Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

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Melanie's Story Part 38 - Calling the Police

Post by Rocket » Fri Jan 13, 2023 10:03 pm

Once I made it back home, I found the girls all hanging out in the office around the laptop, lounging on the floor and streaming a movie. I peeked in on them but didn’t disturb them – I wasn’t sure they even noticed I was back yet. That was fine, I could use a few minutes to chill. I pulled a beer out of the refrigerator – I hadn’t had one in a while – and sat and had a few sips before grabbing a napkin, breaking up a few chips into small pieces and carrying the napkin full of chips into the office, setting it down behind the girls to snack on. Melanie saw me first and turned around, then the others followed suit. I reached my arm over to the space bar to pause their movie.

“You’re back. But you look a mess. What happened?”

“As I suspected, someone was trailing Andrew. We met on a park bench … but didn’t keep it low-key enough, the guy figured out we were having a conversation. So he chased me afterwards.”


“Well, I … left him unconscious in a stairwell 2 blocks from the park … hid his phone, hoping to delay his reporting in … and emptied the bullets from his gun.” I pulled a bullet out of my pocket as if to demonstrate that I wasn’t fibbing.


I sighed. “Yeah.”

“So what now?”

“Now, we go to the police.”

“WE?” she gave me a horrified look.

I looked at Cindy. “Your husband gave me the name and number of a sergeant he trusts … “

Becky chirped up first, “Is that Uncle Joe?”

Turning my attention to Becky, I replied, “I suppose so, yeah. I need to give him a call in a few minutes, but I suspect either he’ll need to come here, or I’ll need to bring you to see him, to give a statement. Time is short if we want to catch these criminals before the machine is operational – and catch many of them in one place. And one squad car isn’t going to do it, that place is like a fortress. I can’t imagine they’ll be able to get a warrant without evidence – and like I said this morning, basically YOU are the evidence.”

She nodded in agreement. “Alright. Go ahead and call.”

After I quickly washed up and changed, I sat at the kitchen table, all four girls joining me, sitting in their chairs around the little Barbie table. I dialed the number Andrew had given me. A gruff voice picked up. “Sergeant Joe”

I replied, “Hello, this is Sergeant Joe Ducey?”

“Yes. And who is this?”

I set the phone down and placed it on speaker. Before I could reply, Becky jumped over and blurted, “Uncle Joe! It’s me, Becky!”

“Becky? What the hell? I haven’t heard from you in months! Are you all right? What’s going on?”

I spoke up, “This is what we’re calling about. Becky and Cindy Caulfield both were abducted and just escaped, along with my girlfriend Melanie, who’s also here.”

Becky jumped back in, “Uncle Joe, it’s the truth. It was horrible. Cindy was with me, they kept us in a cage. These nice people helped us break out last night.”

“Whoa, whoa. What are you saying?”

I stepped in, “Sir, I think it would be good if we all met and had a talk.”


So rather than try to carry the girls downtown and into a police precinct, Joe finally agreed to come to us, but only because it was family. Becky had to help convince him. I could tell he’d rather we walk into the precinct, but there was no way I could go in carrying 4 women in a basket. Talk about a circus. Given Becky was his niece and appeared to trust him, and Cindy seemed like she at least knew him, I gave him the address – as uncomfortable as it made me to bring a stranger here - and worked on cleaning the place, getting the girls a snack and something to drink while we waited. I could tell they were all a little nervous too, bringing someone else into our circle, but we didn’t have much of a choice, did we? We needed the police to detain these criminals at the mansion. That wasn’t going to happen without evidence of a crime. Becky and Cindy WERE the evidence – for the abduction, the abuse, the repeated rapes – even if we didn’t get into the whole idea of shrinking people. Part of me wondered if I should try to talk Joe into leaving that part out of the report. The fewer people who knew this sort of thing was even possible, the better. Right? Right?

I used the time we had post-call to clean up the kitchen and give them both a pep talk, more or less. They would need to tell their story. Becky sounded like she wasn’t going to have a problem with that, shoot she blurted it out on the phone already, but if they had to get into the details it might be tough. Though it would be a lot tougher on both of them talking to a stranger. I suppose we were lucky that they had a relative who was a cop.

Before long there was a knock at the door. I answered the door and saw a tall middle-aged man, starting to bald on top, in a uniform with sergeant’s stripes.

“You must be Sergeant Joe.” I stuck out my hand to shake.

He just looked at it for a moment and then mumbled, “Is Becky here?”

He didn’t seem too friendly. I pulled my un-shaken hand back and replied “Yes sir. Just, let me warn you, these people who abducted them – and my girlfriend too – they did some terrible things. Just keep an open mind when you see them.” I really wasn’t sure what to say – was I supposed to blurt out that ‘hey, your niece is now the size of a Barbie doll and so is her step mother and I have to carry them around the house’ … uh, no. I figured I should stop talking before I make things worse. I just led him into the kitchen.

In the kitchen he looked around and grumbled, “I thought you said she was in here.”

Becky jumped up and waved, “Uncle Joe! Uncle Joe! I’m right here!”

He looked in her direction and jumped, then scowled and glared at me. “Is this some kind of sick joke? I could have you arrested for pulling this kind of shit.”

“NO, absolutely not. Just let them explain. This is not a joke.”

Becky said, “For real, Uncle Joe. They were like mad scientists. They did this to me, to step mom, and to these two women here too” as she motioned towards Maria and Melanie standing further back. “Just have a seat and we’ll explain everything.”

I said, “This might take a while. You might want to have a seat. I’ll make some fresh coffee.”

He grumbled but went ahead and sat down, still scowling and with his arms folded. How could he not see that was his niece right there? Did he still think this was a game we were playing? Geez.

I added, “Andrew gave me your number. He knows all about this,” Joe looked at me suspiciously, “but they’ve been blackmailing him” as I motioned to Becky and Cindy, “to keep his mouth shut. You can talk to him and he’ll confirm, just be aware he’s being followed and they may be tracing his calls. I gave him another phone to use to reach us.” I jotted down the number and handed it to him. He just looked at it for a minute and sighed, then looked again at Becky, who was just standing there with her arms folded, waiting.

Finally he looked like he was willing to sit and listen to the story. He pulled out his note pad and began writing as Becky told her story, including some parts I’d never heard before. She described the timeline from when she’d been home for the weekend and come to visit her dad at his office on a Monday before heading back to school. Someone whisked her to that lab and there was a bright light, then she didn’t remember anything for a while and woke up naked in a cage, with two giants looking at her from outside the bars. She was brave, though she did choke up a few times, talking about the times they stuck her in a fake room and made her talk to the camera (Melanie said that we’d gotten a hold of a couple of those if he needed them for evidence) and especially when she started talking about the things they did to her, or made her do. I marveled at how she could put on a straight face and describe it without completely falling down and bawling, though I supposed over all that time she’d started to get numb to it. Joe looked flabbergasted at the whole story, disgusted, pissed off, but at least not at her or me anymore.

Cindy gave her own description of events, going back to when she’d come by the office to meet Andrew for lunch and was apprehended in the elevator, then the bright light and waking up naked in a cage with Becky. Hearing her speak, I started to understand more why Cindy wasn’t running off to the cops herself after Becky went missing. Apparently Becky was supposed to be off at college for spring semester. In the short time – 3 or 4 weeks – between their abductions, Andrew was covering by claiming she’d called when Cindy was out – and the relationship between Cindy and Becky was still fairly new, as Andrew had only remarried in the last year. Huh. I’d figured out that Melanie’s abduction was somewhere in-between, but didn’t realize it was in such close succession. Regardless, Cindy corroborated Becky’s description – even going so far as to describe how she fought back early on, literally biting off a piece of skin from that Bob’s dick, then getting punished for it until she couldn’t sit, but still gloating afterwards that he was in pain and bleeding.

After they each gave their stories – and Joe had filled several pages with notes – Melanie stepped in. She started giving HER story. I don’t think Becky or Cindy had heard the full story, particularly regarding her siblings and how they abused her for a month, driving her to hide and plot for several days, finding her phone, charging it behind the sofa, and finally calling me to rescue her once she knew they’d both be out for a few hours.

Then Melanie and I – with Maria chiming in – began to lay out the big picture. What we’d discovered regarding the mansion, the LLC it was purchased under, the LLC that controlled that LLC, the suspicions we had regarding one or probably multiple investors. We had evidence that I’d pulled up regarding the LLC’s and ownership of the mansion, as well as the emails we’d found that led us down that trail. I wasn’t too worried about mentioning our ‘break in’ at Level 7, given the wife and daughter of the guy who ran the company were here with us and involved in the whole affair, though I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to get into things like the cameras we placed at the mansion or trespassing on a loading dock to bug the equipment before it was delivered, at least not to a cop. For all I knew he’d give me a citation. So yes I danced around some of those details, and Melanie seemed to get where I was going with that and didn’t try to fill in the rest. Melanie, Becky and Cindy could all corroborate pieces they’d heard from Bob and the other scientist about their “plans” – so while it wasn’t exactly a shock for us to learn, it was no longer just speculation.

We were all able to give some description of this “Bob” character and the other scientist, I’d never seen the two guards who were down in the fallout shelter yesterday. Becky and Cindy both gave some description, but also noted they weren’t the only ones, that they’d only seen the two scientists, but could count at least five guards that had come down at one time or another. None of them had done more than stick a hand in the cage and grab a feel or pinch an ass, but all of them had at least ogled then and none had offered any help to escape. None of them had ever seen this “boss” that they heard the scientists mention. For my part, I was able to add a description – and more - of the guy who was tailing Andrew and went chasing after me when I went to meet him just a couple hours ago. I had a picture of the guy’s license on my phone. I left out the part about kicking him down the stairs and claimed he slipped on his own – I still wasn’t comfortable admitting to a cop some of the things I’d done, even it it was literally to stop a criminal organization and rescue my girlfriend from harm. It’s not like I was a deputy or anything. Do they still even do that, or does it only happen in the movies?

I did point out that Andrew probably had the scientists’ full names, since they were technically still employed by Advanced Future Tech, but reminded him to use the new phone I’d given Andrew, not his own cell or office line as those might be bugged.

Bottom line, I explained that we hoped they’d be able to catch and detain everyone at the mansion – including the scientists since they were apparently staying there – and hopefully this ‘boss’ character, though that might require some surveillance to confirm he’s there before someone moves in. I pointed out the armed guards and cameras and suggested a swat team, though Joe was starting to look pretty annoyed with me, like I was trying to tell him what to do. I had enough sense to shut up at that point. For his part at least, he believed he had enough evidence to ask a judge for a search warrant. Now did that just mean they’d send two officers there or was it more, I didn’t know and didn’t want to push it by asking, though part of me wanted to scream that they needed to march in and arrest everyone on the spot.

I did ask him if he thought the whole ‘shrinking’ piece should remain in the report or if the kidnapping alone was enough … he sounded like he was leaving it in. I really hoped that wasn’t a bad idea. A part of me did worry that once the cat was out of the bag – people realized this was actually possible and not just science fiction – there was danger that someone else would piece it together and figure out how to make it work. That element from the meteorite was key, and at least as far as I knew, it had never been found on Earth … so maybe others wouldn’t be able to solve it even if they did know.


After Sergeant Joe left, all we could do was wait. He was going to work on getting a warrant and hopefully more, while Andrew hopefully would be securing Level 7 once the two criminal scientists left – and they probably had already. I would need to get up there myself; while I understood the physics and the mechanics, I needed that machine and especially the element. Though as Maria had mentioned, as of last week there was still a chunk of that meteorite in a downstairs vault, which meant potentially a source for more of the element. Without that I wouldn’t be able to get the machine working – and wouldn’t be able to test my working theory on how to reverse the effects.

All that would have to wait until the criminals were securely detained – at least in some holding cell. Otherwise any of them could come after us – threatening the girls, threatening me, threatening Andrew, creating mischief or mayhem at the lab. I would need time on Level 7, to first diffuse what I suspected was a bomb planted somewhere in the machine, then reconstruct whatever damage they did, then run some tests on the shrinking process as well as test my theory on the reversal process. I had no intention of shrinking anyone myself – inanimate objects were fine – but I’d need to test the reversal process on something living, animals probably, and examine them for any signs of degradation, before I ever dare test it on any of the girls. If I did this too soon and something happened to one of them, I couldn’t forgive myself. The guilt would kill me. I had to do this right. So it was going to take time.

Something wet splashed on my cheek. I looked up and saw all four girls looking at me, concern on their faces.

“About time!” blurted Maria. “You zoned out on us!”

Damn. “Sorry” I half-mumbled. “Just a lot on my mind.”

“This isn’t your fault, you know.”


“This. Our situation. Yeah, don’t deny it. You feel guilty. There’s no reason for that. We need you, okay?” Maria walked up close and rubbed her tiny hand against my cheek. I’d been laying my chin on the table, lost in thought for a while.

Snapping back to the present, I had four girls to take care of. I had no idea when the police would visit the mansion, nor whether Sergeant Joe would bother letting me know first. Maybe not if he saw me as extraneous to the investigation. The girls felt differently, I was sure of that, but if I really looked at this from the outside, not knowing all the work I’d put in to get to this point, I could see someone thinking that I was just taking advantage of four helpless ladies. Would a lot of people see it like that? My mind started running again, this time on ways to protect them here, especially if I had to go work in that lab on Level 7 and leave them here. I wouldn’t be around to stop a break-in – and if these criminals sent a crew out to respond to our calling the police, I wasn’t sure that I could stop them by myself anyways. So I started thinking of ways to keep them safe. Alarms, for sure, but also how to keep them out of reach if someone did break in. I brought the ladies down to the floor where they could run about the house as they liked, and then trudged off to the office to start jotting down my ideas and figuring out what materials I would need. In the meantime I did periodically peek over at the cameras we’d placed at the mansion, to see if there was any unusual activity or sign that the police were there. All appeared quiet, unfortunately.


After a couple of hours plugging away at my plans and making a shopping list of parts, Cindy came padding into the office to find me.

“Umm … can you bring me to the bathroom?”

I looked at her for a moment. “Are you having trouble with the elevator? Do you need me to fix it?” I started to get up.

She put her hands out to slow me down. “No, no. Not that. J just wanted to talk.”

I shrugged. Not sure why we couldn’t talk here, at the moment we had the office to ourselves, but what did I know. I bent down to pick her up and then carried her gently to the bathroom and set her down onto the counter.

“So. What’s up?” I asked.

“Close the door and have a seat.” I turned down the toilet seat and sat on the lid. It was really the only seat here aside from the rim of the tub.

“Are you feeling okay? What do you need?”

“I just want to talk.” She shook her head for a minute and let out a little laugh. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even be bothering you. Maybe it’s the effect of being this small, or maybe it’s all the stuff they did to us, but … I feel like I’m just … I don’t know how to describe it. Like I’m going to explode inside sometimes. But you and Melanie and Maria … the three of you probably understand some of this better than anyone else, what we’re going through. I … do think being this size makes us – or at least me – more sensitive, but maybe that’s just because everything is so big, it’s like over-stimulating. Does that make any sense?” She shrugged. “And you … I’m … a little embarrassed to say this. Now those people at … you called it the mansion? … they were bullies, they were frightening, they were rough with us, they hurt us if we didn’t do as they told us to. And sometimes they hurt us just for fun and they didn’t care. It was really scary. But you … you’re SO nice. You get what I’m saying? Around you it’s … I’m sorry, this is so embarrassing …”

I held out my hand and touched her arm. “It’s okay.”

She nodded. “Umm … anyway … being around someone who is so big like you but so gentle … it’s … exciting. It’s … a turn on. I know I shouldn’t say that. You’re so big you could make me do whatever you want, do whatever you want to me, but you’re so nice … part of me even fantasizes about what you would do, what would happen if you just had your way with me. But … I can’t. I’m still married. I know I was basically raped and abused over and over, but I had no control over it. I can’t willingly ask you to do anything because it would feel like cheating. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah. It does. Don’t worry though. Yes I think you’re very attractive. But I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

“I … appreciate that. Though it doesn’t help with my problem. I … feel like I’m going to explode. Being around you is actually making me horny. Oh that’s so embarrassing when I say it.” She turned her head away.

I lifted a finger to her chin and turned her head back towards me. “It’s okay. Out with it.”

She took a calming breath and looked at me. “So … I have a favor to ask. I … can’t have sex like you do with Melanie … yes I could hear, it wasn’t hard to figure out.” She smirked. “But can you do me a favor? Can I … look at you while I get myself off? Ooh, that’s so embarrassing, I can’t believe I said that.” She covered her face in shame for a moment.

“Hey. It’s fine. I’d be happy to. Just tell me what you want me to do. It’s just you and me here, okay? Our secret?”

She looked up at me, her cheeks a little red. After a moment she spoke, “Really?”

“Yeah. What do you want … to see this?” I stood up and pulled my boxers down. She looked at me there for a minute, licking her lips as it hung in front of her. “Okay. Tell you what. Make you a deal. This is just between you and me, okay? You get undressed and you get yourself off. I won’t butt in, it’s all you. Besides, I already did see you yesterday, even if I tried not to.”

She bit her lower lip, then whispered, “Okay” and began to undress. Then she stood there for a moment and said, “Can you … umm … stand where I can see it close up? It’s SO huge … I’m sure that sounds great for a guy when a women says his member is huge, but … I guess at my size everything’s out of proportion, isn’t it?” As I stood closer, she leaned in, looking at it, then reached out a hand to touch it. “It’s … so different than before.” She didn’t elaborate but I could guess she was thinking of her ordeal, the horrible things they did to her or made her do. She hadn’t talked about it, at least to me, but knowing what Melanie went through I could start to guess.

Then I saw her take one hand and touch her own breast, slowly massaging it and then pinching her own nipple. She took her other hand away and started lowering it. As I watched her, it looked a little uncomfortable, doing this standing up. I thought about it for a moment and then softly said, “Cindy, would it be okay if I held you while you do it? I won’t interfere, you can just lay back in my hand while you … do your thing. I can hold you right next to my shaft while you’re at it. Standing up like that looks kinda uncomfortable.”

She hesitated for a moment, took a long look at my semi-hard shaft and then nodded her head and said “okay.” I held out my hand and she sat down and lay back, using the tips of my fingers like a pillow, her legs straddling my wrist. At first I held her up to my face for a moment, taking in her features and inhaling her scent. “Uhh … “ she muttered.

I smirked. “Sorry, I just … you do have a beautiful body. Okay, just looking, no touching. Got it. So … “ as I lowered her back down to my crotch, “Cindy, meet penis.” She giggled, but it didn’t take but a few moments for her mind to redirect itself to the ‘task’ at hand. Her eyes were trained on it, semi-rigid and hovering an inch from her face. That was about all it took and I watched as she lowered her hand back down and began to touch herself, strumming her fingers over her mound and running two fingers up and down the length of her lips, which – owing to her straddling my wrist – were gaping slightly, giving me a nice view. I just watched for a while as she continued to stroke herself, one hand coming up to knead her own breast while the other continued below, with gradually increasing intensity.

I admit I was tempted to touch, to help her along. I knew if I did there was nothing she could do to stop me, but I resisted the urge. Instead, with my other hand I tipped the head of my shaft to brush it against her cheek. She gasped, the proximity enough to push her onward as she dipped two fingers into herself for the first time. Soon she was pumping herself vigorously, and I could sense she was on the verge of exploding. In the heat of the moment her eyes turned back to me and in a whisper so faint I barely heard it, she half-spoke, half-pleaded, “You can touch me. If … you want to.”

Knowing she didn’t want me to help her along, I wasn’t sure where the dividing line was. I touched her leg, stroking it with my finger. She shuddered at the touch. I ran my finger to the knee, then used my thumb and forefinger to spread her legs even farther apart. I ran my finger along her side, careful not to intrude on her ministrations, and then up to her arms. I placed my finger on the arm that was doing all the work, feeling her tiny arm muscles as she worked her own cunt, and then I touched the other arm, the one holding a breast. I traced it all the way to the hand, inadvertently brushing the nipple of the breast she was kneading. She gasped and blurted “yes, yes, again!” I hovered my finger over her breast, just barely touching the nipple. That was the last straw and she climaxed, her hand pumping furiously and her back arching. I lifted her up closer to my face to watch her climax. She wailed and I could see her hand was damp and her fluids trickled from her lips and onto my wrist. As she slowed her hand, coming down from her high, I lifted her arm with my finger and thumb and wrapped my lips around that hand, gently licking it clean, tasting her for the first time.

She opened her eyes again and looked at me, her face flushed, her body like jelly in my hand. In her tiny eyes I saw … contentment, maybe even happiness. As her breathing returned to normal, she spoke. “I … wow, that was … amazing. I had no idea. Nobody’s … “

I stopped her. “This was all you. I was just along for the ride.” It was true, I’m sure the circumstances were a big factor, but she needed to focus on herself. I only touched her at the end and I never touched her ‘there’ … just as I’d promised.

She looked away for a moment. “Thank you. I … “

I said gently. “It’s our secret, okay? I’m here whenever you need me. Just ask.”

“You … mean it? I … feel like I asked a lot. I’m … a little embarrassed.”

“Hey, I said it’s okay. It’s just you and me here. Our little secret. Okay?”

She nodded. “Okay. Just … please don’t tell anyone. Especially Andrew. Or Becky. I … think she likes you. She’d be mortified if she found out.”

“I … understand. It’s just between us.” I was a little surprised by what she said about Becky. The girl was still in college. “Tell you what, let me set you down for a minute, you can freshen up.”

“Wait” she blurted. I held her for a moment, just looking at her. “I … I’ve been a little selfish here. I … “ she bit her lip again and looked away for a moment, then back to me. “you need to finish off that bad boy. Tell you what. If I need to freshen up anyway … you can come on me … if you want to.” I just looked at her, momentarily at a loss for words. “Come on. I owe you that much at least. You can look at me while you do. People tell me I’m … nice to look at. Hopefully I still am, even if I’m tiny. I want you to go ahead and do it. Like you said, our secret, right? It works both ways. You finish him off and douse me with your seed. That’s an order.” She smirked.

I was already close from watching her um, performance, and feeling her whole body tremble and buck as she climaxed, so it wasn’t going to take much. I nodded. “Alright, if you’re okay with this.” I lifted her close to my face again, taking in her features, her body still a bit flushed, the warm trickle of her fluids pooled on my wrist. Then I lowered her down between my thighs and pointed my shaft and got to work. Soon I could sense I was close and I whispered her a warning. She grinned, probably enjoying that despite her new size she could still get me excited, and closed her eyes and thrust out her chest. A few moments later the first shots splattered across her stomach and up around her breasts, followed by a couple more, one splashing against her chin. She was soon covered from waist to neck, and I took the liberty to smear some around her belly with the tip of my finger. She grabbed my finger and pulled it up to her breasts, pulling my finger between them and around them. She was enjoying herself.

Once she was finished, I gently lay her down in the sink and ran warm water, washing my own hands as she soaped and rinsed her body off. I let her finish and then turned off the water and handed her a hand towel, scooping her up in it and depositing her on the countertop so she could dry off and get dressed. We’d been in here for a little while with the door shut, the others would start to get suspicious of something if they weren’t already.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Fri Jan 20, 2023 3:07 pm

Works for me!!

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Melanie's Story Part 39 - Keeping Them Safe

Post by Rocket » Wed Feb 08, 2023 1:11 am

After I’d opened the bathroom door to leave, holding Cindy, I faced Maria standing in the hallway, arms folded and tapping her foot like she’d been waiting.

Before I could say anything, Cindy blurted out, “Oh! I … just needed a little help with something. That’s all.”

Maria smirked. I could tell she suspected more than that was going on. But to her credit, she didn’t razz me about it right then and there. No, she was going to get me back later, I could just feel it. Messing around with Cindy. What story would I come up with to explain that away … and would she even buy it? Would she figure it out anyway and go blabbing to everyone? Well, at least the latter, I suspected she might hold her tongue, given she wasn’t giving us both trouble right now. So later, I’ll happily put up with her razzing. Though I did promise Cindy I would keep her secret.

I set Cindy down gently on the ground and asked Maria if she’d like an express ride. She snorted but said “Sure” and put her arms up, in what had become the universal sign for ‘Okay you can pick me up’ around here. I gently scooped her up and carried her into the bathroom and down onto the counter.

As I went to turn away, she spoke up. “So.” I turned and looked at her, hands on her hips, eyebrows raised. She was waiting to hear the story. So I stepped back in and closed the door.

“Alright. NO, I didn’t have sex with her. Not exactly. But … I’m sworn to secrecy. I promised her I wouldn’t tell what we … talked about. Just believe me, we didn’t … “

She threw her head back in a laugh. “You are so funny. Just chill. This isn’t the inquisition. But … you do have guilty written all over you, like I caught you with your paws in the cookie jar.”

“Umm … “ shit, so I just spilled all that and I didn’t have to? “So … what DID you want?”

“Just to talk a minute. You’ve been under some crazy stress the last few days. And you were zoning out in there after that Sergeant left. So talk to me.”

I sighed. “Okay. I just … this isn’t a quick fix. It’s going to take some work. Experiments. It’s not like I can magically have everyone back to normal by the end of the week. I can’t risk anything happening to you … or the others. I can’t take that chance. I … “

“Hey. Look at me.” I sat down so that we were closer to eye level. “You’re being too hard on yourself. You’ve done so much already.”

“You guys did a lot too.”

She snorted. “Not much. If not for you, some of us might be dead right now. Or worse … a lifetime of serving as someone’s … entertainment. No. Seriously. We all owe you a lot. If this is going to take a while … I can live with that. And the others … if they want to grow back to normal, you’re the only one who even has a CHANCE of doing that. They all realize that now. And what’s a few more days, or even a few weeks? Hell, all three of them spent weeks being tortured and manipulated. You saved them all from that and you’re bending over backwards to make them comfortable. They can live with that until you have this solved … and until you believe it’s safe. Shoot, I haven’t even known you but … has it even been a week? And you’ve already done more for me in that short time than any man I’ve ever dated.” She snorted again. “So what I’m saying is this. Don’t get down if you can’t do everything at once. Nobody can. You’re doing everything you can and you’re taking care of all of us at the same time. If something happens to you we’re screwed. You need to take care of yourself – and de-stress. We need you. Alright?”

Damn that girl was good. I looked her in the eyes. “How did you get to be so smart?”

She threw her head back and laughed. “Well somebody has to look out for you too, right?”

I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, though in reality it was half her face. I felt her turn and kiss me back, her lips brushing my bottom lip. It was several moments before she pulled away. As she did, I softly said “Thank you.”

Then she replied, “Okay. You go rest for a bit. I just need a minute in here.”

“Alright.” I got up and left, giving her some privacy. At least from the other girls. From the ground they couldn’t see up in the sink, but now that they could go in and out without my help, I had to leave the bathroom door open when I wasn’t in there myself. So yeah, since I’d installed that little elevator this morning, I’d already had one inadvertent glimpse of Becky doing her business. It wasn’t intentional, but it was hard to miss and I’d caught myself looking for a second before recovering and tiptoeing past before she saw me. Now they had a little more independence, but being six times the height of anyone else in the house did give me a view none of the others had, and as I was learning, they sometimes forgot about that when I wasn’t in the room with them.

So I walked back to the office for a moment to check the cameras – they were still working, but there was no sign of unusual activity yet. Nothing to suggest the police had shown up. It was probably way too soon. Would they even go today, or not until tomorrow? At least the cameras – which I um, failed to mention when we gave our statements – should last a few days before the batteries ran out.

I got back up thinking to take Maria’s advice and grab a quick nap … and then reality kicked in. My notes and plans for how to secure the house and keep the girls safe if these criminals found their way here, were still sitting out, as if they were calling me, from before Cindy interrupted me with her … diversion. I sighed to myself and got back to work. I could rest better once I knew they were safe anyway … and there wasn’t much else I could do until I heard something from Andrew or the police. So I dug in, finished mapping out what I needed and made a shopping list.

Half an hour later, I got up, list in hand. Most of the items I needed would be at the hardware store, the rest at the electronics store – or maybe the computer superstore would be better for some of this. So I had at least two stops. This would be a big bill too. If I had a few days I could probably build some of these things cheaper than I could buy them, but time was short. I was afraid of someone showing up here even tonight or tomorrow. That was plenty motivation to bite the bullet and get this done.

I walked around the house, looking for my charges. Easily enough I found all four of them in the living room, sitting on the carpet and talking. About who knew what. I cleared my throat and they all turned up to look at me.

“Umm … ladies, I need to go out and pick up some supplies. I’m wondering, would you all feel safer coming with me and just waiting in the car, rather than stay here? I’m worried about someone coming here and I’m not here to protect you. But … I won’t push.”

Maria spoke up first. “I thought I told you to go take a nap!”

I scratched my jaw. “Yeah. But to be honest? I’m worried about all of you. The next few days especially. I’d rest a lot better once I know this place is secure.”

Melanie chirped up, “So what do you have in mind?”

“Oh … “ I glanced at my notes. “First off, alarms on the doors and windows, security cameras outside. Second … and this is what’s taken me a little time to design … you guys have heard of a panic room, like in the movies? Well, I was thinking of one, or maybe two, secure places that you guys could run to and an intruder couldn’t get to you.”

Melanie thought for a moment. “Umm … where would we hide? An intruder could just break down a door or punch a hole in the wall, right?”

“Yeah. That’s why I had to plan all this out. I’m thinking of this … two rooms under the floor, so you can run to one or the other, drop down into the secure room, cover the hatch.”


“Well, for you guys about the size of a camper. But secure, nobody would even see it from the outside. I know this sounds a little odd, but I was thinking of large animal traps, since they’re metal and secure, but reworking them, bolting them between the joists, outfitting them with some carpet, battery-operated light and if I can make it work, maybe even wired to the outside so you can communicate with me or the other box … or see if the intruders are still around.”

All four of them just looked at me for a minute. Finally Cindy spoke up. “You came up with all that just this afternoon?”

“Yeah, though I’m cutting some corners by buying some of the parts off the shelf. I want this up and working tonight. I’m worried between these people trailing Andrew having seen me talking to him, plus we don’t know when the police are going to the mansion or whether all the key people will be there when they show … if someone figures out where we are they’re going to come here. I want to be prepared and I want to keep you guys safe.”

“Well then I think I’d feel safer riding along” Cindy replied, and the others nodded.

“Alright. So if anyone needs a drink, a bathroom trip, whatever, go now. I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”

As they scurried about, I took the wicker basket ‘carrier’ and lay it down on the living room floor. I grabbed my own jacket and keys and made a little dixie cup of mini pretzel pieces for them to munch on, setting it in the basket along with a couple of clean wash towels, doubled up and draped over the sides for them to sit on. A few minutes later, they’d started filing over to the basket, one by one, settling in and waiting. Eventually I had all four of them.

“Ready?” I asked before reaching down to pick up the basket. Hearing a round of affirmatives, I picked up the basket with my left hand, my thumb over the side. I held the basket at eye level, marveling at the four young women sitting and looking at me. My eyes drifted for a moment … damn, those Barbie velcro skirts showed a lot of leg … and as I followed that leg up, Melanie lifted one knee up and to the side, giving me a fleeting view of … damn. I looked away quickly. Out of the corner of my eye, Melanie had a huge smirk on her face. I looked back, a little sheepish this time.

She laughed. “Honey, it’s not like you haven’t seen me before. And we’re all going commando for the time being, so if you get a glimpse it’s kinda unavoidable.”

Maria chimed in, “Actually we should be flattered that you still WANT to look.”

“I … umm … I do … “ Oh boy that sounded awful! I gathered my thoughts for a second. “Honestly, I think all four of you are beautiful, amazing women. Just how you’ve all held up with what you’ve been through. I’m … “

As I was talking, the girls started whispering amongst themselves. Then all four of them turned over, asses in the air, and mooned me, flipping their skirts up and sticking their bare asses out. I was speechless for a moment, but soon found myself just gazing at four beautiful bottoms, admiring the view. Before I thought better of it, I lifted the basket a little higher and bent down, planting a kiss on each ass, my lips wrapping over the whole ass. This elicited a yelp from Cindy, while Becky looked back as I brought my lips down to her and I felt her push back with her hips against my lips. Once I got to Melanie and Maria, they knew what I was doing and I felt safe slipping the tip of my tongue out between my lips as I kissed each of them, sliding it briefly between their legs as my lips lingered for a brief moment.

I pulled my head back, noticing all four of them looking at me, a mixture of smirks and amusement on their faces. “Sorry, I just couldn’t resist … “

To my surprise, Cindy spoke up first, giggling as she said “No need to apologize. Frankly, I liked the attention.”

They lowered their skirts and sat back down, but not before I got a couple more flashes of skin and some more giggles. Seems they were all having fun with this.


Once we were on our way, the girls continuing to lounge in the basket rather than climb out onto the passenger seat, they got into their own chatty conversations. I let them be, focused on finding the hardware store and then a parking spot off to the side. I had tinted windows, but that didn’t mean someone in the parking lot wouldn’t see four tiny girls in the seat and get overly curious. I made sure they were settled in and assured them I wouldn’t be in there too long, then made double-sure the car was locked up before heading in, grabbing a cart on the way. I was able to pick up several of the items on my list. It did seem odd I suppose, buying to large animal traps and knowing these would be refashioned as safe houses for the girls. Measuring the sides I calculated out the wood blocking I’d need to secure them and picked up that too, along with the screws I’d need, and a new blade for my jigsaw. A few additional pieces later – including cabinet hinges – and I was pretty set with what I needed at the first stop.

After I checked out and loaded the trunk, I drove us to the electronics superstore. The place was a little more crowded than I’d hoped, and I had to park way back near the edge of the lot to find a spot away from prying eyes. I debated putting the basket down on the floorboard, further out of reach if anyone were to look through the window, but the girls were comfortable where they were. I just warned them not to get too loud, and to keep quiet if they heard a car park close or voices nearby. I pulled out a plastic bag and asked them to pull that over top of the basket if they heard voices.

Then I went into the computer superstore, with quite a list. I definitely needed a cart and I just hoped they were going to have all the items I needed, otherwise I’d be making more stops – and I wanted to get at least some of this installed tonight.

An hour later, with a full cart and after a whole discussion with one of the tech guys, some extra wires and circuit boards (this was a little more complicated than I hoped when I planned it) I made it back to the car and loaded up what little space remained in the trunk. We probably had an hour of daylight left and I wanted to at least get some of the home security set up while I could still see what I was doing. So we headed home, the girls amenable to picking up drive-thru chicken nuggets and fries on the way.

As soon as we pulled into the garage and parked, I asked the girls if they were ready – all were still lounging in the basket, probably getting bored at this point though they’d been chatting and bonding for the last two hours. They continued to lounge as I lifted the basket gently with one hand and carried the food with the other, entering the house. I set the food on the kitchen counter and then went straight for the bathroom, holding the basket at the edge of the vanity so that they could climb out. The basket was a little too big to just set on the counter by itself. I gave them time to freshen up while I ran back to the kitchen and got their dinner ready.


