Tiny Products

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

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Tiny Products

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Hope you don't mind me jumping to let another new story. But I found a file of images from a program I no longer have. Many of the characters dressed in different colored cheer uniforms and boom I suddenly had an idea. Well, I hope you enjoy.


Chapter 1 Cheers to Wares
M/Multiple f Sexual touching
m,m/f Forced Submissive Sex
B/f vore *2


Kira was delighted chatting with Mandy through the roar of the other girls on the bus. They were on their way for a weekend competition. The twenty nine members of the JV squad with nine of the lady chaperones. Every girl was so excited for this weekend. If they aced this challenge they would be on to state.

Ahead of them were all twenty eight the Varsity team and eight other chaperones. And they followed the bus with the guys from both teams and the men chaperones. This was going to be the best Kira thought.

Kira wondered what dealers would be at the arena as Mandy talked about the cute guy she had met at the mall last weekend. Music filled the spaces between the rumble of background conversations. Life couldn't get better than this.

Suddenly the air exploded by Mrs. Stain screaming, "Where did the other bus go?"

Kira strained to look out the front window around the looking girls before her. Kira didn't know what the team mom was talking about, there was a bus far up the highway from them. But then she only saw one.

The woman's daughter Vivian suddenly explained what was the cause of the panic, "It just disappeared. A burst of reddish light and it just disappeared."

Kira was wondering if the mother and daughter were just trying to prank them. As she turned her head to see if maybe the other bus was just beside them when a reddish haze coated over the window.

Kira jerked hard in her seat as the bus braked hard. The wheels screamed as they bounced along the road attempting to stop. Startled screams of women and girls filled the yellow metal tube.

Kira looked about to see if anyone was hurt. Startled and dazed but no one looked to be injured. Then she saw they were no longer on the highway. A bright light of some kind shined off a black floor of some kind. The light also shimmered on giant thick glass walls a short walk away. Right before them was the varsity team's bus. Panicked faces looked about from their windows. Their door was open and a couple chaperones were cautiously exploring just outside their bus.

Miss. Pierrot

Kira watched Miss. Pierrot caught her breath at the sight of their bus suddenly arriving wherever here was. She said something to the other brave explorers then started towards Kira's bus. She didn't make it, however. A couple steps and then a giant hand dropped over her and clawed fingers wrapped her body and lifted her up towards the glaring light.

Many of the other girls leaped to the windows looking up trying to see what happened to the young teacher. Then the bright light dimmed and there stood a strange giant man. His thick rimmed glasses framed dark eyes. He was clearly aware of his balding head as he had his hair trimmed nearly to his skin. His jaw line was marked with a thin strip of hair that attached into a goatee beard. Center of that beard was a gleeful smile. In one of his hands was Miss. Pierrot with her arms forcefully pulled back. The other massive hand was fondling her pushed out breasts.


Suddenly Kira seen Mrs. Gates walking confidently from the varsity team bus towards the glass pulling her daughter Penny, one of the varsity team's assistant captains, behind her. Once she reached the clear wall the chubby cheer mom yelled up in a happy tone, "See, just like we told you. More than the nickel and dime catches you've been living off. Now turn Penny and I back."

The strange giant lowered Miss. Pierrot back into the glass cage. Released she staggered to get her balance. A distant thunder like rumble carried his words, "There sure is all kinds of pretty products to offer my clients. As for changing you back, well plans have changed." The hand that was once holding the young teacher now moved terrifyingly fast and scooped Penny from her mother's side.

Mrs. Gates screamed up at the giant in a very Karen-like tone, "What? No you promised. I place the tracking devices on the buses and we'd get a percentage of the sales of these girls."

Kira watched as the hand holding Penny coiled tight, restraining the older teen's limbs. The Giant looked amused at Mrs. Gates' demands. As he carefully plucked the shoes off Penny's feet and let them fall into the tank he taunted the rotund woman, "No I promised you husband a percentage. Then while you and this lovely product was on your way to the buses we renegotiated."

His massive hand opened slightly and his other hand reached up and began rolling Penny's tight yoga pants down her long toned legs. "Seems for the cost of just one of the girls I got to keep the two of you. That sick bastard wanted his own daughter. But I talked him out of that incest idea. Though for a lower percentage he can now bid for products so he might have some daddy daughter time after all."

He let fall Penny's pants, panties, and socks. All seemingly taken off as he peeled the stretchy pants off the pig tailed brunette. Mrs. Gates whimpered loudly, "No, no stop that. Let me talk to Derrick, I need to talk to Derrick!"

The Giant was very carefully lifting Penny's glasses off her face as he boomed in a mocking tone, "Product shouldn't talk unless I or their owners give them permission." He placed the glasses before the tank like a warning to all the girls.

The towering man was now going after Penny's tank top. The senior looked too terrified to resist. Her mother however was bolder, "You can't sell me! Do you know who I am."

The giant reached down and literally poked the taken tank top into the chubby woman's chest. Knocking her onto her ass. As he flipped the woman's daughter in his palm and started after her last piece of clothing. He taunted the knocked over woman, "You are right. You will be hard to sell all bubblery like that. But I have clients that like a little meat on their tinies bones. So you will get sold or at least dealt with." Then he dropped Penny's bra onto Mrs. Gates' head as he twisted the knife, "And yes I know who you were. Your Product Gates 2, mine to sell."

He held Penny at his eye level as he spoke out, "As for this nubile new product." But it wasn't the hand holding Penny Kira was watching. No, it was the other one. The hand undoing his belt. The crowd in the bus reacted, some gasped, others screeked. But all knew what that large mass was in his white underwear was. Rumbling worried sounds began around and from Kira as they all watched Penny be lowered. The Elastic barrier of his tight underwear opened and the pig tailed older teen screamed in terror. She vanished behind the white material. Then his hand came out empty and the band was closed. The thick mass now held Penny's pinned fit body outlined in the white material. The Giant fastened the top of his pants and did up his fly. As he buckled his belt he shivered and happily hummed, "Oh, I can advertise her as timid but attentive."

Mrs. Gates' looked to be trying to speak. Kira could clearly see her mouth moving. The giant plucked her from the tank noting, "Better cage you separately. Once they were alone with you, knowing you sold them to me. Well, I would be down a product huh."

The giant left Kira's sight. The chaperones from the first bus that had started exploring ran back into the shelter of the metal vehicle. Many phones lit up as chaperones and team members held hope to call for help. Then Kira watched as those phones were lifted and waved about looking for a usable signal. That failing, the girls in her bus began begging their own chaperones for answers. For protection. For promises not to be placed in the giant's underwear and wrapped to his colossal penis. And the chaperones had no way to answer as they too wanted those things.

Kira saw that the giant was coming back. From how he walked Penny was still trapped in that fabric chamber. From his happy expression she was worshiping at the altar of his pleasure. Kira couldn't blame her. He could easily crush one of them in his hand. To make him happy was the only safe route.

He looked down at them in their bright yellow shelters. "OK products, out of the buses. Time to examine what I caught this time."

No one left the buses. All trembled hoping the metal with its small openings would keep those massive hands from coiling around them. Kira, and likely others, knew that they couldn't stay in the buses. Food and other needs would make them need to leave. And the only source for that had Penny Gates in his underwear. Yet the idea of volunteering into his grip was impossible to accept for any of them.

He looked to be enjoying their fear of him. A big smile formed across that billboard sized face. His tone was gleeful as he taunted, "If you don't come out I'll have to open them up and get you." Still no one exited the buses.

Kira watched his arm reach down and felt the ground rumble softly. From the looks of it he had a drawer there that he was getting something from. She felt the ground tremble again and a clunk of the drawer closing tight. Then his hand lifted and she and the girls started at the shiny bladed object.

To Kira it was clear it was a normal human tool. Yet at her new size it was like some horrible torture device or in his massive hand, a vicious tiny axe. A large round blade on one side with a straight poking blade pointing from the other side. Kira just couldn't figure out what it could be for.

Then the hand holding it rose up and shot down atop of the other bus. The screams of terror from the other bus chilled her to her bones. His hand grabbed the front of that bus. The hand holding the scary bladed thing shifted and started rocking up and down. The inhabitants of that bus just kept screaming. Then Kira suddenly realized it was simply just a strange can opener. Each pump of the colossus' arm cut open the other bus's roof bit by bit.

Kira watched him cut along the varsity team's bus roof. Then he lifted the device and placed it on the other side of the holding glass. He reached down and peeled the metal roof open. Then his hand reached into the bus and lifted two girls out and placed them before him in the tank like a tribute to himself. He reached in again and scooped a couple more girls out like it was a bowl of popcorn. There was nowhere for the girls in the bus to hide from the giant. And with the roof off there was no point in running back in to hide.

He was clearly targeting the cheer members first. Snaring the odd chaperone with a girl. Soon the giant had even the lady watchers piled with the varsity team. Then he reached in one last time and pulled the driver out. He grabbed a container and placed the man segregated from the teens and women.

He leaned down and examined the cowering varsity team. He was clearly happy with that half of his catch as he smiled broadly. Kira could reason he was imaging them naked and helpless in his hands or other places. Then his head turned and Kira felt like he was directly looking at her. His thundering chuckle was followed by him asking cruelly, "Do I have to cut you products out to or are you smarter than that?"

Kira looked at the other girls on the bus and faces were looking back at her and others looking for a miracle answer to what to do. Then Jeania whimpered, "What difference does it make? If we go out he might be nicer to us." Then she looked at the driver to open the door. He looked at Miss. Baker and she just shrugged. He opened the door and Kira filed out with all the others.

He smiled at them as they filtered out of the bus. He waved them over to the varsity team and their chaperones. Then his hand shot over them and they all screamed. He nabbed their bus driver and placed him in the plastic container. Then his leering eyes scanned each of them. Admiring their every curve and inch of skin.

Several of them wore jeans and tees. But many, including Kira, were wearing more revealing clothes. She was wearing sports shorts and a tank top. But there was a variety of yoga pants and several skirts. He hummed in a disturbingly happy way. He liked their different limited and displaying outfits.

Then he spoke at them, "This is fairly simple. I am going to sell most of you products. Many a supporter bidding on you want pretty pets. Mostly to enjoy like I'm savoring Product Gates in my pants. Some even like to pamper or spoil their little erotic pets. Now, a limited few are a little more cruel."

He paused. Allowing their minds to come up with what he might mean by a little more cruel. Kira suddenly was imagining herself on a plate restrained and reclined on a bed of rice. Some sort of sauce covering her body and a shadowed giant holding a fork and knife over her.

"Now before I can sell you I will need to get a feel for what types of pets you'll be. The high end products over the cheaper options. So I'll be picking through you all and sampling a good bunch of you. Others, like you chubby mothers and fugly girls will go on the auction blocks right away to wet my supporters' interests." He happily explained.

He pulled out another plastic tub. He openly laughed as he grabbed the chaperones and girls he didn't personally find appealing. Then he grabbed another tub and started nabbing the remaining chaperones. Followed by the varsity team then Kira and her team. Then he lifted the chaperones tub and held it over the one Kira was in. Everyone on the JV team including Kira screamed as he slowly lowered it down towards them. It turned out these tubs were designed to stack and just trapped them under the chaperones. The varsity squad were lifted and a thump told Kira they were on top of the chaperones.

He tipped the container holding the drivers and dumped them back out. As they staggered to their feet he ordered, "Go into the first bus and starting at the back bring out every bag, purse, or whatever and line them up beside it. Once you two have the first bus empty, start on the second."

The two drivers started slowly towards the bus with the roof peeled open. They kept looking back at the giant like they expected him to squish them at any moment. Then the giant's voice boomed suddenly, "Hurry up. Work faster because your life depends on it." And the two men bolted as fast as their out of shape middle aged bodies would carry them.

Kira watched as the giant then got up and went somewhere. The men worked with haste even without his direct presence. The giant returned with a table near the tank they were caught in. The drivers finished the first bus and were starting on the second.

Kira watched as he reached into the tub at the top. Suddenly he was placing Jenna Murphy by the line of bags. The varsity Cheer Captain and frankly cheer Queen of the school now cowered under the giant's view. She was trembling so hard her purple dyed pigtails waved about and even her short little light skirt bounced. She yelped like a wounded dog as the giant requested, "Last name product?"

"Mur, mur, Murphy." The usually arrogant and egotistical head cheerleader responded.

"Product Murphy, get you bags." Was his response.

"Yes sir." she whimpered and rushed over with a girlishly run.

Once she had her bags he scooped her up and placed her back in the top tub with the command, "Hang on to your bags so I know I grabbed you already." If Jenna replied Kira didn't hear it.

Other girls from the varsity team followed. Donna, Tabitha, Maria. All the same treatment, last name, go grab your bags, now hang on to them. Each time he typed something onto his tablet. It was more than just their last names. Kira guessed it was a basic description, a way to keep track of what he saw as sale items.

Then he dumped out Christy Albright, Jenna's other assistant captain. "Last name product?" was demanded as usual.

"Albright." She nervously replied.

A new question came from the giant, "What is your first name?"

Christy looked confused. "Christine." She answered.

"Do you go by Christy?" the giant inquired.

"Yes sir." the usually snide blonde whimpered.

"Get your bags." The giant commanded.

She grabbed her bags and walked back over. The giant's hand eclipsed the active blonde and placed her in her own little tub. The giant pulled out his phone and made a call. Nearly all the girls on the JV team pulled out their cell phones hoping if he had service they would too. But it was not to be.

"Hello Derrick, how are you?" the giant asked whoever he called.

"Yeah, she was indigent like you said she would be. Her, do you really want me to answer that?" he continued his side of the conversation.

The giant laughed then asked, "You home?" A second later he added, "I have the package part of your payment all ready to be delivered. Real lovely little thing I can see why you wanted it." A moment after that he advised, "I don't need to know that, I can imagine all the games you have planned for the product." He paused then answered, "Yes, yes, I'll let you know when she's on auction. Though she is lovely and frankly, a smart product. She'll go for top dollar I just know it."

"OK, it'll be on your back porch in about five minutes. Talk to you again soon." The giant added then hung up. He walked out of sight, taking the small tub with Christy in it as he did. He returned without Christy and started again with the name, grab bags, hold bags routine.

He filled through the senior team and started on the cheer mothers and couches. Same pattern. Vice Principal Mitten looked at him and requested, "And what if I don't tell you?"

His hand encased her and flexed. Ms. Mitten groined in pain as he spoke over her sounds of major discomfort, "You want to know what I do to uncooperative or unselling product, fine."

She was placed back in the chaperone tub and then he lifted both tubs and placed them on top of the varsity team's container. He lifted all three tubs and all inhabitants with ease. They were taken into another room. Past what looked like the animal cages from a lab. Instead of bars or metal doors they were gated by a clear plastic or glass door. Inside looked like a prison cell with two separate beds. Then they were set on a desk beside a tank with a bright light and a large branch over a big stone and some sand.

Gabby screeched and Kira turned to see what had caused her busty friend to react so. There in the tank on the desk, crawling over the log like a monster from some old B horror movie was some sort of lizard. Its comparative size made it terrifying. It looked to be looking at them and opened its mouth slightly.

"Sorry Bruce, these lovelies are products, not good boy snacks. But they want to see what happens to those that cause me annoyance." The giant told the dragon.

He pulled open a deep drawer and pulled out a naked Caucasian woman. She was skinny as a rail with dirty blonde hair that was all messy and her face wasn't inviting. Her voice was heavily Eastern European accented as she pleaded, "Please no, I sell this time. Please no."

"Sush, I never thought you would sell. Bruce likes live treats. But if I can make a buck or two I can always get more treats for him later." The giant mockingly informed the squirming pinkish thing in his fingers.

He dropped the woman into the tank at a corner. She screamed and started to run, to where Kira couldn't tell. Maybe the cruel giant had a safe spot in that tank that if they made it to, they got to live.

If that was the case it didn't matter for this woman. Her outburst caught the ears of the dragon she was trapped with. It tilted its head and skittered over open mouthed. It looked horribly gleeful to have an inches tall naked woman trapped in its tank. She was just panic scaling the large chunk of wood when the beast stopped and turned its head. A pink bolt shot from its mouth and recoiled with the woman's back stuck to the tongue's end.

The woman's torso and head was in the monster's mouth while her limbs dangled past its lips. She was frantically squirming. Arms and legs waving and kicking hard attempting to escape the mouth holding her. The Lizard snapped its jaw and only the legs and forearms were out. She was still struggling, but much of her fight was snapped out of her limbs. Another snap and only her calves dangled in view. She was still alive as they weakly kicked. That mattered little to the lizard as it tilted its head slightly up. A third snap and a clear swallow made those calves disappear.

It was the most disturbing sight Kira had ever seen. Worse, that woman was still alive when she was swallowed. Taken into the dark wet and down into a pocket of acid and painful death. None of them could escape that thing if placed in with it. It was just too large and fast.

The giant smiled happily, "Good treat Bruce? Good treat?" he gleefully asked the lizard. And it almost looked like the lizard answered as it danced a circle in seeming delight.

The giant then looked at them all and asked, "Any other questions of what can happen to you if you don't behave? Look I'm a busy guy to night labeling and caging all you product, I don't have time for stupid ones. You all got that?"

No one answered. The woman devoured alive before them had taken any thoughts of resistance that might have been forming in their minds. And the thought that a question might annoy him just made them swallow those too.

They were carried back to finish getting their bags. Kira was the second of the JV team to go through the process. She hurried to get her things, she would not annoy that horrible giant.

About the seventh girl he pulled was little Melissia. After she said her last name of Lewis he added a new question, "Any relation to the other Product Lewis?"

"She's my mother." the slender brunette answered honestly about her very busty mother.

He almost looked to savor that answer like a sweet treat, "Hmm, mother daughter product. That combo will attract a lot of bids."

Fear seemed to bring confessions to Melissa's lips as she openly told him, "My sister is also on my squad, she's in there too."

He stroked her little head as he sighed in delight. He wondered openly as he gently lifted her from the tank floor, "What a great idea this was. I wonder what other familiar connections I caught."

He was happy to discover two more lovely mother daughter pairings as well as the Banks twins. He looked like he was almost drooling at his luck. The expression made Kira worry for Penny in his pants. That aroused expression likely meant she was in a hard spot.

Finished he sighed at the remaining bags. He shook his head as he chastised himself, "I really should have gotten the fuglies to get their bags first then the pretty product. Just going to be longer before you can have your own fun now."

He got up and went for the first container. He was openly less gentle with what he considered lesser products. It had to be his personal preferences that made them lesser in his mind as Kira thought a few of the picked out girls looked attractive on one level or another.

When he finished he looked at the two men, "Do you have your bags?"

"Yes sir." they answer, grabbing them and holding them close.

"Then why are there still so bags?" he asked. Then he snickered saying afterward, "Oh right." He undid his pants and pulled Penny out. She shined with sweat and panted hard. Kira wondered if she had been actively wiggling along his giant manhood this whole time. "Grab your bags Product Gates."

Penny didn't like being naked before everyone like this. Especially not the two middle aged men bus drivers. But she gathered her things and the clothes stripped from her. She looked relieved as he lifted the two tubs to place her in with her team.

Finished he sighed then a cruel smile filled his face. "You two lads did such a great job. You deserve a reward." He reached into the Chaperone tub. He took and scattered Vice Principal Mitten's bags. Then pulled her out and dumped her before the two drivers. "There you go fellows, have at her."

The two drivers looked at each other. They were good men as the driver of their bus replied nervously, "We can't do that, that's just wrong."

"Well if you don't want to I know my good friend Bruce will enjoy some time with her instead." The giant happily advised.

Ms. Mitten raced over to the men and fell upon her knees and begged loudly, "Please, take me! Don't let him place me in with that monster!" The two men looked confused. But knowing what time with Bruce meant for her, the usually uptight Vice Principal was desperately undoing the first man's belt.

"Be messy with her lad. If she's not dripping with your leavings when your done she'll regret getting mouthy with me earlier." The giant tauntingly commanded.

Kira watched the former authority figure manage to open the confused driver's pants and pull them down exposing his penis. It wasn't hard, yet Ms. Mitten still moved her mouth towards it. Scooping the tip in with her lips then started working her neck to get him aroused. As she did that her hands reached back and undid her own pants. Pushing them and her panties down and exposing her buttocks to everyone.

The second driver looked up at the giant then to the tight round rump bouncing beside him. Seems he was a little more accepting of his forced duties as he undid his pants and quickly probed his hardened penis towards the Vice Principal's privates. It looked to be a little effort for him to penetrate Ms. Mitten, but once he did he took to work taking her clothes off as he humped at her.

Kira noticed the first driver clearly wasn't as accepting of his duties and despite Ms. Mitten's oral attention wasn't getting as hard as the one taking her from behind. Maybe it was the forced nature of the interaction. Maybe it was the stack groups of ladies and girls watching the performance. Possible he had decided he was gay and didn't like women. His penis was alert but floppy. Rolling and curving over Ms. Mitten's face as she sucked on his testicles or kissed at the base of his manhood. Whatever the reason it didn't stop him from cumming. As he did the woman pointed the tip at her face and just allowed the semen to spatter on all over it. As if knowing that was too easy to be finished with that driver, her tongue twirled at his tip. Then she sucked his manhood back into her mouth.

Kira could tell that man was now more interested in the pretty athletically slim woman with short dark brown hair suckling his penis. Maybe his semen shining on that usually stern but pretty face gave him a rush. It didn't matter, the back driver pulled her to sit back in his lap as his belly jiggled and he gasped for breath. The front driver grabbed two handfuls of Ms. Mitten's hair and just started thrusting his manhood deep into her mouth. She knew she had to take this to avoid a worse fate and just let her neck go loose as her hips attempted to work her womanhood along the back driver's hardened penis.

This hip action on Ms. Mitten's part seemed to feel good for the middle aged out of shape man whose penis was in her womanhood. Kira could see his expression getting more and more delighted. Then he yelled out, "Move back Hank!"

The drive at the Vice Principal's face didn't move so much as fell back to one knee. His new position put Ms. Mitten on all fours and straightened her neck. The front driver took advantage of this position to thrust even harder. Kira could see with each thrust in a bulge form at the top of Ms. Mitten's neck. The former authority figure looked to get horrible discomfort from her throat being penetrated but fought not to react to it as this could mean being eaten alive.

The driver behind Ms. Mitten rose when his partner shifted down and back. His fingers made deep grooves into the skin on the hips of the dark haired woman's fit body. Each hard thrust made her firm buttocks jiggle as his large gut more rolled from the action. Then he pulled out and sprayed his semen on her soft peach shaded bum cheeks. He fell onto his large buttocks and gasped like a fish out of water.

"That's enough of a show for you product." The giant snickered as he lifted the stacked tubs. Leaving Ms. Mitten in with the two drivers while the tub of the girls he didn't find appealing was trapped continuing to experience their authority figure being sexed at both ends before them.

He walked them back into that horrible room with that monster lizard. It looked to be sleeping happily along the large branch in its tank. He placed them on a little cart like someone would have in their kitchen. He placed the three containers across its top then he looked down and advised, "Lets see who should go with who?"

He started loading them into cages. Starting with family connected members. Peyton and her mother. The Banks twins. Vivian and her mother. Amy and Melissa were separated from their mother as he looked to be aiming for only two per cage. Mrs. Lewis was placed in a cage by herself for now.

Family members shorted out, he started pairing up members from the same tub starting with the chaperones. How he sorted them was only in his mind. Mrs. Baker with Miss. Conrad. Teachers, Cash and Pierrot in together. Nurse Marou with Couch Freeman. Then he stopped leaving Couch Crabtree and Ms. Flower waiting scared and confused.

He then started in on the varsity team. Both Emmas that looked so much alike. Latinas Marie and Amanda. Blondes Tabatha and Tanya. Brunette athletic Connie and Sammy. The girly girl brunettes Torrie and Carrie. Cheer captain Jenna and her second Penny. The brunette grade boosters for the varsity team Lori and Mela. The shy awkward Beatrice with team whore Sheila. Then with five trembling before him his attention shifted.

Kira's heart stopped as he started looking over the team and her appraisingly. Then his hand came in after them. First he paired Sasha and Kylie, the only two African Americans on the teams, together. Then the four Asians in the tub with Aoi going with Kyoko and Ayane matched with little Zin.

Then that massive hand came for Kira. Into a cell she was shoved soon to be followed by Jeania Rodrigues, he had paired her with the only other Latina on the JV team. Kira didn't have anything against Jeania, they just never really interacted. Kira would have preferred Mandy or Gabby. They both looked at each other and shrugged and got up to watch him finish shorting their friends and others.

Little blondes Cari and Rosey. Redhead jokers Rachel and Aideen. Brunette mini gossipers Lois and Katie Marie. Swim team members Cyder and Eliza. Bookish Abigail with boy shy Hannah. Then he stopped keeping teams apart.

First he paired Couch Crabtree with varsity team member Carla. Which if rumors at school were correct was a pairing already. The busty brunette Gabby with the similarly shaped Donna from the varsity team. Seeming shorting the last five at random, Mai Shan and Serina of the varsity team and Miss Flower with the last varsity team member to make his cut Carol.

This left poor Heidi alone. He pinched just under her arms and lifted the poor strawberry blonde up to his face level. She was clearly terrified. His other hand rose and stroked across her prominent breasts. "My my what a poor little thing all by yourself." he teased.

She had picked out a frilled black skirt with a white band just up off its helm that hung to just above her knees and a complementing light purple shirt that was a touch lower cut then her usual fair. The near matching socks cover to just below her knees. It was clear she was regretting showing so much skin and shape before this perverted giant. As he just held her there his other hand wrapped fingers around one over her legs as was admiring it intimately.

"Can't have you lonely pretty product. Here, you can come with me as I take photos of the drivers and those fugly bitches." he taunted as he closed their cage doors and walked away.

He came back Heidi was somehow harnessed to a chain he was now wearing. She dangled like a terrified pendant. In some cheap kitchen tongs was Ms. Mitten. Naked, her face, buttocks and groin looked wet. Likely from the two bus drivers being messy as that horrible giant commanded. Kira guessed from the angle she was placed in with Mrs. Lewis. Literally he threw the Vice Principal's bags in the cage with her. He stacked the empty tubs together and slipped them under the cart. He moved the cart to the desk near the giant lizard and then left again.

When he returned he had two tubs. The two very tired looking drivers and the ones he labeled as fugly products. He set them on the cart and then started setting up a couple ring lights. Adjusting their output to his liking. He then put some hardcover books on the desk in a staggered stair like pile. Then he pulled open a drawer. From the other side he pulled out a fancy camera and mini tripod and placed them before the posed books. Then adjusted the lights again. He unhooked Heidi and placed her before the camera. He was speaking and Kira suddenly realized their cage was sound proof.

"I wonder why he made these sound proof?" Jeania asked, making Kira jump. She had practically forgotten about her roommate by force despite her literally standing next to her since that giant closed the door on them.

"Do you think their air tight?" Kira worried.

"No, hear that, there is a fan. Likely in the back. It's circulating the air for us. That horrible gigantic man thought this through." Jeania said in a creepy almost admiring tone.

Kira just had to respond, but all she could think to say was, "I guess he needs to keep his products fresh."

Jeania looked at her and gave a sigh and shrug. "It is the practical thing. Just wish we were not what he intended to sell."

"Same." Kira agreed.

Her attention back to the giant. He was clearly satisfied with his adjustments and test photos of Heidi. He started with the drivers. He clearly hadn't let them redress after their interactions with Ms. Mitten. He dropped the one that had been using the woman's mouth on the desk. Kira could see him saying commands. The man posed as the giant took picks with the camera. Every so often the giant would hand Heidi an object, a pencil or something similarly light small object. Well, small to the giant, heavy for the forced models. Heidi would drag them over to the naked man and the man would have to pose with them showing his new size. Once the giant was done with taking photos with that prop, Heidi would then drag back whatever they were held before.

The giant clearly didn't like dealing with shrunk men nearly as much as tiny women. He looked relieved to be done with them and rewarded them with their clothes back and their own cage across the room.

He pulled out Mrs. Goguen, Carla's mother. The angry faced woman hadn't passed his approval. He said something and it looked like Mrs. Goguen snapped back at him. His mouth moved again and she clearly screamed at him. His hand shot out and the woman flew back and was sprawled across the set up book spines.

He allowed the woman to stand as he dropped her bags before Heidi. He said something to her and the strawberry blonde quickly opened Mrs. Goguen's bags and started pulling out clothes. Clearly looking for something the giant wasn't finding.

Mrs. Goguen stood and staggered a bit. He said something again and she took an angry pose and said something back. Likely yelling it. The giant said something to Heidi. Then like lightning his hand shot out. The angry woman squirmed in his fist. He pulled out scissors from the drawer and cut her clothes off. As he did he shook his head, looking like he was mumbling to himself. He had a slight smile like this interaction was amusing.

Mrs. Goguen naked he stood and walked over towards that lizard's cage. Heidi turned away and covered her head. Kira couldn't manage to do that. She watched as a woman that had been on every trip since Kira made it onto the JV team got dangled over the tank with the beast in it. If it realized it had another treat coming it didn't react.

Even at this distance Kira could see the naked woman land in the soft sand. She looked about then saw what appeared to be a giant sleeping lizard. The giant just closed the lid and stepped back folding his arms. A cruel smile curled his lips.

Then she noticed the lizard's snot twitching more and more. Then like something from a cartoon it bolted upright. Mrs. Goguen ran to the far corner, turning to watch what the monster she was trapped with would do. It bolted over between her and the log. Tilting its head, making it look like it was cruelly smiling at her. She ran along the glass away from it. But it followed, basically trotting along like it was happily playing with her. The woman quickly doubled back. The lizard twirled in a circle before giving chase. Making the giant openly laugh. She reached the corner and looked to be trying to make it to the bushy area at the end of the log.

At this point the lizard stopped chasing. If it had been playing or just following some strange hunting instinct wasn't clear. What was was that it didn't like tiny women near it's lounging branch. It lowered it's head and bolted scary fast. Sliding in the sand when it stopped and raised its head. Pink bolted from it's open mouth. It caught Mrs. Goguen's calf and the woman was now held by her legs in the lizard's mouth. With a up jerk motion and a snap of his jaws Mrs. Goguen was suddenly breast deep into that maw. Kira could see the pain on her face when that harden lizard lip landed on her back. She recovered and was desperately attempting to pull free. The jaw snapped again. A single hand extended out grabbing desperately at the air. Another snap and Kira watched a mound slide down the lizard's throat.

Tears slipped down her cheek as the giant walked back to the desk laughing and shaking his head. He sat and pointed at the lizard tank as he said something to the girls and ladies trapped in the tub on the cart. He finished explaining something then turned in his chair. Grabbing Heidi he pinned her to the top of the desk and began fondling her with one hand. Pushing her top up and her bra down to molest her ample breasts as he clearly waited for something.

Jeania scared Kira again. Not by speaking, Kira was well ready for that. It was the words, the tone even. Like she was turned on by that terrible giant's actions. "He's just so big and powerful. Like unto a god of old."

She looked over at Jeania. Her freckled face had a bewitched expression. Her tongue traced her full lips slowly. Kira felt a little unnerved as the shorter girl was stroking the tip of her own breast. "What is wrong with you?" Kira let slip.

"What, oh. I just, I don't know. Since we arrived here I just can't stop myself. Please don't tell the others, but as hard as I try I just can't stop getting turned on every time he does horrible giant things like that. I mean, I feel so sad Mrs. Goguen is dead. But the fact he just cut her clothes from her while holding her in that one massive hand. How he just dropped her in alive with that dragon like she was just another pet treat. He's like a modern Greek god returned to Earth and we're just weak powerless mortals here to satiate his desires." Jeania explained.

Kira could see the conflict in the eyes of this Latina that somehow had crimson hair. She looked hurt, sad, let those same eyes kept peeking over at the desk. At Heidi being pinned and molested there by the giant. And when they did, a want, a jealousy washed over them. Kira prayed to God to help this poor twisted soul in this cage with her. She also prayed that they all could make it out alive.
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Re: Tiny Products

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Such a great start to this story!! Hope it gets more chapters soon! Can’t wait for him to play with some of the JV girls more, as well as see where the story leads. Frankly, Home Life is my least favorite of your stories (not due to your writing at all, just the nature of the characters. Your world building and character developing continues to amaze me as I read each new chapter), so it’s nice to see other these other stories for a change 😁

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Re: Tiny Products

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Well, I'm glad you enjoy this. I do have a few other chapters written so I will post them eventually. I hope I can keep you entertained.

I do have a slight openness to this story if people are interested. As the giant sells off most of the girls and chaperones, I have no plans to write what their owners do with them. I mean most buyers are looking for a pet to enjoy, but not all if people would be looking for more of a finality to a short story. The Fuglies as the giant see them have no images as throw away characters. But I can post the images of the named Products as they are sold if anyone would like to play naughty owner. As for prices, think high end pure breed dog prices at minimum, the Fuglies are about half that at best. And yes, Owners can be male of female if that was something you wanted confirmed.


The one thing I would need you to remember is that they are kind of trapped as members and need to keep playing their fees or face the possibility of him taking them as Products. Now they might have no issues with it and just pay or you could make it a lingering issue of scrapping the extra few dollars together to avoid meeting Bruce in person. How and when they became members are up to the writers clearly.


Any how, anyone interested in writing Derrick Gates, the man that sold off his wife and daughter for some cash and his teen daughter's friend here is what Christy Albright looks like. (Yes not a great image, but it's what I have since the computer with the program died a year ago.)


Wow, long rambling post.
Hope to keep entertaining you, even hopefully with stories that are your least favorites of my works. Feed back helps me create and also what stories to create in. But, also money, so slightly shameful plug, please encourage with a donation through the link below. Thanks all for your time.


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Ch 02: Tiny Products

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Feeling a bit depressed tonight. A large chunk of impostor syndrome. So, I edited and posted a chapter. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 02: Faith and Fears.


Kira just couldn't shake how hearing her new roommate was aroused by the giant that had kidnapped them. That the cruel actions he had pulled since he brought them here was enthralling for her. Kira just kept hearing Jeania's words, "He's like a modern Greek god returned to Earth and we're just weak powerless mortals here to satiate his desires."

She lets herself get distracted watching the tub of women and girls that didn't appeal to him. The girls were changing into their cheer uniforms while wiping tears from their eyes. They had just watched a woman they knew well get devoured by a giant lizard. That woman had traveled with them for months to years depending on which squad they were on. The chaperones that didn't fit his tastes were looking through their bags, for what Kira couldn't tell.


The giant was happily fondling one of Kira's teammates. Heidi was pinned under one of his hands and his fingers greedily explored her exposed breasts. He smiled and his hand lifted. His mouth moved and Heidi recovered her chest and slowly stood up.

He plucked a Senior team member from the ones he selected as less desirable and placed her before him. Then he snickered, then brushed the shredded clothes of the now late Mrs. Goguen from the desktop and just dropped them into a waste paper basket.

He spoke at the selected cheer member and she assumed a suggestive pose on the spines of the stair stacked hard cover books. He started taking photos then gave another command and the girl switched to another suggestive pose.

After a few poses just draping herself on, along, or bent over the book stairs he reached into the open drawer and pulled out a sucker and handed it to Heidi. She took it to the girl and his mouth moved and the girl now made new poses, kneeling while making an open mouth at the edge of the giant lollipop. Holding it before herself made it look like she was licking the side. Holding it in a down tilted position and pointing it at her open mouthed face as she kneels with her chest out. And more sucker suggestive poses.

Then he pulls out a simple cheap hollow plastic banana. He commands and the girl lays on her back and bend her knees up. He places the display banana on her and her little hands go up and balance it suggestively over her body. Then poses draped along the rounded plastic yellow tube. Posed straddling it with her back arched to push out her chest. Laid along on her back like she was attempting to lure a boy. On her stomach with her back arched again so her chest and legs were both displayed.

Seemingly happy with the collection of images he put that girl in a new tub and grabbed a woman and her clothes. She showed him what she had packed and he shook his head. Then grabbed a matching panty bra set and dropped them on her. Reluctantly she stripped and put the underwear on and he started the process over with her.

Kira could see this was just going to repeat so she had to ask, "Jeania how can you be aroused by that sick monster?"

Jeania looked at her through her little rectangle glasses. Kira could tell she didn't know herself. She shrugged then attempted to explain, "Its just, he's so powerful. Like a force of nature more than a man. Like, remember the sensation of that colossal hand grabbing you. How weak you were compared to it. He could squeeze the life out of you, you could feel that power. That strength. Yet he was just holding your little helpless body. How he just treats women like Ms. Mitten or even Jenna like things. Ms. Mitten had the authority of the school right up till we appeared into that tank. A note in your file and we could have trouble getting into the University of our choice. And Jenna, she was the fucking queen of the school. Everyone watched their step around her. A wrong word from her and you were an outcast. But to that towering being she's just as much a thing to sell."

"I guess I can understand the power thing. A big strong guy is kind of hot. And as a giant he is the biggest strongest guy we have ever seen. But how he treats us, like as things? Really? That got Mrs. Goguen eaten alive." Kira argued.

To Kira's surprise the reminder of the murder of that woman made Jeania gasp in sick delight. "Yes, that's just how powerful he is. He can pick if we live or die. He doesn't have to worry about human laws or considerations. Like Zues but instead of a lightning bolt he has some sort of shrink ray."

"That's not. He's not a god! There is only one God and he'd despise this man and his sick use of whatever thing made us like that." Kira screamed.

"Look, I understand. You go to Church every Sunday and sing in the choir and all that. But that didn't stop you from ending up in this cage. Now he's paired us all up. Likely this is to sample us in groups of two. Do me a favor, when it's our turn just follow my lead. Just forget what is right and wrong and think about how powerful he is and making him happy might be our safest plan." Jeania begged.

"Look, you do what you want when that sick monster comes for us. I just can't ignore God's word." Kira growled.

"Says the girl having out of marriage sex with her boyfriend." Jeanie countered.

Kira wanted to slap the redhead. Her body was vibrating. She was so upset by what had happened in such a short time. She didn't, that would make her wrong daddy taught her. All she could muster was, "That's different."

Smugly Jeania replied, "Sin is sin according to what little I know of your faith. But if you want to take your chances, go ahead. I just know if and when he grabs me from this cage I plan on worshiping at that man god's phallic altar."

They stood there watching him document his first batch of what he called product for a while. Then Kira couldn't watch him debase any more friends or ladies she respected. She explored their cell. Right behind where they stood was a small seating area. Two couch-like seats with a little round wooden table. They were positioned to view the room beyond their window door. She attempted to move a couch to not have to watch that giant and his lizard. No use, they were bolted down.

Across was a large rodent water bottle. She hated to, but she was so thirsty. She licked at the liquid in the nuzzle. It tasted funny, almost like mineral water. But it wet her throat. Beside that was two bins of what looked like cereal. It looked like Cheerios and Raisin brain or maybe knock off versions of those cereals. She grabbed a ring and munched at it as she went further in.

After that there were two small beds, about the size of single beds. One on each wall. Each had a small dresser shelf like thing attached to the wall at the head of them as the head board. Kira wondered why they were not at the foot. Then she looked at the clear wall to the outside and realized they might interfere with him grabbing them from the beds at the foot. Behind them was a seated make-up mirror set-up. Likely Jeania will be using that to look her best for that monster.

Behind them was what looked like a bathroom. Open to view of course. A toilet with a sink and a fair sized shower area. Above the toilet was a small fan like one would find in a desktop computer. The blades were hidden behind what looked like a thick plastic mess too small to fit a hand into. Likely to stop desperate tiny people from ending themselves.

In the shower there were two shower heads, likely for them to shower together to save him time. She noticed that the way they pointed would make the water converge at the same spot. That sick monster wanted them to shower tight together like women that choose to be lesbians. Did his depravity know no end? She had to question why have a water bottle at the front if that sink back here works. She turned it on and water trickled out. It didn't make sense.

She returned to the front and sat on one of the couches. Jeania noticed the seating and curled up on the other and eagerly watched their captor work. Kira had to watch too, what else was there to do at this point.

The giant finished his forced photo shoot he reattached Heidi to his chain and carried the less appreciated girls and women over to the cages. Kira couldn't figure out if that horrible man had one big cage or was stuffing all those poor ladies into the same small two bed cage like the one she was currently in.

He stood and opened a cage. He pulled out Beatrice and Sheila and placed them into the empty tub. Walking over to the desk he placed them on it and opened his pants. His giant penis laid semi-curled along his leg. Jeania looked hypnotized by its mass.


He grabbed the dark haired Beatrice first. Kira knew the older teen from church. Also a member of the choir, she was truly faithful. Breaking up with her boyfriend just because he wanted to touch her breasts before marriage. Her resolve to remain pure didn't affect that giant. He pinned her in his fist and started removing her clothes by taking off her shoes and dropping them into the tub.

Kira could see sweet Beatrice screaming. Likely crying out for the giant to stop his sinful actions. He openly laughed, head tilting back and everything. Then he moved his restraining fingers to access the top of her jeans. The brown haired beauty fought hard, but what was her strength compared to that horrible giant's grip? He grabbed the cuffs by her ankles and slowly slipped the pants tauntingly down the senior team's good girl's legs. Calmly he teased her by twirling them above her face then deposited them.

Fingers curled back and he started playfully tugging at her sock. Bit by little bit he pulled the material. One all the way off he started on the other.

