The Tourists. Home Life

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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Ch 12B: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Fri Sep 10, 2021 2:41 am

F,F/f -> F,F,F/f

She opened her suitcase to grab her pajamas. Warm arms wrapped around her torso. Full lips teased her neck. From the feel of it, Josie had become topless again. Perky mounds massaged Karla's back. "Do we need PJs tonight?" cooed a very acceptable offer.

The arms loosened to allow Karla to turn around. She stroked stray strands of different shades of red from that amazing face. "No, I think we can sleep naked." she replied. Deep kiss celebrated the accord. Karla felt playful hands pulling her shirt up. She was pulling it from her arms when those naughty fingers undid her bra. That had to go too now.

They hugged and cuddled tight. Karla loved how Josie's bare chest felt pressed to hers. Then she snickered. Those hands were at it again as her pants became undone. They wrapped along her hips and Josie playfully shimmy down her body, taking her pants and panties with them. While down there her lady love sweetly helped her remove her socks. Then Karla sighed happily as that shapely form shimmed back up her.

Karla's hands now had pants to undo. She hooked along the top, making sure she claimed the hidden panties as well. She savored slithering down those curves as she bared those shapely legs. Socks soon tossed away. Allowing Karla a return trip along that sensual path.

"Sammy?" Josie evilly purred once Karla arrived back to those beautiful eyes.

"Sure, I want to show you something your Little Sister cued me onto." Karla purred back.

"With how our sweet Sandy enjoys Shrunken, that makes me worry." Josie playfully cooed.

Josie pranced to the cage. That Shrunken began pleading immediately. Karla reclined on the bed. Josie looked at her and she directed her friend, "Lay along me facing up."

"OK." Josie agreed. Karla was blanketed by the gorgeous redhead.

"Please Karla, don't put me inside you or Josie. I'm claustrophobic. You have no idea how scary it is." Sammy annoyingly whimpered at her.

Karla cruelly wrapped her fingers around the fit plaything. Taking her from a giddy Josie. She gave just a slight squeeze and the living doll cried out. "Shut up and learn your place, Shrunken." Karla attempted to sound mean. She just sounded lustful.

"First the Shrunken needs to be loosened up." Karla advised Josie. She slipped Sammy crotch first into her mouth. Her tongue firmly dragged along Sammy's pussy. She snickered. Mr. Jacobs likes grape flavored pets. Soon Sammy's cunt was dripping from Karla's rough tastings.

She slipped the former athlete from her lips. It whined at this too. "Next, you fold its legs back. Then you place it on your nipple." Karla advised. Doing the steps as she described them.

"Ohh, that feels strangely good. Oh, Karla it feels like you're trying to push my nipple into her tiny pussy." Josie gasped at the sensations.

"That's right. Trust me it pinches just perfectly." Karla hummed.

Annoyingly Sammy spoke again without permission, "Karla, you can't do that. Look at how thick that is, it'll tear me open."

Karla ended that blathering with a quick flex of her hand. "No it will not. Now shut up or you go up Josie instead.'' Karla declared like an evil giantess. Gaining a happy smile and neck nuzzle from Josie.

A firm roll and the nipple finally popped inside. "Oh, oh Karla that just sings." Josie praised.

The fit sex toy blathered again. "Oh it's too big. Take it out, take it out please!" But another, firmer, flex shut it up again.

"Now just roll it onto your breast like this." Karla said, rolling Sammy over the top of Josie's mound.

"Karla that is good." Josie announced. As she stretched over Karla. Sensually laughing she asked, "Are you fucking Sammy with my nipple?"

"Yes, I could do more." Karla purred. Her tip of her finger began rolling Josie's clitoris.

Josie sighed. "You mind if I just lay here and enjoy these sensations?" she hummed.

Karla had her lovely lady draped over her body happily purring as she tormented the one who attempted to harm this red haired angel and stroked love into that sensitive spot. "You can lay there like this as long as you wish." Karla cooed.

Josie's hand lifted up and reached behind Karla's neck. Massaging it. The other stroked her thigh. There they lay to Karla's delight. Savoring this intimate cuddle. Karla was amused by her rolling of Sammy on top of Josie's breast as it was clearly having an effect on the fit puppet. Josie just seemed to be savoring the attention Karla gladly gave her.

Suddenly the door opened and Milly entered. Karla attempted to cover Josie's nudity. Josie grabbed Sammy and popped her from her breast. "Oh please, I've seen you both naked before. In fact, make room." Then their owner's mother began to strip her silken pajama set off.

Josie slipped to one edge of the bed while Karla moved to the other. Karla had gotten used to Milly being a friend and motherly figure; she had forgotten how lovely a woman she was. Tall with a lithe body, yet still appealingly curved. And long sculpted legs that would feel great wrapped around your body.

The blonde woman slinked onto the bed like a jungle cat. Then gracefully coiled to lay between them. Using her arms to pull them tight. The statuesque woman murmured, "It's been a while since I cuddled a lady naked. Yet alone two beautiful ones like your girls."

Milly's hand began combing through Karla's hair. She nuzzled her face to Karla's neck then shared the experience with Josie. Karla sighed. As lovely as Milly was. And the intimacy of laying along her naked form. Karla felt this affection was more comforting than sensual.

Milly hummed nervously, "You two understand why I don't want you sleeping with Mikey while you are Full sized right? I mean, I know you're his Shrunken. And a boy should be allowed to enjoy his pets as he likes. I just think access to two gorgeous ladies like you two would be too much for my boy to handle. He would likely go further than he's ready for. I know you only want what is best for him. But you two are so obedient to him that if he ordered it you'd submit and present like good Shrunken should."

Karla felt both shame at being so submissive to a teen boy and pride at being a good Shrunken. She didn't want to counter Milly's worry since her evidence was proof they already disobeyed her request. Though she had to admit to herself, if Micheal had insisted she would have wrapped her legs around him and taken in that wonderful Behemoth.

"Though I'm sure my poor son misses his favorite sleep aids." Milly continued, pulling them both close to her slender naked form. "Now if I could be certain you two would only play to make him happy. Not go too far. I would let you spend one night Full sized with him. He is so fond of his Special Shrunken."

"If we promise to try not to let him go too far, would that work?" Karla braved.

"Could you though? Really not submit to your owner?" Milly whimpered.

Josie rubbed her face in the skin of Milly's shoulder. "We promise to try." she agreed.

"It would be in our owner's best interest." Karla added.

"I'll be mad if you don't hold up your side of this deal." she sighed.

"We will, promise." Karla cooed. Kissing Milly's cheek.

"Oh, what are you doing Josie?" Milly gasped.

"I thought since you were being so nice to us. We could let you borrow the Shrunken Mr. Jacobs lent us." Josie purred.

Milly arched back and hummed out a happy oh sound. Then added, "She's a fit little squirmier isn't she."

"Yeah, she says she's claustrophobic." Josie growled appealingly.

"Is she the one that tried to kill you?" Milly gasped out.

"Yes?" Josie answered.

"Then slip her all the way in girl.'' Milly ordered. And from how she arched and moaned pleasured sounds, Josie listened. Josie moved her hand and Milly pressed her thighs together, hooking her ankles. Giggling breathlessly she announced, "Time for some Kegels! Oh yeah!"

As Milly arched and wiggled while sighing and moaning happy sounds, Karla and Josie leaped from the bed. Karla could tell the tall woman was flexing the muscles of her lower abdomen, doing a firming exercise for her womanhood. Sammy clearly gave pleasurable resistance.

As they donned their pajamas before entering the hall Milly asked, "You mind if I take this little squirmier to play with Howard?"

"As long as you don't break her I think that will be fine." Josie giggled.

Karla reached for the door. Ready to bolt to Micheal's warm bed. And better his warm body. Milly again spoke, "One more thing girls."

"Yes Milly?" They both replied.

"Next time I say you have to leave once something is done. You better listen or else. Understand?" she advised.

"Yes Milly, we're sorry." They both pouted.

"I know, Master Micheal wanted it. Go cuddle my boy. Sleep well girls." Milly mocked them a little.

"Night Milly." they replied. Then stepped into the dark hallway. Quickly they traveled to Micheal's apartment. Then to his room. The whole time trying to restrain giddy giggles.

There he lay sleeping. His sweet face was so tranquil. He was laying on his back. His hands cupped open over his chest. Leaving a place for them to sleep once they were their right size again. Karla's heart melted.

As she started toward her favorite bed, Josie grabbed her arm. Josie smiled her excited smile and cooed, "He's sleeping shirtless, shouldn't we do the same?"

Karla smiled, Josie was a good friend and the perfect Shrunken. She added, "We don't know if he is wearing bottoms. Shouldn't we strip fully just in case?" Josie answered by beginning to wiggle out of her little booty shorts. Soon unwanted pajamas were removed.

They slipped on either side of the sleeping lad. Carefully they took an arm and pulled it open to curl closer to his side. He wore his sleeping shorts. But Karla knew he would be. Still his bare skin felt like heaven against her naked skin. As she rested her head on his shoulder his arm pressed her tight. Sighing a happy sigh in his sleep. She murmured her own happy noise. Sleep took her quickly while cuddled to her Micheal.

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Ch 13: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Fri Sep 24, 2021 12:07 am

Chapter 13

Micheal's watch going off woke Karla from her sleep. Though it was Micheal himself that roused her to be fully awake. Laying on their sides, He pressed himself into her. His arms squeezed her tightly. Both of her ass cheeks started being kneaded by his attentive hands. His face nuzzled into her breasts as he whimpered wantingly, "What are you two doing in my bed naked? What if mom finds out?"

Karla gasped as she relished the feel of him against her body. Gleefully she played in his hair as his face jiggled her breasts. "Your mother said we could sleep with you last night." she sang happily.

His mouth kissed his lips to Karla's ear. He whined lustfully, "I'm so horny, I want to put it in you!"

Karla had to stop herself. She had begun to lay back with the clear intent to give Micheal easy access. "We promised your mother we wouldn't let you go too far." She told her owner as she started to slip towards the bed's edge.

He grabbed hard and attempted to pull her back towards him. He growled like an animal, "No, Mine. Going to fuck you!"

Suddenly he gasped. Josie pressed into his back and calmly stated, "If you do that we will not be able to cuddle full size again. You like Karla cuddles right."

This seemed to ease his desire. Though it might have been the fact that Josie's hand was in his shorts firmly stroking the head of the Behemoth. "But I want too so bad." he surrendered.

Karla kissed his forehead. "Lets go shower for work. We'll make it all better in there." she purred at her tormented teen.

"OK." he sighed.

Karla began walking backward toward his bathroom. Her hands stroked along his cheek or over his bare chest. Josie pressed into one shoulder or another to help guide him around obstacles. Micheal walked like in a trance, Karla watched his eyes looking up and down her body. She was the carrot leading the mule. Though she really wanted to be on that stick.

In the bathroom Josie grabbed towels as Karla lowered his shorts. She was greeted with that pleasurable monster. She had to bite her lip and close her eyes to stand back up. The thought of feeling that length pressed into her throat made her mouth water and heart race.

Upright, he latched onto her. Mouth caught one of her breasts. That naturally skilled tongue found her eager nipple. He was making it very hard not to break her promise to Milly. She carefully backed into the tub. Micheal followed, staying attached.

He pinned her to the back wall. Hands traveled her body excitedly. His mouth left her breast, to press her mouth. Deeply he kissed her. Karla was a slave to his wants. If he made even the slightest suggestion now, she knew her pussy would be stretched wide as her reward.

Suddenly he jumped. Water was spattering onto his back. Josie had turned on the water, Karla mentally thanked her Freckled Dream. This sudden chill brought Micheal to a more controlled state.

"Shampoo?" Josie asked Karla.

"Yes please." she purred.

They pressed onto either side of a greatly accepting Micheal. Then they began spreading the cleaner through his hair. Purring things like, "Oh Good Micheal!" And "Doesn't this feel nice, us cuddled together."

Their teen owner purred back, "Yeah so nice." and "You two feel good washing my hair." How or when Karla didn't notice. But he began petting their shampoo through their hair. She helped lather Josie's red locks for him. As Josie helped with her long black hair. They all began giggling as they rinsed each other's hair in an affectionate triangle.

Conditioner next. One hand coated her teen owner's brown hair. Her other combed honey colored treatment though thick red hair. Micheal's hand ran through the strands of her hair on one side while Josie stroked the locks on the other side.

"Body Wash?" Josie said in a playful tone.

Karla put out her hand, but Josie put a large blue glob between her breasts. Micheal's hands soon lathered the soap thoroughly. Karla began spreading those heavenly scented bubbles over Micheal's chest while Josie's supply was well spread over her perky applicators.

Josie started to spread the cleaner over Micheal's back. Karla began washing his legs. There the Behemoth hypnotized her. Waggling and bobby freely. She looked up at her again towering teen. She couldn't resist. Her tongue hugged along the side of his thick cock and dragged to his tip where she gave an open mouth kiss.

She smiled in delight at how he enjoyed her simple attention. Her hands lifted that mass of manhood. She wiggled it between her breasts. Then she rose and lowered to clean that long shaft with the soap between her tits. Her mouth attempted to polish the tip.

His hands grabbed her shoulders. His hips pulled back and she moved her face. As much as she wanted to feel her lips spread wide by her master's cock, she knew he wasn't going to give her the time to work her mouth over the tip. He pushed up her chest in a powerful stroke. She could nuzzle the tip as it rose up. Soon his thick cock pumped up and down in her cleavage. She playfully licked and lapped at the Behemoth's head as it traveled up and down.

Soon he stopped and his manhood became a fountain for a fleeting moment. Chocolate flavored blasts flying wildly from his tip. Karla felt blessed as some spattered upon her face. Micheal had been pleased, making the world a better place.

Karla stood and his hand washed the white reward from her face. This was an even better reward. "That was great. Thank you so much Karla." he gasped.

"That's what I'm here for, making my Micheal a happy boy." she cheerfully replied.

He pulled her and Josie tightly to his body. "You two do more than just make me a happy boy." He praised them.

"That's because you're such a sweet owner." Josie cooed Karla's thoughts. They finished their shower in a happy rinsing cuddle.

Karla and Josie skittered to the guest room to get dressed. Karla found Milly packed her a perfect skirt outfit for her first day of work. Josie picked out the comfy sweats outfit to help Milly unpack.

"Well don't you look ready to work." Howard greeted when she entered the dining area.

"Thank you." Karla actually felt her cheek warm from his proud decree.

"Oh, I see Josie is dressed to help me out today." Milly said happily. Placing an Ouellette and hash browns before Karla.

"I figured comfort would be more functional." Josie agreed with their owner's mother.

"Oh, speaking of function. Gabs was wondering if you could take that Shrunken you borrowed with you Karla. Guess he has some business at the Complex." Milly requested.

Howard looked confused. "Does he? I wasn't informed."

"He says so." Milly left for the kitchen.

"Anyway, thanks, you two, for letting us borrow her. She was fun." Howard stated.

"You didn't break her?" Josie nervously asked.

"No, but once I knew who she was we did take liberties we reserve for disobedient Shrunken." he sighed. Bring a smirk to Karla's lips.

Micheal came into the dinning area just as Milly returned from the kitchen. "Good timing. Here is your and Josie's scrambled eggs."

"Thanks mom." he replied, grabbing his fork. "Karla, try to remember to bring both our collection cases to bring home more of my Shrunken." he requested before yellow began being shoveled into his mouth.

"That's a good idea. Howard, take my container. You mind filling it for me Karla?" Milly requested.

"Mom, she will be working." Micheal managed between scoops.

"Likely she'll be done by lunch. Nothing more than setting up standards for future locations." Howard pointed out.

"Does that mean she could come over and help me out this afternoon?" Micheal perked up excitedly.

"Unless she has advanced physics knowledge she's been hiding, I don't know what she could do to help you." Howard stated.

"I could make coffee for them." Karla suggested.

"See!" Micheal defended his desire.

"Drink a lot of coffee do you?" Howard teased.

"No, but that's just one thing." Micheal verbally dodged.

"Don't be a distraction and it's OK by me Karla." Howard surrendered.

"OK, did you want me to collect some of your Shrunken too?" Karla offered.

"Sure, thanks." The man smiled grateful.

"Are we picking up Chuck today?" Micheal asked.

"No, I gave him the day off with pay. Didn't see much point in him being there as Karla is still Full sized." Howard answered.

"Oh, I was hoping he would be there to show her around." Micheal sighed.

"I could call him, see if he'd like to do that?" Howard replied.

"If he doesn't mind." Micheal replied hopefully.

Breakfast finished, Milly asked, "You mind helping me clean up while they finish getting ready for work, Josie?"

"Glad to help." The Freckled sweetie replied.

Karla finished in the hall bathroom. Not wanting to be a distraction to her Micheal. Only to encounter him as she stepped out the door. "Good luck today." he purred.

