Lilliputian Maria

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Fri May 24, 2024 7:49 pm

I have started another story. Thought I would share the first chapiter. Hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think.


Chapiter 01: Graduation

Maria sighed looking at all her belongings gathered in a simple tote. She had been dreading this day since the day the reduction wave hit and shrunk a large portion of the world's population. Thankfully the authorities had been quick to collect them. The downside, they quickly classified them as subhuman.

She was barely six at that time so she was sent to be properly educated for her new life. At that point she lost her family and everyday she now had some schooling. She lived in a secured structure guarded by giant women. The lesions were normal if a little focused on keeping physically fit. Then at thirteen they moved her to a new school. This one was for shrunk teen girls to receive sexual education. She could tell it wasn't the normal style of sexual education. Little on reproduction or protection and a disturbing amount on where normal humans were sexually sensitive. Physical education switched as well. Less climbing on ladders and rolling on pads. They then had to scale artificial human penis or squirm in a fake human vagina. And that was what they had to call them, human. As they were no longer human they were now named after the race in the book Gulliver's Travels, Lilliputian.

Worse, their teachers explained to them why such uncomfortable training. Why their skills and grades matter so much. Why any infractions could be catastrophic. They would be given a collection of scores and the top third with the best average would get the supposed honor of being sold as pets for human's enjoyment. This did come with some benefits. It was illegal to kill, torture, or purposely maim a pet Lilliputian. But what was considered torture was quite loose. Forced sexual service was mandatory if their owner wanted it.

The next second third of the percentage had it much worse. They would be dropped into a container with a group of Lilliputian men with artificially erect and painfully throbbing penises. The men's only relief would be sexual satisfaction. If the girl was lucky she would come out pregnant. If not, she would experience another session of gang rape till she was. After all humans needed a steady supply of ripe Lilliputians for their enjoyment. Just knowing about it was bad enough, but the videos they had to watch every six months really hammered home how dreadful they were.

That left the last third, the failing third. The reason Maria worked hard to get good grades and the best skills for pleasuring fake giant human sexual organs. Lilliputian dishes had become quite the delicacy for well to do humans. Dishes of cooked or sometimes alive Lilliputian. They only felt the need to show those videos once a year. Or if you misbehaved. Maria never misbehaved.

She had endured those last few years and now she awaited her fate. Maria gave her dorm room mirror one last look. The last couple years their uniforms became shorter and shorter. Her supposed graduation outfit was only shorts that tightly hugged but barely covered her bottom. Her top was a couple triangles that strained to cover her nipples held in place with a couple lines of string. Pulled on shoes with thick tall heels finished it. For top ranked grads it allowed buyers to select the physical features they most desired, The other two levels it was easy for a human to remove from a struggling Lilliputian.

The signaling bell rang and she slipped the lid on her container of things. Maria found herself already missing her bear Ruffles. He had been her only reminder of her past life that she had. She popped the lid and gave him what might be a last hug goodbye. Then put him back and closed the lid. Till she was out of here everything would still affect her score. Being late was a penalizing offense.

She rushed down. Only Grads would be allowed in the halls. They would gather not in the auditorium but in the access room. Used for their doctor's examinations now it would have a tunnel that ended in three doors. None were marked so the Lilliputian wouldn't know their fate till they were through it. Less panicked attempts to flee that way. Not that there was anywhere in this entire school where a teacher's hand could not get you.

She arrived and saw friends and rivals. Though none challenged her today. Even girls she knew hated her for some misunderstanding or another honestly wished her luck and she in turn honestly wished them the same. Once the last grad arrived the headmistress' voice broadcasted over their PA to command, "It is time ladies. Form lines and await your name. Once called enter for assignment."

Maria lined up in her class. It was second nature by now, they had been her homeroom class since they arrived at this school. Her heart pounded almost drowning out the other girl's nervous shuffling and heavy breathing. It seemed to be taking forever and still when her name and id number was called she thought it was too soon.

She fearfully walked into the hall and a door opened. She urged herself through that into a room with those three judging doors. Despite knowing she had done well in lessons and disturbing physical activities she still worried it wasn't well enough. The door behind her closed and within seconds the door on the left opened. Maria stepped through with closed eyes expecting human hands to grab and start stripping her. A giant hand did scoop her up, but didn't start pulling off her limited clothes.

She was placed in a container with a few other girls. A girl she hardly knew from another class hugged her tightly and cheered with disturbing excitement, "Look Maria, we made it. We're going to be pets!" Sure enough, on the rim of the clear plastic container was a strip of masking tape with Congrats Pets written on it with a sharpie.

The doctor and nurse were grabbing other pet grads and giving them three needles. One in each breast and then one in their rump. Maria didn't like needles, at their size they hurt and were quite frightening. She tried looking elsewhere. That was a mistake. The other levels were in clear view. Disturbingly they had containers of sexually ravenous Lilliputian males waiting. Striping girls that exited the right door and dropping them in right away. That container would be moved and a new one awaited its victim.

The center had boxes labeled Lilliput Treats. The catch phrase under that said it all, The Freshest Lilliputian meat around, from Lilli School to plate in days. The girls there were stripped, wrapped in a wax paper sleeve and then slipped into a slot. Once full they closed the box top and tapped them in. Next stop, some fancy restaurant.

Maria thought she was going to be sick when a gloved human hand grabbed her. The nurse had always been nice to them. Her voice was claiming as she explained, "OK, this will hurt for an hour or so. But this will make your breasts extra firm." Maria clenched her teeth as the first needle penetrated her right breast. It was aching and burning when the left was stabbed. The Nurse advised, "Sorry, but you'll sell better with them firmed. Now this one will shut off your cycle. Can't have people breeding you under that table." The needle stung her left buttocks and stomach twisting as pins and needles cut through her veins. Her tongue tasted bitter. A vitamin C pellet was placed in her hand as the nurse explained, "Suck on that to help with the taste. The sensations will pass in about an hour."

Maria's stomach protested but she had to get that bitterness off her tongue. She was now in a clear box with holes along the top edge well out of her reach. She heard the doctor call out, "That's twelve." And a lid was placed over them and locked. Then it was carried to a truck. It was cold and dirty looking. All the other girls had been from different classes, still they cuddled together for warmth and support. Soon more and more box cages arrived. Scared worried girls filled them. She waved sadly at the few friends she could see. They sadly waved back.

Maria had no idea how long it had been when a box with only six girls was loaded and, "That's it!" was called out.

"What? Oh finally." Came the first human male voice she had heard since she was six. The towering almost alien creature walked past them all and closed the back of the truck. He then started back, taking a minute to admire them before disappearing to the front. A loud roar and the truck started moving making all the cages shake uncomfortably. Maria soon found sitting felt like a better position.

They drove to a new location and the door opened. Strange men climbed in and formed a line. Soon cages were passed hand to hand onto a conveyor belt. She watched as earlier cages were shorted by some automated metal flipper. Then it positioned itself and she screamed as that belt went almost vertical. They smoothly slipped onto another belt to another type of truck. A man there grabbed them and slammed them in a windowless box with five other cages and random other packages. Then he yelled, "This one is all set," before closing the door.

They couldn’t see but could feel the truck moving. Then a stomach upsetting upward motion. Voices and loud roaring sounds were all about them. Then a blood chilling rushing sensation that made their ears pop. Then a constant rumble but otherwise silence.

Just as Maria was wishing she had saved some of that vitamin c pellet a strange series of clicks happened in their cage. A light in the lid flickered on allowing them to see. Then Isabella suddenly cheered, "Look, food and water."

Sure enough a trough of pellets was along an edge where an unremarkable outcropping had been. By that a watering bottle with a spout to suckle was exposed. Maria wasn't too keen about sharing that with eleven other girls. But, that was likely her life now.

Another girl announced, "Facilities." And Maria could see on the other side three toilets had been exposed with a sanitizer station near them. She was even less thrilled at the idea of using the washroom in full view then she was at the idea of sucking on the same water bottle spout. But nature was screaming at her.

That was the next few hours. Trying not to look as other girls relieved themselves. Not thinking about how many other girls had tongued that polished ball for some water. Maria noticed as she waited to arrive wherever they were headed that that bitter taste was gone and her breasts no longer burned. She examined her breasts. The nurse was right, her breasts were firmed up for human enjoyment. Her string held top was straining when she first tied it on. Now it looked about to pop off at any moment. She adjusted the straps to ease the strain in them and her neck. She rubbed her stomach. The sudden realization that the third shot had ended any chance she might be a mother someday strangely bothered her. It's not like she wanted to experience getting pregnant, at least not how humans would arrange it. Or if she did get pregnant, it's not like she would even get to hold her child. Yet she still felt a strange regret that had been taken from her.

Suddenly an alarming dinging started making them all gather under the light, Then panels clapped shut over the food, drink, and toilets. Then lastly their sight was taken as the light went out. It wasn't long after that that their heads all began to hurt. Maria's ears popped and she felt great relief. Then they all got jostled hard and a screeching sound terrified them.

Sounds of humans and a strange falling at an angle sensation. Then they were moving again. The door opened and they winched at the sudden glaring light. Maria's eyes were still adjusting as the cage moved quickly and onto another conveyor belt. A man grabbed their cage and they were shoved onto a shelf in another strange cold truck. Two more cages joined them and a man in some kind of uniform pointed a device at the corner of the cage and it beeped. Then he was zapping packages as other men loaded them in. One man then shouted, "OK Tony, that's it."

The scanning man announced, "Great." Then shut the door. He walked past them humming an upbeat tune then they were moving again. He made several stops to take boxes off. Then at a stop he grabbed the cage closest to the back door and they were gone. He brought back just the empty cage. Shortly after that the second cage disappeared to also return empty.

Then to Maria's terror it was their turn. They were carried into what her mind remembered as a pet store. The racks of Lilliputian clothes and shelves of other accessories told her she had arrived where she would be sold as a living amusement. The box was placed on a counter and a human boy, maybe slightly older than herself announced, "Finally, my boss has been hounding them for more Latina Lilliputians."

The uniform man said, "Well they look fine. They're sure to sell quickly, Hold still." Then he pointed his device and a click sound happened. Then he handed it to the boy saying, "Sign here."

As the boy wiggled a plastic wand against the device he noted, "They sure do, not quite as quick as Asian ones. But I hear their little hips hit just right."

The man in uniform pointed the device at the corner of the cage replying, "I'm saving up. I'm going to get a black one. She'll look so good hugging my cock." Then he pulled out a key and Maria heard the top unlock.

The boy chuckled as the lid was removed. As his hands reached in and pressed them all together he noted, "My first will be a Japanese beauty. Make her scream, I love Cockizllia as she's wiggling all over mine."

They were practically stuffed into a display case as the uniform man and the boy laughed at their planned future Lilliputian tormenting. As the access door was closed and locked she heard the uniformed man announce, "See you tomorrow."

The human boy responded, "See you then Tony."

Maria and the other girls looked about their temporary home. Another trough of food and a water bottle to share. Exercise equipment lined a side area as keeping themselves fit was supposed to be their main pursuit with their personal time. Luckily the restrooms were sheltered from view, Human's must not like watching them relieve themselves.

Customers came and went. Most stopped and inspected them. Then a man came in and walked right up to them. He said while looking them over, "Finally, I've been waiting for you to get Latina's in for a week," The way he licked his lips disturbed Maria.

The boy explained, "Yes, it took a while. But we do have to wait till they reach selling age. Luckily with school rotations they are a monthly product."

The customer looked annoyed then flatly stated, "They should drop that. Once their tits start to pop we should be allowed to rub them on our cocks."

The boy rebutted what he clearly saw as a selling feature, "But the extra few years gives them time to be trained to rub themselves on your cock properly."

The customer looked to be considering that when he suddenly pointed at Isabella while commanding, "I want that one. Her tits look the biggest."

"Good choice," The Boy said, reaching for something. Then he asked, "You want her stats card?"

The man tilted his head then said, "Yes. I should get her some costumes. Do you still have any native themed ones?"

The boy handed the customer a card then pointed, "Sure do. Several for your stripping enjoyment." This made them both chuckle in a strange knowing manner. Then the boy added, "There are also several Hispanic themed ones like Aztec princess and Mexican peasant woman."

"Oh those sound fun," The customer said before slipping off to the other side of the store.

Isabella took this as a good thing. "Maria, I have an owner," she cheered and was coming towards Maria for a hug. It never arrived as the boy's giant hand wrapped Maria’s acquaintance and pulled her out of the display case. He slipped Isabella into a little cardboard box with small holes lining the upper edge. His other hand shut and re-locked the access door. The boy folded the top into a handle that would keep Isabella trapped till her new master took her out.

The customer came back with a basket of things. As the boy rang him in he opened Isabella's temporary cage. The Lilliputian attempted to make the best of the situation, "Greetings, I am Isabella. I'm looking forward to sharing our interests."

He was blunt, "I'm looking forward to cumming all over your face. Are you ready to get filled with spunk?"

Isabella's discomfort was clear but she had spent years training for such treatment, "I am well versed in how to pleasure a human penis."

The man creepily purred, "Oh I'll be testing you on that when we get home." Then he put her back in the cardboard cage. He told the boy, "She's going to be so fun."

The boy sighed then said, "That's what I've heard."

The Customer tilted his head and asked, "You haven't sampled your product?"

The boy shook his head, "If I got caught I'd lose my job. I need this job for school."

The customer shrugged and noted, "Well. Hopefully once you're done with that you'll get a job that allows you to buy a bundle of them."

The boy smiled, advising, "That's the plan."

Other customers arrived. One looked for the girl with the longest legs. Another wanted another girl for her protruding bottom. A sweet seeming old man looked through the cards and not in the case and picked a girl that he seemed to share an interest in. Each time Maria felt nervous. Any leering giant could take her home and use her for their entertainment. Maria knew that was her purpose now, she just wasn't happy about it.

Suddenly a man burst in. He called from the door in a panicked tone, "Tell me you have Latina Lilliputians left,." To her surprise Maria's mind noted he was the first non-white person she had seen since arriving wherever she was now at. The belt loaders and unloaders, the truck driver, the boy, all the other customers. Only this man had a natural tan tint like hers.

The boy nodded towards their case saying, "A half dozen."

The man rushed over. His eyes darted about but not leering like past customers. He seemed more assessing them than lustfully admiring them. Maria noticed his features were decorated like she would with make-up. The way his voice sounded as he repeatedly asked himself, "Which one would he like?" sounds less deep. More a soft breeze than thundering of the other men. Then he squealed and pointed at her, "Her. She's perfect. He'll love her."

The boy praised as he unlocked the case, "I expected her to sell sooner."

The girly sounding man requested, "May I get her card. I'm running a bit late."

"Certainly sir." The boy said as he placed Maria in her sold box. His thumb fondled her breasts as a last goodbye before his hand left and closed her in. Maria dashed to the air holes. Stretch to see the outside world. The boy said, "Here you go." Maria could only see his hand holding a card towards her buyer.

"Thanks, clothes?" The woman like man asked.

The boy pointing hand appeared noting, "Right there."

Her buyer turned then stopped. He looked into another case then made a purr like sound. Then asked, "Are those fresh Blacks?"

The boy noted, "They sure are."

The man bent and hummed wantonly like the other human men did when they looked over her and her school mates. The man pointed and asked, "May I maybe see the goods?"

The boy sounded uncomfortable while saying, "Ahh, yeah." Then he was standing behind that far case. His hand brought out a Lilliputian young man with rich dark brown skin. The boy placed the Lilliputian boy before Maria's buyer saying, "Go ahead."

The woman-like man made a purr sound then noted, "Don't mind if I do." Then he bent over reaching in. Maria couldn't see but whatever her buyers saw appealed and he sang, "Yes that's a little package. Box him up to."

The boy nodded, "Yes sir," while placing a cage box on the counter.

The man moved to gather things to add to his purchase. Maria stumbled as her cardboard cage was shifted and tapped heavily with something. A minute later a deep voice asked, "Are, are you a girl Lilliputian?"

She timidly moved towards the dark side of her box. Her answer was almost a whisper, "Yes?"

A dark hand poked through an air hole while a desperate voice asked, "May I touch you? I've never seen a girl Lilliputian in person." She nervously slipped her hand into his. His fingers started stroking her hand. He sighed, "Oh you're so soft." His hand kept stroking hers. She heard him breathing in deeply between making strange huffing sounds. He kind of growled, "Oh you smell so beautiful." There was something bothersome by how his hand was shifting as he stroked her hand.