Then his upper fingers opened and he reached for her blouse. Oh how the man tower delighted as Beatrice slapped at his fingers. Hard shoulder whipped strikes just look to delight him. Pinch by pinch he popped open the buttons. He folded the shirt open and despite Beatrice's efforts slipped it off her shoulders and into the tub it went.

He pinched her hips and wiggled her little pink panties off her ass. Then grabbed her and flopped her onto her stomach. He said something clearly taunting poor Beatrice. It looked like she was out of fight as she just laid in his palm as he pulled her bra hooks apart and took her bra.

He lifted her by her calves and it was clear the brunette was balling. He said something then proceeded to drape her onto his now hardened penis. Beatrice's first true sexual experience was his hand wrapping her body tight to his giant sexuality and stroking the church girl slowly up and down the length of it.


He left her crying there and started to reach into the tub for Sheila. There she stood waiting, already naked. He said something at her and she replied, looking terrified. He grabbed the shapely blonde and placed her on a little round table of some sort. She got on her knees and pushed her perky breasts out. There she looked up at him with her mouth open wide. He stood and returned to stroking his penis with poor defiled Beatrice.

If Beatrice was the good girl Sheila was the senior team whore. Many called her a slut, but sluts have sex just to have sex. Sheila had sex so Jenna would be her friend. In there was something Jenna wanted that sex would get her, it was Sheila that provided that. Jenna needed a tutor to pass physics but didn't want to pay Anthony Gibbs money. Sheila sucked him off after each session instead. Jenna wanted her school to have the best teams and ones that did well enough earned a Sheila party as they were called. Any team that wanted it. The chess team made state last year and Jenna got Sheila snuck into the basement where some of the guys on the team were having a celebratory D&D overnight game. But instead of fighting monsters and finding treasure they spent the night pushing their Bishops into Queen Jenna's little pawn.

Rumor was this started their first year. Creepy Principal Hartford was looking to cut the Junior cheer team from the budget. It is said Jenna dragged Sheila into his office in a Junior uniform and offered the blonde's virginity for the squad to stay active. Sheila so eager to have Jenna as her friend didn't say anything even when that fat old man had her across his desk and was spreading her legs.

So as foreign as it was for Beatrice to be used sexually. For Sheila this had to be as familiar as any of the team's routes. Sure the guy this time was a heartless giant stroking a teammate along his penis. But size had to be the only real major difference as it was no secret Hartford often finished on Sheila’s face.

The giant stroked. The action jiggled the necklace that Heidi was the restrained pendant of. He looked to like the feel of Beatrice's sobbing form as his expression became more and more disgusting. Sheila trembled under the aim of that giant penis, but held her chest out open mouth position. And Kira was uncomfortable as Jeania gasped deeper and deeper watching that awful man abuse those three poor girls.

Then he climaxed. A thick glob flew from his tip and completely hid Sheila's facial features. He spurted again and more flooded her face then slopped off onto her out pushed breasts. He pumped more white ooze over the blonde's head. Working Beatrice along his penis like he was attempting to milk the last drops out of his manhood. He gave a deep sigh once he was empty.

He pulled the defeated Beatrice from his wilting penis and pressed her into the semen drenched front of Sheila. Holding them like the soiled beings they were. He pulled up his underwear and pants. Securing them before walking over to the cages and placing them back in, closing their access door. He walked over and wiped the top of the strange thin round table and left Kira's view.

"Did you see how powerful he was? His cum must have flew the equivalent of ten feet before it hit Sheila in the face." Jeania gushed.

"He could have drowned her with that slop. And poor Beatrice, he raped her and your aroused by that?" Kira snapped.

"See, that's what I meant earlier. We can't look at what he does here like he's a person. He's a force of nature. You wouldn't get mad at lightning for striking a tree." Jeania's tone was so self assured.

"But he is a person, just a sick cruel one." Kira reminded her cage mate.

"No, he's more like." Jeania started,

"Don't say it, don't call him that again!" Kira threatened.

"A mythological deity, is that better?" Jeania countered.

"Yes." Kira surrendered.

Jeania leaned back on her couch and sighed loudly then confessed, "I had never wanted to have cum sprayed on my face till now. I wonder what it'll taste like."

"You don't even feel bad for Beatrice do you? She was waiting till she got married. That horrible act was her first experience of sex." Kira tried to reason with the enthralled libido of the red haired giant groupie.

"It'll be my first experience too." The glasses-clad girl replied flatly.

Kira was shocked, "Never?"

Jeania shrugged and said matter of factly, "With girls like you, Gabby, and Cyder on the team no one notices the short nerdy looking girls. I never had anyone I like like me back yet."

"I'm sure there was a guy that liked you. You're very pretty." Kira strangely felt bad.

"Thanks, coming from you, that's very encouraging." Jeania said back with a soft smile.

"Yeah, if we get out of this I'll help you find a guy. I promise. A nice normal sized guy." Kira encouraged her.

"You know not every girl likes just guys." Jeania said.

"Wait, did you decide to be one of those lesbians?" Kira was now more uncomfortable in this place.

"I'm Bi. And it's not a choice." Jeania repeated the gay agenda line.

"God put men and women on the Earth so they could get married and have children. You know, go forth and multiply." Kira explained now realizing why she never really talked with Jeania before.

"And science says different sexualities are as natural as sunshine and the tides. So maybe God is a little more open about who can love who then the old white guys that altered the Bible to push their agenda on the masses." Jeania argued.

"No, the bible is always right." Kira had been told this since she was little. Father Brown wouldn't lie.

"So, it was right when God, whose ten main rules include not killing, ordered the Israelites to kill all the people, including children in a city." Jeania pointed out.

"They would have ruined the Israelites faith." Kira thought. She couldn't quite remember as this wasn't taught that detailed during Sunday school.

Jeania smirked, "Oh I see, child murder is alright then. But two consenting adults loving each other and not hurting anyone is a horrible sin. That explains all the child molesting priests have done."

"Those were priests that lost their faith. Not a reflection of the Church as a whole. And God will punish them for their sins." Kira hated when people brought that up.

"Oh, so we should not judge them then?" Jeania asked a clearly leading question.

Kira was feeling so down suddenly as she said, "No, they should face legal punishment too. Can we talk about something else?"

"Sure." Jeania's tone sounded sympathetic. Yet then she asked, "While under his cock do you think Beatrice could feel its weight? Like was it like she was being buried under its mass? Or do you think he held most of the weight off and she just felt the pressure from his giant hand pushing her up against it?"

"You need more Bible study." Kira reasoned.

"I just can't stop thinking about it. Being so small and helpless while he's so large and powerful. The sights, sounds, sensations, tastes, and even smells I'm so excited to experience them all.'' She was practically glowing like a bride on her wedding day.

Kira shook her head in pity for her new friend. Jeania clearly read that and confessed, "I'm sorry I just never been this aroused by someone before. And when it's our turn I plan on greedily taking in as much of the experience as I can. Please, please just try not to spoil that for me."

"I'll try." Kira said, wondering how she was going to handle it when it was their turn.

"He's back." Jeania purred.

Sure enough he was. He placed a coffee cup on the desk and was putting things away. Kira didn't see Heidi. Then she noticed in the cup, Heidi's little head was just about the brown liquid. He lifted the mug and took a sip. Heidi looked to have no choice but to slide to that side of the cup. He smiled and grabbed her with his lips. He lifted her out and her shapely legs wiggled as her naked ass hung from his mouth. His jaw was moving, making the legs kick more. Then he tilted and let the clearly naked Heidi back into his cup. She posed holding her chest tight and Kira realized he had felt up her breasts with his massive tongue.

"Oh I never thought about that." Jeania purred.

Jeania clearly saw it differently than Kira as she wondered aloud, "Do you think he plans on eating her?"

"No, look at his expression. He's playing. No, I think shapely Miss. Heidi has caught his eye. She won't be up for auction if I was to guess." Jeania sounded envious.

"You make that sound like a good thing?" Kira questioned.

Jeania looked at her and shrugged, "Better the devil you know. He might feed products he finds annoying to that lizard. But his buyers might even give us that long once they get a hold of one of us."

"You think being cooperative will make him want to keep us?" Kira hadn't put much thought into his buyers.

"Likely wouldn't hurt." Jeania reasoned.

"How?" Kira understood this way of thinking.

Jeania's smile was a little unnerving. She hummed out her words, "Follow my lead. Don't think about what he did or might do. Just think about how powerful his hands are. The giant sexual nature of his genitals. Surrender to your instinct to surrender to that overwhelming might and use all your energy to make him enjoy playing with you. That's my plan." That was simple for her. She was aroused by the giant while all Kira felt was terror at his presence.

As they were talking he had put away the books and props he made the others pose with. As well as the ring lights and the tripod. But he left the camera out. He placed the late Mrs. Goguen's bag into a box of what looked like other discarded or unwanted tiny people’s things. Then dumped Beatrice and Sheila's clothes in their compartment and put away that tub. He wiped down the area with a disinfectant dusting cloth and inspected the area.

Happy with his work he pulled Heidi from his drink and sucked her strong legs into his mouth. She looked terrified then his jaw moved and her body roll reacted and she turned to look at his massive face. Another jaw movement and Heidi's head snapped back and she gasped. His jaw just started rolling and Heidi recoiled with the rhythm. Making her plump ample breasts bounce wildly. Soon her expression lost all fear and looked drunk.

Kira and Jeania looked at each other and to Kira's surprise they both thought the same thing, "His giant tongue must feel so good down there." They both laughed at such a depraved idea.

The moment of joy was broken with all the dark moments of the day and Kira burst into tears. Jeania slid beside her and stroked her hair as she cried hard. Jeania must have had tissues close as Kira found a supply offered to her to help her deal with tears and things.

Gathering herself Kira asked, "What is he doing now?"

"He went over into what looks like an office and has been doing stuff on his computer. Likely sorting and selecting the images he wants to use to sell the first group with." Jeania said in a soft caring tone.

Kira felt safe hugged by her cage partner. She was warm and her curves supportive yet also nicely soft. She squeezed her and Jeania squeezed her back. Kira liked this cuddle, it was cozy.

"He's going to sell us all." Kira whimpered while resting her head on Jeania's shoulder.

"Going by how he's practically smoking Heidi delirious I don't think she's going up for sale." Jeania warmly replied.

Kira strained but she could just make out Heidi. Her body still pumped in time with his jaw movements. Her face looked happily exhausted. He did pull her from his lips like her Uncle Enrique pulled out his cigars. As he sipped his coffee she hung limp. But as soon as his lips touched her feet her legs pointed straight out. And as he sucked them in Kira could see Heidi smile and start to spread her legs. Bouncing again in his lips as he worked.

He got up and walked past with Heidi just bobbing from his mouth. After a while he returned and the strawberry busty blonde sat back in his mug. Head just above some whip cream and chocolate syrup. Almost cute, he had given her a matching whip cream hat. Her arms hooked the lip of the mug and that reclined position looked to barely keep her above the liquid. He returned to whatever he was working on in his office.

He stepped out of the office and shut off the light. Then walked over to the cages. He was looking through the cages when his massive face stopped before Kira's cage and his face morphed into a big grin. As the door opened Jeania reminded, "His power, just think about how powerful he is, nothing else."

That wouldn't be too hard as he pinned them together with just one hand. He walked over to a couch Kira hadn't noticed before. He was smacking his lips like he was about to eat them when he asked, "You product ready to make me feel good?"

He clearly wasn't expecting Jeania to sing back, "Yes Master."

"Oh, what was that?" he asked.

"We're helpless and small. Yours to play with, doesn't that make you our Master?" Jeania breathlessly gasped back at him. Kira could feel Jeania's body heating up with lustful fever.

Kira was starting to understand Jeania's strange reaction. Just concentrating on how powerful the hand was. How she could feel the steel-like tendons holding the hand tight enough to keep them from falling, yet wasn't crushing them. A flex and he could have them screaming in pain. He wasn't looking to hurt them, just enjoy their helpless little bodies. Now her skin was starting to feel warm.

His eyes switched to her and Kira felt her heart skip a beat then rush her blood. This wasn't like meeting a cute guy. Or like being alone with her boyfriend. This was more primal, more trapped prey by a massive predator. She was terrified and heavily aroused at the same time. His words made her shiver, "What do you think my tan pretty product?"

Kira heard her voice tremble back, "We are yours to enjoy, Master."

His smile told she did good. The man shaped force of nature was pleased and that was good. As if to help her realize what she already knew Jeania whispered, "Good job."

He placed them on the arm of the couch and the Heidi holding mug on the end table behind that. Then he stripped down to his underwear. It was intimidating having him tower over them like that. Like a living building. A building that was about to use them sexually.

Kira's mind attempted to bring up good points to be against this. How what he was doing was sinful. His monstrous past actions from just hours ago. She chased them from her mind by repeating to herself, "Think about how powerful he is. His physical power over you."

There the giant stripped. And the vast looming form reinforced how helplessly small she was compared to him. Kira's heart pounded under his slight rounded stomach. His pants came undone and he spread the fly wide. The thick coil of his manhood pressed semi-harden against his underwear. It was so huge, like a giant snake about to rise and devour her. Kira reasoned it was likely average sized for a normal human man. But at five or so inches tall it was enormous.

It looked even larger as he pushed his underwear off his hips. Kira whimpered aloud despite herself. Jeania stayed enamored and actually moaned an aroused sound. He must have liked their sounds as his penis uncurled into a big thick erect shaft of giant sexuality. Concentrating on his impossible physical power made Kira strangely feel herself becoming moist in her womanhood.

His mighty hand pressed Kira into Jeania's softer form. The contrast made Kira feel sinful thoughts. He pulled open a drawer and picked up a plastic little cup. He reclined along his couch and placed them at the top of the dome made by his stomach. Kira looked behind her and staring back was his sexual organ. Her heart rattled hard in her chest and she realized she would have to touch that massive penis. Kira found she was having naughty curious thoughts about how she would be made to touch herself to it.

Movement made Kira look back up across the chest field of the giant. His far off smiling face made her feel tiny. The movement was that plastic cup. His voice had its own power to it when sitting on his stomach, "Strip and make it fun to watch."

Kira's emotions were in a twisted state. Focusing on his inhuman power. Tinted with how helplessly small she was. She was terrified, yet was liking it in a sinful way. Her hips wiggled and her shoulders rolled when all she wanted to do was take off her shirt.

She pulled it off and held it over the cup in an odd posture. Shoulders back, chest out and arm dangling far out from her body. Jeania looked at her as she posed similarly. She winked and Kira felt herself leaning close to be curious about what girls did when sinning together. They both dropped their shirts together.

"Bra next." Jeania whispered. Kira nodded slightly. Jeania was confident if they did as she suggested they would be safer. Kira felt herself rolling her torso. Almost trusting her breasts at her new master. He looked pleased. Her bra unhooked and she almost ripped the garment off her own body. Was she somehow absorbing that giant's lustful wants through his skin?

Jeania was behind her. She slowly slipped the straps off her shoulders. Gave the giant a playful wiggle and bounce. Then slipped her bra off for him to see her breasts too. Kira watched his tongue slowly drag across his lips and she remembered how mesmerized Heidi had been while hanging from those lips. She wanted to learn what was so transfixing.

Jeania slipped very close. Kira found she liked how the freckled red haired Latina smelled. She hugged Kira tightly then requested, "Rise on your knees."

Kira followed her suggestion. There was something sinfully enjoyable about having Jeania's face pressed between her breasts. Jeania made the giant hum happily by simply rubbing her face back and forth. Jeania's hands undid Kira's shorts. Jeania voice was more appealing then it should have been as she advised, "Roll your hips." Kira danced her hips like the routine the boys at school would whoop and whistle at. As she pumped her hips suggestively Jeania slipped her shorts and panties off her buttocks and down her thighs.

Jeania hinted a playful whisper, "Fall back." Then her soft hands pressed Kira's nipples. Kira rolled onto her back. Jeania grabbed one of her legs and stroked her hands down Kira's calves to her thighs to where her shorts and panties blocked them. This sent a sinful sensation through Kira's body. Jeania smiled up at the admiring force of nature. Kira followed the gaze and saw his eyes admiring her arched form. This made her chest heave. She didn't need to breathe this heavy. Kira couldn't resist the hypnotic way his eyes bounced in time with her chest.

Kira liked how Jeania was nuzzling her calves as she untied her sneaker. She hooked the shoe into the wide plastic basket. Then made Kira consider sinning hard as she slid her hand firmly up Kira's leg and took her ankle sock off. Tossing the ball into the bin too.

Kira let her leg fall as Jeania pushed it off her shoulder. She grabbed and straightened the other one. Petting along the top of it with one hand she plucked the laces open with her other hand. Hooking the back of the shoe she slipped it off and dropped it in the cup. Pinching the toe of the sock and playfully pulled it off Kira's foot. Dropping it in.

Jeania gilded Kira to place her legs together and point her toes at the sky high ceiling. She grabbed Kira's shorts and panties and almost had to stand her shorter body up to pull them off Kira's legs. Kira realized she was now naked and helpless on the stomach of this mythological-like god reborn. Being with her boyfriend never made her feel this type of excitement.

Her legs were spread apart and Jeania fell between them. Her perky chest pressed Kira's and this was another new excitement. Kira felt herself rising even before Jeania grabbed her hands and started to sit herself back. Kira sat up sinfully hoping to catch Jeania's pillow looking lips.

Jeania barely had, "Now me." out before Kira was lustfully pushing that sinful siren onto her back. Kira grabbed her legs and folded Jeania almost in two. The shape of her toned legs felt amazing along her naked chest. Jeania was panting in a most intoxicating way. Her puffy pigtails spread wide on the living landscape's naked skin. Those reddish brown eyes were the sexiest things Kira had ever experienced. She needed this girl naked.

Kira didn't question this twisted want. Tacking it up to being influenced by fear and survival instinct. She stroked a hand up Jeania's calf and grabbed her sneaker. Laces popped easily and she took off the shoe and whipped it into the waiting bin. She copied the motions with the other shoe. Then reached under Jeania's stiff skirt and savored the skin up those fit little legs and balled the socks off her little bubble toes.

Hugging Jeania's legs Kira reached behind her and undid her sexy short skirt. Kira hooked the skirt and underwear and pulled them off the first woman she ever admitted to being attracted to in a biblical way. Actually lifting the smaller girl onto her shoulders as she took those interfering garments and sacrificed them to their new Zeus.

Jeania's knees bent over Kira's shoulders and those delicious legs parted to expose Jeania's womanhood directly to Kira. It was smooth except for a little dark crimson hair patch at the top. The line of her blossom was wet with sinful wanting liquid. Kira could smell the gorgeous beauty's sexuality. Kira had never even thought about kissing a woman's vagina. But seeing Jeania's tight moist spot and Kira couldn't think about anything but shoving her tongue deep into that peach and suckling the pit out.

Steel strong fingers larger than Kira's legs coiled around her and pulled her away from Jeania. Her breasts were pressed by a thumb and index that could have crushed her chest if they were commanded to. Delightfully thick pinky sneaked between her thighs and she soon realized Jeania's womanhood wasn't the only one wet with wrong ideas. One hand was fondling her helpless naked form. So large it was wrapped around her. So strong she couldn't have resisted. She moaned like a harlot in this new Zeus' grip and was blessed to be his plaything.

Jeania's distant voice was howling like a cat in heat. Kira could barely focus on where the sound was coming from. There in Zeus' other hand was the freckled Latina. Her legs flopped wildly from the rubbing his pinky was giving her womanhood. Her perky breasts were pressed back tight into her chest. Her expression was akin to drunk with joy.

The hand let go and Kira landed on her master's stomach. Jeania was right there with her. They coiled close so they both could look up at their new Zeus and be appraised by his eyes on high. "You, carefully put your glasses in the cup."

"Yes Master." Jeania breathlessly purred. She crawled over to the cup in a rolling slithering motion that looked amazing from the back. The giant's expression said he liked the front showing. She flowed gracefully to a kneeling position and took off her glasses. Placing them in with the other clothes to finish their offering to Zeus.

He reached down from mount Olympus and took the cup. He arched, making them both stagger over. Kira's brain was now taking any sign of his larger nature as a showing of his ownership of her. This simple act to position so he could place the cup on the table behind his head made her purr.

He placed his hands behind his head and asked, "If I am truly your Master, what should you two be doing now?"

Jeania's torso made this appealing rolling motion. Then she turned. Kira felt those lovely lustful eyes linger on her then look past her. Kira turned to see what could have caught the redhead's attention. There, hard and thick was staring back, the altar for them to worship this modern Zeus.

His massive manhood was silently calling Kira towards it. The sexual depravity of a penis large enough to slither her entire body along it's surface. The enthralling draw of a man's sexuality she would have to use her whole self to even have a chance to pleasure. Could this tiny thing pleasure a god?

As Kira got close she reached out a trembling hand. So warm it made her shiver. The air around her was too cold not to get closer. Her cheek slid along its skin, smooth and enticing. Kira's mind asked lustfully, "Oh what does it taste like." She opened her lips and pressed her tongue to it. Oh the flavor of giant sex made her moan and drool.

She started to climb upon it to bath it it's warmth and sexual energy. There she found Jeania pressing along it like a friendly cat. There was too much sex for her so Kira happily let Jeania love that other side. Their tongues dragged long and slow but couldn't satisfy their thrust for his massive organ. Breasts grind against that warm smooth thick skin made Kira's body feel a pleasure like nothing before. She climbed and hooked a leg to straddle for hold. This pressed her lowly womanhood to this Zeus' penis and this connection felt more penetrating than any time with that boy she once considered a boyfriend put his small thing in her.

Kira didn't get to hump her hips like her lust wanted. A hand, one powerful hand, claimed Jeania and her. She moaned like a tramp as he dragged them both along the shaft and back. Her body was going to explode as he continued to use them both like the sinful toys they were to him.

"Huh, I thought it was an act." he hummed.

Jeania lustfully admitted first, "No Master, I wanted you to use me since you grabbed that whore Miss. Pierrot."

"Forgive me Master, I was scared, So scared. Jeania said to just concentrate on how powerful you are. And now that I did I need you to use me, use me please Master." Came Kira's carnal confession.

His hand lifted. This was a punishment and a blessing. They were no longer pressed by steel tendons of the muscles in his palm. Couldn't feel his crushing power holding their small bodies. But now they could worship at his phallic altar. Taste his sex organ's skin. Show their reverence by using their helpless naked womanly bodies to hopefully get the blessing of his pleasured release.

As they lustfully worshiped Zeus's penis his body shifted. Lifting the Penis from the slight incline of his stomach. They had to cling tight as they used their bodies to suckle his manhood or fall. He lowered and Kira almost slipped off. But slithered back into place and tighter to that penetrating sexual heat.

Kira could hear the giant was sucking on something. Whatever it was it gave tired gasping sounds as he did. Then his shadow came over and Kira next burst with the mere thought he was going to take over their bodies again. His hand didn't land. Moving past she saw the lucky bitch Heidi in his grip. She looked so drained of any energy. He lowered his hand and the Strawberry blonde disappeared as he pressed her under his scrotum. There the busty spoiled teammate was used by their new Zeus to massage his testicles.

Kira couldn't resist any longer. The influence of that giant sex organ with the sight of him using her friend to massage his testicles was too much for her mind so limited in sexual imagination. That boy that she had sex with never even gotten her as aroused as just being near Zeus' penis. And he never went long enough for her to feel this finish. But worshiping here allowed her to transcend mortal flesh and taste a drop of Heaven's glory. And she sat up high with arms stretched to the new ceiling sky screaming loudly her prayer of blasphemy, "Yes, rule me Master Zeus! Rule your convert!" The taste faded and she flopped back along her new lord's sex organ and returned to her pleasure worshiped.

"Good Product I caught. Which of you want to get your face covered in my cum?" He requested.

"Please Master, I just need to taste it." Jeania begged.

Kira needed to be accepted into this new depraved religion, "Baptize me in your pleasure Master! Please Master, I need to know you accept this lost soul!"

Kira yelped as her legs were snatched and she was dragged off the sex altar. She was moved there before the tip. His hand grabbed and posed her like that whore Sheila had posed herself. Face and chest out. Kira opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue far out. She didn't like the taste of semen or like it on her face. But that was from a boy, this was the semen of a force of nature.

His hand left her posed and she felt blessed to be trusted so by their Master. The hand now turned Jeania on his shaft. The Redhead's limbs were wrapped against his shaft. He started to drag the freckled Latina along his sexual organ. This made Jeania moan lustfully, almost animalistic.

"Oh yeah you feel good. Come one Red, make me cum all over that tan skinned hottie's face." he praised them.

Jeania howled as she tasted heaven. Kira looked directly at that at the tip of his penis. His hand sped up Jeania's trips, he would soon release his blessing. Kira shut her eyes firmly. She had heard the other girls talk about how getting semen in their eyes stung badly. This wasn't going to be a spurt like they experienced. No, she was about to be nearly drowned.

Thick warm liquid-like goo covered her face and muffled Jeania's pleasured bellowing. It filled Kira's mouth like syrup. Weirdly sweet and salty yet also so rich in flavor she drank it readily while her face and breasts were drenched in it. Greedily she swallowed and scooped it off herself to suck more down her throat.

A warm curvy form slinked up her body and Kira rejoiced that she could share Master's blessing with Jeania. Then Kira's head rolled back and she moaned a long oh sound. Jeania's soft full lips were suckling her very alert nipple. Those lips suckled their way up Kira's breast, along her neck. Then to Kira's own lips.

Kira was never comfortable seeing girls kiss each other. Even when just to tease guys at a party. She never did that sort of thing as that was dangerously close to choosing to be a Lesbian. Well, she was more than comfortable with the concept at this moment. Hands grabbed Jeania's head and tongue hooked at her new roommate's tongue. They fell over and Kira felt them writhing and rolling about like two snakes attempting to wrestle.

Her hands started to explore Jeania's curvy fit body. Jeania's hand started going places another girl's hands shouldn't go. Kira couldn't think of a good reason to stop the Red head's hands. And many reasons why she wanted them to keep looking.

"As fun as this is to watch, I have things to do in the morning." This Zeus said. Then pinned them together in a mighty pinch. They stopped kissing and touching while they were moving. He took them back to their cage and placed them inside. He walked away and Kira realized the couch was just out of view from their cage. He returned and placed the cup with their clothes in with them.

He smiled and snickered. Then praised, "Good job Products. I'll be seeing you two in the morning for certain." Then he shut their door and walked away.

Without the giant's presence Kira felt more herself. What she did was wrong, so much of it was wrong. Though at this moment sitting on the floor covered in that giant's semen she wasn't feeling guilty about it. Just acknowledged it had been wrong.

"You OK?" Jeania asked sympathetically.

"Yes, no. I don't know. I never experience sensations like that. Emotions like that." Kira just let words fall out of her.

"You should go shower." Jeania advised standing.

Kira accepted her hand. "Yeah, I am sticky. But, you're sticky to aren't you?"

"Yeah, but I was looking to get sticky remember?" Jeania said with a sweet smile.

"Yeah, but I begged for him to baptize me in it." Kira was thinking she should be regretting that phrasing.

"We could both shower." Jeania suggested.

Kira looked at the large shower booth. There was room in there if not in the water. Jeania could make sure there was no semen left on her back for her. "OK, we can try that." Kira agreed.

They walked side by side towards the shower booth. Both peeking at the other. Kira wondered why Jeania's sweet freckled cheeks were becoming red. She also wondered if she had a fever as her cheeks felt warm. They squeezed through the door and each turned to the shower button. Kira pressed hers and after a cold burst it soon warmed to a nice temperature. She turned and Jeania stood there with her dark crimson hair down and soaked in with water. Kira's arms shot out and they pressed tight and kissed.

Jeania's wet skin felt amazing. They coiled tight together and stroked each other's skin. Kira allowed her hand to touch sinful parts like those freckled firm round bum cheeks. Fondle perky tan shaded breasts. This was a sin her mind reminded as she body told her how wonderful it was feeling from this deviant act.

"Here." Jeania offered her a white soapy thin cloth.

Kira's mouth lifted from Jeania's skin to ask, "What is it?"

"According to the label it's shampoo. Could you wash my hair as I wash yours?" Jeania explained. Kira answered with a deep kiss.

Kira took the cloth. It felt like an overly wet disinfectant wipe. She stroked Jeania's hair with it as Jeania petted her long black hair. This allowed them to continue kissing. Kira wondered why this had made her uncomfortable again. Sin, Father Brown said it was a sin. Well, this sin was making her forget the hell she saw today.

Hair done Jeania grabbed new clothes labeled body wash and they washed the others body, Wiping down backs and over round buttocks. Scrubbing under and over breasts. Lifting a leg to wash the length of their sensual dance partner's toned limb.

"Conditioner." Jeania gasped, handing Kira another sheet. Bodies pressed tight as hands stroked the treatment through the other's hair. Mouths tasted and sucked at the other's mouth. While the whole time warm water rained on their naked forms.

Kira felt Jeania's hand slide down her back. It lovingly followed the path of her hip. Caressed along towards her inner thigh. Then started as fingers touched her in that before bed fashion. Jeania looked up nervously at Kira. Kira forgot her morals and pulled that pretty face back to taste those redden lips some more. Slipping her own hand between Jeania's own supple thighs to touch her good night too.

Jeania's fingers seem to know exactly where Kira's naughty touch spots were. Playing with the bud of her rose before slipping down and lapping their tips at her well. Kira attempted to copy her dance partner's moves. It was hard as she had to hunch to stimulate the shorter girl's lady parts. Pretty freckled features gave the impression of being delighted despite the awkward pose.

Kira found she could touch Jeania bud with her thumb while fingers drank deep into Jeania's sexual entrance. The redhead began panting in an exciting way. Kira worked her hand faster and faster as that brought more and more pleasure sounds from her shower partner. Then she savored as the fit sexy girl arched her head back and moaned satisfaction.

Kira pulled her hand out from between Jeania's thighs thinking the freckled Latina was spent. Yet the shorter girl just gave her an intoxicating gasping smile. Kira was pinned to the shower wall. Jeania's pillowy lips suckled and licked her nipple like it was her only way to get substantive. Those little fingers slipped deep into Kira's flower and stroked inside her. Fast those fingers danced in there. And Kira's blood sped to match. Those touches made Kira's body burn hotter than any fever she could remember. And Kira gained a taste of heaven again.

Kira's body eased as she stopped stretching up hard from her scream of delight. This taste of heaven broke whatever spell she was under. She grabbed Jeania's shoulders and pushed the redhead off her. "Kira, are you alright?" The crimson haired girl asked kindly.

Honestly came to Kira's lips as she explained, "Yes, I just don't choose this. I'm a good girl."

Jeania's hand cupped her cheek softly as she explained, "You can be a good girl and be bi or gay. They are not opposites."

"But it's a sin. I've sinned with you. That giant made us sin together somehow." Kira reasoned. It couldn't be an attraction no matter how lovely Jeania was or how wonderful her naked body felt along hers. No, man and woman were the only attraction according to Father Brown. He was right wasn't he?

"I'm sorry Kira. I think with all the events of today we might have gone too far. But if you want to explore these new feelings you're not used to, I am here for you. In any way you are comfortable exploring them." Jeania offered.

Kira was left wondering why the prospect of exploring feelings was making her heart pound so hard. "Thank you." She told her shower partner. "But I think we should pray for guidance."

Jeania gave a knowing smile and responded, "You can. I'm going to dry off and brush out my hair."

Kira conceded that was a good idea. "Yeah, I'll do that first."

They found towels in a little closet hatch right outside the showers. They dried their skin and patted their hair. Then they both selected a make-up mirror desk and started brushing out the tangles in their hair. Kira found herself using her mirror to peek at Jeania. Sinful choice thoughts kept invading her mind. Still when she caught Jeania doing the same her heart fluttered.

Kira felt her hair was dry enough for bed. She walked over and kneeled beside her selected one. She prayed for guidance and forgiveness. Kira also begged for them to be saved from that horrible giant.

Finished, she slipped into the bed. The sheets and mattress weren't bad for a cage. "Night Jeania.'' She called over to her roommate.

"Night Kira." Jeania called back.

They both shut off their lights and a dim glow shone from the back of the cage. Likely to guide them to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The massive territory that was the room beyond was pitch black, like the very abyss.

Softly Kira heard Jeania moving towards her. In an unnecessary whisper Jeania asked, "Can I join you?"

Kira wanted to point out she had a bed across the room. Yet she was so scared to be alone in this new world. She lifted her blankets and Jeania cuddled close. Only towels wrapping their bodies kept them apart. Jeania sighed, "Thanks I was getting scared."

"I thought you liked it here?" Kira asked, finding herself more relaxed with Jeania's curvy form hugged close.

"I'm aroused by our new Master. His size, his power. But, trapped in a cage in an unknown place with nothing but inky blackness looking in at us. That's scary." Jeania explained.

"I'm scared to." Kira confessed.

"We'll get through this together then." Jeania promised while nuzzling her face along Kira's neck.

"Yes, we'll face the scary things together." Kira agreed while attempting to ignore her growing arousal at Jeania's womanly presence. Ignored it as the day's strain took them both to dreamland and troubling dreams.
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Re: Tiny Products

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Jul 17, 2022 6:20 pm

Bit stuck trying to figure out how I want to start chapter five so I'm going to take a break from staring at a blank white screen and ask a few questions. I hope putting these questions out there will free up imagination.

When I mention tiny ladies I have an image for would you lot like me to include it?
And if so,
Did you want all I have images for or just the ones that would be up for auction in story?
Continuing on that topic, Would you only want the images I have for characters as they go up for auction in story?
I only ask because I know some like to imagine the ladies themselves, but if there is a vocal interest in seeing them, well I could share them as sperate posts.

I plan on him taking Product photos of many of the girls soon, but I'm honesty stuck on ideas for props for them to hold, be posed on/over? Hard cover books, lollipop, pens and pencils, plastic center piece banana, fruit center piece grapes, and empty drink cups and/or soda cans I have thought of but I think he would have a bunch of everyday things to keep the girl's individual promotional images different. He didn't care about the Fuglies, so he was OK repeating shots with them. Also, dry items. He wouldn't want to clean up whipped cream and the like between photo shots.

I guess I only really had two main questions and off shot questions connected to those rattling about my brain and taking up imagination. Thanks for your input. Remember if you have questions about any of my stories feel free to ask. I'll likely answer if it won't be a spoiler or if, well, I actually know at this point or not. :P

Hope you all have a good day,

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Re: Tiny Products

Post by GiantMe » Sun Jul 17, 2022 7:07 pm

IMHO post the photo in a separate thread, and as for prop ideas to post with, office stuff, food stuff, bottles, cans, drinking glasses, everyday small or their size items ( or larger than), here is a site for inspiration. http://pinupmoods.free.fr/the_incredibl ... oject.html

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Re: Tiny Products

Post by ThumbneilaLover » Fri Jul 22, 2022 12:57 am

I love this story. Keep it going. I hope we see Penny and Heidi a little more. I would absolutely love pictures of all the girls in the story. I think the pictures of the girls going on auction are a great idea. If you show pictures in another thread I suggest linking it here. I also believe you should post pictures of Kira, Heidi, and Jeania. Since they are getting the most focus.

For the props and poses, I suggest maybe having on of the props being a dildo? Maybe having them draping themselves over it with their ass to the camera while looking back?

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Re: Tiny Products

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Glad your enjoying it. I am still thinking about adding the pics but I'm not sure. If I did I would keep them within this thread as they are all the same pose just different ladies. How about this, I have two votes. One for and one against (Kind of maybe, different thread clearly.) So I'll see what others say by next Thursday and go with what people want to see. Or not see. I'm good either way.

I do want to apologize as I honestly forgot it was Thursday and almost didn't post a new chapter in one of my stories. I figure you would forgive me but I still feel bad enough to note it anyway. So I hope you enjoy the chapter below.

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CH 03: Tiny Products

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^ Note above ^

Chapter 03: Treats and Treated
M/f,f Finger Insertion.
M/f,f,f Oral play, food play.

The door to the cage opened and both of them jumped awake. Terror overran modesty as that massive middle aged face smiled at them. Their towels long since slipped off, they were naked in bed together in that giant's eyes. He snickered and advised, "You two are just trying too hard."

His hand reached in and left something on the round table by the couches. "A little treat for being such good little products last night." Then he closed them in again.

Jeania bound from the bed and grabbed a blanket from her bed. Wrapping herself as looked at the so called treat. "Fresh sliced fruit." She called over her shoulder.

Kira slipped up more cautiously. Bringing a blanket so she wasn't prancing naked in full view of anyone outside of the cage. There on the little table was one of those cups that you get with liquid medicine. Inside were slices of cherry, strawberry, and grape.

Jeania grabbed a cherry slice and advised, "He's got Mrs. Cash and Miss. Pierrot."

Mrs. Cash

Miss. Pierrot

Kira shifted over to the couches. There he was standing in just his underwear. As if he was showing off for them in particular he held the two pretty young blonde languages teachers hanging from their arms from pressed between the fingers on one of his hands. Pierrot's bottoms was gone and he was slowly slipping Mrs. Cash's pajama shorts off her long legs. Once off her he tossed it back into the shapely teacher's shared cage.

He hooked their dangling ankles between the fingers on his free hand and let go of their arms as his hand flipping them upside down right before Kira. The show of power over the two adult women made Jeania sigh wantingly.

Upside down he started tugging at Mrs. Cash's pajama shirt. She grabbed hold and was clearly begging but their cage allowed no sound to enter. The athletic woman had no chance as he took the shirt, balled it up, and just tossed it into their cage. He then pushed her little arms out of his mighty way and began tauntingly fondling Mrs. Cash fitness-firmed D-Cup breasts. She clearly wasn't thinking about just experiencing his power as she squirmed and helplessly struggled.

Then as if he got bored fondling one attractive little blonde creature, his finger then hooked into Miss. Pierrot's top. Then with a quick snap of his wrist she was topless. Shirt tossed into their compartment like it was a used tissue his hand came back for her exposed C-cup breasts. She struggled and slapped to resist his touching her own toned chest. It looked like he enjoyed that.

He stopped and Kira gasped as his eyes went on her. He winked and Jeania openly swooned. Then he opened the waistband of his underwear. Kira found herself looking down his dizzying height for a peek at that one eyed serpent. There it was stiff and peeking back up at her.

He lowered both teachers into his underwear. Kira heard Jeania whimpering in a wanting way. She noticed herself get a strange cruel rush seeing her former authority figures get their pretty faces and those boy distracting breasts stroked along the tip of his sexuality.

He then closed the tight waistband with both teachers still trapped inside. Their legs were pinned between his slight gut and the band. Kira could tell by how the bulge was shaped their lovely features and appealing breasts were pressed along the tip of that horrible giant's manhood. To add to their belittlement he reached down and rolled and stroked their upside down tops against his penis tip. Smearing their features along his sensitive domed top.

He walked over to the desk chair and sat reclined. He slipped down his underwear to expose all and everyone that was inside. Grabbing them both he dragged the two young teachers along his penis and rubbed their pretty faces into his scrotum. Then back up to the top of his manhood. His mouth moved, clearly he was talking to the two blonde women. They looked up at the towering man-thing and was clearly begging him for mercy. Kira could tell he liked that. Pleading helpless pretty things in his naked lap.

Then like his expression snapped to anger and the two athletic women flinched like they were hit with thunder. The coward before this monstrous giant. Then they turned and draped themselves over the end of his penis and pressed their breasts together to stroke his skin with them. Tongues reached from their mouth and with disgusted looks on their faces began tasting the giant's sexual organ. He smiled as they timidly looked back at him for approval. Seeing it they seem to increase their attempts to pleasure that force of nature.

He reached down and began stroking their raised bent buttocks. One hand each was stroking and fondling their bottoms. He slipped his pinky between their thighs and began firmly touching their womanhood. They flashed each other worried looks.

Then their eyes went wide in terror. The tips of the giant pinky fingers turned and pressed directly into the women's flowers. Kira watched horrified while Jeania hummed hard and her hand slipped under her blanket. The lovely former teachers arched as their shapely legs stretched out and turned, seeking to ease the clear pressure. If it helped or not Kira couldn't tell. All she knew was she wasn't ready to have that thick a digit pushed that deep into her girl spot.

He hooked a thumb tip into the small of their backs. Then with a wiggle of his wrist thrust deep into them both. Their bodies curved and bent from his smallest finger. Their chest was pressed and dragged along his male shaft. Their pretty faces twisted into helpless discomfort. There he raped them with his mere touch.

Whether she wanted to or not, Mrs. Cash looked to climax. This got the fingers pulled out. He moved the panting teacher along his shaft and pressed her d-cup breasts tight to his skin. Slowly he started sliding her along his sexuality.

Miss. Pierrot was spun one hundred and eighty. Legs were split over the tip of his penis. She pleaded and pleaded as he adjusted her waste. It looked to Kira like the pretty teacher's flower was over the hole at the top of his sexual organ. There she hung off it while he held her tightly in place.

One hand stroked Mrs. Cash, the other pinned Miss. Pierrot to the tip. Jeania gasped as Kira ignored what the redhead's hand was doing under her blanket. Kira grabbed a Strawberry shiver to nibble at as the show went on.

Mrs. Cash's body must have felt good as he smiled and leaned his head back. The hand moving the busty blonde moved to wrap her legs tightly around his width. Faster she moved along that powerful being's sexuality. Miss. Pierrot was flopped about at his tip by his overwhelming power. She looked like a toy being roughly played with.

