Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Fri May 26, 2023 4:10 pm

Damn!! This is the climax of the whole thing!! Uncle Joe & the cavalry to the rescue!!

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Melanie's Story Part 50 - Apart

Post by Rocket » Sat Jun 24, 2023 10:53 pm

Hi all, sorry a little late posting this!

Melanie screamed. She knew she should have kept her mouth shut, they had to stay quiet so they wouldn’t be found, but she just couldn’t hold back. The scene playing out on the little display – the old cellphone converted to a computer - was like a gut punch. No, it was worse. Her boyfriend was everything to her. She could hardly look. One moment there was nothing on the display, nobody in the bedroom or the hallway right outside. The next moment, her guy was running, his hands bound behind his back. Seconds later, a gunshot so deafening her ears rang even down here in the panic room underneath the floor. The room that he built to keep her safe. And then she saw him slump, his shirt turning red, and he hunched over the window sill – over the broken glass.

Then she saw lights flashing into the room. She couldn’t make the camera turn … no, there were other cameras outside … but she couldn’t break away, she had to see if he was still moving. Get up! She screamed in her head. She couldn’t take her eyes off the sight.

Then someone else – one of the thugs – ran into the picture, holding a gun. He looked out the window and then ducked his head and crouched down. She couldn’t make out what he was saying, but he was clearly shouting to someone behind him.

Next thing she knew, there was more gunfire. It was unmistakable, like a firecracker going off in the room. Who were they shooting at? Someone outside? Her heart leaped into her throat. Her man was right there, right in the middle of it, bleeding and not moving. Get up!! she screamed again in her head, as if she could get him to move out of the way just from sheer willpower. Then there was another gunshot. Then another, but it sounded different, fainter. Then she saw the thug with the gun jerk back suddenly, like he’d been ripped back by an invisible hand. There was blood spraying, so much blood. She could hardly look anymore. She just broke down and started crying. She barely noticed Maria run to her side, until she felt her arms wrap around her, and all she could do was bury her head in Maria’s shoulder and sob.


I must have been out for … I have no idea. Seconds? Minutes? An hour? I had no idea. All I knew was I was dizzy as hell and my shoulder throbbed. And there were voices everywhere. Shit, did they catch me trying to escape? With a start, my eyes shot open, expecting to see the thugs standing over me, waiting for me to come-to so they could force the information out of me. I knew they were here for the element and were tearing the place apart trying to find it … the Robertium … I almost laughed at that one, but a sharp pain below my ribs stopped me. I … was looking at the ceiling. Was I flat on my back? No … I was on a stretcher. Geez, a stretcher? How long was I out? I started to look around … my neck protested but I had to look … yeah, there was a paramedic there starting fluids in my arm. My shoulder … they must have given me something, it sure wasn’t hurting as much as I thought it would. I started to remember … the gunshot, the searing pain that went straight through and out the other side … the window glass digging in my abdomen …

“He’s awake” I heard someone say. Glancing around, I saw several people in uniform, cops and a paramedic and someone in a blazer. I heard a couple of grunts and then strained my neck a little more and saw Sergeant Joe walking over.

“About time” he grumbled. Looking at me, he said, “Since you’re the main witness to all of this. Are you up to talk about it? Either here or at the hospital.”

“Umm … “ I croaked. “What happened?”

“Well, since we arrived, we were able to round up four men. Did you see any more than four?”

I nodded my head. “No.”

“Alright then. Hopefully these are the same four that attacked Andrew yesterday. We had to shoot one of them, but he’ll probably live. That one shot out my windshield.” He shook his head in disgust. “The other three … let’s just say they all act like they want to talk if it means less jail time. So they’re already on the way to the station. Maybe we’ll see how deep this rabbit hole goes.”

I nodded again.

“They were looking for something … seems like they tore up one room already. Any idea what they were looking for?”

I thought for a moment. Would it make sense to keep the element out of this? Keisha knew I’d taken it … but she’d understood why. Did I want to go through all that explanation again and risk them confiscating it as evidence? Without that I couldn’t start the work of solving the shrinking. So no, as I thought about it, better to not bring it up unless I had to. “I … maybe the girls? Or … in the office I had a wall full of formulas for how to solve … the situation … ” (I hesitated to say too much, unsure how many people in the room knew the whole situation) “and that Bob … he recognized some of that … he went ballistic when he figured out I … knew things.”

The Sergeant paused and looked around the room. “Everybody … clear out for just a minute.”

Several people stopped and looked at him and then grumbled as they started leaving the room.

“Alright” he said. “The whole story this time. Be straight with me, if I find out later you were leaving something out, I … won’t be happy.”

I sighed. “Okay. There’s this element … “ I proceeded to explain the element, how extremely rare it is, how it was stolen from Advanced Future Tech and there’s no other known source on the planet and how I had to have it if there was any chance of restoring the others – including his niece – from the shrinking. “So you see, I could not take a chance of it getting locked up somewhere, or someone taking it … or there’d be NO hope of me solving this.”

He groaned. “Between you and me … I may not agree with the method, but in this case maybe it was a good call. These bums broke into the mansion earlier this evening and … stole a big piece of equipment out of the bunker. There was supposed to be someone watching that place … “ he just shook his head. “So if you hadn’t taken it, they could be on their way to who knows where, to set up shop again. If it’s really that rare and they can’t do … this … without it, that explains why they came here looking for it. But you know, you could have put my niece in danger.”

“I’m sorry. They are safe though.”

“Where are they? Where is this … panic room?” He noticed the surprise on my face. “Cindy messaged me.”

“OH. Yeah. I … set it up with a way to communicate, and they can see the camera feeds from in here and outside … “

He looked at me incredulously. “You put a friggin’ camera in the bedroom? You’re not one of those wierdos, are you?” He looked around for a moment and then saw the camera up in the corner of the ceiling. It was small and white, meant to blend in with the ceiling. He scowled.

“Oh HELL no. Not at all. Geez. It was ONLY so they could see what’s going on from down there … there’s another camera in the hall … the feed goes down to the panic room. It’s … under the floor. I cut a hidden trap door in the floor under the bed, the hole is just big enough for the … women” (I managed to catch myself before saying girls – I doubt he’d appreciate that reference with his niece) “… it’s too narrow for a grown man to squeeze an arm down there. There’s a few days of food and water down there and other stuff in case they can’t come up for a while. Seriously. This was all to keep them safe.”

He sighed. “Fine. But they’re going to take you to the hospital, at least overnight. You’re sure they are set up for a couple of days?”

I glanced around. “Yeah. But I don’t like having that window wide open. And I don’t know what the front door looks like … “

He grunted. “We have a firm that does board-ups, they can plug up the window until you get back. I’ll have someone check on the property.”

I considered for a moment. “Okay. Hopefully I’ll only be gone overnight.” I winced as I tried to sit up and then thought better of it. “I have a … quick favor to ask. My phone … I threw it under the mattress when they broke in, so they couldn’t get to it … “

He grunted again. He seemed to do that a lot around me. Huh. But he did turn and lift a corner of the mattress and pulled it out and handed it to me.

“Thank you. Umm … do you think it’s safe for them to come up here just for a minute, before they cart me off? I want to at least let them know what’s going on.”

He looked around for a moment, and then stepped over and closed the bedroom door. I unlocked my phone and messaged the girls that it was safe to come out just for a minute. It took a couple minutes to get the message out with one hand; my left shoulder was a mess and they’d immobilized my arm to where I couldn’t move it anyway. I sent the message and then waited a minute, hoping someone was paying attention to see the message.

In another minute, the trap door popped up and Keisha walked out just past the edge of the bed, far enough to stand up straight, and looked around. Sergeant Joe saw her. “Hi Sarge” she said, nonchalantly, and then turned back and called out, “It’s clear.” The others started working their way out as well, and soon all five of them were standing near the food of the bed.

I looked at them for a minute. Melanie in particular, I could tell had been crying, her eyes were bloodshot. Maria looked a little shaken as well. Becky just looked a little shellshocked, while Cindy had mostly collected herself, enough to look up and mutter, “Hey Joe.”

Turning to speak to the girls, I just started, “Ladies.” They all looked up at me. “I’m sorry this is such as mess. But … “ I glanced over at Sergeant Joe “… it sounds like they got all four of them. Now … will you guys be okay for a day or two? I’ll be back as fast as I can, but … it sounds like I need stitches and … maybe a scan … some pain meds … “ I sighed. “Anyway, they need to check me out, but I’m going to hurry back here as soon as they let me, and I’ll have my phone with me if you need to reach me.”

Sergeant Joe interjected, “I’m going to have someone keep an eye on this place … and board up this window for now.”

“I … I’ll get the window fixed when I get back, and I’ll start working on the machine to fix this … OH!” I just thought. I turned to Sergeant Joe. “Umm … any chance they had a box truck nearby?”

He looked at me funny. “How the hell did you know that?”

“I … “ I couldn’t really tell him about those cameras at the mansion, could I? Keisha knew, but … nah, I was trying not to get on his bad side right now. “If they came here looking for that element, that means they have the machine and realized the element is missing. Right?”

He nodded. “Okay?”

“Okay. So … I know this is a big favor … but is there ANY chance of getting that machine? It would save me some steps in trying to reverse this. I might be able to solve it sooner if I had what they were using and I could work with it here … rather than go downtown … OH. And the one downtown, please don’t let anyone touch it right now. Andrew said he was going to keep that floor locked up … but he’s in the hospital … that Bob we think planted an explosive in the other machine, to go off when someone starts messing with it. We … have three witnesses to him saying that.” I turned to the girls and Becky and Cindy both nodded. Melanie looked a little numb still, but she wouldn’t take her eyes off me, as if she was about to lose me or something. It broke my heart.

The Sarge grumbled, but then he looked at his niece – who was depending on me solving this – and finally caved. A little. “Dammit. Maybe. Hell, I don’t know if there’s even room for that thing in the evidence room. And we … already have plenty on the lot of them to keep them locked up. But … IF I agreed to this, it would just be signing out a piece of evidence for now. Temporarily. Maybe. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you. I … guess I can’t use it for a day or two anyway. I’m … afraid to even look in the office. I may have to reconstruct some things once I get back here. But having that machine would be a huge help. And … “ I turned to the girls “… you all need to make sure nothing happens to that element. It’s critical.”

Keisha snorted. “We’ve got it taken care of. Believe me, we’re not letting that thing out of our sight.”

“Thank you. All of you.” I muttered, and then looked back at Melanie. “Babe? Come over here for a minute?”

She just looked at me for a moment. Maria took her hand and pulled her over to me. The stretcher was thankfully still low enough that I could reach my hand down to the floor. I looked at Maria and whispered, “Thank you” and then cupped Melanie in my hand and gently brought her up to my chest. Damn that hurt to bend – I wondered how deep that cut from the glass was – despite being loaded up on pain meds. I knew they’d loaded me up, I would be in way more pain otherwise and a few times I had to fight off some dizziness. Nonetheless, I brought her up to my chest. She lay on my chest and stretched her arms out as if she were giving me a big hug. I ‘hugged’ her back with my hand, wrapping it around her and gently stroking her back with my thumb. I gave her a minute and then said, “Babe? Are you going to be alright? I’ll only be gone a day or two … I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

She craned her neck to look up at me and then her voice cracked a little as she spoke. “I … dammit. I thought you were dead. Honey, I need you.”

I stroked her back harder with my thumb. “You can’t get rid of me that easy, babe. You’re stuck with me. I’ll be back real soon, okay? I promise.”

She nudged my hand away and got up on all fours, crawling up my chest. When she got close enough she held onto my cheeks for support and stood up and planted a kiss on my nose. “I love you honey.”

“I love you too. Now I need you to look out for the others, okay? It won’t be long and I’ll be back, but until then, watch out for them. Can you do that?”

She nodded. “Okay.”