Maria stretched to see what he was doing. Then yelped and struggled to get her hand free. Her brief close view of the first Lilliputian guy she had seen since being collected as a child was disturbing. His shorts were pulled down just far enough for him to be vigorously stroking his own penis. He growled viciously, "No, no, just a little longer."

Maria got her hand free and rushed to the other side. Not that helped much as he was now peeking through the air holes at her grunting like a wounded animal. He growled, "You look so good for baby making!" Then a relieved moan. Then the eyes disappeared. Less than a minute later he asked again while sniffing at the hole, "Can I maybe touch you again?"

Maria tried to ignore his repetitive questions and statements to watch their buyer. He had a basket of outfits. He asked, "Can I get two bags to keep their outfits separate?"

"Twenty five cents each." The boy advised.

The womanly man simply stated, "That's fine."

They were paid for and Maria was being carried out of the store. They were entered into a car. Another man with a girl tinted voice asked, "Did you get one?"

"Sure did." Her buyer answered. Maria's cage started rising. The top opened and a blonde pale skinned man peeked in as her buyer asked, "What do you think?"

The blonde giant smiled and noted, "Simon will love her. What's in the other one?"

Maria's box was lowered and the top closed again. She could see the guy's box lifted as their buyer advised, "A little fun for when we get home."

The blonde man made a cooing sound then announced, "Nice. And look how excited he is."

"Let's get home so I can wrap her up quickly." Her buyer requested.

The other man snickered, "If you didn't wait to the last minute all the time she'd already be wrapped."

Her buyer advised, "Sorry, I didn't want her sitting for days in a wrapped box. Not all of us were assigned non-living gifts."

The blonde man noted proudly, "The cage has been wrapped for more than a month."

Her buyer sighs what seemed as a playful sigh to Maria then says, "Oh just hurry up or we'll be late for Simon's party."

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by Sumguy14 » Sat May 25, 2024 3:13 pm

impressive world building. You do a great job of establishing the rules of this society and Maria's place in it.

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Sat May 25, 2024 3:37 pm

Thanks, I hope that also means you enjoyed the first glimpse into her world.

It funny my first pass on the concept happened during the solar flare activity a week or so ago. For which I blame that in the original story I had the world invaded by giant cat people that enslaved the whole human race. I don't know why, I'm not really into furriers. So I took another pass at it and this is what came out. 😛


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CH 02: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Thu May 30, 2024 7:41 pm

Thought I'd post the second chapiter of this story. I like the concept. Now I will warn you in this chapiter there is a brief scene of M/M/m. Its more hinted at then fully described. Knowing how I would want to be warned, I am warning you. If you'd want to skip it I have placed a <HERE> marker for where it starts and a <DONE> marker for when it is over. I hope that helps.

I hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think,

Chapiter 02: GIFTED

The two giant men chatted as they drove. Maria learned she was a gift. A friend of theirs was having a party to celebrate his birth as well as some accomplishment at his job. The friends of her unknown future master were cooperating to get him a small varied collection of Lilliputian girls and the supplies to keep them. That was what her worth was to them, as a prize for being born years ago.

They arrived at their home and brought her inside. She was placed on a table as the blonde man walked away offering, "I'll get to the wrapping supplies."

Maria looked out an air hole to see the other box falling to the floor. The man that purchased her called out, "You know I think we have time for a little fun first."


Her buyer was dangling the Lilliputian boy he had bought when the blonde man looked around a door frame with an annoyed look. Then he suddenly had a strange smile. He walked up to the tan man saying, "Yeah, if we're quick." Then to Maria's shock they kissed. She knew her master might have been a woman. Or her master may get her to be affectionate with another Lilliputian woman for their viewing entertainment. She actually liked those later classes. But a man kissing another man shocked her, likely because it had never been mentioned to her though all her captivity.

She watched as the two men kissed while walking towards the far door. The blonde stripped the Lilliputian boy of his tight shorts and shoes while he exchanged suggestive touches with his tan partner. They slipped into that far room and mostly disappeared except for indecipherable movements on a distant mirror. Sounds of two men's passion bothered her sheltered mind. Then a pair of pants landed with a flop sound in the doorway.

Then the blonde man walked past the door naked. The sight of a real human penis just seemed terrifying. He rolled something over that pillar of flesh. Then fiddled with it. He stood proud while strapped face down along the underside of the penis was the Lilliputian boy. He clearly wasn't happy to be trapped there. The giant man claimed, "This will feel so good." Then walked out of view with the Lilliputian boy being swung about by the wobbling length.

Maria lowered as if to hide from any other sights she was not ready for. That she could do. But the deep pleasured moans of the tan man mixed with the passionate grunting of the blond she couldn't escape. 

That lasted too long. Movement outside her container sparked curiosity only to regret it. The Blond giant wandered by carrying a soiled and very limp Lilliputian boy by his ankles. He called out, "I'll clean him you get her wrapped."

The tan man's voice called from the other room, "I'm on it." 

The blonde said in a teasing tone, "Not anymore."


Her buyer came and opened the container. His hand was soft and almost kind as he scooped her out. He commanded in a sweet tone, "OK flower, tilt your head up."

She knew she hadn't been given permission but had to ask, "Will the boy be OK?"

The tan giant snickered and advised, "Just fainted under the pressure. He'll be fine. Like him, do you flower?"

She confessed, "No. He masturbated when learned I was in the other cage."

Her buyer bought a bright red ribbon towards her as he explained, "Most men are pigs." 

He hooked the ribbon under her chin. As he wrapped it around her hair Maria risked again, "Is my master a nice man?"

The tan giant smiled softly as he tied a big bow on top of her head. He advised, "He is. But lonely so likely very horny. But I bet if you're very obedient and pretend to be eager he'll spoil you as much as use you." His hands scooped her again and she was placed back in the box before she felt safe to ask any other questions. 

Her box was placed in a patch of paper. Then it was folded up over her container. Light and sound entered but she could no longer  see the world outside it. The Tan man's voice called out, "Do we have any gift boxes for her clothes and things?"

The blonde man replied, "In the hall closet."

They continued to chat, trading playful jabs, teasing commands, and kind terms of affection. This swelled to a flurry of shadowed movements and rattled conversation. Maria suddenly felt her box get lifted and she could tell the giants were in a hurry. They were soon traveling in a car again tormenting each other about perceived delays in their leaving and clearly false threats if caught by the friend who the party was for. They stopped and she was being carried again in a hurry. 

They stopped and Maria heard a pounding sound. A woman's voice demanded, "Get in get in. He'll be home soon."

Maria could tell they were no longer outside. All about her was a drone of giant human voices. Several voices that carried a nervous excitement. She was placed down and claustrophobia started to aggerate her breathing. She fought to control her breath while her plumper breasts bounced with each heaving gasp. She actually wished the tan man would carry her about some more, that oddly seemed better. 

Then the paper went dark and the human voices went silent. A faint clicking noise then her heart briefly stopped as an unknown collection of giants screamed, "Surprise!"

Excited human voices rattled all about her. So many from so many directions. Then the crowd fearfully chanted, "Speech! Speech!" An unknown human man thanked other unknown humans. They laughed at jokes only they understood. Mentioning things that must have made sense only to humans. Then the hum of many giant voices returned, only now mixed with clinking sounds and the repeatedly questioned word of, "Cake?"

A woman's voice boomed over the noise, "Time for gifts."

The speech man repeated, "Alright, alright."

A strange voice demanded, "Open mine first." And there was movement near Maria's wrapped container. She was certain she heard a faint yelp sound.

Rustling paper then the man said, "Oh. oh you didn't?"

"Open it," the strange voice requested.

The speech voice noted, "Oh wow, she's gorgeous. But I can't afford what I'll need for her."

Another voice asked, "What about your fat paychecks?"

The speech man answered, "I won't get the first one of those for a few weeks. She'll need a cage and food."

Still another voice advised, "Don't worry body. We got you covered."

The man sighed and sounding bewildered replied, "Oh you guys. You really shouldn't have." Then mumbled, "Oh thanks sis."

"Open mine next!" was requested.

And soon the speech man gasped, "Another? Guys. Man, her hair is red."

A voice explained, "Special ordered Irish Lilliputian."

The speech voice asked, "And the blonde one?"

A voice called, "Lucked out, the store got her from a German batch."

Maria heard the tan man's request, "Here open mine!" 

Maria was moving. The paper caging her cage rushed away. The speech man whimpered, "Three, guys."

The tan man advised, "Oh you're worth it."

The lid opened and a balding bearded middle aged human man looked down at her. "Oh wow." He gasped.

The Tan man confidently noted, "I knew you would like that one."

His hands reached in and Maria found herself on display. It was terrifying. More humans than she had seen since the day she was taken from her parents. Surrounded by giants she wanted to burst into tears. The speech man, clearly her Master, requested, "Look at the cute bow Hector put on her. Isn't that adorable." This generated murmured snickers and approving sounds.

Her master turned and slipped her into a giant blue glass bowl. Now she stood before a cute trembling blond girl in a sky blue version of the graduation outfit and a gorgeous red haired girl in a field green version. They waved her over and she turned with them to observe the giants and their party ritual. 

They were soon joined by three more Lilliputian girls. A sweet girl with alluring slanted eyes wearing a red graduation outfit. One with the same rich brown skin of the Lilliputian boy from earlier with a contrasting yellow graduation outfit. And a little slender brunette in eye drawing pink. They huddled together, none ready for so many massive bodies moving about them while they were trapped in a displaying food serving container.

Many more gifts were opened. Cage, food, furniture, and entertainments all themed around them as gifts. While many guests stopped by to admire the collection, none really lingered. Still they couldn't break free form their huddled watching gathering. 

Then a body hovered over them. The voice that rushed her buyer into this building advised softly, "Here, it's a big day for you six as well." A large brick of bubble filled material with a strange layer of something was placed in with them. Maria's memory cheered, oh yeah, cake. Soon buckets of what Maria's mind noted as milk was placed in as well. The woman noted, "Enjoy." Then she left.

Maria could smell the impossible sweetness of the waist high brick. Her mouth watered. Years of school brand nutrition pellets left her starving for food with flavor. Vitamin C pellets had been her biggest treat for so long. She risked leaving the group of her fellow pets and her hand clawed into the side to pull off a handful of white material with red specks. Her mouth opened at its approach. Teeth were only touching it when heavenly sweet flavor filled her mouth. Her mind exploded with a spectrum of remembered candy treats she once got to enjoy. 

Maria heard herself moan from deep in her throat. She then saw the other gifted pets rush over and all risked a handful. In a scatter order throaty hums of food delight roared from them. In unspoken agreement they dropped to their knees and started tearing chunks out of this boulder of cake. Hour ago Maria was uncomfortable sharing a water bottle with girls she somewhat knew. Now with this wonderful gift she was completely happy to literally stuff her face into the shared food and eat with five strangers. 

They sighed, moaned, and purred as they ate the first real treat any of them had been given in years. Thirst hindered her so Maria risked a bucket of milk. It was cold, she missed cold drinks. The smoothness matched with the cake’s overly sweetness like that was its whole purpose. Then she returned to join the pride in eating that cake prey.

Maria didn't know how long they shared that cake but she had to stop. She leaned along the lower curve of the bowl while hugging her milk bucket. She rubbed her stomach trying to think if she ever ate so much. Then laughed as she realized her face was covered in icing. As she attempted to clean around her mouth the other Lilliputian girls joined her. The blonde girl shyly looked at her and said in a strange accent, "Hello, my name is Ella."

"Maria." She responded.

The blonde girl snickered nervously before saying, "Your accent is pretty."

Maria was about to correct who had the accent when a new voice with its own alluring accent spoke behind her, "My name is Anne." Maria turned then found her cheeks warmed as the gorgeous redhead girl was sitting very close. Those freckled cheeks brighten into a welcome smile.

The angled eyed girl said with her own unique accent, "My name is Bora."

A new accent added, "I'm Katie Marie." Maria had to turn to see the slender little brunette.

A fifth new accent sang from the dark brown girl, "Chloma."

Katie Marie advised, "I never got a treat like that at school."

This got them chatting about their schools. Despite being from vastly different parts of the world all their education was almost exactly the same. They spoke while timidly keeping an eye on the giants celebrating around them. 

They watched as the cage package disappeared. Then the accessories like their beds and exercise equipment. The boxes of the clothes purchased for them. Soon only food bags and them remained. 

While that was happening the humans started to thin down. More and more left. Maria was oddly sad as her buyer and his lover left. The last to leave was the cake lady. She commanded, "I'll come over tomorrow to clean this up. Don't you worry about it."

Maria's master responded, "Thanks sis. And thanks for organizing this. I would have refused if you asked but I think I needed this."

Cake lady smiled, saying, "I knew you did." 

They hugged and he said, "Love you sis."

And she replied, "I love you Simon." 

They all realized at the same time they were now alone with the giant that owned them. As he approached Maria's heart pounded with fear. One thought came screaming, will he want to use her now? He stood towering over the bowl and said softly, "Guess I should put you away before bed." As if to show his dominance over the six of them he lifted the bowl with all of them and the cake remains easily with one hand. He moved to what was clearly his bedroom. The cage was frighteningly close to his gigantic bed. He opened the main door of the cage with belittling ease. Then starting with Katie Marie he scooped them up one at a time and slipped them inside. Closing the cage while advising, "Your beds rooms are prepared." Then he took the bowl out of the room. 

The cage was a larger version. Chambers for food, bathing, exercising, and lounging. They walked to where the rooms were stationed. Bora squealed, "My school box is in this one."

Maria felt the need to rush. After this busy scary day she needed an old comfort. Happy girl sounds told the other girls found their few personal belongings. Being a larger format cage it had several unused rooms. But in short order Maria found her tote. For easy identification an image of her face was sealed to the lid. She unflapped the clasps and opened it. Ruffles seemed to be smiling up at her. She squeezed him to her chest and nuzzled her little head. The day's stresses seemed a little less now. 

Feeling better she placed him by her pillow. She looked for a spot to set up her easel. Painting was an acceptable hobby for Lilliputian girl pets. She saw a pile of clothes she would have to organize and hang up in her closet. Most likely in the morning. She was about to take the tote off her bed when a pinging sound came from behind her and the man's voice wondered, "Oh why not."

She didn't get a chance to turn as a powerful giant hand grabbed her. She was pulled from the cage and watched as another massive hand closed that access door. She attempted to look at the man but his hold hindered her movement. All she could tell was his pants had been replaced by some kind of shorts. It was the heavy mass resting against the thin looking material that had her scared.

He climbed onto his impossible large bed. She was now turned to be face to face with his towering face. His hand turned then opened leaving her sitting exposed on his palm. Maria knew her little white graduation outfit was insufficient to shield her from those giant eyes frighteningly admiring her. A colossal finger stroked her cheek affectionately making her tremble with unready terror.

Maria's mind clinged to the one thing she had, years of training. She struggled to speak and her voice trembled as she introduced herself, "Hello my new master. My name is Maria."

The giant man sighed. He lowered his voice when he responded, "You're a very beautiful Lilliputian Maria."

Maria hardly could keep breath in her lungs but managed to respond, "Thank you Master." He huffed and looked bothered. Maria had to avoid making the being that owned her angry, "Have I done something wrong Master?"

He smiled. Maria didn't consider him attractive. Not that he was ugly, just not attractive. One he was so much older than her. Two, his face was just too big and rough looking. Not helped by his shaggy bushy beard and thick dark eyebrows. It looked like he had dark bags under his eyes, but that might have been enlarged by his big round thick glasses. 

Maria flinched again as his powerful finger stroked her. It didn't matter that all her training told her that was wrong. Knowing his intentions, her instincts wanted to avoid his every touch. His hand moved away and she felt a slight relief. Though Maria would have felt better not in the man's palm. He spoke softly, "You know part of me thinks I should have you call me something besides Master."

Maria jumped as the bow on her head was suddenly pulled undone. The ribbon fell all over her. She gasped and inquired, "What should we call you?"

He sighed again. He grabbed the ribbon end that hung from her breasts. As he started pulling the red smooth length of material he told her, "No, after hearing you say it. Especially with that sexy accent, I'm beginning to like it. Call me Master again."

Maria couldn't tell a giant human man he had the accent, not her. The sensation of the ribbon slowly twisting about her body just reminded how small she was. Her mouth was impossibly dry as she obeyed, "As you wish my Master."

He hummed like he enjoyed the taste of her words. The ribbon was gone and he dropped it to tumble to the floor. He confessed, "That's a bit of a power rush. A beauty like you calling me Master. Now say, Master please play with my sexy little body."

Word play, she did well in word play class. She could make her voice purr while saying the most crude things. She attempted to do as she did in her classes but her throat would cooperate. Fear made her words crackle, "Master please pa, play with my sexy little body."