Then Miss. Pierrot's back arched and her eyes went wide with fright. The giant stopped massaging that thick hard penis with Mrs. Cash. Then Miss. Pierrot jumped again. And a large glob of white fluid appeared between her bum cheeks. Kira knew what that was like on her face from a distance. That thick goo blasted straight up that woman's little sexuality must have been intense.

Soon Miss. Pierrot collapsed, but since he still held her legs tight, she just dangled there off the end of his giant penis. Semen flowing from between her firm butt cheeks and down along her spin. The man landscape slowly stroked his shaft with Mrs. Cash. Likely looking to drain every last drop into the exhausted hanging woman. There he looked to be savoring his moment.

He smiled and moved Miss. Pierrot off his tip upside down. Then lifted Mrs. Cash and pressed her panting face into Miss. Pierrot's exposed and semen drooling womanhood. He pressed them together in one hand and turned them so any fluids seeping out of Miss. Pierrot's flower would pool all over Mrs. Cash's face. He walked over and then put them away like a good child putting away toys after his mother's request.

He opened their cage again. His eyes washed over Kira, then locked on his real worshiper, Jeania. "Like that huh? Good product. Now I'm going to wash up for the day. When I get back you two better have your bodies perfectly clean or get punished. Understood?"

Kira wasn't even the focus yet that powerful voice burst air over her and into her very soul. She might not be as enamored as Jeania, but that didn't stop her from saying with the redhead, "Yes Master."

"Good." He said and closed the door. Walking away.

They looked at each other. Then bolted to the shower leaving their blankets behind. They didn't interact like the night before. No they had no idea when the giant would return. Without the giant looming Kira felt more fear of his wrath then that strange twisted lust. Jeania however was still fully affected by the idea of being in that cruel man's clutches. She was clearly fighting the urge to fondle herself. Kneading and massaging along her inner thighs. Self pleasured girlhood wouldn't be perfectly clean as he demanded so she washed instead.

They came out and went to fix their hair. Clumps and knots might make him angry after all. "Should we do our make-up?" Jeania asked like she was going to meet up with some guy she had a crush on.

"He said perfectly clean." Kira reminded her new friend.

"Yes, right." Jeania accepted. Then she asked, "You think he likes me in pig-tails or should I try my hair down?"

Kira couldn't think of a better answer then, "However you think it looks better."

"But, what do you think? I mean he's so beyond us I want him to find me appeasing." Jeania sounded more worried about her appearance than not knowing why he wanted them clean.

"Pig-tails." Kira decided for her. The creepy guy at her dad’s work had commented how guys his age like a pretty young thing in pig-tails once. And that was the last time Kira wore pig-tails to her father's office.

"Are you doing pig-tails?" Jeania inquired.

Kira didn't want to be appealing to that horrible giant. Well, currently, her reaction when under his direct attention was contrary to her true self. Still, if it would help relax Jeania she reasoned, "If you want me to."

"Please, I think he'll like it if we matched." Jeania's longing to be this sick monster's plaything was disturbing. Yet the idea of an unknown new giant holding her in his hand did make Kira understand the desire.

Then they were ready. Kira got up and went for her bags. "What are you doing?" Jeania questioned.

"Getting dressed." Kira answered.

"But, he wants us to be perfectly clean remember. How will he see we are clean if you're dressed." Jeania pointed out.

"Fine, I just hope he doesn't want us clean so he can feed us to some beasts." Kira worried, grabbing her blanket from earlier.

"No, no, he liked us. See, the cup of fruit slices. He wouldn't treat us so just to kill us off." Jeania was so certain. Kira grabbed a strawberry sliver and began to nibble. Jeania's point was a good one.

There they sat for a bit nibbling on fruit crumbs while wrapped in their blankets. They were uncertain what could be taking that perverted giant. Then he appeared and Kira's mind was a flood of terror and temptation.

He smiled at them wearing all black. In his hand was a large mug with a brown liquid. Around his neck was a chain with Heidi in her cheer uniform as the pendant. Her limbs were spread wide and restrained to an outer ring. Pig-tails was likely a good call as the busty strawberry blonde's hair was waving pig-tails at them from the sides of her scared face.

He reached for the cage and Jeania leaped up and dropped her blanket. Her pose was clearly presenting to that sick giant. Kira just felt fear and sat trembling. Then the door clicked and swung open. This one minor change was like a light switch was flipped in Kira's mind. She was drawn to her feet like a moth to a flame. The shielding blanket slipped away as she exposed her naked form to that new mythological god.

He looked them over. Then a hand reached in and slipped a finger between Jeania's thighs, stroking along her womanly area. Jeania purred as her hips rolled to gain more of that massive digit's touch. His words were like the rumble of distant thunder as he purred back, "Hello Red, your going to be a good little bitch for me aren't you?"

Jeania looked to have trouble gaining breath then whimpered out lustfully, "Hmm yes Master."

His hand moved and Kira's heart tumbled hard as it approached to touch her the same way. It pressed and Kira felt her flower bloom over its rounded pad. She gasped as the finger wiggled. The soft ridges of his finger print was stimulating her all over her girl spot. She could feel his might. With a twitch he could have flung her off her feet. A firm poke and she would be dangling in the air by just one of his tremendous digits. Her blood was boiling with sinful want.

"You're a good little bitch too aren't you tan skin. Not as accepting as my Red. But you're learning aren't you?" His voice alone was enough to make Kira's body vibrate.

"Yes Master, sorry Master." Kira had to expel those words to that living force of nature.

"It's good bitch. You'll mine, we have time to train you more." He praised and Kira whimpered happily.

"Now to sweeten my coffee." he said. His hand moved and Kira was helpless in his grip. Jeania's advice about just surrendering to his restrained might made this a pleasurable experience.

Her toes touched hot liquid, then she was breast deep in the coffee. She could smell the chocolate mixed into his drink. It was a touch too warm. Not painful, more like a too warm bath. Then a happily humming Jeania slipped in beside her. Kira slipped lower into their Master's coffee with Jeania and followed her instinct to cuddle the curvy, freckled pretty.

"Yeah, that looks perfectly sweet." he praised. Then lifted his mug to his lips and took a small sip. The tilt made them slip towards his face. The mug's bottom was too smooth to get great footing. His lips so close they could touch them he blew his enjoyment over them, "Yes, just wonderfully sweet." And Kira sang along with Jeania a single happy note.

The towering modern Zeus walked and Kira found her mind unable to contemplate anything but his staggering dominance of them. Dipped in a chocolate seasoned coffee like those little chocolate spoons. She found herself fantasizing about him grabbing her and stirring his hot drink. Maybe pulling her out to suck the caffeinated beverage from her helpless little form. Maybe she'd get to experience whatever he had done to Heidi last night to get her to look as pleasured as she did. Maybe he'd teasingly press his teeth against her tiny body. Not enough to harm her, but definitely letting her know he could devour her alive if that alluring cruel deity wanted to.

He went into that office he was in last night. A sip of coffee brought that mouth dangerously close to catching them. He snickered and grabbed Jeania. She was used to swirl his drink while Kira circled with the flow of the liquid.

Then he looked at them and explained, "I'm going to film a video for my sight. A little new items for sale video. You two be quiet and act scared and Master will treat you afterward. Understand?"

"Yes Master." They said before hugging close like good little scared helpless playthings.

"Oh and if you get the dumb idea of calling out for help, remember this is not being broadcast live. Just recorded, so all you'll be doing is annoying me." He explained.

"Yes Master." they whimpered, sounding a little more like scared tiny women. Jeania, adding to the looming Zeus' delight, "Please don't hurt us Master."

"Good." he sighed. Then turned and pulled a long black wig out of a drawer. He put that on and adjusted it to his liking with the help of a mirror behind the door. Then over that was a plain off-white mask that covered all but his mouth. This new look helped Kira feel more frightened as this was like being now caught be a different giant.

With lights set, he started recording. In a firm tone he said to the camera, "Greetings my loyal servants, it is I the Tiny Creator. I have great news for you all. I have recently come into ownership of two bus loads of lovely products to sell." Then he livened up and added, "And as a bonus, they're mostly cheerleaders. See." Then he held the restrained Heidi towards the camera.

He continued, "Now these three will be staying as part of my personal collection. But I still have many fine little items that will be going up on the site for auction soon. In fact the stock I personally find less appealing should be up for bidding as of the posting of this video."

He then lifted the mug and Jeania and Kira both released a scared yelp. Kira cringed as that exposed mouth opened around her. The powerful tongue literally turned her and lips sucked her from the coffee bath. She knew the camera would be viewing her naked bottom so she pressed her legs tight together so he lady bits wouldn't be exposed to his clients. Then his tongue hooked her breasts. The strength behind the licking tentacle was intoxicating. The budded texture of it's surface made her nipples scream with pleasure. Her hips pumped involuntarily with his lapping rhythm. Then he pressed her tight to the roof of his mouth. The world tilted and Kira found herself back in the coffee, hugging Jeania in fright.

Then he just carried on, "I also will be adding two Bruce's snacks videos this week for your enjoyment. They were not the most appealing nibbles. But don't worry for Bruce, he'll get this month's sweet pretty soon. You know how he likes those cute tidbits."

Now he grabbed Jeania. She kicked her legs wildly as he lifted her. The redhead made no attempt at modesty. His jaw started and her legs pointed straight out, knees bent and curled slightly inward. Kira could faintly hear Jeania gasping from within that giant maw. Then he dipped her back and they embraced again.

"So watch for those videos soon being posted. And check the auction for the first wave for sale. Good for you poorer members to have a tiny bitch of your own. Or for you snuff fans, something you can maim to your content without worrying about breaking your lovelier pets." He advised his followers.

Then in the same tone as people request viewers to like and subscribe on YouTube he said, "One last thing, those late or having trouble paying your membership fees remember they can be supplemented with good suggestive targets. The better the quality or quantity covers more of your late or future fees. As for those about to be three months late. I know how to find you and you know Bruce is always looking for treats. It's only a few bucks a month, not worth your life."

"Well that's all for now. This is Tiny Creator saying, Always have a Tiny for fun." Then he stayed still for a few seconds then reached over and shut off his camara.

He lifts the mug and the two of them slip into his lips as he takes a big drink. "Hmm, you two really do sweeten my coffee." Then he set it down and watches the video he just made. His hand absentmindedly fondling Heidi's spread legs. He seemed happy with his one take. He took his disguise off and put it away.

Next he accessed some web site. He enters his username and password and starts uploading file folders. Kira realizes they are the image folders of the girls and cheer mothers that he didn't enjoy the appearance of. He sipped his coffee as he worked. Lowering their bath bit by bit.

The new Zeus grabbed his mug and started to carry it somewhere. Up some stairs to a kitchen. Kira just realized they were in a basement and this was the first time she saw the outside world since they were kidnapped. The fact she didn't notice not seeing any windows made sense due to her new size's perspective. She couldn't tell with her little eyes if he had just had some trees about his home or if he was in a forested area.

He placed down the mug beside a coffee maker the size of a small building. His massive hand latched onto Jeania and lifted her to his mouth. His lips closed just below the redhead's breasts. Jeania's eyes rolled into the back of her head and her neck tilted her head back. The giant's mouth flexed about and the freckled Latina loudly gasped and her breasts heaved. She whimpered openly when their kidnapper hooked his fingers under her arms and sucked on her as he pulled her out of his lips. He placed her in a little bowl-like dish.

Kira found those incredibly powerful fingers pressed firmly against her sides. She was dizzy as he took no time lifting her up and sucked her into his mighty mouth. Lips hugged her tightly and that powerful tongue attacked her lower body. His oral limb was just so dominating. He was suckling her naked skin and making her heart thud in her chest. Then that textured tentacle wiggled between her legs and struck her girlhood. With a minor twitch her sexual flower blossomed fully open for his tasting. And taste it he did. The stroking motion shot pleasure deep into her mind. Kira never experience such intense sexual touches.

Just as she was close to singing her overflowing pleasure she was pulled from that oral heaven while that Mythical god sucked his spit off her pleasure warmed skin. She openly pouted despite the fact he was forcing such touches upon her. Then the cold surface of the bowl beside Jeania.

He poured a fresh cup of coffee. Then pulled a tin out and added some powdered chocolate. Stirring it then adding the spoon to the bowl with the two of them. He went to the vastly distant fridge and came back to add cream.

He grabbed her and Kira found herself lifted and slipped back into the cup. The liquid was a touch too warm, near painful. He took no notice of her finch. In fact he swirled her about in the cup to help mix the cream. She staggered to the cup lip while he added Jeania.

"I think I want a snack," he said out loud but clearly not to them. Then walked away and started gathering a plate full of snacks. He grabbed his mug as he passed to go back down stairs.

He sat back down at his computer desk. He reached up and unlatched Heidi from her restraining ring. He placed her on the desk and ordered, "Fetch me a cookie, Sweets or else."

Heidi clearly wasn't enthralled with his looming power as they in the mug did. "Yes Master, please don't hurt me."

"Do as your told Sweets and you'll not be harmed." He snipped. His tone was cruel, his eyes followed her rush over to the plate. Clearly he liked the sweet girl's curvy form. She struggled to bring just one small cookie. He snatched it and commanded, "baby carrots." And she dashed over to the plate to try to keep that modern Zeus content.

Now it was Kira's time to have her mesmerization cracked. He turned on several monitors then a video started. It was suddenly clear he had several little cameras in that horrible lizard's tank. They were clearly installed to emphasize the lizard's larger size over those fed to it.

The video he was reviewing was the poor woman with the Eastern European accent. First he followed the woman's failed dash for safety. He made clips and placed them in a folder. Then he followed his pet Bruce as it stocked the helpless woman. Adding more clips and sorting them in among the woman's clips.

As he was making video patches he kept ordering Heidi to drag snacks over to him. Then he stopped and noted, "Sweets, strip. I don't think you should be allowed to be dressed while my coffee sweeteners have to be naked."

She nodded and begged in a whimpering tone, "Yes Master, please don't hurt me." Then started pulling off her uniform.

"Cookie Sweets." he commanded as she was stripping.

"Yes Master." The busty Strawberry blonde whimpers. Moving to the plate as she removes the last of her clothes. Dragging him a cookie that he dips in with Kira and Jeania as he continues to make that woman's horrible last two minutes of life into a five minute sick snuff film. His installed cameras must have been very high quality as they actually allowed some ability for him to zoom in and focus on things. Like the terrified look of the woman just as the tongue caught her between her shoulder blades. He clearly had quite a bit of experience making such disgusting videos as the woman's devouring movie was soon complete and titled sickly, "Bruce Snack 198: Russian Whore's Last John. Its cheaper to swallow." Then he started uploading it to his site.

He grabbed Heidi and announced, "I'm done snacking. In my coffee Sweets." And added her in with them. Then he grabbed Jeania, "Come here Red." She was lifted and sucked waist deep into his mouth.

Kira could see the exact moment his tongue touched Jeania's flower and made it blossom open. The Freckled girl softly gasped with each twitch of his jaw. Much like someone would chew absentmindedly on a toothpick, this modern Zeus lapped at Jeania's sexuality. As he worked, his fingers lifted and fondled her breasts with his free hand.

Kira was much more keen to watch the pretty girl being suckled into delirious pleasure then the death of Mrs. Goguen on the screens behind her.

Jeania started to moan louder and louder as he was stroking the tip of his tongue along her flower. He stopped working and pulled the sexually over powered redhead from his lips. Advising in an amused tone, "Shh Red. I need to hear that bitch’s screams to cut the clips together correctly." Then he simply sucked on her legs and she slid into his lips up over her buttocks.

Kira watched and as soon at the giant's jaw started flexing Jeania began gasping hard. Her eyes rolled about in her head and her mouth opened wide with her tongue hanging out like a panting dog. He simply went back to work editing the video of his lizard eating Mrs. Goguen. Working his tongue along Jeania’s sensitive flower with the same amount of thought people used to chew bubblegum.

Kira watched Jeania enjoying being suckled like hard candy. It was many times more appealing than watching him patch together a sick video of Mrs. Goguen being sucked down that monster's guilt. Their modern Zeus tongue didn't take long to make Jeania reach her peak of delight. She clamped her teeth onto her hand and wrapped the other over her mouth attempting to muffle her screams of ecstasy.

The living mythical god-like man happily licked at Jeania and the pretty freckled girl came down from her climax only to fly right into the next pleasured burst. Jeania looked to struggle to even breath as he tasted her womanhood over and over. Soon the Freckled beauty hit her third climax and almost right after was lapped into her forth. Despite the sensation overload she bowed to his wishes and muffled her hard moaning with both her hands. Not that she had to do that relatively long. Soon all that textured stroking into overwhelming delight drained Jeania of even the strength to hold herself out from those massive lips. He reached up and plucked the Crimson haired girl from his mouth like she was an old cigar. Placing her on his snack plate. She rolled her head onto a short bread cookie and looked to pass out.

Kira stared towards Jeania worried she might be hurt in some way. Then a shadow loomed and Heidi yelped. "Shush Sweets, I like mostly quiet while I work." Teased the Giant as he lifted the Busty Strawberry blonde from the huge mug.

Heidi looked scared, her legs being drawn towards that force of nature's mouth. Scared but not totally resistant as Kira watched her open her legs apart as those giant lips started to close around Heidi's waist. Now her double D breasts heaved heavily. His free huge hand pressed fingers to them and rolled them. Soon she reached her peak. She was less loud moaning and more hard humming. He playfully pressed a finger tip to her mouth and she grabbed it, kissed her mouth against it and now she muffled scream.

He must like the taste of sexually pleasured little women as he hummed like savoring a long wanted dessert. This made Heidi rattled in ecstasy. His lips made no change in expression around her body even as her hips pumped hard against his mouth movements.

Soon like Jeania before her, Heidi was attempting to mute her quick and repeated climaxes. She pulled at the finger at her mouth to press it tighter to her lips so her climax bursts wouldn't draw the cruel giant's wrath. And just as with Jeania, the strawberry blonde was soon dangling completely drained of even with the sensually infused enthusiasm.

He deposited Heidi beside Jeania like they were cookies he had decided against. She rolled onto her back and laid with her head pillowed on a celery stick.

His hand swept along the table and lifted the mug. Kira was lifted towards that gigantic mouth. Open, the giant tilted the mug against his bottom lip and she started slipping into his maw with the caffeinated liquid. She was awash in coffee while laying prone on his massive tongue. Before her she could see the deep black pit that was his deadly throat. Then his lips closed and took all her light.

The tongue pressed her mightily against the top of his enormous mouth. Then an intense force sucked all the fluid from this lightless cave. The only thing keeping her from flowing down that deadly tunnel was him simply pinning her. For him, an easy hold. For her, a dizzying display of power. Her life was his to devour any time he might chose and that made Kira strangely drunk with astounding arousal.

Then her savor turns on her. The holding tentacle hooked along her side. Inside that lightless cave filled with teeth the size of boulders she was folded almost in two. Her strength was pointless as his dexterous tongue spun her completely around. And she gasped in delight as her head and torso was allowed out of his mouth.

That's when his tongue attacked. It had just showed her how weak she was in comparison to his vast size. Still her instinct was to attempt to guard her womanly flower. Legs were licked apart with blood rushing dominance. Then he just touched her womanhood with just the edge of his tongue. A slight wiggle of his oral tentacle made her sensitivity to blossom open and expose the tender spots to his mercies.

One stroke, one slow stroke and Kira curls at a sensation she never thought possible. He holds for her to catch her wits enough to question how such a small act from him could instantly cause her so much intense sexual pleasure. That respite ends as he strokes along her secret flower again. "Yes Please!" She loudly begs.

Her hips are grabbed by the sides of his fingers and cruelly he pulls her from that combination heaven and death trap. "Shhh Tender, I need to match sounds from the clips to make the video flow correctly."

"Sorry Master, please forgive me Master." Kira begged for his forgiveness in hopes he would start tasting her private spot again.

His breath cooled her spit wet skin as he spoke. This close his voice actually makes his skin vibrate slightly from its might, "You're lucky your so sweet tasting Tender."

Lips press tight around her waist. Not crushing her or hindering her breathing, no, just enough to easily hold her dangling. Tongue just touches her thighs and she follows Heidi's example and spreads her legs wide to allow it unfiltered access to her sexuality. And access her womanhood it does.

Kira bits her bottom lip. Like she could contain the waves of pleasure rippling up through her body. She struggles to keep her moaning low as his sensual tastes are too much for her small, defenseless form. The more she failed, the firmer he lapped. The tighter that textured surface kissed into her sexual flower the more rapture burst from her mouth.

Then he hums, that savoring hum he hit Heidi with. And hit it did. Kira arched back as her body melted into a euphoric puddle. Her sexual pleasure was clay and he was a master sculptor. If he wanted her silent his happy intense vibrating suckling of her miniature womanhood was not the way to keep her mute.

A hand grabbed her dangling torso. She swam in might that could crush her yet was only after touches of her body. Her breasts was his toys. Their nipples were alert as they were to be pressed and rolled by this modern Zeus. That stiff alertness made silence even more impossible. "Sorry Master, Sorry Master," She moaned out in apology until a delirious flood washed her out to sea of heaven again.

Kira came back to near her senses again. But that was just a glimpse as he continued tasting her sensitive flower, its pedals held open wide by just the tip of his gigantic tongue. Trembling made by his gentle humming and nipples danced as his fingers fondled her out pushed breasts. In seconds it seemed she was long from reason and back to heaven again. Over and over she was his treat and in being savored she was treated beyond what she thought was ever possible from her limited experiences.

Her body leans more and more on that hand and it's groping fingers. Womanhood was spoiled with too much pleasure and wasn't lending her any more endurance. The eyes can't focus and lids became heavy. She climaxed again despite her pitiful body's exhaustion. Then as she is coming down that last rush he sucked his spit off her lower body while pulling her overly spent body from his lips.

The plate is cold as she is laid beside Jeania. Kira's last bit of strength rolled her body so her head can be rested on that sweet smelling cookie. Snuggling tight to Jeania's enticingly curvy form to use her supple body's warmth to counter the cold surface of the plate. As uncomfortable and disturbing a location this was, it didn't stop her from passing out into a sweet deep sleep.
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Re: Tiny Products

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The story starts very well and keeps getting better. As for the pictures, I prefer, if they are related to the story, to put them inside the post.

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Re: Tiny Products

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Glad your enjoying. Its currently my story of focus. I'm enjoying it. Likely be one of my stories I slip away from then back into like Mr. Foreman or both The Tourist series.

Thanks for your input on pics, 2 In 1 Out. <-- That last bit is more for me to keep track of votes. :D


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CH 04: Tiny Products

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Blah blah, me sad, here chapter. Please support if you like and can.

Chapter 04: Shipping and Trophies
M/f,f,f Sexual Teasing and Degrading.
M/f,f Sexual Torment
L/f Vore

Kira awoke, her body was still tired from the giant's oral molesting. She felt like it had only been a short nap. He was done editing video and was working on something new. Profiles, a short paragraph or so profiles on the girls and ladies from her and the varsity team. Like a sales blurb on the packaging of a product.

These were mostly quick stats like their former bust size with the disgusting descriptors cum catchers and/or clit rubbers. Or their new length of their legs with Cock Wrappers and/or Penetration Handles. It really enforced he just viewed them as things to be sold. They were to be used and abused simply because they were too small to resist.

His finger stroked her head. That power could have pinned her to the plate or lifted her by her skull. Neither happened. No he just stroked her like a pet and this size difference owning her strangely made her feel confusingly aroused, desirable by a being of vast power. Then his words was reassuring yet terrifying, "Don't worry Tender, I'll be keeping you for my own collection."

She did feel personally more safe knowing the tormentor and abuser. He wasn't kind, the taunting, the forced sexual touching, watching him gleefully sacrifice others to that lizard. Yet she knew being a pretty keepsake she was protected in a limited way.

Jeania sat up and seeing the giant stroking her head leaned to request his touch too. He snickered and moved over and hooked his finger to fondle her breasts, "Now now Red, we both know you like watching almost more than my touches. Your sick little bitch."

As to demonstrate he moved over to the still sleeping Heidi and latched upon her large breasts. Grinding them and even lifting her slightly, for him, off the plate by them. This molesting awoke Heidi and she yelped in fear then just laid there whimpering as he fondled her. Too helpless to escape even though this was just one of his mighty hands.

Jeania was gushing at the sight. Her chest heaved as she breathed hard watching her friend and teammate be abused before her. Kira watched her turn to look her in the eye. A guilty expression passed the Redhead's features. Then she turned her head all slumped down. Kira noticed Jeania's hand sliding down along her hip. Down between her thighs. Then her waist rocked and her arm worked. Clearly her guilt couldn't compete with her lust for this giant's display of power.

A grumbling from the center of the giant alarms Kira. He rubs his stomach and sighs, "Huh right. Lunch time." His hand released Heidi's breasts and pushed the three of them together. Their naked bodies pressed tight he lifted them and deposited them into the mostly empty mug. He lifted them and started out of the room.

Kira had many nightmare images of what this giant would devour for lunch. Living beings crushed between his boulder's large teeth. She could picture all shorts of horrors connected to this modern Zeus' meals. A couple ham and cheese sandwiches with thin sliced veggie sticks on the side was not one of her awful scenarios. Even the cola soda was just too normal, too human.

He plucked Heidi from the mug. She whimpers till he sucks the dripping coffee off her legs, at that point she hums in pleasure despite her own fears. Heidi is placed on a plate covered in a dish cloth.

Jeania nabbed next. She makes no scared noise. Toes point out to aid his slipping her lower half into his maw. The redhead's hip pumps as soon as that massive jaw's muscles start moving. Jeania whimpers only as he starts to pull her from that oral cave. Next to Heidi she was placed.

Kira held her breath as he latched onto her. Lifting her with an ease that was still so mesmerizing since she adopted her new mindset. Her legs lowered into that deep dark cave. Lips pressed tight and restraining. Then the tongue slipped up her leg and made contact and her held breath escaped in a loud wanting moan. He sucked her lower form. It's a twisted thrilling sensation. The knowledge she isn't swallowed alive is his choice made her want to please this modern mythical god more. For she is well aware her body couldn't have hoped to save herself from such pressure if it was left to her devices alone.

Pulled cruelly free, she is placed beside Jeania. A small dish filled with leftover nibbles of his chosen veggies sprinkled with torn bits of ham slice. "Eat." he commands, then starts on his own meal while checking his phone. Was he surfing more tiny people selling sights? Or could this towering living force of nature be doing something so normally human as checking social media?

Kira hadn't noticed how hungry she was till the scent of cheap ham slice touched her nose. Then she looked at the other two and they were looking at her as well. All three rushed the dish of scraps their Master gifted them with. Kira latched onto a ham bit, thick at her size, like it was the very loaf it was cut from. Teeth latched and she had to turn her neck and tear a hunk of animal flesh off like she was some sort of savage beast. The processed meat tasted so good. It was like at this new size she could detect every minor taste attached to the food stuff. Or it might have been that she had barely eaten in nearly twenty four hours and her miniature form was begging for solid food.

The three of them attacked the offered slivers of food like beasts. It isn't just the ham that is a strangely flavor delight. The sweet pepper and the nearly rock hard carrot was delicious. Like the fruit treat this morning, her mind linked it to them being fresh and perfectly ripe. Now she wondered if her size just gave everything a richer flavor. Soon they are literally scraping the dish’s sides to collect the juices left there for just one more taste.

He took the dish away and Kira noticed her and the other two sat on their knees with arms before themselves like begging dogs hoping their master will reward another scrap of his food. As she is about to sit and attempt to cover her modesty his hand returns. A block of orange cheese about the size of a small trunk was sitting there. "Eat." he commands.

They all reach to tear a chunk off to savor the rewarded cheddar. "Stop." he commanded and they all timidly pulled their arms back like someone slapped their outstretched hand. "Mouths only." He clarifies. Kira sighs at this degrading command. Still she slinks down to all fours with her current partners. They all reach out their mouths like timid dogs. Teeth tear into the cheese. There they start eating together like beasts. Their buttocks held up above their heads. Waving about in a tight bent position. "Good bitches." He praised them as he admired their displayed posteriors.

This degradation didn't end with them eating the cheese. They were pretty pets for him after all. As they devoured the last crumbs he commanded, "Now lick each other's faces clean." Kira accepted this direction as his word was the law now. She worried her life could be forfeit by a minor infraction. She leaned and licked orange from Jeania. Heidi's face licked at her mouth. Jeania sucked on Heidi's cheek then turned to suckle Kira's chin. He made a dirty happy noise and they were no longer hunting cheddar bits but oral exchanges to appease and get deeper into the giant's kinder graces.

His hand grabbed them and pressed them tight together facing each other. Kira knew she had fair sized breasts but Heidi's plump mounds almost totally eclipsed hers. They looked at each other, Kira could tell they were all wondering the same thing, what should we be doing?

Into a giant bathroom. He pressed them to the side of his sink and released them, and they slid down towards the drain. He lifts his hand and starts a trickle of cold water. Then he moves away, likely to use the washroom.

Heidi leaped up and rushed over to the drain and squatted over the hole. "Hurry, used the bathroom." She advised them.

Kira was uncomfortable with sharing a hole and peeing together openly like this was strange. Heidi looked at Jeania and her hesitation and explained, "Edith told me he really hates if we mess while he plays with us. So we have to use the bathroom any time he offers us a chance to go. Hurry, we only have as long as he gives us. Try to do both if you can." That was punctuated with a plop from her backside.

This was even more uncomfortable now. But she didn't want to gain his hate. Mrs. Goguen gained a taste and was eaten by that lizard because of it. She moved her bottom over the hole and urged herself to go. The flowing water helped as it dimmed the sounds of the other two grunting to force body wastes from their bodies too.

She just finishes as water floods the three of them. Water splatters with soap all over them. The giant is washing his hands like they were not there. They manage not to slip into the drain. Luckily even if they did they wouldn't get far as the cross bars just below would hold them from disgusting death.

The giant starts drying his hands as he commands, "Perfectly clean Products." The three use the flowing water to make absolutely certain every little bit of offending material that was well rinsed from their lower areas. Water stopped and giant towel like material wrapped them and patted them mostly dry. Then a hand pinned them together again and carried them out of the bathroom.

In the bowl by the coffee maker and he refreshes his drink again. They three are placed into it together before he sips it. Snapping a lick across Heidi's face before tilting the mug down and heading back down to his basement.



He places them on the end table by the couch he had used Kira and Jeania on last night then wanders over to the cages. He opens a cage door and reaches in. Grabbing someone inside and begging pleas was blasted at him. Kira knew that voice better for snarking insults and barking instructions. Jenna, the cheer Queen of the school. She welded such power that even some teachers had bowed to her wishes. Now she was nothing but a plaything. Kira heard herself sigh at that show of power.

His hand dropped Jenna back in her cage with, "Don't move Product." commanded. Then another voice whimpered and Kira knew that as Jenna's harsh lieutenant Penny. This former Cheer princess, also used to others bowing to her, was openly offering her one current possession to the giant so as not to be harmed. Promising her body in exchange for her life.

He reached in and Jenna's voice yelped. In one hand dangling from their calves were the two highest ranking varsity cheer members he had caged. He undid his pants while holding them. Making them swing and bang together as his hand undid his belt. They swung helplessly as he popped his button and yelped as they dropped with his fly.

Thickly resting against his tight underwear was his semi-curled penis. He pulled his briefs down and it flopped out. Dangling only slightly aroused. While he gives his sexuality a slight lift he hooks the two cheer generals so their faces and chests sandwich the thickness. There he drags their pretty features and busts along his giant penis till it becomes fully erect.

He lays down on the couch in a lounging position. He drops the two older teens into his lap. As they stagger to their feet he commands, "Straddle my cock and make out."

The two naked dance toned forms practically leap to stretch their long shapely legs over the girth of his sexual organ. They face each other and timidly begin to kiss. They had made out more intimately at parties to tease boys and men, but that was a show and they were not naked. He barks and Kira jumped at the angry thunder, "I said make out. Make me believe it."

They clearly were reluctant to press their nakedness together. An uncomfortable expression was heavy on Jenna's face. Then she saw the giant's mad eyes and pulled tight to Penny. Penny read the reaction having experienced time in his groin yesterday. This looked more intimate as their hands looked to explore the other's naked body. Still a show, even the hands clawing buttocks or fondling breasts was restrained.

But the giant lightly praised, "That's a bit better." Then a twitch of the muscles in his groin made the penis jump, throwing the cheer royalty off balance. In a second they were back to kissing and show touching.

He reached back and grabbed the mug. A sip got a tongue swipe across Kira's face and they were placed back to continue watching. While Heidi shied away from the show. Jeania wadded to the closer lip and hung from it softly purring. Kira found herself enthralled by his power, yet also worried for the safety of the older girls.

The giant sat there watching for a few minutes. Occasionally making his penis jump and enjoying the helpless startled reaction from the girls riding on top of it.

Then he sighed and advised, "Enough of this weak showing." He reached down and grabbed Penny. Turning her around and making her lay face down along the top of his penis with her face at the tip. Penny had enough experience with guys to know the giant's next command before he gave it. Her body grind to the massive sexual organ while at the domed tip her tongue took long slow licks at that sensitive spot.

The giant moved Jenna next. Positioning her to lay face down upon the lower half of his shaft. Seeing Penny's actions she copies her usual hench girl's actions in attempting to appease that massive man.

The giant waits about a minute before he growls meanly, "Product Murphy, what are you doing?"

"Rubbing my body against your giant cock?" she replies. Kira could hear her fear and hope that this was what he wanted to her.

"Yes, and that feels good. What is your mouth doing?" He requested in an angry-like rumbling tone.

"Licking your cock?" she whimpered.

"Did I say you should stop making out with young Product Gates?" he asked knowingly.

"But her mouth is way up by your head?" Jenna replied in confusion.

"Those are not her only lips." he says then makes his penis jump again.

She yelps at the jumping manhood. Then looked up at Penny's upturned buttocks and those shapely open thighs. Kira could see Jenna's face as actual disgust framed her features. Then she whined helplessly, "OK, fine." Then she moved her face up to Penny's presented sexuality. Her head moved between Penny's thighs in a licking like motion.

Jenna hadn't performed a minute before the giant snapped, "Product Murphy you’re small not invisible. Get your tongue deep into Product Gates' cunt and get her moaning quickly or Bruce will learn if that purple hair makes you grape flavored or not."

Jenna cringed in terror. Then hands grabbed Penny's hips. Jenna's face mashed deep into Penny's flower and Kira saw her licking furiously at the brunette's womanhood. Penny looked a bit disturbed look. An uncomfortable state was soon ignored as she started licking her capture's giant penis top again. Penny's voice carried as she began making honest aroused sounds.

There he smiled watching Jenna debase herself for his delight. Penny was making more and more sound of delight at being attended by Jenna's panicked mouth. His hand went down and admired their servicing bodies.

He took the mug and Jeania's top half disappeared in his mouth as he took a drink. He lifted her from the mug and her legs bent in a girly way then wiggled back and forth playfully as his mouth worked. He slipped her back in and she giggled like a naughty child. He looked down at the older girls and noted, "Like the view my naughty little Red?"

"Yes Master, you're so powerful. Let me worship your cock too?" she lustfully begged.

"That sounds nice, but I have things I need to do pet. Maybe later." he teased his tiny groupie and licked her freckled face.

He placed the mug down and clearly pretended to sigh in disappointment, "Speaking of things needing done." His hand reached down and Kira expected the Cheer royalty to be stroked along his penis till he was satisfied. It wasn't to be at this time. He grabbed Jenna and pressed her along one side of his shaft while moving Penny to sandwich the other side.

Then he pulled his underwear tight over them, pinning them along his erection. Then did up his pants like having two fit teen girls trapped in his pants was a normal thing. He stood, grabbed the mug and walked over to the cages.

With the bulge clearly wiggling in his pants he started refreshing the dry cereal containers. Dumping the uneaten cereal in upon people in the drawer he pulled that first poor woman he fed to that monster lizard. It was a fairly deep drawer, holding several dozen women on one side and about the same amount of men on the other divided by a clear plastic wall. They latched onto bits of cereal and clung to them like hoarding rodents.

Kira felt bad for them. Nothing more than animals just hoping to survive. They looked upon the giant like a cruel devil as he controlled their hell. Yet when his eyes passed over, the woman tried to look appealing. The men attempted to look fit for sale. He finished dumping loose cereal on them and closed the drawer hard like he didn't find the item he wanted in the junk drawer.

Then to the cages he placed the bus drivers in. Kira was surprised at the fact several cages had men and boys in them. Labels, likely their last name, were slipped in a slot above their door. Kira strained to see if their cages had those labels, and was surprised not to have noticed before.

He went over to his office and grabbed his tablet. He looked over a list of last names then opened the door and said, "Product" then a last name, followed by, "collect your things." Then as scared men and boys grabbed bags to a few loose items he started to freshen the food supply of the cages that would still hold a guy in them.

Then he grabbed a tub and started gathering those named on the list. They cowered and pleaded much like Kira and her friends did. The giant looked to like the helpless men's whimpering, not like with the girls and ladies he found pretty. More in a, I have all the power, manner. Then walked away from their cages.

He walked into the room with the tank still holding the stolen school buses. There beside the bus with the roof bent open was a lone left bag. He stopped, took a sip of coffee and asked himself, "Why is there still a bag in there?"

Then he chuckled. Thrusting his groin forward, tightening his pants likely pressing Penny and Jenna tight to his penis. He spoke tauntingly at them through his pants, "Looks like I forgot to give your bitch mother her bag. Remind me to get that to her won't you Product Gates."

Then he walked over to a desk, setting them onto a coaster. On the desk was a massive monitor with other smaller monitors displaying waves and random numbers. Beside it was a small grayish white metal box with a black painted glass top and a lamp looking funnel-like cone. Beside the desk was a counter on which he placed the tub of sold mini men and boys.

He set up his tablet beside a giant computer monitor. Then he turned the monitor on. He brought up data on the tablet connected to a profile and started entering it into a program on the monitor that looked a lot like google maps. Then the program showed a processing hourglass. Then in less than a minute it showed an apartment complex. It must have been a fairly nice building as each apartment looked to have good size verandas with high end barbeques, hammock racks or other pricey back porch additions.

He looked at the data and typed in an apartment number and this program knew what veranda was that apartment’s as it focused perfectly onto one with a padded reclining porch chair with a folded umbrella attached to the base of it. He looked into the tub of scared men and boys and grabbed a guy about Kira's age. "You lucky little Product, I know this client and she's a gentle player. And trust me, she is one fine looking lady."

He grabbed a cheap plastic tub from a shelf under the cabinet and stuffed the young man and his bag into it. He snapped a lid on it that had small holes cut into it. Placed the container on a small black painted glass plate form beside him. He then entered something into the program and the light from the funnel light flickered. Then what almost seemed like a solid beam of light projected over the cheap container. The beam glowed around it but not the intense shine Kira would have expected from such a hard looking projection. Then in a second it was done and the guy and his container was gone.

"Lets message his buyer, oh, guess I don't have to." On the screen a lovely woman in her mid-thirties appeared on the veranda holding a fancy glass with a brightly colored drink. Despite the big floppy hat on her head her figure was well displayed in her string two piece bikini. She spotted the tub holding the shrunk young man and squealed and jumped bouncing her fair sized breasts. His finger stroked Jeania's head as he confessed, "I'm so waiting for her Sugar Daddy to get caught by his wife so he has to cut her off from his money. She'll make a wonderful product. Lucky little pussy rubber is in for hours of fun."

He then hit a button and the projection reset. Kira hoped to recognize the large area of land it showed but with no place labels for reference or even how closely it was focused it was near impossible to tell. The giant just brought up another profile and started typing.

And that was basically it. He would focus on a house or apartment. If there wasn't a safe place to deposit the sold man or guy he would just send a message requesting a drop of time. If he could he would stuff the man or boy with their little belongings into a cheap tub. Make some comment about their new owner like, "They're lickers." Or, "I'll not spoil why they like their tinies meaty." And send the bought product as he saw them on their way.

That chore done, he looked over at the tank holding the buses. He walked over and grabbed Mrs. Gates' bags and went back to the monitor. He then typed something into the program and over the buses was a hard beam of light. Then it looked like they were gone.

He stood and Kira could see they were not gone, but just much smaller. Like the size of Hot Wheels cars. He moved beside the giant fish tank and reached in and grabbed the bus with the torn open roof and tossed it into the garbage. Then he grabbed the bus Kira had been riding in.

He walked over to a different part of the dark room. He turned on an overhead display lamp and a glass cabinet displaying cars and trucks was now in clear view. Each on a little pedestal with a label gun label giving them names like a convertible listed as Bachelorette #6 or the Military cargo truck called Army Surplus.

He opened the glass doors. Then he pulled out a drawer and grabbed a cheap pedestal and placed it in. Then he placed them down to lift a label gun. He rotated and clicked out a label and attached it to the pedestal then lifted the bus and proudly placed it on the display stage. He closed the doors and lifted their mug, taking a sip.

Once they were level again Kira read the label under the bus. He had named it Cheerwares. There had to be over a dozen cars and trucks in this display and each once had people in them he shrunk and sold. Or scary easily, done worse too. Kira shivered in terror at how much evil he had gotten away with.

Jeania reacted differently when she came to the same realization. She practically swooned, making a loud delighted sound. "Like my trophies Red?" he asked.

"Yes Master." she gushed.

