Escaped teenage size changer.

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

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Escaped teenage size changer.

Post by MasterBlaster » Wed Feb 14, 2024 10:39 pm

Part 1

16 year old Jester stepped through a portal and into a dirty alley. He didn't have much time before he would have to close it. Quickly he checked for cameras and witnesses. Not finding any he pointed his arm at a dumpster and willed all the trash inside to shrink into nothing and it vanished, though he started feeling a little hot.

"Wow all the way to nothing? OK, first test successful"

He then tried to visualize it coming back, but there was nothing to enlarge. He focused on the dumpster itself, making half the size and growing it back to it's original size. Then he doubled the size and returned it to normal without any deformities.

"Shit finally. OK now to make sure I'm not stuck here"

He opened another portal. The heat from the lava filled world blasted out at him. It wasn't ideal, but it was the quickest place he knew how to access. Quickly he closed both portals and fell to his knees and started crying.

"I've done it. I've fucking done it! I'M FREE!"

He took out a piece of chalk and drew a sigal on the floor. He then drew a similar one on a piece of paper he took from his pocket while mumbling a chant. The chalk vanished and the piece of paper turned black which he put in his wallet. It was a rush job, but it would let him know if anyone tried to follow him. It also marked a point he could return to quickly.

"Fuck you and your rules Magistrate. Let see you follow me to a world outside your network without stumbling out into space. Hah".

Jester is a size changer, and he's not the only one. He came from a reality full of size changers, many of which like to visit other worlds and shrink people to sell as pets, or even create giants just to fuck with the place. Still there were rules, like not killing other size changers. Only older and powerful size changers could shrink other size changers. Even magic from another world was completely useless against an experienced size changer. Normally on his world you couldn't affect anything unless you owned it, and even then there were restrictions, but nobody ever thought to safeguard the air until Jester expanded the air in his bullies lungs and popped him all over the hallway. It was self defense really, but they didn't see it that way.

At first Jester submitted to the legal system. He was a minor after all, and it wasn't premeditated. Jester was being beaten and acted out of panic. Problem was, nobody had ever done this to another size changer and they wanted to make an example of him. He lost the case and rather than a 10 year stay in juvenile or a normal prison, for having the audacity to plead self defense he was sentenced to life at 1/100 his normal size in a national prison without appeal. Not many survived even 10 years in that kind of place. Well he wasn't going to stand for that.

See one of the reasons he was bullied was he liked to study magic from other worlds, which size changers thought was useless. Thing is, portals opened by that magic are harder to track than using official portals which you needed a permit for. By the time they came back to his cell to shrink him and drag him to prison he had already portaled home for a change of clothes and portal hopped to several places in other worlds he'd visited on vacation before to make tracking him harder. He then spent several hours opening portal to places outside the known network of worlds, which was very risky as you could get stranded in a world as helpless as a normal human if the rules of physics were too different. Not every reality allowed for size changing powers or his style of magic and he would need both. He almost got sucked into space twice and even had to dodge a dinosaur.

"Ok let's see where we ended up at Jester."

He checked another dumpster in an alley looking for mail. He pulled out some discarded magazines and flipped through them trying to learn about this world. Then looked at the mailing address.

"New York? Huh, I guess the USA exists here. Wonder how many states they have. At least they speak English here"

"Hey you fancy pants weirdo, that's my dumpster. Get your grubby mitts off and find your own"

An old angry bum shuffled towards him. Kevin was wearing a purple top hat, gloves, and suit. This was rather bland on his home world, but he guessed things were different here and he'd have to work on blending in.

"Pretty sure trash doesn't belong to anyone old man. Nobody will miss anything I take, kinda like you"

"I'll cut you"

The old man brandished a knife as Jester just smiled cruelly. He willed the man to shrink and found it was a little harder without pointing his arm at him. He fished the naked man out of his clothes and smiled at him.

"I'm sorry I didn't hear that. You were going to do what to me?"

"De... Demon. DE-"

The words were cut off as Jester squeezed. He let the man suffer for a second before increasing the pressure to crush his rib cage and kill him.

"No, I got enough of that from my own people. Not gonna take it from you"

He then dropped the remains and shrank them away to nothing as well as the dirt and gore on his hands. Normally there was a limit to how small a size changer could make something, and it was a lot easier to do so. Even so this just meant the rules of physics were different enough to scare off anyone wanting to portal after him. He still planned to find other worlds he could escape to, or just visit, but that's for later. He went through the mans belonging but found nothing of value so those too shrank to nothing. Jester then started walking the streets looking for a change of clothes and something to eat.

Normally when visiting other worlds people bent over backwards to appease size changers, letting them do and take what they wanted as long as they stayed within a reasonable set of rules. This wasn't a planet that knew about size changers though and if he got killed here nobody would be coming to punish this planet. He didn't even know what kind of money they used here. He briefly thought about just making himself a giant, but didn't know what kind of weapons or poisons they might employ. He had to be smart. He casually walked into a convenience store and grabbed some supplies before going to a corner or the store not covered by the camera and quickly portaled back to the alley.

"This is gonna get old fast. I need a better home base. At least they got powdered donuts here. Love those things."

Jester decided to walk around. It was getting late and he needed a place to stay for the night. He walked with the crowd taking in the city until he came across exactly what he was looking for, a hotel. It was reasonably clean, but not fancy, the kind of place an average couple would splurge to stay at and didn't have too much security. Just in case Jester cast a temporary illusion spell copying an old man he saw in the street, for any cameras he might miss. He waited in the lobby until he saw an attractive couple and followed them to the elevators.

"Hold. Hold the elevator please. Oh yes thank you young lady."

An attractive white woman of 5'8 with shoulder length black hair held the door open button. She had to be about 25 while the man she was with rolled his eyes at the delay. He was closer to 30 and at 6'1 looked like the kind of guy women lusted after.

"What floor"

"Oh, well, let me see"

He glanced at the elevator panel and saw the fifth floor lit up

"Five? Yes the fifth floor. Sorry dear I'm a little slower than I use to be"

"I wouldn't have guessed it" the man said sarcastically.

"Oh hush" said the woman

Jester saw the matching wedding rings on their fingers.

"Have you two been married long?"

"Oh, just one year. We're here on our anniversary. Are you married sir?" said the woman

"Not at the moment. Life hasn't turned out as I hoped" He admitted in a moment of honesty.

"Right, well this is our floor. Come on Jessica" the man said grabbing her hand and rushing her out the elevator.

Jester didn't appreciate the mans attitude, which was going to make this next part all the better. Casually he walked out the elevator and held up a card that was disguised as a hotel key card. He acted like he was checking the numbers on all the rooms and not following the couple to see where they were going. They fumbled with the card door a bit so he was able to catch up just as they entered the door on room 216. He glanced inside to get a mental image for his portal and then turned to enter the stair way to be out of view from the camera, but instead of entering the stair way he walked into a portal that led into the couples room.

"You? What do you think you're"

The mans voice cut off as Jester cast a spell of silence on the couple and dropped his illusion. The man clearly didn't appreciate the situation as this just seemed to anger him and he started towards Jester, only to suddenly shrink to the size of a doll. He then shrunk Jessica as she was doing her invisible scream, but not her clothes

"I'm sorry doll man, what were you saying? Oh silly me I left the spell of silence on you. Let me fix that"

Jester snapped his fingers and heard sound from the man, but couldn't understand what he was saying other than he was clearly cursing as he walked up to Jester and kicked his shoes.

"OK that's rude"

Jester picked up the doll man and gave him a squeeze calling him to cry out in pain. At the sound Jessica took a break from her screaming to call out for her husband

"No, what are you doing to Bruce?! Please leave him alone. No don't touch me!" she screamed as he plucked her from her fallen clothes.

Jester sat on the bed holding his prizes.

"I don't think you two appreciate the situation. Now Jessica and Bruce, I'm new around here so I'm going to ask you some questions. If you answer and you're nice, you both might live to old age, but if you piss me off"

He gave them both a squeeze to illustrate his point

"OK, stop you bastard, just leave her alone"

Jester gave Bruce another squeeze

"I don't think you understand your situation"


"Oh, saved by the wifey. How touching."

Jester spent the next hour asking them about this world. He learned he was indeed in the US, it had 51 states, money was green, denominations went up to 1000, but small stores only took 20s and smaller, how debit and credit cards worked, what the couples pin numbers were, the fact the couple had this room for another three days, and what smart phones where. Playing with Jessica's smart phone he found it was more primitive than the IBM personal data pads they had in his home world, but it was easier to use and this candy crush thing was rather cool. Amusements would have to wait for later though as there were things to do still. He took Bruce's phone and wallet, returning the items to normal size for now and looked at the shrunken couple on the bed.

"All right you two are going to be my pets. Your old lives are over"

"We aren't pets we're human beings! You can't do this to us!"


Jester flicked Bruce in the chest causing him to roll back end over end several times

"Oh my god! Bruce! Oh no"

"You'll do nothing. Now I can kill you right now and just keep the wife, or you can live. Your choice"

The little man cleared his head, clutching his test as his wife ran over to wrap her arms around her. His eyes burned with hatred, but he was starting to realize there was nothing he could do.

"That's better. Now strip little man. Pets don't need clothes"

"What, I'm not going to"

Juster flicked him in the head knocking him over. Jester wondered if he accidentally killed the little man, but as he saw his chest moving he figured he just knocked him out.

"Please, please stop. Stop hurting him." Jessica sobbed

"Well that depends on you being a good little pet. Understand? Nod your head if you understand"

Jessica nodded her head without looking at him. She was still sobbing and holding her husband's head in her lap. Kevin grabbed the naked woman who was too distraught to resist. His left index finger intentionally going under her ample breasts to press against his thumb.

"Now lets get a good look at you. Please me and I won't smear him into the carpet"

Jessica nodded her head as he laid her in his left hand and explored her body with his right. Now that he took the time to appreciate her he could admire her perfect hour glass figure with ample D breasts, a thin waist, and solid hips. He pinched her thighs to feel her firm leg muscles and calves while she turned away her head and tried not to look at him. He felt the smooth souls of her feet and admired her perfectly black painted toe nails.

"You certainly take care of yourself, though that will be a little harder now. I'm going to enjoy keeping you as my pet"

He put her on the bed and started to undress.

"Please no. I don't want to be a pet. What? Why are you doing that? Oh my god! No! I beg of you!"

She looked at his naked form. Any confusion she had evaporated as she stared at his erect cock. To her it was a massive monster. She didn't even try to run as he hand came down and grabbed her to place her on his cock and started rubbing her across it

"Oh man, I've always wanted to do this. My parents never let me have my own human pets. You're the first of my mini harem so get use to this bitch. Oh man."

Jessica closed her eyes trying to blot out the world, but she couldn't escape the feeling of her body being roughly mashed against his meat or noes from his need of a shower. Jester slowed as he saw Bruce starting to stir. He grabbed him to reposition him on the bed

"What? Where am I? Hey what are you doing?"

Not wanting to answer Jester cast a spell to paralyze Bruce for a few seconds and aimed his cock at him.

"You're about to find out little man. Oh this is great."

The first shot splashed on Bruce who panicked as his temporary paralysis kept his mouth open and threatened to choke him to death. Jester moved Jessica to the tip as he continued to cum and she too almost choked as she tried to scream but got a mouth full of cum instead.

"Oh that was good. Better get use to this Jessica. What about you little Bruce"

The paralysis wore off and Bruce rolled over chocking.

"You, you sick little fuck."

Jester spanked his ass with a hard flick and Bruce screamed out in pain. Jessica was focused on own efforts to get air as she was trying to breath while still being held against the giant cock.

"Show more respect little pet. I'm not going to tell you again. Understand? Or should I just step on you now?"

"I understand. Sir."

Bruce said it without any effort to hide his hate for the giant, but it was a start.

"Now undress"

Bruce wanted to protest, but his wife's sobbing, the pain in his body, and ringing in his head reminded him it was useless. He undressed and angrily threw his cum soaked clothes on the bed. He got more upset when Jester shrank the clothes and cum that dibbled on the bed into nothingness, but let the cum on him remain. Jester ignored the man's bad attitude and grabbed him taking the two to the bathroom

"Right now for a shower"

He turned the cold water on in the sink and dropped in Bruce.

"Oh fuck. Fucking hell"

Jester ignored Bruce and put Jessica on the back of the toilet and took a piss.

"Can you just put me in the sink. Oh god the smell"

Jester just laughed. He then grabbed her and took a shit. Her disgust just amused him more as he fondled her. She tried to push his finger away as he rubbed his index finger between her ass cheek but it was useless and then he started forcing his pinky into her tight pussy. He thought about using her or Bruce to wipe his ass, but decided that was a bit too gross even for him and just stuck with the toilet paper.

"I feel a little wetness there. I think you like getting fingered"

"No, please no"

Despite her protest her body betrayed her. He pussy juices ran down along his finger as Bruce watched helplessly from the sink. Jester smiled as her body trembled when the orgasm overtook her. Her firm muscles rippled in his hand, all that dieting and those hours of yoga to sculpt a body that was now his toy.

"Look at you little slut. Time we get cleaned"

He turned on the shower and rubbed body wash on her ignoring her protests. Rubbing her hot body had made him horny again.

"Take care of my cock little slut"

"Oh god not again"

He rubbed her against his cock building up a nice lather in the shower, taking the time to use her to clean his balls as well. This time he fired all his cum on her body. He rinsed her off before lathering her in soap again and using her to clean his own body. He didn't really care how often she swallowed water or soap, or even if she chocked to death. He could just get another one later. When he finished and looked at her, exhausted and coughing out the soapy water she swallowed, he decided he should take minimal care of her. It might be hard to find a girl this pretty who also wasn't difficult.

"Get use to it my pet. Sorry, it's the first time I've done this. I'll be a little more careful tomorrow. Can't have you drowning on me"

Jessica just groaned in surrender. Jester then went over to the sink to turn it off and grab Bruce who was trying to stare daggers into him. He dropped the shivering couple on the bed and ordered himself some room service. Just a simple burger and fries with a coke. He told them to leave it outside the room to avoid interacting with others as much as possible.

"Next time I'll have to order a steak. Oh I didn't ask you two if you wanted anything? Well not that it matters"

"Maybe a towel. I'm cold. It's cold sir"

"Hah, sure my pet."

He got a towel from the bathroom and wrapped the couple in it like a child wrapping their action figures, which the couple was less than thrilled with. He decided to watch the news as he waited for his food. The commentators were discussing the latest statements from President Hillary Clinton when there was a knock at the door signalling the arrival of food.

"Finally" Jester said as he cast a ten second Bruce illusion to open the door and drag the food inside.

Jester took a bite of the burger. It wasn't the best he'd had but it was decent. He looked at his pets and talked with his mouth full.

"I was expecting better, but it's something. I bet you two are hungry aren't you"

The pair simply nodded. He cut a bit of the meat as well as lettuce and tomato to give to each of them. He also cut a fry to give them a few pieces. Bruce sighed and started eating and Jester couldn't tell if his shit face was because he thought the food was bad or if he was just pissed at his new lot in life. He hadn't seen the man smile the whole time. Jessica though made a face and sighed before trying to eat the tomato piece.

"Oh, what's wrong my pet. Not a fan of burgers?"

"Not really sir. I usually eat a salad or fish."

"Well for now you'll eat what I eat. Tomorrow you behave and I'll be a little more considerate. As for you Bruce take a lesson from your wife and be respectful. You both will call me Sir or Master from now on. Got it?"

"Yes sir." they both groaned.
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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 2

Post by MasterBlaster » Thu Feb 15, 2024 9:57 pm

Part 2

Jessica woke up in a panic. It was dark and the bed she layed on was soft, rough, and warm. Frantically she reached around herself searching for her husband.

"Bruce, Bruce, where are you?"

Finally a familiar hand reached out and grabbed herself.

"Bruce. Honey. What's going on?"

Bruce just sighed. He didn't want to talk about the situation that was now their life, but he felt that he couldn't avoid it. He knew she was just going to get more and more upset if he stayed silent. It was better just to lay it on her, but he still didn't want to.

"Look honey. I'm sorry, but we're trapped in this guys underwear. He shrunk us and abused us. We're sleeping on his balls right now."

"No, Oh no"

Yesterdays memories started flooding back to her. The abuse, the humiliation, and the helplessness threatened to overwhelm her.

"Honey. Calm down"


Their world shook as the giant they were on stirred shaking their whole world.

"God Dammit Jessica. Be quiet! I'm trying to find a way to get help but we need to live long enough to get it. Now shut up and play along for now!" Bruce whispered.

"You always try to shut me up like I'm some child"

"God dammit this isn't time for one of your tantrums. If you didn't act like a child I wouldn't treat you like one"

"Maybe the giant will treat me with more respect than you do."

"Fine go be his sex toy. I didn't forget that you cheated on me with Tommy. You're horny for a big dick and it doesn't get bigger than that." Bruce gestured towards the giants sleeping member.

Jessica winced.

"I'm, I'm sorry. I already apologized for that. How long are you going to hold that against me?"

"Maybe when you act like an obedient wife is supposed to I'll fucking start to let it go!" He hissed.

"So what's your plan big man?"

"We need someone to report us missing. If I can get him to take out enough cash from the ATM it should flag an alert from the bank. If he keeps at least one of our phones the cops can track him.

"Are you an idiot? What do you think is going to happen if a cop shows up to arrest him or try to question him?"

"He get shrunk, stepped on, and goes missing, and when a cop goes missing other cops show up more trigger happy than the last one. Hopefully one of them shoots him before he can do anything."

"Is that seriously your plan? Don't you realize we'd still be stuck like this? Who's going to change us back?"

"God, do you have a better plan WOMAN!!!"

"No, I guess I don't, but we might live longer as his toys than by pissing him off. We may not be better off if he's dead and we're stuck like this."

"Look lets just stay alive for now. Focus on that yeah?"

"God Bruce. Fine, fine"

Just then light entered their little cave as a giant hand came to pull them from their soft bed. It was more massive than it was yesterday. Jessica didn't remember him being so big, but then he grew her back to a bit under six inches.

"Well lets get a good look at you two. Did you sleep well my pets?"

"Yes sir. Did you make us smaller"

"Of course, you were a bit too big to fit comfortably down there together so I made you a third the size. Any bad effects Jessica?"

"I'm, I'm not sure. My head is a little fuzzy. I feel like I forgot things"

"Hmmm, interesting. I'll need to experiment more. How about you Bruce?"

"Ugh, the same. My head feels a little foggy, like things should be there that aren't"

"Could be your brains can't be below a certain size. I'll try making you half this size instead of a third. For now you need to do your morning duty."

"What do you mean? Oh, I see" said Bruce as he looked back at the large tent behind him and sighed.

"That's right. You're smarter than you look" Jester said as he slid of off his underwear.

Bruce walked down to his cock and got to work

"You too Jessica. Get to it"

Jessica made a disgusted expression before walking down and joining her husband. Jester just laid back and enjoyed the feeling of the little couple rubbing and licking his cock. He really liked the way Jessica's breasts and small body felt against his cock, much more than Bruce, but since these were the only two pets he had he wasn't going to stop the little man from contributing. After all if Bruce didn't prove useful he was going to dispose of him.

"Put more effort into it you little sluts"

The couple started working harder trying to get it over with. Eventually Jester came showering the two with his white hot goo.

"Ah yeah. That's passable. This is your daily routine pets, unless you do a poor job and I have to dispose of and replace you. Now eat my cum, as much of it as you can. I have a lot to do today. You're going to need to do a better job tomorrow if you want to eat some actual food."

Jester ordered room service again while the couple slowly ate his cum. He reached down to rub the back of Jessica who didn't seem to much appreciate his attention. Not like it mattered to him though. The food came and he moved them off his crotch and onto the bed while he got up and cast an illusion. He looked like a clothed Bruce even though he was still naked as he went to the door and brought in his egg bacon croissant and orange juice. He saw the couple look longingly at his food when he took a big bite.

"Eat your cum. If you want to be rewarded with real food you need to put more effort into convincing me"

He ignored the couple glaring at him as he finished his breakfast. He then grabbed the couple and went to take a shower. This time he used both of them and managed not to choke them with soap.

"You know little Bruce, I might get tired of that glare you keep giving me."

Jester was using the little man to clean his balls while he sucked lightly on Jessica's breasts.

"He'll come around. I'll do whatever you want if you let him live."

Jessica said it honestly, but Jester thought she wasn't as persuasive about his well being as yesterday. Friction perhaps? Well it didn't matter to him they were just pets now. He only cared about their relationship if he could use it against them.

"You'll do whatever I want period. Understand?" Jester said as he gave the little woman a light squeeze.

"Yes. Yes Master. I'm sorry. Please not so hard."

Jester smirked. He finished his shower and put the couple on the table. He then started going through Bruce's clothes looking for something to wear.

"You have terrible taste Bruce. I'll need to get some new clothes but for now this will have to do."

He adjusted the size of a pair of underwear. When it was close enough he concentrated to adjust the length and crotch area. Changing the size of an object was rather easy, but changing it unevenly or only a part of it took skill and concentration. He put on the pair, satisfied that it was close enough, and looked at the small couple. He shrank them to half the size.

"Oh crap." Bruce sighed

"What? What do you think he's going to do?" Jessica asked

Bruce knew exactly what the giant was going to do and he didn't bother answering his wife.

"You two are coming with me of course. I can't just leave you here."

He picked up the couple and dropped them in his underwear positioning them under his balls. They struggled as he did so.

"Stop squirming unless you want to get crushed"

They stopped moving and resigned themselves to their prison. Jester got a pair of jeans and a shirt adjusting them to a reasonable fit. He wasn't really good at altering clothes this way, but it would have to do. He finished getting ready and took the do not disturb sign off the door. Those sheets needed changing after all. He then opened a portal and stepped out of the hotel room and into an alley. Jester decided he was going to need some cash to get started so he used Bruce's smart phone to find an ATM from Bank of America, the couple's bank, near by. He took out the daily maximum five thousand dollars from their checking while wearing an illusion of Bruce and then went to a Capitol One ATM to take four thousand from their savings. While there was a lot more in there, and Bruce had explained to him how he could overdraw to get the most out of the ATM, Jester decided to be safe and shrank the two bank cards to nothing. He might be paranoid, but Bruce was a little too cooperative when explaining how to drain the accounts. This would be enough to get started for now.

Jester found a thrift store and bought four pants and shirts, a metal suit case, and old laptop, and a key chain. They would be good enough for now. He would pick up underwear and socks from a small store near the hotel later. After putting his purchases in the suit case he shrank it down and attached it to his new key chain and put it in his pocket. It was disappointing there weren't any attractive potential pets working there. Beauties like Jessica must not be too common here. Next stop was the library. He had to learn more about his new home and figure out how he was going to build a life here.

"Hello sir. First time in our library?"

At first glance the librarian was a pretty girl who tried to look more plain with the boring way she dressed. She had light brown skin, straight black hair, and was shorter than average. The unflattering black dress did nothing for her, but Jester could tell this woman had an excellent figure under that dress even if she was someone who took pains to hide that fact.

"Yes, I am looking for magazines and newspapers on current events. I'm doing some background for my sociology project"

"Oh, you're in college? You look rather young."

"Hah, I get that a lot. I have a youthful appearance." Jester said while flashing the librarian a brilliant smile

He felt the couple in his underwear groan but he didn't care. He had certainly become more confident and sure of himself since coming to this world. It didn't really matter what anyone else thought.