Suddenly something had her foot. She yelped and tried to pull it free only to find her foot bare and her shoe being dropped on his nightstand. His voice was taunting as he asked, "I thought they trained you for this?"

Maria had to make the giant understand. She wasn't trying to not perform as expected. This was just too much for her to handle at the moment. "I'm so sorry Master. I was properly trained. It's just." 

Then she screamed. Maria hadn't seen him going for her other shoe. He chuckled as he placed that stolen shoe by the other one. She had to continue her apology, "Again Master I'm sorry."

He interrupted, "Get on all fours facing away from me."

She nodded while submissively saying, "Yes Master." 

Maria shifted and rolled to be on her hands and knees looking away from his face. He clearly was inspecting her bottom and as such she was supposed to roll her back so it was pushed up for him to enjoy but her body was too busy trembling to present properly. A giant finger stroked softly along her back as he still praised, "Your little bum is cute."

Maria  wondered if maybe he didn't know about proper Lilliputian girl presenting postures as she said, "Thank you Master."

A frightened gasp escaped her as that stroking finger was now admiring her thighs. Stroking along the side and back. He wasn't mad at the outburst. In fact he sounded quite happy as he praised her again, "Hmm you're in great shape."

She started to acknowledge his kindness, "Thank you Master. I will." Then she gasped again as that massive finger poked between her thighs and stroked up and down her inner thighs. Struggling, she completed saying, "I will endeavor to stay in top shape for your enjoyment."

If he heard he didn't respond to that. Instead pointing out, "Man your skin is smooth."

Maria pointed out despite not wanting to share this selling point, "All Lilliputian girls have all their body hair burned off to make our skin feel nicer."

She yelped. Now her back rolled her bottom up. The giant finger was pressing at her vagina as he requested, "All your body hair?"

His stroking was so powerful her hips bucked with the motion. As she shuttered she forced herself to answer, "Yes. Even there. We are told it helps with cleanliness."

The words, "I want to see that." Made her want to beg him to stop. But that was what she was for. His Lilliputian pet, to be enjoyed anyway he wanted. A whimper escaped her as his big powerful fingers coiled about her bottom. The hardly covering shorts were soon wrapped about her knees. The giant touches grabbed her bared buttocks and fondled it greedily. His might made her body buck with each rolling stroke. His praise was supposed to be welcome, not terrifying, "Hmm, that's one fine firm little ass."

Maria fought back tears as she submitted, "I will continue to exercise to keep my bottom as you like."

Maria jumped. His pinky now probed along her girlhood. Mighty pressure made it open and the sensitive inner lining registered disturbing sensations made by the texture of his pumping touch. He said, "Oh I think you'll get all kinds of time to exercise." Maria was certain he wasn't thinking of the fitness machines waiting in the cage.

Maria sighed as he stopped stroking her Vagina. He then commanded, "Flip your hair out of the way. I want to see your tits."

Maria shook uncontrollably as she acknowledged, "Yes Master." She rolled her head to get the bulk out of his way then used her hand to comb the rest over her shoulder. She could feel the heat off the fingers hovering over the knot on her back. She could feel him pinch an end. Then he tugged and as the strings came loose her hands slapped the triangles in place. She only had a split second to worry he might be mad as he chuckled an enjoying sound. Then those invasive colossal fingers tugged the knot behind her neck loose and the strings dangled over her hands.

He commanded, "Turn around and face me on your knees." Maria was suddenly glad for all those years of training her core as she was able to turn herself around and face that giant's admiring smile while keeping her hands over her breasts. He made a happy sound and reached in to grab one of the hanging strings. As he pulled slowly pulled it up he commanded, "Now give it to me." Her hands lifted just enough for him to slip that little white top away. 

He smiled at her and requested, "Ask me, Master, would you like to see my Lilliputian tits."

No kept repeating in her mind yet she managed to get her terrified voice to say, "Master, would you like to see my tits?"

"Pardon?" Made her fear intensify.

Quickly the answer came to mind and she corrected, "Master, would you like to see my Lilliputian tits?" 

He smiled wantonly while saying, "Oh yes. Why don't you reach back and grab you ankles so I can get a real good look."

"Yes Master," Was easier to say than the command was to follow. Maria felt like she had to pry her own hands off her breasts. She blindly reached back and grabbed an ankle in each hand knowing full well this would push her chest towards those leering large eyes. She turned her head in hopes not seeing that eager giant smile would make things easier.

A large finger hooked her chin and as he spoke, "No no Maria. I want to see your pretty face," it turned her back to look upon that man's aroused expression. Then he sighed before informing her, "Now let's give those puppies a feel."

Like her bottom earlier his fingers surrounded her breasts. The fingers stroked and fondled as greedily as before. The power of his touching jostled Maria's body despite her efforts to stay still. Then he growled, "So do you like me feeling you plump Lilliputian tits?"

No again roared in her mind while her mouth said, "Oh yes Master. It feels nice."

Maria was near being overwhelmed with panic as he requested, "Are you lying to your Master Maria?"

She hoped her terror would stay in check as she tried again to say what training told her he would want to hear, "No Master. I would never lie to you. Your touches are wonderful and I want you to enjoy me as much as possible."

"Oh yes, lying. Good. Tell me more things you think I want to hear," Was not a response she trained for.

Maria's mind was blanked with panic, "What do you want me to say Master?"

He only offered, "Come on. You trained to make me happy. Think of something."

What she was most worry about was twisted and escaped her lips, "I can't wait to rub my naked body against your penis Master."

He liked that, "Now we're talking. Beg for that and make it dirty."

Dirty, Maria was taught dirty words. The lie was easy, she just had to beg for the opposite of what she wanted to beg for. Sadly fear still made her voice crackle as she spoke. "Oh Master. Please, oh please let me rub my tits and Lilliputian pussy against your big thick human cock."

Squeaking voice didn't seem to bother him. He smiled and told her, "I think we can arrange that." 

He shifted and moved, threatening to send Maria tumbling  from his palm. She didn't want to look but her neck had a mind of its own. A long shaft of ridged flesh slipped out as he pushed those thin shorts down. The first thing Maria noticed as it was longer and thicker then the training phallics back at school. Then there was all the hair. They were smooth at school. Why did he have so much hair about him? 

Maria knew she would be punished later as she again yelped at his touch. She pleaded, "I'm sorry for such sounds Master." He only hummed as the hand that once held her finished his thief of her shorts. 

Then her real terror, being lowered to that sexual pillar. As she approached she noticed a scent. Musky, almost like the gym hamper back at school. Not like the sanitizer smell the school training phallics had. He laid her on his erection and hummed happily. The heat was intense. The shafts she trained on were always cold.  She could feel his pulse pumping under her, why did they not prepare them for a pulse in the erection? 

Maria ignored all those uncomfortable differences. Here of all places her training kicked in. Her legs stretched along the girth. Her body pressed her breasts into his manhood. Though their new firmness took her a second to adjust to. Then years of practice rolled her hips. Her torso stroked her chest along his shaft. Habit had her nuzzling her face to his hardened manhood. It twitched and he started happily sighing, this helped her relax. Starting to relax loosened her up and Maria could really start pumping her new Masters penis.

Even him praising helped now, "Oh Maria you feel so good doing that."

The effort made her gasp slightly for breath and she used that to try to make her lie sound more appealing, "Oh Master I am glad my Lilliputian body can bring you pleasure."

"Yes, yes that's nice." made Maria hope she was approaching the end of this nightmare. "Now why don't you lick my cock while you do that," flooded her mind with dread again.

Her voice cracked again as she said, "Yes Master." She opened her mouth and lowered towards that warm skin. The scent of human man made it difficult. Tongue pressed and she dragged it along. The taste of the disinfecting cleaner at school was replaced with a strange salty taste. Maria ignored the flavor and lapped as energetically as she could.

He was greedy, commanding in a happy growl, "Oh that's nice. Now get up and lick my tip."

They were taught to pump the shaft for a while then climb to the tip. Maria told herself if he wanted her licking up there he likely was near done. She wiggled tightly along the erection. Reaching the end she hugged and stroked the domed head while dragging long licks up its smooth texture. As she faked as much affection as she could there her hips continued to pump his shaft with her legs. Her breasts rolled along, nuzzling at the tip’s lower ridge.

He repeatedly sighed before asking, "Do you like serving your Master's cock Maria?"

Maria lied with a touch of truth, "It's what I live for Master."

He softly replied, "Good, good." Then he took off his glasses and placed them by her graduation outfit on his nightstand. Then he informed her, "I had a kind of a long day so I'm just going to lay here and enjoy you doing that for a while."

"Anything you want Master, I am for your pleasure," was what Maria said. Her thought however questioned how long did he mean by a while? Minutes? An hour? She had done quite well in related endurance challenges but she didn't want to be laying on his middle aged musky warm penis any longer then she had to. Then there was the long day issue. She literally lost all her friends today. Body was telling her it was well past lights out. Still he was the Master and she his Lilliputian pet. So on she pumped, stroked, and licked.

A short while later she noticed something changed. His pulse had slowed. She slowed enough to listen, he wasn't sighing any more. Just softly breathing. She risked looking up only for his round stomach to block her view. Leaning up more didn't help. She then tried saying, "Master? Are you still enjoying me?" No reply. She dreaded this but she tried, "Oh Master your human cock feels so good to rub myself against." Still nothing.

Maria stopped. Taking an encouraging breath she then stood on his penis and stretched to see over his fuzzy gut. Then she snorted in annoyance, a demerit earning gesture back at school. He was clearly sleeping. 

Maria didn't know what to do. She clearly wasn't being enjoyed enough to keep his attention. Yet he was still erect. She could continue till he ejacuated. But it would spray on his stomach and that might upset him. Besides, he might not like being satisfied while asleep. She couldn't make the jump from the bed to the nightstand. Besides, the cage was closed so she couldn’t put herself away anyways. And since he didn't dismiss her she wasn't allowed to leave. She had to stay on his penis.

Maria moved lower on his shaft and laid down. No matter what she did she faced punishment. Or worse, returned for refund. Second hand Lilliputians had less protections. She rested her head on his penis. The warmth was making her even more tired then the troublesome day already had her. His steady pulse was less distracting now. Calming. His breathing was making her roll in a comforting way. Maria closed her eyes, she needed a second. Just a steading moment before going over her limited options again. A minute and she would make a decision. It was so warm here.

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by AB23 » Fri May 31, 2024 8:52 pm

Idk if it's Stockholm syndrome but whatever training they did on her really did a number on her psyche.

Now I want one of those girls!

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Fri May 31, 2024 10:40 pm

The are taught early and often what their owner wants they have to provide and to fail them is to expect punishment. Sure as a pet Lilliputian there is limits to what their owner can do, but those are simply no killing no purposeful maiming. So there is a lot of leeway and the Lilliputians know it. So they will do their best to be the most obedient little pretties they can.


Its known by most people that the Lilliputians are purposely trained in isolation so they may take a while to adjust to a new home. But how the owners treat that is often on a person to person biases.


Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by Bayonetben » Mon Jun 03, 2024 7:55 pm

Great story. Will you be continuing with it?

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Mon Jun 03, 2024 8:04 pm

Yes, I'll be posting chapiter 3 soon. I'm glad your enjoying it. I have a few more chapiters written. I'll be posting them here after they've been previewed for my members on my Coffee page (link below.) Thanks for asking.


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CH 03: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Wed Jun 05, 2024 8:22 pm

Here you go, hope you guys enjoy this latest chapiter. Please let me know what you think.

Chapiter Previews for Members of my Coffee page. A Members exclusive story posted by-weekly for Green status Members and above.

Chapiter 03: First Day Caged

Maria was startled awake when some great beast snorted and shook the world. She movement slipped her off her warm bed to fall into some strange bushes. Maria opened her eyes to look about only for her disorientation to continue. A menagerie of curls of some kind of cords in a variety of shades. A vast bizarre landscape with a large round hill behind her while a massive pink-peach hose was curled around her.

Then she remembered where she was. Panic hit knowing she was not on her Master's penis like he had left her before falling asleep. She stood to attempt to scale back on. His manhood was deflated of its arousal and only about waist high. But the ground was squishy so she had trouble pushing up to hook a leg over it. Grabbing tight she maneuvered herself to roll on only to find his skin was smoother than expected making her more wiggle about only to slip off again.

As she stood to try again Maria noted how his body's new position put everything as an angle. She laid against it and pushing with her leg attempted to roll on top of it again. To her disturbance he started making pleased sounds in his sleep. She had failed so badly last night when he was trying to enjoy her. She didn't want to upset him more by not being on his penis when he awoke.

He shifted again. Maria cringed as his voice sleepily asked, "What the?" A giant hand grabbed her and she awaited punishment. He squinted at her then mumbled, "Not now Maria. I'll cum on you in the morning." Maria had judged last night the distance between the bed and the nightstand connected to the table her cage was on was too far for her to traverse. This giant surpassed that gap, the whole nightstand, and was able to open and place her into the cage with a lean. In her room even.

"Night my Lilliputian plaything," was her only warning before the lights went off. 

Soon however soft white lights flickered on in the hall. Not bright but enough light to travel by. She found her bathroom set in her tote and wandered the eerie quiet cage halls to the washroom area. While she cleaned her teeth and used the facilities she longed to have a shower. To wash the human man scent off her skin. But it was incredibly late and she wanted to get some sleep before the waking bell went off. It would likely be the first time in years it would wake her.

Back to her room she placed her bathroom things on her empty dresser. Sighing at the pile of clothes she would have to sort and put away tomorrow. She took the tote off the bed and simply left it on the floor. Ruffles would just have to put up with her sleeping naked, searching for sleepwear was just too much after her graduation day. She lifted the blankets and slipped under.

"Oh," escaped her. Finally something better than what she had in school. The sheets were not flat and stiff. They were smooth and light in a delightful new way. Her head lowered and instead of the stiff foam pillow this one hugged and welcomed her head. The mattress wasn't a resistant block, but a body accepting touch giving her relief. She nuzzled Ruffles' head and sighed. Why couldn't all things in the human's world be this tender to Lilliputians.

Maria woke several hours later. Groggily she knew it was well past the waking bell. How did she sleep through that bonging sound? Then she realized she wasn't alone. She turned to find Anne lying along the edge of her bed staring at her. Her beautiful face glowed into a lovely freckle speckled smile as that slightly confusing accent noted, "Morning sleepyhead."

Maria had to know, "How late past the waking bell is it."

The crimson haired beauty chuckled like she was being naughty then advised, "There was no waking alarm. No morning bell. No class bell. We're free from school."

Maria questioned, "But how will we know when we should get up or go to bed? How will we know its meal times?"

Anne shrugged with an adorable naughty smile. Then advised, "There is a kitchen with a variety of pellets. So many different flavors. Some so good."

"Flavors?" Maria asked. Not just the same bland nutrition sticks she had eaten for over a decade. 

Anne then asked, "Do you usually smell like that?"

Maria felt self conscious. Smelling her arm she knew the new scent. "That's from him. That smell is what human man genitals actually smell like."

As Anne noted, "Striking." Maria had a realization. The Master was likely going to be mad at her when he awoke. She failed to present properly. She failed to purr out what he wanted to hear. She failed to submit fully to being stripped. And the likely worse offense, she failed to stimulate his penis enough to reach orgasm. Anne's strange accent made her worried tone seem comforting, "What is it?"

Maria explained, "You should leave. I failed the Master last night. He'll look to punish me when he awakes. If he sees you with me he may punish you as well."

Anne advised, "He's already up and about. And from the tune he was happily humming he wasn't upset."

Maria bolted upright gasping, "Already up?" Sure enough the giant's bed was sitting freshly made. Her head snapped about expecting a giant fondling hand to snatch her at any moment.

Anne seemed not to notice Maria's panic and simply asked, "I was about to have a workout and was wondering if you'd like to join me?"

Maria pointed out, "I should shower."

Maria leaned back as the redhead slipped up extremely close. Those plump pillowy lips were hypnotic as she advised, "It's not that bad. Besides why bother showering just to work out and need to shower again."

Maria looked away from those lips despite the sudden desperate urge to touch them. But then sparkling green eyes filled her vision. Her heart thudded in her chest strangely. Like last night her throat crackled her words, but for extremely different reasons, "I don't know if I have workout outfits."

Anne reached behind herself without looking away. In a triumphant tone she stated, "You do." While holding up a clothes bag with a breasts restraining top and little shorts. Fitness shoes and several pairs of athletic socks filled a side pocket. The whole set was black with red along the sides. It wasn't till now that Maria noticed Anne was wearing a similar outfit only green with yellow sides. The way the top strained across those freckled breasts. The display of Anne's bottom in those shorts. Maria felt something awaking inside her and was excited and frightened by it.

