Mr. Foreman

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Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Oct 31, 2021 10:11 pm

Sorry if anyone has been missing my posts. I just, well, in full depression mode the last couple weeks. So, have had little drive to create or edit. Hope you enjoy this. If not I understand.

Mr. Foreman: Halloween Night.
M/f Sexual touching.

"No way man, that house is haunted." Bill stated looking up at the winding drive that led up to the old mansion on the hill. Tim had to admit, it did look like the traditional haunted house.

Peter countered, "It's not haunted, old man Forman lives there. No ghost would want to be that creepy old guy. And neither do I."

"Look, his porch light is on, that means he is giving out treats. That big house and no kids means he is likely giving out great treats like cans of soda or full sized bars. All I'm saying is we should go knock. The worst he'll do is tell us to get lost." Tim countered.

Mark looked at his pillow case, then up at the house. He rubbed his pudgy cheeks, "That's a long walk for a maybe."

"He has two cars at least, maybe he's got full sized bags of chips." Tim tried to tempt his rotund friend. If he could convince Mark the other two would follow.

Peter pointed at the creepy building, "His yard is a mess. If he had money he'd have people in to look after it."

Bill quickly agreed, "Or offer money to someone in the neighborhood."

"Like you, no one in the neighborhood talks to him because they are scared. He'll likely be over the moon to receive trick or treaters, he might even give out extra since likely no one else goes up to his house. What do you say, lets just go try?" Tim reasoned. His curiosity about the old man had been building for years and Holloween gave him a reason to go up and get a real look at him and his strange house.

"Fine, but if we die I'll never let you forget it." Peter half joked.

They walked up to the open gate. Wrought iron set in masoned stone. Wrought iron spiked posts connected with decorative loops traveled the length of the outer wall. It surrounded the property, making it hard to see anything in the old man's yard. The four boys stopped and peeked inside, half expecting vicious dogs to come at them. None came.

The front yard was huge. Several fall bare trees were spotted up the hill towards the house. The drive, paved at some point, weaved between them and the claw like branches. The grass was brown, but long from being allowed to grow all summer without tending, allowing their imaginations to populate it with all kinds of creatures after their flesh or souls.

Tim took a deep breath and stepped forward. He heard Bill whimper, but followed. Soon he was leading them to the den of possible evil. Tim found himself looking around nervously, despite telling himself over and over there was nothing to fear.

They stopped at the top of the hill. Before them was an old wooden three door garage. In contrast to the yard it looked freshly painted in a dark red shade with a white trim. Tim's mind noted cruelly it was a blood red.

The house was at least three stories, possibly more. It was kind of hard to tell. The side they were on was more stone work with what looked like a castle tower at the corner where they were standing. The stone work went the whole length and wrapped around the far corner, how fair Tim couldn't tell. But if the front was copied it went about a third of the way around. The other side was wooden, painted like the shed. It was however rounded at the far side like an old sailing ship complete with one of those posts that stuck out from the front. They would never have seen that from the road because of the garage and trees.

Mark coughed and they all yelped. "Sorry, my throat is dry." the larger boy noted.

"All our throats are dry." Peter whispered harshly.

"Should, should we knock?" Bill asked, teeth chattering like he was freezing on this quite warm mid-fall night.

"I don't know?" Tim felt all his curiosity slip from him. All his efforts were keeping him from bolting. There was just something unnatural about this house, and likely its owner.

A light beamed out into the yard. Tim's legs locked in place as he heard a man shuffle out, cane tapping on the wooden porch every couple of steps. "Well, who is out here?" an elderly man's voice called. Tim could hear all his friends trembling, but none seemed able to speak. Likely if they could get any muscles to work, they would be running away by now.

Old man Foreman looked around the corner at them. He had his usual stern look upon his face. His thin gray white hair waved slightly in the night breeze. Brown corduroy pants that were too long for his bent legs. A grey button up sweater with light brown sail boats was open showing his white button up shirt. He leaned on an old cane with what looked like an old crystal door knob on top for him to hang onto. He sucked his teeth a couple times then asked again in a grumpy tone, "Well, what do you want?"

Tim felt his tongue moving, "Trick or Treat?" came weakly from his mouth.

Old man Foreman looked confused, tilting his head. He pointed his cane at them, "You telling me you walked all the way up here to trick or treat and couldn't make the ten more steps to my door? You made this cranky old man come out searching for you? Well, no, if you want something you have to ring my doorbell. That's the rules." He then turned and walked towards his door.

"What kind of treats?" Mark asked, his voice cracking.

The old man looked at them. A strange look came across his features, was he smiling at them? "Well young man, you'll have to come to my door to find out. But I can tell you it's better than anything you've gotten before." Then he continued into the house.

They stood there watching as the door closed, taking the beam of light from the yard. "What do you think he's giving out?" Peter asked.

"Something better than we've gotten before?" Bill softly noted.

Tim felt himself stepping forward. "Only one way to find out.'' he said, hoping his legs didn't just turn him around and make him run down the hill. His finger trembled wildly as he reached it towards the door bell. It made a strange sound, like a novelty car horn.

The door opened and old man Foreman looked at him. His eyes were steel grey, and Tim felt like he was looking into his soul. "Well boy, you know the rules." he grumbled.

Tim had to clear his throat to get it to work, then held open his pillow case. "Trick or Treat?" he hoped.

"And if I say trick?" the old man asked in what came off as a teasing tone.

"Likely we would just leave, we didn't bring any eggs or anything." Tim confessed.

"Yeah, you wouldn't want to do that to my property." The older man said, smiling.

"So, treat then?" Tim asked.

"Then treat it shall be, are you ready to receive what I'm giving out?" Mr. Foreman asked.

"I hope so." Tim replied honestly.

"Smart lad, I know exactly what you want." The man replied. He grabbed an old sack and reached deep in. Like whatever he was giving out was way down at the bottom. Confusingly the man looked Tim directly in the eyes and said, "For you, a Latina one first huh."

Tim gasped as the man pulled his arm out. In his hand was a little cage was a girl in a skimpy blue fairy costume. She looked terrified but hot. No bigger than six inches. Her skin was a warm tan color and her hair was long and black. Tim heard her begging, "Help me please." before the old man dropped her into his pillow case.

"Well lad, don't like the treats I'm giving out?" Mr. Foreman asked.

"Was she alive?" Tim asked, looking into the pillow case.

"Of course, do you think I'd promise good treats and give you dead ones? Don't insult me lad or I'll take her back." the old man replied.

"But our parents won't let us keep living tiny people?" Mark noted looking over Tim's shoulder.

Mr. Foreman winked, "Sure they will, well, you want a treat?"

"Yes please, trick or treat." Mark excitedly replied.

Mr. Foreman looked at Mark, then reached into the bag. "Hmmm, you're into blondes." He noted. Pulling out a scared little blonde girl in a Supergirl costume. "Here you go." he happily said as she screamed into his sack.

"Trick or treat." Bill and Peter excitedly said together.

"All right all right, one at a time." Mr. Foreman said with a chuckle. Looking at Bill he nodded knowingly, "Asians huh, I think I have one or two in here." Out came his hand with an Asian girl wearing a tight cat costume. "There you go." The old man said it was normal.

Then the older man looked at Peter, "Huh, got little jungle fever do you lad. I can understand that." He reached into his magic bag. Pulling out a cage with a little African American girl in a sexy nurse outfit. Plopping her on top of Peter's treats.

"How did you do that?" Tim had to ask.

"Well Mr. Hill, it's because I'm an evil wizard." Mr. Foreman replied then laughed. Breaking into a slight cough.

"So, we shouldn't have bothered you?" Peter asked.

The old man shook his head, "No, it's Halloween Mr. South. If I didn't want trick or treaters I wouldn't have my light on and my gate open."

"Well, thank you Mr. Foreman." Tim noted before he forgot. His head spinning from looking at the trembling lovely little woman in the cage. The ideas of things he could make her do at that size was making his pants feel tight.

"Your welcome lads. Wait, here, no one ever comes up here for treats. Let me give you each another." Mr. Foreman noted, reaching back into his bag. "Ahh a good match for yours Mr. Hill. Yes, she'll do great. '' he said pulling out a Red Haired mini girl in a skimpy girl guide costume. He dropped it into his bag. Tim watched as the two tiny women reached for each other. They clearly knew each other.

He looked at Mark and asked, "Another Blonde Mr. Tanner?"

Mark replied, "Yes please."

"Oh, look I have one you really want." the old man reached in his bag. Out came a shapely blonde woman that looked like Mrs. Bell, their math teacher. They all had a crush on her. Long legs and big firm plump tits, and she was dressed in a short skirted, low topped Little Miss Muffet costume.

"Oh my god, thank you Old man Foreman." Mark sputtered out.

"I like Mr. Foreman better, Mr. Tanner." He corrected him.

"Sorry," he replied, looking in at the mini version of their teacher.

"It's OK, how about you Mr. South, another one?" the magic man asked.

"Yes, can I have one that looks like one of our teachers too?" he requested.

"Looks like." Mr. Foreman snickered, reaching in his bag. Out came a mini copy of their Guidance Counselor Ms. Vale. Wearing a skimpy Cop uniform. Peter's eyes went as large as small plates.

As the tiny African American woman was added to his bag he bounced, "Thank you Mr. Foreman, thank you."

"Welcome lad. How about you Mr. Miles?" He asked.

"Yeah, Yeah." Bill was almost panting.

"Hmmm, What's that friend of your sister that you really like again?" Mr. Foreman asked.

"Helen, Helen Shipwright." He said, smacking his lips.

And out came an exact copy of the girl. Her curvy figure was on full display under her cowgirl costume. As he dropped the little person into his bag Mr. Foreman advised, "Enjoy, but remember they can't be replaced. So if you break them, I can't replace them."

Mark braved, "Do you have more treats to give out?"

Mr. Foreman winked, "Of course. Though I likely won't get any more guests tonight. But if you four would like to earn more treats, I could use some help around here as you can see."

Tim nodded. "OK Mr. Foreman, we'll come help you out. Well, I will."

"Good, see you boys soon." the old man stepped back inside and shut his door.

Tim started down the hill, followed by his friends. They didn't say a word or look into their pillow cases. They stepped out onto the sidewalk in front of Mr. Foreman's place and as if by magic, the gate closed and made them all jump.

"Ah guys, I'm done Trick or treating for this year." Mark blurted out.

"Yeah, me too." Bill agreed, holding the top of his bag of treats tight as he stared at it like it would try to get away.

"Man, why didn't we trick or treat Mr. Foreman's house before?" Peter wondered.

"Because it was scary." Tim snickered, holding his treat bag tightly closed too. They walked toward their homes snickering to themselves. Then Tim remembered something odd, "How did Mr. Foreman know our last names?"

"Maybe he knows our parents?" Peter reasoned.

"I don't think so." Tim questioned.

Bill shrugged, "We know his. What's so strange."

Tim guessed he had a point. But it still didn't sit with him well. Not that his mind lingered on that long. The remembered image of the tan skinned beauty being dropped into his treat bag made other concerns fade. That lovely red haired second addition hurried his pace. Tim couldn't wait till he got home. Till he had time to give them both a good looking over.

The four of them all walked quickly, each lost in their own thoughts to chat. All too excited about the treats from Mr. Foreman's place to hinder their travels with words. They parted ways at the corner.

Tim arrived home and was barely in his door when his mother approached, "Well, hand it over for inspection."

"Mom, I can do it." he countered.

His dad walked into the kitchen, "You heard your mother. Or you don't get any."

Tim handed his mom the bag hoping they would somehow overlook the skimpy dressed tiny girls in their small cages. His mom dumped the bag out on the kitchen table and looked over the pile. "Where did you get those?" she asked with her hands on her hips.

Why his brain thought lying would work to get those two beauties he had no idea, "I don't know."

"Well what did I tell you? If you don't know the person then throw the apples out. They could have razor blades in them." She chastised grabbing the fruit and tossing them in the garbage can. Then sat down and moved the two cages. Either not hearing the young women in them pleading for her help or not caring.

Her mom and father started short through the candy and mini bags of chips. Looking for slits or puncture holes. Tim put his hands over the cages, "I'm tired do you mind if I take these and go to bed?"

"Sure buddy." his dad replied, smiling at him.

He turned and was just starting away when his mother noted, "They are going to need a bigger cage. I'm taking some of you saved up chore money and getting them one."

Tim turned and nodded, "Yes mom."

Tim entered his room and shut the door. He placed the cages on his dresser then stripped off his costume. He grabbed the two small cages and sat naked on his bed. He placed the red head down and looked intently into the cage holding the black haired beauty.

Her face was beautiful and her body was sexy. She had to be about college aged. There were not many people in town with darker skin and almost none of Latino heritage, so her tan skin gave her an exotic quality. Tim knew it was wrong to own people, but owning her was erotic in a way he could express. Then she spoke, a musical voice despite her fear, "Please don't hurt me." Her accent made his erection jump, her begging him made his blood race.

He opened the cage and pulled her out. Her fairy costume had a silky texture to it. His thumb brushed over her nice round breasts. The tan skinned delight struggled, likely not enjoying him fondling her. He folded her arms back behind his fingers and pinned them in place. Now she was even more helpless to stop him from feeling her firm tits. It was such a rush like he never experienced before.

He stopped and she looked at him, her sweet bottom lip trembled. She again begged, "Don't do this. You have to help us."

He grabbed the front of her costume. Pulling softly at first. "No, no please don't." that accented begging just encouraged him. Then her breasts popped out the top. His heart raced, she wasn't wearing a bra. These were the first tits he saw that wasn't on the internet. The were pointing up off her chest, big and round compared to her size. He expected pink nipples, but her’s were a slightly darker brown shade. His fingers pressed over those targets, rolling her tits. He admired their strange firmness as she cheered him on by pleading, "Please stop, I don't want this."

He stopped enjoying those boobs. She had other features. He grabbed a leg in his thumb and forefinger. He loved how her panty hose felt all silky along her amazing leg. She just kept whimpering, requesting he stop. Honestly if she had stopped begging with that exotic accent he might have listened more to her pleads. Though her failing to free her limb from such a light hold was also encouraging him.

He pushed her high heel off her little foot. He wasn't into feet, but hers looked better than most. Manicured toes with a blue that matched her costume.

He let go of her leg and she coiled it over the other. Folded together and bent in a semicircle. He found this submissive pose alluring. But she had another shoe to remove. He grabbed the other leg and pulled it into a better to admire position. She yelped helplessly. He stroked the form of this leg, it too was wonderfully built. As he popped this shoe off he noticed she stopped pleading. "Beg me to be nice." he demanded.

"Why, you're not going to be." she correctly pointed out.

"Do it or I'll be even less nice," he explained.

"No, no please don't hurt me.'' She started again. A quiver in that voice that made his already hard dick begin to ache.

He hooked both legs together. The thumb on his holding hand held them up. She could have taken them down, but was clearly too afraid to try. He snickered at her helplessness before beginning to tug at the hosiery on her feet. Carefully pulling at the stockings, they slowly became loose. She was struggling in his restraining hold. Then he noticed her little blue panties were coming with the pantyhose. He hooked a finger in the already removed end of the hosiery and continued to pull.

Her little blue panties caught on her knees as he took her hosiery off. He simply hooked her thighs and happily ran his fingers down her bare legs. They felt great under the stockings, even better bare.

He smiled and she guessed his plans, "No please, don't look. That wouldn't be right." His fingers pressed between her legs and pushed those wonderful limbs apart. There was her pussy. He expected a patch, or even a bush of black pubs. This exotic treasure was smooth, likely waxed right to her skin. His index pressed her slit. "No stop, stop." she gasped as her hips struggled to pull her cunt out from under his touch. But all she was really doing was grinding herself along the tip of his finger.

