Micro country Intara

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Micro country Intara

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Part 1

It was Michael's 12th birthday. Today his mother was going to move into the micro country of Intara and give him complete control. It was in the large basketball sized snow globe that sat in a locked cabinet. She would remain his legal guardian and he would go to school remotely at the prestigious Edison middle school in Intara. It was a middle school that was hard to get into and could by itself almost guarantee an Ivy league education, but for Michael it was just a convenience. After all what could they do except give him perfect grades when he was about to become their god. The taxes on the city allowed his mother to live a comfortable life, but in Intara she would be treated like a princess, or even a goddess. Tax revenue would also of course support Michael to do with as he pleased as long as he was reasonably responsible.

"So son are you ready for this."

"I've been ready, but before that are you ready to be my mini for a few hours like you promised."

"I'm kind of nervous about it. Then again you can pluck me out of the city any time you want so I need to get use to it. Just be gentle with me."

"You've seen how I am with Tilly. She's fine"

"Yes, but in the beginning you almost broke her like the previous one"

"Mooom, I was 10."

"Now son, you can't be whining if you're going to be the god of a hundred million people. It's a big responsibility."

Michael calmed himself down but was still a little flustered. She was right. He was going to prove he was ready for this. He didn't really understand how micro cities and countries came to be, but this one had been in his family since his great grandfather received it. While it already had some residents people also moved to these kinds of places to escape war, persecution, the laws of other countries, and of course taxes. Intara was treated like any other foreign country that could be visited and traded with via teleporters, but as the owner of Intara he could take any one out at an intermediate size as a mini, and mini's had no rights.

"I know mom, I'm ready. I've read up on all the settings I can adjust and it's all ready to go on my phone and laptop. I also have the software on a backup laptop just in case. The portal device is all ready to send and receive to and from Intara."

"OK, I'm going to shower, then you can use the shrink ray on me and we can get started"

Michael went to get the shrink ray making sure it was fully charged. Things had to be reduced to an intermediate size first when sending things to Intara at home, so why not take advantage of it? Michael realized he was about to see his mother naked, and then hold her tiny naked body in his hands. He suddenly got very nervous and his pants didn't do him any favors. Carol was a beautiful 6ft tall woman with a perfect complexion, a figure she worked out every day to maintain, and long black hair. She certainly didn't look 35 years old. Michael walked back to her bedroom and sat on the bed waiting for the shower to stop which it soon did.

"OK master to be. I'm ready"

Michael swallowed hard, turned off the safety, and fired the shrink ray at his mother. In seconds his naked mother shrank to just six inches tall. He put the safety back on and rested it down on her night stand so he could go and pick her up. For Carol this moment was a fantasy come true. She had always wanted to be a mini, and when Michael got his first mini two years ago she started fantasizing about being his mini. Of course Michael didn't know how to properly handle mini's initially so she had to wait until she could convince herself that he was ready to handle her and not hurt her. She told herself it was wrong to have the thoughts she had, and she tried to shut them out, but as her new god stood before her and bent down to lift her up all those thoughts she shut away started bursting forth.

"Wow, this is real. You're even more beautiful like this."

Gently he petted her with his right index finger as his left hand gently held and supported her.

"Oh Master. You act like you've never held a mini before. You don't have to be shy. You can do whatever you want with helpless little me right now."

He leaned her back in his hand so he could explore her body, feeling her ample breasts, pressing firm but being careful not to hurt her. Slowly his finger went down her side and felt her stomach. Her six pack abs felt amazing under his finger. He then used his thumb and index finger to squeeze her leg, feeling it's length and her athletic muscles. She giggled when he rubbed the soles of her feet and then started feeling the inside of her legs. She bit her lip as he got closer to womanhood and finally felt the moisture between her legs.

"Oh, I'm guessing this isn't from the shower."

"No Master."

Michael smiled and put her on her bed. Feeling more confident now he undressed. She gasped as she saw his full erection. This moment looked exactly like she imagined it would, but she was still taken back by the sight.

"Then it's good for you I feel the same. It's time to worship your god."

Michael picked her up and laid down on the bed lowering her onto his crotch.

"It's my first time. Please don't judge me too harshly Master."

She walked over to his cock and pressed her body against it. She pushed his tip between her breasts and she saw that if she got on her toes she could get her tongue into the hole so she gave it a try. His whole body shook at the feeling of her tiny tongue stimulating his sensitive nerves, and then she started rubbing her whole body against his shaft. Carol danced sensually for him while providing as much friction as she could between her little body and his giant shaft.

"Am I doing good so far Master?" Carol asked teasingly

"Uh huh" was all Michael could manage to say

The different feelings of her firm body, her silky hair, her ample breasts rubbing all around his cock was driving him crazy. Carol pushed it further grinding her pussy against a vein and grunting like a bitch in heat. The sounds and feeling was almost too much for Michael. He had to resist grabbing her and beating her against his cock. Sure he'd masturbated with a mini before, but having a beautiful willing worshiper was so much better than any other time. He didn't want to rush this wonderful feeling. When it was finally too much to bear he grabbed Carol who squealed as he placed his tip on her stomach and drenched her in his cum.

"How did I do Master?"

"Excellent pet. Now eat my cum, as much as you can."

"Of course Master."

Carol obediently started eating the cum off his cock first. Michael hadn't expected that and was practically paralyzed with pleasure as she worked.

"This is amazing. I've never felt anything like that."

"Oh Master, it's not like you haven't masturbated with a mini before. I'm sure Tilly's gotten you off hundreds of times. I've caught you more than once"

For a moment Michael flushed red at the embarrassing memory of his mom catching him using his mini to rub one out. He almost looked away from her, but no she was his pet now and he wasn't going to be ashamed.

"That's different. Sure she felt good, but it never felt like that. After that I don't know if I can go back to using her. I'm just going to keep wishing it was you"

Carol stopped eating for a moment and blushed. She was definitely having feelings she never expected to have. She had pushed down her desires much more than she previously realized.

"Thank you. You know, I use to be jealous of Tilly when I caught you masturbating with her. There are more times than I'd like to admit where I wanted it to be me in your hands instead of her."

Michael stroked her back with one finger as she continued to eat his cum. She leaned into the petting like a cat.

"You don't need to be jealous of anyone, least of all her. We can do then anytime now, well when you aren't busy doing queen thing as queen of Intara."

"And when you aren't in school or doing your chores" Carol said in her best queenly and authoritative voice. Michael just laughed

"Yes you look so regal and authoritative right now."

Carol joined in his laughter realizing how she must look drenched in cum standing next to a giant cock.

"Well when I'm like this I'm just your helpless little pet. Ugh, I don't think I can eat any more. Sorry Master"

"Oh, don't worry pet. I'm going to get you cleaned up and make you experience what Tilly has so you won't have a reason to be jealous."

She smiled broadly as he picked her up and went to the shower, putting on on warm with mild pressure. She saw he was getting hard again as he gently put body wash on her and cleaned her, going over every inch of his toy. Then he worked a lather on her chest and used her to clean himself. It took a while because he went slow, trying to be gentle, but she knew by how hard his cock was getting that part of him wanted to be anything but gentle. She especially loved it when he used her on his arm pits, taking in his strong scent, and finally moving down to his cock. Rather than cleaning his privates he held her up against his shaft and started pumping. Yes he was rough, but he was still in control enough not to cause any harm beyond a few bumps and bruises.

"Oh yes, yes Master use me! I'm your toy! Use me! Pound me against your meat!"

It only took a few glorious seconds before he held her body against his tip and came all over her again. He wasn't use to it being so intense and almost fell over.

"Whoa. That felt much better than Tilly. I'm going to have to use the shower chair with you just to be safe."

Carol laughed and coughed as he cleaned her again. He was even more gentle this time now that he was again spent. Tenderly, lovingly, he cleaned her and used her to clean off himself.

"Master that was nice, but we'll get all pruney if we stay in here much longer."

"Yeah, you're right. Time for lunch anyway."

Michael got out of the shower and used a towel to dry them both. Then he went over to her night stand and grabbed a large necklace with four straps.

"What!? You're not going to put me in that are you?"

"Of course I am. You're my pet right now and this is what I want to do with you."

Carol pouted, but she bowed her head submissively.

"Yes Master"

Michael put the necklace on the bed and made sure all the Velcro straps were open. Carol laid down on top of it, placing her limbs in the straps, and waited as Michael secured her in a spread eagle position. He then put the necklace on and went over to the mirror to admire himself with his pet now resting on his chest. The sight of his mother, a wealthy woman, a beautiful woman, a queen, now a toy resting uncomfortably on his chest as a symbol of his new power, well that was making him horny all over again.

"Hmmm, looks good. Now I can carry you and still have both hands free. Also it makes this easier"

Carol gasped as Michael rubbed her pussy with one hand and felt her breasts with the other, pushing her butt and her back into his chest.

"Oh Master, Please, I'm going to dirty myself again!"

Michael chuckled as he put on his underwear and pants.

"Oh I don't mind. Just a bit of flavoring for my food"

He grabbed the shrink ray and went over to the kitchen.

He had a portal transmission device on the kitchen table. With his phone he texted the restaurant in Intara that he was ready to accept his order. When he got a confirmation he entered in his pass code and the portal device lit up, locking onto the restaurant and beaming in his lunch to the table, though at 1/12 the size. Gently he slid it to the side, then used the shrink ray to enlarge it to normal size.

"Oh Master, is that Pho?"

Carol had an idea of what he was planning and got excited, especially since it would mean being released from this torture device.

