The Tourists. Home Life

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

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Thanks so much for your comment. It is such a boost to my faltering urge to write. I'm glad you enjoyed that twist. I was worried I was foreshadowing this coming to much. It is the world she was pulled into. Hope you continue to enjoy Karla ongoing story.

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CH 35A: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 35A
Sexual suggestive and sounds described but no direct interaction. (Sorry)
Possible Mild Spoiler for The Tourists: Other Guest.

Karla awoke to a wounded animal somewhere in the room groining. She sat up to realize it was just Howard. Then she cringed, a naked Howard. Was he so out of it last night he didn't have the mind to dress? Her eyes went to where she didn't want them to go. It hung there limp, not the hardened pole she had to debase herself against to end that nightmare. But once its host became more aware, would it come looking for her again?

She waited till the staggering giant disappeared into the bathroom. She didn't want to catch his sleep glazed brain and awaken that thing he was last night. Then she leaped up. Franticly she selected her clothes for the day. Rushing hard to clad her body before he reemerged. She could fix hair and minor details afterward. Tight skirt and blouse, eye drawing shape of the little jacket, now she just had to hope he wasn't interested in a little business before breakfast. She stopped and relaxed some. She could have taken her time. The shower started.

She was ready and munched a pellet for breakfast when a towel wrapped Howard walked out of the bathroom. He looked over and started to ask, "Why isn't the," Then his eyes went wide, "Oh god I didn't." He closed his eyes and said "Oh I did."

Karla cringed as the towel clad giant rushed over. "Oh Karla, I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, well not physically." she answered.

"I'm so sorry, I just, well I just didn't think." He explained.

"You raped me." Karla clarified.

"No, I just got a little stupid drunk. You understand." He countered.

"Why don't we ask Micheal what he thinks you did?" Karla felt her skin burning in anger.

"No, I'll make it up to you. Just, we can just keep this between us. I promise, I'll make it up to you." He now begged.

"Like how? What can you get me that Micheal wouldn't if I asked?" Karla pointed out.

If he heard she couldn't tell. "No, really, I'll figure something out. This will be our little secret. I promise, you'll like what I do for you." He clearly decided this was over as he asked, "You want coffee again this morning? I'm going to order breakfast and then get dressed."

"But what you did to me last night." Karla started.

"Yeah, I'll make it better. Promise. Besides, it wasn't all bad for you as I remember it. So, coffee yes? And you wait, I'll make last night better." Then he walked away to dress.

Karla thought about telling Micheal. Of even Milly. But what would that do but hurt them too she figured. And he said it was a mistake, just a drunken mistake. And he was right, she did climax from his oral attentions. He'll make it up to her Karla decided to accept. Fix his mistake. Yet as she ignored him getting dressed her mind pointed out that he didn't promise not to do it again.

They ate breakfast together. Howard awkwardly attempted to chat with her like they had started doing before last night. Karla just couldn't, at least not today. Soon they checked out and were in the Limo to the plane. A new pretty Asian stewardess with legs for days greeted them. They likely wouldn't be seeing the blonde for the rest of the trip.

Once they were in the air the Long haired beauty came over and asked in a strangely English accented voice, "Do you know what you'd like for lunch Dr. Miller?"

"Oh, not really. Roast chicken and potatoes?" Howard replied.

Then Karla was surprised as the lovely Eastern features turned to her and asked softly, "And you miss, since you'll be traveling at full size."

"Well, I don't know." Karla fumbled out of shock and that lunch was hours away. Then she had a want, "Burger and onion rings I think." She was a simple girl.

The response said she wasn't getting a simple burger, "Chef likes to make his burgers with ground tenderloins and specially smoked bacon. Is that suitable miss?"

"Yes, that will be fine." Karla didn't know what else to say. "Cheese please." She added.

"Certainly." The woman said with a nod. This day was starting to look up.

They landed in an airport so small it only had a tower and one strip. Karla was startled to see Howard's fans waiting for them. "Should they be openly greeting you like that?" she asked through the pouch's commlink.

"Yeah, this whole little town is Company. Too far and too little to attract anyone besides staff members. Security still watches the roads just in case, but yeah, all Company." He explained waving.

"It doesn't say what they do here?" Karla noticed looking at her tablet.

"Testing grounds for things we can't test inside a building. Also, they make, test, and repair Company TBMs for most of North America." He answered.

"TBMs?" Karla inquired.

"Yeah, for digging underground. Company has a lot of subterranean areas to keep things out of sight. TBMs are how we dig them without anyone noticing." Howard said before being mobbed.

No limo here, just a straight walk to a dusty building. Seems their lack of Shrunken here ended the need for a Half club. But the equipment was maintained just in case. Karla felt nervous, since only the highest ranked in town had even one Shrunken, she was a bit of a novity. She was placed on a rickety table as a large group of people crowded around. Seems the town was excited to watch the magic of a Shrunken becoming human sized.

Karla expected more lewd comments about her in front of her. No, they were more curious and complementary. She heard among the voices, "I wonder what she weighs?" "I bet she could ride in my drone." "I could sew her the cutest little dresses." "Such a pretty little thing, like a little princess."

Then a kid rushed to the table. The mother called out but she still hit the table making Karla stagger. "What are pellets like to eat?" it asked excitedly.

"Well, there are different flavors, but they have a texture like Froot Loops." Karla explained.

That started a flood of small children escaping parental holds. She couldn't answer before the next question was fired at her. Her favorite color, her favorite food, even a cute offer for her to drive one's remote control car.

"OK kids, back, back. Time to adjust her." an older man who turned out to be the mayor of this semi-hidden town. Karla was offered a hand and placed carefully in the still slightly dusty tube. The world shrunk through the plastic and she was soon leaning on the mayor as he handed her some pills and a bottle of water.

The crowd lost interest now that she was their height. Many a kid noting "She looked more fun tiny." Behind the crowd murmurs she did hear a couple men say quite the opposite.

She was led down the street. Polite people saying warm welcomes to, "Miss Shrunken." Karla couldn't help but think if this was a Port town in another part of the world and not a Company town, it would be on the collection list.

The one big store in town, most if not all its staff had to be waiting for her. Clapping at her arrival. "Thank you for coming, we never expected to be this high on the possible locations to receive Shrunken." The older man with Glen on his name tag. His job title, Owner.

Karla didn't have the heart to tell him his town was only so high to make her travel an extra day to meet some big wig later in the week. "You're welcome. Should we get started?" She asked.

"Yes, well, ahh, this way." he sounded nervous. She followed to the back of the store where a gray shutter wall was mostly pulled shut. Above it was labeled Pharmacy. Two staffers anxiously struggled to open the gray wall. "We don't have many Shrunken shoppers, so we keep this closed so we don't have to rush over and fight with it if outsiders approach town."

"So you'll be selling Shrunken out of a pharmacy you never open?" Karla asked.

"Oh, oh no. That's the fool the non-Company. The real town Pharmacy is down the street. Betty runs that, have you met Betty?" The sweet voiced man rambled.

"You know when you get Shrunken you can't keep them in a constantly shuttered section of the store." Karla pointed out.

"Oh I have a solution for that." The man said proudly.

"Really?" Karla couldn't think of what that might be.

"Yeah! Oh yeah, I'll show you that while Marcus and Jonah get that open. Yep, right this way." The man really looked excited to show her this solution.

Around the back of the not pharmacy and up some solid stairs the man built himself. They really were putting more effort then anywhere else so far. In a nook near a sky light was a duel cage set up. Under the area supplied with light was a little garden-like sitting area. Bed chambers and a small library were in the more shaded area. "We'll keep them up here. Then when someone wants to take a look we place them in one of these trays and bring them out. That way no outsiders will see them." The man explained holding a felt lined tray with padded benches.

Karla's first thought was to tell him a place like this would never have enough Shrunken all together to fill even one of those trays. But he was so proud of what was likely his own handy work. And she had to admit this was better than the bare minimum that Shrunken storage required. Heck, likely many homed Shrunken didn't have such a nice set up. Did they not know what Shrunken was for here?

"This is amazing." she answered his hopeful eyes.

"We don't have many little people here. And we know it's the usual, but we like to think of them like little citizens as well. Even if we know in private people do things kids shouldn’t see on the Overlay with them." He explained.

"So, will you be looking to buy any?" she asked.

His cheeks glowed, "I don't know if I feel comfortable telling someone of your type."

"Latina?" She teased.

"Oh, oh no. No I meant Shrunken. I like Latinas." He stammered.

"So, you're looking forward to buying a Shrunken Latina?" she found herself enjoying his discomfort too much.

"No I wouldn't. I mean I wouldn't because of race reasons, I mean, well possible. But not just naughty reasons. Not that I plan on just naughty reasons. You know I plan on doing all kinds of fun things, outside the bedroom. But not bedroom fun things outside. What if a child saw." Man he could ramble.

"Glenn, they got it opened." a woman called up to them.

"Oh thank God." He gasped. "Let's go see where we will be selling your kind." Then he realized what he said, "I mean Shrunken, not, you know, your kind. But they are, but not."

She grabbed his arm, "I understand. Show me the setup."

Karla felt horrible. This place was too small in status and out of the way for the set up they made. Large room areas in both sex displays. Not the blank white walls behind Plexiglass. Felt carpeted floors with couches and chairs for them to actually sit on while being looked over. Mini hand painted images of fields and water side sunsets for them to look at as they were looked at. "I made all those." The man said proudly. "The staff's children painted the pictures, aren't they sweet?"

"Lovely." Karla agreed. Taking photos for Jeff to see. "If you don't mind, I do have to look through them." Karla added.

"Yes, yes. I'll unlock them for you." The man agreed.

It was as she expected, a perfect set up. Access to pellets and water. In fact he had several silos for each, as he put it, "In case they don't like some flavors." More than one liquid tank in a refrigerated holding area, "It gets warm here." And, "I like lemonade or fruit punch, they might too."

This was several times anywhere else. Comfort and care to levels that left all others well behind. Karla debated to explain the likelihood of them ever needing such an exquisite display. But just couldn't, Glenn was so proud. He even had an extra chair for her to take back home to read in as he put it. She was glad, she wanted to show the quality work to Al. He likely would want to order such handmade items for high Status clients.

Then after she had what she needed, Glenn took her for ice cream. Inviting several staff along. She was the bell of the ball as they clamored to ask her things about clothes, food, drink, and even non-sexual activities they could do with their Shrunken if they ever got to buy one. Karla was tempted to get Micheal to move here once he was old enough to move. These people were just a refreshing offshoot of the Company.

She arrived back at the runway with more hangers on then Howard. They both said their goodbyes and the hope to meet again and climbed into the plane. Karla sadly waved good-bye at the crowd as the plane took off.

"Man what a dead end town." Complained Howard.

"I thought it was nice." Karla countered.

"Really, they kept telling me about their annual town water balloon fight." he said with a dismissive snicker.

"They were interested in what hobbies a Shrunken might enjoy outside of being used as a sex toy." She defended them.

"Really, isn't their one isle store just stuffing what few they get into a closet of something?" He said almost with contempt.

"No, look." She said showing him her pics.

"Wow, that’s well that's a little too nice for there isn't it?" he pointed out a clear fact.

"Sadly, yet I think any Shrunken sold there will be well cared for. I've never been more accepted by people like I was there." Karla pointed out.

"You're not happy with how we treat you?" he asked. Karla bit her tongue yet she couldn't stop a look from flashing across her face. And it was clear what she was resisting saying. He cringed and a guilty expression came over him as he relented, "Oh right."

They flew over Los Vegas, it would have been great to land and look around. But that city would be too much of a risk for a Company facility. They landed at a small airport and were driven an hour or so farther still. To another small town, this was more metropolitan than the last one. Up in some mountains.

They were led to what looked like an observatory. The sign called it a private research facility. Not likely anyone outside would know what was being researched inside. Because the Company was researching Shrunken genetics.

Karla was so uncomfortable. This was the largest collection of Shrunken she had seen outside of Micheal or his friends and families collections. None here were the shapely beauties or strapping hunks. These were clearly the off casts and unfortunate derelicts that wander where they shouldn't have.

They were strapped to devices. Force fed strange concussions. One poor former soul was being dissected in a room they passed. Labs were titled with their research, Elasticity Increment, Nutrient Absorption, and Reproduction Increase. These translated clearly in her mind to, Larger Insertion, Sex fluids as foods, and Faster Ripping Kittens.

"Miss, Rudy will take you to our little shop. And could you pass on to Dr. Grant our research is looking promising." The man leading them asked as Howard and herself reached where they would split apart.

"I will." she said, fighting an urge to vomit.

"We are looking forward to receiving the fruits of both our department's harvest." The man said so disgustingly that Karla wanted a hot shower.

She was glad to make it to the store. "Is that the inspector from Grant Factories?" the woman asked the guard.

"Yes." the guard replied.

"You, it's right there and all open for inspection." Was all the woman said to Karla. Karla shook that off and got to work. A small shop so the cages were small as well. And they did what was listed as minimum requirements, and little more.

Finished, Karla advised, "I'm done here, if."

But the woman interrupted, "You can take it back to its owner Rudy."

Karla hated that she couldn't just dock places with staff like that, but as long as the product wasn't used or abused inappropriately she was stuck. They could be as rude to her as they wanted it seemed.

Howard was clearly having a better time. Smiling broadly and chatting with the head of this facility. From what she caught in passing Howard was excited in the Elasticity Increment research. Karla knew it was wrong but she couldn't help but snicker as her mind thought, we wouldn't need to stretch much more for what you got. It was vindictive and harsh, yet she didn't feel bad for thinking that today.

She was so glad when they left that nightmare factory. Into the car and along a road to a lake. The car stopped, "Dr. Miller if you please." the driver said, opening the door.

"I don't think this is the next facility?" He questioned looking at a dock.

"No, this is for you and your Shrunken's lunch." the driver advised.

They boarded a boat and were farryed out to a yacht. They were helped aboard. And directed towards a table clad in white. A shapely blonde woman barely clad in white stood and walked over to Howard. He was clearly enthralled by that swaying body, Karla couldn't blame him, she was too.

"Greeting Dr. Miller, I'm Crystal Green. Mr. Walkers head researcher into improved pellet flavors, but today I'm your hostess and to deliver an apology for him ahead of your meeting with him." She clearly knew how to wrap men around her little finger. That purr would have subdued a charging bull.

Howard was no bull, but he did have a clear will when he wanted to. "I and my companion were quite put out at being fed that for lunch yesterday."

"Yes, we have made ends to remedy that, and we hope with a fresh lunch surrounded by such lovely surroundings I'll be able to make amends." The woman said with an alluring pout as she finished.

"We will be happy to have lunch." Howard said. His eyes spoke of wanting more.

"Glad we can start there." This Miss. Green cooed, directing towards the table.

They were helped to sit by well dressed staff. The woman leaned in a way that said she knew what her figure could do to certain men. Howard, likely remembering his lovely slender wife at home, leaned back in defiance. The woman clearly had a new plan, "So your Karla Miller, Micheal's Shrunken. He must be quite the good master to have you do so well on your Processing."

"How do you know how well I did on my Processing?" Karla asked.

The woman licked her lips and Karla felt herself like that a touch too much as the woman vaguely replied, "We take a great interest in future business associates."

"From what I found you and your step-father only just met your boyfriend and new head of advertising on the collection cruise. And he only just became a project head before the cruise. Interest looks a bit personal in that case." Howard pointed out.

The woman clearly wasn't expecting this knowledge. She wasn't put out from it either, no she looked intrigued. "Oh, Dr. Miller, have you been researching me?"

"As someone was poking around at my facility, I tend to poke back. Why now does Randal Walker want to connect to my research?" Howard demanded directly.

"We were only poking to make sure your research was on the up and up. Randy, and please he'll want you to call him Randy Dr. Miller. Randy doesn't just throw backing at every flash in the pan or dead end research facility. We mean no harm, we just want us to come together nicely and cooperatively." She was so clearly enjoying Howard not drooling at her arching and purrs. In fact if Karla missed her mark, his firm tone was turning this woman on.

"Well, what is his interest? If it's transport related, then all he would have to do is wait and all would gain access. Him sooner as per his pull and Status." Howard asked as his chicken arrived.

"That, you'll have to ask Randy. I have an idea, but he is more deep than most give him credit for. But I can promise you, he just wants the best for you and yours." Miss Green answered and she seem genuine.

"I will consider what he offers when he offers it." Howard agreed.

"Grand, now Karla, may I call you Karla? Mind you I will be honest, I am not good at talking at, sorry, with Shrunken. Mine have names, but those mean nothing to me as that is unnecessary to my use for them." Karla could see this woman was clearly straining to talk to her and not, as she slipped, at her.

"You may Miss Green." Karla answered unsure how to react to someone like this. With such standing.

"Technically Ms. Green, but as I have been informed you're an important part of the coming together of Grant Factories and Dr. Miller's teleporting I'll allow you to call me Crystal. Please, Dr. Miller, you can call me Crystal as well." The woman noted. Clearly for Howard it was a courtesy. Karla could tell this woman thought it was a great honor for her, a Shrunken, to even use her name in conversation.

"Thank you, Crystal." Karla tried to sound honored.

"But where was I, yes, how did young Dr. Miller train you so quickly. Most of mine just cower and sputter on about freedom and other silly ideas. Or did he just get extremely lucky in so many ways?" Crystal asked.

"I'm the lucky one. Most Shrunken would never get an owner so sweet and kind." Karla said straight.

"Too true, too true." Crystal agreed. Karla could see the woman looking her up and down. She was likely thinking of less than sweet and kind things she would do as Karla Master.

Karla burger arrived and she was glad it switched Crystal's attention back to Howard, "How about you Dr. Miller, did you collect such a prize while on the trip as well?"

"No, many lovely new pets. But my boy just had all the great luck. Not just Karla, but managing to collect Karla's best friend Josie and gaining another such Shrunken. Oh, and call me Howard." he answered.

"Two, as lovely and smart as you Karla, that is a lucky boy. And smart, running a research team at such a young age." Crystal praised.

"I think Josie is lovelier then I. And smarter by far." Karla pointed out. Then bite into the burger. The bun was some short of sweet onion, the cheese a sharp cheddar, the meat a savory mix of high end beef and rich smoke bacon flavor. Karla never felt such a rush of pleasure from a hamburger before.

"I can't see lovelier than you Karla. Now I'm intrigued to meet this beauty. Maybe we could arrange a shopping trip with just us girls some day. It would be both my treat and my pleasure." Crystal purred and Karla suddenly felt very pretty to get those eyes so focused on her.

"You're not eating?" Howard asked.

Crystal waved it off advising, "I'm to make sure you both enjoy your lunch to the fullest. I'll eat after you poor souls are back on your way." She look to steady herself, "Speaking of, again we are so sorry. We are aware that many in the Company don't enjoy the idea of ingesting Shrunken, and Loren was to ask. To make sure not only you were OK with it, but OK in front of your son's gem. And to confirm Karla's diet limits. The fact she didn't then lied has made us all look bad. Again, please forgive us for such an insult."

"Mistakes happen. Just please, no more Shrunken as food for anyone in my family." Howard requested.

"Gladly." Crystal said. Though she looked slightly like this was a silly request.

"So are all these limos and plane rides to butter us up?" Howard happily asked.

"Randy likes to help his friends. If you're unsure, just ask your new neighbor. How is Pat and Tanya, I've been meaning to call them." Crystal warmly inquired.

"Oh they are settling in nicely." Howard answered.

"Pat's a wonderful person." Crystal started and they started a praising chat about the Howells. Including how she ran into one of his favorite workers. It was a wonderful lunch in a beautiful setting.

As the staff collected their dishes Crystal asked, "Dessert?"

"Yes, I still have room. Karla?" Howard asked.

"Yes please." Karla enjoyed the burger so much, she had to try what was for dessert.

Karla felt her hair stand up on end at Crystal's smile at her answer. "Great, and I hope this treat puts to rest any worries that we'll let such mistakes happen on our side again."

Out came a smiling staffer carrying a cake. Sparklers gave it a fan fair. But in its center drew Karla's attention. Trapped in the pastry and looking terrified was a familiar blonde. The icing coating her clearly naked body was styled to look like the stewardess uniform she was wearing just yesterday. Karla's breath froze in terror, she was just Company staffer yesterday.

Howard's reaction made Karla even more disturbed. "Oh wow. How did you get her Processed so quickly?"

The blonde across from them smiled like the devil pushing holding a contract and cooed, "Randy was so upset he pulled a couple of strings." Crystal lifted a large knife and carefully cut the first slice. It held the poor blonde woman. As Crystal carefully placed it on a small plate and placed the sacrifice before Howard she purred, "He's hoping this will make an acceptable apology gift."

Karla knew that look on Howard. She had been the victim of it last night. His tongue licked his lips as he lifted his gleaming fork above that poor terrified young woman. "Oh I think I might see that as a minor issue." He growled in that way and Karla cringed hearing it again.

Karla could see Howard was conflicted. Not about that poor girl. No she was just like he liked his Shrunken, beautiful and about Karla's age. She was in his mind now just a unique sex pet now. No, Karla could see he couldn't decide if he would torment the former stewardess by slowly devouring the cake around her or just pull her free and greedily suck the icing from her shapely little naked body.

Karla's heart ached. She had been seeing the Millers and the others as nice and sweet. Kind nice people. But last night's attack and this scene was a hard reminder they could be and would be horribly cruel. They felt no guilt about abusing Shrunken in their cages. They had gleefully participated in the kidnapping of entire towns just to have a larger collection of those same Shrunken to molest. Worse, Karla realized. She had been just as monstrous.

Crystal waved a staffer over and asked him kindly, "Paul, would you mind showing Dr. Miller to a room so he can savor his cake privately?"

"Oh, that's a wonderful idea." Howard hummed lewdly.

As Howard followed the young man Crystal calmly lifted the knife and cut another slice. Placing it on a plate she sighed like getting ready for a grand effort. Then Karla realized talking to her, a thing in the woman's mind, was the effort the curvy devil was reading for. "Well, I guess this will allow us ladies to chat." She advised placing the plate before Karla and shifted closer.

Karla could only think of one thing. She just wasn't able to configure her question in anything but a blunt statement, "She was Company just yesterday!"

"Oh yes, poor Loren. Part of the true world elite one day, the next the cake topper for a middle aged giant." Crystal seemed to enjoy the poor girl's fate.

"Didn't she have to pass Processing to get in?" Karla just couldn't sort this out.

"No, her parents are low level laborers or something. So she was born into the Company. And I have oddly been finding lately many born into it have trouble actually passing Processing. Maybe it's believing they have the right to power and not knowing it's a privilege offered by the Company to them." Crystal explained cutting a bite of cake.

"So, you might not pass if in that situation?" Karla inquired.

Crystal offered the bite to Karla. She took it and the moist smooth vanilla flavor actually seem to ease her terror some. As she chewed Crystal confessed, "Oh I have no worries about passing. I'll not do anything that would harm the Company. Selfish, greedy, and even wonderful cruel, in a second for the right reasons. Yet, risk The Company for those, no, not on purpose." Crystal was offering Karla another bite as she continued, "Besides I was Processed in, I've been gifted to be in The Company, not just handed that impossible gift."

"Yet you'd sacrifice other Company members just to be gifts and playthings?" Karla pointed out.

Crystal delivered another sweet bite of cake and explained, "I did not sacrifice Loren. Randy fired her. She would have to be Processed. I just suggested Randy speed up that timeline. As I have reminded others, I have no control if someone succeeds or fails their Processing. But she did fail, and that made my next suggestion possible. Want to hear the truly bonkers part?"

Karla swallowed then found a black coffee placed by her just as she was thinking she could use one. She washed out her mouth and encouraged her hostess to continue, "What is that?"

"Randy wanted me to serve that first slice to you. You, a Shrunken. Isn't that just wild? Not only would pretty little Loren go from up and coming Company bed warmer to the slave of some lowly Shrunken. That just blew my mind. You understand why I couldn't be that cruel right?" Crystal was smirking like that was just too amusing.

"Shrunken can't own Shrunken." Karla toted the Company rule before allowing the pretty bitch to feed her again.

"Right, and for Randy to suggest it. Blew my mind." Crystal said shaking her head. Making those golden strands dance.

Karla swallowed her latest nibble. "He doesn't treat his pets kindly?"

And another bite of cake brushed her lips as Crystal pointed out, "No. His favorite meal is freshly roasted Shrunken. We kept so many ugly ones just so we could have it from time to time. He just loves pissing on pretty ones. If he had caught you instead of your sweet young Micheal you likely would have been soaked by him many times over by now. No, for him to basically command us to treat you of all things like a Company member of the Miller's status was just so out of left field."

Taking a sip Karla pointed out, "But isn't that the Company's rule for Shrunken like me?" Crystal just gave a knowing look. Karla didn't need her hoist to say anything, she knew rule and practice in that area was different. She went elsewhere, "So this must be killing you, chatting with a lowly Shrunken."

"Not as much as I thought it would. It is so tempting to go all cruel Crystal. But this, another nibble, is also amusing. A smart Shrunken. Not all babbling or delusional. You, I see, know your place. And yet have risen in value, almost earning your own Status like a person in the Company. That is making you fascinating." Crystal purred and leaned in an intriguing way.

Karla fought the urge to flirt. The blonde was too dangerous. No, she defended herself by deflecting, "Rise in value, so your end goal is to fail to buy me?"

Crystal burst into full laughter. Calming down she offered more cake and smartly pointed out, "Your owner is too smart to sell you." Then she sighed, "And if anything happened to him I couldn't muster enough to even be in the bidding to win you as my own little advisor."

"What do you mean?" Karla asked.

In a teaching tone Crystal informed Karla, "Well, first of all. Dr. Grant would likely want to keep you in his employ. So he would put in a bid. Pat, sweet Pat let it slip to Randy that if anything happened to the Millers he'd spare no expense to bring you and some other Shrunken called Josie into their home. And as much as Randy loves that Santa Claus man, he couldn't resist such an attractive business opportunity. You under his control would link him and Grant Factories. And that's just the confirmed bidders. Rumors are there are other parties tracking your progress."

Then the woman's eyes narrowed, "Speaking of rumors, What did Mr. Jacob send you for in that port?"

"What are you talking about?" Karla replied. She was sworn to secrecy about that mission. She couldn't even tell Micheal. She wasn't going to slip it to this woman. Who knows how she could use that information.

"One of the ports, according to clean up crew invoices there was a lovely little car already shrunk by the dock. Attached was a tag labeling it for a Karla Miller at the Miller's former address. Odd since from what I know only one young man had those tags on board. Also there was no Karla Millers listed on that cruise. And since few in the Company have implants capable of shrinking large objects like cars it would have to be an external device. Like the old thick framed glasses. Like the glasses you were seen wearing while returning to the boat alone that port. The port in where the night before Mr. Gabriel Jacobs came had a little chat with Randy about some fun he was having. Mr. Jacobs would have access to to such devices being a Board member's mouthpiece. Put that all together and the question rises what was so valuable in that port that Mr. Jacobs needed someone who's word would be dismissed if they spilled what they were sent for?"

"He was trying to impress Mrs. Miller. She's fond of me and told him I wanted to try shrinking people. As a Shrunken, I couldn't get an implant." Karla lied.

"No, see then you would have came back with the Millers. You arrived alone as noted by the scanned cards connected to the scanned cases. The Company tracks a lot for a secret organization. No, you were sent for something. Even his crush wouldn't allow him to hand over such powerful equipment to a Shrunken." Had this Crystal been investigating her Karla wondered. Also if she was, for how long?

"If he did send me for something, wouldn't that be his and his boss' business. Wouldn't trying to poke your nose in their business bad for the Company?" Karla shielded herself.

Crystal just smiled. Leaning in she softly noted, "You have some icing right here." The curvy beauty was so close as her thumb stroked along the corner of Karla's mouth. A faint alluring scent tempted Karla's nose. Those deep blue eyes looked into Karla's soul as that temptress sucked what she cleaned away from her thumb. Karla's heart was thudding as this stunning woman moaned in a captivating tone, "There, flawless again." Those dark pink lips were so close Karla could taste them.

"Thank you." Karla strained to say. Unable to pull away. Strong enough to be drawn into Crystal's web however.

"You know, I hate to admit it. But I'm starting to think Randy was right again." Crystal now looked more tempted than tempting.

"About?" Karla asked. She wouldn't be seduced, she decided, but having that lovely so alluringly posed and close was nice.

"That you’re an asset and not just another Shrunken?" She hummed longingly.

"Is that why you're attempting to seduce me?" Karla asked in an alarmingly similar tone.

"What I would," Crystal started to say. Then she looked at how she was draped across the table and snickered, "Oh, well look at that. Me all Lady Godivaed across the table. Sorry, you just intrigued me more than I realized." She sadly slipped back to her chair.

Karla nervously giggled asking, "I suppose if you did Mr. Walker would be mad at you."

She honestly nodded saying, "Yes, but that wouldn't be the worst thing."

"That being?" Karla requested.

"If I were to use you without your owner's permission is akin to me right out and stealing you. And since the Miller's are Reds, even with my status I would have to be Processed. And as confident as I am I would pass. The thought I'd be some teen boy's lap pet sours the temptation slightly." The woman cheerful said.

Karla countered with, "I don't know. Being his lap pet has done wonders for me." This landed well as the woman broke into honest laughter.

"You know Karla, this treating you as more than a plaything might not be so hard. Now I can't, let's call it entertain you directly. But I have some handsome little Shrunken I can lend you if you wanted to try in from the other side." Crystal said as casually as offered Karla a refresh of her coffee.

"No, thank you. I honestly wonder if Howard and I should be heading out soon to our last stop?" Karla questioned.

"Oh let the man enjoy his very rare treat. What are you worried you'll like it too much?" Crystal sounded more like a teasing friend than a dangerous temptress.

"I've been very spoiled, I know I like it too much." Karla could let that slip.

"Hmmm," Crystal sang before whatever image slipped from her mind so she could add, "Bet you're a bit of a cruel goddess when you play."

"Sadly, yes." Karla was reminded of just the other night with the Gerbils.

Crystal described like she was suggesting a book to a friend. "Good, you're better than them. Even as one. Now I'm regretting giving Loren to Dr. Miller. Seeing that little pretty tart folding in your lovely hands would have been a better use for it. Her bowing before what she saw as a thing then needing to serve that thing, priceless."

"I still can't own Shrunken as a Shrunken." Karla remind her.

"Good point. Could have given it to you as a gift to Micheal Miller." Crystal reasoned.

"My Micheal would have enjoyed her." Karla confessed.

"My Micheal? A bit possessive Miss Shrunken." this woman had jumped from taunting harshly to teasing friendly really quickly Karla realized.

"I am his Shrunken so he is my Owner." Karla pointed out.

"Yes, but that wasn't how you meant that my before his name. I know, I've been using that my myself lately." The blonde said, her expression slipping away to think about something, possibly her lover.

"Oh, sorry to just leave you like that Miss. Green." Howard said, looking quite satisfied. In his hand was a cotton drawstring bag. The contents were clearly shaped as a coiled, likely crying, Shrunken.

"No, that was very understandable. And it's Crystal Dr. Miller. Would you like that delivered to your hotel?" She offered.

He looked longingly at the sacred bagged pretty. Then smiled cruelly, "It's Howard. You wouldn't be able to send it to my house clearly labeled for my wife to know of its rareness."

"Certainly." Crystal giggled.

"Great, Milly will go wild knowing we now own a pretty former member Shrunken." Howard said, shaking, scaring poor Loren.

They left their new, Karla wasn't sure if friend was the right word. Back into the Limo Karla had to clarify something. "The Walkers got that poor girl Processed right away. Like, she made the lunch mistake in the morning and she would have been Processed sometime after our last flight yesterday."

"Yeah, likely last night." Howard answered like it was no big deal.

"All she did was make a minor mistake and they Processed her that fast." Karla re-inquired.

"That's the events as I know them." Howard answered.

"Why wasn't Teddy Processed right away?" She asked in confusion.

"Teddy, oh Dr. Peters. No one of status requested it." Howard advised.

"But he attempted to rape, actually harm another Company member." Karla pointed out.

"And if I knew he would somehow ditch Security I would have insisted he be tested right away." Howard defended himself.

"But he attacked Jenna, I mean Doctor, ahh, Dr. Murphy." Karla repeated her point.

"That is why he was to be Processed. And as she's part of his team, Mike could have requested Dr. Peters be Processed right away. As he didn't I figured it was a contained situation." Howard answered.

"He was freaking out, he had to fire someone and his staff member had been attacked." Karla reminded Micheal's father.

"Look, in hindsight, yes I should have insisted since Micheal didn't. I just assumed that it was fine. I have several things I deal with at work and thinking about every little happening would just be too much." He explained.

"It's just, he attempt to rape her." Karla was dumbfounded.

"And failed. Lost his job because of it. I can't change what happened after that." Howard said dismissively.

"Just don't seem far." Karla whimpered.

"No, but that is the way it goes sometimes." Howard agreed at least partially. He did point out, "If it helps any, when they do catch him Dr. Peters won't be Processed. He'll be made directly into a Shrunken. I'll put in a request that Dr. Murphy will have first rights to buy him if she wants."

"OK. Fine." Karla pouted.

"Sending the request now. There did I make that situation better for you?" He asked in the same tone as this morning's promise about their situation. Karla flinched like he poked an unhealed bruise. She saw that he had seen her reaction. His face went guilty and was hidden behind his tablet for the rest of the drive.

They pulled up to a strip mall-like building with offices. They entered the first one and a happy young man asked, "Can I help you?"

"Yes, I've been referred to here. One moment." Howard advised, then ran his blank card through their bank card reader.

"Oh, yes Dr. Miller, one moment." Then a buzzing sound and a click. Howard opened the door and they stepped into what looked like a Hospital waiting room.

"Hello Dr. Miller. A Custodian will be here in a second. It takes their little legs a bit longer. Mrs. Miller, your guide will likely be here as soon." A jolly young black man said as soon as the door shut.

Suddenly a voice came over his phone, "Patrick, can we get a Pulmonologist to room eight."

"Coming right up." This Patrick advised. Grabbed a cylinder for those pneumatic mail tube things. It was oddly padded on the inside. The he reached under the lip of the visitor window, "Come here Keith, it's your turn." His hand appeared with what looked like a struggling little doctor. He stuffed it into the tube and closed it. Turned and shoved it into a wall tube and pressed a couple buttons. He then pressed on his phone, "Room 8 Pulmonologist in tube."

Karla realized what she thought was another Research Lab was actually a Shrunken Hospital of some kind. "Sorry, I'm just Miss Miller."

"Oh, sorry miss." The man apologized eyeing her collar. If he thought anything about it he didn't say anything as a call for a "Patrick do we have a General that can be sent to Room twelve?"

"No she's," he started. Then a cylinder arrived. He grabbed it, looked through the little window. "Just back, on her way." He shoved the cylinder into the tube access and typed a few buttons and it was sucked away. "Room Eleven General in the tube."

A voice reminded, "Pat, we needed it in room twelve."

"Well sorry Keith, it's been a busy day. Just cross the hall and grab her from the tube." He let go of the button and lamented, "Men, some days."

Two Half sized Shrunken came into view. Karla felt bad that her first thought was they likely got them fairly cheap as their faces were both disfigured in some way. "C-eight take Dr. Miller to our new little teleporter room. C-ten, Miss. Miller to our Channels."

Howard followed the one with C-8 labeled with bold white letters on his little shirt. The poor little guy's face was heavily scarred, likely from fire. Karla followed the one labeled C-10. His nose and ears were just gone.

As they walked he kept looking up at her. His face was familiar but hard to place due to, well, the missing parts. Then he spoke, "You appear to be doing OK all things considered Miss. Perez."

It was her high school principal. She froze, "Mr. Torres? But, what happened?"

"My owner decided my nose was too big. When their hand wasn't steady enough they got mad at me and took my lobes and well and dropped me here to be put down. This Shrunken Care Facility doesn't do that to Shrunken they can heal and use. So now I'm C-10. My friend C-8 got a little mouthy to his owner and they lit his face on fire and dropped him in the mail box in the middle of the night. You would have known him as Mr. Marcus." The former principal answered.

Mr. Marcus had been a fairly attractive languages teacher. "I'm sorry. But, I can't do anything." She was nearly in tears.

He waved that off noting, "No my dear, I see your collar, I know you're trapped too. It's lovely despite its dark purpose by the way. No I'm overjoyed for you. I tremble at what could have been or what could be being done to my kids, past and present." The he sadly shrugged, "Sorry, I guess their all past kids now for me." Then he wiped his eyes on a rag from his pocket. She kneeled and hugged him. He hugged back.

After a moment he stepped back, "Guess we need to keep our reunion short as I have tasks I need to finish before I'm allowed my next meal."

"I could buy you some food." She offered.

He shook his head, "It would have to be cleared through my keeper. And she's not a fan of us being gifted with anything. Our gift is our continued existence after all."

"I could ask the man I'm with to complain about your treatment. His word has power." Karla suggested.

"Your owner I take it?" The Half sized man asked.

"No, I am his son's Shrunken. He treats me well." She couldn't fully champion Micheal to this disfigured former authority figure.

"Good. I have an idea what boys do to lovely Shrunken like yourself. I'm beside myself with joy that yours isn't as lacteous as the one I had seen." He said.

"So am I." Karla lightly fibbed. She knew Micheal was a little lacteous after all.

"Here you are. Channels, the magical land of Company treats and gifts." He said dramatically waving his arm at the entrance.

"Goodbye Mr. Torres. I hope life gets better for you." Karla told him.

He smiled saying, "And I pray to any being listening that you continue having the luck you've been." As he left Karla was so glad he didn't ask her why she was here.

A woman looked up and smiled, "Miss Miller?"

"Yes." Karla answered.

"We just got them finished yesterday. I'm still cleaning up some construction mess from in and around them. Please consider that when you inspect them." She begged.

"I will." Karla agreed.

It was a small set up. Wouldn't take long at all. Karla was just looking in the female side when the woman asked, "So were you raised in the Grant Factory?"

"No, I was collected on the recent cruise. I am being rented from my owner by Dr. Grant as a liaison between his division and Dr. Miller's teleporter division." Karla honestly replied.

"Oh, interesting. Well your owner is a lucky person. Will your kittens be part of any of the early batches?" She cheerfully asked.

Karla was so tired of questions about her pumping out babies for sale. So lied, "No due to my adaption and appearance my Kittens will only be available for the highest level collectors. Many have me lined up with their top males for years to come."

"Oh, they will likely make a bundle from what you pop out." She said as if that was something said everyday. Then she asked, "But, if you'll be busy making Kittens, how will you do inspections?"

"Hiring staff to do visits. I'll be strapped to my desk when not strapped ass up for some male to stud in." Karla had to fight the urge to snicker.

The woman took it in stride, "I guess, depending on the male that might not be so bad."

Karla gave the woman a naughty wink saying, "Well since I'm just a little Shrunken slut, they'll not need to strap me up the fuck the hot or well hung little bastards."

"That's good, I guess. Just remember which hole is for Kitten making." Karla loved how uncomfortable this woman was now getting. Maybe next time she'd think twice before assuming a visiting Shrunken would just be popping out Kittens.

That thought, Karla couldn't stop herself, "Oh but I love it when my face gets sloppy and messy with their hot spunk. Don't your cunt just gush when some fine hard thing spatters cum all over your face."

"No, I'm more of a snuggler." The woman just had to say something from her expression. Then suddenly, "I have, well you know, reports out back."

"Just like my last stud did for me, I'll let you know when I finish." Karla had to add one more jab.

Karla went over the cages. True to her word she ignored the bits left from the contractors. Everything was as it was required to be. Karla popped her head out to the woman, "I'm done. Did you want to go over the inspection?"

The woman flashed her an annoyed look, "You're not being used to breed Kittens."

"No sorry. I've just been asked at just about every stop I've made. I just, well, I just got frustrated being constantly asked. Did you email about getting one of my Kittens?" Karla asked.

"Yes, I really wanted one. My son has improved so much in school this year. All he wants in a pretty Latina Shrunken. I just can't find one for sale anywhere. I was hoping maybe to convince them to sell me one of yours. This head breeder Dr. Christyne Grant tells me you're not being used for breeding. He's going to be so upset." The woman looked about to cry.

Amy sits beside her, "You know Kittens take about three years to ripen. Even if I was bred it'd be about four before my offspring would be up for sale."

"Really, I'm stuck huh." She sighs.

"They do have a limited stock for sale on the Overlay, you could keep checking there and hope something turns up." Karla suggested.

"Your owner," the woman starts the usual question. But switches to a new idea, "have an extra of you they would be willing to sell?"

"No sorry. All the extras of me he has he wants to keep." Karla answered.

The woman shrugged, "Well, don't know till you ask." Karla leaves as the store manager starts browsing Shrunken selling sights.

Following the path back she finds the receptionist desk. "Hello Miss. Miller, all done?" The receptionist asked as he's sending a cylinder up the tube.

"Yes, could I be directed to the teleporter room?" she asks.

"Little busy at this very second." The man said stuffing a tiny doctor into another cylinder. He stuffs that in the wall tube and sends it along. "Room Elven General in tube. Room Ten, Had to send you the Gyno, just tell him why he's actually there."

"You are busy, what's going on?" Karla asked.

"It's fall, so Shrunken like humans are catching colds and flus. We are a little short staffed since a few people in town came home from that cruise." He explains. Pressing the phone, "Sorry Room Nine, waiting for a Doctor to be finished in a different room."

"Is it something I should worry about?" Karla asked, stroking her collar.

"No no, standard flu cold season. Just when Shrunken are not allowed to get good rest and food, it can really hit them hard." He then rolled his eyes and head in one annoyed motion. Pressing the phone, "Room Seven you are the next to get one, stop buzzing."

"Is there something I can do to help?" She asked.

The man looked at her and smiled, "Aren't you sweet. No, but thank you." Then a buzz he pressed the phone, "Tony, I told you already, all the Doctors are out right now."

"We had a bio spill in Room Seven." An agitated voice replied.

The man saw Karla's worried look and explained with one word, "Vomit." He pressed the phone, "Then call a Custodian. That's not my department."

"Right, sorry Peter, forgot their number." The voice replied.

The man at the counter rolled his eyes, sighing. "You'd think he'd make up for it by at least being pretty. Nope, dumb and ugly." The man joked all catty. Pressing the phone, "The one labeled Custodian."

"Oh, yeah that makes sense." the voice replied.

Karla just hung out by this man, seemingly making his day by giving him someone to make catty comments about his human co-workers too.

Howard was directed to the desk by a Half sized wearing a face covering, likely to hide whatever damage that was caused to it. They soon were driving to where they would spend the night.
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CH 35B: The Tourists. Home Life

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Chapter 35B
Sexual suggestive and sounds described but no direct interaction. (Sorry)

It looked like a lovely little bed and breakfast. A young lady at the little counter smiled and asked, "Sorry, do you have a reservation?"

"Yes Miss," Howard responded, pulling out his magic card. She placed a device on the counter and he swiped it.

"Greetings Dr. Miller. Your reservation only says for one?" The girl questioned.

He smiled what used to be his kindly fatherly smile, "Oh she's a Shrunken at Full size. Once we are in the room I'll be returning her to Standard size."

"Oh, very good. Your key. The cage was set as requested." The girl advised.

"Thank you." Howard said and they started in. Karla followed Howard as he followed a sign to where his room was.

Inside the room Karla froze as Howard reached for her collar. "Are you not going to adjust your tablet?" Howard asked.

"Right." Karla answered. Setting her tablet by the cage. She turned and presented her neck despite her mind wanting not to be alone and small with Howard again tonight.

She was soon small anyway. His hand hovered by her and she forced herself to climb onto that palm. His expression told he was aware of her discomfort. Yet he said nothing as he lifted her.

Standing up Howard said, "I am going to make last night up to you. Promise. You don't have to worry about that."

"I'm worried it's going to happen again." she confessed her worry.