He stopped, only to flip her over. Trapping her arms forward this time. Her tits felt great pressed into his palm. Her sexy legs hooked around each other, guarding her treasure. Like she could stop him if that was what he was after. No, he started pulling up the skirt of her short costume. "No, please, why are you doing this?" she foolishly asked.

As her hot ass appeared he pointed out the obvious, "Because I can." He ran the pad of his thumb over her bare bottom. He liked how even though she was flat along his palm it stuck out perfectly. A firm little two sided dome. He squeezed it between his fingers and she made such an appealing gasp sound and wiggled.

He hooked her legs apart with his the thumb and pinky on his holding hand. Posing his hand so she was made to bend slightly. He began to lower her gaining the intoxicating, "Don't rub my ass on your penis." That of course was what he did. That tan skin felt amazing. Sliding silky smooth along his dick. She added to it more by whimpering an ahh sound on the way down and gasping a deep breath on the way up.

He couldn't take it any longer. Straining to be careful as he dragged the zipper in the back of her dress down. It became loose and she writhed in his grip. He flipped her over and began pulling the dress from her. Her tiny arms tried to pin the dress to her body while hands struggled to hold on. He openly laughed as he playfully slapped her hands with the pads of his index finger. One bad timed slip on her part and he had her naked.

That was it. He was pressing her to his hard dick. That tan skin flowed along his shaft like silk. Her every curve was made to make his cock feel good. Every sensation was the best feeling ever. Firm round tits rolling along his erection. Her black hair was like satin against his skin. He was pinning the side of her face to his hard-on, so her every gasping breath burst along his sensitive skin. Those sexy legs wrapped around the girth of his manhood. Held firm she was still wiggling in a failing attempt to break free of his enjoyment. And to top it all off that accented voice of hers gasping, whimpering, and grunting as she traveled up and down his cock.

Tim could resist. Out of habit he grabbed a couple tissues and capped the tip of his dick before he sprayed everywhere. His body trembled hard as his cum began pumping out. Tim collapsed onto his bed gasping for breath. Hand resting over his erotic pet was all he needed to pin her in place. Body wrapped to his twitching cock. He could feel tiny tears trickle on his skin, he felt bad. But she would soon accept his enjoyment.

It wasn't till he gained enough strength to sit up that he was slightly disappointed. One, he had another lovely erotic pet he could have added to his fun. But more importantly, if he had thought of it, he could have cum all over that exotic beauty wrapped to his limping dick. Next time he noted mentally as he opened the second's cage and stuffed the first one in. Locking them in together, hopefully they were close friends.

As he pulled his pj bottoms up he realized he would have to learn their names. Calling them one and two would only be fun for so long. He carried the cage with him to the bathroom. Into the sink he commanded, "Go in the drain, this is your last chance before I go to sleep."

It looked like the Red Head was about to say something, but reconsidered. Getting a good look at her, she too was hot. Big pillowy lips. Her hair was a dark brownish red. Her skin was a lighter but appealing tan decorated with a light sprinkling of freckles along her cheeks. She was shorter than One, but still had great legs. And possibly just slightly larger tits. "You, Red, strip. '' he commanded.

"Please, you know you shouldn't do these things to us." she pointed out.

"I said strip." Tim repeated firmly. And she did. She clearly didn't want to. But took her sexy girl guide outfit off bit by bit like she was compelled to more than out of fear of him.

He turned to relieve himself. He didn't think he could handle another session like that first one. Not without some rest. He finished freshening up, making sure the two pretties wiped and washed before bed too.

He carried them back to his room. Pulling out a clean sock from his drawer he pushed it in between the bars, "Here, a sleeping bag." he teased. They looked bothered by the offer, but still climbed in together. Curling up on the bottom of that tiny cage in a sexy pile.

Tim shut off his light. He expected his mind to race. After all he had two hot helpless six inch tall women he could play with. He expected his mind to come up with all kinds of fun games and activities. But as his head rested on his pillow and his eyes closed, sleep overtook him.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by Hand-Holder » Tue Nov 02, 2021 11:55 am

My Girlfriend suffered from depression, no joke at all...

I hope you can try and explore new paths in Life that offer you some different lights into this World...

Many thanks for the very creative story
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HN-Bill: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Nov 10, 2021 6:41 pm

Thanks for your kind words and support. I have sadly been uncreative lately sorry. I keep hoping I'll slip out of this slump soon. Well, hope you enjoy this addition.

Halloween Night: Bill's home:
M,M/f,f Tormenting and sexual abuse.

Bill got home and his mom and dad were busy going though his little sister's candy. "Hello Bill, how was your night?" his mother asked.

"Great, got a case full and a backpack full." he advised holding up his pillow case.

His dad nodded, "That looks like a lot. After we are done with Melissia's we could help check through yours with you."

"OK," he replied. Then as he set down his bag he remembered his two caged little ladies.

His dad looked into the bag and pulled the cages out, "Those two look safe. Poor it out and we'll work as a family."

"Ah sure." Bill replied. The Asian and the one that looked like Helen screamed at his dad. Begged for help. Hell, the mini Helen even knew his parent's names. Called to Melissia directly. All anyone noted was Melissia asking, "Can you put those in your room, they are noisy."

"Oh, I think they're kind of cute." his dad countered. Taking notice of Helen's cage particularly.

Then Amy came in. Bill was surprised mom and dad let her out of the house in that southern girl costume. Happy that his friends didn't see her in it. They bug him enough about getting her to date one of them. Like that would happen.

"What wrong honey?" Dad asked her as she slumped into a chair.

"Oh we were having a great time when Helen up and disappeared. Why would she do that? Without her Tony felt awkward and since he was leaving, so did the other guys." Amy complained.

"What guys?" Dad asked.

"Is Helen OK?" Mom asked.

"I don't know, she's gone silent. I left a message on her phone and with her mom, but she hadn't seen her yet either." Amy explained.

Bill's blood went cold. The little Helen was screaming and waving her arms at Amy. Shouting that she was right there. That wasn't a mini version, but the actual Helen. Sweet beautiful Helen with those huge tits, and no one else noticed. Bill started to think he should say something. Then his mind pointed out, at that size he could do anything he wanted to his crush. He just had to wait till they went through his candy. With Amy home he knew it would look bad if he didn't help them examine her collection like she helped with his.

He was happy that everyone was headed to bed after that. It made him feel better about what he was about to do. He was just taking his costume off when a knock on his door. "Yes?" he worried.

"I dug out Brook's old cage and cleaned up his water bottle for you for your pets." his father advised.

Bill opened his door. Brook, their hamster, had died a year or so ago. He didn't even think about using his old cage for Helen and the Asian. "Thanks dad."

His dad came right in. Placing the cage on the dresser by Bill's bed. "You're welcome. Those are some nice ones you received." His father walked over and crouched to eye level with the cages.

"Yeah, we thought we'd Trick or Treat at Mr. Foreman's place. Those were what he was giving out. He was happy we came up and gave us each two." Bill explained.

His dad opened Helen's cage and pulled her out. Rolling those plump tits under his thumb and index finger as he spoke again, "Really, I always thought he'd be an old grump."

"He is. But, also not. It was strange. He said we could earn more by helping him around his place from time to time." Bill added, amazed at how his father was molesting his daughter's friend. Helen was begging him to stop, which just seemed to arouse his father more.

"Oh you should take him up on his offer. These could be great fun." His father noted, pushing Helen's top up. Bill expected her tits to melt down into her chest. But they didn't. Firm and plump, he doubted her bra was making them resist gravity.

Bill had to ask, "What are they, do you know?"

"Oh, clearly they are little women. This one is clearly Amy's friend Helen. Can I borrow her from you at some point?" his dad replied like it was nothing.

Bill worried, "You won't tell people she's here?"

"Why? Do you tell people your shoes are here for no good reason?" His dad asked, popping Helen's tits out from under her bra. Yeah, breasts that huge didn't pop up like that. More of Mr. Foreman's magic.

"No, but she's missing. They will be looking around for her." Bill pointed out.

"Not here, she's all yours. Hell, your mother and sisters didn't even care to notice her." his dad replied.

"But you do?" Bill pointed out.

"Oh, I guess I do. Must be a reason. Here, before I get too aroused." his dad offered the strawberry blonde back to him.

Bill couldn't believe he was asking this, "Did you want to cum on her with me?"

His father looked taken aback. Then answered, "Are you sure, this is your first night with her?"

"Yeah, we don't do much together. I'll strip the Asian I got and you strip her. We'll use them to warm ourselves up then place them in this frisbee to spray." Bill noted.

His dad started pulling Helen's little cowboy boot off, "You're on sport."

Bill grabbed the terrified Asian. As tight as her cat costume was, it was amazingly easy to strip from her. She looked to be in her early twenties, maybe late teens. Bill found her slender form sexy. She even had that sexy Asian accent. Maybe he could train her to speak whatever language she knew when he played with her. But tonight was about bonding with dad.

His dad wrapped Helen around his erection. Stroking her big unnaturally firm tits along his shaft. Growling happily, "Oh yeah, that's where you belong. Oh yeah, I've been needing to body fuck one of you."

Bill pressed the Asian. He expected to need some hand lotion to get a good rhythm going. But her skin was like silk along his cock. "Oh wow she feels good."

"Tell her to enjoy her body fucking." his dad suggested.

"Yeah, you enjoy getting body fucked." Bill said. Oh that was a rush.

"See, that’s right Helen, you're about to get a daddy son moment all over those huge melons." his dad added.

"Oh, I want to spray her in that sweet face of hers." Bill noted.

"Yes son, you should. Make her face white with cum. Watch it trickle down her chin." Dad encouraged him.

"Watch it drip off those huge tits." Bill suggested.

"Yeah, you mind if I make her suck it up off the frisbee once we finish?" his dad asked.

"We should swirl the two of them and make them take turns licking it off each other's tits." Bill countered.

"Yeah, that will be hot. Hear that Tits St Helen, cum bath and tongue shower in your future." his dad taunted the helpless teen wrapped to his shaft.

Bill grabbed the hand lotion and advised, "I'm almost there."

"Hmm, me too son. Drop them in." his dad replied.

They dropped the two tiny ladies in the makeshift dish. Both coating their stroking hand in lotion. They stood and aimed. Both clearly targeting Helen. She pleaded for them not to. Those massive mounds bouncing as she begged on her knees.

Bill finished first. The blast spattering across Helen's sweet face just as he hoped it would. "Oh good shot son." his dad praised then sprayed his load into her chest. The little beauty looked to have trouble correcting her balance after each load coated her body. Leaving her arousingly open to get another glob on her face, or tits, or even her hot legs. Once they both finished she was literally dripping in fresh cum. The Asian thickly speckled in semen splatter.

His dad grabbed the frisbee and rolled it a few times. As hoped it made the two mini ladies fall over and roll in the puddle in the bottom. As they rose Bill commanded, "Lick it off each other."

"Please no." they began to beg.

"Do it now." Bill firmly stated.

They looked at each other. Then Helen ran her tongue along the Asian's small breast. Then she leaned back and the Asian sucked at her nipple. Bill and his dad watch as the tiny women took turns sucking back the cum load they had gifted them both with.

Bill found himself getting hard again. Stroking slowly as he watched the helpless beauties drink cum off each other. Big white globs in their tiny mouth, being forcefully swallowed. Both clearly not enjoying the flavor, but unable to resist. His dad advised with a cruel chuckle, "Yeah, I think we have time for another round."

The expression on Helen's cum glazed face was perfect. Bill even managed to snap a pic with his phone. "Send me a copy of that." His dad requested.

"Sure dad." Bill agreed as his hand quickened.

"We're going to make it rain on you again Helen, big fan of man rain aren't you little cock tease.' His dad taunted.

"Yes, tell us you want us to cum on you again." Bill ordered.

Helen shook her head, "No, not again, please."

"I said beg for a cum shower." Bill growled at his disobedient pet.

She cringed. Her cum covered lip twitched. "Please cum on me." she clearly forced herself to say.

"Yeah, beg your little tart, beg." Bill's dad taunted.

Helen trembled, but followed their demands. Bill loved how submissive she was. His to enjoy as he liked. Something he and his dad could share to enjoy. Sure she slipped to begging them not to, but that made it even better when they did anyway.

His thick globs spattered into one side. Helen turned to avoid more in her face only for his father to drown her in his first spurt. She gagged and coughed telling she took most of it in her mouth. Turning blindly to avoid more in her face, just for more to cover her features from Bill.

They sat and admired their second pass over the busty strawberry blonde. The unknown Asian trying to help the younger girl clear her face. Bill ordered, "Don't waste it Mulan, drink it."

The smeared beauty trembled and reluctantly licked a big load off Helen's cheek. Her trepidation made her lick slowly, which just made it a better show for Bill and his dad.

"Well, you have school in the morning." Bill's dad sighed. Clearly not in a hurry to leave their new shared hobby.

"Yeah, oh, Mr. Foremen said if I went over to his place to do yard work and the like he would pay me with more tiny women." Bill advised.

"Like, random or would you get to make suggestions?" Bill's dad asked. Bill had the feeling his father had a girl in mind. Amy did have several attractive friends from Cheer.

"He just seems to know what I'll want." Bill noted remembering earlier in the night.

"OK, I'm sure that will work out well.” Bill's dad accepted.

"I hope so.” Bill replied, looking at his former crush, covered in cum.

"OK, you clean them up and get to bed." his dad replied. Standing and doing up his pants.

Bill did his up and carried the tiny pair in the frisbee to the bathroom. As he poured them into the sink and turned the water on over them he thought about how odd it was to jerk off with his dad. But, they had drifted apart over the last few years. He missed how they used to just hang out together, and tonight reminded him of those times. Yeah, he could continue tormenting helpless inches tall girls with his dad.

His dad was in his room when he returned. "There, I added a blanket for them to sleep on. Some food and water at one end and a left over puppy pad from Buster's training for other business."

Bill placed them on the blanket. "Great dad. Thanks."

"After Taekwondo tomorrow we could make a quick stop at a pet store and look at some bigger hamster cages or the like." His dad offered.

"Sure dad, that would be great." Bill really liked how this was going.

"OK good, Night buddy." his dad said.

"Night Dad." Bill replied as the man left his room.

"You two are going to be great fun." he told his tiny captives before shutting the old cage. He finished getting ready for bed. Crawling in he closed his eyes. Soon his mind was filled with dreams of his dad and him as rampaging giants collecting all the cute girls from school.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by Nicodemus » Sun Nov 14, 2021 6:36 am

Just so perfect!
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HN: Peter's Home: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Nov 14, 2021 6:21 pm

Here you go, hope you enjoy. In a good mood, might add Mark's night today too. Or in a few days, I do have some cleaning to do. :)

Mr. Foreman: Halloween Night: Peter's home.
Oops, should have noted when first posted, some mild Raciest imagery. Sorry.
M/f Forced Sexual contact.
M/f,f Forced Sexual contact.

Peter entered his house. Dark, as he expected. A small night light lit the kitchen area. The brighter light was the TV in the living room. An old adventure show was being played, likely from a DVD. That's where his father was sitting. "How was trick or treating?" his slurred voice came from his chair.

"Great dad. Lots of treats." Peter replied. That dang rum bottle sat on the side table beside his father's chair. He had dumped the last of his bottle from the night before, his dad must have bought another.

His father's head nodded. "Good, nice to hear." he said. His voice was its usual melancholy tone. Unlike the usual stereotype, Peter's dad didn't get mean or violent when he drank, he got sad. Hardly moving. Many mornings Peter found his father sleeping in that chair hugging a third full bottle. He had been like this since mom had left a few years ago. Left after his father's disfiguring accident. Left with the doctor that was supposed to treat his scars.