Maria couldn't understand why she was breathing so heavily. She had been in this state with many girls for pleasure display lesions. Why was Anne's closeness so powerful? Why did she want to know Anne's talents in pleasure display? Maria's voice was little and shy as she said, "Sure I'll workout with you."

Anne gave an alluring smile then stated a touch loudly, "Brilliant. Here, get dressed."

Anne got off the bed and Maria could feel her strength return. Yet longed for the vulnerability to return. As she pulled on that constricting top she noted, "I should only have a short workout. I still have to put my outfits away."

"It's done," Anne chimed in.

"Done?" Maria said looking about. Sure enough the baggies of clothes were empty and neatly folded in a chair. "How?" She requested.

Anne got that exciting naughty smile again as she confessed, "I got bored waiting for you to wake up so I put them away for you."

Maria was in shock. That was the nicest thing anyone had done for her. She told Anne, "I have to thank you so much."

Anne leaned in close, making Maria lean back. The redhead then said, "Well, I'm waiting for my thanks?"

Maria was confused, "I don't understand."

Anne now looked confused, "You said you had to thank me so much. That means you'll give me a deep kiss at my school, didn't you do that at your school?"

Maria answered, "No, we could only practice pleasure display in the main areas the teachers could easily see so we would get used to performing before humans."

Anne's voice as hummed out as she advised, "We're not at your school and I would really like a thank you kiss."

Maria was nervous, worried about Anne not liking her kiss talents. Then there was the larger fear to deal with, "We shouldn't without Master's Permission. He may only want us to kiss and things when he can see."

Anne had a point, "In this cage he can see everything any time he's in the room. Besides, shouldn't you stay in practice for when he requests it?"

Maria whispered, "I, I guess." Soft pillowy lips pressed hers. Anne's tongue slipped into Maria's mouth and her tongue excitedly greeted it. Maria often enjoyed pleasure performance training. The contours of the other student. Their soft mouths. But Anne was different. Many girls back at school were beautiful. But Anne was something else. Her hair was an exciting color. Her smooth skin was so polished white with playful freckles. And those lips, full soft, and exotic sweet.

Anne grabbed Maria's head and held it tight. Maria's hand reached up behind Anne's head and dared enter those thick red locks. Maria allowed herself to fall back and excitingly Anne tumbled on top of her. Maria pulled at Anne's hip to press that foreign beauty tighter to her plan form. Anne accepted the invitation and rolled her shapely form.

Anne gently lifted her head up. Her hand stroked Maria's cheek as she said the strangest thing, "Oh you're so incredibly gorgeous."

Maria's shock at such a statement from such a lovely girl and she mumbled, "But you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen?"

Anne looked in disbelief. Pink shaded her sweet white freckled cheeks. Then she smiled and softly suggested, "You should finish getting dressed so we can workout."

Maria didn't want her to leave but Anne rolled off her so all she could do was say, "OK." Maria slipped out of bed and grabbed her shorts. She had dressed in front of dozens of girls and human teachers but doing so in front of Anne made her feel shabby. She worried the strangely accented beauty would reassess her appearance and find her wanting.

Finished, Maria reached to make her bed as was the rules. Anne grabbed her hand and pointed out, "He didn't say we have to do that." 

It felt so disobedient leaving her bed unmade but that alluring naughty smile just encouraged her to also be naughty, "OK."

Anne pulled Maria from her room while playfully giggling. Leading her towards the exercise equipment. But all Maria could think about was the fact Anne still held her hand in hers. That maybe meant something, that they were connected. Possibly more than new friends. Maria wanted Anne to be an extra special friend. Maybe she would practice pleasure displaying with her more. 

Their Master's friends bought them all the standard training equipment for staying properly fit and tone for his visual enjoyment. While also a few pieces to practice their penis pleasuring skills on. Those were the ones Maria focused on. She had failed to get her Master off last night and expected punishment to come at any time. Next time she wouldn't fail. Next time he won't get so bored with her performance that he'll doze off.

This inadvertently gave Maria a surprise bonus. The machines that help keep legs and rumps toned were right across from the Shaft Pump and the Penis Climber. Anne stated she was going to focus on her bottom as that was what she called a trouble area for her. But it didn't look to be a problem to Maria as she watched that rump bend, bob, and wiggle on different devices. 

Maria took a long drink from the nearby water nozzle. Her body was soaked in her sweat. She hadn't trained like that since the last endurance challenge. Anne asked, "You want to workout some more?"

Maria didn't get to answer. A cage door popped open. Their Master spoke, "Come here Maria, I want to finish what we started last night." Maria turned just as that giant's hand grabbed her. As she was lifted up she saw Anne cowering. Clearly that wasn't just her reaction.  

Her Master wasn't wasting time. A massive finger reached under her tight top and took it off her with ease. His hand adjusted to have her laying again in that gigantic palm. He grabbed a leg and flicked off her fitness shoe. Then switched to the other shoe. Then he hooked into the top of her shorts and in a powerful motion pulled them off her. He did pause at that moment to praise, "Man that's one hot little Lilliputian body."

Maria didn't get to thank him for his compliment as she was suddenly dropping down. She arrived where he wanted her just in time to see that massive penis pop out of his thin shorts. His hand moved to wrap her under that musky shaft. Maria's instinct was to curl into a protective ball. But training prevailed and she stretched her limb out. That powerful hand buried her into that colossal erection. It was so heavy on her, making it hard to breathe. Him stroking her along it didn't help that. He growled, "That Lilliputian body feels so good down there. I'm going use you a lot to get off Maria."

She didn’t want to but she was taught to thank her Master for even the crudest praises, "Thank you Master. Please use me often."

His breath was heavy as he requested, "I'm going to cum on you. I'm going to cum all over you. Tell me you want that!"

Master commanded so she had to comply, "Yes Master, please cum on me. Cum all over my body."

He was so excited, snarling, "More, tell me more!"

Maria hoped if she said the right thing with the right words he'd forgive her for last night, "Oh Master I love having my body rubbed against your big human cock. Please let me pleasure your thick massive cock all the time. I am so thirsty for your cum all over my body."

"OH YES!" being bellowed. She was wrapped over the tip, this told Maria this session pleasing her Master was about done. As she was taught she opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes tight, It was often repeated that human men like to eject semen into their Lilliputian mouths. Maria was ready for something similar to the release from the fake human penises at school. A cold clear nutrition gel that tasted of bland medicine. What flooded her face wasn't anything like that. This was gooey, not slick like the gel. It was warm, quite warm to her. It wasn't bland, no it had a strong flavor of bitterness and salt. Worse it made her eyes sting and her nose burn. 

Maria felt herself bent back away from that formerly gushing tip. Her Master commanded, "Man you look good soaked in my cum. Tell me you love being soaked in my cum."

It took a moment. Maria first had to clear her mouth and throat. Her only option was to swallow it. If she spit without permission her Master would likely get upset. But she managed despite her stomach's want to refuse that goo's entry, "Thank you Master. Nothing feels better then having your cum sprayed all over me."

Maria felt like she did her duty when he said, "Hmm you are one well trained little Lilliputian." She felt him press her stomach and crotch tight to his shaft right before he used them to wipe his tip clean. He placed her down with the advice, "Clean yourself up my Lilliputian Latina. I'm getting a real taste for you."

She fearfully replied, "Yes Master, I will."

Maria couldn't see but she knew he was walking away. With his goo in her ears she could barely hear the cage access being closed. He came in just to use her for pleasure and deposited her back in the cage to deal with his aftermath. She hated the fact she knew that was what was expected of her. That was the life of a Lilliputian girl. 

Hands grabbed her arm and Anne's voice offered, "Here, let me help you to the showers."

"Thank you," Maria said. She hated speaking right now, it spread the taste of his semen over her tongue again. Well everything did at that moment including breathing.

They stopped and Maria was guided to lean on a wall. Then a second later she heard Anne exclaim, "Oh that's awful. Nothing like the training spray." Maria heard water start up while Anne made a sputtering sound of disgust. Then Anne asked, "Give me your foot so I can take off your socks."

"OK," Maria whimpered, lifting a foot. Soft hands sipped her sock off then she switched feet. 

Anne guided Maria towards the water spraying sound and advised, "Here, Try this."

Maria stepped in expecting the room temperature water she had showered in for a decade. Then she exclaimed in pleasant surprise, "The water, its warm."

Anne's voice commented, "Yes, we discovered last night we could adjust their temperature. So much nicer than school ones with their just above freezing water."

Maria sighed, being a human's pet wasn't all bad. An amazing bed and wonderful showers at least. She heard the spray curtain get pulled across and she eagerly started raising her Master's spray from her hair. Then jumped as soft hands cupped her breasts and pulled a curvy form against her back. She spun and asked, "Anne, what are you doing?"

That intriguing naughty smile was so close as she explained, "Well I need to shower after my workout and I thought you could use some help to wash that semen off."

"But we are to shower alone?" Maria responded as had been the rule before.

Anne purred while rinse Maria's breasts, "At my school we were encouraged to shower together to conserve water. Don't you want to save on water?"

Maria's answer was to kiss this alluring pillowy lips. Arms wrapped bodies and pulled each other tight. One of Anne's hands found Maria's bottom and found it liked stroking along her bottom cheek. Maria massaged Anne's back for she enjoyed the sensation of Anne's freckled bosom squishing into her breasts. Years of pleasure display training never felt this exciting. It was not the first time she had been in a shower like this with a girl, water training was important after all. But with Anne it felt all new. Maria was nervous as during her first Pleasure Display class. And Anne seemed so knowledgeable. She touched Maria in ways that made enjoying the interaction not an act. Not a lie to entertain a human Master. 

Anne's amazing lips left Maria's mouth and found Maria's neck. Suckling kisses made Maria's heart pound. Then like thunder those pillows grasped her nipple. None of the times she had practiced this had another girl's mouth made her nipple happy like Anne's mouth did. Those full lips kiss walked over to Maria's other breast and treated that nipple just as amazingly. Maria could only arch her body in pleasure while combing those exciting soaked red locks with her fingers.

"AHH!" Slipped from Maria as Anne's fingers found something to do. They slipped just in along Maria girlhood to awaken her loins. Anne's fingers were knowledgeable and nimble. As that kind thumb pressed Maria's button other fingers explored just inside Maria. It awoke Maria's hips and they rolled with lusting joy. Maria had made herself reach climax with her fingers before, but this experience made them all seem shallow.

Passion and desire raged in Maria once she came down. She lunged for Anne's mouth only to be stopped by Anne's finger. The Redhead looked so happy as she advised, "We should finish our shower now,"

Maria whimpered her desire, "But I want to make you climax."

Anne's cheeks glowed as she advised, "You will. Just not now. I say we finish showering then I'll show you around the cage."

Maria nodded while replying, "OK, we'll do that." She wanted Anne to like her, she needed it really. Anne was the most amazing beautiful girl she had ever met and Maria would do anything to make her happy.

It wasn't so bad. Anne soaped Maria's body and in return Maria got to wash Anne's gorgeous form. Then Anne's nimble fingers cleaned Maria's hair and Maria got to comb shampoo through passion red hair, Rinsing each other tempted Maria to place another kiss on Anne's full lips only to be playfully teased by that accented beauty turning away while giggling. Then came the conditioning of each other's hair and the best way to wait for it to set, making out with Anne's delicious mouth.

After the conditioner was rinsed free, Anne shut off the water and handed Maria a towel. Maria couldn't stop peeking at Anne's naked form and was thrilled to catch Anne peeking at hers. Anne folded her hair into her towel and asked, "Are you dry enough?"

Maria followed the redhead's example and advised, "Yes."

Anne pushed Maria into a lotion chamber and closed the spray curtain. Anne tapped the button and wonderfully smelling white cream spattered into Maria's chest. Anne turned them and tapped the button for her own freckled bosom to get white splattered on them. Maria's heart pounded as Anne's soft hands started spreading the lotion all over Maria's body. Maria guessed she was allowed to work the lotion into Anne's body and spread it excitedly. Anne's body was amazing, those plump Lilliputian firm breasts. Well toned legs. Soft skinned stomach. And she might have been subconscious about her bottom but Maria liked how it rounded out from Anne's lower back. Besides, Anne didn't have anything to worry about, that rump was tight. 

Maria could have rubbed lotion into Anne all day. But her new close friend commanded, "Alright, that's enough. We should get dressed."

Maria submitted, "As you want." She didn't want to offend the full lipped beauty.

They went to their rooms carrying their fitness material. This seemed normal for Maria. Many times she walked the halls of school with just her hair bundled. It was a demerit to use extra towels. She slipped up to her wardrobe to select her day's outfit. She finds an outfit that resembled her school's uniform that included a darling little black vest. She tossed it on her bed to open its package when he walked into the bedroom. Maria literally cowered down as if to avoid being sighted. He walked by in just a towel wrapped about his waist. His large round stomach stuck out over the limited covering. He seemed to have hair on every patch of skin. Frightening, the pointed bulge poking under the towel told of his arousal. 

Still he wandered to that towering dresser and started pulling out clothes. Since he was dressing she figured she had permission to dress. Quickly she had the bag open. Shirt that barely reached her hips had a strip to seal it closed decorated like the garment had buttons. No bra of course, couldn't have anything that slowed the human's access to your body. Well, unless they wanted it. Maria adjusted the elastic ribbing so it hooked under her hard beasts. It lifted them to make them more appealing to human’s eyes. The outfit did have panties, bright white as smooth to the touch, Something a human could enjoy stroking their finger tip against. 

Maria was pulling up the elastic waisted black with white lined pleated skirt when she saw her new Master approaching the cage with his pants undone. It was only then did she realize those thin shorts from last night were actually the human male underwear called boxers. And his were pointing hungerly towards her. The cage opened and Maria cowered expecting to be grabbed and fondled by those uncomfortable fingers. A whimper in a different part of the cage told she wasn't his entertainment at this time. His words crawled over her skin as he slurped, "Come her my Lilliputian African dream." 

Chloma was likely the most fit of the six of them. Just under acceptable fitness, much more and her body would have been detracted for looking too muscled. But even that powerful Lilliputian body was powerless in a human man's hands. As he stripped her of tight shorts and loose sporty top he chuckled. Maria in turn pulled on her knee high socks and slipped on the shiny black shoes designed to look like buckle shoes. It wasn't like she could do anything to keep clothes on Chloma. Any word from her could have her being stripped by those colossal hands as well. She knew Chloma would not hold it against her just as she didn't hold against them exploring their new cage home while he enjoyed her last night.

He didn't ask Chloma her name. Didn't even tauntingly speak to her. And as he stripped her so powerfully she couldn't muster the courage to introduce herself. He opened the top of his boxers and said to himself and not the trembling beautiful young Lilliputian woman, "This will feel so good."

Just before Chloma disappeared into that sexual cavern a strange bell went off. The Master looked confused for a second then sighed, "Oh right. I forgot." 

Unceremoniously he placed Chloma back into the cage and closed her in while threatening, "Guess you'll have to wait to ride in my underwear." Then he did up his pants as he walked from the room.

Maria arrived where the other girls were handing Chloma her clothes to redress. She heard Ella note as she smiled at the fit dark skinned woman, "At least you didn't whimper on like someone else did."

Maria felt offended, "She was scared as I was."

Ella shook her head then accent made her reply seem extra harsh, "Did your teachers never handle you? If you were better trained then you could just follow your lessons for when you're held."

Maria countered, "Teachers were different. Being handled and stripped by them was normal. When he did it it was terrifying. His eyes were so hungry, his touch so wanting. It's like he's a different animal."

"Purf," barked Ella. Then she bragged, "When it's my turn Maria you'll see how a Lilliputian is supposed to react to their Master. I will speak as we know he will enjoy."

A gold brown hand grabbed the blonde's shoulder. Chloma was nearly an inch taller than Ella. The look they shared showed Maria wasn't the only one that found a special friend in this cage already. Chloma explained, "No Ella. It is different. She's right. The teachers, they just did it because it was their job. He wanted to do it. Seems to more than enjoy it. His touch was impossibly powerful. I was so scared that if I spoke I would have screamed."

Ella's expression was softened. She stroked the darker woman's arm saying, "You did your best. I hope my example during my first session will help you in the future."

Chloma smiled warmly, noting, "I'm sure it will."

Bora shyly asked, "What now?"

Katie Marie chirped in, "Lets select and play a board game."

Anne's hand slipped into Maria's as she announced, "I'm going to finish showing Maria around."

