Au Pair (Update 3)

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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Re: Au Pair (2. update!)

Post by Bloodthirstybutcher » Sun Apr 04, 2021 9:45 pm

Awesome! Can't wait!
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Re: Au Pair (Update 3)

Post by ShrinkMaster » Mon Apr 05, 2021 9:51 pm

Beverly ignored the shocked looking young Mini and continued to set the table with an inner grin. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Kevin arrived in the kitchen.
When the 12 year old saw Sophie standing alone on the countertop, he leaned down to the little au pair and unabashedly grabbed one of her breasts.

"Mooom..., can't I take the little one to school today already?" it came out of Kevin's mouth in a grizzled way as he stroked Sophie's thick, protruding nipples with his big thumb.

Fired up again at the sight of Kevin's groping, the angry reaction promptly followed, "Damn it Kevin stop that groping, we're having breakfast now!" the 40 year old took a stomping step towards her son and angrily grabbed the shrunken high school graduate. Sophie's breath caught for a moment, so tight was Beverly's grip!
"The little girl has enough to do here today, and besides, it's probably better if our fresh Mini has a little more time to get used to her new life before a whole class of 12 and 13 year olds afflicts upon her!"

Sophie, who was slowly getting some air back in the giantess' tight grip, didn't know how to take this. It seemed again as if the host mother wanted to protect her at least a little bit, but the contact with her became harder from time to time, still in addition Sophie expected for it afterwards two sweaty giant feet!
But Sophie's tug-of-war came to an abrupt end.

"And you little one are still distracting us from breakfast far too much at the moment," her giant host mother looked down at her irritably.

Beverly took a quick look around and quickly came up with a solution. She grabbed the almost empty jam jar from the breakfast table and put it behind the toaster with the little au pair, out of sight of the rest of the family.
Sophie was looking at the jar, which was chest-high for her, with the remnants of jam in it, when all of a sudden a huge, pointed knife violently bored into the massive lid several times with loud bangs. The 20-year-old flinched in total shock at the completely unexpected action.

Even after the lid was unscrewed and Sophie was again gripped by giant fingers, her little heart was still beating wildly from the shock of the hammering knife. Suddenly, the gigantic hand opened in mid-air and caused Sophie to slide into the jam jar.
Standing up to her calves in extremely thick jam, the little au pair turned her gaze up to her giant host mother.

"Here's some garnish.", Beverly tossed a soft piece of white bread into the jam jar in front of Sophie and grabbed the lid.

The high school graduate couldn't believe her eyes as the large lid approached. Only now did she suddenly realize that they were air holes that Beverly had punched into the lid.

"B..but w-why...?" was all Sophie could get out before two huge fingers forced her with firm pressure to sit down with her bare ass in the thick jam slime.

"Do you think I want a little thing like you to mess up my kitchen when you come out?!" was all Beverly gave the shrunken girl in reply before dryly screwing the lid shut. She couldn't help a slight grin as she joined the others at the table.

Sophie was overcome with a slight claustrophobia as the lid was screwed tight just above her head with a loud scraping sound. Even the few holes did not change anything!
Left completely alone, the shrunken high school graduate sat trapped in a cramped jam jar between the toaster and the wall with a large piece of bread between her legs, trying to hold back her slowly overflowing tears.

The slippery and extremely sticky jelly reached Sophie's belly button in her forced sitting position. Her feet were only dimly visible and even a large part of her back was literally sticking to the smeared glass wall behind her.

The longer she sat in the transparent prison, the more the young high school graduate "got used to" her initially hardly bearable situation of being locked up as a mini in a jam jar. Not least her great hunger had contributed a part to it, finally the young woman had taken since yesterday morning no more „normal“ food to itself! And so she began to tear off little by little pieces of the jam-soaked bread and eat them.

Sophie did hear a few noises from "outside" from time to time, but it was far from being a real distraction from what felt like an eternity in the glass "slime"-prison!
But then, all at once, the transparent walls darkened and the jam jar suddenly began to rise. In a flash, the massive lid opened with a loud grinding sound and Sophie finally saw light above her head again. But all at once her glass prison tilted downward so quickly and far that she could only completely helpless slide out headfirst and immediately plunge into warm, foaming water.

Beverly had taken her time until after breakfast to bring the young, shrunken thing out again behind the toaster, which caused both the men of the house at the moment still for too much distraction. But now that all the other family members were out of the house and the entire breakfast table had been cleared, the host mother had seen sense.
Still, the little "jam"-mini really shouldn't dirty the kitchen. So Beverly ran some warm water with a squirt of dishwashing liquid into the kitchen sink and poured in the sticky shrinky like kitchen utensil.

