The Tourists. Home Life

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

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I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. I was going for excited teen boy, being a few years removed from that I hope it came across as my intent.


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CH 22: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Tue Mar 01, 2022 10:42 pm

So, my glasses literally snapped in two and fell off my face today. So since I'm feeling down about that I thought I'd post a new chapter. Hope that brings some brightness into your life.

Chapter 22
M/f/f/f+f With (f/f,f)*2
Scattered f/f on M

Karla stretched and blinked at the dim world. Why were there bars in her vision? Then she remembered, caged so Micheal could play with the borrowed mini models. She curled her legs out from around her. Glad the chair in her cage was spacious enough to let her sleep coiled in it without leaving her stiff.

Curiosity made her look toward her owner's bed. There he slept naked and uncovered. The three prizes scattered around his groin. One, the second blonde, slept atop the Behemoth. Arms and legs semi-dangling off its sides. From the look of them Micheal had finished upon them a few more times. Hair matted with his dried seed. Skin dulled where it sat for hours. Karla felt a little better about her spot in his collection, he would never leave her soiled with his cum like he did those tramps.

But he did pick enjoying them alone over including her in the fun. They did get to sleep on the warm body bed. They did get all of his attention last night. She didn't even get to cheer him on. No, put away like yesterday's favorite toy.

Despite her want to mope curled under the blankets in that chair, Karla stood up. She figured the models would get shower time as well as his attention again this morning, so she used the cage's shower. It hurt her heart a little. The soap dispensers were still filled with his cleaners. That body wash smell reminded her of that warm chest and affectionate touches. She would get those again, if there weren't better options around.

She walked out wrapped in a towel. There he still slept like a cruel giant with his maden playthings draped around his massive cock. Karla wondered why she was so upset, this was to keep her safe from the rough play he intended.

Because he was her cruel giant. She should have been there to make suggestions of how to enjoy those shapely bitches. Encouraging his cruel actions. Praising his sloppy results coating their enjoyable bodies. No, she was put away. Made to watch from a distance. Treated like just another Shrunken.

Karla couldn't pick out an outfit for the day. Part of her wanted to pick out an outfit to remind him she wasn't just another Shrunken. Another part of her wanted to dress in those comfortable sweats Milly bought her. But she didn't want to wear something that labeled her as Micheal's. She knew she was, that wouldn't change. Just didn't want to wear that title today.

She went for a mix and match. The jeans she wore when he caught her with a pink blouse from one of her work outfits. It was relaxing but covering. No labels printed on her. She left the shirt untucked to add to the carefree look. She cursed herself, the first thing she thought while looking in her mirror was, would Micheal like this look on her.

Karla turned on the coffee maker. As it started to brew her first idea to kill time was to look over the suggested books for the library and see what she could order. But her tablet was by his bed. Should she go for a drive? Maybe she could clear around the theater and do laps.

Micheal's watch went off. He groggily looked at it and groined. He suddenly grumbled, "Who said you should stop?"

His first blonde prize factually, but foolishly replied, "You fell asleep, we thought you were done."

Karla looked at them. The second blonde was loving her Micheal's manhood. The two others looked confused with panic. "Guess I should tell Mr. Howell you didn't do as I wanted." he noted coldly. Karla found the tone kind of sexy. The two other less intelligent models caught on and pressed their bodies to the ample girth of Micheal's cock.

"Sorry Director Micheal." The brunette apologized.

"Please, we'll behave. Don't tell him that." the second blonde begged.

"Maybe I should? You think he'd let me have another night with you three? You'd like that punishment right?" Karla's titan tormented his servants.

"Yes, but that would be a reward not a punishment." The brunette clearly lied.

"Well hurry up and get rewarded, I need to shower for breakfast. And I guess I should rinse you three off huh?" Micheal was so mean. Karla hated at this moment that his tormenting tone was so arousing for her.

Karla tried to ignore the three’s increasing efforts to please her giant. Three fit forms grinding to his thick shaft. Doll mouths kissing and licking his sensitive skin. Sensual sounds from the three attempting to pleasure her Micheal quickly. Failing to push him to reward them in a shower of his warm release. Fools were not doing it right. Not praising him as the titan he was. Not begging to have his spray his fresh cum over them.

Karla snorted. Fighting the urge to stroke between her thighs. That wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to be one of those stupid models. To feel his warmth along her body. Craving the flavor of his stiffened skin as she dragged her tongue along it. She cursed herself, she should have just worn those sweats. The label was her life now.

Karla felt heart broken like a girl watching her crush kiss a different girl. She had thought he was hers too. But he caged her away from his pleasure. She gathered notes as she fought back foolish tears. She knew he turned over and began pleasuring himself over those three sluts. From his long grunting sound mixed with a girlish tinted sounds of choking, he had finished.

Karla was almost to her elevator when a towering naked form was beside her cage. "Oh, you showered already." Micheal noted.

"Didn't think you wanted your old toy this morning." Karla replied. She wished she hadn't looked up at him. The sight of his glorious towering form holding three helpless doll sized women. They dangled by arms. They clearly strained not to sound before this magnificent giant. It was clear the second blonde had failed to swallow the gift of his release. Globs of cum framed her mouth and iced her firm tits. Why couldn't he be mean like that more often. Maybe for her every now and then.

"Come on Karla, I just didn't want you to get hurt as I played with these three last night." he countered.

"You didn't want me in your way. Go, I'll be a good cage Shrunken like you clearly want me to be." Karla retorted.

"Oh you're being silly." he snorted.

"At least I still amuse you in some way." Karla noted.

He opened the cage. "Come on, you'll enjoy another shower." he decided.

Karla stepped quickly into the wall. "No thank you. I'm good." she stated out of his reach.

Suddenly his face filled the observation windows. The top opened and he reached in that way. "Stop being goofy and come here."

Karla stepped back into the cage, out of his reach. "If I was good enough to be with you, I wouldn't be in this cage."

"Stop playing Karla." he commanded coming back into his room. Opening the cage again. Karla simply stepped back into the tunnel. "Fine, stay in there." Micheal grumbled and walked out of his room.

Karla collapsed along the tunnel wall. She felt tears roll down her cheeks. She had defied her Micheal. It broke her heart. He was her world, his happiness was her happiness. But why was her happiness nothing to him? Or at least, why wasn't she worthy of joining him in his fun with those tramps? Why were they better than her as company?

She gathered her wits. Sighing she went to get another cup of coffee from the pot while it was still hot. She walked to the observation deck. Looking over the cage she noticed the plants look wilted. Right, they hadn't been watered in a while. She slowly started the sprinklers. Letting the few inhabitants that were wandering around a chance to find shelter before the rain started properly.

She sipped her coffee and watched the rain fall. Comforting in his blue state. The leaves of the plants seem to dance with the droplets. Karla was amused, not all of the Shrunken hid from the falling water. Several took it as an invitation for a jog. A few others were just out to splash in the puddles.

She was lost in all the little sights when her watch went off. Milly texted her, "Micheal is on his way up to bring you down for breakfast."

"No thank you." Karla replied as she wondered how long had she had it raining for.

"It's not an offer young lady, it was a statement." Milly replied in a very mother-like note. Karla felt good that one of her owner's family still saw her as important.

She shut off the rain and entered her cage. Micheal walked up to the cage. He didn't open it, he kneeled down, putting his face at her level. "I'm sorry. I didn't think that you might have wanted to play with the models too. That putting you in the cage made you think they are more important. They are not. I just didn't want you to get hurt as I was going to be rougher than normal. But I was only going to be rough with them. Not you. So you would have been fine. I was mean in a bad way to you. Please be my Special Karla again."

Karla's bottom lips trembled something fierce. He clearly knew his mistake. Likely Milly explained that to him, but he knew now. And was apologizing to her, on his knees. Begging his pet Shrunken for forgiveness. "I wanted to be with you. Not trapped in here for the night." she blathered out.

"I should have known that. I was drunk and excited. I'll make it up to you, I promise." he whimpered back.

"Just no more caging me so you can have fun with other Shrunken." she sobbed.

"Promise." he trembled. The door opened and his hand lifted her out. His face was pressed to her and she nuzzled into his cheek. He was her Micheal again. He offered a tissue and they cleared their noses. A fresh one wiped tears.

"Your mother explained why I was upset?" Karla had to ask.

He nodded. "She reminded me one of our favorite things to do is you directing my play. That made me realize you would have wanted to do that last night. That we are a team, and I broke that rule." he explained.

"I forgive you my special Micheal." Karla softly offered.

"Thank you my special Karla." he softly accepted. Kissing her entire face. She pecked a kiss to his bottom lip.

They came downstairs. "OK, Karla's here, let's have breakfast." Milly advised.

They sat around the table. Karla had her own little table before Micheal. Josie sat before Sandy. Karla wondered where she got the cute pink dress she wore. Then she noticed the sisters wore matching ones. Everyone seemed in good spirits and lively despite the amount of drinks they all had the night before.

Eggs Benedict. The models were all dressed like French maids. They were working together cooking breakfast for the humans in the middle of the table. The Howells must have trained them to cook for them like this as they worked like a well oiled machine. Plating the layers and drizzling the sauce like trained chiefs despite their smaller size. Three carried the plate around and delivered it to the human who was to enjoy it.

"Are you feeling better Karla?" Sandy asked as Micheal's prize pack delivered her meal.

"Ah, yeah." she replied. Her being ill must have been a cover for why she wasn't down when Micheal arrived earlier.

"Oh good." Tanya smiled down warmly.

"It's too bad you didn't get to play with Micheal's winnings last night. Mine were well worth winning." Al noted as he received his plate.

"What are the plans for today?" Karla asked, hoping to change the subject.

"We ladies are going shopping. Wish you could join us." Milly sighed.

"We could call Chuck and see if he's busy. He might not mind taking some time out of his day to adjust them for an afternoon." Howard suggested.

"I thought it was only to be used if it was work related?" Tanya questioned.

"Yeah. Technically." Milly answered.

"Big sister could come out with us?" Sandy clearly only heard Howard's suggestion.

"I think I should stay home. Have some cage related things to look after." Karla advised. Cage related as in, who from the cage should get played with today.

"Us guys are going to see a movie if you want to slum it up with us." Pat offered.

"No thank you." Karla declined.

"I think I'll stay home today too." Micheal said, smiling at her.

"Milly, are you coming over tomorrow to help us pack some more?" Tanya asked.

"Yes, why?" Milly replied.

"Well that works out great. Since Karla didn't get to enjoy our girls last night, we could lend them to Micheal for the day and you could bring them tomorrow. Save us coming back here to collect them on our way home. We'll leave you a carrying case. You mind looking after your winnings for another evening as well?" Pat offered.

"Not at all." cooed Milly and Howard together. The models didn't like this idea from their stepping away from the humans.

"Al, want to borrow Inada and Tomiko for the night?" Tanya offered the broad man.

"I shouldn't. Hotel." the builder replied.

"Shoot right. Mike, you like to look after them for the night?" Pat asked.

"Sure!" Micheal barked excitedly.

"Settled, if Milly doesn't mind hauling them home?" Tanya stated.

"Well worth the inconvenience." purred Milly looking over her toys from the night before.

"Settled." Pat smiled broadly.

"Should I tell Chuck I'm sorry to bother him?" Howard asked.

"Josie, are you up to going human sized shopping today?" Milly offered.

"Sure." Josie answered.

"Could we have another sleepover Big Sister?" Sandy excitedly requested.

"Up to Micheal Little Sister." Josie replied.

"I'm OK with that if you want. Mom can bring you home tomorrow, right Mom?" was Karla's titan's response.

"Sounds good to me." Milly advised.

"Goodie." the red heads agreed.

"You should take my car if you're going to transport all four ladies and Chuck." Howard offered.

"Lucky Chuck packed into a car with four lovely ladies." Pat jokes.

The ladies talked about stores while the men discussed what movie they would go see. Karla was surprised as one of the Asian models approached Micheal. "Dr. Miller, a suggestion for today?" she cautiously requested.

"What?" Micheal rumbled down at her. Karla wanted to hear him use that tone at them over and over.

"Well, if it pleases you and your Shrunken. We all look after each other's hair, skin, and nails. I was wondering, since she is so special to you. Maybe a few of us could give her a spa-like day. Pamper her on your behalf?" the doll sized beauty suggested.

"Karla, you like that stuff. Would you like that today?" Micheal offered.

Karla could see the model's scheme. Serve the pet would mean not serving the giant teen as much. Karla wanted to see those Asian features coated in Micheal's cum. But to have someone look after her nails. To pamper her hair and skin while she sat and relaxed. She could have both, it was all day with them after all. "Sure. Milly, could we borrow yours while you're out. Spy days are better shared." Karla responded.

"Are they good at that type of stuff?" Milly asked.

"Oh yes, Sandy and I have them look after our nails all the time. Like little vacations." Tanya explained.

"Sure, for spa stuff only. Want them warmed up to work on my nails. I'll supply you with some products they can use." Milly advised.

"Certainly." Karla accepted. Now who would join her in her spoiled treatment. Josie would be out. Would Micheal allow her all eight? Perhaps better to suggest he hang on to a couple to ease any wants he has come to mind.

"Is there anything you like done for you?" the Asain model was suddenly right beside Karla.

"Pedicure?" Karla responded with her first thought.

"Yes, a given for your loveliness. We usually work in pairs on each other, is that acceptable to your highness?" the girl groveled well. Karla could see the doll sized pretty was only acting her part. But she liked it.

"That would please me." Karla played back.

"Do you have portable baths? If not, a good sized bowl will do. Also, reclining chairs or something that could work as one." the model asked.

"We might have some in the cage." Karla wondered aloud. Karla soon found herself planning out the extras for her private spa day.

"If you want Karla, I could help." Micheal offered.

"I would like you to, but don't you want to enjoy some too." Karla asked her smiling colossus.

"Oh, I will." he sweetly cooed.

Breakfast ended and the humans began cleaning up afterward. The Asian that suggested the spa idea approached, "Your owner Milly has the supplies we can use as a mud wrap. Also the essential oils for hair treatments. Since we usually have two attendants per one being looked after, you think he'll allow four to be pampered."

"Nice try, but I think Director Micheal will want a couple of attendants as well." Karla answered.

"Oh, you have." the pretty doll began.

"Likely the blondes." Karla answered the next likely question.

"Oh, OK." the girl sighed.

"He'll likely want to play with you later." Karla felt the need to clarify.

"Oh." the girl somehow thought spoiling her would save her from Micheal's enjoyment. Then she asked, "Does he usually leave his semen on his Shrunken?"

"I think that had to do with Mr. Howell’s requesting he be meaner than normal." Karla hoped. She rather that he cleaned them so the fresh semen would stand out more on them.

"Maybe we could get Mr. Howell to request that." the towering Asian thought aloud.

"We should just threaten to spoil their surprise." the Brunette advised.

"No, they said our punishment would be worse if they did." the red head countered.

"Worse than being lent out to a teenage boy, what could be worse. Besides they need us, they will have a limit." the brunette reasoned.

"I was strapped to a man's dick and then he fucked his wife with me still attached last night. I don't want to find out what's worse. As for a limit, they have cages of freshly caught people who likely trade modeling work for better treatment and lighter personal servicing. So I'm taking Carter's advice and being a good little pet. And if you mess that up for me by running your mouth Jessica, I'll shove you into that woman's tight cunt myself. Only you'll go in face first." the Black doll ranted. Karla was happy to know Milly and Howard enjoyed their borrowed toys well.

"You really think they'd trade in trained models for some randoms they caught." the brunette mocked.

"Some of them were models till they were collected." Karla smiled to hear Josie advise.

"Look, you said, look how well they treated Karla and Josie. We should strike till we get that. Then they made us Standard size and placed us in the freezer to cool out jets. Then when they said we had to make up for our behavior by being the prizes you said it was just us striping. We wouldn't have to rub up against strange penises and such. But we spent last night wrapped to that boy's enormous penis. Now you’re like, spill the Howell's secret, what can they do? Well, let's not just in case." the first blonde prize from last night reasoned.

"They could sell us." The second blonde prize added. She looked up, "Remember the boxes we found for the long running sets with models we didn't know. Where are they now? I've seen Mr. and Mrs. Howell's Shrunken. They are not among them. What if they thought what is the worst they could punish us with? Maybe they just sold them? They bought us after all. We are just more toys to collect and sell. You know how Mr. Howell likes to support Company charities by auctioning off old toys. How well do you think we'd auction for?"

"Tiffany, don't be foolish." the Brunette sounded like she was attempting to comfort.

"That makes a lot of sense. We saw how the people here reacted to being able to play with set models for a night. Could you imagine how much some would pay to own one of us?" the redhead theorized. The idea flooded the models like a tidal wave.

"Oh we could have just put ourselves one step closer to being some stranger's lap dolls." The Latinia gasped.

"We have to make them want to keep us. Jacob told me about his old owners. I don't want to take the chance on those possibilities." The second Asian looked like she was about to break down.

Karla felt hurt by being caged last night. She never thought what it would be like to be an entertainment Shrunken like these ladies. She wondered what would happen to them once the Howells stopped using them as Models. Did they sell their old models? If so, how many sets did they go through?

"What are you talking about?" Pat said. For a big human, he was quiet.

The models all looked at each other. The second blonde's curiosity got the better of her, "The models from the older boxes, what happened to them?"

Pat snicker and smiled at them. "I was wondering when one of you would approach that question once you had found those. They were prizes at a charity casino night. Every so often the box covers, and therefore the models, have to be freshened up."

"So you gave them away when you decided to freshen up the box art?" The brunette now looked panicked.

"They got too egotistical to work with or keep as Standard Shrunken." he coldly noted.

"So, how many sets of models came before us?" the black model asked.

"You’re our third set." his tone was flat. But Karla could see he was hoping they would travel a certain logical path.

"And you sold or gave away the other two sets?" the brunette asked.

"Mostly, ego at being pseudo-Shrunken celebrities made keeping them a pain. First set were lottery prizes for Company charity after they became a problem in our cage." Pat explained.

"What happened to the second group?" one of the blondes asked.

"Oh they were so sweet. You know my brother Gerald?" Pat replied.

"Yes, they are with him?" the pretty yellow haired doll asked hopefully.

"Working in his greenhouse. Pampered and happy. But they didn't think they could demand or were better than other Shrunken. Smart class that group." Pat explained.

"But those two act better then other Shrunken?" the brunette countered pointing at Karla and Josie.

"That's because they are." Pat slapped the brunette's argument down.

"Can we go to Gerald's farm?" the dizzier looking blonde asked.

"If they behave, yes. You Tiffany, if you stay precious, I think I'll just keep you for myself." His finger stroked the doll's cheek and hooked her chin. Clearly Pat's favorite of this batch.

"All we wanted was a private changing area when guests are around." the Latina noted pleadingly.

"Why didn't you just ask?" Pat noted. The models all looked at each other and their shoulders slumped.

"We thought we needed to demand it because you never offered. Because you accepted the guest models would want them." the red head explained.

"I didn't offer because I like watching you all get ready. If you're shy in front of guests, you should ask. Otherwise I'll just want to watch." Pat smiled warmly.

"Thank you Mr. Howell." the models said now that an understanding had come about.

"Well, are we all set?" Milly asked as they came out of the kitchen area.

"Think so." Tanya noted.

"Are we taking the cases to your place first?" Howard asked Pat.

"Please. That would be nice. Speaking of which, Mike, I think the girls have learned their lesson. Could you be a little less mean to them today?" Pat replied.

"If they do well spoiling Karla, I'd be glad not to be as mean." Karla's towering boy agreed.

"As for the three your father and I are borrowing." Milly started.

Micheal nodded, "I know, no play."

"Naa, go ahead. Just make sure you clean them before handing them over." she clarified.

"Cool, thanks." Micheal said, excitedly looking at the mini maids on the table. The three offered cringed under that delightful grin.

"I left the products in a basket by your door." Milly advised.

"Cool, I have a plan on where and how I'll set them up." Micheal noted.

"You two have fun." Howard noted. Karla found her owner's father's hand applying a comforting pet down her back.

Sandy kneeled down to table top height. "You girls behave for Karla."

"Yes Miss Howell." they replied.

"See you tomorrow." Josie waves to Karla.

"Have a good visit, say hi to my mom for me." Karla noted.

"Will do." Josie agreed.

"Mike, in that case there are other outfits for the girls. That is if you want them dressed." Tanya noted.

"Thanks, I'll take a look." Micheal stated.

The parents and friends leave for the day. Micheal turned to look at the table crowd, grinning widely. Micheal's hand scoops her up and Karla is inches from that delightful grin. "You have suggestions on who should join your spa day?"

"I was thinking of Shawna and Amanda." Karla cooed at her sweet titan.

"Which one are those again?" he asked.

"I'll collect them, you set up the spa." Karla offered.

"Alright." Micheal agreed. He lifted her upon his shoulder. The two blondes found themselves dangling by their legs in one hand. Karla found herself carried up to the apartment. He slipped her back into the cage. "I'll go set up and be back." He noted. He walked over to his dresser.

Karla went straight into the tunnel. Elevator to the garage. She looked through the selections. Besides the Hummer the cars Micheal and Howard picked up for her were a small mix of Sixties and Seventies sports cars. But the sixth car was her choice for slow cruising, Cherry red and white Studebaker.

She pulled out and started toward the Rabbit barn. It looked like a lazy Sunday in the cage. Maybe because the grass was still wet from the morning shower she activated. Possibly just because it was Sunday. But not many pets were out and about. Stopping to pass on the request for Amanda and Shawna to any of the Shrunken she did find. Some of them shrugged and gave her a, if I see them response. But a few took it as a go find them. Those Karla tried to remember. They were helpful in this large cage. They deserved payment of some kind for their service.

She stopped and walked toward the barn itself. The three friendlier rabbits were happily hoping or purring while being brushed. The Horse riding younger daughter walked up and answered the question Karla was wondering, "Hello Lady Karla. Patches is out back again. Aideen is exercising him."

"Thank you." Karla acknowledged the girl.

"Melissia. My name is Melissia." The girl clearly saw Karla didn't know her name.

"Thank you Melissia." Karla accepted this correction.

"You're welcome. I'll remind you again." the girl smiled at her.

Karla repeated several sentences related to her top Bunny wrangler. The girl was clearly expecting her to forget her name again. She could understand that. She had few of their names memorized. But she wanted to reward her rabbit caretaker. Addressing her by name would be a good start.

There was the black and white baby bunny. The cute teen redhead from the other day was back here. Patches seemed content to follow the girl around. From how the Shrunken was moving Karla guessed she was from the dance event Micheal had collected from. Karla remembered Melissia called her Aideen. "Aideen, how is he feeling today?"

Before the teen could answer, Patches gave off a happy bark and adorably rushed toward her. "He's happy to see you." was the girl's reply.

Fuzzy face nuzzled into Karla. She happily scratched her cuddly friend. "Is he being friendlier?"

"No, he has the girls he likes and others he moves away from or turns his back too. But he's healthy and eats just fine." Aideen explained.

"He behaves for you?" Karla asked.

"He does interact with me. Let me brush him out and such. But he doesn't react to anyone like he does for you. But he was ordered for you, correct?" Aideen advised.

Karla started walking the rabbit. "Yes, yes he was."

They walked along the back fenced area. Patches almost seemed to hum as they walked. Aideen looked content to be one of Patches’ caretakers. Karla couldn't stop herself from noting how Micheal would enjoy this fit Shrunken beauty. That he clearly hadn't realized this treat was in here. But Karla was enjoying Aideen now. Enjoying knowing a caring Shrunken was looking after her Patches. Karla wouldn't hide Aideen from him, his pet after all. But decided to not bring those legs and perky bosom to his attention either.

"Karla?" Amanda's voice called out. She was wearing very flattering red shorts and a sleeveless white shirt outfit. Mix of items Karla realized. But matching well together.

"Amanda." Karla called back. She began walking toward the long haired beauty. She snickered as Patches turned and followed. Aideen followed along.

"I was told you were looking for me?" Amanda asked as Karla came close.

"Yes, we are going to have an impromptu spa day." Karla announced.

"Giant spa?" the Eager Shrunken asked hopefully.

"No, but Director Micheal will be there. Oh, please call me Lady Karla in front of the girls." Karla replies.

"Shouldn't she call you Mayor Amanda?" Aideen questioned.

"Mayor Amanda?" Karla repeated.

"That is what they call me now. It's really just because I'm a top representative for them with you and Josie. Sorry, Lady Josie." Amanda explained.

"No, it's OK. I like it." Karla smiled.

"Chief Shawna." the redhead greeted as Shawna approached. There was the doctor sculpted body with a blue body suit stretched over those curves. The marking on it suggested a police uniform.

"Who else now has titles?" Karla giggled.

"Peyton is now called Librarian." Shawna advised.

"Good, the others are accepting you all as leaders." Karla praised.

"It helps that you and Lady Josie seem to pick out ladies eager to be more than shorts warmers." Shawna teased.

"That wouldn't be so bad." Amanda interjected.

"You were looking for me?" Shawna requested.

"We earned a spa day it seems." Amanda explains.

"Oh, that sounds so nice." Shawna sighed.

"Well Aideen, take care of Patches. Patches, be a good bunny. Yes, be a good fuzzy face." Karla states. Her future mount purred as she scratched his cheeks.

"Follow me." Karla said to her requested guests.

The three walk to the car. Shawna lets out a loud whistle of appreciation noting, "Another gift from our human owners?"

"Yes. You want to drive?" Karla offers the new security chief the keys.

"Climb in back. As one of our ladies, you should be chauffeured." Shawna teased.

Karla climbed into and stretched her legs along the back seat. Her new friends climbed into the front seat and drove to the garage. "You need a convertible. So you can sit up on the back seat and we can drive you around for the others to view your highness." Shawna jokes back.

"While we are just us, you could just call me Karla." she informed her new friend.

"It might not be a bad idea. They all need to know you are to be treated as Director Micheal's proxy. You are, for this cage anyway, royalty." Amanda seriously explained.

"Really. You think I should be treated as royalty?" Karla asked her in cage mouthpiece.

"You do, whether you want to admit it or not. There is some confusion about your position here. We should clarify it all for them. Don't just have them call you Lady, but treat you like a Lady of power. You and Josie. Use your connection to that magnificent boy to have them bow to you. And use your pull and access with their world to reward the loyal." Amanda advises.

"How will I know who is loyal?" Karla asked.

"That's our job I'm guessing." Shawna suggests.

"Yes." Amanda confirms.

They pulled up to the garage. Shawna carefully backs the car in and they travel up to the outer cage. Micheal stood there waiting. Karla was amused. He had changed into sweatpants. Seems he needed room for the two moving bulges squirming along the sides of his massive bulge. Karla assumed it was the blondes. "Are you ready?" he asked in an aroused tone.

"Yes Micheal." Karla answered.

Karla is placed on her usual shoulder. She is surprised to see Shawna added to the other. Karla was happy he was learning his top pets well. His free hand stroked and touched Amanda. The former dancer was beside herself in delight.

As they walk Karla notices Micheal pulling Amanda’s shorts down those sculpted legs. He placed them in his pants pocket. Then he pops each button on her top. Each opening made the Eager sing a happy sound. He pushed the top off her shoulders and slipped that into his pocket.

They entered the bathroom. The six other models wore what could be described as string bikinis stood in the tub. Bowls and materials were scattered along the bottom of the tub. He had placed a special plug in the bottom to filter anything carried by the water. A hose was attached to the nozzle with a shower style head at its end. It was suspended on a tripod. The hose looked like it was filled with water and waited for Micheal to free it.

"Where would you like them?" Micheal asked the six models.

"We are still trying to figure out how best to coat them in the replenishing mud." one of the Asians advised.

"Could they just sit in the bowl and still allow you to do what else you want to do at the same time?" Karla's titan asked.

"Yes, if they can sit with their heads and hair at the edge." the doll replied.
Micheal poured Amanda in the bowl first. The Brunette and the Red Head models began smearing the warm mud-like product over her body and face. Though Karla figured she would have been happier to trade spaces with one of the blondes. Though seeing Micheal looking down at her makes her spread herself out, easing the models work.

Shawna is taken off his shoulder. His index drag opened the zipper on the front of her outfit. He peeled the body hugging material off her shapely form. She is placed into the bowl. It looked sort of graceful as how the woman arrived in the pampering substance. The African American and Latina delights began their work.

Karla now was held in that powerful hand. Mighty fingers began popping open her slightly oversized buttons. Those digits blossomed the blouse and took it from her. She is flipped over. A gentle tug from her towering teen and her bra loosen. Straps are pushed from her shoulders. She is rolled easily. And her breasts were exposed.

She figured her chest would become massaged. No, affectionate finger pad runs along her jean covered legs. "Are those the jeans I caught you in? I love how they fit on you." he sighs, looking entranced.

But he masterfully pops the top of her pants. He coiled his finger around her waist and slid her pants off her legs. Taking her panties with them. Now Karla finds herself wishing she could trade spots with one of the blondes. This was added to as his colossal fingers traced along her curves.

She was then lowered into the warm bowl. The two towering Asians come to either side of her. Larger slender hands began covering her in the relaxing substance.

"The Howell's pet models? How did you arrange this?" Shawna asked.

"The Howells and the Millers are friends. They lent them as a punishment for them not cooperating." Karla explained.

"Oh, we live in the northern Midwest. You'll not like the winters." Shawna noted.

"How do you know they were the Howell's?" Karla asked.

"You have no idea how many times or the amounts offered to dad and I to steal these lovies from them. We could have retired." Shawna advised.

"Why didn't you?" Karla asked as mud was added to her face.

"One, Red status. We never attempted to steal directly from Red Status. Two, they are highly recognizable. We couldn't claim they were ours if we were stopped with them. They would have been a dead give away." She sighed as their subjects covered her.

Karla watched as Amanda's attendants went over to the shower head like nozzle. They washed their hands under the dripping water. They returned and brought over a jar. Using their hands they began combing an oil through those long strands. Soon Shawna's and her own attendants were coating their hair. It was relaxing.

One of her attendants left for a few minutes. When she came back she began to refresh Karla's mud coating. Shawna and Amanda also had one working their hair and one kept them smeared in the gloppy clay like cleaner.

Karla looked up. Micheal looked relaxed as well. His attendants were rubbing him as he sat semi reclining on the toilet. Though hidden by his light blue sweatpants. Karla was certain from face to feet they were working to get her giant off. But as usual in these situations his focus was on her.

"Micheal?" Karla called up to her handsome titan.

"Yes Karla?" he replied.

"Why don't you enjoy those two more?" she suggested to her towering owner.

"Because I'm too busy enjoying seeing you get pampered." he sweetly replied.

"They have to be so warm in there." she advised her Micheal.

"Lets see. '' he acknowledged. He carefully slipped his pants down. Amanda sighed happily as his hard shaft grew into view. The sweat glistening bodies still worked themselves to his sex organ. This sensual display made him hum in appreciation. "Should I let them stay out like this?" he asked with some concern.

"Oh yes please." moaned Amanda almost immediately. Karla nodded in agreement.

There he sat above them. His cock pointing straight up. Two supermodel level bodies sandwiching it. Actively sexing his shaft in a valiant effort to get him off. Their skin glowed with the continued endeavor. Hair stuck to their faces and flowed around their head in a sexy mess.

As delightful as that view was. Karla found herself brought to the amusing display in the bowl with her. Amanda's head nodded in desired licking motions. Her tongue lapped the air. Her legs grind to each other in a failing attempt to scratch that want. Her body made slight pumping efforts. Her two attendants had trouble keeping her coated as in her head she pleasured that Behemoth.

"It's time to wash out the hair oil." Karla's Asian attendant advised.

"In that case." Micheal noted re-encasing his riders. He reached down and Karla waited to have his mammoth hand gently lift her out of the mud. She giggled once she saw his real goal. He tugged the string on the neck of her attendant. Perky doll breasts soon appeared.

Soon the makeshift spa staff were all topless. Micheal activated the shower head to a nice flow. Then Karla was lifted with gentle might and placed in the warm spray. Shawna soon followed. Attendants walked over.

That sweet giant. Amanda was coiled in a firm fist. His thumb smeared the mud over her breasts. Amanda gasped loudly like a strange alarm. He placed her just at the edge of the water. He then playfully spanked her ass with his index finger. It slapped with a soft thump and made the long haired Eager jump forward giggling. She rubbed her own ass and in an aroused tone begged, "Please sir, another?"

"Maybe later." he purred, making Karla's former servant shiver gleefully.

The dolls split into their attending pairs. One began washing mud from their bodies. The other cleaned their hair. Karla happily found her Asian pair pressed themselves around her in a sensual hug. The darker skinned ones grind to Shawna's pale skinned body.

"You two stop that. That one doesn't like girl action." Micheal explained to the two around Amanda. Karla couldn't help but bounce a little in joy. He was remembering his main pets preferences.

He sat back and exposed himself again. Appreciative he stroked the backs of the blondes sexing his cock. Playfully he would at times press their faces firmly to his shaft or give their round asses a squeeze. They looked to be getting tired. Maybe they were not used to such prolonged action.

"OK. all clean. Lets do your nails." Karla's girl advised. They walked over to a trio of reclining plastic chairs. Where they came from Karla had no idea. She sat and one knelt before her and began the pedicure while the one leading this team combed out her hair. Karla figured the doll sized fingers stretching her toes would feel uncomfortable. The slender fingers parted her toes with no discomfort. No, this model had a talent for massaging between her toes. Karla closed her eyes and allowed the ladies to work.

"Your nails are done." Karla's lead attendant's sudden voice startled her. She must have been close to dozing off.

Karla opened her eyes. The shine of the polish sparkled. The color fit her complexion well. Wherever they had gotten it from. "So, what's next?" Karla asked as she appreciated their work.

"I'm not sure." the doll replied.

"Could you massage Karla?" Micheal's voice asked.

"We would need a table for that." the girl advised.

"I have an idea." Micheal states. Karla is lifted by colossal fingers. "You, in the chair." he orders.

The doll model sat into the plastic chair. Karla found herself slipped upon the model. "Rub her," he orders. Nimble fingers coil over her breasts and raise her nipples.

Karla watched as her other attendant had two large fingers direct her back on her knees before Karla. Micheal cooed out, "Make her feel good." And that gorgeous Oriental face reluctantly slipped between Karla's thighs. Karla gasped as Doll sized tongue slipped deep into her Standard sized womanhood. There, semi-sandwiched between two doll sized beauties endeavoring to pleasure her, Karla hummed happily from yet another gift from Micheal.

Soon Micheal directed Shawna's workers into the same positions. "Oh, that's a good massage." Joked the curvy beauty.

"As for you." Micheal says. Karla looks over as her titan's massive hand lifted Amanda. He turned the former dancer's legs first towards himself.

"Really? Yes! Yes! Thank you yes!" Amanda moans as she realizes what is about to happen. Giant lips hug her wonderful hips. And Micheal's tongue began driving the former dancer immediately crazy.

As he tastes Amanda, he grabs the red haired doll. Titan hands bend the model onto her knees on the edge of his tub. Shoulders back, he tilts her face up towards him.

Micheal's hand slips into his pants. His free hand pushes the stretchy waistband down. He starts slowly stroking those arousing Blondes along his girth. Karla delight at the expression on the red head's face as the broad tip of his massive cock starts bouncing an inch or so from that gorgeous face.

Karla's pussy attendant was devouring her to climax. Soon her legs point her newly polished toes out along either side of that model's head. She arches her back and joins Amanda in singing out in pleasure.

"OH so Hot!" Micheal joined the song. Karla watched as a large glob of cum splash over the red head's sweet face. Happily he blasts over and over into the crimson haired doll's face. It dripped down and coated her breasts as well.

Micheal sat down and gasped to gain his breath. The two blondes to their credit gently stroked that wilting shaft like it was their resting lover. The red haired beauty swallowed hard. Attempting to empty what blasted into her throat. But she didn't break the position her borrower had placed her in.

Micheal lifts the brunette and places her beside the cum covered redhead. Pulling a limp Amanda from his lips he commands, "Clean her off."

"How, oh right." the clean doll says. Then kneels beside her co-model and starts collecting big licks of cum off the breasts of Micheal's former target.

Micheal grabs a fresh cloth and wets it. Like he was polishing delicate statues, he wipes the sweat from the blonde's bodies. He smiles down at Karla as that Asian tongue tasted her to another climax. He leaves her and Shawna to be pleasured over and over.

Eventually Karla, gasping, is lifted up. Warm soft cloth wipes her aroused shine from her. He is so gentle. Caring. She is placed on a puffy towel. One of the blondes lifted her head up and placed it on her lap. Fingers stroke through her hair, the blonde gives her an affectionate smile. "Your so lucky.'' The beauty clearly praises her.

"He treats me well." Karla admits.

"Oh, I watched him clean you. That was more than a good treatment. I'm jealous. If Mr. Howell is to give me away, I want to come here. Be one of your underlings." The Blonde explains.

"I'll keep that in mind." Karla sighs under the unrequested affection.

"I'd be a very appreciative attendant.'' The model purrs in a way Karla realized she was increasingly serious.

Micheal finished wiping off Shawna and was now freeing the red haired doll from the cage of semen upon her face. He looked down at Karla’s comfortable bed and asked, "Lunch?"

"Sure. But can I get dressed first?" she called back.

"I guess, if you have too," he replies.

Micheal walked away with a mischievous smile. Karla realized her, as well as Shawna's and Amanda's outfits were in his comfy pants pocket. How was she to get dressed?

Karla looked around. The models were putting their tops back on. They chatted with the smaller Shrunken like it was normal that they had just been played with by a giant teen boy. Karla figured they must have just gotten used to being sex pets. This was just another day for them.

Michael had been gone for a while. Karla started to worry. Hand reached for her watch to text him as he stepped onto the room. Tub in hand holding the other council members. Karla was proud he remembered which ones they were. They, like the borrowed mini models, were all dressed in skimpy bikinis. He smiled, holding out his hand towards her he said, "Here you go." Three swimwear sets rested on that giant palm. Karla recognized her bright pink bikini right away. Seems her handsome titan wanted some bathing beauties to eat with.

He took them out to the coffee table. On it were heated frozen Chinese appetizers her towering teen sweetly cut into Shrunken Manageable chunks. At first the girls didn't know what to make of the Doll sized group. But once she explained they quickly focused on being allowed human food. A treat they clearly relished. Micheal ate his share quietly.

After lunch they were there on that little platform while Micheal cleaned up. He returned and gathered the girls into the tub. The models were amusingly hooked into the waistband of his pants. Karla, her usual shoulder. She hummed happily, he headed to his bedroom. Looks like a big play group.

He placed the tub on the bed. Placing each of the models on the bed beside it. Karla on her pillow. He pulled his shirt off. Then he freed the Behemoth. Karla could understand the cringe from the models, but when will those girls accept his mass. He crawled over them and laid down.

Karla was first onto his chest. Then he lifted the other girls one at a time. He held Amanda as he looked at the models. "Well, pick one and entertain me," he commanded.

"What do you mean?" the Brunette asked.

"Be creative." he purred as he slipped Amanda's bottoms off.

The Models climbed upon his chest. The girls looked nervous. Then as the taller pets approached, they ran. Difficult since their platform began giggling at them. The models chased after them. Karla couldn’t help it, she ran too.

She didn't get far. Near twice her high gave Pat's favorite blonde a longer stride. Karla was lifted off her legs and laughed as the pretty dear coiled her limbs around her. Karla expected many fun ideas. But not a mighty cuddle. "You're really pretty." her capture complimented as she pressed Karla to her larger body.

"Is this what you have planned to entertain him?" Karla wondered.

"Like he'll notice us." the mini star advised.

Karla looked around. Amanda dangled from Micheal's lips. Her top pulled off her breasts. His fingers fondled her tits as her hips pumped and she gasped. Spoiled girl was getting more special kisses.

Nearby Peyton hung upside down in one of the Asian's arms. The model had pushed Peyton's bottoms to gain oral access to the girl's sensitivity. The bigger lovely guided the blonde's face between her thighs. The other Asian was motorboating Donna's big breasts. Somehow this made the busty brunette laugh hysterically.

Shawna and the Latina example were coiled around each other. From how they laid it looked more like Shawna had captured the model more than the other way around. Either way, they both looked to be enjoying each other.

The red haired model had caught Gabriel. She was sitting in a way to display towards Micheal. Gabriel's arms were pulled back while the doll sized Shrunken fondled those massive breasts.

Over on his cock, the African American model was bent over with her ass toward Micheal. Two shapely legs, likely Grace's, pointed straight up on either side of her head. Music whimpers told Karla actions weren't fully accepted. To the side was the Brunette pretty, face pressed between the wonderful thighs that must have been Sofia. The wondrous beauty was draped face down over Micheal's shaft.

"See what I mean?" the Blonde asked.

"Where is he looking?" Karla countered.

"Oh?" the golden haired one responded.

"Can we share?" a voice asked.

Looking over, Karla saw the other blonde model. "Sure." was the first lovies response. Karla soon found herself sandwiched between the two. Hands appreciatively stroked over her bare skin.

"This one is his favorite." the second blonde explained to the first.

"I know, that's why I came for her." the first purred.

The second stroked along Karla's cheek. "She is lovely. I could see why she's so favored."

"I like cuddling her." the first note. They pulled her down. Karla was snuggled by them while laying on Micheal's smooth warm skin. It was nice. They stroked along her limbs. Faces nuzzled along her neck. Karla bathed in their attention.

Karla watched Micheal savor Amanda. Something was odd. His eyes were closed. Then his hand fell. Amanda looked confused, clearly pumping her hips but seemingly not getting the reaction she wanted.
Suddenly his head flopped back and she came tumbling down his chest.

"Amanda?" Karla called. The blondes rushed over ahead of her.

"I'm OK. Just tweaked my shoulder a bit. What happened?" the long haired beauty asked.

Karla looked up at her sweet colossus. Eyes closed with soft steady breathing. "I think Micheal fell asleep." she guessed.

"That makes sense. He was up late doing things to us. Then up early. He's probably exhausted." one of the blondes suggested.

"So, do we keep doing things to these girls?" the Brunette asked.

"Only if you want to, I guess." Karla advised. Besides Shawna and her partner, everyone had stopped already.

"What should we do Karla?" Peyton asked.

"Let's move off him and down to the foot of the bed. Then, hang out I guess." Karla suggested.

"Will it be safe by his feet?" the redhead asked.

"Micheal really doesn't move while he sleeps." Karla informed.

"Girls, let's try to get him covered." the Brunette commanded.

As Karla and the Standard sized Shrunken traveled down the bed. The seven not occupied models managed to slip a blanket over Micheal and spread it over quite a bit of his body. Then they joined them at the foot of the bed.

It was another surreal happening Karla was experiencing. Mixed conversations between different sized bikini clad gorgeous ladies on the foot of the bed of a giant teen boy. Who was himself, contently napping while two of their numbers were on his stomach under a blanket quite actively trying to make the other climax. She was hoping to have spent more time with an active Micheal. But he was so cute while he snoozed. Not even Sunday afternoons were normal any more.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by ralgar » Wed Mar 02, 2022 2:54 am

That was pretty good and i know what I said before but I am really liking this whole pet/toy relationship that micheal has going on with his shrunken, he might actually be starting to at least roughly care for them.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by GiantMe » Wed Mar 02, 2022 4:16 am

Another great chapter, loved it :) enjoying the worlds you have created.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Mar 02, 2022 10:40 am

I'm glad I'm able to entertain you with my little stories. Hope I can continue to do so in the future.


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CH 23: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Fri Mar 04, 2022 5:23 pm

Alright, this weeks actual chapter.

Chapter 23
F/f*4 Very Mild Foot Play.

They had been chatting as a group for a while. The Howell models were friendly. The fact that several of Micheal's pets were former dancers gave them a shared subject to start talking about. Grace's acting experience was of interest to the taller Shrunken. Karla found it amusing how the former starlet was clearly avoiding the African American model. She figured the model's earlier attentions to entertain Micheal unnerved the leggy lovely.

Shawna and the Latina example joined them. Both looked content with the other's affections. Karla liked how they found a notch in Micheal's unused blankets and snuggled in it together. The afterglow made them smile softly at each other with lingering eyes.

The group talked and even danced on that padded surface while Micheal adorably dozed. Karla was surprised he slept through them bursting into giggles and the like. She even began learning the names of the models.

Stacy, Micheal's first blonde prize and her make-up artist from the other day, coiled around her. She had said earlier if the Howell's ended her service she would like to come here. And Stacy's affectionate strokes were a good resume.

Micheal's watch went off. He didn't move. Karla got out of her warm Stacy hug and walked toward his wrist. "You know his password?" the towering blonde asked as she followed.

"Yes. Hope to get there and reply so he can keep sleeping. Poor tired boy." Karla replied.

"Here, climb on my back. I'll carry you." the model offered.

"Thanks." Karla accepted the piggy back ride.

"You're really loyal to him. Must be so he’ll keep treating you special?" Stacy asked.

"He just treats me special. I'm loyal because he is so sweet." Karla clarified.

The blonde snorted, "Sweet? Right."

"No really he is." Karla felt the need to defend her Micheal.

"He pinned my mouth to his penis and cam down my throat." Stacy countered.

At the wrist Karla climbed down replying, "He can play a little rough. But really is kind to his Shrunken. A big cage and lots of clothes."

Stacy held up her hand to stop Karla. "You really like him don't you. This isn't an act to get spoiled by a teenaged boy giant."

"He is my owner, happy owner, happy life." Karla stated.

Stacy giggled. "I was just trying to understand. His isn't the first penis I had my mouth pressed to. Largest though. Kind of scary."

"I call it his Behemoth." Karla confessed as she started typing at his watch. Seem Milly was on her way home.

"Warm and smooth. Clean too, had interacted with others Shrunken that complained about smells. His smells of his body wash. You get to try cuddling it at this size?" Stacy inquired.

Karla realized her request for a back up home was genuine. Even with the torment and play last night. She could see Micheal was a good owner. "No, never been doll sized with him. Half and full sized though." she told her new friend. Typing a message to Milly that Micheal was napping.

"I've never been Half sized. Full, well, before I was kidnapped. That thing would have broken me. I hope his girlfriend is flexible." Stacy said.

"I never had that chance. Half sized he put the tip in me. It stretched but felt so good." Karla sighed at that warm memory.

"Half at least would include that stretchy pill thing." the doll acknowledged. From her expression she was thinking about what it must have felt like.

"They give you a dose of that if they make you Full sized. Helped when I gave him a blowjob." Karla explained. Laughing at herself as that memory gave her a warm happy feeling too. She was convinced the Shrunken effect affected her mind as well. But she was OK with that.

"How did you get that in your mouth?" Stacy questioned in clear shock. She shook her head. "He has a gentle touch though. I could see why you like being held by him so much. No squeezing or limbs bent wrong. Do the others understand how lucky they have it? You know, considering?"

Karla didn't like the addition of considering. But she had to accept that many Shrunken just didn't understand this was their life now. So she simply answered, "Some are starting too. Many still whine or amusingly attempt to resist."

Milly wanted the models to do her nails. Karla figured she could pick them up and not disturb Micheal. Besides, this gave her a chance to talk to Milly about what Shawna suggested the other day. Though they just text each other now.

Stacy was convinced she wanted to become Micheal's after her career was done. As she said while looking up at his sleeping face, "Would be nice to have a safe home."

"The Howell's don't treat you well?" Karla wondered.

"Oh, no they do. So sweet for being my slave owners. Mr. Howell likes his penis stroked. But he's nice about it once you accept you have to do that from time to time. Mrs. Howell does play with us from time to time. But she really likes making us pose for pictures more. I think she just really likes taking pictures. Miss. Howell likes to treat us like living dolls. Try this outfit, let me comb your hair this way. That's been less since they came back. I'm hoping it starts back up. I'm oddly curious about this boyfriend she found." Stacy explained.

"He's really nice. Sadly due to the Company status rating he's a little unsure of his right to date Sandy." Karla explained and headed back to the foot of the bed.

"Is he handsome?" Stacy asked.

Karla got the feeling she had a soft spot for her owner's teen daughter.

"Yes, for a boy his age. If he keeps growing like his father he'll be tall and broad." Karla advised.

Stacy snorted. Then explained, "From the photos of her parents and her build, I would guess Sandy will stay short and slim."

Karla stopped, "Sandy likes playing with her pets a little cruelly."

"It's an act. She likes being bigger than someone. She had issues, with others picking on her due to her tiny build. Her pets have books, games, even a shared little TV in their current cage. The new one that Al is building in their new home is huge with many features. She likes acting like a mean giantess. She wouldn't cause any serious harm. And if an injury happened, they would have a giant nurse spoiling them better." Stacy defended.

"She puts a whole Standard sized Shrunken in her pussy and closes her thighs to feel them squirm inside her." Karla challenged.

Stacy pointed to Micheal, "He pressed his dick between Doll sized Shrunken's thighs and let loose."

"Glad you have caring owners too." Karla advised.

"After yesterday's incident. I'm worried I might have ruined that." Stacy confessed.

"I think Pat's talk showed he wants you around. And if you behave, if they do give you away. It will be to good homes." Karla tried to comfort.

The Doll sized blonde nodded. "Thanks Miss. Karla."

Karla giggled, "The other Shrunken here call me Lady Karla."

Pretending to curtsy Stacy mocking apologies, "Sorry your majesty."

"Come, Milly wants your group to do her nails when she gets back." Karla warmly noted.

"Must be nice to talk to and about them like that." Stacy observed.

"Yeah, I don't think about it. But it is. They treat Josie and I like family." Karla sighed.

"Not many others of these people's tiny slaves can say that." Stacy noted.

"We are not slaves. We are Shrunken." Karla clarified in annoyance.

"Potato, potato. I'll use their word in front of them. But, even as fully as you accepted your new life, you have to realize that's what we are. Kidnapped slaves. Less than pets for many. They will accept things done to people they have shrunk and taken that they would have people arrested for doing to a cat or dog." Stacy reminded her.

Karla could only reply, "Micheal wouldn't do those things."

"Then we have that going for us at least." the model replied.

They got back to the foot of the bed. Karla called out, "Everyone? Can I have your attention.'' Once everyone was looking at her she continued, "Mrs. Miller is on her way home. She wants the Howell models to do her nails. Everyone else will be put back into Micheal's cage. Any questions?"

No one had a question. Karla looked over to Shawna in her happy cuddle nest. "Shawna, can I talk to you privately for a moment?"

Shawna came up and they started up beside Micheal. "I know nothing can happen. We were just enjoying being able to interact as we want for a change." Shawna began.

"Oh, this has nothing to do with you and Hermia." Karla hoped she had the name right.

"Ah, then how can I help Lady Karla?" Shawna asked.

"I think this would be a good time to talk to Milly about you testifying what you know to Company security." Karla advised.

Shawna looked nervous, "I don't know. I have it good here. I don't know if I want to risk that."

"Just talk to Milly. We don't have to go further if you're not comfortable." Karla offered.

"OK, if I think this will ruin my current life, we will not go further." Shawna accepted.

Milly entered shortly after and snuck to where they all sat. "OK, let's get his Shrunken in his cage first. Then you ladies will come with me. Sorry, but we only have Standard sized containers."

Karla waved her arms to gain the woman's attention. "What Karla? You want to stay here?"

"No, I'd like to go with you. But can Shawna come as well?" She asked, pointing at the former thief.

Milly got a cruel grin and purred, "Alright." She lifted Shawna. The curvy tiny woman didn't struggle, even as Milly slipped her into her little cleavage. She gathered most of the rest. Leaving Grace and Sofia she noted, "You two stay here. That way when he wakes up he will not come looking for the models all awkwardly." Then turned and took the others back into the cage room.

Returning she started placing the models into the container. It was uncomfortable looking as the eight Doll sized Shrunken stood in a tub designed to hold fifteen or less Standard sized Shrunken.

Karla didn't have to worry about being squeezed into the container or pinned between Milly's small breasts. No, she rode on her human friend's shoulder like she should.

Milly must have been home for a bit as she had an area set up with multiple emery boards and other accessories placed in reach of Shrunken attendants. A foot bath waited by her chosen seat.

She placed Monica (the African American), Jessica (the Brunette), Amber (the redhead), and Hermina (the Latina) by her feet. Stacy and Inaba (one of the Asians) on a table she had set up on her right side. Tomiko (the other Asain) and Pat's favorite Tiffany (the other blonde) on a folding table to her left. "OK dolls, do your thing." Milly commanded.

"Milly, Shawna?" Karla asked.

"Oh right, she's so still forgot I had her in there. Here." Milly said. Placing Shawna and Karla on the dining room table. "So, what's up?" she asked.

"Well, you know Shawna here is the daughter of the man that tried to steal me right?" Karla asked.

"No, do you want me to punish her a bit for you?" Milly offered. As she spoke she hooked her toes around Hermia's legs and lifted the Latina into her foot bath.

"No, thank you. She has information she is willing to share with Company security. But is worried if she did she would be taken from Micheal." Karla clarified. As she did so Milly grabbed Monica around her waist with her other set of toes and dunked that foot into the bath. She stretched her feet over the two trapped models before allowing them up.

"Well you four, my feet will not wash themselves. Actually, get naked to really give them a nice scrubbing.'' Milly called down at her feet attendants. Then she looked at Karla and Shawna. "You want me to use my friendship with Gabs to guarantee this Shrunken thief tramp gets to stay here living the good life as Micheal's pet?" Milly asked.

"I know I don't deserve sympathy, Mrs. Miller. But I was forced into that life by my father. I gladly accept being a Shrunken as my punishment. I will serve your son like a good little pet. I just beg you to accept I'm repentant and deserve a good home." Shawna pleaded.

"What is she to you Karla?" Milly asked.

"She has become a friend as unlikely as that would have seemed from how we met. She advises me about Shrunken things and has agreed to be the Security Chief in Micheal's cage. I believe she wants to correct her past mistakes. But I understand she doesn't want to lose such a wonderful home." Karla explained.

"Your friend huh? OK, I'll talk to Gabs. But if she's lying. If she somehow is attempting a scam. She will become mine. And she will wish she was taken by Company Security to be their office pass around Shrunken. You understand that whatever your name is?" Milly threatened.

"Yes Mrs. Miller. I promise my only scheme is to stay here and be a good Shrunken for Director Micheal and a friend to Lady Karla." Shawna promised.

"It better be honey rubber." Milly noted.

Karla felt good that Milly was going to help them. She was amusing herself by watching her human friend torment the models bathing her feet. Stroking them with her toes or pressing the bottom of her foot over one and sighing happily. Karla forgot how amusingly mean her owner's mother could be while interacting with Shrunken.

"I don't know if she will help me." Shawna whispered into Karla's ear.

Karla whispered back, "She said she would. Milly has no need to lie to us."

"Oh shoot." Milly suddenly spoke.

"What?" Karla asked.

"Oh, I didn't bring any of my boys down to suck on. Was looking forward on making that Carlos one pant excitedly." Milly explained.

"I would be willing to allow you to suck on me." Shawna offered.

"Nice try. But you'll have to get on my good side another way. Micheal doesn't like us using his pets without asking. Besides you don't have what I find relaxing to make flop around with my tongue." Milly dismissed the offer.

"You’re enjoying their work?" Karla asked.

"Yeah, and they haven't even begun on my toe nails yet. Wish I had access to a Doll tube. My feet could use a little fellow wash down." Milly sighed her preference. Mauling both Jessica and Amber with her wet toes. "Well endowed ones might even enjoy scrubbing between my toes." she added, pulling the two under the water. Letting them go to bob back up.

"Could you buy a tube? Are they something you need special permission to have?" Karla asked.

"We could, but they are expensive. Use a lot of power, that's why Pat and Tanya keep the models at this size. Besides the fact they are more helpful for crafting and such." Milly explained.

"Maybe a suggestion as a Christmas gift from Howard?" Karla advised.

"You naughty girl. Now I'm thinking about that idea and liking it." Milly hummed. Her big toes pressed between toned thighs. They rubbed a little at Amber and Jessica's womanhoods. But she stopped saying, "Yeah, liking that idea. Boy foot bath."

"How was shopping?" Karla asked.

"Fun. Found a few cute things. Remind me when you're going to be Full sized again. I have some more clothes for you. Little more relaxed and public outfits." Milly answered.

"I have so many clothes now." Karla responded.

"What else can I buy you sweetheart? Books or trinkets you would like to have?" Milly offered.

"I don't know. I'm fairly spoiled now." Karla felt embarrassed of such talk in front of Shawna who only had a handful of revealing outfits.

"Pashaw, you are worth it. Next time, you're coming too. I want more time with both my girls." Milly demanded.

"I'm looking forward to it." Karla accepted.

"Hairdresser." Milly noted.

"You want a haircut?" Karla was confused.

"No, I noticed the other day some of our girls are not as blonde as they were when we first caught them. All asked what we would like for additional buildings. A Hairdressing salon would be good. Then if Howard goes through a bubble gum colored hair phase, then the Shrunken could do that for him." Milly said.

Karla wondered how many of Micheal's catches were losing their applied colors. Though just the thought of a hair appointment would be nice. It has been a while since her last trim. Looking she could see where her ends were a touch dry. "Yeah, that would be nice." Karla agreed.

"I'll talk to Gabs then make an appointment." Milly noted.

"Appointment?" Karla asked.

"Hair, I see you looking. Just us three Miller ladies. Coffee afterward maybe." Milly answered.

"We are just to be Full sized for work and Special occasions." Karla reminded her human friend.

"Let me handle that. OK pretties, time to dry my toes." Milly lifted her feet onto a folded bath towel. The Doll sized ladies climbed out and grabbed some Standard sized towels to start wiping the excess water from Milly's feet. The towels looked more like hand towels in the Doll-sized Shrunken's hands.

"Micheal has some hair stylists from that photo shoot they found. At least they could look after the other girls." Karla noted.

"Wonder if they could Input that into a Shrunken. Sure they would have to practice to get the physical aspects down. Wonder what that would cost?" Milly said thinking allowed. Toes grabbed Hermina and Monica and were kneading their shapely bodies.

Karla snickered and advised, "They might work faster if you stopped pinning them down like that."

Milly snickered back and rebutted, "But they feel so good to massage my feet with. Part of the fun of Shrunken tending your feet. I'll add that to future activities we'll have to share in the future."

"You really are their favorite aren't you?" Shawna asked.

"Did either of us say you should talk?" Milly grumbled.

"No, sorry Mrs. Miller." Shawna cowed to the human woman.

"She has the obedient Shrunken act down." Milly teased.

"She has accepted her punishment, right Shawna?" Karla praised her new friend.

"Yes Lady Karla." Shawna gave her a short reply.

"So, you make any other new friends, Lady Karla?" Milly asked.

"Yes. A group that Josie and I have determined to be the leaders in the cage for Micheal." Karla advised.

"Karla you spoil that boy." Milly teased.

"He spoils me." Karla sighed back.

"Speaking of, how are the bunnies?" Milly asked.

"Adorable. Three let anyone look after them. But Patches only likes me and a few other girls." Karla sang out happily.

"Male?" Milly joked back.

"Yes. But he's not that type of rabbit." Karla responded.

"Good, but I still advise against you wearing your sexy bunny outfit around him." Milly teased.

"Yes mom." Karla played along.

Milly stopped tormenting the models and allowed them to get on with her pedicure. She was quiet for a short while. Then she sighed, "What to make for supper?"

"Maybe order something." Karla suggested seeing her friend so relaxed.

"Did that last night remember, Pizza." Milly stated.

"So, Chinese tonight then?" Karla suggested.

"You're an expensive pet Karla Miller." Milly playfully complained. Adding, "Burgers, I want burger and onion rings. I'll text Howard, oh. Are you ladies done with my fingers?"

"Just finishing painting them." Inaba advised from Milly’s hand.

"I'll text him. What does Micheal like?" Karla offered.

"Just tell him I want burger and onion rings. He'll know what to get." Milly explained.

"OK." Karla replied as she typed.

"What did I do before we had you and Josie around?" Milly asked.

"How often were your nails being done by Doll sized models before Micheal collected me?" Now was Karla time to tease.

"Good point." Milly agreed.

"Oh there you are." Micheal noted.

"Micheal!" Karla cheered and ran to the closer side of the table like a silly girl. But his brightened smile made the embarrassment from her own reaction melt away. His mighty fingers wrapped around her and lifted her to his towering face. A nuzzle and face kiss followed. She relished this and returned a kiss to his bottom lip. He held her close to his face. Where she couldn't help but rub herself along like a happy kitten.

"Why's that one here?" he asked, looking at Shawna.

"She wants to tell security about other criminals but is worried they might take her away from you." Milly frankly answered.

"Oh, yeah they might. Hope not, Karla is beginning to like her." He replied bluntly.

"Burgers for supper." Milly advised.

"Cool." he showed more interest in that.

"Take this one to your room and allow Karla to wear something less distracting before your father gets home." Milly snickered.

"OK." he said, grabbing Shawna. Karla slipped onto his shoulder. He traveled up to their room. Shawna was placed in the cage room.

He took her off his shoulder. Karla posed herself to appeal to her handsome giant and purred, "You need a little attention before I change?"

"No thank you. I played with Grace and that other one before I came down, sorry. Did you want a little attention?" he offered back.

"No, I'll wait till later." she cooed. She could see he was thinking about doing something fun. She fought her want to let him and said, "I should dress. After Battle Jumpers when you're playing with the models. They please you, you please me."

"OK, but I could quickly." he started.

She had to interrupt him. What she expected him to offer would be really hard to resist. "I plan on dressing for Battle Jumpers."

"Your Ezzie costume?" he gasped excitedly.

"Yes. But I'll need help getting it off my body afterward." she teased. He just nodded gleefully.

