking their Asian dolls. They moaned and announced release. But Karla know they were just doing their jobs. The men liked Micheal's idea so much the freshened the Circle bowl when the released too.
Micheal just sat there enjoying his tip being mouth polished. Stoking Karla's hair. They all sat quietly for a bit. Then they started sharing their Circle stories. Nothing exciting. They all just liked cumming on Standard sized Shrunken.
James got up, "Sorry guys. I got to go. I work an early shift tomorrow." He used a couple of napkins to collect his pet and place her in his cage. "Room is yours till they close. Enjoy." They waved him out.
"Mikey, I'm beat. I'll see you in the morning or are you leaving with me?" Howard offered.
"I'll stay a bit longer if that's alright." he said. The server had made him stiff again.
"I'm going. Enjoy." Jeff added.
Micheal and Karla sat in the room with the five half sized Asians. Micheal giggled and snapped his fingers. To both their surprises the other four girls came over and gathered face first at his crotch. They mouthed, licked, and sucked on his shaft.
He stood up and brought the bartender to the bowl table. Laying her on her back. He tore open her shirt and pulled off her panties. Her eyes went wide in fear as he positioned his tip. New found courage gave him the nerve to embed himself fully into the tiny whore.
He pounded that tiny pretty as she moaned wildly. Karla was amazed at the pounding they could envelope. She could see the girl's stomach bulge as his girth entered and exited the area. She wondered if she could have done that when she was half sized. She hoped to find out for future knowledge.
He pulled out and gave the starlets another cum shower. He laughed as he did, "They used to be stars. Not their ours."
"Yes my big scary giant they are all yours." Karla snuggled.
"No my Special Karla, ours." he corrected her. She was so aroused. He sat down with a sigh. "We should go soon."
"Yeah, it's late after a long day." Karla agreed stroking and kissing his neck.
"Watch this." he snickered. Pointing at two of the Asians, "You two take one of the Shrunken out of the bowl each and lick them clean for me."
They walked over. Each picked up a spunk dripping starlet and began sucking the semen off their tiny shapely bodies. The actress didn't seem to like being cleaned that way.
Once they were licked to his liking he directed, "Put them in my cage." and gathered their clothes. He walked back with Karla at his ear and the young actress naked and damp for any passerby to see.
He arrived at their suite and placed the pretty prizes in the cage. And placed Karla in hers to get ready for bed. Josie was sitting on the bed, in Karla's oversized tee. Karla wanted to get mad, but she couldn't. It was Josie after all.
"Well, how was your night?" Her friend asked her as she looked for pajamas for herself.
"Watch a girl get sprayed by four guys' seed, Then watch my Micheal destroy a half sized Asian whore. Then watched three men fuck three more half sized Asian girls. Then that boy took another one to cock heaven. Oh and each time they finished, it was into a bowl holding five tiny ladies. You?" Karla described.
"I was taken to another suite. Watched as two ladies poured four Tupperware like tubs of tiny men and boys over the naked body of what I think is a fourteen year old girl. Who cheered and giggled as they did. Then they started filling the bathtub she was sitting in so the guys had to scale her skinny body in attempts not to drown in the rising water. She then bobbed them under as well as other things. Till she announced she would like to be alone. The ladies shared their Bath stories. Then Milly and I returned. She stripped me and scanned me. Then licked my girl spot till I moaned despite my discomfort. Placed me here where I cried ugly about the loss of my whole life for about an hour. Then found the only thing in your closet that I could use as PJs and sat down here right before you came back." Josie shared.
"Really? How was it?" Karla asked curiously.
"Like I said, despite me not being into girls. It was just too much sensation. I orgasmed despite my leanings." Josie said bluntly.
Karla got dressed in her pink booty shorts PJs. "Are you going to be OK?" she asked.
"No choice. How about you, you didn't mention getting any attention during that outing." Josie asked.
"No I didn't. But I'm OK with that." Karla replied as she changed.
"Heard a couple of girls in this cage complain that you now get off watching him play." Josie noted.
"Don't hate me. But I really do." Karla wanted to keep her friend.
Josie sighed then asked, "What is it about it do you think?"
"I don't know for sure. The rush of how powerful he is versus how helpless we are. I even now enjoy being played with. I'm the only Shrunken that can get him off by themselves." Karla bragged.
She turned and her friend was smiling at her, "You're not mad. Tell me I'm a horrible person. I got him to play with teenagers the other day for my amusement. Girls his age. You're OK with that?" Karla wasn't used to acceptance.
"Are you asking me before I became a pet or now that I am one? Before I would have yelled at you. Now. Well this world doesn't work on our moral code. I have to learn what is and isn't right for my life as it is now. So no, you do what helps protect you." Josie said supportively.
She sat down beside her old friend. Confessing, "Sometimes he will let me tell him how to play with them. Like a devil on his shoulder."
Josie shook her head, "So, is that fun?"
"I'll see if tomorrow he'll let us do that together and you tell me." Karla suggested. Josie smiled. Karla hugged her friend.
"Are you ready for bed?" Micheal asked.
"Just about we just have to brush up." Karla called back.
"K, I'll be waiting." Micheal went and sat on the bed.
"We?" Josie asked.
"Can't sleep knowing my Josie Bear is up here alone." Karla said in a little girl voice.
"Haven't you outgrown that?" Josie sighed.
They cleaned for bed then she called Micheal. He reached for her, "No Micheal, Josie too please."
"Cool." the boy giant cooed.
He placed them on her pillow and placed his hand over both. Karla curled to the back of Josie pulling the shorter girl in tight. "Just like dance trips." Karla said with a snuggle.
Josie joked back, "Yeah I remember those dance trips where we slept on a giant pillow under a giant teenage boy's hand while we waited to be crushed as he rolled in his sleep."
Karla countered, "He barely moves. Now shush Josie Bear. Sleep now."
Karla relished this. Her best friend now with her. The smell of Micheal on her curvy body was nice. His hand over both of them warming. She cuddled to both.
"Good night my Special Karla. Sleep well Josie." Micheal sighed out.
"Good night my Special Micheal." Karla replied.
"What should I say?" Whispered Josie.
"Just say sleep well." Karla quietly advised.
"Sleep well Micheal." Josie tested.
Then Karla drifted off warmed by her two favorite people in the world.

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CH31: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 31
M(t)/f,f + f,f,f Non-Consensual
M(t)/f,f,f Non-Consensual

What a wonderful way to wake up, Karla thought to herself. Josie, as she had done every dance trip since they started sharing a bed, had turned around in her sleep and sweetly nested her face into Karla's cleavage. Her head resting on Karla's arm. Their legs loosely tangled. Micheal's hand was coiled around them in a gentle grip. The sensations of Josie's warm nubile body cuddling to her as they were protectively covered by Micheal's powerful hand made Karla sigh in content. Their scents mixed together wonderfully.
Oh, Karla's mind purred, this is new. Josie was pressing her body into hers. Grinding playfully along Karla form. Then she noticed, Micheal was petting her friends back. That was sweet of him.
"What's happening?" Josie quietly whispered.
"Micheal petting you." Karla purred.
"What does that mean?" Josie asked.
"He likes you." Karla giggled playfully. She was excited to see where this goes.
"What happens after?" Josie wondered.
Karla petted her Friend's pretty red-brown hair from her face and tried not to sound too hopeful, "For me, usually once he learns I'm awake he gets wonderfully playful."
"Playful how?" a nervous response came. Then, "Oh," Josie finished.
Karla looked up, there was Micheal's sweet smiling face. "Oh good you're both up." he noted before they received face nuzzles.
Karla just couldn't help but giggle at her tower teen's playfulness. Josie was not as keen. Then the rain of quick peeks began. Josie asked, "Where is this going?"
"Usually naked and maybe what he calls special kisses." Karla said as she arched into their owner's tender affection.
Josie tried to ask, "What are special kisses?"
Michael's face raised, "Oh you want special kisses?" Then he striped Karla. His fingers were as gentle as they were quick. She made delighted sounds.
He then turned towards Josie. To her credit she didn't cringed that much. Flashing Karla a nervous smile. Then those fingers embraced her. And the shirt was gone. "Oh Karla, you were right she is hot. She needs better outfits." There laid Josie, body still fit from the exercise pattern she liked to do every morning. Perky c cup breasts raised off her chest over an oval belly toned perfectly. Her little legs showed she still liked to hike and jog. Raising into that round sweet round ass cheeks. Karla agreed, her friend was hot.
Josie didn't attempt to cover herself, though Karla could see she wanted to. She looked at Karla, not for protection as some have, but for guidance. Karla mouthed, "Just go with it." Josie braved a nod.
Karla's giant pressed them together. She had to thank him later for that. Josie was just over five feet tall. So her face was nested along Karla's neck. Her firm breasts pressed along the bottom of Karla's but her movement meant the tops teased Karla's nipples. Josie's plump nipples brushed Karla's under boob. Karla wrapped her arms around Josie's shoulders, resisting the urge to explore her friend's body. Josie out of fear wraps her arms to Karla's back. Pressing herself tighter to Karla. Bravely Josie asked, "Now what happens?"
Micheal gave that answer. Their legs spread by his thumbs. His mouth hooked his bottom lip under Josie's little round bum. Upper pressed just over Karla's. Just as the question of how he would do this, Karla gloriously found out. His tongue tip poked between them with long strokes to their sensitivity. Budded surface arousing her womanhood and pumping her hips back for space. Pressing their breasts together, kneading both chests together with his rhythm.