"Oh you charmer. If only you were a bit older. Anyway follow me"

She lead him to the magazine section and described the basic layout of the library. He thanked her and started with a copy of The Week. As she walked away he looked at her, admiring the figure she was trying to hide, deciding right then and there she would join the little couple on his balls. He learned that this world was a lot like most of the worlds he knew of where size changers were not present and parallel world travel either wasn't developed or was kept secret. There were the typical world powers and conflicts, world leaders he recognized, no magical or technologically advanced countries, no super heroes, and the typical suppression of alien technology and visitation. Things he did find odd were that Ralph Nader served one term as president in 2000 to 2004, there was a brief outbreak of something called Covid-19 that was quickly eradicated thanks to multinational cooperation, and the UK had actually tried and failed to leave the EU for some reason. He was annoyed that this was a reality where Gary Kindall didn't strike a deal with IBM, so all his knowledge of using IBM systems was rather useless here. He shrank a few books about computers and put them in his suit case for later making sure to shrink the magnetic tags used to prevent theft out of existence.

Next he made his way over to the metaphysical section. He tried a few books but each one was more useless than the last. Most of it was either utter crap, with the chants and symbols doing nothing to affect the flow of magic around him. Those that did anything were relatively useless attract wealth, love, or weak cleansing spells. Nothing really explained to him what was different about magic here and why his spells were harder and took more energy. Then he found a book on binding spirits as well as a Golden dawn book that were useful. He put those in his suitcase as well as he felt a stirring in his pants as one of his pets tried to get his attention. He hid in a corner, making sure to be out of view from any cameras, before reaching in and pulling out Jessica.

"What is it toy?" he whispered.

She briefly thought about screaming for help, but his tight grip told her she would hardly get a peep out.

"Ummm, we're hungry sir. Your cum didn't keep us for long. We need food. Please?"

"Good point. I could go for some lunch myself."

He put her back in his pants and left the library, checking to make sure the librarian was still there. She was at the front desk discussing something with two of her much less attractive coworkers. He put a tracking spell on her just in case she left before he got back. He found a hotdog vendor outside and ordered a hot dog. Not every world had a New York City and he'd always wanted to try one of those NYC hotdogs so that's exactly what he did. Sitting on a public bench and taking a bite he found it was everything he imagined it would be. He had to give some to his pets though, and he couldn't just undo his pants in public so instead he broke off pieces and dropped them in a portal which deposited the food near them.

"Eat up my pets"

He smiled as felt them moving and imagined them trying to get the food from his pubic hair. They did feel good down there, but he wanted to get more pets to rotate them with. He was also going to have to start feeding them better. He didn't want Jessica to loose her nice figure after all. A tug at his awareness told him the Librarian was leaving, likely her shift was over. The tracking spell told him exactly where she was which let him follow her. As soon as she turned down a deserted street he shrank her, picked her up, and quickly stepped through a portal that went back to the hotel room.

"AHHHh. What in the hell? A giant? YOU!!!"

Jester just smiled at her as the portal behind him closed. He put her on the bed and went to put up the do not disturb sign.

"You kidnapped me! You can't do that! You're going to go to jail for this, I'll see to it!"

The little librarian was so flustered she hadn't fully appreciated the situation.

"Oh, do you think they let dolls take the witness stand?"

"What? What did you do to me? Turn me back now! I demand that you undo whatever it is you just did to me! NOW!!!"

Jester just laughed and it sent a chill through the little woman's bones.

"Why would I do that? I'd rather just step on you right now than let you go to the authorities and tell them about me. You should think about that for a minute. Now why don't you get to know my other toys."

Jester reached in his pants to pull out Bruce and Jessica, doubling their size as he put them on the bed so that they were the same scale as the librarian

"Why are you naked? Are you in on this?"

"Hah, no you moron. He kidnapped us too. Welcome to your hell." said Bruce

"Stop being such a dick. Look I don't know who you are and I'm sorry this is happening to you. Lets try to survive this together" Jessica said.

"No. No this can't be real"

The little librarian was backing away from the couple as if getting to close was a horror she could not endure. Jester laughed again as he picked her up and brought her to his face.

"Oh it's real. You better accept it. You're my pet now just like those two. Now to see what you look like under these clothes"


The little woman tried to break free but her efforts were useless. He easily took off her shoes and stockings, feeling her shapely legs with his thumb and index finger.


"No you can't do this"

Jester ignored her, grabbing her legs with one hand and enlarging her dress to easily pull it off of her. He also enlarged her bra and underwear to slip them off. Finally the little woman gave up resisting and just started crying.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I want to of course. You're hot, and I'm going to use you. You're my pet now and forever."

Jester felt up her little body. She wasn't as athletic as Jessica, but he appreciated the softer feeling and she had an absolutely perfect figure. He took off his pants and sat on the bed, causing Bruce and Jessica to fall as he didn't bother to do it slowly. He started dragging the sobbing woman across his dick.

"Oh, that feels good. Oh you two think you're just gonna sit there and gawk at us? Well I can't have that. Why don't you have some fun too. Jessica lay down. Bruce fuck her while she lays there"

Jester cast spells to compel Jessica to lay on her back spreading her legs and then become paralyzed. He hit Bruce with a vitality spell and compulsion making him rock hard and unable to resist his orders.

"I'm sorry, I don't want it like this." Bruce said softly, trying to fight the command

Jessica just cried as Bruce penetrated her. She wanted to tell him to stop but her lips were frozen shut. She could only lay there while hearing the sickening sound of Jester masturbate with the crying pleading librarian. Bruce came in her just before Jester pointed his dick and came on the three of them.

"Ah that was great. Don't worry my new pet, you'll get use to this just like those two have."
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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 3

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Part 3

Turns out the librarian's name was Lucy and she was 28 years old. He confirmed this when he finally checked the ID in her purse. The little woman was rather stubborn and Jester had to flick her ass for a while just to get basic information about of her. He wondered how much of her defiance was to compensate for only being 5'3. Well she was a lot shorter now. It was going to take some time for this pet to learn her place, but that was fine, they had time. To help break her will he currently had her paralyzed while Bruce was fucking her against his will. This left him free to work on his used laptop.

"Do you know anything about VPNs Jessica?"

"Ummm No sir"

He had her sitting on his laptop so he saw her glancing back at Lucy and Bruce with a dark expression

"Oh don't blame him. He doesn't have a choice. It doesn't matter anyway, you should let go of the idea that he belongs to you or anything. I'll do what I want with you two"

"Yes sir" she said with tears running down her face.

Jester wiped away the moisture with his index finger. He wasn't going to lie to her and tell her everything was going to be OK, because from her perspective it wouldn't be. Still it would be better for everyone if she accepted her position as his pet. Using the prepaid card he got from the corner store he paid for the VPN and then connected to the dark web. He spent a few minutes browsing. Jessica decided it was better to watch the giant screen than watch her husband cheat on her, even if it was against his will she would hold it against him.

"Oh wow you really can find anything on the dark web. Well almost anything. Some of these people are messed up"

"More messed up than kidnapping people and making them pets?"

Jester just laughed.

"Oh come on, those seem to be the tame sites. Some of this, I mean, these people shouldn't exists. Jeeze. Anyway doesn't look like anyone sells shrunken people. Guess I'm going to need this digital currency to setup an account on this store. What the heck is digital currency?"

"You've never heard of bit coin, Etherium, or noodly appendage coin?"


"Look I don't really understand it myself master. Just look it up."

Jester spent several minutes getting the basics of digital currency. He setup a digital wallet and used the prepaid card to get enough for his dark web store account. He looked back at Lucy and Bruce who were laying down panting.

"OK my pets. We need to step out for a bit to get a camera and some product. Then we'll have dinner"

"You can just leave me here. How are you even going to carry all of us" asked Lucy.

Bruce sighed and stood up obediently as Jester walked over to him, shrinking him again, and put him and his wife in his underwear.

"Oh no you're not doing that me. I refuse!"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I don't remember giving you a choice."


Jester paralyzed her as he shrank her down to about two and a half inches so she could join the couple. He then made a portal to nearby alley.

"No bums when you need them. Well let's look around"

He said patting his crotch. He was going to hold off on getting more pets till he got a permanent home base. Taking three with him like this seemed to be the current limit. He bought a simple digital camera, SD card, and fabric bag from a drug store and continued on his hunt. He walked for about half an hour trying to find some homeless that weren't in view of a camera or any witnesses. He saw one woman on a public bench nobody was paying attention to. Casually he walked by, casting paralysis as he shrank her and put her in the bag with one smooth motion and continued walking. He a middle age couple looking through a dumpster in an alley with no cameras and did the same. His last catch was a young woman trying to sleep in a back alley behind an abandoned looking building. Then he portaled back to the hotel and set his pets on the bed and doubled their size so he could judge their reactions.

"All right let's see what we have to sell today"

First he took the young woman and put her on the night stand and removed the paralysis. He could tell from her eyes she was terrified.

"What? You're kidnapping more people" asked Lucy angrily

"Kidnap? Where am I? How is this happening" the young woman asked.

Jester was busy putting batteries and an SD card in the digital camera.

"Undress little woman. Lets see what I'm working with here."

"No. No. You can't do this! I'm a person"

"Oh but I can, I mean I'm doing it right now. Now undress"

The little woman refused so he picked her up and did it forcefully. Then he took her to the sink and washed her off with cold water and soap before putting her back on the nightstand.

"If you're difficult you just make it hard on yourself. What's that lump on your leg?"

"It's cancer. Whatever you're going to do with me I'm not going to be your toy for long" she said defiantly.

"Hmmmm let's see what I can about that"

Jester pointed his arms at her and focused. He used magic to identify all the things that weren't supposed to be there. Cancer, lice, a cold, and some kind of STD. He shrank all of them away to nothing, then shrank the loose skin and grew a little of the fat around the former tumor spot to smooth it out. He even removed her pimples and blemishes. When he was done a decently attractive blond remained.

"There. All cured."

"What? That's incredible? How? OW" she stopped talking as the flash from the digital camera hurt her eyes.

"If you can heal people like that, what are you using your powers so evilly? Why not help your fellow man?" Asked Lucy.

Jester just laughed as he connected the digital camera to his old laptop.

"Fellow man? I'm actually not a human, close but a different species. As for helping others, I tried that and got bullied. I defended myself from bullies and had to flee the damn planet, several planets really. So no, I'm not looking to help anyone, just myself. Not worth it. Now you, how old are you"

Jester had attached the photos to the ad and took out a ruler to measure the girl.

"22. Can you stop that?" the woman asked.

Jester ignored her and completed the ad.

"Ok 500 dollars sounds like a good start. We'll see if anyone bites."

"What? You're going to sell me. You can't sell people"

Jester just ignored her and proceeded to do the same with the other three. He washed them, healed them of their ailments, casting healing spells to close any sores if needed, took their pictures, and listed them for sale all for the low price of 500 dollars. He knew he could have charged more for the young woman and the attractive middle aged woman, but he was just starting out.

"Sir, can I ask a question?" Jessica said looking up at him.

Jester took the opportunity to pick her up and rub her breasts. He liked holding and fondling her the more he did it.

"What is it my pet"

"Well, why are you only charging 500 dollars"

"What's wrong with you people? He shouldn't be selling them at any price" Lucy fumed

Her little face was red and her eyes burned a hole through him. Jester just sighed and flicked the former librarian in the face. Bruce sat that and chuckled darkly as the woman tumbled end over end. He saw Jessica was wincing, but he needed to discipline his pets.

"I know you don't like that but she needs to learn her place. As for your question these little prizes" Jester swept his arm towards the fabric bag with the four small naked homeless people "are something new. People aren't going to believe this is for real. 500 is cheap enough that someone who's always wanted a shrunken pet will take a chance, but making them cheaper than that looks like a joke. If I make them too expensive it just looks like a scam. Once I sell these guys and people know it's real I can see what people are really willing to pay, and I'm betting it's going to be in the millions."

"You, you wouldn't sell us would you?"

"Oh, are you liking being my pet?"

"No, absolutely not. It's just, anyone else might even be worse. At least with you I'm learning what to expect. I want you to put us back to normal, but I know that's never going to happen. You wouldn't trust us to keep quiet about you right?"

"You're absolutely right my pet. If I let you go, I'd have to make sure you can't ever turn against me or tell anyone about me."

Jessica just lowered her head, hanging limply in his hand as the giant molested her. The realization her old life was gone weighing heavily on her. Of course Jester could wipe her memory with magic, but he didn't know that someone else wouldn't be able to bring those memories back. Also her absence was already going to raise suspicion. No they were his pets for the rest of their lives, however long that would be.

"Oh, looks like we got a hit. Of course the little blond went first. All right lets see if these coordinates are legit"

Jester put Jessica on the bed then got on the floor and sat cross legged closing his eyes and slowing his breathing. With a mental command he projected his astral self to the coordinates the first buyer gave him. It seemed to be a simple house with a basement. He pushed in looking for the client. There was only one person home, a fat bald man in the basement looking at his dark web page and sweating nervously. He didn't sense any magic or weapons, so he snapped back to his body and stood up.

"All right blondie, looks like you got a new home. You won't be homeless anymore."

Jester ignored any protests and stepped through a portal to his clients basement.

"Hello there"

"WHOA SHIT! How did you get in here? Who are you? I... I'll call the cops!"

"Relax friend, just delivering your purchase."

Jester held out the blond girl who was crying something about not wanting this. The man stared for a long moment with outstretched hands and seemed to slowly glide to take the precious cargo from Jester. He held the blond, mesmerized by the feeling in his hands.

"So a satisfied customer?"

"Uh. Oh yes. OMG yes. Ummm next time use the front door yeah?"

"Oh? You want people seeing naked shrunken women delivered to your doorstep?"

"Uh, good point. Shit I can't believe this is for real. Can I get more? I'll give you everything I got, it's not much but"

"Let me stop you right there. I'll send you a message when I get more inventory. What's on the store is what's on the store. I hope you'll be a loyal customer. Now it goes without saying, but you tell nobody about me, unless it's a rich bastard with a lot of money, if you every try to screw me, if you turn on me, I'll shrink you out of existence. Understand?"

A look of fear hit the sweaty man.

"Uh, yes, yes of course. Not a soul. Again thank you, I, well if you could leave now, yeah"

The fat man looked at the girl hungrily. The little blond looked back at Jester pleading with him to take her back, begging to be allowed to be a good little pet for him. Jester just bowed and stepped back through the portal and closed it. He cast an illusion on it so the client wouldn't see anything about the hotel while allowing his pets to listen in, so to him it was like Jester just vanished into thin air.

"You bastard. What is he going to do to that poor girl" Lucy yelled up at Jester.

"Oh, you want to trade places with her and be that guys pet instead?" Bruce asked cruelly.

Lucy slapped him hard enough to knock him off balance. Jester started laughing, but controlled himself enough to grab Bruce who looked like he was going to beat the woman to death.

"Chill, chill little man. Here let me fix that for you"

Jester quickly healed the red spot on the mans face, but it didn't do much to cool the anger burning in his eyes. He put Bruce on the bead and picked up Lucy who struggled and actually tried to bite him before he paralyzed her.

"It seems you still have an attitude problem little one."

Jester turned her over and flicked her ass, dropping her paralysis so he could hear her screams of pain and humiliation as he kept spanking her like a disobedient child. Then he laid her on the bed and froze her with her legs spread.

"Bruce, you might actually enjoy this. Go fuck the defiance out of that little cunt. Here's a bit of vitality to help you out"

"Yes sir"

Bruce smiled darkly as he went over and did as he was commanded. Jessica didn't like it of course so he picked her up and started massaging her body. Her ass felt great cupped in his hand while he felt her breasts.

"You're going to have to get use to this too little pet. I'm probably going to use him like this to break more future pets."

"I know master, just don't ask me to like it. At least let him fuck me more than other girls. Can I get that much?"

"Only if you're a good girl and make an effort to please me"

She looked towards his crotch and nodded her head.

"Yes Master. I can get started on that now"

"I'd love that, but you're going to have to wait a bit. It looks like I got three more deliveries to make. After that we'll have dinner and then you can work on pleasing me"
The world is a dark place.

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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 4

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Part 4

Jessica woke up and this time remembered exactly where she was. She rolled over to Bruce, putting her head in his chest, and started crying. He gently stroked her head.

"I know. I know. I'm here. You're OK" he whispered

"I'm not, I'm just a toy now, but thanks for trying. Just hold me." She whispered back

"OK beautiful. I love you."

"You're still a person. We're still people" Lucy said.

"Sshhh. You'll wake him. You need to accept your reality lady. I don't know how much of your shit he's going to put up with. You piss me off, but that doesn't mean I want to see you get stepped on or worse. I thought librarians were quiet and sweet."

"Fuck you. You can't say anything after what you did to me"

"I didn't have a choice. When he gives an order does that thing I don't have a choice, just like you didn't have a choice when you laid there with your legs open"

"There has to be something we can do. Some way to escape"

"Lady, I'm three inches tall laying on the guys ball sack using his pubes as a pillow. He can paralyze me, order me to do whatever, shrink me out of existence, or just step on me like a bug. Worse he can do the same to my wife and make me watch. In every case I'm completely helpless against him. I though we could get him to overdraw my back account and raise some suspicion, but he's wised up and is being more careful. Yesterday he made all our phones disappear when his last paranoid buyer told him about using a burner phone. Tell me what you think I can do, because I'm drawing a blank here."

Lucy's face turned red. She was fuming. She was stubborn yes, but she had never been so angry before. She got even angrier when she remembered her ass and face still hurt from him flicking her yesterday. Even her parents had never spanked her before yet here this boy had humiliated her yesterday with others watching. It's true she had been more and more defiant since the moment he shrank her, but defiance was starting to give way to hopelessness. The tears burned as they streamed down her face. She layed there crying for about an hour when her whole world shook and she was dragged out from the warmth by a giant hand along with the nauseating feeling of changing sizes.

"Good morning little pets. Busy day today. We need to find a new hotel since we only got one more day here, and I need a new identity. Looks like I need a few grand more to get someone with any kind of decent reputation and then we can get a real place. It's going to cost me about 10Gs in bitcoin and cash. Most of that is bitcoin though. Not like you three get any input."

He slid off his underwear letting his morning wood rise up.

"Now do your duty and get to work. You too Lucy"

She looked back to see Jessica and Bruce already back at his cock and getting to work. She turned to him about to protest when she saw his hand getting ready to flick her. She closed her mouth with a click and went over to join them.

"Good girl. Ah yeah there you go."

Jester laid back and enjoyed the feeling of his three pets pleasuring him. When he got close to coming he picked up Lucy to hold her against the tip.

"No what are you, blah"

Cum blasted into Lucy's mouth and he just laughed. He rubbed her tits on the tip of his cock and it felt great even as she cursed at him while Bruce and Jessica dutifully ate his cum.

"That was great. Eat your share of cum Lucy or you'll get a spanking."

Lucy just grunted and started eating his cum as well. Jester let them work for a minute before he picked them up and moved to the bathroom. He turned the water on in the sink and made it warm rather than leaving it cold. He lowered the couple into the sink and the initially backed away expecting it to be freezing cold.

"Lucy is going in the shower with me today. Is that warm enough my pets"

"Um, can you make it a little warmer Master" Bruce asked tentatively.

Jester did so.

"Is that ok for you two?"

The couple felt the water and both of the nodded

"Thank you master" they both said.

Jester then went to shower ignoring whatever Lucy was saying in his hand. He lathered her up and started rubbing her against his body. When she started cursing at him again he put a dab of soap on his finger and shoved it in her open mouth

"That's some mouth you got. I needed to clean it out. Now how about you keep it closed so you don't choke on any more soap and water yeah"

Lucy was too busy chocking and spitting out the soap so she just nodded her head as best she could. Jester took the time to appreciate how Lucy's softer body felt against his skin. In some areas Lucy felt better, like massaging his balls, and in others Jessica's firmer body and larger breasts were better especially against his dick. Lucy of course didn't appreciate being cummed on again but Jester didn't care. He was going to need more data before deciding which was better, but he supposed it was just going to depend on his mood. He was hoping that Lucy would break in faster, but he had to remind himself that Bruce and Jessica were just as defiant at first, he was just able to use them against each other. He would be patient with her, but not too patient. She bit her lip and cried as he sucked on her nice breasts.

Jester ordered a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, a quiche, and a bowl of fruit. He shared a bit of fruit and quiche with Jessica while Bruce got a piece of egg, bacon, sausage, and pancake. While Lucy wanted the same as Bruce he only gave her a piece of melon. She glared at him as she nibbled on the piece of fruit.

"Only good little pets get to make requests. You'd best remember that Lucy"

Jester ate his food and pretended not to notice when Bruce gave her a handful of his portion. She thanked him while Jessica made sigh and had an annoyed look on her face. It was clear she was jealous, but she was just going to have to get over it. Bruce was just being nice after all. Jester took clothes from his primary suitcase including a fresh pair of underwear and socks from the packs he bought from a street vendor. He packed his dirty clothes in a beat up black suit case before shrinking them both and putting them back on his keychain. He was going to need to find somewhere to properly wash them eventually. True he could shrink all the dirt and grime, but that was rather exhausting to try and do properly and he'd rather just wash them.

"All right my pets. Time to get going"

Bruce and Jessica stood up and just waited to be shrunk and put in his underwear. Lucy decided to try and run when suddenly she was paralyzed and fell flat on her face in a cartoonish pose. Jester picked her up and restored her movement

"Not sure where you think you're gonna go. I can always use magic to find you. You can't exactly leave this room on your own either."

Lucy said nothing. She simply looked down, tears in her eyes with a bloody nose and a cut on her forehead. Jester fixed her nose, but not the cut, and shrunk her down putting her in his underwear. Jester had scouted some areas to portal to last night in his astral form. He donned the look of an old woman and portaled to an empty side street with no cameras that was near a hotel offering weekly and monthly stays. He saw a pair of black hookers who had decent figures but had seen better days. Jester assumed the less attractive women worked earlier so he might check back later for some better quality product, but these would do for now. He shrank and immobilized them, putting them in his fabric bag. He also cast another spell to short out any electronic equipment just to be safe as he had learned more about tracking and the lack of privacy on this world. To anyone who happened to look it would just look like an old lady picking up some dolls she dropped on the street. He walked into the budget inn shrinking a sliver of wire connecting the security camera covering the front desk.

"Excuse me, do you still have rooms available"

"Huh? Yeah, it says vacancy outside don't it" replied a rude young man.

Jester briefly thought about shrinking him but decided he couldn't sell the guy for much and thus wouldn't be worth his trouble.

"Yes. Well I wanted to know if I could rent a room for a week for 350. Do you take cash?"

"Sure, that would be 450 with the deposit for a room with a single bed, just need to make a copy of your ID and you pay in advance"

"Oh, well I don't have an ID right now. I'm waiting on"

"Yeah don't care. Look lady if you don't got an ID that's another 250 non refundable deposit. You got the cash or not"

"Oh my, I need to go get it. I'll come back"

"Not counting on it" the man said under his breath

Jester really didn't appreciate his attitude. As he left he grew the oxygen in a single blood cell popping it and forming an air bubble in the rude mans brain. He walked out to a side street and portaled to his next location before the man started to collapse. It was harder to size change in this world than in those size changers typically visited, but Jester was quickly getting use to it. He certainly had a more fine grained control over that power here than anywhere else. He was going to have to take the time to really examine this later, but for now things to do, people to shrink and sell. The next four places advertising weekly stays were pretty much the same but at least the people at the front desk were nicer and got to live. He also managed to pick up a few more items to sell along the way. Back at his hotel he put his pets on the bed and started going through the fabric bag.

"All right guys, let's see what we got to sell"

He took out 10 people and angled them so they could see the night stand. Then he grabbed the first hooker he caught, a shapely black woman in a tight leopard print dress. He took off her wig revealing tight corn rows and undressed her. He then took her to the sink and washed her before releasing the paralysis

"Let me go. HELP!!! You can't do this! My pimp is gonna end you!"

