Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

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As per a request:

"Dude, You are going to love this gift." Jim told me. He had just taken me out to dinner and now was leading me to some exclusive coffee shop. Trying to cheer me up since Nicole left me shortly before Christmas. He smiled his, has a surprise, smile and explained, "Now this place is very hush hush. You can't tell anyone. I can not explain till we get there but you are going to love it."
"This is too much. I'm never going to be able to play you back. And I don't need it." I explained.
"Will, you have been mooping since she left you. I introduced you two and set you guys up. Now I feel guilty. So you are going to accept my gift of a good time and like it or I'll never forgive myself." he pushed.
He led me down a side street and into a rather clean alley. Allowing him his self blame since he has never let me talk him out of such ideas. I accepted my gift and pushed for more information. But just got the, you'll like it and can't tell you till we're there. Down the alley a bit more and into another narrow alley between buildings to a plan grey metal door. Jim pulled out a key card and slipped it in a security box and with a click, the door opened. "Step inside." he said and pointed his hand toward the now open entrance.
Stepping inside was a small bright alcove with ornate wooden walls and doors. There was another entrance more similar to upscale coffee shops. Large frosted windows and carved door with matching windowing. The door’s window had the one sign, "Little Nibbles Cafe" was all it read.
Jim turned to me and in a tone of seriousness he did not use often he explained, "Now this is not like any coffee shop you have been to before. They service, ahh, specialized dishes. You will see unique choices. Don't over react, just know everything is how it's supposed to be and no one is really getting hurt."
"Getting hurt? What do you mean?" I asked.
Just as he was going to answer a couple came out and smiled at us. Taking a quick look at me then back to Jim asking, "New member?"
Jim replied happily, "If he behaves, hopefully."
Just then I noticed that the doggie box they carried was making little sounds. They nodded knowingly to each other and laughing slightly said to me, "Relax and you'll love it. Be happy to see you around." And they left.
Jim grabbed the handle to the door and agreed with their advice, "Now like they said, relax and you'll love it." Opening the door he led me in. Coats hung in an alcove just inside the door. We turned the corner to a reception pedestal and a small dining area.
A pretty young blond lady in her late teen to early twenties greeted Jim by his last name and asked about me. But I was mesmerized by a ladies plate just inside. Wrapped in what looked like thick noodles and covered in a thick white sauce was two tiny young men. Few inches in size. She had tiny legs wiggle out of her mouth. Till she swallowed hard. Smiling down she began peeling noodles from another who clearly was not happy about his being part of the meal.
"Will. Will! Earth to Will." Jim got my attention. I looked at him and he grabbed my arm. "I'll explain at our booth. Just follow Jennifer."
She actually took my other arm and smiled, "You just need to relax and follow me." She pressed close to me and the scent of sweet vanilla filled my noise. "This way sir. Mr.Hathaway." Her hold settled my nerves. The feel of her warmth and her lovely smile was encouraging.
As we navigate the small dining area I see other miniature people in or as food for the patrons. Some of the guests seem more interested in playing with the helpless tiny people, others happy to devour them. Some clearly savored their meals in some cruel ways.
In the booth the hostess sat me looking away from the dining room. She stroked my arm and smiled down at me, "I'll get you some water to settle your nerves." And disappeared.
Jim spoke cheerfully, but I could hear his concern, "Well well, Jenny doesn't usually guide new guests so closely. She must like you."
"What is this place?" I barked out a little loudly.
"Relax, take a breath." Jim advised.
Ignoring him I gibbered out, "They are eating tiny people alive."
Jim joked back, "Some are, some are just sucking their meals off them." Seeing my expression made him laugh. "Look, relax and I'll explain."
Jenny returned, startling me with a soft touch on my shoulder. She leaned in and placed a small glass of ice water before me. Smiling right in front of my face, her warm hand on my cheek she advised, "Take a deep breath. I know it took me a moment to take in what happens here. But I promise no one is really being harmed."
Pretty girl's presence and soft words encouraged me to listen. I then slipped the water saying to the warm brown eyes, "Thank you miss."
She giggled nicely and corrected, "Jennifer, well, you can call me Jenny. Or at home." Winking she grabbed my hand and slipped a napkin in my hand. She turned and walked back to the pedestal, looking back at me to smile.
Jim's eyes were wide. I examined the napkin as he praised, "Well well. Many of the regulars have asked her out, none got that much attention." I held up the napkin before slipping it in my pocket. "Or her number, this is a better gift then I was planning."
"What is this place? I'm not calling the hostess of the cannibal Cafe." I retorted.
"It's the exclusive coffee shop called, The Little Nibbles Cafe. As I said outside they serve unique dishes." He noted.
"They are eating tiny people. They are not just unique dishes." I growled.
He shook his head and snickered, "They are not really people."
Just then another lovely young woman with red hair came up with menus, "Mr.Hathaway, sir. Did you want to hear our specials?"
Jim looked up and purred, "Hello Holly. I have a special order for my friend, but he needs a moment. He's new. I will have an Irish Moca with a matching accent once we are ready."
She winked at him, "I have just the accent for you, it might even help your guest relax. You settle him and I'll bring your drink."
She left and he returned to the subject at hand. "Will, this cafe's dishes do include little people. But no one is really being hurt. They are actually little clones. They gain DNA and the memories of samples from all over the world and use them to flavor their dishes. Guests are encouraged to enjoy them as they wish. As food, or even as pets."
"But they are alive." I rebutted.
"Yes, but they are not really people. Just copies, right down to their memories. That way they act authentic to what that person would in that situation. But they are literally created just to be eaten. Or, played with depending on the guest." he explained.
"So, they let people leave with them?" I asked.
"Yes, I have a room for my pets. That I indulge with from time to time." Jim adimited. "So you can keep the ones I order for you. I hope I picked good choices for you."
Confused but accepting I asked, "But, aren't they hard to, well, swallow."
Jim smiled and responded, "Actually no. Even at their size they can be globled rather easily. Since they are fresh their bones are rather soft. So they constrict and our throats send them down to their new homes."
Curiosity brought a question, "So, I could break them if I'm not careful?"
"Ahh, the bones are more like cartilage, the white part of chicken wings. Soft and digestible. But rubbery enough for other enjoyment. And they become firmer the longer you keep them alive. So they become even more resistant. Forty eight hours or so and they are just like bones should be. You feed them and bath them, and they will live for years." He suggested.
Our waitress came back and placed his mug before him. She noted, "Jenn will be bringing out your friend's gift. And since he got one." She handed him a napkin. Then tapped the mug with something. Winking as she turned away.
In the mug was a little red hair person. Looked to be a woman, somewhat familiar. Once the mug was tapped it seemed to bring the girl to life. She looked around and seemed scared at the giants around her. She wore a blue swimsuit that fit her well. Then I realized why he recognized the girl, she was or is the waitress.
He smiled at the napkin and breathed out, "Well, I guess I am also gaining a gift." Then he lifted his mug, "If I knew you'd bring me this much luck I would have brought you sooner." He placed the mug to his lips and took a sip. The small version of the waitress screamed and slided against Jim's mouth. "Holly makes and accents a good irished moca."
The girl recognized him and looked around. Seeing something that relaxed her. Soft words came from her, "Oh, right, I made me Mr.Hathaway's accent."
Jim took his spoon over her and pushed her under the chocolate surface. Noting as he did, "See, Holly is over there. But I have a miniature version to flavor my moca." He released her and she bobbed out coughing. He scooped her side and stirred her in a circle. He continued, "The clone has all Holly's memories from when her sample was taken. She is a little Holly, even right down to her cells and knowledge. But not really her, so I can eat her, but no one is really hurt." He stopped spinning the woman.
The tiny Holly grabbed the side of the mug. She gathered her wits she yelled, "Staff are not usually made into accents. Management feels that it might encourage bad habits. But since I knew it would help you. And it was for Mr.Hathaway, I was given permission to flavor his Irish Moca."
Jim barely let the woman finish talking before he slipped the spoon between her and the mug. Hooked in the spoon she was again forced under the liquid. "Are you ready for what I ordered for you?"
Sighing, I responded, "I will take the chance."
"Good good." He smiled again releasing the tormented girl. She coughed and pleaded for him to stop as she frantically reached to the side of the mug. He lifted his hand, catching the Waitress Holly's attention and she nodded. "You know, I'm not sure if I want to keep little Holly or swallow little Holly."
The miniature Holly begged, "I know I'm not the real Holly. But I want to live. Please Mr.Hathaway." He hooked the spoon to her ass. Spinning her in the warm drink. I noticed her swimsuit was thinning.
"Are her clothes eatable?" I asked.
"Yeah, the clothes are made out of. Actually I'm not sure. But it is food." He answered.
A soft hand on my shoulder. "Rice paper and or sugar depending on the outfit." Jenny's words fluttered my heart. I looked up and the lovely blond smiled at me while holding a platter. She leaned down and placed a mug with a girl with reddish brown hair in pigtails, hooked to its side. I think she had undid one of her buttons since first meeting me. A small cake was then placed, seven little heads bow down. Trapped in dulips of hard shelled icing. The tops of their breasts sticking out, decorated with multi-colored icing spots. Strawberries between the trapped girls. Little legs from just below their knees stuck out of the cake. Cute little pink candy shoes on their feet. Jenny suggested, "Enjoy, I'll be back in a bit." She tapped the mug and then the plate the cake resided on. All eight little heads looked up.
I stared at the gathered treats in the cake. I knew these girls. Teen daughters of friends of ours and few of their friends. Starting on the right, Karla Perez, daughter of Latin friends of ours. Beside her an old high school friend's well endowed brunette daughter Gabriel Price. Next in the back was a blonde friend of the daughter of a friend of ours. Turning the cake I saw that friend's daughter, Cyder Appleton. Another friend of hers, an obnoxious blonde girl whose name escapes me. After that, another well endowed teen with strawberry blonde hair, my neighbor's daughter Helen North and lastly in the cake was her friend Amy. Girls I caught myself taking a bit too much notice in. And in my mug, Nicole's glasses wearing sweet niece Josie Cash wore a cute little pink frilly bikini and trembled in fear.
I looked up and Jim smiled, "I know of your, let's say secret interest. Did I order you a good batch?"
"But they are just kids." I protested.
He held his hand up to stop me, "I saw how you've watched them as they have gone by. I know of your attraction. It's OK, they don't judge here. There is actually a salad they have called Kale and Kids."
The girls rambled and squirmed. Their little feet kicked helplessly. Seems the cake, or the icing, held them firm. Josie cried out for explaination or help. I looked down, he was right. The idea of touching most of these girls in sexual ways did come to my mind a little too often. I could feel a warm arousal wash over me. I reached for the handle and lifted the mug. The small girl asked what was happening but I just took a slip, Irish moca for me as well. Josie's chest leaned onto my lip. Her developing firm chest lay on my lip.
"Well?" Jim asked.
"I, well, I don't." I tried to gain my thought, "There is an excitement at this."
"Dip her in and she'll sweeten your drink." Jim advised.
"So, is her suit edible?" I asked again.
"Yeah, have a taste." Jim again advised.
With a deep breath I let go of my moral objection. Placing the mug down I picked the tiny Josie from the mug. She wiggled and kicked. Lifted the teen over my mouth, I slipped her in up to her waist. She screamed in terror while helpless, flailing her feet. My tongue stroked her smooth legs and bowled over her little round ass. Sucking and licking coffee from her lower limbs. I slurped the bottom of her swimsuit off her. Unhindered, I eagerly explored her lower half. She whimpered at my invasion. I slipped her out of my mouth between tight lips. Rolling over her lower curves with glee. I stared at her in my fingers. Chewing the sugarly garment left in my mouth. She tried to hide her pussy with her legs. And I smiled.
Jim stated more than asked, "Keeping Josie to play with at home?"
I placed the terrified girl back in the mug. "Yes, I think she will live with me."
"Have a piece of cake." He guided. I lifted the knife and looked at the cake. All the trapped girls ramble at me. He pushed, "Why not try one, fully."
I wasn't eager to eat someone alive. But the thought, the power to be able to, made me a bit giddy. I selected Cyder's annoying friend. I sliced through strawberry and cake beside the terrified blonde. Then on her other side blade cut through. I lifted the slice and placed it and her on a small plate. She made her thoughts on my manhood clear. I took my fork and broke off a piece of cherry chip cake. Eating it. Slowly removing bits from around the girl.
Jim stopped Holly and ordered what he called an Asian schoolgirl split. As she left he sipped his moca, tiny Holly now only waist deep in drink. Happily watching me strip pasterly from around the blonde.
Quickly, the annoying blonde was only contained in the icing dulip. I pulled the confection apart gently with a knife and fork. It was filled with whipped cream between a hardened candy shell. Freeing the girl. She was decorated, with candy coverings over the tips of her breasts and around her waist and over her virgina. I slowly dissolved the cream filled treat and poked and pushed the girl with the end of my fork. Her arrogant thrown insults quickly switched to frightened pleads for mercy.
Now, she was the only one left on my plate. I grabbed her shoulders and lifted. I asked, "Which way is easier? Head or feet first?"
Jim shrugged. "That is a matter of preference. I like feet first. Gives you more time to savor their form."
As he finished Holly placed a plate with a narrow bowl gently in front of Jim. There was also a long spoon. In the bowl were two scoops of ice cream. Straddling on either side of each scoups was a young Asian girl. A banana, cut in half, dangled over them. Tips pointed at their faces like massive phallus. Whip cream tipped the fruit and was spattered over their tiny faces. The girl's were decorated in hard icing shaped like a skirt. A jelly looking icing over to make it resemble schoolgirl uniforms. She tapped the bowl and they snapped awake gibbering in a language I did not know. Little legs kicking and hands reaching to no avail. Jim took a scoop of the frozen treat and asked, "Well?" Then slipped the spoon in his mouth.
I lifted the blonde over my mouth. She just started making noises. Despite her struggles I placed the girl waist deep in my mouth. Her covering began dissolving quickly. It was sweet, like candied fruit. I let my tongue explore the teen's slender legs. I took eager enjoyment in splitting her legs and tormenting the girl's tenderness. She shortly began to moan. I removed my tongue and she whimpered for it's return. I pressed her shoulders down. She struggled asking what I was doing. The girl realized my grand scheme in a terrorized scream. Offering me anything I could want from her. She was now shoulder deep trapped under my lips. She just started screaming. Fighting hard against my jaw's power. I popped open my mouth. She leaped at the opening, but I caught her face and head with the end of my tongue. I closed my mouth with her contained. I swallowed and I felt her body compress in my throat. I could feel her wiggling and struggling as the esophagus pulled her to my stomach. I could hear faint screaming from within me. Those sounds quickly stopped as her body landed. It was indescribable the sensations of emotions that flooded in me.
I looked at the other girls in the cake and they all reacted in disgust and terror. I calmly lifted the mug and sipped my Josie Irish Moca. I enjoyed the sensation, but the thoughts of owning the other tiny teens was also exciting.
"Well, how was it?" Jim asked. Scooping more ice cream. The Asian girls shivered in fear and cold.
"I can see why people like it. But, you said I could keep them as well?" I asked. I wanted to give them the thought of hope for life.
He nodded, "Yep. I myself have a few. I think I might even keep the girls in my desert." He lifted his mug. I hear the tiny Holly scream. His mug down, she dangled knee deep between his lips. I cut another piece of cake. Karla's latina curves naked fueled my imagination and appetite. As well as my choice of slice. As I gained another treat, Jim sucked the Tiny Holly down to her hips.