Karla was in heaven even more than before. Micheal's licks through her as Josie's sensually rounded body was pressed and heaving along hers. She worried though. How was her friend handing the tasting while pressed against her will into a woman. Then Josie let out a sound Karla had never heard, but knew she always wanted to hear from Josie. Then Josie's voice sang out in disbelief, "Oh gosh their tongues." Karla relaxed, Josie was getting pleasure out of his attention.
Karla raked through her friend's hair. Thick luscious locks. It looked like a deep red, but was a wonderful mix of bright red and dark brown strains. It looked and felt wonderfully with Karla's fingers brushing through it. She wanted to tilt her friend's mouth and taste it. Any other of those Shrunken she would have just to show them their spot. But Josie was better than them. She just held her friend's face close to her chest. Josie hand kneaded Karla's back as sensation was licking through her too. Grinding their bodies together as their giant kissed deep along their pussys.
Karla could feel climax edging near. Her life long crush wrapped to her as her affectionate owner orally pleasured them both. But it was Josie who got there first gasping, "Oh heaven this is good!" Just knowing she held Josie as she reached her peak threw Karla off hers.
Karla's erotic reoccurring dream was now real. She kissed Josie's forehead. Her friend's panting voice wondering, "Where are we going?"
Karla had not noticed Micheal was standing; she was so lost in closer sensations. She looked in his forward arch. She softly moaned the explanation, "He's getting some Shrunken to pleasure himself."
"Oh, oh, oh, Not us?" Josie asked before Micheal tongued another climax into her.
"No we get THIS!" Karla responded before passion got too much.
"Oh Gosh! Oh Gosh! This licking is amazing." Josie pleasure distracted voice announced.
"Yes! Yes! Oh Josie I'm glad you're here!" Karla was happy to share this fun with Josie.
"Oh ah! Oh ah! He's stripping?" Josie stated. Karla was too distracted to confirm. But his shirt coming off did. Then his shorts. Karla's sight caught the Behemoth's breakfast and she was delighted. The two blonde starlets and that leggy brunette. Karla felt herself orgasm again, fed by her knowledge she beat out his TV crush for his top pet.
Josie's head turned to see. "Oh, they make sense he would want to, HOLY SHIT!" Karla smiled. Josie, meet the Behemoth. Josie's pleasure marked face was right before Karla. She was saying what Karla already knew about their towering teen. All Karla could think of was how tasty Josie sweet red bottom pouty lip looked. But Josie's face turned away as Karla attempted to suck on the cherry red lip.
"You didn't warn me about that." Josie gasped. First Karla thought she meant the kiss attempt. No it was Micheal's cock.
"Yeah didn't want to worry you." Karla moaned.
"Those girls as terrified. I see why you get such a rush from watching him play." sighed Josie.
"Oh yeah! It is so sweet." Karla admitted.
"Yeah, I'm feeling a rush from here too." Josie surrendered.
Karla wondered what it was that gave Josie a rush. Her lust filled brain was attempting to form a question for that. Then Micheal began humming the sitcom's theme as he started stripping the actress. The vibration took both his savored girls.
It passed, Josie weakly mumbled, "I want to, but I can't take much more of this." She was right, it was a very thorough kissing he had given them in a short passing.
He was a good owner. He could sense his girls were spent. Gently he rested Karla's back on her pillow blanketed by Josie. Raising he awarded Karla with a big smile. Asking, "I hoped you enjoyed your first special kisses Josie."
Josie in a tired gasp replied, "Yes, awesome, thanks!"
Karla mouthed, "Thank you for that."
He winked playfully and mouthed back, "Anything for my Karla."
Karla brushed Josie's hair with her fingers as Micheal rolled onto his back. She watched as the two whimpering blondes got pressed into his girth.
Josie asked, "What now?" As Micheal made those amazing legs spread over his tip. The starlet was a flexible little pretty, straddling tightly to the top of his thick cock. Her fear expression never showed any signs of physical strain. They did look really good flexed over his manhood. Karla was so glad she quickly nipped any chance that lovely worried faced actress had at her spot.
Josie rolled over and cuddled herself to Karla's side. Much to Karla's delight. "So, we watch his fun now?" She asked in a relaxed tone.
Karla sighed knowing her friend was here with and for her. "Yes. This likely will not take too long. Giving me his special kisses gets him really hard."
"Getting his special kisses drove me hard." Josie teased back.
Micheal started stroking the blondes up and down the main part of his shaft. They started singing out whimpering and he hummed at his enjoyment of their helplessness. "That's a big part they are suited for." Josie actually joked to Karla.
Micheal started siding those long toned limbs back and forth along the tip of his cock. Her lovely little face was adorably an open mouth pout. Karla watched as the long haired starlet head bobbed forward each time her legs were stroked back, tilting her torso forward. Her arms were to her sides, hands up in a submissive position.
Josie commented, "I'm a bit jealous of those legs."
Karla noticed something else. The brown haired girl started sighing out audible oh sounds as Micheal stroked his tip with those legs. The actress looked toward Karla's Micheal. Her expression was changing from fear filled adorable pout to one that suggested nervous arousal.
Then her sweet voice whimpered out, "Oh Oh, your penis is so broad! It's too big for me! Too big for little me! Oh, Oh, my vagina is rubbing on your penis top! It, oh why does it feel good?"
"Huh, seems she's trying out for a different acting part." Josie noted.
Karla didn't like this. Micheal had stopped moving the blondes and was focused on that sweet voiced siren. Josie and her know she was leading the boy giant on. How could she protect Micheal from that minx?
Micheal announced he was good. "Oh, it's gonna be so hot when I cum on your face!" he told the actress.
Worry returned to her face. "Oh, ah, oh, but so much semen comes out. Why? Ah!"
"Because it looks hot running over your face Grace." Michael growled lustfully.
The starlet whimpered, "But that's not what nice boys do to nice girls." Then Karla realized, and it was delicious, she wasn't acting. She must have been raised in such a restricted life she couldn't understand why he would do such lude acts.
Micheal moved the beauty and rolled to his knees. His body jumped, most likely with each hard pump of cum over that sheltered girl. He commented, "Oh so hot! Yeah that gorgeous face is just covered! Drink my cum! Drink it! Awesome you are!"
He got up and returned the actress to their new mansion. Josie noted, "She wasn't acting. She had no idea."
Karla purred, "It does make that one super obedient."
"You are a monster. What happens now?" Josie teased.
"Shower." Karla announced.
Micheal came and claimed them. Josie flinched but that was it. Karla noticed her friend wasn't comfortable washing in front of a giant teen. But accepted that's what needed to be done.
She lent her shorts and tank top outfit to Josie and put on a nice yellow low cut flowered skirt dress. Then Micheal collected them and went out to breakfast.
Milly sat sipping coffee at the table, "Morning, you just missed your dad. Him and Jeff are out challenging each other to things. So if you're looking for him check the infirmary."
"Not sure what my plans are." Micheal admitted.
"Well, the girls and I are wasting more money on things we don't need while judging others of less status then us. Oh, you two want coffee?" Milly replied.
"Please." Karla replied. "Oh, but Josie you take yours with milk and sugar still?"
"That's OK. How do you like it?" Milly asked. Karla noticed she gave Josie a look and licked her lip.
"Two sugar and some milk to color." Josie replied.
"Sweet, my favorite way things taste." Milly replied giving a suggestive wink. She then put down her coffee and shook her head, "I'm sorry. I was horrible to Karla when we first started talking too."
Josie took it in stride, "It's OK. That is what I was shrunk for." She bravely answered.
"Nope, we have grown fond of Karla, we are going to respect her addition to our family. I am sorry about my behavior, both now and last night. You may be a Shrunken, but if you're like Karla, you're a helpful Shrunken." Milly announced. Karla was so thankful.
"What did you do last night?" Micheal asked.
Milly answered, "I borrowed Josie without permission."
"No, I said you could take her to hang out with the ladies." Micheal innocently replied.
"Oh, yeah. Right." Milly replied. Josie and Karla both nodded in agreement to keep the secret.
"I scanned her last night. Can I borrow her for shopping today to get her her own clothes?" Milly offered an olive branch.
"Thanks mom for scanning her. Really nice body huh?" Micheal replied between bites of cereal.
Milly gave them a chunk of muffin answering, "Yes very." in more of a purr then she meant too. Old habits.
"Well, that's up to Karla. Though I should scan my new girls I did get yesterday. Thanks for those girls from my show." He stated.
"Josie, you want to stay here or go shopping?" Karla asked.
"Well, I can't wear clothes like you can. I would enjoy a day as your Shrunken Mrs. Miller." Josie announced.
"Oh we're familiar enough with each other for you to call me Milly." she purred back. Then sighed annoyed at herself.
Milly started suggesting options for Micheal besides hiding in the suite. Karla leaning in close to Josie, "How are you holding up?"
"Honestly, barely. So glad you're here and explained the rules. But I think I can forge on." Josie admitted.
"She is nice, she just enjoys her Shrunken too. I'm sure she'll warm up to you." Karla advised.
"Actually I'm hoping she cools down to me more. I didn't enjoy how, let's say, personally we have connected already. No, I’m not comfortable, to be honest I did enjoy it." Josie confessed.
