The Tourists. Home Life

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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The Tourists. Home Life

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First chapter of after Karla gets to the Miller's home. I likely will not add to this as frequently as the other story, as my writing output has slowed recently. But hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1


Karla awoke by being lifted. "Shh, shh." Micheal said as he moved her and Josie.

"What's going on?" Karla sleepily asked.

"I'm getting ready for work, you two can sleep more." he directed. Karla felt herself laid on a warm pillow. He pulled his shirt off and blanketed them with it. Josie snuggled and Karla found it a nice nest.

She watched him walk over to his cage. He reached in and she heard familiar whimpering voices. Micheal growled, "Sush, if you wake Karla and Josie I'll punish you." He turned and walked out of his room with Donna and Gabriel dangling from his hand.

Karla sighed and curled tightly to her sleeping friend. She welcomed sleep happily.

Karla heard a noise and sat up. "Oh, did I wake you?" Milly asked softly from the doorway.

"No no." Josie groggily said as she sat up.

"Did you two want to sleep more?" Milly offered.

"I'm ready to get up." Karla announced.

"You want to shower in the cage? I'm going to shower now myself, you can join me." Milly advised.

The friends looked at each other and shrugged, "Sure, why not." They both agreed.

"Where did he pack your clothes?" Milly asked.

"That bag." Karla directed. Milly helped them pick out outfits for the day. She carried them to her and Howard's room. They showered together like friends at the gym. Karla marvelled at Milly's body. Tall and slight, yet very appealing. If she didn't know, she would not have thought this woman never carried a child to term.

As they showered Milly offered them to try her shampoo and body wash. Karla missed the smells of Micheal, but it was nice to smell different to her towering teen owner.

As they dressed Milly asked, "Did you two want me to get you your own shampoo and things for when you shower?"

"That would be nice." Karla replied.

"You know, I was hoping Mike would leave you at full size for today." Milly announced.

"Really?" Karla asked.

"I was hoping to have your help with packing. You two don't mind keeping me company while I work?" Milly requested.

"Gladly." Josie agreed.

"I'm going to make an omelette, would you two want some? It will not be as good as on the ship." Milly offered.

As Josie agreed and they discussed more, Karla looked over at her host's cage. Glares, dirty looks, and fearful glances were returned. Karla felt a slight rush knowing she was more than those Shrunken. Milly talked to them like friends, family really. Those caged pets were her playthings. She accepted Milly's hand for transport. Asking as she stepped aboard, "Do you have cups our size for coffee?"

"You know I do for you two ladies." Milly replied sounding confused at the question.

Karla smiled at their audience, "Right, because we're special." She stated.

They went to the kitchen. Karla and Josie were placed on a bread box beside where Milly worked. The boys had gotten Milly a good supply of ingredients for Milly's omelette. "I guess I'll have to leave you two here for a bit. We need groceries."

"That makes sense." Josie replied.

"Another reason I wish he'd left you big." Milly noted as she cooked.

Karla sipped at her coffee. Peppers, ham, and shredded cheese combined with the eggs to make a nice breakfast. "Is there anything we can do to help?" She asked her human friend.

"Just be company." Milly noted. Breakfast, freshen up, and they start packing the library spare room. Well, Milly does. They discussed the books their giant friend was packing away. It was a pleasant morning.

Milly left them on the couch to watch TV while she left to get the real groceries for the house. Karla was disappointed to find no channel broadcasted her show. She tapped at her tablet while Josie watched teen sitcoms. They got great amusement to see they still showed episodes from Grace's show.

Nearly two hours after she left, Milly returned. "There is a package here for you." she noted with amusement to Karla.

The human woman put away groceries. Milly had brought home a salad and a small roasted chicken. As the three shared lunch, Milly opened that package for Karla. A shiny Standard sized Black Charger with fire engine red detailing. "Why are you receiving this?"

"The glasses Mr. Jacobs lent me allowed me to shrink it." Karla explained.

"Oh right." Milly noted.

In the package were also little clear plastic tubes labelled with the needed fluids of the car. Once lunch was finished and cleaned up after. Milly helped Karla reenter the fluids into her own little car as it sat upon a pile of paper towels. They gave the shiny lovely time to accept the refilling as they returned to packing.

After packing books and knick knacks for a few hours, Milly suddenly announced, "I think it's time for a break." She held her hands for Karla and Josie to step aboard. She carried them to the piano.

Karla could see it had a faint layer of dust atop it. At first Karla thought it was from the length of the trip. But it was deeper, as if this instrument had been somewhat forgotten. She found herself placed upon Milly's shoulder. Josie slipped upon the other.

Their human friend prepared a wash for polishing the dark wood beautiful device. Milly carefully wiped the smooth surface clean. She seemed to brighten as she removed the layer of dust. She finished and emptied the bucket.

Milly took them off her shoulders and offered them to step off onto the now gleaming surface. Milly open to the keys. She stretched her fingers and danced them across the pearlized switches. "Hmm, I need to get this tuned after we move." she noted to herself. Karla noticed no off tuned keys.

Milly started a soft song. It was a warm tune and inviting. Something she would have been perfect in a fancy hotel lobby. Milly smiled softly as she played a well remembered tune.

"How about this?" Milly asked with a smile at her Shrunken audience. And a joyous tune began. Karla and Josie knew this tune. They had danced to it when they were younger. They smiled and stood. They began trying to remember the routine. They were clearly out of practice. They giggled together at their shared missteps. They were rewarded by Milly joining in with the amused sounds.

Milly started a classical ballet tune. Karla sat and allowed Josie to perform. Josie had done some training in ballet. She glided on that shining platform like an angel. Milly clearly enjoyed the performance. Once the song ended she clapped for her little dancer. Josie bowed and clapped to her giant musician.

Milly's next song was an upbeat show tune. Karla took a turn dancing. She improvised her performance. Karla found she enjoyed the sensation of the music's vibrations through her feet. It was an interesting experience.

That's how they spent the afternoon. Milly picked a tune. And Josie and Karla would take turns making up their own dances to those songs. Karla and Josie delighted at the musical performance and Milly clearly enjoyed their performance.

"Well, you three having fun?" Howard's voice suddenly announced his presence. The three were so engrossed in their fun they didn't notice the guys had come home. They stood smiling in the living room doorway.

"Wow mom, you haven't just sat and played in a while." Micheal noted.

Howard came over and kissed his wife's cheek. "Are you going to play it for me?" He asked.

Micheal leaned on the piano behind Karla. She sighed happily as his powerful hand stroked her back. Milly started tickling the keys. Milly began to play and she and Howard sang some old song together. Milly was right, Howard was a bad singer. But it was a sweet sight, them singing to each other about time and wishes.

"I thought before supper we could take Mike and the girls to the new house to check it out. What do you think, my beautiful angel?" Howard said in a warm sigh.

"That sounds nice." Milly purred back.

"Give us a moment to put away the Shrunken we brought home and we'll zip over there." Howard advised.

The boys brought home ten of their catches each to enjoy. Howard had brought Milly ten of her pets as well. Karla was amused, Micheal brought home some of the sweet girls. Fun young playthings.

Micheal had to carry Karla and Josie in his jacket pocket. The playful boy tormented her with his fingers as he walked to the car. They stroked and touched at her, she reveled in his attention. Wondering if Josie was getting to feel the titan's touches. In the car they were allowed to ride on his lap, out of sight of the other drives and their passengers. Those wonderful colossal hands made great backrests for the ride.

They drove for a while. It was hard to tell much about where they traveled as Karla could only see up through the windows. But as Howard mentioned it was a gated community near their work, she knew it would be a few minutes at least. Watching building tops and lamp posts drift by.

They came up to a gate and a security guard. "Sorry, private housing." he stated.

"Yes, we bought a house in here. Just want to show our son the house. Here, one sec, I'll get my home owner's card." Howard replied. He wiggled about then pulled out his wallet. He handed the guard a card.

"OK Dr. Miller, enjoy showing off your new home. And remember, you might be Red Status, but if you're caught with openly displayed Shrunken by non-Company personnel, you could get in big trouble." the guard advised as he opened the gate.

"You're right, we just got so used to carrying them around on ship." Howard sighed.

"You went on the first collect cruise, how was it?" the man asked.

"Oh so perfect. Hope you get to take one yourself." Howard sighed happily.

"Third one, west coast of Africa. Hoping to collect some lovely African playmates." the guard smiled.

"That one will be interesting. Heard they are planning special precautions due to some areas' political unrest." Howard replied. "But yeah, dark skinned beauties should be found there." he finished as he started driving in.

"The guard was right Mike. Sad to say it, we need to keep Karla and Josie hidden outside the house. Sorry ladies." Milly noted.

"That's understandable." Karla was proud to hear Josie say.

They pulled into a driveway and got out of the car. A light blue two story house with a two door garage stood before them. Along the side opposite of the garage was a wrap around porch. There were stairs down the side of the garage. They walked toward the front door.

Inside was a massive living room. They walked through a short hall with the door to the garage on one side and the door to the basement on the other. After that a fair sized kitchen. It was open to the dining room, large with a little nook between it and the living room. Off the kitchen was a little hall holding a half bath and a laundry area.

Down to the basement was a fair sized finished area with a bar alcove. Off that was a small room for a bedroom or office. Another bathroom with a stand up shower. The back end was mostly unfinished with stairs that led out to the back yard. Howard announced that it would be for his tinkering, the weight bench, and storage.

They climbed the stairs to the second floor. The Master bedroom was along the front. It was huge with it's own bathroom and a walk-in closet that wrapped around the bathroom. Inside the back end of the closet was illuminated by a skylight. This area had caging on both sides. Clearly intended for Howard and Milly's pets.

Out of the master bedroom was a hall that ran the length of the house. Another bathroom was first. Three simple rooms with a normal closet shared that side of the building. In the front corner was an area with bay window seating. The walls were bookshelves.

"So, one of these rooms is mine?" Micheal asked. Karla wondered herself. They were slightly smaller than the bedroom he had at their current space.

"Nope." Howard answered. He led them back down the hall and opened a door that led out over the garage. Inside was a small apartment. "Your mother is worried you're going to leave us in a few years. So she's hoping to bribe you into staying with us for a few years with this.”

Just inside was a kitchenette with a small dining area. Around the corner was a full bath and a long living room like area. At the far end of the Living room was a door to the outside with a little porch. Off the living room was the bedroom area. About the size of the area he has at their current space. But with a walk-in closet area with a sky light. But it was simply caged off just inside, to keep his Shrunken contained.

"Really, our own place?" Micheal gasped.

"Yes, but no. You still live under our rules. We can and will pop in as we do with your bedroom now. But more space and eventually you'll be given more and more personal responsibility." Milly advised.

"OK, Karla, Josie, looks like we'll have to get furniture and things." Micheal suggested.

"Al is designing cages for our Shrunken closets. Should make great access to them." Howard advised.

Karla imagioned many fun games they could have with the Shrunken ladies he owned. His own place with his harem.

They left what would be their new home in a few weeks. Micheal placed Karla into his jacket pocket. The car started and they were moving. His powerful hand slipped into her pocket. That wonderfully cruel titan teen started fondling her in his pocket. She struggled to suggest he should wait until they were back in his room. But she was helpless to stop him from molesting him. She was shamelessly delighted in his dominance of her whole body with just a mighty hand. For the whole car ride she was his to play with.

They got back and Micheal pulled Karla and Josie out of his pockets. Karla gasped from the effects of Micheal's attacks. She was amused to see Josie panted as well.

The three human's started making supper together. Karla watched as Josie was suddenly snatched from Micheal's shoulder and onto Milly's. It was nice seeing them coordinate to make a meal.

As they ate Milly announced, "Karla got an interesting package today."

"Really, what was in it?" Micheal asked excitedly.

Karla answers, "It's a black seventy three Charger."

"Charger?" Micheal replied.

"Classic muscle car." Karla advised.

"Have you drove it yet?" Howard asked.

"The day I got to try making Shrunken. I drove it back to the ship." Karla explained.

"Guess we'll have to find someone to look after the maintenance of your toy." Howard noted.

"Karla knows about old cars." Josie announced.

"Really Karla?" Micheal asked.

"My dad showed me." Karla felt shy to say. She had gotten used to guys being weirded out by her mechanic skills.

"Would you mind tuning other cars?" Howard asked.

"No, it would be a nice hobby." Karla replied.

"Cool! You can look after Shrunken cars." Micheal cheered.

"Remember guys, she is only one per, ahh, Shrunken. Best not order a parking lot till we see if we have collected her any help." Milly advised.

They finished supper. "Can we take Karla and her car to the basement so she can drive her car a bit?" Micheal asked. Karla was rather excited of the idea of driving that black beauty again.

"Suppose you want to see the car too?" Milly asked Howard.

"Yeah, but dishes." Howard whined.

"I'll deal with them." Milly advised.

"Micheal, do you mind if I keep your mother company?" Josie asked.

"Oh thanks Josie." Milly answered, scooping the freckled beauty to her shoulder.

Howard carried the car while Micheal carried Karla. Howard carefully placed the car down. Karla took a walk around the muscle car. It's former owner had taken wonderful care of this lovely.

Howard whispered something to Micheal that generated an. "Oh yeah."

"What are you boys whispering about?" Karla requested.

"Sorry, dirty old man thought." Howard replied.

"What this time?" Karla sighed.

Howard snickered, "You would look good washing that car."

"Well if Micheal wants to see me wash it, I'd be happy too." Karla purred to her towering owner.

Karla climbed in and realized she didn't have the keys. Crossing her fingers she checked the glove compartment. There they sat. Sighing, she put them in and started her rumbling pet. It purred just like it did that wonderful sunny day.

She drove it around the weight bench. Weaved around the free weights. That Red lined stallion handled like silk. Karla wished she could drive this wonderful creation in the sunshine. She just had to imagine the open road in this massive basement.

When she finally stopped Milly and Josie had come down. She popped the hood. She had to look at the heart of her stead. The former owner didn't just take good care of this work of art Karla now kind of owned. He must have put a lot of work upgrading it. Carefully Karla leaned over to inspect the engine visually. It would be too hot to fidget with right now.

She had just begun viewing the engineering beauty when she heard both men give their own appreciative hum. She snickered, she hadn't thought about the pose she would be in to enjoy her new toy. Karla liked that Micheal still liked seeing her bend over things. Even knowing Howard, with his bus load of pretty playthings clearly liked the view she was displaying made her feel strangely sexy. She gave her displayed ass a little wiggle at them as her old self reminded her she hated men leering at her. But these weren't men, these were her Micheal and sweet Howard.

She took her time looking over the components. From what she could see the oil filter and a few other components were new. From their state, Karla guessed brand new. The clean up crew must have changed them. Course they drained the fluids, so that made sense.

She leaned back and turned around. "Liked the view?" Karla teased the giants staring admiringly in her direction. She got a bit of a rush from them blushing, even Milly.

"Is it in good shape?" Micheal asked.

"Perfect from what I can see." Karla called back.

"We'll have to order you a fuel pump for Shrunken cars." Howard advised.

"Well, if we are to order a small collection of pretty cars for her to tinker with, we should see if there is a Shrunken sized garage we can buy our tiny grease monkey." Milly advised.

Karla found herself on the back of the couch as they looked over the remaining vehicles for sale. Advising them on their choices. She wasn't as up to date on new cars. And not alot of classic ones were left.

She was saddened, but not surprised, there were human sized modified tools to look after Shrunken cars. But nothing Shrunken sized. There were some Shrunken sized tools, but they came with costumes. And it would be hit or miss if they would work for her needs.

As Micheal carried her to their room, Karla found herself fairly excited about the cars coming from what Micheal ordered last night, to what the family ordered that night. She could at least advise them on how to modify and tune their new toys. And likely get to drive them.

Micheal placed them on their bed and advised, "Wait here." and he turned to his still packed suitcase.

"What is he doing?" Josie asked.

"Looking at Shrunken outfits. Maybe he's collecting our other outfits for us." Karla suggested.

He returned and requested, "Put these on please." handing them each a pen striped skirt and button up blouse outfit. Karla's was a familiar tight grey skirt and pink shirt. While Josie was handed a black one with a sky blue top. As he turned Karla could see several copies of his schoolgirl outfits. She knew what her titan wanted to play.

"Why does he want us in these?" Josie asked, confused. But still pulling out the clothes to put them on.

Karla purred, "Because we are going to play teacher to a small class of students."

"In the play set?" Josie asked.

"Likely on his chest, or his cock." Karla hummed remembering the first time she played teacher.

Karla was aroused by Josie's expression change. It was as she now purred the question, "Are we to punish our students, or does he?"

Karla sighed, "We'll have to see what Dr. Miller is looking for from the students."
Karla was happy to see there was an elastic in her garment bag to bun her hair. She looked over at Josie. Her outfit hugged her curves beautifully. With her glasses and her reddish hair in a tight bun Karla found her sexy librarian fantasy.

Micheal came over with the ten young teen Shrunken he brought home today. Karla was sad not to see Donna and Gabreil in the mix, but their uniforms were in the wash.

The ten pretty girlies clumped together. A mass whimper came from them as Micheal began to strip his shirt off. Karla shook her head, some of these cupcakes had been his for most of the trip, they should know to be excited to be played with by now.