"Thank you." she sighed back. He pulled her close and she happily accepted his kiss.

"OK, get that out of your systems now. I don't want to hear about you two making out in the halls at work." Howard interrupted.

"What about in our offices?" Micheal honestly asked.

"If it doesn't interfere with your work, fine." he teased.

"Goodie." Micheal clearly took him seriously.

They grabbed the containers and work bags and headed to the door. Milly came out and kissed Howard good day.
Karla felt a hand on her arm. She turned to Josie saying, "Hope your day goes well." Before Karla could reply, those full lips sealed to hers. She hadn't thought about getting a goodbye kiss from Josie this morning. She was glad Josie had. She giddly watched that round ass sway over and leave their boy breathless as well. Being turned into a Shrunken seemed to have liberated her formerly modest friend.

Before they stepped outside, Josie handed the case containing Sammy's cage. "Thank Mr. Jacobs for letting us borrow this."

"Wish we had more time to enjoy it." Karla cooed.

"Micheal will share with us." was not the response she expected. Enjoyed, but not expected.

Outside, Howard asked, "You want to drive Karla?"

"Sure." was the reply. Karla felt excitement from such a simple act now.

"Chuck is going to come in and help you. I'll guide you." Howard added.

"Oh good." Micheal sounded relieved as he climbed into the back seat.

They drove through the nearly empty neighborhood. Out the automatic gate. As they traveled along, Howard warned of coming turns. "Oh Karla. Just so you know, don't return to normal with your door card. I've been told that it messes them up."

"Good to know thank you." she replied.

Chuck was waiting on his doorstep for them. He climbed into the back with a jolly, "Morning Miller family. How was the move?"

"Good, how was your weekend?" Howard replied.

"Quite mostly," Was his cheerfully reply.

"Thank you for coming in to help show Karla around." Micheal said.

"Honestly I'm hoping between the two of us we can figure what else I can do. Sizing her up and sitting is starting to sound boring." Chuck noted.

"Karla will need an office manager. Answer calls, make coffee, and get supplies." Howard suggested.

"If you're OK with that boss lady?" the older man offered.

Karla felt odd. Her, a Shrunken, in charge of humans. "I would be glad for your help." was all she could think to say.

At the gate the guard stopped them. "Got a chauffeur, Dr. Miller?"

"Just for today. Going to let us in?" Howard replied.

"Certainly, be careful on the drive up to the buildings though. Survey team is getting measurements." the guard helpfully advised.

"What are they surveying for?" Howard asked with annoyance in his voice.

"Didn't say, but the paperwork was in order." the guard replied defensively.

"I'm sure it is." Howard sighed.

As they drove up Karla offered, "Did you want me to stop and let you out to talk to them?"

"No, I know who I need to talk to about it." he grumbled.

They parked and entered. "Well, hope you all have a good day." Howard said, clearly distracted.

"OK dad. Hope you do too." Micheal replied, seemingly unnoticing.

Karla's worry was lost as her owner's hand grabbed hers. He chirped, "My office is on the way to yours." She savored every annoyed glare she received from the Status tramps as they walked hand in hand.

"My office." he announced and looked expectantly.

"Hope you have a good day." Karla hummed. Planting a deep kiss on those happy lips.

As they walked Chuck chuckled. "You're not going to be well liked here."

"I will be where it matters." Karla proudly replied.

They entered her office and Chuck asked, "I'm going to make coffee, you want some?"

"Please." she happily accepted.

"Anything you need me to do while I'm here?" he asked.

"I honestly don't know. Could you look around to see if we'll need anything?" she replied.

"Sure. I'll make sure your Shrunken are all looked after too." he nodded and started to the coffee break area.

Karla snickered, her Shrunken. She entered her office. She set her tablet into a docking station on the desk. A quick verification and reports started to download. She then opened the case containing Sammy's cage. She thought about filling the water and setting it up. But it would be easier to just shovel the fit plaything into the cage provided in her office. It was already connected to everything.

She lifted Sammy out and admired how the suggestion of a cheerleader-like outfit looked pulled tight to her fit curves. "Karla please keep me!" The pet whined.

"You're his now. You chose your path, learn to enjoy it. Because you will be enjoyed." Karla taunted the dark haired Shrunken.

"You're worse than they are. You know what they are like and enjoy it. I wish Josie had died that night." Snarled Sammy.

Karla felt her hand tighten around that fit little body. "That's all you got, maybe I should have pushed you off that cage. Josie might have some actual hand strength. Being that boy's little whore must leave you weak." grunted Sammy.

Karla dropped the former athlete into the cage. "You can't get me to kill you. You're going to produce a pretty pet for that boy. She is going to be Josie's personal slave. And knowing my friend, she'll share her with me. Just think, your first daughter, likely your first child. Kneeling before me, begging to please me. Now stay quiet or the first thing I tape in this office will be your mouth." she tormented the Standard sized Shrunken.

She turned and walked to her desk with the sweet music of Sammy sobbing playing. Chuck came and left her a large hot cup of black coffee. Karla cheerfully started her new job proper.

Reports were much simpler now that she had been Inputted to read them. Not that there was much to go through since her last work day on the ship. Though there was a new addition, requests.

They were planning the future teleport terminals already. Stores like on the ship were planned and those stores had put in for their preferred Shrunken types. East Asian locations were requesting Blondes and Redheads. European and Northern North America wanted East Asian types. Southern North America were looking for tan or darker skinned pets. Seems many still liked the idea of owning being of African descent in that part of the Company's holdings. None requested only exclusively one type, just noted their preferences for stock several years in advance.

Karla marveled at her knowledge of how to determine the ratios of the different areas' requests. Then a sudden thought occurred to her. Typing on her watch she sent a message, "Hey Chrissy, sorry to bother you but I have a work related question. When you bred Shrunken do you match ethnicity or mix them?"

She started on making a ratio plan while she waited. She didn't have much else to do. Her tablet announced a video call. She answered. "Hey Karla, our first work chat!" Chrissy excitedly announced.

"Are you at work? What time is it there?" Karla was surprised to see the blonde in her lab coat already.

"Yes silly, it's after nine here. Your brain is still in your old time zone?" Chrissy teased back.

"Oh, sorry to bother you. But I was wondering about how you match up breeding pairs for sale stock." Karla put them on the subject.

"Yes," Chrissy said, pulling a male from a cage. Her finger started stroking the clearly uncomfortable male's genitals as she spoke, "Little of both. Why?" she replied as if simply writing a note while she spoke.

"Well, certain areas are already sending requests for preferred racial types and I was going to make ratios. But if you mix it might not matter." Karla replied trying not to laugh as the male was clearly approaching climax.

Chrissy suddenly grabbed a small bottle and poked the male's erection into a rubber-like top. She wiggled it slightly as she cheerily replied, "Could you send daddy a copy of those requests. I think that's what he wanted to better plan breeding and marketing." As she finished, so did the male.

Karla snickered at the male's uncomfortable climax face. Then managed to say, "Glad too. I think there will be a big market for race based sales." As she spoke Chrissy pinned the spent male onto her metal table and capped the little bottle. Giving it a shake.

"Yeah I thought there might be. People have their preferences." she said looking at the bottle. Then its contents turned pink and she smiled.

"Yeah, I think the next cruise will be a big money maker for your branch." Karla advised as Chrissy happily added the shivering male to a cage.

Chrissy reached in and pulled out another unhappy male. "What type of demand is there?" the girl asked as her fingers started stimulating another male.

"Chrissy, what are you doing?" Karla couldn't hold her curiosity back any longer.

"OH, I'm sorry Karla. Do you mind if I keep working as we talk? I already fed this batch pellets." Chrissy asked as her subject started gasping.

"No, go ahead. Just what are you doing?" Karla allowed, still wanting an answer.

"Oh we call it milking. See, these males didn't produce with the females they were matched up with. So we need to make sure they are producing enough sperm. So we feed them half a male formulated Randy Ranch Pellet to get their junk excited and give it a rub like so. And when they seem near release, we poke it into one of these little bottle tops. Little extra rub, and bingo!" the male gasped just on que.

Once the little fellow finished she pressed him to the metal table. Continuing she explained, "Then we cap the bottle and mix the formula with the released semen and pink means baby juice is good. Or white like this fellow means useless as a breeder." she sighed, dropping the male into a funnel-like device.

"What happens to him now?" Karla felt an odd worry.

"We'll give him a Process like test. Pass and he gets to stay and be a baby caretaker. Good care and food. Fail, and into the for sale used stock items. Some find homes, that guy, likely a Company lab somewhere for Shrunken testing. Vaccines or new tech. It’s likely how Howard tested his teleporters. Using unwanted Shrunken." Chrissy said like it was a normal thing.

Karla reminded herself, it was for them. And should be for her. "Well, back to your question. Seems different Company territories have different preferences. So I would suggest making the same types breed. Redheads with redheads, Asians with Asians. You'll see when I send my ratio request report." Karla found it easy to ignore what Chrissy's hands were doing now that she knew what was happening. It oddly reminded her of talking to someone painting their nails.

"Oh, I'll take that under assessment when I set up my next breeding herd. I'll try not to mix the pigments as much." Chrissy happily accepted Karla's advice.

"Careful not to inbreed." Karla felt the need to say.

"Karla, this isn't some back shed breeding Company. See this tag?" Chrissy held the male in her hand by his ankle. "It's code tells me his hair color up to if he has a gene connection to a female breeder. Oh, looks like his daughter is in our stock." The girl took a look at the male. "Better see if she is carrying already, if not, looks like good stock."

Karla ignored the male's begging for his daughter's safety and asked, "Would it say if his wife was in your stock?"

Chrissy snickered, "No, they’re not gene connected. It would say if his mom, sister or close cousins, actually, we have a lot of his gene family matches. This will be a productive family lot. From just a quick look at this specimen. Better make sure he's pumping baby juice." The blonde went back to her task. The male verbally protested but physically reacted as Chrissy needed.

Karla had a worry, "If I gave you a sample, could you tell me if you have any of my relatives?"

Chrissy looked worried and softly replied, "I could. But I wouldn't. It will not change anything at this point. Likely they have been caged to breed already. I'm sorry, but to me they are just products to make Kittens with."

"No, I'm sorry. I slipped back to old thoughts." Karla whimpered.

"I can understand." Chrissy was clearly trying to reassure.

"It's, please understand, I just wonder what happened to my cousin Sunny. He and Josie used to date and I kinda wished." Karla started.

Interrupting Chrissy slipped out, "To Breed them?"

Karla snickered. "In a none Shrunken world yes."

Chrissy giggled as she caught Karla's meaning. "Maybe this once I could take a look. Only to make you and Josie feel better. But you understand I shouldn't." Chrissy eased off her earlier stance.

"No, that might just lead down a slippery slope." Karla acknowledges herself slipping back to an old mindset.

"So, used to date. What happened?" Chrissy asked.

Karla liked the slightly different angle of the conversation. Still she knew she would have to get off this reminiscing. Old memories brought back the ignored new pain of the loss of those old friends and family. "Josie was off at school on Sunny's birthday. He got drunk and an old girlfriend was giving him attention. I guess Josie came home to be a birthday surprise, only to catch him receiving a different birthday gift. He claims he had passed out and didn't know the girl was doing that to him. But he also said he shouldn't have been alone with her for that to happen. He was devastated, but he knew he was at fault."

"What happened with the old girlfriend afterward?" Chrissy pulled for gossip.

"She was struggling to survive in the capital for a while. Last I heard though, she had found a guy who started spoiling her." Karla answered.

"Oh, I was hoping she was one of our breeders." Chrissy clearly was trying to cheer Karla up.

Karla smiled. "No such luck."

"So, how is Micheal? Does he miss me?" She slipped in the important question.

"I know he looks forward to your video chats. He was really excited that your factory would be receiving one of the first teleporter devices." Karla informed her.

"We are? Cool!" Chrissy's eyes sparkled.

"Howard said it's for work related use only." Karla cautioned.

"Figures." Grumbled Chrissy. She sighed, "I have to let you go. If I don't get all these males tested soon the half pellet I fed them will wear out and I'll have to feed them another. Talk later?"

"Sure, have fun milking." Karla replied.

"I like that they get all whimpering." the girl snickered and then the call ended.

Karla began collecting the data from the sent requests. She was part way through when her watch went off. Micheal was asking her, "Meet for lunch?"

"Yes, where?" she inquired.

"Cafeteria." he replied.

"OK." she messaged.

She stepped out of her office. "Chuck, where is the cafeteria?"

"Oh, follow me. I'm going to lunch now too." he replied.

"How has your day been?" she asked.

"Good. I looked after the Shrunken. And I just finished putting the shelves together. Now I'm putting away many of the supplies." Chuck replied.

"What are the plans for the afternoon?" she wondered.

"Going to finish organizing those supplies and get them away. You?" Chuck asked.

"I have a report for Grant Breeding for requested Shrunken types to the future teleport locations I decided to send. After that, I don't know." Karla explained.

"What type of things will those locations need to look after shipped Shrunken or for selling Shrunken?" Chuck suggested.

"Thanks. I will make a list of minimum requirements. I know many in the Company will know what is needed. But official rules will make it more business-like. And give me something more to do." Karla announced.

"Not as many know how to take care of their pets as well as you think. I think strict rules would be a good idea." Chuck advised.

"I'll do that." Karla accepted his advice. She felt an odd sense of relief at Chuck's knowledge of the Company's world.

They entered the cafeteria. "I'll be right back, you can go ahead if you like." Chuck offered.

"I should wait for Micheal." Karla surrendered.

"Alright, I'll be right back." Chuck noted.

Karla waited watching through the crowd for her sweet boy owner. A warm proud voice slithered into her ear, "Well hello. When did such a lovely lady join our complex."

Karla turned to see a broad chest sandy haired man eyeing her wantingly. She knew this type well, pride and self assurance hovered around him like an aura. She knew what he was aiming to gain here, but she didn't feel the need to be rude, "I just started. I'm the liaison for Grant Breeding." she replied.

"Well, a good task indeed. I'm Gerald Moore. I am looking after Gravity Catapult research. Soon you will be able to view the world from above with my word. But who am I giving such a gift too?" the man oozed with self assured ease.

"I'm Karla Miller. But is your research necessary with teleporting technology's progress." she teased.

"Oh, it'll be the foundation of an extensive group of orbiting complexes. Dr. Miller's little device will be added later. A little room like a kitchen or bathroom. But they will only become a true convenience after my work is done. Now, when will that factory of yours be giving us little lovelies to play with together." this Gerald stepped too closely.

Karla stepped back. "I've heard they are close to eliminating the distance restriction."

"Still a good. Wait, what's with your collar. Oh you're a Shrunken aren't you. You little bitch wasted my time. Who's your owner so they can give me the time back with you at my home." The man's words went from honeyed to bitter.

"I'm Micheal Miller's." Karla proudly declared.

"Oh little Mikey Miller. You'll entertain me for a weekend for not admitting your status Shrunken." he snarled.

"No she will not." Micheal himself snarled.

"Mikey, she talked to me like she was a human. I am owed time to be reimbursed for that mislead." the man said firmly.

"That's not a rule. And I will not be lending you anything." Micheal countered.

"I'll file a complaint for the lie." he confidently boasted.

"Remember to file how you were tricked by a Shrunken. Like how you came over to her to hit on her. Likely, many of the ladies that work here will want to file notices of thanks to my Shrunken for distracting you." Micheal mocked.

"Me, hit on her. She begged for my attention." he lied.

"I know my Karla better than that. And will put my word on that statement." Micheal coolly notes.

"My standing will carry." this Gerald said with a cruel tang.

"Not over mine." Micheal mocked back.

"You mean Daddies status." was the snorted reply. "But this is beneath me. Let me know when you're tired of this one, I'll enjoy renting her from you for a weekend." he then simply turned and walked away.

"That is Gerald. We don't get along. Don't mind him, he thinks because he helps sling things into space that he's a big deal. He just reached purple and got that post last year when Dr. Santo retired." Micheal explained.

"I'm sorry if I caused you trouble." Karla apologized.

"No, I knew he'd hit on you at some point if he didn't know you were my Shrunken. It was as likely as a dog barking as you walked past it's yard." Micheal consoled. He turns and waves. Karla sees his team. "Hope you don't mind that I'm working through our first lunch together."

"I'm just glad to be able to have lunch with you." Karla announces. "Could Chuck join us?"

"Certainly." Micheal happily agrees.

"Hey Karla, looking good." Jean Halifax greeted her.

"Hello Jean. Nice to see you again." Karla happily replies.

"Hope this is the first of many lunches together." the full figured blonde wished.

"I'd like that." Karla agreed.

"Hello, do you remember me, lovely Shrunken." a purple haired young woman asked.

"Sorry, I don't remember your name." Karla admitted.

"Jeana Murphy. Hope we'll get along in many things in the future." the pretty lady happily offered.