"Maybe you're more open to that then you admit?" Karla offered to guide her friend.
Josie looked annoyed at her, "It was the texture and intensity and not who did it."
"What are you two talking about?" Micheal asked.
"How the size of things affect us now." Josie answered for them.
"Yeah, it must be weird looking up at like coffee mugs and things." he replied.
"Are you done with your muffin Josie?" Milly asked.
"Yes Mrs, I mean Milly." Josie replied.
"Can I take her to freshen up for the day?" Milly asked Micheal.
"Sure mom." he noted. He looked like he was thinking. Probably planning their day Karla figured.
Milly took Josie away then went to her room. Micheal looked down and smiled, "I think we should scan my new pets. Then maybe we could go to Little Skillz and play some games just the two of us. Maybe some shopping and ice cream." Then he gently stroked her hair behind her ear with one powerful finger, "Then maybe we could try more shrink targeting, you seem to enjoy that. What do you think?"
Karla realized she was going to have a day alone with her giant owner. "That sounds wonderful."
Milly collected Josie and stopped so they could say goodbye. "She'll be OK in public. Maybe suggestive, but not touchy." Karla reassured.
"I'm their pet right? I'll be a good puppy." Josie sighed nervously.
"I think they see us as more like cats. Baby Shrunken are called kittens." Karla noted before thinking.
"Yeah, OK, unnecessary share." Josie took the knowledge and just let it be there. Karla was awe-inspired by her friend's ability to adapt to situations.
"Milly, she does prefer clothes that cover more than Micheal's usual choices." Karla advised her Owner's mother,
Milly laughed, "I'll try. But we both know most clothes are designed more for the owner's enjoyment. You two have fun."
"Wish me luck." Josie requested. Then they were alone.
Karla wondered if he was aware how special this was. Then he lifted her, kissed her head. He leaned his head back and allowed Karla to lay upon his face. "This should be fun just the two of us." He said, confirming he knew.
They freshened up then he collected the newest members of his shrunken harem. With the four actresses and Josie, he actually got about a dozen. None really stood out beside those starlets.
He placed the tub down, then an empty one to transfer them too. Then Karla to watch him work. That leggy brunette came over, "Excuse me miss, Why is he so mean to us?"
"Because he owns you and thinks you're hot?" Karla replied.
"He can't own us. That's against the law. And if he thinks I'm pretty shouldn't he treat me nice and buy me things? Not do dirty stuff and mess over my face." The girl honestly questioned.
Karla realized why the writers had her so innocent and dumb on the show, she was. "They can because they made you small. And to show they are bigger than you are, they like to do dirty stuff and mess on your face. But that's good. Because other collectors like to hurt or even eat the people they shrink. So you should beg him every chance you get to mess on your face. Say, Lord Micheal please cum on my face. Or he might get bored of you and sell you to an eater."
The pretty thing nodded. Repeating, "Lord Micheal please cum on my face. And that will keep us from being eaten?"
"I promise as long as he's enjoying seeing his thick cum on your face. Especially in your mouth, he will want to keep you. And no one will eat you." Karla could not believe she was worried about this ditz taking her place.
"Thick cum?" the girl was trying to think, "Should I ask for his thick cum in my mouth? Would that help keep us safe?"
"Oh yes, feel free to improvise." Karla advised.
The plump lipped blonde came over, "Don't talk to her Astra, she's not right."
"But she told me we want to have him mess on our faces or he'll sell us to other awful people that will eat us." the leggy brunette advised.
The more athletic blonde came over, "How dare you trick her like that? That was sick, is that how you get off as his whore?"
"It's actually true. Mostly. There are ones that eat some of the people they make small. So you too should beg Lord Micheal for his seed over that pretty face. Or find out what length of bacon is needed to wrap around that sweet body." Karla suggested.
"You're sick." the blonde said and walked away. Karla suddenly really wanted bacon.
She watched as the actress discussed her and her Micheal. Clearly she had an effect. That leggy ditz clearly could not be convinced Karla was lying. Which, in a way, she wasn't.
Micheal left the actress to last. Leaving his favorite for the end. It was amusing watching Micheal's reaction as he lifted the long hair brunette. She just started begging in her sweet voice, "Will you please spray your thick cum over my face again? Please, I want to have your thick cum in my mouth."
"Shhh, I'm scanning you to buy you clothes." He was not ready for his TV crush to be begging to drink his seed. Karla couldn't help but laugh. Her co-stars glared daggers at Karla.
"So you're buying me clothes. Not selling me to be eaten?" The leggy toy asked.
Micheal gave Karla a smile, "Not if you keep being a good and pretty Shrunken. So stay in shape and wear the clothes I tell you. And keep asking for my cum and I'll keep you a long time." he instructed.
It was sad that when he was putting her into the machine she just noted, "Huh, my life isn't that different. Stay in shape, dress as told, say the lines I'm told too."
He couldn't resist a little fun. He placed the busty one with long dark hair on a cloth. The blondes got to ride the beast again.
As the dark haired breasts cowered, their helpful long haired friend yelled the advice, "Jamie, beg for his thick cum on your face. He likes that and you will not get eaten!"
"I'm going to cum on Jo's tits!" Micheal informed.
"Sorry director Micheal. Your boobies Jamie, he wants you to ask for it on your boobies." She helped.
"Astra, I'm not saying that." the chest replied.
"But he might sell you. Oh, fine I'll do it. Director Micheal cum on her boobies! She has nice big boobies for you to cum on. Stuck out your boobies so he can mess on them easier." The legs performed. Karla wondered if this was the first time she had asked a director to mess on boobies.
Between her sweet voice, two whimpering blonde beauties, and a big set of targets. He finished rather quickly. Thick white globs splashing on the starlet's chest and face as her friend cheered her getting messed on.
Karla advised the helpful legs, "He really likes seeing other tiny girls licking his cum off the ones he messed on."
"Oh, like that horrible thing last night. OK." she replied.
Micheal placed the blondes in and used the cloth to tumble the dark haired girl. Karla snickered as he lifted the tub, she heard the cum dripping starlet grumble, "Oh get off me Astra, you idiot!"
Micheal came back out and lifted her to cuddle to his face. "You're the best." He praised her cruel assistance.
"Oh but Director Micheal, did you enjoy her begging for your cum?" Karla replied, mocking the actress' voice.
"She asked when her next dirty scene was as I was pouring them back into the cages." he snickered.
"She's so easily trained I might want to have her as one of mine." Karla thought out loud. Micheal stopped and shuttered. "Pictured it?" Karla asked.
"Yeah so hot." he purred.
"Did you need another dirty scene as I tested her acting talents?" Karla offered.
"Later PLEASE! We should start our day." he whimpered.
"Yes Director Micheal." she cooed.
He opened the door, "I actually think I like that better then Lord." Then they exited to start their fun.

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CH32: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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A Character building chapter, hope you still enjoy.

Chapter 32

Micheal carried her to the nice arcade. She was pleased to see more Shrunken playing with their owners this time. If reluctantly. They played several games. He won, but he was just so much better than she was at these games.
"Hey Kid. Nice Shrunken." Came a rough sounding voice.
Micheal picked Karla up. "Thanks." he replied. Three burly boys around Micheal's age stood in a semi-circle around him.
"You should let me play you to win her." The center boy demanded.
"No, sorry. I'm not betting her." Micheal replied and attempted to leave. Karla noticed he turned his watch face to her.
"So you're just giving her to us, sweet." The leader noted.
"No, she's mine to keep,'' he replied. Karla, not their focus tapped on the watch.
"Bet or Give? Otherwise we will take and that might get messy." The middle boy cruelly laughed as the other two cheered him on.
Micheal looked at the boys while turning to shield Karla. "I'm a red status," he warned.
"Bah, maybe daddy is. Hand that sweet Shrunken over. Status will not stop me from stomping your ass." the bully replied.
His watch beeped back. The boy grabbed Micheal's shirt. Micheal twisted and flipped the boy onto the floor and maneuvered out from where he was cornered. "Back off." he stated.
Karla saw the message as the boys moved toward him. The clerk barked lazily from his stool, "Hey settle down over there."
"James says you're clear." Karla read the message.
The leader was getting up. He snarled, "What is that little bitch whining about?"
"This." Micheal replied as the leader suddenly slipped down to inches tall.
One of his buddies, "Hey! That's fucking against the rules."
"James Conner, from security gave me permission as a defensive action. Now wait as they come to collect us to clarify what happened." Micheal said coldly.
"I'm telling my mom!" one said and picked up the leader. Bolting from the arcade.
The other supporter stood there glaring. No Karla realized, he was trying to shrink Micheal. The attendant yelled at the other support as he left, "Hey no running."
"Why if you could shrink Danny, can't I shrink you?" the brave last boy questioned.
"Your status is lower." Micheal explained.
"That wasn't right. We were just messing with you. We wouldn't have actually taken that slut." the boy challenged.
"Micheal, security will be here soon." Karla hoped he would stay calm.
Her wonderful owner smiled, "Are you willing to chance processing for what currently is a minor infraction. How well do you know the rules?" He softly said to the last bully.
Frank swaggered in and directly over. "You alright Dr. Miller?" he asked, eyeing the kid.
The kid pointed, "He shrunk my friend for no reason."
"Really, that doesn't sound like my friend, Dr. Miller. Who are you son?" Frank coldly replied.
