Mr. Foreman

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Tue Feb 15, 2022 9:52 pm

Yeah, a Crystal insert would likely include, well, insertion. I don't have any plans for vore/crush in this series.

As for Bill's dad, I could likely add an insert of him "borrowing" a few little ladies on his own. The inserts are suppose to be for reader's enjoyment. All you needed to do was ask, which you did. So I'll start plotting that out I guess. :)


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Mr. Foreman: Tony watches the game.

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Feb 17, 2022 4:59 pm

A quick little addition of a night in the life of Tony Miles, Bill's dad. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 10 Insert: Tony watches the game.

Tony Miles was bored of the game. He thinks about heading to bed. Then he sighs, he wasn't quite ready yet. Yvonne only went to bed a short while ago and was likely still up. And that would just likely be her whining about Ayako again. His wife was so insecure about that nubile young Asian woman.

Those legs and that ass would be a nice thing to crawl under the blankets with. Not that he wasn't happy with his wife. Despite three kids in quick succession, she was still quite the shapely lovely woman. Just a new model would be a nice break from his wife's nagging about him looking at younger women.

Great, now he was imagining working a little late with his sweet lithe submissive new assistant. He had gotten a little stiff. And the way Yvonne had been going on and on about wanting this and that he should do that it was unlikely she would do a little wifey duties tonight.

He had an idea of what could solve that lower issue. But could he get them without waking Bill. His son had been rewarded with shrunken down beauties. Two of the busty trio from his eldest's cheer team. Yeah, they would do well, as they should have been doing all along.

He slipped quietly to his son's room. Why couldn't more girls be like Sheila had been. That little teen babysitter tart was perfect. Hot little blond number that would let you go to town for a little extra cash. Best was how she always would whimper, "Please Mr. Miles, not this time." Oh yeah, bend over, again this time.

Likely she would still be on call if that idiot Hank hadn't let that cow of a wife catch him getting a little after service service. Course what type of idiot gets the babysitter to suck him off in his own driveway just after dropping the wife home.

Slowly he turns the knob on Bill's door. Slowly he moves over to the cage. Little cupcakes are still awake, trembling as they see him approach. Just in towels, his health boy likely made them serve his loins before bed himself. He tugs the door open and starts reaching in.

"Huh, what? Who?" Bill sleepily whimpers.

"Shh, It's just me. I thought I'd have Donna and Helen work my cock before I went to bed." he softly advises his great kid.

"Oh, sure. Have fun dad." his boy says before turning over and laying back down.

He pushed his those two busty mini treats so he can pull them out in one hand. He considers the Asian. But leaves her as the titty teens grinding his erection was what he was looking forward too. He would have to remind Bill of Gabriel. If he could get that rack then the set would be complete.

Tony slips out a little annoyed that that old creepy man wasn't going to have his boy over to help and give him another tiny beauty. Wasn't just members of Amy's cheer team he was hoping his boy would be rewarded with. But Melissia's dance team had some nicely blooming nubile beauties for them to play with too.

Man, their begging was a real rush. "Please Mr. Miles help us." and "Mr. Miles please don't do things to us." He liked being a horny giant. He had considered having them call him master or the like. No, having them begging Mr. Miles was exactly what he liked hearing.

He drops them into a clear glass vase with colored glass beads in it. He wanted to freshen his drink before he got them started. They were so helpless, trapped in such a fragile and small container. To them it might as well have been a steel cage.

He enters the kitchen. He never outgrew his enjoyment of a little too much rum in some dry ginger ale. Over ice just made it nice. He places his drink in easy reach, Opens his pants and exposes his hardening manhood. He partakes in a minute of watching the two towel clad trapped girls cringe and cower as they stare worry faced at his groin.

He reached into the vase and pulled that Strawberry blond out. Pulling her towel away despite her clinging hard to that covering. He holds it before her and drops it to the couch. Oh that pleading pouty lip expression was delectable.

He placed little bountiful chested Helen beside his erection. A finger between her shoulder blades pressed those amazingly firm big mounds into his shaft. Wiggling that finger dragged them back and forth. Held so close that pretty face was made to nuzzle too. "Lick Helen, lick. If I don't feel that little tongue I'll get mean.'' he taunts. She shutters, then reaches her mouth over and licks. For just a little thing but it feels like a big delight. She's been small long enough to know to hug those sweater stretchers and grind herself into his manhood.

He reaches in and nabs Donna. The dark brown haired lovely squirmed. Her figure squirming wrapped in his fist is such a rush. She's not paying attention as her failing efforts to escape his grip slips her towel from her luscious body. "Please Mr. Miles, don't do this. Please don't make me touch your penis." He actually shutters, her delicious whimpering was just so savory. She was Bill's newest plaything, still learning begging just made her more fun to enjoy.

His finger presses her to the opposite side of his hard cock. Little lower between her shoulders then he had puppeted Helen, another finger fixes the one problem of her face not being made to kiss his dick skin. She has such nice silky hair.

"Oh, Donna, your face should have been rubbing my cock long before now. Kiss it, kiss my cock. Be good like Helen and rub those tits into my dick. I want you to kiss and lick like Helen. Unless you want me to play mean. Oh please get me to play mean." He taunts.

Nope, she obeys. Like Helen before her, Donna hugged herself tight and rubs mouth watering tits into his cock. Little lovely lips kiss his shaft. He's tempted to order her to lick, it's just the show of her pressing those tiny cock pillows pressed into his skin has an appeal to it.

"Stand girls, stand and really rub those man pleasing little bodies against my cock. Keep kissing and lick, I like how that looks." He commands.

They wiggle themselves up his shaft. Clearly standing in a giant's lap was more difficult then he would have thought. Not that he mind as that made them press tight to his shaft. He had consider that they should be using those curvy bodies together to please him for a while now. So this was their proper life now.

He lifted his drink and sipped it. It was amazing how having his dick pleasured by two five or so inch girls just made the game more interesting. It would be a while before it would be done. Yeah, he could just sit here and see who wins. Well, besides him. He was winning already.

He strokes their fit little bodies. Toned legs. Firm asses. Even the smooth skin down their backs is just captivating. As actively built as they were, loving his giant cock still was an effort. Soon he's enjoying the song of their gasping, sighing, and grunts of their pleasing efforts.

A different sound tells of someone up. Being caught pants down on the living room couch might be bad. He pulls his pants close and traps the two inside. Oh, the two teens pinned tight inside his pants along his shaft was a new delight.

"Dad, your still up?" Amy said sleepily. He was glad he did up his pants.

"Yes Princess. Just enjoying the game. You should go back to bed." he notes. Trying not to sound too aroused at his lap dancers.

"Yes, I just need to go pee." his oldest mumbles. He waits till she wanders back to her room. Giving her time to slip back to sleep.

Tony happily opens his pants back up. Must had been warm trapped in his pants as the two girls now had a very appealing shine on their skin. They looked up from hugging his erection, just as he was about to order them to continue, they went back to body loving his cock.

Tony went back to stroking their working forms. Giving them a little help stroking his length from time to time. Pressing a few fingers around one of their curvy forms and slowly dragging one or the other up to his tip. A little roll of one of their ample sets on his tip felt amazing. Washing down the savory taste of their sexual torment with a sip of his drink.

Game ended with his team on top. Meaning he should head to bed. He stretched his hand around both girls and his post. Oh the ecstasy of them whimpering as he slowly traveled them up and down his length. A delicious whined grunt on his down stroke was perfect. Tony wondered if he could convince Bill to get their third and give his cock full busty coverage.

Then there was Melissia's dance troupe cuties. Slender girly things that would be easier to wrap his hand around a group of and stroke his cock with. Oh so many possible playthings. All those dance, gymnastics, and cheer classes were now becoming worth every penny he spent on them.

Top heavy mini cheer bodies do their magic like they always should have. He caps his dick and allows his cum to flow over both busty tiny beauties. Tits just begging to get cum sprayed on them a few days ago are not drenched in it. Faces are perfect little pretty targets.

He admires how his cum looks, coating features and mounds. He snickers at his new power. Downing the last of his drink in salute to that power.

Tissues clean his groin to be able to close his pants. He slips into his son's room and pours the two girls back into that wonderful cage. Then to the bathroom to freshen up.

He considers, if this Mr. Foreman would give out such wonderful playthings for a little moved wood or as Halloween treats, likely there was a financial arrangement they could settle on. He just couldn't decide if he should approach through Bill or on his own. He didn't want to end Bill's fruitful arrangement.

He's still plotting out his approach to the strange old man when he enters his bedroom. Stripping for bed his wife sits up, "You decide what Bill should have added to his chore list?"

"I said I think he's fine." Tony counters the question.

"Both girls have twice the activities while also having more things they have to do here." she nags.

Tony didn't want to limit Bill's time. The more he helped Mr. Foreman the more games would be fun to just sit and watch. "Yes, but all their friends are in their activities. Bill's friends aren't. He needs time to see his friends."

"That isn't fair." Yvonne looks to be starting her own favorite hobby, pestering him about foolish things.

"Look, I'm tired. I don't want to talk about this now." he decries.

"But when, I've been asking about this for a while and you just keep delaying." his wife pushed. He loved her but she could push his buttons sometimes.

"When I decide it's time for him to do more. That's it, final." he growls.

She gives that look. That, you're being obnoxious look. He hates that look, even though that usually meant she would hold up for now. And she did. "OK, we'll talk about this more tomorrow." And she lays back down.

He slips into bed with her. She snuggles into him. He wraps an arm around her and she pulls his hand to her heart and that ample cleavage. Yeah, his wife was still hot, if a little naggy. He falls to sleep wishing she was a little firmer like she was in her youth.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by Nicodemus » Sun Feb 20, 2022 3:43 am

Better and better! :twisted:
"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

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Mr. Foreman: CH 10S: Crystal gets ready for bed.

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Sun Feb 20, 2022 5:24 pm

I'm glad you enjoyed it and hopefully this insert as well. I do wonder to you all if I should change these to their own chapters or keep that as extras attached to a chapter? Is there a clearer way I could label them maybe? Anyhow, to what your really here for.

10S Crystal gets ready for bed.
F/f*4 Insertion. Mouthplay.

Crystal was mad at herself. No, that was a lie, she wanted to be mad at herself. And she wanted to be mad at herself because she liked that sweet little golden haired girl. She knew from her history she shouldn't. Peyton was just such a little bundle of sunshine.

Crystal should have been mad to find the girl curled up with her baby boy after they clearly had done things they shouldn't have. It was the fact that a girl that pretty of face and body wanted to do things they shouldn't with her handsome but robust little boy somehow just made that seem OK. She was well aware her Mark was the target of mockery due to his rotund body shape. Girls like Peyton don't usually see past that. That little sunshine haired pretty did however. Saw him for the wonderful boy Crystal knew he was. As long as they were being careful she just couldn't get mad.

It wasn't an act either. They didn't talk about Mark. But when the girl thought he wasn't looking, that usually red flag would smile longingly at Crystal's great boy. A smile of actual affection. A smile not to tempt him, but one tempted by him. Crystal wanted to hate that blond girl for that, but couldn't.

Then she helped with supper. Not dicing one thing while Crystal did all the work. No, Peyton was prepping and adding in turn with Crystal. They worked well together. She was almost like she would have wanted for her own daughter. Wonderful sense of humor and so sweet. So annoyingly perfect, but not obnoxious about it.

Then she was so fun to start prepping to make outfits with. The girl had lied, but it was to match Crystal's own lie. So could she really be mad? They both pretended it was for dolls. Peyton clearly could see they were little women. And she knew that as well. They both agreed in silence to pretend they were dolls. The slight slips that they might be more than that told Peyton saw they as Mark's proper rewards,

Crystal cleans up her sewing prep. It was late and she should be headed to bed. Her annoyance with herself would have to be settled first. Those dolls as they were referred too would help with that. Crystal was really enjoying having access to them almost as much as her boy did.

Peyton's mother felt good to play with, and she would be best for easing that desire to hate her sweet little daughter. The teen blond would make a passing tormenting stand-in for Peyton. Oddly, she had no real desire to use that girl in the way she was about to use this girl. Crystal however did look forward to the torment this pretended would cause the doll sized mother.

Crystal was going to leave the two unnamed pretty dolls. If she had them too, she could expand her play if she got the urge. Better to bring them along incase. She would hate to pause her fun to come get them later.

In her bedroom she stood over them and stripped. Even though they cower on her bed below her, Crystal knows they are also looking at her naked form in disgust. Them in their obnoxious little waisted figures with firm non-sagging breasts and toned round non-jiggly ass cheeks. They likely had thought they were so much better than women like her. Now look at them, living toys for her wonderful son. She again praised him for his willingness to share with his mother.

Crystal grabbed little perfect body Mrs. Bell. "Hmm, you have such a lovely daughter." she purrs at the little leggy woman. Crystal loved the pretty face's scared, worried look. As she tugged open that little tied shut red plaid shirt she teased further, "Oh I can't wait for you to be a bad little play thing so Mark and I can add that little pretty thing to our collection."

This brought out that familiar request, "Please don't abuse my little girl. The things your son made her do already were monstrous." Oh the submission of a woman that would have seen Crystal as a lesser being due to her body's genetics. Better than the sweetest wine.

"Oh, I have such plans for her. I think I'll show you." Crystal lied pulling the skirt off those legs. Crystal honestly hoped to get to know little Peyton better; she had made such a great impression.

Now naked she dropped the woman and grabbed the tiny teen by her perfect little ankle. Crystal dangles the pretty thing before her former teacher. "Oh I'd of course strip her first." Crystal slips two fingers into the hanging girl's shirt and spreads them, pulling the slip knot apart with ease. Pulling it off it's torso. She playfully wiggles the upside down girl, "Oh, not quite as blessed as your little busty dear is she. Still, as an example she'll do won't she."

"Please, Cyder never did anything to you. She's just a girl." Why was that pleading such a rush Crystal wondered. A little disappointed Mr. Foreman wouldn't let her earn a few tiny men. A masculine pleading voice would just make her wet her bed.

Crystal starts pulling the jean skirt off the girl. It yelps as it is still fashioned and tighty around it's shapely waist. Shapely but still slender. And a tight squeeze for the garment still is able to pop over them. "Oh but she's the best stand-in I have for sweet little Peyton. Ahh, but once you slip up she'll fill my thirsty lonely pussy so nicely, hmm those curves."

Crystal drinks in the expression of that model-like woman. Slowly she tugs the little white panties from the upside down girl. Trading held calves to keep dangling the pretty young thing before her former educator. Little Mrs. Bell pleads again to protect the girl, "Ms. Tanner, you know that's wrong. She's just a girl, Cyder has never done anything to you or Mark."

"Huh, are you trying to deny me my fun? Maybe it is time for shapely little Peyton to become part of Mark's collection. Or should I enjoy this little tramp?" Crystal taunts. Finding herself feeling a little guilty on Peyton's behalf, marveling at the impact meeting that nice young woman had on her.

That guilt is overshadowed as the woman turns away and sacrifices the dangling blond slut with, "No you should enjoy the tramp."

Crystal openly laughs at the defeated curvy tiny woman. Circling the teen around the target of her tormenting, Crystal climbed into bed. She lifted the woman and threatened joyously, "Now you be a very good little blond pretty and make me feel so good or what I do to this little thing I'll do next you your sweet little Peyton."

"Yes, fine, anything. Just please don't hurt my little girl." the tiny woman perfectly begged.

"Fine, what's your first name again?" Crystal questioned lifting the teen up over her mouth.

"Marcia, what are you doing to Cyder?" Mrs. Bell questioned.

"Well Marcia, for what I want little Cyder here should be at least slightly lubed up." Crystal noted before slipping the screaming teen into her mouth. Oh what a strange rush. The squirming nuble form trapped in her cheeks. She giggled cruelly as her tongue slopped and rolled the helpless form. Its smooth skin felt amazing. She filled her mouth with saliva while humming happily at the girl's sweet taste.