"But I should dress for supper." She reminded him. His eyes told her he was already undressing that stretched bodysuit off her in his mind.

"Right sorry." and he slipped her into her closet cage. "Your outfit from this morning is on the bed. I'll be right back." he advised.

Karla watched her titan teen step back. She clearly had a hard effect on him still. He left, likely to splash cold water in his own face. Her jeans and blouse would do for supper. She was well dressed by the time Micheal returned.

Down stairs Milly had the models washing the in kitchen sink. Micheal grabbed them washcloths to dry off. They took them up to their rooms. Micheal made them a little area in his tub to wait for his return. A water bottle and some pellets. He left them with the simple instruction, "Cheerleaders." and left.

Howard returned with burgers and such. Micheal accepted his burger. Karla got a bite of the patty and a small onion ring. They were given a review of the action comedy Howard and the guys had seen. They ate fast tonight. Looked to Karla like they had more pressing interests waiting for them. Cleanup and Micheal held her in his hand as he ran up the stairs.

She could tell her Micheal was a randy giant. He was on his way to collect the guests when his watch went off. "Micheal, can we chat before playing Battle Jumpers? :)" was the request from Chrissy.

Karla could see his debate as he looked at the tub then at the message. Sighing, he went to his room and grabbed his tablet. "Did you need help getting changed?" he asked as he slipped her into the cage.

"Yes please." she noted.

"OK one sec." and he typed his response to Chrissy and entered the room. He came back with Donna and Gabriel. He had just put them in with her when Karla heard the phone noise from the device. "Hello Chrissy, I miss you." he said and began walking away. Likely to prepare things as they talked.

"Can you two help me get into my Battle Jumper costume?" Karla asked the busty pair.

"Yes?" They clearly didn't understand why she would need help. They nodded in understanding when Karla showed what she was referring to.

Karla pushed her foot down the leg. Then the other. Then the two literally stretched the form-fitting bodysuit over Karla's form. It was almost comical how it looked to grow four times its size over Karla's body. But the suit felt like a second skin. Silky and breathed well, Mightlore was an amazing material. They helped her climb into the thigh high boots that came with the painted on costume. She pulled on the soft gloves but decided against the helmet.

"Hold still, let me comb out your hair." Gabriel requested.

"I'm surprised this thing isn't more staticy." Donna advised.

"Mightlore. Another amazing secret invention from the Company." Karla advised.

"I don't think I'd be as comfortable with something so form fitting." Donna noted.

"Why not, you have such a lovely figure." Karla cooed. Then she saw the reaction. She had slipped into Lady Karla mode. Well it was true. Karla was already planning Ezzie or similar outfits for many of Micheal's pets.

"Yeah, I think the next expansion will be great for us to practice with. Though I wish we could practice as a group. Remote’s controls are different from the game’s controls." Micheal said. Then he stopped and gushed out, "Oh yeah."

"What is it Micheal?" Chrissy's voice asked.

"Oh, sorry. Karla dressed as Ezzie to play tonight." he confessed.

"Oh. Why?" was Chrissy's response.

"Cause she wanted too." he was clearly confused. His hand opened the cage.

"I don't think she's dressed like that for Battle Jumpers." Chrissy understood clearly.

Micheal's thumb and index stroked along Karla's body. The Mightlore covering allowed her to feel his every stroke like she was naked. She had to distract him or she would be hugging his joystick sooner then they had planned to. "My tablet is by the bed Micheal." Karla tried to not sound aroused.

She failed. "Just grab her tablet and set her down. We are supposed to play with Chris and Sandy soon you silly guy." Chrissy commanded.

"Right." he replied. He was clearly excited too.

Karla was slipped onto the couch. She tried to hide her disappointment. Tablet placed on the couch beside her. She took the tablet and placed it leaning on the arm and activated the resizing. She walked away as it grew to a usable size for playing the game.

Micheal brought out the Models. Karla found it amusing he wanted a small squad of cheerleaders to cheer him on while he played a video game with his friends. He sat down and she sat and leaned her back on his leg. He handed her a Shrunken sized controller, holding it with her gloves felt wrong. So she took them off.

They were greeted by the gang as they logged in. The first few games were more tag and drag events to give Sandy more practice. They then switched four on four games among themselves. With random game types and teams. Karla was starting to really enjoy this silly cartoon robot riding battle game.

They finished another game. Chris sighs and says, "Well guys, it's late for me."

"I also have to go to bed soon. Up early to start another batch." Chrissy announced.

"Chris, can we have a quick talk." Sandy pleads.

"I would like that." the boy replied.

"Night guys, talk soon." Sandy replied.

"Yeah, soon we'll have Treasure and Towers to play." Chris signed off.

"Night Micheal. You keep our boy happy Karla." Chrissy added.

"Night Chrissy, talk to you in a couple days." Micheal stated.

Then it was just the two of them. Karla signed off and gave her controller to the giant waiting hand. She watched him take both their devices to the chargers. She rolled onto her knees and waited for him to return. It was a short wait as he scooped his hand in behind her and soon she rose to his smiling face.

His other hand came to visit. Index stroked her cheek. Then his powerful fingers traveled over her Mightlore skin. She could feel him restraining his devastating might. His colossal touches found her breasts and along her sides. Hooked around her ass and traced her legs. He could easily dominate her tiny form, touch her as he wanted. Not that she was even thinking of resisting his mighty affection. That magical fabric translated his every brush of her body directly to her.

He playfully pushed her over. Fingers painted down her entire body. He took her leg. Thumb teased her upper inner thigh. He smiled at her so arousingly. Then his thumb nail hooked her boot's zipper. They both giggled in eager want as he opened that binding. Fingers hooked over the top of the footwear and slipped it off her foot. Feeling her leg the whole way down.

He dropped it on the couch and took her other leg in his titan grasp. Index finger pressed directly against her womanhood. He wiggled it slightly, but to her it was a vigorous sensation of his power. It was just a tease though as he moved his touch. Karla gasped as she watched that digit unzip her little thigh high boot. He grabbed the boot and playfully wiggled it off her leg. Leaving it to join it's pair.

Karla held her arms back expecting her bodysuit's zipper to be next. He covered her with his stripping hand and sandwiched her between his giant hands. Held just tight enough she felt trapped, helpless. But loose enough she could arch and press into her grasping cage.

Slowly the top hand slid down. Massive finger tips caressed her face. They traveled to knead her breasts. He was toying with her. Showing that he owned her due to his immense size. And Karla savored every second of being his living toy.

As the top hand touched down along her body. The fingers of her palm bed coiled over and took over, kissing her face. Took over touching her chest. He snickered as he pressed down on her mounds, could he possibly feel her tiny excited nipples. The way he rolled his touches seemed to say he could.

His other fingers captured her legs. They stroked her limbs up and down. Every curve and contour was open to his titan touch. His thumb wanting it's own area to feel pressed against her ass. The way the Mightlore covered there, he had his choice of cheek to fondle, so he took both.

Karla was so aroused. Her titan teen was making love to her whole body at once. In her stimulated brain the amusing fact that she would have to put this bodysuit in the laundry even though she only wore it for a few hours wandered through. As she excitedly gasped for air she wondered why she still wore it anyway. Not that it stopped him from feeling her into a delirious delight.

Suddenly he stopped. She looked up at his sweet face wondering why. "Guess we should go to the bedroom." he panted. Karla liked the fact that wrestling her to sensual submission was working him up so much he panted for breath.

She was about to agree with him when she was brought to his mouth. That cheeky boy pressed his tongue over the front of her calves and tasted the whole front of her body. He pressed firm enough to conform to her body. She owed the creator of Mightlore a big thank you.

He turned and said, "Oh yeah, them." Karla laughed, she too forgotten about the models on the coffee table while he played with his erotic action figure.

Karla was placed on his shoulder. She crawled to his neck and pressed to it. Nuzzling and kissing his skin. Rubbing both hands and body to that warm living wall. She was vaguely aware he bowed carefully down and pinned the five Dolls between his two titan hands. They made sounds of discomfort as he lifted. But to Karla it was the music of her sweet Micheal's power over them all.

He walked into the bedroom and placed them on the bed. Stacy waved them into a huddle. Karla wondered what they were planning when her titan lifted her from her perch and down softly to her pillow throne. She had a front row seat to watch her Micheal pull his shirt off. Then he undid his pants. His underwear strained to contain his well awake Behemoth.

He pushed off his underwear and that thick pillar hovered just over their bed. Suddenly the models cheered and ran gaggling towards his erection. Tops and bras flew here and there as they traveled as best they could on the soft surface.

Karla could see it was an act. It was just for show, Jessica barely hid her reluctance to fondle a giant teen's cock. But five Doll sized beauties pressing their chests along his shaft while licking and kissing that sensitive skin kept Micheal from seeing they were just playing a part. He adorably gasped, "Ah oh yeah!"

There he stood. Allowing the models to enjoy his all they could fondle cock buffet. Karla sighed, with that crowd grinding his erection she would be forgotten. She did like the fact that she was allowed to stay with him for his fun, however.

A powerful grasp crashed around her. She was suddenly raising a touch too quickly for her stomach. She stopped and was again sandwiched between her owner's hands. Lustfully he massaged her from face to her calves. The rush of his might and size suddenly focused all over her body was electric. Her body trembled from his lightning affection.

"Move, I'm getting on my bed." he growled so delightfully commanding. The Doll playthings slipped to one side. Held in one fondling hand Karla felt him climb onto the bed.

Soon he was on his back. Karla held tightly in one hand so she was displayed above his face. His tongue licking his lips was so promising. His massive free hand tracked her contours. Thighs got rubbed. Breasts rolled. Face caressed. Vagina teased. She was pinned and helpless the whole time. Oh she loved how he knew what turned her on.

He suddenly jumped and hummed. His expression told Karla the models were doing what they were borrowed for. She wondered if that meant she was just to have her body-suited form fondled till they got him off. That was a wonderful idea.

He lowered her to his face and draped her over his nose. Karla was freed to begin showing her love to his face. Kissing and grinding along that center feature. A roll of her hips caused her aroused pussy to rub along the top edge of his nose. Causing a wonderful sensation through that magical material. She vigorously humped at the tip of his nose as she rubbed along its length.

Then his fingers came back. He allowed her to keep loving his nose. He just added more overwhelming sensations all over her body as she humped his features. It felt amazing to be making love to him, but just short of what she needed to climax.

Her torso was lifted. Her hips could still grind however. A dominating finger pushed open her zipper. Two fingers hooked under the opening. With those digits he undid what took her and two other Shrunken to accomplish. With no effort she was peeled out of that stretched body covering. Leaving her naked and at his lustful mercies.

He placed her back over his nose and she danced her bare skin along his. Nothing could beat her skin along his skin. Something strong grabbed her ankles.

Helplessly she was dragged along and over his nose. Suddenly a warm wet textured wall caught her ass. She was sucked down and lips hugged her waist in a loving mammoth kiss. That textured wall now pressed to her dripping womanhood. It stroked as that perfect giant hummed at the favor he made her.

That was all she needed. She had gotten so close to exploding in passion, but could not complete the connection. With one vibrating lick Micheal flipped her switch. Her legs pointed along his cheeks as she arched her chest out. Oh sounds blasted from deep within her.

As she was taken over by the sensations, that towering teen took advantage. He continued to savor her womanhood. But now those goliath hands returned. Her body's reaction left her easy to touch. Oh and he touched. He loved her over and over.

She couldn't account for all the contacts. She was drowning in his affection. Oh how easy he had her reaching her peak. Possibly because he didn't give her a breath of time to recover. Just a constant enjoyment of her tiny body. Lapping firmly along her pussy, fingertips rolling her alert nipples, fingers stroking her legs, and kissing her face with his digits.

How long he made her dance in his mouth was lost to her. Her mind was too fogged with sensation to track her climaxes. All she knew was it was suddenly done. He lifted her onto his face and let her lay there. Patting her gently.

She gasped like she had forgotten how to breath for a short period. Karla had to bit her lip not to pass out from her erotic exhaustion.

He lifted her and shifted to a seating position. The model's first notice he was going to move was when he moved. They let off startled screams and tumbled somewhat. Karla couldn't help but snicker. He placed her on his shoulder. She was too worn out from being the center of his attention to sit. She just draped herself along his shoulder to watch him finish playing.

The models at some point had taken off their skirts and panties. Five naked dolls were giving her Micheal's cock the affection it deserved. His hands felt up one then another. Sometimes he would press one to his shaft and slide her up and down a bit. He sighed and stated, "It's getting late, which one?"

"Which one for what?" Karla weakly gasped.

He reached up and stroked her body lovingly. "Which one do I cum into?" he clarified.

Karla couldn't resist this invitation. "I rather see your thick cum over one of their faces."

"Oh, that would be Hot! Which one?" he offered.

Karla hummed out, "Inaba."

"That one is?" he requested.

"Asian on the right." she sighed.

"Oh yeah, good choice." Micheal praised.

He grabbed the Asian and knelt her down. Pinning Stacy and Tiffany to his shaft, he moved Jessica and Tomiko to one side. He gasped as he pumped the shapely blonde dolls along his shaft. His tip jiggled before that Asian beauty. She sat calmly, eyes closed and mouth open. She knew what he would want to see.
"Say something." Micheal begged.

"Oh Micheal, that pretty face dripping in your thick cum." was all Karla needed to suggest and his shiver told her it was about to happen. She hoped he wouldn't need her to encourage him every time or his furture sex life would be even stranger then it would already be.

A glob burst over those exquisite features. Coating that gorgeous face. Load after load sprayed into his target. It oozed and dripped over her perky doll sized b-cups. Glazing her figure from there. He sat back gasping. A hand affectionately warming Karla's skin.

"Liked that?" he asked after a short rest.

"Yes Micheal. You know I always do." She praised her towering teen.

"Guess we should clean up and get to bed." he sighed.

"Yes Micheal. Work in the morning." she sighed as well.

He scooped up Inaba and walked to the bathroom. He started the water and made it a pleasant temperature. Leaving Karla and the Asian, he left. Likely to gather the others to freshen up for bed.

Karla didn't feel bad. She had wanted to see those features dripping in her Micheal's released pleasure all day. That's why she was here after all. But she figured it was at least polite to say, "I'm sorry he cam over your face. I had to pick one of you."

"That's OK. Better this then it ejaculated down my throat." the Asian Doll replied. Then returned to attempting to free her features of Micheal's load.

He returned and they all freshened up for bed. Micheal brought them all back to the room. Stacy and Tomiko started to help Inaba dry her hair. He put on some shorts to sleep in and laid down. The Models all picked out patches of chest to sleep on while Micheal placed Karla on his face. Not that she expected to sleep there. Just nice to cuddle there before bed.

He sleepily said, "Night my Special Karla."

"Micheal, are you really going to be able to sleep with me on your face?" Karla asked.

Groggily he mumbled, "Oh sorry." His hand raised up. She expected to be moved, but it blanketed over her. "Better." he murmured,

"Yes, night my Special Micheal.'' Karla surrendered. But from his breathing, he was already sleeping. She curled along his nose. It was warm and comfortable, but she worried if she could sleep here. She didn't worry long.

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Ch 24A: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Mar 20, 2022 4:43 pm

I know, I'm later then usual. Well to be honest I haven't been feeling the urge to write lately. I'm hoping its just the grayness of the last few months. But even editing completed chapters was an effort like it hadn't been before.

Oh well, I hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 24A
(M/f)*2 Half-sized sw

Karla stretched along Micheal's face. Nuzzling to the smooth skin along his nose. She stroked her hand along the ridge while kissing her sweet giant. His alarm would go off soon. She was hoping to give him a warmer wake up call.

She slipped under his fingers and straddled his center feature. Kisses continued now spiced with full body strokes to his nose. She remembered how nice the ridge felt along her womanhood.

Karla's hips soon pumped her hard along that path. It felt so nice. She arched herself to give more pressure below. Soon she sat balanced on her hands while her hips grind his nose hard. Her breath came out in loud gasps.

Suddenly a giant hand grabbed around her tiny form like a cruel fist. Pinning her arms tight to her torso. He lifted, taunting her with, "Well, what do we have here?" His tone was wonderfully mean giant.

"Oh please Mr. Giant. I'm just a little helpless woman who couldn't resist loving your handsome face." Karla playfully pleaded.

"Well if that's the case my little pretty, how about this?" he rumbled so sexy. He lowered her just above his mouth. The tip of his tongue teased her. Just slight touches to her wanting womanhood. Barely licks that made her blood rush.

"Oh, please don't be cruel Mr. Giant. Give me a real tasting." Karla begged.

"But there are other pretties in my bed. What should they be doing?" he offered her more fun.

Her mind raced, then a fun idea. "You mean those ladies camping on your land?" she suggested.

"Oh yeah." he agreed.

He rose and the dolls awoke to tumble along his bed. Micheal carried her to some shelves. He looked at the Shrunken tents. Then at her.

"Need both my hands." her titan advised. He turned her so she looked towards the floor. He tormented by brushing his lips over her thighs and ass. He was being a perfect horrible monster. She loved it. His lips did grab her firmly around her waist. His body kiss was tighter than normal making her legs spread wide.

Then his tongue poked her. It slipped away only to wiggle over and go again. Her pussy was spread open for him to savor. Instead he was savoring tormenting her. When did her Micheal become such a wonderful cruel giant?

He gathered three of his tents as he made her vagina cry with desire. Over to the bed giving her just hints of him tasting her. Karla wasn't sure which she liked more, this torment or him kissing immediately.

He locked the tents as those pretty dolls looked confused. He grabbed Inaba by her ankles and slipped her into the first tent. Tomiko over her head and fit her in. The Dolls looked crowded in the tiny fabric building. He zippered them inside.

Jessica was grabbed around her chest. Breasts rolled under his powerful fingers as the Brunette was stuffed into the second tent. Tiffany's legs were scooped out from under her. His fingers pressed her ass as his thumb grinds between her thighs. It looked as if she liked it. But he trapped her in the second tent too. Zippered to hold them in.

Stacy was pinned to the bed. Micheal slowly curled his fingers around the pretty blonde mini model. That shapely form was encased in the end tent before he zipped her in.

He smiled around Karla. Karla looked into the tents. The models looked confused as to why this teen giant trapped them in the play camping structures.

He unzipped the first tent and folded over the flaps. "Oh my!" one of the Asian lovelies cried out as his cock began to enter. Karla watched eagerly. Standard Shrunken got pinned to the wall as his shaft filled one of those tents. The Doll sized playthings were firmly pinned. Perfectly outlined in the Mightlore sides. Clearly wrapped tightly around his girth. He unzipped the back door and set the flaps before poking his tip out.

Karla watched the second tent. They were clearly confused at what he was doing that made their friends call out then become muffled. As Micheal opened their front door it became clear to the shapely living sex puppets. "No, you have to be kidding." Jessica growled.

He pressed in to show he was not joking. His broad tip pushed them aside and into the side walls like their Asian friends. He gave his cock a little wiggle and laughed around Karla like a tyrant. Karla loved her Micheal.

He freed his tip. The last tent was made usable. Stacy backed away as his cock began to join her. She looked to realize too late this was a bad idea. Soon his tip was capped by the doll sized blonde pinned to the end wall.

He pressed his full length into the three tents. Karla was suddenly pressed by the tip of his tongue. Then he gave a hum of great pleasure. Karla's body shuttered from this sensation.

Now his tongue began slowly tasting her. His hips slow pumped his Behemoth on and out of those little delightful sex cages. He pulled back just enough to keep Stacy pinned in her tent. The other four were trapped by his girth. Shapely outlines wiggled with his movement.

Then he leaned over. His tongue began tasting her firm and frequently. He grunted around Karla’s little form as his hips fucked those five lovelies quick and hard.

Karla was being tasted to her limit. His tongue was well savoring her pussy. But she was also front row to his easily dominating the Doll sized beauties. Five helpless women made to pleasure her titan. Trapped by his manhood and power. She sang the sounds of organism.

As her own pleasure roared through her pocket sized body. He pressed Stacy firmly into that Mightlore wall and let loose. Thick white fluid soon filled the top window.

He stood there for a minute. His breath rushed around Karla's body. She had a satisfied titan. She wished they had time to cuddle.

His watch went off and he stood up straight. This pulled his penis back. From the sounds of Stacy's coughing, that was a good thing.

Karla found his hand hugging gently around her spent form. She was now sitting in his palm as his handsome satisfied smile looked at her. "That was fun. Thanks Karla." he praised.

"It is my duty to make my owner a happy boy." she cooed back.

"Oh you do.'' he sang back. His face pressed her back. Colossal lips gave sweet pecks to her face and chest. She kissed her sweet giant back.

He pulled his face back slightly. Karla could still stroke at his skin. "Guess we should clean up and get ready for work."

Karla sat up and stroked her face along his cheek. "I think you're right." she sighed.

He slipped her onto his shoulder. She stretched out. Looked like she was going to get to cuddle him after all. He pulled out the first four models and lifted them by their legs. He looked at the dripping Stacy and commanded, "Stay in your tent."

He walked to the bathroom carrying the four dolls like caught fish. He placed the four into the bottom of the tub. Flipped down a shelf and moved them to that.

He walked back to the bedroom. He detached the tent and lifted it with Stacy inside. As he carried it toward the bathroom he giggled and swirled the tent. Making Stacy roll in his cum.

He leaned down and commanded, "Climb out." Stacy slipped out of the tent. Her gorgeous body was coated head to toe in Micheal's released pleasure.

He lifted the tent and poured the remaining semen over the other four models. They got speckled with his seed. He turned on the water and flooded the fabric bag. Pouring that over their toy guests. He did that a few more times till he was happy that he had it rinsed out.

He activated the shower. The girl yelped as the unheated water burst out. Micheal waited till it was up to temperature to place Karla on her shelf. Then he stepped in with them.

Micheal leaned his face close. His finger traced down her side. "Did you enjoy that?" he purred.

Karla leaned close and kissed the tip of his nose. "So much. That was perfect. You were such a sexy giant." She praised her titan.

"It was all for you." he whispered delightfully.

They showered together. Micheal offered soaps and conditioner to the models. Karla admires her owner's tall form. How he towers over the models. His mighty size dominates the tiny chamber. How his towering mass makes her heart pound.

He shuts off the water. Then gives her a cloth to dry off as he dries himself. He gifts the models with a cloth each. Karla noticed the dolls sneaking peeks at his thick manhood as it dangled just above their heads. It's long mass enough for them to wrap around and pleasure. Sadly he had getting ready for work on his mind.

Karla is carried to her cage and slipped into it. He steps into the Shrunken room. She snickers as very tiny voices scream as the nude giant joins them. Back, he gives her Amanda and little Aoi to help her get ready. He leaves to bring his borrowed toys in to allow them clothes as well.

Karla requests Aoi to bring her a business skirt outfit while Amanda does her magic with her hair. "Man he looks good out of the shower." the long haired friend purrs.

"He does." Karla agrees. Then remembering why her friend was brought to her, "Could you style it in a tight bun? Actually have to work today."

"You're sure that won't be too much temptation. Business skirt suit and a bun? Or were you looking to work under Director Micheal today?" Amanda teased.

"I just need it out of my face. If he gives me other duties, then you'll be asked to put it in buns more often." Karla joked back.

Aoi returned. White suit with a soft dark blue blouse. "Is this good Lady Karla?" the nervous Asian teen asked.

"That's fine." Karla replied. Her mind wandered to imagining Micheal coating that gossipy beauties eastern features. Karla hoped to remember Aoi owed some service for her talk about the videos she saw. Servants were supposed to be tight lipped unless they were servicing.

They managed to have her ready for when Micheal came to collect her. He hummed at the sight of her. He took her assistants back to the room. Then scooped her out and to her shoulder.

On the bed the dolls were a mix of suggestive outfits that Micheal had not made them wear over the last couple days. He gathered them into a tub and they all traveled down to the dining room.

"Morning Mike. Karla. Mom wants the models in the cage there." Howard greeted them from behind his tablet.

"Morning dad." Micheal replied, moving toward the cage. The three other dolls in skimpy outfits looked uncomfortable at Karla's towering teen. He placed the five with him into the cage.

Micheal sat at the table. Karla found herself placed by a smaller table on the larger one. Milly came out, "Morning all." Karla got a tiny plate with a her sized portion of scrambled eggs and a nib of sausage.

Micheal and Howard began discussing what might help Micheal's team accomplish extending the teleportation technology's range. To Karla it sounded like a rambling jumbo of numbers and sound. But they clearly could speak this strange language.

"So Karla, how did you sleep?" Milly asked, smiling down.

"Good, you?" Karla smiled back up.

"Very good." Milly cooed.

Karla snickered and asked, "Had fun before bed?"

"So much I think after you all leave I might have a fun little bath." Milly shared.

"You'll have plenty of choices for company." Karla advised.

"Or I could just enjoy the lot." Milly growl playfully.

"Lot? Lot of what?" Howard asked. Seemingly just catching that the ladies were discussing something.

"Us, a lot of fun last night." Milly said in a teasing tone.

"Oh yeah." Howard sighed. Then he looked directly at Karla and his cheeks went pink. "Yep, fun, ah huh." he added nervously lifting his tablet over his face.

Breakfast had, Micheal took Karla up to their apartment to freshen up. They came back down and Micheal was getting his stuff on when Milly grabbed his shoulder. "You should get Karla a coat." she advised.

"I'll be in the travel pocket. I'll be fine." Karla tried to reassure her friend.

"Go get her a jacket." Milly ignored Karla.

Micheal went up stairs. Milly looked down towards Karla. In a very motherly tone she informed, "It's chilly today. You young lady will need a jacket. Especially since you're not used to colder temperatures."

"Yes mom." Karla submitted to the order.

Karla put on the Jacket to appease Milly. Micheal slipped her into that little case on his pack strap. She figured she would just slip the Jacket off once they left the house. She even started as they walked to the car when a breeze snuck into the case. She soon zippered the jacket wondering how it was winter already.

She was happy to be inside the car to shield from that horrible wind. She would need a hat for the next day outside. She pressed back, but the layers a material kept Micheal's warmth from reaching her in her little fabric cage. She would have asked to be held, but then she might be seen by the public.

The top opened. Warm finger pillars blanketed over her little form. Her sweet giant noticed her plight and came to her rescue. She hugged tight to the digits. "Little cold Karla?" he said in a cruel snicker.

"Yes." she chittered back best she could.

"Oh you're really not going to like winter. It's not even that cold out today." he was horrible. Giggling at her nearly freezing.

"Remember She's used to a warmer climate and a larger body. What our human bodies can endure will seem ten or more degrees colder to her." Howard reminded him.

"Oh, so she'll need me to keep her warm." Micheal noted.

"The winter clothes your mother bought her the other day will help. But yes, shelter from the wind will help too." Howard noted.

They began talking Teleporters again. Karla nuzzled the warm pillars around her. Hugging two firmly and pressing to it. They picked up Chuck and the conversation switched to some local sports team.

They arrived at the compound. Karla lost Micheal's fingers as they walked into the building. Inside however, she was held in his bowled hand.

That receptionist stopped Howard over something. Karla rolled her eyes, if that woman threw herself at Howard any harder she likely break something.

Near Micheal's office a squeal told Karla Jenna was nearby. "Oh Cutie Karla you look adorable in your tiny little jacket and suit." the purple haired older teen cooed as she approached Micheal. She bowed before them, displaying how her top buttons didn't seem to fashion across the tops of her cleavage. "Is she visiting us again today?" she purred at Micheal as she ran fingers down Karla back.

"Not today. She has her job too, you know." Micheal replied. His tone was that of a distracted teen boy.

"Ahhh, I like holding her. Can I go get her for lunch later? Please Micheal?" Jenna pleaded in a wanting tone that would melt many that were attracted to the feminine form. Her wiggle and pulling back of her shoulders just made it more pleasant. Karla worried she might become too much for Micheal to resist.

"Sure, but for now we should get to work." was Micheal's shuttered reply. He turned to Chuck. Karla found herself being handed over. "Take good care of her please."

"Sure Micheal." the older man replied.

They parted ways. Karla marveled at this strange world again. Anywhere else Micheal would be crushing on Jenna and she would be trying to downplay or outright avoid his attention. Here Jenna fell in behind Micheal like he was a rock star. Praising his care of his pet like he cured cancer. She needed to warn Chrissy about that girl somehow.

Karla huffed. She needed to watch that girl. Jenna had distracted Micheal from giving her a goodbye kiss. "You OK Karla?" Chuck sweetly asked.

"Yeah." Karla sighed. "Just didn't get to say goodbye to Micheal." she confessed.

"He was a bit distracted. Don't worry I'm sure he'll make it up to you later." Chuck reassured her.

Karla hoped he was right. Replying with her second worry, "I'm worried he might forget he has a girlfriend."

Chuck snickered. "From what I've seen I would say he doesn't realize she's trying to flirt. He likely thinks that Jenna talks to everyone like that. He is oddly both observant and ignorant about people."

"Now I wonder if I should explain what she's doing?" Karla asked.

"I wouldn't. Likely once he learned why she bends like that before him. The more likely he'll slip up." Chuck advised.

"That sadly makes sense." Karla agreed. As long as Micheal just thought Jenna talked pretty he wouldn’t be tempted. But if he knew she was all coos and arched her figure to gain his attention, he might accept Jenna's attention. After all, Micheal accepted Karla's attention when she sweet talked and curved her body. But he knows she is looking for attention at those times.

They got into her department area. She was happy to see it was no longer Storage Hall 8. It now said, Grant-Miller Liaison Offices. Chuck made her half sized for her to work. She wondered as she walked to her personal office if she really needed to be adjusted even at the office. All she really needed was her tablet to connect to the dock on her desk.

She climbed, literally, into her office seat. She wiggled her chair closer to the desk. Kicking her feet like a kid sitting in daddy's chair. She turned on and logged into her tablet. Karla placed it in the dock and files began downloading. As she watched she remembered she could just log into the Company cloud on the overlay and gain these files. She didn't even have to come into the office to work.

Then she peeked out the window while the files loaded. There across the way was Micheal. In his lab coat, writing gibberish on a white board. He looked so smart and handsome. Yeah, she needed to be in the office from time to time.

Reports were getting filed as she wondered if she could get a jump on the paperwork for when the sights began to open. She sipped at the coffee Chuck had brought her as she daydreamed about the cute scientist across the way. The morning was flowing smoothly.

A knock at her door and Chuck announced himself in an odd tone, "Karla."

She looked up. The usually smiling man looked concerned. A man and woman both in flattering dark gray suits stood behind him. "Yes Chuck?" she wondered what was happening.

"These two are here to escort you to one of the conference rooms." he explained.

"For?" Karla asked.

"Miller Shrunken, I am Agent Parin, this is Agent Doucet of Company Security. Come with us now. Your owner will be there as well." the man stated.

"Should I bring my Tablet?" Karla asked.

"No need." the woman advised.

Karla climbed down and walked over. The man lead and the woman followed so Karla was between them. They walked for a bit then stopped. THe man sighed and waved over a man in a lab coat. "Conference room twelve, this way?" he asked. Karla understood, this place was a maze to anyone not used to navigating it.

"Kind of, go till you reach the second hall on your left. Down there take the set of stairs on the right. Turn right one floor up and you'll reach the conference rooms area. Number on the door." the man explained.

They found the room. Inside was a small group of ladies ranging from Just older than Micheal to about Howard's age. They were dressed for the different jobs at the compound. All lovely and confused. Karla knew none of them.

The room itself was like a small theater. Chair rows lowered from where they entered. Before the seats was a small stage.

"Oh Cutie Karla!" came from behind her. "I'll take her to her owner." Jenna explained to the two security agents.

Karla found herself lifted off her feet. Pressed to Jenna's side and carried like a small child. Karla attempted a simple reasoning, "Jenna, I can walk on my own."

"Oh you're so adorably independent." Jenna's tone was like she was talking to a baby animal. Jenna nuzzled Karla with her face while she noted, "Who can walk? You can, yes Cutie Karla can walk."

Jenna reached the front of the conference room. Micheal and the rest of his team were sitting there. Howard was on the stage. Karla saw a seat Micheal had placed his jacket on. Likely for her to sit beside him.

"Oh, good you found Karla. Here she can go." he confirmed Karla's hope as he moved his jacket.

Jenna slipped right into the seat and coiled Karla's legs across her lap. "She looked so confused. Weren't you Cutie Karla. But I saved you, you just adorable Shrunken." Jenna advised Micheal as Karla found her nose rubbed by Jenna's nose.

Micheal gave an amused smile. "She can sit on her own," he explained.

"But then she might not be able to see all the way up on the stage." Jenna started. Karla felt the woman arch her torso. Karla found her face pressed on to the tops of two smooth firm mounds. Jenna's long fingers stroked her hair. "Besides, I'm nervous about this meeting. You don't mind if I cuddle Karla to ease myself, do you?" she whimpered in a tone Karla knew Micheal liked. The way Jenna had her smaller form cuddled, Karla could envision how it would look from Micheal's view.

"OK." he sighed. Karla could see he was lost in the image of her wrapped in Jenna's shapely form. Possibly his imagination having them doing more than this suggestive cuddle. Karla worried for Chrissy so far away.

A voice called for everyone to sit. A mousey looking man was on the stage. He looked uncomfortable on the stage. Howard was to the side of the stage looking disturbed.

"Everyone please, the sooner you sit the sooner we can get everything cleared up." The man calls out.

Karla looked at the small group in the seats behind them. There must have been a little over twenty in the audience. Besides Micheal and Dr. Evans, they were all women.

"OK everyone, I am Agent Emanual Trites. I am an investigator for Company Security. As you may have heard Dr. Theodore Peters no longer works here. He was let go after unacceptable actions on this campus. He was scheduled for processing and reassignment on Friday. I know, this isn't usually information that is to be shared. But there is a snag. Dr. Peters didn't come in for processing."

The room murmured nervously. Karla found herself hugged by Jenna. Agent Trites continued, "Due to him not being labeled a risk he was not tracked. Once it was determined he was not ill or injured a deeper investigation began. At this time, if Dr. Peters contacts any of you for any reason we ask that you contact Security. To aid in this you each will personally be issued a summing device."

The crowd mumbled among themselves for a moment. Karla watched the man on stage. She figured he had stage fright from how he kept compressing himself. From his expression it wasn't the information he was sharing that made him uncomfortable. It was being the subject of the crowd’s focus while on the raised platform. Sadly that clear jittery movements translated to others as fear of his message and made them more frightful.

He cleared his throat and the group settled some. "You have been brought here, explained this, and provided the Summoner due to information we discovered in Dr. Peters' apartment. We feel you are unlikely to be contacted. But caution is better in our minds than hope. As for hope, we are hoping Dr. Peters is under some sort of misunderstanding and will turn himself in to Company Security on his own. We will keep you informed if he is found and contained."

The man took a deep breath and clearly did what was kin to cutting off his own hand, "Any questions?"

"Why us? Why did you think we should have Summoners after what you discovered in Teddy's apartment." a girl younger than Jenna requested.

"Notes in his files in the apartment indicate he has interests in each of you. Since his history shows he acts on such interests. We wanted to make sure no negative results happen because of that." the man replied.

"He's Company, why are you not tracking his chip?" a woman in her twenties asked.

"Seems he managed to make a device that scrambles the signal. As a result we are monitoring your signals for interruptions." he answered.

"So we get tracked and our privacy ruined because you couldn't handle a nerdy pervert." a woman proximity in her early twenties requested.

"Just for the moment, a few days at the most. The information we do have indicates he has left town. We just want to make sure your safety. If any of you think you might have information that would decrease this situation please go talk to one of the Security personnel here today." the man stated.

"What's his plans?" a mid-teen looking girl asked.

"We don't have any definite on that at the moment." Agent Trites replied.

"So this is just to tell us a dangerous pervert is roaming about. And we are on his want list?" a lady looking to be about thirty asked.

"We can't say he's dangerous. And all we have is that you are of interest to him. But from what we have it's likely only a passing interest that will be forgotten if he's attempting to avoid Security." Agent Trites reasoned.

"We know he tried to rape one of his team mates. How is that not dangerous? Or is that more of the logic that had him not being tracked after he was fired?" the woman countered.

"The investigation is still ongoing. Since it is not complete, we can't say he's dangerous. Just diluted. Why he wasn't tracked is part of that investigation. Since this will likely just start to circle at this point I would like to ask Dr. Micheal Miller's team to stay. Everyone else is dismissed. I am hopeful this is just us being overly cautious. Remember if Dr. Peters contacts you, let us know right away. Good day." The security man firmly stated.

A few questions we fired at him. They did focus on Teddy's threat level and the likelihood of them being caught in it. He simply blocked with replies that equaled, "Still Investigating."

Soon the ladies were escorted from the room. Fear of what might be being displayed as anger at others lack of vision. Once the rest of the ladies were gone, Agent Trites climbed off the stage and stood before Micheal's team. Howard and another man followed. The man behind Howard was a towering muscled man. Looking every bit the bodyguard to Howard's client.

"OK, you should know due to what we found we feel you all are of more importance to Dr. Peters. Therefore you will notice you have a Security team following you for the next few days. Shorter if we find Dr. Peters." the Agent explained.

"So Dr. Peters was able to assemble a chip scrambler with over the counter tech?" Dr. Evans asked in a tone that told Karla that was unlikely.

The Agent looked at Howard. Howard nodded and flashed a glare at the big man behind him. Trites turned back and sighed before explaining, "From the data Inputted and his own technology ingenuity, it is likely he could. Though we have evidence that he smuggled out Company tech of a sensitive nature. And he likely used some of that to cover his signal."

Micheal looked at his dad, "What else did he take? I kept an inventory of my department."

"He didn't take anything from our department Dr. Miller. I know, as you had me doing a back up inventory." Dr. Evans backed Micheal.

"It looks like he used certain people's discomfort at his presence to nick bits and pieces from other departments." Howard grumbled.

"So, what does it look like he can do?" Dr. Halifax requested.

"It looks like he took enough to possibly make a sizing tube and had memorized the schematics to design his own Teleport pads." Agent Trites informed.

"Why would he want sizing tubes?" Karla blurted out.

The Agent looked confused at her talking. Like she wouldn't, more likely shouldn't talk to humans. Howard noted, "Likely he plans on opening an underground size club. Every once and a while one pops up. Non-Company go there and either agree to be shrunk or play with the small people. Couples and the like. But they are also known to attract runaways and the like and keep them small for others to enjoy as they like."

"If that is his plan, he will be looking to do it in a non-Company city. Bigger populated area for more clients and possible stock. And, in his mind, less accessible for Company Security. Though all we need to do is discover one and we shut them down the same day." Agent Trites added.

"So, you figure he's making his way to another city. That's why you think he is no threat to us?" Jenna asked.

"Basically. This town is too covered by Company personnel for him to operate and not get caught." the Security man agreed.

"I know you and Blake take pride in tracking your inventory." Howard began.

"We'll start as soon as we get back to our offices." Micheal finished with Dr. Evans nodding in fast agreement.

"The data we found also showed he wanted your pet. I suggest keeping her close." the Security officer suggested.

Micheal smiled and agreed with an, "OK."

"Well, keep this among us. But I figured you knew that. Agent Trites, Mr. Goguen, and I have to have a discussion. Good luck." Howard stated.

"What about mom?" Micheal asked.

"Mr. Jacobs insisted she have a security team too. He went over to advise her of the situation personally." Agent Trites explained.

Howard sighed and grumbled, "Of course he did."

The group started out of the room. Micheal began, "Dr. Evans could you start in room one. Dr. Halifax room two. Dr. Murphy, if you don't mind could you take Karla to her office to get her tablet. She can work in my office. Everyone good?"

"Yes Dr. Miller." they replied.

Karla was carried, despite her embarrassment, to her office. Chuck wasn't there. She texted and he replied that he took an early lunch. She explained where she would be. He knew why, gossip traveled faster than feet.

Tablet collected and they went to Micheal's office. Karla was placed on a desk in the shared chamber. Jenna soon was directed to a wall of small boxes by Micheal. He in turn was going through large boxes on the other side of the room.

Karla was too distracted by the efforts of Micheal and his team to get much work done. Micheal came close to the desk. "Micheal?" she called out.

"Yes Karla, sorry you're probably hungry aren't you? Let me get you a couple pellets, '' he replied.

"No, well now that you mention it, yes. But I was wondering if you do all your work in simulation. Why do you have so much tech stuff about your offices." she asked.

"We need to know what these devices can take in the real world. So some of our tests do include putting the devices through real actions. If a capacitor can't handle the energy flow, it doesn't matter if the computer says the calculation will work." he explained.

He turned and called out, "Everyone, we should get lunch."

Karla was about to climb off her desk perch when Jenna's arms wrapped around her torso and lifted her uncomfortably in front of the taller young lady. "Can I carry Cutie Karla?" she cooed at Micheal.

Micheal looked directly at her so Karla made a no please face. He smiled and horribly said, "Sure."

"Yea!" Jenna cheered as Karla found herself tossed in the air and spun. Landing back in Jenna's arms, facing the young woman. She was hugged like a living Teddy Bear to the purple haired being's chest. As the group began to walk the pretty scientist began talking to Karla like a favored puppy, including stroking at her nose with her finger. "Who's going to get some good food. You are Cutie Karla. We are going to get you all kinds of tasty food."

Karla was cooed at the whole way to the cafeteria. How she would get good tasty food. How cute she was, like a tan Barbie. How cuddly she was. The line, "I'd love just to snuggle you naked all night." had a clear effect on poor Micheal. And the guy passing by them, he lost his lunch. He was so taken back by Jenna's announcement of nude affection he let go of his trey.

In line Jenna cooed, "What will we get Cutie Karla to eat?"

"I'm getting her lunch. So just get your own Jenna. If you need to, you can put her down." Micheal advised.

"Oh she weighs nothing. I like carrying her." Jenna replied.

Karla tried to see what Micheal was getting her to eat. But he only had one plate. He was filling it with finger foods. Cherry Tomatoes, Strawberries, French fries and the like.

Karla was carried back to his department by her purple haired stead. Once there Micheal announced, "I'm going to eat my lunch in my office. Jenna, I want Karla with me."

"OK." Pouted the pretty taxi. Setting Karla down near Micheal.

Karla walked towards Micheal. He smiled at her, but she noticed a sad look to his expression. A melancholy. She followed her sweet lad towards his office. Dr. Evans stopped him and softly said, "You did what was right. Take your time with lunch. Enjoy your company. I'll handle things out here till your ready to come back out."

"OK, thanks." Micheal replied.

They entered and Karla looked around the room. It was actually smaller than Karla's personal office. On the walls were a couple posters of his favorite computer generated robot pilot. There was also a large schematic of what was likely a Teleport pad. The dresser-like furniture along the wall with the door held an empty cage. Then a small couch along the end wall. The opposite wall to the door held a slanted desk with a high seat. Another door showed a small bathroom. Then the outer wall was panes of glass that had blinds slowly descending over them.

His desk was in the center by the windows. His chair was a well worn armed office version. There was a chair on the opposite side. Karla began towards it for her seat when a strong arm wrapped her waist and advised, "Nope, you sit here." And she happily slipped onto his big lap.

She looked up at her Micheal. He smiled down at her. But his eyes. They showed worry. He scooted them closer to the desk. His arm reached over and brought a strawberry before her. "Here, have a bite," he offered.

Karla smiled. She leaned forward and made a show of her lips slipping over the red berry and took a taste. Humming a enjoying sound for her tall boy. This will be a great lunch.

He hand fed her the rest of the Strawberry. Then grabbed her an onion ring noting, "I know you like these too." She playfully snapped her teeth into the battered circle. Nibbling the rest from his fingers. Licking the flavor from the tips.

He began to reach for an other item when Karla noted, "No Micheal, you need to eat too." He stopped as she stretched over to the platter. He sweetly held her in his lap. He ate the French fry she offered. She was rewarded by the back of his thumb stroking her cheek.

They took turns feeding each other in this nourishing cuddle. He was clearly enjoying her attention. But his eyes still looked distant. Karla's heart ached for him and she needed to know why, "Micheal, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." he lied.

She stretched up and kissed his lips. Face nuzzled his cheek she begged, "Please tell me what is wrong."

He guided her back into a seated position. A celery stick was presented to her mouth. She began to nibble and Micheal sighed. "I just keep thinking I shouldn't have fired Teddy. Then maybe he wouldn't be on the run."

She offered him some meat strip. As he ate it she countered. "You had to Micheal. He attempted to rape Jenna."

She now ate a fry from his large fingers as he wondered, "But maybe I should have just written him up again. Take counseling or be fired type of thing."

She popped a cherry tomato into his cute sad face. "Micheal, he was sneaking around the compound stealing tech things. That Agent guy said he likely has the tech to build a sizing tube. But what if he was working on making a device to shrink Company staff. You possibly saved the ladies in that room from becoming Shrunken and kidnapped for his perverse desires." Karla only noticed the irony of this idea once she finished saying the words.

"But their implant would stop that." he tried to reason.

"The implant he is overriding so Security can't track him?" Karla reminded.

"You don't think I did the wrong thing?" Micheal requested.

She pressed to the broad chest. His body wash scent teased through the fabric of his tee. "I think you did the right thing. And are too sweet worrying about that poor man."

"You make me feel better." he hugged her tiny form.

She sighed out, "I hope I do more than make you feel better." This was rewarded by a kiss. Half sized has its advantages. Yes his mouth was still gigantic, but their tongues could coil slightly together.

They went back to feeding each other in turns. Karla was getting quickly full. She would have stopped eating except she couldn't resist accepting what he offered her.

He slipped a raspberry over her lips. As she chewed she felt the top of her shirt loosen. Her cheeky giant wanted to peek at her cleavage. If that was the cost of his direct attention she would pull back her shoulders for a better view for him. He petted her cheek with such affection, Karla felt so spoiled.

He moved the empty plate and smiled at her. "Now for desert," he advised. Karla was about to ask where it was when he leaned down and suckled his lips along her neck. She sighed as those lips danced on her skin. Powerful arm pulled her onto her knees in his lap. Her arms stretched around his head as he nuzzled her breasts.

Her blouse started to untuck. Karla loved this attention, just not the location. "Micheal, we shouldn't go too far. Your staff will hear." she suggested.

"Did no one show you your office's sound dampening controls? So you can concentrate if your staff is loud? They also allow you to play with a Shrunken. And no matter how loud they moan no one will hear them.'' he explained. His fingers made short work of her shirt's buttons.

"Wait, what are you saying?" Karla gasped as her shirt was off her torso.

"I hope to make you moan loudly." Micheal growled like a sexy beast. His mouth encased Karla's. Like he was with his body, his tongue dominated her little tongue. That multitasking genius had her bra slipping off her shoulders as they kissed.

His lips left hers as he took her bra away. Then he sucked her breast into his mouth. That skilled tongue rolled her nipple just perfectly. She racked her hands through his hair as she whimpered in pleasure, "Oh fuck!" Just to add to his fun he reached around her torso and grabbed the other one and rolled his fingers over it.

He pulled her back and she frantically tried to decipher why. Then he pulled the shirt from his torso. Karla dove into that skin wall. Mouth kissed and tasted him. Hands kneaded his chest. She was big enough to dance along his body, but small enough to be caged by his arms.

Her skirt became loose. It didn't matter as she could be affectionate to Micheal. Not just a toy flopping on him. But actually interactive sized. Small enough he could still over power her with little effort. She was lifted off his lap. Breast again suckled. He held her with one arm and removed the skirt with the other.

Then she was spun to face away. Chest upon cold desk. What was he planning? she wondered. His mighty hands hooked her hosiery and pushed them down to her ankles. Karla had a frightening thought about what he might have planned. Then she heard his belt jingle.

Karla was a blend of emotions. She wanted to pleasure her Micheal. But the idea of that thick shaft pushed into her tiny form was suddenly terrifying. She attempted to reassure herself. This was not the first time. Micheal was so kind their first time. Just filling her with the end third. Then she remembered the night of his Circle. How he put all of it into one of those skinny half sized forms.

All the debate ended when the domed end pressed to his womanhood. Her hips popped up to ease his access without thought. He rolled it along her sensitive access and her hips followed its lead. Her pussy finally allowed him to enter. Slowly he pushed deeper into her. Her legs turned trying to spread a wider opening. Gloriously felt as it traveled deeper. Every nerve it found went taunt around its girth and transmitted pure pleasure to her mind.

He reached that hard first third. Karla expected him to pull back and begin. Her eyes went wide as he continued deeper. They rolled back as he just kept going. She opened her mouth wide strangely expecting the tip to poke out of there soon. His body pressed to hers, stopping his progress. She would swear she could feel the tip in her throat.

"Oh, this feels so amazing!" he declared.

Karla wanted to tell him it felt amazing to her too but only a gasping repeating oh sound came out.

He covered her little form with his body. Powerful arms coiled her torso and lifted to gain access to her breasts. Fingers squeezed her tits as they teased her nipples. "Are you OK?" he asked.

Her reply was just gasping pleasure sounds. She knew words, just couldn't remember how to make the sounds with her mouth.

He began retreating that hard shaft from her body. Such a magnificent sensation. Then he reclaimed her internal territory. If bigger the better was true then this was the best. Only a few thrusts and Karla found herself climaxing.

Her mind was a flood of sensations. She couldn't gauge if each thrust brought a new climax or was he just keeping her in one long extended organum. Her limbs were useless and flopped in reaction to his powerful hips actions. "You feel so HOT!" he bellowed like the dominating giant he was. Karla tried to tell him how spectacular he was making her feel. Only loud pornographic moans came out.

His hands freed her tits. One grabbed a shoulder and another her hip. Raising her rag doll body from his desk he thrust painfully hard into her helpless form. Glorious was all Karla could think. The sensation of it was traveling in her, his dominance over her body, the pleasure her likely destroyed pussy was getting from her perfect owner.

She flopped onto the desk. His body covered hers. She felt the swell along the shaft and grunted as he pumped semen deep inside her body. Each following burst was announced by her with a soft grunt.

It had only been a short time from beginning to this end. Karla felt so spent like nothing she had ever experienced. Micheal owned her completely now and that had nothing to do with her being a Shrunken. If she suddenly became human again she would be chasing him like Jenna or Allena.

He lifted her and sat back in his chair. His entire body rose and lowered with his breathing. Karla draped herself over his chest. He held her upright. She wanted to turn and coil into his chest. But she was still spiked on that long cock. She could feel it wilting inside her form. But it was still too massive for her to lift herself off it without help.

As if he read her mind, Micheal reached under her and lifted her off his shaft. As soon as the tip popped out Karla suddenly could say words again.

He placed her in his lap. She turned and hugged his neck. Kissing all over his face praising, "Oh Micheal that felt so good! Thank you! Thank you!"

"No, thank you. That was so HOT! I'm so glad you're my first." he replied.

Karla leaned back and gave a dismissive smile. "I'm just a Shrunken. Besides I'm not even the first one you put it all the way into."

"You were the first I ever put it in," he reminded her.

"Shrunken doesn't count." Karla reminded him of the Company's mindset.

"You've always counted to me." he replied. Karla melted to his torso. He stroked her back as she could hide her happy tears. "If I could make you human again I would."

"Stop that. I'm just a Shrunken. You have a wonderful girlfriend." Karla blathered back.

"You're my Special Karla." he praised back. Squeezing her.

They sat there for a while. He sighed and reached under her. Lifting her like he was going to carry her over the threshold. She girlishly allowed her mind to imagine what their wedding would look like. Multi-sized guests. Would she walk down the aisle or be carried? Would she survive the honeymoon?

Micheal placed Karla on the toilet. He leaned back on the sink. There it hung glisten with his spent semen and her vaginal juices. Even with all her Shrunken increased elasticity the tip was red with a touch of her blood. Karla couldn't seem to look away from his manhood. Thick and meaty she felt herself begin to salivate. Her tongue wouldn't stop tasting her lips. Lips that longed to stroke its sensitive skin. Then her tongue would have a better target to lap over.

Karla tried to reason this out. She wasn't against performing oral on someone she was dating. At times it was fun. She had even managed a few times at this and larger size on Micheal. But this was different, this was like a strange need. She didn't just want to make her man happy or to see his face go all goofy. No, she almost felt she had to service her owner. Show her submission to her human master. It had to be something to do with the Shrunken process. Maybe the collar wasn't functioning correctly. It did feel like when he used the arousal command on the collar borrowed from the Half Mast Club. She should get him to remove it.

He stretched up. That magnificent manhood was right there. Her hand grabbed the tip and lifted the heavy thick mass of pleasure. “Karla what are you doing?" her titan teen asked. She answered by dragging her tongue up from his big balls to just under his tip. Her vanilla and his chocolate mixed on her tongue. Her heart raced with the idea of savoring him after he pleasured Josie. She nuzzled that shaft. Draping him over her face as she suckled just above his balls. One hand petting the hanging pair to encourage more of their white gift. Her other hand patted the Behemoth. After all, she could get that sweet fluid if he didn't become hard again.

"Karla, we need to get to work. What are you doing?" he so arousingly panted.

She looked up at him from the one eye not covered by his Shrunken stroker. Shoulders back to display her chest for her master. She didn't stop playing with his balls or petting his beast. She kept thinking in her head, don't call him master. Karla spoke close enough to that girth to brush her lips against his sensitive skin, "Just want to make sure my owner had enough dessert with his lunch." He was fast becoming hard as she began nuzzling him again.

Micheal lifted her. Tossing her slightly and grabbing her ass in his massive hands. Her legs were divided by his titan body. Her view was blocked by his wonderful bare chest. The cold wall on her back made her arch her chest forward. His powerful body pressed her back. Just the sensation of him over powering her smaller frame was beyond arousing. She was caged by that giant. And she rubbed her face to that amazingly scented wall.

His tip pressed her womanhood. She was so aroused it stretched deep into her almost immediately. He wasn't slow this time. No, he was mighty. She was weak, perfect for a titan to use to pleasure himself. That shaft fully inside her, deeply she stretched around it. Karla was climaxing by his dominance.

Then he started thrusting. His mighty form worked his Behemoth inside her. Her body became his puppet. Her limbs dangled and danced to his erotic rythum. She was back to moans and grunts for sounds. But she was speaking the only language that mattered, Micheal's pleasure. And he was giving her a lecture in that subject. Deep he pressed and rewarded her insides with his semen. Her brain exploded with delight.

He slowly slid back out. He gently placed her on the floor before him. Careful to make sure her legs supported her. "OK, that was great. But we need to go back to work." he gasped out in heavy breaths.

Karla heard him. She knew he was right. But that sweet Micheal nectar was dripping right before her thirsty mouth. Karla needed his flavor in that mouth. Over her tongue. Coating her throat. Sprayed over her face. Her hands grabbed around his shaft and lifted to allow her to suck that broad tip.

"Karla stop!" he bellowed. She cowered like a scared animal. She was an animal, just a Shrunken. Micheal was her human. She made him mad, she was a bad Shrunken.

"What is wrong with you? Are you feeling OK?" he kindly asked. He was sweet, worrying about this Shrunken's health.

"Just want you to be happy." she whimpered. "I just got a little excited to serve my sweet owner."

He stroked her cheek softly with his loving hand. "You always make me happy. I so love you touching me all sexy like. But that is not the only thing I want from you. I want you to be happy too. You're not like other Shrunken. I like making you feel good too."

Karla felt herself blush. He was so kind to her. She could not have wished for a better owner. He treated her better than some people. He was just so wonderful and she just wanted him to feel her gratitude. "You sure you don't want a little more fun from me?" she heard herself beg her kind titan.

"I don't think I can handle any more fun and still be able to get any work done this afternoon. You're just too Hot for me." Her marvelous Micheal praised.

"OK, I'll stop so we can get up and get back out there." she sighed strangely, deeply content that he was satiated.

They freshened up. It was greatly tempting to nuzzle the Behemoth since it swung so close to her face in such close quarters. But she resisted because that's what he requested. They dressed and she grabbed her tablet.

Strong boy arms hooked under her bum and she was hoisted up to his warm chest. Jenna carrying her was adorably annoying. Micheal doing it was bliss. She rested her head on his still massive shoulder. Her body trembled as his hand gently stroked her hair.

"OK team, we should get back to work." he called out as they entered the main room. The firm commanding tone sent a shiver through Karla's body.

"Ahh, Cutie Karla looks so happy there." purred Jenna. Micheal's body stiffened, Likely due to Jenna's strategic posing. Karla was tempted to look, but not enough to give up this cozy cuddle.

Micheal bent over and Karla found herself being placed into an office chair. "You can work here while we do our calculations." he advised and kissed her forehead. She felt her cheeks warm up.

She watched Micheal walk over to the white board. His staff gathered around and they started babbling numbers, letters, odd words and math terms. She smiled at how smart her boy was. Jenna looked over and gave a cutesy wave and Karla just found it amusing.

Karla pulled her tablet from the desk and pulled up her work. Reports to have data entered. She smiled, installation of the teleporter in Jeff's compound would be later this week. A little good news to counter the earlier troubling information.

She suddenly felt weak. She knew where this came from since she never experienced being fucked into a prolonged delirious state like Micheal had given her earlier. Yet alone twice in such quick succession. She placed her tablet down beside her and leaned her head back and allowed her eyes close to take a short rest to refresh her mind.

She smiled in contentment. Micheal's chair held his enticing scent. She breathed deep through her nose. Her soul was warmed with his arousing aroma. She wondered if becoming a Shrunken had increased her sense of smell. Maybe compacting her nasals caught smells better. She cuddled back as the body wash perfume reminded her of resting on Micheal's broad chest. Wonderfully relaxing.

Karla wasn't sure how long she had dozed off for. But it was long enough to be noticed. She was gifted with his lab coat as a blanket. She pulled it tight and cuddled in it. She was now bathing in his warmth and aroma. She pulled up her tablet and forced herself back to work in her fantastic nest.

"OK Karla, dad wants us to meet in the lobby to head home." Micheal advised.

"OK Micheal." she purred under her lab coat blanket. Leaning up, presenting her neck for him to turn her back to her proper size again easier.

He cupped her cheek and she felt him grab the latch on her collar. Suddenly she was her proper size again. Mighty hand hugged her helpless little form. He lifted her to eye level and kissed her entire face. She felt like the loveliest fairy in all the world in her towering teen's hand.

Slipped into his shirt pocket she was warmed by the heat off his chest. He grabbed her tablet and his lab coat. On its hook he started towards the main doors. Men and women got out of his way in respect. She was so proud of her young owner.

"Hey kid, how was the rest of your day?" Howard asked him once he came close.

"We managed to get a bit of work done. More than I thought. I think we all just didn't want to think about Teddy." Micheal replied. She could hear his sadness in his voice. He still blamed himself a little for Teddy's choices.

"It's not your fault Micheal. He did his actions, you had to react to those. You understand that right?" Howard clearly heard the tone too.

"I know, I just wonder if I could have done more. Kept it from going that far." her boy whimpered.

Howard grabbed his shoulder. "You are doing your best. Making decisions that someone at your age shouldn't even have to think about yet. Your doing great. But you will never find the perfect solution to every situation. Especially if the person the subject of those decisions doesn't complete their side of things. They are responsible for their decisions. Understand?"

"Yeah dad. Still feel bad though." he noted.

"That's because you're a good guy." Howard praised.

Chuck came up to them and the group started towards the doors. Karla sat down in his pocket. She knew no one outside the Company would see her in his pocket in the compound grounds. It just felt right. Resting her head against his massive chest.

Micheal and Howard slipped into techno babble. Karla couldn't follow it far past the fact it involved energy calibrations. Or something affected by energy calibrations. She could however stroke along the tiny patch of Micheal's chest she could reach in his pocket. She oddly wished she hadn't dozed off earlier as this location was a perfect combination of Micheal warmth and scent mixed with a supporting hammock like bed.

In the car as it drove she found she had large visiting fingers. She nuzzled the pad of Mr. Thumb as Mr. Index stroked her head. She was entranced with this little affection from her Micheal.

Chuck was dropped off and they made it home without any bother. Suddenly Micheal's body twisted back and forth. He asked, "Shouldn't we have a security team following us?"

"Oh, We do. They are just hanging back out of sight. They know Dr. Peters won't show himself if he sees them." Howard advised.

"Oh, OK. That makes sense." Micheal accepted.

They entered the house. "Hello guys, how was work?" Milly asked with a nervous ting to her voice.

"Alright, little side tracked." Howard replied.

"Mike?" Milly sounded worried.

Karla found herself being pulled out of his pocket as he answered, "I'm alright."

"Well, fried chicken and waffles for supper. Go wash up." Milly commanded.

They washed up and Karla found herself sitting with Josie in the middle of the table. She leaned close and asked, "How is he?"

"It bothers him. But I was able to help him feel a little better this afternoon." Karla confessed. Getting a knowing nod from her Red haired lover.

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CH 24B: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 24B
M/f+f*4/f+f*4 Induced Gang Rape

After dinner had the boys doing dishes as Karla and Josie got to cuddle with Milly to watch the news. The destruction of their and the other towns the Cruise had visited slipped to middle story, like the disappearance or millions of people was not important. But for the rest of the world it was a series of unconnected events.

Milly interrupted the news, likely trying to distract them from the story. "You got a package today Karla."

"Really, where is it?" she asked her giantess mother figure.

"Oh, I put it in your garage. It's new blankets. Why do you want so many blankets?" Milly said.

Karla was a little upset she had opened her package. Then she thought, how would she open it?” Thanks. I wanted Micheal's Shrunken to be more comfortable."

"Aren't you a sweet girl? Another sign you're a Special Shrunken." Milly praised.

Suddenly boy hands lifted them to his shoulders. Up to his apartment and into his bedroom. He placed them on a pillow and he grabbed his tablet and laid on the bed. He started watching Battle Jumpers strategy videos. He looked bothered.