Karla clapped her hands and advised in her most teacher-like voice, "Class, come on class, this isn't the first time you've gotten to be Director Micheal's playthings. Calm down, I'm sure whatever he has planned, you'll all will get to experience part of it."

"But we don't want to." the long haired blonde he had plucked naked from a shower on his second port whimpered.

"Now stop being foolish. You've been one of my students before. You should know better. Behaved means better treatment." Karla reminded them.

The girl looked about to rebut her when she got distracted. Micheal was slipping his pants and underwear down, so Karla couldn't blame them for staring at the Behemoth. But they again reacted in fright. As she realized she shouldn't have put on the underwear and hosiery for her outfit, they would need to be washed now.

The pluckley side pigtailed brunette noticed her admiring the thick beast and questioned, "How can you like being molested by him?"

Karla walked over and cupped the girl's cheek, "Because I accepted my new life and my place in it. The sooner you do, the sooner you'll start enjoying his affection too."

The towering teen laid himself upon their bed. Gentily he scooped Josie and Karla and they found themselves slid just before his colossal face. "What lesson do you want our students to learn?" Karla softly asked her sweet giant.

"What do you think they should learn?" He replied.

Josie looked over at the tender schoolgirls then at her massive owner. "I have an idea if that's OK?"

Karla smiled at her lovely friend as Micheal hummed, "Sure, go ahead Josie."

"OK, bring them up." Josie advised.

Karla enjoyed the show. He was sweet to her and Josie. But the young Shrunken he grabbed in ones and twos by their torsos. Thigh high sock covered legs squirming helplessly in his powerful hands.

Soon the ten pretty plaything cowared on his wonderful chest. Josie walked toward them in an alluring heel toe sway. Karla noticed Micheal too also enjoyed her traveling. She actually circled the nervous group, gaining their attention.

"Evening girls. You may call me Miss. Josie for your lessons. That is Miss. Karla during lessons. And that powerful being is to be called Director Micheal at all times, or else." Josie began.

She smiled at Karla and took a deep breath, "Tonight's lesson is simple. You are to simply accept your new life, or at least begin to act like you have accepted it. One at a time you shall walk up to Director Micheal's sweet face and beg him to play with you. The best one getting a special reward of his choosing. Any refusing or clearly not trying as he sees it, he will punish. Any questions?"

The long haired blonde whimpered, "But we don't want to be played with."

"Then lie, because you are going to be." Josie seemed to mock the teen. She clapped her hands together and commanded, "Now line up and begin."

The first sweet little former Asian dancer started. Pleading adorably in thickly accented broken English to the admiring giant. She even called over her friend and began to explain that the second pretty didn't know any English and begged for her.

Josie grabbed her arm, distracting her from that wonderfully appealing display, "I think there is something wrong with me." her friend confessed.

"Are you feeling alright?" Karla lost care about the skimpily clad begging Shrunken.

"Nothing physical. It doesn't make sense, I don't find women sexually attractive. But if I thought Micheal would like it, that he would be aroused to see it, I would pin any of those girl's down and do things to them. Just knowing he's going to play with them sexually, I'm not just aroused. I'm lustful. I am fighting the urge to just walk down to that thick wonderful Behemoth and love it with my body." Josie explained.

Karla reached up and stroked her friend's cheek to comfort her. Josie accepted and Karla heart rushed and Josie nuzzled her face into the touch. It spoke to Karla greedly, "Just say Micheal would enjoy that, those four simple words and you could be making love to Josie on his chest while he watches."

Karla ignored that tempting offer and her clear want to step forward. Josie was clearly bothered by these urges, she should help her friend. "After he's done maybe we should talk to Micheal. He might be able to help you understand. But I know how you feel." Karla advised stepping away from her freckled love.

Josie looked over at Micheal's sweet face as he inspected his living dolls begging for his attention. Karla saw her gasp wantingly, "Yes, he should have his fun first." Josie sighed. Yes, Karla knew this feeling well.

They started appraising the presentioning girls to each other. Their delectable slender forms. How their skirts hung off the tops of those tight young asses. He had brought home three Asians, three brunettes, three blondes, and Karla's shapely young neighbor. All very appealing playthings for a boy his age. And for some reason, they were enticing as playthings to Karla as well.

His hands stroked at the trembling Shrunken teens as he spoke, "Oh you all were very appealing offers. But I think I have to go with." His hand then hovered over them. Many duck instinctively as that mighty digited appendage flew over them. Then his hand curled around the first sweet Asian girl and her non-English friend. "These two get the top reward."

The one that vaguely knew English was trying desperately to claim her terrified friend as his hands started taking their tops. "What guy can turn down two pretty Shrunken to enjoy at once." Micheal explained his reasoning. They lost their bras, exposing petite little perky mounds. He reached under those little skirts and carefully pulled down their little frilly panties down their trembling legs. He fixed their socks for them before pressing them together.

Karla mocked herself for being jealous. He lifted them and turned them so they lay with their legs toward his mouth. His dominating fingers pressed between their legs, spreading those dance toned limbs open. Those terrified sweets clung to each other tightly. He licked his lips as he hiked their skirts up. Sliding those clamping lips over their exposed thighs and ass cheeks. Wrapping that kiss around both of their slender waists. Fear filled breathing slowly changed to confused gasps to deep aroused breaths.

He turned to the remaining crowd. The Shower Blonde found herself in his grip. She pointed out, "No you picked the winners already."

"Looks like he has plans for you too sweetie." Josie arousingly mocked.

He quickly striped the blonde like the two Asian teen's before her. He then pressed her into being on her hands and knees. He snapped and pointed, clearly ordering her not to move through pantomime since his mouth was savoring Eastern treats.

The side tailed brunette was then grabbed. She squirmed and fought, but ended up mostly naked and placed on all fours directly in front of the blonde. He gave a soft flick to her ass for her disobedience. Karla gasped at the pleasing yelp from the helpless slender girl.

He reached for something. A white bottle with blue lettering, Karla knew what he had in mind. Her old self felt bad, was about to offer to take that thick touch herself. When IT reminded her, with one thing or another, he would someday penetrate all his pretty dolls.

He placed a small dollop of gel like substance on the small of their backs. They both yipped at the sudden cold. He rolled the tip of each pinky in one of the clear deposits. Both adorable innocent Shrunken pleading to know what he had in mind.

He moved his lube dripping digits to behind his two targets. They both suddenly know what he was planning. Frantically they begged him not to. They started to move, but he snapped his fingers and they stopped. They both confessed their inexperience. Pleaded for their virginities.

Giant pinky fingers pressed to them. He made little circles with his smallest digits. But they were so powerful that the girl's hips were forced to roll with his touch. They were pressed into each other. Mouths and eyes went wide as his slender fingers made entry. Soon he smiled as he poked his fingers in and out of his puppets. Their hips popped as he gently thrust his touch into them. They began grunting as they got to ride his powerful touches.

Karla was mesmerized. He was enjoying four helpless Shrunken at once. Sure two were clearly not realizing the gift they were receiving. But their whimpering as he dominated them with a touch just showed how much more powerful he was to all of them.

The trace was broken by Josie clapping her hands. "OK the rest of you, stripe like Director Micheal striped those four. Now girls, or does Director Micheal have to stop enjoying himself to make more examples out of some of you?"

The sight of two of them, as they likely saw it, being raped by colossal pinky fingers made them follow Josie's demand fairly quickly. They all stood in a loose line with just short pleated light blue plaid skirts and thigh high socks facing Josie. The occasional head would nervously look over a shoulder to the two digit riders.

The Asian's lollipops started to bellow together their first climax of this encounter as Josie walked up and down the line of topless teens. As they soften back to delightful moans she simply commanded, "Go attend Director Micheal's Behemoth. Any not doing a good enough job will be noted by Miss.
Karla and myself."

They six lovely Shrunken rushed over. Once there though, the group clearly hesitated to touch the tower penis. A wavy haired Brunette stepped forward and hugged her bare chest right at his tip. She looked disgusted, but started taking big long licks at his cock head. A slight tremor in his body told Karla he liked her efforts.

Soon the other five spaced themselves along that broad mass. "Can you help me get on top?" Josie asked.

"Yes, but what's the plan?" Karla asked.

"We walk back and forth along it. Explaining to our students the better ways to enjoy Micheal's cock." Josie purred.

"I'll stay down here for now, give the strugglers a helping hand." Karla advised.

They walked beside the wavy haired girl. She wasn't happy, but she was active. Karla boosted her luscious friend onto their titan teen's manhood.

She leaned along the brave brunette, "What's your name?"

"Vivian. Am I doing something wrong?" the girl replied between the tastes of Micheal.

Karla pressed firmly along the teen's body. She grabbed her tight ass cheek and cupped a perky breast. Remarkably the girl didn't attempt to pull away, just kept working herself along the Behemoth's eye. Close to the girl's ear she whispered, "That's a brave spot you picked. When he cums, you'll be covered in it."

"Does it hurt when it blasts out?" the girl asked.

"A little, but it's all thick and warm. It will coat you all over. Nice thing is he takes a pill that makes it taste just like milk chocolate." Karla advised as she grinded into the appealing teen's back. Matching the rhythm of her efforts.

"What should I do when he finishes?" Vivian asked to Karla's delight.

"What if I said the other girl's will be told to lick you clean?" Karla teased.

Remarkably, Vivian replied, "Would that earn me a non-fingering reward?"

Karla liked this cupcake. She gave Vivian's cheek a lick and purred, "Oh, I'm going to have to watch you." She then turned to inspect the other servicing students.

Karla looked at each girl grinding their chests and tasting Micheal's sensative skin. Suddenly Josie was missing. Karla stepped back to see Josie was leaning over the otherside reaching down. Likely a student not servicing properly.

She stepped back to see her old neighbor going through the motions, but not touching the Behemoth. She pressed into the back of the shapely Latina. Grinding into that firm ass and back. Which in turn rubbed those tits into the side of the beast. Karla held the girl's pretty face against the shaft, "Lick him. Lick him or I'll get him to play with the spider!" Karla explained, reminding that curvaceous plaything of the puppet he penetrated her with a few weeks ago. Tongue shined his sensitive skin. "Better." Karla said as she stepped away.

The students soon realized they had to pleasure the giant. So they reluctantly did so. Karla walked back and forth around Micheal's massive tip observing those lucky girls. As Josie swayed her hips back and forth along the top of the shaft.

Karla rounded the tip. The third Asian girl was stretching her barely five inch form as high as she could along the side of the shaft. On her tiptoes made her little round butt stick out slightly. She was massaging her perky A-cup mounds into the Behemoth. Licking almost passionately. Her face showed disgust, but she still put her all into her pleasuring their giant. It was sensually adorable.

Karla wrapped herself to the short girl. He hand reached under the short skirt and between her slender thighs. Karla was amused to find a slight wet pussy greeted her touch. Karla worked her touch along the girl's clitoris as she praised, "You're doing a good job pleasuring Director Micheal."

"If I not, he shove finger in me." Came a sweet accented reply.

Karla found herself kissing the girl's neck as she advised, "At some point he'll put something into all of you."

"Has he put finger in you?" the girl asked.

Karla sighed at the memory. Her other hand slipped up the sweet delight's chest. Karla snickered, the girl's nipple was firm. Likely servicing a giant aroused this one a bit. Karla's fingers tormented the firm mound as she spoke between nibbling her new toy's neck, "Oh yes, it's thick and powerful. I loved every second of it."

The nervious attendent asked, "Are you going to sex me?"

Karla stepped back and spun the girl around. She grabbed just under the girl's cute little ass and was aroused at how easy she could lift the slender girl. She pressed the girl's back along Micheal's shaft. Her mouth kissed and sucked at the girls neck. The adorable little plaything didn't resist, just accepted Karla was going to enjoy her arousingly sender form.

"Karla what are you doing?" Josie asked suddenly.

"I, ah, well." Karla was trying to think of an excuse or explanation why she was stealing one of Micheal's toys.

"Bring her up here so we both can enjoy." Was not what Josie would say, but was her voice.

Karla boosted the tiny beauty up and Josie pulled her aboard the Behemoth. Then her friend helped her aboard too. Karla straddled their wonderful giant's manhood the best she could. Between her and Josie was the lovely Asian girl.

Josie shuffled herself toward Karla which pushed the sweet lovely toward her. Josie hand cupped Karla cheek. Karla pressed herself tightly to the front of the Asian girl. Josie lips meet hers and they kissed while sandwiching their new friend.

Karla felt hands along her chest, her blouse loosened. Josie was undoing her top. Giggling at this, Karla reached around their companion and started undoing Josie's shirt for her. Snickering Josie directed the girl's face into Karla's cleavage. Then began nibbling on that pale neck.

Karla pulled Josie's shirt off her shoulders. Josie leaned back to fully remove the top. Karla tilted the Asian's head onto Josie's cleavage and suckled one of the young girl's petite breasts. The girl was clearly confused, but too fearful of upsetting the giant boy's favorite pets to resist or even question.

Josie started pushing Karla's shirt down her arms for her. The sweet little nipple was to tastey to stop savoring now. Once her arms were free, Karla started massaging thier sex doll with one hand. Stroking Josie's fine leg with the other.
Josie wrapped her arms around the two of them. pinning the slender teen tight to each of them. Nimble fingers unhooked Karla's bra. Karla helped her friend undo her's next.

Josie pulled Karla's bra down. And pressed the girl's open mouth over her nipple. The girl began to suckle wonderfully. Then those pillowy lips kissed the tip of her other breast. Josie licked and sucked on Karla's breast. Karla ran her hands over the backs of their heads. But she was very tempted to push the girl out of the way and have Josie all to herself.

Josie's mouth traveled up Karla's neck. Karla's lips soon meet them and tongues that need to taste each other devoured their chance too. Josie's hands arousingly danced over Karla's body. Freeing Karla to explore that most wanted womanly form. The Asian girl was pressed by their passion.

Karla felt Josie's attending hands slipped down Karla's back. Josie undid her skirt. Karla slinked herself up to slip out of her skirt. Josie eagerly started slipping her hosiery off Karla's ass. Karla leaned over the girl and shared another kiss with Josie.

Karla rubbed down Josie's back. Josie nibbled on Karla's neck as she undid Josie's skirt. Karla pushed the skirt and hosiery off Josie sweet cheeks. Hands explored again over naked forms and squeezing the Asian girl between them.

Josie pushed Karla down. Karla smiled at the look of Josie's expression as she directed the Asian's face between Karla's thighs. The girl's tongue began exploring. Josie straddled the girl's ass. She began grinding their plaything. Rubbing the sweet thing's face into her Karla's womanhood perfectly.

Karla enjoyed seeing Josie dominating the girl. Her friend purred, "OH he's watching us."

Karla leaned back and looked up at Micheal. He was making two lovelies gasping in his mouth. Two more grunting eroticly under his touch. Five more pretties working to pleasure his manhood. But still he was so focused on Josie and her enjoying their new friend's company.

Since he was watching them, Karla felt he might as well give him a show. She arched her back and pressed her breasts together. She cooed at her sweet titan teen, "Is Director Micheal enjoying the view?"

His tell-tale shiver stated he was. He let off adorable little grunts as she felt his bursts flow though her perch. She looked and that Vivian girl was standing there taking each load with her chest. The thick fluid oozed over her shoulders and down her girlish torso. Soaking her little blue skirt. She cuddled her back to his massive cock, Karla loved getting her titan teen off.

Josie's expression changed to her normal. She directed their Asian plaything to lay beside Karla. Karla rolled to her side and cuddled the sweet thing. Josie snuggled to the girl's back.

Josie sighed, "I kind of feel bad we didn't get this girl off first."

Karla started stroking the girl noting, "We still could."

"I'm not sure." Josie noted.

Karla directed the girl to lay flat on Micheal's cock. She started suckling the perky mound on her side. Josie seemed to accept the invitation. Her hand gently massaged the other mound as she leaned in and began kissing the girls lips. Karla snickered in her mind at how easily she was aroused by the sight of her dream girl making out with a pretty thing. Karla slipped her hand between the girl's thighs and petted the moist little pussy.

Karla noticed two things. Josie got more intense with her attention to the girl. And their thick bed was becoming rather firm again. Karla wondered if Josie noticed Micheal getting rigid again and was being aroused by that? Or was Micheal being aroused by Josie's deeping affection?

Karla slid herself down that sweet slender body. She lifted that little pleated skirt. Her hands pressed at those inner thighs, and they parted for her. Karla nuzzled and suckled in the quickly damping girlhood. The girl began softly panting.

Josie took over the girl's chest. Her mouth devoured the girl's perky breast. Her hand fondled the breast Karla had left free to enjoy. Her other hand played along the back of the Asian's head.

The girl gasped and moaned from the two older Shrunken's attentions. Karla felt a slender hand unbun her hair. Then those girly fingers racked through her hair. Silky skinned thights pressed and releasted against Karla's head. Karla looked up, Josie's hair was no longer in a bun, wild and loose the girl passionately ran fingers through those red locks.

Karla suckled the girl's sweet tight pussy. Clawing and kneading a tight little ass cheek with one hand. Her other hand was more brave, sneaking between Josie's thighs. Her fingers found that wanted womanhood. Karla was ecstatic to be pleasuring her longtime companion.