Jester flicked her in the face hard enough to knock out a tooth as she slammed against the wall.

"Oh hell she's unconscious now"

Jester grunted as he made her conscious while he healed her, taking the time to remove any diseases, and blemishes while also regrowing the missing tooth. The woman now had the look of a scared animal. She was still in shock as he picked her up and examined her.

"Behave or I'll do worse. Now lets see what we got here"

"What? How did this happen? What are you going to do with me?"

"It's simple my dear, I shrank you and now I'm going to sell you, just like those nine other people on the floor. Now to improve you a bit"

He made her love handles disappear and shrank away some old track marks on her left arm. Since they weren't fresh she wasn't currently still using, otherwise he'd have to dispose of her. No point in selling a product that would die soon from withdrawal.

"OK no other marks or diseases. It would be better if your hair was down, but your new owner can deal with that"

"How did you do that? I have AIDS I need... what are you doing?"

He started snapping pictures with his digital camera and measured her at five and a half inches. Then he started working on the laptop before answering her.

"No you don't have anything. I shrank the virus and all your infected cells to nothing. Let's list you at two grand and see if we need to lower the price later. How old are you?"

"I'm 28, and honey I'm worth more than that, especially after you fixed a few little things. Maybe you should just keep me" she said making a gesture from her head to her feet before placing her hands on her hips.

Jester admired that attitude more than her average figure and wondered if he should keep her as his pet. She wasn't cursing at him or cowering in fear, but he needed that money for his new identity. He added that she had a good attitude to her sale description. The next hooker he grabbed with her was more the fearful kind and much less attractive. She was black and older with a fro. He did what he could shrinking the fat around the waist and eliminating her cellulite, but decided to list her at just twelve hundred. Next was a skinny white girl with brown shoulder length hair who looked like she was wearing her mothers clothes.

"How old are you?" Jester asked as he took care of a few small imperfections

"Um, 18?"

Jester doubted her, but decided not to bother bringing it up. She wasn't interesting to him but he knew a certain kind of man would feel different. He listed her at six thousand. That was as high as he was willing to go for now. Next were two homeless men he listed at fifteen hundred each, a fair looking red headed homeless woman who cleaned up well and got listed for twenty five hundred while three other homeless women in their thirties got listed at two thousand. Finally he came to the last woman, a tall attractive woman with light brown wavy hair down to her back. She didn't have any signs of drug use or obvious diseases. When he reached in with his power the only virus he found was a waning common cold. As soon as he washed her and released the paralysis she started shouting at him

"You can't do this asshole! I'm a cop!"

"Oh, I thought you were odd for a hooker. Let me guess you were under cover or some bull shit"

"Yes and right now they are tracking me for my safety. You better undo whatever you did or they're gonna shoot your ass"

Jester just laughed

"And what do you think would happen to you"

"Uh, return to normal I guess"

Jester just laughed some more.

"Oh little one it doesn't work that way. Since I'm the only size change around and this world doesn't have any shrink rays or anything to reverse it you'd just be stuck like that. Also, I fried all your electronics before coming back here. Not to mention I looked completely different when I grabbed you. Trust me, nobody is coming to save you."

"No, that can't be true! Any minute now they'll come for me."

Jester was looking through her wallet. He couldn't check her phone since he'd fried it as a safety measure, and it was a good thing to. A burned black square that said tile on it fell out of her wallet as he went through it.

"Hmmm is this your family in your wallet? Jade Walton? Cute girls you got there. I wonder if I'd find them at this address. I wonder how much crunch your husband will make when I step on him."

"You monster! You leave them alone or a swear to God I'll end you."

Jester couldn't help but laugh as the small women turned bright red with anger. All the other shrunken people cowered at his laughter which was deafening to them.

"Oh, oh my god. Thank you for that. You're serious aren't you? Of course you are. Well you aren't getting sold today because I think I'm going to hold on to you for a bit. You better do what I say or I'll take your family and give them to my worst buyer for free. I could also just crush them one at a time and make you watch."

The little woman was a mixture of fear, anger, and despair. Hot tears ran down her face as she fell to her knees as though her legs couldn't support the weight of her emotions. He left her there while he activated the listings and messaged the four buyers he dealt with previously. Almost immediately the young white girl sold and Jester cursed himself for not asking for more. Most of the other women sold in short order. He even had two repeat customers, the rich man who explained burner phones to him buying the red head and the fat man in the basement buying the older hooker.

"What's your name little hooker" he said pointing to the first girl he kidnapped

"Well it's not hooker. My name is Monica. Remember it."

"Hah, well Monica, it looks like just the cheap bastards are left. I got a few messages offering fifteen to eighteen hundred like you're doll at a swap meet to haggle over."

"Just keep me. I'll be the best doll you got and do whatever you want. I won't look at you with daggers like those three you got on the bed" she said pointing at his pets.

"Oh, you want to stay as my pet. No begging to go back to the way you were"

"Bitch, I had AIDS I"

"Hey, you want to stay you need to show me more respect" Jester said seriously

"Ok ok, I'm sorry. I apologize Master. Master, I had AIDS, I probably had two years left before I got really sick and who knows. You cured me. What do I have to go back to? An abusive pimp? Being a sex toy for anyone with a couple of bucks? At least you're handsome and I want to know what that bulge in your pants feels like at this size. To me this is a huge step up, and I don't want to take the chance on some unknown owner when I like what I see in front of me."

Jester picked her up, cupping her ass in his hand and feeling the heat from her body. She simply sat there relaxed with her arms folded.

"You know what, you're in. You get to be one of my sex toys. I'm your Master now. Do what I tell you and be respectful to get rewards. You don't and you get punished. Got it."

"You got it Master. Whatever you want."

She grabbed his thumb and tried to be seductive by slowly licking it. She was failing, but he really liked the effort. He put her down on the bed and also put Jade who was still crying on the bed.

"All right time to make deliveries. Only so much room, so Bruce and Jessica you get a break. Have sex till I get back."

He gave Bruce a little virility and shrank the other three girls to put in his underwear. Then he started making his deliveries.
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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 5

Post by MasterBlaster » Sun Feb 18, 2024 2:36 am

Part 5

Jester arrived in the basement of the man he now knew as Sam

"Hello again friend"

"Oh, yes. Hello. I wish I could have bought more, but it was all my bitcoin just to buy her." Sam said apologetically

"No need to apologize and don't worry there will be more in the future. Save for what you really want, just don't do something stupid and draw attention to yourself. I would hate to have to come here an clean up any evidence of our dealings" Jester said darkly.

"Um, yes, yes I understand. No don't worry, I'll be careful I swear. Two little ones will be fine for me." Sam was holding out his pudgy hands as if to receive a holy relic.

Jester just handed him the older black woman and went over to a desk where he knew the blond he previously sold was sitting. She was wearing a rather ill-fitting blue puritan dress.

"So how's this guy treating you"

"Ugh. Go ahead make fun"

"I haven't, I haven't hurt her. I'm just taking things slow"

"I'd rather he just jack off with me than make me wear this ridiculous dress. It's so itchy. I mean this sure beats being hungry and homeless, but I'm just glad nobody I know can see me dressed like this".

"I, well I think it looks nice. We need to get to know each other before. Erm well"

"Sir, you can use me how you want as long as you feed me and don't hurt me. Just let me know what to expect" the little black woman said

"Hah well your new pet is pretty use to, well being intimate. Just don't do anything with these pets that would make me angry. Understand?"

"Oh, oh no I would never hurt them on purpose. Please, I promise. I won't let anyone else see them either. My, our secret"

"Right, well then another time"

Jester continued making deliveries, occasionally stopping to give Bruce another burst of energy. Poor little Jessica wasn't going to be able to walk when he was done. When he finished he came back to find Jessica and Bruce panting on the bed. He took his three pets in his pants out and put them on the bed. Monica just sat looking bored while Jade was looking a bit despondent. Jester decided she needed some time to come to terms with her situation. He could tell Lucy was mad he had shrank and sold more people. She even kicked his balls when he handed over the skinny white girl which he had to spank her for, but she was slowly starting to give in.

"You didn't have to sell that little girl" Lucy said.

"Considering he paid six grand for her, yeah I did. Now I can order my new identity, and some lunch. You don't have an opinion Monica?"

"Master, you can do whatever you want. As long as you keep me I'll go along with whatever you want and try to make you happy"

He picked up Monica and started petting her

"Why cant you be more like that Lucy"


"Now how about we undo these corn rows"

"Uh, Master, my hair is pretty kinky. I mean I can straighten it with some hair relaxer and other products, but I'm guessing they don't come in my size"

"Oh, you want it straight? I can fix that"

With a bit of magic her corn rows came undone and her hair moved like it was alive, growing and straightening until it was down to the middle of her back. Monica felt her hair with a sense of wonder

"Holy shit is this for real? Master you gave me white people hair! I've always wanted my hair to be like this! How can I thank you?"

"Well I can think of a few ways" Jester said glancing at his crotch.

"Well big boy, how about you take off those pants and you can feel all of me. Let me show you my appreciation Master."

Jester took off his pants and laid down on the bed startling the others as their floor changed angles from his weight. He gently placed Monica beside his crotch and she immediately got to work dancing seductively to music only she could hear and grinding his shaft. He picked up Jade and started fondling her. Jade was about 6 feet before, but now she was just six inches in his hand. Her breasts were firm and her body toned from constant exercise kind of like Jessica's but with a little more padding. He unintentionally squeezed Jade and grunted when Monica rubbed her head and soft silky hair against his shaft.

"Oww you monster. You don't have to hurt me any more. I'll do what you want, just leave my family alone"

"Mmmm good. You better stick to it or I'll have Monica there train your daughters to do that. Oh that's good. Maybe I can make this a little more palatable to you."

"Hey what are you"

Jester cast a cleaning spell with magic which just about wiped him out, but he had to. She had been on his balls for hours and he wanted to taste her pussy. He lowered her pelvis onto his lips and forced the tip of his tong inside her. She screamed and grunted with pain and pleasure as he tasted and violated her. She didn't want this, but she wasn't prepared to resist. It only took a few seconds before her body betrayed her and she came more intensely than she ever had before. Monica paused for a second to get his attention.

"Hey I want to get off too Master"

"Oh, well I'm out of magic and I don't want to stop and wash you, but I got something else in mind"

"What do you mean?"

Jester put Jade down and grew Monica to half her original height

"Oh, yes, I hope this is going where I think it is. Can I?"

She kneeled over his pelvis rubbing the tip of his dick against her pussy. Jester said nothing, only lowering her forcing himself inside of her and stretching her pussy.

"Oh god it's so big. I've never... Oh"

His hands moved across her, grabbing her, manipulating her, bouncing her up and down to get the maximum stimulation on his dick. She knew it wasn't love, that she was just his sex toy, but she never felt so good and so cared for before at the same time. Jester almost passed out casting a sound barrier so nobody would hear them. She moaned and screamed as she came again and again. Finally he exploded inside her and she felt like he was going to split her in two. When he was finally done he let her lay down against him. She listed to his chest panting, trying to consume precious air. Jessica was looking at her with a little bit of jealousy while Jade and Lucy just looked at her with hate and disgust. Well whatever, she felt amazing right now.

"That, that was good Master. Thank you. Um... forgive me for asking, but are you a, well, I mean is this your first..."

"Yes, this was my first time having sex as in having my dick in a girls vagina"

"Wow. I wouldn't have guessed considering, well..."

"That I already have three sex toys? Well I just got them and they aren't that willing. Still need some training. My life was rather conservative until just recently. Anyway good job my pet"

"Thank you Master. We can do this again any time you want but, can we eat now?"

"Oh yes."

Jester shrank her back down as he got up to order room service. Monica looked at her competition. While she knew she wasn't perfect she was definetly closer to her prime after Jester healed her and fixed her imperfections. She knew she simply didn't sell for two grand because she was black, but she was used to the racism. If Jester had given in to one of those low ball offers, she'd not only be a pet, but the pet of someone who thought she was even less because of her skin color. No being Jester's willing pet was probably the best the thing for her. She was certainly sexier than Lucy and she felt even with Jade, but Jessica was at another level. She expected he was going to get a lot more pets just as pretty as Jessica, if not prettier, so she needed to keep putting in the effort to remain one of his favorites.

Jester ordered a steak with steamed broccoli, a side salad, fruit bowl, and mashed potatoes. He took the time to hand wash his pets before the food came. When it did he tore off five pieces from a napkin and gave each of his pets a small portion of each, except the salad which he just put in front of Jessica.

"Er, Sir? Thank you but that's a lot of salad"

"Well I'm not going to eat it, so I'm just giving you the whole thing. It's for you and any of the girls who want some. Help yourselves"

Jessica just shrugged and started grabbing a piece of lettuce, looking a bit like a gerbil trying to eat salad. Lucy and Jade grudgingly joined her but didn't feel much like eating. Monica though had already gotten full and went up to Jester's plate.

"Oh? What can I do for you pet? Want some more more steak?"

"Well, I was thinking you could bury me under the mashed potatoes and eat them off me, since you took the time to wash us and all"

Jester smiled, picking her up and using a spoon to put some potatoes on her breasts so he could lick them off

"Well my pet you do add a nice flavor, but I've indulged enough. Still got a lot to do. We need to find a new place I need to visit the documents guy I just spent most of my bitcoin on, and I make a few more sales which means making some more pets."

"Master, so you can get rid of anyone's cancer, like you got rid of my AIDS right?"

"Yes. It takes a good bit of control which normally only the oldest and most experienced size changers can mange. I use a bit of magic though to help me see what I'm focusing on and put in a lot of practice. I would probably only have a problem if it was brain cancer since you can't just go removing things carelessly. Why?"

"Well, rather than shrinking and selling a bunch of people, how much do you think some rich asshole would pay to cure his cancer?"

"Uh, you know, you're right. I never thought about it. In my home world we have technology for these kinds of things, and I couldn't do this kind of shrinking on another size changer. That technology doesn't exist here though. Seems obvious now. Thanks pet. Guess I could have done that in the first place and I wouldn't have had to shrink you"

"I know the others don't feel the same, but I'm glad you made me your pet"


"Look, I know my best years were behind me. I didn't have long to live and every day was just another slice of hell. Everyday I came home to an abusive pimp and nothing was ever going to get better. Now I'm cured, I look better than I have in a long damn time, I got a handsome man who's paying attention to me, and I feel even sexier with this wonderful hair."

"So you don't mind that you're a pet now, that you don't have any freedom, or that I hit you so hard I broke your tooth?"

Monica just shrugged.

"It's not any worse than yesterday or really the past few years. I hate to say it but I needed that hit to know you're in charge and you fixed my tooth somehow. I'm damaged goods, but please don't hit me like that again. I'll do what you want. I want to do what you want. I'm happy you find me worth a damn and don't look at me like, well, like some of those white men looked at me."

"Pretty sure I look at like you like a sex toy, and for good reason"

Jester looked at her figure and thought she did indeed look better than he first thought. He was kind of surprised she didn't sell right away. Monica just chuckled in his hand.

"Oh I'm use to that. I expect it. No I mean the other look, the one of disgust. The look like I'm less than nothing because of the color of my skin. You know what I mean?"

"Oh. No not really. I mean I've heard of that kind of racism, but we don't really have that back home. Some of my kind are racist like that against humans, but not for the color of anyone's skin. That just sounds stupid. I like humans, especially as my pets"

He petted her enjoying the feeling of her now long smooth hair. He ignored the glares from Lucy and Jade but did note the look of jealousy developing on Jessica.

"Master, I'm not stupid enough to ask you not to get more pets. I know you're going to get women younger and prettier than me, but I'll do my best to make you happy. I've been discarded too many times in my life and I don't want that to happen again. Whatever you want me to do please just tell me. Just don't discard me without giving me a chance to fix whatever it is I'm lacking"

"Well now, I can't say no to that. Don't worry, you're going to live out the rest of your days as my pet. That goes for the rest of you as well"

He looked at his other pets who had finished eating. They were not as enthused about the prospect as Monica of course. He put them all on the bed, then grabbed Monica to go over to the table where is laptop was placing her next to it.

"OK, let's see if there are any desperate old dying bastards on here. We'll find out how much their lives are worth to them."
The world is a dark place.

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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 6

Post by MasterBlaster » Sun Feb 18, 2024 7:46 pm

Part 6

Jester spent a bit of time on the dark web seeing if anyone was looking for the impossible, but didn't find anyone with cancer or some other disease he could fix. He did see a few with genetic diseases asking for relief, but he couldn't do anything about those. He put up a short auction ad for two hours saying he could cure cancer or any viral, bacterial, or parasitic diseases but didn't know how long it would take for anyone to bite. He decided to visit the document guy while the auction ran. He used his astral form to scout out the area and go straight to the seedy looking man rather than showing up at the address he provided and having to deal with his maze of security.

"Bruce, I need you to break in Jade while I'm gone. Give that little bitch another daughter. Jade lay down and spread your legs"

"I'm not going to..."

Her protest was cut off as he cast a spell of obedience. She laid down and spread her legs, then he cast a spell of paralysis to keep her there. Bruce didn't need to be compelled but obediently went over to Jade to do as commanded. Jester thought that Bruce was starting to enjoy this though he still cast a spell of virility to help him out before gathering his three other pets and portaling to the document specialist

"Holy shit, What The FUCK!"

The document specialist was a short Indian man. He obviously wasn't expecting Jester to suddenly appear at his place bypassing his security. He fell out of his chair as Jester appeared in his office. He grabbed for a gun near by but Jester shrank it out of existence before his hand got anywhere close to it.

"Easy friend. I'm here for my documents"

"You, who are you? How did you get here?"

"I'm Jester, and I'm here because I paid you earlier today. You said you needed me for finger prints and photos?"

"Ummmm, yes..... this is highly irregular"

He was still grabbing for a gun that was no longer there. Jester shrank him to half his size so he could intimidate him

"You know, I get that, but if you keep reaching for a gun that isn't there I might take offense. So are we going to do business or what?"


Jester slapped the little man

"Focus you piss ant. Are you going to help me with my documents or am I going to shrink you down to the size of a bug and smear you on the ground with my shoe?"

"Uh, no need for that. Please, undo whatever the fuck you just did to me. I can't conduct business like this!"

"Fine, fine"

Jester returned the man to his original size.

"Oh god. Uh, yes, well, the documents. Just don't do that again. Ummmm.. can I ask, I mean, can you make anyone small?"

"Yeah, if I can see them, and I can make you small enough to step on you if you don't hurry this along. I'm hear for what I paid for."

"Yes of course, just stand in front of this white screen here and smile"

Jester stood where the man indicated and then put his hands on a pad to scan his finger prints

"I'll need a few days to finish the documents. Making a credit history and high school diploma requires a bit of careful hacking and can't be rushed. Um, I hate to ask but were you the one offering those shrunken people on the dark web?"

Jester reached into his pants pulling out Monica doubling her size.

"Monica greet the man"

"Hello sir" Monica said while bowing as much as she could in Jester's hand.

"Oh My God. She's real? She's a pretty thing. Can I touch her? Could you sell her to me? Name your price!"

"Sorry but she's no longer for sale. I wouldn't sell this little treat at any price and no you can't touch her. Should have bought her when you had the chance. Don't worry I'll sell more later, but they are going to be more expensive."

Monica smiled at his words and mouthed "Thank you Master" before he shrunk her back down and put her back in his underwear.

"I, yes of course. I didn't think it was real. I mean I thought if it was real why would you only sell them for a few thousand? Sorry for doubting you. I understand. The documents will take a few days, but I'll let you know when they're done."

"I shouldn't have to tell you, but if there are any problems with them I'm going to be selling you as a pet next. Worse if you tell anyone about me. Understand?"

"Uh, hey I'm a professional! I don't appreciate your insulation. My work is top notch and I know how to be discreet. You paid for premium documents and you'll be able to travel anywhere in the world or pass any background check with these. Your prints will be registered with this identity and it will be like you were born Jester Jameson. You could have chosen a better name you know. Just don't draw too much attention to yourself. I'm good, but I'm not a god damn wizard. If you draw the attention from the CIA or one of the other alphabet boys it could be trouble. I trust you'll be discreet"

"I should be telling you that. Just deliver what you promised. If you have a type you want as a pet let me know and I'll give you a price. The more difficult it is for me the more it's going to cost you."

"I, well I see. I suppose that's fair. Let me think about it and I'll send you a DM."

Jester bowed and went through his camouflaged portal back to his hotel room.

"Hey little Bruce. How many times did you cum in her?"

"Twice Master."

"That's good, but I'm going to need you to do a few more times"

"Master, not that I don't appreciate the sex, I love sex, but I can only do so much. I feel like I'm running dry to be honest. Also I worry Jessica is getting jealous."

"Toy, you do what I tell you. You're my pet. Understand?"

"Yes Master"

Jester padded the bulges in his crotch

"As for Jessica well it doesn't matter how she feels. You fuck who I tell you to fuck. Don't worry I'll give you some time with your wife later. For now fuck Jade. Here's a little help in that regard"

Jester cast another virility spell and Bruce got to work as he checked his laptop. He was a little disappointed when after an hour his auction sat at only $100 dollars, but ten minutes before the auction ended it rapidly starting rising with desperate souls driving up the price and sending him a DM demanding proof that he was for real. The winning bid was for a hundred and fifty thousand for a man with stage four cancer. The money was placed in escrow and would only be released when the cancer was verified to have been eliminated. He reached into his pants to pull out Monica. He knew it was her by her unique shape.

"Hey little toy, looks like your idea is paying off"

"I'm glad to be of use Master. Can I see the details?"

Jester brought her to the laptop showing her the message from the winning bidder and his details.

"Master, this guy has stage four cancer, but he seems a little cagey and I don't like that location. You should be careful. Looking at the map I wouldn't be surprised if he had snipers overlooking that area. He could also try to kill you as soon as you cure him. I mean a hundred and fifty thousand is a lot of money and you shouldn't underestimate how rich people like to screw over the rest of us."

"So you think I shouldn't do it?"

"I'd rather you didn't, but you need that money. Just be careful. Please? If something happens to you we're screwed, and well, I'm actually starting to like you."

Jester just laughed

"Thank you pet. I'm glad to know you care. Don't worry, they're nothing but toys to be broken in front of me. You're right though, I should be careful."

Jester petted his little black pet as she leaned into his fingers trying to maximize the contact between his flesh and hers. After giving her a little attention he placed her on the bed with the others and sat down in the center of the room. His body glowed a light blue as he projected his mind out toward the coordinates the winning bidder had given him. He indeed saw two snipers and several armed men overlooking the courtyard of a rather indiscreet mansion. It looked like more security was gathering around the coordinates they gave him and the entrance to the property. He snapped back to his body and sighed.

"Fuck. Well Monica looks like you're right. Looks like I'm going to have a few more pets to sell."

"Please be careful Master"

"Don't worry I will"

With that Jester opened a portal in the mansions security room. He would leave his pets behind this time to maximize his movement. A blonde woman was sitting behind a row of monitors that covered all angles of the property

"Nice setup you guys have here"

"Wha, who are you!?" The woman said with a starting

Jester ignored her as he shrank her and put her in his fabric bag. He used a bit of magic lightning to fry all the equipment. He then gathered the rest of the snipers and other guards. Shrink and paralyze, shrink and paralyze. It didn't take long for him to capture the thirty armed security personal, ten women and twenty men. He then opened a portal to the master bedroom where a sickly man was hooked up to numerous IVs and monitors with four attractive nurses keeping a close watch.

"Hello friend, you really aren't doing well are you?"

"Ahhh, who the fuck? How did you get in here? Where's the guards? What the fuck do I pay these people for?"