"You are on your way to be my top bitch Red. Here, let's look at them all." As Jeania practically loudly purred he turned on several more display lights over other glass doored cabinets, These shelves were full and Kira joined Heidi behind Jeania just shaking her head at the monster's ego displayed.

The giant looked to enjoy treating the pretty young little redhead to a display of his cruelty. Trophies of his kidnappings and tormenting. He regales the worshiping Jeania on things like ones that gifted him one his few kept pets, others that brought on a beneficial bidding war among his clients, or worse, car loads that suffered by his or other's hands. As Kira and Heidi cringed in his mug, Jeania praised and begged for more details.

Kira did find his honestly a touch twisted, As the one labeled as, "The First Car," was not the first in his trophy cases. No, his true first vehicle was an armored bank truck he had tagged as, "Starting Capital." It wasn't his only formerly money-loaded armored truck. Seems he grabbed a few to start his disgusting business, upgrade his equipment, and as the last one was titled, "Petty Cash."

"Well, I've been hard long enough." He declared and walked them back to the cage room. He sits at the desk and pulls the little round pedestal table over. Kira's shoulders are grabbed and lifted from the mug. Kira couldn’t resist delighting as she lowered into that maw half ringed in white ridged boulder teeth. Lips closed and tongue plays with her legs. Her blood races from his mind-boggling physical power. Her helplessness flooded her mind in a bizarre lust. Then he puppets her to make aroused barks as the tip of his tongue teased her womanhood.

He sucked his spit off her lower half as that immense hand pulled her from that arousing maw. She was placed on the mini-table with the order, “Present to me Tender." Kira couldn't help but want to comply. Kneeling with shoulders pulled back to force her chest out for his eyes to inspect. Face up she waits, excited in an immoral way for the vulgar results she knew was about to happen. She even felt her mouth begin to salivate in anticipation.

His pants opened like a grand gate. Underwear lowered to show his erect penis still attended by two glistening older teens. The pretty ladies look exhausted from their toned bodies efforts to make this modern Zeus happy. He snickers mockingly at them then informs them, "See Tender? She's earned a safe home here as one of my personal bitches. You two, you two will earn me some pocket change. That's right, you're nothing but cheap Knick knacks while she is a treasure. Treasures need protean to stay good and strong."

His hand grabs both former Cheer royalty. Slowly he savors their contours as he drags them up and down his mythical sized penis. He's in no rush. Kira can see on his face he's enjoying their helpless torment as much as their toned bodies pleasuring his manhood.

Playfully he pulls Jeania from his mug. "Come on Red, I really want my new favorite toy to have a good seat to watch me work."

Jeania screams lustfully, "Yes Master, Thank you Master!" as she's now lowered into his mouth. Lips close and his jaw slowly works. It's clear he's also prolonging Jeania's time in his oral cave. Teasing her sexually while admiring her shapely legs with that tongue. And Jeania clearly couldn't be happier.

Kira starts and cringes as that giant Lizard prances over. Claw brace against the glass of the tank like the Lizard was trying to get a better view. The Mythical deity came real, pulled Jeania from his lips and explained like the beast would understand, "Sorry Bruce these aren't treats for good boys. These are products and daddy's toys."

The Lizard makes a little circle and lowers its head and bobs it about. The giant giggles and states, "Oh don't pout. None of these but I think I can get you one from the non-selling drawer? What do you think Red, should I feed Bruce a treat?"

Kira's stomach turned as Jeania moaned, "Yes Master, he looks so sad."

"Hear that Bruce, you have a fan. OK Red, but you have to remind me to edit the video tomorrow." The giant snickers. Jeania is sucked back into the giant's mouth.

Kira watches as that sick man pulls open that deep drawer. His hand hovers over and screams come from the drawer. Jeania is so lost in her blasphemous worship of the giant she cheers him on. "No Master, one of the bitches."

He smiles around Jeania. He likes his twisted Crimson Haired devil he was sucking on. But that didn't stop him from playing. He pulled Jeania out and looked directly at Kira. "Well Tender, you heard Red. She wants a bitch treat for Bruce. But I fed him two bitches yesterday. So should I feed him another bitch or a bastard? Come on Tender, savor a taste of power, bitch or bastard?"

Kira couldn't answer that. Pick a gender to die to appease that towering titan. Yet, she couldn't say nothing. Those large dark eyes focused on her made her heart race in fear and fever. Her mind raced with one thought, appeasing the modern Zeus. Happy man deity rewards with thick giant seed. She wanted that rich sweet salty load to smother her face and drown her throat. Her moral self screamed all this was sinful, begged her to pray for God's forgiveness and help. Yet as Father Brown often said the Devil could cruelly be stronger then even the most chaste people. And with his gigantic sexuality being stroked by pretty girls she sort of hated Kira just found this towering demon too mighty to deny.

Her own cruel mind twisted the choice. He wouldn't feed one of them, but she could imagine one of those awful girls was the treat if she selected a lady. Her mind adding the perverse reason that they all will be fed to Bruce at some point anyway, by not selecting one she was in truth prolonging their tortured living death. "Lady." Kira heard her voice heave an answer.

"No no Tender, no Lady in that drawer. Say the word Tender." The giant demanded.

Kira wondered how he knew. How she loathed swearing. How she was never allowed to use such language. A curse word leads to another and another and soon you're using the lord's name in vain. Yet by delaying she was making her communion of his sacred wine take even longer. She could, just this one. Tell her new Zeus and be blessed in thick white again. "Bitch Master." she moaned more wantingly then she knew she could feel.

"OK Tender, bitch it is." He stated. Jeania went back into his mouth to free up his hand. He tilted that building sized body while still stroking those mean girls. His tip was so close. Kira's own strange lust figured he wouldn't get mad if she serviced him too. She clamped her chest and face to that domed tip of his manhood. Her breasts sang in delight as their nipples grind into his smooth sexual top. Her mouth wide, her tongue dragged his sensitive skin. A slight gooey liquid is there appetizing her longing as it hinted heavily of his semen's flavor. Greedily she drinks this syrup hoping the main course would blast over her soon.

He wasn't mad. Happy sound growls from the modern Zeus. His hips push a touch forward to get more feel of her body, knocking her back. The tip drags up her stomach over her breasts and nuzzles her face. Her hands stroke in worship of its sexual might. Tongue lapped kisses to the glory of his grand dominance of her weak form.

He cruelly sits back. Kira whimpers and repositions herself as he wanted her earlier. Goo on her cheeks tease her hand up and finger smooth the gift from her face to their length and she licks them like the popcycles her mother gave her as a child.

The giant is holding a Black woman over the lip of the tank. Bruce, that silly dragon, is more focused on Jenna and Penny. Did that grand lizard know Jeania and herself were off limits or was them moving drawing his bestial eyes? Kira's morality told her this was wrong, yet that devil's sexual fluids has her mind eager to see that Black woman's death.

Zeus smiles around the gasping Jeania. He was smiling down at Kira, blessing her with his direct gleeful gaze. He somehow knew he was destroying her sense of right or wrong. Holy and sin. She failed again and nodded in agreement of sin.

The black woman fell. Landing in a puff of sand. Kira was surprised that one didn't sell. Fit athletic form with long legs. Did Zeus not bother or was there something unseen wrong with her.

Bruce didn't seem to notice. Still watching his grand owner stroking teen former cheerleaders along his sexuality. Then Kira's heart twitched as Bruce's nose twitched. His head tilted and his feet bounced but he didn't turn toward the woman trapped in with him. The woman was taking advantage by quickly but quietly sneaking along the far side. Kira would have to ask her powerful Zeus why all the treats attempted to reach the log and possibly beyond.

Scent beat stealth as Bruce twisted about quickly. Mouth cracked in that smile-like expression. He rushes towards the dark skinned treat and she knows, bolting hard and fast towards the wooden barrier.

Bruce fired his tongue with almost calculated accuracy. Catching the woman's round ass. She ripped back with incredible speed. The dark skinned woman is deposited in that dragon's jaw basically folding her body in half. She squirms frantically in an attempt to escape and Bruce does his jaw snap, pulling her in tighter. Hands and feet wave from between those scale hardened lips. Bruce snaps again and they are pulled inside. Yet no throat stretching living mound down the dragon's throat.

Bruce tilted his head up. Making gasping like bites into the air. The woman was there at the back of his throat still struggling if weakly. Her round buttocks folded made her nearly twice as thick in bodily girth. Kira worried the dragon was choking on that big butt till she saw that their Zeus seemed amused. This didn't concern him, it must be fine. The lizard made a few more grunting gasps, then the woman was sucked from sight. Her girth was visible as she was swallowed down that wyvern's neck.

Happy to have gotten to play with a tiny woman too, Bruce happily waddled back to his sacred long and sat on it head up like he was on guard for his master. Protecting him from unseen treats.

The man deity now began to treat himself. Speeding up the sensations caused by Jenna and Penny being dragged along his Sexual shaft. The two moaned, but not the pleasured sounds such actions had caused Kira to sing.

Kira's mouth hung open waiting for her latest baptismal. Her tongue dangled and she couldn't stop herself from drooling. Her throat was dry and eager to swallow the force of nature's seed. She hated how much she was a slave to these new strange lusts. How hungry she was for the pleasures of giant flesh, thirsty for his liquid release.

His hand hooked along her back and under her arms. Lifting her from the table and pressing her face and breasts to the giant's tip. Mouth found the hole at his top and she suckled at it for that rich giant semen taste. Her hands stroked at the dome to tempt the white syrup to her throat. Breasts heaved along it for the rush it gave through them.

She didn't have to worship long before his blessings began to flow. Kira swallowed as hard and fast as her little throat could manage but the flow of thick rich goo overwhelmed her mouth. It flooded her features. At the angle he held her tight the man deity's semen covered her face and generously flowed down her neck and over her breasts.

He used those mean girls to milk every drop of her reward onto her. Kira felt her lungs start to burn as her body began to plead for air. The muffled grunts of the modern Zeus's thunderous voice told he wasn't rushing his finish.

Then she was released enough to swallow a patch for air free. The wood of the pedestal table held her back as she gasped hard for air. "Fuck Tender you look great covered in my cum." The Giant praised. Soon a warm curvy figure was crawling up her body and greedily licking his leavings off Kira's aroused breasts. She didn't mind, Kira's stomach was over full with his gift of seed and Jeania's writhing form felt just as delicious. "What luck finding two little giant cum sluts like you in those buses. You Product learn from those two and maybe you'll get Master eager to feed you spunk too."

Kira felt the modern Zeus walk away. His looming presence had a powerful impact that was lessening. Likely putting the Product away. That didn't matter, she had a new focus in hand, and her hands focused excitedly on Jeania's girliah curves. Kira could feel those soft lips suckling the modern mythical god's seed from her breasts. Tongue circled and twirled about her nipple making Kira gasp happily.

Jeania's tongue laps Kira's cheek then her mouth suckles Kira's. Their tongues coil around each other’s, making Kira's body long to tangle tighter with Jeania's. She's about to submit to that sinful instinct when giant fingers press them together firmly. The infusion of his might into this intimate interaction made Kira's blood burn with lust.

Cold floor against Kira's back as those ruling digits are released. "Enjoy Tender Red, I think I'll let you rest for the rest of the day." The giant's voice rumbled. Then this clear plastic door clicks closed.

Jeania rose up. Kira didn't know why and was too distracted to ask. Zeus' semen coated those freckled breasts and she needs to taste it. Her mouth clamped over the closest mound and she sucked her giant seed Sunday while her tongue licked the cherry nipple at the tip.

Kira heard Jeania making sexual sounds as she's being tasted. Kira felt Jeania scraping her hand along her skin to lick that modern mythical god's seed from her fingers greedily. This posture lifted Jeania's body to an accessible position. Kira's eager hand snakes between Jeania's thighs and finds a very wet womanly flower.

Jeania moans out mesmerized sounds. Her hips pump along Kira's touching of her tight sexuality. Kira hungrily devours Jeania's giant semen flavored breasts. The more Kira enjoyed Jeania's body the louder Jeania sang Libido racing sounds. The more pleasing sounds Jeania made the more lustful Kira touched the Red Head's appealing body. This reached a point when that Freckled Latina roared in what Kira rejoiced as climax.

Then once this delightful burst ended Jeania collapsed over Kira's prone body. Whimpering Jeania begged, "Please stop, stop Kira." Kira surrendered to the request. Enjoying the feel of her gasping supple Jeania blanket.

This gave Kira time to calm down. Her blood's fire cooled. This brought her memory that she was a good faith following girl. She remembered this activity was a sin. This had to be from the twisted influence from that sick giant.

Then she reasoned it had to be because of the amount of semen he forced down her throat. Yes, she figured, it must be because of the giant man hormones just overwhelming her natural attraction instincts instilled in her by God. Yes, Kira thought, that had to be the issue. Even her still longing to touch and be touched by Jeania. That was infused men interests via over overload of hormones filling her stomach.

She slipped out from under Jeania. The Redhead rolled to her back and let out a whimper sound. Kira stood to head to the shower but felt guilty leaving the girl covered in that monster's mess like that.

Kira reached down and helped Jeania to her feet. There she walked them both to the shower chamber. Water started cold but soon warmed their skin. Jeania leaned against the wall like she could hardly hold her head up. "Are you alright?" Kira asked, rinsing the shorter girl's smooth silky skin.

"When he was getting off, as he got close his tongue really worked my pussy hard. Oh it was intense. I think I got a hit of adrenaline from how intense it was. Just made me cum over and over as he cam all over your face. So I think I was still in rush mode when he placed me on you. Then you hit that spot and I just lost all my strength." Jeania weakly reasoned.

"You need to clean his semen off your soft skin." Kira reasoned.

Jeania weakly waved at her suggesting, "You shower, I'll just rinse here a bit."

Kira could see Jeania was near passed out from her sexual overload. She couldn't leave this pretty naked freckled girl pass out in the shower alone. Nor could she let that soft silky skin dry from caked giant semen she got off of Kira's small helpless form.

Kira grabbed a dissolving cloth from the shampoo container and started soaping those dark crimson locks. The giant's seed was still tempting Kira to thoughts of sin. For as she supported Jeania's curvy naked form with her own naked body thought of how nice that felt confused Kira's mind into thinking Lesbian actions might not be bad after all.

She had to step back to shampoo her own hair. Turning to look away from the devil's temptation and whisper a prayer to her savior. Kira could see Jeania and her becoming friends. But the forbidden apple growing in her thoughts was strictly forbidden.

Next was a harder chore while her stomach was still filled with giant lustful instinct juice. Body wash cloth taken out she repeated God's wish that a man and woman coupled for children while resisting the sinful draw washing Jeania's supple toned form brought to her mind.

Turning away again to wash her own form while reciting the verses that she could remember that spoke against that alluring sin she was aching for.

She then rinsed them both together. Chanting softly, "Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin." And this helped guild her slightly away from tempting thoughts.

Jeania leaned her head on Kira's shoulder and Kira's body felt warm. Then the redhead annoyed Kira by teasing, "That's man with another man, notice the Bible has no woman on woman verses. Maybe God likes watch girl on girl and just didn't want anyone to read about it later."

"Homosexuality no matter what gender is a sin." Kira firmly stated, grabbing a conditioner cloth.

As she stroked Jeania's silky crimson strains Jeania argued weakly, "The real sin is teaching love is a crime."

Kira hated that she could see Jeania's point. She didn't understand fully why God was against people choosing to be homosexual. Just that it was sinful and against his commands. She accepted in her faith that if she was to understand everything about the Universe she wouldn't be just a human woman.

She conditioned her black hair trying to figure out wording that would make things clear for her cage mate. Nothing came to her, but she was never interested in preaching. Father Brown would have something, he was grand at preaching. He knew the verses and could explain them. His holy nature would make Jeania understand the mistake of her trying homosexuality. Then Kira could help her find a nice guy, like Jason from Church. He and Jeania would make a sweet couple.

Kira rinsed the treatment from both their hair while indulging in the fantasy hope of escaping this nightmare and going on a double date. Her with her Jacob, Jeania and Jason. Yes, that would be a proper thing for good faithful girls and boys. She ignored how pretty Jeania was in the outfit Kira imagined her in.

Now Kira patted Jeania dry followed by herself. She started to take Jeania to the unused bed when her new friend requested, "Can I lay on a couch? I want to watch him do things if he's out there."

"OK." Kira felt bad for the redhead having her mind so twisted by that sick giant that she enjoyed his monstrous actions. Kira turned, figuring she could lay Jeania down but managed to pull Jeania's towel clad form on top of her own towel covered body.

Jeania snuggled her head upon Kira's chest and sighed sleepily, "Yeah, this is nice."

Kira had to admit this was comforting. Jeania freshly washed warm form blanketing her body and cuddled close. Kira realized too late she savored the snuggle for too long as Jeania's breathing told that she had fallen asleep. Kira couldn't think how to escape without waking her curvy short friend. So she laid with her, that was alright. Not an offense to God to snuggle a friend in a tough situation. Not a sin to allow that supple form to warm her body and lure her to fall asleep as well.

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CH 05: Tiny Products

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Chapter 05: Evening Torments
L Vore
M/f,f --> f,f,f-->f,f

Kira awoke with Jeania still laying upon her. The shorter crimson haired girl was curled so her head rested and cuddled under Kira's chin. Her pretty freckled face was pillowed on Kira's bosom.

Kira was uncomfortable with how nice this cuddled state was. Not just the warmth and the close human contact. But the intimate joy she got from it. The same short of joy she would get from snuggling with her boyfriend. It had to be because of all the man hormones she had to swallow in the last day or so.

That had to be it, she told herself. It couldn't be natural desire to be intermate with this pretty freckled redhead. That was sinful so against God. And God wouldn't make a girl like her want to try Lesbian things. To choose that sinful choice. This had to be that awful giant's fault. Drugging her with his thick rich semen to want to sin the way she had been with Jeania.

As she wondered if there was a way to purge her body of the mind altering effects of his semen she couldn't resist stroking those thick crimson locks. "Hmm, that's nice." Jeania purred.

"You're awake?" Kira asked startled.

"Yeah." Jeania sighed out an answer.

"Why are you still laying on me?" Kira asked.

"Well I was watching the room for our Master to come back." Jeania said with such reverence. She was clearly his servant even when his intimidating presence wasn't around.

"Has he come back?" Kira asked.

"No, well, not since I woke up a while ago." Jeania answered.

"Why didn't you just move to the couch then?" Kira wondered.

Jeania's head raised. Kira's spirit gave a little cheer as Jeania's hand stroked her cheek. The nerdish Latina purred, "I like how it feels when we cuddle together." Then she leaned her mouth forward.

Kira pulled her head back. She was trapped under the smaller girl, if Jeania wanted to she could have forced those succulent full lips against Kira's lips. But she stopped and gave a sigh, "Still not accepting the feelings you're clearly feeling huh?" Then Jeania stroked Kira's cheek again and stood up. "Make sense, you have only been feeling them a day or so."

"I think it's a side effect of his semen. I have too much male hormones being forced into my system and it's confusing my body. If he stops feeding me his semen then I'll stop having such disgusting sinful thoughts about you." Kira explained.

Jeania looked about to say something. A I'm smarter than you look the faithless get when they are about to blasphemy. Then she shook her head and noted, "I'm going to get dressed."

Kira watched the shapely girl walk towards her bags. Chastising her body for being too weak to resist his seed's effects. She never would have watched that tight little round buttocks roll as Jeania walked if not for that demon semen. As she noticed the contours of Jeania torso Kira decided to distract herself from sinful thoughts by asking the sensible question, "Should we get dressed? If he comes back and wants to molest us won't he want us naked?"

Jeania stopped and clearly was thinking. Advising, "I think we'll be fine to be dressed. I get the impression he likes watching little women strip before him. Or even stripping them himself. Besides, I'm just going to throw on my PJs to be comfortable since it's so late."

"Is it late?" Kira asked while standing. She had no idea if it was or not. With no visible windows and no clocks she had to go from the few signs she had available. Besides, PJs sounded like a swell idea. She had been basically naked since yesterday evening after all. Some modesty would feel nice.

"You know, I'm not sure. He has me so worn out I just assumed it was." Jeania said. Then she grabbed her phone, "It's supper time." The redhead advised.

Mention of meal time awoke Kira's stomach. Veggie scraps was her last solid food and that was hours ago. "I am so hungry." Kira confessed as she started pulling her PJs out. Planning on checking tonight's cereal selection once she was dressed.

Jeania turned and her towel fell to the floor, "Yeah me too." She agreed, as her shapely form’s silky skin looked appealing as it was slowly covered.

Kira turned away to drop her towel and pray to God to protect her from the sinful thoughts induced by that sick giant's disgustingly rich semen. Hoping to blank that supple rounded form from her tormented mind, Kira asked, "What should we do with our towels?"

"You didn't notice the drawer by the shower labeled hamper?" Jeania replied.

She had not. She dressed and gathered their towels to investigate this drawer, as Jeania called it. Jeania went to the water bottle and suckled the nuzzle before looking into the feed bins. "Oh, Fruit Loops and Shreddies from the looks of them. What one do you want?"

Kira stood by the drawer. Pulling on the handle it didn't so much come out but fold down. A box-like inside was formed with its front and back sides angled for easy loading and dumping. Likely when it was folded back into the wall the back would angle and the dirty clothes would tumble down a shaft into a bin below for the giant to gather to wash. She briefly thought about crawling in to slide down the laundry shoot. But the loading drawer was too small for anyone but a small child. And the way the drawer folded wouldn't allow anyone to access it when the back opened to the hidden laundry tunnel. Sighing she replied annoyed at how much thought that sick giant had put into this, "A Shreddie please."

"I figured you'd want the boring choice." Jeania teased tossing the dark tan square like a frisbee.

"What's wrong with Shreddies?" Kira asked, catching the spinning flat square.

"Nothing, just, giant Fruit Loops." Jeania replied holding up a big green circle before biting into it.

Kira nibbled on her Shreddie as she walked towards the couch. Nothing was happening in the vast valley that was the outside room but she had nothing else to do and liked to sit when she ate. It was hard eating cereal at this size. It was hard to get more than a nibble. She felt like a rodent holding the Shreddie with both hands while chewing at an edge. Jeania joined her and gnawed amusingly at her big green Fruit Loop.

Kira was soon bored. There was no music, no TV just the vast empty room. She hadn't packed anything for entertainment as she had expected this weekend to be full of competing and hanging out with her friends on the teams. This sitting doing nothing was almost as torturous as watching poor people be eaten by that strange lizard Bruce.

It wasn't that the idea she might have to entertain herself didn't come to mind. She just figured she could stream YouTube or Tik Tok on her phone. But here she had no access to those internet platforms. She perked up; however, she did have music on her phone. There was that at least.

"What is it?" Jeania asked, seeing her standing.

"My phone has music on it." Kira explained heading to where she let the device sit.

"Oh thank God. This nothing happening is driving me nuts." Jeania praised.

Kira looked at her phone. Thirty two percent wasn't a lot of charge. Still she needed something but that strange view and quiet. "Do you know why we don't have any signal? He does." Kira asked starting the music.

Jeania shrugged. "I'm assuming they are just too small to connect."

"What if we connected our phones together? Maybe we could use one to boost the other." Kira asked.

"How?" Jeania asked.

"I was hoping you would know how." Kira confessed.

"I do great in science related classes, but I don't know how to jury rig two cell phones together." Jeania said looking slightly amused mixed with a touch of annoyance.

"Sorry, I know you like, you know." Kira attempted to apologize.

"Nerd things? You need to stop watching silly teen sitcoms. I might be nerdy, but that doesn't make me or any other nerd automatically able to cobble science miracles together." Jeania rightfully explained.

"Sorry, I was just hopeful. I didn't think about it." Kira surrendered hoping the red haired girl would forgive her.

Jeania wasn't even looking at her. Kira turned and there was the giant. The door opened and her fear was washed away by that twisted desire to be played with. He rewarded them with a fresh cup of fruit scraps. His finger reached out and hooked under Jeania's chin. "Hello Red, my cute little bitch. Here, since you were so good today, another treat cup. Now share it with your sidekick Tender."

Jeania asked the same question Kira was longing to know, "Are you going to play with us more now?"

"Oh, eager are you? No Red my sweet. Time for you and your girlfriend to rest. Master will cum on you tomorrow." He advised, then shut the door.

Kira grabbed a sliver of apple as he leaned over to see what that modern Zeus was doing. A cage was open, Dark haired pigtails waved about as those overwhelming fingers took the girl’s clothes. Laces, buttons, and zippers had no resistance to giant fingers. Once he was done manipulating the fit girl and held her still a moment. Kira recognized her friend Mandy.



She was clearly pleading to the cruel giant. He didn't care what she said. He opened his fly, lowered her before the zipper edged cave. Then stuffed her inside. Kira figured he used that little hole in the front of men's underwear to press Mandy in along his massive penis. His smile and happy sigh told her he liked Mandy's curvy form along his sexual organ.

His hand went into that open cage. Kira knew who was coming out, Tammy, Mandy's twin. Well, mostly twins, there was one clear and stark difference in their appearance. As Mandy had black hair, Tammy had bright blonde hair.

She was struggling hard, her blonde pigtails flailing about just as Mandy's black ones had. Her clothes were no shelter against his titian lusts. Soon her own dance-toned form was naked and stuffed into that open fly to join her sister.

The giant smiled and zipped his fly. Then massaged his groin a bit. Likely pressing the Banks twins tight against his giant penis. Then turned and walked towards the table holding that Lizard's tank.

Kira felt bad for the twins. New members to the JV team, Kira had formed a fast friendship with Mandy. She knew the dark haired girl's experience with boys went no further then a hand job to her ex. And poor Tammy was less experienced then Mandy. No, having their small bodies wrapped about that cruel giant's sexual organ was beyond what they could have related to sensually.

He clearly liked working with his penis hugged by tiny women or girls however. Penny yesterday. Heck, Penny and Jenna this morning. But what scheme was that sick man up to now? He pulled out a small box with some handles sticking out of it. He grabbed something, then pulled it from a rod. Turned out to be a coil of bags like she had at home for picking up her dog Scout's leavings.

He opened the bag then turned and left it beside that dragon's tank. He popped the lid and the Lizard perked up. The giant tapped the inside of the glass and the Lizard trotted over to him. He hooked his hands around the beast's chest and lifted him from the Tank.

This Bruce was strange. Kira didn't know much about lizards so maybe she was wrong, but she never considered a pet one would be affectionate. The Giant laughed as he held the lizard away while Bruce leaned his head out in a manner that looked like he was trying to nuzzle the top of it along his owner's face. Their capture placed the dragon down and the lizard sort of trotted in place with that strange slightly open mouth expression he got when he noticed a tiny person trapped in his tank with him.

The giant shook his head then stroked the lizard's head. Scratched its chin. The Lizard leaned into the touch much like a friendly cat would. This seemed off somehow. Bruce looked to be almost wagging his tail at his owner's attention like a dog. The giant bopped the lizard on the nose then grabbed what looked like a small rack and turned to the empty tank.

Bruce wandered back and forth, stopping occasionally to reach a claw almost wantingly towards the giant. Kira wondered if this was natural for whatever type of lizard Bruce was? She questioned if he had been altered in some unnatural way. Then a thought came to mind, his diet addition of shrunken people was very unnatural. Could that have somehow changed the lizard's instincts somehow?

The cruel man looked focus on scooping out what Kira assumed was Bruce's leaving. This left the dragon to seemingly lose interest in trying for the giant's attention. It stalked about the desk a bit looking dejected. Then it's head perked up.

It turned to look at the giant as it slowly sauntered towards the corner of the desk. The dragon was clearly watching the man clean up after him as he snuck to the desk edge. Then it reached a claw out toward the table holding his tank but missed. The Lizard readjusted and reached again. Kira was confused, did Bruce want back into his tank.

Then his third careful reach terrifyingly answered her question. The claws caught the handle of the deep drawer holding the tiny men and women that hadn't sold for the giant. The lizard slowly tugged and the drawer opened.

With a wide enough gap, the giant beast reached its upper half across the distance between desk and table and hooked its head into the drawer. Kira could see its head jerk telling of a tongue strike. Then the head snapped in its distinctive eating method.

The Giant stopped what he was doing and looked about in confusion. He clearly could hear something. Likely the tiny people in the drawer screaming for their lives as that lizard started eating his fill of them. Then he spotted Bruce head deep into his treat drawer. The giant hooked his hands under the Lizard's chest and lifted the beast. Bruce swallowed a mass then his tongue fired out as his owner wrestled him away from his living treats. The naked half of a man was hanging from Bruce's mouth once that tongue returned.

The giant placed Bruce on the desk. The Lizard looked twisted comical with its head hung low like a scalded dog while snapping his jaw to catch the tiny struggling man deep enough into his mouth to swallow him alive. The man sighed heavily then pointed and said something while taking a stern pose. The dragon caught enough of the man to swallow, then low walked over to the man and nuzzled at his hip. The giant stroked the lizard's head and said something else. Then turned, shutting the drawer and went back to work.

The lizard crawled about like it was pouting. Then it tilted it's head again. Sneaking over to the edge of the desk again. Reaching out like earlier. Just as his claw caught the handle the giant's hand slapped the drawer. Bruce jumped back and in what looked like a nonchalant walk looked away like it was trying to look innocent. The giant pointed up and said something, then turned back to the tank.

Bruce tried this one more time. Getting caught again. The Giant held up two fingers and said something, from his expression, firmly. The dragon looked to think about a third try. Then gave the giant a look. Then walked to the center of the empty desk and just started rolling and dragging it's back against it like a cat over catnip.

The giant, seeing his pet settled down, focused back on cleaning. Some greenish liquid was sprayed and wiped from the inside of the glass. A clear liquid sprayed on the plants inside. Then he switched out dishes of what looks like leafy vegetables and orangish chunks for new dishes of veggies and orange chunks.

Seemingly finished he tapped the edge of the desk and that dragon trotted over to him. He lifts the beast with both hands around it's round chest. Bruce stands in the sand leaning on the glass with that perverse smile-like open mouth. The giant says something to the dragon shaking his head. The dragon flops down and makes a happy spin then back up. The giant sighs shaking his head.

He opens the drawer and grabs one and drops it in. Kira tries to trick herself this is just a small man. But she can't hide what she was seeing. A guy about the age of the younger members of her team. He scatters desperately toward those bushes by the log. What draws those dropped in the tank to those plants at the ends? Is it the hope of a place to hide? Is there a shelter there, a sanctuary? Kira prays to God she's never in that situation to find out.

Bruce, despite his earlier gorging, pops that cruel happy expression and playfully skitters along after the teen. He blocks the path between the guy and the log. The guy doesn't stop, he ducks down and sprints harder. This looks to confuse the dragon as he just lowers his head to watch the guy run between his legs.

The dragon curls about and holds his head like he is curious. Following the naked guy right to the log. He attempts to duck under the wooden barrier. That was as far as the young man got. Pink shot out and back. The young man was held at an odd angle around his lower half. The boy was a fighter, punching hard at that hardened lip. The Lizard snaps his jaw. The guy is still there just hanging limp, a clear bloody mark on the side of his forehead. No longer wiggling that horrible dragon snapped another time and a mass flowed down his throat.

Kira just realized the giant was gone. He must have closed the lid as it was tight over the lizard's tank. Yet Kira didn't remember seeing him close it. Didn't see him put that box away. He was just gone. She turned to see if Jeania had seen where the giant had gone. She was clearly aroused by that guy's devouring. Her hands were massaging her inner thighs wantingly. Kira ignored the redhead's reaction to that horrible death and asked, "Did you see where the giant went?"

Her voice was trembling with arousal when she answered, "He went towards where I think the bathroom is."

"Did he take the Banks twins back?" Kira worried about her friend.

Kira could see Jeania was full of anticipation energy. Kira found herself finding the freckled girl looked so pretty full of arousal like that. The words Jeania purred should have made the redhead. Especially since Mandy, Kira’s good friend, was the focus of her statement, "Those lucky bitches were still getting to snuggle against that giant cock." But Kira could see she wasn't saying that to be cruel. Kira could see Jeania would have been delighted to change places with either twin in that sick perverts pants.

Kira could see there was more coming from that freckled Latina's lust fueled imagination. However, right then the world began moving. Kira grabbed hold of the arm of her couch terrified what this could mean. The view switched to the couch. The Giant appeared in their view. He made kissy faces at Jeania, clearly enjoying having a very enthusiastic slave. Jeania played right into this game. Her chest heaved as she breathed hard. She licked her pillowy lips and kissed back. Her hand openly slipped into her little PJ shorts and she openly started masturbating for him to see.

Jeania purred hard under his admiring vase eyes, "He's so close, he could just open that door and we'd be helpless to resist pleasuring him. Oh to have one of his hands wrapped around my little body." Kira hated that those words flared her own imagination, warmed her skin in that perverse way.

The Giant smiled at her. Then turned and walked towards that giant couch. Suddenly Jeania was sitting close to her. "I'm so jealous, they're about to be fondled by those big powerful hands."

Kira shifted, "Mandy's my friend. I don't want him to fondle them."

Jeania looked disappointed and agreed for different reasons, "I don't want him to fondle them either." She looked over towards where the giant was laying down. Her confession was laced with her desire, "It should be us getting to wrap our limbs around that massive cock."

Kira looked over. The giant opened his pants and there was a mass in his underwear. It was fairly clear his penis wasn't erect and the twins were just laying there trapped against it. He reached down and massaged the mass. Mockingly shaking his head at the twins' lack of reaction. Then he looked over and winked.

He pulled down the underwear and exposed his sexuality and the naked twins. He said something at them and they reluctantly sat up, then curled onto their knees. He snaps at them and the two teens stand. They each lean over the shaft facing each other while pressing their young breasts into that giant's penis. They soon started massaging that sensual organ with their perky chests. The position places both fit young women on their toes. It lifts their firm round buttocks displaying them prominently. Every curve of the muscles on their legs shined appealingly.

He says something and they flinch. Mandy looked to start saying something to that modern mythical god, but he ended that with a harsh looking snap. They cower under the verbal thunder. They look at each other and with clear disgust lean their faces towards the others. Soon, and clearly reluctantly, the Banks Twins start making out for the giant's amusement.

The Giant smiles as he admires the Twin's shapely forms while they kiss for his mercy. They cringe and stagger to adjust as his sex organ hardens under them. His hands reach down and fondles their lifted bent bottoms. Fingers delights at the toned slightly flexed muscles on their legs. Kira could see both Twin was hugely uncomfortable under that direct physical affection from that powerful being.

Their discomfort becomes more prominent when his pinky starts stroking along the inside of their legs. Focusing at first on their supple calf muscles. His expression showed he found their calves delightful. Then he touches their inner thighs. This distracts them immediately from their ordered kissing as they looked to be frightened at the most intimate touches they had ever received from a guy before. He snaps one word. Kira easy reads those powerful lips, that word was kiss. And the Twins jump in fear and press mouths together again.

That cruel modern Zeus licks his lips in lustful pleasure. The pads of his pinkies press up along the girl's sensitive areas. They both start and gasp, then in fear press those worried mouths together again. He strokes those tips along their private areas, the might of those soft touches made the Twin's raised hips begin to pump involuntarily. The power of his small actions made their pigtails wave like flags in a steady breeze.

Kira could see this was having an unwanted effect on her friends. Mandy's eyes rolled and fluttered as her flower blossomed to that invading giant touch and exposed her sensitive sexuality to the fingerprint of that mighty mythical modern deity. Kira found herself thinking about how that restrained power fondling her womanhood like that would feel, and those thoughts make her own flower begin to secrete nectar. Jeania moans openly in agreement with Kira's imagination, "Oh that must feel so amazing."

The Twins however didn't look to be savoring those touches. They looked scared as they made the actions like kissing. Kira's arousal is lowered as her mercy remembers this violation was both girl's most sexual experience. Too small and helpless to stop that molesting. Too scared and intimidated to even attempt words towards that towering being.

Both their eyes went wide as the point of his smallest fingers turned and was pressing into their opened flowers. They stop attempting to pretend to kiss and fearfully look up at his distant face. They openly beg. Clearly pleading for their fresh womanhood. Requesting mercy as they had never experienced sexual interaction before. The giant drinks their powerless whimpering with clear delight.

They look to begin howling as their heads turn up with wide eyes and mouths. His thumb pressed the top of their buttocks and held it down while he curled his hand to press the pinky up into them. A tip slips inside both twins and looks to pop as the first knuckle buries inside them. Braced against his sexuality he begins pumping his pinkies and young teens rock from the mighty force that for him was simply wiggle of his wrists.

The twin's fit supple bodies are practically puppeted. Their hips bounce with his steady rhythm. Popping their fit buttocks with each upthrust. Their toned legs flex, attempting to stay up under those powerful minor pokes. Their breasts grind that sensitive skin as they jostle from his cruel fun. Mouth open wide and tongues sputter about uncertain where to rest as they clearly can't handle the sensations from those raping fingers.

Jeania saw it differently. "Oh that must feel amazing!" The redhead is openly masturbating at the sight of her teammates being raped by giant fingers.

"He took their virginity." Kira chastises her cage mate. Attempting to cool Jeania's enthusiasm by asking, "How would you like to lose yours like that?"

Jeania smiled lustfully and answered twisted honestly, "Oh I can't wait to. That thick touch deep inside. Oh to be his finger puppet, he could make me dance like that for hours."

Kira had forgotten Jeania was a virgin. Kira had lost hers to her sweet boyfriend Jacob. He was adequately endowed. She however could see how those thick little fingers could cause intense sensations. She felt guilty at how intoxicating those thoughts were.

Both Twin were sexually puppeted. The giant's finger worked their inexperienced womanhood. The girth stretched their flowers incredibly wide open. The little bit of length he inserted was clearly bulging deep into their slender bodies. They had to feel the restraint of his power, such little effort from a monster larger than an elephant. Mandy and Tammy are panting hard from their bodies unwanted reactions to that raping insertion. So intense to them their tongues dangle and flop at the edges of their lips. Their perky breasts scrub at his log sized penis. Kira could see both girls are near bursting sexually.

Kira doesn't understand her body. A twisted mass of lust and jealousy drives her. She hated her want, like Jeania's, dreamed of her time wrapped around the tip of that modern Zeus' finger. Her flower secreted nectar at watching his restrained power. Enslaved as a living toy.

Tammy surrendered to the sensations first. The blonde's twin back arched stiff as it looked like she screamed in overwhelming unwanted satisfaction. Her body held upon his hardened penis, her legs curl at the knees and point her toes into the air. His finger doesn't stop as his poking thrusts look to prolong the teen's orgasm.

This marked a change. He popped his finger out from Tammy and spread her naked form over his shaft. His thumb hooked on Mandy's buttocks and dragged her to the front of his tip. He returns to poking the dark haired twin while Tammy's perky nubile body is stroked up and down his sexual length.

Mandy was forced onto her hands and knees. Her face and chest stroke at the tip of that massive sexual orgain when he starts fingering her womanhood again. Mandy is soon back to panting. Tongue made to taste his manhood with each inward thrust. The dark haired girl peaks hard, her bottom bouncing from the emotional overload. This wasn't the end for her however, no he just kept up that digit raping. He adjusts her back slightly. Mandy places her hands on that broad tip to brace herself. Kira saw a flaw in Mandy's action, this placed her pretty face and panting open mouth right before his spout.

Seeing Mandy's instinctual reaction, the giant smiles. Tammy's form is stroked faster. Her raped warmed body glowed with sweat and looked to lubricate her form along his sexuality. He was clearly savoring her supple curves being worked along his penis. That modern deity clearly liked how the helpless blonde felt. He now smiled in cruel lustful delight.

His fingers reached up and pulled Mandy's arms back making her little body arch her chest and face out toward that domed tip. Then a large glob launched from his sexual organ and covered Mandy's panting face. She swallowed and continued panting as that force of nature had not stopped his pinky from trusting. This action coats Mandy from the top of her head to along her stomach in his pleasured urged release.

He turns Mandy onto her back, allowing the semen to flow more over her body. He lifts his shaft so the tip hangs over the dark haired twin's body. Then he works the blonde sister up and down attempting to trickle the last few drops of giant seed upon the defeated twin below.

Their personal Zeus looked over and clearly mouthed the word, "Strip."

Jeania gasps excitedly, "Oh yeah." And begins pulling off her PJs. Kira, hating the sick mix of wanting and fear that convinced her to follow suit. Her mind flooded with the knowledge he had some sick plans for them. Her conflicting emotions made her tremble.

He walked over what looked like a mile in a couple steps. The door opened and he demanded, "Kneel for your treat pets." Kira joins Jeania on her knees and begging like pups at the dining table. Then held above them was the semen soaked Mandy. "Open up." he unnecessarily commanded as Kira's jaw was already wide. Her blended confused emotions made her want to actually drink that giant's seed.

Mandy looked at them and whispered pleading, "Kira stop, help me please."

Their modern god of lust reached his other hand in and flicked Mandy's round firm ass. Mandy yelped in great pain. "Shut up product, my pets are enjoying their treat," He commands. The curvy body jumped about in reaction, sprinkling Jeania and Kira in his thick seed. Kira hates that that was her main focus and not her friends' fear and pain. No she's eagerly scooping drops off her chest and stomach to lustfully suckle it from her hand and fingers.

"Good bitches, you may lick it off the product's body." He offers them. Kira's mind was so his slave this sounded like a grand gift. She followed Jeania in rising higher on her knees and began sloppily licking the rich semen off the dark haired pretty face. Swallowing the thick goo greedily.