I reached my hand up and held her and kissed her and then gently lowered her back down. I looked to the others and said, “Okay ladies, you may want to go back down for now, I’m … sure the paramedic is itching to get back in here, and the police have more work to do I’m sure … stay down there for now until you can see it’s safe. Or … if Sergeant Joe says it’s safe. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

At that they all funneled back down through the trap door and out of sight. Sergeant Joe opened the door and the paramedic finished up with me and raised up the stretcher to wheel me out to the ambulance. I could hear the Sarge barking orders and I caught a brief glimpse of the office – everything turned over on the floor – as we passed on the way to the front door and outside. And on the way to the hospital. I really did hope it would only be a day or two, but with a bullet wound and a gash and … I could feel swelling on my face as well, I’m sure that looked lovely … there was no way I was getting out of this trip.


So the next morning I awoke in a hospital bed, IV fluids running through a catheter in the back of my right hand. There was a nice big bandage over my left shoulder. I’d half-listened when they explained the stitches and how the bullet went through muscle and tissue but just missed the bone – a hair closer and the bone would have shattered. But it still hurt like hell. The gash in my abdomen needed stitches too, but the glass spike didn’t go in deep enough to pierce any organs. I was on IV antibiotics as a precaution but they were definitely not letting me out today yet. All I could do was wait.

I asked a nurse about my belongings – not that there was much. The shirt and shorts I’d had on, my phone, that was about it. She said someone from the police was waiting to see me as soon as I woke up … which I guess was now.

The Sarge walked in, along with someone in a suit and tie, who he introduced as a detective. He said the detective had the full story and knew about the ladies at the house as well. And then he pulled out a bag and set it down on the side table.

“Your … woman … ” he mumbled, “asked me to bring this stuff.” He gave me a squinty eye for a moment. “She really is your … “ he started, as if waiting for me to fill in the blanks.

I sighed. “Yes. What did you think, that I’m taking advantage of her? We’ve known each other for over two years. LONG before this happened. And … Maria didn’t deserve this either, she’s Melanie’s best friend and they did this when she tried to rescue her. Which … is why I had to rescue both of them. But Andrew knows about that. And he knows we rescued Cindy and Becky.” He squinted at me again at the mention of his niece, but I continued on. I was a little ticked that he would even suggest I was just in this for fun. Especially after seeing all the evidence of what I’d been doing to help keep them safe. And it had worked – despite four thugs in the house – and gunfire – they were unharmed. Give me a little credit, dammit. “I’m trying to fix this … not only because I owe that to Maria and Mel, but because I’m probably the only person right now that understands exactly what they did and has any inkling of how to reverse it. And I can’t do a damn thing if I’m stuck in here, so the sooner I can get out and back there the better.”

I realized at that point I’d been raising my voice. Shit. This was a hospital, for cripes sake. But the implication that the Sarge wasn’t sure of my intentions, got me riled up. I sighed again. “Sorry. Yesterday was a long day … for that matter the last week has been brutal. But … thank you for bringing … that.” I hadn’t even looked in the bag yet. But I was encouraged that Melanie was with it enough to think of what I might need here. I did wonder how she and the Sarge communicated back and forth without me there, that might have been amusing.

Reaching over for the bag, I winced at a sharp pain in my abdomen. The Sarge mumbled, “Not sure you’re getting out of here today just yet.”

I half ignored him as I took a peek in the bag. Shirt, shorts, shoes, wallet, phone charger. And a tiny note. It looked like she tried to write big letters on one of those sticky pads, it was still tiny but I smiled at the thought. It read [Hurry home honey, love you!] I would have to try to text her back when I got a chance. After Sarge and the detective were done with me. I noticed the detective hadn’t said a thing yet, he was just watching me. Which was a little creepy.

Once the guy finally spoke, he had a few questions for me and jotted notes in his notebook. Then he pulled out a stack of pictures of the people they’d arrested and asked me to identify them. Of course I recognized that Bob character – who wouldn’t at this point – and the guy who’d chased me after I went to meet up with Andrew the first time, and who had been part of the foursome who broke into the house last night. And the other scientist, the one who I remembered knocking out when I rescued Melanie and Maria from Level 7 and who was also in the bunker the night they shrunk Keisha and gave her partner a concussion. The others I didn’t recognize – though I suspected Cindy and Becky would recognize some of them. I knew two of them were in the bunker when I went down with Melanie, and two of them I saw briefly during the house break-in. The last one – the guy that was upstairs at the mansion – I didn’t recognize at all, and I really wasn’t sure if the others would either. Was he the front for the ones funding all this maybe? I couldn’t really do any research while I was here in the hospital, but I would think the police could look into that. I gave the detective some of the clues I’d uncovered regarding the LLC that held the mansion, the LLC that owned that LLC, etc. At least what I could remember. They had plenty of resources, I was sure.

Then the Sarge said they were going to talk to Andrew. I asked where he was and they told me two floors up, in the ICU. I made a mental note, if I could get up and about I was going to go have a talk with him. I would need his help if I needed to get to Level 7, where all this started. The original machine would still be there, even if it was rigged to explode – at least I already knew that thanks to Melanie – and there might be more up there if those goons didn’t trash everything. They might have been counting on the explosion to cover the rest of the evidence, who knows. Either way, it would be worth a trip up there.

At that they left, though in parting Sarge said he was going to take the detective to talk to the women. A million things flashed through my mind at that moment, the first being that I had to at least give them a warning. Not that I had much control over the situation, but if anything happened to them I was going to have to break out of this hospital bed and find an Uber or something quick.

So as soon as they left, I found my phone charger in the bag and went to plug it in – grimacing as my abdomen and left shoulder both put up a protest. Then I went to text the girls.

It took a couple minutes, but I finally got a reply.



[OH. HOW R U?]











I snorted. [CAN HARDLY WAIT TO HEAR THAT STORY] Just as I sent that text, a nurse came in. Hopefully with pain meds. I added, [GOTTA GO, BUT IM RIGHT HERE IF U NEED TO REACH ME. BE HOME SOON AS I CAN. LOVE YOU ALL.]



About an hour later, the girls were sitting around under the bed. They were sticking close to the panic room, even if they weren’t in there all the time, even though the window had been boarded up quickly while Sarge was still there. None of them had ventured as far as the front door, to see if it actually closed and locked. Or was capable of keeping anyone out. Best to play it safe. At least one of them was down in the panic room all the time, in-case someone tried to reach them.

The front door opened and they heard footsteps. Everyone that was up top bolted for the panic room and dove down the chute, the last one pulling the trap door shut behind them. Keisha was the last one down, and she kept her ears peeled.

“Ladies? It’s Sergeant Joe!”

Keisha lifted the trap door about an inch. “Sarge?”

She heard a grunt. “Officer Keisha?”

“Yes sir!”

“Alright. I’ve got Detective Smithers here with me. Can you all come out and talk for a few minutes?”

“Yeah, we figured you were coming here next after the hospital.”

Another grunt. “How the … oh, never mind. We’ll wait up here.”

Keisha turned back and waived the others to come on up. They all filed in slowly, a little apprehensively, and for the moment weren’t comfortable coming further than the edge of the bed. The Sarge introduced the detective and said he would have some questions and some pictures to look at.

The detective had a funny look on his face at the sight. “Damn … I know you told me the story, but … seeing it in person … damn this is strange as hell. Umm… sorry ladies.” He looked about as awkward as he sounded, as he got down on his knees so he could hear better. Keisha thought to herself, at least they wouldn’t be straining their necks so badly, but damn, she was never going to live this down, was she. They’d be talking about it for years. Well, nothing she could do about it now but try to remain professional and look like she wasn’t about to lose it.

So Keisha felt like she needed to break the ice here, the tension was thick. She turned to the other girls and said “You know, the detective here is a big teddy bear once you get to know him.” She looked up at him. “Did you ever get that girl in dispatch to go out with you?”

He snorted. “I’m … still working on that. She said maybe. I dunno, do you think I should bring her flowers or something?”

Keisha laughed. “A little early for that. But … ask her about her new puppy. Let her go gushing over that thing. Let her know you like dogs.”

After that, the others started to slowly walk out from under the bed, though they wouldn’t get too close to either of the men. Except for Becky, who inched her way towards her uncle. The detective started asking questions. Getting them to each talk about their experiences – something they’d done more than once already – was almost cathartic, and they started to come out of their shells. Not only that, but Keisha – who’d known them for only days, though with all they’d gone through together in such a short time it sure felt like longer – could see when they were getting hot and angry. Not at the detective, but over the thugs as they retold some of the harrowing things they’d gone through. Cindy and Becky of course, all their time with the thugs, probably down in that cage in the bunker, though they weren’t certain how they got from Level 7 to there. She recalled how Melanie and her guy had discovered victims were knocked out cold by the process, so she had a pretty good idea how they got there.

Maria couldn’t remember much, her experience with the thugs was before she was shrunk – how they subdued her when she went to Level 7 to check on Melanie. It was Melanie who filled in what happened afterwards, and Keisha shuddered for a moment at the retelling of how they threatened to break Maria in half if Melanie didn’t talk. Then the fight when her boyfriend came to rescue both of them. And just to prove it all happened, Maria hiked up her skirt on the side to show of her thigh – where she’d been stabbed by a shard of flying glass in the fight and needed stitches.

At that, both the Sarge and the detective looked at her with a mix of surprise and suspicion. “Umm … how on earth did you get stitches at … your size?”

Melanie chimed in, a hint of a smug look on her face. “That’s my man. He did that while she was still unconscious.” She retold the tale, including the big magnifying glass, sterilizing the tiniest needle he could find, how gentle he was and how he wanted her there as a witness that he didn’t try anything funny … the looks on the others’ faces told Keisha this was the first time they’d heard the full story too. She’d already seen him going over and above to find a way to keep them safe when he suspected the thugs would come here eventually … and he was right, and his idea worked. He was in the hospital for his efforts but all five of them made it through unscathed. She had to give him some credit for that.

Then Melanie started telling her own story. How she’d been “placed” with two younger siblings that she was already estranged from, told it was a lab accident … and the whole time, they’d discovered it was all part of an experiment. The thugs were stopping by and getting reports every few days, and in-between, she was abused by both of them – and by her ex-boyfriend as well. Her tales were just as bad as the ones Cindy and Becky told, except that she did manage to escape – once she was able to find her phone, reach her guy and he immediately rushed there to rescue her. Keisha noted the detective was diligently collecting their names and the address as well, she wondered if he was going to go after the three of them too, though it would be up to Melanie if she was going to press charges, as she’d have to give testimony and that might mean facing them again.

Then finally the detective pulled out the stack of mug shots – which none of them were surprised to see, given they had advance warning. There were more than Keisha expected – all four from last night’s break-in (some with bruises and all with scowls on their faces), plus the ones that were captured at the mansion the night she herself was shrunk. She’d only heard bits and pieces of what happened after that. Melanie and Maria both recognized the two scientists right away, as did Cindy and Becky. The security guards – four of them in total – both Becky and Cindy recognized, and they were able to fill in some detail about each one and what they’d done. It seemed all of them had been down there by the cage at least a few times, ogling or fingering, or more in rare circumstances when they seemed to think nobody was around. The detective scribbled notes feverishly as they described all this in detail – enough detail that the Sarge was beet red and Keisha thought his head would explode. She could tell he cared about his little niece.

They were down to the last two mug shots. Nobody seemed to recognize either one. The detective did point out that one of them was the guy that trailed Andrew wherever he went and who was here during the break-in. Keisha figured that was the guy that chased Melanie’s boyfriend, as she recalled that story. The last one, nobody seemed to know what his connection was. She could tell the detective was hoping someone would have some dirt on him, but maybe something would turn up when they looked into his past or his financial dealings. He had to have SOME involvement in all this, otherwise why would he even be there? It was all a mystery to be solved.

At least, so it seemed, the main culprits were in custody. Now all they could do was wait for Melanie’s guy to get back and start figuring this all out. Until then, their lives remained in limbo.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Mon Jun 26, 2023 4:22 pm

Riveting stuff. Sounds like we're heading for the conclusion....