The man on the bed then started coughing. Jester took that moment to walk up to him while taking a small man out of the bag and releasing his paralysis

"Oh do you mean this security? Well I don't like being at a disadvantage so I've got them all in this bag here. I'll be taking them as bonus"

"Sir everyone is in there. He took us be surprise and..."

"Now now that's enough out of you. Back in you go. Now then, am I going to cure your cancer and get paid, or am I going to cure your cancer, shrink you and these lovely women, and sell you to your ex-wife for more money?"

A look of fear crossed the mans eyes. Jester figured his ex-wife was someone who take Jester up on that offer and torture the millionaire for the rest of a rather short life.

"No need for that. She wouldn't be able to pay a large sum of money like that anyway. Can you just restore my security staff and we can get started?"

Jester shrank a tall brunet nurse and hit the others with paralysis before they could run away. He put doll sized woman in his bag, a look of abject terror frozen on her face.

"No I'm keeping them. I didn't appreciate you setting snipers out to greet me, so these are compensation for my distress. Now are you going to keep pissing me off or are you going to pay? Maybe afterwards I'll consider selling your employees back to you at an additional hundred grand each."

"OK, OK, I'm sorry. You must imagine I've had to deal with a lot of tricksters who can't deliver what they promise. Clearly you can do some amazing things. Cure me and I'll release the funds"


Jester reached his hand forward, searching for all the cancer cells in the mans body. It had indeed metastasized all over the man and he might not have made it till tomorrow like this. When he was satisfied he could safely do this Jester slowly shrank the cancer cells all across his body. The masses all over his body slowly disappeared and Jester grew the other flesh to smooth it out. The bacteria tacking advantage of the weak immune system vanished and he even removed the plaque in his veins and arteries. When he was done Jester was sweating profusely as it had taken a lot more effort than he thought it would.

"All cured. Now how about you release those funds."

"Yes, if you could release the nurses so they could verify and get my laptop."

Jester sighed. He snapped his fingers for effect and the three remaining nurses stumbled as they regained movement

"Well? Do your job girls and verify he's fine or I'll have to sell all three of you"

The nurses stared at Jester for a second, not knowing what to think, and decided it was best to get back to work. One used a strange square device on a long metal arm and it looked like she was scanning his body.

"I'm not seeing any traces of the cancer sir." a tall Hispanic nurse said

"All the vitals looks good" the second rather plain looking nurse said.

The third nurse brought him his laptop which he unlocked with his fingerprint and an eye scan. Painfully slow the man began typing into his computer.

"Oh bloody hell"

Jester was impatient so again he focused on the man, slowly growing his muscles just enough to help with movement. Anymore might have been dangerous, but Jester didn't want to watch the man type all day.

"What did you do? How?"

"Be amazed later, release my funds now"

"Yes, yes of course"

The man moved much faster now, a smile on his face as he knew he now had a second chance at life.

"Um, could you give me back the nurse and head of security? He's the big bald guy and the nurse is my niece. I have 180 thousand in bitcoin right now I could deposit in the same account, but I can also give you another 40 in gold and jewelry. Would that be acceptable? If you give me some time I can buy the rest back as well."

"Your niece? You dirty bastard"

Jester considered it for a second, the he took out the nurse and the bald man and restored them.

"Fine. Same price for the rest of your team. I might decide to keep one or two of them women though"

"Maybe a bulk dis-

"No haggling. Hundred thousand each. Period."

"Yes. Well. Glad to do business with you."

"If any of your rich buddies needs the same service, know it will be more expensive for them. You only got away cheap because your my first such client. I don't have to tell you not to speak about me to just anyone, or to ever send anyone after me"

"Yes of course"

One of the butlers came in with a large box full of golden items. Jester shrank it and put it in his pocket before opening a portal back home.
The world is a dark place.

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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 7

Post by MasterBlaster » Mon Feb 19, 2024 9:22 am

Part 7

Monica watched as her new Master stepped through a portal. She didn't want to worry, didn't want to get too attached to a man, but she couldn't help it. In just a few short hours she had gone from miserable and hopeless, to excited and having the slightest bit of hope. She went over to the pillow and laid down trying to surround herself with his scent. For a second she forgot she wasn't alone until she heard a commotion at the other side of the bed.

"Bruce he's gone. You don't need to keep fucking her."

Bruce stopped pumping to look up and see Lucy and Jessica standing over him.

"I'm sorry, did I miss something? I'm pretty sure he ordered me to fuck her. I might disobey if it was just me, but who's to say he won't hurt you Jessica if he even thinks I might have disobeyed him."

Jessica didn't say anything but just turned bright red and cast her eyes down to the bed sheet.

"Look at you two, already giving up. He's just one guy. If we work together we can find a way to escape" Lucy said

Bruce pulled up and stood, his rock hard dick pointing straight as he pointed to it.

"You see this, that fucker did some magic bullshit and I feel like I need to do something about it or I'll explode. The guy does fucking magic and who knows what else he can do. Just from what we've seen he, can make portals to go anywhere, paralyze people, shrink people, cure fucking cancer, and shrink things out of existence, or at least so small he may as well have. What do you think the three of us can possibly do against him? Lets say we escape and the person who finds us actually helps instead of killing us or keeping us as toys. Then what? Nobody else can make us big again. Do you think the cops can do something against someone like him? Are you a moron?" Bruce practically shouted at Lucy now.

"You coward. You're talking like he's some god or something. He's just a petulant boy who needs to be taken down a peg or two. We can't just give up" Lucy complained

She didn't notice Monica approach her from behind until she spun Lucy around and slapped her down.

"A God is exactly what he is, at least for us. He plucked me from my miserable life just this morning and it's now clear as day to me. I don't know why that's so hard to get through your head."

"You're just a stupid whore who doesn't know any better"

Lucy said it without thinking. She looked down in shame but didn't have much time to feel sorry about it as Monica's foot connected with her face. Lucy tumbled over and almost fell off the bed. She felt fear as Monica stomped toward her only for Bruce and Jessica to get in the way holding their hands out in a calming gesture.

"Out of the way. I'm not going to let that bitch say that about me"

"Please, nobody needs to get hurt here" Jessica pleaded

"Look, do you think Master is going to take kindly to you breaking his toys? If she needs to be punished you're depriving him of doing it himself." Bruce said.

Bruce's words managed to reach her. Monica's nostrils stopped flaring as she took a deep breath and calmed herself.

"You're right. She's for Master to discipline if he wants. It's not my place."

"Bruce you don't need to call him Master while he's not here" Jessica said

"Honey, he is our owner and Master now. I'm not gun-ho about it like she is, but we need to accept it or we'll have a short miserable life. He can crush us like bugs at any time, and if we somehow deal with him or get away from him we'll still be this small and who's to say it won't be worse for us with someone else? If there's a way out of this I'm all for it, but I don't see one."

"You're just going along with this because you keep getting your rocks off" Jessica said pointing at his erect dick

"I'm not going to lie, it helps make this easier. That's the truth. I also don't want to be flicked again, or see you suffer, so I'm going to do what I'm told. Weren't you the one who said earlier we might live longer if we're his obedient pets."

Bruce want back over to Jade and resumed fucking her.

"Yes, but, ugh. You just want an excuse to cheat me" Jessica said sobbing

"Lady, stop taking it out on your husband. He doesn't have a choice. You're both Master's toys now" Monica said calmly.

Jessica almost called her a whore, but glanced down at Lucy who was curled up in a ball sobbing.

"He's my husband, he's not supposed to be fucking others even if he's told to. I wouldn't."

Monica just laughed

"Girl you are lying to yourself. I've seen the way you look at Master. Unlike those two you get jealous when he shows me attention. You're prettier than me so you think you're better than me and he should want you instead. I'm not gonna lie, I think he should use you too, but your attitude is going to have to get better. If you accept your new place in life you'll be a lot happier. I don't know what your lives were like before this, and I'm sure Master took a lot of things away from you making you his pets, but for me he didn't take anything that I hadn't already lost, and he's given me so much in such a short time. I'm just going to do my best for him"

"You like this? You like him owning you, and being his toy?"

"Look, I've always liked big strong dominant men. Unfortunately they've all be abusive, so yeah I don't know what a healthy relationship is. What I do know is that nobody has treated me this nice since my first boyfriend, the one who pimped me out in the first place. Everyone else has made me live in fear. I'm not even thirty yet and before this morning I expected to die a lonely, miserable, painful death. So far he appreciates me as a woman, he's not hurting me, and he's not making me fuck random gross men for money. I'm use to having to judge men in a short amount of time, and so far he seems like he could be a decent one. Not exactly good but much better than I'm use to. I know I'm broken, but to me this is a good thing as long as he keeps me around."

Jessica didn't know how to respond that that. She just sighed and sat down on the bed, waiting for their Master to return. Jester came back with a full looking bag and a wide smile.

"Hello my pets"

"It went well Master?" Monica asked.

"Oh yes my pet. I'm three hundred and thirty thousand dollars richer thanks to you, plus this bit of gold"

Jester put the box of gold items on the floor and restored it, then he picked up Monica and kissed her. She giggled at his attention. He looked over at Bruce who laid there exhausted and he restored some of his stamina while releasing Jade. The former cop of course cursed at him but he just ignored her. He put Monica back down on the bed.

"OK let's see what we got here."

He started taking the security staff out of the bag, undressing them, and putting them on the bed. They obediently sat on the bed and endured this humiliation, fully expecting their employer to buy them back.

"Jeez Master you got a lot of new pets already?" Monica said sounding a little disheartened.

Jester smiled and picked her up.

"Oh, is my little worshiper jealous?"

"A little. Some of those girls are a lot prettier than I am."

"Well I can fix that for you tomorrow. I'm a little tired right and it's going to take a bit to gather enough magic power"

"Couldn't you grow your magic power like you shrink and grow everything else? Like maybe put the power into something small, make it bigger, and absorb it or something?"

"No, even if you change the size of something the amount of magic you put in doesn't change. Hmmm actually that was the case on my home world and all the worlds deemed safe for us visit, but the rules are a little different here. Let's try it out."

Jester put her down and took a salt package from lunch. He went over to the table, opened it and shook loose a few grains from the packet. Resting his hands over the grains of salt he let a small amount of magic infuse them, causing the grains to glow faintly. Then he slowly grew the grains, letting them grow into large fist sized salt crystals. To his surprise they glowed bright, the magic power having grown in proportion to the size of the crystal.

"Well holy shit. This means, fuck, this means I can do anything. I can have unlimited fucking magical power!"

He took one crystal and put it on the floor. He willed it to grow 6 feet tall. He put his hand on it and drained the magic power into himself causing the large crystal to crack and shatter, his body glowing so brightly everyone had to shield their eyes.

"Mmmmmm. Oh man the power. Hah, this is great. Let me thank you my pet"

He shrank the now useless crystal down to a grain and picked up Monica.

"Oh what did you have in mind Master. Oh, I feel"

"Stay as still as you can my little pet"

His brows furrowed in concentration using the magic in concert with his size changing ability and shaped her to his ideal version of beauty. First he manipulated her bones, giving her high cheek bones and making all her features symmetrical. Her body stretched to a little over six inches tall as her bones reshaped themselves, any evidence of past injuries completely disappearing. The unwanted hairs all vanishing away to nothing. All toxins, plastics, and impurities were removed from her body. Her muscles grew to be perfectly proportioned and she now looked like she had been sculpted from heavenly obsidian. A small flow of power dulled her nerves the whole time so she didn't feel any pain from the transformation. When he was done he still had plenty of magic power, but he was sweating profusely and he felt burnt out from the mental effort as he put her in front of the mirror.

"There, still self conscious?"

"What? Is this me? HOW!? Oh my god I look like a model, better than a model! I can't believe this is me"

Indeed she looked less like the person she had been and more like the beautiful cousin of the old Monica.

"Yes this is you now my pet. You belong to me so why shouldn't reshape your body a little. I rather like you like this"

Monica turned towards him. She got on her knees and then bowed with her arms forward, prostrating herself to him

"My God. I am not worthy. I promise to worship you for as long as you allow me to live and serve you. You have completely transformed me from the miserable wretch I was just the other day. Thank you."

Jester picked her up and saw she was crying. He wiped her tears with his index finger and gently petted her.

"Hey there there. I think you're a good pet and you have a lifetime to worship me."

Jester spent the next several minutes running his hands over her little body, admiring what he had made. Monica was more like a cat getting petted as she stretched and arched her back into his touch. Lucy and Jade were sulking while Bruce sat there bored and the security personal ignored him. He smiled though as he saw Jessica was burning with jealousy. Part of her still wanted to resist, and that's why she wasn't in his hands now, but part of her was also outraged. She was his first pet and she felt she was being pushed out of that spot when she couldn't even admit to herself that she wanted it.

"Don't worry Jessica, tomorrow I can reshape you a little if you behave. Now lets order dinner and see which of these security personnel I'm going to be keeping"

The ten security women looked at each other as they knew he would be keeping some of them rather than the men. Bruce went over to talk to the security personnel as Jester ordered dinner.

"You guys don't seem that concerned about joining us" Bruce said at the man he assumed was the leader.

"It's not what I would choose, but it's just changing one owner for another. Being a plaything is better than shooting at people or getting shot. Mr. Johnson has always been a bit paranoid so all of us were raised from a young age to act as his personal security. We don't know anything other than doing what we're told."

"Your parents allowed this?"

The man chuckled darkly.

"In some cases you could say that's true. Most of the team were bought off the dark web and raised together. A few older ones like me were picked off the street at a young age. I was on my own close to death when he found me, but some of the others were bought from their addict parents for as little as fifty dollars. Most of us don't remember our parents. I'm sure he'll buy most of the team back from your owner, paranoid bastard can't go a day without his obedient personal security, but I'm the oldest here and he may not want to spend a hundred grand on me."

Bruce sat down next to the man who just punched a giant hole in his world view.

"Shit man. I didn't know. I'm just an ad sales manager. I thought that kinda thing was just in the movies"

"Hah, no. Normal people like you can't imagine what the world is like with some of these super rich people. With what your owner can do he's going to be in that world very soon, if he doesn't end up dead first, and whether your life is amazing or a living hell is all up to his whims. Still better to be the pet of a rich man than a poor man."

Jester ordered two servings of meatloaf, steamed broccoli, fries, two fruit cups, and a salmon salad. That should be more than enough to feed everyone. He started picking up and inspecting the security personal one at a time. All the girls were pretty and he wanted to keep them, but did he want to keep them enough to loose a hundred thousand dollars each? He decided only four women were worth it, a tall green eyed blonde woman, a short and exotic Asian woman with a strong gymnasts build, a black haired blue eyed woman who looked like she did obstacle courses for fun, and a beautiful young Hispanic woman. He decided he would give back all the men as long as the old guy paid, but in the mean time they could be useful.

"Lucy, Jade, lay on your back and spread your legs"

"Please no I'll be good" Lucy pleaded

"No I.."

Jade's protest was cut short by Jester's combination spell of obedience and paralysis which he cast effortlessly on both women.

"You men, fuck those two women until the food gets here. You aren't allowed to eat unless you've cum in at least one of them. Bruce you're exempt since you've gotten more than your fair share. Keep them honest"

"Yes sir. Thank you sir." Bruce said as he went over to sit next to Jessica and held her hand.

Jester hoped that this would break the resistance his two little pets had. He knew it could take time to break in fresh pets, but Jessica was hardly resisting now and Monica had become the perfect slave in less than a day. Even Bruce was being more complaint and that was starting to make him impatient with the other two. Jester put the four new women he was going to keep on the hotel room table along with Monica. He put Monica on his thigh so she could watch and started with the blonde

"What's your name pet"

"Lucinda sir. I assume you're going to keep me and those three too?"

"Smart girl. You're OK with that?"

The girl in his hands just shrugged and pushed a stray lock of hair behind her ears.

"I don't mind. I don't think you'll be cruel to us and being your pets would be a nice change. I assume you'll use us to pleasure you."

"Yes I will" Jester said as he explored her body

"Then, will you be nice to us if we obey?"

"Hah, depends on my mood. Most of the time I guess. Obedience and dedication is rewarded. Just ask Monica."

Lucinda looked down at Monica who nodded enthusiastically.

"Absolutely. Give yourself to Master and remember your place. Obedience to him has changed my life for the better, but if you're disobedient you'll be punished"

Jester smiled at that and petted her back.

"Monica, you're in charge of evaluating the rest from now on, including stubborn Jade and Lucy over there. Listen to Monica and follow her directions as long as it doesn't conflict with my orders"

"I understand Master. We will prove loyal. Perhaps one day you can let us do security for you in addition to being your pets."

"Oh, you think I'll need it."

"Yes sir" all four women said.

"Sir, forgive me for being forward, but if you're going to have wealthy clients like Mr. Johnson, you're going to accumulate a lot of money quickly and a lot of enemies. You'll be healing people other people want dead. I know you're powerful and amazing, but I assume there's a limit to how much you can see and protect yourself from at a time. I hope we earn your trust well before you need it."

"What do you think Monica?"

"I have to agree with them Master. After what you just did for me there's no limit to what people will pay so you can help them. That kind of thing can breed enemies. Please take new clients slowly for now. I'll let you know if and when these girls prove worthy enough to guard you."

"All we ask for is a chance." said the little Hispanic on the table.

Jester smiled. He'd come here with the intention of doing everything himself, but having willing, loyal followers could make his life so much easier. Maybe Monica and these four could be more than just his pets. Time would tell.
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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 8

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Part 8

"Where am... Oh. right"

Lucinda awoke with a start but calmed down as she remembered her situation. As impossible as it seemed she had been shrunk and had slept in her new Masters underwear on his left ball. Monica explained to them that as his pets they would take turns sleeping there at night. Whoever did so would pleasure Master first thing in the morning. She never thought that at twenty six she would be abandoning her old life to become the sex toy of an all powerful magic using size changing teenager.

"Lucinda you awake?" whispered a familiar voice.

Helen, a tall, twenty three year old, athletic blue eyed beauty was lying next to her. Normally strong and confident she was currently unsure of things and felt like a small child in an unfamiliar place, a feeling she didn't like revisiting.

"Yeah, at least his balls are comfortable. Don't know how heavy we are to him though so best not to move too much. Are you ok?"

"Yes, just nervous. I don't know if I want him to keep us or not. Like it could be better than working for Mr. Johnson if we prove he can trust us. Last night was pretty fun when we all massaged his dick together. Well I guess what we want doesn't matter"

Lucinda just let out a deep sigh

"It never did. Powerful people treat nobodies like us like we're dirt, and he could be the most powerful person on this earth. The good thing is we have a chance to be more than just toy soldiers or sex toys to him. We aren't his first pets, but only that girl Monica seems to get it."

Kai a short twenty five year old Asian was starting to wake up as was the barely eighteen year old Hispanic beauty Andrea.

"Be calm you two, you're safe. Don't wake Master" Lucinda said quietly

The other two women stilled as they tried to come to grips with their current situation.

"I guess this is for real. Was kind of hoping it was a dream" whispered Kai.

"Oh, I think it's kind of exciting. I want him to do all the things to me at this size. Kinda looking forward to morning duty" whispered Andrea.

"Ugh, you're so weird. It wouldn't be the worse thing I guess. Didn't care for last night, but we probably need to get use to it. I mean I've been wanting a big dick for a while but this isn't what I had in mind" said Kai.

They lay there in silence for a bit until they felt the ground below them stir. Their Master was waking up. Jester slowly came awake and looked down at the unfamiliar weight on his chest. There lay Monica and Jessica sleeping soundly with his left hand acting as a blanket. He reached down with his right hand and felt each of the four bulges on his crotch. Gently he stroked to two sexy beauties on his chest and tried to whisper softly.

"Wake up my pets. We need to get going."

Monica yawned and stretched.

"Five more minutes Master"

Jessica also sired. She felt less anxious this morning as she sat up and looked into her Master's huge face. She was trying to take Monica's advice and accept her new life.

"Good morning Master. Did you sleep well?" Jessica asked

Jester petted her, rubbing her back gently

"Yes I did. Now let's bring out the new recruits"

He reached down and pulled the former security guards from his underwear onto his stomach tripling their size as he did so.

"Good morning girls. Hope you slept well. I had to shrink you to one third your current size so you could all fit down there. How are your memories? Any fogginess?"

"Sir I got a weird feeling in my head, but otherwise I guess I'm OK" Lucinda said. The other three girls confirmed they felt the same.

"Good. I used some magic to preserve your minds. Think of it like a backup being restored. Should still probably limit it to two or three pets a night. Glad it worked, but now it's time for your morning duty"

"Yes sir" they said in unison.

As soon as he slipped off his underwear they surrounded his cock and got to work bringing his morning wood to full attention.

"Mmmmm I'm jealous I haven't gotten to do that yet Master."

"Oh, you didn't like sleeping on my chest?"

"I did, it was wonderful. I just want to experience all of you. It's not fair that everyone else gets a turn to sleep on your balls"

"I'm not sure they see it that way, especially those three"

He motioned to the night stand where Bruce, Jade, and Lucy were starting to wake up. Monica rolled onto her chest and he could feel her firm D breasts press into him as her tongue tasted him.

"They just have the wrong outlook Master. May I continue to lick you?"

"Yes, keep going"

Jessica looked at her and sighed. She wasn't going to bother asking if she should join. She figured if she stayed quiet he wouldn't order her to do anything. His face said he was already loosing himself in the sensation of the five women currently working hard to stimulate him, but she didn't want Monica to pull further ahead of her when it came to his favor. She was his first pet damn it. She got on her chest and mimicked Monica. Jester exploded covering the four women on his cock with his cum. Dutifully they started eating it. Jessica and Monica then went down to help them.

"Good job girls. That felt great."

"Thank you Master" they all said.

"Master, maybe you could do to Jessica what you did to me yesterday?"

"Oh, you don't want me to use you that way again?"

"Of course I do, but you need to enjoy all your pets. I'm not prideful enough to think I alone can satisfy you. Honestly I'd like us all to have a turn right now if possible" Monica said.

"Well we don't have time for that yet, but you're right Monica. Jessica I did get you first and you should be more ready for things like this."

"Yes sir" Jessica said submissively

Jester shrank the cum off all the girls and put the four new girls on the pillow next to him while he moved Monica to the top of his chest. He cast a small virility spell on himself causing his cock to again stand at attention and then he grew Jessica to 2'10 and slowly lowered her onto his cock. He had to grow her pussy a bit to fit but mostly it was stretched by his cock. He would heal the damage afterwards and bring it back into proportion just as he did with Monica.

"Owww. Oh Master you're so big. It hurts so much and feels so good at the same time"

Everyone watched as Jester fucked his half sized Jessica. Even the rest of the security personnel who were on the blanket he placed on the floor were glued to the sight. Jester loved the sight of her perfectly proportioned body bouncing up and down so hard it caused her large breasts to slap into her face a few times. To her it seemed like an eternity of pain and pleasure. His hands held firm to her hips as he came again inside her. Jester was vaguely aware of Monica going up to his face and kissing his giant lips as his body slowly relaxed. He let his cock slide out of Jessica as she rested on his stomach panting.

"Good job my pet. You feel good. Really good. As for the rest of you don't worry, I'll play with you later today but it's time to get moving."

"We're looking forward to it Master, especially me." Andrea said.

Jester smiled. He shrank Jessica back down to 1/12th and healed the stretching and pain in her pussy. He picked her and Lucinda up, taking them to the bathroom to wash in the sink and relieve themselves. He washed all his pets except Monica first and then the security personnel by hand. He enjoyed the power he held over the little people even though he couldn't spend much time on them individually. He then took Monica to relieve herself in the sink and took her into the shower, washing her and putting her pelvis in his mouth.

"Oh Master. I, Oh, I love this, but Ummmm we gotta go.... Oh..."