"Hello all." Chuck rejoined them.

"Hello Mr. Simon." the older man in Micheal's team answered Chuck.

They all got into line and started adding and receiving food items. The purple haired Jeana leaned in, "I am hoping we can discuss what Micheal's favorite hobbies and fun are."

Jean leaned on the other side and explained, "She wants to know what Mike likes to do with his Shrunken, and how she could help with that."

Karla whispered to Jean, "But he has a girlfriend."

"Not here. Miss Jeana is rather smitten. And since you're his favorite, she will be fond of you too." Jean advised.

"Should I worry?" Karla asked.

"Depends." Jean said with a smile.

"On?" Karla requested.

"Well, if she can get her wanted attention from him and how he likes to enjoy you." Jean teased.

"Then I should be fine. He's well smitten with Chrissy." Karla happily admitted.

They sat at a large table. They mixed teleport theory and daily life. Chuck and Dr. Evans seemed to share an interest in some short table battle game. Jeana gave up on her Micheal research within his ear shot and was curious about Karla's interests. She had an interest in a certain not locally broadcasted soap opera that Karla now learned how to access.

As nice as lunch was, Karla wished she had gotten to actually talk with Micheal. She didn't have anything important to say to him. Just chatting with him would have been nice.

After lunch Chuck led her back to her office. There they sat and started to brainstorm the list of requirements for Shrunken storage and care at the future receiving and store locations. Karla just wanted the list today, she had plenty of time to organize it and make it official.

A buzzer went off. "What is that?" she asked.

"We have a guest looking to come in. Shall I see who it is?" Chuck offered.

"Sure?" Karla replied. Besides Micheal or Howard, who else could it be.

Chuck returned with Mr. Jacobs in tow. "Oh right. Hello Mr. Jacobs, I forgot about you coming to collect Sammy."

"Well I hope you two enjoyed her. You know you can call me Gabriel right?" he kindly replied.

"Micheal has a favored Shrunken named that, so I find it weird calling you by that name after watching what he's done with her." Karla explained.

"Fair enough." the man accepted.

"Hope you don't mind but we let Milly and Howard borrow her last night." Karla confessed.

"Oh, did she enjoy playing with it?" Mr. Jacobs asked.

"We did, thanks. Hello Gabriel." Howard's voice announced him as he stepped into view.

"Howard, nice to see you." Mr. Jacobs greeted him.

"Really, because I left word for you to come to my office once you arrived. Yet I have been tracking you around my complex since you arrived." Howard said in a friendly tone.

"Sorry, I had things I had to look after." Mr. Jacobs apologized.

"Like those surveyors. What are they mapping out to build on my east lawn?" Howard said with a smile.

"Oh, I'm sadly unable to share that." Mr. Jacobs replied, still smiling.

"You can't tell me what they are planning to build in my Complex?" Howard pushed.

"The Complex has your name, but we both know it's a Company location. So, I can not." Mr. Jacobs replied.

"So, I should file a formal request." Howard sighed.

"You can. I don't see you finding out any sooner then what is planned. But if it makes you feel better, once you can know, I will tell you personally." Mr. Jacobs offered.

"Well, I will just encase. Thanks." Howard replied.

"Then it will be filed with my own formal request to inform you." Mr. Jacobs advised.

"Thank you for that, and the use of your Shrunken." Howard said.

"You're welcome. Speaking of which." Mr. Jacobs noted. "Oh, there you are you naughty thing." he mocked the trembling Sammy.

Karla could hear the athletic Shrunken's little voice begging her to keep her, to take her back to Micheal's collection. Mr. Jacobs clenched his fist around that little toned body and stopped the noise. "That hurts my feelings, little one. Guess you'll have to have a chat with Ernie about your mean words." Sammy begged for forgiveness as she was placed into his traveling cage. "Well, good day all. Talk to you soon." and he left.

Howard sighed and turned to Karla and said in a tired tone, "We'll be leaving in about an hour. Might want to start boxing up Shrunken to bring home."

"OK, will do." Karla tried to sound chipper to cheer him. He smiled, but she could tell he was still wondering what they were planning for his facility. He turned and left too.

"Alright, I guess I'll clean up the coffee maker and give the resizing tube a once over for the morning." Chuck advised.

Karla walked into the room storing the Shrunken. They all eyed her nervously. Making her wish Chuck wasn't here and she had more time. But hopefully Micheal will be playful after supper.

She knelt down beside Howard and Milly's ladies. They didn't know her, so it was amusing watching them pointlessly scatter as she started nabbing them. She relished feeling them wiggle helplessly in her hand. She let herself be a tad playful. Sampling firm breasts rolled under the pads of her fingers. Or stroked along shapely legs. She hoped she gathered a good mix for the wonderful Howard.

The males in Milly's cage made sounds that made it seem they didn't like her lifting them by a leg and giving their junk a jiggle. Though from the little bulge that formed in some of their little shorts or pants, those ones were likely only acting like they were protesting. Karla particularly liked tormenting the larger males. The rush of power over those powerful formed bodies was delightful.

Then to Micheal's collection. She decided to focus on the Shrunken around his age range since those were his preferred playthings. And he had so many lovely ones to play with. She loved how they whimpered and begged like she would defy their common master. She got a giggle that some of the cupcakes still thought praying would free them from the heaven of being Micheal's pets.

She looked over her shoulder. Chuck was busy elsewhere. Why not, she thought. She grabbed a sweet looking dark haired brunette. Reached up under the cupcake's tantalizing skirt and pulled frilly panties down it’s fit kicking legs. She then spread those legs wide and brought that tender pussy to her mouth. The girl begged God for salvation.

Karla dragged the tip of her tongue along the girl's sensitivity. Snickering, Micheal made these ones candy cherry flavor, her favorite after chocolate. Eagerly she savored that tender sweet spot and the girl's pray soon became an erotic chant.

It brought wonderful reactions from his freshly ripe pets. Watching her suckle that cutie as she collected others for Micheal to savor later. She happily snatched young pretty after young pretty for her sweet owner as her treat moaned with each swipe. Singing out in climax several times before Karla filled the first container.

By time she had the second container filled with a space left for her treat. The Shrunken was nearly passed out. She slipped the gasping sweet from her mouth. Karla's finger strokes along the Shrunken's rather nice form for such a young pet. Karla wondered if she was naturally shaped like this or if becoming a Shrunken firmed her to this shape. The girls whimpered, "What you did is unnatural, a sin."

"No pretty, it's very natural. You are a fun little thing. Director Micheal wants me to have servants. I think I'll keep you in mind." Karla advises.

"You and he are devils. Evil! You should be ashamed of yourselves." the girl whimpered.

"Oh, I'll work on changing your tastes about that." Karla snickered and slipped the girl into the container.

She found Chuck looking over the manual of the re-sizing tube. He looked up at her and smiled, "I wonder why they print these since I've had all this Inputted in my mind."

"Maybe it's to give you a reference for things you seldom do." Karla suggested.

"Maybe. We should play with some of the settings from time to time." he suggested.

Karla was about to ask what the other settings were when a happy voice sent her heart a flutter. "You two ready?"

Karla danced to her wonderful Micheal and wrapped her arms around his neck and welcomed with a kiss. "I'm all set. I packed our containers, want to look?" she says excitedly once she finishes pressing her mouth to his.

He giggles from her friendly attention. "Alright." he manages out.

She opened and displayed them like a game show hostess. He giggles again. "I have so many petty pets." he states at the contained Shrunken.

Karla scooped out the cupcake from earlier. "I think I want this one as a servant." she asks.

"She's all yours. And better obey or I'll punish her for you." he rewards her with the girl and his forceful demand for the brunette's obedience. Feeling the trembling lovely was wonderful.

"Well look at all the lovelies I'll be taking home to enjoy." Howard announced his presence.

"Did I pick out good choices?" Karla looked to see if he approved.

"You sure did. Thanks Karla. Are we ready to go?" he asked.

"Yes." Micheal announced.

"I sure am." Chuck agreed and they walked to the car.

Howard held out the keys to Karla. She took them happily. They drove Chuck home and home themselves.

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CH 14: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 14

As they carried in the cases. Milly took hers and opened the lid. "Oh good, pick Karla." She shuts the lid and advises, "Go get your suitcases, it's time to make you Standard size again."

Karla felt elated to be returning to her right size again. She raced upstairs to find Josie packing. "Guess we are to be made back to Standard size."

"I am so looking forward to being in Micheal's hand again." Karla sighed.

Josie shook her head. "I think I'll miss being able to move around on my own."

"I miss sleeping on our master's chest." Karla purred.

"Master?" Josie questioned.

"Owner, master, same thing." Karla reasoned.

"Yeah, but I just am not comfortable using that word." Josie stated.

"But, owner is fine?" Karla snickered.

"No, I like our Micheal." Josie aimed for a compromise.

Karla jokes, "Well, I love our Micheal."

"Karla, Master makes us sound like slaves." Josie pointed out.

Karla shrugged, "No, it makes us sound like proper Shrunken."

Josie curled close and hugged her. "His spoiled and pampered pets. Now let's finish packing so he can pet us after supper."

Karla closed her eyes at that idea. Humming happily, "I miss him petting us."

They came downstairs with suitcases in hand. Karla put her office key aside. Micheal stepped up and grabbed the clasp of both their collars and a robotic voice announced, "Miller, Micheal Recognized."

"Collars release" he said firmly. Karla felt hers open then the world grew around her. She was a bit dizzy but found a comforting giant boy's hand reaching down and sweetly scooping her off the floor. She was lifted as he stood up. Josie smiled in his other hand.

"OK, now take the dirty laundry to the laundry room." Milly commanded.

"Yes mom." the three of them replied. Karla swore she could see a bit of happy blush come across Milly's cheeks.

They returned to find supper waiting on the dining room table. Karla's heart warmed to see their little table waiting with Milly and Howard making them tiny plates to share in the human's food. Micheal placed them by that table and they took their proper spots with their family.

"Well Karla, how was your first day at work?" Milly asked as she supplied her own plate with food.

"Good, I am making a list of requirements for sites to hold and sell Shrunken from Jeff's factory. Course he'll have to approve it. Other than that I don't have much to do." Karla replied.

"You know, Jeff would be likely alright with you only working short weeks till things really get shipping. Just ask him." Howard advised.

"But I like having her at work." Micheal slipped out.

"You are allowed to bring Shrunken to work with you as long as they are not a hindrance to you or your teams work." Howard reminded him.

"And we wouldn't mind the company huh Josie?" Milly added.

"It would be nice." Josie agreed.

"Would you mind coming to work with me if you're not working Karla?" Micheal sweetly asked.

"Micheal, I'm your Shrunken. I have to do as you want." Karla reminded him.

"No, you are special." he countered and Karla felt her heart flutter.

An affectionate stroke came down her back, "Besides, you're more than just special to him. If you want I'll pull mom rank." Milly offered.

"Can I choose later, I have work to do tomorrow anyway." Karla asked.

"Sure can sweetheart. So, how did unpacking go?" Howard replied.

"Great, Josie and I got tons done. Tomorrow we'll. Dang it. Right she had to be made Standard size again. I hope I can finish off getting all the Knick knacks out. Wednesday we are headed to the Howell's to help them pack." Milly answered.

"So why were the surveyors at the complex?" Micheal asked Howard.

"I didn't find out." Howard sighed.

"You should ask Gabs, I bet he knows." Milly offered.

"Yeah, I should." Howard agreed.

Karla decided to keep this from going too much further, "Chuck was saying the tube could adjust to different settings."

"Sure, you have been Full and Half sized. You saw Bug sized. Well the size up from that is called Lilliputian after the race in Gulliver's Travels. About a couple inches tall. Then Standard, which you are now. Then Doll, so about the size of a Barbie doll." Howard went through them.

"So what sizes do I need a collar?" Karla asked.

"Half or bigger. Though it was recommended to me not to try to keep any smaller than Standard size due to care issues. Feeding is more restricted to pellets of nurturant gel. And makes them less resistant to harm." Howard explained.

"And Doll sized?" Josie asked.

"Owner preference I think. Though having better access to a resizing tube I might bring home some Dolls for some weekend fun." he stated. Karla liked the sparkle that idea brought to Milly's eye.

"But without the collar, how would you change them back?" Josie asked.

"Tube, or in dire need, our implant." Howard explained.

"Wait, you shrink people using an implant?" Josie questioned.

"Yeah, did you think we were wizards?" Milly asked.

"So, you could technically shrink people at any time?" Josie asked.

"If you want security rounding you up, sure." Howard joked.

"Couldn't you shrink them?" Josie asked.

"No, they have one that counters. It's like I could technically shrink Betty the next time I saw her, but she couldn't shrink me." Howard explained.

"Looking for a Betty like Shrunken, are you dear?" Milly teased.

"No, she was the first lower status person I thought of that Josie would know." Howard defended.

"Al, Chris, no. Betty. I see." Milly teased.

"So, you can shrink people of lower status than you." Josie stated.

"Yeah, frowned upon, but yes in emergencies." Howard explained.

"So, on port days, how do you not accidentally shrink other boat guests?" Karla asked.

"Oh, when you go to try, a little warning box comes up in your vision. You have to blink it as a reject attempt." Milly offered.

"Wait, so when Chris’ cousin attacked you, you blinked to accept and shrunk him that quickly?" Karla asked Micheal about the day they met Chris.

"Yeah, simple focus and blink." Micheal replied like he just snapped his fingers. Karla again marveled at how talented he was at making people into pets.

"Wait, why didn't we have to get you from the security office if you shrunk a Company family member?" Milly asked.

"I'm just surprised Chris hung out with him after he shrunk his cousin. Brave kid." Howard noted.

"Karla used my watch to get permission from Jimmy and Frank came to investigate. So I was covered." Micheal explained.

"You lucky kid." Milly said, shaking her head and smiling.

"I sure am," he replied, smiling down on their little table.

After supper Karla found herself lifted to her perch. She stretched out along her titan's shoulder. She missed this. She wiggled her legs under his shirt and pressed her back to that warm neck of his. She sighed and stroked his skin. He giggled adorably, "You two OK?" he asked.

Karla liked the idea Josie too was cuddling to that smooth trunk on her side. "Yes, I just missed this." they both replied. Then giggled at their twined response.

Karla continued to stroke that satin smooth skin with her hand. Nuzzled her face to it to allow her cheek to feel that warm delight. That teen boy body wash scent was intoxicating coming off her Micheal's skin. She shuttered, she could feel the muscles in his neck shift with every move or slight adjustment. Those cords reminded her how powerful he was compared to her little form. How tonight she would get dominated by her tender master.

"OK, dishes are washed. I'm going to my room now to put away the Shrunken Karla packed for me." he announced to his parents.

"Oh yeah, we should do that." Howard announced with a snicker.

"OK but you be nice to our girls." Milly replied as she stood. Likely to put away her boy toys.

"Oh I will." he replied happily. Karla found herself hoping he was planning on being a little mean. But nice was fun too.

Upstairs his towering body carried them like they were not even there. The muscles in his shoulder raised his mighty hand and she felt that arm twist the door knob. Karla felt her heart racing. She cherished being this size again. Free to please her titan teen any way he wanted. No going further than he was ready for, like when she was human like. She was his happy living toy again, to enjoy as he liked.

Her powerful giant walked to the bedroom. She had to take a deep breath to swallow the urge to beg him to let her Happy Karla before he took the time to put the cup cakes away. Besides, she loved watching him dominate his other pets.

She had to brace herself as he reached down and stacked those containers holding sixty pretty playthings and the outfits he gifted them with. Karla moaned in delight to see the silhouettes of a few through the white plastic wall. Trapped till he freed them to their cage. Or to pleasure him.

He placed them on the floor just inside the door. Then he grabbed a little container. Karla wiggled excitedly, seeming her wonderful Colossus of a lad was going to bring some playthings to enjoy.

He opened the lid and the contents arousingly cowered at the awesome sight of her Micheal. He reached in and his target didn't move, just delightfully begged him for mercy. Karla watched his powerful fingers coil around the pretty teen and lifted her trembling form like the toy she was. He held her before them. Blonde with adorable freckles across her slightly round cheeks. Her little bottom lip trembled as her master admired her little face. Then that titan teen spoke, "Oh good choices Karla. Thanks."

"Anything for my Director Micheal." Karla called in thanks. She had to stop herself from saying master, he didn't like being called that.

That cute toy was rewarded with a spot in his play container. His hand reached in and pulled another. Karla watched as his grip retrieved helpless beauty after helpless beauty. She began debating when he stripped her if she would pretend to struggle or stretch herself out to ease his work. The idea of just stripping herself now was quickly dismissed. She wanted to feel those fingers work over her body. To feel their power as they felt her body.

