White Labs

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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White Labs

Post by HHunter1 » Thu Jul 13, 2023 2:30 am

A little chat with one of my supporters got this idea in my head. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think. You can support my writing at the link below.


Chapter 01: First Samples

Doctor Barbara White sat at her desk running simulations. Her device was in the final testing stages and she was already looking to improve it. Better energy matrix to make it smaller. Smaller, that was the goal overall wasn't it. Her research. Her deep pocket backer's desires. Everything was geared towards smaller.

A knock on her door. "Come in." She called without looking up from her computer.

Tabitha Carr, one of her researchers, came in carrying a little white box. "These are the selection field samples you wanted, Dr. White."

Barbara paused her work and looked at the box, she was almost fearful to look inside. "Was there any hiccups?" She nervously asked, stroking the corner edge of the container.

"None." Ms. Carr replied.

"And it's all cleaned up, no way to trace it back to us?" She asked oddly hoping her employee wouldn't leave her alone with the box. Yet wanting to be alone with it.

"The accounts were all through dummy corporations. Their staff was downsized as requested. Two samples as requested have been dissected and all was as we hoped." Barbara told her. There was a cruel note of glee when she mentioned the downsizing of the false companies limit employees.

"The remaining samples?" Barbara asked while building the courage to look in the box.

"Let's say they have been disbursed among your staff for personal experiments." The way Ms. Carr said that made Dr. White certain she had gotten a sample for herself.

"Well, let's have a look." Barbara said more to herself than her helpful staff member.

Little fearful voices gasped and it sent a shiver of cruel delight through Barbara's body. Six pretty young blonde women were in the box. They now stood five to six inches tall. They were huddled away from her like they could hide under the hinges of the box. Tabitha pointed out correctly, "Newton's going to love them."

"Yes he is." Barbara noted admiring the proof of her success. She had selected these six hopeful models from their head shots specifically for her sweet little boy. Newton Nikola White Junior was much like his dear departed father. Painfully shy and timid, especially around pretty girls. So much so that school had him collapsing in scary panic attacks. Well as a giant Barbara hoped he would get past that. Her Newty had a thing for blondes if her discovery of his image stash was correct. Particularly fit shapely ones. Part of her worried he had an Oedipus issue. But her friend Doctor Heather Sharp reminded her that all boys look for their mother in their relationships.

Barbara found her hand reaching in and pulling a short haired sample from the terrified group. She admired its toned leg with her fingers. The power difference between her and that young woman was intoxicating. She had selected cheer style uniforms for them to be wrapped in when she gave them to her wonderful boy. He often looked for those in his secret searches. She wondered why. Newty was homeschooled so wouldn’t even encounter cheerleaders in person. Likely from some show he watched. The want to be models likely didn't even question why the clothes for the photo shoot had no buttons, hooks, or zippers. Nope elastic for easy removal for her Newty's nimble little fingers.

"The rest of us are going over to Stacy's for a couple drinks to celebrate your success. I think everyone would love to see you there, Dr. White." Tabitha offered. It was tempting. Ms. Carr was lovely. Tall and shapely in her own right. Occasionally Barbara would wonder why all her staff were attractive fit women. Her husband would have teased her pointing out her obvious attraction to women. Even after all these years away from her father she still had trouble allowing herself to fully accept certain aspects of herself.

Barbara declined saying, "Sorry, I have to finish testing this hopeful upgrade to my work then deliver Newty his new dolls."

"You could bring Newton. We all adore him, he is such a sweet young man." Tabitha advised.

"You know him around groups. Especially groups of women. He would be balled up in his room for days. Thank you though." Barbara replied.

"OK, you know where we'll be if you change your mind." Ms. Carr said. Barbara watched her leave the room.

"Oh my dear Newton, why did you have to be so correct about almost everything?" Dr, White glanced up to the ceiling like her long lost love could hear her.

She heard something. Like a struggling mouse. Then she noticed her finger tip was damp. She was startled to find she was molesting the small woman's vagina. Stroking the pad of her finger along it rather roughly. The stimulation was making the woman's sensitive area damp. Lucky for her little friend her device made her rather resilient. The devices reduced the target's mass while using some to make the target more resilient to physical damage. A proportional act to a normal person might cause bodily harm would be just painful to them. Which was good since if say one was dropped while being carried it would bounce harmed but not injured while if a human fell from the proportional height would shatter their body.