I again tormented by taking little bits with my fork. Jim tormented his by sucking her in up to just below her breasts. She made sounds to suggest his tongue tormented her in another way. He scooped a spoon full of ice cream and slid the utensil under The red head, smearing the cold treat over her breasts and stomach. He slipped it out the spoon. Savoring what made it in his mouth. Then lapped the residue from her tiny body. As he gained another scoop. Repeating his enjoyment.
I slowly enjoyed the cake. Leaving lovely Karla trapped in her dollop. She whimpered helplessly at me. I licked my lips as I cracked the hard candy shell. She yipped a startled sound, but seeing herself free she crawled away from me to the edge of the plate. Looking behind to see another giant with a squirming redhead trapped in his mouth. She stopped, trapped between monsters. I slipped some more moca. Savoring one half of her container. I hummed a happy sound of enjoyment and teased my current target with, "I wonder how much you cage tastes like you. Cause it tastes wonderful."
Jim laughed at my teasing the poor girl. Holly came over, "How is it going? You seem to come to accept the idea of the Cafe."
"Yes. Can I get a bowl or something for?" I asked.
"We have something just for that." she smiled. Looking at Jim with a miniature her in his mouth she teased, "You willing to do that to the full size version." She joked with a wink. Leaving to get my container.
Jim pulled his treat out and purred, "Well, you were wondering about making this up to me. That wink might make us even." He then dragged the tiny redhead's chest along the ice cream and popped her back in his mouth. Tasting her breasts and the frozen cream coating them.
I ate the other half of the icing cage, I grabbed Karla's leg and dragged her closer. I stroked the bare leg between my fingers, her tiny clone's leg displayed the same tone from years of dance as her real self does. She did not struggle, just whimpered softly as I felt her. Once the whip cream filled icing was swallowed I hooked both her feet and lifted. Karla made whining yips as I brought her over my mouth. I lowered the top half of her fit body in my mouth. Closing lips around her sensual waist. My tongue dragged back and forth her spectacular breasts. Sweet fruit flavor filled my mouth. The firm warm mounds brought delightful sensations. I breathed through my mouth so she could breath. I stroked her dangling legs between fingers. Taking great pleasure in brushing her fit ass. I was greatly aroused by my treat. Tasting her breasts well after the candy covering was dissolved.
Holly came back with a smile. Placing a small box like container beside my cake. It had a slot clearly designed to drop miniature people in. And keep them in. "That looks like fun sir." Holly purred.
I slipped the now topless Karla from my mouth. "Thank you. My name is Will."
"Your welcome Will." She acknowledged. "Mr.Hathaway, did you want a doggie cage?" Jim nodded. Making a playful lick of the tiny Holly's breasts. She giggled, "I'll be right back." And left us again. She seemed to add a bit of wiggle to her walk.
I turned Karla around and put her legs first in my mouth. My tongue ran the length of those sculpted legs. Wiggled the tip over the candied pussy. Enjoying both the sweet taste and her erotic sounds. Her shoes crumbled in strawberry flavor. My mouth savored the curves of her body more than the favors adorning her. She begged me not to swallow her like the blonde. She offered everything she had to me. Karla should have knowledge of my plans to keep her. But emotion took her over. I drank in my power over her as I sucked her in past her breasts. Rolling her body happily over my tongue. She promise many things, from mundane to the erotic for her life. Karla sang of my great kindness and of my attractiveness. All the while wiggling dangling arms. I reached in and sucked my saliva from Karla's body as I dragged her from between my lips. She thanked me for her life. "I shall enjoy keeping you sweet heart."
She rambled on in frightful thanks as I slipped her in the box. As soon as she was in, weeping sounds softly hummed from within. I took another sip of Moca. Playfully I encased Josie head first in my mouth. I hooked my tongue under the front of her top. It was mostly dissolved from the mocha. With a pull I shredded it from her chest. She struggled to keep the garment. But her two arms could not wrestle it away from my tongue. I pulled her out, smacking loudly as I ate the candy top. Josie covered her chest with her arms. Only now I noticed I must have swallowed her glasses. I put her back in her mug.
Holly came back with Jim's doggie cage. I asked, "Can I get more moca? And replacement glasses for my current accent."
She nodded, "Did you want a new girl with the new moca? Or replacement of the current girl?"
"No, just more mocha thanks." I replied.
Jim noted, "Holly could I also have a new Irish Mocha, I will take an additional accent. And." Then he nodded.
Holly nodded back with a smile and slipped away.
As I cut another piece I laughed, "She's gotta be half nearly our age."
"Well, if I'm going to mid life. Might as well midlife right." He joked back as he slid the tiny Holly in his Doggie cage.
I placed the piece of cake containing the other blonde friend of our friend's daughter on my plate. She whimpered as I ate more cake. It wasn't a full sized cake. Well large enough to hold seven tiny girls. But with this piece the debate of should I try to finish it or not came to mind. I figured I probably could, but at what price later.
Jim smacked at his cold treat. Seeming more to torment the two girls then to enjoy it's favors. Nibbling at the scoups so the Bananas dipped and the tips rested in the trapped treat's faces. The suggestive whip cream smearing more over their sweet faces.
Two thirds of the way through my current piece. Holly came back with our drinks. Tapping them to awaken new accents. "I didn't order another accent."
Her sweet smile nodded back at me, "No, but he did. Here." She handed me a tiny baggy. Inside was Josie's replacement glasses. "Incase you'd like to keep her." She turned to Jim, "I'm not a good scoop anymore?" she asked with a wink as she wiggled away.
Jim purred, "Why didn't I bring you here sooner." Opening the top of the box he lifted the tiny version of Holly from her cage to scoop ice cream with her breasts. Savoring the frozen cream with a loud Humming noise.
I looked down at the now drink accents. Jim's was a dark haired curvy treat that seemed to be in her early twenties. Gorgeous, but unknown to me. Looking at the trembling one in mine, I knew her.
Katherin Marie Olson, better known as Katie Marie, or as my boss called his cute daughter KM. Her hair was styled in her usual adorable way of a high side ponytail. Her covering was a blue version of Josie's former frilly bikini. She clearly recognized me from the many times she came to the office. But as we barely interacted, she didn't know me as more than a familiar face.
He dropped little Holly back into his box. Lifting one of the asians free he asked as he directed the terrified treat to his mouth. "Another good choice?"
Katie Marie was a lovely young lady but very spoiled by her daddy. I had imagined a few creative ideas for disciplining her. I lifted my spoon over her and used the bowled side to push her under the dark surface. I could feel her fight and struggle unseen in my warm drink. Once I felt her struggling slowing enough I lifted my spoon. She bobbed up coughing and gasping. "Yes, I shall enjoy her. What did you supply them with a list of choices for me?" I asked.
He pulled the girl from his mouth. The candy uniform tattered from his savoring. "Yes I did. Would you like to order anything else and save the rest of your cake for later?" He lifted his mug up and encased his drink's accent in his mouth as he took a long slip.
I took another bite from my current slice and asked, "You already have something in mind don't you?" I replied. I lifted my mug pinning Katie Marie to the close side. My mouth I ensnared her top half as I too took a long drink. My tongue wrestled at her rice paper top.
Seems Jim was ahead of me. As he opened his mouth from his drink, his now topless accent fell into the mug. "I do. Just didn't know how well you would be doing by this point." He lifted his drink girl up and legs first toward his mouth. Her remarkable toned legs shined from being soaked with the favored coffee. He placed her waist deep before sealing his lips around her supple hips. Her squirming and protests showed he was sucking her the bottom of her bikini off. He must have succeeded as her protests started to switch to her requesting he not to lick her pussy mixed with gasps showing he wasn't listening. Lazily he swirled the little asian he was holding in his other hand in his drink.
I released Katie Marie back into the mug. She fell and waded backward toward the far side of the container. Her tiny hands barely covering her nakedness. I pulled her out and slipped her into my mouth danty legs first. She was still and silent. She only trembled as my tongue pulled the rice paper material down those tender legs. She whimpered as my tongue pressed at her thighs, but submitted at my unspoken demand and her willowy legs parted. Only a stroke or two from my tongue and she made arousing sounds. Gasping out no as her hips grind in disagreement. I teasingly spit her back into the mug. Where she cowarded looking up at me.
Jim's chew toy was more resistant. She looked to be trying to physically resist as she was verbally. She referred to him intensely unfavorable. He raised his fingers and pressed on her shoulders. Jaw wiggling seemed to reposition her legs in his mouth. Her substantial breasts pressed against his lips and she realized the danger. Protest broke into begging as he popped her mounds under his lips. Soon muffled screams was all that could be heard as his pressure hid her head behind his lips. Tiny frantic hands grasped desperately at his forcing fingers. He swallowed hard and the tiny hands disappeared. The screaming stopped. He smiled jokingly, "I like savoring the slow learners."
"Well, before I slice another piece of cake. We better get on to your second treat for me." I say as I pull the last nibble of cake from the little blonde's dulup. She whimpered just loud enough for me to hear. I actually found myself debating if I'd eat her or not.
He looked about and was about to wave when Holly seemed to just appear beside the both. "You're not eating your Sunday Mr.Hathaway. Something wrong, or just like chilling the girl before warming them inside?"
"Oh, yeah." He mumbled. Pulling the second one out. "I'm distracted with my friend I guess. I have a special second order if he was as comfortable, as he seems to be. Could you ask Cliff to make them please?" As he finished he literly shoved the whole tiny squirming Asian girl into his mouth. Suckling her as only her tiny head was sticking out from his lips. She desperately pleading in her language.
"I have suggested that already for you sir. Anything else?" Holly announced.
He pulled the living treat from his mouth. She ranted at him. I had the clear feeling she was thanking him for not eating her. He plopped her in his mug with her companion. "Scotch, my preferred choice. Blonde accents. I have one listed for William."
"Right away Mr.Hathaway." she smiled and was gone.
Cracking open my current blonde's confection cage I joked, "Two irish coffees and scotch. I'll be lucky to stand after this gift." Popping in half of the dollop.
"There is a driver service for higher end clients. Speaking of such." He said spinning the two trembling asians in his half cup of Irish mocha with his spoon. Warm beverage finished stripping what little they still wore. He looked over and waved to gain Holly's attention. Making a tapping motion on his hand.
My mouth enveloped the second half of the dollop as I teasingly poked and pushed at the thin pretty little blonde. Even at this size I was amazed at the length of her pig-tails. She whimpered and yipped but didn't say anything. "So, what keeps people from telling the authorities about this place?"
"Lets just say most have to take a blood oath. I am certain that will not be necessary for you." He said as he took turns forcing one girl's head under his drink. Then the others.
I lifted the terrified girl from my plate in my fingers. "Why are you so certain?" I asked as I slipped her slender fruit flavored body in my mouth. Tongue eager to test her sensitivity.
"Cause I am a board member in this endeavor. And I think you should become part of the business as well." He offered. Sipping his mocha and Asians.
I was shocked. I almost choked on the blonde in my mouth. Gagging I caught her in my napkin. Catching my breath I cough out, "Really. What do you have in mind?"
Taking taunting licks at his captives he advised, "Let's discuss that when I'm not on my second Holly made Irish coffee."
Looking at the spit soaked girl shivering in my napkin I teased, "Doesn't that make Holly your employee? Should you really follow up on that number?"
"You know, these two are really cute little asians. I am going to keep them for my home collection. But, no sense not playing with them some more." Was his response. Mouth snapping over one. Lifting her. Her little legs kicked wildly as he snickered around her hips.
I was about to mock him for avoiding the question when Holly came back with two drinks and a tablet. She handed Jim the tablet and placed the amber drinks with blonde accents before us. Two taps brought the two girls awake.
I again didn't know the pretty little thing in Jim's drink. But I knew my short haired curvy pretty. Payton Birch was the daughter of one of my co-workers. Gorgeous teen with good sized perky breasts. If she finishes like her mother, they'll grow to be amazing. She knew me and begged for clarification in my beverage.
He sipped his as his accent screeched. He swirled his glass and she slid along with the liquid, "OK, lets see." He said out loud to himself. Tapping at the tablet.
I eyed Payton in my drink. Unlike the girls in the mocha she didn't arrive in a bikini. Naked in my glass and a delightful sight to behold. I dropped the long haired girl from my napkin into my take home cage. Lifting the glass. Petting her she gave me a scared confused look. I sipped, sliding her to the closer side with a meep. The liquid warmed all the way down. I couldn't help but dunk her fully under with my finger. Pinning her as she kicked and squirmed. I let her free and lick my finger as she coughed and gagged hanging to the glass edge.
"OK, all set." Jim spoke, handing me the tablet. "Fill this out for your membership." Lifting his glass. His accent screamed bloody murder.
I looked at the digital form. Much like most forms. Name, date of birth, and address. As I filled his blonde accent was muffled. Looking up shapely legs kicked from his mouth. He pushed his finger between her thighs and her round ass slipped inside. He swallowed hard and those long legs were slurped down. "Have to note not to get that bitch again."
"Don't like fiesty?" I joked.
"Fiesty is fine. She just noise and bother. Maybe in a noodle dish where she is gagged. I did like the shape of her." He retorted. "Like yours?"
"Yeah, She'll feel good on my tongue." I said to torment the young blonde staring wide eyed at my friend. She softly begged for mercy as I lifted for another sip. I was now at the odd part of the form asking preferences from gender, hair color, even language flavors. I had to ask, "Did you give them a list of teeny treats or have someone follow me around?"
"Honestly, many of your selections were already in the catalog. Seems other clients were hungry for tender meats." He said then lifted one of the asians from his coffee mug and laughingly slipped her feet first up to her neck in his mouth. His tongue wiggling her whole length as he did so.
"You know I am not just a creepy teen watcher." I retorted.
"Hench this." He said as Holly slid our treats around to make room for two new plates. Jim noting, "I'm done with the split part if that helps Holly."
Before us were two identical dishes except the little ladies adoring them. It was a top of a lobster posed like it was emerginging from a fresh garden salad. In each claw was held a woman like it was about to join in our activity as well. What must have been it's tail, split in half, was curved along the other side. Laying out of the top of the tails was a woman. Those two were both bound to a wooden skewer by some nori seaweed dampened to stick. All four outfits were just carefully arranged shrimp.
His was a selection of four older teens to early twenties looking girls. Athletic in sculpture. Mine was a collection of some of the more attractive ladies from my office. Goria Hamilton, an athletic redhead from HR was in one claw while the front receptionist, an athletic top heavy blonde named Maria Frost was in the other. One tail held this year's attractive brunette inturn Carrie Bruce. The other was Payton's spectatural mother Marca Birch. Two taps and they startled to life.
"I remember how much you like lobster." Was all Jim said. He flipped a half tail with his fork. The chief must have cleaned the meat out for us. The tail meat layed teasingly over the girls' strapped legs. Along the sides looked to be a mix of the body meat, fried onions and peppers placed along the sides. He scooped some and ate it. Humming, "Hmm, Cliff is a great chief."
The office sampler babbled at me. Marca pleading for a reason her little girl was in a giant glass of spirits. I don't know why but I reached for Gloria. Maybe because she was a know it all bitch. Possibly cause she was a lesbian always saying no man could make her his. Pulling her free of the beasts claw she screamed in pain. More careful with Maria I thought as I directed the red head to my mouth. She barked and screeched. I marveled at how the shrimp stayed covering her breasts. My tongue stole them as she called me several unsavory things. They were butter fried to melt in your mouth perfection. I forced her in. My tongue feeling the shape of her gym toned body. It was stroking and messaging where she proudly bragged would never be felt by a man. Her rage and disgust clear in her muffled screaming. A push at her crotch and she attempted to brace her little hands at the edge of my throat. Her trained shaped legs kicked as I pushed her curved ass inside. I sucked those limbs hard as I swallowed with effort. Her hands did not hold. I felt giggity as her no man's body was compressed to my stomach.