Kira noticed a large drip of white forming on the breast of Master's whimpering Product. It wasn't till much later would Kira realize she had somehow his imposing presence made Kira forget the dangling nubile girl was her good friend Mandy. She stood to get up at that semen covered mound. Tongue caught the glob and guided it to her wanting mouth where she sucked the thick rich treat down her throat. The drip saved from the floor, her mouth began suckling the tit. Tongue played eagerly with the semen hidden nipple.

Jeania began suckling the other supple breasts, making the pretty dark-haired Product gasp appealingly. Kira knew it didn't like their attention, but their Master's vast power made it submissive. More of his pleasure syrup was along the Products ribs and toned stomach. Kira openly moaned with each greedy lick to gather more of their Zues' intoxicating semen off that silky smooth skin.

Jeania licking the shapley platter's stomach shifted her position. She straddled the Products lovely face and pressed her wet flower into those sweet features. Jeania's hands each grabbed a hanging pigtail to restrain the head in place and direct those features where they would feel the best.

"Oh good Red. Like your treat?" Their Master's thunder roared happily down on them.

"Yes Master." Jeania purred lustfully. Smacking her semen coated lips.

"Let go Red, I have to put this product back." Master commanded. And they, like good pets, backed away from the openly crying product.

The Product disappeared. And he smiled at Jeania, "Here Red, one more treat before bed." Kira was suddenly lifted onto her toes as that damp pinky stroked her womanhood. Oh the power, even the restrained little he used to touch her, was roaring through her form. The petals of her flower spread at the digit's pad. The touch was a deep pleasure. Finger and thumb reached up and her breasts were massaged by this modern mythical deity. Her hands grabbed and stroked these digits as they rolled her mounds over her excited little nipples. Those massive fingers were holding her up and pushing her fast towards climax. She whimpered openly as suddenly the fingers left her. What had she done to lose those enchanting fondling?

"Night Red." he said and closed their door.

Kira stood trembling. The giant's presence blocked by that clear door had freed her thoughts. Guilt over what she had helped do to Mandy came to her. Their sinful actions she and Jeania had forced upon poor, wonderful Mandy. Kira turned to see if Jeania was feeling bad too.

She wasn't, transfixed still on the giant. The Redhaired beauty panted wantingly towards their capture. Jeania's short fit form was appealing in its nakedness. Glazed here and there with that Giant's semen. Like those pillowy soft lips. Kira felt the urge to sin again, to pleasure Jeania in a way she should leave for her husband.

Kira reasoned it was the transfer of man hormones from him molesting her body. Not her actual wanting. The hypnotizing effects of his presence to desire his seed, filling her stomach with it. Flooding her body from the inside of giant lustful wants as well. She couldn't resist the giant, or the effects of his leavings. So these coming actions wasn't her fault. She wasn't sinning if forced to by giant lecherous hormones.

"Kira, are you alright?" Jeania asked as Kira approached that curvy body. Kira answered by wrapping her arms about that freckled desired form and pulled her tight. Greedily Kira suckled at Jeania's soft lips and found the treats of Jeania's tongue looking for hers.

Kira's hand reached down and gave that firm butt cheek a hard squeeze. Jeania made a happy sound and tilted her head slightly back. Kira found perky freckled breasts pointed up for her mouth to suckle their nipples. Jeania panted delightfully as Kira followed the giant's hormone’s want to suck hard on one of those firm tits. Her other hand reached down and giant lust powered her body and she lifted this curvy body.

Jeania immediately knew where they were headed, "Kira, we're messy with cum. We should shower first."

Kira’s giant semen confused mind liked the idea of showering with this pretty redhead. It was however the sinful lust that decided they couldn't wait. "We'll sleep in your bed." She growled between nibbles at that silky neck.

If Jeania had an argument it was lost when they flopped onto the messy blanket bed. They coiled their legs about the others. Mouths both greedily wanted to be the one kissing the others made them both sloppily smack, suck, and lick at the others. Bodies rubbed and grind along each other, every touch of skin on skin made Kira's hormone infused blood boil with lust. There they rolled about on the mattress pulling blankets and sheets loose from where they were still tucked in.

Kira notice Master's rich seed still on Jeania's breast. Licking it like ice cream on a cone. Her taller larger form was able to sexually tangle the curvy redhead's appealing form. A buffet of splotches of giant semen was Kira's mouth to enjoy. And where her mouth wasn't sucking Jeania clean of those leaving, her hands played with to Jeania passionate delight. Oh the sexual sounds the Redhead made drove the giant man's hormones in Kira's body wild.

Licking that soft hot skin like a dog with an empty sweet bowl. Kira knew she wanted more sexual flavors. She couldn't find any more semen spots on that curvy table. Then her lust flooded mind remembered a treat that tempted her yesterday. Her fingers slipped between the tight pedals of Jeania's girlhood and found it rich with nectar.

Kira turned her body and straddled the upper half of Jeania and pushed those amazing, if short, legs apart. There it sat with its little crown of crimson pubic hair. Like a spilt over ripe peach, the juices gleamed and trickled between those lip like sides. Kira had always thought the licking of another girl's femininity was disgusting. Now, hanging over that juicy flower she didn't want anything more and lowered her extended tongue towards it.

Kira gasped, hers wasn't the tongue that tasted wet girlhood first. Oh it felt sinfully wonderful. Jeania's kissing of her sensitive location was making Kira moan hard. She had to struggle, Kira couldn't have Jeania be the one controlling the passions in this bed. Her lips suckled that crimson crowned peach and she slipped her tongue deep between those tight pedals and licked. And like a peach Kira found the redhead's arousal nectar sweet.

They rolled to their sides as they lustfully kissed each other's womanhood. Kira reached around and massaged and kneaded those firm buttock's cheeks and thighs. Jeania reached down and happily fondled Kira's breast and twirled her excited nipple. The other hand stroked and admired the leg Kira had wrapped over her red topped head. Bodies reacted to sensations and writhed against each other.

Kira's tasting of Jeania's flower was encouraged when the curvy freckled pretty to climax. What a wonderful reaction to have created. Jeania regained her senses and lifted the hand fondling Kira's breast and added those touches to Kira's sexual area. Tongue and fingers made a rush of delight that now made Kira sing in pleasure.

Kira realized the giant’s semen's hormones still had her mind drunk even after that powerful release. She still unnaturally lusted for a woman's body. Jeania's supple curvy body. Kira needed to make her temptation climax again. But how she wondered. Then her finger tip accidentally stroked Jeania's tight anus. The shocked sound of pleasure drew Kira to do a dirty act. She pressed her finger firmly at Jeania's buttock opening. Massaging it made the pretty girl hum sexually.

Kira pressed her weight against the curvy form and Jeania rolled to her back. She planted her toes and turned her buttocks up to ease Kira's access. And to reward that positioning Kira actually pushed her finger into Jeania's butt hole. This new position allowed Kira to wrap her arm around one of the tone thighs and she now played at Jeania's sexual entrance with a finger tip. Stroking at it, between penetrating touches deeper inside. This left Jeania's little sensitive bud for Kira’s mouth to suckle. While she kissed, her tongue could lap at it. Kira reveled in the power rush she received when she made Jeania lustfully cheer her on over and over.

Kira lifted off Jeania once the redhead started to be more gasping for air then moaning in pleasure. Lust still raged in Kira, but she had regained enough of her mind to show Jeania sympathy. Kira looked at the clearly sexually exchusted girl and suggested, "We should stop now and get cleaned up for bed."

Jeania rolled up and Kira was kissed deliciously. Jeania nuzzled her cheek to Kira's while she ran fingers through Kira's black hair. In a delusional state Jeania advised, "I'm not a virgin any more. Thank you. I am glad I lost it to you."

Kira shook her head explaining, "You're still a virgin. A girl can't take a girl's virginity. Only a guy can take your virginity with their penis."

Jeania had that teasing tone when she said, "So, if a penis is needed then Mandy and Tammy are still virgins since Master only used his finger in them."

"Well, if the finger is really big." Kira reasoned.

Jeania gave her a sweet kiss advising, "Believe what you want. I am going to think of you as my first."

Kira could see no point in arguing and changed the subject, "We should clean up for bed."

"Shower?" Jeania asked.

Kira knew what Jeania meant by that question. A sinful bathing together. Wrong by God's word, Kira was still weak of will due to the semen's internal effect. She let herself surrender to its influences knowing the giant will likely make her do so. She should protect herself with practice she figured. "Sure." Kira answered standing and guilding Jeania to her feet.

"Kira, you're becoming awfully accepting of this?" Jeania questioned.

Kira got the water ready. She moved to allow Jeania to join her. She handed her a shampoo cloth and explained, "No, I figured it out. The hormones in that awful man's semen is affecting our minds. That's why we feel this attraction to each other. The amount of hormones in his leavings at our size has to be why."

"Kira, that isn't why I'm attracted to you." Jeania started.

Kira waved off whatever else she had planned to say. "I don't know what the Gay Agenda has got you thinking. But I know I for one am a girl of faith. I wouldn't choose to sin like that. So it has to be the effects of the giant sized semen."

It was clear Jeania didn't agree with Kira's repeated assessment. But she looked to be enjoying being bathed. "Well I'll just have to enjoy your affection after he feeds you his cum."

Kira shook her head. How Jeania could enjoy being trapped like this so thoroughly. Kira wanted to be home in her own bed. Actually at this point she was still full of giant semen and her mind was mixed with sinful thoughts about Jeania and her body. She allowed the hormones in her body to dictate her actions. It was strangely nice, the intimate interaction. Her washing Jeania's curvy body. Jeania softly washing hers. Kira savored this quiet interaction even if it was influenced by the giant’s hormones.

Jeania smiled warmly. "This is nice isn't it."

"Yes, but it would be nicer with a good man." Kira countered.

"You got me going hard on the bed." Jeania said, sounding amused.

"I did ingest a lot of his semen off of poor Mandy." Kira explained.

Jeania had a mischievous smile. "Well I should pay you back for that nice treatment."

The giant man hormones still burned in her system enough that this sounded appealing. Kira, however, had to try to resist once and a while. "That's alright. I was a little out of control."

"No, I want to. I drank a lot of cum off Mandy as well." Jeania replied. Kira could see she was teasing a little. Jeania cuddled close. Then her wet slick body wiggled down Kira's moistened skin. The pretty face smiled up at Kira from her groin. Softly, hands press at her thighs and Kira surrenders to their request.

Kira sings a long sigh as Jeania strokes her tongue long her flower. The Freckled temptress hums at the flavor and started to savor Kira's flower. Kira breathed hard at the sensations. She lifted herself onto the ball of one foot while she hooked her other leg over Jeania's shoulder. This angled her girl area more to Jeania kissing lips. And that access allowed the redhead to kiss deeper.

Kira's hip pops with the sensations. Her hands reach down and comb through those wet crimson locks. Jeania helps her balance there by wrapping her arm around the hooked leg and strokes along her thigh. Then Kira's eyes went wide as she discovered where Jeania's second hand was. Finger pressed into her womanhood and stroked into her secret hole. This allowed Jeania's tongue to focus on Kira's sensitive bud. It made Kira’s body burn and made her flower cry nectar of delight.

Kira's back arched as the sensation wonderfully overwhelmed her. Oh the glory of that pleasure. It even made her briefly question how such tenderness could be sinful. Jeania didn't stop her dirty sensations. The crimson haired temptress kept puppeting Kira at the end of her tongue. And Kira danced to Jeania's oral performance. And Kira dances hard before arching hard again.

Jeania slipped Kira's leg off her shoulder and slid herself up Kira's body. She smiled and taunting teased, "There, did I get all Master's cum out of your system."

Kira ignored the tone and answered honestly, "No." Then kisses those sinfully soft lips passionately. Jeania clearly likes her weakness and writhes her body along Kira's while kissing back eagerly.

It was Jeania that stopped their lips interactions. "It's getting late, we should get to bed."

Kira's body was exhausted, her cage mate was right. "We'll need rest for whatever that horrible man has planned for us tomorrow."

Reminding that freckled pretty girl of that giant made her sigh happily. Then she purred, "Yes we will."

They shut off the water and dry off. Kira wrapped her body with the towel and headed to the front of their cage to gather their PJs. She gets near the front and then freezes. That clear wall is black with no lights visible in the room beyond. The abyss sat there looking back at her. Her imagination throws up all kinds of images just beyond that clear wall. The giant's lustfully gleaming face, that Dragon digging at that thin panel. Anything could be waiting in that dark void.

Jeania walked up asking, "Are you alright?" Then she froze as well. "That black void is unnerving isn't it."

"Yes, it's making it hard to get our PJs." Kira agreed.

"I'll get mine, you get your?" Jeania offered.

"OK." Kira agreed again. They both stood there a moment. Kira contemplated just sleeping in her extra PJs in her bag or even naked. Then swallowed hard and faced the darkness first.

Jeania looked to be encouraged by Kira's movement and quickly rushed to her clothes. They both grabbed their sleepwear and rushed back to the other side of the couches like those limited barriers would protect them. They pull on their clothes giggling like they had snuck past chaperones.

Jeania looked at Kira and asked, "Comb my hair?"

"Sorry, I have to comb mine before it tangles more." Kira advised.

"I'll do it, just go grab your brush." Jeania commands.

Kira went over and grabbed her brush then over to where Jeania was standing. Jeania guides her into the swivel seat in front of the make-up mirror. Then the curvy redhead straddles her and sits in her lap. Starting to comb her hair she smiles and purrs, "See, we can comb each other's hair."

That giant's semen had to be still affecting Kira as she found this nice. Intermit in a strangely wonderful way. She starts running a brush through Jeania's thick crimson silky locks. They were so close, Jeania's body warmth seeped into Kira's skin. Relaxing her and bringing out an unnatural happiness. Cuddled close together, facing one another, they allow air in to help dry the other's hair while softly working any knots and tangles they find.

This sweet task done, Jeania takes their combs and places them on her make-up table. Then grabs Kira's hands and pulls Kira over to the mostly unused bed. At the edge, Kira stops allowing herself to be pulled and settles down on her knees. "What are you doing?" Jeania asked slipping onto the bed.

"I have to pray for forgiveness. Pray we are saved from that horrible man." Kira answered.

"I thought it was the cum that made you do it." Jeania said dismissively.

Kira gave her a look and pointed out, "The giant's hormones might make me not think or act rightfully. But they are still my actions and I will need his forgiveness."

"OK, if it makes you feel better. I'll make the blankets warm for when you're done." Jeania surrendered.

Kira begs her Lord for reprieve from the mind-twisting hell she was in. Guidance at how to survive this horrible situation. And, if it was wrong, why was she having sexual thoughts about the Red haired girl she was about to crawl into bed with.

She finishes and slips under the blankets with Jeania. The Redhead flicked off the light and wrapped them both in blankets. They cuddle close to hide from the inky black void at the wall past the foot of their bed. The curvy presence that Kira shouldn't enjoy had the additional effect of keeping nightmare images from escaping Kira's mind and out that clear door. That comfort is given back to her companion and Jeania sighs before slipping off to sleep. Guiding Kira to join her again.

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Note: Tiny Products

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 1:34 pm

Alright, I added pics into the chapters. Images of who the Giant is playing with. I haven't added pics of Kira, Jeania, and Heidi every time since they are the subjects of his attention so often so far. Let me know if you think I should go back and do a reminder pic of them each chapter.

Also, any of the one and done victims like the Fuglies or Bruce's snacks don't have an image due to the fact I never made them in the program. These were some of the characters I made in an program I had on my now dead computer and I only have so many. Not that a character with a pic couldn't end up in Bruce's tank. It's just the disposable/unattractive ones are just background elements.

Here is Kira, Jeania, and Heidi again just for if you need to reference later:




PS: Added Chapter 5 above just before I included this note in case you missed it. Hope you enjoy.

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CH 06: Tiny Products

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I almost didn't post. Honestly I almost decided to just disappear. My fragile little ego has me convinced my writings have been only tolerated. Possibly even deterring others from sharing their stories. A pest or bother. My floundering attempts at entertainment were really eye rolling sigh inducing posts. I just can't shake this idea the last little while.

Sorry if it's a true assessment of how my works are received. If it is let me know and I'll stop bothering you all.


Chapter 06: Clean and Firm
Minor Torture and fondling including:

Kira jumps awake when the Giant's voice is booming from the back of their cage, "Wakey Wakey Pretty Products. Today is cleaning day. Get up, strip your bed and make sure all your dirty dirty clothes are down the hamper shoot and be naked and waiting in ten minutes."

Kira was laying on her back with Jeania curled upon her. As soon as the Giant stopped his commands the Redhead rose up and straddled her and cheerfully roared, "Master calls." Then pulls off her shirt and tossed it towards the laundry shoot. She leans down and grabs at Kira's shirt and questions, "What's taking you so long, he wants us naked."

Kira defends her shirt as she pointed out, "He also wants our bedding, I think we can strip the beds before we strip ourselves."

The redhead nodded her head to the side then agreed, "I am getting a little ahead of myself aren't I." Then Jeania slipped off Kira.

They quickly gathered their few worn clothes and the linins from the beds into the swinging bin drawer. Then they strip their PJs off and into the drawer as well. Then they walk over to the clear wall and look out over the valley that was just a room to their captor.

He has set up what looks like six big rings hooked into brackets. Between each of the three sets of rings was some sort of pot over a tin with a small blue flame. Beside each ring bracket set-up was a small table with something being set up on them by a tiny woman.

"What do you think he has planned?" Kira asked.

"I have no idea. Those rings look to have shackles on them." Jeania pointed out.

"Can you see what's in those pots?" Kira asked, stretching up.

"No, but it clearly has to be warm." Jeania responded.

The giant suddenly appeared and smiled towards them. The door opened and he hummed out, "Time for you to get neaten uped Red." His massive hands reached in and tangled around their small bodies. Kira was terrified yet extremely aroused. She hated this reaction. The wish not to be some man's sex toy yet also intensely sensually enthralled that his molestings drove her insane. And molest he was, rolling her breasts as he walked over to the desk.

"Here you go Edith, this is Red the one I was telling you about. You know how I like them." the Giant said as he latched Jeania into one of the rings.


A beautiful African American woman smiled up at the Giant and replied, "I'll take good care of her Master. Nice and smooth as you like us."

"I know you will." He said matter of factly. Then Kira found herself being latched into the ring nearest to that one. "Helga, this is Red's sidekick Tender, take care of her."


A woman with extremely long blonde hair looked up and responded in an accent like the villain from an old World War Two movie, "Yes my Master."

The modern mythical deity turned and headed back towards the cages. The woman turned and smiled at Kira hanging from the metal circle. She ran his hand along Kira's leg, "Hmmm, look how pretty this one is."

The beautiful black woman by Jeania tilted the ring the redhead attached to so she laid facing up, "Remember Helga, Master has told us there is a lot to wax today."

The blonde reached up and cupped Kira’s breasts and pushed her backward. "But this one is sweet like cake, I hope Master lets me have a slice."

"I'm sure he'll make you do things with her at some point. Today is their tidying day." The black woman responded.

The blonde woman sighed, "Yes yes, always have to be so responsible." Then she ducked under the ring holding Kira carrying a small wide mouth jar.

Jeania's voice asked, "Are you some of Master's pets?"

"Well look at you sweetheart, already so comfortable calling him Master. No wonder he's already so fond of you. Yes, we are some of his current pets." The Black woman's voice responded.

The blonde came back with a yellowish goo. She snickered as Jeania asked, "So did he name you Edith?"

Kira started as the clearly admiring blonde woman started applying hot slime to her thigh. She purred out answering, "No his flaming haired darling. If you survive long enough in his personal cage he'll let you have your first name back."

"Survive?" Kira gasped.

Jeania attendant responded, "More like last. If he loses interest in you you can become product again, or, well, I guess sometimes survive does fit."

As the long haired Blonde pressed a strip of what looked like material and smooth it out over Kira's thigh she reached under and squeezed Kira's naked buttocks cheek as she snickered, "So you'll want to keep these cheeks tight my tan treat." Kira attempted to wiggle free of the woman’s grip but the restraints and gravity held her mostly in place.

The black woman said in an amused tone, "Helga, work not tease. Don't worry we have daily exercise classes to help each other stay fit. And he has a way that makes these stay pliable and firm?"

"These?" Kira wished she was positioned differently to be included properly in that informative conversation.

The blonde cupped Kira’s breast and kneaded it, "These, Tender, not that you'll need much help there." Then Kira yelped as a strip of material was yanked from her leg, taking the tiny hairs with it.

Kira didn't like how fondling her attendant was. "Please stop touching me in that sinful nature." She requested.

This just seem to arouse the German accented woman as she smiled licking her lips, "Oh he'll make you get touched more sinfully than these little pats my canvas." Then as if on que he appeared above them. Though he was more concerned with latching Peyton and her shapely mother to their own rings.

Kira wanted to verbally protest, but just that modern Zeus' looming presence made it hard even to breathe. "Oh, I see why he likes this one Edith, she has your affliction." The blonde said before she pulled another strip off making Kira yelp.

"Poor thing." Jeania's attendant sighed.

Jeania seemingly had no tack as she asked with him hovering so close, "You don't admire his vase power over you?"

The woman honestly responded, "While in his hands, yes. But when I'm able myself I loathe him."

His hand reached over Kira then she heard the Black woman begin to sexually gasp. "So cute when you use your naughty words my little Edith."

Then he moved his hand back and the woman whimpered, "Thank you Master."

The blonde attending Kira muttered under her breath, "Lucky."

"You admired him?" Kira managed to push words out of her mouth.

She yelped again as another strip was taken. Then the woman blew a kiss at her, "I have a thing for big powerful men. And, he is the biggest, most powerful I have ever seen."

"So if a larger giant was to show up?" Kira wondered.

The blonde stroked her hands up to her hips then grinds her groin at Kira's exposed womanhood giggling breathlessly. Then she questioned Kira, "This new giant, can they make people into toys as well?"

Kira could see the woman's point even while not liking how she was delivering it. The false god could make anyone outside into a tiny person. Money, strength, fame, even soldiers couldn't stop him from making them too small to resist him.

The woman slipped into loving her duty of waxing Kira's leg. Jeania had questions about their cage. Small private rooms, fresh food, a swimming pool the way this Edith spoke about it made it sound more like a resort than a prision.

Kira listened as she took a deeper look at her molesting attendant. Tall, for their new height. Two fair sized breasts strangely pushed out from her chest. Her blonde hair was so long it dangled past her knees. She wore them in low pig-tails off the back of her head, likely to keep the hair out of her way while she worked. Her top was a white strip of material that hung off the ends of those gravity defying round breasts and teased the undersides of them. The top showed the deep ravine between the mounds. Her bottom was hugged tight with what looked to be too small sport shorts. The helm which her long toned legs extended from was so high the edge of her buttock's cheek peeked out. From what Kira could see from the distance the attendant looking after Peyton's legs wore the same uniform for this duty.

Then she heard Jeania ask an important question, "Do you have any idea when we'll be brought to his personal cage?"

"Oh Honey," Jeania's attendant started, "You two will be here a long while yet." Then with a hard sigh she explained, "That monster knows you like to watch and that delights his twisted mind too much to give that up. You'll be here at least as long as it takes him to sell all your friends." Kira realized she would have to witness more horrors before she could hide such nightmares from her mind.

Kira hung there as the top of her leg had all its hairs waxed off. Then the blonde went up and cleared her armpit on that side, then the one on the other. As the clearly aroused woman started on the top of that last leg Kira comforted herself that this painful process was nearly half done. Then a buzzing made her attempt to see what the woman was about to do. "Why do you have clippers?"

The woman's fingers played in the patch of hair at the top of Kira’s flower as she hummed, "Because as lovely as this patch is, Master likes us smooth on his tongue. And this is just too bushy to wax. So I'll have to trim it down before clearing it away." Then the blonde stroked between Kira's pedals as she explained lustfully, "Trust me, this will be painful, but so worth it." Her finger deepened as she ended with, "When he tastes a smooth pussy he really digs in deep and firm."

"Helga, work not play." Jeania's attendant called over. She sounded more amused then annoyed.

The blonde rolled her eyes and complained, "I have so little and she won't even let me taste some of this caramel cheesecake." Then the woman lifted her invading finger and suckled it. Pulling it from tight lips she sighed longingly, "Oh so sweet. If I'm really good maybe Master will let me have a full taste." Then she tilted her head and turned on the clippers, "But Edith is right, we have too many products to neaten to play with the keepers for too long." Then began buzzing Kira's private hair.

Hot wax was carefully painted along the edge of Kira's private spot. It was disturbing at the attention her attendant made sure the material was smooth along that sensitive area. Then the Blonde warned, "Sorry Tender, but this will hurt like you've never known." Then she tore Kira's soul from her body.

Kira roared in pain. Tears flooded her eyes. Her flower shouldn't be plucked like that. As she was settling to just start the process of recovering from that. Jeania screamed in agony. A hand cradled her cheek and wiped tears away for her. "Shhh, poor Tender. I know, I know. But trust me, you'll get sort of used to it some day. And, it's what he wants so we have no choice. Shh." Then Kira fearfully felt more wax being smoothed along her most hidden area.

Kira would have told this vile torturer anything to get this to stop. Hairs down along that area were not supposed to be taken out like that. The German accented voice attempting to reassure her was not smoothing the pain or feelings of violation any. Then, after what felt like forever, the blonde said, "There, the hard part is done." Kira felt some relief till that cruel minx added, "Now Tender, for your back side."

Kira wanted to plead or beg the woman to stop now, but she knew the blonde couldn't as it wasn't her choice. It was his. She looked about for him as the woman twirled the ring she was attached to. He wasn't in the room from what she could see. Peyton and her mother was the next pairing over. Past them was Vivian and her own pretty mother. Their attendants actively painted wax or pulled off strips unsupervised by that horrible giant.

She faced the desktop and felt hot wax on her buttock cheek. The blonde teasingly praised, "What a firm work surface." And shortly the hair removal started along the backs of her legs. Her arms and legs ached from hanging for so long. And as a last painful insult, the blonde purred as she spread Kira's buttock cheeks and started smearing hot wax between them just to attach a strip of material and cause Kira agony.

Then the blonde cooed in what was clearly a playful pouty tone. "Now, let me make you feel better." Hands stroke and massage her legs. A cream or lotion was worked into her skin. "Feels nice does it not? When you get into his bedroom cage I'll show you the lotion bath where we just soak and make our skin silky soft for his enjoyment. I'll work it in for you if you'll work it in for me." Then disturbingly Kira felt lips on her bum cheek as a kiss was pressed there.

She was flipped back over and the burning relieving cream was spread over the waxed areas of the front of her body. Armpits and lower legs weren't so bad. But quickly those kneading hands work up her calves to her thighs and closer and closer to her burning flower.

The blonde made happy sounds as her fingers smooth cream along the edges of Kira's flower. Then the tip of a finger plays along where the pedals touch. Kira whimpers in discomfort knowing her words of protest will just encourage her molester. The Blonde wiggled as her bosom heaved. She licked her lips wantingly and looked directly into Kira's eyes, "Let me kiss the boo-boo I made all better."

Shaking her head Kira watched as the long haired blonde lowered down towards her womanly area. Kira begs, "No please." as soft lips made softly sucking kisses along her wounded flower. Then a tongue hooks in and drags up between Kira's pedals. Then she hears a long hum then a smacking sound before the Blonde praised, "So sweet."

"Helga, stop teasing the new meat." Jeania's attendant called over.

The blonde sounded like a pouty child as she responded, "But Master isn't back yet. I'm sure he'll be alright with me having a little fun."

"Don't get too carried away." Jeania's attendant sighed back. Then she advised, "Too late."

The looming towering form came into Kira's view. In an amused tone he stated, "Helga, you're supposed to be working not playing."

"But I finished my Master. I was getting bored waiting for your magnificent presence." The blonde replied. Her play pouty tone clearly perfected for him and him alone as he smiled at her play guilt.

"Ass." he responds happily.

The blonde turned and pulled her little shorts down. Then pressed herself tight into Kira's spread groin as she bent over suggestively. His hand came down. The woman bucks hard into Kira's underside as a snap sound comes from behind her. It was clear whatever he did to her backside hurt greatly. Yet the blonde turned her head to face the gleeful giant and confessed, "I need another Master. I touched her naughty a lot as I worked."

"Oh, did you? You naughty little thing." he said before laughing. The blonde yelped again and thrust hard into Kira. "Now straighten up. It's time for their firming."

Pouty the blonde replied, "Yes Master." Then arched and rolled to a standing position. She took no interest in her shorts and allowed them to hit the floor that is the desktop. Then she bravely asked, "Did I look good on her Master?"

A finger stroked that long blonde hair, "Cool down Helga, you have a lot of product to clean today. If you work hard and keep your hands to yourself, maybe I'll allow you to play with one."

"Yes Master." the Blonde purred.

Kira’s arms and legs were freed by those massive hands before they encased her. That aphrodisiac of fear and helplessness made all loathing of that giant melt away and reveal a strange lust. Arching limbs strain to get muscles to work again and touch his fingers, hoping to lure them to touch her. Then she just dumped into a dark pouch. Light flash told there is someone else in this pocket or bag with her. Heidi's scared voice asked, "Kira, do you know what he has planned for us?"

The giant out of sight, she responded in honest fear, "Something he called firming."

"Firming?" Heidi clearly wanted more information.

"I don't know." Kira confessed.

A giggling mass was then slipped in with them. Crimson locks declare it as Jeania. Then a massive zipper closed about them and took all the light. Jeania could be heard wiggling to her knees then she openly cheered, "I hope he's going to play with us like yesterday."

"You want him to rape you?" Heidi questioned in shock.

"Its not rape if your willing. And if your willing it is amazing." Jeania responded in a purr.

"What is wrong with you?" Heidi worried aloud.

If Jeania had a rebuttal it never got out as the giant announced, "You know, I want a couple of smoothed bitches to keep my cock company while I do today's chores."

Vivian's voice was cracked with terror as she screamed, "Mommy help, don't let him touch me more!"

He clearly liked this scared teen screaming for help as he cruelly snickers. Vivian's mother does the only thing she can do, yelling definitely, "Leave my daughter along you sick pedophile. You disgusting monster!"

Vivian's voice is just scared sounds as the giant's voice counters mockingly, "Claim down mommy, my balls will soon be resting on top of you. Now let me enjoy your dark haired girl on my cock."

"Stop that, stop! She's just a girl you sick bastard!" Mrs. Stain roared.

"Oh she feels so good rolling over my tip like this." He clearly belittles the raging mother. Twisting more as he hummed happily and added, "Oh her little tears make it so slick to rub her face there just right."

The woman started to scream, but what she yelled was muffled by something. Then the giant gleefully advised, "My balls are full and heavy, your going to feel so good pinned under my sack." Mrs. Stein's voice soon vanished. Then the giant laughed noting, "Man I love when they try to wiggle out from under my balls." Then he was moving and a slight grunt and he sighed, "Guess I should be back to work."

"Oh those two are so lucky." Jeania moaned with strange pleasure.

"He's trapped them in his pants." Heidi unnecessarily explained.

Giant voice stopped their conversation again as he whimpered, "Oh I should have waited for you two. Look at you, all legs and tits."

Mrs. Bell, Peyton's mother replied in a begging tone, "Please don't hurt my daughter. I'll do anything you want."

"Yes you will, and so will she. If you're smart you'll get yourselves ready to pleasure me in any way I want. I tend to make sure good products get, well I was going to say good owners, but to be honest I guess I should say less harmful owners." He happily explained as he started moving.

"I'll do anything to keep my daughter safe." Mrs. Bell just continued.

"Later, bitch. I have lots to do right now." He taunted.

Then he sounded like he was calling over to someone. "I'll be bring your next customers over." New screams, familiar voices gnarled with fear. From the sounds and movements Kira figured he was placing the next six girls into their racks to be waxed.

It felt like he was walking somewhere as their dark fabric cage bounced with each step. Then they were tilted and tumbled to one side in a heap. "There, all in. Next load." he said to himself as he straightened up. Then twisting rattled them. Then a roaring machine noise like a great doomsday weapon. Then Kira recognized it, a washer machine.

They were walking again. Where they were was uncertain. The zipper opened and giant fingers came looking for them. Jeania was first, giggling gleefully. Then Heidi slapped pointlessly at the grasping tentacles. Kira cringed and just accepted she would not resist his clawing digits. She was placed into a hard clear plastic container. Beside them was a strange small machine with two folding arms positioned over what looked like some short of a vise. The giant walked away to a far wall. Kira shook her head, their portable cage was one of those fanny pack things.

He was working on something. Then Kira saw what, he was preparing small needles. He walked back and as he placed one needle into one of the arms he advised, "This stuff will make those cock rubbing tits extra firm. I charge clients an extra fee if they want this for their product. Now, it is going to hurt, really hurt. And for the rest of the day your titties are going to ach and be so sensitive. But tomorrow they will feel so good along my cock. And, mostly stop aching."

He started attaching another needle as he continued, "A doctor client came up with this for me. He's like my vet for Products. Huh, I should give him a new pet as thanks for continued assistance. Hey, I have those two hot little bitch dykes. He so loves lesbian Product. One of them will do."

"You first Heidi." he said, grabbing the Strawberry blonde. She whimpers but knows better than to struggle or sound off. He keeps chatting, "I think I'll give him the couch, he likes making lesbians chug his cum. What do you think Red?"

Kira looked at Jeania, she looked to have a slight organum knowing he was talking directly to her. Asking for her option even in his sick plans. Jeania gushed eagerly, "You should give him Carla. Ms. Crabtree might be fun, but Carla pledged she would never be with a guy. Being his sex toy would break that bitch's mind."

The giant smiled as he hooked a finger under Jeania's chin, "Hmm, that's a good idea. I knew I was going to enjoy you Red. My naughtily little bitch. I'll think about it." He turned back to Heidi as he added, "I might just let him pick. So many options."

Heidi was strapped into a device. Her breasts pressed between what looked like two smooth boards, forcing her Double D breasts up from the girl's chest. It alone looked so uncomfortable. The giant flicked a switch as he continued talking to Jeania, "I could show you profiles of his other picks. That might help me figure out what to do."

Kira watched as the two arms folded down. The ends of the needles just brushed the sides of Heidi's breasts. They were small needles for a human sized being. To them now they were javelin long spears. Then the machine clicks and Heidi screams as her breasts are stabbed. Then the machine softly sighs and the plungers of the needles start to depress. Heidi just wails in agony. No pleading, no begging, not even any words. Just bellowed pain. Then the machine pops and the arms coil back up. The giant cracks the wood looking blocks apart and strokes Heidi's chest with what looked like a folded wet nap. Heidi whimpered in clear pain as he did.

Jeania looked scared but was too delighted to be talked to by that sick monster to give that up. "Seeing what he liked in the past might help me pick which one he might like better."

He was happily unhooking Heidi as he nodded, "We might do that. Maybe one to him, one to Bruce?"

Kira realized right then how lost Jeania was as the Redhead cooed back, "Oh Master you're so mean, that sounds so hot."

"Such a twisted little giant whore." he praised slipping a crying Heidi into the container.

Kira yelped as fingers grabbed her. Jeania doesn't even go to Heidi to comfort her. She was too busy savoring her attention feast. "Not a whore Master, just your good little bitch."

Kira sees the giant's features twist into a smile. Fear is tangled with that arousal of being helpless in those massive hands. Straps pin her limbs tight. Her arousal is pressed from her as smooth boards sandwich her breasts. He walks away praising Jeania, "You are Red, such a good little cum chugger."

He's coming back with needles in his hands. "Will I get some today?" Jeania openly begged.

"No sorry, you'll not be in any shape to get spluged on today." he advised setting a fresh needle in place. As he moved about to the other arm he added, "Tomorrow I have errands in the morning, before I go I'll make sure you get a face full. You know, because your my new favorite cock rubber."

Kira heard Jeania smacking hungerly and confessed, "Hmm Master, I can't wait for your thick cum in my mouth."

The giant laughed. He clearly liked owning such an eager plaything. Kira didn't catch what he said back to his prize as the arms of the machine popped and lowered to touch her breasts with the end of those giant needles. She was aware Jeania and the giant were talking but her mind was filled with Heidi's agony reaction to what was about to happen to her.

The machine snapped and she was speared by those heavy metal blades. It clicked and liquid fire started filling her breasts. Her chest screaming in unbearable agony. Tears flooded down her cheeks from the pain. Those boards holding her breasts up from her body now crushing those mounds.

The machine pulled those knives from her chest. The giant released the boards and that eased the pain slightly. Stinging rough pad was crushed around her wounded breasts. Then the loosening of the straps jiggled her chest and sent waves of pain through her. Then she barked in pain as he lifted her from that torture rack. Then he dropped her into the cage which sent more pain through her. Jeania's voice sounded to whimper and the giant's voice returned. What was said wasn't as important as cradling her aching breasts.

Heidi was beside her, offering her a shoulder to lean against as they both openly cried together there. Pain roaring from Jeania. How long it was for Jeania was not clear. She wasn't returned to the cage. No, a massive hand grabbed Kira and the powerful fast movement jostled her wounded chest and burst her mind with pain again. Then dropped into the waist bag with the crying redhead. Heidi roared in pain as he was placed in with them. The zipper was closed in a way that left a window to watch the world race by. But none of the three of them had the strength to peek out.

Each step was a hammer against their chests. Thumping in heavy blows. Like a truck jumping on their breasts. It was like nothing Kira had ever experienced. Somewhere he stopped. The zipper opened, a face looked down and targeted Heidi. She howled in pain as he crushed his fingers around her torso.

Kira watched through foggy vision as the strawberry blonde was lower into a gigantic tank. Little clear walled apartments. Plants grew around them in a nice strange forest look. It was clear there were several other privileges like a pool and a giant screen was visible.

"Felicity, take care of Heidi. She's just been giving the firming." The giant stated as he placed Heidi beside a skimpy dress skin red headed young teen.

"Yes Master." the girl timidly replied, failing to help Heidi to stand.

"Good girl." The giant replied then turned away. Kira saw a busty brunette woman rush over and she helped the young redhead start to carry Heidi towards the clear apartments.

It was an agonizing trip back to their cage. He lifted her and Kira felt like she was being twisted in two. Laid upon one of the couches. She raised her arms to brace the sides of her aching breasts and found that made them hurt slightly less. Jeania couldn't resist roaring in pain as she was lifted and placed on the other couch. Then the door closed.

"Why the couch?" Kira whimpered knowing she couldn't stand with the pain and weight on her chest.

Jeania knew right away as she answered with no hesitation, "So I can watch his pets prepare the product for sale."

"Those are our friends." Kira reminded her cage mate.

Only to hear Jeania reply still enthralled even while suffering, "Only if Master says they are our friends."

Kira closed her eyes. There was no point arguing with Jeania, for, as Kira's father would have put it, she was drinking the Kool-Aid. Besides the torture of being waxed and having her breasts artificially firmed had drained her strength. Breathing, just breathing jostled the mounds too much. The pain was like a heavy weight. The only ease of it was her arms supporting and cradling the sides of her breasts. That seemed enough for out of nowhere Kira passed out from the morning's torments.

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Re: Tiny Products

Post by ralgar » Fri Aug 19, 2022 4:46 am

First off no u are not a bother ur stories are very interesting and I love the settings, so plz continue, I actually missed u when u. Didn’t update last week, plz continue to update as u can.

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Re: Tiny Products

Post by ALittleConfused » Fri Aug 19, 2022 11:42 am

You should have a lot more confidence in your self and your work. Your writing and your world building are excellent. I’m always looking foreword to your posts every week and would really miss your work if you chose to stop.

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CH 07: Tiny Products

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sat Aug 20, 2022 10:27 am

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. To make up for me moping and skipping a week I've added another chapter. I am not the most conferment of people. (Clearly) So the show of support is appreciated after dropping to such a great emotional low.

I'll be honest, I would find a comment every so often really encouraging. I found early on posting on the old VSW board I am a comment junky. Just a this part in the last chapter was interesting would help get my creative juices going. As foolish as this might be, it helps keep my lack of self-esteem from convincing me no one likes my stories. Which, yes, is kind of sad in the face of all the support you all have already given me. Its just how my mind works. A strange interruption of the old, If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all phrase. Or it could be just my own internalized self loathing.


CH 07: Weighs Heavy
M/f,f Light Play/Teasing only
M/f,f Including forced Incestuous acts

Kira awoke still weighed down by her aching breasts. To her surprise she found a blanket draped over her. She saw that Jeania was also covered in a blanket. She soon accepted this wasn't a kindness for her. No, it was a kindness to his new favorite pet. That realization hit her hard as she realized she was a gift to Jeania. Filled with his demon semen she would submit to sin and sexually pleasure the redhead. She didn’t want to accepted this situation simply because what other choice did she have.

Kira turned her head to see what was happening out in that vast sprawling room. The desk still held the six rings, still working were the attendants. No Kira realized, these were different attendants. The African American attendant that had pulled the hair from Jeania's legs was gone. The long haired molester that caused her such discomfort was also gone. In their place were two teens around Kira's age. They applied wax and pulled off strips with practiced hands.

Kira wondered how long they had been here as his sexual slaves. Were they recent prizes or had they been here for years. They looked like they were chatting with each other. From how the woman strapped on the ring was posed, her annoyed expression, they were ignoring her.