"Yeah. I was going to order a burger, but when I thought about how to enjoy my new pet I decided a nice bowl of Pho from the best restaurant in Intara would be better."

"Pho Dynasty? Oh I love that place. Just one bowl?"

He put his finger in the bowl making sure it was still warm but not too hot as per his instructions. Then he slowly undid Carol's straps and put her in the bowl.

"Mmmm you are the prettiest little flavoring. Have as much as you want."

Gently Michael used the spoon to take some broth just in front of her.

"Wow, you do make it taste better"

Carol giggled like a little girl

"Oh Master. Well I'm glad you think so. The pho feels nice especially after you had me in that torture device. Save that for Tilly"

Michael laughed

"No you're going to spend some more time in it. Nobody else is going to look as good and impressive spread eagle on my chest as you do. Tilly gets an arm band, maybe"

"You're going to keep using it aren't you? I guess it helps make it bearable when you put it like that at least. You know Master, I'm glad you're taking this well. I was worried that you wouldn't or that things would be complicated."

"I'm a boy, I like mini's, and you're the sexiest mini I've ever had. Doesn't really seem that complicated to me."

"Yeah, but I'm you're mother. I know I'm supposed to keep you safe, to protect you and guide you. At the same time I have been having all these thoughts, that are inappropriate for a mother to have, but oh so right as I sit here in this bowl talking to you. I was worried you wouldn't see me as a mini or a woman, or maybe even find it a little gross or something."

Michael just smiled and petted her.

"When you're in Intara, or you're big, your my mother. When you're like this, which we agreed would only be some of the time, you're my pet and I want to enjoy my pet. Look there's camera's all over the house. I even agreed to let you have cameras in the bedrooms so you can watch me when I'm alone or playing with mini's. Still feel weird about that one. I'm getting all my meals from Intara which you can monitor and they're freshly made. I agreed to have a dedicated nutritionist, psychologist, and doctor who are going to know way too much about me. There's going to be athletic trainers who come regularly to make sure I'm exercising regularly and safely. The house has a regular security patrol, and in an emergency there's a full sized Instant portal device which can send a medical team or a small army to take care of any threat, and even though skipping that intermediate step and coming in full sized is a risk to them there's already more than enough volunteers. Seriously I'm over monitored and over protected."

Michael gently picked her up and kissed the top of her head, then pressed her wet body to his cheek.

"I still love you as my mother, but right now I love you as my sexy pet."

"Oh master. Thank you, even if this feels kind of slimy. Please clean the soup off your face."

Michael laughed and put her back in the pho. They continued to talk as they ate. They always talked comfortably with each while they ate. In a way this was the same and familiar, and yet still new and exciting. When Michael got full he got up to get a container so he could save the rest for later. He came back to the table to see his pet was trying to lift up a napkin to dry herself off.

"Leave it." he commanded

"But Master, I'm going to get all sticky"

Michael put down the container and gently wrapped his fingers around her waist and brought her up to eye level.

"Well, I better take care of that and clean my little doll." He said licking his lips

"Oh Master!"
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Micro country Intara Part 2

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Part 2

Michael slid Carol's dainty feet into his mouth. She laughed as he licked them clean and sucked on them. He slowly lowered her in, but found he couldn't really get her long, muscular legs all the way in even as she bent them to try and make it work. With a slurp he pulled her out. He used his left hand to spread her legs and lowered her back down so his tongue could assault her vagina

"Oh Master! Not so rough, but oh that feels...OHHHH....."

The pleasure running through her brain robbed her of the ability to form words. She came almost immediately but he didn't slow down. He held her firmly against his lips and assaulted her relentlessly. She came over and over but it didn't stop until her body could barely twitch in response.

"Ma.... Mer.... Mercy..... pua... please... Mercy"

Michael smiled and licked the rest of her body, making sure all the soup was gone though she was no covered in his saliva. She was so tired it barely registered when his tongue played with her breasts and licked her face. Michael finally stopped when he licked her hair.

"Ah! Hair on my tongue. Blah. Ok that was a bad idea"

"Heh... silly.... Master"

Carol was still trying to catch her breath as he brought her to the sink and started rinsing her with lukewarm water. He was gentle and tender making sure every inch of his pretty little doll was clean finally giving her a kiss on the butt when he was done which make Carol squeak. He rested her on the table while he put away the

"OK lets see about the cake. Where did you get it from my pet?"

Carol shook her head trying to clear the fog.

"Uh, It's an cheese cake, the cookie one you wanted, um, from that place..."

"An Oreo cookie cake from Jane's Cakes? You have to order from that place six months in advance!"

"Yes, yeah that. Just... it's on my phone. Text them, yeah. Oh but wait you can't yet."

Michael was about to head over to her room but stopped

"Oh, what is it?"

"Your... your presents, in my closet. There's two with holes on it, be careful with them."

"OK, be right back"

Michael found the wrapped presents in the back of her closet. He was expecting them to be held in Intara, but guessed she must have wanted to wrap them herself. Just that small touch of motherly love made him smile and appreciate his mother that much more. A thought he quickly had to push aside or it would get in the way of her being his pet right now. When he saw the boxes with holes he had a pretty good idea of what it was. As he picked one up and gave it a slight shake he heard several female voices of protest. He chuckled and brought the packages and her phone back to the kitchen. He unlocked the phone and looked for contact info.

"Set it down I can do it Master"

Michael smiled and set the phone down in front of her. I liked watching her struggle trying to navigate a screen that was as tall as she was. The cake came over through the portal device and he grew it to a normal size. He lifted Carol so she could put the single candle in the center of the cake, but he didn't let her light it.

"Master I can do it. I always light your birthday cake candles"

"Thank you but no little one. It's too dangerous"


"I forbid it"

"Ugh, fine."

She knew he was right as that match was like a torch to her. Being small and in his power had the bad effect of her wanting to act like a brat, but she tried to keep that under control. She didn't want to ruin today, and she also didn't want him to spank her the way he did with Tilly.

"All right. You can still sing for me my pretty doll."

She smiled and walked in front of him. She started dancing as she sang happy birthday as seductively as she could. From the way Michael was fixated on her naked body she knew she was doing a good job. When she finished he blew out the candle, picked her up, and gave her a kiss.

"So you like my singing Master. It's just the same as every other year"

"You know it's not! You made me hard again. I hope it doesn't break off"

Carol just laughed.

"Oh Master. You're fine. I'll take care of that hadron for you but first, presents!"

Michael started opening presents, letting his little mother try and take a picture after he opened each one. It took longer than normal but he was amused as she tried to position the phone without it falling on her. He got several games that he wanted, a few rare comics and graphic novels, and some t-shirts. He saved the boxes with air holes for last. He opened the first box and in it were seven women in prison jump suits. He brought out the first one, a five and half inch pretty blond who kicked and flailed as he got a good look at her.

"Stop it. Behave yourself doll." Michael said while giving her a squeeze.

His loud voice and the pain in her ribs made her stop, but she was shaking with fear

"These girls were convicts with long sentences to go. They're all clean and have been registered as your pets so you can do what you want to them. They can't go back to Intara anymore. I tried to pick girls you would like and who would make good pets for you. I hope you like them"

"Oh I love them my pet."

Michael said as he reached over and petted his little mother.

"You, what is your name."

Michael demanded as he undressed her.


"Well Olivia, you're my property now. You're going to call me Master from now on. That also goes for the rest of you in the box. Undress so I can inspect you"

When nobody in the box moved Michael hit the side of it.

"Now you bugs"

All the girls in the box hurriedly undressed as Michael inspected Olivia. She had an athletic build and while she might have been a tough girl in prison, he could see that she was absolutely terrified of him. Well, he didn't hate it and it should make her easier to train. He put Olivia back in the box and went through the remaining women who were all in their 20s. There was Anika, a tiny 4'10 Indian girl, Brandy a pretty 5'2 black girl with a gymnast build, Ami a beautiful 5ft tall tiny Asian woman, Lucy a 5'8 pale slender woman with black hair and grey eyes, Kira a tall 6'1 blonde woman built like a model, and Becky a mixed 6'4 woman with tattoos who looked like she could have played basketball, be a cross-fit model, or be a bouncer. Each woman appealed to Michael in different way and he would enjoy them later, but for now he turned his attention back to Carol.

"Thanks pet, these are great. I'll have lots of fun with them, but none of them are as good as you."

He picked her up and brought her to his lips so he could suck on her breasts.

"Oh.... Master there's still one more box."

"Oh yeah. I could save them for later, but I guess they need to eat and stuff"

"Actually, for those, well they aren't the ones who should do the eating, or at least I didn't intend for them to"


He put her down and opened the other box. Inside was an assortment of men and women ranging from 3 inches to a quarter inch.

"Remember I mentioned the other day that I was curious about it, and you said you were too?"

Michael alternated between staring at the box and staring at her.

"Well yeah, but minis? I mean I know people do it but it's cannibalism".

"Cannibalism is eating people. They aren't people anymore and they're too small for you to have fun with. They're all violent criminals too. They've hurt people and they deserve it. We can't send them back now can we?"

Michael looked at the scared people in the box, then at his cake, and then at Carol.

"Well if I'm going to do it might as well be on my Birthday."

There were screams and shouts of protest from both boxes. His new pets didn't approve it seemed, but he would deal with them later. He got out a large bowl and put some of the minis in there. He then cut a slice of cake and from that he cut away a small piece with a bit of flat ware and shoved one of the smaller women in it. To him it looked like a bug but it should be just big enough for Carol to swallow. Then he got some more cake on his flatware fork and smashed a two inch woman in it who screamed the whole time. He gave the smaller piece to his mother and at the same time they ate it. He felt odd swallowing the little woman, but he enjoyed her struggles as she slid down his throat. He knew it should feel wrong, but it didn't.