Karla looked to Josie. "We should try to cheer him up." she advised.

They climbed over to their tower teen's broad chest. They moved to just before his screen. "Micheal, are you OK?" she called to him.

"Yeah, just still kind of worried for Teddy." he sighed.

"Would you like us to make you feel better?" Josie purred at him.

He looked to be thinking about something. "Do you mind if I try something?" he replied.

"Sure." Karla answered. Her sweet owner was upset and she could not have that. She needed him to be happy.

They were placed on the pillow and he went into the cage room. "What do you think he has planned?" Josie asked.

"It doesn't matter. If it cheers him up it will be worth it." Karla advised.

He came back a few minutes later with a tub. Eight Shrunken inside. Marcia, Peyton, the two former actresses Amy and Tina, the chest heavy mother and her two daughters, and lastly the slender teen that favored a side pigtail. Each one naked.

He laid back on the bed and took off his shirt. Karla and Josie found themselves lifted. He lifted Josie first. She wore comfortable looking sweat shorts and a hoodie. He wrapped her waist, dragged her bottoms down her lovely legs. He hooked under her hoodie and lifted it and whatever shirt she wore under it in one smooth action. He flipped her onto his palm. Pinching the center of her bra and then pushed the straps off her shoulders. He placed her back onto his chest.

Karla found herself lifted. She found his dexterous fingers plucking her buttons down her work blouse. Those same fingers pushed it open. His mighty hand flipped her onto her stomach. He hooked a finger and pulled her jacket and shirt off her body. He pinched her bra releasing the hooks. She felt his touch push her straps off her shoulders. Lifting her like a toy, exposing her chest.

On her back, He grabbed her ankles and lifted her ass off his palm. His titan-like thumb pressed his nail into the oversized zipper head in the back of her skirt. She felt her skirt loosen. His hand turned and his mighty finger hugged her waist tightly. The holding hand's fingers hooked her arms. He peeled her bottom off as easily as peeling a banana.

She was placed back on his chest. He asked, "Who wants blondes and who wants Brunettes?"

Karla looked at Josie and she shrugged. "I'll take Blondes I guess." Karla answered.

He smiled and poured the tub before them. "Blondes to Karla, Brunettes to Josie." he commanded in a wonderfully firm tone. The crowd nervously divided by their hair color as he ordered.

He leaned causing the crowd to start. He reached into his nightstand. Karla knew the little white bag he pulled out from there. He opened the bag and began handing each of the other Shrunken a pellet. Once the last one received a pellet he commanded, "Suck those down. I do mean suck."

They all looked distrustful at the pill shaped pellet. Tentatively they all began sucking on one of the ends. Karla could tell Micheal was enjoying watching the eight lovely pets orally dissolving the cylinder of food stuff. None looked to be enjoying him watching them service the phallic looking things.

Slowly however Karla noticed the ladies began to sigh as they sucked on their food item. They all began to slowly take more and more of the pellet into their mouths. The actress Amy clearly had some practice as her pellet worked past her lovely pillowy lips and visibly stretched the top of her throat. Those Randy Ranch pellets were soon fully in effect. All eight looked lustfully up at her mighty Micheal. Chests heaved as hands wrapped around their breasts and fiddled with their own nipples.

"You want my cum don't you?" he asked.

Lustfully they all literally begged to drink his man fluid. It was appealing to see them pleading for him to use them for his enjoyment. Their minds flooded with whatever was in the pellets. Making them crave his pleasure.

Suddenly he said something that made Karla fearful, "Then you better make Karla and Josie organism. Remember blondes on Karla and Brunettes on Josie."

They turned. A crazed look in their eyes. Karla began to back away, but wasn't fast enough. Four blonde sex crazed savages pounced her. She was pressed down. She struggled but couldn't resist her four attackers. She heard Josie struggling against the Brunettes.

Suddenly her legs were pinned apart. A body wrapped to each. Hungry mouths attacked her pussy. One mouth eagerly tongued into her. The other suckled and flicked her clitoris.

Marcia and Peyton's face flashed over her. They reached their mouth down and Karla felt them sucking at her nipples. Hands rubbed and stroked her body parts not the focus of a mouth. Curvy forms grind to her and she could feel how wet their pussies were as they rubbed them on her. They were frantically lustful.

"Micheal, please stop this." she begged.

"But it's so hot. I want to watch them make you two cum." he sang back excitedly.

Karla couldn't resist Micheal. His happiness was her benefit, a voice reminded her. Sacrifice your comfort for better treatment, her old self reminded. No, she loved her owner, he loved her. She just need to ask again.

Not that she had a chance. Peyton's mouth pressed to hers. The blonde teen's tongue filled her mouth. Kissing her excitedly if sloppily. She rubbed her ample breasts into Karla's exposed breast.

"Oh so Hot! So amazingly Hot!" Micheal praised. His body shifted. Karla struggled to look to see what he was doing. He was opening his pants.

He exposed the very stiff Behemoth. There, freed from containment was Donna and Gabriel. His hand pressed the busty favorites along his thick shaft. A familiar scene of him stroking his massive cock with their helpless tiny bodies.

Peyton grabbed her face. Karla suddenly had her head hugged tight at the shapely attacker sucked at her mouth. Her body started to surrender to all the simulation. The mouths attacking her pussy grew more passionate. "Yes, yes, make them moan!" Micheal's voice demanded and Karla suddenly realized she was moaning even with Peyton's tongue in her mouth.

Her teen titan was eagerly gasping. The sight of his two top pets being ganged raped by four other lovely pets. While he rubbed his cock with his two other favorites. Karla was hurt he was using her for this terrible display. Treating her like a common Shrunken. She had surrendered to him. Served him. Began enjoying his sexual play. Even convinced her sweet lady love to participate willingly. And now because some pervert couldn't accept being fired she was to be sexually mobbed for his enjoyment. It might have been different if they were just commanded to pleasure her. But he chemically placed the four of them in a sexual savage state before sicing them on her and Josie.

Her body exploded. She couldn't help it. It was like his first special kisses. She didn't want that reaction, but it was too much stimulation. Even with her forced climax she felt his body shiver. Horrid globes of cum rained down onto her and her attackers. She had gotten to strangely enjoy his finishing on her little helpless form. But this was different. A load on her breasts had four mouths fighting to suck and lick the thick warm fluid off her tits.

Soon Karla couldn't breath as he covered her face in spunk cheering horrible that former wonderful praise, "Oh so Hot!" Did he see she was scared, painfully restrained, emotionally hurt. He made her a thing. A toy. Just another Shrunken. Even if it was only for this night, to erase his unnecessary guilt. It wasn't fair, she had worked so hard to make him happy. To be his Special Karla.

Karla could feel him gasping after his climax as the four blondes licked every ounce of cum off her body before turning on each other. She was trapped under the naked four for all. Struggling to escape this horrible situation. But freedom only came as the four blondes went after the scattered puddles on his stomach.

"What's wrong, that looked so Hot?" he asked as she sat up.

She couldn't answer. Her throat was choked up as tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She was teleported weeks back in time. To their first interaction. A masturbation toy for a sick giant teen boy. A living thing to him to enjoy as he felt like. He didn't care then, did he even really care now.

Josie managed words out first, "That was horrible."

"No, it was awesome. Didn't they make you climax?" he questioned.

"Not in an enjoyable way. Micheal we could have been hurt." Josie explained. She clearly wasn't as emotionally devastated as Karla felt.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just thought it would be hot to watch four Shrunken make my Special ladies happy girls." he replied.

"I want to go to my cage for the night." Karla managed out.

"But why? I said I was sorry. Let me make it up to you two. I could get you two a big bowl of chocolate mint ice cream to share?" he offered.

The memory that once was sweet came to Karla's mind. Him using her body to enjoy a giant bowl of that frozen treat. Him teasing her body as he lapped it from her body. It seemed to sour as she wondered if he only delighted her for his own amusement. Her pleasure sounds just another way to get himself off. "Please Director Micheal, I want to go to my cage for the night." she managed to sob out.

"Oh, OK. I am sorry. I didn't mean to upset you two. I just thought it would be sexy." he sounded apologetic. But was it really because he was sorry or because his favorite toys were being whiny.

Micheal Grabbed the other Shrunken and just dumped them in the tub. They looked disgusted. Seems his semen was enough to counter most of the effects of those drugged pellets.

He gently scoop her and Josie up and stood up. He looked miserable as he carried them to their seldom used cage. He placed them inside. "I hope you feel better in the morning. I am sorry." Micheal stated before leaving to clean up the rest of his fun.

They wandered down together to the shower area. She and Josie started the water. Then turned to each other and embraced. Crying as water washed over them. Karla hoped it would rinse the horrible feeling off her skin. But it just reminded her of that first horrible day. Being allowed to rinse the first time he finished over her face in that room's bathroom sink.

They dried off and got Pajamas. Micheal was laying on his bed alone. Looking depressed. Karla almost called to him. But she still felt belittled. She turned away and crawled into the tiny bed with Josie. They just held each other as eventually sleep finally fitfully came.

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Ch 25: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Mar 24, 2022 11:37 pm

I should do the self promotion thing and remind if you want to help encourage my imagination for more stories/chapters please visit my link below and donate. I would greatly appreciate it.
Also, feel free to ask me questions, if they won't spoil anything I'll likely answer.

Chapter 25
f/f Leads to M/f,f/f+

Micheal's alarm went off. Karla's first instinct was to sit upright and great her titan teen. She fought this however. Keeping her head on her pillow and her eyes closed. Forcing her breathing to stay steady like she was sleeping.

She longed to see him. Have his mighty hand coil around her tiny body. But last night's inconsiderate game brought to many ignored memories flooding back. She had vivid remembrance of the day she was caught. How she went from human to living sex toy. His abuse of his towering form over her miniature one. Karla had let being his Special Shrunken blind her almost immediately to his selfish cruelty. Last night was a harsh reminder that even Special Shrunken were just Shrunken.

Karla felt Josie stiffen as his soft steps approached. Her friend too had accepted being a top pet as a shield it wasn't. Karla could feel his breath brushing her exposed shoulder. Their quick selection of sleepwear was one of little coverage. She could sense his regret even without looking. He accepted he had done wrong by them. But did he understand what that wrong was.

He sweetly let them sleep. He entered the cage room, likely other pets wouldn't be as lucky. This made her feel a little better. Which her mind reminded her was just as horrible as what he did to them last night. The door reopened and Karla risked a peek. Gabriel and Donna, his third and forth favorites, hung from their calves in his hand. Their skimpy sleepwear tops only hung on due to their ample breasts. Though she could tell they wouldn't keep them on long as giant boy steps jiggled even technoligy firmed chest mounds. The two lovely teens didn't even bother trying to hang on to their tops. If gravity didn't take them that towering teen boy soon would.

He left the room and Josie risked sitting up. "Looks like Gabs and Donna are going to get to shower with Micheal this morning."

"More likely he wants them to deal with his morning wood." Karla sighed. The mental image of him dominating those two in one hand as they were rubbed along his Behemoth aroused her. She had to accept, she had become worse than him. She knew what their side was like and yet sickly enjoyed the other Shrunken's torment. Even now, she was slightly sad not to be watching him enjoy his busty pets.

"I think I'm going to lay back down." Josie sighed. Clearly still bothered by Micheal's game.

"You think we might be getting overly worked up about last night. We are Micheal's Shrunken after all." Karla asked.

"We are, but what he did to us was mean." Josie complained.

Karla agreed but pointed out, "If he did that to Grace or Shawna, we would have reveled in the display."

Josie sighed. She couldn't argue that point. "But, we are not supposed to be treated like that because we are special."

"Maybe it's because we have been treated better that we were so hurt by his game." Karla worried.

"No, we are special. He tells us that every night. His parents tell us all the time. That should exempt us from that type of play." Josie reasoned.

Micheal returned and they both quickly laid back down and went back to pretending to sleep. Karla watched her towering teen walk by. Sexually he carried the busty teens upside down by their dance trained legs. They were still wet from the shower. Their expressions told of Micheal gaining satisfaction with them. Karla found herself both jealous and ashamed for missing that shower.

Micheal got dressed for work. Peeking at them, clearly hoping they would awake for a small moment together over breakfast. She didn't move under these glances.

He left. They sat up. "Should we get dressed?" Josie asked.

"I don't know. I really don't feel like it." Karla noted.

Josie got up. "I am. Maybe I'll go for a run. Will be nice for that in the cage. Since we control the weather." she tried to joke.

Karla flopped back onto the bed. Josie dressed in a figure fitting outfit that would be great for jogging. Leaving Karla sulking in bed.

Karla laid there. Her watch went off. Milly asked if she was OK. She didn't reply. Her mind questioned if she should be treated more like the other Shrunken. Maybe break her close connection with her sweet owner.

Josie came in glowing with sweat. Karla wished she had joined her friend. "Milly messaged, did you answer?" Josie asked.

"No, you?" she asked back.

"I thought you would so I didn't." Josie noted.

As if on queue their owner's mother entered. "Are you two feeling OK?" She sweetly asked the equivalent of pets.

"Yes, sorry." Josie replied. Explaining, "Micheal played uncomfortably with us last night and we are a little upset."

"Oh, what did he do?" Milly asked. Clearly conflicted about knowing what was done to them while learning what acts her son did last night to pleasure himself.

"He fed eight Shrunken strange pellets and they became crazed. Then told them to make us climax if they wanted his cum. They attacked us, hurt us in a mad bid for his semen." Josie explained.

Milly grimace. Karla could tell she knew why they thought it was wrong. But also, why it was fun and alright for Micheal. "Honey, maybe you should just let him know you don't like those types of games." Milly advised.

"But he hurt us?" Josie questioned.

"Yeah, a little. But you were in no real danger. Likely if you had just gone with it they would have just attended your sensitive spots and gotten you off." Milly explained.

"But we." Josie started.

Karla interrupted her friend. "Could you play with us like a regular Shrunken? Give us a demonstration on what regular Shrunken should expect. I think we have gotten a little too pampered lately."

"Karla, I'm not comfortable with that." Josie admitted.

"That's our problem. We think they need our permission. But Micheal doesn't. That's why as much as I didn't like last night's game. He had full rights to do it." she reasoned.

"I shouldn't, Micheal got upset last time." Milly countered.

"But, we need a reminder. To be Shrunken just to have a reminder." Karla begged.

"No Karla, we shouldn't do that." Josie announced.

"Yeah, we should maybe just hang out together." Milly offered.

"You don't have to tell Micheal. Just a one time thing. Just a little play. We wouldn't tell, I promise." Karla noted. Pushing her chest out and arching her back like she did when getting her Micheal to want to play.

Karla could see Milly eyeing her. The light sleepwear hung off her curves. Thin enough that the shade of her skin was teasingly visible. She found her heart start to race when her owner's mother's eyes flipped over to the workout glowing Josie and she licked her lips. She was clearly tempted. "Karla, I think you should reconsider doing that."

"You could just have a little fun. You don't have to be overly mean. Just enjoy making us moan for your enjoyment." Karla purred. It was a strange rush knowing she could manipulate giants with just a pose and a little warmth to her words.

Milly's expression was of temptation. But she was a good mother and a good giant friend. Sighing she noted, "I'll be right back and we'll have a nice relaxing bath together. You came close Karla, but only because I haven't played this morning yet. If you try that again young lady I'll tell Micheal. He would be heartbroken."

She was right. Karla had to wonder what she had been thinking, asking that of her Owner's mother. A giant mother figure to her. That was incredibly wrong. "I'm sorry Milly. I just wanted, well, I don't know what I wanted."

Milly smiled softly, "You just wanted to understand your place in the world. Just a pet or something more. And sweetie, you are more than just a pet. Just talk with Micheal tonight. He'll understand why what he did bother you both so much. He cares for his special Shrunken too much to hurt either of you. He just likely got an idea in his head and just didn't think."

"You know she's right. Thanks Milly." Josie said, clearly relieved that Milly didn't take Karla up on her offer.

"Now, get some clothes for the day while I deal with certain urges." Milly commanded kindly.

"I'm sorry I did that." Karla sighed.

Milly smiled and winked saying, "I'm just glad it wasn't Josie tempting me otherwise you'd both be moaning in my mouth right now." Then she stood and left. Likely to indulge with her unspecial Shrunken.

Josie looked nervous. "She was joking right?" she asked.

Karla just shrugged and went for her clothes. Josie followed, begging her to confirm Milly was joking.

They were collected by a pink cheeked Milly about twenty minutes later. Into her bathroom and into a bubble filled huge tub. Milly had gotten them masseuses. A fit black male for Josie and poor embarrassed Carlos for Karla.

Karla could see the sweet boy was tempting not to watch two older girls he had clear crushes on, undressing before him. Milly commanded the males, "Don't do anything they don't want."

Karla was slipped onto the shelf. Now she was naked and wet before the former delivery boy with Milly cooing, "Don't you two have too much fun. What happens in that basket stays in that basket."

Josie laid on the massage table attachment and her attendant started rubbing her shoulders. Carlos looked like his neck wouldn't lift his head from looking at the bubbles at his waist. Karla approached the younger male Shrunken and watched his cheeks go pink. Then she saw why. Not as thick or long as Micheal's manhood. But enough to crest the water.

"Are you OK Carlos?" she asked.

His voice cracked as he answered, "I don't think I could, you know, touch you naked. I'm sorry. Please don't have Mistress punish me."

She smiled and took his hands. "It's OK Carlos. We could just sit and talk."

"OK, maybe." he managed.

"Relax, I won't do anything you're not comfortable with." She tried to relax him as they walked over to the seating rim.

"You dipped my penis in a fried egg yoke and sucked me off the other day while you were big." he reminded.

She snickered before realizing she shouldn't. Then smile, "You saying you didn't like that." She hoped teasing him would help him accept this situation.

"I wasn't comfortable with that. You were so nice and kind before. Then that morning you were one of them. Doing what you wanted without caring how we felt. I still like like you Karla, I just don't think I can trust or be comfortable with you ever again." Carlos explained.

"I understand." she managed to get him to sit down beside her. Seems he had an easier time looking at her directly when certain parts were covered. "Honestly, that type of thing could happen again. That's our life now." she advised him.

"Mistress keeps talking about having me make babies. She noted how attractive our babies would be. Karla, I never been with a woman, you know, in that way truly before. I don't want my first time to be as a pet making new pets. Can you maybe talk them out of making me do that?" he wished.

She hugged his shoulders. Then answered honestly, "I'll talk to them. But I can't promise anything."

"Thanks Karla." he smiled.

"Your welcome." she replied. Mad at herself for thinking of different ones of Micheal's pets Carlos would make gorgeous Kittens with.

"How are you so comfortable around them? I've seen how they treat you, I wish I was treated as well." he softly noted.

"Oh you got luckier than you realize. Is it really so bad to be Milly's favorite toy? She has soft lips." Karla tried to cheer up her former neighbor.

"They are really nice down there. Better if I could say if I wanted them down there or not. And yeah, she is better then some other situations I could have ended up in. But still not as good as yours. So again, how do you get so special?" He pointed out.

She just smiled at him, "I was collected by the best Owner possible."

"If you don't mind being an abused pet." he mumbled.

Karla wanted to be mad at his flippant response about their new lives. But really, for most Shrunken, he was right. She tried to chat to him about old hobbies or past experiences. But the poor lad just couldn't look at her to talk. Her being naked and their last interment interaction left him too uncomfortable for a conversation.

"So, I have house work to do after this. What would you ladies like to do?" Milly suddenly asked.

"Well, I figured I'd keep you company as usual." Josie noted.

Karla wanted to be alone. This experiment just made things worse in her head. "I should finish my work from yesterday.'' she announced.

"You want to borrow that male. I'll keep it secret if you do." Milly offered. Like Carlos was just a bobble to be handed out to anyone.

"Micheal doesn't want us to have relationships with Shrunken males." Karla replied.

"Relationship? No, just as a stress release." Milly just didn't realize the situation in the little basket.

"Maybe tomorrow." Karla said.

They dried and Carlos was put away. Karla ended up in her cage, alone with her tablet. She dressed in one of the many school uniforms Micheal had bought for her. Not that she was looking to be sexy for him. The top was light and the skirt was very comfortable. Karla then lost herself in the few reports she had to deal with. She could have gone into the cage for company. Or called a few into her cage. But she didn't feel right doing either. She wasn't one of them. Not truly one of the Millers either, really. Though she was closer to her Owner and his family then his pretty pets. Yes she felt she had done wrong today. What could she do to make up for it?

Milly walked up to the cage. "Lunch Karla."

"Thank you Milly." She smiled up at her owner's mother.

"I have a handsome guest to keep company." She smiled, slipping poor Carlos into her cage. His baseball uniform must have been made of Mightlore as it didn't hide his manhood at all. From the looks of it, Milly must have been teasing Carlos' groin as she brought him over to her cage.

"I'm not sure if Micheal would be OK with him visiting me." Karla noted. Noticing the plate Milly brought up had seating for two. She made little sandwiches using pita bread.

"Oh, relax. You are only having company for lunch not getting married. If you decide to have dessert, Well he's been instructed to obey." Milly advised.

"What does Josie think about this?" Karla asked.

"She's like you, being all, Micheal wouldn't approve. Both of you are very Special Shrunken. I just wanted to give you both a chance to unwind for a change." Milly explained.

"Would you unwind behind Howard's back." Karla said before thinking.

Milly looked hurt. Clearly that wasn't how she thought of this offer. "Oh, sorry. I, well, I just never considered. Guess if you put it that way. I guess I did the same as Micheal did."

"I'm sorry I was so harsh to point it out." Karla replied.

"No, you were right too. I'll take him back to my cage." Milly noted.

"Actually, I would like to have lunch with Carlos." Karla offered, figuring the poor young male had only eaten pellets for a month now.

"Oh, alright. Message me once you are done with your company." Milly advised before leaving them.

"Lunch?" Karla offered him some sandwiches.

"Ah, sure." he clearly was happy to sit and hide his groin.

He clearly was happy to enjoy some human food. Telling Karla about the friends he made in Milly's cage. Karla told him about her new position. He wasn't thrilled at that idea of them selling people's children into this life. Though she felt he was building the courage for something.

Looked like he was ready as he nervously asked, "Karla, could you do me a major favor?"

"I'll try Carlos, what is it?" she tried to sound supportive.

"You know earlier, when we were in the tub." He asked.

She worried where this was going. "Yes." she said.

"And, how I never been, you know, that way with a girl." He was clearly straining.

"Yes." she said while hoping he wasn't going where she thought he was going.

"Well, Mistress was talking to Josie when she grabbed me from the cage. She is going to breed me once she finds the right, you know, girl she likes." He explained.

"You want me to talk her out of it?" she hoped.

He looked hopeful, "That would be great."

"I can't promise she'll not breed you." Karla wanted to make sure he didn't get too hopeful.

"Yeah, I figured." Carlos sighed.

"Look, I'll make sure it's a nice girl if nothing else.'' She aimed to make him more accepting. While thinking through Micheal's pets for one that would be a good pairing with him.

"Well, could you do me another big favor in the meantime?" he asked, looking desperate.

She worried what was coming. Strangely just realizing they were talking Spanish to each other like back when they were human. "What are you looking for?"

"Well, you know, I mean I know you. We know each other. If, you might, well." he babbled.

She grit her teeth and asked, "Are you looking for me to be your first?"

"Ahh, yes, please? I don't want my first time being a stranger while I'm drugged with something." he blurted out.

"I can't, Carlos. My owner wouldn't want me to." she advised.

Carlos sank into the chair. "Yeah, that makes sense. If I owned you I wouldn't want you having sex with other guys."

She felt bad for him. His first time would likely be in a cage at the Grant's factory while hormoned out of his mind. What would he remember? How would he feel after? She couldn't believe she was feeling guilty about not having sex with him. But it wasn't like they were kids dating and the parents were out for a few hours. This was him being used as a living sperm inserter.

She had an idea, "I know some nice girls in Micheal's cage. As you know they treat me as Special. I could order one to have sex with you?"

"So, your solution for me losing my virginity to a stranger is to offer to force a stranger to have sex with me? Thanks Karla, I understand your thinking. But, no. I'll just accept my fate." He smiled trying to look like he was doing just that.

She had one option, "Look, I'll text my owner. If he accepts, then we can do things."

"You can text people? You should contact the police!" he excitedly spouted out.

"No, I can text because I won't cause our owners problems." She explained.

"You really have become like them." he sighed looking sad.

"If I was like them I would just use you for my pleasure." she advised as she typed.

But before she could send his words hurt, "Like you did to me the other morning?"

"I, yes. Oh why not." she surrendered. Standing, she walked around the table. She did use him and enjoyed it greatly the other day. The only difference now was size.

She straddled her former neighbor and pressed close. "If you tell anyone I'll make sure they mate you to some old ugly females." She threatened.

"Who would I tell." he panted clearly both excited and scared.

She pressed her lips to his mouth. She was pleasantly surprised at how good he was at that. His hands wrapped to her back and stayed there. She hated how excited she was to feel his erection under his little uniform pants. She pushed his hands under her skirt. As he rubbed her ass she leaned back and started undoing his shirt. He was eager as his hips were grinding up at her groin.

He shuttered and gasped. She felt embarrassed for him. "Sorry Karla, I guess I just wasn't ready for, you know."

She stroked his cheek. "It's OK Carlos."

"Looks like my first time will be with a stranger. Thanks for trying." he looked so sad.

She pulled him from his chair. "Where are we going?" he asked, confused.

"Just follow me." She ordered.

In her room she led him over to her shower. She started the shower then turned to catch him peeking up her short skirt. She grabbed the sides of his tight pants and pulled them to his ankles. Tossing them in the shower inside out. Mightlore dried fast.

She stood and finished undoing his shirt. No shoes or underwear on him made stripping him easy. Milly must not like to waste time removing clothes. She pushed him into the booth. He did look really good naked, why didn't she notice him before they were Shrunken.

She pulled her shirt off, exposing her lacey bra. Her audience liked what he saw. She stretched the skirt band and shimmied it down her legs. Males were so easy to please. She unhooked her bra and you would have thought he hadn't just seen them a few hours ago. Her lacey frilly panties next.

Karla stepped in and pressed close to him. As her hand helped the water rid his groin of his premature release she informed him, "Expect to be called Micheal."

"OK, sure." The young male accepted.

She rubbed her naked form to her Micheal stand-in. His hands were again just on her back. She pushed one on her ass cheek. That triggered an energetic reaction. Mouth sucked on her breast and hands explored her body. Micheal's oral affection was more appealing. Micheal's hands massaged nicely as they felt her over. She ran her hands through his hair. It was too long, Micheal's was better. But, this was exciting. This Shrunken male was wonderfully fit.

He was cleaned, she shut off the water, "What now?" he entertainment asked in confusion.

She dragged him to the bed. She'd need to call a pet up to mop up after they were done. She pushed him onto the bed. Climbing over him. She pointed his endowment up. Big, but no Micheal. She capped him and he became Carlos again suddenly.

"What, are you OK? Did you cum already?" he asked in confusion.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" she asked, just in case.

"Please." he begged.

Back to being her Micheal stand-in, she pressed herself down his length. His eyes twitched as she did so. She pressed her ample mounds into his face and began riding him slowly. It felt really nice. Not as glorious as the real Micheal's Behemoth. But, a good distraction. Oh, she liked this male's shaft. So nice. A good length and thickness. Her body danced faster. Her entertainment's mouth and hands were too focused on her breasts, but she didn't care. It wasn't likely going to last much longer.

Oh she started hoping. She was getting close. Just a little faster and she would likely get what she wanted out of this. Yes a little longer. Just a little longer you fun little Shrunken toy. Oh so near.

"AHHH!" Carlos declared he was done. Karla cuddled him tightly as she felt him unload into her. Soon after he finished he whimpered, "Sorry you didn't get to finish."

She smiled at him and kissed his forehead. "This wasn't for me. Hope you don't regret me being your first." She advised him as she stroked his face. Ignoring IT's long lost voice demanding that she slap the Male Shrunken for failing to pleasure her fully.

He smiled up at her, "I will never regret you being my first. Just not making it worth your while."

She slipped off him and cuddled with him. "I will still talk to Milly about not breeding you."

"Thank you." he sighed.

"If she doesn't agree, I might be able to suggest some of Micheal's pets. Did you maybe want to take a look?'' She offered.

"I guess so. I need to use the bathroom." he advised.

"Go, I'll get your pants from the shower so they can dry." she advised.

Karla got dressed. She felt she should feel guilty for having sex with a Male Shrunken behind Micheal's back. But, he was OK with her playing with them when she was big. Was this really that much different?

She went back into her room to find Carlos hiding his nakedness under her blankets. She tossed him his shirt. "It'll just be a few minutes for your pants to dry." she advised.

"OK if I just stay here?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'll grab my tablet and sit with you." she told him.

"Your own cage, a way to text, a tablet, and not talked to like a pet. You are so lucky." Carlios lamented.

"I really am." she agreed.

She grabbed her tablet and brought up Micheal's collection. Switching them to be displayed in the same school uniform as she was wearing. Hopefully he didn't get too excited looking at possible future breeding partners. She laid beside him and they started flipping through Micheal's pretty pets. Several of the older Shrunken females caught his attention for certain reasons.

Then he stopped looking. "Who is that one?"

Karla smiled. Of course, they would make lovely kitten's together. "That's Peyton. She is a very nice Shrunken."

"Why do you do that?" he suddenly asked.

"What?" she wondered what she was doing.

"Refer to people they made small and kidnapped as Shrunken like they do?" he explained.

"Because that's what we are now." she answered.

"You're OK with being their living toy. Forced to endure whatever they want to do to you?" he inquired.

"Well, yes. That's what we are for." she reasoned.

"I was saving and studying to become a dentist and work with my dad. Now I'll never see my dad again. I wasn't for that woman's fun till they made us this way just because they could." Carlos countered.

Karla hugged him. "That is sadly how the world really works I found out. The Company can do as they please for the most part."

"Yeah." he sighed. Then forced a smile, "What is Peyton like?"

"Let me make sure your pants are dry and I'll call her here for you to meet." she offered.

The rest of the afternoon was watching two young Shrunken nervously chat with each other. Peyton seems to take a liking to Carlos. Course that might be since he was the first male her size she had seen. He likely wasn't complaining about her loose hanging crop top and little ass hugging jogging shorts.

Milly arrived and smiled at the pairing. Karla shrugged at her human friend. "Well, I'm here to collect my Shrunken." she said like she just came into the room. Carlos and Peyton flinched.

"He's been nice company. Hasn't he Peyton?" Karla called out.

Peyton nervously agreed saying, "It was a wonderful visitor."

"Well, next time you're staying in your cage Karla I'll have to bring him in again." Milly advised as she lifted Carlos.

"Where is Josie?" Karla asked.

"Down stairs. Trying her best to plan out a Treasures in Tunnel's game for the kids. It's amusing watching her trying to turn the pages of a full sized book." Milly answered with a smirk.

"Why isn't she using her PDFs?" Karla asked.

"On your tablet." Milly responded.

"Oh, right." Karla snickered.

"Did you want to come down and see her?" Milly offered.

"I'm going to stay and run the weather in the cage. But could you take my tablet to her?" she asked.

"Certainly." Milly agreed, picking up the reduced device.

She watched Milly wander off with Carlos and the tablet. Peyton walked over, "Will she bring Carlos again?"

Karla got up and started towards the weather controls. The plants likely needed a good rain. "Likely, would you be happy to see him again."

The shapely young blonde Shrunken blushed. "Yeah, I would. I was wondering if we could keep his visits a secret?"

"Why, don't think the other pets will like him?" Karla asked.

"Actually, from the talk in the cage. I would have trouble keeping his attention." Peyton confessed.

Karla smiled, "And you want all of his attention."

"Yes please." she confirmed.

"I might be willing to do that for you pretty Peyton." Karla teased.

"I would be willing to pay you back. You know, do things you like done." the curvy pet offered.

Karla hadn't even thought about what having access to a regularly visiting male could do for her. She grabbed the PA system for the cage. Trying not to purr as she announced, "Attention cage population. This is your Queen, Karla Miller. In approximately, say, five minutes it will start to rain. I'll make it so it isn't cold though. So if you want to play in the shower you won't freeze. You have been warned."

She walked over to the controls and set the start time, length, and a temperature of the water. "Well, can we keep it secret?" Peyton begged. Karla felt herself becoming aroused.

She strutted over to the shaded window to watch the cage as the artificial rain fell. She dropped her panties to the floor then turned to sit on the padded sill. Peyton took the hint and laid along the sill and nuzzled her cute face under Karla's skirt.

Karla sighed happily as the blonde's tongue began licking along the edges of her slit. Then her curvy friend went deeper. Karla started playing in Peyton's short blonde hair. The smart Shrunken must have been practicing on each other. She reminded Karla of her missed Maria's talents. Karla felt her pussy getting very juicy as the rain started falling. Delighted to watch Shrunken play in the summer shower as Peyton suckled her own cloud burst.

Karla leaned back and stretched her legs over Peyton's back, She was well earning Karla keeping Carlos' visits secret. She closed her eyes and let the rush happen. As she started to come back he expected Petyon's little face to pop up and ask if they were even. She didn't, she just kept tasting Karla's sensitive area.

Karla bowed forward. Hand down Peyton's shirt to massage one of the blonde's big firm tits. Karla messed up those short blonde locks. Peyton started jamming her wiggling tongue deep into her. Karla heard herself cheering repeatedly, "Good girl! Good Girl!"

That formerly timid Shrunken made lightning shoot through Karla's body again and she slammed her back against the wall in reaction. That little minx kept going as Karla's body danced in reaction.

Karla found herself panting. Peyton lifted her head from under Karla's skirt. Vanilla flavored full lips pressed to Karla's lips. Karla's hands pulled up on the younger Shrunken's shirt. The Shrunken process being a great blessing to Peyton’s abundant bosom. Karla felt her shirt rising and she was happy to let it go. Nimble fingers unhooked her bra and it too was taking away.

Karla raced her hands down Peyton's back and pushed all her bottom's off that perky round ass. Karla celebrated Peyton's dance toned form with her hands. Their bodies rub together. Karla enjoyed how their artificially firm breasts felt nuzzling into each other. Peyton's nipples were a good sign she liked this payment option. Karla was well in her happy place.

"Oh so Hot!" her titan decried. A massive hand wrapped around them both. Lifting them with ease. Karla felt her Micheal's mighty fingers pull her little skirt down her legs. He forced their legs apart and into his lips. As his tongue started all Karla could think of was how wonderful it was to be so easily dominated by her towering owner.

The falling water cooled her warm skin. Peyton returned the sensations Micheal gave her to affection for Karla's body. Karla faguely watched her titan teen lumber through his cage catching random Shrunken. With a wiggling mixed handful he opened a random apartment at groin height. He dumped the pile of lovelies inside.

Karla was grabbed by her giant boy again. As she lowered she saw the Behemoth flop out of his opened pants. She hummed in delight as he made Peyton and her press tight to his massive girth. She was dragged along his wet smooth skin. A chorus of voices fearfully whimpering came from within the clear cage. None willing to tempt her titan's anger by simply opening the apartment's inner door and just leaving.

His shiver happened and Karla looked up. Thick white sprays blasted into the trapped crowd. Face, bodies, and wet clothes became white under her towering Micheal's warm cum.

He gasped as he pulled her from his manhood and held her tight to his neck. She watched as he wiped his tip clean with Peyton's lovely frame before dumping her in with the lucky cum showered Shrunken within. He then sighed and noted, "We should change out of these wet clothes.'' Karla snickered, she wasn't in any wet clothes.

He placed her in her cage. "We have to change quickly. I have judo tonight." he advised.

Karla went to her outfits. She could see Josie standing on his bed shaking her head at her. Karla looked quickly through her closet. She spotted a perfect outfit. A ninja robe, well it was more of a long shirt with a belt. But she knew Micheal would like the look on her. Of course she had to wonder what ninja would wear a bright purple outfit.

"Oh, you look so Hot." he praised as he collected her.

Instead of downstairs to supper he knelt down by his bed and placed her beside a sexy soldier Josie. He looked slightly sad, taking a big sigh. Then offered, "Mom told me why you two were upset. I thought it would be fun for all of us. Like the other day when you both had a couple Shrunken made to make you feel good. But to the next level. I'm sorry it scared you and that you got hurt while it happened. I'll not do that again to you. Do you forgive me?"

Karla looked over to Josie and she shrugged. Really, what options did they have? "I forgive you Micheal. Just maybe ask us before doing new things like that." Karla advised.

"Yes please. We like playing with you. But certain things we would be against. Just please, if we are as special as you say we are, ask us." Josie cleverly guilted him.

"I will. When we get back you two can pick the game before bed. Promise." he surrendered.

"OK." they both cooed at their titan teen.

Down to the kitchen table. Some short of beef dish. But for Josie and her it was a little plate of nibbles specially cut for them as their supper. They began eating Micheal and Milly eating fast to get ready to go to Judo.

Howard cleared his throat, gaining their attention. "So, the first few pads will be ready next week."

"That's great Honey." Milly cheered.

"Yeah, but they need me to go to them and verify they are installed correctly. So, early Monday morning I'll be flying down to southern California to check that one then travel up the west coast checking locations for the week." He advised them.

"Cool. Can I come?" Micheal asked.

"Sadly, it will be only the two of us." Howard stated.

"Oh, Honey. How would Micheal get to work?" Milly inquired.

"Ah, no. See, as part of the set up they are also building the Grant additions to the stores. So, Karla will have to come with me." he looked nervous.

"For a whole week?" Micheal whimpered.

"So, she'll be full sized for a week?" Milly wondered.

"No, Company thinks it'll be easier for me to just carry her as Standard size for travel and have her adjusted to required sizes on site. Sorry Karla, no sight seeing this time." Howard explained.

"But she's my Shrunken." Micheal pointed out.

"Yes son. But this type of thing you agreed to when you let Jeff rent her for this job." Howard advised.

"How will they make sure she isn't discovered?" Milly questioned.

"They will all be private transports. Seems the Walker pellet division volunteered their private jet. So The Company just needs to secure agents for any security crossing." Howard clarified.

"Oh, you'll take good care of Karla." Micheal requested.

"Of course." Howard noted.

"Well, we'll miss you both." Milly gave a little whimper to her voice.

"Yeah, you'll help me pack right?" he asked.

"Certainly honey." Milly cooed.

"Mom, Judo." Micheal said in a slightly annoyed huff and rolling his eyes.

"Right, just because you reminded me. I'm heading to the Howell's tomorrow to help them pack up their place. Remember they are moving on Saturday." Milly reminded them.

"It's going to be so cool having them as our neighbors. Hang out with Sandy. I wonder if we will be allowed to check out the playsets they're designing?" Micheal began to babble.

"Micheal, Judo." Milly teased.

Mother and son went to Judo. Howard brought Karla and Josie into the kitchen to keep him company as did dishes. "Walker Pellets? Why do you think they are lending their jet to send us around?" Karla asked.

"Likely to attempt to hurry the installations up. The sooner they are done the sooner they become open for general use. That would make it cheaper for them to ship their pellets around." Howard guessed.

"Are they a big division?" Josie asked.

"One of the largest. They provide not just Shrunken feed pellets but also animal feed. And of course the Randy Ranch novelty pellets. It's rumored the division head has invested in many of the most successful divisions in the Company. As well as Jeff's and my own." Howard explained.

"Swimming with the big fish huh?" Karla teased.

"If the rumors are true. He's looking to build an advertising division under his umbrella. And if that is true, likely the ones that he wants to have exclusive advertising rights to Jeff and my divisions. Which I would be all for." Howard explained.

Dishes done, Howard brought them to the kitchen table. A clue board was quickly set up. Besides remembering to maneuver so not to be flashing Howard their panties or ass, it was a fun few games. Even with the human sized cards and dice. Milly and Micheal arrived and the Game of Life came out. Easier to play at Standard size.

Micheal took them up after a few games. He was a tired giant boy. Pajamas and teeth brushed. They were soon cuddled on his warm chest. Karla didn't feel bad not to get some play before bed as the board games with the family just made her feel so happy.

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Ch 26A: The Tourists. Home Life

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Hope you all enjoy, remember you can support my creative efforts below.

Chapter 26A


Karla was awoken by a nimble giant finger sneaking up her pajama shirt. Her breasts soon were kissed by the pad of that digit. Titan's thumb and finger pulled her shorts off her by rolling them down her legs. Thumb spread her legs and massaged her sensitive area. Making waves of pleasant sensations to wash through her body. Josie's wonderful gasping sang out beside her.

She was lifted up and a warm mouth wrapped over her head and torso. Soft lips dragged up her body and took her loose shirt. Pausing long enough for her giant's talented tongue to tease her nipples.

She was pressed down to his chest as a gorgeous redhead was lifted. Sexy legs kicked happily as her top half was orally stripped. Before she was placed beside Karla. Her hand found Josie's hand. Titan fingers massaged the fronts of them. Breasts kneaded and pussy rubbed.

"Should I go get some fun pets or should I just focus on my Special ladies?" he asked.

Karla looked at her watch. As much as she wanted to watch her towering teen dominate some of his pretty pets. He only had limited time. Josie nodded at her. "Focus on us, you only have a little time." She declared.

"You're right." he noted taking his hands away. The exposed his thick monster clearly ready for their helpless little forms. He lifted her to one side as Josie was headed to the other. He pressed her tiny body against his warm shaft with his palm. Cupping around her body almost completely.

Karla couldn't help but gasp as her titan teen rubbed her every which way over the Behemoth. She licked and kissed at her owner's smooth skin hoping he would notice the sensation of her affection. Hairy texture and squishy area told she was being used to stimulate his heavy balls. She moaned in realization she could fit easily in one pocket of his giant sack. She was so aroused at how small and helpless she was to her Micheal. Yet he was so gentle and affectionate.

Back to the hard rounded shaft. She first thought she was being enjoyed up and down that towering penis. But delighted to realize her giant lover was pumping his hips, literally fucking along her entire little body. Enjoying the sensation of her legs, breasts, and face against his manhood.

Suddenly Josie was there. She was panting in arousal as well. He was being such a sexy mean giant. But why were they together? White thick cum sprayed the answer. She hadn't even noticed his shiver in her own strange delight. Her eyes stung and her mouth was clogged with chocolate flavored spunk. Still she trembled in a symbolic sensual response.

Micheal stood and seemed to be walking, likely to the shower. Karla was looking greatly forward to the flowing water. The surprised release meant she got the full effect of the few negative side effects of their colossal keeper's pleasure. She felt the cool shelf as water splattered down on them. She faced into the water's direction to get the full assistance ridding her face of Micheal's thick warm cum.

"Oh you two fell so good down there." he praised.

"Thanks." Josie replied with a snicker.

"Was it OK what I did?" he worried.

"Yes Micheal. We were not in any danger in your hands." Karla praised him now.

"Oh good, because I love doing that with you two." he cheered.

They shared a nice shower. As Micheal carried them to their cages he asked, "We are playing Battle Jumpers tonight with the group, could you dress as your characters?"

"We could wait and change after supper." Josie suggested. Karla was a bit disappointed she wouldn’t get to watch Josie wander about in her little frilly dress.

"Yeah, that works." Micheal accepted.

Karla picked out an oversized shirt and yoga pants for a day of relaxing. Josie came in wearing black jeans with holes torn into the legs and a faded Superman shirt.

Josie tilted her head and asked, "That's what you're wearing to go see Sandy today?"

"No, I think I'll stay home. Those blankets I ordered came in on Monday and are just sitting in the garage. I thought I'd get the team together and hand those out for that day." Karla explained.

"I guess that makes sense." Josie nodded.

Micheal approached and opened their cage. "Breakfast." he unnecessarily advised. Hands scooped them up. Karla found she had an aprasing thumb stroking along her silky material covered leg. Down to the table.

Milly smiled at them as she placed plates before Howard and Micheal. "I'll bring yours in a second." The towering woman advised them.

She left to the kitchen and came back with two Shrunken sized plates and her own breakfast. Looked like she had made them an omelet to share while the humans had poached eggs on toast with ham slices and a side of hash brown patties.

"Glad you joined us today." Howard noted as he began eating.

"Yes, sorry about yesterday. We overreacted a little." Josie suggested.

"No, you were right to be mad." Micheal pouted.

"Well, we forgive you." Karla hoped to cheer him up.

"Thanks." he smiled sweetly.

"Are you two excited to visit the Howells today?" Milly asked.

"If it's OK I am going to stay home." Karla requested.

"Are you feeling OK?" Milly asked with concern.

"Yeah. It's just I order those blankets for Micheal's Shrunken and haven't handed them out yet." Karla explained.

"We could do that after I get home from work." Micheal offered.

"We are playing Battle Jumpers, remember." Josie kindly reminded their owner.

"Oh right." he sighed.

"Well, if you have an emergency text me as I'll be closer then Milly." Howard advised.

"Thanks, I will." Karla accepted.

"Well I'm looking forward to seeing Sandy and the Howells." Josie noted. Starting off a conversation of what the plans the Howell's had for finishing their packing in the next few days. Josie would likely be made Doll sized to help how she could. Unlike the Miller's their drive wasn't hidden enough to shrink their container and move themselves. So they'll need the Company movers.

Suddenly Milly noted, "So Gabs agreed to yet Josie and Karla be full sized for Saturday. I'll bring them and Chuck Friday afternoon unless Karla wants to go into work that morning?"

"Oh, I wasn't planning on going in on Friday. Though I suppose I should go in again this week to keep up with my few reports." Karla accepted the suggestion.

"I could come with you for a change." Josie offered.

"That would be great." Micheal cheered.

Breakfast soon finished Micheal took Karla up to her cage as Josie stayed to keep Milly company as she cleaned up.

As he placed Karla in the cage he advised, "If you have any problems remember to text dad since the Howell's place is so far away."

"I’ll remember." She accepted.

He stroked her head with a massive finger. "I would be so upset if anything happened to you."

She leaned into that touch. "I'll be careful." she promised.

He bowed and kissed her face and she placed a mini kiss on his bottom lip. "Have a good day at work." she wished him.

"I hope you have a good day as well." he sighed, clearly wanting her to come with him.

Karla stayed strong. Those blanket wouldn't get handed out if she didn't do it soon. She walked down to the tunnel into the room sized cage. Micheal's pets were starting their day. Jogging, walking, some even doing that slow martial arts thing on a grassy knoll. She smiled knowing they were keeping themselves active. Good for their bodies. Good for Micheal's enjoyment.

Karla strutted to the elevator and once to the ground floor to the door. She snickered. The small box of mini blankets to a human took up several of the empty spots in her private garage. Milly had nicely folded the flaps down. Sadly it faced upward. Karla found she had a ladder, this would add to the task.

Karla climbed into her Charger. She felt bad for her black and red beauty. Kept contained like this. She needed to take her babies for more drives. She did have a track to use after all.

Garage door opened and Karla turned the work of art on. She had a mental image of Micheal's massive mouth savoring her Shrunken womanhood as she was laid upon that shiny hood. Not good for the paint she sighed, then countered how it would be good for her spirit.

Karla pulled onto the path that doubled as a road. She hit the button to close the door and started slowly down towards the Rabbit Barn. She pulled along a group of cupcakes jogging their nice little legs tone. Perky asses danced with their feet landing.

They looked at her with worry. Karla found this strangely delightful. "Do you know who I mean by my Council?" she asked the cute trio.

They looked at each other. "Yes Lady Karla." a pale skinned blonde replied nervously.

"If you see them, direct them to the barn. Understand?" Karla commanded.

"Yes Lady Karla." they all sang timidly.

"Spread the word." she added before pulling away.

Karla couldn't drive on these paths like she wanted. Like this beauty deserved. The Shrunken were not used to cars going in their little village. She might hit one. Maybe if there was time after the blankets were handed out she could test out that unused track Albert created for her.

At the barn several ladies were playing with the two friendly bunnies. They were walking them around the front pen. Karla parked a little ways from the barn so she wouldn’t startle the fuzzy delights.

She walked up, strutted really. The girls there looked nervously at each other. Where she went could mean a playful giant followed after all. Through the barn she found her adorable twitchy nosed boy being walked by that unused lovely redhead. Her little cheer uniform outfit fit her body well. Karla approached trying to figure out if maybe she just had a thing for red haired ladies.

What was her name, Karla wondered as she approached. Patches spotted her and bound over to her, nearly dragging his attendant with him. Karla was nuzzled by a fuzzy nose as he gave off happy cute barks. She cuddled her bunny back and asked, "How is he doing?"

"He's still anti-social but healthy. I think he likes his little walks. But still won't let any of us put the saddle on him." the pretty young Shrunken informed her.

"Saddle, are they big enough to ride?" Karla asked excitedly.

The girl shook her head. "No, but the manual advises to put it on them to get them used to them before trying to mount them. The other two accept them fine. He will let a few of us put the bridle for leading him around on him. Even will let us place the blanket on his back. But rears up anytime he notices the saddle."

"I'll try later. Now I'm expecting my Council anytime now. I guess I should pick you as one of my personal servants since your looking after Patches so well miss." Karla responded.

The girl flinched. Then asked, "Servant, like Aoi?"

"Likely sometimes. But mostly as my fuzzy cutey's trainer. You’ll be good for her, won't you Patches. Be good for the pretty Red Haired lovely." Karla explained snuggling her massive pet.

"It's Aideen. My name. I will try my best. Just to let you know, I'm not into girls." the bunny rancher advised.

Karla couldn't help but torment. Hand up the girl's extra mini skirt. She thanked the inventor of the Shrunken process for how well toned it made smooth ass cheeks. Purring, "Maybe later we'll practice so you'll be good at faking it when Director Micheal comes calling. He likes watching me be attended too Aideen."

"Yes Lady Karla." was her wonderful response.

"Karla, you were looking for us?" Peyton's voice called from the barn.

Karla noted cars and bunnies were not the only things in the cage she needed to visit more often, "Peyton, you should call me Lady Karla in the cage. But yes I am. Where are the others?"

"Sorry, right Lady Karla. I don't know. Cyder just let me know you were looking for us." Peyton answered.

Karla turned to Aideen and ran her fingers through her long hair requesting, "If the Council shows up here could you direct them towards my garage?"

"Yes Lady Karla." the girl responded.

Karla turned and hugged the bunny. She liked the sensation of its purr-like sound. "You be a good boy for Aideen." she instructed the cuddy friend. He pushed softly into her hug.

Karla turned to walk away and he followed, practically dragging Aideen with him. Karla turned, "Stay here Patches, I'll be back later." Then she continued on. The rabbit made little whimpering sounds as he watched her go. Karla had to again stay strong around a cute guy or not get those blankets out.

Peyton followed her to that shining car. As they pulled away the girl shyly asked, "Will Carlos be visiting again soon?"

"I don't know. But I can ask Milly. Would you like to see him again?" Karla teasingly asked. She was sure she knew the answer.

"I would. He was nice yesterday." the girl confirmed. Begging, "You'll keep his visits secret still, right?"

"I'll do what I can." Karla promised.

"It's strange what you miss." the shapely blonde sighed. "Just riding in a car again is oddly just a treat. You are so lucky."

"Yeah it's great to be Micheal top girl." Karla said with great pride.

"Can I say something?" Peyton requested.

"Certainly." Karla permitted having an idea where her companion was going with this.

Peyton took a deep breath. Hummed, then took another deep breath. "Do you really like being his slave?"

"We're not slaves were Shrunken." Karla clarified.

Peyton sighed softly then she smiled, "You really are trained to their thinking aren't you?"

"It is the real way of the world. The sooner you accept that and learn to live with it, the happier you'll become." Karla explained.

The cute blonde looked away and in a sad tone confessed, "I don't like being a Shrunken."

"Oh it's not so bad. You just have to accept Director Micheal's enjoyment is now you purpose in life." Karla advised.

She looked back at Karla and advised, "I know that's what I have to do. But I still don't like it. Being stripped against my will. Being pressed to his big penis. Or having his finger poked into me down there. And especially when he finishes and sprays his stuff all over me."

Karla smiled, those things were now some of her favorite things. Though she remembered how she reacted at first. How she accepted those actions to get her better treatment. Maybe that could be a selling point, "You know Micheal likes when his pets actively play back. The more into his attention you seem the better he's likely to treat you when he's not playing with you."

Peyton sounded so defeated as she explained, "You don't see it now do you. None of us will get near what you and Josie have. You two get to eat with them and live with them. Are made human again or near human again for short periods. I could moan and cheer him doing things to me till I was red in the face but I would still be an object for his enjoyment. I and others only get better treatment because you insist we do. And that treatment is mostly from the poor girls in here not as enjoyed as often by you and your Director Micheal. The best I got is I know he likes how I feel on his penis too much to sell me. That you enjoy using me to entertain him and will want me around for that. Sorry to snap at you like that. It's just you need to see why we don't get excited when he comes to use us as sex toys."

Karla felt bad for how Peyton felt about her new life. Though the pride of knowing Micheal's pets knew her spot above them. Worse was the itching want to have Micheal unload all over the Blonde when he got home. He would enjoy that too. She shook her head and said, "I'll try to get you some extra reward."

They pulled up to the garage and to Karla's surprise to find the rest of the Counsel ladies waiting there. Peyton noted before exiting, "I would love some Ice Cream." That didn't help slow Karla imagination of Micheal's possible fun with the girl.

"We heard you're looking for us?" Shawna said.

"Yes, I ordered the girls some Mightlore coated blankets. I wanted to hand them out today." Karla advised.

Shawna smiled and learned her head back in joy, "Oh thank goodness. I'm so tired of those itchy blankets we currently have."

"Wait, are Mightlore blankets nice?" Donna asked.

"Sweetheart, it's like they're coated in silk." Shawna explained. The small group all sighed happily at this change of sleep covering.

Karla led them inside and to the box. Gabriel pointed out the obvious problem, "How are we going to get them out of that?"

"I think we could have someone to climb up and toss us down a few at a time." Karla suggested.

The busty Shrunken pointed out a flaw, "And when the pile gets too low to reach over the edge?"

"Karla, is the Director still home?" Shawna asked.

"No, but his mother is." she replied. She was about to text Milly when the door to the cage opened.

"Karla?" Milly called out.

Karla peaked her head out the door. Yelling up to her, "We're in the garage."

The woman kneeled down. "Meeting with your team?"

"Yes. Could I ask you a favor." Karla requested.

"Sure, what?" the towering blonde replied.

"Are you able to tilt the box of blankets down so we can just walk in and out of it?" Karla asked.

"Oh sure, here." Her hand came out from behind her back. Placing Carlos before Karla, "He seemed to cheer you up yesterday, thought he could keep you company today as well." The woman said with a wink. Josie just shook her head while resting on the woman's shoulder. The young male was clad in a tight white shirt and shorts outfit that made Karla think of tennis.

Karla watched as the woman flipped a couple clasps on the sides of the building. The floors folded out like a tool box. The woman simply tilted the box onto its side. This did chase the ladies out of the Garage. Their startled expressions quickly slipped to intrigue at the sight of a male of their size.

"There you go Karla. Anything else you need?" Milly asked.

"No, thank you. Have a good day. Talk to you later Josie." Karla replied.

"You be nice." Josie replied. And the two left to go help the Howells pack.

Shawna walked around Carlos with hips popping, "Forget the blankets, how do I get one of these for my bed?"

Karla ignored her recent history with the lad as she pointed out, "He's only a kid."

Shawna nuzzled her body along Karla's in a welcomed way, "We are Shrunken now remember. Kept for fun and interesting interactions."

Donna distracted from Shawna’s teasing by noting in clear arousal, "He's about my age."

Shawna snickered, "Fun is fun, but we better get him inside before the whole cage comes looking for our guest."

Karla led them back into the garage. Peyton looked sad that Carlos visits were no longer a secret. Though the male did move to be closer to the shapely blonde.

"So, are we still giving out the blankets?" Gabriel asked, moving towards the male.

"Yes, I want it done today." Karla replied, nodding towards Peyton. It was nice to see Gabriel caught on to what she was hinting at and stepped away.

Shawna hummed a little too eagerly, "So what are we going to do with little tight shorts? Have a draw?"

Karla was a little put off by how quickly these ladies had objectified Carlos. Though she softened that by reminding herself that they didn't think they'd get to interact with another male besides Micheal for the rest of their lives. So, it could be forgiven a little excitement about a guy their own size. She ran a hand across his chest noting internally she herself had used him for fun a couple times now and should get off her high horse. As she did, she advised, "He'll just have to help us. Be a little visual treat for Micheal's pets."

Shawna snickered, "Oh you're cruel I forgot."

"Nonsense, I think I found another reward for well behaved Shrunken if Mistress Milly agrees." Karla purred.

"Shouldn't Director Micheal have to allow treats?" Grace smartly pointed out, to Karla's shock.

She petted the former actress on her head. The pouty face pretty closed her eyes and lifted her head into the affection. "Yes, normally you would be right. But I think this treat idea might be best not to ask him about. He's a jealous Director and wouldn't understand that my treat idea isn't romantic but to blow off steam. Like a massage."

"Oh. I understand. Like when one of our Directors would get a creative block and ask my to rub his pee-pee till it passed.'' The leggy sweet looked for clarification.

"Yeah, only we would be the Directors." Karla confirmed, again reminded why Grace played the ditzy one on her former show.

The Actress cocked her head and questioned, "But we don't have pee-pees." Karla stifled a snicker thinking it was a good thing Grace was pretty. Shawna walked up to the tan skinned lovely and whispered in her ear. Grace looked at her and noted, "But that is sexual." Shawna whispered something else and Grace's face scrunched like she was trying to understand. "OH, ahh, that's why my hand would come out all covered in white stuff." Karla sighed, yep good thing she was pretty.

They got past Grace's innocents and organized. Amanda, Peyton, and Carlos would hand out the blankets. Shawna would keep track of who already got their share. Donna and Sophia brought the Blankets out. Gabriel kept the line organized and flowing. And Karla would supervised. Once word of mouth got out that they were giving out non-scratchy blankets the crowd showed up. Or it might have been the fact there was a Shrunken male handing them out.

Karla had stationed Carlos and Peyton there hoping they would have a chance to chat. Noticing Amanda didn't take that much of an interest in him due to him not being a giant. If she had been thinking though she would have put them on blanket collecting duties since almost every female that came up to get their blankets went to him and usually made some short of lude suggestion, some offers were down right pornagraphic.

What started to really bother Karla was that many making those offers were old enough to be Carlos' mother. Then it occurred to her that Milly was old enough to be his mother and she played with him regularly, he was one of her favorites. She noticed among the line up campers, campers she had guided them too. Her mind raced with the knowledge that Howard and Jeff both had a stock of those girls from that port. Milly and Debbie filled their collection boxes with many boys from that camp. Oh how many campers were now at Jeff factory? Either strapped ass up forced to become pregnant or drugged out of their mind humping into the first wet hole they find.

Karla found she was having trouble breathing. She heard her voice announce, "I'm a monster." She was flooded with the old member how she had felt when she had seen they were going to play with such poor young girls. The guilt hit her like a truck. Another blow came when her old self reminded her that she helped them find and kidnap those camp goers and more. Cheered them on like a little sadistic cheerleader.

Two hands had clawed into her upper arms and were pushing her into the garage. Past Donna and Sophia and into the stairwell. Forcing her to sit on the stairs. Shawna looked her in the face and asked, "Karla, what is wrong with you?"

"I helped them. I made those teens sex toys for men and women old enough to be their parents. I'm a monster." Karla blurted at the former thief.

Karla head whipped to one side. Her eyes rolled around in her head as Shawna firmly stated, "You did what you have to do. You survive in this environment. More you rule this environment. That boy worships you. His parents love you. Their friends praise you. You are Karla, the queen of this little walled in village and frankly beyond it. Stop thinking like those tarts in there are human. None of us are any more. Forget the morality and rules that come from being human. They don't include us any more. If that owner of yours wants you to grab any of his Shrunken and drag it up and down that massive cock you ask face up or down. Hell, if that woman came back and requested you stuff one of us up her pussy, thank her for her offer to please her. You did what any smart Shrunken given a chance to should do, please her owner. So what some teeny boppers or whatever end up wrapped to a man's cock. That just made you a higher prized Shrunken among the humans in Micheal's life. Stop freaking out and get back to being Lady Karla of Director Micheal's collection again."

Karla rubbed her sore cheek and mumbled out, "But they were at a camp."

Shawna said, "Phh! Fuck them! If I had been Micheal's favorite cock warmer and he liked those types I would have looked for Orphanages and Girl's detention centers for him to collect from. Besides, if not here they would be with some other Company member. They were collected that day no matter what you did or did not do."

"So I'm not a monster." Karla looked for a ray of hope.

Shawna sat and hugged her. "A little, but what else could you have done? Our lives are now to please the humans in our life or face being some other person's plaything. I'm not going to do anything that could get me kicked out of this Shrunken paradise. Even if that includes slapping my owner's favorite across her face and telling her to get her big girl panties back on. Especially in front of the other pets."

"Thanks Shawna. I was just so bothered by how all the older ladies were hitting on Carlos." Karla confessed.

"Oh," Shawna said then noted, "You have to keep it in your head that there isn't an older and younger Shrunken. No wide ranges of ages for us living playthings sadly. There are just Ripe and Unripe. And once Ripe we are fair game for whatever the humans that own us get into their minds."

"Yeah, I think I just forgot that." Karla agreed.

Shawna kissed her forehead, "No problem. I have been part of this world longer than you. Hell, I might as well have been a Shrunken since daddy brought me into his business."

"Are you really happy here?" Karla asked.

"Beside you and Josie, I am likely the happiest Shrunken in this whole house. If I'm going to be sexually touched I have an idea of by who. I know my bed is safe and I have a stable home. I don't have to look over my shoulder for security or worse, someone we stole from. I'm even starting to really enjoy the cherry flavored pellets." She advised her.