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Melanie's Story Part 51 - Returning Home

Post by Rocket » Tue Jun 27, 2023 9:17 pm

When I woke up again it was early afternoon. After the Sarge and that detective left, I remembered a nurse coming in with pain meds. Ah, pain meds. I welcomed them at the time, as my shoulder was burning below the bandages – I hadn’t even looked to see if there were stitches there, but suspected there probably were, maybe on both sides – and my abdomen ached when I tried to sit up. The meds helped with that, but also knocked me out long enough to miss lunch. A cold bowl of soup and some room-temperature jello sat on the side table, with some water and a straw. I needed to eat something, frankly I could use a cheeseburger right now and for a moment I thought about ordering delivery, snorting to myself at the thought of a delivery driver with a greasy sack somehow making it past security and strolling through the hospital ward.

I remained patient (ha ha) and it wasn’t long before a nurse aide popped her head in and noticed I was awake. She asked if I needed anything, and I politely asked if there was any way she could zap this soup in the microwave. Not long after, as I devoured the soup and someone brought me some additional snacks, a nurse went over what I needed to know – bandages and dressings, follow-up and how long until the stitches could come out, etc. She did tell me I was very lucky that the bullet wound was clean and went through tissue and some muscle only, no bone and no major arteries, while the gash in my abdomen was shallow and didn’t reach any organs. Still, it hurt something fierce and that might last a few days while my body worked to heal. I’d be on antibiotics prophylactically for just a few days, to prevent a serious infection from taking hold. All in all, I lucked out. But I still wasn’t going home just yet, mostly out of fear that I’d pop my stitches or something with sudden movements and knowing I didn’t have caregivers at home. But she was optimistic I could get out of here tomorrow if I followed the plan – which included getting out and about this afternoon. They wanted me walking the halls to get my strength back and show I that I could get around without help.

So knowing I had to get moving anyway, I knew where I needed to go. The ICU two floors up.

Once I’d eaten and the nurses and aides had finished with me and given me some guidelines on walking with an IV pole and recommended I not push myself too far, I slowly swung my feet to the floor and then slowly stood up. I felt it in my abdomen, but as long as I kept my left arm steady I could manage the dull pain in my shoulder. I hoped this was the worst of it and it would subside as it healed, though I doubted it would be as fast as I would like.

Finding some slippers, I worked my way up and around the bed, tugging my IV pole along, and then shuffled over to the doorway. I made note of my room number, fearing I’d get lost coming back, and then headed out into the hallway. One of the nurse aides saw me and smiled as I slowly passed by. I gauged how fast or slow I could walk and how to move with the least pain, and after a couple circuits around the ward, I headed towards the elevators. A couple minutes later, I was following the signs towards the ICU, and then looking at the whiteboard behind the nursing station, I looked for Andrew’s name. It took me a couple more minutes to figure out where his room was, but I made my way over there. Being a patient with a gown and an IV pole, they didn’t stop me, though one person did ask if I was lost. I made it to his room and tapped on the glass.

He looked awful still, but he was awake. It took him a moment and then I saw recognition in his eyes. His leg was in a truss and he was covered in bandages. I knew he’d had at least one surgery as well. Those thugs really did a number on him. I suspected he wasn’t going anywhere soon, but he was ‘with it’ enough to acknowledge me when I made my way in.

His first raspy words were, “Are they okay?”

Of course I knew he was referring to Cindy and Becky. “Yes. I checked on them all before they brought me here last night, and I texted with them this morning. They’re all safe and sound.”

He groaned, “Thank you.”

After that, we talked about next steps, now that – we hoped – the immediate danger was past. I hoped to be out of here tomorrow and back to the house. I wanted to get back to work as soon as I could manage. He promised he would give me access to Level 7 when I needed it, as well as any notes left behind, if there were any. We discussed some of the logistics of that and who I needed to speak with at the company, that could get that set up for me. He was anxious to get his wife and daughter back and had come to realize I was the only one with a handle on how to do it.


Back at the house, Melanie was in a better mood. Still not great, but it didn’t feel like a gut punch anymore. There was hope. The people responsible for this – for her shrinking and her ordeal, for Maria’s predicament, for shrinking and torturing Becky and Cindy for months, for Keisha’s situation – were behind bars. Her own siblings – and ex-boyfriend – were still out there, but she suspected they were never tied in to the big picture. They probably still thought Melanie’s shrinking was a freak lab accident and that the thugs – scientists – were angry because they let Melanie get out. A part of her still felt like pressing charges, but another part of her just wanted to move on from that painful chapter of her life and look ahead to happier days.

Maria nudged her out of her musings and gave her a hug. “He’ll be back soon, right?”

Melanie nodded. “Yeah. I know. It was … just a lot. I actually thought I’d lost him.”

Maria held her hand and squeezed it. “I know. We all thought so. But he pulled through. And he’s alright. And he’s coming back for us.”

Cindy walked over and joined them. “So what do we do now?”

They both turned to her. Maria said, “It won’t be too long. He said maybe tomorrow.”

Cindy continued, “Yeah, but … how much do you think he can do when he gets back? I … I mean they shot him, he’s got to be in pain. And to think … he did all this to keep us safe while he was here risking his life trying to protect us. I feel like … we already owed him a lot, but … I feel like we need to help him. Right?”

So over the next half hour they talked, Becky and Keisha eventually joining them. They thought about the mess in the office – could they clean any of this up? And if there was anything else they could do. Then for the rest of the afternoon, they did try to clean up a little bit in the office – not that there was a lot they could do at their size, but between the five of them they could gather loose papers and sort them – lifting one end and dragging it along, in some cases rolling a thick marker over the paper to straighten it, and then placing it on the right stack. Though most of those tasks required two people working together. The equations written on the wall were pulled down and crumpled, and the special whiteboard paper was too thick for them to do much with, though they at least piled those into one corner. The thugs had rooted through the closet, which had held boxes of junk – and that comprised much of what littered the floor now. Some items could be hoisted with two or three of them working together, others were too bulky and would just have to wait. At least it was a start, though they all wished they could do more.

As they continued to work, building up a sweat, they talked about what they’d do when their hero returned. They started brainstorming ideas, as if they were planning a homecoming party, but in this case all the ideas were intended to make him happy or show him how much he meant to them. And yes most of the ideas were related to sex, as that seemed to be the one thing they were happy to offer and that they knew made him happy.

They continued that talk after they’d finished everything they thought they were capable of and had migrated to the bathroom for a hot bath, each of them lounging around and soaking as they thought of things to do.

Melanie smirked at the thought that they were all calling him their hero. Though she also still had that thought in the back of her mind that they were all – at some level – falling for him. He’d been adamant that he was hers, though she still knew there wasn’t much she could do if he ever tired of her and wanted one of the others. She supposed all of them were available – unattached - except Cindy, and even she seemed smitten by him lately. She recalled their conversation yesterday, the afternoon before the break-in – the absurdity of such a serious conversation about their relationship while he held her naked in his hand at the same time another woman was literally making love to him from inside his shorts. She blushed for a moment at the thought. And she wondered whether he thought it as absurd as she did. But he sounded sincere when they talked, and she remembered the promises she made to him, how she would do anything the others could do, because it was so important to her not to lose him.

At that moment she had an idea what SHE wanted to do when he returned. Whether tonight, or tomorrow, or the next day. Though she really just wished he were here right now.


Back at the hospital, I was getting more adept at walking around with an IV pole, and did plenty more walking around after dinner – which was a real meal this time. One of the nurse aides caught up with me while I was strolling around the ward and said she could change my meal order if I liked. I figure she already suspected I was dying for real food, not hospital soup and jello. She said I was still out of it when they sent in the original requests last night to the cafeteria staff, which explains why it was so … barely edible. They didn’t know how I would be when I came-to, if I’d be mobile yet or even coherent yet. But I seemed to be a little ahead of schedule and the attending physician cleared me for regular meals that afternoon. I ordered the cheeseburger and fries; though I wasn’t sure what a hospital burger would taste like, it had to be better than room temperature jello and cold soup.

I had a visit from the insurance people, of course, and smiled as I thought of Melanie. I could just picture her standing there telling Sarge what to gather and bring to me. Which included my wallet, with my insurance card. Granted I was self-employed, so I just had basic coverage, but it was sufficient for a situation like this.

The next morning, one of the nurses came by to discuss discharge. We went over the details of my dressing care, when to come back to see one of the surgeons in clinic to have the stitches removed, I got a couple more days of antibiotics and a few days’ worth of pain meds – though I already figured I was going to limit those, the pain was intense sometimes but with all this walking around I’d gotten a feel for how minimize movements that would cause pain … and besides, that first dose of pain meds had knocked me out long enough to miss my lunch. I had five women waiting for me to return, five women that depended on me to keep them safe, to feed them, and who had placed all their hopes of ever returning to a normal life, right in my lap. I wasn’t going to flinch from that burden, I was the only one who had an idea how to make that work. And besides, I really did care about them. All five of them.

After a real breakfast – the eggs and sausage were actually not half bad – and once the nurse shut off the IV and slid the catheter back out of my hand - I slowly began pulling out the clothes that Melanie picked out for me. I eased over to the chair and got dressed, taking care not to put any weight on my left shoulder. The bones were solid, by some miracle the bullet grazed my clavicle but not enough to break it, so there was that, but the bullet tore a piece out of my left upper deltoid, and that resulted in a sharp pain when I lifted my left arm at the shoulder. They thought it would heal fully, but it would take a little time. I suppose it could have been a LOT worse.

Finally dressed, I gathered my remaining belongings – including my phone charger and what was left of the clothes they’d brought me in with – or the shorts at least, the tee was mutilated beyond repair and they guessed rightly that I wasn’t going to ask for it back. Someone from transport was ready in the hallway; they still had that tradition of taking patients out in a wheelchair, even if they could walk. So I obliged. I flipped through my phone and requested an Uber. A couple of the unit staff smiled at me as I made my way to the elevator. They wheeled me to the lobby, then the curb, where they finally let me stand up. I honestly didn’t know if I was supposed to tip the guy, but I didn’t see anyone else doing that. This wasn’t technically a hotel I guess.

I caught my ride about 20 minutes later, carefully got in the back seat and gave directions. All the way back to the house I was a little anxious. But why? I hadn’t seen the girls in two days, sure, but it’s not like they were going anywhere – not until I could solve their predicament. And that was going to take time. No, I was eager to see them. To see Melanie for sure, and to see the others. But I was anxious about what the place would look like – broken glass, broken door, my office trashed. I wasn’t in a good state to be rebuilding all that, and more importantly, was any of my work lost? I did hope the Sarge would be able to pull off letting me keep the machine that the thugs stole from the mansion, if it really was in the truck they drove when they broke in the house. It would let me do some of the work at the house, otherwise I’d have to go downtown to the lab every day.

Before long, we were pulling down our street, and then into the driveway. The front yard looked a mess, I could see the boarded up window, the door frame had a crack, and there were … tire tracks in the grass? And the plants and grass were pretty well trampled. But I knew there was more work waiting inside. A lot more.

I paid the driver over the app, thanked him and then started walking to the door as he pulled off. I put my hand on the front door – someone had hammered something in place in a hasty repair, so I pulled out my keys (thank you Melanie for thinking of that too) and unlocked the door. I nudged it open a little bit, just enough to peer inside, and not seeing anyone yet, I stepped through the doorway and called out.

Within moments Becky came running, saw me and ran towards me, shouting back to the others. I was lucky I was standing still at the time, as she ran up and wrapped her arms around my lower leg in a hug. A minute or two later, everyone had joined me in the front room. I shut the door and eased myself over to the sofa, as they all gathered around. I slowly (trying to minimize the strain on my left shoulder) lifted them one at a time with my right hand, up to the coffee table. As I lifted each one, I was greeted with a smile and arms outstretched, inviting me to lift her up to my mouth and plant a kiss. Even Keisha followed suit, coyly lifting up her blouse as I brought her to my lips to kiss her soft brown stomach, brushing her breasts with my upper lip. When I lifted Melanie last, I spent an extra moment with her, as she hugged my face and kissed me on the nose several times while my lips were glued to her bare stomach.

Then they all sat there on the coffee table, just taking me in for a moment before starting to litter me with questions. Of course they wanted to see the bandages, so I very slowly took my shirt off to show them.