Crystal pulled the soaked plaything out. It gasped desperately for air. "Now Marcia, my baby boy likes how you feel down there doesn't he. So if you don't want to see me lube up your little girl like I did this one you'll start to like touching his little Mark. Really show him a good pet. Understand?"

"Yes, please just don't shrink my little girl." so singly focused Crystal thought.

"OK, lets see how good of a little slut actress you are Marcia." Crystal said lifting the former teacher. Wiggling those appealing curves between the hungry lips of her pussy. Alinged along her womanhood, Crystal waits to see how her slave performed.

Crystal was not disappointed. Little body wiggled up to the tip of her womanhood. Tiny hands started massaging her clit. Sweet soft mini-lips began sucking and licking her spot. Crystal's hips pop at the performance. Marcia must really care for sweet Peyton. Crystal hoped she was as enthusiastic for her little boy.

Crystal looks at the dangling pleading girl in her fingers. Snickering she retakes it into her mouth. Tongue paints her spit over that lithe lovely figure. Pulling a near dripping pretty from her mouth. Oh it screams so arousingly as she lowers it between her thighs. It begs her, it begs Marcia, it sees Crystal's wet canal starving for a little attention. Oh the wiggling as she struggles to not be pushed inside. Her fingers over power it's athletic form. She slips it in easily. Crystal is so aroused. A finger splits those little sculpted thighs and pushes the teen deep. Closing her thighs tight, trapping her inside her sexual cave.

Crystal bucks again. The Teen panicked as she took the light away. That panic made it struggle wildly and unfocused in the hot wet dark. Crystal loved her magic vibrator, but there was also just so intensely delightful of just a bare trapped wiggling living mini person trapped inside her. Instinctively her internal muscles clench and release around that unintentionally pleasing little blond slut.

Crystal's loins are on fire. She needed something to play with. She grabbed the unknown woman from her bed top. She tore open it's shirt. Pulling it down the arms attempting to keep it. Laughing like a cartoon witch as the fool tried to hold her little skirt on. Crystal's giant chubby fingers unhook the skirt and pull the zipper down as if those hands were not there. Crystal's fist caved around the scared woman's torso so she had easy access at those panties. Shapely legs kick aimlessly at her digits, both fail to stop her stripping.

Crystal grabbed the woman by her calves. She had never in her life had the urge to go down on another woman. But after having that teen trapped in her mouth she now had that urge. She pulls those long toned legs wide apart as she hungrly smacks her mouth. Clamping her lips around the woman's ass and hips. Her tongue drags along that scared woman's exposed pussy.

Crystal stops, a wonder hits her mind. Did that taste like she thought it tasted like? Her tongue fondles that tight cunt. Soon the terror struggling woman starts gasping in the same sounds Crystal had been making in reaction to Marcia and Teen's actions below. To Crystal's delight an unnatural flavor comes off the quickly accepting pussy. That wonderful Mr. Foreman had made this Honey haired beauty taste like the honey tart she was.

Greedily she suckles the dangling moaning woman. Now she had a new question, did all the blonds taste as sweet. She grabbed the older unknown teen in a clawed grab. She must look crazed as the young woman almost freezes in her grasp. It made sense Crystal thought, she too would have froze if a giantess grabbed her while it looked to be chewing on a woman in it's mouth. Sure that savored woman was moaning in forced pleasure and not pain, but the image still had to be mind numbing.

Crystal had to find out if more of the outfits peeled as easily. Simply undo of a knot under their annoyingly firm tits. Slip the red plaid shirt and it's attached frilled vest down its arms. A simple hook and loosening zipper on the mini jean skirt made it practically fall down those lovely legs. The panties pinched and they tug off like it was this slut's prom night.

Crystal grabs the panting woman from her mouth and presses it firmly over her nipple and knead it there a couple times. It was spent and just laid nearly passed out on her tit bed.

The girl now has her man luring legs spread. She screams now being brought to reality. Realizing that her exposed pussy was the next treat for that hungry giantess. Crystal taunts, "Yummy yummy yummy." as she pulls the girl toward her mouth. Greedily she licks her lips.

His first long hard lick makes the blond slut make a fear filled oh sound. The second and that honey sweet flavor starts to sneak to Crystal's tongue. The oh sound starts becoming more confused and less scared. Hungry she finds it treating her taste buds and those confused ohs go into this tramps porn star moans.

Crystal lays out over her bed. Her hand no longer has to hold her treat and wraps over the first still panting treat. Its pussy lubed and loosened she gets a cruel fun idea. Oh the enchantment as that husband stealer begs out, "No please that won't fit." But in the hands of a lustful giantess makes it fit. Rolling that slut form she pinches her nipple deep into the woman. Fingers slid down to it's hips. Simple wiggling of those fingers and she rapes that blond whore with her thrilled nipple.

Sensations flooding her sexually Crystal knows she was some simple sensations to finish for the night. Legs parted and that teen attempted to wiggle around to that renewed light. Crystal's free hand grabs up it's legs before it manages to turn and works the shapley nimble body inside her. That girl who was well on her way to be a blond woman using people now found herself being used. Quicker Crystal worked it as she could almost hear it screaming in panic.

Her thighs clamp around her own hand. Her pussy floods around her fingers and the girl in her giant climax. She doesn't want to drown Mark's pet but can't stop enjoying the wave of deep satisfaction.

She spreads her legs as her body nearly faints. Her hand brings the teen out with it and just drops it on the wet spot made on her bed. She softly snickers in a sigh as she pushes Marcia out from where she had been working to protect her daughter. She tumbles out and lands in that sexually generated puddle. Then she popped the woman off her nipple, held in that hand she pressed that one to her oral treat and lazily held them on her belly till her body could move again.

She added the two in hand to the two wet blonds. Grabbing her robe she covers herself. She grabs the tiny four and lazily threatens, "You all be clean for Mark in the morning or you'll have trouble." Then leaves them still soiled in their cage.

Freshened up in the bathroom. She returns to her room and reluctantly changes her bedding. They were just too dirty by her fun to be usable for sleeping in.

She makes an additional effort and takes what was planned to be a quick shower. Longer than expected, giving her mind time to wonder. Were only Mark’s pets sweetly flavored or had that nice Mr. Foreman gave all his gifts tastes. She wondered what they could be? She looked forward till Mark borrowed some, what treats she would taste as she played with others. Finally feeling clean she left the bathroom assigning hopeful flavors to different ethnic and hair colored beauties.

Her fresh sheets felt that much better after a cleansing shower. Sure her hair would be a tangled mess in the morning, but maybe Mark's pet's little hands might be good at loosening those tangles too. Crystal didn’t think about that long.

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Ch 11: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Mar 31, 2022 10:32 pm

Man this writer's block like state I've been in lately has really delaying things. Finally finished a new chapter for this one. As usual for this one, and hopefully kick my imagination flowing. If there is a character's side story you'd like me to include let me know.

Chapter 11: Friday

Tim awoke and was happy to see his collection of mini Latina beauties were already up and waiting for him cowering together. Of course if he actually set up the furniture for their cage they might have somewhere else to hang out besides their foam pad of a bed.

"Now if you girls pretend to like touching my junk I might give you more things to sit on. What do you say, grind your bodies against my penis for say a couch and TV?" Tim sees if he could bribe some service from his sexy pets.

To his surprise they all looked at each other then back to him and nodded. Seems a few days just living trapped in a cage had made them desperate for a little entertainment.

"Fine, strip." he tested this agreement.

His dick got hard as all four slowly started stripping off their skimpy PJs. He was tempted to order them to hurry up, then remembered he was up early. So he let himself savor them exposing their boobs and pussies.

Once naked he opened his cage. Greedily his hands reached in. Jenna and the reddish haired one in one hand. The one with long black hair and the short lighter brown haired one in the other. Reluctantly they were placed on his bed long enough for him to drop his shorts and get comfortable.

He picked up the short haired one. "You start on that side of my dick." he said, placing her down. Oh the disgusted face she made just made it better when she cuddled along his length and began humping his dick.

The red haired one on the other side didn't need a command to start grinding his shaft. Tim wanted a little more than what they were giving, "No tongue no TV." They surrendered oral attention. Tim hummed in delight, it was amazing how the feeling of tiny tongue lapping his dick skin felt.

He grabbed Jenna next and placed her at the tip. She looked terrified at him and then draped herself over the end and began loving his tip.

He watched those three beauties humping at his dick. This giant king sensation would never get old. Hot legs stroking his skin. Pump little boobs rubbed into his member. Pretty faces licked and kissed his penis with sexy mouths.

He grabbed the black haired one. She was clearly so scared of him and he loved that. His finger approached and he could see she wanted to avoid it, bat it away even. Then he touched her silky skin. Firm boob under just one finger tip. He played with it, pressing it. Rolling his finger over it. Aroused, cold, maybe just from the fear raging through her body made her nipple pop up adding to his sexual amusement.

Tim stroked her cheek, she was so hot looking. Hot and helpless in his hands. He slipped his touch down her body, over her boobs again then to her hip. His finger and thumb pressed the sides of her amazing leg. He slid his touch down and then up her sexy limb. Turning his hand to fondle the ass cheek at the top of her leg.

He gave her exposed pussy a poke, oh she didn't like that. He pressed again and gave it a real feel. She gasped in discomfort. She might not like him touching her there, but she also could stop him from doing it. She couldn't tell him no. It was her body, she was too small. And she was his to play with.

Tim didn't know if it was the sensations from three sexy mini bodies humping his dick or just a cruel want. All he knew was he wanted to lick that mocha skinned beauty, so he did. Not once either, over and over. Her bare skin felt amazing on his tongue. She whimpered in an exciting way as he sucked on her tits. Best, he didn't have to be careful of his spit. No, part of the appeal was slobbering all over that Latina doll.

Excitement and sensations combined and he grunted. His cum was pumping and knocked Jenna back on her calves. Thick white gop spattering messily on her great boobs. It wasn't so bad to wake up early in the mornings for school now.

Red and Short were pressed into Jenna's messy front and he took them and placed them in their home. Shutting them in. The black haired one said in her sexy accent, "The TV and couch?"

He looked at her and decided to have a little more fun, "Since you couldn't wait till I got cleaned up after my fun you will only get one, maybe. But you have to wait till right before I head to school."

He did his morning routine wondering which he would leave them with. This brightened his day more. Simple things he controlled over them like seats and TVs. Anything they wanted was his whim to give to them or not. And now he knew they would perform for him if he bribed them with such rewards.

He walked into the room. They too must have showered after his fun as they all stood wrapped in towels with those towel turbans going. He reached into the bag holding the furniture for the cage, "Which hand?" He taunted.

They looked at the black haired one. She must have been their leader somehow. He would have thought they would have been mad at her for losing one of their wants they worked for, but they looked more worried about talking to him. She looked troubled then clearly guessed, "Right?"

He lifted the box, "Couch it is." he mocked. They looked disappointed. It was so easy to assemble, really just screwing in its little legs. "Enjoy." he taunted more as he placed it in with them. They walked around like he gave them a new car. Rubbing the seat and looking so small enjoying that meager reward.

Tim left his house and was met at his door by Peter, "The girls aren't walking with us today. '' he said as Tim approached.

"Why not?" Tim asked. He wanted to see Melissia. Though their agreement yesterday made him a little relieved as well.

"We need to talk to Bill about constantly fighting with his sister." Peter explained.

"Oh, you think that will fix anything?" Tim questioned as they started towards their usual meeting place.

Peter shrugged, "The girls are going to talk to Melissia. Maybe if they both understand the stress it's causing they will stop bickering."

"They have been fighting their whole lives, do you really think one talk each will help?" Tim countered.

"A start maybe." Peter was unusually optimistic.

"Hey guys." Mark greeted them. Tim could see he was missing Peyton. They were getting close fast.

"Hey Mark," they both replied.

"Guys, wait up." Bill called out. He rushed to get to them, "Man Tim you had me worried. But then I heard you broke up with Melissa and I was happy to know you came back to your senses. '' he said confidently.

"What, you broke up?" Mark said disappointed.

"Well, they weren't really together, don't worry buddy. I have your back. We'll find you a real girlfriend." Bill was eagerly supportive.

"We had a fight, did she think we broke up?" Tim was confused.

"Well, she was crying on mom's shoulder and said you told her dance was stupid so I figured." Bill explained.

"Really, her main hobby is stupid? Your going to be single your whole life with talk like that." Peter scolded.

"She said D&D was useless. I just pointed out that dance was as well." Tim could hear him failing to defend himself as he said the words.

"Gah, now what are we going to do? This was supposed to be us stopping Bill from being a jerk and now you're being a jerk. No offense Bill." Mark explained.

"What, he's right dance is stupid. Wait, how am I a jerk?" Bill interjected.

"Constantly fighting with Melissia." Peter explained.

"I don't constantly fight with Melissia. She is always starting fights with me." Bill countered.

"Look, this could be a problem. The girls are not going to want to do things without Melissia." Peter ignored Bill.

"So, no big deal." Bill waived that point off.

"No girls means no us doing things like movies and such with them. No dates with Aoi for you." Peter explained the dilemma.

"Oh, don't they have another friend Tim could date? Maybe we could get them to hang out with Vivian? She's cute with black hair." Bill suggested.

"I could ask Peyton?" Mark said with a timid shrug.

"If that doesn't work do they get to suggest a replacement for us for Tim?" Peter made a point.

One Bill missed, "No, that would be stupid we all have been friends for years.

"Look, we had a fight. It will happen. We are supposed to talk today. Everything could just blow over." Tim hopped out loud. That and arriving at school ended the debate.

The good start of the day was lessened by morning at school. Nothing bad, just school really. Tim just rather be learning magic from Mr. Foreman. Or honestly, playing with his pets more. He was glad Mr. Foreman gave him that lesson with the tea, when his mind got distracted he found focusing on a small aspect like what the teacher was saying helped him not imagine tiny beauties crawling along his dick.

Tim saw Melissia on his way to the cafeteria for lunch. He couldn't tell if she was mad or sad as her expression seemed to express both. What he knew was the girls wouldn't join them for lunch.

He sat at the table. It was amusing how Mark and Peyton sat so they could look at each other from across the room. Tim found he even liked how they kept sending each other little messages in waves and winks. Mark gave the short haired blond another wave and noted, "So Melissia is not ready to talk with you yet?"

"You tell me, you have more inside knowledge than I do." Tim said a little harshly. Adding with a sigh, "Sorry, didn't mean to get mad at you."

"I understand." Mark noted.

"You think the girls will not want to do things with you guys because of me?" Tim worried for his friend's happiness.

"As a group maybe. But I'm certain Peyton and I will continue to date. And don't tell Peter but Felicity has the hots for him." Mark shared a clear secret.

"So I got thinking during math." Bill told of his arrival.

"About fixing the fight between Tim and Melissa?" Mark asked.

Bill looked confused, "Oh no, that's not important I decided. Tim's a great guy, he'll just get a real girlfriend. No this weekend."

"What about the weekend?" Peter asked, sitting down.

"Well, if it's OK with Mark's mom. Since we are helping Mr. Foreman Saturday, I thought we could then bring our pets over and have a sleepover. Then all day D&D on Sunday with sexy minis." Bill explained his idea.

"So, like all our tiny women at one place?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, then we could swap around and make them play games and things?" Bill suggested.

The idea of having access to a few of their pets like Mrs. Bell or Ms. Vale did have an appeal to it, Tim thought as Mark nodded saying, "I could ask."

"Well, go ahead." Bill insisted.

"Right, I could just text and ask." Mark noted.

"Anyone else notice we seemed to almost forget we had phones since Halloween?" Peter noted.