In the morning he would recover enough to make breakfast and lunches for their day. He didn't miss work because of it. But after work, after any driving or errands, he would flop back into that cursed chair and start drinking that danged rum again. They used to play games or he would help with Peter's homework. Now, he was destroying himself. Peter worried about how long it would be before his father's remaining pride was drowned in that tan liquid and he just started living in that chair.

"I got something cool from Mr. Foreman." Peter heard himself saying.

"Foreman, huh? I would have avoided that old place when I was your age." his father's voice mumbled back.

Peter found himself lifting the first cage out of his bag. The pretty black older teen sang out for his help. He sang to his father, "Would you like to see what he gave us?" Why was he asking this? Wouldn't his father make him give them up?

"Sure." his father replied.

Peter timidly brought the cage over. He handed his father the cage. The man lifted the cage and looked at the trembling woman inside. "Huh, she's rather attractive isn't she?" he said in a curious tone.

"Yeah, I have another, would you like to see her?" Peter offered.

"Yeah, if you don't mind." his father's voice showed a growing interest. Peter handed over Ms. Vale. "That's a nice pet." His father noted.

Peter had to ask, "Did you want to borrow her? Would that make you interested in something?"

His father looked up at him. A shocked look upon his face. "No, these are your interests. But you're right. Something should be interest me shouldn't it. Not tonight though.” He handed back the cages.

"Alright." was all Peter could reply. He felt strangely cold. Like he had stabbed his father cruelly in an old wound. Leaving wishing he had chosen better words. He took his treats and beauties back to his room. Placing the candies on his desk. He sat on his bed looking at the two cages.

"Peter, you have to help me." Ms. Vale called up to him. Peter put down the unknown lovely. "Peter what are you doing?" the former counselor questioned. Peter had to ease her fears, unlike his father. He had to cause his little Ms. Vale great pleasure, whether she wanted that pleasure or not.

He popped open the cage. Pulling her out from the container. She screamed and struggled despite his size difference. He pins her arms back with the ease of folding paper. She kicked those shapely legs to avoid Peter's massive hand snatching one of them. She was too small to succeed. Fingers coiled around it, ignoring the other leg frantically smashing at them. Her little bootlace slipped apart with as much effort as it takes to press a button. As he slips the footwear off his palm takes delight in the sensations caused by the flexing muscles of the tiny woman's leg.

He caught the other leg. Hosiery covered foot bounced off his fingers as he undid the boot on that leg's foot. As easy as the first, it came undone. Falling from her toes. The gorgeous older woman wasn't even saying words. Helpless struggles taking attention away from saying words at him. Not that they would have any more effect then her squirming.

Peter caught the other foot and dangled the dark skinned lovely upside down. Her shapely form wiggled like a freshly caught fish. How long had it been since he had gone fishing with his father he wondered. He let the mini woman's form distract him from such sad thoughts. Her one piece cop costume was stretched along firm looking breasts and tight across her wonderfully round ass. The zipper holding the play uniform close was pulled up the front. He had to snicker as little hands slapped at his fingers wildly.

He managed to pinch the little tab of metal of her miniature zipper. The opening of which eased the tension of the material of her outfit wonderfully. Pump breasts pressed out held tight in a sexy lacey black bra. He could just make out her slightly lighter brown aurora under the material. She struggled to retain the costume over the top of her body. But Ms. Vale was no match for him. Her arms folded back as he pulled the material up her upside down form. He felt bad when she gasped in pain. He would soon make up for that. She would gasp in pleasure whether she wanted to or not.

He grabbed her dangling arms. Turning her upright with a yelp as her shoulders suddenly took her weight. Her athletic appealing legs coiled, likely attempting to stop him from removing the hanging clothes off that ass. Peter had admired that ass since he seen Ms. Vale walked down the hall at school that first day. Tight pencil skirt showed its perky roundness then, now he would get a better view. He wrapped his hand completely around her body. Allowing his fingers to admire her curves as he slowly slipped the navy blue covering down those delightful legs.

Ms. Vale hung from his hand. Her panties were hidden slightly under her dark pantyhose. But he was certain they matched the bra. She had likely intended another to view this, but she was his to admire now. He turned her to admire that ass. "Please Peter stop this. Please, you can't do this." she finally managed words again.

His finger pressed that ass. Rubbing along those cheeks. So firm, round, and tight. He playfully spanked a couple of finger pad pats on her cheeks as he pointed out, "I don't think I could resist doing this now that I have this chance."

He slowly slipped his finger and thumb around her waist just above that hosiery. Her chanting at him was intoxicating. Her skin was like a drug, and he wanted to overdose in the silky sensations of it. Hugging digits tight, he slipped his hand down her dangling form. It must have caused tension in her arms as she called out in pain, she'd forget that pain once he started his planned goal. It was hard to move the thin material covering over her holdable hips. Then it started to roll under his attention, and that helped. He just had to roll bit by bit. This meant he could admire that black tight ass as he felt those legs.

Ms. Vale's perfect bottom half exposed, he looked at that bra. He never undid a bra before. It looked to be a strap lapped over another and held there. He reasoned it couldn't be Velcro, the tension was too much for that material latch to hold. No buttons or zippers appeared there either. As he wondered about the chest retainer he pressed his tongue just below her calves and dragged it up those legs, she whimpered as he hummed in delight at the feel of her. He rolled and pressed his tongue at that ass. Clearly the former counselor didn't appreciate his attention yet. He wiggled his tip between her thighs and pressed it to her womanhood. She started and danced on it as he kissed along that slit. Teasing his intentions. Her sounds at his attention just encouraged him.

He had seen a porn video where the guy grabbed the back of the bra with his teeth and pulled it open, he'd try that. With restrained care he didn't think he could manage with his blood burning so hot he tagged the cross strap. Ms. Vale made a sound, it was clearly a painful experience. But the bra was open. He grabbed her feet, and in a smooth action turned her back upside down as the hand holding her arms snatched the bra and took it from her. Now the sexiest woman he knew was dangling naked from his hand, at his mercy.

And mercy was his plan really. He laid her along his palm facing up. "Peter, what are you going to do?" she pleaded as he folded her legs up. Forcing them to spread wide to expose her smooth womanhood. He was a touch disappointed, he was hoping she had a nicely trimmed bush not a bare pussy. But he got over it as he leaned in. Little hands failed to waved him off, mouth wrapped around thighs and ass.

His tongue slowly slipped along her. The protests were drowned in a startled sounding moan. He pressed again just as words of rejection were being fired at him. They stumbled into an appealing series of oh like sounds. Hungerly he started suckling her cunt. Eyes feasting on the tiny woman's reaction. Her head shook violently no and her back arched her tits up in a display of yes.

His holding hand coiled to land fingers at those wanted mounds. He could faintly hear his former advisor gasping no out repeatedly in response to his oral assault. Her hands pressed at his fingers but failed to dislodge them. Her firm tits rolled under his attention. His other hand stopped holding her legs open as they wouldn't be able to push his face from between them. Now he could admire one of those trim limbs as the other pressed to his cheek.

Soon she wasn't breathlessly protesting. Sexy pants of ohs and ahs slipped from the brown skinned goddess. Her breasts pressed back as his fingers rolled over their pointing nipples. The pushing little hands now stroked his digits in appreciation. Her free leg stroked along his cheek. Her hips danced in rhythm with his tasting tongue. Ms. Vale likely wouldn't have accepted this if he offered it to her. Forced however, she was helpless to resist.

Then he noticed a strange liquid. He knew it was because she was aroused, but it tasted sweet, unnaturally. Mr. Foreman said they were treats, Peter didn't realize his magic meant they would be his favorite flavors. He would savor Ms. Vale for her sexy reactions alone. But the fact her arousal was butterscotch flavored made it even better. Deep his tongue dug to get more Ms. Vale taste, and soon it was gushing over his oral tentacle as the black temptress was broken into climax.

His hands folded around his wanted pet. The sexual release brought her back to her senses. She begged, begging him to stop. Begged him for her clothes. Begged for her humanity back. All Ms. Vale would receive would be his attention. And tonight that little brown sugar treat would get a giant licked pussy. She would thank him as her body couldn't resist any longer and she again submitted to her master again in forced climax. He would adore his pretty black ladies like they should be.

The former educator was drowned by the sensations again. Delightful form admired and suckled on till she exploded in forced delight again. She didn't beg after this time. No, she was gasping hard and laid limply. That didn't stop Peter from continuing. Ms. Vale would be completely spent from his attention. She would learn he owned her now. He hoped that at some point pleasure would transfer to obedience. The image of her worshiping her master's cock was a wonderful imagined scenario. Till then he would find ways to make due.

There was a knock at his door. Peter looked at Ms. Vale. Seems his attention had been a bit much as she limply lay in his hand panting like she had been running hard for miles. He called out, "Yes?" as he wondered what to do now.

"Peter, I have an old trunk you could use to hold your pets for tonight if you'd like." his father called from the other side of the door.

"Ah sure, one sec." Peter replied wondering what to do with his exhausted plaything. Then he had an idea. Undoing his pants he slipped the barely awake beauty into his underwear. She managed another, "Peter no." as he pinned her along his erection. He did his pants up and took a second to savor another benefit of owning his brown treat. Deciding she would learn to use that sexy body to worship his cock one way or another.

Peter managed to walk over to his door. Opening it to see his father holding a beat up old green trunk. Peter knew this trunk, it was where his father was holding on to all the keepsakes of mom. The one that his dad would often open to torture himself with. What had he done with those emotional weights? "Here, I don't need this anymore." his father said, holding it out to him.

"OK, are you sure?" Peter had to ask. His father seemed different than he was just a short while ago.

"Yeah." his father nodded hesitantly. "I have some things I plan on getting rid of anyway. You should look through them tomorrow after Taekwondo."

"OK, sure." Peter agreed. Then thought to mention, "Mr. Foreman said we could earn more treats if we went there and helped around his place. I might be able to get one or two for you if you'd like."

His father got a far away look like a woman came to mind. Then sighed, "It's your thing, don't waste your efforts on me."

"It wouldn't be a waste if it helped get my dad back." Peter pushed.

His dad looked wounded. He clearly didn't like how his drinking was affecting them both, but couldn't resist its call. "Well, if you don't have any in mind for yourself, then go ahead." he replied.

"OK dad," Peter said, hoping Mr. Foreman could help with this.

His father hugged him and walked away stating, "Don't stay up too late, school in the morning."

"Right, night dad." Peter closed his door.

Peter placed the trunk on his dresser. He undid his pants and took them off. He was about to pull Ms. Vale from his underwear. Then he admired how good her body looked pressed there by his hard on. She was wiggling, likely attempting to escape that pinning predicament. That felt amazing.

Peter decided he would keep the hot counselor wrapped to his dick. Besides he had a second black beauty to play with.

He loved how the strange beauty trembled as he crawled towards her. She had great legs sticking out for the short white skirt of her sexy nurse outfit. He opened the tiny cage and pulled her out by those limbs.

She dangled upside down before him. Smart, she knew begging would only turn him on. She clearly didn't realize that loudly whimpering was arousing for him too. He grabbed the loose hanging shirt. No attempt to stop him from peeling it off her. His finger stroked over her cleavage. Her tits were not as big as Ms. Vale's. Not that he didn't want to take a look. He placed her in his other hand. It worked before, should work again he thought as he carefully pinched the strap of her solid white bra with his teeth. Pop, and he was sipping the shoulder straps off.

He flipped her over and she was all sexy covering her tits with her hands. His fingers pushed those arms back. He lowered his mouth and sucked both boobs in. His tongue tasted them and she gasped. She made sexy sounds as he sucked softly on them. He wished he had sucked Ms. Vale's tits before wrapping her panting form to his cock.

Peter sighed as he gave up that fun. Flipping her to see how to undo the mini skirt. He couldn’t see how at first. Then he noticed a strange rectangle. He scratched at it.

"It's hooks." the woman explained.

"Hooks?" he asked.

She turned over, "Like a bra, wait. You promise not to hurt me?"

"Yeah, I plan on licking your pussy like I did Ms. Vale." he explained.

His little pet looked scared, but intrigued. "I'll take it off for you." She reached around and the skirt came loose. She slipped it off. Without him asking she kneeled in his palm. She hooked her thumbs in her sexy white panty hose and slipped it off that hot black ass. Peter liked watching her strip for him.

Then she turned and grabbed his fingers. She stuck her ass up and spread her thighs, "OK, I'm ready." she explained.

Peter raised his pretty unknown pet to his lips. Wondering the whole time what she was going to taste like. Wrapping them around her ass and thighs. His tongue dragged across her smooth slit. The black treat gasped, "OH GOD!"

As he enjoyed her sweet brown sugar cunt she moaned and whimpered. Sputtering out praises like, "Ah you sick bastard!" and "Lick harder, oh yeah, just like that!"

The living toy pressed her chest to the fingers she was using to hold herself up. Rubbing pointing nipples along his touch. Her hips grind her pussy into each swipe. Her hips popped up as she exploded into her first climax.

Peter flipped her onto her back. She lifted her pussy up at him and spread her legs. "Go ahead you sick white boy, suck my pussy." she roared at him. His mouth clasped over her offered sexuality and she arched in a sexy display as he did. "I hate you! Yes lick yes!" she began screaming.

Peter liked how angry she was getting as he gave her a giant pussy eating. Like she was working out the frustration of knowing she was now his to play with whenever he wanted. Her legs stroked his cheeks. Little hands grabbed fingers and pressed the tips to her heaving breasts. Yes, a surrendering sexy mad black tiny woman was hot.

He reached into his underwear. As he sucked the cunt in his hand, his other hand started stroking Ms. Vale along his hard on. It felt amazing. Her fit sexy body delighted his stiff cock. The former teacher begged him to stop, which had the opposite reaction.

He was getting close. He pushed his dick out of his underwear. He pinned Ms. Vale just at his head, holding her arms back. As his sucker screamed, "YES WHITE BASTARD YES!" Peter watched as thick globs spurted out of his dick and sprayed onto Ms. Vale's beautiful face. Spattering over her hot tits. It's white ooze contrasting perfectly with her dark brown skin. He didn't know what Mr. Foreman meant by Jungle fever, but if this was it, he was burning up with it.

Peter snuck to the bathroom to wash his pets off and get ready for bed. Surprised to see his father had already gone to bed. Ms. Vale was still begging for him to help her return to normal when he was placing her into the trunk. Like he would give up what just happened.

Peter coiled into his bed. His father seemed to react positively to the little women as pets. He hoped he would receive one that could help his father kick his addiction. One for his father that would bring his dad back to him.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by ALittleConfused » Mon Nov 15, 2021 7:12 am

Glad to to see you doing well. I’ve been really enjoying this story so far. Can’t wait to see the next chapter.


Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by DFatman » Mon Nov 15, 2021 11:33 am

Is it just me or would anyone else would love to see the kid get a mini of his mom from Mr. Foreman like he is just that magical that even being dead can't stop the fun. Especially if she's being given to the father.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Tue Nov 16, 2021 4:04 am

I'm glad your enjoying this. I'll probably do a bit more with it.
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HN Mark's Home: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Tue Nov 16, 2021 5:46 pm

Well, guess I need to do a bit more typing. Hope you enjoy.

Mr. Foreman: Halloween Night: Mark's Home.
M/f,f Forced sexual interaction.

"Hello honey, did you have fun Trick and Treating?" Mark's mother greeted him as he entered.

"Yeah, we got all kinds of neat treats." he told his mother with a big smile.

She stepped up and grabbed his pillowcase, "Well, let's see."

"No mom, wait." he reacted too slowly, she had his pillow case.

She walked over to their dining room table and poured the contents out. The two small cages with the two tiny women trapped inside them came tumbling out. "Oh, what are those." His mother noted at the sight.

"Their action figures." he lied. The tiny ladies countering his claim by begging his mother for help.