Karla was suddenly aware their laying place was moving. Karla looked, the two Asian girls he had been licking laid curled together panting high on his chest. His finger puppets lay on their backs, also gasping, hands massaging well used vaginias. Vivian sat inches from the tip of his cock. Thick semen coating her upper half. It was like a sensual battle field of his conquests.

Now the last four were pressed to the sides of the Behemoth. Two in each hand. His hips fucked his thick cock along their helpless little forms. But what she enjoyed the most, he again was watching her and Josie play.

It took over. It knew Josie would be more accepting of attention while under their giant's gaze. Karla leaned up. Lips kissed Josie's womanhood. Karla's tongue savored that delectable peach. Hands raced along those wanted thighs. Karla forgot that cute Asian, and hungry feasted on Josie's pussy. Josie rolled onto her back. Her hands massaged Karla's head.

Karla thought she heard a startled scream. Then powerful fingers lifted her. She didn't whimper, too focused at attempting to taste that desired slit again. She gasped excitedly as their owner's dominating hand turned her around. Laying her on top of Josie. As her mouth cupped over Josie's exposed pussy, Josie's mouth kissed deep into Karla's own wanting sensitivity.

Karla accepted her Micheal's wanted gift. Eagerly loving Josie in this demanded sixty nine position. It was an added rush as he began pleasuring himself with the other four girls. Knowing they could ride in passionate embrace while those others were made to stimulate their thick hard resting place.

Ravishing, Josie climaxed under Karla. Karla's mind exploded as she realized she brought that dream true. The rush was overwhelming. It wasn't till the wave flooded back did Karla realize they stopped moving. He was bursting again, four gargling voices whimpering as he covered their faces in his seed.

They laid there happily panting in the afterglow. The Asian girl, clearly uncertain what to do, was stroking them comfortingly. The three of them were suddenly scooped up and placed on the bed. Karla watched Micheal collect the other nine girls and pressed them together. Carrying his soiled toys to their new cage home.

Karla cuddled her friend. "You OK?" she asked.

"I don't know. Honestly Karla, I think I might be a little crazy. I just can't resist doing things to girls if I know Micheal will like seeing it. I feel less guilt with you, but with the likes of this girl." Josie explained. Grabbing the Asian pretty and stroking her hair in a comforting way.

"That isn't a bad thing. We are his to make him happy. To make our own lives better, we have to want to make him happy." Karla advised.

"Want is one thing, this is like a need." Josie rebutted.

"I know, I feel that need too. It's arousing to me now. Not just an act." Karla advised.

"You two like that one do you?" their towering teen asked as he leaned over them.

"Yes, she snuggly." Karla advised pressing along their Asian delight.

"Then she's the first of your new servants. What's wrong?" He noticed Josie's expression.

"I think I'm not right." Josie admitted to the boy giant.

"Why?" he asked.

"Well, please don't be upset." Josie replied.

"I'll try." he acknowledged.

"Well, when we do sensual stuff I get excited. I even get not just willing, but excited to do things with other girls if I know you will enjoy it." Josie explained.

His expression softened, "Oh that, I don't think you have anything wrong with you. I think you're just a Suited like Karla. At worse you might have a touch of an Eager to you."

"See Josie, he, wait I'm a what?" Karla just realized he had labeled her.

Giant fingers stroked her hair, and Karla couldn't help but to lean into that touch. "A Suited is a Shrunken that quickly adapts to their new life quickly. Finds ways to make their lives better. It was thought of as like a Shrunken legend, just Eagers miss understood. But as dad suggested, they would be likely to be discovered by gentle owners. And I seemed to have lucked out and gotten two gorgeous Suited to spoil."

"So, I subconsciously have a want to please you for better treatment?" Josie asked.

She also leaned into the fingers that came to pet her. "And you'll receive better treatment my pretty red haired Shrunken." Micheal purred to that dream girl.

"I think I oddly can accept that." Josie nodded.

"Lets get cleaned up for bed, should I cage your girl?" Micheal asked.

"Can we cuddle her tonight?" Karla asked.

"Joise?" he asked.

She looked up at him, then at the nervous girl. A smile came across her face, "Yes, it would be nice to have a body pillow tonight." She purred wonderfully up to their titan teen.

He smiled and gave off an aroused hum. "OK, but you'll have to sleep together on a pillow tonight." He countered.

Karla felt arousal rushing through her as Josie teased back, "OK, but where will we lay on in the morning?" That Suited description seemed to have made her feel better.

Micheal put on some PJ bottoms and a robe. Slipping the three of them into his pocket. He entered the hallway and the TV was going down stairs. He entered the Living room area and Howard was watching some police show. "Dad?" Micheal called.

"Yeah Mikey, sorry Mike." Howard replied.

"Would it be OK if I stay home tomorrow, I want to start packing." he asked.

"How are your reports?" Howard questioned with a smile.

"Up to date. My first amplified simulation is on Tuesday." Karla's kind colossus replied.

"Yeah, enjoy. I'll be staying home on Friday though if that affects anything." Howard advised.

"OK, thanks. Night dad." Micheal replied.

"Night Mike. Sleep well girls." Howard called back.

He took them up to the bathroom. As he readied the water for them, Karla started stripping her new servant of her remaining clothing. The girl didn't fight. Even when a giant hand scooped them out and placed them in the sink. Karla liked how he knew the perfect temperature for their water.

He let them rinse off before he used the sink. Once they all completed the evening ritual, they again sat in that deep pocket. Karla was delighted to see Josie join her in cuddling their new personal Shrunken.

He poured them on one of his pillows. It wafted with his scent. "What about pajamas?" Joise asked.

The lights went off and Micheal curled into bed. "Not for tonight, I want to hold you naked. Night my lovies." he explained.

"Night my sweet giant, Night my sweet Karla, Night, sorry what is your name?" Josie said.

"Aoi." the girl replied.

"Night Aoi." Josie finished.

"Night my sweet titan, night my darling Josie. Also night Aoi." Karla added her voice.

Karla snuggled to one side of their living Asian body pillow while Josie curled to the other side. Micheal's hand blanketed them all. Karla could tell the girl was uncomfortable being cuddled by two naked women while she was also naked. And a giant hand blanket probably didn't help. But the teen was warm and soft. All the love and snuggles help Karla doze off.
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Re: CH 1: The Tourists. Home Life

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Oh a new Asian servant/body pillow for them to covert. Thank you for continuing this story!

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Re: CH 1: The Tourists. Home Life

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Your welcome. Glad you enjoyed.


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Re: CH 1: The Tourists. Home Life

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I discovered this site and your stories about a week ago and I haven't been able to stop reading. I really want to thank you for your work. It's been years since I've read anything that's drawn me in to the extent that The Tourists has.

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Re: CH 1: The Tourists. Home Life

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Thank you. That's a big compliment. I'm glad your enjoying it. I hope you find more here as well as there are several good writers on this site. I would recommend some stories, but I've been a touch to focused on my material the last few months and haven't kept up with any of the new stories that have appeared. Hope I can keep you and others entertained.


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CH 02: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 02

Karla awoke and stretched along her new servant. The slender Asian girl was pretending to sleep pressed between Karla and her sweet Josie. Karla decided to play, genially she stroked the girl's nipple. Rolled it while massaging the pert breast it rested on.

"What are you doing to poor Aoi?" Josie asked.

"Just seeing something." Karla purred. She leaned her face down and started kissing and suckling the mound. The girl whimpered. "Oh your awake Aoi?" Karla teased.

Josie petted the pretty’s hair, "You shouldn’t pick on her like that."

Karla slipped her hand between those slender thighs, "Oh she has to get used to being our fun."

"You're being a bully." Teased Josie.

"Oh from the feel down there she likes it." Karla purred in her defense.

Suddenly their blanket lifted. Powerful colossal fingers pushed Josie away from Aoi and the thumb of that mighty hand moved Karla off her new pet. That boy giant scooped the sweet scared girl off the pillow.

"Hey where are you taking my servant?" Karla mockingly yelled at her Micheal.

"Oh I thought I'd give her a good spot to see my fun." he retorted.

"What fun?" Karla asked, trying not to giggle.

"Where he put me?" Aoi begged as titan fingers spread her leg wide. She popped out an "oh?" as lips kissed around her thighs and slender waist. "Ie, Ie, Ie!" Told the rhythm of Micheal's licking.

He pushed the blankets off his waist. Karla and Josie curled to each other at the bulge in his PJ shorts, their titan had some morning wood. He pushed his shorts down and the Behemoth stood thick and tall.

His hand scooped them off their pillow. They were pressed to the base of that towering shaft. Slowly he slid them the height. He hummed happily as the rose. Aoi moaned sweetly at the added vibration. He rolled them over the tip and slowly stroked them down that thick length.

Slowly he repeated that pattern. Leisurely enjoying the sensations pinning their helpless little forms to his erect penis. Karla loved the content smile he had around Aoi pleasured dangling form.

As the Asian lollipop made happy noises. Micheal pulled Karla and Josie from the Behemoth. Added a cold dollop of lube under their breasts to each of them. Repressed them to his hard cock. Slowly he used them to spread that gel like substance his grand length.

There he sat enjoying them. Slowly they went up and down the Behemoth. At a pace Karla felt comfortable cuddling and nuzzling that girth. Making strange love to her sweet titan's manhood.

Her legs stretched to wrap along the curve of that shaft. Hooking along Josie's leg as she also strained to feel that shaft slid along her womanhood. Karla used her other leg to stroke what little pleasure she could into her wonderfully dominating Micheal.

Karla rolled her breasts in the slicked tower's sensitive skin. Pressing and rubbing to his broad erection. Her face nuzzled the lubed surface, leaving a coating on her features. But that didn't matter, she was too focused on rewarding her owner with every ounce of pleasure she could generate.

There her towering teen laid. Stroking them slowly. Clearly enjoying owning them so easily. Karla was tempted to praise her boy giant for allowing her to slowly savor his sexuality. But she didn't want to cause an end to this wonderful attention. The whole time little Aoi moaned and gasped in loud pleasure. His budded tongue lapping her to climax several times.

He allowed their new servant to explode in pleasure for a sixth time. Then he pulled her from his lips like a spent cigar. Placing her on their pillow. Aoi might not like being their servant or his pet. But the smile on her face as she passed out showed she did enjoy special kisses.

His mouth free he began praising them, "Oh you two feel the best. Oh your bodies are so hot."

"What, I thought Donna and Gabriel were your favorites for this?" Karla teasingly asked.

"The big tit girls, they feel amazing, but nowhere as amazing as either of you alone. Both of you together, I want to enjoy this all day." He praised them sweetly.

Karla couldn't help but praise her powerful giant, "Oh Micheal, oh yes enjoy us." She regrets it as their pace slightly quickened.

"Yes, tell me more, talk to me." her titan lover begged her.

She could not refuse her tender massive lover. "Oh Micheal, I love sliding along your thick cock."

Josie added, "Use our bodies to make you feel good. Oh this feels amazing." His hand moved faster.

Karla knew he was enjoying this new pace too much to slow back down. He started lustfully praising, "Oh you two feel so good! Oh so good! I'm fucking your bodies! Yes fucking your hot little bodies!"

Karla arched forward as best she could. Lustfully she sang back, "Yes Micheal, fuck us! Fuck our bodies my sweet giant!" She heard Josie moan praise to their titan teen too. Karla didn't catch what she said. But she translated enough to know it followed her admiring words.

They traded praises back and forth. Micheal complimented on how enjoyable their inches tall bodies felt sliding up and down his thick cock. They thanked him for stroking their Shrunken forms along his thick girth.

Karla felt it coming, her body was enjoying this unique thrill. Sensations all over her body were singing pleasure in her mind. Her pussy longed to stretch over his penis. Her nipples danced along his sensitive skin. Her inner thighs had a firm shaft massaging them. Her face caressed along his girth. The whole time he sang about how sexy and beautiful they both were to him. How they were the hottest Shrunken in the world. Highest compliment in Karla's now world.

Just before she allowed that mix of delights to take her, his hand cupped her and Josie over the tip. They both giggled like happy children as thick warm fluid blasted on their pressed together bodies. Karla lapped and slurped greedily at the chocolate disguised cum spraying them. She heard Josie too suckling for her share. His cock pumped hard and long. Their extended ride built up a huge load to savor together.

Karla could feel the semen coat her face and chest. It flowed it to her raven hair. She could feel it slowly running between her breasts. But it tasted best off the tip of his cock. She licked greedily along the sweetened surface.

Micheal was moving. Then it got dark. His hand let go and the fuzzy sensation of the inside of pajama shorts pressed their back. The material held them to the tip of the relaxing Behemoth. So they continued savoring their sweet morning treat, knowing he would find that arousing.

Micheal was moving around. Hammocked between cock and shorts the girls giggled at an unspoken plan. As they slurped the sweet man chocolate they began grinding and rubbing that broad tip. Loving him in his bottoms.

It was having an effect. The mass pinned them firmer to the material. The tip slipped off them and the shaft held them in place as Micheal did what he was doing.

Karla heard water running. She purred, they were going to have a shower. Light and his hand wrapped around them. Karla found herself attempting to hold onto his manhood. But giggled happily as he overpowered her with no effort.

They were placed on a high shelf. As they watched their titan lover strip his shorts off. Josie purred giddy, "I hope this is how mornings he stays home are like every time."

He stepped in and smiled at them. Suddenly Karla and Josie were pulled apart. A five armed attendant guided water over her to rinse his earlier release off her skin. Josie had a handy friend helping her too.

Body wash was added to a couple tips each. Then their multi limbed friends spread it on their bodies for them. Greedily they got too friendly. But Karla and Josie eagerly forgave those arousing offences.

Hands rinsed them and added a couple spots of shampoo. They hugged around their bodies. Fingers gently stroked along their hair. Karla liked her hair being washed by someone. But this was beyond that. Warm in his hand as three powerful fingers gently massaged her scalp. The thumb and pinky cuddled her firmly to the palm.

Then her attendant began rinsing her hair and body. Lovingly freshening her skin. Yes this was a great start to her day. Hand washed by her Micheal.

She started. His pinky poked between her thighs. It brushed teasingly along her womanhood. Josie too straddled that tormenting touch. He had to know they didn't get off during his earlier play. This was just wonderfully cruel of him. Making Karla strangely enjoy it more.

They were guided to face the wall. Those three fingers began coating their hair in a rich conditioner. Thumb and pinky started holding their hips. He hummed, "We should do something while the conditioner sets." Pinky left and rounded tip poked just right.

Karla spread her legs as her hips popped up to give her lover easier access. He touched slightly firmer and those hips worked at that digit. Begging it a little deeper. It agreed and the knuckle burst into her. Karla gasped as her own hips greedily pumped on that thick substitute. The whole time he stroked her hair.

Karla looked over. Josie was arched out from the wall. Legs spread wide as her own hips worked sensually. Her sweet round ass was up and perky. She smiled at Karla between lusty gasps.

Karla loved how sexually posed Josie was in his hand. Her voice moaning breathy as he loved her hair and she loved his pinky. Her firm breasts jiggled with her fun. Karla's mind laughed at those stupid girls not wanting to experience this filling sensation.

Her hand moved her from the wall. She praised as her chest was pressed to Josie's. Under his watch and experiencing his touch Josie wasn't just willing to interact with Karla, but eroticly eager too. Her lips found Karla's. Karla greedily accepted her passionate kisses. Josie's hands grabbed at Karla's body and was lustfully feeling her. One kneaded a breast roughly. Pressing and rolling Karla's nipple. But this was just an invitation for Karla to love Josie with her hands.

Those mighty hands pressed them harder and they found themselves pinned chest to chest. Breasts pressed and stroked along each other. Josie cheek laid along Karla's as her red haired friend gasped "Yes!" softly in time with his deep touch.

Karla too found herself too weak to restrain her praise. Like the earlier fun, she wanted this to last as long as it could.

His giant pinky was a wonderful thick pleasure. But just the substitute for the one she really longed for. She looked down and happily gasped in excitement at what she knew she would see. His Behemoth stiffly waited to feast on their body's sensations.

She wasn't sure if he or her hips quickened in pace. But the sensation of pressure was building quickly. She hugged as tightly as she could to Josie. Her Freckled love clung just as tight to her. Their cheeks held firm together as their backs arch and their faces rose up. Both howled his success in pleasuring them to climax together.

He held firm as they released. Karla's mind flooded at the extraordinarily intense reaction. It seemed to last in her mind for minutes and not seconds. Any strength her body held drained. Once they finished they hung together, only standing by his hold.

They both gasped "OH!" as he freed his fingers from their hugging womanhood. He slowly lowered them and they kneeled limply on the shelf.

"Time to rinse out the conditioner," he advised. As soon as he began petting the hair treatment out of their locks Karla found herself fighting to stay awake. She was so spent and his touch was so comforting. She wondered if he would just let her sleep as he packed.

Then he advised, "Looks like I'm hard again." Karla felt her strength rush back. Would the whole day be a wonderful chain of love traded for love.

A mighty hand took her down. Josie was in her own dominating hold. Karla lost sight of Josie as they approached the happy thick beast. He held them a moment and Karla rolled her whole body to her spot on the shaft. Then it moved.

