The Tourists. M(teen)/f

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.
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CH 50: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 50


"Oh you coming out now." Howard, sitting by the scanning computer, yipped as Micheal stepped into the shared room. His hand reached into his crotch and he adjusted.
He had a carrying tub with clothes piled in it. Several of his new pets stood naked in his carrying case. Micheal grabbed a girl and stripped her saying, "I had help playing."
"Yeah I forget about that." Howard noted taking a girl out of the scanning tube.
Curiosity got the better of Karla. She looked down into Howard's lap. There were clearly two Shrunken trapped in his shorts. Smart ones too from how they still wiggled in their cotton prison.
Even distracted Howard continued to work away through his new catches with Micheal's help.
As Micheal pucks and strips whimpering Shrunken. Karla found herself cuddling to her Micheal's neck. Just watching him use power over other Shrunken. The way he was shifting she was certain he was getting attention on the other side of his neck as well.
Milly came out of their room looking rather happy. She looks over and growls, "Oh for the love of joy." She walks over and laughing says, "You, go deal with that." to Howard.
"Yes dear." the man shyly said turning and standing so his front was facing away from his son.
She then reached up and wrapped her hand around Karla. "You two have to stop. Bad enough we'll be waiting for my big kid. This one shouldn't have to go play in his room again too."
Karla found herself and Josie being placed on the desk as Milly took over the chair. Karla couldn't help but pout a little. Josie gave her a teasing hip bump.
They watched Micheal and Milly work away at Howard's new pretties. It was still arousing seeing Micheal dominate them, just not as enjoyable without the giant to cuddle.
Howard shortly came back out looking sensually relieved. Milly requests, "Text the Howells so we know when they are ready for us to come over."
"OK, sending now." Howard replied. Then his watch went off. "I guess now is good."
"Well I guess we'll finish this later. Lets put these away." Milly noted. And Micheal's parents took the Carrying case into their room.
Micheal sat into the chair. He Smiles at Karla and Josie. As his hands stroke them he sighs, "You're both so pretty. I'm so lucky to have collected you."
Karla couldn't help but enjoy his caresses. Josie purred as his giant hand passed over her body. "We are so lucky you became our owner." Karla cooed at him.
"Is there anything I could do or buy for you to make you even happier Shrunken?" Micheal asked.
Karla questioned, "Are you asking to spoil us or so we might be more playful?"
"Spoil." he replied with a content smile.
"I don't know." Josie said what Karla was thinking.
"Well, if anything comes to mind let me know." Micheal offered.
Out came Milly and Howard. Milly wore a chain cage. Inside was young Carlos. Howard wore that Marie woman. She looked and clearly saw Micheal lifting Karla and Josie. A sad look crossed the woman's face. But as she saw the towering boy place them on his shoulders it changed. A relieved like smile like she could see how happy Micheal made them both.
They walked over to the Howell's suite. Karla stroked that warm neck as they traveled. The woman saw this and nodded. Karla's mind let slip the relief of Aunt Marie knowing she was happy in this life.
They arrived. The Howells had received a corner suite. It was set up much like the Millers or the Grants, but slightly larger shared room. They either brought, bought, or possible collected a fair number of knickknacks. As the suite looked less hotel and more small apartment with their little touches.
They were the first to arrive. Karla thought it odd, especially from how the Howell's acted to find their coffee table was a fenced pen divided into two sections. Male Shrunken on one side, female on the other.
Howard asked, "What's with the caged Shrunken?"
"Prizes for tonight's games. We only want a few fun Shrunken pets. We figured since you all like collecting so many. Maybe some extra bonuses for winning rounds." Tanya explained.
"Really, cool!" Micheal announced his support.
Sandy walked up to him with a nervous but serious face. Karla expected, when is Chris coming? But she asked, "Can I borrow Karla and Josie?"
"What for?" Micheal asked in a friendly tone.
"I made a discovery I need to share with them." She mumbled out. Biting her finger at the end.
"That's OK with you two?" Micheal asked.
"Yes. Sandy will not hurt us." Karla said.
He reached up and held them both toward the short slim girl. Little hands scooped them out with a feather's touch. She turned and walked toward the smaller bedroom. Josie, noting softly as they travelled, "Howard has your Aunt?"
"Yes, but don't yet the others know she's my Aunt." Karla informed.
"OK, if you say so. At least you know a family member is safe." Josie replied in a sad tone.
Sandy's room was shaped much like Micheal's room. But dolls and stuffed animals sat scattered through the room. Her nightstand had no cage. Two sat in the window. Seeming segregated between female and male shrunken. A folding room divider sat folded against the wall in the space between the bed and the main storage trunk.
It was the cages on the storage trunk that was a major difference. Two like the ones Micheal had installed. Then a fenced space made to resemble a town park with a stage. Then a third styled like Micheal's fifth cage. But the Plexiglass rooms held furniture, but not the generic kind. But different styles. Bookcases full of tiny books and what appeared to be board games. The walls had tiny paintings or crafts hanging on them. Child paintings and crafts. Likely made from the dozens of kids playing in the center area being supervised by several Shrunken females.
The children all came running over as Sandy started to kneel. Little voices asking a barrage of questions. Sandy answering some "No Jason they are not new caretakers. Sorry Jannette they are not here to play. OK Billy I'll buy you some more tomorrow."
Sandy placed them on the stage and the children looked confused. Many rushed over blasting questions. But many stayed with Sandy who smiled as she helped one at a time to the top of a slide with one hand while pushing a couple on swings with the other. But she kept looking at Karla and Josie. Karla was certain the girl was holding her breath.
"KARLA?" bellowed a voice Karla knew like her own. She never thought that voice would be heard again. It couldn't be. She turned as a middle aged woman with tan skin and raven hair marked with shining silver strains was literally running towards them.
"Oh Karla?" Josie said. Karla could feel tears flooding her face.
The woman bound onto the stage. "Oh my baby girl." The woman gasped.
Arms latched around Karla's shoulders. Karla's arms strapped this woman familiar as her own reflection. They both collapsed to their knees on the stage. "Momma?" Karla whimpered.
The woman's arm left Karla briefly. Pulling Josie into the embrace. "Oh girls I was so worried. Now you're here." She cried.
Karla couldn't speak. She couldn't believe she was seeing her mother again. Josie sobbed, "Mrs. Perez you're here."
"Josie, call me Eva sweet child." Then she kissed Josie's forehead. Then she kissed Karla's forehead.
"You're really here Momma?" Karla managed words. This couldn't be.
"Yes sweetheart. yes!" then Karla's momma burst into tears again.
"This is impossible. Thank you Sandy!" Josie cried.
"Oh dear, I didn't think. Roberto go get Ms. Carisa." Karla's mother said.
The little boy ran off clearly understanding it was important if adults were crying. But it was Josie's reaction that worried Karla. She just fell into a sitting position mouth gaping eyes wide.
"No, it's Josie." Karla heard her mother say to her friend. "We were together when Sandra caught us." She explained. But Josie didn't seem to hear.
"Stop pulling Roberto, I'm coming." Came a familiar voice from dance recitals and birthday parties. "What is all the commotion."
Karla looked over. Tall and still well toned. She had always taken great care of herself. The woman looked up and saw Karla. She put her hand over her mouth in surprise. "Karla?" was faintly heard over the murmur of confused children and women attempting to lead them away to give the reunion space.
"Oh Karla your safe." The woman stated. Then Karla learned to show past her. The woman lost breath and staggered to a stop.
Karla looked and Josie was staring past her, seeming trying to will herself to float over to her own mother. Karla looked up and Sandy's face was a tear streaked smile. The giant girl reached over and scooped Josie's mother up and poured her onto the stage. They latched onto each other.
Karla reached for her second mother as her mother reached for her second daughter. The group squeezed each other in a babbling mess. Words couldn’t pass the feelings out clearer than the gasping tears and blathering kisses.
A giant tissue was handed to them. They pulled it into the middle of the hug and shared it without question. Soon another was offered and exchanged out for the old one.
Karla heard her mother take a deep breath. She looked out and asked, "Is this why you were asking me all those odd questions about my life?"
"I wasn't sure. You too looked so much alike I wanted to confirm and not assume." The towering girls replied.
Then the question Karla could hear her mother didn't want the answer too, "Are they yours now?"
"No, but a friend of mine. I could get him." Sandy offered. Trepidation in her voice.
"Him?" Karla’s mother said out loud.
"He is very sweet." Karla explained, but neither owner nor boy seemed like a good way to finish her statement.
"Fine, OK. Please ask him to come here." Karla heard her mother say.
"Sandy wait." Karla started. But the tiny giant girl was fast.
"So did they like what you showed them." Micheal's voice flowed then he stepped into view. He turned and smiled. "Karla how was, is that, oh that's why she needed." Then he sat onto the bed. "MOM!" he barked.
"That boy is the one who?" her mother started. Clearly meaning to add owns, but couldn't manage it.
"What is it Mikey?" Milly asked. Then followed her son's eyes. "Oh." and joined her son. Barking, "Howard!"
"That's his mother. She is very nice to us." Josie managed out.
"What? Is the party in here now?" Howard asked. Then he saw what and smiled, "Yes, I guess it is." He said in a sweet tone. His hands went up and opened his cage.
"Marie?" Karla's mother's voice gasped at the sight of her younger sister being added to the stage. "Is your owner sweet too?" Her mother asked while hugging Karla's Aunt.
"No he's a dirty pervert." Marie answered.
Karla snicker at the sight of Sandy looking at Howard and him replying, "She's right."
"What is happening in here?" Pat asked.
"Seems Sandy had collected Karla and Josie's mothers." Milly explained
"Oh sweet Sand Dollar is that true?" Pat said. Kneeling down and hugged his daughter.
"Well I knew Karla looked familiar. Then the other day I was playing with the kids and I realized why. So I confirmed mostly today." Sandy explained.
"Oh how sweet." Tanya sighed. A knock at the door. "I'll get it. Stay here and mingle." she added and left for the door.
"So you know the Howells?" Karla asked.
"I have met my kidnappers." Karla's mother replied.
"Well, that is Howard, Milly, and my Micheal. The Millers. They collected me, well Micheal did." Karla explained.
Karla's mother wrapped her arms around her again. Karla found her face buried into her mother's chest. "Collected for what?"
"I don't hurt her I promise." Micheal defended.
"He doesn't. He is gentle. Josie and I are very spoiled Shrunken." Karla explained.
She watched her mother flinch at that word. "I'm well aware of how these people gently treat their Shrunken victims."
"Are you aware how some are not gentle with their Shrunken?" Josie defended.
"Let's give them some private time." Milly suggested. And the humans filtered out.
"Josephine, they kidnapped us. She puts up the scene but that girl rapes people for her own amusement." Carisa snapped at her daughter after the human's left.
"I hate to say it Carisa, but I think the girls are right. He does treat them better than others get treated. And seems to generally care for them." Marie said.
"Do you know what that girl does to the men and women in the cages by the window?" Carisa rebutted.
"I know Howard has forced my mouth open and pinned my face over the hole of his penis. So when he ejaculates I almost drown. Or forces my legs apart and pumps semen up my lower area to the breaking point. Or slams a toy's penis into me over and over. How about you Carisa, does she do any of that to you?" Marie snapped.
"Does the boy do those things to you?" Karla's mother asked.
"No." Karla said with a nod. She hoped her mother didn't ask about his other pets.
"He's nice? Doesn't touch you?" She asked.
"He touches me nicer than any lover I had." Karla explained.
"You Josephine?" Carisa asked her daughter.
"Yes, me too." Josie awkwardly replied.
"How does Sandy treat you two?" Karla asked.
Karla's mother sighed, "Well beside wrangling dozens of kids. Fine honestly considering."
"Why does she have so many kids?" Josie asked looking over to the playground area.
"I think she worries that they will go to mean people. So she keeps them. Funny, I complain how she treats those over there. When she spends most of her time till recently playing with the kids here. Pushing them on swings and such. Sneaking them treats." Carisa said softly. Moving to sit on the edge of the stage.
"So, that man really does those things to you Marie?" Karla's mother asked.
"Yes and more. Honestly I am jealous of how well that boy has his parents and their friends treating those too." Marie said. "I keep looking for a place I could hide just to stay here."
"Is your cage like this?" Karla's mother asked.
"Our cage is on the nightstand with girls he's commanded to be our servants. But really it is just where our clothes are kept. He has us out to spend time with him. Sleep on a giant pillow. If he goes out he brings us. He feeds us regular food all the time. Before we came here he asked if there was more he could do for us to make us happy." Karla explained.
"Was returned to normal an option." Carisa sneered sadly.
"No, but he wouldn't have the ability to do that anyway." Josie said.
"I have to ask, does he do things to you?" Karla heard her mother say.
"Oh so many nice things." Karla purred a touch too much.
"Better then any lover you had huh?" Her mother teased her.
"He does this thing with his tongue." Karla jokingly started.
"That is the one thing I like." Marie slipped out. Making the group laugh.
"Mom, is dad here?" Karla asked.
"No honey, he took a job in the town over. He was there when they attacked the town." Karla's mother explained.
"If he was there he was likely outside the hunting range." Karla sighed. Her father was likely safe and still human.
"Daddy was?" Josie asked.
"He took your sister to the city over to audition for that silly show she watches." Carisa said with a soft smile.
Josie looked at Karla, "Well outside." Karla answered the unsaid question.
They began talking. Karla told them about the attempt to steal her and the terror of the spider puppet. But not the fun of the puppet. Josie shared what the world believed happened to their town and the attempt on her life by another Shrunken. They shared the adventures and trails of being substitute mothers to a small army of scared children. Scraped knees and my mommy please. First words read and balance across the beam. The only one not sharing was Marie. But she was glad to listen.
The other woman filtered wave after wave of children to bed. Glasses of water or I have to pee slowly became less and less. The park had little lamps that popped on as the room darkened. And they talked to each other like it had been years and not days.
Sandy came in, "Everyone is getting ready to go. Will you come visit again soon?"
"That is up to Micheal." Karla replied.
"He said he hoped you could visit them again. I just didn't want to assume." Sandy shared.
Karla heart warmed at hearing he wanted them to spend more time. "I would love to visit again." Karla heard Josie say.
"Good." The red head sighed warmly.
They said their goodbyes with long hugs that none wanted to end. Karla could tell her mother wished Karla would suddenly not be in this situation. But didn’t say anything aloud.
Sandy took Josie and Karla out to Micheal. He took them and pressed them to his face. They hugged those colossal cheeks. "I'm so glad your mother's are safe. The Howells live near us and we plan to visit often." Micheal said happily.
Karla enjoyed the sensation of the muscles moving his cheeks as she was pressed into them. More importantly she agreed, "I am so ecstatic. Just knowing she is cared for makes me so happy."
Sandy added shyly, "You could even spend the night if Micheal was OK with that."
"We'll see." Micheal said, placing Karla onto her shoulder. The Families said their goodbyes. Each of the guest family members seemed to have a little basket with Shrunken bound in silk ribbon bows. Micheal must have done fairly well in whatever games the Howells set up as he had about a dozen new scared pretty things.
Sandy was too shy to kiss Chris while everyone was paying attention. So he gave her a sweet peck on her cheek and a hug. She rested that cheek in his chest and sighed in his embrace. A look of contentment took over her features.
As they began on their way to their suites Chris received a text. "Oh, It's Allena. Seems her family is challenging us to Laser Tag tomorrow. Best of three. Huh, and we are to pick out one of three Shrunken in case we luck out again."
"Well you should text your girlfriend and see if she'll be our fourth then." Chrissy suggested.
"Yeah, good idea." Chris replied, sending Sandy a text. As he hit send he stopped in his tracks. "Wait, do you think Sandy thinks of me as her boyfriend?"
"I tell you what, I'll meet her and walk with her to the Laser Tag rooms. I'll find out for sure." Chrissy offered.
Chris looked nervous, "I've never had a girlfriend. Maybe she doesn't think of me that way? What if you asking makes her realize I'm low status and want a better guy?"
Micheal grabbed his friend's shoulder, "I'm certain status isn't a concern to Sandy. And if she doesn't think of you like her boyfriend, I think it'll be more due to her being shy then anything else."
Chrissy grabbed his other shoulder, "It's clear she likes you. And you her. Just keep being yourself."
"What if you're wrong?" he worried.
"If I'm wrong you can have Jo." Micheal offered.
Chris had a thoughtful look on his face. Replying, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope you don't give me Jo."
As they got to the Grant's suite Micheal lifted Karla and Josie off his shoulders. Asking Chris to hold them while he said his good night to Chrissy. She waited till he turned back toward her. Then the bubbly blonde leaped at him. He caught her adorable attack. Kissing each other. She went inside giggling girlishly and Micheal just stared with a pink cheeked grin.
Chris returned Karla to her Micheal. She and her friend rode on his shoulders as the boys discussed which prize they should pick. "Which one do you like Mike?"
"I like that one." he said, pointing at a scared blonde. "But I think you should pick."
"Why, technically she wanted to send this to you as our leader." Chris grumbled.
"But I have tons of Shrunken. I want you to have it. But ask Chrissy and Sandy." Micheal advised.
"I did while you were saying good night to Chrissy. Both replies were like yours. But that's not really fair. You guys are working at this too." Chris replied.
"Chris, it's fair because we want it that way. After this if it makes you feel better we'll play a game or something to decide who gets the prize." Micheal suggested.
"Fine, I'll pick the black girl. Reminds me of an older girl from school. She's hot too." Chris stated.
"Good. Now talk to you tomorrow. Get a good rest, we’ll beat the Finley's again tomorrow." Micheal stated.
"Oh wait, she, Allena, sent me another text. Guess they want a prize if they win?" Chris said reading the text.
"What is it?" Micheal asked.
"Oh, Chrissy will not accept this." Chris stated.
"What?" Micheal asked again.
"Allena says if they win you have to spend the beach day with just her. None of us can be around you two." Chris explained.
"Oh, huh." Micheal said. Then he smiled. He texted the information to Chrissy. Adding, “She didn't say anything about Karla not being allowed to be there.”
Chrissy's reply was simple. "NO, Karla can't stop that girl from being all over you."
He replied, "Plan out my day. Activities where she can't be still or private. Last thing I want is her clinging to me. Also if you know our schedule you can easily follow and I'd get to sneak visits to the prettiest girl on this ship."
"You're not hoping we lose so you can see those melons in a bikini." Chrissy replied. Karla could feel the snark behind the words.
"Wouldn't I see more of you in a bikini if we won?" he replied.
"Her tits." she texted, Karla assuming was in a growl.
"What about your strawberry lips?" he texted.
"I'm trying to be mad at you for being so accepting of the date request." she texted back.
"It's spending the day, the only way I'm having a date on beach day is if it's with you. Besides it will make her realize she has no chance because she will see you are my GF. Also besides, we'll just win and to celebrate we will have a date on beach day." He replied.
"Promise, a nice walk just us up the hill?" She replied.
"Well, maybe Chris and Sandy so you can help them couple more." Micheal replied.
"DOUBLE DATE! You're brilliant." She replied.
"Guess having a gorgeous GF is making me smarter." he texted back.
"You goof." she texted.
He looked up at Chris, "Chrissy says yes. But we better win. Because she wants to double date on beach day and said something about her in a bikini and I want to see that."
"OK, we win. What do you mean double date?" Chris sounded nervous.
"Chrissy and I and You and Sandy. We'll leave the d word out if that's a problem for Sandy." Micheal teased.
"She is so nice. I just want to keep her safe from everything." Chris admitted.
"Well, then we better win tomorrow. So we can have that double outing, possibly date." Micheal teased.
"Yeah, OK. Double date. A date with Sandy. Night Mike." Chris rambled. Clearly more nervous about the date idea than the challenge from the Finleys.
Micheal went into his suite and said his good nights to his parents. Howard was getting ready to scan more of the day's catches. Milly looked to be helping, untying the prizes from the evening's fun.
Micheal entered his room and placed the basket on top of the floor cages. One by one he undid the bows on his new pets. Karla was happy to see how pretty his prizes were. More selection for her titan teen to play with.
Finished with that fun chore he placed Karla and Josie on the bed. Face toward them he began to strip. Karla gasped as the Behemoth was freed. It was semi-rigid. He must have liked unwrapping those pretties. But as he stripped off his shirt she noticed his penis was becoming fully erect. He had something planned, something that made him hard.
He scooped the two of them up and laid on his back. He placed them on his chest. "Who first?" he asked them.
"First for what?" Josie asked.
His mighty hand claimed her. "Oh a volunteer." he teased. His other hand came to join them. Fingers stroked in lingering paths as they stripped the uniform from Josie's shapely body. Josie praised the attention in gasps and moans as giant digits manipulated her helpless gorgeous form. Shoes, socks, panties, top, skirt and soon she was naked in those powerful hands.
He released her and turned his attention to Karla. "Next" he purred and she was trapped in titanic grasp. Tender affecting rubbed her exposed skin as more was exposed. Helpless to resist she stretched and arched as his mighty touches exposed her body for his amusement. She could only sing out sounds of pleasure as her owner striped her. Not that she planned to protest, well maybe playful ones to encourage more caresses. Soon Michael had her naked too.
The stripping hand left as the holding one moved to holding her so her front was exposed. She helped by pulling her shoulders back. She was raised and saw Josie was held in a similar way. Karla felt herself moved toward that massive sweet face. Affectionate suckling kisses greeted her body. Her stomach, her thigh, her face. Warm and soft pecks from her giant's powerful lips onto her weak little form.
She was moved back and Josie was slipped to his mouth. Josie savored the sensation of gargantuan kisses on her small naked body. Karla delighted as Josie's expression and reactions showed to Karla she loved their towering owner too. It tried to whisper jealous thoughts. But seeing Micheal enjoy Josie and Josie in turn enjoy Micheal's affection drowned out It's suggestions.
Karla found herself moving to getting another round of Kisses. Sweet Micheal shifted Josie to his cheek. Rubbing her naked body to his broad cheek. Josie kissed and nuzzled that soft skin. Karla gasped as his first kiss seemed to target her inner thigh, then the other. That tongue brushes up her stomach. Karla moaned OH! out loudly as those lips dominant her breasts. He tasted her chest and the taste buds dance intimately with her nipples. Swirling and lapping that warm textured surface to the ends of her bosom.
Sadly she was moved. But joyed to see Josie gaining a turn. His colossal hand rolled her body along his cheek as he suckled her friend. Karla was too busy kissing and rubbing her face to that giant face to see what he did to Josie. The sounds told the story, it was greatly pleasurable.
Again Karla was brushed back to those happy lips. This time he started at breast height. Teasing firm upward laps made Karla gasp. He pressed a kiss to her stomach. She buzzed with excitement as the tongue nuzzled at her thighs. Her legs happily opened to allow access to her wanting womanhood. His lips planted to that sensitive area. Giving it epic suckling kisses. The strong brush of those lips over that tender spot as he sucked at it made gasp loudly. Though her hips rocked hard trying to lure that tongue there. As if just to tease, it arrived with his last suckling kiss. Then she whimpered as he moved her to his cheek.
Josie's moans and whimpers tell Karla she is being teased too. Their cruel owner knows what they want and just kept that out of their reach. Karla finds this taunting just made her more aroused. Making the touches he gives that much more satisfying.
Josie was moved from those dominating lips. But Karla wasn't moved to them. He instead lifted them onto his face and released them. Karla pressed herself to her Micheal's sweet face. She stroked her hand along the bridge of his nose while her body grind to that facial feature. Josie pressed to it's other side. Both of them flattened out to his face and kissed his skin while dragging their breasts along her warm skin. Karla wanted him to enjoy any sensation her little body could generate on his face.
Suddenly his fingers started to stroke her back and legs. Karla used her tiny body to love his face. While his mighty touches rubbed love into her body. Karla was overjoyed to hear Josie's happy gushes telling she was enjoying their owner as well enjoyed being touched by him.
Karla jumped as a touch was felt between her thighs. Rounded end of his smallest finger rolls at her sensitive spot. Her tower teen clearly looking to touch inside her. Her hips arch her ass up to ease his insertion. The girth of his smallest digit stretches her womanhood. The mass reminded her of when she got to be Micheal's birthday gift. Josie called out as that girth stretched it's way gently into her.
Karla whimpered in pleasure as that pinky tip slowly worked into her pussy. Her hips rock in time with Micheal's finger wiggle. His other fingers massaged her body and played in her hair. Closest she could get currently to making love to her sweet titan.
"Give me more Micheal, come on make me your finger puppet." Karla suddenly heard Josie loudly begged their colossal lover.
Their giant's flexible dominating hand somehow folded to hold her hips and shoulders. Then she felt him press with that colossal sender finger. Slowly the tapper widened her vagina. Passed where he had been pleasuring her with. She felt that first knuckle’s pressure on her vaginal entrance. Then it popped inside. Then he began pulling it back out. Her every sensitive nerve between her thighs sent a song up and out through her mouth as she moaned. That mass of bone covered with skin slowly escaped her body.
She started to wonder if he was just testing how much they could take. But then it pushed back in and out. Soon she was being fucked on her Micheal's face. That knuckle blasting sensation through her pussy. Karla couldn't make words, just sounds as Micheal pounded her with a touch. Soon she would climax by her owner's pinky.
Josie gasped and hooted in passion from her finger fucking. She too made no words. But it was clear she was enjoying that powerful thrust from his weakest finger.
Karla's body couldn't savor the pleasure any longer. She bellowed to Micheal's glory as orgasm exploded through her. Josie soon joined in and bellowed along.
Her wonderfully cruel titan kept the erotic poking going as her body peaked. This thick thrusting seemed to keep the pleasure at overload levels. Karla was barely aware Josie too continued to scream in sensual joy.
He continued and Karla wanted to beg him to stop. It was too much. To much girth, to fast, to must arousal. But she couldn't, it was too satisfying. He was just too powerful. She felt her body about to give up. Delighted passed her physical limits. Climax shattered her mind again.
He stopped at this climax. Just held that round tip within her body. Her body vibrated as this wave of satisfaction flooded through. Just as that fulfilling surge ebbed he showed terrible mercy and pulled his small digit from her. Karla collapsed as his fingers let loose their grips.
She could only gasp at first. Laying flat to his wonderfully smiling face. Her world was now her Heaven. As breath seemed to catch in her lungs she began kissing her colossal lover. Between gasps and pecks she heard herself whimpering, "Oh thank you Micheal. That was amazing." She heard softly Josie also begin to praise their owner.
His hands returned. But now those colossal hands gently stroked their eroticly defeated bodies. Repeated strokes of warm love passed down their bodies. She enjoyed knowing that smile was under her prone weak form.
Karla felt his finger hook her legs between them. Her limp body was turned and she heard Josie gasp out, "Huh?" then suddenly their limp form was dangling over that smile. Their rag doll-like bodies were lowered and dragged over that face. He repeated this a few times. Nuzzling them as they moved over his features.
Then he moved them. Too weak to stop him normally, but Karla was so spent she just wanted to lay still. Not have herself dragged up the Behemoth. Then she felt him happily shuttered as their limp forms traveled up that man tower. He sighed, "Oh so Hot! Feels so Hot!" And she remembered her new place, pleasing her Micheal. He had overwhelmed them, now he would own them like proper Shrunken.
Karla stretched her arms out with wide open hands to touch as much of his sensitive skin as she could. Her face nuzzled that hard shaft as he slowly enjoyed her body along it. Joyfully Josie also explained and intensively used her body's contact to that titan cock.
Soon they both were giggling like excited schoolgirls for some reason. Delighted as he dragged them helplessly along his erection. Playing with he might over them by zigzagging them over that pillar. He slipped their curved forms back and forth playfully. Karla loved him playing with her like this. She was his living sex doll after all.
He moved them so they leaned on the tip. Karla found herself lapping her tiny tongue to that broad curve. Snuggling her breasts to it in the hopes she could use her Shrunken body would give him the slightest pleasure. Josie again joined this quest. Rubbing her chest passionately. Massaging that unblinking eye with her face.
They suddenly were lifted and laid along the currently upper surface of his erection. Then the hand that made them dangling rag doll playthings pinned them there. Their world rolled upside down. He was now kneeling on the bed, his free hand holding his torso up. Now they were masturbation aides. Pitiful creatures used to pleasure a goliath of a teen.
Karla managed to turn her head to look at Josie. Her expression was glee filled arousal. She nodded to Karla and they both moaned praise to their dominating giant, "Fuck us Micheal!"
They both smiled broadly as the titan whimpered lustfully, "Oh so Hot! You two are so Hot! You feel the best! Feel the best!"
Then his body shivered. Josie snickered excitedly, "Here we go!" Sure enough they capped his cock tip. Thick warm cum blasting over them was their reward. Karla felt her own body shutter as he marked them as his once more.
Josie was moving in their cocoon. Her body wiggled along Karla's. Karla was arousingly curious, figuring her friend just needed to cuddle someone in the afterglow. Then surprise lapped a deep taste of cum from her nipple.
Karla turned in shock to check in her friend. Only to get another out of character surprise as chocolate coated tongue dove into her mouth. Josie's hands dragged over Karla's body. Clearly inviting Karla's hands to explore Josie's. And were warmly received.
Josie's face moved back and Karla worried Josie came back to normal. No, she licked a glob of cum from her palm and brought her mouth back to Karla's. A faint voice in Karla's mind told her this was disgusting. Swapping semen like this. Worse, off each other's body. But Karla devoured the shared spunk from that dreamed of mouth. The coating made their bodies a fun kind of slippery. Next time Josie's face lifted Karla filled her mouth and Josie accepted that white fluid invite.
Josie's sweet face slipped down Karla's body. Full lips pleasured one nipple while dexterous fingers danced the other. Karla hugged that head tightly to her bosom and she kissed it's top. Her other hand mapped the contours of the formerly forbidden body onto top of her.
Karla rolled on top of Josie and now tasted firm breast. She lowered to lap flavored giant cum from Josie's toned stomach. It tasted better off her friend. Best from that mouth, but that would come again soon. Karla's hands kneaded Josie's chest. Thumbs rolled pert nipples.
Josie sat up and Karla rose to meet her. There was that taste again. Tongues twined and arms explored raised torsos. Karla's hand wasn't stopped as it slipped between Josie's thighs. Giant primed womanhood welcomed her touch. To thank her, Josie reached between her thighs and rolled her eager clitoris.
Then it occurred to Karla. How could they be kneeling up if they were pinned to a giant cock. A similar thought must have passed through Josie's mind as the both leaned back and looked around. A very intent Micheal was watching them. In their passions, they didn't notice being lifted to his eye level.
Karla beamed with pride. She wore her giant's still warm glaze and a little show of her and Josie snuggling had him hard again already. But she wasn't sure what to do now that she knew he was admiring them as they pressed together. Josie answered by turning Karla's face back to her and Kissed her deeply. She brushed her breast tips at Karla's. Clearly this was more for Micheal's viewing enjoyment then the sensation generated.
It must have been too much for their sweet Micheal. Soon they were again pressed to his re-hardened cock. They were soon being pumped it’s length. Lubed by his past released pleasure. His powerful strokes pleasured himself with their tiny bodies. Soon they again were showered in his pleasure. He sat there gasping for a few moments as more thick cum flowed their curves.
He was slowly moving. This time Josie looked at Karla and giggled out, "I don't know what came over me."
Karla couldn't help it. "Micheal did." slipped out the terrible joke.
Josie painted, "There is just something I love about him enjoying us together. I just needed to express that physically with you. Couldn't help it."
Karla stroked that adorably freckled face. It cuddled to the touch. Karla asked, "Do you think you might love Micheal too?"
Then a light came on and they were raising. Into the sink they were gently placed. Perfectly warmed water flowed down on them. They rinsed Micheal's semen from their bodies. Carefully removing elastics to free hair from those now loose and glazed pig tails. Soon suds covered digits soaped their bodies for a touch better cleaning.
They were lifted out and fresh puffy wash clothes were wrapped around them. Both his hands scooped them up. Hands lifted them to that sweet towering face snuggled them close. They both happily cuddle his warm smile. He placed them on their pillow. He opened the night stand cage and stated, "I want Karla and Josie's hair brushes."
Soon he was handing tiny brushes to them. He laid back down on the bed and lifted them to sit on that expanse that was his chest. His hands curled around them to keep them warm.
"Josie, I thought you didn't like girl on girl stuff?" He asked. Gently massaging his favorite's shoulders.
"I don't. It's just when the three of us are doing things. I get this odd urge. I want to express my affection to Karla, but only when I know it will be enjoyed by you too. I think I've accepted I'm to make you happy, and it just triggered that." Josie surrendered.
"But you like when I make you feel good too right?" Micheal questioned. Clear concern in his tone.
Josie gave Karla a soft smile then answered, "Best of all Micheal." she purred.
"Oh good." He sighed. "You too Karla?"
Karla felt bad he felt the concern to ask, "Your my Special Micheal."
He sighed happily and smiled warmly at them. Karla literally felt the joy from within her titan. "You're both very special to me." he softly said.
He watched them as they brushed each other's hair out. Allowing the cloth to fall off their bodies. Karla for one liked having him admiring her form. His eyes confirmed what he really meant when he called them special.
Once they were done Josie suggested, "It's late. We should go to bed."
"OK." their tender titan replied. Taking their hair brushes he placed them on the nightstand. He took the clothes and placed them beside his body. Warm hands pushed them together. In a loose hold bowled over them both. Blanketed by his hands, bed was his warm chest. Thumbs hooked down to pillow their heads. "Night my Special Josie! Night my Special Karla!"
"Night my Special Micheal! Night my Special Karla." Josie purred.
"Night my Special Josie! Night my Special Micheal!" Karla replied back. Such a great evening ending in a warm special embrace.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by Bobascher » Tue Feb 02, 2021 10:23 am