"Wow, that was not terrible. I kinda liked it and feel guilty that I liked it. How about you my pet."

"The same. It does make me feel more like an angry queen though, eating my subjects who disappoint me."

"Hah, well no point in wasting them."

They continued to eat all the doomed men and women. Carol could only take the smaller ones. She did try both a man and a woman that were a little bigger than an inch, violently biting them in half and chewing them. Michael should have found it disturbing when the blood spurted out of her mouth, but he didn't.

"What did those two do to you?"

"He was a serial rapist who also beat his wife. I finished him too quick honestly. She murdered her family and tried to frame an innocent black man for it."

She was just dealing a bug who was getting the punishment it deserved. Michael preferred eating the bigger three inch ones as he could feel them struggle going down his throat and into his stomach. If he chewed them they lasted for more than one bite and the bones made a satisfying crunch. All nameless faces to him undeserving of any more thought or attention. He was their god after all, why should he feel anything for them?

"Aww more more?"

"Hey that was thirty minis and you at most of them Master!"

"I know, but some were just so small to me they didn't count!"

"Well we can always do this again, and other things. We need to keep the prison populate under control after all. I'd like to do this with you again Master if you don't mind"

"You're going to develop a reputation my pet. Do what the queen says or she might convict you and eat you!"

"Would that be so bad?"

Carol asked batting her eyelashes at him cutely. Michael just laughed.

"Well I'll let my little queen decide who deserves it. I still might take a prisoner or two without you."

"Yes sir. Of course you can take anyone whenever you want for the most part, but it could draw unwanted attention."

"I know, I know. Ask for permission first since most aren't going to be brave enough to say no to their god anyway, and prisoners well I can do whatever I want with them. They're automatically registered as a prison transfer to being my pet and it's a pain to send them back to prison in Intara."

"Just don't get too many mini's"

"Oh, worried I'm going to like them more than you?"

"Yes. There's a hundred million in there. Of course there are women younger and prettier than me."

Michael gently picked up Carol and kissed her

"I doubt that. Even if there are, there's only one Queen and she's a beauty."

"Oh, that doesn't mean much now. Being Queen doesn't come with any power really and it's mostly ceremonial. The royal titles are pretty much just so the owners of Intara can retire there in luxury. You'll have all the real power, being able to change the weather, taxes, all sorts of things."

"I know. I did read the manuals. If you want to make any changes just let me know. I'll order them to give you any power or authority you want or need. If they get in your way I'll find a reason to eat them or crush them so we can get more agreeable politicians."

"Thank you Master."

"Well we better get you to Intara. It's almost time for your first Royal appearance after all, and we don't want you to start late. Umm, should probably find something for you to wear. Might look bad if you show up naked, old stuffy important people don't like that sort of thing."

He went to her room and picked out a sexy but formal blue dress that he liked and she hadn't worn in a while.

"That thing? It's a bit restricting"

"Yeah, but you look good in it. Just wear it for your first event and then you can change into something more comfortable"

"Fine Master, fine"

She wasn't very enthused about it but she would do as he wanted. He shrank down the dress, panty hose, and matching shoes, then picked her up and slid the dress on her. This part she did enjoy, the way he manipulated her and dressed her like a doll, even gently putting the high heel shoes on her. He manged to carefully zip up the back of the dress using a pair of tweezers to grab the zipper.

"There. A mighty fine looking queen if I do say so myself"

He put her in front of the mirror as he shrank down the bags she had already packed. As she admired herself in the mirror she had to admit she did look great in it. It showed off a hint of her curves and the muscles she worked hard to maintain, but didn't looks slutty or overly sexual. Michael sent everything to the royal palace, then selected the destination for her event and placed her on the portal device.

"Son, Master is there anything else you need? Oh I feel like I'm forgetting something"

"Stop worrying. You've thought about everything. If I need you I can get you. You're technically not even leaving the house."

"You won't be lonely or anything?"

"I'll be fine mom, er my pet. Stop worrying. Besides I got some new pets to keep me company. I don't want you to be late. I love you"

"OK, I love you to my son, my Master, my God"

Michael smiled and pressed the send button. He had a moment where he felt alone, then he heard the soft chatter coming from the box still on the kitchen table. They were probably talking about him. They were about to get to know each other much better.
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Re: Micro country Intara

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Part 3

Michael took the box of minis back to his room.

"Hey Tilly. You're going to have some room mates."

There was a large pet cage in his room big enough for 10 minis to be somewhat comfortable. Tilly was in the living room area of the cage bowing on her knees for him. She had learned to be in that position when he entered the room in case he used her, but she always wished that he wouldn't. When she saw that he had other toys to play with she sat in her chair and went back to reading her book.

"I think I'll try you first Lucy"

The other minis moved away from her as Michael reached into the box with his right hand and brought her naked form out. As soon as he grabbed her though she started pounding his hand, kicking and screaming.


"STOP IT! You're my toy now. OWWW"

Lucy bit down on Michael's finger as hard as she could. It didn't hurt that much, but he couldn't believe that she did it. For a moment he thought about just crushing her, dropping her to the floor, and slowly stepping on her letting the rest of them listen to every breaking bone of her last moments before making them clean up the mess. It was just that, he had just eaten all those minis and didn't want to think that was somehow changing him into someone cruel so he stopped himself. Besides his mom went through all the trouble of getting each of these toys just for him so they had to last more than day at least. Michael flicked her in the forehead just enough to stun her.

"I want you all to understand this. If you misbehave you get punished"

Michael flipped Lucy over in his hand and started flicking her ass. She yelped at each strike.


"Yes, yes I can. You are my toy now and you only exist for me to play with. Next time you act like that I'll break your legs then step on you and make you a floor stain. Understand?"

"Yes, now please stop!"

"No, I'm not done punishing you"

Michael flicked her over 30 times. To her each strike was like a tennis pro swinging a racket at her ass as hard as they could. Her ass and the back of her legs were bruised and a little bloody. She cried as he put her back in the box which just made her now swelling face hurt more.

"Now as for the rest of you behave or I won't be as lenient. Now lets see, how about you big girl."

Becky stiffened as his hand reached for her. She thought about scrambling away but when she moved her foot back it bumped Lucy who was crying on the floor curled up in a ball. She really didn't want to piss him off more and besides where would she go. She gave up as his fingers wrapped around her waist and brought her up.

"Wow I didn't notice it before but your ab muscles are really firm. You must have worked out a lot"

"Yes sir. There wasn't much else to do in prison."

"Call me Master, or God"

"Yes Master"

"Good girl"

She tried to stay still as he explored her body. She was almost six and half inches in his hand with colorful tattoos and bulging muscles.

"Mmph, please Master. Not so hard"

"Ah, sorry pet, just admiring your muscles. You're going to keep them up for me to enjoy. Just let me know if you need any equipment to work out or anything and keep the rest of the girls in shape"

"Uh, yes. Sure Master"

Michael turned her over so her chest and stomach were resting in his palm as he felt along her back and the back of her legs. Becky didn't know what to feel. Her face was flush with the humiliation and tears were starting to run, signs of weakness she never showed especially in prison. She thought this would be more like prison but it seemed to be so much worse. At the same time part of her enjoyed being at the mercy of someone else, being helpless, being dominated. She never had those feelings before and yet this boy was bringing it out of her. She hated the part of her deep down that brightened a little very time she said the word "Master". She was trying her best to push it down, to bury it, and instead tried to focus on hate like she always did to keep going. It seemed like she could just manage her feelings, then he started forcing her legs apart with his index finger.

"No. Please, no Master. Please no."

"I'm going to because I want to my pet. Don't worry I'll be gentle."

Michael started to rub between her legs. The wetness he felt along with her resistance was just making him hard again. Even if her legs might be stronger than her fingers, they both knew he would just crush her if he couldn't tame her. She cried and cursed her body as it gave in to his molestation. Michael turned her over again to get a better angle at her pussy.

"You're going to start shaving that fuzz, but for now let's see how you taste"

Becky said nothing and just gritted her teeth as Michael put her pussy over his mouth and began to invade her with his tongue. She didn't want this, wanted to hate it, but her body wouldn't listen. Her body wanted certainly wanted this and her hips responded eagerly moving in rhythm with the giant tongue. It only took a minute for her to cum and it felt so good she couldn't even hate herself as much as she wanted to.

"Hmmm, not bad. Not as good as pet Carol though. Well now it's your turn to take care of me"

Becky just sighed. She knew resisting wasn't going to do her any good and she felt a little weak at the moment.

"Yes Master. If that's what you want."

Michael smiled at that. It is what he wanted. He put her on the bed and undressed. Becky tried not to fall as the naked giant got on the bed then picked her up and put her on his cock.

"Let's see how you do. Don't worry if you're bad at it I'll just beat you against my cock" Michael said with a smiled

"Yes Master."

Becky made a disgusted sound but got to work. She decided it was better to do it on her own that be a masturbation toy and possibly get hurt. Briefly she thought about attacking him. He was very exposed after all. She could punch or stomp his cock and balls, bite at the large vein right in front of her. It would be so satisfying to make him hurt, but then what? She knew as soon as she did that it would be over for her. He definitely wouldn't let her live if she did something like that. After all she didn't show any mercy to those that hurt her and paid them back many times over, but then that's also why she ended up here. As much as she wanted that satisfaction, Becky wanted to live more, so she tried her hardest to be sexy for him and pleasure the giant cock.