"Yeah, besides texting with Aoi I have hardly used mine this week." Bill said with a shrug.

"Maybe we have had tiny distractions." Tim taunted. They snickered at the slight joke, then nodded in agreement.

"Mom says she's OK with that, oh, if." Mark said.

"If? If what?" Bill wondered.

"Guys, well. You know how we like to play with our new pets. Well, so does my mom." Mark started.

"You mom has a penis?" Bill missed his point.

"No, but she likes to make them touch her down there." Mark was clearly uncomfortable.

Tim cringed at that mental image, Mark's rotund mother was not appealing to his mind. Bill oddly just nodded and confessed, "Yeah, my dad likes to play with them too. The other night we cam all over my Asian using Helen and Donna to get ourselves off."

"Dad sees them as little women, but still doesn't seem to get past things." Peter sighed.

Bill grabbed his shoulder. Oddly supportive of him this lunch he suggested, "Maybe you just need the right tiny woman?"

"Maybe." Peter faked a smile at Bill's effort.

"No, really. Just find out who he really likes. Then when Mr. Foreman is reaching in for your reward think of her and boom, there she'll be." Bill advised.

"Really?" Peter questioned.

"Yeah, I have it down pat after Wednesday." Bill said proudly.

"Hey, if you find a couple ladies he likes I'd be willing to think of one to help you out." Mark offered.

"Really, you'd give up your reward to help my dad?" Peter looked like he was about to cry.

Tim noted, "Yes."

"Of course." Mark replied.

Even Bill said, "Man, if it gets him off the booze I'll do that."

"Thanks guys." Peter shuttered.

Tim could see Peter wanted the focus off him as he gathered himself. Crying in the middle of the cafeteria wouldn't be a good look. "Guys, my parents see my little ladies as rats or something." This wonder was floating at the edges of his mind.

Bill nodded, "So do my mom and sisters. Must be part of whatever Mr. Foreman does to make them small."

"Peyton sees them a little women." Mark blurted out then covered his mouth and hid his head down.

"Wait, what?" Peter was distracted from their offer.

"Nothing." Mark answered.

"But, you have her mom?" Bill sounded worried.

Mark's cheeks suddenly grew bright pink. "Oh what happened?" Bill eagerly requested.

"Nothing." was Mark's response.

"No really." Now Peter pushed.

"Nothing." Mark's cheeks could light the entire room at this point.

"Guys, leave it. More importantly, she will not tell anyone what she saw?" Tim inquired.

"No, she promises." Mark still couldn't look up.

"Are you sure?" Bill suddenly realized the danger.

Mark nodded while nibbling his sandwich. "I hope not." Tim worried aloud.

Peter sounded worried too but said, "Distraction, what should we plan for Saturday night? Games, movies, fun things to do with our new little beauties?"

"Board games making them move the pieces would be fun?" Bill said, giving Peyton a sideways look.

"What outfits you guys have, maybe we could dress them alike or something?" Peter asked while also looking over at the blond too.

"Oh we could play strip poker only making them strip." Bill suggested.

Tim looked at his friend, "I don't actually know how to play poker, do you?"

"Well, cards and huh. No." Bill confessed.

"I know it's a kids game but watching them play and move the Trouble pieces could be fun." Peter suggested.

"That might be a good way to pick who gets to play with who for the night. Winner picks first and so on." Tim said thinking out loud.

"But by Saturday night we'll have eighteen, that doesn't divide evenly." Bill advised.

"We could pick two, say Ms. Vale and Mrs. Bell as, I don't know, targets or prizes for other games." Mark proposed.

"That would be a good idea. I don't want to play Trouble over and over." Bill stated firmly.

"We need more games, Risk and Yahtzee takes too long. Clue wouldn't translate well." Peter mused.

"We can talk about this later, lunch is almost done. I have a suggestion about outfits." Bill advised.

"What?" Mark requested.

"We go to that cool store and buy some together. That way we can pick a color and have them in matching costumes or something." Bill prompted.

"I don't know, that takes money." Peter pointed out.

"Just ask your dad, I know mine will love new outfits to take off Helen or Donna." Bill shared.

"My parents likely won't give me money for that either." Tim backed Peter.

"Mom might, I'm not sure." Mark said with a worried sigh.

"Just ask after school. Worse, we go for a bike ride later and plan out outfits for later nights." Bill hinted. He clearly wanted to revisit the store.

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind visiting the store. I'll ask dad. After school." Peter accepted.

"Fine, sure. Will be fun to go for a drive." Tim added his vote.

"Yeah, at least one more ride before it gets too cold for bikes." Mark agreed.

"OK, then we walk our girls home, sorry Tim, most of us do anyway. Drop off our bookbags. Then meet at the park and wheel over. Good?" Bill looked to confirm. Which they did.

The afternoon dragged through. Learning about real magic and fairy sized beauties to play with made English and Physics seem boring to Tim's teenaged mind. Add to that the looming worry about possibly talking to Melissia after school made it hard to pay attention. Oh what would he say to the black haired cute girl.

The last bell made him sigh in relief of his boredom. But he was hardly out of his last class when the anxiety of teenage romance hit him hard. Would she even want to talk to him after they fought yesterday? Would she attack D&D again? Should he point out the failing in her own hobbies again? Did he even want to date someone right now with all the Mr. Foreman stuff happening.

He watched his friends leave with their paired lady. Peyton hugging Mark's arm. Their height difference was almost comical. Peter took Felicity's hand and they both blushed. Too shy to talk to each other while they were connected, too fond of each other to let go. Bill managed to find his better gentleman and took little Aoi's books today. Or maybe they were taking turns, that sadly was more likely with Bill. Either way it didn't stop him from doing all the talking. The little Asian girl didn't seem to mind however as she looked transfixed on her self-centered interest.

"Hey." Melissia said as she came close.

"Hey." Tim replied.

"About yesterday.'' They both started then stopped to allow the other to speak. Then seeing they were not speaking the both again started with, "Look I'm." then stopped again. Their opposite didn't speak so they both clearly thought they should go with, "I just think." then stopped.

"Go ahead." Tim requested.

"I, I'm sorry." Melissia said.

"That's OK. I am too. I was a bit mean about dance." Tim replied.

Melissia looked sad, "No, not that. I think dating you while you're Bill's friend, playing silly games won't be good for me. I like you, a lot. But I think you're not what I want for a boyfriend right now. I didn't tell my friends I was doing this. I will later. Didn't want to ruin their walks home."

"But, it was just a fight." Tim mumbled.

"Yeah, but you compared D&D to dance like they were equal. And, well, clearly they are not. So, maybe some time later if you grow up more. But I want a guy that is mature, not still playing with little plastic figures and funny shaped dice. Sorry Tim." Melissia said with tears starting to slip down her cheeks.

"I understand." Tim wanted to say more. But what could he say? She wouldn't accept D&D and so decided not to accept him. He didn't see what would fix that or do more than be lashing out.

Melissia stepped closer and Tim was certain she was thinking of hugging him. Then she shuttered and turned away heading to her home. He bit his lip to try not to be seen crying at school. He turned to walk around the block the long way. Otherwise he would have been right behind her for most of his walk home. The downfall of living so close.

He got home and dropped off his books. "What's wrong honey?" his mom asked.

"Oh, a girl I like doesn't like D&D and decided not to like me because of that." he heard his voice crack.

"Oh, my poor boy." she sighed and hugged him. As old as he was he still found a good mom hug helped ease some pains.

"Thanks mom." he sighed, absorbing the affection.

"You want some grilled cheese and tomato?" she offered him some comfort food.

He shook his head. "No, I'm supposed to meet the guys and head to that pet store. I couldn't borrow a few bucks could I?"

She smiled at him, "OK, not a lot but some." She then slit her eyes and advised, "You better not get your heart broken every time you want to go to that store."

"No, I promise. Besides I think I'll not bother with girls for a while." he confessed.

She snickered, "Tim my son as your mother, I would love to not have to worry about you and girls. But as someone that knows, that's not how the real world works. You'll end up thinking about a new pretty girl sooner than you'd expect."

"If you say so mom," he agreed. Getting his hair messed. This drew a smile to his face.

Tim went into his room and placed his backpack by his desk. He looked over at his cage. He cherished how the little ladies trembled at his mere presence. It made Tim wonder when he'd be able to cast the spell that made them that way himself. He fought the urge to play with them however. He figures he might have time with his friends walking girlfriends. However he wanted to take the time to savor them the next time he enjoyed them.

Tim gathered his saved allowance and went outside. Taking his bike from the garage he drove to the park to meet his friends. Bill arrived first, he slipped off his bike and rushed over to Tim. Tim was not expecting his friend to hug him, "Man I'm sorry. Don't worry you'll find a better girlfriend than my bitch sister."

"You know I'm OK with it right? I'm not mad at Melissia." Tim advised his friend.

Bill held him by his shoulders. "Yeah, sure you are. Sure you are."

"Oh hey, how is Tim?" Peter's voice requested.

"He's in denial. But I think he'll get over her in time." Bill gives his opinion.

"Don't worry buddy. You're a great guy, I'm sure you're going to find a girl soon too." Peter gave his support.

"Hey guys." Tim was happy to hear Mark arrive. He hoped that meant they would be on their way soon and he'd get a little less support.

"Hey, did you hear what my sister did?" Bill requested.

"Yeah, Payton shared the info." Mark sighed, and Tim found his big friend wrapping his arm around his shoulders and giving him a supportive squeeze.

"Well, thanks guys. Glad to know I can count on you. Everyone ready to head to the store now?" Tim hoped to remind them of the reason for their gathering.

"Yeah, sorry guys but I'm not likely going to be able to buy all my, ahh. Hey, what should we call them in public." Peter inquired.

"Minis?" Mark suggested.

Bill shook his head, "No, pets, less gaming material sounding."

"Well either way, I don't have much to buy new costumes for mine." Peter advises.

"That's alright. Maybe it'll give us ideas for when you do." Tim suggested.

They hopped on their bikes and headed to that questionable area strip mall. Tim just couldn't not see the double image that was both the empty storefront and the tiny people shop. Just as he's thinking he wished there was a place to lock their bikes up, a rack seemed to grow from the very concrete before the store. Both there and not as the shop it sat before.

They locked up their bikes and Tim could see from the expression on Mark's face that he wasn't the only one having slight confusion with the dual status of this establishment. Peter and Bill however clearly had no recognition of the duality.

The skin buzzing feeling electrified his skin. Tim's nose was delighted by the scent of freshly baked gingerbread. He could hear his friends breathing deep through their noses as they too enjoyed the greeting aura. Even with all the unnatural state of this place it still felt welcoming.

"Oh hello Boys," Ms. Gale greeted them as well from a pile of cardboard boxes.

"Hello Ms. Gale." they all say in unison.

The old woman poked her head out from behind the pile of boxes. "Sorry I can't show you about. But as you can see I'm up to my eyebrows with this delivery." She noted cheerfully. Then Tim heard the lure, "Hey, how would you boys like to earn a few outfits for your little pretties while helping a poor old lady get some stock out?"

"Hey, that's great. If we help Ms. Gale, we might be able to get the outfits we want for free." Bill suggests.

"Yeah, let's do it." Peter agrees.

Tim shrugs and lets the sweet woman know, "Sure Ms. Gale. We'll help you."

As his friends happily put away the miniature items Tim took at opportunity to get Ms. Gale away from the group. "Why do you have so many things for just us?"

She winked at him, "I sell to more than you and yours. You think the projection only shows in one spot?"

"Wait, there are more kids with tiny ladies?" He gasped.

"Some kids, some adults. Some have tiny women, some have tiny men. One young lady likes to collect tiny animals. Hence all the little zoo-like cages." Ms. Gale responds.

"So, there are more that do this?" Tim inquired.

"Did you think Mr. Foreman and myself were the last of mages? No sweet boy. You're being brought into a larger world. The apprentice of a respected elder, but don't you call him old." she advised with a playful wink.

He found himself excited. A chance to meet other wizards. Maybe make friends from around the world that could twist energies he's just started noticing all around him. An insight he just realized he was having. "Do they shop here often?"

"Oh, a few times a week really. Most don't keep many mini people. A side entertainment to occasionally distract themselves from sometimes draining studies and work." Ms. Gale explained.

"Oh, suppose." Tim worried. Draining studies took the fun out of the idea of learning real magic.

Ms. Gale's finger hooked his chin and lifted his head, "Buck up Tim. Mr. Foreman knows all the best teaching techniques. You'll learn much easier than many other young magically touched. And when you get to the point of your own research you'll know what to look for and what to focus on. You will find through Mr. Foreman's methods you'll actually delight in study. He does."

"Thanks Ms. Gale." he accepted the older woman knew what she was talking about.

Suddenly she was offering him a cookie, "Your welcome Tim. Now go help your friend Peter. He's having a bit of trouble over in the play dioramas."

"OK." Tim takes the cookie and rushes over. Peter is there, staring at a doll house. The family displayed were dolls, as were the human figures on all the other playsets in this aisle. Though Tim knew what the real use was for the items inside. It wasn't that however that was Peter's focus from his expression. The mother and father dolls hugging behind the kid dolls, that seem to trigger something in his friend. His eyes were clearly struggling not to trickle tears.

"Hey Peter, you need a hand?" Tim asks softly. His worries taking away his volume.

Peter's hand wipes his eyes, "Oh ahh. Yeah, I just got distracted by that set. Man wouldn't it be fun to own a couple of these to play with our girls with."

Tim wanted to go with the attempted distraction. Peter had been ignoring the pain of his mother's abandonment since she ran off with that other man. It would be so easy to let him continue. But easy wasn't usually the best path when helping a friend. "No, Peter. What is it really? You can talk to me."

Peter looked at him and gave a sad smile, "She just disappeared. I went to school that day and came home to her just being gone. All her clothes and knickknacks. Those were the things she wanted. Not me. Leaving dad, already wounded, and taking his hope and drive. She took old frames but not one picture. Not of us, not of me. I just don't understand that."

Tim was reminded of his friend's strength. This release would have broken him, but Peter stood tall. Yes, his eyes were wet and his breath shuttered. His head however, held high. Shoulders back and his feet firm. "She is wrong. She made a great mistake. You are a great friend and I am glad to know you. And your dad still has hope, you. Yes he's struggling, let he finds strength when he's doing something for his son. And I think he just needs time and he'll remember who he really is and you two will both be whole again."

Peter sighed heavily. "OK, if you think that."

"Yeah, you're too good for that bitch." Bill cheered in his point.

Peter turned and there was the rough edged friend. Standing behind him was Mark's head almost over Bill, looking to be near supportive tears himself. "You need our help?" The robust friend offered.

"You're already doing it. Thanks." Peter says with an unstable tone.

They surround their hurting friend. Hugging him and seemingly holding him up. They stood there for a few minutes. "OK, I'm good." he told them and they stepped back nodding in agreement of support.

"You boys ready for a cookie break?" Ms. Gale calls over from a back corner of the store. Giving them the exit they needed since none knew where to go from here.

They marched over and found all their favorite cookies waiting for them. Perfectly cool milk washes the treats down. The chocolate was rich. The ginger was almost warming. The shortbread melted in their mouths. The sweets ease their worry for their friend. The milk cooled that uncertainty. Their mutual support however was still strong.

As if she could read their stomachs, just as they were finished with the cookies and milk Ms. Gale suggests, "Well, as much as I'm enjoying the company. It is getting late in the afternoon, you boys should probably pick out your payments and head on home."

"Yes Ms. Gale." Mark answered for them.

Peter looked at her and asked, "Ms. Gale, is the store possibly looking for staff?"

"Well Peter, I'll think on it." She said with a clear look of consideration.

"Well, I'd rather think about what we are going to dress our pets in tomorrow." Bill gleefully advised. Standing and heading towards the clothes pegs.