It was Mrs. Blake, Debbie Blake's mother. Neither had made it to his higher product line. They were that far along, waxing his less desirable victims. Likely so their buyers would have freshly smoothed playthings to torment. Was that why the attendants weren't talking with them, they wouldn't be here long?

Kira felt her soul lower, why would they talk to the already dead. If they were not bought those hair cleared legs would be slipping down that lizard's throat. Was that the reason, don't acknowledge them as people. Don't see any hope for them. Easier to not talk to them, no chance to get attached.

She attempted to look away. Couch back could not hold her attention. Then a scent did gain her interest. Struggling to sit up to investigate. There on one of their beds were their clothes they had dumped down the hamper shoot. Folded neatly in piles, that scent was a clear sign they were clean. She slowly slumped back down. Jeania was going to be his spoiled pet. Kira would benefit by association.

Movement brought her attention back to the room. The Giant walked over to the desk. He was talking to Mrs. Blake's attendant. His fingers began fondling the girl's legs and backside. The pretty girl posed her legs like she was wearing heels. Poking her buttocks out while he touched her. She had wavy light brown or blonde-reddish hair. The expression was scared, yet clearly showed she wasn't fully against his fondling. There was his weakness, Kira realized. Those that couldn't resist a strange arousal that came from being molested by a powerful giant. Jeania, Heidi, and even her. That's what saved them from new giants. Getting sexually stimulated for his benefit.

He stood and turned. Kira noticed his groin was bulging. He had someone or a couple in his pants. She had the scary thought it was Vivian and her mother still. Would he force women to spend literally hours trapped tightly against his sexual areas. He wandered from view and Kira remembered he fed people alive to a lizard, sexually trapping women and girls for hours was clearly not below him.

Jeania's voice groined telling Kira she had also awoken and had attempted to sit up. Then she moaned in pain slightly and asked, "What is going on now?"

"He's getting the girls and chaperones that he didn't find pretty waxed now." Kira explained, turning her head to look out towards the desk.

"Oh he's up to the fuglies." Jeania just uses that cruel creature's phrasing. She continued with, "Are those different women?"

"Yes, well at least the ones that waxed us are gone." Kira noted her observations.

Jeania had a worried tone as she wondered aloud, "I wonder how many he's kept for himself?"

Kira had to tease slightly by asking, "You worried you won't stay his favorite once you're in his private cage. That he'll get bored of his new redheaded toy."

"Well yes." Jeania replied. "I can't lose the feeling of him playing with me. I'm so helpless and small and he's just so big. Ahhh, I want him to play with me all the time now."

They both froze as his face appeared before them. The door opened and he happily asked, "Is my little Red ready for a little supper?"

Jeania groined as she sat up. Then she answered, "Yes Master." Like a good little pet.

His tone was mockingly sympathetic, "Oh is my poor little bitch still hurting. Don't worry, those little titties will stop aching in the morning. Then they'll feel so good rubbing along my cock." He pulled a sliver of fruit from a little cup and dangled it above Jeania's mouth.

Jeania had to know he was using her. Toying with her. Still she followed her mouth after the teased scrap of fruit. Praising her enslaver like this was a great situation, "Thank you Master, I can't wait to please you again."

"That's a good pet." He purred and allowed her to catch his offering. His head turned towards Kira, "Sit up Tender and you'll get some food too."

Kira found herself straining to sit up. His attention so focused on her made her weak. She would do anything to free herself and the others from this nightmare, yet while under his cruel affection she was an eager little pet too. She watched the Giant feed Jeania. Then he dangled a scrap for her and Kira hated herself for doing it, she opened her mouth and followed it just as he clearly liked. "Good little bitch. Here you go, Red's little Tender." Kira hated how good the fruit sliver tasted from his fingers.

There they sat, amusing the giant as he tauntingly finger fed them both. They were his living playthings and Kira hated how her body reacted. The strange sexual rush of being helpless in his control. He made them basically beg for his gift of sweet food. Now that they were taking his offerings he played more with them. Making them suckle the slivers. Pumping the nibbles in and out of their mouths. They both made lewd sounds to his delight. Enthralled by his overwhelming might.

He played with them for a while. Kira was soon full but the Giant continued for himself. Stroking their lips with the nibble in his fingers. Slipping it into their mouths and poking it against their cheeks. Kira's blood raced in her veins. She was a good little pet. Kira actually felt incredible disappointment when he dabbed their mouths and closed their door.

Sealed away from the giant, Kira's morals rushed back. As he stepped back she could see his pants straining. At the top of where of his penis end was a bulge, the trapped girl had to be nearly crushed by that massive giant sexual organ. As if to add insult to that poor girl situation, the Giant reached down and rolled his hand over that trapped mass and smiled perversely. Then the monster turned and walked away.

Kira's breasts ached and weighed heavily on her chest. She sighed and slowly slid herself back to a lying position. The landing hurt, but laying on her back with her arms braced along the sides of her breasts hurt a ton less than sitting up did. Jeania gasped telling she had the same idea. Kira pulled the blanket back over her nakedness.

There they watched as his trained slaves finish cleaning up his last newest victims. He puttered in and out of the room. Freshen the lizard's food dish. Taking a few men or boys away to come back with empty bins. Coming to the cages with mesh bags of tiny clothes. From the looks of it he wasn't being as kind to the other girls as he had been to Jeania. It looked like he was just dumping the bags into the associated cages.

Then the cages began to turn. The Giant must be planning on taking a break as the couch was now the main focus. Jeania hummed happily knowing she was about to get a show. Even if that show was one of her friends being sexually tortured for the giant's own pleasure.


Giant reclined with a self satisfied smile. He took his time slowly undoing his pants. Wiggling them down his legs. He stroked his groin a few times over his underwear. Then pulled his underwear to expose himself and his captives. Vivian looked up from the tip of his penis, she was shiny with sweat, her black hair clung to her face. His fingers reached over and pressed her chest and face back down and rubbed it back and forth over his tip.


He released Vivian and finished pushing his underwear off and Mrs. Stain peeled herself off the bottom of his scrotum. His hand now came behind her and pushed the woman back into the squishy flesh. He kneaded her there, basically scrubbing his testicles with Mrs. Stain. Then he dragged her up his shaft.

The giant flipped Vivian face up and turned her around, then used his fingers to spread her shapely legs. He said something and Mrs. Stain rose up shaking her head while she said something back. As he looked to growled a little harsher. Jeania whimpered, "I wish we could hear him tell that bitch what to do." Kira couldn't see what Jeania liked about this. Torture and abuse for the giant's sexual entertainment.

Mrs. Stain again refused whatever he ordered. He looked across the room then turned back saying something at his captives. Mrs. Stain looked to begin to beg. He said one word. Slowly Mrs. Stain lowered herself, placing her face into her daughter's groin. Vivian cringed as her mother's head began bobbing about down there. It was clear from their perspective that Mrs. Stain was licking between Vivian's pedals. The Giant leaned back and just watched mother sexually taste her daughter.

The giant reached down and pressed on top of Vivian's breasts. She wasn't the most endowed girl on the JV team, he looked to still enjoy them. The other hand reached down and grabbed one of her supple legs and stroked along it. Twirling his fingers along it like a cartoon villain with a long mustache. He let the leg go and grabbed Mrs. Stain's up lifted buttocks. Stroking a finger along the woman's sexual area. Lifting her as he fondled her.

Vivian looked even more disgusted as her body arched clearly reacting to all the imposed stimuli. The fingers molesting her chest now dragged her to his tip and spread her legs over his tip. He wiggled her about there then smiled.

His other hand wrapped around Mrs. Stain. Stroking his sexuality with the woman. He started saying things. Like he was rambling. Then Kira realized he was cruelly taunting both the mother and daughter. He was enjoying the mother's body along his shaft. He pressed Vivian's legs at his tip and rolled her about there. However it was clear he was keeping Vivian's flower over the hole at the end of his penis.

From the whimpering pleasure sounds coming from the other couch the Giant wasn't the only one stimulating themselves. Jeania couldn't resist the sight of the giant's power. His control over his victims. Even the heavy weight of aching breasts didn't deter her.

The Giant's head leaned back and his eyes closed as his lips circled and looked to puffed out gusts. Vivian's body arched at the top of his penis. Kira's teammate's face turned into a display of disturbed and pain. Her arms hooked out and her fingers clawed into the air. The black haired girl's body bounced as the massive penis twitched. Semen oozed from between Vivian's thighs and her stomach slowly started to bulge. The sexual dominance on display brought Jeania to her self induced climax.

The Giant slowly stroked Mrs. Stain along his shaft, pumping every last drop of his semen into or onto poor Vivian. Clearly he had enjoyed tormenting the woman and the teen.

Then he looked to be finished torturing the mother and her young daughter. But he wasn't, he dragged Mrs. Stain up to near the end of his penis. Then he lifted her up at an angle. He lifted Vivian from the end of his penis. As his seed dripped from Vivian's girl area he moved her towards Mrs. Stain's face. Then the hand holding the woman flexed and the woman cringed in pain. Then he pressed Vivian's messed in flower over Mrs. Stain's pain opened mouth. He rolled Vivian so his seed smeared her mother's face.

Then he stopped rolling Vivian. His finger pressed at the top of Vivian's bulging stomach and stroked over the extended belly. This pushed a glob out of Vivian's flower and oozed over Mrs. Stain's face and likely down the woman's throat. He snickered as his finger petted Vivian's abdomen. Slowly re-flattening it as his semen flooded Vivian's mother's face and breasts.

That torment finished entertaining the Giant, he slipped Vivian before her gasping mother with her semen white face. His face jolly he said something. Vivian looks up at his face with a questioning look. He says something again. Now Vivian looked disgusted and scared. Leaning forward she sticks out her tongue and begins licking the semen that was just pushed out of her body off her own mother's naked breast. He snarled at her, then smiled. Vivian jumped at this barking giant and latched her mouth over her mother's nipple and suckled the giant's seed off it.

He leans back in a relaxed laying pose as the young daughter is made by fear to suck and lick his seed off her mother's breasts. It had to be stomach turning for Kira's teammate for many reasons. The fact that it was giant semen. Yes, in the situation Kira's mind savored the thick fluid, but with her thoughts clear, she considered it disgusting. Then there was the incestuous sinful sexual matter of being forced to suck her mother's breasts. Lick them for his enjoyment. Also, the fact it had been forced up into her own sexual area before being forced out of her and over her mother's face. How much of that white ooze had failed to go down the mother's throat and bubbled out to coat those breasts. The other fluids mixed about the giant's semen could be many.

Then he grabbed them firmly. He lift them off his sexual organ and covers himself again. He walked over to the cages and put the tormented mother-daughter pairing away like they were mere toys. Then he begins putting away the less appreciated victims from the buses away now that the last ones have been prepared for their soon new owners. Then he grabs one of the young attendants and striped her and into his shorts with his soiled spent sexual endowment. Then the attendant, another young woman, was also stripped and entombed in his underwear. He finishes putting away the waxing frames and other equipment. Then collected the other attendants and disappeared.

"Kira, are you OK?" Jeania asked.

"I feel bad for Vivian and Mrs. Stain." Kira responded.

Jeania started sounding sympathetic, but her tone quickly changed, "Yeah, I can see that. But oh did you see how powerful he was. They were just like toys to him. He played with them and just put them away."

"He tortured them and forced them to do immoral things." Kira pointed out.

"Don't you remember what it's like to be wrapped in those mythical deity-like hands? Getting to have your body massaged along his colossal cock. That thick delicious cum filling your mouth." Jeania was clearly slipping into memory and imagination.

But her descriptions did reach something in Kira. The restrained might of those hands cocooning her small helpless form. Her sensitive areas rubbing against such a massive sexual male organ. Her mouth smacked at the memory of that giant seed's favor, craving it in a twisted way. The rush of the giant's pleasure shared with that freckled curvy beautiful with the devil shaded hair.

Kira's mind is startled at how quickly sinful thoughts involving Jeania mixed in with her strange sexual enthrallment with the Giant's power over her. Did his hormones have such a lasting effect? They were giant like their source, they could take longer to burn through her system. That had to be it, she was a good God fearing girl. She wouldn't have sexual arousing thoughts of entwining her naked body with Jeania's shapely naked form. No, it had to be more of the giant's influence.

Kira tried to forget those thoughts. Struggling to stand she groaned and wandered towards the cereal bins. Grabbing herself a Fruit Loop today, she just didn't want another dry giant shreddie. "Can you grab me a blue one please?" Jeania whimpered from her couch.

Kira grabbed one and without thinking turned quickly and tossed the food hoop over to the redhead laying across the other couch. Kira cradled her breasts as the aching shot up to hot pain. Then Jeania yodeled in pain upon the colored cereal piece's landing. "Sorry." Kira strained to say.

"It's fine." Whimpered Jeania back.

Kira managed to make it back to her couch and slowly place herself sitting on it. While one arm cradled her heavy breasts she nibbled at her loop. The immense room outside their cage was quiet and empty. Nothing to watch or be disturbed by. Then that lizard sauntered to his food dish and grabbed a orange colored bit of food. This made Kira wondered aloud, "When he drops a tiny person in with that monster why do they run towards that log?"

"Bruce." Jeania replied.

"What?" Kira responded.

"Master's lizard is named Bruce." Jeania explained.

Kira rolled her eyes. Did it really matter what she called that creature when it was just them? "When he sickly feeds a tiny person to Bruce, why do they attempt to get to that log?"

"I figured it was the plants around the ends. A place to hide." Jeania explained her thoughts on the matter.

"I thought that too. That makes the most sense for poor Mrs. Goguen's attempt to live. But the drawer victims all head straight that way. Their expression makes it look like they know something, like there is safe spot over there." Kira pointed out.

"Well if Master ever allows you to speak you should ask." Jeania suggested.

The idea of connecting her and that lizard together in the same thought in that giant's mind wasn't something she wanted. "I'll think about it." was all that she could think to say.

"You sound scared." Jeania pointed out.

Kira confessed, "I don't want to be eaten alive."

Jeania snicker, "As long as you're attentive I'm certain you're fine."

"Still, I rather not talk to him about that monster." Kira acknowledged.

"Bruce." Jeania corrected her again.

Kira rolled her eyes as she replied back, "Right, Bruce."

That was the end of their conversation. Kira was too tired to talk to his loyal worshiper. She felt bad for Jeania, she was so enthralled by the sick giant. Kira would admit to herself that in his direct presence, she too turned into a tramp. Poor Jeania however was open to whatever he did no matter how vile.

Kira was tired, these days as a captive just wore her down. She strained to stand. Staggered over the washroom area. She had to hold her chest while she brushed her teeth, as the shaking of them was like someone was slapping a rubber mallet against her breasts. This just wore her down further. Kira walked back across the cage and passed Jeania heading to the washroom area herself.

Kira decided to lay back down on the couch. Feeling that the support from the back against her side helped ease the strain from her breast pain. She slowly pulled the blanket over her naked body. Folding her arms along her chest, and that was as comfortable as she could make herself.

The light in the cage went out. "You're not sleeping in a bed?" Jeania asked, sounding strained.

Kira groaned then managed to speak at volume, "I find the back helps support my breasts."

Jeania sighed then acknowledged, "That makes sense." Then the redhead shuffled past and cringed in pain as she took the other couch. The sighs of pain told that Jeania was attempting to get near as comfortable as she could.

Kira closed her eyes. Steadied her breathing. Even with the hindrances of the light from the big room outside of the cages and the ach sitting on her chest she still managed to fall into a sleeping state.

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Re: Tiny Products

Post by anaio10 » Sat Aug 20, 2022 11:57 am

Don't say such things. You literally have some of the best stories on the net. The world building and imagination you put into it is far superior to the vast majority of what is currently being done.

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CH 08: Tiny Products

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Aug 24, 2022 8:18 pm

Little better mind set this week, hope you enjoy this new chapter. Let me know. :D

CH 08: Morning Sensitivity
M/f,f Teasing

Kira awoke still laying on her back. The door of the cage was now the inky abyss instead of the fast valley of a room. Her foggy eyes could vaguely make out objects in the darkness. The desk, the edges of that monster's tank, and a few other shapes. Kira felt slightly better being able to see some details over the dark blank screen that had been formed on the cage door whenever the outer room's light was out.

She sighed and turned to look up. Then they caught her eyes. The two of them pointed up from her chest. Defiant of gravity, the dome of them holding the blankets over themselves like tracks of grass across two artificial hills. Kira was happy that they were not aching any more.

Then she had a question in her mind, how hard were her breasts now? Did what he did make them like marbles on her chest? Cautiously she slipped her hand down and went to wrap her fingers about her breast. Then her thumb pressed the spot where the needle had speared her. This made her hand jump, and in its path was her nipple.

Her gasp rattled from just the accidental caress of her nipple. She had to stop and attempt to blink her mind back in order. Was that part of what he did to her? An added torment for his enjoyment? Whatever this was, all Kira knew at the moment was her nipple was intensely sensitive to touches. Intensely sensitive in a very sensual meaning.

Kira had to look at her now artificially firmed breasts. Grabbing the blanket, she slowly slid the covering down her chest. Her thighs pressed together as her flower quickly began trembling from the delightful sensations. Kira gasped "Oh, oh, oh!" as the soft material kissed along her sensitive alert nipples. Kira's body arched and she trembled with the lightening of the intense pleasure. Then with her breasts exposed Kira had to stop and catch her breath.

Kira looked at the now domes. Her breasts didn't lay down or even jiggle like they used to in such a state. Firm reminders that her body was now that sick monster's to do with as he wanted. As her mind settled down Kira wondered if that sensitivity was a planned effect. Was this an added fun for him? Make the poor captive girl's breasts firm to feel good on his sexual organ while making her nipples extra sensitive so they'll wail sexually as he played with their helpless little bodies?

Kira still wondered how hard was her breasts was. Though the temptation to just stroke her own pointing nipples was hard to resist, the pleasure was intoxicating after all. Hand carefully cupped the breast between needle sore and nipple heaven. Kira kneaded her newly adjusted breast. It was squeezable, almost like an inflatable toy covered in skin. Kira hated that she could see why that giant and some of his clients would enjoy tiny women's breasts changed in this way. They likely feel good on a giant's sensitive areas.

"Ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, yeah." started coming from the other couch. This told Kira she wasn't the only one to discover this new sensitivity. Jeania stopped and purred breathlessly, "That's going to feel so good along Master's cock. Huh, I think I’m up a cup size."

Kira was attempting to assemble her thoughts to question Jeania's own thoughts on what this could actually mean. But the sun that was the light in the outer room came on. Kira's attention was now following that horrible man. Her instinct told her to cover her nudity. But that brought the blanket back over those excited nipples.

Kira hated how tempted she was to just cover and uncover her chest with that blanket. But stayed covered and attempted to see what the giant was now doing. Jeania was clearly curious, though less modest about it as she stood stark naked with her arms pulled back to display her newly firmed breasts.

The giant had placed an old alarm clock on the desk. He was clicking the buttons, adjusting the time setting. Bright red numbers flipping quickly. He was only clad in tight underwear, at least they were clean white and covering. Likely new from the look of them. He turned and there his man area weighed at the front of the cotton covering. Kira hated this strange arousal feeling she had at seeing the thick coil clearly outlined in the white material.

She forced her eyes away from that sexuality that was slightly hidden. Bright Red numbers declared it was early morning. Days of not being allowed to know the time of day, why today was he positioning a billboard that alerted them of every passing second. The giant went to the side of the cages.

A loud buzzing made her jump. The startled reaction was clamped over by the sensation of blanket brushing quickly over her too sensitive nipples. She hated just how overwhelmingly pleasurable that sensitivity was.

Her mind is soon distracted as the giant's voice starts, "Wake up Product. Wake up now!" His cruelly smiling face peeked around the corner. His eyes looked about the clear doors. He nodded in clear self satisfaction. Then he must have spotted Jeania nearly pressing her naked sensitive breasts to their clear door. He winks at her and the redhead makes what looks like a little naked curtsey while her body trembles hard, arms out to her sides to be fully on display.

His face moved out of sight, "Morning Products, today is the day I'll be taking photos of you for your auction displays. But first I have errands to run this morning. So, as I get those done you will all get prettied up to get sold. You'll all be dressed, hair done and make-up perfect by one o'clock. Cheer products in your uniforms, older cock rubbers in whatever you have that will look sexy on your little bodies. Any not ready will be a cutie treat for Bruce. My members love seeing little bitches they'll never afford going to that sweet lizard. But before I get ready, I need to rub one out."

Kira worried that she would be the one being used for that last statement. Then she had a burst of excitement as his smiling face filled their view. The door opened and Jeania squealed like he was some sexy rock star. "Master, my nipples are sooo sensitive." The Red Head declared thrusting her chest out and waving them at him.

"Did I give you permission to talk Red?" The giant questioned with amusement in his voice.

"No Master, I'm sorry Master. I'm just so excited I could be rubbed along your giant cock." Jeania apologized to their mighty captor.

His hand reaches in. Fingers brace against Jeania's back and his thumb lands on her breasts. He rolls his thumb as he explains, "Oh no Red, you're my target this morning. I'm going to cum all over your pretty face and these sweet freckled tits."

Jeania's head is tilted back. Her eyes rolled and fluttered uncontrollably. Her mouth wide as her tongue dangles out and flops like a panting dog. Her knees turn in as her arms hang her hands out to her sides. Hands in loose clawed poses rolling about in time with the giant's thumb. Jeania manages to form the words in a very aroused tone, "Thank you Master, yes, cum on me, cum all over me." As the pretty curvy thing finishes worshiping that modern Zeus Kira noticed down Jeania's inner thighs was trickles of her sweet nectar.

The Modern Mythical deity rolled Jeania's breasts just a few seconds longer. Then the Redhead burst into a lust filled climax. He released Jeania and she collapsed onto her knees, happily spent from a slight massage. Then the giant whined, "Man I wish they stayed that sensitive." Then his eyes looked at Kira, "Don't worry Tender, I'll give yours a twirl as well."

Giant hand was now over her helpless blanket covered body. Blanket was just gone by him pinching a grip and tossing it aside. The quick stroke made Kira gasp at the sensation from her chest. She hadn't recovered as two powerful fingers pinned her exposed and impossibly sensitive breasts. They made a little circle, her body arched up, her thighs spread wide as her hips thrust her displayed womanhood into the air. Thunderous snickering came from that mighty giant then her womanhood had thumb pressed along it. Her flower soon shined his thumb print with its flooding nectar.

Kira could feel the pain from the wounds caused by the needles being compressed by this modern Zeus. Yet that almost seemed to just add to how sensually pleasurable the nipple's rolling under his restrained touches was. Her body was on fire from the fondling. With her flower bloomed open wide and kissing along his thumb print, this was too much for her young mind in just seconds.

He didn't stop pinning her, no he teased climax level pleasure into her overly sensitive nipples even as her body flared in lustful release. She roared in gasping one word, or just lewd sound praises as he played with her tiny weak form. Then his hand banished Kira from this depraved heaven as it lifted away from her. She collapsed sprawled on that little couch. Limbs akimbo as Kira soon realized her lungs had no air in them.

Kira was saddened by learning why she was molested so intensely. "There, now I'm hard. Time to get off." She watched through foggy eyes as the hand that gave her that touch of heaven was now wrapping around a gleeful Jeania. "Come here Red, pick me out a good pair for a quick body fucking."

Jeania squealed in delight and purred loyally, "Yes Master."

Kira's body was so tired from the pleasure overload. Yet she had to see what that modern Deity was doing. Staggering, she heard Jeania pick out former teammates for him to abuse for his own delight. "Them Master, those two will feel good along your wonderful giant cock."

"I love those little shorts tank top pajamas." purred that towering being. A little scared whimper followed with more from the modern deity, "Yeah let's look at those big old titties." And another frightened sound.


Kira looked down at who the giant was stripping. Big breasts and dark brown hair trembling in his massive hand. Kira knew the poor girl as Donna from the Senior team. She was about Kira's age but since one of Jenna's friends, Tony from the football team, wanted to have sex with Donna. Jenna promoted her to the senior team. It was a great amusement around the school when Donna started dating Leroy from the Basketball team instead.

Donna was arched backward as massive fingers rolled her large breasts. She wasn't struggling or even looking at her molester. His other hand was slowly stroking her little pajama shorts down her cheer shaped legs. Kira couldn't see the giant's face, but the point in his underwear told that he was enjoying stripping Donna. In the elastic waistband on the giant's hip was pinned Jeania, her freckled features were shining a gleeful smile watching her master fondling another victim. Her finger on her hand occasionally stroked teasingly along the very tip of her overly sensitive nipple.

The giant finished slipping off Donna's shorts and crumpled them like a wrapper from a stick of gum and tossed them back into the cage he had taken Donna from. Then he pulled open his underwear to expose his hardened penis. Kira hear Donna whimper again while looking at her sexual destination. The modern Zeus lowered Donna long his sexual organ. He pressed Donna along his manhood then sang a happy "Oh!" Kira was a little surprised to see Donna stretch her limbs around his shaft. She was pumping her big breasts against his skin while also licking it. Donna's expression told she was not excited like Jeania would be to be hugging the giant's sexual organ. Kira wondered if Donna's actions were an attempt at self preservation.

The giant pulled his underwear tight over his groin, silhouetting Donna's figure in the cotton material. "She's a good little Product." The giant advised Jeania.

"I'm glad she feels good on your cock Master." Jeania purred back.


His hand went into the cage as he said, "Let's see what the other one is like." Out his hand came holding Kira's friend Gabby. She, like Donna, was a busty brunette. Though she was a touch less curvy than Donna. Her top was his first target as he reached over her head saying, "Lets see those titties." Then snickering cruelly.

Gabby made no attempt to resist. Her arms lifted up reluctantly allowing the giant to peel her light tank top from her torso with ease. Her plump breasts immediately became squished under his fingers and he rolled them like he rolled Donna's. Gabby looked away from her fondler and looked to have spotted Kira. She gave a hopeful look then grimaced in discomfort and resolve.

Gabby flinched as the giant's powerful fingers pressed her hips. Then her expression wavered briefly from the resolve to clear fear filled as those mighty digits slipped her little pajama shorts down her legs. Her expression wasn't helped much as the giant gleefully informed her, "Your going to feel so good on my cock."

Jeania wasn't helpful either as she purred from his hip, "Yes Master, stroke her on your big giant cock."

Kira felt bad for her friend. But was distracted when his underwear opened at his waist again. His erect penis had a strange appeal to Kira. The hardened thick shaft had Donna pinned easily against his cotton covering. To Kira's surprise the first busty brunette attempting to stroke her curvy body along his sexual organ. Openly licking the skin. The expression on Donna's face told clearly she wasn't enthralled into this behavior like Kira knew she would have been in her situation. This worshiping of his manhood was an act of desperation.

Kira noticed Gabby was looking down into his opened underwear as well. Her teeth bit into her bottom lip with a worried expression. She was lowered in and wrapped about his sexuality. The giant extended his fingers and nabbed Donna in his grip. Slowly he stroked the two busty brunettes along his stiff penis. "Oh, yeah, oh yeah." The giant started sighing in twisted pleasure. Then looking at Jeania he teased her sensitive nipples with his fingertips as he said, "Good choices Red. These feel so great on my cock."

"Yes Master, yes Master!" Lustfully gasped Jeania.

"I'm tempted to firm up their big old tits and keep them for myself." He advised.

Jeania simply panted what was likely what he wanted to hear, "Yes Master, rub those bitches big tits all over your magnificent cock. Keep anyone you want!"

He pulled his underwear closed and took his hand out. Kira could see the trapped forms of Donna and Gabby working their shapely bodies along his giant sexual organ. He pulled Jeania off his hip and clearly was teasing her with small touches to the tips of her breasts. "I'm so going to enjoy cumming all over that whore face of yours Red." He said wantingly.

Jeania's only response was, "Cum on me! Cum on me!"

He placed Jeania upon the pedestal by the desk. She didn't need to be told what to do, kneeling with her chest pushed way out. She turned her face up smacking her mouth hungry before opening her lips wide.

The modern mythical deity reached his hand in his underwear. He wiggled his underwear down to his knees. In his hand was his sexuality and Donna and Gabby. His fingers were positioning their legs to wrap his massive penis as he wanted. They didn't look to be resisting, to Kira it honestly looked like they were stretching their own legs to wrap around the modern Zeus' manhood. Once they were how he wanted them his grip held them along his sexual organ and slowly started sliding them back and forth along it.

"Yeah, these bitches feel amazing on my cock. Big tits, great legs, yeah I might keep them for myself. Watch this." The giant advised Jeania as he massaged that hardened sexuality with Gabby and Donna. At the end of his words his thumb and index fingers pressed their faces at the tip of the dome at the top of his penis and rolled their faces there. He sighed loudly and chanted, "Pretty little faces kiss my head."

"Master, if they feel so good on your cock you should keep them. I want to watch you make them love that cock over and over." Jeania begged while her chest heaved.

The giant's hand moved so his fingers so he could still massage his sexuality with Donna and Gabby while his thumb hooked at his tip. This looked to steady his manhood. He pushed his hips forward. He pressed the tip on his penis into Jeania's breasts. Rubbing it back and forth, looking to stimulate Jeania's sensitive nipples. Jeania moaned lustfully from sexual tormenting. "Well, if you think I should keep them Red. I like keeping my pretty little whore happy." He said clearly accepting Jeania's request. Especially since it was quite clearly what he wanted. He was eager to keep them as his personal sex slaves. Jeania for her part was too busy loudly and lewdly moaning to point that out to the giant.

He straightened up and moved to aim his tip directly at Jeania's wide open panting mouth. Jeania for her part dangled her tongue out over her pillowy bottom lip like an overheated dog. His hand wrapped firmer and quickened his stimulating of his sexual organ with Donna and Gabby's helpless bodies. "Oh yeah, it's a big catch. I deserve more cock stroking bitches." The giant proclaimed.

"Oh they feel so good!" He cheered. "Ah, ah, ah, they will be great for quick releases." He gasped breathlessly. "Ohhh!" groined out and a large glob of semen launched onto Jeania's eager face. He grunted animistic with each blast of his seed. Drenching Jeania while she loudly swallowed the white liquid covering her face. Humming like his semen was the best tasting syrup in the world. The whole time Donna and Gabby were grinding along his length.

Once he finished he simply pulled up his underwear tight along his groin, trapping Donna and Gabby in with his wilting manhood. "Yeah, I can keep a few more for my collection." He said mostly to himself. It wasn't likely Jeania could hear him between the semen soaking her head and her loud humming as she sucked it down her throat.

Kira watched the giant open a drawer and pulled out a tissue, using that to lift Jeania from the pedestal. He moved over beside the cages and placed Jeania beside her. Then Kira had trouble focusing as her breasts blasted intense pleasure into her mind under his torrential touches. He was speaking about her being enjoyed. Something about errands then they would need to be in uniform for helping with something that Zeus like being was planning.

Kira felt tremendous, almost painful disappointment when his fingers stopped kissing her altered nipples. The giant smiled at Jeania and said, "See you soon Red." He closed the door and stepped back. Kira felt a corrupting jealousy at the sight of poor Donna and Gabby still contained in his briefs. Then he walked away.

Kira's mind was infused with lust from that Zeus' teasing molesting. She turned to see a naked kneeling Jeania. Kira's mouth started craving that thick giant seed soaking Jeania's now impossibly firm heaving breasts. Kira couldn’t think straight, she was a sexual animal and Jeania was her prey.

Kira pounced and landed on the pretty redhead. Pinning Jeania to the floor. Kira's mouth kissed semen glazed nipple, suckling it greedily. Giant seed flavor cover her tongue. Debatably more delicious was Jeania's reaction. The Redhead arched up hard from the floor and roared a lewd moan of intense pleasure. Jeania looked to be pinned back in lusting delight. Hungerly Kira savored Jeania's tender breast.

Then Jeania's body started trusting hard up at Kira. This stroked Jeania's silky skin along Kira's own overly sensitive nipples. Now she was the one arching and panting. Jeania's mouth capped hers and their tongues tangled feverishly. Their bodies pressed tightly. Slicked with giant's semen, Kira enjoyed as their breasts rolled about each other. Kira dragged her intensity alert nipples over Jeania's firmed mounds as Jeania followed Kira's example. Occasionally they managed to hook their nipples against each other, as they flicked with climatic delight. Each time Kira moaned hard.

The sensation of her nipple nuzzling Jeania's was too delightful. Kira loomed over Jeania's arched chest. She grabbed her breasts to aim her pointing nipples forward. Jeania held her own pointing up. This helped Kira rub her nipples at Jeania's pointing nipples. Both of them sang out a heavily pleasured moan. Soon they barked lustfully as they thrust their chests together. Their strange physical exchange ended with them pressing their breasts together hard as they howled in climax.

Kira recovered first and clamped her mouth over one of Jeania's up-lifted mounds. Kira found herself savoring the flavor of that giant's seed. Jeania howled and howled delightfully, unable to do anything but react as her overly sensitive nipple was passionately suckled. Kira's nipples danced on Jeania's sensually writhing form, filling her own body with sinful pleasure. Jeania climaxed from Kira's kisses upon her pointing nipple.

"Stop Kira, stop! I can't take anymore." Jeania openly begged as she gasped for a whisper of breath.

Kira rolled off the spent Redhead and rested her glistening back against the secured couch. She pulled Jeania upon her lap and rested that pretty freckled face upon her breast. "Thank you." Jeania whispered with little breath. Then kissed Kira's chest. Kira gasped. Those pillowy lips felt so rewarding upon her modified nipple. "Hmmm, yes." Jeania cooed and those lips surrounded Kira's pointing nipple.

Kira's chest bulges forward. Jeania stays latched upon her breast. Suckling the tip of Kira's breast. The intense pleasure makes it impossible to escape those eager lips. And they knew it, kneading and softly sucking on their prize. Kira loses the ability to even hold herself up when Jeania's curious fingers start to play with Kira's other nipple. Kira's body rejoices under this deliciously sinful interaction. Kira is a helpless writhing puppet laying arched upon the floor. Jeania's attention made her dance a very lewd dance. Kira's mind explodes in what is beyond pleasure.

Kira regains her senses and she panting upon the floor. Jeania's head is happily nested upon Kira's breast. "Let's just lay here a while, Tender. Master won't be here for hours yet." Jeania commands.

Part of Kira's mind is furious that this less socially graced girl thinks she can tell her what to do. But she was Master's favorite, if she was upset he would be mad at who caused it so she holds her tongue. Besides, Jeania would nuzzle Kira's breast from time to time and that felt amazing. Anyway soon Master would play with them again, and the pleasure she caused him would make Kira his favorite.

They lay there for a few minutes. Kira is near asleep when her redheaded blanket raises and playfully slaps her thigh, "As comfortable as this is, we sadly have to wash Master's cum off so as not to dry out our skin."

Jeania was correct, and their personal Zeus wouldn't enjoy them with dry skin. She follows that perky round ass to the showers. They each turn on a shower head, then rinse off. The warm water rinses the lust from Kira's body and replaces it with twice as much exhaustion. Her wanting for Jeania's body was a grave sin again. The hunger for that monster's seed was a disgusting hypnosis. The want to be his favorite plaything was wrong on so many levels.

They both stagger out wrapped in towels, hair bundled in another towel. They wander past the make-up tables and drop onto the edge of the empty bed. Kira sigh, "I need to lay down a minute." And rolled upon her back and was restrained in the softness of the bare mattress.

Jeania's voice was tired as she advised, "No, we need to comb out our hair."

Kira wanted warmth and the blankets were folded upon the other bed so far away. She grabbed Jeania's arms and whimpered, "No, lay here with me, just for a minute."

"OK, just a minute." Jeania surrendered. Cuddling tightly along Kira's body. Kira felt Jeania's head upon her shoulder. She enjoyed the comfort of another person snuggled close. Enjoyed to the point, that point was when Kira fell asleep.

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Ch 09: Tiny Products

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Aug 31, 2022 5:47 am

New Chapter. Hope you enjoy. Sorry, it a image heavy one, let me know if there are anyone's image I should add.

Ch 09: Getting Ready for Auction Pics
f/f Make Out/Heavy Petting
M/f,f Minor Suggestive Punishment
f*4 Make Out/Heavy Petting

Kira awoke snuggled by a sleeping Jeania. Guilt flowed heavily through her soul. The sinful actions of sexual actions with another woman, influenced by that disgusting giant or not, was a horrible failing on her part. This terrible place was slowly destroying who she really was.

Jeania looked to have already accepted the depravity of this strange new life. Happily nestled along Kira's body with her head pillowed on Kira's breast. Kira panicked a little as Jeania's face nuzzled at the tip, expecting that unnatural arousal reaction from earlier. She gasps from an increased sensation bursting from her nipple, but the earlier overwhelming sexual delight is long faded.

Kira feels guilty again as she is disappointed first, before a pinch of thought tells her she should be relieved it's lessening. Afterall, she was already too easily puppeted by that cruel giant's power hands already. Last thing her soul needed was two buttons pointing off her chest that activated her depraved mode.

Kira's hand mindlessly stroked Jeania's dark crimson hair. Its delightfully silky along her fingers. Her body warms in a sinful way while her body takes greater notices the curvy body along hers. Kira chastises her body; this reaction was for when her man was cuddled close. Not when a girl she barely talked to was laid tightly to her just clad in a loose towel. Kira again put the blame where she knew it should go. The sick kidnapper's colossal hormones that transferred through his skin into her body through Kira's sensitive locations. That was added to by the semen she sucked off Jeania's firmed breasts. A substance he had somehow made addictive and delicious.

Now a debate started in her mind. A want to escape this particular cuddled situation. While on the other hand, Jeania's shapely toned form was starting to become as addicting as that giant's seed. Kira even flinches as she realizes she's considering softly tugging open Jeania's towel to access that naked silky freckled skin underneath.

That flinch must have disturbed Jeania as her head popped up. "Huh, what, hmmm my Tender." she sleepily mumbles before snuggling her face under Kira's chin.

Kira hates that nickname used by that massive pervert. "Please don't call me that."

Jeania lifts her head again. Sleepily she smiles and Kira doesn't resist as Jeania stroked hair that escaped her towel turban. "Sorry. After what he said to us before locking us back in I thought it was fitting."

"What did he say?" Kira wondered. His finger’s playing with her overly sensitive breasts and she missed everything he said.

"Oh right, I hadn't thought about how intense him touching our tits was this morning." Jeania says in an apologetic tone. She looked down at Kira and there was a clear sympathy to her expression. Then as her words started a self satisfied smile slowly slipped over her features, "He calls you Tender because your my own personal tender treat. He noticed how attracted I was to you and realized he could get you to attend me by playing with you a little. So, in a way your being kept to make me happy."

Kira was disgusted. She angrily questioned, "I'm your personal sex slave?" Really, that kidnapper picked this freckled geek that barely made it onto the JV team over her? Jeania barely got noticed at school while many guys flirted with her. How could that sick giant pick Jeania as a keeper and Kira as her bed warmer? This had to be a mistake.

"That's what he said. Look, I don't see you as my slave. But you have to admit, he touches you a little and leaves then we make love." Jeania explained.

Kira snapped back, "Make love? I'm practically drugged by giant male hormones. I wouldn't even kiss a nerd like you otherwise."

Kira strangely felt bad as Jeania filched and looked almost heartbroken. She sighed hard and nodded knowingly, "Then I guess I'll just have to enjoy helping you burn those hormones from your system." She looked over her shoulder and rose up on her knees. Then looking back, Kira could see Jeania's eyes were a touch watery but the redhead simply advised, "Master said we should be ready and in uniform by one. It's only a little after eleven but this should give us plenty of time to get properly ready." Then she crawled off of Kira.

Kira's new guilt prompted her to ask, "You want me to help do your hair?"

Jeania looked over, clearly thinking of refusing the request. Then a warm smile comes over the freckled features, "Yes please."

Within minutes it feels like the harsh exchange is put behind them. They slip into talking about boys from school as they help each other read. Jeania had the kidnapper's request for their appearance. Uniforms, as he was a dirty old man, he enjoyed a teen girl in a cheer uniform. Pig Tails as they weren't already too young for his perverse attention, he wanted them to appear even more like little girls. Light make-up only, he liked them to appear natural. They would be as the giant wanted, that was their safest course of action.

"Do you know what he has planned for today?" Kira asked as she dressed. Looking upon that old alarm clock the giant had set up. The angry red numbers broadcast it was almost one.

"He's taking photos for the others for their auction postings. He wants us to play assistants. Move props, comb hair, fix make-up." Jeania explained.

Kira knew what he wanted. She had done some local modeling as well as watched him make Heidi do as he took photos of the women and girls he didn't like the look of. That would be an almost regular occurrence in this living hell. Then a question came to mind, "Do you feel bad he's selling our friends and teammates?"

Jeania looked hurt again. She nodded and advised honestly, "Here, away from Master, yes I feel bad for those women and girls. I would love to see them all escape and get home safely. But once he's in sight, I just get so aroused by his presence and power. He could start eating them alive and I would just cheer him on in open arousal. You're not the only one affected by his giant presence. He just has to be closer to you then he does for me."

"Sorry, I didn't think about that. Just now thinking about it, I worry about what will happen to our friends when they are sold." Kira said moving close to hug her cage mate.

She couldn't, however, as Jeania said coldly, "They are your friends. They were barely my teammates."

"But, why?" Kira asked unsure how to word the confusion in her mind.