"It was a mistake, a one time thing." He said. Clearly he was unaware his thumb was suddenly stroking along her stocking leg and pushing her already short skirt higher up her thigh.

"Your thumb." Karla growled.

"Oh, sorry. Here." And he placed her into the cage. "I promise, I'll make it up to you."

Karla was going to agree it wasn't him making it up to her she was scared of. How it wouldn't regain her broken trust. But his watch went off, an actual call.

"Hello Sweetheart, what's up?" He asked towards his watch.

Milly's sweet voice was excited, "How did you get me a Shrunken Member?"

"Hot little number huh? Yeah, it's a funny story." He said leaving to the bathroom.

He came out a little while later. "As usual the guys here want to take me out. Some ribs place they say I have to try. I'll try not to be out too long. Promise."

"Like last night." Karla growled before thinking.

"Yeah, like last night." He said softly. He started away, then stopped and placed the white wall thing up. Karla heard the door shut telling of him leaving.

Karla sighs, thinking she should have said something to him sooner. Maybe if she couldn't be walled away her words and worry would have had more weight.

She opens her suitcase, Taking extra time to find the pajamas she packed with the long pants. Keeping her panties on tonight like that would have made much difference last night. Then sighed again, all the tops were tank tops designed to just show off the location and shape of her breasts. She tried to reassure herself the wall would hide her. Even as she notes it was barely more than a folded Bristol board that was just a touch taller than her one level cage.

As the nights before, a couple pellets and some water to have for her supper as she filled out the reports. Waiting for it to be late enough that Micheal would be done with the dishes.

Her tablet ringed as she eagerly waited for him to answer. Then that handsome face glowed on her screen. Josie was sitting in Sandy's hand. The cutie girl was smiling happily at Karla. "Hey Karla, I miss you." Micheal said eagerly.

"I miss you too." Karla confessed whole heartedly.

"Hi Karla, it's me Sandy. Did you do anything interesting?" The girl asked.

Karla froze, her first thought was last night's violation. But she couldn't say that to Micheal, or for that matter Sandy. Karla could tell Josie could see something was wrong as her expression changed to concern. "Not really, just doing a lot of inspections." Was all she could think to answer.

"What, don't you know dad got a Shrunken Member? Isn't that cool?" Micheal asked.

Yeah, Karla couldn't tell what Howard had done, but the thought he had a shrunken member just broke her for a moment. Bursting into hysteric giggles. She caught herself, "Yes, sorry. Didn't think it was my business to say. I also met Crystal Green, some big official from Walker Pellets."

"Cool, Aunty Crystal, she's so nice isn't she." Sandy cheered.

"She was," Karla had to think of a word, "Interesting." Was all she could say.

"Did you meet Katie, her daughter? She's," Now Sandy was stuck for a word, "Busy."

Karla didn't know what the girl meant by that. "No, just her. Meeting Randel Walker on Saturday though."

"Aren't you supposed to be home Friday night?" Micheal asked in concern.

"Oh, that got changed. They added stops last minute so we would be able to have the meeting with Mr. Walker." Karla felt heartbroken to have to tell Micheal that.

"Oh, at least you'll get to meet Mr. Walker." Micheal relents.

"Randy, Uncle Randy likes people to call him Randy." Sandy explained.

"I should wait to get permission for that." Karla reminded.

"Why, oh right. I'm sure, well, hopeful he'll like you like I do and let you talk to him." Sandy suddenly understands.

Deciding to change the subject Karla asks, "As lovely as it is to see you Sandy, why are you in Micheal's room?"

"He's teaching me to play Battle Jumpers better." She answers. But it isn't what she's saying that catches Karla's attention. It's Josie's reaction. A worried expression that suggested there might be trouble at home too. But what could that be?

Then Karla sees what. Micheal notes, "Yeah, she just needed some pointers."

Sandy nudged him and giggled, "He's just a good teacher."

"No, you have talents. Just needed time to practice." His eyes linger a touch long.

Sandy's head turns and a look comes over the girl’s face Karla would have loved, if not for Chrissy and Chris, "If you hadn't shown me a better way to hold the controller."

"You would have figured that out." Micheal says softly. Was he leaning closer?

"No, I need to learn how to hold it like you do." Was Sandy leaning up?

Then they suddenly shifted and shook their heads. Sandy quickly rambled, "Oh, my drink. I should, you know, get that."

"Yeah yeah, you should." Micheal babbled in agreement.

Sandy goes, taking Josie with her. Micheal blushes a bit and seems to be watching his short friend. Then he looks at Karla, "Are people being nice to you? No one is being mean to my Special Karla are they?"

"Some, but I am just a Shrunken." Karla replies. So wanting to pour her heart out about her hurt from last night's events. But if she did she would be hurting him and she couldn't break his heart about his father.

"Well you should keep a list if you can and I'll send a report. They are supposed to treat you like you are me afterall." Micheal explains.

"That's the rule, but as I was reminded, not the practice." Karla points out.

"Well then when you get home I'll spoil you to make that up to you." He had to use that phrasing.

Karla dug her fingers into her leg hoping to hide her pain from those deep brown eyes. "I'm looking forward to that." she purrs with a smile. It's easy to smile and purr to her titan teen. Even when she wants to curl in his palm and just ugly cry.

"I hate to say, but we're getting together tonight for Battle Jumpers. Hey, you want to join us?" He asks hopefully.

"I don't have my controller." Karla points out.

"Right, didn't think of that. Next trip we should pack that for you." He suggested.

Right, there will be future trips Karla realized. "Thanks, that's a great idea." is what she said, if not what she was thinking.

"I miss you my Special Karla." he looks so sad.

"I miss you my Special Micheal.'' She felt so sad.

"Night, talk to you Friday?" he looks hopeful.

"Promise." she says. Then the screen goes black.

Karla thinks about watching her show. But her body begs for sleep. So she freshens up and slips under her blankets. Crying herself to sleep.

Karla jumps awake. The door has opened. Now she curls tightly to herself. Which Howard is it, formerly fatherly or Ogre? Whimpering from his cage that was so fun the first night just reminded Karla she was making such sounds last night. "Hello little girls, daddy's back and looking for some good night fun." Makes her pull her blankets over her head as if she could hide from him there if he came looking.

"Calm down, calm down. Let daddy get ready." that lecherous voice said to those scared girls. But Karla keeps expecting to see those lust filled eyes peering down at her.

Flops tell of falling giant clothes. "Hmm, daddy wants to hear you sing tonight." that lewd voice purred. Soon followed by distant muffled pleading sounds. Karla wondered if that's what she had sounded like to them as Howard stole her clothes off her helpless body.

A loud "Hmmm!" and the pleading changes to a repeated disturbed gasping sound. Then another voice’s begging is cut short as giant wanton grunts drown both little voices out. Karla hated that she knew that grunting was him stroking himself off with a helpless young woman too small to resist his one giant paw. Their limbs had been forced to hug his aroused shaft.

Soon the first voice screams his dominance of her sexuality. Then a growling roar of self pleasure by that cruel giant. Karla could faintly hear the girl being force fed that thick fluid. Feeling sick as her tongue suddenly could taste that rich butterscotch flavor.

"Oh that's better." Howard's voice advised his trapped captives. He slowly sanders past, likely to the bathroom to get himself refreshed. Leaving his slaves to clean themselves of his leavings. He walks past again. A zipper and a few soft grunts. Mattress sounds and his light goes out.

Karla waits and listens. She can't close her eyes. She had to know that giant was asleep. She was safe till morning at least. Steady sounds of his breath makes her eyes heavy. And soon she's out again too.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

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Wow, it's refreshing to see Crystal's amusing mischief and how well she treats the toys, which is what they're there for.

I love that the stewardess doesn't have her job secured and can turn into a doll at the whim of a superior.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

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Glad you enjoyed. Crystal had to be restrained while talking with Karla. She quite enjoys her toys, but Karla is another high power member's pet. So Crystal could only tease a little.

As for poor Loren. Randy fired her and had her Processing rushed. But he didn't have her turned into a Shrunken. Loren failing the Processing did. And as her failing her duties got her fired, which prompted her Processing, she was then given to Randy as the one that she failed. I guess I didn't explain that well enough in story. Sorry, I'll try to remember to edit in a better explanation in story later. Either way, getting fired as a low level Company Member can be dangerous. Unless your totally loyal to the Company.


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CH 36: The Tourists. Home Life

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Sorry, later then my usual weekly posting. Still suffering from my lack of confidence but attempting to create through it. I hope you enjoy. If you can support my creativeness please let me know. Please donate at the link below if you feel you can afford to. Thank you all.

Chapter 36
M/f Forced interaction with treats of physical punishment.

Karla started, a lumbering form near her cage. Howard to the human bathroom. She slips out of bed, he was up early. Karla was hoping to have showered and dressed before he was up and about.

She pulls out her clothes for today. Black pencil skirt outfit. She wonders if she should pick a different blouse then the accompanying blood red with cleavage showing frilly one. The shower in the bathroom started and she realized she only had a short window to do the same in relative privacy.

She strips as she rushes to the little clear booth. Water is cold at the start, but waiting for it to warm would take time. Karla so wanted to savor the rich shampoo, body wash, and conditioner that Milly had bought her. Time, she had a limited amount of time she kept telling herself.

She shuts off the water and grabs a towel for her hair. Roughly drying it first. As she moves it from her head she thinks she notices movement from the side of her eye. She covers herself quickly while quickly looking that way. Nothing, at least at that second. She pulls the towel tightly around her body cursing Shrunken cage designs lack of privacy.

She dresses and readies herself while constantly flashing looks at the top edge of that white wall. Then she realizes that was what hurts most about what happened. She no longer trusts Howard. Karla realizes this was now causing her to question her trust in the other humans around her.

Would they get to the Grants only for Howard and Jeff to share her between them. Was Albert home, Chris? Were they going to pass her around like an abused toy? Do a circle to mock her believing she was more than just another Shrunken? Was Debbie going to gift Chrissy with one of those vibrators with the Shrunken shape for her to be restrained into? Forced into one or both ladies?

She shakes her head, no she couldn't think like that. Then she snickers, noting that she would at least be safe with Betty. Was that poor robust woman still going to be nervous with Karla near her?

She yelps as her watch goes off. Howard texted her, was that an attempt to show her respect or to hide that he had been watching her shower. His words, "Ordering Scrambled and bacon, coffee for you?"

Scrambled eggs and bacon, Micheal's favorite breakfast. Likely a peace offering. "Yes to coffee." She sends back. She can't hide his crime from Micheal and Milly if she was fearfully watching his every action. She had to act in front of them like she still saw him like a father figure. Karla couldn't wait to get home, Josie would be someone she could talk to about this.

"Ready?" The next text arrived.

Karla looks at herself in the mirror. Yeah, she was ready. "All set." she sent back.

The wall folds away. And the cage opens. His hand lowers for her to climb into. And despite her discomfort she pulled herself into his grip. He brought her over to where he had his plate.

He tries to sound chipper pointing out, "Look, they have Shrunken take away cups here."

"Yeah, that's good for me." Karla says poking the hole on the top for her to drink out of.

"Eggs?" He asks.

"Yes please." Karla accepts.

On a spoon he scoops her some and adds a pinch of bacon on top. He then offered her a little pouch that looked like a salt packet. Karla tore it open to find a Shrunken sized fork, knife, and spoon. She was happy not to eat with her hand.

Karla could see Howard wanted to say something. But he would just look away when she attempted to make eye contact. So they ate in silence.

In her travel pouch and into the limo. The leggy Asian again this morning. Karla wondered if her skirt would get shorter everyday. By tomorrow morning's flight it'd be a thong with flaps of material. Howard didn't seem to pay much attention despite the woman's need to park the drink cart in a spot where she had to bend over before him.

Karla's rightful bitterness wondered if that's because she wasn't a Shrunken. Questioning how many times she could bend in such a skirt before her former giant father figure before she was wrapped around his cock. Karla decided she needed to find a way to dump this anger before they got home or she knew she would slip up and say something in front of Micheal or Milly.

They landed and a quick drive arrived at some Company transfer center near the Mexico/US border. Seems the Company only slightly followed US import laws and this was an underground connection for them to avoid such inconvenience.

Same styled hangers on for Howard and the same kind of implied entertainment value statement for her. After resizing Karla was led to the Channels and greeted reluctantly by the Manager. Open about his preference of visiting rep. As he described it while rubbing his huge beer gut, "Young and pretty like you, just human next time please." His tone told of his restraint, it was however clear he didn't think one of her kind should have any power over his.

Howard finished his tests and examinations and they were soon back into the air. Karla almost burst as they approached their next destination. A bright spot on this second half of their trip. The Golden Gate Bridge gleaming in the sun. She always wanted to go across it. But it looked to be well within the city area and she knew the Company didn't like having actual facilities in big cities.

They landed then into a limo for their two stops in the relative area. They hadn't even started moving when Howard buzzed the driver, "Excuse me, but could we go over the Golden Gate bridge at any point during our travels?"

Karla felt herself smile at him for the first time in days. Then she sighed as the driver noted, "Not on the stops listed." Then she squealed as the driver added, "If you don't mind a long detour I could manage to go over it before getting you to the hotel though."

"Yes please." Howard requested.

"Adding it to my notes Dr. Miller." The driver confirmed.

Karla confessed, "I wish we had more time here. Alcatraz, riding a trolly, China town. There is so much I would love to see here."

Howard shrugged, "I could talk to Milly, she wants a family vacation not on a boat. Maybe a week in June."

"I'm a Shrunken, I wouldn't be able to see the sights." Karla reminded him. More annoyed at what he was doing then the fact she couldn’t join them anyway.

"I'm sure Gabriel would allow you and Josie to be Full sized and play tourist." He continued.

"That won't make up for what you did." She explained.

"Karla, I'm sorry. I know what I did was wrong. Unforgivable. But if you keep your promise not to tell Milly and especially Mike, I promise to make up for using you without his permission." Howard replied in a guilty tone.

Then she realized. That's why he felt guilty. Not by forcing himself on her. Not breaking her trust and ruining what she was considering a secondary fatherly relationship. He used his son's favorite toy without permission. A toy he told his wife he wouldn't use without permission.

Then Karla had another realization. Of course it was, she was a Shrunken after all. And as she kept reminding Micheal's pets, they were to be used to pleasure their owner. A living plaything. He probably didn't even think his drunken attack should affect their budding father/daughter like growing relationship. Like in his mind that would be like a car being upset because he drove a little too fast.

"I understand now. Please don't use me without Micheal's permission again." She begged.

"I'll make it up to you." was not a reassuring response.

They arrived at what looked like an old school. A two side building with another building connecting the two. They were allowed in the fence and around the back. Almost hidden by the side buildings was a loading dock cut into the older building.

They were guided in by a security guard. There they were, Howard's local fan club all smiles. The annoyed looking people behind them were likely there to lead her to whatever store they had here.

They walked over and Karla was shocked when a big burly smiling man almost cheered as he asked her, "Are you Karla Miller, the Grant Factories rep?"

She looked at Howard then the smiling group. Nervously she answered, "Yes?"

"Great!" He cheered and the other smiling people clapped. "This way, this way please Miss. Miller."

"So in about four years the first big batches should be ripe?" A woman asked her.

"Yes, about then." Karla replied while confused at the sneering group leading Howard away.

"Will you be back to help us do a grand opening for our Shrunken department?" Another asked.

"I don't know, that's never been discussed." Karla said to the glowing smile staring at her.

"About Kittens," Karla hears a young man ask and expects the usual question. But got, "Are you involved in selecting matted pairs? How are they selected?"

"Oh, no I don't pick out the pairings. They use a program that matches Shrunken for the best likely offspring. How they pick after that I'm not really sure." Karla explained.

"Will you be allowed to buy them before they hit the market or are they being shipped right out once ripe?" the first woman asked.

"I'm a Shrunken." Karla confessed, worried by the reaction.

The woman shook her head, "Yes, but one so smart to get rented for such a great position likely knows what her owner likes in his Shrunken."

"I do, I just hadn't asked, not thinking of it that way." Karla responded.

"Are you alright Miss. Miller? You're looking pale." The young man asked.

"Just not used to this attention. Dr. Miller usually gets the happy people and I get huffed acceptance." Karla explained.

At the mention of his name she saw them exchange angry looks. But they were all smiles when the faces turned back to her. "That's because you're good news and he's bad." A woman explained.

That just confused Karla, "I'm good news."

"Yes, everyone around here is looking forward to owning their own Shrunken." The burly man answered.

"How is Dr. Miller bad news?" Karla wondered.

The burly man lightly grabbed her shoulder and stated clearly, "This building is a hub for Company interdepartmental shipping."

"And teleporters will cut back on the need for shipping hubs." Karla realized. The man nodded.

"What is going to happen to this place when they become fully active?" She asked, feeling bad for the workers here.

"Fingers crossed, since we are so close to San Francisco, they will modify the building so we can become a travel hub. But the rumors is they are going to turn the building into a storage center." The man said, looking worried. Then pulled her tight into a side hug, "But, hopefully we'll have Shrunken to keep us company while waiting to be reassigned."

"Won't you be safe, working in the store?" Karla asked.

"Oh, no I manage the building. Sarah there runs the store." He said warmly. Then leaned close, "But, to your point, I likely will stay managing the building whatever the switch over is,"

They came to a bright Store entrance. Channels must be the name of the Company's internal variety store chain. "Right over here Miss. Miller." the woman referred to as Sarah directed her to the displays. While her hangers on waited in a huddled group just off to the side near the store entrance.

Karla barely poked her head into the cages when the woman asked, "Would you like a drink? Coffee maybe? It's not great but it's freshly made."

"Ah, yes please." Karla was not used to being this admired.

The woman was right, it was fresh coffee. She was left to work. Anytime she did slip her coffee and looked over she had someone rush over and ask if she had a question or wanted something. They usually happily dismissed her confessed statement of not being used to this type of support at these visits.

One benefit of her fans was whenever a worker came in and found out why she was there. The usual remarks about her owner or her kittens got them growled out of the store. Some even apologize to her, claiming not to understand her importance.

All the positive attention and support had brightened Karla's morning. She caught herself ranking the store's set-up a touch higher then she likely should be. But a look over at the hopeful smiles and she thought heck with it, they deserve better than the rude managers that dismissed her as just a Shrunken.

"I'm done, did you want to go over my inspection or have any questions?" Karla said not realizing the barrage that would follow.

How could they get a better score on her next visit? Where can we improve our display? What will put us higher on the list to receive an earlier batch of Kittens? The young man took her to the corner they planned on changing into a full Shrunken supply corner and described his grand but reasonable plans for that.

She lost track of how long she was there. It wasn't till she saw Howard waiting for her for a change did it occur to her the nice stop was going long. And as she was attempting to leave she received the Howard requests, offering to take her to lunch and to get a personal tour of their city.

She managed to leave with only a couple of thank you gifts. Howard started snickering as the car started away, "Liked being the bell of the ball there?" He asked.

"It was nicer than the usual, I have to deal with the Shrunken snarls, I usually get." Karla said whole heartedly.

"They offered to buy you from me?" Howard informed her.

She rolled her eyes, "Let me guess, that's a fine Shrunken how much."

"No, that group, and from the offered price several workers there. I think they wanted to give you a safe home from the awful man taking their jobs." He said.

Joking Karla said, "Well, with how much Jeff is paying to rent me I would be quite the investment."

Howard laughed, "That, that I hadn't thought about."

She now attempted to tease him, "I suppose you missed being the usual bell of the ball."

He shrugged. "No actually. They were in such a hurry to get rid of me they went right through my series of tests with none of those usual questions or time wasting over praising." Then he added, "I could have done with less of my name being snarled at me, but it was efficient."

They drove for a while before coming to a non-descript squat office building. Inside the first floor looked to be just offices of some kind. Howard stepped up to the lobby elevators while Security watched him closely. He inserted that blank card and the elevator pings and he was then able to call for one. Easing the guard's alert status.

They entered and Howard looked at his tablet, then pressed the third button. The doors opened and a small group approached, "Doctor Miller?" a man asked.

"Yes." Was all Howard got out before being taken to this location's teleporter department.

Karla looked about wondering if she should follow. It was another gleaming hidden Company mall-like facility. Bright and new, she figured this was likely why her last stop was scheduled to become a warehouse. Why remodel a building when this gem was waiting for guests to arrive.

"You the inspector from Grant Factories?" a man asked in a curious tone.

She spun to the voice. A middle aged man with jet black hair slicked back. Not greasy like some with that style. He looked to be in fair shape. Honestly Karla reasoned he would be quite handsome if he just gave up his Just for Men. "Yes, I'm Karla Miller."

"Oh, oh hello Miss Miller." He said in that hello pretty young thing tone that many tourists had when visiting her old job. "This way please."

Karla followed him to a closed store front. He opened the gate slightly and directed her in. She didn't like this, dark and behind a curtain. But she didn't have a reason not to accept that the cages would be inside.

And as the lights flickered on, there they were by a brand new counter near the sidewall of another wise gutted store front. His tone was questionable when he said, "Sorry about the mess, but as most large batches of Kittens won't be shipped for a few years yet we are taking our time building the store."

"What about Overlay Shrunken shipped to this location? You're not storing them here are you?" She asked heading over to display.

"No no, those are held elsewhere for now." Did he just purr? God he was creepy Karla thought.

Ignoring his disgusting tone she pointed out, "I'll have to inspect that location as well then."

Humming first he replied, "Sure you will."

Karla shook her head and as much as she didn't want to bend down to begin the inspection. She just started to put her head in when her ass was being massaged. "Could you please remove your hand." She snarled.

This happened but only because his groin took its place. His hands were headed up her torso as he purred eagerly, "It so nice of Grant Factories to send a sample in the guise of an inspector. Smart, make the Company pay to ship you around."

Karla pushed back before those hands found their goal. She spun and straightened up. "I'm not a sample. I'm a Red Status' Shrunken. Please don't touch me like that."

This just allowed the man to press tightly to her. Hand clawed into her ass. His tongue slipped up her neck as he reasoned, "Of course Dr. Grant owns you pretty fun. That is why he can lend you out to encourage higher bidding for his product. Now slush while I get my encouragement."

She quickly clarified, "No I'm a rented Shrunken. Dr. Miller owns me hench while I'm Karla Miller."

"Wait, really? I just thought that was for transport reasons." He loosened his hold.

"Well why don't we go ask him and you can learn first hand." she growled.

He practically jumped off her, "Oh, oh no. I'm sorry. This was just a misunderstanding. No need to go ask. Go ahead, do your inspection. Did, did you need anything? Coffee maybe?"

"Yes, black. And space to work unmolested." She snarled.

"Yes, of course, I'll be right back with that coffee." He was clearly terrified. He rushed away and out the gate.

Karla sighed in relief. That was bad, but could have been even worse. He was gone for a while. He came back with coffee and smelled of cigarette smoke. Likely attempting to calm his nerves. Worried she was going to tell her owner he attempted to use her without their permission. She did miss when it was her job to give that permission.

As she took the fancy take-out cup in her hand he pleaded, "We can keep that early mishap between us right? No need to tell Dr. Miller? Please?"

She sipped the coffee, oh it was a rich dark blend. Best she had in a while. She thought when was the last time she had such a great coffee as the man sweated bullets. The ship's little coffee shop. Man she missed the little coffee place that was around the corner from her old job. Sip, yeah, this must have cost that man a few bucks.

He was practically squirming before she answered. Actually she was wondering if he suddenly had to go pee really bad she was twitching so much. "Once I'm done here and the cages for the Shrunken bought off the Overlay while this place is closed I'll like to go shopping." Was all she said.

"I'll be proud to be your tour guide. Anything particular you'd like to look at?" He toadied hard.

"Not sure, but I'm sure just a grand tour of the shops will make me forget past digressions against my owner's property." She tested his sniveling skills.

"That sounds fair, I grabbed some mall gift cards in case you wanted to visit shops while Dr. Miller finished up." He was better than she gave him credit for.

Karla hated herself but she took full advantage of this man's mistake. Any hint he might not cow-tow and buy something she hinted she wanted brought on a suggestion of letting Howard know what this man just attempted to do and she was getting another hush prize. Karla had to wonder what this man was doing that he was this scared of possibly being Processed. No she wouldn't tell Howard or even Michael that this man basically attempted to rape their property. But she made no promise about emailing Mr. Jacobs about his shifty behavior.

She walked towards Howard like the woman in a movie just ending their shopping spree. New floppy hat on her head. Fancy sunglasses with installed features. A new purse off her hip. Her host trailing behind her struggling with her bags of loot. The only thing that would have made her look complete would have been a little dog in her purse.

But most of that loot was gifts for friends and family. She still didn't need or even want much thanks to Micheal and Milly spoiling her. Sunglasses, sparkling and bright pink for Chrissy. The purse had special fold under sound dampening Shrunken storage for when Milly wanted to drive and have some pets along. The hat, that was hers however. Even Shrunken needed a hat when traveling on the next cruise.

"Been shopping?" Howard asked with a smirk.

"Yes Master. Just a few things to show my affection for our friends and family." Karla said. Calling him Master made Howard flash a look of confusion. Karla knew what he would have actually had his Shrunken call him even at Full size. But there was no way she would call him Daddy in public.

"Yes, well, I guess it's good the car pulls up close to the building." Howard played along. Likely expecting an explanation once they were off.

Treasures stowed in the trunk, they were off. "Bought a bit much didn't you?" Howard hinted at asking about her new things.

"I didn't buy any of it. One moment I need to send an email to Mr. Jacobs." She responded.

"Gabriel? Why?" Howard asked in confusion.

"That building manager is hiding something shifty." Karla explained.

"Why do you say that?" Howard was practically begging to be let in on the secret.

She couldn't resist taunting him by not telling him, "Because he bought me all that stuff."

"Right, but why did he buy you all that stuff?" Howards requested in an exasperated way.

"I can't tell you, I made a promise to him." Karla turned the knife.

Howard clearly didn't notice, "Come on Karla, you can tell me anything."

"Promise to let Mr. Jacobs handle it?" she stipulated.

"Yeah sure." Howard accepted.

"And not tell Michael?" she insisted.

"OK?" he sounded concerned.

"That man thought Jeff was sending me around to locations as some sort of sample for them to try. An incentive to bid higher to be the first to get ripe Kittens." Karla explained hitting send on her email.

"That bastard. '' he said angrily. "I'll report him to Security for using you without permission." Sure now he was protective of Micheal's property.

"No, you promise to let Mr. Jacobs handle him. Besides, he didn't do much more than grope my ass. Once I let him know I was rented from a Red status member he fell over backward to buy my silence. Hench the bags in the trunk." Karla explained.

"So you blackmailed him and now are betraying him?" Howard looked confused if he should be mad or smile at her.

"I technically am keeping my word. As Micheal is my owner, old enough or not. And we will not tell him. And besides, you will not report him. I'm telling Mr. Jacobs because anyone willing to spend that much to keep a Shrunken of any status from telling their owner that he almost used them without permission has to be up to something. So, he'll be able to have Security investigate them without that man knowing. Possibly leading to catching more people whose interests are not the Company's." Karla told her grand scheme.

"Did you get me anything nice?" Howard asked, seeing her point.

"You still color when stuck on an issue at work?" Karla asked.

He gave a quick snort like snicker and asked, "Yes, did you get me some fun books?"

"Yes, including one of classic paintings as coloring pages." She explained.

"Good, I need more books." he said with a sigh.

They drove for quite a while. Karla checked her email, Jeff and agreed that the shop that refused to allow her to inspect wouldn't be allowed to receive their product. Pat had replied saying he would tell his head of shipping to limit product sent to that location due to it not being eligible to receive Shrunken there. Even Gabriel got back to her, taking her experience under assessment. That made sense, she wasn't human after all.

She even managed to get a lot of her work done as she started to really wonder where the hotel was. Then she saw in the distance, the Golden Gate Bridge and she remembered the driver's promise.

Karla was like a little kid, gleefully looking out the window. A bright sunny day with puffy white clouds should make for a great day for this. Oh she excitedly waited with bated breath of what she would see crossing that magical bridge as they passed through a tunnel.

Turns out, not much. The railings and such that allowed people to walk across the bridge blocked much of her view. And of what she could see, it was mostly water and some islands. In reality that magical bridge turned out to be just a big bridge.

They reached the other side and the driver looped back through some little parking lot like area and back across and through some tolls. through that same tunnel and then they drove some more. Karla lamented she at least got her work done as they drove.

They arrived at another nondescript office looking building. The first floor looked just like some uninteresting series of offices. Card into a slot by the elevator and the doors opened and in the elevator the fourth floor button had a glowing red H illuminating behind it. Then up to the fourth floor was a nondescript plan door with a card swipe mechanism. Howard ran his card and the door clicked and he opened it into a plush modern lobby. The shining tile floor led to a nearly black wooden faced desk. A bubbly looking strawberry blonde smiled at him.

Howard walked up to the desk. The girl smiled politely and offered him a plan keycard, "Greetings Dr. Miller. Your room is ready, the sent cage for your Shrunken is all set. We hope you enjoy our stay with us."

"Thank you, can you suggest someplace to get food from?" He asked.

"Do you like sushi, Dr. Miller?" she happily asked.

"Yes." Howard answered.

"We have a classically trained sushi chief on staff just waiting to delight your palate." She advised him.

"Thanks, I'll take a look at what is offered." Howard agreed. Then walked to his room.

Karla looked out the large windows of their room. Designed to look like normal office windows from the outside. Inside they were designed to hide the contents from the outside viewer. Giving guests a grand view of the distant hills.

Then she noticed something, "Is that the office mall we were at for our inspections?"

"Yes, why plan on blackmailing that guy for more things?" Howard asked.

"Why didn't the driver take us over the bridge then to there so he could just drop us off here when we were done?" Karla wondered.

Howard pointed out, "Our schedule and that building is between our first stop and the bridge."

"Oh, I guess that makes sense. It just seems like a long circle." She pointed out.

"Only way to get a chance to cross the Golden Gate." He pointed out.

"I suppose. I guess I should get reduced to Standard size so you can head out." Karla offered access to her collar.

"Not heading out today. Our little bridge experience gave me an excuse to stay in and catch up with some of my work. Besides, I think we should organize your new collection so when I do turn you back to size you can take your new things with you." He offered.

"That's a great idea." Karla agreed. Then a question, "If I'm holding things when I'm returned to my real size they shrink with me."

"Yes." he advised. "Though electronics like cell phones and computers lose a lot of their functionality. So, don't take anything like that with you."

"Yeah, alright. But how much stuff can I hold before it will not shrink as well? What is too much to be reduced with me?" Karla inquired.

Howard looked at her and answered honestly, "I have no idea. Likely more than you'd be able to hold up."

"Oh, maybe I'll look it up." Karla suggested.

"Well, let's get started, if you're looking up things could you look up what they offer as sushi options." Howard pointed towards a tablet on the desk.

He started trying to organize her bags as she lifted the device. It was connected to some hotel network. "Dinning in?" She asked as she found the menus.

"Yes, order yourself something too." He advised.

She looked at the room service menu. Then was greeted with a turn over page greeting Howard to the Red Status options. She looked up Sushi. Then seeing an interesting selection. Shrunken options for sushi, she wondered what kind rolls could be made for Shrunken.

She yelped and tossed the tablet to the bed. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"They have Shrunken rolls, you know, rolls made with Shrunken." She whimpered.

"You saw Shrunken rolls and got curious?" He asked, sounding sympathetic.

"Yeah, sorry, that wasn't what I was expecting. I guess I should have." Karla advised. She felt so stupid, she knew they ate unwanted Shrunken. And since Micheal and Chrissy had arranged for the arcade that was disposing of unwanted samples killed, there was likely a large stockpile for such disturbing high end options.

Howard switched back to the regular rolls. "Are you still able to eat?" He asked kindly.

"Yeah, it was just a shock. I am well aware Shrunken are killed and eaten by people or even their pets." Karla accepted. She didn't like it, but accepted.

"OK, let's get some food then and forget that foolishness." Howard stated determined.

Karla had a feeling, "You don't agree with killing Shrunken do you?"

"Unacceptables, sure. Why take the chance they'll infect your collection or cost you to take care of with no reward. But just because they are slightly old or mentally limited. No, there are tasks they can still do." He said matter of factly.

"Well, thank you for that." Karla told him.

"You're welcome. As much as I hate to admit it though, it's not out of mercy. I just find it wasteful. I rather see unselling Shrunken handed over to research labs to be used to test things on." Howard confessed.

"Thanks for being honest." Karla didn't like that, but could see the reasoning.

They ordered a few rolls each. Howard added a bottle of sake to savor as he ate and later worked. They made short work of which newly bought item she would hold when her collar was taken off and what ones Howard would have to carry in the morning. He let Karla finish supper before she was placed in her cage for the night.

Howard went into the bathroom to change. Karla rushed to pick out pajamas for herself. Speed of access over body coverage. Where her pajamas from the night before had gone she wasn't sure. Cheek hugging little light purple shorts with a bowed ribbon at the front that suggested a waist tie that wasn't actually there. Its top was white with pink stripes that just seemed to amplify her curves. The top had cups for her breasts that showed all her cleavage. A lace line under her bust lifted her already Shrunken firmed mounds.

If she was home this would have been comfortable for sleeping on her titan teen chest. Here she felt basically naked. She went to change but time was up. Howard came from his bathroom. He likely thought he was hiding it, but Karla could see his massive eyes lingering on her. She could see that want that she had mistakenly thought was long gone from her owner's father.

He sat on his bed. Eighties pop tunes started softly playing as he worked on his waiting reports. Sipping at the rice wine as he relaxed from that day. She hoped since he wouldn't be drunk she would be fine. Still she wished he had erected that dividing wall before sitting down.

Karla hid herself under her blankets. Pulled up to her neck, only head and arms out from under the covers so she can watch her show. Hopefully in peace.

Karla was feeling ready for sleep. She was just placing her own tablet down and she heard Howard do that same. She looked over and he was hovering over his cage of pretties. "Who wants to entertain daddy tonight?" he rhetorically asked them, making Karla shiver.

She quickly shut off her light and curled away in the hope not to attract attention. Howard growled softly, "Daddy wants, daddy wants."

It's strange how well human voices could at times travel to Shrunken ears. Howard whispered likely to himself. It however Karla heard clearly, "Daddy wants something more special."

No, Karla thought. Begged really in her head thinking, no Howard, you're not drunk tonight. Don't do this, you know it's wrong. It switched to repeated, please no, as she heard his bed ease as his weight was removed. A wanton growl escaped him and a light flop sound made her wonder if it was his top or bottoms. "Yeah, it'll be OK.'' he softly whispered which was punctuated with the second unwanted light flop sound.

Karla didn't have to look, she felt that mass approach from behind her. "Karla. Karla I know you just laid down but I was wondering if I could ask you something?" His want was disrupting his breathing.

Karla couldn't pretend to be sleeping, he knew she just laid down. And even if she did, he likely just attempted to wake her. "What Howard?" She replied nervously.

He struggled to clear his throat. Then asked, "I know I haven't played you back yet for keeping quiet about our fun the other night. But, I was wondering if maybe we could just add a little more to that. All you'll have to do is be a fun little girl for daddy tonight?" He was so hopeful. A very lustful sounding hopeful.

"No Howard, you know I'm Micheal's Shrunken." She was now the hopeful one. Hoping his better fatherly nature would win out.

"Micheal, Mikey right." He softly whispered and she was relieved. Until he noted, "Mikey, right!"

Karla got the strange feeling Howard was looking about like someone would catch him. Then offered, "You know Milly will be going away for a few days in a week. It's over a weekend. I can easily arrange from Gabriel to allow you, you and Josie, to be Half sized with Micheal that weekend. Think about it, fun tonight to get a few days at a more accessible size with Micheal and Josie later."

The idea of a Half sized weekend with Micheal and Josie was appealing. Yet not worth betraying Micheal's trust in her. The advice of her Aunt Marie a few weeks ago filled her mind, if you sell yourself to him for things you'll end up selling yourself to him for less and less. Losing that boy's opinion of you.

Not that Howard waited for her answer. She was not selling herself, this was a deal literally thrust upon her. "Yeah, that's a great deal." The Ogre that looked like Howard said as the door gave off that horrible light ping.

Massive fingers rolled over her blankets, pulling them away from her failed attempt to hold them over her. "No Howard, I don't want too." She loudly announced as those writhing fingers started towards her cowering body.

"Oh you play reluctant Shrunken so good.'' he calmed really purring out the word good. As those coiling thick tentacles wrapped her helpless little form he added, "However, we'll have more fun if you call me daddy, Go ahead, say it. Say daddy like your scared."

She was rising from the safety of the cage too quickly. Resisting her stomach's attempt to escape she begged. "No Howard don't, please."

The holding hand turned and she was now laid upon its palm. The thumb and a finger hooked under her arms and pulled the material from her breasts. Then pressed the exposed mounds and molested them greedily. Her waist was wrapped in a giant paw and then her shorts were gone as that lust filled voice advised, "No no no little girl. When we play you call me daddy or daddy spank."

His assault made talking hard. Her struggle made her gasp among her pleading, "Howard please stop."

He didn't answer. More cheering, "Oh still wearing your sexy little panties. Daddy also likes peeling extra little pieces of clothes off his little girls." As to add to his point his mighty digit divided her legs and the tip grind at her womanhood under her panties.

"Howard stop, no, don't." she groined in discomfort.

"You are doing so well. Now make our fun perfect and call me daddy." He growled in a scary voice as his free hand nimbly pinched the material of her panties. As with everything else happening, her struggles couldn't stop him and her underwear was dropped away.

"Howard, this is wrong." She attempted to explain as the paw that took her panties returned. It had no issues scooping both her legs together. Then he practically folded her in half. The thumb and finger gleefully fondling her breasts stopped to restrain her legs against her chest.

The freed hand now stroked along the back of her thighs and exposed ass cheeks. That Howard-like Ogre teased her struggling by advising, "I knew you could be a playful little girl Karla. I only imagined you might be naughty in a kinky way." Then he made a slurping sound before rumbling, "But daddy likes that his Karla girl likes the idea of daddy spanking her."

Karla roared in pain. Micheal had never flicked her. Howard's nail landed hard and fast like some wooden paddle of cruel punishment. "Ooh yeah, hmm!" he cheered and she exploded again as the other cheek was struck.

He moaned lacteous sounds then commanded, "Call me daddy Karla girl. Say it sexy."

"Howard," She started but a painful shot ended her response with a yelp.

"Oh, you're so fun Karla Girl, now call me daddy. Sexy like the other night." The monster demanded in eager tones.

Karla regretted her decision that night to try to speed that nightmare quickly. It made the Ogre know how she could make that word sound. And it wanted her to do that again. And folded in its giant paw while the other paw stroked a coiled digit waiting to strike her burning cheeks, what choice did she have. "Daddy please, I'll be good little girl."

"Say it again." he purred cruelly.

"Please daddy, please let your little Karla girl make you feel good." she didn't want more of that type of thudding pain.

"Hmm good Little Karla Girl." was praised upon her. He was moving, the bed she realized. "Let daddy kiss your boo-boos better." he requests like she has a say in the matter.

Giant wet lips squeezed around one of her burning cheeks. They pulsed, massaging that side of her firm buttocks. Rubbing it and to her surprise making it feel less sore.

With a kiss smack it let go and warm breath washed over her bare legs as the Ogre taunted, "Now Daddy kiss the other one better." Then slopping moist tongue dragged over the formerly pucker over cheek and up the back of that thigh.

Lips slithered over the dry cheek and dampened it. Those massive lips stroked some of the inflected pain away. The Monster hungrily hummed the whole time. Then as if truly hungry teeth gently pinched that round backside as if to bite it off. The Ogre relented and dragged a drool dripping tongue forcefully over presented cheek and thigh.

Then the digits restraining her legs made them spread. Her womanhood is on full display for the Ogre and he slurps his drool at the sight. "Daddy loves vanilla, but a tight little tan cunt like yours Little Karla Girl, should be flavored with caramel."

She doesn't know if she should say anything. Maybe just a yes daddy or the like. He didn't wait for her to decide. The tip playfully poked her exposed pussy. Wiggling its tongue made her body shiver. A few light touches for him was hefty enough to spread her labia wide. And despite all her thought against this attention forced upon her, she feels herself starting to get wet.

"Hmm, yeah daddy would like Caramel, but vanilla is still tasty." he growls. Then lips grabbed her lifted backside. Holding even her legs in place. Pinned in that maw her womanhood was wide open and that trained tongue jammed its tip in. At this angle it got in fairly deep for its short length and it hungrily began violating her. The powerful mass behind the tip blankets the rest of her outer pussy and intensely stimulated it.

Karla could only gasp and pant as the Ogre tongue fucks her hard. The two mighty paws surround her little body and her pulled open shirt is suddenly just gone. Mammoth digits are impossibly nimble for their size and assault all exposed skin on her body all at once.

Her dangling legs were stroked. Her face pushed about. Hair was pressed down. Her breasts are crushed into her chest. It slowed his goal, but slow was not stopped. Karla can't stop those sounds announcing her compelled climax.

A massive paw wraps her whole body. His tongue stiffens and he pumps her incredibly fast up and down on its tip. Unlike the earlier tongue assault this one was just a rough violation of her womanhood. No stroking of the behind mass of all her sensitive parts. The penetration was too rough to massage unwanted pleasure into her. Worse was the grunting growls bursting lewd moist breath over her naked body.

Then her ass is sucked hard into that vice like maw. Thrusting pulses of that writhing attacker bring back the stimulating grand mass. She held straight up from his mouth, folded in half with her limbs bouncing from the force behind that monstrous tongue.

She orgasms again, but can't gain a respite from that burst of hormones. Her ankles grabbed and she was now dangling upside down. Like they were grapes on a stem hanging from his dangling hand, he sucks both her breasts into that maw.

Making rolling m sounds as that mouth suckled both her tits hard. His lips are trickling drool sloppily over her chest. She realizes he wants her to feel dirty, used. To remind her she was small and weak and in his colossal control.

Hard gust as he retakes his spit off her now damp skin. She folded again, breasts out. Then to add to the fact she is just an object for his pleasure in this situation, the mounds are dipped into the little cup and soaked in sake.

Lifted to that Howard like face, that skilled tongue dances happily around and over her breasts. Playfully attending her little sensitive nipples. Despite her forced upon experience she trembled from the sensations generated.

As he dips her again he notes, "We should have ordered a dessert Little Karla Girl, savoring sweets off your sexy little body would taste so wonderful."

"Yes Daddy, Micheal likes to do that." She manages to reply.

A big finger pressed her lips, "No no Little Karla Girl. This is daddy time. No mention of others not involved. Do it again and daddy spank again." She can tell hearing his son's name made him guilty. Tempting her to call her wonderful owner's name again. She just can't handle her ass being flicked again. Even the hint made her cheeks pulse in remembered pain.

"Sorry Daddy, I'll be a good Little girl." Karla surrenders the command from the Howard-like Ogre.

"It's late Little Karla girl, so now it's daddy's turn." The monster told her and she knew what she must do. She is placed on his bare thigh and looked up at his hard cock and beyond that, his lust filled face.

Karla arches her ass up like she is aware he will like. Wiggling it as she crawled towards his erection. Slinking herself over one of his balls. Making sure to nuzzle her face into it. Drag her breasts along it. The Ogre hums happily, clearly enjoying her submitting herself to his pleasure.

She slowly climbs his reclined cock. Crawling tight to its warm skin. "Oh good girl." He sighs as she does.

"Yes daddy," she purrs back. Then slowly drags her tongue along that shaft in a zigzag motion as she scales his manhood. Making sure the Monster see's her face nuzzling it.

Karla made it to the top. Hugging her legs around the shaft. So easy to cling to this cock compared to Micheal's Behemoth. She strokes the much smaller dome. Making a display of kissing and licking it. Writhing and pumping her body along the tip of the ogre's manhood in a way she is sure he will like.

