Mark’s Pets 7 and 8 repost

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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Mark’s Pets 7 and 8 repost

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MARKS`S PETS PART 7 Falling for Shelly

When greg got home, he put the gun under his bed, then he put Shelly on his desk and opened his math books as he was started his homework. She was still wrapped in her blanket as she sat down on a pile of books and looked up at Greg. "What did he make you do?" She asked curiously. "What do you mean?" He replied. "I heard Mark say that in order for you to keep me, you had to do something, what was it?". Greg was trying to get the whole, Mrs. Broth incident out of his head, but Shelly wasnt helping. "Ummmm, I ended up giving him my nintendo and $50." He left out the part about the blender. Is that all I`m worth?, she thought to herself, $50 and a nintendo!!! But she was releived she was with Greg instead of Mark.

She looked on as he was doing math homework. His pencil was taller than she was and she couldnt get over the size of all her surrondings. She also couldnt get over Greg himself! Here was a gorgeous, almost naked, tiny girl right in front of him, and he was doing homework! "Mark lent you his gun eh?" Greg shook his head as he continued with his math calculations. Shelly was constantly thinking about a way to get back to normal size, so she kept flurting with Greg.

"Why are you doing homework? I can think of something alot more fun for you to do". She said, as she pulled the blanket down to her waist, giving Greg a clear view of her tits. Greg dropped the pencil and stared at her. He was shocked she came onto him right out of the blue like this, but he was happy she did. "Have you ever made love to a girl before?" she asked, as if she didnt already know the answer. "No, I cant say I have." She started giving him a seductative look, and walked over to him in a provocative, sexy way. "I`ll tell you what, if you make me normal size again, I will let you make love to me." Gregs cock went from limp to fully erect, in about 0.0001 seconds. Having sex with her would be the greatest thing on earth, he thought to himself, but she would probably tell on Mark, and he would no longer have her as a pet. "I`m sorry, but I cant do that". He said in a apologetic tone. She realized that her seducative tactics wernt working so she had to try something else. She threw down the blanket and got down on her hands and knees.

"Please, Please master, I miss my family so much, I swear to God I will never tell anyone, I`ll do anything you desire, anything!" Greg was already fully erect, but after hearing this, his cock grew about another half inch. He reached down and lifted up her naked body with his right hand, and then put her in his left palm. He looked down at her, as she anxiously awaited his responce. "Anything?" He said with an almost sinister grin on his face. She nodded her head, and felt optomistic that he would agree, praying that he wouldnt abuse her like Mark did. "So, if I told you to spread those pretty little legs of yours, you would?" She nodded again, after a couple of seconds, Greg raised his chin, as if to say "go on", and she got the point and started to slowly spread out her legs. He felt an overwelming sense of power and control over her and he enjoyed ordering her to do as he pleased. He didnt want to step over the line, but it was so hard for him to resist his urges.

Greg looked at her magnificant pussy as he rubbed her smooth legs with his thumb and index finger. "My God, you are so beautiful!" "Thank you, so, do we have a deal?" He put her gently down on his bed and thought for a minute. "Hmmm, I`m not sure yet, maybe there is something you could do to convince me?" "Like what?" she asked, as he took off his shirt and pants and layed on the bed. He then lifted her up and put her on his stomach. "Could you kiss me?" He asked. She got down on her knees and kissed his stomach. "No, I mean down there." She turned around and saw the huge bulge in his boxer shorts. She looked very uncomfortable as she looked back at him. "I`ll tell you what" He said," you dont have to do anything you dont want to, but if you please me, there`s a good chance I will return you to normal size." He didnt give her a definite answer, but the gun had to be returned tomorrow, so she figured this could be her only chance. "Ok, I`ll please you master, but you have to promise not to cum on me" "DEAL! DEAL!, I swear I wont!" Greg said with great excitment. "Well, are you going to pull down your boxers?" Greg was still shy about exposing himself. "How about you just crawl underneath them?" She shrugged her shoulders, "Ok, I guess."

She walked across his stomach and crawled into his underwear. Then she gently, and slowly kissed his penis. Greg looked up to the ceiling and moaned as he felt her tiny little lipps against his huge cock. After a couple of minutes, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and started to jack him. He looked down at his underwear and he could see the her, and his cock moving in his underwear. He streched out his arms and squeased the sides of his bed as she continued to please him. Her tiny limps were pumping his meat with steady rythmic motions until he felt like he was going to cum so he quickly pulled down his underwear, and moved her to the side. Then he started jacking off as he looked at Shelly`s naked body, he wasnt shy anymore, and all he could think about was how much fun it would be to blow his load on her. But he made a promise, so he aimed his cock the other way, and was jacking as hard as he could as she watched in awe.