Fun twist with the moms! I can’t wait to see where that leads!

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Feb 03, 2021 10:27 am

I'm thinking it might not lead where your hoping. Sorry.


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CH 51: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Feb 04, 2021 1:16 pm

Chapter 51

M(t)/f+ play -> M(t)/f,f(t) non-consensual

Karla awoke and stretched on her giant chest bed. Her movement woke Josie who then stretched and yawned. Which set off Micheal to stretch and yawn. His hands lifted them both into the air as he did. Placing them on his warm face when he finished. Warm fingers blanketed them still. The pads massaged them as they laid on his cheeks.
"Did you sleep well my specials?" he asked. Karla thought it was always an interesting sensation to be on a face that was talking to you.
"Oh so well my Special Micheal.'' She cooed to him.
"My favorite spot to sleep." Josie warmly agreed.
Karla lifted her ass. Snuggling it into his palm as she begged, "Does us here mean another round riding your pinky?" she begged.
"Sorry, not this morning. It's hard to hold my hands in that position for long. But, it will happen again, promise." The caring titan whimpered.
"Maybe we could press ourselves to the tip of a long hard pillar? Would that make it easier?" Her brilliant friend suggested.
"Oh so Hot!" came Micheal's top praise.
"Too bad you don't have a bit of lube. That would make it feel a bit better taking your finger tip." Karla sighed loudly.
"I have lube. Would that really help?" Micheal asked.
"Wait, you've been rubbing our bodies to your penis when we could have been lubed up for that?" Josie asked.
"Yeah." he said like he expected they already knew that.
"Why haven't you been using it?" Karla asked.
"I don't like having glop on me." he simply replied.
Karla sat up. Josie was doing the same. Clearly he had no problem spraying them in glop. "Micheal, with lube you could stroke us easier along your penis. Also insertion of large objects, like your the fingertip of your pinky would be easier on us." Josie explained.
"Oh, sorry. But I really like how you feel on my penis without lube." he whimpered like they had a chance to force him to use it.
"Lube would make it easier for us to play on you big thick cock." Karla purred. Knowing the descriptive slang would arouse him.
"Really?" he brightened to the idea.
"Maybe we could show you? Could you get it?" Josie cooed.
"OK." he hummed. Pulling open the nightstand drawer. It was right beside his bed, Karla growled in her head. "This kind is for rubbing." he explained. List right on the pump bottle in bright blue letters, Lubricating Body Lotion. For massaging and smooth skin was the description line.
He lifted them down and placed them at the base of his Behemoth. He then pumped lines up the top two thirds or so of his shaft. "How do you want me to spread it?" he asked them.
Karla giggled. Then took a quick few steps. Leaping. She gleefully slipped up his length. She delighted as he shivered from the smooth sensation. But she suddenly realized she wasn't going to spot in time. She flew off the end, into his hand. "That felt great!" he pipped.
"MY TURN!" Josie yelled. Karla slipped from his hand. Josie must have started sliding as he popped in enjoyment. Karla watched her friend shoot from his broad tip into his hand and down to his stomach.
"Can we play Micheal?" Karla heard herself ask in an excited tone.
"Yes but more." He noted placing them on the bed.
The night stand suddenly was awoken by an excited giant collecting it's contents. Playfully bouncing them onto the bed. Commanding eagerly, "Strip." Not that Amanda needed that order.
He laid back down and gathered the naked pretties onto his stomach. He refreshed his lubing. One hand down by the base, it's finger tapered like stairs. The other cupped at the tip. "Karla please show them." he begged adorably.
Karla gleefully ran up those digit steps. Ran the short distance. Then rode along the most erotic slip and slide. Shuttering Giant boy as she traveled. That end hand caught her, slowing her descent to his stomach.
"OH YEAH!" Amanda bellowed.
Soon they were slipping up his cock one by one. Generating pleasure gasps from the titan ride. Even the usually timid Shrunken among them soon began accepting the fun to be had slicking along an erect giant cock. Only taking slight pauses to refresh the course.
But a giant teen boy can only have naked pretty pixies sliding along his erection for so long. Suddenly he caught Gabriel and pressed her to the tip. The Blonde fitness coach was soon lifted to the slicked end. He pumped the fit blonde along his cock while rolling the busty brunette at the tip. And soon Karla felt the shiver through his body. White warm flowed over the gorgeous teen toy. Amanda leaped over and began greedily lapping at the overflowing cum.
Karla was shocked as Donna tapped her shoulder. She nervously asked, "You think he'll want to do this again. It's kind of fun."
Karla smiled, "Look at him, he'll want to let us play again."
Soon he started placing the servants into a carrying tube. Placing Karla and Josie on his shoulders. He walked towards the bathroom. Karla chuckled, Gabriel had to keep pushing Amanda away as the long haired beauty kept attempting to lick her.
He prepped the shower. He placed Josie and Karla on a fold out shelf. Adding the group one by one as well. Donna braved, "Are we to wash Lady Karla and Lady Josie Director Micheal?"
"Up to them." he replied as he stepped in.
Donna looked at Karla. She clearly knew where the order would come from. As the idea of being washed down by this busty beauty appealed to her. She wasn't in that type of mood. Which surprised her since she wasn't really played with yet today. "Lets just enjoy the shower." Karla advised.
Karla found she wished they had time to have a bath. Go swimming around Micheal islands with her servants and Josie. She also wished Maria was still here. She missed her favorite servant.
Micheal supply them soap and shampoo even on this low shelf. He seemed to hold himself so they got fresh water spray and not off spatter. It was a delightful cleaning. They even seem to giggle and joke with one another, Karla felt somewhat sad to not be included.
Once they finished, Micheal supplied each with a cloth to dry with. Gathered in a fresh tube. Karla and Josie placed on their usual spots. He took them to the night stand.
"What to wear today Lady Karla?" Amanda asked.
"Laser tag, Tomb Raider outfit." Karla requested. And white puffy cloth clad beauties began prepping Karla and Josie for their day. Micheal stopped by as they got ready and purred a happy noise at them. "Yes Director Micheal?" Karla teased.
"Oh right, Josie, do you mind being one of the other's back gunners? We think we'll need your Battle Jumper type skills today." He asked.
"Certainly." Josie replied. She clearly wanted to do this.
"It'll likely be Sandy as Chris plans to bring his Asian Shrunken, I guess her name is Umiko. I'll go and finish getting ready." he advised.
Karla finished. And began combing Donna's hair for her. Josie was helping Sofia get ready. Karla let the thought pass through of how it was like being with her dance troupe again. Helping each other get ready for the recital or competition. Almost like friends.
She was onto the fitness Blonde Kimberly's hair when Micheal returned ready. They waved goodbye to the girls as Micheal lifted them out. And out to breakfast.
Karla snickered, sunny side up eggs for Howard. His yoke savoring utensil must have had sensitive nipples as she panted loudly the whole time her breasts were cleaned of yellow fluid.
Milly shared her eggs Benedict with Karla. Josie enjoyed some of Micheal's scrambled. Besides the erotic whimpering from Howard's dipping Shrunken. A pleasant Breakfast. The men planned some shuffle board this morning. The ladies, shopping again. Milly noting in a jolly tune how cliché she had become on this trip. This afternoon, Upper status pool.
They finished Breakfast and were fleshing up when Chris came over. That Asian car model was again in his cage. She wore a tight navy blue one piece swimsuit with some type of label over her breasts. "Guess the Finley's are ready when we are. Guess they're practicing for the Laser tag tournament." He advised.
"Great, we play for fun and they are a tournament team. Oh well, they were also a Tournament Battle Jumper Team." Micheal advised. His watch went off. "Chrissy will get Sandy and they will meet us at the Laser Tag." He explained the message.
"Great." Chris sighed. He smiled thinking of something, likely someone.
They left and were soon waiting at the Laser tag rooms. "Hello Dr. Miller, Mr. Watts." was Raymond Finley's voice.
"Hello Mr. Finley." Chris replied.
"Raymond please." he said in a cheery tone. "Dad asked me to bring you over to the room we booked. Where is Dr. Grant?" he politely asked. Karla noticed he looked her over. But didn't linger.
"She's getting our fourth." Micheal replied. Sounding defensive.
"Oh, hello Micheal." Came an Irish hinted voice from behind them.
"Hello Allena." Micheal replied.
"Allena, Mom and dad are annoyed. Where have you been?" Raymond gave an older sibling growl.
"Oh, just picking out a better Shrunken to win with today." Allena replied. There was something to her tone that made Karla mad. Like she won at something and was cruelly rubbing it in.
Micheal's watch went off. "Oh no. The girls aren't coming. Sandy's upset."
"Why?" Chris asked.
"Sandy? As in Sandra Howell?" Allena asked, attempting to sound innocent.
"Allena you didn't?" Really growled Raymond.
"Did what. I just said Hi to Hand-me-down Howell." She smirked.
"Dad is going to be furious. He told you to stop calling her that." Raymond firmly snapped at his sister.
"Oh you're just mad cause you think she's sweet. But they can't play with two. Looks like they have to forfeit. We win." Allena cooed.
"What did you do to Sandy?" Growled Chris.
"Oh you think the bad luck girl is sweet too huh?" Allena snickered at Chris.
"What do you mean?" Chris demanded.
"Hand-me-down is adopted. Her parents and older brother died taking her home from the hospital. Her Granny took her in. But couldn't stand her so dropped her off with her Aunt and Uncle, the Howells. Who are just too sweet to dump her off themselves." Allena explained with an odd cruel glee. There was more she was savoring.
"Sadly, despite her ill behavior, Allena is right. Without a team, you do technically forfeit." Raymond sighed. Staring daggers at Allena.
"Well then, I'll offer my services. How about you dear sister?" came an Australian accented voice.
Karla turned to see a Blonde boy about Raymond's age standing with a blonde teen girl about Micheal's age. They smiled warmly. But the boy locked eyes with Raymond. They looked familiar, but Karla couldn't remember why.
"Andrew, this isn't any of your business." snarled an already annoyed Raymond.
"But if, I'm sorry Chris right?" this Andrew asked.
"Yes. This is Mike." Chris replied.
"Well, if Chris and Mike need a third and fourth. And we are willing to fill out their team. Then I don't see the problem. Maybe we ask your papa?" Andrew clearly was taunting Raymond.
"We challenged Dr. Miller's team. Not the Fishers." Raymond rebutted.
"Surely you don't mind playing in the dark with us Fishers." Cooed the girl.
"No Sarah, it's just. Well you see?" Raymond stuttered.
Micheal firmly announced, "This is our team."
"If that's what Micheal wants." sighed Allena.
"We are in room four. Allena, lets go tell mom and dad of the change." Raymond accepted. He smiled shyly at the blonde girl and left. Allena followed after flashing a smile at Micheal. Her walk was exaggerated.
Andrew snickered as he fist bumped what must have been his little sister. "Your right. He clearly likes you."
The sister giggled, "Like Raymond Finley has a chance competing with or for a Fisher."
"Hello?" Micheal asked.
"Oh sorry, I'm Andrew Fisher. This is my sister Sarah." the boy explained.
"Micheal Miller, but you can call me Mikey. This is Chris Watts. These are Karla and Josie my special Shrunken." Micheal introduced.
"Oh we meet. You beat us to win Chris the prize in the Battle Jumper tournament." the boy happily announced.
"Oh that's where I know you from." Karla pipped.
"Yes Karla. You sat out that match." Andrew replied to her.
"Now I owe you twice." Chris sighed.
"Naa, beating the Finley's is a Fisher tradition." Sarah sang. Smiling at Chris warmly.
"Why do you owe them?" Micheal asked.
"They were undefeated till we beat them. They had waved their rematch claim so we could win the tournament." Chris explained.
"With a promise of a fun rematch. That I'm holding you too." Andrew declared. Karla noticed the older boy clearly eyeing up Chris.
"But today, we will team with you to beat the Finley's" Sarah said. Karla sighed. Sarah clearly also curious about Chris. It must be the sea air.
"Fishers, I know why I know the name. You're always competing in contests." Micheal announced.
"Well, and pops is the head of Australian Company Security. So what did Allena do to your friend? Boil our blood for beating them yet again." Andrew requested.
"Allena brought up Sandy Howell's past to her." Micheal explained.
"Oh poor Sandra. Allena is always picking on the sweet girl whenever she finds a chance." Sarah growled.
"That sounds good. Victory for Sandra then." Andrew declared like an avenging knight.
They wandered over to room four. "Ah Mr. Fisher I see you joined Dr. Miller's losing efforts. Nice to regain two losses at the same time." Mr. Finley said in a warm friendly tone.
"We'll be glad to add to the total you're working back to win." Andrew greeted back. "But this is Mr. Watts' team as they see it." He explained.
"Allow me to apologize for Allena's behavior toward Miss. Howell. She doesn't seem to learn from past punishments. These matches will be her only Shrunken access today beside feeding all of our collected pets." the man noted. Karla got the feeling that it was more for Allena's knowledge than telling Micheal and associates.
It did generate a, "But Da?" A firm look kept any additional protests down.
"We were thinking of three tag elimination. Standard Company Laser Tournament rules?" The man asked.
"Sounds good?" Chris asked more than agreed. Andrew nodded.
Chris turned to Micheal, "Can I borrow Josie, I mean, Josie will you guard my back?"
"Certainly Chris." Josie replied.
They had a holding cage for Shrunken. Karla laughed, tags were attached with Zip ties here. Like big beaver tails. A tag was given to Chris to claim his Asian pet.
The Fishers had their Shrunken in a cage on their belts. Andrew had a fair haired handsome young man about his age. Karla wondered if that was due to his skill or Andrew's possible orientation. Sarah had a Latino lad about her age. He looked familiar, possibly from her hometown.
"That Shrunken is skilled at Battle Jumping," Andrew started saying to Micheal. Karla expected another, would you sell, but he finished, "You think she'd train other Shrunken in the sport?"
"Karla is being rented by Dr. Grant's company as a representative with my dad's company." He said with pride.
"Well, a rather multi-skilled Shrunken Karla is. Shame, with the amounts of Shrunken being collected there is talk of a league. There will be a need for Shrunken that will and can teach." Andrew replied.
Micheal strapped Karla into the back part of the vest. She played with the controls to get a feel for the targeting and movement. Then the world jumbled as he placed the vest on.
"OK, the Finley's like to move as a team. Shortest to tallest usually. But if we can hit from to different angles they might lose focus. But it will be spotting and moving around them that will be tricky." Andrew advised.
"I'll take Chris around the left side." Sarah said excitedly.
"OK, sounds good." Micheal accepted.
They entered into the neon lighted room filled with narrow paths and oddly shaped walls with window holes or half sized walls. Micheal moved quickly. It was harder to track what was happening compared to Battle Jumpers. They stopped.
Suddenly they started moving up and down. Karla could hear them clicking the triggers on their rifles. Micheal's vest went down. He was hit, he turned his back to a wall to wait till the vest restarted.
Micheal started moving. Karla prepared in case a Finley stepped into view. Allena poked her head around a corner. Karla started blasting. She managed to tag the girl's vest before Micheal turned a corner. Karla stayed prepared but expected they would approach a different way.
A sharp whistle and Micheal sped up. They turned and suddenly stopped. Clicking started. Micheal's vest shut down again. He stepped back and Karla faced a wall again.
He took a deep breath when the vest reactivated. He stepped out in a low crotch. And the vest went dead for his last hit. He sighed and got up and left the room to the waiting area. Chris soon entered into the waiting area.
Allena came out next. "Oh, looks like I have a date in a few days." she purred as Micheal backed up.
"What's this?" Karla heard Mr. Finley snap.
"Micheal and I had a bet. If we win he's going to take me out on the Beach day." Allena replied in an attempt at an innocent voice.
"Well, since there are more stakes. Mr. Watts if you lose and the Fishers agree to stay, I suggest we turn this into a best of three challenge." Mr. Finley offered.
"OK, sounds good." Chris agreed.
"Oh Da." whimpered Allena.
Andrew came out next. Stating, "Sorry Mates, the weasels seem to get the hens on this trip."
"It'll be close." Karla heard Raymond note from behind Andrew.
"Victory Finley's!" Agnus cheered.
"Sorry boys. She just tagged me when I zigged instead of zagged." Sarah apologized.
"Agnus, don't celebrate yet darling. Seems a prize was demanded by our Allena." Mr. Finley advised.
"Dang it girl. What did you request?" Angus growled.
"Just a day hanging out with Micheal." the girl fainted innocents.
"What did you offer for this extra prize Murray?" Angus sighed.
"Best of three. We just win one more and we win. That seems to me to be only fair." He explained in a firm tone.
"Form up behind your da kiddos." Angus ordered.
"If you two are willing to help us?" Micheal asked.
"Who gets a date when we win?" Sarah teased. Karla watched her smile playfully, but Sarah's eyes lingered on Mr. Watts.
They entered and Karla got the same view as before. Empty hallways and dim lights. The action seemed to be much the same. And she found herself being walked to the waiting room soon after.
Then Sarah growled, "Dang tootin Finleys."
Then Raymond, "Well we still have a three to two advantage."
"No bother they evened it." Allena sighed.
"Worse my daughter." Angus snarled.
"Tied up Mike!" Chris cheered.
"That is not the Shrunken on your back that you had at Battle Jumpers is it Mr. Watts?" Mr. Finley asked.
"No, she was supposed to be, but got injured before the tournament." Chris answered.
"Last match then?" The man asked.
As they entered Chris said to Micheal, "Thanks for letting Josie guard my back. They got chasing me and she just kept tagging them. Andrew just kept them off balance. What does she like as a treat, I owe her some."
They started again. And Karla had to admit Micheal had many talents. Laser tag wasn't one. He walked out sighing, "Hope you're ready for a day with Allena, cause I couldn't do anything in there." He began taking off the vest.
He was helping Karla out of the pod on the back when Allena came out. "I know you will not sell this one. But the one on Chris' back, would you sell us her?"" The girl asked.
"Nope." Micheal said firmly.
Andrew came out next. "That's a tight contest in there. It'll come down to who gets that last good shot."
"Well that will not be me." Raymond's voice declared. "Micheal, the Shrunken Mr. Watts is wearing, is she yours or his?"
"His brother, and no he will not sell it." Allena grumbled.
"Her. Josie is her and not it." Micheal growled.
"Oh you're too sweet. I think that's what I like best." Allena cooed. Karla could tell by Micheal's expression he didn't enjoy her cooing.
"That dang back rat." Growled Angus as she stepped into view. "Next we challenge you Dr. Miller she should be the prize."
"I'd settle to borrowing her for the tag tournament in a few days." Sarah said in a sad tone.
That was the last thing said. They waited for what seemed like a long time. Movement and clicking past nearby. Then nothing for a bit. Karla felt herself holding her breath. Then she saw movement coming towards the door. Chris shook his head, "He just got in front of me."
"It was close. Mr. Watts and his rider had me down to one hit left." Mr. Finley smiled.
"OH Micheal. I hope you like long romantic walks." Allena purred.
"Chrissy is going to kill me." Micheal replied.