"Oh yeah good girl, good Little Karla girl!" The Monster moans.

Her body grinds hard. She moans in fake passion, "Oh daddy! Oh you're so hard daddy! Do I feel good daddy, am I a good little girl?"

"Oh yes little girl. You feel the best." The Ogre praised with gasping breath.

Karla hated this. Doing it. Keeping it a secret. But what choice did she have? Telling could cause family problems for Micheal. And if she didn't, this Ogre would have just pressed her to it anyway. She was helpless to stop him, helpless to convince him not to and helpless to tell anyone.

Karla continued grinding herself along the Ogre's tip. Humping her hips to rub her wrapped legs around its girth. She was so tired, the monster's earlier playing had exhausted her already and now it wanted her to pleasure its cock. She had to find a way to speed up to the gooey end.

Giving him the best pouty little girl voice she could manage at this point she reluctantly asked, "Oh daddy, if I feel so good, why no butterscotch all over my face?"

Clearly the Howard like beast was into the sensations as he replied, "Not now little Karla girl, daddy is getting his long denied treat right now."

"Oh but daddy, am I not being good enough for you warm thick treat on my little tits?" Making extra effort to massage her breasts along his tip she mockingly whimpered, "Don't you like my boobies daddy?"

"Yes, that'll look so good. Cumming on those tits, that face. Daddy so needed this." He growled lustfully.

Hugging tight she started really jerking her legs long his shaft cooing cutesy like, "Does daddy like my legs? Do they make your cock feel good?"

"Yes, daddy likes it. Daddy should have wrapped you around his dick sooner. You're going to get covered in daddy's fresh cum." the Ogre praised.

Karla took the fact he brought up cumming as a good sign the end was near. Time to sound like she was enjoying this, "Oh daddy! So much daddy for this little girl! Does daddy like it? Hmmm, does daddy like it?"

Hand pressed her tight to his cock. She was pulled from her perch and dragged along his limited length. Karla was rubbed quickly back and forth as that Howard-like monster repeatedly grunted, "Oh daddy like! Oh daddy like!"

Then she was held with just the tip between her thighs. Curiosity moved her before thought caught what was happening. Thick white goo spattered into her mouth and cheek. The giant cock bounced with each spurt. Painting her chest with sweet smelling semen. Each burst made the living mountain sigh, "Oh yeah!"

It was done. Soon her legs and groin would be used to wipe off any spray back from that offending tip and she could drag herself into that exposed shower. Karla waited trying not to cry in the formerly nice man's hand. Then she learned what was taking so long. "There's your treat little girl, let daddy see you enjoy."

Of course he wants to see me drink this foul cum, Karla thought bitterly. She made a display of scooping a hand full from her breast and brought it to her smiling face. Then she drank it down sloppy. Or that would be how it looked to him as she really just poured it down her chin and swallowed her own spit.

"Like daddy's treat little girl?" he asked in a tone disturbingly close to his normal speaking voice.

"I love butterscotch." She told him. She was a fan of the flavor, but if she could avoid it she wouldn't willingly accept drinking his seed.

"Daddy is going to enjoy our little play times little Karla girl." Howard declared.

"But this was just for tonight." Karla couldn't help but break character.

They were moving, "Don't worry Little Karla Girl, daddy will extra spoil you for being a good girl. Our special secret Karla."

"But I'm Micheal's special Karla." She desperately tried to explain.

"Still are, but now you're also daddy fun little naughty secret. Double spoiled, what a lucky little girl." He said placing her in the cage.

Karla started shouting how this shouldn't happen again, but he just shut the cage door and walked away. Clearly made up his mind if she liked it or not. Karla staggered into the shower and balled against the wall and cried hard as the water sprayed over her head and rinsed his leavings from her body.

She dried off and began looking for her stolen pajamas. Her bottoms were in the cage, but her top was not in sight anywhere. She was about to grab another and wondered why she was bothering at all. If he chose to use her in the morning her wearing clothes would barely slow him down.

She pulled those blankets he took by just wiggling his fingers and covered the bed again. Then buried herself under them. She worried what the morning might bring as her mind kept reminding her that what happened was what Shrunken were for after all.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by ALittleConfused » Wed Sep 14, 2022 2:55 am

Really happy to see more home life. I'm really interested in seeing how the situation with Howard turns out. Karla's had it pretty good for a while, I like that she's being reminded what it's like to be a normal shrunken.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HHunter1 » Wed Sep 14, 2022 1:10 pm

Well thank you for your comment, getting those is very encouraging. I'm glad you enjoyed it and hope you continue to enjoy this and other stories of mine.

Honestly I'm not sure how long this arch will go. I do plan to end this book of her adventures with them getting home and start the next book of adventures with this weighing on her mind. But for how long and what else comes from it I haven't fully decided yet.

On a side note, on my Buy Me A Coffee page I've started a Members only story for Members Green Status and higher. Aiming for short chapters. Main character being the guy that made a shrinking device and starts collecting by mistake (Maybe?). I am making him a bit of an Incel, so it wasn't his fault that he had to start shrinking women. (<-sarcasm)

Thank You again for your comment,

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CH 37: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HHunter1 » Thu Oct 13, 2022 4:04 am

Me again folks with this weeks chapter. Let me know what you think.

Reminder: My Buy Me A Coffee page, link below, has a story of Green Status and higher members to enjoy. I would be hugely grateful for any support. If not there financially then here with a few kind words. I am that needy for positive reinforcement. 😛


Chapter 37
M/f Non-Con
M/f Half Sized Short Scene

Karla was shook awake. Holding the blankets tight to her bare chest she looked up at the face attached to the arm bothering her early. "What Howard?" she asked in open annoyance.

"Since it'll be a while after this before we have some daddy/Karla secret fun time I thought we'd shower together." He explained.

"I showered last night." She huffed rolling back over away from him.

"Right, found your top by my bed." He said and Karla could see he was waving it above her head like she would reach for it. Likely hoping she'd let go of her blankets when she did. Well, let him keep it, she thought as she pulled the blankets tight over her shoulder.

He clearly gave up on that idea and just took her blankets. Humming when he discovered her topless. As his hand wrapped around her body he confessed, "Look I know you're not fully into this yet. But I promise to make it well worth your while. And soon you'll look forward to our secret fun together."

"I don't want that, Howard. I really wanted us like before this trip. You were becoming like a father to me." She explained.

He looked sad, clearly he was liking that too. He even said, "That was nice." He looked so defeated when he continued, "Then on this trip I was constantly reminded what a sexy little number you are. How wonderful you'd feel to play with and it was just me being nice keeping me from savoring your hot Shrunken body. And likely that would have kept going. But then I came back that night, too tired and drunk to think property. And I just had to give you a real try."

"You were not drunk last night." Karla pointed out. Hoping his concession would win and they could work on building that broken trust again.

Then she saw his eyes. Heard his words, "But that first night gave me a taste. And I needed another. I tried using other Shrunken to fill that need. But none move on a dick like you do. None perform like you do. Pretending to like doing it all sweet tones and sexy grinding. And daddy wants more."

He was like the addicts that used to hang out down by the old wooden docks, His main thoughts on another hit, as she was his drug of choice. "Please Howard, I don't want too." she begged.

"I understand that. And if we had more time I'd make that difference up for you." He said then slowly licked his lips. Clearly he thought he was making her more accepting of her forced service by orally raping her. Then he continued, "But until you're more excited for our play times I have a solution to speed up mornings like this."

She was about to ask what when his other hand appeared in view. Pinched between his thumb and index finger was what looked just like a regular pellet. Karla knew instantly that it was not a regular pellet. "No Howard, no please don't make me eat that."

Her head was pinned in place as he growled, "Come on Karla. During our fun time you should call me daddy. I know you know this."

She couldn't protest as the rounded end of the pellet was quickly coming towards her mouth. Lips pressed tight in a vain attempt to keep that drugged food stuff out of her body. The scent told her it was Strawberry flavored, why was his sex pellets also strawberry.

He snickered cruelly as the round tip wiggled her lips. Then Karla felt his hand flex. Pain made her grunt aloud. That was all he needed and the phallic shaped cylinder was spreading artificial strawberry over her tongue. Howard clearly enjoyed forcing simulated oral sex on Shrunken. His lewd grin glowed brighter with each deep thrust.

Karla could feel the tip dissolving in her mouth. Just a little in her system and she could feel her body becoming aroused already. She couldn't resist, it was overwhelming. Each deep thrust that teased widening her throat made her crave more strawberry flavor. More strawberry made her crave it deeper into her throat.

Soon Karla noticed her neck was bobbing. Dragging the pellet into her mouth herself. She knew better but couldn't resist wanting more sweet strawberry taste. Deeper, she wanted to feel it stretch her throat. She hated herself for wanting daddy to deep throat the treat he was giving her.

Her arms were free, daddy let her hold the pellet. Her mind knew not to, but her artificial lust arched her chest out so he could see her tits bounce as she shoved that thick round melting cock in and out of her mouth. She laid out on his palm for him to watch. It's warmth making her pussy melt. Karla's mind raced at the different ways he could use her body to make her, or more accurately her yearnings, work for his happiness.

Daddy was so nice, taking those nasty shorts off her ass. She rolled over to present her ass to him. Mentally begging he'd shove that magic tongue in her. Eager to be suckled like she was devouring her strawberry treat. The whole time happily grunting lewdly as she more than suggestively ate the rest of that pellet.

Karla felt like she was watching herself from outside her body. Her form rolled over and spread her legs wide so he could see how wet daddy made his little Karla girl. Her hands grabbed at his fingers in hopes they would crush her body in pleasure. "Daddy play with me please?" Her mouth lustfully begged.

"Daddy has to get a couple things done, then we'll shower. But you can wait in here." He said. Karla felt herself start to pout, then her body saw he was opening his underwear to drop her in.

She landed on the material. Then her form leaped from a seated position and she clung to his hardening wonderful cock. Hearing him praise, "Hmm, daddy likes you like this." Made her so crave butterscotch.

He closed his waist band and started to move. Karla heard herself snicker. Her mind thinking now his huggable cock couldn't escape her in this magical cloth room. Her legs wrapped and stroked around it. Its skin felt too nice on her face. Oh and the flavor on her tongue, nothing better than fresh daddy cock skin first thing in the morning. As it fully became erect it pinned her tightly to the underwear. Allowing her excited nipple to massage against daddy's manhood.

Karla was now long lost to the effects of the pellet. Little Karla girl couldn't resist loving having daddy's cock trapped like this. She could writhe along it and savor it with her whole body. Daddy would make happy sounds and she got more excited. Soon the happy sound would bring thick hot cum. Karla hoped daddy would pin her mouth so it would fill her up.

A mighty daddy hand wrapped her tight to that wonderful sweet tasting cock. Little Karla girl sang in the hopes daddy would run her nasty craving body over it till she was dripping in his fresh hot seed.

"No daddy, no!" Little Karla girl pouted as that hand took her away from her gorgeous big daddy cock.

"Sush Little girl. Daddy needs to shower." He commanded so handsomely.

A big glob of gel and Little Karla girl squealed being used to smear it over his amazing body. Her favorite and his was when he used her to give his large heavy balls a long intense scrubbing.

Daddy was clean. He said the sexiest thing, "Guess we should finish up."

Daddy wrapped his Little Karla girl around his cock. Then he began stroking. "Yummy, daddy's cock tastes so yummy." she sang as he did.

Now Little Karla girl was conflicted. Daddy was going too fast. He would be done so soon. Yes she wanted to drink every butterscotch drop as soon as possible. But she also wanted to love that hard big cock all day. Either way Little Karla Girl decided, after he finished she could just ask to be kept in his underwear all day.

She was brought quickly to the tip. He tugged her hair, but Little Karla Girl didn't care. Fighting the pain to press her mouth tightly over that magical spout of delectable daddy cum. The first burst, Little Karla Girl Struggled to keep her lips sealed over that wonderful nozzle. Sweet handsome daddy was so wonderfully helping by hugging her head so lovingly. She wasn't going to let even a drop of daddy's delicious butterscotch flavored cum escape her mouth.

The second blast and Karla couldn't get herself to stop trying to swallow daddy's cum. She knew she didn't really want to chug that sweet cum. But her body craved it too much. Though her throat couldn't take much more.

Third gush was too much for Karla's mouth and throat. Her little hands struggled to push her face off that awful cock. But Howard's colossal finger just held her face there. More attempted to force its way into Karla's stomach to flood over her face and ooze down over her breasts.

Her mouth was freed. She had to clear her throat to get air in her lungs. And horribly the fastest way was to choke the cum in her mouth and throat down. Soon air worked its way in. And as soon as she could she snarled at him, "You fucking monster."

Warm water started splashing on her. Howard's finger was taking liberties helping the spray rinse his cum off her chest. "I told you we didn't have a long time to play so I needed you to be eager fast. Couldn't wait till you were ready to pretend for daddy."

"A Randy Ranch pellet? You sick bastard. Then you almost drowned me with your semen! I hate you." She screamed.

His hand pushed her onto her back and pinned her between his palms. Karla cringed expecting him to press and threaten. To use that massive size to bully her into compliance. He didn't, his finger softly stroked her wet hair. His voice was soft, in a different situation she could see it being sweet. "I'm sorry Karla. I needed to feel you on my dick. You just, I don't know. Just feel so good. Just have a talent for making a dick. Just so wonderful with my cum on your face and tits. I knew I couldn't go too long without a Karla fix. And since we don't know the next time we'll have a chance to play together I needed that this morning. But I'll make it up to you, you'll see. Daddy will spoil his Little Karla Girl. That is as long as you don't ruin everything by telling anyone."

Karla could see it on his face, he was racked with guilt over his actions. Yet in his eyes she could see the addict already thinking about his next hit. His plea made sense. He knew Micheal would be furious with him. Karla oddly hoped Milly would also be mad. But she had thought at the start of this trip Howard would never do these things to her. She, like most drugs, had to keep his secret or possibly ruin his family. "I won't hurt them." Karla told him.

"Thanks Karla." he sighed.

He dried off and gave her a facecloth to do so as well. He dropped her into her cage while he dressed. He had clearly used the time she was in his underwear to select his clothes for the day and repack. She didn't have such luxury.

She dressed, taking the time to look at the schedule. One stop, then they would be at the Grant's factory. Karla sighed in relief that they wouldn't have another night alone. Then realized in annoyance that he knew that and that was why he force fed her that pellet. She grabbed a nice red mini skirt suit. White blouse with a cute little tie. She was glad she packed an extra suit. Black mini skirted suit was less eye-catching to meet this Mr. Walker tomorrow.

As she packed her clothes back up she had to make a few decisions. She had to stop thinking of Howard as an ogre or monster when he took advantage of her. She was trying to cling onto that old Howard. She found she still hung on to the hope that they could mend that broken fence. But till he got over her feeling good on his manhood, she had to see him for what he was. Howard, too weak to resist a want. An addict.

"Ready?" He asked looking up from his tablet. Likely catching up on work.

"Yes Howard." she said as deadpan as she could.

He slipped her into her pocket. Almost begging for forgiveness he reminded, "I promise, I'll pay you back."

They were picked up by the Limo and sent to the airport they landed at yesterday. Lovely leggy Asian again attended Howard's needs. Karla was allowed to stretch her legs on the table and have some of his breakfast. Not that she felt hungry, she had been force fed twice this morning already.

Karla watched the clouds go by and wondered where her dark side was. That It that came over her when she was being cruel herself. That internal self that helped her adjust to being Micheal's pet. Karla would have thought It would be advising her to milk the Howard situation for all its worth. Boost her ego that she was taming another giant with her tiny body.

Then she reasoned it was the lack of control. With Micheal the right cooed words or angled pose and she could get her way. As much as that boy could do anything he wanted to her, he was also sweetly attentive of her wants.

Howard was a man, grown past the getting all compliant when a pretty girl acted alluring. No, he had years of Shrunken ownership at this point. Karla's usual Micheal guiding behavior would arouse Howard, but just get her naked and messy. And that was way likely It hadn't come to her imagination. Karla couldn't manipulate Howard like she could her sweet Micheal.

Her mind raced for an idea. A shield to hinder his willingness to ignore the pain he was causing. The pain that would happen if he was caught. Karla could see he felt guilty about his actions. How he destroyed what they had. The damage if Micheal found out. She considered that, but wondered if she could handle such delicate clay? She had heard that addicts can be hard to predict. Would she get the old Howard, or a crueler one more willing to lavish his own desires.

They were near landing and he offered to help her back into that special pouch. But unlike the usual sliding her in. His fingers wrapped her body. It wouldn't likely be noticeable to another human, but Karla had no doubt he was actively fondling her as he put her away.

They landed and no limo. A truck pulled up. A man stepped out and a rugged looking man got out. In a grunt he asked, "Howard?"

"Yes?" Howard asked back.

The man spit then started, "Heard ya been gettin fancy rides all week. We headed to the research location. No long car gettin up those trails. Hop in and I'll haul ya ass to it."

"But, I am to inspect a facility?" Howard questioned openly.

"Yeah." The man replied like that was already well clear.

"But you said this was in the back woods." Howard pointed out.

"You're just a book smart fellow huh, yes Howie, big trees and everything." Karla snickered at how this man gave no fucks about Howard's status.

"But there should be steady power and a store." Howard reasoned.

The man shook his head, muttering to himself. "Yep, we don't eat bark in that dark." He said exasperated.

"A Half club?" Howard tested.

The man leaned in close, "Small, like the product they offer."

Howard's shifting told he was uncertain. The man flapped his arms in frustration and took out his wallet. Held up a blank white card and harshly asked, "You all got a reader, cause here's my card."

"No, no that's alright." Howard surrendered.

They got into the truck. It was clearly a work truck and not an elite guest taxi. The man started driving away from the airport. They were quiet for a while then Howard just seemingly had to talk, "Must be hard getting stuff to the facility."

"Nope, usually chopper the bulk of the small stuff in. Bigger things, yeah bigger things are hard to get. Not a lot of new couches at the store." The man replied.

"Your main research is static collection for energy collection?" He asked.

"Nope, my main research is shooting wolves and bears so the lab coats don't become shit." The man snarked back.

"So you don't know what they do there?" Howard questioned.

"I heard the cage inspector is a Shrunken." The man replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Yes, why?" Howard sounded defensive.

"Cause I'm hopin to chat to them. I am prayin they are the smart one of your pair." the man taunted.

"Do you know my status?" Howard barked.

"Nope, not much use out here. Wolves eat who they catch, standing not a thought in their heads. Been a few lean years for the nippers the last few years. They be hungry." The man pointed out.

Howard didn't say anything for a while. Then as they pulled onto a dirt road asked, "Shouldn’t they fly me in by helicopter?"

"Was, but then they had engine issues yesterday. The other is bringing up supplies and wouldn't have an open seat. I got bribed to do it." The man answered.

"Any chance there would be a seat back to town?" Howard inquired.

"Gosh I hope so." The man replied.

They drove a rough winding path that was now doubling as a road. Karla looked in wonder at the trees. She had never seen trees that big. That went up forever. Massive trunks that were wider than the truck's length. Natural beauties that took her breath away. She would have loved to stop to just take a better look at one.

Then in an open area was a village. A mix of structures. Wooden shacks and tarp covered sheds mixed with pre-fab plastic walled trailers and a small cement walled building. On many of the roofs were strange assortments of antenna and tower-like structures. And in the approximate corners of the town were observation towers towering over the other buildings.

Karla was just thinking how strange this hidden town was when a load pop like thud made her and Howard jump. "That's not for you. Likely a wolf getting too close. Oh, don't go walking in the woods." The man explained.

"Right, stay in town." Howard accepted.

They pulled up to the cement walled building. Howard turned to get out when along the building roofs blue lightning fluttered along the strange tower-like structures. It was scary and lovely. The driver then joked, "Right, also don't fly any kites."

There, in the entrance of the building was Howard's fans. Greeting him ecstatically. As they started to bring him in, Howard asked, "My Shrunken needs to inspect your store's Grant cages?"

"Right." A pudgy man in a lab coat answered. He turned to the man getting back into his truck and asked, "Westin, you mind getting that done for us?"

"I don't know." Howard was clearly uncomfortable with the driver.

"Yeah, if you're questioning my honesty I swear I'll bloody your lip." The man growled.

"Nonsense Westin, he's just not used to your charms." The pudgy man said. Looking at Howard and nodding reassuringly.

"If she is hurt." Howard started.

"Then I'll already be dead protecting her." The man snarled.

"See, Westin is a good man. Rough around the edges, but he needs to be for his duties." The rotund lab worker explained.

Howard reached in and Karla was lifted out. Karla was a touch nervous about being handed over. New people were now always questionable. The man's hands were heavily calloused and rough. Dirty too, but she kneeled as lady-like as she could in her tight skirt. Then he accepted Karla's collar.

The man watched Howard walk into the building. Then his annoyed expression softened. He looked almost scared at Karla and sighed. Saying almost too softly for her to hear, "Sorry miss. If I had my head I would have washed my hands before you sat in one."

Karla realized he had no idea how to handle a Shrunken. Not that this was a problem. In fact it was nice that he was taking the, treat them like a little person, over the, I can do what I want with this attitude. "You can speak normally, it's not a problem for me."

"Sorry, most Shrunken I handle are, well, bigger and whores. Sorry for being vulgar miss, but you don't seem like a whore." The man explained.

Karla understood what he clumsily meant and was flattered in a way. "Thank you Mr. Westin. I am my owner's Shrunken." She replied.

"Too bad you have such a dunce of an owner." He said quickly adding, "Sorry, I shouldn't speak ill of your owner to you."

Karla's feelings towards Howard right that moment were mixed and hearing him so bluntly be insulted didn't make her feel bad. She smiled at the rough man and explained, "He's not my owner. I belong to his son. And I assure you, he's not a dunce."

"Good, must take after his mother." The man smiled back. "Well let's get you big. Jim at the store has likely cleaned eight times this morning waiting for you." He started one way then looked at his truck, "You mind if I park that in the lot and out of the way?"

"Not at all Mr. Westin." Karla accepted.

"Just Westin miss. The mister just makes it longer." He offered.

"I'm Karla." she offered back. He nodded approvingly and started to his truck.

He opened the door and carefully climbed in then sat there clearly considering something. "What's wrong Westin?" she asked.

"Not sure where to sit you. Everything is dirty. Don't want to mess up your pretty skirt." He noted.

"If your jeans are clean I could just sit on your lap." She suggested looking at the very dirt covered truck seats.

"I'm not used to young ladies sitting in my lap, miss. I might not appear gentlemanly too long with you there." He advised with a slight blush to his cheeks.

Karla was scared at first assuming the worst of that idea. Then his expression told her he wasn't talking about doing something to her. He was just nervous he'd get hard with her sitting near there. Then she saw a solution, "Your breast pocket, I would fit in there."

"Yes you would, thank goodness." he sighed in relief. She was very carefully slipped in beside a pen and some pencils. Her heels clicked on something. Looking down she saw she was balanced to two bullets nearly as long as she was tall. It was scary at first, but she chastised herself. It was just tools for his job here.

They drove to where a collection of dirty trucks and trackers were parked. He grabbed the rifle off the back rack, checked the chamber. A missile sized bullet caught Karla's eyes. Then shut the chamber. Got out and started walking.

"Is the gun a necessary thing for everyone?" Karla asked.

"Should be but no. Just a habit." He explained looking along the tree line.

"Shot many wolves?" she asked.

"No, we honestly attempt to just chase them away if we can. They were here long before this place was. But the Company needs a hidden spot to make collecting lightning for energy workable." He offered.

"Does that make your towers dangerous?" she said, marveling at the structure.

"No, they rubberized them to the hilt. Recoat them once a year. Want to have a peek from one?" Westin offered.

"Maybe after, I do need to do my job." She pointed out.

"You're not going to want to climb the ladder in that skirt and heels you're wearing." he gave a counter point.

"Your correct, I hadn't thought of that." She snickered at her lack of foresight.

"Figured. You clearly are comfortable in that get up but I think you might be more of a jeans girl." Westin guessed.

"Yes, and a tee." She confirmed.

"Daddy's little tomboy as a girl?" he asked.

"Daddy's girl, but no, never a tomboy. Not that I kept away from climbing on rocks or getting dirty. But I was more into dancing and playing dress up. He did teach me how to fix trucks and cars. Well, older ones." She explained.

"Better ones. Less likely to clunk out because a chip gets wet or something." He complained about the tech in new truck lines like her father would have. She missed him. Wondering what her father was doing now.

They climbed the ladder. Way up, Karla was glad to be in his pocket. They made it to the top and the workers and researchers below looked like Shrunken milling about in Micheal cage room. She soo missed her boy's shoulder.

The men in the tower looked at Westin and nodded. Turning back to look into the woods. He asked, walking over to them, "Anything."

"The pack is testing this corner. I think someone has been tossing food out to them again." A man said.

"Is that bad?" Karla wondered. And scaring the two men.

"Westin, you managed to buy your own one?" one man asked.

"No, she's visiting. She's inspecting Jim's cages for when they start selling online." he explained.

"Dang I was hoping maybe Foley finally got one worth paying his fees to put a dick in." the second said.

"She can hear you Campbell." Westin grunted.

"Oh, sorry Miss, just you know. The ones here are not appealing." the man said.

"The redhead is alright." the first pointed out.

"And so used you might as well just be waving your dick in a warm summer shower." the second countered.

"She is still here." Westin pointed out.

"Sorry Miss, not many lady visitors up in these towers." they said together.

"I understand." Karla forgave them.

"Oh, their back." The second said pointing. Karla tried to see what he was talking about. Nothing but woods and underbrush.

"If anyone spots who is feeding them we need to report it. Look how close they are getting." Westin advised.

"I don't see anything." Karla advised.

"Don't shoot yet." Westin said, offering his fingers for Karla to climb up.

He placed her on the railing and cupped his hand before her to make her a safety rail. He leaned down and looked from behind her head. Then a finger pressed beside her head. "Follow where I'm pointing." He directed. At first it was still just tree trunks and underbrush. Then, movement. Her little eyes faintly noticed dog legs, then a snout. Then a wolf's face peeked out from some short bushes.

"They are getting close, Westin." The first said lifting his rifle.

Karla suddenly had a giant finger press over each of her ears. A very muffled, "Ready." came from Westin. She was glad he had. The crack of the bullet being released shook her so hard she worried her insides were knocked loose. She watched the wolf jump at the ground exploding near it. It skittered out of sight.

"They didn't go far." the shooter sighed.

"Trusting the bushes to protect them. That and the allure of free food. We should ask for the brush to be cleaned up again." The second advised.

"Such a pain being out there protecting workers. Though just being out in a big group does scare them back more." Westin said.

Then his rifle was lowered before Karla. "Here, have a good look before Scott and Campbell have to chase them off."

Karla looked through the scope. Her first thought was to close one eye and look through. Then her face was so small and her eyes so close it just worked like a binoculus. There was a pretty grayish wolf. Its big brown eyes looked curious towards the facility.

"Strange, they are so active this morning." The first man pointed out.

Westin suggested, "Maybe that's when the food is left out. Likely they toss it out to them on their way to research or something."

"We'll watch better tomorrow." The second started lifting his rifle.

"If you can, let us get down some before getting to work." Westin asked, scooping up Karla. Carefully slipped back into his pocket.

They were nearly at the bottom when shots went off. Karla looked and didn't see the wolves but saw the bursts of dirt and rock. They were mere meters away, so close to this human place. She was glad Westin had his rifle now.

The walked up to two trailers connected with some sort of hallway sized tubing. Westin just entered one. A greasy man about Karla's age was facing away pant-less. A Half sized brunette of a more rotund build had her face pressed tight into his groin while his hips pumped hard. "Suck it Bitch! Suck it Bitch!" he growled as he went.

"Sampling while at work Shawn?" Westin asked, slamming the door.

The man spun around, dragging the Half sized around with him. He was using its head to cover his nakedness. "Westin, you can't just walk in here."

"Can, did, regretting you not locking the door. You're supposed to be waiting to turn Miss Karla here to human size, not getting you rocks off in that one's mouth." Westin said. His tone told he had no care for this Shawn person.

"Well, cover her eyes while I get my pants on." The greasy man demanded.

"Yes, tiny slimy things can bother a lady." Westin said, turning around.

"Fine, done." The man called. Dirty gray sweat pants, figures Karla thought. The Brunette Half sized Shrunken clearly didn't care any more. Sitting topless in a near chair filing her nails.

"This way," The greasy man directed.

"Wow, to the sizing tube, what a surprise." Westin mocked.

He helped Karla out of his pocket. Then pulled her collar out of another. That Shawn person leaned close. "Oh, she’s nice looking. What do you say Westin, we have a little Half sized fun then send her to Jim’s to do the inspection."

"You know what, I'll place her in the tube and put her collar on her. If you even make another suggestion like that after I gave my word to look after her. Well, I don't know why Shawn went walking that far into the woods, he should have known better." Westin threatened.

"Are you threatening me?" the slimy man asked.

"Nope, just noting the wolves can stomach just about any meat when hungry enough." Westin said coldly.

"Yesh, you can put her in and put the collar on. Here, she'll need to take these pills once she's resized. And, " He grabbed a fresh bottle of water from a nearby fridge. "To wash them down."

Westin placed Karla down and stepped back, closing the door. Then that dizzy feeling. Rough hand grabbed her arm to help her balance. Then the collar touched her neck then slipped. It clunked on the floor. "Hurry you idiot before the adjustment wears off." The greasy man barked.

"Calm down, calm down." Westin countered, grabbing the collar. Karla helped him put it on this time.
She was handed the pills and the bottle of water and with that they were leaving that dirty place. As the door closed, that Shawn's voice was heard growling, "Back to work bitch."

"Thank you for that." Karla said, trying to walk on a rough road in heels.

"For what?" Westin asked.

"Protecting me from him." Karla pointed out.

"Nonsense, it was my pleasure. I take any chance I can get to tell him I'm going to feed him to the wolves." Westin said with a big smile.

"Bet he believes you will." Karla joked.

"If he doesn't it'll be even funnier when I do." Westin joked back. Well, she let herself think he was joking.

"Thinking flats would have been better for this stop?" He asked.

"Yes, if I packed any even. I thought all the stops were in cities when I packed." She confessed.

"I can understand that." Westin said.

They walked to a different trailer with bright lights lining the roof. The front door was replaced with a store door. Jim's painted on a hand made sign over the door. Westin opened the door for her and Karla stepped in. A guy in his early thirties looked up asking, "Is that the inspector?" Then his mouth hung open.

"Yesh Jim's this is Karla. She's the Grant's inspector." Westin confirmed.

Karla blushed a little when the man gasped loudly, "I didn't think she'd be that pretty."

"Yeah they come in all shapes and sizes. Now close your mouth and show her your cages." Westin sounded amused.

"Ah huh." The man mumbled.

"We're not used to pretty girls around here. Sorry. Make him radio me when you're done and I'll walk you back to the research building." Westin offered.

"Thank you Westin." She smiled at the rough man.

"You want to thank me send me a pretty Shrunken with your poise to keep this old hunter company in this dump." He commented.

"I'll see what I can do." Karla offered.

He tipped his cap and walked out. Karla turned to the cute older man still just staring wide mouthed, "Well, let's see what I came to see."

Karla was amused as his response was, "Your eyes are the prettiest brown eyes in the world." She was used to awkward compliments. But his smile was sweet. He shook his head and repeated Westin's point. "Yeah, not a lot of pretty eyes out here."

His cages were small. There wouldn't be any store sales at such a place and he clearly understood that. But Overlay ordered ones would still need to be held somewhere till workers finished their duties.

Karla felt comfortable with this man. Safe, almost like with Micheal. Safe away from possible broken trust. How did he even know she wanted an Iced Tea? His eyes were kind and deep brown. Not a looker. Not in rippling shape. Bit nerdy looking with thinning hair. Yet, kind features. Warm seasoned voice. The kind of person a woman could snuggle with on a porch swing and enjoy a sunset while sipping tea.

"It's nice out here." she said as she was finishing up her notes.

"Yeah, I love the trees. If it was safer I would take you for a walk. They are so peaceful." He said, smiling adorably.

"Take a lot of walks in wolf country?" she teased.

He shook his head, "No, that I avoid. No, I drive closer to the main road. There are safe trails through the trees that aren't all city made. A good hike, if you have time I could close up."

"No, sorry, I have to go soon." Karla replied. Actually sorry that she was leaving this lovely place.

"You could stay longer. I have a spare room. Or, I could find one with a lady researcher." He was so close. His hand was so warm on hers.

"No, my companion will be looking for me soon." she advised. Delighted at how his eyes were looking into hers.

"We could hide you. You could live here. We couldn't make you human again. But you wouldn't have to go back to being small anymore." He suggested hopefully.

It was tempting. Sure she wouldn't really be human, but closer than she was now. And he didn't seem to mind. And no one here could take that from her. Use her without her permission. Only she knew the collar command. A lovely wood surrounded home with a kind faced man.

Then her real kind faced man came to mind. That sweet boy and his goofy happy to see her grin. His voice sighing as he called her name. No, fully safe or not, Micheal was her home and life now. "I'm sorry. I can't stay. I'd miss my owner too much Jim."

"I understand." Jim replied and Karla's heart broke a little. "Lucky man." he sighed.

"I'm a lucky Shrunken." She informed him.

"Not from where I'm standing." Jim compliment.

Karla kissed his cheek. Then had to pull back as she was tempted to kiss again. "You'll make a great owner of some Shrunken some day too." She pushed herself back.

"I wasn't thinking of you as a Shrunken." he confessed.

"I'm going to go wait on the porch." Karla told him, stepping away.

"OK, I'll call Westin, stay close until he arrives just in case." Jim begged.

Karla stepped out on the porch. The rich woody air filled her lungs and her mind was a burst of confusion. What was she thinking? Leaving Micheal and staying here? She couldn't remember being so instantly drawn to someone. She looked at the store entrance and wondered if in a different world if she met Jim. But this was her world and her special boy was waiting for her at home.

She blamed the confusion of everything happening with Howard. He was an easy person to blame in her life right now. Doing those things to her. Making her subconsciously seeking escape from him instead of longing to be back with Micheal. Yeah she had been strangely drawn to Jim in there. But she only let it go that far because of Howard's horrible actions.

She felt so guilty. Micheal was her world. Her very life and she almost ruined it on the impossible idea of hiding from Howard out here. Like the tracking device in her collar wouldn't tell the Company she was right here. She missed her special Micheal. His touch, his voice, his very scent. How messed up had these days made her?

Jim popped his head out, "Westin is on his way."

Karla could still feel a draw to this man. But with Micheal in her thoughts it was more like seeing a cute friendly dog then a romantic one. She accepted her stronger attraction earlier had mixed that with her desire to escape being alone with Howard. "Thank you Jim." she said confident in her desire to see Micheal again.

He looked sad, poor man puppy she thought in a caring sense. "Hope you visit again." He wished.

"I will have to have a second look before the Kittens start being shipped." She said, Making his cute big brown eyes sparkle.

"See you then." He said. Stepping out his door.

"I will see you then." Karla was really regretting her slip up in the store.

"Ready Karla?" Westin was there. Karla was grateful for the rescue.

"Yes, thank you. Talk again soon Jim." she said, stepping towards the rough man.

"I hope so." Jim wished clearly.

They walked around a shack Westin noted, "I think Jim's might have a crush on you."

Karla felt horrible, "I think I encouraged it. This has been a rough trip for me."

"Most places not as friendly as Jim's?" Westin asked.

"Yeah, down right rude and cruel." She stretched the truth.

"That's the outside for you. I hate people. That's why I live here." He said in a sympathetic tone.

"Where I live is working a few states over." she sighed.

"Lucky boy." The man said knowingly.

"Lucky Shrunken." She corrected him.

Westin nodded and hoped, "Maybe someday I'll get to meet your owner, he seems like a smart fellow."

"Most people on this trip think Howard, I mean, Dr. Miller is my owner." Karla pointed out.

"Naa," The rough man countered, "You're too accepting of your life as a Shrunken to be one from that, lets see, that guys Shrunken."

Karla could sense he had harsher words about Howard. Before the last few days she would have defended Micheal's father. Since his violation of her as well as Micheal's trust she just couldn't muster a retort.

They stopped by the research building, "You'll be safe here. I'll be right back with the truck." Westin advised and walked off.

Karla watched him go. Then a couple of shots made her jump at their cracking of the air. She giggled, in a different location and those shots would be the danger. Here they were keeping danger back.

She looked about at the distant tree canopy. It was lovely. The green tops had needles instead of leaves. But still the edges of the branches waved happily down at her. Even the hardy woody scent filling the air was peaceful and relaxing. Karla could see why some delighted living in such conditions. Then her mental commune with nature was startled by some of the men in the tower keeping the wildlife at bay.

Howard came out flanked by his hangers on. His smile slipped as he advised, "Well I tried, but it seems we'll have to head back with that idiot."

"He's not so bad. Just rough around the edges." Karla defended her new friend.

"He's getting reported for his disrespect of me on the way here." Howard advised.

Karla snapped at him, "Oh, stop being so selfish just because he didn't kowtow to you. He's out here and you'll likely never see him again. Just let it go."

"Alright, fine. You have been hanging out with Milly haven't you." Howard relented with a teasing compliment.

"Maybe not enough." Karla stabbed back without thinking. But besides a couple of staffers giving her looks saying they thought she was being a lippy Shrunken. No one really took notice.

Westin pulled up and jumped out of the truck. He walked around and ignored Howard's, "About time."

He opened the passenger door. On the seat was a clean blanket. He offered Karla his calloused hand, "Let me help you in Miss."

"Shouldn't I, the human and Red Status member get the front seat?" Howard grumbled.

"I thought someone so high and mighty would be more used to being chuffed in the back of a vehicle." Westin taunted as he was helping Karla to enter the tall truck in the most lady-like way possible.

"You're on thin ice, mister." Howard whined.

Westin just started around the truck, "And you'll be left here if you don't get in soon."

Westin climbed in and shook his head as he started the truck. Howard dashed for the back door. Barely in before Westin started the vehicle moving. Karla had to hide her smirk at the clear annoyance on Howard's face as he didn't get to give his fans a grand farewell.

Then they were on the trail back to civilization. Karla opened the window to absorb as much of nature's breath as she could. Westin taking the time to point out sights of nature. Deer in a small clearing. A bear happily destroying some berry bushes. Maybe she could convince Micheal to let her visit here again. Oh the wonderful hope he and Josie would come too.

They arrived at the airport and Howard huffed, "Finally." As he leaped out the back seat.

Westin got out and walked around the truck. "Here, safer in that outfit." He said as he offered Karla his hand and shoulder to hold to ease her slip down to the ground.

She kissed his cheek and chirped, "Thanks."

"Glad to know somewhere there is a smart owner out there." He praised her Micheal.

She patted the man's chest noting, "You'd make a great owner. Someday a Shrunken will be grateful to ride in your pocket."

He blushed, "Be a long time before a tower jockey like me can afford a sweet little pocket fairy."

"But when you do." Karla started.

"I'll have to build it a rig so it too can be a tower jockey." He noted aloud. Karla snickered.

"Bye Westin. It was great to meet you." Karla said, stepping away.

"Thanks for visiting." He replied, giving her a nod.

Howard and her climbed into the plane and the leggy Asian stewardess guided them to their seats. Karla sighed as the plane started. The rough man watched them take off.

Howard huffed, "I have to put him on report." He then pulled his tablet out.

"Oh leave it be. He can't bother you anymore being stuck out in the middle of the woods." Karla countered.

He looked at her and coldly stated, "He let you, a Shrunken ride in the front seat. While I, a high ranking Company member had to squish themselves into the back seat."

Karla then thought of reasoning that likely would be acceptable to Howard's selfish mindset. "He likely wanted to ogle me some more, is all. Not a lot of women in tight short business skirts out there."

Howard looked to dismiss this, then gave a slight nod. "Yeah, likely. If I was a single guy out in the middle of nowhere I'd want to look you over some too. I'm still mad though." He sighed, "All my stress relievers are likely waiting at Jeff's by now."

Karla didn't want to offer this, but Westin was too nice to chance Howard's new selfish streak might hurt him. "If it'll help you ignore him we could go into the bathroom and I could relieve that for you?"

She was a bit insulted by the disgusted look that came across Howard's face. Then he explained while shacking his head, "No thank you. At Full size it would be too much like I was cheating on Milly." He made a sound like he ate something awful, "No, that idea is just not appealing."

Karla was proud of him. Even the hint of cheating on that tall slender beauty made him slightly sick to think about. Then that pride faded as she soon realized if she was standard sized or even as big as Half she would likely be in that bathroom. Him greedily getting his pleasure out of her. It was just that Full size made her too human like in his mind.

But she thought Milly was safe from him cheating on her. Making the Stewardess' unnecessary bending at her narrow waist amusing. Karla mused in her mind, sorry sister. Dr. Howard isn't your ticket to better status.

Howard suddenly said, "Oh, I should warn you. The Grants don't live like we do."

"What do you mean?" Karla was confused. They were Reds too, wouldn't they have a nice house? Were they living in an apartment?

"They have staff. Not a large staff. But a chef, a few maids and the like. So don't get weirded out." He explained.

Why didn't he just start with that she wondered. It made sense, Karla couldn't see Debbie doing laundry and making meals every day around those chest mountains. "OK, so what does that mean for me?" She asked the only question that came to mind.

He shrugged, "Just thought you should know."

Karla thought about teasing him about looking forward to the maids short uniforms or wanting his own staff at his beck and call. Yet a weight now weighed on her sense of fun. She was missing their destroyed connection.

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CH 38A: The Tourists. Home Life

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Slightly different chapter. More F/m then M/f in this one, I hope you don't mind.

Reminder: My Buy Me A Coffee page, link below, has a story of Green Status and higher members to enjoy. I would be hugely grateful for any support. If not there financially then here with a few kind words. I am that needy for positive reinforcement. 😛


Chapter 38A
m/f forced coupling

They landed and a man in uniform directed them to the limo. This was their last stop. Technically Karla's job was done on this trip as she didn't have to inspect any cages at the building Jeff had for his breeding factory. No, Howard had to inspect the teleporter was all. This was supposed to be the last stop and then the morning flight home.

No, now this Mr. Walker needed a meeting. That will be tomorrow afternoon. Karla wished it could have been today. Then she will be sleeping on her Micheal's chest tomorrow night. That thought got her wondering, where was she to sleep tonight?

They pulled up to an unremarkable warehouse-like structure. It was clearly the location as Jeff's jolly smile was there beaming at them with Chrissy bouncing with excitement beside him.

Howard stepped out first and straight into a Jeff bear hug and their special handshake. Karla found the usually teen giantess barely coming past her shoulders as the pink clad blonde hugged her tight. "Oh Karla I'm so glad your here!" She screamed.

"Yes, it is nice to see you Little Dancer." Karla heard as she stepped out of one girly hug of the daughter into the padded bear hug of the father.

"Hello Dr. Miller." Chrissy greeted Howard.

"Chrissy, call me Howard." he directed.

"OK Howard." she said, then turned to her father, "Daddy, since Karla has nothing to do can I show her around before getting back to work?"

"Sure Sunshine. Don't forget lunch." Jeff agreed.

"We can grab lunch right after the tour." Chrissy told Karla. Karla nodded OK, though lunch first would have been nice.

They stepped inside. Chrissy's chipper voice unnecessarily directed, "Follow me." As they started down a fairly plain office hall. Then to a door with a card slot. Crissy put her ID before it and the door popped open. Inside was lockers. Chrissy's was easy to spot with rainbow and Unicorn stickers adorning it. She pulled out a lab coat and Karla amused herself at how adorable her and Micheal would look together in their scientist attire.

Chrissy looked at her, "Oh, you'll need a coat." Then she went to a cage locker full of white rectangles and opened it. "Lets see, ahh, this should fit you perfectly." Handing her a plastic wrapped white package.

