Flight overbooked (Adult & underage, family)

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.
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Flight overbooked (Adult & underage, family)

Post by ShrinkMaster » Fri Jan 08, 2021 1:18 am

Warning! This is a purely fictional story and has absolutely nothing to do with reality!
It includes nudity, physical abuse, forced sexual acts and incest. Minors take part in all these actions!!!
In this fiction Minis are even smaller than cats, rabbits and suchlike, so they have been classified as "Micro-Animals" (similar to e.g. mice) and also hold the same rights, "NONE!" and that is why age does not matter!
(English is not my native language, so prepare for typos and figure out what I might have meant. I hope you can still enjoy the story.) ;)

Flight overbooked
by Shrinkmaster

I (Ben 39 years old) was still completely perplexed when I sat down in my assigned seat on the plane. In my hands, as an ordinary family man, I actually held my just-shrunk wife Karen and my also freshly miniaturized youngest daughter Emily.
When my 39-year-old wife and our 12-year-old daughter passed through the airport scanner tube shortly before, an alarm signal sounded and both of them disappeared under their clothes within just one second.

The airport staff did not engage in any discussion and dismissed the whole thing as an automatic security measure over which they had no control. Just to the left of my seat already sat a boy with headphones, maybe around 10 years old, who stared out of the porthole listening to the music. The boy had not yet noticed how two completely naked minis were placed directly next to him on the extended tray. One of them even close to his age!

When I looked to the entrance and caught sight of my son Josh, I could not believe my eyes!! Josh, who was supposed to board the plane together with his two older sisters, was holding just these two in his hand as well!
The 15 year old had an extremely satisfied smile on his face when he was assigned the single seat right next to the boarding gate. I could not say the same for Jenny and Kylie!
The 16 and 18 year old were squeezed back to back in just one of Josh's hands. Judging by their indignant looks, the two did not like it at all to be stuck with their naked fronts first in the hand of their younger brother!

Suddenly it rumbled cramped beside me, as a 150 kg (330 lbs) obese man let himself fall easily puffing into the outside seat. The man around the fifty threw immediately its glance of appraisal at the two naked Minis on the neighboring tray.

"Let me guess," he addressed me as the family man of the two minis, without taking his eyes off the shrunken nudes, "no fillings, no piercing, probably not even earrings?".

I looked at him perplexed, because after a moment's thought, it occurred to me that he was right!

"Ha, I knew it! Apparently the flight was hopelessly overbooked again! Then those like yours," the fat man nudged Karen with his bulging finger like a toy, "a sitting duck to save seats!"

Shocked at the audacity of the airline(!), I looked forward a few rows to Josh and my other two daughters.
"The fat guy is actually right! Kylie and Jenny don't have seals or anything either, but Josh and I do!" it dawned on me.

From his middle seat, I had a good view of the action at Josh's place. The 15-year-old had also pulled out his tray and placed his two older sisters on it. But unlike the minis standing voluntarily at my seat, I saw how my two daughters were still in the hand of their brother with contorted expressions. Only the little titties of his shrunken sisters had been revealed and he was fumbling with them with his free fingers.

"WOW! HOW COOOOL!!!" the boy next to me suddenly drew attention when he spotted the two minis on the tray.
"May I, may I...?" it gushed out of the 10 year old as he practically already had his hand around Emily and elicited an intimidated "Eeek" from the nude 12 year old.

I turned to the sparkling boy and was actually trying to get him away from Emily with calm words when the turbines of the plane started howling and suddenly from my right my usually very reserved wife suddenly gave a soft but audibly tense "p-please let go...".

I turned back and saw Karen's arms and legs being pulled away from the side of her body by thick, bulging fingers.

"This guy can't just..."
"See, just as I thought! No piercings or anything like that on this Mini!!" my obese seatmate interrupted my train of thought.

"MINI..! Indeed, that's right! Karen and the others are minis at the moment!!" it dawned on me as a family man, "nothing with their own rights and such for the girls..."

"You know," the 50-year-old started again, "your two flawless minis really have potential!", completely unabashed, he presenting Karen's pelvis forward by pushing with a finger-pressure against her butt.
"I would strongly consider a back enlargement if I were you!", he ran his rather short thumb over the free-hanging breasts of my 39-year-old wife.