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CH 52: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Mon Feb 08, 2021 2:56 pm

Chapter 52


As they left the laser tag area Chris asked, "Well, are you going to text Chrissy and find out where they are?"
"Maybe you should text Sandy?" Micheal replied.
"I have just to see if she's OK. No response. I'm worried Mike." Chris whimpered.
Karla felt bad. Sandy seemed to be a self conscious little thing. Whatever that Allena had really said to her couldn't have been good. Chris was so upset he had almost forgotten Umiko at the booth. If Micheal hadn't stopped him from putting Josie into his cage he likely would have.
It was clear they were upset the Fisher siblings apologized for failing them. Micheal waived that off, he had failed, not them. They were a godsend. He reminded them of Allena's actions. They apologize again, it was supposed to be a victory for Sandy and they fail. Leave with the odd statement, "We'll be making up for that."
Micheal typed a text to Chrissy, "Sorry, we lost." was it's simple statement.
"I'll be upset later. Right now, Howell's suite. Convince Sandy to open her door." Was Chrissy reply.
"She wants us at Sandy's suite." He shared with Chris. Though unless Karla was turned around, that's where Chris was already headed.
They arrived and everyone was there. Pat was at Sandy's door with chicken nuggets and perogies. Begging her to at least eat.
"Oh, good. Chris can you ask my Sand Dollar to at least take her lunch please." the usually jolly man begged in a heart wrenching tone.
"Did you beat those Finleys?" Tanya asked.
"No sorry." Micheal said. As Chris joined Pat at the door asking the slim redhead to accept food.
"Blast that child. Oh I could just, argh!" Tanya snarled.
"Why is Sandy so upset about being adopted?" Micheal asked.
Pat and Tanya looked at each other and sighed sadly. "Well if you're going to be around Sandy, likely you'll hear the story from someone. Especially with that child always picking on our poor sweetness." Tanya said.
Tanya took a deep breath and began, "It started really before Sandy was born. Jack, her father and Vicki, my sister meet in high school. Classic top jock and cheerleader queen. Not in the mean way, they were both very nice. Just, they short of just peaked in high school. They were married and content, but not really happy. He got a job at the local hardware store. She became the receptionist for a friend's business."
She took a drink and continued, "They had Jack junior and money got tight. Which was OK, till I met Pat. Pat was successful in the Company, but all he could share at the time was he was a freelance toy designer. Toys were beneath Jack, so he couldn't understand why someone who plays with them as a living was so well off. I think the fact Pat was so pleasingly plump yet better off made Jack a bit annoyed with his life."
Deep breath and she explained, "So he started trying different get rich quick schemes. But, none planned out. Pat applied to see if he was Company material. But because of his shifty associates they turned him down. Then Vicki got pregnant with Sandy."
She looked to fight back tears, "He seemed to buckle down. Was made an assistant manager at the store. Even gave up the schemes. Though Vicki said he was jealous of Pat and I's success, he was happy with getting to become a dad again. A girl, he was over the moon. She would be his princess, you should have heard him talk her up. Well, it seems some of his old associates began coming around again. He owed money to some unpleasant people and they were pressuring him."
Tears began to trickle. "Sandy was born on a gorgeous sunny day. Even the sky wanted to be bright for her arrival. They were beside themselves with joy. Though Jack kept having to leave the room to take phone calls. Now it isn't clear what happened. But on the day they got to take our sweet girl home, their car switched into oncoming traffic and hit straight on with a semi truck. Sandy's chair saved her."
Tanya was done, Milly and Betty soon hugged the woman and offered tissues. Pat took over, "Rumor was one of his old associates didn't like how slow he was at paying back an old debt. But no evidence showed a connection. The little car was too destroyed to get any clear proof. Tanya's mother took Sandy. But she wasn't a well woman. Our hearts sang when we were allowed to adopt her. I have a genetic hiccup and can't have children. To have that treasure in our lives was unbelievable."
"We were doing fine, we just let her think we were her parents, because she was our little darling princess. Shortly after fourth birthday, Jack's sister decided Sandy should know about her real dad. How much stress she put on him. And how she believes he turned the car into the truck on purpose because of her extra burden." Pat's face reddened at the memory.
"Pour Sandy Dollar broke down that day. She went from our Jolly pixie too worried everyone didn't want her about. She would refuse treats and gifts, because rewarding her was a burden on the people offering them. We managed to mostly get her over that false idea. Herself confidence has never really returned. I think it's why she keeps all the children we find that are acceptable to keep. She wants them to feel wanted and cared for. Oh sweet girl of ours." Now Pat broke down in tears. Al helped the rotund man to a chair.
Tanya managed back in, "Just as we were thinking the worst was done. Somehow that Finley woman found out. And to get an advantage over Pat in any tournament he entered, she fed the Aunt’s story to her spawn. Allena brings it up every chance she gets. Murray has punished that girl and even forfeited matches to Pat, honestly apologizing every time he doesn't stop it from happening. Likely we'll receive something from him later today to ease some of the pain from her misdeed. But not Angus. They had a major public blow out about it last year's chess tournament."
"I would have left the tournament to Alex to win years ago, but I have to make sure they don't get too many wins." Pat growls.
"Why that bubble chested little bitch!" Growled Chrissy. Then realized her language.
"No dear, you used it correctly." Jeff eased his daughter's fear of punishment.
"But, will Sandy be OK?" Chris asked with a cracking voice.
"Sweet boy, she will come out at some point. Be patient. She will try to push you three away." Pat said, wiping his eyes.
"Wait, I have an idea." Karla heard Josie scream out. The human's all looked over towards them. "Micheal, can you take me over to the door."
"Sure. Anything to help." he said heading over. Karla could faintly hear Josie's voice. Then Micheal knocked, "Sandy, would it be OK if Josie and Karla visit their moms?"
Silence. Then the door popped open. Little hand held a carrying tub. Micheal reached up and Karla found herself slipped in with Josie. Micheal added, "They haven't had lunch yet just so you know."
Karla found herself brought into the girl's room. Sandy placed them on the dresser. Then accepted the plate of food. She shut the door and locked it. The poor girl looked broken. She brought them and the plate over to where she kept the children. From the blanket and pillow Karla guessed that's where she had nested since encountering Allena.
She lifted them out and called, "Ms. Eva, Ms. Carisa. Karla and Josie are here to see you."
She started picking at a nugget, sharing chicken bits with excited children. She smiled at them with sad eyes. Karla could see the children clearly knew she was upset as many hugged her massive petite hands. Or did childish things to tempt smiles out of their giant caretaker.
"Josephine." Carisa said, hugging her daughter. "Karla!" And Karla received a hug. "Eva will be a bit. She was teaching a group how to swim."
"Hey mom. I'm glad to see you and want to visit. But we are also here to try to cheer up Sandy. She had a bad day." Josie explained.
"Oh pour kidnapper." Carisa sneered.
"Look I know you're upset to be her kid wrangler and plaything. But she really needs friendly voices right now." Josie stood up to her mother. An unusual action for the freckled face friend.
"We are kid wranglers, but not her playthings." growled Carisa.
"No we are mother-like as I remember her describing her thoughts on us as we were placed in here." Karla's mother's voice said.
"Mom!" Karla sighed. Hugging her damp parent.
"Wait, so you're upset about looking after these children?" Josie asked her mother.
"I think having my life and loved ones taken from me are why I'm upset. Why are you not upset?" Carisa rebutted.
"Because it will not fix anything. I have a good life as Micheal's Shrunken. I could have been worse off." Josie argued.
"You are your father's daughter. Don't worry about the past dear. Look at what you have." Carisa whimpered as the thought of her husband came to her.
Josie hugged her mother, "And now we have a chance to see each other. Thanks to Sandy letting us know you are here."
"I wish you two didn't use that word to describe yourselves." Karla heard her mother say.
"If it helps, we are more than that to Micheal." Karla tried to comfort her mother.
"So how do we help Sandra?" her mother replied.
"By thanking her. Letting her know we needed her to reconnect. That we are happy she was here to share this reunion." Josie explained.
"You expect me to act happy she is holding me against my will?" Carisa questioned.
"How about thankful she isn't one that maims her Shrunken. She doesn't maim her Shrunken right?", Josie asked.
"They don't sound happy when she starts abusing them." Carisa growled.
"I don't know, the girl last night sounded quite happy. And that guy she plays with often clearly doesn't mind." Karla's mother shared.
"A girl that age shouldn't be doing those types of things. Especially with other girls. Or too I guess I should say." Carisa grumbled.
"How about, thanking her for our reunion." Karla suggested.
"Let's head over." Josie advised.
As they approached children parted. Many called to Karla and Josie's mothers. Looking for approval for some attempt skill or personal challenge. Karla marveled how sweet Carisa was. Praising even the feeblest cartwheels. Made her remember early dance trips. Her own mother was the cautious type. Advising care to the brave daredevils they pass.
"Sandy?" Josie called out.
"Yes Josie?" the girl replied. Her attention on helping a couple girls skip rope.
"We all would like to thank you for being so nice and allowing us to know you had our mothers. And to have these visits. Karla and I are happy you are taking such great care of our mothers. We wouldn't want them to be anybody's else's Shrunken." Josie praised.
"Not even Micheal's. He's a better choice for you." Sandy dismissed the compliment.
Karla had a quick mental flash of what her titan teen likely had them do together if he had her and her mother. She was glad Sandy had her in this environment.
"No, you've been perfect. I am so lucky to have you in my life." Josie praised.
"We've heard how others treat their people they made small. Thank you for being so kind to us." Karla's mother added.
"Your visits are the favorite part of many of these kids' days. Better then the trinkets other kidnappers would have made them." Carisa added.
"But now I'm just a silly evil giant." Sandy sighed.
"No, you're my friend." Karla declared.
"And mine, Micheal's, Chrissy's, and Chris’, he's beside himself worrying about you. Bet he would melt if you told him your OK." Josie suggested.
"Why would he care what happens to Hand-me-down Howell. He can do better than me. I'm just a burden." she whimpered.
"Do you know Sarah Fisher?" Josie suddenly asked.
"Yeah. She's the pretty blonde girl that goes to some of the tournaments dad goes to." She replied.
"She didn't know he was going out with you and was trying to flirt with Chris at laser tag. He didn't notice. You know why?" Josie asked.
"Because his head was in the game." Sandy rebutted.
"Because he likes a certain finger biting red head. He wants to know if you want to be his girlfriend. He was so scared last night you wouldn't think he was good enough to be your boyfriend." Josie shared.
"But he's tall and handsome. Smart and skilled. He deserves a girl like Sarah. Pretty, with actual curves, and skilled at things. I'm just holding him down." She suggested.
"I met Chris when he just had his cousins. Rough and crude. Seen him grow to a nice young man in the few days he became Micheal and Chrissy's friend. But he has risen more and gained more self confidence with you with them. You're not holding him down. You make him fly." Karla advised.
"But I'm not wanted." she whimpered.
"Why not ask him Miss. Sandra?" Carisa asked.
"OK." and she stood up. Walked to the door. Took a big deep breath into her tiny frame. Opened the door.
Chris' voice bellowed, "Sandy, are you OK?"
"You don't want me to be your girlfriend do you?" she stumbled through.
"You're OK with me being your boyfriend?" he replied.
"But why would you want to be my boyfriend when girls like Sarah are around?" she babbled in confusion.
"Who? Sandy I don't understand. Can I be your boyfriend or am I beneath you?" he replied.
"But you are handsome and likeable. Why would you want me around?" she retorted in confusion.
"Because you're wonderful, smart, and so sweet. Someone like Andrew should date." Chris sighed.
"Andrew, Andrew Fisher. But he's homosexual. Are you saying I'm boyish?" she staggered.
"No, very much not. I'm just saying he has more standing and stuff." Chris tried to explain.
"OK, that's enough. Sandy, do you like Chris?" Chrissy stepped up.
"Yes." the shy girl answered. Finger came up to her mouth. Chris hand caught it. Then the other hand trying to sneak up. He tugged and she slipped forward onto his chest. He smiled and cupped her face in his hands. Kissing her. Her leg bent at the knee.
He let her go and she walked into the room and kneeled down to Karla's level. "I think he might actually like me." She trembled. Knuckle popped between her teeth.
Chris came in and hugged her. Gently tugging that hand out of her mouth. "Are you OK? Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" He asked.
"I'll be OK. But it would be nice if you hugged me tightly." She suggested.
He squeezed and she giggled. He stood, lifting her to her feet. "Everyone is worried about you. Can we tell them you're better now?" he asked.
"Yes I'm better now." She purred nuzzling her head into his chest.
"Why do you have cages here and by the window?" he asked, confused.
"These are my sweet children I'm keeping safe. Those are my play with males and those are my play with females." she explained shyly.
"Wait, you like playing with female Shrunken." He asked.
Nervously she asked, "Is that OK? It doesn't bother you that I like to play with pretty Shrunken girls right?"
His hip turned from her. "No, just wasn't expecting that." Karla stifled a giggle. His pants clearly said he didn't mind that idea.
"Oh we should get Karla and Josie. They helped me." she noted. Reaching for them.
"Can we visit our moms more?" Josie asked.
"Sure, I'll bring them out to meet everyone." Sandy replied. She lifted them and offered them to Chris. Then gathered their mothers.
"Oh Sand Dollar." Pat hugged his little girl. Tanya soon joined them advising, "You have to stop listening to that child."
"Well, what should we do to brighten this day." Howard asked.
"Well the weather says the pools out." Jeff said looking out the window. It’s pane was being spattered with large rain drops.
"We could do that port look up thing you guys do?" Sandy suggested.
"Pat, Tanya, you have a smart girl there." Howard advised.
"Why don't you all grab your tablets and we'll order food and drinks. We'll have the fun here if that's OK with you all." Tanya advised.
"Be right back." Howard and Jeff announced at the same time. Then, "Jinx! Dang you got me!" And went out into the hall giggling like schoolboys.
Chris put them down on the table. Sandy added their moms. Chrissy added Daniel. Bravely Betty approached. Karla waved them all to the far edge of the table. Betty bowed and placed her hand at table level. Maria stepped off smiling.
"Lady Karla, Lady Josie!" She said excitedly. Running over hugging them both.
Karla hugged the busty former servant, "You're not my servant any more Maria, you can call me Karla." she explained.
"Really. Thank you." the girl gushed like Karla gave her a great treasure.
"Maria, this is Eva, and Carisa. Karla and my mothers." Josie explained.
"I had heard Director Sandy say she had found your mothers. I am honored to meet you. If I can do anything to make either of you happy. Please tell me. Anything." Maria was still thinking like a very attentive servant.
"Thanks." Carisa replied.
"What is this port look up thing?" Karla's mom asked.
"We look up the next port and see if there are any events happening the day that they plan on arriving to see where their preferred types of Shrunken are going to be gathered in numbers." Karla explained nervously.
"You two help these people kidnap people." Carisa snapped.
"Not to counter miss. But if they don't then worse might." Daniel interjected.
"Oh and you are?" Karla heard her mother ask in a purr.
"Daniel, I'm Chrissy Shrunken." he answered.
"Not too Shrunken I hope." she returned.
"Mom." Karla growled.
"What?" she giggled back stepping towards Daniel, "Are you too?"
"Oh no miss. Micheal doesn't share Karla and Josie with anyone. Now I heard your mother was about, so we better not get too close." he flirted.
"You know that's a lie. Keep it up." Karla's mother cooed.
"Mom, you're married!" Karla snapped.
"She's right. Sorry Danny." Karla's mother snickered.
"No I'm sorry. I should have realized such a beauty was already wrapping a man around her little finger." he joked.
"Well, I guess under the circumstances, I'm kind of separated." she said winking at the man her daughter's age.
"I am so uncomfortable about what is going on here." Josie announced.
"Hello, I'm Carisa." Josie's mother suddenly stepped forward. "I guess I'm forcibly separated from my husband too." she hummed.
"I think I have died, with all the angels surrounding me." Daniel hummed back.
"Or you’re the entertainment." Carisa suggested.
"Yeah, this is unnatural." Karla said to Josie.
"Oh, I'm sorry dear. We're just having a little fun. Closest I've been to a man in weeks. I just miss your father's attentions is all." Karla's mother explained.
"Yes girls. It's not like we are going to jump him here on this table for all to watch." Carisa added.
"Though, if Sandy has a little private cage?" Eva teased.
"Wonder if this Chrissy would mind lending him out for a few days." Carisa continued.
"You two want to borrow Daniel. Certainly if Sandy is OK with that. I'll ask." Chrissy announced and walked over to the red haired girl.
"Well, that was not expected." Eva snickered.
Sandy came over, "Ms. Eva, Ms. Carisa, Chrissy says you want to borrow Daniel for a few days. I'll set you three up in a cage. Karla and Josie are such good friends, I plan on spoiling their moms for them." and she left.
"They are very open aren't they." Carisa mumbled.
"Chrissy is a Shrunken breeder. She sees no problem lending her males out to pleasure friend's females." Josie teased.
"Let's hope they don't inject Dan to make sure he's up to perform." Karla mocked.
"We should clear this up." Daniel interjected.
"I don't think you have a choice Danny boy." Maria added. "She didn't ask you. You were offered." the former servant continued. Generating giggles from her Ladies.
They managed to clear up the miss understanding with the girls. Though Karla got the feeling her mother wasn't far from looking for male attention. Her father and mother were a very affectionate couple. It was a few weeks since her last affectionate night. Karla knew how lonely she would be if she was away from Micheal that long.
Howard and Jeff returned. Howard nicely brought Karla her tablet. But also brought Maria to visit. She was pale. "What's wrong Maria?" Eva asked.
"They discussed breeding me on the way here. Seems your owner's parents think I and Carlos will produce attractive children." Maria trembled.
"Carlos, not?" Eva started.
"Yes that one. They rather not prime him, whatever that means." Maria explained.
"That's awful." Carisa sighed.
Karla fought back the urge to remind them all they were their pets. No worse to them than having their dogs breed. But she didn't want to fight with her mother. From her expression, nether did Josie.
"Karla, did you want to join us in our search?" Micheal came over to ask.
"Go ahead and help them find more poor girls to breed." Karla's mother grumbled.
"Karla, did you think we should breed some? Cool, we could pick through some for that later. I'm sure Chrissy will send a copy of her breeding males for us to match with." He stated unaware of her mother's disapproval.
Karla sighed, her two worlds were colliding. Only one would survive. "Mom, understand, we are not what we once were. I'm your daughter. But I'm also his Shrunken. My life is to make him happy. I'm lucky because me being happy makes him happy."
Eva hugged her, "I just have trouble accepting people can just collect and use other people like this."
"Thank Sandy then. Because other Shrunken on this boat are well aware of that fact." Karla sighed.
"Your right. I know. Just, wish you weren't his Shrunken." Eva replied, stumbling over that last word.
"Thanks mom." Karla replied.
"Go, help him. We'll visit again soon from what I hear." Eva noted.
Karla and Josie were moved to the coffee table and surrounded by giant men. Karla felt safe here. None were leering at her. They all looked her in the face when talking to her despite the angle they were usually at. It had been a long time since she had this many men around her and didn't feel at least one was looking at her as some sex object. This amused her, since by their standards, she was a sex object.
She booted up her tablet and found the city's website. And that was that for the guys. Right on their front page was a big banner welcoming ladies amateur football tournament like a big come to collect at these four connected fields. Teams from all over. Local youth teams listed as volunteers. Only way this could be more perfect was if they were all playing in different sexy costumes for the guys. Even taking a look at the fields on a satellite view showed three main entrances with big gates. Even when the teams had to arrive was bright and early. They already had the tents set up, away from the smaller exit doors. Fields were away from the docks.
They had their whole thing planned. Howard and Jeff would come in one side gate and lock it. Pat and Al on the other. Work their way to the small walking exits and block it with whatever car they grab. Micheal and Chris walk through the main entrance and shut and lock it. Then heard the crowd into the interconnected fields. Then they would just pick them off as they panic.
Sandy brought food over and placed it on the table. Karla looked to where her mother was, "Sandy, where is my mom?"
"Oh, she decided she did want me to borrow Chrissy Shrunken guy after all. Don't worry Josie, your mother found one from my collection to enjoy." and she left.
"I have no idea how I feel about this." Josie said in mild shock.
"I do. It's good. They are now accepting they are not going back to their old lives and enjoying the spoils of being special Shrunken." Karla offered her friend.
"I suppose. Are you not bothered that she's with Daniel. A man you almost dated and half her age?" Josie asked. Her tone was clearly still having trouble processing.
"Honestly no. I'm proud of her actually." Karla said strangely at peace with her mother hooking up with the handsome former soldier.
Drinks were handed out. And the talk went to what they were going to miss from the cruise. Not doing chores was a major thing. But Chris hit a better point, "Being able to see my friends."
"You'll still see them." Howard pointed out.
"Not by just stepping out my door and walking a little way. Even when we move and you get your teleporter thing working. It's still going to be long weekends and holidays. Never just pop over and hang out." Chris explained.
"Well, we will try to make it as often as possible." Al said, hugging his son.
"Yeah it would be nice if we all lived in the same neighborhood. But I can't move the teleport compound now." Howard sighed.
"To friends good enough to consider moving a major Company assets for!" Jeff toasted.
"To friends!" They cheered.
"So kids, what's the plans for tomorrow? The Laser Tag tournament?" Jeff asked.
"Not the way Mike plays. We'd be easy targets for the Finley's." Chris teased.
"I wish we could pay the Fishers back for helping us today." Micheal stated.
"If they had back Shrunken like Josie they'd beat the Finley's for sure." Chris advised.
"Hey Josie would you be willing to be the back gunner for one of the Fishers?" Micheal asked.
"I guess so. I would like to make sure those Finley's didn't win for what they did to our Miss. Sandy." Josie admitted.
"Yeah, but how do we ask if they want to borrow her?" Chrissy asked.
"I could text Sarah." Sandy said.
"It would be nice to stick it to those Finleys." Chris hummed.
"She would like to have Josie's help." Sandy advised. "Sarah was wondering if they could collect her tonight so you didn't have to get up in the morning?" Sandy paraphrased the next received text.
"They know she isn't to be played with that way right?" Micheal questioned.
"Actually they just wrote that she is not to be played with that way. Seems they want her included in their strategy talk." Sandy said looking at her watch.
"Are you OK with this idea?" Micheal asked Josie.
"I'm a bit nervous. But if they promise to treat me well and not play our way." Josie replied.
"I know Leena, if she has given her word. It'll be the law." Pat offered. Explaining, "Leena is Sarah's mom."
"OK, where should we meet her?" Micheal asked.
"She is on her way." Sandy advised.
"Those Fishers are an excitable bunch. Competitive as those blasted Finley's. Just not as shifty about it." Tanya explained.
"Well, now you have a reason to watch the Tag tournament. Seems our course and the path of this storm aline for most of the next twenty four hours or so anyway." Howard sighed.
"You all should gather here. Lay out snacks." Pat seemed to like the idea.
"We have games and things to keep us distracted if the Fishers have a bi." Tanya added.
"Micheal, we could bring our Battle Jumpers." Chrissy added.
"I don't know how to play Battle Jumpers." Sandy shyly added.
"Well, I could show you." Chris offered. "If Mike doesn't mind me borrowing his again."
"I don't have one." she then advised.
"We'll stop up to the Store and pick some up." Pat offered.
"So we should bring ours too then." Milly advised Debbie.
"Oh, so should we get some?" Betty nervously asked. Petting a content Maria.
"I think we could spurge on some of our own." Al said.
"Batteries take time to charge." Micheal reminded them.
"Store is covered from the rain." Jeff reminded me.
"Once Sarah gets here, we travel to the store." Tanya declared.
They prepared to be ready to go once the Fishers collected Josie. She was still nervous to go with strangers. But Pat reassured the Fishers were people of their word.
A knock at the door. It was Sarah and a young sandy haired boy about ten or so. "We are here to borrow your secret weapon. This will be her ride in tomorrow's tournament, my little brother Ethen." Sarah cheery declared.
Micheal brought Josie over to them. Ethen's eyes went wide. The sweet young man praised, "She's the prettiest girl I have ever seen. My I carry you back Miss Josie?"
Micheal didn't like this reaction. Josie actually blushed at the boy's assessment. Sarah advised, "He'll be a perfect gentleman. Right Ethan?"
"Just to be her mode of travel will be like holding an angel." the boy sighed in response.
"That means he'll be good." Sarah translated.
Micheal lowered Josie toward the boy's bowled hands. Josie stepped into his hold and he actually sighed. "Thank you for your help. I owe you a grand debt just for allowing me to spend time with this glowing beauty." Ethan sang. Before turning and heading down the hall asking, "So, Josie, would you be opposed to sharing some butterscotch swirl ice cream with this lowly child?"
Sarah giggled, cheeks slightly red. "My little brother is a bit melodramatic. He's recently discovered his interest in Shrunken females. But that is a new level for both of those things."
"He's not going to do anything touchy with her right." Micheal re-requested.
"No, she is our guest for the evening and through the tournament. And will be treated as such." Sarah explained.
"She is used to sleeping on a pillow, not in a cage. Nice shower in the morning. Oh and coffee, she likes sweet coffee." Micheal advised.
"Pillow, shower, coffee. Got it. Here Dr. Miller, my contact info so you can contact me if needed." Sarah said tapping at her watch. She looked up. Her smile slipped slightly then returned in a warm glow. Karla followed her gaze. Chris, holding Sandy's slender hand Karla figured.
"Tomorrow, cheer us on. And let us know if there is anything we can do to pay you back." Sarah said.
"Can I talk to you privately for a second." Chrissy asked. The two blonde young women went into the hall. Chrissy came back smiling.
"What was that about?" Micheal asked.
"Girl stuff." Chrissy advised with a mischievous smile.
The group then traveled to the store. The heavy rain seemed to make most people stay in their suites or whatever event the ship was having in the ballroom.
The clerk looked half asleep leaning on the counter as they entered. Starting upon seeing the crowd. "Welcome to Littles & Things. Don't forget our end of trip sale starts tomorrow. Can I help you?"
"Battle Jumpers." Al requested.
"We still got a good stock, right in that display. Outfits are limited though." The young man advised.
"We just plan on playing around while watching the Laser Tag tomorrow." Jeff advised.
Karla just watched as Micheal and Chrissy advised who had what ones. Betty was holding Maria out to pick her own Jumper.
"I know you have the cowgirl one Mike. But do you mind if I buy it as well?" Al asked.
"Certainly Mr. Watts." Micheal answered.
Karla noticed the Millers, Grants, and Howells were all picking up spare batteries. As they discussed Micheal got distracted.
They wandered over to the play sets and figures. She was amused that many of the recognizable characters were sold out. "Should we get anything?" He asked.
"Why not wait till tomorrow for the sale. This place still opens early for Red status?" Karla advised.
"Your right." He praised her as his fingers reached up and petted her head. Karla leaned into those warm touches. She couldn't help but purred under his attention. Micheal's voice was warm when he suggested, "Lets still look around. Try to make a list of fun things to buy. I'll have them ship them to our house to enjoy there."
She nuzzled his ear lobe and cooed, "As you wish Director Micheal." She loved his aroused shiver.
They met back up with the others at the counter. "Oh, Dr. Miller. Do you still want the Sea Hugs play set?" the guy at the counter asked.
"Can I buy it tomorrow on sale?" Micheal asked.
"Certainly." the guy replied.
"Good. I'll get it then." Micheal replied.
They returned to the Howell's suite. A wide variety of Jumpers now was among their collected collection. The men arranged the furniture so the Howell's could set up a play area in the morning. Drinks and talk about a variety of subjects abound. Karla stopped paying attention after Micheal's second drink. It seemed to make his fingers attentive.
Suddenly they stopped. Karla whimpered and began kissing at the digits on the hand she rode upon till she noticed they were getting ready to leave back to their suite. She took a look around. No one seemed drunk, but clearly liquored to cheery states. Sandy was giggly. Made worse whenever Chris got distracted and she dove her face into his chest and rubbed it there.
Chrissy came and took Micheal's hand. Karla was a bit annoyed since she was in that hand already. But one of their thumbs was stroking her head. Making her dozy in the warm hold.
Karla blinked her eyes and awoke in Micheal's room. Seems the alcohol warmed teenaged lover’s hands didn't just make her dozy. She was curled on his chest as he laid in his PJs on his bed. He was looking at something on his tablet. "Oh, did I wake you?" he softly asked.
"No, was I out long?" she asked her sweet owner. His hand stroking the grogginess from her body.
"Long enough for me to change and start working on this. I was debating stripping you or letting you sleep in that outfit." He stated.
She rolled onto her backs and rubbed herself on his chest. "What was your decision?" she giggled to her favorite mattress.
"Well if I have to pick." he smirked. He leaned his tablet on his knees. Both hands attacked her. Powerful fingers started taking the clothes right off her body. Curious digits stroked and explored her exposed form. Then she found herself placed on the edge of his tablet.
Karla was about to playfully whimper at her titan teen when he pulled his PJ shirt off. She heard herself making happy noises as he scooped her up and poured her onto the smooth skin surface. Karla stretched out on the warm satin comfort. His hand brushed down the back of her entire body.
Karla laid there just absorbing the affection. It had been a while since she was the sole receiver of his attention. She wouldn't trade Josie for a million nights alone with Micheal. But she was going to enjoy this rare happening when it comes about.
Curiosity itched her brain though. "Micheal, what are you doing?" she asked.
He flipped her over and she saw a file filled with images of his collected pretties. His hand returned and finger tips began exploring her front as he explained, "I have so many I'm ranking them short of like the Company does with staff. The more likely I'm to play with them, the higher rank. The higher rank the less chores they'll receive once I have them in my cages back home. This should save me from needing to clean cages and such."
Between gasps Karla murmured, "And I'm ranked what?"
"OH White you silly Shrunken. And so is Josie. I'm just not sure if that's all or if I should have five like the board." He explained. Firmly rolling her breasts as he explained.
"What about my servants?" she sighed out as she enjoyed him toying with her.
"Red but they must still serve you." he advised, teasingly stroking his small finger between her thighs.
Her hips grind to the digit post as she asks, "Do all of you board get servants?"
"Why? Does Josie want her own girls?" he asked as his massive mitt encased her helpless little form.
"No, I was thinking each of your board could have a few servants. Being your most pampered playthings. Reds a few less. One maybe two for your purples." Karla suggested. Excitement raging as his titan grasp was moving her toward that magic mouth.
"Would you want to give up that long haired Eager as a servant?" He asked. Ending by suckling her chest.
"If, oh, She's ahh, a red, hmm, she deserves, right there right there, her own servants, ah ah ah, right?" she struggled to ask.
He slipped her from his mouth, "I suppose. It's not like I'm losing anything. All are mine to play with." he said. Proving that statement by suckling her breasts again.
"So, oh oh ,ah board of, oh, five then?" She hated herself for asking.
She lost her lapping friend for him to ask, "Besides you and Josie, who do you suggest?" He kissed her breasts again waiting for an answer.
"Sofia, hmmm, to make Chrissy, ah so happy. Grace, my goodness, Grace and those legs. Ah ah ah, and Amanda, she'ld love this." Karla happily struggled through.
He slipped her from his lips again. Finger massaged her breasts as he asked, "What about those two busty brunettes?"
"They would be good reds." Karla hummed as he gently stimulated her chest.
"You want to help me pick out which one goes in what status?" he said with a smile. All his fingers of his attending hand smoothing rubbing her curves.
She panted out the words, "Shouldn't you pick who you like to play with?"
"You just want to be played with right now don't you?" he surmised.
"Yes." Karla surrendered to her towering owner.
"But I have a lot to look through," he said.
Karla tried to think of a way to play and allow him to work. Then she saw that glorious Behemoth stretching his shorts. It's thick pillar straining that fabric made her body blaze, and she wasn't sure why. Just a want to spread herself to that shaft. "You could put me in your shorts." she heard herself offer.
"Didn't you say you didn't like when people wore Shrunken in their clothes?" He asked.
"Well, if you're not going anywhere, it's play and not wearing." She reasoned.
"But I'm going to want your option on some of the girls," he advised.
"Please Micheal, I just want to have fun with you." She begged her tormentor.
"OK here." he said, placing her on his chest. He freed that thick beast. It loomed mighty over her. Karla felt herself wanting to scale it. She breathed in heavy excited gasps. He plucked her from his chests as the feeble thing she was to him. And made her face his wonderful colossal face. "You snuggle, but don't get too wild. I want to get some of this done tonight. Understand?"
"Happy Karla understands Director Micheal." She purred at her sweet owner.
"That, that is too much. Tone it down if you want to be played with." he whimpered.
"I'll be good. Just want to cuddle your big thick cock you terrible giant." She teased.
"I should put you in your cage for tonight." he attempted to threaten.
In her best pouty girl voice she playfully whimpered, "I'm cold, can I lay on something warm?"
"OK, I really do want to get some of this done. Please limit Happy Karla play till I'm ready." he said. She could tell that wasn't what he wanted.
"OK Micheal, I promise." Karla said. She would behave, for now.
He moved so he held her by hooking fingers under her arms. Then gently he laid her along the shaft near the top. Her tiny weight moved the man tower tip down slightly. She cuddled as tightly to the Behemoth as she could. Giving its sensitive skin licks and kisses. Sure her chest now brushed along that satin smooth surface, but how else would she give him licks and kisses. He sighed pleasantly. "OK, don't do more than that."
It was a delightful while. He would bring up four images. Show her. She would take a moment to advise rankings due to her past experience of his playing with them, his preferences, and her own interest in them. Then he would look and do the same. His erection kept her happily warm and aroused. Her attention kept the erection stiff and eager. He was planning on giving his play board a chance to advise to broaden the appraisals.
"I'm hungry." he noted. Then his shorts lifted over her. Karla wanted to complain. Request not to be left as he went for a snack. But his dominance of her made her blood rush lustfully. She used the material to grind to him like a proper Shrunken should for their owner. "OH Karla. That feels good." He sang in praise of her worship of his power.
Suddenly through the thin material Karla heard, "Oh hey son. Didn't know you were still up."
Karla froze. She didn't want Howard to see her as Micheal's shorts warmer. Micheal replied, "Yeah. Organizing my Shrunken for when I get home. What are you doing?"
"Reading the paper from Doctor what's her name." he replied.
"What do you think?" Micheal asked.
"Well, first you're right. She has a good insight on our teleporting principals. Second, if we are going to talk about it you should get Karla out of your shorts and dressed." Howard replied.
Karla was so embarrassed. Micheal just replied, "How do you know it's Karla?"
"She's not moving and not whimpering. Means she's used to servicing your penis while embarrassed you are walking about with her in your shorts. So if you go release yours, I'll release mine. Then we'll talk shop over ice cream. Deal?" Howard suggested.
"Deal." Karla's ride replied and traveled. He pulled her out and said, "Sorry. I didn't know he was out there."
"Next time we should check first." Karla accepted.
"Look, get ready for bed. I'll leave you with your tablet on your pillow. Dad and I could be a bit discussing our work." he advised.
"How are you going to eat the ice cream?" Karla asked.
"Spoon. Though dad will likely use a Shrunken." Micheal replied. Taking her to her changing cage.
"I suggest Grace, lick it from those legs. But if you rather breasts, Gabriel would be a good pair of scoops." Karla advised.
"Hmm, now I want a Karla Sunday." he sighed.
"But then I'd eat all the ice cream." She joked.
She got ready for bed and her sweet Micheal curled her onto that pillow. Blanketing her in his shirt from the day. He plucked Donna from the cage and left to talk shop with his dad. Karla snuggled into the pillow. She would have to teach him which was Gabriel and which was Donna. She fell asleep. Dreaming of a certain giant mouth savoring chocolate mint from her body.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 53