"Mmmmm. Not bad muscles. I guess you're really not use to pleasuring guys are you? Are you a Lesbian?"

"Ugh, I'm straight, and I'll have you know I've been with plenty of guys. Uh, Master."

Michael just laughed.

"OK, but I didn't give you permission to stop. Now get to it before I punish you."

Becky had gotten angry and stopped massaging the cock without realizing it. She just grunted and got back to work trying to pretend he didn't see how red she had gotten. Michael appreciated that she was trying, even if she wasn't that good at it. He decided not to make it harder for her or just grab her. Instead he reached over and gently rubbed her back in rhythm. Then he adjusted her rhythm by gently putting pressure on her back to make it feel better for him. It took a while but eventually with his help she was able to make him cum. Hot globs of cum splashed against Becky's face and chest.

"Good job Becky. You're a big pretty barbie doll you know. Now let's get you cleaned up"

Becky blushed, she actually blushed, just because he called her pretty. Who was she turning into? Michael picked her up and took her to the bathroom. Turning on a medium stream of water in the sink he made sure it wasn't too hot or cold.

"How's this?"

Becky blinked as she considered he was actually asking her if she was OK with the water temperature. Then she put her arm in the stream.

"Uh, the pressure is good but can it be a little warmer?"

"OK, there how about now?"

"Yes, that's good. Thank you."

Michael got a small dab of body wash and put it in her other hand. She looked at him as he went over to the shower and rinsed himself off. For a moment she wasn't sure want to do. He didn't seem that bad, and a part of her was excited that a giant had so much power over her. At the same time this was the evil giant who just ate like twenty people not that long ago. Then again she knew some of those people and wouldn't have felt bad about killing those herself, but still he ate them. She tried to put it out of her mind and just got under the faucet and started cleaning herself. She was trying to enjoy the shower, but then she heard him turn off his shower and get out.

"Ugh, Darn it I spent too much time thinking."

Michael walked over and just stood their watching her.

"Oh don't worry I'm not going to rush you. Just watching you. Let me know when you're done"

To Becky it wasn't any worse than the prison guards watching her shower. She just took her time and thought about how long she could drag it on. When she thought about him enjoying this though she decided to just finish.

"OK master, I'm done."

Michael turned off the water and wrapped her in and hand town before picking her up.

"All right time for you to meet Tilly and go claim your bed. I've got to break in my other pets and can't give you all the attention."

Becky said nothing as he placed her in the pet cage. Tilly looked up from her book briefly but went back to it when Michael turned his attention back to the box.

"Yeah nice to meet you too"

"Hold on, let me just finish this part"

Becky sighed and looked over to see what the giant was doing as she dried herself off. She saw him putting on some underwear and shorts, then picking up Anika. She could tell where this was going.

"From the biggest to the smallest. Well Anika you're going to keep my cock company for a bit."

"I'm sorry what?"

The small girl just look stunned and he opened the waste band and put the small woman inside. Then one by one he put the rest of the women in the cage with Becky and Tilly who finally put down her book

"Tilly, you explain the rules to these girls while I play some video games. Make sure to explain the rules to Anika tomorrow as well. She's going to be keeping me company till then"

Michael said while patting his crotch.

"Yes Master. As you command."

As Michael turned and left the room Tilly turned to face the crowd.

"All right convicts, welcome to your new prison."
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Re: Micro country Intara

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Part 4

"Hello everyone. My name is Tilly and I've been Master's pet for almost two years now. You should always address him as Master unless he tells you otherwise. He might make you call him other things if he's role playing something which is super annoying, but if you don't do it like you mean it you'll get punished like that one."

Tilly pointed to Lucy who was still holding herself and crying. Brandy and Olivia were trying to comfort her but it didn't seem to be effective.

"Also no foul language around Master and in general be respectful even if it feels like bile in your mouth. This is the water bottle to wash out that feeling and feed trough with this crap that tastes worse than bile, but has all the vitamins and nutrients we need. Yes these are for rodents like hamsters and even though he could get more appropriate ones for me, well I guess now us, he thinks it's funny to see me use these. If you try to overeat to make yourself fat and less attractive he'll make you loose the weight and it won't be fun, so don't even try it. The food sucks anyway so you're really just torturing yourself if you ate any more than you need to live. Keep the place clean and pick up after yourself, like immediately. If he sees something dirty he doesn't like someone will get punished. If he gets upset enough that he cleans the place himself the punishment will be worse. He might share his food with you if you beg and ask nicely. Just a tip, the sadder and more pathetic you look when you beg the more it works on him so work on those puppy dog eyes."

Tilly made a sad face toward an invisible giant to illustrate. It looked so fake and exaggerated, but it was what Michael liked.

"That goes for asking him for anything really. The mother, just don't ask her for anything and avoid getting her attention if you can. Pretty sure we will have to humiliate ourselves for her when she "visits" as she's going to be his favorite no matter what".

Tilly made a disgusted face while doing her air quotes.

"Yes I know, the whole thing is Ewww, but don't mention it to him. Don't criticize him at all even if he asks for your opinion on something. Just be a good little supportive toy, or don't if you're a masochist. I mean whatever I don't judge if you like that shit"

The women all just looked at Tilly as she gave out a someone crazy short laugh.

"This is my book shelf and these are my books. Sometimes I'll get the ones I ask for if I behave and do what he wants. You can borrow the ones I've read, but don't even think about it if I haven't read it yet. Be careful if you do borrow them, I don't want any torn pages and shit. If you fuck with me, I'll fuck you up while you're sleeping and blame it on who I like least that day"

Tilly grabbed a splinter from her makeshift bookshelf and held it like a knife. A crazy look in her eyes and a smile that said she'd enjoy a bit of blood. Then she put the splinter back and it just looked like part of the book shelf if you weren't specifically looking for it's outline.

"Now any questions so far?"

"Yeah, you're a bit crazy aren't you?" Becky asked.

She stood arms folded and feet shoulder width apart. She looked relaxed, but one that also dared anybody to try something.

"Yes I am. His first toy was a bitch who was in my cell block. Pretty girl that one. Anyway he broke her after two days, and I know that because after two days giant queen bitch mommy dearest decided I should take her place. Had me watch them bury her in the back yard like a pet rat or something. First couple of days I got punished a lot because I kept talking back and refusing to obey. The only reason he didn't step on me like a cockroach is because he wanted to show his mom he actually could take care of a mini. After a few days I got tired of being hurt, so I just started giving in. Still have scars from those first few days."

Tilly started pointing out scars on her body.

"This one here though wasn't him. Some bitch tried to shank me in prison."

Tilly pointed at a scar on her side. Then she pointed to a large one on her back.

"Oh and this one is when I tried to escape. I was an idiot though, what was I thinking? Do not try to escape. There's no where to go and even if you did get away you'd just be a wild mini trying to survive alone in a giant world. Also anyone could catch you and do whatever with you. Trying to escape is a good way to get punished and it would be pretty bad for you. Sometimes though I wish he would get a cat, and then I could get the cat to eat me, or just kill me, and I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore"

"So why haven't you just killed yourself?" Olivia asked.

The other women suddenly looked at her and gave her a "What the fuck man!" kind of look.

"What? I think it's a valid question. Sorry if that's rude."

Tilly just started laughing and they all turned their attention back to him.

"Oh, I don't mind" said Tilly rather jovially.

"So I have tried to kill myself the first month and failed. Master freaked out, and then he was really mad. Got punished good for a few days for that one. I want to live too damn much which is why I failed the first time. Now I don't want to try, and then fail again, so here I am. I got my books at least and now that I'm not alone maybe I'll be a little less depressed and suicidal, or maybe you all suck and I'll go the other way we'll see. Anyway we're here in the living room. If you're all good Master will put his phone or tablet there so we can watch a movie or show"

Tilly gestured to a table where a phone or tablet would go to provide a giant screen for them. That's why the sofa and chairs were facing towards it.

"Now when he comes into the room, unless you're working out or taking a crap, you stop what you're doing and come here immediately and bow for him. If he reaches for you stand up straight with your arms at your side so he can pick you up easier. Now for the tour"

Tilly showed them where the bedrooms and bathrooms were. The stairs went down below to a well equipped gym which had pairs of machines for them to work out as well as yoga mats and an area for them. This would allow them all to work out at the same time if they wanted.

"Even though this is under the main area don't think you can hide from Master in here. I've tried, and he catches me every-time. There's cameras in here he can check at any time, so if you're in here you better be exercising or between sets."

"What's that sealed door for?" Brandy asked

"Oh, that's for the pool, but it's not installed yet. This big ass cage is new and Master wanted a custom pool made for it. I wish he would have just gotten a standard one so I could be swimming in it already. I don't give a shit about a custom pool or anything, but it's what he wants so yeah. My favorite thing about the old cage was the pool. It's not ready yet but that's where it will connect to. I've also asked him for a basketball court or field for soccer and shit, but he said he'll think about it which means no for now but a maybe if I keep asking when I put him in a good mood."

"Seems a lot better than being in prison." Olivia said flatly

The others looked at her for a moment but then Tilly started laughing again.

"Oh, that's cute. You're still in prison honey. Anyway yes this is a big upgrade from my old mini cage, which was an upgrade from the simple Hamster cage he put me in the first two months. It was his mother's idea, said the mini cages were too nice for a convict with a bad mouth like me. There's room for ten here so I'm sure there will be two more prisoners, sorry I mean "pets" at some point in the future. If he gets greedy though hopefully he adds additions and doesn't just replace our beds with bunk beds. Now let's introduce ourselves including what we were in for and how much time we did, and since I've been talking this whole time I'll go last. Let's start with big strong and beautiful over here."