He finished his shower quickly after she came in his mouth. He wanted to take a little more care rubbing the body he had sculpted over his, but time was indeed short. He got dressed and looked at his pets. After thinking a bit he put Monica, Jessica, and Bruce in his underwear.

"All right the rest of you are going in this bag here. I know it's not comfortable but it's just for a short while. No complaining now"

A few of them grumbled as he put them into the fabric bag he was using. They were going to have to be standing shoulder to shoulder for a bit with thirty two of them going in there. He did line it with his shirts for a bit of padding though.

"Sir will we get a clothes back" a short blond woman asked

"Nope. You're going back as you are and Mr. Johnson can deal with it."

"I understand sir" She sighed.

That reminded him to gather all the doll sized clothing and pack it in Jessica's suit case. Once he had gotten everything he shrank the couples suit cases to put on his key chain. At least the couple had gotten some hard plastic luggage. Not ideal but fine for now. He shrank away all the trash and used items, even the bed sheets. When he was satisfied he removed all traces of his stay he took off the do not disturb sign and dropped the key cards into the overnight checkout via portal.

"I'm putting a spell of silence on the bag. I'll be able to hear you so shout if you really need something, but nobody else will be able to see or hear you. If you try to call for help you'll be punished for annoying me. Understand."

He shook the bag lightly and heard a muffled compliance. He then opened a portal near a weekly stay residency hotel for business travelers and walked in with all the confidence in the world.

"Hello sir can I help you"

"Yes I called earlier about the reservation. Jester Jameson."

A shout came from the bag which sounded like Jade


Her cry cut off as the wind was knocked out of her. Jester assumed one of the security personnel had punched her in the stomach knocking the wind out of her so he wouldn't punish all of the later. The thought made him smile and he would have to reward whoever took the initiative. The clerk heard nothing and was busy typing key strokes on his computer.

"Yes, there is a reservation here for two weeks under that name. I'll just need an ID and credit or debit card for the reserve charge"

"I'm paying cash here"

"Oh, well we're still supposed to..." his voice trailed off as Jester cast a strong spell of compliance

"I will need an additional four hundred dollars deposit that I can return to you on checkout. That will be seventeen hundred fifty seven and thirty two cents with tax. You can get the deposit back on checkout after a room inspection, but my boss doesn't like to do this and will try to screw you over"

"That's fine friend. You keep the deposit. I don't care. Now here you go"

Jester handed him the money and ID. He managed to get the drivers license, but needed to visit the document guy later for his other documents. The clerk gave him a key card with instruction to get to the room and how to access the WiFi. He offered to show Jester to his room but Jester waved him off and let the spell drop. He went to his room and started placing everyone on the bed.

"So, who was it who tried to call for help"

"It was her sir"

One of the bigger men was holding Jade by the shoulders as she simply refused to look at Jester. He picked her up and held her at face level.

"So you didn't believe me when I said nobody could hear you"

"I had to try."

"No, you didn't. You really didn't. So what should I do with you now?" Jester asked giving her a squeeze.

"Uhhh, just kill me. Get this over with."

"Oh, oh no. That would be too easy for you. Besides that wouldn't be fair to the child inside of you"

"What? What do you mean?"

"You don't know, you're pregnant"

"What? I have an IUD. How?"

"Oh I got rid of that when I got you and healed your other imperfections. Punishment time now"

Any further conversation was cut off. Jester cast a spell of silence and backed up her mind as he shrank her further down. It was time to test what the effects of being 1/100th her original size would be. Jester cast additional spells to make sure her body wouldn't break and to protect her unborn child while still allowing her to feel pain. He took off his shoe to put the half inch girl in his stock and then stomped the floor. Wiggling his toes and checking with magic she was still alive and unbroken he put on his shoe.

"You monster! How could you? Do you expect us to stop trying?" Lucy shouted at him.

"You should worry about yourself and your own unborn child."

"What? What do you mean? I can't have children!"

"Maybe not before, but I fixed that for you. Your tubes aren't blocked and the the scars inside you are gone. Looks like you're pregnant with Bruce's kid according to my magic. Congratulations."

Lucy fell to her knees not sure what to say. Being a mother was the thing she wanted most in this world but her body had betrayed her and she was never supposed to be able to have any. She cried softly as all the emotions inside of her collided. The two women nearest to her gathered around to console her.

"Uhhh, what about me Master" Jessica asked raising her hand like a child at school.

"Not yet, but if you really want I can cast a fertility spell for you and Bruce. Not that Bruce needs it. Thanks to Monica I have all the magic power now so it's trivial for me."

"Ummm I would like that. I mean if we're going to have children though I would like to work out what's expected. I know they will be raised to serve you, but I just want them to be happy somehow. Please?"

Jester found her earnest begging cute.

"Well we got some time to work that out. For now I'll have you get started on the fun part."

He cast spells of fertility and desire and both her and Bruce before placing them on a small pillow. They immediately started going at it like nobody else was there and would do so for the next several hours.

"What about me Master? I want to carry your baby." Monica said with complete confidence.

"Ahah, well I'm not ready for that yet my pet. I use a contraceptive spell when I fuck you pets, but I'm not ruling it out. In the near future sure, just not right now"

"OK Master, I'll hold you to that"

"Me and Andrea too Master" Helen said.

Jester turned red and notice several of them trying not to chuckle at his discomfort. He cleared his throat and tried to regain his calm demeanor.

"Now before I check my email and see who Mr. Johnson is buying back today, any of you have any ailments or injuries you'd like me to take care of."

All the shrunken people he hadn't already healed raised their hands. He spent the next several minutes healing each of them and was rather surprised at the variety of injuries they had sustained. He removed several bullets and fixed chronic back and joint pains. While each one needed only a little of his effort and power the accumulation of all the work was rather exhausting.

"And we should be done. Man that was harder than I thought. Some of you guys have been through some shit. It's like a few of you were trying to see how many different kind of bullets you could collect in your bodies"

The oldest man just laughed.

"Sir, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. These are just the wounds that were survivable. Let's just say Mr. Johnson is always recruiting"

Jester was starting to understand why the security personal didn't seem as bothered about potentially being his pets as he thought they should be. He checked his laptop to see five hundred thousand worth of bit coin and a list of the four men and one woman Mr. Johnson wanted returned to him today. Jester called out their names and put them at the foot of the bed on top of a towel.

"I may as well have a bit of fun with you before I send you back."

The men kneeled close together and the woman remained standing off to the side with her arms raised waiting to be picked up.

"Ah, guess I'm rather predictable. Well at least you know what to expect."

He picked up the rather plain looking woman who had brown hair in a short pixie cut and an all business expression. He felt and admired her toned body which was certainly killer in more ways than one he imagined. He brought her to his cock and she obediently tried her best to wrap around it while the four men waited with their mouths open and a look on their face that said they really didn't want what was coming next. Jester smiled as he came and watched them eat as much of his cum as they could.
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Re: Escaped teenage size changer.

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Re: Escaped teenage size changer.

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Vlastelin722 wrote:
Wed Feb 21, 2024 10:50 am
Glad you like it so far. We got a long way to go before Jester has really made it. That is, if he doesn't get himself killed or captured along the way.
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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 9

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Part 9

Jester ordered the rest of the shrunken people to help eat the cum still remaining while he got dressed and went down to get some breakfast from the place with the golden arches. He got two big breakfasts with pancakes, a breakfast burrito, and one of each type of breakfast sandwich. He got his order and portaled back to his hotel room seeing that all the cum that could be eaten was taken care of. With a wave he cleaned the dried pieces from the sheet, though he didn't bother cleaning the five people he was returning.

"OK pets. Time for a late breakfast. Just let me set this up here"

He placed one of the big breakfasts on the bed and with a wave he magically cut all the food into small squares. He then took the warm syrup and and magically reformed that one serving into 1,728 individual 1/12 scale sized servings. he did the same with a plate and flatware.

"OK line up and take as much as you want. Plenty for everybody. Oh not you Monica, you're eating with me. You too Jessica"

Monica giggled and Jessica sighed as he picked them up and put them on the table next to his own big breakfast.

"Go ahead and grab some food from my plate. Any of these sandwiches you want to try?"

"Uh, Master did you get one of everything or something?" Jessica asked

"Yeah. We don't have this on my world and my parents never let me eat shit like this when we would visit other ones on vacation"

"Probably for good reason, but ummm, can I have some of the griddle sandwich? I shouldn't but I really like those"

"OK, which one is it?"

"Its that one on top with the brown wrapper"

Jester put it on the table and snapped his fingers and a small version of the sandwich appeared on the wrapper while it looked like a mouse had taken a bite from each layer of the sandwich. Jessica thanked him and started eating it.

"How about you pet?"

"How about I lay on your pancakes and you pour the syrup on me and cover he in eggs and sausage?"

"Hah, I love it. Ok lay there"

Jester put out a pancake and Monica got on it. He opened the syrup and adjusted the temperature with magic to make sure it was warm but not hot enough to burn or discomfort her. The he put on the eggs and sausage trying to make it sexy, but it just made Monica laugh at how cheesy he was being. They both ate the food around her with Jester being careful not to hurt her with his flatware. He found the syrup on her rather sexy and gently slid his finger in the slick goo along her back and tasted it.

"I do like the flavor."

"Thank you Master"

"Oh don't give me that look Jessica. You'll get your turn garnishing my food"

"I'd rather not"

He petted her gently. She didn't want to but she enjoyed the feeling as his finger went from he head to gently rub her back.

"Oh I know, but it's about what I want. That's what makes it fun for me"

"Yes Master. I know" she sighed.

Jester cut a piece of pancake and rubbed it on Monica's back causing the beauty to purr. He ate the whole plate like that and finished by sticking Monica in his mouth and licking her clean.

"OK, your turn Jessica. Now how about you get in that sandwich you like."

He lifted the top bun egg. She sighed and she laid across the sandwich feeling the warm cheese stick to her skin as put it back together. As he picked her up and eyed her she started feeling a little fearful that he might actually eat her.

"What a beautiful sandwich. Don't worry Jessica I'm not going to eat you. Not that I don't want to try that someday but certainly not one of my pretty OBEDIENT pets."

Jessica knew the stress on the word obedient was a warning and she nodded her head submissively.

"Of course my Master"

He carefully ate the sandwich around her occasionally brushing his teeth or tongue against her skin. When he finished he also put her in his mouth and licked her clean.

"That was pretty good, better with one of you in it of course. Now lets see about the rest of these"

Jester then went through the sandwiches taking bites and offering a small version to anyone who was interested. When he was done there was still a lot of food left. He used a bit of magic to cast a stasis field around the leftover food and levitated it to the small fridge in the kitchen.

"What did you do Master?" asked Monica

"I put the food in stasis so it will be just as fresh tomorrow. Now that I think about it I didn't need to put it in the fridge, but that's just where you put left over food I guess. I think I'll eat like that everyday"

"Ummm, it may be better not to Master. I know I can't tell you what to do, but that stuff really isn't good for you even if it tastes really good. We need to think about your health" Jessica said.

Monica went over to Jester and put her hands on his, leaning her body on his finger.

"She's right sir. I want to have a good long healthy life with you."

"Shit you say it like I just ingested poison or something. It can't be that bad, can it?"

Jester closed his eyes and reached into himself with magic. He began to pull out all the toxins, extra cholesterol, and unhealthy matter from himself, most of it from the food he just ate. It pulled from his pores and collected into a ball the size of a small plum beside him. When he opened his eyes it fell to the floor and he stared at it.

"What? OK what's wrong with you humans? How can you sell that to each other and why does it taste so damn good?"

He shrank the ball away to nothing. With a gesture he replicated the spell on everyone else pulling out their toxins while Monica answered him.

"It's greed Master. Corporations want to save every penny no matter what it does to peoples bodies. People want cheap food especially when they don't have much."

"You guys have a central government right. Shouldn't they not want this to happen?"

"Some government people try to stop it, but for the most part people in government allow it because the companies making the money keep getting them elected and appointed." Jessica said.

"Huh. OK I guess that makes sense. Most of the realities I've visited are not like that, but I can't take you there to show you, or anywhere I use to know. Too risky."

"Why is that Master" Monica asked him concerned.

"Because my people blame me for defending myself and my people go through a lot of effort to hunt down fugitives. They shouldn't come here though, and as long as I stay outside the network of worlds they visit they'll never know if I'm even still alive. And thanks to you my pet, I have nearly unlimited magical power so we'll all get to live a long very time"

Jessica wasn't sure how she felt about that statement. She was starting accept that she would be his pet for the rest of her life, but if that life was a hundred more years, hundreds of years even? She pushed the thought away, no use thinking about it now.

"So is that why you're using more magic now? You didn't use magic to cut up any of our food before, or is it just because there's so many right now?" Jessica asked in a huff

"Oh jealous pet, don't think I put in less effort when I only had you and Bruce. Yes magic here takes a lot out of me, especially portals. It's harder here and to put it simply I set myself up to use magic in places where it's hard before I came here. Using my power to cut up food for you would have been a foolish waste of limited power and concentration. It would be pretty hard for anyone on this world to use the level of magic I can, and now that I can grow my own magical power here I'm casting spells I wouldn't have before like they're nothing. Now time to make a delivery."

With a swiping gesture Monica and Jessica levitated to be deposited back on the bed.

"Oh I almost forgot"

He held out his hand and a surge of power left him, next to the bed a plastic stand shot up and produced a white rectangular box anchored to the left side of the bed. It had 10 stalls and sinks with four water fountains up front. Two tubes ran down the bottom.

"What the hell is that? A bathroom!? You could have made this in the beginning and only do it now?" Bruce said unbelieving.

"Hah, well it takes a lot of power, and yeah that was harder than I thought, but it should make your lives easier. Don't know how long I might be gone after all"

Jester wiped the sweat from his forehead, used magic to take out a salt crystal from the metal suitcase on his suitcase, and grew it to six feet tall. He placed his hand on it and the room was filled with blinding light as he pulled the energy into himself and the crystal cracked. He shrank the now useless crystal to nothing and sighed with contentment.

"Ah, so much better. All right time to go"

Rather than taking the time to use astral projection he just created a viewing window to scout Mr Johnson's mansion which burned more power but was faster. He lifted a finger and the five people he was taking shouted and complained as they levitated into the air to hover next to him as he stepped through a portal.


The startled security guard froze and slowly lowered his hand from inside his jacket. Jester was pointing a finger at him with a small ball of lightning at the end which he let dissipate. He was ready to flash fry the man before he could draw as it was faster than shrinking him.

"Hard to find good help these days, glad you didn't try to setup an ambush this time. I must say you are looking much better today" Jester said cheerfully

"Jesus, you're early. The time was for 11AM. You startled us is all"

"It's 10:50 and I have things to do. So here are the five you paid for"

Jester slowly lowered the five who were hovering next to him and grew them back to their original size.

"Why are they naked? What is that on their skin? Is that what I think it is?"

"You didn't pay for clothing, that's optional, and yes it is what you think it is"

"Fuck, gross. You five hit the showers. Hal have someone bring them some clothes. I can pay for another ten tomorrow. Can I get them clothed and clean maybe? Is that too much to ask?"

"You know, that might cost extra to deny me my fun like"

"OK what if I give you a lead, a high paying one? An associate of mine is willing to pay for the same service you gave me. If I give you his number can you at least give them to me with clothes, the clothes they left with, and not covered in, ugh"

"Hah, yeah sure as long as he doesn't piss me off."

"Whoa, hey now. I don't control him. I'll warn him not to piss you off, but the bastard is more paranoid than I am and probably didn't believe half of what I told him. Even so he was amazed by my recovery. Fucker wanted to have his doctor examine me, like I was gonna let that happen, but he's desperate and he'll pay. Charge him at least 3 million and don't let him short change you. Deal?"

"Deal, as long as he pays. Is he the only one?"

Mr. Johnson wrote the contact information on a notepad and tore off the sheet to give to Jester.

"Use a burner phone of course and I would advise you to do it in a random location, which should be easy for you as you teleport or whatever. Look, I know a few other potential clients for you. Us rich bastards hanging on to life and searching for exotic cures tend to know each other, but you using magic and shrinking people is more fantastic than most of them are willing to believe in. Some can offer you more and some less. Cure him, today if you can, and it will be more convincing."

"Hmmm and of course if you're the one recommending me they'll owe you"

"Well I'm not going to deny that. Also I would like to buy some doll sized people if that's possible"

"I need to setup some things but I should have some pets for sale in a month. I'll start at ten thousand and see how they sell. The more exceptional ones will go up for auction. If you want me to capture someone specific for you it's going to be a lot more expensive and it will depend on how much effort I need to spend on them. They'll be listed at the same place you found me at. I'll be leaving now"

"OK, give me an hour to let him know you'll be contacting him and that you don't take kindly to unnecessary precautions"

"Sounds good to me. See you tomorrow"

Jester decided to simply teleport this time, vanishing with a crack and a puff of smoke for dramatic effect. He ended up at an alley next to a department store he scouted earlier. It used more power than a portal, more than he thought it would, so he decided to stick with portals for a while. He cast an illusion to appear as an old man which he would use for shopping going forward. He bought a few items he thought he would need including laundry detergent, sunscreen, some new clothes, fresh fruit, vegetables, a blue metal suit case and other items. It took him twenty minutes to shop and use a prepaid card to pay. He took his bags down to the alley he came from, casting an illusion to make it look empty while he was there. He levitated the items and cast stasis on the food to keep it fresh, then had everything fly into the metal suitcase which shrank down and put on his keychain. He took a moment to cast a spell of protection on his keychain and his suitcases so he wouldn't worry about damaging them and could locate them if they got lost or stolen.

"Yeah probably should have done that earlier. Ah well"

Jester took a moment to cast a scrying window to find a deserted area at his intended location making sure there weren't any hikers or wild animals. Then he opened a portal and stepped through to the Montana Megaliths. Reaching out with his magic he felt around for a line of power. It was certainly a different feeling than it was on other planets he visited. He sat down on a flat rock along the line and meditated, letting go if his earthly awareness while casting spells to protect and hide his physical body. As his awareness drifted time seemed to slow to a crawl, the sounds of life giving way to their spiritual counterparts. It was calm, serene, peaceful, and then he felt a strong spirit loom over him.

"Begone trespasser. This plane is not for you"

"Uh, hello friend. Are you a spirit guide perhaps? I've come seeking knowledge"

The blurry form cleared into a tall broad shouldered Native American man with one eye. His arms were folded across his chest and his face wore a severe expression.

"Oh great, another fucking kid seeking spiritual enlightenment. What is it the white man says? Piss off!"

"Now look here. I'm a powerful warlock and I'm not going anywhere" Jester said angrily

"Oh, and he's stupid too, what a fucking surprise. Did you not understand piss off? I mean it as in go away, leave, go back to suck on your mother's teat child."

Jester had enough, he thrust both arms forward and yelled as a wave of power rushed forward and struck the spirit. He felt rather satisfied with himself until the power suddenly cut off as the spirit deflected it.

"Yeah, the yelling lets me know how serious you are. You know there's no air here right? You speak with your thoughts"

"What? How?"

"By now"

A wave of power hit Jester like a semi truck. He screamed as he had the sensation of falling from the sky and slammed back down into his body hard. His back and head hit the ground with a thud while the ground around him was burned black and his clothes were singed.

"Owww, fuck."

He lay there a moment holding his head before he tried to heal himself and repair his clothes. He sat there and felt the line of power which seemed unchanged, but the spot felt different. It was like a door had been closed only to him.

"Well, that was unexpected".

Luckily his earlier precautions had protected suit cases on his key chain. He took out another salt crystal and this time grew it to 10 feet tall. He drained it all and a pillar of light shot up like a search light. Jester vanished the useless crystal and moved further along the line. Someone was going to come to investigate that, but he needed to be ready for round two.
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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 10

Post by MasterBlaster » Wed Feb 21, 2024 10:54 pm

Part 10

Jester followed the line for half a mile and found another spot to sit and meditate. He entered the plane again and found it more typical with what he expected. Spirits of animals and plants, other spirits born of prayers and dreams resembling those animals and long forgotten gods, all littered the surreal forest landscape he found himself in. They either ignored Jester, or avoided him, having no interest in lending him power or assistance.

"Any spirits around? I seek guidance and understanding."

A deer approached him.

"What is it you wish to know. I can..."

"Nope, not you djinn. I'm not in the mood for your tricks"

The deer shifted into a short smiling man wearing a pinstriped suit

"Perhaps my true form wou.."

"Would make me trust you? No, and I know that's not your true form. Leave me be."

"Oh come now good sir. You're the first interesting thing here in a while. Djinn can be of great help to mortals. The stories about us are so misleading"

"I know some djinn that are extremely helpful, but djinn like you are just looking to screw with people. No I'm not going to bind you to me or anything I own so you can visit the mortal realm and be amused. That goes for all you djinn"

A group of butterflies giggled and floated away.

"Well, I'll be around if you change your mind"

The spirit changed into a garden snake and slithered away laughing. The ley line seemed to attract the typical spirits he expected like nymphs, faeries, watchers, demons, succubi, incubui, vampires, and many more. Most he was familiar with, but many he had never seen or heard of. He wondered if they were unique to this world, but most wouldn't talk to him long enough for him to gain any clues. Overall they should have been much stronger here on the ley line but they seemed rather weak. He knew spirits were weaker on worlds that didn't practice magic, but they shouldn't be this weak here. He would need to investigate this further another time. Finally he made his way back to the general area he got kicked out of.

"Hello? Hey I have some questions for you"

A cloud formed in front of Jester and large man materialized from it.

"Didn't learn your lesson the last time? Maybe I need to spank you harder this time boy."

"Cut the crap. You don't actually have that kind of power. You just threw my own power back at me. I'm not falling for that again."

"Heh, well you're not as stupid as you look"

A swirl of fur appeared from the mans left and a fox popped out

"I told you. Pay up"

The large man grunted and held out his hand. The fox turned into a fat man who looked Native American but with fox ears. He grabbed his hand and drained a small portion of his spiritual power.

"Thanks. Pleasure doing business with you"

The first man grunted as the fat man turned back into a fox and disappeared into a swirl of fur

"What was that about? Who was that?"

The large man sighed. He was wearing what he imagine Native Americans wore last time, but this time he was wearing blue jeans and a jean jacket.

"My spirit guide. Stupid fox. He bet me you would come back and I wouldn't be able to knock you down with your own power this time. I'm curious how you have so much damn power right now. Anyway what do you want child?"

Jester took a breath, trying to calm himself so he didn't do anything stupid and waste more time.

"You know there's no air here right dummy"

Jester gritted his teeth that weren't teeth

"I know. You're just infuriating. Ok so why are you here specifically and why are these ley lines so weak?"

"No reason not to tell you I guess. I was born on a reservation a hundred and twenty years ago. As young man I foolishly fought in the white mans war trying to make a name for myself, but all I did was loose an eye and gain a sickness. When I came home sought the wisdom of my shamans and discovered my talent to communicate with the ancestors and became a great shaman myself. My tribe was part of a people that had once mastered the physical world with power far greater than what you now possess, and with the help of my angry ancestors I sought to reclaim that power and take revenge upon the white man. This spot was marked so that my spirit would come here when I died to gather power and bring greatness back to our people."

"Uh huh, and how's that going?"