The other four share happy smiles. Katie Marie advised, "OK, you can join us later if you like." She grabbed Bora hand and Marie got the idea they all found a special friend in their small group. Bora blushing cheeks seemed to confirm that. The four wandered off. 

Though the cage was one of the larger models it was nowhere as large as the school had been. This model was set up to house up to twelve Lilliputians. The rooms for such were on the upper level. 

The second level had the entertainment rooms. There was a TV room where their Master could approve shows and movies they could watch. Sadly only videos currently available were the training ones focused on how a Lilliputian girl could please their human male Master. The other girls were in the library. There was a collection of approved books and games for them to spend their time with. The third room was Maria's favorite. It was a sitting area that was along a window that showed a small area of the human world. Seems their Master didn't rent an apartment but had a house. This gave them a field of grass with a couple trees to observe. Birds fluttered about curiously. Things vaguely remembered from Maria's childhood. She longed to run barefoot across the grass like she remembered doing before the Reduction happened. But that world was now a vast dimension of danger and terror. The last room was where their food was. Maria took the time to try a couple different pellets. Yet another of the few benefits of being owned. Delicious, so much better than the near flavorless ones from school.

The bottom held the gym, showers, facilities, and a chamber for other waste. There was a mezzanine, but that was for connecting this cage to another or other cage attachments and it seemed for now it was just an empty platform. All through the cage were pull open doors for their Master to get a hold of them through. No matter how hard they tried they wouldn't be able to muscle them open to escape. And really, why would they try. It would be trading required sexual performance for likely vicious death. 

Maria and Anne were joining the others when they all froze at the sound of the Master's voice, "No, I'm a department manager now and she's a staffer."

The cake lady voice replied, "She's not in your department. Besides, she's nice."

Their Master walked up to a far dresser saying, "And nearly half my age and drop dead gorgeous, she's just going to say no and be uncomfortable around me."

Cake lady argued, "You don't know that. Besides, her generation was hit the hardest by the Reduction. Not a lot of guys her age around."

The Master interrupted, "So you think because her options are so limited she'll be this desperate."

They left the room while Cake Lady countered, "Don't say that. You're a good guy with a good job."

Maria looked at the other Lilliputian girls and they just looked about in confusion as well. Since none had answers about what was going on they just went back to board games, Maria and Anne happily joined them.

That was their day, them finding something to entertain themselves with while occasionally the Master and Cake Lady would enter talking about some human topic. From those passing conversations they learned Cake Lady was the Master's sister and they had a shared friend the Master had a secret romantic interest in. One he slightly dreaded to inform of his feelings despite his sister's urges. Also, they were cleaning up from the party the night before. That was a less interesting topic, but outside entertainment was a limited experience for Maria and the others.

They were enjoying lunch together when the Master entered the room. With not even a word he opened the cage and grabbed Chloma again. She could be heard whimpering as he peeled her top off. It came fluttering back into the cage as he pulled her tall boots off. He was more careful adding the footwear back in. But her short skirt and the small shorts that fitted under them were flung in mindlessly.

The giant undid his pants and Maria was able to see his blue plaid boxers had his semi stiff penis leaning against them. He slipped Chloma in and fidgeted around. His hand came out empty. He pumped his hips three times. Each thrust his erection seemed to become larger and harder while the shape of Chloma's fit Lilliputian body was pressed tighter and tighter into the material. As he did up his pants the Master sigh, "Oh, I've been thinking about doing that all morning." Then he simply closed the cage and walked away. All of them knew at any moment they could be under that heavy bulge in the front of his pants. They sat quiet for a few minutes then they all sighed, that was what those last years of schooling were for after all. 

It was a couple hours later when he returned. He didn't speak to them. Simply undid his pants and carefully exposed himself while holding Chloma to his erection. She was shining with sweat and looked exhausted. His hand slid her slowly up to his tip then slowly dragged her down his massive penis while he praised, "Oh yeah!" His hand then started pumping the dark skinned Lilliputian girl while the Master growled with pleasure. They could faintly hear Chloma helpless grunting while he used her. Then as he roared, "Ahhhh!" he wrapped Chloma loosely about his tip. Clearly he wanted to watch as his semen left his penis and sprayed into her face and on her breasts. The growing smile on his middle aged face told them he was enjoying the sight of her spattering burst.

He popped the cage and placed the semen drenched Chloma in by the showers. He did up his pants asking himself, "Now how should I cook that chicken." He seemed to be considering the question as he left the room.

Ella bloated as soon as the human giant left their sight. They could see her helping Chloma towards the showers. The whole while she encouraged, "Master was very pleased with your body. He was very happy, I could tell. You did perfectly, just perfectly."

All they heard Chloma say was, "It was so hot and heavy."

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CH 04: Lilliputian Maria

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Here you go, I hope you enjoy this addition to this story. Please let me know what you think.

Chapiter 04: Hobbies and the Window

It was the conversation of their supper period. Ella wasn't convinced even with Chloma's confirmation, "All I am saying is if you had properly discipline your mind then you could have ignored your fear."

Maria countered, "I thought I had. Everything I was told made me think as long as I did as I was trained I would be fine. But then, in his hands. Staring at a human man's face. It's different."

Chloma said while stroking Ella's leg, "He's not like a teacher. They were not excited to fondle us. He definitely is. You can literally feel the heat of his desire through his thick skin."

Ella sighed and looked loathed to counter the dark skinned beauty. Yet the shapely blonde still reminded them, "That's why they made us practice while distracted. Stroking us with feathers while we practice word play. Spriest us while we pumped a shaft. I admit they are not the same as his desire but they were designed to help us anticipate human men's wants."

As Maria remembered those annoying distraction training Katie Marie pointed out with her constant friendly smile, "You'd think to prepare us for being handled by human men they would have had men teachers at our schools." 

They all stopped as they never considered why the schools didn't have any men teachers. Even the cleaning staff were all giant women. Anne voiced their shared thought, "Why didn't we get trained by actual human men? We were told the biggest buyers of Lilliputian girls were human men. Fondling training by one would be the most sensible thing to do."

Maria took a look at the group as they were confused into silence. Anne sat right beside her. Her bright red hair was like a beacon in the darkness. Maria liked how her cheeks looked decorated by those freckles. She was slightly shorter than Maria. Maria guessed since she was five and eight points of an inch tall then likely Anne was about five and five points tall.

On Maria's other side was Ella practically sitting in  Chloma's lap. Ella was very pretty with bright yellow hair in a short style. If the Master wanted her for fairy play Ella would look perfect. She was about Anne's height, maybe a touch shorter. Chloma was stunning with her fit body. She was the tallest, at least six inches tall, likely taller. Her muscles were just hidden under her radiant dark brown skin. Maria found how the almost rippled under that silky looking covering was slightly exciting. 

Then there was Katie Marie with Bora semi cowering behind her. Bora explained she was of the Asian Lilliputian stock. Seems slanty eyed Lilliputian was slightly insulting so Maria wouldn't use that again. Besides that one justified outburst Bora was silent, hardly saying a word above a whisper. Hiding her face behind her long black hair whenever she could. She was gracefully slender with long pretty legs that made her about Maria's height. Katie Marie was not shy. She chittered excitedly about everything. The brunette was slender and short, smaller than everyone else. Her barely five inch frame with her slim build made her seem younger.  

The six of them seemed to connect immediately. Even the differences in options like how to react when the Master came for fun was respectful. Maybe it was years of threatened fates for fighting. Possibly it was them all losing again everyone they know to be caged with new people. Maria didn't know. She was just so focused on staying Anne's favorite new cage mate.

After supper they followed Katie Marie's suggestion to take their chatting to what she called the window room. They sat looking out the window into the sun brightened world. Katie Marie asked an interesting question, "What are you favorite approved hobbies?"

Chloma excitedly stated the obvious, "I just love keeping my body enjoyable fit." 

Anne snickered, "Oh, you don't say."

Chloma now chuckled, "Yes, I know. But I actually prefer sports to machines. I hope Master will get us a gym attachment that allows us to play tennis, volleyball, and other court games."

Ella smiled at Chloma, "That would be a nice distraction."

"Well, what distracts you Ella?" Anne inquired.

She smiled and confessed, "We already did that today. I delight in board games. I hope we are rewarded with a pound more games. But you can't ask the question and not answer Anne."

Anne looked about like she was avoiding a teacher hearing. Seeing that the Master was rooms away she felt safe sharing, "I like to write. Though at school I was limited to Lilliputian loving their Master's stories."

Maria had to know, "What do you really want to write?"

Anne perked up and sang, "Adventures!"

Katie Marie was keen to learn more, "What kind of adventures?"

Anne gave that alluring naughty smile and whispered, "The kind that earned demerits."

Chloma gasped and begged, "Like?"

Anne seemed to like being the center of attention. She glowed while saying, "About Lilliputian girls escaping their school to become wild Lilliputians. Meeting wild Lilliputian boys and battling dangers like cats and birds. Maybe they live under a boulder away from humans. Sometimes I imagine them hiding in the human's walls and stealing the things they need from the giants."

Maria was frightened, "You don't want to escape do you? To live outside?"

Anne shook her head while saying, "No. That is a terrifying idea. Cats, dogs, birds, and spiders live in the outside. Bugs, mice, and rats live in human walls. I am content here, I just like to imagine other Lilliputians on adventures."

Maria was relieved. She was certain an escape attempt would get them returned. Or worse, succeed and have them facing the dangers human's shield them from. Sure she didn't like massaging the Master's massive human penis with her body. But she rather do that over and over then get pecked to death by birds or torn to pieces by a so-called house cat.

"Maria?" Anne clearly repeated making Maria realize she was lost in thought and it was her turn.

Maria looked at the group and happily told them, "I like to paint."

Bora actually perked up and questioned, "I like to paint. What do you paint?"

Maria smiled to hear the shy Lilliputian speak. Hoping sharing would bring the Asian out of her shell Maria advised, "People mostly. At school I painted pictures of my fellow students and a few of the teachers. How about you?"

Bora opened to speak then bowed her head. Katie Marie nudged her playfully with her shoulder and the girl with the interesting eyes confessed, "Flowers, I like to paint flowers."

Maria was curious, "Like out of a book? Or did the teachers bring them in?"

Bora spoke low as she explained, "Remembered flowers. Pink with a sliver a white running through them. I don't know what they were called but I remember they filled the trees and scattered along the path that my family and I walked the last day I had with them."

This hit them all with their last memories of family. How those memories were coming more and more gray. Maria had several times attempted to paint an image of her parents or her sisters and couldn't remember any of their features. Just their love.

Ella broke their depressed trance with a sudden, "Wait a minute. Katie Marie, you didn't tell us your favorite hobby."

Anne backed the blond up, "Yeah, that isn't right."

Katie Marie waved her hand like she could fan those concerns away, "I don't have access to it here so it doesn't matter."

Ella pointed to the ground firmly demanding, "No you got us to share, you share."

Katie Marie blushed then she started to giggle before managing to confess, "I used to practice for my hobby."

Anne asked what they all were wondering, "Practice, as in?"

Katie Marie now shied her face away. But her words could still be heard, "I wasn't a liked girl at school. Too chatty I was told. So I would go to the phallic room after lessons. It hardly ever had anyone in there when classes were not in session. And as long as I sanitized them afterward the teachers were OK with me practicing on them for hours. I could make the resistant one spray in minutes."

Chloma now wondered, "Does that mean you're looking forward to it?"

Katie Marie shook her head, "Oh no. He's alive and it comes out white. Besides, he has all that hair about it. I worry mice live in those curly mounds."

Maria had to agree, "He does have hair where I wasn't expecting hair."

Ella questioned, "Were you not warned of possible hair there?"

Anne countered, "We were, but do you want to work his testicles while they are bushy?"

Ella now agreed with the group, "No, that seems incorrect."

Bora interrupted their talk about the Master's loins to point and whisper, "Look!"

They all turned to stare out the window. The sun was hidden somewhere yet it was still bright out. That wasn't what had them all shocked. The sky was a blazing orange. It was beautiful and scary. Maria suddenly realized what this was, "Sunset."

Chloma gasped, "The teachers were right, it is beautiful."

Years of not seeing the real sun had the six of them mesmerized by the display of the sun leaving the sky for the night. Oranges, yellow, and reds Maria didn't know could exist now filled the sky. The world outside became dimmer and dimmer while they drank in that color display. Then it was dark and with mind to really look they saw stars for the first time in over a decade. Sparkling shining dots speckling the night's sky. Like long distant forgotten hopes and dreams they called to them. Maria felt slightly silly thinking how the pretty little lights across the sky's face reminded her of how those freckles danced on Anne's gorgeous face.

The giant's voice broke their happy trance, "Yep, I'm ready for bed." Maria turned in time to see his pants fall to his ankles exposing today's blue plaid boxers and the pointed end within telling he was going to be looking for pre-bed entertainment. He walked towards them, speaking to himself, "You know, I think I'll read for a while first." Each step made that big thing bob about behind that thin material.

He opened the closest access and his hand came in like some kind of hungry beast. Maria couldn't move, fear had her immobile. A scream froze in her throat as that hand devoured Anne for the giant's pleasure. Anne started making whimpering sounds as that hand pulled her from the cage. 

Without saying a word the human man took off Anne's shiny shoes and dropped them back into the cage. Then sprinkled her socks in afterward. His lower fingers opened and he pulled Anne's frilly skirt and the little frilly shorts under it all at once. It was almost amusing how the skirt puffed back out when he dropped it and floated to the floor. His lower fingers recoiled around her then the upper ones loosened. He peeled her top with one hooked finger. He then held Anne over his bed and dropped her. Her crimson hair fluttered wildly as she fell. She bounced, waving her limbs wildly, then landed. She scouted over to the giant book and huddled down like it would hide her from those giant human eyes. 

The Master shut the access door then pushed the waistband of his boxers off his hips and it dropped like a stone. His human penis looked to be staring at them trembling in the cage. He climbed onto his bed and settled in a semi-sitting position, his manhood leaning oddly on his big round stomach. Then his hand went hunting for Anne. She frantically crawled away from the fingers, Maria worried that would get Anne in trouble. But instead the giant man began laughing in amusement. His fingers caught her legs as his happily requested, "Come here my Lilliputian."

He dangled Anne by her legs and looked her over. Then he draped her on his other hand. As she settled on all fours in a cowering position he asked with a tone of knowing he had all the power, "What's your name Lilliputian?"

Maria's heart broke a little as Anne could hardly say her own name, "A, a, a, Anne."

His finger hooked her chin as he praised his captive, "Man, your hair is really red. I like that. Oh, and look at those cute little freckles,"

Anne rattled out several t sounds before her mouth finally settled enough for, "Thank You Master," to tremble out.

The human giant then explained, "Well Anne, I'm going to read for a while. While I do that you'll use that sweet little Lilliputian body to rub my cock. Understood?"

Anne didn't stumble this time. Fearfully blurting out, "Yes Master, as you want Master."

He only chuckled then lowered her to his erection. He tilted his hand and Anne slipped herself on that giant's penis. As she likely practiced many times, her legs wrapped at its girth. Her hips rolled and stroked her legs along his manhood. Her torso also started pressing and rolling her breasts into him. Her gorgeous face nuzzled that thick length and without word her mouth opened and licked at the skin with fear encouraged greed.

The Master sighed. As he grabbed his book he praised, "Hmm, good job Anne." He then opened the book and started reading. Maria could see on his face how much he was enjoying Anne slavishly attending his erection. Sometimes between turning a page he would lean his head in his hand. Other times it would visit Anne. Stroking along her back. Sometimes it stopped to admire one of her lovely legs. Other times it stopped and massaged her wonderfully round bottom. Still other times it stroked her thick silky red hair. If any of this attention bothered Anne it didn't show. She was too fearfully focused on making the human man's penis feel good.

Ella was the first to speak, "She shouldn't have run. She should have stayed where she landed and awaited his hand as we are taught."

Katie Marie countered, "She was scared."

Ella countered as the group started to turn back to the window, "That's no excuse for disobedient behavior. Now after she's done being enjoyed he'll likely punish her for being a misbehaved Lilliputian. Hopefully her performance will buy her some forgiveness."

While the others returned to looking out the window Maria couldn't look away from her new special friend frantically attempting to pleasure their Master's massive erection. The others attempted to talk about the world outside the window, Maria could see them shyly peeking at Anne with sympathy. All knowing at some point they would have to rub their bodies all over the Master's giant penis while Anne joined the others trying to not pay attention. None wanted to voice their own fears of that human man.