While the girls ate, I started setting up at least the basic security. I’d rest easier once that was done and maybe I could finish the rest tomorrow. I went around affixing sensors on each window and pairing them to the receiver. I had several cameras, it was a deal trying to find outdoor security cameras with a solar battery, but I figured it would be a lot easier than running power to the outside. I grabbed my ladder and tools and mounted four of them, one on each corner of the house. That took longer than I hoped and the sun was already going down. So I finished that up and went back inside, pairing the outside cameras to the receiver – and glad they came with an initial charge, as the solar would be useless until the next morning. I hooked up the receiver to my computer and was able to pull up all the feeds, all four cameras and the status of all those window alarms. It was times like this when I was glad for a small house. Otherwise I’d still be securing the windows an hour later.

I was about exhausted at this point, but at least I had this much done. I hadn’t secured the front door, back door or garage door … but having extra window alarms, I used those for now, noting that I’d have to disarm and remove them in the morning before I finished the rest.

Returning to the kitchen, I found the girls all still hanging out at the kitchen table, talking. They’d long finished their meal but couldn’t exactly leave the table without assistance, so there wasn’t much else for them to do. I filled them in briefly on what I’d gotten done this evening.

Maria just frowned at me. “You haven’t even eaten dinner yet, have you.”

“Umm … not yet.”

“Alright. So wash your hands and sit and eat. If we could we’d sit you down ourselves and shove food in front of you, but … you know the story. Just stop and eat. We need you to take care of yourself too, not just us.”

I gave her a sheepish grin. “Okay. I guess I got caught up in securing the house … but I know I’ll sleep a little better now. Otherwise I’d be up worrying that one of those goons was going to break in here and hurt one of you … or worse. Soon as the police go to the mansion and start arresting people – or even asking questions – they’re going to know someone is on to them. Maybe sooner if they figure out their captives actually escaped and aren’t just hiding under a cabinet. Then they could be looking for us. That’s … why I’m doing all this.”

Cindy piped up. “We appreciate it. We really do. But I agree with Maria. You can’t help us if something happens to you. So tell you what … you eat while we freshen up and get ready for bed, and then you come find us when you’re done. Alright? You need to get some sleep.”

I nodded. “Okay.” The girls got up and climbed into the basket and waited for me. With one hand I grabbed hold of the basket and lifted it up, momentarily enjoying the sight of four beautiful women sitting in the basket and gazing at me, trusting me with their safety and care. I proceeded to the bathroom and held the basket on the edge of the counter as they climbed out. Setting the basket aside, I made my way back to the kitchen to find something for myself, my stomach reminding me that it was well past dinner time.


After I ate, I checked in the bathroom looking for the girls. They’d all made their way out, making use of the new elevator with its pencil-cup gondola. I continued on to the bedroom and found all four of them standing around on the carpet, waiting for me.

As I strode in, Melanie spoke first. “Can you help us up?”

“All of you? Should I make up a … “

“Yes, all of us!”

“Alright.” I turned down the bedspread and then bent down to scoop up Melanie, lifting her to my mouth to plant a kiss on her stomach before I set her down on the bed. Then I did the same with Maria, planting a kiss on her tummy before I set her down. I caught her smirking before I turned away.

I reached for Becky next and then gently lifted her to the bed, but before I let go of her, she blurted out, “Aww, no kiss for me?”

“I … “ I looked down at Cindy. “Is it okay?”

Cindy snorted. “She’s an adult now.”

“Umm … okay.” I turned my attention back to Becky. “Are you sure?” She nodded emphatically. As I lifted her closer to my mouth, I caught her biting her lower lip, not dissimilar to the look Melanie would give me sometimes, that look that expressed both knowledge that I was in control and excitement over what was coming next. It was unexpected coming from Becky, though Cindy had told me privately that she thought Becky liked me. Huh. So I brought her up to my lips to kiss her stomach. At the last second, her hands reached down and pulled her smock up, and I found myself kissing bare skin, not just kissing her through the thin material of the smock. I let my lips linger there for a moment, feeling her stomach, my upper lip just brushing her breasts. On a whim I moved my upper lip further up, encompassing both her breasts in the space between my lips, and ran the tip of my tongue across them.

I pulled back, and for a moment there was brief look of disappointment on her face as I broke off the kiss. Huh, I didn’t realize she was interested like that. I held her there for a moment, she hadn’t lowered her smock yet, leaving herself mostly naked as my eyes explored her up close for the first time. She caught me looking her over and her look changed to a smirk. In just moments I saw her nibbling her lower lip again, just before she surprised me by spreading her legs. Leaning back in my hand, she lay there, waiting to see if I would make a move. I glanced down at Cindy and she just gave me a knowing smirk. Sheesh, she didn’t seem surprised at this – nor concerned for that matter. I glanced over at Melanie and Maria, both standing on the bed and also smirking at me.

Melanie gave me a nod and said “It’s okay.”

I looked back down at Becky, she was giving me puppy dog eyes. Damn, was she trying to seduce me now? Then she said, “Please?”

I asked, “Are you sure?”

She nodded again, blurted, “Yes!” and parted her legs even further.

I looked around at the others, surprised they were encouraging this. “Alright. How about a little privacy though?” I reached down to Cindy, scooping her up and laying her on the bed with the crew, and then to all three of them I said, “I can’t believe you guys! Okay, get comfortable, we’ll be back in a little while.”

Then I got up and carried Becky with me into the hallway. Thinking on it for a moment, I decided the sofa would be a good place to be comfortable. So I proceeded on and sat on the sofa, put my feet up, and then looked down at Becky in my hand.

“If we’re going to do this, it might be more comfortable if we get that gown off of you” I said gently. She lifted her arms and let me work it up off her shoulders and over her head, setting it down on the coffee table.

“Umm … you can … get more comfortable too. If you want.”

I just looked at her for a moment and then snorted. “Are you trying to get me naked too?”
She smirked. “Yeah … is it working?”

I laughed. “Alright. How is it I ended up with a houseful of little women who tell me what to do all day?”

Now she laughed. But then she looked a little more serious for a moment. “This is SO much different from … you know.”

“Yeah.” I set her down gently on the sofa cushion as I stood up and undressed. Unceremoniously, but hey, I’m just a guy.

As I did, she continued. “The whole time … it was always about them. Telling me what to do, hurting me if I didn’t. They didn’t care about me, didn’t even talk to me except to bark instructions. I used to be shy if you can believe it. They just kinda … desensitized me to … stuff. You know? Nobody’s ever even asked what I want. Or even faked caring about what I liked or what I felt. It was all about them. Not just my … kidnappers either. Even … guys that hit on me in college. I guess … maybe that’s why I like you … you’re so different from all of them. Even … that first night when we were rescued, you didn’t make us do anything. Shit, you were even trying to give us privacy. You still haven’t made us do anything. So … I guess a part of me just KNOWS with you it would be … different. You know?”

I just smiled for a moment. Here she was laying naked on the sofa, here I just stripped for her, and she was going on talking. I bent down and asked, “Can I pick you up now?”

She said “See? See? Just like that. You didn’t just go grab me and yank me off the couch. You asked! Yes, you can pick me up. Yes, I want you to ravage me. Yes, I want you to have your way with me. I just know it’ll be different with you. I know it. So come and take me.”

At that I slid my hand under her and lifted her up, turning and sitting back down on the sofa. I just held her and looked her over, her curves, her perky breasts. I brushed the hair from her face with the tip of my finger. Then slowly I let my finger explore, tracing around and between her breasts and then down her stomach. She parted her legs, though I wasn’t ready to touch her there yet. I’d be there soon enough.

I lifted her higher, up to my lips, and wrapped them over her breasts, gently sucking on both of them as I brushed the tip of my tongue across both nipples, feeling them stiffen a little with each pass. After a couple minutes of that, I kissed her stomach, and then brought my lower lip down until it brushed against her little tuft of hair. I felt her body shiver in my hand.

Then I went a little lower, dragging my lower lip along her thighs. She parted her legs wide as I continued down. I opened my mouth wide at that point and smothered her womanhood between my lips, letting my tongue explore. I ran the tip of my tongue between her ass cheeks, brushed her perineum, and then touched her vaginal lips. They were slightly parted, and I felt her clitoris with my tongue for the first time, driving the tip between her lips as they parted further, as if inviting me in. Of course my tongue couldn’t enter her, it would be like fitting a gallon of wine into a shot glass, though her hips and her clit responded as if it were possible. She moaned and purred like a kitten, her hips jerking at first and then moving in sync with the tip of my tongue, pushing herself against it. I enjoyed the feel of her on my tongue and took my time working her up to her climax. After hearing her story and why she just ‘knew’ it would be better with me, I was determined to make sure she enjoyed the experience.

After several minutes of giving her clit slow ministrations with my tongue, her purrs turned to loud moans. I wondered if the girls in the other room could hear. Either way, I suspected she was close. As I continued with my tongue, I reached up with one finger and began to caress her breast. Her nipple stiffened instantly at my touch and she arched her back in response. I pressed the tip of my tongue between her tiny folds until I could feel her tiny passage, and my tongue attacked it with abandon, driving her over the edge, and she exploded in a wave of bucking and shuddering and moaning, not stopping until I slowed my tongue and savored her taste in my mouth.

I gave it another minute before I slowly pulled her away from my mouth and held her in front of me, her whole body flushed, a slight sheen of sweat between her breasts. She was still breathing hard, but as she looked up at me, she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. She looked at me almost in awe, her eyes wet as if she was about to cry. All I’d done was make love to her with my tongue, just as I’d done to Melanie countless times, and Maria several times of late as well.

Finally she spoke. “I … I think I love you.”

I looked at her with a bit of concern. “Thank you, but … you’re in the heat of the moment.”

She suddenly realized what she’d said. “Oh … OH. I … “

I whispered, “It’s okay. I’m flattered. I really am. I’m just glad I could … “

“Omigosh. I … never knew it could feel that good. I just knew it would be different with a guy who actually … cared about what I felt and wasn’t so selfish … but … but … “

I looked at her for a moment. “You deserve someone who cares about you, someone who isn’t selfish. There are guys like that out there. For real. And when you find one, he’ll be very lucky to have you.”

She almost burst into tears. “You … really think so?”

“Hey. Look at me. I know so. You just have to be patient. Maybe you’re just looking for guys in the wrong place.”

“Yeah … maybe so. But for now … I get you for a little while, right?” She gave me those puppy dog eyes again.

“I suppose so.”

She grinned. “Good. Now can I return the favor?”

“What do you have in mind?”

She lifted herself up on her elbow and carefully looked over the side of my hand. “Umm .. take me down there, please?”

I lowered her down between my legs. “Here?”

She snorted. “Yep. Right here is perfect.” She climbed out of my hand and into my lap, then first just took a look at my merchandise, before stepping closer and putting her hands on it, stroking the underside with one hand and then reaching down and stroking my balls. She did this for a minute and then tried to pull herself up onto my leg. She struggled for a few moments and then looked up at me and said, “A little help, please?”

I reached down and scooped up her naked little tush, lifting her a few inches and up onto my leg. She flashed me that grin again, before climbing on all fours over to my abdomen and kneeling at the base of my shaft. She held it with both hands, running them up and down it for a moment, before leaning forward to press her little breasts against it and wrap her arms around it as tightly as she could. Then she used her legs to push off and began to rub herself, her breasts and stomach and her still slightly wet crotch, up and down my length, her face coming close to the head on her up strokes. She kept this up for a couple minutes. I was already partly stiff from bringing Becky to orgasm, and she was intent on trying to finish me off all by herself. As I became fully erect, her body trembling slightly as I pulsed under her, she turned her head up to see me and looking back at her, enjoying her show. Satisfied that she was having the desired effect on me, she turned her attentions back to trying to bring me to climax. I watched as she began working herself harder and harder, putting a lot of effort into her strokes. At one point she stretched all the way up, almost standing, enough to reach the head, so that she could plant a wet kiss on it, her tongue licking the hole at the tip. Then she went into high gear, determined to finish.

In just a few moments, I could tell I was about to explode. I whispered, “Get ready, Becky.” She looked back at me with a huge grin and then with a few more strokes of her body against me, the volcano erupted, hot sperm hitting the edge of the sofa but also running down her hands and arms. She slowed her movements, then crawled back down until she was sitting on my abdomen in front of it, licking her fingers and catching her own breath as I came down from my high.

She rolled over onto her stomach, and looked up at me with a grin. “How was I?”

I just looked at her for a moment, as my breathing slowed to normal. “That was amazing.”

“You know … I had to do that for … them … a lot of times, but I always hated it. Doing it for you … I kinda enjoyed it. It … really is different when it’s someone you care about.”

I smiled. “It really is. Now … do you trust me to try one more thing for you before we have to go to bed?”

She looked at me curiously. “More? … umm, yeah, of course I trust you. You don’t even have to ask!”

“Alright.” I reached down and first just stroked her back with a couple of fingers, rubbing her shoulders and listening to her contented cooing. Then I scooped her up, eliciting a surprised yelp, and I turned her over in my hand, positioning her like she’d been at the start. I rubbed her breasts with two fingers, caressing them and feeling her nipples start to harden again, before working my way down, strumming my fingers over her stomach, and then further down. She parted her legs for me, but I went further than that and lifted her legs, her feet up in the air. I kissed the bottoms of her feet, and then positioned them to give me the easiest access to her pussy, which was still slightly wet. She reached up to help, holding her legs up to herself, as she watched to see what I had planned. At first I gave her a lick with my tongue, and then I slit the tip of my little finger along the inside of her thigh, then stroked the edge of one of her vaginal lips. She shuddered.

I whispered, “I’ll go slow, if you want me to stop just say so, okay?”

Her eyes got as round as saucers as she realized what I had planned, but then she collected herself and nodded. I rubbed my fingertip up and down her vagina, letting the lips naturally part as I applied just the slightest pressure. As they parted, I could see the opening to her tiny love canal, just gaping slightly, inviting me. I pressed the tip of my wet little finger against it, wiggling it until it entered her. She gasped.

I whispered, “Do you want me to stop?”

She shook her head no. “Do it. Please. Don’t stop.”

“Okay.” I slid my fingertip further into Becky, just a tiny bit at a time. I could feel her muscles pressing against my finger. She was tight, but she showed no sign that it hurt too much. Instead, the look on her face told me all I needed to know. Her eyes were begging me to continue, her lips were mouthing ‘I love you’ over and over. I twitched my finger ever so slightly and she moaned in response, then thrust her hips as if trying to push herself further onto me. I continued, carefully, gradually, until more of my little finger was inside her than out. At that point I began to gently pump, the movements were slight but enough to start to push her to the edge. She wailed as she came hard on my finger, her whole body trembling in ecstasy at her release.

I slowed my movements gradually to a stop, but didn’t remove my finger just yet. As she slowly came down from her peak and her breathing began to steady, she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Wow. Just … wow. That was … SO … that was better than the first time. I didn’t even know that was possible. Wow. You are so amazing.”

“I’m glad you trusted me.”

“I …“ She was speechless for a moment. Then she snorted. “Right now I feel like a stuffed turkey.” Then she quickly added, “But in a good way.” She grinned at me.

I bent down and kissed her on the stomach, above where my finger still penetrated her. I slowly worked it out, eliciting a couple more moans of pleasure before it was fully out. A dribble of her juices were trapped inside her and followed my finger, trickling onto my wrist.

“How about we get cleaned up before bed, alright?”

She softly replied, “okay” and let me carry her to the bathroom, where I used a hand towel to gently clean her off, and let her dry herself while I cleaned up my own mess. I carried her back to the living room sofa, a towel in hand to clean up the rest of our juices – mostly mine I suppose – and I set her down on the coffee table so she could put her smock/gown back on, while I put my tee shirt and boxers back on. The rest I carried to the hamper, then I carried Becky in one hand and my shoes in the other, and headed back to the bedroom.
The others were all lounging on the bed, and as one they all turned to look at us as we came in, knowing smirks on all their faces. At least to their credit, they didn’t start asking for all the details. They’d probably razz Becky later I supposed.

Maria stood up and spoke first, as I set Becky down on the bed. “You know you were supposed to rest earlier.” She put her hands on her hips, as if to scold me for not resting, but after a couple seconds a grin broke through. “Okay, we’re going to make up for that now. Take your shirt off.”

I looked at her quizically. “Take my shirt off?”

“Just do it for me babe.”

I snorted. “Alright, if you say so.” I lifted the shirt up over my head and lay it on the dresser.

“Now I want you to lay down on your stomach. Get comfortable. Trust me, just do it.”

“Yes ma’am.” I grinned at her. I had no idea what she was planning, but I went ahead and lay down on my stomach on my side of the bed.

I heard her say, “Alright ladies. Becky, you too.” Then I felt them all climbing up onto my back, helping each other up. Then they all got down on their hands and knees and began rubbing my back, each one taking a quadrant, working their hands and sometimes their knees. They were too tiny for it to hurt when they dug their knees in; instead it actually felt pretty good. I heard her softly whispering instructions to the others, as all four of them worked to give me a back massage, and that was about all I remembered before I dozed off to sleep.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Tue Feb 14, 2023 5:15 pm

That's such a great chapter. Becky is such a sweet little thing...

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Melanie's Story Part 40 - Panic Room

Post by Rocket » Sat Feb 25, 2023 11:41 pm

I must have been pretty tired. Apparently I fell asleep after the girls had surprised me with a back massage, and I don’t remember a thing after that until I woke to the first glint of sunlight making its way through the gap in the curtains, shining right in my eyes.

Once I awoke, the next thing noticed was an odd sensation between my legs. I moved one leg a bit as I reached an arm back there, eliciting a yelp. A yelp? I froze for a moment and then slowly tried to raise my head so I could see. Damn I had a kink in my neck from laying funny all night.

“Hold up, hold up, give me a minute!” I heard, but couldn’t see. A few moments later, I saw Becky climbing over the back of my left leg, making her way back to join the others on the safe side of the bed (the side where they weren’t in danger of being flattened if I rolled over). I snorted.

Once she got back on her feet she looked at me sheepishly. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were … awake yet. I was just, umm … “

“Inspecting the merchandise” deadpanned Maria, though she had a smirk on her face after she said it.

Looking to make sure all four of them were within my sights, I slowly rolled over onto my side, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes with my fist, and took a look at my four charges. Becky was blushing a little, the others looked like they’d been razzing her since before I woke. Just looking at them all standing there on the bed next to me started the blood pumping down below, but I soon realized I had a lot more to do. I had to keep the girls safe whether I was here with them or not, as I’d never solve this problem (beyond the theoretical formulas scribbled all over the office wall) until I could get working on the equipment on Level 7 – and it would be impossible without getting ahold of the rare element extracted from the meteor. I really hoped the remaining chunks of meteor were still in that vault. Maria said they were there last week, before she was subdued and shrunk trying to find Melanie, so it was unlikely something happened to it that quickly, though there was no guarantee the remaining parts of the meteorite held traces of the same element. Likely but not guaranteed.

I hid my concerns from the girls, they’d already experienced enough trauma – shoot, 3 of them had been sexually abused for weeks, which I still suspected was a factor in their blatant promiscuity around me. I doubted they had this kind of sexual appetite prior to their ordeals. Aside from Maria. She was game to hook up with us after knowing me for less than a day. I could certainly imagine her going to clubs every weekend and having her choice of guys.

There I was, getting myself worked up again after I just said I shouldn’t. Pushing all those thoughts aside, I started getting up. I told the girls I’d be back in a moment, then made a quick bathroom trip, returned with the basket, waited for them to climb in, and then deposited them on the bathroom counter to clean up while I made breakfast.

I ate for myself while I got their food ready. I had a busy morning if I was going to make this place safe for them. And it was no use showering or shaving yet, I was about to get really dirty anyway.


As the girls ate a casual breakfast, I got back to work, continuing where I left off last night. I tested the four outside security cameras, confirmed they were all working and recording. I confirmed the window alarms triggered an alarm. Carefully removing the adhesive catch alarms that I’d hastily installed on all the outside doors last night, I went about installing a more permanent alarm on each door, which involved running low voltage power to all three doors and to an alarm panel I was installing just inside the door from the garage, which is where we typically came in and out anyway.

Yes, all those years of college included some training in electrical engineering, and I suppose I was putting that aspect to use today. Once I’d brought the girls back down off the kitchen table – giving them the run of the house while I worked - I got my cordless drill out, climbing into the crawl space under the house to drill small holes and fish wires in several directions from a 24v transformer, shutting off power to part of the house so that I could add a junction box, splice an existing 15v line and connect the transformer. As I did that, I also spliced another line, which I would use to power the girls’ panic room. Seriously, if I had to dive through a hidden trap door into a room under the house the size of a long camper trailer, I couldn’t handle it without electricity.

After a half dozen trips crawling under the house, I probably looked horrid, but the sooner this was done the better. Finally I was ready to set up the panic room. I had a cage lined with sheet metal, then wrapped to make it air tight on the sides and bottom aside from a mesh filter covering one entire wall. I needed to ensure there was air, but damn I was trying my best to keep bugs out of this little room! I hauled it into the crawl space and lifted it into position between two floor joists – no small feat considering the clearance was under 2 feet and the floor was a mix of mud, rocks and some strange green stuff that looked like either moss or mold. Ugh. Yeah, all the more reason for the air filter. Figuring the location, I then hammered a long nail through the floor from underneath, to mark where I had to cut my access hole. Then I went back into the house – dusting myself off as best I could first – and found the nail. Directly underneath the bed. After moving the bed out of the way, I carefully cut away a square of the carpet and pad, then used a door knob hole cutter to make a hole – through the plywood and then the thicker subfloor. I caught the plywood piece before it fell down, as I was going to need that shortly.

I found the little hinge and screws that I’d bought at the hardware store, fastening one end to the plywood circle and then the other to the floorboard after I’d smoothed the edges with sandpaper. I’d spent extra on a hinge with a spring, hoping it would be easy for the girls to lift up when needed. Then I glued the carpet square back over it. I tried lifting it up and lowering it back down a few times, making small adjustments, until it looked like it would be hard to find when closed. Which was the whole idea anyway. Though even if someone did find the hole, it would be pretty small to reach them with.

I went back down to finish up the install. Including running power. This cage was huge, big enough to catch a possum or a large cat, so there was room for electronics. I installed a shallow surface mount outlet underneath the floorboards, it would be on the ‘ceiling’ of the room one I mounted it – I’d cut away a rectangle for that to fit over. I plugged in two items and placed them – one was an LED nightlight, thinking we could leave it on all the time if needed and it would last for years – the other was an old cell phone, it couldn’t connect to data anymore but for wi-fi it was fine, and the girls would be able to use the keyboard as well. I programmed it first, connecting it to the house wi-fi and to the security system feed, and downloading an app that would let them communicate with me if needed. I plugged in the phone charger and set the phone down in the ‘room’ before I lifted it up into place, attaching it with multiple brackets that spanned the joists on both sides. Then I taped the seams to – again- keep the bugs out.

All finished, I went back inside, ready for the final items in my bag of tricks. I installed one tiny camera in the hallway and one in the bedroom. No, not for any voyeuristic purpose. This was for the girls’ sake. If someone broke in and they had to hide, they’d have a way to see if the intruders were still out there before they risked coming back up. Now these did need power, unlike the solar ones outside, and running the power from underneath would be hard enough. But the house had an attic space too, so here I was climbing in the attic to splice another wire, add another junction box, and then poke wires into the ceiling in two places. I was very lucky to find tiny white cameras, so they kinda-sorta blended in with the ceiling.

After positioning those, turning power back on and pairing them to the security system, I put everything
through a test cycle. I had a UPS backup for the wi-fi also.

I was beyond ready to wash up, shave and change, but first I called the girls over and asked them to check out the panic room.

Of course, I was soon flooded with questions. How does this work. Will the cameras work. What can we see down there. Is there food (duh, forgot … how about a bag of potato chips?) and water (still figuring that one out). What if we have to use the bathroom (uh, haven’t figured that one out yet either, but I’m open to suggestions). Then I asked them to try opening the trap door and climbing down. I was quickly told they needed a ladder. Duh, forgot that one too. So I came up with something quickly, and then one by one they went down to explore the panic room.

It was kinda funny when I realized for a moment that for the first time in weeks, I was here in the house without at least one 11 or 12 inch tall woman scurrying about. Even if it was just for a few moments, it struck me as odd. I’d gotten so used to Melanie being around.

Before long though, the girls started climbing up and out, followed by a ton of suggestions. A handle for the underside of the trap door. A carpet (or at least something soft to walk on). Chairs (or at least benches). Definitely some kind of bathroom if they have to be down there for very long (still working on it …) Again the water and snacks request.

Once they were done spouting requests, I asked, “Did anyone check out the surveillance system? How was that?”


“Surveillance. On the phone down there, open up the security system app. You can toggle all six cameras, there are four outside and two inside.”

Maria raised her eyebrows. “Inside? This isn’t something kinky, is it?”

I snorted. “Somehow I just knew you were going to say something like that. NO. Absolutely not. Seriously, I figured if there’s an intruder, you guys would be hiding out down there. This way you can see if someone’s still in the house before you try to come back out.”

I got a collective “Oh” from the group, and then they funneled back down the hole to go check it out.

Once they were all down there, I realized I never told them how to contact me, so I lifted the cover and spoke down into the hole. “Hey guys, you can also text me over that phone.”

Melanie walked back to the base of the ladder, under the hole, and looked straight up at me. “Be careful when you do that. It echoes down here! You made Becky jump!”

“Did not!”

“Did so!” called Melanie, as she stuck her tongue out. I snorted at the exchange.

“Alright.” I spoke more softly, relaying the directions. Since the phone wasn’t on a network, regular texting wouldn’t work, but I’d installed an app to push short messages over wi-fi to a cell number. I’d programmed three numbers in there – my own, and in an emergency both Sergeant Joe and the phone I’d given to Andrew Caulfield. I told them to use those only if something happened to me.

They tried texting and I’d replied, and after a few back-and-forths the exchange went downhill, degrading into crude humor. It was hard to tell who was the instigator or if all four of them were involved. I texted back that I was going to go wash up now, it was already past lunchtime. I’d spent the entire morning digging around the bowels of the house and climbing in the attic, and I felt as icky as I probably looked. So without waiting for them to come back out, I moved the bed back into place so that the hole was hidden, then went ahead and stripped off my filthy clothes and went to brush first while the water warmed up. I left the door open a crack in-case they needed to use the restroom while I was in there washing and shaving.


As I stepped out of the shower and started to dry off, it took me a minute to realize I had an audience.

“Geez, guys, I’m wet and naked.”

Melanie snorted and said “We know” just as Maria blurted “No shit.”

I took me a minute to figure out what was going on. “Ah. Okay.” So at that, I took my time drying off, as the girls just stood back and looked up at me … or at my half swollen member. Now why was I getting worked up, I was the one naked here. I sighed and then squatted down in front of them. “So you all came to see this? Really?” I looked at each of them in turn. Becky was just staring at my groin, the others looked back and forth between that and straining their necks to look up at me.

Melanie broke her eyes away to look up at me and ask, “So … whatcha doing next?”

“Umm … I guess taking a break?”

She snorted. “Yeah, we are too. So … “ and she glanced back at the others and then back to me, “let’s take a break together, shall we?”

“What … did you have in mind?”

At that, Melanie lifted her shirt up over her head and then looked up at me, with an innocent grin on her face.

“OH.” It didn’t take long for my shaft to start to um, rise to the occasion. I said softly, “Okay.”

She lifted her arms in the air, the universal signal for me to pick her up. So I lowered my hand and wrapped it around her soft body, gently lifting her up as I stood. I looked at her for a moment, then brought her to my lips and kissed her on the chest, my upper lip brushing both her nipples. I stepped out into the hall and turned towards the bedroom, along the way asking her if she would let me take her skirt off. She nodded and leaned back in my palm, so that I could lift her bottom and peel back the velcro, sliding it off her and revealing the rest of her sexy little body. I lifted her up again to my lips, kissing her thighs and slipping the tip of my tongue between her legs.

“Slow down, big guy” she exclaimed. “Don’t forget the others!”

I stopped for a moment and looked at her. “The others are joining us?”

“Yep.” She smirked.

“Umm … do they know this?”

“Yep. Honey, you’ve been working your tail off for us since the moment you got up this morning. Plus you fell asleep last night. Let us do something for you now, okay?”

I looked at her for a moment longer, a little taken aback. I collected myself and replied softly, “okay.” Then I set her down gently on the bed and went back to get the others.

Soon as I turned around, the others were already in the hallway, they’d started following us and they probably heard at least part of our exchange. I just looked at them for a moment, a little slack-jawed. Maria lifted her arms up, and when I didn’t immediately bend down to pick her up, she said “We don’t have all day!”

So I bent down and gently wrapped my hand around her, lifting her up. I looked at her in my hand for a moment. She said “Well are you going to undress me too, or do I have to do it all myself?” She smirked at the look on my face. She lifted her arms again so that I could lift her shirt up over her head, though it took a little doing. She could have probably done it more easily and faster. I let my finger brush her chest. Then she lay back so I could lift up her bottom and pull on the velcro, tugging her skirt away. That part was much simpler. As she lay back in my hand, as if showing off her body, I lifted her up and kissed her on the chest. I found my lips lingering there for a few moments. Maria cleared her throat, so I pulled back and looked at her.

“I think Becky is waiting patiently.” She winked.

“OH.” I glanced at Becky, who was holding her own arms up in the air, she’s figured out that was the signal. So I set Maria back down onto the bed next to Melanie, and then turned and bent down in front of Becky, reaching my hand out to her. She stood still as I wrapped my fingers around her and gently lifted her up into the air.

As I brought her closer to my face, she looked back at me and said, “Umm … you can … take mine off too, if … you want.” She nibbled on her lower lip, waiting for my reaction. I reached for her with my finger and thumb. She was wearing a shirt with a velcro catch on the back, so with a gentle nudge she sat up so I could unfasten it and then pull it forward, revealing her bare chest, with those perky little breasts that I’d enjoyed just last night inviting me to play another round. I nudged her with a finger between her breasts, and she lay back in my hand again. I lifted her legs into the air just a little, enough for me to reach the velcro behind her skirt. I peeled the little Barbie skirt off her hips, set it aside, and then brought her up to my lips to plant a few slow, soft kisses on her chest and stomach.

Then I turned towards Melanie and Maria and began to lower Becky to the bed next to them. She let out a little “Aww” as I let go of her. I turned to find Cindy, unsure if she was participating in this party or not, but all the same I was uncomfortable just ignoring her entirely before climbing into the bed to see what these three had planned.

I bent down onto my knees in front of her and asked, “So, what do you have planned?” I raised my eyebrows. I knew she was unlikely to just jump into having sex, especially after all the talk we’d had yesterday, and I certainly wasn’t going to push her to do anything she didn’t, but I also – based on said talk yesterday – doubted she wanted me to ask her outright. She motioned for me to bend down closer, presumedly so she could talk softly.

Before she could speak, I said preemptively, “We can go in the hall for a minute if you want to talk.”

She actually looked a little relieved. “Okay.” She lifted her hands up in the air. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around her, lifting her up into the air with me as I stood.

I turned to the others and said “I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere.”

As I stepped out, I could hear Maria shout, “Ha! Like we could!” I knew it was good-natured at least, and smiled to myself for a moment.

In the hallway, I held Cindy in front of me, as she sat up in my palm. She said, “You can bring me up there … on the bed. Now, I just don’t want you like, grabbing me in the heat of the moment and going down on me or something. However that works.”

I snorted. “Actually … we’ve come up with a few ways that works. But yes, I do understand.”

“Okay. Beyond that though … I don’t know what all they have planned, to be honest, this was kinda spur of the moment, but beyond that, I’m game. No … intercourse. That’s off limits. But I’m fine if you want to look at me, or touch, or do something else – as long as it’s not that. I actually … don’t mind if you want to give me instructions. I’ve never been into um, other women, but I’ve, well, done that stuff with Becky more times than I can count. Because they told me to. And told me what to do. And … you know the rest. So I’m kinda numb to it at this point. And if it’s something that turns you on, I … don’t mind doing that for you. Not … all the time, mind you. But … what I’m saying is, I’m giving you permission. If you want me to do something with the others, you just need to tell me. And … yes, you can touch me, just don’t fuck me. Everything else I’m okay with.”

She saw me going slack-jawed again and giggled. “Really? I don’t want you to do something you’re not comfortable with. Seriously. You don’t have to.”

She sighed. “Hey. I just gave you the green light here. Just go with it. As long as you don’t try to fuck me, I’m putting everything else on the table.” She winked.

I whispered “okay.” Then just to test whether she was sincere or not, I brought my finger down and lifted up her skirt to take a peek.

Snorting, she said “It’s easier if you just take them off.”

So I gently removed her clothes as she sat in my hand, and then I lifted her up to my lips and kissed her on the chest, and then walked with her back into the bedroom, setting her down gently next to the others. All three of them looked at her, a mix of surprise and curiosity. Huh, I wonder if they weren’t sure whether she was joining in their game or not. So I suspected they didn’t know what Cindy had told me either. I couldn’t believe she was going to let me give her instructions. Just that thought alone would have gotten me horny, if the others hadn’t already started me down that path.

I climbed up onto the bed and sat up. I almost sat crosslegged, that would have been more comfortable, but I had a feeling they wanted to see my … equipment, as Maria had said. I snorted to myself at that. Once I stopped moving, all four of them walked around my foot and up, stopping and leaning two on each side against my upper legs, their bare tushes rubbing softly against my skin.

Melanie broke her eyes from my semi-rigid shaft and looked up at me. “So?”

Ah, she was waiting to see what I would do first. I reached down with my index finger and ran it up her stomach, stroking the underside of her breasts. I had no idea how I was supposed to entertain all four of them at once, but I didn’t want someone to feel left out. I lowered my other hand and ran a finger up Maria’s stomach and breasts, then began to fondle one of her breasts between my finger and thumb.

Then I moved my left hand away from Melanie, eliciting an aww, and reached over to Cindy. I ran my finger along her arm, and then wrapped my fingers around her and lifted her up. She looked at me, a mix of surprise and fear and excitement, unsure what I was going to do, and maybe a little part of her concerned I’d break our agreement. But no, I had other plans.

I held her up to my face and whispered, “Did you really mean you’d let me give you instructions?”

She grinned and whispered back, “As long as you don’t cross our line, I’ll do whatever you tell me.”

“Alright. No worries, I’m not going to go down on you, but I just want you to spread your legs. I’m just looking, NOT touching.”

She smirked. “Your wish is my command.” Then she giggled, then proceeded to spread her legs wide, perfectly content to let me hold her up and have a look. “You know … “ she continued, “I used to keep myself shaven smooth down there, but I haven’t had access to a razor in a while.”

I replied, “It’s still very sexy. I won’t touch it, I promised, even though part of me is dying to.”

She whispered, “Alright. I appreciate that.” She patiently kept her legs spread and let me ogle her for a minute.

Then I whispered, “Thank you. Can you do something else for me after I set you down?”

“Sure thing.” She grinned.

“Go up to Melanie and plant a kiss on her.”

She looked at me for a moment and smirked. “That’s all?”