"Fine. My name is Becky Johnson. Amateur MMA fights don't really pay the bills so I did other things like provide security for unsavory types. Long story short I was involved in a deal that went bad and several people got killed, including a pig that was under cover. Several of us went down for it because my boss and one of his underlings fucked up. At least I saw the boy and his mom eat..."

Tilly interrupted her mid sentence.

"Hey! Call him Master! Even if he's not around. You do not want to make a mistake when you're with him or have him accidentally hear you call him anything other than Master. Trust me if he hears you call him boy you're going to regret it."

"Right. OK, well I got to see Master eat the lieutenant and his mom ate the boss and I have to say, that was rather satisfying. So far this sucks but still better than being in prison."

Tilly motioned for Ami to go next.

"Uh, yes well. My name is Ami Hayashi. I am originally from Japan and in another life I was an accountant and loving wife. My Husband moved us to Intara five years about, but he was abusive and one day I just couldn't take it anymore. I killed him, I had to, it was self defense, but I could not afford a lawyer and the courts did not see it that way. So I got life, and thought I was going rot away in prison for the rest of my days. I don't know if a life as a pet is better than a life in prison but I remain hopeful"

Tilly nodded when Ami finished.

"I can see that. If you want it to be better then just be obedient and do as you're told. For me this is hell, now how about you legs"

Tily motioned at Kira who had to clear her throat

"Yes, well my name is Kira Knight. I used to be a model. I was on my way up, but my career started stalling. Turns out my manager slash boyfriend was cheating on me with another client and giving gigs to her that were supposed to go to me. When I found out, I didn't take it well. I stabbed the little fucker with an ice pick multiple times in a parking lot, but he didn't die, so I ran the mother fucker over with my car. Broke a lot of his bones but somehow he's still alive. Probably shouldn't have done that in a parking lot with security cameras. I got twenty years for attempted murder, but I really wish I didn't fail. My life as a model would be over by then anyway. They said I could be out earlier with anger management therapy, but the sessions they're all just bullshit. I only wish I had gotten a big ass truck to make sure that fucker was dead instead of going for that cute little red Miata which clearly didn't get the job done."

"Umm, I'll go next. Hi. My name is Brandy Williams. I'm a gymnastics teacher, or, well, I was. I have poor taste in men. My last boyfriend was a drug dealer who use to store his stuff at my place sometimes. I thought it was ok since it wasn't mine after all. Then one day the cops are knocking on my door saying they have a warrant. I stayed silent and claimed I didn't know anything to protect him, but that asshole threw me under the bus to get a deal. They charged me with possession with intent to distribute which meant fifty years. At least I'm not in prison anymore, but I don't know if this is better."

"I'm Olivia Jones. I used to be part of a gang that targeted the wealthy. I was the honey pot and safe cracker, but during our last job the new guy got trigger happy and shot the wife who was a hostage. His stupidity led to us all getting caught, and we all got charged with third degree murder which is bull shit. Anyway I was two years into my twenty when I was pulled aside and ported out by our 'queen'. Honestly I'd rather serve out my sentence in prison but it's not like we get a choice is it?"

Tilly nodded enthusiastically as she responded to Olivia.

"Nope you sure don't. Glad you see that, it will make your stay easier. I wish someone had helped me see that earlier myself, but well, whatever. We just have to accept our lot in life. If you think about the ways this is better than prison it helps, but that's up to you. OK that leaves you black and blue"

Tilly motioned at Lucy with a big smile.

"Fuck you. Uh, well I'm Lucy Anderson. I hate shit like this, but I got caught trying to embezzle money from a government retirement fund. It was so easy, but my boss who was the mastermind couldn't keep his big mouth shut. He bragged to the wrong people and we got caught, so I got 30 years for his stupidity. Now I'm here. Wish I was back in prison."

Tilly laughed at her last statement.

"Yep, I hear ya. Wish the same, or to be dead, but can't bring myself to off myself. Anyway just accept this is your life now. That goes for all of you. Now, I'm Tilly Silva twenty four years old. I used to be a vagrant, bouncing from place to place, doing small crimes to get by and the like, then I found an opportunity to make it big. As you know it's hard to smuggle anything into Intara, so that just means there's huge demand for shit they can't have, like cocaine. I started working with a small outfit that was making the stuff underground in the city of Kent. Got real good at processing and cutting it too. It was just supposed to be a short term thing, save up enough money to go somewhere else and disappear. Well I did, but I got too greedy and stayed too long. The day I finally thought to get out of there the Intara Feds broke down my door and it was over for me. If I had just left the day before, or anytime earlier, and to kill the fucking rat that turned me in, but best not to think about it. That life's over now. So any questions?"

Becky stepped forward

"Yeah, what if I kill you. I could make it quick and you shouldn't suffer"

Tilly laughed like Becky had just told the funnies joke she's ever heard.

"Hey I'm serious"

Becky's face darkened and she started to look a little mad. The other girls backed away from her.

"Ah, no, no, hey, I'm not trying to insult you or anything. Really I appreciate the offer. I'm not sure I'm ready to ask someone that just yet, and well it would be asking you to die too probably. It's really a warning for all of you, but don't try to hurt each other. Master gets rather mad if anyone hurts his property. His mother thought it might be fun to put a little man in my cage once. He was an asshole though and slapped me when I disagreed with him. Master saw it and crushed him like a bug with his bare hands. Got a temper that one. Doesn't like anyone hurting his things. The mom didn't give a shit though, just teased Master about actually giving a shit for me."

"If you need someone to die with you just let me know. I say fuck it" Lucy said

Tilly nodded her head as she responded.

"Thanks I'll keep that in mind. Now in case you didn't notice, all the rooms have a dresser, which should have some clothes in it, or will soon. It's important to wear the bra's so your breasts don't sag, but you can put on the other clothing too if you want. I'm just naked today because it's part of my punishment. Oh one more important thing. If Master takes you to bed at night, the next morning you will have to service your cock. Refusing in the morning is a good way to piss him off so don't. It's going to be better for you if you try to seem willing and put some effort into it, other wise he's just going to pick you up and beat you against his cock. I've kind of given up and just let that happen, but I assume some of you want to avoid that"

"Why are you telling us that? You aren't worried one of us won't become his favorite, that we won't replace you?" Olivia asked.

"Ha ha, no, I don't worry about it. Go for it, knock yourselves out, become his favorite. Please the more he likes any of you the less I'll have to deal with him. As long as I can get a book once in a while, or if one of you gets one and I can read it, I don't care. If he can forget I exist that would be heaven. Also, it's nice to have people to talk to so I don't want you guys getting squished any time soon. Also the worse your mood the worse you'll be as roomies. Now this is more talking than I've done in a very long time, but I'm kinda spent now. So I'm going back up to the living room to finish my book. If you have any more questions, let me know in about an hour. OK thanks."

"She's a bit odd" Brandy said. All the other girls just nodded in agreement.
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Micro country Intara Part 5

Post by MasterBlaster » Fri May 31, 2024 5:07 pm

Part 5

"Fuck yeah, suck it you newb! Third time in a row!"

Michael threw down his controller in victory as he jumped up. He heard a soft yelp from below which initially confused him.

"Oh yeah."

Michael reached down and pulled the frightened Anika. Gently with one finger he caressed her face with his right index finger, holding the less than five inch Indian woman securely in his left.

"Hey little one. Sorry about that. Didn't mean to frighten you. I didn't hurt you did I?"

"N-No sir. I, I'm ok"

Anika replied fearfully. The tiny woman was practically vibrating in his hand. He was about to speak when he froze listening to the voice at the other end of the headset, then he put the tiny woman on the coffee table in front of him and pressed the talk button on his headset.

"Hey, don't blame me because you suck. Oh, I'm gonna regret it? Just try it asshole!"

Michael took off his headset and looked at his broken controller on the floor.

"Aww man, I liked that one. Ah well."

Michael picked up a second controller and used it to close out his game and turn off the system. Anika looked and the broken plastic and circuitry on the floor and shuddered as she contemplated him throwing her like that. Just as she finished that thought he picked her back up and gently started petting her.

"What's wrong little one? Are you afraid of me?"

"Terrified Master." And she meant it

Michael started laughing and Anika grabbed onto his hand for dear life as her world shook.

"So, how did you end up as my toy? What bad things did you do? I can't imagine you like killing someone or anything. I can always look it up on my laptop but I wanted you to tell me in your words."

"Um... well... I was convicted for financial fraud. Cohen Financial just had so much pressure to make the numbers, so sometimes I lied. I'm not the only one though, others did it and most of them were worse, but they didn't get 15 years like I did, and some of them got none at all. It's not fair"

"Did anyone get hurt?"

Michael watched her face as she grimaced.

"No, well, a few. Only two of my clients lost their retirement savings, but there were thousands of people who lost everything and a lot of those responsible got of Scott free. It's not fair! They are residents of Intara too and they hurt a lot of people. I didn't mean to, I wanted to do the best I could for my clients, I just..."

"I don't like that, so if you want to make sure those responsible are punished I'll see what I can do. They should at least be in jail"

"Maybe, if I help, you could let me go back?"

"Haha no. You made your choices and this is part of your punishment. Besides you're really cute and sexy. I want to do all sorts of things to your body. You're my pet now."