M(t)/f/f+ Non-consensual

Karla was flying. Happy clouds lifting her. Their warm textured surface playfully snuggling in rippled waves along her womanhood. They delightfully hummed as they lifted her through the sky. That theme song from the silly teen sitcom. That wonderful tune Micheal vibrates into her sometimes during his special kisses.
Karla awoke her body trembling from a massive tongue stroking along her sensitive below. Aware, her hips pumped to greet his penetrating tastings. Karla marveled at how skillful her Micheal was. Not only did he somehow manage to strip her shorts off. But encased around her waist and thighs with those securing lips and clearly been firmly licking her pussy with deep strokes of that powerful tongue. Arousing her body intensely. All without waking her.
She looked at her sweet titan. His eyes smiled seeing her awake and those talented fingers came for her shirt. Her arms raised. She was too entranced by his vibrating love laps to even pretend to resist. Only thing she questioned was why he was on his knees. Pleasure flooded even that question away in a flash.
Karla regained her senses and he was rolling to his back. Bulges in his shorts explained the knees. But why did he have a tub of naked camp cupcakes on the bed?
That wasn't as important as welcoming his loving touches over her excited body. Massaging her stretched legs. Kneading her shoulders. Rolling softly her nipples. Stroking her face. He was making love to her small body. She could feel the love in every alluring touch all over her body at once. Karla exploded again in passion.
She came back to his affections, those mighty hands spun her around and then left. He raised his head. Karla got the feeling he wanted her to see. He pulled down his shorts. Donna and Gabriel wiggled themselves at the base of his Behemoth. Poor Grace was doing the splits across his broad shaft near the tip.
His hands reached over the three and pinned them like the plaything he made them. He rolled on his knees. He aimed that beast into that tub holding scared girls from that Christin camp. They screamed wonderfully as they were stared at by his Behemoth. His titanic hips pumped that thick cock over the three pressed beauties. Grace started moaning oh with each forceful thrust forward. His dominance over them all in grand display for her as he lapped bliss through her. She sang his praises again then dropped like a rag doll.
She perked as that shiver trembled through him. Thick blasts of cum sprayed into the crowd of pretty fit girls. Spattering on sweet scared faces and drenching perky bare breasts. Surely they would bask in the afterglow now. He was rolling onto his back.
That beaded vibration creature kept savoring her womanhood. He grabbed Grace from his shaft. Moving Donna higher up the man tower. Adjusting Gabriel.
Karla felt giant fingers lift her. His breath blows over her, "You two work it hard again." Her giant commanded his busty pets. The tone was so determined. But why, she wondered. And again his warm lips surrounded her waist and thighs. Already alert pussy was suckled again.
His hands began playing with Grace's sculpted legs. Stroking them. Stretching them. Tracing them. The sweet face starlet trembled helplessly as he played with her stems. Jumped as digits clearly teased at her displayed womanhood. Karla didn't know why he was tormenting the gorgeous girl before her. But she was fairly certain it was for her to enjoy.
Then he held the former celebrity in one hand. He rolled one of his pinkies along that trimmed pussy. That pouty faced delight began to beg Karla's owner. Pleading not to experience that thick poke. Karla thought she should request on the beauty's behalf. But he wanted to show his favorite his power over his pets. She couldn't resist his desire.
The starlet's face twisted as Micheal's slender giant finger penetrated her tight pussy. Slowly he slipped in and out of the performer. And she sang wonderful oh sounds with each poke. Then he sped up. Oh's quickly melded together into long sensual moans. He was putting on a finger puppet show for Karla, and she cheered his performance. And soon so did Grace.
Karla panted hard. She couldn't believe how many times her Micheal melted her mind. But he didn't seem to be slowing. In fact that Behemoth looked fully erect again. Donna was returned to beside Gabriel and pinned again. Grace was stretched over the shaft again. He again rolled up. He again fucked the bodies of the weak three in his hands. Helpless cum soiled lovelies starred up waiting for their next semen shower. He shivered and Karla watched again as white fluid shot from that colossal manhood. Climax broke her again.
Now she started begging. Pleading with her wonderful giant to stop. She couldn't take more. But more kept horribly delighting her sensitivity. He placed Grace and the busty girls back into the night stand cage. Cupcakes poured into that showering cage. And Karla’s pussy was savored by her Micheal the whole time. He walked to the shower and she limply hung from those strong lips. Amazingly her body found the strength to allow another climax as he prepped the shower. But still he continued this glorious torture.
He held and that tongue kissed her aching pussy the whole time he cleaned his body. Karla only didn't pass out due to the water splattering on her, keeping her just on this side of conciseness. Allowing her body to tremble one more time as he was rinsing his mountainesque body.
Those lips loosened and she dropped into his bowled hands. She could barely move. He moved her body for her. Holding her limp form in one hand. Micheal's massive gentle fingers washed her hair. He carefully stroked soap over her skin. Flipping her rag doll body to wash her back.
Her breath began to stay in her lungs as he started conditioning her hair. Karla asked, "What did I do to deserve that this morning?"
"I wanted to make you feel better than anyone ever had." he replied in a sweet voice.
"You more than did that. I might not be able to stand today." Karla whimpered.
His face came close. "I just don't want you wanting to be played with by anyone else." he explained. His tone made her feel like something was wrong.
She managed to lean up and what was supposed to be a nuzzle turned into her leaning her loose head on his chin. "I only want your attention. You're my whole world Micheal." She explained.
"Good. Cause you're my Special Karla. And dad and mom told me last night what they did to you. And since they are more experienced at sex things I was worried you'd want to become their Shrunken for sexy play." He confessed.
"Micheal I wanted to tell you." she started.
He interrupted, "I know Dad and mom swore you to secrecy. And like the perfect Shrunken you are you obeyed you human owners. But you don't have to keep their secrets. You're my Shrunken."
"So, are you mad at me?" She worried aloud.
"Do guys that are mad at girls they find special usually give them special kisses and sexy displays they like when they are mad at them?" he asked.
"Not usually. You know I only want you to play with me. No matter how good they might be. None are special like you are to me. I think I love you." Karla confessed.
He smiled, "I know. You've told me. I love you too. But it's not like we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. So we'll just have to accept we love each other as Special Shrunken and learning owner."
Karla felt tears flowing. She kissed him. "I think that's perfect." she sighed.
"Let's rinse that conditioner from your hair and get ready for the day." he replied. Ending with kissing her entire face.
He rinsed her off. Using his titan fingers to allow the water through hair fully as she laid limply in his broad hand. Shower off he dabbed her over with a puffy cloth. Tightly wrapping her in the firm fabric hug. She was placed on the sink edge as he dried his own towering body.
Warm hands scooped her up and carried her to her cage. Amanda was there. Quickly steading her as she attempted to stand off his carrying hold. Sofia helped Amanda lead her to the chair in front of the mirror. "What outfit for today Karla?" Amanda asked.
"Cheerleader, I'm cheering Josie on as she helps a team beat those Finleys. Is Grace OK?" Karla replied.
She could tell by Amanda's expression something was wrong. But, "That one is in the wash." was all she said.
As Amanda started combing her hair, Karla asked, "Oh, is my schoolgirl outfit clean? And what is wrong with Grace?"
The former dancer requested Sofia to retrieve the skimpy outfit. She turned back and took a deep breath. "Well, believe it or not. Grace was a virgin." Amanda advised.
"But she's what eighteen right?" Karla was shocked.
"Twenty two actually. Yeah, seems her agent convinced her to wait till she landed a big part before having sex." Amanda advised.
"Oh, I should talk to her." Karla thought allowed.
"No. That would be bad right now. Let her get over the shock. I'll tell her I told you to stay away. She needs her friends right now." Karla's longest servant advised.
"You know her better than I do. I'll take your advice." Karla agreed.
Amanda and Sofia helped her get ready. Styling her hair into adorable pig-tails. Karla stood and wobbled. Micheal's attentions drained her. She could go back to sleep. He had her so wore out from his affections. She thought about asking him to let her nap a bit. Then she looked up. He stood there watching affectionately. She would do as her owner requested.
He reached in, but didn't lift her. Fingers traced her form affectionately. Despite the earlier marathon she felt aroused by his touch and focus. Sweet giant suggested, "You sure you want to wear that. We will be playing with the Jumpers with everyone today."
"What would you like to see me in Micheal?" she asked. She hadn't intended to, but there was a clear purr to her voice.
"Oh, how about the outfit I caught you in. It's even sexier. And it covers you bum but still shows how hot it is." He advised.
"As you wish." she cooed and melted when he gave her an attracted sound. Her voice added as her arms lifted, "Could you help a Shrunken out?"
Hands grabbed her body. But stopped. With strain in his voice he replied, "We should get going. I'm going to top up the silos while you change."
She wiggled her head. "Should I lose the pig-tails?" she giggled at him playfully.
Tender digit stroked along one. "No, keep those." was his appreciative reply. "I'll be back soon." and she was released. She watched her titan wander away to tend his pets.
"Karla?" she heard Amanda's voice.
Karla realized she hadn't moved. Just stood still and watched her Micheal mighty lift building sized feed bags for those ungrateful play things. "Sorry Amanda, are you ready to help me change?" She asked her pretty helper.
"Karla, you were so mesmerized I thought you fell asleep." Amanda advised. She looked over to Karla's tower teen and sighed at his giant display, "Not that I don't get lost in the show sometimes too." Shaking her head she snickered, "But we can't finish stripping you while you stand catatonic."
Karla looked down. They had managed to take all but her lower garments off and she didn't notice a stitch move. And they were still piled around her ankles only because they couldn't unhook them over her planted feet. She was so lost in her sweet Micheal. "Oh, he must have really worn me out." she excused.
"Lucky you." Amanda answered with a touch of envy. Amanda was smart, she had accepted and wanted Micheal to own her. To play with her.
"I am my smart servant." Karla glowed. Karla was glad to have suggested this long haired beauty for higher standing in Micheal's harem community.
The two gorgeous Shrunken helped her finish changing. Or in reality, she helped them change her outfit. She smiled and was about to thank them when Sofia cowered and Amanda stuck her chest out. Micheal was here.
Suddenly a dominating hand encased her body. Playfully his voice announced, "Oh look at the Hot Shrunken I found." He teasingly flexed his grip slightly, and she was rising quickly.
Her mind raced to the first time this hand encased her. How scared and confused she was. Now, she knew this was where she should be. How silly she had been that first little while. She was turned and faced her Micheal. "Oh you cruel boy. What are you going to do with me?" she sang at him.
"Take you to get some breakfast." he cheerily replied. He walked towards the door. Holding her in his colossal closed fist like she would attempt to escape. No she was trapped here, and not by his grip. His pet for the rest of her life. Her heart pounded with joy.
He stepped out and Milly greeted, "Morning Mike." Then she saw Karla in her son's fist and there was worry in her tone as she said, "Morning Karla."
Micheal sat at his spot. His hand released Karla to the field that was the table. Karla replied, "Morning Milly." clearly her joyous tone eased Milly's worry as expression switched to a soft smile.
"Morning mom." Micheal said. A touch of annoyance floated in his phrase.
"Did you two sleep well?" she asked.
"I always sleep well with MY Karla." he replied. Clearly his parents using her still bother him.
"Good, and you, his Karla?" Milly asked.
"My Micheal keeps me well rested." Karla said warmly.
"Morning all, ready to start the day?" Howard asked.
"Yep." Micheal replied.
"So, are you going to approve Dr. VonHurst Mike?" Howard asked his son.
"I honestly think I am." Micheal replied.
"She'll need to have updated data inputted." his father advised.
"That will have to wait till her contract with the Cruise division is complete." Micheal advised. "I'll likely start the paperwork tonight."
"Hope she is a good addition to your team Mike." Howard said lifting his breakfast lid.
Karla just noticed. They were not calling him Mikey. Howard in particular seemed to be practicing using his name without the y. Was this because of her?
Breakfast talk revolved around the German doctor and where Micheal felt she could best add to his team.
"We have a little while before the tournament starts. Want to scan your latest catches?" Milly asked.
"I planned on taking advantage of the end of the cruise sale at the store." Micheal replied frankly.
"OH yeah." Howard gleefully added. "Mind if I join you?"
"No. Do you Karla?" Micheal asked.
Karla was about to reply. But what if she said the wrong praise. Made things worse. "I'm OK with that." was the best she could think of.
"Cool, I wonder if Chris is up and would like to go." Micheal said tapping at his watch.
"Should we ask the others if they'd like to join too?" Milly wondered aloud.
"Sure, the more the merrier. Besides, I'll get to see Chrissy." he happily said.
"You should get those Shrunken scanned soon." Milly advised.
"The Grants will meet us there." Howard replied. "Jeff is willing to help scan afterward if you'd like Mike."
"Chris said his family is ready when we are. But they are worried about their status." Micheal advised.
"The Howells are on their way here now. We should hurry up I guess." Milly informed.
They had just finished when the Howell's arrived. Attraction the attention of a certain brunette young man. Happily greeted by a slim scarlet haired girl. She curled her arms to her chest and Chris' arms wrapped her tight. An adorable peck was shared. Sandy then nuzzled her head under his chin and to his chest. Both sighed sweetly.
Micheal carried Karla into her little freshening station. And they came back out to receive a hug from a bubbly blonde. Seems the Grants came here. Their greeting kiss was a bit more interactive than the other young couple's. Afterward, girlish fingers entangled Karla, and her head was kissed.
They marched to the store. arriving as the clerk was opening the door. He was about to decline the Watts entrance, but three red status families claimed them as their guests. He didn't question and accepted them in.
"OK, pick them clean." Milly suggested to Micheal. A sharp contrast to their first visit here.
They swarmed through the store. Gathering sets and accessories like they were stocking up for a play set drought. The Watts found items collected into their baskets. Al protested at first. Clearly uncomfortable with the offers of charity. Pat advised it was a loan and not charity and Al reluctantly accepted. Though Karla figured he would have a hard time getting them to accept repayment.
Other reds were trickling in as the clerk began processing the families’ orders. Luckily additional staff arrived. Karla knew what they were facing today. She hoped the tournament spread the customers out for them.
They left and headed back to the Miller's suite; they planned to quickly scan Micheal's newest Shrunken for him. But Karla noticed Howard and Pat had slipped away at some point.
There she was placed on the table. A busty hug greeted her soon after. Maria cuddled her tightly. Then they were joined by Sandy. Maria backed away. Karla stopped her, "Maria, this is Sandy. She will not hurt a hair on your head."
"If you say so Lady Karla." Maria trembled out.
"You can just call me Karla, you don't serve me any more." Karla advised the now busty friend.
Karla got a bit of a rush as the short haired beauty suggestive licked her lips and purred, "I'll always serve you Lady Karla."
Lucky soft voice giant interrupted with a timid, "Sarah sent me an album of photos they took last night with Josie."
"OH, lets see." Maria said. Standing very close to Karla.
It was a barrage of images. Josie's red hair was a contrast to the small crowd of mixed blondes that was the Fishers. Seems Mr. and Mrs. Fisher had loved out eight children. From the look of it, they managed to birth a girl then boy down the chain. Photos of girls combing Josie’s hair. Playing Shrunken accessible games. Advising their Shrunken on how to handle a Jumper. Most shots had an admiring young Ethen looking at Josie with sparkling eyes. They took a shot, the four girls laying on the floor with makeshift beds around Josie on a pillow. The last shot was the four girls sleeping around that pillow. It was clearly very early this morning. Sweetly curled around Josie's pillow was Ethen sleeping with a pillow and blanket.
Karla looked up. Howard and Pat were back. Sitting at the table, with a scanning tower attached to Micheal's tablet. The Howell's have a portable scanning tower.
The ladies left to finalize the Howell's suite as the guys finished scanning the whimpering new Shrunken. Without the ladies influence there was much talk of what the men would do with whatever living doll they were currently stripping. Ladling gooey treats, warming manhoods, liquid meals, none of their playful ideas were appreciated by Micheal's newest pets. Though it was when she made a suggestion did the giants burst into laughter. She forgot Pat and Al had not been included in her advising sessions. Their reaction of shock lighting the jolly reaction in the others.
Pat spoke to her about thoughts on Shrunken assisted playset ideas as the boys took the scanned collection back to their temporary home. He liked the idea of Shrunken playing, not just as sexual toys. But he knew it would be a hard sell to many owners.
They got their things and Karla was riding Micheal's shoulder towards the Howell's suite. Each man brought a pet with them. Karla hoped they cooperated like good Shrunken. Part of her hoped one or two would be openly punished as Micheal held her tight.
It had already been a busy day and it was still before mid morning. They gathered and watched the opening of the event. Cheering the Fishers, jeering the Finley's. Josie sat upon Ethen's shoulder. The young boy stood so proud, moving in ways that display Karla's friend before himself.
The Finley, Fishers, and a few others clearly had made uniforms for such events. Many of the others wore a mix of tourist outfits. They gathered as couples and watched intently.
Karla sighed. Sure she wasn't in the cage in the middle of the coffee table like the others. But she wasn't where she wanted to be either. Just as she felt self pity weighing her shoulders, slender pink nailed fingers hugged her body.
She found herself held in Chrissy hand as Micheal's arms curled around his blonde girlfriend. Warm affectionate touches stroked affection into her. Karla sighed and enjoyed the first match being loved by Micheal and Chrissy's digits.
That was the day. As much as they talked about distraction, they four families were transfixed in the hopes of a Finley loss. Karla won the care from her favorite giant and his favorite human girl.
Sandy brought out her mothers, who glowed that day. From how tired Daniel looked, Karla figured why. She wanted to talk to her mother. But didn't want to leave the giantess affection. Her mother gave a signal indicating that she shouldn't give up her seat.
Food took her seat away. She hugged her mother. "I can't believe you slept with Daniel." she admitted.
"Oh honey girl, that boy didn't get much sleep." her mother teased.
"But what about dad." Karla wondered.
"I hope he'll find someone. I realized after seeing how that boy looks at you. You were right. Resisting and holding onto the past just ate at me. Sandy clearly wants Carisa and I happy. And it might be a bit base and selfish. But why not just follow your example, be her Shrunken." Eva explained. Karla noticed she still strained on the title of her new form. But she had a sparkle to her eyes.
"So what now?" Karla asked.
"Well, after a talk with Sandra. We cage mothers have a rotating visit to the fun cage. With our pick of her play Shrunken for that evening. Course since I am your mother it seems I may option into the fun cage whenever I choose. Seems Sandy wants her friends to be happy. And thinks me being happy will increase that." Eva answered.
She hugged her mom. Happy her mother wasn't fighting her new life. "What about Carisa?"
"She's still a bit bothered by being a pampered pet. But seemed to enjoy her companion last night." Eva smiled as she answered.
Carisa came over, "Is that Josie on that boy's back?"
"Yes, she's helping them in the hopes that another team doesn't win." Karla explained.
"He isn't, touching her is he?" Carisa asked.
"No, she is Micheal's for that type of fun." Karla hummed. Then realized her second mother might not want to hear that about her first daughter.
"So, what's it like? What kind of things does he do to you two? Is it just for him to get off?" Carisa asked.
Karla felt uncomfortable sharing her new sex life with her mother figures. But it soon faded as she was surprised at their interest. Which switched to other talk.
Suddenly womanly fingers lifted them and they ended on the dining room table. The four mothers had grown bored of the flashing lights game. "So, you are Karla's and Josie's mothers?" Milly asked.
"Yes I am Miss." Eva replied.
"Thank you for raising such extraordinary women. They have been a godsend for Micheal." Milly announced.
"So, you like your son playing with tiny women." Carisa asked.
"It is the way of his life. But it's more the advice and support they bring I was glad they brought him." Milly replied.
"My daughter sings their praises." Debbie gushed.
"Chris is so hopeful he'll get a Shrunken to have as wonderful as your daughters he's trying to train one." Betty braved. Karla waved to Maria.
"Sandy talks about how brave they are. I think she idolizes them." Tanya advised.
"But are they not just Shrunken to you people." Carisa asked.
The four giant women looked at each other. And all smiled warmly, "No, they are Shrunken. But they are my family now. More than simple pets to be enjoyed. Company that brightens my day." Milly countered.
"We see them like we see the other's children. All of ours to care for. We hope to add you to our circle too." Debbie said.
"I am uncomfortable around most Shrunken. But not my Maria. And now," Betty started. A warm motherly stroke comforted Karla, "Not Karla and soon not Josie. Because to me they are just tiny people, not Shrunken. Sorry girls, I know it's not the Company view."
"In the few days I've known them. They have helped my Sandy and included her. Karla even allowed herself to be caged so Sandy could be included more when the kids all first meet. I am looking forward to getting to know you. And I don't think she is Shrunken as those others. She is special like Micheal sees her." Tanya stated.
Karla felt tears. Debbie passed out little red drinks and the human woman took bigger versions, "Would you two permit us silly women in joining your talk with one of our favorite little people." Debbie asked.
"I would be honored to meet Karla's extended family." Eva replied. She hugged her daughter. Karla looked out through blurry eyes. But the smiling faces of the room were clear enough on her. Warmly they smiled, not at their favorite pet. But, at a member of their new large group. Micheal beamed with joy.
The focus slipped from her. But she could still feel the love in the room. She vaguely knew the big mothers were describing playing with Shrunken men with her small mothers. She felt a seat behind her. A softly smiling Betty directed her to sit. Karla did. They had all just begun talking plans and ideas. Milly scheming collars for her small new friends for shopping sprees and coffee meet ups. Debbie for more base reasons. Karla wondered at how interested Carisa seemed at Debbie's suggestions. Betty held a small plate for her to share with a glowing Maria. The normally nervous giant didn't twitch as she touched the closest giant finger.
"Oh Karla are you OK?" Milly asked.
A barrage of what is wrong questions rained down on her. Karla couldn't make words flow, her joy was overwhelming. Micheal's voice anchored her, "I think she's overjoyed. Karla, would you like to lay down for a little while?"
"Please." she struggled out.
She knew she was moving. Dark and comforting cool room. Fluffy soft surface. Giant satin edging covered her. Between Michael this morning, now her human friends gushing with praise, her mind swirled. She kept her eyes closed to keep the swirling from spinning the world. She felt comfortably hugged. Emotions took her strength and her awake state.
She awoke. Sandy's room. The soft sounds of cheery child play could be heard. She sat up. A small blanket, for humans, with a broad satin edging covered her little form. Her bed was a plush bear. Made of rich soft material. She turned and hugged her cuddly new friend. Her movement rewarded her with a hug back. She had to find out if Micheal could get one or two of these sweet cuddle substitutes.
Karla was hungry and needed to relieve herself. But she found herself playing with the massive bear and not figuring how to get the human's attention. She always wanted an over sized teddy bear, and now most were. Karla liked his floppy arms. She found herself playful wrestling Alvin as she began to think of as his name. After a sweet pudgy guy from high school that gave the best hugs. And like Alvin from back then, this one didn't attempt for more than a hug. She wondered why these were not more the fashion for Shrunken to enjoy. Then she stretched out and sighed remembering, because Shrunken are to be enjoyed.