Unlucky Barbara couldn't get herself to stop grinding the pad of her finger firmly along the slit. She could feel the little short hair cutie struggling to escape but she held her with ease. The sound that drew her attention was the woman's struggles. Not just to escape but resist the stimulation. She was failing if the dampness on Barbara's finger tip was to go by.

Barbara looked at her office door. Likely the staff was leaving to celebrate. They would be rich. Their benefactor was happily paying them overly well for her work to be completed and improved upon. This field test would get them all a big bonus. If they were going to Stacy's no one would interrupt her now.

Barbara grabbed the struggling pretty blonde. It screamed, begging frantically, "Please ma'am don't hurt me." Barbara hated being called ma'am, she wasn't ma'am aged yet.

She gripped the helpless little thing in her off hand and simply pulled the skirt and their attached shorts off the living doll. She used the fingers in her holding hand to spread those lovely legs apart. She wondered if her Newty would do such things once this pretty mini woman was his. With its womanhood exposed Barbara gleefully slammed her finger tip into it. Then quickly worked her finger in and out of the stretched little cunt.

Barbara laughed excitedly as the little tart moaned loudly. It squirmed and wiggled in her grip but didn't have the strength to escape her giantess grip. She let the legs go and they waved and kicked about as she viciously rammed her finger in and out of this living toy. Yes, Newty would delight in playing with these beauties. He could come out of his shell and have his way with them. And unless he did something extreme they would endure it and recoil to their pre play shape. And to Barbara's gleeful discovery, even enjoy it in some.

Barbara's breaths were heaving her breaths. The physical activity wasn't hindering her breathing. No, this toying with a helpless pretty toy sized woman was arousing her heavily. And as roughly as she was violating the young plaything, Barbara could feel her sexual fluids gushing to lubricate Barbara's giant finger. Then suddenly her son's future toy arched and bellowed in climax. It was almost cute how it struggled to resist just to fail so hard.

Barbara rolled the panting thing back into the box. The others looked at their molested companion fearfully. This delighted Barbara. She held her hand over the other five waving her fingers at them like some cartoon witch selecting a victim. With a snap of her wrist she pulled one from the pile. Pig-tails, her dear husband used to love when she would wear those for him. She loved doing that for him. When he was taken she didn't see the need for long hair any longer. This one's pigtails were now an attack on who she was now.

It begged and whimpered as she folded the little tart over her index finger. Holding its torso held with her fingers while her thumb hooked those long legs. She pulled the skirt down. She paused, wondering if the thrill of the power she had over these helpless little ladies was overly exciting her. Barbara giggled as she thought, so what.

"Oh god no!" Her new toy screamed as Barbara poked at its exposed anus with her still pussy wet finger. "No please! No please! No please!" accompanied each rotation of her finger as she was at least kind enough not to plunge straight in. "OHHHH!" howled her puppet when she did insert her finger deep into its tight ass. It barked a sound of discomfort with each inward poking motion. It squirmed and struggled but was easily overpowered by just one of Barbara's hands.

Barbara couldn't resist taunting the grunting pretty, "Tight little ass you have there. Don't worry, your new form will recoil right back to how it was before I started poking your intestines. Which is good, because likely my Newty will want to ram things up that ass too." The pigtailed pretty only grunted in discomfort as a reply. So ungrateful to be part of a great scientific discovery.

Barbara was honestly surprised when the little woman boomed in climax. She knew that it was possible for anal sex. She just figured the girth and force would have overridden any pleasure the toy would feel. She dropped it in the box and used some hand sanitizer and a tissue to clean her finger off.

As she cleaned her finger she scanned the four remaining beauties. They hugged each other in total terror of her. The two she violated were laying about like broken dolls. Moaning while massaging at their stretched inputs. Even now Barbara could see their bodies slowly morphing those widened holes shrinking back to how they were before she got a hold of them. Newty was going to have fun for hours with these six.