They all scan the outfits. Many a tempting ideas are discussed. Sexy Stewardesses, naughty nurses, skimpy school uniforms, spicy cheer uniforms, and teasing police uniforms all draw their imaginations.

"Oh, what about these ones?" Peter suggested holding up a one piece dress designed to resemble the mini skirted dresses on the original Star Trek. Knee high boots and leg displaying hosiery.

"Man, they would look good on them won't they." Mark agreed.

"You know I am not a fan of that first show, but man I dig their lady uniforms." Bill accepted.

"Fine then, do we all pick the same color?" Tim submitted to the group.

"Naa, I want the red ones." Bill advised as he grabbed four of the crimson sexy uniforms.

"But, they are the uniforms of ones that get killed on away parties." Peter advised.

"Or fall victim to the monster of the episode. And I plan on my sexy away team to meet up with my monster on many missions." Bill crudely explained.

"Well, anyone mind if I pick blue then?" Peter requested.

"Sure I'll take yellow." Mark advised.

Tim grabbed his pick noting, "Fine, I'll make mine wear the pink ones."

"You know pink isn't an official uniform color." Peter advised.

"He knows, it's not like we will be having them reenact scenes or something. No, their missions will have them encounter giants and other fun ways to take their uniforms off them." Bill pointed out.

Peter shrugged, "Yeah, I suppose so."

"Hey, since we're getting the outfits for free. Why don't we pick up a little extra fun." Bill suggested.

"What?" Mark asked.

Bill grabbed what looked like a nerf rifle off a wall. "Lets each get one of these."

"I don't know. I don't want to hurt my pets." Mark worried.

"Right there in the bright gold circle, Guaranteed not to injure your targets. Think how fun it'll be having them run about the table as we take pop shots at them. We could even make them take a piece of clothing off with each hit or something." Bill was clearly excited about the idea of shooting foam darts at his pets.

Tim thought it might be something besides board games they could do. As he pulled down his pick asking, "So, have we settled on calling them pets?"

Peter shrugged and grabbed one advising, "I think it is the most understandable yet secretive thing we could call them."

"Guys, guns really?" Mark whimpered.

"Yeah, it'll be fine. Look, the store guarantees they are safe for using on our pets. Ms. Gale wouldn't say that if they weren't." Tim hinted.

"OK, but if any get hurt we stop. Promise?" Mark insisted.

"Yeah." they answered together.

As they left Bill asked, "What time are we meeting to go to Mr. Foreman's tomorrow?"

"I think we should get there about ten-ish?" Tim advised.

"Oh man, so we have to get up?" Bill complained.

His friends started to debate that idea but Tim found himself distracted. A goldish flash caught his eye and he looked. There in the store stood a girl. Blonde hair that shimmered like spun gold. A face sweeter than the cookies from earlier. Her eyes were an emerald green shade like the sun shining through shading wind dancing leaves. She was wearing a knee length blue skirt of a light material with flowers made of string sewn along the bottom. A white blouse hung lightly off her shoulders with colors sewn along the collar. She walked like she had fairy wings and she only needed to bounce on her toes to flutter across the floor. She saw him looking, at least her face stopped in his direction. Then she blushed and looked away. Peeking back at him and making his heart flutter.

"Earth to Tim!" Bill broke his trance.

"Yeah what?" Tim asked, wanting to get back to his lovely distraction.

"Guess you want to wake up to meet at ten too?" Bill asked, sounding slightly annoyed.

"Yeah yeah, sure. Any of you know that girl?" he asked looking back into the store. But that angel was gone as fast as she had appeared.

"Ms. Gale?" Peter asked, sounding slightly worried.

"No, there was this strange girl." Tim advised pressing himself against the window. But that just brought the empty storefront more into his focus.

"I don't see anyone else?" Bill noted sounding worried.

"Maybe a different customer?" Mark guessed.

"And how did she get in past us smart guy? Magic teleport from a different world?" Bill mocking teased.

Tim looked at Mark. Mark shrugged a maybe I don't know shrug. Tim went back inside and rushed up to Ms. Gale, "Is that girl still here?" he asked looking about hopefully.

"No, she got her supplies and left. She's a regular customer though." Ms. Gale said with a glowing smile.

"What's her name?" Tim requested.

"Funny, that's what she asked about you. Dawn, her name is Dawn." Ms. Gale answered.

Tim's heart warmed, of course it was. What else could it have been with that glowing shining hair. "Do you know when she'll come back?"

"No, but it's likely you two might cross paths here at some point." Ms. Gale was beaming. Tim got the feeling she was enjoying this miss timed teen romance idea.

"Thanks anyways Ms. Gale." he slumped. How would he get to meet that girl? He started to walk away.

"Tim?" Ms. Gale spoke.

"Yes?" he responded.

She held out her hand. He placed his under and a cold clear crystal like stone landed in his palm. "She thought you might want this."

"Yeah, could I leave something for her?" he asked.

"Sure. What?" Ms. Gale looked sympathetic.

"Oh, yeah. I don't know." Tim sighed.

"You will." the older woman said with a wink.

He left the store looking at the crystal. Like clear ice but not melting. It had a strange coolness. Comforting to him in a strange way. Like how his mind got drinking tea with Mr. Foreman.

"Why did Ms. Gale give you a rock? Are we all supposed to get rocks?" Bill wondered.

"No, just Tim. You shouldn't worry about it." Mark interjected himself.

Bill shrugged, "Yeah alright. So, ten at Mr. Foreman's tomorrow?"

Tim looked from the crystal, "Yeah, ten."

Tim felt more like he was floating home then biking home. He said good bye to his friends and drove himself home. That shy smile she gave him distracted him all through supper and dishes. He found himself rubbing the smooth edges of the crystal as he watched TV with his parents. Those green eyes sparkling in his mind as he remembered over and over her floating light prancing steps.

Tim floated away to his room, aware of his parents' amused whispers about his expression and actions. He was starstruck by a girl he only saw for a minute. He knew it was silly to be this hung up on her since he knew nothing about her. He still wondered what he should leave for Dawn when he next visited Ms. Gale's store.

He placed the Crystal on his night stand and sighed at it. Then he readied for bed. He was to meet his friends at Mr. Foreman's gate tomorrow after all. Gaining another beauty to add to his cage.

As distracted by the Magical beauty of that mysterious Dawn as he was. The remembrance of his caged beauties brought him back to current reality. One that included living pixie sized sexy girls to indulge with. Yes a little sexual releaf would help him go to sleep.

"Strip and you might earn a second bed." he commanded the trembling sexy dolls.

He watched as they all did as he requested. Grabbing two per hand and bringing them over to his bed. Laying on his stomach he spread them upon his pillow. "Make out," he commanded.

Four of the prettiest girls he had ever seen looked scared at each other. Then crawled closer to their selected partners. Naked curvy bodies coiled along each other. Firm breasts pressed into each other. Sexy lips opened and tongues intertwined. Hands pulled their partners closer. They knew what he wanted as those same hands squeezed naked ass cheeks or stroked along toned desirable legs. Soon to his delight they seem to lose themselves in their performances. Like they had forgotten how they ended up on the giant pillow and gotten lost in the smooth skin contours and the sucklaunt mouths of their partners.

He wanted to enjoy them but not break them apart. He wanted to try something. Grabbing the legs of the reddish haired one he lifted slightly while spreading them apart. This toppled her onto her partner, the long black haired one. This didn't stop them as that hot number just wrapped her alluring legs around his pick and greedily suckled those freckled breasts.

Delighted with the view, Tim reached his mouth between those shapely mini-thighs. His tongue carefully stroked the tip along the Reddish Haired one's smooth womanhood. It gave a whimper, with a hint of sexy gasp. A sweet caramel flavor teased his tongue. Being a fan of caramel he began enjoying slightly firmer.

Oh the sounds that Reddish haired one started making. Moaning arousingly as he savored her magically flavored pussy. Her sexy friend taking advantage of being pinned by her and fondling that body. It was so sexy. His hands reached in and the mini woman's bodies were his to touch. He didn't know what it was about this situation but both hot dolls more then accepted his affections.

Suddenly the Reddish haired one exploded in amazing sounds and arched her spectacular figure. Her legs pressed his cheeks as her body curved up. Her tits pressed her partner's face. And the Long Black haired one looked happy to accept them. The Red howled in lustful pleasure.

He released Red from his mouth and flipped them. Dragging Long Black down that panting lovely figure. Tim's hands spread those luscious legs and his mouth started greedily sucking that caramel slit. Long Black protested at first, then seemingly got distracted. Suckling Red's well massaged waiting pussy with her mouth. Tim rejoiced as Long Black hummed loudly as she devoured Red's cunt. His hands each picked a beauty and found his pets bodies loving his fondling in this situation.

He felt so powerful as his second living plaything arched and roared "YES MASTER!" Then just let out a short series of growling howls declaring his ownership of her pussy.

Tim wanted to do the same to the other two. Honestly he would have loved to make them all lay about his pillow exhausted from him licking their spots. Like a panting tribute to his ownership of them.

However his boyish lust overcame his alluring desire. He grabbed Jenna and the short haired Brunette and wrapped them around his raging erection. Their very presence eased the strain of the painful want. Better was when he started using them to stroke his painfully aroused penis.

Up, down, up, down he massaged his inflamed dick with their curves. Oh they whimpered so wonderfully helplessly as he used them. He started growling as he used them. Showing them in a more cruel way he owned them. That he could bring them mass pleasure or use them to bring himself mass pleasure.

If he had been thinking he might have moved the other two and showered them in his cum. Heck he might have doused his penis huggers as a reward to bring him to finish. No his mind screamed grab tissues and his free hand complied. Capping his tip as his body sang in that beyond happy sensation. He flopped back as his balls flooded the bundled tissues with his cum.

He smiled as he gasped for breath. Thinking, Man owning shrunk women is the best. Eager to learn from the benefactor and earning more pretties as he did so.

He tossed the moist tissues in his garbage. Then stood and put the four back into the cage. Pulling up his bottoms he left to get a drink and brush his teeth.

He came back ready to go to sleep. The four sat on the couch looking up at him nervously. He huffed out a sigh. Bending down he grabbed the bag with the cage furniture. Keeping himself up later then his sexually appeased mind wanted he assembled four beds.

He placed them in the bedroom areas and placed the original foam on one noting, "You did good girls. You continue to do well and I might even set up your TV."

The chorus of "Yes Master." made his dick jump. And if he wasn't already mentally curled in bed he might have played again.

He dropped blankets in for them. Likely inspired by their compliance of using his dictated title. "Thank You Master." Worrisome given in scared gratitude, was adding to the tempting idea of another round. Then the reminder of tomorrow's physical efforts followed by staying up late at their sleepover told Tim he needed to get to bed.

"Sleep pets, tomorrow is going to be a big day." he advised. Turning he could hear them whisper but not what their little voices were saying.

He slipped under his blankets. Turning off his light. Cage lights shined and he heard showers start. He turned to darken his view. But the sound of mini girl's showering didn't help tonight. His closed eyes kept bringing warm green eyes to his mind. He teased himself with the fact he was being foolish about a girl he hadn't even met. Still he couldn’t wait for Dawn to shine a smile at him again.

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Ch 12: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Thu Apr 07, 2022 5:33 pm

Next chapter. I'll keep this short as my depression is hitting me hard these last few days and could make me self doubting ranty. As last time if there is a side aspect/character you'd like a side chapter for let me know. Otherwise if I produce it'll just focus on Tim's perspective.

Chapter 12: Saturday Labors

Tim was awoken earlier than he usually would have liked to on a Saturday. He had agreed however to meet his friends at Mr. Foreman's. Another opportunity to add to his mini-lady pets. He honestly found himself hoping that a longer day helping would earn them maybe a little extra today.

He was getting up later than a school day however. And made sure he'd have a little time to enjoy the already gifted pretty pets. He had an idea, a modification from last night's play. He stood in front of the cage, and they looked up like timid rabbits. "Get naked." he told them. And as helpless trapped little things they are, they obey.

He gathered two per hand and brought them to the usual play area. He hooked his waistband and exposed his stiffening erection. Last night he had them make out with each other on his pillow, this time he had a firmer location.

After laying back so his dick rests along his stomach he spreads their legs and he makes them straddle his dick. "Make out now!" He cheered realizing this would likely become a common command. Same pairings from last night he noticed. The sensations of them scooting close together was wonderful. To his boyish delight he thinks he notices that Red and Long Black look more comfortable performing physical affection for his appreciation then Short Light Brown and Jenna were.

Four sexy ladies kissing each other. Hands exploring their partner's naked appealing forms. Hot shapely legs press along his dick and as they grind together for his entertainment. Firm little bums dancing along his sensitive skin.

To amuse himself he made his shaft jump. The riders yipped and caught themselves. Legs hugging tight to his manhood. Nervously they went back to his demanded instruction. He jostles them again and they timidly peek at him before again submitting to their new giant king and master.

He reaches down and pushes Long Black so she's lying along the top half of his shaft. Silky raven strands delighting his dick tip. He simply snaps his fingers and points down. Red nods and reclines. Her front presses to his penis as her full pouty lips began suckling the presented pussy before her. Long Black liked this as she gasped and began rolling her back and shoulders along the top end of his cock.

The sensations of these dual sexy ladies rubbing their hot bodies along much of his dick is exciting. Added greatly do to the sexual interaction they were performing at his command. Tim wanted more.

Jenna is now pushed over. Her shoulders pillowed in his balls. Her long silky purple hair stimulated his sack. Another snap and Short Light Brunette reluctant nods and lowers her sexy slender form. Wanted or not Jenna always revived in being a focus of attention. And what was more of a focused attention then a girl made to suck her pussy.

There was a display he wasn't expecting. Red's and Short's legs were intertwined. They curled and stroked along the other. Toned shapely limbs stroked each other. Rubbed at the sides of his dick as they playfully wrestled for space.

He closes his eyes and leans his head back. Four sexually interacting mini hotties all laid along the length of his manhood. Amazing shapely bodies writhing and gyrating in erotic movements. Girlish voices gasping and moaning in arousal while loving on his dick.

His hands reach down. They touch legs and breasts. The targets tremble at his power. His might. They are like living toys and he likes to play. He is their Master and he rejoices. He delights in the realization that he will at some point likely have too many ladies to sit along his dick.

"Yes!" Tim growls. Sounds like Red and Brunette had succeeded. Black and Jenna moaned in excited tones. Bodies arched hard along his hard on. He hums greedily as they slip from loud release to gasping aftermath.

He snaps and waves his finger in a get up motion. They four return to sitting positions. Then he pushes Red over. Timidly Black showed she knew his next command as she slipped her body along his upper shaft and began returning the suckling favor to her crimson haired friend.

He then tilts Brunette backward. Jenna, fearful of his colossal might, reluctantly lowers for her turn. Her leggy lower half straddles along the sides of his balls as far as she could stretch her luscious legs. Then he sighs, those fit limbs began servicing his bag in a massaging grinding method.

He studies his new presentation. Brunette and Red are laying with their heads right beside each other. He follows his first thought. With a simple snap and pointing at them both. They nod while gasping and turn to face each other. Hands wrap around the other's head and lips are pressed together. Tim is enthralled to watch them make out while having their pussies eaten.

Black started working at becoming his favorite. Gorgeous legs hug at his tip. Hips grind at his sensitive tip. Her tight round ass popped as he worked his head. Then at the other end Jenna reached her arms around and stroked at his lower shaft. As if competing Black stretched her arms out and massaged his upper shaft.

Now an all hot lady orgy was in full swing on his dick. They moaned and cooed sexy sounds. Four sensual bodies rubbed and wiggled along his erection. There is just an overwhelming pleasure flood washing his thoughts from his mind. He arches back as the sensations seem to restrain him. His penis is painfully trembling in arousal. It's just too much for his mind.