I look up and Jim is snickering. Enjoying nibbles of lobster meat from around the girl on his plate. Now exposed but for her shellfish top. A cute little blonde. "Well, like her huh?"
"Not really. Just enjoyed making her feel small and as useless as she really is." I noted as I flipped the tail half off the terrified enturn.
"She was the lesbian from your office wasn't she? Wanted to teach her something?" He asked.
He was right, the meat mixture was amazing. "Not because of her sexuallity. But because she was a bitch about everything." I defended myself.
He lifted the nervous blonde still wrapped to the skewer. As he sucked the shrimp from her breasts he replied, "I don't care. I'm just glad you're enjoying yourself. Lobster is fresh."
Pushing the half tail meat off Carrie's legs and easily cut a bit off with a slight press of my fork. "Yes. Amazing. I can't even express how great this is in it's way. I owe you man."
He shook his head, "This is to pay you back, remember." Slipping the blonde in his mouth. She screamed as his mouth closed and he pulled the wooden restraint free. Swallowing her happily. Slipping some scotch to help wash her down.
I finished the tail meat and teasingly ran the fork tongs along the trembling brunette’s body. Then I reached for the lobster body. Jim cleared his throat and showed how the body was just the shell. Under was a pile of bacon wrapped scallops. His fork speared one. He rubbed one of the claw trapped girl's faces with the bottom. Then brought it to his mouth to eat.
I followed suit. Using mine to knock free Carrie's shrimp bra. Leaving her naked and bound on my plate. Picking each one of them one at a time. Tapping them to her toned stomach. Sipping my scotch with a knowing smile at the trembling, and partially drunk, teen wading in it.
Jim used his scoups to also expose the chests of his three remaining treats. They shivered and whimpered. He happily informed me, "THey are all from the same cheer team. My wonder is, are they are still glad they made the cut?"
"What about the claws?" I asked. Maria jumped at that question.
Brushing the meat from another tailed girl, a lovely redhead, he looked about. Lifting the skewer he noted, "Huh, Holly forgot the crackers." Slipping the trapped redhead in his mouth. Oddly she didn't scream. Just cringed as she was slipped between giant teeth. He signaled Holly as shapely calves slipped between his lips. The two in the claws on his plate called out a name in despair.
Holly stepped over and smiled, "Another scotch?"
Actually, yes. Are there any accents to complement my plate assortment?" He asked.
"I'll check." She said and looked toward me, "One for you too sir?"
"That and, crackers for the claws?" I replied.
She looked all over the table. "Oh, I am so sorry Mr.Hathaway. I don't know how I could be so stupid."
He laughed and shook his head, "It's me Holly. Relax. It happens. Just bring us some when you bring the scotch over."
"THank you Mr.Hathaway." She praised and bowed.
"She seemed worried?" I noted.
"She's still new. Worried about losing her job. But she has a real talent, so I think she'll be around for a while yet." He said, taking a scoop of lobster mix.
"What happens if she's fired?" I wondered.
"For making mistakes, she looks for a new job. Knowing she is still sworn to secretly. But for letting the wrong people know. Or other major infractions, there are harsh penalties." Jim noted.
"LIke?" I asked.
He looked back and forth to see if anyone seemed to be paying us attention. Then noted, "Honesty, if staff or client breaks the agreement. Or if staff is, stealing or something major. They are shrunk and the board bids on who gets them. Most staff and clients are already spoken for under an agreement we made."
"So, Holly would be yours if she messes up?" I questioned. Flipping the tail off Marcia's exquisite legs.
He let out a sighing snicker, "Most of the female wait staff. To be honest. Most of the board has issues with clients. But they have money. But if they mess up."
I was about to ask more when Holly arrived back. She smiled, "Did you want to finish your current or just have this one on the side?"
Jim lifted his up in a quick salute to Holly and down the liquid. Pulling the naked Asian girl's legs from tight lips. Slipping her into his doggie cage. "Oh here." He said and plucked the other asian from his mug. Suckling the coffee from her slender body before adding her to the cage.
I in turn pulled Josie from her mug and lapped the cold mocha from her wonderful curves. She pleaded not to be eaten so sweetly. Slipping her in with Karla. Katie Marie coward as I reached in for her. I cleaned her slender body with a few quick wraps of my tongue and she fell into my doggie cage. I Looked up at Holly's smiling face and noted, "I'm done with these thanks. But I'm still working on this one." As I say this my finger pushed Payton under the amber liquid.
Holly nodded and noted, "Looks tasty." She placed our new drinks down and tapped their riders awake. Taking the empty cups away with a smile. Leaving red shell crackers beside both of us.
"So they can also really shrink people?" I asked softly as Holly hopefully was out of ear shot.
"Yeah, Caught our last head Hostess stealing a few months back. That stacked redhead feels great to play with." He answered softly back. Looking away as he did so. His expression was clearly on activities he enjoyed with the mentioned woman. Shaking his head he added, "It's not something done often. So keep it to yourself, ok?"
Cutting a bite I replied, "Sure, but does Holly know you get her if she messes up?"
He smirked as he lifted a claw holding a mousie looking girl with lighter brown hair. "I kind of hope so. But she shouldn't." He opened the claw and the girl screamed as she dropped to his plate. Bravely shorting herself and running to her friend in an attempt to free her.
I finished baring Marica. Her naked form was as amazing as I imagined. I reached for my Payton holding scotch. Noticing my second held a dirty blonde girl I didn't recognize. "Huh, I don't know her?" I mentioned as I lifted my first and with it's curvy rider.
"Well, daughter of a co-worker or neighbor perhaps?" Jim wondered as he cracked his claw open.
"I don't know. Oh well." I said tipping my glass and draining liquid and pretty into my mouth. Marcia screamed for her lovely girl. I held Payton in my mouth. Tongue explored that body. She felt amazing in there all toned with satin smooth skin. If she felt this exciting Marica I would be savor for hours.
As I tormented the pour girl in my mouth. Jim lifted his second glass. "Oh look at you bubbles." He said to his newest accent. I looked, from behind I could tell she had natural golden tan skin and light reddish brown hair. And an hourglass figure with more time up top. But she must have been a looker from Jim's eager smile.
I pulled a panting Payton from my lips and as I slipped her into my doggie cage asked, "So, looks good?"
Hooking a finger under the wadding girl's chin he taunting noted, "Delicious. Must be another from their cheer team." Taking a sip he placed the glass down. The girl's on his plate whimpered out a name as confirmation.
He freed the dark haired girl trapped in his last claw as I began on the one that I pulled Goria from. He left the two plate survivors trembling together as he slowly savored the sea food treat. I ate mine as I slipped a fork along Melissa's body of delight.
I carefully slipped Maria from hers and she sat terrified in the middle of my plate as I easily cracked open the thing she couldn't free herself from.
Jim pulled the beauty from his drink and suckled every onze of scotch from her each curve and crevasse. Placing her with the other two he leaned back as they huddled together in fear. "You know, I'm full. But I think I might have room for one more tasty delight." He said mockingly. The three whimpered out pleads.
Claws done I lifted Maria, "Really, which one are you thinking?" I nonchalantly ask as I tongue bathed my current treat.
Pointing at the mousie girl he described, "Well this one looks to be the smallest. Not to overfill my stomach. But she is such a cute little treat. She would make great fun at home if she behaved."
Finished with her cleaning I slipped Maria into the cage. Lifting the skewer holding Marcia. "And?" I encouraged him.
Pointing to the busty tan one he licked his lips, "This one looks like she would be delightful to hold on my tongue. Those curves wiggling down every inch of my throat. But, I could keep her and treat my tongue repeatedly if she was an obedient chew toy."
I licked Marcia like a popsicle as he spoke. Flicking her breasts as I requested, "What about the middle sweet?" I placed Marcia face first in my mouth and closed around all but her trained shaped calves. The flavor of the meat lingered on her mouth watering skin. But it was her firm shape that made my tongue explode with delight.
I barely notice Jim torment, "She's a pretty asian looking girl. But I kept two of those earlier. And there is something about that orantial skin that tastes so good. Especially if they know they are about to be swallowed alive."
Sipping his drink he asked his plate, "Well, who wants to live as my sex pet and who fills my stomach." I watch as my tongue plays at Marcia's squirming form. To my surprise they each offer themself to save their friends. Begging mercy for them for her sacrifice. Nodding like a wise sage, Jim acknowledged his tormented adudance, "Your bravery has filled me pretties. But remember, if you misbehave, I am more than willing to fry you up in butter myself. Be good and I'll only savor your bodies from time to time." He lifted each one and dropped them in the cage.
I placed Marcia in the cage and a tormented cheer escaped as her and Payton united in their entrapment. "What about her." Jim asked about Jannette still bound on my plate.
Rolling her gently with my fork. "I honestly have not decided. Hey, what happens if a, what should I call them?"
"Accents, they are referred to as accents in drinks and on plates."Jim simply explained.
"What happens if one or more are left behind, like on a plate uneaten." I wondered.
"Oh that happens all the time. Some clients just like to eat around them and torment the accents and then leave them. They are cleaned in a special wash that chemically removes all their hair then put through a meat grinder. You'll notice several dishes and options for special meat. That's them. So you may, or may not want to avoid those dishes." He explained in a relaxed tone. Ending with a sip.
"But you said the bones get hard after time." I curiously inquired.
"The grinder, well, really grinds to a fine blend. Trust me. I've used it to see for myself." He said with a shiver.
"Hmm." was all I could reply. Lifting Carrie I begain cleaning her. "I am debating another slice of cake."
"Don't over eat. Take it home." Jim suggested.
"I am not a big cake eater at home. It would be a waste." I noted as trembling icing coated girls fearfully looked up at me.
"Take a slice. Keep the others in their dollops until you decide. You know you can always come back here for more. Did you finish your membership form?" Jim asked, leaning back rubbing his stomach.
"Oh no, I was distracted with the lobster dish." I replied as I added Carrie to my home fun box.
Holly stepped up to us and asked, "Anything else gents?"
"No lovely girl. We are done with the eating part. You mind bring me the bill and our accent lists. Will, the cake?" Was Jim's reply.
I looked at the confection. I pulled all the remaining dulups out but Amy's. "I want to take that slice home please." I explained as I dropped the icing trapped others in the cage.
"Oh, good choice Will." Holly purred and left with the cake.
Licking me lifting fingers I finished the form. "Ahh, it's saying competition once blood sample is confirmed?" I questioned. Lifting my drink and it's mystery accent.
"Here, let me see." Jim took the tablet. "You are getting an exception, because you will behave and not tell anyone. Or mess this up in any way." Jim threatened.
Sipping around the girl eyeing her. She was starting to look familiar. Or I was drunk and wanted to know who she was. Holly came back and placed an egg carton material take home container beside me. Placing what looked like some photo booth strips and a red marker on top. Handing the bill and more strips and a marker to Jim.
"Your accent list will have a name." Jim suggested. "You can clear around us if you like Holly. We will be a few minutes to let things settle and his card to finalize." He offered.
"Thanks Mr.Hathaway." She replied, gathering some of the dishes.
"No problem. Holly. I know it's getting late in your shift." Jim noted. Adding to defend from the smirk I gave him, "Holly works a mid-shift. Early morning class of some kind. That's why I know."
"Business classes." She offered. "Now I'm sad. I thought you were keeping tabs on me." she teased as she swayed away.
"Shame. I think that borders on sexual harassment." I teased.
"The front end manager does all the hiring and firing. Our interactions don't affect her job." He defended.
"Unless she majorly fowls. Then you own her shrunken sweet ass." I retorted.
"Yeah. But that is decided by management and not individual board members. You can piss us off and the structure keeps us from overly punishing them. There is a dishwasher that always seems to over spray dishes as one of the other board members enters that area. Soaks them every time. She hates him. But, good loyal worker." Jim smiled out.
Looking over the list of faces from my accents I found the mystery girl. "Ha ha, I know her. Nicole used to babysit her years ago. Grown up nicely I see." I say lifting the trembling girl to eye level.
"Oh, Holly must have grabbed from the bottom of the list for that one. I don't even know how she got on that list if that's the case." Jim explained.
"Her name is the same as the hot black girl that works at the gas station near my apartment." I answer his confusion.
"No really." He laughed. "I love gasing my car there when she's working. Those tight tops she wears as she leans cheerly over that counter. I remember adding her to you list. Holly must have just grabbed by the name, That one is cute though."
"Yeah." I agree. Then I down my drink, sliding her in my mouth head first. The teen squirms and screams but I hook my tongue between her thighs and swallow hard. Slurping loudly as her long legs receded into my mouth. As she slid wiggling down my throat I explained, "But if she's anything like her mother. She would be a nasty little bitch." Jim laughed loudly.
"What are these by the way?" I asked, holding the photos of my snacks and keepers.
"Accent list. Use the red marker to mark over the name of any accent you ate or plan on eating. Then we can go on to the last part of the night." He explained as he began his list. Stopping to open his cage to compare to the faces of the survivors.
I follow suit. Marking off the girls now disgrinting in my stomach. "So what's next?" I ask as I red strip over Goria's name.
"Oh, just the bow on the package." Jim mumbled his answer.
"Mr.Jackson, You membership and access card." Holly's voice startled me. She suddenly sounded nervous.
"I said you could call me Will Holly." I reply, accepting the greyish card.
"Sorry but the rules are staff is to call Platinum and Board members by their last name. I didn't realize before. Please accept my apologies." Holly said bowing.
"It's ok Holly. I didn't know either." I replied in confusion.
"Holly, if there is nothing else, please gather the dishes." Jim said sternly.
"Yes Mr.Hathaway." She babbled and grabbed the few remaining glasses and curtualry and seemed to speed away.
"What was that all about?" I wondered, "And what does Platinum status and why do I have it?"
"She is worried again over what she knows is a small deal with me. You have Platinum status, well platinum plus because we'll discues later. But mainly because I have the authority to grant it and you need at least that level for my idea." He explained. "You cleaned your list and think your feet will hold?" he asked.
"List cleaned, feet, uncertain." I joked back. Standing however and the room tilted a little.
Jim wobbled to his feet. "Follow me." He said and walked up to the bar. "Barry, I'm here to pay my bill."
The bartender smiled and said, "Certainly Mr.Hathaway." The smiling broad dark skinned man typed on a keyboard and handed the debet interface to Jim. The total shocked me. Jim began punching in a sizable tip.
"You spent how much on me as a gift?" I exclaimed.
Jim smiled, "Relax. I am happy to have a friend to share dinner here with." He replied. Looking at the bar tender, "What's the news Barry?"
"Breezes been swirling the leaves again Mr.Hathaway. But Aces is a smart duck." I barely heard the man whisper.
"Well let me know if the lawn gets long. I am ready to mow. Make sure Holly gets her full tip." Jim said with a nod.
"Holly will receive it as you ask. Who is your friend my good sir?" Barry replied.
"Barry mix master extraordinar, this is my long time friend William Jackson, our newest Platinum plus member." Jim introduced us.
"Turning the fan Mr.Hathaway?" He replied.
"Just lighting a room." Jim replied.
"Nice to meet you Mr.Jackson. You look like a sweet drink man. I have something you will experience next visit if you permit me." He offered.
"Thanks, I do like to try new things." I accept, "Jim here isn't hard to work for is he?"
"He's my boss's boss. So, he's a sunny client for me." The cheerfully large man replied.
"Oh, Barry, our Accents and his cake slice. Make sure they don't go missing." Jim asked, pointing toward the table with his thumb.
Nodding toward the table he explained, "Holly is beating me to it."
"Good good, We'll be right back." and Jim waved me to follow.
"Should I ready a return beverage?" Barry asked as we started away.
"Not tonight. But thanks for thinking ahead." Jim refused as we walked on.