"What did I tell you about lying Markus Christopher Tanner. They are clearly shrunken women." His mother chastised as she lifted the one that looked like Mrs. Bell.

"We got them from Mr. Foreman, he gave them out." Mark confessed. Immediately he slipped out that his friends had some too. They will be so mad at him.

"Oh, really. I didn't think you boys would dare go up to that spooky old place." His mother said examining the Mini Mrs. Bell. The little creature was convinced it was the teacher as she kept begging his mother for help. But Mark watched his mother put down that cage and lift the unknown blonde up. "They sure are cute little things aren't they."

"Yeah they are. '' he replied. Mark was confused. Did his mother not hear them pleading? It was like they were those weird Precious Moment things she was always buying off eBay more than living creatures.

"Oh, you could keep them in Evan's old tank. His heat lamp might even give them a nice tan if your careful using it on them." she offered. Her precious pet lizard had passed only a couple months ago. He had a huge tank he would rest in while they were out or sleeping. It was still set up in the living room.

His mother walked over to the tank. "Yes, you can keep them in here when you're not playing with them. Remember to clean them up after you're done enjoying them. I don't need to see the results of your private room time."

"Oh mom." he whined. He didn't want to think about his mom thinking about him masturbating. Having her explain that it was natural and OK to do was bothersome enough when she sat him down to give him the talk.

"Oh, we both know what you have planned for these two. Honestly is the best policy." she countered.

"I think sometimes not saying something might be a good policy. Especially about things like that." he advised.

"I suppose. Hey, I have doll patterns in the attic. Tomorrow after school we should look for them and we could make them little play outfits. Bet your friends would like some for their treats as well." she suggested.

"Yeah, that would be cool. But Mr. Foreman said we could earn more if we came over and helped him around his property. I was thinking of going there after school tomorrow." Mark noted.

"OK, but you have band practice after school. Don't skip that. If you do I'll ground you from you shrunken ladies for a week. Got it." she told him.

"Yes mom." was all he could reply.

"After supper tomorrow we'll look for the patterns." She decided for them.

"OK mom." He agreed, wondering what patterns she might have that could be fun.

"Well the sooner we look through your treats the sooner you can play with those shrunken women. And the sooner you'll go to bed, school in the morning." his mother said, sitting down at the table.

After they finished he grabbed the two blondes from the tank and went to his room. He placed them on his desk and stripped himself down. He liked how they cringed at his nakedness. How their eyes looked terrified at his erection.

He sat in his chair and grabbed the mini-Mrs. Bell. Her Little Miss Muffet outfit looked hot on that curvy body. The top stretched across her tits and showed more of her cleavage than he had ever seen before. The skirt barely covered that ass that guys at school drooled over. Even the little hat thing tired to her head was sexy somehow. "Come here little pretend Mrs. Bell. '' he excitedly said as his fingers wrapped that amazing body.

"Mark please, you have to understand. I am Mrs. Bell. I don't know how but that Mr. Foreman pulled me from a costume party. You have to help me get back to normal. Take me to the police, it's the right thing to do. I know your a good young man, please do the right thing." she pleaded.

He was unsure, "Really Mrs. Bell? That is you and not some magic version of you?"

"Yes Mark, and I need your help." the woman replied.

"I don't know, if I tell the police about you, then the guys will lose their shrunken ladies." He didn't want to have his friends mad at him.

"They shouldn't be keeping people as slaves, you know that Mark. Be the nice guy I know you are." Mrs. Bell reasoned.

"Right, the nice guy that gets made fun of for being fat. Pushed into the girl's changing room naked by the jocks." he sighed.

"Those are wrong too. But being wrong to others doesn't change that." Mrs. Bell reasoned.

"Wait, if you are really Mrs. Bell then Mr. Foreman can grab anyone in town to be our pets." Mark realized.

"But doing that to anyone is wrong." she repeated.

"I could get Peyton too." Dawned on him.

"Please no Mark. She's my little girl." the woman begged. There was a desperation to her voice that delighted him.

"But she's cute. And has nice big boobs. '' he imagined the younger blonde teen in his hand.

"No Mark, don't please." Mrs. Bell pleaded harder.

He smiled, "What will you do to keep that from happening?"

"Mark, you must realize this is wrong. You need to help us." the shapely former teacher clearly hoped.

"I bet she looks great naked." he taunted. "Well, what will you do to keep her from joining you?"

"Mark, no, oh please don't hurt my baby." the blonde pleaded. So helplessly sexy.

He placed her on his desk. "Strip for me Mrs. Bell," he commanded.

"No Mark, the police." she started.

Interrupting he commanded, "Strip or tomorrow night I'll be enjoying Peyton instead."

The former teacher reached back. There was something about his sudden power over the grown woman. Being in charge of his former authority figure. "Slowly." he advised.

The teacher finished unzipping the revealing play dress and pushed it off her shoulders. "Make it sexy," he added.

The shapely blonde nodded reluctantly. She clearly didn't want to perform for her now teen master. But the hope to avoid her daughter joining her swayed her appealing hips back and forth. Tilting forward to display those two big plump mounds that distracted him when she would teach. The movement allowed the dress to fall to the desktop.

Underneath was lacey and sexy. Like flags to attract his eager eyes to tits and round ass. Long legs draped in panty hose material held up by one of those sexy underwear belt things. "Keep the gloves and that belt panty hose thing on. But shoes, bra, and panties, off." he told her.

"Mark, you should reconsider." Mrs. Bell tried.

"I wonder what outfits mom has that would look good on Peyton." he tormented.

The blonde head fell and she looked at her feet. Then sighed hard. Reaching back she undid her bra. Mark's heart pounded, he would get to see Mrs. Bell's tits. She slowly slipped one strap down, then the other. Holding the bowl parts over the end of her boobs. Rocking her barely covered chest appealingly back and forth. Mark got the feeling this wasn't Mrs. Bell's first strip show. But it will be his show from now on.

And show she did. Pulling the bra away. Big appealing pink spots pointed from her chest at him atop big plump boobs. She looked confused down at her chest like they were not her tits. Then gave an odd nod like she had just realized something. Then she rolled her shoulders making her massive tits dance before his gaze. Bouncing them for his entertainment. He heard himself hum in appreciation.

"Mark?" she spoke.

"What?" was she going to point out this was wrong again? Beg him to help her again?

"If I do as you tell me, everything you tell me. Will you promise that you or your friends won't do this to Peyton? Please don't shrink my baby." The shapely mini woman offered.

"You'll strip and stuff without whining about it being wrong or how I should help you?" he asked.

"If it keeps my daughter from being made like this I'll be your best little slave." she promised.

"Deal, Peyton won't get shrunk. But if you don't behave or talk back she'll be my next pet." he advised.

The woman nodded. She walked over to his keyboard. Looked over her shoulder, then reached up and appealingly tugged at the ribbon holding her hat on. Grabbing the top frill with her other hand she tossed it away. She bent and that ass became his only focus. Frilly panties stretched across. Then she gave it a delightful wiggle.

Mark could see her little face in the refraction of his computer screen. Mrs. Bell was clearly uncomfortable displaying for her former student. Clearly only submitting to keep her daughter safe. Well that didn't matter as long as she did as he wanted.

She turned faking a sexy smile, then slowly slipped her glasses off. Dragging the ear hook along her mouth in an appealing manner. Before folding them and placing them on his ctrl button.

She turned on her toes, kicking her heels off. She walked towards him with hips waving back and forth. One foot in front of the other. Her thumbs hooked those lacey frilly panties. As her waist continued to dance her body all sexy she slowly slipped those panties off her perfect ass. Slowly turning as she did so. Her every curve was his to admire. Coiling down she moved the little underwear down her long legs and stepped out of them.

Standing in just her sexy sock belt thing and her gloves she asked, "What now Master?" Mrs. Bell calling him Master made his cock bounce.

"I, I don't know." he had to admit. His mind was in too much shock at seeing the hottest teacher in school naked before him to come up with an idea about anything.

"I could rub myself on your penis." Mrs. Bell suggested. Clearly not what she really wanted to do, but if it kept her daughter safe it seemed she would do anything.

As he adjusted so his erection rested along his body he replied, "Yeah you'll do that." He lifted the curvy beauty and draped her along his cock. Her warm skin felt amazing along his shaft.

He felt her sigh. Then her mouth opened as she pressed her shapely body to his cock. It looked like she was about to lick his skin. Then she looked up with a worried look on her face. "You promise, Peyton will be safe?"

"Yeah, yeah, do it." he replied.

She hugged tight and lowered her open mouth. Her tongue touched his hardened penis and dragged up it. It was the best sensation ever. Little tongue tasting his cock. Better was the sight of Mrs. Bell doing it. His cock jumped in delight. It startled a gasp from her, then she seemed to almost give off a slight giggle.

Her body began grinding his dick. Long legs stroked his shaft. Big plump tits massaged his hardened cock. Hands rubbed in an almost loving manner. Mouth and tongue kissing his skin. It was the hottest sight ever. Better was the fact he wasn't just looking at it, but was the focus of it.

"Eww." brought his attention to his desk. The blonde dressed as Supergirl was looking down at Mrs. Bell sexing his dick with a disgusted look on her face. The costume displayed an amazing body. Not as curvy as Mrs. Bell, but still hot. She looked to be older, like early twenties. Like a girl from the college in town. She saw him looking at her and cringed back.

His hand grabbed her. He slipped up to the desk. Mrs. Bell continued fucking herself on his dick even after she slipped from view.

Mark looked and noticed her costume had no zipper. It was stretched over her chest. His fingers wrapped her shoulders and peeled the shimmery top off her tits. They popped out with no bra on. Little soft pink dots told of where her nipples were. She squirmed helplessly in his giant hands. He always liked the art of Supergirl being overpowered and molested.

He turned her upside down. Her little skirt flopped down to reveal her ass cover in her black panty hose. A red strap was between her legs with little snaps. He pinched the sliver of fabric after the snaps. Making his toy jump. A tug and the snaps popped open. He reached around her waist. Fingertips were all he needed to pull that tight panty hose material off that little round ass and up to just past her knees.

He forced her onto all fours on his desk. Loving she was too busy helplessly struggling to whimper about this being wrong or how he should be a nice guy and help her. Ass up he pressed his pinky to her bare cunt. "NO, that's too big!" She screamed as he wiggled it at her pussy. "AHHH!" She arousing announced as he entered.

He pumped his hand in and out. Making the college aged blonde's body rock in his grip. Her firm looking tits rocked with the action. Each intrusion made her grunt an ah sound. Her face made it seem like she was in pain. But her pussy was getting wet and easier to poke into. Her little nipples began to point, didn't that mean she was liking it?

He was and that's what mattered. He quickened his pace. Her gasping started to slip to a sexy moaning. His pinky was now sliding in and out easily. Seems Supergirl's Kryptonite was a giant fingering her pussy. He loved how her ass was wiggling in time with his hand. She bowed her chest down pointing her pussy up more. Too much for the last daughter of Krypton as she pointed her head up and howled, "NO, oh oh oh!"

He let her go and she flipped on her back gasping for breath. Legs spread wide. Arms laid on his desk top. Eyes closed as she looked to be weeping.

Mark wrapped his hand around Mrs. Bell. Standing he began to stroke his dick with the shapely teacher. Her curvy body brought him great sexual delight. Soon he was ready to cum. Pointing at the college blonde he sprayed her chest. She guarded her face with her arms and whimpered no repeatedly, but didn't try to move out from under his spray.

Mark sat back into his desk chair. Panting hard. This was the most intense thing he had ever experienced. It took him a few minutes to catch his breath and focus on the mess he made. He used some tissues to mop up most of the cum off his desk and the college blonde.

He placed Mrs. Bell on the desk beside the younger blonde. She looked at the soaked girl and asked, "You promise Peyton will not be shrunk?"

"If you behave, she won't be," he replied. Uncertain if his friends would hold up his promise.

He pulled on some old sweat shorts he used for sleeping in. Then grabbed the two blondes. A quick rinse in the kitchen sink cleared off his private time results as his mother would call it. Next time he'll have to get them to strip off their clothes first. He took the soaked clothes and plopped them in the hamper. Wondering if his mother will be upset that he put them away naked.

He readied for bed. He was well ready for it after playing with his new pets. He took the time to take a face cloth into his desk and make sure it was clean. Washed and brushed, he curled under his blankets. Soon dreaming of other blondes that would make great additions to the tank in the living room.


Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by DFatman » Wed Nov 17, 2021 10:08 pm

For some reason I want to see both Ms.Bells daughter as well as Mark's mom be turned into Mark's pet when he goes to help the old man. Then he can leave them as dirty as he wants.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by Nicodemus » Thu Nov 18, 2021 3:50 am

Best part yet! Love the blackmail aspect of it.
"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Fri Nov 19, 2021 12:36 am

I'm glad you enjoying. I'm working on another chapter currently, but It's likely mostly character stuff. My goal with this story is write it more episodes and less day to day. But, I might slip into old habits from time to time.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by Nicodemus » Fri Nov 19, 2021 6:12 am

Can't wait to see!
"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

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Mr. Foreman: School in the Morning

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Nov 21, 2021 11:24 pm

First of Two quick chapters, hope you enjoy. Their not really connected if that helps.

Mr. Foreman CH 5: School in the Morning
M/f,f Quick forced sexual contact.

Tim's alarm woke him. He sat up and stretched. Scratching his balls he realized he had some raging morning wood. His first thought was to pop quickly onto his computer and go to one of his secret sites. Then he remembered the treats in the cage.

He opened it and the two gorgeous little ladies cowered before his mighty form. He grabbed them together in their sock sleeping bag. He pulled down his bottoms to expose his hard on. He grabbed the mini beauties to stretch the opening of the sock, he slipped his cock between them. The elastic helped to pin them to the sides of his erection. He leaned his head back and just savored the sensations caused by the squirming of their two naked sexy bodies.

"Ahh, good morning my little pets." he growled as he started stroking his hard on with their helpless bodies. He liked how the taunting made him feel so powerful. He added, "This is your life now, rubbing your bodies on my cock." Speeding up he barked, "Love it! Love it! Love my cock!"

He closed his eyes and imagined his pets sexy bodies working along his shaft. Pretty mouth licking at him. Those hot tits pressing at his dick. Those dream legs humping at the shaft.

Images and sensations were too much for him. Pulling the sock up, he pushed them in slightly and capped his penis. A few quick bare handed pumps and he was cumming hard into the fabric tube and covering those two sexy mini girls.

He carried the sock carefully, he didn't want to drop the best treats he ever got. Yet, he also rather not get any of his cum on himself. He recovered his spent manhood. Then walked to the bathroom and poured the two into the sink and started them a cold shower. Dropping the sock in the hamper. He did the next thing his cock demanded in the morning and pissed hard. Water had warmed up perfectly for him to wash his hands. He grabbed the beauties and dried them both with the same face cloth.

Carrying them back to his room his dad smiled at him, "Hurry up and wash up. You can play with your living dolls after school."

"I was going to go to Mr. Foreman's to help him after school if that's OK?" He asked just to be on the safe side.

"You're going in the hopes for another doll, but yeah go ahead." his dad agreed.

Breakfast was had and Tim gathered his school things. He wandered out to meet up with his friends and walk to school. Mark arrived first, leaned in and asked, "You remember that blonde treat Mr. Foreman gave me that looked like Mrs. Bell?"

"Oh yeah, was she fun to play with." Tim wondered, planning to ask to borrow that one at some point.

"Oh yeah." Mark sighed, then shook his head. "She doesn't look like a mini version of Mrs. Bell. She is Mrs. Bell."

"No, can't be." Tim countered.

Bill walked up, "Hey guys, you know that tiny girl Mr. Foreman gave me that looked like my sister's friend Helen?"