Anne worked the Master's penis for a couple hours. Pumping her legs along the shaft. Massaging the shaft with her breasts. Nuzzling and licking his sensitive skin. Occasionally his manhood would twitch, and if what they were taught was true that was a good sign. The long effort was making Anne sweat, giving her skin a shiny effect. More and more his free hand would come down and admire Anne's now shining body. His favorite part was Anne's bottom. Maria couldn't blame him, that freckled rump did look very attractive humping like that.

The other girls started shyly slipping off to bed. Years of the same bedtime every night made them all tired at the same time. Maria also left for her room, though she couldn't stop watching Anne's efforts. Maria looked through her clothes for pajamas. She had three choices, a tight little shirt with light blue little sleeves that would show off her stomach that matched with tight little blue shorts. She didn't feel like a tee shirt tonight. A torso leotard, but she didn't see the fishnets, bunny ears, and fuzzy tail helping her rest. And a bright pink nighty with little pink thong panties. She picked that because she thought it was funny how the top would make her bosom all fuzzy. She curled into that comfortable bed still watching Anne perform.

The Master closed his book. He advised, "That's enough reading for now." As he placed the book on the nightstand his other hand wrapped about Anne's glowing form. Maria's special friend looked almost relieved for the break from her physical efforts. The Master started happily grunting as he started stroking his penis with Anne's Lilliputian body. His grunts turned quickly to a repeated growled, "Oh yeah!" His head leaned back and his expression was pleased. Maria couldn't ignore how his belly jiggled slightly as he pumped Anne along his manhood. Then he made an expression like he was shouting very loudly but he made no sounds. Maria could see Anne was rounded over his tip. Her little feet kicked wildly as the giant body repeatedly shuttered.

The human man peeled Anne from his tip and demanded, "You like having me cum on you don't you Anne?"

Anne could only reply what was requested, "Yes Master, thank you for all the cum on my Lilliputian body."

He hummed happily then commanded, "Good girl, I want to see you lick some up."

"Yes Master, thank you Master," Anne said before leaning towards his semen wet tip and licking up a mouthful. Anne couldn't hide her reaction to the taste though. Grimacing in disgust before forcing the mouthful down her own throat. 

The Master only chuckled. Then he wrapped Anne's legs about his shaft and used her stomach and crotch to wipe his tip off. He placed her in the bottom of the cage before pulling his boxers up and leaving the room.

Maria started to get up to help her friend when she saw Anne wave her off. The redhead made a kiss blowing motion then walked herself into the closest shower. Maria heard the water start. As she debated going down when the Master returned. He climbed into bed and shut off the nearby lamp. The world was totally dark for a few seconds with Anne's shower the only noise. Then the guide lights softly flickered on. 

After a short while Anne's shower sounds stopped and the giant's rhythmic sleeping breathing took over. Maria heard Anne lotioning up after her shower. Then she heard the others. Chloma's long strides likely going to Ella's room for a private night cuddle. The quick taps of Katie Marie's little feet as she rushed to visit Bora once more that day. Naughty behavior that would have found them receiving demerits at her school if caught. 

A body slipped into her bed and arms pulled her tight. Startled Maria turned to see who was breaking curfew in her bed. That naughty grin looked even better in the mostly dark. She warned, "Anne, it's after lights out."

Anne nuzzled her face into Maria's fuzzy breasts and sighed, "No lights out here, this isn't school."

Maria had to point out, "Master didn't give us permission to share our beds."

Anne simply rested her head on Maria's fuzzy bosom and sighed. Then said, "Then lets hope I wake up before he does." Maria wanted to argue but Anne's soft skin and warming curves made points hard to come by. She sighed and closed her eyes. She wanted to enjoy her new special friend's presence. So she allowed herself to relax and just doze off.

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by AB23 » Tue Jun 18, 2024 12:21 am

Aww. I wonder if they'll ever get a little time outside. Their master should def get a pool for them too.

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Tue Jun 18, 2024 11:26 am

Outside is full of dangers for such sheltered little ladies. But there might be a way for them to experience it in some safety. As for a pool, he does have that extension door he's not using. I will add the suggestion to my list of possible extras.


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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by AB23 » Tue Jun 18, 2024 12:02 pm

Yeah maybe like a little covered patio? Or even a bunny shed might work. Gives them a workout too

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Tue Jun 18, 2024 1:09 pm

Just picturing them in Playboy bunny outfits in a bunny shed. Its a cute image.
I wasn't ruling out him taking them outside, just imagining what their "education" had put in their minds about it. 😁


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CH 05: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Wed Jun 26, 2024 1:47 pm

Hope you guys enjoy this latest chapiter of this story. Please let me know what you think.


Chapiter 05: Confused

The sound of the Master's voice saying, "Oh aren't you sweet pairing up like that. But I want to get to know each of you one on one before we start with the group fun." Maria watched as he opened a cage access a couple rooms down. Chloma's whimper and Ella's yelped gasp told he was in their room. His hand exited with Ella in his hand. He sat back on his bed and asked happily, "And what is your name my little pixy?"

Ella stared at him as he positioned his palm up and opened his fingers. She wore shorts and short tee pajamas. Maria had to admit the outfit looked quite fetching on Ella's out rounded curves. Maria waited for Ella to reply, expecting as the blonde had said she would fall onto years of strict training to handle her fear of the Master. Then she felt bad as Ella collapsed into a terrified ball and begged frantically, "Don't eat me! Oh please don't eat me!"

This break in protocol only amused the Master as he broke into a deep scary laugh. He grabbed Ella's arm and unfolded the strangely accented beauty. Ella was so scared she kept her limb where the man placed it on his palm. He then shifted her leg on that side. Then pushed back her other arm before adjusting her last leg to his preference. His thumb and index pressed Ella's hips and as he stripped her short off advised, "You're a pet Lilliputian remember. It's illegal to eat you."

Ella started chanting what they all had thought when it had been their turn, "Don't hurt me, please don't hurt me."

The Master hooked his finger under Ella's tight stretched shirt and peeled it off her. Then as he admired her lovely naked form teased, "Oh are you scared little Lilliputian? Hmm, here let me kiss that better." Then with a terrifying expression of delight he lowered his face to Ella's body. Massive human lips pressed her thigh, lifting it slightly when it smacked a giant peck. Clearly this amused the man as his lips landed on Ella's stomach and made it lift slightly as he gave a little human sized kiss there. Ella didn't look better, she watched those gigantic lips pucker and land on her displayed naked form. Maria could tell the blonde knew she couldn't stop that mouth from fondling her while also knowing teeth nearly as large as her head laid just beyond.

Then Maria gasped. Those lips opened and lowered over Ella's breasts. The blonde gave off a loud whimper. Then she looked confused and scared at the same time. Then Ella shuttered. The Master leaned back humming like he was savoring his food as his colossal mouth continued to suckle Ella's entire bosom. Ella, held in place by his giant hand, was gasping while staring at the face she was pressed against with fear. 

With a loud smack the human man released Ella's breasts. He said in a taunting tone, "I'll give those a deeper suckling some other time pet. Right now my morning wood is screaming for some Lilliputian curves." 

Maria watched as Ella was lowered towards the Master's crotch. She had been so focused on what was happening to Ella she didn't even notice the Master had exposed himself. His penis stood tall along her rounded stomach. With one hand he had Ella's body easily wrapped against his massive manhood. He hummed a happy sound as he began sliding Ella along his length. His hand quickened and Ella started making a grunting sound. At first Maria thought Ella was following training and making that sound to appease their Master. Then Maria realized the tone was wrong, Ella was gasping in helpless terror. 

The human man didn't notice or possibly care. He leaned his head back and cheered to himself, "Man, owning Lilliputians is as good as they all said. I'm never going to get tired of them." Maria took that as a good thing. A Master that got tired of his Lilliputians would replace them. If they were so savored by that scary middle aged giant they would have a mostly safe home for years. 

Ella did as the Master wanted. He rolled forward and held her with his tip between her fit thighs. He made breathy sounds as his semen squirted onto Ella's chest and face. Ella's arms lifted and she started to try to shield herself with her hands but the white fluid simply spattered past and all over her disgusted face. Despite such naughty behavior the Master looked to enjoy the sight. 

Finished, the Master gave off an amused chuckle. Then as his standard practice used Ella's lower body to wipe the semen off his tip. He placed her back in the cage down by the showers before dumping her pajamas into the room he had found her in. Then closed them in. He wandered off mumbling, "Now what did I have to do today."

Maria rushed down to find Chloma already trying to help Ella to the showers. The strangely accented blonde however seemed to just want to stay curled where the Master had left her dripping in his semen. Maria had to ask, "Is she hurt?"

Maria yelped as the semen drenched girl leaped to her feet and was suddenly grabbing Maria's arms roughly. Ella's white dripping face looked desperate as she rambled, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I simply didn't understand. He's a monster, a big scary hairy monster. So strong, so strong."

Chloma managed to pry Ella's fingers out of Maria's skin and was guiding the blonde towards the showers while softly saying, "This way. Once you get cleaned up you'll feel better."

Ella in turn simply continued rambling, "I'm sorry, he was so big. So big. Teacher big, but not like a teacher. Human man, not a woman. So hairy, teachers were not hairy."

Anne asked, "You alright?"

Maria nodded, "Arms a little sore, but I don't think she bruised me."

Anne shrugged and asked, "Workout?"

Maria liked that idea, "Yes, let's do that."

They left to change only to return to find the others also chosen this time to keep in enjoyment shape. She wanted to be alone with her new special friend. But them working out now made sense. Likely at their school they also were expected to workout in the morning. Also, if the Master wanted to enjoy one or more of them later he wouldn't find them all sweaty from working out.

Ella showed up to the exercise area looking down. She cleared her throat, making Maria curious. Then the blonde said, "Hello, everyone hello."

"Yes Ella," Anne said as everyone stopped their exercising.

Ella looked sad as she advised, "I was wrong. I thought your education had been lacking due to your reactions to being enjoyed by the Master. But I now understand. To be in that beings hands. His size but mostly his maleness. His girth and all that hair is nothing like the human women that were my teachers. And as I should have listened and understood, your teachers as well. I am ashamed and ask for your forgiveness."

Anne spoke and Maria agreed, "It's OK. You didn't know. Now you do."

Ella looked surprised, "None of you that I criticized are mad?"

Maria had to answer, "I am not. I thought all my lessons would have had me ready to. Its just doesn't."

Chloma hugged her clearly special friend. Then said, "See, they are not mad. Now, join us in exercising."

Ella smiled and nodded energetically while saying, "Alright, I will."

They finished staying in entertainment shape and wandered over to the showers. She started to enter with Anne when the redhead stopped her, "No. I want to shower alone today."

Maria felt her chest hurt funny but she agreed, "OK." But she felt strangely alone in her shower. After she entered a lotion booth alone and made sure her skin would feel nice to her giant Master's touch. 

She rushes over to Anne who smiled and hugged her, making Maria's heart pound curiously. Katie Marie asked, "What are we doing after we dress?"

Anne advised, "I think we should unpack since I think the Master intends to keep us."

Ella second that idea, "I will feel better with my things out of my tote."

Katie Marie requested, "OK, we'll unpack then meet for lunch."

Maria watched Anne walk away to the room assigned by the Master. She longed to join that strangely compelling girl. But they had agreed to unpack so that's what she would do. 

She enters her room and selects clothes for the day. She did like that the Master didn't dictate their daily clothes. She found an outfit the Tan man had bought her to her liking. She pulled up tights designed to look like what humans called blue jeans. Then slipped on a brown sleeveless shirt with very thin straps that hooked over her shoulders. She adjusted the built-in breasts cups. The shirt displays her chest and the tights stretch over her bottom to allow her Master to admire her trained form. Part of Maria wanted to be more covered with looser material. That however was not how it was for a Lilliputian girl. They were to be enjoyed in every way the human owner wanted.

Dressed, she lifted her tote. She didn't have many personal items. She wasn't allowed to have many things since according to the humans of the world a Lilliputian was their item. She honestly wanted to thank the Master, he could have just tossed their totes. But he allowed them to have them. Even nicely placed them in their assigned rooms. She pulled out her easel and set it in a corner of the room. She had packed three blank canvases in hopes to use them to appease her Master with her talents. Then she pulled out four paintings. Three of friends she would never see again. The fourth was a teacher she thought was particularly pretty for a giant human. She had occasionally wished that teacher would have taken her home and kept her as her own Lilliputian pet. But that was just a silly girl fantasy. 

Her last items were small, her assigned training book she was to review repeatedly to keep her training fresh for her Master's enjoyment. Another book of a Lilliputian Girl's adventures serving her Master. She knew it was just a fanciful way to repeat the training rules and pleasure techniques. Maria liked it for how kind and handsome the human boy was described. Her supply of paints and brushes in a case that included her pallet. The last was a statue, sculpted by her close friend, Rosa. It was of a girl in a dancing pose. Maria hoped Rosa had earned a pet grade, she wished Rosa was with a kind owner like the boy in her story book.

Anne's voice cheered Maria up, "You coming to lunch Maria?"

Maria happily answered, "Yes, right now."

Anne looked at the easel and advised, "We're going to the window after to do our hobbies. Will you join us?"

Maria just wanted to be near Anne so she had to answer, "Yes, of course." Then she had a thought, "All our hobbies?"

Anne guessed right and with a chuckle advised, "Katie Marie is going to try her hand at writing."

"OK," Maria advised. Glad Katie Marie would look for an activity she could do with the rest of them.

They all sat and ate a couple of the flavored pellets. Maria did like these more than the gray ones the school had. The purple ones were her favorite so far. They shared silly stories of things that happened at their schools. This new comradery made it easy for Maria to ignore how she missed her old friends.

They broke up again to get their hobby items. Maria rushed to get her painting supplies. Every moment away from Anne seemed to make her sad. She arrives and Anne smiles an exciting smile at her. Maria knew what she would attempt to capture on her canvas.

Then he entered his bedroom. He must have dressed while they showered. His expression somehow told Maria he was after one of them for his amusement. "Hmm, which one this time?" Made Maria worry. "Oh yeah, let's try the Asian," he said, opening the cage access above them. 

Bora froze and just trembled intensely as the gigantic hand reached for her. He pulled out Bora and admired her in her little skirt and sailor style shirt. He must have liked her tall socks and shiny black shoes as he kept stroking along one of Bora's legs. The Master asked, "What's your name?" Bora didn't answer, just laid on his massive palm. It was like she was shaking while asleep in his hand. Maria worried he would get mad, but then he chuckled and teased, "Oh, are you too scared my little Lilliputian treat?"

Bora didn't say a word as the giant human man hooked and pulled off her top. She didn't move when he carefully slipped off her skirt and under shorts. He clearly really liked her tall socks and shoes as he worked to get her clothes off while keeping them on Bora. He licked his lips then advised as his other hand spread Bora's shapely legs, "Lets see if I can't kiss away your fears."

Maria gasped as his mouth began to lower. Katie Marie whimpered in fear, "Oh no, he's going to eat Bora." 

They watched that monstrously large mouth close over Bora's exposed crotch. The jaw shifted and Bora made a gasp sound. The jaw started pumping, Maria was certain he was chewing even though Bora wasn't crying out in pain. Suddenly she cried out. She sounded surprised and not in agony. Then she howled a shocked strangely happy sound. The Master chuckles around Bora, but whatever he was doing with his mouth didn't stop. He removes his hand and Bora dangles from those massive lips. The sounds Bora made were similar to those made by those girls receiving during pleasure display training. The Master walked away seemingly suckling on Bora's crotch. 

Chloma asked what they all were wondering, "Was the Master causing Bora pleasure?"

Anne wondered, "Is that allowed?"

Maria advised, "We can cause each other pleasure for our Master's viewing enjoyment."

Ella countered, "Yes, but for them to enjoy. Are we allowed to get pleasured by our Master?"

Anne said in a questioning tone, "He's doing it, so he must be allowed by human laws."

They all nodded in shock and confusion. In all the pleasing human training or even in pleasing each other for display they were never told their Master might actually pleasure any of them. It just didn't make sense to them. He was so much bigger than them, human. Why would he bother with the pleasure of a being as small as a Lilliputian girl?

They started to go back to setting up in the window when the Master walked back in. Bora was no longer dangling from his mouth. Instead she had curled herself up along his face and was staying there by hanging onto his nose. Her hips rolled in time with the human man's mouth movements. Bora's hair waved wildly as her head dodged about on her neck. The whole time the Asian Lilliputian screamed in a way Maria never heard another girl scream. A lustfully exciting sound of passion made Maria curious what was causing such carnal joy in normally shy and reserved Bora. As the Master got what he came in for, Bora bellowed, "OH MASTER!" making Maria happy her friend was allowed to climax. The giant left still sucking on Bora's crotch.