Barbara was drunk with the power of being a titaness to these pitiful pretty little mortals. She selected her next plaything and her fingers overpowered the gathered trembling foursome and pulled that one out to enjoy. "Please don't put your finger up my bum." It begged cutely. Barbara made kissy faces at the scared beauty, but that didn't help. That might have been because Barbara was also pulling its skirt off at the same time. Too frightened it didn't even resist.

Barbara wrapped both hands about that lovely golden topped form. Thumbs each picked a leg and rotated them up and apart. This pigtailed thing clearly wasn't expecting her new flexibility. Barbara licked her lips. With the other twin tailed beauty she felt rage, this one she was feeling more thirsty.

She popped the groin into her mouth and pinned the legs spread up and wide with her full lips. "Please don't eat me." It begged. Clearly not realizing how hard on Barbara's stomach her new dense form would be. "Oh!" It cutely gasped when Barbara slapped her tongue tip against its spread pussy. So Barbara began licking firmly against that tart's stretched cunt to hear what sounds it would sing. Oh the little song bird sang all kinds of delightful sounds for her giantess master. Moans and gasps. Hums and purrs. Soon its slit was making Barbara's titaness tongue damp.

It popped in climax, but since Barbara wasn't stretching anything out of proportion she didn't feel the need to quit just yet. She tilted her head back and let gravity help hold the savory treat in place. Newty's new toys were making Barbara aroused like she hadn't been in years.

She needed more. There were three more cowering pretty dolls. She opened the top of her blouse to expose her chest. Her hand reached and they screamed like little horror movie bimbos. She wrapped her fingers slowly around a long haired short slender thing. Why did so many have playful pigtails? She raised it and began to strip it of its coverings. Examining the fear filled plaything. Lovely, if young, little thing. Barbara briefly wondered if the parameters of her requested samples had been ignored. She shrugged, that's what she got for using shifty agents to collect want to be models. Even if she was a young sample Newty was a healthy young man he deserved variety in his pet range.

The trembling thing was naked, Barbara hooked a finger under her lace bra cup and slowly lowered the tiny pretty down between that cup and her nipple. Once she had the scared toy's little breasts nuzzled against her alert nipple she released it and allowed the cup to go. Barbara sighed, its fast breathing was stroking those firm little bumps against her sensitive aroused nipple. Not enough for her though. Barbara gave a soft slap against the bra cup. That made the trapped little tart squirm wildly. Making her hum greedily about the orally dangled treat.

Barbara loved the sensations being generated. And she had another unattended nipple and two waiting dolls. She noticed another had pigtails. One was shaded red while the other blue. Another variation from her parameters. She grabbed that variant. Younger then requested as well Barbara thought, she hoped the man running the fake modeling offer was the male sample dissected.

As she slipped the clothes off Barbara wondered again if any of the female samples had even asked why their clothes were only held on with elastic bands. Skirt, top, and bra were just stretched over their body. Even the shoe's laces were just for show. She pulled her other bra cup away from her breast and dangled the small thing over the space.

"Please ma'am, don't crush me in there." It pleaded. Barbara just dropped her in anyway. It clearly didn't know not to call her ma'am. Or the fact her new little body would easily resist the pressure of her double D breast would press against her. Mostly this little tart had no idea how the power rush intoxicated Barbara. How its helpless wiggling stimulated her alert nipple.

Barbara was at an aroused peak, yet she could have more. She stood over the last unused little tart. Barbara unhooked her skirt and carefully stepped out of it and folded it in half and laid it on the edge of her desk. She hooked her pantyhose and carefully slipped them off and added them upon the skirt.

Barbara's fingers stroked along her vagina as she looked over the last tiny doll. It had a rather shapely body. Appealing so for Barbara's plans. She grabbed it and gleefully started pulling clothes off its squirming body. Tossing them away like rice at a wedding.

Barbara sat down ready to play with the last living sample. "What are you doing?" The tart whined as Barbara lowered it towards her moist vagina. "Oh eww." It whimpered as Barbara pressed its tits between her labra. Barbara's womanhood sang deeply as she stroked those firm mounds along. She felt herself becoming more aroused.

Barbara could have more though and the blond doll couldn't hope to resist. Barbara aimed its pretty little blonde head towards her entrance and as she started slipping it inside herself the tart screamed, "Oh god no!"