“Yeah, I was very lucky that the bullet didn’t break a bone, it came very close. But it ripped a piece of my deltoid and I’ve got stitches there. I just need to be careful with it, the more I use that shoulder the longer it’ll take to heal. I lost a lot of blood, but no major arteries were severed. They think I’ll have full use of my arm back, it’ll just take some time. My abdomen, I lucked out, it wasn’t very deep. It just hurts when I bend – so I may be bending more with my knees for a while.”

I filled them in on Andrew’s condition, which Cindy and Becky were especially anxious about, they wanted all the details. That he was lucid and able to talk to me was a huge relief, even if he was going to be in the hospital for a while. It wasn’t like they could go live with him anyway right now – they knew they had to stay here with me and do everything they could to support me while I worked to solve their shrinking.

I let them know about the arrangement for me to work in the Level 7 lab once I was up to it, and in the meantime I’d try to reconstruct my notes. I hadn’t taken a look at the office yet to see how bad it was, but I had backed everything up to a cloud server, so if they trashed my computers I had a way to rebuild. Given the risk that they were going to come here, it made sense. I didn’t tell them yet about the other machine – I didn’t want to get their hopes up in-case Sarge wasn’t able to arrange for it to be left here for me to work on. That would definitely speed up the process if I could do some work – and experimentation – here, but I wasn’t going to spill the beans on that yet in-case it fell through.

The girls told me about the last two days and the visit by the detective. None of them seemed to recognize the mysterious guy who was found upstairs in the mansion the day of the raid, though I was pretty sure the police were going to find something on him once they started digging. I wondered if it would help to show them what I’d uncovered so-far about the LLC’s, and decided I’d wait until I could talk to the Sarge again – and hoped he’d have some good news.

Then the conversation turned to, um, other matters. Before we got into that too much, I offered to fix lunch, knowing they’d been subsisting on snack foods and water for two days. Even if it was early afternoon already, and they may have already eaten something, I suspected they’d jump at that. I asked them to give me about 20 or 30 minutes in the kitchen and then we could all talk more over lunch.


Once in the kitchen, I had a little cleanup to do. What was I thinking, 20 or 30 minutes. I snorted to myself. I saw the broken pieces of a kitchen chair, but at least some things were still intact. The tiny utensils by the sink for example. I wiped down the table and found the Barbie table and chairs and the little bench I’d created, they were tossed aside but not broken. Then I started making angel hair pasta and meatballs – or one meatball cut into little pieces at least. It would be enough for all five of them. As the pasta was boiling and I took it off the heat, I headed back to the bedroom, peeking in at the office as I passed. A mess, as I suspected, my computer tossed on the ground, my wall notes all ripped down, but much of the mess was from the closet, which they’d emptied all over the floor. So all in all, surprisingly not as bad as I feared. I suppose they weren’t in there too terribly long, given the police made it here within 10 minutes of the break-in.

I popped into the bathroom and found the transport basket – I suppose the thugs never made it that far, as even the gondola was intact. I brought the basket to the bedroom and the girls climbed in, all grinning at me as I slowly lifted the basket up to carry my charges back to the kitchen for lunch. I lay the basket onto the table and they filed out, grabbing seats as I started dishing out meals on the tiny platters and handing out forks to everyone. Then I pulled out the thimble cups and a partial bottle of white wine from the refrigerator, filling the little cups with wine and handing them out.

Once I sat down to join the ladies for lunch, they dove right back into the topic they were going to bring up back at the coffee table. Here at the kitchen table was easier for me to follow anyway, and I suspected it was more comfortable for them as well.

Cindy spoke up, “You’ve gone way out of your way to help us. I know we talked about this before … how we … owe you a lot.” She glanced back at Becky, who as I recall gave that speech the first time. “But it’s more than that. We … all care about you. A lot. And we know you care about us. And you’re doing everything you can. Shoot, you risked your life to keep us safe. We … owe you like … everything.”

Maria chimed in. “So. We’ve talked about it. And … brainstormed about it. And we know we aren’t going to be a lot of help with the work you have to do, but if there’s anything you think we can do, we’ll do it. And in the meantime … “ She glanced around to the others and then looked me in the eyes. “We decided … OUR role is to keep YOU happy.”

Cindy continued, “So we … have some surprises planned for you, from now until you have this solved. We support you. A hundred percent. And these surprises … these treats … they’re for you. To enjoy yourself … and enjoy US. Seriously. We’ve all talked about it and we’ve all agreed.”

I just looked at them for a moment. “Surprises? Treats?”

Cindy snorted. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if we revealed it now, would it? Now we know you need your rest, and I suspect you’re going to be busy doing some clean up, since we’ve … done about all we can and it’s not a lot. Once you’re done, we’re going to give you and Melanie … “ she glanced back at Melanie for a moment “some alone time tonight. Then tomorrow we’ll unveil the first surprise. And the ground rules. But I’m pretty sure you’ll like it. A LOT.” She smirked.

I glanced around and the others were grinning like Cheshire cats. They were up to something, I could tell.


After our late lunch, I worked on the office. It wasn’t as bad as it looked. I did notice that there were papers sorted and stacked – I suspected the girls were involved in that and I really appreciated that they made an effort to help. I was really curious what they were planning, but didn’t push them with any questions. I was probably overdoing it already by trying to clean up the office one-handed, but I really wanted to be able to get back to work sometime this week. I managed to box up much of what was strewn about from the closet, though I was hesitant to go lifting boxes up to the upper shelves, so I left some on the floor next to the closet for now. I was surprised they hadn’t tipped over my desk and hutch, though it was all open so it would have been hard to hide something behind it. They did clear off all the shelves though, and I started stacking and gathering items. I hooked up the main computer, which by some miracle wasn’t smashed, and one of my monitors was intact, so I worked on getting all that set up again.

At that point it was late afternoon, getting close to dinner time. I decided to call it a day, I did need my rest – and I needed to change my bandages like the nurse had instructed me anyway. So I pulled out the vacuum first, closing the office door as I knew it would be loud for them. I usually didn’t use the vacuum without giving them plenty of warning so they could go take off to another room until I was done. I ran the vacuum over the office carpet and then suspected I should do the hall and bedroom too, so I rolled the vacuum out and gave the girls a warning, in case they wanted to go in the office and I’d shut the door for just a few minutes. And of course they all did. I slowly closed the door behind me and then vacuumed the hall carpet and then the bedroom. There were little clinks and clanks as I got closer to the boarded-up window, and I suspected there were still shards of broken glass or other debris there. Best I get those up quickly, the girls were lucky nobody had cut themselves on that given they were usually barefoot.

I finished up and put up the vacuum, vowing to call my neighbor tomorrow about the window. He was a contractor. I figured he would have to come and measure it anyway, it’s not like it would be repaired in a day. That’s what the boarding-up was for.

As I put up the vacuum, I heard a knock at the door. I went ahead and answered it then, knowing the girls were all out of sight in the office – and would be until I opened the door myself, it was too heavy for the five of them together to open. It was my package, the huge order of additional clothes, utensils, furniture, etc that Maria had helped me place a couple days ago. I scooted the box inside and then closed and locked the door. I would dig through the box contents later.

Then I gently opened the office door – I tended to avoid closing interior doors in this house, especially with so many tiny girls running around, out of fear that I’d injure one of them if she were standing too close. I told them I was done and I was going to get a shower first and then make dinner. They ran off back to whatever they were up to before. Except for Melanie, who padded along behind me as I walked to the bathroom and finished undressing. She looked patient but a little nervous about something. I reached down and gently lifted her up to my face.

“I’m glad you’re back. I really missed you.”

I kissed her. “I really missed you too. I love you babe.”

“I love you too, honey. Hey, can you do me a favor?”

“Sure babe, what’s that?”

“Umm … “ she took a moment to compose herself. “After the shower. Can you … put briefs on?”

I just looked at her for a few seconds and then comprehension exploded through my head. Along with a wave of horniness. “Umm … are you sure?”

She nodded, a determined look on her face. “Absolutely. Remember, it’s just you and me tonight. If … you’re okay with that?”

“Of course I’m okay with that. Definitely.”

“Good.” She smirked. “I’ll make it worth your while. Let me show you how much I missed you.”

I lifted her up to my lips and kissed her, long gentle kisses up and down her body. She shivered in my hand. I nudged up her skirt with my nose, and she accommodated me by lifting it all the way and parting her legs. I planted soft kisses on her thighs and between her legs, and then slid the tip of my tongue between her legs, enjoying the feel of her pussy and ass on my tongue for the first time since before the break-in. I missed it more than I thought I would and I knew it would never get old. I caressed her tiny labia with the tip of my tongue, until the folds parted and I found her tiny hole. I worked the hole and her tiny clit with my tongue, while my lips wrapped completely around her thighs and ass, trapping them in my mouth. It didn’t take long until she began bucking her hips, the sensations thrilling against my lips, and soon after, I was rewarded with the sweet taste of her climax on my tongue.

I slowed down my ministrations as she came down from her high, devolving into little kisses against her flushed skin. She just lay back and gazed into my eyes, a the look a mix of rapture and lust and devotion.

I pulled back just a couple inches and whispered, “That’s how much I missed you.”

She let out a happy sigh. I kissed her a few more times before gently setting her down and then climbing into the shower. I spent a little longer in the shower than I planned, but the hot water felt good, my muscles were sore – the left from the injury and the right from over-using it all afternoon – and besides, I had a lot to think about. The thought of whatever surprise the girls had planned for tomorrow – and Cindy’s talk about ‘enjoying us’ – was enough to give me another boner. I would have to wait, but I was still looking forward to some alone time with Melanie too.

I got out of the shower, peeled back my bandages – I’d let them get wet in the shower, thinking it would be easier to remove them – and looked at the ugly stitches on my shoulder. I slowly reapplied the dressing to both the front and back stitches and then another bandage over my shoulder. I actually felt like just leaving my shirt off, it was easier than pulling another one on, and I expected we’d be alone the rest of the day – unless Sarge decided to show up unannounced I supposed. So I just left my shirt off.

Then I went about fixing dinner and gathering up the girls to eat. Everything took a little longer as I was trying not to use my left arm much. Not that the arm was a problem, but the shoulder still hurt a lot – and stung if I put too much weight on it – and I was trying to avoid taking more of those pain meds after they’d knocked me out yesterday for hours at the hospital. As we ate, I often caught the girls smirking at each other.

“Hey guys, that big box in the living room – that should be the clothes and furniture and dishes and silverware and such. How about I open that up after we eat and you all can sort through it?”

Maria snorted. “Except for Melanie. She’s ALL yours, ALL evening. Or … until you wear each other out.” There were a few more snorts at that remark. I saw Melanie blushing.

Cindy added, “It’ll give us something to do. We can sleep on the floor once you’re … done.” She smirked. “But until then we’ll leave you alone.”

I glanced at Melanie, whose cheeks had turned red. “I appreciate that, thank you.”

After we finished eating, the girls piled into the basket and I brought them to the front living room, setting the basket down on the coffee table.

Becky piped up, “Why are you bringing us here? It’s not like we can jump down!”

I snorted. “Chill. It’s just for a minute. I have that big box we just talked about.”


They all watched as I found the edge of the tape and pulled, ripping the lid open. I peeled back the flaps. The box was stuffed.

“Do you guys want me to just take everything out and lay it out here on the carpet? Or should I take this somewhere else?”

“Huh. Ok. Here is fine. Just take it out of the box so we can get to it.”

I proceeded to pull things out of the box. Clothing I pulled out in stacks, everything was still in plastic wrap but I figured they could tear it. Maybe. Stacks of regular outfits, a small stack of night gowns and a small stack of bathing suits. The furniture, dishes, utensils, cups, etc, I pulled out and lay to the side for them to fish through and unwrap.

“How’s this. Good?”


“Okay.” Then I lifted up the basket, brought it up to my face, gazed at the five faces grinning back at me and sighed. “Wish I could just cover you all in kisses right now.”