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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

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To a door with a clear glass window with a gold ribbon lined around the words, Little Bobbles Gift Shop. We enter. A bored looking you man perked up. Recognizing Jim he greeted, "Hello Mr.Hathaway. Your order is ready."
"Not my order. It's his. Glenn, this is my friend Mr.Jackson. Will this is Glenn of the gift shop." Jim introduced us.
"Hello Mr.Jackson. Your cage is ready for you to take home. Did you need Jared to deliver it?" the young man asked.
"He will. And us if he doesn't mind." Jim answered for me. He turned to me, "Take a browse."
It reminded me of a pet shop. Cages in one corner. Accessories for them beside. But besides water bottles and exercise wheels, there were also shower booths and cool treat storage units. Along the counter was what looked like hamster pellets listed as Accent's dry food. Then across from the sales counter was a wall covered in what looks like cards showing different outfits. Few other odds and end on the side wall.
Jim calls me over to the card wall, "Pick out some outfits for your keepers. They are designed for ease of play."
"How? Do I take them to ahh?" I asked
"His name is Glenn. Slide your cards in this slot. Then you can punch in the card numbers for the outfit you want for that pet. The accent numbers have the girl's stats for their sizes and best fits. How many are you keeping?" He advises.
"Eleven. Why?" I reply.
"Cause now I can tell you to pick out nine outfits for your keepers. Have fun with your choices. Oh, if you pick this tab it lists the outfits that can be made eatable. You should pick two, no three of those for each of your new little friends as well. I'll be back." Jim advises then wanders through a door labeled Employees only.
Still a buzz with alcohol and the power rush over my collected pets. I was having trouble focusing. Glenn walked up to me, "Having problems?"
"Yes Glenn, how do I select outfits for my new pets. Do I pick the outfits for each girl or pick the girl for the outfits?" I asked as I shook my head to get my eyes to focus.
"Well, either. Your preference really. Let me guide you." The store clerk offered. And guide he did. Soon I was able to flip through. It wasn't so much picking outfits for each girl. But picking from items within a connected collection to form up outfits. Skirt patterns and shirt styles. Do they get hosiery or would certain stockings look better. The card didn't just provide sizes. But a 3D model on which you can get an estimation of what the outfit will look on each little pet.
Jim came back. "How is it going?"
"Great, Glenn is a big help." I reply.
"Thank you Will." He says as I had given permission in my jolly state.
"Glenn, He's Platinum Plus." Jim said, sounding more as advice then warning.
"Oh, You got me Mr.Jackson. I should have asked for your membership for delivery methods. Sorry for my ignorance." Glenn says nervously in the guise of cheerly retort.
"My fault Glenn. Jim, Mr.Hathaway told me of the name rules. It slipped my mind as you helped me." I accepted blame. "So when will I receive these by the way?" I add to ease tensens.
"When would you like them? Are you staying for a few more drinks? Or would you like them shipped to your house tonight or early tomorrow morning?" Glenn asks.
"Is there something I could get for them tonight? The rest tomorrow afternoon maybe?" I ask knowing morning would be a bit too early for me.
"Certainly Mr.Jackson. One of your choices for each will be ready in minutes. So ready by time Jared is ready to take you home. Is that alright?" Glen asks. "Jerry can deliver the collections at around one tomorrow?"
"Sounds good. I need time to finish picking outfits." I add.
Jim lifts a cage about the size of a shoe box. "Do we have any extra of these in stock?"
"Yes sir." Glenn answers.
"Mr.Jackson will get one of these as well." Jim notes.
"Added sir." Glenn replies.
"Why do I need two cages?" I ask.
"Because we are in no state to set up your cage tonight. This travel cage can be set up in minutes and good for tonight. You will need a place to hold the pretties." Jim reveals his insight. "Now let's finish picking those sweet pets their doll clothes." And we did giggle at some of the costumes and accessories available.
Glenn brings out a bag with a white box and the little cage. "Jared is ready when you are sirs. Cage and pets are waiting in the car."
Jim nods and we thank the lad. The car is plush and Jared seemed polite. But I barely noted the ride home. "Night buddy, I'll pop over tomorrow to help with the cage." Jim advised as I exited the car.
"Thanks, for that and tonight. This was amazing like nothing else." I offer. "Have a good night." I walk up to my apartment followed by Jared carrying the cage and it's supplies. I thank him and he leaves.
I lift my doggie cage and place it on my kitchen table. And pull my remaining slice of cake and put the terrified girl topped slice on a plate. Adding the three pretty young things still trapped within their icing dollops. Pouring myself some rum on ice. I cut a bit and look at the little cage instructions.
Nibbling as I get the instructions down. It was a simple matter of attaching a multi-nozzle to the end of the spout then adding a hose to the cage from the nozzle. A drain hose for wet wastes is attached to the cage and placed into the drain. The cage was basically a sleeping pad and a washroom chamber. It would be crowded but work for tonight.
Looking in the box of clothes. The outfit ready for them for tonight was a skimpy top and loin cloth, it was labeled the slave doll. Each little baggie was marked with each pet's face. I lift a scared accent matching each bag. I place the outfit and pet into the cage between bites of cake till only the still restrained lovelies and their outfits remain.
I crack open busty Gabriel's candy cage. Eating the sweet entrapment as I stroke and torment the scared dark haired girl. Sipping my cool drink as I finish that cage. Lifting her by her toned legs and bracing her back. I lick at the fruit flavored icing decorating her curves. I happily suckle the sugar coverings from her ample chest. Making sure to give her a few extra laps. Giggling I carefully crush the strawberry pink shoes off her feet. Orally cleaned and tormented I smile at her licking my lips. Just as she starts to show signs of defeat I place her in the cage with her slave costume.
I followed one chest heavy girl with another, Strawberry blonde Helen LeBlanic. I crack her confection cage. Lifting her right away. I looked at this trembling treat. The real Helen was a very pretty but robust young lady. This pretty thing was like they sculpted Helen's head and chest on a curvy athletic girl's body. No, that wasn't it either. Helen's chest stuck off her chest with an enticing plump pillow effect. But these literally stuck out from this little creature's chest, but resisted gravity like I would have thought impossible. Laughing to myself as I realized all the little ladies were designed more ideally than their natural state had. I attend these wonders of science with my mouth. It seems Helen's chest, in reality or by their design, is very sensitive. As my tongue darts and strokes those firm orbs her breath clearly began gasping in arousing breaths. Soon moans start slipping out as nipples reach out for more attention. I leave those delights reluctantly. Lifting her above my mouth. Lowering her chest deep past my lips. Slowly polishing her toned form of ever sweet taste. Teasing her breast tips with my tongue tip. And despite her dangerous position, she started submitting to the sensations flooded over her. I lifted her out and she clearly didn't know how to react. Being in an easy swallowable location. Yet aroused by that area's ability to give sensations. She stayed conflicted as I added her and her new outfit to the cage.
I pulled Helen's friend from the slice of cake she still sat upon. I place her entire cage, full, into my mouth. Pressing my lips over kicking legs. The icing as hard as it was quickly dissolved in my warm mouths. Soon fruit flavors mixed with the sweet crumble. I fill my mouth with saliva. The pretty thing's curves start to get explored as the sweet is swallowed away. Resistant the brunette tries to fight my tongues exploring. Failing to keep my tongue from stroking over her perky breasts as the tip breaks through to tease her sensitive girlhood. Soon all the candied flavors are gone. Only the little pink shoes kicking just past my lips was all her icing left upon her. I fill my mouth with rum and hold it in my mouth. The girl struggles and fights. Then I feel her weaking. Twitching as alcohol liquid filled her lungs. I saved the lovely young thing from drowning in my mouth by swallowing hard. Too close to unconsciousness to even squirm as she is flowed to her death. I knew I couldn't resist swallowing one last one that night.
Last was the pig-tailed blonde with a young model's body, Cyder. She had watched the devoloring of the girl before her. Now she was in his focus. I petted her little pig-tails. Cracking the icing shell and releasing a startled whimper. Licking my lips I let a kindness out, "Don't worry Cyder. I'm full, you'll live tonight. But I can't put you away for the night covered in icing. So." Then I lift her. Lowering her toward my mouth I rotate her from head first to feet. "Which way? Which way?" I tease. But slowly I slip her in, feet first. Tongue pressed her back to the roof of my mouth. Swiping and grinding my tongue over her enticing form. She whimpers. I'm not sure if it's from arousal or distrust in my statement. Arousing either way.
I feel my head nod. It's late. I'm slightly drunk. And my stomach is full. Bed is calling. But I was erect. I pull Cyder from my mouth. Opening up my pants I draw her toward my penis. She screams as I wrap her to myself. Spit slick I stroke her along my length. Quickly I pump and the sensation of that delightful little body along my length brings amazing pleasure. Repeated arousal and drink added with want and rush of tormenting power brings me happily to concussion. Thick warm cum escapes me and covers the young tiny blonde. I warmly shutter as I feel her bathed in my semen.
Once finished, I open up the device attached to my kitchen tap and rinse cum from the tiny delight drowning in it. Once I'm happy with her shower I place her and the last costume into the cage and clip the top closed.
I get ready for bed and lay down. Dreams of tiny harem praising me mix with screaming pretties devoried for my hungers. But I sleep well.