"I don't have to tell you. You have to take him in for shrinking my friend." the boy insisted.
"Your friend, Daniel Clark?" Frank said looking at his watch. Adding, "Who has several complaints of bullying others. Oh, and a suspected Shrunken theft from a Purple status girl. You sure that's your friend?"
"He said he gave that back." the boy submitted. Followed with, "Sorry I thought he was just messing with kids. I'm sorry Dr. Miller. How can I help the investigation sir?"
"I hold no ill will toward him, Frank." Micheal stated.
A woman came up furious, "That boy broke the rules and shrunk me son! Arrest him!"
"Julie Clark, do you have your son?" Frank replied between clenched teeth.
"His cousin does. He's afraid that asshole will shrink him too." The woman said poking Frank in the chest.
Frank made a smacking noise and then laughed in her face.
"What, this is an outrage! How dare you!" she screamed in the most Karen voice Karla ever heard.
"If that gentleman wanted to, all three boys would have been turned to temporary Shrunken before they blinked. I've seen him in action. So be grateful he used restraint." Frank explained, cutting her response off with, "GET YOUR SON HERE NOW!"
"How dare you speak to me like that!" the woman screamed. "Just because he's all la tee da Red Status doesn't mean he can go shrinking Company family members whenever they get a little energetic."
"No, he contacted security first. Then stayed till we arrived. Willing to be questioned. Where's your son?" Frank countered.
"You're lying, my boy said he tripped him and just shrunk him. He didn't ask anybody anything." The woman argued .
"Dr. Miller, your watch please." Frank asked. Micheal took it off and handed it over. Looking at the watch Frank noted, "Hmmm, to security officer Conner, Three boys are attempt to, oh that was dumb. You're lucky he used restraint. Oh the reply, He may shrink in defense of you Karla, that's his Shrunken there with the sweet brown eyes. So, Where is your son?"
"My boy was on the ground. He was the one attacked." She puffed out her chest.
"Danny grabbed him. And Dr. Miller flipped him onto his back. But he would have tried again" the boy confessed.
"CHRISTOPHER! Fucking shut up!" The woman snarled.
"They think Danny stole a girl's Shrunken. If he did I'm not getting in trouble for that. That's a big punishment. So, no Aunt Susan, I will not shut up." The boy bravely responded.
Frank's watch went off. "Oh, your son is headed to the security office now. Dr. Miller we will contact you if you are needed further. Here is your watch. Mr. Watts, we will contact you and your parents if we have more questions. Mrs. Clark, you should head to the office if you're interested in your son's fate."
"He's allowed free." the woman yelled. "Fucking Key Stone Status sucking morons." and she stomped off.
"OK Mikey, how did you know that you could shrink them?" Frank asked.
"When I noted my status, they mocked me for hiding behind it. Threatened me physically. So I know they were low. Figured Yellow or low greens, "Michael noted.
"Scientist, such a waste." Frank laughed.
"But how did you text on your watch while we were messing with you. I was looking right at you and you didn't touch your watch." the boy asked.
"Karla, she's always helping me." Micheal said proudly.
"Mr. Christopher Watts, I am leaving you. Do not let me see you connected to any more trouble. Mikey, you owe me and Jimmy a rematch on Targeting. Nice seeing your OK Brown Eyes. Hope not to be called officially for any of you again." and Frank swaggered out.
"I'm sorry really. I really didn't think we were doing anything more than mess around." The boy restated.
"You should text your parents so they know you are not hurt or in trouble." Micheal suggested.
"Yeah, my aunt is going to hate me." The boy started tapping.
"My name is Micheal, friends call me Mikey. If they don't want you to go, did you want to play a few games?" Micheal offered.
"After this you're willing to hang out?" The boy asked.
"Huh, you did the right thing in the end. And you most likely not have anyone else to hang out with for the rest of the trip. Thought, games are more fun in groups." Micheal said.
"Christopher, my friends call me Chris." Chris replied.
They began playing till Chris' parents came for him. They apologized. Micheal accepted and gave Chris his contact for maybe hanging out later. Seems his parents were not used to someone of such higher status talking to them like Micheal was.
Then Ice Cream. Karla had to praise, "That was so brave of you. How did you flip him like that?"
"Judo, go two nights a week for years. Not something they can teach Data Input." He smiled offering her a lick.
"You were nice to Chris when you didn't need to be." She gushed.
"I think he's stuck with his cousins as his only friends. At least he has people his age to hang out with." Micheal said, ending in a low voice.
"Don't you have friends at home?" Karla asked.
"Mainly staff at work. Hard to make friends when your dad's the boss and you are a department head. And the closest to your age is seven or more years older than you." He sighed.
"You wanted a friend. You have me." Karla tried to cheer him up.
"Yeah, but you suck at video games." he teased.
She sneered at him. Then she wondered, "What is going to happen to that boy your shrunk?"
"Depends, I figure he only has basic Data Inputted, or possibly actual schooling. So if he took a Shrunken at that level and age, loss of family status. Work punishment. Now if he harmed or killed the girl's Shrunken. That can mean he replaces it. At that status, that could mean literally." Micheal noted. "I hope Chris doesn't get status loss due to that idiot."
"Oh, Thanks for texting Jimmy. How did you know I wanted you to contact him." Micheal asked.
"Cause we needed security and you don't have Carts’ contact info." Karla replied.
"Man, I would have loved to see that women have to deal with Carts." MIcheal laughed.
They went shopping next. He picked up the Locked-In-Room set and a showers attachment. As well as one called, Little Chemistry. Which had beakers and tubes big enough to hold Standard size Shrunken. He also bought extra packs to make Slime in or pour into those beakers. As well as a few more creepy crawler accessories. Karla got him to pick up more cocoons.
Then he stopped and looked at the wall of Battle Jumpers. "You think Josie would want a Jumper?" He asked.
"She did play some games. So maybe." Karla answered. Amused that they sold action figures of the pilots to ride in the Jumpers. Tempted to ask for the Fireman character. He grabbed the cowgirl one for and that costume for Josie.
They decided lunch, since it was early afternoon. Her Micheal likes his seafood. It was nice to eat just the two of them. They talked about ideas for the Shrunken and plans when they got back to his home. He noted he had no idea where he was going to put them all.
Then the highlight of her day. They practiced Shrink Targeted for hours. Karla knew he wasn't as interested as she was. He got to do the real thing. Collect little wiggling Shrunken as the results. Karla could only pretend and watch him. She was excited, the next two ports she would be in that pouch. Watch him collect him new pretty toys. Disks became blondes and brunettes. Asians and African Americans. Red heads, Indians, and Latinas. All gorgeous and for Micheal's pleasure. They played a few rounds of the targeting contest. He always won, but she enjoyed him cheering her on. They were texted to come to the suite for supper. Their day was done.
They arrived. Fried chicken smell filled the room. "Micheal I have a work question for your dad and Jeff could you put me by them for a moment?" Karla asked.
"Sure, going to get some chicken and waffles." He replied and placed her by the tired looking men.
"Hello Karla, come to mock our lack of fitness?" Howard jokingly asked.
"No, do you know Gabriel Jacobs?" Karla asked.
"Oh I know Gabs. Why?" Howard said with annoyance in his voice.
"Who is that? Sounds familiar." Jeff noted.
"Representative of Board Member Three and short of additional Company Security Chief. He is crazy for my Milly." Howard explained.
"He contacted me through that tablet. He's the one watching the deal between you too." Karla stated.
"No. Well yes, but for the Third Board Member. Yeah, we are still good." Howard noted. But he was clearly thinking.
Micheal came over, "All good?" he asked smiling.
"Yeah, all cleared up." Karla felt bad lying to Micheal.
He moved her over to the ladies table. Josie was sitting in front of Chrissy in a little chair. The giant teenaged girl was carefully combing her hair. "How was your day." Karla asked.
"I have taken one of the rooms in your cage for my clothes. Hope you don't mind." Josie replied.
"How was your day with Micheal?" Chrissy asked.
"Good, ask him what happened at the arcade. He was so brave." Karla baited the teen.
"Micheal? What happened at the arcade?" Chrissy wandered over to hear his story.
"Now, how was your day?" Karla asked.
"Good. Milly must have actually felt bad, she spent way too much on me. I wasn't joking about the room. Treated me to bits to all kinds of sweets. Meet one of Chrissy’s Shrunken guys. So nice and handsome. Used to be a dancer and was at the base by our home town. His name is Daniel." Josie explained.
"I know Dan, nice guy." Karla noted.
Josie gave her a look. "Oh of course, he's another Get-To." Josie sighed.
"What do you mean?" Karla asked.
"Shows interest in me to get to you. Explains all the tell me about what you did as a kid. Questions about dance trips and such. He was wondering about you." Josie sighed.
Karla defended, "You don't know that. You're gorgeous, he might know a great girl when he sees it."
"That's what you said about Jason." Josie countered.
"Gah, hate that guy." Karla snarled.
"And why?" Josie questioned.
"He kissed me. At your birthday party, while he was going out with you." Karla sheepishly described. "But that was just one guy."
"Alberto." Josie countered.
"But you two were broken up." She offered.
"No, he told you he broke up with me and we were still friends." Josie reminded her.
"Right, that's why I dumped him." Karla noted. "You have more don't you?" Karla asked.
"I've had maybe four guys actually interested in me. Two tried to date you once they met you. One was your cousin Sunny, and the last was a reporter at the paper. But that wasn't going to go anywhere because I don't date married men." Josie complained.