"I'm glad you feel at home here." Karla said.

"I'm jealous you are treated so well by the humans." Shawna confided.

Karla wiped her face and huffed out, "I guess we should get back out there. How red is my cheek?"

Shawna looked, "Not red at all. I know how to hit without leaving a mark. Most times. Some of our clients liked a little struggle, but didn't want any evidence of impurity. Daddy used to say, give them a work out little girl, but make sure they end up happy."

"Do you, you know, miss him?" Karla asked.

Shawna smiled at her, "Horribly some days. We were a team for many years. Once you just accept your role, it was just another thing you had to do for a good score. In my mind it was no more than a chore. Same as climbing over a wall or looping a security feed."

"Thanks Shawna, I guess I owe you a reward." Karla advised standing up.

"Like, Carlos, or." Shawna teased.

They went back out. The line up looked to be flowing well without them. Karla sighed and walked over to the table. Whispering in Peyton's ear, "Why don't take Carlos into the garage. And if you end up in the outer cage alone I wouldn't be upset."

The pretty blonde pipped, "Really?" Karla just nodded. Taking over for the two. Shawna watched them go into the building and winked at Karla.

Karla found the rest of the line went fairly quickly. Seems having a well endowed male Shrunken in tight shorts had been distracting the more lonely of Micheal female pets. Without Carlos there, they just accepted the plush blankets and headed off.

The last lady gifted, the Council looked at each other. "Well, what now?" Donna asked.

Amanda rubbed her stomach, "Lunch, it's actually mid-afternoon."

"Up to my place for fancy pellets?" Karla offered.

"Yeah, Ice Cream!" Grace literally leaped in the air and cheered.

"Should we, you know, go up there?" Shawna asked, winking.

"I'll go check." Karla blushed. She had forgotten about sending those two up there alone.

She traveled up and snuck into her cage. She honestly expected to see them rocking her bed or in a post quitious cuddle. But they were just snuggled face to face chatting about some movie. She cleared her throat and they jumped apart like she was one of their mothers. "Oh, Karla, we didn't hear you come in." Peyton advised as her cheeks started to glow a bright pink.

"I was just wondering if you two would like to join the others and I for lunch?" She lied.

"Oh, ah, sure." was their shared response. Karla figured they were lying.

She brought the rest of the girls up. Karla wasn't sure if they were over the shock of a male in their cage or seeing how happy Peyton looked with him. But either way the girls let the two share the couch and gave them space.

Lunch slipped into a nice relaxing time just hanging out talking about missed TV shows and cage activities. Carlos didn't even know they made different flavors of pellets. She needed to spend more time with her caged friends.

Milly texted as Shawna was telling the story of one of her heists. "Home now, you need more time with him or can I put him away? FYI: Micheal should be home soon."

She typed back, "He's just hanging out, you can come get him." Then interrupting, she told the group, "Milly is coming to collect Carlos."

Suddenly the whole group had to do things outside the living room area. Sweetly leaving Peyton and Carlos space to say a private good-bye. They returned to give him less personal good-byes before the woman arrived.

Milly walked over to the cage, Josie adorably sitting on her shoulder. "Wow, busy boy. Guess he'll be no fun for me later." Milly joked at seeing the semi-circle of females around her prized male.

Peyton slipped out, "Nothing happened ma'am."

Karla jumped as Milly's usually musical voice snapped at the shapely little blonde, "Who gave you permission to speak? If you are to make a sound I will tell you what sounds to make."

Then Milly simply smiled at Karla and like she didn't just verbally tear Peyton's head off said, "So did you want to come out to hang out while I make supper or do you want to stay in the cage." It was a firm display of how spoiled she was compared to her friends.

"I'll come out." Karla answered. Watching as Milly opened the cage and wrapped a firm fist around her pet. Then offering an open palm from Karla to climb onto. Milly slipped her onto her shoulder before closing the cage turning.

As she began walking Milly noted, "Guess Mikey is having a little trouble training so many Shrunken."

Josie defended Peyton with, "She's really a sweet girl. Very attentive to his wants."

Milly shook her head, "If she was Howard's and he learned she spoke to me without permission. Well, we have some fun punishments. I'll have to talk to Mikey about his training techniques tonight."

"I'll punish her Milly. It was my fault. I am a bit lax with them." Karla noted.

"Oh sweetie, you need to let that boy take some responsibility. Besides, it could be fun for you both." Milly advised. Karla was slightly embarrassed that a couple of punishment ideas had danced through her mind already.

Milly put Carlos away and they went downstairs to the kitchen. Milly placed them on the counter and started prepping supper. Karla hugged her Red Haired lover and asked, "How was your day?"

"Fun actually. They made me Doll sized again and I helped Sandy pack. Your mom says hi by the way. You should come tomorrow, she'd love to see you." Josie advised.

"Maybe, I really didn't get anything done today but hand out the blankets. Still a pile left." Karla said wishing she had gone with them to see her mother.

"So you need to hand out more?" Josie asked.

"No, I just ordered extra for when Micheal gets more pets." Karla advised.

Josie sighed and got a determined look. Leaning in close she asked, "You didn't do anything with Carlos did you? Milly thinks you had sex with him. But since she doesn't see us quite like other Shrunken she kept calling it played with him." The last part gained finger quotes.

"I did not have sex with Carlos today." Karla tried to lie with an honest statement.

She should have known better. Josie could always smell her dishonesty, "Oh Karla, he's just a kid."

"No, he's a Shrunken. It's different. Besides, he wanted someone he knew to be his first before Milly had him bred with someone he didn't." Karla explained.

"But what about what Micheal would think?" Josie begged.

They both jumped as Milly noted, "Likely he’d be as upset with her as he would be for you and Sandy playing with that model pet of Jeff's."

Josie's cheeks went pink. "What was that?" Karla felt strangely excited to have a misdeed to torment Miss Proper about.

"I didn't want to do it." Josie countered.

"Sandy had one of the Howell's current models kneeling before Josie, eagerly giving her attention." Milly teased.

Karla looked at Josie, "What?"

Josie looked distorted at the reveal of her misdeed. Then explained, "Sandy told me their Brad had a way with his tongue. I said, well that must be great to enjoy. And the next thing I knew she was stripping him down and making him kneel before me. I wanted to say no but felt guilty for some reason so I just stripped down too."

"From the sounds she was making, Tanya was right, he does have talents. But, yes, Sandy did force them to. But Josie insisted we leave so he could finish in private." Milly teased.

"Are you OK, I mean Sandy basically." Karla began.

"Oh she was so upset with herself. I had to remind her I was a Shrunken. But she reminded me I was her friend. I promised I would be back tomorrow, she seemed to accept I forgave her. He did have a very attentive tongue." Josie explained.

"I'm surprised, with the lack of permission." Karla noted.

Josie tilted her head and with a sigh noted, "She was just so excited to treat her Big Sister."

"She is quite fond of that bond isn't she." Karla noted.

"I am too. She is such a sweet natured person." Josie announced.

"We shouldn't let Micheal know about this." Karla noted.

"No we shouldn't." Josie agreed.

"Yeah he'd be so upset with us. Milly please don't tell him." Karla requested.

"Mums the word. But he's allowed to play with other Shrunken, you two should be allowed from time to time too." Milly promised.

"But, we are Shrunken." Josie reminded the towering woman.

Milly stopped and looked at them. Like that had just slipped her mind. "Right, yeah. No, I'll keep it between us."

"Honey I'm home." Howard called from the front door. Karla and Josie both sighed in relief. Micheal home meant these topics would be pushed aside.

They sighed happily as his smiling face found them. He rushed over and nuzzled them both. "How was your day?" he asked them.

Teasingly Milly answered, "Good, helped the Howell's pack. Fun conversations with friends. Yours?"

"Mom, I was talking to Karla and Josie." he pointed out the obvious.

"No, you're setting the table for supper." She commanded.

"Right, OK. '' he said, lifting them onto their shoulder thrones.

"I had a nice visit with Sandy. She's looking forward to living next door." Josie advised the acceptable points of her day.

"I passed out those blankets I bought to your Shrunken." Karla told him.

Then he pointed out a fact she didn't think of, "Hmm, Wrapping them in Mightlore coated blankets will feel soo good down there."

"Yeah, that too." she replied. Snickering slightly at the end.

"Well, we think Jenna discovered a work around to add more distance. We are letting the computers run simulations over night so we can check the results in the morning. If we are right this will be amazing." He excitedly told them.

"That's great." They cheered him on, hugging his neck.

The family sat for supper. Milly looked to Howard, "How was your day?"

"Busy, going over next week's schedule. Looks like we will be hitting two to three locations a day. If we weren't being shipped in first class it would be hell." Howard noted.

"So, Karla will be gone all week?" Micheal asked.

"Yes, we both will." Teased his father.

"Any good news about the trip?" Milly hoped.

"Well, yes our last stop is Jeff's factory. We will get in the night before and only have his teleporter to check. So we will be able to hang out and have a tour if we'd like." He clearly was offering Karla.

It made today's earlier attack of conscience brush up against Karla's mind. But she shook it off. Curiosity was a stronger pull. "That would be great." She agreed.

"So, will Karla be Standard size the whole time? Or full sized the whole time?" Josie asked.

"That is the annoying part. Some stops she'll be made Half Sized for that location. Others and for at least one day she will be full. But once we're done for the night I've been told she has to be kept at Standard size. Hope you're ready for a week on the size change yo-yo." He complained.

"It's inconvenient. But I understand." Karla tried to comfort her dad-like friend.

He smiled at her and shook his head, "I wanted you full sized the whole trip. Save stops and need to carry your suitcase with us everywhere."

"Thanks." Karla was warmed he was worried about her comfort.

Milly chimed in, "Maybe we should ask Gabs about it. I could call him after supper."

"No, thanks though." Karla said towards her mother-like friend. How Milly didn't see how Howard flinched at that name was beyond her. Maybe being this small made seeing slight movement easier. Though Josie didn't react either.

"Oh, could you make sure she has clean business-like outfits? Preferably less play designed ones." Howard suggested.

"She has a week's worth." Milly noted.

They discussed which towns and small cities they would be visiting. Nothing with a name Karla found that familiar. The Company didn't like having anything in major cities after all. Likely one of the locations were on the outskirts of Los Angeles or Seattle, but that's as close as they would go. It was OK with Karla since it wasn't like she could play tourist at any of the stops anyway.

Supper ended, Micheal leaped up and scooped them off the table. He was headed for the stairs when Milly loudly asked, "And where are you going?"

"Well, we're meeting the others to play Battle Jumpers online and we are going to get our selected Shrunken to dress their part," he explained.

"You're going to play after you're done helping with the dishes you mean?" She hinted with her, there's a problem with that plan, tone.

"But they will be on soon and Karla and Josie need to change," he pleaded.

"Your dad needs your help with the dishes." she countered.

"Naa, I have it. Go have fun." Howard jumped in, gaining a glare from Milly.

"Really, thanks." Micheal replied and Karla found herself flying up to his apartment. He zipped them right to their cage. "OK change and I'll get us set up."

"So, how much trouble do you think Howard is in?" Josie teased.

"Oh, I have the feeling he'll be fine." Karla answered.

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Ch 26B: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 26B

Josie went down to change with a sigh. Karla found her outfit. Then she remembered she needed help pulling that form fitting second skin up over her shoulders. It would take too long to find help, so she grabbed it and walked over to the bed. Stripped down she stretched it over her ankles. Laying on the bed she tugged and wiggled it up her legs. She even managed to pull it up past her waist.

Then was the real challenge. Straining and grunting she turned and twisted. She got one of its arms up and shoved her arm down it. She flopped onto her back to pant for air as she wondered how Micheal was able to wrap her so easily around his little finger. Then she remembered how the digit felt literally wrapped inside her and she began tugging the silky material over her shoulder.

"Need a hand?" Josie's voice asked.

Karla rolled so to keep the leotard held on her arm. Josie's pilot outfit was a frilly pink hued dress with lace ribbons for her pigtails and chunky Mary-Jane shoes of a matching pink. It showed the red head's curves. Advertising much of her cleavage and displaying those wonderful legs. But the style of the outfit looked more like Josie accidentally put on her little sister's Sunday dress. Overall it came off more cute then sexy. Karla snickered as a result.

Josie grumbled over, "Yeah I know. But it's the one Sandy wants to use so I'm stuck." Karla was directed to sit up. A bracing knee in her back and between the two of them they managed to pull the other arm up and zip up the back. Josie joked as they finished, "I'm surprised you don't snap in half in that outfit."

Karla stood and stretched and twirled. "Oddly once on it's easy to move in and wonderfully comfortable. Honestly if it wasn't so hard to put on I would likely wear it more."

"Well, get the boots on. It's not done without them." Josie advised.

Karla pulled those thigh high boots up her legs, zipping them closed. She admired the craftsmanship of those tall boots. Amazed at how flexible they were for how much of her leg they covered. Her knees could bend just as easily as they did without them on. How did the makers made such comfortable boots for such little legs. That thought flowed into the appreciation of how well all the Shrunken clothes were made. As boosting, supporting, and showy the outfits were. They were also some of the most comfortable clothes she ever wore. Even the lining in the bust of her body covering tights lifted her bust for Micheal's approving gaze but also hugged softly in it's support. The designers were artists more than just accessory makers for playthings.

"Oh so Hot!" Micheal praised. How that giant lad got so close without them noticing was beyond Karla. Not that she thought about it much as his deep appraising eyes smiled over her and made her heart race.

Cage opened and they were scooped out. His finger of her hand liked the dips and rises of the length of her leg. She looked over and Josie's hand had a loving fascination with her displayed cleavage. That attention made Josie's head lean back in relaxed enjoyment. No shoulders this trip, her Titan Teen liked what he was touching to much. And they were gorging on that giant's loving attention.

This heavenly carry ends when he gently places her on his couch. She rolled over onto her hands and knees and felt herself pouting up at him. She shook it off, taunting herself for being such a love struck little Shrunken. But was consulted when she noticed Josie did the same. Micheal sat on the couch and she felt her cushion lift from the weight. She crawled over and cuddle her back against his massive leg.

Their screens were ready so Karla signed in. "Hello Micheal." was Chrissy purred greeting followed by, "Be a good boy and say hello to Karla Daniel."

"Hey Karla." Daniel said, followed by a warmer, "Hello Josie."

"Hi Dan." Josie said back in a tone that told Karla what she wanted to know.

"Hi Big sister." Told of Sandy's arrival.

"Hey guys. How are you Sandy?" Chris had signed on.

"Hi Chris, I miss you." Sandy replied.

"Oh Chris, did those things I ordered arrive?" Micheal interrupted before Karla could enjoy more of her favorite teen drama.

"OH yeah thanks, I'll pay you back once I start working. I Promise. Say hello Umiko." Chris responded.

A new voice with a heavy east Asian accent nervously mumbled out, "Hello master's friends." Then in a muffled statement asked Chris, "I play this game tonight you do not spray me in semen right?"

Chrissy laughed at this. Micheal answered on Chris' behalf, "No little one, you play this game and as a reward your Master will cover you in semen. That's your life now."

"But you promise better treatment. Less time in your underwear." the little Asian voice pleaded.

"We'll discuss it later. Lets play guys." Chris' tone told that he was slightly embarrassed by this conversation.

They played several rounds of Battle Jumpers. It Looked like Sandy had been practicing in her spare time. She wasn't as good as Crissy or Micheal, but noticeably better then she was last week. This gave Karla time to notice her own skills were not great.

She felt she did better in the toy then in the game. The controller she felt wasn't as intuitive. It should have been, look with one joystick and move with the other. Gun and missile controls at her fingers. Claw controls just above those. She just preferred the two controlling sticks in the remote. Helmet control of the top gun. Even though it was harder, she even thought she preferred to move her legs to get her robot to walk and jump. Karla had the idea to check to see if they had control set-ups for Shrunken like that. Besides, if they did it would be better training for her skills in the next tournament then tapping buttons on a silly controller would be.

They were about to start another round when Jeff's voice could be faintly heard through Chrissy's mic, "Honey I know it's still early but don't forget we have those batches to check on in the morning."

"Right dad. Sorry guys, he's right. Forty cages is a lot of detaching, cleaning, and health checks to do so I should get to rest so I can start bright and early." Chrissy noted. "Say good-night Daniel."

"Good night all, it's been fun." He noted.

"Call me tomorrow night Micheal?" Chrissy requested.

"Sure, miss you." he replied.

"Oh I miss you too, my sweet boyfriend." she cooed. Chrissy wasn't quite off when she was heard saying, "Come here Daniel, you Mistress has a fire you need to put out."

"Well, OK. So should we keep playing?" Chris asked.

"Sure." was the agreed response.

This was the case until Chris noted, "I'm sorry guys. Still on the East coast. And that means it's now late here."

"Are you going to have trouble adjusting to the west coast?" Micheal asked.

"I don't know. Never been to the west coast." He responded.

"Can we say good night?" Sandy asked.

"Why don't we log off first." Micheal offered.

"You don't have too." Sandy countered.

"Night." Micheal responded.

Karla and Josie also repeated, "Night." And they all logged off.

"So now what should we do?" Josie asked. Followed by "Whoa." Karla looked over and it seemed Micheal was in a frisky mood.

Josie was held in that powerful hand. Karla only thought Josie's outfit looked cute on her. But Micheal obviously saw more as his finger affectionately traced that wonderful lace covered form. Wrap around a leg to feel it up and down. Across her displayed cleavage. Her freckled cheeks started to shine pink in aroused anticipation of being their giant's plaything.

Micheal flipped her around. A finger dragged open the slightly oversized zipper. Generating a soft gasp from the puffy pigtailed redhead. He pushed the dress off those soft shoulders like it was tissue paper. Refacing Josie again he dragged the dress slowly down that wonderful form. Perky breasts pop into view. He dropped the dress and took a rewarding moment to feel the freckled mound making Karla lady lover pant lustfully.

Fingers slip down her torso, round the curve of those danceable hips. Dragging her girly lace frilly panties down her shapely stocking covered legs. Leaving her garter to hold the hosiery in place. Pink Mary-Janes sparkling in the lamp light. That lucky Josie then was slipped face up into that loving mouth. "Oh yes!" told of the first touch of Micheal's tongue. Josie moaned in a directed rhythm that made her body buck delightfully. Lace ribbon that held puffy pigtails waved about in happy reactions. Toned stems pressed into his cheeks as feet rolled with the shinning shoes on.

Micheal's face then turned to her. Karla gasped as she could see the lustful want in her owner's eyes. It scares her and she finds herself cringing back. A craving hot hand wraps around her tiny little body. Lifting her like a small toy. He could do whatever he wanted to her and she was helpless to stop him. And that knowledge warmed her blood.

A mighty pinch grabs her ankles and pulls her leg straight up. Her body trembles in strange fear of the titan teen she knew would never knowingly hurt her. But something about his eyes hinted at a wanting she remembered from their first time alone. A fingernail hooked her boot zipper and bent cruelly slowly. Teasing her with the knowledge that that boot wouldn't be there soon, but he need not rush to remove it. As if to torment her own little bodies wanting, he makes the slightest of tugs. Bit by bit her footwear is loosened. The whole torturous play framed by her Micheal's handsome face. Decorated by a moaning gasping Josie arousingly flailing in his smiling lips.

He finally takes that boot and simply drops it in the slight pile of Josie's discarded clothes. A finger hooked her ankle and another hooked her thigh. His thumb pressed to the back of her leg just under her ankle. Slowly he appraised her leg from there right down to over that ass cheek and back up. Slowly enjoying her trapped limb. Savoring how it felt under those tightly wrapped Mightlore tights. The simple action seems to pump more and more lustful want into her little body.

Micheal frees that leg and pushes it back down. Then pressed the tip of his digit under her booted ankle and lifted it more with intent then action. Slowly he draws his touch down that aloft leg. Playfully tapping that ass cheek once it is reached. That cruel boy then places his fingertip between her thighs. Soft slow circles rolled over her very aware womanhood. She could feel the power being restrained in that simple touch. Her back arches up and her head leaned back. Karla's body shutters out a tormented aroused breath out of her display breast.

He stops that simple action. She looks up at him pleading with her expression and eyes. Begging he would just tear her clothes off and use her Shrunken body properly. The desired result of this beseeched expression was displayed by Josie exploding in a tongue savored climax. But Karla’s gigantic owner wasn't done playing with her form.

The thumb of his holding hand supports her upheld leg. His examining hand just touched one nail into the exposed zipper. Painfully slowly she felt him lift the zipper head towards him. Bit by torturous bit the boot opened. Why, oh why didn't that horrible giant just take that boot. Why, oh why was he punishing her so delightfully.

The last of the little metal teeth finally came apart. He grabbed the toe and heel and slowly circled her foot. She wanted to pull her own leg from that boot but didn't dare foil her owner's enjoyment of her. He would forgive her, possibly even reward her with those real touches she wanted. But he didn't want that. He wanted this game. To drive her own want for him. Making her minimized chest heave in desire. Boot soon dangled over her and he circles it there tauntingly for a painfully long time. Then it falls to the couch.

Karla gasped, "Oh yes!" as his hand pressed over her. Trapped between his palms, sandwiched there. He massages his hands together. She could feel how easily the young giant could crush her. His hands sought to feel her over harming her. That wonderful outfit was like a second skin and she felt every inch where her body was compressed in that hugging grip.

Hand lifted and then the fingers rained down on her. All over her body they appreciated her form. That Mightlore leotard was so skin tight it literally formed along her every curve and contour. And those digits loved that it did. Breasts lifted with both displayed clearly and now were pressed by the pads of fingers. Her ass cheeks showed where the material hugged along them. That drew affectionate strokes over them both. Her legs were clear marvels of interest. Calves massaged by a giant. Thighs aroused by a titan. Touch kisses nuzzled her face. Stroke those cheeks. Brushed her long black hair.

She could feel her Micheal stand. She looked around his arousing assault to get a clue of his intentions from his massive features. Josie sang in oral ecstasy and distracted Karla. As she focused on the happy little crimson haired mouse in the mouth of that very playful brown haired cat.

Into the bedroom that tower teen pulled his shirt off with his free hand and just tossed it. Towards the cage room, he wanted more playthings, he deserved more pretty playthings. Her loving holding hand wraps around her. Micheal is distracted so not focused on feeling her as much. So she arches and grinds to her caging digits like the best Shrunken she is.

She hears little wimping voices telling of Micheal's selection of his lucky toys. Karla could tell by the whimpers, whines, and ecstatic cheer who he was collecting. But that didn't matter. She was trapped in her giant's hand. And she knew he liked what he felt so she squirmed so he could keep feeling that and more.

Bedroom again, soon more fun would be had. He placed the tub down. His hand brought her to his waste. She grabbed and pulled at his button like her little arms were going to pop his pants open. He then used the hand holding her to drag the fly open. She was so close to that Behemoth she could taste its satin skin. Pants fell to the floor so far below her it was dizing. Then to his sides to remove those damnable briefs. She strained her arm out between her digit bars just to touch the skin on his hip. The material prison gone, the Behemoth hung proud and hard. Karla had a small climax looking at it this time. Maybe it was all his tormenting touching play, but the sight of that massive thick ridged colossal cock just made her blood rush with sensual glee.

He laid himself on his bed. Pouring her upon his chest. Karla laid there in a human shaped puddle for a short rest. The warmth of his aroused body radiated through hers. Her cheek softly rolled against that scented silk skin. She could give up practically every other comfort of her higher position if she got to keep resting and cuddling on this patch of Micheal.

A startled yep told he had begun stripping his picks. Rolling, she sees Donna in those mighty hands. But he wasn't slowly stripping that busty toy. No massaging lingering touches. No, that was for her. His expression of his love for his first Shrunken.

Karla stretched out over that wonderful skin. Rolling her back and nuzzling her shoulders and rump along it. Like a cat in a wild patch of catnip she purrs at the wonderful sensation. She flips onto her chest to grind her bosom down into her titan teen. Yes, this kitten savored her peach shaded field. Only thing that would have made this better would have been if she was naked.

She rolled and squirmed on that smooth landscape. She knew she could have easily wiggle out of this form-snuggling body sock. It was several times easier to remove then put on. But her owner didn't want her naked, at least not yet. So she waited with bated breath for him to finish stripping the other girls so he can get back to his most important pet.

Wait, two voices moaned in a repeated rhythm. Karla pulls away from the gravity of that soft flesh to look up at that handsome youthful face. Josie has been flipped face down. Now however she had a bed of Donna's beautiful busty body. Her first instinct was silly religiously. Then she notices that yes they have their bodies tightly pressed together. Arms hugging each other. Josie's perky breasts rubbing and nuzzling Donna's massive mounds.

But Josie wasn't kissing or nuzzling that desirable body. Their nipples danced but their tongues were not. Josie was stronger then Karla would have been. Being that tight to that amazing Shrunken form as Micheal savored her pussy. No, her mouth would have lustfully tasted Donna all over. And Micheal would be delighted to watch it. Josie happily looks at her and smiles as best she can while being suckled by their giant. Karla licks her lips and nods to her lady love. Josie nods back and lifts up, mouth latches over the top of one of those plump tits. Delight rushes through Karla's body at the sight.

Suddenly giant fingers grab Karla's ankle. She is helpless to stop from being flipped over. Giant hands collapse over her. Pressing her back into his chest. Face, breasts, and legs are all felt over. Her owner hummed happily at the sensations her body made along his fingers. The vibration rumbled in his chest telling how much she was enjoyed. His heart pounded so excitedly that she was slightly bouncing with each thunderous beat.

Karla was lifted into the air. A puppet to her Micheal's whims. Around she snuggles into his holding palm. A happy hum sings from her as one of those mighty fingers opens the zipper down her back. She could have easily wiggled out of that second skin, but Micheal's brushing it off her shoulders would have made her efforts look intense in comparison. Peeled out from her costume like a ripe piece of fruit.

Now naked in that towering boy's powerful grip she melted. His skin, his simple touch was now like a drug to her. Karla is barely under his shielded attention before her body rewards him with a shuttering reaction of overwhelming delight.

He continues his pleasure assault. Nipples sing under the ridges of his finger print. Lighting shook her form with each teasing brush of her smooth pussy. Why wasn't he rubbing her along the Behemoth? Maybe she was going to have a turn in that heavenly mouth? It didn't matter as his affection made her body sing joyously again.

Karla is laid on his chest. Her body is exhausted from his simple touches. So weak she is before her loving giant. Laying on his warm skin as she watches him pleasure himself. Almost as gleeful at watching him dominate her friends from the cage as she would be to be one of them being dominated.

Micheal placed curvy cute little Peyton before his massive tip. The girth actually dwarfs the kneeling perky breasted target. Peyton again tried to look like a proper Shrunken. Closing her eyes tight she stuck out her gorgeously ample chest. Mouth open ready to accept his cum down her sweet throat. Karla finds herself thirsty to watch that toned rounded body just drenched in his released pleasure.

His hand wrapped over Amanda and Shawna. They cheer eagerly to pleasure Karla's titan. Hand picks up Sophia and then Grace like he was picking berries off a bush. Then he placed them on his big round balls. So large they could drape themselves over one each. Karla sees Gabriel hide herself along the side of that shaft. Cowering from Karla sweet Micheal.

His body rocks as his hand stimulates his shaft with his Eager pet and his Thankful pet. They do their best to help him along. Spreading their bodies out around that thick pillar. The Actress and his Wonder toy hug and grind their pretty forms to his full balls. Gabriel sees her watching and turns to worship her owner's cock by rubbing her own massive breasts into it.

His shiver teases another little climax like reaction from her body. Thick white goo spatter into that displaying blonde. Flooding her pretty features and overflowing her open mouth. Cum covered her chest, thickly dripping of her plump bosom. Karla delights with every released drop coating the curvy former dancer.

Karla finds herself crawling over towards the covered girl. Ass waging happily as she approaches. Two fingers dragged along Peyton's tone leg, to be covered in Micheal's released delight. Karla sucks them deep into her mouth and savors it's artificial milk chocolate flavored.

Now Karla was starving. There before her was a delightfully shaped plate blinking at her under a delicious chocolate cum mask. Karla leaps onto that lust worthy body. A perky Shrunken firmed tit gave her a mouthful of Micheal spunk. The sensitive nipple popped from her wrapping tongue's attention. Karla can feel his thick syrup transferring all over her body. Gloriously she pinned the blonde down. Slurping mouth full of his cum. Something about Peyton made it like eating candy coated chocolates.

She writhed and squirmed over her prey's form. Little sweet skinned Peyton clearly wasn't into a woman's passionate attention. But she didn't care, her body felt amazing. His fluid glazed them both. She forced her mouth over her plaything's lips and they wrestled their tongues together.

Micheal hums excitedly. Karla looks up. Josie's and Donna's exhausted bodies bounced in reaction to an unseen action. That action was quickening. It could only mean one thing, Micheal was being aroused again. Amanda’s happy, "Oh yeah." told it was on the rise.

He was watching so she performed. Rising up Karla wrapped her hands around Peyton's standing breasts and dramatically rolled and massaged them as her hips grind her body at Peyton's crotch in an attempt to look like she was pleasuring Peyton's womanhood. His shining eyes made her wonder if she should look into a strap-on. Did he just like the displayed action? Or would he like it to be more intimate for his viewing pleasure?

Karla saw a prize. Pooled between those mounds was gleaming Micheal semen. She lowers her face. Mouth opened with a hungry smile. She makes sure he can see her licking her lips suggestively. Sloppy she suckles the thick fluid from its hiding spot, making sure it also thickly coats her face. Looking up at him she licks globs of it from around her lips. Josie and Donna's bodies dance excitedly. He's fully aroused by his little pet, she's so lustfully proud.

Slowly she licks at Peyton's skin as she slinks down that arousing form. Hands greedily stroke along those toned legs. Making sure they point and display for her Micheal. She bends those holdable hips so both legs hang over that perfectly shaped body. There was a sweet little slit. Unguarded and accessible.

Karla sucks her mouth over Peyton's sensitive pussy. The blonde jumps and shivers as Karla's tongue dances inside those sensitive walls. Micheal's chocolate mixes with a new flavor, cherry. A delightful combination she hungers for more. Wiggling her tongue over the delicate clitoris. Exploring that tight little canal.

Peyton might not have been attracted to other women. But it seems she still reacts to a good tonguing. Karla's hands stroke her dangling legs. Squeezing firm ass cheeks. The sweet gasping voice just encourages Karla's tasting of her candy pussy. Then she learns what Peyton's climax sounds like.

She's just considered learning what Peyton's tongue felt like when her titan shivered. Karla shot into a tall kneel position. Moaning loudly as thick warm cum sprays her chest. Her hands race and smear his seed all over her breasts and face. Tongue lapped at the bursts from her wide open mouth. Happily she showers in his cock's spray.

Karla savors the slowly trickling warmth as she listens to Micheal collecting his caged pets. He lets her savor her reward as long as he can. Finally she is scooped up. Stinging eyes see Josie is in the hand as well. Cuddling to her dripping body.

Micheal carefully poured the tube behind the retaining wall before carrying them to his bathroom. While the others must find their own way to clean themselves. Karla and Josie are taken to a sink and water which is tempt perfectly for their little naked bodies. The three of them refresh for bed.

"Pajamas?" He offered and Karla realized none of them had spoken since Micheal had finished.

"No thank you." Josie sighed.

Karla likes the idea of curling up to a naked Josie and sings, "I agree."

"OK, I'll be right back." Micheal says as he places them on the bed.

"You looked to have fun with Peyton." Josie observed.

Karla cuddles close, "You're not jealous are you?"

Karla's skin trembles in delight as Josie nuzzles along her neck. "No, I actually found Donna to be delightful company."

Karla hummed happily, "You two did look comfortable snuggling in your seat."

Josie's full lips teased along hers as the red head purred, "Oh we were. Maybe next time you could join us."

Karla pulls Josie tight, "I rather have you to myself." They kiss and Karla finds herself aroused again.

They fall over and arms press the other tight. Legs wrap and snuggle along the other's legs. Josie whimpers cutely as Karla's head is guided towards freckle topped breasts. Her lips kiss an aroused nipple. A sigh is sung from the red head so Karla suckles more as her tongue twirls around that happy nipple.

"Oh Really, oh so Hot!" Micheal whimpers.

They both look up at their towering teen owner. Mighty hand lifts them before either could apologies. Back on that warm chest they find they don't need to.

Fingers feel their bodies. Pressing them together in an unnecessary bid to get them to continue making out. Mighty hands fondle them as they lovingly stroke each other's bodies.

Karla's senses delight in this attention. Both her lovers were loving her body. A giant boy and a woman her size wanted to touch her every inch. She struggled to touch where titan wasn't feeling Josie. Her body stretches along her Micheal's smooth skin.

Suddenly she was raised. Turned. Then lowered with her head between Josie's lovely legs. But it's Josie's mouth that kisses sensitive pussy first. Karla struggles to return Josie's attention. Mentally delighted at how skillful Josie was getting at orally arousing her.

Something slips in with Karla's face. Thick and knuckled, Micheal was planning to finger Josie with his colossal pinky. Then her body shutters as a rounded thick tip tickles her own wet womanhood.

Her body arches as Josie's arches against hers. So satisfyingly thick he penetrates her. His first knuckle was that little extra that went from pleasures to overwhelmed. Her body pops with its extraction and Josie's does the same. Soon they are moaning and gasping as a giant simply pokes in and out of them. Karla nuzzles the finger loving Josie's pussy, tongue tasting her exposed clitoris. Her eyes rolled back into her head, Josie was suckling hers. It took little time for Lady and Giant to make Karla explode. Limbs literally stretching hard out from her. Josie's burst causes the red head to curl tight to her stretched form.

To limp to continue she finds herself lifted again. Hard shaft is her destination and that re-energies her to thank her Micheal. Not that she had to do much. Once Josie joined her his hand pinned them both. Along his shaft he was pumping their helpless little forms. "Oh so mighty, your so strong!" She moans under his power.

He again unloads. Thinner this time, but still as chocolate flavored. And both her and Josie's mouths are thirsty for every drop they can taste.

They again are showered in the sink. And they prepare for bed another time. Carried back to that spot of fun, his bed. Lights off he placed them on his chest cuddled together under his shielding hand.

"Night my Special Josie, Night my Special Karla." Micheal says. Karla's poor boy sounds so tired.

"Night my Special Micheal, Night my Special Josie." She coos happily back.

"Night my Special Micheal." Josie purrs. Them snuggles close to Karla, pillowy lips teased Karla's neck as they say, "Night my Special Karla."

"Hmm, what a warm night." Karla whispers as she snuggles tighter to the accepting redhead.

Josie softly replies, "So wonderfully so." Her lips then peck along Karla's neck.

Josie lays her head back inviting Karla to kiss along that lovely neck, and why would she resist. Josie hums happily. Drawing their mouths to press together sweetly. Short little touches of affection. Hands stay in one nice area and massage there. Lovingly the cuddles and kisses.

Giant hands pry them apart and place them on the opposite side of his chest. "No, it's late. We sleep now." Micheal commanded.

Karla laid there under her own hand blanket. Despite all the attention she already had Josie's sweet affection had her wanting more. She had to wait. Wait for her Micheal to doze off. Hope their interaction didn't wake the giant. Either him or the one in his pajama shorts. Soon his chest lowered and rose in a nice soft pattern. Her titan was sleeping.

Karla wiggled carefully out from under his hand. He was in too deep to notice her little movement it seemed. She stopped and stroked his hand. Maybe she shouldn't, she thought, then the image of Josie's naked warm form entered her mind and she was sneaking across.

Karla didn't have to go far. Usually proper Josie had snuck out from under too and met her half way. Something about becoming a Shrunken gave her friends a playful naughty streak. "We need to be quiet." Josie unnecessarily advised.

Karla gently grabbed her cheeks and agreed, "Yes, quietly." Then they kissed.

They slowly laid on his warm skin. Trading soft affectionate kisses. Hands stroking cheeks or combing through the other's loose damp hair. Karla felt no need to rush this encounter. They were loving each other. Passion was there, but savoring the others' romantic closeness seemed in order in this naughty escapade.

Karla lost track of how long they laid together just trading kisses and affectionately stroking the other's skin. Wiggling any knots from the other's hair.

Josie's skin was smooth and warm. Lips sweet and plump. Hair like a thick bundle of silk treads. Her body was still so fit from years of dance added to by the firming effects of the Shrunken process. Karla never knew a woman she thought was more beautiful than this freckled dream. And now she was letting Karla love her physically as well as emotionally. Heaven on a chest of a different heaven.

Josie rolled above her, "Hold still." she whispered. Soft full lips danced down Karla's neck. One kiss plucked at her aroused nipple. Down her stomach. Karla started to tell her friend to stop when Josie placed a finger over those pillowy lips to tell her to be quiet.

Now was the real challenge. Not moaning loudly as Josie kissed her down there. Slowly, teasingly her tongue danced along Karla's sensitive lining. Deep it penetrated, tasting the whole entrance. Shrunken elasticity had drawn her pussy back tight even after Micheal's fingering. And now she was being rewarded due to that wonderful technology.

Karla bit her lip. When did Josie get so wonderfully perfect at that. Knowing when to insert and when to lap her clitoris. The times to suckle and the times to kiss. Her struggle not to scream her approval was slowing her climax, but not preventing it. Hands over her mouth she moaned hoping they would muffle enough.

Micheal shifted, he never moved in his sleep. Had they awakened him. Josie shifted alongside her as a groggy boy looked down at them. "Oh, sorry." he mumbled as his hands covered and warmed them. Slowly he drifted back to sleep.

"OK, my turn." Karla promised.

"No Karla. We better not. He needs to get a good night's sleep." Josie countered.

"But I want to." Karla pouted.

"Maybe tomorrow. Besides, I'm kind of tired now. Let's just snuggle and sleep." Josie said, nesting her head on Karla's shoulder.

"That's not far Josie." Karla whined.

"Shh, we're sleeping." She teased.

Josie wasn't too long actually following Micheal. Karla felt strangely betrayed. She wanted to give Josie a very personal kiss goodnight. Karla would have to get sweet pleasurable revenge another time.

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CH 27: The Tourists. Home Life

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More a slice of life chapter. Hope you enjoy. If so feel free to comment or support at the link below.

Chapter 27
f/f with M/f* in the background

Micheal's watch started going too early. He whimpered and his warming hand lifted off her. Josie snuggled in close to fight the fact their mattress was about to get up. Micheal ended that damnable beeping then asked, "Karla are you coming into work today?"

"No, I was going to go with Josie and your mother to help the Howell's finish packing. I'll be going in tomorrow." she answered her sweet giant.

"OK, here, why don't you two sleep in a bit." he offered. Massive hands gently hugged around them and lifted them from his chest. Soon they softly placed upon a warm pillow. A warm thick sheet was lightly draped over them. The remaining Micheal warmth in the pillow and from the covering was delightful. His scent was all around them in this new bed. The sheet edge was like a thick satin covered blanket. Josie stretched her naked body along Karla. Making it very easy to slip back into sleep.

Karla didn't know how long she had slept for before Milly was shaking the pillow they laid upon. "Time to get up girls." She softly said.

"Can't we sleep a little longer?" Josie requested.

"Nope, let's all get a shower. You two can eat as we travel to the Howell's." Milly told them as she took their covering from them. "Oh that'll speed things up." She noted at seeing them naked.

Karla liked how soft Milly's hand was. Her sweet titan mother had them face down in her palm and used the fingers on her other hand to rub their backs. If the woman wanted them awake she was doing the wrong thing.

They were placed on the side of the sink. They both laugh at the pouty expression they both were making. Milly starts the water and strips off her pajamas. Displaying Milly's tall slender body. Howard was one lucky man.

Those long delicate fingers coiled around their bodies and hugged them to the palm of Milly's hand. They rose and were placed upon a shelf. Stepping in with them and closing the shower door. It was a nice shower, comforting. Karla felt safe even while naked with her giant friend.

After the shower Milly gave them each a washcloth to dry off with. It was like trying to dry off using a fluffy blanket. Though cozy to wrap around her shoulders as she waited for the human woman to finish getting dried.

"Let's get you to your cage to dress." Milly advised lifting them. As they traveled she asked, "Are you coming with me to help the Howell's or staying home?"

Josie looked at Karla and Karla nodded positively. "We are coming with you."

"Oh good, Sandy will be excited for your company." Milly pointed out.

Josie wondered, "Since they are moving this Saturday, will we be made Full sized to help?"

"I'm not sure. While you dress, I'll text Gabs to find out. I'll be back soon." Milly advised placing them into this cage.

Karla watched Milly walk towards the door. The woman's towel just covered her trim ass and her long legs poured out appealingly. She must have shaved the day before as they were smooth and silky looking. Karla could imagine Shrunken scaling along those long limbs. How nice it would have been to slither along those contours.

A slap across her bicep broke her transfixion. "Stop ogling Milly." Josie snapped at her.

"I was just amazed at how fit she is." Karla partially lied.

Josie gave her a knowing look of disbelief, "You were giving her your Mr. Lopez look."

"I was not, and I don't have a Mr. Lopez look." Karla countered an old tease from middle school. Her youthful teacher crush, she didn't remember much about what he taught but she did remember enjoying watching him teach.

Josie snickered at her, "Oh you sure do have a Mr. Lopez look. And you were giving it to Milly. Since you've become a Shrunken you've been quite willing to be attentive. You were always so worried people would see you as a sexual object, now that your a pet you want to be a one."

Karla noted, "I'm not the only one more relaxed about their interactions."

Josie blush slightly she countered, "Yeah, but I'm not longing for it from others besides you and Micheal."

"I don't long for it from anyone else but you or Micheal, but I can appreciate others appearances." Karla pointed out.

"I guess. It's just I worry you are getting to want to be everyone's toy. Remember they like you for you, you don't have to be everyone's plaything as well." Josie advised.

Karla realized Josie was right. She had been getting herself open to be enjoyed by more than Micheal. When none were looking for her to do that. "Your right, thanks. I needed that reminder."

"You're welcome." Josie said, softly pulling her close. Lips pressed into a nice warm kiss. "Now we better go get dressed."

Karla watched another towel covered lovely body walk away. She walked into her closet room and looked for clothes. Pulling her jeans and light blue tee. It was much like the outfit Micheal had caught her in. He liked that one on her, and it was easy to work in. Hopefully this one would work for both as well.

She pulled the jeans up her legs and over her backside. The legs were tight, but strangely not restrictive. They were even easy to wrap around her waist and do up. She looked in the tall mirror, the pants looked almost sculpted on her. She posed and smiled, yes Micheal will like how these look on her.

She slipped the tee on. It was tight across her breasts, making it dangle off the ends of them. Teasingly displaying her stomach. It must have been from Milly as the pink lettering stretched across her chest labeled her correctly as "Micheal's Plaything." She wiggled and snickered, yeah Micheal would like this outfit too.

She walked down into the cage's bedroom. Sitting down and waiting. What was taking Josie so long? Then that Red Haired Angel came into the room dressed in a copy of Karla's with the shirt and lettering colors reversed. But the strange thing was Josie carried a suitcase. "Really? How do we keep dressing the same?" Josie asked.

"I think most of your outfits were either bought to matched or bought to copy the one's I have. And since we are often doing the same things it is likely we would dress similarly. My question is, what's with the suitcase?" Karla surmised.

"Sandy asked Micheal if I could spend the night and he agreed. So I had to pack for the night. On the plus side for you, you'll have a night alone with our Micheal." Josie advised.

Karla hummed, she was right. "Well I'll miss you. But, I will have to make do." she stated.

Milly arrived, "You two ready?"

"Yes." Karla answered.

Hands coiled their little bodies. Then placed into tubes in the woman's purse. Karla didn't miss this way of traveling. Confined and blind to the world. It bothered her stomach and made the long trip feel longer. Eventually they arrive.

Tanya's voice could be heard, "Milly, welcome. Thanks for this help."

"I brought two other little helpers." Milly noted.

"Oh I know, Sandy's excited to spend time with Josie again." Tanya advised.

They traveled through the house and back out towards the workshop shed. Inside slender fingers coiled around them and pulled them out. "Hello ladies, you don't mind being made Doll sized do you?" Pat asked, directing towards the miniature resizing tube.

"You go first." Karla suggests to Josie.

"Alright." her lady lover replies. And enters the tube, suitcase in hand. In short order she is suddenly doubled in size.

Josie hardly steps out when Sandy's voice explode, "Big Sister!" The little elfish young woman lifts Josie and hugs her like a favorite doll. Karla walks toward her turn in the tube. The sight of the two redheads happily chatting made Karla think of Betty and Maria. As Karla steps into the tube a worry crosses her mind, what if Micheal sees their connection. Would he give away her Josie? Sandy and the Howells would be a good home. But Karla didn't want to give up her long time love.

Karla stepped out and a little hand scooped under her ass and lifted her. "Come Karla, you two are going to help me pack my room today."

Karla smiled at Sandy, "Well we better get going."

"Remember to pretend to be dolls as you cross the yard.” Tanya advised.

Josie and her snicker then attempt to look like stiff limbed playthings. Not that they had to be that way long. The house that had been a littering of collectables and toys was now boxes and packing materials.

Sandy smiled at them, "I have most of my room packed, but still have a shelf or two to empty. The big thing I have is my kids' cage. And I don't want to pack that till tomorrow afternoon.

Josie looked at the little elf and asked frankly, "Two shelves, are we going to be any help to you at all?"

Sandy pressed them to her face for a hug, "Oh yes, you two will be the best help. Oh but first you should say hi to your moms, they miss you."

As they started up the stairs Sandy asked, "How has work been Karla? It feels like forever since we last saw each other."

"Good." Karla replied. "Still getting the hang of being a working Shrunken. Guess Howard and I have to go to a bunch of sites next week and check over their teleport installations. Honestly not sure why I am going. Jeff and Chrissy won't have any numbers of Kittens to sell for a couple years yet."

"Oh, Chrissy told me they will start sending Kittens from their original breeders out soon. Maybe you're to make sure the locations are properly set up before they send any out." Sandy responded.

Karla was slightly annoyed. None of her reports included that information. And Chrissy or Jeff hadn't bothered to tell her. Was it because she was just a Shrunken playing at working? "I wasn't aware." was all she could respond.

"You OK?" the slender red haired giantess asked.

"Yeah, I just remembered something." Karla lied. But better than trouble the timid teen. Josie gave her a look of knowing she was upset. But she didn't push it.

"Here, let's get you a visit with your moms." Sandy advised as they entered her little room. She walked over and placed them in. Shrunken children dashed away giggling and screaming about evil tickle giants. They were too attempting not to catch a few and wiggle fingers along little ribs.

Karla watched her mother trot over smiling at the dashing kids. She reached for a hug teasing, "You need to visit more." she chastised.

Karla couldn't help but lift her mother when she hugged her. "Sorry, I've been working."

"Oh, how is that going?" Her mother asked. Karla could hear the temptation in her voice.

Karla nodded, "Good, still adjusting to this new world."

"Well, I still want to see you more often." her mother insisted.

"Well once the Howells move we'll be neighbors." Karla advised.

Her mother smiled, "Looking forward to that then. Now do your poor mother a favor?"

"Sure mom, you have something on a high shelf you can't reach?" she teased.

"No, chase the kids around some and tire them out for me." she requested.

"Sure." Karla agreed. Then hunched down and playfully growled at the near giggle kids, "I'm going to get you." Then started chasing.

Karla was having so much fun chasing tiny little kids around and tickling them with Josie she lost track of time as a towering red haired pixie was suddenly looming over them and gleefully advising, "Lunch is ready."

"Oh sorry Little sister, we were suppose to be helping pack your room." Josie apologise.

"You are, by keeping my little darlings happy. Come." Sandy collected them and their mothers.

Lunch was sandwiches, which the humans were nice enough to pinch them off little sandwiches. They talked about plans for the coming Saturday. How the movers would bring the container to their new home and the Millers would help them move things in and unpack.

"Oh, Karla, Josie. You'll be full sized to help out. Sorry Gabs replied to me after you started helping Sandy." Milly noted.

"Full sized?" Her mother whispered beside her. Karla knew what she was thinking. Escape, call for help, not be a trapped tiny person pet anymore. Karla looked and shook her head. Her mother might understand, but it would be hard to explain.

"No? No, what?" Her mother pushed.

"Sorry, I thought you might think I'd try to escape." Karla whispered back.

"Not with them around. They can shrink people with a look. But if you are away from them." Her mother softly suggested.

"I couldn't." Karla noted quietly.

"What are you talking about?" Tanya asked, smiling her sweet round cheek smile.

"Oh, I'm just jealous. Could I be made full sized to help as well?" Her mother asked.

"Sorry Eva, but not without you passing a Processing. And I doubt Gabs would approve one for just a day. Company rules you understand." Milly advised.

"Shame. I would have liked to help." Karla's mother said.

Lunch finished Sandy carried them back. "You want to visit more with your moms?" the sweet girl asked.

Josie answered, "We should be helping you little sister. Sorry mom, but after the move it'll be easier for us to visit." Karla was happy Josie answered. She could see her mother wanting to try to convince her to betray her sweet towering teen.

They were placed by some books, "You can bring these over to me while I pack the other shelf." Sandy requested.

"Sure." Josie noted. Karla looked at the books and figured it would actually be quicker for Sandy to bring them over to the other shelf herself. But she wanted them to feel helpful.

She got to one end and Josie took another. It was like lifting a marble topped table. It was so heavy. "What's wrong?" Joise grunted across the book.

"Mom, she learned I get to be full sized." Karla answered.

"So?" Josie grunted.

Karla huffed then explained, "She thinks if I have the chance I should sneak away and tell the authorities."

"Oh, one sec." Josie said. Then Karla noticed they were approaching scarlet topped giantess.

"Thanks, you two are a great help." Sandy noted as they placed a book beside the pile she was putting into a box.

Once they were out of ear shot Josie noted, "Technically she's right. You'd be helping thousands, possibly a million people find their freedom."

Karla was annoyed at first, but the reasoning was sound. "I suppose. Just, I'd lose Michael."

"And, would they even believe you? Please help a teen boy has shrunk a bunch of women and keep them in a walkin closet to be his little sex slaves." Josie added.

Karla walked around and prepared to get the next book. "I could leave the shrinking part out."

"And they would just believe you and search the Miller's house?" Josie questioned.

"Possibly." Karla groined as she lift.

"Err, and the Company couldn't stop that?" Josie wondered.

"Well, they do have their connections into regular society. They have basically used that to make the towns disappear seem reasonable to the world in general." Karla realized.

"Yeah if it was that easy any Full sized would do it." Josie guessed.

They dropped off another hard covered book and received a thanks. Away from Sandy Karla noted, "Well, not just them. Company has to have disgruntled workers. People like Teddy from Micheal's team that are on the run from Security. They pop into a police station and explain that someone like the Millers have women held as slaves and the Company would be exposed."

"And if they don't do that?" Josie suggested.

Karla saw where she was being led, "Then the Company must have that covered somehow. I'd just be hurting Micheal."

"Yeah, that would be bad. Though being human again does have a nice appeal." Josie confessed.

"Yeah, but I'd lose my Micheal." Karla pointed out.

"You could adopt, he is underaged." Josie teased.

"Honestly with his involvement, he'd likely get tried as an adult." Karla joked.

"Well now you know what to say to your mother if that comes up again." Josie advised.

"Thanks Josie." Karla hugged her friend.

They spent the rest of the afternoon unnecessarily lugging things over to Sandy. Any time they might have been saving her was pointless. The company they gave her was the real help. She was clearly in her glory to have friends helping her. Treating her with kindness. Besides, bringing her little Teddy bears and things was fun. Carrying those for them was lifting oversized stuffies, getting cuddly limp limbed hugs as they did so.

A knock on the door and Tanya opened the door. "Milly needs to go soon Karla."

"Can't Karla stay a little longer, maybe sleepover with Josie and I?" Sandy begged.

Karla could see a warm glow shine from Tanya's round cheeks. Her baby girl had caring friends. Her daughter was happy. "Sorry, but Karla doesn't have any clothes to stay over in."

"We could doll size some." Sandy offered.

Karla placed her hand on Sandy's massive hand. "I have to work early tomorrow. We'll have a sleep over soon. I promise."

Karla's heart hummed happily as two slender hands lifted her and she was hugged against that pixy face. "OK, have a good night."

Karla thought it odd she was allowed to walk over to Tanya and wasn't just scooped up to save time. Tanya offered a hand for her to sit in and she rose smoothly to the woman's shoulder height.

Then in the hall after Sandy's door closed Karla found she was hugged to another face. She felt awful, but she liked how cuddly those pudgy cheeks were. "Thank you Karla. You and Josie. I haven't seen Sandy so happy."

"She's a wonderful girl." Karla noted as the hug continued. Then a drip, Tanya was crying.

"Are you OK?" Karla asked.

"Just a touch overjoyed." She advised Karla. "Now when you get alone with your kind owner you thank him for me for lending you and that wonderful Josie out to our Sandy."

"Oh, I think I can do that for you." Karla noted, excited for some alone Micheal time.

"Oh, I didn't mean. Oh well, whatever gets the message through I guess." Tanya blushed.

Back to her right size Karla found herself traveling back home in Milly's purse. The time gave her a problem, time to think. Sandy and Josie got along so well. Like Betty and Maria and that brought a worry. Micheal had seen how that helped both that woman and that Shrunken. What if he noticed that with Sandy and Josie? Karla missed Maria when she was given away, losing Josie would be devastating.

Home Milly started supper as Karla watched on. The tall blond woman sang softly with a beautiful smile. She was such a delight to be around. And insightful, "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing." Karla lied.

"Well, that was a horrible attempt at a lie. Want to try again?" Milly teased.

"Sandy and Josie get along so well, I'm worried Micheal will give Josie to Sandy." Karla advised,

Milly broke into laughter. "Sorry, a teenaged boy giving away an attentive little pretty like Josie while hurting the feelings of his favorite beauty. My Micheal can be obtuse at times, but he's not that bad."

"I suppose. He does like playing with us together." Karla said, then remembered who she was talking with.

"Yeah, you’ll get to keep them both. I wouldn't worry." Milly pointed out.

"Besides I called dibs on you both." Milly teased.

Karla laughed, questioning, "I would have figured Howard had from how he used to look at me."

Milly made a playful cringe face and noted, "Yeah, I guess he would have." And they snickered some more.

The boys came home as Milly was plating supper. Karla loved the boy face nuzzles she got as parents discussed their days. She knew she should limit herself but couldn't resist arching and snuggling those massive handsome features.

"Hurry up, judo tonight." Milly called them away from their mix-matched cuddle.

"Hey Karla, see what came today?" Howard asked, leaning a delivery box down for her to see within.

Her heart sang in delight. Inside was a badly weathered Pontiac GTO, an early seventies model from what she could tell looking down at it. Blue with white areas were tinged with dirt and rust. It would take a lot of effort to get it looking prime again. And what of its engine and interior. "Oh wow Howard."

Milly shook her head, "If you do the dishes I'll drive Michael to judo so you two can start playing with your new toy."

"OK." They answered together.

After the meal Howard gathered the dishes. Karla was in his shirt pocket as he moved them to the kitchen. Clearly not as comfortable having her ride on his shoulder. "Tools. Well, tools I can use will be arriving soon." He tells her.

She sighed. She so wanted to play mechanic. But from what she had seen the best she'll do was as a tiny advisor to Howard. He was a car fan but admitted not car knowledgeable. "Any I might be able to use?"

"A couple. Sorry, guess no one consider this type of auto partnership." He states.

She shrugged, "You could suggest it."

"I have. But no word." He advised.

They, well he finishes dishes and they rush down to the basement workshop. Karla was suddenly reminded they actually had a fully finished basement living room they almost never used.

Howard placed the poor neglected baby on the workbench. As he places a box to the side Karla rushes over. Inside the seating was cracked with open splits. It would need upholstered or replaced seats. The dash needed many passes of cleaners and oils to make it shine again. The body was showing speckled orange spots and a clear rust hole along the bottom of the driver's door. Karla found herself hoping the former owner found their new owner treating them like they had treated this poor work of art.

She popped the lid and wanted to cry. The other cars came with freshly cleaned engines. This one was so bad off, the clean up crews didn't bother and she could see why. Years of crude masked over much. Several tubes had clear and likely deep cracks.

Howard had his tablet, from the images he was already looking for a new heart for their little project. Karla, trained by someone who didn't have the money to just change an engine on a whim, looked for salvageable parts. She had a hard time, it was so messy and she didn't want to get grease or oil on her cute new outfit. She smiled as Howard's fingers hooked her legs to support her better.

She had barely leaned over before she was less happy. His thumb capped over her ass and was very intimately massaging her cheeks. Her first thought was horrible, he was going to abuse his son's Shrunken. She looked over her shoulder timidly, he wasn't looking at her. Still scrolling through the engines. "Howard?" she asked.

"Yeah Karla?" he replied, sounding like his mind was miles away.

"Why is your thumb rubbing my ass?" she asked hopefully this was a mistake.

"What, oh?" He said looking over. Karla had to grab the side of the car to keep from falling over from the speed he took that hand away.

"I'm sorry Karla. My mind wander off to my plans for later and I guess my thumb thought your ass was a preview." He apologized.

"It's OK. Though if I could borrow you not fondling fingers so I can lean and not get dirty." she requested.

A light bulb went off in his head when he noted, "Oh wait. I hope they fit." Then he opened the box. Pulling you a blue thing she thought was a glove. "Try it on.'' he advised.

It was a Shrunken sized paper overall with rubber coated feet covers built in. As she noticed the knees and elbows were rubberized too. "They have overalls but no tools my size?" she questioned.

"They are for, well, sending a Shrunken down a pipe or tube to clear a clog. Basically to keep them from getting too covered in stuff for their users to handle. Thought they would work well for you working on cars." He explained.

"So they just shove a Shrunken into a pipe and hope they come back out?" she questioned pulling on the overall.

"Well, most of those pipes usually end in waste vats or grinding disposal areas. Back to their owners are the only safe exit." He actually said quite coldly.

"I guess that explains it." She noted, looking how the covering fit. It was slightly too big. Gloves folded over her hands once freed of a little elastic strip. A hood could be folded up over her hair. She felt like she was an extra for a bad sci-fi movie. "Does that work?"

"Yeah, This will work." she advised.

She started taking mental notes on what could be taken and cleaned for later use. Getting a better look she saw that the engine wasn't going to work. A thin but visible crack. She sighed, likely not deep enough to stop the engine from turning over. Likely drove with that wound. She however wouldn't dare tempt it to pop under the working pressure.

She wondered how they would lift that hunk of metal and rubber. Then teased herself. Once disconnected Howard could just lift it from its cradle. She then looked along the body. Taking care to see what would be fixable. The more she looked the more she realized they were not fixing this old beauty. They were going to have to completely rebuild it.

She was about to ask about him lifting it so she could look under it when his watch went off. "Oh, their home. Here I'll send you what I think might work as replacements."

"OK, I'll look them over." she replied, stripping off the soiled disposable covering.

He took it and tossed it for her. Lifting her he noted, "This is going to be a fun learning experience."

They came upstairs and Micheal in his handsome judo outfit came rushing over. He hands coiled around her and Karla sighed in delight as her titan teen lifted her from his father's hand. "How was your night?" He asked heading for the stairs.

"Night." His mother teasingly called out at him.

"Oh right, sorry. Night. Thanks for the drive mom." he replied. Then he rushed up the stairs. His fingers clearly liked how her jeans felt stretched over her legs.

"My night was good. Your dad ordered a GTO for us to fix up while you're at Judo and the like. How was your night?" She answered his question, curling to one side and stretching out her legs so he could get a better feel of her jeans.

His finger quickly found its access to her ass as he happily replied, "Great. I finally got a partner at Judo. Most people have friends from school and the like so I was always bouncing around to whoever was free. But Jo asked if I wanted them as my partner. They're great and funny. Also they love Battle Jumpers too, just, you can't play with them you understand."

"That makes sense. So how did you meet this Joe?" Karla asked as they entered his apartment.

"Oh they joined a few months ago. She's there with two of her friends so one of them is always the odd one out so she asked if I'd want to partner up. Then we of course started chatting between our turns." He advised heading to the bedroom.

"Wait, Jo's a girl?" Karla worried.

"Yeah so?" he asked.

Softly he placed her on his bed. "Should you really be, wrestling with a girl?" she tried to hint.

He rolled onto the bed, his huge handsome face above her like a billboard on the side of the road. "Why not? She is really good at Judo. Helps me get better." he advised, cheeks gaining a slight pink ting.

"Is she pretty?" she inquired. Touching his fingers in concern.

"Yeah." he softly cooed, coiling those fingers around her body. "Oh, you're worried I'll not want to play Battle Jumpers with you?" He added.

"No, I'm worried the girl might kind of like you and you kind of like her back." Karla confessed. His skilled hands had started slipping her shirt off her torso. She found it odd how that was just something that happened while they chatted.

"Oh, I told her I have a girlfriend." Micheal clarified. Pinching her pants open.

"A girlfriend on the west coast?" she gasped out more then spoke. There was just something about feeling his powerful hands simply take her pants from her helpless little body that got her blood pumping.

"Yeah, that is where Chrissy lives." he confirmed, flipping her over with giant ease.

Karla laughed, a girlfriend named Chrissy of all things living far away. It sounded made up, likely to this Jo as well. She gasped as her bra was undone that advised, "Jo might think your making Chrissy up."

"No, why would I do that?" he asked as a mighty colossal hand stripped her of her bra.

Karla was having trouble concentrating on the problem at hand. She had quickly grown to love the sensation of helplessness in resisting Micheal stripping her little body. Not that she was even mustering any attempt to resist. The rush of sexual delight was fogging her need to advised her handsome young giant. "Some people make up girl and boy friends that are far away to make them seem cooler." she breathlessly explained.