"Put the plastic in that recycle bin and try it on." Chrissy commanded.

Karla ripped open the plastic and allowed the garment to unfold. She smiled as she flipped the jacket over her shoulder and down her arms. She looked in a mirror hanging off the entrance door. Chrissy was right, the lab coat fit well. Making Karla feel smart, like she could have been a scientist like her Micheal. She had to ask, "You think it would be OK if I kept this after we are done?"

Chrissy nodded, "Sure, why?"

"I think Micheal would get a kick out of me being a little scientist," Karla confessed.

Chrissy looked her up and down. Then at herself. "You think he'd think I was pretty in my lab coat." Karla heard the real question, would he be as attracted to her as his curvy pet.

Karla pushed the girl's wavy hair from her face. "I think he would want you to help him with his experiments." She hoped this would brush the bubble gum smelling girl's jealousy away.

"Naughty experiments?" Chrissy requested.

Karla nuzzled the girl's nose with her own, "Very naughty ones."

Chrissy giggled at whatever came to her mind from that idea. Then waved Karla forward, "Speaking of, let's show you about."

They stepped through to a bunch of mostly empty plastic cages. "This is our holding area. This is where the Shrunken wait till they are selected to get it on." Chrissy happily explained. The few Shrunken in the cages, male and female both flinched at that statement. They all wore dull blue clothing that was just enough to cover and help things stay in place.

"Where are all the Shrunken you caught on the cruise?" Karla wondered aloud.

Chrissy snickered, "You'll see."

Then into a little booth office-like area. "This is our matching room. The computers have a program that estimates the best genetic combination of Mare and Stud to create the cutest Kittens."

A man about Karla's age turned, "Speaking of cutest, Hello Dr. Grant."

"Oh Corey stop. Karla, this is Corey, he looks after the computers in here for us. He's a big sweetie." Chrissy said with a shy smile. Then leaning close she advised, "He's always saying nice things to me."

Chrissy turned back to the man. "Excuse me Corey, I'm going to show Karla how the program works."

"Sure Honey, have a seat." And this Corey pulled Chrissy into his lap in a way that made Karla feel uncomfortable.

Chrissy just giggled like this was a game. "Corey, stop. I want to show Karla."

"Certainly." He advised, shipping back over to the terminal with the giggling Chrissy in his lap. He reached around the girl and pulled her tight to him. His head nuzzled tight along Chrissy's as he suggestively whispered, "Comfy?"

Chrissy pushed his face back, "Stop, that tickles. Karla, come closer so you can see."

Karla could see the look on the man's face. He was delighted with this young pretty blonde teen in his lap. Why, he was handsome enough to find a girl closer to his own age. This was creeping Karla out. Then she remembered the older ladies throwing themselves at Micheal due to his status. It didn't make this better, but she understood the reasoning better.

Chrissy looked perfectly content in the man's lap. Typing away at the keyboard like this was just a regular way for things to be done. The man whispered something in her ear that made her giggle. His hand stroking the back of Chrissy's hand.

"There, I selected an occupied cage. Now I'll start the program and it will pick a mate out of the available Studs." Chrissy explained.

"Speaking of available , when are we getting dinner together?" this creepy Corey requested.

"Stop teasing." Chrissy responded.

Karla felt uncomfortable around this. She wondered if she should tell Jeff. Luckily the program worked quickly as the female was soon matched with several males. The first pick was shown on screen beside the female. Along the bottom was a collection of possibilities that their pairing might produce. "Oh, I like those possible results. Note that combo for Monday Morning." Chrissy said in a very business tone.

This Corey reached around the girl and sickly cooed, "Like this my sweet?" and typed one handed in the keyboard while his other hand stroked along Chrissy's side.

"Thanks Corey." Chrissy said then attempted to jump off his lap. But his arm stopped her, "Corey, I'm giving Karla a tour. Let me go."

"Not till you pay the toll." was clearly a response he regularly requested.

Chrissy planted a big playful kiss on his cheek and kicked her legs. Then asked, "Satisfied?"

Ickly the man purred, "No, but it'll have to do for now."

"Oh Corey, stop being silly. You'll make me blush." Chrissy clearly didn't see the problem with such actions.

He let go and said in a way too forward tone, "I'll do more than that to you."

Chrissy giggled again and did blush. "You're silly." she said, fighting the snickering. "See you on Monday." Chrissy said heading out the door.

"I'll be counting the minutes." The man replied. His eyes lingering on the girl a lot too long.

"He was creepy." Karla said as the door shut behind them.

"Corey, no. He's sweet. And cute for an older guy. If you weren't a Shrunken I would play matchmaker with you two." Chrissy responded.

"I don't think I'd have the Status he's clearly attracted to." Karla pointed out.

"Sure you would, his last girlfriend was a Green. You'd be at least that with your job." Chrissy clearly didn't catch Karla's meaning. She would have to tell Jeff about what she saw.

"This is the Pairing area. You know what, I'm not waiting till Monday. That way I can show you what we do." The Blonde gleamed at this idea.

She walked around the computer booth. Grabbing the pleading female, "I hope it takes, I think she's had two failed attempts already." Chrissy said, placing the woman in a tub.

Then over to the cages with males in them. She pulled the selected male's cage door open. "Hmm, looks good if she's producing eggs. This Stud's stats looks like he hasn't fired blanks yet." The young man pressed pointlessly to the back of his cage, failing to avoid Chrissy's little girly hand.

Chrissy hummed happily. Turning she held the male upside down. His legs held between her fingers in a way that allowed the girl to stroke the male's groin with the tip of her middle finger. "Feels like you’re in for a good night." She gleefully told the pleading woman.

Chrissy walked back to a metal work table. The whole trip she fondled the male’s groin. She clearly enjoyed her work. She placed the tub down then went to a rack holding clear plastic cages on a rack labeled, "CLEAN."

Inside the cage was a rounded ram shaped protrusion in the near center of it. A grove in the walls showed where another wall would slide into place near one edge of the protrusion. On the larger area of the cage was a bottle like a hamster would have for water and a small bin. Hanging out the bottom was a rubber tube and the ceiling had two more tubes but they had strange rubbery straps dangling off them.

Chrissy placed the cage down and both Shrunken really began pleading with the bubblegum giantess. She just dropped the male in the tub holding the female and pulled the female out. "You have to prepare the Mare first." Chrissy said with delight as she took its limited clothes off its squirming body.

She lowered the panicking mini woman face down. "First you have to lock the Mare's limbs into the presenting block first." Chrissy's practiced fingers simply outmatched the female's efforts to escape. First a hand was shoved in a hole and a flick of Chrissy dainty finger and a hard snap sounded. Then She let that arm go. As hard as the female tugged she couldn't get her arm free. Then Chrissy pinned the other arm in place and that same snap like sound happened.

"There, arms in, that makes the legs so much easier." The blonde said with a proud tone. Pushing a calve into a groove on the side. The shrunken was practically just screaming at this point. Karla saw where Chrissy's finger was going. A padded flip lock. It snapped fast over the pinned calve. As she was securing the other leg she noted, "Hopefully on your next visit you'll be here in the morning so you'll be able to give this a try."

Karla looked at the female. The protrusion curved it's body so it's womanhood was way up. Dividing the thighs so it was as Chrissy referred to it, presenting.

"Next you connect the fresher tube. It's this one with the many hoses in the tube." Chrissy said, showing a tube with dangling straps. Sure enough, she could see the many smaller tubes in the larger clear one. She grabbed the Shrunken's head, "Now as you see the beak has to be slipped into the Mare's mouth," Chrissy advised as she wiggled a small scoop shaped thing poking out between the straps against the female's mouth. It struggled to keep its mouth closed. Chrissy mumbled, "Why." And flexed the fingers holding the head. Pain opened the female's mouth and the beak as Chrissy called it slipped just inside.

She then wrapped the straps and a mask formed over the female's mouth and nose. Karla could see the terror in it's little eyes. Chrissy clearly didn't or didn't care. Pointing to different hoses inside the bigger one. "That one trickles the liquid nutrient to keep the Mare fed and well hydrated. That one is a steady stream of cool air to keep them from overheating. See how they are wrapped, that's to cool the fed tube to help with internal cooling of the Mare. That third one feeds them a light liquid version of the ingredients in a Randy Ranch pellet that helps with arousal. Enough for their body to naturally produce wetness in their vaginal area. It mixes with their nutrients to help encourage them to swallow it. We would use a full version but it hinders fertilization."

Chrissy looked at Karla, "This is just for forced matings. If, say, you and Daniel wanted to make a Kitten, we have a much different set up for that."

"Good to know." Karla dismissed that idea. Then asked something she just noticed, "Are all Breeding Shrunken bald?"

"Yeah, easier to take care of them and strapping them into place." Chrissy answered while grabbing the second strap dangling tube.

"Must be hard to shave them." Karla noted.

Chrissy snickered. "No silly, we have a device that switches their Shrunken settings so it's not just legs and armpits that don't grow hair. But all over their body."

"Oh, that makes more sense." Karla felt dumb she hadn't thought of that.

"Now, this is a waste tube. See the nozzle?" Chrissy asked showing the bottom of the strap ended second tube.

"Yeah, what is that for?" Karla wondered.

"Well, that hole at the bottom of the presenting base is to catch the Mare's urine and any run off from the mating process. This is for the Mare's solid wastes." Chrissy grabbed a bottle labeled clearly, "Anal Lube" and pressed the nuzzle into the rubber hole on the top of that bottle. She tilted the bottle and gave it a quick shake. As she did she explained, "First you make it slick." Then she moved the end over the female's pressed up ass. "Then carefully you place the nuzzle over the Mare's anus." The Female's muffled screams told this wasn't a fun maneuver.

Chrissy clearly didn't care about the female's comfort as she practically sang, "Roll it about three or four times." Suddenly she pressed down fast, "Then pop it right in tight." The female jumped but the restraints held her firmly in place. Then Chrissy smiled as she described her actions. "Then wrap the straps and lock them in place."

Chrissy advised as she reached for a plastic board with a slit up the middle. "That also keeps the Stud putting it in the right hole."

She continued, "This is the dividing wall. This keeps the Stud at the right end." Chrissy slid the clear plastic wall down over the female's neck.

Karla could see scratches in the lower end. She assumed the male's still tried to get to the wrong end. "So the male's can't just unlock the butt tube and get at the female's ass?"

"Karla," Chrissy said in a chastising tone. Then finished with, "Here at the factory they are Mare and Stud not female and male. Use the right terms please." Then she answered, "Yeah, they try. Some try so very hard. But they don't have enough strength and the want to Stud is too strong."

"Now you add a little starting lube to help the Stud start his job." Chrissy happily chirped dipping a long Q-tip into a bottle labeled, "Vag Lube." Then she pressed the tip at the female's exposed pussy. Karla mentally corrected herself as she watched Chrissy's little fingers spin the thin stick back and forth, smearing open the Mare's vaginal lips. She should use the proper terms she was told.

The greyish goop heavy on the Mare's sexual entrance Chrissy dropped the stick in a bin and gleefully purred, "Now for the Stud." Making said Stud cringe.

"First some pellets in the bin. These are specially made to replenish the nutrients most expanded while in the mating process." She pulled out a draw and grabbed a handful and dumped them in the bin. "Not too many though. We can't reuse any uneaten ones as they might get contaminated."

"Contaminated?" Karla asked.

"The Stud's mind is so chemically focused on doing their job that they tend to just ignore other things. Notice how they don't have a bathroom. They just go literally when and where ever." Chrissy explained.

As she untwisted the bottle from the rodent water bottle she added, "We tried using a tube on their anus too, but it got tangled and it caught on the hydration bottle. Just limited their range of motion. Free range just gets better results." Then she nodded, "And more jobs. We have cage cleaners."

Chrissy held up the bottle, "We fill this with a special liquid. It has more electrolytes to keep the Stud hydrated. They go through a lot of fluids during this. Little humpers drink for days after their turns."

She placed the bottle under a nuzzle under the table and pressed a button till the bottle was full of a blueish gray liquid. Then carefully she placed it back onto the feeding nozzle inside the cage. The blonde growled with delight, "That's all done, we grab the Stud."

The Stud tried valiantly to jump to the lip of the tub it was trapped in. Chrissy hovering clawed girly hand would be terrifying from his perspective, Karla reasoned. The blonde giantess wicked grin surely just made it scary. Finger latched and pulled the Stud out as he screams like a frightened child.

"First clearly you strip, oh." She said,

"What?" Karla asked.

She showed the Stud's exposed genitals. Her fingers rolled the dangling length back and forth. "Daddy must have put this one in. If I had such a fun built Shrunken I would have kept him. Waste of a tasty treat." Chrissy whimpered. The Stud was well endowed. Its mass and weight were clear even being fumbled about by delicate giantess fingers.

"But won't well endowed Kittens sell well?" Karla questioned.

Chrissy's eyes sparkled back up. "Your right, Hung Studs mean hung product. Good call Karla."

Chrissy lifted the Stud to her mouth. Then hooked her lips around its endowment and smacked a kiss around it. "I like to kiss them for luck, want to help me wish him luck?"

"I don't know?" Karla said hoping Chrissy didn't press further.

"Please, so I can get his needle ready?" Chrissy asks holding the Stud towards her like she was attempting to ward Karla off. The Rolling back and forth of the girl's hand made the Stud's member flop amusingly back and forth.

Karla snickered and realized she had to now. She took the Stud from Chrissy's hand. As the girl pulled out a small needle and a medicine bottle Karla brought the Stud to face level, "Well, good luck Stud." She teasingly purred before hooking his Shrunken cock on her bottom lip. Pressing her top lip over it she rubbed them back and forth. He was scared but clearly liked having a couple younger giantess orally fondle his heavy cock. Karla found the tip and playfully stroked the tip of her tongue over it.

"OK, ready." Chrissy advised. Karla let the Stud's maleness go with a loud smack of her lips.

"You have to have fun at work." Chrissy giggled at Karla's actions.

"My fun at work usually involves Micheal." Karla let slip.

Chrissy pouted just for half a second. Then waved her closer. "I keep having dreams he gets made like a Shrunken and I have to take care of my handsome little Micheal. I make him very happy to be small." She shares.

Karla hadn't thought about that. The idea of some strange way their situations being reversed. She imagined giving him Special Kisses instead of the other way around. "Nice dream." she said and they both started giggling.

Chrissy sighs then shakes her head. "Well, back to work."

She took the Stud back and pinned him facing towards her palm, his ass up. "This needle is full of Studding juice. As you can see it doesn't take much to be effective."

She tilted the small needle towards the Stud's bare ass. It was now in full panic. She could understand. The needle was small to her at Full size. At standard size it would be almost as long as her leg with a blade nearly as thick as her index finger.

"Now now, it's just a little prick. You'll soon be giving that Mare a larger prick." Chrissy taunted. Stabbing the end of the needle into the Stud's ass. She depressed the plunger slightly and the Stud grunted in discomfort.

Chrissy grabbed a Q-tip and rubbed it over what looked like a moist block of caulk. "And a little dab of sealant to keep him from trickling blood." Chrissy said cheerfully. Then placed the Stud in the business end of the cage.

"Now close the lid." Chrissy explained. But Karla was watching the Stud. He was making strange gasping actions. His hands flexed like he was in pain. Then he started panting. His endowment stood up in one fluid motion. His hand stroked the shaft more like he was smoothing a sore body part then attempting to self pleasure.

"Now, let's attach them to a rack." Chrissy said standing with the cage.

Karla couldn't stop watching the poor Stud. He looked like he was fighting off some demon attempting to possess him. Shaking his head and muttering to himself. Struggling to not look at the raised and exposed pussy smeared in lubricating gel.

"This is the rack." Chrissy pointed to a metal like shelves. On it was several active cages. Karla cringed. The selected Stud and Mare looked both to be in mid thirties or so. Here on the rack was a mix of Studs and Mares. Many looked no older then Chrissy herself. Sex crazed Shrunken boys Micheal's age thrusting their artificially and clearly painfully hardened cocks into women and girls. Young teen girl Shrunken sobbing as strange Shrunken Studs pumped their cocks deep and hard into their forced up girlhoods.

"Oh stop that. That is just what they are for now." Chrissy pointed out clearly reading Karla's expression.

"But some are so young." Karla gasped in disbelief.

"Younger ones produce longer." Chrissy said like that made it acceptable.

"But, that could be their first experience with sex." Karla hoped to reason.

"Naa, I think most of this batch just didn't take hold. It'll be like their second or third round by now." Chrissy dismissed looking at labels attached to the cages. Then she lifts their prepared cage up to an empty slot.

"This is the waste tube for this space. It attaches to the anal tube here." Chrissy explained clearly not caring that teens that could have been her classmates under different circumstances were now being forcefully bred right around her. "This connector is for the front tube. There, that'll keep out Mare in breeding shape." The Blonde continued happily. Karla suddenly realized Chrissy likely matched many of those cages together that very day.

"Then locked into place. Done. Oh look, he's already studding. Lucky Mare, if she'd relax she might even get some pleasure out of it like this one is." Chrissy said pointing to a early twenties Mare who looked quite accepting of her middle age looking Stud.

Karla shook those old self thoughts from her mind. This was just how things were. Another example she could use to help train Micheal's own collection once she got home again. She could already hear herself in that cruel mistress voice she used explaining how they could end up ass up in a plastic cage getting a strange penis rammed into them for twenty four hours.

She looked at these as Shrunken that failed to grab the idea. Their own fault they ended up here. Not just bad luck and not being appealing enough for the blonde beside her or her overweight father. Yeah, that made this more acceptable, she said looking through the cages.

"Karla, don't get your face so close." Chrissy advised.

"Why, they are small and trapped are they not?" she inquired.

Then a light thump and repeated tapping like thumps. A Stud was attempting to smash his little body through the plexiglass to get at her giant face. Chrissy explained, "You're safe but it could cause damage to our Studs. They lose all sense of safety and just focus on getting off with the first wet hole they can find. Even if it's a giant mouth outside the glass."

"Oh, sorry." Karla said, pulling her face back by standing up straight. The Stud seeing the giantess' mouth leave his immediate sight looked about like it would just magically reappear just before him. Then caught sight of his selected Mare's dripping womanhood. He literally leaped from where he was standing. Catching the waste tube and nearly slipping on the splashed-on area around the Mare's back end. Then with no thought of injuring either himself or the poor young Mare he shoved his whole erection in. Grabbing the Mare's hips and just thrusting for all he was worth.

"Now once set you fill out a label with time how many unsuccessful attempts the Mare has had before this pairing. Same for the stud. Then attach and let the Stud do his job for twenty four hours. And hopefully a Kitten will be the result." Chrissy continued her explanation of setting up a breeding cage.

As she stuck the hanging label on the small cage she lamented, "I hope they look at the time on this label before they separate this pairing. Taking out a Stud before the burn through their shot can get messy."

Chrissy walked over to a list on the wall. Checking it she requested, "One second, I'm just going to advise Katie of our addition."

"Sure." Karla agreed.

"OK, let's continue." Chrissy said, waving Karla over to a door.

Inside this room were more clear plastic cages. They were small bedrooms with one Mare in each. "These Mares just finished their turn in the breeding cage." Chrissy waved Karla to the back. "As you can see each one has their own waste tube. On Monday we'll attach a filter on each for the day. Tuesday we shall test the filter. The ones showing a positive result go onto into the next room. The failures will either go back to start over or, if they failed for the third time we'll have to test them to make sure. No point attempting to breed them if they are not popping out eggs."

She smiled at Karla, "Studs are tested after every failed attempt since it is so much easier to test them."

"What happens if they fail?" Karla felt strangely slightly worried.

Chrissy smiled, "Don't skip ahead of the tour. Now this way." She led them through another door and towards another set of plastic cages. These were much plusher than the others. Padded chairs and couches. A big fluffy looking bed. A fair sized shower along a bathroom area. Even a small collection of books and a small TV screen, many showed TV shows and the like playing on them.

Each one of these visible small apartments had Shrunken women or girls. The first set all seem to have slightly pronounced stomachs. Clearly they had been successful results from the earlier cage's purpose. Many clearly knew what this new life meant and looked at Karla with a mix of defeat, fear, and resentment.

"These Mares all successfully took their Stud's seed. These will be the first batch of Kittens from the Shrunken daddy and I collected on our trip. Look at them all Karla, each one will foal in a month or so and in a few years these will be sell like hot cakes." Chrissy cheerfully described.

"Is that why they have such cages?" Karla asked.

"Yes, we want them to be comfortable while they gestate. We also find the padding keeps the more bitter Mares from attempting to end their pregnancy. As well as the perks, they get special pellets and treated water to help with the Kitten's development. We want to keep our Mare's in perfect health, especially when gestating." Chrissy explained more details.

As Chrissy opened the next door she advised, "Now these rooms are the birthing theaters. When a Mare is ready to produce we bring them in here and collect the Kitten." It looked like a hall of small offices. Simple wooden doors beside large windows. A couple were lit up.

Then Chrissy squealed, "Oh a couple of daddy's old Mare's are popping, let's go see." Then rushed over to a light glowing window. Inside was a white room, in the center of which was a small metal table with a tiled surface. On that surface it looked like a miniature hospital room. A gurney with a Shrunken woman in stirrups clearly giving birth. Wheeled trays and other tools holding carts about. Using them was a trio of Shrunken in scrubs. Hovering over the whole proceeding was a human woman advising the Shrunken to push as it complained it was too tired.

Chrissy looked at a computer readout under the window and noted, "That one will be a bit." She smiled at Karla and commanded, "Let's look at the next one."

They walked over and she smiled, "Yeah, this one is almost done." Karla looked and the female was arching back as a Shrunken nurse was between its legs. As if they had been waiting for them the super tiny baby came out and a second Shrunken nurse cut the umbilical cord.

The mother reached out for the infant but the Shrunken nurse turned towards the human woman instead. The Shrunken mother begged, "Please, please let me just hold my baby." The Human took the infant in its palm and just turned away. The Shrunken woman screamed for her baby as the woman walked towards the door.

Karla could hear the desperate Shrunken begging to see its child when the door opened. Chrissy just snickered as she said, "Silly Mare, soon she'll understand all the Kittens she gestates are ours to sell." Then she waved Karla to follow, "Lets watch it get cleaned up."

They followed the woman holding the inch sized jelly baby bean. In another room was a small team of Shrunken nurses that took the infant. So quickly they washed it off the blood, weighed and measured it and wrapped it in a diaper and a blanket. The poor thing wailed the whole time. Brought into this world by someone turned into an item to be an item for someone else.

Chrissy stopped the human woman, "Can we see the Kitten Marie?"

The woman nodded, "Yes Dr. Grant." And held out her hand.

It was so small. Karla felt so bad for it. "Its a healthy female. If the matching program was accurate it'll go for a top price." The holding woman advised like they just assembled a chair or something.

"Great. Karla, would you like to hold it?" Chrissy asked.

"Oh no, I might hurt her." Karla dismissed the idea.

"Nonsense." Chrissy countered. Carefully she slipped the settling mini baby onto her fingers and then poured the infant into the center of Karla's palm.

Karla's heart melted. The little thing sort of smacked its mouth then looked to give a little yawn before just laying there eyes closed. Karla couldn't speak over a whisper, "Oh so adorable, what is her name?"

"KJB62." The woman that had delivered the darling thing said flatly.

"What?" Karla was confused.

"Sorry Karla, we don't name them. They are being raised in the knowledge when they get bought their Owner has the right to or not to name them. So we just label them as what they are. This in the tenth, or J Kitten of breeding batch sixty two." Chrissy explained. Then she looked at the woman, "Reminds me, I would like everyone's suggestion on labeling adjustments as with a larger Mare stook we will likely have bred results that surpass the lettering method. I was thinking of just going with the Kitten number batch number."

"That seems the best idea. Anything else people have suggested just gets complicated." The woman staffer answered.

"Great, I still should ask the others. But I think that's how we'll go." Chrissy nodded. Then smiled at the staffer, "OK Marie, I'm going to keep giving Karla here the tour. She's my boyfriend's smart Shrunken."

The woman's posture changed. Karla got the feeling the woman was disgusted that she had considered Karla people. Then flatly advised, "Too bad you hadn't caught that. She'd be great bred stock."

"Yeah, but likely she'd have ended up in daddy's private collection. But she is a Red's favorite Shrunken and should be treated as such." Chrissy said.

"Sorry, still just such a shame." The staffer said. Karla got the clear feeling this woman didn't think much of her being Full sized.

Chrissy just ignored the response and told the woman, "Since we're on our way we'll take the Kitten to the Nursery."

"Thanks, there was another from this batch ready to pop any minute. I think Carol and I will have a busy night." The Staffer advised.

"Good luck." Chrissy told the woman and directed Karla to a swinging door.

Once through Karla noted, "I don't think that woman liked me."

Chrissy shrugged, "Maybe, but she's not wrong. You would make great Kittens and if I caught you I would have had you in the first breeding round. Just having you going through the breeding cycles as fast as was healthy for you. Even after you burned out you'd still sell fairly well once we erased what stretch marks did manage to form on your stretchy Shrunken stomach."

It was a bit disturbing how much thought Chrissy had clearly put into that. Not helped with her continuing, "Though before we started the bred cycles daddy did look through the Mares we all collected and selected a few to take home. Since I know daddy thinks you're pretty you would have likely ended up back home."

Karla was so grateful that Micheal caught her. To be strapped inside one of those cages while a drug crazed guy slammed this cock inside her over and over for a day would be a nightmare. Less scary but still unnerving was the idea that she could have ended up as one of Jeff's personal pets. The unknown of how he treated his Shrunken just left her cold.

The ideas of what Jeff might be like as an owner and Chrissy's repeated use of calling him Daddy made Karla attach two dark ideas. What if Howard offered to share her with Jeff? It wouldn't be hard to cover, we need to talk to Karla privately and she would be alone with them. Then would they pass her back and forth or would they just drench her in their cum?

"Karla, are you alright?" Chrissy asked.

"Yeah, just got thinking what it would be like to be a Mare." Karla partially confessed.

"Oh, yeah. But your Micheal's so you'll never end up in one of those cages. Now later he might want Kittens from you, then you'll likely end up breeding in the accepting cages. So much nicer. A soft bed, some couches. Though if a pairing doesn't start on their own we do feed them a Ranch pellet to get them going." Chrissy tried to help.

"Do you breed many willing Shrunken couples?" Karla asked, hoping to think about anything else.

"Some, owners get together and want their favorites to make a new favorites. Mostly though, we see their not getting it on and feed them. Funny thing, a Male's Shrunken doesn't produce enough semen to counter a pellet's effects so many times the female is pouncing on a worn out male. Just bouncing on them like a trampoline." Chrissy just didn't see things from Karla's Shrunken mind set as she laughed at that remembered happening.

They stepped into a room. A series of tables with some sort of rack were positioned with a patch between them. Over all but the table closest to the door was a sheet. That table had Shrunken sized cribs with a space between large enough for the Shrunken attending them to walk and check on the mini infants in the occupied ones. Over all the cribs was a series of tubes that had a line to each crib ending in a very fine nipple. In one corner was what looked to be a bathing changing area for the babies. Another had padded and rocking chairs. The third looked to have a stairwell going down under the table.

"These are our tables for infants. They'll stay here for about two months before being transferred to the next room. Since Kittens develop so quickly they eat almost constantly. The Formula tubes allow them to just latch on and drink whenever they awake. The attendants help any having issues getting a hold of their nipple. As well as giving them cuddles for fussy ones and changing and cleaning them. You can place that one in that crib with the clamp attached to the feed tube. Then remove the clamp and direct the nipple over its mouth." Chrissy explained what Karla was looking at.

Very carefully Karla scooped under the newborn with the tips of her fingers and as gently as possible placed it in the crib. Then released the clamp holding that dangling tube empty. The rubbery line filled quickly. She placed the needle fine nipple at the infant's lips and it grabbed and began to suckle.

"Good Job." A voice startled Karla.

"Hello Isaac, I'm showing Karla, our rep with Miller Teleporters around." Chrissy explained to the tall blonde man.

"Oh, your boyfriend's amazing Shrunken." the man replied happily. Did Chrissy tell everyone about her? The man looked Karla up and down. She felt she was being assessed like a new appliance. "You're right, he should do limited offering breedings of her. As smart as you say she is plus rather attractive. Higher ups could use her Kittens like little pocket sized personal assistants. Well, ones they wouldn't have to worry about sexually harassing."

"Isaac here is one of our human Kitten attendants. They do things the Shrunken ones can't. Remove the garbage or change the formula tubes, that type of thing." Chrissy explained.

Karla sighed. Did this girl not understand Karla didn't want her discussing her like a breeding Shrunken. Karla would have to ask her directly, just not in front of her worker.

Karla watched as one of the Shrunken on the table took the stairs on the far corner down. She made sure Issac wasn't in a location to assess her form and bent over to see where the little man in scrubs went. Under was a small Plexiglass cage. Several beds were lined up like in a military barracks. Beside each bed were two locker looking boxes. As he approached one bed he waved at the Shrunken laying there. That one got up and headed to the stairs and the first climbed into the bed. She wondered why he climbed into that bed and not another. Then she saw more exchanging laying Shrunken getting off a bed for a standing one to take its place. A quick head count she noticed there were only enough beds for half the small group of Shrunken at a time.

"Why is there so little beds. There are twelve Shrunken but only six beds?" She asked.

"Because only six Shrunken attendants should be sleeping at a time." Isaac said, like that was a silly question.

"But shouldn't they each get their own bed?" Karla wondered.

"Why? They can use the bed of the Shrunken on duty." Isaac asked more then answered.

"Karla, it saves materials and space. Since they switch every eight hours there will always be a bed open for them when it's their rest time." Chrissy explained. She must have seen Karla didn't understand as she added, "They don't need a different bed since we determined they can just share the beds. They are not pet Shrunken, their, well, service Shrunken."

"Oh, it's what they used to do on submarines, it's called hot bedding. So it's not like we just came up with the idea ourselves." Isaac added.

Chrissy sighed, "You're so sweet, but unlike you there are not people like. Just living things that work as commanded or suffer punishments."

"Slaves." Karla clarified how she was hearing this.

"No." Chrissy sounded hurt. Then defended with, "Slaves are people that were forced to work against their will. That's a horrible thing. These are just Shrunken, Shrunken can't be slaves. So they work because they have to or else face punishment.'

Karla sighed, she could see how she wasn't going to defeat that sound logic. Afterall, was it that far from Micheal making them serve his Behemoth. If she could be alright with that Karla had to accept this use as well. Besides, the Shrunken didn't look too bothered by their lives. Many seem happily looking after their master's living product.

"Wait, where did you get all the Shrunken to be attendants?" She asked.

"Not all our catches we brought here were able to breed. Others have burned out their production usefulness. So we found other uses for them." Chrissy said proudly.

"How do you know they are safe for such work?" Karla questioned.

"Don't jump ahead, now let's check out the next room." Chrissy countered, waving her to the next door.

The next room was set up much the same way as the last one. Just the tables were bigger with an attached feed silo. This allowed what looked like a day care room for the Kittens on the one active table. Those said Kittens looked to range from approximately the equivalent of a six month old human to about two year old equivalent human. There looked to be a touch less Shrunken staff. That made sense since none of these would have been from the Shrunken Chrissy or Jeff caught on the boat. The staff here looked to be older Shrunken, like grand parent types looked after the little Kittens.

Chrissy led to the next room and again it followed the same pattern. Sure this one had a few feed silos and no formula tubing. But this table was designed to look after the Kitten toddlers to what looked to be an early school aged product. None were scared when she leaned over to look at the set-up. No, they likely get held and manipulated by the attendants that looked after this room.

The following room had a table with Kittens that looked about six to about nine. It reminded Karla of Sandy's Shrunken kid cage with the playground equipment and such. As Chrissy was explaining how these are the ones they start Importing data into, Karla felt the play structures were a little twisted as they were clearly starting the physical training for their future lives. The climbable cylinders were suggestively shaped. The entrances to tunnels and slides that oval-like shape. Many with a spinning ball or bell at the top for the children to eagerly roll or ring as they crawled and wiggled inside.

Karla was feeling a bit guilty. These Kittens would never know real childhoods. They had no concept of anything about their life being wrong. Happily smiling up at her and waving like giants were a regular happening and they were happy to see them. Since for them it likely was a regular happening. She sighed and followed to the next room. She had a distinct feeling the rooms were circling around a middle room.

This one held the ten plus Kittens. "These ones are what is left after the Security test." Chrissy started.

"Wait, why does Security need to test them?" Karla wondered.

"Oh, no." Chrissy started. Then with a I'm smarter then you smile explained, "They are given the Processing as children that grow up in the Orphanage is. Those that pass are sent to Security training to see if they can be part of that force."

"I thought Kittens couldn't be made full sized for long?" Karla questioned as that was what she was told.

Chrissy snorted dismissively, "That's what the Company wants people to think. They can and make powerful security personal. Well, if they make it to that level. Since they are trained basically from birth here to be a human's pet most don't adjust well to the idea that they will get to be human and therefore have a Shrunken as a pet."

"Why would the Company want people to think they can't be human sized for long then?" Karla asked in confusion.

Chrissy looked at the attendant and the woman shrugged back. Then the blonde teen leaned in close and said, "Rumor has it years ago, like the eighties or other olden times someone started a Kitten factory in secret and was raising them to be their personal army. They were going to take over the world or worse the Company with their Kitten super soldiers. Since, pound for pound Kittens are much stronger and faster then humans would be."

"So, now they tell people Kittens can't be human sized for long or they'll die." Karla reasoned.

"Well, that's because all Kittens we sell will have a tracking chip in them and if they are left human sized too long, it will kill them. Just in case you understand." Chrissy informed her. "But, non-sales products don't get chipped."

"But doesn't Security taking Kittens cut into the profits?" Karla asked.

Chrissy shook her head, "I'll explain once we finish the tour."

She brought Karla into another room. "These are fully trained Kittens we are waiting to fully ripen. As you can see the scanners hanging over the Raising table are scanning constantly. Once one is ripe we pluck it out to the product room to package it up for shipping for whoever paid for them to be bred." Chrissy explained.

It looked more like a military boot camp than the others. Kittens climbing what was now no longer just a suggestive shape but hardened rubber dildos. Silicone play pussies where groups seem to be testing each other on the different sensitive parts or how to best wiggle themselves inside. Karla felt it was sick in a way. These Kittens looked only about as old as Chrissy or Micheal. Worse, because of the strange way children born as Shrunken physically mature they were technically only about three years old. Yet she had to remind herself that this was what they were bred for, the reason they even excited.

"Now, not all that Ripen are, let's say, pass quality control." Chrissy started. "See, it happens that some are, well, ugly. But genetically they have the chance to breed quality Kittens. Those we recycle into the Breeding cycles. But from the looks of it we have mostly sales product here currently."

The little teen like Kittens saw her and all looked at each other excitedly. Must have been that she was a new giant face. They bolted over and stood in an attention-like pose. Chests out, especially the females. One brave young male cooing warmly, "Are you looking to buy one of us Mistress, we are all eager to be used to service."

Chrissy snickered. "See how well trained they are. You could literally pluck any one of them off the table and they would gleefully let you do whatever you like to them."

The bubblegum teen leaned over the table, "Sorry product, but she's s Shrunken to."

This did not deter them as a female purred, "Yes, but can she buy one for her owner. I bet he's a strong owner that would wrap several of us around his human cock and enjoy us slowly."

"They are so close to ripe." Chrissy said, almost giggling. "She's not shopping, just on tour."

The crowd all whined in disappointment. Clearly they all looked forward to being owned and used by a giant human. Karla worried that some might only get used once and end up as lizard food or disfigured. She let the knowledge that these early ones would be bid on, and paying the top price for one of these would likely make it valuable to its new owner. Less disposable than the ones basically caught for free with the price of a cruise ticket. No, the Reds and Purples that didn't get a ticket for the ship and bought one of these would likely have it as the jewel of their collection. It was the formerly human Shrunken sold off cheap that would likely face the real horror stories.

"Won't they just make the most exquisite pets." Chrissy proudly announced. "If I didn't already have a large and growing collection I'd buy a dozen or so of them."

"I can see why they will be well wanted." Karla had to confess.

"Now let's look at how we train them so well." Chrissy advised.

Karla followed Chrissy into a room she realized they had been circling. Inside were racks and racks of white plastic Shrunken sized Inputting pods. "These are all the training pods. We start placing them into the pods once they age enough to go into the third phase room. An hour or so each day teaches them the required skills and knowledge for a perfect pet. While reenforcing what they are and how great the Company is."

Chrissy turned and continued, "They are also able to run a form of the Processing. Any sterile Shrunken are ran through this. And the better they nearly pass determines if they can be used as table attendants. Those that fail horribly are sold off. Not that they are big money items once used as breeders."

As Karla admired the smooth rounded surface of a close-by pod she questioned, "Is it them burning out quickly why you have so many table attendants already?"

"No silly, once the Cruise was done there was a flood of ugly or old Shrunken. Daddy bought a big lot of them. Ugly can still breed attractive Kittens after all. And old ones are used to looking after little ones. Since several were sterile from the start. Which was a bonus." Chrissy rambled an answer.

"You don't worry they'll teach the Kittens to resent the Company and their future owners?" Karla inquired.

Chrissy shook her head, "No the Inputting is well crafted to be undone by such silly notions." Karla took that as their brainwashing is too total and overwhelming.

"Now, to the testing room." Chrissy said, opening another door and directing Karla into the next room.

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CH 38B: The Tourists. Home Life

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Slightly different chapter. More F/m then M/f in this one, I hope you don't mind.

Reminder: My Buy Me A Coffee page, link below, has a story of Green Status and higher members to enjoy. I would be hugely grateful for any support. If not there financially then here with a few kind words. I am that needy for positive reinforcement. 😛


Chapter 38B
F,F/m+ Teasing and Artificial situation in the name of science.

Inside was what looked like several doll sizing tubes. Through a window Karla could see an enclosed room with a table with what looked like a smaller table with restraints that would leave the Shrunken placed upon it with their legs spread wide. Hovering over it was some sort of contraption with a wired device hooked to it. A smaller table nearby likely held medical tools while these tables were in use.

Along another wall was a table with some comfortable chairs. On the table was a rack of clear bottles with a shallow amount of liquid in the bottom. A tray of clothes sat beside that. Two empty cages listed as Sterile and Fertile with a holding tub between them. To indicate the purpose to the bottles and cages was a small cage holding several naked male Shrunken. They looked up at them with fear and worry.

Chrissy drew her attention, "These tubes are for readjusting the Shrunken so that they have no hair. Makes it so much easier to place them in the Breed cages and clean them afterward." Then over to the windowed room, "This is the room we test the females that aren't producing. We have to muzzle them while we do the procedure, Mares are so whinny. We are just checking if they are producing eggs. If we can harvest some then we place them back into cycle, none. Well, they get tested to see if we can use them or just sell them off."

Karla twinged at the idea of giants attempting to reach tools and such up her womanhood to harvest eggs. Likely, since she is a Shrunken, without anesthesia. How could they even reach them inside? How could they even find the eggs in a being so small?

Chrissy practically skipped over to the last table then sighed heavily with a slouch, muttering, "Oh fudge."

She turned back to Karla, "This is the table for testing the males that haven't produced in their last run. And it looks like I have some waiting for that testing." Then she smiled, "Oh, would you like to try testing some? It'd be a great help?"

"Sure." Karla agreed, sensing the tour was basically done.

"Great, and here I can answer questions as we work." Chrissy happily advised waving Karla over.

Karla sat down beside the bubbly blonde. The teen doctor started instructed, "First you grab a Stud to test." The males started as the dainty hand opened the cage access door. Then they attempted to avoid that same slender fingered beast in their limited space. Like they wouldn't all be caught at one point or another. Chrissy openly giggled at them before latching upon one. She smiled in delight at Karla and encouraged, "Go ahead, grab one."

Karla started reaching into the cage. It was strange, a second ago she felt bad for them. Now however, seeing men, fit to flabby all trembling and foolishly hoping to avoid her giantess grip. Her fingers hooked a body, she didn't even select one. No, like lightning she just struck. Its form struggled in her mighty titaness grip. Helpless to escape her for she was so much larger than it. Oh the rush was like hard liquor. Then she noticed that she was giggling softly too.

She looked at the male Shrunken in her grip. A boy more then man. Likely this wasn't his first testing as it was scared, let it didn't beg for mercy. Just shaking his head as he looked up helplessly at her.

"OK, first, we need to harden their play stick, oh, I mean penis. I usually start by pinning them down into my palm with my fingers and stroke along the length of their penis." Chrissy said with a happy growl. This girl did like the duties of her job. Her dainty fingers hooked around the chest of her chuddy test subject. It struggled but failed to escape. Then she hooked her slender finger between the male's things. The tip of her finger slowly wiggled along its dangling penis. Or as the teen called it, his play stick.

Karla followed suit. Fingers grabbed the lad in her palm. A finger slipped between its thighs. The giant pad of her digit massaged the Shrunken's sexual organ. Karla delighted at seeing even with all the fear it was feeling, it was being aroused by a slight wiggling of her finger. Chrissy cheered her on, "Well, you're a natural. Look how fast that Stud is getting hard."

"Now, the next step. Since they are hard we have to lube their little dangling bit." Chrissy was delighted. Then reached over and grabbed a flat jar. Opening it was a mass of grayish slime. She dipped the stiff mini cock into the goo, saturating it. Karla followed Chrissy's example and bobbed her caught test subject in the gel as well.

"Now grab a test bottle. Take the lid off." Chrissy directed. Doing that with her free hand. In the top was a rubber stopper with an oval shaped hole in the middle of it. "Then slipped the penis in the hole." Chrissy continued as she shoved the bottle onto the phallic of her testing toy. It looked uncomfortable at first for the Stud. Chrissy giggled girlishly as she added, "Then stimulate the Stud till they release." Chrissy holds the bottle and wiggles it on the male's erection. The male started grunting in a way that told the sensations was unwanted but not undesirable.

Karla lifted the bottle to the goo smeared tip of her young test subject. It whimpered as Karla circled the bottle at that aroused shaft. The opening in the top of the bottle opened and she slipped it down the length. Then she fucked the Stud with the bottle. Forcing it to produce her desired effect. Oh the rush, the power. So helpless was the little man. Gasping as she basically raped it with a silicon tipped bottle.

Karla gasped in a strange arousal as the young stud clearly climaxed despite fear of forced sexual contact. Helpless to resist her, even to resist the pleasure she forced upon it through an artificial means.

"Now pull him out and place him in the waiting tub." Chrissy directed her as she continued to bottle stroke the stud she was testing. Karla placed the spent Shrunken into an empty tub.

"Now, put the cap back on the bottle and shake it hard for about a minute." Chrissy commanded. Karla twisted the cap on and shook the bottle. It got strangely warm. After about a minute she looked at the bottle. The liquid turned pink. "Great, that one is still usable. Place it in that cage. That's the one to get them back into the breeding cycle again."

Chrissy sighed looking into the bottle she had been shaking and advised, "Unlike my chubby catch." The liquid inside was an odd blue shade. Placing it in the sterile cage.

They both happily grabbed another failed Stud and started fondling them as Chrissy asked, "You had questions on the tour, what were they again?"

"Huh," Karla sighed as she attempted to remember. "Oh, don't giving Kittens over to Security Forces cut into the profits?"

Chrissy shrugged as she did her work. Then explained, "We don't have profits. Currently we are losing money hand over fist. The Company is paying our staff, our bills, for our needs. Till the Kittens from our Cruise catches start becoming ripe we will be. It was daddy who had scrapped and saved every nickel to get us even one set of tickets. So, any Kittens that they take is a credit towards the growing bill we have with them. They take a percentage of every Kitten we sell as well."

"Really, why are they paying the bills?" Karla asked.