Cindy blurted, “Oh, that’ll be tomorrow.” Then she put her hand to her mouth like she’d said something she wasn’t supposed to say. I just let it go, I knew they didn’t want to fess up just yet and I’d probably get Cindy in trouble with the others if I forced her to blab. I lay the basket down and let them all pile out. Except for Melanie, who stayed behind and stretched. I lifted the basket back up.

Melanie grinned. “Ready for me?”

“Of course” I said softly. I walked back to the bathroom to store the basket, and then reached down and wrapped my fingers around Melanie, lifting her up. I planted another kiss on her and then walked back to the bedroom. I whispered, “I might … not be able to do everything I used to do, at least until this shoulder heals some.”

She smirked. “That’s alright. You relax, I’ll take care of you for a change.” At that she began to pull off her blouse and skirt, tossing them over her head – and over my hand, as I was still holding her. I took a moment to enjoy the feel of her bare skin against my hand – and to caress first her arm and then her breast with my thumb, as she grinned at me.

I just held her and gazed at her for a few moments, seeing what I’d missed being away. It was only a couple days – but it seemed longer. Like this whole ordeal seemed longer. I mused that even Keisha had only been with us for what, not even two whole days before the break-in? And Cindy and Becky only days longer. And even for Maria, it had barely been a week since the incident on Level 7. Yet so much had happened in such a short time, it felt like a month ago.

Musings aside, I lifted her up and began to kiss her all over. I recalled the last time I’d held her like this – not long after she’d told me she’d happily sit in my hand and let me give her commands. I smirked at the thought. I whispered, “Stick out your chest for me” and she grinned and did just that, arching her back and thrusting her chest up as I wrapped my lips around her little mounds, teasing her tiny nipples with my tongue.

Then I had an idea. As the analytical part of my brain assessed her size for a moment, I had the urge to try something. I whispered, “Stick your legs out straight for me. Now … once your legs are in my mouth … “ Her eyes got wide as saucers. “It’s okay. It won’t hurt, I promise. Now once your feet are near the back of my throat, spread your legs and bend your knees.”

She just looked at me for a moment, a little scared, and then she calmed down and said, “Okay. I trust you.” Then she stuck her legs straight out. I lifted her up and inserted her feet and legs into my mouth, like I was eating a candy bar. I went slowly, until I could feel her feet brushing the back of my throat. I knew then that I couldn’t have done this if I had more of a gag reflex. But I was determined to try it. I felt her move her legs, her knees separating. With my tongue right there, I could feel every movement. She parted her legs wide as I nudged her body in a little further. My mouth was stuffed and her knees were pressing against my cheeks, but I managed to fit her entire lower body in my mouth, which meant her waist was entirely between my lips, giving my tongue access to everything below it – including her thighs and pussy and ass. As soon as I began to brush her there with my tongue, she realized my intentions. I was in full control. I slowly lay back on the bed and onto the pillow, and didn’t need to hold her anymore. She was secure between my lips. I stroked her hair and her back with my finger while my tongue explored her ass and her thighs. I could tell she was looking at me, and wished I could see her expression better, but she was so close to my face it was actually hard to focus. The little gasps that finally escaped her lips, though, told me that my ministrations were having their intended effect on her. After teasing her for a couple minutes by licking everything except her pussy, I planted the tip of my tongue right up against her labia, and then went up and down its length in miniscule movements, until they eagerly parted for me. I heard Melanie let out a moan and then whisper “Yes” and with that confirmation, I continued caressing between her vaginal folds, gently pressing against her there. I knew I had to be gentle, that with her pinned in place, my tongue was strong enough to injure her – and I had no intention of hurting her, only to bring her to ecstasy. I continued and felt her hips trying to move, but they had nowhere to go. She put her little hands against the sides of my mouth, as if to brace herself for the oncoming torrent. Just a few more strokes and I was rewarded with an explosion of sweet nectar, squirting from between her legs onto the tip of my tongue.

I gave her a couple minutes to come down from her high, and I parted my lips and let her climb out of my mouth. She was out of breath and her body was flushed.

“Wow. That was amazing. Did you just think of that?”


She snorted. “Oh. Just a sec.” She finished climbing out and slid her damp legs down to my neck and then the top of my chest, holding my chin for support to stand.

“Yeah. It was a little impulsive, I know.”

“But … I liked it. I don’t know about doing that every day, but … I would be open to trying it again sometime.”

I grinned. “I’m glad you liked it. I hoped you would.”

“Okay, but now I need to take care of you, like we talked about. You’re supposed to be resting and enjoying yourself, not taking care of me!” She had her hands on her hips like she was going to scold me, but her face broke into a grin. She was kidding with me. She turned and got down on all fours and crawled down my chest and abdomen. She stopped at my belly button, looked back and said, “A little help please?” and motioned to my waistband.

I obliged, lifting the waistband of my shorts and my briefs – she did tell me to put briefs on so this wasn’t a total surprise that she was going to do this – and she looked back one more time, said “Okay, now you lay back and enjoy yourself. Or go get yourself a glass of wine if you want. You know where I’ll be.” She smirked and then ducked her head and crawled down to my crotch, where she snuggled up against my semi-stiff rod. I slowly closed my waistbands and then just lay there for a moment, relishing the feel of Melanie’s lithe naked body against my skin down there.

Then I mused for a moment and thought why not, she did suggest I get a glass of wine. So I slowly sat up, swung my legs over the edge of the bed and got up. I could feel her squirming between my legs. I went ahead and slid off my shorts; it was getting close to bedtime anyway, but I couldn’t get them off with my hand full of girlfriend. So I kicked them aside and then strolled towards the kitchen, in just my briefs. Shoot, everyone of them had already seen me naked. Up close and personal. Multiple times. And vice versa, I’d held every one of them naked in my hands more than once. So in the kitchen I poured myself just a small glass of wine, and then I strolled by the living room for a moment, sipping my wine and watching the girls sort through the clothes and unwrap them. Apparently it took two of them pulling from opposite ends to tear the plastic. Maria turned and noticed me first, immediately looking down at the squirming lump in my briefs and smirking.

“Do you guys need any help?”

The rest of them turned and looked at me, and then to my briefs, their knowing smirks telling me none of them were too surprised.

Cindy snorted. “No, we’re good. You go enjoy yourself.”

At that I nodded and headed back to the bedroom, where I fluffed up the pillow and then slowly climbed in and lay back, sitting up just enough to keep sipping my glass of wine. I felt my girlfriend squirming between my legs and just relaxed and enjoyed it. I felt her wrap her legs around the base of my shaft, one of her knees brushing my balls, her tiny foot against me, and then she rubbed her chest along my length, holding the head with her hands, and I felt tiny kisses for a few moments before the distinct sensation of her tiny tongue licking my tip, pushing against it, and then finally breaking through as her tongue entered the tiny hole and her lips locked around it. She spent several minutes French-kissing my tip, as she massaged the rest of what was now a rock-hard shaft with her hands and thighs. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience, as she did all the work to bring me finally to a strong climax, the hot sticky goo covering her and the inside of my briefs.

As I caught my breath, I felt her licking and nibbling, possibly swallowing as well, but she only slowed, never stopped. I felt her work her way further south, and then her hands wrapped around my balls and she massaged them and kissed them for a couple minutes, and slipped one of her feet even further south, rubbing her cum-slicked heel along my anus and then to my surprise, she actually slipped her foot inside and pushed it up to the knee, as if she was exploring me down there with her foot. Holy shit. Yeah, that was a totally new experience that I never expected from her. I felt her rub her foot against something in there and a tingling sensation shot through my shaft, which started to inflate again. I wondered if that was her intent. Once she realized I was starting to stiffen again, she slid her foot out of my ass and climbed back up, getting into her previous position, her knees and thighs wrapped around my base as she rubbed her chest and tiny breasts against the underside of my shaft. As it grew to full length, she could no longer reach the tip without climbing up, which she did. I suppose it was easier with the briefs pinning her against me down there. She grabbed my head with her hands and pulled herself up it, until her face was up to that height, and then she began kissing and licking me there again, licking away the cum as her tongue made its way to the tip again. She began French kissing me there, hard this time, diving her tongue as deep inside my tip as she could, barely coming up for air. She was determined to get me off a second time, and it was working. She worked me with her tongue, her hands, her chest pressed against me, her knees and thighs wrapping around me, putting her whole body into it, and before long I climaxed again, a second avalanche of hot goo flowing forth and smothering her.

At that she finally needed to catch her breath. She slipped back into some gentle caresses and soft kisses, and then just hugged my shaft. I took another couple sips of my wine before setting it down on the nightstand, and then reached down and lifted my waistband. Melanie was sweaty and sticky, covered from head to toe, but she looked up and grinned at me.

“How was I?”


She smiled. Even underneath all the goo, she looked sexy. “Do you want me to do anything more? You’ve got me all night. I just need to rest a few minutes.”

I snorted. “You’ve done a lot already. You were amazing. Babe, we’re going to be together for a long, long time. We don’t have to do everything in one night. You make me happy just as you are.”

She grinned. “Okay. I suppose you’ll need your strength for tomorrow.”

I raised my eyebrows. “So what IS tomorrow?”

She smirked. “Can’t tell. Not yet. But they’ve been planning a lot of things. Tomorrow’s just the first. You know, I’m worried all of them are falling for you. Or they already have. Just promise me you’ll … “

I cut her off. “Babe, you don’t have anything to worry about. You’re stuck with me.”

She grinned ear to ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

At that I slowly got up and changed out of my briefs and cleaned her up, and then we went back to bed, where she curled back up in my boxers and dozed off. I finished off my wine as the other girls were making their way in, quietly, trying not to disturb us, heading towards the towels that they rolled up and used as a sofa during the day, and at night spread out to use as sleeping bags. Tomorrow would be another day, but we were all together again and that’s what was most important. I dozed off soon after.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Thu Jun 29, 2023 1:55 pm

That's really great stuff. I wish I had a little like Melanie.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rocket » Thu Jun 29, 2023 11:47 pm

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Fri Jun 30, 2023 12:49 pm

Oh yes, fits the Melanie image perfectly.

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Melanie's Story Part 52 - Surprise Gifts

Post by Rocket » Mon Jul 10, 2023 7:03 pm

I woke up the next morning. Nothing notable about that except there was no light in the room at all – owing to the boarded up window. A reminder that I was going to call my buddy down the street to come take measurements for a new window. I had to look at the clock to see what time it was. No roosters to crow here in the suburbs, though I did awake to five little sets of eyes. I knew I needed the rest in order to heal my shoulder, but it’s nice to wake with a naked little woman laying on my chest, propped up on her elbows and smiling at me. Glancing to the side, all the others were on the floor to the side of the bed. Seems I was the last one up.

“Hey guys.” I mumbled. “Sorry I overslept. I’ll get started on breakfast, just gimme a few minutes.”

Maria laughed.

I gave her a funny look, as my eyes were still focusing. “What’s so funny?” I mumbled.

She grinned. “We had a bet going. On what you’d say first when you woke up.”

I gave her a dirty look, but only for a moment. I knew it was all in fun. “So what did everyone else think I was going to say … OH never mind!” I snorted. I was caretaker to a bunch of tiny women with dirty minds. What else would they be thinking? I slowly worked my way to a sitting position, holding Melanie so she wouldn’t fall, and then swung my feet to the floor.

I whispered to her, “Do you want to just come straight to the bathroom with me?” She nodded. So I got up, taking care to limit the movement of my left shoulder, though I did notice it didn’t hurt as badly as yesterday. Huh. I made a mental note to keep an eye on that as I made my way to the bathroom. I brought Melanie up to my lips and planted several kisses on her before setting her down next to the sink.

“So where did you come up with that, last night?” I figured she knew exactly what I was talking about. She’d never tried – actually none of them had ever tried – going back there. But whatever she did, there must be a nerve back there, as I felt it all through my shaft at the time.

She smirked. “Human anatomy class. I am a biologist after all. I suppose I’m the world’s smallest biologist now.”