When Sophie picked herself up from her ungainly landing on the hard floor of the sink and was able to stretch her limbs for the first time in a while, it was an unexpected, pleasant surprise for the 20-year-old to also feel the warm bubble bath against her sticky skin. But the joy did not last long!
Immediately, her gigantic host mother had grabbed a dishcloth and completely devoured Sophie's little body with it.

The 40-year-old housewife made no effort to be the least bit gentle with the girl who had shrunk only yesterday. She washed the young, small body with the rag like any other object and dipped the helpless Mini under water at her whim.

Sophie could do nothing against this crude "rinsing"-violence! Wrapped in the coarse dishcloth, the huge host mother did with her what she wanted! But as fast as the washing process went, as abruptly and wildly it ended, well almost.

Beverly unwrapped the little lathered up au pair from the dishcloth and pulled her out. Then she opened the faucet and rinsed the shrunken girl once completely. With a quick glance it was clear that the little girl still had jam residue between her tight ass cheeks.

Just doused by a hard stream of water, Sophie suddenly found herself upside down with her upper body in Beverly's closed hand. Only her long legs and ass were peeking out the top. Sophie felt her legs being pushed apart by Beverly's other hand.
All at once Sophie's "center" was hit by a hard jet of water like from a fire hose! The jet was only briefly interrupted by Beverly's big finger, which scrubbed Sophie's most intimate parts clean with firm pressure.

Beverly looked amused at the shrunken girl's wriggling legs, but even she had to admit that those long, delicate limbs were quite a looker, even for a mini!
Beverly pulled her finger out of the mini cleft and held the shrunken thing under the faucet again, not entirely without some glee.

Sophie felt one last waterfall-like pour on her intimate zone before finally it was all over. At least as far as the rinsing was concerned, because only a moment later the little au pair found herself in a gigantic towel.
A drying like in a mangle followed! Sophie was wiped off to the roughest with the extremely rough towel. And as soon as she was halfway dry, she landed hard on the dish rack.
Sophie's toes were still sticking together a bit from the jam, but she wouldn't dream of giving the giantess the slightest reason for another wash!

When the host mother calmly hung up the used towel and then simply walked out of the kitchen, Sophie, left at the sink, was more than made clear how much she resembled an random thing rather than a living person for the gigantic woman!

Left alone for more than fifteen minutes, Sophie looked around the huge kitchen a bit. It wasn't the huge microwave or the wall-high toaster but the sheer difference in height from countertop to floor that made the 20-year-old realize again how small she had really been shrunk by the "au pair" agency just yesterday!

After some time, Beverly reappeared in the kitchen dressed in her gym clothes. Without saying a word, she grabbed the little au pair and took her to her cage.

"In you go little one," Sophie was deposited just inside her barred den, "If no one is home you have to stay in here. Who knows what's prowling around here and might have it in for you!", the gigantic woman grinned down maliciously and let the barred gate click loudly into place.

Sophie had to swallow hard at the thought that any hidden animals could be lurking somewhere in the house.

Beverly bent down briefly and tightened her shoe straps one last time, "See you in an hour then, my little masseuse!"

Sophie's gaze locked on the gigantic, tightly laced, dark red and pink sneakers and couldn't take it away! In an hour, she had to take care of her host mother's giant, sweaty feet that would come right out of those shoes!

Left completely alone for an entire hour, Sophie's thoughts went round and round in a single emotional chaos. Beside what would expect her probably still, the thoughts alternated with that which she had to suffer yesterday.
But at least it was much easier for her to use the "toilet". Also the use of the water container worked slowly at least so far that she did not wet herself completely with it.

Right on time after an hour, Sophie heard the front door open. The sweaty host mother went straight into the bathroom. When Sophie heard running water, a great relief spread through her!
"What luck, she's washing after exercise!"

Drying her hair with a towel, Beverly came out of the bathroom. Sophie saw that the 40-year-old had put on a fresh T-shirt. But then the shock!! Beverly was still wearing her workout leggings and sneakers!!

Sophie couldn't take her eyes off the giant shoes coming closer and closer. With each step, the earth vibrated a little bit more. The dark red and pink surfaces seemed to look more and more threatening to her!

Demonstratively, Beverly brushed off one shoe after another right in front of the cage.
"About time you did something useful for living here with us!" the 40-year-old sounded smugly as she let her toes wander up and down in the white socks.

Sophie looked frozen at the socks, which were covered with sweat. The toes seemed through their movements on the small woman like predators just waiting to attack her!
All at once, a huge hand blocked the view and reached deep into the bars with its long fingers. With a powerful jerk, the cage door sprang wide open, revealing an unprotected view of the predator's toes.
Sophie's panicked instinct caused her to back away, but immediately the giant female hand entered the cage, grabbed the young woman and instantly pulled her out of her barred "dwelling".