Anika's heart sank. The reality that she was the toy of a horny giant boy was starting to solidify for her. She started sobbing without realizing it. Gently he petted her and wiped away her tears.

"Hey, it doesn't have to be so bad. Look at it this way, you don't have any bills, worries, or responsibilities other than doing what I tell you. I provide everything for you pets. If you're good I'll reward you and try to make it better for you. If not you get punished. That goes for all of you. Simple, yeah?"

Anika nodded but didn't really believe his words. Even so what else could she do?

"Good. I'll play with you later tonight, but for now."

He picked her up and opened his waist band.

"Please don-"

Her plea was cut off as he dropper in his underwear and closed her cloth prison.

"Just the right size for that"

Michael hummed, pleased with himself as he picked up his phone and saw an emergency notification. The person he'd been playing against had just tried to swat him.

"Really? Ugh that idiot. Well little one you might have some company depending on who else got captured"

The internet traffic from Michael's house all got routed through Intara. There was a team of dedicated civil servants who monitored it and while it generally meant most of his game matches came from Intara and that he had no online privacy, he knew it was also protected him. They had tried to swat him three times before, but the local authorities were aware to use caution on this address. Holders of micro cities and countries could get special consideration and protections so the tiny populates didn't have any mishaps. Nobody wanted to deal with minicorp coming in after the fact, or worse a size changer. Those mysterious cross dimensional beings originally introduced these novelties after all, and people only moved to them if they were protected and had some reassurance of stability.

The first person who tried to swat Michael was an Intaran and was immediately put into jail while the second his mother took out and let him step on. The third was from outside Intara so mini corp captured him and his girlfriend, but his mother dealt with those two, torturing them for a few days before they finally expired. It looks like this one was also outside Intara, a young boy a few miles away, and a minicorp enforcer who was in the area had collected the boy and his family. It only took an hour for a small box with air-holes to be left at his front door.

"Oh, this is a nice late birthday present."

Michael picked up the box of screaming voices and took it to his living room. He took Anika out and put her on the coffee table next to the box.

"You're going to see how I treat those who have wronged me my pet."

Anika shook in fear at those words but nodded her head obediently anyway. Michael chuckled as he opened the box and saw the little family finding a chubby pimple faced thirteen year old boy, a blond good looking milf with nice breasts and an hour glass figure, a younger six year old blond haired girl who was a mini version of her mom, a teenage goth girl who had to be around fourteen, a handsome brown haired older brother who must have been seventeen, and a panicking man who simply seemed average in all ways. The man started talking rapid fire and in a panic.

"Uh hi, sir there must be some mistake. I don't know why that scary man brought us to you. Please, don't hurt my family, just help us. I'll give you whatever you want, if you can help us. I'm sure we can clear up this misunderstanding. I-"

The man cut off as Michael picked him up and gave him a squeeze.

"You can't give me anything stupid. I already have what I want. You and your family are my pets."

"Please.... why are you doing this?"

"Your son, that pimply faced looser over there, tried to SWAT me. Well he won't be doing that to anyone ever again."

The thirteen year old looked down at his feet as the rest of his family shot daggers at him.

"Yeah, you little shit stain. You think it's funny to make those calls. Well guess what, this is one of the real life consequences you stupid idiot. Now you're all legally registered as my minis and I can do what I want with you."

"What are you going to do with us?" the mother asked.

Michael smiled and put the father back in the box. He then went through his opened presents looking for something.

"Hey you, can you help?" The goth girl asked Anika

"Me? I'm just his pet. I just got here today a few hours ago. They took me out of prison and dragged me here. Sorry, I can't do anything"

Michael came back holding a pair of thick white sandals with indentations in the middle.

"Ah I get to try these out. Hope you little ones fit"

Michael ignored the screams and shouts of protest as he picked up the man and older brother, stripping them and securing them to the indentations of the sandals before placing them on his feet. He stood up testing them out, wiggling his toes as the trapped males struggled for air.

"Oh, that's nice. I like this. Hope I adjusted these right. Wouldn't want to crush my new toys just yet. Now let's get a look at you three."

He picked up the mom and stripped her clothes, fondling her breasts and molesting her as he did so. He was quicker with the two girls as they didn't interest him as much. A day ago he would have drooled over this, but with the pets he'd just gotten these were only fun because it was a whole family. He ignored their screams and protests, but did notice that the goth girl hardly complained at all except when he rubbed her young chest a little too hard.

"Now for you, you little shit."

"Leave me alone you fag! Homo! N-No DON'T"

Michael squeezed the boy to make him shut up. He stripped him and then turned him over and started flicking his ass hard. He spanked him until the little trolls voice was too horse to do more than whimper and blood ran down his legs from how bloody his ass and backside were.

"Gross. I don't need such a disgusting toy"

Michael put the boy on the ground and then gently trapped him with his left sandal where his father was trapped. The little boy started screaming and pleading as Michael slowly added pressure. His dad too was struggling trying to break free, but all it did was make Michael smile. Then he heard a voice from the table that made him stop.

"Please don't. You're going to make me do what you want anyway, but if you don't kill him yet I'll be willing for you and I'll make sure the others are too."

Michael stopped applying pressure and looked back to the table. The little goth girl had climbed out of the box and was kneeling at the edge of the coffee table. Slowly he lifted his foot then picked up the boy he was about to crush.

"Oh, you'd sacrifice yourself to save this little piece of shit?"

"No, if it was just me and him I'd want to watch you crush him, but my mom and dad would be devastated. By the way um, please don't crush my dad and older brother, if it's not too late. I like that brother."

Michael chuckled. He could feel the struggles on his feet likely the men telling her not to do it. It really did feel better than he expected, especially knowing he could just break them by stomping his feet a little.

"Yeah they're alive for now. So if I let this shit stain live you're going to be my obedient little toy and make your sexy mom understand she has to do the same?"

"Yes Master. My sister, bothers, and father too if you want."

"Eh, I'll let them live for now. OK"

Michael put the boy back in the box and his mother and sister immediately hugged him crying and sobbing.

"Make sure he keeps his mouth shut or I'll have to break his jaw. Now then"

Michael wiped his hands on his shorts and picked up the little goth girl.

"Anika, you're going to learn to be more like this. I have faith in you. Now you, what's your name?"

"Uh.. It's Jamie, Jamie Smith. My mother is Lauren, father is Jacob, older brother is Dan, shit stain of a younger brother is Stanley, and my little sister is Belladonna or Bell for short. Um.. Master."

Michael was turning her body over in his hands and feeling her up and down.

"I'm listening, just admiring my new pet at the same time"

"Um... yes. Well I'm you're toy now so I can't object"

"You're taking this rather well."

"Well, I process things differently than other people I guess. People think I'm weird so I push them away. Also I've always wanted to be a mini, but my family was against it... so yeah. Not like they get a say now."

"Hey if you being weird makes you a better pet for me, then there's nothing wrong with that. You're not bad, but I really like your attitude in case you couldn't tell"

Michael angled her down so she could see the growing tent in his pants

"Oh? Oh I see. Um, do you need, no, do you want me to take care of that for you? Master?"

Her combination of willingness, curiosity, and fear just made his cock harder. Rather than answering Michael freed his cock with one hand and slowly brought her to it. For a moment Jamie did nothing with the huge cock pressed against her chest, then she obediently wrapped her arms and legs around it and dis her best to pump. Michael smiled at his new toy.

"MMMM there you go. You're getting the idea. Too bad daddy and bro can't see how good you look on my cock"

He wiggled his toes as unintelligible protests came from his feet. Inside the box Lauren was covering Bells eyes while Stanley looked on in fear and disbelieve. Anika just stood on the table happy she wasn't the focus of his attention.

"Don't worry girls I'm not leaving you out"

Michael said as he got closer to the box and aimed his cock at the mother. Before she could protest he came splashing cum on the three minis. Lauren did her best to protect Bell but her and Stanley got coated. He made sure Jamie got her fair share before bringing her up to eye level and admiring her new look.

"Now that was good. So is being a mini how you imagined?"

"Kinda. I'm conflicted about it but I guess I need to get used to it. I fantasized about this for so long. Thank you Master."

"You're welcome little pet, though I don't think the others feel the same. You'll help change that. I'll play with you and your mom later. I'm playing with the present my mom gave me today."

Anika groaned in surrender and stood up so Michael could grab her. She was hoping if she was obedient it would not be as bad for her. Jamie though looked a little disappointed.

"OK Master" Jamie said bowing her head

Michael smiled and put her back in the box. He then used a wipe to clean himself up a little before picking up Anika.

"Now that you've seen what I like I hope you will do a little better. Need to wait a bit though. For now back in you go"

Michael brought up his underwear and shorts as he put Anika in. She was of course protesting but he didn't register a word she said as he admired the minis in the box. He closed it and took it back to his room and brought out Tilly's old mini cage. It was meant for two mini's to live comfortably, but for now the little family would be crammed in there. He wanted to keep them separate for now and didn't want the boys to even think of touching his other girls. Lauren sent her children off to the shower before going to the edge to get Michael's attention as he was setting up the water tank.

"Excuse me. Um Sir? Master?"

Lauren yelped as Michael grabbed her and brought her to eye level.

"What? Before you say anything don't even think of asking to be put back to normal. Minicorp shrank you and registered all of you. I can't do anything about it. If you reach out to any friends or family for help they're gonna end up in this cage too"

Lauren bowed her head dejected for a moment, then looked back up to him.

"I-I understand. Master. It's just, this, apartment, enclosure I guess, is a little small for all of us. Can we move in to the bigger one over there?"