I snorted. “True. Of all people, I should have figured you’d know your way around … stuff like that.” Of course I knew she was a biologist. That’s how we’d first met, when I was working on a contract to help develop neural interface technology and brought her in as an assistant. Being as human biology was a gap in my knowledge base. We worked well together, complimenting each other’s skill set. For a moment I reflected on that, how she used to flirt with me and I was hesitant to give in due to our employer-employee relationship at the time. Yeah, that seemed like such a long time ago.

At that I got undressed and did my morning routine, shaving, shower, etc, along with changing my dressings again. Once I was dressed, I made my way to the kitchen and started working on scrambled eggs and cheese. Well, two eggs for me and one for the five of them combined. I had to wash the tiny dishes by hand, which took longer with limiting use of my left arm, and dried them off and started setting up for breakfast.

When I went back to grab the basket and then find the girls, all of them were naked. I just looked – gawked – at them for a moment, before raising my eyebrows and waiting for a response.

They all just smirked at me. “So … did we run out of clothes? I … I can do laundry … do you need … “ I stopped blathering on as they all looked pretty amused. Apparently I was amusing them. I sighed.

“We’ll explain in a minute.”

“Umm … okay. Let’s get you all something to eat, okay?” I carried the basket back to the kitchen, trying not to overtly ogle them on the way, and gently set it down on the kitchen table. They piled out and onto seats and benches at the little Barbie table, as I doled out scrambled eggs and cheese and freshly cleaned tiny forks for everyone. Then I grabbed my own food and sat down, trying not to be too obvious as I watched them.

Maria finally broke the ice. “You are SO funny. I know you want to look and you’re trying not to. Well, buddy, it’s OKAY to look.”

My eyebrows about hit my hairline.

Cindy said, “Remember we talked last night about you having some fun?” I nodded. “Okay. We have some different things planned, but here’s the deal for today. No clothes, we’re staying naked all day. You can ogle and you can fondle. Pick us up to fondle if you want to, unless we say no. Just no sex unless we say it’s okay, but otherwise we’re all yours. Fondle away.”

I just looked at her for a moment, dumbfounded, as I absorbed what she was saying. I looked at the others and they all had huge smirks on their faces.

Maria blurted, “Don’t let your jaw hit the table now.”

I snorted. “You’re … serious? You’re … umm … all okay with that?”

Keisha laughed. “Geez, our great protector is a boy scout now.”

Determined not to look so wishy-washy, I reached out my hand to Keisha. She sat there patiently as I stroked her arm, and then I brought my finger around and held one of her breasts between my finger and thumb, kneading it for a moment. She didn’t flinch at all, but just sat there while I fondled her breast.

I pulled my hand back. “Huh.” And then I added, “Oh, and um, thank you Keisha, you have very nice breasts.” That prompted several snorts.

Cindy continued. “This is just for TODAY. Our gift to you for being our hero. Tomorrow we’ll have something else planned. But the other part of this comes tonight. There’s a reason we said no sex unless we say it’s okay. Now you remember last night, you got to spend with Melanie” she glanced at her and back to me “and the rest of us left you alone. For tonight – and the next night and the night after that, as long as you don’t turn into an ogre – though I’m sure you won’t … “ she winked at me “… you can choose any one or two of us for the night, and we’ll do whatever you want us to do.”

My jaw hit the table. Again. “Umm … you’re serious?”

Cindy replied, “We trust you. Shoot, you saved us AGAIN and put your own life at risk for us. Every one of us owes you our lives. At least once. If we didn’t know you would be careful with us, we wouldn’t even think of doing this. But we do.”

Maria added, “And we already know you like ogling us.”

Cindy continued, “Alright? So enjoy it. When I said enjoy US, I actually did mean that. We can’t help solve all this other stuff, but at least we can do this much for you.”

I was speechless for a few moments. “Holy shit. You really are serious about this.”

Becky piped up for the first time. “Yep. We had a lot of time to talk about it while you were gone. When we took a vote it was unanimous.”

“Wow. Thank you guys. I … don’t know what to say.”

There were several snorts. “Just enjoy yourself. That’s what this is all for.”

I just contemplated them for a few moments, all of them grinning or smirking. Then I reached for Cindy, she seemed to be the ringleader here, I wondered if she had talked the others into this. I stroked her arm and her back for a few moments, and she grinned and leaned into my stroking finger. Then with my finger and thumb I slid her chair back, and she let out a faint yelp, but quickly realized what I was doing and cooperated as I picked her up by the waist. I slowly lifted her up, over the table where the others were still sitting, and brought her up to my face. I gently draped her over my left hand and then just admired her for a moment. She gave me a shy little grin as I ogled her. I traced her curves with my finger, going around her hips, down her leg, lifting up her tiny foot and touching her tiny toes to my lip, eliciting a little giggle. I slid my finger down her other side and did the same thing, and then slid a finger along the inside of her leg. As I went further up, I nudged her legs apart with my fingers, until her pussy mound was exposed. I traced my finger over it, just barely brushing her labia and running the tip of my finger through the little tuft of hair, and then up her stomach and between her breasts. I circled her breasts and then caressed and kneaded them between my finger and thumb until I started to feel her nipple perk up. Then I traced my finger back down her stomach and over her mound again, lingering there for a moment, before I stroked her cheek, lifted her with my right hand, and gently set her back down in her chair.

Cindy gave me another shy grin as I sat back down. I just looked at them all for a few moments. She took a minute to compose herself and then spoke. I noted she’d gotten pretty assertive after her initial days here. “I … think you’ve got the idea. Umm … you know, I really want to make sure you enjoy yourself, that’s what all this is about, but there is a little thrill in it for us too. The anticipation, not knowing if we’ll be next or what you’ll decide to do with us. SO, as long as you play by the rules … today you can fondle any of us wherever and whenever you want. Tomorrow we’ll have something different for you. And at bedtime, you can choose who to take with you to bed … and obey your wishes.” I noticed others smirking again when she said that.

I sighed. “This is too much. But you know, if I had two of you together and you had to do what I ask … you KNOW what most guys would probably want.”

Maria giggled. “Gee, we don’t know. I think you should tell us.”

I snorted. “Alright. Most guys would probably tell you to make out with each other.”

Maria laughed out loud this time. “No shit! But what I want to know is whether YOU’RE brave enough to tell us to do that?”

“Umm … maybe?” I gave her an innocent grin. “But … now Cindy. Let’s say one of these nights I took you and Becky to bed and asked you to … make out with each other.”

Cindy snorted. “I knew that was coming.” She paused. “Well, we’d just have to do it, wouldn’t we?” She smirked. “That’s part of the deal.”

“And you’d be okay with that?”

She just gave me a look. “Think about it this way. We did that for months for a group of thugs who treated us like meat and kept us in a cage and thought it was really funny to force me to fuck my own stepdaughter. But the way I see it? Why should criminals like them get to have that when you – someone we really CARE about – don’t? Frankly, I don’t have a problem with it. And Becky doesn’t either. We talked about this, all of us did. We decided we’re comfortable doing things like that, but only for YOU. Not anyone else. And … it’s not just telling us to make out, it’s whatever you dream of … or fantasize about … this is our chance to pay you back for what you’ve done, by making YOUR dreams come true. We KNOW you won’t be cruel with us. Shoot, even in the midst of a power trip you could never be cruel. Because you care about us too much for that. It’s obvious. That’s why whatever you want us to do, we’ll do it and we won’t have any problem with it.”

I looked at Becky. “You’re okay with that too?”

She nodded. “Like mom said, we WANT to do this for YOU. And yeah, if you choose me for the night, I’m supposed to follow your commands.” She nibbled her lower lip. “You get to tell me what you want me to do.”

“Wow.” I just took it in for a moment. Seemed like I had to do that a lot in this conversation. I wondered if they even realized how much they were offering up to me, and if it got to be too much would they change their minds and pull it all back. They knew I wasn’t comfortable forcing them to do something.

As we finished up breakfast and they gathered together back in the transport basket, I just looked at them for a moment. “You all know this is a little crazy right? But I do love you guys.”

Keisha said, “We know. Otherwise we wouldn’t do this. But I’m with Cindy on this. As much as you’ve done, let US do this for you. Okay?”

“Okay.” I lifted the basket and headed back to the bedroom, but just gazed at them all for a minute. If I’d had full use of my left shoulder, I’d have fondled all five of them right there, but I was trying not to strain the shoulder. Hopefully it would heal quickly.

As I set the basket down on the floor, Melanie spoke. “Honey, I’m surprised you didn’t go ahead and fondle all five of us just now. You know you could have.”

“I thought about it. It was really tempting. Y’all have got me really horny, you know.”

Maria snorted. “Well isn’t that the idea?”

“Well, it sure worked.”

Maria added, “Just don’t forget about me. You’ve got free reign to play with me and if you don’t I’m going to be really disappointed.”

I looked down at Maria. “Oh, you have nothing to worry about. I’ll be coming to find you pretty soon.”

She smirked. “You’d better.”

At that I took off back to the kitchen, both to clean up and to cool down. They had me so hot I felt like I was going to explode. And it was still late morning, we had half the day. I marveled over the thought of what they’d done and what they’d offered. It was mind-blowing. I put it out of my mind just for a few minutes, as I washed the dishes (someone has to) and went back to the living room to collect the new plates and cups and tiny silverware and wash those too. At least now there was more than enough – that maybe I could get by a couple meals without constantly washing dishes. Or – as another thought came to my mind – in-case we discovered these five weren’t the only victims. Which reminded me that I should call Sarge today. I’d asked him about that second machine, that I suspected was in the truck they were driving when they came here (I suspected they’d come right here, but I wasn’t certain; if not then that meant they had some other hiding place somewhere) and I’d asked him back at the mansion, about any notes or notebooks they could find, in order to help my research.

But first I called my buddy down the street. I needed him to come measure this window. I knew he wouldn’t have that size just sitting around, but the sooner he measured it the sooner he could order it and then install it. So I gave him a call. Of course he’d heard about the break-in and saw the boarded up window, so he wasn’t too surprised that I called but he wanted the scoop on what happened. I told him some – obviously nothing about the women, though at some point he might figure it out. And I knew that Melanie had once mused about staying this way and wasn’t sure whether she’d change back if given the choice. What if she did decide to stay this way? Then we would have to bring other people into our circle, wouldn’t we? And I’d have to be diligent about protecting her from predators. The more people that knew – especially given the novelty of the situation – the more creeps that would be looking to steal her away. I shuddered at that thought. I could never let that happen to her.

After finishing up in the kitchen, I went to the office for a little bit, checking on things with a fresh set of eyes. I’d worked in here for half the afternoon yesterday after coming home, and I’d gotten the computer up and the one monitor that wasn’t cracked. I fired it up, hoping for no errors, and I felt lucky when it booted up successfully. I did have a cloud backup, but if the computer were dead I’d have to get another one before I could do anything with all my notes and files. I found my notes that covered what I’d had on my impromptu whiteboard – the wall covered in Post-It whiteboard sheets that the thugs had ripped down – and started recreating my equations.

About an hour later I took a break, heading back to the bedroom to check on the girls. They were all sitting around on their makeshift sectional sofa – made up of rolled-up towels – and they all turned and glanced at me as I walked in. I grabbed a pillow, folded it up, and then knelt down next to them and lay sideways on my left side, the pillow bracing my side so I wouldn’t put pressure on my shoulder. I just lay there for a moment before I felt like I needed to say something. “Sorry to interrupt, later today someone might come by to measure the window, so I’ll give you guys time to hide when he comes. He should be in and out pretty quick. Sorry, carry on. Pretend I’m not here.”

Cindy smirked. I reached out with my right hand and stroked her back for a few moments. They figured out I wasn’t going anywhere quickly and then went back to their conversation, more or less, but with frequent smirks or grins in my direction or glances to see where my hand was. I moved my hand over to Maria and began stroking her arm, and then slipped my finger around to stroke her breast. She turned back and grinned at me as I fondled her breast, and then slid my finger lower. She parted her legs to give me room for my finger to explore. I lingered there for a couple minutes, going back and forth between her breasts and her lower parts.