"Sunny really regretted messing that up." Karla advised.
"Too late. I'm a Shrunken now. With my best friend and her Giant teen boy." Josie smiled sadly.
They hugged, Karla noting, "Besides the whole pet thing, I am so glad to see you."
"I've been meaning to call you. Invite you to the capital for a weekend. Just never found the time." Josie sighed.
"I was the same." Karla sighed back.
"You two look like you could use a drink and seats." Debbie noted adding a table and chairs for them. Milly added glasses.
"You know we should take this time to look up the next town." Jeff suggested.
"Wait, Karla did that didn't you?" Milly remembered.
"You look up on the towns they collect from?" Josie asked.
"It's on my tablet. Micheal, in my cage on the night stand if you don't mind please." Karla asked.
"OK, be right back." he said.
"Yeah, I kinda thought they should look up the next ports and find the events most likely to have the type of Shrunken they would want." Karla said nervously.
"Well, that's a good simple idea. No wonder you are their special Shrunken. And they are very fond of you. Even the TJG." Josie smiled.
"Not Mad?" Karla asked.
"No. We need to keep our Owners happy right." Josie replied.
Debbie petted Josie's head, "Such a practical Shrunken. You Millers find the best ones."
"Here you go." Micheal handed her her tablet.
"Is everyone's tablet here?" Karla started her presentation.
"Yes, ready to receive." Howard noted.
Karla smiled, they coupled up to ease the presentation. "I looked up the town. There are a few possible ideas. But just outside town within the Company Hunting boundaries is these." She sent them the site. "The day we arrive they will be on day three of an international camping period. The site lists both camps as full. The starting age of campers should make them just ripe. But they also list counselors, some noted ones are actually pictured. They all fall under your preferred age ranges. There should be enough at both camps for all of you to gather a small crowd, and far enough to avoid other guests, so all yours. Another good thing, any unwanted can be left there. Just let security know when you get back, they can tell the clean up team. Getting you ship credit, if you contain them for them. Any questions?" Karla waited.
They all looked smiling at their tablets. "Oh, Debbie, check the swim instructor for the boys camp." Milly suggested.
"Oh, they have daily fitness routines." Howard purred.
"Wait, Karla, this is a Catholic camp week. From the list of banned books, strict religious Catholics. You naughty shoulder devil." Jeff noted.
"What does that mean?" Micheal asked.
"Likely a lot of them will be strict waiting till they get married types. So, their only sexual experience will be the ones we give them." Howard was clearly aroused by this.
"Hmmm, the camp catch line, Faith and Fitness, are your two continued goals. They are holy athletes." Debbie was practically drooling.
"I have directions, as Micheal has won the use of the Pocket for me again, I can bring my tablet and guide you there. But you will need cars to get there." Karla advised.
"You have this all planned out don't you." Milly purred.
"I aim to make my Owners happy." Karla paraphrase Josie. She looked over and her friend gave her a silent appraise.
"You marvelous little darling. This place is secluded and backed by a lake and a river. They have boats. But that would just put them in an open area for us to Shrink and go collect." Debbie praised.
"Yeah, the main road is really the only route in. If we spread out we could get them all fairly easy." Howard looked.
Josie walked over. Karla let her look at the tablet, "Actually if you get there early enough, they have a church service every morning right after breakfast. Just need to find the ones setting up events and whoever is doing dishes." She noticed.
Josie took the tablet. She downloaded the two camps maps. "You hit here for the girls and here for the boys. The mess hall is the only connecting building here. The Morning events after service are here, here and here for the girls and here, here, and here for the boys." She sent them a map.
"Thanks Josie." Karla said.
"We always worked well together." she smiled.
"Dang, we should strike at the event set-up locations, over to the separate halls, then meet at the mess hall. We park our cars here, they wouldn't even know we were there till we were in the camp." Jeff realized.
"So the real question now is how do we get cars for the six of us and how do we spoil Karla for finding this place for us? And Josie for pointing out an attack plan?" Milly asked.
"When I went with Jimmy that time, we just went a few blocks quickly and called a cab. Then he shrunk the cabby once we got to the hotel. Couldn't we do a similar thing, call two cabs. And just shrink the drivers and take the cabs?" Micheal suggested.
"That could work, call as we walk so our wait time is lessened." Howard agreed.
"So you boys missed the other questions?" Debbie actually asked.
"I give Karla anything she wants within reason. I am already happily spoiling her." Micheal said happily.
"The pocket could fit two. Can Josie come too?" Karla asked. Micheal tapped at his watch.
"Is that what Josie wants?" Milly asked.
"I don't know what my options are. But Micheal has been nice so far. It might help to see things from your perspective." Josie said uncertainty.
"If that's what she wants I've been given permission." Micheal noted.
"Oh look, they have photos of the buildings. We can even plan how we enter them for best results." Chrissy purred suddenly
They spent the rest of the evening planning their attacks. Who would go where and what paths they would take to the next location. The maps and photos the site website contained were wonderfully detailed. Karla and Josie joined the brainstorming session late into the night. Getting praised repeatedly. Karla was so proud of Josie for adjusting so fast.
The Grants left and then Micheal took them into the nightstand to get ready. "I'll be right back." Josie noted as she left to get a pair of her new pajamas.
Karla got ready. After such a great day with Micheal. Milly and the other ladies treating Josie so well. Now the next port is planned and their People want to spoil them more. Very few things could make this night better. But she was hoping Micheal would try.
Then it occurred to her. Josie wasn't back yet. She got up and went to Josie's room. There she was bowed over the bed in the room she was using as a closet. She was sobbing hard.
"Josie what's wrong?" Karla asked as she moved to support her friend.
"Karla we just helped plan the kidnapping of kids so they can be used as sex slaves. Why? To please our sex slave masters. I've lost my life and now I'm a monster helping take more lives." Josie balled.
"No Josie. They'll be Shrunken. That's what Shrunken are for. Besides, the Millers and Grants are nice." Karla started.
"Yeah, I saw what some of the others are like. Openly abusing their victims for their jollies. And the Grants. If they were doing to dogs what they have planned for some of those kids, people would want them shot. Pinned ass up while an over hormoned guy slams into them for twenty four hours. That isn't nice. That's a fucking nightmare. One I helped lead more too. Many will just be teenagers, kids." Josie replied.
Micheal came over. But read the situation and moved to the bed. Karla didn't know what to tell Josie. Her first thought was, they are just Shrunken and not us. But she knew that would not help yet. No, just hold her friend. Let her cry this out. She had a long day pretending she was fine.
Once she was done Josie quietly freshened up and got ready for bed. Sweet Micheal placed them on his chest. He was ordering clothes for the newly collected. He was really excited about those actresses. He leaned the tablet on his knees and tapped with one hand softly. As his other gently stroked Josie's hair. Comforting her as she laid there. Resting her head on Karla lap. Karla watched her friend fall asleep. Looking up at her towering teen and smiled thankfully.
After a while he carefully placed them on their pillow. Karla barely laid down when Josie snuggled her face to Karla's chest in her sleep. Micheal's hand came over them protectively. Josie nuzzled her back into the pads of his fingers. Making an adorable murmuring sound.
His whisper, "She'll be ok. You are."
Karla turned as best she could to look at his concerned smile. "That's because I have a sweet owner."
He kissed her head and whispered, "Good Night My special Karla."
Karla kissed his bottom lip, "Good Night My Special Micheal."

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Ch33: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 33
M(t)/f,f,f + f/f

A tapping at their door woke the three up. "Honey, are you awake?" Milly's voice asked.
"No." Micheal answered.
"OK, Debbie came up with an idea to thank Karla and Josie. Can I borrow them for today to do that?" Milly asked.
"What is it?" A grumpy Micheal replied. Karla looked to Josie to see if she was ready for whatever it might be. She sleepily shrugged in reply.
"Its a spa day." Milly explained. Karla sat up and smiled. She had wanted to try a spa day for years. The extra money was never there.
Micheal saw the reaction and answered, "Yes, but take special care of them." Karla crawled over to give him a kiss on his bottom lip. Which resulted with her whole face kissed instead. Milly tip toed in and quietly cooed at the scene. Then collected her and Josie.
They entered into the shared area Josie pointed out, "We haven't gotten dressed."
"Don't worry your sweet head about it. I'll order you two cute outfits at the spa." Milly explained as she headed to the door.
"But my glasses are by the cage." Josie mumbled, still sleepy.
A quick return to collect glasses and off to the spa. Meeting the Grants there. They brought Sissy along to have three of both ladies and Shrunken.
They started with what was called a Liberating Bath and Breakfast. Water with essential oils and minerals. While lovely ladies served them, spiritually empowering natural sourced foods. Really an excuse to soak in nice smelling water while literally being hand fed. They had bits of the people food served to the Shrunken by Shrunken attendants.
Then since their bodies were infused with the necessary oils. Messages. Each lady laid face down on a message table. Just below their faces the Shrunken laid on their own little message table. Clearly Debbie booked this as three well toned guys came in to message them head to toe. They brought three toned barely dressed Shrunken masseurs. Karla enjoyed the look of hers from the neck down.
As he started he called up to Milly, "Did you want this to be a full body or mounted massage for your viewing enjoyment?"
Milly laughed, "No. My son would kill me."