He finished with the riders in the first container and started placing their clothes into the cage. Karla noticed he had put five blondes into his play container. No other kinds. Her marvelous Micheal liked his pretty blondes. She worried, would he lose interest with her with her raven black hair? Should she dye her hair blonde? How could she get that done?

The next container opened and he began lifting girl toys out. He had so many lovely pets. Shaped just so sweetly, likely enhanced by the Shrunken process. But still shapely delights. Another bright haired blonde into the container sent self doubt thoughts into Karla's mind. Wiggling pet after wiggling pet was moved. And when he added another teen blonde she worried. Turning to nuzzle him, remind him she was his obedient plaything. She was gifted with a stroke from his fingers. But shortly they placed another blonde into the play bucket.

He finished and placed the clothes in for Amanda to assign rooms too. He placed the collection containers into the bedroom proper. Then grabbed the blonde collection. He shut the door to the cage room and walked to his bed. Placing the container on the soft surface.

He reached up and stated, "Here, I'm going to get naked. So you should wait on this pillow." His colossal hand wrapped around her and she flew to that squishy structure. Then Josie, giggling, joined her.

"What's wrong?" her freckled friend asked.

"Why do you think he only grabbed blondes to play with?" Karla asked.

Josie laughed at her. "Are you jealous? He likes playing with blondes. But he loves paying you attention."

Karla was about to counter with her self doubt, but his shirt suddenly lifted over her head. That wall of torso looked so inviting. She just wanted to be pressed to it. Then he undid his pants and Karla gasped in excitement, the Behemoth would soon appear. She sighed as he dropped pants and underwear. Snickering at the whimpers and even screams from the contained sunshine haired playthings.

He climbed over them all. His massive manhood dangled, still loose, over his picked pretties. He shook the bed like a small earthquake as he adjusted himself comfortably. Then rose to grab his tablet and trembled the world with his mighty body again when he settled.

Mighty fingers coiled around Karla. She giggled like a child as he lifted her. Fingertips popped open buttons and dragged down zippers. She drowned in the sensations of his dominating hands. Gasping as pieces of clothes slipped easily from her tiny body. Shuttered passionately as those touches stroked her naked skin. Humming as he felt over her sensitive locations.

He placed her on his chest. His warm scented skin was heaven. She found herself rolling and wiggling herself on it like a cat that found a patch of catnip. She even giggled at herself as she noticed she folded her hands down like little paws.

Suddenly from her boy giant bed she looked up to see a titan stripping a happy red haired angel. Carefully he was collecting her clothes on the nightstand. Josie made exquisite sounds as their master revealed that curvy body.

He placed her on his chest nearby. Josie peeped out, "Oh I missed how this feels." She rolled over face down and spread her limbs wide out from her body. She started rubbing them in playful wide strokes over his soft skin. Karla decided to copy her friend, it felt amazing.

A helpless screech brought Karla back to her back. She watched him strip a pretty blonde and rain her clothes into the container over the other seven. Once naked he pressed the girl onto his erection and dragged that lucky bitch the length of his thick cock. He pushed her off to one side and she was rewarded with the command, "Use your body to make me feel good." Karla watched as that foolish blonde fearfully approached that length of manhood and timidly pressed her body to it. Did that tart not know the prize she was just given?

Blonde after blonde was given the same wonderful treatment. Karla couldn't help but feel she had done something wrong. Why wasn't she pressed to the Behemoth? Allowed to grind and lick his pleasure like those blonde tramps were?

He sighed happily and stretched. Karla rolled onto her knees and pulled her arms back. "Micheal, you want Happy Karla to supervise those Shrunken?"

His fingers stroked down her back. Such power softly touching her tiny form. "No, let them work. I want you right there." he answered. Grabbing his tablet.

He placed the device down like a wall between Karla and that light haired decorated beast. She watched as his fingers tapped at the screen and did not fondle her helpless body.

She crawled up to his chin. Kissing and nuzzling her face there. Grinding her breasts to the bottom of his face. He giggled and she felt his fingers snag her ankles. "Karla, just relax and cuddle." he commanded and dragged her away from his sweet face. She could help but giggle as he dominated her with a gesture. But sighed sadly as the fingers left her there alone.

Josie was laying content on his chest. Her face pillowed on the raise of his pec. Her hand stroked the bare satin covering. The red haired angel looked confused and mouthed, "What's wrong?"

Karla made the motion to look up at Micheal's face then down at the electronic wall then shrugged. Josie started laughing. Annoyed Karla slithered her naked body along his skin to her Freckled usual support. "What's so funny?" she whispered when she was close.

"You. Are you going to be so needy every time you are not the center of his attention?" Josie whispered back with a hint of teasing.

"How can you just lay here while those blonde tarts get to attend our Micheal. Why does he just want us to lay here and not play with us?" Karla harshly whispered.

Josie shook her head waving her pigtails. "He misses just being with us. He wants to feel us cuddle happily to him. That's why he's so content having us lay on his warm soft chest. As for them, they are the Shrunken equitant of having the TV playing in the background. Yeah they might feel good rubbing themselves to that amazing dick, but he isn't even looking at them. They are just to keep him hard while he savors his Specials laying sexy on his chest."

Karla bit her lip. Could that be it? "But he's checking his email." Karla whimpered.

Josie curled up close, "Do you think he's ignoring us?" Then full lips pressed to Karla's lips. Breasts nuzzled hers. Josie's flexible tongue teased Karla's into action.

"Oh so Hot!" she heard her Michael gasp and her heart raced. She pulled Josie tight, if he liked a kiss, she would give him a real show. Giant boy fingers wrapped around her waist and cruelly dragged her from those firm curves. "Can't we just cuddle right now? I have things to check on and you two feel wonderful naked on my chest." he admitted.

"Wouldn't we feel better elsewhere?" Karla tempted.

"Yes, but then I couldn't focus. Besides I may need your advice, so I want you here to help me look at things." he praised. His mighty hand stroked down her length in just a slight adjustment of his wrist.

"OK Master Micheal." she cooed under her touches.

"Karla, I'm not your master." he grumbled. His hand lifted from her.

"Sorry, Director Micheal." she quickly cooed, hoping to fix her slip.

"Please don't call me that again. You know I am your owner, but not your master right?" he whimpered.

Karla's heart broke, she hurt his feelings. "I just got excited. Sorry Micheal."

"But you know I want you to think of yourself as my second right? Able to disagree with me on things to help me learn about stuff. Does that make sense?" he stated.

"I remember now. I try to keep that in mind." she said up at him, gaining an approving smile.

"OK, now lay down so we can look at things together," he commanded.

Karla smiled and crawled up to his chin again. She turned and rested her back against his lower face. One hand petted that silky skin on his chest. The other reached up and ran along his bottom lip. Josie joined on the other side of his chin. Giving his face bottom a quick nuzzle before turning toward the tablet.

"Oh look, Robert McKay emailed me," he said. His mouth pushed both Karla and Josie off his face with his sudden statement. They snicker and decide to recline along his chest, safer there.

"Who?" Josie asked.

"He was the director of that play we watched on the ship. He was looking into building a Shrunken talent training school with my backing." Micheal explained.

"Oh I remember now." Josie announced.

"Huh, he found a location in town here. He wants to know if we could name it after him, brave." Micheal read for them.

"Shouldn't it be named after you?" Karla asked, running her fingers over his skin.

"No, this is better for me. If it fails I will only lose some status as a backer. Where he could lose a bunch as the face of the operation." Micheal explained.

"So this is like an obedience school for Shrunken?" Josie asked.

"Not really, more a talent school. That way people could have their talented Shrunken learn dance or a musical instrument to entertain them besides, you know." Micheal explained.

"Wouldn't a faced school bring attention?" Josie asked.

"Naa, Company will likely make the front an office for one of their talent agencies." Micheal said.

"Why would they have talent agencies?" Josie wondered.

"Well, one of the ways they collect Shrunken is by auditioning them." Micheal said flatly. "Aspiring actresses or a model that goes missing is likely not missing but owned."

"OH." Josie popped in shock at the realization.

"Not everyone, but many," he clarified.

"So, with cruises and Jeff's breeding them, will they keep that up?" Josie asked.

"Likely, but they'll be like collector Shrunken." he noted, petting Josie a reassuring stroke.

"How else do they collect?" Karla asked.

This gained her a touch too. "All kinds of ways, runaway shelters, musicians scouts, some parts of the world still sell their children, especially girls. Major accidents are mass collection covers. Dad's first two thought dad's recruiter was the manager of some band and followed him into a hotel room. They must be glad to have company now." Micheal explained.

"Are you thinking of buying some collected Shrunken?" Karla mused as she turned over and batted at his fingers like a playful kitten.

"Naa, I'm going to have bunches of Shrunken for us to enjoy with the cruises and such." He answered, laughing at her antics.

His hand left to tap out a reply to Mr. McKay. She spread out and hugged to that living stage. Gaining a happy sigh. She chastised herself for her earlier thoughts. Josie was correct of course. How could she have worried about some little blonde cup cakes? Her Micheal loved his Raven haired Karla. Josie too spread herself on his skin. He made an ahh sound. He had good taste in red heads too she joked to herself.

"Want to look at playsets and things?" he asked.

"Sure." she replied. She was now savoring her boy chest bath. She wanted to soak in his warmth longer.

"Oh, they have the Christmas selection up already." he noted.

"What about Halloween? Costumes and such." Josie asked.

"They have that up too. But costumes are a year-round thing for Shrunken clothes." He said opening the Christmas section.

All kinds of decorations with straps to hang your Shrunken from. Bulbs with body shaped sections to stretch your pet over the outside. Clear bulbs that split apart that you could trap one inside. Living Angel toppers, clothed or not. Spread eagle stars. Food items to dip or encase your pets in. Candy canes that could be fused around a Shrunken. Gingerbread men with candy chain straps. Nut cracking devices that are operated by Shrunken power. Bows to include one as part of the gift. Festive shackles to mark your glass with your Shrunken. As well as Breathable packaging to give them as gifts. They thought of everything. Karla could tell Micheal wasn't interested. He was just clicking on things for her amusement.

He opened the toy selection. A jungle hanging cage set caught his attention. Part of the Ape Savages collection. It came with your choice of Male or Female Ape men captors. She knew what ones Micheal would select. Then he giggled. They had a big Ape figure puppet named King Dong. Clenching hands and feet. Mightlore cheeks for holding Shrunken in his mouth. An internal cage for play swallowing them. And a dangling huge phallic with aroused action. A switch locked the mechanism erect. One of the images showed him holding one of the usual models along the play maleness. He clicked on to order it and an advisory appeared, those who ordered this also ordered Cockzilla. A giant endowed lizard creature toy. It too was added to his cart. Karla wished she could drive one like a Battle Jumper. She wondered if she should ask one of the Howells about that idea.

A section caught Karla's curiosity and she was about to ask about it when her ankles were grabbed. "OK, I can't wait any longer." Micheal announced. He moved the tablet as Karla playfully attempted to free her feet from his hold. Josie looked up in confusion, to yelp as her ankles were in his other hand.

Karla found herself being playfully dragged over his bare chest. From the giggles, Josie too was receiving the same type of ride. Zig-zags, circles, playful just up and down his torso he played cruel giant. Karla was helpless to stop him and she was delirious with arousal by that.

Suddenly she stopped. Karla lifted her head to see what her towering teen had planned next. She was greeted by his hand grabbing her outstretched arms. It hurt when he easily lifted her in his one hand. But she found herself aroused by him dominating her.

The strain eased on her arms as he dragged his face up her weak little body. His tongue tip teased her womanhood with a few quick licks. Then he sucked both her breasts in. That talented oral tentacle rolled and kneaded them. The budded surface sent electricity through her body as it dragged over her alert nipples.

That wonderful tormenting colossus moved her and she now watched as Josie was amply tasted. Watching that round ass pump with his laps was spectacular. Hearing her sing while he suckled her chest made Karla loudly gasp.

Panting Josie rose away from that eager giant's face and Karla slowly traveled to it. Legs spread at the slight touch of his tongue. He sucked at her pussy as that tip spread her Labia wide. The texture tasted every excited nerve perfectly. Karla felt her hips pumping hard with his strokes. That terrific bastard slipped her lower. Stopping to savor her breasts again. Finding her another sensual delight.

He kissed her tits goodbye as she was held away from his features and Josie was dragged along them. Karla's hips pumped watching those perfect round cheeks dance. Her lips reached for those pillowy lips as those perky mounds were tasted.

The mean giant leaned his head back. Released, Josie laid there stroking his nose as those shapely legs dangled down his chin. Then Karla found herself draped over that freckled dream. Karla's lips found a sweet neck. Her hand clawed into firm ass cheek. Josie made wonderful happy sounds sandwiched between Karla and her titan teen.

Colossal fingers dragged them to either side of his nose. Karla pressed herself to her giant lover's face. Grinding his cheek with her whole body. She nuzzled her face to his. Placing kisses she hoped he noticed. His fingers danced over her back. Stroking her hair. massaging her shoulders. Tracing her legs. Squeezing her ass. How she loved laying upon his face.

"You mind if I play with those Shrunken as I enjoy my vanilla treats." he growled. Karla knew what he planned and was certain he would feel her reaction flooding onto his skin.

She was lifted and moved toward an outreaching Josie. They wrapped their arms around each other as best they could in his hands. Both singing their excitement. Their mouth pressed closed together as their legs spread wide for his mouth to encircle. His lips hugged around their hips and thighs. Embracing them tightly together. Karla was so aroused, she so missed this attention. Especially when it included being pinned to Josie's exquisite form. So aroused that as soon as his tongue stuck up her longing pussy she exploded.

This didn't stop him. He pumped that powerful budded appendage hard and deep. Humming vibrations hungry as he did so. Josie climaxed shortly after Karla was close to returning to focus on his attention. He might not see himself as her master, but she sure was a slave for his affection.

Now that they were getting tongue fucked, she was now getting a show. He moved and they both dangled from his lips like the eager living treats they were. But now they could see him reach down. Fingers grabbed one blonde and fondled it's chest. He worked down the lines on either side of his Behemoth. Those stupid cup cakes had no clue how lucky they were to be his. To be allowed just to attempt to pleasure his huge cock.

"Ah, ah. hmmm. What's he got planned for our show?" gasped an aroused Josie.

"I don't know, but tit size matters." Karla managed before being suckled into orgasm again.

"Tit's are, ah, ah, ah, targets. YES!" Josie informed as he tasted her to her peek.

Sure enough the two larger chested cup cakes sat a few inches before the Behemoth unblinking eye. His hands arranging the other lucky toys into stroking positions. Karla laughed, she had to stop worrying, she was his favorite. He spoiled her like this while they were used like they should be.

His legs lifted and planted his feet. To her sexual delight he wasn't stroking the six. He was body fucking them. His hips pushed forward and like a monstrous piston that thick shaft moved to within a inch or so of the two targets. Karla moaned in time with his humping motion.

She looked at the two waiting to be glazed in his pleasure. He had positioned them on their knees like they were begging for his thick cum. He had them pull their arms back, pushing tits out to collect his spray. Somehow instructed them to have their mouths open to taste his chocolate flavored semen.

She lost it again. She heard Josie sing her thanks to his attention again right after. She managed to regain her vision just as she felt that long missed shiver of his.

She imagined a swelling running down that amazing length. She congratulated herself on her timing as the first load was caught by the face of one of those blonde toys. Knocking her on her ass. She coughed telling Karla she received most of it in her mouth. Blast after blast of rain upon his chosen lucky targets. The second girl caught one in her face, but managed to stay up. She made a slight cough after. Then she was fed more, making her gag slightly. He finished and they dripped with his load.

He lowered his legs and dropped the six around the cum covered two. His hand raised and pulled Her and Josie from his lips. Karla was both sad and happy. She was well pleased, but wouldn't argue against more.

His words came out like a monstrous growl. Powerful and commanding. Karla would have kissed him for just the tone of his cruel demand. But what a delightfully ruthless order. "You six, lick every drop of my cum up. Or I'll get mean."

Karla couldn't help but grin at them. They looked at each other in disgust and hope. But then reluctantly crawled over to the two and began lapping up his cum from them and off his skin.

Karla was ready to watch happily from his hand. But her heart rushed, he was moving them backwards. Massive lips brushed over her ass and thighs. No, he was spent, he wouldn't. Then his tongue returned with a happy hum as a bonus.

Her and Josie gasped as he slowly savored them again. Before her six pretty teens were getting filled with his semen while two had to endure being their erotic treats. His arms folded to rest behind his head. He was watching them as he savored her and Josie. She had the best owner and climaxed to let him know.

Karla found she was losing focus. Not just on the performance before her. But even the tasting she was receiving. She was so happily spent. Josie begged, "Micheal, please stop. I can't handle it anymore."

"Yes, rest a moment." Karla added her voice to the request.

He kissed them free. Hands hovered them around and they were bedded on his cheeks. "You two like that?" he asked.