"See, she's actually Helen." Mark firmly stated.

"Yeah, how did you know?" Bill agreed.

"I'm worried that they all were real girls. Then they will be missing. The authorities will start looking for them." Mark reasoned.

Peter rushed up, "Hey guys, Mr. Foreman actually shrunk Ms. Vale."

"Yeah, we just decided he must have shrunk real girls to give to us." Tim brought Peter up to the rest of the group.

"So, what does that mean overall?" Peter asked as they started towards school.

"Well, at least we have another twelve hours or so. Since a missing person case can't be opened till the person has been missing for twenty four hours." Bill reasoned.

"I think that's an urban legend." Mark countered.

Bill waved the larger friend off, "No no, I read that somewhere."

"Reading it and it being true are two different things." Mark explained.

"Well, what will we do?" Peter interrupted the debate.

Tim shrugged, "Just keep our mouths shut. We have no direct connection to their disappearance. Mr. Foreman used magic so not likely to leave clues the police will find. All we have to do is answer like they expect, us not knowing anything."

"Cool, at lunch we should practice. That way when we have to talk to the police we will have the same story." Bill proudly said.

"Or we just go with we just learned they're gone and know nothing." Tim repeated.

"And we can't practice at lunch." Peter said, pointing towards the school.

A couple police cars were parked in the parking lot. Looked like two Officers were standing by one watching the coming students. "See, they don't have to wait twenty four hours." Mark noted.

"Oh man oh man, what do we do?" Bill sounded like he was getting ready to panic.

"Relax Bill. How would they even think we had anything to do with them disappearing? Likely they are poking around hoping to find something in their files or something." Tim guessed.

"Yeah if they thought we knew anything they would just come to our houses." Mark pointed out.

Tim looked at his friends, "Just remember that we don't know anything. The cops will have no idea Mr. Foreman gave them to us. How could they?"

"Oh, speaking of Mr. Foreman giving us girls. Ahh, could you guys not get Peyton Bell." Mark requested suddenly.

Bill let out a slight whistle, "Man, Peyton would make a sweet tiny girl."

"Wait, why shouldn't we get Peyton?" Peter asked.

"I promised Mrs. Bell if she did as I wanted we wouldn't have Peyton shrunk." Mark explained.

"That doesn't seem fair. Why shouldn't we have access to whoever so you can get your dick wet." Bill argued.

"Wait, so Mrs. Bell will do whatever you tell her? So if you told her to hump my dick do you think she would?" Peter requested.

"Yeah, if we all agree not to shrink Peyton." Mark figured.

"Cool, I could lend you Ms. Vale if you wanted to give her a try." Peter suggested.

"No, I don't think any girl should be off limits." Bill interjected.

"I promised, as long as we don't shrink her Mrs. Bell is my willing slave." Mark countered.

Bill waived that off, "I didn't promise. Besides if one of us have her how would Mrs. Bell know."

"But I promised we wouldn't. So don't." Mark demanded firmly.

"Well too bad." Bill was starting to raise his voice.

Tim could see Bill wasn't going to let this go. Peyton would make a fine addition to any of their collections. But Mark gave his word. His friend should respect that. Tim had to stop this agreement, especially since it was getting louder, "Guys guys, look Bill is right."

"What?" Mark scoffed.

"See." Bill accepted.

"Yeah, I don't think we should say any girls are off limits." Tim added.

"Right." Bill agreed.

"Sure, I'm looking forward to getting Amy, can you imagine those track trained legs wrapped to your cock. Hopefully I can get her while she's in that sexy cheer uniform of hers." Tim suggested.

Bill held his hand out in a stop indication, "Hey wait."

"Or Melissia, hmmm, years of gymnastics and dance. Make her do a little performance before she dances with my pole." Tim continued.

"Hey, those are my sisters." Bill complained.

Tim was certain Peter wasn't in on his plan, just voicing his idea, "I rather his mom with those head sized tits. Have you guys noticed how firm the tiny ladies' breasts are? Imagine those big melons rubbing up and down along your dick."

"No, you can't have my mom or sisters." Bill growled.

"Then, maybe we should make a list of ladies not allowed to be collected. Like Peyton for Mark." Tim advised.

"Sure, fine." Bill clearly didn't like Tim pointing that failing in his argument.

"OK, we all good. Let's see what is happening at school and if all is good for we'll make an off limits list at lunch and give it to Mr. Foreman this after noon." Tim advised.

"Ah, I have taekwondo tonight. I can't go over to Mr. Foreman's today." Peter reminded them.

Bill nodded, "The same."

Mark shrugged, "I can go, but only after band this afternoon."

"Fine, I'll bring the list to him." Tim sighed. He wanted another tiny pretty woman. Just not to have to work by himself with that creepy old man.

"Band is only a half hour. I'll be there right after that." Mark said.

"OK, sure. Now remember guys, we know nothing about missing teachers." Tim reminded them as they restarted towards the school.

(I didn't include the other boys morning sessions since I figured they would be similar to Tim's. But if enough of you would like I could come up with quick little scenes to add as side chapters. Let me know. Good spot would be at my buy me a coffee page linked below. {Hint hint :P})
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Mr. Foreman: Crystal's Lunch Break

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Nov 21, 2021 11:29 pm

Second short chapter, hope you enjoy.
Mr. Foreman: Crystal's Lunch Break
F/f Forced Sexual Contact/Insertion

Crystal Tanner took an early lunch to go home. She could have taken her regular lunch but wanted to make it less likely her son Mark would come home and catch her. She knew she shouldn't do what she was thinking. They were his new pets. The idea just wouldn't slip from her head.

Now they were not her types. But they were not given to her and it was less likely her Mark was going to want to play with a tiny Hemsworth. She walked up to the old lizard tank. Two tiny pleading blondes begged her to help them. Naked, convenient. Likely Mark had soiled their trampy costumes last night as he played with them. She would have to look through her patterns, her Mark deserved more ways to play with his little bimbos.

She didn't know the college aged one. Just like his father Mark liked fit blondes. It always made Crystal wonder why that man ever went out with her. She reached in and grabbed the teacher. Her ex would have gone nuts over this one. Almost the opposite of Crystal. Thin and tall with legs for days. Sure she had big breasts, but this Mrs. Bell's were annoyingly firm and perky.

It was such a rush to hold a person in her hand. Hear it begging helplessly. Feel the mini muscles as she squirmed. Yes Trevor would have liked this bimbo. He couldn't resist blondes. The whole reason they were divorced. It was easy to get divorced from a pedophile.

She sat on the couch and began opening her pants. The tiny woman began getting frantic. It must have driven Mark wild. Crystal wasn't even attracted to women and hearing that helpless panic begging her was making her blood race. The pounding of her heart reminded her of the night she caught Trevor.

You would have thought if you were going to have an affair he would have found a grown woman. Or he would have at least left the driveway of his home. No, there he was leaning his head back as that little blonde slut of a babysitter was sucking him off. He jumped fast when the police knocked on his window. Seems a concerned person made an anonymous call. Seems that tramps family had to move to another town. When people find out your daughter will blow a man for a few bucks you have to start questioning why she's getting so many quick babysitting jobs.

She did worry that Mark would want to see his father. Talk with him. But no, her smart boy hated his father. Even had his last name changed to her maiden name when she changed her name back. Sure a touch costly, but worth it.

But now Crystal was a lonely woman. Not many men her age were looking for a short chubby brunette mother of one. Mark's new little pets might help with that. Her womanhood exposed, Crystal brought the chest of the wiggling blonde to her damp labia. Now Crystal's head leaned back. The former teacher's breasts had to be fake, so firm and large. Oh they felt so good stroking along her slit. She would have to get more excited to do her plan. She pressed those tits against her clitoris and rolled them. Yeah, that was working like a charm. Made more delicious as that bimbo just kept whimpering and squirming.

Crystal pressed the blonde along her sensitive location. Rubbing her up and down along her moistening womanhood. Crystal stroked that wiggling curvy body. The woman was struggling, adding to the sensations Crystal was enjoying. Crystal felt like a goddess playing with that bimbo. Purring in delight, "Worship me blondie, worship me!"

Well wet Crystal repositioned the former teacher. "What are you doing?" panicked the blonde. Clearly a natural blonde, it had to be clear where she was headed.

The head went in easily. A careful rolling and Crystal hummed as the shoulders stretched in. Another advantage of those firm perky mounds was they stroked along the top of her passage. The former teacher was fighting hard, grinding itself all around inside Crystal. Crystal smacked her lips. It had been years since a living creature was inside her. Hopefully Mark would get more busty bimbos, she could use a variety.

Finally, that Mrs. Bell slipped inside down to her ankles. Attempting to worm herself free from Crystal's womanhood. Those curves were not just good for appealing to men. They stretched and rubbed Crystal’s sensitive canal like nothing she had experienced before.

Crystal smiled and slowly started working that helpless blonde in and out. Holding it along it's calves up to its knees to keep those long legs straight. In and out, in and out. Just past it's knees escaped only to be pressed back in. Big bimbo tits grinding intensely. It's height made them go wonderfully deep. This wasn't going to take long. Crystal gasped hard, "In, out! In, out!" as that blonde was used for her enjoyment.

Oh Crystal couldn't remember ever climaxing so hard. Her short broad legs pointed out from her as her vision went white. Her body trembled and she could faintly hear herself moan a long solid note of ecstasy.

It took Crystal a few minutes to come back to the world. She would have to change. Between her pleasure sweating and her juices, her clothes were soaked, She snickered, she would have to strip the couch cushion and wash it too.

She pulled out the former teacher. She didn't look injured thank goodness. But she was dripping with Crystal's happy fluids. She had to wash it before leaving. She didn't want to see Mark's fun time results on his pets, he shouldn’t have to see hers. First however she needed to set the bimbo straight.

"You will not tell my Mark about our little fun times or else." Crystal liked how it felt to be a mean giantess.

The woman looked a little delirious. Whimpering, "Please don't hurt my daughter."

Crystal looked at the girl in the tank. No, wait. Her daughter goes to Mark's school. That is clearly not her. "As long as you don't tell my Mark about our fun she'll not have to replace you as my plaything." Crystal bluffed.

The bimbo's eyes went wide. "No Mark promised if I did as he wanted she wouldn't be shrunk."

Crystal felt an odd sense of pride that her little man had played this woman like that. He was such a smart boy. She would have to reward his cleverness. Crystal guessed he'll get pizza from his favorite place tonight for supper. "Well, I guess now you also have to keep my happy playtimes quiet too. Because as I remember her, she would work well instead of you for my needs."

The shapely little toy pleaded, "OK, OK, I'll not tell him. Please don't have her shrunk too."

"Fine. Let's get you washed up." Crystal replied.

After washing the bimbo she changed. Filling the washer with the cushion cover. She could come home this afternoon and switched them over to the dryer. Next lunchtime visit she would have to put a towel down. Changed, she headed back to work while looking forward to taking more lunches at home.


Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by DFatman » Mon Nov 22, 2021 2:10 pm

Is it just me but does anyone else want to see Bill's mom and sister as well as Mark's mother be turned into minis that one of them own?

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by Ghostwriter44 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 6:19 pm

Sorry, I go into lurking mode far too often lol. But I’m always here daily checking on updates on this site! Really enjoying this one so far. Your writing style is addictive and I greatly appreciate how much you post. Definitely would love if one of the boys eventually does have Peyton shrunk. It just would be amazingly cruel to keep promising her mom that she won’t be shrunk if she keeps being obedient, while already knowing she’s already been shrunk. Also hope some of the ladies they get continue to be strangers and not just people they know. I’m just excited to read more! And still have my fingers crossed for a continuation of Asian Shopping someday 🤞 lol really tho, keep doing you. Even though I don’t post reviews often, I really do appreciate all the updates and all the stories you do.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Nov 24, 2021 1:44 pm

Thank you all for your interest and encouragement. Guess I have another story to add to my writing rotation.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by Nicodemus » Thu Nov 25, 2021 7:11 am

Oh yes, I like where this is going. Just a bit more emotional blackmail would be nice. :twisted:
"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

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Ch 04: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Dec 09, 2021 4:04 am

Chapter 04: Lunch Talk-Tim at Mr. Foreman's
No real SW interactions. Character/World Stuff

Turns out any worries about the police were unfounded. An assembly was held during first classes. The Police simply asked if anyone had seen anything strange in the last few days. They didn't even clarify what they were looking into. Likely hoping to keep people from worrying. All it did was comfort Tim in his friends that they were safe from discovery. The whole school was sent to classes as normal.

The morning classes were done. Tim and Peter walked into the cafeteria. They sat at their usual table. "Man, knowing what's waiting for me at home is making school drag on." Peter complained.

Tim nodded, "I agree but our parents are not going to allow us to sit at home and get off all day."

"Thought about who you want off limits?" Peter voiced his understanding by changing the subject.

"My mother of course. And my Aunts really. But unlike Bill I have no sisters to worry about. It isn't like any of you would want to play with Albert." Tim answered.

"No, Al is safe." Peter agreed.

"Al's safe from what?" Bill asked, pulling out his seat.

"None of you will want him as a pet." Tim advised.

Bill nodded, "Not unless he's gone through some changes lately."

"Hey, where's Mark?" Peter asked. Tim hadn't realized but Mark hadn't arrived. It was unlike the larger lad to skip lunch.

Bill snorted, "Looks like he's trying to get into the friend zone."

Tim followed Bill's eye line. There was Mark walking in beside Peyton Bell. She looked miserable, but looked to be taking comfort in Mark's company. He placed a hand on her shoulder and she gave a soft smile at him. Then they parted, heading to their groups of friends.

Tim had to admire Peyton's beauty. The girl's body was already well showing it was copying her mother's attractive form. A year or so younger than he was, her body looked more womanly than girls older than him.

"What was that about?" Bill asked as Mark joined them.

"Peyton was so upset about her mother being missing I thought I'd talk to her and try to make her feel better." Mark answered.

Peter unnecessarily pointed out, "She's only missing due to you getting her as a treat last night."

"Yeah and?" Mark countered.

"I think Bill is pointing out the irony that you're trying to comfort her from the pain you had a part in causing so you can get into those pants." Peter snarkily explained.

"No, I wanted to make her feel better." Mark defended himself.

"She's looking over and smiling at you." Bill said.

"Really?" Mark cheered, peeking over to where she was sitting with friends.

"No, but that just shows we are right." Bill teased.

"OK guys stop it. You're just both jealous that neither of you thought to use her pain to your advantage." Tim chidded them.

"Hey, that wasn't what I was doing." Mark grumbled. Making the rest of the table laugh.

Tim waved them down and took control, "We agreed to make a list to give to Mr. Foreman of girls that we don't want shrunk."

"Yeah, I was wondering. Besides family and such. Should we give him a list of ugly girls? I mean do any of us really want, say, Miss. Crabtree to play with?" Peter asked.

"Man I would. Make that lesbian slave driver work her fit body along my cock. Five more Crabtree, you're about to earn your protein shake." Bill mockingly teased the imaginary version of their tiny gym teacher.

"As fun as tormenting her might be. I don't think we have to ask for no uglies. Something about how he brought them out of that bag tells me it knows who or what types of girls we find attractive." Tim suggested.

"Like the bag goes, he finds Elizabeth Olsen hot, let's not give him Kathy Griffin?" Mark questioned.

"Yeah, short of?" Tim reasoned.

"Hey, you think it can get us celebrities?" Bill asked Tim like he was an expert.

Tim shrugged, "I don't know. I kind of doubt it. It likely has a range. And yeah people around here noticed people missing. But three from the school went missing last night and it's still classes as normal around here. Something about more people noticing them missing making it harder to cast seems right to me."

"Dang a Gal Gadot action figure would have been wonderful for my collection." Peter said slyly. Adding, "Get it, wonderful."