Karla heard Debbie replied, looking down at Josie's masseur, "I'm just the bank roll, ask the lady how massaged she wants to be."
Karla was amused that part of the relaxing process for some people included watching their pets get molested.
Then hair treatment to remove the pollutants of life from their scalp. Really gunk to make their hair shiny and silky. That set as their nails and pedicures were done. Karla was amused that the full sized ladies' toe nails were looked after by Shrunken men with what for them were hand tools and paint brushes.
As the last touches were done, they did the cucumber slices over Karla's eyes. She was amused by that shrunk cucumber, possibly just the slices for them. Also amusing was hearing the Milly and the Grant ladies yelp as they were waxed. Being Shrunken, she didn't need that anymore.
They then were taken to a mud bath. To fortify the oils and minerals from the day into their bodies. It was warm and relaxing. Lunch and mimosas were served all around.
"Well, I'm glad you two allowed us to thank you with this." Debbie sighed as she slouched into the mud.
From their own little tub on the side Karla replied, "Feel free to thank us again if you want."
"This was great, just the day. No running around. No guys adorable, hey watch us hurt ourselves. Just the ladies spending time together being pampered." Milly hummed.
"And their Shrunken." Chrissy added.
"So, what is this afternoon?" Josie asked.
"I'm going to go see how Micheal is doing." Chrissy announced.
"Well Debbie, coffee and rich fattening treats then?" Milly asked.
"I'm game. Josie may I tempt you in our growing tradition of spending my husband's money on overpriced coffee and chocolate covered chocolate or other sugar confections." Debbie asked.
"Mom, you have to ask Micheal. She is his Shrunken." Chrissy interjected.
"Oh, he'll be happy to let them have a ladies day. Right Karla? Coffee, chocolate and catty gossip?" Milly offered.
"I think he'll be OK if you just let him know." Karla replied.
"I'll go with Karla." Josie added.
"I don't think that's right. But, that's up to Micheal." Chrissy pouted.
They were then directed to a small shower room, to wash off the cocoon of their old selves and emerge the butterflies of their new selves. Karla enjoyed flowery language for even washing the mud off your body.
Milly had gotten her a lovely pink patterned sundress. Josie got a light purple with dark flowers that looked gorgeous on her. They left for coffee and criticizing passers by while Chrissy went to return Sissy and talk to Micheal.
"My baby girl is so melodramatic sometimes." Debbie smiled. "She got that from Jeff."
Debbie ordered a Dark Chocolate coffee with a double shot of espresso. Karla got a little of that in a cup. Milly got a salted caramel light roast with a vanilla shot. That's what Josie went for. Treats and a table in the front area. They were given toothpicks to use as wooden spoons to share with the ladies.
"Excuse me?" a lady said leaning towards the table.
"Yes?" Debbie replied happily.
"Those are two adorable Shrunken, would you be willing to sell one or both?" The lady asked. "I'm willing to pay top credit for them." Both Debbie and Milly just stared at the woman with confused frowns. "These are your Shrunken on your table?" The woman questioned.
"Oh, right. No, these are my son's favorite Shrunken. I can't sell either of them." Milly answered.
The woman looked disturbed and in a creeped out tone responded, "You share Shrunken with your son?"
"Not like you're implying. It's more like I'm taking them for a walk." Milly explained.
"Oh, OK. Can I give you my contact information in case he might want to earn a few extra credits?" The lady asked.
"No, these two are not for sale. Thanks for your interest." Milly responded.
"Shouldn't you at least talk to him about it?" The woman questioned.
"Lady, the word no, use your credits to buy a dictionary and look it up." Debbie snarled.
"Well that's just rude. Their only Shrunken.” the woman yipped. Then walked over to some guy. They clearly gossiped about Milly and Debbie as they left.
"OK, it's official. I don't see Karla like she's a normal Shrunken. Not human, but not like a Shrunken either." Debbie sounded slightly disturbed.
"Yeah, I've been like this for a couple days now." Milly noted.
"Any other Shrunken I would have taken her contact info and passed it. But it was like she was asking to buy a friend." Debbie explained.
"Yeah, just the fact I was getting mad at her just asking I knew I had to take it carefully." Milly noted.
They jumped when James spoke behind them, "Morning Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Grant. Karla, new special Shrunken girl."
Milly turned and said, "Her name is Josie. How long have you been there."
"Right here, long enough to accidently startled you by saying hi. I did watch you snarl off a lady shortly before. Everything good with that?" James asked.
"Yeah, she wanted to buy Karla and Josie and we got hostile." Milly realized.
"Just hostile or did you at least say politely no first?" James asked.
"I think we said no politely first." Debbie guessed.
"Then it's just she got pushy and you pushed back." James smiled.
"Mr. Conner, That first port when you told Mikey Karla was special. How did you know? Just from a quick look?" Milly asked.
"You can call me Jimmy," he replied.
"You can call me Milly, Jimmy. How did you know?" Milly questioned.
"Because she was his first Shrunken and he was excited." James answered.
"That was it?" Debbie questioned.
"That was all. Encouraging words to an excited young man. Turns out, I was more correct than I thought. Blind squirrel found a nut huh?" James smiled contently, "Hope you ladies have a good day."
"You can call me Debbie by the way." Debbie added in a confused tone.
"So, we treated you special cause we were put into the mind set from a guy just trying to be nice to a guest's kid. Only to find out you are special. Huh, good on you Karla." Milly explained to herself.
"Suppose it's like panning for gold. You find all kinds of pretty pebbles before you wash up a nugget." Debbie waxed poetically.
"I'm not telling Mikey. Because it doesn't change who you are to us, Karla Michelle Miller." Milly announced.
"What just happened?" Josie asked.
Karla felt tears on her cheeks. "I'm one of them." she answered.
It was a wonderful afternoon. They just sat there and chatted about the Company people Karla will likely encounter at her job. More coffee and more treats.
They came back to the Miller's suite. Chris was there and they were having a Jumper battle with the three Jumpers. No riders, but they were happy.
"Mom, this is Chris." Micheal introduced him.
"Hello Mrs. Miller." Chris politely responded. Maybe it was the lighting. Or the more comfortable company at his sides. But he didn't seem so rough today.
"Hello Chris. New friend from today's adventures?" Milly asked.
Chris confessed, "No, yesterday my cousin caused trouble at the arcade. I'm sorry I was part of that. Mikey offered to let me hang out with him instead. Hope that is ok?"
"No causing trouble from then on?" Milly asked.
"I promise not to be in any trouble." Chris answered.
"OK, if you stick to that I am good, usually. Right now I am going to ask you to finish one more battle and leave. We are going to have supper soon." Milly explained.
"Oh, what time is it?" he said. "One more quick battle, clean up and I'm out of your hair Miss."
Milly sat with the girls. "He seems like a good kid, when with the right people."
They played a battle. Chrissy beat the boys. They cleaned up the BBs and barricades. Chris helped Micheal put things in their room. Walking out he was eyes wide, "I don't have twenty and you have so many. I Wish I had your luck."
"We get off the boat sooner. Really helps us access more chances." Micheal told him.
"That makes sense." Chris agreed.
Howard and Jeff came in with a bag each. Seems the big boys bought more toys. Chris was introduced and acknowledged his past mistake again. And was again cautioned. With the same type of polite acceptance. Then left.
"Alright everyone," Howard announced, "Eat up. We are going to the stage show tonight." So they had a quick meal and dashed to dress up.
Karla was able to wear her slinky purple dress for Micheal. Josie came up in a black cocktail dress with grey sides that just amplified her curvy figure explaining, "Milly thought I should have a fancy dress."
Micheal came over in his adorable suit with shorts. He stared at them wide eyed for a few moments. Then managed in a sad tone, "The theater requires Shrunken to be restrained. So you will have to be in the chain cage. I sadly can't hold you two."
"Mikey, I got you something." Howard called. He held a chain cage. It's inside area was shaped like a throne. A padded throne.
He offered his finger like the gentle giant he was. Karla sat and he closed the door. If it wasn't for the bars she would have felt more like a little queen.
Milly was wearing a long form fitting cherry red dress. She brought a padded cage in for Josie to ride in. Howard, in his flattering shorts suit, was bringing that Maria Shrunken he owned. She seemed pleased to see Karla's standing among their owners.
The Grants arrived. Jeff wore a navy blue suit with dull yellow highlights and Sissy in his cage in a canary yellow girly dress. Debbie was a dress styled like Milly's only black. It highlighted her sun tanned complexion. Tarzan wore a very well tailored tux. Chrissy wore the human sized version of Sissy's dress. Her cage had one of the actor boys from that sitcom in a short suit nearly matching Micheal's. The boy looked drained somehow.
They arrived at the theater lobby. The room within the ship was like the fancy theaters you see in movies. Molded wooden door frames and panels along the room edges. The ceiling was a marvelous painting of clouds parting. The walls were a deep, oddly comforting red.
Everyone was dressed to the nines. Though that didn't stop them from tacky wearing naked Shrunken on bolo ties or strapped across their breasts. But that's because they were not as classy as her owners, Karla realized.
They entered the actual theater. Only in movies had Karla seen anything so extravagant. Every detailed molding and painting was eye catching yet drew her eye to the stage. She would delight in the detail of the angels painted along the ceiling center only to follow the view and be looking back to the stage. She noticed it wasn't just her as Micheal had to keep stopping to catch himself as he was staring off toward the stage instead of where Howard and Milly were going.