Her eyes widened as she watched the giant cock. From her perspective, she saw a cock the width of a tree, blast a stream of cum, that was 6 feet long, and shot 100`s of feet across the room and splated onto the floor. It was such an amazing site for her to see, as it was like watching a vulcano erupt, as more and more cum spewed out of his penis. After he was done Shelly sat on his penis facing him and moved his forsking over his cockhead with her hands, sending aditional drops of shiney cum out of his penis. She was aroused as she watched the sperm slowly ooze out of his cock, as Greg spread out his legs, and moaned with pleasure.

"Thanks alot shelly that was great!" "Will you return me to normal now?" Greg was so happy, that he couldnt possibly turn her down. "Yeah, ok" He took out the gun and set it to expand mode and returned her to normal size. "Thank you sooo much!" She ran up to him and give him a big kiss. Greg gave her some of his clothes, which were too big for her(but better than nothing). He went downstairs to get his jacket for her, then they worked out the details, about was going(and not) to be said to her parents. She was just going to tell them that she ran off with some guy she had met, and that there were no phones where she was.(Pretty lame excuse, but greg thought it was better than ratting out on Mark). She agreed not to mention about Mark, or even the other girls. She told Greg how thankful she was, and that in return, she would let him lose his virginity with her. Greg waved bye to Shelly as she walked out the door. What was he going to do about Mark? One thing was for sure, Mark was not going to get his gun back.

MARK'S PETS Part 8 A Change of Plans

When Mark`s alarm went off he was so tired, that he didnt think he could stay awake for the entire school day. But he had to go, one more absence and he would be suspended, and besides, he had to get the gun of Greg today. He looked at the time. Then he spoke to Lori, "Hmmmm 7:00 am, I guess we got time for one more blowjob before I let you go, so make it a good one" Lori couldnt believe it, she thought he was finally going to let her go!. She had almost no energy left, and her arms were numb from being handcuffed for so long.

Mark put his morning hard-on in Lori`s mouth. She was very tired, sore, and thirsty, but she tried her best to please him, so that he would finally let her go. Mark banged her face until he was about to cum. Then he took his cock out of her mouth and shot his load all over her face. she wanted to wipe his sperm of her face, but her hands were still handcuffed to the bed, so all she could do was wait. "Can you please release me know?" Mark laughed at her as he got up and put on some clothes. "Nope, I like the you tied up like this" "B-b-but, you said you were going to return to normal, and let me go" Mark walked up to her and slapped her face as hard as he could. "Now why the fuck would I let you go so you could rat on me? No way bitch, youre gonna stay here tied up like that, and Im gonna bang you anytime I want!"

Lori was crying intensly and had lost all hope. She couldnt go on like this any longer. She just wanted to die. Mark wrapped her mouth with duct tape, and he didnt bother to wipe the cum off her face. He didnt even bother feeding his pets, he just got cleaned up, and ate his breakfast. Sue was already in the kitchen when he went down stairs, and they decided to walk to school together. Sue kept expressing her concerns as they approached the school, but Mark just told her not to worry. They parted, and headed to their seperate classrooms.

Sue sat down at her seat as the bell rang, she could hear the other students talking about the game on Sunday, and how nobody had heard from any of the cheerleaders. Sue looked at the two empty seats in front of her, which were usually occupied by Eric and Lori. She felt very uneasy and her face grew pale. She told her teacher that she wasnt feeling well and that she was goint to go to the office to get a sick slip, so she could go home.

Meanwhile... Mark sat at his desk, and he to heard the rumors of the missing students, but he couldnt care less. He kept focusing on the empty desk beside him, where his buddy Greg sat. Where the fuck is he! He thought to himself, he is never late. Then the announcements came on. The principal had stated that Mrs. Broth, and a number of students were missing, and that anyone with any information should go to the office immediately. Then he stated that the police would be at the school today, and that each class was going to be called down seperatly to the gym, where they where going to ask some routine questions. He then ran off the list off names of the students that were missing. He named everyone, except for Shelly Parker. This got Mark`s attention bigtime!

Could the fact that he didnt mention her name, and the fact that greg wasnt at school today just be a coincidence? Mark was starting to get worried, then all the sudden there was a knock on the door, it was a police officer! Mark was now alost shaking with fear as his heart was pounding. The officer told his teacher to bring the class to the gym at 9:45, then he left. Mark asked to go to the washroom and when the teacher gave him permission he went directly to his sisters class room and opened the door without knocking, interupting the teachers lecture. "Can I help you young man?" asked Mr. Hanson. Mark franticly looked around for Sue but she was nowhere to be seen. "Where`s Sue?" He asked in great concern. "She wasnt feeling well so she went home." Mark alost ran out of the room, but he didnt want to look suspicious so he tried to walk normal, as he left the building and headed for home.