She openly squealed as he flipped her back and took her panties. He smiled that aroused smile of his as he pointed out, "But I'm not making Chrissy up."

His face came down upon her. Karla was having trouble thinking of words as his massive mouth made suckling kisses to her Shrunken body. It didn't help her concentrate that her breasts seemed especially tasty to her titan teen this night. An idea did slip in though, "Chrissy might get jealous of your training with a girl."

Oh why did she have to think of that, Karla whimpered in her mind as those warm colossal lips lifted away from her naked body. Warm puffs of breath teased how close her oral lover was as he asked, "Do you really think Chrissy would get jealous?"

Karla had experienced the skinny blonde's jealousy first hand as the girl almost tossed her off that cruise ship to her death. "Yes, I'm certain she would be." she advised.

"Oh," he sighed as his fingers spread her legs. Then as his face lowered he noted, "We better not tell her then. I like having a friend at Judo."

Any counter Karl had was trapped behind her intense moaning. His tongue was working its usual magic along her pussy. She must have been longing for this solo attention this night as its mind enthralling effects were more than the usual overwhelming.

Karla forgot what they were even just speaking on. More delighted that his mouth found a better use for her. Lap after lap made her dance along that tip. Fingers took advantage of her arching moaning form and she was drowning in giant boy affection. His body could crush or break her if he tried, but it was the sensation of him restraining that power, aiming it to cause her pleasure that really sucked her into climax.

That sexual outburst didn't stop that colossal lover. He continued savoring her body like a treat from the store. And why not, for that titan form was putting out little effort to do so. Yes she was being drained of all her strength and energy. Oh what a wonderful way to be taken advantage of.

His mouth lifted and she happily laid sprawled in his hands. His smile filled her vision. "Do you mind if I play with some of our Shrunken before bed?" that sweet face asked so softly.

She reached up to stroke that broad cheek despite it being well out of reach. Snickering softly she agreed, "Go ahead."

The pillow he laid her on was soft but cold. In a way she was happy for that as it brought her back to her senses some. This Jo might be trouble later. How could she express that to Micheal? Waiting till he's not playful might help, she teased herself.

Micheal came back with a full tub. Not his usual picks, not a yellow hair in sight. No she could see some Indian girl tans, African descendants browns, some Asian Olive complexions and a few redheads for contrast. He set them on the bed between him and her.

That fun lad started stripping while making lurid expressions at the trapped beauties. She liked it when he played cruel giant. Licking his lips like they were berries on a plate waiting to be devoured. He made a show of dangling his heavy stiff Behemoth over them like that would now be dining on their tone and supple forms. Stroking it a few times over them so they could get a good look at its impossible mass.

He moved over them to sit reclined on his huge bed. Then he shifted the container back between them. Her Micheal was so kind, he knew she savored watching him play with his little toys. His fingers dangled over the trapped pretties like he was looking for just the right tasty treat. Then a lovely young Shrunken from the Asian subcontinent of India rose into the air.

The Company had timed their cruise well as a variety of international tourists were now among Micheal and others' Shrunken collections. His pick whimpered so appealingly in her accented voice. Her dark tan smooth skin contrasted with his pale white fingers. He took her clothes like peeling a squirming orange. Laughing like the sexy mean giant she liked him pretending to be, he draped the fit beauty along his tip and let go.

His behemoth was at a steep angle, making the Indian beauty slide down it some. Stopping part way down she clung to that thick sensitive skin. A snicker from Micheal was followed by that massive shaft twitching. The sudden jump of that pillar made the girl lose her grip and slip to his balls. "Rub against me there." Micheal growled in an enchanting tone. Well for Karla it was, for his seldom used plaything it was terror inducing. She leaped against the base of the Behemoth and grind and licked that colossal boy's towering cock.

He plucked out a cute little Black girl. Stripping her as easily as the first girl. She had a wonderfully fit gymnast-like body, likely a catch from that dance competition early on. He dangled the slender thing by it's supple calves then dragged it around his tip upside down. Her dark rich skin glowed near his pale flesh. He draped her at the tip, then snickering made his Behemoth twitch. Jostling the nubile beauty with each slight jump of his hardened cock. She tumbled and he caught her, pouring her beside the Indian beauty, which she quickly copied that one's actions.

Oh he grabbed one of the redheads. Its little sailor styled outfit was no match for his mighty fingers. Quite the lovely little form too. Then Karla recognized her as Aideen, one of the girls her sweet Patches would allow to look after him, "Micheal?" she called out.

He looked at her and smiled that handsome, you want to play too smile, "Yes Karla?"

She didn't want to play per say, no this time she was mostly looking to thank a helpful lovely Shrunken beauty. Mostly. "I'm cold, can I have that one to warm me up? I really want her as one of my personal servants."

She could see he was having naughty thoughts about her and the Redhead together. She would attempt to keep her personal fun limited as a reward to little Aideen, but what her Micheal wanted from her she couldn't resist giving to him. "OK, enjoy.'' he cooed, dropping the beauty before her like a shapely little offering.

Karla waved the pretty little redhead over. Aideen looked up at the giant that just tenderly stripped her of her clothes then crawled over to her savor. Karla pulled the pins from that cute bun she always wore and that crimson esqe locks flowed long and silky down her pale back. Karla had to admit to herself she had a thing for red haired ladies. She turned her gift around then laid back pulling the trembling Shrunken teen upon her like a sexy blanket.

Micheal smiled as Karla discovered Aideen's pale skin was as silky as her fiery locks. "Looks like you have a front row seat to our boy owner's fun." Karla couldn't help it, Micheal playing made her a touch mean.

"What was he going to do to me?" her new servant asked. Yes she was scared, but Karla noted a touch of disappointment.

"Oh he would likely have dragged you along that towering cock of his and made you love it like those other two." Karla purred in her Rabbit's attendant's ear. Running a hand along Aideen's thigh.

"So I'd have to do things to his huge penis?" her little cuddle bunny whimpered. Karla mused, she needed Micheal to get a bunch dressed like bunnies so they could have real cuddle bunnies.

"Oh yes, he really likes it when we press our bodies along its warm skin and rub ourselves there." Karla sighed slightly thinking of taking over for the several pretty Shrunken Micheal had working his shaft. Her hand found Aideen firm breast, nipple was erect, Karla didn't think the girl was cold.

"So he would place me in his mouth?" Karla smiled at her new toy. The young pet was focused not on Micheal's active hands or that cock so big he could crush the life out of them with it. No, Aideen was staring, Karla would almost say admiring her Micheal's handsome face. Was this nubile beauty looking for some special kisses?

"Oh, he might have. Wrapped those warm soft giant lips around your waist. Pressed your lovely legs apart with that powerful tongue. Then touched that nimble tip along your sensitive womanhood and lapped pleasure into you like you never knew existed." Karla fingers landed along that sensitive bare strip just as she said tip. Aideen didn't jump or squirm to stop that intimate stroking. She shuttered a longing sigh.

Now Karla couldn't resist playing with her new toy. "Oh, did you want that? I could call our handsome owner and." She dragged her tongue along the girl's earlobe.

"No, no, he's so big and scary." the redhead whimpered.

"Oh, not handsome." Karla was finding her legs pressed along Aideen's own toned limbs and grinding herself along that firm little ass.

"He is handsome isn't he?" she sighed, seemingly to herself more than the woman pleasuring her wet tight pussy.

"I'm glad you agree my servant." Karla growled.

She was seconds away from calling to that handsome giant when the poor beauty whimpered, "But he's so big and scary."

"No, he's not. He's a big softy that likes his penis played on. Watch, all those girls and not one will be hurt by his play." Karla advised.

Distracted by her own fun she had lost track of what Micheal was doing. What an amusing lad, he had leaned back more and had the Behemoth surrounded with a mix of beauties. They were licking and pressing their chests along its sides. In his hands he had Asians. Three per hand. Folded around fingers in a way that made their cute little butts stick out. He was using their displayed asses to massage his hardened length with. Kneading his heavy balls with them. Rolling them over the broad tip of his manhood.

"Oh look, you might have had your ass rubbed like those Asian pretties are." Karla gasped, deepening her fingers into Aideen's wet womanhood.

The girl was clearly enjoying Karla's touches. "But doesn't that hurt?" She said breathlessly.

"You haven't been played with have you?" Karla asked, nibbling that smooth neck. Working the breast on the opposite side intently.

"No, he hasn't wanted me." Aideen purred under Karla's affection.

"One word and he'll want you. All I have to say is one word and you'll be riding that cock. Or was it the idea of some kisses that got you all wet?" Karla teased.

"No, no he scares me." she whimpered. Just like those foolish shrunken in Micheal's grip. Just like those lucky getting to service his Behemoth. Have none of them learned that that was their place now? Their life. His pleasure was everything? Willing eager pets like her would get spoiled, lackluster ones needed a punishment.

But not her Aideen, she would mold her. Sculpt her. She would be a great pet. Tending Karla's Micheal as happily as she tended Karla's Patches. Tonight however Karla was having fun tending to her lovely needs. Micheal kept peeking at them. Karla curled her legs around Aideen's sculpted legs to show her sweet Titan teen what fun she was having.

Karla could feel Aideen trembling, she had noticed the giant watching them. She would be easy to train, Karla thought. As soon as that redhead saw that towering handsome lad looking down at them in arousal her little pussy squeezed around Karla's fingers and her supple hips pumped noticeably into Karla's touch. Karla turned that pretty face and kissed those sweet quivering lips. Sweet little kisser her student was.

Karla snickered, Micheal clearly liked what he saw. He shuttered and a scream told of some poor Shrunken at his tip not prepared for the power of his cum blasting out. His body jumped telling of hard release. His mighty hands pushed the assembled ladies towards his spunk spout.

Once done he sighed and dropped the Asian playthings into the white puddle on his stomach. An order of, "Lick it all up." was issued before he collapsed to enjoy the sensation of a dozen or so mini beauties sucking his cum off his skin.

It didn't take Karla long to push inexperienced Aideen over the edge into a climax. It was a tempting thought to force the redhead to return the favor. She decided just to savor the ideas of how to train the pretty pet later.

Micheal sat up making those licking his stomach clean tumble amusingly. He started picking them up one and two at a time. He started to reach for Aideen, "No, I want to keep her for the night." Karla pouted in that way she knew he liked.

"Oh, OK." her amused boy snicker. Karla smiled and gave him a little shoulder back lean to delight his eyes.

He took the playthings and put them away in the cage. Then he gathered her and her new servant. "She's really cute." He complimented. "Surprised I haven't played more with her. I like her long straight red hair."

"You don't like Josie's puffy red hair?" Karla worried.

He shook his head, "She's got sexy hair. I like that she wears it in pig-tails all the time."

Karla reached back and made her hair into pig-tails asking, "So should I put mine in pig-tails all the time too?"

"Oh yeah." he cooed. Of course that might have been due to her pose curving her body in a way her towering boy liked.

They freshened for bed. Karla needed to guide Aideen. As if she was attracted to Micheal or not, being near a giant was still frightening to the young Shrunken.

Micheal offered, "Pajamas?"

"Well, not if your going to not wear a shirt tonight." Karla teased her colossal owner.

He placed them down just long enough to pull on some bottoms. He placed them on that broad warm chest. Her hand blanket covered them and Micheal sighed, "Night my Special Karla."

"Night my Special Micheal." she sighed back as she squeezed Aideen tight to her body.

Karla's little spoon trembled and twitched. "Shh, relax little one." she whispered in her ear.

"What if he rolls over on us?" Aideen whimpered.

"He never has before." Karla advised softly as she noticed her cuddly little spoon was stroking that smooth bare boy giant skin.

"What's going to happen to us when he wakes up?" the scared little bunny wrangler requested.

Karla knew she shouldn't. The girl was rightfully scared. It's just, that dark inner voice pushed her too, "If I can help it, he'll stick you in his mouth and suck on you all so nicely till you pass out from the wonderful feeling."

Her little vibrating teddy bear made the cutest little whimper. Karla nuzzled her face into those silky red locks. And even though she was no Josie, Aideen was making a great body pillow. She dozed off despite the near panicked twitching. Still amused that despite Aideen's fear, she still lovingly stroked Micheal's chest.

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CH 28: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 28

Karla awoke to find her cute little redhead spoon was now sprawled against Micheal's smooth skin. For a girl so scared of the giant boy Aideen sure seems to like the feel of his skin.

It was amusing since Karla really liked the feel of her skin. Pale as milk and soothing to her touch. As she savored its texture she decided this one would have to be brought out for her comfort when Josie was visiting their friend Sandy.

As she stroked Aideen's firm little ass a friendly giant thumb started stroking hers. "Awake Micheal?" She asked. A twitch from her little red haired spoon told that Aideen was only pretending to still sleep.

His fingers coiled around her as she started to sail up to his handsome face. "Yes, now let me put that one away and we'll play together."

She found it arousing when he referred to the other Shrunken as things. Karla knew she shouldn't, it was mean and wrong. It was just how it displayed his ownership of them that got her blood pumping. Though this time she had other plans.

Something else Karla knew she shouldn't do was use poor Micheal's inexperience against him. She was a bad Shrunken for manipulating her sweet owner, but she wanted some fun. Leaning her chest out with her shoulders pulled back she gave him her best pouty face and whimpered in a way she knew he wouldn't be able to resist, "Oh but I was hoping you'd give her special kisses to thank her for taken care of my Bunny Patches. It'd make me a very happy Karla."

His shuttered oh sound told he caught her hint. "Very Happy?" he now whimpered.

She grabbed the tip of his index finger and gave it a long slow lick, "Oh so happy." She cooed the way he liked.

"Oh, alright." Karla found it thrilling how she could control a titan, teen boy or not.

Aideen clearly wasn't as thrilled and she yelped when Micheal lifted her. The red haired young Shrunken sputtered worried sounds as she was turned around and brought to those warm soft lips. Karla watched as those lips wrapped around that tapered lovely waist, those toned legs dangling out to the sides like a strange mustache. How big Aideen's eyes went as Micheal stroked his first firm lick along her tender little pussy. Then they rolled back as he continued lapping, she was enjoying her rewards quite audibly.

Michael placed her on his bare chest to move his blankets. As soon as they were out of the way his pajama bottoms were being shoved down to his knees. He reached for her but Karla waved his helpful hand away.

Karla strutted down to the Behemoth. She got to the tip and leaned her breasts into it. Giving it a nuzzle and a big long lick before giving her colossal lad a look she knew he would enjoy.

He was such a good owner, not just grabbing her and pressing her into his massive cock like she could see he wanted to do. No he watched as she leisurely strutted to the side and along his length, playfully running her little hand along his sensitive skin.

Now however a little impulsiveness would help her. Karla looked along the ridge of his cock. She kept finding herself in awe of just the mass of his manhood. No matter her size it was well, just huge. That made it hard to get on top of while at her proper size.

Karla spotted a solution. Down just along his balls he left the blankets and his bottoms bunched together. She pranced down to his base just in love with the fact he enjoyed her touch so much he didn't care to totally rid himself of either covering.

As Karla scaled he made a sound, offering his hand. Karla was momentarily distracted by how enraptured Aideen was in his mouth. She waved his offer away and continued to scale the fabric hill. Making sure her ass stuck out a little more than it really needed too.

At the top of the crumbled blanket Karla carefully traveled to above his manhood. She took care not to fall as the climb was tougher than it looked like it was going to be when she started it. And falling would just be annoying.

Karla crouched and slid her body along his balls. He liked that. She slinked over the squishy hair covered masses like a jungle cat stalking through an area of pubic hair tall grass. This might have worked out better if his balls were firmer. She kept slipping over as they were less harden ground and more like hair ill inflated water bed mattress.

Karla made it to the base of his shaft, that was hard as well traveled ground. She spread her body face down along his undershaft. Oh her towering teen like that. She added to his enjoyment by dragging her tongue along his skin. How he even noticed her little tongue dragging along such a big powerful beast she never understood.

Slowly up his cock she crawled. Hugging her little body tightly to its sensitive surface. Licking its smooth skin. She relished how her tiny little body made someone so large tremble in delight. The rush knowing her small form was about to pleasure a titan. The very sight of a giant shuttering as she moved along his massive member.

At Micheal's tip she pressed her breasts in swiping passes along the dome's base. Hungrily she licked at it. Feeling such arousal from pleasuring her sweet Micheal. Her hands braced her hips could now hump her legs along him. Oh her wet little pussy spread with each grinding motion as if attempting to take in that Behemoth. Karla let the excitement of making Micheal a happy boy fuel her passion for this play. She loved pleasing her kind owner and she hoped it showed.

Karla squeezed herself down along him as tight as she could. Her lips and tongue fought over which would press to that silky skin more. Her hands were not as impeded and stroked lustfully. Something about that cock's skin made her nipples sing as she crushed her breasts into its surface. Her legs hugged along him hoping their toned length would please him. If he could sense her little moist tongue he had to be absolutely aware of her dripping wet pussy.

His shiver trembled along his shaft and Karla felt herself bolt up at an angle. Chest arched out almost in tribute to her Micheal. Pressing her womanhood hard into him. Something about making her titan teen climax was orgasmic for herself as well. Practicality screaming her self satisfaction at pleasing him to competition. Each powerful burst of semen rumbled through that great beast and made Karla bellow an ah sound as if that flood was filling inside her.

Micheal flopped back from the position he took to watch her wiggle at his tip. Aideen was released and tumbled onto that handsome face. Karla hoped the girl would be less fearful of her giant now as she savored in that kind mouth. There they all laid for a few moments trying to catch their breaths.

Micheal moved first, reaching for tissues to wipe up his stomach. Karla laid with her head in her hands as she playfully kicked her feet. It was also strangely satisfying to watch him have to clean off cum from his skin. Though she did find herself tempted by its known flavor to slip down and help him.

He lifted Aideen off his face. Then Karla was scooped from her phallic resting place. He carried them to the cage. Micheal must have given Aideen quite the suckling as he placed her softly just inside the wall on some green grass. The girl just laid there panting for breath not even attempting to cover her exposed body. Karla was actually a little worried. She attempted to see if the Red Haired girl was alright, but Micheal was just too fast.

He took her to the bathroom and soon the shower was ready for them to enter. On her shelf Karla found she was surrounded by fingered attendants. Mighty fingers massaged her tiny body as a couple helped water rinse through her hair. Any lingering worry about Aideen's condition was drowned from her thoughts. "Why am I getting such sweet treatment?" she questioned.

"Thought we should talk about the next few days," he explained.

"Alright, what should we talk about?" she asked not fighting the urge to arch and roll for his touching and viewing pleasure.

"Oh so HOT!" he exclaimed. Then shook his head. "Well you need to pack an overnight bag for tonight and moving clothes for tomorrow."

"Yes my sweet giant." she cooed like he savored. Karla found herself savoring his fingers stroking her hair with the expensive shampoo Milly had bought her.

"You'll also have to plan for next week. You'll need to pack clothes for that trip with dad. And I would rather you tried to pack less of your sexy clothes for that." he sounded worried.

Karla thought she would tease a little, "It's a good thing your mother bought me some business outfits then. Because someone only bought me sexy outfits. I think he likes seeing me in those."

He shrugged and nodded his head. "Yeah, I do. I picked them before I knew you were going to be rented by Jeff. Did you want to buy yourself some new clothes, most Shrunken outfits are made for display purposes just to warn you."

Karla couldn't think of an answer right away. She was lost to the sensation of giant boy hands soaping her body. There was just something about Micheal cleaning her body for her that just got her going. Like when he strips her clothes off her body for her. The gentle care from such powerful digits. The knowledge she couldn’t resist their touches no matter how hard she tried. Not that she even considered trying in a long while. Today was an especially unresisted session.

"Hmm Micheal, if we did that right now I think I would just buy sexy outfits for you to enjoy me in." she purred from his attention.

"But I thought you wanted to, oh. Oh now I get it. You're so Hot." He was such a cute titan teen.

"You're the one taking the time to wash my little body instead of washing that towering body of yours." Karla just couldn't stop using that tone he liked.

"You want me to stop?" he asked, rinsing her.

"Honestly no. But I don't want to be late for work." She advised still displaying and singing that tone despite herself.

"Well, I helped you, you help me." her colossal lad suggested.

"How could I help you?" she questioned in a giggle.

His hand cupped around her and she was suddenly being sprayed with boy shampoo. She should have been mad, what was the point of washing her in her girly smelling stuff if he was just going to cover her in his cleaners. Then he was rolling her through his thick soft wet hair and she just couldn't stop giggling like an amused child.

He left her on the center of his head while his hands rubbed shampoo along the sides. She took the hint and stretched out like a living cap on his head. Rubbing her arms and legs in a big spread eagle swipes through his locks. Rolling about like a dog in soft grass.

That mean boy stepped into the shower flow and Karla remembered the difference from the semi sheltered showers she usually experienced and the power of a human sized direct shower. She coughed and glared at him as his hand brought her under her chin. That mean boy snickered at her plight. She now cursed herself, why was him being cruel even to her so arousing to her. Karla decided it was because she knew it was only playful cruelty. Her Micheal was too sweet to be really cruel.

Boy body wash now oozed over her torso. Michael seemed to like how the thick blue liquid coated her breasts as he squeezed another glob over them and used his fingers to lather just that spot. She knew at some point she would have been angry at the teen for rubbing her body along his like a washcloth. But that was weeks ago, now she arched and curved to better feel her body stroking along his giant body. Involuntary happy sounds gurgled from her as she was used to coat his form.

Then as she expected it happened. Wrapped around that thick girth. Up and down he scrubbed her along his cock. Oh, that hand position was new. Tilted slightly her pussy was pressed and spread along his sensitive skin. He whimpered in excitement from the sensations her little body was causing his manhood. There was just something so empowering about pleasuring her towering owner with her little form. Almost orgasmic on it's own. Not that she would have complained about touch longer stroking. That would have made it both climatic and empowering.

He was gasping as Karla found herself placed on the shelf. His head leaned on the wall draped his face over where she was placed. She snuggled his chin and arched up to deliver a peck on his bottom lip. Then almost fell over backward as his lips burst over her entire face. "You are the best Shrunken ever. You feel so good to touch. I mean all over, not just down there." He was trying so hard to compliment sweetly.

"I'm so lucky you caught me instead of some cruel person." She said then caught where that might sound bad.

"Do you, you know, do you ever wish you were never caught?" he worried she could hear it in his voice.

"Not in a long time Micheal. You've made me a lucky girl. Honestly I feel better off as your Shrunken over what I had when I was a person." she advised.

"Nothing you would change?" he shyly asked.

"Yes, I would have conditioner to put in my hair to finish this shower." she teased.

"Oh you goof." he snickered.

Her Micheal gave her some of her conditioner then started to apply his own. Karla was a little disappointed that she wasn't coating his hair like he had her wash his locks. But it was a work day and they shouldn't play too much. Maybe some soon Saturday they could have a day of them just playing.

Finished, they dried and Karla rode in Micheal's hand like some sort of fantasy queen. She leaned on his finger tips and peered forward as she draped her body along his palm. His thumb made a lovely backrest. Her inner voice attempted to ask him to take her for a walk around the cage room, to show off her position over those pretty playthings. However her kinder nature decided against that this morning.

He placed her just inside her cage and she started towards her bedroom sized closet when he spoke, "Oh I forgot."

She turned to look at him, "What Michael?" she called up.

Suddenly cheeky giant fingers were grabbing a corner of her towel and he noted as it was taken from her, "You didn't get a turn being happy."

His hand encircled her and began lifting her. Fingers spread her legs and his tongue spilled his plan as it darted along his warm lips. As much as she wanted his plan to complete Karla started to protest, "But Micheal, we'll be." The last word was simple. Easy to say. Late never escaped her lips as Karla found herself stuck on the word be by being repeated as that strong giant tongue was laser focused on her pussy.

Her mighty Micheal was really playful this morning. Fingers had their way with her tiny curvy body. Touches along her legs told the other hand came to touch her as well. Loving her as only her titan teen could. Stroking her tiny sensitive spot in that way that was more than just sensation. Deep penetrating affection. Karla relished when he gave what he still called special kisses, and from him they certainly were. She sang out his name as he claimed another hard body climax from her.

"There, that's better." he said. His smile filled Karla's vision.

He started using her towel to pat his saliva from her skin as she asked, "Is all this attention due to me being Full sized later or because I'll be away next week?"

"Maybe a little of both." he was such a sweet honest boy.

Karla reached up and pulled his finger tip close to nuzzle it. Noting, "I'll be missing you too. I have an idea though, why not bring a couple of Shrunken to work with you. And at lunch I could stroke them along your Behemoth so you'll not be uncomfortable with my larger size."

She liked how he clearly got flustered at her name for his manhood. Still uncomfortable at her praising of his mass it seemed. Though the idea if her stroking his shaft with tiny pretties took hold, "Alright, I will." He reluctantly placed her down, "We better get dressed and you need to pack for overnight."

"Yes Micheal." she agreed.

Karla had hardly turned when he purred, "Wait, I got off twice." Hand scooped her up again. Legs spread as she traveled backward. Mouth overtook her lower end. Tongue was back taking her from behind.

The action made her hips roll. She was pressed chest first into the slightly spread fingers of his holding hand. Doggy styled special kisses struck her pussy at a different angle. Still they carried Micheal's sweet affection. He must have liked something about this angle as he began humming happily. Humming trembled the tongue's tip just so, and that translated into immense pleasure exploding from her already warmed pussy. That sounded from her mouth as lust filled, "Oh Micheal Yes!"

Her body attempted to arch as he tasted her to climax. A deep low growl of enjoyment rumbled from him at his prized reaction. Karla wasn't freed at becoming even with her titan teen's morning climax total. That wonderfully cruel colossus liked her flavor this morning and greedily slurped her more. There was no thought to protest this action in her head. If the boy wanted to suck on her all day, who was she to complain.

He didn't. Karla's mind was flooded again with amazing rapture. His mouth freed her ass and she was too weak to hold herself up. Happily panting while bedded in his cupped hand. "Well, that was fun." he said in a great understatement.

"Let's get ready for work." he advised lowering her into the cage. He poured her from his hand like she was liquid. Karla attempted to say thank you. Only puffs of breath escaped her trembling lips. "OK, be right back." he said leaving her field of view.

Karla grabbed her damp towel and used it to wipe her body off. He had gotten her body so hot she wished she had time for a cold shower to wake herself back up. As it was, that nearby bed was screaming at her to surrender to its own affection.

Karla managed to stand. That boy had to learn to consider she would need to use her legs. Kisses as special as this morning's ones made her limbs uncooperative. With effort she corralled them into near regular movements. Business day would need a business suit. Ahh, a Milly bought suit clearly as it had pants and a fully buttoning up blouse. She found a small suitcase among her accessories and placed in it yoga pants and an oversized shirt for tomorrow. Hoping that shirt was long enough to cover her backside as she moved and bent, helping the Howells move into their new home.

Pajamas were the problem. She had to have several less sexy ones for next week's trip with Howard. He wasn't really a concern anymore like he had been when Micheal first collected her. But why tempt fate. However, even with Milly's kind purchases she didn't have many that were not revealing ones. Tonight wouldn't be too bad, likely sleeping in the guest room as per Milly's own discomfort at Micheal playing with her full sized. A lacy number with a mostly covering short robe would work. Though she rather wear nothing and sleep in that large bed across the room landscape from where she now stood.

Karla waited as Micheal was suddenly missing. She started as the cage door opened. How something that large moved so quietly was just unnerving at times. "Ready?" he asked clearly not noticing he just scared her out of her skin.

"Yes Micheal." she called up ignoring the want to scream at him for scaring her.

"You'll need a jacket," he advised.

"But I'll be in the pocket?" She questioned.

"Not full sized. And it's a touch colder than the last time you were." he kindly explained.

Back into the closet she came back out wearing a lovely long coat. Posing she asked, "Will this do?"

"Hopefully." he said, lifting her. Closing the cage door behind her.

They came into the main house kitchen and Milly smiled at them, "Just about ready. Running late this morning so scrambled."

"Great." Micheal announced. Karla was amused at how much her giant liked scrambled eggs.

"Morning." Howard greeted them as they sat at the kitchen table.

"Morning dad." Michael replied for them.

"You two ready for a busy couple days?" Howard asked.

"Yeah, can't wait for tomorrow. It'll be cool to have the Howells next door." Michael accepted.

Howard nodded as he picked up his tablet. "Will be nice not having to hide our Company connections with our neighbors for a change."

Micheal lifted his tablet and was tapping at it when breakfast arrived. "Busy I see." Milly teased.

"Seems so." Karla agreed.

"How about you?" Milly asked.

"I guess I should look. It has been a few days since I was in the office." Karla acknowledged.

"Likely not get much done next week, if you could get a little ahead." the giant woman advised.

"Yes mom." Karla teased back. Grabbing her own tablet and joining the men in working while eating breakfast.

Breakfast done, they were on their way to work. Stopping to collect Chuck as Karla and later Josie would need to be made full sized to help in the morning. She wondered how Josie was going to get clothes since she had spent the night with Sandy. They got along so well like real sisters.

Then a worry slipped into Karla's mind. Betty and Maria making such a connection convinced Micheal to handover Karla's former servant over to the sweet woman. Was he considering giving away her dream girl to that sweet little red haired girl? She would have to ask later. Hoping that wouldn't put the idea in her owner's mind.

They arrived and she rode on Micheal's shoulder while their path was the same. He was busy with some transfer of some importance. He almost took her to his department instead of letting Chuck carry her to her office. Reluctantly she noted, "Am I coming to your office Micheal?"

"No, why?" he asked, still moving forward.

"Because you passed where I needed to go." she pointed out.

He looked up then back where Chuck was trying not to chuckle. "Oops, sorry."

"It's alright. I like walking with you." she advised nuzzling his titan neck.

"Stop, we're at work." he snickered.

He put his tablet in his bag and took her off his shoulder. Sighing he noted, "Guess next I'll see you you'll be full sized huh."

"Yes Michael." she felt bad. He was so uncomfortable dealing with her at that size. Likely his attraction and her willingness to exploit it a few times. She had to watch that this time. He wasn't ready for what he felt would be his first time despite his fun with several half sized Shrunken.

"Well, it'll be nice to hug you." he could see a bright side.

"I'll be counting the minutes till that hug." she cooed.

Giant boy face buried her in his hands. Nuzzled by massive features was heartwarming. Face being engulfed in a kiss was delightful. She kissed his bottom lip back. "Have a good morning." he advised.

"See you at lunch." she agreed.

Karla could tell he was reluctant to hand her over to Chuck. Clearly preferring her at her proper size. Chuck gave a nod to Michael, as if to reaffirm he would look after her. Karla felt sad watching Michael walking away.

"Let's get you sized. Looking forward to being human sized for overnight?" Chuck was clearly trying some small talk.

"I'm looking forward to helping the Howells move." Karla confessed.

Chuck nodded noting, "You know it's a sign of his good head on his shoulders that he is nervous about you being full sized. Most boys his size would go nuts for a faithful beauty like yourself. His self control is to be praised."

"You're right. I just don't like how uncomfortable he gets when I am Full sized." Karla confessed.

"Better than him getting lustful and making you do things for him." Chuck repeated.

"Yes, but if he was that way I would likely be the nervous one instead of him." she confessed.

"That makes sense. Let's get you sized up." Chuck said.

As he carried her towards her office, Karla dug out her tablet to get her work ready. Milly's advice from earlier was a good idea. Not sure how much she would be able to work on while traveling.

"Here we are boss." Chuck notified her.

"One second Chuck." Karla requested. She activated the resizing on the tablet and held that up to the giant man. "Please put this on a table."

"Sure." Chuck lifted what had to be a stamp sized device to him. He carefully placed it down and as he turned Karla heard the device faintly announce it was resizing as the man walked towards the resizing tube. He placed her and her suitcase in the center of the inside. "Ready?" he asked.

"Yes please." she replied.

The tube closed and he disappeared. Soon she felt a familiar dizzy feeling. Then she was standing eye level with her office manager. "Woo, hold on." He advised as he grabbed her shoulders to help her rebalance. "Here we go." He cheerfully said as she felt her collar warp her neck. "How are you feeling?"

"Better thanks." Karla was grateful for his kind hand during these transitions.

"Pills and water." he said, holding out a glass and a fisted hand.

Karla accepted the pills, tossing them into her mouth. Taking the glass to wash the collection down. "Thanks Chuck."

He smiled warmly, "Any time boss. Now I'll go make us some coffee."

"Thanks, I could use a cup." She was happy he was selected for this job.

She grabbed her tablet and wandered into her office. Soon she was receiving a hot mug of black coffee. She was ready and actually excited to start her day. Someday this would be a regular thing. Karla found she was looking forward to that. She would be a productive Shrunken then.

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CH 29: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 29

Karla had been reading supplied reports of the efforts of the building of Shrunken care and storage at secret Company store fronts. Construction was being completed before her visits next week. A while ago this would not have been interesting reading. Now, post data inputting, she found it sort of fascinating. The reports from the hired construction crews already gave her hints at the locations that would cause issues during her trip.

She suddenly received a pleasant distraction. Michael was messaging her. "Hello Micheal." Then she noticed it was a conference call, "Oh Hello Chris."

"Hi Karla, Chris has a question." Micheal advised.

"Oh, alright. How can I help you Chris?" She opened the floor to the young man.

"Well, it's Umiko. She is. You are. I mean." he mumbled.

Michael interjected, "He's having trouble training his Umiko to be like you. He wants to know if I did anything that helped you accept being a Shrunken. Or what happened that made you be the Special Shrunken you are?"

"Oh, well, I just realized if I, ahh, accepted being Micheal's Shrunken I would be better off." Karla wasn't sure how to explain how she came to her acceptance that might be transferable.

"Was it the Special kisses? You liked that I'd give you special kisses." Michael unhelpfully requested.

Before she could put a pin in that Chris spoke, "I've tried that over and over. And sure I can get her to climax as I perform orally on her. But she fights the whole time and afterward she looks more disgusted than satisfied. Look." Lifted into the view was the subject Shrunken. Clearly unhappy to be shown to strangers naked. Her waist showed a light moisture ring, likely Chris' salvia. But he was right, she didn't have any sign of recovering from pleasure overload that Karla had noticed on Micheal's more compliant Shrunken such as herself.

"She likely doesn't want to be seen naked." Karla advised.

"Oh right." Chris noted. Then dropped the poor female a cute frilly girly pink dress. The Asian beauty quickly pulled it on.

Her head popped out and she began begging at Karla, "Please help me! This sick child rubs me on his penis. He promises me rewards if I do things then he assaults me like earlier claiming it's a reward."

Karla could see Chris' problem. His attempt to train was lost to the fact she still thought of herself as an independent human. First step was she needed to realize what she now was. "You do realize he owns you now. Your no longer human, your a Shrunken and you life is now to do as he wants now."

"Arg, you're one of these sick people too. What is wrong with you all?" Umiko responded.

"Actually, she's a Shrunken too." Chris advised attempting to pet his pet.

Umiko swung a small fist at his hand while screaming, "You have access to contact the authorities and you don't help us escape?"

"Karla knows a good Shrunken gets rewards and better treatment. You would too if you behaved for Chris." Micheal defended her to this poor confused Asian Shrunken.

"She just doesn't seem to understand that like I said." Chris whimpered.

"The first thing you'll need to do is get her to accept she's a Shrunken now." Karla explained.

"Yeah, unlike the twins she just doesn't get it." Chris sighed, shaking his head.

"Wait, twins?" Karla inquired.

"Err, yeah. You know the twins that you gave me when you got to come collecting too." Chris said in a tone that made it seemed he was nervous.

Karla was thinking what Micheal asked, "Why don't you use one of them then?"

"Ahhh, well, I guess I'll have to show you." Chris replied and moved away with Umiko.

Shortly Chris returned and placed the twins down before him. They wore matching schoolgirl pleated plaid skirts with tight white blouses with black bow ties. Knee high white socks in shiny buckle shoes with thick high heels. The only thing marking them as different girls was their mix matched hair colors in pigtails, one blonde one black. They stood with their arms held behind their backs which just stretched their already tight shirts.

"OK, this is my friend Michael and his Shrunken Karla." Chris introduced them.

In unison they looked at each other and nodded then responded in one voice, "Hello, we are Chris Shrunken."

The blonde noted individually, "I am Penny."

The black haired one added, "I am Mandy."

Then together again, "We are the twins as he called us earlier."

"Do you remember Karla, she was the one that captured you for me." Chris advised.

They smiled matching smiles at the same time, "Yes we remember. She came looking for our brother. Thank you for delivering us to our Master Christopher. He treats us very nicely."

"Cool, kind of like you and Josie aren't they Karla. So why not use one of them?" Micheal asked.

They looked at him and he shrugged and nodded. They turned back and explained for him, "Sorry Master Micheal, but we do everything together. Any form of entertainment, every type of entertainment, would have to include both of us."

"Just pick one and command her to behave." Micheal suggested.

"Oh, I tried. They pretend to go limp apart." Chris answered.

"We don't like to be separated. And work so much better together." The girls purred.

"Oh yeah." Micheal amusingly agreed.

"Look Chris, until Umiko accepts her new life she will not obey as you hope. That's all I can tell you." Karla advised the young man.

"Yeah that's what I was thinking. Thanks Karla. Any suggestion about getting her to accept that?" Chris requested.

"Not in a way that would make her like you want. Maybe explain if she's more willing to do things for you. You'll be will be more willing to do things, not just sexual things, for her. Special clothes, servants from your Shrunken collection, maybe provide her materials for any hobbies that won't risk Company security. Things like that. You might convince her to be more obedient to you." Karla suggested.

"I'll try that." Chris nodded as if thinking about some ideas. "Thanks guys, wish I could keep chatting but my parents and I are finishing the last of the packing before moving tomorrow."

"Hope that goes well for you." Karla wished for the Watts.

"Yeah, it'll be a big change." Micheal agreed.

"Yeah, but no more dealing with my cousins. I'll see you during Battle Jumpers tomorrow Mike. Talk to you then." Chris responded.

"K, talk to you then." Micheal said and Chris left the chat.

"Man, I wish I had twins like Chris'" Micheal noted.

Karla snickered, "You didn't find them creepy talking in unison like that?"

"Well, maybe. But two hot twins doing things down there together would be Hot!" He confessed.

"Like Josie and I do?" Karla teased.

"Yeah, but, oh you don't think I would rather have twins instead of you and Josie do you? I would never give you two up." Micheal quickly back peddled.

"Good to know." Karla accepted while giggling at his discomfort.

"Oh good. I worried that you wouldn't understand." he sighed.

"No, I just find it funny with your literal hundreds of Shrunken and you're sad you didn't catch any twins." Karla confessed.

"It's well, you know, twins." Micheal attempted to explain his teen fantasy.

"I know, maybe Chrissy will breed you a pair." Karla suggested.

"Hmmm, then we could make them do things." Micheal cooed.

"Yes, we would. But I have to get back to work right now." Karla advised.

"Yeah, me too. Are you still visiting for lunch?" He requested.

"I am looking forward to it." She agreed.

"See you then." he said then signed off.

Karla sighed, her owner was so adorable at times. She rubbed her thighs together at the thought of the things she could do for him using Donna and Gabriel this coming lunch. She just had to keep in mind he still wasn't ready for the fun she really wanted.

She knew a little curved posing and warm cooing and she'd could get her what she wanted. The dark voice taunted her to lure him to her wants. She shook those thoughts from her head. Her Micheal was too special to soil that way. Her sweat owner would have her when he was ready to have her.

Karla focused on her work. Filing reports and getting the many many inspection papers ready for next week. She was already missing cuddling on Micheal's warm smooth chest. Such a long time away from him.

She snickered at herself. It had only been what, about two months. She spun around in her chair giggling like a crushing little girl. She was so smitten by her titan teen. What a silly Shrunken she was.

A knock on a door. "Yes." she called.

"Hey Karla, I'm heading out for lunch." Chuck advised.

Her stomach told her that it was indeed that time of day. "OK, going to the cafeteria?" She responded.

"No, well actually. I'm meeting a woman named Betty from acquisitions." Chuck confessed.

"You have a lunch date?" Karla teased.

"Kind of, maybe. I'm not sure." he mumbled through.

"Have fun." she hoped for him.

"Thanks, be back soon." Chuck replied before disappearing.

Karla saved her progress and got up. She was worried, the last time she attempted this didn't go well. People were mean to down right abusive towards her due to her Shrunken status. Course she was half sized that time, she hoped being full sized might change things.

She walked down to the main hall. Many lingering eyes told her they didn't realize her real status. Karla was well familiar with the looks, like they wanted to own her.

A thought that amused her entered her mind. Many a staffer looked at her when on Micheal's shoulder like they wanted to own her, but it was a different look from the looks she was gaining now. The difference was a want to own an object to the want to own a person.

She allowed her ego to savor the turning heads. Karla reminded herself these very looks were what had been annoying that day she met Micheal. Of the creepy old men that were more than suggestive of what they would have liked to buy from that souvenir store. Well her ass was just for her sweet boy to fondle now.

As she waited in line Karla sent a text to Micheal asking what he'd like for lunch. Then she jumped, as her ass was suddenly being cupped. "Hello beautiful, new here?" She knew that voice as Gerald Moore, head of Gravity Catapult research.

"Hello again Dr. Moore. Please stop touching Dr. Miller's property.'' She responded to the invasion.

He growled in annoyance and stated, "That boy needs to keep you on a leash." Gerald grabbed her arm and pulled her close then he continued, "I should take you back to my lab and teach you how Shrunken, no matter what size, should be treated. Afterwards my team could take turns too."

Karla raised her hand but before she struck he advised, "Do you really want to see what happens when a Shrunken strikes a human for no reason? Go ahead, I'll enjoy it."

Karla felt a bolt of joy as an unexpectant familiar voice noted, "Actually as you're threatening to steal Dr. Miller's property, she would be allowed to strike you to keep his claim to her."

"Who are you?" Dr. Moore said, turning towards the voice.

"James Conner, Company Security." the voice replied.

"You're not part of the Security team at this facility." Dr. Moore pointed out.

"Great thing about being part of the Security Division is that we are considered Security at all Company locations." James said, sounding kind of cocky in a fun way.

"You know who I am?" Dr. Moore requested.

"Yes, and as much as I wasn't planning on filing a report tonight I guess I have to. Noting what I just saw." James explained.

Gerald let go of Karla's arm and huffed, "You didn't see anything but me scolding a wayward Shrunken wandering about without her owner. Make sure you note that." He then turned and headed towards the line for food.

Before he could say anything else Karla cheered, "James!" and practically leaped on him.

The man hugged her tight, asking as he snickered, "Happy to see my Karla?"

"Yes, what are you doing here?" she asked.

"Cheryl started on Mike's team today. She's just finished updating in the data inputting chamber. I was sent to get her and his team lunch." He explained.

"I thought you had another Cruise?" Karla asked.

"We did, it was just a pleasure cruise and not a collection Cruise. The ship has several and a maintenance period before your next trip." the Security Officer explained.

Karla hadn't thought of them just catering to regular cruises. "Must have been nice to not worry about Shrunken and the like."

"No, we did. Still a Company Cruise ship after all. Just a whole lot less of them. And none off ship." James explained as they got into line for food.

"Less scanning though." She teased starting to collect food for Michael and herself.

He nodded while gaining food for himself and his lady friend, "Yeah, as well as less Shrunken based entertainment."

"I'm surprised there was an interest in such a less exciting trip." She notes.

"Not everyone can afford the tickets as well as the month off. Then the cost of the new Shrunken." James advised.

"Any repeat guests? I heard some people basically live on Cruise ships." She wondered.

"A few actually. Retired old Purples and such. But with no collecting ports it freed up the clean up crews to scout future collection spots or secure any areas incurring shipping issues." He shared.

"So, the clean up crews are part of the Security group?" Karla requested.

"Yeah, who else would they be?" He happily replied.

"It surprises me how many personnel the Company has and still stays hidden." Karla notes.

"Many are inherited into the Company and benefit from it. If they let out that it exists they would lose these benefits. Security staff get a big chunk of our staff from the Orphanage. Trained to understand the better world order and then getting to benefit from it." James added.

"You're OK working with former Shrunken?" Karla was shocked.

James smirked, "Of course, I went through the program too."

"You were a Shrunken? Taken from your family?" Karla gasped in surprise.

"Yeah, I was maybe five, traveling on a plane. I can't remember to where or from where. The Company turned all the passengers and crew to Shrunken. Their Shrink guns were these big rifle things. I was taken from my parents. Within hours I was with several kids my age being looked after by old Shrunken and nice giant ladies. Within days I was having my first Data Inputting and I just realized I was now on an adventure and started looking forward to seeing more." He told his story.

"Do you miss your parents?" she asked, feeling bad for his younger self.

"Oh at first, yes. But after a while I just started accepting my new life. I don't even remember what they look like now. Yes I have to be processed once a year now, but so worth it. I've gotten to see so much of the world and meet so many interesting people." James said with no regret in his voice.

"Wow I didn't know." Karla apologize out of sympathy.

"It's no big deal. Think how great the lives of many of the Shrunken taken from the poorer neighborhoods of the recent collection ports will become. Education, training, and great paying jobs they would likely never have gotten otherwise." He spoke of taking thousands of kids from their families like it was a great thing.

Karla realized there wasn't much point in explaining the dark side of what the Company was doing. Besides the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. Reusing collected unacceptable Shrunken to better the Company. She had to wonder if Jeff's breeding Factory would be adding to the orphanage by giving up undesired Shrunken off-spring. In fact the more she thought about it the more it made sense they did that. A kindness actually.

"So, I'm a little turned around. Can you lead me back to Mike's lab?" James requested holding containers of food.

"Yes, oh, Michael has replied to me. Oh, you think you could carry a few more dishes?" Karla asked.

James nodded, "Sure, We'll use trays. Picking up food for his staff?"

"Yes please." Karla confirmed.

"Still a little surprising that someone so young is looking after such an important department." James noted picking up treys.

"That's because he's so brilliant." Karla praised her owner to her friend.

"Well, he does know a good Shrunken when he finds one." James teased.

Karla had a question, "Wait, does the fact that you were turned Shrunken mean you are still technically a Shrunken?"

"No," he replied. Adding the explanation, "Graduating Security Training reinstates my human status. Better still made me a Company staff member."

"So you have status and everything that goes with that?" She was surprised.

"Yep, I'm technically barely a Blue, but being a Security Officer gives me certain privileges." James informed her.

"So, Shrunken can become Company members." Her imagination raised her hopes.

"Well, actually, ones raised through the Orphanage Program can. It isn't unheard of for UnRiped Shrunken raised by Owners to be allowed reinstatement. Older collected the Shrunken the less likely to be accepted as such." James clearly knew what was filling her mind.

"So, I'm likely never to be a human again." She said in understanding.

"Sadly so." James said in a kindly tone.

Karla shrugged in defeat. Then noted an upside, "As long as I'm Michael's I'll be fine."

"Good mindset my usually small friend." He teased her, likely attempting to cheer her up.

"I bet you were an adorable Shrunken kid." She teased back.

"Of course I was. I'm just precious." he joked along with her.

As they carried the trays of food towards Micheal's lab James told of the facilities he was raised in. Of the kindy human caretakers. They sounded like a boarding school. Lots of games and things to make them physically fit with a day or two at most a week for Implanting Data. Once he was around ten he was put through Processing. Then again about Thirteen. One last time at about Eighteen and with passing that he graduated back to being human and a Security cadet.

They entered and the team was around the white board. Micheal and Cherryl talking about a calculation. Dr. Evans was commenting from where he sat. Jean was looking at a tablet and Jenna was nodding knowingly.

That was, till the tray Karla was carrying tapped slightly louder on Micheal's outer desk then she intended. "Karla, is that you?" Jenna cheered.

"Yes Dr. Murphy." Karla started. She was hoping her Full sized state would have limited Jenna's regular exchanges with her. No such luck as she was soon muffled as arms wrapped her head and her face was pressed into the purple haired scientist's cleavage.

"Oh Little Karla is so big! Who is a pretty Shrunken, you are. Yes you are!" Jenna cooed at her. Karla could feel herself being turned, why she wasn't sure. Then the arms eased a bit and she saw why. Her baby talking attacker was coiled around her in a suggestive way. And the person she really wanted to suggest to, Micheal, was getting a full view. His favorite sex pet coiled by his shapely underling. "Isn't she the prettiest Shrunken Mikey?" Jenna requested as she stroked Karla's hair. Chest heaving soft skinned mound along the side of Karla’s head.

Poor Micheal, "Oh yeah, Hot. Karla is Hot." Karla could practically see what he was really picturing as they stood there.

Dr. Von Hurst kept the same opinion she seemed to hold on the ship, "Not to sound harsh Dr. Miller, but if that Shrunken is always going to be that much of a distraction I'd suggest not having it in the lab."

Micheal's raging imagination was disrupted. He turned to his new employee and very firmly explained, "Karla isn't an it. She is a she and very special. You'd do well to remember that Dr. Von Hurst."

"Sorry Dr. Miller. My last job held no Shrunken as anything more than a thing like most are. Karla was it, I apologize." She responded. And though she said so, Karla was certain Dr. Von Hurst wasn't sorry to have called her an it.

"She has a point though Jenna, let Karla go. Lunch time everyone." Micheal advised walking forward.

Jenna pouted, but let go. Whispered as she did, "He's so cute when he's commanding."

"He has a girlfriend." Karla reminded her Purple haired friend.

"For now Cutie Karla, for now." she chirped back before prancing over to the food.

Karla was just starting to worry for Chrissy when a hand softly grabbed her shoulder. She turned to see Jean smiling with an amused expression. "I wouldn't worry. She won't do anything to upset her other crush."

"She has another crush? Why doesn't she just pursue them?" Karla asked while still confused at Dr. Halifax's expression.

The larger framed blond shook her head. "Because my new friend it's you."

"Oh, so she wants to do things with me?" Karla was shocked.

"Not like your thinking. She wants nothing more than to have you prance before Dr. Miller wearing little outfits she's made for you. To dress you up and comb your hair and have him smile at the results. Jenna won't do anything to make you talk against her. She knows if your not on her side she has no chance with him." Jean explained.

"She told you that?" Karla was surprised.

Jean looked over at the Purple haired lovely, "No, I can just see it. Read it between the lines as she speaks of you and him. She'll do a lot to gain his attention, but not anything that'll gain your wrath."

"That's reassuring. Thanks Dr. Halifax." Karla felt her friend was correct.

"Jean, remember, my name is Jean." The larger framed woman said.

"Karla, come sit here." Micheal's voice called to her.

"Go, but we still have to go for a walk soon." Jean advised.

Karla sat beside her sweet owner. They all ate together. Cheryl being the newest was the focus of the conversations. With generous additions from James, including embarrassingly how someone attempted to steal her from Micheal.

As they finished James looked at Cheryl, "Want to walk the paths, little fresh air before I head to your apartment and set-up those new shelves."

The usually firm toned woman clearly had a deep soft spot for the Security man. She has to take a moment to re-hide the warm smile on her face. "James I can't just leave, I am working."

"Actually, if you all wanted to take an extra long lunch today, that's fine. I have things I want to discuss with Karla." Micheal advised.

"That makes sense." said Dr. Evans, surprisingly. Adding, "Then I'll be back, I have a couple things I wanted to pick up."

"Come Jean, maybe we can convince Dr. Stevens to join us on a walk. Then I'll hang back and you'll have your chance to tell him you love him." Jenna suggested.

"Jenna you know he's a friend of mine right. We even went out to a movie last night. Together even." Jean said, grabbing a light coat.

Jenna grabbed hers and taunted, "Oh a date. You might not need my help past your shyness after all."

"I'm not romantically interested in Glen." Jean countered as they left for somewhere.

"Thank you Dr. Miller, I was hoping to explore the paths with Agent Conner before he had to go back to the ship." Dr. Von Hurst said to Micheal as James grabbed a couple coats.

"Thank Karla, it's her doing." Micheal told the German accented woman.

The Blond woman looked at her, "Right, the Shrunken." Then with clear effort she said, "Thank you Kara for this time with my companion." It was obvious to Karla it was hard for this new member to Micheal's team to see her as anything more than a living item.

"Oh, her name is Karla." Micheal reminded Dr. Von Hurst.

"Huh, what did I say?" Dr. Von Hurst asked.

"Kara." Micheal answered.

"Oops, my mistake. Sorry Karen. Sorry Dr. Miller." the woman apologized, somewhat.

"Here, talk to you later Mike?" James asked before Micheal could correct Dr. Von Hurst again.

"Yeah, enjoy the trails, they're nice." Micheal noted, seemingly ignoring the doctor's mistake.

"We will." James said as he and his girl put on jackets.

They were almost out of the room when Karla faintly heard Dr. Von Hurst complained, "I can't believe we are supposed to talk to it like it was human."

Micheal took Karla's hand and started toward his office. "I might have to write her up if she keeps getting your name wrong."

Karla felt the need to defend the poor doctor, "Don't, she's not doing any differently then most owners do."

"No, she should remember named Shrunken when told the name." He huffed closing his office door.

She tested that theory, "The curvy blond about your age on my Console, what's her name?"

"Oh, ahh, starts with P. Patricia." He guessed hopefully.

"Peyton, and she's one of your favorites. Give Dr. Von Hurst time, she'll catch on eventually." Karla advised smirking.

"OK, I guess I see your point." he whimpered, standing by his desk.

She couldn't resist. Karla curled along him playing in his hair. Mouth just tempting inches from his sweet lips she asked, "So, what should we do?"

"I'm a, Karla, I'm a, well, I'm not ready." he so cutely whimpered.

Karla started leading him backward toward his chair advising, "I wasn't thinking that my handsome man. There are different things I, as your Shrunken, can do to make you, my Hot owner, a happy boy."

He fell into his chair whimpering so sweetly, "Yeah but, I want, but I, well I can't think of other things."

She crawled into his lap. She could very easily feel he was really thinking about that and only that. And she knew she could get that wanted interaction with little effort, really the effort would be not leading him by the nose to spread her wide across that desk and fulfill her.

Karla pressed her lips to his. Mouth opened and she marveled at his natural sensual kissing skills. Now she was having more trouble not being a naughty Shrunken. Her body wasn't helping. Grinding his warm body like that. Distraction, she needed a distraction.

Oh, the Office cage was just behind him. Donna and Gabriel were standing there watching them entwine in the office chair. Karla reached past Micheal for her busty friends. Opening the cage she would have to thank the busty brunettes for stepping towards her straining hands.

"Oh!" she was suddenly delightfully startled. Seems buttons designed for a giant's fingers to easily open were rather easy for a same sized excited boy to open with his teeth. Karla hung there as more buttons popped. Then a very curious Micheal buried his handsome features into her cleavage.

She hugged that head and made happy sounds as she nuzzled the top of it. Then her Owner's hand pulled down the cup of her bra and his skilled warm mouth suckled her nipple. She was encouraged to gasp. Turns out that tongue felt nice no matter her size.

Karla had to force herself to sit back. Popping tit from suckling delight. "Here strip them for me." She said handing the Brunettes to her Micheal.

In the time it took him to strip Gabriel she only took off her shirt and bra. As he started on Donna Karla wished he wore a button up shirt instead of a tee. Seeing him open shirt in his lab coat would have appealed to her greatly.

Instead she interrupted his work to press close and kiss him. "OH!" Shuttered out of him as she slithered down him. Kneeling before him, her hands couldn't resist massaging the thick bulge straining his pants. Generating cute whimpers for her usually Titan teen.

Karla popped his pants and nearly tore open his fly. Her mouth watered at that still contained length. She pressed her face against his underwear and nuzzled along the Behemoth.

She looked up at him. She could see from his expression he still wasn't ready to do what she was planning either. But her body burned with too much want, she needed that slab of meat. This way would be most forgivable since she had gone too far this way before.

Karla leaned into his lap and grabbed the waist of his pants and underwear. A simple tug and he lifted himself for her to pull them both to his ankles. The Behemoth stood firmly before her face.

God he was big, how did she get that in her mouth last time. Better question was how did he fuck her at half size and not popped her legs out of their joints. So much cock to play with.

Her face snuggled along it as her tongue greedily licked the sensitive skin. Hands stroked and moved the very heavy shaft as Karla sucked and lapped Micheal manhood happily. Her breasts started massaging against his heavy balls as she paused. She wasn't at his tip, tilting her head she saw her goal still several thick inches from her quivering lips. How was she supposed to worship her owner's cock all over?

He had naked Shrunken in his trembling hands. "May I?" She purred while his girth rested against her face. She liked how the silky skin felt on her hot lips. His hands opened and the shapely little things curled their bodies open in her palms like good little Shrunken.

She stroked them to that wonderful shaft. Lustfully her mouth sucked and licked as she slowly traveled back up from that broad midpoint. Her breasts hugged his sack again. Rubbing and grinding to their jiggly weight. When they popped past the heavy fuzzy load she wrapped a Shrunken under the balls and massaged them with it. Wiggling, she stretched her tits around his girth. Her mouth arrived at his tip.

She looked up at her owner. How could she ever have been scared of that cute face? He was such a pushover, she could take what she wanted from him with a little presenting wiggle and he melted into submission like he was doing now. Panting so hard from little old her giving him the attention he deserved.

She stroked his shaft with her breasts. The small space between her chin and their mass she massaged the other side of his Behemoth with the second Shrunken. His eyes rolled back and Karla literally purred in delight, she was such a good Shrunken. Even at full size.

She looked at the Behemoth's unblinking eye. Placing her lips against it, she climbed up to his tip with soft sucking kisses. Humming passionately as she was allowed to suckle and roll her tongue on that broad end. The whole time she wondered how she served her Micheal before. How did she get that in her little mouth?

A strange hunger took over and kisses and licks were not enough. Her jaw stretched and she greedily pressed over his tip. Making sure his grand manhood didn't get touched by her teeth. It filled her mouth and pinned her wiggling tongue. Her body shivered in satisfaction as she managed to roll it against the inside of one of her cheeks. So of course she had to savor doing it to the other cheek.

Then like she was hypnotized, she looked down that incredible length and needed it deeper. She leaned to get that succulent cock pointing straight out. Hands wrapped Shrunken to steady that beast. Karla hungry pushed forward and he praised in whimpering, "Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!"

It touched the back of her throat and she pushed on, Shrunken were gifted with little to no gag reflex after all. The broad tip stretched down her neck. She wondered if Micheal could see it from the outside, but his head was tilted back with his eyes closed. Down as far as her body would allow, for now. Her eyes went wide, still half or more of the shaft remained dry. She felt like if she took anymore in and she wouldn't be able to breathe.

She pulled back to a more manageable location. Her hips had to rock to orally stimulate her owner's manhood as it was in her neck. She was so aroused at the sensation of throat fucking his massive cock. She was glad she brought extra clothes because her pants and panties were soaked. Lucky Shrunken in her hands got to stimulate the lower half of Micheal's length as she stroked them in time with her savoring that glorious manhood.

"OH KARLA! That feels so good! OH KARLA! That feels so good!" he moaned in thanks to her servicing. He was such a sweet owner praising her for what was essentially a failing effort. Maybe some day she'd get him all down her throat.

Then she burst with delight, eyes fluttered and she would have praised him if her jaw could move. Micheal firmly commanded, "Put them on your tits, I'm going to cum!"

She would have hated allowing a boyfriend to cum on her breasts. Especially as a demand. But this was Micheal, not a boyfriend. The wonderful handsome Owner gets what he wants from her.

With effort she popped that girth out of her mouth. Draped the Pretty Shrunken on her firm tits and aimed the tip at one with one hand while the other one massaged him the rest of the way.

Thick warm globs buried the first one's face. She was sprayed across her cleavage as he brought him to bare on the second. Tits were now decorated with his seed. She passed it back and forth glazing her tits as she made sure both busty Shrunken was covered face to feet. Her marvelous Micheal didn't do anything small with his cock and balls.

Karla pressed her breasts together and sat like a begging puppy. Gleefully she asked, "Did you enjoy that Micheal?" Her heart hoped he did so much.

"That was so Hot!" he gave his highest praise and Karla couldn't help but squeal.

Karla could see him admiring his handy work through spent eyes. His cum drenching two Shrunken that laid reclined on her semen smeared breasts. She was savoring him, looking down at her, waiting for his permission to do anything.

"We should clean up." he whimpered cutely.

"OK." Karla cooed while lifting Gabriel. Amused that they had names again. She liked how he started breathing hard as she lifted the curvy pretty over her mouth. Chocolate flavor drips into her mouth. She lowered her little friend past her lips and closed them. Being careful she sucked that coating of cum off those curves and pulled Gabriel from her mouth.

Micheal savored that so much Karla had to lift Donna. Playfully curling her tongue around those semen frosted curves. Wiggling it up that lovely form as Donna slipped into her mouth. She got a rush seeing she was arousing him back awake again.

Karla reached Gabriel down and used her to collect the cum from the top of her caramel shaded breast. Placing the taller busty favorite in her mouth to taste his gift off her.

As she suckled Gabriel she moved Donna to a breast. That sweet friend had a great idea when she stretched her shapely legs apart. Loading her stems with his thick release Karla pulled out Gabriel and slipped the lower half of Donna in.

Karla didn't get to give what Micheal cutely called Special Kisses too often. So the strange rush of power over Donna made her shiver. Chocolate mixed with Donna's artificially cherry flavored pussy. Making Karla greedy for the tastes. Lapping firmer and humming in delight. Donna's little voice moaned, "Karla ahhh!"

Micheal was getting hard but Karla could see in his eyes he was still spent emotionally. Made sense, this was what, only the second or third time she got to serve him so passionately at full size. She pulled Donna out, "Sorry Micheal, I'll go wash us up."