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Ch 03: Little Nibbles Café

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Update to an old story. Skipping the second chapter because frankly, It's not finished yet. But you don't need to read that one to enjoy this one. Well, I hope you enjoy this one.

Ch 03: Jim's Lunch
M/f*9 Vore

"Good day Mr. Hathaway, table for two?" Jenn greeted him to the restaurant.

"Hello Jenn, no lone lunch today. Mr. Jackson has to go to his current job today. But I promise he'll visit again soon." He told the lovely younger woman.

Jim expected her to lie about knowing where to sit him. But she didn't, "Sorry Mr. Hathaway, I was just wondering. Mr. Jackson hasn't called me yet."

He smiled at her. Will must have made quite the impression on the beautiful Hostess in their short interactions on Will’s first visit to the Little Nibbles Café. "It's only been a couple days. Likely he didn't want to seem too eager."

He is amused at the slight blush on her cheeks as she asks, "If you don't mind, you could tell him he could be a little more eager."

Jim nodded, "I'll let him know."

Jim sat at the booth Jenn led him to as she noted, "Thanks. Hope you enjoy your meal Mr. Hathaway."

"Thank you Jenn." he replied.

Shortly his waitress arrived. Debra wasn't his favorite. She was a skilled waitress, nearly never getting a customer's order wrong. But she was also a man dismissing lesbian. And she had the stereotypical more rigid facial features that went with her orientation. Not truly man-ish, but not as lovely as the other ladies of the wait staff. He chastised himself, he was mostly just being prejudice.

"Hello Mr. Hathaway. Would you like a menu and to hear today's specials?" Debra asked. Her smile was betrayed by how her features always gave her expressions an annoyed look.

"No, I already know what I want. Asian salad, Chinese Accents, non-English speaking. Green tea to drink with Japanese, no, Korean accent, non-English as well. Thank you." Jim requested.

"Certainly, dressing?" she asked.

"Sesame, thank you." Jim dismissed her.

"Certainly, I'll go get that for you.'' She replied and left to advise the kitchen. Jim shook his head, yeah he preferred watching the other girls walk away.

In short order a bowl was placed before him. Laying in a little circle were eight little naked Asian women. Like fairies sleeping in a mini patch of grass. A tea cup with another Asian woman hanging by her arms which are attached to the cup's handle. A pot of tea placed within his arm's length.

Debra tapped the bowl and awakened the Accents. Jim loved this part. Most people think they notice right away they are trapped in a bowl. But they don't. They look around in confusion. Their perspective trick their little minds into trying to reason where they are. It's about a minute or two before one even bothers to look up. Once it does and screams at him looking down at them, well, that sets the other seven off.

He snickers, as they chitter in Chinese. He chose non-English to avoid understanding that appealing accented begging. He had a soft spot for that, especially if it was a bit broken English. He had a fair collection already at home of such lovies, he didn't want to bring home more today. Though the chef picked out some rather lovely accents, he would have to keep the list of included ones. Later meals would likely save one or two, maybe.

He let them whimper as he lifted the pot. The cup bound accent rambled on in her language. Clearly uninterested in the warm tea coming for her to soak in. Yelping in pain and shock as the tea splashes on her legs. The tea isn't hot enough to scold it, but is warm enough not to be a relaxing bath.

Back to the salad. He lifted the little pitcher of dressing. Pour it over the salad, making sure to splatter the trapped slender black haired ladies. They realize his intentions. Trudging to the bowl edges in a vain hope that they could climb out. But the bowl is designed with a tall walled rim with an inward rounded lip. Even the one or two that reach the edge can't lift themselves up using the glass smooth ledge.

Jim grabs a spoon and fork. Rotate the salad to coat all the bits of vegetable and nuts with the dressing. Taking great joy in hooking the Accents to roll or toss them among his dish. Once he's content with the coating he admires how the accents now glisten with the dressing. Small bits of almonds, lettuce, cabbage and other ingredients stick to them in amusing ways.

His fork stabs into the veg pile near a couple of them. Fear Filled screams as they dive away, the salad too thick for them to run. He chews his collected bits as he torments them. Pushing them about with the bowl of the fork. Another stab gathers more produce, taunting them with their immediate future.

After a few more mouthfuls his fork accidentally stabs into the thigh of one of the Accents. He knew she wouldn't be as wiggly to enjoy soon. One of the other Accents attempted to help her escape. Not that it stopped his fork from piercing the wounded one's chest. Lifting the gurgling Accent. He hooks the toned legs in his mouth. It twitches as his teeth sever the legs from it. Jim hums happily. The dressing flavors the sweet meat perfectly. Fresh Accents wonderfully aren't fully formed, making the bones a wonderful soft crunch. The semi-gel like flesh keeps the blood from messing up his salad. Another bite ends the accents trembling as only her shoulders and head remain. As he eats the last part of her, Jim is back to tormenting the remaining Accents, now with blood tinted tongs.

He sips his tea, wonderful. The accent snivels as it's bound arms are pulled on by gravity. Those bound limbs are the only thing keeping her from slipping into his hungry mouth. Refreshing the cup to her dismay.

Back to gathering salad. He plans on savoring the accents after the vegetables and such are being digested. Making a bed for them to meet their end in.

A shoulder wound marks another one for an early devouring. She wonderfully pleads as the fork is aimed at her midsection. He was again glad he picked non-English speakers. Not knowing her words gave her an even more less than human effect. Besides that pretty face, understandably begging in accented English might have brought her to his home collection.

His fork entered it's stomach. As he lifts her, her little hands try to ease the strain on its stomach. Making it winch in pain as strain is added to her wounded shoulder. He flicks her little feet with his tongue. Lifting her slightly, then allowing her weight to rest on the fork again. Gaining a gasped acknowledgement of pain. Legs again are the first to be removed. Jim was reminded why legs were his favorite part of an Accent to eat. Nice ratio of meat to bones. His next bite ends it's pain. Shoulders, arms, and head are taken into his mouth. Crunching the skull in full view of the remaining six accents, savoring their reactions more than the mouthful itself. He cleans the last of it from the fork, washing his mouth with more tea.

Slowly, more carefully he removes the salad remains from the bowl. Pushing the Accents about so not to pierce one by accident. Blathering and tears let him enjoy the fact they know what he's planning. Delighting Jim to no end. Washed down with warm tea and the music of a yipping trapped treat in his cup.

Jim puts down his fork. He reaches in and nabs one of the Accents. He smiles as it squirms in his hold. Holding it horizontal he pushes it deep into his mouth. It's little head and flailing hands are traps just outside his lips. His tongue takes liberties. Swiping along it's slender body. Pressing at it's little breasts. The dressing popped off it's smooth skin. He suckled on it, relishing the mix of flavors. Once that is washed off he bowls his tongue and tilts his head slightly up. A simple quick-sucking action gains a scream from the Accent that disappears down his throat. Its little form wiggles as it travels his esophagus. Cherishing the helpless struggling sensations.

He lifts the next one by one leg. It writhes about like a trapped mouse. Lifting it up over his wide open mouth. Dropping it into his maw and trapping it inside. No slow sucking upon this one. Teeth tear through flesh and crush bones. The dressing blended with its flavors enticingly. He slows his chewing so the tastes will linger longer. Swallowing the meat paste then sighs.

He grabs the next lucky morsel. Half way in this time. She looks about clearly expecting him to sever her in half. He starts taunting the remaining three with the fork again. His tongue splits the orally trapped one's legs. The tip presses the bare little slit. His soft candy begins making confused sounds. Fearful but aroused, unwanted touch that forced it to experience intense pleasure. Jim was elated by how Accents just could not resist getting their little cunts lapped. Charmed to climax despite all the likely outcomes. And just as it hits its peak, he sucks her down his throat. The confused moaning yelp made her even sweeter.

He stabbed the calves of one of the remaining accents. Dragging it along the bottom of the bowl to collect dressing and salad bits. It flipped back and forth as it dangled on his fork. That flipping ended with his teeth crushing through her torso. Taking bites from her remaining body as he decides which one to devour next.

Choice made. He pressed it along his bowl with his fingers. Mopping up as much of the extras with the little pleading body. Head first into his mouth. Lips trap her ankles. Little feet tickle his lips as they squirmed just outside his mouth. Better was the little hands attempting to push it away from the back of his mouth. The deep dark pit that would be it's destination. First however, that dressing skin treat would be sucked clean. Tongue making sure no detail is still glazed in the sesame liquid. His morsel grinds in reaction to the tip of his tongue cleaning it's tight pussy. Nipples pop out from warm budded mass massaging the minor mounds. Sucking her down he feels little hands press against the slides of the tunnel down his neck. Her efforts made her swallowing that much more enjoyable.

He sips the cup of the remaining tea. He plops the last salad accent into the cup as he unbound the arms of the tea treat. Lifting them both to his lips. Tilting the porcelain container. Their combined weight countered any attempts to hang onto the edge of the cup. Two were trapped together. Coiled about like lovers in cozy tight quarters. They writhed about like they were pleasing each other when in reality they were struggling against the other to be the one to escape his mouth.

Jim filled the cup with the last of the tea. It took him a while to be able to do this. It was such an emotional rush, an intense show of power over Accents. Tilting his head up, he swallows the rivals together. Their slender forms writhe about as they are devoured. As much as he enjoyed the idea and act, the aftermath was uncomfortable. Like swallowing a large pill without enough fluid. Tea helped, but he sat a bit to allow the pressure in his chest to pass.

Debra approached, "Anything else Mr. Hathaway?" She knew him well enough to allow him to savor his meal without interruption.

"Just a bill and my Accent list." he requests.

"But, you ate them all." she unnecessarily points out.

"Yes, but I will likely want to order those ones again. Thanks." he explains.

"Yes sir." she accepted. Returning quickly with those requested items.

Jim slowly empties his cup. Allowing the wiggling to ease in his stomach. The fluids and gasses within ending the struggles of the ones swallowed alive. Leaving him feeling happily full. Up to the bar he pays and heads up to his office. Glad his friend would soon be part of his organization.

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CH ?4: Little Nibbles Café

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Hope no one mind that I added to this story this week. Just had an urge to. That is the great thing about having so many stories rolling about in my head. When I'm uncertain what to do in other stories, sometimes clears up what I'm doing in other stories. As the title shows I'm not sure if this will be the fourth chapter or not, as I am jumping about a bit with this one to keep it light. Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

Also, don't forget, if you can and would like to. You can support me at my Buy Me A Coffee page, Link below. Green Status and higher have access to a Members only story there. Thank you.

Will's Self Challenge
M/f,f,f Vore only

I take a deep breath. If I'm going to work for this place I need to be able to do this. I will need to have lunch at Little Nibbles Café. And I'll have to eat everything on my plate. Or more my issue, everyone on that plate.

Little Nibbles Cafes have a unique menu. Every dish has one or more tiny people incorporated into them. Wrapped in noodles, draped across meat, clad in pastries these little people were part of the meal. One the guest could devour, and for many of them that was the attraction to these private restaurants. Or if they were inclined a guest could ask for a doggie cage and they could keep the tiny person as a pet. I have that urge. The want to keep them. Since I've only been served pretty young women. But I have to accept that these little people are mainly intended as food.

I am being a touch deceptive to myself. These tiny people are actually marvelous little clones. They have all the memories, hopes, and dreams of the person that they are a copy of. Including the want to not be eaten by some giant person. Though their bones are closer to hard cartilage than bones when they are served, they don't know that and move and squirm just like they would if they were the real person they resemble. To make this more appealing Little Nibbles Cafes make their little bodies more to the guest's physically ideal. In my case, more physically fit, like little fashion models. Making it even harder for me to eat them. As I rather touch them then digest them.

My friend Jim is a board member in this secret chain of restaurants and he wants me working as an Internal Accountant. I can't do that with a clear conscience if I'm not willing to partake in the main purpose of the restaurant. Sure if I can get through this I will likely still doggie cage most of my morsels over eating them alive. But it will mean I accept the culinary death I'll be helping to run smoothly.

I step into the plain gray door and look at the ornately carved wooden doors hidden from public view. I'm a member, thanks to Jim. Platinum member even as a friend of a board member. My nerves are just jumping. Like I'm about to have a lion jump at me. Yet I know I'm not in any danger. I just have to slip my membership card into the card slot and the door will click to allow me access. My arm reaches my hand out and the card slides in. An audible click and I open the door.

Jennifer, shit I forgot to call her. Why didn't I call her, she's gorgeous. "Hello Mr. Jackson, on your own today?" she says to me in a cheery tone.

"Yes," I answered. Unnecessary I clarified, "I need to see if I can handle actually eating the little people that are part of my meal."

She smiles as she corrects me, "Accents, they are accents of your meal."

"Sorry, right Accents." I accept my mistake.

She grabs a menu and advises, "Follow me. I'll find you a private spot to test your plate. Still not comfortable with the idea of eating Accents?"