His hips now popped. Thrusting his devastating body quickly. This would not be a leisurely pleasuring like earlier. No, they were his pleasure. He was pumping hard. Grunting like an arousing savage beast. Karla was spread wide by his one hand. She knew he was enjoying her whole body. So she added her voice, "Oh Micheal you're so powerful!"

Josie moaned loudly, "Your cock is so silky smooth!"

Soon they took turns praising him. How dominating he was to honest descriptions of his Behemoth’s mass. Not that they needed to sing his praises long. That shiver came quickly. He held them about mid shaft as those mighty bursts blasted out. Not as long or intense as before. Yet Karla found great satisfaction in bringing him to release again.

He placed them back on the shelf. "Hope you don't mind waiting while I finish." he stated.

"Gladly." they purred in concert. Giggling at their shared statement.

They sat in the warm spray watching that towering form. Karla admired his toned form. He wasn't muscled, but finely fit. Arms well sculpted for holding someone warmly. Hints of abs. While the chest was soft enough to make a perfect resting spot.

"We should be technically ashamed of ourselves for sexualizing that magnificent boy." Josie arousingly growled.

"He's no boy, he's our towering titan owner." Karla purred back.

"Oh his finger felt so good this morning." Josie sighed.

"I liked him slowly enjoying us along his thick cock." Karla lustfully hummed.

"Someday we'll be full sized and that Behemoth will fill our pussy." Josie sighed.

"Oh, that will be a great day." Karla sighed.

They cuddled close. Both imagining different happy scenarios as they watched Micheal shower. Sad to see him finish with no more play.

As they dried a knock on the door. Milly's voice asking, "I'm about to make breakfast for myself. Would you like some Mike?"

Karla's stomach growled. Seems the semen didn't fill well. "Yes please. Scrambled and bacon if possible?" Micheal replied.

"Would Karla or Josie like some of my Omelette instead?" Milly asked.

"Please." Karla smiled in response to the question.

"Karla does. Josie wants to share my scrambled." He shared their responses to Milly.

Micheal carried them to their bedroom to dress. And down to the kitchen to be greeted by Milly's smile and coffee.

As Milly finished up she noted, "I was thinking last night. We need to get Karla and Josie some fall and winter clothing. Their town was warmer than ours."

"Yeah, I never thought about that." Micheal replied.

"Really how cold does it get here in the winter?" Josie asked.

"About six to seven on average. But some days are as cold as minus forty." Milly advised.

"Little colder than our winter, we usually get to about fifteen on average. Sometimes about ten Celsius." Josie replied.

"Celsius, we use Fahrenheit. So let's convert." Milly tapped her watch. "Oh that's about minus fourteen on average."

"Oh, yeah. That's cold." Karla worried. She never felt minus degrees.

"Found something to do today as a distraction from packing." Milly snickered.

They sat at the dining table and enjoyed breakfast as they looked through the Shrunken Clothing sites "Fall/Winter offerings." There were many cute options. Karla was fond of how the system displayed their "Ski Bunny" outfit on her scan. Cute puffy white jacket with tights and furry with almost knee high boots. It even came with Shrunken sized skis and poles. Though she had to ask Micheal to rescan her, that distorted terrified expression was long past now.

"It's cute, but I doubt that Jacket is lined well. I bet it's more for riding sheet covered hills more than snow covered ones." Milly noted reading the clothes description.

"Well, I'm going to order at least one for each of them for the skis at least." Micheal noted.

"Yeah, it's the skis you want to see Karla and Josie wearing." Milly teased as she tapped at her watch.

"Who are you texting?" Micheal asked.

"Well Mr. Nosey, I'm texting Gabs. I'm wondering when Josie's ID and collar will be here. Then guilt him into allowing Karla and Josie full sized so I can take them real cold clothes shopping. He owes us for what he did on the boat that night." Milly informed.

"Mom, he's probably busy right now." Micheal snickered.

"That's why the text and not a call. That way he can, oh that's him." Milly said. Being interrupted by a phone call.

"Huh, he must not be busy after all." Micheal noted. Karla figured the reason was more basic.

"Hello Gabs." Milly answered.

"Oh, I'll take one once we're done talking and send it. Yeah, the site has play clothes but nothing for them to really endure winter here as they travel for work and such." Milly said.

A minute or so passed. "Yeah, just a day or so." She listened, "But we'll need to look all around, they are not off the rack shaped you remember." She let him speak. "Yeah, nothing fancy or attention grabbing. They do that well enough on their own." She waited then purred, "You sure I couldn't keep them that size a little longer. I'm packing the house all by myself and could use the extra hands." She smiled, "Thanks Gabs, see you then." Quiet then, "No, I'm sure with their help we'll get it done. You bring some wine to keep our spirits up." she paused, "See you then Gabs."

She smiled as she hung up. Milly saw Karla's expression and blushed a little. "OK, Wednesday, after Karla's last inputting she and Josie will be full sized. Josie's collar and ID should be here Tuesday Morning once she passes processing on Monday. Oh Josie, hold still and don't smile." Milly stopped and took a photo of Josie. "They will be full sized till Saturday or Sunday to help me pack the house. Now, this time I am going to make them stay in the spare room, sorry Mikey. I hope you understand." Milly advised.

"Yes mom." he sighed.

"Gabs is coming over Friday and likely the weekend to help us pack. So, let me tell your father." Milly advised.

"OK." Micheal snickered.

"You girls OK not being regular sized for a few days?" She asked.

"If it gets what we need." Josie answered for them. Karla actually felt more anxious about being without Micheal's attentions for near a week.

"I think I'll invite Tanya and Sandy to join us, if you two are OK with that." Milly offered.

"That would be nice." Karla cheered up a bit. It would be good to see friends.

The doorbell rang. Micheal slipped them into his lap as Milly went for the door. Karla naughty snuggle, causing her titan teen to gasp and to be chastised, "Not now Karla."

Several boxes were delivered. Milly stopped Micheal from opening them. Looking at an invoice from one box she advised, "That's more clothes you ordered on ship, you could take it to work and open it there for your Shrunken there."

She went through each invoice on each box with the sensible idea, they were already packed for the move this way. "OK, we should get some work done today since you stayed home. You mind if Karla or Josie keeps me company while I begin packing the basement?" Milly asked.

"I'll go with you Milly." Josie offered. Karla looked at her friend who smiled and nodded back. Her sweet friend was giving her time alone with Micheal.

The two humans did dishes as Shrunken rode on shoulders. They explained winter fun to the two who had never seen snow in real life. Skiing sounded interesting. Karla had water skied a few times. She wondered what snow skiing was like. Even snowball fights and snow angels had an appeal to them.

Milly and Josie left with a couple storage tubs from the container down to the basement. Micheal walked up to his room. He stood looking at his room. "Lego shelf first I guess. You OK on my shoulder, or rather a shelf?" He offered.

Karla was conflicted, snuggling his neck would be nice but a distraction to her might teen. Shelf would allow them to chat easier. "Shelf please." She answered.

She was placed beside a plastic brick building. He began lifting other constructed buildings and adding them to a tube. "Not taking them apart?" she asked.

He snickered, "No, it'd take too long. Plus it takes forever to reassemble. As it is, there will be a lot of pieces to reattach once we get to our new place."

"Are you excited? It'll be like your own apartment." she asked.

"Yeah, kind of. But I suspect it'll be a lot like here with just more room. Hey maybe while you're full sized we can go look at furniture for our rooms." he answered.

Our rooms warmed Karla's heart. "That would be nice. Do you have anything in mind?"

He laughed. "I haven't thought about it. Wasn't expecting to have to decorate."

"We could get a plan, then we could know what to look for." Karla suggested.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. Oh, you know what, I should text Chrissy." he snapped alert. He tapped at his watch. "Hope she's not mad I didn't contact her once we got home." He sat staring at his watch like the girl was supposed to reply right away. "Guess she's busy." He noted and started packing.

Then his watch went off. He snapped to check it. "Oh I guess she's processing some of her unwanted males. Oh look at the selfie she sent."

There was Chrissy, her blonde hair in a tight bun. Karla found the girl looked adorable in her lab clothes and jacket. In the background were two tubs with a device connecting them. One side was naked Shrunken guys. The other was more, but they were bald and many seemed to be holding their balls. Karla didn't see anyone she knew.

Karla jumped, her watch went off. She kind of forgot she had a watch. It was Chrissy. "Not sure if you saw the pic I sent to our Micheal. Don't worry, I'm keeping Dan for my own, he is a good boy for me."

Karla had to ask, "Why are some of the males holding their balls?"

The response, "LOL, to increase chances of a successful breeding we give them a shot in the testicles that increase sperm output. It leaves them a bit tender for a day or so. Also swells their scrotum. Talk later."

Micheal finished filling his storage tub. Karla found herself moved to the bookshelves in the corner. He was moving books that were thick walls to her. She laughed at herself admiring his power as all he was really doing was moving some hard cover books.

Suddenly his finger hooked around her legs. Stroking up her limbs and over her ass he suggested, "Why don't we take a quick break." She giggled as that hand claimed her from the shelf and pillow lips began kissing her entire face. He was playful today.

Karla found herself on a pillow under his face. Lips pressed her affectionately. His dexterous fingers began stoking all over her body, slipping her clothes from her form. Lips took her breasts and that tongue snuggled already alert nipples. Karla lost her breath from his kiss.

Karla pressed her now naked body to that sweet face. Powerful lips suckled her with affection and all she could do with her's was pecks she expected he hardly noticed. But she had to keep kissing her giant lover. Stroking his skin with her hands. Rubbing herself to his smiling affectionate expression. His fingers caressing along her curves. Karla realized Micheal was making love to her whole body with just his face and a few fingers. She wanted to give him more. But also adored being his hand held partner.

His lips pressed at her thighs. Her legs spread wide to receive his mouth. Tongue pressed deeply along her womanhood. Karla ran her legs along those silken cheeks. As he licked his nose stroked her stomach. She reached up and caressed the bridge of his nose. Kissing there and nuzzling her face to the feature. This seemed to excite him as his tongue made more intense affectionate strokes. Titan fingers warmed what she couldn't get pressed to his colossal face.

Karla's body made love to Micheal's face. Her mind a flood of happily accepted attention. His every touch was a delight on her skin. He was being so gentle with his affection. He could easily crush her and all he was destroying was her self control. Karla felt like she was his treat, and she hoped he savored her all day.

His powerful lapping again overwhelmed her ability to just enjoy his tasting of her. Her back arched and her arms pressed into the pillow she laid upon. Her legs pressed into his cheeks attempting to pull him tighter to her body. She didn't just moan out, she exploded out, "MICHEAL, YOU OWN ME!" His digits kissed her face as the climax stretched her features. Through the whole pleasure flood Micheal kept suckling her womanhood.

She laid there weakly panting after the rush. Her titan's mouth freed her. He rose up. She faintly remembered not wanting those eyes to see her naked, now she curled to display for him. Wishing she could see him admiring her so lustfully all the time. Her body was tired, but he was literally towering over her. She arched like he liked to see and cooed, "What fun now Micheal?"

"Oh so Hot!" he gave his highest praise. Better, he undid his pants as he did so. Karla's heart pounded at it coming. Out of it's fabric prison emerged that broad Behemoth. It's thick length shadowed over her tiny form. She had a clear memory when this situation was terrifying. Now she found it wonderfully arousing.

He began lowering that massive tip toward her, so Karla spread her limbs wide to accept its arrival. She could feel the weight of it as that beast rested upon her. Her Micheal was a gentle giant, only touching her with it. He held the Behemoth at bay.

Karla remembered when this situation was terrifying. When she performed pleasuring to this titan for special treatment. So recent, but it was a lifetime ago. Now she wasn't performing. Karla was ecstatic to satisfy her Micheal. He was as much her pet as she was his now.

She shook her hair out of her face, he gasped at her messed locks. So Karla fluffed her hair for his viewing delight. Karla bowled her body to that broad tip. Stroking his cock with her legs. Hands caressed along his sensitive end. Pressing her breasts into his manhood. Giggling Karla licked and kissed the end of his private. He made sounds that showed her efforts of her miniature body was actually having an effect.

Karla looked along the Behemoth, Micheal wasn't masturbating as she loved his cock. He was watching her love his manhood. Karla felt a rush, her sweet owner was mesmerized by her. She felt so adored.

He was playful, Karla decided to be too, "You enjoying your Shrunken oh Director Micheal?"

"OH Karla you feel so Hot!" Micheal praised.

"I don't feel hot, can you warm me? Spread your warmth all over me?" Karla teased her titan teen. She clings her legs to him as best she could. Stroking his tip with her entire body.

"Oh yeah. That's great! Yeah, I'm going to cum on you." Micheal adorably whimpered.

Karla made a dramatic showing of licking at his manhood. She snickered how she had long stopped dreading his climax. She encouraged her giant lover with a little dirty request, "Oh Michael cover me in it, cover me in your cum!"

She felt his shiver. She dropped her legs so she could brace her feet to arch her chest against his tip. The first blast hurt, as did the ones that followed. But there was a gratification to feeling his seed flooded over her torso. She again slayed the Behemoth with pleasure. His flow was warm and thick. She now liked how it felt flowing down over her skin. Like she was bathing directly in his love.

Micheal sputtered as his pleasure painted her curves. "Oh so Hot! Oh so Hot!" he chanted. This added to Karla delight.

He fell back into a seating position panting from her dirty dance. Karla giggled at herself as she ran her hands wide through her coating. Painting her inner thighs with his semen. Stretching and rolling in it like a cat in heat. She wondered to herself when she had gone from hating when a guy cam on her to wanting to bathe in Micheal's seed.

"We should clean up." Micheal managed out.

"But I'm all lubed up now." She cooed. Karla could go for more attention.

"Maybe later," he sighed, scooping her from her puddle. "Oh, I have to change my pillow case," he added. Carefully slipping the pillow from it's covering. Karla was surprised to see it come out dry.

Pants done up he snuck them to the bathroom. Karla stepped into the clear warm water. She might have enjoyed the arrival, but she didn't want to stay soaking in his seed all day. His hands joined her in rinsing off. Helping clean the evidence from her body for her.

He lifted her out and handed her a cloth. He sat on the tub, looked level at her as she dried off. She barely concealed herself in the cloth and asked, "Enjoying the show?"

He blushed. "Just thinking it's been a few days since we last played just the two of us." He hummed.

Karla hadn't thought about that. She loved sharing Micheal with Josie. It was even fun to pleasure her titan with lesser Shrunken. But yes, it had been a while since it was just the two of them and it was glorious to have that time with him.

"Guess we should go back to packing." He advised as he lifted her. Holding her close to his chest. Karla cuddled, which got her head patted sweetly.

Once in his room he gathered her clothes for her. Karla had just finished dressing as Milly called up, "You two want lunch?"

"OK mom, we'll be right down." Micheal called back.

Milly made sandwiches while Micheal chopped up veggies for the side. Josie looked at Karla. A knowing smile came across those freckled features, "Good alone time?" she asked.

Karla could feel her cheeks redden. "Yes." she honestly replied. "Are you jealous?" She was worried.

Josie's smile stayed as she answered, "Horrible strangely enough. But you are his first Special. Miss the alone time?"

"Yes, honestly. But it's even better with you there." Karla explained.

"What are you two talking about?" Milly asked.

"Nothing." They both sang like they had when they were on Dance Trips.

"Best not to press." Milly noted.

Lunch was nice. Nibbles from the human's sandwiches as they talked about what could be packed and what would need to stay out longer. Sure they were being fed like pampered pets. But they were talked to like family. Karla was amused at how comfortable with her new life she was.

"So do I get Karla's company this afternoon?" Milly asked.

"I'm OK with that." Karla advised.

"Sure then." he sweetly petted Josie. "It'll be nice to spend time with Josie."

They split up again and Milly started packing her China and crystal. "You understand why you can't stay in Micheal's room while your Full sized right?"

"I'm uncertain. You let me stay while we were on the ship." Karla acknowledged.

"My poor boy is just not ready to handle that yet. I shouldn't have let you stay in his room with him. I know you just want to make him happy, but that is something beyond what Mikey is ready for. You're been a great Shrunken for him. Sweet and obedient. But your affection for him is just beyond what he's ready for." Milly explained.

"I supposed that makes sense." Karla admitted. She remembered their time on the ship. As much as she enjoyed their experience, she did manipulate her Micheal a bit much.

"Glad you understand. So, are you excited to really start your new job in a little over a week?" Milly asked.

"Yes. I think it'll be a good experience. How does Data Inputting feel?" Karla asked.

Milly shrugged, "I've never had it done."

"Nothing you'd like to learn?" Karla asked.

"Yeah, but I'm still enjoying being a spoiled housewife. Maybe I should look at picking up a productive hobby. Video editing or the like." Milly mused.

"Would you enjoy that?" Karla asked.

"I don't know." Milly answered with a sigh.

"Have you considered playing again? You seemed to enjoy that yesterday." Karla suggested.

"I did, but I was also enjoying the company I was playing for." Milly complemented.

"Josie and I enjoyed that greatly. You know Micheal is looking to expand Shrunken performance. He has quite a few dance trained Shrunken, maybe you could borrow a couple and make a small act." Karla suggested.

Milly laughed softly, "I don't think he'd spare the performers I'd enjoy most."

"It would be nice to dance to your playing." Karla mused.