I was perplexed at the older man's dexterity. In fact, as a family man, I felt a little flattered when the stranger complimented me on "my" minis. I immediately thought of the other two, much more immaculate Minis a few rows ahead!

A glance there revealed to me that my son had not failed to notice the flawlessness of his mini-sisters either! Both girls knelt in front of their huge brother and presented practically with arms folded on their backs their young, expansive bust!
Suddenly Josh made a threatening fist movement and all at once the young thighs of my 16 and 18 year old daughters opened and now presented their most intimate zones!

With the short sight I came into the brooding! "In fact, they are currently my minis, until I either let them unshrink... or keep them as they are now...", it drifted through my head, even if I landed again and again with my thoughts in a "normal" future with normal-sized women of the family..., "...although such a cage dwelling would already have something presentable...".

A renewed "Eeek" from the left brought me back to the ground, even if the plane had already started the climb!
My little Emily had long since taken an unwanted seat in the boy's lap. The very interested 10-year-old had pulled the thin legs of the girl lying on her back (and just 2 years older) really far apart!
Completely unprepared I suddenly had a direct view into(!) the virgin vagina of my daughter! I as her father was a bit surprised about the pronounced, dark bush around the wide open pink hole of the 12 year old. But I was even more surprised by my rising swelling in my pants at the sight of my helpless mini daughter!

"N-Not!!! B-Ben say something..!" my attention was drawn back to the other side.
The extremely portly man hadn't missed the opportunity to take a closer look at Karen while my mind was elsewhere.
But instead of his tray, he had put my 39 year old wife backwards on his far outstanding belly. However, the 50 year old had Karen's legs pressed up next to her face and was holding her small feet crosswise together behind her head with only two fingers. "That fat guy really knew how to handle minis!" I thought.

I actually wanted to demand my shrunken wife back immediately but the sight of the ease with which Karen could be held in this position was just too fascinating!

"You know," the 50 year old spoke the first words again, "I would buy her from you if you were interested! I pay very well!!". It hit me like a blow!
Not out of indignation, but out of amazement! Never would I have even begun to expect something like this!

I looked at my wife's shocked face and wasn't sure if it was from the offer about her purchase or because the obese giant guy was just stretching her little ass cheeks apart to the max while trying to sink his "little", greasy monster finger inside her..!
"Mmh... Well I could use the money yes...", the thought forced itself on me (incomprehensibly), "...are still enough other Minis there...", justified the next, (loopy) thought the previous one.

A sudden, loud squeal made me look quickly to the left.
When I saw the thick headphone plug sticking out upright between Emily's legs, I knew her virginity was over!
Less shocked than totally fascinated, I looked at my shrunken, 12 year old daughter and actually thought for a split second if this would diminish her "worth" much!?
I was totally perplexed by myself... and had to and wanted to come back to my senses first!

My gaze wandered briefly to slant-forward, when I saw how Josh just made himself with Kylie and Jenny on the way to the toilet. I was pretty sure that he would go with his naked sisters in the hand after such a short flight time, certainly not to pee there!
My teenage daughters' four little legs kicking wildly gave the impression of panic rather than expected relief (at least not for the two minis)!

I was through!!!
With a distinct swelling in my pants that couldn't be gotten down, I wanted and needed to get my head straight!
I don't know exactly why, but I decided to leave the older and the youngest mini under the thumb's of my two seat neighbors and slumped back in my seat with my thoughts completely muddled.

Sobbing whimpers from the left, pained grunts from the right. I didn't care about anything at the moment! Too many impressions and thoughts just flooded my poor brain, damn overbooked airline!

The restroom's "busy" sign jumped to "free" and brought me back out of my thoughts. Josh appeared in the aisle with a grin that ran down both ears. "You don't grin that pleased after a 5-minute shit!" was all I could think.
Then I saw Kylie holding in her brother's hand. My 18 year old daughter really looked done! But it wasn't quite that easy to tell, Josh had made too little effort to cover his "marks" for that, if anything!

But where was Jenny? From my 16 year old no trace! "He will not have disposed of her unintentionally...!", it shot through my head in worry.
No, it wasn't worry, more like envy or anger over the loss of a Mini, one of my Mini's!

But then I saw Josh grab his crotch and seem to adjust something! Taking a closer look, I saw something moving in his Bermuda. That was definitely not his junk!
Relief spread in me, Mini-Jenny was still in stock after all!