"Oh don't be all defensive. We both know I wasn't the most popular member of the team. I was only doing it for extra curriculars for when I apply for college and because my mother was a cheerleader and pushed me into it. I feel bad mostly for the few girls that treated me alright. But many of them, I sometimes hope they are treated like they treated others. Then I feel bad for them." Jeania looks guilty.

Kira hated that looking back at their history she could understand Jeania's response. Never invited to parties, popular boys never encouraged to date her, never asked to hang out outside practice or competing. Kira felt guilty, "I guess if I wasn't puppeted as your reward you'd be hoping I ended up with some sick man's plaything too."

Jeania shook her head. "No, and I know you don't want to hear this, but I was glad we were caged together. As silly as this is, but I have had a crush on you since I first saw you."

Kira's mind reminded such thoughts were sinful. But it did make her feel pretty in a way knowing this mousy but cute girl had a crush on her. It was going to be a long day Kira decided, so she let her moral code waver slightly and just accepted this statement of attraction, "Thank you, that's rather flattering."

Jeania smiled. "You're welcome."

Kira let this slip of morals let her be a touch naughty, "So, anyone else on the team you have a crush on? Who was my competition?"

Jeania snickered, "You don't want to talk about that. It's sinful."

"We talked about what boys we both liked. I can pray for forgiveness for letting you tell me about what girls you liked." Kira advised.

Jeania's cheeks became pink as she slipped out, "I always thought Heidi was really cute."

Kira nodded, Heidi was a lovely faced girl who was popular with the boys at school. That was likely helped with her big chest. Heidi was sweet and kind, it made sense that a girl that decided to like girls too would want to be close to Heidi. "You must be glad that monster is keeping her too."

"I am. Sorry to say to you but I'm hoping Master will make Heidi and I do things together. It's funny, I was so shy before. Now as that living god's pet I've become some horny slut." Jeania explained.

"He's not God." Kira annoyingly growls.

"Right sorry." Jeania apologized. "Just, for me he is like a god of myth. Powerful and from beyond mortal man's world. I will slip up and call him that from time to time."

"I know, I just can't accept that." Kira forgave her companion.

"I will try to add mythical or the like to clarify what I mean." Jeania said. But Kira understood the redhead really meant to make her more comfortable.

Kira said thank you with, "That would be good."

"Peyton," Jeania said pulling on her shoes.

"What about her?" Kira asked, pulling her own shoes on.

"Girls I have a slight crush on. Peyton, pretty sweet and treated me nicely." Jeania explained.

"Not her mom?" Kira teased.

"Well, a little. Not like most of the boys at school, however. But I would have accepted being tortured by her if you catch my meaning." Jeania joked back.

"How does it work?" Kira questioned before thinking.

"What? Torturing?" Jeania responded.

"No, this Bi-Sexual thing you decided to be. Do you find girls that the boys like and decide to like them too? Just look at pretty girls and decided to be sexually attracted to them? It just doesn't make sense to me." Kira inquired.

Jeania looked amused. Then smiled, shaking her head. "You know when you decide you're attracted to a guy?"

"Yes, but that's natural. And not really a choice." Kira clarified.

Jeania looked to be carefully picking words. "Well, it's the same for girls I'm attracted to. If I'm attracted to someone I'm attracted to someone. I do not decided to be attracted to them. Mostly, like when you discover the guy you like is an asshole, if a girl is a bitch I fall out of attraction with them."

"So your saying you see a girl at the mall you think is attractive you would want to date them like they were a cute guy?" Kira questioned.

"Exactly." Jeania happily answered.

"But, that is unnatural. Girls can't be attracted to girls like they were boys. That's against God's will." Kira countered.

"Or, and don't get mad, maybe it's just against the Churches wants." Jeania softly responded.

Kira shook his head, "No, they are the keepers of God's word on Earth."

"I don't think I can fully explain what it's like for me to be attracted to a girl while we both disagree about what the Church is." Jeania said in an accepting tone.

Kira decides an argument would just ruin their current nice interaction, "Fine. I honestly couldn't decide to be attracted to a woman."

Jeania gave a I know more then you look and was clearly about to say something when the cage door opened. "Hello Red, are you ready to help me get the photos done?"

Kira felt her body posing for the modern Zeus' viewing pleasure. Chest out and up on her toes to have her legs flex in an appealing way. Her heart pounds as she finds a finger twirling a pig-tail tip in a way she knew boys liked.

Jeania was also posing, her voice had a wanting sexy tone as she answered for both of them, "We'll do whatever you want Master. Use us to make yourself happy please."

"Maybe later." The giant says in a teasing tone. His fist eclipsing Jeania's small helpless body. She lifted out and slipped into his shirt pocket. His hand then comes back in and Kira is hugged in his mighty grip. A quick flex and he could have crushed the life from Kira's pitiful body. He doesn't, just teases her by stroking her calf. Into the pocket she is placed like an unneeded pen. "I better set up huh Red?"

Jeania is pressing her back against his building broad chest. Her chest was heaving lewdly and her breathing was heavy. In gasping sexual puffs she growls out wantingly, "Whatever you feel is best Master."

Kira finds herself following the redhead's example. The sensual heat radiating off that massive chest pulls her body close. She now gasps like a spent runner. Her artificially firmed bosom bounced with each heavy breath. Her body aches to be fondled, contained in that dominant fist. The scent of his body was an intoxicating smell and she was well drunk from it already.

A massive finger reaches down and strokes Jeania's accepting head as he advises, "Now now Red, I told you earlier your my favorite. You can answer honestly."

"But Master, I honestly want you to do as you please with me." Jeania confesses while tipsy from his presence.

The giant's laugh rumbled through them both. It was clear he liked her submissive nature. "You're a good little whore Red." He praises.

Kira found a massive thumb turning her towards Jeania who is being turned to face her by the connecting fingers. They are pressed tightly together. "OK while I work you two make out. But keep your clothes on, once I'm done I want to get to work."

Their transport had barely finished the command before Kira was suckling Jeania's sweet pillowy lips. Her tongue danced with the Freckled pretty thing's tongue. Their bodies pulled tight, grinding their still overly sensitive nipples into the other's chest. It wasn't as thrilling a sensation as their earlier sensitivity, but still felt so good. Kira found she was fighting the urge to pull Jeania's clothing from her shapely form. He wanted them dressed and she would comply with their towering captor. That didn't stop her hand from slipping under Jeania's skirt and finding the redhead wasn't wearing competition-allowed coverings under her cheer skirt. Kira's hand clawed greedily into Jeania's firm, basically bare buttocks cheek. Jeania purred, she clearly liked nails scratching along that sexy round rump.

Kira gasped happily as Jeania's hand wiggled under own skirt and into her panty hiding spandex shorts. Her dance partner kneaded the cheek under her little butt covering shorts. Kira wondered why she so easily slipped into such depravity while close to this powerful being. How his presence made Jeania's pretty form so enticing. Why Jeania's lips were suddenly such a wonderful sweet treat. These questions were hard to contemplate as those lips danced along Kira's neck. While her hands were exploring that freckled silky smooth landscape. While Jeania's hand switched to the front of under her skirt and teased Kira's nectar crying flower.

As she pulled down on Jeania's shirt and buried her face into that lovely freckled cleavage did the answer come to her. The depravity and torture. The sin and cruel death. Why was she so weak in his presence? Why even his seed drove her to such sinful actions? They had been comparing him to a mythical deity. Like the sexually motivated Zeus from ancient legends. No, as Kira hungrily licked the inner sides of Jeania's mounds like quickly melting ice cream cones, she suddenly realized who he was, Lucifer. Satan in human form. This wasn't a hell like place, this was the pit with soul devouring lizard and sexualized torture instead of flesh rending flames. How could her weak mortal soul resist sinning while in the direct presence of sin’s living embodiment? Kira would beg for forgiveness later, right now her body surrendered to the appealing torture of this devil's demands.

Even as appealingly distracted as Kira was, she noticed the giant was setting things up on the desk. Like the night they were brought to this hell, hardcover books stacked like large stairs. Camera and circle lights to make his living products look their best for when he put them up for auction. What he wanted them to do to help was unclear. What was clear was his actions were distracting her from her current given assignment.

Kira spun Jeania about and pinned the red head against the giant's warmth radiating chest. She grabbed Jeania's legs and pulled them up and apart, hooking them both over her hips. She lifted the smaller girl and thrust hard to pin her pretty partner tight against that shirt covered man wall. Jeania gave a lovely ah sound as their bodies slammed together. Kira's own body felt a slight rush at this faux sexual thumping so repeated the action again and again. Jeania's legs spread wide to allow Kira's groin area to make a deeper impact. The red head tilted her head back to bark happy soft ah sounds up into the air. This exposed that sensual neck for Kira's longing mouth to savor.

"Ah shit." The giant's voice was like thunder this close. It rattled through Jeania and into Kira's core.

Grasping some air Jeania moaned out hard, "Did we do something wrong Master?"

Kira was surprised at how sexual the vibrations of his voice rumbling out from his towering chest and filling Jeania's form was. Especially as those trembling sensations burned into her flesh, "No I forgot about the titty girl's things in that cage. Guess we'll have to go upstairs and grab a couple of pets to get their things."

"We could do that for you Master." Jeania eagerly offered to please their transport.

Kira quickly buried her face into Jeania's exposed cleavage. Feeling those firm mounds vibrate with his thundering voice. This had such a deep appeal that Kira almost drooled into Jeania's valley. "No I want you two to help with the photos. I think that'll help your tender treat accept her new life better."

"Master, she's becoming my partner not my treat." Jeania replied.

His snicker was like a machine gun of enticing sensations. Then a powerful hand slipped a finger down Kira's back. The digit hooked over her buttocks, lifted between her thighs and pressed its pad over Kira's cruelly covered flower. He simply twitched that finger. The curved part kneaded her cheeks. The girth stroked her inner thighs. The pillowy pad thudded firmly against her already wanting girlhood. Kira openly gasped her own happy ah sound in time with the pleasurable contact. Her hips danced as her puppeteer pulled her strings, grinding against Jeania's elevated, exposed form. The red head soon sang ah sounds in time with Kira. Then his word rumbled through them and pleasured high notes almost drowned out his response, "OK my soon to be spoiled little Red. Partner it is. I do enjoy watching you dance with Tender."

His hand cruelty removed his finger and Kira's body lost the strength to hold Jeania up. The both collapsed happily to the bottom of his shirt pocket panting for air. His steps made them bounce slightly as he traveled somewhere. Powerful rumbling reminded them, "I didn't tell you to stop making out." They looked at each other and ignored their lungs want for air. After all, they were too small and helpless to tempt angering this giant.

Laying on her back, Kira's body was now explored. Kira worked her legs open, allowing Jeania's smaller form between them. Oh the strange delight generated by having something curvy wiggling between her thighs. The warmth of their captor's body was making it even harder to comply with his request that they keep their showy uniforms on. Then the thought of a naked Jeania in this confined warm dim pocket made Kira's mouth crave Jeania's sweet nipple, hunger for the nectar of the red head's flower.

"Kira, Master said keep our clothes on." Jeania gasped as Kira started pulling up on her partner's top.

"It's staying on, I promise." Kira advised, exposing Jeania's lacey red bra. This clearly was not her sports bra that she wore at past competes. This thing would allow those freckled mounds to jumble about under a light jog. Always thinking of their Master's enjoyment, Kira thought.

Kira admired the smooth skin of Jeania's breasts. The cups of the bra looked to be straining to contain Jeania's girth. Why would she even own a bra so clearly too small for her? Then she realized the firming process had also increased their bust size slightly. As she exposed Jeania's alert nipple she was glad her mother insisted she get the sports bra that was just a touch too big. She took half a second to notice how form fitting her restraining elastic binding was now. Then latched her mouth over Jeania's sweet nipple.

"OH!" Jeania purred loudly. The smaller girl's hips now thrust their groins together as her chest heaved in sexual delight. Kira was amused at Jeania grabbing her pigtails to nuzzle her cheeks along.

"Hey Red, come look at my pet cage." The giant said in an amused tone. He clearly had no idea how intense that thunder rumbled their pleasure centers.

They struggled to untangle and stand in the fabric hammock. Jeania having the extra issue of recovering her breast. He likely wouldn't have mind it peeking out, but they both worried if they would violate his stay dressed command. They stood and peeked over the edge of his shirt pocket. Below was a giant glass tank with several other tiny woman and girls held within. Several Kira recognized as yesterday's waxing attendants.

As he began to speak they both leaned back against his chest to get the full effect of those vibrations, "There are the apartments for my pets. There are rooms for nearly forty, but I tend to limit myself to below twenty, any time I hit thirty I do some purging. It's just too much work otherwise. Food area is here. Over here are the showers and washrooms. There is the pool and hot tub, up here is a lotion pool, soak in there so you'll feel so good on my cock. Gym area with tennis court, basketball net, sauna and steam room. The screen for movie nights. A small library area that includes some board games. And over here are the hiking trails."

The first thing Kira noticed was there was no real privacy. No place a person could hide from the giant's hovering eyes. Sure, the plants growing about provided some shaded areas. But they were well pruned to leave no nooks to hide deep within.

Each apartment was basically just a bed and a closet. The food area looked like an outdoor picnic area. Shut clear bins held different cereals. Then she noticed what looked like little fridges lined about a corner. He must have actually shrunk several to give his pets fresh foods and drinks. Though she had to question the drink options as all about were hamster bottles with that strange foggy water.

The showers were that clear plastic like the apartments. They didn't have a ceiling attached and Kira briefly wondered why till she saw her attendant from yesterday showering. He didn't want steam to obscure his view. The toilets were a gray shaded obscuring color. You could tell someone was in them but not what they looked like. They had a roof on a hing. She felt relieved he didn't like to watch them relieve themselves.

The pool hot tub area was currently popular. Several skimpy bikini clad lovely women or girls were soaking or swimming like there wasn't a giant hovering over them able to grab them from their fun without warning. Well, most of them anyway. Heidi cringed in an attempt to hide her one piece clad shapely form was next to the slender red haired girl told to look after her yesterday. She too was attempting to cover herself, though her barely there frilly bikini didn't help hide her skin any.

Then Kira saw Gabby, seated next to Donna in the lotion pool. Both looked naked and in pain. Kira could tell by how the tops of their large breasts teased out of the white lotion he had already firmed their busts for his later enjoyment. Kira felt a touch jealous, that thick lotion likely gave a nice supporting spot to rest their aching breasts.

The gym was a series of devices using elastic tubes for resistance training. Attached to the wall to work as treadmills were some hamster wheels. Some small sized free weights lined a rack by what he called the steam room and sauna. Those had a center hinged roof, likely hard to have a steam room or sauna that let all the heat and steam out. By the entrances was a pad of something surrounded with a plastic fence with one basketball net at one end. A rack of different basketballs waited for someone to use them. Along the long wall of the sauna/steam room building was a fenced-in tennis court. Jeania's attendant was playing some Asian girl. Their outfits teased their forms. Skirt barely hanging past their buttocks. Top-tight and low cut with just enough material, the bottom of their contained breasts would only occasionally peek out from under. But since their breasts were not bouncing about uncomfortably, Kira figured he didn't mind them wearing a sports bra for such activity.

Then a clear building, it was filled with shelves holding books, board game boxes, what looked like painting supplies, and if her eyes were seeing right, even a small chapel. Attached to this side of the building was a TV, tubing down from it spoke of its wires. Couches, chairs, and even a grassy knoll were about for sitting options for watching what he put on for them.

Lastly, the hiking trails. House plants grew up along the trails like some bizarre forest. Like she noticed before they were well trimmed and neatly looked after. But then rising up out of the small wooded area was a hill. Paths marked along different trails a tiny person could travel for exercise and relaxing. With just enough almost natural looking area about it one could forget briefly they were not some giant's living sex toys. This was a gigantic tank even to someone not made five or so inches tall.

"Master, what's that sandy area?" Jeania asked curiosity.

"Oh that." Thundered and made Kira's flower trickle a little. "That's for beach volleyball or sand sculpting. You know, sand requiring activities."

"So, tanning?" Jeania asked.

"While the lamp does provide UV for the plants and vitamin B. It isn't enough to tan you. But feel free to lay out, I won't mind seeing your lovely little body on display Red." his mighty voice explained.

Kira hadn't even noticed the lamp above till he mentioned it provided UV. It hung out a few feet over the tank. Then her eyes followed the arm. Its base looked mechanical. This man had turned a lamp into an artificial sun including its slow procession across the sky.

"Oh, you two got a little sweaty in my pocket huh?" He said looking down at them. Then he bellowed into the tank. Each word thudded into them like an eager lover, "Edith, do we have any clothes that will fit Red and Tender?"

Jeania's attendant stopped playing immediately. Allowing the bright yellow ball to pass her as she turned to look up at the giant. "Sorry Master, your last purge you sold off the extra outfits with many of the less entertaining of your old pets."

"Right, right." He wonderfully noted wonderfully loudly. Then a sly smile glowed on his features, "Remind me to message Eden. I'll need her to make my new pets some outfits."


A knowing smile came onto this Edith's pretty features as she replied, "I will Master."

"OK, lets see." he rumbled through them. "Nancy, Steph, go change into your maid uniforms. I need you to clean out the tit twin's cage downstairs."

A woman looked up from the lotion bath and advised, "Master I was helping look after the new girls as they recovered."

"Stephanie, I told Felicity to do that." He growled.

"Sorry Master." The woman said.

"Felicity, over here now and naked." he boomed.


The slender cute young teen beside Heidi stood up trembling. She clearly didn't want to strip her limited covering off. Yet the two skimpy parts of her swimwear fell to the ground as she moved over to a rounded outcropping and started to lean over it looking away.

"No, face up for your punishment." The giant growled. The young girl turned. She was clearly terrified. Submissively, she arched her back over the rounded mass. Her breathing jumped her small perky breasts.


"Steph, arms." He commanded. The woman held her arms up and he grabbed them both in one hand and lifted her from the heavily coating lotion. The woman's face showed that him pulling her weight out by just her arms was quite painful. "Now." he grumbled.

His arm launched over to the shower area. Kira watched as her touchy attendant from yesterday saw the clawed hand coming for her. She barely had time to unhook and drop her towel. She smiled around an eager gasp as she was brought closer. Then openly giggled as he wrapped her athletic form sideways around the busty brunette woman. Slid her down the offending woman to smear most of the lotion off the front of her. Then he dropped the long haired blonde down on a grassy looking area. The blonde started making a show of rubbing the lotion into her skin, but noticed the giant wasn't watching. She looked sad, slopping lotion off her formally freshly showered body.

He then grabbed a Black teen from by the pool. She wasn't as excited to help the giant as the German tormentor. He didn't even strip the girl, just bent her stomach around the hanging woman's back and slipped down to take the bulk of the lotion off her back. She was placed beside the first like a used tissue.

Kira realized the dangling woman was naked. Likely a rule for the lotion pool. He placed her in front of the scared slender teen. "Lay out for punishment." was all he said.

The woman was much taller than the girl. She arched forward over the slender redhead. The woman held the teen's head as she laid forward. The small girl's head was slipped between those large firm lotion soaked breasts, practically making it disappear. Lotion still drenched her lovely shaped naked form and transferred messily upon the cute smaller body.

His hand reached down and a snap sound followed as he flicked his nail. It landed on naked lotion smeared buttocks. This made the woman flail hard against the girl. Breasts flopped hard along the little head they were sandwiching. Spattering white about the sides of the girl's head. The Groin of the taller brunette thudded into the smaller red head's stomach. It looked perverse, like the bigger female form was sexually assaulting the helpless smaller one. Then he did it again. Long legs parted about the shorter ones. Making their compacted bodies look more like unwanted advances. The woman yelped as the girl grunted.

He repeated this three more times. Though Kira got the impression the punishment ended after the second and he was just enjoying the show of their reactions for the last three.

Then he reached his hand over and shoved his lotion wet finger between Heidi's ample breasts and worked the lotion into her breasts as he commanded, "Now, work the lotion into your skin or get your ass flicked again."

The brunette woman started to reach her hand to her arm then stopped. She hugged her breasts about the girl's head and began heaving her ample firmed breasts about the younger girl's face. If it didn't already look like a older woman sexually assaulting a young teen, the larger taller woman reached down and spread the smaller shorter girl's legs and wrapped them about her hips. Grunting loudly she thrust her hips against the teen making the slender girl's legs floppy about off the sides of her hips. The poor smaller thing started whimpering as the bigger one suggestively rubbed the lotion into each of their bodies.

The giant snorted in amusement. Then requested, "Edith since you're the only responsible one in there can you look after the new Tit twins while they recover from their firming?"

The Black woman looked at her tennis opponent who nodded supportively then replied, "Yes Master, as you wish." Then they started towards the Lotion pool.

"Jannette?" He called out.

Another brunette waded out of the pool quickly and stood in what was a practiced pose of her fair sized breasts out. "Yes Master?" she questioned in a worried tone.

He commanded, "Maid outfit, you'll help Nancy collect the Tit Twin's clothes from their former product cage.”

"Right away Master." she said then bowed chest out before skittering towards the apartments. Then stopped and rushed back to a lounge chair to grab glasses off a table beside it. Then practically sprinted towards where her room was.

"Helga?" He asked.


The lotion soaked blonde was still where he left her. Though looking more interested in attempting to help the Black teen rub her lotion into her rich dark skin then smoothing it into her own pale porcelain skin. "Yes Master." she huffed in a longing tone.

"Make sure Steph and Felicity stay right there till they get every drop of lotion into their skin." He commanded.

The German woman looked over at the pool area. Two redheads about her age standing together looked at each other and smiled cruelly. As the started towards the long haired blonde the began stripping off their barely covering bikinis. "Gladly Master, I'll check them over thoroughly." The accented woman said lustfully.

"Steph and Felicity. Betty behaved, let her deal with her own lotion." The giant warned. A relieved expression came across the lotion smeared African American girl.

Kira noticed the three tall ladies looked to briefly pout then the blonde sighed and surrendered, "As my Master wishes."

They stood very close to the two grinding as punishment. The three tall ladies clearly had no shame or subtlety as they openly started touching themselves in lewd manners as they watched. Making whispered comments to each other and snickering cruelly.

"Ready Master." A deep-toned girl's voice announced. Kira looked down, there in a frilly suggestive maid uniform stood a very pale girl with long black hair. She was maybe a year or two older than Kira from what Kira could tell. Something about her demeanor made Kira think of the girls from school that hung out behind the library and wrote overly mopey poetry.


"Good Nancy." The giant's voice rumbled. Then his hand grabbed her. He slipped her into his pocket beside Jeania. "This is Red, a great treasure I found in my latest collection. Red, this is Nancy, my little midnight treat. Say hello you two."

Jeania began to purr out, "Hello Nancy." But the rest of her statement was gone as this Nancy pulled close, grabbed the back of Jeania's head and stuck her tongue down Jeania's throat. Jeania seemed to adjust quickly and soon she was becoming familiar with this pale girl's body. Jeania's caramel shaded skin looked darker against that light white skin.

"Good girls." The giant praised. Telling Kira she was going to be expected to sinfully kiss some strange woman. She couldn't do that. She had a hard enough time accepting doing lesbian things with Jeania her friend. Well, now her friend. How could she just grind with and French kiss some strange woman?


"Ready Master." a nervous voice called up to him. There stood the glasses-clad woman. Her toned form wore the frilly uniform well. Her hair in two tight buns just behind her ears. Her glasses gave her a knowledgeable look to her face. If Kira had to guess she would say the woman was in her mid-twenties or so. If she brought a boy home that much older then her as her date her daddy would have gotten his gun.

He just reached down and grabbed her. He added her to the already crowded pocket and introduced them, "Tender, this is Jannette, my sexy librarian. Jannette, this is Tender. Red's partner. Say hello." Kira could hear his tone on the word partner. That's what Jeania asked her to be called, but Kira knew he still just saw her as Jeania's living treat.

Kira's heart pounded, she didn't know this woman and now she was expected to kiss her. Kira's eyes noticed the giant was eagerly watching to see her coil about the pretty young woman. His want filled her with strange desire. Pressed tight their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces as Kira learned this mousy looking woman had real skill wrapping her tongue about another woman's tongue. "Good girls." was praised for their perverse behavior. Their mouth parted as the thundering vibrations trembled their bodies in a sexual way. They gave a quick shy nervous snicker, smiling warmly towards each other before behaving as their Master wished some more.

It was tight in his little shirt pocket. Her back was nuzzling against Jeania's. Her front was dancing with this older girl's sensual form. Kira couldn't move without touching someone's body. Then she started and a warm naughty feeling rushed her body as a hand was squeezing her buttock's cheek from behind her. She turned her head exposing her neck to that talented glasses-clad woman's mouth. There she saw who had discovered her bottom. Nancy smiled and licked her lips suggestively as Jeania kissed at her supple looking milky smooth white skin. The black haired girl was a wonderful naughty one as she slipped her hand into the top of Kira's panty hiding short. Wiggling fingers into Kira's panties and wantingly massaging Kira's bottom.

Kira felt her partner press them tighter. She took advantage of being slightly taller to stretch over Kira's shoulder. Just as Kira was wondering where she was going, this Jannette hooked her hand under Jeania's chin, turned her face up towards hers and greeted the Master's new favorite pet.

Kira had turned to see what the young woman was planning and found a face now nuzzling in between her shoulder and cheek to suckle the skin on her neck. The surprise affection made her head turn to discover her attendant. Nancy smiled and polished her deep red lips again before giving Kira a very friendly hello. Kira's body trembled in this sinful standing pile. Did this giant make them practice kissing each other? Nancy's mouth was even more enticingly delicious then Jannette's.

There they writhed and touched. Kira couldn’t track who was touching her or who she was touching. She even lost track of which soft supple lips she was kissing from time to time. The giant's warmth had clearly weakened her moral resolve. Especially as it melted more from their lewd display in his pocket. Was this why so many woman and girls chose to be lesbians or so-called bi-sexual she wondered. In a situation like this she couldn't help but enjoy the pleasures of the sins she was participating in.

A loud clap rocked them apart. "OK girls, time to work." Rumbled from that mighty chest.

"Yes Master." the four of them sang together in a strange harmony of breathless voices.

Kira was sad to see their new friends taken from their tight pocket and placed into Gabby's old cage. "Collect their clothes and strip the beds. I'll get the cleaning supplies." the giant rumbled. Then turned and pulled her then Jeania from that warm pocket and placed them on that desk that seemed so distant from their shared cage. He petted Jeania, advising, "I'll be right back." before walking away.

It was like a spell was broken. The hypnotist snapped his finger, only Kira remembered every sinful thing she did under his power. She felt panic hit her like a truck. She looked about in terror before choosing the side of a ring light to kneel beside and started preying hard for her immortal soul.

"Kira, are you alright. You look pale." Jeania asked sympathetically.

"So much sin, I just participated in so much sin. And to make it worse, I was enjoying it." Kira pointed out to the crimson haired temptress as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Kind hands rubbed her shoulders. "It's OK, you have to. To keep yourself safe. That's forgivable right."

Kira looked up at the caring freckled face. That was reasonable, it was a matter of survival. Not her enjoying touching other girls sexually. "Yeah, yeah. It was just to keep myself safe." Kira said, wiping tears from her cheeks.

To her surprise Jeania kneeled beside her and offered, "Here, I'll pray with you."

Kira felt something. What it was, she wasn't sure. It was like how her boyfriend made her feel when they started dating. But, this couldn't be the same thing as Jeania was a girl. No, this had to be a quickly deepening friendship. Nothing more than a new good friendship. Otherwise would just make her sinning worse.

They sat for a few minutes. Then the looming presence of the giant shadowed them. Kira ended her prayer with an audible, "Amen." that was followed by Jeania also openly saying "Amen."

If the giant minded them praying, he didn't say anything. He place before them a bottle cap each. That strange foggy water was pooled inside. "Here, drink this. It'll help balance yourselves before we get to work. I'll be right back after I get Nancy and Jannette their cleaning supplies." Then he left.

Jeania grabbed her cap and lifted it to drink down the liquid. After a long drink she let out a long ahh sound and advised, "It's so perfectly cold."

"What is it? Why is it foggy like that?" Kira openly asked.

"It has to be fine, the girls he's keeping was drinking it." Jeania reasoned.

"What if he's drugging them. I mean that could be why they so openly sin like in his pocket." Kira worried. She was already morally failing enough without an extra push.

Her heart sank as thunder informed her, "It's just vitamin water. Help your little bodies stay healthy as they process vitamins so fast while only able to hold so much solid food in your stomach."

Kira looked up expecting a growling face. He was still over by the cages. He had just explained that over his shoulder. Her worry and distrust wasn't more of a concern to him than a colorful butterfly fluttering past. She grabbed the cap before her and drank, the coldness helped ease her nerves and cool her body from the sinfulness earlier.

He walked over and smiled. It was like he didn't care that Kira distrusted him openly. No, he frankly looked like he expected it. Why would a towering modern deity worry what some lowly helpless mortal thought as they were his to do with as he pleased? Happily he asked like she was to pick out a movie to watch, "Well while they clean that cage who should I catalog first Red?"

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CH 10: Tiny Products

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Here's this weeks chapter, let me know what you think.

Just a heads up I have a Members only story started on my Buy Me A Coffee page, Link Below, for members Green Status and above.

Chapter 10: The Catalogue Begins
Different M/f Molestings including naked sexual entrapment.
Object on f.

Jeania looked delighted to be included in the giant's twisted endeavor. She practically pranced near the edge of the desk. Her head moved about clearly scanning the cages of her former squad mates, chaperones, or even varsity members. Jeania's arm shot out pointing her finger she squealed, "We should start with Sasha and Kylie!"

The giant snickered. He lowered his hand and Kira expected him to pet Jeania's head. It was clear that was what Jeania thought as she arched her head out in happy anticipation. Instead his hand passed her head. His finger extended and hooked under Jeania's skirt and pressed up underneath it. Jeania openly squealed in delight as she was lifted up to her toes. With just his finger wiggling her hips pop hard. Her hands grabbed her firmed breasts and needed them wantonly. She was drunk from his affection as he pointed out, "Oh Red my cum chugging delight, you have to know I don't know any of your names."

His finger released her from her sexual dance. Jeania staggered and almost fell to her knees. Her breasts heaved as her breath rocked hard. With lust clearly in her voice Jeania moaned out, "The African American girls."

"Oh, alright." The giant agreed. He opened a drawer and grabbed a clear plastic container. Then walked over to the cages. He looked through the cages, then opened a door and reached in. Kira watched as his hand exited the cage with a red clad black girl in his fist. He placed the first one in his carrying bucket. Then he grabbed the other one, his thumb placement was a little self indulgent with this one as her leg was folded up and he stroked a long her limb before placing her into the container.

He sat back down and pulled out a drawer. He reached over and hooked his hand around Jeania then Kira watched him drag the red head over to her and press the two of them together. Compacted tightly in his fist he lowered them into the drawer and let them go.

As Kira stood herself back up she looked about. It looked like some sort of make-up room. Along two of the walls were human sized make-up palettes. A lighted mirror with a swivel seat was in one corner. Beside it on one side was a cascade of different make-up brushes, pads, and sponges all in their scale. While on the other side were brushes, combs, and other hair tools. "Do you two know how to do make up and hair for pets of color?" the giant asked.

Kira looked at Jeania just for Jeania to flash her a questioning look. The answer was clear, "No Master." Jeania informed him.

"Yeah, I should have thought of that." He huffed. Then he just got up. Kira heard him walk away. She started looking through the room further. It was almost a salon. In the opposite corner was a hair wash station. Making Kira wonder how he made all this. He was clearly smart from that terrible shrinking machine. But, all the moving plumbing and wiring to make just the cages and this drawer.

He suddenly reappeared and a pretty young rose blonde girl in scrubs was slipped in with them followed by the Asian tennis player wearing matching scrubs. "Red, this is Dawn and that is Ayako. They'll look after hair and make-up. Got to make sure my products look their most tempting."


He leaned from view. He returned and dropped Sasha in. "Get in the chair and behave." The giant demanded.

Sasha wasn't the type of girl that took that type of attitude from a guy. But he wasn't just a macho asshole. He was a building sized creature beyond her ability to out athlete. A flash of anger shot from her in his direction, then she growled a huff and sat down.


The young red tinted blonde walked up behind Sasha and admired her hair. Then she looked up at the giant and asked in a shy sounding English accented musical voice, "Anything special you want me to do with it?" Making Sasha huff again.

"Maybe." The giant started. Then shook his head requesting, "Make her look her best for her auction profile. You know what to do."

"Yes Master." the one named Dawn replied and plugged in a hair straightener.


The Asian grabbed Sasha's chin and looked over her sneering face. "Oh, I know." the Oriental lovely said out loud and started making a bee line for a giant make-up palette on the far wall.

Kira knew Sasha well. One of the school's top athletes. Star of track and girl's basketball, her fit body was well formed with long toned legs and firm fair sized breasts. Though her independent attitude intimidated many guys. Kira also knew the dark skinned beauty had many admirers.

"What do you think Master was about to request?" Jeania suddenly asked the hairdressing teen.

The rose blonde looked up shyly then smirked. "She has long hair, he was about to request pig-tails. Master loves pig-tails."

"So you're doing pig-tails." Jeania assumed, making Sasha roll her eyes.

"No, straight and down." Dawn answered.

"Won't he be mad?" Jeania questioned.

The blonde shook her silky shiny hair. "No, he knows not all his clients have the same tastes as him. He claims I have the disturbing talent of getting their hair perfect for bringing in bigger bids. He'll accept what I do as a good idea."

The Asian walked past carrying a rich brown palette, "Sometimes when a less appealing by shapely product doesn't sell he has Dawn work her magic and re-lists her."

"We're not products we are people." Sasha growled angrily. Making his two longer term pets look at each other and shake their heads with pitying expressions.

Kira and Jeania stood back as the two worked. Dawn works her magic with Sasha's already well looked after hair. While Ayako turned Sasha's already pretty features a clear shade more gorgeous with some powders and shades.

"I'm bored." the giant grumbled and Jeania was encased in his fist and lifted up towards his face. He flipped her upside down making her little skirt flop open like a big flower exposing her red lace near thong for all to see. If this bothered the Red Head she didn't look upset. Especially when the giant pulled down her thigh high socks and started licking her lovely legs from cheek to calf top. Jeania gasped with each tongue massage stroke.

Kira was grabbed in his free hand. Her breasts sang as they danced under his impossibly mighty touches. She was just slipping into the sexually hypnotic sensation when the world dropped away. She landed with an oof.

Kira shook her head then noticed where she had landed. She was in his lap. Her blood did that rush thing it did as his sexual toy. She was right on top of where his sexuality was buried under his shorts. She could feel its thickness. The hardness of an aroused giant. She was drawn to stretch over its stiff length. Kira wished his coverings would just vanish as her body humped at that massive sex organ. Face nuzzled firmly as she hoped he would understand her moans and gasps were wordless begging to stroke his penis' skin with her naked form.

Kira had no idea how long she was thrusting her hips and pressing her breasts into that clothed sexual pillar. Just when his mighty hand pressed fingers into her sides she wasn't done debasing herself against that sensual shaft. Helpless attempting to resist him lifting by clawing fingers into that thick material.

She was placed beside a sprawled and smiling Jeania. Kira felt herself arch into a pouching stance and wiggled her ass playfully. Just as her legs were about to launch her upon Master's favorite toy his voice thundered, "OK, let's start the first set of photos."

There, sitting on a spin of a giant copy of Gulliver's travels was Sasha. Looking more like a supermodel than a high school sports star. She still wore her red JV cheer uniform. But her make-up and hair was perfected. And it would have looked even better if she wasn't giving a nervous sneer at the looming giant.

He takes a few photos. Then he commands her to pose in a twisted buttocks out position. Sasha half heartedly follows suit. The giant looks annoyed. He tells her to get on her knees and arch her back in a chest displaying pose. She does the pose, but with arms folded across her chest.

"Oh, he'd love that." The giant said to himself. Then pulled out his phone and snapped a couple of pics with it and clearly texted them to someone. Then placed the phone by his ear. "Hey buddy, just sent you a couple of picks of one of my latest catches. I thought thank you gift if you might like her, I know you have a thing for such dark shaded products." He nods giving ah-huh sound then he snickered, "Sure one sec."

The giant roared up in an angry terrifying sound. Then his fists land upon the desk with such force that Kira and Jeania are knocked off their feet. Sasha bounced off the spin of the book she was kneeling on. "YOU!" roared the giant and the usually quite self assured African American beauty now cowered in stark terror. Eyes wide in fear as she pressed herself against the book spin in a failing attempt to hide from the raging giant.

He simply lifts his phone and snaps a pic of the panicked rich skinned beauty. "That what you looking for? I warn you, she will be a stubborn one to train." He nodded, "Alright, this evening. Or did you want her firmed?" He smiled, "Remember there is an extra fee for that." A pause then, Tomorrow afternoon good for you?" He winks at Jeania then "OK, I'm looking forward to your latest pet keeping improvement. Yeah, talk to you soon." He snickered and happily yips, "Till then." and hung up the phone.

He grabbed Sasha and snickers at the athletic subject, "Guess that saves me that huh Locker Room?" Then grabs the scared black teen and starts to move her to the empty container. Then he smiles, "I still have time with you."

Sasha struggles hard as the other hand comes over and grabs a leg. Popping a sneaker off and rolling a sock off her foot. He doesn't even release it as he forces the other leg into that giant paw's grip. Shoe then sock taken from the leg even as Sasha fights and fails to free it from his grip.

He dangles her by her shapely legs. Wrapping his other hand around Sasha's upper body and restraining her arms and covering her face. She kicks wildly and that means nothing but amusement to the cruel giant. He openly giggles at her helpless struggles as he pinches and pulls her spandex undershorts up those flailing legs. And as they were so tight his pressed finger tips claimed her panties too.

His finger presses her exposed waxed bald womanhood. Grinding firmly between her kicking sports toned legs. They hook and push at the one massive finger. Slamming her foot with all her heavy athletic trained might. Then after a minute or two her helplessness to counter his molesting must have become clear for Sasha as her legs sort of curl and dangle off to the side as he presses her flower. Having molested his victim to submission he stopped stroking her exposed girl flower. Grabbed the skirt and pulled it off her legs.

He flipped her face up. Kira could tell from Sasha's expression the strong willed beauty wasn't so much submissive as resigned for now. Waiting till a better option to resist came to her. He lustfully stroked fingers up her fit torso. Hooking top and breast restraining sports bra and begins to pull them off her. Sasha starts to fight, then sighs and just holds her arms up. The giant hums happily at the sight of her appealing breasts.

Kira was wondering what was next. Then his hand went past the edge of the desk and the faint sound of a giant zipper opening both told her Sasha's destination and strangely made Kira jealous. "No, no please. No don't be a sick asshole." Sasha pleads as she's lowered past the edge of the desk.

A loud sigh rumbles out of the giant. Then a snap of an elastic waistband. The giant moves about and the giant zipper is heard being closed. Then he leans in close to Jeania then playfully whispers to his worshiper, "Later I'll show you how good thick white cum looks all over a pretty black product's face. She sure feels so good attempting to struggle while pressed tight to my big white cock," Jeania squeals and leaps into the air kicking her legs out behind her.

"Dawn, is the next product ready?" He asks with a big grin.

"Yes Master." The sweet voice replies.

He looked down at Jeania, "Pick out the next two pairings, that should speed us along."

Jeania giggled then asked, "I don't like many of the Varsity team members, can we start with them?"

He stroked her head and asked, "Were they mean to my little cock hugger?"

She made a purring noise and answered, "Yes Master, saying nasty things behind my back." Then Jeania's eyes went wide and she moaned out a long ahh sound as his finger reached below and stroked under her cheer skirt.

He looked over at the cages and nodded. Asking his sexually enthralled favorite toy, "So I guess you'll want me to put them up for auction first. Get them to their new owners so they can have nasty things done to them instead of them saying nasty things about you."

Kira couldn't tell if Jeania was answering or just reacting to the sensations being pressed by a giant powered finger along her flower, "Yes, Master, yes!"

He opened a drawer and advised, "Pick out props for that chocolate skinned cutie to be pictured with while I get some of those blue clad bitches." Then his finger released and Jeania fell to her knees. Hands reached down and practically hugged her excited girlhood.

Kira moved to the Red Head and checked to see if she was OK. Jeania's cheeks were shaded pink in excitement. Jeania gasped a couple heavy breaths of air and then asked, "What did he ask us to do right before he stopped touching me?"

"He wants us to pick out props from the drawer for when he's taking photos of Kylie." Kira explained.

Struggling to stand from her latest fondling before she noted, "Then we better take a look."

They walked over to the edge over the drawer. "Look." Kira said as she was surprised to see a ladder folded up from inside the drawer that would allow them to climb into the drawer. They started to scale down into the drawer. Kira was surprised at how deep down it was. His prop supplies filled the warehouse sized drawer with clear paths between holding containers. Jeania pointed in a direction and they began taking a look around.

Props from the other night were near the front, the Lollipops and the cheap plastic banana. But there were also jars with candy canes, peppermint sticks, and Tootsie Pops. A clear box held ribbons and gift bows. A wooden box held a couple pens and pencils and a cheap clear purple plastic ruler.

Past those was a tall wine glass, a martini glass, a coffee mug and a bowl like tea cup and saucer. A box of in scale sport balls such as volleyballs, soccer balls, and basketballs. Another just past that holds Lego including an assembled wall with oddly spaced outcroppings. Then Kira realized that it was designed and built to restrain a woman their size upon.