"Smartass. I gave up on that a while ago. With magic so weak and declining every year I'd probably need another thousand years before I could be reborn with the power to do anything. That's a long time to hold on to revenge. It's toxic for your soul, and the way this planet is going it might just be a wasteland by then anyway. Magic needs to be used and fed to grow. It took hundreds of years for the first magic users to walk the earth, and hundreds more before great magic users would rise with powers so great they were as gods. This whole continent was once one people, but they destroyed themselves with their own power and all evidence of their achievements were taken back by the earth. The leftovers became the great empires of Mexico and South America. They guarded their secrets too closely so their magic died slowly withering as does a plant in the shade, until it was too useless and pathetic before the invaders that raped their lands. Similar things happened to the lands on the other side of the world, but I know much less about them. Now the people are dependent on their machines and have less interest in magic which is how it's so pathetic today"

"I see. That makes sense. Gonna need a little more detail than that though. I assume you learned all this from those angry ancestors. Any chance I could talk to them myself"

The big man laughed for a good five minutes at that. Jester waited impatiently for him to finish as there wasn't much else he could do

"No, just no. You are not one of us, and there aren't any more of us either. I can tell you aren't even of this world. Our line has been wiped out anyway. Most of the ancestors have moved on with no blood lines to tie them here. Only a few hold outs like me remain but I too shall move on when the rest of my anger and hate subsides"

Jester chewed on that knowledge for a bit.

"I mean we don't really use magic on my home world either and it's far stronger there than it is hear. Hmmm"

"Don't you though? What do you think flows in that purple blood that give you your other powers?"

"Wha? How did you know the color?"

"Great shaman remember? Smells like some kind of poison ink to me. That power was fueled by the same raw power that turns into magic here. It's all wrong though. Just like magic it ignores the laws of science and physics, but it seems to be changing. It will be interesting to see if your power changes the longer you're here on this planet."

"Why are you telling me any of this. I haven't properly bribed and or threatened you yet. Spirits always require something"

"Boredom. Simple as that. You're helping with my boredom. Just don't torture any tribal people or I'll personally screw with your magic"

"That a threat?"

"No, it's a statement. Now you better hurry back before that park rangers calls a medivac"

"Wha? Ah shit"

Jester snapped back to his body not wanting to risk any more time to do a gentle return. It was nauseating, like bungee jumping.

"Sir, sir are you OK?"

A rugged brown haired woman was leaning over him holding his eyelid open and shining a flashlight in his eyes. She looked to be 5'10 and rather athletic in a rugged sort of way, as though she could hike for days without stopping.

"Ah, yes please stop that"

"Sir are you on any drugs? What are you doing here the park is closed right now?"

"Ah one moment, just let me get on my feet"

"Sir I'm going to need to alert the proper authort-"

She froze when Jester pointed at her, hitting her with a paralyze spell. He took a moment to admire her features before shrinking her out of her clothes and putting the now 2 inch ranger in his underwear. He then eliminating her clothing.

"I guess that light show earlier brought you to me. Stay there for a bit while I make a call."

Jester pulled out a burner phone from his suit case and dialed the number Mr. Johnson had given him.

"Mr. Blackwell? Yes this is him. Just give me coordinates to your location and I'll be there shortly. Use the map application! OK I'll be right over."

Jester scryed the location he was given. He saw a very sickly man and some armed guards, but it didn't look like they were setting up an ambush or anything and he didn't see any snipers trained on the area. There seemed to be some very weak protection spells, beginner shit against demons and bad spirits, but nothing he had to worry about. He disposed of the burner and stepped through a portal to the large room he had scouted earlier.

"Holy shit, that fucker was right!" the sick man exclaimed

The guards all had their hands on their guns but nobody drew. Apparently they had been warned properly. He was happy to avoid another such situation, but part of him was a little sad he wasn't getting new play things this time.

"All right first thing. Tell me what's wrong with you while I check your status with magic"

"Uh, ok? I got cancer, liver cancer. It's spread over my body and the chemo isn't doing enough. I don't have much longer, I could drop dead any second" The man coughed sickly as if to punctuate the point.

Jester could feel the diseased liver. It had a lot of scaring in addition to the cancer, but luckily there as a small piece that was healthy which is all he needed to replace the rest. The cancer had spread all over and was going to be difficult to fully remove.

"It's bad, but fixable. Your cost is 4 million dollars. I'll take cash or crypto"

"Crypto? Fucking hippie. Jack.... JACK"

One of the guards rushed over.

"Go get all the money from the vault and contact the bank. Get a million dollars of that crypto crap NOW!"

The man nodded and rushed to fulfill his duty.

"I got three million in cash here. That's everything. The bank normally puts a hold on large amounts, but these fuckers owe me. Please sit while we wait. It will just take a minute"

"You sure you've have a minute friend"

"I've lived this long."

The man came back with three others, each holding two suit cases. They put them on the floor and opened them

"Do you want to count it or something" Mr. Blackwell asked.

The cases glowed blue for a second and Jester blinked

"Just did. Looks like it's all there. Hey why do you only use denominations of a hundred. I only see a few five hundred bills in there and no thousand dollar bills."

"Because if you're using cash you generally need to use it quickly. Using anything bigger than a hundred looks more suspicious and harder to spend out in the world, and when you're paying for something in cash it's already a little shady"

"The bank is ready sir, they just need a wallet to send it to" Jack said

Jester snapped his fingers a black card with the wallet id appeared before Jack. The guard snatched it out of the air before it fell.

"Transfer the crypto first as a down payment, then we'll start"

"Fuck. Fine. Do it Jack"

Jack called the bank and gave the order. Jester pulled out the smartphone he setup just for his crypto and confirmed when it was transferred.

"All right. This is going to be a little uncomfortable but I need you to hold as still as possible."

Jester reached out with his power, using magic to highlight cancer cells and anything else that didn't belong. He took care of the smaller pockets of cancer first, slowly eliminating it. When he got to the liver he grew the good part of the liver carefully, having the new cells grow and push out the scar tissue and cancer which shrank away to nothing. Carefully he removed the few cells that made their way to the brain and spine. The needles riddling his body disappeared and lines of medicine and fluids drained to the floor. He grew the amount of blood in the man changing the pasty shade of skin into a healthier tone. When he was done he grew the mans sickly muscles just enough so he could stand again and grew back a bit of his red hair.

"There all done. Feel better?"

"Wha? How, I mean..."

The man stood up and looked in a mirror.

"Sandra! Use the device to make sure the cancer is gone. Don't you touch the cases yet"

"Oh, I can wait" Jester said calmly

A nurse came with a similar but more advanced looking scanner than the one Mr. Johnson had. After a few seconds it beeped.

"I can't see any cancer sir. It's all gone!"

The man was looking at himself in the mirror, checking himself not believing what he was seeing or feeling.

"I can't believe it. Uh, how long till I make a full recovery"

"Dude, I'm not doctor. I got rid of your cancer and healed all the damage, but you're gonna need some good ol exercise and sunshine if you want to feel better than you do now"

Mr. Blackwell just gave Jester an annoyed scowl.

"Fine, that's fair. Take your money then. Say, if I knew of any other potential clients for you how would I get a hold of you?"

"Oh, you would be willing to do that for me?"

"Of course, as a thank you for what you just did for me"

"Oh, and it wouldn't be so they would owe you or anything?"

"Fuck you got me. Wait did that bastard Johnson tell you the same thing? That motherfucker."

Jester laughed and snapped his fingers. A black card with his dark web address appeared in his hand.

"Here, just reach out to me here. I'll be going then"

"Do you need my guys to help you with those or.."

Jester pointed up with his finger and the suit cases closed and levitated. He opened a portal back to the woods first just in case.

"Pleasure doing business with you" Jester said as he and the cash disappeared.
The world is a dark place.

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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 11

Post by MasterBlaster » Thu Feb 22, 2024 6:18 am

Part 11

Jade was sitting next to Lucy on the giant bed.

"Pregnant. Do you think it's really true?" Jade asked her

"I don't know. I haven't been here much longer than you. I hate this, I hate him, but, this is something I've wanted more than anything. I could never afford IVF and even if I could my low egg reserves and other issues made it pretty damn unlikely. I thought having children could never happen for me. I fucking want it to be true so bad."

"I don't, I mean I'm happy for you but I don't want it. Even so it's the only thing keeping me from jumping off the bed and trying to end it all. Carpet be damned. It's just, when I think I could be pregnant. Well, accepting it means my old life is over, and I'll never see my husband and children again. I'll have a baby who will never know their family. I mean what if he sells me to some psycho who just crushes my baby like a grape or worse? I can't live with that."

"The devil you know. The only way to not go to someone worse is to make sure he keeps us. I'm thinking of going to Monica and asking her to help us stay."

"Her and those other four he brought the other day seem fine with this, happy even. I don't know what's wrong with them. I've come across women who who won't leave their abusers and hookers who defend their pimps, but this, she practically worships him like a god." Jade said a little disgusted

"Maybe he is, at least to us. Being able to be pregnant is something I prayed for, and if made it happen that's something the God I use to believe in couldn't, or wouldn't do. He can cure fucking cancer, heal deformities, make illusions, teleport with those portal things, make things out of thin air, shrink things, grow things, and he can probably walk on water and turn water into wine like it's a card trick. Maybe for the grand finale we'll see him bring someone back to life. The more I think about what I've already seen him do the more I think he can do just about anything"

"You know, as a cop I didn't use to understand how we wouldn't go after certain powerful people, and even when we did how they managed to get away with a not guilty or escape with a technicality. Well right now I feel like one of those girls who wouldn't testify because they thought that nobody could protect them from that powerful man that raped them or killed their sister. He may be the most powerful man there is now and he really can get away with anything he wants, like making people pets and eliminating the evidence. Maybe all we can do is try to appease him and protect the lives within us." Jade said somberly rubbing her belly

They continued to talk among themselves as they waited for their Master's return. Monica was getting to know Lucinda, Helen, Kai, and Andrea who discussed ways to please their Master as well as what suggestions they could make to him. Bruce and Jessica took the time to have sex and weren't bothered if anyone looked at them or not. The rest just talked among themselves and a few even took the couples cue. Jester arrived after some time stepping through a portal with six suit cases.

"Hello my pets, I have returned"

A series of "Hello Master" and "Hello Sir" came from his bed. Monica rushed to the other side to get as close to him as possible.

"How did it go Master?"

Jester picked up Monica and kissed her.

"It went rather well my pet. I now have three million in cash and another mill in crypto. Enough to start looking for a place I imagine"

"Master, have you given any thought to how you're going to launder the money?"

"What now?"

"Seriously Master." Monica sighed, then kissed his hand.

"Master I guess you don't know about these things, but you can't just buy a house with cash and crypto. You need to put it in a bank. You launder the money so it looks legit. You can't cut corners on this. One of my former pimps tried to be cheap and hired a money launderer that wasn't very good. He ended up in jail for tax evasion"

"Hmmm. That's a good point. I guess I'll reach out to Jacob, the documents guy this evening. For now I want to have some fun with my pets."

Jester kissed top of Monica's head and she laughed as he did so

"Master we are looking forward to that to. Did you bring any new pets to play with?"

"Oh yeah, almost forgot."

With his free hand he reached into his pants and brought out the park ranger he captured earlier, tripling her size and bringing her level with Monica.

"Wha, what's going on? You can't do this to me!"

"Oh Master she needs to be broken in. Excuse me, but what's your name?"

"Huh. I'm Rachel, but never mind that. Don't you see there's a giant, are we in a giant apartment? Who are those people on that giant bed"

Jester paralyzed Rachel for a second while he inspected her.

"Yeah haven't had time to break her in. Don't know if I'm going to keep this one or not so don't get attached just yet. What do you think?"

"Well Master, since you're asking she's OK. I think you can do better, but you could also do worse. Maybe reshape her a bit to suit your tastes?"

"I'll think about it. Now I said I would enjoy you and those four today. Time to keep that promise."

He let go of Rachel and let her fall for a second before slowing her fall. He enjoyed her little scream. He then levitated all the security personnel he intended to sell back onto the carpet while he undressed and got on the bed. He floated Bruce and Jessica over to the table. Finally he moved the bathrooms he made earlier out of the way.

"Jessica I used you this morning, so you just be a good girl and fuck Bruce for now. Oh, and I'll cast fertility on both of you"

With a snap of his fingers the couple glowed blue and was overcome with lust. Then he looked towards the floor.

"You six men over there. Take turns fucking the new girl. The rest of you can fuck if you want, or not. Now as for you two, are you going to play nice or should I send you down there so the other men have something to do."

He looked at Jade and Lucy who obediently walked over and kneeled.

"We surrender. Just don't hurt our unborn children and we'll do whatever you want. Please?"

"Hah you hear that Monica, they are starting to follow your example too."

"Uh, not sure I would go that for Master, but thank you."

He grew her to three feet and put her on his dick while making sure the others will a safe distance away but still close by.

"Oh yes Master. It hurts so good. THANK YOU!"

Monica came almost immediately from the sensation but Jester kept pumping her up and down until he was done making her painfully orgasm another two times. He left her that size so she could lay next to him on his right as he fucked Lucinda, Helen, Andrea, and Kai. The four spent women were now resting on top of Monica like she was their mini giantess, their sweat and smell mixing together. He picked up Jade and looked at her.

"I'm going to cast a spell on you to implant the embryo and protect it in your womb. Don't worry, no matter how rough I am the embryo will stay safe, OK"

"Yes Master. I trust you. I have to"

Jester smiled at that. She did indeed. He grew her to three feet and put the small attractive cop on his dick. He really liked the five obedient girls he just used, but there was something satisfying about Jade finally breaking and giving in. He knew he may never be able to grow her back to full size and trust her, but the same would be true for Lucy. Them giving into him though was such a rush and he fucked with renewed energy. He came in Jade, and then set her on Monica's pussy as he picked up Lucy.

"You stay there Jade. Now as for you, I should take the time to touch you up a little and give you the same protection as Jade."

"What do you, owww"

To him Lucy was hot, yet currently his least attractive pet. He made her face a little more symmetrical, her body a little more toned yet still soft, and adjusted little features here and there. Rather than a complete transformation like Monica, it was more like a very skilled cosmetic touch up. He grew her to half her original size and let her see herself in the mirror.

"Wha? It's still me, but not. Didn't know I could look that way"

Lucy was touching her face while staring at the mirror as if her eyes weren't working properly

"I like it, more important is how you feel" Jester said as he brought her onto his dick.

"Master, please be owww, gentle. I haven't had a lot of sex just so you, oh my god"

Thoughts left her brain as pain and pleasure mixed together. Her tight puss stretched as Jester pumped her up and down, pushing as far in as he possibly could. When he finally came Lucy felt like the cum was going to spill out of her eyes. As he shrank Lucy back down to 1/12th size and laid her on Monica he felt how exhausted his body was, and hungry as well. Gently he gave Monica a deep kiss.

"I could go again Master, but I think us mere mortals need to eat something"

At the mention of food Jester's stomach growled causing him to blush slightly. Monica stifled a giggle trying not to disturb the still exhausted dolls her master had trapped her under.

"I guess that goes for you too Master".

Jester kissed her again and gently got up using a bit of magic to not disturb the bed. He cast a spell to refresh the girls so they could start getting up and did the same for himself. Once the girls crawled off her he returned Monica to her smaller size. He then levitated those on the floor back onto the bed, even with one man deep in Rachel. He also flew Bruce and Jessica back to the bed who were cursing at the interruption.

"After you cum leave the new girl alone for now. OK let's see"

He got his keychain and took off his new blue metal suit case and restored it, taking the food out and putting it in the fridge except for some bread, lunch meat, cheese, and chips he floated over to the table. He made two turkey sandwiches, one of which turned into 1,728 1/12 scale sandwiches. He did the same with the chips and a few condiment packets before he floated all the mini food to the bed. He simply ate at the counter this time."

"Eat up everyone. Nothing too fancy for lunch."

He saw Monica looked a little disappointed so he levitated her over to him. She gave a little squeak at the unexpected movement.

"What's wrong my pet. Don't like sandwiches?"

"I just want to eat with you my Master. I like spending time with you is all. Can you bring the others too?"

He noticed Helen, Kai, Andrea, and Lucinda looking a little jealous so he flew them over as well. He would have forced Jessica if Bruce wasn't balls deep in her. As for Lucy and Jade he left them on the bed for now not wanting to let them think it was easy to gain favored status.

"You little girls can't be without me now can you?"

"No sir." they all said causing Jester to smile.

He made sure to take time to fondle each of them as he ate. They all seemed to enjoy the attention, though he could tell Kai was a little embarrassed and tried to hide how she felt. She was the most reserved of the bunch but her tiny body had a unique and delicate feel when he held it.

"Master I was wondering if we could talk to you about more pets, if you'll take our input that is" Monica looked at him shyly

"OK, sure" Jester was curious about where this was going

"Well, I'm hoping you allow us to interview any pets you'd want to keep. We accept that you'll collect many more in the future, and being among your favorites is something we always have to work at. It should never be taken for granted. Even so we'd like to make sure that any you keep won't cause issues among us, and also how to get those most money out of those you sell. We all have ideas on things to keep us entertained when we're not with you and how to punish anyone who breaks the rules, even if it's us."

"You know, that's a good idea. Approved, I'll trust you five to vet any newbies and we'll talk about the rest later. You know, I can create a lot of different equipment for shrunken pets using magic. I memorized how to make them to prepare for the day I'd get my own pets. It just takes a lot of magic power and concentration to make these things from nothing.

"Couldn't you just make like a small version and then grow it to the size you need to conserve your magic power?"

"That's a good idea, but no unfortunately I have to make it how I memorized it. This isn't the biggest space so most of that will wait until I buy us a house. Speaking of which time to contact Jacob and see what he can do. I'll let you guard the suitcases" He said with a wink.

"With our little lives Master" Monica said with a smile.

Jester put them back on the bed while he contacted Jacob. He was hesitant at first, but when Jester mentioned he could trade Rachel for some help and sent him a picture the man was very eager to do business. He gently grabbed the man who was fucking Rachel and put him to the side. Then he picked up the little crying forest ranger. She still had defiance in her eyes, but she wasn't going to be his problem anymore.

"Looks like you're part of a trade little one"
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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 12

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Part 12

edit: corrected number of security personnel left.

Jade awoke with a start. She found herself on an unfamiliar surface. It was a coarse wire blanket on a soft surface. It took her a moment to realize where she was.

"Ugh, I guess this is my life now" Jade said with a sigh

"Yup, you're just a toy sleeping on a giants balls" Lucy said.

Lucy was awake lying on her back as if she had been up for a while.

"Fuck. Yeah. This is better than being stuck in his shoe for hours at least. Crap, and I could be pregnant. Still doesn't seem real to me."

"At least you slept well. I've been listening to you two snore for the past couple of hours. Can't stop thinking about how wrong this all is" Lucy complained

"Wha? Who else? Oh" Jade turned and saw Monica sleeping peacefully

"Yup, we got put in with her. Somehow the fact that she so happy about the situation makes it worse. I know it's terrible to say, but at least if it was Bruce, or even Jessica we could all be miserable together. I know we have to accept we're his toys or we'll go crazy, but her being so happy about it, just grrrrr you know." Lucy said shacking her fists for effect.

"Yeah I know what you mean. I was ready to kill myself before he said I was pregnant. Now I'm trying to force myself to behave and trying to take a cue from Jessica. She still hates all this but he's been treating her better as she's been acting more compliant"

"He didn't have her gang raped" Lucy said angrily

"I know. Same for his favorites" Jade she said it with a sneer and a gesture towards Monica

"I've seen pimps do that to new girls to break their spirit and thought I understood how bad it was. I had no clue. I wish I was more understanding back then. The punishment and abuse has messed me up. I'm finding it harder to hate him and easier to hate myself even though I've been raped and treated like toe lint. I also wish that a desk job could have been enough for me. What was I doing going on that stupid undercover op just to get intel? I should have stayed home with my family instead of following my stupid sense of justice and taking needless risks." Jade said with a far away look

"Doing your job shouldn't ruin your life" Lucy said.

"Thanks, but no, thinking about it something was bound to happen to me. There were countless times I could have just wound up dead, or worse put my family in danger. There were too many risks I didn't need to take especially when I had a family to take care of. I guess I just always had to prove I wasn't another weak girl. I was rather lucky until this giant asshole showed up" Jade lamented

"So what are we supposed to do now, just accept this?"

"No, you should fight in any way we can, or at least that's what I would like to tell you. Truth is I keep thinking about being pregnant again. If I'm not, or I am and something happens to the child that's it for me. I seriously might just close my eyes and die, but if I'm a mother again I need to do whatever it takes to safeguard this child. I'll suffer any punishment, any humiliation, any torture for my baby. My child will come before anyone or anything else. I can't tell you what to do, but for me I'll kill my sense of Justice and what I think is right to protect my children. I won't make the mistake of putting righteous justice first ever again." Jade said rubbing her belly

"I wish you would say you didn't want the baby, so then I could say I don't want mine. Damn it I do though. How can I accept this even though I hate him?"

"I'm going to do what I used to tell women not to do. I'm going to look for the good in him, I'm going to try to please him in exchange for my child's safety, and I'm going to try to encourage him to be better. Maybe it's karma for all the times I sat across from women in interview rooms and scoffed at them or called them stupid for suggesting shit like that. Also, if you keep resisting, the punishment will make you give in, and if that happens you'll be less able to protect your baby than if you had tried to gain his favor."

They lay there in silence for a time when suddenly their world began to move. Jester woke up looking down at his chest to see Jessica there starting to wake up from his movements. He wasn't sure yet if he wanted one or two pets to sleep on his chest, or even if he wanted to keep doing it, but he would let them all do it at least once before he decided how he felt about it.

"Good morning Master" Jessica said with a yawn.

"Good morning my pet. Did you sleep well?"

"Surprisingly yes. You're like a very warm bed. Kind of sad to get up."

Jester smiled and petted her. She willingly leaned into it and Jester was happy she was starting to accept her place. He didn't have any illusion that she would suddenly start acting like Monica, but it was nice. He knew it was going to be rare to find pets as willing and obedient as Monica and the security personnel. Now that he'd given her a little attention he reached into his underwear and brought out the three girls trapped inside. While Jade and Lucy were wide awake Monica was sleepily waking up in his hand as he tripled her size.

"Oh. Good morning Master. I'm sorry, I was just sleeping so good. I feel very comfortable and safe down there, like you're hugging and comforting my whole body"

Jester found himself blushing slightly at that comment.

"Glad to hear it, now you three do your morning duty"

"Yes Master" they all said.

Jester held Jessica in his hands, fondling her as the other three women started working on his cock. Monica was especially enthusiastic about carrying out her task. She was very particular about using her long soft hair against his shaft which almost seemed to paralyze his entire body when she did it just right. He let go of Jessica as he came so that he wouldn't accidentally crush her. Monica laughed as his cock exploded and showered the three women with his cum. Jessica laid flat on his chest taking the opportunity to listen to his panting and to let herself be covered in his sweat and his smell. The girls started to eat his cum without having to be told. When Jessica got up to join them Jester picked her up and brought her to sit on his mouth.

"Oh Master, I like were this is going"

She moaned as tongue separated her legs and worked it's tip inside of her. The sensation of the his taste buds exploring her woman hood caused her to loose all reason. Rhythmically she rocked in sync to his tongue until she came and yelled loud enough to startle the other three women cleaning up the cum. Monica whooped and cheered as the other two just sighed and rolled their eyes before getting back to work. Jester put Jessica back on his chest and let her lay there for a bit.

"All right pets time to get clean. I'll give you a bit to relieve yourselves. Having you all go in the sink and then washing you is too time consuming"

Jester had created another set of bathrooms and fountains that sat on the floor. He was going to need to figure out something a little different though as they took up a lot of space and he wasn't pleased with their plastic white appearance. Still flush with magic power he levitated all his pets to the bathroom after giving them a bit of time to use the stalls. He turned on the sink and washed them in an assembly line fashion, taking time to inspect and admire each of their bodies as he cleaned them and floated them back to the bed. It was so powerful to hold big strong men and women in his hands, washing them and feeling them however he wanted while they obediently accommodated him. Knowing that it was all to easy to injure them with just a little too much pressure. He was a little sad to be giving back ten obedient pets today, but it was good money and he could always get more.