The door opened and a slim giant silhouette snuck in. It quietly tiptoed to the children's cage. Which then boomed in greeting. "Shh, shh, Miss Karla our guest is still sleeping. But I thought you all might like to have some popcorn. Careful of the centers, some will be hard and you shouldn't eat those. No Timothy, don't you dare climb into the bowl, these are to be shared with everyone. Oh, that is a lovely painting Amelia."
"I'm awake Sandy." Karla called out.
"OK, I'll be right there." the red haired giant called over. Karla laughed at that thought. Sandy made no sense thought of as a giant.
The red head crawled onto the bed and laid on her stomach. Her head in her hands, face just above Karla, "You feeling better?" Sandy softly asked.
"Yes thank you." Karla replied.
The girl sweetly smiled and said, "I see Trevor has been keeping you safe and warm." Her little titan hand started playing with the bear's leg.
Karla giggled to herself, "Sorry I was thinking of him by the wrong name."
"I could change it if you think it's a better name." Sandy offered.
Karla sat on her knees. She found herself squeezing one of Trevor's arms. "No, Trevor is a good name. You should not change things just to make people happy unless you want too."
"I'm just not important so my things can be changed." the girl whimpered.
"Oh stop that. You are too important not to feel so. Your parents love you dearly." Karla countered.
"They have too. They are under legal contract to look after me." Sandy coldly rebutted.
"Chris thinks you are important too." Karla wasn't going to surrender this argument.
"But he could do so much better." she was getting worse.
"Do I have to go through everyone in that other room? All think of you as a bright and sweet wonderful girl. I have heard them all say so in their ways. I know that's how I feel about you too." Karla growled in protest of the girl's self doubt.
The lower lip on her sweet face trembled. The girl's hand stroked Karla's hair. Karla's first thought was this might be headed somewhere she hadn't wanted. Then she remembered, it's Sandy, this was affection and not attraction. "Do you really think I'm good enough." she trembled.
Karla hugged Sandy's dainty thumb. "Your not just good enough. You are one of the best things about my new life as Micheal's Shrunken." Karla praised her new massive friend.
"I like being your friend too." Sandy hummed warmly. Her dainty giantess fingers stroked and played in Karla long raven hair. If this was Micheal, Karla felt she would be soon looking for more affectionate attention. But Sandy's touch was comforting. She just felt relaxed.
"Do you think Chris thinks I'm pretty?" her new young friend asked.
"I think he does. He smiles warmly whenever your name comes up." Karla replied.
"I wish I was pretty like you. This silky hair." the girl spread Karla's strains along a finger. "Your breasts are all big." The girl described as a dainty giantess finger and thumb suddenly pressed her chest. "Your legs are long and tall." a finger traced that limb down it's length. "Yes, you're like a model, I wish I looked more curvy like you do." the girl sighed as her finger brushed Karla’s cheek.
Sandy's touching, tracing of Karla's form continued. Karla was worried, was she about to experience how Sandy played with her female Shrunken. Was it an envious attack or a longing lustful affair. Touches were becoming more and more invasive.
The girl sat up. Hands to her chin in dainty loose fists. "Oh Karla I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be touching you so personally. I was just so busy admiring your beauty to realize I was being a bad friend. You should have yelled at me to stop."
"I'm used to allowing human friend's to touch me. I just didn't think to say stop." Karla explained.
"That ain't right. Micheal wouldn’t want you allowing just any of us touching you like I was. I want you to say stop when I am giving you a bad touch. OK?" Sandy requested.
"But I'm just a Shrunken." Karla towed the training point.
"Oh Karla." Sandy's growl was just adorable. She planted her face over Karla's entire body and nuzzled. Karla couldn’t help but giggle at the girl's sweet assault. Her head raised, "Now you listen, your Special. So Special rules for you. No one but Micheal touches you in, how should I put this?" The girl started.
"Sexual ways." Karla suggested.
"Right, only Micheal can touch you in sexual ways without your permission." Sandy replied. Hearing her voice say sexual was like seeing the sun at night.
"OK Sandy, since a wonderful human says so, I will accept that." Karla hoped to boost the girl's self image. Just a touch would warm Karla's heart.
"I know what you're doing. But if you request others to stop using you like everyone's object. I will try to accept you like me." Sandy offered.
Karla carefully stood up and nuzzled the huge cute button nose. "I accept." Karla cheerly announced.
"Oh the face thing. I did it again while saying people shouldn’t do that didn't I?" Sandy worried.
"No, yours isn't anything more than a sweet gesture." Karla advised.
"Can I do it again? I like making you giggle." Sandy asked.
Karla flopped backward on Trevor. Sweet features snuggled friendship into her. She felt nimble touches slip under her and she was raised into the air. Pressed to soft cheek in a hand hug. Warm words came from the girl, "I'm so glad I made so many wonderful friends."
Karla hugged that smooth wall. "I'm glad I am your friend." She advised her holder.
Sandy held Karla out from her face. "Did you want to go out into the room?"
"Can I use the washroom first?" Karla asked.
"Sure." Sandy gracefully swung herself off the bed and over to the children's cages. Voices rose up in a jumble to Karla. Sandy seemed to filter through, "No she's not a new watcher. Yes she is a friend. No, we have big people over so I can't stay. She is just using the bathroom, Clare can you lead her to them."
A little Latina girl, about eight or so reached for her hand. "Please come with me." She lead into the last cage. Karla quickly realized this was exactly like Micheal's fifth cage. But a major difference, Micheal's cage you could clearly see the shower area and even the bathrooms. Leaving no privacy for the Shrunken within. Sandy's had a liner along the walls shielding view from outside view. The girl led her to the toilets. As Karla entered she noticed the material allowing privacy was actually construction paper. Karla figured Sandy must have cut a liner for each toilet. Likely she cut the plastic liner to hide the shower area too.
The girl led Karla back out. Sandy was occupying herself playing cheerfully with the children. She smiled, "Are you ready?"
"Yes, if you are." Karla answered.
"OK, I have to go. Enjoy the popcorn. Be good for the ladies." Sandy said. Her hand cradled Karla as she was raised into the air.
They entered the room and Sandy moved toward where Micheal and Chrissy were sitting. "Oh good timing Sandy." Chrissy praised. And Karla found herself transferred from one delicate set of giant hands to another. "Josie's in the finals. They win this match they will be in the big prize match." Chrissy advised. Two nervous hands, one with slender fingers, the other Micheal's attentive strokes, petted her as they watched.
As much as she wanted the Fishers to win their game. Karla was curious to what else was happening in the room. The men all watched the match a bit more intensely than Karla could understand for watching people run around in a dark room shooting lights at each other.
Beside Chrissy and Micheal sat Sandy in a chair. Chris sat in front of her on the floor. Sandy's hand was on the edge of the arm of the chair. Chris had reached up and was holding it. His thumb tracing around her knuckles.
The mothers were sitting at the table. Watching, but not focused on the event. The human ladies had gotten a Shrunken sized table for their new small friends. But Milly was missing. Then a small drink with a cover was hovering before Karla from familiar fingers. She looked up as she took the glass. "Why didn't you tell me your mother used to be a lounge singer?" she asked.
Karla was surprised and answered honestly, "I didn't know."
Her owner's mother gave an accepting nod, "That explains your wonderful voice." and left to rejoin the women.
Karla looked at her drink and wondered why Milly put it in a covered glass. Then she shot wildly into the air. Fingers held her as the world waved about frantically. Her head spun, but she knew the Fishers were in for the big prize. And the lid held.
"Now we see if they face the Finley's or a family named San." Chrissy advised.
"Who are the San family?" Karla asked.
"I don't know. Dad, who are the Sans?" Chrissy asked.
"I don't know?" Jeff replied.
"The father looks after the video game development for the Company. Think they look after the Battle Jumpers and other games." Pat advised.
"I thought you look after video games?" Micheal replied.
"No lad. We look after play sets and toy designs. Even with that I have helpers. Watchers and readers of everything from manga and anime to B-movies and comics. They send us info and design ideas. Tanya and I make the final design and most sculpts. But if you read the manual or card back you'll see credits to who originally suggested and possibly designed the idea." Pat informed them.
"So, could I design something?" Chris asked.
"We don't usually take outside submissions. But I think we might allow a look at what you design." Pat suggested. Smiling at the young man.
"Oh, the match is about to start." Chrissy advised.
Karla wanted the Sans to win. Limiting those cruel Finley's to a third prize at best. But she also wanted them to be vanquished by Josie and the Fisher kids. She found herself drawn into the match. Though slightly distracted by Al's Shrunken. Seems in his focus on the match Al was unaware he was firmly rolling the woman's breasts, making the tiny Asian pant. It was a close match. But that Raymond Finley managed to strive off two of the Sans to win the match for his family.
As they gave the Sans a break to prepare for the third prize match. Food was ordered. Tacos, burritos, and the like. Karla didn't not like these dishes. It was just too often in her past life, when a tourist was in the shop talking about getting food, they requested restaurant locations for them. Because she was Mexican she should know where the good stuff was. She hadn't even been to Mexico. It made her not want to ever have tacos and the like again. But she would stomach it for her human friends.
The match was underway when the food arrived. Chrissy placed her on the coffee table and they all got up to plate their supper. Karla thought it odd. The teens were gathered at one end of the counter. Suddenly they arrived back with little, for them, tacos and burritos. Micheal's hand placed a saucer beside her. A tiny salad, some ground beef on a couple grains of rice, and tiny slivers of fruit.
She looked up at her owner, "I saw you flinch at tacos and stuff, so we made you a different meal." Her life was getting better and better since she became a pet.
The Sans won the third prize. Now was time for the final match. They actually had announcers giving stats of the day for the two families competing in the main event. They even had stats for them from past company Laser Tag events. The way they talked it was clear this was a long standing rivalry. Even talk about how they were surprised that the oldest Fisher wasn't competing. How he should substitute for young Ethan and his inexperience Shrunken.
They began and Karla felt herself holding her breath. The Finley's traveled like a snake, Allena, Angus, Raymond, then Murray. Shortest to tallest like against them yesterday. The Fishers split Sarah and her older sister, Ethen and Andrew. The Finley's caught the girls crossing a hall. Zigging around a corner as soon as they made the girl’s vest shut off for their first hits. Andrew and Ethen tagged Murray and Raymond. But one of the Finley women got Andrew. As they whipped around to corner the boys, the Fisher girls were back. Shots traded got Angus and Allena, but cost the Fisher girls their second hit. But this stopped the Finley's long enough for the Fisher Boys to tag The Finley boys.
Hastily the Fisher lads retreated, but Finley women regained power and tagged Andrew. Fisher ladies used the distraction and barraged light at the Finley women. But couldn't avoid the Finley boys' returning fire. The Fisher boys attempted to cross fire at the Finley's. But now Andrew was out.
The announcers basically called the match as The Finley spread out to corner the last Fisher, Ethen. Claiming inexperience of him and his Shrunken would be no match for four experienced players. In a long line the Finley's marched up the room. Calling to each other. Ethen was crotched at a half wall. As the Finley's approached, he hopped over the wall and skittered. Full wall blocked the view from one half of the Finleys. Half wall allowed Josie to tag Angus. The Finley swarmed. But as Allena stepped out on one side and Murray on the other, Ethan and Josie fired.
The announcers were blathering excitedly. A sure victory was now a likely loss. Ethan still had all his hits. Both boys were clearly nervous as they circled around. Raymond spotted Ethan and managed to tag him. Ethan began running as Raymond was clearly trying to position himself to Ethan's side. But half wall's were just a suggestion to the nimble young Fisher. Raymond spotted the younger boy again and gave chase of the seemingly fleeing Ethan. Forgetting his more than capable rider. The announcers screamed. A novice with a novice Shrunken took the champion level Finley's.
They were showing the highlights of the match when notice came that Finley's were protesting that Ethan didn't own his Shrunken. They waited for the judge's call. Karla and her room of judges gave a clear thought on the protest after the match.
They showed the two teams waiting for the call. Ethan was clearly excitedly talking to Josie in his hand. Andrew, Sarah and their older sister had annoyed looks. Murray and Angus were clearly arguing about something. Allena stood mad. Raymond was hiding a smile. As the call was announced he nodded in agreement, Victory stood. Ethan did a little dance, dantly holding Josie's hand like they were dancing together.
The Howell’s suite exploded in cheer. High fives and hugs like they had beaten the Finley's themselves. Karla was so proud of her friend. The clouds literally parted and the sun shined in the window.
As the room celebrated Micheal looked at the window, then his watch. He scooped Karla onto his shoulder. "Chrissy, would you join us for a walk?"
"Sure Micheal. Don't you want to watch the prize ceremony?" she replied.
"No, I think I need some air." He replied. They went to the door and he asked Sandy, "When the Fishers text about returning Josie. Ask them to bring her here please."
"OK Micheal." Sandy cheerly replied.
The two young lovers entered the hall and Micheal offered Chrissy his arm like a gentleman. He led her out on the damp deck and they began walking it's length. They rounded the front of the ship and Karla saw why Micheal wanted to go for the walk. The sun was setting, the water and the clouds were a warm golden orange. It was a gorgeous sight.
"OH Michael, like the night we meet." Chrissy sighed.
He walked them to the railing facing the view and stopped. He turned and smiled at her. "I thought you might like to enjoy it again." He lifted her chin and kissed her.
Chrissy's cheeks were a warm pink. "Careful of Karla." she sighed.
"Oh, sorry Karla, I should have brought a cage to keep you safe." Micheal apologized.
Slender fingers lifted her. "If you don't mind." Chrissy said. Karla found herself being slipped between to A-cups. A flowery young teen perfume scent was teasing her nose. Chrissy's heart pounded behind Karla. She could see the sunset while standing on the bra between.
That view ended as Micheal’s broad chest pressed little perky mounds. His boy scent mixed wonderfully with Chrissy’s girl fragrance. His heart pounded into Karla's front while Chrissy's slammed her from behind. Their embrace shielded Karla. She could see little, but knew Micheal cupped Chrissy cheek as the young loves gave each other real kisses. Chrissy's arm wrapped over his shoulders and his other arm pulled her waist closer. Chrissy's other arm pulling on his waist. Her leg tucked behind the other to allow him to balance her in his hold.
Karla stayed pressed between them. Chrissy bosom not giving her any space between the two giant teens as they made out in the dimming sun. It greatly reminded Karla of the night with Milly and Howard. She wondered if in a few years she would be shared between these two in a similar way. She found herself hoping so. But she also hoped it wouldn't be any time soon.
Karla didn't know how long she bathed in young love. Intoxicated by their mixed scents and powerful giant bodies. But when they parted she could see stars winking into a deep blue sky. They began walking the deck's circle. Chrissy holding Micheal's titan arm. Karla warmed behind the giantess' shirt. They said nothing, just enjoyed each other's presence.
Chrissy shivered in the damp night air. Micheal wrapped an arm over the blonde's shoulders and led her back to the Howell's room.
There were happy sounds from the room. Micheal stopped Chrissy from knocking. "Karla's still in your shirt."
"Here." Chrissy advised. Slender giantess fingers entangled Karla and raised her out. Strong titan teen boy hands accepted her. Back she sat on her shoulder.
Inside was a party. Drinks and cheer. Karla found herself placed on the ladies table and hugged by a slightly drunk Josie. "Congrats." she said to her friend.
Josie still wore the uniform supplied by the Fishers. But had a plastic ring like from a cheap vending machine around her waist. "Thanks Karla. That was a fun day." she sputtered out.
Karla found a drink suddenly in her hand. "What's with the belt?" she asked.
Josie explained, "That sweet Ethan insisted. As he put it, this is a placeholder. Till he can buy me a real one and turn me back to the heaven's gift I clearly am. Our love will find a way, he declared. I didn't have the heart to refuse."
"Should Micheal be jealous?" Karla teased.
"Maybe in a few years." Josie said with a wink.
They partied. Drinks flowed a touch too freely. Karla was well jolly with those red drinks Jeff made for Debbie.
"Everyone, everyone!" Howard called out. The room went quiet.
"We came on this cruise to catch Shrunken to play with. Petty females to warm out shorts. Handsome males to fill certain areas." Howard stated. Many woots and whistles filled the room.
"But what we also gained was a special little friend. Beautiful as she is smart. I feel her influence led us to become friends with the Grants. Her guidance gained us the Watts company. Her past rewards us with our wonderful little friend Josie. And her curious nature brought the Howells into our group. Mike called her special since he first wrapped his hands around her. And I wished I saw her first. Thank you Karla for being Mike's first Shrunken. Thank you and Josie for being our first Shrunken family members." Howard toasted. And the feeling was shared by the other humans.
Josie hugged Karla. Karla hugged her back. Their mothers joined them. Karla waved Maria over. She shook her head. Karla snapped and pointed. The busty beauty still obeyed her Lady. And was also hugged.
The rest of the party was a bit of a blur. The ladies made their Shrunken men dance. Though Karla didn't see much reluctance as they had been supplied with a flood of drinks beforehand. All but Daniel, who Maria was keeping busy. The men too made their pets dance. Karla's drunk mind convinced her to join in. Wonderfully Micheal's might fist stop her. To playful boos from the men.
She wasn't sure why, but the party disbanded. They walked back to their suite. Human's conversation about the plans for the next day on the island. Micheal lamented accepting Allena's bet. Karla was too focused on kissing and stroking the top mighty finger holding her. Josie drunkenly cuddling to his neck.
He took Josie in his other fist to kiss Chrissy good night. Prompting both of them to plant kisses on the giant girl's neck. Wonderful giggles were the result.
Finally Karla was where she wanted to be, his room. He playfully tossed them onto the field that was the bed. They bounced and drunkenly giggled. He took off his shirt and the giggles stopped. They embraced and purred at the sight of their shirtless titan. Teasingly slow he undid his belt. Then tauntingly he left his underwear on as he climbed onto bed. It barely contained the awakening Behemoth.
"Karla how should we reward Josie for her efforts today?" he cooed.
"A little what you gave me this morning I think." Karla sang at her owner.
Josie stretched up as a mighty hand grabbed her. Michael carefully wiggled the toy ring over her shapely hips and down her toned legs. Then his powerful digits began to tenderly strip her sensual body. Josie made arousing little gasping noises as their owner took her clothes.
Naked he held her out from his lips. Spreading her legs with his thick thumbs. Josie begged, "Yes Micheal. Special kisses please!" He pulled her close and playfully swiped his tongue up her wanting sensitivity. She gasped, "Please Micheal, more." He pressed the tip at her womanhood. Her hips popped clearly trying to temp that budded delight into action. He retracted it and she just gave the sexiest wanting whimper. Suddenly he snapped his lips over her waist and thighs. She began repeating. "Yes! Yes!" in a passionate chant.
Then he looked down at Karla. She was already burning with desire from his playing with her red haired dream girl. Now he smiled around that beauty panting in agreement. He hooked his shorts and the beast emerged. Stiff, towering, and looming above her. His fist claimed her tiny body. He lifted her to eye level. Playfully he gave her entire form a squeeze. She praised his cruelty with an aroused whimper.
He moved a few pillows and sat at the head of the bed. He opened his fist. His free hand reached over her head and she lost her tank top. A finger thicker than her leg gleefully examined her breasts. She pulled her shoulder's back, he should have full access to his toy she reasoned.
He pushed her onto her back with little effort. Dominating digits plucked her belt. Then wrapped her hips. The titan stripped her bottom half easier than peeling an orange. She was naked and helpless before the giant teen boy. She couldn't have been happier, then Josie climaxed and she was.
His hand posed her as he wanted. Arms and shoulders back and pinned there. It hurt a little, arousing her more in the process. His free hand traced her curves with the tip of a finger. Taunting her nipples. Teasing her pussy. The cruel boy knew what she liked.
He lowered her to that thick tower. Her breasts barely touched that smooth skin. Slowly he ran her down his length. Beautiful arousal came through the ends of her breasts. She planted eager kisses as she traveled. Then he lifted her back to the tip and stroked down again. Gaining him another chain of suckling tiny kisses along that massive manhood.
Josie's pleasured scream changed his tactic. Karla found her chest and face pressed to his broad tip. He circled her restrained form there slowly. She licked him as he used her as a pleasure toy.
He moved her to the shaft and pinned her against it. Wrapping fingers to hold her there. She used the looser hold to spread her feeble limbs to that thick monster. She could feel him adjust his position. Then seriously he used her curves to pleasure himself.
Josie called out another pleasure victory for their titan. Karla savored his skin on the up stroke and nuzzled her cheek to his sensitive skin on the down. Her tiny form was being enjoyed. Karla felt her own arousal peeking from being Micheal's toy.
She moaned loudly as delight was past any thought. Josie sang too. She felt herself curved over the giant cock tip. The Behemoth's eye was right there and the shiver of his peak hungered her unnaturally. She pressed her mouth over the center of that unblinking eye. She sucked at that hole. A dominating finger pinned her face wonderfully tight.
The first blast filled her mouth and deep into her throat. It was like trying to drink from a fire hose. And she was a thirsty girl. Thick cum flowed into her stomach. The excess bubbled out from under her straining lips and over her face. Dripping warmth onto her restrained breasts. She was filling fast with chocolate flavored semen. Her body strained and the world started to dim.
His finger lifted. She tilted her head back and hungerly gasped air through her goo coated mouth. She never felt more full. Yet found herself happily lapping at the cum dripping on his tip.
He lifted her away from her creamy treat and placed her on his chest. A gasping Josie soon was added there. Her freckled faced friend curled to her used body and nuzzled her face to cum soiled breast. Teasingly licking at them.
"Stop please." Karla sighed. The day, the drink, and now the full stomach had combined to make her sleepy.
"OK." Josie weakly agreed and just laid her head on Karla's marked breasts.
Micheal's hand pinned them there and he rose. Too bright light suddenly shined and water was running. Karla found warm clear fluid stealing his release from her happy body. She reluctantly helped it take the rest while a gorgeous freckled girl stretched naked before her with water running along those marvelous curves.
They both stepped out of the flow and found dry clothes hugged them. They were placed on the edge while Micheal washed his hands.
He took them to the bed. He slipped on his underwear and laid down. Karla found herself craned to his bare chest and softly paced there. She curled to his satin skin. Josie was placed beside her and they pressed their naked forms together. Hand blankets covered them. Thumb pillows were offered, one was shared.
"Night my Special Joise. Night my Special Karla." Micheal warmly sighed.
"Night my Special Micheal. Night my Special Karla." Joise added.
Karla returned the thought, "Night my Special Josie. Night my Special Micheal." Sleep greeted her to dream of giant chocolate shakes with oversized straws.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Sorry I'm late posting today. Feeling kind of down and was moping. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 54