They were directed up to the balcony for Purple and Red status members. There, the usher guided them to a theater box like seating in their own booth, they had an amazing view of the whole stage. Soon the crowd began to settle. The lights went dark, and the curtain opened.
Karla got from how Chrissy was talking to Micheal that this was a regular thing at Company theaters. How she hoped the larger collecting and their factory would increase this style of theater. On stage were human actors and actresses. Full sized sets and props. But in the upper center back was a screen, shown on it was little hanging mics and music stands. Dressed in gowns and tuxedos were Shrunken males and females.
As the play went on, a simple Romeo and Juliette style love story as a musical, the human performers moved and emoted. But every word said or song performed was done by the Shrunken almost like an old time radio show. It had a unique effect as the actors and the voices linked up, Karla found she would forget they were not the same being. Like their duel performance somehow made the story more real even when they broke into song.
Intermission the balcony was invited into another Balcony overlooking the theater lobby. In a small cage behind the bar were three Shrunken ladies singing songs from the forties. It was their voices being broadcasted to the crowd below. Up here were stills of the rehearsals. For those human performers had their voice performers strapped to their chests. To give them a better connection during the actual performances.
They finished their drinks and were engulfed into that world again. Karla was so lost she started when Micheal's finger reached in her cage for her to hold. Romance won a happy ending in the play this time. Then the Shrunken sang a melody of the musical's songs as the human performers took bows.
They were again invited into the upper balcony bar after the show. A few moments of watching the uninvited shuffle out, the director came out and introduced the main characters to mingle. Human body was carrying a little stage with a balancing rail on it with their voice standing upon it. As if to keep the illusion the human performers said nothing and referred to the Shrunken whenever a question was asked directly to them. The Shrunken would answer the question on behalf of the human performer.
Questions of how they became so connected and how hard was to practice. The voice and body matched almost perfectly even in these improvised conversations. Often the Shrunken would make a movement with their free arm or a head tilt and the human was moving at the same time.
Micheal seemed interested in the performers. But as the characters drew the main attention he walked over to the director watching the intrigued crowd. "Excuse me?" He asked.
"Yes good sir?" the director smiled warmly. He clearly used to fading into the wood work and was curious of what this young man wanted to know.
"How do you find your Shrunken that performs? Is there a talent agency or do you just grab some and train them?" He asked.
"Oh, that is a interesting question. Many of these Shrunken were part of a tragic bus crash that took out a school choir a few years ago. They are talented to begin with. Then they are trained, but not like usual Shrunken. But as the performers I saw them to be. It was actually easier to gain the Shrunken performers talents to peek then the body's talents to share the spotlight." He replied.
"So, you took the raw talent, and in their Shrunken state, molded it to the caliber of your directing required to envelope the emotions to voice this story." Micheal replied.
"Yes. That was a process." the director replied almost seeming touched this boy could see the art for the struggle it was to him. "This isn't the only performance they know. If you're interested in witnessing other performances they know, we are having a luncheon performance the afternoon after the next port day." he suggested.
"That would be awesome. But part of the less interesting question I have is, how do you find talents to fill out your Shrunken cast." Micheal replied.
"Oh yes. There are talent agencies. But do your research as some agencies are for talents for let say are more base stage performances. Visual spectacles over talented ones. Also, if your thoughts are on Shrunken you have made into a stage star. I will note that agencies take a controlling rental of your Shrunken. Sub renting them to a troupe. You gain a percentage of the money they earn, but in all but name lose your pet. So don't offer any Shrunken you wish to keep for your own personal performances." The director explained.
"That is good to know. Thank you. Since talent isn't data, so can't be Inputted. Are there Shrunken voice or performance coaches? For say, if I just wanted a group like the bar trio for my own personal musical performances." Michael seemed truly intrigued with music performing Shrunken.
"No, but that is an intriguing idea. Because even Shrunken trained to be couches could be rented. With large collections being built by these cruises that could blossom among you wonderful higher status art lovers." The director seemed lost to this idea.
"Here is my contact information. I would like to offer my meager financial support to anyone you guide to that idea." Micheal offered.
"Thank you Dr. Miller. That is an honorable and generous offer of support. I will be in contact." the director said, taking the information.
"I am looking forward to enjoying your collection of other performances in a few days." Micheal replied.
They walked away, Karla had to ask, "Is that offer because of a collection of starlets you own?"
"No. It is how mesmerized the people here are with the Shrunken performers. I see that mixed with say my dad's love of play sets. And I wonder how much he would invest into turning a group of his Shrunken to his own private cover band or theater group. How having dozens of Shrunken might grow an interest in Shrunk talent contests and performing. That will require piano teachers and acting coaches. If I'm connected with starting this as a marketable sub industry within the Company. I will gain a lot of status numbers. And it would be nice to have pretty Shrunken sing our favorite songs whenever we want." Micheal explained.
"I thought Red was as high as you can go?" Karla asked.
"Technically I'm only Red cause I live in dad's home. If I moved out, say, right now, I would drop to blue I think. Maybe just in purple. So if I can gain more help getting an idea off the ground, I'd like to see work, I will." Micheal explained.
"How do you know he will not take your idea for his own?" Karla asked.
Micheal smiled, "He needs my status to get the pull to build my idea. Even if it's technically borrowed from living with dad. He'll keep me connected. Especially if he's found to be trying to cheat me, it could drop him too low to direct in ventures like this again. Status in the Company is better than money. Besides, if we succeed, it will make him higher status as well."
"So you want to have him build a talent school on your borrowed status to gain real status for when you on your own." Karla summarized.
"Yeah, and the extra benefit of personal performance Shrunken. You know, performing like singing." Michael added.
Chrissy skipped over, "This is so interesting. It's like the people are puppets for the Shrunken."
"They are having a performance luncheon in a couple days. Would you like to go with me?" Micheal asked.
"Are you asking me out on a date?" Chrissy asked.
Micheal began to nervously giggle, "Yeah, you are my girlfriend."
"Oh you're so romantic Micheal." she giggled back and kissed him.
"So, yes then?" Micheal clearly didn't know.
"Yes silly boy." Chrissy replied. This did win him another kiss.
"Are you kids ready to go or did you want to ask more questions?" Jeff asked in a jolly tone.
"Micheal and I are attending a performance luncheon the troupe is performing in a few days." Chrissy announced.
"That's a great idea. Suppose it would be bad form to want to do that as well." Howard asked.
"No, but I might talk to the director more about an idea I had." Micheal implied.
"You should tell me more about your idea my boy. I may like to support it." Howard offered.
"My I ask to be included in that discussion. More backing the better." Jeff included. Micheal smiled proudly.
They left the Grants at the elevator. Micheal getting a long goodnight kiss from Chrissy. It would have been longer but Jeff cleared his throat after he had been holding the elevator doors for a bit.
Once they were back in their suite Micheal said good night to his parents and entered their room. Micheal placed Her and Josie at the foot of the bed. This was unusual. Then Karla realized why as Micheal rolled onto the bed and started running a finger each up and down their sides.
Karla walked up to her tender giant's sweet face. She nuzzled to his chin and ran an affectionate hand along his colossal jawline as she traveled to his ear. Whispering as she saw him gently stripping Josie, "I was hoping you could give Josie more special kisses."
"What about you?" Her sweet titan asked.
"Well Micheal, I wanted to see what type of performance I could get from Grace for you." She purred.
"OK, yeah." Micheal cutely mumbled.
Josie questioned, "Wait what?" Then moaned happily, "Oh yeah that tongue."
Micheal got up and gathered the legs as well as the busty brunettes. Karla was happy he hadn't forgotten about Donna and Gabriel. Though their expressions said they wish he had.
He pulled the actress out and Karla called, "Micheal, I'd like to make it a full showing myself."
He slipped Josie out and laughed excitedly adding, "OK."
The sweet faced starlet was placed beside Karla as Josie reached a climax. Karla shuttered, something about knowing Micheal and Josie were enjoying each other aroused her.
Some of the clothes ordered must have arrived for the long haired beauty as she was in a mix of items from different outfits. The sneakers and knee high socks from her tennis outfit. Displaying her gorgeous legs under the light blue plaid pleated skirt from the school uniform. Karla wasn't sure what outfit she got the tight white button up shirt she wore untucked, but she knew it shouldn't stay buttoned up.
As Karla approached the girl tried a smile. But it was a tad sad, and on her, made an adorable pouty look. Karla ran a hand along her cheek and moved in close asking, "What's wrong Gracey?"
The starlet trembled but didn't move. Karla stroked her nose along her sweet neck as the girl replied, "My friends think I'm dumb cause I believed you when you told me some eat the people they kidnap."
Karla placed her mouth painfully close to the actress' mouth. Karla could feel her lips brush those pouty delights as she questioned, "But you still believe me?"
The leggy delight kept her delicious mouth close as she nervously replied, "He's eating your friend."
Karla pressed to the performer and pulled her close. She surrendered to Karla's hold. Turning to place her cheek to the star's, she looked up and Josie was in the throes of delight as Micheal was stripping his cock puppets. Josie's legs were inside his mouth, making passionate dents in Micheal's cheek walls as he suckled her pussy. Karla informed, "No, that is him being amazingly nice. That my sweet Gracey is what you want him to do to you. But he does have so many of you now and more soon. You might want to show other talents." Karla turned back and began kissing that lovely neck.