"AHHHH!" Screamed Jeania. Kira turned and was about to screech too as a spider the size of her chest was pressed to the side of the box beside them. Then she realized it was inside the box and plastic. "It's a toy." She clarifies to claim Jeania down.

"Oh thank god." Jeania gasped.

Kira looked into the box of bug toys. Plastic spiders, ants, bees and beetles. Just past them inside the plastic container was a baggy of rubber worms. Kira worried where those worms had been placed on or possible in other tiny women. Almost as scary was the frog box with a hard plastic one and several smaller rubber ones. Each had an open mouth that could easily fit most if not all of a shrunken woman or teen inside.

"Ready Red?" The giant's voice called down to them.

"Yes Master." Jeania answered for them.

His hand lowered and Kira was encased in powerful impossibly large fingers. The world arched and she suddenly was attempting to catch her feet under herself as she also fought to keep what little food she had in her stomach.

Kira was annoyed at seeing Jeania was slowly lifted in the palm of his broad hand and allowed to slip off under her own power. She smiled up at him, and like a spoiled little pet he offered her a treat, a half a cherry.

Jeania walked over beside Kira and tore her off a chunk of cherry and nicely offered it to Kira. Kira happily accepted and bit into it. They watched as the giant took photos of Kylie. Making her make suggestive poses upon the spin of the stacked books. Kira looked down into the salon drawer, Jenna was in the chair. Dawn was touching up her purple hair color. From the look of it the giant had grabbed Her and Penny as well as Sheila and Beatrice.


"Master, can I ask you a question?" Jeania said confidently. Kira could see from the reactions from the prepping drawer speaking to the giant wasn't something that was done.

They looked even more surprised when the giant just smiled at her and accepted, "Sure my Red Haired cock climber. Since you're my favorite, you can ask me some questions."

"The phone call you made earlier. You offered him Sasha as a thank you? What did he do to earn that?" Jeania asked like they were sitting down to coffee.

"He built this desk, my product cages, and my tank upstairs. He's an engineering genius. He sells cages on my site." The giant said so casually before growling at Kylie, "Now you, Coco, stick that round ass out a little more. Bidders are going to want to get a hint of what you come with."

"You didn't make those?" Jeania sounded actually surprised.

"No my freckled plaything. I have certain skills and knowledge. Running piping and wiring up things are not things I'm talented at." The giant advised. "Coco, stand on the desk, I think that'll show that fine bottom off better."

"So is Coco going to be his to?" Jeania asked right in front of poor scared Kylie.

The giant clearly saw his photo subject's reaction. Taking a few pics as she looks over worried. "No, well he can have her if he has the winning bid. I'll definitely let him know about that fine dark product. Have you picked a prop for her?"

"Yes, she was on the girls basketball team." Jeania said. Before she finished he reached into the prop drawer and pulled a basketball from his collection of shrunk sport balls. He dribbled it then lightly tossed it to Kylie.

"Take that up to the top of the books, sit on it and lean back. I know you know what I mean by that." The giant commanded. Kylie did as requested. Holding the orange ball between her thighs in a way that could be interrupted as her straddled another large rounded mass.

"So, do you have other people working for you?" Jeania asked, walking close to the hand steading his tripod.

"Yeah, a nice nerdy couple moderates and looks after my site. A doctor that helps look after my pets’ health. An, let's call him an accountant that makes my money look good. You're so adorably curious." He informed her.

"And are they all getting a thank you gift?" Jeania suggested as she leaned suggestively upon his resting hand.

He looked at her then over to the cages. "You know, I got so many by grabbing your friends. I think we should." He reached over and offered Jeania a half a grape.

As he tossed the other half over towards Kira, she heard Jeania offer more upon her awful suggestion, "What type of pets do they like? I could suggest which new products you should offer them."

Kira watched the half a grape fall short and roll upon the desk she and others had trample across. Kira still lifted it from the floor and took a bite. She wasn't sure why fruit tasted so much better at this size. It just did, and she was hungry. Not knowing how long it would be till she ate again she ate the grape slice.

The giant smiled at his new little accomplice, "Thanks Red, that will be helpful. One moment." He looked up at Kylie, "Get on all fours Coco." Kylie trembled and lowered onto her hands and knees. The athletic teen clearly didn't know what to do with the basketball so she lowered onto her elbows and held the ball before her face. Sleazy the giant commanded, "Rest your chin on the ball, you will look tempting to the wallets of my members in that ass up position."

The giant started taking photos Jeania cuddled against his hand balancing the tripod. "Well, to know what they'll like, I'll need to know what they like. Hmm, let's start with, let's see. Oh I know, that woman you get to make outfits for us pets." The one doing Jenna's hair and the make-up girl exchanged worried looks again.

The giant smiled, the hand Jeania was snuggling against reached around her. Pinned her to the post he was holding. His thumb and index started to massage her breasts. His pinky wiggled between her thighs and started her hips dancing. "I think I'll just ask you about the products that look like the best fit for my employees." From Jeania's reaction she happily accepted this decision.

The giant made Kylie take several photos with her face by the ball. Nuzzling it, resting her head on it in different positions. Even suggestively licking the dimpled plaything. As he mocks the African American girl with phrasing and that cruel nickname. But for Kira, her attention was focused on Jeania. The Redhead was moaning like the actresses in dirty movies. She was mesmerized by her five-fingered lover. Her hands stroked longingly along the digits fondling her breasts. He was so strong and Jeania so small that he's holding her off her feet without realizing it. Jeania takes advantage, wrapping her toned legs around his thrusting pinky and popping her hips against those forward pushes.

The giant finished getting the face to ball images he wanted. He gently released Jeania to the desktop and reached over to Kylie for different suggestive images. Jeania staggers a bit then slowly lays herself on the wooden surface and her limbs sprawl out from her body.

Kira rushes over. Jeania was glowing with a light glaze of sexually generated sweat. "Are you OK?" Kira asked, lifting the Red Head's torso. Jeania answers by grabbing Kira's head and pressing her mouth over Kira's.

Kira's first thought was to push the redhead away. But the giant was right there. Yes she wasn't his focus, so Kira wasn't under that twisted fear-arousal state that would weaken her to eagerly sin like this. But he was close enough that that could change in less than a second. Besides, he would like to see them kiss. According to girls like Jenna over there, all real guys like seeing girls kiss girls. Kira didn't do that, this was against all she was taught. Real moral women didn't kiss other women. Yet Jeania's full soft lips were so sweetly delicious.

A giant thumb hooked the small of her back. Kira's blood rushed then boiled over when his pinky now massaged her flower. Oh such stroking made Jeania's candy lips even more desirable. "Why don't my little helpers pick out another prop for Coco to pose with?" How could that modern Zeus expect them to leave such an intoxicating interaction.

"Come, come. It's going to be a long day if we don't focus on the work at hand." The giant says while snickering. Kira learned how she was to stop the interaction, he simply lifted her and moved her slightly away from Jeania's curvy form.

"Come, let's take a look." Jeania said as she stood up. She looked disappointed. Kira stood and walked with her new friend. To her surprise, she too was disappointed.

Curious, she looks over at the photo suit. The giant has shoved the basketball tightly between Kylie's sports toned thighs and flipped her skirt over it. It made a clear rounded bulge right up against Kylie's curved backside. He has her still positioned on all fours.

As they reach the drawer he commands, "Coco, give me a sexy expression. I want you to look like that ball is giving that black cunt of yours the best fucking it had ever had." Then a second later he praised, "Yeah, that's perfect." Kira looked at Kylie's expression. Sure her mouth was O shaped and she was sure attempting to look like she was enjoying the ball's presence. But her fear and worry was heavily still marked on her face. It made it look more like she was being pleasured under threat. Then Kira realized that was why he thought it was perfect. If Kylie was lucky she would bought by someone that would force pleasure so that expression would be one they were looking for.

She looked away and looked down into the drawer of suggestive props. "What should we suggest next?" She asks Jeania.

"Why are you asking me, you know her better than I do." Jeania asked.

"Well, you're more comfortable helping that monster sell our friends than I am." Kira pointed out.

"I had few friends on our team. And I loathed most of the Varsity team. If my mother hadn't insisted I try out I wouldn't even be here right now." Jeania countered.

"Still, don't you feel bad about what we are helping with?" Kira asked.

The giant suddenly piped in, "If it makes you feel any better Red's caramel Tender, the more appealing they look the higher the bids. The larger the bid, the less likely they will just be maimed or killed. So by picking the right complementary prop you could be saving your friend's lives."

Jeania looked at Kira and she had to admit, "Well, if that's true we better be careful what we pick."

"Oh I forgot to show you the bottom drawer." The giant noted. He reached down and opened the bottom drawer. Kira was disturbed by what she saw. Personal massagers and other items used for personal pleasure. A gray shaded one with a ball-like thing on the end of a wand. Another was a blue phallic shaped thing with a strange finger bending off it. By them was a sparkly light purple made of a rubbery like substance made to look like a veiny penis. Beside that was another one made with the same rubbery material. Only this one was pink with sparkles with a scrotum and a suction cup at its base.

A box beside the massagers and fake phallic held what looked like a woman's bright red lips in an O-shape attached to a shaft of some form. Beside that was what might have passed as a latex version of a woman's flower both sitting on two pink domes that took Kira a second to realize was a fake buttocks complete with an anus.

"Oh what's that?" Jeania asked, pointing into the drawer.

"This?" The giant asked while lifting a vase. It was clear glass with transparent bright blue circles about its surface. The top was like a folded ripple that appeared to almost hang from the top. The way the vase was shaped made Kira think of her Aunt Gloria and how her dresses always seem perfectly fitted to her well curved form.

"Yeah, what do you do with that?" Jeania asked.

"Watch." The giant happily pipped. He took the basketball from Kylie. Then he lifted the African American teen and slipped her into the glassware. She slid to the bottom. He placed it down and snapped a couple of picks saying, "It shows how small and helpless you all are. Trapped in such a delicate object. I sometimes use Mason jars, but I like how that vase seems to amplify a product's curves."

Kira had to admit the sensual curves of the thin glass seem to sharpen how womanly Kylie's body was built. Her perky if slightly small breasts. How her torso tapered smoothly to appealingly curved hips. "Coco, turn sideways and look up." The giant commanded. And the glass did its work, making Kylie's round buttocks pop out without looking too large. Her scared expression looking up did make her seem even smaller and more helpless. A pet that would have to depend on their future owner for everything. Would have to do as they were told or suffer.

The giant made Kylie pose while trapped inside the glass container. Kneeling and other poses that made her look helpless or trapped. Pressing her uniform covered breasts or rubbing her skirt clad buttocks against the glass.

Jeania watched with a proud expression. She made little happy sounds every time the giant said a command at Kylie. She clearly was savoring being in his direct presence while he dominated some poor victim. Then she broke her silence, "Master, you should get her to take off her shirt and press her tits against the glass."

"No, we'll not do that." the giant answered, reached over and lifted the vase.

Jeania looked disappointed. Wondering, "Why not?"

He poured Kylie out of the vase into his palm. Then he started taking her clothes off, "Because if a bidder wants to see her naked badly enough, they'll bid more. I'll show images of them in skimpy outfits. Just their bra and panties sure. But if a client wants one naked, they'll have to hold it in their hands themselves." He then opened his pants and slipped Kylie into his underwear along his clearly stiff penis with Sasha. Then he entombed the two of them together with his deity like sexual organ. He stroked his hand over his groin a couple times. Then he winked at Jeania and teased, "It's going to look so good when I spray my thick white cum over their pretty chocolate brown faces." Jeania could only hum happily in response.

"Is she ready?" He asked into the drawer.

"Yes Master." The Rose Blonde responded.

His hand pulled out Jenna. "You two pick some props for this one." Then he pushed the purple haired girl towards the books, "Lean backward over the spin of the book, I know you know how I mean."

"What should we make Jenna pose with." Kira asked, looking down the mountain of open giant drawers.

With open glee Jeania cheered, "We should make that bitch straddle a vibrator."

"Which one?" The giant asked. Then commanded, "I know they're not big, but you could stick your tits out more."

"The blue one with the stimulator." Jeania cheered. Then over her shoulder she hinted a wonder, "I wonder if he keeps batteries in them."

"I sure do." The giant snickered.

Kira found the large rounded end between her legs. The plastic was cold and smooth. Then she heard a click. The device trembled with such power, dancing intense sensations up her womanhood. She had to start moaning, it was just so much. She tried to lean on the sexual rod. She tilted and pressed her flower tighter to the smooth humming plastic. Her tongue rolled out and dangled over her lower lip on its own. She wanted to lift her legs and wrap them around that dancing shaft but Kira still had enough sense to know she would just roll off the slick surface.

She heard Jeania and the giant chatting. Snickering, giggling. But her body was too busy dancing to those vibrations. Pleasure was so deep in her soul. Oh it was too much sensation. Then a click, Kira lost all strength. She was falling. Then landed in comforting warmth. She felt movement. Then cool softness. In the distance she heard the giant's voice, tone playful as he commanded out poses. Jeania cheering him on. Then her body couldn't stay awake any longer.

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CH 11: Tiny Products

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Here you go, this weeks chapter. Let me know what you think. Hope you all enjoy. Also, a reminder, I have started a story on my Buy Me A Coffee profile for Green Status members or higher. Link to my page is below.


Chapter 11: Tormenting Break

Kira awoke with a cold cloth on her head. She started to sit up. "Shh, riding that for that long takes a lot out of you."

Kira looked up. Her head was resting in the lap of the woman the giant brought down to help clean out Donna and Gabby's cage. She smiled sweetly and stroked Kira's hair. "He really likes your friend, I have never seen him so kind to one of us."


"Where are they now?" Kira asked with a dry tongue.

"Still going through your former teammates." The young woman answered, nodding towards an intended direction.

Kira looked in the attended direction. There the giant was taking snapshots of Emma Page, she was standing slightly bent over holding a blue lollipop near the candy with the stick between her thighs in a pose that was both suggestive and cutesy. Her tongue was out as if she was going to lick the candy. Near the book stage was the purple fake purple rubber penis. She wondered if that was for Emma's next set of images or if it was just left there as there were several other props were scattered about the desk at this point.


Then she noticed that one prop was occupied. That magically vibrating device that had overwhelmed her so hard with pleasure. There were Jenna and five of her other varsity members that could be somewhat bullies to less popular students straddling it topless, their legs taped along the sides. Attached similarly to the strange finger thing was a naked Couch Crabtree. Kira found a strange sense of delight seeing the woman who had decided to live such a sinful lifestyle was strapped to even an artificial penis. Or it could be that the lesbian could be handsy while they were learning routines and things.

Coach Crabtree

The Blacked haired pet stepped into view. "Master wanted to know when she was awake."


Kira's pillowing lap responded sweetly, "She just awoke. I was giving her a couple of minutes to become alert."

"Jannette, you know we are to do exactly as he wants to the letter." The Pale woman replied.

The brunette sounded a touch concerned as she said, "She's just a kid."

The pale skinned one sighed in agreement then reminded, "I'm only about a year or two older then she is."

"Right. You've been here so long I simply didn't think of that." The older cage guest confessed.

Kira had a question, "So as long as we do exactly as he says we'll be fine?"

"Oh Honey, I wish it was that simple. No. He'll tell you that. But the truth is unless you do what he wants we get in trouble. He sometimes tells us one thing, but wants another. Best bet, don't talk and expect no matter whatever he says he really just wants you wrapped around his erection." The Brunette explained.

"Except her. He lets her talk, takes her advice. I haven't seen him act like that." The Black haired girl said.

"I have." The Brunette advised.

"Really?" The Black haired one asked.

"Forget it. I shouldn't have said anything. We are not allowed to discuss her. Put it away like the naughty words." The Brunette advised.

But this just made Kira worry about her new friend. "What happened to this other girl?"

The Brunette looked over to the Black haired one and stated with fear clearly in her tone, "I shouldn't have said anything, please forget it."

The Black haired one nodded and simply said, "I'll distract her." Then turned towards where the giant was sitting and announced loudly, "Master she woke up!"

Kira just then realized the door to her cage was wide open. The giant looked over his shoulder and smiled. Jeania squealed and jumped. Her little voice carried over, "It's time Master, it's time."

He looked at his phone and snickered. "Yeah, I could use a break." He stood up leaving Emma P on all fours on the spine of a book with her boy appealing bottom in the air.

Kira could see that horrible monster still had poor Sasha and Kylie pressed against his disgusting erect manhood. His eyes glowed with cruel lust. He stalked over like a gleeful beast approaching trapped defenseless prey. His words to his long term pets was heated with lewd intent, "Nancy, Jannette, strip." And they started undoing their frilly Maid outfits. What could they do to resist this perverted giant?

Then his hand coiled around Kira and her perspectives all changed. No longer a monster the giant was now some deity of pleasure like being. His eyes were shining with desire. He stroked her body with a strange affection. His words were warm and made her blood race, "Such a pretty little thing you are Tender. I really like those shapely little legs and those nice round tits. Now let's get your engine running otherwise you'll not be all playful with my pretty Red. I know you need the excuse currently."

Kira gasped as those massive fingers curled about and began making her breasts dance. Oh the power of his grip was so intense and it wasn't even a hard press for him. Her leg was being lifted up and away from her body. Pads the size of her head or bigger admired and massaged her buttock cheek to her ankle and back again. Up her skirt wiggled another finger and snuggled her womanhood. Oh the attention of a being this enormous and powerful had her enthralled like nothing else.

Her tiny body exploded with disappointment as the fingers stopped playing with her form. On a cool wooden surface she sat with skin burning with desire. There before her was Jeania, Master's favorite. Her skin was silky and sweet to taste. Kira crawled over to climb the freckled pretty, or better yet, pull her down and slither all over her naked curvy body.

The giant's hand hooked Kira's hips as he thundered down at her in amusement, "No, no, no Tender. Get topless and remove your pussy covers." Then Kira found herself dragged to a different spot on the desk.

Kira had to take a second to catch her breath. Her body roared with a strange desire. The Modern Zeus wanted her shirt and bra off, so she pulled them off. Then reached under her skirt and hooked her thumbs into her spandex small shorts. She found herself almost dancing as she slipped them down her legs. Stepping out of them. Then Kira hooked the waist of her wet panties and found the urge to thrust lewdly as she slipped them down. Bending at the waist suggestively before stepping out of her arousal soiled undergarment daintily.

The giant's hand slipped Jeania softly behind Kira. "Kneel Tender." The giant command and Kira's entranced legs lowered her down to her knees with a wanting sigh.

Arms wrapped around Kira and she was pulled tight against firm breasts. Pillowy lips played on her neck as the soft hands teasingly fondled her exposed breasts. Jeania's voice whispered in an appealing purr, "Look what Master did for me. He put all those bitches on that vibrator. And while he savors Sasha and Kylie he's going to just turn it on and we'll see how long it takes till they pass out from the sensations."

"What, but that's cruel." Kira had to say. It was wrong to torture people like that despite how strangely aroused she was at his power over those former school royalty.

A zipper sound and the giant adjusted in his seat. This location he had moved them to gave them both a clear sight of the stimulating device and the ladies restrained to it and down over the desk's ledge into his lap. His pants and underwear moved to expose his large sensual organ and the two lucky lovely dark skinned captive. Their hair clung to their exquisite brown skin. The glow they gained from being contained along his giant penis gave that skin a golden glow.

His hand reached over to the device. Voices Kira was used to hearing ordering people about were now frantically begging him not to activate their seat. He ignored the pleading from the girls and woman straddling the sex toy and asked Jeania, "You ready Red?"

Kira gasped as Jeania's hand slithered down her stomach and slipped along her thigh to hide under her skirt. Then gasped again as a finger teasingly touched along the pedals of her flower, Her voice had a touch of naughty giggle to it as she responded, "Yes Master."

Kira heard a click. The pleading morphed into oh and ah sounds. Their bodies trembled and shivered as those intense vibrations electrified their bodies. Head's tilted back and breasts jiggled quickly while arms dangled loosely. Kira had experienced that exquisite torture. It wasn't like the vibrations of a large vehicle or amusement ride. No, at this size along her sensitive private area it was like pleasure lightening rocking every nerve. She worried some for the ones strapped womanhood first along the device. From the pile of clothes, they didn't have even the minimum shielding of panties and covering shorts. No their flowers were planted against its stimulating smooth plastic skin.

Not that she worried much for those Varsity girls. That wasn't the only switch that had gotten turned on. Jeania's fingers played her womanhood like a virtuoso. Dexterous digits danced around her secret opening like it was a maypole in a spring celebration. That thumb had found Kira's little happy bud and was making the nectar flow. As if that wasn't enough for Kira's limited experienced body, Jeania still kneaded her artificially firmed breasts. The Redhead's fingers hugged Kira's nipple. And it might not have been as sensitive as it had been in the morning. But at this strange aroused state it was still very sensitive.

Then the giant hummed and tauntingly accouched, "Yeah, my cock blacked." Kira could see his hand dragging Kylie and Sasha along his sexuality. His penis was hard and it stood up straight. Every so many strokes he would stop and pressed their face into a damp looking area about the end of his sensual organ. Smearing the fluid over their features. The African American girls clearly didn't enjoy a second of his selfish actions.



Then his other hand borrowed Sasha and curved her under his full looking scrotum and massaged his testicles with her helpless naked form. Clearly delighting the giant. He hummed in arousal as he took a moment to smother Sasha's lovely face into his hairy male sack. Kira was just reminded how helpless they were compared to him. Sasha was a powerfully athletic teen and all her strength and physical skills was nothing when he wanted to use her body for his pleasure.

He adjusted Kylie's own sports toned body about his aroused manhood. Swim toned legs wrapped tightly to his girth. Massive fingers adjusted to make her back arch to get her breasts dragging along his sensitive skin. His voice travels over all the other sounds as he twistedly praises, "Well Coco, I'm going to be able to label you as silky smooth for sexual uses." If Kylie was happy to hear this or not Kira couldn't tell. As when the giant finished, his finger lifted and pressed the girl's features into his shaft.

Kira's head wandered her attention back to the personal pleasure device and the seven people taped to it's smooth plastic. They all moaned and gasped as those vibrations audibly trembled. Every so often one or two would pop in an unrequited climax. Couple afterward would wobble weakly before stiffening back into a force pleasure pose. Kira could already see a couple just a moment or two of passing out from exhaustion. They were all fairly fit ladies, but that simple device at their size was like having their lady parts kissed by heaven itself.

Then Kira herself experience her own climax. Unwittingly the sights of the modern mythical deity's power over his captives blended well with Jeania's delicate touches. She arched and sang her thanks for that sinful attention. Jeania hummed in aroused delight.

But Kira's uncontrolled outburst of pleasure didn't hold Jeania's attention long. She cackled loudly and told her personal deity gleefully, "Look Master, one passed out already." And sure enough Jenna's former pretty blonde social enforcer Tabitha was hunched forward with arms dangling like a hanging corpse. The way her legs were attached to the sexual stimulating device wouldn't allow her to fall completely.


The Giant snickered and responded proudly, "You were right Red, you said she would be the first to pass out. And she's clearly out."

"Emma I will be next." Jeania eagerly advised.

Emma I

"Red." He responded.

"Sorry Master, Mousey One." The happy freckled girl informed him.

"I think it'll be Facial." He guesses.

"He means Tanya. He thinks she'll learn to like getting her face just slopping with giant cum." Jeania explained. Tanya was another pretty blonde. Her hair was in pigtails and was bouncing as she was forcefully stimulated. Kira kept to herself that according to a conversation she had overheard, Tanya's boyfriend had let slip that she already liked her man making a mess on her face.


Kira attempts to think about something else besides the sexual abuse of her teammates or the members of the Varsity elite. Yet the only real distraction she could focus on was those girls tapped helplessly to that blue phallic shaped device. Jenna the Queen of the school with her hair always dyed her Royal purple was now deposed by a giant and was about to be sold as someone little pet slave. Penny, her remaining second. A girl that had popularity and money, anything she wanted daddy would buy her. Course just a few days ago, if the giant was to be believed, her daddy wanted to give her something besides trinkets and cash.

Next was Emma Irish, she looked like a sweet little Mousy girl. She was not. Emma I was always quick to remind people where they were on the school social ladder and that she was near the top. This attitude was likely why Jeania had her strapped to the vibrator. Emma I had been quite frank to Jeania that she was only on the JV team to be a body to help catch one of the JV Floaters. Jeania was now the head of the ladder leaving Emma I to suffer her wrath.

Carla was next on the device. The poster child of the boy hating Lesbian. It was like she heard that was how someone that chose that lifestyle was supposed to act and went heavy with it. However Kira had no idea why Jeania had an issue with her. Something she would have to ask Jeania about after Jeania is done dancing her fingers along Kira's flower.


Then hanging off the extra bit was Couch Crabtree, Carla's favorite teacher. From school rumors she wasn't just teaching Carla dodgeball and volleyball. What Kira did know for certain was Couch Crabtree felt safe enough in her job that she often felt free suggesting that lifestyle to young girls under her instruction. Sometimes those suggestions often included attempts at hands-on demonstrations. It was clearly why she liked being a cheer coach.

"Hmmm, almost time for your shower Coco." came from the living mountain beside them. Kira had thought Jeania and herself were placed near the giant to receive his thick fluid. Kira feels a touch jealous of Kylie for being his intended target. His hand kneading his testicles with Sasha moves her up to rejoin Kylie around his sensual shaft.

"Look Master, you were right." Jeania distracts Kira. Sure enough Tanya's body leaned back awkwardly, held up by her restrained leg position.

"Mousy Two is fading fast." The modern Zeus advised. Sure enough Emma I rolled her upper body then sort of dangled off to one side.

"Daddy's girl will be next." Jeania cheered before Kira felt Jeania's tongue race up Kira's neck.


"No, I think Dyke Jr. She's just not used to a hard shaft between her Lesbo thighs." The giant taunted.

Then he stood and tilted his waist to display his groin to them. "Speaking of not lasting." He advised. Then Kira realized that he moved so Jeania could get a better view of his finish. His powerful hand stroked the lovely pair a few more times. Then pinning them tightly together he held them at his tip. They cringed and started to turn their faces away but he growled harshly, "No look at it!" and They faced his sexual spout.

A happy howl of "AHHHH!" erupted from the giant. Thick semen launched from his penis and spattered onto his dark skin canvases. To Kira his release looked extra gooey, like it had been simmering in his scrotum extra long. He sighed with each spurt of ejaculant. Moving the pair of black teens to give their lovely faces and their exposed breasts a thick coat of his released pleasure.

As his penis trickled the last drops of giant sperm he snickered, "Forgot something." Then shuffled over to the cages with Sasha and Kylie still held at his tip. He waddled back, his pants and underwear about his ankles. It looked humorous. In his free hand his two pets from upstairs.

The modern Zeus placed his pets on the desk. Then pulled a tissue from a drawer and laid it out like a picnic blanket. Then he slipped Sasha and Kylie out of his hand so they were sitting on their knees in the middle of the tissue. The thick semen making gooey strings from their arms and their torsos. Ejaculant oozed from their cheeks and globed a bridge to their chest. "Don't resist or Bruce gets a creamed on snack." The giant threatened and they froze in place despite their disgust.

He looked at his pets and informed them, "There you go girls. Your treat for doing such a good job cleaning up that cage for me."

They looked up and said in unison in what sounded like happy voices, "Thank you Master." Then walked over to the semen covered girls before them. They kneeled before their treat covered living platter and made a loud moaning sound as they both slurped up a greedy load of his release off that lovely dark brown skin. Kira was so sad, that extra gooey thick giant release looked so unnaturally delicious.

The older Brunette tilted Kylie back and made long laps through the thick semen on the younger girl's chest with a loud sound of apparent enjoyment. Suckling at the girl's supple neck for giant's leavings. Slowly plowing her tongue through the white coating on the uncomfortable girl's cheek.

The extremely pale black haired girl suckled at the ends of Sasha's breasts. Quickly cleaning off both nipples if her owner's release. Then reached her mouth up to Sasha's cringing disgusted face to kiss patches of semen off her features. Then as fresh semen oozed back down Sasha's breasts the gothic girl bowed back down to those golden brown breasts and made quick smacking little licks at them. The nipples especially got targeted.

"Oh look Red, Grape was next. Wow, she's more flexible than I realized." The giant advised before bending to pull up his pants and underwear. There, practically laying on her back, was Jenna. Her waist somehow allowing her to bend almost in half so her back rested on the smooth blue plastic. Her arms out to the sides lumping from the vibrations of the device.


"Master, may we have some cum too?" Jeania begged.

"No Red, I need you two clean to keep helping me get more pics done today. Don't worry I promise to cum all over Tender for your reward later." The giant stated. Kira felt a strange rush knowing she would get to bath in that warm man spray later. She wished to herself that it would be as thick as those black products had gotten. Then she realized she had stopped seeing her friends as people with his radiating presence so mind altering close.

"OK Master." Jeania pouted.

Kira guessed Jeania wanted to cheer herself up as the hand kneading Kira's breast rose up and directed her face to one side. Once turned enough, soft lips started an intimate dance with Kira's. The hand returned to Kira's attention wanting nipple. The lower hand stopped teasingly tracing along Kira's secret entrance and began trusting them in and out quickly in sexual simulation. The lovely sensation makes Kira's hips roll to gain even a sliver more of that pleasurable sensation. Jeania's hips must have been jealous as they begin to grind Jeania's groin against Kira's bottom.

Kira couldn't just keep receiving, she needed to give something back. Her hand reaches up and starts admiring one of those dark crimson pig tails. Her other hand is more daring, reaching behind to find Jeania's thigh. The smooth skin is like satin to her touch. That silk like skin was examined right up under Jeania's skirt and to that round buttocks. She massages it intensely. Kira's mind whispers a reminder that this was sinful. Taking so much pleasure from it was incredibly sinful. But that modern Zeus was so towering and close. Tainting her soul. Making her enjoy being entangled with Jeania sensually shaped body. Tricking her into desiring doing sexual actions with that freckled beauty.

"Oh look Red, it was Dyke Jr next." The mythical deity demanded their attention.

Jeania's lips left Kira's. But, Jeania's supple neck is there and Kira's lips kiss and suck at that delicious skin. Jeania cooed, "That bitch just couldn't handle a hard dicking."

"Oh Red, your so cute when your being vindictive." The new mythical god of sexual pleasures praised.

The giant sighed then requested, "Let me know who is next, I have to clean up."

"Yes Master." purred his favorite new toy. Jeania must have taken his request highly seriously as her magically trusting fingers slinked back to only be wonderfully teasing along Kira's sexual entrance.

Kira was busy savoring that candy sweet neck. Still, she was vaguely aware that their captor had collected Sasha and Kylie to take them to the cages. After a couple of minutes he returns and grabs his longer term slaves. Then he left them. Kira attempts to turn, to truly coil her body and limbs about Jeania's desirable form. But the modern Zeus' favorite nymph resists.

Jeania's words are filled with desire and enjoyment. They are heavy with self satisfaction that wasn't sexual, "Look at them, dangling there. At that school they were powerful. They could do nearly anything they wanted due to popularity. Guys wanted to be with them because of that social mask. Girls wanted to be them for the status that false construct gave them. Now, they are helpless. They couldn't flirt their way with our Master. Offer him anything he couldn't just take from them. No, he likes me best. I'm the popular one here, and they are the lowly underlings."

Kira had to try to speak, to reason with her new friend. Without the giant's presence she had more of her reasoning back. Still not enough to stop the arousing sinful sexually touching they were exchanging. Still enough to verbally point out simple facts. "It was just school. They don't deserve such harsh torture."

"Don't they?" Jeania growled. "You weren't the subject of their cruelties. Had friends verbally and physically attacked because of those sluts say so. You have no idea how many other kids from school I would love to have our Master bring here. Not as products or even his pets. No just to have a turn abusing that damnable lot. The boys that Jenna verbally teased and used I'd make her orally pleasure. The girl's improperly touched by that bitch Crabtree I'd let watch her dance strapped to that thing. Watch her pass out only to let one splash cold water in that horrible woman's face so they could watch her ride that dildo till she flopped over again. And the best part, I know the giant would love every sweet act of vengeance."

"Please don't suggest that to him." Kira begged.

"No, he doesn't plan on keeping those tramps any longer than it takes to auction them off. The highest bidders get to do whatever they want to their supposedly desirable bodies." Jeania agreed.

Kira had to advise a cold fact, "They could be buying them just to kill them in some sick way."

Kira didn't get the reaction she wanted, "Hmmm yeah!" Jeania purred. "And we'll be safe and warm here, hopefully wrapped to that giant cock."

Kira remembers the young brunette woman's slip up in the cage. A secret hinted at but not shared. Enough for Kira to point out, "You know he's gotten rid of pets before. Likely even one time favorites."

"He told me that. But he says he never had a pet like me. Both eager and full of playful suggestions. He told me straight I'll be the queen of his personal pets. Taking my suggestions. Letting me watch as he gathers new products. And I want you to stay with me." Jeania advised gasping. Then she stopped, Kira read this not as she was finished but more she was gathering her thoughts. Then a confession, "I've had a big crush on you since I first saw you. So confident, so sexy. The one glowing bonus to being on the JV team. He saw that, he saw my potential. And now, we're lovers like we should have been already."

"But this is sinful. Girls and boys are to be together. Not girls. I like you as a friend, but not as a lover." Kira felt bad to explain. Ignoring she was currently sexually entwined with this shapely redhead.

Jeania gave off a knowing, almost cruel laugh. Then she eagerly advised, "Wait till our Master gives you a little touch. Then we'll see how loving you are to my body."

Kira couldn't argue that. A slight sexual molesting by those powerful fingers and she was some lesbian tramp. It did raise a question, would she be more or less actively sexual if it was a guy close and not Jeania's curvy form.

The giant returned and started to clean up after his fun when Jeania advised, "Daddy's Girl is out, only Dyke Sr. left to go.” Kira hadn't realized Penny had fainted. Her view was only of Jeania's sweet neck. She looked over and Penny's body showed Jenna wasn't the only flexible Varsity cheerleader. Face down somehow, her body bouncing on the smooth blue plastic.

"She'll be out soon. Little boring with just one awake and bouncing." The giant advised.

Jeania sounded worried when she asked, "Are you going to shut it off?"

"No no. Let's let it run till she's also out." He advised as his hand lowered around them. Those incredibly mighty fingers grabbed them and lifted them like trinkets. His towering body tilts. Kira can see his hand going into the salon drawer. He was collecting the Asian and Rose Blonde in his free hand. Kira could see Amanda and Maria waiting their turns as photographic subjects. They were openly terrified by the giant and his cruel actions.

He walked into a giant bathroom. They were placed into a sink. His trained pets wasted no time in exposing their bottoms and positioning themselves over the drain. Kira had been told recently when placed in a sink like this they had to go and go quickly. She was uncomfortable but lifted her cheer skirt and positioned her buttocks and groin over the hole. The four of them squeezed out what body wastes they had in themselves. In the distance the waterfall of the giant relieving himself could be heard.

They were finished then the giant appeared over them. "Move." He commands and they get as far from the drain as the slope will allow. Kira quickly notices the two pets keep themselves exposed. He washes his hands and leaves the water running. He commands, "Clean up." Then turns from view. Kira follows the Asian and Rose Blonde to the running water. They take turns allowing the warm water to rinse their bottoms and groin. Freshened just in case that demanding modern mythical deity decides he wants to enjoy them unsoiled. Jeania lets Kira go next before the Redhead finally cleans herself in hopes to service her Master.

A massive shadow loomed above. The water shuts off and a giant face cloth plops in the basin. There they dry their lower areas like dogs scooting across a carpet. Once they've dried their privates and hands the rug sized cloth is taken away. His pets quickly cover themselves. Kira finds herself turned and pressed face to face with Jeania. She doesn't see how he grabs the two salon pets as Jeania grabs her head and they kiss like lovers that had recently just rediscovered each other.

Kira suddenly drops and discovers a desktop under her feet. Their new Zeus commands, "Put your tops on, we have lots of work to do yet."

"And our panties?" Jeania asks with clear hope in her tone.

"No, I like the idea that your little naked asses are just a skirt flip away." The modern mythical deity advised.

Kira grabs her sports bra, but Jeania shook her head. Seems his favorite wanted their artificially firmed breasts to just be a layer away from his view pleasure. As she pulls on her cheer top, Kira hears the giant snicker. "Wow, good little Mousy Two. That'll be definitely be on your auction profile. Obeys to a fault. Hold that pose, I'm not quite ready yet." Kira looks up and Emma P was still laying face down on the stack of books, her little round cheer skirt covered bottom up in the air like he had requested before taking his sexual break.

He shut off the vibrator. Couch Crabtree was hanging off that extra bit in an uncomfortable looking position. Kira hears it being peeled off the desk. There where it sat was a strip of foam, likely double sided sticky foam. He wanders over to the cages and Kira watches him tug the tape from the device and the Varsity cheerleader's legs. Some make scared sounds as the pain of a plastic strip being pulled from their bare flesh wakes them suddenly. They are not given caretakers like she had received when she had her turn on that device. Just shut into their cages. Not even offered their tops and panties that were left piled on his desk.

He sits and simply starts taking a couple pics. Making Emma P pose in suggestive ways. Then he sighs. "Pick out a first prop for that fine product. I'll be right back."

He starts to stand as Jeania calls up to him, "Do you have extra glasses? She was popular with a certain kind of boy at school."

He chuckles, "I have that type of clientele." He grabbed Emma I's glasses and walked away.

Jeania watched the cruel giant walk away. Once he went from view she sighed and advised, "We should pick her second prop for Master."

Kira was no longer influenced by that monster's presence. The bizarre want to want to see that towering creature happy. That didn't stop Kira from following Jeania to the prop drawer however. Kira might not want him to favor her with his touches at the moment, but neither did she want to face his anger or annoyance.

"Think we should get her to wrap herself about a pen?" Jeania asked.

"She does do a lot of writing." Kira reasoned.

Jeania snickered. Then said, "Yeah, that's why he'll take pics of her with a long hard shafted object. Because that product thinks it can write. Like that is what a client will be looking for, a tiny little scribe."

"Don't be cruel. Emma P is nice. If he notes she is an avid writer and researcher, maybe a creative person will buy her." Kira voiced her hope for the secretly nerdy cheerleader.

Jeania looked to understand. She advised in a kind tone, "A creative owner doesn't mean a kind owner. You understand that right?"

Kira confessed as she felt tears tease escaping, "I have to hope the nice girls on the teams get bought by nice men. They don't deserve this treatment. None of us deserve this treatment."

Jeania's hands cupped her cheeks. A thumb wipes a tear from Kira's cheek. "OK, how about this. I'll speak up for the nice girls. We'll share their hobbies or interesting interests in the hopes to convince our Master to sell them to people with those interests. But, I'll only do that if you help me suggest advertising ideas for the bitches. I'll try to get Emma P and the like sold privately to likely nice owners if we can get bitches like Jenna and Penny sold off to sick twisted perverts. Deal?"

Kira felt awful. Condemn some to only maybe save others. She had to take the only offer that had any hope attached to it, "Deal."

"Just so you're clear, you know not all his clients are men right. They could be bought by women too." Jeania advised.

"Right, I didn't think about women buying girls as pets." Kira accepted people of both genders could be awful creatures.

"Hopefully the few nice girls get a nice owner." Jeania openly wished.

"Hopefully." Kira replied.

"I don't know them as well as you. Can you help me pick out who is nice and who are bitches?" Jeania asked.

Kira nodded, "I will." Her heart ached knowing she was going to be as awful as that giant. Yet sacrifices of mean girls could save others.

"Thank you." Jeania whispered. Kira hadn't thought about how close Jeania was. How tight her shorter shapely body was to hers. Soft, succulent lips pluck at hers, and she finds hers plucking them back. As her tongue enters Jeania's warm mouth as she realizes if she's going to be living in this hell, she might as well enjoy some sinful pleasures.

Jeania pushes back with pretty bright pink cheeks. She smiled with some surprise shining in her eyes. Kindly she suggested, "We should start making that list now."

"Yes, let's get down to that awful work." Kira accepted.

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Re: Tiny Products

Post by WandererOmega » Wed Sep 28, 2022 1:58 pm

I have been enjoying this a lot. I have been thinking about this. If the bus could be shrunk again, why not some of the cheerleaders presents to his favorites Kira and Jeania. The two may suggest it to him. Those newly shrunken again cheerleaders may seem only 5 or so inches tall to them and they may be entirely naked also. They would be their tiny slaves ans sex toys. Kira and Jeania qould give them sex and they them. (Example, living dildo.) The very tiny, micro cheerleaders nourishment would be their mistress breast milk and cum. They may be screwed on their huge nipples. Their giant master may shrink other cheerleaders, or other shrunken young women, ans passed them along to his private collection to make them happy sexually. He would them as they have their fun with them as slaves and sex toys. Just an idea.

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Re: Tiny Products

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Sep 28, 2022 11:54 pm

Thank you for your suggestion and interest. I will keep that idea in mind. I know the Giant's plan is to sell off most of the other cheerleaders. As selling tiny people is how he makes most of his money. But as I don't have this all planned out. (Really just winging it.) He could decide to let his favorite have a little fun while he is waiting for the auctions to end. We'll see. (See, little fun. I didn't even mean that pun.) She does like tormenting her former tormentors. Something I will think about. Thank you again. I really do like hearing people's thoughts on my stories.


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