"I was thinking about singing. I think you two would sound wonderful as a duet." Milly teased.

"Mom was the singer not I." Karla replied.

"You just haven't tried. Someday I'll coax a song from you." Milly noted.

"Maybe someday." Karla replied. Pleased with Milly's confidence in her.

"I know a song Mikey likes. I could teach you." Milly offered.

"That might be fun." Karla replied. For the rest of the afternoon Milly packed and taught Karla the words to an old song. Familiar but Karla was unsure why. It was a nice experience.

Howard came home. He greeted Milly and Karla and headed to the kitchen and started making supper for them all. Micheal and Josie came down. From Josie's express she got some alone play as well. They just talked about their days as Howard cooked a stir-fry.

Karla found the evening relaxing. Supper with the family then they all cleaned up. They gathered in the living room and simply began watching TV. Micheal stroked her and Josie like content kittens.

Karla suddenly found her giant's hand coiled around her. He said his good night to his parents. And up the stairs to his room. She could see he had done quite a bit of work that afternoon despite the time he must have taken to play with Josie.

They found themselves laid upon their new pillow. Micheal happily pulled Gabriel and Donna from his Shrunken cage. Karla could hear them foolishly whimper and plead as he stripped them. Karla wondered why they still even bothered. It had to be clear to them now he would enjoy them. That obedience gave rewards.

He placed the naked busty pair on his bed. Karla sighed as the titan began stripping himself. Delightfully Josie also sighed. The Behemoth was only slightly stiff. Seemed his plans were arousing. But only slightly.

He lifted the girls and laid himself down. He poured them near his groin. He simply commanded, "Stroke my cock." The busty pair cringed and reluctantly approached the Behemoth. They were smart enough to press themselves to his manhood. Using their body to pleasure him and smartly licked and kissed their owner's shaft.

Micheal lifted Josie and Karla upon his bare chest. Josie was lifted and he slowly began stripping her. "How are you two adapting to living here?" He asked as he worked.

"I'm rather comfortable here, all things considered." Josie breathy voice confided.

"I am excited about my new job starting soon." Karla purred as she watched Micheal strip Josie.

"Good, I want my special Shrunken to be happy." he sweetly advised. He placed a naked Josie down and scooped Karla up. She couldn't help but arch herself in his grip for his visual enjoyment. "Guess I'm just worried. I like it when you two are happy." he explained.

Josie looked down toward where the busty pair labored and asked, "Does that mean you're hoping we’ll go play?"

"Actually, I want to just spend time snuggling you two if that's OK. Once I want to finish up I'll stroke with those two." He advised.
Karla again enjoyed how skilled her Micheal was at stripping her tiny clothes off her.

He slipped her upon his face. Josie was lifted to the other side of his face. He stroked colossal fingers along them. Karla nuzzled her resting place. "Are you excited about data inputting on Monday?" he asked.

Karla sighed, "Yes, what's it like?"

"You go into a pod, and after an hour or so you come out knowing more. It's a bit tiring but relaxing too." He seemed to have trouble explaining it in his mind.

"What should I expect from Processing?" Josie posed her worry.

"Really you'll lay in a bed, they drug you. You'll remember flashes and foggy images. That's just about it." Karla informed her friend.

"Does it hurt at all? Anything to make the results better?" Josie noted.

"Not really. It's a mental exam. You can't really prepare for it." Micheal advised.

"Well, I hope I pass." Josie advised.

They laid there snuggled together. He stroked them lovingly with his massive hands. They massaged at his smooth skin. Karla loved laying on his face like this. His warmth resonated through her. Like a bath without water. Even the sounds of those two lucky Shrunken foolishly whimpering as they got to service their owner seemed like a smoothing lullaby. She closed her eyes for just a moment.

Karla awoke on her pillow. The bed shook. Micheal was on his knees. His arm was pumping the brunettes along his shaft. He grunted at his cock pleasers, "Ride it you little bitches! I'm going to cum on you! I'm going to cum on both of you!"

Karla laughed at her first flash of emotion. She was amazingly jealous. She wanted to be one of those bitches. To release his pleasure. To be covered in his semen.

He began stuttering as he finished. She sighed as his mighty body pumped thick cum over those busty toys. He was happy and she relished his sexual joy.

He took his semen soaked Shrunken to their cage. PJ shorts covered his manhood and he left to freshen himself.

He returned. "Oh, did I wake you?" He asked.

"I'm not sure, but I'm OK if you did." Karla replied.

She received a stroke along the side of her head. "I'm so glad I caught you." he praised.

"I didn't like that then. But now, I'm glad I'm yours." she replied.

His giant lips kissed her face. He smiled, "I was always glad I caught you." he teased.

"I'll make it up to you, my sweet owner." she returned his kiss.

"You already have. Now, let's get some sleep, we have packing to do tomorrow." he advised.

He turned off the lights. His hand slid her close to the slumbering Josie, covering them both in it's warm hug. Josie turned and cuddled her naked form along Karla's. Karla sighed at the dual sweet sensations.

"Night my lovely Karla." he noted as his eyes closed looking upon her.

"Sweet dreams my wonderful Micheal." she replied, closing her's for the night.

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Ch 3: The Tourists. Home Life

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Feeling a bit low today so I thought I'd post another chapter here. Hope no one minds. Mostly character stuff with little erotic elements. Sorry.


Chapter 3

f/f on M

Karla awoke to an inviting sweet smell. It was a wonderful way to wake up. Her mouth watered and her stomach growled at this intriguing scent.

Micheal's face scrunched up adorably. His massive nose twitched. It reminded Karla of how a rabbit's nose wiggles when it sniffs. His eyes popped open and a wide smile shaped his face. "Dad's making pancakes."

He leaped out of bed. He gathered some pajamas for them and poured them beside them. "Quick, get dressed," he commanded. Karla clad herself. Josie groggy followed suit.

Micheal rushed them down stairs. They entered the kitchen to Howard greeting them, "Hello Mike, ladies. Sleep well?"

"Sure did, what did you do to make mom angry?" Micheal replied with a grin.

"What makes you think she's mad at me?" Howard replied.

"You only make pancakes on holidays, special occasions, and when mom is annoyed with you." Micheal teased.

"I opened the packages that arrived yesterday and took out what was in them." Howard snickered.

"Cool, I want to see what came." Micheal chirped.

"Dining room. I'll bring you three your pancakes." Howard replied.

They entered the room. In the center of the table was a mix of items. A tank, some cannons, and a statue of a man in an old fireman's uniform. Micheal placed them on the table and Karla and Josie rushed to that monument.

Karla felt a tear slide down her cheek. She wanted to kiss him for this gift. His hand stroked her body. "Oh it arrived." was all he simply said. Like it wasn't anything more than a simple trinket.

"You have no idea what this means to us." Josie replied.

"Well, it's yours now," he answered.

"Pancakes." Howard advised.

Micheal sat down. Howard placed a plate before him. Several giant pancakes were stacked upon it with some sausages.

A mini table and two tiny chairs were placed by Micheal's plate. Two little plates and utensils were placed on the table. But the heart warming thing was Howard had made them a couple tiny pancakes of their own. Not a cutting from a bigger pancake, but a couple tiny purpose made pancakes.

Karla sat down. Howard had cut off a couple of the ends of sausages to give them a few sausage patties. Each golden breakfast pastry had one melted chocolate chip in them. He had managed to add just the right amount of syrup.

Karla poked it with her fork. Her knife sliced into the slightly crispy outer surface. She was greeted with a stronger waft of that delightful scent that had awoken her. She lifted a bite to her mouth. Warm buttery fluffy cake with just an accent of vanilla holding the perfect amount of the syrup. She closed her eyes and enjoyed this delectable breakfast treat.

"Last night's treatment and now pancakes. You're well on your way to forgiveness. Maybe you could offer me a little extra special enjoyment before Mikey wakes up and I might forgive you." Milly was heard cooing from the kitchen.

"He's already eating some pancakes." Howard replied.

"Of course he is. Well dish me up a few then." Milly giggled. She walked in with a smile, "Morning. How are you enjoying breakfast?"

"These are amazing." Josie answered.

"Oh my Howard has many hidden talents." Milly purred.

They ate the delectable breakfast. Howard even made them seconds. A relaxing shower followed. Micheal carried them to dress in his room while sweetly nuzzling them. He gathered their clothes for them. They were barely dressed when there was a knock at his door.

"Are you guys dressed?" Milly asked.

"Yes?" Micheal replied.

His parents entered. Milly and Howard walked over. Milly scooped up Josie and Karla found Howard lifting her. "We are going to borrow these two. So you will not be distracted. Have fun packing." Howard explained.

"But can't one stay with me?" Micheal asked.

Milly snickered, "You'll get them back. We just want to hang out with them today. And you will likely focus better. Really, we just want to have their company."

"OK, but be nice to them." Micheal whimpered.

"OK, we are going to pack up my music books and things from around the piano." Milly advised.

"Work bench in the basement." Howard replied.

Howard carried Karla down to the basement. He placed her on the workbench and grabbed a storage tub. "So I have a bunch of small tools. As I pack you could see if I have anything you could use to maintain the cars we bought." he offered.

"Thanks, it would be nice to work on them. Do you work on your car?" Karla asked.

"I know how they work. I can tell you the parts. But once that hood goes up I'm lost." Howard admitted.

"But, you design and make devices that teleport people." Karla was amazed.

"Yeah, but that makes sense. Combustion engines just fog my mind." Howard confessed.

"I would not have any clue on your devices." Karla stated.

He began explaining the principles and the devices needed to create his miracle. Karla attempted to tutor him on the structure of a car engine. They both greatly enjoyed the talk. Both learned quite a bit, but neither really understood fully the others' expertise.

Suddenly his watch went off. "Huh, Milly wants to know what we want for lunch. Chinese?" He said.

"Sure." Karla answered.

"Oh, guess Gabs is coming over to help pack today." he grumbled.

"You don't like Mr. Jacobs?" Karla asked what she already knew.

"He's trying to change my family. I know Milly loves me and would never leave me. I'm just unnecessarily jealous. But he bought one of the big houses and travels all over. I didn't want one of those big houses. I like to travel, but I'm more of a homebody." He explained. He snickered, "Course, if I was to just be mad at someone for changing my family I would be annoyed with you and Josie."

"Why us?" Karla asked.

"Well my little friend. I don't talk to any other Shrunken like we talk. I don't see you like them. I see someone that's my friend, not someone to be played with." Howard explained.

"I'm glad we are friends." Karla announced. "It does make my life easier."

"I do have a problem with it." Howard sighed.

"What, have I caused you a problem by being Micheal's favorite." Karla worried.

"I own your Aunt. As much as I like you as a tiny person, I still see her as a Shrunken. But I feel guilty playing with her now." Howard explained.

"You're not thinking of selling her are you?" Karla asked.

"Honestly I had considered donating her to Jeff for his factory. You know your family's lovely features would sell well." Howard started. Then he pointed at Karla, "But I figured that expression would be the reaction. And a Karla unhappy with me would mean a Mike unhappy with me. I don't want any of that."

"You could give her to Micheal." Karla suggested.

"How comfortable would you be with being played with together by Mike?" Howard asked.

She hadn't thought about that. Her Micheal was an affectionate owner. He would want to play with her only slightly older aunt. He would enjoy the idea of both of them at once in different scenarios. Josie was an additional pleasure during their fun. Even other Shrunken was arousing to satisfy Micheal with. But it was disturbing the idea of her family members pleasuring her titan. "You're right. I'm not comfortable with that." she replied.

"Besides, sooner or later the other Shrunken will learn of her connection to you, or at least to one of our special little ladies and she might be in trouble." Howard advised.

He lost interest in her. Karla didn't want Micheal exploring his interest in her. She would likely soon be discovered as connected to the better treated Shrunken. Karla didn't like the idea of her as a breeding Shrunken. "Sandy." Karla realized.

Howard was confused, "What about her?"

"She has my and Josie's moms looking after Waiten Shrunken children. You could give her to Sandy, she would add her to that bunch. My Aunt would be protected and looked after without anyone playing with her." Karla suggested.

"Would she be OK suddenly being a den mother?" He asked.

"Well, no, but we could just explain her options. I'm not sharing my Micheal with her though." Karla announced.

"Understood." Howard agreed with a smile.

"Thank you." Karla said.

"You're welcome our little Karla," he replied. He reached down and stroked her head. Karla found she enjoyed this affection. She felt he was just showing affection. No want or attempt to access her more private areas. Just a sweet petting, like a hug from a friend.

The doorbell rang and she was scooped into the affectionate hand. Up the stairs. Mr. Jacobs' voice. He was greeting Milly. She greeted him back. Howard stopped at the slight ajar door. "He would be better for her." he whispered to himself.

Karla stroked the giant's thumb and he shook his head and looked down. "She loves you." Karla countered.

Howard snickered and nodded. Karla realized he didn't mean to say that out loud. He clearly had some doubts about his worthiness to have Milly's love. His face showed that clearly. He hesitated to enter their interaction. She could see in his eyes he expected Milly to come to her senses and leave with that other man. To him, the better man. Like he had tricked her into this relationship. Howard's boisterous self assured friendly nature was a mask he wore. Karla now saw it slip, he was a nervous man with delusion of inferiority. In his own mind, not good enough for his own wife's love. Milly was wrong, he wasn't jealous, he was terrified he was right. Guilty to have stolen her heart.

"I'll get Howard." Milly said as movement headed toward the basement door. Karla watched that terrified self doubt vanish as the mask readjusted under a happy looking smile.

He opened the door as she got there. "Hello the most beautiful lady, is lunch ready?" he hummed in a cheery tone.

"You goof. Yes, Gabs just brought it in. He bought too much so I hope you two are hungry." Milly replied. Her smile was warm and delighted at seeing the slim lanky man. Karla could see Howard's doubts were just in his mind. Milly was enthralled with her husband. She leaned on him and gave him a sweet peck. To her Gabs was just a friend. He had no chance at her heart as long as she could be with Howard. That she wasn't just content in her marriage. She cherished it.

But Howard's eyes mirrored that from himself. He couldn't see that. But he also couldn't show her his doubts. A door for her to use to leave him in his mind. He didn't want that, but Karla was worried he might see that as the better option for the woman he loved. Sacrifice himself to better her. Karla had a new job in her heart.

"Hey Gabriel, not working today?" Howard said as Mr. Jacobs entered the room.

"I'm still on call. But I thought I'd take the chance and throw on some work clothes and help a friend out." the man replied. He wore black jeans and a plain grey tee with a small pocket. The material had a silk like shine to it. The shirt and pants looked almost freshly pressed. Even his work clothes seemed fancy. Karla hated to admit it, but he did cut a very attractive figure.

"You didn't need to buy us lunch as well." Howard noted.

"Oh, it's no big deal. I don't usually get to share lunch with friends." Mr. Jacobs retorted. His eyes switched to Milly as he spoke. He clearly didn't doubt where Milly's heart should be. But wouldn't risk losing his spot in an attempt to gain it.

The men seemed ready to butt heads in a dramatic scene of macho posturing when Micheal's voice sang out, "Do I smell Chinese?" He came into the kitchen and stopped. His expression hardened. "Hello Mr. Jacobs." he huffed. Karla felt odd pride knowing he wasn't over the incident on the ship yet.

"Hello Micheal. You can call me Gabriel. Hope I selected dishes you enjoy." Mr. Jacobs clearly ignored Micheal's tone toward him.

"Cool." Her Micheal replied.

They gathered at the dining room. Mr. Jacobs had brought soft drinks and disposable plates and the like. Karla and Josie were placed by Micheal's plate. Mr. Jacobs' eyebrow raised like they were cats allowed upon the table during dinner. But he didn't say anything about it, instead he asked, "How is packing going so far?"

"I think we're doing well. I think with the coming help we could move by next weekend." Milly suggested looking at Howard.

Howard nodded. "Should I request the truck for that Saturday or Sunday?"

"Wait, why not just shrink the container once packed and put it in your trunk and save on the moving truck fee." Mr. Jacobs asked.

"How would we do that?" Milly asked.

"Karla, are your glasses still full sized?" he asked.

"Yes." Karla replied.

"They can shrink the container. Your driveway is shielded fairly completely. If you're careful you could shrink that container without your current neighbors seeing." he suggested.

"How would we resize it back up?" Howard asked.

"I have a resizing device. I'll bring it over on the day you move and make sure security keeps any non-Company eyes from seeing. They could use the practice." Mr. Jacobs offered.

"With Gabs and the two girls at full size we could haul in the boxes fairly easily." Milly advised.

"I guess we'll take you up on that offer." Howard replied.

"Well, then we should eat and get to work. So you could get into your new home as soon as possible." Mr. Jacobs advised.

They began eating. "So, is this the Josie I heard about?" Mr. Jacobs asked.

"Yes, I'm Josie." she replied.

"Are you aware I own the Samantha that attacked you on the cruise ship one evening." Mr. Jacobs replied in a tone like he bought a simple object she once owned.

"I was not. But what does that have to do with me now?" Josie asked.

"I feel you are owed. I have been informed Mike gives you servants. Shrunken that must obey you. Well I plan on breeding her a bit, would you prefer a female or male servant. I would also like another's opinions on potential breeding stock to match her with." Mr. Jacobs said as if he was offering to breed cats with Josie. Karla wondered if this was effort to win points with Micheal more then allow Josie some revenge.