Barbara's head leaned back. Her tongue tickled the moaning toy in her mouth. One of her hands cupped over her breasts and massaged it making the trap young tart squirm even more. Her other hand pumped the curvy wiggling tramp in and out of her own sexuality. The sensations were intoxicating. Barbara savored this pleasure Sunday. The cherry and sprinkles on that delicious Sunday was the rush of power coming from tormenting four young want to be models. She was like a goddess to these pretty living dolls.

Barbara sucked deeply on her mouth toy. Her fingers targeted to push the chest of the bra trapped toy firmer against her nipple. Her hand quickened the working of the doll in her vagina. Barbara wanted to taunt them for their new helplessness but didn't want to free the one in her lips. She wanted to crush the other young colored haired blonde plaything against her other breast. There was no way she was going to stop pumping that writhing shapely body deep inside herself. No, she was going to happily drown in pleasure.

Barbara's legs shot out and slammed against the inside of the desk. Her body arched harder than she had in years. The climax was unlike anything she had felt in years. Her body trembled hard as she rode that intense powerful burst of pleasure.

Barbara grabbed the one in her mouth and dumped its tired limp body into the box. She slipped the defeated soaked beauty from herself and slopped it in the box as well. She scooped both the smaller bodies from her bra cups and placed them in. She snorted in amusement at the six's pathic states. She would have to clean them and their revealing clothes before gifting them to her sweet Newty. She reached over and closed the lid trapping them till she could get them home to clean them.

Barbara rested to regain her strength after her sexual fun. She smiled, playing horny giantess with those pretty young beauties was great fun. She was certain Newty would enjoy them. She hoped playing naughty giant would get him out of his shell. She sighed noting she had to redress and get headed home.

Later Barbara was walking to Newty's room. Lisa Marou, Newty’s current personal teacher, stopped her. "He had a great day. He is working on building something with his Lego collection right now."

Barbara asked, "How are his lessons going?"

Miss. Marou smiled, "He's brilliant. Honestly he's nearly beyond what I can teach him."

"Good, well. I hope you have a good night." She told Newty's current tutor.

"Night Dr. White." The young educator said walking away. Barbara noted the mousy woman was attractive in an adorable way. Newty was extremely fond of that woman, it was going to be a shame when he needed a more knowledgeable teacher.

"Newty, hey baby how are you?" She asked as she looked over the complex building he was making with his plastic blocks. Even at his age he still loved constructing with them.

"Mommy. Come look at this, If I assemble this right it should be strong enough to hold up a cinder block." He excitedly explained seemingly adding blocks at random.

"I have a gift for you my dear." She told him.

"Oh mommy. You didn't have to do that. I already have so much stuff. Oh wait, is it hamsters for that big cage you brought me?" He was such a good boy. So selfless.

He trotted over adorably. Barbara pulled a white box from behind her back. "Thank you mommy." He honestly said despite not knowing what was waiting for him inside. He carefully opened the box and his lovely brown eyes went wide. "Really, their for me?" He asked as his eyes darted about looking at the trapped pretty dolls cowering inside.

"All yours, that's why I had that cage assembled for you." She said happily.

"All five are so pretty." He gasped.

"Yes, and if you stay a good boy I'll get you more sometime." She advised, loving how delighted he was.

"Oh really." He gasped. He looked at her and asked, "What kind of girls?"

Barbara laughed at her boy. "What kind would you like?" She asked before kissing his cheek.

"Can I get some Asian ones next?" Surprised her. She hadn't discovered any of his searches that included Asians.

"If you are a good boy, you’ll get some Asian pretties for your cage too." She agreed. Asian's would be easier. Her benefactor had talked to her about that type of pet. He had access to a supply.

Newty offered, "Cool, did you want to watch them help me build my building."

"Oh sorry my sweet, but I have something I need to do in my room before supper. But after supper maybe we could play that racing game together." She gleefully offered.

"You bet mommy." He gasped. "Thanks again." He said, indicating the trapped blonde mini girls in the box.

"You're welcome." She sighed.