The other three all sighed together, "Yeah, we got it."

They got to work making their list. Mother and sisters. Aunts and cousins. Peyton being the one non-relative. Certain ones were easy, Mark's mother was the sweetest lady they knew. But none of his friends would have considered her. They rather her baked treats with their D&D game than her as a treat for their dicks. Actually it was Peter's request not to grab his mother that surprised Tim. He would have thought he would have wanted her to get her just desserts for leaving his dad while he was still recovering from his disfiguring accident. Especially since she left with the doctor that had promised to repair his dad's face. But no he didn't want her shrunk. Tim got the real feeling he really didn't want to take the chance he would have to deal with her again in any form.

Lunch finished and Tim trudged through the afternoon classes. Knowing that Raven hair beauty and that Crimson haired hottie was just sitting at home waiting for him to get back and enjoy them was constantly flooding his mind. Oh the ideas of things he could do to them or better, things he could make them do to him made paying attention in class hard. Luckily he’d calm down before the end of class so nobody noticed how hard.

But he had a mission. Go to Mr. Foreman's. Do yard work or whatever. Get a third beauty. If it wasn't for the fact he could get another one he likely would have gone straight home. Peter and Bill went home for early suppers so they could get to taekwondo. Mark went straight to band practice. Well, he met up with Peyton and her flute. Tim had to admit Mark might have been making out the best out of their sudden luck. Daughter at school, hot mother at night at home.

Tim went straight from school to Mr. Foreman's. As he approached he noticed the gate was closed. He walked up and looked for an intercom or some way to contact the house. Nothing, he sighed, he'd wasted his time he thought. Then the gates opened. He looked about, "Mr. Foreman?" Nothing replied.

Slowly he started up towards the house. Even in daylight it still spooked him. Creepy woods before the structure he told himself. As he approached along the winding trail he started to feel energized. Like waking Christmas morning or heading to the county fair. He just knew something exciting was at the end of this path.

Unlike the night before Tim had no trouble approaching the door. He thought this odd. He was alone today, yesterday he had his friends. Yesterday he felt like he was somewhat intruding. Today he felt almost at home. He lifted his fist to knock on the door.

It opened and the cranky old man waved him in, "Come on Mr. Hill. School bit of a chore today? Stick with it, it'll help you with your real studies."

Tim entered the building. Shelves of books lined the walls like a dusty library. An old tube TV sat on an old two level coffee table. It actually had a VCR player attached to it. An old recliner chair sat directly across from the TV. An old couch with a few boxes on and around it sat along the wall with the window. A large faded red carpet with a diamond pattern in the center covered the floor. It was oddly just as Tim expected it to be.

"You said if we helped you around the house we could get more treats?" Tim asked. Then his mind noticed something, something Mr. Foreman had said. "What real studies?"

"Oh, good. For a second there lad I thought I messed up my spell last night. But nope, you're just what I need. Follow me." Mr. Foreman said and started towards a door.

"Wait, need for what?" Tim wondered even though he thought it would have made more sense to be worried.

"Lad, that's a good point if I'm sensing your internal debate right. But wonder is the better path I promise." The old man said with a smile twisting his grumpy features.

"What, you're not making sense." Tim replied.

"Am I not, I'm certain you're almost there. Last test Mr. Hill." the old man teased as he opened the door.

It was a large room. Scattered furniture was covered in dusty sheets. Piles of old boxes of things piled on and around. Some just willy nilly piled in their own groups. There was an energy about it. Old, but strong, Tim could almost touch it, and if he could touch it he felt he could shape it like clay. But, first the room needed to lose it's clutter.

Tim looked at the old man. He was looking at Tim knowingly. "Your planning on teaching us magic." He gasped.

"Almost." Mr. Foreman said, holding up a finger.

"Me, I am to learn magic. What about Mark?" Tim asked.

"Oh you are good Mr. Hill. Mr. Tanner has a touch of potential. But more enough to be your assistant, a protector as it is in your pursuits." Mr. Foreman advised.

"Peter and Bill, they don't. Them being with us last night. That's why Mark and I felt that dread. We were like, kind of absorbing their reaction to something you set up." Tim guessed.

Mr. Foreman snapped his fingers and cheered almost excitedly, "Dang, you are going to be a talent. Almost right on the money. My protection spell was to keep any none talents away. But you and Mr. Tanner's natural affinities protected them, weakening your own shielding. Probably why you couldn't reach my door. As you came however, that brought Mr. Tanner's talents to play. And he came to protect his spell caster."

"Look, Mark and I are just friends." Tim started.

Mr. Foreman interrupted with a heavy sigh. Then noted, "He's your guardian and you are his wizard, or will be. None of that means your lovers. In Fact that is usually the cast. To close of a bound disrupts the energies."

"So, what about Peter and Bill?" Tim worried for his friends.

"They will still be able to come and help around. But as you and Mr. Tanner will be rewarded with knowledge and skills. They are being rewarded in their personal lives. And you all of course will gain the little pretties that lured you back today. But before any teaching can begin." Mr. Foreman explained.

"We need to clean this room to use for teaching and rituals." Tim surmised.

Mr. Foreman tapped his nose. Adding, "Now, Mr. Miles and Mr. South will not understand why they can't learn magic. So let's not let them know till after you start to harness your talents. Mr. Tanner will be drawn in naturally. As a guardian he will instantly know his place. That clear."

"Yes, now, where can I move things too?" Tim asked. He could feel the clay now. He needed the wheel of space to learn to sculpt it.

"Right this way." Mr. Foreman advised. The time passed as Tim strained to lug boxes of interesting bobbles. He knew most of the furniture would stay. Some of the boxed contents would return. They would be needed once his lessons started.

Tim lugged box after box following Mr. Foreman to the room he wanted them to place them in. He just couldn't mentally map the house. Certain he was going into a room they had gone into before, only for it to be a different room. Or led to stairs suddenly.

Mr. Foreman pointed to a door. It had led down a hall to a first floor bedroom last time. "Mr. Tanner is about here. Place the next couple boxes in there while I guide him here." Tim opened the door. A large storage closet. If Tim learned nothing else. No spells or cantrips. He would learn how this building was able to rearrange its rooms.

They walked in. Mark walked right over to the boxes Tim was collecting from. "Sorry I'm late. Peyton was worried about walking home alone so I walked her."

"Is that where you got that pink park on your cheek?" Tim asked, pointing to his cheek.

Mark blushed, "She said she felt safe with me. So she thanked me by kissing me on my cheek. She is well, meeting us tomorrow to walk to school."

"Oh really." Tim said playfully, slapping his friend in his chest.

"Yeah." Mark replied shyly. "Oh, did you give him the list?"

"Oh no, right." Tim realized the list was in his pocket. "Ah, Mr. Foreman."

"Yes Mr. Hill?" the old man replied looking into a box.

"We, well, we made a list of girls and such we would rather none of us got as a treat. Well, more ones we rather not lose as family and such." Tim explained.

Mr. Foreman pulled the folded paper from his own pocket. Flicked his wrist to open it. "Mother, sister, yeah yeah. Got it." He tossed the note into the air and it burst into flames. "The treats from me won't upset your balance. Don't worry."

"Oh, oh good." Tim replied, still amazed at the trick.

"Well, you two boys should likely be heading home for your supper. Better get your payments huh?" Mr. Foreman stated as he walked over to the door that had been so recently been the way to the kitchen.

Mark rushed over, "Have I really been here long enough to get one?"

"Mr. Tanner, don't worry, you'll make it up as we continue this agreement. Now let's see what we have for you today. Blondes right." Mr. Foreman said as he reached deep into the bag.

"Oh, yes please." Mark gushed.

Out came a cage. Inside was a shapely blonde woman in a white blouse covered in a light tan button up sweater and a wine red skirt. Her shapely legs were clad in white hose. She clearly was caught off guard by her sudden new life as a pet. Asking in terror, "What is happening?"

Mark took the cage and the highly confused woman in both hands and greedily smiled at it. "Thank you Mr. Foreman, she's gorgeous."

"Of course Mr. Tanner. You think I'd slip you an unappealing treat." Mr. Foreman noted as he reached in again.

Tim watched as the old man pulled out a cage for him. Inside was another tan skinned beauty. Jaw length mahogany hair framed and wonderfully slightly covered her left eye. She was dressed in a long olive green pencil skirt with a light pink blouse. She looked to be about the same age as his other two lovies. "Here you go Mr. Hill, hope she's to your liking." Mr. Foreman said as he handed the panicking tiny woman.

As Tim took the cage Mr. Foreman noted, "Your ride should be calling soon?"

"Really, we were walking home." Tim noted. They were only a couple of blocks from home.

Then Mark's phone went off. "Huh, it's my mom." He noted as he looked at his phone. Answering, he spoke, "Hello." A pause followed by "No just Tim." Then, "OK I'll ask him."

Mark looked at Tim, "You want a ride home?"

"Ah, yeah. I guess." Tim responded as Mr. Foreman nodded his head.

"We'll be right down." Mark told his mother.

"You boys have a good night. Thank you so much for your help." Mr. Foreman said, leading them towards his door.

"Your welcome Mr. Foremen. Thanks for the new treat." Tim responded.

"An agreement is an agreement." the old man explained as he closed the door.

As they walked down towards the gate. Mark looked at the whimpering blonde woman in his cage. "Man she's hot. Can't wait to play with her."

Tim admired his new pet agreeing, "Yes, this is the best thing ever. So glad I talked you guys into coming up here to trick or treat."

"Man you got that one right. Like magic you knew we should and boom, now we have hot sexy pets to enjoy." Mark praised.

"I don't know if I should tell you, but Mr. Foreman says we have magical in us. He planning on teaching us. But not Peter and Bill." Tim paraphrase their benefactor.

"Really, cool. I doubt I'm the wizard type. You I could see. Slinging spells and casting rituals. Guess since they are not being taught we should keep that between us huh?" Mark accepted without looking away from his newest Blonde.

"Yes, yes we should." Tim confirmed.

They opened the door of the car and Mark's mother greeted them. "Have a good day boys?"

"Yes mom, look at the one I got for helping out Mr. Foreman today." Mark said, handing the cage over. Tim felt this was uncomfortable. He wouldn't be showing off the latest tiny woman he planned on cumming over to his mother.

The woman took the cage and smiled strangely. Admiring it almost like Mark had just been doing. "Oh she's a pretty one. You'll have fun with her." Ms. Tanner looked at Mark and asked firmly, "You didn't skip band practice did you?"

"No mom. Even walked a girl named Peyton Bell home to keep her safe since there have been a bunch of disappearances lately." Mark proudly announced.

Tim thought Ms. Tanner's smile changed. From happy for her son to a knowing smile. Like she knew more about something then Mark realized. He dismissed it to her hoping her son had found himself a nice girlfriend.

The woman turned and looked at Tim. "We are going to drop you off." Then she turned back to Mark, "We are going drop that home then visit a new store. After we are finished there we'll head to Antonio's for pizza. Sounds good?"

Mark's eyes lit up almost as bright as they did when he received his new curvy toy. "Antonio's awesome!"

They began to move. "What did you get Tim, a Blonde like my Mark?" She asked.

"No, I think she's a Latina." Tim answered.

"Oh, you like those do you?" She sounded to be leaning towards teasing him.

"I like many different types of ladies." Tim tried to deflect.

"Oh, how many different types of ladies are there?" she joked at him.

"Mom, you know he just means he doesn't just like Latinas." Mark deflected.

"My boy, always protecting his friends." Ms. Tanner praised. Reminding Tim how much he actually naturally took the brunt of things for them. Mr. Foreman was right, Mark will be a good protector.

"Well, here you are Tim. Hope you have a good night." Ms. Tanner said as they pulled in front of his house.

"Thank you Ms. Tanner. See you tomorrow Mark." Tim said, slipping out of the car.

"See you, remember we are meeting Peyton to walk her to school." Mark said. Gaining an odd proud nodding smile from his mother.

"Yeah yeah. Brag about having a girlfriend." Tim teased as he shut the door.

They pulled away as he walked towards his home. Excited to introduce his newest tan skinned beauty to the other two. And more excited about trying to decide how he would enjoy them tonight.

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CH 05: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Dec 09, 2021 4:08 am

Since Chapter 4 didn't have any, I included Chapter 5. It's near the end if you want to skim to you find in. An addition will be added soon for the rest of Mark's night. Chapter 6 will focus on the other two boys nights. FYI

Chapter 05: A Store?
M/f,f,f Demanded Sexual Service

Tim entered his home ready to head straight to his bedroom. His mom stopped him, "Oh, another huh. Well clear off the top of your dresser and be quick. Mrs. Miles learned of a store that will help with your new little pets."

"Huh, a store?" Tim questioned.

"Hurry, if you don't spend too much we'll get food from Phil's Dinner." She said in her hurry up and do as I say voice.

"Yes mom." Tim responded. Phil's Dinner had the best bacon cheese burgers and onion rings in town.

He went into his room and straight to the tiny cage holding his first two pets. They cowered wonderfully as he approached. Hiding their sexy naked bodies in the sock he had given them just that morning. "Here's a new friend.'' he teased as he opened the newest cage.

He shoved his new one in with them. They whimpered out, "Oh no, Innocentia." That made his dick twitch. They clearly knew the new girl and cared for her. The fact the three gorgeous tan skinned cock huggers had been friends before being his just added to the sweetness of them.

He so wanted to start playing with them. But his mom would likely start pounding on his door before he could complete his fun.

His dresser was covered in books and toys he still fidgeted with. He grabbed a half empty box. He figured he wasn't likely to play with the toys much anymore. The books were placed back onto the proper shelves. Those he would use again, Sundays were D&D days still.

He looked at his three terrified tiny captives. He had a thought about how D&D might become more interesting. Tim would ask the guys about it tomorrow. He just wished he had a skimpy wizard's outfit for the raven haired miniature.

A knock at his door. His dad's voice came through, "Hurry up kido. Mom's hungry."

Tim opened his door. "I'm ready. What's this about a store."

"Something Tony saw on his way home from work. He thinks it will help with those pet things you've gotten from that creepy old man." his father answered.

Tim thought it was strange. Mark's mother clearly saw they were tiny women yet his dad seemed unable to determine what they were. Was that part of the magic Mr. Foreman used to gather them for them? And why was that? How far does that go? Tim was excited to start his magic studies, sure they would help clarify his questions.

They gathered into the car and drove. They were not heading towards the mall. They pulled into a run down strip mall building. All but a couple shop windows were papered over and dark. There in the middle was a strange sight.

Tim could see it was another long closed store. But like a projector was shining an image over the decrepit front was the image of a store, clean and new. Tiny Wears was listed as its name. Under it stated it sold, Cages, Costumes, and Accessories. "Well come on, let's get those things proper things." His mother directed.

"OK," he said, stepping out of the car. He followed his parents as they noted how strange that a new store would bother opening in a run down strip mall like this.

He watched his father reach for the door. As his hand missed the dirty handle tinged with rust and grabbed the shining semi-transparent shop his dad suggested, "Maybe because it's such a niche shop they couldn't afford a better location." The illusion door opened as his dad pulled his arm back. His father noting, "Oh good, I'm glad it doesn't have that pet store smell." Then he stepped through and became part of the projection.

Tim watched his mother follow agreeing, "Yes, but maybe because it's new." She stopped just inside. Turning Tim could see the old abandoned shopfront through the image of his mother, "Well, hurry up slowpoke. They are your pets after all."

Tim took a deep breath and grit his teeth. He stepped into the projection. A strange sensation washed over his skin. If he had been pressed for a description of the sensation, he could only compare it to the scent of freshly baked gingerbread on your skin. Then he was in a bright and cheery looking small store. Signs showed where cages, clothes, and even furniture for the tiny women were.