“Well … “

“Look. You’re getting the opportunity of a lifetime here. If you want me to go down on her, now’s your chance.”

I had trouble hiding the surprise on my face. “You would do that?”

“Normally, no, but for you I would if you tell me to.”

“Wow. That would be so cool.” I collected my thoughts for a second. “Yes. I want to see you climb all over Melanie and fuck her brains out.”

She smirked. “I thought so. Guys are so predictable.”

“Okay. Let me do one thing first.” I reached down with my other hand and stroked Melanie’s arm with my finger. She looked up at me and smiled. I wrapped my fingers around her and lifted her up, bringing her to my lips and kissing her on the chest. Then I lowered her down and draped her over my left thigh, and let my finger linger for a moment, stroking her breasts. Then I whispered to Cindy, “Are you ready?” She grinned at me.

So I lowered her and set her down in a kneeling position next to Melanie. As soon as I took my hand away, she turned and looked back up at me, grinned, and then climbed on top of Melanie, pinning her down, and locked lips with her. I could tell it took Melanie by surprise, but to her credit she didn’t fight it. I suspected Melanie may have been the one to talk the others into this, and I loved her for that, but I think she figured out quickly that I’d put Cindy up to this and decided to go with it.

Both Maria and Becky looked speechless for a moment. Though granted, I was also captivated by the display going on atop my thigh, Cindy on top of Melanie, the two lip-locked as she groped one of Melanie’s breasts and pinched the nipple, Melanie arching her back in response. As I broke from my momentary trance, I brought my hand down and traced my finger down Cindy’s back, then lightly squeezed her ass between my finger and thumb. Cindy broke her lips away from Melanie’s and moved to her breast, sucking the flesh and nibbling on the areola, as her hand made its way south. I let my finger explore once more, reaching around Cindy to rub one of her breasts. I kneaded it with my finger for a few moments, and she broke off her kiss to turn and look back at me, eyebrows raised. I smirked as I pulled my finger away, and she laughed and then turned her attentions back to Melanie’s breast.

As they continued their lovemaking upon my thigh, so close that Cindy’s feet brushed my crotch, I turned my attention to Maria and Becky, who were both looking a little left out at the moment. They both had been looking back and forth between my semi-rigid shaft and the show taking place on my left thigh, but broke away to look up at me as I lowered my hand to them. I ran a finger down Maria’s arm. She leaned into my touch, and then lifted her arms, hoping I’d pick her up. I wrapped my fingers around her and lifted her up, then positioned her in my left hand, laying back. I kissed her on the stomach and then wrapped my lips over her breasts and teased them for a few moments. Then I reached for Becky, who’d been all but ignored so far. I wrapped my fingers around her and lifted her up with my other hand, bringing her to my lips and kissing her chest, my lips lingering over her perky breasts for a moment.

I was interrupted by a grunt, and looked down at my thigh to see Cindy massaging Melanie between the legs; it appeared Melanie decided to just close her eyes and lay back, enjoying the experience. I so wished I had a free hand at the moment. However, I was holding two beautiful women, one in each hand. A part of me, reminded of the show of lovemaking already taking place, was really tempted to try to convince these two to try something similar, though I didn’t think they’d go for it. I did spend a couple minutes just enjoying holding both of them in front of me, going back and forth with my kisses from one to the other.

Maria turned to Becky and mumbled, “I think he’s just teasing us.”

So I replied, “Well, which of you would like to go first?”

Maria snorted. “We’ll let you choose. If you can.” She smirked. I saw Becky looking at Maria and then back to me, nibbling on her lower lip in nervous anticipation.

“Okay. I wish I could give you both a climax at once, but alas, I only have one tongue.” Maria laughed. Then I brought the two closer together, almost touching, and then began to kiss Becky on the chest, and then the stomach, and then her thigh. I slipped my tongue between her legs and she responded by spreading them, inviting my tongue to explore. I darted over to Maria for a moment and kissed her again on the stomach, and noticed that Maria had reached over and was holding Becky’s hand. That was so cute. I then went back to letting my tongue explore Becky. The tip of my tongue found her lips, and I teased their length until they parted enough for my tongue to drive further. I attacked her tiny hole and her little clit, eliciting moans from her as I felt her body squirm in my hand. A couple minutes of that was enough to push her over the edge, and as she wailed and thrashed in my hand, I was rewarded with a tiny taste of her juices. I slowed my tongue and made the strokes longer, wrapping a warm tongue from her ass to her abdomen, as she slowly started to come down from her high.

Then I pulled her back just a little, enough to kiss her chest again and then enjoy the look of her flushed body as she gave me a dreamy gaze. I noticed the two of them were still holding hands, so I kept my own hands close together as I lifted Maria up to my mouth and began working on her, kissing her up and down. I had to remember to be gentle around her leg, where her gash was still healing. So much had happened it was easy to forget it was only a few days ago when I brought her home and gently stitched her wound closed and had to nurse her while she was unconscious for half a day.

Despite all that, she was more than eager for me, and as soon as I began kissing her, she spread her legs for me. I wrapped my tongue around her there, caressing her mound with slow strokes, and then as her lips parted for me, I worked the tip of my tongue inside as far as they would go. I could feel her tiny hole and began teasing it with my tongue, until she began to moan and shiver in my hand.

As I was starting to work her a little harder with my tongue, Becky whispered, “Can you move us a little closer together? Please?”

Without breaking away from Maria, I went ahead and moved my hands together until their bodies were touching. Becky leaned over to Maria and gave her a tentative kiss. Huh, I wonder what prompted that? Maria then turned and kissed her back, a little more forcefully. I slowed my ministrations, in part because it was so damn distracting.

Once they broke off the kiss, Becky whispered to her, so faint I could barely hear it. “I wasn’t sure if you’d like that or not. But I figured if my own stepmother was brave enough to get it on with Melanie … what do I have to be afraid of?”

Maria looked like she was going to respond, but the stimulation from my tongue was hampering her efforts to say anything coherent. Instead, she just nodded her head. In response, Becky leaned in and kissed her again, and then to my surprise, reached for one of Maria’s breasts. I almost stopped at that point, half tempted to pull them away from my lips and just watch to see if they did anything else. I’d nearly forgotten the scene playing out on my thigh as well, despite the occasional kick of Cindy’s foot against my abdomen. Chastising myself for getting distracted, I turned my attention back to pleasuring Maria. Her body responded with moans and she thrust her hips, pushing herself against my tongue. With Becky’s added stimulation, it wasn’t long before Maria was on the cusp. She was definitely the loudest of the four of them, though I remembered from our time in the convenience store restroom that she could muffle that when she tried. She wasn’t trying very hard now. A few strong strokes with the tip of my tongue against her clit drove her over the edge, and I felt her tremble in my hand.

After another minute in which I just slowed my tongue until it was just lightly caressing her between the thighs, I slowly pulled back both my hands and observed these two beautiful women. Maria was flushed and still a little uneven with her breathing, while Becky was calm and content, her hand still resting on Maria’s chest.

They both looked up at me as I said, “That was … very distracting. But in a good way.” I grinned.

Becky snorted. “I just felt like it. But you liked it?”

I almost laughed. “Liked it? It was so sexy I almost pulled back so I could watch.”

Now Maria snorted. “I bet. Typical male. I bet you probably wish we would just start making out.”

“Well … yeah.”

Maria just grinned at me for a moment. “Maybe another time. But tell you what … “ she turned to Becky, “How about we just give him a little prequel. I bet he’ll be fantasizing about us all afternoon.”

At that, she leaned over and began kissing Becky on the lips, while her hand grasped one of Becky’s perky little breasts. She rolled over and draped one leg over Becky, which – and I wasn’t sure if it was inadvertent or intentional, probably the latter – gave me a nice view of her ass and pussy as she continued to kiss Becky. Having a free left thumb now that both of them were mostly piled on my right hand, I reached over and stroked her ass. This went on for a couple minutes before they broke off and Maria rolled over onto her back, sprawled across my left palm.

She smirked as she looked me right in the eyes. “Well?”

It took me a minute to get the words out. “That was … “

Maria turned to Becky and muttered, “I told you. Typical guy.” Then looking back at me she continued, “We’ll save the rest for another time. So you’ve got something to look forward to. But right now … how about you put us down so we can go finish off that bad boy down there?”

I nodded and reluctantly lowered them both down, setting them on my right thigh, opposite Melanie and Cindy, who were still going at it. I’d missed a few minutes of that, but it looked like Cindy was still lapping at Melanie’s cunt, while Melanie lay back, enjoying it, her eyes closed, while one hand had made its way to her own breast. I left Maria and Becky on their own as I took in the sight, and it was less than a minute before I couldn’t stay out of it any longer. I lowered my left hand and stroked a finger down Cindy’s back and her ass, and then came around and fondled her breast. I kneaded it with my fingertip for a few moments, and then came around and touched Melanie’s free breast, circling it and then holding it between my finger and thumb. She opened her eyes and looked up at me once she realized I’d joined in. She smiled shyly at me.

I rubbed Cindy on the shoulder and said, “Hey, Cindy, can I interrupt?”

She turned her head and looked up at me. “Sure thing. What do you want?”

“Can I pick you both up? I want to finish off Melanie myself.”

She smirked at me. “Sure. But why both of us?”

I wrapped my fingers around Cindy and gently lifted her up in my left hand and brought her up close to my face. “I thought … maybe … “

She grinned. “Out with it. I said I’d do whatever you want, with one exception like we talked about.”

“True. Would you finish yourself off while I finish off Melanie?”

She chuckled. “You like watching that, don’t you?”

I smirked. “Yeah.”

“Alright. I can even put on a show for you if you want.”

“I’d love that.”

At that, she proceeded to get herself comfortable in my left hand, while I reached down with my right to pick up Melanie, who looked me in the eyes and started nibbling her lower lip in anticipation, knowing she was about to be fucked by my tongue. As many times as we’d done that, it could never get old for either of us. I looked back to Cindy in my other hand, and brought her to my lips to kiss her chest and stomach, and then brought her back a few inches to give her space, while I brought Melanie up in her place. I started to kiss Melanie all over, her shoulders, her chest, her stomach, her thighs, and then her pussy mound. She relaxed and parted her legs, lifting them up to give me access to everything there. I wrapped my lips around her, encompassing her entire bottom in my mouth, and began to tease her ass and pussy with the tip of my tongue, gently at first and then a little more forcefully. Occasionally I would glance over at Cindy, who had begun touching herself, and observe her fingers as she softly massaged her own folds.

While all this was going on, I could feel Maria and Becky moving into position around my shaft. It felt like one was up top, sitting on the base, her legs straddling it, while the other must be on the bed standing in front of it, reaching up to grab the head, which had already started to leak a dribble of semen as a result of all this stimulating activity going on around me. Having Melanie right up on my face and Cindy just inches to the side, I couldn’t even see who was in what position, but I sure could feel them down there.

Returning my attention to Melanie, I began stroking her more forcefully with the tip of my tongue, and her pussy lips parted in response. I figure Cindy had been slowly working her for a while already, so she wasn’t going to need much buildup at this point. I drove the tip of my tongue against her tiny hole, and she arched her back and trembled in response, pushing her hips in rhythm to the movements of my tongue. I kept going, and she kept writhing in my hand, and soon she was in the throes of orgasm, and I could taste her release on my tongue.

Slowing down to gentle caresses of her ass and her pussy lips, I started to pull away, kissing her on the stomach and chest as she lowered her legs and sprawled out across my palm and wrist, flush with the afterglow of her climax, a silly grin on her face as she looked at me. I turned my attention to Cindy, who was fingering herself in my other hand and trying to work herself to her own climax. I turned back to Melanie, kissed her a few more times, and whispered, “Do you think you should help Cindy along?”

Melanie looked over at Cindy and first took in the sight herself, just realizing that she was right there and busy masturbating herself. She looked back at me and whispered back, “Okay.” I brought my hands together so that Melanie could reach. She turned on her side, and put one arm up on Cindy’s chest, reaching for a breast, and then as Cindy turned her head in realization, Melanie pressed her lips to Cindy’s.

Melanie whispered, “Thought you might want some help.” She smirked. To my surprise, Cindy grabbed Melanie’s hand and pushed it down between her legs. The two of them both went about caressing there, Melanie stroking the lips as Cindy’s own fingers dove inside herself. Cindy groaned and let out a moan. Melanie took it upon herself to dip a finger inside, competing with Cindy’s fingers in the little space, and it was enough to drive Cindy over the edge, her whole body shivering in my hand as she reached her climax.

As they wound down from that, I kissed them both on their chests and then looked down between my legs, where Maria and Becky were working hard (pun intended) at trying to finish me off. I was close, my member was rock hard and standing straight and tall. Maria was leaning up against the top, her arms wrapped around it, as Becky gave her tips. I supposed Becky had a lot of experience, being captive for months, though she didn’t have any choice back then. Now she was in control and directing the activity, all the while trying to rub the underside with her own hands, though the tip was up above her head and nearly out of her reach now. Maria was getting good at this, pushing off with her knees as she rubbed her chest up and down the top and her hands along the underside, the shaft pulsing under her, until finally the eruption came, hot sperm shooting up and landing on Becky and on the bed around her, some running down and covering Maria’s hands and arms.

Maria had the sense to start working her way back to a safe place before the shaft started to deflate. I just looked down at both of them. Melanie and Cindy at this point were both looking down at the sight as well, stretching their necks to see what they could.


After I brought all four of them back to the sink to clean up, and gathered up all of their clothes and brought those to the bathroom as well, momentarily taking a moment to ogle the girls as they took a quick shower in the sink, I cleaned up the bed and started some laundry, then got myself dressed.

Once I’d brought everyone back to the kitchen and started preparing a late lunch, I suggested we should check on things. There was a lot going on beyond our little bubble here, a lot that was going to affect us sooner rather than later.

As the girls ate, I texted Andrew, using the new phone I’d given him back at the park. I asked if he could get to a safe place – thinking his office was probably bugged just as his personal phone would be. He said he’d call in about 20 minutes. So I went ahead and ate a sandwich. Soon as he called, I put the phone on speaker so that Becky could talk to her dad and Cindy her husband. While it was important for him to know they were safe, I needed to know not only that he was alright given I’d knocked out the guy that was tailing him yesterday, and I needed to know the status of Level 7.

He sounded a little harried, but did state that the two scientists had not been back today and that he’d locked off Level 7, informing security that nobody was to be allowed in that lab without his permission.

Becky jumped in, “Hi dad!”

“Becky? How are you doing? Are you all right? Are they treating you okay?”

“Yeah dad, it’s great here, I’m fine! Everyone is really nice. You don’t have to worry about us!”

Cindy added, “We’re fine, honey. We miss you, but we’re doing fine. We just had a late lunch after our very nice host finished installing a new security system. He really is looking after us.”

I stepped away for a minute to let them talk, as I heard Andrew grumbling something incoherent. He probably didn’t like the idea of some other man looking after his wife and daughter. If only he knew the whole story. I hoped those two had the sense not to talk about that, especially as I would have to work in his company’s lab in order to resolve a way to restore them to normal size.

When I came back, Maria was in the middle of asking him about the office. Which reminded me of something. When it sounded like they’d finished whatever they were talking about, I chimed in.

“Mr. Caulfield. Hi. I just have a question for you. There is a meteorite I believe still stored in the vault.”

He sounded alarmed. “How the hell do you know that?”

“Umm … there is a substance those scientists on Level 7 extracted from the meteorite. That was the missing piece they needed to make this whole shrinking process work. It would never work without that. And I don’t believe the substance has ever been reported here on Earth.”

There was a long pause as he digested that. “Oh.”

“I asked Maria about it, yes, but I already figured out on my own that it had to be where the substance came from. Now what I’m trying to ask, is that the rest of the meteorite be secured. If we can’t recover the small amount we’re certain they took with them when they left the lab yesterday, then that meteorite is the only known source of the element on the planet. Just trust me on this. We may need it in order to extract more material, to have any hope of reversing the process.”

Another long pause. “Alright. Yes, the meteorite is in the vault. I’ll give orders not to touch it. Fine. But I really hope this works.”

“It has to.”


Afterwards I brought the girls down to the floor so they could run about the house and do whatever it is they do. I’d been leaving a laptop on the floor of the office so they could browse, stream a show, or I suppose use email, if they wanted to. Melanie still had her separate ‘office’ with her own keyboard and trackball and screen, though she couldn’t get up there or back down without assistance yet. Was it even two weeks ago I was sitting at the table sketching out how I’d build her ramps and catwalks so she could get around easily? Seems like it was months ago.

While they were occupied I went to check on the two cameras at the mansion. The batteries hadn’t died yet. We were in a holding pattern, more or less, after I’d brought the police on board (via Becky’s uncle, Sergeant Joe) – I assumed they’d have at least checked out the place by now, given we had clear evidence of two women having been held captive there and abused – plus the video evidence in the form of blackmail videos sent to Andrew – plus the testimony of both Becky and Cindy – plus Melanie’s direct observations on-site and both of our roles in the rescue. How much more evidence could there be, aside from the two still being held captive – which would put them at greater risk if the police showed up. No, better that we rescued them when we did. Though when I called up the camera feeds, I sure didn’t expect to see multiple police cars staked out on the property. Holy shit.

It was right about then when my phone rang. It was Sergeant Joe, I recognized the number from yesterday.

I picked up immediately of course and answered, “Sergeant Joe.”

Going straight to business, he asked, “You said you’d gotten in and out of that underground bunker through a back entrance. Where exactly?”

“Oh! Yes, there’s a concrete tube to the surface. The entrance is underneath the gazebo. There’s a trap door built into the planks.”

“Trap door.” he said flatly. “Alright. Carry on.”

“Wait, is there any news?”

He sighed. “Fine. I shouldn’t even be telling you this, but we’re in the middle of a hostage situation. Your scientists, or whoever they are, someone is holed up in that bunker with two of my officers. Just stand by, if I need you for something I’ll call.”

I hesitated for a moment. Hostages? In the bunker? A full day after they said they were almost finished with the new machine and they had the only known supply of the element with them? “Okay, but if they have your two officers down there … that’s where they were finishing a second shrinking machine.”


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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Mon Feb 27, 2023 3:29 pm

Shit!! This is so great. And the SW interaction is so erotic!!
I hope you keep up with this...

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Melanie's Story Part 41 - Hostages

Post by Rocket » Thu Mar 02, 2023 10:40 pm

After Sergeant Joe hung up, my head was spinning. I felt like I needed to be there, but what would I do? I’d just be in the way, that’s what. So I was left spinning my wheels and waiting anxiously for a call back from Sergeant Joe or someone else, with news or questions or whatever. I felt like punching something in frustration, but that wasn’t going to solve anything. Instead I decided to throw on shorts and my running shoes and just go out for a jog and clear my head, telling the girls I’d be back in half an hour and not even waiting for a reply.

I hadn’t been out jogging for weeks and I felt it. Despite stretching first, my leg muscles were protesting loudly and after a few blocks I could feel it in my chest as well. Damn I was getting out of shape. And to think, Melanie had been a gym rat before her ordeal started, she’d been bugging me to come up with some simple exercise equipment to use. Maybe I needed some equipment for myself as well and we could work out together? I wasn’t quite sure how that would work. Regardless, I needed to get back into working out, the longer I put it off the harder it would be getting back into it. I did slow my pace, more out of fear that I’d pull something as I had some serious responsibility in front of me, looking after and taking care of my four charges as well as solving how to restore them.

Yeah, despite the work, I couldn't deny that a small part of me enjoyed lording over four tiny women. Having that kind of control was intoxicating – and the episode coming out of the shower a couple hours ago was mind-blowing. I started thinking of Cindy going down on Melanie. Then my mind darted to Maria and Becky together in my hands, teasing me with kisses and fondling and suggesting that they might do more next time. Yeah, Maria was right, they were going to have me fantasizing about that all afternoon. And this was definitely not the place for it. Ever tried jogging with a boner? I tried to brush the thoughts aside, though it had already perked up down there enough that I’d be drawing attention if the park trail were more crowded. Lucky for me a lot of people were still at work right now.

Another part of me kept pointing out that they all had their own lives put on hold for all this – Cindy had a husband waiting, Becky had her college put on hold, Maria even today was only missing her second day of work. And then Melanie. My mind started to spin again thinking all that through. It felt like weeks, not days. At least for the moment, it was just me and the pavement, late spring, the mid-afternoon sun warming my skin as those muscle pains subsided and the endorphins kicked in. This was my old jogging route, through the neighborhood, out to the main road, up and through the park trail that snaked through the trees and brush parallel to the train tracks to the west, and then back into the neighborhood from the other side and back. It was over a two mile circuit. I used to make it in 15 or 20 minutes and then go a second time, but after a month of idleness I decided not to push it.

As I was near the end of the park trail, my phone rang. I stopped at a bench to sit, whipped out the phone and saw it was Sergeant Joe. I hoped to hear from him but didn’t expect it would be this soon. I quickly answered, anxious for more news.

“How soon can you get up here to the mansion?” he asked in his gravelly voice. By the tone it sounded like he wasn’t thrilled to be asking the question either.

“Umm … we’re about 20 minutes away, I just need wash up and change.” Then realizing that sounded awkward, I quickly added, “I was just out for a jog.”

I heard a pronounced sigh. “Fine. Just get up here. And you might want to bring one of your … women. Just not Becky, don’t let her anywhere near this place, anything happens to her and I’ll wring your neck myself.” he grumbled.

“O … kay. Is there anything I should know?” This was sounding really odd. What the hell was going on over there?

“There’s been … an incident. I can’t say any more right now. Just get your ass down here soon as you can.” He hung up.

Shit. I jumped up, tossed the phone back in my pocket and started jogging back home, fast as I felt I could push myself without cramping a muscle.


Back at the house, I stripped, showered and got dressed quickly. I didn’t bother with formalities or even closing the door. As I was getting dressed, all four girls migrated into the bedroom to find out what was going on.

“Sergeant Joe called me back while I was out. There’s something going on at the mansion, but he won’t say what. I know from the cameras that the place is crawling with police. Beyond that I don’t know much, but he says I need to get down there, and he said I should take one of you with me.”

All four of them started talking at once.

“Okay. Here’s what I’m suspecting. He said there were hostages being held in that underground bunker. Two officers I believe. Now if he’s saying I should bring one of you, the only thing I can think of is that they used the shrinking machine again.”

I was greeted with silence as they all seemed to realize the ramifications.

Becky, to my surprise, spoke first. “Should I go? I … lived down there for a long time … and I’d recognize those people if they need me to … and … “

“No. Actually, your uncle said if I dared put you in danger he’d wring my neck.” Her shoulders slumped. “I was thinking Melanie” she perked up and I looked back at her “… if you’re willing to go. You know your way around down there too, you helped stage a rescue down there, you were there for Maria when all this happened, I figured … “

“Umm … what would I do?”

“Well … if he’s saying I should bring one of you with me, I’m wondering if someone was shrunk by the machine … and I figure when they wake up, it’ll be enough of a shock seeing a bunch of giants hovering over … it would be better having someone their own size to talk them down off the cliff.”

“OH. Actually … that makes sense. Though we’re forgetting one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“If someone was shrunk, they might be unconscious for a while.” She glanced at Maria, started to say more and stopped herself. “I was out … well I guess that doesn’t count … but you know what I mean. It could be a while.”

“True.” I knew she was thinking of Maria, who was out for almost a day, but she had the sense not to put her on the spot. “I’m guessing they don’t know that. Now … babe, if you come with me … are the rest of you going to be okay here for a while? I’ll get some snacks and water out now, and if you need to reach me you remember how, right?” I looked across the three of them and saw heads nodding. “And … remember the panic room. If you hear anything, alarms, anyone trying to break in, you run down there as fast as you can, and stay there and stay quiet ‘till I’m back. You can reach me from down there too.”

The others looked concerned. Probably because I was talking as if someone was going to come and break in. Well, better to be alert than complacent. If I had to leave them here, I wouldn’t be here to protect them. I added, “I’ll try to watch the outside cameras myself, if it looks like something going on I’ll head back here as fast as I can. But just be careful and stay alert until I get back. Okay?”

They all gave me reluctant okays. I gathered up snacks and some food, got a small package of skinny pretzels to put down in the room for emergencies (I couldn’t get it down there myself, but it was light enough that one of them could drag it over and drop it down the hole) and I knew if worse came to worse, they could get to the bathroom sink to get fresh water. So hopefully they could last a little while. I honestly didn’t know if we’d be gone for a couple hours or all night. Before I left I bent down and kissed each of them on the top of the head, said Maria’s in charge and whispered a little thank you to her when I kissed her, and then turned to Melanie and said, “Ready babe?”

She gave me a little smile and said “Ready. Let’s go.”

I put on my hoodie jacket with the big inside pocket, then lifted Melanie up and lowered her into the pocket. She was used to traveling like this when we went out in public, it was much safer. She could snuggle up to my stomach and she wouldn’t be visible to passers-by, plus I could feel her there and would know quickly if something was amiss. We headed to the garage, I opened the garage door and started the car, gave her a minute to climb out and get comfortable in the passenger seat, and then we backed the car out, waiting for the garage door to close and the security system to re-arm before I pulled into the street.


As we turned down the street where the mansion was, I could see the reflection of red and blue lights, glinting off the turret atop the building, visible from the street despite the high stone walls around the property. Finding a space to park along the street, I turned to Melanie and after taking a bracing breath, asked, “Ready?”

She looked up at me with a little apprehension. I knew it wasn’t directed at me, she could see the commotion even from her vantage point in the passenger seat. She sighed herself and then said, “Okay. Let’s do this.”

At that I gently lifted her up and lowered her into my hoodie, giving her a moment to situate herself in the big inside pocket, and then I opened the door and got out, walking down the sidewalk and up to the opened gates leading to the inside drive.

An officer stood there, arms folded, watching as we approached. A few steps away he put a hand up and said, “I’m going to need you to cross the street and go around.” He pointed back where we’d come, trying to direct us away.

I stopped and said, “I need to see Sergeant Joe Ducey. He asked me to come by.”

The officer’s eyes narrowed and he apprised me suspiciously for a moment. Then he huffed and said “Stay there.” He made a call over his radio, though it was hard to make out the words. A couple minutes later, I saw Sergeant Joe walking over to meet me.

His first words were, “Took you long enough.”

“Sorry” I mumbled. “I had to make sure the others were safe and had something to eat and drink and all. Makes me nervous leaving them all there by themselves. I installed a whole security system last night and this morning, I don’t want to take any chances.”

He squinted at me for a moment. “Good.” He didn’t say anything more as he led me into the mansion. It seemed strange to actually be walking into this place after seeing it on camera – after having an inkling of what had been going on in here for months - and just a couple days after helping Melanie help Cindy and Becky escape under the cover of darkness. As we walked, I glanced at the gazebo off to the side, from a distance I could see some sort of equipment sitting near the trap door and a couple of men in body suits holding gas masks and standing and talking nearby. I was itching to know what happened in that short time after Sergeant Joe called me the first time.

As we entered the side door of the mansion – the very door I remembered watching on camera as they rolled equipment through, not knowing Melanie had inadvertently stowed aboard the equipment before it arrived. It was surreal in a way. I couldn’t imagine what Melanie was thinking, though she couldn’t see much of anything at the moment I’m sure she could hear and sense what was going on around us. We stopped at a table in what looked like a formal dining room, and he told me to pull up a chair. There were a couple other officers already sitting there, and they looked at me with a little suspicion as well, probably wondering why on earth this nerdy looking guy would be invited into the middle of a crime scene, though I was lucky enough that Sergeant Joe was vouching for me and he seemed to carry some weight with the group.

“Okay. First off, introductions.” We exchanged names and Sergeant Joe introduced me as the guy who accidentally stumbled upon this and tipped them off to criminal activity on the property. I wouldn’t say it was accidental, there was a lot of work involved, but I had the sense to keep my mouth shut while he spoke.

Then he asked if I’d brought one of ‘my women’ with me. The other officers’ eyebrows shot up their foreheads at that remark.

I said, “Yes. I brought Melanie, she’s the one who broke Cindy and Becky out of the cage they were in and helped them escape over the weekend.”

They looked at each other for a moment, and then one of them spoke. “I didn’t see him come in with anyone else. Is this a joke?”

At that, Melanie piped up, “No, I’m right here, just give me a minute!” I unzipped my hoodie and let her climb up onto the table. They both almost fell over at that. Which was just as well, she sure had their attention. She spent the next several minutes filling them in, some on her ordeal and how I (her boyfriend) rescued her, how the two of us spent a week investigating all this, tracking down leads as well as how her genius boyfriend was working on solving the puzzle of how to reverse the process and how she knows I’m smarter than those two goons that shrunk everyone.

By the time she was done, standing there with her arms folded, waiting for a response, they were all speechless for a minute.

Then Sergeant Joe began to fill us in on recent events. “There were two security guys, they came down the elevator with our two officers to show them the bunker. Someone else was down there already and whacked one of our people with a crowbar the minute the doors opened. There was a struggle. One officer was subdued and tied to a chair and then they … did THIS to her” - as he spoke he waved his hand at Melanie – “before the other officer came to and got back on his feet. By that time they had her and threatened to kill – squash – her if we didn’t let them go.” He looked visibly upset. “We gassed them and tied them up. We haven’t brought anyone up yet.”

It took a minute for me to absorb all of that. Melanie looked a little shaken herself. I replied, “Is there anyone else on the property? I know there were at least four that we know of the night of the rescue … “ I glanced at Melanie and she nodded “and we suspected another guy they seemed to refer to as ‘the boss’ was coming here either yesterday or today.”

One of the other officers interjected “We’ve got three accounted for downstairs and one in the study.”

“Any chance we could see them? Melanie can ID the two scientists and … do you think you’d recognize the two guards that came down while you were down there?”

“I … maybe. I was trying to hide, I heard more than I saw, but … maybe. Cindy or Becky could ID them easily.” Sergeant Joe flinched a little at the mention of his niece and sister-in-law. “But the two … scientists” (I could tell she was trying to be diplomatic with that one) “I would recognize in a heartbeat.”

“Alright.” Sergeant Joe looked at his two officers. “Why don’t you escort them to see the prisoners and maybe they can save us some time by ID’ing these fools.” Then he looked at me. “Umm .. how is she going to get around?”

Melanie chirped up, “He can carry me. He is my boyfriend after all.” All three of them gave us an odd look, like they couldn’t even imagine. She was undaunted. After all she’d been through, she wouldn’t let that ruffle her feathers.

So I gently picked up my girl. She sat in my hand, holding onto my thumb for support, and we proceeded to go check out the prisoners. First the guy they had handcuffed to a chair in the study. I certainly didn’t recognize him – and Melanie didn’t either. So we knew he wasn’t one of the scientists, nor one of the security guards. We relayed this information to the officers, along with what Melanie had overheard a few days ago that they expected ‘the boss’ to come by. Maybe that was this guy, who knows. He had some bruises so maybe he put up a fight, but for now he was just brooding, and didn’t even look at us or react when we were talking.

After that, they radio’d down to someone else to see if it was safe to come down to the bunker, then escorted us down on the elevator. When we got off the elevator, there were a couple of fans set up, blowing towards the access tube. We saw a male police officer sitting in a chair in the corner, holding gauze over gash on his forehead. That must have been the crowbar they spoke of. Then we saw three men along the wall, handcuffed. They all looked pretty woozy still, glassy-eyed. Probably the effects of the gas still wearing off. I could recognize one of the scientists, but not the other two.

“Babe, do you recognize those two?”

“I think so. Like I said, Cindy or Becky could easily spot them in a lineup, I only got glimpses, but they look like the two guards that came down to take the equipment off the pallet and then walked over and started harassing them in the cage. I remember one of them was even jerking off at the time.” One of the officers looked at her when she said that, eyes narrowed. She looked up at him and said, “I bet Becky could easily tell you which one. From what they tell me, this was a regular occurrence. And ... I do know … this scientist over here … he’s the one who sat in that chair over there” she pointed towards the alcove where the cage and chair still sat undisturbed “and forced both of them to … umm … “ she looked at me as if I was going to give her the words, and then back to the officer, “stand between his legs and jerk him off.”

The officer’s eyes got wide at that. “Shit.” He looked back and forth between Melanie, the handcuffed men and the alcove.

Melanie continued, “According to what Becky tells me, there should be plenty of evidence over there … all over the chair and the wall next to that cage. And by the way, that’s the cage they were kept in for months.”

I wondered how much of the story Sergeant Joe had relayed to them … probably not enough. Though my eyes darted over to the table, where a tiny woman lay, still unconscious. Yeah, that should make the ramifications of all this sink in … and why they had to be stopped. This was their other officer, I could tell by the tiny uniform. Even the gun in its holster had shrunk with her. She was a young black woman, tall and slender, athletic build. Her hair was tied back in a tight bun. I looked at her from a distance and thought she was quite attractive. I walked closer to the table and set Melanie down. She stood up and stretched her legs, walked over to the woman and put her hand on her shoulder.

We waited while Melanie took a look at her. She was breathing but completely out cold. If we assume Maria’s experience was typical, it could be sometime tomorrow before she woke up.

“She has several ugly bruises, but I don’t think any bones are broken.” Melanie stood back up and turned to us. I stood near the edge of the table, but so did the two officers that escorted us down.

“They punched her several times to subdue her. How the fuck was she supposed to take on three men at once? She never even had a chance to pull her pistol.” The officer that had been ambushed with the crowbar spoke up from his chair across the room. He looked a little shaken. “After … THAT … they just picked her up and waved her around like she was a damn toy. They threatened to slam her to the ground and squash her. Dammit! We should have … “ his voice trailed off.

One of the others spoke up, “You couldn’t have arrested them yet, all you had was a search warrant and … you didn’t have anything on those two … YET. Now we have enough to lock them up for a long time. But … don’t beat yourself up. You did all you could, man.”

“But what about Keisha? She doesn’t deserve this.”

I felt I had to speak up myself, but Melanie jumped in first. “The main thing is they can’t do this to anyone again. Right? My boyfriend” she pointed to me and everyone turned to look at me – sheesh – “is probably the only one who can FIX this, and he’s already working on it. Now … there are five of us now. Me, Maria, Cindy, Becky, and now … Keisha.”

They were all looking at me now. One of them said, “You’re trying to fix this? For real?”

I nodded. “Yeah. Melanie is my girlfriend. I owe it to her. These scumbags used her as a damn lab rat and then left her with two people who abused her for weeks.” Melanie flinched herself a little at hearing that out loud. “Maria is her best friend and a close friend of mine and they did to her the same as your Keisha here, all because she tried to help Melanie. Then my little hero came down here and rescued Cindy and Becky – Sergeant Joe’s niece by the way – after they’d been rotting away down here for months. So YEAH. Damn right I’m putting this right. These ‘scientists’ - “ I made air quotes with my hands – yeah I was on a roll here – “haven’t a fucking clue how to fix this, they were too focused on money and power to give a damn what this would do to their innocent victims. They stumbled into how to make this work out of sheer dumb luck. I know exactly how they did it and yeah, I’m already working on a way to reverse it. Now … “ I took a moment to calm down, damn I didn’t know I had all that aggression in me … “it’s not an overnight fix. But I’ve already been talking to Andrew Caulfield, they worked in his lab and blackmailed him by threatening to kill his wife and daughter, holding them in that cage over there.” I saw the scientist was coming out of his stupor and glanced up at me, but didn’t say anything. “I’ll need to do some experiments, but he’s secured the same lab and equipment.” The scientist snickered and looked like he was going to make some snide remarks. I turned and looked right at him. “Hey YOU. Yeah you. I know about the bomb that you and Bob planted.” His eyes went wide at that and he shut up quick. Turning back to the officers, I continued, “I can’t promise it’ll be fixed in a day. It may take some time. This is new territory, nobody’s ever shrunk people before this, and nobody’s ever attempted to reverse it. But I fully understand the science behind it and I’m confident I can do it.”