Barbara watched her boy wander over to his construction. He was so immature for his age. Sweet like a little boy while old enough he should be thinking about his future. His social and emotional limitations made it impossible for him to attend school with peers. She hoped having young women under his control would help her Newty become a young man. And if worse comes to worse he would at least have fun with them.

Barbara walked to her room. As she approached she noticed her walk was becoming exaggerated. Like she would when she was coming to be frisky with her late husband. She had plans in her bedroom, naughty plans. She stepped in and closed the door. She strutted up to a new cage with many little rooms inside it. "Hmm, mommy is going to have some fun." She told the cage as she started unbuttoning her blouse.

Barbara broke out into full evil queen laughter when the lone pretty blonde tart begged, "Please ma'am don't rape me again." Barbara loved the power rush she got from her new sexual toy. Yes, she was going to enjoy playing giantess again before supper.

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CH 02: White Labs

Post by HHunter1 » Thu Sep 21, 2023 2:26 pm

Spurts and bursts of inspiration is all I'm getting lately. Hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think.


Chapter 02: Night Thoughts

Doctor Barbara White was sitting in her home office remotely looking over the results of her simulation. Everything was perfect according to the computers. She sent a request to her small engineering team to assemble a new power supply for her device using her proposed specs. This would make the device smaller therefore easier to move and use.

Barbara leaned back in her high backed leather desk chair. She was having a wonderful day. The initial biopsy reports on the organs and tissue samples taken from the dissected field samples were better than projected results. She had fun playing that cartoony racing game with her sweet boy Newton. Not to mention a new fun diversion she discovered using some of the collected field samples she kept for herself. Yes, today was good.

She shut off her computer and playfully circled her chair before gracefully leaping out of it as it still spun. Walking lightly on her toes she strutted with pride. Barbara walked to her Newty's room to check on him before going to bed. The light from his room still glowed out into the hall. That was a little unusual but he had dozed off working on some project or watching some silly show before.

Barbara stopped as she was approaching her son's door. She could hear him. He was making happy sounds. There was a strange delight she had never heard from him before. There was another sound, like a mouse caught in a trap. Something told her not to but she had to peek.

There on his bed was Newty. A glee filled cruel smile on his sweet face. He was laying on his back naked. His penis was standing up straight and hard between his legs. Wrapping themselves to the sides of his erection were two of the samples she gifted her sheltered little boy. The two scared little blonde tarts were grinding themselves to his base. Barbara couldn't see their faces but she was certain they were terrified.

To Newty's side on his nightstand were the two young tramps. He had them restrained to multicolored Lego walls. Their arms spread wide while he was sweet enough to give their feet platforms to stand upon while they watched Barbara's little boy play with the other yellow haired tiny bimbos.

But it was the way Newty was playing with the fifth living toy that gave Barbara a twisted feeling of pride. He was holding the shapely one face down over the tip of his penis with one hand. With his other hand he was quickly ramming his finger in and out of her stretchy little cunt. It arched and grunted with each hard poke rolling her curves to his domed tip. He was clearly enjoying how that felt.

Barbara was so proud of her Newty. She worried he'd start treating those little tramps like friends. No, he knew exactly what to do with them. He knew to lord over them. To force them to pleasure him. To play with them like the living dolls they were. He was a powerful giant to them and he would have his way with them at his leisure.

Barbara turned away feeling a little worried. She shook her head as she questioned if she had just started to get aroused watching her own son pleasure himself with his new bitch pets. No, that wasn't it. Well not exactly. No, it was the dominance of the little pretty playthings that started getting her going. The longing to tower and lord over some helpless little tart. Barbara smiled and headed to her room. She could scratch that power rush itch there. She got into her room and started stripping off her clothes.

"Please ma'am turn me back and let me go. I didn't do anything wrong." the blonde treat whimpered from its cage. Barbara snarled at it for calling her ma'am. Then laughed as it stepped back fearfully. She didn't speak to it as she got naked. Why would she, she never spoke to any of her other sex toys.

Barbara childishly leaped into the air. Rolling to land on her back she bounced on her bed. She popped a door on the cage and reached after the pretty blonde sex figure. Then laughed joyfully as the little simple thing attempted to run from her grip. She wrapped fingers around its naked body. She hummed happily as it squirmed. She held it for a second just savoring its helpless writhing. Then brought it out to enjoy.