He looked out the glass door. Now the parking lot they parked in looked like it was being projected out upon a street he didn't know. Trees lined the new outside area. A narrow neighborhood looking street. Small houses lined across that street. He had the distinct feeling he was still in his hometown, but not near the storefront they approached to enter.

"Hello all, welcome to Tiny Wears." a voice greeted them. Tim saw that voice's owner. A short old woman with a bright welcoming smile. Cheeks glowed a soft natural pink while her eyes were a sparkling blue shade. Her smile looked like it was her only expression. As if anger or hurt couldn't crack that old face from that warm comforting grin. She reminded him of his grandmother. Yet she seemed nicer than his nanna.

"Hello, our son recently got, ahh, well they are. Tim, what are they again?" His father tried to answer the woman's greeting.

"Treats Mr. Hill?" the woman offered.

"Yeah, treats. He'll need a cage for them.'' His father accepted the word without hesitation.

"Jane, Kirk, Hello." another cheery voice called at them. Mark's mother stepped into view from the accessories shelves.

"Crystal, what are you doing here?" Tim heard his mother happily reply.

"Well my Mark is going to need things to enjoy his little ladies with." She happily explained.

His father nodded and agreed, "Same. Tim's treats need a proper cage."

Tim suddenly had a soft touch on his shoulder. The store operator smiled at him. She must have been quite beautiful in her youth Tim considered as he felt himself smile back. "Mark is over in the outfits for the tiny ladies. He's starting to understand more that this is the start of a new life. You might want to help your protector adjust before he attempts to rebel from the idea. That Mr. Foreman, I warned him not to leave that boy out of the loop."

"OK, thanks Ms. Gale." Tim replied. He was almost to Mark when he realized he called the woman by name. How did he know that was her name, he never met her before. Name tag he reasoned, he had to have read it from her name tag.

Mark was standing in front of a spinning rack labeled, "Heroines, Villainess, and in between." Tim was confused why there were also racks for tiny male bodies. But he ignored that and went to his friend.

Tim realizes Mark's eyes were staring blankly. His large friend turned and looked straight through him. In a whisper he asked, "What's outside the windows?"

Tim looked, there were still the two sights. The nice quiet suburban street with the cracked and crumbled parking lot projected over it. He took a quick deep breath and answered, "I see both a street and the parking lot. You?"

"I'm that old woman." Mark mumbled out.

Strangeness that had happened lately made Tim make another quick study of the woman. Not as tall, slender built and well, an old woman. She didn't seem like his tall broad male friend. "No, I'm sure you're two different people." Tim countered in a kind tone.

"No, I'll be running a store like this someday won't I. Helping you with things I don't understand fully. You'll be the creepy old man giving out tiny people as Halloween treats. I’m Ms. Gale and your Mr. Foreman." Mark said in such a strange tone. A confused realization. An angry acceptance. Fear filled yet, so excited for.

"Mr. Foreman explained it to me. I have a strong touch of magic. You have one too, but as a guardian. We'll be a team." Tim explained, hoping he was right.

"What about Bill and Peter?" Mark worried, as he always did. Things should be fair among friends he always reasoned.

"They, they could only follow us up to Mr. Foreman's last night since we were together. Mr. Foreman says they will be rewarded something else. Something they are wishing for. What I don't know, but they will not be able to participate in the magic." Tim said what he remembered of Mr. Foreman's explanation.

"So, we can all still be friends right?" Mark asked.

"Of course." Tim hoped.

"Oh, good." Mark sighed. Then shrugged, "Guess I should be picking out outfits for my tiny women. You think Mrs. Bell would look good dressed as Power Girl?"

Tim unintentionally growled in appraisal of that mental image. "I think she would look good being undressed of Power Girl's costume."

"Right, in the basket." Mark accepted.

"Size? Are you sure it'll fit?" Tim questioned.

Mark pointed to a sign that said, "All Outfits guaranteed to fit perfectly."

Mark shrugged again, "With all the other strangeness I figured why question it."

That made sense. The not questioning the sign, not the strangeness. Though Tim figured that would make sense to him some day as well. Then he had a new question. "Mom, dad, how many outfits am I allowed?"

"Three per." His mother replied.

"Honey, I would think five at least." his father countered.

"Oh, they should have one per day of the week plus a few sleepwear. Plus knowing how messy boys can be while playing a few extras. So as someone with knowledge of those Treats I would suggest a dozen each. A few extra since you know he'll be earning more soon." Ms. Gale explained.

"That's what I'm letting Mark get. Plus I'm going to pick out a couple for Holidays and such." Mark's mother advised.

"Yeah, alright. A dozen each with a dozen to tide over new treats till we can stop by here again." His dad stated.

"Kirk, we should discuss that." Tim's mother growled.

"Oh Jane, they are cheap to buy. You should let Tim have some fun playing dress up with his little women." Mark's mother encouraged.

"Fine, I don't want to see those Treats left naked any more." she surrendered.

"Now, let's show you cages, those two will need a lot of storage space for their pets. Ms. Tanner, you said you're using an aquarium as part of Mark's caging. May I suggest this attachment." Ms. Gale started.

Tim ignored the adults. He was a wash of sexy outfits to which dress his three tan skinned beauties. Plus Mark was eagerly looking through for outfits to clad and then remove from Mrs. Bell and his two other hot blondes. Tim gleefully shopped for clothes for the first time in his life. Excited about when he would be summoning tiny helpless beauties for his friends and himself under his own power.

They left the magical shop with way more than his mother clearly wanted them to leave with. A multistory cage. Furniture to decorate it. Clothes to dress the residence in. His little women would be comfortable. Well, when he wasn't playing with them.

Mark and his mother left as well. She had been quite excited to let Mark spurge on his living dolls. Almost like she got as much joy from him owning them as he did. She even picked out a few hot outfits for them to wear. What she and Ms. Gale kept in a separate bag made Tim wonder what that could be.

He didn't think too long as his mind started imagining the outfits on his waiting collection. He tried thinking of anything but at the restaurant. Last thing he wanted was to be seen having a hard-on while eating at a dinner with his parents. He never ate his burger and onion rings so quickly in his life.

Tim was almost bouncing as they pulled into the drive. The car had hardly stopped when he opened the door. "I'll be in my room." he announced.

"You better be Champ. I'm not putting together that cage alone." his father said.

"But I was going to play with my treats." Tim whined about his want.

"After you help bring this stuff in and put that cage together." His mother decried.

"Alright." Tim realized there was no way out of this. He lugged in the bags while his dad carried the box the cage was in. His father must have talked his mother into this cage. Large and fancy. With different rooms for his current and future pets.

It didn’t take long to assemble. Clicking together. Floors supported by the lower walls. It was an amazing feat of design and magic. Tim was loving all it could do for him. There were play showers, a washroom like area, and even a gym with attached equipment. All within easy hand access from the outside thanks to latch doors. There would be no place his pets could hide if he wanted one of them.

Then his dad advised, "Let's see if the taps are working." How could they work, they were not connected to anything. Tim's dad used the pad of his finger and turned. Water flowed. Tim couldn't understand it. Where was it coming from? Also, where was it going? It had no tanks or other supplies. It was just flowing and draining from nothing.

"Well, done. Finally huh?" his dad joked.

"Yeah, thanks dad." he responded.

His dad lifted one of the boxes of furniture. "I could help you assemble these if you'd like."

"No. I'll put them together later." Tim answered.

"Alright, if you need a hand I'll just be in the living room. Now don't stay up too late. School in the morning." His father advised and left the room.

Tim had no urge to assemble the furniture tonight. A mattress from one of the bed sets and the sock they currently shared would work for tonight. Tomorrow night, then he would assemble those extras, now he would enjoy what he waited all day for.

He grabbed the little cage. Three scared little voices let off the best nervous screams. He looked in at the three of them. Hugging each other like that would protect them from his wants. He opened the little cage and poured them onto his bed. "Alright new girl, strip. Your Master wants some fun.'' he told them in his best evil giant voice.

"You can't make me strip. This is sick, please help us." the new girl yelled back.

"Oh, I can make you strip, do it now or else," he replied. That worked last night. Or did he just strip that sexy tan skinned beauty. In his excitement he couldn’t remember.

He was busy trying to remember when the new girl yelled back, "What you did to my friends was wrong. You have to understand this."

She wasn't striping. Worse, all her you know better lip was keeping him from getting a hard on. Even with her two hot friends cowering naked beside her. Then he had an idea. "You strip right now or I'll punish her." he stated pointing towards the long black haired one.

"You can't punish her because I didn't obey." the new girl tried to reason.

"Sure I can. New rule, if you don't obey I punish her. If she doesn't obey I punish freckles. And if she doesn't obey you get punished. That way it'll be someone else's fault if you get punished. You want to keep them on your side, better strip." Tim explained.

"But, you, no. OK fine." And the new nerd cute girl started stripping.

Good Tim thought. And as he got new ones he would add them to the chain. Since these three were friends before becoming his pets. Anyone that let one of them get punished for their misbehavior would have to live with three ladies that didn't like them. Making it hard to have any safe time.

He striped his day clothes off and climbed over his three living dolls. Making sure they got a good eye full of his hardened cock. One by one he plucked them off the bed and into his lap. They all looked up at him, sneaking glances at where they knew they would end up.

He leaned back and admired them. All three lovely figures with slight variations of mocha shaded skin. One with long black hair, one with medium length deep reddish brown hair, and one with short styled lighter reddish brown hair. All three looked to have taken good care of their bodies. Nice toned legs, firm looking round asses, flat smooth stomachs, perky breasts all different good sizes, and all topped with beautiful faces. His only question was, how would he enjoy them.

Then he had a simple idea, he would get them to do the enjoying for him. "OK you three, go rub yourselves against my cock."

"But, that's." the red head started.

"No, then I'll punish the new girl." Tim taunted and pretended to reach.

"No no, please don't hurt her." the freckled beauty requested.

"Well?" he said.

The three looked at his hard cock and their shoulders slumped. They walked around it and leaned themselves against it. What a marvelous feeling Tim thought as three sets of mini girl tits massaged his shaft.

"Now now girls, don't be shy. Really rub against it. Or do I have to punish the next in line?" he insisted. Three of the sexiest bodies he ever saw hugged along his dick. Those awesome legs wrapped along. Hips danced dirty with his cock. He admired how it showed off their hot asses. A finger stroke would make his target jump so nicely.

Helpless before him. He could and would touch them as he pleased. Pressing to their backs to feel those firm little tits press into his shaft. Curve a finger across an ass to feel the tiny muscles flex as they shimmied along his hard on.

It wasn't just the sensations that made this delightful. It was that rush of power. They all knew they couldn't stop him even if they wanted to. Now, with his decision, even if they did, it would mean problems for their friend. Helpless beautiful slave girls to love his cock when ever he wanted, what more could a guy ask for he thought.

Then he thought of something. "I want you to lick my cock while you rub your bodies against it. Do it sexy, or else."

Three disgusted faces leaned in and warm moist little tongues delighted his skin. "Sexier!" he commanded. And they did a better job at hiding their disgust. "Dance tighter, make me really feel your hot bodies." Tim added.

Tim gasped as they hugged tighter. He had always heard Latina girls could dance sexy. Well these three were living up to that rumor around his cock. "More." he whimpered. And they delivered. Grinding hard, mouth sucked and licked his sensitive skin, small hands stroked, and tits rolled up and down his shaft.

Tim never had so much awesome sensations along his erection before. Three sexy tiny women loving his cock. Warm silky skinned curvy bodies wrapped around the base of his cock. Moaning and grunting as they worked his dick all sexy. He couldn't take it.

His hands wrapped around them. They yelped at the interruption. He pushed them up to the tip. Cupping their faces over his tip. They screamed again as his hot load burst out over their beautiful faces. Drenching their hair. Coating those tits that had built up the pressure now being released. Tim hummed loudly in satisfaction, masturbating had never felt this good.

He staggered over to their new cage and plopped them in the showers area. He loved how in their panic they had let his cum fill their mouths. He thought about telling them to swallow it. But he really was very tired all of a sudden.

He wiped his hand clean with a tissue and pulled on some old gym shorts for bed. He went to the bathroom and freshened up for bed.

He came back and the three were standing wet and naked. He snickered and noted, "Oh right, I didn't unpack the towels and stuff."

He opened the box and just dumped the pile of bath linens beside them. "Get dry, you can put those away in the morning while I'm at school."

He then grabbed one of the bed boxes and tore it open. Pulling the mattress out. He placed it in what looked like a common room area. Then added the sock blanket they used all day. "There, now get to bed. Likely need one or two of you in the morning to deal with my morning wood.'' he advised.

He shut off his light and curled under his blankets. Dreams of lapful after lapful of sexy mini girls filled his dreams.

(Side note: I'm open to suggested outfits. I tend to stumble through the same ones. I might not use your suggestion, but I am glad to hear it. :) )

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by Nicodemus » Fri Dec 10, 2021 12:53 am

This just gets better and better!
"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

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Re: Mr. Foreman

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Glad your enjoying. Working on Mark's night right now. :)

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Ch 05A Mark's Evening: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sat Dec 11, 2021 4:58 am

I'm not sure if I should name these side chapters A or B. Or should they be their own chapters. I don't think of them as sperate chapters but also chapters. Let me know what you guys think. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Chapter 5A: Mark's Evening
M/f,f,f Sexual Servicing under Duress + Forced Penetration.

"Well, should we get pizza there or to take home." Mark's mother asked him.

Mark thinks for a second. Looking at his newest curvy blonde plaything. "Take home. That way I can look over my girls."

"Good idea. When your putting that new pretty away I'll call. Pepperoni and sausage, extra cheese for you?" She asks as they pull into their drive.

"Please." Mark replies as he leaves the car. He rushes into the house. He's amused that his first two ladies had chosen to redress in their sexy costumes. "Look, here's a new friend." Mark announces as he opens the small cage and drops the blonde woman out.

"Mark, you have to do the right thing. Please get us to the authorities." Mrs. Bell begged.

"I saw Peyton today." he counters. "She misses you very much. Should I have Mr. Foreman shrink her too so she can join you?"

"No, no please." She surrendered.

"Then stop blathering on about things you know are not going to happen. If you keep pressing it you know what will happen." Mark threatened.

He enjoyed watching his former authority figure cowering in submission. Mark wanted few things more than to stay here and torment his beauties. Use them like toys. But his mother was waiting, and with her, supper. "I'll be back soon. We're getting pizza. Now if you beg real cute like you might even get a taste."

He left them whimpering about real food or something. His mother had given them bowls of dry cheerios and such what were they complaining about. It wasn't like they were going hungry. He climbed into the car, "OK, to Antonio's!"

"OK, a quick stop first." His mother advised as she pulled the car out of the yard.

"Wait, where?" Mark asked.

"A new store, I think you're going to like it." his mother cryptically replied.

"What kind of store?" he questioned.

She gave him her I'm not telling but you'll like it smile. The same one she would give him with every secret gift she would give him for being her sweet boy. Then the words he expected, "You'll just have to wait and find out."

He sighed, "OK mom." Likely getting him a new D&D book or some other thing. He'd have to make it up to her and clean the bathroom or something this week. Otherwise he'd feel just sick with guilt. She shouldn’t buy him so much, his friend's parents didn't spoil them like she spoiled him.

It was one of the reasons Sunday D&D ended up at their place. Sure he ran the game and it being there made it easier for him to do encounters and things. But the guys also liked that his mom would bake them cookies or other sweets. Pizza or other takeout would be collected for them to enjoy for lunch. Yeah his mom spoiled him just too much.

"Where are we?" he asked looking around. None of the usual I'm buying you a thing stores were around here. Antonio's was almost across town from where they were.

"It's a new store that just opened up." she stated in her happy tone.