"I hope you know why your last my pet" Jester said looking at Monica.

"So I can shower with you?" she asked hopefully

Jester just laughed. He left her floating while he drained his bladder. As he sat down he grew her to half sized and sat her on his lap. She leaned against him as she did so.

"Oh master, this is so gross, but I don't want to be anywhere else right now."

"Oh come on, pretend you're suffering a little bit for me"

Monica laughed a little.

"OK my Master. Oh the smell, oh so gross!" she said dramatically.

Jester just laughed. Monica knew she should be offended he was being a little gross, but it made her happy he was just being himself. Despite all his power and abilities at this moment he was just another young man and tried not to admit to herself that she was falling in love with him. When he was done he walked her into the shower, then she grew to her full height. Before she might have been as tall as him, but now she was over six feet tall and felt like a nervous girl showing herself to a boy for the first time.

"Master! Oh, my. Are you sure? I mean I want this"

He put a finger on her lips silencing her. He took in her beauty admiring how perfect he made her.

"You're my pet. I'm going to enjoy every bit of you right now." Jester said as he tilted her head down and kissed her.

She wanted to tell him that he shouldn't trust her so easily, that he should use magic to make sure she couldn't do anything against him first, that she wasn't worthy, and a million other things that didn't matter as their lips touched and his tongue entered her mouth clumsily. She lost all ability to think as she pleasured him in the shower. She lost count of how many times he came in her and on her. Eventually he stopped using magic to keep himself going and she felt like she would collapse on the ground. She held him to hold herself up, his head against her neck and collar bone.

"Master. I know it hasn't been long enough, but I love you. I really love you, and it's ok if you don't love me right now, just know that I do, and I'm yours. Always"

"I know my pet. I can't tell you the same yet. Maybe soon I will, or it may be never. I don't know"

"I can accept that. I'll do anything for you Master"

He kissed her and shrank her back down to 1/12 her size while holding her against his chest. Monica felt a great pressure had been released that she didn't even know was building. She let him know her feelings and that was all she could do. It was up to him now, just as she felt it always should be. Jester took her back to the bed with the others and got out his laptop to check who Mr. Johnson wanted delivered.

Jester was given a list of ten today for another million in bitcoin. Eight men and two women. That meant there were still eight men and three women left. Jester considered that it would be nice to get the last 1.1 million tomorrow, but he was willing to bet Mr. Johnson wouldn't buy back all of them, or maybe he would just leave all eleven with Jester. Well that would be fine as he'd already gotten almost two million out of the man plus the four million from Blackwell. He put a clean towel on the bed and called out ten names and they obediently got into position without him having to say another word.

"Almost a shame to return such obedient toys. Well let me have a look at you two"

He picked up the two women who stood at either side of the eight kneeling men. In his left was a pretty five and a half inch Indian woman with perfect caramel skin and shiny black hair. In his right was slightly taller red head with curly red hair she tied back in a braid and a nice curvy figure. They were both smiling at him.

"You two seem rather ready for this"

"Yes sir, this is something of a fantasy of ours. Well several fantasies all in one and it's the only time we'll get to have it" The Indian in his left said.

"Well then, you two better make the most of it"

Jester brought the two beauties to his dick and they did their best to wrap around it. He alternated hands positioning them to get the maximum amount of stimulation. He felt tired from his earlier activity so it took him a while to get off, but the girls seemed to enjoy the experience. When he finally came he almost collapsed on the floor from exhaustion but he used magic to prop himself up. His cum splashed on the men kneeling on the towel with their mouths open. It was a large load because of the extra virility spell he cast on himself but the did their best to clean it up before it dried. He put the two women down on the towel to help them. He sat on a chair and took a moment to recover. He waited until they ate all the cum they could then snapped his fingers and cleaned them and the remainder with magic. The little pets also found themselves dressed with the clothes they originally came with while Jester was wearing his purple suit which he had washed the day before. Absently he made a gesture for the stalls and fountains that attached to the bed to move back in place

"All right my pets. I'll be back"

He levitated the ten people he was taking and stepped through a portal to Mr. Johnson's place arriving right on time. He was looking rather healthy today and it was hard to believe that just a few days ago he'd been at deaths door.

"Ah there you are. Thanks for not showing up too early. I appreciate you looking more sharp today, but uh, purple? And a top hat?"

"I'll have you know this is rather normal where I'm from"

Jester lowed the security personnel to the ground and returned them to their original sizes. He thought some of them wore expressions like they were disappointed to be back, but it could have just been his imagination. As the walked over to the head of security Mr. Johnson motioned for Jack to release the funds.

"Pleasure doing business with you. I think that's all the personnel I need back"

"Oh, you're OK with leaving me with eleven of your people?"

"No, I just can't to spend another 1.1 million dollars right now! Don't get me wrong they're worth more than a hundred thousand each with all the training and effort I've put in to them, most of them anyway, but I need that money for other activities. It's unfortunate, but I have the security personnel I need for now. My... lets just say, business interests, have suffered while I was sick and it's going to take a lot of money and effort to rebuild. Perhaps I can buy some of them back in say, two weeks?"

"I don't know, I may just keep them. They make surprisingly obedient toys. It takes a lot of work to train a pet to be as useful and obedient as they are."

"I can see that. Then again in your position I'd rather take the time to train them from... well anyway I have one more recommendation for you. It's bone cancer and she can only pay half a million right now, but she's actually a pretty powerful politician"

"Bone cancer? Might be a bit difficult. What do you get out of it and why should I accept such a cheap client"

"Because she's on the Intelligence committee as well as Armed Services. If any of the alphabet boys is going to come after you for what you can do she's someone you'd want on your side. She's a ruthless bitch, but she has her fingers in all the X-Files type crap. She's spent most of her fortune tracking down fake cures, legends, and experimental treatments."

"Alphabet boys?"

"You know, CIA, FBI, other organizations that love their initials and stupid names. Anyway you healed two rich bastards already and she's already desperate to find out how I recovered. If you keep doing this she's going to find a way to track you down, compromise you, and make you work for her even if she has to sedate you, cut open your skull, and wire in a chip. If you go to her now though she'll owe you and promise you damn near anything to cure her."

"What's to stop her from doing that anyway?"

"Because politicians still need support from rich Bastards like me, and the people I'm going to recommend you to. The more you help them, the more they can pressure politicians and government agencies. Maybe I'll teach you about how important political donations are sometime."

"OK, and why do you want to help me out and shield me?"

The man just started laughing so hard he choked and a guard rushed to him with an open bottle of water.

"Ah, yes, thanks. Damn kid I'm going to die laughing like that. Anyway you're a smart boy. What do you think?"

"Because if she captures me or takes me out you can't use me. You're also afraid of getting sick again in the future so you want to stay on my good side and able to help you just in case"

"Absolutely. What else?"

"Uhhh... You're planning something aren't you? The people you're thinking of recommending me to, you're only going to do it if you need them to do something for you, and they still have to pay me. You cheeky bastard."

"Hah, you're not wrong. That's about the core of it. Trust me though you're going to be a rich man soon. Heal her and they'll be lining up to hand over everything they own"

"You didn't."

"Hey I won the bid. If I'd seen you heal just one other person I knew though I would have handed over everything I own. Blame yourself for stating that auction so cheap."

"Fair enough."

"Anyway here's her number. I would suggest when you contact her teleport, or whatever it is you do to get here, to a place outside the US."
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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 13

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Part 13

Jester was at a small beach in Brazil. The sun was nice but he couldn't enjoy it in his suit. He would have to come back here wearing something more comfortable. Looking around he briefly thought about taking back some new pets, but being greedy and careless could bring him trouble he didn't need. He could come back any time he wanted. He could be patient. Using the burner phone he bought from the street vendor he made the call.

"Hello, senator Cindy Bell? Yes this is the man Hal Johnson recommended. Just give me the coordinates of where you want to meet and I'll see you within the hour. Oh, you know I'm in Brazil and you'd like to see me try? Very well."

Jester hung up the burner phone and destroyed it with a small burst of lightning from his hand. He scryed the location the senator had given him and found it was a little more difficult than normal. After a bit of effort though he got a clear picture. She was in a living room with two large and armed body guards. He saw various items with magical power which was why scrying was a little harder than normal. Those little trinkets she was protecting herself with wouldn't do much against him. There didn't seem to be any other security or special concerns otherwise. Satisfied he'd seen all he needed to he opened a portal to the senator's living room.

"Good afternoon senator"

The brunette older white woman sitting on the couch in a blue business suit jumped as Jester appeared. Both men drew their guns but Jester shrank the weapons into nothing before their hands even got inside their coats. After a second of confusion the white bald man on the left started charging Jester to try and tackle him, only to find himself suddenly six inches tall. The other man froze not sure what to do.

"Now should we get to business? This is mine now by the way."

The small body guard levitated to Jester's hand and he gave him a slight squeeze causing him to cry out in pain and alarm.

"How did you get in here?"

"And here I thought you were told in advance about me."

"Well yes, but still. Walter, just sit."

The other body guard looked like he had been about to run or call for help, but at her command he slowly sat down not taking his eyes of Jester.

"Now tell me how did you get in here. Did you steal technology from the Russians? Even if you say magic this place is protected. Tell me what trick you used!"

"Now why would I just tell you that? I need to keep my secrets after all."


"Yes, and I'm sure you'll send more of these after me shortly"

Jester held up the security guard and again gave him a squeeze making him cry out louder.

"STOP! Stop that! OK, just, can you put him back?"

"First lets talk about why I'm here, then we'll see about him."

The woman sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose like she was holding back a headache. Jester cast paralysis on the little man to stop his struggles and keep him quiet.

"OK, fine. Gosh darn it. Well if you can do this much I guess the old man wasn't just full of hot air. So I hear you can cure cancer among other things."

"Yes. There are of course limits. I have to say you don't look sick. Is it for you or someone else?"

"It's for me. I have bone cancer. I had it before and beat it into remission, thought I had beat it. Six years later the buggers come back stronger than ever. I've been getting treatment but it's metastasized in my brain and they can't get it out without killing me"

"Shame that. I must say you look pretty good for a dying woman."

"Thanks. Lets just say I've been taking special medicine to hide my condition, but it's not enough to cure me, just slow the devil down and make me look healthy"

"OK, let me take a look. As for you friend you going to be a good boy and stay put or do I have to make you into a doll too? You look ready to try something"

"I'll.... I'll stay here. You don't need to worry about me." the other security guard said defeated.

Jester just nodded and reached into her body with his power. He could feel several magics in the woman protecting her against attack, but they were hardly a barrier to him. He saw the cancer had indeed found it's way deep in her skull among other sensitive areas.

"Looks like it started in your left leg and spread out. I can see the piece in your skull too. Going to be a delicate job. Normally I'd say this would cost you at least a Million, two for having a body guard that attacked me. For you though, I'll settle for five hundred thousand in cash or bitcoin, and a favor."

"That's outrageous! I'll pay three hundred thousand and not a penny more!"

"Oh that's simply not worth my time. I'll be going now."

The woman panicked as he moved to get up.

"Wait wait wait! OK, look I have four hundred thousand in cash in my hidden vault. I can get you the rest in bitcoin tomorrow but not today. I would owe you big time and help you out whenever I could. Nobody will find you if you don't want them to. Please?"

Jester pretended to think about it for a second.

"OK. I'm going to wreck some of your magical protections though. They're in my way and pretty weak anyway. Now just hold still"

Carefully he shrunk the cancer down to nothing while growing the healthy parts of her body to fill the gaps. Her protections slowed him down, but only slightly. When he was done he used a vitality spell to physically make her five years younger.

"That wasn't too bad. I have to say you're prettier than I thought"


The senator got up and looked at herself in the mirror. The body guard looked concerned at her change of appearance but said nothing.

"Did, did you make me younger? I look 40 but better!"

"Something like that. It's like your body is about five years younger. It helped me strengthen your immune system specifically to fight off cancer in the future. Wouldn't want my new special friend dying anytime soon after all. Now how about you get me my money. If you want to wait to verify my work that's fine, I'm in no rush"

"You're not worried I'd try to stiff you"

"Only if you want to end up like him"

Jester held up the bald man in his hand.

"I get your point. OK, well I certainly feel better. Walter get the man his money. I'm still going to verify I'm cured. Don't get me wrong I don't assume you would take advantage of me, you'd regret it if you did, but a girl has to be sure."

"Sure I get it. Here's a bitcoin wallet you can send the money to, and a dark web address where you can reach me"

Jester snapped his fingers and ice formed in his hand, shattering and revealing a black card with the information. Now that he had an abundance of magic power he was going to do variations of this with all the elements to find the most impressive way to produce his little cards.

"Wow, impressive, but was that necessary?"

"Of course it was."

"Right, now one other thing. Could I have my other body guard back, the way he was?"

"Oh I don't know. I was thinking of training him and selling him to some lonely woman. I could sell him back to you for, say, another hundred thousand."

"FU-, I mean, that's a lot of money. I suppose it's not a lot for the kinds of things I deal with, but my personal budget is no where close to my government budget. How about just as a personal favor to me? I'm sure I could make it up to you with an extra two hundred thousand in a CIA drop or something. I'd really owe you"

"Hah, OK. Here you go"

Jester floated the man to the center of the room and grew him back, releasing the paralysis at the same time. The man slowly backed away from Jester and looked like he want to run and hide under something. Walter came back with a heavy black brief case which he handed to Jester.

"Senator, it's been a pleasure. Let me know if any of your friends need my services. Only people who can pay and you trust can be discreet of course, but I don't need to tell you that."

"I have a few in mind I'll send your way, and no you don't."

"Another time"

With that Jester made a portal to a flat desert in Mexico before heading back to his temporary apartment.
The world is a dark place.

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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 14

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Part 14

Jester dropped the suit case off with the money launderer before heading back home.

"Hello my pets. Everyone gather around"

Jester disposed of the breakfast food he left out for his bets making sure not to leave any crumbs on the bed and cleaned them all with magic.

"All right that done you security personnel who are left. Looks like all of you are staying. Now let me get a good look at you, not you four over there with Monica of course but the rest of you."

Jester was surprised that none of the remaining men and women seemed concerned. The just went off to the side and stood in front of him at parade rest, hands behind their backs, looking up at him. He picked up the first man who was also the oldest. He looked to be in his forties with scars all over his body yet was very fit. The man rested comfortably in his grip not at all concerned about being naked and at his mercy.

"You guys don't seem to bothered about the situation"

"What can I say, these past few days may as well have been a vacation. If you're just going to use us as sex toys and make us eat your cum that's an improvement from the life we were leading before. Most of us prefer this, and the two guys that don't can't argue it's a worse life than we had before."

"OK, not what I was expecting. So you want this? No desire to be free?"

"It's not my first choice no, but it's better than the alternative. As for being free what would I even do? If you didn't want me and just put me out on the street I'd just go back to Mr. Johnson. Faced with that I'd rather just stay here and serve you if you'll have me"

"You all feel that way?"

"Yes sir" they said in unison.

"Shit, what have you guys gone through that you all feel that way"

"Sir, I could tell you but it's going to take more than the rest of the day. The others have their own stories as well as they often went on different missions"

Jester leaned him back in his left hand. With his right hand he rested his index finger on the man's chest, slowly feeling the muscles and scars on the man's body. He had previously healed his long term injuries but didn't bother with the cosmetic ones. The man simply laid their obediently no matter where Jester touched him, though of course he did stiffen when Jester got to his crotch, but still he didn't complain. The little man got hard as he was manipulated. Jester liked the feeling of power he had as the little man obediently submitted to him. The rest of them acted largely the same.

"Since you're mine now I'm going to take the time to remove all your scars and change your appearance a little"

"As you wish it sir"

Jester removed the man's scars and grew his muscles making him more intimidating and fit. The little man was already just over six inches but grew to six and a half as his bones were straightened and strengthened. He also cleaned up the little bit of lung damage he had missed earlier and brought the man's physical age from his forties back into his prime.

"Tell me your name, what kind of training you've had, and what you did for the old man."

"My name is John, forty two years old, trained in firearms, analysis, counter intelligence, tactics, and guerilla warfare. I started training when at eleven years old when Johnson bought me off my addict mother for a hundred dollars. Since then I've acted as security for various locations and run some illegal operations in other countries to secure my employer's interests. Mr. Johnson likes to leave that work to the younger guys though so when I got older I transitioned to his personal security team. I've had to silence a few people and dispose of a few bodies in that role"

"Sounds exciting, you don't miss it?"

"No. A man can only do so much killing like that before they start to loose it. Sometimes I hear the children that... no, never mind."

"What if I wanted you to do the same for me"

"Sir, I don't mind if you want me to be your security. We all think you will need it and understand we have to earn your trust before you let us. As for the other stuff, well, I'd rather you just keep me as a sex toy. I'm not gay, but you exerting your power over me like this is nice. I'll do whatever you want of course. It's up to you Master, just, I can't do that work anymore."

"I see. I'm going to keep you all as toys for now, but I'm thinking pretty soon I'll need security at least to keep watch while I sleep and may sure the pets I gather for sale don't escape. You prove obedient and I'll think about it."

He put John down and went through the rest of the seven men altering them to be physically imposing at about six and half inches tall with large strong muscles and in peak physical condition with a body that was in it's prime. If he restored them to full size they would all be physically imposing at six and a half feet tall and could be mistaken for professional body builders. There was Saul a long black haired man who was an expert sniper, Alex a native American sniper and survivalist, Chen an Asian explosives expert and piolt, Jake a black expert martial artist and close combat expert, Hal an excitable red hair wheel man who said he could drive anything, Kyle a heavy machine gunner and sniper spotter, and Brad communications expert who had a fondness for bladed weapons.

For the women he also brought them to their prime and peak physical condition though he also altered them to match his idea of beauty with long straight hair and clear complexion. First was Sandy, a five and a half inch black haired woman he stretched and grew to six inches, she specialized in assassination and infiltration, Betty a black five inch petite linguist he altered to accentuate her petite features, and Andrea a tall six inch red headed Tech expert and hacker whom he made slightly taller while also greatly increasing the size of her muscles.

"Well Bruce looks like you won't be the only little guy any more. Must be happy about that"

The little man didn't seem to agree that this was a good thing. Jester ignored him and gently picked up Monica.

"You and your friends are going to evaluate those eleven, mostly because I want you to feel good about it. I trust your judgement so don't hold back any concerns about them you might develop. Understand?"

"Yes, of course my Master. Thank you for letting me do this and for agreeing to let those four help me. I won't let you down."

Jester put Monica back on the bed and she started on her task while Jester started to get lunch ready. While he could use magic to suppress his hunger he figured his pets were pretty hungry at this point. He got out some grilled chicken and steamed vegetables from the fridge. When he removed the stasis field the food was still hot. He magically cut some small portions for his pets and floated them over to the bed while he started eating. The little people were indeed famished and didn't need any prompt from him to rush towards the food. He now had eleven female, and nine male pets. It was a shame that Bruce, Jessica, Jade, and Lucy weren't as obedient as Monica and the former security personnel, but he would just have to spend more time training them. He decided that he didn't want to get rid of any of them, and perhaps Jessica at least might come around. When he was done he picked up Andrea and sat in a chair, growing her to three feet tall.

"Oh Master, is this what I think it is" Andrea asked as she felt his cock though his pants

"Indeed. I need to break you three in and you're first" Jester replied.

Jester snapped his fingers and his clothes vanished from his body and were instantly on the floor. He grabbed the red head by the hips and forced his dick into her. She squealed with pain and pleasure as he moved her up and down. Slowly at first to loosen her up as he blocked her pain receptors slightly. Jester made sure that Monica got a good view of him admiring the look of awe and admiration on her face. He kept Andrea on the line between pleasure and pain, going slow and drag it out while she worshiped him.

"You belong to me pet."

"I belong to you Master"

"Repeat that until I cum"

She did as he commanded, a brainwashing mantra coming from her lips and invading every cell in her body. When he couldn't take going slow anymore he started going faster, her sweat rolling off her body and mixing in his own. Finally when Andrea felt like she was being split in two he came jamming himself into her as hard as he could. When reason started to return to him he became aware of Andrea leaning against his stomach, her body practically stuck against him with sweat. He rubbed her back pressing her into him lightly as he felt the heat and weight of her body. He healed the damage done to her womanhood and shrank her back down to six inches when she had recovered a little. He had to use a bit of magic to clean himself and the chair before doing the same to Sandy and Betty. Finally he grew Monica to three feet tall and sat her on his thigh.

"Oh, is it my turn Master?"

"Not yet, but it will be my pet. I wanted to talk to you." Jester said as he playfully rubbed her back

"What about my Master?"

Monica put her palms on his chest and slowly felt him, trying to focus on his words and not get lost in his smell or her desire for him.

"I have twenty pets now and we are going to need more space. I could keep you all in this small room, but I want to set up amusements and other nice things for you guys, but that requires space. I have a few things in mind to help you discipline the others. I also want to start gathering pets to sell and perhaps a few more to keep. We currently have three million cleaned we can spend on a house. Sure more money will come later, but I'd rather count on what I have right. You my pet are going with me to help look for a place"

"Really Master! Oh that's so exciting. Thank you." she said as she tried to hug him and kissed his chest.

"I suppose I need to get you some clothes then. I figured we'd explore the city and see what's available."

"Uh Master, do we need to stay in this city if you can just make a portal to anywhere?"

"Well no, I guess not. Does it matter?"

Monica just sighed. It was easy to forget that he was still a boy, a boy who wasn't even from this world and lacked the common knowledge that was so obvious to her. He could see the same thoughts on the faces of some of his other pets.

"Master, three million can get you a nice little house here, but I think you deserve better. Depending on the area you can get a large house on the ocean, or a bigger house on a lake. You can even get a mansion if that's what you want"

"Oh, and what do you think I should get?"

"Master, it's your decision of course, but I think you should get a large mansion with a focus on security. A mansion with a large property line that's clear and easy to secure, like maybe former farmland. It should also have a panic room, and a basement or something where you can keep pets to sell or those that need training"

"Why do I feel like you have a diagram of this place in your head already?"

Monica just blushed saying nothing for a moment

"I just want what's best for you Master"

"Anything else?"

"A large pool would be nice, so you could enjoy us girls looking sexy for you, or to party when you feel like it."

"Good points. I'm glad I found you Monica. We'll go get you some clothes and look for homes in a bit, but first"

Jester grew her to full sized and kissed her as he gently floated the rest of his pets off the bed and on to the floor.
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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 15

Post by MasterBlaster » Wed Feb 28, 2024 6:59 am

Part 15

Jester and Monica were taking a break from house hunting, sitting at a coffee shop in Seattle. Jester had cast around them a barrier so nobody would hear what they said and to everyone else it would look like they sat in silence.

"Master, have you put some thought into making a slave mark?"

"Yes, I've got the design mostly down. It will prevent anyone I brand with it from acting against me. It will also protect them from magic and other size changers, not that I expect we'll come across any, allow me to communicate telepathically with the subject, make it easier to target them for spells, and let me instantly change places with them instantly even if they're in another reality. Adding anything else seems to make the magic circuit very unstable."

"I'll take your word for it Master. I still would like you to teach me magic help you, when you have the time. Do you want to try your slave brand on me first?"

"You want it? I was thinking I wouldn't need it with you since I trust you so much"

"Oh Master. Thank you so much, but I do want your mark permanently marking me as yours. Also, I use to be an addict for what seemed like a long time. When you found me I thought I had gotten over it, but being in your power I realized that I was just fighting it every day. Not having a choice made things so much easier. I'd rather you brand me. I would never break your trust and would rather kill myself than betray you, but it would make things easier for me if I didn't even have that potential choice."