"Oh, I don't know. I couldn't own a Shrunken." Josie replied.

"It technically would be Mike's Shrunken. But it would be your selection." he replied.

"I'm not sure." Josie said.

"Oh little one, let yourself be a little petty. She attempted to kill you. I plan on letting her know of your reward for her misdeed. I like tormenting my Shrunken and I like rewarding my friends. Since you're special to my friends, let me do this. Let me give you this greedy gift." Mr. Jacobs said cheerily. His eyes flipped to Milly and back, yes this was a ploy. But a fun one.

"It could be fun to watch her react to knowing." Karla suggested to her friend.

Josie looked at her friend. Then to Micheal. "OK, Mr. Jacobs. I will help you torment Sammy." she agreed.

"Look, if Milly and Howard allow you to talk to them as equals, you two may call me Gabriel." He stated. He seemed uncomfortable giving the offer to lesser beings.

"That's sweet of you Gabs." Milly advised.

"Oh, not all that sweet. She's a feisty one that hasn't accepted she's my pet yet. I like watching her react to her being tormented." Gabriel snickered cruelly. "I'll send a suggestion list Dr. Grant sent me of possible males for her to Karla's tablet. Once you've selected a few I'll let him know. Do you want to be the one to tell her Josie, or should I?" Gabriel offered.

"I want to." Josie said slowly.

"I'll bring her next Friday when I come over to pack. I'll lend her to you for the night as you'll be full sized till after the move is complete. You can play with her for the night if you promise not to permanently harm her." he added.

"I promise." Josie replied in an evil tone Karla never heard her use before. An arousing playfully evil tone.

They finished lunch. Gabriel asked to help Howard to move items from the garage. Micheal was sent to pack the spare room. While, to keep their sweet owner from being distracted, Josie and Karla got to be Milly's company as she packed living room knick knacks. She was especially careful in wrapping their monument for the move.

An hour or so later the men returned. "We're going to finish packing up my workbench. Pizza or Mexican for supper?" Howard said in a chipper voice.

Milly grinned. "I think we should call it South Western from now on."

"South Western it is then," said Gabriel. Then they wander to the basement.

"Why did you want to call it south western?" Karla asked.

"I saw how you flinched at Mexican. I'm enjoying spoiling you two. Besides, South Western is a more accurate description." Milly explained with a warm smile. Her hands stroked them comfortingly. Karla felt honored by Milly wanting to spoil them.

The men brought up several loads. They were talking more cordially with each other. They clearly chatted about a subject of shared interest. Supper it became clear, Micheal's entertainment branch idea. As they ate tacos and guacamole, the three men talked out plans. The way Gabriel talked he was clearly very excited about a Company entertainment branch using Shrunken. Offering to send her sweet owner a list of contacts that would help in this endeavor.

After supper, Mr. Jacobs left and Micheal brought them to bed. They changed for bed and texted Chrissy. The two distant young lovers began chatting. It was sweet. He placed them in his lap. Petting them between messages.

Karla found herself cuddled between Josie and his manhood. Warmed by his body heat. Laying upon soft pajama bottoms. Curvy body pillow snuggled tight. She sighed as he lifted his mighty body to lay flatter along the bed. She stretched along that thick slumbering beast. So relaxing she delighted in her mind.

Karla awoke still bedded in his lap. The room was dark. Her titan teen somehow shut off the lights and came back to bed without waking her. Did he play before bed? She was sad she didn't help him release before bed.

She rolled out of Josie's hug. His mass was warm. Karla pressed herself to his thick shaft. He seemed to be getting firmer as she grinded herself to him. She was certain her sweet giant forgone his pleasure for her comfort. She should thank her massive lover. Pleasure him for his kindness.

She climbed upon the still slumbering Behemoth. Josie quickly snuggled into her spot along him. Karla crawled along it's surface. At the tip she slid down the ramp made by his shorts. She made her way to the waist band. She stifled a giggle as she stripped off her own Pajamas.

She wiggled her naked form under that pressing band. Hard effort was worth it once inside the cotton cavern. There was that mighty length staring at her. She crawled down it's side. Rubbing like a cat along it as she traveled. She used the inside of the shorts to help mount the Behemoth. She giggled joyfully as she pressed herself into its sensitive skin. Kissing his smooth flesh as her body stroked at the small area she could reach. Wiggling up the shaft toward it’s broad tip. His cock hardened under her affection. It pinned her firmly to his shorts. She couldn't move from that spot now. She attempted to pleasure her way to freedom, only for the colossal cock to pump in a happy reaction. Even asleep she was his helpless pleasure pet. Karla wondered if she would be crushed or slay the wonderful beast.

"Karla, are you in here?" Josie called in a giggled whisper.

"Yes, at his tip. He's got me pinned." she happily whispered back.

"You didn't look to see how it would stiffen once you started playing did you?" Josie's voice asked.

"No, I just wanted to play. Do you know if he played before he went to sleep?" Karla asked. Her mind told her it didn't matter now, but her curiosity pushed her.

"I don't know, I dozed off. I was so comfortable." Josie purred. Karla was certain her friend was cuddling along their Micheal's shaft.

"How did you do this on the ship?" Karla asked. His warm shaft was nice to be held upon.

"He was already hard when I snuck in. And I started lower and moved up as he shifted more space along his shaft. I'll start working up from his balls and to see if we can't free you." Josie purred. Karla was certain Josie was as excited to play as she was to help unpin her from under his shorts.

Since she was there anyway. Karla began lapping at his tip. Cuddling his hardened shaft. He mumbled in his sleep in an arousing tone. She still had room to move her limbs, so she stroked along him. His cock pressed her tightly up and folded her body around the curve of his titan like girth. She gasped, finding great delight being caged like this. She did the one thing she could move to do, she kissed his skin.

He shifted. It hurt as he pushed her into his shorts. But she could move again once he finished. Karla was tempted to go back to loving the tip of his cock. But she slithered her way down him instead. His warm skin was satiny to wiggle along. Her heart pounded with excitement. Her womanhood moaned to pleasure her Micheal.

Karla gasped. A warm soft hand grabbed her calve. It released her leg and Josie's voice whispered, "Sorry Karla." Karla turned over onto her back. She shimmied down that thick girth. Her breath was heavy as arousal rushed through her. Josie was crawling upon her. Her sensual body brushed over Karla's. Karla heard Josie breathing heavily, passionately. "Karla, we should move down to start playing with him." She whimpered alluringly. Lips pressed to hers. Mouths opened and tongues coiled together.

Their bodies pressed together. Karla found Josie's neck in the dark. Josie's hand stroked Karla's leg. Karla knew Josie was only compliant to her loving that shapely body due the likelihood of Micheal discovering them entangled in his shorts. He would play with them. She shouldn't take advantage of her friend's arousing compliance. Karla couldn't resist the chance to make love to her Red Haired Dream. It didn't help her morals to have Josie hand guiding her mouth to that firm breast. Greedily she suckled that delicious nipple. Their bodies coiled together. Hands explored curves as wanted hands traveled Karla's curves. Karla couldn't resist making love to Josie on this most erotic location.

Suddenly Micheal shifted again. They were pressed tightly between his shaft and his shorts. This only seemed to encourage Josie. Her pillowy lips now took Karla's breast. That tongue danced along it's domed top. Josie's body wiggled down Karla's. Josie's lips began kissing a path down along Karla's stomach. She seemed to be headed to an unbelievable location. Her Freckled friend brushed her mouth along Karla's sensitive outer womanhood.

Karla expected a tease. Some curious licks. But no, Josie deeply devoured Karla's pussy. Karla back arched. Her hips popped up to offer Josie's more access to that sensitive location. Josie greedily accepted and suckled hard on. Her wanted tongue drove deep into Karla’s womanhood. Her friend's hands raced over her aroused skin. Karla was Josie's oral puppet. And she danced her into a powerful climax.

Micheal shifted again. Karla wondered if maybe he was awake and playing them. He never shifts this often while he sleeps. No she realized, he was reacting to the little naughty pixies playing in his shorts.

Karla guided Josie up her form. Her Josie slithered over Karla's body. Karla was jealous of Josie's smart positioning. Stretching herself face down along Micheal's massive cock. Those sensual hips placed that sensitive slit inches from Karla's eager mouth. Karla stroked along her friends womanhood. She grinned at her cheeky owner. Josie's vaginal fluids were sweet, but now they were down right vanilla. He must have been feeding them pellets that flavored their intimate liquids.

Karla covered Josie's pussy with her mouth. Suckling the dessert flavored vagina passionately. Her hands ran over and kneaded Josie's firm ass. She could feel Josie's body working to pleasure their sleeping giant. Karla’s attentions made Josie's hips dance along her face. As thrilling as receiving a climax from Josie was, making that red haired beauty succumb to her attention was better.

Josie's body recovered from the physical reaction. Karla could feel Josie moving, turning. Josie's curves snuggled their way down her body. Karla slipped onto her side. Their bodies pressed to each other. Karla's mouth returned to work. Josie's mouth kissed deep along Karla's womanhood. Their bodies coiled and entwined. Karla's hands traveled over curves excitedly, Josie's playfully traveled Karla's form. Josie's desire was fueled by a likely discovery by Micheal. Karla realized she should feel bad for taking advantage of that. But she just couldn't resist loving Josie physically. Karla lost track of how long their erotic face to womanhood dance in the pitch dark shorts upon a giant erection lasted. But eventually they wonderfully wore each other out.

Josie rolled over. Karla knew her friend's face was inches away in the dark. Lips meet sweetly. "He didn't wake up." Josie giggled.

"No, I'm amazed." Karla sighed.

"We came in here to pleasure him. We should do that." Josie sighed. Snuggling close.

"Just have to catch my breath." Karla said, squeezing her Josie closely. Karla allowed her eyes to rest. Josie nuzzled her face along Karla's neck and chest. It was so warm and comforting in this fabric cave. She let down her guard and sleep ambushed her.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by ALittleConfused » Mon May 17, 2021 6:48 am

You got me hooked to the story, not just the sexy stuff, so I really don't mind getting to see a bit more characterization. Whenever I see a new chapter posted it brightens my day up a bit, so I hope your day brightens up as well.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

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I'm Glad you enjoyed. I kind of worry when I post a chapter that's mainly character/world building that I bore my audience. But I can't really kept a story going without the occasional Lego session.

I honestly like sharing. It does make me feel a bit better. I like entertaining people and sharing my creative ideas. Since I don't have anyone in my personal life to do that with, I guess your stuck with my rambling word splatters. :P


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CH 04: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Jun 09, 2021 3:22 pm

Chapter 04

M/f+M/f+F/m,m Mouth Play

Karla awoke when her bed jumped. It quickly settled with a shiver. Her Micheal's voice was heard saying, "Ohh, there you two are." She could feel her phallic mattress firming under her.

Suddenly she was pressed into the fabric of his shorts. Causing both her and Josie to giggle. Then a powerful hand stroked over the shorts where they were trapped. They both made a different happy noise as the attention worked them into his shaft. "You two know it's not safe to sleep in there." he scolded them.

His waist band lifted and he peeked at his erotic prisoners'. "What are you two doing in there?" He asked, still stroking them through his shorts.

"We were worried you went to bed without playing." Josie advised in a happy cooing tone.

"So we thought we'd fix that for you. But we got distracted." Karla lovingly purred at her titan.

"Distracted by what?" he asked. Karla looked at Josie, who smiled back with a playfully gleam in her eyes. They stretched their necks toward each other. Their lips met and they managed a fairly intense description of what distracted them. "Oh so Hot!" he praised.

"Did you two have sex on my cock?" he gasped.

"Yes." they both snickered up to him.

"And I slept through it?" he whimpered.

"Sorry Micheal. We could go again if that would please you?" They offered in unison.

His hand reached in and around them. He began vigorously pumping them along his shaft. Seemed the idea of them pleasuring each other upon his manhood was too much for their boy owner this morning. In quick order their naked forms brought about that telltale shiver. He cupped them firmly over that broad tip. His body pumped hard. Thick warm cum blasted over them. Karla found herself jubilant at being his pleasure.

He laid there for a few moments. His hand kept them held at that rounded end. Karla found herself lapping at him. Chocolate flavor covered her tongue. But she wasn't after that, she hoped he felt her miniature licks. That he was receiving her loving tastes. She realized how belittling being made to do this would have been weeks ago. But now she wanted him to know she was his very loving pet.

Her colossal lover shifted about. The shorts no longer covered them. That caging hand moved them to lay together upon the top of his girth. She looked at the cum covered smile of that red haired beauty. Karla couldn't resist licking some off of a freckled cheek. Josie's tongue kissed her cheek. The two encoiled their semen slicked bodies. Karla's mouth was suckling and savoring the white reward off that curvy plate. The only place his load tasted better than from the source, was off Josie's silk smooth skin. Her face, her neck, her tits, it all tasted of his love.

Josie pushed her onto her back. The usually reserve woman was pinning a complaint Karla to a rather rigid giant shaft. Josie smiled at Karla then slinked down Karla's body. Karla spread her legs and stretched along her man bed. Karla jumped as Josie's mouth sucked at her pussy. Her friend was eager to eroticly entertain their towering teen. And Karla was rewarded by her woman love tonguing her excited womanhood.

Karla allowed the sensations to wander through her body. Her back massaged his thick cock. Her hands stroked the Behemoth.

Karla looked down at her giant encouraged friend. Karla was jealous of that crimson haired genius. She laid her body face down along his surface again. As Josie devoured Karla's sensitivity. That gorgeous body was getting to love their owner's manhood. Karla laid back down and looked up Micheal's towering form. He was watching them intently. Josie's tongue lapped her clitoris and Karla arched her back. Micheal's eyes sparkled at her display. She didn't feel so bad not being able to love his cock, as his eyes were clearly loving her form. Too much love made her overwhelmed with pleasure.

As Karla was catching her breath she felt Josie suckling kisses up her body. Her long wanted lover's face hovered over hers. "My turn?" That sweet voice asked.

Karla flipped on top of her complaint Josie. She kissed that body eagerly as she moved herself into position. Her body stretched along that Behemoth. Happily wiggling along his smooth skin. Josie's moist pussy was presented before her. Some strands of Micheal's recent release still glazed across it. Then the vanilla memory from last night came to mind.

Karla covered that bare strip with her mouth. She suckled his flavor from those lips. Her tongue split them and dragged along that sensitive length. Josie's new flavor mixed with Micheal's seed taste.

Karla pressed her body tight to her giant's cock as her lips and tongue pleasured that alert clitoris. She could feel Josie writhing from the sensations she was giving her. Karla greedily wanted to give her more.

She slipped her tongue to Josie's canal. She dragged the tip of her tongue firmly along the outer edge. She poked into that narrow space. Licking deep into her friend. Karla knew Josie wasn't a virgin. And despite Micheal's gratifying massive fingering on a few occasions. Josie was still amazingly tight to lick into.

Then an image came to Karla's mind. Her red haired friend, full sized, laid out on a bed. Karla's Micheal holding those sensual hips. Shoving that long thick cock into that gorgeous body. This firm cunt stretching around that massive girth. The pleasure they would give each other. Karla was no longer licking Josie, she was ravenously tongue fucking that vanilla favored pleasure hole. Josie exploded into climax.
Karla got up. The want to sixty nine with this goddess again as the writhed on their titan's manhood was enticing. But he had other plans. She was helpless to stop him from placing her beside her red haired lover. His cruel hand didn't allow them to coil together. No he forced them tightly along that vast cock. He ran them along that imposing length. They were helpless in his mighty hold. Karla found herself lustfully elated to be in his control. What she still had control of was eagerly attempting to add to her titan teen's pleasure. He wasn't long using them.

Another man seed bath brought happy girlish giggles from them. Despite the pain when each blast landed.

Micheal laid in pleasure exhaustion. Karla too found herself breathing hard from the erotic fun. Josie's cum covered face was right there. And his seed again tasted so good from those lovely features. Despite his strong hold, they again began savoring the chocolate flavor off each other's body.

"No, no more!" he commanded as he pulled them apart. Holding each in their own hand. They didn't fully submit, as they curled along her touch and placed kisses on his skin.

He held them in his view. "You two are naughty little things." He happily scold.

"Put us down and we'd happily show you more naughty behavior." Karla tried to tempt her Micheal.

"Later, I'm spent right now." was the sad reply.

He placed them in the same hand then wiped his spray from his free hand with a tissue. Karla curled to Josie to display for their giant some more. But Josie shrugged her off with, "He said later Karla. Let him recover."

Karla was a bit disappointed but proud of Josie's adaptation to being a good Shrunken. Suddenly Karla was surprised as Josie placed an affectionate kiss on her lips. "Oh don't be so pouty." Josie teased.

As they headed to the bathroom Karla wondered what that meant. Was it a tease? Was it because Micheal was there? Could she be more comfortable with showing Karla affection? Was she actually genuinely affectionate?

He started the shower and placed them in. Josie hugged her. "What a fun morning." She purred.

Karla happily hugged her naked friend, "He did seem to enjoy it." she agreed.