"No, I can't quite get past the idea that they are little people. Might be my fault for taking so many home the other night." I suggest.

She looks over her shoulder at me as she notes, "This might not help, but for some guests that idea is all the appeal."

"Yeah, it was a rush when I first did it. But now that I have been thinking about it, I can't shake the idea that when I ate those women. I ended their lives." I explained.

"They have no lives but to be eaten or otherwise enjoyed. If you didn't order your meal they wouldn't be brought to life in the first place." She says and that actually helps some.

"So, they only live to be eaten." I reply as she points me into a small booth.

"Exactly, like chickens." She says happily.

I had to explain why I hadn't called her before she went back to her podium to lead the next guests to their table, "Look, I'm sorry I haven't called. I just got out of a long term relationship. And I'm just a little out of practice with the whole dating thing."

"I understand." she replies before suggesting, "So to make it easy on you how about this. My friend is having an exhibit of their art on Thursday at a little independent gallery. I'll be going to Galbraith's for a light supper at about five thirty. If you happen to be at Galbraith's about that time we could eat and go look at their paintings together. If your not ready yet, I understand."

How was I this lucky? She was gorgeous. Maybe I'm so hesitant because she's nearly half my age. But, she's made the first move. It's not like I'm a creepy old guy hitting on a girl barely old enough to vote. She gave me her number of her own accord. "I might need to look at some art come Thursday." I tell her and she smiles warmly.

"A touch of advice for this experiment." she replies pointing at the table and twirling her finger. "Order one of the sandwich combos and a drink. That's only three Accents. Also, ask the waitress to select off your list. So they will not be familiar to you. Yet with your data they will still be able to get you Accents that are appealing to you. So it should be a little easier for you to handle. Worse comes to worse, you have three new pets to enjoy at home."

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind." I replied. I didn't know that was an option.

"Hope to see you Thursday." Jennifer said before turning to walk back to her station. The view was certainly making dinner at Galbraiths on Thursday sound like a better and better idea.

I sat and opened my menu. It didn't help that the pictures of the meals showed them Accented. Half little men and half little women, likely to appeal to whichever preference the guest has. I skip the appetizers and I'm disturbed by the Tots Toss Salad. Then snicker at the Chick/Hunk Noodle soup. Yep, each meal was male-female labels with a helpful little note at the bottom of the menu that clarified that the mixing of Accents was an option. Well, at least they were inclusive in their cannibal cuisine.

A pretty young brunette came to my table and began filling my water glass. As she did she said, "Hello Mr. Jackson. I'm Tammy, your server. Are you ready to order or would you like a few more moments?"

I had to remember I was a platinum guest. That's how she knew my last name and had to call me by it. Jim wanted me to have all the perks. "Not yet thank you Tammy. Could I have a shot of rum un-Accented? I'm still getting used to the concept of this Cafe."

"Certainly Mr. Jackson." She said with a little bow and went to the bar.

Some of the options I could understand how they worked. Added Accents on salads or bacon wrapped and draped over a steak. But the Breaded Chicks as a Burger or the Deep Fried Babe in Ice Cream just defied my imagination. How could they cook those with the little clone inside and not kill them?

I made it to the Lunch Fare part of the menu. Chick Club sandwich, Hottie and Cheese, Cucumber Cutie, Cold Cuts Cuties, each had two accents on a sandwich that was divided in two and made sense to me. But The Grilled Chick or the Meat Doll sandwich were both confusing. Both would require the Accent to be cooked as part of the sandwich wouldn't they? Like the Bimbo melt literally has cheese melted over the Accent's bodies restraining them to the bread.

I decide to just go simple and question how they are made later. A simple BLT and French fries. Yep, a Babes Lettuce and tomato. As described, two attractive Accents restrained in three strips of Bacon each laid a top garden fresh tomato and lettuce on freshly toasted artisan bread. Yeah, that should be manageable for me.

Tammy arrives and places the shoot before me. And before she can finish asking, "Would you like more time Mr. Jackson?" I have downed it to claim my agitated nerves.

"Yes, I'll have a BLT with Accents not on my personal list and a cola to drink." I state a little quickly.

She takes it in pride and smiles in amusement. Then clarifies, "Off list Accent for the cola as well?"

"Yes please." I answer, trying to slow down. Then, I have a craving, "That couldn't be a cherry cola could it?"

I'm surprised when she answers, "We can do that Mr. Jackson."

"Thank you Tammy." I say.

She asks, "Anything else Mr. Jackson?"

"No, I think just the sandwich and fries will be good." I answer.

"Right away." she says with a little bow and is away again.

She comes back shortly with the sandwich, fries, and my drink on a serving tray. The Sandwich has the top slice of bread leaning on the bottom of the sandwich. This is clearly so I can see the two attractive and shapely blondes laying in an unconscious state upon my sandwich. Bacon wrapped about their calves and thighs then another strip about her torso restraining their arms. Tammy taps my plate with that strange wand thing they use and the two beauties awaken. It takes them less than a second to assess their situation of being draped as filler of a sandwich half surrounded by French Fries with a giant looming above them. They begin rambling, in German I think. Oddly I think that'll help me with this personal challenge. If I understood them they might have more of a chance.

Tammy then sets my Cherry Cola upon the table. Tall glass of dark liquid with a little ice floating at the top. On a very little plate is a straw with a red haired sexy shaped Accent restrained to it. On her head as a hat is one of those bar cherries sliced to stay fit over her head at an angle. Tammy taps that plate and this one is just as quick. Struggling hard against her restraints she too seems to be babbling in German. "Everything look good Mr. Jackson?" Tammy asks like this was a normal everyday thing.

"Yes." I told her. Because I guess here, this is a normal everyday thing.

"Oh Good." She replies. Then notes, "If anything is wrong just wave at me and I'll be right over. Enjoy your meal."

And she leaves me with three miniature terrified women among my food. I don't know how to start. I look out into the dinning room and my gaze is greeted with a cascade of carnivore death. Tiny men being sucked back by a woman off oyster shells. A man slicing the leg off of a woman speared to his steak by his fork. Another man chomping down a burger as little hands stretch and grab at the air from under the bun. A woman dipping a breaded covered woman into some sauce face first, her plate says she likes to mix her accents.

I turn back. I remember Jennifer's words, "They only are alive because you ordered the meal." And, "Alive to be eaten." I take a deep breath and center myself.

I look down. Both blondes are extremely attractive. I find myself thinking of Doggie Cage for home fun almost immediately. I wish Jim was here, his presence makes this easier. I slip the half a bread slice over one side of my sandwich. The now trapped woman screams and screams, likely wondering in her panic how she ended up on giant's sandwich. Likely begging for me to show her mercy, to get her back home. Not knowing she wasn't who she thought she was. I lift the top of the sandwich towards my open mouth, head first should end her torture sooner.

My teeth crush through bread, lettuce, tomato, and take her screaming head clean off. I chew, the bacon flavor is delicious. That had to be her as the little of the slice I got with that bite would account for all that flavor. Her sandwich partner screams in terror and I understand why this is a enjoyable experience for the other guests. There is a rush in knowing you can eat a tiny person alive and they can't stop you. I feel it as I take another bite. But I also feel a touch guilty, I could have saved her.

But, to what end? How many tiny women do I want at home to look after? Sure Jim bought me a huge cage so I could keep many more then I already have. But that would also mean looking after getting them food and other perversions. I tear another part of the sandwich off with my teeth, I'm already halfway through the first Accent's body. I slide the bread over the other side of the sandwich to muffle that one's screams a little.

I grab the straw and that one whimpers in a language I don't know. I slip her into the cherry cola and she's neck deep. I lift the glass and lower the level a little. The shapely redhead is shivering before I place the glass down. I take another chomp and grab a fry to munch on. This, this wasn't bad. The sandwich was delicious all things considered. Fries cooked to a perfect crispy outer edge. And the cherry cola was not too sweet. They did know how to make good food here.

I toss the last of the first half sandwich into my mouth and take another sip of cola. Tammy arrived as I'm chewing. How they always do this to me I never know. "How is everything Mr. Jackson?"

I swallow and take another sip. "Good thank you." I managed to get out.

"Not so bad once you start? The eating of an Accent I mean?" She inquires.

"No, rather tasty actually. Are they, well, do they flavor the Accents?" I ask.

"Depending on the meal, yes. Yours would have a smoked flavoring added to their mix to give them a richer bacon taste. If your planning on keeping the other one you'll find that flavoring will fade over a week or so." She explained politely.

"Interesting. Kind of a rush, eating a living little person." I admit.

Tammy smirks and advises, "You want a real rush, eat the next one feet first."

"I'll try." I say trying to convince myself.

"I'll be back soon Mr. Jackson to see if you need a refill or want something after your lunch." Tammy informs me.

"Thanks Tammy." I acknowledge as I lift the second half of the sandwich.

I look at my sandwich. The tiny woman inside is looking out helplessly, clearly begging in her language. I decide to take Tammy's advice and turn the sandwich around. I bring the side between my teeth. My mouth tears those in incisors through the bread and veggies. I can feel the tiny woman squirming for her life trapped between the slices. To no avail as my next bite severs her legs just below her knees. She screams in agony and I feel a strange delight I know I'll question later. I destroyed her lower legs in my mouth and swallowed them down.

I take another sip before I go for her thighs. Meaty and firm are the last of her lower limbs. Now I have a new question as I chew, why isn't she gushing blood all over my plate? Her screaming is gone and now just helpless whimpers escape my sandwich. I rend into the sandwich and take off her fine little ass. Her bacon flavor is delectable. Mixing with the fresh tomato wonderfully. All her sounds end with the next bite. Likely I took her heart and lungs with my eager chomp. She's still delicious. I ate the last of the sandwich noting Tammy was right, that was a cruel power rush.

I nibble my fries as I reveal more of my drink's Accent's fabulous body with each little sip. This was easy once I began, I don't know what I had myself all worked up about. Tammy happily comes back, "Well Mr. Jackson, did you enjoy your meal?"

"Yes thank you." I answer.

"Dessert?" She suggests.

"Not today." I decide.

She leans in close and suggests, "If you eat your drink Accent, you should swallow her whole. You'll feel her struggle all the way to your stomach."

"I did that last time. It was a touch hard on my throat." I point out.

"Once you get used to doing it, you'll enjoy swallowing at least one Accent whole per visit." She tempts me to try.

I pull the straw out of the cola. I look at the restraints about the Accent's wrists and it's just a twisted strip of paper. Ankles too, she is so helpless she couldn't tear cola soaked straw paper. I, however, do it easily. She yelps in pain as I forcefully free her.

She is pleading away in the foreign language as I raise her head first to my open mouth. Tammy is there watching eagerly, likely wanting to be encouraging. The Redhead Accent's skin is cold on my tongue from soaking in the ice chilled cola for so long. She slips smoothly over my tongue, I can hear her screaming in terror from within my mouth.

I feel her head and shoulders touch the back of my throat and tilt my head back to straighten the path. As I swallow hard I suck her shapely legs between my lips. Her little torso slips down my esophagus. I enjoy those long legs dancing their last dance along my lips. Kicking frantically along my tongue. And tickling my Uvula with her toes as they are pulled down into the darkness inside my torso. As empowering as that was, still rough on my throat.

Tammy is right however. I feel that shapely body struggling against the downward pull of my esophagus. Wiggling and kicking every compact inch. Then the pressure of her mass escapes my chest into my stomach. I think I feel her flopping about among the pieces of the devoured sandwich and chewed fries. Likely splashing in the now belly heated soda she was just recently soaking in cold.

"See, feel like some powerful other worldly being don't you." Tammy asks self assuredly.

I clear my throat and take a sip of cola before I point out, "Still hard on my throat."

"It'll get easier, I promise." She assures me.

"I'll try to remember that. Not to rush you, but could I have my bill?" I ask while grabbing a fry to munch.

"Oh, Ms. Lewis picked that up for you." Tammy informs me.

Now I have a new question, "Ms. Lewis?"

"Yes. You know, from the board of owners." Tammy states like the whole board was known to everyone once they entered the Café. Then seeing my confusion she realizes aloud, "Oh you never meet Ms. Lewis?"

"No, I have no idea who she is. Is she still here?" I should at least thank her. Meals, even the cheaper ones, were pricey here.

"No, she left shortly after you ordered. She just asked that your meal be placed on her tab. I thought maybe you were friends." Tammy explained. Then cheekily asked, "Would you like dessert now?"

"No, I shouldn't push her hospitality." I say, but I have a feeling from my first visit there are power dynamics challenges among the board and don't want to put Jim in anyone's debt.

"OK, well take your time with your fries and if you change your mind let me know." Tammy offers.

"I will." I say. Now I have to worry when I come here to eat that I could be used against Jim in some way. I'll need him to explain who this Ms. Lewis is and what and who I should avoid. He said I would be a help for him if I take the job he offered me. Well, then I should take it to help my friend.

I finish and start back to my current job. I call Jim, "Hello buddy." he answers happily.

"Hey, about that job you offered. Would me being there really help you out?" I go straight to the point.

"Indubitably." he replied.

"OK, to help you out I'll take it." I informed him.

"Yeah, just to help me out. Like the more pay and better health benefits weren't an incentive." He teases back.

"I had lunch at the Café today." I told him.

"Oh, was everything good? Added to your collection?" He asks cheerfully.

"Yeah, all good. Actually I ate all the Accents this time." I start.

"Oh cool, good for you." He says clearly wanting to encourage me out of my comfort zone.

"Yeah, one thing though. A Ms. Lewis paid for my meal." I informed him.

His tone is attempting to stay cheery but I can hear him questioning her motives, "Carol, really."

"Yeah, is that OK? Is that something I should avoid?" I let him know I was aware of the possible power struggle.

"No, that's" he started, but paused enough before saying, "Fine." To make me worry.

"Well if there are any problems let me know." I told him.