"Yes, Micheal. You spoil us." Karla gasped at him.

"I don't know why, but I enjoyed you commanding them." Josie sighed.

"Commanding what?" he happily asked.

Karla watched Josie stretch out on her back over her side of his face. "All of it. I know I shouldn't but I even like watching them do that." she confessed.

Karla draped herself to view it as well. "It is a beautiful sight seeing them perform for you."

"Want to watch longer?" he asked in a soft growl.

"But they are practically out of cum." Josie observed.

"But I'm getting hard again." he whispered.

Karla looked. Sure enough, the Behemoth was pointing stiffly toward the cup cakes. "How can we help?" she purred as she cuddled to him.

"Do you mind if I stroke with you two?" he sweetly asked.

"PLEASE!" was moaned before Karla could speak.

He lifted them and Karla began cackling. His feet planted and the blondes began pleading and shaking their heads. His sexy evil giant voice growled, "Stay put and get ready for your second helping!"

Karla stretched herself to that broad girth. Nuzzling her face to his shaft. She was amazed at how delighted she was to be pressed to his cock again. They were not fucked over. No, they were stroked. A erotic amusement park ride. Up and down. Toward trembling blondes then away. She would have a front row seat to their cum shower.

"Tits up and mouths wide! Get ready to receive Director Micheal's gift!" Josie growled at the trembling teens.

They began to arrange themselves. "Shorter girls front." Karla directed from her moving post. The smaller girls reluctantly moved. Word of her standing with their owner must have reached their ears.

"Oh yes Micheal, pump us!" Josie called out.

"It feels so hot!" Karla encouraged.

"I want you to cum! Cum hard for me please!" Josie playfully begged.

"Do we feel good, show me we feel good!" Karla added.

"Cover them in CUM!" Bellowed Josie. His shiver vibrated and they both started laughing. Micheal moved them near the tip. Blast after blast flew into his selected pets. Faces coated, breasts dripped and the best they all whimpered in disgust from his thick warm reward.

He slipped them off his manhood and lowered his legs again. Karla and Josie were placed on his chest, blanketed in his attending hands. There to watch the dripping young blondes lap their giant’s load of cum off each other. They didn't wait to be ordered, they just started. They knew they would have to or face an unknown worse punishment.

Josie snuggled close. Nuzzling Karla's ear she whispered, "Next play time. You watch from his lips and I direct him."

Karla turned and kissed her adapting friend. "That sounds good to me." And they giggled as they returned to enjoy the show.

After most of the white flow was sucked up Micheal scooped the blondes into the carrying tube. Rolling spit and semen glazed bodies over their removed clothes. He bowled his hand around Karla and Josie and stood.

He took the blondes into the cage room. Karla and Josie both snicker as several worried screams erupted at the sight of their naked titan teen entering the room. He basically poured the used teens into his cage and walked out, shutting the door.

They on the other hand got a relaxing wipe down with a warmed cloth. A dry cloth to sit on while he wiped his belly clean. They readied for bed together. Spent twice, his eyes still lingered on their naked little bodies. Not that she could say anything. She lost track of the times he licked her delirious, and she found herself eyeing her sweet giant's body as she readied too.

They returned to the bedroom and he started toward their special cage. "Micheal, are you going to wear a shirt?" Josie asked. Karla smiled, her friend's arms were pulled back and she wiggled her perky ass once she had his attention.

"Ah, no why?" he stumbled out a reply.

"Then if Karla doesn't mind, I'd like to sleep on your chest like this." that freckled beauty requested.

Karla loved her practical friend's new acceptance, "Yes please?" Karla advised copying Josie's pose. They looked at each other and giggled, wiggling at their sweet boy again.

"Yeah! Yeah!" he said excitedly, nodding.

He laid on the bed and pulled the blankets up to his stomach. Karla wondered if he wanted to sleep naked or was distracted and forgot his shorts.

Josie stood on his chest still posed with her perky pair pointing at him. If she was aiming for more play, she was doing a likely good job. "Did you want to look at more toys and outfits?" Josie cooed.

"If you don't mind?" he shuttered.
From how the usually restrained Josie was posed, so did Karla.

"Please. I want to get some ideas for fun the three of us can have sometime." she said toe heel walking up to his face. Leaning to place a warm kiss on his cheek. The tablet was booting up before she coiled to his chest just under his chin. "Going to join us?" Josie called Karla over.

Karla swayed her way over. Coiling along Josie. Josie kissed just under her ear and whispered, "You're a good teacher." Then Josie pointed Karla's face toward the tablet light.

"What type of play are you thinking of?" Their excited giant asked.

"I, well I don't know. I hadn't really given it much thought." Josie admitted.

"Well, you're planning a Treasures and Towers game. Maybe use that as inspiration. We could start in the Fantasy section." Micheal gave a practical suggestion.

"You know Micheal, I could run a game for the group. And an erotic themed one for a selection of Shrunken you pick out using the action figures and monsters you collect." Josie suggested.

"How would we determine hits and such?" Micheal asked.

"Make them roll human sized dice. Instead of damage maybe the loose clothing. Instead of dying they have to satisfy the monsters or bandits." Josie purred and stroked his chin.

"So we need more monsters and fantasy costumes for those playing." he excitedly sang.

"You have Shrunken in mind?" Karla asked worriedly.

"Not yet. We can pick six once they are all here and run the fun. You can help by moving monsters and such." Micheal offered.

"So, you don't want me in that game?" Karla worried.

"No, you two will never ride a toy unless you really want to." he sweetly informed them.

She stroked her face to his chin and kissed it. "Thank you." Karla announced.

"You're welcome," he replied. Planting a kiss on her head.

"Oh, what's that one?" Josie asked.

"The Pussy Nectar Butterfly?" he asked.

"No, but I like that. Under it." Josie pointed out.

"Oh the Very Horny Caterpillar. Lets look." he replied excitedly. Course he did, creepy crawler puppet. "Look Karla, it comes with more cocoons," he noted. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Puppet. No, a remote controlled toy. A chain of phallics lined it's back like little spikes. Straps for holding the Shrunken's legs down to keep them from falling off. New munching mouth? Karla wondered what that meant.

"Hey, a video." Micheal announced. One of the regular blonde models was wearing a fairy outfit with the caterpillar toy a short distance away. Micheal started it and the Shrunken Model spoke, "Do I have too, you know I don't like being inside them."

A voice Karla knew replied, "It's your turn. Besides, the others are attached already." Karla realized it was Tanya Howell.

The device started. As it walked it's sections rocked up and down. From the reactions of the five other regular models this had an effect on the phallic spins. Not an unpleasant one from their performances. The giant bug thing circled the unattached fairy. The mouth latched onto her feet and started making little rolling actions. The blonde fairy fell over and started giggling, "Oh, it tickles, it tickles!" she spouted. Slowly her shapely legs slipped into the toy and then the mouth widened to swallow her hips. More for her ample chest. "I hate this part." the model said as her head slipped in. Slowly her extended arms slipped into the mouth. A shapely bulge pressed itself to the camera side and the video stopped.

"I could run that around the cage." Micheal whispered.

"It only holds four." Karla cautioned.

"Empty, put on top, run again." he countered. Karla saw it could have ten riders, that would work. she had to agree.

"Good eye Josie, what version should we get? Green with a blue stripe down the top, furry black with orange ends, or furry brown with yellow circles?" he asked.

"I like the green one. It's smooth so it's easier to clean." Josie pointed out.

"OK, let's look for more." he asked.

"Micheal, what are targeting toys?" Karla asked her earlier question.

"Dart guns people shoot at their Shrunken." He replied looking at monsters.

"So, soft?" Karla asked.

"No. They can bruise or worse." Micheal noted.

"Why would the Howells agree to sell those?" Josie asked. They were such sweet humans.

"Market. People like being mean to their Shrunken. Not like earlier mean like I was." he said.

"So not all sexy mean then." Karla cooed as she laid back on his chest and wiggled on his skin.

"It was fun but I bet those blondes didn't find it sexy. You hated when I messed on you when I first caught you." he reminded her. Fingers stroked her chest, giving her a different reminder.

"I like it now." she purred. Actually hoping it would lead to a warm thick shower.

"Not tonight please. I’m tired and I don't want you going to bed with wet hair. I hear that causes tangles." he sweet titan advised.

"What about an Octopus puppet?" Josie asked.

"Micheal has one." Karla reminded them.

"I do?" he asked.

"Yes, you bought the Sea Hugs playset. And you also have the She-Monster puppet." Karla explained.

"Oh right. We need to play in the bath again soon." was the exciting response.

"You have a giant spider, frog, two green giant things, monster claw gloves, and little green monster men." Karla noted off the top of her head.

"Yeah. We should make a list of what I have before I order any more." Micheal maturely noted.

"OK, what now?" Josie asked.

"I'm tired. I think I want to go to bed." Micheal said and stretched and yawned as if to emphasize it.

Josie looked disappointed. But curled tight to Karla and directed her to that smooth warm bed. "Sounds good. Night my Special Micheal." she sighed.

Karla snuggled onto her boy's chest nest. "Night my Special Micheal."

Suddenly their blankets lifted them. A sweet kiss on Josie's face. "Night my Special Josie." Josie kissed his bottom lip. He turned and Karla snuggled her face into his giant lips. "Night my Special Karla." She kissed his bottom lip.

Back on their chest bed Josie cuddled close. Karla rested her face atop that red hair. Warmed by a shared love and protected by their giant teen. Karla dozed off.

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Ch 15A: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 15A

Karla awoke when something pushed her onto her back. Powerful tentacles pressed her breasts and began to roll them. Another touch stroked teasingly between her thighs. Micheal was awake and playful.

She opened her eyes. Sure enough his colossal hand was attending her. She looked over toward Josie. He had somehow managed to not wake her when he pushed her to a more accessible position. From her expression and body movements she was enjoying his fondling in her sleep.

"Morning Micheal." Karla gasped up at her titan teen.

The fingers stopped touching her and the hand lifted her into its palm. She was brought up to view his smile. "So, do you think I should go get some Shrunken for us to play with or just entertain each other?"

"Well, if you gather others." Karla started. Then his thumb and pinky hooked her legs. His lips kissed between her thighs and his tongue started a very wonderful argument for entertaining each other.

His finger pressed her breasts and rubbed them. Her little arms hugged that potent digit. She started kissing it, she needed to kiss him.

"OH Morning Micheal." Josie's sexy voice sang in a very aroused tone. "Oh, Oh, AHH!" quickly followed. Chained gasped out "Ah!" sounds followed. Karla imagined Josie was receiving a thick poking affection. That mental image certainly helped bring Karla to her peek.

There she was held, giant tongue tasting deep intense pleasure into her. Her ears heard Josie moaning and gasping what had to be an amazing thick affection. Karla could not see for sure in her throne of Micheal's attending hand. But Josie sang out in satisfying noises. That satisfaction passed through Karla as well.

She suddenly lost her kisses. "Well, should we get Shrunken to play with or not?" he said with a smile. She lowered and Josie's gasping smile moved up.

"OHH, Micheal! HMMMM!" Josie eroticly whimpered telling Karla she was now being savored.

Karla found herself face down on that marvelous scented warm surface. That powerful hand directed her body to raise her ass into the air with her legs slightly spread. Pinky tip teased as it found purchase. Karla's eyes rolled into the back of her head as he penetrated her well wet pussy. His small finger thrust firmly in and out of her tongue awoken womanhood. Pumping lusty moans from her throat. His hand wrapped her fragile body and digits hooked under her chest and began playing with her breasts. Karla announced her climaxed acceptance at being his living stress ball.

His powerful hand pleasured her. She kissed at his chest, tasting it with lust filled licks. Josie sang as her stretched pussy was kissed better by that skilled tongue. Karla's mind was drowning in all the scents, tastes, sights, sounds, and especially touches stimulating her. So spoiled by her owner lover.

He let her go after a long session of riding that finger. Her body lost all strength without his support and oozed out spread on his arousal dampened skin. A shadow moved and she watched Josie placed to her side. The red head also melted to that boy's chest. They panted wordless greetings to each other. Best movement they could muster was a very happy smile. Fingers, big strong fingers stroked their backs as they gasped.

Her massaging hand grabbed her by her calves. Then retrieved Josie. They dangled like rag dolls in that colossal grasp. She saw where the hand was taking them. She thought she should technically be mad. Or at least annoyed he didn't let them regan their breath fully. But she was happy. Glad to feel her face and chest being dragged slowly along the Behemoth.

Warm and hard from playing with his favorite Shrunken. The smooth skin along that long shaft felt like she was being dragged along satin sheets pulled tight. This affection helped them regain strength. Soon Josie and her began licking as they traveled. Nuzzling to his manhood. Running spread open hands to tease his sensitive surface.

Soon they were deposited along on that thick cock. The mighty hand cupped over them and pressed them tightly to his shaft. They melted along his girth and he shuttered happily, "You two feel so good after being played with first." Karla marveled at how smart her young giant was.

Then they started up that long shaft. Then down his penis, his sounds told of his love of how his Special Shrunken felt on his cock. Prompting gasps from her tiny form. Happy her mini body could bring him large enjoyment.

He pumped them quickly. Gasping wonderful praise, "Feels so good! Feels so good!"

She had to encourage, "Oh Micheal, your so big!"

Josie sang to their trembling titan, "Stroke us you wonderful man!"

"Your pleasure feels so good!" Karla moaned.

Josie purred, "Along your cock feels so good!"

"Oh, yeah! Oh yeah! Let me feel your cum!" Karla tempted.

"FASTER! Micheal, stroke us faster!" Josie bellowed.

"YES! Your cum, so hot and thick over our tits!" Karla requested.

Suddenly they were capped over his tip. In his movement Karla missed his shiver. She closed her eyes tight, but stretched her mouth open. A part of her old self started to remind how disgusting this was. It was drowned out by the thick warm blast into Karla's stomach. Even the pain of it's arrival seemed trivial now, only the warm coating sensation and the knowledge Micheal liked seeing her covered in it mattered. And he gave her and Josie an ample supply to cover them this morning.

He laid gasping. Holding them bowed over his tip. Karla couldn't help but smack her lips. Better than any sugary cereal claiming to be chocolate. Lapping sweet man syrup off his cock head.

She felt him stand. This pinned her and Josie under his tip in his hand. The palm coiled back allowing them to lay back and look up at him. Karla peeked at Josie, she was peeking back. Josie signed as they lay there literally oozing with his released pleasure.

They looked up at a slow walking admiring giant. Playfully Josie loudly spoke, "Oh Karla that big mean giant boy just sprayed us with sooo much cum."

"Horrible giant, using our helpless bodies like that." Karla played along.

"So powerful. What could we do? My tits are just soaked in his warm cum." Josie teased.

"All over my little face." Karla added. Making like she was wiping it off. But making sure he could see her lapping it off her fingers with her tongue.

"Oh you two. I love when you play helpless Shrunken." he purred.

"Oh no Karla, he likes playing with us helpless Shrunken." Josie twisted his words.

"He's going to drag us along his big hard cock. Pressing our breasts to that horribly smooth surface." Karla voiced play fear. She helped display her pretend worry by arching her chest up towards his vision.

"Should I get more to play with?" he asked.

"More? How many helpless girls do you need to satisfy your titan lust?" Josie cooed in mock anger.

"Hundreds, thousands. Look at how big and powerful he is Josie. He'll need an army of pretty pets to fulfil his sexual might. We are nothing but sexual toys to him. To be pumped hard, up and down, that towering cock." Karla gasped teasingly.

"Stop, I'm getting hard again." he cutely begged.

Josie snickered a naughty noise then pretended to scream, "Oh no, hard again. Karla, we're trapped. To feel ourselves along his erect penis!"

"Our little bodies pressed tightly along that girth. Dragged up and down. Our faces, legs, and breasts rubbed that Behemoth." Karla teased.

This was too much for their sweet titan teen. Their semen slicked bodies started being dragged his length. No slow build up of speed, that taunted him into full strokes. Karla was just trilling at his power when Josie's happy giggling distracted her. Karla relished that Josie enjoyed making Micheal a happy boy.

They again were curved to his tip and more body heated white fluid bathed their curves. Karla was surprised he had so much left in him after the first coating. Cupped in his hand she soon found a pool formed around them. In the dim light filtering between his fingers she could see Josie's cum masked face smile at her. She reached over and scooped a hand full off Karla's breast and greedily drank it down. Giving Karla a very arousing look.

Karla pressed herself to Josie in those tight quarters. As she savored Micheal juice off that sweet freckled skin she could feel Josie's tongue drinking it off her skin. They took turns lapping white glaze from each other's body. Focusing playfully on each other's breasts and face. Happily adding more from the supply they sat in.

Suddenly they were moving away from the Behemoth. Warm water heavily spattered them. He had started the shower and she hadn't noticed she was so focused on her fun, on Josie's delicious body.