As the 15-year-old sat back down in his seat, my fatherly instincts flashed for a brief moment and I had to think about what my 16-year-old daughter just had to suffer in her brother's underpants!
But immediately my thoughts circled more around "why Jenny and not Kylie!?“
"Probably because Kylie has more tits to fondle and Jenny has the wirier legs!"
, I finished my thought and imagined her in my too tight underpants.

Fatherly feelings never appeared from that moment on! I had meanwhile completely excluded thoughts of a back enlargement. How then also, after the experiences of the mini girls they would be anyway only psychological wrecks!

I lean slightly to the right: "If we land in 2 hours, I would be willing to negotiate for one of my FOUR immaculate minis!", I told the 150 kg (330 lbs) man....

"A whole four even??" the obese 50 year old chuckled as he pressed his little finger a little deeper into Karen. I, on the other hand, leaned back and enjoyed the rest of the flight knowing I had finally made a decision!

[Since in most cases I only write down my first impressions, don't be afraid and feel free to add chapters to ALL my stories if you want to.
Everything I publish is for the public and can be changed as you like and published again everywhere as long as the content is allowed there, no matter if it is my original or the edited one.]
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Re: Flight overbooked (Adult & underage, family)

Post by frollo » Mon Jan 11, 2021 12:01 am

What a story ! Great plot and set up.
The erotic nature of having to be a partially reluctant / complicit spectator to your partner / wife being toyed with is very tantalizing.
The casualness of the interaction and ease of escalating dominance is full of delightful potential.

I feel there are so many semi intimate settings like this , that lend themselves to this interaction .
Bar / spa / massage place /beach / wine tasting place . Changing room.


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Re: Flight overbooked (Adult & underage, family)

Post by shrinker_s » Mon Jan 11, 2021 5:06 am

Great Story as always.
Has given me a kick in the butt to start finishing up some of the ones I'm writting.

Thanks for the post. look forward to more.

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Re: Flight overbooked (Adult & underage, family)

Post by SciFiCrazy » Tue Jan 12, 2021 9:17 am

Another amazing story. Liked the way the other passengers take control of his mini family and plays with them like they are toys and his struggle at first with everything till he realizes they now have no right and he can do with he wants with them. I feel like everyone thinks they would not do anything like this with their family or friends until the shrinking process occurs by ‘random’ chance and the morals slip with the justification that they are no longer human with rights.

Thanks for posting this wonderful tale. I also hope to see an addition added by yourself or Shrinker_s.

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Re: Flight overbooked (Adult & underage, family)

Post by ShrinkMaster » Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:33 am

As always, thanks for the great comments. :D
I'm sorry but there is no sequel planned by me for this story.

I have started many stories in which the various scenarios are well described in the introduction, but which have no real conclusion but stop in the middle of the abuse of the minis.
Therefore I do not publish these ones. I think that would rather cause disappointment.

I have thought of translating many unfinished stories and publishing them under one topic.
But then I always have the thought that I could bring one or the other story to an acceptable end and I discard the idea (besides, that would be a big effort!).

The longest (and for my liking best) stories I write appropriately about people I know personally.
Before publishing, I change names, a few dates, sometimes too personal scenarios before I translate and publish them.
Au pair and garage housing are two of them, for example. ;)

But there are some that are so strongly based on my life that I could not rewrite them either!
In one story, "shrinkwaves" cause all my female colleagues to shrink and I collect them one by one.
I have often thought about how I could still publish this, because it is long and with a lot of background events provided.
But I would have to rewrite practically all acting characters and even the workplace, just too much effort!

The same is true for photo montages I create. For years I create most of them only for myself.
Of course, no underage stuff but many pictures with people from the circle of acquaintances, which I keep separately under lock and key, so that these never reach the public. ;)
I don't like playing with dolls,
I like to play with little woman!!

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Re: Flight overbooked (Adult & underage, family)

Post by Bobascher » Wed Jan 13, 2021 10:17 am

ShrinkMaster - you always keep us wanting more!

That said, I appreciate you working outside your native language and having private works is fine! I have many pics I have made which I wouldn’t share because of who is in them :) or I would only share with very close friends. Don’t worry about that at all!

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Re: Flight overbooked (Adult & underage, family)

Post by anaio10 » Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:46 am

Great story. Keep it up. You leave us wanting more.

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