Mark hadn't heard about any new game stores opening up in town. And in a city this small someone would have heard something. Then they pulled into a parking lot. Rundown strip mall looking like it was days away from becoming just a parking lot. He didn't feel safe just stopping here.

"OK, let's go in." his mother said as she stopped the car.

Mark looked at the store front she stopped in front of. Or as his eyes told him, store fronts. It was like someone had a hologram barely covering the front of a dark dirty store front with papered over windows. It just wasn't natural. He got out, he needed to protect his mother. "Mom, I don't know about this."

"Oh nonsense. Stop being an old fuddy duddy, come on." she said practically laughing at him. She walked her happy jaunt towards that projected store front. Little Wears was the glowing image of a sign.

"No wait. Maybe we should just get pizza." he chased after his mother. For a larger woman she sure could move when she was excited about something.

"I know you're likely hungry. But this place will likely have things for those little women you have." she advised. How would she know that from the sign? Cages, Costumes, and Accessories were listed, but was it even really there?

His mother pulled the door open and the image door opened. Then she stepped into the image and just became part of it. His heart pounded, if whoever projected this image hurt his mother they would face his wrath. He rushed towards the image, and promptly bounced off it.

He was on his ass. His head hurt like he hit a door with it. His mother turned and pushed open the door. She half stepped out of the illusion. Half real half image she asked, "Mark are you alright?"

"Yeah, I hit something." he replied.

She snickered then cleared her throat and sounded sympathetic, "Sorry dear, I didn't know you were expecting me to hold the door for you."

"No, I just didn't think it was there." he explained standing up.

"Yeah, it does close quickly. Come on, get in so I can look at your head. Hate for you to have a lump for school tomorrow." She requested.

He got up and staggered into the door. What a strange pleasant sensation. Tingly and somehow sweet. It made him want gingerbread. Then he realized he stepped into the hologram. He looked around quickly, but it just looked like he was standing in a solid real store.

"Oh sweetie, let me look at that head of yours. Hate if my door left you with an egg." Ms. Gale said as she stepped beside his mother. "Oh, I think you'll be fine, heart." She advised him. And as she did Mark felt his head stop aching and his rump didn't have that, landed on it hard sensation any more.

"Thank you Ms. Gale," he said.

"No problem Mark. Now Ms. Tanner, you're here to look at cage accessories." Ms. Gale said.

"Oh yes, and outfits for Mark's little women." His mother started.

How do I know her name? Mark wondered looking at the older woman. Sweet smile seemed to be her natural expression. He felt safe with her. Protected from danger, but that was his job.

"Mark, Mark, maybe he hit his head harder than we thought." his mother said.

"What, sorry lost in thought." Mark numbly answered.

"Ms. Gale said the outfits are over there. Go pick out some for Mrs. Bell and the other two and I'll come over and help once I look at attachments for their tank." his mother advised, pointing to a corner of the store.

"Yeah, yeah sure." he heard himself say. Vaguely he was aware he was moving towards that area. But he somehow also knew things like this would be his job. Tim would need him to look after the side details. Could he protect Tim's efforts? Kids at school could still push him around, how was he supposed to run a store in some run down neighborhood. Even a projected store.

Then he looked out the big display windows. A nice street lined with happy trees. Small comfortable houses were across the narrow road. This was in his town, he was certain, but not where they entered. No, that was a hologram. An illusion just outside those big glass windows. How could he look after something like this, he couldn't even always protect his friends at school. Or his mother from the pain his bastard father caused. He was just a fat failure, a chubby no one. Tim needed Peter, he was strong, he looked after his dad after his accident. Or even Bill, he didn't let anyone boss him around. This wasn't him.

Mark wasn't sure how long he was just staring out the windows. His mind was panicking over how useless he was and what was going to be expected of him. He didn't even notice Tim came into the store. Just that he was there beside him. So Mark could only do one thing, ask what Tim saw, "What's outside the windows?"

"I see both a street and the parking lot. You?" Was his response.

Mark had to explain he wasn't worthy to be Tim's helper in magic. But his words came out, "I'm that old woman."

Tim's response was "No, I'm sure you're two different people." was somehow comforting.

Mark attempted again, "No, I'll be running a store like this someday won't I. Helping you with things I don't understand fully. You'll be the creepy old man giving out tiny people as Halloween treats. I’m Ms. Gale and your Mr. Foreman."

Tim's words were steady and sure, "Mr. Foreman explained it to me. I have a strong touch of magic. You have one too, but as a guardian. We'll be a team."

Mark had to suggest better options, "What about Bill and Peter?"

Tim was always so clear about certain things. And in this he sounded clear again, "They, they could only follow us up to Mr. Foreman's last night since we were together. Mr. Foreman says they will be rewarded with something else. Something they are wishing for. What I don't know, but they will not be able to participate in the magic."

They couldn't be his protectors because they couldn't handle the magic. That's why it was him, he was able to do the magic needed to be Tim's Ms. Gale. But would they lose Peter and Bill's company? Mark had to ask, "So, we can all still be friends right?"

It was so comforting to hear Tim say, "Of course." in such a confident tone.

"Oh, good." Mark sighed in relief. Then since there was a job to do he asked with a shrug, "Guess I should be picking out outfits for my tiny women. You think Mrs. Bell would look good dressed as Power Girl?"

Tim's excited answer cinched the first pick, "I think she would look good being undressed of Power Girl's costume."

"Right, in the basket." he announced dropping one into his basket.

"Size? You sure it'll fit?" Tim questioned.

Mark pointed to the sign that said, "All Outfits guaranteed to fit perfectly." Noting, "With all the other strangeness I figured why question it."

That started a chat between Tim and his parents. Mark threw in a Supergirl outfit and a Black Carney; he would likely play a giant super villain this weekend. A few more blonde heroine costumes for a variety of victims and for future treats were piled in.

His mother came over. "Oh those are cute, how about these ones too.'' And they soon had more than the suggested amount. But if these were magic and adjusted to fit whoever you wished to put in them. Well then the more the merrier Mark figured.

They walked up to the counter. Ms. Gale scanned a barcode and handed his mother a small bag. Then she started on the rest of the things. Tank accessories, furniture for them to use, and even a D&D book labeled Tinies in Tomes. Did his mother noticed it was subtitled Erotic scenarios to trap your tiny people in? Likely not. Mark wondered if he even had miniatures that would work for the ideas in that book. He could look later.

They piled the treasures into the trunk and headed to Antonio's to pick up their pizzas and garlic fingers. Then headed home. His mother and he ate as they assembled the attached cage area. It was nice to hang out with his mom like this. They both would usually just watch TV or such. Tonight they were laughing and chatting.

The cage was attached to the tank and the tiny women could enter and exit the tank from the cage via a plastic tube. Mark saw no point in questioning how it had running water or where it drained to. They could now clean themselves up after his fun, which his mother was really happy about.

Besides showers and washrooms there was also a place for them to exercise. A food area, bedrooms, and even a transparent pool so he could watch them swim around in their skimpy bikinis.

They finished and were watching the three tiny blondes walk around their new home when his mother asked, "So, who is this Peyton girl you mention to Tim earlier?"

Mark notice Mrs. Bell's head flipped to pay attention. He didn't bother to hide anything, "Peyton Bell, she is a year younger than us. Her mother disappeared last night and was distort at school. So I tried to make her feel better. Told he she could talk to me if she wanted. I also made sure she was home safe after band."

Mark noticed a strange cruel smile on his mother's face. "Oh poor thing. Missing her mommy. I bet she liked a big strong older boy like you who was so kind to her."

"She kissed me." Mark confessed. He couldn't keep secrets from his mother. This statement caused Mrs. Bell to shake her head and give the best defeated expression.

"Oh, a kiss. Is that something you were looking to get from this girl. Is she nice? Pretty?" His mother pushed. He had the strangest feeling curiosity about his first possible girlfriend wasn't her only motive.

"Oh she's very pretty. Here, I have a pic of our band group she's in. And very nice, she says I'm funny." he noted flicking through the photos on his phone.

"Which one is she?" his mother asked.

"That one." he noted, pointing at her.

"Oh, you sure she's a year younger. She's, well, body wise. I mean she's clearly shorter and her face is young. But, not to be crude my son but she's busty.'' his mother sounded strangely proud. Peyton was well portioned for her age.

"Yeah, but she also has a great personality. And smart, top grades." He didn't want his mother to think he was like his father. Just after blondes with hot bodies. He wanted girlfriends that he could have actual conversations with. His dad, well, made no secret he thought his mother's intelligence was a turn off. Among other things.

"Oh, who is that one?" she asked, pointing to another band member.

"That's oh, that's Cyder. She's a spoiled bitch." he noted.

"Pretty though." His mother noted.

"Yeah, and stuck up and insulting." he explained.

His mother smiled and asked, "Would that make her no good for?" Nodding towards the tank and cage.

"No, she would be great in there." Mark laughed. Was his mother shopping for treats to suggest to Mr. Foreman?

"Do you have any other pics from school." she asked, snickering.

"Yeah, we could just log into the school website. Many of the teams and clubs have photos listed there." He suggested.

"Be right back." she happily said, standing.

"What for?" he asked.

"Pen and paper. You might want to note down some names to take to Mr. Foreman's with you." she suggested.

"You really want to help with that?" he wondered.

"My sweet boy deserves the best. I am willing to help him get that." she said proudly.

They spent the next while looking through the cheerleaders and other clubs and teams. Making quite the list of possible playthings. His mother was so supportive of this for some reason.

"Well it's getting late and you likely will want to play with your girls. You should take them to your room." His mother advised.

"OK, yeah. School in the morning." Mark had to admit he was getting tired.

"I'm going to my room with the laptop. So, if you bring them out dirty you can just drop them in the showers area and turn the water on them." She advised him. He thought it was odd she was taking the list and pen with her.

Mark walked over to the cages. He was amused that they tried to hide. Did they not consider there were no solid walls or blocking panels? His hand eagerly grabbed the new blonde woman. Then the college aged one, he had forgotten she already had a Supergirl outfit. Then he pulled Mrs. Bell out. Yeah, Peyton's mother was his favorite.

Once in his room he tossed them to his bed. They bounced on the mattress and tumbled. But as he figured, they were unhurt. He crawled up towards them. Resting on his stomach he ordered, "Strip or I’ll cut your clothes off with scissors."

"Mark, you can't think about doing this to any of those girls from school." Mrs. Bell was adorable when she was trying to reason with him.

Mark figured a simple reply would be best, "Unless you want Peyton on that list you'd better behave." She bowed her head and started taking her Miss Muffat outfit off.

Watching three hot blonde women strip under fear of him with scissors was making laying on his stomach difficult. As soon as they were naked he sat up on his knees. Pulled his shirt off. The undid his pants. Pulling them down he was thrilled to hear the new woman yelp, "Oh god it's huge!" as his erection popped out over them.

He pressed the three together and turned to sit on his bed. Placing them in his lap by his towering erection he pushed his pants off. "Well Mrs. Bell, you should lay here and hump my shaft while licking my dick." he explained as he draped his favorite along his shaft. He had to stop and gasp as she did just that. Using the threat of Peyton becoming like her really worked. Though he wouldn't mind following through with that threat either.

He grabbed the girl he got the night before, "You want more of what I gave you last night?" he asked with his fist curled around her fit lovely body.

"No please, no." His cock jumped, startling Mrs. Bell.

He held the youngest of the three slightly above his balls. "Use your body to massage my sack or I will." he gently placed the pretty thing upon his scrotum. She started rubbing her body along his hairy balls. Her toned body felt amazing but he wanted more, "Why don't I feel your tongue?" Yeah that was it. He liked knowing she was licking the sweat off his sack.

"Now new girl." he taunted the, well, new girl. He thought he should learn their names, but now wasn't the time. "I have a plan for you."

Reclining so his dick lay along his body. He loved feeling the woman attempt to struggle in his giant hands. Curves and tits pressing and dragging along his fingers. He bent her over the tip of his cock. Her wiggling rubbed her big pair against the base of his tip. He hummed and she looked back and shook her head. Sadly she seemed to realize at that same time she was no match for this giant teen boy.

He enjoyed jollying the college aged blonde last night with his thick pinky. Having this heavy breasted woman capping his cock as he did that to her should be even better. One hand held her there. He touched her exposed pussy with the tip of his finger. She started screaming, begging Mrs. Bell for help escaping. Mrs. Bell just looked away and continued servicing his shaft. Clearly not willing to risk Peyton being in that same situation.

He rolled his finger and the woman started screaming, "No please! It's too big, you can't." As it popped inside she roared out an arousing loud "Arg!" like sound. As he touched deeper she struggled to escape. Those shapely legs waving wildly along the head of his dick. Her only verbal response was a chanting of, "Oh, no, oh no!"

He popped his first knuckle in. He just held there. She was just vibrating on his tip. Then he popped that bulge out and her body jolted in place. In and out he started working her tight pussy with that knuckle. Helpless to escape his grip she began to whimper and cry. Better was the sensation of her whole body grinding and rocking against the top of his cock.

He quickened his pace. She was physically reacting too hard to whine any more. No, she breathlessly moaned an appealing oh sound with every thrust and retraction. Her legs pressed the sides of his cock head and her tits massaged along the bottom of that mushroom top. It was like that hot blonde was attempting to fuck his giant cock. He could feel her hot breath along his sensitive skin. Enjoying it or not, her pussy was getting all juicy.

He pulled his finger out and let go. She slipped off like he wanted. Kneeling before his cock with her hands in her groin. Panting hard making those tits bounce. Her beautiful face opened mouth as she gasped. Making his first burst fill that mouth and paint her pretty face.

As he sprayed his cum all over the new one he could hear her gagging from his cum filling her throat. That thick liquid covered those big bouncy tits and flowed down to those sexy hips. Mark relished how good that felt while he savored how the new blonde looked dripping in his giant cum.

He grabbed Mrs. Bell and pressed her into the cum cover beauty. She clearly didn't like that. His first treat was lifted and dragged across his stomach to wipe up the bulk of the white goo up. He held them in one hand as he pulled a couple tissues out of the box and placed them on the pile.

He wiped his stomach clean with a few more tissues. Then pulled on PJ bottoms. He carried the pile of cum wet beauties out to the mostly dark living room. Opening to the showers he rolled them inside. Turning the water on them so they knew they should be clean for the morning. He laughed as they announced it was cold. He knew that, he had set the temperature.

He freshened up and went to bed. Happily he dreamed of being on a tropical island. Reclined along a beach chair. Peyton in a very skimpy bikini laying along his side smiling at him as she stroked his cock with her tiny mother.

Mark awoke. His dream meant Mrs. Bell wouldn't wait till morning for her cum bath. He quietly started out towards the living room.

Then he heard a sound. It sounded like his mother gasping as a machine buzzed. Something told him he shouldn't look. He should just go back to bed. But that dang curiosity.

His instincts were correct. He didn't want to see what was happening in the living room. His mother naked on the couch. The strange thing she bought from the store was likely the dildo she was working along her womanhood. He couldn't see which, but one of his pets was strapped to it. He could tell by the tiny arms and legs restrained to the sides. His mother had another pet in her other hand. Pressed into her breasts against where her nipple would be.

He snuck back to his room as his mother started making happy sounds. He felt sick. He shouldn't have seen that. Was that why she wanted to look through the girls at school, to see what other women she could use to pleasure herself sexually with.

He then realized something. She looked so happy. She never would have admitted it but she was lonely. There and then he decided, if using those little blondes made her feel good. Made her feel less lonely. Then that was good. Now was the hard part. He would have to let her know he was OK with what she was doing.

Well, not right now. In the morning. He just didn't want to see his mother doing that again tonight. He would wait till morning. Afterall, he no longer wanted to play with Mrs. Bell tonight anyway.

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