He placed them on what would be their showering shelf. Josie looked over at him and playfully whimpered, "OH no Karla, what do you think he has planned now?"

Micheal pointed and in a delightfully firm tone commanded, "No, no more."

"OK Micheal." the purred in unison.

Micheal turned to get cleaners when Josie slinked up to Karla. Hugging tight she sighed, "What a fun morning."

Karla stroked loose hair off Josie's wet cheek and hummed, "Enjoyed that did you?"

Josie licked her lips and whispered, "Oh so much." Karla could feel her friend stretching up. Karla started to lean down to meet her. She could practically taste those sweet pillowy lips.

Giant hands pulled them apart. "No more sexy stuff I said." he grumbled.

Karla could have pointed out he just now said no more, but she didn't want to annoy her sweet Micheal. Besides, his hands were wonderfully pinning Josie and her to the wall. Fingers stroked their hair. That Honey shampoo Milly bought them was on his tips. They couldn't do sexy stuff, but he could overpower them and lovingly wash their hair for them. That was just so sweetly cruel.

He coated every strand with that lavish shampoo. Then he adjusted them and began combing water through their hair with his finger tips. Karla looked and a calm content look was on her Micheal's face. He was savoring this, likely he would do this again and again. A sweet affection many others of her kind would not get spoiled with. She was special because she was special to him.

He turned and Josie smiled back at Karla. "That was so relaxing." she sang Karla's thoughts.

Karla nodded, "We are so spoiled." she reminded her.

"Here comes more." Josie sighed sweetly.

Hands snuggled them. Fingers now treated their hair with the shampoo’s conditioner partner. Karla turned her head to help those loving touches spread the sweet scented hair salve. He was enjoying pampering his girls. Karla just wished she could pamper her Micheal.

He left the conditioner in their hair and turned. "This stuff even feels nice in my hair." Karla praised Milly's gift.

"I know. I can't believe how many different kinds Milly bought us. And clothes. We are two lucky Shrunken." Josie sighed. A content look on her features.

Those hands returned. Honey yellow body wash. Hair cleaning was relaxing. His mighty fingers rubbing their tips all over her wet naked form was having a different effect. She tried to resist, but found her rolling her ass against a finger or arching her breasts out for extra cleaning. Then that mean boy began rubbing his pinky between her thighs.

Karla pressed herself to the wall. Legs turned and spread to ease his touching efforts. Her back pushed her breasts out. A hand grabbed hers. Josie's pussy was getting a hard scrubbing too as their giant watched them gasping from his touch.

"Maybe I should rinse you two off and shower myself. I mean, I have cum twice already because of your teasing." he taunted.

"We're sorry Micheal." Karla gasped. Her legs trying to hold onto his pinky like that would work.

"We just wanted to make you happy. Please forgive us." Josie begged.

"We thought you would like us all to play timid." Karla pleaded.

"We wanted nothing more than to make you feel good." Josie whimpered.

"If that's the case." he replied with an evil grin. His hand turned and that thick rounded tip spread Karla labia. "But I really should get ready for work. It is getting late." he announced.

"Just a quickie, a little quickie!" Karla surrendered.

"Like this?" he asked as her womanhood was wonderfully stretched over his little finger tip. First knuckle popped in and out, sending intense sensation blasting through her body. Every up push made her rise up onto her tiptoes; it had so much restrained power behind it. Then he caged her with the other fingers. Thumb and index pinned her shoulders down. Now his upward pokes were fully felt and enjoyed. Him steading her seemed to add to his rhythm's speed. She was right, she just needed a quick fingering from a giant finger. She soon orgasmed from that thick shaft fucking her greatly aroused body.

He freed Josie and her from his titan touches. They both collapsed to their knees gasping. He stroked their backs and giggled, "That was fun. We should do that again." Karla had to agree.

He lovingly rinsed the body wash off their pleased bodies. Tenderly petted the conditioner from their hair. Once they were cleaned of shower products he turned and showered himself.

They sat in that warm rain and watched him leisurely clean his towering form. Cuddle together tenderly. Josie leaned up and asked, "Isn't he taking a long time."

Karla looked at her watch. "Oh, he must have awoken really early this morning. His alarm doesn't go off for another five minutes or so."

"I'm not complaining. This was a very good start to my day." Josie hummed.

"Yeah. I'm glad to have given up some sleep for this." Karla agreed, hugging her friend.

Fresh fluffy clothes for towels and they were carried to that cage. "I'll be right back." Josie noted and left.

Karla walked to the room that was now her closet. More clothes than she had owned her whole life. But mostly outfits Micheal bought her on the boat and not organized. Sundresses and bikinis would work there but not in an office. She found her schoolgirl outfit and cheerleader uniform. Both Micheal would admire her in, but not office appropriate. Well, if she was there for work.

Josie came in wearing everyday jeans and a tee. "How were you so quick?" Karla asked.

"When Milly and I put these away yesterday I took the time to organize mine. Milly figured you would want to set up your own way. She never saw your closet back home." Josie teased.

"Can you help me find an office appropriate outfit?" Karla begged.

"This reminds me of when you had that date with Henry. Find me a cute outfit, but not too showy." Josie mockingly copied Karla's voice.

"Stop, I have no idea where anything is." Karla grumbled.

"Yep, just like all your closets." Josie giggled.

Karla shook her head. She smiled at her friend. "You really adjusted to being a Shrunken." she complimented.

"I just stop worrying. I know mom is safe with Sandy. So is your mom. Both our dads were out of town so safe. We have a great guy looking after us with wonderful parents that adore us. I could keep pining about my old life or embrace the gifts of this one." Josie explained.

"I wish I knew what happened to Sunny." Karla slipped by mistake.

Josie's happy mask cracked then she took a deep breath. "Can't worry about what we can't fix." she said. Karla knew it was for Josie's own benefit over hers.

"I have way too many fun outfits." Karla grumbled.

"Did you unpack your suitcase?" Josie asked.

"Did we have time to do that?" Karla asked, remembering last night's fun.

"Wouldn't you have at least jeans and a tee in there from the winter clothes shopping trip?" Josie suggested.

"OH you genius." Karla praised and raced up to the master bedroom. Popping the case, there were dress pants and a button up shirt that would be perfect. She stopped and sighed. When did he sneak this in there? She lifted her own little lab coat. Like she was a scientist too.

"Slow down, some of us don't have the legs you do." Josie playfully grumbled.

"He got me a lab coat." She showed it off to Josie.

"You sure he did?" Josie asked.

"Yes. It's too sweet not to be." Karla said, hugging the white coat.

Josie rushed up behind her. "Give me that. You're not a scientist." she said, reaching around Karla.

"No, mine. Back off or I'll send you to Chrissy to be bred." Karla teased.

Josie rolled Karla onto the bed. Karla was losing her towel. But she couldn't let Josie pin her. That red head had skills at holding her down if she got on top. "Ha! It's mine." Karla claimed victory in their old playful way pinning Josie's arms down.

"Oh you tall thing. Taking advantage of my smaller stature." Josie cooed. Arching to tease her breasts against Karla naked ones. This ploy didn't just work on giant teen boys Karla realized.

"Stop that. You lost." Karla tried to sound intimidating.

Josie's legs coiled around Karla's hips. "I guess I better give up then." Josie licked her full lips. Karla leaned down to gain her prize.

Josie snapped her hips and Karla found herself flipping to the bed. Karla managed to roll over again. As she regained her position. Josie giggled, "Really?" Humping up, catching Karla by surprise again. The cunning redhead rolled to sit on Karla's stomach. A twist of her wrists and she now held Karla's wrists. Her legs were shorter, but she managed to hook her ankles over Karla's knees pinning them to the bed. She leaned down, "I guess I should take advantage of this huh?"

"Didn't I ask you two not to do sexy stuff." Micheal's voice whimpered.

Josie turned to look up and honestly called up, "Sorry Micheal, we just started playing."

Karla felt the pin lighten and pulled her wrist free and attacked those unguarded ribs. A giggling Josie fell off her. Karla laid on top of Josie to pin her down. "We were wrestling over who gets that lab coat you bought me." she explained. Then realized she was draped over Josie naked in a chest arching recline.

"Be right back." he whimpered. And entered the cage room.

Josie naughty stated, "The elevator deck has an observation window. You could dress and watch there."

They quickly grabbed her clothes for the day and bolted to that room. Karla looked out of the glassed in deck. She could practically see the entire common area. Micheal was looking around. Their quick giant had an already naked brunette pinned to the underside of his exposed shaft. Karla figured it was Donna from the legs pressing themselves to his skin. She was getting smart.

"Oh he found Gabriel." Josie noted as his hand bolted down.

He looked at the busty brunette in his hand then at his crotch. He pulled his underwear up to hold his first catch where she was pressed. Donna wiggled in her cotton prison, she had gotten really smart.

"Those two I think should be on his board." Karla announced.

"Because they are his second favorite pair to spank with?" Josie snickered.

"They deserve something for all the travel he makes them do." Karla advised. She started getting dressed. This would not lead to more fun for her. But she did like to watch him get happy.

The busty pair was soon pumping along his shaft. Karla was certain Gabriel was holding her legs to his shaft too. Nuzzling her face into his Behemoth. They both had gotten smart.

"He's looking for something." Josie noted.

Karla looked at his face. Yes his eyes were darting around. "A target." she guessed.

Sure enough he opened the apartment access door and his cock went in. He suddenly started stuttering announcing his release. "Well, that's one way to wake up." Josie snickered.

"A face full of chocolate favored man milk." Karla joked in reply.

"Who do you think?" Josie asked.

Karla strained to see in the apartment. "That blonde with the long hair he caught in the port with James." she announced.

"We better be waiting in our cage when he comes out." Josie advised.

Karla slowly followed. Amused he slipped the busty pair down and off his penis and left them in the soiled apartment. Closing the access door behind them.

They sat on the bed like they had been there the whole time. He stepped out and sighed, "I'll be right back." and left the room.

"Bathroom." they said to each other and giggled.

He returned and placed them on his shoulders. Carrying them downstairs.
"Oh you're up early." Milly said at their presence.

"You want help with breakfast?" Micheal asked.

Milly snatched Josie off his shoulder and placed her on her own shoulder as she passed. "No, I'm basically done now. Nothing fancy, just oatmeal and brown sugar."

"Oh, cool. Thanks mom." He noted as he headed to the dining table.

"That's a cute lab coat on Karla." Milly commented.

"I thought since she was working at the labs she should have one." Micheal replied, confirming Karla's suspicion.

Howard came into the dining area reading his tablet. "Sleep well?" he asked.

"Sure did. You?" Micheal answered.

"Yeah, yeah I did." Howard replied like he just realized how well he slept.

Breakfast was simple. But filling. A nice quiet family breakfast. The men gathered collection containers and work bags while Josie and Karla kept Milly company as she tidied up the dishes. "Karla, if you want. You could text me and I could bring you home early. You don't have to spend the whole day there." she offered.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind." Karla acknowledged with a smile.

"Time to go, Karla." Micheal called from the other room.

"Have a good day." Josie said. Giving her a sweet peck on her lips.

Milly scooped them up. Josie to a shoulder. Karla stayed in her hand. "I hope today goes well sweetie." Milly said to Karla.

Micheal stepped before them. Milly handed Karla over. She was slipped into the carrying pocket on his bag strap. Yes this was much better than in his bag. Milly handed him Josie and they shared a cute kiss exchange goodbye. Karla could see Howard gain his own goodbye peck. Karla could feel their shared love from the looks exchanges. Milly accepted Josie back and up onto her shoulder.

They walked to the car and drove from the house. The men slipped into teleporting properties discussion. Karla didn't mind. She was on her Micheal's chest after a great start to the day.

They stopped and collected Chuck. He entered with a "Morning."

"Hello Chuck. Have a good night?" Howard asked.

"Yes. You all?" Chuck asked.

"Very. I was chatting to Dr. Grant last night. He is OK with you becoming Karla's office manager. So am I. Karla, once able to discuss it, would have final say." Howard explained.

"What would that mean?" Chuck asked.

"You would look after supplies for the offices. Paper, pens, coffee and such. Remember by this time next year, that whole hall will likely be offices for that department between the two branches." Howard advised.

"Would I still be resizing for her?" Chuck asked.

"Yes, unless it becomes too much." Howard offered.

"I am good then." Chuck accepted.

"There is a pay raise as well." Howard added.

"That is great to know." Chuck accepted.

They were welcomed in by the guard and up to the main building. Howard was greeted by the receptionist and there was some minor crisis. Karla received her good day kiss from Micheal and Chuck took her to her office area. A quick resizing and she sat at her desk like a child in daddies work chair.

She turned on her tablet. And the first thing she noticed, she didn't finish her ratio report yesterday. So with a hot oversized mug of black coffee, she started her day. Her new office manager was taking measurements of the other rooms in the hall, he would need those to plan out the other work spaces. It took most of her morning to corral all the data into a working report. But it was finished and sent.

A text from Micheal. He was running more simulations and couldn't go to the cafeteria for lunch. Karla had a great idea. She would take him some lunch. She hopped down off her office chair. Finding Chuck she called out, "I'm going to take Micheal some lunch."

"Sounds good. I was going to eat soon. Did you want me to stop this and lead you around." he offered.

"No, I'm sure I know my way." she said hoping.

She walked down the empty halls to the main hall to the cafeteria. She was hardly walking that hall when a woman pushed past her with an annoyed, "Move it Shrunken." Then a man snarled as she stepped out of his way, "Stay out of the way you stupid Shrunken." She really didn't like how they looked at her like a mangy dog wandering the hallways. She was Micheal Miller's Shrunken. Special. Why didn't they treat her with respect of Micheal’s property like they are supposed too.

She managed to weave through the rude crowd and arrive at the cafeteria. She stepped into line and was almost as soon pushed out of it. "Shrunken after humans stupid." the man taunted.

"That's Dr. Miller's Shrunken." a familiar voice snapped.

"Oh, sorry. Dr. Miller will feed you when it's your time. Though at that size I wouldn't be surprised if it was a liquid protein lunch for you." the man mocked and started gathering his lunch.

"Karla, what are you doing out here by yourself?" Jean asked her.

"Micheal said he couldn't meet for lunch. I was going to bring him some." Karla managed.

"OH that's adorable." Jenna cooed. Reaching down to hug her. Lifting her off her feet. She actually needed the hug after how mean everyone was to her.

Jenna held her like a child in her arms. "That's why you're his favorite, cause you're a good Shrunken. A good girl." Jenna cooed at her.

"Jenna, she used to be a human. She is not a puppy." Jean said, resisting a snicker.

"Oh, right. But she's so cute." Jenna replied leaning in to rub her nose on Karla's. Karla leaned back to avoid that.

"I thought people were to treat me like I was Micheal since I am his Shrunken?" Karla asked.

"They just see a loose Shrunken. Karla it will be a while before people know who owns you. And still many will look at you like an uncollared pet." Jean explained.

"But you can come with Jenna and I'll keep you safe. Yes I will. Soo cute." Jenna offered.

"We are getting lunch for the team. An extra couple hands would be good. Like if you set her down Jenna." Jean interjected.

"Can I hold her when we get back?" Jenna asked.

"That would be up to Micheal, and Karla." Jean noted.

"OK, but at some point I want to comb her hair." Jenna spoke to Jean and not Karla.

Jean moved to keep Karla between her and Jenna. After all the snarling humans, Jenna's over cutesy affection was reassuring. Karla had to remember her new status in this world.

As they walked Karla noted, "I'm still a little confused. I was a Shrunken yesterday and they treated me mostly fine."

"Full sized. Perception is a major factor." Jean explained.

"Yeah, I should have realized that." Karla sighed. "I guess I just assumed they would treat me as Micheal's and that would make me safe."

"Give it time." Jean suggested.

"But if you ever want to see your Master Micheal you can call the office and I'll bring you down. What a good Shrunken you are." Jenna offered.

"I have a watch. I can text. And he doesn't like being called Master." Karla explained.

"Oh, what does he like to be called?" Jenna's voice went from baby talk to an eager purr.

"Never mind Jenna. She's wishing Dr. Miller would play with her." Jean teased.

"At least I haven't been crushing on him for a decade." Jenna snapped back.

"We are just friends." Jean sighed in annoyance.

"Yet if he calls, you drop everything. All he's missing is the benefits." Jenna implied.

"And all you want is the benefits." Jean growled.

"I am into his interests, his brilliant mind." Jenna countered.

"Him being a Red doesn't matter?" Jean taunted.

"He's Red because he lives with his dad. Besides, I'm Purple. It wouldn't be much of a change for me." Jenna argured.

"Wait, you really like Micheal?" Karla asked.

"I know I shouldn't. Not proper him being my boss and all. I just like how thoughtful and mature he is. Most guys my age are boys in men's bodies. Where he's a man in a boy's body." Jenna confessed.