Barbara looked at it. So young and pretty. The type of young woman that was starting to make her worry her age was ruining her appeal. What a foolish thought she chided herself. She hadn't even had an interest in exploring any romantic or even cranial interaction since her wonderful husband had been taken from her. Now she was going to whimper if she was still as pretty over some five inch tramp.

Looking at the squirming thing did make her feel a little guilty. Not for shrinking it. Nor was she feeling that way by the endless begging prattle it was spewing out. She hardly even heard that as words at the moment. Just sounds, helpless sounds declaring her status as a powerful giantess. No, this plaything was supposed to be Newty's. Barbara could resist keeping just one for herself. She almost needed to have one for her own diversions. She forgave herself with the reminder that she had plans to get Newty a whole menagerie of pretty little tarts of many shades.

That minor crisis passed Barbara moved the squirming tart to above her chest. Aimed for between her breasts Barbara released a cruel laugh as she let the little doll go. It screamed and hit the side of her breast. Barbara gleefully watched it tumble and bounce between her two mounds. It fell just where she wanted it. Deep between her sizable endowments.

Barbara allowed the little woman to stagger to its feet. It looked up at its better and started another foolish, "Why are you doing this." speech. Barbara laughed playfully as she crushed the thing between her breasts. She let it go to watch it fall on its face and stagger again to its feet. As it was just gaining its footing she sandwiched it again. Delighted at her easy dominance over the thing.

Free the pretty toy begged, "Please stop. It's hard to." Barbara missed that last word when she pinned it tightly between her breasts again. This time she held them tight together, Glad those double D mounds were doing something then drawing some guy's leering eyes. She could feel the blonde tart trapped in her deep cleavage. It was struggling between her firm fleshy mounds. Likely fighting to escape so it could breathe. Barbara laughed again. Cackled really. She would teach this little tramp that everything she wanted or needed the giantess Barbara could easily take away. Even air.

Barbara played with her nipples as she savored the weakening struggles pinned between her mounds. The slow sink of the helpless thing. The desperate need for air she was taking away simply by pressing her arms firmly against the sides of her breasts. Yes Barbara simply loved playing cruel giantesses.

Her mind wandered. So Newty wanted little Asian pretties next she thought. His father would have enjoyed those too. Barbara felt that pain and joy at remembering the one man in her life. Sure nervous little bundle Newton White was a strange pick for cheer captain Barbara Goodspeed. She had every supposed hunk and sports star basically begging for a date and there she was throwing herself at the guy too shy for the chess team. But Barbara always leaned towards the unique fellows. While other girls were crushing on Zach and Slather she was dreaming of Screech.

Her Newton would have loved the results of her work. They would have had great fun playing with them. He would have them have grand adventures on her body. She would have gotten strangely jealous when they got to cause him pleasure. Their bed would be a battle field of spent tiny tarts scattered about them as they loved each other like titans above them.

Barbara shook that impossible dream from her mind and said in mild amusement, "Oh right." She released her breasts and the trapped mini blonde fell and flopped over onto its back. It gasped hard and deep for the air Barbara was kind enough to allow it to have. Barbara was happy, she thought she smothered that tramp while she was daydreaming. She couldn't steal another pet from her sweet Newty. She was already feeling bad for not giving him this one.

She grabbed the still panting toy and flipped it. Pressing its little tits to her alert nipple. Then sighing deeply as she circled it against her sensitive point. Barbara loved feeling its tits and lovely face nuzzling her nipple. The helpless squirming in failing to avoid her doing that to it. Barbara laughed mockingly at her tiny tramp. How did it think its miniature form could escape the grip of this giantess?
Barbara switched hands and allowed her other nipple to savor the chest and face of her toy. She wanted another. One for each hand. No, she wanted a gathering of doll sized tarts. Rain them down over her breasts. Make them massage her nipples with their fit bodies or face painful retribution from this giantess. With their new density she could do quite painful things to them and not cause any permanent damage. Oh and she would. Squeezing, pinning, twisting, biting pain till they learned their place as her living toys.