Anne guessed, "He has to be licking her girl spot."

Ella countered, "His tongue would be too big for that. It wouldn't fit in."

Anne then asked, "What do you think he's doing?"

Ella shrugged saying, "I don't know. They never covered such actions at my school." To which everyone concurred with that same information.

Since none of them understood they just accepted they would have to wait till the Master was done with Bora to ask Bora about what he was doing to her. So they instead finished setting up and started their crafts. Maria set so she could see Anne. The redhead was chatting to Katie Marie about how she wrote stories. This allowed Maria to start to paint a likeness of the girl she desperately wanted to be her special friend. A partner to practice pleasure display with. In a table not far from them Chloma had discovered some clay and she and Ella were trying to shape something together. 

The Master returned. This time Bora hung from his lips in a limp pose, she would have seemed asleep except for her repeated faint gasping. He undid his pants and brought out his penis. He pulled Bora from his lips and said as he wrapped Bora under his erection, "Now it's my turn."

His hand started pumping Bora along his giant manhood. He made a happy growl sound and announced, "Oh you feel like silk my Asian Lilliputian." Soon he was leaning on the cage and grunting like the giant monster he was. He wrapped her to his tip and just moaned a long oh sound. Completing his pleasure the Master looked down at Bora and sighed. He did his usual wiping off his tip with Bora's lower body. He opened the cage and placed Bora close to the showers. Without a word to his used Lilliputian pet he did up his pants and closed the cage again.

He walked off mumbling, "I'll try the last one while I'm reading before bed." 

Katie Marie was down to Bora within seconds. She speaks to Bora then calls out, "Help! She needs help."

They all rusted down. Bora was whimpering or so softly mumbling she was just making puffy sounds. Katie Marie advised, "She's too tired to stand. I can't lift her."

Cholma started stripping off her clothes and commanded, "Katie Marie get a shower ready." Then the six inch or taller girl kneeled down and hooked the Asian Lilliputian's arm around her shoulders. Then stood with only a slight grunt. The dark skinned beauty carried Bora to the showers with little effort. Entering the one Katie Marie had started and leaned Bora in the spray. Katie Marie stripped her clothes off and joined them, and pulled the curtain closed.

Since Bora was being looked after they wandered back up to their hobbies. They heard the shower shut off and watched as Katie Marie and Chloma practically dragged Bora to a lotion booth. The two worked together to keep Bora's skin smooth then took her to her bed to nap off the results of the Master's attention. Katie Marie cuddled with her. Cholma went back down to redress then came back to them to again help Ella mold the clay.

Bora was up to join them for supper. They ate quietly till Anne's curiosity got the better of her, "What did the Master do to you Bora?"

The Asian girl sighed. She still looked so tired even after a couple hour nap. She slyly explained, "He licked and sucked on my girlhood with his giant tongue. It spread the labia. The texture stimulated me like pleasure display training, but instead of one area he was stroking my whole girlhood at once. It was intense."

Ella asked the next question, "It looked like it felt good, did it feel good?"

Bora’s eyes fluttered as she sighed and that answered the question for Maria. But then Bora said in a happy tone, "It was the best feeling experience of my life. For several hours he had me lost in down there pleasure. I am terrified of our Master and yet I want him to lick me like that again so much. It will stay in my head for the rest of my life. I so want it to happen again. Need it." Bora leaned on Katie Marie. She nibbled on a red pellet with little strength. The after effects of what she wanted to happen again left her weak. 

Maria's curiosity had peaked. She could see the desire Bora had for that human man to lick her girl area again. To be hanging from his lips. Maria knew she would want to hide when the giant returned. Still, she wondered if she asked if he would suck on her crotch till she was ready to pass out. Yet, if she could avoid his touch she would even give up Ruffles.

The group decided to play some of the board games. Anything to keep each other entertained. Maria felt uncomfortable as Anne sat apart from her. She wondered if she had done something to offend her new friend. Why was that gorgeous redhead no longer as friendly as yesterday? Maria longed to hug Anne. Wanted to taste those pink pillow-like lips. To practice pleasure display till Anne gave her a passing climax. A desire like Bora had for the Master's tongue raged in Maria.

They all started feeling tired. It must have been getting close to the old lights out time from their time in school. They wandered to their rooms. Maria asked Anne as she was walking away, "Do you want to share my bed again tonight?"

Anne smiled shyly with pink shading her cheeks. Then she advised, "I'm not used to sleeping with someone. I think for proper rest I will sleep alone tonight. Maybe tomorrow night."

Maria whimpered, "Are you upset with me?"

Anne smiled and walked over. Her hand wrapped behind Maria's head and pulled Maria towards her. Maria's worry melted as those soft lips pressed hers. The kiss would have gotten Anne great points in her pleasure display kissing. It certainly was graded high by Maria. Anne let Maria go then said, "I'm just confused. I like you so much and I just met you. Can we try being careful till I understand this?"

All Maria could reply was, "Ok." Maria watched Anne walk to her room. She particularly liked how Anne's waist tapered down to her bottom. Or even up to her bosom. She really just liked the loveliness of Anne's fit form. 

Maria walked into her room. She looked at the pajamas she wore last night. The pink sheer with fuzz that would stretch across her breasts seemed more appropriate to sharing a bed with Anne. So she looked at her other two choices and selected the shorts and tee version. She'd wear it a couple times then switch to the bunny version till the Master requested their clothes for washing. She slipped into her bed and sighed at the soft comfortable sleep area. This was one of the things she was happy to have in this new life.

Maria then pulled the covers nearly over her head as the giant man walked in. He pulled off his shirt and she cringed at that wall of hairy skin. Then he dropped his pants and hung them over a distant chair. His boxers had a weight in the bottom of their crotch. It kind of wobbled about as he walked closer. He opened the cage and his hand reached into a nearby room. It left holding Katie Marie. 

He stopped and looked at the little brunette. Lilliputian girls were small, but Katie Marie was even smaller than most. He chuckled and said to himself, "I don't know if I should play with this one. She looks so young."

Katie Marie must have thought she had to defend her smaller size and replied, "I am as old as the others Master. I wouldn't have been on sale otherwise."

He gave an amused smile and agreed, "Well that is right." Then he asked, "The others were scared of me. But I take it from your smile your happy to be used."

Maria couldn't see Katie Marie's face. But she seemed to almost always carry a bright smile, did she still have it in that human's hand. The brunette answered, "I am terrified, my Master. I just don't want you to be mad at me so I smile."

He stroked Katie Marie's head. Then commanded, "OK, strip. I want you on my cock as I read before bed."

Katie Marie said, "Yes Master." Then hooked her hands under her shirt and pulled it off. She placed it in the palm she sat on. Then with a smooth roll she pulled down her sleeping shorts. She rolled back to unhook the shorts from her legs and that was placed upon her shirt. The Master took both items and placed them on her bed before reclosing the cage. From the growth in his boxers he liked her naked form despite his earlier concerns.

He climbed onto that gigantic bed. Using one hand he released his massive erection. Adjusting till he was comfortable. Then he lowered Katie Marie towards his excited manhood. As she got just above it Katie Marie broke the rules for Lilliputian girls, she spoke without permission, "Master, may I suggest something?"

That way too broad face looked curious. The middle aged giant seemed amused as he asked, "What my little girly thing?"

Katie Marie looked at his colossal crotch then up to his watching face. Then to Maria's shock Katie Marie said, "We all trained on artificial hairless phalluses. The hair, well, all your hair makes us all uncomfortable. If you trimmed it, even a little, it would be easier for us to serve you. Especially your testicles. Less hair would make it easier to get our faces close to lick them as we massaged them with our bodies."

He tilted his head. He looked like he was thinking. He requested, "You think that you Lilliputian girls will be more into stroking my cock and balls if they were less hairy?"

"Yes Master," Was Katie Marie's response.

He said, "I'll think about it."

Katie Marie chirped, "Thank you Master." Then she climbed onto the human man's penis. 

The Master watched the petite brunette stretch herself against his manhood. Katie Marie's shapely legs hugged at him and her narrow hips began slipping them along him. The Master sighed and he praised, "Oh you're good at that despite your less curves."

Katie Marie replied as she was supposed to, "Thank you Master."

He chuckled and stated, "I feel like a creepy old man having such a little girly thing loving my cock."

Katie Marie sounded worried as she asked, "Did you want to replace me?"

The Master grabbed his book as he replied, "No no. I strangely like feeling like a dirty old man. Now stay silent while I read."

Katie Marie didn't reply, as that was how she was supposed to behave. Maria could tell by how Katie Marie's body rolled that all her practice on the training phallus at school was well worth it. She might have been short and slender, but she rolled and grind against their Master's erection with a trained physical effort. There was a passion to her pleasuring actions. Without command Katie Marie lowered her open mouth and dragged her tongue along the human man's skin. He made a pleased sound and Maria could see his shaft twitched in response. Maria had to wonder if Katie Marie's passion for pleasing a human man's penis was what saved her from being punished for speaking without permission. 

As with Anne the night before when he wasn't using it to turn pages his free hand admired Katie Marie's form. Despite criticizing her body as not curvy enough he seemed to like touching her. Her little button bottom was his main focus. This didn't stop Katie Marie's efforts. She bucked along his penis even when his buttock massaging lifted her slightly from his shaft. 

For a good long time the Master read and Katie Marie served for his pleasure. He then closed the book and set it on his night stand. Then with a playful expression grabbed Katie Marie's ankles. Dangling the brunette he slowly dragged her face and chest along his erection. He particularly liked having Katie Marie's face rolling about his tip. When not making her nuzzle the end of his penis Katie Marie was dragged along one side or the other. She'd get to about where the bushy hair started and the giant would reverse to drag her back up and around the tip to the other side. 

He must have tired of this amusement. He laid Katie Marie on his massive penis again. His hand wrapped about her and started stroking her along his erection. As when he was dangling her he focused her face and chest along his tip. Mostly rolling her petite Lilliputian body back and forth over the end of his human manhood. Soon the Master was growling lusting sounds. He advised with wanting glee, "I'm going to cum on you girlie."

Katie Marie replied as they were trained, "Yes Master, please cum on me."

He then commanded, "No. No, for tonight beg me not to. Beg not to get soaked in my cum."

Katie Marie's sweet voice used her natural fear well as she said, "Master please, please don't cum on me." His sounds told he liked her words so she continued, "I don't want you to cum on me. Please, this is scary. Please just put me back in my cage."

He grunted and began mumbling happily. Maria could see his hips popping, telling her Katie Marie was now being soaked in that salty bitter fluid. He gasped for about a minute. A heavy sigh told Maria he was done. He lifted his hand and asked, "Did you like that Katie Marie?"

Katie Marie replied, "No, it feels disgusting, It tastes bad and hurts my eyes." 

He chuckled and stated, "I guess I asked for that." He swung his legs off the bed and opened the cage. Placing Katie Marie in the bottom, as seemed to be his habit. Closing the door before he pulled up his boxers as he stood. He wandered off. He shortly returned while Katie Marie was still showering off his semen. He simply climbed into bed and shut off the light. Clearly not concerned about how his Lilliputian girl would find her way back to her room. 

The Master was clearly asleep before Katie Marie was even done down stairs. She walked up to her room and put her pajamas back on. Maria was a touch jealous to see Bora was waiting for Katie Marie. Not that Maria wanted to sleep in a bed with Bora. She just wished she had similar company, certain company. Maria squeezed Ruffles wishing the bear would change into a certain redhead with an exciting accent. He didn't but his familiar fuzzy form did help Maria find sleep.

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by AB23 » Sun Jun 30, 2024 2:16 am

Awwww Katie Marie is so cute! I wonder if their master is allowed to take them on trips?

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Sun Jun 30, 2024 1:29 pm

I'm glad you like Katie Marie.

Yes, if their Master wants to he can take them on trips.

Thanks for your comment,

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by Dowtwes » Wed Jul 10, 2024 2:57 am

Fantastic read. Looking forward to chapter 6

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Wed Jul 10, 2024 2:28 pm

Thank you, I'm glad your enjoying it. I'll be posting the next chapiter soon.


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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by Dowtwes » Thu Jul 11, 2024 6:04 pm

What size are the ladies?

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Re: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Fri Jul 12, 2024 1:51 am

Sorry, I should have mentioned that in the story.
Their 1/12 scale or about 5 to 6 inches tall.
I guess since all my stories are that scale I forgotten to clarify that in this story. I will try to rectify that in the future.


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CH 06: Lilliputian Maria

Post by HHunter1 » Sun Jul 14, 2024 10:51 pm

Here's the next chapiter. Hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think,


Chapiter 06: Shaving

Maria awoke to hear their massive Master still peacefully sleeping. She looked about and saw her fellow Lilliputians in the library. Reading was quiet. Waking the human man could bring any number of punishments. He may not be legally allowed to kill or maim them, but the teachers advised many frightening punishments a owner could inflict on them any time they wanted. 

She didn't dare to dress as a dropped shoe might ping the cage bars and alert the sleeping giant of their presence. She walked on the plastic flooring on the tips of her toes. In the library she selected a book at random. When she looked for a place to sit to read her heart padders to see Anne waving her over to the couch the redhead was reclining on. She was offered a place to cuddle close to the prettiest Lilliputian girl Maria had ever seen. Anne squeezed and whisper the trained greeting, "Attentive Morning."

Maria responded in kind, "Obedient day." Then she melted as those pillowy lips softly pressed hers. She becomes a puddle along Anne's curves and starts reading silently. Maria's book was about an obedient Lilliputian girl working extra hard to please her Master, earning spoiling presents for being a loving pet. Maria noted how that was a good life for a Lilliputian.

Bora whimpered. Maria followed her staring to see the giant rising. It stretched with a groining moan. He scratched his chin and mumbled to himself Maria couldn't hear. His massive head turned to look upon them. He sighed and leaned over. He opened the closest access and reached inside. Ella whined as that human hand grabbed her. Maria wasn't surprised he selected Ella, with her bright yellow hair and perfect white skin she was a lovely girl. Maria felt dingy in comparison with her black hair and dirty shaded tan skin.

The Master opened his hand and without a word took Ella's pajama shorts off. He pulled off her top and placed the clothes back in the cage on the couch she had been reading on. Then closed them in again. He flipped the blankets off his lap and slipped Ella into his boxers. Maria could see his hand adjusting. Then he leaned back down on his bed as his hand worked up and down inside his underwear. He began humming delighted sounds, likely enjoying Ella's well fit and shapely form. Soon he sighed loudly. His hand stopped near or at the tip of his erection. Then he maneuvered in his boxers and pulled out Ella, soaked in his semen. He placed her in the cage by the showers. Closing that access door he advised, "Time to start my day." Then he walked over and strangely dressed in his clothes from yesterday. He left the room and disappeared for a while.

Chloma went to help Ella get rinsed off while Katie Marie suggested, "Should we workout now?" 

They did, showered, and finished a delicious breakfast of sweet new tasting pellets before the Master returned. He had a bag in his hand. He walked over and gave a command, "I'll go get ready, you all get naked please. I have a surprise." 

They were confused but stripped as the Master commanded. They were more bewildered as a strange buzzing sound came from the other room. He came back wearing only his boxers while carrying a bowl. Maria didn't like that. School had informed them of many Lilliputian themed items a human could use to enjoy their pets. This included carrying boxes. Bowls were for putting food in. She knew he wasn't legally allowed to eat her. But he would only face punishment after she was devoured if he chose to do that.

The human man gathered them in a bowl and walked them to a human bathroom. In the tub was a level of water. He placed the bowl on the edge of the tub and exposed himself. To her surprise the hair around his genitals was trimmed well away. Then he grabbed a can and filled a hand with shaving foam and covered the area around his crotch. Then he sat in the tub. 

He looked at them and advised, "Katie Marie said last night you girls prefer clean shaved balls. Well then, lets get them and around my cock shaved up." 

Maria gasped as he lifted the bowl. He tilted the bowl and poured them just above his big round belly. Then he reached over the edge of the tub. In his hand was a box. He opened it and held towards them a familiar tool. A hand shaver, a blade with a handle designed for Lilliputians to use. Maria was always nervous to handle one as the blade was razor sharp. Even though she had shaved a teacher's legs or more private areas many times. She just never shaved a human man's testicles.

Katie Marie was the bravest and walked over to accept the tool. Chloma, Anne, and Ella built up the nerve before Maria could manage the courage. Bora had the hardest time. She turned even paler when the Master handed her a tool directly. 