Sue was already at home, she was shaking as she walked up the stairs, she noticed Mark`s closed door as she walked towards her room. She stood there for a couple of moments, trying to decide if she should enter or not. Then she took a deep breathe and opened the door. There was Lori, on the bed bound and gagged. There was dried up blood stains on the bed in front of her vagina, from being raped so many times, and she was laying in a puddle of her own piss. Lori tried to scream out through her gag. "MMMM MMMMMMM MMMMMMM!!!" Sue couldnt make out what she was saying, so she walked over to her and tried to take the gag off of her. It was very painful as she slowly removed from Lori`s mouth. Lori begged for Sue to let her go, She told her about all the things Mark had done, and she was crying histerically as she begged for Sue to release her.

Sue stared at Lori for a minute, then noticed the bruises and cuts, along with the dried up cum on her face. Tears started to form in Sue`s eye and she felt sorry for her, even though Sue and Lori had been bitter enemys. Lori kept begging, until finally Sue got a bobby pin, and started picking the lock on the handcuffs. A couple of minutes later Lori was free. Sue told her to go in her room and to put on some of her clothes. Then sue reached in to the fish tank and picked up Megan and the two twins. She told them that everything was going to be fine and that she was going to return them to normal. "Where`s the gun" she asked. They told her it was at Gregs house, so she went downstairs to the kitchen and put the girls into a tupper wear container and put the lid on. She was poking holes in the top of the lid, so that the girls could breath, when Lori came downstairs.

Lori starred at Sue, and she wanted to say thanks, but she was so emotionaly confused she couldn`t get the words out. Sue said that she should hurry up and go home, before Mark got back. As Lori left, Sue called Greg to tell him she was coming over but there was no answer, so she decided to go over there anyways and hope that he was home. She grabbed the tupperwear container, and was just about to walk out the front door when she looked out the window and saw Mark walking towards the house. "Oh my God!" she said to herself. No one used the side door, and it was blocked behind a bookcase, so Sue hid in the living room, crouched down behind a chair, as Mark entered the house and ran upstairs.

When he got to his room he found that Lori and his pets were gone!!! Then he heard the front door open, so he ran down stairs. He looked out the window and saw his sister running away from the house. He ran out the door after her. Sue ran into a forest that was near their house, and she knew it was only a matter of time before Mark caught up with her, so she hid the container behind a tree, and continued running into the woods. Little did she know that the girls in the container would end up with a different fate (In the next story). She came to the edge of a cliff where it was a dead end. Mark was almost out of breath as he spoke to her. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!!! Where is Lori, and the rest of the girls?" Sue started crying, then Mark walked up to her and started shaking her shoulders. "What did you do with them, Where are they!!!" "I-I-I, let them go" she said as she was crying in between words. "YOU WHAT??? Do you know how much trouble we are going to be in!!!" Mark started punching her, "You stupid bitch! You fucking stupid bitch!"

Mark kept beating on her as she tried to run away, he was holding her preventing her from escaping. Then he pushed her to the ground but he pushed her too hard and she went stumbling backwards where she lost her footing and fell of the cliff. Mark`s heart stopped for a couple of seconds.

There was dead silence.

Mark slowly walked over to the cliff and looked down. His sister had fallen to her death and landed on a pile of jagged rocks. Mark walked backwards from the edge, and then collapes to the ground crying. He was in serious, serious trouble. His sister was dead, his captives were free, his best friend didnt show up at school, and soon the police would be looking for him.

He looked blankly at the ground in front of him, thinking about what he would do. His only chance was to get the gun off of greg, and get out of town. He could shrink women and steal their money, just like the girl at the mall. "Yeah, Yeah... thats it everything will work out fine Mark" He said to himself in a delusional manner. He got up and ran for Gregs house. He opened the front door without knocking and went inside. "Thats far enough Mark." Shouted Greg. Mark was shocked to see Shelly was at full size at gregs side as greg pointed the gun at him. Lori had called Shelly and told her that Sue was bringing the girls over to Gregs house so Shelly ran over there as fast as she could. "I cant believe you turned on me!" shouted Mark. "I`m gonna fucking kill you!" Mark ran towards Greg, with the look of a psychopath of his face. Greg shot Mark and watched as Mark shrink to a height of about 5 inches. Shelly bent down and picked him up. She started squeasing her hand, and Mark`s bones made snapping sounds as they started to break.

"What should we do with him?" Asked Greg. Mark was screaming in agony in the palm of her hand, as he heard her speak to Greg. "Say Greg, do you happen to have a blender by any chance?" "Why yes sweety, as a matter of fact, I do."

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