I stopped and caught my breath after that long heated monologue. Melanie just looked at me, a proud grin on her face. Damn, was she proud of me? What a girl.

Then as I stopped and thought for a moment … oh shit. “Uh … speaking of … where is Bob?”


“The other scientist. There were two of them. This one here … ” I waved my hand in his direction “was basically his assistant.” I looked around and got puzzled looks from everyone. “Uh … you didn’t find anyone else here, just … these three and the guy upstairs?” A sinking feeling hit me in the stomach. Melanie started to look sick too as the realization hit her.

“No, just these four.”

“So Bob is still loose out there, and he probably knows the mansion has been raided.”

Melanie looked at me, wide eyed. “The house!”

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Sat Mar 04, 2023 6:38 am

Damn you're good!!
Great story.

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Melanie's Story Part 42 - How Many More?

Post by Rocket » Tue Mar 14, 2023 6:33 pm

I could see the panic in Melanie’s eyes. She feared this Bob could be coming after us for revenge. For that matter, she’d mentioned overhearing him Sunday brag that we would ‘be taken care of soon enough’ – so ever since, we’d both wondered if they actually had a suspicion about who was on their trail. And how he could have figured anything out, as we sure didn’t give them much to go on. Or did they suspect Melanie’s siblings, the ones they’d gone to rough up for answers after I’d rescued Melanie and Maria from Level 7? Or did they suspect Andrew Caulfield was plotting behind their back, despite the risk to his wife and daughter? We just talked to him a couple of hours ago, before I got a call from Sergeant Joe to come up here the mansion. My thoughts shot to the guy who was trailing him Monday when we talked in the park, the guy who then chased after me for several blocks and through an apartment building before I doubled back, somehow knocked him out in the stairwell and hid his phone up on the roof. Had that guy gotten a good enough look at me? Undoubtedly he’d remember me, but was a face from memory enough to find someone in a city of almost a million?

First thing I did was pull out my phone, to go check the cameras and see if there was any activity at the house, but – dammit – no signal down here. We were underground.

Turning to the officers that brought us down, I said, “Is there any chance I can go back up just for a minute? I can’t get a signal down here.” They looked at me suspiciously for a moment. I added, “I just need to check the security at the house. If this Bob is still out there, I can’t take a chance of something happening to the others. There are three women back at the house who are in the same situation as your Keisha here. I’m responsible for them until I can figure out how to reverse this. He’s out there and he could be looking for revenge.”

I got another look and then one of them mumbled, “Sure” and started heading towards the elevator.

Turning to Melanie, I said, “Babe, will you be okay? I’ll be back in a minute.”

She looked at me, back at the other officer, back at Keisha, and said “Just hurry.”

I nodded and trotted off to the elevator.

Melanie stood there, watching the elevator doors close. Now all she could do was wait. She wasn’t comfortable around these strangers. Even if two of them were police officers, the other three were criminals – and one of them … she glanced in his direction and he snarled back at her … this was the guy who captured her on Level 7, whacking her with a broom and then strapping her to a table, he and Bob both threatening to hurt her and threatening to hurt Maria while she was unconscious. The memories of that day flooded back for a moment and she had to stop and settle herself, her hands on her knees, and take some calming breaths. This wasn’t the time or place to panic. She was brought here because one of their officers was shrunk, pretty much the same way Maria was, and just like with Maria, they threatened to hurt or kill her while she was unconscious.

“Is everything alright, miss?” She turned and saw the other officer looking at her.

She took another couple breaths and then nodded and stood straight. “Yeah. Sorry. Just a lot of bad memories. What these assholes did to your … Keisha … they did the exact same thing to my friend Maria just last week. They … captured me in the lab and strapped me to the table, and when she came up to try to … rescue me … they beat her up and shrunk her … and then while she was … unconscious … they … waved her in front of me and threatened to …” her voice cracked and she stopped and took some more calming breaths “ ... snap her arms and legs if I didn’t cooperate … and then my boyfriend broke in and rescued both of us. He’s the one who gave that jerk over there a bruise on his face. And he’s … been looking out for all us ever since.”

He looked over to Keisha for a moment and just shook his head, unsure what to say to all that. Finally he said, “I’m worried she hasn’t … woken up yet.”

Melanie looked at her and back to him, gathering her thoughts. “Yeah. It … may be a while.”

“What do you mean?”

“Umm … Maria was out of it for the rest of the day. She didn’t come to until the next morning. We actually … fed her with a dropper, we didn’t know how long it would be. It was … a few days for me, but we’re suspecting they drugged me so they could do experiments. I’ve got … scars where they cut me.”


“I … really think he’s our best chance … maybe only chance … of figuring out how to reverse this.”

“How so?” He actually looked curious, maybe a little hopeful.

“He’s been studying this, their notes, he already understands how the process works. All the science behind it. How they made it work. And he’s the one who traced this back to the mansion and the LLC’s and brought you guys in on this. If he hadn’t, we figured any day they’d have this worked out and they could have escaped anywhere … and set up an underground trafficking ring … kidnapping women off the street and selling them off.”

“Shit” he said again, shaking his head.

“I … I know I was brought here to talk to Keisha. She may not come to for hours, maybe not until morning, at least if Maria was typical. It’s supposedly something about the shock to the body that it takes a while to recover. So … my advice? She should come stay with us. It’s the safest place for her right now, even if that Bob is on the loose. When she wakes up she’ll have the rest of us there, we’re kinda our own support group … and she’ll be with the one person who may be capable of finding a solution.”

He took that in for a minute. Finally he nodded. “Okay. You may be right. I don’t know what we’d do with her back at the station, it would just be a media circus. I’ll talk to Sarge.”

“Umm … thanks.”

“For what?”

“For talking to me like a human. I’m suspecting Cindy and Becky’s experience is more typical. My boyfriend was the first one to treat me like a person, and I’d been like this for a month by the time I was able to reach him to rescue me.”

She sat down near Keisha and just rested in silence. Her head was still spinning at all that had happened, not just today, but throughout the last couple weeks. She was still … not just in a strange place, but in the same place she was trapped in and escaped from just a couple days ago, the same place where two of her friends (were they her friends now? Huh.) were caged and continuously abused. She felt like she should have been frightened, maybe even had PTSD at coming down here again, but instead she felt … empowered. Wow. Despite her size, and sitting on a table with what to her size would be a 20 foot drop to a concrete floor if she fell, and being dependent on others to get around, she felt empowered. The people here listened to her, actually listened, and they wanted her help. And there was a sense of hope. That maybe we’d stopped this operation before the worst could happen. And hope that maybe this could be reversed.

Though for the first time, she just sat and pondered that. Returning to normal. While she hated the first month of her ordeal, the sexual torture, the games, the helplessness … the last three weeks had been … in a way, amazing. She had a doting boyfriend, a circle of friends, few responsibilities, and all the mind-blowing sex she could ever want … she caught herself grinning at that thought … shoot, what would it be like if she had to stay this way? Would it really be all bad?


As soon as the elevator doors opened, I had my phone out searching for more than one bar … I got close to the window and got a decent signal, calling up the security app as quickly as I could, tapping my foot impatiently as I waited for the feed to load. Finally. I scrolled across the four outside cameras … all appeared to be clear, no cars on the street or driveway, no alarms had gone off … and switched to the two inside cameras just to be sure. I saw Becky walking in the hallway – probably just going to use the bathroom or returning from it. She didn’t appear to be in any hurry or stress. Seeing that put my mind at ease. Though that didn’t mean this Bob didn’t know how to find us, only that he wasn’t there yet.

I asked if I could talk to the Sergeant for a minute. The officer radio’d and a couple minutes later Sergeant Joe came in from outside. From what I gathered, they were waiting for something – perhaps a wagon to take these four to the county jail maybe? I didn’t ask, but that would have been my guess.

“Sergeant Joe?”

He grunted. I got the impression he was annoyed and would rather be outside coordinating whatever it was that was happening or about to happen.

“Couple things. First, I was wondering … that guy who was tailing Andrew Caulfield and then chased me after I met with him?”

He nodded. “Yeah?”

“Well … I was wondering if he’s still out there?”

“Have we brought him in for questioning, you mean? No.”

“Did you find out anything about him?”

“Nothing I’m at liberty to say. But we have people looking into it.”

“Oh.” Shit, that means at least two people on the loose …

“What was the other thing? I don’t have all day.”

“Umm … yeah. There’s … only one scientist down there.”


“There were two scientists who built this machine. The one down there is the … like an assistant. The main guy – Bob – is not here. I’m … worried he could be going after Mr. Caulfield, or he could be trying to find me … and the house. Where Becky and Cindy are.” I felt like I had to add that in, he was starting to blow me off.

At that last piece, he actually paid attention.

“Bob was the mastermind and he’s not here. Melanie confirmed he was definitely there in the bunker on Sunday working on this machine and Andrew confirmed he was definitely at the lab downtown yesterday. But he’s not up here and he’s not down there.” I pointed out the window. “He’s out there somewhere.”

“Fine. What do you have for us. Even a last name?” He replied sarcastically.

“I’m sure Andrew has a file on the guy, he worked at Advanced Future Tech. Just … if this Bob is out there, and the guy who was tailing Andrew is still out there … “

“Shit.” The urgency was starting to set in.

“I … gave Andrew a cell phone the other day, I figured his other lines may be monitored, but he still has to get somewhere private to call back. We talked to him a couple hours ago.” I pulled out my phone, looked up the number and read it off to him as he jotted it down in his notepad.

“I’m going to send someone out to go check on him.”

“Thank you. I should collect Melanie and get back to the house. I don’t like leaving them alone with all this going on.”

“Alright.” He checked his watch. “I’ll run down with you for a minute and see what’s going on down there.”


We got off the elevator and my eyes went searching for Melanie right away. Her eyes perked up and she smiled as I walked over.

“Hey. It looks all clear at the house right now, but I think we should get back soon.”

She nodded. “Yeah. And I think we should take Keisha with us.”

I looked at Keisha, still asleep. “Umm … will they be okay with that? Did you tell them … “

“Yeah. She might not wake up until morning. We were talking while you were gone.” She looked over to where the officers were talking to Sergeant Joe. “I think they’re discussing that right now. Better for her to wake up and we’re there for support, than be under a microscope.”

I nodded. “Ok. Also … “ I leaned in so I could talk quietly “Apparently not only is Bob on the loose, remember that guy who was tailing Andrew and then chased me after I met him in the park?” She frowned as she nodded. “He’s still out there too. They’re sending someone to go check on Andrew and make sure he’s safe. Plus they apparently don’t have enough information on Bob to track him down. Andrew’s going to have to give them some details.” I shook my own head in disgust. “Would have been SO much better to just catch him here.”

Just as I said that, Melanie looked past me. I turned and saw the Sergeant and the two officers walking over to us.

Sergeant Joe said, “We’re going to let you take Keisha back with you. Just promise me you’re going to look after her and no funny business. I … “ He looked back at his officers “… agree it will be a media circus if we take her back to the precinct.”

Melanie spoke first, “I think that’s for the best. There are five of us now … that we know of … and we look out for each other. We’ve … dealt with this before.”

He sighed. “Fine. But the minute she wakes up, I want to send one of these guys over. Or her partner if he’s … actually he may not be up for it. The paramedics are waiting up top to take him to the hospital.”

I nodded. “Okay. I can call you as soon as she stirs. It would be good for her to see one of you anyway. She may panic when she first wakes up … and she won’t recognize any of us. She needs to see someone she knows and who can tell her she’s not in any more danger.” Then bending down to speak quietly to Melanie, I said, “There … is one more thing I have to do before we leave, though.”

She looked up at me and then I saw comprehension. “Yeah. What do you need me to do?”

“How about distract them for just a minute?” I whispered back.

She snorted. “Yeah right.” But then she motioned for the officers to come over and she talked to them, asking questions about Keisha, while I backed off and made my way to the machine.

I took a look at the machine, trying not to make it obvious that I was studying it. It took me a couple minutes to figure out where the element was – they had injected it into a polycarbonate cartridge in the laser compartment, where the beam would pass through it. I reached over with my left hand, trying to hide my movements, and slipped it out of the machine and into my pocket.

Then I stepped closer and turned to Melanie and said, “Ready, babe? We should get going.”

“Yeah, but how are we … “ she thought for a second. “Oh. Umm, you’re going to need to carry Keisha too. Get her first.”

So I looked at Keisha for a moment, then back at the officers watching me. Last thing I needed was for them to think I was going to grab a feel or something, but there really wasn’t any way around it, I had to pick her up. So I reached down gently with my finger and thumb and turned her flat onto her back. Then I lifted her head and shoulders with my right hand while I slid my left hand underneath her, then pulled at her shoulders to slide her fully onto my left palm. I took a moment to position her more securely so she wouldn’t slip, and then lifted her up. She was kinda cute in her uniform, though she had a real radio, a real gun – tiny but real – and a real badge. With the audience around me, I dare not stand there and admire her.

Sure enough, one of the officers blurted, “You’re just going to carry her like that?”

Without even turning my head, I replied, “Not much choice. At least to get her out of here and back upstairs. Either I carry her or one of you do.”

At that they backed off and let me carry her. I put my right hand down for Melanie and she climbed in, sat her little tush in my palm and used my thumb to hold on. I lifted my hand back up and then turned towards the elevator. Sergeant Joe followed us.

Before I got on the elevator, I turned to the officers. “As soon as she starts to stir, I’ll call Sergeant Joe so he can send someone out to the house. It would be good for her to see someone she knows. She doesn’t know me at all. She’ll have the other four there for support, but she doesn’t know them yet either.”

Then we got on the elevator and back upstairs. Before we went outside, it just dawned on me, I couldn’t just walk down the street to my car like this, carrying two women in my hands. Some of these other police officers may know what happened to Keisha, but given the paramedics were waiting for the other guy to be brought up, I suspected they were trying to keep this aspect of the case quiet for now. No doubt the whole neighborhood would be swarming with reporters if the word leaked out. So I turned to Melanie and said, “Babe, umm … I might need to hide both of you before we go outside.”

She snorted. “Ya think? It’s all right. It’ll be a little cramped in there but we’ll manage. Go ahead.”

“Okay.” So I lowered my right hand down to the big inside pocket of my hoodie and let Melanie slide down into it. Then I carefully moved Keisha from my left hand to my right and then lowered her into the big pocket, Melanie grabbing her legs and easing her down. I was standing right at the door, my back to the others. I wonder what they’d think if they saw me sticking both women in the inside pocket of my hoodie. They’d stop me for sure. So no need to make a spectacle of it. I got that done, zipped the hoodie part way and then proceeded out the door. Yes I had a bulge on one side, but this was better than walking with them out in the open. I put my hands in my pockets and tried to look nonchalant as I walked down the drive and then out the gated entrance, though it was hard as I could feel them with my hand through the layer of fabric between the two pockets. I could tell which one was Melanie as I felt her squirming, though I knew that was her getting comfortable in the cramped space and not a reaction to my brushing her with my hand. She was used to the latter and insisted in the past that it didn’t bother her in the least. Though I could also feel Keisha’s body through the thin fabric. Melanie I could probably feel up through the fabric and the most she’d do is tease me about it. Keisha I didn’t know at all and I’d feel guilty like I was taking advantage of her, even if it was inadvertent. So I purposely tried to keep my hand still. Though admittedly it wasn’t easy.

Once we made it to the car and I climbed in, I unzipped the hoodie and helped Melanie out. I always enjoyed watching her climb over my lap on all fours, her tush in the air, then over the center console and into the passenger seat. As she got herself comfortable, I reached in and gently lifted Keisha out, laying her on the seat next to Melanie so she could keep an eye on her.

She looked up at me and smirked as I pulled my hand away. “I could tell you were trying to be a gentleman.”

“It was that obvious?”

She snorted. “Yeah. I think it’s cute.”

I glared at her. “I’m cute? Honey, I’m a guy. Guys aren’t supposed to be cute.”

She laughed. “Okay. But you know what I mean. You’re going to have to touch her at some point, it’s kinda unavoidable. But I’m sure she’ll appreciate knowing you didn’t intentionally feel her up.”

I groaned. “She doesn’t know me at all. I’m worried she’s going to wake up and think we kidnapped her, or that I’m in on this whole scheme. That’s why I told Sergeant Joe I’d call him right away, maybe he can send someone to the house to help talk to her. Maria … already knew us, she knew we weren’t … you know. She knew us. Keisha has never seen me in her life.”

Melanie thought on that for a moment. “True. But you have us. We’ll work on her. She should listen to us, we’re in the same boat. If anyone can understand what she’s going through, it’s the four of us.”


Back at the house, I shut off the engine and waited for the garage door to come down, then gently scooped up my charges, one in each hand, and went back into the house. Everything looked quiet for now, though that could change at any time and we had to be ready.

Once they heard us coming in, they started pouring into the kitchen, the soft sound of tiny feet on the tile as they came closer and then looked up in surprise.

“OH. Yeah. Ladies, umm … this is Keisha. She’s a police officer. They subdued her and shrunk her at the mansion. The second machine is working. Or … was working.”

Melanie looked at me. “I forgot to ask. You disabled it?”

I smirked. “You could say that. I removed the element that came from the meteorite. Without that they can’t bend the light properly. So the machine’s useless without it.”

She snorted. “I guess that’ll work.”

Cindy looked up at us, straining her neck. She was standing right in front of me. “So … if the machine won’t work … “

I replied, “I’m going to work on the other machine, in the lab. As soon as your husband is safe and we know the lab is safe.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Now we had to figure out what to do with Keisha. I didn’t think dressing her in a smock and tucking her in on the bed would be the best idea. Maybe in the future if she was comfortable with that, but not when she first wakes up. She’ll be in enough of a panic. I wasn’t even sure if we should take her out of her police uniform or not. Though I figured I should at least take the gun and put it someplace out of reach. It may be tiny but it probably still worked – and that thing could probably take out an eye - or worse. A woman in a panic with a gun, not a good combination. So after setting Melanie down on the floor and letting her start to fill in the others on what happened, I turned Keisha on her side in my hand and very gently opened up her holster and removed the tiny gun, setting it up on the counter where none of them could reach it. I turned her over in my hand, checking for any other weapons that she might reach for in her panicked state. Though it was hard to ignore her breasts pressing against the fingers of my left hand, while I held her tush between my right finger and thumb. Yes, part of me was curious what she looked like under that uniform. Though another part of me pointed out how bad that would look, standing here and fondling an unconscious woman with four other women standing at my feet. Common sense prevailed and I turned her back over and then turned to look at the others so we could figure out what to do with her – could she make it until morning or did we need force feed her water or something. A memory of what I had to do with Maria came to mind, though with Maria at the time, we only knew that Melanie had been out for 3 days and we were afraid Maria would be out for several days. Maybe she could make it overnight? Maybe? And then where was she was going to sleep tonight? Again, laying in my bed would not be a good idea. And leaving her alone in another room might not be a good idea. But I left it to the women to decide and they stood and discussed it amongst themselves.

She needed to be in a safe place, with someone else around – and not me. Someone her own size would be less of a shock. If she was anything like Maria, she’d be panicked – probably more-so, given she would be waking in a strange place with a house full of strangers.

They finally voted to keep her in the office and asked me to set up a large towel as a blanket for her to rest and set up bedding for the others, they decided they should all be close by if she woke up. They could call me in but figured it might be safer with just people her own size around. I wasn’t so sure about that, I remembered with Maria that it took me pinning her down with my hand until she regained control and we could talk to her. I convinced them to compromise and move to the bedroom instead, even if they set up in the far corner, at least I’d be closer if something happened. Yes she might freak seeing a giant, but she also might freak and start fighting everyone else. I could easily subdue her – gently – long enough for us to talk her down off the cliff, and I didn’t want the others getting hurt. I had no doubt this woman knew how to fight.

So I went about setting that up, and then making dinner for everyone. Geez, I was running out of chairs. While the oven was heating up I dug around in the garage and found some spare wood, sawed off and smoothed the edges, and used a couple smaller blocks as legs, gluing them on. Overly simple, but at least a bench would accommodate more than one person if necessary. I really hoped five was it and that there weren’t others somewhere … it seemed like we’d hopefully caught them just in time, if they got the machine running last night or earlier today, but I didn’t know for sure. At least with the machine on Level 7, anyone they shrunk they’d have to have gotten into the building and up to that floor first, so with that visibility you’d think that would limit how many victims … and we knew the machine at the mansion wasn’t operational before yesterday.

But still, that didn’t rule out the possibility more victims were out there.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Wed Mar 15, 2023 3:12 pm

Mmmm...serious stuff. I wonder if Keisha will like being handled naked? All heading for a showdown.
I'm always looking forward to your work, it's great!!

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Melanie's Story Part 43 - On the Loose

Post by Rocket » Tue Mar 28, 2023 5:20 pm

I had a nagging concern that we didn’t know for sure there were only five victims. As the others ate dinner – everyone except Keisha of course, who was still unconscious and tucked into ‘bed’ (basically a folded towel on the floor in the corner of the bedroom, with one end folded over a couple times to make a pillow), I dialed Sergeant Joe.

I asked him first if he could hold onto any lab notebooks that they located either in the bunker or elsewhere in the mansion. I had the one notebook I’d taken from Level 7, the one that included information about Melanie’s initial shrinking and the tests they performed on her while she was out (I still shuddered at the thought, that these jerks had her naked and unconscious for three days … the same jerks that abused Cindy and Becky for months). I explained that those notebooks could help me with the reversal (I doubted it, but given his niece was a victim I thought it would help to mention) and also help us discover whether there were any more victims we didn’t know about yet. We’d suspected Becky was first and Melanie second, but only because of the way they were identified in the notebook I had with me. While I doubted Maria was mentioned in the notebooks at all – and Keisha of course wouldn’t be – as both were unplanned – I’d be surprised if Cindy was the only other victim in almost two months’ time. While these ‘scientists’ may have had the obstacle of getting their victims to Level 7 (at least prior to last night or today), they didn’t seem the type to just sit around for two months.

Another thought came to me while we were talking.

“Also while they’re searching the place, have them look for not just shrunken people, but shrunken items or animals. They could be anywhere – in a drawer, a cage, a box in a closet or cabinet.”

“What makes you think there’s going to be something?”

“I’m … not certain, it’s likely they would have tested the machine on something else before shrinking someone, though they might have been rushed today. And for all we know, they could have had a hostage waiting to test it on as soon as they got it up and running, before your team even got there.”

He groaned. “Fine. Will be in touch.” He hung up without a goodbye. Probably annoyed that I was putting more work in his lap, but what if my suspicions were right? What if there were animals – or even a person – somewhere in the mansion or the bunker, too small for them to have noticed? I doubted they were looking for anyone that wasn’t normal size. This would take some searching, room by room and drawer by drawer. Yeah, it was a lot of work, but it was necessary.

After that call, I went back to gather up the ladies and get them ready for bed … and myself as well. It was another crazy day. Not as stressful as the last few, and I’d spent the whole morning doing manual labor and wiring circuits rather than running and chasing and rescuing people, but the idea that this Bob – and the guy who chased me Monday – and maybe others were still out there, was stressful in itself. We were out in the open, as it were, no longer hiding in the shadows trying to stay off their radar. Now we had a bullseye on our back.

It was tempting despite all that, to fool around with the girls – for whatever reason, they seemed very open to getting into sexual mischief at every opportunity – though the episode a few hours ago had been pretty intense. So for now I just worked on getting them settled. Melanie felt she should sleep on the floor so she’d be close by if Keisha woke up, and Cindy volunteered herself and Becky to stay with her. Leaving Maria to join me in bed, if she wanted to. I laid out hand towels, folding them to make three more sleeping bags, with the excess towel folded up to make a pillow, and let them climb in. I was getting pretty adept at making beds out of hand towels, I’d gotten a lot of practice the last few days. I bent down and gave Melanie a good night kiss on the head, and then turned to Maria.


She smirked and lifted her arms. “Ready.” I reached down and wrapped my fingers around her, lifting her up as I stood, and then I gave her a kiss and set her down on the bed, while I finished getting undressed and climbed in next to her. I kinda figured she’d be tired enough to want to wind down and get some sleep like the others, but … nope.

After I climbed into bed and lay back on the pillow and turned off the bedside light, I watched out of the corner of my eye as Maria stood up, a trickle of light from the hallway reflecting off her little gown. She lifted the gown up over her head, tossed it down on her pillow, and then climbed under the sheet. I continued watching with amusement at the lump that moved towards the foot of the bed, curious what on earth she was up to. The lump disappeared, and then a minute later I felt something brush against my inner thigh. Suppressing my urge to reach my hand down there or lift up the sheet, I just lay back and closed my eyes, though I knew she was up to something mischievous. A few moments later, I felt her crawling up the leg of my boxers and then pulling herself up, her hands and then her feet brushing against my manhood. It started to perk up from the attention, though instead of doing something to satisfy it, I felt her stretch out and then curl herself up and get comfortable. Sheesh, was she planning to sleep down there? With a soft snort I realized that’s exactly what she was doing. She was going to sleep snuggled up inside my boxers.

I gave her a few minutes to see if she did anything else, but no, she wasn’t moving. I did pull back the sheets, worried the poor girl was going to suffocate down there. It did look like she’d kicked open the fly to get some air, but she at least appeared to be sound asleep now. I reached my hand down there and gently felt her through the thin fabric of my boxers, and left my hand there for a few moments,, lazily stroking her little bottom as she slept. Then I slipped my thumb under the waistband and lifted it up. It was adorable (can a guy say that?) seeing her sleeping peacefully, snuggled up against the base of my cock, her knees brushing against it and her feet touching my groin. I reached inside and draped my hand over her like a blanket, and to my surprise she purred softly, pulled on my index finger to her chest and wrapped an arm around it, and then settled back into her sleep. Well, I suppose I could leave my hand there, it’s not like the others could see what I was doing from down there on the floor – and they were dozing off anyway. My index finger nestled against her breast and I could just barely feel her tiny nipple against it. My thumb rested on her shoulder, while I let my other fingers drape over her, my pinky resting on her ass. It was just a little tempting to try wiggling that finger between her legs, but I didn’t want to wake her, so I settled for just stroking her tush for a few minutes and then trying to get some sleep, though careful not to roll over.

It was at some point later, probably after midnight, when my phone started buzzing. I was half asleep and half awake, just alert enough to catch it. I started to get up quickly, then suddenly realized why I was laying with my hand in my pants. Sheesh. I kept my hand there, holding Maria in place so she wouldn’t fall, as I quickly and quietly swung my legs to the floor, grabbed the phone and hurried out the door, pressing the answer button with my left hand as I stepped into the office, nudging the door closed with my shoulder. It was Sergeant Joe.


“Andrew is missing.”

That was like a jolt of caffeine. “Missing?”

“No sign of him at work or at his house. His car is still at the office but he’s not there. I want you to confirm that number you gave me.”

I mumbled, “Okay, just a sec.” I thumbed through the contacts list and then read it back to him slowly.

“That’s the number I’ve got. You’re certain that’s the right one?”

“Definitely. I talked to him at that number … umm, I guess yesterday afternoon.”

“It’s reading out of service now.”


“Any ideas?”

“Umm … “

At that moment Maria started to wake up and stretch her arms, at first cuddling with my hand and then seeming to realize we weren’t in bed anymore. She started squirming her way up, sticking her head and shoulders above my waistband, and looked up at me. “Who’s that?”

I looked down at her. “It’s Sergeant Joe. He says Andrew is missing.”


“Yeah. The phone isn’t working. I’m worried that Bob went after him.”

She just looked at me for a moment. “Bob?”


“Hmm … have you tried that tracker on his car?”

I looked back at her, dumbfounded for a moment. “Maria, you’re a genius.” Then I spoke back into the phone. “I … think we may have an idea. Just a sec.”

I moved carefully, with Maria basically clinging to my stomach, the waistband of my boxes holding her in place, her feet still dangling against my crotch. I set the phone down, putting it on speaker, and started calling up the tracker app on my desktop computer.

“What’s going on?” he grumbled.

“Umm … okay. How we traced this Bob back to the mansion to begin with? I managed to stick a GPS tracker on his bumper.”

“You WHAT?” he growled.

“I … the day after I broke Maria and Melanie out of Level 7 … where Bob and his assistant were holding them captive by the way … we had a suspicion that they might show up at Melanie’s brother and sister’s house. That’s … who they placed her with after their experiments … and where I rescued her from after they both abused her for a month. But … anyway … we had a suspicion they might show up there first, and they did … so I stuck a tracker on his bumper while he was there, and it led us to the mansion.” I was still fumbling with the app while I talked. “I’m checking now to see if I can locate him.”

“Geez. You realize you’re confessing to a misdemeanor?”

I sighed. “I had to do SOMETHING. If I hadn’t, we would never have found the mansion, and Cindy and Becky would still be captives, in danger of being killed or sold off once they didn’t need Andrew anymore.”

He grumbled, “Fine. Just don’t be doing anything like that again without talking to me first. Now … do you have anything for me?”

“Umm … yeah. I … have a signal … just tracing it on the map now … okay. OH … “


“Uh, this may sound a little cliché’ … but Bob’s car is in the warehouse district.” I gave him the address slowly so he could write it down.

“Alright. I’ll have someone check it out. And … if there are any other surprises I should know about … “

“Yeah. Only one that I can think of.”

“Of course. What’s that?” he sighed.

“We believe the machine over at Advanced Future Tech has been sabotaged. Melanie overheard them talk about a bomb that would take out Andrew and the rest of the evidence. So I’d asked Andrew to keep the place secure and not let anyone in that lab … but if he’s gone missing … “

“Yeah. Stay by the phone in case I need you again” he said in his gravelly voice.

“Okay” I replied. And just like that he hung up.

I looked down at Maria. “You’re one smart cookie, you know? Even if you did take up residence in my shorts.”

She snorted. “Been wanting to try that for a while.”

I smirked at her. She was looking up at me with her arms folded, her chin on her arms, her breasts pressing against my abdomen and the waistband running across her back. “You know you can do that whenever, I just worry about rolling over and squishing you.”

She laughed. “You won’t squish me. But I feel funny doing it with Melanie right there, like I’m leaving her out of it. So since the opportunity, um, presented itself … “

“And speaking of opportunities … “ I said as I brought my hand down, wrapping my fingers around her, and lifted her up out of my shorts.

She nibbled on her lower lip. “Well, seeing as I was, um, trespassing, I suppose you should punish me.” She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes, she must have learned that trick from Melanie.

I grinned. “Oh, you naughty girl. Yes, I think you deserve a spanking.” At that I rolled her over onto my other hand, chest down, ass up, and then raised two fingers and gently swatted her on the bottom. Not enough to hurt, of course.

She smirked. “I’ve been naughtier than that, don’t I deserve more?” Geez, she was actually getting into this.

So I whispered, “Are you sure?”

“Spank me, big boy!” At that, I tried a little harder, it was hard to judge, but I brought my two fingers down onto her ass hard enough to make a sound. She glanced up at me and said “I know you’re trying to be gentle, but c’mon!” So against my better judgement, I snapped my finger against her ass like I was kicking a field goal in tabletop football. I heard the smack against her cheeks that time. “Ooh!” I did it again and she grunted. Then a couple more times. Her ass cheeks were starting to turn a little pink, so I stopped and gently rubbed them, and then brought them up to my lips and kissed them. She parted her legs a little, and at the invitation I slid the tip of my tongue over her ass and then down between her legs. She was already a little wet down there. Huh, I had no idea she was into this stuff. Or maybe it was something she’d just always wanted to try, like curling up to sleep in my shorts. Either way, she was horny tonight. I gently massaged her from behind with the tip of my tongue, tasting her juices as I caressed her lips. They parted for me and I worked the tip in further, teasing her tiny hole with my tongue. It didn’t take much to bring her the rest of the way, and soon she was pressing her ass against my lips, grinding her pussy against the tip of my tongue, and groaning in my hand, just before I felt her shudder and climax for me. I could tell she was trying not to scream and wake up the others, though it was hard. I gave her a few moments to come down from her first high before I gave her a second, my tongue attacking her clit as I quickly drove her over the edge again.

I slowly slid my tongue away and then softly kissed her bottom cheeks before I gently turned her over onto her back in my other hand. I enjoyed seeing the sheen of sweat on her flushed little body as she lay back and relaxed, a contented silly grin on her face. I lifted her up again and kissed her on the stomach, and she leaned up and kissed me back on the nose.

“You know we should still be careful with your leg.” I turned my hand to the side a bit to take a look at where the gash was on the outside of her upper left leg. The bandage was still in place, and to my relief I didn’t see any active bleeding from the wound seeping through. Nevertheless, the last thing we needed was for her to pull those stitches open. There would already be a scar there once it fully healed, but it hadn’t even been a week. It needed more time to heal.

“Yeah, I know” she sighed, “but a girl has needs.” She just lay back and gazed at me.

After that I turned my phone back to vibrate and stood up, planning to head back to bed and get a little sleep. I nudged the office door open and padded silently down the hall and back to the bedroom, climbing back into bed as quietly as I could, still holding Maria in my right hand. I got myself settled, which took a little longer using just my left hand for balance, and then before I lay my head back on the pillow, I brought Maria up to my lips again and kissed her, whispering, “Let’s get some sleep” and then I lowered her back down, lifting the waistband of my shorts with my left hand as I lay Maria gently inside my boxers. I heard her snort softly, and then she squirmed and stretched and got herself comfortable in a similar position to before my phone buzzed. I waited for her to get settled and then I lay my hand over her like a blanket as she drifted back off to sleep. I tried myself but with so much running through my head, it took a while before I finally dozed off.


It was a few hours later when my buzzing phone jarred me awake. I glanced at the clock. Shit, barely 5am. Well, somebody was getting less sleep than me, I supposed. I started to get up again and realized Maria was still dozing in my shorts. I snorted, held her in place with one hand while I picked up the phone and as quickly and quietly as I could, swung my legs to the floor and padded out into the hallway. The sense of deja-vu struck me even before I realized it was Sergeant Joe calling again. Damn.

I answered the call with my thumb as I darted into the office again, nudging the door shut.

“Umm … yeah?”

“Don’t sound so excited to hear from me” he grumbled.

“Sorry. I dozed off.”

“Well are you awake now?”


“Alright. Anyway, we followed your tip. And don’t be telling anyone else that you put a tracker on someone’s car, alright? I’m treating this as an anonymous tip. Anyways, we found Andrew. He’s barely conscious. We found him tied to a chair, it looks like he was being interrogated. We’re trying to talk to him now, the paramedics are on the way.”