Then the dam breaks and he moans loudly. His cock bounces as he cums hard. His pets massage his length as if attempting to help him rid his dick of every last white drip. It's oddly a disappointment and a relief. After its effects are done he feels himself drop back down to the mattress and he lays there gasping hard.

Slowly strength teases back into his limbs. Clumsily he finds his box of tissues and starts mopping off his stomach. He smiles, his four enslaved pretties were massaging any remaining reminders of the pain from his raging hard on. Likely in the hopes to earn some sort of gift or sympathy. He still liked the sweet jester. Thinking about maybe setting them up a TV, he could always take it away if they misbehaved later.

Cleaned mostly off he gathers them off his wilting dick. Pulling his bottoms back up. He snickers as his legs stagger under his weight. Placing them in the cage. "OK, good job. I'll think about possibly giving you the TV or something after I clean up."

He walks to the bathroom amused at their hopeful looks at the idea of an entertainment box. He rolls the idea around in his mind as he freshens up.

Returning to his room he dresses for the day. Surrendering to the notion he pulls the TV box from the bag. Internally he mocks himself about getting soft but hearing the four of them nervously say in unison, "Thank You Master." does make Tim feel good.

He pulls out the play uniforms and places them in the cage.
Advising them, "I want you wearing these this afternoon when I get home. Tonight we'll be hanging out with my friends and their pets. It's going to be fun, at least for us boys." The scared, worried expressions made him wish he had more time this morning.

He tops up their feed and notes he will need to get more soon. The idea of visiting the store brings emerald eyes and sun golden hair to his mind. He takes the crystal off his night stand so he can keep that sliver of connection close.

He travels to the kitchen and pours a bowl of cereal for breakfast. "You're up early?" his mother greets him.

"Yeah, the guys and I are going to travel over to Mr. Foreman's to help out again." He advises.

She shakes her head. "I don't see what you see in those little critters. But if gaining them teaches you some work ethic I can't say no can I."

"Well, you could. But I hope you won't." he admits.

She snickers at his joke. "So, what would your dad and I have to pay you to do some clean up yard work here tomorrow?"

"Oh right. Ahh, I was hoping to spend the night at Mark's so we can play D&D all day tomorrow? I'll be taking my Critters with me." he regretted forgetting to ask last night.

"Did you boys ask Crystal if that was OK?" his mother worried.

He nodded, "Yes, I just forgot to ask you and dad last night."

She nodded and started her teasing, "I don't know. I might need your help tomorrow with the yard."

"Please mom?" he begged.

"Fine, Wednesday if it's nice I'll be home early. You'll come straight home after school and we'll do it then. Deal?" she offered.

"If it's nice?" he questioned.

"Hmm, yeah. Maybe I might look at the basement. It could use a good cleaning out." she joked.

"Wednesday, right afterschool." he agreed before that mocking statement morphed into an actual idea in her brain.

"Deal, you be good for Crystal. I don't want to hear back of you misbehaving." his mother warned.

"Yes, I will." he said. Last thing he wanted was not to be allowed to hang out with Mark.

She roughed his hair, "You better or I'll have you working here everyday after school and you'll get no more of those critters."

As he ate he thought on the word critters. Maybe that was a better word then pets. People might get curious if they heard them talking about pets. Critters sounded more creepy and less inviting. He wasn't sure, deciding they could debate it while at Mr. Foreman's.

Running late, Tim grabbed his bike from the garage to speed his trip to Mr. Foreman's. He snickered because as he turned onto the street Peter on his bike pulled up beside him. "Running late too huh?"

"Yeah, hope the others aren't waiting for us." Tim replied.

Mark's large frame rolled around the corner in front of them. Then Bill called up from behind, "Guys wait up."

They packed together to ride as a group. Mark questioned, "Should we have called Mr. Foreman to let him know that we are coming this morning?"

"Oh yeah." Peter agreed.

"I think it'll be fine." Tim hoped. Afterall Mr. Foreman and Ms. Gale always just seem to know they were coming. Besides he kind of remembered the old man mentioning they should come over today.

They arrived at his gate and as they stopped it slowly opened on its own. This still unnerved Tim. Mr. Foreman's voice barking at them, startled that feeling away, "Well, what took you four so long. Bikes in the wagon and I'll haul them up the hill and you boys can get to work starting here."

"What? Why are you taking our bikes?" Bill questioned.

Mr. Foreman handed him some work gloves. "Well since we'll likely be making trips up and down the hill I figured you didn't want to keep them down here by the gate unsupervised."

"Oh, yeah. OK." Bill agreed, taking the gloves.

Bikes loaded, he looked at the four of them. "OK you boys pull out any fallen branches and pile them here. When I get back down the hill we'll pile them in the wagon and take them up the hill to be dealt with later in the week."

"Why not today?" Peter asked.

Mr. Foreman waved his arm indicating the hill, "Clearing the fallen from between the trees will take us the bulk of the day."

"Oh, I suppose." Peter said then sighed. There were a lot of tree areas to clean up. They all took the offered gloves and started pulling branches from between the trees.

Mr. Foreman returned and pulled Mark from the fallen branch collecting to help him trim lower dead branches from the trees. The morning went quickly as they loaded and unloaded the piles of wood. The sky was gray and therefore cooled the day. Which Tim was grateful for. As even a warm early November day would have made this very sweaty work.

Working even as a team of five it was clear today wouldn't be the end of fallen branch clean up. Not that they were not making good progress, it was just there was a lot of wooded area to Mr. Foreman's front yard. Then Tim sighed, this was just the front yard. The hill and the winding drive was more land than his house and both yards sat on.

"OK boys, lunch." Mr. Foreman sudden announced as he stopped the ATV he was using to pull the wagon that carried them and the collected branches up to his house.

"Man, I just realized how hungry I am." Mark stated.

Bill looked at him. Instead of some slight tease he agreed, "Now that it's been mentioned. Yeah I'm starving."

"Well, down the hall to the right is the bathroom for you to wash up. Once you're done back this way and this door is the dining room. I'll have the food waiting there for us." Mr. Foreman advised disappearing through the listed door.

"I hope he's washing up before making us food." Peter said, watching the door swing back and forth.

"I'm sure, let's go." Tim waved them on. Then realized to the right wasn't one door. Fingers crossed he picked one and found the bathroom. They took turns washing their hands then traveled back to the swing door.

Inside was a sandwich feast. Piled on platters were sandwiches with bowls of chips about them with clear labels of what their flavors were. Tim quickly decided this was Ms. Gale's work as he expected Mr. Foreman wouldn't have bothered trimming the crust off their sandwiches for them. "Man I hope he made roast beef." Bill cheered as he rushed over to claim a seat.

Of course there was roast beef. Also Ham and cheese, turkey club and whatever other sandwich trickled one of their fancy. They were offered cold soda while Mr. Foreman took Iced tea as his drink of choice.

"So, what are you going to do with all the branches?" Bill asked between bites.

"Cut them into a manageable size. Dry ones I'll use a kindling for my fireplace, wet will be sheltered by the barn to dry. Rotten clearly will be composted." Mr. Foreman answered.

"You're going to have a lot of kindling." Peter noted.

"I like fires in my fireplace. Helps my old bones during the cold of winter." Mr. Foreman explained. He looked to be in a good mood. Maybe all the fresh air.

"So, are we going to do both yards?" Tim wondered.

"Not today. We'll be good to get half or more of the front cleared up. Been a few years since I had any help so it's a real mess." the older man said, grabbing a sandwich and checking the contents between the bread slices.

"No, I meant over time." Tim clarified.

The man looked at him and smiled. "Hope so, but that will depend on the weather. I have the feeling snow will be coming soon. And I'm not making you lads trudge through the trees in that mess."

"Oh man, are you going to want us to shovel snow?" Bill worried.

"Nah, I pay a guy for that. He has a truck and a couple lads. Used to take me hours to do what they do in one. Pass those chips please Mr. South." he told them.

"So, how will we earn more mini ladies then?" Bill worried.

"Huh, I don't know. Still need that room cleaned up. Suppose you won't visit this old man without the bribe of a tiny woman." Mr. Foreman sounded almost disappointed.

"Well, that is why we're here. You get help, we get a mini girl." Bill confessed.

Mr. Foreman nodded and shrugged saying, "I guess that makes sense."

"Man, I'm going to miss getting new tiny girls." Bill whined.

"I will need help around the house from time to time even while the ground is covered in snow. Just not several times a week like I can use now." Mr. Foreman advised.

"So, will you call us or something?" Peter offered.

"Certainly." the old man agreed.

"Great." Bill cheered.

"We could still visit, you know, to keep you company." Mark suggested.

"Sure. I have some boxed games." the man noted.

"But we'll not get, err, yeah fine. Board games, from time to time." Bill started to complain but the looks of his friends clearly tripped that up.

"Well, we should finish lunch and get a good afternoon of hauling branches." Mr. Foreman gave him an out. Adding additionally, "Oh, Wednesday afternoon I have an appointment so sadly I can't take advantage of your assistance then."

"Oh man." Bill sighed.

"Still can come over Monday and next Friday." the old man consoled.

Tim felt an odd touch in his mind. Mr. Foreman's voice was almost thought into his brain, "You should come over on Tuesday and Thursday. You're welcome after your done band Mr. Tanner."

Tim looked over at Mark and his large friend looked unsettled. Clearly he had heard the thought speak. Tim attempted to answer, concentrating on Mr. Foreman and thought, "Sure."

All Tim mentally heard back was Mr. Foreman's thought voice replying, "OK Mr. Tanner, but you'll need to start training soon."

"Ahh, Mr. Foreman. Would you like us to help you clean up?" Peter offered.

"No, it'll be fine." Mr. Foreman replied with a shrug.

"Then, should we get back out there?" Bill sounded strangely eager to get back to physical labor.

"Yeah boys, let's get back at it." The old man said. Taking a last long drink of his tea he stood and smiled at them.

Tim sipped back some soda and stood with his friends. They were all soon back at work clearing branches and undergrowth. It was hard work but they actually all seemed to enjoy the time together.

They rode back up to the house to find a pitcher of lemonade and glasses waiting for them. "Why don't we take a break and while you boys unload the cart I'll get the reward bag."

"Where we have been here all day, could we get a second mini girl?" Bill pushed.

"No, I fed you lunch." Mr. Foreman said, shaking his head.

"Ahh man." Bill whined.

"I can't just be dumping laps full of mini ladies whenever you spend a little extra time helping around here." Mr. Foreman actually sounded to be attempting to console him.

Bill nodded, "Yeah but that would rock."

They each stopped and enjoyed the strangely extra refreshing lemon drink. Tim felt any aches and pains from the unfamiliar labor of the day fade away. Even any of his minor scrapes or scratches actually looked to mend themselves.

They unloaded to the last wagon load as Mr. Foreman disappeared into his mixed matched house. They were all nervously smiling in the excitement of new helpless beauty. Tim could almost feel himself salivating.

Then he worried. What if his mind got stuck on the image of the mystery girl Dawn? That one passing thought got those emerald eyes trapped in his vision. That silky looking golden mane fluttering through his consciousness. His hand grabbed the crystal in his pocket as an unnecessary reminder of her appeal despite her being an almost complete enigma.

Tim had to protect his curious crush. Then he remembered his first lesson from Mr. Foreman. Could he do that with his mind strangely savoring the scent of the memory of Dawn's passing appearance?

Mr. Foreman came back outside with that beat up old sack. "Well, who wants theirs first?" he asked.

Bill's arm shot up, "Oh me! Me!"

"OK lad, let's see what we find." Mr. Foreman advised reaching in. Bill closed his eyes and was clearly focusing on someone.

Out came Mr. Foreman's hand. In which held another small cage. Its contents was a thin younger girl in a well fitting dance outfit. Her amazingly long hair was tied back in two buns with the extra dangling in appealing pig-tails. They all knew her from school. A member of Melissa's dance troupe named Rose Allain. "All right!" Bill cheered as he was handed the cage. "Dad's going to love seeing we got her now." he added like he was proud.

"Mr. Tanner, you want to go next?" Mr. Foreman offered.

"Ahh, sure." Mark replied.

Mr. Foreman reached in and out came some blond police woman. "Here you go Mr. Tanner."

"Who is that?" Bill wondered.

"I don't know." Mark greedily accepted the gorgeous little cop woman.

"You remember what I told you right?" Bill hinted at his plan.

"Yeah, but I like to see what randomly comes out for me too. And she looks like fun." Mark advised stroking the cage, making the inches tall woman cringe.

"Now Mr. South. You might have plans for your pick, but trust me my lad. This one is the one you'll really want to take home." Mr. Foreman advised Peter as he brought out another cage.

"Oh, I didn't get to think of someone." Peter sighed, taking the cage. Inside was a busty woman with blood red hair in a very well tailored skirted business suit. Being jostled made her glasses slip down her nose in a strangely appealing way.

"At least she's hot. Trust me, big tits feel great rubbed at your dick." Bill consoled Peter.

"Yeah, and she has great looking legs too." Peter began seeing the upside to the unknown new pet.

"Well Mr. Hill, your turn." Mr. Foreman noted.

"Wait, can you give me a second?" Tim requested.

"Sure, let me know when you're ready." Mr. Foreman accepted.

Tim squeezed the crystal and focused on blanking his mind. No thoughts of anyone he knew. "Man I wonder who he's thinking about." Bill said expectantly.

"OK, ready." Tim told his secret mentor.

He watched the old man's hand go in and out came a cage holding another lovely Latina. About Jenna's age this one has shoulder length almond colored hair in two cute pig tails. Her curvy form was clad in one of the local University's cheer uniforms. He smacked his lips at how delightfully that revealing outfit displayed her sexy form.

"What is with you guys? We could collect all the hotties from school and your letting him grab who knows who girls?" Bill chastised them.

Peter leaned in and advised, "If we all grabbed cute girls from school then only pretty girls at school would be our girlfriends and your sisters. Then we would have to deal with assholes like Jacob constantly hitting on them."

"Oh, yeah. Didn't think about that." Bill accepted the advice.

"Besides, if we grabbed all the girls our age who would your dad ask you to collect?" Mark uncharacteristically taunted.

Which was missed by Bill as he just nodded and agreed, "Yeah, more for him and I. That works too."

"Well I thank you lads for your help today. See you Monday?" Mr. Foreman asked.

"Yep." Bill cheered.

"Sure thing." Peter said.

"Looking forward to it." Mark added.

"Right After school." Tim agreed with his friends.

Mr. Foreman nodded and the old man actually smiled, "Good see you then. Have fun with the rest of your weekend."

"Bye Mr. Foreman." They all replied, gathering their bikes. All seemingly having the same idea of slipping their new cages into the water bottle holders and each finding the cages somehow fit securely despite being square shaped in round holders.

They raced down the winding road that was Mr. Foreman's drive. Tim was grateful that Mr. Foreman used his cart to haul them up this steep hill. As fun as it was to weave and coast down the oddly smooth dirt path, pedaling up would have been a pain.

At the gate they stopped, "My place in an hour?" Mark asked.

"Yeah, give us a chance to change and get our stuff for tonight and tomorrow." Peter pointed out.

"OK, let's go. I'm excited to hang out and play with our collected pets." Bill confessed.

They all started off. Pedaling along the smooth paved roads. The hope for an enjoyable night hanging out gave them extra energy. Tim would have figured after that day's labors they would be spent, but clearly not.

He arrived home and with a passing hello to his parents he slipped into his room. Opening the cage he placed his new sexy doll in commanding, "Make sure she puts on her Uniform for tonight."

"Maria no." From Jenna told that they knew each other. Making him plan a cheer sandwich for his cock once he had time to play with his Critters.