"Hah, no. I'm keeping you separate from them for now. Don't worry, I'll get you a new cage later. Anything else?"

"Do we have to drink out of that hamster bottle? Also can we get some food other than those pellets?"

"No. For now that's all you get. If you're good and make me happy I might reward you with something better. This is your life now. Understand?"

"Yes sir" Lauren responded meekly.

Michael put her back in the box. Just then an alert on his phone reminded him it was time to check on dinner.
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Micro country Intara part 6

Post by MasterBlaster » Fri Jun 07, 2024 1:29 am

Part 6

Michael admired his plate. Just a few moments ago he was agonizing about his choices, but as he started eating he was satisfied. Becky was trapped under his meatloaf, Kira was laying in his mashed potatoes, and Olivia was soaking in his tomato soup. Three pretty women trapped in his food just waiting for him. The only thing that could make this better for him is if it was Carol wrapped in his mashed potatoes, but she had royal appointments she needed to keep. He had put the two boys back with the family so they wouldn't spoil his meal, but he kinda wished he had replaced them with two of the girls as warm bodies under his feet did feel amazing.

"Hey ki-er Master! Do I need to stay under this meat the whole time?" Becky complained.

"Yes! I like more beef with my meatloaf"

Michael reached down and gently rubbed Becky's muscular arms with his left index finger while admiring his food. Becky and Kira both groaned at his joke, but Olivia had to stifle a laugh.

"Oh before I forget"

Michael reached down into his underwear and pulled out Anika who squawked when he grabbed her. He put her on a napkin. He figured the mini's didn't eat before lunch so all she'd had today was his cum and pubic hair

"I should let you have a bit. You only get mini food if I'm not playing with you after all"

Michael got a bit of meatloaf and mashed potatoes then put them on her napkin.

"Umm, thanks Master"

The little woman stared at Michael for a minute before convincing herself it was safe to eat, then attacked the food like a starving woman. Michael chuckled and then put a bit of meatloaf and mashed potatoes on a piece of cracker for the rest of them. He had already pretended not to notice Becky shoving pieces of the meatloaf into her face when he looked away. He also tore off a small part of his roll for them.

"A little bit for each of you then. You can start eating now. Eat it, or don't. Just remember you only get nice food like this if I'm playing with you and being nice to you. Bad toys only get mini feed. Understand?"

"Yes Master" the women replied with various levels of enthusiasm.

Michael started with the meatloaf slowly breaking Becky out of her beefy prison. He liked the way she flavored his food. I also enjoyed the taste of Kira and Olivia, but felt that the taste would be better if he had swapped Olivia and Kira. Then again Kira did look really good in the mashed potatoes while Olivia seemed at home in the soup as if she was relaxing in a warm bath.

"I think you're enjoying your soup bath too much pet." Michael said to Olivia with a mischievous grin

"Oh, Umm.. Thanks? Wait? What are you doing? Please!!! Noo!!!..."

Michael picked up the bowl of soup scaring Olivia slightly, but she really started freaking out when he started tilting the bowl to drink the soup. Olivia held on to the side of the bowl for dear life, absolutely terrified the giant was going to sallow her with the soup. She was of course to big for that and if he tried he would likely choke to death, but to be fair Olivia has just seen him eat a bunch of smaller mini's earlier that day and thought she was next. Michael just laughed as he put down the bowl and plucked out the agitated Olivia.

"That wasn't funny BO-err I mean Master! MASTER!!!" the little blonde beauty said through ground teeth. She tried to stamp her foot in his hand which just made him laugh harder.

"Little one you're a bit big to swollen. I could maybe do that to her without shrinking her more"

Michael looked towards Anika who just froze mid bite of her meatloaf chunk.

"But the rest of you are too big right now. Besides I just got you pets. If you behave, I won't get rid of you anytime soon. Stop being so mad, it's not going to change anything"

Olivia was still red and biting her lip. Michael just ignored her irritation and wrapped his lips around her arm cleaning off the soup. She tried to pull away of course but couldn't do anything until he allowed her. She tried hard to stay mad and not enjoy his attention as he fondled and licked her body before finishing on her pussy and making sure his greedy tongue got every last drop of wetness from her. When he finally relented Olivia just went limp in his hands, not being able to move or protest.

"See my little soup flavoring, it's not all bad. As long as you behave and do what I tell you"

"Yes Sir. Master. I got it."

Olivia was still panting and sweating when Michael gently put her on a napkin on the table. He did the same for Kira who wasn't able to last half as long under his attention. Finally he picked up Becky, the meatloaf gone except for crumbs and the bits that still stuck to her.

"Hello my little beef doll"

Becky just sighed at the comment and folded her arms across her chest.

"Hello Master."

"Well, it's you're turn now, but before that relax a little."

Michael grabbed her right arm with his right thumb and index finger. Becky gave up and moved her left arm as well leaving her ample breasts fully exposed for him.

"Oh, you're learning I see." Michael remarked

"Well do I really have a choice?" Becky asked

"Hah, no. No you don't. Good girl"

Michael brought up Becky and put her large breasts in his mouth, gently sucking and licking them. Becky shut her eyes, trying not to think about what was happening to her. She just tried to enjoy the feeling as her body trembled and her pussy started wanting her Masters attention. By the time his tongue got between her legs her juices had already run down her legs. Rather than making fun of her for it or remarking how wet he made her, which she fully expected, Michael just smiled and continued enjoying his toy licking and sucking every part of her. After at least twenty minutes of teasing her, he finally got more forceful with his tongue and made her cum. It was the most amazing orgasm Becky ever had and she lost herself in. Her mind seem to go completely blank, and when she came to she realized she was hugging and kissing Michael's face, pussy grinding itself on the tip of his nose as he held her there with one hand. She froze, horror at what her body was going on it's own.

"Guess you like my attention. Nothing wrong with that you know. The sooner you get over that the better your life will be."

Michael lowered her and kissed the top of her head. He admired her tired muscular body a bit, feeling her abs and gently squeezing her thighs, then he put her on the table. He picked up Kira to inspect her next, but she was much more frightened and twitchy. She was going to be more work to break in than the other two, but that was fine as far as Michael was concerned. He made sure to touch every part of Kira's body despite her many complaints. At least she was quiet after he brought her pussy to his lips.

"Well that's everyone but Anika, but I'm going to need to clean you before I put you in my mouth. You were next to my balls for a few hours after all"

Anika glared Michael as if to say "Who's fault is that now?" but Michael just laughed before picking her up and placing her back in his underwear as she shouted words of protest. He picked up Olivia again.

"Oh, my turn again?"

"Why are you complaining?"

"No, no, the opposite really. Not like I can stop you either way. Just figured you'd give one of them more attention."

"Well Kira is gonna need some work before I can do more with her, and Becky got way more attention than you. I should even it out"

"Thanks for being your third choice, I guess."

Michael laughed as Olivia made a face

"I didn't mean it like that. Now shut up and let me enjoy your little body"

"Yes Master."

Michael picked up Olivia and started sucking on her, being gentle yet forceful with her pussy. He made sure that she wouldn't feel jealous of what he had done to Becky. As for Anika though, well she was keeping his dick company today. He'd be nice to her some other time. Just as Olivia started to orgasm Michael felt his phone vibrate. Still sucking on Olivia I took out the phone with his free hand and answered the video call.

"Hey son... umm... excuse me! Manners?"

"Yes, YES! NO! Don't Stop!!! Ugh damn it!" complained Olivia as Michael stopped moving his tongue and pulled her away from his mouth with a light popping sound.

"Hey Carol. I just ate dinner"

"Yes, and I see I caught you in the middle of desert. I know you're happy to have your new toys, but I'd like to think the boy I raised would show a little more respect to a Queen, or at least his Mom."

Michael turned a little red. When he answered the phone he was a mighty God, but realizing he had answered the phone and his mom had witnessed him molesting a pretty woman embarrassed him more than he wanted to admit. Carol started laughing absolutely enjoying his reaction.

"Oh you don't have to be embarrassed. You had me in your mouth a few hours ago. It wouldn't bother you at all if I was there in person."

Michael turned more red thinking about how wonderful it had been to hold her and taste her.

"That's different. You were my mini, right now you're my mom. Ugh"

Carol just laughed again, a beautiful happy sound that made Michael just a little more embarrassed. To him her laugh had the quality of wind chimes in a gentle breeze. Carol, wanting to not break down the wall between toy and mother any further today, stifled her laugh and cleared her throat.

"OK son, I won't tease you about it for now. Honestly I was just kind of jealous more than anything seeing you play with that pretty little tart. Just wish it was me. I wish I could visit you tonight, but I need to be up early to meet with the tourism board and there's no way you'll put me back in time"

Carol gave a slightly sad smile and Michael sighed. He was not a morning person and they both knew it.

"Yeah I know mom. Well at least you're visiting this weekend. You'll be in my hands again in two days!"

"I'm excited too. I hope playing with your other toys won't make you forget about me."

"Hah, never. Not going to happen. Sure I'm happy with the ones you got me, but I don't' know about the new ones. I'll show them to you"

"That stupid little prick, trying to SWAT you? I want to see you crush him so please don't tell me you stepped on him yet"

"Not yet. His sister promised they'd be more obedient if I spared him for now. Figured there was no harm in waiting since I can crush that bug whenever I want. Let me show them to you."

"Hold on hold on. First how was dinner? Did you eat everything? Show me young man"

"Yes I ate everything and was just about to clean up those three and get ready for bed"

"Oh no way in hell you're going to bed that early without me there to force you to. You just want to go back and play with your toys."