They walked up the hairy hill that was his belly. Then down towards his crotch. The shaving foam mostly drowned out the musky smell of his unwashed groin. At first it was easier to act with the Master's face blocked from their view. They carefully laid their blades along his skin and started to work towards his testicles. Leaning over the edges of his body to rinse the hair and foam off in the warm water. But then it became a little unnerving as his penis enjoyed their company and started to stand erect at a heavy angle. But the human man's appreciating sounds helped Maria a little. If he was enjoying their efforts he was less likely to interrupt them.

Katie Marie made them all jump as she dared to speak, "Maria you're really good at this."

Ella looked towards the top of the man mountain field with dread then whispered sharply, "Shh, he didn't give permission to speak. He'll punish us all."

They all trembled as the Master's voice advised, "No go ahead. I like hearing your Lilliputian voices."

Anne accepted that and agreed, "You are amazing at that. Have you shaved a human man's crotch before?"

Maria shook her head, then worried the Master would get mad if she didn't speak so she said, "A teacher at school requested I shave her womanhood often. I guess the caution I practiced there transferred to his privates as well."

Anne folded her tool back and offered, "Here, let me push the testicle to smooth the skin more for you to shave." 

Chloma watched the redhead and told Ella, "Here, I'll do that for you."

Shaving the Master's crotch area took a while. Luckily it was quicker since they could work as a team. Bora and amusingly Katie Marie stopped and switched tools with them. They would rinse the tools while the others removed hair and foam. Katie Marie was humorous, as she was so short she would often have to use the human man's leg hairs to climb down close enough to the water. This even amused the giant, or possibly tickled him into small spurts of chuckles.

They finished and Katie Marie crested his belly to tell him, "All finished our kind Master."

His response terrified Maria, "OK, while I shower you make sure the shavers are well rinsed." A shower for a human would be a flood for her and the other Lilliputians. His hand carefully gathered them a couple at a time. She felt a little better as they were placed in a shower cage. 

He unplugged the tub to drain the shaving cream and hair filled waster. Then carefully adjusted the flowing water to a temperature he liked. The blast that hit them when the shower started made them all yelp and whimper. But soon they adjusted and began using the heavy sprays to fully clear the shavers. 

During this the Master stood and used human cleaners to wash himself. Leaving his genitals hanging just at their level. It was strange watching a human take a shower. It likely wasn't different then how Lilliputian boys wash themselves. It was the mass of the human man. His girth. How the bubbles even seemed larger upon his skin. How his movements conveyed his might. How he was free to experience the world and they had to be caged to be protected from it.

Finished, the human man shut off the deluge of water and opened the towering curtain. He grabbed a towel all six of them could have used as a carpet for their cage bottom and wiped the bulk of the water off his head and torso. He wrapped it about that titanic waist then carefully laid out a smaller towel on a nearby counter top. 

When the Master turned Maria expected one or more of them to get wrapped to the giant's clear erection. His hand pulled out Anne first and though the human man took the time to admire the gorgeous redhead he didn't pleasure himself with her, Instead he placed Anne on the smaller towel and bizarrely he kindly offered her a Lilliputian towel. 

That was the pattern, Lifted Bora, admired her wet naked form, then placed on the little human towel to be offered a Lilliputian sized bath towel. Ella, Clhoma, and Katie Marie were all the same. Maria expected she was last to be used for his pleasure. As he stopped and visually admired her Maria waited to be hooked under his towel and stroked along his length. Yet she was also placed on that fluffy mat and offered a fresh towel to which she replied as expected, "Thank you Master."

Even his reply was strange in her mind, "Your welcome Maria." He had gifted each of them with a towel and when they submitted to his kindness he told them each your welcome. Maybe that strange Tan man that bought her was right, maybe their Master as a kind one. Still, if Maria didn't have to be touched by him, or even be near him, she would be happier.

As they dried the Master finished drying himself. Then with a snicker he grabbed the corners of the smaller human towel and lifted all six of them. This forced them all together in the hanging white fuzzy pit. Then solid ground was under their feet. The way the towel hung they were back in the bowl. 

He carried them into what Maria was certain was the bedroom. Though with much of the view blocked by the towel she wasn't completely sure. He placed the bowl on an unstable surface. The top of the cage was visible so Maria guessed they were on his massive bed. She could see him opening some kind of brown jar. He then laid onto the bed beside them. His hairy belly cresting over the bowl they were trapped in. Then their convenience was lifted and tilted. The ridge rested upon the top of his stomach as a human hand moved into view holding the jar from earlier. Then his voice requested, "OK girls, scoop out a couple handfuls of ball butter and go rub it into my sack and other areas you shaved."

Maria followed Anne as she walked over and scooped a load of rich smelling lotion into each hand. Maria copied Anne and they walked down to his groin followed by the others. Well, Katie Marie had to keep encouraging poor Bora. The Asian Lilliputian was nearly frozen with fear. But again, once his face was hidden by his belly she was more capable. 

Anne walked around the human man's massive testicles. Then selecting her spot along the center seam Anne smeared the lotion along her freckled breasts and began stroking them into his sack. Maria followed suit as this was how a Lilliputian girl was supposed to apply lotion to their Master. As the other girls started joining in they were praised, "Oh that's good."

The Master was enjoying them climbing about his testicles. Soon his penis was fully erect, angled by the nearby belly. Soon none had any of the lotion left that changed the sensitive skin from irritated red to calmed pink but the Master didn't say they could stop. He just continued making happy human sounds.

When he did speak he described, "I feel like some sort of mythical god being worshiped by some nubile young priestess." He hummed a few more times the commanded, "Maria, Clhoma can you climb up on my cock?"

Maria looked at Chloma who nodded. It was asked like a question but any request from their Master was an order, they had to or face punishment. They both reached up and started to pull themselves on top of his testicles. The urge to grab a hand full of loose skin was strong but Maria worried that would pinch the Master and make him angry. He thanked them for their effort with the praise, "Man that feels good."

They both got on top of the unstable scrotum. Maria looked to Chloma, hoping the darker skinned beauty would take the initiative. Instead the strangely accented Lilliputian reminded Maria in a nervous whisper, "He called to you first."

Maria nodded, as first called he likely wanted her up higher on his shaft. It would have been quicker to crawl into position, but their Master's pleasure and not expediency was their life. She slinked along the base of his erection, hugging her body as tight to him as she could. Then as she had often practiced she slithered her body along his shaft. He liked the sensations as his penis twitched with arousal. Once she was far enough on she spread her legs against the girth and rolled her hips as she inched her way towards the tip. Affectionately nuzzling her face to his sensitive skin as she traveled. 

She reached the tip and knew her duty. She gave the top of her Master's penis an affectionate stroke before lowering her mouth towards the slope. And despite her reluctance she gave it a long well practiced lick. The giant sighed, "Oh good girl." This praise helped Maria ignore her discomfort. Her hips pumped his upper shaft with her legs while her rolling body grind her breasts into him. With long trained pattern to mimic passion she massaged his tip with her hands while giving it long firm licks.

Maria felt the shaft tilt when Chloma climbed on. She could feel the difference in the vibration when her selected partner went from wiggling into position to servicing the Master's manhood. He didn't speak to them but his gasping happy sounds were clear praise of all their actions. This encouraged Maria more as a satisfied Master was a kind Master.

Maria jumped as colossal fingers stroked her hair, Those digits admired her bottom as the Master praised, "Oh Maria you feel great there."

His hand left to admire Chloma’s body. Maria didn't look to see how the giant touched the darker skinned Lilliputian, she had her assignment. She did figure Chloma felt a little relief as the Master growled, "Chloma you can really grind on a cock!"

His hand wandered about the others. He had a praise for them all, "Oh Anne you really can suck some balls." "Ella, keep working those titties." "I love those long legs Bora, love them." "Ahh Katie Marie, my kinky extra little Lilliputian." Soon his other hand wanted to touch them as well. Stroking along legs and massaging bottoms. Maria even had her torso lifted so his thumb could admire her breasts for a minute or two. The words again stopped but his happy sounds continued. 

A testament to how well they were trained his hand shifted Maria and Chloma to along the sides of his shaft. They had built his pleasure to a desired level and he wanted that surpassed. He started pumping Maria and her assigned partner along his erection. Maria could see despite the disorientating motion that his other hand had scooped up the others and pressed them into his heavy testicles. 

Soon a single yelp was heard and Maria saw poor Bora being dangled by her shoulders over her head. Maria watched as the human hand pressed an upside down Bora against the wobbling tip. Then Maria felt the first burst rumble up his shaft. The Master gasped loud and happily while Bora's legs waved about in desperate wild motions. Maria knew each pulse brought more bitter and salty goo into poor Bora's lovely face.

The Master laid there for a minute. When his breath returned he praised, "Oh you Lilliputian girls are the best." This made Maria feel good. Sure she felt bad for Bora hanging upside down drenched in human semen. But if he considered them the best he would not want to return them. Despite their fear making them perform what would have been failing obedience the Master still enjoyed them and that was all that mattered.

The Master leaned over towards the cage. As his arm moved Maria got a brief look at Bora, she was white from her belly down to her long black hair. He did his usual kindness of placing her near the showers. Then he reached back and Maria watched as Ella was lifted over them. She was wrapped sideways over his penis and used to wipe the remaining semen off his tip. Then the blonde was placed near the showers. 

The hand holding her and Chloma in place lifted them from his wilting shaft and they were placed in the cage followed quickly by Anne and Katie Marie. Then the access was closed again. 

As they gathered themselves Maria watched the Master stand and grab his towel. As he walked towards the bathroom he stopped before a tall mirror. He shifted and was clearly admiring his groin. His hand tilted and shifted his testicles then he praised to himself, "Those girls did an amazing job. I think they should get a treat." Then he walked out of sight.

Free of human presence Anne suggested, "Shaving the Master's testicles was a lot of hard work, I think we could skip working out today." Maria nodded in approval of that incredible girl's suggestion.

Ella used her words to second, "Yes, I am a touch tired to exercise now."

Maria walked towards the shower. The Master had been freshly cleaned yet she still felt like she could smell him on her skin. Then a hand grabbed hers and pulled her towards a booth. A hand grabbed behind her head to press pillowy delicious lips to hers. Freckle brightened perfect curves pressed to her body. Maria admired that still wet thick red hair as her new special friend used her other hand to adjust the water. 

Anne turned and fell into the shower's spray dragging an excited Maria with her. Anne stretched up to shut the curtain behind them as Maria took advantage and used both hands to admire Anne's round firm bottom. Those perfect lips slipped away and Maria's mouth tried to catch them. Only for them to escape by grabbing one of Maria's nipples and suckling passionately. Since they lost their prey Maria's lips latched onto Anne's white sensual neck. 

Anne's enjoyment made her straddle Maria like she was the Master's penis. Maria used this to her advantage and with some effort lifted Anne off her feet. As their lips wrestled to deliver affectionate kisses upon the other set Anne's shapely legs hugged Maria's body tightly. Maria loved that the best way to keep the redhead lifted was to grab and squeeze that desired bottom. Wanting to hear more of those accented excited sounds Maria hefted Anne higher and tasted one of those alluring nipples. 

Then Maria heard the most confusing thing from this Lilliputian beauty, "Oh Maria you're the prettiest Lilliputian girl ever!"

How could Anne, someone so otherworldly gorgeous think she was that pretty. Maria had to correct her special new friend, "No, you are gorgeous beyond belief, you're the prettiest Lilliputian girl ever. I'm bland with my dirty like tan skin and by dreary black hair,"

Anne pushed back and argued, "You're much prettier than I. Your skin is beautiful, smooth and incredibly colored. Mine is bleached and disfigured with freckles. Your hair is shimmering long and alluring. Mine is this thick puffy mess of gaudy color."

Maria countered, "No your skin is smooth and perfectly decorated with wonderful happy freckles. Your hair is soft and warm with the most exciting sexy color."

Anne whimpered, "But you're so stunning to me."

Maria sighed, "And you look perfect to me."

Dispute ended as their mouths wrapped against the others. Maria loved feeling Anne's hands combing through her hair while her hands wouldn't leave Anne's pumping bottom. Their breasts rolled and played against each other making Maria's nipples sing happy feelings into her mind. 

Maria had spent the last few years learning to look passionate with another Lilliputian girl for human viewing pleasure; she hoped those skills would translate to pleasure for Anne. Anne's legs unhooked from Maria's hips. Maria felt one of Anne's soft hands slipping down towards her crotch. Not wanting to be undone she shot her hand between Anne's supple thighs. As her finger tips slipped into Anne's girlhood Maria gasped as that perfect beauty found her happy button. Soon they both were having trouble passionately kissing as the pleasure being tickled into each other was making them both happy pant and gasp.

Maria felt like she won the best prize she could when Anne's body arched against hers. She had worked in Anne's girlhood and now the redhead was climaxing from Maria's happy efforts. They stood just holding each other for a minute. Anne's hand tried to get back to its stimulation of Maria's special spot but Maria shifted it away. Anne whimpered, "I didn't give you one yet."

Maria kissed her deeply and reminded her special friend, "You gave me one on the first day."

Anne gave a tempting offer, "You sure, if you lean back I could use my mouth down there."

Maria kissed Anne again and suggested, "Yes. Maybe we could kiss each other's girl spots later."

Maria's heart thudded hard as Anne got her exciting naughty smile. Anne's purred words, "I think we will," made Maria regret not taking Anne up on her oral offer.

Maria was consoled by being allowed to wash Anne's perfectly shaped body. Better yet, the most special Lilliputian girl was washing Maria's unworthy form. Maria wondered if the reason they were not allowed to regularly bathe the bodies of the other students at school was to keep them from getting too attached to each other. Maria knew if she had found someone as special as Anne back at school that Graduation Day would have been even more difficult.

They exited the showers about the same time as the others. At first Maria was for some reason embarrassed. Then seeing the pinkened cheeks on the other girls that eased. Special friendships were all about. 

They went to their rooms to dress. Maria found a cute blue outfit. A little exposing top whose straps seemed designed to topple from her shoulders. Not that they were needed as the banding held the cups tight to her breasts. The pants were strange, a swimming suit bottom with sheer material to her ankles where they had a strip of elastic to hold them in place. She thought the little shoes were adorable while she didn't see much use for the gold color tiara. After adjusting it she did find it held her hair back so she would wear it. 

Anne greeted her in a little green frilly dress. Some sort of leaf decorated the tops of her thigh tall socks. The redhead advised, "Mine had a hat too, not as cute as yours."

Maria pointed out, "It holds my hair out of my face."

They found the others in what was clearly the best common room, the window room. The sky was gray outside but the birds still fluttered about. The trees didn't seem to mind the darker sky as they looked to be dancing and waving their branches. Ella asked, "Would you all want to play some games? There are a couple here we didn't have back at my school."

No one answered as the Master had entered his bedroom. He had a small plate with the most amazing food stuff on the planet, a square boulder of cake. He stopped before them and advised, "Alright girls get your dirty clothes, I'll wash them up. Sadly I won't have the money to buy you all more clothes till my first paycheck from my new position. And yes the first outfit you'll get is more pajama choices."

Maria, mesmerized by the cake, forgot herself and replied, "But I have three sets of pajamas."

She wanted to melt into a puddle and slip down a shower drain as he asked, "You do? Everyone told me they agreed on two each."

Maria felt her throat go tight but she had to tell him, "Yes. The Tan Man bought me the blue shorts one, the fuzzy breast one, and the bunny one."

The Master looked confused. "The bunny one?" He mumbled before requesting, "Is it a leotard with fishnets and a bow tie?"

Maria confirmed, "Yes Master."

He chuckled then explained, "That's not pajamas Maria. That's a sexy bunny outfit."

"Oh, sorry Master," Maria said feeling stupid. 

He noted, "No problem Maria. Now everyone get your dirty clothes for me. Once that's done you'll get this piece of cake for doing such a good job shaving my balls this morning."

Cake brightened Maria a little. As she started off towards her room for her used clothes Katie Marie grabbed her arm and softly confessed, "I thought they were bunny pajamas too."

He accepted their gathered dirty clothes in a little cloth bag. Then through the attachment door he slipped the plate in. Leaving it on the mezzanine platform. He closed them and then said, "Enjoy my Lilliputian beauties."

They waited till he had left the room. Then they creeped up to the plate like they might frighten the cake block away if they moved too quickly. With it surrounded they attacked. Pulling large chunks out with their bare hands. Sweet delight filled their mouths as crumbs and icing crumbled down their bodies. Good job was rewarded, Maria was believing the Tan Man more and more, her Master was nice. Scary, but nice.

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