"Those drugs must have done a number on you"

"Yes, they did. A pimp got me addicted to make me easier to control. I was willing to do whatever it took to get my next fix and I didn't care who got hurt. When I'm with you it's fine, but I worry when you're gone those urges will come back and fighting them means I'm not serving you the best I can. Better to just not leave me a choice. It's what I want, please?"

Jester wiped the tears from her eyes

"Well I can't say no when you put it like that my beautiful pet. Now where to next? I don't think Seattle is for me, too gloomy, and expensive."

"Well sir, today we can still hit LA. Tomorrow you have an appointment with the realtor in Montana to show you a few properties, and we could stop by the one in Ohio if there's time. The day after is when the Texas realtor can see us. I'm glad your friend was able to recommend realtors who wouldn't ask too many questions, but it's annoying to have to schedule around them"

"I wouldn't call Mr. Johnson a friend exactly. Anyway it will be fine for our first home my pet. Now let's get going"

They spent the next couple of days looking for just the right place. Jester finally settled on a modern mansion in Texas outside of Dallas. The mansion was white with sharp angles and sat on a large piece of fenced land. It was already wired with numerous cameras and a fully self contained security system. Jester liked that rather than having the camera feeds sent somewhere else everything stayed on the mansion. There were two panic rooms, a storm shelter with supplies for twenty for two years, and an overbuilt walk in vault. It seemed the previous owner was rather paranoid and was selling the home after having built a more secure, more isolated home out in Montana. It was three million well spent.

Jester already had thirty million in cleaned money, and another ten million that still needed to be processed. Healing the sick had certainly paid well, but he didn't count on it lasting forever. It was time to start gathering and selling pets like he originally planned to do. In the large Master bedroom he setup an apartment complex with two levels of ten inch tall apartments forty wide with a transparent wall facing him that opened. Each had it's own plumbing and electricity while also being detachable in case he needed to drag them out. He connected it to a park area with a track and exercise area. Below the track was a weight room filled with multiple sets of equipment. Finally he added another area next to it with yoga mats and aerobic equipment that caught plenty of sunlight and would give him a good view of his pets exercising.

"Wow Master. You made all this" Monica said surprised as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Yes my pet. That sure took a lot of power. I'm going to need a minute. Next time, I'll just buy the workout equipment and shrink it." Jester said as he kissed her back.

"Now put all the pets in there on the track except for John. Let him pick out his apartment first though."

Jester laid down on his bed to rest and Monica obeyed. They had brought everything from his temporary apartment before he got started and his pets were all crowded on a table waiting for him to finish. He noticed she took pleasure feeling the little people in her hands and even took the time to tease a few. He didn't mind her rubbing and kissing a little cock or pussy as they were all his toys, toys he shared with her. She was his toy too of course, but even if he didn't want to admit it she was becoming something more. When she was done she brought over John and put him on Jesters crotch before laying down in bed next to him.

"You wanted to see me sir?"

"Yes. I think it's time you become my head of security. You're going to guard the place while Monica and I go collect some new pets."

"Sir? You're going to make me big again? I mean sure I want to, it's just how do you know you can trust me?"

"Oh, you're just worried if I make you big I'll do the same for someone I shouldn't, like Lucy"

"Well, I don't mean to question your judgement, but yes that's exactly what I worry about. You haven't tested my loyalty or anything. You can trust me, absolutely, and it's your call, it's just, well, I'm just concerned, especially if I'm responsible for your security."

Jester reached over and rubbed the back of the nervous little man.

"The slave brand I added to all of you will prevent that if it makes you feel better. Trying to go against my interests will bring on immense pain and it can even force you to carry out my orders. I don't think it's needed with you and Monica, but it provides a few other benefits. If you need me just focus on me real hard and it will get my attention."

"OK, I'll try not to bother you sir."

John paused for a moment and considered things.

"I'll need to talk to you about securing the grounds when you return sir. I suppose now I need to worship you in thanks"

Jester smiled and nodded

"See John, that's why you're going to be my head of security. You get me."

John just sighed and stood up. He looked towards his Master's crotch and was trying to decide how to undo the zipper

"Let me help you with that" Monica said

Gently she unzipped Jester and brought out his cock. She lovingly took it into her mouth quickly making it hard. John admired how beautiful Monica was. Her giant perfect face could easily crush him, but he wasn't concerned about that. He knew that she would always take the utmost care with her Master's property.

"OK little man. That's your head start. Just save some cum for me" Monica said playfully as she laid back beside Jester.

John got to work. He was six and a half inches now, rippling with more muscle than he'd ever had, but still felt that his Master's cock was a monster he couldn't defeat. He would have liked to have one of the girls helping him as Master seemed to respond better to their soft bodies against that giant cock. Even so he put his all into his task trying to wrap around as much of giant member as he could and pressing his body against it as hard as he could. After what seemed like an eternity Jester finally came. John practically collapsed down as he was showered in cum. Still panting he tried to eat as much as he could though it was slow going. Like an angel Monica came down and started licking up every bit of spent cum. John didn't mind as her tongue licked him clean.

"You're supposed to let him do it himself my pet"

"Oh Master have mercy. He's so tired, and you know I love eating your cum"

Jester laughed

"OK, you got me there. Good job little one" Jester said as he picked up John.

With magic Jester cleaned him and then he grew him to full size.

"You are rather impressive at full size slave. That alone should deter any would be vandals. Now go wear the uniform I laid out for you"

John obediently put on the clothes Jester had laid out earlier. It was a black and dark purple security uniform with a matching bullet proof vest and sidearm.

"A gun? You're giving a gun to someone you just forced to jack you off. Are you sure Master?"

"Of course I am, that's why I gave it to you. Don't take for granted the trust I'm placing in you John."

"Never sir. Sorry for questioning you."

"It's fine. Think about who else you want helping you secure our new home and I'll talk to you about it when I return. We can talk about salaries and benefits then. I'll also need to change your finger prints and get you a new identity like I did for Monica"

"Yes Master. I won't let you down."

Jester and Monica changed into a solid color black t-shirt and jeans. Jester liked that Monica still looked sexy in those form fitting jeans yet wouldn't cause too much attention to herself. He also made her wear a baseball cap to hide her face a little. It wasn't necessary since he could hide them with magic, but he liked that she was getting into this.

"So you think this will be a good place to get pets to sell?"

"Yes sir. They'll need some work on your part, but nobody will notice they're gone no matter how many we take."

"OK then, let's go"

They picked up their black shopping bags and Jester opened a portal back to New York. Monica lead him to the subway and down to an abandoned area.

"We need to go slow Master. Make sure to check where you walk with the flash light. We're close to the homeless encampment. It should be there and there were always people there"

"How do you know about this place my pet?"

"My second pimp use to come here for drugs before he got shot for invading someone else's turf. After that I would come down here sometimes to hide from pimps, cops, or other bad people."

As they turned the corner Jester saw another source of light. They came across a row of tents in an abandoned subway station where people were talking, laughing, and just enjoying life. Light came from several fires and lamps. As they got close a large white, black haired bearded man came out to greet them, blocking their path.

"Hello friend. You don't look like the sort we typically get down here. You're not looking to stay here now are you?"

"Not at all, just visiting" Jester said.

"We don't take kindly to visitors. Folks here don't like to be gawked at. Sorry but you're going to have to leave now. Right now, or it will get ugly. It's best if you forget you ever saw this place"

"Oh don't worry, I'll be leaving soon."

Jester cast a wide reaching paralyze spell that affected everyone in the tunnel except him and Monica. The large man was frozen with a permanent look of confusion as Jester shrank him, but not his clothes, and put a protective stasis bubble around the little naked man before putting him in the bag. He went down the tunnel methodically doing the same to every person they found stacking them in their bags. When they were done they had captured fifty three men, women, and children. He then erased any trace anyone had been there before.

"Well my pet, looks like we did get a good number of pets to go through. Not sure if any of them are worth keeping but I bet we can get at least half a million out of this lot. Let's go home."

With that Jester opened a portal back home. John sensed when Jester had returned, something Jester hadn't counted on, and went to greet them.

"Welcome back sir"

"Have you been standing there the whole time waiting for me to come back?"

"No sir. I sensed you were returning and came over. It was the slave brand sir. The property is secure. I setup the camera's to send an alert to this tablet if any movement is tracked. So far it's just been some deer and a stray dog"

Jester used magic to examine John's aura. He saw what he expected, but he saw something else. Around the slave brand was a slight glow of golden power he hadn't expected. This would need to be examined later.

"Well John you can help me go through these little ones here. Grab the camera and my laptop."

Jester went to a room next to the Master. In it was a large table and a large stack of hundred metal cages much simpler than the nice apartments he made for his permanent pets. The cages looked more like a jail cell, but it was easy to make and anything nicer would have taken too much power. At least they all had water and food in the form of biscuits resembling military rations. He expected to make another hundred and expected they would regularly be full.

"All right let's start with this girl"

He took out a small petite Hispanic girl who couldn't be more than 18 and released her from the spells while John and Monica started putting people on the large table. She immediately started screaming.

"That's annoying. Are you going to keep doing that? You know what"

Jester cast a spell of silence on her.

"That's better. Let's get a better look at you."

She struggled in vain against him as he examined her. She wasn't too bad, but Jester saw he could make some improvements. She had burn scars on her back and what looked like cigarette burns on her arms. Poor girl was probably subject to terrible employers. He healed her scars, even her acne, and removed the few diseases he found in her. Finally realizing she was helpless in his grasp she simply cried and prayed for someone to save her. Jester took some photos of her and put her in one of the metal cages.

"One down, 52 to go"

He did the same for all the pets he just captured, curing ailments and imperfections while modifying their physical appearance to help them sell better. It took a few hours before he got through all of them and he was mentally exhausted.

"Damn. Finally finished. Anyone stand out to either of you? Anyone we should keep?"

"No sir" said John.

"Just one Master. Can I get her for you?"


Monica went to the cages and took out a single girl. She was white with short blonde hair who couldn't be more than twelve years old. Monica handed her to Jester and he carefully grabbed her.

"Oh, she's a little young"

"Yes Master, but I think she has the right attitude and it would be a shame to sell her."

Jester looked at the girl in his hands. She wasn't crying, sobbing, or freaking out. She looked a little apprehensive, but otherwise acted like being shrunk and held by a giant is just a thing that happens.

"What's you're name little girl"

"My name is Emma Smith. I'm not that little, I'm fourteen, fifteen in a few months. You can't be much older than me."

"You don't seem that concerned to be in my hand right now"

"I am concerned, but so far it's not worse than anything else that happens to me. Well, you're not going to eat me are you?"

"Hah, no, no I'm not."

"Torture me?"

"Only if you give me a reason to."

"I definitely don't want to do that. I'll do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt me. Not like I can stop you anyway."

As she said it Jester understood. She had the same haunted look Monica had when he first got her. The look that life wasn't worth living and all you could do was wait for the end.

"You know, I like you. You can stay"

"I guess I have to pleasure you now?"

"No, not yet. I'm letting Monica train you for now."

"What I'm not pretty enough for you? I'm sure if you sold me like you were talking about I'd be used right away."

"Oh it's not that. You're rather fetching actually. See Monica here is someone I trust. When she says you are ready for me to play with, then I will. I'm going to mark you as mine which means you'll serve me forever."

Jester used a bit of power and a slave mark burned itself on Emma's shoulder

"Oww, what did you do"

"Mark you as mine. I'll go ahead and put you with the others. Stay with Lucinda, Andrea, Kai, and Helen for now."

Jester went back to his Master bedroom and saw Helen running out on the track.


"Oh, yes sir"

He picked her up, admiring how sexy she looked all wet with sweat.

"This is Emma, you and the other three are going to watch over her. Monica is going to get her ready to serve me. Play nice now my sexy pet"

Helen blushed slightly

"Yes sir"

He put them both down on the track.

"What now Master?" Monica asked

"Well pet we're going to go to the kitchen and make dinner, but first we need to work up an appetite. Lay down on the bed."
The world is a dark place.

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Escaped teenage size changer. Part 16

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Part 16

Lucinda, Andrea, Helen, Kai, and Monica had interviewed all the pets for sale he had captured. None other than Emma were deemed worthy for addition to his personal collection. More than half of them were grateful, especially those Jester had cured of schizophrenia and other metal issues, as well as those who had terminal diseases. Those would be advertised as obedient pets and the girls kept notes on how Jester should physically alter each so they sold for as much as possible. Jester did have to discipline a few, flicking them or breaking a bone or two. After being healed most were more accepting of their position, but there were a few that weren't. Those would be modified to be more durable and heal faster so they could be marketed towards a more sadistic owner who might want to break them. Jester figured it would be better to make more money out of them than waste the time breaking in pets he was selling anyway.

"Master, it's hard to concentrate on posting these pets for sale when you're playing with my breasts" Kai complained.

"Oh I don't mind. I rather enjoy having you do this on my lap. Take your time."

Kai was full sized, but was still small enough to sit on her Masters lap on the office chair and work. It was hard to concentrate with his roaming hands feeling her firm body. It didn't help that she could feel his cock getting stiff under her as well.

"If I do a good job, any chance on you making me a little taller?"

"Oh, but I like you the way you are. You're just the right size for me torture like this" Jester said as he lightly nibbled her ear.

Kai had mixed feelings about Jester. She accepted that she was his, his pet, and his property. Her pain, pleasure, happiness, sadness, and her very life were in his hands just as it was for all his pets. He could create items out of nothing, make anything shrink to nothing, alter their appearance however he desired, and cure just about any disease. Jester was God to her, and yet he was also just another annoying horny teenage boy. Part of her loved and worshiped him, but she was a long way from the devotion Monica had. If Jester was a God Monica had quickly become his devoted high priestess.

"Tell you what, I'll make you as tall as you want next week when I take you out for a date night. I'll return you to these proportions afterwards though. You can be eight feet tall if you want, but don't blame me if you get more stares"

"Really? I mean I don't want to be that tall, but like you're not going to feel weird about me being taller than you or anything?"

"Hah, no I won't. It doesn't matter how big and strong my pets are. You're still my pet and it would be silly for me to treat you any different just because I make you a little bigger."

He pressed her close and kissed the top of her head. She always wanted to be tall, but was a little worried he might be a little distant from her if she was taller than him. She realized he was right though, she was his no matter what size he made her. Monica was a good bit taller than him when he made her big, and neither of them had any problem with it. Kai's life hadn't been her own for a long time now. It was the same for most of those in Mr. Johnson's employ. She accepted that, but now that she was with someone who cared for her and showed genuine affection for her she was having mixed feelings about it. It was easy to doubt herself, but she was going to try and accept Jester and his actions at face value. Both the good and the bad.

"Master, I wanted to ask you to consider keeping one of these pets"

"Oh, which one?"

"This young girl here Karen Smith. She's about ten, but had a bit of trouble talking. You cured her of her autism, blindness, and partial deafness." Kai held up the sheet with her picture and notes for inspection.

"Well, I can see how she might be pretty one day, but I'm not really interested in children. You're not just trying to save some tragic child are you? I care about myself and my pets, but this isn't a charity."

"I know sir, otherwise I'd ask you to not sell any of the children. I don't like the idea of what could happen to them, but it's what you want not what we want. It's enough that you are letting me put the ads and filter who we can sell the young ones to. I just think this girl would be a really good worshiper for you and it would be a shame to sell her off to someone lesser."

"The others didn't seem to think so. Tell me why they're all wrong in this case"

"I... I don't presume to think I know better than Monica or-"

Kai was cut off as Jester gently grabbed her chin angling her awkwardly to kiss her.

"Hey. I'm not admonishing you or anything. I really want to know your opinion my pet"

"Yes, well, she had a hard time talking and seemed very distant after you healed her. She also didn't respond well when the other girls questioned her, but even if you cured her autism she wasn't magically taught to communicate. I wasn't autistic, but because of shit that happened to me I a was quiet child that didn't know how to talk to people either. It's partly why I identify with her. I've seen how she looks at you, and she's in genuine awe of you Master. Even now she's trying to look at you without you noticing it"

Jester saw with his magic she was indeed staring at him, but when he turned to look at her she pretended to be staring at her metal wall the whole time.

"I see. Well then we can keep her, but she's your responsibility. You will train her to be useful to me, and if she needs to be punished I might punish you too."

"Yes Master, I understand. I'm sorry for imposing, but thank you"

Jester kissed her again

"I trust you and the others my sexy pet. Well that may never be true for Lucy and Jade, but in general. I trust you to do what's best for me, best for us, so don't be shy about letting me know your thoughts. Now get back to posting those so we can let the auctions run while we break in the bed some more"


Kai lay on the bed panting. While Jester had cast spells on himself to keep going, he didn't do the same for Kai. Instead he liked seeing her exhausted laying in their combined sweat. It was fun for him to see how far he could push his girls. Jester got up from the bed and with a snap of his fingers he was cleaned and dressed. A shower with Kai would be fun, but the chimes on his laptop told him there was work to do. He saw that some of the pets his girls had him alter sold for a lot more than he thought they would, going as high as a million dollars for a pretty red head who's ass and bust he had modified slightly. The pets who hadn't gotten any bids had their prices lowered, then he checked his DMs to answer questions and check the interest of the pets not being auctioned.

"OK, looks like most of them got sold. The auctions did better than I thought and we got a few direct sales. Ten million so far. I'm going to put you back while I start making deliveries. You did good today my slave."

Jester shrank her back down and gently picked her up.

"Thank. You. Master."

He went over to the cages and got Karen. She didn't fight or struggle when he grabbed her, but obediently let him hold her.

"Hello Karen. Look at me." Jester said quietly, but firmly

Karen slowly turned her head to look up at him. Her face was a blank mask as she met his gaze.

"Kai here convinced me to keep you. You're going to be her responsibility, but I expect you to listen to the other girls and learn from them. Be a good little pet for me. Understand?"

"Yes sir."

The girl said meekly as she nodded her head. Jester smiled and put them by Monica who was currently jogging on the track in the hot pink jogging outfit he made for her. With a bit of magic Jester made matching outfits for Kai and Karen who weren't as pleased with the colors.

"Monica this is Karen. She's Kai's responsibility, but I trust you'll help her learn to serve me"

"Yes sir. Of course." Monica beamed.

"Master does it have to be hot pink?" Kai complained

"Of course, because you complained. You did a good job today though so I'll grant you a small mercy"

"Thank you Master" Kai said as her outfit changed to black and navy blue.

"I'm going to start making some deliveries. I'll be back."

"Yes Master. I'm going to introduce the new girl to everyone." Monica said before taking hold of Karen's hand and leading her off.

Jester went to the cages to find the red head who sold for a million. She was worse for wear when he found her, but with her blemishes gone and a few alterations she went from undesirable vagrant to super model. He wondered why he didn't keep her as he reached in and grabbed her.

"Nooooo you can't do this to me. Please don't touch me and don't hit me again. I don't want want this".

Jester cast silence on her as he remembered how annoying she was. Now he remembered why he was selling her. She had to be flicked twice to stop struggling initially when he was healing her sores. He scryed the location and decided it was safe enough. He took out an amethyst crystal which he grew to his height and absorbed it's stored power to top off before he opening the portal.

"Oh shit? What are you some kind of Ninja?"

A startled body guard asked angrily. He had his hand on the butt of his gun, but was smart enough not to have drawn it. The other body guard almost drew but his employer's hand was on his arm staying the action. The man in charge was a man in his thirties wearing a white suit and blue glasses. He seemed to have all the proper breeding you would expect from someone born wealthy.

"I told you how I would arrive when you sent me your location. Hey, I'm not going to sell you anything else if I receive such a poor welcome."

"Sorry, my security staff is not use to such, unusual entrances. Do you have the item?"

"The item is a her, and here you go."

Jester lifted the red head to eye level, then floated her over to her new owner. He even made her glow slightly for effect which made her flailing and squeaks more amusing.

"Wow, this is for real. She feels so warm. She is rather, well, foul mouthed."

"Hey, it was in the description. You can train her as you want. A warning though, if you are going to do anything terrible to her, don't let me know and don't buy from me again. If I were to learn you treated her poorly and it made me upset, well, then you and your staff might be up for auction instead."

"Are you threatening me?"

"Yes, because I can. That said I look forward to selling to you again"

"What makes you think I'll buy from you again?"

"Hah, dude, you're practically drooling. One pretty toy isn't going to be enough to satisfy you. I already see it in your face. Trust me, having several is better. Oh by the way, I'm sure I don't have to tell you but be careful who you tell about me. Another time."

Jester left before the man could even respond. He continued making deliveries and having variations of the same conversation when meeting new customers for the first time. He did have to take three rather rude security guards and offer to sell them back for three hundred thousand each, but otherwise it was uneventful. Other people who knew him were much more accommodating and Mr. Johnson practically treated him like an honored guest when he brought him the two pets he bought. Jester declined the dinner invitation though and continued making his rounds. For his last delivery he came back to Sam who bought an older woman, the lowest priced pet that sold that day, at three thousand dollars.

"Hello friend"

"Ah finally. Hello again. I guess you're doing better now. I really liked some of the others you had listed, like that red head, oh dear lord, but I can't afford that. Did someone really buy her for a million dollars?"

"Oh yes. I expect they'll get more expensive in the future, as long as I don't sell too many and flood the market. Then again who else would they buy from. Now before I hand over this cute little old lady, let me see how you've been treating the other two."

"Oh, of course. They're over hear on the desk waiting for the new addition to our family."

The two girls he sold to Sam previously were on a desk wearing dresses inspired by the middle ages. They certainly didn't look content with the dresses, but otherwise seemed fine.

"Hello you two. How have you been"

"We've been good sir." They said together

The black one fidgeted for a moment with her dress before talking again.

"It hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. He's gentle when he pleasures himself with us but I wish he would do it more often. I enjoy it and a girl has needs"

Sam turned red and averted his eyes from Jester

"I'm. I'm still getting use to. Well. It's none of your business"

Jester just laughed.

"Oh, it's fine. I just wanted to make sure they were doing OK. What do you have to say blondie?"

The little blond girl just looked up at him.

"Pretty much the same. He's not a bad owner, so if I have to be stuck as a pet it's not bad. Better than being homeless, but yeah wish he was a little more confident when using me. Also, wish he wouldn't dress us in these itchy things"

"Good fabric is. Well. Hard to get. I only just started making clothes from softer things for them, but, I only had doll clothes for them, you understand."

"No worries friend. Let me take care of that for you."

Jester snapped his fingers and thier clothes changed to a more natural fabric so they felt like shrunken dresses rather than itchy doll clothes. Three dressers also appeared with various clothes for each of them.

"You know Sam, since you've treated these girls well and have been such a good owner I'll do one more things for you. Hold out your hands."

As the older woman floated to Sam's open hands she changed, her grey hair going back to a deep black and her biological again going from an elderly 72 to a youthful 25. Her sagging breasts firmed and her body became more toned. Both her and her new owner were speechless at the changes as she gently landed in his hands.

"There you go, that's a little better. Treat your pets well Sam, and you'll be rewarded when you buy again. Just don't over extend yourself."

Jester stepped back through the portal and Sam had to blink a few times before he moved again.

"Uh, so, my name is Sam. The black girl is Dorthy and the Blondie is Becky. You're going to be staying with us from now on"

"I see. Umm, this is a lot. Oh my god is this my skin? My voice?"

Sam held her in front of the mirror so she could see the changes and that seemed to put her more in shock.

"Uh, my name is Terry. Nice to meet you. I just, need a moment."

"Of course"

Sam put her down gently in front of one of the dressers. The other two women came over and hugged her.

"It's OK, you'll see. You never have to worry about food or where you'll sleep again. You're not alone either" Becky said consoling Terry as she cried.
The world is a dark place.

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