"Will do." He lied, he's worried about something.

"Got to go, guess I have to get back to work and give my notice." I said to him.

He suggests, "Hey we should get together and celebrate you joining the chain."

"Sure, I'll call you. Talk to you later." I say.

"Yep, talk to you soon." He replied. Before I hang up. I guess I'm stepping into the secret tiny human serving Cafe business. Not something I had ever considered till recently. Hope I don't end up on the menu.

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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by randomguywhosthere » Thu May 25, 2023 10:50 pm

This story is so... perfect!
Although it has a few grammar errors and the line spacing makes it a bit difficult to read, the first chapter is definitely my favourite. The descriptions of all the minis and the interactions with them and the food and the almost vivid texture as they are touched and tasted... excellent!
The only thing I felt a bit lacking was the swallowing of prey being a bit abrupt and a "matter of fact" with minimal description, but this issue is mostly fixed by the later chapters. I do wish the prey squirmed a bit more once they were fully swallowed, though.

This entire concept was great and I wish it was real! This is definitely the sort of cafe I could see myself visiting once every one or two weeks, depends on how expensive it is.

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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by HHunter1 » Thu May 25, 2023 11:09 pm

Yes, my grammar is a work in progress. I am hoping as I craft more and more stories I am improving. Someday I might break down and actually get a grammar program to help me out. When I do my limited editing I try to read the story but I am mostly looking to see if the ideas flow. More of a conversational communications then written phrasing. Still I understand not technically correct. As for the spacing, that was requested be several readers on past sites I posted on. And I honestly find in easier to follow. But I'm not much of an online reader. Which amuses me as a poster of online stories.

The lack of post swallowing description is likely due to my habit of knowing where I want the scene to go and not focusing on where the scene is. I type much slower then the descriptions are moving through my imagination. Really I need to slow down. In all my stories, not just this one.

If you want you can feel free to write a customer of the Little Nibbles Café. I can answer any questions you might have about it. 😁


Added Later: I'm sorry. In my confessions of my short comings I forgot what should have been my first statement. Thank you for the comment. I am grateful for your input and glad I was able to entertain you. I hope you also find my other stories entertaining. I can only grow as a writer with such helpful advice. Thank you again.

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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by randomguywhosthere » Mon Jun 19, 2023 8:07 am

Sorry for my very late reply, I have a serious procrastination problem.

First off, I'm glad you liked my feedback!

Secondly, what exactly do you mean when you say I can write my own customer for the Little Nibbles Café? Do you mean I can write my own story that takes place in the same universe but from the perspective of my own character? Should I put the character/story here, or create a separate thread?
Sorry if this should be obvious. I'm the sort of person who needs these sorts of things explained. (I'm still fairly new to this whole "interacting with an online community" thing.)

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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by HHunter1 » Mon Jun 19, 2023 10:06 am

Just got up, so my brain is a little foggy so if some of my reply is confusing I'm sorry.

No need to apologize. We all get doing stuff. I'm glad to have gotten your feedback.

As for the customer thing, yeah basically. Write a costumer's (or a groups) dinner experience at the Café. Put your take on a meal there. If you plan on writing just one story I'm fine with you putting it here. If you plan out a series with the character then make a sperate thread. But that's just my suggestion. You can PM me questions you might have about the world. I would like to read it before you post just to make sure it fits within the rules I have for this universe, but I'm fairly easy going so I wouldn't worry about me being too harsh.

I'm hoping you'll write a story (or more) and have fun with it. This concept I thought worked well for collaborations.


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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by I am Nobody » Tue Jun 20, 2023 3:13 pm

Yummy story!

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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by HHunter1 » Tue Jun 20, 2023 4:52 pm

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.


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Little Nibbles Cafe: Cannelloni

Post by HHunter1 » Fri Sep 15, 2023 1:11 am

Hey, see I'm still kind of writing. Looks to me like Little Nibbles Cafe is going to be scattered short stories. Hope that's OK. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think.

M/f*4 Vore
M/f (Teen)

Brian Cornette thanked the hostess as she pointed him to a private table. She handed him a menu and noted, "Hope you enjoy your meal Mr. Cornette." He thanked her again and she walked away. He couldn't help but watch her walking away. That young blonde woman had a fine tight little ass. He wished he could order her, that would be a dish he would savor.

Brain looked over the menu. He knew what he was likely going to order. He still wanted to look. He was sad, his business was failing. And without his business he wasn't going to afford to stay a member of this exclusive Cafe any longer. If this was going to be his last meal here he wanted to make sure he got what he really wanted.

Last meal made him tremble. There were not many former members walking about. He feared telling the Cafe management about his financial situation. The rumors were all but fact, once you belong you always will belong. Canceling your membership wasn't heard of. If this was his last chance to enjoy a special meal here he would get what he enjoyed.

"Hello Mr. Cornette. Would you like a drink to start?" The lovely red haired waitress asked.

"Oh, ahh, yes. I'm not sure what though." He confessed.

She smiled and advised, "I could ask Barry what he suggests."

"Oh sure." Brian agreed.

"Accent?" The red headed young woman inquired.

Brain shook his head. He found it difficult to drink around an accent.

"Did you want more time to pick out your meal?" She then asked.

"No, I'm good." He surrendered to what he already knew. "Can I have the stuffed cannelloni please."

"Certainly, did you want an appetizer on this visit?" The Waitress inquired.

Brian would have loved a plate of their special Jalapeno poppers. Sadly his situation wasn't allowing him to spurge. "No thank you, just the cannelloni."

"Certainly Mr. Cornette." She advised him. "Any request for fillings?"

"My usual." He replied. "Oh, could we make them a decade younger? No wait. In their early twenties."

"They'll still have the memories of when their profile was collected." The lovely waitress pointed out.

Brain answered, "Yeah, I know. I just kind of."

"Think they look tastier at that age." She nicely completed his thought.

"Yes." He said shyly.

"It'll be out to you shortly Mr. Cornette." The pretty girl noted. He watched her walk away. He knew he shouldn't stare at her fine round bottom. He was old enough to be her father after all. But daddy would have liked to spank her tight naughty ass.

The lovely distraction out of his sight he looked about the dining room. The Little Nibble Cafe was a unique eating establishment. They had versions of dishes you wouldn't find at any other restaurant. At one table a man had a plate of cowering blonde girls bound with strips of dry seaweed and doused in a red vinaigrette. He was placing them on an oyster and sucking them down with the shellfish. His date had boys trapped in bread and was eating them like living pigs in a blanket. Another table was sharing a basket of batter coated mix of people. Dipping them in different sauces and chomping on them with glee.

He looked at his own table. What would be his fate once the management learns of his company's failed state? The rumors were all anyone really knew. Special dishes to cruel slow torture to death were his biggest fears. Who's plate would he adorn? Who would slowly bleed him with straight pins? He had to tell them. Hope they will show him mercy. At least he hoped whoever he spoke with knew mercy.

"Your drink sir." made him jump back to his current place in time. The waitress looks worried as she notes, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you.

"No, my fault. I let myself go too far into daydreaming." He advised taking his drink. "Thank you." He said holding his drink up to solute her.

"You're welcome. Your meal will be out shortly." She replied then she walked over to new guests that had just been sat down.

Brain looked at the glass. It was a narrow, fairly tall glass. It reminded him of a simple water glass. It held a clear liquid, likely why he thought of it as a glass of water. He sipped the drink. It was a smooth sweet beverage. He was certain there was vodka in the drink but what else was in there or what the drink was named was a mystery. He did find his nerves settling with each taste he took.

The drink helped him to accept that he would ask to talk to the manager. Confess his financial state. Basically accept his fate. He had been a good loyal member of the cafe for a few years now. They would treat him as such. He will show them respect and they will reciprocate. That was only fair, he hoped they would be fair.

He saw his meal approaching and sighed. His last meal at his favorite restaurant. The waitress set the plate down, tapped it with a wand-like device and then advised, "Enjoy your meal."

"Thank you." He told her as he watched the filling of his cannelloni come alive. The pasta was covered with a well prepared pepper and garlic tomato sauce with melted shredded cheese mix. But it was the fillings he admired. He knew these women well. They had been his favorite dish accents since he was introduced to the Little Nibbles Cafe. Blonde pretty Sophie Evans had been his high school crush. Her best friend was a shapely African American woman named Rosie Grace. Their friend Jannette Roberts was a gorgeous brunette. And their last member, Karri Jung, was a slender Asian beauty that was also the biggest bitch of the four of them. Not that any of them were nice girls. They knew of their good looks in high school and how to use them. Taunting him for his crush and siccing their boyfriends or admirers on him for their amusement.

"Brian? Brian Cornette? What's happening? Why are you so large? How did we get trapped in pasta?" Sophie asked while wiggling in her food restraint.

It was funny. After high school they went to University and married. They all still lived in town. He became prosperous and in doing so started interacting with them again. Funny because they took great pains to not bring up their teenage cruelty. They never apologized. Nor did they lose their lovely appearances. But since he had money they didn't taunt him. Customer service people they treated beneath them, so he knew they hadn't changed.

Well now he could be cruel. "You were shrunk, bitch. Now I'm going to eat you."

"Brian, no you can't. We're friends." Sophie cried.

"We just did the Hospital Pancake breakfast together." Jannette reminded him. But not like the way she hoped. He remembered their help. Chatting with doctors or others well to do while the majority of the patrons were beneath them to serve. They neither cooked the meal or helped to clean up afterward. Credit, they took as much of that they could claim.

But that was recent history. He wished there was a way to have them as they would have been when their bodies were originally in their early twenties. Then they would have been more honest bitches. Now they were long spoiled housewives in young fine forms. Still, it was a rush to devour them as pseudo revenge. As these little versions were actually clones. Miniature copies. Still felt good to lord over them.

He poked the brunette with his fork and reminded her, "I remember another pancake breakfast, for your cheer team. What did you get Trevor Stoll to do to me?"

"This is about us teasing you in high school?" Karri asked in disbelief. "We didn't mean anything, it was just childish fun."

"Childish fun." Brian repeated as he dragged Kerri out from her tube of pasta. "Like when you have Cody Jones burn my arm hair off with a Bunsen burner? Should I show you the amusing scar I gained when my forearm burst in flame and had to be hosed off with a fire extinguisher?" To this day the actual Kerri never apologized. Taking great effort to never look at his right arm.

Now as he lifted her naked sauce soaked body she tripped over herself to beg for it now, "I'm sorry. He was only supposed to pretend to be going to burn your arm hair. Cody went too far, it wasn't my fault."

Not her fault he went too far while she had cheered it on till Brian's arm went up. Then laughed as he was taken to the Nurse's office to await the ambulance. "Oh I forgive you Kerri. It was years ago." He told her as she dangled in his hand.

"Oh thank you Brain. Thank you." She rambled.

"I'm still going to eat you." He told her. She screamed as he shoved her in his mouth, head first. The perfect pasta sauce tasted wonderfully off her struggling slender body. He allowed his tongue to explore her slim body as she frantically screamed trapped in his mouth. He might hate her but that body was still a stunning Asian example. He had a couple versions of her at home in a cage he kept to sexually play with. Those versions performed for his amusement with just a snap of his fingers. Kerri was a very easy pet bitch to train. He wouldn't be training this one.

He shoved her narrow body deeper into his mouth. Her shapely legs kicked wildly as her three friends begged and pleaded in their pasta restraints. It was one of his favorite parts of this meal. He savored it even more than the masterfully prepared sauce. The newly made body had bones like firm cartilage. Good for the tiny woman to stand and walk but also soft enough that they would fold to allow him to swallow her alive. The Asian bitch slipped down to the back of his throat and he swallowed. A sighed escaped as he felt her wiggling the whole was down. Then patted his stomach as she writhed inside, likely burning in his acids while choking on the gasses. He had enjoyed her enough times to know she would collapse before he finished her former cannelloni cage.

"You ate Kerri!" Rosie shouted over her other friends begging not to join the living Asian protein.

He smacked her in the head with the bottom of his fork. Then regretted it as she was knocked unconscious. Or possibly dead. He couldn't tell and really didn't care to check. He did hope she was still alive and that she would come back around by time he finished the empty pasta tube beside her. He had wanted to ask her about her ex Nick Child and why he felt the need to lock him in a janitor closet again. The act of violence had made the other two go fearfully silent for the moment, allowing him to eat the former Kerri's cage in peace.

Rosie was still out. So he rolled her cannelloni out of his way and moved Jannette's in her place. The brunette knew what that meant. She rattled out in a panic, "Oh God Brian, please don't eat me. I'm sorry for what I did. So deeply sorry!"

"Oh are you?" Brian asked as he slipped her free of the pasta. "What exactly are you sorry for?" He taunted her as he used his utensils to pose her in a bowed position.

Brain admired Jannette's perfect little round ass as she rambled on and on without bringing up anything of substance. He always liked that ass. Round in just a fine way. Which brought to mind his biggest grievance he had with Jannette. "You remember, in grade eleven. I was passing the weight room one day. November as I remember it, since it was gray with a cold rain. What did you have Adam Paris do to me while you cheered?"

"Oh oh my. I'm so sorry about that Brain." She started.

She yelped in terror as he used the blade of his knife to hold her ass in place. Then he shoved the rounded end of his fork right up her ass making the brunette roar in pain. "Yeah, that's how it felt to have that weight bar shoved up my ass." He growled. She really barked in pain as he lifted her off his plate by that fork. He could see Jannette was slowly starting to slide down the fork handle. If he held her long enough it would rip through her little body to poke out from near or around her neck. Last time he let this happen it poked right out of her mouth. Today he didn't want to wait for that. He shoved the pretty brunette into his mouth and slipped the utensil from her anus.