Karla was awoken as giant hands were moving her. Groggy she looked up at Micheal. "Oh sorry Karla, I didn't mean to wake you." he whispered.
She went to whisper back so not to disturb Josie. But knew it wouldn't get anywhere near his ears. She felt her second favorite bed accept her weight. Josie's eyes blinked open with contact with the cool cotton cover. "What's going on?" she sleepily requested.
"Oh, sorry Josie." Micheal whimpered. He seemed bothered by more than just waking them.
Karla asked directly, "Are you OK Micheal?"
"Oh, just worried Allena will do something today on my required day with her," he grumbled.
Josie snuggled to Karla arousingly. Turned to their giant and cooed wonderfully, "Would you like us to distract you?"
Micheal smiled, but sadly. "Thank you, but no. I'm not really feeling like playing like that this morning." Karla felt sad now too. Warm hands nested around them. As he lifted he advised, "Lets go shower."
As they were carried Josie asked in a soft whisper, "Should we try to cheer him up?"
Karla whispered back, "I think it's best just to be supportive."
They showered. Karla would catch Micheal's view lingering on them. Then she would see the day's future chore come to his mind and he would turn away. Josie and herself could have done many tempting interactions that would have brought giant hands around them. But Karla could see they would have gotten the actions and not the affection that usually directs them.
He brought them to their cage. "OK, island day. Dress for the beach. Josie, Chrissy will be carrying you. I think she wants your company to distract from, you know."
Josie turned to reply. But the towering teen was already shuffling away. "Poor Micheal." Josie sighed.
"Yeah, he is really bothered." Karla agreed.
The girls arrived. Amanda was already ready for them. Karla was hardly clad in her bubble gum pink string bikini. She decided against the dress. Micheal should have something to help him get through his agreement.
They had picked Josie this pink two piece with a little dolphins pattern. The bottoms had this frilly like skirt thing to them. It would have looked childish if it wasn't hugging Josie's body.
"I wish I had a shirt to swim in." Josie whimpered.
"Micheal will like that as is." Karla advised.
Their giant came and smiled. He scooped a hand around Karla, then the other for Josie. "Seeing you two like this makes me want to just stay on the boat." he complimented them. Karla smiled. His thumb played with Josie's frills.
He stopped and grabbed a chain cage. Then headed out to the shared room. Milly sat in a loose wrap reading a book. Clearly waiting for her boys. A handsome black man in tight shorts and a equally tight tank top was held in her own chain cage resting on her cleavage. He was clearly admiring his shelf.
"Morning Mike, Karla, Josie. We'll be headed over to the Howell's suite once your dad stops playing and picks a Shrunken to show off." Milly acknowledges their presence. "Oh good, you’re bringing a cage for the ride to the island. But that will be tight for two." she added folding her book close.
"Chrissy is bringing her's for Josie." Micheal explained.
"Oh, she's not bringing the cutie Daniel?" Milly asked.
"No, she want's Josie for company while I fulfill the bet with Allena." Micheal explained.
"You could refuse." Milly offered.
"No, I agreed. I should accept the results." he lamented.
"Morning all." Howard announced his presence. The Blonde he favored, and used to get drunk, sat in his cage. A strip of shiny purple fabric in a V hardly covered her.
"About time. Lets go." Milly declared. The boys didn't argue.
They arrived and the Grants were already there. Chrissy wore a blue two piece with a little sailboat pattern styled like Josie's. Karla thought her slender figure didn't display it as alluring as Josie's did. But Micheal seemed to appreciate the look on her. And that was what really mattered.
Breakfast was a cheery and nice experience. Talk was mostly about the plans of the day. It sounded like a lovely island. It held a medical research lab. But they also had a small resort building. Trails for hiking and cycling. A beach with a man supported coral reef ringing it. Treat shops and retails for water fun.
They gathered and headed toward the deck. They were fairing guests over to the island on boats. "Sorry Karla, but it will be safer in the cage." Micheal announced. He opened the seat cage and held her close to it as they waited. She slipped in and he secured her in. Josie waved from her cage on Chrissy's chest.
They all walked down a series of ramps to the inflated temporary dock. Boarding the boat Micheal and Chrissy sat at the side. It slowly started away from the bigger ship then turned. Before them was a tropical hilly island rising out of the water. It was a natural looking beauty. The boat's speed made the air they rushed through seem cold. They arrived and the sun began warming their skin. Micheal freed Karla to her rightful perch. Chrissy hand carried Josie like a treasured gift.
"OK, if you kids need us just text. Mike, good luck with that girl." Milly advised. And they parted ways.
"Where are you supposed to meet that girl." Chrissy asked.
"By the start of the walking trails." Chris grumbled.
They headed over and there stood Allena smiling at Micheal. She wore a black bikini with a little pink bird pattern on it. Karla hated to accept it, but the girl looked good. Even at her young age she wore that style of swim wear well. "Hello Micheal, looking forward to our day together. Oh, Hand-me-down you found a boyfriend."
Karla could see Sandy cower too behind Chris' shoulder. Chrissy snarked, "Oh padded top you found more tissues."
"If Micheal plays his cards right, he'll tell you it's not padded." Allena taunted. "Now the agreement was Micheal and I alone. So you all go away. And if you see us then stay away. If you ruin our day I'll be owed another." she explained. Taking Micheal's arm. Her stance pressed her chest along him.
"Fine, but if he calls we will be there. And you will get nothing more." Growled Chrissy.
The teens left. Though Chrissy looked back nervous a few times. Allena purred almost sweetly, "Lets enjoy a walk." And they started up the trail.
"Are you looking forward to today?" her hope was in her voice.
"I don't like how you treat people." he frankly said.
"Have I treated you bad?" she questioned.
"No, but Chris and Sandy." he retorted.
"I shouldn't have allowed myself to pay that nice boy such attention. If I had used my head more though we wouldn't have met. Sandy is just overly sensitive to things she can't change. I was hoping my prompting would have made her more emotionally resilient." Allena sounded sad. She stepped away from Micheal.
"That's not how people should treat others." Micheal explained.
"But strength builds character, my ma always states." Allena firmly replied.
"Walls are strengthened with support my grandfather explained to me." Micheal countered.
"I could see that. You're a wise boy Micheal Miller. But there is one thing you're wrong about." Allena said.
"Oh and what's that?" he countered.
Girlish fingers nabbed Karla. She felt herself forcibly straighten. "I said just us. Not us and your pretty pet." Karla found herself pinned between two firm smooth mounds.
"Give her back." Micheal growled.
Karla felt Allena lean forward. "Come and get her." the Irish lass teased as she showed Karla and her ample bosom.
"Allena Karla is special to me. If she's hurt." Micheal flumed.
"She's safe in there. Now catch me if you can." And she bolted. The world zipped by in a blur.
"Allena come back here." Micheal's voice called.
Karla felt Allena nimbly lean around a corner then the world went dark. Karla felt herself lifting as the world was traveled through. The mix of movement twisted her stomach slightly as stronger fingers suddenly wrapped her lower half. Light blinded as a strong male hand cupped her in a finger cage. Her container allowed no light but she knew who now held her. Karla trembled fearfully for the first time in days. He was walking. Where was he taking her? Worse, what would he do to her once they arrived? She screamed for Micheal, but had little hope he would hear her.
Suddenly light returned. Her vision adjusted and Raymond's face was tilted down at her. His eyes traced her every exposed curve. She greatly regretted not wearing the hanging dress. He took a deep breath. "OK little pretty Karla, I have one question for you." he stated.
Karla's mind started to panic. It was her first moments in Micheal's hands all over again. It was the night of the mixer coming true. "What is that?" she stuttered out.
"Where are Sandy and Micheal's other friends?" he asked.
"Why?" she whimpered. A finger was stroking her leg.
"So I can hand you over to them. Hurry up please, I'd like to go hang out with my friends." he explained.
"You are not going to do things to me?" Karla was a bit surprised.
"Tempting, very tempting. It was Allena's suggestion. But I don't want any suggestion I was trying to steal you. Prank is one thing. I shove you down my shorts and that'd be hard to argue." he replied. "Well, where are they?"
"I don't know." Karla replied.
His expression was an amused annoyance, "Really, aren't you always around them?"
"Yes, but at times I do tend to get distracted by viewing the world from my new vantage point." she explained.
"Sandy or another's contact info maybe?" he hoped.
"Sorry." she replied.
"Best guess?" he grasped at straws.
"Beach?" she hoped.
"Lets go try there." he said. Karla realized something quickly. The Millers had adjusted their walk for riding Shrunken. Even in the cradle of Raymond's hand she bounced. No way she could have sat on his shoulder without assistance. Even at his quick pace, she could casually recline on Micheal's shoulder. She missed her shoulder.
They walked the length of the beach. Up and around the resort. Past the little shops and treat stores. Karla didn't see the teens or even any of the parents.
She was getting nervous again. She had kneeled and held Raymond's fingers to watch too. Now his thumb stroked her ass. She had swatted it several times. But it liked her firm backside too much to stay away it seemed. "Could you please stop?" she yelled.
Raymond stopped walking and looked around, "Did you see one of them?" he asked.
"I meant, please stop rubbing me ass." Karla explained.
"Oh, sorry. Not used to carrying Shrunken that isn't mine." he apologized. The thumb retracted.
"Why did you take me from Micheal?" Karla asked.
"My sister is under the delusion that if she could get a perfect alone moment with him, she could win him over. Somehow she convinced me to hide you from him. Though I think her thought of what we'd be doing now was the same idea you had when I first opened my hands." Raymond explained.
"Thank you for not doing things to me." Karla offered.
"I wish I had a better vantage point to have seen where his friends went so you'd be out of my hands by now. You like rocky road ice cream?" he replied.
"Sure." she was confused.
"Good, let's get ice cream before I forget my respect for others' property again." he admitted.
He got a dish and two spoons. He sat at a table giving a wide view through the trees. Scooping Karla a heaping portion, he hung that spoon on the side of the dish as he began using the other to enjoy the treat.
Karla attempted to enjoy the ice cream. But every time she leaned to lap at the cold treat, Raymond's eyes enjoyed a peek down her cleavage. "I figure you for an Eager by how Micheal treasured you." Raymond advised.
"No, just lucked out with a good owner. Is that a problem?" she replied.
"No, I'm glad you're not. I'd likely be searching with you in my trunks by now if you were. Once we finish here I think I'll see if I'm allowed up on the observation tower." he said.
"Allena has Chris contact information. Could you just get it from her?" Karla suggested.
"I had tried that before coming to the island. She felt strongly that I should hold onto you till the end of the day. I would have pressed harder, but figured you'd know where they were." he said. She could see why he would think that.
They, well, he finished the ice cream and began walking again. Karla decided to distract from her being helpless in his hand, "So, did you get an input degree?"
"Security protocols. Mostly I do desk work so my mother doesn't worry about me getting hurt." he explained.
"And Allena?" she prompted.
"History. Though I think mom is hoping she'll gain her M.R.S. with a red status." Raymond said in a joking tone.
"M.R.S?" Karla didn't know this abbreviation.
"Mrs." he replied.
"What about you?" she asked.
"Allena has a knack of being difficult to have a girlfriend around. Like mom and dad, she is competitive. Most of the girls I find attractive are sweet and timid." he sighed.
"You're not competitive?" Karla questioned.
"Some, but I rather sit down to play a game and enjoy the company. They need to win. It's a lot of pressure just for games." he confessed.
"So do you get to play games for fun often." Karla asked.
"Only with friends away from my family. Loss or weakness requires more training." he replied. The last bit almost sounded drilled into his mind.
They were allowed in the tower. The whole beach and the front parts of the resort and research center were visible. It was a gorgeous view, but no signs of Chrissy and the others.
They wandered down after a long period just looking over the other guests enjoying the island. Raymond received texts from friends. Replying he was stuck helping his sister.
They stopped for lunch. He apologized he had no pellets. Sharing his onion rings with her. Somehow Karla preferred Onion rings as a Shrunken. They walked more. He shared stories of things he read in the reports. Different non-Company people finding out about Company business. How usually it's minor and can be recovered. But his first and only pleasure Shrunken till this trip, was a girl that was stealing overlay Shrunken videos and selling copies online as her video work. His adding of, "She's in videos now."
He suddenly stopped. Karla noticed him looking over toward a corner of the beach. "Sandy." he said with a sad smile. Sweet and timid, that makes sense Karla thought.
He rushed over. There under some tree’s shade sat the slender Red haired girl. Chrissy and Chris were not in view. Sandy was building a sand castle. The young Shrunken girl that had guided Karla to the bathroom was standing on one of the towers. She looked up and flinched at the approaching Finley.
"Hello Sandra." he said softly.
"What do you want, wait is that Karla?" Sandy replied. "Why do you have Karla? Give her here now!" soon came from Sandy's mouth. Like a different person filled her slender frame.
He held her out, "I've been looking for you three to hand her over." he stated.
Sandy seemed to ignore him. Gentle comforting hands hugged Karla. "Are you OK Karla? Did he touch you in bad ways?"
"I didn't do anything." Raymond started.
Interrupting Sandy pulled Karla close and shielded her from the older teen with her body, "I ask my friend Karla not you Mr. Finley." she hissed like a protecting momma cat.
"He treated me kindly and respectfully." Karla advised her red haired protector.
"Leave. I don't want you or your sister around me." Sandy rumbled.
"I understand." was all he said. He wandered away.
"I better text Chrissy and Chris. They are running all over the island looking for you. And poor Micheal, he keeps sending update requests. Are you sure you're OK?" Sandy noted. Threat gone, Karla could feel her began to tremble.
"Thanks for being such a brave friend." Karla praised her.
Sandy stepped back into the shade and sat back by the half made sand castle. "Here you play with Clare while I update everyone." she directed.
The young girl smiled at her. "Do you remember me? I took you to the bathroom." she reminded Karla.
"I do. What would you like to do?" Karla asked.
"You're not too big to play frisbee with me." the girl realized out loud. The girl rushed over to a small basket and pulled out a plastic disk. It was an odd experience running on sand as a Shrunken. She didn't sink or even leave prints, she wasn't heavy enough. It wasn't like running barefoot on cement or paved street ether. The grains absorbed her steps, they just didn't move.
Karla soon discovered something else. She wasn't used to running around anymore. She had to start working out if Michael was going to continue carrying her around. Keep herself fit for him.
Soon Chrissy and Chris came. Questions and unnecessary apologies soon changed to the human's building with sand while the four Shrunken tossing the disk to each other. Chris' Umiko even began to relax and have fun till her owner's mighty hand took her.
"We are going to go swim." Sandy stated. Karla found herself lifted by Chrissy.
The humans surveyed a small part of the surf. "What are you doing?" Karla asked.
Chris stated as he tapped a foot around, "Checking for crabs and things." Karla had not even thought about how a tiny crab was now a large beast to her now.
The three sat in the water in a triangle. Placing the four Shrunken between them. The water was waist deep to Karla. Warm and clear. Karla slipped under and swam a short distance. It felt good to slip along. She couldn't say for sure, but it seemed to be easier to float in the salt water in her now form.
They allowed the four of them to swim and splash for a good while. Then Sandy noted, "I better get out of this sun. I usually burn."
"I'm going to go for a swim if that's OK?" Chris asked.
"Hey Karla, you want to join us?" Chrissy asked.
"It would be too rough for me." Karla said enviously.
"Sandy, block my front." Chrissy asked. Karla was raised and found Chrissy wrapping her top's neck strap around her legs. Tying her at the base of her neck. Karla found she could kneel and adjust. But was firmly attached to her giant blonde friend.
Chrissy and Chris waded out as Sandy took Ren, Clare, and Josie back to the shady place she had claimed. It was amazing. The water was crystal. Little fish swam away from the two. Then Chrissy slipped along the water's top.
Karla yipped happily as her mermaid titan began swimming. Karla leaned back on her knees as a warm breeze blew over her face and chest. Warm water flowed over her waist. She felt a shift in Chrissy's movement and knew to hold her breath. Under they both went. Colorful Fish and other sea life swam around ignoring the two intruders.
Chrissy popped back up and sputtered, "Oh Karla are you OK? I didn't think."
"I'm good. I guess that's what you were going to do. It was amazing!" Karla cheered.
"The fish here are pretty." Chrissy replied.
"Can you swim more?" Karla begged.
"Gladly." Chrissy replied.
They glided through and dove under. A shift in Chrissy's movement always warned Karla. Like they were attached by more than swim ties.
Chrissy rose out of the water and heaven spoke, "You two having fun."
Chrissy whipped around a touch to fast for Karla's preference. But Karla couldn't argue, he was worth it. "MICHEAL!" Chrissy bellowed. Drowning out Karla doing the same.
She darted through the water to their man. Chrissy wrapped arms around him. They kissed like lovers reunited after a long time. He pressed his girlfriend to him with one arm. His other hooked over the blonde's shoulder but that hand hugged Karla's body. Karla grabbed his thumb and hugged it. Kissing it's pad.
Chrissy leaned back. Blocking Karla view. But she was still in his touch. "Your date is over already?" she said in a hopeful tone.
"Yeah, the strangest thing. Everywhere Allena took me to have time alone with me, one or two of the Fisher siblings were there. It was almost like the eight of them were all working together to keep her from being alone with me. I wonder how that happened?" He said in a playful accusing tone.
"I have no idea." Chrissy lied horribly.
"Allena accused me of setting it up and demanded a re-date. But I pointed out she said you guys couldn't be there. It wasn't my fault the Fishers were around and refused." Micheal described.
"Good." Chrissy said and kissed him again. He clearly missed his girlfriend by how tight he held her to his broad chest. And by how his index and thumb teasingly rolled her breasts, he missed Karla too.
"Are you two OK to swim more?" he asked.
"I am, Karla?" Chrissy asked.
"Yes please." Karla replied. Happy to sail on her Blonde yacht. She was also glad to have time for her excited nipples to normalize.
They swam for a while. More submerged views greeted Karla. Her favorite was a giant swimming fit merman giant that glided beside her ride. They exit and discuss getting a snack, Micheal requesting a walk with the sweet giantess afterward, just the two of them. Well, three, but Karla would just be a fly on the wall.
More onion rings. Karla just loved onion rings now. Maybe it was a spice they used on them here. But she stuffed herself. Sure that was one small ring. But it was more than she usually could eat.
Sandy and Chris were fine with looking after Josie while Micheal and Chrissy walked. Sandy wanted to try an inner tube slow float down one of the hills. Chris was just happy to spend time with Sandy. Planning to meet back up and take the lab tour. The girl's were really curious about the research taking place.
Chrissy carried Karla in her hand. The girl's thumb stroked Karla’s hair. The two towering teens chatted. Karla stayed quiet. Somewhat feeling she should be floating down a mountain side and not here on this beautiful trail.
They talked about that beauty. They discussed wanting more time on the island. To visit more ports. More days sailing. Really, more days together.
Then it switched to how they could talk. How they could see each other. When they would actually be together again. How they would miss each other's presence.
Micheal stopped in a secluded spot. Sunlight filtered in beams through an emerald canopy. He pulled Chrissy close. Words stopped. They kissed. Chrissy leaned on that boy's chest. Karla was again in a mix of loving scents.
Chrissy's other arm wrapped around Micheal's shoulder. Karla expected to find her holding hand moving to a like position, her held in a loose fist. No, that wonderful blonde moved that hand to smooth Micheal chest. Her hand opened, the palm pinned Karla along her owner's satin skin while danty giantess fingers clawed around her to share the touch.
Karla spread herself flat to that chest. Her limbs between Chrissy's fingers. The way that powerful palm made her grind into Michael made Karla hopeful Chrissy no longer seen her as a rival for Micheal's affection. But a willing partner to share his vast love. Karla kissed and petted her owner's skin. One hand stroked along one of Chrissy's fingers in affectionate thanks.
Karla knew it was wrong, but a base lustful part, her It, wished these two could find a private sheltered area. A spot where they could explore their emotions in physical expressions. Hopefully including her little form as an additional pleasure. Better if they allowed her to guide them, advise them on how to delight each other and herself.
Micheal's heart was a joyous thudding. Karla could feel from Chrissy pulse, so was hers. It kicked up a notch as Micheal confessed, "I love you Chrissy."
"Micheal?" Chrissy whimpered. "I love you too!" and that returned to a deep kiss.
Karla felt she was intruding. Her misguided arousal drained instantly. This was a moment for them. Now powerful dainty fingers were a cage. Satin skinned chest was a containing wall. She held still and hoped to fade from their presence. Give them the time and space they deserve.
She was moved from her usual favorite location. She knew she was being turned to face the giants. She attempted a smile in support of their wonderful confessions.
Chrissy looked up at Micheal then down to Karla, "Don't look so sad Karla. You've been part of this since we all first met. I love you too." Chrissy advised in a sweet sentiment. The sweet girl lifted Karla up to her pink lips and placed a tender kiss on Karla cleavage. Karla was amused at the miss landed kind gesture. Then that nimble tongue shockingly slipped under her top strap. Budded surface hooked over her breast. Firmly it dragged along her bosom. The texture stimulates her nipples. The strong lick exposed her breasts, and made Karla gasp in aroused shock.
"But but?" Karla couldn't understand.
"We discussed our relationship while you were napping yesterday. And we agreed, it is our relationship. You have been working at this as much as we have. That's because you have been as much a part of it as we have." Micheal explained.
"You train him, I rep the reward. We share our affection for you." Chrissy advised. Karla was lifted between their faces. Lips meet around her torso. She gasped loud as two skilled tongues tangled in their kissing mouths. But they also lapped her exposed breasts.
They stopped and Karla gasped. She was having trouble processing this development. Her rushing blood wasn't helping. Chrissy blushed a little, "We are both not ready to do much more than this. I think you'll like us to take our physical stuff slow too."
"But, we could thank you at our relationship level." Micheal advised. Karla found her little coverings skillfully being taken.
Karla found Micheal guiding her legs toward his mouth. Lips slid down her calves and thighs. She looked to Chrissy who guided her mouth over Karla's head. She was suddenly shared between the two giant teen's mouths.
They breathed cool air through their mouths as the pressed lips around Karla. They kissed each other. But their tongues attended her. Micheal's stroked at her thighs, they readily spread at the wonderful familiar touch. That skilled tip awoke her grinding hips.
Chrissy's tongue hooked over her breasts. The blonde seemed to have a bit of talent too. Budded surface kneaded at her mounds just wonderfully. The soft texture massaging her eager nipples.
They were not as talented at this as Milly and Howard. But this felt better. Karla realized it was because she wasn't being used to pleasure two people who were in love. But was being loved by two people that also loved each other.
Karla attempted to express her feelings for their new status as a trio. She stroked at the insides of Chrissy's mouth. Kissing and licking the giantess's tongue. Her legs ran up and down the length of Micheal's talented tongue. Massaging and squeezing that lapping heaven. The sensations and knowledge climaxed and two powerful tongues pinned her to the roofs for their mouths. Hugging around her body perfectly.
She was then slipped out of those warm living caves. Forest cooled air brushed over orally dampened skin. She was dizzy from all that just happened. Delicate giantess fingers were skillfully redressing her.
"Well, what do you think?" Chrissy asked like it was just a new dress she was trying on.
"Maybe we should allow her to think about it for a little while." Micheal suggested.
"We should find a spot for her to wash off our spit." Chrissy suggested.
"Yeah we have to meet up with Chris and Sandy soon too." Micheal agreed.
They walked and talked about what a lovely day it was; like they hadn't just made Karla orgaisum in thier mouths. Karla's mind raced. She loved Micheal. She was certain there. And she likes Chrissy. But did she love her blonde friend. This would make it less awkward when the three were alone. Well, depending, though this first experience was a good start. And if they stay together and get married, she would be Chrissy's Shrunken too then. She would have to change how she looked at Chrissy. Not just Micheal's girlfriend and her friend. But as their Girlfriend. What about Josie, would they love her too. The mental image of sharing those mouths pinned to her freckled dream girl was stirring.
"Karla, men's or women's?" Micheal asked.
"Huh what?" she replied.
Chrissy giggled, "We must have been really enjoyable."
"Would you rather be rinsed off in the men's or women's wash room." Micheal said with a warm smile.
"Men's?" she replied. Micheal entered a plush gleaming bathroom. More lavious than any public washroom she ever saw. She had wanted to talk privately to Micheal, so she thought the men's washroom would be best. But now she clearly had to wait. A tiny voice begging for someone to stop between helpless grunts came from a stall. A boy peeing on a Shrunken girl in a urinal. Men adjusting small bodies in their shorts. A man tossing a helpless young form in the air like a ball as he talked to a man inside a stall. No heart felt talk could happen here. Karla had forgotten or ignored this side of her new life. Quickly showering in Micheal's holding hand, thankful for her kind owner and the other humans that looked after her now.
As they left Micheal advised, "From what I heard, the woman's is just as bad. Sorry."
She kissed his hand. Even at his worst, he was better than many. "Thank you for not being like them."
His hand petted her head lovingly, "This feels better." he advised.
The teen giants walked holding hands, that held Karla too. They meet up with Sandy and Chris. Josie smiled at Karla's nest. Then tilted her head. How did Josie know something had happened just by looking at her, Karla wondered.
They took the tour and it was a lab tour. Chrissy and Sandy were enthralled at the medical strives they were making. Improvement to scanners. Vaccines and treatments. Micheal and Josie took some interest too. But Karla noticed poor Chris and herself were somewhat bored.
They received a text. Parents wanted them to come back to the boat and meet at the Howell's suite for supper. Early night as the last port was tomorrow.
As they waited to board the boat back to the cruise ship Micheal helped her back into her cage. She sat, tired from the emotions of the day. Karla decided the day was perfect. The time with Raymond, how hard he walked. How he talked at her, like people do to dogs or cats. Not with her like her friends did. The time on the beach with Chrissy and the others. How they cared about their safety. Wanted them to enjoy the water too. That emotional surprise of their walk. Yes the physical was still affecting her too. Her new questions about her relationship with Chrissy. Even that horrible reminder of the men's room showing how gifted she was.
Karla laughed to herself. A month ago she would have done anything to get her life back. Now, this was her life. And she was hard pressed to think of a better time in her past life. She was happy being a Shrunken, Micheal's first. But really Milly and Howard's. The Grant's. The Watts'. The Howell's. And to share those people's affection with Josie. But also with mom, Carisa, Amanda, Maria, and even Daniel and others. She was home as long as she was with Micheal.
They walked back toward the Howell's suite. Welcomed like returning champions. Milly took her out of the cage, "Your mean Mike. You know Karla and Josie get shoulders." his mother playfully teased. But Karla was then placed on the woman's shoulder. The four mothers were actually cooking supper. Shooed the teen girls as they attempted to help.
Karla smiled, she wasn't the only one with a shoulder eye view. Maria waved from Betty's shoulder. Sissy rode on Debbie. Tanya at some point gained Josie. They all moved, stepped, and even bent to stir, cut, and add with such skill that Karla didn't notice any of herself or fellow Shrunken straining to hold or making drastic adjustments. It was a wonderful dance.
A knock at the door and Pat answered. "Well hello?" he said.
A familiar voice asked, "Are the Millers here?"
Milly spun cheerfully, "Gabs, have you come to visit?"
"I am here to confiscate Karla. She needs to be adjusted and brought for testing." he replied nervously.
Milly slipped to Micheal, Karla was suddenly shifted to her owner's hands. The four fathers stood or shifted between Milly and Mr. Jacobs. Behind him were James and Frank looking uncomfortable. "What are you talking about Gabriel?" Milly asked in a demanding tone.
Chrissy was at one side of Micheal. Chris now blocked Karla's view forward. Sandy stood at Micheal's other side. Shaking like a leaf, but with a grim determined expression.
"Security has determined Karla to be confiscated. Adjustments and testing. Once that is done she will be returned. Please place her in this cage." Mr. Jacobs replied.
"Why Gabs?" Milly growled.
"I can not say. Please, put the Shrunken in the cage. It, err, she will be returned as soon as I can arrange it." He announced.
"And if we say no?" Al's voice vibrated from his thick chest.
"It is a security issue." was all Mr. Jacobs replied.
"She will not be hurt?" Micheal asked in a cracking voice.
"No harm should come to her Dr. Miller." Mr. Jacobs replied respectfully.
"I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone here Micheal. Just put me in the cage." Karla begged.
He forced himself forward. His body trembled horribly. Sad glances from caring human friends looked upon her then death glared at Mr. Jacobs.
The man wore a black suit with a deep red tie. Unlike his last visit, he wore a chain cage. It was only bared on the corners. His Shrunken was strapped to straddle a buzzing mound in the middle. The slave outfit clad woman's arms were bound to a hook in the ceiling just before the woman's face. But it was his face, Mr. Jacobs’ expression. Determined but sad or possibly nervous around his eyes.
Micheal's fingers were clumsy. He had trouble with the simple lock and helping Karla climb into the small bared room. As the door clicked Mr. Jacobs said softly to him, "You will see her again soon. I promise."
Karla looked at her sweet giant and couldn't hold tears back because he wasn't. "I better." he whimpered.
"I hope to see you all under a happier visit soon." he said and turned. Flanked by the ship's security. His position in the Company kept him from swimming in the ocean from their expressions.
The door clicked shut and they began walking. Suddenly Milly's voice called, "Why Gabs?"
He stopped. Karla was vaguely aware he took a deep breath. Tears and such made observing near impossible. He didn't turn, just replied, "Security Matter. It will be resolved ASAP Milly. I promise."
"She will be back. Not a hair hurt on her head. I want my Karla back with her family without a scratch. If even a red mark Gabriel I will hate you for this. You understand me Mr. Jacobs?" Milly grief raged.
Even through the tears Karla could see him flinch at her calling him Mr. Jacobs. The very idea she would hate him wounded him deeply. "Everything will make sense soon Mrs. Miller. I promise it will be for the better. She will be back in your property soon. But adjustments and testing need to be done. Sorry." he said with a strained voice.
Karla's last view of Milly was the dirty blonde woman's hands coming up to her face. Leaning on the wall to side to the floor. Sobbing. Karla did the same in her cage. Whatever adjustments and testing meant, those who knew this world better didn't want it to happen to her.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Man, these short glimpses at the much crueler owners (like the ones in the bathroom in this chapter) make me reeeeeally hope someone who’s as dedicated and imaginative as you would write a spin off of one of those characters 😩