Chrissy looked about like she wanted to make sure no one had snuck in with them. "We don't know. That Mr. Jacobs showed up one day and told daddy the Company wanted him to explain past our limited ability to pay with what little we could bred. That we were now ticketed on the Cruise were now for Reds as daddy's status was flooded. His reputation was built up till he was Red status. He was told he would be in charge of all Breeding branches that did more than just private pairings. It is kind of scary, let also amazing."

"So, the Company really owns the Grant Factories?" Karla wondered.

"No, not as I can tell. It's more we just really owe them. I mean, they are not charging us interest on the loans. But I think they do have plans for us that we'll have to follow." Chrissy answered.

"Oh, that's a bit worrisome." Karla wondered what the higher ups were planning.

"Not really. It is the Company, they look after their own after all." Chrissy replied.

Chrissy was correct, the Company was the ones helping her Micheal. They were supporting his girlfriend's family. They were the real power in the world after all. In the same way, they were scary. They, as she was constantly reminded, could do practically whatever they wanted. And they wanted Jeff's breeding business to succeed.

"Do they have any requests besides the odd Kitten for Security?" Karla wondered.

Chrissy shrugged, "Not yet. They are rather happy just to support us."

"So, I take you telling me this in secret because it is a secret." Karla inquired.

Chrissy nodded, "But as a high standing representative like you should know. But you can't tell anyone. Not even my sweet Micheal."

Karla didn't like that phrasing. Chrissy had a point, as Micheal was her boyfriend. But Karla still didn't like it as Micheal was her sweet owner. Then Karla saw the real reason Chrissy had slipped her that secret. A weight she couldn't share with her Titan Teen.

Chrissy interrupted Karla from slipping into brooding. "What were the other questions?"

Karla thought back to their quick tour. "I can't remember them. Could I ask you later when they come to mind?"

"Yeah, of course. I want you to think of me as a friend after all. As Micheal's special pet, I'll try to think of you as special too." Chrissy happily replied. Then hugged Karla.

They continued to test the Studs in the cage. Chrissy slipped into playfully taunting the little man as she worked. Karla delighted in this play as work as well. Wiggling in her grip. Helpless to resist their stimulating and forced release. Sorting them as still working or into to be tested if they can be used in a different manner.

Karla grabbed yet another Stud to test. She stroked her finger tip along his little cock. The middled aged Shrunken male looked fearful but also uncomfortable. Chrissy happily advised, "Looks like you have a resistant fellow."

"Yes, he doesn't seem to be enjoying it." Karla observed.

Chrissy grabbed her next test subject suggesting, "Give him a little pucker action."

"Pucker action?" Karla asked.

"Yeah, like this." And Chrissy lifted her latest test subject towards her bubble gum pink lips. The Stud in her little hand clearly didn't mind the idea of his genitals orally fondled by the teenaged giantess. Chrissy surrounded the Shrunken male's cock. Flexing her lips tight around his manhood. Making the Stud gasp happily. Chrissy lifted her mouth and advised, "And if that doesn't work, just give him a little lick." Her tongue flicked out and hooked around the mini erection. Slipping up it and making the small man in the girl's hand loudly sigh.

Chrissy moved her catch to the jar and dipped him in. "See how quick that worked?" The teen giggled as her test subject whimpered. Karla looked at the subject in her hand. She had the feeling Chrissy often used the pucker method to get the Studs hard for testing. Chrissy herself reassured, "They are clean. We disinfect them before testing."

"Couldn't we just give them a Randy Pellet?" Karla asked. Ignoring the reminder it gave her of the mornings happening.

Chrissy sighed, "We used to give them a half of one. But further testing showed they gave false positives."

"Well, I guess I'll try pucker action." Karla said, lifting the unresponsive male towards her lips. Then wondered, "Maybe he didn't produce because he didn't get hard? He might just not like women."

Chrissy giggled. "Oh that isn't a problem. The shot we give them would make a dead Shrunken hard. As for their sexual attraction, once its in their system they just want a wet hole to put it into. Daddy tested it."

"Alright." Karla sighed. She teased herself, if the Shrunken male was a more attractive Stud she likely would have been less reluctant to do this practice. She hooked her bottom lip under the floppy little cock. Pressing her upper lip around the penis. Massaging it with her lips. The little middle aged Shrunken clearly was enjoying her giantess kiss. His manhood was stiffening and Karla found herself cruelly snicker as her tongue teased the tiny man.

"Careful Karla," Chrissy giggled, "The Studs are not flavored. And, of course we need them to squirt into a bottle."

Karla dipped her current subject in the goo and bottled its erection. Pumping her wrist to stimulate the Stud. "This is why we are doing this after all."

"Yeah, but we can have fun with it too." Chrissy said with a little bounce. "And if the Stud is a rather cute specimen, you can play with it some too."

Karla's current subject climaxed as she pumped the little bottle along his penis. Shaking that bottle to get the chemical reaction that would determine his next state of life. Blue made Karla feel like it wasn't worth giving him oral attention.

Chrissy grabbed her next subject and held him out to display him to Karla. Snickering the teen mocked, "This one might not be producing because he's not depositing deep enough."

Karla reached over and stroked under the very little Shrunken penis. "Are you even going to get it into the bottle?" She teased.

Chrissy's finger slipped between his thighs and began massaging his little balls. "Well I have to try. It'd be a waste if we just tossed him in the broken Studs."

Karla snickered. As scared and belittled as this poor Stud was, he just couldn't ignore the attention to his very miniature manhood by two giantesses. That made her cruelly tease, "We are being a little hard on him. We should kiss him sorry." She leaned into the living toy making toy. Sucking his entire package just past her lips and twirled his shaft with the edge of her tongue.

Karla could tell Chrissy had seen the fun this taunting was for her. "Oh, yes my little Stud, I'm so sorry too." And bright pink lips now took hold of his genitals. He sure looked to enjoy this type of teasing.

Chrissy orally released his manhood and giggled. Purring tauntingly the slight blonde teen advised, "Poor fellow, here let me ease that stiffness." Then capped his mini dick with a tester bottle. She began pumping as she loudly whispered a naughty idea, "Imagine that's both our mouths down there." The Stud's minds eye must have been detailed as he soon was gasping in forced satisfaction.

Chrissy placed him in the tub as she capped the bottle and began shaking it. "That was fun. Want to tease another?"

Karla looked into the cage. She liked being the powerful one. She took the mental note that Milly should try this if she ever visited the Grants. She was surprised to find a hung well built male among the lot. Then she realized, like his face wasn't handsome enough for Chrissy or Debbie. She nabbed him by his dangling floppy cock. "Yeah, I think I do." Karla said as a delightful rush came over her. Something about leading the male towards the opening by his cock was intoxicating.

"Oh, little dick is still good." Chrissy snickered as she moved that subject to the breeding usable cage. Then she looked at the one Karla was scooping out of the cage. "Oh I remember that dangler. He would just not learn his place. So since he was ugly I just gave up trying."

The buff male crawled back towards Karla's finger tips. Karla mocked his helplessness, "Bet he has learned his place now."

Chrissy leaned over Karla’s open hand and playfully snarled, "Too late. If he had learned sooner he likely would have gotten this more." Then with a snap Chrissy mouth latched around the male's waist. The Teen Giantess' jaw worked furiously, likely heavily lapping her tongue over and around the hung Shrunken's cock and balls. His pronounced gasping made Karla laugh at the fun she and her Micheal's girlfriend was having.

Karla prepped a bottle while Chrissy looked to get lost in her oral stimulation. Well, Karla knew the girl giant liked her toys well endowed. Chrissy lifted her face and the Stud's cock stood like a tower as he yelled, "I wasn't done your giant slut!"

Karla slammed the bottle down his straight up shaft as Chrissy snorted, "See, such a rude little dangler."

"Yeah, I hope if he does make Kittens they are not as mouthy." Karla encouraged her usually towering friend.

"Oh they won't be. Besides, he needs to pass this, if not. Well, likely the next lips on his play shaft will be some lady too old to get on the cruise or maybe, if he's lucky, some poor Yellow fellow wanting a heavy dangling pet." Chrissy mocked the Stud panting in Karla's palm.

As he finished Karla flipped him to capture every little drop in the testing liquid. "This is great fun." Karla heard herself note aloud.

"It is. My favorite task here." Chrissy purred looking over the remaining studs in the cage.

"Wait, when you saw them you were all pouty." Karla remembered.

Chrissy smiled as her hand latched around her next test subject. As she pulled the wiggling Stud out she confessed, "Because I know we won't get them all done before Daddy and Howard are done. That means the weekend staff will get to play and I won't."

"You have a cage full at home to play with." Karla said snickering at the blonde's greed.

"You know, maybe I should bring home some tester bottles to play test my personal collection of danglers at home. I mean, they’ll not pass, but the play could be fun." The teen girl schemed.

"Wouldn't that be a waste of tester fluid." Karla hated to hamper her friend's imagination. Appraising the remaining Studs for her next play thing. Oops she mentally noted, test subject.

"True, I wonder if there are other color changing fluids I could fill them with?" Chrissy replied. Finger stroking mini manhood.

"You reuse the bottles?" Karla inquired as she snapped her hand over a Stud like it was the beak of some giant bird of prey.

Continuing her fondling of her latest subject Chrissy nodded, "We have a very thorough cleaning machine. Better for the environment. Just pop the stopper and drain the bottle. Wash, rinse, and refill."

"I don't remember that room from the tour." Karla teased. A little disappointed in her newest test subject. He was clearly looking a little too forward to having his cock fondled by a giantess as he was already getting hard just held in Karla's warm palm.

Dipping her Stud in the lube Chrissy snickered as she responded, "It's where we clean the cages after a breeding session. We also have a special cleaning machines for the Studs and Mares." She slipped a tester bottle over the goo covered erection as she offered, "Did you really want to see it?"

Karla thought for a second as she dipped her subject. "Yeah, Just to see how the Shrunken shower thing works." She answered and popped the bottle on the Stud.

"OK, once Daddy says it's time to go. We should wash up the tested Studs and Spent before we leave anyway." Chrissy gleefully advised over her latest tester's moans of climax.

Karla noticed her subject flinching at the suggestion of getting washed up. She expected it wouldn't be a pleasant experience. She felt bad for them again. Used till they didn't supply the needed fluid then sold like yard sale garbage. It was a rough life. She stroked her tester's balls as she bottle fucked him. Yeah, he liked that. That simple action washed her guilt away with how much power she had over this little man.

She placed him in the tub as her mind reminded her Micheal gave her similar power at home. A coo and a little possing and she could ride her giant's shoulder as he picked her a pretty bouquet of Shrunken girls and women. A nuzzle to his ear lobe and a purred whisper and he would do such fun games for her to watch. They were theirs to do with as they wanted.

She ignored her old self pointing out correctly that such a mindset got her wrapped around Howard's cock. She argued that was wrong because she was special, Micheal's and Micheal's only. Almost vengefully thinking that some of the pretties in her titan teen's cage would delightfully be used to ease the suffering that was wrongfully caused to her.

Chrissy's voice sounded worried, "Karla, are you OK?"

"Yes, why?" Karla asked, looking at the worried face of her Micheal's girlfriend.

"Because you look about to squeeze that Stud to death." Chrissy advised. Asking, "Did he bite you? I get mad like that when they bite me."

"Yeah, sorry. Got a little too annoyed." Karla lied, losing her grip. She decided to apologize to the little guy with a little pucker action. Feeling a little better as he shuttered breathing let her feel forgiven. Then to thank his imagined good nature she gave him a few teasing licks.

"You forgave it fairly quickly." Chrissy pointed out as she bottled her latest subject.

"I worried I had squeezed him too hard. Thought this would get that out of his mind sooner than a little finger stroking." Karla lied again while getting the Stud to finish in a bottle. Though her mind was more on seeing if Milly could convince Mr. Jacobs to let her be Full or even half sized for a day at home. A day with Milly playing with her collection might be needed to ease the wounds of this week.

"Yeah, a little pucker action usually always works no matter what happened before." Chrissy said then giggled at the mini man in her grip. He didn't look to be resisting her giant digit attention. Yet his cock and balls were greedily suckled into the blonde's bright pink lips anyway.

Karla thought she might play with two this time. Oops again she thought, test, she was testing them not playing with helpless little men. And since she could hold one in her mouth and fondle a second she could savor her dominance of two test subjects at once.

As she grabbed her first lucky helpless test subject Chrissy's watch went off. "Oh, they're done already. Guess we should clean up."

Karla reluctantly released her catch. A little sad as he looked the have a lot to be tested. Chrissy popped a bottle on her last man subject. Vigorously she jerked the bottle as she asked, "Over in the cabinet are tubs to carry the tested ones to the cleaning room. Pink for the ones going back into the breeding cycle and blue for the spent ones to be tested please."

Karla walked over. Way from the Smaller Shrunken and she felt guilty again. They were helpless and she forced herself on them. Too small to resist this and upcoming abuses of them. Abuses like what Howard had forced on her. This feeling was wrong in this environment. They were regular Shrunken and regular Shrunken were for whatever their owners wanted them to be for. She couldn't wait to get back to Micheal. Where this was clear, where she was rightfully Special and protected. Where her hurt and anger at Howard could be spent in distractions that would delight her Micheal. Where Josie's warm embrace could make her feel loved.

Karla sighed hard as she felt tears welling up. She couldn't show weakness before her Micheal's girlfriend. She might slip that horrible secret and that would get back to her titan teen. Karla couldn't wound her Micheal with that information.

"Oh good." Chrissy clearly didn't notice Karla's moment of weakness. "Lets load them up."

They walked out of the testing room and past staff lunch and locker rooms. A kitchen and a room labeled as a training room. Then into a fair-sized room that frankly reminded Karla of a restaurant dish pit. Gray racks with posts were stacked about in many crevices. "Grab two racks please." Chrissy asked as she walked over to what looked like an industrial dishwasher with the two tubs.

Karla grabbed two from the nearest hole holding racks. Just like the ones from restaurants her mind noted. Then she noticed these racks had little straps on the posts. Likely for strapping the Shrunken in place for cleaning. Limbs spread wide over the open grating of the rack's bottom.

"Oops, sorry Karla I should have specified." Chrissy giggled. "Those are for the Mares so we can get deep into their messed in holes. The Stud racks are in the next one."

Karla placed the two rack back imagining the Mares after twenty four hours of being raped by a drugged up guy now forced to hang spread eagle between posts as water was blasted up them. Poor things she thought as she pulled out the Stud racks. Flat post-less racks like a restaurant would used for silverware and the like.

"Thanks." Chrissy said, pulling the first rack over and literally pouring the pink tub's living contents into the rack. Many begging voices fired up at the teen as she shook them to stagger them apart. "We used to have labels but they peeled off." Chrissy explained as she ignored the chorus of pleading.

She just shoved the rack under a stainless steel device as little men screamed in terror. Then she pulled a little lever down and noted as she pressed it, "Bottom two is for cleaning Studs."

Karla had visited friends at their work at restaurants. That loud roaring whooshing water sound was just like the dish washing machines at those places. Worse was the cries and screams of those trapped inside.

After a few minutes the machine stopped and Chrissy lifted the lever. She pulled out the rack. All the Studs were on their hands and knees gasping for breath. They all looked nearly drowned. Their skin was all a slight pink color like they had gotten a touch too much sun. Chrissy lifted the rack and shook them roughly. "Can you run the next rack as I put these in their drying cart? Button two remember."

The teen walked towards a tower of stainless steel on wheels. The spaces of the brackets told that it was for holding racks like the one she was holding.

Karla lifted the blue tub. The little men began begging. Begging not to go through that harsh washing. Pleading helpless before her. Helpless like she was when she begged that man not to abuse his son's Special Shrunken. She felt a strange rage at those men. A rage she knew she couldn't shake till in Micheal's grip again.

The whole bucket was now Howards. Their helpless begging was now his excuses for what he did to her. She snickered as she poured them into that gridded rack bottom. Now as they started to get up their pleading was reminders she couldn't ever tell her Micheal. She had to keep this dark secret of Howard's monstrous breaking of their trusts. Hers, Micheal's, possibly even Milly's. She shook them to let the crowd of little naked Howards know she knew that torturous fact already.

She gleefully shoved them in. The screamed in terror, terror of her power over them. A power that was used against her by someone that wasn't her Special sweet owner Micheal. She closed those dark thoughts inside that shiny metal box and pressed the button labeled two. Oh the screams of fear and pain at the power wash they were experiencing was cleansing of her.

The machine stopped and Karla pulled the rack out. Lifting it like Chrissy did the other one and shook the drowned spent former Studs. "They go into this rack." Chrissy advised pointing to a different moveable wheeled metal tower. Karla slipped them in as high as she could reach. Feeling a touch better till Chrissy reminded, "Time to meet up with daddy and Howard."

Karla followed Chrissy to what had to be Jeff's office. A cage in the corner held several Shrunken females, mostly young girls and from their appearance recently cleaned or rinsed off. "Hello Sweetie." Jeff greeted Chrissy. Turning to her he asked, "Little Dancer, how was the tour?"

"Informative." She answered as her conflicted mind didn't know what else to say.

"Has to be a little hard, being a Shrunken, even a Special one like yourself. I mean seeing how we just strap the Mares in and trap them with a drug crazed Stud. If I was a Shrunken I would be a touch disturbed by that." He said in a soft caring tone.

"It was, yet. It is how we get our product." Karla answered.

"That's a very smart way to look at this." Chrissy praised.

Jeff nodded, "If you ever need to talk about it, let me know. It might take a toll on you."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind." Karla accepted.

"Well with that in mind," Jeff noted, "It's time to go home."

Howard got up and Karla worried this would end with Howard and Jeff sharing her this coming evening. Then she felt a touch of relief as he handed the carrying pocket to Chrissy. Then grabbed Karla's collar and gave the command. It popped off and the world grew as it should be.

"Chrissy, can you pick up Karla and we'll head home." Jeff asked, then stood up.

Delicate piano fingers coiled about Karla's body and lifted her. Chrissy carefully slipped her into that pocket and attached it to her belt. Then the teen giantess started following her father. They went to a parking lot to a car that looked like someone's concept of a future car. From what little Karla could hear from Jeff and Howard's conversation it was a Lucid something or other. Definitely not one of the old style cars she knew how to fix and maintain.

They drove to a fancy walled area. They drive through the gate and Karla suddenly realizes this wasn't a gated community, but just the Grant's manson. One of the doors to the multi car garage opened up and he parked his car beside a sweet cherry red '67 Camaro. Chrissy unwittingly teased, "When I get my license daddy is going to give me that one. Isn't it pretty for a car?"

"Yes, yes it is." Karla had to agree.

They enter the big house through the garage. A woman in a gray pants suit with a plain square shaped apron greeted Jeff and Chrissy, "Hello Mr. Grant, Miss. Chrissy. Is there anything I can get for you or your guest?"

"No Mary, thanks." Jeff responds then requests, "Where is Mrs. Grant?"

"The sun room with the Watts. They are awaiting you and your guest Mr. Grant. Will your last guest be arriving soon?" She answered.

"Last guest?" Jeff questioned.

"Yes, a young lady named Karla, Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Watts seem quite excited to see the woman." The maid noted.

Karla's stomach flips some as Chrissy pulls her pocket from her belt and opens it before the maid, "No Mary, this is Karla."

The woman was smart. Not questioning her employers directly. More a sideways question to get everything clarified, "So a Shrunken to be treated as Miss. Sissy is?"

"Yes, well technically better. Like she is a person." Chrissy advised.

"Sorry, yes Miss. Chrissy. Hello Miss. Karla, I am pleased to meet you." the maid responded, holding a finger towards Karla.

"Nice to meet you, Mary." Karla shook her finger.

"Well, follow me." Jeff advised. He led them through to a grand staircase and up to where they stopped at the second level before a second set twisted up to a third floor. Jeff's cheeks went slightly pink and confessed, "Sorry about the showy house. I know you like a simpler life Howard. I just always wanted a big fancy house and now that I'm a Red I couldn't help but have one made."

"No no, it's your credits. You should be allowed to enjoy it." Howard accepted.

As they started up to the third floor Chrissy pointed out the big windowed area of the front of the house. It overlooked the gate and the street. Almost alone across the street was a simple little two story home. "That's where Chris and his family live. It's nice they are so close." Chrissy explains.

"That is close." Karla responded.

"Yeah, we hang out all the time." Chrissy says before giving Karla a sly smile, "But I wish it was Micheal."

"I can understand that." Karla advised.

They entered a bright glass roofed room. The walls as well were clear. There were plants about and a large seating area. A large half circle couch in a yellowish orange shade surrounded an oval glass topped table. About the table were single and double chairs designed in the same style as the large couch and matched its color. There on the couch was Debbie and Betty chatting away like old friends. Sitting on a nearby chair was Albert. Beside him sitting sideways in a double chair was Chris, he was sketching away on a large coil pad. Several Shrunken were on the table. She didn't recognize most of them. But the busty young woman walking hand in hand with a very handsome black man about the edge of the table was clearly Maria.

"Howard." Albert greeted them.

"Hey buddy, how was the move?" Howard asked the man as they started the elaborate handshake he and Jeff had come up with on the Cruise.

"Easier than I expected. They even placed everything in the house in their exact labeled room. We're still unpacking though." Albert advised.

"We, he means Chris and I as he's designing cages for raising those creepy little children for Jeff there." Betty teases.

"Kittens Betty, Shrunken born children are called Kittens." Debbie reminds her friend.

"Kittens are cute. Shrunken kids are creepy crawling things." Betty countered the Company’s name for them.

"Oh you're too much. Chrissy get Karla out of that box. She shouldn't be trapped like that." Debbie requests.

"Should I put her on the table?" Chrissy asks as Karla finds giant delicate fingers reaching about her.

Debbie's tone is almost snarking as she replies back, "Like a common Shrunken? No, hand her here. We girls need to hang out for a bit."

As Karla found herself slipping from Chrissy's hand to Debbie's she heard Debbie request, "Now you can tell us all about the jerks and assholes you encountered in your travels as you unwind with some drink." Karla was just settling on the palm when she found a Shrunken cup held before her with a familiar red drink in it.

"We guys have plans of our own." Jeff announced.

"I brought one." Albert advised grabbing a cowering young Asian woman off the glass table.

"So did I." Chris added, swinging out of his chair. He too grabbed an Asian woman who screamed like a character from an old giant monster movie.

"Albert." Karla screamed, not sure how well her voice would carry.

"Yes Karla?" the broad man asked.

"Will you be around tomorrow? I have something from my trip I want to show you. But right now it's, well, too small for you to really see well." Karla advised.

"Yeah, I can come over. When will you be human sized and when is your meeting." Albert asked.

"I arranged for her to be Human sized early tomorrow. The meeting isn't till later in the afternoon. But someone talked me into arranging a shopping trip with her." Jeff answered for her.

"Right, lunch. We should have lunch together over at our place." Betty added in.

Debbie tapped the robustly built woman's knee and said with a slight snicker, "Oh don't be silly. Here, we'll have lunch here. The staff can do the work and you can relax."

Betty looked almost sad when she pointed out, "We can't always rely on your and Jeff's generosity."

Debbie smiled and said what sounded like an already many used comfort response, "You are not relying on your generosity. We are offering it."

"Anyway, lets go have our fun boys." Jeff loudly announced before Betty started what was clearly her counter argument.

"OK, tomorrow at lunch." Albert said, smiling at Karla.

"OK, I'll make sure it's with me when I'm adjusted." Karla agreed.

"So Howard, you bring anything special for tonight's fun?" Jeff asked as the men were leaving.

"Special?" Howard replied. Then he paused a touch too long for Karla's comfort; he stumbles out, "Yeah, I have some of my better looking girls to pick from."

They leave and Betty laments, "I don't know if Chris should be joining them for that?"

"Oh, let the boy have some fun." Debbie counters.

"But, they plana for those Shrunken is so sexual. Making them strip and passing them about." Betty whimpered.

Debbie and Chrissy both snicker. "They are just playing with Shrunken. That's what Shrunken are for after all."

"What are they doing?" Karla's curiosity got the better of her.

Debbie smiled at her, "Oh Jeff has a collection of kid board games. They'll make them Shrunken play them as those guys ogle them. Sometimes they'll make them dress the part."

Chrissy interrupted with, "The Mousetrap costumes are cute on them."

Debbie snickered, "They sort of are cute. Anyway, how was your trip Karla?"

"So, what happens to the Shrunken?" Karla asked.

"Winners will get some reward. Losers, well, will be busy since there are four guys there." Debbie said then giggled.

"They plan to do perverse things connected to what game they loose. Pegs in places or made to do things for the guy's amusement." Betty explained clearly still wondering if her son should be part of that.

"Don't worry about it Karla. It's only fun with regular Shrunken. You know you'll never be used like a normal Shrunken so you'll never be a pawn for board game nights. So, where was the worst place you visited, and why?" Debbie clearly wanted to transition to gossiping fun.

"Yeah, I'm a Special Shrunken. I'll never be used like a normal Shrunken." Karla lied before starting talking about the parts of the trip she could share.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by ALittleConfused » Sun Oct 23, 2022 8:18 pm

Loved this chapter. That glimpse into the breeding factory was great.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HHunter1 » Sun Oct 23, 2022 9:49 pm

Glad you enjoyed it. Did it make you want to order from Grant Factories? :P
Honestly I'm a bit worried it was a bit dark for Karla story line and would put people off.
What did everyone else think?


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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by anaio10 » Thu Oct 27, 2022 4:17 pm

Great chapters on how the little toys are properly treated.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HHunter1 » Thu Oct 27, 2022 9:51 pm

It was a bit of a turn in Karla happy little life. Glad your enjoyed them.


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CH 39: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HHunter1 » Thu Nov 10, 2022 11:51 pm

Hope you enjoy this chapter. Let me know what you think.


Chapter 39

Karla likes it here. Safe in Debbie's lap. Sipping A sweet drink while sharing the ups and downs of her trip. Well, most of the downs anyway. These ladies shake their heads at the stories of the touchy man. The marvel at the little town in the middle of nowhere Nevada that had an almost Shrunken open carry policy. She might have helped tourism in that little town a little. She felt Special again. Like a human among human friends. All the stress and conflict from the trip was shifted aside in their company.

"Pardon me Mrs. Grant." a young woman's voice announced.

"Yes Mary?" Debbie responded kindly.

"Dinner shall be ready soon. Should I have a table set out here or would you like to eat in the dining room?" their maid asked.

"Here would be nice. Thanks for the suggestion Mary." Debbie responds.

"Certain, excuse our setting up." The maid advised.

"Nonsense, remember I'm not that type of Red yet." Debbie teased.

Chrissy might be on her way to that type of Red added, "Don't forget a Shrunken table, Karla and Sissy. Karla is to be treated as people remember."

"I do. She is your Micheal's best Shrunken correct." this Mary replied.

"Her and his Josie." Chrissy advised.

"And the other Shrunken, should we set places for them?" The staff member asked.

"Please can I have a spot for my Maria?" Betty asked.

"Certainly." The staffer agreed.

"Oh, set a space for all of them Mary. That way Betty's little darling can eat with her little boyfriend. And my Chad can be admired by all." Debbie decried, sort of like one of those types of Reds would.

"Will do Mrs. Grant." The maid nodded a bow and was off.

The Maid and a male staffer in a similar styled uniform set up the table with a Shrunken table near the head of the bigger table. As Karla had to answer questions of where she was looking forward to visiting to inspect store fronts. She hoped she hid the cringe she felt when the idea of traveling alone with Howard again came to her mind. Yet the thoughts of such locations of London, Paris and New York were exciting to her. Cities vastly out of reach when she was human were now possible locations to see. And in a few years they would even day trip possibilities thanks to the teleporting locations.

"Oh, dinner is here." Debbie announced and Karla found herself cupped in her hands. Karla had forgotten how calloused Debbie's hands were. A laborer at one point now made secret society royalty. So many possibilities for a person in the Company.

She gently slipped Karla down by the table. Chrissy placed a familiar black male Shrunken down and then Karla smiled happily as Betty placed Maria down. She wore a cute light blue dress with a frilly skirt. More covering than anything Micheal would have bought her, but still showed that dance trained busty figure very well. Heeled pointed shoes made Maria's already shapely legs pop even more. Once the human hands were away Maria squealed and rushed over, "Lady Karla!"

Karla hugged her former servant. "Hello Maria. You don't have to call me Lady anymore you know. Your Betty's now, not Micheal's."

"You shall always be my first Lady, Lady Karla. And, if we are allowed, I would be honored to make you happy." Maria responded then gave her lips a very enticing lick.

Karla sighed, Maria had quite the talented way of making her happy. She wondered if Betty would lend her out for the evening. Then shook her head to loosen alluring memories, but not enough to totally dismiss the idea. "That is a very nice offer." Was all she could say.

Maria waved over the black male. One of Chrissy’s stock, he helped nurse Josie back to health on the boat. Very attractive, Chrissy certainly knew how to dress her males. Pirate themed Karla guessed with the open V shirt with button closed big cuffs. Very nicely fitted light brown trousers. Likely some Mightlore mixed in their material by how they showed his every contour down there. Every fairly large contour. Ending with dark brown pull up boots with that strange folded over top thing.

"Lady Karla, you remember Lawrence?" Maria introduced her boyfriend.

"Yes, thanks again for helping Josie get better." Karla took his hand and shook it. Attempting not to be staring at his coiled member.

"Thank you for introducing me to this most beautiful woman. I would be honored to, as my love described it, make you happy Lady Karla." He replied then gave his groin a slight thrust. Karla felt her cheeks warm knowing she was caught staring like a dirty old woman.

Maria didn't help Karla's cheeks any as she advised, "If allowed, we both would gladly work at making you very, very happy Lady Karla."

Naughtily Karla imagined being sandwiched by that lovely couple. Micheal wouldn't allow that, if he knew about it. But before Karla could structure a non-suggestive response Maria yipped and hid behind Lawrence. Then Chrissy's close face explained the reaction, "Aren't they cute together. Soon we'll breed them. I just wish Betty would let me sell the Kitten as it likely will be lovely."

"I want my Maria to have her baby." Betty explained.

"Chrissy, why don't you just let Betty have that male. He's very nice I know, but you have so many." Debbie asked what sounded like a repeated question.

Betty cringed before saying, "Oh I couldn't take him home."

"Mom, you know if they are not scared Betty is." Chrissy advised sitting up.

Now with Chrissy away Maria was right beside her. In a whisper noted, "Lady Betty likes us Phobics. She very fond of that male you caught her. She plays with him often." Betty using a Shrunken wasn't something Karla could imagine. But she was glad she had given the nice timid woman something she enjoyed.

Then walked up Tarzan. If Lawrence was a pirate he was a castaway. Shoeless with tattered leg trousers and a tattered shirt that only seem to make his abbs and other well toned chest muscles more tempting to touch. He smiled and spoke. Karla almost giggled, it wasn't the rough adventure tone she expected. No, he was very clearly not a man's man but a man into men, "Why hello lovely. I think this is our first introduction. I'm Chad, that tit heavy woman's favorite. Where is your sweet boy? Playing with those other men?"

"Hello Chad, I'm Karla. Micheal is home, I'm actually on a work trip with his father." Karla introduced herself.

"Oh silly girl. I might not have been included among the gossip. I heard most of it from my silicon perch. I know you and Josie well, special girls. I'm not what you were expecting am I?" Chad asked.

"No, I honestly thought you were. Well, I just kept calling you Tarzan in my mind." Karla confessed.

He smiled and looked to be imagining something. Then snickered and joked, "Oh, I'd rather be Jane swing on his vine." Tapping Lawrence's shoulder on the word his.

"Stop, you're awful." Karla giggled, poor Lawrence just shook his head and smirked.

"Oh, we better settle down, here comes Miss. Queen of the coup." Chad said, pointing his head with a nod.

Coming across the sun room was Mary the Maid. In her palm was an elaborate Shrunken chair, more closely a throne. Sitting in it was Chrissy's Shrunken twin with her nose turned up. She wore a gown with long gloves like she was tiny royalty. The throne was lowered and Sissy slipped off and actually waved the human woman away. Then walked with clear ego past the others right up to Karla. "Hello Karla, welcome to my home."

"You mean the Grant's home." Karla corrected. This wasn't the scared little girl she advised on that shopping trip so long ago. She had changed a lot.

"Yes, my Grants, so my home." Then the little blonde hugged Karla tightly. Then stepped back, "They are my family now. They look after my every want. And, let me pick out my own nightly entertainment. Though I see now that Big Sister has been hiding a certain entertaining companion from my view. Hello, tonight's fun. I'm Sissy."

Maria stepped before her man. But it was Debbie's voice that ended the coming standoff, "Oh good supper. Karla have a seat." Sissy went to sit before Debbie when the woman stopped her. "No Sissy, Karla's our Special guest. You can sit with the other Shrunken."

Sissy looked annoyed, but clearly knew her place. She started to try to divide Maria and Lawrence when Chrissy's hand intervened. The Girl said in passing, "No Little sister. I'll get you one to play with later. That one is for Betty's pet." The Shrunken blonde huffed and sat beside the former Tarzan. Gave him a look then rolled her eyes dismissively.

The human's began discussing some local event. Karla allowed her curiosity out a little. "Chad, your Debbie's favorite."

"Really, dear I never noticed." He joked back.

"Well, aren't you? Well you know." Karla didn't want to offend him.

"Gay sweet heart, saying it doesn't birth a musical." He teased her.

"Yes, sorry. But doesn't she play with you? How does that work?" Karla wondered.

He smiled then looked to think. Then shrugged saying, "A giant skilled tongue licking your cock and balls just feels good. I guess it helps that when she starts I think of some handsome actor and imagine that's the giant mouth I'm in. Last night for an hour she was Zac Efron and I was getting very after high school musical."

"It doesn't make you uncomfortable?" Karla wondered.

"Does it make you uncomfortable to be handled by giant women?" he asked.

"No, but I'm Bi." Karla advised.

"Oh, oh that's what Maria there meant about making you happy. Sorry, I missed the meaning. Silly me. It did at first. But I just had to get used to the idea that she would do things to me if I liked it or not." Chad explained.

"That and Mommy forces other males to let him do butt stuff to them. Mommy finds gay things arousing. Like Daddy likes making his females do dyke things on his penis." Sissy just dumped out.

Chad rolled his eyes, "Sorry queen teen whore that daddy doesn't play with you. You know why."

"I'm not a whore." Sissy growled.

"Besides Lawrence and I, name any other guys in Debbie and Chrissy collections you haven't fucked. That would be a shorter list." Chad shot back.

"How I enjoy my new benefits is none of your faggot business." Sissy snapped loudly.

Loud snaps boomed over their heads. "Sissy, Chad, no fighting. Don't make me crate you two." Debbie scolded her pets.

"Sorry Mommy." Sissy whimpered as Chad said, "Sorry my Queen."

"Be better Shrunken, Karla is too Special to have to listen to you two bark at each other." Debbie informed them. Then in a sweet tone apologized, "Sorry Karla. We spoil them a touch too much. They sometimes forget a Shrunken's place. If they bother you let me know. Can't let Shrunken forget their place can we?"

"No, no we can't forget our place." Karla responded.

"Oh are you going though that I'm just another Shrunken phase again. No, they need to remember their place. You Karla are not like them. In fact if they outburst again I want you to pick their punishment as my guest. Teach them to behave, and remind you that your beyond their kind." Debbie said with Chrissy and Betty nodding in agreement. This made Karla a touch uncomfortable being at the Shrunken table.

This kept the other Shrunken quiet. Maria and Lawrence seem to take advantage of this time together. Eating one handed as their other hands were below the table edge, arms criss-crossed and eyes trying not to look delighted. Karla shot Sissy a look as she cleared her throat. Whatever the Chrissy look alike was about to say got stuck in her throat. Karla attempted to pay attention to the humans talking about the stores they would visit tomorrow morning. But even that distraction couldn't hide Lawrence's shuttering then Maria licking something from her palm with a big smile.

Karla realized she was ignoring their age difference. Lawrence looked to be late twenties to early thirties while Maria was maybe late teens. In the outside world this would have been a problem. She would have questioned Lawrence's choice and the legality of it. In the Company world as Shrunken pets the fact they found anything like romance was just to be celebrated. Not right as humans was acceptable as Shrunken. Karla realized she was too deep in her new life that she was just noticing this now.

Dinner finished and the staff started cleaning up. "Mom, can Karla and I be excused." Chrissy asked.

"But I wanted to hang out with Karla more." Debbie advised as her fingers crawled over and grabbed Chad. Clearly Debbie wanted something to fidget with.

"She's tired from her trip. Aren't you Karla?" Chrissy asked, clearly hinting at something.

"I am a bit tired." Karla honestly answered. But she was also hoping Chrissy was taking her to video chat with Micheal.

"Fine." Debbie sighed.

"Do you mind if?" Betty started.

"There should be a bag in the hall closet. I'll get him from you tomorrow night." Chrissy answered.

"Thanks. I think my Maria needs some company tonight." Betty responded.

"You can play with him too. He's a very knowledgeable Shrunken." Chrissy advised.

Debbie nodded, "He is. So good down there."

"No, I, it's to keep Maria company." Betty muttered.

The blonde humans looked at each other and teasingly said together, "Sure he is. Keeping your Maria company."

As Betty counter argued with a teasing Debbie Karla was carried out by Chrissy. "Are we going to call Micheal?" Karla asked.

Chrissy sighed and pouted, "No, he texted me earlier. He's working late, came up with a theory or something."

"Then why not hang out with Betty and your mom." Karla asked.

"I need your help with something." Chrissy said nervously.

"What?" Karla wondered.

"Something." Chrissy responded shyly.

They came to a door. Chrissy opened it and the room looked like pink exploded over everything. Walls, bed, dressers, curtins, and even the floor was an eye straining different variations of bright pink. Chrissy shut the door and scampered over to the bed whose head was a menagerie of different pink shaded stuffed animals and bubblegum dressed dolls. Chrissy reached into the pile and somehow burst a pillow out of the mass of fuzz and eye strain. She laid on her stomach and Karla found herself placed on a salmon shade sheet. Chrissy's face was an uncertain conflicted expression.

"What is it?" Karla asked the teen giantess.

"Well," Chrissy hummed nervously. "You know, well." she mumbled. Then she burst out, "I need your help."

"Help with what?" Karla was now getting nervous herself.

"Oh well." Chrissy looked to start to repeat herself.

"Just tell me." Karla demanded.

"Oh, yeah. It's, well. Special Kisses. See I have been practicing. But I think my Shrunken females are just acting like they like them so I won't get mad at them. I was you know wondering." Chrissy confessed.

"If you could try on me?" Karla didn't know about this. Sure Chrissy was Micheal's age and Karla was his eager pet for his fun. Especially his special kisses. It was just Chrissy just screamed young teen while Micheal roared sexy titan teen.

"Yeah." Chrissy confirmed. Then added a line that made Karla feel special, "If you don't want to then we won't. Micheal said I had to have your permission. I mean I am practicing to do them on you or Josie. So I want you to enjoy them. Especially when Michael and I are kissing around you. But if you rather I practice more on others I understand."

Karla felt the urge to say no. Just knowing she could and that would be respected was so thrilling for her right now. But the memory of being in those teen mouths as their tongues eagerly kissed about her small naked body made her blood rush. Chrissy being more skilled for their next trip could be a benefit. Maybe a little practice, might help her to stop seeing Chrissy as a teeny bopper and more of a lady titan. "OK, but if I say stop."

"I'll stop." Chrissy agreed.

Karla sighed and asked, "Should I strip or do you want to do that?"

"I want to. But," Chrissy hinted.

"What?" Karla wondered what could be more.

"Can I record my practice to help me get better." Chrissy asked.

Karla dance troupe often recorded them practicing their routines to see where they were messing up. It made sense. "OK, but just so you can review it for practice."

"Great." Chrissy cheered, leaping off the bed with such force Karla fell over. She grabbed a tablet and something else. Then leaped back onto the bed making Karla bounce into the air and jostle onto the soft bed surface. Karla got back to her feet to see Chrissy was setting up her tablet on some sort of stand to balance it.

The screen came on and Chrissy tapped at it and suddenly Karla found the Blonde's head and herself filling the screen. "OK Karla, are you sure it's OK I practice special kisses on you?" Chrissy asked.

It was nice that Chrissy was giving her that chance to change her mind. "Yes, since you want an honest assessment." Karla replied.

"Goodie." Chrissy said then her large delicate fingers coiled about Karla's body. Karla felt her suit jacket get skillfully slipped off her shoulders. Then watched as her little tie was carefully loosened and removed.

Then Chrissy's hand cupped over Karla's chest. It appealingly stroked up over Karla's breasts. Then as it moved back down the button at Karla's neck popped open. Chrissy must had been praticing this to as the chest massage was a touch more erotic then Karla gave the bubble gum giantess credit for. Each downstroke those dexterous digits popped another single button. "Oh Chrissy, that's good. Have you been practicing that?" Karla asked.

Karla felt her shirt being untucked from her skirt with gentle little pinches of material when the blonde girl warmly asked, "Oh you like that?" Her dainty massive fingers capped Karla breasts and playfully rolled over Karla lacey tan bra cups as Chrissy asked, "Should I do that often while we practice together?"

She really had been practicing. Nice firm but not crushing touches on Karla's breasts and stroking them just so. "Hmm yeah. You're doing great."

"Better get this sexy blouse off you then." was odd phrasing from Chrissy, but Karla figured she had to practice sexy talk too. That girlish hand danced up and down Karla's chest. Even after the shirts buttons were all undone. Thin giantess fingers worked her bra clad breasts.

Karla's body was wrapped in the affectionate hand and the one holding her hooked a finger into her hanging blouse. Karla hung her arms loose as that hand slipped the light shirt from her shoulders. Then Karla felt the fingers on the formerly holding hand slip to between her shoulder blades and the bra straps loosened. As Karla was laid back into that waiting hand it’s fingers pushed the bra straps off her shoulders. She was washed over by the affectionate hand again. On this down flow of touches she felt her bra straps dance down her loose arms as her breasts were exposed to the bubblegum giantess.

Chrissy smiled and Karla found the teen was gone and an alluring blonde titaness with playful naughty ideas had replaced her. Karla nipple sang as that delicate index danced upon it. "I wish my bobbies were big like yours. I bet Micheal likes sucking on them."

"He does, he's such a gentle owner." Karla sighed warmly. The stimulation and the idea of Micheal warming her already boiling blood.

Karla watched the bubblegum giantess drop her bra with a naughty smile. Then stated with intent, "I wonder what they taste like." Karla felt her arms gathered by nimble thin massive fingers, making her chest push towards the massive girl face. Then bright pink lips parted and warm wet tongue hugged around Karla's belly and stroked slowly up Karla's torso. Then it waved over Karla's arched up breasts. Hooking at her tits to jiggle it then swirling about the other. Chrissy hummed hard like Karla's mounds were delicious. Her tongue was a bit too wet with spit, Karla noted she would tell the blonde that later. Right now as taste buds were flicking her alert nipples wasn't the time.

Karla didn't realize she had closed her eyes in enjoyment till she felt the tongue leaving. But as she saw it rising up she also saw bright pink lips lowering down. They gathered both Karla's excited breasts and began heavily suckling them. Tongue squishing the mounds down. This time Karla had to say something as Chrissy was sucking very hard. "Chrissy, lighten up. You're hurting me, don't suck so hard on my tits."

The lips moved up, but only enough that they were not on Karla's chest. They filled her vision as the bubblegum giantess said, "I'm sorry Karla. This better?" Then they hugged around her breasts again. Massaging them as the tongue again greedily tasted their tops. Suckling them softly.

"You can suck a touch harder." Karla advised.

The pink lips rose slightly. "OK, I'll try that. Let me kiss them better first." Then they puckered and planted a long kiss on one. Then giggled as they went and did the same to the other. Then they grabbed Karla's breasts again.

