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Tina Tempest Exclusive

Post by Tina Tempest » Tue Oct 12, 2021 1:35 am

Hello, shrink aficionados Tina Tempest is here with an exclusive story for the Shrunken Woman forum. Since it involves copyrighted characters, I cannot use it in my own fiction which means you lucky people get to read it.

The Borrowers

I suspected that I had a nest of borrowers in the old rambling farmhouse I'd bought. Small items disappeared. A comb here, a coin there, a CD, pencils, pens, etc. most people would not have noticed. I'm not like most people. I have an eidetic memory; I simply don't forget things. Seriously, I can give you the plotlines of the stories in my fifth-grade readers. (That is NOT an exaggeration!) I wasn't losing things, so, by process of elimination, something or someone had to be taking things.
To eliminate pack rats from the equation, I began leaving around really tempting objects such as thimbles, needles, hairpins, small bits of wood, bits of expensive cloth, and so forth. Sure enough, after a few days of being unattended, the items vanished. Now that I knew I had borrowers in my house, the question became, where was their nest? Thank heavens for modern technology. I bought an especially sensitive listening device from the army navy supply store. I read up in the known literature, the times of day when borrowers were most active. During that time, I methodically listened to every wall in my house. I started with the basement and worked my way up. For a week, bupkis. That left the attic, but again nothing turned up. Finally, I deduced that I had to check the eaves that jutted out just past the wooden attic floor. Three nights later, paydirt!
Now that I knew where they were, I had to devise a way to capture them before I raided their nest, or the little buggers would scatter and regroup somewhere else. leaving me right back at square one.
I struck during their quiet hours. Homemade ether gas pumped right through the gaps in the floorboards. I did just hear little gasps and coughs. I thought back to my army ranger days. This raid was as slick and economical as any of them. When I was sure that the gas had done its job, I carefully pried up the floorboards.
They had a neat little set up in there, living room, bedrooms, kitchen, a regular split-level ranch! They were all gathered in the living room. There was a make-do chalkboard. I had gassed the gang in the middle of their homeschool session. Not far away was my Sinatra CD, converted into an improvised table. I really like that CD. I pocketed it and then began placing the tiny insensate bodies in the little cages I had brought with me. There were six in total. Father, graying at the temples, growing around his middle. Mother, a striking redhead who was at least a decade younger than her husband, twin brown-haired boys about eight or nine, a dirty blonde, a girl about eleven or so and... My heart skipped a beat. She looked to be about nineteen or twenty, the spitting image of her mother, save that her hair was a lovely strawberry blonde.
I held her in my right hand and gently stroked her with my left. Her hair felt like a fairy kiss it was so fine and felt divine against the back of my hand and under my fingertips. With much reluctance, I placed her in a cage. These I gathered and brought down to my home office where the light was better and placed them in a circle. When they awoke, all would know that everyone had been captured.
My eyes returned again and again to the women. The almost fair-haired daughter was, without question, one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. The scarlet-tressed mother was not far behind her. Both had enticing figures that their gingham dresses could not conceal. My mind began spinning in all sorts of directions.
They began stirring. The father began shouting profanities, the wee ones broke down in tears and wails, the beautiful daughter just stared and stared. The mother tried to calm the crying young ones with soothing words.
"Quiet! All of you!"
The clamor subsided. I looked accusatorially at the father and asked,
"What are you doing in my house?"
The man's at first sheepish look turned defiant, He stood on his firmly planted feet in an effort to make himself appear taller.
"Not that it's any business of yours, human, but we were living here, first, peaceably, I hasten to add."
"Your, bloody little thieves."
"We only borrow! Everything is returned, eventually."
"Like that fabric, your wife sewed into that suit you are wearing. How do you intend to return that to the larger bit of fabric you stole?" I fired back.
The color rose in the man's cheeks, "Bloke, you are looking at this from the wrong perspective."
"Can it old man. I have you all now the question becomes how to dispense with you all."
That threat raised a fresh wave of tears and cries.
"Now, son..." began the old man.
"I need some time to think," I announced before leaving the room and letting them stew for a while.
I ate some lunch, surfed the web a bit, and collected my sledgehammer from my workshop. An hour or so later, I strode back into my office.
The sledgehammer had its desired effect. Tiny cries of horror filled the air.
"You can't do this!" scolded the mother, "It's inhumane!"
I met her hostile gaze. She had such pretty green eyes!
"Very well then, mom. perhaps the two of us can negotiate terms under which I will allow your family to stay and thrive unmolested."
I immediately picked up her cage and exited the room. closing the door behind me. I set the sledge down upon a coffee table and progressed up the stairs to my bedroom. I set the cage down atop a dresser. The tiny redhead took in the room.
"What's your name, borrower?"
"My name is Muriel. And you are?"
"My mother named me James, my friends call me, Jim."
"James it is then. You said something about negotiations?"
"Ah, just like a good mother, comes right to the point when the issue in question is the fate of her children."
"You don't really intend to squash us, do you, James?"
"I was in the army. I have no objections to killing."
"But we are so small and so insignificant, and we don't take all that much, certainly nothing that you need."