He again sucked pasta sauce off a gorgeous tiny woman's body. She was the busty one of the group and he delighted in licking those breasts more than clean. Oh the screaming. Jannette could scream. Playing with other little clones he learned she practically screamed when she climaxed. This version wasn't going to get that treatment. Tongue slipped down and hooked between her kicking legs and pushed her to the back of his throat. He swallowed as slowly as he could. It felt like Jannette was spiraling as she slid down his throat. She plopped in his stomach and he wondered if Kerri's limp form was anywhere near where Jannette had landed. He chuckled as he began cutting up Jannette's cannelloni. The image of her trying to scream in terror at her friend's acid smothered body as she herself started choking to her own death amused him greatly.

"I'm sorry I had the boys throw you naked into the pool during the swim meet." Sophie said timidly. Brian didn't reply, just kept eating the pasta that had been holding Jannette. She tried again, "I'm sorry they hit you with water balloons right before Christmas break in grade twelve." He just kept eating quietly. She guessed again, "Painting you when you were part of the musical set team?"

She whimpered as she watched him pull her friend Rosie from her pasta tube. The African American woman was still limp and lifeless. Sophie gasped fearfully as he slipped Rosie's long shapely legs into his mouth. He loved the structure of Rosie's legs. Toned and sculpted in just the most delightful ways. He suckled the pasta sauce from them. Stroking her pussy with the end of his tongue. This made the stunned Rosie moan but not awaken. He bowled his tongue under her and she slipped limply down his throat easily. He regretted it right away. He decided he should have allowed her to awaken her first. But now it was too late.

"What can I say so you won't eat me?" Sophie begged. Not how could you eat my lifelong friends. Not a word to try to convince him not to devour them. Only apology for past slights for self preservation. As he discovered from knowing her still they were dishonest apologies. Then came the question he always waited for from Sophie, "What did I do that was so bad that you have to eat me?"

"Your reaction when you found out I had a little crush on you." He explained.

"That's it? That's the whole reason you had me shrunk to eat me?" She said in clear shock.

"Yes." Brian said matter of factly.

"You're going to eat me because I wouldn't date you?" Sophie questioned in disbelief.

So he explained, "I never thought you would go out with me. I never even considered you'd like me as a friend. I simply thought you were physically gorgeous. And because of that fact and that fact alone you and your friends started targeting me. You could have ignored me as another face in the crowd of other kids. Instead you and your friends made my life hell for years. All the torments and bullying. The abuse, both physical and emotional, was because you overheard me say to my friend that I thought you were very pretty. I have scars because you saw me as not good enough to even consider you attractive. You tortured me with glee. And for all the years I knew you since I became successful you never even hinted you might have regretted targeting me like that. Not once."

She never knew how to reply. This little version of her just stared with her mouth gaping. Well, till he started pulling her out of her cannelloni. Then she screamed and begged. Words rambled out pointlessly. There were apologies in there, but they were as shallow as her earlier ones.

She screeched as he tauntingly licked up the front of her body. He often licked his kept versions of Sophie. Her body's texture appealed to his tongue. So he licked her again. She squirmed frantically as he suckled one of her legs. She wiggled frantically as he suckled her breasts. As often happened he was tempted to keep her. As awful as Sophie had been in his life, playing with her form in a helpless small form delighted most of all.

He however remembered this might be the last time he would get to devour her. Head first he forced her struggling body into his mouth. Playfully he sucked on her upper half. Well, playfully for him. Sophie fought hard to escape his mouth. She failed as he easily pushed her deeper. He would have to nurse his drink as he was getting painfully hard feeling his gorgeous tormenter failing to fight for her life. He actually almost climaxed as he again swallowed Sophie alive. savoring feeling her legs slipping over his lips as she was swallowed.

Brain panted as that blonde bitch wiggled down his esophagus. He just sat there to feel her struggle wildly in his stomach. He imagined her soaked and terrified. Just dripping in ooze. She slowed down, the gasses in his stomach had little actual air in it and her frantic actions required much air. He wished he had another version of her to worship his erection while she was also dying inside him.

Brain sipped his drink. Amused that it was splashing on the bodies of the four women that made his teenage life hell. He was going to be sitting for a while as that image was keeping him aroused.

The Waitress walked over. He was surprised she hadn't visited early to ask about his meal. "Did you enjoy your meal Mr. Cornette?"

"Yes thank you." Brian told her.

She pointed to the plate, "Are you finished with your meal."

Brain looked at that last now hollow cannelloni and decided, "Yes. Thanks."

"Dessert?" The Waitress suggested.

He sighed and considered. He was satisfied but could eat a little more. If it was his last meal here he came to the conclusion he could afford a little treat. "Maybe just a sprinkled donut?"

"You have an accent in mind?" She inquired.

He shrugged and she offered him a tablet. His list of usual choices were there as the Cafe kept a file of that for all their clients. He almost selected Sophie before the family tree button under her entry caught his eye. He selected that and three options appeared, male, female, and both. Brian pressed female and a tree of Sophie's family appeared. Cousins, aunts, and so forth showed a family tree of lovely blonde ladies. He almost selected Sophie's first cousin when an image grabbed his attention. Sophie's pretty teen daughter Clare.

He had been tempted to select her in the past. Like Sophie had been, Clare was a gorgeous young girl. He never picked her due to two reasons. He didn't want to look creepy ordering a teenager to devour alive. And two, Clare, unlike Sophie, was a sweet kind girl. Always polite and helpful at any charity events her mother was at. Course there was his third reason, if he had ordered her he likely would want to keep the copy of the girl to sexually dominate. Today he would treat himself here one last time, "That one."

"Did you want her clad?" The waitress asked?

"Ahh, yes." Brain answered. "Something girlish, hair in pigtails."

He felt oddly better as the waitress answered, "Oh that accent gets ordered like that all the time."

She wandered off and in short order returned with a donut on a small plate. White cake circle with white icing with rainbow sprinkles. Bound in the icing in a spread eagle position was pretty miniature Clare. She was dressed in what Brain thought looked like a pink version of Alice in Wonderland outfit. Her blonde pigtails dangled over the edge of the donut. The clothes were edible including the shiny black candy shoes. He knew it was wrong but he was greatly aroused to see the girl trussed up like that.

The redhead waitress tapped the plate with the activation wand and Clare burst to life. "What, where am I? Mr. Cornette?"

"Enjoy." the waitress said and walked off.

"Please help me Mr. Cornette." Clare begged as Brian reached for the treat.

"Huh, only one. Your other accents spawned pretty daughters as well. Why not treat yourself more." A man's voice asked. The man in his late thirties sat down and looked at Brian. Brian had never spoken to this man before but knew who he was, James Hathaway. One of the owners of the secret Cafe chain. Brian's heart froze as the man said knowingly, "Or maybe you're not treating yourself because your business is failing."

Panicked Brian advised, "I was just having a last meal before I told the manager on duty. I promise."

Mr. Hathaway made a wave away action. "Sure you were." Was dismissively replied.

Brian knew he had no options. He was too out of shape to try to bolt. If he had the money to attempt a bride he would have just continued paying the membership fee. So he asked, "What's going to happen to me?"

Mr. Hathaway chuckled. "Relax, we have plans for you. You'll work for us and we'll let you know what we want you to do in the next few days. If you don't do as we ask or try to run you will not like your fate. Obey and you'll be well paid and stay a member of the Cafe. Sounds good?"

"I don't see any choice." Brian admitted.

"Right." Mr. Hathaway agreed cheerfully. "Well I'll leave you to enjoy your donut." Then the man stood up and walked away happily, stopping to make the pretty waitress giggle cheerfully.

"Mr. Cornette please, what is going on?" Clare begged now that her little voice could get his attention.

"You're my dessert." He advised as he lifted the donut.

"What do you mean?" Clare pleaded. Then she screamed in delightful terror as Brian's teeth chomped on the donut between her ankles. "Are, are you going to eat me?" She cried.

He swallowed the cake material and answered, "Oh I'm going to savor you."

"Savor?" She whimpered. Then only made helpless scared gasping. He nibbled another taste of the sweet spongy material and the girl only made a slight helpless whimper. It was arousing but he had been hoping she would react more as he ate the donut out from under her.

"Ow!" She cried as he snapped her free of the icing. She made no attempt to resist as he hooked his top teeth into the neckline and shredded the front of the dress off her. She gasped fearfully then begged, "Please please Mr. Cornette don't eat me."

He admired her quivering form. Such a gorgeous young body, so tempting to take home as a new pet. The underwear now visible were white frilly playful. Garters held up her tight thigh high stockings. The bra was lace under the frills and showed little nipples peeking at him. A lovely whimper escaped Clare as he slipped the back of the dress off her and dropped it into his mouth.

He pulled her little arms back. "Oh no!" Burst from her as he kissed his mouth over her unprotected perky breasts. She made cute worried sounds as his tongue massaged her firm mounds. The sweet bra material dissolved against his mouth. Once exposed he took his time orally playing with the breasts.

He took Clare from his mouth and she whimpered arousingly. He turned her and bent her lovely legs up and spread them. "Please Mr. Cornette don't eat me." She begged as he placed her crotch in his mouth. His tongue now curiously poked at her frilly panties. The cute whimpered sound Clare made with each stroke along her groin pleased him greatly. The bottoms dissolved and he had free access to her clone smooth girlhood. The whimpered sounds Clare were making soon switched to scared aroused sighs.

Brain savored the sounds the mini teen girl made as he suckled on her. Fingers reached up and played with her damp exposed breasts. He liked how her little feet curled to point the toes of her shiny candy shoes straight up. The aesthetic of the tight white stockings on her lovely legs was beautiful. She began shaking her head slowly waving those blonde pigtails appealingly. It was like this little Clare was trying to deny the sensations he was tasting into her.

She couldn't deny it long it seemed. Her calves pointed her feet out to the sides. Her lovely youthful body arched and trembled intently. She sang a wonderful arousing tone while overwhelmed. He didn't let up to allow her to ride the wave of forced pleasure. She was his dessert and her helpless reactions were so sweet. He drank her climax till she fainted in his kiss.

He placed her on the plate. He was so aroused by playing with Sophie's daughter. Her sweet sounds. That sensual youthful body. Now he was wanting to savor her again and again. Feel her helpless and naked along his penis. It was perverse he knew, but so was eating tiny people alive.

"Your doggie cage Mr. Cornette." The waitress advised as she placed the take home cage beside the plate holding the passed out Clare.

He didn't think about it. He was immediately placing Clare in the cage as he requested, "Can I get my bill now?"

"Oh, Mr. Hathaway took care of it. I hope you have a good day." the redhead said.

"Thank you. And please thank Mr. Hathaway for me." He replied as he stood and left. He went straight home.

He rushed into his house from his car. Playing with young Clare at the cafe had aroused him greatly. Now he lusted for his own pleasure with her body. He opened his pants wildly. Then tore open the disposable cardboard cage. Clare was awake again and cried out when he pulled out of the container.

He pressed the pigtailed blonde to his manhood. His hand began moving Clare along his length. The sensations of that lovely miniature body made him growl like the lusting monster he knew this made him. Clare involuntarily made sweet scared grunts which brought him intense pleasure on a primal level.

He hooked the clone teen around his tip. He groaned loudly as his semen spurted all over the helpless pretty girl. Soaking her from head to toe. This he decided would only be his first Clare pet. Like her mother he wanted a grouping of the little sweet girl.

He took her to the hidden room his clone cage was concealed in. Dumping the semen drenched cutie in for the others to look after. He freshened up and collapsed in a living room chair with a strong drink. Now that his lusting was satisfied his mind was now on the fact he was at the beckon and call of the Cafe. Now he worried, what could that mean for his future.

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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by randomguywhosthere » Fri Sep 15, 2023 10:51 am

Jokes aside, I've been very looking forward to this or "That Portal" getting an update for a while now. I understand how the summer heat can just destroy your creative energy. I myself only managed to make like 2 half-stories during the entire summer.
As for the story at hand, I love it! Side stories and little snippets into the lives of the Little Nibbles patrons seems like an ideal format for this kind of setting. (I myself have ideas for a side story if I ever get around to finally writing it).
I really like how the accents now have dialogue, as opposed to previous chapters where the narration merely summarized what they were saying. The story and history of Brian and his accents of choice was very interesting to read. I also like the increased emphasis on the accents squirming as they are swallowed down. I hadn't even thought of the idea that someone could order and keep multiple clones of the same accent. I also like Clare's little edible outfit and her kind and innocent demeanor in contrast to the four who came before her. Young meat is good!
I am very much feeling the tease of what happens when a waitress screws up and the contrast between an accent and a genuine shrunken person.
My only complaint would be that the ending felt a bit abrupt. Maybe we could have had a bit of a longer look at Brian's shrunken harem of many identical girls?

Anyways, it's 3 AM and those are my thoughts. Glad to have you back, you inspire my creativity (and depraved fantasies)! :D

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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by HHunter1 » Fri Sep 15, 2023 11:09 am

Thanks for the input. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I'm sorry about the abrupt feeling of the ending. I'm still learning this craft. I was trying to express Brain's excitement to be kept human and his access to an accent he had wanted for a while but wouldn't order for himself. A more, too happy to be alive to savor his moment. Clearly I didn't do that. Hopefully I will do better in the future.

If it helps your story any when accents are dressed for a meal their outfits are all edible. So you can have them dressed in the meal if you like. Maybe peeled like a blooming onion.

Oh, the genuine shrunken people are supposed to be only for board members and/or their special guests. I wouldn't want to be that waitress, that is grounds for dismissal. And well, Little Nibbles Cafe doesn't have a severance package.


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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by gtquik702 » Tue Mar 19, 2024 5:36 am

I could only afford one accent today unfortunately.

For a bit of context, I was playing around with some AI, and this one reminded me of your story, so here it is

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Re: Little Nibbles Cafe MM/f+ Vore Teen Victims.

Post by HHunter1 » Tue Mar 19, 2024 5:49 am

Well Thank you. I'm glad my story had an impression on you.


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