"Oh, that's great." Karla praised her titaness student. Just firm enough a tug while they were kneaded by warm soft bright pink lips. That tongue needed to be practiced more. Still a touch too much spit and not confident enough lick pressure. Notes for later Karla decided as a shuttered, "Aaahh!" Sound escaped her own lips.

Her skirt popped loose. A nimble finger snuck between her thighs and that covering was then slowly slipped away. Then titaness sized piano fingers wrapped their touches about the waist band of her panty hose. As those digits danced the leg coverings off her legs she felt her panties were gone as well. Those dexterous fingers began admiring Karla's legs. Teasing her actually aroused pussy. Karla didn't know if the bubblegum giantess could actually play piano. What she did know, with the right practice Chrissy would be able to play her like a musical instrument.

The lips lifted and giggled. Karla wondered what was so funny. Then a tube of lipstick appeared. Covering the already pink lips with an even more bubblegum shade. Then they lowered and puckered firmly about Karla's breasts. With a loud smack the burst off Karla's chest leaving a bright pink lip print over her tits.

Karla was lowered and that titaness' face became visible. Those fingers admired Karla's legs. She could see a touch of envy in the bubblegum giantess' eyes. Then she asked, "When Micheal does special kisses where does he place your legs?"

"He spreads them open outside his mouth." Karla answered.

"But when we made out that time, your legs went in my mouth?" the blonde titaness questioned.

"I think it depends on your preference." Karla reasoned.

Karla was confused why the titaness was reapplying lipstick. Then the bubble gum giantess smiled, "Lets try in my mouth first." Karla felt her legs press together. She pointed her toes to help the colossal blonde slip her limbs into her mouth. She could feel the lipstick adhere around her waist leaving a bubble gum pink lip ring.

The tongue cautiously poked at her thighs. Karla spread her legs carefully past the bubblegum giantess' teeth and along her slick inner cheeks. Then she felt Chrissy's first problem. Her tongue was coiled tight. Likely a habit for her usual oral playthings. It also poked more the stroked. Again, if there was a shaft to wrap and stroke along that likely would feel great. To Karla however it was more like someone was pressing a wet donut shaped sponge against her pussy.

"Open up your tongue." Karla advised.

Chrissy's mouth vibrated Karla's entire body. Was the bubblegum giantess attempting to talk while Karla filled her mouth. Then it felt slightly better. But mostly due the the girth spreading Karla vaginal lips and painting their inner lining with soft taste budded surface. Karla gasped out, "Lighten your strokes. You just need the tip of your tongue. Just the tip works best."

Oh there she had it, Karla's mind noted as the bubblegum giantess lowered her tongue and kissed her whole pussy with its edge. Again, a touch too wet but still amazing feeling. Not as good as Micheal but still very appealing. "That's about perfect." Karla praised. The titaness again attempted to speak around her legs. This sent electric vibrations of pleasure through Karla's body. With that reminder Karla added the suggestion, "Humming as you softly lick feels incredible." Oh Karla wished the blonde would stop trying to talk and would just hum long and steady.

Karla was pulled from that bubblegum giantess' mouth. The pink clad landscape rolled onto her back. Applied lipstick and then questioned, "So lick with just the tip and hum feel the best?"

Karla was curious why one of her legs was being lowered into the pink lipped mouth. Yet decided to answer the blonde titaness' question first. "Yes, Shrunken are only small. A little sensation goes a long way for us."

Chrissy released Karla's leg leaving a bright pink lip mark around her leg just past her knee. Then asked, "And the humming?"

Now the other leg? What was this girl up to? Karla wondered. But stayed on their main subject of conversation. "The humming makes the tip vibrate slightly. And it just feels good. Oh so good."

Another lip ring above her other knee. Karla was confused why she was being decorated so. "OK, I think we'll try legs out this time." The bubblegum giantess advised. Then added another layer of pink to those already bright lips.

Karla was turned around and raised over those bright pink lips. Chrissy's girlish body went on for a great while from this perspective. She spread her legs wide as she came down into that waiting mouth. The lips clung tightly around her hips and thighs. Karla could feel the lipstick smear across her ass cheeks.

Then the bubble gum giantess' tongue kissed her stretch womanhood. Slipping along it made Karla sigh "Oh!" softly with each stroke. Her hips attempted to help her student by thrusting against the strokes sensation. Karla wondered where the girl's nimble little fingers were. Then she caught sight of them. Karla felt strangely proud, her sounds of accepting pleasure had aroused the titaness. Those dancing fingers were undoing the buttons of her blouse.

Karla let herself have fun. Grinding hard at the titaness' tastings. Encouraging the bubblegum giantess with purred, "Just like that. Oh, Chrissy, that feels so good. Hmmm, Micheal will like kissing you with a tongue that skilled."

The bubblegum giantess arched her slightly endowed chest up and pulled her blouse off without sitting up. Then reached behind that long torso and her girlish bra loosened. She tossed it across the room. A giggle slipped from Karla as those little hands started playing with the little breasts that slightly rose from the young giantess' chest.

One of those hands looked to take offense and reached around Karla. Her arms were pulled back and her body made to arch with her chest pointed up and out. Then the hand left and the humming began. Karla recognize the tune from something Micheal related. This felt very good. "Oh Chrissy! Oh Chrissy that's good, that's very good. Just like that. OH I like that!"

Karla rolled forward to get a better angle to pump her wanting hips. Just as she started to pump those nimble fingers hooked about and posed her arching up again. Then the tongue thrust into her making her Shrunken firmed breasts bounce with each intriguing thrust. Karla gasp hard as the bubblegum giantess was nearly fucking her with that wet little edged tongue. "Ah, Chrissy, Ah oh, Chrissy can you do that faster?"

She could and deeper. Karla ignored how much that felt like Howard's oral assaults. She wanted to enjoy helping Micheal's girlfriend practice special kisses. Beside this was more thin edging and not a pokey bit. She stopped with the comparisons as the thrusting started hard and fast. Bouncing her with each surprisingly thrilling up thrust. Her tits bounded with each oral thrusting. Her hair waved about wildly. Karla would have to get Michael to try this on her. Karla spread her legs wide and took the erotic blunt of each oral buck. Karla nearly folded herself backward to balance under such propulsion tasting her pussy.

Karla exploded with, "OH GOOD JOB CHRISSY!" Then happily climaxed. The Titaness pounded her tongue into Karla's exposed womanhood through Karla's whole sexual outburst. Then Karla fell backward onto Chrissy's face. The Bubblegum Giantess' tongue made soothing massaging licks up between Karla's thighs and over her still twitching pussy. There Karla laid for a while as those bright pink lips suckled her sexual juices away.

Then nimble fingers gathered her arms. Then the tongue pushed her out of that pink lined mouth and the other dexterous fingers gathered her legs. Karla was still tired and just hung in Chrissy's hands as the girl seemed to be twirling her to admire her own handy work. Noting out loud, "Look I made Karla feel so good she is all limp. Just covered in my lipstick. Look at all my kisses on her sexy tan skin." Then the girl sounded sad. "I guess I need to wash her up then find some other Shrunken to get my one fun."

Karla felt a little guilty. She was tired, but with Micheal she would gladly pay him back. She should at least offer. "Chrissy I could try doing things for you if you'd like." Karla wondered if purring such offers after such nice treatment was just how she did things now.

"Really Karla? You'd be willing to wiggle those Hot curves into my Hot body?" Chrissy asked all pouty. Why did she emphasize the word Hot like that?

"Yeah, it might be fun to try getting you off. I never really did that on my own before." Karla reasoned.

"Oh Karla, that would be so nice. Such a Special thing to offer." Chrissy purred. Karla found it funny how she could get both titan teens so aroused with a little purring.

Chrissy cupped her into one hand. Then Karla found herself traveling down the field that was Chrissy's torso. Then lowered before a wet looking tight lipped blonde pussy. She was brought close to those lips. Then just held there. Karla figured Chrissy didn't want to squish her against her girlhood like just another Shrunken.

Karla pressed her hands together, then poked them along the slit. Using them as a wedge she wiggled into those tight lips. Her mind teasing that if they were this tight on her little body Micheal's Behemoth would stretch them to pieces. She managed to get within the hugging labia. Once kissed tightly she gave Chrissy a full body wiggle. "Oh!" the Bubblegum Giantess yipped excitedly and Karla was suddenly intrapped between to thighs.

They opened again and Karla attempted to climb the slick excited pussy. The titaness teen made happy sounds from Karla's squirming movements. Clearly getting more aroused as more vaginal liquid trickled out and somehow slashing into Karla's mouth. Karla shook her head, of course she flavored it bubblegum. What else would she make it taste like?

With some effort Karla reached her goal. It's funny because it wasn't really that far from where she started her climb. It was just that the path was tight and slick. A little pink bud shining with aroused juices. Karla stroked it like a lost kitten. She was glad the labia was so tight as those titaness hips popped from that little attention.

Karla snickered, if the Bubblegum Giantess liked that she thought as she lowered her mouth over the sensitive spot. Sucking her clitoris was easier than getting the tip of Micheal's cock in her mouth at any size. Oh the sounds Chrissy started making. Hums, gasps, and grunts roared from the girlish landscape as Karla orally stimulated that pokey little bubblegum flavored bud.

Chrissy clearly wasn't sure what to do. Her thighs would close and those slender hips would buck about. Then they would open and those giant nimble fingers would dance about Karla's now slick body. Pressing at her ass or stroking down her back pressing her chest hard against the titaness' inner lining. Then the hand would leave and the thighs closed again. The whole time Karla tasted bubblegum flavor off that clitoris.

Then the legs spread wide, Karla actually felt the lips part enough to let air cool her back. Then Chrissy's voice screamed, "Oh Karla! Oh why can't those stupid Shrunken suck my button like that!" It was followed by a booming "OH!" sounds that echoed in the pink room. Then the legs literally slapped together and the cave slammed down so hard Karla lost her hold and had to quickly release that button as the bubblegum giantess called it.

Karla raised her head out of the labia to look about. Thighs and bed canopy was all she could see from her location hanging out of the blonde topped pussy. Chrissy gasping out over and over, "I never knew Karla could do that. That was amazing!"

Karla could feel trickling flowing about her knees and calves. She managed to push the lips apart enough to look. Sure enough that little hole was the start of Chrissy's vaginal canal. Karla raised a foot and stroked it along an edge. "AH!" gasped the Bubblegum giantess. Karla got a curious naughty idea.

She slipped down a bit more. Needing to hang her legs out of the kissing grip of the labia. She hoped she wasn't making a fatal mistake. But Karla saw Sandy shove a Male shrunken much larger than herself inside her girlhood. Surely Chrissy could take her wiggling about in there.

Karla poked her head in first. The bubblegum smell was heavy inside. She reached in and had to press her hands against the slick sides since there was nothing to grab inside the narrow tunnel. Karla pressed her shoulders at the opening. The living mountain bopped back at her. Karla found dry skin to hook her feet into and pushed harder. With great effort she stretched the cave wider. Wiggling her torso inside.

Fingers grabbed Karla's legs. She no longer had to struggle to get deeper into the narrow loving cave. She was shoved in deep then just as quickly pulled out. Her first thought was to resist. She abandoned that idea and just put her arms above her head. The Bubblegum Giantess must have liked this as Karla could feel her attempting to angle her breasts harder against the bottom of the moist cave. Karla arched herself as best as she could and found the wet slick inner lining felt strangely nice against her nipples.

Chrissy must have liked this position as her fingers went lower from Karla's knees to her ankles and pushed more of Karla inside. Karla could feel her ass popping the titaness' opening. Knowing that little opening will never stretch enough for Micheal's long hard girth. Well, not without tearing this pussy wide open she reasoned.

Karla could hear Chrissy was saying something. Like she was talking to someone. Karla reasoned Chrissy had to know she couldn't hear what she was saying. Maybe it was just the girl voicing out the pleasure she was feeling. Karla found it amusing that the other Shrunken was so bothered by this. Besides the crampedness and getting soaked in pussy juices it wasn't so bad.

Karla felt the fingers loosen their grip. She pressed her arms and pulled herself fully inside the bubblegum giantess. She felt nimble fingertips attempting to nab her now slick feet. Karla spread her legs to hook toes onto the lining. As she pressed her tits into the bottom she pushed her ass into the upper slickness. Hands mostly planted Karla took a deep breath of overly sweet air and began trusting her body back and forth.

The fingers stopped touching and the little bit of light vanished. Chrissy's voice rumbled incoherently inside her body. Then Karla felt a touch scared as the cave bounced and she slipped deeper in. Karla figured this was a one time thing and continued wiggling in the tight sex cave. Amused at how a pussy was easier to stimulate the a cock since she could use both her ends at once. Then that thrust again and she was shifted deeper.

The thrusting started repeatedly. Karla had to press for all she was worth to keep from slipping deeper into the bubblegum giantess. She could feel the lining tightening about her threatening to take her air from her. Hugging closer and closer yet still being so slick that if she let up on her grip she slipped deeper in. Then there was something thin blocking her path. Karla realized if she slipped much deeper she would be taking Chrissy's virginity. Yet the Titaness' hips seem to be thrusting harder and harder. Karla's entire body was pressing at every angle to hang on while she wondered if she was about to be crushed to death inside this girl's pussy.

Angle changed, Karla felt like she was standing on her head. Was that outside air? Light flickered from behind her, let too high of an angle to wiggle towards it. Then the world inside the cave bounced hard. The lining eased its crushing and her head felt above her feet again. Karla lay flat against the wet floor for a minute. The cave was rising and lowering, like it was breathing heavily. Then Karla realized Chrissy was breathing heavily.

Making herself as narrow as possible Karla attempted to crawl backward out of this living cave. Freezing every time there was a sudden rumbling. She was exhausted and didn't think she couldn't take another round of Chrissy climax. Now she knew why Shrunken didn't like this. Yet, Karla knew she would want to try it again sometime. Maybe anchored to something solid well outside next time.

Cold air kissed her wet foot and Karla realized she was only an inch or so from where she started to stimulate the lining. It seemed so far as the pumping motion was sucking her deeper and deeper into Chrissy girlhood. The slickness now helped as she wiggled free of the tight labia and landed on wet sheets. Karla didn't care, she needed a shower anyway. She laid down on those soaked sheets and just let her body rest and catch her breath.

After a while Karla watched as Chrissy sat up and looked down at her with a very content smile. "That felt amazing Karla."

"Glad you enjoyed that." Karla said back.

Chrissy reached down and Karla was cupped in the girl's hand. They were going somewhere the girl felt safe going naked. Then the blonde advised, "You want to have a bath. I got all sweaty, I want a bath."

"Can you rinse me off first? I'm a little covered in Chrissy juice." Karla teased the girl.

"Oh sure. That must feel gross." Chrissy sympathized.

Karla shrugged and confessed, "Strangely getting used to this type of thing."

Chrissy blushed and giggled out, "Micheal juice."

Karla now snickered, "Yes Micheal juice."

Chrissy started the water in her bathroom sink and adjusted it to what Karla hoped was a nice temperature. Karla then was slipped into the sink and found the water was indeed a nice temperature. As she rinsed off as Chrissy started filling her massive tub. She finished when she noticed the young teen waiting patiently above her. The water shut off and delicate giantess fingers hugged her naked body and lifted her.

Karla was moved over to the incredibly large tub. Chrissy sat on the edge of the tub and was placed on the girl's inner thigh. The girl poured a liquid into the warm flowing water and bubbles immediately began filling the water's surface. Then she poured an oil that smells delightful. "This will make our skin all silky." Chrissy explained. If her leg was any sign, this oil worked marvelously. Water reached level and Chrissy lowered a Shrunken bathing shelf into the tub and Karla was lifted and slipped into the relaxing water. Then the Bubblegum princess slipped into the water as well.

There they just sat there soaking. They both seem spent from their earlier fun. The soapy water made tired muscles feel relaxed. Karla felt the strain from the last few days traveling with Howard start to soak away. Just as she was thinking she could use a sweet, especially some chocolate, a book sized block of chocolate was being held before her by giantess delicate fingers. She took it knowing she was not going to be able to finish this much chocolate, but she would enjoy what she could eat.

The relaxing state got the bubblegum giantess curious, "You ever wonder what it would be like if Micheal was the Shrunken?"

"Like, if I had collected Micheal instead of the other way around?" Karla requested clarification.

"Kind of. Like, if you got home tomorrow and suddenly you were the human and he was the Shrunken." Chrissy re-phased her question.

Karla hadn't considered that idea. What would she do with the handsome incredibly endowed young man? He would make a very adorable Shrunken. She would very easily feel the weight of his Behemoth on her tongue even at Shrunken size. She realized before she was a Shrunken in that situation she would never do such things to a boy of Micheal's age. Though now that she's been better informed, seen how much fun Ripe Shrunken of any age was. She would make her Micheal a very spoiled Shrunken.

Chrissy added her own thoughts on the matter. "I sometimes imagine something has happened and Micheal is made small and I get to take care of him. It's fun, I have a good hung Shrunken I like to use when I play tiny Micheal games. He's not as big down there as Micheal, but it's a good stand in. The little guy gets hard fast hearing me call him Micheal. He knows he's in for some sweetness. Sweetness is like special kisses for male Shrunken."

"I wouldn't mind giving Micheal some sweetness." Karla confessed.

"Even as a Shrunken he'd be a mouthful." Chrissy pointed out. Then she giggled, "Would you carry him around like he does you?"

"Oh, I would have him in my hands all the time." Karla giggled now too.

"He would be so adorable. I nuzzle him like a baby bunny." Chrissy said snickering.

"I like it when he does that to me." Karla explained.

"Would you want to borrow my Micheal stand-in? We could keep it our little secret." Chrissy offered.

"No, Micheal doesn't want me to play with Shrunken males when I'm standard size." Karla reminded her blonde friend.

"Right, right. Maybe tomorrow before your meeting." Chrissy suggested.

"That would be acceptable. He doesn't mind me playing with Standard sized males when I'm Full sized." Karla accepted that possible idea.

"He doesn't look exactly like Micheal. But definitely close enough to pretend." Chrissy teased.

"Should I call him Micheal if I get to play with him?" Karla joked.

"Yes, he likes that. Well, his member does." Chrissy joked back. Karla found herself thinking about this silly idea as she soaked in the warm water. A reversal of their situation. Him small and little, oh the attention she would give him. A very happy palm sized young man. Purring as her lips stroked his soft skin. Suckling him till he burst that sweet flavored release. Then she would kiss and lick at his softening length till it was firm again.

Karla snickered at herself. Even in that imagined reversal of situations her first thought is pleasing her Micheal. Wanting to service him over and over when she could be entombing him inside her womanhood for her own pleasure. But that idea, with her sweet Micheal just seems wrong. Cruel to her tender owner. No, now if he was suddenly her Shrunken, she would spoil him like he spoils her. Before, if she had collected him on that long day she likely would have passed on him. No, he is a handsome young well endowed young male. Sadly she realizes as a Company member she would have kept him and enjoyed him like she has enjoyed Carlos.

Yes, Carlos was a good example of how she would have viewed Micheal in this scenario. Good suck-able mass to pucker her lips around. Thick long and hard, he left a very good impression of how she would tease and play with her tasty teen. Hmm, yes, he certainly got in her deep and long for his first time. Dang, she shouldn't have done that that day. Worse, now she's craving something Micheal can't give her right now. She misses her Titan teen greatly.

Then she had a naughty thought. Chrissy has that Shrunken she says reminds her of Micheal. Karla was disappointed that mind wondered if Chrissy would let her borrow him for a quick release. She's even more mad at herself that her first worry is that Chrissy wouldn't keep her transgression quiet. Karla realized she was slipping. Becoming a bad Shrunken. Was it the secrets she was already carrying? Being with Carlos that afternoon. Howard's molestings this week. She was carrying so much on her mind, why would she consider carrying another?

As she is chastising herself, her dark side, her It, suggested another naughty idea. Surely she could trick the Bubblegum Princess into using the young male on her. Perhaps making the girl think it would be fun to watch or an act of jealous revenge, forcing her to take pleasure from a male Shrunken against her owner's wishes. No, she would be lying and that could place an unnecessary strain on the young couple's already distance strained coupling. Her life was to make her Micheal happy, not cause him problems.

"Oh, you got me all sleepy." her hostess announced. "I wish my other Shrunken was as attentive as you. No wonder Micheal is so fond of you." Chrissy praised.

Karla found a strange pride in this. "I do take pride in servicing my owner."

"We should get ready for bed." Chrissy said before yawning. Karla found a delicate giantess hand scoop her up and move her to a table with a drying pad. Chrissy grabbed what looked like a face cloth and advised, "Here you go."

"Thanks." Karla accepted the little towel. Wondering, she asked, "Is this a Shrunken drying table?"

"Yeah. Though usually I have to place the basket down first. But I knew you wouldn't attempt to climb down or such." Chrissy informed her.

"Basket?" Karla wondered.

Chrissy turned from drying herself and pulled out a square plastic cage with a smooth edging about the top two to three inches. Likely to keep Shrunken from being able to reach the edge and pull themselves over and out of the topless cage.

But once out, where would they even go? To the floor and then what? Out in the hall? Would there be a hole in the wall they could enter into it with? Then they would have to worry about things they likely never worried about such as spiders, beetles, or even mice and rats. And if none of them happened upon them. The outside world is full of cats, dogs, and other small carnivores a Shrunken would be easy pickings for. Heck, even birds such as crows and seagulls would now be deadly predators. Why try to escape from a safe place like the Grant's keeping? Sure they have to serve at their owner's pleasure. But that is what they are for now.

Chrissy carried her back to her room and to her dresser. "Get your PJs on and then I'll comb your hair."

"Alright." Karla acknowledged. Grabbing her suitcase and found a book to place it upon. Opening it she finds her last pair of fresh pajamas. She was dressed and looked for the blonde. There she was in her girlish pajamas. Sitting before her vanity combing out her shoulder length blonde hair in slow steady strokes. Karla had to admit she was a lovely young woman. She could easily see why Micheal was attracted to her. Slender as a rail, she did have the starting hints of blossoming womanhood. A slight hip, supple little bud sized breasts, and a pretty sweet face. Her legs were probably her closest to a sensual feature with hints of appealing muscle tones. Likely formed from all the standing she does as head Shrunken breeder at work.

She looks over and smiles a playful smile. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah, but I could just comb my own hair." Karla advised.

The nimble young blonde is across the room in a flash and Karla finds herself lifted into the air at stomach twisting speed. Chrissy explained, "Nope, I've been wanting to comb that silky looking long hair since I first saw you. Most of my females get a squirmy when I do their hair. I know you're be a perfect little doll and allow me to comb nice and calmly."

As the head to the bed Karla had to ask, "Really. Are you rough when combing their hair?"

"No, don't want to snap their little necks." Chrissy replied. Just as Karla was wondering what could be the problem the Bubblegum Giantess advised, "Might be because usually after I do their hair I place them in with my good boys. Got to reward your good boys you understand."

"You're not planning on rewarding them with me are you?" Karla worried, reaching for her watch. He might be miles away but a quick text to Micheal would likely save her from such a fate.

Chrissy looks down like this suggestion might have to be considered. Then shakes her head smiling, "No, I couldn't do that." Karla was relieved till, "Micheal would get too mad at me."

The blonde sat cross legged on her bed. Karla sat with her legs dangling off the edge of the Bubblegum Giantess' holding hand. The other hand carefully brought a brush down and through Karla's hair. Stroke after stroke was relaxing. Peacefully and relaxing, Karla could get used to a giantess combing her hair regularly. The warmth radiating from the palm was weakening her eyelids. Yes, this was nice.

After a while Chrissy advised, "There, lovely as usual."

Karla ran her fingers through her locks. Silky soft and knot free, this was nice. "Thank you."

Chrissy stood and walked over to her bathroom and they freshened for bed. Then she brought Karla over to a smaller dresser like side table. On top was a small bed. Well, small to a human. It was likely bigger than a king sized bed to her. Chrissy placed her beside the bed. Then Chrissy asked, "What, do you not like the bed."

"Honestly, I miss sleeping in bed with Micheal." Karla confessed realizing she was hoping to cuddle with Chrissy while she slept that night.

"Isn't he worried he'll roll over on you?" Chrissy asked.

"No, he's a very still sleeper. Almost hardly moves and never rolls." Karla advised.

Chrissy snorted, then advised in an elitist tone, "Well when Micheal and I are living together you'll have to sleep in your cage like a regular Shrunken. I roll and move in my sleep. No way I'm share my nights with Micheal with someone I might crush while I'm sleeping."

Karla was a tad annoyed. Micheal and that smooth warm chest was her sleeping spot and wanted to tell the blonde squeaky voice teen tart that she wouldn’t be taking that away from her. Karla's reasoning took over before she replied however. Clearly if they were to live together Chrissy would share Micheal's bed. "I certainly don't want to be crushed in my sleep."

"That's right." Chrissy said in a matter of fact tone. Then kissed Karla's head. "Night Karla, see you in the morning."

"Night." Karla replied. She climbed into the squishy bed. The mattress almost seems to snuggle her curves and hug her with comfort. The room light goes out and Chrissy could be heard moving to get herself comfortable. Karla pushed away the worries that one day she'll lose her boy chest she loved sleeping on. It's easy as she reminds herself they were young. They were each other's first relationship. The likelihood of them ever living together was small. Karla's mind found that good enough to quiet down, hopeful his first live-in girlfriend will be a still sleeper like himself.

Karla was just about asleep when there was a loud bang that shook her bed. She was wondering what hit the dresser. She slipped out to make sure Chrissy was alright. Then in the dim glow of the nightlight Karla saw what hit the nightstand. Chrissy, sound asleep, was sprawled out on her giant bed. Her skinny little arm was stiff with her hand pressed against the night stand dresser. Then, in a flipping roll she sprawled the other way, scattering her stuffed animals and dolls on that side onto and in some cases across the floor. Karla crawled back into her bed glad not to be sharing the bed with the sleeping tidal wave. And worried what would happen to Micheal if he did share a bed with that girl. Feeling safe on her perch, Karla slipped to sleep.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by ALittleConfused » Sun Nov 13, 2022 1:05 am

Love that Chrissy/Karla action. Karla's whole perspective shift after the situation with Howard is is really interesting, I keep thinking someone is going to notice her hesitation at some point and figure out something is wrong.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HHunter1 » Sun Nov 13, 2022 4:01 pm

Howard's actions have put a new stress in her life. Guess we'll have to see how that pans out in the next book of Karla's experiences.


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CH 40: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HHunter1 » Thu Nov 17, 2022 3:39 pm

Hello all, just a little heads up. I'm going to be taking December off from posting chapters. With my recent heavy hit of depression/self-doubt and the following writer's block (more writer's slow as I am getting some writing done) I've used up most of my buffer of willy-nilly chapters. So I'm hoping to build up a good supply among my several stories so I'm not stressing that I won't have things to post for you all to read.

I think December will be good since RL work will be picking up and family/friend things through the month I might not have the time to both write and edit-post as I usually do. Hope this makes sense. Let me know what stories your looking forward to and I hope you enjoy this plot heavy chapter.

Please Support at Link below.

Chapter 40
All plot, sorry.

Karla was shaken awake. She starts and begins to panic as a giant man's face is hovering above her. "Shh, Karla, shh. It's just me, Jeff." the face's voice tries to calm her down.

"What, why?" Karla managed to request as her shaken awoken mind started to focus.

"I'm going to take you to a spare room to get ready for the day." Jeff says in a soft tone.

"Where is Howard?" Karla has to know. Was this spare room going to be a sharing room?

"He's still sleeping. I thought it best to take you to get adjusted to Full Sized myself." Jeff answered in a tone that told of a certain level of annoyance.

"OK." Karla managed to say. Feeling oddly safe with the large rotund man.

His palm was held out for her to climb into. She crawls onto the hand platform. He slowly lifts her. Then grabs her little suitcase with the other hand. She is well aware she is at this giant man's mercies. He could do anything he wished to her. Force her to do anything he desired. Yet he was just walking slowly while she sat in his palm un-molested.

He enters a bedroom and lowers her before a guest cage. "The shower isn't the best. Sorry. Hate to say it but the better Shrunken showers are in our personal cages. And you would likely not be welcome in them. Here are your clothes. Text me when you're ready to go." He offers.

"Thank you, Jeff. This is rather nice of you." Karla noted to the man mountain.

"Nonsense. If I had been thinking I would have gotten Al to finish my guest cages so you could get a good shower. We'll get breakfast after we get back." he advised.

He left and Karla took a deep sigh. She had worried that Howard would slip and tell of his abuse of her to Jeff. That the two giant men would pass her about like a couple of drunks with a cheap bottle of booze. Possibly nearly drowning her in their repeated doses of cum. No, just a quiet vast guest room so she can get ready to meet someone named Randal Walker. A big name even to men among the big names of the Company.

She showers, finding she keeps looking out into the empty room. Expecting a giant man's hand to grab her naked wet body at any time. She steps out like a horny beast was waiting to pounce. Dang that Howard, she used to trust her human friends without thought. Now, even a quiet room was going to molest her against her wishes. She dresses and worries that this tight black skirt business outfit was about to be peeled off her for giant men's amusement. Could this be all a set up for some twisted game of Howard and Jeff?

She finishes prepping for the day and packs up her belongings. Hoping beyond hope that she won't be forced to have to refresh herself by actions in a few moments. Her heart stops as she sends Jeff a text telling she was ready. Heart pounding drowns out her thoughts while she waits. Jeff enters in a fancy suit. Likely for their afternoon meeting more than for her approval.

He holds open her pocket, "Lets get you adjusted." Karla slips into what looks like an old cell phone case. The giant man clips her to his hip as if she was such. He walks through an empty mansion to the multi car garage. He gets into his fancy car. Then bows over her. Karla is confused. Then he sits back and Karla hears the clip of her pocket unclip. Then giggles as she learns what Jeff was doing. He had done up the seat belt on the passenger seat. Clipping her to the cross strap so she could see over the dashboard.

As he pulls out he makes Karla's soul go cold. "Howard slipped up and told me what he had done."

Karla pressed the talk button and asked the first main question in her mind, "Slipped and told you or suggested you two share me last night."

"Well, he admitted his weakness is what I'll say. Look, I don't agree with what he did. I am frankly mad at him. I need you clearly thinking to do your job I'm renting you for. Him doing that has likely made that hard for you.." Jeff says in a disappointed tone.

"It has. I once trusted him. Saw him almost like a second father. Now I'm jumping at everything. Not knowing what or who I can trust." Karla confessed.

"Understand. I have told Howard he has to forget his little obsession. That he has to do what he can to rebuild your relationship. I understand this will be hard. That you'll not rush to accept he's over his stupid desires. But I'm hoping you'll do what you can to get your relationship to at least a level of professional co-workers." Jeff requests.

"If he stops molesting me I can try to start trusting him to work with again." Karla relents. What choice does she have?

"I'm sorry he betrayed you. Let's both hope he's gotten it out of his system." Jeff sighed back.

Karla shared Jeff's hope. But she saw the look in Howard's eyes. The tone of his voice. She knew he was an addict, and addicts don't usually stop from one intervention. And it wasn't like she could resist him if the opportunity came up again.

Jeff pulled into the parking lot of what looked like a storage place. He grabbed the pocket off the seat belt and Karla finds herself re-clipped to his belt. He walks into the office. "Hello sir, do you have a storage locker here?" a middle-aged woman's voice asked.

"Sure do." Jeff replies. His hand goes by and comes back with his wallet. He pulls out what looks like a blank white card. He runs it through the debit machine sitting on the counter.

"Thanks Jeff." The woman says in a tone that tells her they actually know each other.

"Hello Megan, how is Steve doing?" Jeff asked.

"Not as well as I would hope. Do you need staff at the factory? If you could hire him we could afford inputting." The woman requested.

"Soon, soon. I could lend you the money so he'll be ready when I do need more staff. If he's not already inputted for the job I'll have to hire others before him." Jeff advised.

"Really, I couldn't." The woman's voice replied.

"Non-sense. Better owe me a little then be behind." Jeff suggested.

"OK, I'll talk with Peter and Steve. See what they think. Oh, Walter is in locker thirty seven waiting for you." she told Jeff.

"Thanks. Give me a call when you decide. Like I said, if he's educated for the job I can fudge over his experience. If he has to be inputted, I can't hire him over already educated people." Jeff says.

"I will." she notes.

Jeff walks down the bare hall of lockers. He notes as they pass orange-red garage like door after another. "Some of these are actually Half sized pleasure rooms. That one, sixteen, Chrissy wants her sixteenth birthday. It's mocked up like an army barracks. She wants to play drill sergeant with a few of her little males. That one Twenty two is a couple of college dorms. I brought my security chief to that one when he was hired. Gave him his first Shrunken. Man he had her whining hard as he took her Half sized ass."

"Come here before?" Karla joked back.

"Oh, yeah. I'm a frequent customer. They have a great restaurant and Debbie and I visit about once a week. They allow you to bring your own Shrunken for resizing." Jeff answered with a little embarrassed giggle.

"That must help with giving the customer what they want." Karla accepts.

"Sure does." Jeff agreed.

They turn a corner and down further to an open door. "Hello Dr. Grant. Do you have your representative with you?" A man in his late twenty to early thirties asks as Jeff enters.

"Right here." Jeff advised as Karla hears the clip come off his belt. He opens the top and carefully tilts the pocket. Karla crawls out and sits on his palm.

"Good, place her in the tube and have her collar ready." the man requests.

"Sure." Jeff notes and Karla finds herself lowered to the floor of a sizing tube. The door closes and soon that dizzying sensation hits as the world changes sizes outside the tube. The door opened and respectful hands attached her collar. The collection of pills was placed in her palm and a bottle of water in her other hand. She threw them into her mouth and washed them down.

"She's all set for her day." The man noted over to Jeff.

"Thanks Adrian. See you Thursday?" Jeff replied.

"Certainly will. Bring your own again?" the man asked.

"Yes, Debbie is looking to have one of my naughty girls spit roasted as we enjoy supper." Jeff advised.

"Suiting as we are having beef slow roasted over an open fire. Spit roast for supper and for your viewing amusement." the man noted.

"Well that explains it then. Well, see you Thursday." Jeff advised.

"See you then." the man replied.

As they head to the car Jeff seems to suddenly realize what he had been talking about in front of her. "Oh, sorry Karla. Hope that didn't bother you."

"No, I understand. They are your Shrunken to do with as you like." Karla reminded her large friend she is well aware of what Shrunken are for.

"Doesn't mean I have to talk about them so cruelly in front of you." Jeff offered.

"That's alright. I talk about them cruelly like that myself." Karla pointed out.

"Right, I forgot about you helping Micheal out." Jeff responded.

"I'm a good Shrunken." Karla admitted.

He got an odd expression. Then said in a sad tone, "I know a Shrunken life can be hard. Even as special as you are, I know people feel free to do what they like to you. Say nasty and cruel things to you. Heck, I don't know this Randel Walker, he might have requested you be there thinking we'd all enjoy your body. I want you to know I won't stand for that. I won't ever be part of that. And you should never be treated as lower or insignificant while you're working as my representative. If you are, you will let me know. Sadly, off hours, if someone does inappropriate things to you I can't do or say much about it but firmly voice my disapproval. Do you understand?"

Karla knew what he couldn't talk directly about. Well she was fairly certain she knew what he was hinting about. But also caught the fact he couldn't do anything to stop it either. So she just responded what she could, "I understand, thank you."

Jeff's tone sounded like he was trying to sound upbeat, likely trying to lighten the mood. "Now you have a few hours this morning and Debbie plans on taking you shopping at some Company Boutiques. Please make sure she doesn't spend all my money."

So she tried to sound chipper back, "I'll try my best."

"I know you will." he said with a worried smile.

They pulled into his drive and Debbie was waiting talking to Betty and Chrissy. "OK Karla, get in. First stop is breakfast at Galbraith's. I'm told they have the best benny in town."

"But mom, now that she's Full Sized I wanted to show her my cages." Chrissy whimpered.

"We can show her our man pops later. First breakfast then shopping for more bobbles to use while playing with our little pokers. Come on girls, to Galbraith's!" Debbie declared. They all got into the car.

The Eggs Benedict was fabulous. Though Karla got the feeling she was the guinea pig to test them for when Milly finally gets to visit. As they are a favorite of hers too. Shopping. Karla was surprised this wasn't a stop for her and Howard on this trip as this was another hidden Company Mall. Of course it was small and since the Grant's factory was quite close. They could easily box truck ship anything from the teleporters there to here. Plus, why pay for shipping on the Shrunken if you could just drive over and pick your new pet up at the Breeding factory.

They arrived back at the Grant's mansion. They barely had shopping bags in the house when a maid advised, "Lunch will be ready in a moment in the sun room Mrs. Grant."

"Thanks Mary. Where is Dr. Grant?" Debbie asked.

"With Dr. Miller and Mr. Watts waiting there." the maid answered.

"Could you make sure these get to my room? While Chrissy's and Karla's are taken to Chrissy's room? Also, have Betty's taken over to her home for her." Debbie sounded quite comfortable being the lady of the house.

"It's alright Mary, I'll just bring my bags with me and take them home when I leave." Betty said.

"Nonsense Betty. You only live across the street. They are happy to get some fresh air aren't you Mary?" Debbie countered.

"Really Mrs. Watts. It will be our pleasure." the maid said sweetly while reaching for the bags.

"Are you certain?" Betty questioned.

"I am." The maid advised.

Betty relented saying softly, "Well, since you are. Thank you very much."

"Our pleasure Mrs. Watts." The maid said then gave a little curtsy. Then she walked away.

"Really Betty you have to learn to let the help help. Especially with all the requests Al has been getting since doing Mr. Jacobs' cages." Debbie said like the pseudo royalty she was.

"Has he been getting a lot of commissions for cages?" Karla asked.

Betty shrugged and nodded. "Seems that Mr. Jacobs shared pics of the new guest cages Al designed and built for him on some high mucky muck message board or something. He was hardly home before people from all over the world started messaging him for quotes for fancier cages."

"Having better than your fellow high mucky muck is a Company highest echelons tradition as I've heard it." Debbie said while snickering.

"That's good right?" Karla looked for clarification.

"It certainly going to keep Al busy." Betty said, sounding a touch sad.

"And well paid." Debbie seemed to be trying to cheer her friend up.

"And away from home." Betty sighed.

"I told you Chris is more than welcome here and you can go see the world with Al." Debbie advised.

"Then I wouldn't get to see my little boy grow up." Betty pointed out.

"Only till Chris is Inputted, then he'll be designing cages too." Chrissy pointed out.

Betty wasn't cheered up by that fact, "Yeah, then he could be in one corner of the world while Al is in another."

"Sad cost of success Betty." Debbie reassured her friend.

"Yeah." Betty sighed, then noted a good side, "At least we don't have to deal with Susan and her ilk now."

"What about, you know, that thing?" Debbie questioned.

"Oh, Al is certain Bruce has no right to his designs." Betty answered less confidently than she was trying to sound.

They entered and the three men were in suits joking back and forth. Al didn't look comfortable in his. Not that it didn't fit him. No, it looked custom tailored for his large frame and made him quite handsome looking. He just didn't seem to be a fancy suit man. Betty sounded surprised, "That's a very handsome suit. When did you buy that?"

"Me? I thought you bought it for me. It arrived this morning saying I should wear it to the meeting. Though I thought the accessories were strange for you to pick out." Al responded.

"You’re coming to the meeting?" Karla asked in confusion.

"Yeah, I guess Mr. Walker wants me to design him and his family and friends cages." Al was clearly nervous.

"What accessories?" Betty continued their conversation.

"The tie came with a clip for restraining a Shrunken to the front of it. And the belt had an oversized buckle with Shrunken restraints too. Also, it came with, you know, pocketed underwear." That last part made Al's cheeks pinken.

"And you thought it was from me?" Betty asked.

"Who else would order me a suit?" Al explained his confusion.

"I don't know if you should be wearing strange suits." Betty worried.

"Well, it's a little late now. Lunch is here." Jeff pointed out. Staff came in with simple sandwiches and other finger foods.

Karla was waved over to the men. She sat purposely between Jeff and Al. Even Full sized she didn't want to be near Howard right now. Jeff started, "OK, we have been talking to Pat. He says he and Mr. Walker have been friends for years. Met at some Company retreat when Pat was just starting out. He says Mr. Walker can be pushy. Often saying you're going to do something instead of asking if you want to. Pat says he's not mean or harsh, just very confident. And from his history I can see how he earned that conference."

Howard continued, "He also says he can be generous if he likes you and a monster if he doesn't. He will accept no from us and not be insulted. If we can explain why. He is also strange about status. It's very important to him till he rather not worry about it then he's a person to person type. Pat thinks it has to do more with how you act than status. So we should try to be respectful."

Jeff cleared his throat then looked directly in Karla's face. "He did say he's a touch cruel to Shrunken. In his mind they are things to be used anyway their owner wants. And he isn't above killing, maiming, and even eating them. His favorite meal is honey roasted Shrunken. And in the preparation for that they are cooked alive. So, Pat thinks you should stay behind us. Not speak unless spoken directly to. And just say what you have to with a yes sir or no sir. It might help if you call Howard master when talking about or to him. Pat thinks Mr. Walker likely wants you there to offer to buy you is all. Just try to not be seen or heard. Understand?"

"I'll be a good Shrunken." Karla relented.

"Sorry Karla. You know, just different types of Company members." Jeff said, looking sympathetic. The irony wasn't lost on Karla that if she took a different route home that day she could be in this man's factory right now getting just railed by some drugged up strange man so they could harvest her babies.

"It's OK." Karla replied. Because she did take the route that led to her Micheal and this sweet big man was her friend.

As they finished lunch Jeff called the maid from earlier over. "Could you get Karla's tablet from Miss. Grant's room please."

"Certainy Dr. Grant." The maid said and walked away.

"But I wanted Karla to see my cages." Chrissy whimpered.

"Maybe if there is time after the meeting darling. Sorry." Jeff advised.

"Where is the meeting?" Karla asked.

"Board room at my office. Mr. Walker suggested I pick the location since he didn't know the area." Jeff answered.

A young man in a staff uniform arrived, "Sir there is a car here to take you to the meeting?"

"A car?" Jeff replied. "Oh right. Pat warned me he would likely do that. Ready Lady and gentlemen?"

Karla got up and followed the three well dressed men. The maid caught her part way there and she exchanged thanks for her tablet. Karla didn't expect to be much more than decoration during this meeting. But she would try to be ready to answer questions posed to her by this Red Status man even her Red Status men were nervous to meet.

Limo was as luxurious as all the others that drove them around this week. She was glad Al sat next to her. He sighed nervously and told her, "This is my first time in a limo."

"Mine was Monday." She tried to comfort him.

"I'm not ready to meet this Mr. Walker. From what I overheard between Jeff, Howard, and Pat he has quite a lot of pull. I'm worried I'll offend him and I'll lose everything I gained in the last little while." Al confessed.

Karla gave him a hug and pointed out, "At least you're a person. From what they have been told all my accomplishments mean nothing because I'm an object. I'm just here to look pretty and have him throw bids at."

"If he tries to walk away with you I will take him out." Al reassured her.

"Thanks Al." she sighed warmly.

They arrived and marched like a funeral procession to the boardroom Jeff had set-up. Long Tables with chairs along one side facing the other groups table like they were debate teams of something. They selected seats and sat down. They heard voices coming towards the door. Karla's heart pounded in terror.

The door opened and in walked a short smiling man that looked like that cartoon cowboy from Bugs Bunny cartoon came to life without his beard and mustache. He stopped, looked at the room and snickered. "What are we all sitting apart like we're about to go to war for? Stand up fellows, let's chat like the friends I know we'll be. Come on, I only nip not bite."

As Karla waited to see what Jeff and Howard did she watched as a very tall handsome stern looking man with a briefcase came in. Placed it on the table near the door and opened it. A younger handsome dark haired man looked as nervous as Jeff and Howard came in carrying a case and an easel. Last was a little cute Asian woman who walked right up besides who Karla assumed was Mr. Walker and readied a tablet.