Then I placed my finger and thumb on Maria’s hips and I slowly lifted her up out of her seat, over the others, and then I lay her down right next to me, stretched out on her stomach. I began to strum my fingers up and down her back and her bottom. As I parted Maria’s ass cheeks with my finger and thumb, stroking her in between with another finger, I mumbled, “I still can’t believe you guys are okay with this. I keep feeling like I should ask you permission each time.”

Even as I was doing that, Maria mumbled, “See? You’re just too nice. That’s why we’re comfortable enough around you to let you do this. Besides, I like your fingers on me.”

I gently rolled her over and traced my finger around her chest, and whispered, “Hmm, you know I’m tempted to choose you tonight.”

She grinned. “You just want me to be your little slave girl for the night, and I’ll have to do whatever you tell me to.” She paused for just a moment. “Damn, you’re going to make me wet.”

I snorted and touched her down there. Sure enough. I casually stroked her with my fingers for a while longer, as she just lay back and closed her eyes.

I lifted my hand away for a moment, but whispered, “Don’t go anywhere yet.” I reached around and found Melanie, stroking her arm for a moment as she grinned up at me. Then I hoisted her up and lay her down on her back next to Maria, and began stroking both of them with my fingers, up and down their chests, their breasts, and running a finger through their tiny tufts of pubic hair. I softly mused, “Hmm, maybe I should choose the two of you tonight.”

Maria snorted.

Before I could respond, there was a knock on the front door. “Shit. Of course after you get me so worked up, I’ve got a massive hard-on now!” She smirked at me. “I guess you guys should go hide for a few minutes, I’ll delay a minute before I bring him in here, this shouldn’t take long.”

At that they all got up and scurried out of sight. While yes I tried to think of something dull and un-stimulating quickly as I made my way to the door. Bill, the same neighbor who’d loaned me his pickup truck … way back when we still were naive enough to think Melanie was the only victim and we were sneaking into her siblings’ house to find clues and I wanted to cover our trail in-case one of them discovered us. Though at the time her little brother did show back up and almost caught her, leading to my jumping him and knocking him out to get away. So borrowing the pickup truck was prudent, given the risk of someone getting the license plate and tracking us down after.

Regardless, I hadn’t talked to him in a couple weeks – there’d been a whole lot going on – and he wanted the inside scoop on this break-in. I was still walking around shirtless, though with my shoulder in bandages and a smaller bandage on my abdomen.

“Yeah, this one was from the glass, the shoulder was a bullet wound. I was pretty lucky, I guess.”

“Any clue why they broke into your place? Doesn’t sound random.” I could tell he was a little suspicious.

I tried to think fast. “Umm … don’t know if you remember there was a cop here a few days ago” (I figured if Sergeant Joe drove a regular cop car the neighbors would have noticed it; he did nod) “I’d witnessed a crime downtown the other day and they were here to get my statement.” (that much was true, technically) “These people might have thought I saw more than I did. They were on the run. Or … they were.”

He just shook his head. “Damn. Well, let’s check out this window.”

I led him to the bedroom. The girls were all out of sight, thank goodness (no idea how I’d explain that one if they weren’t) but the towels rolled up to use as a sofa, were still there, along with a couple thimbles of coffee. I stood on that side to partially block his view in hopes he wouldn’t start asking questions about that. A few more minutes and he’d written down everything he needed and was going over the options and the timing. It was a big – but old - window and he recommended using two standard vinyl double-pane windows – which in retrospect would have made it harder to break in that way. We worked out the details and he expected it would take a week to order in and then we would pick a day for the install, he thought maybe a couple hours to knock it out including the trim and capping, if I wanted to save money and paint the trim myself afterwards.

Once he left, I called out to let the girls know the coast was clear. They started lumbering out, I suspected most or all of them had run down to the panic room. I gave them a minute to get their bearings, telling them it would be at least a week for the new window. Then I bent down and caught Becky as she was coming out from under the bed. I rubbed her arm with my finger for a moment and then whispered, “Hey, do you want to come to the office when you get a chance? I need to call your uncle. You can say hi to him if you want.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

At that I headed to the office and hopped back on the computer, continuing to reconstruct my previous research. I knew once I was back where I was before those idiots showed up and trashed the room, I would need to actually test the theories, both ensuring that all my understanding of the shrinking process was accurate and to be able to work through the nuances of possible reversal. So I needed that equipment. Sarge promised to look into whether I could be permitted to use the equipment here, rather than store it in an evidence room somewhere, given that they already had plenty on those bozos AND the compelling case that five women were depending on me to solve this and I couldn’t do it without the equipment. Technically I could use the other machine on Level 7 – and I figured at some point I’d need to head there (and first defuse the explosive that we suspected was planted in the machine, then repair any other damage to it), mainly because there should be other resources there that weren’t just sitting around here at the house. On top of that, I needed to know if Sarge’s people ever found the other notebooks.

So a few minutes later I saw Becky padding into the office. I smiled and she gave me a shy little grin. I reached down for her and she let me pick her up and hold her in my hand. I planted a kiss on her stomach and then she lay back and relaxed as I stroked her stomach and chest gently with my thumb.

“I’m going to go ahead and call your uncle. If he picks up, I thought you might want to say hi to him or something. Though … PLEASE don’t tell him that you’re naked and I’m sitting here fondling your chest.”

She giggled. “Absolutely not. This kinda stuff stays in the house. We all agreed. Besides, if you got in trouble – even though it was our idea – you’ll never figure out how to fix us!”

I snorted. I guess that was one reason. “Okay.” I dialed up Sergeant Joe and he answered in his usual gruff voice. We spend the next few minutes discussing the machine – and how to get it here to the house; the notebooks – he said they did find something that looked like lab notebooks, in one of the upstairs bedrooms – and for all of these he was working to get the okay to move them here, on the argument that five victims were depending on me finding the solution to their situation.

As the Sarge and I talked, with the phone on speaker so Becky could hear, I had laid her in my lap and was casually kneading her little breasts, enjoying the feel between my finger and thumb as she softly moaned. Then I mentioned that I had Becky there with me, and she suddenly perked up at the mention of her name. I tried not to laugh out loud at the absurdity of Becky having a conversation with her uncle, while I was fondling her in my lap. Though I tried to be careful not to do too much to her while she was talking.

Once she was done and I said bye to the Sarge, I gently lifted her back up again, kissing her a few times and mumbled, “You know I’m half tempted to just lick and kiss you until you cum.”

She grinned at me. “I think I would like that.”

“Are you sure I won’t break any rules?”

She snorted. “No, silly. The rule was no sex unless we say it’s okay. And I’m saying it’s okay. So just take me, big guy!”

“Okay, my little nymph.” She smirked at that. Then I went back to kissing her all over, working my way from her little breasts down to her stomach and then lower, as she spread her legs. She reached up with her arms to hold her legs up, her knees touching her shoulders. I didn’t realize she could bend that far, but I liked it. I gazed at her for a moment, her labia parted slightly and just a faint glimmer of wetness within. I wrapped my lips around her midsection, encompassing her entire ass and pussy and upper thighs and waist between my lips, and began to caress all of those parts with my tongue, sometimes using just the tip to explore a spot and other times using the width of my tongue to stroke everything at once. I could feel her shudder at the torrent of sensations when I did that. It didn’t take long for her to start softly moaning, and by the time the tip of my tongue found the space between her vaginal lips, her breathing was already erratic. From there it didn’t take much more to set her off, and she thrashed in my hand and between my lips, as Becky rewarded me by pouring the fruits of her climax onto my tongue.

I slowed my tongue strokes to gentle licks as I slid her out of my mouth. She released her grip and let her legs drop, and she lay sprawled across my hand, a dreamy look on her face as she gazed back up at me, her body still flushed despite her breathing returning to normal.

I whispered, “Thank you.”

She softly giggled. “I should be thanking you for that. You know I can’t resist your charms.”

I snorted. “My charms? You really think I’m charming?”

Now she snorted. “Of course.” Then she nibbled her lower lip for a moment before continuing. “You know … you could have any of us if you really wanted. Like … I don’t even mean sex. I mean like … I could be your girlfriend if you asked me. But … I know I’m not the only one who feels like that. You know? I know you’re with Melanie, and I’m … she’s such a good friend, I can’t do that to her. But … I think we all want you … and if we can’t have you after all this is over … “

I lifted her up to my lips and kissed her again, long and soft on her chest and stomach. “I understand. And … I am attracted to all of you … and I know we all have a connection … a bond … from going through all this. Yes I’m committed to Melanie. But that doesn’t mean we all go our separate ways after all this is over. I can’t imagine us NOT all staying close. I’m sure Melanie will have some say in umm … how close. But at least until I get this solved, I suppose you’re stuck with me for a little while.”

She smirked. “Okay. I … can live with that. Though if you ever do change your mind … I’m available.”

I kissed her again. “I know. But some day you’re going to make some lucky guy very happy. I’m certain of it.”

At that we kissed again, my lips on her stomach as she bent up and kissed me on the nose, and then I set her back down and let her pad off to rejoin the others. I smirked to myself for a moment. What a predicament to be in. Though I needed to get back on track and start making some progress on a solution. As much as part of me – or certain parts in particular – would enjoy this sort of arrangement long-term, the rational part of me knew there would eventually be questions and concerns all around if I wasn’t working on this. It was the very thing they were depending on me for – and the very reason people like Andrew and the Sarge were giving me so much latitude. That much goodwill surely had a limit.

So with that in mind, I went back to work and put in another hour before noticing it was past noon. I got to a stopping point, marked my place and headed back to the kitchen to figure out lunch, settling on something simple again, hot dogs and chips. Though I suppose it wasn’t as simple as back when I could just knock out a couple tiny hot dogs for Melanie by slicing a piece out of my own dog, now I was making a bunch of those. At least using a soft tortilla shell to make hot dog buns worked well and I sliced one into several small squares easily. One advantage to feeding such tiny mouths was that I didn’t have to get groceries very often, a pack of tortillas and a pack of hotdogs would stretch for 8 or 10 meals. I boiled a hot dog and then let it cool for a few minutes before cutting pieces, and then made a tray of tiny hot dogs, buns, and used a cap to make a bowl, crushing up a couple potato chips into little pieces, and squirted condiments on the edge of the tray.

That done, I went to go find the girls. I grabbed the basket on the way, told them I had lunch ready, and they started climbing into the basket. I slowly lifted the basket, transferred it to my left hand to hold it – careful to limit the movement of my shoulder – and took a minute to ogle my little charges, reaching a finger out and moving it slowly from girl to girl, tracing each breast and brushing each nipple. I was still amazed that they were actually okay with me doing this. I made my way back to the kitchen, and instead of just setting the basket down, I held the basket and slowly lifted them out of it one at a time, stroking breasts and bottoms as I lowered them down and placed them onto chairs or the bench. I imagine it was like setting up Barbie dolls for a tea party – not that I’d ever actually done that, mind you – though I doubt the Barbies would be naked and able to talk back.

Setting the empty basket down after my few minutes of fun, I sat down and we had lunch. I wasn’t sure if Becky had talked about my conversation with the Sarge, so I filled them in. His team had found the other notebooks that had come from Level 7, as well as had the 2nd machine that was stolen from the bunker, and had filed a petition to allow those to be transferred here to the house, rather than kept in evidence storage, using the argument that I needed these in order to make progress on finding a cure for the five shrinking victims. I didn’t know when that would be resolved, but suspected they’d be coming here with the machine and the notebooks as soon as they got clearance. And in the meantime, I was working to reconstruct the equations that the goons had ripped off the wall. I wanted them to at least know I was actually committed to working on this and was not going to start putting off the work just for sex. As much as I might enjoy it.

While we did talk for a few minutes about that – and how I might need to go into the city occasionally to use the lab on Level 7 (both Melanie and Maria offered to go in with me if I thought they could help – they both knew their way around the place after all), the conversation eventually turned to who I would choose to take to bed tonight. There was no rush, I really didn’t have to decide anything until dinnertime, but I thought it was amusing that this was such a hot topic.

“You know, even if this only goes on for a few days, at some point I would choose each of you at least once. Right? So why the rush?”