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 55

Rat/f Non-Consensual

Karla sat allowing her sadness to freely flow. Mr. Jacobs stopped and turned to the two men with him. "Hold her a moment please." She felt herself switch hands. Blinking she managed to see it was James holding her. Jacob opened a briefcase. "These are orders for whoever is watching the gang plank tomorrow when the Millers and their friends usually leave to go collect. They are not to be read till the morning. Understood?" Mr. Jacobs explained.
A rather annoyed sounding James replied, "That will be us."
"Good. Now which way to the Half Mast Club?" Mr. Jacobs requested.
"Why?" Frank's voice interjected.
"Oh, let me explain my every step to you. Oh wait, no, do your job." Mr. Jacobs grumbled in annoyance.
James gave directions to his Company superior. Mr. Jacobs noted, "Thank you. See you gentlemen tomorrow." And he started on.
Karla choked down her grief enough to ask, "Why the Half Mast Club?"
"You Miss. Miller will be providing me with a service and be the subject of a test." was his reply.
"What service? What kind of tests?" she worried.
"A very fun one. One that you need done." he answered. "This is only this dramatic because of stupid rules. I promise you'll enjoy what I have in store for you." he added.
"Can you tell me when I will be back with Micheal?" Karla hoped.
"Tomorrow." he replied.
They entered the club and he walked up to the door. Stopping to allow a attendant to pull two scared blonde half sized cheerleaders towards a booth. Another attendant asked before he entered, "Can I help you?"
"Upper Company Business." He said, handing a card. It was scanned and the attendant opened the door for him.
In the back Dr. VonHurst was collaring a black half sized male. "Who are you and what are you doing back here?" She growled shoving the half sized toward the dressing room.
Mr. Jacobs placed Karla's cage and the briefcase on the work table. He opened the case and handed a drive to the German woman. "Here." was all he said.
"I shall not attach an unsecured drive to my systems." she snarled.
"Makes sense, here." Mr. Jacobs replied, handing his card.
She scanned it with her computer and looked questioning. "OK, give me the drive." she said in a softer annoyed tone.
She placed it in and used a mouse. She looked at the screen. She used the mouse and then pulled the drive out. Then repeated the first steps. "I can do this, but why?" she asked. Clearly used to being answered.
Mr. Jacobs was clearly not used to being questioned, "Because ducks quack, you have your orders Dr. VonHurst. Or are you refusing?"
"Is that the one?" she asked, pointing to Karla's cage.
"Yes, ASAP Doctor." he replied. Then opened Karla's cage. He pulled out of his case a small suitcase and some tiny pink flip flops. "Put them on and carry that." He ordered Karla.
She did as instructed. Dr. VonHurst scooped her up. Then stopped to pick up the flip flop that flung off from her force. Karla found herself in the resizing tube. She closed her eyes to hopefully avoid the dizzying effect of being half sized. It didn't help.
Firm hands grabbed her shoulders and pulled her forward. "This collar doctor." Mr. Jacobs advised.
Karla’s hair was pushed off her shoulders as a smooth feeling collar was wrapped around her neck. Dr. VonHurst didn't fold her arms and pin her against anything like last time. Karla wondered if she remembered her as Micheal's Shrunken and was being nicer to get in his good graces.
Karla opened her eyes to see if that was the reason. Or the fact she was taller then the doctor. She stepped back, everything was too small. She looked around, she could easily see the whole top of the work table. Mr. Jacobs snickered.
"Oh sit creature." Dr. VonHurst ordered and directed Karla into her work chair. Karla could touch the floor and sit in the chair at the same time somehow.
"What is happening?" Karla felt panic starting to flow.
"Gah, Shrunken. You have been made full sized. Take a deep breath. Can you take it out of my lab now please?" Dr. VonHurst requested.
"You think you can walk Karla?" Mr. Jacobs asked.
Karla took a deep breath and tested her legs. "I think so." she replied.
"Good, follow me. Bring your suitcase." He advised.
She picked up the suitcase and readjusted her flip flops. Then began following the man. "Why am I so tall?" she asked.
He laughed. "You are your old human height. Your mind is just so used to your Standard size that you're seeing it differently. Relax and think about something else and you'll adjust faster. Now no more questions till we get to the room."
Karla started to ask what room. But stopped. Just followed the man. He said hi to guests as the past. Karla noticed guests noticing her. She was looked at as a person and not an object. Well, not always an object.
It was strange walking the halls. The angles seemed all off. She tried to think about something else. Problem being was the only other thing she could think of was, what did he want her to do once they were in whatever room they were headed too.
They stopped at a door. The Watts' old room before the prize upgrade. He opened it and guided her in. Shutting the door behind. A laptop was connected to a projector on the table. A collection cage was on a chair with a glasses case on it.
"OK, before we start. There are pajamas in the suitcase for you. If you could change into them in the bathroom while I get ready. I would appreciate it." he requested.
"Why do you want me in pajamas?" she asked.
"Because it'll be a distraction doing the briefing to you while you are wearing a string bikini. But I can if you want." he advised.
She placed the suitcase on the first bed. She popped the latches. Inside were a few days' clothes, a travel bag, keys for the case, a watch like the human's wore, and other things. She pulled out the pajamas. A buttoning shirt and pants and went to the bathroom. She felt better covered up. Like the material shielded her.
She stepped out and a glass of water was on the table by a pulled out chair. The Watch sat beside it. "Sit please." he requested. She did.
"Now, you should eat. Anything you want?" he asked.
"Nachos." she nervously replied.
"OK, put on your watch." he advised.
She put on the device.
"Tap it and bring up contacts," he instructed.
Karla's heart raced, Micheal, Milly, Chrissy were all listed. He caught her discovery and noted, "You can not contact them. If you do I have to take you from them permanently. Understand?" He explained.
"But then why are they here?" she asked.
"Well, once you're working and such, then you'll want to be able to contact them. Now look at the bottom, you should see temporary listings. Tap room service and order Nachos with what you like on them." he advised. It was a simple interface. She so looked forward to nachos.
"So, what service do you want me to do?" she asked her worry.
"Oh you'll enjoy this." he smiled. But like he was going to give her a gift. "This is Harrison Burch. He is a smart young lad." On the projected screen was an image of a fuzzy haired thick glasses boy about Micheal's age. It looked like it was taken from a high end web camera. His screen reflected in his lens in a white blob. "He found his way onto our Overlay. From the records he has collected, he has a knack for circumventing our usual security firewalls. You will go to his house in the next port and collect him for the web security team."
"You want me to take Micheal to this boy's address and collect him for you?" She asked.
"Oh no, you collect him." Mr. Jacobs smiled. "Milly let me know of your enjoyment of shrink targeting and interest. So here." he handed her the glasses from on top of the case. "Try them on."
Pink cat's eye style glasses. She slipped them on. They fit her perfectly. "Those are a step back from what we use now. But just as effective. They will work for you on non-Company people in the same way the shrink helmet works on those disks."
"I get to make Shrunken?" she gasped.
"That case should help you collect with Micheal and the others. Mr. Burch lives on the far side of town, giving you a few hours to have fun first. Do you know what time Milly and the others are going to leave?" he asked.
"Yes, I get to go with them?" Karla trembled.
"Yes, your adjustment is done. Your service can be done tomorrow. And you are now testing your collar. I would rather it fail on the boat or during a port visit then on your trip home or randomly on a flight to Chicago or somewhere." Mr. Jacobs explained.
"So, I go with them and get him. Then you want me to stay full sized?" She asked.
"Till you arrive at home. Yes. A good stress test on that new collar. Can you handle that?" he asked.
"Yes." she sighed.
"A few things, you can't contact the Millers or others till you're leaving the ship to go collect. No one can know you're a Shrunken besides those who already know who you are. If you noticed that the collar is designed to appear different than standard. To help people view you like you were a person. And people will be all weird about a Shrunken allowed shrinking tech. Third, because it's a security matter. You need to go and collect Mr. Burch alone. There is a pocket in the box for him to be separated. You can let the Millers and company know he is mine once collected. Have them collect in the area. That will be OK. But you have to get him. Understood?" Mr. Jacobs asked.
"I understand." Karla was really excited. "But why couldn't tell Micheal about this?"
"Security issue. Since it's unrelated to them I couldn't divulge." he sighed.
"You let Milly be upset with you for this." Karla reminded him.
"She'll forgive me when you rejoin them and get to experience being one of them." he said hopefully. Sighing, he added, "The file on Mr. Burch is set up. Just hit play. Family, friends, and the areas he mostly uses his debit card. I'll be back tomorrow evening for this equipment and the boy. Any questions, my contact is on the watch. Good luck."
Karla got up and hugged him. "You really did this so I could go collecting with them didn't you?"
"Milly really wanted you to experience it at least once. I may find an excuse to allow you to do it again next cruise if this works out." He said.
Karla stepped back. She looked at the type of Shrunken he must like. Tall and fit with dark hair. It was so familiar. Then the woman let her face slip out from behind her arms. "Sammy?" Karla noted.
"Oh do you know my pet? From your hometown?" He asked.
"She was Micheal's till she tried to kill Josie." Karla growled.
"Oh naughty Samantha." he noted stroking the Shrunken's side. The fit beauty form jumped. "If you promise not to damage her, I could leave her here for you to punish if you'd like?" He offered.
"No, I should try to get to bed as soon as possible. Early to rejoin my family." She reluctantly declined.
He stroked the former athlete again, "Now that I know you might hurt my other pets. I think I'll have to have an extra firm training session with you tonight Samantha." He purred.
"No please Karla, let me stay here for tonight. I'll be whatever you want. Do whatever you ask. Just one night away from him please." the tiny woman begged.
"Oh now you hurt my feelings. You'll have to be punished for that too. Anyway, have a good night and see you tomorrow." Mr. Jacobs stated. He turned a dial on on the cage and the buzzing sound increased. Sammy gasped.
"Night Mr. Jacobs." Karla said. She thought she should feel bad for Sammy. But then the image of Josie on that stretcher made her wonder where her nachos were.
They arrived and she flicked through the file. Older twin sisters, cute pair. Mother. Father. Few friends. It seemed he mostly poked around the Overlay. But few Company memos and the like were saved to his computer. Good in school. Nothing remarkable otherwise.
She shut off the laptop. The data she needed was on her watch. She got giddily, she had a watch like a person. She checked the suitcase. Toothbrush and travel toiletries. She brushed her teeth. She hoped Micheal was doing alright. She missed her giant teen. Not so giant right now she sighed. Well, part of him still was.
She set her watch and shut off the light. Curling under the blankets. She laid there. Turned and laid that way. No Josie to cuddle. No giant hand to warm her. She should have borrowed Sammy, then she could have worn herself out a bit.
She had an idea. She took the pillows off the other bed. Fit them between the blankets. She snuggled to an extra pillow. They felt kind of like giant fingers. She laughed, the sheets were basically silk. The bed plush. And she could not sleep without being reminded of a giant teen's hand resting over her. Now if only she could substitute his body wash scent.
Her alarm went off. She ordered breakfast, her own full eggs Benedict. Then got into the shower. She came out and was picking out an outfit for today when her food arrived. Robe on and she received the food. Eating as she got ready. She was amused, she finished them but still felt a touch hungry. She ordered a fruit filled muffin.
She wore a pink button up light shirt and grey pinstripe pants with flats. The pink and grey went well. And the pink matched those amazing glasses. Mr. Jacobs had filled her bag. He even included a hair straightener. Why not she thought.
She admired her look. Michael will like it. She looked at her watch. She was running late. She rushed to finish up and grabbed the key card, a wallet from the suitcase, those glasses, and the container with the pocket attached to collect Micheal some more pets.
She had trouble navigating the ship by herself. But finally found herself headed to the ramp off the boat. James and Frank were talking to someone. Howard's voice, "No, who are we waiting for? Why do we need a representative from the security office with us on this port? We have had a hard enough night to get this treatment this morning." He growled.
"Trust me Dr. Miller, everyone, waiting is for the best." James advised.
Karla could see them all. It was so different. Things she didn't notice were crystal clear. Al was so tall and broad. Debbie stood with a slouch to her right. Chris was bigger than Micheal by a few inches in height and thickness. Sandy wasn't just slim and short. But down right pixey like. Karla could lift and cuddle her. Karla was so enamored with the lovely view of her favorite humans, she had stopped walking forward.
Karla wasn't sure which of the teen girls saw her first. But they both stopped as they viewed down the hall. Heads tilted. Eyes went wide in recognition. Hands went to faces and they screamed. Difference was Chrissy bolted toward Karla. Sandy's legs went up and down but the redhead didn't seem to be able to get that to become forward movement.
Chrissy hugged her with tears flowing. "You so big!" Was oddly sweet to hear this once. Karla was taller than her blonde young friend.
She looked up. Behind the bouncing Sandy the adults all looked confused. Then tilted their heads. Eyes went wide. Then they too rushed to her. Karla hugged Debbie, her massive chest had no give. Pat was like hugging the teddy bear from the other day. Howard looked awkward, then just grabbed her. Tanya gave a soft purr like noise. Jeff was laughing so hard Karla's chest jiggled. Al lifted her clear off her feet. Betty reached the flinch, stomped her foot and hugged her. Milly squeezed her so hard, "Gabs is getting such an earful for this." she said as she stepped back wiping tears. Poor Chris' body reacted and he only noticed a poke too late.
At the end of the hall stood Micheal. Lip trembling. Sandy bouncing still in front of him murmuring. Still unable to switch to forward gear. Karla managed to get herself moving. She had to bend down slightly to hug Sandy. She couldn't resist lifting her tiny form. Little legs hook her hips. And down she put her red haired friend. Who went back to bouncing.
Micheal looked her in her eyes. He was stunned by his expression. She leaned on him and those arms wrapped her. Her lips touched his, and they kissed. His tongue was still magical even at her current full size. Her knees went weak. She leaned back. Asking, "You ready to collect more Shrunken?"
"You're so Hot!" he praised her.
"So, yes." she could feel herself blushing.
"Anything for you my Special Karla." he sighed.
They walked down the boat. Karla explained what she could. Testing the collar for long term trips. She had to get something for Mr. Jacobs in this port but could not say what. But could join them for the football fields. Or as they called it, soccer.
They called five cabs. The girls took two to wherever they were collecting. Howard and Pat took one to the side entrance of the fields. Al and Jeff to the other side. Karla drove the boys to the main gate. This worked well since now one of the father cars didn't need to drop them off.
Karla parked blocking the exit. A large crowd of people were milling about by a big tent. Uniforms with little shorts mixed with bright colored shirts showing local team names. It was a fit, attractive women and girls buffet mixed with a seasoning of couches and vendors.
They walked in as a woman in a bright red shirt labeled Staff approached. "Sorry you can't park there."
"We'll get the gates. Go ahead Karla." Micheal offered.
"Hey leave the gates," the woman said.
Karla focused and thought shrink. And she did. Karla shuttered from the rush. She heard screaming but she simply walked over to the woman and lifted the toy sized being. Attractive and fit, She helplessly struggled in Karla's hand. Karla could do anything to her and the woman couldn't hope to stop her. She looked up at the crowd starting to realize they were under attack. The two teen boys gleefully shrinking players and volunteers. She slipped her first catch into her container.
She found herself giggling as she shrunk women and men. Delighting at lifting pretty Shrunken girls and handsome Shrunken boys. Teasingly stroking fit male vendors between their legs when she lifted them from the ground. Rolling perky miniature breasts as she restrained catches. She wanted to stop and play. But there were so many targets her families would also enjoy. Checking every corner and every stall they looked for possible new pets. Soon the seven of them had collected the entire encaged area.
They stopped at the snack booth. They had a nibble as they took a quick peek through their catches to see if they could free up room for preferred catches or better trade items. Making quick trades among themselves.
"Not much room for more." Jeff noted.
"There is a mall down the way that's now open. We could take a look." Al suggested.
"Karla, why don't you go run your errand for Mr. Jacobs now and meet us back on the boat. I'll take some of your load in my extra box." Her sweet Micheal offered.
"You sure Micheal?" she asked.
"If you need us just text." he said pointing to her watch.
"OK, see you all on the ship." she said. They unlocked the gate and she got into the stolen cab.
She used the GPS on her watch. They lived in an area filled with little track housing. It looked like a nice suburban area. People going along with their day. None aware that by this time tomorrow they would be pets like her. She hoped they found good owners like hers.
She parked around the corner and walked to the Burch's house. She rang the bell. A middle aged woman opened the door. She was likely very pretty at one time. Now she was attractive, but not enough. Good ship credit Karla thought as she asked, "Is Harrison Burch home?"
"Who is asking?" the woman replied.
Nothing came to Karla's mind. She focused and thought shrink. Lifting the woman as she stepped inside. A quick peek into the street. No one was reacting.
"Now where is Harrison?" Karla growled at the squirming woman.
"Mom, do we have any bristle board? Hey who are you?" a girl's voice asked.
Karla looked up. Pretty thing was one of Harrison's twin sisters. Now she was a Shrunken. Karla collected her. Good sized breasts with long dark hair in pigtails. If Micheal didn't like her, Chris would.
More girly voices giggle form a room down the hall. It's door was ajar. She shifted quietly down the hall. A small gaggle of teen girls gathered making crafts of some kind. Many a pretty choice. They soon began to scream as Karla shrunk the first one or two. About a dozen were added to her case from this room alone.
She took the woman and with some tape bound her to a glass. Then she taped one of the twins down. Taking a butcher's knife from the block, Karla held it over the scared young Shrunken. "Now, where is Harrison or do I carve this chick?"
"I'll never tell you!" The woman protested.
Karla snipped a button from the girl's blouse. The girl pleaded out, "He went to the store down the road for snacks and junk. He'll be back soon."
"Oh good girl." Karla said, stroking her breasts. She just had to wait and he would come to her. She put her catches in the container and took a look around.
In the girls' room she found a wonderful surprise. They had a bunch of teddy bears like Sandy's Trevor. Karla found a reusable bag and collected them all. Treats for her Shrunken friends once they got home to the Miller's house.
She just finished when the front door opened and shut. "Mom, I got your mint bites." A boys' voice called.
Karla decided to play. Undoing a couple buttons she walked out and purred, "Hello Mr. Burch."
The boy looked confused. "Who are you?" he asked.
Karla heel toe walked towards him. Making sure her cleavage was fully in his view. "Why I'm here for you smart boy."
Like she expected common sense was drowned by his arousal. "OK, but who are you?"
She stroked his chin and purred, "I'm Karla. I'm here because you poked around where you shouldn't have."
"Oh dang your with them." he sputtered. Then shrunk.
She scooped him up. He was trembling. Scared and helpless in her hand. And she noticed, still kind of aroused. She snickered, not her type. But who knows what will happen to him. And likely Micheal wouldn’t want her playing with Shrunken males even when she is full sized. Just this once, might be his only time.
She stroked her finger tip gently along the boy's crotch. He shuttered with each stroke. "Got you a little excited I see." she cooed at her living toy.
He didn't seem to want to talk. Or was just too emotionally confused. She hooked her nail under his belt and popped it open. A playful flick along the top of his pants and the button popped too. Nail tip directed his fly down as she purred, "I think I can take a moment to fix that just this once. Our secret." she finished with a wink.
He still just trembled. No fun she thought. Plead, beg, or even admit you want me to play with you she thought as she shimmied his pants down. He was not as handsome as her Micheal, or anywhere as endowed. But he was ready.
She teased him by stroking his tiny erection. His reaction was a simulated one. She licked her lips, now to try special kisses, she playfully thought. Karla brushed the Shrunken's penis along her lips.
She hooked her tongue around it and stroked it's length. The boys hips began pumping, she must have been doing it right. She pressed her lips to his body. Curled her tongue and pumped. He started making cute gasping grunt sounds. Then he moaned loudly and she tasted a slight bitter taste. She didn't even feel him spurt on her tongue.
She pulled him back. "That better Harrison?" she asked. He nodded amusingly. She slipped him into that special pocket. He could pull up his pants himself. She hoped Micheal would allow her to play with a Shrunken male later. That was too short.
She grabbed a cold bottled drink from their fridge to wash that hint from her mouth. She grabbed her case and the gift bears. She peaked at what he had bought. Adding the junk food to her bear bag. She looked forward to the red gummy berries especially.
She opened the door to the quiet neighborhood. The black man mowing his lawn across the street was just Debbie's type of Shrunken. Two women her age sunbathing two yards down made her think of Howard. A kids birthday party, Sandy would adore those cute kittens. She looked at her case. Harrison's twin dark haired semi-busty sisters Chris would cream over, very likely literally. She closed the door.
Finding a storage container, she dumped it's junk and poked some air holes with one of the knives. Placing a fair amount of her carried catches in it and slipping that into the bag with the bears. She left that there, she could come back and claim it. She stepped out and went shopping for living gifts for her favorite humans. The best part as no one wanted to be known as the noisy neighbor. So one noticed when mowers stopped. When a girl yipped. When the children at a birthday party go silent.
Up and down streets, like they were set up for her to have. Only one she couldn't find a new pet for was Betty. Would she even want one. Maybe she should be shopping for company for Maria, she thought.
Music blared out from a gorgeous black charger. The lines of it were detailed in cherry red. Karla could see much work and love had be lavished on it. Even now a handsome man around her age was shining wax into it. He looked up at her approaching. He smiled, his eyes were not looking at hers. Then she snickered, her shirt was still opened to display the tops of her breasts. "Like what you see baby?" he remarked.
Why not Karla thought, he'll be good credit if one of the girls don't want him. And shrunk him. She reached for him saying, "I do now."
He screamed like a small child, fainted and wet himself. He wasn't just scared like the others, he was absolutely terrified of her. She jumped in a joyous reaction. Just like Maria was with Micheal. Maybe Betty gets a gift after all.
The Charger's keys were in the car. She moved the cleaning stuff. Gaining his curious girlfriend or possibly sister as she did so. The engine purred like a happy tiger. Leather bucket seat. Deep red with black highlights for the interior. She wished she could keep this work of art.
She drove this poor orphaned beauty over to the Burch house and collected the bag she left. She took a slow cruise around the neighborhood that kept giving. Boys playing basketball came over to her car and her low open shirt. A couple of girls thought she was slowing to ask for directions.
She could shop all day. But had to leave. She did stop for ice cream, and the Scooper. Then drove leisurely back to the docks. Her hair wiping wildly in the wind. Luckily the glove compartment had an elastic in it.
She exited the poor thing. Karla couldn't help but walk sadly around the craft giving it's smooth finish one last long stroke. What a shame she thought.
"You're wearing a Series 93U, why don't you just shrink it if you like it so much." a voice suggested.
Karla looked up to a fairly tall handsome young man with dark hair. Clearly another guest, he also had a collection case. He also had a small collection of model cars. No, shrunken cars. "What do you mean?" she asked.
"You're shrinking glasses. You must have an issue with the implants huh? Well, plus side is they allow you to shrink objects like cars. You can't take them on board. But if you tag it, clean up will send it to your home once they process it. Just be a bit of ship credit." he explained.
"How do I shrink an object?" she questioned.
"Get any things you want right away out of the car. And any Shrunken first." he advised. She did so.
"Now, slightly different than people. Focus, but try to envision the car from above." he couched.
"OK." Karla could imagine this delight from above easily.
"Then think shrink, like a person," he instructed.
She squealed as the car became Standard Shrunken sized. "Here, since you didn't know you could do that you likely don't have any tags. Luckily for you I have a few blank ones for sending to friends. Enjoy driving it."
"Wait what?" Karla asked, taking the tag.
"The collar. I noticed it when you reacted. I know who makes them. I don't know why you're allowed to be that size and shrink things. But whoever your owner is, they are lucky." he explained.
Karla looked around. "I'm a lucky Shrunken." she sighed. "Speaking of which I should get his address for this tag."
She tapped a text to Micheal for his address. Then she realized she didn't thank her new friend. "Oh thanks for." but he was gone. Beside the now tiny Charger was a pen. Clearly he knew she wouldn't have a pen on her either. She hoped to see him again. He was a sweet help.
Up the ramp and two young security guys were processing people's cases. She walked up and the man said, "Please place your container on and remove the lid."
"One second." she said and bent and lifted her spare container out of the bear bag. She rose and remembered her shirt. Oh well, he probably could use a highlight she snickered.
"Ma'am, is that a non standard container?" he asked.
"You want my ship ID?" she asked. She hoped that being Micheal's Shrunken meant she was red status by proxy.
A night deep voice advised, "That will not be necessary Karla." She looked up, and up some more. Even at full sized Carts still was a giant. "I'll handle this on Steven."
"Yes sir." the man was leaping out of the tall man's way.
As he stepped forward to the seat, Karla opened her arms. This might be her only chance to hug the sweetest terrifying person she ever met. "Well, if you insist.'' he said. Powerful arms lifted her well off her feet. She felt like a child in his hug.
Back down to the world he said, "Guess I should do my job."
"Were you waiting for me, Carts?" Karla asked as the machine started.
"James asked me to. I was glad to see my friend looking so happy." he purred. "OH, what range?" he asked.
"Allowable. With option for ship credit." she hoped that worked.
"Easy." the beam zipped back and forth over the first crowd. She cringed forgetting about those red beams. "Some unacceptables." Carts sighed sadly. Shrunken screamed as he reached in and he lifted a woman out. Karla watched the panicking Shrunken screaming helpless as Carts moved her over to that rubber topped device. The grinding ended her screaming. A few more followed. Then he plucked the very young and placed them into a foam egg carton lined box. "Well, keep all of this lot?" he asked.
Karla scanned through. Plucking ones she knew her human friends would not enjoy like Harrison's mother or the cab driver from this morning. "I'll keep the rest in here." she noted. She then changed containers. And the process repeated. Harrison was scanned and cleared to bring aboard. Lastly he had to check the bag. Smiling at Karla for the collected bears.
Karla headed to the Watts' old room. That's where Mr. Jacobs said he'd be. She was about to use the key card when she remembered. She buttoned up her top.
Inside he sat tapping away on the laptop. "Oh good. Have fun today?" he asked.
"Yes. I wish I could have gone out with them to every port." She couldn't help but gush.
"Get the boy?" he asked.
"Yes." Karla said, lifting the scared teen from from the special pocket.
Mr. Jacobs pointed to a small cage by the sink. Inside were four pretty girls ranging from slightly older than Harrison to about Karla age. They wore lingerie styled like maid's outfits and all cowered at Karla's approach. "In with his servants." Mr. Jacobs directed.
"OK Mr. Burch. We will talk about your new life in the morning. The fridge is stocked and those girls will obey your wishes or I'll have a talk with them. Have a fun night." Mr. Jacobs called from across the room.
"You think he'll really indulge?" Karla asked.
"He likely will at some point. Though I did tell those Shrunken they either suck his dick tonight or ride Bert's tomorrow. So he might not have much choice." Mr. Jacobs answered.
"Bert?" Karla asked.
He bent over and placed a cage on the table beside his laptop. A greyish brown rat hunched over something pumping hard was inside. Something made Karla want to look at what he had. She knew it was wrong but Karla was amused. He wasn't hunched, but mounting Sammy. Clearly following his matting instinct despite the species differences. Sammy's body seemed to be reacting despite her clear discomfort at her furry lover.
"You can keep the pocket. Micheal likely will want to take you on the next Cruise. Did you need a hand getting everything back to the Miller's suite?" Mr. Jacobs offered.
Karla couldn't stop watching Bert. Sammy gave off a loud moan, her face twisted in a disgusted climax expression. Then she went semi-limp. But Bert kept going. "Specially breed to enjoy Shrunken. Bert's my best pet, only the naughtiest of girls for him." Mr. Jacobs praised the rat.
At that the rat arched his back. Then climbed off Sammy who fell over gasping. And Karla saw why as the rat stood to get some water from his bottle. Almost like a sweet gesture, he returned and cuddled with Sammy.
"Did you want a hand?" Mr. Jacobs offered again.
"No, I'm good." she noted gathering her things.
"Probably best. Give them time to cool down before I get within arms reach again." Mr. Jacobs replied.
As she was leaving Mr. Jacobs was feeding Bert a pellet. From her glimpse at the bag it was the ones to encourage male Shrunken to play. Now Karla felt bad she didn't feel bad for Sammy. No, she was just happier with her owner. She would have to ask if he liked other pets.

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CH 56: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:47 pm

OK, some of you might have noticed and decided not to read my other story in this Universe about another guest on the same cruise who is, well, the very type of owner Karla is glad Micheal isn't. I'm enjoying the different look at the world and some are enjoying reading it. So, to keep me from over working myself to hard with a hobby, I've decided to start posting Karla/Micheal chapters to just Mondays, while the other story will receive new chapters on Thursdays. I hope this does not upset anyone. Thanks for your support.

Chapter 56

F/m+,f+ Torment
F/m,m,f,f(t),f(t) Non Consensual.