“Holy shit.”

“Reason I’m calling. I assume this Bob person that’s on the loose was here, since it was his car that you … anyway, Andrew did tell us there were at least four guys here, before he passed out again. They all split. We found a car around the corner and we’re checking the registration now, but no sign of the four. So they’re on the loose. We don’t know what they found out from Andrew, but you need to make sure the women are safe. If something happens to Becky, it’s on you. You keep her safe.”

“I … I will.”

“Good. If you see or hear anything you call me.”


At that he hung up again. Geez. Barely past 5am, not much sleep. The girls would be waking up in 2 or 3 hours expecting me to make them breakfast. Then before I could get up, I realized Maria was stirring, peeking her head out through my elastic waistband again.

“What was that?” she mumbled.

“Just Sergeant Joe again. Hey, we should get back to bed. We both need some sleep.”

She yawned. “Okay.” She tucked herself back into my shorts, trusting me to hold her in place as I made my way back to bed. I was amazed how she could sleep through all that. As for myself, my head was running again. So there were more than just the two guys there – meaning there were other security guards besides the two they arrested at the mansion, or this was a bigger criminal organization than it looked like at first glance. It also meant that they were still out there – and clearly looking for revenge, given how they’d kidnapped Andrew and beat him up for information. Andrew didn’t know our address, but he had my phone number – and a description – and maybe more. How long would it take for them to connect the pieces and come after us here at the house?

I never got back to sleep.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Wed Mar 29, 2023 2:09 pm

Wow!! Exciting stuff all round!!
And Maria sounds like totally hot stuff!!

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Melanie's Story Part 44 - Officer Keisha

Post by Rocket » Sun Apr 02, 2023 9:34 pm

Maybe an hour after I’d laid back down – still unable to get to sleep – I heard a shriek. The others must have heard it too, given they all seemed to jump up. Even Maria sat up and peeked her head through the fly of my boxers to see what the commotion was. But I already knew. Keisha was waking up from her shrinking-induced coma.

I looked down at my shorts as Maria turned to look at me. She seemed to figure it out as well, and proceeded to climb her way out through the fly. I reached down to help her up, kissed her good morning on the stomach, and set her down on the bed so she could find her gown. As she did that, I sat up and looked down at the floor, where Keisha was getting up – or trying to, as it looked like she tried to stand up and fell over, her legs were probably still waking up despite her brain being on full alert. I saw Melanie standing up and motioning to her, both hands out as she tried to calm her down.

Then Keisha looked up and saw me and screamed, reaching for her gun that wasn’t there. I was glad I’d taken it out of the holster and put it up on the counter, or someone could have been seriously hurt just now.

“Please just calm down and let us explain!” Melanie said emphatically.

“What the fuck is going on? Who the hell are you people? Where am I?”

I butted in, “I’ll call Sergeant Joe in just a minute. He knows you’re here. You’re SAFE here. Just let them explain. Please.”

Her eyes looked wild, and she was backed into a corner – or at least the bedroom wall - but at least she didn’t start punching her way out.

“We did NOT do this to you” I said. She looked up at me, her eyes wide. “We’re trying to help. Think of this as a safe house.” She didn’t say anything, but at least she didn’t look like she was going to jump.

“Where am I?”

“This … is our house … they thought it would be safer here than at the precinct. With the … reporters and all.” I motioned with my hand and she looked down at herself with disgust, back up at me and then let out a breath. “Let me explain. This is Melanie,” I motioned to her and she nodded, “my girlfriend. They did this to her two months ago. And Cindy and Becky here, we just rescued from that bunker over the weekend. Becky was shrunk … what, maybe three months ago?” She turned to me and nodded. “And Cindy is the wife of Andrew Caulfield. They were held down there in order to blackmail him, until they could finish their experiments over at Advanced Future Technologies, and apparently while they built a second machine in that bunker.”

She just looked at me for a minute, looked at the three women in turn, and then uttered, “Shit. Well … where’s my partner?”

“He … was knocked out, probably has a concussion. The paramedics were there when the Sergeant called us to come over. It sounds like he’ll be okay. They called us in so that Melanie could be there to help you when you woke up, but they didn’t realize, this shrinking process, apparently it takes a while for the body to recover from it. Maria … OH, sorry, this is Maria, Melanie’s best friend and one of my closest friends.” Maria came out to the edge of the bed and into sight of the others, to my relief she’d donned her gown, though I’m sure as I thought about it, Keisha seeing her up here ‘in bed with me’ was bound to lead to some uncomfortable questions. Keisha was still an outsider to our little group. “Anyway, Maria was out cold until the next morning too. They probably thought you’d come-to shortly after the others.”

“Others?” she asked, her eyes darting back and forth between Maria and I and the others.

“Umm … you’re the only one they shrunk yesterday, that we know of … and they were trying to use you as a hostage. Apparently your team used some kind of gas to knock everyone out and then storm the place. So they have 4 people in custody, but there are others still on the loose. They thought it would be safer bringing you back here while we work on how to fix this.”

She looked at me incredulously. “FIX this?”

Melanie piped up at that point. “Yeah, fix this. My boyfriend is a fucking genius, he’s the one who figured out what was going on, the one who traced them to the mansion, the one who rescued all of us here, and he knows all this science stuff, how it works, and he’s working on figuring out how to reverse it.”

Now she looked at me with a little suspicion, but at least she wasn’t shouting. And to be honest, it felt good having my girl stand up for me, even if standing up was halfway to my knee. “I can explain more later. I told the Sergeant I’d let him know when you came to. There’s a lot going on, he’s been up all night.” Becky and Cindy looked like they both wanted to ask me something. “Yeah, there’s more to tell, a lot has happened overnight. But first … do one of you want to take our guest to get cleaned up and then maybe I can make us some breakfast?” Then as I thought for a second, I added, “Actually, how about Melanie and Maria, can you two show her around and all, I need to talk to Cindy and Becky just for a minute.”

Melanie looked at me, a little quizzically, but then nodded. I turned to Maria and she said, “A little help?”

“Sure thing” I replied, as I reached for her, scooped her up and gently set her down on the floor. Keisha just watched, wide eyed, as Maria sat happily in my palm, smiling at me as my giant hand deposited her right in front of Keisha.

Maria saw Keisha’s expression and said, “At our size we … need a little help sometimes. But we’re all friends here. He’s never going to hurt you.”

At that, Melanie and Maria ushered Keisha out the door and towards the bathroom. They had the gondola there, so they could get up to the sink without my help. Cindy and Becky waited at the foot of the bed, concern on their faces. I asked if they’d like to come up on the bed for a minute, they both nodded and let me lift them up onto the bed. It was a little more comfortable, for me anyway.

Cindy spoke first. “What’s … did something happen?”

I nodded.

Becky started tearing up. “It’s dad, isn’t it. Something happened to dad?”

“He’s going to be okay” I blurted out, trying to keep them from losing control. “I talked to your uncle not even two hours ago. Those goons I guess were trying to get information out of him.”

Becky started crying, I put my hand out to try to comfort her and she sniffed, “Hold me?” I nodded and lifted her up, holding her to my chest as she sobbed. Cindy was starting to tear up a little too, so I switched hands, holding Becky to my chest with my left while I reached for Cindy with my right. She lifted her arms, the sign that it was okay for me to pick her up, and I brought her up to my chest too, and held them there for a few moments. They both seemed to calm down a little.

Cindy tilted her head up and asked “What all happened?”

I explained what Sergeant Joe told me, the first call about how he was missing and how we traced him to a warehouse, and then how they found him, beaten up, but the goons had taken off already. I reassured her that they were taking him to the hospital and I was certain he was going to be okay.

“I’ll call the Sergeant soon. I need to tell him Keisha is awake. I’ll see if he can give me an update on Andrew, how he’s doing and where he’s at. I know they were trying to ask him questions. Andrew did say there were four guys there. So … I don’t know who the others are, I know Bob and the guy who was trailing Andrew are both still on the loose.”

Cindy thought for a moment. “Uh … just wondering, how many people did you say they found at the mansion?”

“Umm … four. The guy who was working with Bob … two security guards … and some guy they found in the building who they think may be one of the people behind the scenes. I’m guessing they’ll be questioning him about the whole operation.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Only two guards?”

OH. I started to sense where she was going with this. “Yeah. How many should there be?”

“I remember at least four, at least the ones that came down to the … bunker. I’d think the ones they let go down there would be in on the scheme, especially if they saw us … and every one of them would come over to ogle us – or more - whenever they thought they could get away with it.”

Becky lifted her head back. Her eyes were a little puffy but she was calming down. “Yeah, I can think of four … “

“Okay. So I need to tell the Sergeant when I call. I’m sure he’ll want to know. And … I imagine either of you could identify them, right?” Cindy’s eyes got wide. “From a picture” I blurted, “no, not from a lineup at the police station! No, I don’t think anyone’s going to make you do that! At least not … umm .. like this. Maybe after we get this fixed and you can walk in on your own.”

She sighed. “Okay. I really don’t want to ever see them again, but if identifying the picture helps get them locked up, I … think I can do that.”

“Alright. Now … do you two want to get cleaned up and I’ll make breakfast?”

Becky muttered, “Okay, just give me a minute.” At that she wiggled her arms free and then wrapped them around my chest – as much as she could stretch anyway – as if to give me a big hug. I gave her a moment and then I lifted her up to my face and gave her a kiss on the stomach. She kissed me back on the nose.

Then I got up slowly and carried them with me to the bathroom. Before I got too close, knowing we had a new guest, I called out, “Is it safe to come in?”

I heard Melanie call back, “Sure, come on in Honey!”

So I stepped into the doorway, carrying Cindy and Becky, just in time to see Keisha shriek and grab a tissue to cover up. I quickly turned my head away. “Oh. OH. Sorry! Umm … Babe! You said to come on in!”

She and Maria were snickering. I turned my head just enough to set Cindy and Becky down gently onto the counter, and then I started to leave. Before I did though, I spoke again, but with my hand over my eyes. “I’m sorry … Keisha … the ladies tricked me. I promise I didn’t see anything.”

Keisha snorted. “Seriously? Girl, you were right about him.”

I heard Melanie reply, “Told you. The first time after he rescued me, he gave me the bathroom to myself and even knocked to ask if it was okay to come in. He’s been like that for all of us the first time, but we tease him anyway. He’s too nice.”

As I stepped into the hallway, I said, “You guys take your time, I’ll start making breakfast. I need to call Sergeant Joe and let him know Keisha is awake … and I’ll ask him about Andrew.”

I could hear them start to talk once I left, probably grilling Cindy and Becky for information about what I had to talk to them about.


In the kitchen I started working on something simple, a cheese omelet (though I suppose no meal is truly simple when it comes to tiny women eating with forks the size of a Q-tip and mouths the size of a pen cap.) At least it’s simple enough to make one omelet, cut it up in one inch squares and melt a tiny piece of cheese on top. As I did I put my phone on speaker and dialed Sergeant Joe. He sounded gripey, though I might be too if I had to work all through the night.

“I wanted to let you know Officer Keisha is awake. The others are helping her get cleaned up while I make breakfast.”

“Is she going to be fine there for a while?”

“Yeah, I suppose so.”

“I don’t see getting over there until this afternoon. You can just tell her I’ll talk to her then.”

“Okay, I can do that. Oh … and Andrew. Cindy and Becky are going to want to know.”

He groaned. “He’s at the hospital now. In ICU. He took a beating, was out cold when the paramedics showed up. They say he’ll recover but he’s going to be in the hospital for a while. Concussion, broken ribs, several knife wounds, a punctured lung. They’re taking him to surgery this afternoon, but he’s stable. Just tell them he’s going to be okay. But I guess they’ll be stuck with you for a while.”

“That’s fine. As long as they need. But there’s one more thing.”

He huffed. “What’s that?”

“There were two security guards at the mansion last night.”


“Cindy says there were at least four, that she could probably identify if she saw them. Four that were coming down to that bunker and messing around while they were in the cage.”

“Shit” he spat. “Just keep an eye out and make sure you keep them safe. These jerks are running around and … “

“… and they might be looking for us.”

He sighed. “Yeah. Just call if you see any sign of them. Don’t do something stupid. They’re dangerous.”

“Alright.” He hung up as soon as the words left my mouth. Probably going to take a nap. I could use one myself, but I had 5 mouths to feed first.


Having breakfast ready, I headed towards the bathroom to collect my hungry troupe, but knocked on the door frame first, asking if it was safe to come in. Not necessarily expecting an honest answer, but at least I wanted to show Keisha that I meant well. She could very well be here for a little while herself, and I didn’t want to start things off badly like that. If she decided she was comfortable lounging around and flaunting herself like the others, believe me I had absolutely no problem with that, but just forcing my way in and catching her off guard would start us on the wrong foot.

“Come in!” called Melanie. I peeked my head around the corner and saw that all five of them were dressed. My first thought oddly enough was that I was running out of tiny clothes, I’d have to start doing laundry every day, at least until I could get some more clothes. There just hadn’t been time. I was grateful Maria picked up as many outfits as she did. But those clothes were so tiny, I was washing them in the kitchen sink and then drying them with a hair dryer on low. It was a little tedious.

Anyway, shaking myself out of the tangent I drifted on, my next thought as I took them all in, was that they were all sexy in those little outfits. Even Keisha, who’d changed into the blouse and velcro skirt that the others seemed to prefer, as they were apparently comfortable, easy to get on – and easy to get off. Though a part of me wondered if any of them warned Keisha how easy it was for me to get a peek at what was under that skirt, given they were all going commando. Ah, there my mind was off on a tangent again.

I reached over and grabbed the basket, still sitting on the toilet tank where I’d parked it last time. I held it on the edge of the counter. “Ladies, your chariot.”

The girls started to move, climbing in and sitting down, except for Keisha. She just stood there and looked at the thing and then at me, hands on her hips, unsure what to do.

I looked back at her. “I know it’s not ideal, but it’s better than me carrying everyone individually. For you guys it’s like a city block to get to the kitchen and then you’ll need help up to the table anyway. I literally just came up with the elevator here in the last day or two. I haven’t had a chance to do something anywhere else in the house.”

She huffed. “Fine.” And then proceeded to climb on board, the others scooting over to make room for her. I lifted the basket gently away, just barely resisting the sudden urge to hold it right up to my face and check them all out while they were a captive audience. I snorted to myself. Damn, with everything else going on right now, why was I so horny this morning?

In the kitchen, I set the basket down on the table and let the girls file out and grab seats, while I started doling out cheese omelets and then tiny cups of orange juice. I realized there were barely enough forks, I’d have to wash them every time between meals. If the girls were going to be here a little while, I had to get more of pretty much everything, and like asap, or I’d find myself doing laundry and dishes all day long, instead of trying to solve the problem at hand. And the longer it took to solve that problem, the longer I’d have them all here to feed and clothe every day. A vicious cycle. Yeah, right after breakfast I was going to have to order some rush items.

As they settled in and I sat down to eat the rest of the food on my own big plate – which at least could go in the dishwasher, thank goodness – we got to talking. I filled everyone in on the latest with Andrew – the others seemed to have gotten the earlier story from either Cindy or Becky already – as well as my concerns about the four that were on the loose. Now they could be trying to locate us … or they could be scoping out the mansion, hoping to get their machine back, unawares that I’d removed the polycarbonate block containing the alien element. Without that they’d never get it to work. The only other source of the material was presumedly in the remainder of the meteorite that was stored in the vault at Advanced Future Tech. I figured either they’d come for us first, or if the mansion was left with minimal security, they might come for the machine first – and then either come for us or try to break into AFT to steal the meteorite, once they figured out the element was missing. Regardless, we had to be on guard.

I told the girls that once they were done eating, could they show Keisha around the house – and make sure she knows how to get to the panic room.

She looked at me. “Panic room?”

“Yeah. If one of these goons comes here looking for you guys, I’m the only one here that can fight them. Now I’ve got alarms on all the windows and doors, cameras on all four corners of the house, and two cameras inside.” She gave me a funny look at that last remark. “You’ll see why when you check out the panic room. I … built it to protect you guys. If someone breaks in, you should be safe there.”

Keisha started to look at me a little differently after that. Thoughtful, perhaps. What did she think, that I was just here enjoying lording over tiny women and having crazy sex? Who knows. But she seemed to look at me differently, now that I’d at least tried to give her some privacy (despite the others’ attempts to the contrary), a decent meal, some clothes, and made an effort to keep them safe.

“Okay. You guys show her around, I need to go take a shower myself.”

I let them climb into the basket and then I lowered it to the floor, let them all climb out and start going about their day, then I picked up the empty basket and carried it with me to the bathroom. I grabbed a bath towel and proceeded to undress while I had the bedroom to myself for a moment, wrapped a towel around myself and headed to the bathroom to shower and shave.

After showering and turning off the water, I pulled the curtain back partway and reached for the hook to grab my towel. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone on the edge of the sink. That wasn’t unusual, though. I kept the door cracked open since this was the only bathroom in the house, I didn’t want the girls to have to wait on me. And we were all used to seeing each other naked by now. But then I took a second glance and realized it was Keisha.

“Hi.” she said. She was sitting on the edge of the counter, her legs and bare feet hanging down the side. Apparently she wasn’t too concerned about heights.

“Umm … hi. Sorry, I’ll be out in a minute.” I went to pull the curtain back while I tried to finish drying off and wrap the towel around myself.

She snorted. “You should probably close the door if you don’t want anyone coming in.”

“I … leave it open so they don’t have to wait on me. And besides … they’ve all … “

She snorted again. “Seen you naked?”

“Umm … “

“It’s all right. I kinda figured that out from the way they talk.”


“And it’s not like I haven’t seen a guy before. It doesn’t bother me. So you may as well just come on out here.”

“Umm … okay.” I pulled the curtain back and stepped out, the towel wrapped around my waist. I looked at her and … geez, was she checking me out? Well I’m not exactly buff … I suppose I lean more geek than buff, though I do work out.

“Have a seat.” Now I felt like I was about to be interrogated. She must have seen that look on my face. “Just relax. This isn’t an interrogation. I just want to talk.”
“Okay.” I folded down the toilet seat so I’d have a place to sit, and then I nudged the bathroom door shut. I had a gut feeling she wanted to talk to me privately.

“So. First question. What’s the deal with you and all these women?”

“The … deal?”

“Yeah. The way they talk, you’re all running around having sex all day. However that works.” She scrunched her nose at the thought.

“OH.” I sighed. “It certainly wasn’t in the plans.” She gave me a look. “Seriously. Now Melanie … I’ve known her since long before this happened. In fact she used to work for me as a lab assistant.” Her eyebrows rose. “I … did they explain to you at all what I do for a living?” She shook her head no. “Alright. Maybe three years ago I decided I liked setting my own schedule, working when I want, picking what projects to take, and I found I was really good at figuring out problems that other people couldn’t solve. Engineering, chemistry, computer sciences, whatever. I hired Melanie for her background in biology, when I had clients trying to develop computer brain interfaces. She helped me bridge some gaps I had in my knowledge base and we worked well together. She used to flirt with me all the time, but I was hesitant to get involved with her when I was her boss, even if it was a one person business. So when we solved the world’s problems together and the contract was up, she left to go work for Andrew at Advanced Future Technologies.”

She didn’t say anything, but seemed like she was listening, so I continued. “So, Melanie is my girlfriend, they shrunk her two months ago and experimented on her for three days and she basically disappeared. I went to rescue her as soon as she could figure out a way to tell me where she was at. And then Maria … she and Melanie are best friends, they worked together at the lab. In fact it was Maria that found these clothes … “ I motioned to what she was wearing “and Melanie was the one who talked her into … umm … “

Her eyes narrowed. “Let me guess. Sex.”

“Umm … yeah. And that was before she was … shrunk. That happened kinda the same way it happened with you. Melanie was adamant that she was going back to that lab – they call it Level 7 – to figure out what happened to her. She convinced both Maria and I to help her. And it ended up with Melanie being captured, Maria subdued and shrunk, and then I had to break in and rescue both of them.”

She looked at me for a minute. “You?”

“Yeah. You don’t think I could rescue them?”

“I can see you running, but weren’t there people guarding them?”

“Umm … yeah, I beat up that Bob and his assistant, after I got past the guard outside. Then we had to go out the staircase without setting off the fire alarm, up to the roof and then across a couple more roofs. I was in disguise too, and trying to protect them while climbing and jumping was not …”

She stopped me. “Wait. YOU did that?”

“There’s a lot our team has done in the last couple weeks.”

She snorted. “I figured. So where’s the rest of your team?”

“Here. You just had breakfast with them. But they’re two smart cookies, don’t be discounting them just because they’re small.”

Her eyes narrowed for a moment, and then went wide. “You’re … serious.”

“Yeah. The three of us are a team. We look out for each other. And we’re determined to stop these people and figure out how to reverse what they’ve done.”

She looked at me differently after that. Like she suddenly realized I wasn’t just taking advantage of my position to have fun. Duh, I could have told her that, or the others could have. Or we kinda all did and she just didn’t believe it. Frankly I felt a little miffed. I had to remember she’d only been living life as a shrunken woman for a couple hours. But still it rankled.

“Alright. But … what about the other two?”

“Becky and Cindy?”

“Yeah. What’s the deal with them? I can understand now why you and Melanie and Maria are so close, but what about them? And haven’t they only been here for a few days?”

“Okay. Yes, Melanie and I just rescued them from the bunker over the weekend. And NO, I haven’t pushed them to do anything. But … they both were in this position for a long while … Becky we think might have been the first human to be shrunk, so it could go back three months or more … and they were both caged and abused for most of that time. My theory is … they were sexualized for so long, they’re desensitized to it. And maybe some of it is they feel grateful for being rescued and this is how they’re comfortable expressing that. But NO, I’ve never asked them to do anything. Frankly, they’ve almost pushed themselves on me.”

She snorted. “Yeah, right.”

“Seriously. You can ask them both, they’ll admit it. But if a little fooling around is enough to keep them happy … they know I won’t do anything to hurt them. I’m here to watch out for them. And by the way, for the record, I’ve never gone all the way with Cindy. She wasn’t comfortable with it and I wasn’t either. But frankly, between you and me, I do think she gets off on my reaction when she flaunts herself. And that’s okay as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. And by the way, the sooner I can figure out how to solve this, the sooner they can both go back to their lives.”

She sat and silently thought about it for a minute, and then replied, “Okay. I believe you. I suppose there are worse things in the world. At least you’re … well, I suspect most guys in your position would turn out to be jerks and have a power trip … and treat them like … pets or something like that. You know? So I guess they’re lucky in that sense that it’s you and not someone else.”

“Thank you.” I did appreciate that she seemed to understand the situation a little better, and didn’t think I was some animal in heat stalking his prey. Sheesh.

She snorted again.


“I was just thinking … you’ve seen all of them … naked.” I nodded. “And done stuff with all of them.” I nodded. “Except me. I feel like an outsider.”

“You don’t have to be. You’re safe here. I’m not going to go make you do anything.”

She snorted again and looked away for a moment. “No … but … oh hell. I can’t believe I’m suggesting this.”


“May as well just get it over with. Like ripping off the band-aid.”


“Tell you what.” She scooted back off the edge and stood up. “Stand up and drop the towel.”


“Drop it. I’m going to see it eventually, let me check it out.”

“O.. kay.” I dropped the towel.

“Turn around for me.” I did. Frankly it didn’t bother me, she was right, everyone else had seen me before. As I turned back towards her, I caught her staring at my crotch. “Damn that thing looks huge … from my size anyway.”

Now I snorted.

“Alright. So let’s just get this over with. I know you want to check me out. So fine.” She proceeded to pull off her blouse and then drop her skirt. I just gazed at her for a moment, almost in shock that she was being this forward. “Okay. So here I am. You want to hold me, go ahead. We don’t got all day.”

“I … “ I was stunned for a moment, but then I caught myself. Holding out my hand, I touched her shoulder with my finger, and then slowly wrapped four fingers around her back, my little finger cupping her bottom, and my thumb on her stomach, and I tilted her back as I lifted her up in my hand. Turning, I sat down on the toilet seat and then held her in front of me, gazing at her bare, brown body in my hand. I remarked, “You’re very attractive.” She half snorted, making light of it, but I could feel a part of her was nervous. She closed her eyes and lay back.

I looked her over, my eyes drinking her in. She was well proportioned, if I were to guess maybe 5’6 or so, slim but not skinny. Her legs and arms were toned and reminded me a little of Melanie’s. Her breasts were large for her size, like two oversized grapes, With my other hand I traced a finger along her shoulder and arm, feeling that toned muscle between my finger and thumb, and then I brushed one of her breasts. She shivered a little. I traced around it with the tip of my finger, brushing her nipple, eliciting a shiver from her. Then held one between my finger and thumb, giving it a gentle squeeze. I lifted her up to my lips and wrapped my lips around both her breasts, teasing her nipples with the tip of my tongue. I felt them stiffen and she gasped.

Then I pulled back a few inches, touched her hard nipples, and then traced my finger between her breasts, down her stomach, and stopped at the little tuft of black hair, the space beyond hidden between her legs.

I whispered, “Let me know if you want me to stop.”

She moaned and then mumbled, “Hmm?”

I took one of her calves between my finger and thumb and began to move it to the side.

She uttered, “Mmmmm” and then moved her other leg aside, granting me access. I nudged her legs a little further apart with my finger and she put up no resistance as I gazed on her pouty little lips, gently parting for me. I brought her back up to my lips and kissed her there, eliciting another gasp, and then touched it with the tip of my tongue. I gave it a lick, and she moaned and quivered in my hand. I slid the tip of my tongue gently along her vaginal folds and they parted further, inviting me in. After a few licks, I drove my tongue in, pressing it to her tiny hole. She wailed at that point and I knew there was no turning back. I could taste her for the first time, and knew her climax was close behind. I pinched one of her nipples between my finger and thumb, and she arched her back and gasped again. I continued fondling her nipple as I drove hard with the tip of my tongue until I brought her over the edge, and she wailed and shook in my hand, the fruits of her release pouring onto the tip of my tongue for me to taste.

I slowed to just a few gentle licks as she came down from her high, and then I pulled back and just had a look at her, a contented grin on her face and a faint sheen of sweat on her chest. I gave her a few more kisses all over her body as she slowly found her equilibrium and her breathing steadied.

She let out a breath. “That was … wow. Intense. So … that’s how it works.”

I snorted. “One way, anyway.”

“I … can see why they all … umm … look forward to it.”

My eyebrows rose a little. “They do?”

She laughed a little. “Damn. You know I think all four of them are like in love with you or something. If you’re giving them some of this every day, I … it makes a little more sense now.”

“Well, I’m glad I could take your mind off things for a few minutes.”

She grinned at me. “I appreciate that. And … I guess now I’m just one of the girls, huh? I have a feeling we’ll be doing this again before it’s all over.”

“I’m … sorry it’s not a quick fix. But I’m working on a solution. Really.”

“Hey, relax. I know you are. But in the meantime … I can see they trust you. They feel safe here. And you … you seem like a really nice guy. I’m not used to being with a nice guy like you, but I … kinda like it.” She snickered. “I’m not used to letting a nice guy have his way with me.”

I kissed her once more and set her gently down on the counter so she could get dressed, while I stood up and went to wrap the towel around myself. I caught her staring at my crotch again. I remarked, “You know, if you want to mess around with it just ask.”

She broke her eyes away and looked up at me. “I might just do that.” She licked her lips.

I picked up her skirt and said “May I?” and she lifted her arms and let me wrap it around her and fasten it in the back, and then she let me do the same with her blouse. Once she was dressed, she let me pick her up. I opened the bathroom door and gently set her down on the floor in the hallway. As I did, Maria looked at her and then up at me, a knowing smirk on her face. Damn, did she know this was going to happen? I sure didn’t. To think just two hours after she woke up, I figured Keisha would be in a panic, freaking out, in a strange place, surrounded by people she didn’t know. Instead, she seemed … not only accepting of the whole situation, but comfortable enough to be intimate with me already. I just shook my head. It was so unexpected.

Well, this was a brief respite, but there was work to be done.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Tue Apr 04, 2023 12:41 pm

Mmm... A pity you don't do illustrations. It'd be so cool seeing Keisha being lifted -tasted. I wonder if the heightened desire for giant sex is a bi-product of the shrinking? An unknown element would have unknown side effects...

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by chocolatejr9 » Fri Apr 07, 2023 1:55 am

Rusco57 wrote:
Tue Apr 04, 2023 12:41 pm
Mmm... A pity you don't do illustrations. It'd be so cool seeing Keisha being lifted -tasted. I wonder if the heightened desire for giant sex is a bi-product of the shrinking? An unknown element would have unknown side effects...
I hear NovelAI is good for this sort of thing, but I'm not much of an AI art kinda guy, so I wouldn't know...

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Fri Apr 07, 2023 7:47 am

I'm not either. Guess I'll have to rely on

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Melanie's Story Part 45 - Tight Spaces

Post by Rocket » Fri Apr 07, 2023 6:02 pm

As soon as I was dressed, I headed back to the kitchen to get some (badly needed) coffee, and then to my office. I really felt like taking a nap though. Shoot, the Sarge had me on the phone at midnight, then on the computer tracing the location of Bob’s car, and then on the phone again at 5am, and then Keisha was up sometime between 6 and 7. Even Maria had gotten more sleep than I had, and I grinned to myself at the memory of her curled up in my shorts and somehow staying asleep even as I had to hold her there while I tiptoed into the office to take the call. The Sarge was probably catching some sleep himself after being up all night, so I should try to take a nap at some point. Who knows what the rest of the day will look like.

I jumped on the computer, found the bookmarked site where I’d bought those utensils and chairs and such, and began placing another rush order. I had no idea what we’d need, for all I knew there could be more victims out there and I’d be watching over a dozen by the end of the week. At the very least, even with these five, I knew I wasn’t going to have the reversal solved the minute I walked into that lab. It would take time. And I wasn’t going to dare test it on any of them without some experiments first. So it could be a week or a month. A part of me was going to miss having all these sexy and scantily clad women running around once this was all over. At least I could enjoy it while it lasted. Though the fun came with responsibility. They were all dependent on me for almost everything at the moment. Which brings me back to why I was on the computer trying to rush order more miniature materials for them.

Speaking of … I got up and looked around. The office was bare, the girls were all up and about somewhere. I peeked my head out into the hallway looking for Maria and found her milling about in the bedroom with the others, chatting it up.

“Hey Maria, can I borrow you for a minute?”

She turned and looked up at me. “Just me?”

“I need your fashion sense.”

I saw eyebrows rising, but nobody had a comment. Except Maria. “Well this should be interesting.”

As she stood up I asked, “Would you like a ride?”

She snorted. “Of course.” I reached down and lifted her up in my hand, giving her a moment to get herself settled in before I walked back to the office.

As I carried her in my hand, I couldn’t resist asking her, “Sleep well?”

She laughed. “I actually … kinda enjoyed that. It was more comfortable than you’d think.”

Now I snorted. “Yeah, you gave me a semi hard-on all night. And I had to pee but you looked so content down there I didn’t want to disturb you.”

She laughed again. “You know, I wouldn’t have minded if you got up and took a piss. Or … if you’d asked me to, I could have helped you along with that, um, hard-on problem.”

I just looked at her and smirked. “You’re going to give me another one if you keep that up.”

She shivered. “Damn. You know you have a way of making me horny. It’s like I’m in heat lately.”

I laughed. “Likewise.” I brought her up to my lips and gave her a kiss. “But first, I really do need your help with something.”

She gave me a smirk. “You mean that wasn’t just an excuse to whisk me away?”

“Since when do I need an excuse to whisk you away?”

She giggled. “Touche’”

I set her down on my desk as I began tapping on the keyboard. “Okay. Here’s the deal. We need more clothes. You found some awesome stuff for Melanie, but I don’t think any of us expected we’d be stretching that out for five people. I won’t be able to keep up with the laundry, eventually someone’s going to be stuck running around naked all day.”

She snorted. “Like you would mind.”

I laughed. “Good point. If you all want to lounge around naked all day long, I have NO problem with that. Believe me. But I’m not sure the others will go for it. Thus … I need to get you all more clothes.”

She sighed. “Alright. Though if I can talk the girls into it, we’re going to pick a day and we’ll just spend it lounging around in the buff. As long as you comport, of course. Fair’s fair.”

“It’s a deal.” I chuckled. “Now that you’ve got me all worked up here, how about we shop for clothes.”

“Okay.” She proceeded to tell me what store she found those at and I searched for it online. They seemed to have a lot of choices. Of course I could only imagine the person packing up this order we were about to place … noticing it was being mailed to a guy. Well, maybe they’d think I had a daughter that was into doll houses or something. Yeah, that sounded plausible at least. So we perused the offerings and she pointed out good ideas. Plenty more skirts, of course, as those seemed to be popular.

Once we turned to tops, she got excited at finding simple halter tops. Huh.

“Really? You think they’ll like those?”

She looked back at me and smirked. “I’m sure they will – no velcro, just stretch it and pull it over. And I know YOU’ll like them.”

I played innocent. “Why’s that?”

“More skin, silly!” I laughed at that, and then we bought a dozen in different colors. As we continued browsing, we found some oversized shirts that we thought would work well as sleepwear. The few gowns we had were the only items I’d stitched together myself – so they were about as simple as could be. The long shirts would be an upgrade for sure. So I let her pick out several of those. Then as we were wrapping up this huge order, we came across … swimwear?

I stopped and just looked at that for a moment. “Holy shit. They actually make swimwear?”

She giggled. “Of course!” And at that, she picked out several two-piece sets, they were simple enough with little ties in the back or side, so they were basically one size fits all. We didn’t bother with footwear – way too uncomfortable, doll feet don’t seem to correlate well to real feet. She assured me that everyone was fine going barefoot around the house. So we moved on and I placed this massive order, plus the huge extra charge for rush delivery. Yes, I was really looking forward to seeing the girls in swimwear or halter tops, not just having to do laundry less often.

As soon as the order went through, I turned to her and kissed her on the cheek (or more like the whole side of her head) and thanked her for her help.

“Now … if you want some help with that bad boy?” She looked at me, a smirk on her face, waiting for my response. Like I was going to turn that down.

I replied, “I can’t pass that up. Yeah, just … where? The others all looked like they were hanging out in the bedroom.”

“So how about right here?” Damn, that girl was getting me horny again. “Or better yet … “ as she eyed my crotch, “I have an idea, if you don’t mind helping a girl out?”

I wasn’t sure what she intended yet, but she proceeded to undress right there on my desk. I ogled her for a moment, of course. Then she raised her arms, the signal for me to pick her up. I reached for her and wrapped my hand around her, gently scooping her up and lifting her to my face, so that I could plant a few kisses on her naked skin.

As I kissed her, I mumbled, “So what’s your idea?”

She giggled. “Let’s just say, this wouldn’t work if you were wearing tight jeans.”

I glanced down. No, I’d just thrown on some loose elastic shorts. It’s mid-spring, nice weather outside. I still wasn’t sure what she was planning though.