As she stood he sighed, "No that was Hot! I just feel so tired after you sucked my penis." She swayed her hips as she walked to the bathroom so proud her owner enjoyed her oral attention so much. As she stepped into the bathroom she heard him remind himself, "That felt so amazing." Karla had to sigh, that was deeply satisfying.

Karla started the water and tested for it to warm up. "Sorry girls, I hope I didn't hurt you. I got a little excited.

"No, not at all." Donna answered.

Gabriel teased, "I'm a bit hurt, where's my special kisses. Donna got some."

"Well I have to wash Donna and myself anyway." Karla teased lifting Gabriel. She slipped those toned legs into her mouth and they split apart. It was delightful hearing her little gasps as she washed Donna.

"But now I want more." The curvier of the curvy favorites taunted.

Karla smiled and slipped Donna in over Gabriel. They hugged each other tightly as Karla suckled their Cheery tasting pussies. They weren't like Josie and herself so no loving each other's bodies as they were tasted. But it was still an arousing way to reward them.

Karla washed Micheal's leavings from her breasts as the two brunette moan and gasped sexually in her lips. Cherry would burst over her tongue when she got one to climax. Such a delight.

She pulled them out and placed them on a cloth to rest while she washed her mouth out. Micheal wouldn't kiss her till she did. They leaned on each other for support. Karla couldn't keep her hands off their shapely forms. They were so used to being handled they just leaned back and accepted her touches.

Her hands weren't as fun. Back in her mouth. Two little tired voices pipped, "Yes!" as she hugged their hips with her mouth. Cherry wasn't usually her flavor but off a panting Shrunken in her Full sized mouth it really hit that spot. Karla began humming in delight and they popped into climax.

"Oh so HOT!" Micheal gasped. Karla looked up. In the Mirror was a pant less Micheal. His Behemoth so ridged it pointed at her like it was accusing her of something. He was so quiet sometimes.

Karla turned and pulled the pair from her lips. "Did you want more play from us, my handsome Micheal?" She cooed hopefully.

His knees buckled at that thought, poor adorable owner. "Here." she said walking over to him. She guided him and his erection to the toilet. She placed the girls in one hand and moved behind him. She pressed herself tight behind him. Wrapping Donna and Gabriel under his shaft. Marveling still how no one had been crushed by its substantial weight yet.

She stroked up and down his length, grinding her bare breasts into his back as she did. She should have taken his shirt and lab coat first, but was certain her very aroused nipples were being felt through them. She nuzzled his neck. Gasping sensually she told him, "Oh Micheal it's so big. Your filling me too much."

"What are you talking about?" he said while panting.

She licked along his ear and suggested, "I'm imagining your penis working inside my vagina. Want to imagine too?"

"Oh yeah, in you will be so Hot!" he cheered.

She sped up the girls, "Oh Micheal! Oh Micheal! Slow down it's so big!" Yeah he was picturing it, "Micheal, yes, Micheal! You make me stretch so much, so good!"

"Does it feel good?" he begged.

"Oh so good! Oh so good!" she moaned eroticly in his ear. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Ahhhhh!" She pretended to climax for him.

His hand grabbed the back of her head and held her so he could press his mouth to hers. He kissed her so intensely her knees went weak. Then he finished. Karla felt it was a bit of a shame his sweet release was splashing into the toilet. But if she dropped to her knees and suckled every drop she might just reset the poor lads want.

"Oh, oh, oh, Thank You Karla." he said as she was holding him up.

"Here, have a seat while I wash them again and put them away." she pulled the seat down and placed him gasping on it.

She washed Donna and Gabriel again and went out to the office proper. Placing them and their clothes in the cage there. Then re-dressed in her bra and blouse.

She looked into the bathroom, Micheal sat there leaned back where she left him. "Are you OK Micheal?"

"Yeah." he noted without moving.

"I didn't go too far did I?" she hoped she was already forgiven.

"No, well yes, but so Hot!" he mumbled. Then he requested, "Next time you Full sized at the office can you do that again?"

She walked to the sink and made a cool cloth. She walked over and stroked his face with it, "If you want. I am your Shrunken. It is my duty to pleasure my handsome sweet owner."

"You're my Special Shrunken." he reminded her.

She leaned in close and purred, "And that's why I get the special fun Director Micheal." Then kissed his candy lips.

"I have the best Special Shrunken." he sighed.

Karla hated to admit it but, "Micheal, I should head back to my office. I do have work to finish."

He smiled and her heart melted. Then he replied, "OK, see you later. Besides, I have to pee."

They kissed goodbye for now. Karla was glad the after lunch hallways were near empty. In her office she changed into extra clothes from her suitcase. Refreshed, she started filling reports while hoping to be allowed to be Full sized at work again soon.

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CH 30: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 30
Bestiality G,G/f*4 F/f M/f

The afternoon went quickly. Chuck snuck back some time after she had staggered in. His smile and humming happily, which answered Karla's question about his lunch appointment. She peeked over, Micheal directing his team, happily on steady legs. She was glad he recovered. Happier still to notice the blinds in his office were down. She crossed her fingers in hope they had been earlier too.

She had time so she filled out what she could on the assessment forms of the locations they would be visiting next week. Not that it was much more than address and store name, but every little bit would help, she figured.

"Hard at work?" Milly's voice asked.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Karla asked.

"Chuck is adjusting Josie for tomorrow. Thought I'd attempt to tempt you away for some fancy coffee?" Milly offered.

"I'll have to ask Micheal." Karla replied. Starting the text.

"God, you're too good to that boy." Milly said happily.

"He's good to me." Karla advised.

"KARLA!" Sandy's voice called. Karla stood and caught the short Red Head in a warm hug.

Josie followed slower. "It has been only a night and I miss you."

Karla hugged her, "I miss you too. You home tonight though?"

Josie nodded to Sandy, "Micheal is letting her borrow me till tomorrow."

"Awe, what a good big sister you are." Karla teased.

She looked at her watch, "Micheal says it's OK."

It was nice to go to an actual coffee shop. To sit in a chair and not on the table. Her own coffee and not drippings from another's cup. They chatted, but mostly Milly and Tanya about the move. Early morning, movers bring the things in while they unpacked as best they could while being out of the way. Sandy was beside herself to have actual friends close by. Karla got the feeling doing things in the Cage might get harder with the sweetest little red haired girl wanting to visit next door.

They dropped the play sisters and Tanya home for their last night there and headed home. Milly smiled at her, "Yes?" Karla asked.

"You just seem extra relaxed this afternoon." Milly noted.

"Might be a little more comfortable being this big now." Karla answered. Telling Milly she was still riding the satisfaction of sucking off her son likely wouldn't go well.

Milly snickered. "You really are a Special Shrunken. It's been what, a month you've been Standard sized."

"Two, I was caught at your first Port remember." Karla clarified.

"Yeah, I guess. Adjusted quickly and brought at least one other with you." Milly noted rubbing Karla's shoulder.

"What do you mean?" Karla said with a smile.

"Josie, on the way over to get re-sized complained everything was too small at Full size. I think our little Princess just like being looked after." Milly teased.

Karla shrugged, "Yeah, Maybe. I mean it'll be hard to ride on your shoulder at this size."

They both giggled. "Sorry Karla, no piggy backs today. You'll be helping me make supper."

"I haven't handled a knife in two months I think." Karla realized.

They got home and started. It was nice to help Milly. Like helping her mom in the kitchen. Then she felt oddly guilty about not wanting her own mom so close. Not visiting when a willing red topped transport would take them over anytime they asked will make excuses harder to make.

Supper was ready when Howard announced, "I'm home. That smells great."

"Karla helped me make Chicken Cacciatore." Milly advised before getting a sweet kiss from her husband.

"Thanks for helping mom make supper." Micheal praised before Karla she received her own wonderfully sweet kiss.

"What's the plan for tonight?" Howard asked as they sat at the table.

"Bed early I would suggest." Milly joked.

Howard noted as he stroked her thigh, "Sounds good to me." Milly playfully slapped his hand.

"I promised Karla and I would call Chrissy." Micheal said ignoring his parents.

Milly used a firm mother voice as she reminded, "Karla will have to sleep in the guest room tonight sweetheart."

Micheal pouted but agreed with, "I know."

"Mike, about Karla sleeping in the guest room." Howard started.

"What about it?" He asked.

"Well, since we'll have to leave very early on Monday morning, I think she should sleep in the guest room so as to not wake you when I come to collect her." Howard said softly.

"Ah man, no Karla cuddles Sunday night as well." Micheal pouted,

Karla grabbed his hand, "Guess we'll have to spend extra time together on Sunday."

"But that's Battle Jumpers night. We'll only have the day." Micheal sighed.

She kissed his cheek and whispered in the hopes that his parents wouldn't hear, "That gives you a lot of time with your very happy Karla to play with."

She beamed as he shuttered and coincided with, "OK, I guess she will sleep in the guest room on Sunday."

Howard looked at Milly and advised, "Speaking of Monday morning, you don't have to drive me to the airport."

"I thought you didn't want to leave your car at the airport this time." Milly questioned.

Howard sighed, "Gabriel said he was going too, he wanted to talk to Karla and I, I guess."

Milly nodded, "Oh that's nice of Gabs. You'll have to thank him for me."

"Yeah I will." Howard surrendered.

They finished supper and the guys did dishes while Karla got to cuddle with Milly and watch the news together. Milly noted, "I hope Mike gets Josie back from Sandy soon. As cute as it is for them to play sisters, I miss cuddling both my girls."

"I miss my Josie cuddles too." Karla agreed. This brought a worry to her mind though. "You don't think he'd give Josie to Sandy like he gave Maria to Betty?"

"No, that one wasn't special. I will not let him give our little Red Haired lovely. Remember due to his age he doesn't technically own any of his Shrunken." Milly pointed out.

Karla let Maria not being special pass, she had some special skills for her. Instead asking, "So you own me too, huh?"

Milly kissed the top of her head, "Technically yes. But I wouldn't dream of taking you from him."

"Thank you." Karla said snuggling close.

"Thank you for being his little advisor." Milly praised.

"So, if he tried to give her away you'd make her yours?" Karla pushed.

"Yes, then make him let you two sleep together in the guest room till he realized his mistake." Milly advised.

"Thanks, I would be heartbroken if she wasn't here with me now." Karla admitted. A shoulder squeeze told she was welcome.

"Have I told you I'm glad he was the one that found you?" Milly asked.

"Once or twice." Karla noted from memory.

"Good, good. That goes for Josie too. It's very likely if Howard or I had you wouldn't have gotten known." Milly pointed out.

"You saying I should look through your collection for other friends." Karla teased,

Milly snickered, "Nope, I'm not giving up my pretty playthings."

Karla's heart actually started to quicken as the news came to the end. She rose and walked over to Micheal and cuddled close. "We should go up to your room." She cooed while playing in his hair.

"No playing with Karla at Full size." Milly cruelly reminded them.

"Yes mom." Micheal and Karla whined.

"We are going to go to my room though, Chrissy wants to talk to us." Micheal advised.

"OK, you kids have a good night. Remember, you can't play with Karla, but you two can play with Standard sized Shrunken." Howard said with a wink.

They looked at him and noted, "Yes dad." then rushed up the stairs.

Karla heard Milly chastise Howard, "You made that hint on purpose, you should have noted they should play separately."

Howard countered with a sly, "Yes, but, only because he's a good kid."

If Milly had a reply for that Karla didn't hear it as Micheal closed his door and grabbed her hand. They rushed into his room. "I'll grab my tablet." He advised.

Karla climbed upon the bed. Home now, she could relax. Buttons at the top of her blouse were undone. She then draped herself on his bed like she knew he would like. His reward for being such a good owner.

"So she's still working, she'll ahhh, oh so Hot!" She loved the goofy expression and pink that glowed on his cheeks.

Karla patted the bed and purred at him, "We could look at entertainment ideas for the Shrunken cage. Come cuddle."

"OK." he so adorably whimpered. Crawling up to sit where she suggested. Karla pressed along his side. One hand played in that silky hair while the other stroked his chest.

There they cuddled so nicely. Karla couldn't resist the siren call of his skin and started making little sweet pecks along his warm neck. She could feel his heart pounding hard. More delightful was the clear strain his pants were under. She sighed however as she decided they should do as she suggested, "I have a list of books they requested, I could get my tablet and we can go through them."

Now her heart raced. His response was to press his mouth over hers. One of his hands grabbed her hair and racked excitedly through it. The other found her ass and squeezed appealingly. He pulled her on top of his chest and made out for a brief time before he pulled back and whimpered, "Yeah, that might be a good idea."

With herculean effort Karla rose from her favorite chest to lay upon. The fact it was now connected to some of the sweetest lips she had ever savored added to the weight of her body. Made her clothes seem confining. It was his nodding at her supportively that gave her the strength not to surrender to her own desires.

It doesn't stop her from popping her hips as she walks to where she left her tablet when she gotten home. Out into his little living room she pulls her shirt out and makes sure it's arranged for pure display to her young owner.

She returns to a adorably quivering lipped Micheal, he likes what he sees. Karla is amused as he had seen her naked many a time, now, human sized and dressed, he's overwhelmed.

Karla slinks onto their bed like a happy kitty and curls along him again. Nuzzling his chest before starting her tablet. Leg hooks over his as she brings the collected list. Looking up she suggests, "Have a look." Well aware her cleavage is on full display to her boy owner.

"Oh yeah." he gasps. Then shakes his head and notes, "Can you move that up a bit so I can read them?"

"Certainly," She purrs. Raising the machine closer to his view gives her the excuse to push out her chest more. "See it better now?" She teased.

"Yeah." Micheal gasps softly. Then mumbles out, "Lets ahhh let me see what they have."

He manages to start typing at his tablet and going to the ordering site for Shrunken items. She's delighted that his eyes kept sneaking glances at the tops of her breasts. He does get to the books eventually.

"Wow, that's a lot of books. Do they do Shrunken sized print runs or do they just shrink books as needed?" Karla wondered.

"From what little I know they Shrink books as they need them. Though likely many on there right now are books collected from the Ports we visited." Micheal explained looking up some titles.

This made sense as she asked, "So they are selling people's things?"

"Anything worth salvaging yep. Why get rid of useful items? Was there something of yours you'd like to see if it's on here?" Micheal offers.

There are a few trinkets and things that come to mind. She thinks of one thing, "What about personal pictures?"

Dismissive Micheal notes, "Oh no, those would be recycled. Not much point on reminding Shrunken they were once human."

"That makes sense." Karla agrees in sadness. All those dance picks of her and Josie. Family images now lost. She has to accept it as a downside to being her Micheal's top pet.

They start collecting titles, some in multiple. Youth targeted to classics. Romance, mysteries, horror and more. Instructional materials on painting, dancing and other creative pursuits. Little curvy Peyton was going to be a very busy little lovely librarian.

They are thinking of checking out the capture art from the ports when Chrissy called. His girlfriend Karla thought in jealousy and popped another button down her blouse. She caught herself, reminding herself that Chrissy was a healthy path for her usual titan teen. Though her button didn't get re-latched. No just popped another button, only the fact she was laying along her owner was the only thing keeping her skimpy bra mostly covered.

"Micheal! I miss you so much. Oh, Karla's full sized." Chrissy's disappointment at this realization is clear.

Micheal didn't catch the tone switch and noted, "Yeah, Mr. Jabobs allowed it to help move Sandy and her family. Isn't that great."

"Yeah, great. Karla, thanks for keeping his chest warm for me. I can't wait to get to cuddle it when we're together again." Chrissy attacked.

Karla purred like Micheal like replying, "Oh my pleasure." She arched up and between nibbles along his neck added, "I'll always be here for Micheal's pleasure."

This affected Micheal and he giggled nervously, "Karla stop! We're talking to Chrissy."

"As you want Micheal," Karla strokes his handsome cheek then slips back down him. There her hand found a path under his shirt and explored that smooth skinned chest.

"So, are you helping Chris move in tomorrow?" He asks that Blond girl, while purring from Karla’s attention.

"Well, the movers will bring their items in. But we are going to help them unpack if that is what you mean." Chrissy answered.

"Yeah we're basically doing the same for the Howells." Micheal noted.

"Your dad is visiting next week. Dad is so excited." Chrissy reminded him.

"Yeah, Karla has to go with him to inspect future Shrunken stores and the like." Micheal whimpered.

This perked the pink clad princess, "Really, so we'll get to hang out Karla."

"Yes, maybe we'll have time for you to show me around your work." Karla forgot her pointless jealousy.

"Yeah, that will be great. Also you can tell me if I've gotten better at Special Kisses." the pretty little blond suggested with a wink.

That sounded appealing. Clearly Micheal thought so with an, "Oh yeah."

That cheeky girl teased the boy, "Maybe we should call Micheal to show him."

"I don't know Chrissy, maybe we should just keep us to ourselves." Karla added playfully. Gaining a sweet whimper from Micheal.

"We can discuss it when you're here. Right now can I talk to Micheal?" Chrissy pleaded.

Karla cuddled tight and sighed, "I suppose you should be able to talk to your boyfriend."

Karla resisted the urge to fondle her boy owner as he chatted with his girl about work things and Battle Jumpers. Chrissy had started a new teen sitcom and suggested it to him. He had been distracted from TV since he came back from his trip, and Karla knew by what. They were teens smitten with each other and it was still adorable to watch.

The call ended with Chrissy noting, "I'll see you on Friday Karla, talk to you again soon Micheal. I love you."

"I love you too Chrissy." Micheal confessed, clearly accepting his slip days ago was in fact the truth.

Karla rolled over Micheal and wiggled her ass before crawling up her handsome boy. Her mouth finds his honey sweet lips and she begins kissing him passionately. Her bosom rubbed his fine chest. Her hands slip under his shirt to marvel along his silky skin. She relishes as his hand wrapped into her raven locks and savors the feeling of her strands between and around his fingers. His other hand guides her form happily closer to his. Her groin grinds wantonly to his. Thick hard shaft straining under his pants delights her loins.

That old It, her pretend dark side screams at her. A simple cooing phrase or a more daring exploring hand would get her what she almost animalistic craves. The It voice pointed out he wants it too. She was tempted strongly over the idea of how much he'd enjoy taking her. Filling her with that long thick cock and working her pussy till he climaxed. She would sing in delight the whole time.

She lowered to nibble his neck arguing that he said he didn't feel ready. Could she break his trust? Push him to do things he was smart enough to know he wasn't ready for. To add credence to these thoughts Micheal whimpered weakly, "Karla, mom said no playing full sized."

IT, her greedy want, gave a compromise. Her hand coiled around his hidden shaft and stroked the appealing length. Lustfully singing as she nibbled around his ear, "Your dad said we could play with Shrunken. I could get a couple and play with them where you'd really like."

The siren suggestion clearly tempted him. But Karla's Micheal is too strong of character. His conviction made him even more appealing to her. "No, I don't think I could stop from making a mistake. Please stop."

She reaches around his head and snuggles his head to the bared tops of her breasts. Stroking his hair she sighed her It back to where it had been hiding. "As you wish my sweet Micheal."

There they sat for a while, just cuddling. Now, more desirable than sexing her mighty owner, the idea of resting wrapped together like this. Him getting to rest on her chest. Even if it is just his head. To feel his warmth keeping her cozy all night. Such a sweet wonderful thought.

Gaining all her strength she whimpered, "I should go now or my want to love you will tempt me to go too far."

Her heart blooms into butterflies as he kisses her. "OK, maybe soon we'll get to Full size cuddle sleep."

Karla strains to get off the magnet bed. She straightened her clothes and grabbed her tablet. She steps towards the door when her world suggests a kind offer, "Karla, if you want you could take a couple Shrunken with you to the guest room."

She smiles at him, still taking care of his favorite Shrunken no matter how big she currently was, "Thank you Micheal. I will."

"OK, remember theirs so you can take any you want." Micheal was too wonderful.

She knew what he was suggesting. Take favorites like Donna, Gabriel, Peyton, even that appealingly leggy Grace. She couldn't. Not due to any link of friendship. But because his want was still rigidly clear and he would be best served by those lovely playthings.

Karla searches her memory of his collection. Gorgeous playthings Micheal in all his wisdom didn't savor as often. Into her chosen tub she collects that milk chocolate skinned woman he once wrapped in a cocoon for him. A busty red haired woman she remember marveling at Micheal's Behemoth. And an athletic blond that was so familiar but Karla couldn't remember why.

As she caught her playthings she thought of him. They too were oddly seldom played with beauties. Formerly cheerleaders that Milly and the girls had caught at a Lumberjack competition.

She slipped the shapely living dolls beside him. "Oh yeah, I forgot about them. Thanks Karla." Micheal growls excitedly rubbing his hands together. Karla felt a great rush of arousal. He would have fun.

"Don't you want more to play with?" Her sweet boy requested.

"No, this will deal with my itch." she replied, eyeing her picks.

"OK, good night my Special Karla." he said so warmly.

Karla sighed and replied in kind, "Good night my Special Micheal." Let Chrissy be his girlfriend, Karla was his special Shrunken. His forever.

She grabbed her overnight bag and swayed her way to the guest room. She snickered as that marvelous dark skinned beauty went on and on about how she couldn't play with them. That they were somehow still human. She was as close as a Shrunken could be as human, yet she wasn't one.

She closed the door and told her picks, "OK, strip. Once I'm naked I'll start playing with you."

Karla took off her clothes. She could have stripped her plaything picks, Shrunken clothes were designed for that after all. She however didn't have the talents at undoing tiny clothes like her Micheal and his family. She laid out her pajamas for the night. A lacey sexy thing Micheal had bought for her, not the type of thing she'd need next week traveling with Howard.

Then she looked in the tub. The Red head, Karla was certain her name was Angela, was ready. Blond and Black lovies were not. "I told you to strip." she huffed.

"No, you know this is wrong. At your size now you can find help. Do that, it's the only right thing to do." the chocolate delight demanded. Now Karla remembered, she had planned on protesting. Fight their new lives. Since Micheal didn't use her Karla had forgotten about that annoying habit.

"Look, Edith right? You and whatever your name is need to strip or I'll strip you." Karla flatly pointed out. She was slightly bothered as she still felt the sensual want that rolling on top of Micheal had triggered. These were supposed to ease that.

"You don't know me?" The athletic blond screamed like Karla should know her.

"No, now get naked so I can get a reason to remember you." Karla snarled, edging towards annoyance.

"I'm Kimmy, I was in your cage on that awful boat. I was there to keep Amanda and the others in shape." the pretty gym fit form advised.

"Oh right." Karla remembered her being there, but since Micheal didn't use her she wasn't important to her. "Anyway, Micheal has gotten my body all aroused. Get naked so I can deal with that like this lovely has." She nabbed the Busty RedHead and fondled it. That one was smart, she stretched herself out to accept Karla's attention. No, she wasn't getting aroused herself, but she pretended appealingly.

"We will not. We will sit here till you understand this is wrong and you have to save all those women and girls in that room." Edith stated like that was an option and she and the blond sat down.

"Look, I'm going to say one more time for you to get naked. I'm really horny and I need to play. Get play ready or else." Karla threatened.

They folded their arms together and yelled, "No play, save us today!" Then they started chatting in clear protest.

Karla was mad now. She hadn't planned out what she was going to do with them once they were ready. But this delay was just frustrating. Now she needed a punishment and she was drawing a blank.

Oh then a naughty idea came to her. An awful cruel idea. Karla told herself she shouldn't even consider them for punishment. Yet her sexually heated blood just wanted to savor these Shrunken learning their place.

"Fine." she growled and grabbed the blond. Oversized buttons and elastic waists made her little outfit peel off easily despite the fit Shrunken's struggles. She dumped it back in the plastic box and grabbed what was likely a ring leader of whatever sized group of protestors there might be. That smooth soft brown skin would have been so delightful to savor. Yet she ruined it for Karla.

"You won't behave, I'll show you what happens to those stupid Shrunken that don't do as their betters demand." Karla then had to dress in her pajamas.

She hoped Milly and Howard were well in bed. The silky robe that came with the lacey sexy sleepwear mostly just covered her shoulders. The silver blue material hung off the tips of her breasts. The lace trimmed shorts were almost a thong.

She pushed the Red head between her own breasts, it trembled in fear of her. Karla liked being a giantess. She grabbed the tub and the two inside resumed their annoying chant. She opened the door to a dark hallway. She tiptoed to the library.

They were there, circling and grunting excitedly. They could smell what she carried and were happy to do her bidding. Worse, what she had planned was cruel. That was arousing her more.

"Fine, you don't want me to play with you. Then you can play with Coke and Pepsi. Director Micheal's mounting gerbils." Karla taunted.

"No, you can't. That's inhuman!" Edith screamed. Oh what a rush that was.

Karla grabbed the blond and popped the top latch. Those fuzzy monsters reared up sniffing and making their little excited barking noises. She didn't know which was called what, and that somehow made this even more arousing for her.

The Blond barely hit the cage bottom when one leaped upon her. She screamed and begged for help as the beast pinned her and started to mount her. Karla panted hard as the monster held those hips and pushed its phallic into that tight ass. Once in it celebrated by thrusting hard and fast. Oh that howl the blond made caused Karla to shutter.

The other one was sniffing close. It looked like it was thinking of muffling that great sound with its own rodent cock. Karla thought that wouldn't be fair. Openly giggling she grabbed that stupid pretty protest leader.

Edith landed and the un-partnered Gerbil plowed into her and knocked her on her back. That clever beast climbed forward while pushing those lovely legs apart. At its goal it wiggled its tip at that beauty’s pussy. Edith was chanting again, but now it was simply no in a panicked tone. Then, she screeched a grunting roar. Rodent hips went to work raping that gorgious plaything.

Karla slumped into a chair clearly placed there for watching the beasts pleasure themselves on trapped foolish Shrunken. She started to reach down to have her fingers deal with the wet itch inside her pussy. Then a bit of red between her breasts reminded her of the smart Shrunken.

She pulled the busty pretty free and ran her fingers over that shapely form. Clearly she was expecting different ideas as she wonderfully whined, "What are you doing?” as Karla lowered her. Pushed her panties out of her way. Karla's head arched back as she touched Shrunken to her dripping lusting womanhood. Slowly she wiggled it in head first into herself. Oh those tits stretched her so wonderfully.

Half way in, Karla started working her womanhood with that top heavy beauty. Karla's free hand found her breast and slipped to be inside her pajamas with it. Gasping hard as she pleasured her pussy with the tiny woman.

The first beast finished and pulled out. The Blond flopped onto her side and rubbed at her ass. Karla laughed. It got itself a quick snack and was ready for round two. His fuzzy friend grunted at him. It hopped over and Edith panicked again. But her chanting ended as Gerbil cock started stretching her pretty throat.

Karla was so delighted by that and shoved her good pussy spelunker fully inside herself. That smart pretty was going to need a reward. She wiggled herself inside Karla and that made her moan. Now both breasts were being massaged.

Karla sat there so close to climax, but just not making it. She watched as Edith's first lover finished his enjoyment. Had a drink, then found the blond. Oh the sounds she made as the rodent rolled her onto her back. How she struggled attempting to flee from its mounting. He clearly likes missionary. And the blond learned what was not a threat when she was human could overpower her now. Karla thought it looked to enjoy her tight cunt more then Edith's as he really arched back as he fucked that stupid Shrunken bitch.

Karla savored the show. The quick recovery of the monsters didn't give the protestors any time to recover. How those big balls on those rodents kept filling to spray Gerbil cum into mouth and over asses was remarkable. Karla was loudly savoring her entertainment.

Singing, oh no Howard. She covered her crotch but didn't have time to take her internal crawler out. "Oh, Karla. Having a little fun?" he asked, attempting to sound innocent. Karla quickly understood he sang so she would know he was arriving.

"Yeah, the Shrunken I borrowed from Micheal thought they could tell me no. So I thought I'd give the Gerbils some exercise." Karla advised.

He kindly handed her a blanket. "Yeah, I found two of mine plotting a break out." He lifted a pretty Asian and a lovely brunette. Where they plan on going I have no idea. But best nip it in the bud.”

"I could take mine out and give you the room." Karla sadly offered.

"No, I should give you the room. You were here first." he stated.

"No, they are yours, I'm just a Shrunken." Karla reminded.

"Shh, you're a Special Shrunken. Want to see something. '' he asked.

"What?" Karla was curious.

"They like options." he snickered, dropping his two feet first into the cage.

Now when one beast finished it took a snack, then picked one of his to enjoy. The Shrunken not subject to Gerbeil love sat at the side in eather terror or sobbing till their turn again came up.

"I too have a friend below, a good pet. I'll grab a chair and a blanket and I think we can both enjoy the show." Howard advised.

"Wouldn't Milly get mad if she found out?" Karla worried.

"Not if you keep your hands to yourself." he teased with a wink.

They sat there together. Watching the Gerbeils fuck throats, asses, or pussies. Sometimes even sharing the same Shrunken. All four Shrunken quickly began being messed up with thick rodent spunk. It was torturous not to fondle herself, but she felt uncomfortable doing so with Howard there.

"Next week is going to be tough," he noted.

"Really? I'm that bad to be around?" She teased.

"I was using this as a test. I know you can't see me, but I still feel uncomfortable playing with my Shrunken in the same room as you." He confessed.

"You do that at least twice a day don't you?" She asked.

"Yeah, I am going to get randy next week." he said laughing.

"Here, let's turn our chairs so we are sitting back to back. Might give us some mental distance." Karla suggested.

"You're worried about playing twice a day too huh?" Howard said.

"Yeah, I'll be missing my Micheal hard next week." Karla confessed.

Karla reached under her blanket. The Redhead had worn her poor self out in the meantime. Karla found its legs and began wiggling those big tits inside herself. Howard started gasping. A silver lining, he sounded enough like Micheal to allow her to imagine. Her body had been waiting a long time for release and she moaned a little louder than she wanted when it hit hard. From the sound of it, Howard didn't mind.

"OK, I'll bring a folding board to block you from seeing me play. I am bringing you a separate cage from the Shrunken I plan on bringing with me." he said between gasps.

"Thanks, I don't want to be in a cage with Shrunken I don't know." Karla confessed.

"You shouldn't be in a cage at all. But I'd feel better while we are in Company hotels." Howard advised.

"Thanks Howard." Karla sighed.

"Well, we have to get up tomorrow," he said. He got up and left the blanket on the chair. Reached into the cage and pulled out his Shrunken. "See you tomorrow Karla."

"Night Howard." she replied. When he was gone she pushed off the blanket. Pulled the protestors out. In the bedroom she placed the redhead in the shower area of the guest cage so she would get to clean up first. Once she started she allowed the other two into the cage.

She went to the bathroom and freshened up. Then to bed. Though she missed the presence of her Micheal greatly. Lucky though she had worn herself out watching the Gerbils and sleep didn't take too long to find her.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by ralgar » Fri May 27, 2022 12:13 am

Ok so as I have said before I am enjoying this story but man karla’s decent is very hard to read sometimes. Like really Karla putting them in the gerbils ugh , I can stand ( barely) that with micheal, but Karla stop. Like this girl has drunk the kool-aid. So this is not a criticism of your story, just hope Karla wakes up or something( doubt).

So yes this is a very interesting story. I will continue to read.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Fri May 27, 2022 4:10 pm

Well I'm glad your enjoying it over all, if not every scene. Karla does have a slightly different life then most other Shrunken in this world. That might be effecting how she looks at some things currently.

And thank you for your input. It really helps keep me motivated.


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CH 31: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Jun 02, 2022 3:24 am

Sorry no sw content in this chapter. Just worked better story wise I felt. Hope you don't mind.

Chapter 31

Karla awoke to an amazing sensation. Her body arched as curious hands stroked along her thighs. Some tongue danced in her pussy like a loving little visitor. She looked down but her companion was hidden under the blankets.

That talent explorer darted in and out of her canal then traveled up and danced with her clitoris. Whoever was savoring her womanhood was making her greatly enjoy it as it slurped excitedly. Deep it penetrated. Loving it lapped. And she thanked it with a loud, "Yes! YES! YES!"

She laid there gasping as her visitor crawled up her body. Micheal's smiling handsome face appeared before her. He giggled, "You like full sized special kisses?"

Karla pressed her lips against his and tasted her vanilla and greedily savored it. She let his face go and he correctly guessed, "I take that as a yes. Man you must have been tired, I was down there for a while before you woke up. Though you clearly felt me down there. Your legs were all snuggly."

"What if your mother knew you were in here?" Karla asked while panting.

He smiled a cute smile, "She sent me up to wake you for breakfast. You're awake now right?"

"You're a naughty boy. I should punish you." she playfully growled. Attempting to flip him onto his back.

His hands outmaneuvered hers and she was pinned to the bed face down, "You remember I'm in Judo right?" Karla attempted to push him off, but he just shifted and kept her pinned. Then she found a weakness in his hold. Wiggling her ass along his alert Behemoth.

He sighed at the sensations. She could feel his pulse starting to race. She felt him whimper hard so she stopped. His body pressed tight to hers and now it was his hips grinding his groin into her ass. "Micheal are you OK?"

"I want to do things with you. I want it so bad." he whined clearly conflicted.

"Just rub against my ass till you cum. It'll feel good but you won't be in me." Karla suggested.

"Yes, yes!" he growled. His hand pulled her little shorts down to her knees. Then she felt him shifting while still pinning her to the bed. Then she felt a thick girth press between her ass cheeks.

To her surprise his body started pumping slowly. Karla was reminded how heavy that thing was. As his body pressed tight her cheeks spread to hotdog that massive cock. He was dragging back and forth against her stretched ass. He grabbed her shoulders. Then his hips really started, "Feels good, feels good!" he grunted as he grind against her bare ass. Micheal pressed hard and shuttered hard. Warm wet spattered on her back. He moaned hard as he finished.

He lifted off of her. Grabbing some tissues and started wiping her back clean for her. "That felt so good. Thank you Karla." he praised.

"You're welcome, you know we can do that whenever I'm full sized." Karla offered her lovely lad.

"Oh can we? That would be great." He gushed on the thought of humping her ass.

Her back wiped off of his release, she sat up and kissed his cheek. "I am your Shrunken to enjoy as you want."

"Except, if we don't get down stairs soon for breakfast mom will kill us," he pointed out.

"Then we better head down." she said and earned a delightful kiss.

He got up and noted, "There is a better robe in the closet. I mean it's for guests. But I don't think mom will mind you wearing it over your pajamas."

They head down. It was a quick breakfast then they rushed up to dress. Since Howell's and their items would arrive within an hour. No shower this morning made Karla hope she would sneak one with her boy owner. She hoped yoga pants and an oversized sweatshirt would be good for the day. Being bright and warm she figured weather wise it would be anyways.

A truck arrived and a crane attached to it lifted a big blue shipping container and placed it carefully in the Howell's new driveway. They pull up soon and they and Josie step out. She looked ready to work in a big sweatshirt and some rather nicely fitting jeans. As Karla got a warm hug from her lady love, Pat unlocked the house.

Boxes and furniture were lugged in by the men from the truck. While she and the others helped arrange those boxes and larger items to their proper locations in the new home. Karla found it amusing how casually the movers uncovered cages of Shrunken and took them like any other item to the directed rooms.

The building was shaped much like the Miller's home. The main floor was the same. Upstairs was the biggest change. The main bedroom was in the front outer corner and most of the front of the house. Except for a little sitting area at the top of the stairs. They had a larger room for Pat and Tanya then Howard and Milly did.

Where Miller's had guest rooms was Sandy's extended bedroom along the back of the house. Like Micheal, she had a closet cage. But hers was sectioned off for males and females. In a cute corner of her room was another cage for her Shrunken children. It had a door that gave the girl access directly to the hallway bathroom, though it was regularly just called Sandy's bathroom.

Micheal's apartment area was where the Howells established their workshop. Including access to the garage where an area was set aside for the heavier tools. They had partial walls making the whole area more of an open concept.
Their basement was segmented to make two guest rooms with a shared bathroom.

The men left once the truck was unloaded. With the doors safely closed Pat set up the Doll resizer and the doll sized models were added to the work crew. They were mostly setting up the workshop. A box would be opened and they worked in teams moving everything from hand tools to engineering books. They looked appealing in their shorts overalls and little work boots.

Howard disappeared in the late afternoon. Then shortly after that the smell of barbecuing meat wafted over the fence. Store bought salads and other foods greeted them as they came to investigate. He had burgers, both beef and chicken cooked for them. Cold beer and soft drinks in a couple coolers. Talk was of thanks and remarks about how much they had got done.

As it got dark it got cold. Promises of more help in the morning and they parted for the night. "Big sister, are you coming for another sleepover?" Sandy asked hopefully at the gate in the fence between their properties.

"Oh sorry Little sister, but I'm missing Karla and Micheal. Hope you understand. We'll hang out tomorrow." Josie said warmly.

Sandy looked sad for a second then smiled warmly, "OK, see you tomorrow."

As they entered Micheal noted, "I'm tired, I think I'll have a quick shower and head to bed." As he started heading up the stairs, Karla and Josie followed.

"Make them Standard size before you shower with them." Milly huffed. She sounded so tired too.

He looked at his Full sized pretty pets and said, "OK, I will."

They entered his room and he turned and lifted a hand to Josie's collar. She lightly slapped it away. "Micheal, you don't mind if Karla and I shower together at full size do you?"

"No, but mom said." he started.

Josie interrupted with an appealing arch of her shapely body and a playful hand in his messy hair saying, "That we had to be Standard size the next time we all showered together. If we do it separately you don't have to make us Standard size again till later."

"OK." he whimpered at the lovely Red Headed sight.

"You go first, then we'll shower. Then a little cuddle in bed." Josie cooed in an appealing manner.

"Mom said no playing Full sized." He was such a good son.

Josie was however very convincing with her argument. Pressing tight to him she nibbled along his neck, "No play, just nice naked cuddles. She didn't say we can't cuddle full sized did she?"

"No, cuddles are very good. '' he was practically drooling.

"Go, then we will. Then cuddle." she nuzzled her cute nose along his skin.

"OK, will." and Micheal basically ran to his bathroom.

Josie sighed heavily and noted aloud, "I really missed pressing to my handsome owner."

"Milly will get mad if she finds out we snuggle him naked." Karla said sitting down. Being so naughty wasn't Josie's usual methods.

Josie sat at the other end. "I think we should risk it. I've been craving him since I woke up this morning."

"I know I had trouble sleeping last night." Karla whimpered.

"Yeah, you just get used to his presence. I crave him playing with me and more." Josie cooed.

"Oh like what?" Karla asked, lazily turning to look at her lady love.

Josie was on all fours with that round ass up and wiggling. "Like your lips!" she growled then leaped. Karla was under Freckled dream and full pillowy lips danced with hers. Josie's body pressed tight and hands admired Karla's body.

Karla missed the figure pinning her down and felt over the parts she missed most. Josie rose and pulled Karla's shirt off. Then Karla was rewarded by that Red Head beauty taking her own shirt off. Her skimpy bra strained as Josie's bosom heaved appealingly as she looked down at her.

Bodies coiled together. Lips found skin that was wonderful to kiss on both bodies. Karla thought she was being smart and unlatching Josie's bra, but that Freckled Angel beat her to it by undoing Karla's bra. Where they both landed nether knew as exposed skin was to erotically distracting.

Josie's eager hands started to push down Karla's tight yoga pants so Karla figured that was an invitation to undo Josie's painted on jeans. They fell between the couch and the coffee table as they both attempted to take the other's pants and also help the other take their pants. That tangling of limbs didn't stop them and the bottoms wrapped into each other in the air and flopped onto the couch somewhere.

Panties were all that covered anything, and barely at that on both of them. Josie's hands squeezed Karla's ass cheeks as Karla felt those amazing legs on Josie's shorter body. The sexually wrestled on the floor. Grinding and arching pushed the coffee table to gain them more space to roll on top of each other. Taking turns on top and greedily accepting their turn on bottom.

Lips, necks, hands. wrists, breasts, nipples, Karla was having trouble keeping track of what on Josie's body she was kissing when and loved it. Tracking those Pillowy lips was just as hard as Josie danced them all over Karla’s skin.

Karla rose up on Josie holding the Freckled goddess' white lace panties over her head like a trophy, "Mine!" She cheered. Then Josie folded up and her teeth grabbed the waistband on Karla's pink lace underwear. Pushing her over Karla was delighted to watch Josie pull her undergarment down her legs and off her feet. She smiled with her catch dangling from her mouth then spit them to the side. Only to pounce back on top of Karla to start the wrestling again.

"Oh so HOT!" Micheal made them jump. There he stood in a white robe. It was tired shut but that little strip of material wasn't going to contain his alerted Behemoth. It too stood staring at their naked forms coiled together on the floor.

Josie stood and slinked over. Playing in his hair she purred, "We are going to take a quick shower. We'll meet you in bed."

Both his heads nodded in agreement, "Yeah, bed, I'll wait there."

Josie grabbed Karla's hand and they soon were in the bathroom. Water was already warm and they entered right away. Since Josie was using her hands to rinse her body Karla started on Josie's marvelous curves.

She started to moisten Josie's womanhood when her hand got slapped. "No, if we start doing that we won't be quick." Josie advised.

"Right, Micheal is waiting." Karla accepted. She too now was missing the feel of his skin. The taste of it.

They washed the other's hair. Their bodies. Karla desired Josie's sexy short curvy body. Only thing she wanted more was to sandwich Micheal's body together with it. They dried off and carefully combed and styled each other's hair. They couldn't be too pretty for their young owner.

They practically floated to his room. There he lay on top of his blankets waiting. His head resting on his open hands. They stopped and sighed he was so adorable, sweetly sleeping there.

"He looks so peaceful." Josie noted climbing onto the bed along one side of him.

"He is so cute when he's sleeping." Karla admired his peaceful face. Then she looked at Josie, "What are you doing?"

"Untying his robes." Josie replied.

"Why?" Karla asked.

"You'll see." Josie said with a wink. She flipped the sides of the robe open. Then carefully she shifted his leg and curled along the inside of it. Resting her head on his inner thigh, face level with the sleeping Behemoth. Karla liked this idea. Moving her side's leg and coiling along it in a similar manner.

Josie gently started petting the sleep length. "Man, he is huge." she praised softly.

Karla too ran fingers softly along it. "Yeah, it was so terrifying when he first pulled it out the day he caught me."

Josie snickered, "It still kind of is." Then she asked in a purr, "You remember the night we made love on it while he slept." Her pillowy lips finished kissing the side of the Behemoth happily.

Karla now found she wanted to taste it too. "Yeah, that was, as Micheal would say, Hot!" And her lips found their way to the shaft.

"Karla, how do you take that in at half size." Josie asked while giving the slowly awakening beast kisses.

"Oh you need to try it. It feels soo good." Karla replied between delivering suckling kisses of her own.

"He must lube it up to get it in" Josie said in an arousing tone. Her kisses were being supplemented with savoring licks.

They had to shift as Behemoth firmed up. Karla tongue now danced along that delicious smooth skin as she answered, "No, not a drop. Might not need it I get so aroused knowing it's going in me." Then she snickered, "There was a time he lubed it up so Shrunken could slip along it like one of those backyard water slide things."

Karla found hands on her breasts. "We have to get him to do that again. Such fun." Josie purred.

Their bodies coiled together. Hands explored the other's body while mouth and tongues savored the thick cock between their faces. They stopped talking as what their mouths were doing was more important.

Josie lifted up. Karla was going to ask what she was up to when the Redhead put a finger over her own lips. Then Karla knew. Josie lifted that heavy shaft. She shined those soft pillow lips with her tongue while staring at that broad tip. Then looking determined she lowered her open mouth. Josie made suckling kissing motions as she worked her mouth around that succulent tip. Deeper it was sucked into her mouth the more sexually delighted Josie looked. Then she pushed lower, the tip made her cheek poke out and Josie hummed so wantingly.

Karla marvels at how beautiful Josie looks sucking on Micheal's thick cock. His balls find her own mouth and she sucks on them while marveling at Josie's progress. Josie was pushing lower and sounding more pleasured as she did so.

Karla watches as that mass starts stretching into Josie's neck. Her friend's eyelids seem to flutter in ecstasy. Eagerly she shoves it deeper. And deeper it goes. Then like she was in a trance Josie shifts over his leg. New angle allows her to go down further. Deep into Josie it goes.

A hand grabs the back of her head and Karla rejoices that Micheal was awake for his cock worship. "Oh so Hot!" He declares. "More, suck more please." He then starts clawing through her hair.

Karla starts as requested. Licking at the base of the Behemoth then suckling his balls greedily. "Oh Josie you feel so good sucking my cock." he confesses.

Karla was jealous, first at the praise, then that she wasn't shoving that tip down her throat. Then, with a touch of amazement. Josie was surpassing how much Karla had ever managed to take in. Karla was soon no longer jealous as she watched Josie take more in. Micheal gasping, "Yes oh Yes!" As pillowy lips stretched around his shaft. Josie looked pleasured by her own efforts. Eyes rolled back and delight marking the straining features.

Karla finds herself also feeling delighted. Like just servicing Micheal was now all she needed to get off. Then she watched as Josie swallowed more in, and amazingly took the Behemoth all the way in. This seemed to trigger Josie to orgasm.

As it passed Josie slipped up to a more manageable length down her throat and orally fucked Micheal's cock hard. Karla felt a rush and licked and sucked while arching her neck to nest his heavy balls on her breasts.

Josie slips off his tip and grunts lustfully. Karla kneels up and they sandwich that thick shaft between their excited breasts. They would be lustfully making out if that wet tip wasn't between them. But they want it there as their lips play together upon it.

"I'm going to cum!" Their owner praises and they wrap their faces along his tip. The white fountain starts and sprinkles over their faces. He had really liked their attention as his reward pumps out hard and long.

He's panting hard once he finishes. They nuzzle his tip and he looks. They smile, "You let me cum on your faces, so Hot!"

Karla remembers the last time a boyfriend sprayed on her face. The last big relationship fight she had. It had caused them to break-up. She was so mad. Now, with Micheal, she loved it. Like a good Shrunken she was.

She looked and freckled cheeks on Josie's pretty face was covered in cum drops. Tongue lapped the closest one. Then hers was suckled. Taking turns the savored Micheal's chocolate flavored semen off the other's faces till every speckle was found.

"We'll be right back." Karla told Micheal. A tired thumbs up said that was OK.

They rushed to the bathroom to freshen up. "Man that felt amazing down my throat." Josie sang horsley.

"How, how did you get that down that far?" Karla wondered.

Josie shrugged. "I don't know. He liked it."

Karla sulked, "I think he liked you sucking him off more than me doing it."

Josie looked annoyed, "Your his favorite for EVERYTHING else. Don't get jealous that I have one talent he likes better than yours."

"Sorry, just." Karla pouted.

"He's your Micheal." Josie teased.

"Yeah." Karla sighed.

"He's my Micheal too." Josie reminded her. "Besides him being happy is a better life for us. And from how much he came I'd say we, as a team, made him very happy."

"You're right." Karla sighed. Josie usually was.

"Now, let's cuddle him. I'm sure he will like that too." Josie didn't have to suggest twice.

They came into the room and shut off the light. His tired little voice reminded them, "If mom finds you full sized in my bed we'll be in trouble."

Josie was particularly naughty tonight, "Then lets hope she doesn't." And lays her naked form along one side of his naked body. A sweet kiss and she sang softly, "Good Night my Special Micheal."

He surrendered to this snub of the rules by replying, "Good night my Special Josie."

Karla cuddles to his other side. She melts at how wonderful he kisses. "Good night my Special Micheal." She can't help but purr.

He sounds content too as he sighs back, "Good night my Special Karla."

She rests her head on that dreamy smelling chest to find Josie's gorgeous face inches away. They press tight to Micheal and kiss sweetly.

As their lips part Karla hums happily, "Good night my Special Josie."

And Josie replies in kind with, "Good night my Special Karla."

Micheal's sleepy praise of, "Oh so Hot!" was soon followed with steady breathing that lured Karla to sleep.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by ALittleConfused » Sun Jun 05, 2022 2:39 am

I haven't had time to read for a while, but I finally caught up. Great stuff as always. I really liked chapter 30. I love seeing mean Karla. Seems like she really needs Josie there to stop her from going too far.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Jun 05, 2022 3:19 am

I do tend to use Josie as her good side. Not that Josie can't be naughty herself sometimes. Just less cruel. Hearing from people really helps. Glad your enjoying. I hope I can keep entertaining you.


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CH 32: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Jun 08, 2022 4:11 pm

Chapter 32
f/f Light play only

Karla awoke and happily squeezed to her owner. She missed being her proper size. As she so wished to roll about on the bare smooth chest. But full size had its advantages too.

She wiggled down and nuzzled his penis with her nose. She didn't understand the draw she felt to his manhood. Yes, at Standard size she liked playing on it. Even enjoyed him finishing on her now. But this was like an addiction. Like an alcoholic and her drink of choice was Micheal's Thick Cock, and she was a thirsty thirsty girl.

"Oh." she squealed as it stiffened. She rubbed her face along it as she maneuvered to wrap her breasts around it. Why was its flavor so intoxicating? Her hands massaged everywhere else.

Sweetly giggling Red Head found her playing and those pillowy lips kissed hers then began suckling it. Looking for her wanted mouthful of Micheal Milk. She ran her fingers through Josie's hair and Josie stroked her cheek.

They both jumped as blankets flew off them. Micheal looked so delighted to find them there. Then he ordered, "Karla there, on your back." Karla was delighted with his taking command and laid on her back. It was followed with, "Josie lay on your stomach facing Karla." And she did.

Karla wondered why he was laying them aligned like that. Then he straddled her chest. Then he wiggled that thick shaft back between her breasts. Grabbing around Josie's pig-tails he guided her closer. Josie’s accepting mouth took his tip in. Then his hips started.

Josie's face was right over Karla's and her eyes were transfixed on that cock pumping in and out of those pillowy lips. Her arms raised and hugged her firm tits to the thrusting shaft. "Feels so good! Feels so good!" Micheal chanted as he fucked her tits and Josie's hot mouth.

But boys sadly don't last long when inexperienced. He arched and moaned, "So HOT!" Josie's lips quivered as her mouth was rewarded with his cum. Once he finished he flopped on the bed in exhausted satisfaction. Karla's mouth was visited with full lips and Josie shared his gift generously.

There they laid for a while savoring the after effects of the morning pleasuring. Micheal sat up weakly and sighed sadly, "You two should get your things so I can return you to normal. If mom finds us like this, no one will find me again."

"We could shower first." Karla hinted.

"No, we promised Milly we wouldn't shower with him at Full size this time." Josie reminded her. Sure now she was a stickler for the rules.

"OK, be right back Micheal." Karla whined standing.

Then she remembered a problem. Her suitcase was still in the guest room. She started pulling on yesterday's clothes. "Where are you going?" Josie asked.

"My suitcase and clothes are in the guest room." She said in terror. If spotted by Milly and she was dead. Josie waited by Micheal's door while Karla started on his impossible mission.

Tip toeing as quietly as she could while trying to be as quick as she could. She made it, glad new hinges didn't squeak. Then back out in the hall. She dashes as light as she could to the room and Josie opened and softly closed the door behind her. They snickered at the rush, like sneaking past the chaperones on dance trips.

Micheal looked at them in terror. Karla lifted the suitcase, "I forgot that in the other room." she explained.

"Oh, yeah. Good you got it." he didn't sound happy, more scared.

Everything gathered he reached for her collar. "Don't forget the Shrunken I borrowed. They're still in the guest cage." she reminded him.

"I'll get them after we shower and get dressed, '' he noted. Then a touch and a command and she was her proper size again. He scooped her up and she stretched along her shoulder perch. Josie soon happily joined her on the shoulder. "To the shower." he said.

A nice shower and to the cage, she picked out comfy sweats and a sweater, not clothes she'd need on the trip. Josie, who had access to her full wardrobe, put on legs displaying yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Karla lifted the back and smiled, they didn't just display her legs well.

A slap stung her fingers. "Do you mind?" Josie asked.

"No, in fact I'd like another look." Karla teased.

"Come on pervert. Micheal's just about done." Josie reprimanded.

Down to breakfast. "Cereal or something today sweetheart. Oh could you grab clothes from your room, doing laundry today so Karla has more to choose from."

"OK mom, can I eat first?" he asked in a happy tone.

"Sure, I have a load of towels and such I'll start with." Then she slipped down the stairs.

A minute later Micheal yelped. Karla turned to see him rubbing his arm, "Dad, what was that for?"

"You're lucky your mother wasn't the one he messaged." Howard growled.

"What are you talking about?" Micheal asked.

Howard showed his watch, a message from Gabriel. It read, "To not get Mikey in trouble I sent it to you. But when I agreed to allow Karla and the other to be full to help yesterday, they were supposed to have those collars shut off last night. No big deal since they are home, elsewhere security might come looking."

"Oh, yeah." Micheal said, but he wasn't the only one with their head hanging low.

"Look, I understand. Really. Honestly I think Gabriel understands and is happy to overlook it. But if your mother caught you she would have exploded. Don't do it again." Howard huffed.

"We won't." Micheal spoke for them.

"Good. Was nice though huh, cuddling your best Shrunken full sized?" Howard teased.

Micheal blushed, "The best."

The basement door opened and Milly looked at them, "What is with you two?"

"Nothing, guy stuff." They replied together. Looked at each other and began giggling like naughty children.

"Right," she said nervously. Karla found a hand wrapping around her. Josie and herself was lifted to Milly's shoulders, "Then I'll save the girl's ears and bring them with me to get our laundry."

"But mom." Micheal started.

"Nope, go on, talk guy stuff. Us ladies will actually get things done around here." and Karla found herself heading upstairs to the Master bedroom.

Milly walked into their closet cage. "Sorry, I have to gather my Shrunken's clothes." She told them.

Karla was suddenly reminded of the difference in how she was seen. Heck, it was clear there was several levels in Milly's mind of Shrunken as she clapped loudly and barked, "Come on cum chuggers, get your clothes into the laundry bucket or go a week naked." She turned and snapped at the Male's side, "You to my little living dildos. Your goddess wants clean things to take off you next week." Then like she forgot they were Shrunken she said to them, "You have to talk to them like idiots, you understand. They are just Shrunken after all."

"We are just." Josie started.

Milly interrupted, "No, you're my little girls. And are not to call yourselves the S word to me again." The giantess kissed Josie's head. Then Karla found a sweet kiss on her head. This made Karla feel guilty for their naughty behavior last night.

Karla's stomach growled and she was reminded she hadn't eaten yet, "Ah, Milly?"

"Yes Karla?" she responded.

"I'm hungry." Karla advised.

"Me too." Josie added.

"Right, sorry. I'll grab you some food and coffee once I get this stuff downstairs." she stated grabbing plastic bins full of clothes.

"How do you keep track of whose Shrunken clothes is whose?" Karla wondered.

"We have four laundry bags for Shrunken clothes. My males' clothes go in one. Howard and my females' clothes go in another. Mike's Shrunken gets a bag. And yours get a bag. I let the Shrunken short out whose clothes are who's once they are done being cleaned. I have been shorting and hanging yours with Josie's help." She explained.

"You could just leave them for me to hang up." Karla suggested.

"Somewhere I got the idea that hanging clothes away properly wasn't a habit you had picked up." Milly teased. Karla hoped Josie could feel the daggers being stared at her through Milly's slender neck.

As they walked through the kitchen Micheal asked from the dining room, "We are done guy talk, can I have them back now?"

"No, it's a girls day. They are going to keep me company doing you boy's laundry while you two head over and help the Howells unpack more and move things about." Milly said firmly.

"But Karla, " Micheal started.

"Is mine for the day, hurry up. Pat has all that stuff for his workshop to move about. I spent the week helping them pack. Help our friends unpack for a day." Milly noted.

"Yeah, OK." Micheal whimpered.

Karla felt bad she wouldn't get to spend the day with Micheal. However, a quiet day with Milly would be nice before a long trip. They went down to the part of the workshop that held the washer and dryer. Back up to the kitchen and the guys were already gone over to the Howells.

Milly handed them both a oat circle, a nibble for a human, a bagel sized breakfast for them. Little mugs with coffee. The towering woman looks about and sighs, "I've let the house work go a little this week."

"You have been busy helping the Howells." Josie tried to ease the woman's guilt.

"Yeah, but I still should have swept and dusted. I'll be right back." And Milly got up and left.

Karla tilted her head, "I wonder where she's going?"

"I don't know. She doesn't usually leave us like this without a reason." Josie advised.

They sat cuddled together happily eating their breakfast oat ring and sipping their coffee. Then Milly reappeared in a different shirt. She went over to the coffee maker and was working on something. Then appeared with tiny travel mugs. "Are you two done with breakfast?" she cheerfully asked.

"Yes, why?" Karla was wondering why the change of mugs for sitting on a table.

"Great." Milly happily noted as she reached for them. Karla felt herself being lifted and turned. Slipped into a breast pocket with Josie. A button was latched pulling the outer material tight to their chests. "Here you go." Milly offered them each a travel mug.

Karla soon learned the point of the change of venue. Milly started dusting and they traveled with her through the house leaving her hands free and keeping the giantess from worrying about them falling off her shoulders.

It was a warm spot to ride. Karla laid back along Milly's perky little breast to find it a very comfortable resting place. This must have been something her and Josie did often as Milly would note something like needing to buy more wipes and Josie would note it on her watch and advised, "Got it." The whole time the button held them safely in. Even when Milly would lean over to grab something. The hardest thing was not spilling coffee as she moved about.

Just as Karla noticed her own belly rumbling Milly spoke out, "Huh, lunch time."

Into the kitchen she started. When she found time to get the stockpile of bread, cold meats and cheeses Karla didn't know. As Milly slapped together sandwiches she poured a big pot full of tomato soup. Clearly this buffet wasn't for the three of them.

Sandwiches into a large cooler bag with a strap, she carefully carried the big pot. Stopping to grab a light jacket, she stepped into the back yard. Karla marveled at how they didn't spend much time out here. Nice porch and a beautiful large backyard with a couple trees showing fall colors. It would be a lovely spot to just relax.

Then the breeze touched her. So cold she thought as she hunkered down into the giant pocket. "Oh sorry girls, I was hoping my body heat would protect you from the mild chill." Milly advised as she went to the gate between yards. To her credit, her body heat did protect them, as long as they were under the pocket material.

She rings the back door bell. Shortly Tanya appears, "Oh Milly, you didn't have to make us lunch. We were about to order pizza."

"So you don't want the sandwiches and tomato soup?" Milly asks, lifting the big pot.

"Hush you, today is a sandwich and tomato soup type of day. Get in here." Tanya casts such talk away. She steps into the stairwell and bellows, "Lunch folks!" Smiling at Milly saying, "We'll see who comes then send them back up to fetch the others."

Sandy pops out of the stairwell first. "Get the boys." Tanya requests as soon as she appears.

"OK Mama." she jollily accepts and blots back up the stairs.

Soon the dining room is a barrage of conversations. Karla was happily claimed temporarily by her Micheal. He was distracted by talking playset ideas with Pat. Josie, Tanya, and Milly were on about some book or possibly books they had all read at some point. Sandy and Howard had their own conversation going on. But for Karla munching on a cherry flavored pellet it was just a warm hum of friends voices.

After lunch, despite Micheal's whimpering, Karla and Josie returned with Milly to ride in her pocket while she attended the house work. Josie snuggled close and the swaying motion of Milly's giant body made Karla dozy. The mattress of the giantess' breast and she couldn't resist the nap seeping into her body.

Karla awoke to find Milly reading. She soon realized what woke her. A handsome naked Shrunken male mumbling eroticly to himself as he hung from Milly's lovely massive lips. Karla was surprised Milly let him say what he was saying. She would have thought him saying, "Hmm yeah, suck my cock you giant bitch." She thought Milly maybe didn't hear him. Then he panted hard and she snickered mockingly, clearly she liked playing with him.

Milly looked down and saw her smirking. She pulled the aroused male out like a cigar. He growled, "Why'd you stop bitch?" Milly looked amused at the complaining male and lightly flicked his erection, making him moan into pain in reaction.

"Sorry, he's fun to play with, but too dumb to learn his place. Laundry is done, You should pack for your trip now." Milly happily suggested.

"OK, let's." Karla agreed. Hoping packing now would get her some extra time with her Micheal later.

Milly lifts the male trapped between her fingers asking, "You mind if I?"

Karla snickered, "Sure." The male seemed to appreciate that as Milly shoved him back into her massive mouth. Making him sing in pleasure again. Looks like Milly had planned on reading for a while as she grabbed a tub of Shrunken males.

Up to Micheal's apartment and to her cage. Josie awoke as Karla was being slipped out of Milly's pocket. "I didn't put anything away yet. Hope that helps." Milly advised before popping the man back into her oral heaven.

"Some, I don't plan on wearing anything too skimpy or tight." Karla advised going to her giant closet.

Milly hooked her fingers along the male and showed no care about his pleasure as she pulled him away from her massive massaging tongue to speak, "Good luck with that Curves. I've tried to order you more business like clothes remember. Clothes for Shrunken your shape just come in either tight or skimpy."

"I thought we're not Shrunken, but your little girls." Karla teased back.

Milly didn't remove the male, just spoke around him like he was just a living cigar, "To me you are. To clothes makers your Shrunken. I can only order from what's available."

"I should talk to Jenna, maybe she could convince her dad to design more reasonable outfits." Karla said looking at one of her business suits.

"Who?" Milly asked. Something about how she spoke around the gasping male made Karla think of gangsters from old movies.

"Oh, Doctor, what was her last name, Murphy. The girl with the purple hair on Micheal's team." Karla explained.