"But you're older than him." Karla noted.

"I'm Eighteen. So only four years. My dad is eight years older than my mother." Jenna explained.

"Her dad is also why she's purple." Jean added.

"Really, what does he do?" Karla asked.

"Such a curious Shrunken. He designs and makes clothes for you, well, Shrunken ladies." Jenna explained.

Karla's first thought was that he was the reason she had so many chest displaying leg revealing outfits. "Oh, so why are you a scientist?" Karla asked.

"My brother is the artist in the family. I can't draw. And I always wanted to know why things worked the way they did. She is just so adorable." Jenna replied.

"Do you talk to your Shrunken like that?" Karla asked.

"I don't own any. Daddy didn't let me play with his models. I always wanted to dress them up and comb their hair." the older teen started then stopped. "I could buy some of my own now." she gasped. She smiled at Karla, "You are a great Shrunken aren't you cutie."

"Thank you." Karla noted.

"Well, now you made a friend and I learned something." Jean interjected.

"Oh good. I was hoping Micheal's sweet pet would like me." Jenna stated.

They turned into the lab and Micheal looked up. A broad smile formed. "Oh you two. Thanks for bringing Karla here to share lunch."

"We found her at the Cafeteria trying to get lunch." Jean informed him.

"Where's Chuck?" Micheal asked.

"Still working in my offices." Karla sheepishly replied. She could tell he didn't want her traveling the complex alone. "I left on my own." she added to keep him from being mad at the former janitor.

"Oh, I should have told you not too. I'm sorry." he apologized.

"My fault. I know I'm a Shrunken. I should have expected it to be rough till they know who owns me." Karla bowed her head like she did as a child when she was being disciplined.

"Let's eat lunch." he tried to sound upbeat.

"We don't have enough chairs." The young blank man explained. Karla felt nervous as he seemed to be giving her a seat in his mind.

Fingers snapped twice. "Teddy." Jenna spoke.

"Sorry." the man replied and wandered away.

"She can sit in my lap." Jenna said, lifting Karla into her lap.

"Ah hem." Micheal cleared his throat.

The older man spoke, "Possibly Dr. Miller, allow Dr. Murphy to hold her so you can pay full attention to the results as the tests finish.”

Micheal stopped and nodded. "OK with that Karla?" he offered.

"No offence, but I know Jean more." Karla replied.

"OK, such a sweet, cute girl. But we should talk so next time you’ll know me better. Then Jenna lap cuddles." she cooed.

Jean accepted Karla into her lap. "Tired of being baby talked at?"

"Yes, she seems nice though." Karla replied.

"Yeah, she really is. But watch her. She is determined to be on his arm." Jean explained.

"But he has a girlfriend." Karla reasoned.

"Not here." Jean warned.

Lunch was a barrage of conversations. Many about the work they were doing today. Karla couldn't keep track. She didn't like how Dr. Peters was always looking at her. Not that he was looking, but how he was, like a starving man and she was a fresh loaf of bread. She was happy to be in Jean's lap. But wondered if that added to his appraising looks or not.

Micheal came over and lifted her from Jean's lap. "Did you want to stay or did you have more work to do?"

"I do have something to work on back at my office." Karla told him.

"I could walk her back for you Dr. Miller." Jenna purred.

"OK, thanks Jenna." he replied like she offered to pick him up some chips.

"Now, if you want to leave your office," he started.

"Bring a human." Karla finished.

"That's my Special girl." He praised her. Then she received her prize, a deep kiss.

Jenna took her hand like she was a child and they began walking. They were barely out from the lab when the older teen asked, "So what is Micheal's favorite foods."

"Sea food and scrambled eggs I know he loves. And vanilla flavored things." Karla didn't see the harm in sharing this.

"Oh, I'll get our chief to contact his chief and get the recipes of how they make those for him." Jenna said eagerly.

"His chief is his mother?" Karla replied.

"Really. They don't have a cook?" Jenna replied.

"Nope. His mother is a housewife." Karla explained.

"So no staff? But they are Red Status." Jenna sounded confused.

"So?" Karla wondered.

"Well most Reds have staff. I mean I have a personal maid I pay on my salary. And they would get way more than I do." Jenna advised.

"How much do you get?" Karla asked before realizing she shouldn't.

"Fifty Company Credits a week." she spit out.

"That is what?" Karla asked.

"Huh, let's see what the Company Bank conversion to American is? Oh here." Jenna showed Karla her watch. Karla gasped, 1 Credit current exchange 498.94 US

"You get paid nearly twenty five thousand a week?" Karla exclaimed.

"If I want to go to a lower currency yeah I guess. I let the bank worry about that." Jenna said like it was nothing.

No wonder Micheal just bought what he wanted. His underlings got paid that much. He would be paid more. She had to get to her tablet. See how much he was getting paid to rent her. This girl was being paid more a week than Karla made at her old job in a year.

"Are you OK cutie?" Jenna asked. She had kneeled to her face level.

"This Company is so much. How do they hide this?" Karla questioned.

"Well, would you want to go back to being paid dollars after receiving Credits? Besides, finks get shrinked." Jenna advised.

"Do all Company people get paid Credits?" Karla asked.

"I think it starts with Blues." Jenna offered. "You're all dumbfounded aren't you? It's adorable." she added hugging Karla like she was a large doll.

"See, if he and I got together and both worked. You could stay home and just enjoy life. Wouldn't have to work. I would spoil you with fancy dresses and treats." Jenna started.

"He has a girlfriend he really likes." Karla countered.

"A Breeder. She'd likely put you in a cage and have you pump out Kittens if they stay together. I mean, she has him making you work to sell your own kind. I wouldn't want that for you. You would get spoiled, my little tan skinned princess." Jenna tried to tempt.

"She isn't like that. I want to work." Karla explained.

"I suppose she's really nice. And they like the same things." Jenna looked sad.

Karla couldn't help but hug the young woman. "You really like my Micheal don't you?"

She nodded. "I know I look like a status chaser. But it's not that. Most guys are easy for me to get what I want from them. Bit of wiggle and a flutter. Maybe an eye attracting lean, and boom. I do that and he gets all flustered, but sticks to his no. Here, watch." she said. Then walked over to a Security Guard walking down the hall. Karla watched her put on a pouty face. Hip lean and a bit of a wiggle. He handed her something and walked on. She returned, "His keys. Keys to all the doors here. I should not have these."

"Couldn't you get in trouble for that?" Karla couldn't help but giggle.

"I never have before. I forget my keys a lot, they are just so bulky." Jenna said frankly.

"Look, you seem nice. But I like Chrissy, she's my friend. I will not betray her." Karla firmly informed Jenna.

"But if they broke up due to nothing I did?" Jenna pushed.

"I would rather you to some of the thirty year old women hitting on him." Karla admitted.

Karla found herself rising into the air, "Oh you're such a sweet cutie Shrunken. I'm buying you a treat for your office. Do you like chocolates?" the girl cooed.

"My name is Karla. Only if something happens and they break up. If I find out someone worked their charms to break them up, I would be an enemy." Karla explained.

"Understood Cutie Karla." Jenna said. She started walking, carrying Karla in her arms.

"I always wanted a Shrunken as a little girl. Dress them up, comb their hair. Fix their make-up. I think never being allowed one made me give up on owning one." She explained.

"Not a sex play Company member?" Karla asked.

"No. I know, weirdo alert. I just wanted, like a collection to dress up. Holiday themes. Movie themes. I always wanted to have enough to have them as Disney Princesses. I wanted a Shrunken sized Cinderella Castle to take pics of them on and around it. You'd make a good Jasmine." Jenna noted.

"I'm of Hispanic heritage, Jasmine is supposed to be Arabic." Karla advised.

"Bah. You're pretty, tan skinned and black hair. That's all that matters." Jenna dismissed that information.

They got to Karla hall. "Here you are Cutie Karla. Now if you ever want to visit Mikey, you text me. I'll come get you. Oh, here, my info." she tapped at her watch, then on Karla's. "Now I have yours, we can chat. I'll get your measurements from you and special order you a dress for the Company local Christmas party. And a Jasmine dress, I bet Mike will like that on you." Jenna snuggled her tight and carefully placed her on the floor like she was made of glass.

"Thank you Jenna. I will contact you if I need a bodyguard." Karla joked to the purple haired teen.

"Talk soon alright?" Jenna said walking away.

"OK. Take those keys back." she called back.

"OH yeah, I forgot I had these." Jenna said.

Karla entered her quiet hall. She had to admit, Micheal would probably like her in a Jasmine style outfit. She entered her office. Topped up and reheated her coffee. She sat and began trying to organize Shrunken care rules for the shops.

"How was lunch?" Chuck's voice called into her.

"Good once I found Jean and Jenna from Micheal's team. People are mean to Shrunken walking alone here." Karla noted.

"OH, I didn't think. Sorry Karla." he said.

"My own fault. I'm treated so nicely by my Owner family, you and their other friends. I forget people are not all like them or you." Karla replied.

"Don't tell my Shrunken that. I don't want them thinking I'm too nice." Chuck joked.

"How was your lunch?" She asked.

"Quite, working nights for years. I don't actually know many people here." he said with a shrug.

"Hopefully we'll make more friends soon." she noted.

He left to do something. Likely plan out the other office spaces some more. She brought up her email. There was a copy of her rental contract. She skimmed through it to see what Micheal was receiving just to rent his pet. She froze, was she really worth a Hundred Credits per week. That is what Milly referred to as a little extra pocket money for Micheal. What was all that talk about running out of credits on the ship? How could he be short on credits if her rental was pocket change.

She pushed it from her mind. Think about her work. She would have to find time to talk to Milly later about this. Milly would help her understand.

Karla had organized the ideas. What she had planned for the afternoon. When his voice brought a smile to her lips and warmed her skin with joy. "Are you done, or did you want more time?"

She looked up at him. "I'm good." she sighed seeing his smiling face.

He walked over and cupped her face in his hand. Lips touched, tongue coiled, one of the great joys of being half sized. "You look all Hot in that lab coat. Like a sexy scientist." he cooed.

"I like how you look in yours too." she confessed.

"Should I bring it home and play mad scientist?" he offered.

"You have those beakers and slime mix. Little helpless Shrunken wiggling trapped inside covered in colorful ooze." Karla tempted.

"Speaking of Shrunken." he kind of whimpered.

She felt his hand grab her Collar clasp. "Recognized Dr. Miller." was stated.

"Collar Release." he said and Karla shrunk into her chair. She was lifted and nuzzled by a giant boy face. "Want to help me pick out the pretties we are bringing home tonight?"

"Sure, did you have to return me to Standard size already?" Karla giggled.

He began running his finger over her body. "I like holding you in my hand. How it feels to touch you." Karla stretched out giving his digit easier access. She liked how it felt being stroked by his restrained touch. He grabbed her leg and started running his finger tip along it.

"Hello Mike. Come to visit?" Chuck's voice announced his presence. Karla lost her attention.

Micheal turned. "I was done for the day so I thought I'd collect more of my Shrunken to bring home. Here, can you put Karla's collar in with the resizing tube?"

"Sure. You two have fun." Chuck took the collar and nodded.

Micheal placed her on her riding shoulder. She cuddled since his attention left her playful. Fingers petted her as he walked toward the storage room. "Mom wants you to pick out some of her males for her." he said as they traveled.

"A task easier done at half size." she teased nuzzling his ear lobe.

"Oh, I didn't think of that." he replied in a sweet coo.

"I guess I'll point them out and you'll have to grab them." she suggested rubbing his neck.

"I guess that will work," he sighed.

"Grab your mom's first. Then you can take your time collecting your pets." she advised.

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CH 15B: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Fri Oct 08, 2021 8:15 pm

Chapter 15B

Karla was amused watching him lift the males. He grabbed their torsos and moved them like used tissues. They growled at him as they fought and struggled like they had a chance against her titan teen. Foolish little men and boys helpless before her Micheal.

Even better was watching him gather his pets. He took more liberties with how he lifted them. Grown female Shrunken wiggling in his affectionate fingers. Her sweet giant looked to be focusing on his older pets. Pets Karla's age and older. Gym members and LumberJills. Volleyball and basketball players. "You're focusing on your more mature pets. Why?" she asked.

"You brought a bunch of the girls home for me yesterday. I thought I'd bring home some of the older ones. Did you want more girls?" he offered.

"No, grab who you want." she hummed. Kissing his neck. "They're all yours to enjoy." she added in a purr.

"Ours, you, Josie, and I. They are ours to enjoy," he reminded. "Like this one. Remember her? What should I do with her?" he asked in his amazing evil giant voice.

Platinum Blonde Lumber Model, he had favored her briefly on the ship. The busty toy wiggled perfectly in his fist. Karla stroked his ear with her face, "Remember last night with those girls. She would be a good target to wear you cum."

"Oh yeah, she looks hot covered in my cum." he taunted the woman as he added her into the case.

"Picking your favorites?" Howard's voice spoke.

"Oh, Hi dad. Just bring more home. I Grabbed Mom's already for her." Micheal announced.

"I plan to bring a few extra home in my underwear. Might be an idea for you with your massive collection." Howard suggested.

"Naked would be best." He declared. Then grabbed the platinum Jill from the case and she was soon naked. He undid his pants. Soon the pretty blonde was caged in with the Behemoth. "Ahhh." He gasped. Then he noted happily, "Her, that hottie from the hotel." Soon a thin long haired Brunette was naked and caged. "Oh that titty redhead." and he grabbed a woman Karla vaguely remembered. Dance teacher or agent, no she sold dance outfits. Now she was pressed to her Micheal's cock.

The riders were clearly distracting him. He was making such adorable happy sounds. But he was soon gathering more of his pets. Amusingly Howard must have loaded his pants too as he made similar sounds. Karla still found this distasteful, but it did help bring more home.

They stepped out and Chuck came out from the main office. "Finished cleaning up. You two want a hand with your cases?" He offered.

"Sure, here take this one and one of Micheal's." Howard directed.

They walked through the complex. They received the same greeting and the same cooed hellos. But none seemed the least bit disturbed they clearly had living creatures trapped in their pants. Micheal slipped her into her travel pocket as they got into the car. Driving Chuck to his home like a normal day. And heading on home.

They walked into the house and Milly smiled, "Welcome home you three. How was, oh really you two?"

"What, we have to bring them all home." Howard countered.

Milly put her hands on her hips and growled, "What if someone saw them in there?"

"Who is going to see them?" Howard questioned.
"What if a police officer pulled you over. A driver in a high truck. That was a stupid risk." Milly roared.

Karla could feel Micheal shifting uncomfortably. "It's not likely they would look at our crotches." Howard dismissed.

"Likely no, but very possible. Howard, as fun as that might have been, it was an unnecessary risk." Milly explained.

Howard hung his head, "Yeah, thinking about it, you're right."

"You two go empty your pants and come down for supper. You can unpack the other Shrunken after we eat." Milly commanded.

"Yes dear." Howard replied while Micheal said, "Yes Mom."

Micheal walked up stairs. Karla heard Howard ask behind him, "You mind if Karla hangs out with me after supper? I want to take an assessment of the tools."

"If she wants to, sure. I plan on playing some Battle Jumpers." her boy replied. "I'd ask her but my hands are full."

"She can tell me once we're all back downstairs." Howard noted.

Micheal entered his apartment and placed the cases by the cage door. Then he opened up the pocket and Karla found friendly giant fingers lifting her to that shoulder while he put his bag down. "Who of the three should I unload on?" he asked as she was laid beside his head.

"The girl from the hotel. The other two are curvier. They will get you off faster. And I think the sooner you return downstairs the less mad your mother will be with you." Karla advised.

"If I wanted to be real quick I'd rub you and coat the three of them." he, in his way, complimented her.

Karla ran her face along his outer ear and in her best sexy voice purred in his ear, "I'll help you get off from here."

He grabbed a dirty shirt from his hamper. Undid his pants and allowed them to fall to his ankles. He reached into his underwear and pulled the waistband down past his Behemoth. Karla happily gasped at its stiffened state. He had held the Blonde and redhead to his shaft. But allowed the skinny Brunette to fall to his bed atop of the shirt.

He shifted his hand as he commanded her, "Knees, mouth open."

Karla sighed dramatically and asked, "Wasn't it her ass you liked when you first saw her?"

"Oh yeah, You turn around and ass up." he growled so demandingly.

The young woman trembled while she nodded. Then turned. Bowing to perfectly display her skinny little ass. His hand started running the two shapelier rides along his shaft. Karla decided to get to work, "Oh, Micheal, ooh, look at that tiny ass. Yours to enjoy, yours to mark with your cum."

"Oh yeah, it will look good." he gasped.

"Yes, yes good! Thick and white. Hmm flowing over those perky little cheeks. Ahh, Running down her legs. Hmm a stream down that submissive back." she sang like he liked.