He entered and began to shower. He offered them cleaners. Karla was rinsing off when Josie started splashing water at her. Karla splashed water back at her. Giggles followed as they flung water. Karla grabbed her friend's arms. They play wrestled a bit.

Micheal began giggling at their silly actions. They snuggled under his gaze. "Having fun?" He asked.

"Yes. Can we have a bath sometime soon? So we can swim?" Josie asked.

"Maybe tonight," he offered.

"Thank you." she purred.

"I'd love to go for a swim." Karla added her voice to the idea.

"Well, if you're both looking to have a swim. I guess I'll have to have a bath later." He surrendered.

He took them to his room. He handed them outfits. Cute little dress with a frilly skirt. Karla didn't know when he ordered them, but she liked how Josie's dress hugged her curves. It made her feel playful, like dancing. She especially liked how Micheal looked at them in these.

Breakfast smells greeted them as they got down stairs. "Morning Mike, Karla, Josie. Cute dresses." Milly greeted them. "Dad is making eggs over easy." Seems they had plans to dip Shrunken in their yokes like Howard had done on the ship. A naked busty African American woman was trapped in a glass by Howard's spot. Milly had a fairly endowed Latino man waiting in her improvised clear cage.

"I'd rather scrambled. But that might be fun." Micheal said. Placing Karla and Josie on the table and scampering upstairs.

"Oh good, I worried he might pick one of you two." Milly snickered.

"Why do you have naked Shrunken in glasses?" Josie asked.

"We enjoy our soft yolk eggs by dipping Shrunken in them." Milly explained.

"You enjoy that?" she asked their human lady friend.

"Oh yes. Better than dipping toast." Milly said. She leaned down, "When you're full size, we'll have some while the men are at work. You'll see."

Micheal returned. He slipped a trembling naked Peyton into his holding glass. She was clearly uncomfortable under Milly's gaze. "That's a pretty one." Milly noted.

"I have her mom too." Micheal noted.

"Oh, you should breed one of them. They'd make wanted kittens. Probably fetch a good price." Milly noted.

Micheal stroked the glass containing Peyton. "Maybe. I think it’ll be the mother if I do." He noted.

Howard entered. Eggs, hash browns, and fried ham pieces. "Morning everyone. Oh that is a fine dipping Shrunken Mike. Sorry, your mother insisted on fried eggs."

He was pulling Peyton out. Her shapely legs kicked as she whimpered. "That's OK dad. I want to try eating them this way anyway." Micheal noted.

The men folded their living utensils so their ample chests were well positioned for dipping. Milly posed her Shrunken male crotch out. Karla snickered, it seemed the idea of that lovely blond giant suckling warm yoke from his cock and balls was somewhat appealing to the attractive male Shrunken. His rigidness should help Milly break her yokes anyway.

The three began eating like this was a normal way to savor their eggs. The females whimpered as skilled giant tongues cleaned yellow from their helpless breasts. Milly’s boy toy gasped in strain as giant full lips kissed yoke from his manhood.

"Oh, sorry girls. Hunger got the best of me." Howard noted. He slipped his pet back into the glass. He left and returned with their seating. "Hope you don't mind sharing." he said as an egg was placed on their table. A bit of a hash brown and a piece of ham was on the platter for them to share.

"Thanks Howard." Karla stated. Lifting her miniature utensils.

"It's odd watching them eat like that." Josie whispered.

"You get oddly used to it." Karla replied, slicing off a bite of egg white.

"It doesn't seem right." Josie shuttered.

Karla smiled and purred, "Really, cause I'm looking forward to trying it."

"Glad I'll be full sized at that time." Josie teased.

The humans began discussing packing plans as the nibbled ham or lapped yoke covered sensitive parts. Milly wanted them to work together in the limited attic upstairs. The men clearly didn't want to, but surrendered the need too.

Milly was just dipping into her second yoke when she sighed, "Dang it."

"What Honey?" Howard asked.

"I should have grabbed a female. He went off." she grumbled looking at the scared spent man.

"Go grab another." Howard suggested, like she just dropped a fork.

"Be right back." she noted carrying the male by his calves.

"I really don't want to pack the attic." Micheal grumbled.

"Me either. But she's right. We will have to do it at some point. Might as well be today." Howard countered.

"I guess." their boy giant grumbled.

Milly came back with a very young handsome Shrunken male. The miniature lad wasn't as excited to be dipped and licked as the man before him. But one trip to Milly's lips stiffened his shaft. Though his expression still showed discomfort.

They finished their breakfast. Karla found herself on Milly's shoulder for the clean up. As Josie got to be on Micheal's. After they finished it was up to the crawl space along the top of the house. Howard had a few boxes down already, they were labeled as different holiday decorations.

Up they went into the rafters. It was a dusty afternoon. The three humans going through boxes. Old photo albums. Family heirlooms that they didn't have room to display.

Karla was amused at the small collection of old magazines that the Company used to use to sell items for Shrunken. It was disguised as a catalog for expensive fashion dolls. You could even order the dolls if a person wanted. But reading the descriptions and you were in the know, you would see the real reasoning for the publication.

Howard had a box of old photography equipment, a hobby long left to collect dust. He smiled at the early digital camera. "Why did you stop?" Josie asked.

"Lack of willing models." he sighed. "Couldn't pester Milly constantly," he explained.

"You have a whole cage of models now." Josie suggested.

"Doubt they'd be willing." he joked back.

"Might be people willing to look at fun photos of non-willing models." Josie suggested. "When you share them, just claim photoshop."

"Yeah, there probably is an interest in that. Would I have a couple of willing models to get back into practice?" he asked.

"I would be glad to pose. Well, with some restrictions." she replied.

"Understood, no naked pudding shots." he teased.

"Exactly." she laughed.

Karla found herself being lifted. Rested on Milly's shoulder, the woman opened an album. Baby pictures of their loving giant. Micheal was too busy going through a box of Howard's old makeshift Shrunken playsets to notice them enjoying the adorable images.

By lunch they had two thirds of the attic divided into four piles. Keep, yard sale, garbage, and Company sensitive garbage. That last one became the topic of lunch conversation over finger foods. "It would be a bunch of boxes to lug to work." Howard sighed.

"Couldn't we just burn them?" Micheal suggested.

"Did you see the pile sweetie?" Milly asked.

"Yeah, it would be a big fire," he sighed.

"Guess we'll have to pack it and dispose of it slowly from the new place." Howard said in disappointment.

"Would we be allowed to shrink it?" Karla asked.

"How, oh right, your glasses." Milly realized.

"I don't know, we'd need permission." Howard stated in a cringe.

"Oh don't be silly. I'm sure Gabs will make sure it's OK. Especially since it's sensitive material." She said with a snicker.

"I think he's helping us enough." Howard countered.

"He doesn't mind helping us." Milly explained.

"He doesn't mind helping." Howard started. "I'm going to go through some more boxes." He finished.

Karla grabbed one of Howard's fingers. He was trembling. "Can I come too?" She asked the giant man.

"Sure," he said with a sad smile. He lifted her to his shoulder. And turned to leave.

"But you barely ate any lunch?" Milly questioned in a worried tone.

"I'm not really hungry." he noted as they traveled to the stairs.

"She loves you, you know that right?" Karla asked.

"Yeah, but I can't provide like Gabriel Jacobs can." Howard whispered back.

"A home, food, a wonderful son, joy, humor, as I remember it, very enjoyed sexual experiences, what is it he can give her you don't already give in spades?" Karla tried to boost her owner's father.

"He just can do things. Permission to shrink problems whenever, your collar, your glasses. He could spoil her." Howard whimpered.

"I only needed my collar because of your deal with Jeff. The glasses and shrinking are nice extras, but are not necessary. Besides, he needed to lend me those glasses to do a favor for him. As for getting spoiled, you know what she calls her life? A spoiled housewife, she thinks you spoil her." Karla attempted to counter his self doubt.

"Really? But she likes high class things and he's always going to high class things." Howard dismissed Karla's argument.

"She likes high class things. But she told me she loves how you make her laugh." Karla informed.

"Thanks. I know you're trying. I just can't believe she chose me. She's my dream wife, it's hard to accept this is real." Howard explained.

"Well it is. And it's my life too now. So accept Milly loves you because I like seeing you two together." Karla advised.

"OK my little counselor. I will try." Howard replied.

He opened a box and snickered. "Well this should be at work."

"What is it?" Karla asked.

"It's my old research notebooks. Should get them archived." he stated.

"That's a lot of note books." Karla observed.

"Yeah, early stuff. Would you believe I wasn't originally hired for research?" Howard asked.

"Why were you hired?" Karla wondered.

"I was an accountant." He answered.

"How did you come up with the teleporting idea?" she couldn't see the connection.

Howard smiled and explained, "I was part of the finance team for the gravity slingshot research team. I noticed the pay difference between us on average compared to the research members average. So with permission of my then boss I started being Inputted in the morning and did my duties in the afternoon. Soon I was fully knowledgeable on the very team we were crunching numbers for and transferred to that team. As we worked on a project an idea came to me and I presented it. I was given a small research team and it grew from there."

"So, is it hard to advance like that in the Company?" Karla asked.

Howard looked at her and sighed. "Not for a person." he replied in a sad tone.

"I hadn't thought about me." Karla noted to comfort her friend.

Smiling, he leaned down, "Want to know the best part of gaining my own research team?"

"Sure." she chirped.

"As a research head I was invited to all the charity and business functions in my area. I decided to go to one. And there I met the most beautiful pianist ever." He hummed.

"What happened?" Karla playfully asked. Hoping to hear his interpretation of the events of that night.

"I pestered her. That poor lady was just trying to play for the crowd and I was a drunk nerdy ass. I realized I was being an ass, so I apologized and started to leave." he stated.

"Then what?" Karla pushed.

"She made the best decision of her life and became curious about that cute drunk nerdy ass." Milly cooed. Hugging her husband.

"Hey, I was telling my story." Howard playfully whined.

"Our story, my sweet." she purred. Rewarding him a kiss.

"Well, if that's how you put it." Howard happily said.

The humans began filing through the last of the boxes. Once they finished there. They traveled as a group to go through the stored boxes in the basement. Karla marveled at the quick progress they three were making. They had lived in this house for over a decade. But they were packing and sorting at a pace that would see them easily leaving here in about a week.

The adults discussed the unwanted but usable items. They had planned on a yard sale. But if they moved on that Saturday, would they have time? The Howells did plan on helping, maybe splitting the group was suggested. Or just donating the items to a refurbishing store. They would have to hang onto the house till after Company carpenters finished removing the installed Shrunken cages. They could even come back and do the sale the following weekend.

Milly sighed, "Guess I should go make supper."

"OK, we'll keep at this." Howard replied.

"I'm taking company." Milly noted and lifted Karla and Josie.

"OK." Micheal submitted a pout.

In the kitchen she prepared beef ribs sighing, "Should have put these in the slow cooker."

"I'm sure they will taste great." Josie told their towering lady.

"Thanks. Wondering if I should fry the veggies with a little butter or boil them?" She asked.

"Butter tastes great." Karla offered her opinion.

Milly cut up potatoes to roast with the ribs. And placed them in the oven. She prepped the vegetables, green beans, onions, and some little corn cobs and left them to wait in a bowl. As the meat and potatoes roasted she would base them with a broth and barbecue sauce mix she whipped up. The kitchen smelled wonderful.

As she waited for the time to start the veggies she started packing the unlikely to be used kitchen items. A large Mixer, mixing and salad bowls, a couple of tea pots, and the like. The whole time coaching her tiny companions on the song she started teaching them the day before. Continuing that teaching once she started stir-frying the veggies.

Milly called down to the guys to come up for supper. "Oh, ribs smell great." Howard praised.

They sat down to eat. "The group contacted me. We are going to meet-up in a bit on video chat." Micheal explained.

"Oh good. Say Hi for me." Milly added.

"Guess no swim." Josie pouted a little.

"He'll take us swimming soon." Karla comforted her friend.

Josie smiled shyly saying, "I know. I was just looking forward to it." She sighed, "But it will be great to see the kids."

"Yeah, I miss them too." Karla agreed.

"What are you talking about?" Micheal asked.

"Nothing that can't wait till later." Karla said.

They ate the wonderful meal Milly made. Micheal and Howard cleaned up as the ladies watched the news. Karla felt conflicted, there was a story about the disasters down the eastern South American coast. They were buying the Company's story of a series of unrelated town wide disasters. The reporter seemed more concerned about how the tourist trade was just starting to recover from the pandemic when these disasters hit and how it would react to these new happenings then the amount of people lost from the listed towns. It was eerie seeing the woman standing in a park from one of the towns the cruise collected from mentioning how ghost town tours were being organized for many of the now empty towns. Pigeons and other wild birds, but no people in the background. No dogs or cats. No cars or monuments. Just an empty park and blank windows in the building. And the world just accepted that. The Company had that power to make whole towns vanish and no one wondered why nothing but vacant buildings and empty parks remained.

Karla jumped as Milly's hand stroked her back. "Karla, are you OK? You pale as a ghost." she asked.

"It's just, whole towns disappear and no one questions the Company's story?" Karla managed to gasp.

"Oh, some will question, but security will handle them before they become a problem." Milly replied. "Oh, that didn't help, did it?"

"No, how do they have such reach, such power?" Josie's voice trembled into the conversation.

"Don't think they, you are now us." Milly attempted to smooth uncomfortable nerves. "It's for the better. Less people means less pollution. Less hunger. You are home here, cared for. Don't think they have and realize we have. You work for the Company and it will work for you."

"But what about the people that don't work for the Company. Who are pets? Many are abused or even killed for the amusement of their new owners." Karla had ignored everything but her own happiness and safety. Now those thoughts were back and flooding through her mind. Her Micheal could be playfully cruel, but never outright hurtful. It was easy to forget, many didn't find a home as spoiling as hers.

"They are not people any more Karla. They are Shrunken. They need to obey their owners now to survive. I feel bad for the ones who were collected by vicious owners. But these efforts will cut down on pollution, overpopulation, food shortages, even other plagues and diseases." Milly explained.

Karla looked up at the woman, "But I'm now a Shrunken. Do I need to obey to survive."

"You're our Karla, our Josie. You may be Shrunken. You may need us to provide for you two. But if you just keep being Karla and Josie, we'll keep trying to spoil you two. I think we are a better family together." Milly said, lifting them to her face. They were nuzzled by their giant friend. They hugged back. Safe in her hands.

"Just so many people." Karla whimpered.

"Yes, and I would love all of them to find homes like you two did. But we know that isn't true. So we should not dwell on it. Just focus on caring for each other. You're safe my little ladies. Mikey loves you two. Howard and I will protect you. You may be a Shrunken, but you're not pets to us. Or the Grants, or the Watts, or the Howells. You're our girls." Milly consulted.

Karla was comforted knowing she wasn't seen as a pet. Held safely by Milly from the increased dangers of the now larger world. She wasn't expecting to react so intensely to the reminder on the news. The idea that so many people were now Shrunken. So many are not safe like the ones in this house. Used and enjoyed sure, but looked after and safe.

Karla pressed herself to Milly's cheek. Home, she was home here. Cared for almost like family. Even for the lesser Shrunken it wasn't so bad here. The human's play often was pleasurable for the Shrunken. The Asian girls Micheal played with the other night climaxed in his lips a few times. Milly made two guys cum while enjoying her breakfast. Karla had to reason Howard made his pets moan happily, she had experienced his skill filled attention herself once.

But others, with humans that got off torturing their pets. The fact that many of the Grant's Shrunken were now being made to forcible breed for them to sell the offspring. No, she couldn't worry about them. She had a space here, a home, family and friends. She just needed to think about something else then how she got here.

"What's wrong with them?" Micheal's sweet voice asked filled with worry.

"There was a news segment about the towns we visited." Milly explained.

Karla turned, reaching for her giant. His gentle colossal hand lifted her. She and Josie were brought to his face. Protected, he comforted, "Your home now my special. Don't worry, no one will take you from here. No one will be mean to you two." Karla sighed, her towering teen held her. Loved by her Micheal.

"Why don't you take them up to your room? I think they'll feel better once they see Chrissy and the others." Milly said. Karla could hear the hope in her voice.

"OK, good idea." their titan softly replied. They were held to his chest above her heart. Cuddled together in one mighty hand. The solid thud inside that building wide torso was soothing.

In his room he grabbed his tablet. He laid on his bed. His chest was flat to lay upon. But his hand blanketed them still. He worked his device one handed, leaning it on his knees. He hummed the tune from the song Milly was teaching them. Their family love was shared with her and Josie. His finger stroked her hair. While Josie's was petted by his thumb.

"Micheal, I'm better now. I'm sorry I got so worked up." Karla announced.

"It's OK. It can't be easy getting used to your new life." he sympathizes.

"It's just so scary what the Company can do." Josie stated.

"Only if you're not in the Company, which you two are now. So, it's going to look after you now. Alright?" he replied.

"Does it bother you at all how they can just make whole towns disappear?" Josie asked.

"No, they would have vanished eventually. This way it's better for the world." Micheal repeated the Company line.

"I suppose." Josie attempted to accept.

"Are you alright talking to everyone?" He asked them.

"Yes please." Karla answered.

"I would like to see them." Josie noted.

"Cool, I'm going to sign in." Micheal announced.