"Oh right. Jenna. Sorry, forgot her somehow." Milly got out just before the male clearly finished. Her lips pressed tightly and the lovely MILF hummed as she sucked on the male to swallow his release.

Milly pulled him out and held him by his shoulders while her other hand milled the other males about like she was looking for a ripper sample. Grabbing a fit young Latino male she placed the spent toy in and smiled at the young treat. Giving his limp fair sized penis a playful lick before raising him up to slowly lower him halfway in between those succulent thin pink lips. His sounds quickly went from worried to aroused.

"Do you enjoy doing that?" Karla asked, watching the pretty giantess basically suck off another guy.

Pulling the young male out she shrugged, "Yeah kind of. I like the rush of power and dominance I have over them. I mean look, a few licks and this tender one is already ready to entertain my tongue." She practically sucked the male back in between her lips.

It was distracting having Milly leaned close to the cage as the male hugged by her sweet lips gasped and grunted. Karla could see from Milly's mouth movements that her tongue was giving that lucky boy the cock licking of his life. Milly's pink lips shifted and the guy then really panted oh sounds. Then like that a long ahhh of pleasure and then a grunt as giantess lips squeezed his sides and to swallow his release and not him.

Milly slipped the spent plaything out and used his exhausted body to point, "Oh the light gray one with the salmon blouse. You'll look gorgeous in that."

"Milly, I think Karla's more looking for business like." Josie said. Karla was surprised, as the Red head sounded like she was attempting to not laugh at Milly's oral fun.

The MILF goddess exchanges the young lollipop for one older than Karla. He was a very muscled sample. Karla could see where he might think he could struggle out of those giant piano fingers. Milly simply pulled his arms back and pinned his strong legs together. She noted as her dexterous tongue teased his lifting manhood, "Sorry Josie, I think the best she's got is business gorgeous." Then she wrapped her puckered lips around his manhood and made little popping kisses around it.

Karla looked at Josie, "Aren't you bothered by that?"

Josie looked at Karla, "Oh, no she does that all the time. I've just gotten used to it."

"I can't believe I have to tell you you should lighten up Karla." Milly snickered then licked the tip of her tongue under the male's balls and up his shaft. Basically juggling its manhood with each lap.

Josie then said something that was maddening, "Karla's just getting aroused watching you dominate them. She gets off watching human's play with Shrunken."

"Josie, how dare you say such things." Karla snapped.

"Karla, where are your hands?" Josie said in a smarter than you tone.

And much to Karla's dismay, her friend was likely right. One hand was massaging her inner thigh while another was rubbing her breast. "That's not. I mean. Well I need to pack." Karla whimpered.

That made Milly and Josie both laugh hard. As Milly started to catch herself she offered, "I can put them away if it's that distracting." Now Karla snickered as the formerly struggling buff male whimpered at possibly losing his titanness oral play.

"No, go ahead. I just have to focus on my task." Karla surrendered.

"Look, I know Josie will say no. But if you want, you could borrow one. I'll make sure he looks after your needs. I don't have that sweet one you borrowed the other day. But I must have one that you'll find appealing." Milly offered.

"No, thank you. If Micheal caught me, he'd be so mad." Karla advised.

"I suppose." Milly said with a sigh. "Maybe after you get back you can be my little shoulder devil as I play with some Shrunken. We could do full male playthings. Or even a little co-ed action." Milly offered then flicked her burly toy's penis.

Karla looked at Josie, and to her surprise, her red haired dream was clearly into the idea of being bad influences for Milly's fun. "Yeah, maybe." Was all Karla could say.

Karla went back to packing. Highly distracted by Milly's game. The male she held was rippling with muscles. If he was still human he would likely tower over even tall leggy Milly. His broad frame would have easily overpower her. But now as a Shrunken he was struggling intensely and not even budging Milly's elegant nimble fingers holding him.

Now, as if to show her dominance of her strapping plaything, Milly's index finger on her free hand was pressed to the male's tip and making it make little circles. Occasionally stroking along his length and snickering mockingly. Anytime he made a sound of any complaint Milly padded his sprawling chest and tauntingly commanded in a sexy whisper, "Shhh, or your goddess will punish you my naughty little man." And the man would surrender to the towering lovely giantess.

Karla wondered where Milly captured her plaything. Was he one of the Lumberjacks from the competition her and the other girls collected from. Or was he from other port. How he went from intimidating burly man to the sex toy of a slender dirty blonde woman?

Milly licked her lovely soft pink lips and smiled, making the restrained bodybuilder gasp. Slowly the titaness brought her treat to those soft lips. The towering giantess made amused sounds as those lips kissed round the mini erection. Massaging it in those sensual lips. The trapped male clearly enjoyed the sensations her kiss was causing. Having that lovely billboard sized face so close had to add to the appeal. Intimate close to such beautiful features. Milly leaned back slightly and out slinked her tongue. The tip massaged up and down his stiffened length. The male gasped harder and harder, growing fast to his climax.

Milly withdrew her tongue and the male begged that lovely MILF giantess to satisfy his urges. Milly slapped his chest with her free index, chastising him sternly, "Bad little squirmers don't get rewards. Now stop your whining, my delightfully strapping plaything, your goddess' entertainment is distracted by that."

Milly went back to fidget playing with his manhood like she was just keeping her hands distracted. "Oh Karla, what does that navy one in the back look like?" the giantess asked. Karla smiled as she realized Milly was doing just enough attention to her toy's cock to keep it hard while not enough to get him to release.

Karla brought out the suggested suit and looked it over. Yeah, it was actually one of several sexy teacher selections Micheal bought her after one morning's play. It would be tight and the skirt short, but that was like most of her other choices so she added it anyway. Typing a reminder note for when she got home to have another field trip to Mount Micheal when she got back from her trip.

Karla was startled slightly as a loud gasping came from above her. Milly's lips suckled at the male's mid-selection. It was clearly a delightful sensation for the male as his head leaned back and looked like his eyes were rolled back into his head. Milly released her puckered hold and slapped the male's chest making a slight tapping sound telling him tauntingly, "Shhh, or no more goddess kisses." Only to kiss back around the male's genitals. And he clearly struggled attempting to endure the rapture of a giantess blowjob. He failed and began moaning a grunting sound. Milly released again and grumbled, "Bad boy, goddess will enjoy punishing you later." Gaining rambling begging like a kid begging for a toy at the store from a man rippling with muscles.

She dropped that male away to pull out a handsome male about Karla's age. Dark haired and track athlete toned form. Back to taunting with her finger, rolling this new toy's endowment. Stroking the tip of her finger along it and amusingly giggled as it had her desired results. Though he seemed to like Milly's sweet lips massaging his erection as much as the ripped plaything, this one knew quiet would keep him her little distraction.

Karla was aroused by Milly's actions. Not so much by the attractiveness of the distraction. More by the clear display of Milly's power. For the male this was an intensely pleasurable interaction being thrust upon him. For Milly it was closer to distracted doodling while on the phone. As if to display how little the titaness cared about her distraction’s enjoyment Milly pulled him back to just resting his cock on her supple lip. She then noted, "Oh, your gray pants suit you wore the other day should be in your clean laundry. At least it is a little less showy." The whole statement the penis bounced off her pink soft bottom lip. From his grunts however, not every landing of his manhood was as soft as her lips.

"Thank." Karla responded, attempting to hide her amusement. Seeing Josie hiding her smirk with her hand.

"Your welcome." Milly said clearly not noticing either of their entertainment. She then kissed the poor erection better with smoothing lips stroking.

"Oh there you are." Micheal announced his presence. Then he stopped at the doorway and complained, "Oh mom, are you playing with males in my room?"

"Not really. I'm just distracting my hands while I help Karla pack for her trip." Milly said like this was a normal way to fidget.

"None of them messed in my room did they?" Micheal asked, looking disturbed.

"No, none messed in your room." Milly said with an eye roll.

"I can't believe you brought males into my room." he huffed.

Milly smirked and tilted her head. Then rhetorically questioned, "Who was that boy that went on and on before our trip about looking forward to owning some male Shrunken so he would have Shrunken to play Battle Jumpers and Treasures and Towers with? Said he wanted to have them attended to by his caught females? Mikey, do you remember who that was?"

"MOM!" Micheal growled. "That was before."

Milly snickered at his annoyance, "Relax, I'm just teasing. But, before a certain lovely tan skinned lady you were all about collecting pets to play boy stuff with."

"I remember." Now Karla's towering lad was pouting.

Milly decided to stop picking on her son and suggested, "You want to help Karla pack?"

"Yeah, but first, dad was wondering what is for supper?" Micheal replied.

"I hadn't decided. Why?" Milly questioned back.

"Well, so he can tell Pat since he told them they could join us for supper." Micheal explained.

Milly sighed hard with an annoyed yet accepting, "That man." She looked at Micheal and noted, "Guess I better put my toys away and hope I can cobble something together. Oh, coil fries. You want coil fries and hotdogs?"

"Yeah, that would be great." Micheal agreed.

"You wouldn't mind helping me would you?" Milly inquired.

"But I wanted to help Karla pack." Micheal complained.

Karla waved her arms to gain their attention, "Yes Karla?" Micheal noted he noticed.

"As much as I would like to spend time with you. But I'm almost done packing. It'll just be a little longer with Josie's help. You should help your mom." She suggested.

"But I want to spend time with you before you go on your trip." Micheal confessed.

"I do too, but your mom shouldn't have to suddenly make supper for six by herself." Karla surrendered.

"Right, OK. But once you're done text me to come get you two." Micheal commanded.

"We will." Josie agreed.

The humans left Josie noted with a caring sigh, "He's going to be a mess while you're gone."

"I'm also going to be a bit of a mess as well without him." Karla confessed.

Josie slinked along her and hugged tight, "Only without him?" she teased.

Karla kissed those pillowy lips and admitted, "I've been missing you just with you having sleepovers with Sandy."

Josie nuzzled along her neck and hummed, "As much as I like spending time with her. I missed you greatly. But on the upside, I'll be getting all the Micheal affection. So this could have an upside I guess."

Karla playfully pushed her lover back teasing, "You're counting the minutes to have Micheal to yourself aren't you?"

Josie poked back at her teasing, "Oh like you don't get all curvy when you have a minute alone with him."

"That’s because I'm his first Shrunken, I'm supposed to be good for our sweet owner." Karla countered while grabbing at Josie's hands in mock fight style.

Josie grabbed at her wrists agreeing to the horse play, "Maybe he'll enjoy a new top Shrunken. First doesn't mean best."

Karla caught her friend's own wrists and tugged her towards the bed, "Oh and you think you can take my place?"

Josie shifted her feet and gained leverage, suddenly pushing Karla backwards. "Oh do you think no one can topple you as queen of his dick?"

Karla verbally responded strongly in their play despite her unable to stop from falling over backward, "I am the queen of that Behemoth, any Shrunken thinking they can take my throne will learn why I ride on top while they go under it."

"I ride on top of it to remember. Like I'm on top of you now." Josie teased straddling Karla's stomach.

Karla planted a foot and started to flip them cheering, "Oh, who's on top now."

Only for that nimble Red haired minx to shift her weight and roll them back to the status quo. "I am bitch." Josie said giggling.

Karla was about to attempt rolling on top of that short curvy beauty when a thud made them jump. Then they looked at where the sound came from. Her suitcase couldn't handle the play fight and fell from the corner of the bed. "Guess that's my fault." Josie said in amusement.

Karla liked that as she replied Josie lay tightly over her body. "Well, you did pick this fight."

Josie's lips were tantalizingly close, brushing Karla's own as she suggested, "Well I guess I should see if we can kiss and make up." Lips parted slightly and they lovingly kissed. Bodies cuddled tight as they each stroked a hand over the other's ass and savored the connected thigh.

Josie lifted and ran her other hand through Karla's hair, "I'm so going to miss you next week."

Karla played in those thick crimson locks as she purred affectionately, "I already miss you."

Josie softly made little kisses at Karla's lips as she sighed, "I don't think we have time to discuss this more intimately."

"No, Micheal will be looking for us soon." Karla agreed, returning soft kisses to that freckled lovely face. As focused as she was she had to ask, "You will look after him while I'm away please."

"Of course. He's my Special Micheal too." Josie reminded Karla as she slipped her mouth down to nibble along Karla's neck.

"Thank you my Special Josie." Karla cooed, pulling her lady love tighter to her body.

Josie sighed and asked, "Should I get up and help you finish packing or keep this snuggling up?"

Karla pointed out, "The sooner we finish the more time we'll have with Micheal."

Josie rose and teasingly stated, "You're such a simp for him."

"And you don't want to spend time with him?" Karla countered.

Josie got up and walked towards the fallen suitcase in a very appealing way saying, "Remember, I have all week with him."

"Yet, there you are picking up my suitcase to get us finished sooner." Karla teased getting off the bed.

"It's just that I'm nice. I know you want to spend time with him before you have to go to bed. I'm just being a good girlfriend." Josie countered.

Karla's heart fluttered, "Did you just call me your girlfriend?"

Josie blushed, clearly unaware she had said that till it was pointed out. "Well, are we, you know. Partners?"

Karla hugged Josie tightly, "Yes, but I like girlfriends better." Then she kissed her lady love.

Josie wiggled happily and sighed warmly, "Well girlfriend, pick out the rest of what you'll need so we can get to where we want to be."

They finished going through her clothes and picking out outfits. Karla had to pack two suitcases and a travel bag just to have enough clothes for the week. Including a few extra just in case outfits. As she finished Josie texted Micheal.

He came and collected them. Down to watch as he used a strange bladed device that he spun that made a spiral cut of a potato explained what Milly had meant by spiral fries. She cooked the potato spirals in an airfryer.

Dinner was much like any joint family Karla had ever experienced. Pat and Howard chatted about sports, mainly hockey. Milly and Tanya discussed some local politician and their thoughts on his position on a topic. Micheal and Sandy discussed Battle Jumpers, he was giving the Red Haired pixie like girl tips about the game. It made sense tonight was when they got together with the others to play after all.

Though the sad knowledge that she would be separate from him next week was clearly in his mind as Karla savored repeated strokes down her back as Micheal ate and chatted. His face clearly showed he didn't want to be away from his favorite Shrunken. But he understood that this was what he agreed too when he allowed her to be rented by Jeff.

Dinner finished, the men went to the kitchen to wash the few dishes while the ladies started setting up for them to play a few hands of cards. Micheal, such a sweet boy, offered to his friend, "Did you want to stay here to join Karla, Josie, and I while we play Battle Jumpers?"

Sandy looked like this was something she wanted. But she looked at Karla and noted, "I don't want to be in the way when Karla has to go to bed. Maybe next week?"

"Yeah, that sounds good. See you in the game." Micheal accepted.

"Yep." Sandy replied. She then noted to Karla, "Hope you have a good trip."

"I likely will." Karla reassured her towering friend.

"K," Sandy said. Bent over and hugged Josie to her face, "Have a good night Big Sister."

Josie hugged at the large face replying, "Good night Little Sister."

Micheal brought Karla and Josie up to his room. Setting up as they had every other time. Karla considered requesting her Jumper costume, but decided against it as the end results she would have been looking for she wouldn't have time for this evening.

Soon their friends and their selected Shrunken joined them in the game. Battles began, training them for the next Cruise and the hopes to gain another ticket to have the Watts join them for another one after that. Though Karla still thought a Jumper cockpit styled controller for Shrunken pilots would be better than the handheld ones her and the other Shrunken were using.

After a few hours there was a knock at Micheal's door. "Yes?" Micheal called out.

The door opened and Howard came in. "I'm headed to bed now. I know it's early, but I suggest Karla does the same. She should sleep in the guest room cage so I don't wake you in the morning when I come to get her."

Micheal gave a sad sigh and replied, "Yes dad. I'll take her there after we finish this last battle."

"Now, be good for your mother while I'm away." Howard requested.

"I will," Micheal agreed. "Please take good care of Karla."

"Of course. Speaking of, can I borrow her case so she doesn't have to be carried in my travel bag like a Shrunken." Howard asked.

"I'll put it in the guest room with her." Micheal answered.

"OK, night." Howard said.

"Night." Micheal said.

They finished one more battle. "Night all, Karla has to go to bed now."

"Are you coming back after you put her to bed?" Chrissy asked.

"Likely, just be away for a few though." Micheal replied.

"I'm going to log off now. My body is still on East Coast time. Night guys." Chris added.

"Can we talk a bit before you go?" Sandy asked.

"I was hoping so." Chris replied to her.

"OK, be right back." Micheal announced.

"Night all." Karla slipped in.

"Night Karla, have a safe trip." Chris wished.

"Can't wait till you get back." Sandy confessed.

"See you in a few days." Chrissy advised.

"Thanks guys." Karla told her friends before logging off.

Micheal scooped her off the couch and then grabbed her tablet. Karla was then slipped onto her usual throne. He grabbed Josie and placed her on his other shoulder while he headed to the bedroom. "I'll need to grab pajamas for tonight." Karla noted.

"I got your bags." Micheal said as she went and grabbed clothes for the night. He gathers her again. Now however he keeps her in his palm, close to his face. Nuzzling her with his handsome face. Karla arches into the snuggles with open arms.

In the guest room Karla is placed by the cage while he places her bags and pajamas inside. He pulls out one of the blankets she had bought for his other pets and places it nicely upon the dresser top. Karla was confused, "What's that for?"

"I want to kiss you good night and safe trip." He explains as his hand wraps her. He places Josie down on the dresser.

Karla felt his fingers wrap her waist and her sweat pants have little chance against that titan teen's strength. The panties underneath are claimed at the same time. Karla loved when her Micheal showed his tender dominance. She gains a rush as he reaches over her head and just peels her comfy sweater from her. Karla is aroused by his restraint. He could tear her clothes from her helpless body, let he stripped her with delicate actions. Her bra pops and she almost squeals. That handsome giant somehow unhooked it with the fingers she was leaning on.

He lays her out on the silky coated blanket. Pinned down by giant fingers, his thumbs hook her legs and lift and spread them wide. His lips pucker and press together as he lowers his face between her legs. Pinned down by his face she arches and gasps as that tongue makes her womanhood open like a blossoming flower and tastes firm and deep with each loving lick.

Karla still didn't understand the blanket. Why didn't he just hold her in his palm and suckle her pussy. Or, strangely appealing to her, just have her dangle like a freshly caught little mouth in a giant cat's hungry mouth.

Then, lowering into her view was a gorgeous freckled face. Full pillowy lips zealously began kissing Karla's panting mouth. Hands play in Karla's hair, then Josie leans further and Karla's nipple sings in delight as those soft full lips suckle it. Karla finds Josie's satin smooth firm mounds are right above her own mouth. She greedily sucks on Josie's own alert nipple.

Karla has to let go of Josie's mound as Micheal's powerful hands begin admiring her little legs. Then as she is attempting to kiss the tantalizing nipple again, that giant boy made her stretch and moan. He had begun humming hard right into her stimulated womanhood.

As she looked to get air back into her lungs she found those full lips loving her mouth again. Karla ignores the lack of air in her lungs and focuses on access to Josie's mouth. Hands fondle Karla's breasts. Karla admires Josie's curvy form with her own hands. Attempting to pull Josie up further to give her some Special Kisses of her own. But the Redhead resists.

Josie's hands move from massaging the tops of Karla's breasts. She barely has time to wonder why as titan teen fingers pin her tits and roll them. Karla has no way to resist such power fondling her and she loves it. Josie's hand grabs the back of her head and poses her head to her lady love's preference. The other reaches between Micheal's giant digits and wraps and massages around Karla's mounds.

There she was sandwiched between her lovers. Giant handsome Micheal pinning her with his mouth and a couple of fingers. Breasts kneaded like toys. The shape of her legs stroked and massaged by his thumbs. Electric, her pussy bursts as that colossal tongue pleasures it all over with each stroke it's tip.

Beautiful Pixy sized Josie stroked her enthralled face with those soft hands. Mouths work at each other with sweet kisses. Their own tongues savor curling and wrapping together. Karla is the focus of their joint affection and can't resist announcing how wonderful they are making her feel.

They don't stop. Micheal lifts a finger and strokes Karla's stomach. Josie wraps pillowy soft lips over the exposed nipple and massages it. Her hands admire Karla's torso greedily. Karla finds those freckled mounds stroking her face yet can't orally savor either as their attentions are making breathing hard.

Karla swears revenge for this delightful attack her two loves are making on her body. Someday she will make both experience that horrible pleasure they are greedily giving her. She didn't know how or when. Or if she would use one against the other as they have teamed up on her. Just they both will have to face her loving wrath and lay there suffering her lustful vengeance.

Now all she could do was endure their devoted passions. Karla couldn't even speak, just moaning in a lustful climax. Afterward surrender happily to being helpless to resist Micheal's orally stimulating her. Restraining her with mere touches. And with that, she was exposed to Josie's wonderful touches and kisses. Those warm padded lips suckling her nipple or her lips. Hands keenly focused on ways to delight Karla's body.

Over and over Karla explodes in orgasm. Soon she can't even think. She lays out under them, too weak to even attempt to touch them back.

Light shines, Josie sweetly strokes her sweat wet hair. Josie places one more kiss on her forehead. Then says in a soft tone, "Have a good trip."

Josie moves, and Micheal leans down. Warm giant lips cover all of Karla's face. "I'm going to miss you, my Special Karla."

Feebly she kisses him back. "I'll miss you too, my Special Micheal."

She feels herself lifted by that blanket. Onto the cages awful block of foam bed. Micheal folds the blanket over her sexually excused body. The cage top pings as Micheal closes it. Then the room light goes dark.

Karla thinks about getting up. Freshening up properly for bed. Getting the night's pajamas on her tired naked form. She's too weak from Micheal's and Josie's affections. She manages to tap her watch alarm for the morning.

She briefly worries about falling to sleep. The cage supplied bed wasn't nearly as comfortable as her usual warm titan's chest bed. Or even her own cage's plush mattress. Even the empty human sized bed across the way was nicer than this non-squishy block. However it is only a passing worry. As she shifts the pillow to hug in place of her curvy lady love and lets her breath settle. Then, Karla passes out.

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CH 33A: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 33A

Karla's alarm goes off and she shuts it off. Standing she finds her legs are still a little weak from Micheal and Josie's kisses goodbye last night. Then she stretches and curses the cage's awful bed. Stiff from it's poor comfort as staggers to the shower.

Fine shampoo and other cleaners are nice to find there. She wonders if Milly supplied them for her or if they were always there. She also missed her usual shower as this one was like trying to shower under the spurts of a giant squirt gun. It takes time but she manages.

Dressed in a skirted suit she finishes freshening up with her pampered pet supplied items and not the disposable lesser Shrunken items held in this cage. Then she makes sure everything is packed back so she won't have to use any hotel's Shrunken supplies.

Howard texts, "You should get up now. Let me know when you're ready."

"I'm up and ready." She notes back.

The man appears and Karla's eyes react to the ceiling light bursting on. The cage lamps worked well, but that was like the sun suddenly appeared. "Gabriel says they'll have breakfast for us on the plane. He's on his way to drive us to the airport." he explains as he grabs her bags and offers her a palm to climb into.

"I'm surprised I'm allowed to travel in that case." Karla confessed as Howard lifted her toward the little pocket device.

"According to Gabriel we'll be traveling by private means. So no worry about non-Company seeing us in terminals and things." Howard answered slipping her into the mirror windowed seat box. He looked down at her, "I have the ear piece in and it has fresh batteries. So we can talk."

"Thanks Howard." she replied. Then the lid closed. Karla watched as Howard opened what looked like a small travel bag. Beside his tooth brush and razor case were eight tubes, each with a pretty Shrunken female. Howard clearly liked his co-ed age playthings. It looked like a bus of cheerleaders would experience a middle aged giant later. Karla was amused by their scared little faces. Beside them in a separate pocket went all her little luggage.

He walked down stairs and waited by the front window. Looking at his watch a few times. "Nervous about travel?" Karla asked through the connected radio.

He just replied aloud, "Some, but I’m more nervous about how we are traveling. I expected to be on Company only planes and things. But something about how Gabriel told me we would be traveling via private means has me uncomfortable. It wouldn't be beyond him to arrange special travel as a way to show off."

"Why would he want to show off to you?" Karla asked hoping he just hadn't consider that.

But, he had, "It wouldn't be for me. It would be to show Milly the things he could do for her. See, Howard needed me to travel around in style. Wouldn't you like to travel in style too Milly?"

"Is it beyond your own status to travel privately if you wanted?" Karla asked.

She felt his towering form shrug and he noted, "No, technically. I'm just not comfortable being fancy like that for myself."

"And, since Milly would know that. If she wanted to travel all fancy like that wouldn't she just ask you for that." Karla advised.

She felt him laugh slightly and agree verbally, "I suppose she would. Thanks Karla, you're a great help."

"That's what good little girls do for their big strong daddy." Karla cheered.

He shuttered and requested, "Yeah true, just don't say it like that to me again please."

"Understood." Karla replied.

A limo pulled up in front of the house and Howard huffed, "Couldn't just be a fancy car. No, had to be a limo." He grabbed his suitcases and stepped outside. Making sure the front door was locked behind him. At the car a big man took the bags and took them to the trunk while a young woman opened the door for him.

He slipped inside and there was Mr. Jacobs. "Morning Howard. How are you feeling today?"

"Tired. But I have to start early if I'm going to inspect three locations a day." Howard said, failing to hide his annoyed tone.

"Look, I asked to drive you and Karla to the airport so we could chat privately." Mr. Jacobs stated. Karla was a little surprised she warranted mention.

"Really, about what?" Howard's tone switched to curious.

"Well, about why you suddenly have your travel so looked after this week." Mr. Jacobs answered.

"I was wondering about that." Howard admitted.

Mr. Jacobs looked nervous. Then asked, "Do you know who Randel Walker is?"

"Come on Gabriel, I'm not some new Yellow. Of course I know who Randel Walker is." Howard replied.

"I don't." Karla pointed out.

Howard snickered, "Karla doesn't. You look like you have a speech planned. Guess for her, you can give it."

"Alright." Mr. Jacobs said, clearly preparing himself. "Well, Randel Walker is the CEO of Walker Pellets. They are the largest makers of Shrunken and other pet pellets in the Company. They also make the Randy Ranch pellets. Also he has a keen nose for investments and a mind of business. He is likely the richest man in the Company. With pull and influence few others have. It has been suggested only Board Members have more pull."

"And he wants access to my teleporters?" Howard stated more than asked.

"More, you might not realize this, but he is one of your major investors already. He's been spending his own influence to help Dr. Grant's factory. No, he wants you both to join under his umbrella. He's started an advertising department under some nobody named Trevor Scribe. He wants you both to use that new department. If my resources are correct he's looking for a partnership like agreement between the three of you." Mr. Jacobs explained.

Howard stiffened up, "So, should we be open to this partnership?"

"Up to you and Dr. Grant. He'll not likely stop his investment. He's not that type of vindictive. I strongly advise not insulting him and his. We are dealing with an incident from the Cruise you were on caused by that. I advise not dealing with Gao investments for the next little while." Mr. Jacobs advised.

"Then what?" Howard asked.

"I would suggest when you have your meeting with him on Saturday that you and Dr. Grant listen to what he offers. I would suggest you to be open to the ideas unless they are ridiculous. His minus touch is usually on point. It'll also be a good idea to thank him for arranging your travel. Since he's asked for the liaison to be there I have arranged for Karla to be made Full sized that day. Don't tell him she a Shrunken unless he directly asks." Mr. Jacobs gave his suggestion.

"But, I'm supposed to be home Friday night." Howard pointed out.

"Not anymore. It was the only day he had. It's just one more day for what might be a great boost to your little travel branch." Mr. Jacobs pointed out.

"So, I'm at his beck and call?" Howard countered.

"Not really. He just has things through the week. Don't hold that against him. Be thankful for the help getting to the inspections and be open to his suggestions." Mr. Jacobs pushed his point again.

"Why does he want Karla there?" She was glad Howard asked that. As she wanted to know. Scared to meet such a powerful man.

"I don't know. He'll have his top lawyer and that Mr. Scribe with him. Maybe he wants you to feel like you have even numbers in the meeting. Or he might suggest she be the point of contact for his new advertising branch. Randy isn't a simple man to explain." Mr. Jacobs replied.

Howard sighed. "Anything else?"

"Do not refuse things in an attempt to feel less indebted to him. He's already expecting you to accept all his generosity during this trip. He'll be a little put out if you turn your nose up at it. But also, be yourself. If it's something your not comfortable with, turn it down." Jacobs answered.

Howard said what Karla was thinking, "Well, that cleared a little up."

"Honestly, from dealing with Randy, I'm sure you'll be fine as long as you act like yourself." Jacobs noted.

"Straight up Gabriel, if you were me would you accept his offer?" Howard demanded.

"If what I've been able to learn is true, then yes. It will be a big boost within the Company for your new, and far as many will view it, untested travel method. Randy's backing will make it look as safe as you've worked to make it. Dr. Grant's breeding plans has been backed by forces on high. But a trusted name like Walker Pellets will make the lower levels view his products as high end status symbols. You're status will be raised." Mr. Jacobs responded.

"I'm a Red Gabriel, that's as high as I can go in the Company." Howard pointed out.

"As a title, yes. As money, power, and pull. No, trust me. Look, I know you have your issues with me. If you want more information I suggest you talk to Mr. Howell. He and Randy have been friends for years." Mr. Jacobs suggested.

"OK, I will." Howard flatly agreed.

They stopped and Mr. Jacobs stated, "I hope you two have a good trip."

"Thanks Gabriel. And thanks for the drive and advice." Howard replied.

"Your Welcome." was said as Howard stepped out.

There, right beside the limo was a shiny private plane. Karla thought it was a bit big to fly one man. Inside a lovely young blonde woman smiled and purred, "Morning Dr. Miller, I'm Loren. I'll be looking after your needs on today's flights. Anything you want, just ask. Mr. Walker wants me to make sure you enjoy your trip."

"Thank you Loren. Where should I sit?" Howard asked.

"Anywhere you like. This flight is for your convenience." She cooed.

Howard picked a plush seat beside a small table. He placed his travel bag down and carefully positioned Karla to be able to look out the window. The top opened and his finger was there with a Shrunken sized square of gum, "Here, for the air pressure."

"Thanks Howard." Karla radioed as she took the little gum.

Karla felt a rush as the pilot advised, "Greetings Dr. Miller. This is your Captain speaking, Martin Grey. I hope you enjoy your flight." He rambled on planned flight speeds and heights. Karla lost track as the plane was moving. Howard's Teleporting would make travel easier, but flying just had a thrilling effect on Karla. The plane broke from gravity and Karla's heart raced as the ground fell away.

They reached their cruising height and the pretty private stewardess came over, "Would you like your breakfast now Dr. Miller?"

"Yes, please." He replied. And she wiggled towards the back.

Howard grabbed the case and Karla was offered help out. The giant placed her on the table. "Well, what do you think?"

Karla shrugged. "Not knowing much about this Mr. Walker. I suggest you call Pat and ask him."

"Yeah, I will. Later. I'm just so much more uncomfortable with this fancy travel now." He sighed.

"That makes sense. It does feel like he's showing off to get you're acceptance of his offer. Whatever that will be." Karla noted.

"Oh, Dr. Miller. If you're planning on playing with your Shrunken the bathroom is quite stocked for that. I can show you all its amenities." the young woman offered.

"Oh no, this is Karla. She is my son's Shrunken. She's actually like my little secretary not a usual Shrunken." Howard explained.

"Oh, she is a pretty one." The woman noted. Then with a wink she added, "Are you sure you don't give her some under the desk duties?"

Howard laughed slightly and replied, "Not if I want my son to not kill me in my sleep I don't."

"Shame. Anyway, the chef will have your breakfast ready in about a minute." the woman announced.

"You're not just reheating it?" Howard asked.

"Oh no, Mr. Walker wants his special guest fully taken care of." the chipper Stewardess explained.

"Well, I will have to thank him." Howard replied politely.

"I'll be back." she advised and wiggled away.

"Huh, well at least I'll be spoiled a little I guess." Howard noted.

"Couldn't you, if you wanted to be, get spoiled with staff and things at home." Karla teased.

"Yes, but then I'd have to track pay and things. I'd rather just do my own dishes." Howard joked in response.

He sat there looking deep in thought then noted, "You mind if I take a quick look in the bathroom."

"Got you thinking about it did she?" Karla requested.

"Yeah, and no play this morning. Be right back." he said. Opening his bag and grabbing a couple of blondes out.

Karla inadvertently felt a slight rush. Howard's pets clearly didn't accept their new lives yet as the pleaded and begged in that magical way. Corse him carrying them by their calves may have added to their distress.

The Stewardess returned with his breakfast while he was away. She grabbed Karla and shifted her to the side like a pepper shaker in her way. Then laid out the still streaming meal and coffee. "Don't touch your Master's food Shrunken." took Karla back a bit. She was so unused to being treated like that.

Howard returned in short order looking satisfied. The two blondes were wet, like him rinsing them off after use. Into their travel tubes with a rain of their striped uniforms in with them. Then he sat saying, "You not hungry? You know you could have tried a little while I was busy."

"I was informed not to." Karla advised him.

"Oh, I'll let her know better. Then she can pass it on for other flights we are on." Howard offered.

"No, it's fine. I have to accept I'm not a Special Shrunken with everyone." Karla told him.

"OK, but if you change your mind, tell me and I'll tell them." he said with a warm smile.

He shared his breakfast. A spoon of coffee was hers to drink. The young blonde made a few more open offers to services she would provide him and Howard either ignored or missed them. Politely thanking her. Karla was moved so she could look out the window. She was amused at feeling like a giant looking down at the world. The smallest giant ever.

Howard resecured her with a chip of gum for the landing. Something about watching the ground rush up to meet the plane was just thrilling for her. Howard thanked the stewardess and climbed down the plane's stairs to be greeted by another Limo.

They climbed in and were whisked to what looked like a series of old warehouses behind a guarded fence. The Limo pulled up and the Guard scanned the driver's ID card. Then Howard's. Then they drove into the building facing the main gate. It looked to be holding old wooden crates. But as the door shut, a wall lifted showing the displayed crates were nothing more than an elaborate image. Behind was several parking spots, but the limo slipped down a ramp and was in an underground parking garage where it stopped by what looked like the glass doors of a mall.

Several people were there just waiting. Howard stepped out and it was like he was a movie star. "Dr. Miller, it's an honor to meet you." One man said, holding his hand out towards Howard. Another was right behind him excited to shake Howard's hands. Names were mentioned but in the drama Karla couldn't track who was named what.

After several hand shakes and a few selfies Howard announced, "This is nice but Ms. Miller needs to be adjusted to inspect the store selling and receiving Shrunken and I need to look over the installed teleporter."

"Yes, this way." the first man directed. Howard was barraged with questions as they walked. Mostly about when the teleporters would be open for personal trips and how would those be organized. He answered as best as he could, not till a certain percentage was installed and inspected and only after shipping and receiving schedules for Company materials was worked out.

They were led through halls of what must have been a Company shopping mall. Stores and shops lined the halls as they walked towards this facility's version of the Half Mast Club. It got quieter once they entered. From what Karla could see they only had about three chambers for guests to rent. The waiting area looked a lot less refined than the one on the ship.

Into the back chamber they passed this club's limited Shrunken supply. A dozen or so total, mostly females. And from what Karla could see, not much in terms of quality. Likely when Jeff really got producing would be a boon for smaller clubs like this one.

"Dr. Miller, I'm Kirk Craft, I'll be adjusting your Shrunken for it's duties. You ready to have it sized?" a chubby man dress more for lounging on his couch then meeting a dignitary said. Clearly from the tone he used saying duties he didn't think a Shrunken was up to those tasks.

"Her, Karla, the Shrunken in question is a her and not an it. Disrespect my son's property again and I'll report you." Howard said firmly.

"What, oh, OK. I'm sorry Dr. Miller, I mean no disrespect to you or your son. Just, you know, it's, err, sorry, she's a Shrunken. Good for, you know, Shrunken things." the ill dressed man rambled.

"Karla has shown she is good for more than that. And Company rules say you treat property with the same respect you treat the owner." Howard reminded the man lifting Karla out of the pocket.

"Yes, sorry again." the man practically bowed before Howard.

A man beside Howard noted, "She's a lovely catch. But isn't your son only fourteen?"

"Yes, one moment." Howard answered. Then he looked down at Karla in his palm, "You need anything from your bags?"

Karla nodded and said, "My Tablet, it's in my overnight bag."

Howard fished that out and held the bag for her to pull the device from it. As she was getting it ready to adjust to her coming size the man that questioned Micheal's age pointed out, "Well, technically till he's Sixteen he can't really own Shrunken. So, that makes her your Shrunken. He should treat her like she was an extension of you."

Howard giggled, "Never say that I own her if front of my son or you might learn how deep into the Earth teleporters can send you."

"Thank you." Karla said loudly to Howard. Then holding up her tablet, "Can you place this on the table? It'll adjust soon."

Howard accepted the tablet replying, "Your welcome." Then looking reluctant, handed her over to the club sizing tube operator.

Karla really felt uncomfortable in this man's hands. First was the stench of stale body odor. The second was his expression. As a human if she saw a man making that look coming towards her she would have moved her keys between her knuckles. His tone when he spoke didn't help, "Your son might own her but I bet daddy like to borrow her from time to time."

"No, now just do your job." Howard was sounding as annoyed as Karla was suddenly nervous.

"Right, right. Sorry Dr. Miller." the man said, slipping Karla into the tube.

He shut the door and sat at a stool by the controls. Karla felt that sensation and was dizzy. Since she was staying in the facility she was only made half sized. A hand grabbed the back of her head and pulled her forward. She gasped in shock and nearly choked as pills struck the back of her throat suddenly. Water sprayed into the back of her throat. Then her face was shoved between that disgusting man's thighs, forcing her jaw closed. She struggled to swallow.

Lack of gag reflex allowed her to swallow the water and pills. But a full sense of smell was making her stomach turn. Nose pressed where she should never be pressed, even with holding her breath the smell of unwashed body and unclean genitals blasted into her nose and laid on her tongue.

"Hey, take care. That's not a club Shrunken whore you dolt." Howard really sounded mad.

Karla was glad as hand released her head and she jumped away from that creature. Coughing to attempt to rid her body of the toxic fragrance combination. "Sorry Dr. Miller, but that's how I always make sure the bitches swallow their pills." The man said defensively.

"I'm sure it is. Guess I'll suggest that you take a refresher course." Howard growled.

"Dr. Miller, it's just a Shrunken." the man whimpered.

Another voice advised smartly, "Shut up Kirk."

"Karla you alright?" Howard asked.

"As long as I'm never in that groin again." she snarled.

"OK, let's get you to your job and me to mine." Howard said, handing her tablet to her.

A man that looked like a Mall cop stepped up with a leash, "Sorry Dr. Miller, but we had an incident a while ago. Facility rules, Half sized and larger Shrunken need to be leashed while traveling between locations."

"She needs to be free to inspect the store." Howard pointed out.

"And when there she will be off leash. But I'll need to stay with her and re-attach the lead when she's being brought back to you." the guard said in a polite tone.

Howard was still clearly annoyed by the other man as he huffed, "Fine, but one scratch on her. One word of complaint from her and I'll have you guarding Company port-a-potties."

"I'll treat her as good as gold sir. I promise." the Security man replied.

"OK, well I hope that was the worst that happens to you today." Howard sighed, smiling at her.

Karla shrugged, "I hope so." Knowing things likely wouldn't be easy for her all day.

She walked with the Guard. Many faces looked at her. Children pointed and asked parents. Karla cringed as the Guard got catcalled about taking her to the Security office to give a full body search.

She decided to try small talk, "So, how is your day going?"

"Did you just speak without permission?" he sounded confused.

"Yes, the Millers allow me to talk as I please." She explained.

The Guard took a deep breath. Then said, "Huh, most Shrunken that speak without permission are begging me to help them. I'm a little unsure what to do when one speaks without permission that is allowed to do so."

"You could just answer, I was having a fine day till I met that Adjustment Tube operator. You?" Karla pointed out.

The Guard snickered, "Good till I had to smell Kirk. I think he might have slacked off on the wrong day."

"So, does he usually smell that bad?" Karla was amused by the Guard's candor.

"Yeah, but that's not against the rules." The guard sounded to be trying to take a professional tone now.

"Is sexually assaulting other's Shrunken against the rules?" Karla asked.

"I think your owner is likely giving him an earful about that right now. If Kirk isn't docked a ton of status I'll be surprised. But in his defense he usually only ever handles his, the club's Shrunken." The Guard advised.

"Poor things. I'm surprised anyone uses that club with him owning them." Karla said mostly to herself.

The Guard stopped, "Anyone that knows him doesn't. But, just a reminder. Red pet or not, Shrunken should never speak ill of Company members in public."

"Sorry. I'll stop. Thank you." Karla accepted his advice.

The Guard shrugged, "Its alright this time. No one really pays attention to what Shrunken say anyways."

They walked a little further. Into a shop much like the play-set store on the ship called Channels. "George, the inspector is here?" the Guard called out.

A middle aged man looked up from the counter. "Ha ha, Tony. Walking some rich guy's bitch are you?"

"Ahh, no George. This is the inspector from Grant Factories. Didn't that mention she would be a Shrunken?" The Guard questioned.

"Look, this was funny. But don't ruin it. Miss Miller should be here any time and I'm so nervous I'm beside myself." the man at the counter said, waving his hand dismissively.

Karla sighed, "George Best, I am Karla Miller. I am the inspector from Grant Factories."

"Tell its owner to train it better. I'm not letting that thing poke around in my store." the man growled in annoyance.

As much as Karla understood why the man was reacting to her like he was. She still had a job to do here. She decides to point out the obvious, "You can let this Shrunken do her job or it will make sure this shop isn't allowed to receive Shrunken from Grant Factories or any of our franchise breeding locations from around the world."

"You don't have that or any type of pull you little thing." The man sounded like he was attempting to convince himself.

"Don't let me inspect and find out. I have no problem going to where Dr. Miller is doing his inspection and filling out my report on you and your refusal of inspection." Karla coldly confesses.

"This has to be a joke?" the man asked the guard.

The Guard undid the leash, "No George, she is the inspector. And, just to warn you, her owner does want her referred to as her and not called it or thing."

"God damn it. Fine, this way Miss." the store owner huffed. Really hissing out, miss.

Once he allowed her to start it was a time consuming but straightforward duty. Honestly, once they began George actually began to just talk to her and not growl at her. She basically had a checklist. Different holding cells for Males and Females? How would food be supplied? How would waste be removed? Could they keep themselves clean? Sleeping area and fitness areas?

"Well, you look to have gone beyond the minimum requested requirements George. I'll be glad to pass that on in my report." Karla was in a much better mood now.

The man had accepted her authority on the matter of Shrunken containment. He even seemed to warm up to her as a living being, "Thanks Karla. I want the best set-up. The better the display the more likely to draw the shopper's eye."

"That's true. Now, it'll be a while yet before real numbers of Ripe Kittens start to be available. But if you keep this up you'll be on the top sites to receive product first." Karla praised.

The man looked embarrassed, "Even with my, let's call it rudeness?"

"I know my place and what I am. You'll likely not be the only store owner that speaks to me like that." Karla forgave the man.

"Well, I hope you're wrong. You're a testament to your owner's good training." the man responded.

Karla now blushed, "My owner treats me so good, that's why I'm such a good Shrunken."

Karla was reattached to the Guard's leash and guided to where the teleporting area was held. Howard was like an orchestra conductor directing the small group of people there and, over the phone, back at his labs. Making cylinders disappear and reappear.

He clapped and announced, "This site is now online!" and the gathered crowd cheered. He was mobbed and between hand shakes he was turning down offers of lunch or time at the facilities club. Many suggesting he just use his already half sized Shrunken waiting in the corner. He turned all offers down, he had to carry on to the next location after all.

"Ready?" he asked, looking down at her.

Karla nodded, "Yes." Then arched her neck to allow him access to her collar. Karla felt safe with Howard, he was almost like a father to her now. But, her chest out displayed in her tight form hugging blouse made him stop and shake his head. Then he laughed at his own foolishness and shut off her collar.

His palm beside her, she happily climbed in. He slipped her and her adjusted tablet into her travel pocket. Goodbyes from his admirers and they slipped into the limo. As the long car started away Howard sighed loudly, "Man this is going to be a long day."

Karla used the connected radio, "Not a fan of being a celebrity?"

"Not used to it. At work I'm just the boss. On the Cruise I was just another passenger. In these locations I'm this amazing man of grand repute. That will never be something I'll adjust too." Howard complained.

"Well, two more stops and you can rest for the night." Karla offered him an out.

He laughed, or made a bunch of whimpering gasps. "No, the last stop will have me on the technicality of not needing to go to another stop and I'll look stuck up if I'm not willing to go out for at least a few drinks with the team there."

"Well, I wish I could help." Karla admitted.

"Me too Karla, me too." He agreed.

The Limo pulled up to a helicopter pad and Karla's surprise and excitement pushed her concern for Howard from her mind. He climbed into a window seat and adjusted her strap to look out the window. Karla always wanted to ride in a helicopter. Up it rose and sailed over houses and trees. The whirling wasn't as loud as she thought it would be. But that might have been part of the cabin's display. They landed and a different limo was now taking them to the next facility.

They pulled up to what looked like a rundown two story house with a large open field that was clearly used as a makeshift parking lot. "This is the facility?" Karla asked through the link to Howard.

"No, this is the closest sizing club to the facility." Howard explained as he was let out of the car.

"I'm surprised they are not in the facility." Karla said. The building didn't give her much confidence in its caretakers.

"Sometimes if they are more of a dance club with Half rooms as a side business they are removed from facilities and are out of the way like this. Thudding music can draw attention near other businesses." Howard explained.

"Guess that makes sense." Karla said.

A man came from the building. He looked to have dressed up to meet Howard. "Hello, can I help you? I said I'd hire my own realtor." The man said.

"I was wondering, what is the style of your home?" Howard asked the approaching men.

"Mid-western, which I find funny being made of wood from the east coast." The man replied.

"Strange, wouldn't your wife prefer it if it was a lighter color?" Howard inquired. Karla was perplexed.

"Only in the cooler months. During the summer we hid inside with the air conditioner." The man answered.

"May I take a viewing of the inside?" Howard requested.

"Only for a short visit. I'm meeting a friend for tea in town." The man agreed, bowing and pointing towards the house.

They walked without talking to the house. The man opened the door and they stepped inside a small entrance way looking in about the same state as the outside of the building. The man pointed towards the door with his head and Howard pulled out what looked like a business card and passed it over what looked like a doorbell. It suddenly glowed red.

"Sorry for the protocols, but you'd be surprised at how often people try to poke around this old building. You must be Dr. Howard Miller. I'm Martin, Martin Short. Yes, like the comedian. No, I'm not related to him." The man said, opening the inside door.

"The limo wasn't a give away, I wasn't just some nosey passer-by?" Howard replied.

"Honestly, It was unlikely. But better safe than sorry. You understand." The man pointed out.

They stepped in and Karla was taken aback. It didn't match the outside. It was a gleaming modern nightclub. Gleaming polished wood and marble all over. The bar was an array of different shaped bottles displayed on glass shelves in front of a blue tinted mirror. On the ceiling above the tilted dance floor was a crown of different lights designed to flood the area with a barrage of colored beams and effects. And looking down was a large DJ booth like it was the throne of some electronic king.

All this feast for the eyes was seemingly ignored by the two humans as they just continued chatting with Howard saying, "I suppose. Why didn't your security guy just run the plates?"

"He's sleeping. As a nightclub I need security at night. Remote Security watches the place throughout the day. They send a team if there is trouble. But as for doing adjustment for top level Company members, that's old Martin's job." The guy explained.

They walked towards some stairs. A little booth by the stairs told Karla this was likely where the Half club part of this establishment was. Likely using the bedrooms of the original house as the private rooms.

"You must get a fair amount of business being a Company club centered between several different types of Facilities." Howard pointed out.

The man advised, "The dance club does well. Company people are allowed to chat freely while the few in the area with Shrunken of their own bring them in to show off. As for the Half club up here. Well the odd bachelor or bachelorette parties. Welcome to the Company parties are more frequent. Man, new employees love getting their hands on a Half sized. But, besides the novelty, not that much. But to be honest, with my budget, I don't have the most appealing stock to pick from."

"You must be looking forward to Grant Factories to get stock for sale." Howard suggested.

"Well, yes. However I expect I'll have the same problem still as better looking Shrunken will draw higher bids from collectors I just won't be able to match." He explained opening the door to the sizing room.

"From what I hear they will be putting some directly for sale at a listed price." Howard sounded like he was trying to cheer the man up.

Karla looked at the choices available for the man's clients. Not bad really, but she could think of several just from the ones Micheal didn't use that would likely be more in demand if available here.

Howard opened her pocket and was reaching in as the man replied in a hopeful tone, "Then I guess I just have to get on and buy good choices before others swoop in and buy them first. In a Company of several million where a large percentage don't have but want to own even one attractive Shrunken. That isn't going to be an easy task."

"I hadn't thought about that. I was spoiled. Somehow my recruiter gave me two freshly caught Shrunken when I was accepted." Howard advised as he held Karla in his palm, waiting with his other hand for her tablet.

"That's a hot little Shrunken you have there. If you want I could rent you a room cheap so you could have some Full sized fun before you go." the man advised.

"My son would kill me. No she's not mine to have fun with." Howard said, placing the tablet on a nearby table before Karla got placed in the sizing tube.

As he shut the door and handed the man her collar Howard noted, "I'm not sure if it matters but she was half sized earlier this morning."

"Oh yes, thanks. I won't have to give her the pills then." the operator happily noted.

Karla felt that sudden dizziness and the man was bracing her against the inner wall. His hand placement while he slipped her collar around her neck she was assuming was just because he wasn't used to making Shrunken Full sized till her breast was given a couple fondling squeezes.

"There you go. All set for whatever you need her for." The man said, stepping back.

"Thanks." Howard said.

His reply of, "My pleasure." really stuck in Karla's throat.

"You know, Karla there might be able to get you early access to bred Shrunken when Grant really gets the stocks flowing." Howard told the man.

"Oh, really?" the man replied in a tone that said, I just fucked up.

"Yeah, she's the lovely little rep from his division to mine. She's not just my son's favorite pretty pet." Howard confessed.

"Huh, I will keep that in mind." the man sighed.

"Yes you should. That and how to treat the property of higher status Company members." Howard twisted the knife.

"Ah, yeah, I will do that Dr. Miller." the man practically hung his head in shame.

They walked out without saying a word. The man looked ashamed to have fondled what he likely considered Howard's property. Howard thanked the man for his services then Karla followed him to the Limo. The driver opened the door and they sat inside. Then they pulled away.

"Thank you for saying something." Karla said to Howard.

"You're welcome." Howard replied, grabbing his tablet and looking to be filling out a report.

"I should have said something, shouldn't I?" Karla inquired.

"No, you did the right thing staying quiet. Remember to Mr. Short back there you're a thing. An item. In his mind he didn't think anything more about what he did then he would think of picking up a book off my desk and flipping through it. It's my duty to protect my property." Howard explained.

"You mean Micheal's property." Karla corrected.

"Yes, sorry. I didn't mean anything by my wording." Howard apologized.

Karla snickered, "It is amusing that he thought you'd just use me in one of his rooms."

"Yeah, guess he figured I knew the code for the arousal setting." Howard snickered back.

"Wait, my collar has those commands too?" Karla requested.

"Yes, all collars would. Micheal hasn't used it on you or Josie while you've been Half or larger?" Howard questioned.

"I'm a good Shrunken, he doesn't have too." Karla admitted without thinking.

Howard laughed lightly, ending with, "I have one lucky kid."

Karla wondered, "Do you know it?"

"No, Micheal is the only one that does. The release is all I know. And, as far as I'm concerned, all I need to know." Howard explained.

"Thanks." Karla said. Happy Micheal kept such secrets to himself. She starts up her tablet and follows Howard's example of getting some work done while they travel.

They suddenly pull up to what looks like an office building and stop. The Driver opens their door and Howard gets out and Karla follows. Inside was a small group and a voice was heard saying, "That's him."

Suddenly a malstrom of excitement flooded around Howard. Thanking him for arriving. Asking if his wife or son would be joining him to help or even just browse the shops. It was like the tall lanky man was a movie star of great note.

As if an afterthought a Security woman walked up to Karla and asked, "Are you the representative for Grant Factories?"

"Yes, I am Karla Miller." Karla replied beaming like a love struck schoolgirl being able to use Micheal's last name as her own.

"Oh, I didn't know Dr. Miller had remarried." The guard looked shocked.

Karla was surprised at how close some people followed Howard's life. She went the simple route, "No, it's just happenstance. He's still happily married to Milly."

"Oh good. They make a nice couple. Though don't tell the ladies around here he's happily married. Some are a little foolishly hopeful they will sweep him off his feet." the guard noted waving for Karla to follow her.

They walked to elevators and up to the third floor. The whole floor looked like a small big box store. Different selections for clothes, small house appliances and more. They walk back to what looks like a pet selection. Karla quickly realized these items are not for dogs and cats however.

"Hello Jane." the guard says to a kind looking older woman.

"Hello Betty." comes a Scottish accented reply.

"This is Karla Miller, the Grant Factories representative you were told was coming to inspect your Shrunken displays." the guard explains.

"Oh grand." the store clerk answers. "Come love, I'm proud of what I made them make here."

Karla wasn't sure if the woman was respecting her position or her owner's status. Figuring it was more likely a little of the latter seasoned with the lack of realization Karla was a Shrunken herself.

Karla was being peppered with questions about when stock would be available and what were the likely numbers of products any location could order at a time. Karla in the meantime was impressed at the display area. Not just the basics of display, rest areas, fitness, hygiene, and food supplies. But both the male and female displays had soft lights to have less eye strain. Slightly padded floors. Activity tasks not just of the body but of the mind. Honestly Karla figured there was Shrunken already owned with less appealing living arrangements. If this location wasn't one of the first stores to receive Shrunken for sale she would be surprised.

"Thanks Jane, you have done a great job with that display." Karla advised at the end of the inspection.

"Thank you Karla. Hope you'll be back to see them while they are selling cute little Shrunken." Jane said proudly.

"Likely. Though I will have more agents doing inspections by then." Karla was hit with the realization of how large her duties were.

Jane agreed to her unspoken thoughts, "Such a big job for such a young woman. But I can see you have the smarts. You'll do fine. Soon people will clammer to you like I know they had that teleporter doctor visiting today. And many handsome men, or ladies, will be looking to share your home."

"Oh, I'm already well looked after in the relationship front." Karla advised leaving out the true status of those relationships.

Karla then looked around. "Oh, where is the guard? I'm done here."

"Worried you'll get lost?" Jane asked teasingly.

"Its just, well yes." Karla was liking being human at the moment and didn't want to stop just yet.

"If you do, I'm sure anyone here would gladly guide you. We're a friendly bunch here." Jane told her. Sighing, the Scottish woman noted, "As much as I'd like to chit chat with you. I do have things to do. Hope to see you again Ms. Miller."

"And I you Jane." Karla cheered.

Karla wondered how much trouble she would get in wandering around without escort? But the curiosity of shopping freely urged a little naughty field trip. She texted Howard just in case. That kind usually a giant replied, "Just don't leave the building. Otherwise enjoy. I'll find you when I'm done." Then another text came from him, "Grab lunch."

Karla wandered about. By the elevators was a helpful sign listing what floors had shops and restaurants. She stepped onto the elevator and hit the button for the floor that seemed to list clothes stores. There was a sign in big bold letters by the button for the first floor. Written there was, "No Displayed Shrunken on this Floor."

This made sense. If a non-Company member wandered in off the street, it wouldn't be good for them to spot a tiny person-like being being kept as a pet. Karla hadn't seen anyone wearing a Shrunken so far. Life on the boat had given her the impression it was more common than it was. The sign was likely a better safe than sorry listing.

Karla went to what looked like the clothes shop floor. She found many cute items. Especially in the lingerie shop she saw outfits Micheal would delight in stripping from her. There was one thing that stopped her from buying any of them. There was nothing in these shops that couldn't be ordered for her in Shrunken size.

She then thought maybe a souvenir or interesting item might make a good I missed you gift for her Micheal. Karla just had to figure out what that might be. There was a display in one store for Randy Ranch pellets and she considered strongly about buying her playful giant some. Then she remembered he still had most of the bag Chrissy bought him on the boat and decided against it.

Karla gave up on finding an interesting item that would appeal to her Micheal, or possibly be peeled off of her by that titan teen. And went to the roof which listed a couple restaurants. Picking a cute café she ordered a sandwich and a salad with a cup of coffee to enjoy once the food was savored.

Movement caught her attention. She smiled, her waitress was the first person she had seen with a visible Shrunken. Hanging from the woman's necklace was a male appearing to be in his early to mid twenties. The server caught her looking and cooed proudly, "My boyfriend had gone on that wonderful collection cruise. He caught me a few, this is my favorite. Do you have any Shrunken?"

Karla froze for a second. Micheal keeps saying they were their Shrunken. But, she was also his Shrunken. She let herself pretend while talking to this human, "I don't have any. But my boyfriend also caught some on that cruise."

"Oh, you should ask him to allow you to wear one or two when you're in secure Company locations like this. It's such a rush." the server advised fondling her living pendant. He didn't like having those giant fingers squeezing around him.

Karla could see how that would make a person feel powerful. The mental image of the guests on the boat wearing Shrunken when she was first caught left Karla a little uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a fellow Shrunken currently. Yet, why risk letting this woman know what she is, "I will. That looks enjoyable."

Karla sat eating her lunch. Now however the conversation with the waitress has left that idea rolling about in her mind. It would be a rush to literally wear another Shrunken like a piece of jewelry. She began wondering if they could be latched to her collar. Edith and another chocolate skinned Shrunken would look good wrapped around her neck. Or maybe a couple of pale skinned samples. Blondes maybe, or possibly lovely Redheads. Oh, Donna and Gabriel, then Micheal would cuddle close to suck on their big round tits and she would have that handsome face nuzzling close to her neck.

That slipped to more locations, Grace strapped across her cleavage with those sweet legs spread wide. She could think of a couple of shapely blondes that would sparkle hanging off her ears. Oh, she then envisioned them spread eagle in hoops. Then there was that top heavy woman and her two lovely daughters, they were a jewelry set on their own.

Howard texts and takes Karla from her mental fashion show. He's finished up and suggests she meets him at the front door. She's a bit disappointed that there was no time to check out the jewelry cases in the shops below. Paying and leaving the Waitress a nice tip. Or at least what she thought might be a nice tip. And rode down the elevator to the ground floor.

It was easy to find Howard surrounded by fans. Was this how it was like for all Reds in the Company she wonders walking over. "Oh good, let's get our last stop done." Howard says to her when he sees her. He sounds tired.

He says his goodbyes and they hide into the limo and they start away. "Are you OK?" Karla asked.

Howard nods unconvincingly and answers, "Yes, just going to be a bunch of long days." He presses the intercom button and asks, "Driver, can we make a quick stop for some food. I need lunch." He looks at Karla, "Did you eat?"

"Yes, a nice sandwich and salad." Karla advises.

"Oh good. So busy answering the same questions from the first location again I forgot to get food. Do you want anything else?" Howard offers.

"No, thank you though." Karla wishes they could just stop for the day. "At least at this next stop you can leave and get some rest at the hotel." She attempts to cheer him up.

He shakes his head, "No. I'll have no excuse. They'll want me to hang out for a bit. Likely drinks. Don't worry I'll get you to the hotel first. They were instructed to have your cage arranged."

"I could come with you, an excuse to leave early." Karla noted.

"No, thanks." He says softly. "If they learn you're a Shrunken they'll make other suggestions. And I'm more tired of those suggestions than I am of when and what questions I've been getting about the teleporters." Howard explained.

They make a quick stop and Howard gains his lunch. Then they are soon on their way again. They pull up to what looks like a factory complex just as he's finishing his food. They are again split as Howard has to confirm his devices were installed correctly while she is directed towards a small convenience store on sight. Being left to enter alone.

Sweet old man greeted her with a "Welcome to Channels,"

"Hello, is the manager in? I'm Karla Miller the Grant Factories representative." She replied.

The man tilted his head and looked curious then noted, "I'm the Manager, Holt LeBlanc let's show you our Shrunken cages."

Karla smiled, "Yes please." He pointed at his setup with a slight shrug. "Small set up." Karla noted.

"Yeah, my store is sadly too small to be much more than a pick up location for Shrunken ordered online. But I have made sure they are up to standards. Just incase I can nip a few for sale in store." He confessed.

"Well, let's take a look so I can confirm giving you that chance." Karla cheerfully said, hoping to sound optimistic for the man.

"You know, you should have mentioned to the guard that you're a Full Sized Shrunken. Even with the status of your owner known." The man advised.

"Is that a problem, me being a Shrunken?" Karla asked nervously.

"Naa, you're not attempting to bolt for the exit. You wear a watch, so if you wanted to call the uninformed authorities you could at any time. But don't. So I'm taking it your a well trained Shrunken and know your place." He said.

"I do have a great owner, I could never leave him." She confessed.

"Well, they are a lucky person." He approved.

"How did you know I was full sized, the last place missed it completely." Karla wondered, knowing the likely answer.

"Your Collar, I'm honestly surprised the Guard missed it, they make those here." He told her.

"That's what I thought." she said.

"I have a question for you." He noted.

"Yes, how can I help you?" she happily replied now feeling comfortable with the man.

That ended some with the question, "Are they breeding you too? I could use a little caramel skinned lovely to enjoy at home."

"I am not to be bred." She started in a harsh tone. Catching herself she attempted to sound more polite with, "I do thank you for your flattering interest however."