Michael turned a little red being caught in his white lie. He knew if she was there he would have told her exactly what he planned to do, and what he was probably going to do with her. Not like she couldn't check the camera in his room anytime. He had nothing to hide from her or be embarrassed about, but he couldn't help himself. She was his mom. Even so for this to work he knew he needed to get over that, yet still respect her when she wasn't being his toy.

"Busted. Yeah pretty much. I want to practice a few things before you come this weekend. Don't watch if you want it to be a surprise, or watch, whatever."

"Hah hah, ok Mr Cool. I'll probably watch but I won't embarrass you about it. Now show me that empty dinner plate."

Michael flipped to the back facing camera to show his empty plate and the three girls huddled next to it.

"Oh, poor things are getting cold, all wet with your spit. I'm not surprised you had the two blondes for dinner, but I'm a little surprised you used the big one. I figured you'd play with that tiny little Indian one first."

Michael patted his crotch as he angled his camera to it.

"Oh she's right here. She's the perfect size to be my cock buddy"

Carol laughed again that wonderful laugh

"I'm glad. She can keep that space warm for me. I may not be that small, but I'm flexible and that's going to be my comfy space this weekend."

"Yes mam. Royal preoperative and all." Michael said with a wink

They both laughed. Michael then got up and attached Becky to his left wrist. He laid his wrist on top of her as she bear hugged his arm and placed arm and leg Velcro cuffs to secure her. For his right arm Kira and Olivia were sandwiched inside a flexible wrist wrap which pressed their bodies tight against him and were only barely able to breath over the pressure when he flexed his wrist. This was one of the few times they girls wished their chests and asses were much smaller.

"I should get a larger wrist band for carrying around this pair. Ah well. OK mom let me show you the new recruits."

Michael went back to his room and mercifully put Kira and Olivia back in the group cage. They immediately went towards the showers. He left Becky where she was and she yelped as he pinched her ass. He felt the wetness on his arm when her pussy involuntarily pressed against it and knew he was winning her over despite the big woman's protests. He felt Olivia and Kira get a little wet as well, but that was probably hampered by their inability to breathe. Michael went over to loom over the six member family crammed into the living room of a cage meant for two. Jamie remained calm while the rest cringed as their new Master positioned his camera over them.

"OK mom. This is the family mini corp caught. The ugly pimple faced troll over there is the one who tried to swat me."

"Switch to the front camera son. I want them to see the face of their queen."

Michael did so and flipped the phone around so they little family could see Carol. Jacob, the father, cleared his throat and tried to address her.

"Excuse me? Mam? I'm sorry about my son's behavior, but we can still work this out like reasonable people can't we?"

Jamie sighed at her father's futile gesture. For a second Lauren, the mother, took Carol's nodding head and smile as understanding, but that crumbled away when she heard the woman's mocking laugh.

"Oh Jacob. You don't seem to understand your situation do you? This has been worked out, and this is the result. You're my son's pets and property now. Don't like it? Well you shouldn't have raised such a piece of shit. If this was the first time he swatted someone I was content to scare you and have mini corp put you back the next day, but he's done this multiple times to other people. No, your old lives are over. The only reason your parents and extended family aren't with you is because I didn't want to flood my son with minis, but there's still time to change that."


"One more word and your children get to watch their grand parents turned into paste under your Gods shoes!"

Jacob bowed his head in defeat. Jamie looked content while Bell just looked confused. The rest of her family hung their heads knowing their lives as they knew them were over. All their hopes and dreams meant nothing now. All that mattered was surviving and pleasing this giant boy. Michael turned the camera back around to face him.

"Well that's them. I was thinking they could be your personal servants this weekend. I mean you'll be my pet but you're still a queen, and what's a queen without loyal servants who know that disappointing you means I step on them?"

Carol laughed.

"Yes, that's true. Well that might be nice. I'll think of other things we can do with them, especially torturing that little troll. Now before I let you go who are you planning to play with tonight."

"I've decided on the biggest" Michael pinched Becky's ass again which made her yelp.

"And the smallest" Michael patted his crotch area where Anika was.

"Good good, maybe I will watch Master. I should observe how to worship my god better all weekend after all."

"Uh, yea-yeah" Michael stammered out as he blushed.

"Good night son. I love you."

"Good night mom, love you too."

Michael sighed. He new it was silly that he got like this thinking about Carol as his mini, his pet. He had some pretty pets now and he planned to get more as time went on. He couldn't let one little mini get him all flustered, especially in front of the mini's he should look strong in front of. Then again, who cares? Maybe being self conscious about showing weakness towards Carol was itself a weakness he needed to get rid of. He wanted to accept her as his mother and as his mini. It didn't really matter what any else thought honestly, least of all his pets. If he didn't like a comment they made he could just punish them, or replace them if they really pissed him off. Well enough worrying, Michael reached down to take Anika out of his underwear and put her on his night stand. Then he undressed to pick her back up and lay down putting her on his chest while Becky will still on his wrist.

"Well little one you've taken a bit of abuse today. Don't worry I'm not picking on your or anything. All you girls are going to be in my underwear at some point, but honestly I think you might just fit perfectly down there and feel really good so you'll probably get more time than the others."

"Ummm... I'd rather not. Sir?"

"Hah ha, sorry but you don't get a choice. don't worry I'm giving you a break. You're going to watch Becky here do her best."

Michael undid the Velcro clasping the big woman's hands and feet together around his forearm. He held her with his left hand and glided the fingers of his right over her hair and body while she massaged her sore wrists. She wanted to push away his fingers and tell him to stop molesting her, but she knew it was best to submit to him especially if she wanted anything out of him.

"Master, I get you like restraints that hold us to your body, but I feel like any longer in that thing and it feels like my wrist might break. I'm not a light little thing like her down there. Can I pick out some more comfortable restraints maybe? I would be grateful"

Michael could tell she was gritting her teeth, but at least she was trying. Also he didn't want to break her, but rather wanted her to serve him for a very long time.

"OK, tomorrow you'll help me pick out some restraints. I need to order some clothes for you pets anyway. I'm also going to need some restraints and toys to torture the boys. Have to find some use for them other than just stepping on them. Now pretty little hulk, it's time to wrestle my penis."

"Yes Master. As you wish."

Michael put Becky next to his crotch. She took a moment before steadying herself and wrapping her powerful arms around his member which only stood at her waist, but was starting to grow. Becky rubbed her breasts on the tip and ground under her shook as Michael shuddered. Even though she was kneeling Anika yelped as she almost fell over. Becky didn't want to admit that she liked how quickly it grew and pushed between her large breasts. Before she never cared what others thought of her body. There were plenty of men and women who were mesmerized by her muscles and just as many who were disgusted. She was used to beating anyone who said something negative, but expecting the worship of anyone who admired her. Why should she care that this boy found her attractive and enjoyable? Why did her pussy get so wet when he paid attention to her? Becky decided to stop worrying about it and just focus on pleasing her owner.

"Oh, that feels really good Becky. Anika you got your work out to outdo her. Oh fuck........"

Michael felt the orgasm start from deep within him and his whole body shook. Without thinking Becky angled her face in front of his tip as he exploded, making her choke with the force of his cum and showering her with it. The stream seemed endless as she bathed in it. She waited till he was done then she stood up.

"Master, did I do a good job"

She asked in her best innocent voice, which sounded ridiculous to her but brought a smile to her owner.

"Yeah, that was great. Almost as good as Carol. Oh shit"

Becky sniffed at the comparison, but she new that probably wasn't going to change. Carol was as always going to be number one to him and she had to get use to it, but she didn't have to like it.

"Master want to watch me eat your cum"

"Of course, what are you waiting for?"

Becky smiled and did her best sexy poses as she tried to scoop cum into her mouth. Normally she hated men's cum, but for some reason she was OK with this. She didn't want to admit to the feelings that were starting to overtake her. No she's just pleasing her owner. She told herself that she had no choice, nothing she can do about it, she's at his mercy, this isn't her.

"We're going to have to work on your sexy poses, but I really like this sight my pet"

Michael reached down and gently petted her with his left index finger as he admired her eating his cum. Becky leaned into it and made a noise that could only be described as purring.

"Mmmm, making me hard again. Well that's not a bad thing. Anika needs to prove her worth as well"

Michael brought his finger wet with cum in front of Anika. She stared at it dumbly for a second.

"Uh, what do you want me to.."

"Lick it clean stupid. You're about to get a lot more of this."

Anika sighed and started licking his finger. To her it tasted terrible and she almost gagged. She looked at him pleadingly but he just shook his head and she went back to cleaning his finger. When she finished she looked back at Becky still shoving it in her mouth and had to fight the nauseous feeling.

"Guess it's going to take longer for you to get use to it, but we have all the time in the world"

"Maybe, I can give my turns to her? She seems to like it."

"Oh no, you're not getting out of it that easily. I'm going to use my favorites more, but all of you are going to feel different on my cock and I'm going to make full use of you. The sooner you get use to it, the better it will be for you. Besides good girls get rewarded you know so the more I use you the more you might get what you want."

"Yes sir I understand"

Anika sighed and just waited till Becky couldn't take in anymore. The giant cock was hard again and she tried to mentally prepare herself for her turn. Michael put Anika on the night stand as he took Becky to the bathroom and cleaned her off. He put her back in the big cage gently.

"Good night my pet."

"Good night Master."

Michael smiled at that and went back to bed. He picked up Anika and held her close to his face, petting her with his right index finger.

"Are you ready my little pet?"

"No, but I don't have a choice do I?"

The world is a dark place.

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