Barbara ignored the little doll's whimpering sounds as she adjusted her grip. The tits and face wasn't enough. She wanted something more encasing. Oh those scared rambling sounds it used as Barbara pressed its tight little cunt to her nipple and began rolling it tightly against it. Firmer and firmer Barbara rolled it. Feeling the lips on that little pussy stretching to almost suck her nipple in with each pass. The closer it got the more the tart pleaded and the more Barbara wanted to hear it squeal.

Oh it squealed so perfectly. Barbara felt the upper ridge of her nipple slip into that tight hole and she used her titan strength to pop it in deep. The little pretty moaned like a wounded animal with each roll of Barbara's hand. From the sounds it didn't enjoy Barbara's play so she chalked the fact its tight little pussy was getting wet to some sort of defensive reaction.

It might not have been enjoying her play but Barbara was savoring every nipple pinching moment. Barbara stopped rolling and just started patting her fingers up and down. The little bimbo’s hips were perfect for bouncing it along her nipple. That stroking tight miniature pussy along it. It grunted hard with each pat. Amusing to Barbara was that fact the little woman was starting to sound aroused despite its discomfort. She listened to it. Delighted in its gasping sounds. And just as it sounded like the little tramp was going to climax Barbara just popped it off her stiff nipple.

Barbara giggled like a little girl as she rushed the little blonde plaything towards her own hungry womanhood. It might not be as dull witted as Barbara first thought as it begged frantically, “Please don’t put me in you.” Barbara plated it face first into her aroused libra and it immediately started squirming. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Came from her as Barbara forced the writhing miniature woman inside her sensitive tunnel. With little effort Barbara buried the fighting blonde lovely deep inside.

Barbara’s legs snap shut to confine her plaything in her womanhood. She arches up on her toes as the bimbo just keeps fighting. Writhing, wiggling, and squirming inside Barbara’s longing womanhood. This felt so good. Her hips popped to pump her blonde treat deeper inside herself. Contained and pressed tight the bimbo wonderfully just kept struggling.

Barbara hadn’t felt something so mind numbing pleasurable since her husband. Even the earlier play at the office wasn’t this wonderful. Her finger tip rolled her clitoris triggering breathless loud moaning. Now she was writhing. Arching, rolling, hips thrusting, and roaring out in lustful delight. Her hand wrapped her breast and she was flopping in uncontrolled passion.

Her body constricted hard around the panicking living being inside her when she climaxed. Pinning it so tight it was no longer moving. Barbara was arched on her shoulders and her toes. Her mouth was wide in a silent scream of passion. Her whole body rumbled with lustful electricity.

The pleasure burst passed and Barbara collapsed on her bed panting. She hadn’t had a reaction like that since the last time she had gotten to make love to her Newton. She just savored the afterglow. Made better as the blonde bimbo inside her womanhood started wiggling again. She was glad her climax hadn’t crushed it to death. She was certain Newty would get more miniature women as she wanted more options for this type of pleasure.

Barbara reached deep inside herself and pulled the tart from herself. It was obviously exhausted from the short sexual confinement. She stood and walked to her bathroom. Cold water on, she gleefully pushed the little blonde doll into the frigid water. It came alive with a loud yelp. Every time it tried to escape the cold water Barbara took joy in pushing it back under the chilly flow.

Tired, Barbara shutoff the water and grabbed the little blonde woman in a face cloth. She walked and shoved it inside it’s cage and dropped it on the bed inside. She petted its cold wet hair out of its shivering face saying, “Better rest up my little blonde vibrator. I am rather randy when I get up in the morning.” She locked the cage to get ready for bed. Ready to dream about more pretty little sex toys.

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Re: White Labs

Post by DocRick » Fri Sep 22, 2023 1:49 pm

You have a very nice style of writing. The story flows smoothly, just the right mixture of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Not overly descriptive like the AI stuff with its monotonous and excessive droning on with its repetitive fluff. The story is an easy and enjoyable read, placing the reader in the place of the main character. Kudos.

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Re: White Labs

Post by HHunter1 » Fri Sep 22, 2023 2:12 pm

Well thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I do try to be an easy read. I aim to have my descriptions clear and easy to understand. Though I do worry that at times I might be rushing through them. It nice knowing at least in this chapter I didn't do that.


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