He took a quick shower to rinse the day's sweat off then dressed in fresh clothes. Packing pajamas and clothes for the next day in a bag with his D&D stuff and a few extra possible mini lady play ideas. Tim was delighted that his older pets convinced the new one into that figure hugging sci-fi uniform. In a shared cage with a few extra play outfits they topped the inside of his overnight bag. He grabbed the still packaged dart gun, gave his parents each a hug and was on his way to Mark's and their night's fun.

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CH 13: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Wed Oct 26, 2022 5:42 pm

Hello all. I had gotten stuck on this chapter and I now have finally finished it. Hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think please. Also don't forget you can support my writing by visiting my Buy Me A Coffee page at the link below.


Chapter 13: Early Saturday Night
f forced to perform before M*4

"Hello Tim, come in, come in." Mark's mom greeted Tim at the door.

"Hello Ms. Tanner. Thanks for letting us come over tonight." He replied.

"Oh stop. You boys are always welcome. And how many times do I have to tell you to call me Crystal." She insisted.

"Sorry, I just can't stop." he apologized.

"That's because you're a good boy. Did you remember your little pretties?" she hinted.

"Yes, did you want to see?" he asked his friend's mother.

She smiled and nodded, "Oh that would be nice."

Tim pulled out his cage and the Critters cowered away from the rotund woman. "Oh, aren't they lovely? Such wonderful figures and shades."

"Yes, I like them." Tim confessed.

"I'm sure you do, I'm sure you do." Crystal agreed. Then she said something odd, "It'll be hard to pick a couple out."

"What do you mean?" he asked the nice lady.

"Didn't Mark mention, he said you all agreed. I asked while you boys were over that I could borrow a couple of your girls to play with tonight." she explained.

"He didn't." Tim was a little put off. Then he notes that this woman likely bought a boat load of snacks and treats and would likely buy them all some pizzas. Lending her a critter or two from the group's collection seemed just fair.

"Is that a problem?" she sounded concerned. Ms. Tanner was too nice to cancel the sleepover over a miscommunication. Likely, like Mark, she would just accept she wouldn't get what she wanted.

"No problem Ms. Tanner. It'll be fine." Tim reassured her. "I'm sure the others would be glad to let you borrow a few for letting us stay over tonight."

"Oh good. Mark is setting up in the basement as usual. Hope you have fun. Pizza later." the chubby woman brightened up.

"OK, thanks Ms. Tanner." Tim replied, heading to the basement door. He slipped onto the stairs and quickly texted Bill and Peter, "Mark forgot, his mom will want to borrow a couple of Critters tonight. Please don't make a scene. She had bought us snacks and pizza as usual."

Peter's reply was expected, "Yeah, that makes sense."

So was Bill's, "Ahh man really. She's going to get fatty juices on my pets."

"Are we calling them Pets or Critters?" Peter added.

"Thinking about it, I like Critters. Makes them sound lower then Pets." Bill sent his opinion.

"We can discuss it once your here." Tim sent as he descended the stairs.

Tim stepped down into the furnished basement. Mark's father paid quite the amount to turn the under house chamber into a bar and seating area. Planning it for having friends over to watch sports and gamble on cards and the likes. Two matching L-shaped couches are arranged in a bid U before where an entertainment stand holds a huge TV. A large round coffee table is bare. Odd since that's a usual location for bags of chips and the like.

Past that is the poker table. A fair sized hexagon shaped table, the platform they use for their D&D adventures. The large flat center easily held any of their battle maps. Their sides had a nice picket for dice, pencils, and the like. The two unused spots are great for books and the like. A small folding table is set by Mark's spot for the extras needed by the Dungeon Master.

Just past that is the bar. Mark is standing there organizing the supply of way too many snacks across the serving surface. Behind would be the mini fridge, likely stuffed full of sodas and juices for them to enjoy. Beside Mark are two polished wooden stools pressed together with a board of some kind laid across them. On that was a cage, inside he could see several tiny forms looking out from between the bars.

"Hey Tim." Mark says upon seeing him.

"Hey Mark, need a hand?" he offered as he placed his bag down by his usual place on one of the massive couches.

"Naa, it's all set. Oh, you can put your pets in the cage here." Mark replied.

"Speaking of." Tim started lifting the small cage his critter was currently in out of his backpack. "You didn't mention your mother would be borrowing a few from us tonight."

Mark's eyes told that he thought he had. He clearly thought about it. "I think we got talking about how parents see the pets when I started to bring that up. Sorry."

"Oh yeah, I remember that." Tim nodded at that lunchtime conversation.

"Remember about what?" Bill asked as he came down the stairs.

"My mom wants to borrow a couple of your pets for the night." Mark explained in a nervous tone.

"Eww, she's not going to eat them is she?" Bill teased, clearly making a shot at Ms. Tanner's weight.

"Of course she's not going to eat them. What type of stupid question is that? She enjoys them like we do." Mark growled in response.

Bill clearly couldn't not be an asshole, "Your mother has a penis?"

Tim knew this was going to lead into a fight between the two friends if he didn't say something, "Bill, screw off. You know what he means."

"Fine, yeah OK. My dad borrows mine all the time. How many?" Bill relented.

"She, well, she didn't say." Mark confessed.

"It better not be a lot. We need these for our own fun." He said pulling out a cheap plastic container with holes drilled into the top. He placed it down and popped the lid to reveal his Critters. They cowered together, naked. "Dad gave them a bath so they would be all clean for tonight."

"May I?" Tim asked.

"Sure, can I look at yours?" Bill replied.

"Sure." Tim heard himself sigh in response as he reached into the container. Wrapping his hand around Donna Melborne's curvy figure. Sure she was only about a year older then he was. But that year over girls Tim's age gave her a woman's figure. A big boobed woman's figure.

"Man, Jenna Murphy. Tim, you're so lucky." Bill praised pulling the top off of their now college aged high school dream.

"Oh, Helen Shipwright." Mark purred, grabbing the Strawberry blonde. Another of Amy's friends that was blessed with big round boobs.

While peeling Jenna's skirt off her little sexy body Bill asked, "What should we make them do first?"

Mark smiled ear to ear as he suggested, "We could make them all make out naked in a big pile."

"Oh, then we could each take one and rub one out over the others." Bill suggested.

The idea of wanking off in a circle with his friends didn't appeal to him. But then Tim thought of the sight of their naked hot Critters all writhing and grinding their naked little bodies into each other while tongue kissing. Then the idea of them getting showered in giant streams of cum. Over pretty faces and firm round tits. Smearing it over each other. Normally he would be against a circle jerk, but under the circumstances.

"Hey guys." Peter announced his arrival.

"Hey Peter." they replied back.

"Great, let's get to it." Bill practically cheered, starting to undo his pants.

"Get to what?" Peter asked.

"First thing we are going to do. Make the Critters make out together naked while we stroke off on the pile of them." Bill enthusiastically explained.

Tim could see the thought process happening in Peter's brain. Not wanting to circle jerk, but naked sexy little women touching and kissing each other in a big group. Seeing them sprayed with jizz as they are forced to keep grinding and kissing each other. "Yeah, OK." he replied.

"Well let's get this table on the linoleum then." Mark advised moving a rounded topped little table to that easily mopped part of the floor before the stairs.

Bill grabbed his container and poured Marie Rose and that unknown hot Asian onto the top of the table. Tim rushed to his little cage of beauties, "Strip or else." he commanded. He liked how they all cowered before him before surrendering their clothes.

Mark's pets seem well aware of their situation as they were already reluctantly stripping as he approached their cage. Peter was reaching into his container and pulling clothes off of his. Tim brought his over and placed them one and two at a time on the table.

"Hey, why do you guys have an extra one?" Bill asked in annoyance.

"We helped Mr. Foreman on Tuesday." Mark explained.

"Remember, we decided they couldn't help him on Tuesdays and Thursdays because we couldn't go because of taekwondo." Peter reminded him as he started placing his on the table.

"Aren't you missing one?" Mark asked, counting Peter's additions.

"Dad knew my new pet and wanted to borrow her. It's the first time in a while I saw him take an interest in anything." Peter said in his, I'm worried about my dad, voice.

"That's alright. Maybe a little Critter action will get him off the sauce." Bill suggested starting to undo his pants.

"Yeah, that is what I'm actually hoping." Peter advised. Then his expression perked up. Reaching into the pile of naked bodies he announced, "Oh, I'm going to use Mrs. Bell."

"Ah man." Bill whined now remembering the very sexy former teacher.

"What you got Jenna Murphy." Mark reminded him.

"Yeah, but, Mrs. Bell." he sighed, wrapping the former head cheerleader around his stiffy.

Peter grabbed the busty blonde woman by her ankles and dragged her across the table by those incredible looking long legs. Hearing that former authority figure plead helplessly, "No Mr. South, please don't do this." He dragged her to the edge then lifted her amazing body up to face level. As his eyes danced along her exposed naked form his free hand opened up his pants. There was no question Peter was the largest of them down there. It flopped out like a falling tree and the table of contained Critters screamed at its appearance. He then turned Mrs. Bell and lowered her towards it. Her too sexy for high school voice begging helplessly, "No please Mr. South, no." was just so hot. Tim wouldn't say out loud, but he liked watching that smoking hot little blonde getting wrapped about Peter's thick base then slowly along his length. Mrs. Bell's whimpered grunts just made the scene.

Tim broke his fascination with Peter stroking with Mrs. Bell and added his remaining Critters. As he placed the last one Bill reached down and started pairing them off. "There, now huddle close together and start making out or we'll hurt some of you."

They were all scare. Scared of the four giant boys surrounding the table. They reached for their partner chosen by Bill and hugged tightly and started kissing. Not kisses of love or passion, but of terror at what we'll hurt you might mean. It was arousing to see, but Tim found he wanted more. A touch more interaction between the partners. "Really go at it!" Bill snapped making Tim jump. The trapped tiny women and girls jumped too. Then pressed tight to protect from the scary looming boy giants. Women's hands squeezed other women's butt cheeks. Girl's stroked hands across toned legs now coiled about their bodies. One of Mark's blonde women latched onto Marie Rose's little breast and just started sucking on it. Now this display of fear was what Tim was hoping for.

"No please Tim, don't do this." Was so delightful to hear Donna beg as he lowered her towards his hard dick. Tim could hear the helplessness in her voice. He could tell she knew she couldn't stop him. Her calling him by his name was the cherry on top. She pleaded more, "Please no Tim, don't make me do that too." It was like verbal honey. It was so sweet. Oh the whimper she gave as he wrapped that desired figure around the underside of his hard cock. Then he sighed happily as he dragged those big boobs up his shaft.

Up and down Tim dragged Donna. He, like the other guys, found Bill's sister Amy and her friends to be beautiful older teens. Often the subject of discussed fantasies and also private personal care sessions. Now, Donna wrapped his dick, an area he wanted her to wrap in one way or another for years now. Her voice whimpered out a helpless whimpered grunt with each down stroke. Those chest pillows rolling along his sensitive skin. Her dance legs wrapped tightly to his girth like he often dreamed they would his hips. Her skin was so smooth and silky. Donna was as spectacular to pleasure himself with as he always dreamed she would be. He couldn't contain himself.

He was the first to release. Streams of thick gooey fluid spattered on the near orgy on display before him. Spattering on faces and over chests. Oozing between tightly pressed bodies. Running along curves and sexy shaped bodies. They all cringed and made disgusted sounds till Bill snapped harshly, "Don't stop till we say or else." This made them flinch and return to orally wrestling despite Tim's leavings.

"Oh God YEAH!" Peter billowed as his pants snake spit a thick stream over those little naked women. Honestly Tim was surprised Peter hadn't finished sooner with that sex goddess Mrs. Bell wrapped to his bid dick.

"Now NOW!" Mark screamed vigorously stroking Helen along his chubby. His geyser spattering Ms. Vale's gorgeous black face with his first volley. Each of his following bursts he gave out an "Er-ah!" cheer as he stroked Helen's big chest hard up his shaft. This seemed to fountain his jizz higher up to rain in big spatters upon their pretty Critters.

"I'm fucking you Jenna Murphy, I fucked ya!" Bill groined before he started spattering the trapped naked women and girls. He seemed determined to get his spray on Cyder Humpfree, couldn't seem to stay on target due to his hard body pumps and was mostly drenching the pretty Latina girl he had paired the beautiful blonde girl with.

Tim found he had to sit. Collapsing in a nearby chair. Since Donna was still in his hand with his dick he began using those massive tits of hers to massage his tired penis. He looked over and was amused. Peter had Mrs. Bell at his tip stroking her bright blonde hair firmly. This made her head bob almost like she was licking at the cum residue there, splattering the remaining white goop over her sexy face. Mark was sitting widely, Helen lowered over his hairy balls. He was massaging his emptied sack with that Strawberry blonde's own big chest mounds. Bill sat, dangling a whimpering Jenna by her calves at his slowly wilting tip. Almost twirling her there around his tip, his wet end leaving slick trails on the gorgeous tanned skin. Yeah Tim never wanted to circle jerk with his friends before. But they also never had action figure sized sexy women and girls before either.

"You boys decent?" Ms. Tanner called down the stairs.

"Crap." Bill gasped. And Tim had to agree. Placing Donna on the semen soaked table he quickly did up his pants.

Once they were all put away Mark sighed and called back, "Yes mom."

Peter quickly pointing out, "What about the cum covered table and pets."

Bill correcting, "We're calling them Critters."

"Not now." Tim harshly advised.

"Oh my, you boys have been busy." Ms. Tanner said. But it was strange, her tone was just off somehow. Maybe she was sick, her cheeks were a bit pink after all.

"Sorry mom, we'll clean it up." Mark advised and they all nodded.

"Oh Marky, I know you will. As I knew this was the type of thing you boys would be doing with your little pets." She cheerfully responded like this was normal.

Bill couldn't help himself, "Critters Ms. Tanner. We have decided to call them Critters."

She snicker a strange amused snicker and noted in what sounded like a cruel tone, "Hmm, Critters are a good name for their types." She then leaned close to the semen soaked naked women and girls as she noted, "I was going to order pizzas in about an hour. Your usual boys?" She must have been looking forward to pizza herself as she hungrily licked her lips after mentioning it.

"Yes please." they responded. She was too nice to them. Almost like a second mom to each of them.

"OK, well I think I'll pick out the Critters I'm borrowing for the night so you boys can get back to your fun." She warmly advised.

"Oh Mom, let us wash them off first." Mark rightfully offered.

"Nonsense, I've cleaned up other messes left by each of you boys. This is nothing a quick rinse won't fix. Now, oh, who owns this lovely creatures." She asked, grabbing the wrists of Tim's own tan skinned Halloween treat.

"That one is mine." Tim advised watching the chubby woman lift the tan skinned pretty by her arms.

Then in a tone that didn’t make sense from the warm kind woman she asked as she lifted the one with reddish brown hair up by her forearms, "Oh lucky boy. And is this busty glazed Latina yours as well?"

"Yes, did you want to borrow them?" he asked.

Man she must have been hungry as she licked her lips again even while holding jizz soaked Critters then noted, "Yes. Yes I'd like to borrow these two."

"OK." Tim had agreed to lend her a couple. Besides this meant he'd get more chances to play with the other's hot critters. He could play with those two at home any other night.

"OK, pizza in about an hour. I'll be upstairs if you need me." she said in her chipper voice.

Thanks Ms. Tanner." they said, well except Mark, "Thanks Mom." was what he said, but it meant the same.

She turned holding both shapely little Latina's by their arms in one pudgy hand. Then she must have thought of something as she sort of hummed and giggled as she climbed the stairs out of sight.

"Man that was close." Bill sighed.

"We should set a timer so we can be pants up next time." Tim suggested.

"Wait, where is Mrs. Bell?" Mark gasped.

"Sorry I panicked." Peter shyly noted.

Why was Peter looking down? Tim wondered. Then he realized. "You zipped her in with your dick?"