“Okay. Now … just work with me here. With your other hand, I want you to grab your waistband in the front and lift it – out as high as you can. Boxers too. Like you’re checking to see if your stuff is still in there.”

I snorted. “Alright … like this?” I grabbed both waistbands with my thumb and pulled them back.

She bent her head over to see. “Yeah, like that. Now hold it for a minute and set me down on your stomach. Umm … if you can … lean back a bit, so it’s not so steep … yeah. Like that.” So I set her down and then watched as she proceeded to stick her feet down into my boxers, and then shimmy the rest of the way down, and soon it was just her head and shoulders peeking up above the waistband. She looked back up at me and said, “Umm … you can move around if you want, just … if you sit back down, umm … be careful. And if you feel me start slipping, catch me. Promise?”

I looked down at her and smirked. “Of course. Anything for you. You’re really something, aren’t you?”

She laughed. “You wouldn’t be so surprised if you knew me better before … umm, before. I’m not as tame as our girl Melanie. Though you’ve really pulled her out of her shell. You're a good influence on her. Speaking of shells … I’ll be down here. I’m doing this for you, so I want you to enjoy yourself.”

I chuckled. “Oh, I’m sure I will.”

At that, she disappeared under my waistband. I could feel her getting herself in position down there, shifting around, and then I felt her tiny tongue slide across the tip of my semi-rigid shaft. Holy shit. I carefully stood up, with Maria inside my shorts, and looked around the office. I didn’t see anyone nearby. They were probably all still in the bedroom chatting it up, oblivious to what we were doing in here. That was fine. It was a little awkward walking with this bulge in my shorts that was only partially due to a hard-on. I walked slowly to the kitchen. I could feel her hands and her tiny tongue down there. I could tell she was intentionally drawing it out. I brought one hand down there and I could feel her legs and ass through the fabric. Damn that was hot.

As she continued her slow ministrations inside my shorts, I stood at the counter and poured myself another coffee. Before I could pick up my mug, I felt her hit just the right spot, and I groaned and put my hand on the counter to brace myself. Then I straightened up and turned, just in time to see Melanie padding in. She had her thimble of coffee in hand and looked like she was looking for me to help get her a refill.

Melanie just stopped and looked at me for a moment. And then she looked down at my crotch. At the bulge in my shorts that was just a little too big to be just a hard-on. And the shape wasn’t quite right. And then she saw the movement inside my shorts. Her eyes went as wide as saucers.

I motioned with my hand, pointing at the bulge in my shorts. And then I felt Maria’s tongue again, licking at the tip of my hard penis. Damn, was she lapping up my cum? I groaned again, bracing myself against the counter. Melanie just watched, transfixed on my crotch. I felt like I wasn’t far off from exploding, but Maria was adept at drawing it out as long as she could. I mouthed to Melanie and then very slowly bent down, reaching for her. She let me pick her up, and I held her up to my face so we could talk without disturbing Maria.

She whispered, “Is that …”

I whispered back, “Yeah. Maria’s umm … “

She gasped. “OMG. Seriously? You didn’t … force her? She … “

“Relax. It was HER idea. She … oh … “ I groaned “… oh that feels good.”

Melanie just looked at me for a moment, her mouth slack.

I whispered, “This … she feels so good down there … I … yes I’m like really horny right now.” I suddenly stopped myself, realizing I’d absentmindedly slipped my finger under Melanie’s skirt. “Oh. Sorry.”

She blushed. “It’s … okay. You are my boyfriend after all. You can do that.”

“Okay.” I slipped my finger back under her skirt and slid it along her ass. “Hey, if I ever say, felt like stuffing YOU in my shorts, would you freak out? I … it would be really hot for me, but … “

“Umm …”

“I would ask first. I won’t make you. Just … oh, this feels good.” I groaned again. Maria was really taking her time and drawing it out. She’d had me on the edge for several minutes.

She thought about it for just a moment. “Alright. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if you want to … put me inside your pants, then … okay. I’ll do it for you.”

I whispered. “Thank you.” I grinned. “I’ m already looking forward to feeling you down there. Maria’s doing an amazing job.”

Then I brought her up to my lips, lifting her skirt up, and slid my tongue between her legs, taking long strokes along the length of her ass and pussy. She parted her legs for me as I wiggled the tip of my tongue up and down her slit, the lips parting slightly as I worked it in and found her tiny hole. I began to work her clit until she began to tremble in my hand. All the while I could feel Maria’s ministrations, feel myself coming closer to a climax myself. Leaning against the counter, I brought one hand down to feel Maria’s ass through the fabric, as I held Melanie to my lips with my other hand and worked to bring her off quickly. More than once, I groaned in response to Maria’s tiny hands or tiny tongue, while my own tongue was wrapped around Melanie.

I whispered, “Let’s see if we can both climax at once.”

She gasped again and then nodded her head in agreement. “Okay honey. Make me cum.”

I attacked her tiny hole with the tip of my tongue, causing her to writhe in my hand. I slid my thumb up her blouse and pressed on one of her tiny breasts. I felt Maria’s tongue sliding all over the tip of my penis, her hands felt slick, and I knew I was almost there. I pushed Melanie just a little harder and she exploded on my tongue, her juices dribbling out for me to taste, just as I exploded all over Maria inside my shorts. I groaned and moaned, with Melanie pressed up against my mouth, and I rubbed Maria’s ass through my shorts with my other hand.

Then I pulled Melanie away just for a moment, and turned my attention to my shorts, where I could feel Maria squirming in my cum. I rubbed her back with my thumb for a moment, and then brought my hand up to slip my thumb inside my waistband. I pulled it back for a moment, and saw Maria, sweaty and completely covered in my cum, her arms wrapped around my shaft. She blinked the cum out of her eyes and looked up at me, a grin on her face.

She asked, “How was that?”

I said, “It was amazing.”

She then noticed Melanie in my hand and snorted. “And I see you just … strolled around the house while I was making love to you down here?”

Now I snorted. “Yeah. Tell you what though, that was the hottest thing, to feel you down there working your magic while I just walked in here and got some coffee. You got me so horny I couldn’t resist … “

Melanie chimed in. “Yeah, he got me off right before he came. Now he’s talking about seeing how I do down there.”

Maria laughed. “Shoot, if he’s that horny, he probably wants all of us to try it. Maybe he’ll make it a competition.”

I just looked at her for a moment. “Damn girl, you’re giving me ideas.”

“But you were thinking about it, weren’t you.”

I grinned. “I am now. Though I wonder. How would they react if I walked in there like this? It would start the conversation at least.”

Maria’s eyes went wide at first. But then she looked at me and laughed. “Actually, it probably would.”

“Okay. I do love how you feel down there, it’s hot as hell.” Then I closed my waistband and pulled my thumb away.

Melanie said, “You’re leaving her in there?”

“Just for a few minutes. It’ll be fine. Oh, and you came in here for coffee anyway. Let me refill that.” I took her little thimble cup and refilled it, handing it back to her, and then set her down on the floor. She ended up following me as I went back to the office first to get Maria’s clothes – still laying on my desk – and then I walked down the hallway towards the bedroom. I stepped around the other three girls and went to my dresser to grab a clean pair of boxers.

I saw Melanie come in and sit down, her coffee in hand, looking like the cat that ate the canary, just waiting for someone else to comment. She waited a moment, the others were still talking and didn’t pay me much attention – surprising given the lump in my crotch. So Melanie suddenly blurted out, “Hey, has anyone seen Maria?”

Cindy looked around, then at me, and said “You borrowed her for something.” And then I followed her eyes as they went down from my face to my crotch. She squinted for a moment and then her eyes went wide. “Is … “ She was speechless.

Becky caught on and looked at my crotch and saw the movement between my legs that couldn’t be anything else. She gasped. “Shit. Is that Maria in there?”

Cindy gasped. “Shit! That IS Maria, isn’t it. Inside your pants?”

Keisha looked completely dumbfounded.

Melanie blurted out, “He insists it was her idea. He’s been walking around the house while she was getting him off.”

“Holy shit.”

I said, “Yep. And yes, it was totally her idea. But she was amazing. It was so good that I … I’m not sure if any of you could top it. Though you’re … umm, more than welcome to try.”

Cindy yelped, while Becky stuttered, “You … umm … want ME to … umm … try that?” She was nibbling her lower lip. Was she excited?

I looked at her and said, “Becky, honestly? I would absolutely love it. But I’m not going to make you do it. You know I’m teasing you.”

Becky sighed in relief, though I wondered if she was actually thinking about it for real. Keisha just looked at me, slack-jawed. Given how forward she was earlier, I suspected she was a little wild when she was off-duty, but I had to remember she wasn’t numbed to all this like some of the others were. Cindy actually started to reach her hand under her skirt for a moment, and then stopped herself. Huh, I wonder if Cindy would actually do it. Not that I was going to push her to or anything. But it was mind-blowing that even one of them were actually open to doing this. I was starting to get hard again just from the thought.

“But first … “ I said as I took a swig of coffee, “let me take care of Maria. She’s been busy.”

I left the bedroom, while the others talked excitedly – probably about Maria or about climbing in my pants – the thought was getting me excited again. I thought I’d take my time with Maria though, she did feel good down there even if it was starting to get a little sticky. So I strolled back to the kitchen first to drop off my coffee mug, and I put my hand down there to rub Maria through the fabric. I felt around a moment until I found her ass, and stroked it with my finger. Then I thought for a moment. I pulled my waistband back with my other hand and Maria looked up at me.

“You know, that really was hot.”

She grinned. “I thought I’d pay you back for last night. I knew you’d like it.”

“Hey, tell you what, I think you need a bath, but before I wash you off … you know what else would be really hot?”

She looked at me curiously. “Well … you may as well just tell me.”

“How about … if you get yourself off while you’re down there. So I can feel you do it and feel you shake and hear you moan when you cum.”

She smirked at me. “Typical horny guy.”

“Typical horny guy with a hot miniature woman wrapped around his shaft?”

“Touche’. Alright.” She sighed. “I suppose I started this. I’ve created a monster.” She smirked. “I really hope you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Immensely.” At that I closed my waistband and just stood there for a moment. I could feel her changing positions and then I felt her arms moving. Yeah, this was hot as hell. And I was way horny. And to think an hour ago I was thinking of taking a nap. I casually strolled back to the office and carefully sat down on the edge of my seat, and began to browse the internet for a few moments. I could feel Maria moving inside my shorts and I could hear a couple of grunts and groans. I smirked. I suppose this was a turnaround from me doing all the work and giving the girls pleasure. But damn this was an incredible power trip.

I pulled back the waistband for a moment and saw Maria with one hand down between her legs. She hardly noticed me looking at her. I closed it back up, stroked her a few times through the fabric, and continued browsing. It didn’t take too long, as I heard more groans and felt her arms bumping against my skin as she beat against her own clit. I held my hand down there, holding her through the fabric, and as she climaxed, I just sat there and enjoyed the feel of her body trembling against the skin of my shaft. I got up and walked to the bathroom, carrying my clean boxers and Maria’s tiny outfit, and set them down. I gently reached in and slid her out, while she was still flushed, and gazed at her in my hand.

As her breath steadied and she started to open her eyes, I said, “That was beautiful.” Then I slowly, gently washed her whole body off under the running water of the sink, and lay her on a towel to blot her dry. I bent down and kissed her on the stomach. “You were amazing, my dear. Thank you.”

She smirked at me. “I’m glad it was good for you, but I think you started going off on a power trip.”

I tilted my head. “True, I did. I’m sorry if I went overboard. You just got me so worked up. I haven’t been that horny in who knows. Though now you’ve got me wondering what that would be like with the others. If I could talk them into it, that is. I’m not sure they can compare to you, but I’d like to find out.”

She snorted. “Oh I bet you would.”

I lay her clothes next to her as I removed my shorts and then my soaked boxers, tossed them in the hamper and used another washcloth to clean myself off before I got dressed again. I helped her back down to the ground and then strolled into the bedroom.

First words out of my mouth were, “Okay, who’s next?” Everyone’s mouths dropped open. I grinned. “Sorry, just kidding! Don’t worry. I couldn’t resist, the looks on your faces was priceless. Not that I would complain in the least if one of you was open to trying it. In the meantime, I did actually need Maria for something besides wild kinky sex. She helped me pick out a lot of stuff – lots of new clothes and a few other things.”

Maria snorted. As soon as she sat down, the girls peppered her with questions. It sounded like she had to convince them she really did this herself and I didn’t make her do it. They were skeptical. Though it sounded like she got off on the whole thing too, though I’m pretty sure I got more out of it than she did.

Maria saw me walking away and turned and called back. “Hey. Do you have any briefs or is it all boxers?”

“Umm … I think I have some briefs in the back of the drawer. Why?”

“I think the next time one of us does that, you should wear briefs. It’s … a little more snug, but with the boxers I felt like I was going to slip down your leg a couple times.”

“Okay. Yeah I hope there’ll be a next time. But is that just for future, or do I need to put on some briefs right now?”

“Damn you’re horny now.”

I snorted. “Yeah, you got me all worked up. When I should be taking a nap. You know I was up half the night talking to the police. Well, you were there with me, even if you did go back to sleep right away.”

Maria added, “Every time his phone buzzed, he was tiptoeing down the hall so he wouldn’t wake any of you up.”

At that I lay down on the bed, intent on trying to catch a quick nap.


Melanie looked back, up at the bed. As soon as her boyfriend’s head hit the pillow, she turned to Maria. “I still can’t believe you did that!”

Maria said, “Well, he … did some things for me last night. To make up for disturbing me to answer the phone so many times. So … it was impulsive, but he said it was mind-blowing, so … “

Melanie couldn’t imagine what it was like just being curled up in there. And then she remembered that she’d already agreed to try it herself. Part of her was scared shitless at the idea, but part of her got a little tingly at the thought. She was dying to know what she was getting herself into. “Well what was it like for YOU?”

Maria snorted. “It was cozy, for one. A little hot. In more ways than one I suppose, but I got a little sweaty down there. And some of that musky man scent. But it wasn’t too strong. He cleans up pretty well.”

Becky turned her nose a little. “Sweaty?”

“Yeah, kinda like a workout or being in the sauna for a little while.”

“Oh. I … guess that’s okay.”

“But the best part is it’s so intimate down there. I could feel his blood pumping and his heart racing when I got him excited. And then he said he could feel everything I was doing too. Everything must be really sensitive down there. Honestly? It’s probably the most intimate I’ve ever been with a guy. And that’s saying something.” She looked right at Melanie. “That’s why you should try it. He’s your boyfriend after all. This is like one of the most intimate things you could possibly do with him.”

Melanie thought about that for a moment. “When you put it like that … maybe I should just try it once and see how it goes. I know he won’t do anything to hurt me. Or any of us. But one thing is still bugging me. What about him just walking around while you’re umm … in there?”

Maria laughed. “Crazy, isn’t it? I suppose that’s part of the intimacy of the whole thing. When I was tucked in there, I went wherever he did and I had no control over it. He could take me wherever he wanted to. It’s … frightening and exciting at the same time. Does that make sense?”

Melanie snorted. “You always were a thrill seeker.” Though even as she said it, she started to realize that of late, a lot of Maria had been rubbing off on her. She went on a daring undercover mission not once but twice, one leading to her capture and then rescue, the other where she led a rescue. So maybe deep down she was more of a thrill seeker herself. Huh.

She half listened to the conversation after that, her thoughts drifting to Maria’s words, and imagining what it would be like. Did she really want to try that herself? Did she have a choice? Well, even if she said she would, she could always change her mind and she knew he wouldn’t force her. But if she were honest with herself, she was beyond curious – and part of her was just dying to try it – and another part of her, just a little niggling part in the back of her mind, started to worry that maybe he would choose Maria over her. It was silly, Maria was her best friend and she trusted her and she promised she wasn’t trying to steal him away. But still, it bothered her a little. As she thought about it some more, it was settled. She was determined to keep her guy, and she would do anything, regardless of what it took.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Tue Apr 11, 2023 1:52 pm

clothing's one thing, bikinis -yeah!! but for sheer erotic fantacy, you can't beat a naked & horny tiny!!

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Melanie's Story Part 46 - Tighter Spaces

Post by Rocket » Fri Apr 14, 2023 5:10 pm

I must have slept for at least three hours. It was hard to tell, I couldn’t remember when I lay down to take a quick nap, but it was past lunchtime already. I’d laid down and listened to the girls talking excitedly about what Maria and I had done, but I’d quickly dozed off, a result of getting very little sleep last night plus a flight of raging hormones and endorphins thanks to Maria. I grinned at the memory. But now, I had five hungry women trying to wake me up. In fact, Keisha and Melanie had climbed up onto the bed somehow and were up here trying to wake me up.

I turned and glanced at the clock, it was about 130pm. I didn’t realize it was that late! I sat up a little too quickly, and Keisha – who had climbed up on my chest – went tumbling into my lap.

“Oof! Sorry! Are you okay?” I reached down there towards her, but wasn’t sure if she wanted me to just pick her up.

To her credit, she was unfazed. “I’m fine. But NO, I was not angling to be next to go down … there.” She waved towards my crotch.

“Okay. I’m still sorry for sitting up so fast. Though if you … change your mind about … that, just … “

She snorted. “You wish!” I just grinned at her. She looked serious for a moment and then laughed.

“Okay. Yes, wishful thinking. Anyway, I suppose you ladies are hungry, I’m sorry I slept so late! I only meant to take a quick nap.”

Melanie came up to my cheek and gave me a kiss. Huh. “When you get a chance, honey. You’ve inherited five mouths to feed, you know.”

I waited for Keisha to roll out of my lap and then swung my feet to the floor and stood up. I looked around, saw the other three still lounging around the folded towels I’d set up for sleeping last night, and asked, “Do you ladies want me to grab the basket, or just help you up when you go to the kitchen?”

“I’m fine either way” Keisha said, “but your girl and I would appreciate a lift down.”

“Of course.” I reached for Melanie and she let me lift her up, I gave her a quick kiss and then set her down on the floor, and then reached for Keisha. She let me pick her up, but I didn’t think she’d appreciate me planting a kiss on her, at least not yet, so I just gently lowered her to the floor. They scurried off with the others. “I’ll get something started, just give me a few minutes.”

I made my way into the kitchen and started making hot dogs. Which are easy to cook but a pain to serve with this many girls. I had to take the hot dog and slice it up into little strips, and cut a thin slice of bread into rectangles to make buns. But it works and it’s easy to serve without utensils – which I hadn’t washed yet. We only had exactly enough sets for one meal – thus the dire need to order more this morning. I kept it really simple, just one platter (formerly a can lid) and I stacked a bunch of my tiny hot dogs and buns.

Just as I was finishing loading the platter, I saw the girls start to pad in, their bare feet making soft noises on the tile floor. As each came in, they let me reach down and lift them up to the table, where they found seats and got settled in and started eating, even as I was still pouring drinks. I grabbed my own plate and sat down with them at the table. Inevitably the conversation turned to Maria and this morning’s little adventure. It seemed like that was the hot topic of the day. Which didn’t seem to bother Maria much, she almost seemed amused.

As much as I hoped one of the others would be bold enough to volunteer to try Maria’s stunt, I did have other things I needed to discuss with them, so as hard as it was, I redirected the topic, filling them in on my suspicions regarding the four goons who were still on the loose. That while I suspected revenge was a factor and they’d come after us for that, or perhaps to capture the five of them to recoup their losses and then flee underground, I knew the only way they’d be able to resurrect their scheme would be to steal back the machine they build in the bunker …

“And we still have two cameras over at the mansion, so I’m trying to watch, as long as the batteries still hold out.”

Keisha’s eyebrows shot up. “Cameras?”

Melanie explained further. “He came up with that idea, to plant two cameras at the mansion so we could figure out what was going on. But getting them there was wild.”

I wasn’t sure if Cindy or Becky had heard THAT whole story either, with everything else going on. I snorted. “That’s putting it mildly. We had to do it under cover of darkness. There’s one atop the turret and one atop the outbuilding in the back.”

“How on earth?”

Maria laughed. “We strapped Melanie to the bottom of a drone and flew her up there, all the way from the park two blocks away.”

I added, “Each camera had heavy duty adhesive on the back, so she had to get up there and stick it into place.”

Melanie added, “And you had to steer me to the right spot. That was some fancy flying.”

Keisha just shook her head. “You people are crazy, y’know?”

Melanie looked at her. “We were desperate for answers. If we hadn’t done everything we did over the past two weeks, they’d be long gone with a working machine, abducting women off the street and secretly selling them off, and they could have moved their operation anywhere in the country – or outside the country – by the time anyone was on to them. Frankly, I’m proud of what we accomplished.”

“Speaking of the machine.” I interjected. “If they steal it back – and it’s possible, last I checked the cameras there was like no activity over there. The place was taped up but looked deserted. But … the machine won’t work. And they’re going to go ballistic.”

Keisha looked at me incredulously. “What do you mean the machine won’t work? It sure as hell worked yesterday!”

“True. But it’s not working now.” I settled in to explain. “These buffoons only got this to work through sheer luck. They were originally working on something else – a matter transfer that would say, bounce an object to a location across the room. Like a fax but in 3-D. And I don’t think they they really figured that out yet either, based on the notes I read. But then a meteorite crashed down west of the city and somehow it made it to Advanced Future Tech. There was an extremely rare element – something never before documented on this planet – that they were able to extract, that is able to alter that laser in such a way that instead of moving the matter, it changes the size.”

Not just Keisha, but Cindy and Becky were watching and listening, transfixed on what I was describing. I knew Melanie and Maria had heard all this before, though I was getting better at explaining it. I continued, “That element is critical, without it the machine is useless.”

Keisha put two and two together and added, “And you … took the element, I presume?”

“Yep.” I flashed her a quick smile.

She looked annoyed. “You realize that was part of a crime scene?”

I sighed. “Yeah, but I could not take a chance of them using that machine again, and I doubted I could convince anyone that it was in everyone’s best interest to let me take it. And without the element I have little or no chance of reversing what they did to you.”

She nodded. “Alright. I concede your point.”

“Plus three of those goons were right there in the bunker, tied up. What if I’d started asking about it, and any of them got wind of it and passed that on to the ones that are still on the loose? They had it encased in a polycarbonate block. I slipped that out of the machine when we were down in the bunker to get you. So now, if they recover their machine, it still won’t work without the element. And the only source of that element known on earth, is this piece I brought here … or possibly some still locked inside the remaining piece of meteorite, which is secured in a vault at the lab.”

Keisha continued the line of thought. “And coming here is easier than breaking into a lab downtown, I guess. Plus revenge at the same time. And … maybe recapturing us.”

“IF they can find us. Now, Andrew never had our address, but he did have my phone number – so I presume THEY have that now. I don’t know how long it will take them to trace the phone number to a name and address, but once that happens, they’ll be coming. Which means we need to be ready. This afternoon, I need you guys to check out the panic room, figure out what supplies you might need if you were stuck down there for a day or even two. If something happens to me I need to know you’re all safe. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that, but … think food, water, if you need more clothes, anything.“

As I brought that up, I thought of something and jumped up, fishing through the kitchen drawers. I found a couple of ziploc bags, pulled them out and brought them to the table. They were sandwich size bags, but still for them they’d be the size of those contractor trash bags they sell at the hardware store. Obviously I couldn’t fill them all the way, but I was hoping they’d work for food. “Ladies, can you see if you’re able to open and close these?”

They all looked at the bags for a moment. Melanie stood up and walked over first, gripping the edge of the bag with one hand and the slider with the other, and grunted as she tried to pull them apart. Keisha got up to help her, one taking the edge and one taking the slider in both hands, and with a little effort, they were able to open it and close it back up again.

I smiled. “Okay, that’ll work. I was thinking a couple bags. Pretzels, chips, granola, cereal, stuff like that. Think about what you guys want, I’ll just get out the choices so you all can see and whatever you pick, I’ll fill some bags. Now for water … “

I had a couple of those little 8 ounce water bottles left over from something, who knows, but I got up, pulled one out and set it on the table. “What do you guys think of this … “

Maria snorted. “I don’t think that’s going to work. How are we supposed to get the water out?”

“Umm ... yeah. Good point. I … OH! I have another idea. What about a pump bottle and I fill it with water?”

Becky scrunched her nose. “Eew, it’s not going to taste like lotion or something?”

I laughed. “Oh no! I do have some travel containers, there may be something I’ve never even used. But I’ll wash it out anyway. Then I’m thinking if one of you pushes the pump down while someone holds a cup … “

Becky scratched her head. “Ohh … that might work.”

“It’s not ideal, but I’m trying to figure out how to stock the room just in case you have to hide out down there without me for a little while. I guess I’d have to help lower it down there, and then you guys can scoot it wherever you need once it’s down there.”

So at that we talked more about what was needed to stock the panic room, while we all finished eating. Somehow though, the discussion turned back to the events of this morning. I almost had to laugh. I finally blurted out, mostly being a smart-ass, “Tell you what, if one of you wants to volunteer, you can get out of having to prepare the panic room this afternoon. Since you’d be busy with umm … other duties.” I smirked.

Maria laughed out loud. “Okay girls, I DARE one of you to follow in my footsteps.”

“You know you’re getting me excited again.”

“I’m just looking out for you.” She smirked.

I heard mumbling as they talked excitedly amongst themselves. Finally Maria blurted out loud, “I think Becky should do it.”

She gasped. “ME?” Her eyes were wide.

Melanie blurted, “Well, you WERE the one checking him out down there the other day.”

“Oh.” She looked nervous, fidgeting in her seat.

I looked at her and said, “Becky, if you’re not comfortable doing it that’s okay. You don’t have to. I’m never going to force you to do anything like that.”

She looked up at me, still fidgeting. “But … do you want me to?”

“I won’t make you do anything. But yes I’ll admit, I’d love it very much if you did.”

“I … well … “ She looked around at the others, and then looked away. “I … know you do so much for us, and you’re like … so nice about it … and … you’ve been SO nice to me … and umm … uhh … Maria’s right, you do like everything for us, you feed us, clothe us, protect us, … rescued us, … and you’re like the only person on the whole planet who’s even trying to fix this for us. We owe you a lot and there’s not much we can do to … reciprocate. So … okay. Yes. I’ll do it. If you want me to.”

I reached out and touched her chin, turning her face back up towards me. “You’re sure you’re okay with it? I don’t want to force you.”

She finally gave a firm nod. “Yeah. I want to do it. I should do it for you. Because YOU need to enjoy yourself for a change instead of worrying about making us happy all the time.”

Cindy chimed in, “Well if you put it that way, I guess we all owe you a lot. And maybe we should look at this as a way to pay you back. To … reciprocate. So … if this is what you like, then I … I can’t believe I’m saying this, but … maybe we should all think about taking a turn down there I guess. If you want us to.”

Keisha was speechless through all of this, but she turned to Cindy at that point and said, “Y’all are crazy, but … “ She sighed. “I’ll think about it. That is NOT a yes. Just that I’ll think about it.”

“Wow, you’re all getting me excited here. I … do appreciate it. Really.”

Maria blurted, “Oh, I bet you do!” Everyone laughed.

Becky added, “Besides. After hearing … all that Maria said about it, I … I’m really curious.”

“Okay.” I said softly. “Tell you what. After we’re done eating, I’ll go … “ I glanced at Maria, who hadn’t stopped smirking. “put on those briefs. And then come and get you.”

I finished my meal quickly at that point, got up and let the others mill about on the kitchen table, while I went back to the bathroom to freshen up, and to the bedroom to change into briefs. I was already getting excited down there and almost splashed cold water on myself before heading back to the kitchen. As I walked back in, they all stopped talking and looked at me.

Becky looked up, a shy grin on her face. She was still a little nervous. I said, “Hey. Are you ready?”

She nodded and stood up.

I started to reach for her. “Do you want to go do this back in the bedroom?”

She gave a nervous snort. “Like that matters. You know you could just walk back in here anyway … while I’m … in there, I guess I go wherever you go. You can do it right here if you want.”

“In front of everyone?”

“Like I said, I’m kinda at your mercy while I’m in there, you might come right back in here anyway. And the others probably all want to see … how it works anyway. In-case they’re next. So you can just take me and put me where you want me.”

I glanced around at the others. “You’re sure?” She nodded. “Okay. Do you want me to undress you?”

She nodded. “You can if you want to.”

So I reached down and gently lifted her up in my hand, above the table. The others all watched intently as I stroked her arm, and then nudged her up so I could unfasten her blouse and pull it away. I kissed her bare chest. Then I lifted up her bottom with my finger and thumb, tugging on the velcro to pull her skirt off. Now Becky was naked in my hand. I slid my finger down her chest and between her legs, brushing her tiny cunt. I brought her up to my lips and kissed her a few times.

I said gently, “Are you ready?” She nodded. Then I stood up, and with one hand I brought her to my stomach, and with the other I pulled back the waistbands on both my briefs and shorts. Then I slowly lowered her into my briefs, sideways so that she could stretch out, just below my semi-rigid penis and nestled up to my balls. I positioned her so that her face would be near the head. And then I gently closed the waistband. I could feel her squirming inside my briefs. It was definitely more snug, her naked body was pressed against my flesh down there. I noticed all the others staring at my crotch, transfixed. Even Maria, though she still had a smirk on her face.

And then I slowly sat back down at the table for a minute, as nonchalant as I could, and just looked at everyone and said “So, what’s up?”

I was greeted with a mix of wide eyes and slack jaws, but it was silent for a few moments until Maria, always the instigator, finally blurted, “I assume you are. Or will be soon. If not, I may need to teach that girl some pointers.”

That broke the tension and the others laughed, though there were some nervous laughs. I suppose that was understandable, given they were wondering if they’d be doing this too.

I grinned and said, “I’m pretty sure she can figure things out down there. Tell you what, are you all ready to get down?”

At that they started to stand up and give me the signal, and I slowly picked them up one by one, lowering them to the floor, careful not to squat too quickly. I could feel Becky wiggling into a more comfortable position, but she hadn’t done much else yet. There was no rush. As I lifted Melanie, I brought her up to my lips and kissed her and whispered, “Love you, babe.”

She whispered back, “Love you too. You better be enjoying this.” and kissed me on the nose. Then she added softly, “I’ll … do it for you when you ask me to. Alright?”

I whispered back, “Okay, I can hardly wait” and gave her one more kiss before I set her down with the others. Then as they filed out of the kitchen, I proceeded to clean up from lunch and lay out all that and the utensils from breakfast, on a towel to dry. I started to pull out several bags of snacks – mostly little lunch-sized portions, but shoot, one of those was enough to feed all five of them. I’d let them pick out what they wanted.

They’d all left the room, and I just stood there for a minute, marveling at the absurdity of the situation, a pretty young woman curled up against my shaft and balls, though the feel of her tiny body against my skin was amazing. I could tell Becky was still figuring out what to do down there, as she had hardly moved yet once I assume she got comfortable. I pulled back my waistband and said “Hey Becky.”

She looked up at me. “Umm … hey. So … now that you’ve umm … got me captive down here, what do you want me to do?”

“Well, you could just relax in there if you want. To be honest, it feels good just feeling your sexy body against me down there.” She gave me a shy grin. “But at some point I figured you would try to get me off. Just … don’t rush it. It’s not a race. When Maria did it she brought me along slowly, soft strokes and gentle kisses.”

“Okay. I’m pretty sure I can do that.” She made a nervous giggle. “I just want you to enjoy it. And I’m kinda at your mercy, so if I do a lousy job you might make me do it again.” She giggled again. “But for real, if you want me to do anything else while I’m in here just tell me.”

“Alright. I suppose you could … get yourself off too while you’re in there. If ... you want to. Maria did and I heard her moan and felt her tremble when she came and I really enjoyed that.” Her eyes got wide for a moment. Then without another word, I closed up my waistband and just enjoyed the sensation as she wiggled around down there, snuggled up to my shaft.

I walked back to the office and got on the computer, careful so sit down slowly. I’d blown off work projects for the last week and a half, though none of my contracts were due anytime soon, I was lucky to have some down time with everything else going on. I called up the application that would pull in the camera feeds from the mansion, to see if there was any new activity there. The batteries would probably go out any day, but at the moment I was still getting a feed. I paused and smiled to myself, reminded anew of my tiny passenger, as I felt Becky shift positions and then start to moan. I supposed she was taking my suggestion and getting herself off first. Just the thought of that was hot.

On the camera feed I saw nothing – the place looked empty. There was yellow caution tape across the entrance, but it didn’t look like anyone was there at the moment. A little concerning, given the machine in the bunker. Maybe those thugs COULD come back with a truck and try to take it. If they did, they’d probably wait until dark. At least they couldn’t get it running without that element. Once they figured that out they’d come looking for us.

I got back up, and then strolled to the bedroom, where the girls were all at the foot of the bed talking. They stopped talking as they saw me come in, and I saw eyes darting to the bulge in my pants. For my part, I remained nonchalant, and just sat on the edge of the bed and asked how everyone was doing. At that point a little moan came from my shorts. I saw Maria smirk, Melanie blush, Cindy’s eyes went wide and Keisha just went slack-jawed. For my part I grinned like a cheshire cat and said nothing.

Instead of acknowledging the obvious, I just said, “I put out several snack foods, if you guys want to take a look and decide what you want, and then I can fill a couple ziploc bags.”

Before anyone of them responded, there was another moan. And then another. Rather than completely embarrass Becky and risk the others having any second thoughts, I just flashed a smile and got up and left the room at that point. Yes, it would have been a power trip to hover right there and let Becky finish her climax in my briefs right in front of the others, a little common sense bubbled to the surface of my horny brain. I could go off anywhere in the house, in the car, in the backyard, wherever I wanted Becky to be when she climaxed. That much was completely up to my whim. But I didn’t need to keep flaunting that in front of the others. Not if I hoped to get them to participate later.

So I headed back to the living room and lounged on the sofa. It was quiet and I could just sit and savor Becky’s little moans and feel her moving as she approached her climax. I put my hand down there gently, cupping her body through the fabric, just before she came, her cute little moans of pleasure slightly muffled. I gave her a moment before I pulled up my waistband to have a look. Becky glanced up at me, flushed, sweaty and still breathing heavily. I reached into my pants and stroked her with my finger, sliding it down her chest. She grabbed my finger and directed it down between her legs, where I felt her dampness. She began to push herself on my finger. I took the cue and began rubbing her between the legs, until she began moaning again. It didn’t take her long to have a second climax.

She looked up and smiled as I slowly slid my finger away. Her breathing was still heavy and irregular. I gave her a minute to settle down. She flashed me a shy grin and said “Hi.”

“Hi. How’s it going in there?”

“It’s … a little warm down here, and it’s got that musty man scent, but I … don’t mind it. And I could tell you were walking around, but I had no idea where. It’s hard to tell from in here. The … umm … others aren’t like right here, are they? Not that I suppose I have any control over it.” She scrunched her nose again. “But that would be like way embarrassing.”

I snorted. “No, we’re in the living room by ourselves. But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Shoot, you and Maria both came in front of each other like a day or two ago, didn’t you? The others are in the bedroom still. I did go in there for a minute, they might have heard a couple moans … “

She blushed, but said, “Hmm. Yeah. I suppose by now we kinda do everything in front of each other, don’t we?”