Micheal brought up a program. A beep and Chrissy's cheery face in a pink room appeared. "Micheal! I miss you so much! Hello Karla and Josie!" she stated.

"Hey Chrissy, I miss you too." He responded.

Another beep and Sandy's sweet face suddenly joined them. "Hello all! So good to see you!" she happily said.

"How have you been doing?" Chrissy asked.

"I'm alright. I need to say something real quick before Chris comes on." Sandy replied.

"Go ahead." Micheal allowed.

"He let it slip while we were texting that he got into a fight with his cousins on his first day of school. They gave him a black eye from what he said. So try not to react to it, I think he's a bit embarrassed." she quickly explained.

"But he's OK?" Micheal asked.

"Yeah, guess he has some other news." Sandy replied.

"Oh his cousins. If you were there, Micheal, they would have thought twice." Chrissy huffed.

The program beeped. But even with warning they still all gasped. Chris didn't just have a black eye. But most of his right side of his face was purply blue. "It's really not that bad." he answered their startled reaction.

"What happened?" Micheal asked.

"After the first day of school. I got off the bus. I knew my cousins would be getting off the bus too. They came at me. I blocked Dan's punch. But Will kicked my legs out from under me. As I fell Dan kicked me in the face." Chris explained.

"How did you get out of that?" Chrissy.

Chris had an odd expression. "Seems, for some reason two Company Security Officers were watching me. They grabbed my cousins and pulled them off me. Then they took me to a Company Clinic. The doctor there checked me over, this is just a big bruise. Looks worse than it is. Mom was mad! Oh she gave Aunt Susan an earful. The next day before school a delivery came. I am to be data inputted once we move west. No more school for me. It even included suggested secondary education. They are looking after our move, there is a big blue shipping container in our driveway. We will be your neighbors in two weeks Chrissy."

"That's great." Chrissy cheered. "I just wish we all could live near each other." she added.

"Who had the security men watching you?" Micheal asked.

"I don't know. But whoever it was, they are having that attack on me added to the charges from the trip. Danny has Company problems, so he is avoiding me all together." Chris stated.

"He should be made Shrunken and sent here to be a breeding male." Chrissy snared.

"Who would want any Kittens from him?" Sandy questioned. Then she looked up and blushed.

The other three began laughing. They slipped from there to other young teen interests. Karla found herself stroked like a loved cat by Micheal. They chatted and planned. Hoped to see each other as a group before the next cruise, but lamented the unlikely hood of that happening. It made Karla happy to see them together again even if it was over electric means. Micheal's attention just enhanced that joy.

They said their goodbyes. Leaving Chrissy and Micheal smiling at each other. "I miss you Micheal." the blonde pouted.

"I miss you too Chrissy." he sighed back.

"Karla, are you keeping our man happy?" the girl asked.

"As often as he'll let us." she purred back to her pink clad friend.

"I've been practicing Special kisses. I don't like how the girl feels, but I like how you feel. So hopefully on the next trip Micheal and I can make-out and you can see if I've gotten better for you." Chrissy cooed.

Karla remembered the last time she was involved in a make-out session with these two. Trapped in their mouths, their budded tongues making love to her tiny body as they held each other close. It was intense with an inexperienced Chrissy, a practiced one was an exciting thought. "Looking forward to that." Karla gasped.

"Goodie." Chrissy slowly replied, licking her lips suggestively.

The tablet fell over. "Oh shot!" Micheal exclaimed. Seems their conversation was arousing the Behemoth. Micheal lifted the device, "Sorry, it slipped." He lied.

"No problem Micheal." Chrissy accepted the lie. "Oh, Josie, I'm looking forward to kissing you too." Chrissy hummed.

"Oh, OK." Josie nervously accepted.

"Well, it's late and you have to pack in the morning. You three have a good night." the sweet giantess stated.

"You too. Text me tomorrow, maybe we can meet up for a Battle Jumpers game soon." Micheal suggested.

"It's a date." Chrissy giggled. Leaving the chat.

"Well, she's right. It is late." Micheal said, scooping the two of them off his chest. They were placed on the bed and then the tablet. He went and stripped off the clothes from the day. Karla giggled at herself sighing at the semi-erect penis, she was so his pet. He pulled up his shorts and suddenly announced, "Shot!"

He came over and leaned down in front of Josie, "I forgot about the swim you wanted. Sorry Josie."

"It's OK. We got to chat with everyone." Josie accepted.

"Here let me make it up to you," he said. His powerful hand lifted Josie. Soon that Freckled beauty was gasping as colossal fingers stripped her clothes off her and caressed her soon exposed erogenous areas. That sweet giant tilted that naked redhead and slipped her to his lips. She soon dangled there clearly happily forgetting about the missed swim as gasp after gasp told of affectionate Special Kisses.

Karla soon was grabbed. She danced with his digits to help her titan teen to remove her unnecessary coverings. The power he restrained as he touched love over her made it even more arousing. She panted with lust as her giant slid her naked form over her gorgeous Josie's stripped form. His lip slipped over her ass and hugged her waist. Her hips soon joined the dance. The two of them grinding their bodies together as his tongue savored their pussy's.

Karla noticed he didn't go to bed. He collected them each one of the shirts he gave them once they arrived home from the trip. He placed them on his nightstand, clearly intended for later use.

He then traveled to his cage. Whimpered voices helped to bring on her first climax. Josie too reacted soon after. Karla hazelly realized he was stripping playthings. Donna and his Gabriel of course. Then Grace and that wonderful lovely Sofia. Then Peyton soon found her way naked in his container. Last was the slim side pony tail wearing brunette. Her sweet voiced foolish pleading was erotic.

He brought the container and it's six sumptuous living dolls to his bed. He laid down. He held open his shorts. Then one by one he lifted them and slipped them between the shaft and his shorts. Donna then Gabriel at his base. Sofia, then Grace midway. Peyton and the lithe Brunette at his tip.

His hand encased Josie and Karla. Wrapped around them both, like a cruel grip. Pressing Karla's torso tightly to Josie's. Karla liked how dominating this grip was. She was helplessly held by that towering teen. Her breasts pinned to Josie's firm pair.

She heard her goliath lad order those lucky six, "Please me or I'll please me."

His lips hugged their lower bodies tightly again. Tongue ignited their hips to action. Light returned. Karla looked down along his body, six squirming bumps trapped along his Behemoth attempting to tame that thick beast.

Karla couldn't focus on the six slaving to service her giant for very long. That tender titan's hands came to the two of them. Petting, stroking, massaging them. They both kissed thanks to the digits that stroked their faces.
Gasped appreciation as those fingers traced their hanging legs. Moaned as they eagerly accepted their breasts affectionately rubbed.

Karla lost track of time and number of emotional releases as her Micheal made love to the two of them. Time after time she arched from the touching and tasting from him. Added to the ease of pleasure was her ability to enjoy Josie's naked form so thoroughly. The fact Josie was being so intimate with her body just made her more a puppet to pleasure. Over and over she climaxed. Deep licks of that incredible budded beast. Caressed love from magnificent fingers. Grinding massage from that curvaceous body. Full pillowy kisses along her skin. Tasting that silky freckled skin back. At some point her body could respond to her want to touch Josie any longer, Karla went limp. Danged in Micheal's hands and rocked in his lips.

Soon after her sweet owner lifted her from his lips. Warm wonderful smelling chest was their destination. They laid wrapped together where he placed them. "Does that make up for not taking you swimming tonight?" her giant lover asked.

"Yes." They both sighed together.

"Do either of you want anything?" he offered.

"No, Micheal." they both murmured.

"Should I get your PJs to you or just let you rest for now?" he said with clear glee in his tone.

"Rest please." they again agreed.

"OK." was all he said.

Josie snuggled close. His bare chest radiated heat, keeping them well comfortable with no need for a blanket. Though a fingered one would have made this a perfect sleeping spot Karla thought.

She was well on the edge of sleep. But the wonder of what he was going to do kept Karla's eyes barely open. She was expecting him to stroke the six to his own climax. Instead he lifted his tablet.

Karla attempted to bridge the gap between him hearing her and allowing the now sleeping Josie to stay asleep. "What are you doing?" she asked warmly.

"Looking at playsets and things. You know, toys for us to enjoy our collection once we move." he explained softly.

"You're not going to finish?" she wondered.

"In a bit. I'm really enjoying them rubbing at my cock." he explained.

"Are you not worried they might get you off on their own?" Karla suggested.

"Not really, I mean they feel great trapped in there cuddling my cock. But they are not you." he replied.

Karla delighted at the odd praise. It didn't hurt that it brought a petting from his free hand. She watched him flicking through playsets. Her Micheal liked the monster ones. Looking at dinosaur sets. A King Kong figure. Even an amusing beach playset with a seagull puppet called Sandy Fries.

Suddenly he noted, "Oh, Chrissy sent me a text about an outfit she thinks will be fun for some of our games." He flipped over to the Fantasy clothes tab. He brought up her scan data and opened the page for a Dark Empress dress. The low neck was decorated with gold colored embroidery. It was a loose dress with slits up the long skirt for her legs to peek out of.

"You want me to be your evil queen?" she asked playfully.

"You would look so Hot in that outfit. I like how it shows off your legs." he purred. His fingers lovingly stroked those very limbs as he admired the digital image of her in that dress. That outfit was added to his cart.

"And one for Josie.'' He flipped to her scan data and brought up an outfit labeled Cruel General (Female). Chrissy was right, that outfit would look amazing on Josie. The corset breast plate would boost those perky breasts. Better, the shiny tights hugged her fine ass cheeks amazingly. They would rule Micheal's Shrunken with an iron fist Karla joked in her mind. He added that to the cart.

He went back to looking at playsets. He now focused on ones where his Dark Empress and his Cruel General could pillage his helpless Shrunken peasants. Karla read along the other sections on the site for things that could be ordered. Puppets, clothes, extra accessories. One near the bottom caught Karla's eye. She asked, "Micheal, can we look at Mounting Animals?"

"You think I should order a Mounting Animal?" he sounded confused.

"I know there'll be a lot of extras like a barn and saddles. But I like horseback riding, it might be fun to ride another animal." She explained.

"Oh, you want Riding Animals." he said, scrolling lower to reveal that under Companion Animals and above Display Animals.

"What's the difference?" She wondered.

"Well simply, Riding Animals a Shrunken can ride. Mounting Animals ride a Shrunken." he said as the animal options for riding loaded up.

"How would a Shrunken carry a, oh never mind." Karla had started. Then the memory of Mr. Jacobs' pet rat pleasuring itself in Sammy's womanhood came to her mind. She made a mental note to look over those later. A hard rat fucking might be a good way to discipline any of Micheal's disobedient Shrunken.

"Well, what would you like to look at?" he asked. Distracting her from the mental image of a certain former Shrunken thief being pumped by a Gerbil.

She scanned the choices. Rats, Gerbils, Shrunken Horses, then she squealed, "They have bunnies we can ride?"

"Yep." he brought up the Rabbits. Normal rabbits, floppy eared ones, even amazingly fuzzy choices. The site listed All Ridding Rabbits were bred and trained to accept being saddled by people or Shrunken. They are affectionate and gentle with your Shrunken. They are docile with a love for being ridden. A video showed a floppy eared cutie softly nuzzling a Shrunken girl stroking it's fur.

"Oh, can we get some?" Karla asked.

"I don't know, I have a lot of Shrunken to take care of already." Micheal pointed out.

"But according to this, you could have the Shrunken clean up after them, groom them, and feed them. You'd just need to supply the bedding and food. It would give your pets something to do when not being played with." Karla countered.

"I don't know? Saddles and a pen." he replied.

Karla looked up at him. She gave her best puppy dog look as she pleaded, "Please Micheal? I would be so happy." She pulled back her arms and arched her back. She bounced, adding, "Don't you want me to be happy?"

He let out an adorable whimper. Then he said, "Let me talk to my parents before I decide."

She hugged his fingers. "Thank you Micheal!" She purred.

"That's not a yes. Just maybe." he reminded her.

"Still, I'll need to practice straddling and riding on something just in case it becomes a yes." She teased. Cuddling her naked body to his digits.

His hand coiled around her. Then the other wrapped around her. His fingers easily overpowered her helpless form. Karla found herself spread eagle in his hold. He freely touched her all over. Firm strokes between her thighs. Her breasts rolled under the pads of his fingers. Her legs were being rubbed all over. Her ass was squeezed by his dominating attention. Touches kissed her face. Karla had thought herself spent for the night a short while ago. Now she excitedly submitted to more affection from her massive Micheal.

He was toying with her. Teasing her with suggestive touches. Karla was in a lust filled lather. Michael had clearly learned how she loved being his helpless plaything. Any attempt she made to deepen his touches he countered. She strained with all her Shrunken might. And he kept her restrained with no effort. She was a tiny slave to his enjoyment. Karla loved every torturous second. She gasped with pleasured sounds at his domination.

"It's getting late. I should go to sleep." he teased as he felt her all over.

"But you have Shrunken in your shorts." Karla gasped.

"I can't stroke them. My hands are full." he purred.

"Stroke me too." Karla heard her voice reply eagerly.

"No, I should put you down I think." he mocked her lust. Licking his lips as he spoke.

Karla whimpered, "Oh Micheal, you cruel giant."

"Oh am I so bad?" he asked as he played with her helpless body.

"You got me so aroused. Now you're going to just put me down? That's very mean." she panted at him.

"I think you like me playing with you like this." he cooed.

Karla surrendered, "I do Micheal."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because you're so strong. I'm nothing but a helpless Shrunken in your hands." Karla praised.

"You're my special Shrunken." he corrected.

"All yours. Your special Shrunken." she cooed.

"Do you like when I play with my Shrunken?" he questioned.

"Yes, play with them! Dominate them! You own them, use them!" It spoke for her.

"What do you like to see me do to them?" he egged It on.

"I like seeing you grab them. Strip them as they foolishly whimper. How you touch them as they plead you for mercy. How you give them your pleasure instead." It sang.

"Should I dominate you too?" he offered.

"YES!" Karla's voice called.

"Oh Karla!" he gasped. Powerful lips wrapped her waist. His hands released her. Karla arched up in his mouth. Her hips pumped hard as his tongue re-tasted her. Gloriously humming his enjoyment of her flavor. Karla burst from the sensation quickly. She didn't fall though. Instead she continued to cowgirl his massive tongue tip as it lapped her excited pussy.

His hands slipped into his shorts. Karla heard muffled whimpers from the fools inside. His colossal arms began working those six lucky lovelies along his thick shaft. They should have sung praise to their giant owner. If they didn't enjoy it like their whining proclaimed, that would get him done sooner. Besides, the sooner they began enjoying his pleasure, the better for them.

Karla herself didn't praise him. Not that she didn't want to. The words choked her throat. No, she was in no hurry to end this. But she couldn't restrain those sounds for much longer. Then a gift was laid before her on his nose, a groggy Josie.

"Karla? Are we playing again?" the sleepy redhead questioned.

Karla didn't answer. Josie's legs were straddling their towering teen's nose. Delectable vanilla flavored pussy angled perfectly in Karla reach. Karla hooked her arms around those shapely thighs. The praise for Micheal was trapped as Karla drove her tongue into Josie's sweet pussy. Suckling there brought more vanilla flavored liquid.

Karla swooned as Josie moaned, "OH Karla!" Her red haired lady hooked her legs around Karla's upper torso for a better grip. Eager hands messed Karla's hair. Tapered hips grind Josie's pussy into Karla's accepting mouth. Karla's hand found a firm mound. As Micheal's force filled licks drove Karla mad with passion. She in turn attempted to drain that passion into Josie. And from the music flowing from that angel, it was working.

Josie Climaxed. Arching up along his giant nose. Karla felt Micheal's shiver, and his mighty body arched. She could feel the blasts from his thick cock pumping through his towering body. Several girlish voices whimpering and choking as warm cum bathed their lucky bodies. Karla surrendered and rode her own passion release.

Karla collapsed, head pillowed on Josie's silken skinned inner thigh. Micheal's steamy breath shimmering over her own skin. Josie's hand loving stroking her hair as far as that sweet lover could draped over Micheal's face. Sleep edged her mind.

Suddenly she found herself tilting over. She watched Josie drop to the pillow beside Micheal's head. Then mighty lips allowed Gravity to take her to. She looked up annoyed at her boy giant. Before she could say a word he was announcing, "Sorry, I kind of made a mess on both my hands. I didn't know how else to get you two off my face without smearing cum on you."

It was sweet in a way. Didn't want to make them messy with his seed. He grabbed a few tissues and wiped his release from his hands. From the movement in his shorts, he must have moved the bulk of his riders to his tip to be showered in his cum. He walked over and peeled them out of his shorts. Placing them in his cage to clean themselves of his enjoyment. Wiping the added seed from his fingers with another tissue.

"Let's clean up for bed." he advised. Taking them, their pajamas for the night, and a change of shorts for himself to the bathroom. He moistened a cloth with warm water and stroked the sweat from their bodies. Then the semen from his groin. They freshened for bed and donned the clothes for sleeping in.

Karla found herself dozing even as Micheal carried her back to their room. Josie coiled around. Her head was also drooping. He poured them on their pillow. Karla was aware he lifted his tablet to move it off the bed. But the soft pillow and snuggly redhead kept her from seeing his return.

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