"I'm going to cum on her! Going to cum on her!" He chanted excitedly.

"Ah ah ah, cum on her, yes, cum over her. Ooh, for me? Ah ah I'd love that." Karla encouraged him.

His shiver trembled through her legs. She gave him kisses on his ear as he showed that skinny ass woman with a salvo of white fluid. The woman made amusing disgusted sounds.

He had to model level women stroked along his shaft and a cute woman sprayed with his pleasure. But she got the top praise, "Oh Karla. You're so HOT!"

"Better clean up. Your mother's waiting." Karla reminded him.

"Right." he said, grabbing the shirt corners to make a makeshift hammock. Gently dropping his stroke pair in with the dripping target. He walked it to the cage room and rolled them naked and ooze covered onto the grass. Then left, leaving the shirt in his hamper. He freshened up and walked downstairs.

"OK, that solved, how was your day?" Milly re-greeted him.

"Alright. My calculations aren't quite right. But Karla joined us for lunch. You?" Micheal relayed. Karla noticed a slight flinch. Like he was going to add more but decided against it.

"More unpacking. But Josie kept me good company." Milly noted taking Josie off her shoulder to be near the little table.

Micheal scooped Karla down. "Karla, how was your day?"

"Informative. I stupidly thought I could just walk through the complex without a human. Otherwise, I got alot done. Actually, we should text Chuck. I don't have anything I need to be in the office for the rest of the week." Karla shared.

"They treated you badly, but you are a working Shrunken?" Milly sounded honestly confused.

"Yeah, but still a Shrunken." Karla reasoned.

"I guess, rude is what I call it. Did you get their names or something?" she asked.

"They didn't stop to talk rudely at me. More, push by and be rude." Karla described.

"Speaking of, you're his direct boss Karla, you should text him." Micheal explained.

"Oh right. Sorry, I'm not used to being in charge." Karla apologized. She typed the older man the news.

"Oh little boss lady." Josie teased her.

"It's a lot of responsibility." Karla noted.

"You'll do great." Josie encouraged her.

"Hello all." A chipper sounding Howard arrived.

"Sit, supper is ready and getting cold." Milly ordered. Smacking him in the butt.

"Yes miss. Cheeky help at this restaurant." he joked as he sat.

Pork Chops, well the humans had pork chops. Karla and Josie had pork nibble. How Milly managed to portion their little plates so cleanly amazed Karla.

"Karla, if you're not working tomorrow. You want to spend the day with me in my lab. We are relooking at the calculations to see where I messed them up. But I would like you there for company." Micheal asked.

"As long as she isn't a distraction." Howard cautioned.

She couldn't say no to those puppy dog eyes. "Sure, as long as I am not going to be a distraction."

"Oh, Josie, you can come too." Micheal offered.

"I'm sorry. I already told Sandy I would be coming with mom to help them pack." Josie repiled.

"Pat promised her a tour of his work shed." Milly noted.

"Ahh, lucky." Micheal noted.

"You know, in a few weeks they will be next door. Pat may even want help setting up his new work space." Milly suggested.

"You think. Could you ask, I'd like that." Micheal excitedly requested.

"I'll ask, but you have to listen to him." Milly noted.

"I would listen to him." Howard added.

"I'll ask for both of you." Milly sighed.

"Oh, you think you have time to make signs and post them around the old neighborhood for the yard sale on Saturday?" Howard asked.

"I'll pick up the supplies tomorrow." She agreed. "Should I ask Gabs to have the girls full sized for that?" she questioned.

"Actually, if it is OK with everyone. I'd like to stay home. I need to organize my closet." Karla interjected.

"She will not get that done alone." Josie offered to help.

"But, you'll be here alone." Micheal whimpered.

"I'll have Josie. I plan on asking a few girls for help. Besides, if there is trouble, we can text you." Karla reassured him.

"I guess," he mumbled. Karla liked he wanted her around all the time.

"You think the Howell's will let us borrow their collection cases to bring home our Shrunken?" Howard questioned.

"Maybe. I'll add that to my list to ask them tomorrow." Milly replied.

Food eaten. Milly nabbed Josie and Karla from their little table. "Mom, they are mine." Micheal complained.

"Oh you'll get them back. I just want company while I watch the news. Give me time with my girls." Milly countered.

"OK, but because they like it too." he surrendered.

Milly laid out along the couch. Placing them on her upper chest. News on Karla was hugged to the human's chest. "At some point we will just lounge together for a day." she sighed.

Karla curled to her. Gentle fingers stroked Karla's hair. She was so comfortable. Even the coverage of the crusie's aftermath didn't bother her, cuddled to her human mother's chest. She looked at Josie, she looked to really enjoy the motherly affection too. Karla closed her eyes and just absorbed the love.

She started as Micheal asked, "Now that the news is done. Do you want to watch me play Battle Jumpers Josie?"

Milly's voice rumbled back, "She can play. Your Shrunken controller set has been charging since they arrived this morning."

"They came already. Awesome!" he exclaimed.

"That's what those were?" Josie also exclaimed.

"Yes, go play." Milly lifted her so Micheal could take her upstairs. With her hand free Karla found herself lifted to Milly's face. "Why didn't he ask you?"

"Howard asked if I would help inventory his tools for Shrunken car tinkering." Karla explained.

She got a soft bop on her nose. "You are such the perfect Shrunken."

"Can I take Miss Perfect Shrunken?" Howard asked.

Milly kissed Karla's head. "I guess so. You two be good."

"We will." the answered as Howard carried her downstairs.

They began looking through what he had. Easy since they just set up the workshop the other day. Karla was getting the quick idea he would need to order a lot of little tools. This would cost him a bundle. That reminded her.

"Howard, you're a Red Status member." she started.

Howard looked. "I thought that was clear."

"One of Micheal's team walked me back to my offices today.'' She started again.

"Was it Jean? She's a good bean. I was so glad she accepted to go on Mike's team." he interjected.

"No Jenna, ahh. Dr. Murphy." Karla clarified.

"Oh that one. Sweet kid." Howard replied.

"Yes, she seems nice. But she was saying her family is Purple level. And they have a chef and a few servants." Karla started.

He shook his head, "And why don't we have staff and a big house as Reds. Simple, we wanted Mike to grow up in a relative middle class lifestyle. That way he would know how to cook, clean and look after himself if the need arose."

"So you could have them if you wanted?" she asked.

"Sure, the Grants have some staff. So do the Howells. Yellows and such. Milly and I didn't want that. Though she deserves that and more. One of the big houses in the center. Pampered and needs dealt with." he seemed to wander to a different subject.

"You could hire some people." Karla offered.

"I might. Have to clear it with the boss." he smiled sweetly.

"So, does that mean Micheal?" Karla asked.

"Very much. Though as his parents we have three quarters of his pay going into an account he can't touch. That way when he wants to move out he will not have to move into an apartment with second hand furniture. He'll have. No correct that. He has enough to buy one of these places and furnish it. And if he wants staff, he could hire a few. Or get Milly to ask Gabriel to allow you and Josie to be full sized and just dress you like French maids." He got a far off look.

"Picturing that are you?" she teased.

"Oh yeah." he taunted back.

"Shouldn't have?" she offered.

"Oh no I should, you two look great in frilly short skirts and low tops." he replied giggling.

"You still kind of wished you caught me?" she asked out of curiosity.

"For very basic reasons, yes. For how this turned out, not for a real second. Well, after the first few weeks or so." He honestly answered. Stroking her head.

"Thanks." she replied.

"Oh, girlie. You're a fairytale find. A shining star in a bright life. Without you, I'd be likely breaking Shrunken cars already. Milly speaks of trips and things with you two girls. Hell, Al asked how you liked the Shrunken cage, not Mike." Howard advised.

"That's a bit overwhelming. I'm just a Shrunken." she downplayed the compliment.

"No, just a Shrunken would be getting me off right now. You’re my Special girl that's warming my heart with pride." he praised.

"Thanks Howard. It's nice knowing you don't think of getting off with me any more." Karla accepted.

"Oh I still think about getting off with you. I just get really guilty when I do." he noted, blushing.

"Oh, so I shouldn’t call you daddy while we work down here alone." she teased.

"Go ahead baby doll. I promise I will not do that with you without your permission." he pledged.

"Unless a drunken Milly crawls at you with me in her mouth." Karla taunted.

"I am only so strong my girl." he agreed, then started laughing. "Gah she's hot!" he sang of his wife.

"Whose is so hot?" Milly questioned.

"You are, he was just telling me how lucky he is." Karla offered.

"Oh really?" Milly curled into his lap.

"It was headed there, but to be honest I was explaining how lucky we are that Mike found her over me." Howard confessed.

"You were so jealous." Milly teased.

"I was. Such a horrible father. Glad our daughter is well looked after though." he announced.

Karla loved that he said that. She was so spoiled just by their caring for her like they did. Her vision blurred.

"Looks like you made our daughter a bit overwhelmed." Milly said. Karla felt a caring hand lift her from the top of the work bench. Two large warm bodies coiled around her. They were cuddling her. Loving strokes from two different hands petted her head.

She found a tissue stuffed in her lap. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose. "Better?" Milly asked.

"Do you really see me like a daughter?" she asked up at the two warm giant faces.

"You are going to need constant reinforcement aren't you?" Milly asked.

"Yes." She replied.

"In a strange way, even for our lives. Yes little Karla. You and Josie are like family." Howard hummed down.

"As much as I'd like to keep this cuddle going. It is getting late. You need to get Micheal and Josie to bed. I'll deal with this kid." Milly noted.

"Please tuck him in tight." Karla replied.

"Oh, I think I'll tuck him very well tonight." Milly purred.

They suddenly rose. "Time for bed. Sorry Karla." Then Howard started carrying them towards the stairs.

"Put me down before we fall down you goof." Milly attempted to grumble around her giggling.

"Only if you go up the stairs first sweet cheeks," he replied.

"I would but my hips are tired. My bum might just sway back and forth in your face." Milly purred.

"I'm not seeing what the problem is?" Howard cooed back.

Karla had to stifle her own laugher as Milly waved her ass in a slightly bent fashion as she took each step. She was certain they were going to bed now, but sleep wouldn't be for a while yet.

Milly stopped and knocked at Micheal's apartment door. Howard squeezed her ass as he passed. "There better be more of that once I get to our room" she demanded.

"Should I dig out toys?" he called back.

"Busty ones. I want to play." Milly cooed.

Micheal's door opened. "Yes mom?"

"Here's Karla. Safe and sound. Also it's late. Work in the morning. You should get to bed." Milly advised.

"OK, mom. Goodnight." he replied. Lovingly lifting Karla from her hand.

"Oh, very likely. I mean, goodnight Mikey." and Milly walked away.

Micheal shut the door. "They didn't play with you again did they?" he asked.

"No, just told me I was special." Karla explained.

"Good. Josie and I are still playing. Did you want to play or just watch?" he offered.

"Watch." is what she told him.

He set her on his lap and picked up his controller and put on a headset. "OK, I'm back."
"Good, I was getting tired of covering your jumper." Josie grumbled.

They moved their digital machines. From how they were talking she figured Chrissy was playing too. That didn't hinder Karla's plan. Seeing her adopted human parents being so frisky had got her playful. Slowly she slither up his leg. Crawled to his fly. She grabbed the metal tag. With effort she pulled it down some. She wanted to slip inside. But he would notice that. She wanted to strip, but she hoped he would notice that too. Instead she reached a hand in. Feeling her prize she ran her little hand up and down his massive penis.

"Ah, ooh. Karla, what are you doing." he shuttered.

"Yeah he did. Sorry Chrissy, Karla is looking for attention." Josie grumbled.

He looked down at her. So Karla pulled her arms back and gave him a full view of her wiggle. "I'm cold Micheal. Can I crawl inside?" she purred at him, licking her lips.

"No, we're done I think Chrissy." Josie noted.

"Karla, that would be distracting." Michael adorably whimpered.

Karla put on her best pouty face. And rolled her chest as she playfully whined, "Well if you game is more important than me being all snug and cozy." She could see her teasing had the wanted result.

"You promise just to sit still in there?" he trembled out.

"Yeah, he's gone. But I likely have a few moments before I'm carried away from the game." Josie noted.

"Once I'm all cuddly inside I'll just hold still." she fibbed.

"OK, but try not to distract me." he surrendered.

"I think we can still win Chrissy." Josie noted.

Karla put a little more wiggle than she needed to enter his pants. She had to bite her lip not to giggle at his stimulated shuffling. Now inside, step two. She pulled her shirt off and threw it out the hole.

"What are you doing?" Micheal called down to her.

She slipped off her pants and threw them out with her answer, "I'll be warmer in skin to skin contact with you."

"But, but the only skin in that spot is." he so cutely stammered. Not helped likely with her tossing her bra out the hole.

"That's OK. Once I'm tightly cuddled, I'll be still I promise." she cooed out the hole. Flinging her panties and socks out.

She slithered down to that hole in the front of the boy's underwear. With effort she squirmed her head and arms in. She started pulling her bottom half in when she realized he wasn't moving. Just absorbing her movements along his manhood.

Legs in she wiggled herself along his Behemoth. It was clearly happy with it's company. She nuzzled it's skin and gave it a lick and kiss. She felt him sigh in arousal. There she sat, hugged tightly to his erection.

She could keep her word and hold perfectly still. His hips were pumping. Pressing her tightly to his underwear while the shaft slipped up and down against her. She had a naughty idea, "OH, OH, Micheal, not so hard. I'm pressed tightly to your big cock in here."

His hips wiggled back and forth. Rubbing her along his shaft. "Ahh, Michael, you're so hard." she cooed out loudly.

Suddenly his fly burst open and a hand wrapped around her. Then started what she wanted. Her titan teen enjoying her. She must have hit a nerve cause he was being very vigorous. Soon she was bowed over his tip and semen was flooding over her body. She couldn't help but call up, "Oh Micheal, I'm all warm now."

He cleaned her off and then himself. He walked pant-less through his living room. She was held to his chest. Josie handed him her little controller and he placed it on a stand beside another tiny controller. Then scooped her up. She gave Karla a dirty look.

He started towards their cage, then stopped. "You two wearing pajamas tonight?" he kindly asked.

Josie quickly answered, "Yes, thank you."

He placed them in the cage and the redhead gave Karla a familiar disappointed look. "What?" Karla asked, knowing why she was getting that look.

"You could wait till we were done?" Josie grumbled.

"Milly asked me to make sure he didn't stay up too late." Karla gave part of her reasoning.

Josie sighed annoyed. "You wanted to play." she guessed the bigger reason for her actions.

"Do you blame me?" Karla cooed at the Freckled glare.

"Yes." Josie snapped.

"Are you mad at me?" Karla gave her pouty face a try.

"Yes." Josie grumbled.

Curling close, "Will you forgive me?"

"Get off me. I'm mad at you. Mostly. Dang it, I was having fun." Josie rambled.

"Sorry, I'll give you more warning next time." Karla offered.

"You better." Josie threatened.

"Is Chrissy mad at me?" Karla asked.

"No, she wanted to know what you were doing to drive him crazy. Once he started whimpering over the head set they both were done. Honestly, I think she masturbated while you were pleasuring him." Josie looked a little uncomfortable.

"She has good taste in men." Karla tried to comfort.

"You didn't have both going off in your headset." Josie snickered.

"Sorry." Karla repeated.

"We better get dressed and ready for bed." Josie countered.

They were ready for him once he finished. "Pillow tonight OK? I want to sleep on my side tonight."

"That will be wonderful." Karla answered.

He placed them sweetly on that cool surface. He laid down. A warm hand covered them. Only one meant they had to snuggle tight to both be under it. But they did that anyway.

"Night my Special Karla, Night my Special Josie." he sighed.

"Night my Special Micheal. Night Karla." Josie murmured back.

"Night my Special Micheal, Night Josie." Karla added. Squeezing her cuddly friend tight. Sleep came easy.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by polkqwerty » Thu Oct 14, 2021 1:50 am

Hey so, I'm not so sure if this comes off as mean when I don't mean it to as you seem like a talented writer but

Could you like, indicate in (at least) chapter tags where some really cruel or violent stuff happens and maybe hint at what happens? I've seen in your work small moments of stuff I come to this section for, but there's so much by volume that's just... size maledom/femdom mostly softer play here or just normal scene stuff where i just... more or less give up on this story as a whole because I'm not finding any of the very dark stuff I come to the 'V'sw area for. Conversely it feels so sparse in that darkness that you could soften or skip those parts in an edited version and get more attention in the non V sections of this message board...

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Oct 14, 2021 3:02 am

It doesn't come across mean. And I understand your point. For me it's an ideology thing. I feel forced physical contact, especially for a sexual reason, is violent. And as the Shrunken are often forced into physical contact for the human's sexual pleasure against their will, to me that's an act of violence. Thank you for your input, I'll try to note harsher violent acts in later chapters.

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