“Just about.”

She just gazed at me for a minute. “I guess it doesn’t get more intimate than this, huh? Like Maria said. She was like SO right about that.”

“In a good way I hope? Like would you ever do this again?”

“In a good way. Yeah. I feel so close to you, I can like feel your pulse down here. And you can probably feel everything I do … which I guess is part of the turn-on for you, isn’t it?” I nodded. “I … think I could do this again. But first I still owe you something.”

“Oh?” I grinned. “So I should leave you to get on with that, huh?”

“You have to tell me afterwards how I stack up to Maria. Be honest. I know she has a lot of experience … “

I snorted. “I don’t think anyone on earth has experience like this.”

She grinned. “Very true. I … suppose now that I’m safe here with you, I should try and experience as much stuff as I can while I’m still this size.”

“Well, I’m all for that. Believe me.” She giggled again. At that I slowly closed my waistband, sealing her in again. I slowly got up from the sofa and stretched. Once I started walking back to the office, I felt her start to work my shaft with her hands, rubbing it softly, as she kissed it on the side. I had to stop for a moment and put my hand on the door frame, and I let out a groan.

Then I glanced back and saw Melanie standing there, looking a little unsure of herself. I turned and knelt down next to her.

“Hey babe.”


“Do you want to … join me? You look like you have something on your mind.”

“Okay.” She put her arms up and I reached out, wrapped my fingers around my girlfriend and lifted her up, standing as I did. I turned back towards the office and went in, stopping just inside the door frame as I felt Becky’s tongue probing the tip of my shaft.

“Oh …. oh.” I moaned. Then I changed my mind about the office. It would be easier to talk in the living room, I could sit on the sofa again. I turned and headed there, my girl in my hand, and stopped for one more tremor of pleasure before I made it to the sofa. I managed to sit down, and then leaned back and draped Melanie across my chest, near my shoulder. I started gently stroking her back as I asked, “What’s up? Is something wrong?”

“I just … oh, honey. I love you so much.”

“I love you too. Are you … worried about … this?” I pointed down toward my crotch. At that point I felt Becky again, yes she was drawing it out just like I asked her to, but right at this second wasn’t the most opportune time for me to suddenly moan and groan. I strained to suppress it, without much luck.

“I … “ she glanced down there, and back up at me, “I just … don’t want you to forget about me. You’re … surrounded by all these beautiful girls … and you’re basically in charge of them … and even if you don’t realize it, they’re all getting … very attached to you. They … “

I nudged her chin with my finger. “Hey. You don’t have anything to worry about. Really. They’re only here for a while, and after that they’ll go back to their lives and it’ll be just you and me. Okay?”

“I … know ... .but Maria … “

“Yes, Maria will still be around, even after all this is over, I’m sure … and yeah, I care about Maria too, but you’re the one I want to be with. As long as you want me. Alright?”

She looked like she was going to shed a little tear. “I love you.” She nudged herself up higher on my shoulder so she could reach my cheek and plant a tiny kiss.

I started to say I love you back, but Becky chose that moment to dive her tongue into the tip of my shaft, and instead I got out “I … ohhh …. mmmm … “

She glanced down at my crotch, the slight outline of Becky barely showing through my shorts, and let out a little sigh. “But … I don’t want you to feel like you’re going to lose out. Or get bored with me when the others aren’t here anymore. I’m … willing to try anything you want me to. If you want to stuff me in your pants and get you off, I’ll do it. If you want me to sit in your hand and do whatever you tell me to, I’ll do it. If you want me to go down on the other girls while you watch, I’ll do it. I want to do all those things because they make you happy. So what I’m saying is, anything they do, I can do too. I don’t ever want to stop being your girlfriend. It’s that important to me.”

I gently lifted her up off my shoulder and kissed her. I kissed her in multiple places. I lifted her skirt and kissed her. “I love you too. How about we both cum together again? I think Becky is drawing it out, but it’s not going to be too much longer.”

She nodded vigorously. “Yes!! Make me cum for you.”

“Okay. Let’s take your clothes off this time.”

Without a word, she tugged off her blouse and skirt, letting me take them and set them down on the coffee table. I felt Becky hit a sensitive spot again and I groaned. I brought my naked girlfriend up to my lips and planted kisses all over her. She spread her legs for me as wide as she could, and I gave her ass and pussy a few long, slow licks with the tip of my tongue. I groaned again, my lips vibrating against her. I could feel just a little wetness, but not enough yet, but I knew how to solve that. I reached down with my other hand, just enough to pull one corner of my waistband up with two fingers, and I probably surprised Becky as I caught a dollop of precum on my finger. The way it felt though, she got right back to it moments after I closed the waistband again. I brought that finger up to Melanie and rubbed the dollop between her legs. She squirmed and pushed her hips against my finger. I switched to my little finger, and slid it up and down her tiny lips, until they parted to give me access. I found her little hole and slipped the tip of my finger in, causing her to gasp.

I whispered, “Play with your breasts while I make you cum.” She flashed me a grin, as she brought her hands up and began to grab her own little breasts. At that moment I moaned for a couple of moments, and then went back to pleasuring my tiny girlfriend. I drove my finger a little further inside her, pumping it gently, and she responded by thrusting her hips up in sync. It was beautiful to watch. She kneaded her breasts, tugged on her own nipples and rolled them between her little fingers, and groaned and moaned to the little movements of my finger. Finally I could feel Becky had me close, and I began to turn my finger like a corkscrew, driving Melanie to the edge. She came, going rigid in my hand and trembling, moments before I exploded and doused Becky in a sea of hot cum.

For a few moments I just lay back on the sofa, catching my breath, savoring the feeling of the huge climax I’d just experienced, the feel of little Becky hugging my shaft and doused in cum, my girlfriend in my hand just coming down from her own high. It was quite an experience. As I looked into her eyes, she gazed back at me with a look of sheer devotion.

Then I slowly slid my finger out of Melanie, brought her to my lips and kissed her all over her body. I whispered, “Can I dress you?”

She whispered back, “Okay.”

So I set her down gently on my leg, inches from Becky, and reached for her top. She let me put it on her and fasten the velcro in the back. Then I lifted her back up in the air with one hand, her legs dangling. I kissed her a few more times, turning her around so that I could kiss her bottom, and then held her in front of me as I fumbled with her skirt with my other hand. She remained patient while I took a minute trying to get it straight and fasten it in the back. Then I kissed her again and set her down on my chest, and stroked her back.

She gazed up at me and remarked, “How long are you going to leave poor Becky down there?”

I smirked. “I don’t know. I suppose I should let her come up for air. She did tell me that if she didn’t do a good job she was afraid I’d make her do it all over again. Though to be honest, I think she gave Maria a run for her money.”

“Well don’t leave her in there too long, she might come out looking like a raisin.” We both laughed at that.

“Okay. I’ll go get her cleaned up and then I’ll come see how the others are doing with setting up the panic room.”

She nodded. “Alright. And honey?”


“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For not … just falling for one of the others and dumping me. You’re surrounded by … “

“Hey.” I nudged her chin. “I’m not dumping you for anybody. Okay?”

She nodded. “Okay.”

“Though … that whole offer to sit in my hand and do whatever I say … that is really hot.”

She snorted. “I bet.”

“Okay. I should set you down so I can look after Becky. If we keep talking like this I’ll suddenly be tempted to rip your clothes back off and tell you to wrestle with Becky down there.”

Her eyes got wide as saucers for a moment.

I smirked. “It’s okay, I’m kidding.” I gently lifted her up from my shoulder, planted a few more kisses on her, turned her and lifted her skirt so I could plant another kiss on her ass, letting my tongue slip in between her legs just for a moment, and then I set her down on the ground. “I’ll be in there in a few minutes.”

She scurried off, possibly worried I would change my mind and make her wrestle with Becky. Though the thought was getting me excited again. I reached down and lifted up my waistband.

Becky looked up at me, her hair was wet and much of her body was covered. If I left her in there too long she’d probably be stuck to me. As it was, she poked her head up from around the head of my shaft and gave me a smirk.

“Hi Becky.”

“Hi.” She reached up and cleared a glob from her face. “So how’d I do?”

“You were spectacular.”

Her face glowed. “Really? You’re not just saying that?”

I smirked. “I think Maria’s got some stiff competition.”

She giggled. “Stiff.” She giggled some more. I cracked a grin myself at the double meaning.

“So how about we get you cleaned up? Are you ready?”

“Yeah. I did even kinda have fun. I’m sure you had way more though. But that was the point, right? If you … want me to do it again sometime, you … might be able to persuade me.”

I grinned. “By pampering you with back rubs?” She giggled again. “I’m really looking forward to that. I’ll … have you out in just a minute if you can hang on.”

“Hang on?”

“Just for a minute.” I closed up my waistband and then stood up and stretched.

I strolled back towards the bedroom. I did need to get a clean pair of boxers. Again. I saw Melanie had made it back, and was sitting talking with Keisha. The girls had taken those towels and rolled them up and moved everything around to look like a sectional sofa, and this had become their hangout place for much of the day. They both stopped and watched me as I went to the dresser, got a clean pair of boxers, and started to leave.

“No briefs?” blurted Keisha, a wicked grin on her face.

I looked right back at her and deadpanned, “You’re that anxious to be next?”

She got wide eyed.

I added, “Keisha, as much as I would love to, umm … see what you’re capable of doing for me down there, I’m not in a mad rush. It’s not like I’m trying to do all five of you in the same day.”

She breathed a sigh of relief.

“Maybe this evening” I added.

She got wide eyed all over again. I just smirked and headed out of the room, not saying another word. She could marinate on that a little while.

In the bathroom, I gently reached in and wrapped my fingers around the slippery Becky, bringing her out of my pants and into the sink, where I carefully washed her from head to toe under the warm water, and then lay her on a towel, gently blotting her dry. I bent down and kissed her on the stomach.

As I removed my shorts and briefs and was cleaning up, she sat up, still naked, her little breasts bouncing slightly as she did, and smiled up at me. “Did you really like it?”

I grinned at her. “Becky, I loved it. You were amazing.” She smiled so wide she looked radiant. I added, “You really are a beautiful young woman, you know.” Now she was blushing too, but still couldn’t stop smiling at me. I gazed at her for a few moments. “You know you should get dressed, or I might be too tempted to go another round.”

She giggled. “We can do it again if you want. It’s kinda exciting, that as small as I am, I could made you that happy.”

As I finished cleaning up and pulled on my clean boxers and shorts, I said “I would like that a lot. Tell you what, let’s go see how the others are doing. I suspect they might need some help.”

“Okay.” She was still grinning at me, ear to ear. I helped her put new clothes on, then scooped her up and set her down on the floor. I gave her a head start, padding off to the bedroom, and then I followed her to go check on the rest of the girls.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Sat Apr 15, 2023 2:59 pm

Becky sounds amazing, a woman so small willing to be put in a guy's briefs and having such fun to boot!!

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Melanie's Story Part 47 - Preparing for a Siege

Post by Rocket » Sat Apr 22, 2023 5:25 pm

After helping Becky clean up and get dressed again, I set her loose to go run back to the others. I didn’t rush in there myself, I figured the girls would start peppering her with questions anyway. Maria would surely be comparing notes in her little head, and the others thought at some point it could be them taking the dive, so to speak. I’d leave them to talk. I strolled to the kitchen first to put up the dishes and utensils now that they had a chance to dry – a quick task given they were so small, but we’d need everything for dinner later. Those new supplies I rush ordered this morning could NOT come soon enough.

Then I made my way back towards the bedroom. Just outside the door, I could hear the girls chatting it up excitedly, probably asking poor Becky for every graphic detail. I took a step in, and the conversation slowed as the girls, one by one, turned and looked at me. All five of them were here now, as if getting the latest from Becky took precedence over getting the panic room ready. By the time I made it to the bed to sit, they were all just watching me.

Maria (who else?) broke the tension in the room. “SO. How WAS it?

I heard some nervous laughs. I just looked at Maria and said, “Let’s just say you’ve got some stiff competition.”

Becky burst out laughing. “Stiff!” Apparently she still found that really funny.

That was enough to break the ice and the others seemed less uptight. Melanie already knew eventually I’d be asking her to do it, she just had no idea when. She knew that decision was up to me. Though a part of me felt like saving her for last, not rushing into it, so we would both enjoy it more when it finally happened. Besides, she’d be around after the others all went back to their lives, the lives that were interrupted when they were captured and shrunk, but lives that were waiting for them to return to once I solved the restoration process. I may as well enjoy having the rest of them around while it lasted.

Now Keisha was the newbie here, and she hadn’t been sexed up by her previous captors the way Becky, Cindy and even Melanie had been, nor had a sexual relationship with any of us prior to the shrinking, as Melanie and I both had with Maria. So Keisha was more of an unknown, but she seemed to be adapting and falling in line with the others pretty quickly. And Cindy, was also a bit of an unknown. It had surprised me how she responded to Becky’s reasoning that I’d been doing everything for them – feeding, clothing, protecting, rescuing – and there wasn’t a lot they were capable of doing for me in return, therefore if this is what I liked, they owed it to me. Cindy seemed to agree and suggested maybe all five of them should offer to do this for me. Was the argument really that persuasive? Or was she looking for some excuse – a loophole – to do something crazy. Cindy had let me fool around, but she’d drawn the line at having sex with me, despite showing that she was willing to get it on with one of the other girls, or even play with herself while I watched. I’d never touched her down there myself and figured I wasn’t going to. However, if she was now open to diving into my shorts and getting me off … as both Maria and Becky had expressed, it doesn’t get more intimate than that.

I was interrupted from my musings as the girls all were looking at me, as if they’d been asking me the same question more than once and I hadn’t answered yet. I shook it off and snapped back to the present.

“OH! Sorry. I was just thinking about something else.”

Maria snorted. “Yeah, like who’s next to go climb your pole, I bet.” The others laughed.

I smirked. “Maybe.” The laughter tapered off. “Two down, three to go?” The room went silent at that. I sighed. “Anyway, moving on. What were you REALLY asking me?”

Keisha sighed. “The snacks and the water. Everything else we have set. Aside from … umm … “

Melanie added dryly, “toilet facilities. Or lack of.”

“OH. Okay.” I thought for a moment. “Options are kinda limited I know. For here in the bathroom, I’m hoping to come up with something more permanent than just using the sink, I just haven’t had a chance yet but I have some ideas. Down there though … no running water, and we can’t just dump everything into the crawl space. Or … I guess we could technically, but I’d have to put a bucket down there and then go under the house to empty it. So … what about like a porta-potty, like they use at the park?”

Melanie tilted her head. “How … would that work?”

“Okay, work with me here, this is just off the top of my head. But … maybe an enclosed box with a door for some privacy, a seat and a container underneath, partially filled with disinfectant. That’s how those porta-potties work anyway. And a truck comes and just empties the chamber with a big hose. But in this case, we’d have to take the bucket and bring it back up the ladder for me to dump and wash out, but it would probably last a few days before the bucket filled up, and the disinfectant keeps it from getting too bad. Do you guys … think it would work?”

They looked at each other, talking incoherently. I saw a couple scrunched up noses as they talked, but after a couple minutes they seemed to come to a consensus and all turned back to me.

Melanie spoke for the group. “We think that’ll work. I guess if someone breaks in, we can’t just come back up here and run to the bathroom.”

“No. If someone breaks in, you guys all need to be down there and quiet as you can be, my hope is they never even realize there IS a panic room. That’s why the access is under the bed and I tried to make the cutout flush with the rest of the floor. I can’t take a chance of something happening – to any of you. Even if they found the hole and moved the bed to get to it, they’d have trouble reaching down there. The hole is too small for a grown man’s arm to fit. That’s the whole idea. If you’re making noise they’ll wonder where it’s coming from. Thus … the two inside cameras. So you have a way to see if the coast is clear if you do have to come out for anything.”

Keisha just shook her head. “Wow. And you came up with all that … and built that in a day? Honestly I’m impressed.”

I flashed her a grin. “Thank you. Now … how about I get those snacks and the water set up, and then I’ll go work on this porta-potty while you all finish stocking. I guess Becky, you don’t have to help unless you want to, I did promise … since you volunteered for umm … other duties.”

She giggled. “That’s alright. I can help.” She’d been giggling a lot since lunchtime. I thought it was adorable.

So I went about gathering the snacks, Cindy offered to come with me and point out what they wanted, and I partially filled a couple of ziploc bags with a mix of items. Enough to last a few days with five tiny mouths to feed, not so heavy that they’d have any trouble getting them down the hole. I brought Cindy back along with the two ziploc bags and deposited everything at the foot of the bed. Then I dug around in the closet and found not one, but two little pump bottles. I had no idea where I’d gotten them, but I was able to wash them out thoroughly and then fill them with bottled water and bring them back. Each one probably held the equivalent of more than five gallons of water, so I hoped that would be enough for all of them to get through a couple days or maybe more. I stretched my arm under the bed, holding a bottle aloft above the hole, and slowly lowered it, while two of the girls stood underneath and grabbed hold of it to lower it the rest of the way. Once both bottles were down, the girls went about organizing, while I went back to the garage to work on my idea for a porta-potty.

I had to figure out something that would fit down the hole – which was the diameter of a door knob cutout. I still had a piece of the core I’d cut out of the subfloor, so I could easily measure with that. I suspected this was going to be too tight for any of the girls to sit down on a seat inside a tube that diameter, so I’d have to make something they could assemble. I made six panels with balsa wood, which was light enough I could cut it with a small craft blade, and I created notches for the panels to fit together, dry-fitting them as I went along to make sure it would work. The finished ‘room’ would be about 2.5 inches wide but 5 inches long, enough for one of the girls to sit down. I cut out a door into an end panel, with a seam of tape on both sides to serve as a simple hinge, and a hole cutout to use for a handle. So now I had the structure itself.

Next was the seat and a place for the bucket. I found a large plastic shampoo bottle and cut out the bottom of it, fashioning a twist-tie through two tiny holes to serve as a handle. I’d thought about a medicine cup, but was afraid it would fill up too quickly with five girls down there. I cut more balsa wood into a box to fit over the bucket, gluing the pieces together securely since this section would fit down the hatch in one piece. I cut out a small hole, then smoothed out the top with fine sand paper, knowing the girls would be sitting their cute little bottoms on this, and added some clear spray sealant, in an attempt to make it water-resistant. In retrospect I should have probably built that piece first, but five minutes with a hair dryer seemed to at least make it dry to the touch.

Then I brought all the pieces with me back to the bedroom, where I found the girls waiting for me, they’d brought everything down already except for this. I set the pieces down in front of them and showed everyone how they assembled and how the ‘toilet’ would work. Not perfect, but they appreciated that there’d actually be a door – and a seat. That seemed more than enough of a trade-off for the bucket.

Keisha just looked at the portable bathroom and shook her head. “You built that whole thing in like … 45 minutes?”

I shrugged. “I was lucky, I had all the materials already. It would take a lot longer if I had to go out and get something.”

She snorted. “Damn. Maybe you really are a genius.”

Melanie smirked. “Told you!”

So I lay down on my belly and lay the pieces under the bed next to the hole. The girls were able to take it from there, some below and some up top, lowering the pieces one by one through the hole and into the little room. Though granted, the room seemed tiny for me, but in reality it was to them about the size of a hotel room. So I suppose they could manage down there for a couple days if they had to. I just hoped it would never come to that, but as their only protector and caregiver, I had to have a contingency. It wasn’t like I could just call my neighbor down the street and say ‘hey buddy, quick favor, can you lord over these five miniature women for me for a few days?’ - not gonna happen. For that matter, few people even knew they existed, and minus those goons, the only ones who even knew they were here at my house were Sergeant Joe, who would probably have no idea what to do with them, or Andrew, who was currently in the hospital ICU, or maybe possibly those other three officers that were in the mansion when we were there – one of which was probably also at the hospital given he was bleeding with a concussion when I saw him down in the bunker. I wasn’t even sure if the officers outside were let in on the secret. The police seemed to be making a real effort to keep this whole shrinking thing out of the public eye.

As the girls managed to get all the pieces down into the panic room and begin assembling their new bathroom, Keisha walked over to me. I was still laying on the floor, I rolled over on my side but hadn’t gotten up yet. Keisha had been lowering the pieces from above the hatch, while the others waited at the bottom of the ladder to collect them and move them. She stepped in front of me and just looked at me for a minute, as if contemplating something.

“How are you doing?” I asked, trying to break the silence.

She snorted. “You really are something, aren’t you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Everything you’ve done for them. Yeah, they all give you sexual favors, but it doesn’t seem to bother them and … it doesn’t seem like you ever force them. They do it … because they want to.”

“You seem … surprised by that. Like you expected something else?” I was a little annoyed, but I had to remember she was new to the group. She had no history with us beyond waking up this morning. So I remained patient.

She grimaced. “Actually, yeah I did. These pretty young women running around, scantily clad, and you hold all the power around here. Most males – maybe most women too – would abuse that. I … was just waiting to see that side of you come out. But it didn’t. I was wrong. I see now, you really are one of the good guys. I suppose nobody can blame you for indulging a little when they’re practically throwing themselves at you.”

I snorted. “It is pretty hard to resist. But I would never intentionally do anything to hurt them. And I try hard to be careful. So you’re not … upset with me for that?”

“No. Not really. In fact, I … “ She turned to make sure the others weren’t within earshot yet. “I might just take you up on that … “ she waved at my waist “if you want me to. I suppose every one of us will be doing it at some point. So … “

“Like ripping off the bandaid? Get it over with?”

She snorted. “Something like that. Though the more I know you and see what you’ve done for all of them … all of us I suppose … the more I’m okay with it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Maybe. Okay, yes.”

“Okay” I said softly. “You know, Melanie was my first serious girlfriend. Like someone I would consider marrying some day. I started college pretty early, so I was a lot younger than my classmates. Being 15 in a class of 22 year olds wasn’t … conducive to getting dates. So maybe subconsciously I’m making up for lost time, you know?”

She laughed. “Maybe so.” Then she paused for a moment. “Though if Melanie is really your girlfriend, how does SHE feel about all this? I know if I were in her shoes, I would NOT be comfortable watching my boyfriend do … all this with other women right in front of me.”

“Actually,” I interjected, “it was her idea.”

She snorted.

“Really. With Maria for example. She’d come to visit one day and Melanie literally asked her to stay over. Insisted it was for my own good because I do more for her than she does for me. Not that I believe that myself mind you, but she does. And when Cindy and Becky joined us, she encouraged them.”

She sighed. “Tell you what, sometime this afternoon, when you’re ready you come find me, and I’ll … “ she snorted. “dance around your pole.”

I said softly, “Okay.”


Later that afternoon, after checking the cameras again for any activity, I needed to use the restroom. As I got to the door I head splashing, so I tapped on the door frame first and asked “Everything okay in there? I just needed to use the bathroom.”

I heard some laughing and then “It’s fine, come on in.”

I stuck my head in and found the girls were all relaxing in the sink, it was filled with hot water and they were using it as a hot tub. I was ogling them before I could stop myself. Melanie flipped around, her elbows on the sink rim, and said, “Honey, if you’re just going to stand there, then come rub my back, pretty please?”

She said it so sweetly I couldn’t resist, not that I was going to anyway. I reached out to her with two fingers and began gently rubbing her shoulders, eliciting a little purr. As I rubbed her back, I glanced around at the others. At the four pairs of breasts floating right around the surface of the water. And how I didn’t mind one bit that nobody thought to ask me for some bath bubbles. I resisted the temptation to just reach out my other hand and start playing with these breasts, it was like they were taunting me. But I knew they were already giving me time with them of their own accord – I’d enjoyed each of them up close and personal. The speaking of which, reminded me of what Keisha had told me maybe an hour ago.

After a couple minutes, I asked, “Are you guys going to be okay if I … “

Maria snorted. Melanie gave a happy sigh, but said, “Honey, go ahead. I don’t think it bothers anyone. And we’re hogging the bathroom anyway.”

I muttered “Okay” and broke away to step over to the toilet. As I relieved myself I caught a couple sets of eyes glancing over, like they were checking me out. Sheesh, it’s not like they hadn’t seen it before. But still, wasn’t I just ogling them too? Suppose it goes both ways. So I finished up, washed my hands – grateful this little house at least had a double sink in the only bathroom – and stepped away, adding, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Before I got a response, I went back to the bedroom. Checking the clock, we still had an hour or two before dinner, and in late spring it wasn’t getting dark until well into the evening, so I felt like we had some free time, and it was unlikely the goons would try anything before dark. The girls were ready for that, if the goons came to the house the girls would be able to stay in the panic room for days if they had to, monitoring the situation inside and outside the house from the little command center (fashioned from an old cell phone) without having to come up for anything. I felt like they’d be safe. So I fished through my dresser and found another pair of briefs, changing into those and then putting my shorts back on.

Then I returned to the bathroom. The girls were all still lounging in their ‘hot tub’ but the conversation trailed off when I walked in. I just looked at Keisha, and she looked back at me, and after a moment I saw comprehension in her expression. “Hey Keisha, are you ready?”

She snorted. “Surprised it took you this long.”

I smirked. “It was a monumental effort.”

She laughed. “Okay.” She climbed up out of the sink and grabbed a wash cloth to dry herself off. The others looked like they hadn’t gotten the memo. But that was alright, they’d see in a minute. I waited patiently while she dried off. Then she put the towel down and simply said, “I’m ready.”

“Okay.” I reached for her and gently wrapped my fingers around her, lifting her up in the air. I held her for a minute, admiring her close up, her brown skin, her dark nipples, and then I planted a kiss on her stomach, brushing the bottom of her breasts with my upper lip. Then I brought her lower, hovering near my chest, while I reached down with the thumb of my other hand and pulled back the waistband of both my briefs and shorts.

She looked up at me. “I guess you did remember to put briefs on?”

I smirked. “Definitely.”

She chuckled. “That’s good. If I’m going to be your willing captive for a little while, I don’t want to have to worry about sliding down your leg. Now you relax and let me just worry about making you feel good for a while.”

“Okay.” At that, I slowly lowered her into my briefs and set her down against my scrotum. As I slipped my hand away, I traced a finger down her back, down her ass and between her legs, lingering for a moment around that tiny tuft of black hair and brushing her folds below it. She looked up at me and smirked. I slid my finger away, gave her a moment to get herself settled in, and then I closed her in, sliding my thumb out of the waistband. I just stood there for a moment, I could feel her squirming down there. The others all looked at me and there were a couple of surprised looks on their faces.

I remarked, “She and I were talking while the rest of you were setting up the new bathroom. She offered and said to come get her when I was ready. So … “

Cindy remarked, “I’m just surprised she’s come around so quickly, she’s jumped in before me … “

I asked her, “Cindy, are you actually thinking you’re open to trying this?”

She nodded. “Maybe. I’ve thought about … stuff. And I … the more I think about it, the more I realize there’s no reason for me to put limitations on what you and I can do. It’s not like I’m in my old life and we snuck away to a hotel room and got it on. Yes I’m hoping to go back to that life, but until then that life is on hold and this is a … different life. You know? And why should I deprive you, the one person who’s actually trying to help me, when sure as hell nobody else was deprived of it for the last two months. So I’m saying … we can go all the way if you want. No restrictions. If you want.”

I just looked at her, a little surprised at this turn of events. The look on my face must have shown, as she snorted. “Don’t look so surprised. You don’t believe me?”

I was about dumbfounded, but I pulled myself together quickly. The others were speechless. Aside from Keisha, I could feel her moving around down there but I’m not sure how clearly she could hear any of this conversation from her position. “You’re sure you’re okay with that?”

“I said yes, didn’t I?” she said snarkily. “Just find me when you’re ready and I’ll prove it.”

“I might just do that.”

I reached down to Melanie and stroked her back, my finger slipping down and caressing her bottom. I bent down and whispered, “I’m going to step out and just enjoy Keisha for a little bit, but after you’re done here you can come find me if you want to. You can wait and get dressed later.” I kissed her on the side of the face and then stood up straight and strolled out to the hallway, Keisha still squirming down there. I wasn’t in any hurry for her to finish.

Back in the kitchen, I reached down to see where she was at, and felt her through the fabric. I let my finger linger there on her bottom for a few moments, and she stilled herself, perhaps waiting to see what I would do. I gently pinched her bottom between my finger and thumb. Then I sat down on a chair in the kitchen, and then pulled back the waistband.

She looked up at me. “Hi, Keisha. How’s it going down there?”

She chuckled. “Just a little exploring.” I reached my other hand down there and stroked her leg. She asked, “Hey, anything in particular you want me to do while I’m down here? Other than get you off? I figure that’s kinda the climax anyway.” She snorted at her own joke. “Since I’ll be all slimy after that.”

I snorted myself. “True. Well, Maria and Becky each … got themselves off too, while they were down there. So you could be part of the trend.”

“Got … themselves off?” She looked almost mortified.

“Yeah. I can literally feel everything down there, so I’ll feel you stroke yourself, feel you tremble, hear you moan. It’s kinda hot.”

She thought about it for a moment. “Huh.”

“You don’t have to. Just an idea.”

“Tell you what” she replied. “How about you help me out with that?”

“How do you mean?”

She snorted. “I’ll let you figure that out.”

At that I closed up my waistband. I grabbed a water and went out to the back yard for a few minutes. It was still warm, the late afternoon sun still up around the tops of the trees in back. I sat down in my lawn chair to relax. My mind drifted back to that first day when all of this adventure started. When I sat back here with a beer and a good book, and got that frantic call from Melanie that would change everything. I mused about that for a few moments and then I heard a groan. Huh, maybe she WAS going to get herself off while she was down there. I could feel her arm moving in a slow rhythmic motion, against my skin down there. I brought my hand down and felt her bottom through the fabric, and cupped it with three fingers, and I could feel her subtle movements as she worked herself. Sure enough. I rubbed one of those fingers up and down her crack and heard her moan a little louder, so encouraged by that I kept rubbing her there.

I took a little peek, pulling up the waistband just enough to see and try not to disturb her. I saw her head, her breasts pressed against the base of my shaft, and I could see her arm moving. I suppose I wasn’t discreet enough, as she glanced up and saw me watching her. She continued on though, still working at her little cunt. I pulled it back further, enough that she was no longer pressed against me, and I could see her breasts better, a sheen of sweat on them.

I pulled the waistband out as far as I could and said, “Lean back as far as you can.” She just looked up at me for a moment, but was far enough along that she wasn’t stopping for an audience. I reached in with my other hand and stroked her sweaty breast and then pinched a breast between my finger and thumb. She grunted and threw her head back in a moan. I slid my hand further, working two fingers under her ass, lifting her up a little bit and giving me a view of her hand as she rubbed herself down there. I said, “Cum for me Keisha.” She pumped herself harder, and it wasn’t long before I was rewarded with her climax, her breathing heavy and erratic as she finally looked back up at me, her hand sliding away from her wet snatch as she reached for something to brace herself.

After giving her a minute to come down from her peak, I took her with my hand and turned her sideways, my thumb upon her breasts and my middle finger between her legs. I began stroking her there, eliciting another moan, and after a few moments she succumbed to the sensation, starting to move her hips in rhythm with my finger, while my thumb slid over and around her large breasts and brushed her hard dark nipples with every pass. This second time didn’t take long before she was moaning and groaning and exploded on my finger.

Sliding my finger away, I brushed her cheek with my thumb before I removed my hand, tasting her juice on my finger as I closed her back in. She still hadn’t started pleasuring me down there, I figured she was waiting on that until last, so she wouldn’t be soaked and sticky for too long. Though she had to know that she would be in there until I decided it was time to bring her out. I snorted to myself. She had called herself my willing captive, and I suppose there was some truth to that. I wasn’t figuring on being mean to her, I’d stop before it ever got to that point, but as long as she was willing, I’d enjoy as much as I could.

I got up and headed back into the house. As I did, I saw Melanie standing there, naked. She blushed a little as she caught my eye.

“Hey honey” she said. “Did you already … umm … “

“OH. No. Not yet. She was just fooling around down there and I thought I’d sit outside for a few minutes and relax. She hasn’t … finished that yet.”

“Oh. Good. I was afraid I was … too late. You know, we seem to be making a thing of this …”

“Cumming at the same time?”

She smirked. “Yeah. I kinda like it. Though, I’m not sure what you’ll do when it’s … my turn down there.”

“I … might not do anything, just sit back and enjoy it. But speaking of enjoying … “ I reached down for her and she let me scoop her up in my hand and whisk her away. “You’re looking very sexy.”

She snorted. “It’s the same me that you always see.”

“But you don’t usually greet me in your birthday suit. It’s kinda funny, Maria was talking about trying to get everyone to just stay naked for a day.”

She laughed. “That sounds like her.”

“But now that I’ve got you … and Keisha seems to be taking her time getting me off …”

“Oh?” She said coyly. “What did you have in mind?”

“I … seem to remember this little vixen telling me how she’d like to sit in my hand and do whatever I ask her to.”

She smirked. “Yes.”

“Okay … so … tell me you love me.”

“I love you.” she grinned.

“Touch your breasts.” She reached up and cupped her breasts with her hands.

“Put your feet in my mouth.” I opened my mouth and held her up so she could fit her feet in my mouth. I closed my lips around them and licked and tickled them for a minute, eliciting some giggles and squirming before I released them.

It was right about then when I felt Keisha stroke my shaft for the first time. I whispered to Melanie, “I think she’s getting started. I don’t know if she’ll be fast or slow.”

She responded, “So … what should we do in the meantime?”

I laughed softly. “Oh, I’m sure we can come up with something.” At that I took a walk back to the living room sofa and kicked my feet up on the coffee table, intending to enjoy Keisha’s ministrations while I took my time pleasuring my girlfriend.

“So. What did you have in mind?” she asked coyly.

“Well … seeing as I have you under my control and you have to do what I say … “

She giggled. “Your wish is my command.” She had a hard time saying it with a straight face.

“I think … “ I flashed her a wicked grin “that you should start warming yourself up. You do you while Keisha does me.”

“You want me to … “ her eyebrows shot up as she spoke.

I nodded. “Yep. Touch yourself for me. When Keisha has me almost there, then I’ll step in and help you finish.”

She smirked. “Okay. But only for you.” Then she leaned back in my hand and stretched her little arms and legs. I watched with anticipation as she lowered her hand, sliding her fingers slowly down her abdomen, until she reached her mound. She spread her fingers and ran them gently up and down either side a few times, and then brought them closer in, brushing her labia.

Just then, I felt Keisha take a few licks down below. “Mmm” I murmured, and Melanie looked up into my eyes and smiled. I smiled back at her and continued to take her all in, her fingers lightly dancing around the edges of her little cunt. I whispered, “fondle your breast with your other hand for me.” She looked like she was going to respond, but then instead just nodded and brought her other hand up to touch her breast. She caressed it with one hand while she began sliding her fingers along her vaginal lips. I held her up close, watching her moves.