"Yeah, I said I panicked. I didn't think of the table till after I did up my pants.” he confessed.

"Dang I wish I hadn't thought of the table." Bill noted what they all were thinking.

Peter laughed a little then advised, "You should try it, Mrs. Bell feels great trapped in my underwear."

"We can tell." Mark said with a little laugh of his own. Sure enough, a mass was forming in the front of Peter's pants.

"Well, we should clean up the Critters." Bill stated before shouting, "Not it!"

"I'll do it." Mark advised heading towards his dad's old bar.

"I'll help." Tim offered.

"What are we playing first, I'll set that up on the table." Peter volunteered

"You pick." Mark said, grabbing a gray wash bin from the bar and bringing it to the short table.

"I brought Zombicide." Peter suggested.

"Oh, let's make our Critters dress then if we take damage they lose a piece of clothing. That way it's like the zombie's are trying to rape them." Bill added the Critter angle to the survival game.

"Cool." Mark said as he placed the tub slightly under the edge of the short table and ordered the sticky naked little ladies firmly to, "Climb in."

"Great, this'll be fun." Bill cheered.

Mark stopped with the tub before Peter. As their friend reached in and pulled out their former math teacher Mark agreed with a twist, "Sure will be, Since we are all busy Bill, you need to wipe that table and the floor of our jizz. There are rages over in the unfinished part of the basement by the work sink."

Bill looked about to refuse, then sighed in an annoyed tone and announced, "Dang it." Before going to the door to the storage area of the Tanner's basement.

As they cleaned up from their first bit of fun Bill asked, "So, how do we determine who gets to pick which critter?"

"We could roll for it?" Peter suggested.

"That's a bit simplistic." Bill pointed out.

"Well, we could use the poker table for poker." Mark suggested.

"Yeah, Peter split the poker tokens and we'll play hands." Tim agreed.

Peter pointed out a flaw in their plan, "Yeah, sure. Do any of us know how to actually play poker?"

"I know a little from watching my dad. And we still have a sign with the hand breakdowns behind the bar." Mark answered. Then he noted to Tim, "They're called poker chips not poker tokens."

"Oh." Tim was embarrassed.

"Oh, we could play for each Critter." Bill was very excited about that idea.

"That'll take too long. Besides, what if you don't win any hands. It could end up just a couple of us with all the Critters for the night. Let's play to see who picks first." Tim countered.

"So like, the winner of the first game picks first and sits out the other games?" Peter asked.

"That doesn't seem far." Mark noted.

They all looked at each other hoping for a solution. Then Mark suggested a very un-grown up suggestion, "Trouble, we could play Trouble."

"What, a kids game?" Bill scoffed.

"No, that's perfect." Tim started, "There are four players. Who gets their team into home first picks first. The next player that gets in second picks second."

"Kids stuff." Bill huffed.

"We could make Mrs. Bell to bend over in front of us on our turn and pop the bubble." Mark suggested.

"Well, OK. That will make it better." Bill reluctantly agreed.

"So, I'll now set up Trouble instead." Peter sighed as he started picking up the poker chips.

"Red!" Mark shouted.

"Blue." Tim added.

"Green!" Peter answered.

"Fine, I'll be yellow." Bill whined.

They finished and sat at the table. Mark placed a still damp Mrs. Bell on the game board. The water gave her skin an appealing glow. Her bright blonde hair hanging all wet like that was thrilling. Tim liked how she kept trying to cover herself from one boy's view only to be semi-exposing herself to another one of them. The leggy former teacher clearly didn't like being on naked display before her former students. But from the surrounding smiles they didn't mind.

"OK Mrs. Bell. Pop the bubble for me to see when I go." Mark purred at the teacher. Reluctantly she walked those shapely math distracting legs to his side of the bubble. Clearly uncomfortably she bent over at the waist before a brightly smiling Mark. Tim was a bit jealous till he noticed her arms were pushing her big beautiful tits up and together before him. That hot womanly muscle structure flexed hard to push that simple plastic bubble. It popped under her weight jiggling her firm boobs in a suggestive way that made Tim sigh.

"Me next! Me next!" Bill chanted. And the side view of her popping that bubble was as erotic as the front view. Muscles rippled, ass flexed up on the down push, the click pop made those big round boobs dance slightly.

"Now me Mrs. Bell." Tim commanded. She looked over her shoulder as if he was about to save her. Then that ass he had watched in tight skirts bent over before him. Her bare smooth looking pussy slightly visible between those shapely thighs. That round smooth ass flexed as she pressed down, It rose up like she was presenting to him. Then she gasped as the bubble popped and made her roll that wanted body.

"OK, now me." Peter growled and their top sexual dream woman shifted over and curved that body to press her weight enough on the plastic. Tim noticed she had to push those mouth watering tits out before herself in this position. She snapped in that wanted way and they waved hello in his view.

"Great, ahh, who goes first?" Bill asked still transfixed on Mrs. Bell's ample chest.

"Shit, I didn't look at the dice." Mark confessed what they all did.

Tim had an idea the others all agreed with. "Start again Mrs. Bell, and tell us what the number is on our roll."

"Yeah, pop them again." Peter growled excitedly.

Again she started. Again she arched to have the leverage to press that hard plastic dome. Again her form rippled appealingly as she lifted that hard round ass. And again her chest pillows danced slightly for the other three boys to watch. Only now she sang in a scared timid erotic voice, "Two."

Trouble used to be a kids game. But now, with an action figure sized Mrs. Bell leaning over at that shapely waist and popping the Pop-o-Matic Bubble then whimpering out the number, it became more advanced. None of them minded this time that it took a few rounds to get a six. They had trouble alright. Remembering who's turn it was. What the called number was. Even what color they were playing. But after the most intense game of Trouble they ever played Peter was the first to get all his men in home. Tim was happy to get second, followed by Bill.

They placed Mrs. Bell into the tub and Peter leaned over for his first pick. They all expected him to pick the teacher that had just been trilling them. But he instead pointed out an issue. "There's fifteen."

"And?" Mark wondered.

"Well that means we each get three with three extras." Peter explained.

"So, the first three get four?" Bill suggested.

"I was thinking we put aside Mrs. Bell, Ms. Vale, and Jenna Murphy and use them like prizes or shared targets or the like." Peter suggested.

Tim thought this was a good idea. "Yeah, that sounds fair."

"But how will we have a winner at Zombicide, it's a co-op game?" Bill questioned.

"That'll be one of those times they are targets for us." Peter said.

"Should we, you know, give that a shot now?" Bill clearly liked the idea of creaming on the two sexy teachers.

"No, mom will be bringing our pizza to us any time now." Mark reminded them.

"Then we just need to sort which ones are our game pieces for the night." Bill purred while ringing his hands over the scared tiny women and girls. They all now leaned over and started the sorting process.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

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It's always good to find new ways to have fun with the little dolls.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

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Thanks for the input. That really helps encourage my creativity. It reassures me that I'm not just posting for no one.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Next week I should have a chapter focused on Crystal. Hopefully you'll enjoy that one as well.


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Mr. Foreman: Crystal's Treats

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Little Crystal insert, hope that's OK. Fun doing these little side stories connected to a larger narrative. Let me know if these are things you enjoy or not. Or even if there are others of my continuing stories you would like to see me do a few for.
Also I'm not sure which story I'll add a chapter to. I have several readied to be edited. So I'll leave it to you, what story I post on this site would you like another chapter added to?

Reminder: Supporters on my Buy Me A Coffee page of Green Status and higher have access to a continuing story I am only posting there. Link Below.


CH 13 Adjacent: Crystal's Treats

Crystal wondered when the boys would want supper and if they wanted their usual pizzas or maybe one of them would ask for something different. Simple enough she thought as she opened the door to the basement, I'll just go ask, was her solution.

Simple and solution wasn't what she found looking down on the boys. They had their tiny women naked and paired off to make out and touch each other like little whores. The boys were surrounding the little round table the naked little women were on. Each had their pants around their ankles. Each had another naked woman in their hands that they had spread wide face up around their hardened penis'. Those hands were dragging those women's annoyingly well formed bodies along their length.

Crystal's mind told her to leave and come ask later. But her body wouldn't move. Had it been so long since she was sexually satisfied that she was so transfixed by the sight of actual harden cocks in person? She knew she shouldn't be aroused by what was basically some boys pleasuring themselves yet she regrettably was. Lucky for her Mark was facing away from her so he wasn't part of this naughty betrayal. This was so wrong she thought as her thighs began to itch.

She liked how healthy they were. Peter especially made her mouth and loins water. Maybe she should have a talk with his father, if that was a sign of what he carried she could very well look past his disfigured face. Oh maybe they could have a father son activity together.

Crystal also found them just dominating a table full of the types of bitches that mocked her all her life just spectacular. Stupid cheerleader squad bodies now helpless and used by young men. Model like bodies just waiting to get fresh warm semen dripping all over them. Oh and those wrapped to their fresh youthful penis were just like toys to those mini-giants.

No this is wrong Crystal kept thinking as she watched Tim make some busty brunette his bitch. She shouldn't watch them like this as Bill stroked some tan skinned purple haired tart along his member. Crystal thought she shouldn't be this aroused by teenaged boys masturbating as Peter made that perfect body blonde bimbo Mrs. Bell please his thick hard meat. Worse was the strange feeling of jealousy she still felt towards those skinny whores. She so needed to get laid she mentally teased herself.

She covered her mouth and stifled a hungry gasp as Tim's erection fired thick white semen over those trapped on the table. Bimbos of different shades and hair colors bowed away as his load hit them. The little tramps reacted like his manhood released with the veracity of a fire hose. He even toppled a coupling.

She shoved the end of her thumb in her mouth and suckled it hard as Peter's hard lady pleaser flooded the trapped tarts. Splattering thickly over an area of the table making them just dripping in fresh boy juices. He hit a couple particular she noticed, some Latina sluts. The idea of suckling them clean was all that was in her brain suddenly.

The boy facing away from her moaned and fired upon the naked targets. He arched his shots to more rain down upon them like liquid sprinkles on a living Sunday. Big gooey drops plopped over heads and faces.

Bill now completed the recipe with his jizz cannon. He mostly just pointed straight and fired into the ones closest to him. But that added to the semen buffet Crystal found she strangely craved. That busty Latina one especially caught a good load between those damn unfair firm pair.

The boys began to stagger backward to the seats around them and Crystal realized with their focus off the table they might notice her leering at their naked display. She slipped quickly back out through the doorway and quietly closed the door. She breathed heavily and realized what she was thinking on those stairs. The dirty twisted thoughts going through her mind about boys that were basically additional sons to her. Brothers to her sweet Mark. She shouldn't bother them, she thought, catching her breath.

But if you hurry you could borrow those Latinas while they're still soaked in the cum of some young men. What was wrong with me she thought as she knocked on the door and called down knowingly, "You boys decent?"

She heard Bill yelp, "Crap!" Then after a few moments of panicked boys covering themselves, her Mark replied, "Yes mom."

As she walked down the stairs she heard Peter whisper, "What about the cum covered table and pets."

Bill harshly stated, "We're calling them Critters." Crystal liked this name for those tramps. No longer people or even women. No just little Critters.

Their little leader Tom said in response, "Not now."

She stepped before their messy aftermath. She had to fight the lusty urge to just start grabbing and sucking those little nubile bodies clean of those boy juices. "Oh my, you boys have been busy." came out a little more dirty old lady then she would have wanted.

Her perfect little boy advised, "Sorry mom, we'll clean it up."

Crystal had to point out to him, "Oh Marky, I know you will. As I knew this was the type of things you boys would be doing with your little pets."

Bill rightfully corrected her and she could have kissed him for that, "Critters Ms. Tanner. We have decided to call them Critters."

She leaned close to admire their painting of these Critters. Her mouth oddly watered at the scent of young man semen on little tramp skin as she noted a touch too eagerly, "Hmm, Critters are a good name for their types." Crystal had to question if she was really this thirsty that just the idea of a little man juice buffet was that appealing? She was never a big fan of getting a mouthful before, though that might have been just because of Hank's poor diet souring his semen. "I was going to order pizzas in about an hour. Your usual boys?" She asked as she fought a more disgusting hunger down.

"Yes please." was the expected answer.

Crystal had to get going, her want for satisfaction was burning in her loins. "OK, well I think I'll pick out the Critters I'm borrowing for the night so you boys can get back to your fun."

Her sweet boy offered, "Oh Mom, let us wash them off first."

But she didn't want them cleaned off. Horribly she actually wanted them more sloppy in semen. Just drenched and dripping with it but that was not to be. As she took an extra look over them to make sure the two she picked out from watching the boys releasing were the most coated with his friend's leavings. No she was certain those Latina tarts were iced the most in boy juices, "Nonsense, I've cleaned up other messes left by each of you boys. This is nothing a quick rinse won't fix. Now, oh, who owns this lovely creature."

"That one is mine." Tim informed her. Lucky boy, this little thing was gorgeous. Unfairly shaped like a supermodel with the face of an angel.

Now for the second plaything of the evening, "Oh lucky boy. And is this busty glazed Latina yours as well?" Shit, she thinks, did I just refer to this chest blessed tramp as glazed.

"Yes, did you want to borrow them?" how sweet for him to offer.

Crystal wanted to borrow them all, but these two should satisfy her thirsts tonight, "Yes. Yes I'd like to borrow these two."

Tim accepts easily enough with a simple, "OK."

"OK, pizza in about an hour. I'll be upstairs if you need me." She tells them as she holds the two Critters. Making them dangle from their arms.

The boys thank her like they have many a sleepover before. She started up the stairs and then an idea of how to clean the man juices came to her mind and she accidently purred happily. This slip made her laugh nervously as she was climbing the stairs. Her mouth watering heavily in anticipation. Would a fresher source taste sweeter? How would these tart's tan skin affect the flavor? Will their skin be as smooth on her tongue as it looked?

She stepped into her kitchen and shut the door. Leaning on it she lifted the two dangling semen glazed pretty Critters to her face level and licked and smacked her tongue. The more slender one first she decided. She opened her mouth wide making them both scream in delicious helpless terror. Making a dramatic ahh sound she encased the more slender one face down over her curious tongue. Closing her lips with a loud growling hmm.

Oh it felt amazing in her mouth. Smooth skin struggling over her tongue. The flavor of Peter and Bill's fluids exploded off that succulent tan skin in a rush of twisted sexual delight. The little pretty was writhing with all its might to attempt to free itself. Her little arms were pinned between Crystal's heavy lips and Crystal could feel them wiggle about, reaching helplessly for something, anything to grab to pull her from Crystal's giantess maw.

Crystal started hungrily sucking on the boy flavored treat in her mouth. Oh those curves she was so jealous of now was delectable to run her tongue over. Tongue split that treat's sculpted legs and its thick mass grind along her little bare puss. The tip of Crystal's tongue found those cum iced firm tits and stroked firmly over them both. Their perky roundness was exquisite rolling about under Crystal's oral massage.

Her mouth was filling with saliva about this Latina tart. This washed the boy's flavor all through Crystal's mouth and she savored that taste as that annoyingly sexual form writhed against her tongue in a unfruitful effort to escape her through her lips. That slender form rolling and wrestling her tongue made Crystal's loins begin to melt. She let her spit fill in all the space about those divine curves till she felt that pretty little face kissing the inside of her lips. Desperately attempting to suck air along its own forearm between Crystal's firmly closed lips. Then Crystal sucked out the delicious liquid from her oral cave. She delighted at feeling the luckily slender thing now struggling against the fast drain of the liquids. Desperately looking for secure footholds along Crystal's teeth. Crystal giggled at that sex pet which was likely thinking it was happy her lips was pinning its arms tight now.