"But they said since we're celebrities he really likes and such he'll not give us up. Just keep raping us. And my agent said I shouldn't do girl kissing scenes because it would make me seem trampy." the girl replied.
Karla moved Gracey's face to look directly at hers. Lips achingly close, Karla told her, "I'm you agent now. That towering teen, your whole audience. He likes seeing me in girl kissing scenes. Who do you think from your group will get the better dressing room, a willing performer or one your audience has to labor to see in the performances they want?"
Those pouty lips brushed Karla's. Grace breathed in a wantful way. "Momma told me my agent knows what the audience wants." Then Karla's mouth was entangled with the Starlet's. The girl excited but clumsy wrapped her arms around Karla's body and through her hair.
Their bodies pressed together. Karla started undoing those snap buttons on Grace's shirt as she nibbled at the starlet's neck. Karla cooed as she felt her dress loosened by the performer.
Karla pulled the girl's shirt off her shoulders, exposing her sweet strawberry decorated bra. Kissing at those adorable breasts. The girl sighed in cute nervous aroused gasps. But pulled down the top of Karla's dress off her, allowing it to slink down her curves.
Karla pulled the hooks free of that cute bra. The star let Karla remove the item. "This is a lot." She panted sweetly. Karla kissed that nervous mouth, and it passionately kissed back. The girl tugged open Karla's Bra and tossed it behind her.
Karla smiled in surprise as the girl latched that pouty mouth to her breast. The girl's tongue had a delightful flexibility as she lapped at Karla's nipple. The starlet excitedly pushed Karla’s thong and hosiery off Karla's ass and legs. The actress shimmy down Karla's body to strip them off her feet.
The girl's face returned to Karla's. Grace grabbed her face and pressed their mouths together. Karla pulled the girl's leg up and pulled the shoe off. Slipping her hand down the girl's amazing calf to remove that sport sock. They fell over and the girl giggled out, "Girls feel nice too." Karla stripped the other shoe and sock in aroused giggling.
Karla pulled the girl up onto her knees. Karla coiled around her eager star. She reached under that sweet skirt and tugged down Grace's panties to the girl's knees as the girl nuzzled and kissed Karla's neck and messed her hair. Karla undid that skirt and let it flutter down to the bed.
Karla pushed the girl over in a giggling tumble. She crawled over the curious girl. Karla dragged her body down the happy starlet as Karla pushed the last of Grace's clothes down those amazing legs.
Karla returned to her knees and pulled the pretty actress back up on hers. She reached around and kneaded Grace's perky breast as the starlet pressed her mouth back into Karla's. Karla's other hand stroked along the girl's hip and between her thighs. Finding a moist and eagerly sensitive pussy grinding into her targeted touches. Karla’s fingers shockingly found the performer still had her hymen. Soon Grace's hips rocked and the two erotically danced on their knees naked.
Grace's mouth moved away gasping hard for air. Karla just enjoyed the silk skin along the actress' lovely neck. The girl jumped and stopped moving. Karla looked up and giggled.
Micheal's tip was mere inches away. In her fun Karla missed him positioning himself. Even with the erotic whimpering to the two busty brunette's being used to pleasure that thick monster. Even the sensual moaning of Josie lustfully enjoying being the towering teens lollipop. Karla was surprised how filled with lust she became knowing she and her puppet were about to be showered in a giant's semen. She whispered in the nervous starlet's ear, "Remember, him messing on your face is your new ratings. The more you get, the better your star is. Mouthfuls are peak ratings!"
Karla hooked her legs over those sculpted stems. Pressed her hips behind that firm round ass and pumped both their hips. Pulling the girl's arms back to fully expose those adorable tits to her colossal owner. Purring loudly, "Oh Micheal, coat us in that marvelous thick cum of yours!"
He was watching Karla stretch the actress out before him. He stroked the boob teens and Karla pumped Grace's hips hard at that rate. The performer grunted musically as she was humped but Karla hips. Soon the starlet sang a song Karla knew Micheal liked when she started stating in an arousal inducing fear filled tone, "His penis is so big! It's just so big!"
Micheal grunted and thick white sprayed from the behemoth. Spattering onto the teen star's displayed breasts. Raining man pleasure over target and Karla. Grace whimpered as volley after volley of hot cum soaked her shapely form. Karla giggled playfully in the spray of Micheal's release. She would maul any pretty thing he wanted to make him feel such joy. That joy meant better treatment.
Micheal sat back panting around Josie's limp body. The way she gasped his tongue had slowed, but not stopped lapping her pleasingly. He held the two shapely hand puppets about half way along the relaxing Behemoth.
Karla, still wanted to play. She pulled the cum coated starlet onto the girl's back. Slithering around Karla pressed her tongue just above Grace's knee and slipped it up that delicious thigh. Up the girl's sperm painted belly. Gathering a thick mouthful from between the performer's perky tits. Carrying it along that sensual neck. Then sharing that flavored semen supply with her plaything. Tongues washing each other in the hot chocolate tasting man syrup. Their bodies share the coating by smearing it over each other. Karla freed Grace's mouth to fill more delicious seed from her face to share, the Girl adorably announced, "If I knew semen tasted this good I would have tried out for those other parts."
They made out with chocolate flavored tongues. Playfully and erotically rubbing the thick fluid over each other's bodies. Karla wondered if Micheal would allow her to keep this eager student. She wanted to train this one in many performance disciplines for his viewing delight.
A large mass was hovering over them. Karla and Grace looked and the beast was firm again. Brunettes messaged along that shaft. Josie's body danced, but the poor thing was tired, just lewdly dangling from giant lips. Grace cautiously asked, "What does he want now?"
"He wants you to lick my pussy while he spreads your legs with his cock tip." Karla loudly announced. Hoping Micheal would back this plan.
"I don't know where to lick a vagina." the starlet shared.
"You know where you like to touch yourself when you play down there?" Karla asked.
It was cute the fact that even like this the gorgeous face still blushed at masturbation talk, "Yeah."
"Lick me there." Karla ordered as she lifted to turn around.
Grace's hands guided Karla's womanhood to pouty lipped sensation. The girl found a special spot eagerly. Karla arched back to give Micheal room to spread those shapely legs. And to just savor the girl's natural oral talent. Micheal used his free hand to spread and pin those toned stems to that massive tip.
Karla rocked with Micheal's power as the endowed living dolls were stroked to his girth. She leaned forward onto that thick end. Snuggling and kissing at his marvelous manhood. He towered over her weak tiny form as he pleasured himself with other weak Shrunken beauties. They were his to enjoy, and soon he would have more slaves to their pleasures. She was his favorite, and he would treasure her often.
He grunted and release flowed again. The actress' body jumped as a blast of giant cum attempted to spray into the limited area of the girl's inexperienced pussy. The starlet moaned in sensual pain directly into Karla's sensitive area. Karla herself released in joy at her Micheal's dominance over the former star.
Karla collapsed onto the behemoth. Resting her head on it. Stroking that wonderful smooth skin. She could feel Grace gasping between her thighs. She looked up and Micheal smiled down at her around Josie's hanging body. Josie smiled too. Both friend and owner looked exhausted,
Micheal sat back. He peeled the pleasure inducing brunettes from his shaft and gently deposited them into a carrying bucket.
Karla slipped off Grace's face. She guided the starlet's head to her lap. Stroking that pretty long hair. "Did he like our act?" those sensual pouty lips asked.
"Oh, yes." Karla purred.
"We should practice so I know all the steps better." the innocent performer suggested.
"Oh yes." Karla answered.
Micheal gathered the cum glazed actress and took the carrying tub to the cages. Then lifted Karla to her cage. Depositing Josie onto the bed. Then he walked to his bathroom.
Karla went to shower off her owner's pleasure. Playing in it had gotten fun, but she didn't want it drying to her skin all night. She came out and Josie was in pajamas sleeping on the penthouse's bed. A wet cloth showed she wiped herself down before dressing. Karla decided that pajamas would be a good idea.
She had just finished when a smiling Micheal came to collect them. He sweetly placed Josie on her real sleeping spot. Then curled into bed with his tablet at his knees and Karla on his chest. Still ordering clothes.
"So, that was so Hot!" he whispered his praise.
"She wants to practice together so we perform better for you." Karla cooed.
"Oh yeah, practice makes perfect." the boy giant cooed back. "So, you and Josie ever practice?" he inquired.
"No, I wanted to. But her parents were really anti-homosexual. I'm surprised they even let us hang out after I told Josie how I felt about her." Karla confessed.
"No parents here. I could order her too." Micheal offered.
"Please don't Micheal. I'd straddle any other Shrunken’s face you own just to see you smile. But I could really use a real friend my size, especially a good friend like Josie. She has always been there for me. Even me confessing I was in love with her at that time, she never stopped being my friend. She simply said she wished she could feel the same because I was her favorite person. I really need that support to be your best Shrunken please." Karla explained.
"If that makes my Karla happy. I will continue to enjoy Josie's girl area with special kisses." Micheal replied. "Hoping maybe one day to see a friendship connection." he added.
"Me too." Karla admitted.
They browsed a bit longer. Then he put her on her pillow and shut off the tablet. Josie's turned and coiled to Karla's body in her sleep. Micheal's hand shielded them from the world. "Good night my special Karla." from him warmed her soul.
"Good night my special Micheal." was her gift back to him.

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