"You and your family are still thieves who are living in my house without permission."
"We have been here a long time. Clarence inherited this nest from his grandfather. We were here first, James, so, in a manner of speaking, you are the invader."
"I may be amenable to your staying, under certain conditions."
"Such as?"
"No more thievery. You will ask for the things you wish to borrow from now on and return them promptly when asked. In exchange, I'll see that you get plenty of food and all the swag your little heart’s desire."
"I think we can agree to that, James."
"You haven't heard the fine print, Muriel. There are two conditions. One, you will entertain me now and your oldest daughter comes to live with me as a hostage."
"Why that's outrageous! Lilybeth is only a child she's barely nineteen."
"That's an adult in my book."
A look of distaste crossed Muriel's countenance.
"If it was a question of only despoiling me. But my daughter? No sir! You are NO gentleman, James."
"I never claimed to be a gentleman. Let me put it to you more starkly, Muriel. I could easily crush your entire family before your eyes, save Lilybeth. Then, both of you would be mine. I won't hurt your daughter. I'll buy a beautiful dollhouse for her to reside in and plenty of fancy clothes. You, your husband, and her siblings can have regular visits. She will have a life most borrowers will envy."
"You ask me to trade my daughter's virtue for..."
"A luxurious new existence where no one has to die!"
"You really would kill us?"
"A drop of the sledgehammer. It would be completely painless and merciful."
"Surely, there must be something else."
"What else do you have to negotiate with? All your shit you stole from me."
"That's not exactly a "no" now, is it? Lose the dress, Muriel."
The beautiful wife and mother rolled her eyes heavenward and began hiking the dress over her head. Muriel was wearing a full slip and bloomers underneath, but after a moment of shame and indecision, she soon shed these as well. Naked, Muriel was simply spectacular. Fine, long seeming legs, wasp waist, modest bust, long sinuous neck, and a face, as yet, unlined by age. took a moment to appreciate Muriel in the altogether from every angle. It was almost inconceivable that this woman had been a mother several times over. My mind quickly made the leap, "If her mother looks like this NOW, what must Lilybeth currently look like sans clothing?"
I lowered my pants and boxers, swept up Muriel in my right hand, and fell on my back into my bed. My lips, teeth, and tongue took a tour of Muriel's enchanting anatomy. Muriel started out stiff but soon relaxed, especially once I set to work on the bit of scarlet satin at the juncture of her legs. Before long, Muriel was panting heavily, these built and built until she gasped, "James!" and went completely limp in my grasp. A few moments later, she returned from wherever she had been and sighed. The sigh was followed by, "Lilybeth won't be spending her time with a complete ogre, at any rate."
"I'm glad you feel that way, Muriel. Now that I've given you something, it is time for you to give me something."
I pressed her tiny lithe body up against my firm and demanding erection. Muriel had no problems straddling my cock. I pumped away delightedly. When I came, my best orgasm in months, Muriel eagerly hoovered up my spunk. We shared a laugh when we were finished before Muriel asked,
"Can you clean me up, James? Clarence is quite insecure about his hold on me. If he found out that we were intimate, things will not go well around the nest for a long time."
"I quite understand, Muriel." I set her down on the bed, yanked up my pants, scooped up Muriel, and headed for the bathroom.
"Once she was completely dry and dressed once more Muriel looked at me with a serious expression on her face.
"I can charm the pants off Clarence, he's quite greedy, the promise of abundant material wealth will make him an easy sell. I'd like a few hours alone with my daughter however to prepare her for her new role and give her "that" talk again."
"Absolutely, no problem, Muriel. I'd better get you back to your family, they are, no doubt, worried about you."
"Jim! I love the new dress!" said Lilybeth excitedly as she modeled the short, black, strapless number I had spent a small fortune on. God, were her legs terrific! I never tire of looking at them and nearly every dress she owns in a mini. I say nearly every dress. When her family comes for their weekly visits, my little angel was always dressed demurely and tastefully. Covered clavicles to ankles. Her old man is quite conservative and doesn't want his daughter to turn into one of "those" women. As if clothes made a difference. If her dad ever found out how much of a wanton his "Precious baby" was behind closed doors, he'd have a massive coronary on the spot!
"You are very welcome, sweetie."
"And my parents LOVE the iPad and the subscription to Netflix, you bought them."
"Hey, they have been the perfect in-laws. Not that we're married. You know what I mean."
Lilybeth laughed.
"Mom loves the internet. It makes teaching the younger ones so much easier and so much broader."
"I like Muriel, she should have it easier in life."
My little angel donned a mischievous look, "Jim, I love the fact that I am the only borrower in the world with a waterbed, but let's try yours out again!"
With that the sexy dress slid to the floor of her dollhouse, revealing that Lilybeth had worn nothing under it. I eyed her spectacular nudity, laughed, and swept her up in my grasp. Life was better than good!

If you enjoyed the story. And I hope you did. There are more like it on my Amazon page.

https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Tina+Tempest ... _sb_noss_2

XXOOX Tina Tempest

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Re: Tina Tempest Exclusive

Post by Hand-Holder » Tue Oct 12, 2021 6:17 pm

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Re: Tina Tempest Exclusive

Post by AB23 » Tue Oct 12, 2021 9:59 pm

This was a cute story. I know it's a one off but this could def use another chapter or 2.

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