Gone was all the boys flavors. Crystal did enjoy the sensations and flavor of the struggling tan skin tart in her mouth. But the other one still had her semen glaze and if this one's perky pair of tits felt so good along the tip of her tongue then those big honking ones would be scrumptious. She grabbed the flailing arms of her current Latina candy and dragged its amazing naked form between her tight lips so she could suck and press every drop of flavor of its skin. Curves she was usually jealous of were now luscious to feel roll between her tender lips. The slender thing hung from her free hand shining with Crystal's spit from head to little toes. It gasped hard for air and looked so spendy defeated and deliciously pouty.

But Crystal could wait to suck on that caramel skinned pretty in a moment. More appetizing glaze awaited. She rose the other over her wide open mouth. Growling a demented laugh she lower those new cum wet curves down towards her maw. That pretty thing tried to squirm and wiggle but Crystal's fingers held its arms too well for it to move off target. Oh and the pleading, "No please don't eat me ma'am." Oh that spicy accent just made Crystal's mouth water more. It was in Crystal's mouth and she made a cartoonish ah-yum sound as she closed her lips tight over this one's forearms.

Crystal's tongue now split this one's long legs. Oh it wrapped them about Crystal's oral tentacle and was attempting to climb by humping the mass. So deliciously helpless it tasted. This did spread the boy's leavings over Crystal's taste buds in a succulent way. Crystal's tip found those big plump breasts. Even while savoring the flavor and form of the nubile body trapped easily in her mouth Crystal couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. Sure her rotund shape had gifted her with big tits. But hers were all saggy and squishy. This little sweet tart's mounds were firm. Gravity definitely perky even. As Crystal rolled their more than ample mass they squished but were resistant in an annoying pleasant way. Like they were heavy inflated pool toys while hers were like old gelatin in loose sacks.

Crystal greedily sucked all the lads’ leavings from this shapely thing’s curves. The idea that some of this rich young semen could be from her son didn't even enter her mind. Just how delectable it tasted being suckled off the squirming form of the busty little Latina trapped inside her man hungry mouth.

She then grabbed the frantic little hands gasping for the safety of beyond her closed lips and pulled that damnable shapely body up through those holding lips. Crystal loved how it's big firm breasts caught under her bottom lip then popped out of her mouth. Oh poor thing looked all scared and soaked in Crystal's spit. Maybe if she wasn't so blessed with that man alluring body it wouldn't have ended up in Timmy's Critter collection.

Crystal lifted the more slender one. The man flavor was gone but she wanted to feel those contours struggling in her mouth again. Taste that smooth tan skin as it wiggled helplessly over her tongue. "No Ma'am. Please not again." it screamed in that spicy Spanish accent. Crystal's tongue reached to wrap about that spoiled girl's annoyingly perfect front and she slid it in with a playful chomp noise. Yes, struggle pretty one struggle you're just making this lady hungry for other ways to enjoy you Crystal thought to herself.

Crystal pushed herself forward. Suckling the caramel shaded treat she headed towards her bedroom. Her panties were going to start dripping on the floor soon and that was a puddle Mark and his friends should see her leaving on the kitchen floor. Crystal's tongue rolled about that lucky tart's shapely form. It just seemed to get sweeter and sweeter the more she sucked on its smooth skin. More and more flavor the harder and harder it failed in freeing itself from her mouth.

She plucked it through her tight puckered lips halfway to her goal. It looked exhausted and the real fun hadn't even started yet. She quickly lifted the busty one and growl hungrily as she took it quickly in her mouth. Legs spread by her tongue despite the athletic limbs fighting to stay closed. Crystal figured she liked this living caramel better as those firm mounds bouncing along her tongue tip just added an additional taste of selfish revenge. She relished pressing it's whole body to the top of her mouth and just rolling her big tongue over its trapped annoyingly shapely body.

She finally made it to her bedroom and nearly slammed the door in her cruel arousal. She tossed the more slender Critter to her bed and savored its panicked screaming as it sailed through the air. She quickly undid the buttons on her blouse and tossed it aside. Then her bra, she relished the strain off her shoulders and hated how her big saggy breasts hung over her round gut.

She saw that perfect slender thing cowering before her. Crystal thought it was likely it was disgusted that its nubile young fit body would have to please this giant fat lady. Crystal undid her pants as she loosened her oral hold on that trembling tart's friend. She let the busty thing struggle free. Delighted as those big round things popped out of her lips. Allowed the shapely thing to consider what to do next. Then showed them both she was the sex goddess of this bedroom by sucking that tit blessed tramp back inside her mouth. Oh that startled helpless scream was so satisfying.

Now Crystal stood before that other tan slut naked. Men probably threw themselves at that Latina beauty like they avoided her rotund chubbiness. That wasn't fair. She was a nice person, she deserved love too. At minimum she deserved a good lay every now and then.

Crystal had planned on toying with the two of them. Trading one as oral candy while fondling the other. But the thought of her unattended loins burned that plan away for now. She spread her thighs and moved her dripping pussy over the trembling tan pretty. "No please!" It screamed as Crystal's large round fingers pushed it's pretty face and long black hair into that waiting hungry vagina. Crystal was so wet the wiggling thing slipped right in past it's shoulders and its own ample firm breasts. She hooked her middle finger between those shapely kicking long legs and pushed it in deeper. Oh the rush of power and sexual sensation made Crystal hum deliriously. She gave her big finger a firm wiggle against the little tramp's cunt before making it's flailing little feet disappear inside her womanhood.

Crystal thought they wiggled trapped in her mouth. She leaned and grabbed her bed. That squirming tart felt so good. She slowly crawled onto the bed. She worried that if she opened her thighs too wide that Latina Critter would just sloop out of her soaked pussy and crash to the floor below her. She managed to get on the bed and turn to lay on her back when that fit bitch triggered a climax. Crystal had to pull Busty from her mouth before she howled in sexual satisfaction.

Her facilities came mostly back to her. She arched savoring that trapped tramps helpless struggles in her pleasure tunnel. Then she landed and viewed that struggling thing in her meaty hand. Crystal had a fun idea for that one. She liked her nipples pinched and played with during sex and this tan tramp would do that tonight.

"No please ma'am, no that's too big it won't fit." Rambled it's accented pretty panicked voice as Crystal made it straddle her plump nipple.

Crystal rolled that top heavy treat on her nipple. Her spit soaked it thoroughly and she was hoping that would work as lube. Oh it squirmed and wiggled in helpless struggles against Crystal's pudgy hand. Crystal had to work it on faster as her writhing slender friend unwittingly found Crystal's happy spot with its rolling perky breasts against. Then she felt that tiny cunt take a perch. Oh it screamed as Crystal pushed down and felt her big nipple get pinch wonderfully in its tight little snatch. That made the large woman arch in pleasure. The power of dominating women that would have manipulated away any man Crystal found interesting just made her climax.

Back almost to her senses Crystal began rolling that perfect tit bitch on her nipple. Oh that cunt pinched so tightly. It barked with each rotation in a way Crystal couldn't tell was pain or pleasure. Frankly it didn't matter she was getting hers. "Hate that don't you, little miss perfect big tits. Hate having to ride on my big jiggling tit don't you?" Crystal growled at it. The pretty nipple clamp didn't reply and Crystal took that as a yes. She hooked it's slender shapely hips and patted down on to her own breast. "Fuck my big tit tramp! Fuck it for all the fat girls you stolen men from." It didn't answer. No confession or begging forgiveness. Just a high pitched oh sound with each downstroke of Crystal's thick fingers. Crystal really hated the concept of girls blessed with bodies like that.

She spread her thighs and grabbed the slender one's ankles and slipped it out with ease. Then she wrapped her fist about the bustier one and popped it off her aroused nipple. Now it spoke as it headed head first towards Crystal's lonely dripping womanhood. "No please, I didn't do anything. I not mean it if I hurt anyone." Crystal couldn't hear that spicy accented begging once she shoved that tramp's head inside her wanting vagina. "HMMM!" she purred as she found those big firm tits had a use inside her love tunnel. Quickly pushing that top heavy tan Critter all the way inside and slamming her thighs closed behind it.

Crystal's eyes rolled back as a fresh squirming Latina struggled inside her wet pussy. She would need a bath before bed tonight she thought savoring those sculpted trapped curves. Then she looked at the slender one dangling from its ankles in her pudgy fingers. It looked like a drowned Latina rat. Crystal panted hard as she flipped it over. Its little face weakly looked at Crystal's face as Crystal made this one straddle her other lonely nipple. Hugging about its holdable hips with her chubby fingers she began rolling its sexuality over her aroused hardened nipple. Her own juices made its tight entrance accept the tip. Oh Crystal gasped as she shoved it down. Not just the tight warm pinching sensation, but also it suddenly becoming wide awake and howling as the fat nipple became buried deep in its tight cunt.

This one also didn't speak as Crystal made it roll about on her big saggy breast. "How many sweet girls did you take boys from tramp?" got Crystal no more than this one's version of the rattled oh sound. She started the patting motion to make this Latina tart fuck her nipple she taunted, "You hate giving a fat chick pleasure. any pleasure, don't you?" But all it did was gasp an ah sound. All that didn't matter, Crystal was delighted with her new found power over these two pretty living playthings.

Oh, a third powerful climax made Crystal explode from the bed. Busty was well worth her big firm tits now. Crystal rolled back and forth on her shoulders as the intense wave of pleasure roared through her soul. She collapsed on the bed and just laid there enjoying that top heavy Latina's struggles inside her. She just held that slender tan tit rider on her nipple, no rolling or pat fucking it on the alert nipple. She was too spent.

God where was Mr. Foreman and his little treat ladies back before I met Hank she thought. He never gave her a climax like that. And certainly not three good back arching ones in a row. No she would have been lucky to get a slight buzz of one before he was rolling over to go to sleep. These little beauties could have saved her that pain years ago. Then she reasoned she wouldn't have her Mark. He was the best thing ever in her life. All the climaxes in the world would never replace how good she felt when her little boy smiled at her.

Crystal started to reach to free the busty Latina from her loins then stopped. There was still a little while before she promised pizza. Besides the slender one got her two climaxes the busty one owed her one more. Crystal smiled, that fit little filly was certain working hard to get one more climax out of her. Well likely trying to escape Crystal's love tunnel but it sure felt good to the rotund woman.

Crystal knew even as good as Busty's struggles felt inside her she was too spent now to get off from that alone. She started to massage her breast with the slender one still latched over her nipple. Then Crystal had a better use for the Tan boy toy. She had good sized breasts on her too. Good round firm things. She plucked it off her nipple and delighted at that sensation. Then wrapped her pudgy fingers about its toned form. Pulling its arms back to push out its mounds.

"Oh stop that. Your not going back in right now." Crystal advised the foolish tan tart as she brought it down her body. "Just need a little clit attention." Crystal advised as she pushed those rounded perky mounds about her sensitive little button. Crystal gasped as she started massaging that bud with those tits she was so jealous of. Yeah, she'd be hitting that fourth climax soon she thought as she pushed that little pretty face against her clitoris and made those perfect features nuzzle that little pink knob.

"OH!" Crystal gasped as she felt those pretty lips hook about her clit. No, would that work, she wondered. And she experimented. Pressing those soft full little lips against the rounded tip. The slender Latina struggled and Crystal loved that. She loved how powerful she was in this dynamic. They had all the power with their perky tits and tight ass cheeks before. Now she had the power of being a giantess to their tiny shapely forms.

There, she was in that tramps hot little mouth. If this was how good it felt she now knew why guys like blowjobs so much. "No Teeth!" She gave it Hank's old oral taunt before pushing on the back of its lovely head. Oh yes that little tongue bowled about her sensitive bud felt amazing. She started pumping its head faster. Making those stretched lips kiss against her sensitive lining. Oh Mrs. Bell had an oral test in her future Crystal mentally joked as she leaned back in anticipation of her climax.

Oh she burst hard. Pushed down on that little noggin. She swore she could feel her clit against the back of that tan tramp's throat. Yes these two would be good for tonight. Crystal allowed the pleasure to tremble through her body. She could feel her canal tighten about the Busty one trapped inside her. What a sexual thrill she drank it all down and was well hydrated with pleasure.

Crystal released the slender Latina and she felt it pull its hot little mouth of her clitoris and cough and gag. She understood, she used to get so mad when Hank grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock against the back of her throat. But man did that feel good. She then reached down and pulled Busty out and laid her beside her annoying shapely slender friend. Then Crystal let her arms flop to her sides and she just laid gasping for breath.

Crystal could feel the little Latinas crawl together. Soft worried tones told that they were checking on each other. Sweet really. Crystal almost felt bad for abusing them like she had for her own pleasure. Almost. She let the whisper between themselves as she enjoyed the incredible relaxed feeling their struggles had gifted her with.

Not wanting to fall asleep Crystal forced herself to sit up. She grabbed those Critter's by their shapely calves and snickered as she hung them upside down from her thick fingers. She carried them to her bathroom and slipped them in the sink and turned on the water. They could clean themselves while she relieved another urge.

She grabbed a face cloth and soaked it. Ringing it out over their pretty little heads. Wiping the sweat off part of her rotund body. Refreshing the cloth and ringing it over them again to refresh another part of her body. She wouldn't be clean but at least she wouldn't smell of past sex and stale sweat.

She shut off the water and looked at the borrowed Critters. It was a good name for them. Less endearing as pets would be and less than human as their small forms now were. Only she had a problem. She didn't want them in the tank in the living room but she didn't have a cage yet in her bedroom for quick deposits after her carnal fun. She trickled the cold water and advised, "You'll stay here for now. Momma will want more caramel treats later." Then licked her lips. Man they cowered so appealingly. Tim must just relish lording over them.

She dressed in comfort clothes. She grabbed the phone and called the boy's favorite local pizza place. She hoped that cute young man was delivering tonight. Too bad Mr. Foreman didn't make parents Critters, that would be one spicy topping she would want on her pizza. Well it should be here in about a half hour. She sat and turned on the TV, something should be on to entertain her till the pies arrived she thought. Flicking through the channels.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by ALittleConfused » Mon Nov 07, 2022 12:58 am

I really liked this one. I think Crystal might be turning out to be my favorite character in this story.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Mon Nov 07, 2022 2:32 am

Glad you enjoyed it. Crystal is an enjoyable side character to focus on. But I think the boys will stay the main focus of the central story. :D

Thanks for your feed back,

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by anaio10 » Tue Nov 15, 2022 11:13 am

You can't blame her. Who wouldn't want to use those little toys all the time.

Now you will see what new acquisitions you get and the increasingly depersonalized treatment you get for them.

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Tue Nov 15, 2022 4:35 pm

Crystal does enjoy her Critter time.

It is true the more received will make them seem less and less like people. More like items.

Glad you enjoyed, hope I can keep entertain you,


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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by dreamtiny » Thu Dec 22, 2022 4:09 am

Thanks for this terrific series. I have reread sections of this story and imagine the critters (love that name) performing other intimate tasks as well. Every meal is a special experience for them and for the lucky person who is feeding the critters..

Looking forward to more adventures:)

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Fri Dec 23, 2022 3:05 am

I'm glad your enjoying this one. I'll try to get more done on it soon. December hasn't been as productive as I had hoped. Plus, to be honest, I've been distracted at writing times working on chapters for the story on my Buy Me A Coffee page for Green Status members and above. (Link below if your interested) Though I still plan, want, and enjoy writing for my other stories as well. Just, not writing as fast the last little while, hoping it'll pass.

Clearly I can still ramble when I get started though,
HH1 😛

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by I am Nobody » Fri Jan 20, 2023 4:53 am

Fantastic story. Please more!

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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by HentaiHunter1 » Fri Jan 20, 2023 5:21 am

Glad you like it. I am working on more chapters. I just not writing as fast as I had been. Sorry.


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Re: Mr. Foreman

Post by I am Nobody » Sat Jan 21, 2023 7:54 pm

It's cool.

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