Keisha started to work at my shaft with a little more determination. I could feel her knees wrapped around me closer to the base, her arms wrapped around me closer to the top, and her tiny lips and tongue working on the head. I let out little moans and groans as I watched Melanie finally slide a finger along the space where her lips met, and as her finger came up and brushed her own clit, I felt her shudder just a little in my hand. With my own free hand, I patted gently around the front of my shorts, finding Keisha and stroking my finger down the length of her body, through the fabric. Then I brought my hand up and traced along Melanie’s leg, as it draped over my wrist, and up over her thigh, trying to avoid her own hand, as I watched her flick her own clit a few times, before she finally slid one finger between her folds for the first time, past her first knuckle, and ran it up and down the length.

Just as Melanie drove a finger towards her cervix, I felt Keisha’s tiny tongue against the tip of my head, and it was almost simultaneous, Melanie’s finger diving into herself as Keisha’s tiny tongue french kissed me down there. Both of us shuddered and groaned together. I could feel Keisha’s mouth attacking with animalistic fervor, her arms wrapped around the base of the head, and I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer. I held out as long as I could, eager to watch as Melanie’s fingers started to shimmer from her own fluids as she dove into her own canal. Finally I knew I was close, and I took my own finger up between her legs and rubbed her parted labia and the bottom edge of her cervix. She continued working it herself, as if she was in a rhythm and didn’t want to stop. I couldn’t blame her, it was beautiful to watch. I stimulated her labia with two fingers, while she kept her own fingers in the middle, her hips rocking against her own hand. I stepped up my rubbing to bring her along quickly, and in a few moments I felt her stiffen and shudder with her climax, right before I came myself, letting a moan loose as I shook, dousing Keisha in a hot semen bath.

For a minute after that, we both just rested, letting our breathing steady. I stroked her arm with my thumb as she lay back and stretched. I kissed her a few times, soft kisses on her bare, flushed skin. She shivered a little.

She looked me in the eyes and said “So was it like you thought it would be?”

I played dumb. “How do you mean?”

She smirked. “Watching me do all the work?”

I grinned. “Was it that much work? Yes, I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.”

She let a small laugh escape before she spoke. “So are you going to just hold me? You really shouldn’t leave Keisha down there. She worked hard to make you happy, you should give her a break now.”

I snorted. “True. I probably shouldn’t have left Maria down there so long either. Or Becky.”

“See the pattern?” She gave me a serious look for just a second as she said it, and then cracked a smile. “You’re going to let this trip get to your head, and a big reason everyone likes you is you don’t walk around with a big ego. You treat them all like people. I’m worried you’re going to slip up and push it too far.”

“So,” I said softly, “what do you think I should do?”

“I think after you get Keisha cleaned up – and be extra nice to her by the way - lay off and take a break from this. DO NOT be trying to have all five of us get you off in one day. We’ll all be here tomorrow. Shoot, nobody’s going anywhere until you get this solved. And you said yourself you can’t solve it in a day.”

I just thought about it for a moment. “You’re right. Of course. I know those goons are out there, and if they try to break in the house I’m sure it’ll be after dark. So how about if we do dinner and a movie, lounge around and then you guys can all turn in and get some rest.”

“What about you?”

“I need to rest too, but I’ve got to check those cameras at the mansion. It looks like the place is just closed off with caution tape, I didn’t see anyone watching the place. They don’t know I took the element, so they could well be watching the place and plotting to steal back the machine. That will be more important to them than coming after me – or us. But once they figure out the element is missing, they’ll make a beeline here. So we have to be prepared.”

She nodded. “Okay. Tell you what … OH.” She laughed. “I was about to ask if you want to dress me like last time, I know you enjoyed that. But I didn’t bring any with me.”

I said softly, “That’s okay. We have to go that way anyway, right? How about I bring you to the bathroom. I’ll tell the others about our movie night, you all can pick a movie and I’ll be back in there in a minute once I get some clean clothes.”


So at that, I brought her back to the bathroom, where the others were just drying off from their time in the sink ‘hot tub.’ I kissed her again before setting her down, and I let them in on the movie plans, before heading back to the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled my waistband out.

“Hey Keisha” I said as I looked inside and saw her dark skin had a pearly look from the coating of cum that hadn’t dried yet.

She turned her neck and looked up at me, wiping some muck from her face with her hand. “Hey there. I was wondering how long you were going to leave me down here. It’s getting kinda sticky.”

I snorted. “I can see. Yes, gonna get you out of there in just a minute, and we can get cleaned up. You deserve some pampering after all that work.”

Now she snorted. “I hope it was worth it.”

I grinned. “Definitely. You were amazing down there.”

She smirked. “Alright. Let’s get me out of here then.”

“Okay, just give me a sec.” I closed up the waistband and grabbed a towel, then headed back to the bathroom, where I hung up the towel, and then reached in to gently collect Keisha and bring her out into the open. I brought her to the other sink, turned the water on and waited until it was warm, and set her down. “Do you want me to help wash you?”

She laughed. “After all that, you’re asking if it’s okay to touch? Go ahead. I’m doing my own hair, though. I have a feeling you’re going to struggle with that.”

“True.” I reached for her and gently lathered her chest and back, while she washed her own hair. We continued and she let me lather up other parts. I remarked, “You know, I can tell you work out.”

She smirked. “Oh you can, can you?”

“Yes, and your toned muscles are sexy.”

She laughed at that. We finished washing up, I turned of the water and handed her a small washcloth to dry off with. By this point the others were mostly dressed and just lounging around, watching us. They brought up the movie night and filled Keisha in on what they’d already discussed to see if she had an interest in any of them. In the meantime, I got undressed myself and hopped in for a quick shower.

After I stepped in, I stuck my head out and told them to let me know once they pick something out, and I can make dinner and bring it to them. Then I started washing up, and as the hot water hit me, my mind drifted back and forth between the events of the day, as crazy as they were, and my fears for what might happen if those goons show up. We had to be on guard.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Sun Apr 23, 2023 2:54 pm

Wow!! So hot, Keisha is so hot!!

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Melanie's Story Part 48 - Movie Night

Post by Rocket » Mon May 08, 2023 3:55 pm

After I washed up and changed, and before I even started dinner, I gathered some of the girls’ dirty clothes and washed them in the sink. They were too small for me to just throw everything in the washing machine or dryer, and I wasn’t sure how well they’d hold up. Though Maria had pointed out that they make mesh bags for washing delicates. Maybe I should find something like that. Though for now, we were about to run out of tiny clothes – with five bodies to clothe it didn’t take long. I rinsed them and brought them to lay out on a towel on top of the dryer for now.

Heading to the kitchen, I started whipping something up, and then as the oven heated up I went back to the bedroom to check on the girls. I knew they were used to watching movies on the little laptop screen, but I suggested watching the regular television from up on the bed. So they wouldn’t be straining their necks the whole time. After all, I was trying to pamper them after all they did for me throughout the day, trying to show my appreciation. So I brought them up to the bed and let them get comfortable, even giving them the remote to start picking out the movie, while I went back to the kitchen to finish cooking.

I was making tiny pizzas again, because they weren’t TOO hard to make, but mostly because the girls could eat them by hand while watching the movie. I took a tortilla and cut it into smaller circles with a cookie cutter, covering each with a dab of sauce, a whole pepperoni slice and some shredded cheese, then slicing them with a pizza cutter after a few minutes in the oven. I even had some soda, which I don’t drink very often but I pulled out a can and filled a Barbie pitcher with it – first time I’d used that, it came with the table set, but I was starting to realize that would be a lot easier than filling everyone’s glasses individually all evening long.

Everything settled, I lay it all out on a tray – in this case a butter tray – and brought it back to the bedroom, laying it right in the middle so everyone could help themselves. I went back to get some food for myself – an actual frozen personal pizza, which I hadn’t offered them as I suspected it was way too big for them to deal with. Then I joined them just as they were starting the movie. Apparently they voted to wait for me so I wouldn’t miss the beginning. Which wasn’t necessary, but I appreciated it nonetheless.


Partway through the movie – punctuated by the girls eating, drinking and chatting it up – I got up to use the restroom. The others decided this would be a good time to pause the movie and take a potty break, so I offered to grab the basket, which I did, and then returned and lay it on the bed, so everyone who wanted a bathroom trip could climb in. I waited for them to settle in and sit down, then I lifted the basket.

Looking down at the basket, which I held at chest height, I muttered, “Everyone needs to go?” I got a couple of snorts in response.

I set the basket down gently and let them file out. With all five of them there, they were likely going to use both sinks rather than wait in line. I set the basket over on the back of the toilet and then turned to go.

Maria quipped, “I thought you had to go too?”

I shrugged. “I can wait a few minutes.”

She laughed. “What, you can’t go in front of a group of women? It’s not like we haven’t all seen it – up close and personal. Some of us pretty recently.”

I snorted. “Okay. If it doesn’t bother you guys.”

“As long as it doesn’t bother you if WE go.”

“Touche’. Okay.” I proceeded to whip it out and then noticed everyone who wasn’t already going, was watching. Geez. So I carried on. As I finished up and was about to flush, I glanced at the girls. No, it definitely didn’t bother them, both Maria and Melanie were squatting over the two drains as I finished up. Well, I’d seen them both go often enough, and they’d seen me often enough, but I guess it was a little more of of a novelty for the three newest members of our group. They waited until I finished first. And I noticed Keisha just starting at it.

I looked at her and raised my eyebrows. “Did you forget what it looks like that quickly?”

She broke her eyes away for a moment and snorted. “Sorry. First time I’ve ever seen a guy … do that. In front of me anyway.”

I turned closer and held it up in front of her. “You’re sure you’re not just missing it really badly? You’re welcome to … “

She chuckled. “Very funny. But fine. Bring that bad boy over here.” I swung it up in front of her face. She put her hands out on either side and gave it a kiss.

“Damn, you’re going to get me all excited again.”

She broke away from it and laughed. “We can’t have that now, can we? I figured between the three of us, we’d have worn you out by now.”

“Pretty much” I snorted. “And … seriously though.” I glanced at Melanie and she gave me a gentle smile back. “I’m worried about letting all of that get to my head and going on a power trip or something. It was really exciting, but … I don’t want to be anything like those animals that … some of you had to deal with. I’m supposed to be taking care of you all, not … the other way around.”

Keisha gave me a more sobering look. “True, but you can have both. Just in moderation, as they say. You’re doing a good job here, I’ve only been here a day and I can see that myself.”

I sighed. “Thank you. I appreciate that. Tell you what, I’m going to go check on something, I’ll be back in a few minutes and I can bring everyone back to finish the movie.”

I headed back to the office. It had been a couple hours at least – right after Keisha had finished up – I smiled to myself at that thought – since I’d checked for any activity. Though I knew it was more likely something would happen after dusk – and my gut still told me they’d go after the machine first, the extraterrestrial element being so critical to restarting their underground operation. Certainly more important than trying to go after us for revenge, though they did go after Andrew last night, beating him up and torturing him for answers. What he actually may have told him I didn’t really know. He didn’t know our address, I’d never told him that. But he had my phone number – and I knew the phone I’d given him was no longer working. He knew that Becky and Cindy, as well as Melanie and Maria, were all here with me. Which I’m sure helped connect the dots for them as to how Becky and Cindy escaped their cage and what led the police to the mansion when this Bob probably thought he had everything wrapped up. Though he was there for my rescue of Melanie and Maria – with some bruises or maybe even welts to show for it - and he might have some idea what I look like, despite my attempt at hiding my identity through the cap, mask and the borrowed lab coat.

Given all that, it was prudent to keep checking those cameras. As soon as they discovered that the element was missing from the machine, they’d probably piece things together and come here next. Both for revenge and to find the element. They may either figure I had it myself, or if not, I’d know where it was. The police wouldn’t have known to extract the element from the machine to disable it. But they would at least suspect that I would have figured that out. Plus they knew the girls were here – and getting them back would be a bonus – and their value on the black market might cover their losses while they rebuilt their operation somewhere else. I knew the only reason they set up here in town, was because the only known source of the element on the planet was here at Advanced Future Tech.

So I logged on to the app that was collecting the camera feed. And then I gasped. It was getting dark – not pitch black but dark enough that there were shadows everywhere. Difficult to make out much detail. But enough that I could tell something changed at the entrance. The caution tape across the drive was down. In this neighborhood, sparsely populated with mansions on several acres each, it wasn’t likely someone would just walk up and pull the tape down. No, it was more likely someone did it intentionally – like to pull a truck in. I didn’t see any other activity, but I went backwards in the recorded feed – and sure enough, a truck was there – not even 30 minutes ago.

Shit. That had to have been them. Who else would wait until dusk, pull down the caution tape and back a box truck up the drive? And it looked like the truck was in and out of there pretty quickly. They had this planned and got in and out in a hurry. It had to be them. Now how long until they figured out the element was missing – and how long after that, until they come here looking for answers?

I glanced at my phone. I found Sergeant Joe’s number, but stopped myself. What was I going to say, that we put hidden cameras at the mansion? No, instead I put the number on speed dial as a precaution, and then called up the home security app on my phone, so I could keep watch on the outside cameras around the house. Any sign of movement and we’d have to take action.


Back at the bathroom, I held the basket while the girls climbed in and sat down. It still was pretty cool, I thought, to hold five women in a basket like this. I lifted the basket slowly up into the air, and turned to walk back towards the bedroom, but just held it there for a moment, five tiny sets of eyes looking back at me.

“Damn but you all are sexy.”

That elicited more than one snort. Maria said flatly, “Nice of you to notice.”

“Oh, I can’t help but notice.” I paused for a moment and then sighed. “I’m really going to miss this when it’s all over and you go back to your lives.”

Cindy spoke up. “It’s not like you’ll never see us again. Shit, going through all of this together? Even when we’re … back to normal, you’ll probably have trouble getting rid of us.”

“I appreciate that. Really. I know your own lives have been put on hold because of this, and we’re kinda all forced together by circumstances … “

Melanie spoke up. “Honey, why are you so melancholy and sentimental all of a sudden? Did something happen?”

“Tell you what. Before the movie starts I need to talk to you guys about something serious for just a minute.”

They all looked at each other. Becky asked “Shit. This isn’t about the … shrinking, is it? You can’t reverse it?” Her voice cracked towards the end.

“OH. NO. Not about that. I’m certain I can reverse it, it’s just going to take some work. It might take me a while but I WILL solve that. No, this is something else.”

Becky gave a sigh of relief, but there was still apprehension in everyone’s faces. I headed back to the bedroom and set the basket on the bed so they could climb out. I sat cross-legged on the bed myself and they all sat around, waiting to hear what I had to say.

I took a calming breath first. Five sets of nervous eyes, tiny as they were, were making ME nervous. Geez, get over myself. “Alright. You remember those goons we said were on the loose?”

Cindy blurted out, “They didn’t hurt Andrew again, did they?”

“NO. Sorry. Not that. He’s in the hospital, but he’s safe there. He may be there for a little while, but he’s stable and they tell me he’s going to be alright. No, but they’re still out there. And I’m worried they could be headed HERE.”

“What … what makes you say that?”

“They were just at the mansion sometime in the past hour. With a truck. I had a hunch they were going to try to get that machine first, mainly because of the element. Without it the machine is useless, and without it they can’t build another machine.”

“But you took the element, right?”

“Yeah. And as soon as they figure out it’s missing, this may be the first place they come looking for it. Or for answers.”

“Why would they come here first?”

“Think about it. Would the police know to take the element out of the machine? Who WOULD know? Just the person who … helped Melanie and Maria escape from Level 7 and beat them up in the process … and then helped the two of you escape from your cage at the lab. Remember, Andrew knew about that. And then they tortured him for information. So now THEY might know.”

“But does he even know where you live?”

“Not the address, but Andrew had my phone number … and could describe me … and I’m pretty sure the guy who was tailing him and then chased after me, could probably describe me … even if Bob couldn’t, seeing as I had a disguise on when I broke onto Level 7. And they probably have figured out by now, or at least suspect, that I’m involved in tipping off the police as well. So they have several reasons to seek me out. Plus, they probably know all of you are here staying with me. Andrew knew that for sure - and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have tried to beat that out of him. So even if they can’t get the element right here at this stop, I would be their best lead on where to find it. They can torture me until I cough up where it’s hidden, and in the meantime I’m sure they would want to capture all of you to sell off and recoup their losses. So … yeah, they’re coming here. No doubt.”

“So what do we DO?”

I took another calming breath. “I’m trying to watch the outside cameras now. Soon as I see something I’ll call Sergeant Joe and then I need all five of you to run down to the panic room as fast as you can.”

“What about you?”

“Not much I CAN do. Keep them busy until the police arrive is my hope. It’ll be too suspicious if the place is vacant, they’ll rip the place apart searching for you all, for me, and for any information they can get.”

Maria asked, “So … where did you hide this element anyway?”

“I’ve got it in the glove box of the car.”

“Umm … won’t they find it if they search the place?”

“I’m hoping it doesn’t get that far … but … “ I sighed. “tell you what. I wonder if you guys could carry it down to the panic room? It’s just a polycarbonate cylinder, it doesn’t weigh much. The panic room they can’t get to, I designed it that way, the hole is too small for an arm to reach inside even if they find it.”

“Well then you should go get it now … I guess.”

“Okay. You guys can keep watching the movie if you want, I’ll be back in a minute.” At that I got up and walked to the garage, where I fished the cube out of my glove box. Just as I was shutting the car door and heading back inside, I glanced at my phone and thought I saw something. I wasn’t sure, but I slowly walked and watched the camera feed from my phone. Shit, sure enough. There was someone outside. I sprinted back to the bedroom as quickly as I could, knelt down, and told the girls there may be someone outside. They all jumped up to their feet. I gently lifted them one at a time, setting them down at the foot of the bed, where they made a beeline for the trap door under the bed. I lifted Melanie last.

“Be careful” I whispered.

“You too. I’m worried about you. Don’t take any chances alright? We need you. I need you.”

I kissed her. “I won’t. But here.” I handed her the cube, it was about the size of a microwave oven but not nearly as heavy. “Take this and hide it down there. And don’t forget to watch the cameras before you come out. And if you need to reach me … “

She put up her hand to hush me. “I know. I love you honey.”

“I love you too.” I set her down and watched her run towards the trap door and down, lowering the door behind her.

I speed-dialed Sergeant Joe. He picked up and grumbled, “What?”

I said quietly, “There are people outside. I think it might be Bob and his cronies.”


Just then I heard glass break and the front door kicked in all at once.

I put the phone on mute and tossed it under the mattress and jumped back. I did NOT want them busting MY phone, not after I was sure they busted Andrew’s phone after forcing him to cough up the PIN – how else would they have gotten my number?

That was about as far as I could think. Here was some thug climbing through the window. As I jumped up and stepped back, I felt someone’s grimy grip on my shoulder. The thug in front of me socked me in the stomach. DAMN that hurt. I bent over, the wind knocked out of me.

I tried elbowing the guy behind me as I started to stand up, and he let go of my shoulder, and then I swung my leg out to kick the thug in front of me. I felt a satisfying thump as my bare foot connected with his leg and he stumbled back.

But before I could get any further, another guy came through from behind and pointed a pistol at me. Shit. With three of them in the room, my odds were getting worse by the minute. My shoulders slumped. This wasn’t looking very good. Yeah, I’d taken two of them back in the lab, but I did sneak up on them and I had a heavy glass carboy as a weapon. Two of them gripped me, one on each side, while the thug that came through the window laughed and then pulled his fist back and whacked me in the stomach again. I heaved but those two idiots weren’t letting go of my arms, or I’d have hit the floor at that point. DAMN it that asshole. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

Then as I got my breath back and turned to look, a fourth man walked in. It was Bob. Of course. No way I was taking out four of them – and with no weapon. All I could do was try to stall until the police arrived. Hoping they would. Hoping my one sentence conversation with Sergeant Joe was enough for him to send someone. I didn’t think they’d go drag me off to a warehouse like they did Andrew, at least not right away – not if they were looking for the element, or the girls. Those would likely be here with me. Hopefully that was enough to keep them here until help arrived.

Bob took one look at me and smirked. “Is this him?”

One of the guys grabbing my shoulder spoke. I hadn’t gotten a good look at him, but as I craned my neck to see, shit, that was the guy who’d chased after me, the guy who I’d knocked out on the stairwell and hid his phone. I knew the police had his information – from the license pic I’d snapped on my own phone – but hadn’t tracked him down yet. Then he spoke in a gravelly voice. “Yeah, it’s him.” I felt his claw dig deeper into my shoulder. Damn that was starting to hurt too.

Bob’s smirk turned into a cold grin. “Good. It’s time we get some answers.”


Melanie started running towards the trap door under the bed. She saw Keisha standing near the top of the ladder, holding the door open for her. She couldn’t run as fast as she wanted to, not with her precious cargo. This block – polycarbonate? - sheesh. It certaintly served to emphasize their difference in size. To her boyfriend it probably felt like a feather. She snorted at the thought. To her it was like a box of dishes packed up to move. Then she looked ahead and saw Keisha waving frantically at her, and she chastised herself for letting her mind wander at a time like this. She picked up speed, and Keisha grabbed the block from her, lowering it to someone below, before jumping down herself to make room for Melanie.

Just as she put her foot on the ladder and went to pull the trap door down, she heard a bang so loud her ears rang. It took her a couple seconds to realize it was breaking glass, as shards longer than her leg came crashing down onto the carpet. She stifled a scream as she pulled the trap door tight and flew down the ladder, her feet hitting the floor before she hunched over and shook, almost heaving up her dinner.

“What was that?!” she heard someone say.

Keisha had the sense about her to motion for everyone to hush. She whispered, “That sounded like the window. Someone broke in.”

Of course, thought Melanie, Keisha was an officer. She was probably used to this sort of thing and could keep her wits about her. She wasn’t as sure about herself though.

The sounds above were pretty muffled, but not entirely blocked. She could just barely make out the sound of a fight. She was so scared for him that for a few moments she couldn’t get up, she was frozen into inaction. Her mind drifted to the last time her man was in a fight, coming to save her up on Level 7. She shuddered at the memory. Not that she could have done anything to help then either, not at her size, but back then she was taped to the lab bench and couldn’t even move, could barely move her head enough to see any of what was going on, while he somehow knocked out both scientists, whacking one of them with a heavy glass carboy and throwing it at the other as a distraction before taking him down. Back then he had the element of surprise. Not now. And no weapon. And … if one was here, were all four of them here? Or were there more than four? And did he even have time to call the Sergeant before they broke in? If he didn’t …

Her dark thoughts were interrupted when she heard Maria announce that she had the cameras pulled up. The cameras! She’d almost forgotten in her dark reverie. She snapped her head up and looked across the room, and then forced herself up and her legs to move. She had to see what was going on. She had to know if he was … she got her first glimpse of the screen and gasped, as she saw her guy, being held by two thugs as a third – with a sneer on his face – swung a fist at him. “No! No!” she uttered, before realizing they were right above her and clamped her mouth shut. She clambered the rest of the way across the room, the other girls making room for her, just in time to see … she gasped again … and heard the others suck in breaths as they all realized the same thing.

“Bob” was all Cindy had to whisper. It was all that could be said. Bob was here, and so this had to be the same four that kidnapped Andrew and tortured him in the warehouse just last night, before escaping. He was right, as soon as they realized the element was missing they would come straight here. And they did. And all she and the others could do now, was watch helplessly and stay quiet and hope they weren’t found.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Tue May 09, 2023 7:33 am

Wow! Things are heating up!

And welcome back mate!!

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Melanie's Story Part 49 - Thugs in the House

Post by Rocket » Thu May 25, 2023 6:44 pm

I had no intention of giving them answers. What I didn’t know, was when the police would arrive. I really hoped soon, but I only had seconds to speak with Sergeant Joe – enough time to get one sentence out and then fling my phone under the mattress. I suppose I could have called 911, but then what would I say? The Sarge already knew the situation, knew where we were, knew the girls wewre here – including his own niece – and knew these thugs were on the loose. So I figured he was the best one to call. I just hoped he would be on the way with help quickly. Now granted, it had only been what – two or three minutes? - it just seemed like longer.

I was snapped out of those thoughts quickly as they dragged me out of the room. My gut was sore from those punches and my shoulders from fingers digging into them, and now they were hauling me by the shoulders. To where?

“Tie him up so he don’t go nowhere” I heard one of them say, as I was shoved hard into one of the kitchen chairs. I felt my arms stretch as my wrists were tied up with – sheesh, was that one of my extension cords? Did these idiots not even bring their own rope?

I glanced up and saw Bob looking around the kitchen, scowling. “Fuckin’ doll furniture. So the pets must be here too.” He glared at me. “Bet you had a lot of fun playing with my pets. Well it ends now.” Then he looked over to the side. “You search the place. Look for the pets and look for the Robertium.”

Despite the claws in my shoulder, I looked up incredulously. “Robertium? SERIOUSLY?

I discovered it. What do YOU know about it? NOTHING.”

I snorted. That riled him up. He hauled off and whacked me in the jaw, the impact sending my head back and I whacked the back of the chair. DAMN that hurt.

“Ya think you’re funny?” He scowled.

Just then I heard someone from off to the side. “Boss, you’ve gotta see this.”

He scowled again, said “Make sure he don’t get away” and then stormed off – towards the office. Shit. A few moments later I heard “What the … “

After about a minute of silence I heard, “What’s it mean, boss?”

“It’s worse than I thought. It means he knows too much already. Come on.” He must have been looking at the equations I’d scrawled over most of the wall, the scientific principles behind the shrinking and my early thoughts and assumptions around a reversal of the effect. A moment later he was back in the kitchen scowling again at me.

Despite my sore jaw – and lip starting to swell – I looked up and raised my eyebrows. Then I chastised myself. I really shouldn’t be cocky in this situation, a few bruises was one thing but I wasn’t going to be much help to the girls with a bunch of broken ribs. Regardless, he was just staring at me.

“I … I don’t know where the fuck you got some of that … where you figured that out … but it ends now. You tell me where the Robertium is or you DIE. My pets are coming with me regardless.”

I growled a little under my breath. “I figured you’re going to kill me anyway.”

“Perhaps.” He narrowed his eyes at me. “I don’t know how you got involved in this … or what your connection is to any of this … but this is the end. You tell us where it is and MAYBE I let you live. If I’m feeling nice. Try anything and we’ll have to do this the hard way.” At that he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a large set of pliers. Where the hell did he get that from? He just stood there holding the pliers, probably waiting to see if I’d crack quickly and just fess up everything. Hell no. I had to protect the girls – and that element was critical if I had any hope of restoring them – plus the element was now down with them in the panic room. Find that and he’d find them. I couldn’t let that happen. I just had to stall long enough for the police to arrive.

I shuddered at the sight of the pliers he waved in front of me. Yeah, I could probably think of a number of uses for those, all painful. But I had to delay. “I gave it to the police.”

His eyes got big for a moment, and then he regarded me and cackled. Yes, cackled. “I really, really doubt that. Seems to me you might have some inkling of the value of Robertium. No, I suspect you have it here somewhere.” He looked up at his lackeys. “Finish securing him and then tear this place apart. I want my Robertium and I want my pets. We have limited time. GO!”

Just then I heard the sound of … duct tape? Sheesh. Yeah, they started taping my ankles to the chair legs and then my arms to one of the chair rungs. What idiots. Yeah, I could probably break that, but it was going to hurt like hell. I was wishing I’d worn jeans or at least thick socks. Ever ripped duck tape off bare skin? I do NOT recommend it. I just hoped the police would be here soon.


Melanie watched the cameras as they dragged her boyfriend out of the room and down the hall. She was scared for him, but also frustrated that she couldn’t see what was going on. At first she thought it a little weird to have a camera in the bedroom – she likened it to someone hanging a mirror over the bed. But now, she was not only glad for the camera, she wished there were MORE cameras throughout the house. It was frustrating. And upsetting. And dammit, she was getting more pissed than scared. She felt like just marching out there and telling them to leave her man alone. She could feel her ears turning red as she got herself heated under the collar.

Maria must have noticed the look on her face. “NO, you are NOT going out there. Just what the hell are you thinking?”

The others jerked their heads around and just looked at her.

“I’m … “ she stammered. “I have to … “

“Do what?” snapped Maria. “Girl, you can’t do a damn thing. Not up there. I’ll tell you all that’s going to happen. They’re going to find you, grab you, and if you’re LUCKY, just stuff you in a cage for now … you realize what they could do to force you to cough up where the rest of us are hiding? Or they could just kill you on the spot?”

Melanie shuddered as the memory of her capture on Level 7 flashed by. She stopped and steadied herself for a moment. “No, you’re right. I wasn’t thinking. AT ALL. It’s … just so frustrating.”

Maria gave her a sad look and softly replied, “I know. We’re all upset and frustrated right now.”

She crouched down, one knee on the floor, and caught her breath and tried to calm herself. No, getting worked up like this wasn’t going to solve a damn thing. She needed to stay strong and keep her wits about her.

Becky broke her eyes away from the phone display, which really wasn’t showing anything now that none of them were in the bedroom or hallway at the moment. “Where do you think they’re taking him?”

Maria and Melanie looked at each other for a moment. Melanie got the impression Maria was thinking the same thing. Huh. Her suspicions were confirmed when Maria spoke, “I … don’t think they’re going anywhere just yet.”

Becky asked, “Why not? It’s not like they’re safe here, I’m sure someone heard them break in … “

Cindy added, “It … did look like your boyfriend was trying to call someone right before … “

“OH!” Becky blurted. “Maybe the cops? Or … Uncle Joe?” Cindy nodded. “So why wouldn’t they go run and drag him to some hideout like they did with dad?”

Maria said, “Because they still need something. They didn’t just come here to beat him up. They came here for that … element.” She pointed to the plastic cube sitting in the middle of the floor. “If they really can’t do anything without it, they’re going to tear this place apart looking for it.”

Becky shuddered. “So they’ll find us??”

Keisha spoke up. “Maybe not. This room is hidden well enough, if we stay quiet. Until they realize there’s a trap door under the bed … and they’ll probably spend a while looking like everywhere else before they even think of something like this. And that thing’s small enough … “ she snorted at the size comparison as she said it “… or to them anyway … that it could be hidden anywhere in the house for all they know. Hopefully before they get that far, help will arrive.”

Melanie looked up, looked around at the others. As her head cleared, she could actually think for a minute. “Hey guys … can’t we text Sergeant Joe from down here?”

As one, everyone’s eyes got bigger as they realized what she was saying. Cindy turned around and started looking at the icons on the phone screen. She’d been paying attention at least. She got to work, calling up the texting application, selecting Sergeant Joe – it was one of three numbers pre-programmed in the app – and started hammering out a message, one character at a time. It was a slow process, what with pressing each key on the display with the side of her palm, but she got a message through.

A minute later, came the reply. [ARE YOU SAFE?]

She slowly keyed back, [YES IN PANIC ROOM. THUGS R IN HOUSE]


Melanie breathed a sigh of relief, letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. Help was coming, she just hoped it would be soon enough. She looked up at the display again, which Cindy had switched back to the camera feed. She could see people crossing back and forth past the hallway camera. So at least she knew they were still in the house. But where was her boyfriend? Was he unconscious? Or just tied up? Was he hurting? She tried not to tear up again, she had to stay strong and get through this. It felt like an hour, but in reality it had only been a few minutes since they broke in.


As I sat in the kitchen chair, my ankles taped to the legs and my wrists taped to the chair rungs behind my back, I heard drawers opening and boxes being dumped. Yeah, they probably realize the clock is ticking and if they stick around long enough the cops will show up … or someone will. Though I didn’t think they caught me already calling before they broke in, at least they hadn’t gone chasing after my phone under the mattress, where I’d tossed it just as the glass was breaking. It was a little surprising to me that I got away with that, though maybe the drapes were blocking the guy’s view initially.

Of course, what was I doing mulling over things like that, when these thugs were tearing up the house. They’d left one lackey to watch me, the others were ripping apart the office and garage … so far at least. Did they really think I’d be dumb enough to leave something like that in an obvious place? I figured any minute Bob would be back with his pliers, trying to force the information out of me. I really hoped the police were on their way. I glanced up at the clock … not even 10 minutes since they broke in? Felt like longer. Though I’d have a better chance if I could break free … I saw the one thug standing there behind me, not doing much. He looked bored already.

“Busy day?” I asked, just to see if the guy would respond.

“Shut your mouth” he growled back at me.

I tried talking about the weather, baseball, anything just to distract him so I could work on freeing my arms – or legs – or something. I was basically babbling to myself, though at least he eventually stepped across the room, probably tired of my babble, and pulled out a cigarette. As he started to light it up, I started tugging on the tape, to see if I could loosen it. Duct tape at least, it’s strong when you pull straight across the length of it, but it’s also designed to tear by hand. I could use that. Obviously I couldn’t get a hand down to my ankles, but the chair leg was rigid. I just needed to tilt and bend my lower leg enough to loosen it and get some pull along where the seam of the tape wrapped around the chair leg. I started to feel it tear partway. I carefully nudged the tear further, not all the way but enough that one hard pull might do it. I wasn’t ready to rip my ankles free and have the guy run over and shout for help. Not yet. I needed to work on my hands too. Though I figured at this point if I had to sacrifice the chair – it was an old wooden chair, nothing fancy – I was willing to. It’s not like I regularly have several people over (that aren’t 11-12 inches tall at least … )

So I worked on my wrists, the extension cord was kinda idiotic on their part – ever pulled hard on one of those cheap cords? I was glad they didn’t go in the garage and grab the heavy duty one, that would be more trouble. But these flimsy cords are mostly plastic, they’ll stretch. I needed to tear the duct tape though, that was holding my wrists against the back of the chair. Same principle, I worked them back and forth until I could feel the tape start to tear. I kept my hands where they were, limited my movements, and kept talking to distract the guy. Seemed like the others were probably tearing up the office right now, I’d probably cringe once I saw the place.

Then I looked around, confirmed it was just the one guy – who was paying more attention to his smoke than to me – and the others were down the hall. It wouldn’t take them but moments to run back in, so I had to come up with a plan. I could run and jump out the bedroom window – the glass was busted already – or maybe the front door – and go get help. I was annoyed my phone was hidden under the mattress, but if I’d had it in my pocket they’d have pulled it out already anyway. I could run across the street and ask a neighbor to call 911. Or distract these jokers for a little while, hoping maybe Sergeant Joe actually got enough of the message that help was already on the way.

I watched my ‘guard’ out of the corner of my eye and waited for him to turn his back for a moment, then I went for it. I pulled hard on my wrists and ankles, breaking the tape, and then – with my hands still stuck behind my back – I barreled into the guy, knocking him to the ground, and then jumped up and ran for the bedroom window.

As I was about to make a leap through the broken pane, I heard a loud bang, followed by a searing stab in my left shoulder. Damn. Did they just shoot me? Holy shit, my shoulder was red and gushing blood. The bullet must have gone straight through. I started getting dizzy, my leap turned into a bend over the sill, and I started puking into the bushes outside the window. I felt a stab of pain in my stomach, I was leaning on a shard of glass that hadn’t come out in the break-in.

There was shouting and all of the thugs came running after me. Just at that moment, as I started to fall over, my head spinning, I heard horns wailing and a flash of red and blue lights right before I passed out.

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