"Did you all not notice the drink in the car? That was for you. Come, come, stand up and let's meet each other proper like." The short man insisted again.

Jeff stood and the rest of the table followed. Jeff stepped toward the short southern accented man. It was almost comical the size difference. He held out his hand and started, "Hello Mr. Walker, I'm.."

The short man took his hand and shook it excitedly, "Doctor Jeffrey Grant I am so pleased to finally get to chat you up. Now stop that Mr. Walker stuff, call me Randy. We are going to be good friends Jeff. Friends use each other's names. Now you try it."

"OK, sure Randy." Jeff started.

"No no, not like you owe me money. Friends." Mr. Walker insisted.

"Sorry, just nervous Randy." Jeff sounded more sure of himself now.

"What do you have to be nervous about? I'm the one trying to sell you on this. You sure should be proud. Again great to meet you Jeff." The short man seemingly gleefully said. Then in an instant he was around Jeff and shaking Howard's hand. "Now Doctor Howard Miller, do I have to have the same conversation with you to?"

"No Randy. I understand you want us to become friends." Howard replied.

"Become, what? No, Howey we are friends, we just have to get to know each other more to become good friends." Mr. Walker's cheer was infectious.

Howard didn't even flinch at being called Howey by this stranger. He just smiled and replied, "I'm looking forward to it."

"Great, great. See Miles I told you this would be a good day." Mr. Walker now weaved about Howard to Al. The short man looked way up the man and smiled ear to ear. "Albert Watts, well spin I want to make sure it fits you right Al."

"I'm sorry Mr. Walker?" Al asked.

"Tarnation my towering friends. Did you not hear me tell Jeff and Howey we are all friends here. Call me Randy, the ladies certainly do." Joked Mr. Walker.

"Sorry Randy." Al started.

"Well, did they do a good job? They were guessing at the sizing from pictures." Randy interrupted.

"Sizing?" Al mumbled.

"The suit I sent you. I figured a working man like you didn't splurge on such things so I wanted to spoil my new tall friend. How does it fit?" Randy explained like buying a stranger a suit was a normal act.

"Well, thanks. But, it had to be expensive. You have to let me pay you back." Al countered.

"Pay back, I know these words but in this context they are making no sense. It's a gift Al, I buy friends gifts, expensive gifts. Because I have more money than sense. So you enjoy that suit. What am I going to do with the money back? You know what, just for that honest noble sentiment I'm ordering you a better suit for you to wear on the next cruise. Yumiko, get Al a Walker suit. Platinum I think for this big man." Mr. Walker rebutted.

Al's words stumbled out of him, "But, no really Mr. Walker. I mean Randy, that's a touch too much."

The Asian woman in an annoyed voice announced, "It has been ordered Mr. Walker."

"Oh, see, it's too late now Al, my giant friend. Oh I like you. We are going to have a great time when you come to the house and build me your finest cages. The best time." Randy advised.

"I'm still looking through requests." Al was clearly beside himself.

"Yeah yeah. Set your price and you'll get that in spades. Heck, I'll be flying you home weekends. You need to spend time with that family of yours. Family is the most important investment." Randy stated. Then turned to the Asian woman, "Make sure he has everyone's cage design requirements Yumiko."

"I sent them when we arrived at the building sir." The woman advised.

"Grand, see you in say, two weeks? Or did you need more design time?" Mr. Walker asked.

"Well unless they are very elaborate I should be able to have designs to show you in a few days." Al started to explain.

"Grand, grand. Then two weeks it is. Hope you like steaks and good bourbon." Mr. Walker said now circle around Al.

He stopped before Karla. Karla's throat was dry and her heart thumped hard enough she was certain he could hear it. The short man just stared at her face like he was trying to translate hieroglyphics. Then he said in a very confused tone, "Where do I know you from?"

"I don't know Mr. Walker sir." Karla managed out of her throat.

"Nope, I never forget a face that pretty." He said so softly Karla barely heard him. Then a bizarre question came from him, "Did I propose to you at some point?"

"I'm a Shrunken Mr. Walker." She explained in terror. Jeff and Howard started towards them.

Mr. Walker waved them off, He glared up at Karla and noted, "We have a problem, miss."

"Sorry Mr. Walker sir." Oh she just wanted out of this room.

"You seem to miss that my friends call me Randy. Or you think we can't be friends. Well Miss Miller Karla, which is it?" He said in a low rumble.

"I'm just a Shrunken sir. Did you really want us to be friends?" Karla was not sure what to answer.

"I GOT IT!" The small man exploded. He turned and called over to the man setting up the easel, "Trev-Lad, you remember the kid at the buffet on the ship?"

The dark haired young man looked over confused. "I didn't really pay attention to any kids on the ship, Randy."

"Oh you know the kid. He was in front of us in line. He had the well behaved and very loving sweet little Shrunken lass. This is her." Mr. Walker explained.

"Ahh, sure. If you say so Randy." The man replied.

Mr. Walker puffed out his chest and said, "That's where I know you. Well look at you now. See I knew that kid could train Shrunken well."

"Thank you Mr. Walker. Director Micheal has taken very good care of me." Karla responded. Even though he wasn't here she knew Micheal wouldn't want her calling him Master.

"Director, dang it. Trev-lad we were right behind him. I could have talked to Micheal about his Shrunken performance training school right then and there and missed out." Randy lamented.

"Might be for the best." the man being called Trev-Lad replied.

"Now we have to chat after the meeting. I'll need you to arrange a chat with your Director Micheal so I can find out how to invest in his Shrunken talent schools." Mr. Walker requested.

What else could Karla say but, "If you wish Mr. Walker."

"Dear, you're one fine Shrunken beauty and well trained delight. But if I'm to work with these branches in The Company as I hope. Be friends with your Director Micheal as I plan to be. We need to get one straight between us. You will be the first and possibly last Shrunken given this offer. But you can call me Randy and I'll treat you as close to human as I can muster and I'll not send your young owner offer after offer just for an evening's taste of that sweet Shrunken duties you could provide. Deal?" Mr. Walker recommended.

"I will Randy. But if you are looking to be friends with Micheal you should know I'm not his only well trained and favorably treated Shrunken. And he likes her treated nearly human as well. Her name is Josie." Karla advised the short Texian.

"You, oh you and that look. Glad you're Shrunken otherwise I could see you getting me to forget to sign a prenup. Fine, two. Crystal warned me you had an air about you. Beguiled another human you Shrunken pixey." Randy said, smirking.

He turned and offered his arm and Karla felt a strange urge to take it. Not due to his standing but just drawn to be close to the warm older man. He was actually quite the handsome older man. She could see how between his looks and jolly nature he could seduce a woman of her age. Then of course there was his immense fortune and power. "Let me introduce my posey, shall we my lovely Micheal liaison." He almost sang.

Randy introduced is Asian assistant, "This is my personal assistant and frankly much needed chaperone Miss Yumiko Mikan. She is the best money can buy. And is so tired of my shenanigans that she took a trip through Europe rather than be trapped on a cruise with me collecting prettiest like yourself."

The woman looked like it took her a moment to acknowledge Karla. A look of restrained puzzlement took the pretty Oriental woman's features. Karla knew versions of this look. This was the nicer version of the, Do I really have to talk to this thing like it's a person, look. Then she gave a nod of her head and said in a stern tone, "You'll understand if I had gone with him I still would have been working the whole trip. He is a child in an old man's body. He did bring me home some very delightful souvenirs. It is nice to meet one of your kind that knows its place Miller Karla."

Karla felt a strange courage on this short stein woman's boss' arm. "My owner Micheal doesn't like me being called an it."

The woman nodded respectfully and said, "I apologize. With his current borrowed level of status. And what I see as fast rising actual levels he has that right. First name acceptable, miss?"

"Yes Ms. Mikan." Karla answered feeling proud of herself.

"Yumiko is acceptable since I have been told we are to be friends." The pretty Asian corrected.

"Grand." Randy took control. "Yumiko that giant is Albert Watts. Al is good I believe. That is Howard Miller, he is the genius behind the teleporting technology. Likely you should call him Howard as I might be taking advantage of his nervousness to call him Howey. And that is the great man behind the future of Shrunken breeding, Jeffery Grant. Jeff I believe is good there."

"Al is fine." Al replied.

"Howard to most." Howard proved Randy was right.

"Jeff is good." Jeff agreed.

"Howard, so since Micheal is so young you are technically Karla's owner then?" Yumiko asked.

Karla wondered why this was coming up so much this trip. It hit like a slap across the face for her to be reminded yet again she was only Micheal's due to Howard's slipping good graces. And she realized that caused her to flinch.

Before Howard could answer Randy spoke in a friendly tone with an edge of authority, "As far as we are concerned with ownership and dealings involving this lovely Shrunken. Micheal is her owner, full stop."

"Sorry Mr. Walker. Just clarifying who I should direct questions about Karla to, knowing your friendly habits." Yumiko said. "No offense was meant."

Karla believed her. She looked honest about her reasoning for the question. Karla caught Randy's eyes flash on her and back. She hardly knew this man but he read her expression in just a glance, "I doubt any was taken. Just have to keep everything departmentalized."

He walked over to the tall man with the briefcase. "This is my son and head of legal for Walker pellets, Miles Walker. If Micheal ever needs a lawyer there is none better. Both in that shell world out there and in our real world. Speaking of which." Randy turned to look at Al, "He's already started on your case against that idiot former employer of yours."

Al was clearly dumbfounded. "But I just received notice just a couple days ago? Its not even been posted in the legal disagreements on the Overlay yet?"

"Tish, if we waited for things to be posted to deal with them my friend we would already be too far behind." Randy said dismissively.

This Miles started speaking as Al's lawyer was just an already decided fact, "I've looked over his accusation. His representative wrote a fairly good argument. Yet he didn't include any designs or blueprints to their case. Do you have electronically dated versions of all the designs you created and built? Hand drawn ones hand dated will not be as compelling."

"I do all my designing electronically." Al muttered.

Then Miles rattled out, "Good, first we will force them to provide proof that any of the cages you have already built for the Millers, Grants, Howells, and Mr. Jacobs. Making sure they can show they were designed before you left for the trip, by any of them, and for use at one of their clients homes. Just so I'm going to get blindsided, did any of those listed designs fall into any of those three categories. Incorporating mild design aesthetics such as layered clear separate cage cells would not count. They must share a similar layout and schematics."

"Bruce didn't like it when I designed fancy cages. He preferred straight shared areas and shared sleeping arrangements. As for layout or such it wasn't till on the cruise did it become clear we needed something more than a fancy fish tank with simple plumbing. I didn't start designing those till after I meet Howard and Jeff." Al explained.

"Then we should figuratively blow them out of the water." Miles said then smiled warmly. Then that smile slipped to devious, "Would you like to counter sue for them attacking your skill and reputation? We could make them very sorry they attempted to gain from your hard work."

"An admittance they falsely accused me of stealing would be good." Al answered.

Miles looked disappointed. Karla got the feeling he had crueler grander plans for Al's relatives. Then he nodded and said, "Then they will publicly."

"Well, alright." Randy said and Karla again had the impression they had evil schemes planned for Al's relatives. And knowing how comfortable they were with just handing out fired employees that failed their reassignment Processing she worried a little what those plans might have been.

Then he perked up and pointed to the man who had set up the easel and was now onto connecting a projector and a laptop. "This is my new advertising genus Trevor Scribe. Or as we all like calling him, Trev-Lad. What my daughter Crystal calls him in the bedroom is strictly a matter of family debate."

"Yes, hello. I would prefer Trevor. If you all want to move seats to get a good view I will start on how I plan on promoting your different departments within the Company and on the Overlay once we are under our shared mutual agreement diversion." Trevor said.

"Wait, what Mutual Agreement Diversion?" Jeff asked in a startled tone.

"Well Trev-Lad I think you let my grand plan slip some. I think we might be at tables for a bit before your sales pitch." Randy said. Karla felt a tap on her hand and he nodded. He likely was right as her team was forming up along each other looking ready for a fight.

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CH 41A: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HHunter1 » Thu Mar 16, 2023 2:34 pm

Sorry I took so long. My month break to get ahead on things ran very long and honestly I never got the output I was hoping so I am no where near ahead. But I am still writing. I likely won't be posting like I used to. More now and then instead of weekly. Hopefully you'll still enjoying. Let me know what you think.

If you'd like to you can support my writing by going to my Coffee site, link below. Green Status is just $5 a month and gets you access to a members only story that, fingers cross, I will be adding to weekly. (So far so good.)


CH 41A: Afternoon Day 34.
Plot stuff

Karla moved to sit behind the table Jeff's staff had assigned for him and in turn, his group. Randy, it was so odd how comfortable she was in thinking of this man of power in the Company as just a friendly if a touch flirty old man. Him and his group sat behind their table. She could see on the man's face he was concerned, like how a parent looks when their child is trying and failing. She didn't think Randy had nefarious plans for Jeff and Howard's Company branches. But she could also tell by those two men's expressions they were ready for battle.

"Mr. Walker, while I can appreciate your business savvy. I have no urge for my life's work to become yet another Walker Pellets subsidiary." Jeff said flatly.

"That is not my goal Jeff. And please, if we can come to an agreement or not I would like us to be friends. So, it would be nice if you call me Randy." The short Texas man replied.

"OK, fine. Randy, as per Company rules. In a merger between separate Company Branches, the most profitable or larger entity then technically becomes the head Branch and the others become Branches under them." Jeff countered.

"Dr. Grant, that is technically true by the Company's laws." Randy's lawyer agreed.

With a slight touch of humor Howard inquired, "Then you already knew that. So you thought you'd flash us a friendly smile and we'd sign over our business and technology developments to your Company?"

"No. I want to have no control of your Branches. My proposal is not a standard merger. This will be something we'll need to petition the board to allow. I have recently encountered someone using their Branch's resources to attempt to damage mine. That taught me we all have enemies. That we also have vulnerabilities. I know you all have people targeting you. Attempting to cut into your business. If we combine our branches we can defend each other better and be a great force for growth in the larger Company." Randy explained.

"What do you mean?" Jeff inquired.

Randy smiled warmly and started, "We'll be a combined force. The larger Company is on the verge of going to another level. I believe with our shared loyalty and intent to help the larger Company grow we should work to be the top tier of the top tier in the larger Company and that is more likely if we join forces. Anyone willing to attack one of the four of us alone would reconsider facing the four of us."

"So you're looking for a mutual protection agreement?" Howard asked.

"Not exactly." Randy answered. Then elaborated, "A simple protection agreement wouldn't allow my legal team to help you counter Gerald Moore's on going attempt to divert some of your Company funding for his Gravity Catapult Research. Or counter that German breeder attempting to argue his right to commercially bred Shrunken as well."

"Actually, that's not true. They could hire your legal staff to help with their cases." The tall man sitting beside Randy corrected.

"Really?" He asked surprised.

"As long as you have no reason not to allow them to hire your legal staff for that. Yes." His lawyer advised.

"But we want to have a joint team. Wouldn't it be easier for them if we were a joint branch." Randy inquired.

"As a joint branch your legal team would already be their legal team. Saving expense of hiring an outside legal team. Also speeding their cases as we would have access already to their evidence. Having a deeper knowledge for our arguments sooner." The lawyer explained.

"There, that." Randy said with surprising confidence.

"This still sounds like a merger and that would mean your business absorbing ours." Jeff pointed out.

"Actually," the tall man said standing up. "If you want to give these a quick read I think they'll explain what my client isn't making clear. He's looking for an equal partnership. Making the two of you equal board members with Mr. Walker and Mr. Howell. Each of you would look after your current business branches. All the departments that are already under his business branch such as his legal team and his advertising team would then fall under your purview as well. The main concession Mr. Walker wants is for Mr. Grant uses and requires all stories selling his product to only feed them Walker brand pellets or other feeds. And to include signage saying as such. For Dr. Miller he would want shipping priority through the teleporting system to be for client members of the merger. This and that Mr. Walker can appoint the fifth member of the board for the reason of tie breaking. In turn your be advertised using Mr. Walker's newly established advertising sub-branch and my legal team's skills on current and future legal matters."

Howard snickered, "I'm the only teleporting service on the planet. Why would I need to advertise."

"Well, is it safe?" The man that had been setting up the aisle asked.

"What? Of course it's safe. How can you expect your advertising team to be a reason to join with you when they don't even do that simple research." Howard countered.

The younger man on Randy's team answered, "Because most people won't do that research. You're in charge of a new method of travel. People won't trust it. Worry it's untested. It'd be my team to dispel the worries of your average Company member. Make them know not only that it's safe. But also an easy, convenient, and relaxing method of travel. How they can have a vacation without the stress of air travel. How they won't have to worry about losing their luggage as that will be teleported with them. And that is just for the rank and file. There is also allowing other branches the security of shipping through your invention."

The youngest man here then looked at Jeff. "Your product is the easier one to advertise. But I would take them from a want to have to a need to have. Anyone who is anyone will need to have a Grant Shrunken. They will be a status symbol among status holders. How they dress them, how they present them and even Company exclusive clubs will turn away members for simply not having a Grant bred Shrunken attached to them in some way. Company celebrities will show theirs off on the Overlay. But to truly show that you're someone, they’ll need more than one. Those with the most will be those who are the best."

"And how do you suggest we do that?" Jeff asked.

"Make the first few batches available expensive and exclusive to Red members only. Encourage them to display them at Company events. Have them attend Dr. Micheal Miller's performance schools so they can be shown off for their skill and pose. Soon the masses will see them as a sign of being part of the upper echelons of the Company and will then want one or more to be seen worthy of advancement in standing and work positions." Mr. Scribe explained.

"So, Micheal's performance schools are also one of your targets." Howard questioned firmly.

"Yes." Randy confirmed. "I think they should be folded into our combining branches to protect them from forces already looking to subvert his concept from him. Honestly I was thinking once Dr. Miller younger is of age he could be positioned to be the fifth board member, the tie breaker as it were."

"And if he doesn't want his schools brought under your umbrella?" Howard asked.

"Let me correct part of your question. It's not my umbrella but our umbrella. And I think we all agree if he wants to avoid that he wouldn't force him to join in. I will be open with my intent to invest in them and attempt to convince Karla there to carry a message to him of my want to assist him in that endeavor. Open to him even if you decide against this strengthening of all our positions within the Company." The short man answered.

"We still have the issue that Company rules dictate that in a combining of branches the most productive branch absorbs the lesser productive ones. How would we even request a shared power structure? Even the suggestion to the board of an interest for branches to combine can have that done whether we agree to that structuring or not." Jeff worried.

The lawyer nodded and advised softly, "Frankly, we can't. We have to propose this special structuring and in doing so could have it forced upon us all."

"I will promise you this however. If we are forced into a standard merger then you will be the heads of those departments with all the standing and power you currently have. Those projects will stay yours. I want us to be friends first, and as my friends I have no interest in taking your life’s work away from you." Randy added.

"I can't agree to this at the moment." Howard confessed.

"I fully understand. Please, think about it. Read the proposal. Allow Trev-Lad to attempt to sell you on my advertising branch and then I will treat you to a grand lunch and a time at the local Company Half sizing club. At which your selection will be from my private selection of catches from our recent cruise. Karla, just so you know Crystal has made Trev-Lad bring you a special pair selection. She thinks you'd get a special thrill from playing with at whatever size you'd prefer them at." Randy's happy tone made him seem honest and generous. But Karla noticed at that last bit, her special selection, caused Mr. Scribe to flinch. A familiar sneer appeared and poorly hid on his face.

If her companions noticed it they didn't seem to react as Jeff sighed and surrendered, "We will look it over. But yes, Mr. Scribe, go deeper into your advertising sales pitches."

The pitches from Mr. Scribe went almost flawlessly. For Howard it was easy, convincing people it was safer, quicker, and easier than other forms of destination to destination travel. For Al it was the quality of his work and the clients he had already serviced. It was Jeff that the man hit a snag. The simple throw away line in his pitch, "And any unappealing Shrunken can be sold to high end Company restaurants as a limited special dish for higher status clients."

He barely finished this when Jeff interrupted. Though from Randy's expression Karla got the idea he had already been warned about that idea, "My products are not kitchen fodder Mr. Scribe."

"I'm sorry, no not fodder, but a specialty ingredient for only the highest paying clients meaning you'll still be able to sell them at great value to you." Mr. Scribe replied.

"No, I'm not breeding chicken Mr. Scribe." Jeff growled.

Randy's tone was of warning, "Trev-lad."

But the man seemed to miss it. "But you have to admit, even with the genetic matching system, there are still a fair percentage of unappealing looking stock produced. And once bought a client can and will do whatever they want with your product. Including cooking and eating them. So this is a great plan for cornering the market on people with those tastes while getting rid of defective products for a good return."

"What twisted things people do with my product after they buy it isn't my concern. I don't sell them to be eaten like veal." Jeff started. Karla noted how much he cared for his product's initial well being interests when conflicted with the fact that just down stairs Jeff was having dozens of dozen Shrunken women and girls strapped down and raped by drug crazed Shrunken men and boys just to harvest their off spring from them.

Then she caught another conflict of his supposed higher concern about them not being devoured when he continued with, "Ones deemed to be less attractive are recycled into the breeding supply. Any failing to be productive there are to be sold wholesale to research facilities as test Shrunken. Not as soup stock or fancy steaks."

"But you could get more from." Mr. Scribe started.

"Trevor, you heard Dr. Grant." Randy snapped. From the look on the young man's face that wasn't something he was used to from the southern man.

"Yes, sorry Dr. Grant." the man said. He shook his head. Then changed steps, "We can use the fact that a certain percentage are sold to research facilities to show your loyalty to the Company. Even your unsuccessful product is going to benefit the greater Company."

"Go on." Jeff requested.

Mr. Scribe was fairly quick on his feet, switching to an advertising plan he had clearly not prepared for. How they could suggest that buying a Grant Shrunken was in a way helping advance technologies and fight diseases.

"That sounds better." Jeff said once the man in his mid-twenties finished.

Mr. Scribe started packing his presentation material away when Randy asked, "Don't you have a presentation for advertising young Micheal's performance schools?"

"Yes Randy, but he's not here." He said, sounding a little confused.

"Karla can pass on the information if he should be interested." Randy suggested.

"Yeah, but it doesn't have any say. I think it'll be best to show Dr. Miller directly." Mr. Scribe said flatly.

"Trev-Lad." Randy said firmly.

"It's a Shrunken. Yeah she's been giving someone's job. But really she's just a glorified message service between them." The young man stated his belief on the matter.

"Excuse us a moment." Randy said to them. Then growled, "Trevor, we need to have another chat."

"Yes Randy." Mr. Scribe huffed back.

They walked out into the hall. As the door was closing Karla heard Mr. Scribe ask, "Look I understand your point, but over all that's all it is, a Shrunken. Charming one, heck she even has Crystal all giddy about." Everything else was muffled by the closed door.

The lawyer looked and calmly advised, "On behalf of Walker Pellets I would like to apologize about Mr. Scribe's outburst. He doesn't understand Karla's unique standing. But I assure you Ms. Miller's standing will be respected by Walker Pellet employees and Mr. Walker's family."

"Thank you Mr. Walker." Howard said, clearly on Karla's behalf.

"Sorry Dr. Miller, that was directed at Karla. Or would you prefer Ms. Miller." Mr. Walker noted looking directly at her.

Karla was a little uncertain how to answer. So she simply said, "Thank you Mr. Walker. And Karla is fine."

"Certainly. If it'll make you more comfortable you may call me Miles. As we are all to be friends." He offered.

"I think for the time being I'll stay with Mr. Walker if that's alright." She shyly requested.

"Certainly." he agreed.

The men came back into the room. They looked to have resolved whatever the issue between them was. Mr. Scribe looked directly at Karla. She was certain his statement was under duress, "I am sorry Ms. Miller for my statements towards you. You are not an it. Would you like to see the presentation so I may entice you and young Dr. Miller to allow me to advertise his Shrunken performance schools?"

Karla didn't know how to answer. Honestly she thought it should be held until Micheal could see it personally. But Randy had made such a grand deal about her seeing it. She looked to Jeff not realizing that she had purposely avoided looking to Howard for advice on this matter. Jeff shrugged.

She looked at the man and said, "I'm sorry to be the cause of such stress between you and Randy. But I think presenting it directly to Micheal would be the better idea."

"Certainly." The black haired man replied. But there was a tone of disdain in his voice.

"Well, then that's settled. Dr. Grant, Jeff, while we are here would it be possible to get a tour of your factory?" Randy asked.

"I would be honored." Jeff replied.

The Asian woman looked at the short Texian and he smiled and said simply, "Certainly." To her unvoiced question.

She left while they went through the tour. Karla soon found herself holding onto the old southern man's arm. He smiled warmly up at her. Kindly in a way she wasn't used to from near strangers that knew her true status. He didn't seem to look at her as a play thing or a living sex toy like many. But there was a look of want in his eyes she found herself wondering about.

As they were going through the different stages of bred Shrunken growth she noticed they lagged behind some. So she offered, "I am sorry I was a problem for you and Mr. Scribe. He is technically correct, I am just a Shrunken."

Randy patted her hand, "No you're my hopefully new young friends special Shrunken. And if my friend wants you treated as near human then I want you treated as near human too."

Karla felt herself blush slightly. Then noted, "I suppose under normal circumstances you'd want me to be part of the entertainment at this afternoon's time at the club."

He snickered, "No, under normal circumstances I likely wouldn't have really noticed you. As our near meeting on the ship clearly shows. Other people's normal Shrunken are not something I take notice of. And as I said I brought my selected Shrunken for this afternoon's fun. But, frankly, if you were not who you are. And if Howard showed you and offered to have you included as a selection for this afternoon's fun. Then yes I would have gladly enjoyed you roughly."

"But since I am who I am you'll not. Thank you for respecting my owner's wishes." Karla replied.

"I am becoming more and more glad to do so. And in my eyes, Howard can't offer to include you as he doesn't own you." Randy noted. And Karla wondered how well this man could read someone. Had she reacted to Howard's name when she didn't notice doing so?

"Thank you." Was all Karla could say.

The tour soon ended after that. "Well thank you Jeff. That was delightful. Especially the breeding room."

"Your welcome Randy." Jeff replied. Adding naturally, "Maybe someday we'll get a tour of one of your factories."

"Huh, certainly." Randy agreed. Carrying on to say, "I know. You and yours should Join Pat and family for a visit the week of New Years. Yeah, good food, good fun. Give me a chance to spoil my new friends."

"Oh we couldn't." Howard started.

"Pish posh, yeah. I'll fly you and the families down. You'll stay at my mansion. Gourmet meals. We'll ring in the New Year right. Think of it as a little vacation between cruises." Randy excitedly declared.

"Well, that sounds nice." Al started to note.

"See, the big man knows what I'm talking about. We'll celebrate like Reds should." Randy interrupted to cheer.

"Debbie did want to go on a little trip around the new year." Jeff was suddenly noting.

"Done. We'll have a grand old time." Randy declared confidently. This proud decoration seemed to convince the three men as they smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Maybe we should ask our wives first?" Howard suggested.

This didn't stop the friendly southern man, "They'll love it. Not have to raise a hand for a week or so. Yeah, we'll have a great New Year. Now, let's get our lunch. Sound good?"

"Yeah, lunch sounds good." Howard answered. Seemingly slightly confused by the sudden change of subjects.

They climbed into the limo. "Now we'll have a good meal and a good play. I brought a varied selection of pretty darlings. What do you guys like for your lap doll?" Randy advised. This slipped into the men into suggestive locker room talk. Karla could see Randy scanning the men. He clearly was studying them in a way. Learning preferences or quirks.

Then she was distracted in her own study of this strange short man. Howard was simply talking about wanting to penetrate a Shrunken's anally. How he wanted to put it into them then sit back and enjoy them wiggling impaled on his penis. This wouldn't have bothered her a few days ago. But now this just made her uncomfortable, vulnerable. But the thing that unnerved her most was how his eyes kept shifting over to linger on her.

She was happy when they arrived. The men were excited like school boys learning what they could find on the internet. They were about to take advantage of small helpless pretty women and girls after all. Karla remembered this feeling, this disturbed disgust. She knew that being used was what a Shrunken was for. But now that she's been abused, her trust betrayed it was hard to reconcile those ideas. She knew what those ladies would be feeling. Karla had to admit her own conflicting feelings, because if any of them had been her sweet Micheal she knew she would have been cheering him on. Delight at him getting to play and dominate some pretty living plaything.

Her introspective was disturbed when a strange voice noted, "Miss. Miller, this way to your room."

"What?" Karla responded.

"Oh I rented you a private room Karla. I have arranged for you to receive some special fun." Randy explained.

Karla could only think to respond with, "Oh you didn't need to do that." It looked like Mr. Scribe agreed with the expression he had.

Randy waved his hand like her concern was an annoying fly buzzing his face and said, "No no, Michael will be a new friend. So Micheal's best girl will get spoiled too. Now follow the young man and I'll bring you your special fun.”

He was strangely convincing even though as Karla walked away she realized he had barely said anything. She followed the man through the halls of storage unit looking rooms. Bright orangey red garage doors hiding themed rooms for Company members to rent to indulge in playing with Half Sized Shrunken. She wondered what theme this Randy had picked out for her.

The man stopped and unlocked a door saying, "The door opens freely from inside. This is our Asian Relaxation Room." The door slid up and the room was full of golden wood. What looked like a large shallow hot tub was in the corner. A shower head was attached on the wall by several clothes, sponges, and other body pampering cleaning items. Along the other wall was a low massage table, likely there for the Half Sized attendant to work the muscles of their renter. A small table was wrapped by a padded booth. On it sat a small menu like books. The man lift an actual menu from a bracket on the wall and handed it to her, "Once your ready for your food or need anything just use the phone and a lady staffer will come attend to your wants."

"Thank you." Karla accepted the menu. Startling at the price listings. Several Company Credits even for simple appetizers.

Her reaction clearly noted as the man advised, "Everything is being looked after by Mr. Walker. Relax and enjoy."

Karla was a touch worried. Did Randy select Shrunken males to be half sized for her to enjoy. She knew Micheal was alright with her playing with Standard sized Shrunken while Full Sized. But, would he be fine with her tormenting two to three feet tall males? She had to ask, "Do you know what entertainment Randy has planned for me?"

"Oh, he has something special planned. He has instructed that he would bring them to you. With us to wait to hear from you at what size you want to enjoy them." The man smiled, then added, "Would you like a drink while you wait and relax?"

"Not yet." Karla answered.

"If there is nothing else, I'll leave you to familiarize yourself with the room." The man said and basically dismissed himself.
Karla walked the room. The bath was clearly designed for the Half Sized to wash the human. The crisscross seating within would work well for an romantic couple. The padded edging was clearly there so this place's living entertainment equipment wouldn't be injured while a client bent them in some way to enjoy them. It made her think of the pictures of Asian bath houses. This one was designed for one person or a couple.

Sounds caught her ears, Randy's voice saying something. The first clear words Karla actually heard was from Mr. Scribe. "I still don't understand why you're spoiling it."

Randy chastised, "Her, Trev-lad. Get used to calling Karla her. And for that matter the other one as well. Jenny, Julie, dang it why can't I remember her name."

Mr. Scribe sounded annoyed, "Because it doesn't matter. They are both just Shrunken some kid has gotten overly attached to because they play with his little ding-a-ling."

Randy's retort was also one of annoyance, "Trevor you'd do good to remember that kid and his ding-a-ling are Red Status so out ranks you. He's a top research Doctor and clearly has a sharp eye for business opportunities. And if what Gisele let slip is true, going to be someone we want liking us. And if you can't get in line and treat that nice young woman and her little friend like they were people then maybe my gut feeling about you was wrong."

As Karla wondered who Gisele was she heard Trevor's reply sounded chased, "It's just hard to treat Shrunken like people." They were moving again when the younger man asked, "You sure she won't hurt them?"

"Oh, I think Karla can be trusted to not break your favorite toys." Randy answered. His tone came back to his usual inviting tone.

Karla rushed to the booth. She didn't want to be caught eavesdropping on this powerful man and his underling. She sat and tried to look like she had been sitting and waiting. Only Randy came around the corner. Saying, "Ah, Karla, there you are." Like he was looking for her despite knowing right where she would be waiting. In his hand was a spectacular Shrunken carrying cage. Styled like one of those Oriental temples and formed from rich green stone, likely jade. She could see scared Standard sized Shrunken in Geisha robes with their hair in tight buns.

Randy placed the cage on the table. "Trevor was happy to allow you to borrow his top pets. Crystal thought you'd get a kick out of playing with them."

Karla, having a better look, could see the two lovely Asian female Shrunken. One was just scared, nervously shifting about. The other was clearly scared, but there was a look of disgust in her eyes. Like she was better than Karla. "What makes them so special?" Karla asked.

"Why my darling friend, they are formerly Red Status Company Members." Randy said proudly.

Karla felt a surge of emotions. Crystal had gifted Howard the other day with a simple former Yellow. Yes he would get to keep that Shrunken. But her, a lowly Shrunken, getting to play with what had been the upper echelon of The Company. Why was she so lucky? "Red really? How? Why?" Came bumbling out of her mouth.

"Yes, well, once." Randy said, sitting down. "These are the Gao sisters." He said like that meant anything. Then sighed, "Young people, just don't keep track of things. Gao investments is a major, well, a major investment firm in the Asian region. Mr. Wen-Hsiung Gao is a power broker. But he was a self made man in his own eyes. Making The Company incredible amounts of money and inroads. He was a very smart and successful man. But his ego has caused him many hardships of late."

"OK." Karla said, wondering why she needed to know all this.

Randy seemed to read her mind, "You want to know why I'm telling you this huh?"

"Well, yes." Karla confessed.

"To help Micheal be as successful as he can. He's young and concerned about things before him. If you were to study and learn the who's who in The Company's hierarchy I think you could help him avoid certain awkward situations." He explained.

Karla could understand that while she admitted, "I never thought of that."

"Your young too." He said with amusement. Carrying on, "Anyway, since these two didn't do as their father likely wanted and were born boys he wanted them to prove themselves. Having them stripped of their once high standing they had as his daughters and gave them jobs in his branch as investment brokers. But, still his kids so he bought them tickets to that lovely crusie in which you got to meet your Micheal."

Karla liked his wording on that. It was a nice way of saying it was when she was no longer a human being and made that sweet boy's pet. Randy's phasing was almost romantic.

The jolly man continued, "Well they met Trev-Lad on the trip. And through him met and developed a rivalry with Crystal. Well, he was seeing the older sister, Ci-Ci, and Crystal. Well, they seemingly got the idea that if they stole and sold Crystal and her daughter's collected Shrunken on the black market they could use the proceeds to help them gain investment capital and therefore boost their own status faster."

"Why would they do that?" Karla wondered. She knew from Micheal dealing with Chris cousins that a low status stealing from a high status could mean the low status could be given to the victim as a Shrunken. Someone raised as a Red should have been aware of that.

Randy's tone was suddenly serious and sad, "I don't think they did." Then like he realized what he said shook his head, "My Crystal said you had an aura of you. Can you keep a secret?"

"Yes." Karla wanted to know what was clearly bothering a man so powerful.

He nodded. Karla suddenly felt like she was a Priest receiving a confession, "Security found that Jewel, the other sister, was planning on trying to sell some of her own catches on the black market. A crime that would likely have ended her up in a little cage. So their fate is partially their making. Ci-Ci was deeply connected and from what I learned basically obeyed her naughty little sister. But I don't buy the theft attempt. They claim still not to have done it. But Crystal's and Katie's Shrunken were found in their room on the ship."

"How? They would need a key to Crystal's room. And don't these watches have trackers? They would have to take them off. Then how would security know to check their room?" Karla was curious.

"As far as Security could tell they stole Katie's key the night before. At least the key was found in their garbage. The watches do have trackers, yet they didn't think to take their watches off when they did the crime. Security just followed their supposed trail." Randy answered.

"What do you think really happened?" Karla requested.

"Frankly, Crystal knows a man that is a wizard in the security and manipulation of the electronic devices we all use. I think she convinced him to switch these girl's tracking signals with a couple of my staff members. Had those staff members go to her room, take her and her daughter's Shrunken and plant them in their room. Since no one was tracking when people were really getting off the ship they could just leave for their fun in that port and it would look like the sisters leaving." He theorized.

Karla wondered, "So you're not explaining this to security to protect Crystal?"

"No," Randy said, sounding sad. "I love my Step-Daughter but that's not why I keep my theory to myself."

"Then why?" Karla pushed.

"The man she would have convinced to do the tech wizardry. He's my son. He's not mentally able to process the world like we do. He'll do anything for his family. If it was found out that he changed the signals for such a crime he likely would end up like they did. And, as his father, I couldn't buy him. His mental state would mean it would be determined he was unacceptable. Or unwanted. He wouldn't survive." He answered.

"So, you're protecting him." Karla could understand that.

Randy smiled, "Thanks Karla. I didn't know how heavy that was weighing on my shoulders till now. Please keep that between us."

"Gladly Randy." Karla agreed.

"Well I guess I'll let you get to your fun." He noted standing up.

"Are you not worried they will tell someone about what you told me?" Karla wondered.

"No, they would just be seen as just bitter Shrunken looking to blame their betters." He said smiling.

Karla shrugged, that made sense. "I suppose you consider it safe with me for the same reason."

"No, your owner cares for you as more than a fun toy and status symbol. You saying something could be a problem. But since we are going to be good friends I know you can trust you as much as you'll be able to trust me." He said, making Karla feel strangely proud. "Have fun." He advised as he partially closed the gate behind him.

"You to." She called back. Then turned to the two pretty Asian Shrunken in the fancy cage. One cowered nervously while the other glared at her. Karla could feel her skin warming with arousal. It wouldn't be the first time she played with other Shrunken. Smaller, helpless Shrunken. These Shrunken used to be Company members. Likely had their own collection of Shrunken they played and toyed with. What had they make them do? What did they do to them? But more importantly to Karla was, what would she do with them now that they were her's to play with?

"You will not touch us Shrunken!" Yelled the angry one. "One day our father will retrieve us and when he does if you dare abuse us he'll use his resources to buy you from your owner and I'll do such cruel things to you in revenge!" It was sure of herself.

"Jewel, don't talk to her like that. You might make her angry." the timid one advised.

Karla ignored the threats as she knew Micheal would never sell her. She opened the cage and her heart raced. "I warn you Shrunken, I'll bite your limbs off and wear you as a pendant when I'm returned to my proper size." The angry one yelled.

Karla let her spout off. Her hand wrapped the fancy robed nervous one. That had to be the finest silks money could buy. It felt so nice in her hand. She lift the scared little Asian beauty to get a better look at her. Lovely, likely one of Mr. Scribe's favorite Shrunken. "I'll behave just please don't hurt me." It advised timidly.

Karla tugged the belt open as she asked, "What are you called Shrunken?"

Karla opened the robes to be delighted by the porcine smooth skin underneath. Her first selection wasn't resisting or attempting to cover up her appealingly slender form. It answered with its sweet voice with that East Asian accent, "My name is Ci-Ci, my sister's name is Jewel."

Continued in 41B
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CH 41B: The Tourists. Home Life

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Continued From CH 41A

Brief M+/f+ descriptions
F/f,f + F/f,f

The angry one barked in Chinese, "Don't talk to that little whore like that."

Karla decided to assert her dominance and flaunt her imputed knowledge. Speaking in their own first language, "I can do all kinds of things to you Shrunken and not break my word to Mr. Walker about injuring you. Now shut up or I'll demonstrate what I mean." That startled the angry.

Karla slowly stroked her fingers along this Ci-Ci's exposed skin. Smoother than the expensive silks she was clad in. Karla openly purred her delight. It gasped appealingly as Karla's finger tips played with her little breasts. The little thing must have liked the attention as Karla could feel the little nipples start to point up.

"So your owner paid for you to be Imputed has he. Good I'll make you scream in pain in every language you were programed once my father makes you mine!" The angry one started again.

"So your the smart one?" Karla rhetorically asked as she fully removed the silk robe from Ci-Ci.

The little Asian didn't resist. She even moved to make her stripping easier. She spoke hopefully, "Please don't be cruel to my sister. She just can't accept her fate. I think the idea that you, a Shrunken, is going to have power over her is too much for her to accept."

Karla admired Ci-Ci's lovely legs. Toned and shapely, likely Mr. Scribe makes his pets train daily. "Oh I won't be too mean." Karla reassured her lovely borrowed plaything. "Hmm, what flavor does Mr. Scribe make you?" She asked. She spread those lovely legs and lowered her mouth over the Asian Shrunken's little womanhood. Karla liked the sound of this pretty Shrunken's gasps as her tongue stroked along Ci-Ci's exposed sexuality. She snickered as the Asian began becoming aroused. It was a slightly racist flavoring yet also fitting. Karla hummed as sweeten Green Tea flavor started teasing the tip of her tongue. And as she made her tongue vibrate she gained a deeper aroused gasp from her special treat.

She let Ci-Ci dangle from her lips. The little dear gasped and moaned, little hands reached up and played with her own little breasts. Karla got the idea Ci-Ci had more embraced and had more accepted her new life as a Shrunken. Her slight hips began rolling to help grind her excited womanhood against Karla's happy licks. Karla was delighted by the music singing from her oral plaything.

Karla slowly took off her jacket. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse. The Angry one glared at her as she undressed. Likely trying to reason what she could possibly threaten that might scare Karla from doing what she'd like. As Karla unhooked her skirt she reasoned Micheal would enjoy playing these former Company members. Pretty and silky, she would love to stroke the Behemoth with their tiny Asian forms. She slips her hosiery off as she imagines the mad one dripping in his cum.

She sits in her bra and panties. She's not sure how she wants to play with her lent toys. She grabbed the angry one. "Don't you dare Shrunken!" She screamed. Yet she didn't resist as Karla untied her belt. Just whimpered, "You'll pay for this Shrunken." Karla opened her robe to hear, "My father will save us. He will get you too." Karla's fingers admired this one's smooth naked form. As silky as her sister. "You don't want my wrath!" It said with all the resolve of a angry kitten. Karla peeled the silky robe off.

Karla dropped the now scared Shrunken between her tan breasts. The difference in skin colors was stark. She wrapped her arms to the sides of her breasts. The little Asian whimpered, "No please, no, no, no!" Karla squeezed her breasts together, mostly burying the Asian Shrunken between her Shrunken firmed mounds. The sensations, the helpless struggling trapped between her mounds, were empowering. She smiled past Ci-Ci to admire her captive. To imagine Micheal's thick heavy cock wiggling between her plump mounds and pinning that silly screaming Shrunken deep between her tits. Karla got a thrill in picturing that mighty shaft dragging its incredible length back and forth over that trapped little slender body.

Karla released her breasts yet the Asian was still trapped between her breasts. With room it attempted to climb out but Karla's skin was too smooth as it kept slipping back between them. Karla quickly slipped off her panties. She was greatly missing her teen owner and that mental interaction with him was making her deeply aroused. She had to take her underwear off before it became any more damp. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Then she leaned back and took the bra off. Karla pulled her shoulders back to help push out her breasts, this spread them slightly allowing the slender Asian to slip between. It screamed in sudden terror as it tumbled down Karla’s flat stomach. It landed on her thigh, couldn't get a grip and slipped between them. It steadied itself then saw Karla's wet, wanting pussy before it and screamed fearfully, "Don't you dare Shrunken!"

But Karla would dare. Her hand scooped the little thing and shoved her head first into Karla's hungry pussy. It squirmed to resist and that felt delightful. Karla simply hooked a finger between its kicking thighs and pushed it in deep. Karla's head leaned back in pleasure. She relished this Shrunken play. And sure she had inserted Shrunken with much wider shoulders or more poppable hips. Yet knowing this mouthy slender thing was a former high ranking Company member gave it an extra thrill. The idea if it instead of Micheal caught her that it would have eagerly given Karla the same treatment just made its helpless wiggling extra pleasurable. To top it off her little oral Asian treat hit its climax bursting sweet green tea flavor all over Karla tongue.