"Meh, I'll send the idea into their customer service line. Bred right you'll make supreme Kittens. And if they are as submissive as you are for your owner they would be well received." He advised tapping at his watch.

"I'm sure they will appreciate the suggestion." She noted attempting to focus on getting her work done as quickly as possible.

"They want to show me appreciation they'd ship me your first quality female Kitten. Are your breasts or ass more sensitive?" He inquired like he was asking how she liked her coffee.

"I'm just here to evaluate your Shrunken holding pens, I am not an advertisement for Grant Factories product." Karla tried to sound firm but not harsh.

"But, you are, in a way, their product. Well, the product is harvested from the likes of you. Clearly you started as a human, you know you're not human anymore right?" He said like this was a normal thing to state.

"I understand that fully. But I am here to inspect your holding pens and not for you to ask questions that are for my owner to know only." Karla growled.

"I suppose." He started, but then a customer walked into the store and he ended with, "Oh, Welcome to Channels." Then the customer asked the question and Karla was relieved to see the man go to serve them.

Karla was in luck as doing his job kept her free to do hers. She noted down everything strongly resisting the urge to add personal bias in her report. Leaving she said, "I'm done, everything looks good."

He smiled like he expected as much and replied, "Oh good, well I hope you and your owner have a good day."

"Thanks." Karla answered and left.

She noted to Howard she was done and what they made here. Leaving it likely hard for her to do anything without being harassed in some way. He reminded her that she should be treated as an extension of Micheal. While also suggesting hiding in the Limo.

She took that idea. The driver opened the door and asked, "Dr. Miller arriving soon?"

"No, I'm done and just want some quiet after a long day." She lied.

"Good good. Air conditioning should help you relax. Let me know if you want to pick anything up." He advised. He clearly didn't know what she was.

"I will." she noted as she slipped inside. The dim chamber of the back of the car was nice. Allowing her to start working on her reports for the locations she visited. Having the driver slip out and get her a fresh cup of coffee to sip at while she did.

Howard arrived stating to the driver as he entered, "To the hotel please."

As they pulled away Karla inquired, "So are you staying at the hotel?"

"No, just making sure your cage is set up. The guys begged me to come out for drinks. Guess they have a little pub here, according to them, great for just chatting." Howard sounded tired yet hopeful.

"You kind of like being a secret celebrity a little don't you?" Karla teased.

He shrugged and smirked, "Maybe a little."

Karla played good adviser and reminded him, "Remember we have an early flight tomorrow."

"Yes mom." he teased back.
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CH 33B: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 33B
Auto Described M/f,f while f masturbate

They pulled up behind what looked simply like a two story house and exited the Limo and went through a gate and into the back of the building. A young woman said, "Hello, card please."

Howard handed her a blank plastic card and she slipped it through a device. Smiling, she then stated, "Miss, your card?"

Howard shook his head, "She doesn't have one. She's one of my Shrunken at Full size for work reasons."

"Oh, OK Dr. Miller. Note that this is not a location for such entertainment." The girl told him.

"No, for work reasons, I'm going to return her to Standard size once I have her special cage set up in my room." Howard explained.

"Oh good." She noted as she typed. Continuing informing, "As per your request the cage has already been set up on the desk away from the bed. Here you go Dr. Miller, and I hope you enjoy your stay."

Howard took the key and nodded, "Thank you." Karla followed him to the room. He smiled at her and asked, “Anything you need to do before I take your collar off?"

"Just adjust my tablet." she advised as she activated that wonderful feature. She placed it by her home for the night.

"OK, let's get you to your right size." Howard noted reaching for her collar.

Karla wondered out loud, "I wonder why they have a no Full sized Shrunken policy."

The world adjusted to its right size and Howard's massive hand scooped her off the floor. "Most higher end hotels have a no Half and or Full size policy. They don't want people having wild parties in their classy places."

She slipped off his hand into her cage. Turning to receive her tablet she nodded noting, "That makes sense I guess."

He walked over to his overnight bag. It was on the bed, then Karla could see the colors of his Shrunken's cheer uniforms in the bedside cage. She realized she gave no thought of them and if they had been stuck in that bag all day or not. Clearly her lack of worry didn't matter as they didn't.

As Howard returned with her suitcases he asked, "Did you want anything before I leave, food maybe?"

She accepted her bags advising, "I think a plate of food would be a bit wasted on me at this point."

He snickered, "I guess. It's just this cage has none of the perks of your cage at home. Oh, one second." And he rushed over to his bag and returned with a little Tupperware container full with pellets, "They'd only supply you with regular formula. Here, a mix of different high end pellets for you."

As he placed it in her supposed kitchen area she teased, "None of those are Randy Ranch pellets are they?"

He pretended to look guilty then shook his head, "No, I'm keeping those in case I have an early night at a hotel this week."

"You better keep those for your Shrunken, I'm Michael's." She pretended to chastise the towering man.

"As I have been reminded a few too many times today, technically you are mine." He finished by rolling his eyes and giving a tired sigh. Then he shut the gate advising, "If you need something feel free to text me."

"OK. Don't be out too late. Flight in the morning." She reminded him.

"Yes mom." he teased with a wink. Then he left.

It was a nice room. Fancy décor, none of the usual pressed wood stuff from the hotels she had stayed at during Dance. The linings on the bed looked plush and silky. Even what she could see of the bedside cage looked better than the modified hamster cage she was expecting.

The little spots of color were waving and shouting. Did they not understand their tiny voices wouldn’t carry to her. Their struggles to communicate with her brought to mind something she didn't think about much. How limited her vision was at this size. Seeing what humans were doing was her usual focus and was easy. They were basically the size of several story buildings after all. Watching buildings walking about would be quite noticeable. Yet the little dolls simply across the hotel room were like simple cartoons. Bright uniforms could be separated from their legs and arms. Hair colors clearly told where their heads were. What they looked like was lost to distance. Their voices, no more than muffled bird chirps.

Karla shook her head, likely more foolish you have to help us ramblings. Did they not learn yet they are Shrunken, in their cage was their life now. Pleasing their owner was their main purpose. Likely after Howard gets back they would get another lesson in their new life.

Besides Karla snickered, even if she called the authorities, where would she tell them to go? She didn't know the street address of this hidden high end hotel. Sighing at her compliance, she didn't even know what city she was in. She didn't even think to ask. Looking at her tablet, she shrugged as the address of the last inspection location told her she was in some city she never heard of in Arizona. She was glad they were listed by visit order, she would have the hardest time keeping track otherwise.

Karla was about to start finishing her work for the day when the idea of getting more comfortable came to her. She placed her suitcase on the luggage rack by her bed. She was amused that there was a tiny luggage rack for her to use at all. Pulling out pajamas.

No Howard about so she just changed right in the open. Baby blue soft little shorts and a tank style top trimmed in the same blue. The blues tapered up her torso till the area across her breasts was a rounded bright white that drew the eye. Looking in the mirror she giggled, that boy. Even her less sexy pajamas were sexualized. Looking now she could see the shorts fit along each of her ass cheeks and displayed right up to where her leg connected to her hip. The top was lined boosting her already artificially perked up bosom.

She made a mental note to be in bed before Howard got home. He had gotten over the idea of her as a sexual toy. Best not remind him while he's buzzing and tired.

Right now however she grabbed a drink and a couple pellets and reclined along the top of her bed. Softer foam then last night's bed, but not as comfortable as her Micheal mattress. Munching at a Watermelon food cylinder she started the finishing points on her reports on today's locations.

That finished Karla looked about, no access to TV. She found she was missing watching the news after supper. Looking on the Overlay she found Company news. It was much different then the news presented by the channel Milly watched. Instead of the excuses given about the Port towns from the cruise, there were reports about the financial bonus. The upcoming actions given by the materials of things and Shrunken gathered.

The excitement of what Grant Factories would be delivering in a few years. The boom to Walker Pellets and their competition, not that the other Pellet companies were even mentioned by name. How the site selling what they took from towns was still doing well. It was strange seeing behind the curtain like this. She preferred the news Milly watched.

Karla looked at the time and figured Micheal would likely be done doing dishes by now. Missing him greatly by the knowledge of not being with him till the weekend she decided to call him with her tablet. His handsome face appeared on her screen and his voice warmed her heart, "Karla, oh I miss you."

As if to just add to her loneliness Josie was cosy on his broad chest. That Redhead dream also greeted her, "Hello Karla." That Freckled angel's shapely legs spilling out from under her short little frilly skirt was a horrible tease.

Micheal continued, "How was your day? See anything cool?"

"Long, travel fill out report, travel fill out report. I was too busy with that to really sight see." She explains.

"Oh, my poor Special Karla. I was hoping you'd get to shop or something you'd find fun." Micheal advised.

"I did get to look at some shops. But, I didn't see anything we could order from the web site." She explained.

"Oh, but shop bought things have a connection. A memory." he suggested. Now however she felt even more lonely. Micheal's free hand slips onto his chest as he speaks. Fingers latch onto Josie's lovely leg and from that angel's expression change massages it quite nicely.

Karla tried to ignore that alluring sight and respond, "I didn't think of that. I did think about maybe getting some Shrunken Jewelry."

Josie's leg is spread wide and Micheal's finger grinds at Josie's lacey little panties. The sensation must have been intensely delightful as Josie's head arched back and she started gasping openly. Micheal was clearly unaware of the effects he's having on that gorgeous freckled dream as he questions, "I thought you were against wearing Shrunken."

Karla was envious. Envious that Josie was getting such attention from those kind giant fingers. Envious that Micheal was getting to make the Freckled dream moan so sweetly. And envious she was too distant to join them. Trying not to pant at such a display she notes, "I was, but I thought maybe they would look good on me."

"Oh, yeah. It would be Hot seeing you with our Shrunken decorating you." Micheal agreed. His fingers wiggled under Josie's panties. His index tip fondles her sexuality and she arches and starts soft shuttering moans. It was then Karla realized his fingers were working absentmindedly. Micheal didn't even seem to realize the effects he was having on helpless little Josie. Karla thought about advising him, but Josie looked to be quite enjoying his finger's fidgeting.

Karla wished she was there to be fidgeted with as well. However she had to accept she was out of Micheal's reach and try to chat while watching that erotic display, "If I get to do more shopping, is there anything you'd like me to look for? Jewelry you'd like me to wear?"

"I don't know. Hmm, Maybe, oh. I'm getting a call from Chrissy. Can I let you go?" He advised.

"Yes, talk to your girlfriend." Karla whimpered.

"Thanks Night my Special Karla." Micheal said. Josie attempted to say the same but was too enthralled from that titan teen's attention to form words.

All Karla could reply was the expected response, "Night my Special Micheal, night my Special Josie." And the screen goes black.

Karla rubs her thighs together, that image of a giant boy playing with that Red topped beauty had taken anchor in her brain. She's tempted to indulge her imagination. But time was against her. She would be greatly relaxed after she finished. Yet it was too early in the evening to go to bed yet. But also in her mind it was too late to fiddle herself to pleasure twice.

She needed a distraction to kill some time. A quick search of the Overlay finds her a nice surprise. She happily finds the last episode she got to watch and starts catching up on her Soap Opera. Bookmarking the page so she could watch her show more often.

Finding the time more favorable for bed she slipped under the blankets to hide her activities in case Howard came back mid session. Her fingers find her spot while her mind remembers Micheal's fingers fondling Josie's lower half. As vivid as she recalls the sights and sounds of her lovers tangled together, she just can't create the right sensations.

Karla realized she was just too worn out from the day. So she gets up and freshens up and just goes to bed. There she laid. Images of Micheal and Josie teasingly dancing through her mind. Making her too horny to sleep.

Karla was trapped, too aroused to sleep, too tired to get herself off. If she could slay her longings she could sleep, but she couldn't encourage herself enough for release. If she could just cage her mind's painting of images she could drown her waking mind in darkness and sail off to sleep. She needed just a touch of something to solve both issues and gain her ultimate goal.

Then Howard came in. Softly, happily singing a tune off key. He must have had a good time with his local fans. Karla heard him go into his suitcase and make a "uh huh" sound. Then she was aware of him looming over her cage. He made an ahh sound then a soft tap sound and he moved away. Karla was too curious and rolled over to look. A white board wall now separated her from him.

Her ears caught a familiar sound, whimpering Shrunken. Howard must be going for some of his brought pets. Karla snickered as she heard Howard state, "Hello little girls, daddy is here."

He continued, "Now now, be good little girls or daddy will have to be mean." The cage opening pinged as he explained, "You shall be Stacy for tonight, And, let's say, you will be Debbie."

Karla could hear the Shrunken whimpering but not what they were saying. The board wall and distance muffled them too much. Not that it stopped her imagination from picturing them begging the giant not to play with their appealing helpless little forms knowing he would anyway. Karla slipped her hand between her thighs.

"Come here Stacy and daddy will help you get ready for fun." Howard said gleefully. Karla was now well aware why he didn't want her and Josie to call him daddy. And she was sure not to do that again.

As she was coming to that realization the one referred to as Stacy made struggling sounds. She stopped but was clearly gasping in helpless fear. Howard hummed in appreciation. Likely of her lovely form. Then he snickered and noted, "Your turn Debbie.'' And another voice briefly struggled. Likely Howard stripping them.

"Now wait patiently little girls while daddy gets ready." he cooed at them. There was an uptake in whimpering sounds likely caused by Howard exposing himself to his lap dolls.

He must have climbed onto his bed as he sighed advising, "Here let daddy get you closer. Now cuddle close while daddy lubes up his finger for some nice touches." This generated panicked sounds.

A glop sound then was followed by a little voice loudly grunting in discomfort. A long distressed "Oh!" sound lead into repeating groaning "Ah!" "Now your turn Debbie." Howard teased and the whimpering, grunting and reaction likely caused by being penetrated by a giant finger. Likely his pinky.

"Hug daddy dick tighter little girls, like this." Howard cheered and his plaything whimpered. He continued commanding, "Now give it kisses, let daddy feel your little tongues." He hummed. Noting he advised, "That's a good Stacy, look Debbie, look and copy Stacy or daddy will get mad." A whimpering reply. Then a loud yelp, Karla figured he flicked that one's ass somehow. "Now now, stop whining and get licking daddy's dick little girl." And other yelp and he hummed, "Oh yeah, now that's a good Debbie."

Howard started humming in appreciation from their forced attention. Karla's fingers worked her sexuality, Howard sounded so much like Micheal enjoying his own pets. This was the extra Karla needed to get herself really going. The sounds made imaging Micheal savoring some of his own catches so much easier.

"Hmm, almost there. You being very good for daddy." Howard advised his sexual pets. Karla wished he'd just enjoy them and not call himself daddy out loud. His savoring sounded so close to Micheal's. That seasoned with the two Shrunken grunting from his attentions was helping Karla along nicely. Hearing Howard uttering "daddy" just took her out of her imaginary playground.

Then it happened, one of the attending Shrunken burst into a forced climax. The attention of a giant stimulating a helpless little pretty seemed to have a certain sound once it overpowered their resistance. This mixed well with the mental image of Michael being the giant enjoying some little blonde treat. Karla buried her face into the pillow and allowed herself in an indulged response cry out.

As Karla got up to refresh herself before going to sleep she heard Howard appreciate the Shrunken's forced response, "Oh, lucky Stacy gets the butterscotch treat tonight." Then a muffled little voice, likely attempting to resist the coming liquid treat. Howard taunted playfully cruelly after the pointless whimpering, "Oh no, daddy will give you all kinds. Down your throat, over that pretty face, and those dick rubbing tits."

Karla was glad for the white wall. Shrunken cages were made for the owners after all. The last thing she wanted was to wash up in Howard's full view. The Shrunken suddenly changed grunting sounds. Likely daddy finishing himself off. Then he gasped, "Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" As wet groaning sounds sang softly.

"In your cage, sleep naked little girls, daddy will want a quick release in the morning." Howard commanded. The wall shielded her from all but the top of Howard walking to the bathroom to clean himself up for bed.

Karla curled back into bed. Yes, now her mind was less active. Mental images of Micheal and Josie was more snuggly and less erotic. Karla slipped to sleep before Howard even exited the bathroom.

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CH 34: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 34
M/f Non-Consensual

Karla's alarm went off and she was on her way to the shower. Glad Howard left the wall up. The clear walls of her shower were not privacy inducing. She shut it off to dry herself and Howard grunting, "Hmm yeah! Daddy like!" Told her he was up and dealing with his morning wood. His helpers didn't sound happy to be of assistance.

That made Karla feel a little urge, but she wanted to be dressed before he took the wall down. Then her dark side made a note that when she got home she should convince Michael to play with some of the less used Shrunken. His usuals like Donna and Gabriel were getting used to being handled and were making more accepting sounds. She missed the helpless whimpering less experienced playthings made.

She picked out her light gray pants suit with a rose pink blouse. Likely a Milly gift. It was still tailored Shrunken clothes however, as it stretched across her ass. She gave a little wiggle, she was feeling rather sexy today. Maybe it was the lack of skin showing. Hair up in an authoritarian bun and the glasses accessory made her want to discipline a certain towering student.

A tap at the flimsy wall took Michael from her imagination. Howard asked from hiding from the other side, "I'm ordering breakfast then taking a quick shower. You want anything?"

"Coffee please. Is it alright if I just steal a few nibbles from your breakfast?" She replied.

"Certainly." He kindly replied.

"I'm dressed and ready if you want to take down the wall." she advised him.

"Yeah, I'm not. You'll want the wall up." He amusingly replied.

"OK, have a nice shower." She said to her father-like giant.

"Thanks." he sounded unsure what to reply and moved to the human bathroom.

Karla slipped into a chair in what might be considered the living room and started up her tablet. She opened the reports and was surprised. Three new locations were added to their trip. Right, they wouldn't be getting home till Saturday now. She started filling in the data she had for those stops instead of watching more of her show like she had planned.

Howard washed and dressed, folded the wall and placed it away before gathering her for breakfast. He placed her on a stack of books beside a human sized coffee. "Sorry, no Shrunken menu. You think you can drink that using this stir stick?" he asked, offering her a brown plastic staff.

"Yeah, thanks." Karla said. Though it was awkward to suck on the broom handle wide straw. Howard broke her off a pinch of hash brown and a nub of sausage and cheese from his breakfast sandwich and placed them on a napkin beside her. They ate while tapping at their tablets.

Karla felt a little like a child copying her daddy at the breakfast table. The word daddy in her mind made her look up at Howard in secret amusement. His face shifted quickly, almost like he was hiding something. Karla was curious and using her size to her advantage continued to watch her giant father.

Then as she stretched her lips over her makeshift straw she saw what he was hiding. Micheal's eyes shined like that when she pulled her arms back and cooed at him. Was Howard perversely enjoying watching her suck on the wide shaft? Then she worried, was he imagining it as something more? Karla told herself he was likely just tired. Mentally distracted and not thinking about what he was doing. It didn't stop her from being self-conscious of her actions around Howard again.

"Well we should pack up, our car will be here soon." Howard advised as they finished breakfast.

"Do I need to do anything special to ready the cage?" she asked as he lifted her. Feeling a little silly about that earlier worry. His hand and fingers made no effort to take advantage of his superior size.

"No, not really. Oh, well actually. Could you strip the bed and put the linens in the internal hamper?" He requested.

"Shouldn't I put them in so they can be used again?" Karla asked slipping off his palm.

"No, Milly packed enough sheets and stuff for a week and a half." He explained.

"OK, I'll do that." Karla said and got to work.

They both packed up their personal items. Then Howard took her and her mini suitcases out of the cage. Then she marveled at how easy it was for the father giant to fold down her small house-sized temporary home. Every stick of furniture got tucked in a nook and was contained within.

Just as they sat to wait, someone knocked on the door. Howard checked, it seemed this secret hotel's bellhop advised the car had arrived and they were soon heading to the airport. Greeted by the same pretty Stewardess and off into the air they soared.

"Today should be easier. Full sized all day." Howard advised.

"Really, well I guess it'll be a touch easier that way." Karla whimpered. She found it amusing how she now sighed at the idea of being human sized now. Walking herself to places and not being looked after. Karla had to admit to herself she liked being a pampered Shrunken. Such a spoiled little thing she joked in her mind.

"Maybe you'll get to poke around the stores. Your collar being specially designed should allow that. But some places have strict rules." Howard tried to give a positive.

"Yeah, that could be fun." Karla accepted. Thinking she has to be more open about what she might pick up. Just because it could be ordered online didn't mean it wouldn't be fun to surprise Micheal with.

They landed and were driven right to the location. Karla snickered as Howard fans were inside to welcome him. "This way to the Half club Dr. Miller." was followed with what Karla realized were the same questions Howard had gotten at the last three locations. He patently gave the same answers.

They entered the club, small but classy looking. Like an old fashioned night club in the main area. Polished metal trim and soft patent leather chairs complimenting that smooth hardwood. Type of locations you'd expect to find rich tycoons chating business and news and not horny people waiting for their two and three foot sex slaves to be readied. The booths looked more like fancy hotel room entrances with molded hand carved door frames arched around similarly carved doors with golden numbers attached to them.

In the back was a cute short haired woman. "Greeting Dr. Miller. I'm Carol Grey. I'll resize your Shrunken today."

"OK, here she is." Howard replied as his fingers reached in, Allowing Karla to climb into his hand. She handed over her prepared tablet then Karla was slipped into the woman's soft skinned hand.

One of Howard's local hangers on noted, "That's a fine Shrunken. Bet she feels good crawling around your groin."

As the woman nicely allowed Karla to slip off her hand into the tube she heard Howard reply, "Technically she's my son's Shrunken."

The door closed but not before that same unknown voice suggested, "Oh, doesn't he let daddy play with his toys?"

Karla didn't hear Howard's response. Then she was dizzy from the size change. Soft caring hands gilded her out and placed in her hands the cocktail of pills. Karla was happy to drop them into her own mouth as she was given a glass of water to wash them down.

She was directed to tilt her head back and Karla said to the woman, "Thank you. This is the second most gentile treatment I've had getting adjusted."

The woman bopped her nose, "That's because your a Process passed Red Shrunken. If you had been one of our stock I have a whole different set of actions. You know your place and won't foolishly attempt to flee. Good Shrunken should get good treatment."

"Thanks, some don't understand that." Karla said feeling relaxed by the pretty smile before her.

"You're welcome." The woman said warmly. She turned to a towering Black man and advised, "She's been given a high end collar, she should be given high end treatment.

A deep yet soft voice came back, "As good as gold." He smiled at her and Karla had the strange urge to hug the human giant. "Follow me Miss. Miller and I'll show you to our Channels."

"Thank you." she purred at the bear of a man. As she followed she realized Howard was already gone. When he left she wasn't sure.

As the Security man led her through the complex he advised her of different shops. Not as many as the office building mall. Still several here, so she had to ask, "You get that many shoppers here?"

He smiled, "We're close to LA. Let me just say that we get a lot of Company familiar performers eager to burn through Company Credits."

"Wait, like movie stars and singers?" Karla's head was suddenly on a swivel in the hopes to spot some celebrity or another.

"Few, but yes. The Company needs thumbs in all the pies after all." he snickered at her actions.

"Wait, isn't that dangerous. What if someone caught them with a Shrunken?" She asked.

"Oh there is a lot of specialized protection for them. Keep them from being spotted like that. Lets just say one less stocking camara jockey isn't much missed in such a saturated area." he said as if that amused him greatly.

"Like who?" She was so excited.

"I can no more advertise whom to you then tell them someone like Dr. Miller is here." The man teased.

"Surely they wouldn't be that excited to meet Howard?" She found that amusing.

"Why not, Blues like getting support from Reds." he said matter of factly.

"Their only Blues?" Karla asked.

"Yeah, some are Purples but only because of the extra effort they need to provide to keep the Company secrets. Most Company performers don't rise in Status fast without a patron." he explained.

"I will never learn everything about the Company." Karla lamented.

"Here we are. Don't worry about trying. As long as you do your job and are good to your owner you should do fine." He told her.

"Thanks, should I have them call you when I'm done?" Karla asked.

"Why? As a trusted rented Shrunken you should be able to shop. But if you have any issues you can contact me with this number. Deal?" he offered.

"Deal." she accepted.

She entered and was greeted by a young man. If he noticed she was owned she couldn't tell. He was polite and directed her right to the store's planned Shrunken display. Little of note besides what she needed for her report. Honestly Karla was hoping the whole day went as simply.

As the inspection was fast and easy she had time to do some shopping. Karla wandered about. Finding it hard to shop while keeping an eye out for faces she might recognize. But none wandered into view.

Karla discovered an interesting shop. She was amused, children could literally buy action figures with flip out penises or mini silicon pussies. Yet there was still a need for adult only shops.

Inside was variations of the usual erotic toys. Vibrators with Shrunken sized indents along the tip that had restraining straps for pinning the little beings there. Pocket pussies in various shapes like mouths to vagina that could be opened up. Inside a Shrunken could be pressed into the rubber-like material and have their limbs pinned in place. She was surprised at how many were designed to have the Shrunken head towards the entrance hole, or in what was called the reservoir well. Karla wondered if she would have been in trouble if she bought one for Michael.

There were also uniquely Company items like something called a Betty Hug. A device designed to basically strap a Shrunken or two around a man's penis as to insert them into their sexual partner as the man attempted to pleasure their lover. Likely the sensation of the trapped Shrunken would feel delightful stroking along inside. Karla knew she certainly would get in trouble for buying such a device for Micheal. Not that he was ready for even usual sexual congress yet. Nor did this shop carry one that would even fit that boy's Behemoth. They did have one she could order for home delivery though, that she would have to remember when he's more mature.

She did spot one thing in the store she wanted. Something called Shrunken Oil. A sexual oil for slicking up Shrunken for easier stroking or insertion. Karla just liked the idea of getting all greased up and slipping along her sweet owner's hard cock.

She stepped up to the counter and an Asian woman with Amy on her name tag said, "Oh your owner will love this."

"I hope so." Karla replied, then touched her collar.

"Yep, don't worry. As long as you behave you'll not be caged. This particular brand is great for your little skin. Tired of the usual lubes?" The girl asked, ringing in the small bottle.

"He doesn't use any. He's, I shouldn't talk about this." Karla cut herself off.

"It's OK. I'm sworn to secrecy." This Amy said with a wink. "You might also like one of those kits on that table over there."

"I'll take a look." Karla felt embarrassed.

On the table were little boxes labeled Pet Pleasures. An open female example showed Shrunken sized vibrators and massagers. She didn't really think it was for her, Micheal kept her well looked after. But maybe a few for the Cage she thought.

Amy was beside her and flatly stated, "You don't look chafed or skin burned. Are you dipped into a good loton once rinsed off?"

"No, well," Karla felt more embarrassed.

"More of a target then?" The girl pushed.

"The skin on his penis is really smooth." Karla couldn't think of a way out of this conversation.

"Lucky. We have one customer and his pet looks like she was dragged along a dirt road all day. Just chafed and red." Amy told her.

Karla had to point out, "I thought you were sworn to secrecy."

"Your a higher status pet then that one. The Higher the status the more sworn I am." the cute Asian teased.

"So these boxes, do they work well? He has some less attended pets; they might benefit from such accessories." Karla felt a little more comfortable.

"From what I'm told. I clearly haven't been able to try them. No Shrunken of my own." Amy explained.

"Clients don't tell you how well they work?" Karla asked.

"Not really a big seller. Not a lot of owners worry about such needs you understand." The girl pointed out. Then she looked around and asked softly, "What's it like?"

"What, being a Shrunken?" Karla clarified.

"Yeah, having a giant hand wrap your body? Climbing up a towering erection? Or does your owner just stroke with you?" Amy looked aroused at the idea of being someone's pet.

"He does allow me to climb along his penis. He's, well frankly, huge down there. Not just when I'm Standard sized." Karla felt odd pride about her Micheal's endowment.

"Is it hard to straddle? What's his favorite way for you to wiggle on him?" The short Asian woman looked ready to burst. Like the idea of being pinned by a giant to their cock was a dream come true for her.

"With me, anyway. I'm his top pet. Most times he needs two or more Shrunken to get his Behemoth off. I can get that thick cock off all by myself snuggling along his shaft." Karla described. Watching this, Amy's expression became more and more envious.

Karla couldn't resist rubbing in a little extra, "Best part."

"Yeah?" Amy gasped.

"Sometimes he sticks me in his mouth and licks my pussy. Big giant tongue spreads your lips like nothing else. Oh the soft warm textured surface just makes even the most unaccepting Shrunken sing with a couple of licks." Karla found herself purring at just the memory of Micheal's oral attention.

The store clerk went somewhere else with this information however, "In his mouth? With those big yellowed boulder sized teeth? Does he ever bite them? Maybe swallow one alive?"

"Oh, oh no. He hugs us with his lips and firmly licks us. He doesn't eat us." Karla now worried for her safety.

"Sorry, just the idea of being stuffed into a guy's giant mouth is just, exciting you understand." Amy explained clearly seeing she was scaring the shopping pet.

"Yeah, I could understand that." Karla accepted. As a fantasy, being a man's plaything could be fun. In reality, unless they got as lucky as her or Josie most wouldn't have liked it as much.

"Can you keep a secret?" Amy asked.

"Sure." Karla answered with a shrug.

Now Amy looked about. Seeing the coast was clear she said something Karla knew she shouldn't keep secret, "There are rumors of an underground Shrink Club opening in Detroit. I'm dragging my boyfriend to it. He's not into size play but once he has a tiny me in his hands I think he'll be more into it. Oh the things I want him to do to me while we are there. If it's there."

"Huh, yeah, you'll have fun." Was all Karla could think to answer.

"Sorry, I just never get a chance to ask Shrunken questions." the store clerk confessed.

"That's alright." Karla accepted. Adding, "I'm not used to it being an envious position."

"So, are you living around here?" Amy asked.

"No, just stopped by to inspect the Shrunken display at Channels." Karla explained.

"Oh I can't wait till they are selling Shrunken. I'm going to buy a couple little fellows and feed them like baby birds. Chew up a bite of sandwich and slowly spit it in their mouths." Amy cooed.

"I thought you wanted to be the Shrunken." Karla asked, trying not to picture what was described.

"I'll take what I can get." Amy admitted.

Karla left with a couple different oils and a few Pleasure Boxes and wished Amy was wrong about that underground Shrink club. She'll tell Howard about the rumor. Tough she figured it would be nicer to say she heard it in a passing conversation then from that nice Sex shop clerk.

Karla wondered what happens to guests of such places? Do they get turned into Shrunken and sold? Would that include Company Members? Micheal could use a cute little eager Asian Shrunken. That would give short little Miss Amy a really big cock to climb along. Karla shook her head, best not get poor Amy in trouble. Besides, in a few more months Micheal would be collecting his own little Asian buffet to add to his army sized mini harem.

Karla was interrupted before she got a little too deep into the imagined image of Micheal enjoying a fresh bouquet of newly caught Asian Shrunken by Howard texting her. It was time to leave and go to the next location. She headed towards the suggested doors.

"Found something interesting?" Howard asked as she made it through his fans.

"Things I think Micheal will enjoy.'' She advised not wanting to elaborate in this crowd.

"OK, let's head to the next spot." Howard said. But they didn't get out to the car for another twenty minutes or more due to him saying his good-byes.

They got in and Howard asked the driver, "Can we please get coffee on our way to the next stop."

"Tired?" Karla asked. He could just be a coffee fan like herself, she reasoned. She didn't really know Howard that well.

"Exhausted. I'm just not used to being the center of attention. Milly, Milly would glow under these circumstances. I just want to curl behind my desk and do my research." He confessed.

"But, on the ship you and Jeff were entering card tournaments and playing silly goofs." Karla reminded him.

"That was for fun. Even when I won it was a temporary affair. This is stop after stop. Worse, they barrage me with the same phrase and questions and I just want to shout, I explained that all in the accompanying memo that came with the equipment. But then I would be some stuck up egotistical asshole. So I'm all, Thanks and Once forty percent is installed we will look into it. Then at the last stop since I don't have to be anywhere I know they are going to want to take me out and I'll be up later then I want when I need to get up early for the next morning. I just need a release and it's just day two." Howard ranted.

"Couldn't you just tell them you need to get up in the morning and not go out?" Karla suggested.

"You've never been the target of the, oh just a quick supper Dr. Miller. It would be such an honor." He said shaking his head.

"I suppose not." Karla agreed.

"Sorry, cranky Howard got out. What did you buy Micheal?" He asked.

"Well, I bought him some Shrunken play related things." Karla realized she might not want to share what she got with her boy owner's father.

"Oh do show." he encouraged.

She shyly handed him the bag. He pulled out a Pleasure Box and snickered, "For him or for you?"

She felt herself blush as she answered honestly, "I thought they might be good to split up between his less used and more mature Shrunken."

"That makes sense." Howard replied pulling out one of the oils. "And for more used Shrunken I take it."

"I thought it'll be fun to oil up and wiggle up and down his cock." Karla stated before she thought about what she was saying to whom.

Karla remembered that look on Howard's face. Then he shuttered and began giggling, noting, "Man my Mikey is one lucky boy."

"I'm a lucky Shrunken." Karla corrected.

"Yeah, that too." Howard partially agreed.

He clearly wanted to change related subjects by jumping right too, "So the next spot is a research facility for, something." He pulled out his tablet clearly wanting to look up what they researched as he finished, "Sadly, it's likely for you to do any shopping there."

She pulled out her own tablet. "Not likely, what should I do when I'm done?"

"Sonic Devices? Gah, we are such a sci-fi Company sometimes." He said unironically as the head researcher of teleportation technology to his son's usually shrunken pet woman. Then he shrugged, "I guess come watch me get bombarded with repeated questions."

"Guess they will have security lead me about." Karla figured. Adding the question, "So, three new spots were added to my trip list this morning."

"Yeah, remember Gabriel said we have a meeting with Randal Walker on Saturday? I guess these extra stops are to keep us busy till then." He advised her.

"But they were not supposed to be ready for a week or two, will that really be fair to them?" Karla wondered.

"Possibly not. Guess we'll see." Howard replied.

"Does Mr. Walker have that much pull?" Karla now worried about meeting the man.

"Possibly. My theory is the same as why Jeff and family were at our first table with a family we just didn't enjoy. Rumors are the Board is bringing some departments together, wanting us to merge interests. Almost like they were consolidating us. I already have a trip scheduled a couple weeks from now to head to Europe to meet Dr. Laughlin." He shared his conspiracy .

"Dr. Laughlin?" Karla had to start reading up more on the movers and shakers of the Company.

"Oh, Dr. Jacob Laughlin, head of Shrinking tech. He's the genius that designed the implants most of us now have. When he first started, the smallest they managed was still a small rifle sized device. Hard to sneak onto a plane or train to group collect that way." Howard said. He was clearly a fan of the man's work.

"Milly's going to be jealous of all these trips you are getting." Karla teased.

"She's getting one too. Her and the ladies are headed to New York to shop and get into trouble." Howard smiled with amusement as he said that.

"Oh, I didn't know?" Karla was happy for her giantess mom.

"Oh, must have slipped her mind. It's not a secret." He advised, then wondered aloud, "I wonder if Mike knows."

"I don't think so." Karla advised.

"Not a big deal, she'll tell him." Howard said matter of factly.

Coffee collected they arrived at what looked like some old hangers near a little airport. The usual small group for Howard and one security guard for her. He took her inside and straight to the back to a small corner store-like shop. She was pointed to the Manger. Karla stopped by the man and announced, "Hello I'm Karla Miller. I'm here from Grant Factories to inspect your Shrunken displays."

"Go back to your owner, Shrunken. When they really want them inspected they'll send a person." The Man said firmly without looking up from a newspaper he was reading.

Karla pushed back the sudden rush of annoyance and advised, "I assure you they want them inspected and I am the one to do that."

"Real inspections require a real person. As your a Shrunken your nothing more than a real person's pet." The Man replied calmly then lifted the paper between himself and Karla.

"If you don't allow me to inspect them you will not receive any Shrunken. Not even for the purpose of holding shipped ones ordered from online." Karla explained firmly.

"You can't decide that, now wander back to your Master, their cock is likely getting cold." Was sneered back through the newspaper.

"I can and will. In fact it will be explained on every online order from this area that they'll have to drive out of their way to collect their new pets because you refused to be properly inspected." She explained.

"And if they ask me I'll tell them the truth. That Grant Factories refuse to send a person here to inspect. I can't fix that." The man smugly countered.

Karla felt the urge to shred the paper and give this idiot a real expiration. But she realized this was pointless. "We'll see." She said turning away.

"No, you’ll go back to your cage and I'll sell you Kittens." The man twisted his dagger.

Karla just walked away. He'll not feel so high and mighty when he learns his mistake. She was led to the Teleporter area. Howard was like a band conductor. Directing people and calling out settings. He looked confused at her and flashed a worried look. She waved him off for now and sat in a corner filling out her report. Then an email directly to Jeff. If she was to do this job she needed to be respected for that much at least.

A coffee suddenly appeared before her. "He says you like them black. It's, well, it's my special blend for when I'm having a bad day." said a kind man's voice.

Karla looked up at the man holding the paper cup of liquid joy. Oh why did she have to meet him now. Broad shoulders and tall. Handsome face with milk chocolate, slightly messy brown hair. And an expression that said he wasn't certain he should even approach her even with a token of kindness. She liked the brave, shy boys. Karla felt herself arch her back slightly as she accepted the cup. Such an old, successful tactic. "Thank you, I could use a cup." Her words came out as warm as the cup.

"Your welcome. Seen you fluming and thought you could use a cheer up." He nervously explained.

"Oh, I need this." She agreed, about the coffee.

He crouched down, he clearly didn't realize what she was. His deep dark brown eyes were so hope filled and inviting as he asked, "Would you like me to explain what we are doing? It's simpler than it might look."

Her old self suddenly wanted to hear all about teleporter testing. Or just to hear that nerve-rattling voice read the dictionary. He was so sweet and attractive, he just needed a touch of confidence and she wanted to give him the touches he needed. Yet an even more handsome shaggy brown haired, deep dark eyed young man filled her mind. "That would be nice, my owner has tried to explain his and his father's work, but I just haven't caught on yet." There she thought, he's told and she's been a good Shrunken.

"Oh, your Dr. Miller's Shrunken. Micheal, not this one's." He sounded uncertain about what to do next.

Karla felt sad that little interaction was coming to an end. She had to be loyal to her Micheal. "Yes, I'm Micheal's."

"Oh, well, you see that cylinder." He started and Karla sipped the coffee. A rich dark blend that really did push her annoyance away. This handsome tech explained in grand yet simple terms what Howard and the others were doing. It was nice, even if he did pivoted from admiring her to hinting she should tell her Micheal of his interest in being the boy's team's tech.

"Tony, stop flirting and get to your station." A man yelled from across the room. And Karla was sad to see her new friend leave. Not that she didn't find herself enjoying watching him walk away.

Howard approached as the started test teleports, "Bad inspection?"

"The man wouldn't let me inspect since I was a Shrunken." Karla advised.

"Did you email Jeff?" he asked.

"Yes, he hadn't gotten back to me yet." She advised me.

"Still mad or did that handsome young cup of coffee cheer you up." Howard said hiding a snicker.

"A little. And yes, he did cheer me up a little. Did you send him over?" Karla demanded.

"Nope, he saw you brooding and asked if you liked coffee. I just neglected to tell him you were taken. Slip your mind too huh?" Howard teased.

"Nope, told him nearly right away." Karla confessed.

Howard looked confused, "He spent a long time flirting to have been told right away."

"He was hoping buttering up the pet would get him a job with its master." Karla explained.

"Not if Micheal learned what his first intent was." Howard chuckled.

"It was a sweet gesture. Something I don't get much outside of you and the friend group." Karla lamented.

"Speaking of, you know you could email Pat as well. I mean if the shop here isn't going to be receiving Shrunken he might not want them having Howell Shrunken accessories to sell." Howard suggested as he walked back to work. Karla thought that might be a touch petty. Gauging the man's business like that. Yet the email still got sent.

Howard finished there and they were taxied right over to the airstrip next door and onto the plane. Pretty blonde greets Howard, and ignores her. They are shown to seats and up into the air. Karla feels a little better as an exquisite lunch of roast chicken mixed into a garden salad is placed before her. Much better than pellets.

"What's the next location?" Karla asked, grabbing her utensils.

"I'm not sure. First one done should check." Howard countered by taking his own feeding tools.

"I'm surprised at how many secret shopping malls the Company has." Karla advised.

"Business isn't just where we want to hide our facilities. And the Company needs access to as much of it as possible. There are three just around New York." Howard told her.

"Why so few near LA?" she asked.

"Trust issues if rumors are to be believed." He shared as he answered. "Most of our Thursday will be around San Francisco."

"Many Company members there?" She was surprised.

"Shipping and like business. Many Company interests are looked after there." Howard advised.

"Well, I'd love to go over the Golden Gate Bridge." Karla advised.

"If we have time maybe. This is excellent chicken," Howard pointed out.

"It is so good." Karla agreed.

"Does it have a slight pork flavor?" Howard asked.

"Yeah, and a really savory crunch in the middle." Karla pointed out never tasting meat so tasty.

Howard reached over and pulled her plate away. "What?" Karla asked as he moved his own plate away from himself.

"It's not chicken." Howard coldly said, eyeing his plate.

Karla grabs her mouth. She rushes to the bathroom, pushing past the stewardess. Forcing herself to vomit. The tiny head on Howard's plate told her what they had been served.

As she manages to empty her own stomach and clean up. She exited and the Stewardess looked white as a ghost as a loud angry southern voice wis barking at her over a phone. "I told you and told you to confirm before Kevin cooked them up. If my dealings are ruined by your incompetence you'll be cleaning toilets at some back water facility at best."

Karla staggers back to her seat. Howard looked about ready to follow her example but only sipped at his soda water. Likely a gesture to help settle his stomach. Shortly, a distressed and jittery Stewardess comes over and supplies Karla with a stomach aid as well.

The woman clearly grasping at straws to save her job asked, "Is there anything different you would like?"

Howard looked at the woman like she had two heads, "No, leave us."

"Yes sir." the blonde shuddered and skittered to the back like a savage dog was on her heels. Karla realizes that might not be far from the truth. Depending on her status level, this slip up could be gravely dangerous. Too low and a failed Processing test could end her in someone's cage. Worse, someone's plate. Karla quickly sipped at her bubbling stomach aid. That reminder twisted her gut again.

They land and the pilot sees them off to the Limo. As the travel to the last stop of the day Howard asks, "How are you feeling?"

"Disgusted. Yet I'm starting to feel hungry." Karla answers.

"Yeah, same. Once you feel like eating, if you can, grab something. My treat." Howard advises.

"You should do the same." Karla suggests.

He shrugs, "If I can find the time."

They were again separated and Karla followed the Security Officer to the little shop. A Company electronics supplies packing warehouse. The shop owner was waiting. A bubble beautiful middle aged woman, likely the bell of the plant. She happily directed Karla to the small display. Offering treats openly. Karla dismissed the idea that this was to get her favor as she did so with many of the workers that came to flirt while grabbing a snack. Karla manages to eat a packaged sandwich.

Clearly motherly, this woman must have seen Karla was starving. Fresh hot onion rings from the warehouse's cafeteria. She might not be looking to gain a favorable report from Karla, but she was likely to get one.

The woman leads Karla right to the area that will be this location's teleporter center. Howard looks spent. He waves at her as he's starting the final tests. A cylinder of living materials sent through and back again. Howard would run tests on that tube to make sure everything is alright. It's never said aloud but Karla is fairly certain the living material trapped in the metal and plastic tube is a Shrunken of lesser appeal. She's worried about if it's getting fed, then Howard sends it back home, likely staff back there will get it pellets.

They leave to start towards the hotel. "Have you gotten to eat?" Karla asks.

"No, but the guys here are taking me out for what they believe is the best steaks ever." Howard sighs.

"You going to come back early?" She inquired softly.

He rolled his head a little. "That’s the hope. But don't wait up."

"OK. I am going to worry about you though." Karla confessed.

"Yeah, me too." He agreed.

They pull up to what looks like a tenement building on a street of mostly boarded buildings. Karla was nervous to even leave the car. Into the entrance there was a panel of buzzers. Howard pulled that white plastic card out and slipped it in a slot. A chime and the door opened. Inside was the direct opposite of the outside. A luxurious sitting area with a small bar. All framed in well polished wood.

The guests were likely high rollers in the Company, well dressed and openly talking business. Feeling so safe that many had a small person with them. Attached like decorations, fumbled in hands absentmindedly, or as garnishes in drinks.

Karla could see in a glance the care levels for all the Shrunken. Many squirmed or looked defeated. Some were openly enjoyed, a poor teen male being anally violated by a pen. A poor female struggling to hold up a cigar as big as herself as her owner explains to a man tossing another female in the air like an old coin.

Still some Shrunken, few others really, looked content. A long haired brunette female in a sparkling little form displaying dress draping herself along a resting hand. Or one dark skinned female gleefully bathing naked in a man's bourbon. Cheering as her master sucked her kicking long legs off while he waited for a fresh glass. A woman with an Asain male that looked quite comfortable stuffed between her soft breasts.

They arrive at the desk and a young man looks up, "Your key Dr. Miller."

"Thank you. Is everything set up as I requested?" Howard asked. While Karla wonders how the clerk knew to have his key ready.

"Yes, as soon as your room was ready. About your guest however." The man started.

"Full sized Shrunken. She'll be using the private cage." Howard cut the staffer off.

"Very good. We hope you enjoy your stay." The man advised waving a well dressed man over.

They start following the man and Karla realized he's a bellhop. So she feels free to ask, "How did he know you were here?"

"My ID card. When I used it to open the door it would have notified the desk clerk." Howard advised.

"I'm still surprised that this place is in such a neighborhood." Karla started.

"Its a cover. Those buildings are staff apartments. Likely connected through the basements. The rough guys hanging in the street, security. Anyone desperate to break into one of these buildings is not likely to be missed." Howard explains.

"Oh, that's a good idea." Karla notes.

"Is that why most facilities not distant from people look shifty?" Karla inquired.

"That's it. Shifty keeps normal people away. Not connected directly to anything shifty keeps investigators away." Howard notes as he opens the door.

In the room Karla sets her tablet to shrink and turns to Howard, neck out. He grabs her collar and gives the command and she's her proper height again. He scoops her off the floor and carefully slips her into her travel cage. Tablet handed in to her afterward.

Howard freshens up. He stops and takes a real long look at his caged pets. Sighing heavily he taunts them with, "Daddy so wants to play with you little girls. But I have to go out for the night." He then steps over to Karla and reminds her, "If you need anything just text me."

"Certainly, thanks Howard." She fought the urge to tease him by calling him daddy.

"Night Karla." He says,

"Night Howard." she replies and he's gone.

She can hear his pets screaming at her. But the room's vastness swallows their words before they reach. Her first worry is more insults from less lucky Shrunken. Then she notices their body language, no they were begging for her to save them. That she couldn't do. She sighs, a few little concessions and they might have gotten themselves a top shelf life too. But if they choose to resist they'll stay just pretty playthings.

She walks over and opens her suitcase. Away for the night she might as well be comfortable. Same blue white pajamas from the night before since she found they felt so nice. Treat pellets and a glass of water and she's finishing off reports while reclining on her temporary bed.

Karla gets her hopes up about talking to Micheal then she remembers it is Tuesday night. He'll be at Judo most of the night. Finished with her reports, Karla avoids watching Company news again and goes straight onto watching her show. It's a relaxing time killer.

Karla looked at the time and worried for Howard. Not for his safety, his local hangers on would keep him safe. No, she was more worried for his health. Already tired and having no real lunch then likely a touch too much to drink.

She reminded herself he was an adult that knew what he could handle. She freshened up for bed and crawled under the blankets. And despite listening for Howard to come back she slipped to sleep.

Karla startled awake as Howard entered the room. He was drunkenly singing. Heavily slurring his off key words. He staggered over to his cage and amusingly taunted his pets, "Hello little girls, daddy's home and lucky you, he's horny as hell."

Then he notes drunkenly, "Oops, Karla needs her wall. Be back." Karla felt Howard hovering above her, likely unfolding that white folding wall thing. Then she felt anxious as he noted in an uncomfortable tone, "Hmm, she is a sweet little thing isn't she."

Karla tried not to move, hoping if he thought she was sleeping would get him to finish what he came over for and wander back to his bed. Her heart thudded hard. It got tense as Howard whispered to himself, "She does technically belong to me." Followed by creepy lip smacking.

Karla thought danger had passed as Howard reminded himself, "No Howard, Karla is Mikey's Special Shrunken. That would be wrong."

That thought vanished as the cage ping open and Howard lustfully growled, "But Daddy needs a little special fun tonight."

Karla jumped into a defensive position as her blankets were torn away from her. "Howard no wait!" She screamed at the drunken lecherous giant with his face. That didn't stop that powerful massive hand from clamping around her helpless little body.

With stomach turning speed she was face level with him. The whiskey on his breath choked her throat. His eyes had that straining want. His mouth smacked hungerly in-between lewd growls. She had to reason with him, "Howard, you don't want to do this." She hadn't felt this scared of a Miller in a long time. Sadly she was certain from his change of expression that her pleading "Please Howard." sealed her fate.

"Oh yes little girl, daddy so wants to do this." His other hand came up and Karla knew what he planned to do with it.

If she had been watching this scene she would have questioned the Shrunken's reasoning. It wasn't like such a small thing could stop such a powerful hulking being. Yet thought stealing terror fueled her reaction.

Fingers came in for her little ass advertising shorts and she grabbed the garment while kicking wildly at those colossal digits. All that did was make the drunken giant snicker in delight. He was enjoying feeling her struggle wrapped in his grip. Licking his lips his thumb thudded into her chest, pinning her in place. Gigantic thumb and finger pinched the material of the little flap under her leg. She might as well been waving her hands in the air for all the resistance the gave as her shorts were striped down her legs.

This was not as fun as when Micheal playfully strips her. This was horror and dread. She heard herself begging the Howard monster. She wanted herself to stop as she could see that helpless whimpering was just fueling his lust to dominate her. Yet her voice just kept pleading for him to stop.

His thumb released her chest and in a blindingly fast motion flipped her arms above her head restraining her under those lecherous eyes. He smiled and she felt her breast advertising shirt tighten. Barely a movement from the depraved giant and her chest was exposed.

The shirt tugging digits now found new fun. They pressed her exposed breasts right over her areola and began rolling them. As she gasped and grunted in distress, the beast Howard moaned, "Ohhhh, yeah. Daddy like." His fingers left and the air filled with the scent of alcohol as those wet lips sucked both her breasts in making her whimper, a scared ahh sound. A spit soaked tongue slurped and circled her tits as those lips greedily suckled them both. Making her gasp anguished ahh sounds.

His lips let go and foul breath burst over her as the words, "Such a tasty little girl. Yummy for daddy."

Karla felt the strain on her arms go away. But what relief that gave was gone as other callous fingers slipped up her torso and her shirt was now just gone. Making her towering attacker growl in delight.

Powerful thick tentacles pressed between her legs and forced them apart as easily as turning a page. That thing with Howard's face smeared its lips with its lashing tongue as it blasted odious air at her. Carried in that air was a lustful growl, "Daddy now wants to have a real taste. Let's hear you sing, little girl. Sing for daddy."

That horrible familiar face lowered. Karla screamed, imploring that wet maw from descending. Her little arms waving wildly to keep it away. All that did was make the Howard Monster chuckle carnal growls. The soaked lips grabbed hold and she shifted as an intense force sucked her into that mouth, spreading her legs wider.

He was moving, likely to the bed for his fun, violating her inches tall body. The tongue tip poked at her exposed womanhood. Karla wished he would just get it over with. That cruel taunting made her jump with each slight touch. And from the hummed sounds that's what this beast in Howard's form wanted. Then she yelped as the supporting hand was just gone.

She attempted to twist to watch what those ogre paws were up to despite knowing full well they were stripping their own clothes off. Plate sized button popped open and revealed a plan white under shirt. Tossed to the side the outer shirt was gone. Then a white rush and colossal dad body torso went on for a while under her orally jabbed dangling body.

Then she heard her panicked sounds increase as the belt started jiggling. A flop noise and boxers pointed towards the field of bed. Then wiggled hips and another softer flop sound. Karla could only catch glimpses and was dismayed she did. His cock was inflexible hard and twitching with excitement.

The Howard like monster curled onto the bed. He lend his head back in a self assured posture. His fingers pressed her sides and lifted her just enough for gaseous fumes to carry, "Vanilla, Daddy's favorite." Then he simply sucked her back tight in his maw again.

Now that tongue didn't tease. Deep and firm it tasted her spread pussy. Greedy growls made it vibrate in that horrible enchanting way. Karla tried to fight the flooding sensations, unwanted as it was. Her struggled tones told the truth however. Less grunted groins and more drawn out gasps.

If she was asked Karla could still say that Micheal's sweet special kisses were the best giant oral she had. Such warm affection and tender devotion. However, if forced to answer which giant tongue was more carnally pleasing, just more down and dirty gratifying, she would still say Micheal. She would be a lier as Howard's tongue just made her pussy scream overwhelmingly.

Maybe it was the man's longer experience suckling Shrunken women against their will. But more likely it was the tip. Narrow in just an alarming way. The mass behind it stroked all her exposed outer womanhood. That tip, however, added the element of penetration. Not deep, just a good opening stretch of the canal. And despite it raping her, Karla gave daddy what he wanted. Arching hard back in his lips and screaming out in defeated climax.

He must have known she couldn’t resist. As his massive paws sandwiched her torso in that compromising position. One hooked under her arms and pressed her pushed out tits firmly. Mighty digits thicker than her legs rolled her breasts. Teasingly stroking the nipples before pressing them again. The other slipped down and stroked her stretched legs.

She felt her arms pressing and pushing at the wrapping immense fingers. They did nothing. Her hips popped on their own in time with that violating tongue. Her old self screamed at her, this what it means to be a Shrunken remember? Karla couldn't answer as she was too busy experiencing another rape induced climax.

His head moved to a new position. His lips opened slightly and his breast attacking hand moved to a more holding position. Then she learned that the cruel Howard-like giant knew about how his tip was shaped. Shaking his wrist lazily and the tongue was more directly raping her. Entering her exposed womanhood. She could see those alcohol glazed eyes were savoring her chest waving at them. Karla just wanted this monster to stop assaulting her tiny body. Desperate she latched onto the first idea that came to her.

"Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! It's too much for me!" she moaned in vain.

The Monster Howard liked that. Tongue retracted just long enough to demand, "Tell me more little girl!" Then the penetration started again in thudding rams.

"Oh daddy! It fills me so much! I'm such a little girl, my big strong daddy! Softer daddy, softer." she begged, hoping the right key words would get her relief.

It did stop his tongue from pounding her pussy. Her legs stretched nearly to her breaking point; Karla was sucked back into that mouth. Lustful humming trembled as the invading tongue suckled her to another unsought climax. Then as she panted for air she got what she wanted, out of that wet raping hole.

Karla was exhausted. Her body was spent. Yet there she was being lower toward that twiching sexual pole. Laid along it the Howard beast purred, "Go ahead little girl. It's daddy's turn."

Karla wanted to pass out. Her body was worn out. Limbs heavy. Air was hard to keep in her lungs. Yet this was actually preferred to that oral molesting cavity. He could see her clearly down here. She knew what worked on a much larger giant manhood, She just had to do what she needed to escape this Howard-like ogre. Simply, get the sick monster off.

Karla pressed her hands against the shaft and slowly dragged her body along it cooing as best she could, "Oh poor daddy is so hard." She needed time to gain some strength.

"Oh, that's because you made daddy so excited, little girl." he greedily growled back.

Karla snuggled against the sensitive skin. She struggled but managed to purr, "I'm sorry daddy, let me kiss it better." Then made a display of delivering a suckling kiss to the monster's cock.

He liked that and almost sounded like he was begging as he requested, "Hmmm, daddy needs more."

Karla knew she was near the end of her delay tactics. The Howard ogre was so hard his shaft was vibrating. It likely hurt her attacker. Rolling her hips she positioned herself by slithering along his cock making the creature sigh in delight.

If this was her Micheal she would have to press herself against his girth by spreading her limbs wide and humping her form against his Behemoth. Howard Ogre was not endowed like that. As her aunt described it, a telephone pole. She could actually wrap her legs around his mass and hook her feet into the sides. Hands pressed above her head and she was set.

She started slowly. Wiggling in a way that would appeal as she grind her crotch and tits against the skin of the sex pole. Making lewd sounds as she shimmied there. Karla reached her wide open mouth down and gave the ogre a long lick he could feel and watch. She looked up at him and licked her lips in his focused view. Then Karla lied in a tone that would sound good to the beast, "Hmmm, daddy tastes so good."

Then she pressed tight and made her body hump hard and fast along the horrible shaft. Faking pleasured sounds as she pleasure that cock. Adding quickly wild displays of her tongue smearing along as she worked it.

"Oh good girl! Oh Daddy's good girl!" told her he liked her performance. But he needed a touch more.

Karla knew what would help, dialogue. "Hmm daddy your cock feels so good! This little girl just loves snuggling it."

"Tell me more little girl." It whimpered.

"But daddy I can't. I need to taste it daddy." Karla told the ogre and zig-zagged her tongue against the cock.

"Oh your going to taste it all right." the monster Howard purred.

"Hmm yes daddy, I like tasting it. Make me taste it daddy!" Karla said the opposite to what she was thinking. Her body writhing against its erection.

"Yes, down that sexy throat, all over that pretty face." It confessed its plans.

Karla knew she couldn’t have stop it. Really she knew as soon as that cage was opened this was what was in store. At least this way wouldn't be dragged out. Just push him to his limit and this nightmare would be over. "What about my tits daddy?" She pressed her legs and lifted her chest to wave her breasts at the Howard ogre, "Don't you want to cover my tits in your thick hot daddy juice?"

Karla's plan was to hump arched up like that so the monster would watch her bouncing breasts and hopefully get off. The Ogre had other plans. His paw pressed her back against the hardened shaft. With fast strokes she was dragged up and down his limited giant length.

Then her hair was tugged. Karla yelped before she realized why he pulled her hair. Her lips kissed over the hole at the top. Before she could chastise herself for being so stupid her mouth and throat was flooded in warm thick butterscotch flavor. Her body couldn't swallow that much that fast. Not that she had to worry about volume control long as her torso was pulled back and her vision was clouded and burning. As it sprayed another glob masked her face. And as she fraudulently requested, her chest was painted in warm daddy juice as well.

Worst part was the drunk Howard-like voice cheering the whole time, "Oh daddy like! Daddy needed that! Daddy needed that so hard!"

Karla felt her legs dragged along that shaft and her stomach and groin were used to wipe his tip clean. Then she could feel him rising. Moving, she expected he would at least do as Micheal did for her every time. Gently rinse her off in warm water and wrap her in a fluffy giant's face cloth.

That wasn't what happened. Cold plastic floor and the ping of the cage access door closing. And a mumbled statement as that drunken ogre took itself to the human bathroom, "Oh that was so good."

Karla rose and staggered half blind into the nearby shower. She fumbled to adjust the water and slipped into the spray. Warm clean water pushed gooey leavings from her face and body. Even in his horrible state how could he leave her soiled like this.

That was it she reasoned, Howard wasn't in his right mind. Tired from staying up late and getting up early. Stressed from constant travel and constant repeated questions. His ego boosted by the admiration of his small groups of admirers. Then the bombardment of the lewd references of how she would be fun to play with mixed with basically no lunch. Then to add too much alcohol on top he was unlikely to even remember whose Shrunken was whose.

Then came the counter point. Her old self pointing out harshly, "Or you're just another Shrunken to him down deep."

"No," Karla had to argue back. "I am special. Micheal tells me I am every night."

"Special to him, by luck. Howard just showed you how Shrunken are really treated and left you dripping with evidence and your still in denial that this is a good life for you and them." Her counterpoint growled.

"No, no. You'll see. In the morning he'll be beside himself to apologize. This was just a stupid drunken mistake." Karla had to convince herself of this. Otherwise, well, she didn't know if she could handle otherwise.

"Only mistake was thinking you were anything more then a helpless sex slave to them." Her old self repeated.

"No, no I'm special." Karla argued. Repeating it aloud to herself as the shower now washed her tears away.

Her outer body refreshed, Karla shut off the water and grabbed a towel. The hotel room was dark. In the distance she could hear Howard's steady breathing, likely passed out from the day's activities. Thinking of his activities made her shutter.

She found her pajama shorts by her torn open bed. The top hung from a lamp near the living room entrance. Her first thought was not to wear them. Not to remind the Ogre hidden in Howard of how easy it came off her body. She pulled it on with the frank reasoning that if he awoke and that monster was still in control she could be wearing full army body armor and it would just be more levels for it to pull from her body.

She sat before the mirror and dried out her hair. Worried that the hair dryer might wake him and cause her to start over again. Karla took the chance, she needed to get to bed. Up early for the next part of their trip after all.

She fought back tears. Three more, oh no, nearly four more days traveling alone with him. Wait, she thought, Friday they'll be with the Grants. There she should be safe. Then her mind reminded her that he and Jeff liked to drink together. She had to fight back images of being trapped between both giant men in drunken states.

Karla pulled the blankets back onto her bed and hid beneath them. She honestly expected to have trouble slipping off to sleep. Figuring imagined horrors would keep her trembling alert. Or, if sleep came she would be racked with nightmares of such happenings. Neither came, she fell into a deep sleep of the exhausted.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by anaio10 » Sat Jul 02, 2022 9:48 am

Great chapter. Karla realizes how lucky she is and that a little change in the situation can turn her back into the little sex toy pushed to the limits she was picked for.

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