After a short but turbulent flight through the air, the little high school graduate found herself at the end of the huge living room couch. Within seconds, her gigantic host mother had taken over the remaining space with her enormous body dimensions, and she had already taken off her socks. And so two gigantic feet piled high directly in front of Sophie. The huge sweaty walls of flesh towered over the little high school graduate by double!!!

"What's going on?!!"
it thundered annoyed from the other end of the couch, "Get to work already little one or should I help?!"

As the giantess tucked her toes and tilted them slightly downward it seemed as if the folds of that thick, leathery skin were oozing even more sweat! But the shrunken au pair realized that she had no choice!
Even though everything inside her screamed "NO", she walked up to the monster foot to her right and put her small hands to the leathery, damp skin. The smell was actually more bearable than anticipated but anything but pleasant.
Sophie began her first, tentative attempts at a caressing massage when the foot, almost thirteen feet high for her, suddenly kicked out and threw her far back.

"Not so timid little one! I probably should have told you how ticklish I am, hihi. So go again but this time better with full strength!"

Sophie slowly picked herself up again. Her body felt like it had been overrun by a bull. But the 20-year-old didn't want to experience what it would be like if she didn't meet the giantess' demands properly!
Quickly back on the foot, she jammed her small hands this time as hard as she could into the thick folds of skin and massaged the gigantic sole with all her strength.
Sophie was disgusted by the sweaty moisture, but she couldn't deny that it helped immensely in massaging the thick skin.

Beverly let the little girl massage the two lower halves of the soles of her feet for quite a while before she turned onto her stomach, giving the au pair the opportunity to work the other part as well. She had to admit to the little girl that she did her job amazingly well for the first time.

Because the giant feet were now slightly curved inward, the skin was piled up by individual, small bulges. This gave Sophie an even better opportunity to massage her host mother's giant feet.
In fact, the little au pair even felt some relief to be able to do her job so well, and only with her hands and arms.
But no sooner had the giantess spun around again after a while than the exhausted Mini's hopes of a smooth one were dashed!

Beverly straightened up to a sitting position and stretched her feet forward.
"Finally, the spaces little one." she spread her toes wide apart.

Sophie went to the first big toe and was about to massage the interspace with her hand when her head was suddenly grabbed.
"Of course with your tongue you stupid thing!" the 40 year old squeezed the little head between the first two toes and held it in place.

Sophie's face was instantly pressed into the moist cleft of the toes. The steaming foot smell was immediately many times more intense as her nose was pressed firmly against the end of the cleft! It was impossible to back away!

"What's the matter little one? Why can't I feel a tongue?!"

Startled by the very angry sounding request, the 20 year old Mini overcame her disgust and opened her pinched lips. Immediately, salty foot sweat spread in her mouth. Despite all the disgust, she pressed her small tongue against the leathery skin between the giant toes. Not least so that the pressure of the giant finger on the back of her head would finally subside.

But instead Beverly played with Sophie's little head and made sure that her little face including her open mouth didn't miss a millimeter between her two toes. Only after that she released the little one from her squeezing finger.

Sophie immediately backed away between the two toes and took a deep breath. Most of her face was covered in a mix of foot sweat and her own saliva. But wiping away would have been pointless, because immediately it sounded from far above: "What's up little sweet tooth? There are seven more spots waiting for you here!", with all the giantess toes fluttering up and down in a threatening manner at the same time and finally pausing in a slightly spread position.

Sophie tried to brace oneself as best she could, grabbed the 2nd and 3rd giant toes with her hands and stuck her little head into the stern smelling gap. Again she was overcome by this enormous feeling of disgust, but then the high school graduate bravely opened her mouth and licked the moist spot at the end of the bifurcation as clean as she could.

Satisfied, Beverly let the girl do her work and leaned back on her elbows. Over 20 minutes passed before the shrunken au pair had licked all the spaces clean. Beverly was surprised how thoroughly the new mini had cleaned her feet the first time.
"Well done little one, you've earned a break with that". Satisfied, she grabbed the 20 year old girl and just set her down on the floor next to the couch.

Sophie's tongue felt like a rough carpet. She hurriedly made her way to her cage and headed straight for the large drinking container. After drinking what felt like over 2 "liters" of water, she immediately began washing her face off. But no matter how much she rinsed her face, she just couldn't completely get rid of the disgusting foot sweat smell.

Maltreated, she lay down on her makeshift sponge bed to let some inner peace return, but all the shrunken au pair could think about was that already in a few hours a huge, horny teenager would come back from school...
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Re: Au Pair (Update 3)

Post by Nicodemus » Tue Apr 06, 2021 12:04 am

Such sweet cruelty!
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Re: Au Pair (Update 3)

Post by SciFiCrazy » Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:45 am

Great addition to your story as always. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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