Karla stood outside the Howell's suite. She could hear them inside laughing and talking. She just needed to knock and they would open the door and she could join them. But she was just so scared to join them. Scare was the wrong word, nervous was closer to how she felt. Karla's mind kept revolving the same thought, I'm their size but not one of them.
She shook her head and knocked, they said she was one of them when she wasn't their size. Stop making up worries, she chastised herself.
The door opened and Sandy's face glowed into a smile. "Karla is finally here!" she sang. She then latched onto Karla.
"Let her in the door, Sand Dollar." Pat requested.
Sandy began to take backward steps, but didn't let go. She nuzzled her face into Karla, at her height she was jostling Karla's breasts. The girl purred cutely, "Oh Karla you're so snuggly at this size."
Karla cuddled to the red haired pixie. Anyone else, they might be copping a feel. Karla was certain Sandy just thought she was giving friendly snuggles. "You're snuggly too." Karla warmly purred back.
Once the slim teen detached herself. Karla was joyously barraged with greeting hugs with a spattering of cheek kisses. Al took her collection case. Pat took the bag with the bears and the extra Shrunken. Howard her suitcase. The trail of love ended in front of Micheal.
"Hello Micheal. Am I still your favorite Shrunken?" Karla asked. The others expressions showed they took that as a sexy tease. But no, his expression at her approach made her wonder if this wrong size had changed his mind about her. It was just at the edges, but it was slowly darkening her thoughts with worry.
He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her. Pressing her oversized form to his body. His lips met with hers and they agreed to allow their tongues to exchange gifts of affection. Her knees were Jell-O at being able to kiss her usually titan teen. The doubt was washed away in a flash flood of a passion. Now the only thing on the edge of her mind was there were friends in the room and she couldn’t just pleasure her owner right yet.
He pulled back thankfully. She didn't have that strength right at the moment. "You've always been my favorite Shrunken." he softly sighed. Karla melted along his body. Missing him being able to pin her to his chest with one hand.
He opened his arms and she stepped to lean on his side. She looked at the group but someone was missing. "Where is Josie?" she asked.
"I thought you might want to go get her?" Micheal advised.
"OK." Karla agreed.
"Here Howard let me get that suit case. What's in that bag?" Milly advised.
"The top box has more Shrunken, the rest is floppy bears and junk food." Karla explained.
"OK take the container out and Karla and I will be right back. And don't start cattle trading till we return." Milly announced.
"Please don't open my collection box till I get back. I have a reason." Karla requested.
They entered the hall and the door shut. Karla found herself squeezed tightly by Milly. She had to be over six feet and she curled her head semi-atop Karla's. "OH I thought we lost you." she blathered.
"No, thank goodness." Karla said hugging her third mother back.
She leaned back and brushed the hair from Karla's face. "I could kill Gabs for what he did to us last night."
"He has to follow rules too." Karla defended the man.
"He said, confiscated for adjustment. I wondered what they thought was wrong that needed adjustment. But this is a nice temporary adjustment." Milly sighed. Giving another quick squeeze then stepping back.
"Nope, just size adjusted and testing my collar." Karla said. Raising her neck to show her new accessory off.
"Oh that's nice. Better than the techno dog collar look they usually are." Milly stated.
Karla realized she hadn't really looked at it. Just accepted it there. She turned and looked in a mirror in the hall. It was a thin black choker style collar with a light red gem in a silver clasp. She admired it. The metal shined like her grandmothers old shined silver cutlery. She could see it still had the panels, just cleverly hidden in the fabric.
"Didn't you look at it already?" Milly said with a laugh.
"No, I was so focused on adjusting to this size and what Mr. Jacobs wanted me to do that I didn't think of it much last night. This morning, it was getting to see Micheal." Karla explained. She snickered, "It almost looks like real silver."
"Knowing Gabs it is. And the gem is likely a ruby of some value." Milly sighed.
"You know he likes you romantically don't you?" Karla asked directly.
"Yeah. And we almost happened." They started walking. "I was working at this high end bar. Social club really. Playing piano in tailored cocktail dresses. Real ritzy place. The type of place where the men are too classy to leer. But they are always offering career opportunities. I was talented enough that management hired me full time to play. I ignored the offers of opportunities from men twice my age with ring tan lines around their finger."
She looked like she was looking far away. "But this handsome young guy in tailored suits kept coming in. He'd always leave a tip, a good tip. I knew he was enjoying my playing, but also my dress fit. But he just spoke power. Then he offered me an opportunity. At first I thought he was like the others. But he brought a contract. Gabriel Jacobs was security chief for some even higher end event. And he convinced the entertainment director to hire me despite me not being in the Company."
Karla could see what Milly meant. Even now Mr. Jacobs was a very handsome man. His suits did seem formed around what looked like a fit body. Karla could see herself falling for him despite their age difference in a different circumstance.
Milly continued her story, "I’m honestly certain he blackmailed that woman somehow to get me hired. I knew he was waiting until after the gig to ask me out. And I was so ready to thank him." she said with a wink.
"Then this uncoordinated all limbs no flow dork came up as I was playing. Gah I was annoyed at this guy describing impossible tech he was supposedly designing. Teleporters yeah right. But then he began singing along with the songs I was playing. Just making things up and so off key. Ruining my chance with this strange group that had the power to own tiny people." Milly giggled.
She went a bit misty, "Then he stopped. And I remember what he said, it was just the worst line, I'm sorry. I've stumbled out of my league didn't I. I'll go annoy the second most attractive woman in this room instead. And dang if I didn't laugh. I had to stop playing. He made me just laugh. That stupid line made me fall for Howard and I still don't know why."
"So you're saying if Mr. Jacobs hadn't waited." Karla asked.
"Oh I wanted to rock his world. Handsome, smart, rich, and able to land me gigs that paid in a night what I usually made in a month. I was ready to ride him till the sun came up. Instead I ended up at some greasy spoon with some lab jockey laughing like a dang fool. And I didn't regret that awful coffee once." Milly answered.
"Would you have been happy with Mr. Jacobs?" Karla asked.
"In a way I think I would have. Spoiled. It might sound strange, but likely more kids. But my Howard and Mikey, opps, Mike. They just make me happy." Milly shared.
"Sorry he doesn't let you call him Mikey any more." Karla replied.
"What? No, that was long coming I think. You gifted him with self confidence to want that stopped. And how that came around is my own greedy fault. Don't you even think of taking any blame for that. No matter how much fun it was." Milly advised.
"If you say so mom." Karla attempted to accept that idea. Milly stopped and was smiling. "What?" Karla asked.
"What did you just say my girl?" Milly asked.
"If you say so?" Karla replied in confusion.
"You called me mom." Milly sneakered.
"Sorry." Karla said.
"No, I'm good with it." She sighed.
"OK, mom." Karla replied. Earning another hug.
They began walking and a question lingered. "What does adjustment usually mean?" Karla asked.
"It's usually done to mental disturbed Shrunken. Violent unhinged ones. It removes those instincts. Well really it basically lobotomizes them. It's creepy. They might as well be dolls. They will follow instructions and look after themselves. But no emotion, no reactions or interactions. The idea you were coming back to us any way like that just tore my heart out. It's why we are all so mad at Gabs. I'm worried Al's going to punch him." Milly explained.
"Why do they have that?" Karla wondered. At Standard size Shrunken trouble makers could easily be separated.
"Do you know what an Eager is?" Milly asked.
"Oh yes, Micheal has one." Karla answered.
"Do you know what a Vixen is?" she then asked.
Her first thought was like a female fox. But clearly it was slang for a type of Shrunken. "No." Karla admitted.
"Well think of Micheal's Eager and times that by a hundred. Vixens become obsessed with their owner or other close human. So wanting to be enjoyed or receive their attention they often refuse clothes. Known to even destroy their clothes just to attract their owner's attention and ease their access. Worse is they are dangerously jealous. Viciously attacking other Shrunken in the thought they might get the Vixen's attention. They are so off kilter they also attack humans they feel are too close to their chosen human. So they came up with a process that makes them easier to handle." Milly explained.
"Would you do that if you had a Vixen?" Karla asked.
"No, I feel it would be less cruel just to put it down." She trembled out and then sighed.
"Have you killed a Shrunken?" Karla asked.
"No. Well, not directly. Who knows what happens to the ones I sold for ship credit. And those poor unacceptables." Milly replied.
"What are unacceptables?" Karla shivered remembering the woman from earlier.
"They have diseases they could pass on. Aids or the like. Or have an incurable physical condition. Cancers or failed kidneys, that stuff. So instead of damaging your whole collection or paying a bunch of money to keep one you just got alive. They, well, shred them though a garbage disposal like device before the owner can become really attached." Milly uncomfortably explained.
"Well, here we are." Milly noted.
Karla stopped her. "Can I go get Josie?"
"Of course. Have fun, but they are waiting for us." Milly said.
Karla stepped into an altered shared room. It all seemed off. She just couldn't shake that feeling. She went to the door to Micheal's room. She entered and headed to the nightstand cage.
Josie wearing a pleated plaid skirt and white button up shirt untucked. She was tapping at Karla's tiny tablet. She started, "Micheal any word on Karla?" and turned. "Oh my!" she gasped and dropped the device on the bed.
"Oh what an adorable Shrunken." Karla said, opening the cage.
"Karla how are you back to normal?" Josie wondered allowed as she started towards the opening.
"Oh and so curious." Karla cheerfully stated as she wrapped her hand around Josie. She felt Josie's pert round ass along her fingers. It was a rush lifting her girl crush in one hand.
"Oh so cute and fun looking." Karla purred as she teasingly stroked along Josie's fit leg.
"Karla stop that. How are you human again?" Josie demanded.
Karla found her finger raised to Josie's breasts. She ran in back and forth along their tops. From the feel Josie decided against a bra today. "Oh so feisty and sexy." she heard herself coo.
"Karla stop, this is uncomfortable." Josie complained arousingly.
Karla lifted the attractive Shrunken towards her mouth as she started hiking it's skirt up. Wantingly she licked her lips moaning softly, "I wonder what she tastes like."
"Karla." Milly spoke. Karla looked up. Would Milly want to join in playing with this sexy Shrunken? Karla would share with her friend. "They are waiting for us to return with Josie." Milly slammed reality back to Karla's focus.
Karla shook her head. She was supposed to be just teasing Josie. But if Milly hadn't have stopped her, Karla knew she would have torn Josie's clothes off her and enjoyed the helpless struggling form. "Right. Ready to see the others Josie?" Karla tried to play it off as teasing.
"Fine." Josie growled. Nope didn't trick her.
"I'm sorry." She told her tiny best friend.
"Lets go." Josie grumbled.
Karla handed Josie over to Milly. "I almost just raped her." Karla confessed.
"No Karla we play with Shrunken. I know you're a Shrunken, but if Micheal told you two to do stuff, it would still be play. Only problem is this is Josie, and she should be a touch more considered before play." Milly reminded Karla.
"Josie I'm still sorry." Karla repeated as Milly added her to her shoulder.
"I know." Josie replied.
They began returning Josie asked, "What happened to you?"
"Mr. Jacobs needed someone to get something from the port and I needed to test my collar. So he thought to do both. Plus I got to help Micheal collect more Shrunken." Karla said. Happy her friend had mostly forgave her recent misintention.
"Did being made human sized do something to your eyes?" she asked.
"No why?" Karla was confused.
"Then why the glasses?" Josie asked.
Karla reached up. She hadn't given back these marvelous glasses. "They were for me to make Shrunken." Karla explained.
"Let me guess, you liked feeling them squirm when you first pick them up after shrinking them." Josie said in an amused tone.
"It's so empowering Josie. I hope you get to try it someday. Wrapping your hand around a whole Shrunken and lifting them as the struggle and beg." Karla felt a hint of that rush.
"I hope I will be as accepting as you are." Josie replied.
Karla started telling Josie about the day. Meeting up with the families at the ramp. The football fields with the trapped fit playthings. Then after gaining Mr. Jacobs' item. Shopping through the suburb. Sadly spoiling the surprise for a very appreciative Milly. Even how the glasses let her shrink a car thanks to instructions from some sweet Alex fellow. Milly noted, "Micheal was wondering what you needed our address for."
They arrived and came back in. Her mom and Carisa were on the table and their jaws dropped at the sight of Karla's new stature. She made her way over to the Shrunken moms asking, "Sandy, can you get a carrying tub?"
"Certainly Karla." the girl replied.
"Karla your back to normal." Eva said in shock.
"No, I'm still Shrunken, I'm just what is called Full sized at the moment." Karla explained.
"But your, well, normal." Carisa replied.
"Once this collar is removed I'll go back to my right size." Karla replied.
"So they put that on you and you returned to that size?" Carisa asked.
"No, they use a tube device then place the collar on me." Karla explained.
"So, if they didn't put the collar on you would you stay that size?" Carisa asked.
"I have that tub Karla." Sandy advised.
"Oh good, Karla you wanted to say something to everyone?" Milly asked.
"We'll talk later." Karla said to the Shrunken mothers.
Karla went over to her collection case. "So I got you all a little something while I was running that errand." She popped the lid. "Chris I thought you'd like these." Hand handed him the Burch twins.
The two busty dark haired girls pleaded with Karla as the clearly aroused giant boy reached his hands around them. With one in each hand he started rolling their breasts. "Oh these are great, thanks." he noted.
"You like dark haired busty girls?" Sandy whimpered.
"I like dark haired busty Shrunken girls. But I find sweet smart girls are what I want for a girlfriend." he said smiling at the nervous slim redhead. Triggering a finger chewing.
"Oh, OK." she sweetly cooed. Blush marking her cheeks.
"Howard, for you." Karla stated, handing him the sunbathing ladies.
"Oh thanks Karla, just my size." he badly joked as he accepted them. Karla found herself giggle.
"Debbie, Chrissy for you." Karla handed them a couple of the teen basketball players.
Chrissy placed hers on the coffee table. The scared tiny lads protected their faces as she reached for them. Then she pants them before everyone. Finding they were to her liking she fiddled with their manhoods gleefully noting, "Oh Karla you know what I like."
"Jeff, for you." and she handed the jolly man a couple of older teens she encountered as they were walking a yappy dog. Karla just realized, she had no idea what happened to that dog.
He took them with a smile. Running his fingers along one of their yoga pants covered shapely legs, "Ohh quality sculpt." He teased it.
"Al, for you.'' She gave the big man a couple of the young mothers from the birthday party. He seemed to have a taste for more substantial Shrunken and Karla hoped she picked right. From how he licked his lips at the cowering curvaceous ladies. She figures she guessed right.
"Betty." Karla started.
"No thank you Karla." the nervous lady replied.
Karla placed the blathering car guy on the table in front of her anyway. The woman retracted in fear. Then she saw how this macho clad tiny man was cowering before her. Karla's heart warmed as Betty's eyes switched to an amused grin. She too licked her lips. Maria whispered in her ladies ear. "Yes sweet Maria you're right." Betty whispered. For the first time Karla saw, Betty teasingly walked her fingers over to a Shrunken. Cruelly dragged the man to before her. The room watched in delighted shock as Betty stripped the man of his soiled shorts and caged him in her bosom. Maria cheered her owner on the whole time.
Chrissy gleefully whispered in Karla's ear. "Betty has a Phobe fetish."
"Oh, Milly. For you." Karla said handing Milly the fit black man she nabbed while he mowed his lawn. And what was likely his teenage son who was snipping the hedges. Milly's eyes glowed as she ran her fingers over their tiny bared chests. The father begged her not to hurt his son. But from the sudden strain in the front of the fit teen's shorts, he might not mind being the dirty blonde MILF's little pet.
"Now Pat and Tanya, I haven't seen your collection or watched you collect. So I have no idea what type of Shrunken you enjoy. So please pick two each." Karla suggested.
Pat nabbed two of the other young likely mothers from the birthday. Tanya nabbed a chubby father and the ice cream booth teen.
"Now Sandy, I hope you don't mind. But I got you a collection of Waitin from a birthday party." Karla started. Sandy's smile glowed. Clearly those were the ones she wanted to keep.
Nibble teen fingers nabbed the poor scared kittens from Karla's collection box. Gently consoling them as she carefully gathered. Promising them safety and treats. Friends and fun as her sweet little ones. She hugged Karla as she offered all the Waitin she had collected. Kindly she took them as her own. Sandy then took them all to her room.
As the door shut Karla asked, "What does she plan for them once they become ripe?" Tanya and Pat shrugged with a snicker.
"What about me Karla?" Micheal asked.
She snuggled to her owner's chest. "You get the rest of my catches and me playfully helping you enjoy them." she purred.
"If you don't want that I'll trade you Mike." Howard joked, and the room filled with laughter.
Karla could see from their expressions her mother and Carisa were not happy with her giving what they still view as tiny people to her human friends and family. But she could see the edges soften with understanding. Micheal hugged her from behind, and their looks faded to his warm embrace.
Pat came over. Karla was warmed to see his fingers examine one of her gifts to him, "Since you'll likely be back to pellets in a few days, what would you like us to have for supper tonight?" He asked. Bopping her playfully on her nose as he finished.
She turned to look at Micheal and she knew. "Sea food. Just a big mix of it. And Onion rings."
"You got it." Pat cheerly agreed.
Sandy returned. Karla found herself cuddled on both sides by the teen girls and wonderfully hugged by her owner. Chris sat before her, finishing the circle around her. Karla was thanked for their gifts. Chris still rolled the twin's breasts like they were living stress toys. Course they were less covered now. Chrissy was explaining the ladies day. One hand was waving about as she talked. The other stroked one of her gift's exposed groin with her delicate thumb. Karla looked, others chatted with one or both of her gifts, amusing a hand or both. Karla felt great pride on how well she did on picking them new pets.
Food arrived and they plated meals and moved to make a big circle. Happily trading squirming newly made Shrunken as the ate. Micheal gladly allowed her to make trades on his behalf. She relished wrapping her hand around helpless Standard sized Shrunken. Full size has it's advantages. But she found herself longing to be on his shoulder.
They finished eating and trading. Cleaning up with this crowd took just a moment. Many hands were eager to help each other. The Howells, wanting to keep their collections small shuffled their catches between gender. Pat had a container filled with the extra Shrunken ladies as prizes for the men to play for. Using some sort of card game. Tanya was lifting the extra males for the ladies fun. Sandy put the Shrunken mother's away. Milly had Josie on her shoulder.
Karla wasn't sure if it was OK to stay with Micheal or if she should leave. Chrissy grabbed her arm, "Why are you not getting your and Micheal's cases. Us ladies are going to go play a game for some more boy toys."
"But, Micheal doesn't want me playing with Shrunken men." Karla replied in confusion.
Sandy, with a mischievous smile shyly suggested, "You could always give us those you win."
Suddenly Micheal's voice carried to her and lifted her worry, "Go Karla. Have fun. You will not be full sized for long."
"OK Micheal, if you're OK with it." she replied.
She left giggling and chatting like she was one of the human ladies. Tanya hadn't put the lid on the box of prizes. Karla found great amusement watching little men reacting to be talked about and leer at like sex objects by larger more powerful beings.
Sandy nicely carried Micheal's case for her as they walked. Dropping off Chrissy and Debbie's new additions on the way to the Miller suite.
They all filed into Karla's temporary home. She suddenly found Debbie taking her collection case. They were shuffling her towards Milly and Howard's room. Karla was shocked, was Sandy undoing her shirt buttons?
"Come on you, stop stalling. It's time for your bath." Milly cheerly informed. Did Chrissy undo her pants.
"What are you talking about?" Karla was confused.
"Micheal thought you'd like to experience a Company tradition." Milly advised.
Karla soon found her clothes stripped from her by a gaggle of giggling ladies. She was directed by the crowd into the tub.
Milly opened her collection case and Sandy opened Micheal's. She laughed as the group striped the Shrunken from those cases and gently started placing them in and around her naked form. Karla delighted in seeing the scared and confused smaller Shrunken milling about her larger form. All so naked and scared. Confused at why they now shared a tube with a naked giantess.
Karla playful squeezed her thighs together trapping a small wiggling crowd between them. The power and sensations was erotic. Then tiny beings began tumbling down her chest. Over and around her breasts. Karla looked up to see her teen friends giggling as they added more to her torso. One pretty girl about her age clung to her nipple, exciting it as she struggled to not fall. Karla's hand pressed her into the mound. Rolling the Standard Shrunken's own perky pair over her that nipple. Feeling helpless squirming failing to free the woman from her hold.
Little bodies stopped being added. The crowd of Standard sized wandered confused. Some braved climbing her legs. Warm little bodies pressing to her skin as they worked with great effort to scale her limbs.
Laughing Karla lifted a gym sculpted man from between her thighs. Forcing his little legs apart and making him straddle her unattended nipple. He flexed instinctively to resist her pressing into her breast. But she was disappointed he didn't rise to the occasion.
"Karla." Milly called for her attention.
Karla looked up and Milly turned on the water. Cold water made her shiver. But it warmed up soon. Little bodies panic climbed at her skin. A few cheeky climbers attempted to scale up her starting with her sensitive area. Just to be pinned there and squirm arousingly as her thighs held them tight. But she freed them as the water rose.
She raised her knees up to create extra islands for the smaller Shrunken to stay out of the water. A glass of Debbie's drink was held before her. She plopped the little male in as he wasn't hardening like she hoped he would. Taking a sip of the tasty adult beverage around him.
They let the water fill till there was little of Karla to use as islands for her little companions. Karla marveled at the size of the tub. She handed her glass back to Debbie and used the tube's luxurious length to submerge. Hearing little panicked screams as their body islands slipped under the warm water.
She reemerged and felt little naked people clamoring to be on her knees and breasts. She wiped water off her face and looked at them needing her to sit upon. They needed her to not die in this shallow tub. Playfully she plucked a girl from her knee and plopped her into the water. She watched her bob back to the surface and gasp for air. Swim furiously to the knee island Karla just took her off despite it's over crowded state.
She plunged the other knee under the surface and that crowd spread like a swarm of bees. Making efforts to reach the other knee or her bosom shore line. She looked up at the smiling faces of her human friends. More and more she understood why they enjoyed Shrunken. How enjoyable it was to toy with them. How arousing it was to indulge with their helpless little bodies. How they could just accept they owned these little creatures.
"You want to bath some more or should we give you a moment to dry off and recover from your bath?" Milly asked.
"I should get out of the tub." Karla sighed. Plunging the other knee under.
"You get out, we'll go fishing." Debbie offered.
Karla stood to the screams of several Shrunken. One cute little male foolishly clung to her breast all the way up. She quickly pinned him safely against her tit with the towel Tanya handed her. She felt a little bad for the little guy. But his wiggling felt wonderful.
"Have fun?" Milly asked.
"I kind of wish I had more time." Karla admitted.
"You will someday." Milly replied. She leaned in, "Did you want a quick play moment with a few or are you OK to come and torment some while we play Free Drinks."
"I wouldn't mind a quick alone moment." Karla confessed.
"OK, most of us did as well. Pick out a few and hop over to Mike's room to change as it were." Milly advised.
She took her hunk seasoning her drink and picked out those two helpful girls that gave her directions and one of the female football players and started over to Micheal's room.
"Karla, can I tell you something?" Sandy's voice stopped her in the shared room. She looked nervous.
Karla sighed, here comes the be nice to the other Shrunken speech. Sandy is just too sweet for this type of stuff. "Sure Sandy what is it?" Karla accepted her fate.
"He has really broad shoulders, so pop him into your pussy head first, they will stretch you just right. If you can where he's so tall, lay him along your slit so his feet wiggle and kick just slightly on your clitoris as you hold him in there and it feels amazing." The little imp smiled excitedly.
"Huh, sure thanks Sandy." was all Karla could think to say.
"Also, if you roll a female on your nipple just right, you can get it in them. It pinches, but it hurts nice. Especially when they try to wiggle off and you pop it back up them. If you do it right they'll orgasm and it feels so good." She grinned evilly. Karla could almost see little horns on the evil imp that looked like Sandy.
"Thanks." Karla nervously replied. She was really glad Sandy saw her as a friend and not just another Shrunken female. Who knows what would have happened the other day if she didn't.
"OK, have fun. See you soon." The chipper pixey returned and went back to help the others fish out Shrunken from the tub.
She got into her room. Waved to Amanda, then pulled the buff man from her drink. She sucked the sweet liquid from his little body. Annoyed that now he got an erection, not while straddling her nipple. That was alright, the guy pinned there by the towel was reacting nicely.
Once she suckled him clean she plopped Mr. Buff onto the bed. She grabbed the two helpful girls and placed them face to face like Micheal does with her and Josie. She wrapped her lips around them like he does. At first she teased the girls. Little taps or strokes. They whimpered or gasped so deliciously with each little taste. Karla began stroking their tasty little girlhoods. Rewarding them for their help as they sang from her deep strokes.
She laid on the bed and opened the towel. The man sat up and gasped for air. He looked up and saw sweet teens moaning eroticly in a giantess' lips. And showed he was a smart man. Both hands rubbed her nipple as he lapped it like it was a water spring in the desert. It was more delightful to watch then feel. But she gave him leeway for attempting to pleasure her.
She gave the woman a chance and dropped her atop her other breast. But she just sat there. Karla was about to press her to service, but Mr. Buff was trying to sneak away.
She grabbed the Shrunken male and pressed his arms to his sides. They were good broad shoulders. She decided to try that imp's suggestion. She slid him along her sensitivity. Once he saw where he was going he started to squirm. Wiggling his legs. Tapping her clitoris just like Sandy described. He would be tall enough to be in and juggle her spot with his feet. His shoulders popped in. She held that fit little fiddle and his toe tapping felt great. Karla worked him in and out. Her arousal slicking his form. She held the gym built man and allowed her hips to work out.
Karla figured, Sandy was right about that. Why not try the other suggestion. With one hand Karla overpowered those field toned legs. She pressed the woman's pussy ever so slightly to the tip of her nipple. She hummed in joy as her rolling just slightly gained a reaction from that woman. Course her humming sent her teen pops into a wonderful gasping chorus.
Rolling the woman's sensitivity more and more firmly. Karla could feel her getting wetter and wetter as she tantalizingly begged Karla to stop over and over. With a firm pinch Karla's nipple penetrated that tight tunnel. The woman threw her head back and grunted clear discomfort. It hurt, but in a strange arousing way. Karla hooked fingers around her rider's hips and made a rolling action with her hand. Working her nipple slightly out then back into the woman. Soon the woman's discomfort sounds changed to gasps of unwanted arousal.
Karla leaned her head back as her over sized body enjoyed the sensations caused by the forced Shrunken orgy. She hummed happily and was happily serenaded by those pretty sweets. Thick penetration pushed her living nipple clamp to climax and Sandy was again right, it did feel amazing.
Soon Karla's pleasure flooded her own mind. She shoved Mr. Buff waist deep into her wanting pussy and pressed her thighs pinning him in there as she rode that sensual explosion. He fought hard but fruitlessly to free himself which just felt so good.
The flood ebbed. She opened her thighs and was about to free him. But felt him slowly freeing himself and letting him extend her afterglow. The teens, freed from her lips collapsed on her face. They panted sweetly. The woman was slowly lifting herself from Karla's nipple. Little thrusts up, to slip back down a little, then try again. The towel man still worshiped his tan goddess. All the wonderful little sensations even after she finished with her fun.
She grabbed Mr. Buff just as he finished his spelunking trip and put him in a carrying tub with the towel guy. The woman and the teens into Micheal's fifth cage to clean themselves up. She grabbed her suitcase and got her pajamas.
She came out and they were setting up for the night. Tanya's extras all caged up on the coffee table. Bowls of different little dips, sauces, and soft scoop able foods all about the main table. Tall edges bowls filled with little naked men sided with pellets, likely special male play enhancing pellets. But a few bowls of naked women too. Mostly between Milly and Karla's likely seat. A smaller one beside Sandy. And drinks, Debbie was pouring drinks from a large pitcher. Two more in the fridge.
"Well ladies. Since this is likely our last night together for a while. Since scanning and packing up Shrunken will likely be our days tomorrow. I say we give ourselves horrible hangovers and great fun memories." Debbie requested. All agreed.
"OK who hasn't played Free Drinks?" Tanya asked. A few raised their hands. "Oh it's like rummy. There are four suits. Redneck, Blue Collar, White Collar, and Sleazy. Now to get a set all you need is a bar, a drink, and a guy. You get bought a drink. Each guy you get to buy you a drink is a point. More drinks, more points." Tanya explained.
"Does Debbie get extra for having a pair already?" Milly interrupted.
"Anyway, If you have, say, a Blue Collar bar, and a blue collar drink, you can have up to three blue collar guys buy you drinks. Or three points on one set. Now there are special cards, but their rules are written right on them. Are we ready to play?" She asked.
"Yeah, for each point we get to claim a Shrunken from the coffee table right?" Chrissy asked.
"Yep." Tanya nodded.
"But, what does Karla get? She can't exactly keep other Shrunken, and Micheal doesn't want her playing with male Shrunken when she's Standard sized. So, we need a prize for her." Chrissy suggested.
"It's OK, I'll just not claim any." Karla accepted.
"She could and I'll look after them for times she's like this." Milly countered.
"Or I could split my winnings with you all." Karla offered.
"We need a prize for Karla." Betty demanded.
"What do we offer a Shrunken as a prize that we wouldn't readily give Karla anyway?" Milly asked.
"I think I won already. I am just glad you all see me as something more than these others. I'm not a dip utensil or a plaything. I, and Josie are included as part of the group. Can we just play and enjoy each other's company while we can?" Karla asked.
The humans all looked at Karla. Soft smiles warmed their faces. "Lets play." Debbie agreed. And they did. Drinks poured, food was enjoyed, and happiness shared. They laughed at the tongue in cheek cards and poor Betty trying to pick out her prizes. They relished in the company of friends.
In the end they were just chatting in the living room area. Karla somehow gained a Josie sleeping in her cleavage and Sandy and Chrissy dozing, curled to her sides.
"Well, I should get going." Betty sighed. Clearly worn to her core, but wanting to stay.
"Night Betty, text in the morning. Maybe we all can meet for supper tomorrow night." Milly suggested.
"I should go too." Debbie sighed. She came over and woke Chrissy. "Time to go Star shine, say your goodnight."
"Good night everyone." Chrissy groggy announced. Then she turned to Karla, "Oh give this to our Micheal." and Karla suddenly had a tongue plowing through her mouth.
"Yeah, she's going to be fun in the morning." Debbie joked helping the usually bubbly blonde up.
Tanya sighed, "Best shoo those rowdy boys from my suite." She came over and easily scooped up the tiny Sandy. "Such a sweet Angel." and they too left.
"Well, let's do some damage control tonight. And finish cleaning in the morning." Milly advised.
The two gathered most of the dishes and put Milly's Shrunken they were dipping away. Karla looked at the couch, "Are there spare blankets?" she asked.
"Yeah, you should sleep out here shouldn't you." Milly replied.
"It is the rules." Karla agreed.
"I should not do this, but I don't want to hear a sound. Or about what happens. Not a peep." Milly surrendered.
"But Milly." Karla started.
"Nope, go, or I'll realize what I'm doing." Milly grunted.
"Night." Karla yipped. Kissing Milly's cheek.
She rushed into Micheal, their room as Milly replied, "It's just this once."
Karla got ready. She placed Josie in the nightstand cage. Micheal wasn't a roller. But she was. She slipped off her bottoms and undid the top few buttons on her shirt. Opening the collar to preview what he would get a special showing of. She waited.
Soon she heard him and Howard arrive. They sang some kids' songs as they bellowed their goodnights. He entered in with a swaying step. He saw her on the bed, curled for his viewing enjoyment. He sighed in clear delight, "Karla your all Hot!"
She slinked off the bed and curled to his chest. She could feel the Behemoth greeting her already. She played in his hair and purred, "Let's put your prizes away and get you ready for bed."
"Alright." he cutely whimpered.
They worked quickly together to place squirming girls and struggling women Shrunken in the cages. He was clearly enjoying the previews as he worked.
Done they stood. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him what Chrissy left for him and more. His talented tongue was a bit drunk, but still so instinctively alert. She pulled his shirt off and kissed her way up his bare chest. The poor Behemoth was straining to say high. She reached down and stroked it's thick hard length.
Micheal stiffened. He had a strained look on his face. Karla wondered if drink and excitement triggered him too soon. She could fix that if that was the problem. "Micheal what's wrong?" She asked, pressed to him. Playing in his boyish hair.
"I can't." he whimpered.
"If you ejaculated. That's OK." Karla tried to console her owner.
"No, not yet. I just, well, I'm not ready." He replied confusingly.
“You feel ready.” she cooed.
“Not that way. To do it, way.” he countered.
"But Micheal, you've enjoyed me dozens of times." Karla reassured.
"That was different, you were Standard sized." he replied.
"Your birthday, you had me pinned on the foot of that bed pumping me giddy with that thick tip of yours." she reminded him.
"Yeah, but you were Half sized. You are all woman-like now. It's different." he explained.
She understood. It would be too much like having sex with a real woman. She kissed his forehead. "Can I do anything for you?" she offered.
"Cuddle once I've changed into my PJs?" he asked.
"I love cuddling me big owner.'' She tried to sound happy. She ignored her It explaining how easy it would be to get him to do what they both wanted. She wanted him to be happy. Seducing him to have sex with her full sized would hurt him in the end.
He took his PJs into the bathroom to change. Karla curled under the covers. She thought about getting her bottoms on or buttoning her top more. But decided against it. Micheal might change his mind in the middle of the night. And she wanted him to be able to access her as quickly as possible.
He came back, he didn't put the shirt on. She was happy he thought of that. He slipped into bed and laid on his back. She curled tightly to her owner and cuddled her head to his chest. Her fingers stroked his satin skin as his teen boy body wash scent relaxed her. She half thought about asking him to remove her collar so she could sleep on his chest fully. But Mr. Jacobs wanted a few days' test. His fingers started playing in her hair. So smoothing knowing he was massaging her head. "Night my Special Micheal." she purred knowing his protecting touch would bring sleep soon.
"Night my Special Karla." he just as sleepily sighed back.

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