Karla grabbed the ankles of the inserted former big wig and worked her struggling little body in and out of her wet pussy. Her free hand started fondling her own breast. But then she remembered a more dominating target. Wrapping her fingers around Ci-Ci's lovely slender body she pressed the pads of her fingers over the Asian now Shrunken's little perky firm breasts. Rolling them added a sweet extra note of pleasure from the clearly more intelligent sister. The twist of power dynamic was racing Karla's pleasure. The simple fact that they owned Shrunken. That one change of path and that could have owned her. And now they were enslaved to her delight just thrilled like nothing before.

Karla's thighs pressed tight around her still pumping hand. Her naked body arched in peak pleasure. It rumbled up from the deepest parts of her body and up through her. Her body vibrated in ecstasy and sent the little oral playing into her another climax.

Karla pulled Ci-Ci from her lips and pressed her to her breast. The poor little thing panted for breath. The sensation of her breathing hard against her nipple felt good to Karla. She pulled the other one out of her womanhood and cupped it over her other nipple. It panted for breath as well, not for the same reasons sadly. It gained enough air to give orders again, "There, you had your fun Shrunken. Let us wash up and we could talk about your possible freedom too."

Karla snickered. Her freedom was a certain handsome young man waiting to wrap his hand around her own Shrunken body. Speaking of, she pressed both Asian sisters into her breasts. Growling happily as she rolled and massaged them over her alert nipples. Their silky skin felt so nice. Their slight breasts rolled almost playfully over her sensitive buds. The power aroused her greatly. Karla couldn't figure out which of the little Asians felt better. Ci-Ci allowed her body to be moved how and where Karla wanted and that felt nice. Yet, the other one fought and squirmed definitely while held over the tip of Karla's breast and that felt nice as well.

Karla adjusted her hold on them to hook their thighs around her nipples. Stroking them up and down while holding their long legs so they stay straddled to her nipples. Both had little wet pussies, Ci-Ci from Karla's oral enjoyment. The other was Karla's own juices. Then Karla had an idea.

She knew Milly did this with her female Shrunken. Karla herself had enjoyed this play before as the larger being. Her fingers pushed their knees while she repositioned them. They hung off the ends of her breasts straddling her arousal hardened nipples. Their little damp pussies sitting right on the very tips of her nipples. They knew her plan as Ci-Ci pleaded, "Gently please." While the other fearfully demanded, "Don't even think about it!"

Karla rolled her hands about her breasts, she would do more than think about this. Both little Asians started gasping as their tight little vaginas pinged along the ridges of her nipples. That sent tickles of pleasure into Karla's body. Slowly Karla continued to work them about her alert nipples savoring the sensations. Yet Karla wasn't looking for tickles, she wanted tight pinches.

Feeling their sexualities were well stimulated Karla pushed down on the slight hips of her current plaything. Her nipples popped inside those very tight holes and that felt painfully pleasurable. Both sisters called out as for them large thick posts penetrated them. Karla adjusted her grip. Now she could work them up and down that limited distance while her thumb massaged their own alert little breasts. Karla felt such a rush. Fucking the slim little Shrunken with her excited nipples. Now that they were clamped on they didn't seem to mind. Both Shrunken sisters gasped and moaned as they were puppet by her. Karla just kept rolling them about the ends of her breasts.

The angry sister climaxed first. Arching hard, her little arms wrapping Karla's thumb in a tight hug. Ci-Ci burst next, she hugged as well, but Karla found her kissing at that thumb like it was her lover. Karla slipped to lay along the soft padded bench. Gravity was now helping to hold them in place. Karla wrapped her hands to hook fingers tight about their hips. With a slight twitching motion she began fucking them hard with her nipples. This didn't feel as good, but did make Karla feel even more dominant over them. The both moaned an oh sound out with their East Asian accents. Their arms hung loosely to their sides. Their Shrunken firmed perky little breasts bounced from her giant fingers making them pump so fast. Karla heard herself taunt them, "Your Shrunken now little girls. Get used to the treatment you used to dish out." Soon she had both sisters screaming out in climax again.

Karla was wanting now. She popped them both off her nipples and pressed them back to back. Thinking back at it she's sure they said something while she slipped them down between her open thighs. All she could remember clearly was her growling, "Oh you're going to make me feel so good!" In the sisters went. Karla realized she had pressed them in too deeply to grab their ankles. She was about to reach in to pull them out slightly when they both started squirming deep inside her. Trapped by her larger body. Wiggling right where she liked it. Their combined mass wasn't quite as big as Micheal's pinky but it would do.

Karla slapped her thighs shut to keep them trapped inside her aroused canal. Lifting her ass off the bench by standing on her toes, they would struggle against her sexual fluids and gravity. Fighting not to slip deeper despite the slope would keep them wiggling in just the right spot. Karla's hips popped from instinct. Her hands free massaged her own breasts, fingers played with the erect nipples. "Fight, sisters, fight!" She cheered them on. Hoping this would get them squirming harder. The only thing that would make this better was her normally titan teen joining it.

Karla's body arched hard. Balanced on her toes and shoulders she bellowed, "OH YES MICHAEL!" Despite her loving owner not being there. She felt so powerful, so dominate! She wasn't some disgusting man's plaything. She wasn't betrayed and abused. No she was the one being given pleasure by helpless Shrunken. Helpless former Red level Company members. They were hers to enjoy, toy with, and when she was finished hand back like the toys they now were.

She lowered her back to the bench but stayed on her toes, thighs still held together tight. She would let them out soon; she just wanted another hard climax. To be nice she imagined their squirming was her Micheal finally giving her his manhood. Her hands on her breasts were his strong, usually colossal hands. She could see his handsome face showing he was enjoying her body fully. He was working his incredibly thick cock within her. Loving his favorite pet. Pleasuring himself inside her. She was making love to her sweet Micheal. Those thoughts did as she expected and she again climaxed. Harder than the other one, for this one was Micheal generated despite him being miles away.

She flopped onto the bench, her legs needing a rest. Her thighs parted to allow her passengers to escape. "Oh!" she started. Then made other little happy sounds as they worked themselves backward out of her. Every little crawling movement stimulated inside her nicely. She was tempted to push them back in as their calves slipped out of her vagina but decided against it and allowed them to wiggle themselves free.

Rested Karla got up. She grabbed the sisters by their legs and walked over to a sink. Rinsing them off. Then she grabbed the phone and placed it to her ear. She just realized she forgot which locker she was in when the other end picked up and said, "Hello Miss Miller, how can we provide for you?"

"Oh, ahh, well I was wondering. I mean I have two Shrunken and I don't know if you can maybe." Karla rambled unsure how to ask to get the Asian sisters turned Half Sized.

The phone voice was again helpful, "You would like them Half Sized now?"

"Yes please. Could I also maybe get some food of some kind?" She hoped that would be alright.

"Would a cheese and fruit tray be acceptable?" the voice asked.

Karla said what her first thought was, "That would be lovely."

"Beverage? We have a fantastic wine pairing." the voice offered.

"I don't know. I'm not paying for the room." Karla started rethinking her requests.

"I've been told by Mr. Walker to tell you that the sky's the limit and he would be hurt if you limited yourself over some silly sense of proper behavior." The voice explained.

"Well then, yes to the wine." She said,

"A female attendant will be there shortly to collect your Shrunken and deliver your food and drink. Anything else?" The voice said happily.

Karla couldn't think of anything, "Ahh, not currently."

"Hope you enjoy your stay a Half Locked Away." The voice said. Karla waited for the phone to hang up. Shortly the voice asked, "Miss Miller?"

"Yes?" she replied.

"Are we able to help you with anything else?" It asked.

"No thank you?" Karla was confused.

The voice snickered and advised, "I am not permitted to hang up on a guest."

Karla now snickered in embarrassment, "Oh right, sorry. Thank you." Then she hung up. Karla noticed a robe hanging off a hook. Designed much like the robes the sisters had been dressed in. She wrapped herself in it, enjoying its satin texture.

Soon a knock and a girl's voice advised, "Miss. Miller, I'm here to deliver your food and collect the Shrunken for resizing."

"Come in?" Karla wasn't sure what the protocol was.

That seemed to be fine as brown fingers grabbed the bottom of the gate and lifted it up. A pretty young black girl about Micheal's age held a tray in one hand and a wine stand with a full wine bottle in the other. "At the table?" she asked.

"Ah, sure. I expected just a glass, not the whole bottle." Karla confessed.

The girl explained happily, "Mr. Walker told us that his guests got the whole bottle."

"He does seem to like to spoil people." Karla noted.

"And Shrunken. Oops." The girl said then her expression changed to scared. Karla realized her status wasn't supposed to be brought up.

"I won't tell him you said anything." Karla offered.

The girl set the tray down and as she set up the wine stand explained, "He told us we were to treat you like a person. Not call you a Shrunken or even hint we knew you are. He said he would be hard on us if we upset you. Please, please don't let him or my bosses know I did that."

"It's OK. Our secret." Karla reassured the girl.

"Oh good." She sighed. "Can I make it up to you?"

"Relax. I spent a few years in retail. I understand people make mistakes." Karla explained.

"OK, thank you again." The girl said then sighed.

Curiosity got Karla to ask, "Do you have any Shrunken?"

The girl shook her head. "My family is low status, we can't afford any."

"Do you talk to the ones here?" Karla wondered.

"Well, not really. Do this and wait here mostly." The girl replied.

"Well, do you have any questions?" Karla hoped this might help the girl relax.

"Oh, really?" was the timid reply.

"Sure ask." Karla insisted.

"Well, I do have one question, for you." The girl nervously started.

"Go ahead." Karla found this amusing.

Then the girl asked her question, "Are you really Doctor Micheal Miller's Shrunken?"

That wasn't one she was expecting. "Yes, yes I am." She answered in confusion.

"Oh he's dreamy. Is he as cute as his Company profile pictures?" The girl asked in a fan girl purr.

Karla was taken aback that this girl even knew what he looked like. Then she remembered he was Red Status and that high level status holders were the celebrities of the Company. That many people followed the actions of high level members like normal people follow actors and singers in tabloids. Looking at it that way it made sense. So she answered, "He's even cuter in real life. I'm a very lucky Shrunken."

"Hmm, I wish I could know him. I played against him in Battle Jumpers once, he was so nice. His voice was so dreamy." The girl gushed.

"He is a wonderful and down to Earth young man." Karla praised her sweet lad.

"I heard he's dating Chrissy Grant, is that true?" The girl continued.

"Yes." Karla felt oddly like she was gossiping about her Titan teen.

The girl sighed then added, "Chrissy is nice. She and her family come here often. It's just, well, silly. Sorry I should go and let you enjoy the room."

The girl turned to leave when Karla reminded, "The Shrunken to be resized?"

"Oh right. Sorry." The girl said. Pointing, she asked, "Is that them?"

"Yes." Karla answered.

"Clothes?" The girl asked.

"Oh, there by the cage." Karla answered.

"Oh, OK." The girl said. Grabbing the sisters and their silky robes. "I'll be back in a few moments." Then she left.

Karla was alone. The door open she heard something. Sounds of male pleasuring themselves while small female voices whimpered and begged. Randy had said they would be right around the corner, Karla was curious.

She quietly slipped out of her locker. Tiptoed down towards the door the sounds were coming from. She peeked around the corner and was a little surprised. There the men were, the locker door wide open. A selection of Half Sized female Shrunken chained to one wall. They watch terrified at how the other Half Sized Shrunken are being enjoyed. From the looks of things all the choices Randy brought were very young, just ripe variety.

Al and the Lawyer Mr. Walker spit roasting some poor little Asian girl. She was squirming, actually dangling between them as they slowly worked their full lengths in and out of her slender teen form. Al’s hands easily over lapped around her tiny waist while Mr. Walker was holding her chest. From her collar dangled a chain to restrain her to the wall with. Karla hadn't seen Al naked and knew she shouldn't be looking now. But he was thickly endowed. It looked like it was stretching the girl's vagina painfully wide. Mr. Walker himself wasn't a small lad making the girl's lips stretch tight around his girth. She was surprised the girl could take such lengths without them tapping together inside her.

By them in a big chair was Jeff chatting away. In his lap were two naked blonde girls scarcely about Chrissy's age. He held their chains like he was controlling hyper dogs instead of poor teen girls. He had them licking and suckling at his cock and balls while he stroked one of the little firm asses pointed up towards his view. He then switched which hand held the chain. His newly free hand grabbed the back of the head of one girl and he moved her mouth to his tip and forced her to take his whole cock down her little throat. Jeff wasn't as large as Al but he wasn't small either. Karla could see the girl's throat was expanded by his girth. He released her head and hooked his hand under her chest to fondle her youthful breasts. The girl pulled herself off his penis, coughed a few times. Then fearfully lowered her face to suckle at his balls.

Next to him was Mr. Scribe. She couldn't tell how big he was as he had a Latina teen straddling his lap. Her little hands were holding her up at an angle off his legs. Her whole body rocked up and down as she was clearly being made to reverse cowgirl for his delight. Her lightly tan skin was dripping with sweat from her efforts to please the still giant man. She slowed slightly and without pausing his conversation with Jeff just swatted her little ass hard enough that the sound echoed in the hall. The poor girl yelped in great pain then resumed her pace.

Next was Howard. He hugged an Indian girl with her legs pressed to her chest. She gasped hard as he lifted and lowered her tiny body with one arm. His small cock was clearly inserted into the young teen's anus. From his expression he was enjoying how it felt slowly work inside that tight wrong hole. Draped along his side was a pretty young black girl. His hand polished her rounded ass as the girl stroked along his chest and played in his thinning hair. Her mouth made small pecks along his neck and cheek.

To her surprise the largest of the group was Randy himself. Fact he was nearly Micheal's equal in girth and length. His member was sandwiched between two red haired girls. Their little hands massage his massive balls and stroke at his shaft. Their necks arched so their sweet little teen mouths could suckle and lap their tongues at his tip. His hands stroked along their youthful bodies. Squeezing little pert asses or wrapping to roll perky breasts.

The men happily chatted with each other as if just out for coffee or light lunches. While Half sized girls young enough to be daughters or granddaughters slavishly attempt to pleasure them as they want. If they were actual people this would be wrong and disgusting to Karla. But she knows they are Shrunken. Randy's living playthings. His to do with literally as he wants. Karla sighs and wanders back to her locker glad she wasn't included in the men's selection.

She sat and took a square of cheese and nibbled at it. The young Black girl brought the Sisters, now Half Sized, to her locker. Karla can't help but notice the attendant was about the age of many of Randy's selected choices. "Here you go Miss. Miller." She says handing Karla the collar command codes. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"No, thank you." She replies.

"OK, please use the phone if you want anything else. Would you like your gate lowered?" The girl offered.

"Yes Please." She says. Last thing Karla wanted was to listen to the men's fun. The gate lowered, their sounds were blocked almost completely.

Karla looks at the two Asian women. The mouthy one starts, "Look, if you stop now and I promise my father will not take you from your owner."

"Prepare me a bath." Karla commands them.

Ci-Ci starts over then her sister grabs her wrist. "You don't want us as your enemy. You don't want our family as your owner's enemy."

Karla snarled her lip. Threatening her is one thing. But to threaten Micheal. She grabbed the sheet of commands. Lucky the collars label which one wore what collar. "Leo Apple Pie."

"Command Received." The mouthy one's collar says in its robotic voice.

"Oh." The Asian gasped. "You shouldn't do that. I understand." It started again.

Interrupting Karla repeated, "Leo Apple Pie."

"Hmmm." It whimpered. Now it gasped and licked her lips. Two levels of artificial arousal and she is much more compliant.

"Prepare me a bath." Karla ordered as she grabbed the bottle of wine. The two Asian scoot over and start running water. Karla pours a glass full and reseals the bottle and gently places it back. Taking a sip, oh it is sweet and rich. She nibbles at the cheese blocks, sliced fruit, and the fancy crackers as she watches them ready the requested bath.

Shortly Ci-Ci returned and advised, "Your bath is ready Miss. Miller."

"Thanks Ci-Ci." Karla said. She stands and disrobes. Slipping into the bath. "Ci-Ci, can you bring over my wine and food?"

"Yes Miss. Miller." And the smarter of the Asian sisters started her task.

Karla lowered into the water. Warm and lovely scented. She raised a foot out and commanded the other sister, "Strip and rub my foot." The artificially aroused one whimper wantonly then complied. Little soft hands began massaging her foot. Working the ball, between her toes, along the sides. It felt nice. Ci-Ci managed in a few trips to gather the food and wine within Karla's reach. Karla lifts her other foot out of the water. "Could you slip in here and rub that foot for me please?"

"Yes Miss. Miller." Ci-Ci says. Stripping off her silk robe and slipping into the water with her. Sitting in the spot for a partner to share a bath. She took Karla's foot and slipped it into her lap. Little hands work that foot.

Karla sighed and started to nibble again. After days of walking that attention felt nice. She snickered to herself. Too used to riding on a certain shoulder she teased herself. She also noted that she could get this type of treatment at home. Micheal or Milly would enforce her request and Shrunken from either of their collections would rub her feet or massage her shoulders. She could be pampered more if she so wanted.

"Knock knock?" A voice from the other side of the gate.

"Who is it?" Karla asked. Then she noticed the sister's cowering.

"Company." Came cheering as the gate went up. Karla knew this woman from the other day, Crystal Green. She wore a slate gray tight skirt business suit. It wrapped her curvaceous form appealingly. In one of her hands was leather leashes that hung down to the collars of two other Half Sized Asians. "Thought you might get lonely all by yourself." She explained as she pulled the gate down. Stepped in on heels so tall and thin that Karla would have been nervous to wear even with years of dance training. Crystal strutted over causing her Shrunken to basically run to not be dragged by those leashes.

"I don't know if I'm comfortable with this." Karla remembered how tempted she was the other day to submit to this gorgeous blonde bombshell's whims.

"Nonsense." Crystal said at the tub side. She clapped commandingly and sat on the edge. That was clearly for her Shrunken as they rushed up to her and began stripping her suit off her shapely body while she chatted happily, "Randy wants us all to be good friends. He's hanging out with your friends, you should have company to right." She added with a dismissive hand wave towards the Asian sisters, "Not just those two little whores."

"But, I'm not like the fathers." Karla started.

"Oh sweetie, you're much better than those sweet guys. Did you know how easy they blush? All I did was stop and say hello and they all acted like nervous teen lads. It was cute in a way though." Crystal noted. Now naked, her gloriously formed body more curled to her feet then stood. She strutted confidently and Karla could see why.

"But I'm not allowed to play with someone without my owner's permission." Karla tried to explain.

Crystal purred very appealingly, "Oh you tease. Don't toy with my naughty instincts like that." She pushed Ci-Ci roughly out of her way. She stepped into the warm water and slipped into it in a smooth fluid motion. "You stay on your side you little sexy minx. I don't want to get on your cute young owner's bad side."

"That wasn't what I meant." Karla tried again.

Crystal looked at her brought Shrunken and snarled harshly, "You two, get in here and massage my feet now." Then in a sweet as honey tone advised, "I mean what I said. I'm just here for us to become friends. It will be hard for us both I think. But I think we can work at it." She leaned in intimately close as she growled in an appealing sexy tone, "Though I also wouldn't mind if you called your owner for permission. I've never played with a Full Sized Shrunken."

She then leaned back and huffed. "Sorry Karla. I'm acting like I did when I fed you that slice of cake. Really, Randy wants us to see you like a person. Must be better."

"You think we can be friends? Even though I'm just a Shrunken." Karla asked nervously.

"That's what Randy wants. And you'll find what Randy wants Randy gets." Crystal confessed.

Karla found herself confronting the beautiful blonde woman, "So, really, you don't want to be my friend."

"I really have the most issue with you being what you are. If you were a Yellow Status person I would gladly have you as a dear friend. But you're a Shrunken. Normally a thing. Something to play with. Heck my favorite dish is Honey Roasted Shrunken. So delectable. But now Randy wants you and Josie I think he said treated like people and befriended. He has to have a good reason, so I will be friends with you and Josie. Spoil you like any other low status friend. And like it even if it kills me. So don't worry, we can be friends." Crystal informed her.

"OK, I'll try to accept that." Karla shyly advised.

"Good my darling. Now I have more nibbles coming for us. Do you like sushi?" She asked sweetly.

"I do." Karla noted.

"Good, good." Crystal said relaxing.

A question lingered in Karla's mind. "I shouldn't ask, but if I was your Shrunken would you Honey Roast me?"

Crystal hardly laughed. Regaining her composure she answered, "Oh no my dear. A fetching curvy thing like you would either be one of my little pleasure toys or a treat for my males."

"A treat for your males, like if one was good you'd let them have their way with a female?" Karla inquired.

"Sometimes." Crystal confirmed. But then added casually, "Or sometimes when the mood hits me I just drop a pretty female or two into my male's cage and let them gang bang them or pass them around. Whatever they like."

"I am reminded so often how lucky I am that Micheal collected me." Karla confessed.

"Smart girl." Crystal purred. Karla felt the woman's hand start stroking along her leg, "And now I am lucky making such a unique friend." The blonde woman leaned her head back and sighed quizzically, "I guess this is a special treat for you. Being the one that plays with the Shrunken and not the one being played with."

"Oh, Micheal lets me play with Shrunken all the time." Karla clarified.

"You mean when your Full sized?" Crystal was clearly curious.

"Full, Standard, whatever size I am. I can walk into his cage and demand service from one of his pets and they have to do as I want or he'll punish them." Karla explained.

Crystal smirked, "Oh I get it. He likes to watch. I can see how that would be enjoyable for a young man like your owner."

"No, well yes. But I can play with one whenever. If he's watching or not." Karla bragged.

"Oh really?" Crystal cooed. She snapped and pointed. Her Shrunken attendants shifted out of her way and the bloxom blonde woman switched it sitting on the same side as Karla. She was very close, she leaned and asked softly, "So he's OK with you being sexual with other women without him."

Karla was taken aback. Crystal was so close and so attractive. Her self confidence radiated off her and was very alluring. Karla liked the attention. She could understand the reasoning this powerful Company member was using. But a little voice told her this wasn't right. Little but powerful since it sounded like Micheal's voice. "Micheal doesn't want me used by people without his permission."

Crystal leaned closer. Her shapely form was tight along Karla's body. Even her scent seemed sexual. She was so close Karla could feel those soft full lips occasionally brushing hers as the blonde spoke making it incredibly tempting to follow her supposed new friend's logic, "Oh, but we're friends now. And at this size I wouldn't be using you. We'd be enjoying each other's company very much. I mean is it any different then when you have fun with another Shrunken?"

Karla almost went for it. If this woman was in Micheal's collection she wouldn't have thought twice about rolling about this tub with her. But Micheal's voice kept whispering no. Then the final realization came to Karla, this was the same tactic she used when she wanted Micheal to do something. Cooing, archin, and suggesting. Crystal was skilled and well equipped to use her sexual nature. "I must obey my Micheal's request." Karla said flatly.

Crystal sighed and leaned back. It looked like this hadn't been some test or study of her character. Karla was mostly positive this gorgeous woman just wanted a fun sexual romp with her. Then a cunning smile came across those lovely features. "Your Micheal?"

Oops, Karla thought, she slipped up. Trying to recover she explained, "He is my owner. My Micheal is just my way of saying it."

Crystal leaned back and rested her head on the edge of the tub. "Those little tramp Shrunken stroking your feet are my Trevor's pets. They call him master or owner. I call him my Trevor. I think you have more say with your Micheal then I might have with my Trevor. I respect that, impressed actually. Honestly it makes me more aroused."

"It's not like that." Karla started.

Crystal held up her hand to stop her. "We'll be better friends if you don't lie about what I can see clearly. I won't cause you any issues. Randy would come down on me like a ton of bricks if I did. No, I will just be happy for you, my unique friend. Happy and impressed."

"Impressed?" Karla wondered.

Crystal sat up on the edge smiling in a friendly manner. "The boy, sorry, your Micheal can do whatever he wants with you whenever he wants and I am convinced that you can get what you want from him with a wink and a smile. That takes skill I wouldn't be able muster as a Shrunken. Even if my target was a fourteen year old boy." She then snapped her fingers and waved her attendants over.

"He was told I was special. So he treated me special." Karla said.

"Ah-huh." The woman said. Then she looked at one of her attendants, "Coco-Puff Cancer, Coco-Puff Cancer, Coco-Puff Cancer." Its eyes rolled back and its scared expression switched to deeply aroused. Crystal tapped one of her large unnaturally firm breasts and the Half sized Asain gasped and eagerly latched onto Crystal's plump nipple. It straddled her leg and began worshiping that beauties' curves. "We both know what really happened. I think we'll be easier friends than I had originally thought." Crystal advised as she grabbed the collar of the other Asian Shrunken.

It pleaded, "Please my lady no."

Crystal snickered as the collar recognized her as, "Guest C Green."

"Boom Tart." Crystal said firmly and the collar detached. The Half sized Asian was suddenly gone and the water rushed to fill in where her little body was. Then Karla could see the Standard sized Shrunken swimming up to the bath water surface. Literally swimming for its life. Crystal caustically reached into the water and scooped the mini Asian out and tapped the arm of her artificially aroused attendant. "You know what to do with this." She said as the Half sized Asian took the terrified toy sized Asian, used her mini giantess hand to straighten the smaller being out. Crystal's legs parted and the Half sized Asian inserted the smaller Asian into Crystal vagina. "Hmm that's good." Crystal purred.

Crystal looked at Karla, "Well, aren't you going to have fun too? Or are you like the gents and like your Half Size attendants to have a little fight to them?"

Karla decided that this would be fine. This was what this room was for and they were Shrunken. She climbed up to sit on the tub edge. The nice sister looked worried. The other already to levels in looked conflicted between intrigued and annoyed. Karla purred, "Leo Apple Pie." and that conflict was gone. Karla opened her legs and stroked her thighs. The mouthy one understood immediately. Wading over it kneeled in the tub and kissed deep into Karla’s womanhood. "Hmmm." Came humming from Karla.

She reached back for the command sheet when Ci-Ci requested, "No please, I'll be compliant."

Crystal snickered cruelly, "She will too. She knows what she is now. Foolish girl."

Karla waved Ci-Ci over. She had a sweet looking mouth. "OK, suckle my breast please." she requested. The clearly smarter of the two sisters slinked along Karla's side. Opened her mouth and softly started kissing Karla's sensitive nipple. Then Karla sighed as Ci-Ci's little hand began admiring her other breast. The pretty Half sized Asian wasn't as lustful as Crystal's collar aroused attendant. Which Karla was actually grateful for.

"Feels nice being worshiped doesn't it?" Crystal advised.

Karla nodded and as her fingers undid the mouthy sister's buns to play in her long black hair she said her agreement, "It sure does."

A knock at the gate. "Pardon Miss. Miller, Ms. Green, your sushi has arrived."

"Bring it my dear and place it on the table please." Crystal requested.

The gate opened and the girl seemingly took little notice that they were getting sexually attended. Then Karla realized this was the business after all. She placed the large platter on the table and asked, "Can I get anything else for you ladies?"

Crystal noted playfully, "Another bottle of wine my dear. Once we're done here we'll be eating and gossiping like soccer moms. We'll need drink."

"Yes miss, right away." The girl noted.

The girl lowered the gate and left. Crystal sighed, "Miss, sweet girl called me miss."

"Is that alright?" Karla asked while also sighing. The sisters were making her feel very nice.

Crystal gasped in pleasure and informed, "I've been getting ma'am more and more lately. Making me feel old."

Karla couldn't help but hum deeply as the mouthy sister used her mouth very pleasingly. Then warmly advised, "You certainly don't look like a ma'am."

Crystal growled "OH yeah!" Then in a throaty voice replied, "Oh Karla, you are so nice."

"Ah ah ah." rolled out of Karla before she could form words. "This is nice."

"Deeper." Crystal growled at the crazed attendant. "Oh yeah." Soon followed. Then she pointed out, "Little extra thrill for you getting attended by a couple foolish former Company members?"

"It does give this an extra level." Karla confessed. "Hmm, hmm." purred from her as her mind got curious. Holding back what Randy mentioned to her earlier Karla asked, "Did these two really try to steal from you?"

"Ow!" Crystal yipped then slapped hard the larger of her attendants. Growling afterward, "No teeth you little bitch!" Then she looked at Karla, "Sorry, she lost track of herself. Yes, they did."

Karla asked between aroused gasps, "But why you of all people? A Red Status member. There had to be easier targets." Karla noticed Ci-Ci looking at her timidly.

"Oh, oh, oh." Crystal moaned. Then advised, "Sorry, distracted there for a second. Being a Red I had a larger volume of Shrunken. Plus they were hoping the hardship would put a wedge between me and Trevor."

"Trevor, Mr. Scribe?" Karla asked. She was getting so close to her peak.

Crystal moaned her response, "Handsome isn't he?" She was likely close to.

"He is." Karla had to admit despite his actions.

"But?" Crystal caught her.

"He doesn't seem to like me." Karla breathlessly advised.

"Ahh, ahh. He's just having trouble understanding you’re a friend." Crystal explained.

"Because I'm not a person?" Karla pushed.

Her answer would have to wait. Crystal roared sensually. Clearly delighting in smaller beings being made to serve as her sex toys. Her climax ended, she snapped hard in the larger one's ear. Its head snapped back. "Get off now." Crystal snarled. It slipped off her leg. "Lick that one clean, but don't you dare touch yourself." Crystal said with a cruel glee. The Half Sized looked desperate. Reluctantly it nodded. Lifted the limp looking Standard sized Asian and began licking Crystal's fluids off it like a living lollypop.

"Well?" Karla asked, gasping.

"Finish up Karla then we'll continue talking." Crystal said sweetly.

That would be easy enough. Ci-Ci's sister might not have wanted to attend her. But Karla was glad she was as that mouth knew how to suckle a pussy. And she needed this, the dominance, the position of power. After this trip she needed the rush of this situation. Her hands grabbed the back of the slurping head and pressed it tight into her sexuality. Her hips rolled as the climax seem to rush through in in tidal waves.

Karla let go of the head and leaned back to catch her breath. "OK, stop." She begged the sisters. Ci-Ci crawled off her back into the tub. While the other looked defeated, likely losing a level of artificial arousal from getting a mouth full of Karla's own climax. She slinked back looking lost.

Crystal snickered cruelly. "Good job Ci-Ci, you deserve a treat for being a good little pet."

The nice sister shook her head, "No thank you my lady. Serving Miss. Miller was treat enough." Karla could see the fear in the woman's eyes.

"Nonsense." Crystal said snickering. Then she gleefully stated, "Leo Apple Pie." The other sister's collar confirmed the command. That sister's confused look washed away in a second to show a lustful look. Laughing Crystal ordered, "You two, I want Ci-Ci there moaning in pure ecstasy now."

Ci-Ci only got out, "No wait please." before the two other half sized Asian tackled her and started molesting her sexy slender body.

Crystal grabbed her Standard sized pet from the water where her larger pet had dropped it. "Let's eat shall we?” Crystal asked like they were just out on a nice day.

"Sure." Karla answered. What else could she say?

They dried off and put on their robes. "Leo Apple Pie. Coco-Pop Cancer." Crystal called over her shoulder as they started towards the table. The collars confirmed the request and soon Ci-Ci was fearfully gasping. "What fun." Crystal said happily.

They brought over the cheese tray and the wine stand. "Huh, that girl is good." Crystal noted. Then in the stand was another bottle of wine. Karla hadn't even noticed her come and go. They sat and began eating like friends when Crystal reminded, "Right we were moaning about Trevor were we not?"

"Yes." Karla confirmed a touch disturbed by how sexually comfortable this woman was. "I asked if he didn't like me because I'm a Shrunken."

"Oh that. Yes. It's funny really. He has only really recently even interacted with Shrunken and he's the one all put out of shape about treating you with respect. Well, my daughter is a touch confused by it. But he is actually against it like it's a personal affront." Crystal just openly explained.

"Could it be because I fall under Micheal's status?" Karla wondered.

"No sweetie." Crystal said. Nodding, she said flatly, "It's because Micheal is a kid. He thinks he only has to treat you with any respect because your owner likes stroking off with you. Don't worry, he'll come around. Trust me."

"And you don't think that's it?" Karla wondered.

"No, might have been the start but I know there is more." Crystal said confidently.

"How?" Karla wondered.

Crystal looked amused. "Silly girl. Your job. No one gives a living flesh light that kind of position."

"Oh, that makes sense." Karla hadn't thought about her position. "Why did those sisters want you to have problems with Trevor?"

"Oh, simple. Ci-Ci and I both started seeing him on the Cruise. She couldn't see how I was better for him. How he was to be mine." Crystal said with a clear possessive tone.

"And now they are his?" Karla asked.

Crystal smiled warmly and said, "I too have a soft spot for a handsome younger man." She then held up her hand. Then shouted over her shoulder, "Leo Apple Pie. Coco-Pop Cancer." Explaining mockingly, "Don't want the background music to go away."

"But they had to know security would catch them. It was a bit foolish for them to steal from you." Karla pushed.

Seemingly reassured Crystal advised, "They were competing with me for Trevor's affections. They were quite clearly foolish, just one more act of fools." Then in a clear attempt to switch topics, "So your owner lets you play with other Shrunken whenever. Must be fun huh?"

"Yes," Karla confessed then in an attempt to swing back to the topic she had started, "Does Trevor share his pets with you?"

"He sure does. Now, when you're Standard sized what do you like them to do for you?" Crystal was clearly intrigued by this concept.

Karla answered and despite not wanting to fall down that rabbit hole they soon were laughing and dishing about what ways they preferred to enjoy Shrunken. As they did so they ate and sipped back a touch too much wine. Karla realized she couldn't fully trust this Crystal, but they could very well be friends at a certain level.

"Well it's getting late." Crystal sighed.

"Really?" hadn't just been a little while Karla thought.

"Oh yes, well into the evening. The pilots are likely wondering what's keeping us." Crystal advised happily.

Karla looked at her watch. As Crystal said it had been many hours since they arrived here. Crystal looked over to the three half sized Asians. Collar commands long ran through the three laid nearly passed out along the edges of the giant tub. Crystal clapped loudly and growled, "Up you lazy things. Get this place picked up to make it easier on that sweet girl." They slowly rolled up onto their feet and she clapped again, "Now whores!" came roaring out of Crystal and Karla was again glad she wasn't this woman's Shrunken.

"Foolish things." Crystal grumbled. She smiled at Karla, "Good to know not all Shrunken are such layabouts."

"Thank you." Karla reasoned that was the best response.

Crystal started over to her clothes. "We should get dressed. You think your Micheal will lend you out to me for another day of play?"

"He doesn't like others playing with me." Karla advised following that round ass.

"Silly girl. No, like today. You, me, a selection of Half sized playthings. Maybe we'll even be a touch naughty and have some males instead." Crystal tempted.

Karla reasoned if Eve was like Crystal, Adam had no choice but to bite that forbidden fruit. "I could ask."

"Oh please do." Crystal purred, getting dressed.

Karla started applying her own clothes when she asked, "You think we could invite Joise?"

"The other special Shrunken?" Crystal clarified.

"Yes, she is special." Karla cooed without meaning to.

Crystal smiled knowingly. Then spoke in a friendly tone, "Sure. Heck we'll bring Josie and my daughter. And even get the wives involved. Well rent out a bigger room though. Maybe locker room themed so we can dress them like football players and make them kneel down and give us all touchdowns."

Karla shook her head and snickered. Josie thought she was a bad influence. Wait till she meets this Crystal.

Crystal grabbed the phone, "Yes we're done. Thank you very much for the great service." Then hung up. "They'll be in shortly to clean up."

"Should we wait?" Karla asked.

"I am." Crystal said, grabbing the collar commands for the sister's collar's. She simply walked up to Ci-Ci and just grabbed the collar as the Half sized Asian was working on cleaning up. "Thunder Island Bumblebee." She snarled and the collar released. She grabbed the Shrunken off the floor. Then went to the next closest and commanded her collar off.

"Their robes are still Half sized." Karla advised.

"Like them?" Crystal asked.

"Like, as in do I like how they look?" Karla was confused.

Crystal smiled then simply said, "I'll get you and Josie a couple of your own." Then she gathered the other sister. She shoved the three of them into the fancy carrying cage.

"You don't have to do that?" Karla advised.

Clearly ignoring her Crystal asked, "Does your Micheal have a nice cage to carry you two in to show you off?"

"He has a seated chain cage." Karla reassured the woman.

She rolled her eyes. "Oh you poor thing. If we're going to be friends you are going to be spoiled."

Karla felt the need to defend her sweet owner, "Micheal does spoil me."

"Fine." Crystal said, clearly amused, "More spoiled."

"You don't have to do that." Karla attempted to reason.

But that was pointless. "No, but I will be the response."

The gate opened and the girl looked at them. "Oh, I was told you were done with the room."

"What's your name sweetie?" Crystal asked in reply.

"Monica." The girl nervously replied.

"Monica I wanted to thank you for your courteous and discreet service. If I ever get to visit this location again I will be requesting you as my attendant. Is that alright?" Crystal asked.

"That would be great." The girl said enthralled.

Crystal reached into her pocket and noted, "Also for being so sweet I would like to give you a little tip." Crystal gently grabbed the girl's hand and placed in it one of her Shrunken attendants.

"Wait, a Shrunken?" The girl gasped.

"You are allowed tips right?" Crystal asked like she hadn't just given this girl a little person as one.

"Yes but." The girl started.

"You'd prefer a handsome male. I understand. Could I have your address or should I ship him here?" Crystal asked.

"No, this one is lovely. It's just, a whole Shrunken?" The girl attempted to explain.

"Well I'm not going to cut her in half and give you only part of her." Crystal said snickering.

"It's just a lot." Little Monica said dumbfounded.

"I'll ship you its clothes. Enjoy Monica, I'm looking forward to meeting you again." Crystal said.

"Thank you Ms. Green. This is too much." the staffer praised.

Crystal's watch went off. "Oh, that's Randy. The guys are wondering where we are. Monica text me the address to ship the clothes to to this number. Lets go Karla."

Monica cheered, "I will. Thank you again Ms. Green. Nice meeting you Miss. Miller." As Karla followed Crystal down the hall.

They found the guys in the lobby. They looked happily drained. They still took keen notice of Crystal's strutting shapely body. Randy smiled and opened a metal case, "Have fun ladies?" Inside the case was a large carrying cage. Inside was filled with the teen Shrunken that the men had been enjoying in their room. They each wore a simple slave outfit that barely covered their youthful forms. Several were still marked with the men's release on faces and other parts of their bodies.

Crystal placed her cage into the case as she answered, "We had a delightful time." Randy closed the case trapping all the Shrunken inside as she turned to the person at the desk, "I gave Monica one of my own Shrunken as her tip. If I find out she didn't get to take it home as hers I will be upset."

The desk person nodded and agreed happily, "It is all hers. Thank you Ms. Green."

"Well this is where we part ways for now. Please review my offer and get back to me." Randy said to Howard and Jeff.

"We will." Jeff answered for them.

"We have to do this again. I hadn't had this much fun since, well, since the cruise." Randy requested.

Karla found Howard replying, "You bring more of those fine Shrunken we'll be happy to attend." Creepy.

"Classroom, then we can educate them." Randy joked back.

"Good students need hard discipline." Jeff added in. And the men all laughed.

Randy and his people got into one limo while Karla joined Howard and the others in the other one. The drive was quiet, the men too tired from food, drink, and sexually dominating Half sized Shrunken to do more than agree that it was a fun time. They dropped off Al and Jeff then headed to the closest airport.

"What about our suitcases?" Karla asked.

"Randy sent the car around earlier. They are waiting on the plane for us." Howard explained.

Maybe because they were tired. Possible due to what happened on the trip. But neither of them spoke to the other the whole trip. They landed and Randy had arranged one more limo. It was well into the night when they arrived home.

They stepped into the house and Howard spoke, "Micheal can take your collar off in the morning. I already let Gabriel know."

Karla, being tired, didn't think and just snarled, "Surprised you didn't want to force yourself on me again."

Howard looked defeated. "I'm sorry Karla. I was weak and you just looked so good. Felt so good. Jeff told me I can't be doing that any more. That he wasn't going to watch me mess things up like that."

"You offered to share me with him didn't you?" Karla assumed.

"Look, what matters is that we keep this between yourselves. We put it in our past. We can fix this if we work on it together." Howard requested.

"No you have to make this right. You have to tell Micheal and Milly." Karla demanded.

"No, no I can't." Howard whimpered. Then he huffed, "I know you'll be mad for a while. I can accept that. But this stays between us and us only."

"Us, and Jeff that you suggested passing me about with." Karla wasn't mad. Mad would make her tell Micheal and Milly herself. No she was hurt, devastated. And only Howard confessing to those he loved would help heal that.

Howard however was clearly feeling guilty so he defended himself, "Look your my Shrunken if I want to share you with a friend then I can."

"I'm Micheal's Shrunken." Karla snarled.

"Right." Howard sighed. "Right, by all rights you are his. I just, I just can't believe how stupid I was. Legal yes, but morally no. And that ultimately is how I failed."

"Make it right by telling him." Karla pushed.

Howard looked like she asked him to leap off a tall building. "No, that will just make things worse. I'll make this right with you. Somehow. But he can't ever know. Promise."

"What choice do I have, after all legally I'm your Shrunken." Karla growled while grabbing her bags.

As she started up the stairs he again promised, "I'll fix this between us. I will make it like it was."

Karla wanted to cry. To just sob. She wanted things to be fixed between them yet didn't think they ever would be. The fact he wouldn't come clean to the others he betrayed just proved that. She entered Micheal's apartment and walked to his room fighting back tears.

And there he was illuminated by moonlight. Her sweet handsome young owner. Sleeping happily on his back. Josie cutely curled under his protective hand and slept soundly too. Karla envied Josie, she wanted to be laying on that boy's naked chest under the colossal hand. She sighed, as much pain as she was carrying knowing she was now safe at home with her Micheal eased that greatly.

She went to the bathroom and freshened up for bed. She stripped down to just her blouse. All her pajamas were too small at the moment and didn't want to risk awakening them looking for one of Micheal's tee shirts to steal. Then as she approached the bed she noticed Josie was naked under that hand. She smiled at her naughty thoughts. If Micheal wanted his Shrunken sleeping with him to be naked, who was she not to obey? She slipped the shirt off.

Slowly she lifted the blankets and slipped underneath. Carefully she moved his other arm to allow herself to rest her head on that soft body wash scented chest. She couldn't stop the happy sigh that slipped out as that arm curled around her shoulders and squeezed her tight to that long missed body. He even made a little sweet happy sound in his sleep. She slipped her hand over the one sheltering Josie as she curled tight to her boy. Happily noticing Josie wasn't the only one she was joining in sleeping naked. She shifted to rest her thigh along that thick heavy Behemoth she looked forward to servicing in the morning. Despite all the last few days she felt sleep quickly taking her. In the morning she'll have to worry about what to do with all her new secrets, tonight she slept with her special Micheal and her girlhood dream Josie and nothing was worth worrying about right then.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by ALittleConfused » Sat Mar 18, 2023 11:32 pm

I was really looking forward to more of this story and you did not disappoint. I love it when Karla gets to play at full size.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

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Thank you for the comment.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am looking forward to writing more of Karla's story. And yes there will be more of her playing at Full sized in the coming collection of chapter. Hope no one minds if I call them books.


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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

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As always, an absolute pleasure to read! Glad to see you back.

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Re: The Tourists. Home Life

Post by HHunter1 » Thu Mar 30, 2023 8:36 pm

Glad you enjoyed it. As for being back, kind of. Mostly focusing on the story on my Coffee Page and the odd random idea that tumbles through my head. Hope to really get back to my ongoing stories soon.


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