Maria said, “I think it’s more the anticipation. It’s your decision of course, but whoever you choose is going to be your sex slave for the night. So … it’s natural that we’re either excited or nervous … or both.”

“You know it’s pretty exciting for me too.” They all looked up at me, and I could see some of that nervousness and anticipation on their faces. “But I’m not going to be rough or onerous. What you’re offering me, I know better than to abuse it. After all, we have to look at each other in the morning.” I saw a look of relief on a couple of faces. “But I’m still going to enjoy it. A lot.”

Maria snorted.

After lunch, I lowered the basket to the floor and let them all scurry off. I started walking back towards the bathroom to return the basket, and noticed Keisha also heading towards the bathroom.

“Need a lift?”

She snorted. “Sure.”

I bent down and lifted her up and set her down next to the sink. She thanked me and then started to slide down into the sink bowl, obviously planning to relieve herself, but before she squatted she noticed I was still there. She arched her eyebrows.

“Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just ogling.” I smirked.

She sighed. “You’re going to ogle me while I pee?”

“If that’s okay?”

She snorted. “Suppose that’s part of the rules, right? Fine. Ogle away then.” She proceeded to squat and as she started to pee, I reached out with my hand and stroked her back and rump with my finger. She looked up at me. I slipped my finger between her legs for a moment and she looked up at me again as the tip of my finger brushed her down there. “Umm … you know, I’m not sure if that counts as fondling.”

I looked at her innocently. “It doesn’t?”

She snorted again. “Geez. If you want to be doing stuff like that, I think you have to choose me to take to bed for the night.” Then she paused for a moment. “Shit. I just suggested that now, didn’t I.”

I smirked. “You know I would like that. I actually thought about whether I should just take you all by yourself for a night. I don’t know you as … intimately as the others. Would you be okay if I did that one night?”

She just looked at me for a long moment. “You’d really want to do that?”

“Hell yes. You’re incredibly sexy.”

She sighed. “Okay. But I’d better not find out you’re dragging out this work just so you can spend more time … umm … “

“Having my way with five gorgeous young women?”

She laughed. “Something like that.”

“I won’t lie. It’s exciting. It’s like a thrill ride. But no. I plan to get this fixed. Shoot, a big reason you all are even letting me do these things is because I’m working on a solution. And the only reason people like Sarge or Andrew are giving me this much leeway – and helping me get the resources I need – and keeping all of you here with me – is because I’m working on a solution. I really doubt they’re going to let me drag this out for months.”

She looked me in the eye again. “Alright.”

At that, I let her finish her business, and then I gently lifted her up, placed her in my other hand, and just admired her for a minute. I traced her curves with my finger, traced her breasts, felt her toned muscles between my finger and thumb.

“I can tell you’re very athletic. Melanie used to be a gym rat herself, I’d promised her I’d set up some workout equipment but … things got busy the last few days.”

She snorted at that. “Yeah. Back in school I was on the gymnastics team.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Gymnastics? Wow. Very cool.”

She laughed. “Cool because you’re complimenting my athletic ability, or cool because now you want to see me do naked routines and splits for you?”

I just smirked.

She demonstrated by raising up one leg, almost folding her body in half, her knee against her arm and her foot just touching the side of her head.

“That is impressive. How long can you hold that?”

She replied, “Probably at least a couple minutes. Why?” At that I traced her leg with my finger, running it down her thigh and ass. “Umm … not sure if I can do two minutes while you’re doing THAT!”

I snorted. “Maybe not, but it’s still very sexy. I look forward to seeing more of your moves, maybe one night this week.”

She let her leg back down and stretched out in my hand. “Oh I bet you do.” But she smirked.

At that I gave her a quick kiss on the stomach and then lowered her back down so she could clean up. I waited a minute for her, offered her the corner of a washcloth to dry herself off, and then I picked her up again and lowered her to the floor, where she padded off to join the others, while I returned to the office to do some more work. Yes it was awesome that the girls were running around naked all day and giving me free reign to ogle and fondle, but I couldn’t sit and fondle for an entire day straight. Besides, it was more enjoyable if I did it when I felt like it. I could walk back in there and find one of them later. And I was REALLY looking forward to tonight.

So meantime, I went back to work. I did go ahead and order another large monitor online while I was thinking of it, along with some office supplies, given how much had been trashed when the thugs searched my office. Not that it was going to do any good to get angry over it. They were locked up now. Though I knew every one of us was going to end up having to testify eventually. That would be much easier for the girls if they weren’t standing there at their current size, trying to testify against those thugs. And I would relish the looks on their faces seeing Cindy and Becky especially, back at their normal size when they testified. Though for that matter, I had no idea if it would be in a courtroom, or recorded, or in some remote location. About all I knew was what I saw in the movies.

I worked at it for another three hours, digging through notes. I’d turned to just writing on my wall with pencil; the wall surface was damaged from how hard they ripped those sheets off, so it would have to be repaired anyway, and I needed more than a notepad for this. Seeing the full equations – step by step – helped me run my mind through the theoretical principles of the process objectively.

Taking a break and coming up for air finally, I grabbed some coffee and heated it (yes I know it was already late afternoon but coffee’s safer than one of those energy shots – and I didn’t have the latter sitting around anyway) and I strolled back to the bedroom to check on the girls. They were all sitting around playing some sort of game. I knelt down and watched the game for a couple minutes, and then set down my coffee and reached out my hand. I knew this whole ogle-and-fondle thing was only for today – and only until I chose two of them to carry off to bed for the night – so I may as well take advantage of it while I could. I slipped a finger around Melanie and began to gently knead one of her tiny breasts, and she turned and smirked at me but did nothing more. I made my way to Cindy and stroked the underside of her breasts, then ran my finger along her thigh. To my surprise, she parted her legs just enough for me to slide my finger down between her legs. Ah, I was going to miss this after today, but maybe they’d have something else exciting planned tomorrow so I really couldn’t complain.

Before long it was time for dinner. I finally pulled myself away from the girls long enough to start making something. As I worked at the stove, Becky padded in to see what I was up to. I hoisted her up and set her on the little sofa on the counter – the one I’d finally been able to put back there now that I had enough furniture to accommodate the five of them. She watched me cook and would stretch and pose, enjoying the attention she got from me – and probably amused when I spent more time looking at her then I did the stove, almost burning something more than once.

Eventually the other started padding in, one or two at a time. I figured they either smelled the food or wondered where Becky went. By the time I was ready to serve dinner, all of them were in the kitchen. I’d placed Maria on the sofa with Becky and the two of them amused themselves by finding ways to distract me before the others arrived, so I had to move them both to the table at that point.

As we ate, the inevitable question of the day came up.

“SO,” I said, “you’re thinking this will be a nightly thing, at least for a few nights?”

Cindy nodded. “Yep. You can only choose one or two of us for the night, but you can choose each night as long as you don’t break the rules for the day.”

I nodded. “Okay. You know,” I paused, “it’s hard to choose because I’d love to spend the night with any one of you. But for this first night,” I paused again and just looked at all of them for a moment, “I’d like to spend it with Melanie and Maria.”

The realization set in and suddenly the two of them looked a little anxious. Maybe even nervous. They had to know I cared about them and wouldn’t be rough with them, but they also were giving up control, agreeing to do anything I asked tonight. It was exciting for me, and at some level probably exciting for them, even if they were a little nervous right now. We finished up dinner and I helped each of them down, planting kisses as I lowered each one to the floor. Before they left, Maria said, “I guess we’re all yours for the night. Come get us when you’re ready for us.” She winked at me.

I cleaned up the tiny dishes and washed up at the sink, musing over what I wanted to try with them tonight. I had to remind myself that I didn’t have to do everything in one night.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Wed Jul 12, 2023 2:05 pm

I would have thought Maria & Melanie would be the most receptive to spending the night as his sex slaves/toys.
It'll be interesting to see how the next 24 hours pan out.

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Melanie's Story Part 53 - Bedtime

Post by Rocket » Tue Jul 18, 2023 9:31 pm

After the girls had spent most of the day walking around naked and inviting me to ogle them, I had no qualms about them seeing me in the buff. It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen me before. And once I’d collected Melanie and Maria, we were all going to be naked together anyway. So, I went ahead and stripped and washed up and checked my bandage and changed the dressing again. The shoulder wound was healing quickly and I was getting to the point where I could move my left arm some without shooting pain, which was encouraging.

Then I went back to the bedroom and found the girls, in their usual space – what had become their lounge, with towels rolled up to serve like a cushioned sectional during the day and they could flatten the towels to make sleeping bags at night. I squatted down near them, and they all quickly noticed my state of undress, five sets of eyes drifting to the massive male genitals hanging above them.

I took one last long gaze at the five naked women sitting in front of me, and then said, “Maria? Melanie? Are you ready?”


Once I carried them to the bed, the others padded out of the room, looking back to give me knowing smirks as they did.

Then we were alone. More or less. The others I knew, could be right outside the doorway. They could be listening in out of curiosity to see what I would do. Suppose I couldn’t blame them, they all knew it could be their turn tomorrow or the day after. And this was all their crazy idea to begin with. Not that I was going to complain. I glanced at the two naked little women sitting on the bed. Nope, not going to complain. Not one bit.

Melanie and Maria both looked up at me. They were sitting together near the foot of the bed.

Melanie looked into my eyes and spoke first. “You have been SO amazing. Really. I could never have asked for a better boyfriend. Lover.” She blushed as she said that last word. Tonight, we’re all yours. Whatever you want to do with us.” She added, “Whatever you want US to do for you. Your wish is our command.”

Maria took Melanie’s hand and held it tight, and then looked up at me. “Tonight … we both belong to you.”

“Alright. But I need to be gentle. Your gash isn’t fully healed yet. And you’ve both been through a lot. Though … I suppose I’d be gentle even if that weren’t the case.”

Melanie whispered, “We know.” Then they both looked at me for a moment, turned to each other and kissed on the lips. Holy shit. It’s one thing to think about it and entirely another for it to be happening right in front of you.

Already getting myself worked up, I croaked, “Now if I do anything you aren’t comfortable with, say so and I’ll stop, okay?”

Maria giggled at that and then said “You can do whatever you want. That’s the rules.” She looked me right in the eye. “Whatever. You. Want. It’s your fantasy. Your wish is our command.” She winked. “We’re NOT going to say no.”

Taking a deep breath to settle myself, I reached for them. They broke off their embrace and stood still, like two Barbie dolls on a shelf, awaiting me. I scooped up Maria in my left hand and she lay back in my palm, her legs hanging over the side. I lifted her arms up, and brushed her bare breast with my thumb as I brought her up to my lips and kissed her stomach and then her chest. I reached for Melanie with my right hand and she eagerly climbed in, scooting her little tush into my palm. I held her for a moment, and she looked at me with those big brown eyes. I whispered, “stick your chest out” and she did. I lifted her up and softly kissed her breasts.

Then for a moment, I just held them both in front of me, admiring these two beautiful young women in my hands, my thumbs idly brushing their little bodies. Melanie looked up at me and said coyly, “What would you like to do with us?” She bit her lower lip, trembling in anticipation of what I would do next. I brought my hands together, until their bodies touched. With my thumb, I nudged Maria’s arm to drape over Melanie’s side. Taking my cue, Melanie moved one of her legs to drape over Maria’s. She glanced up at me, a smirk on her face, and asked softly, “Do you want us to kiss?”

I replied just as softly, “I would like that.” At that approval, she turned her head and met Maria’s lips eagerly. The two kissed passionately as I held them. I lifted them both closer to my face, and then kissed their thighs, as they continued to kiss each other.

I whispered, “Make love to each other.” After all the talk earlier in the day, I’m pretty sure they expected me to say that, but this was still really turning me on, watching the two most important women in my life, laying naked in my hands, holding and kissing each other. Without any hesitation, they began to make out, while I held them inches from my face, where I could see everything. Melanie reached for Maria’s breast and began to fondle it, squeezing and kneading it, and then she bent down and began to kiss it and tease her nipple. Maria arched her back at the sensation, pressing her breast into Melanie’s caress.

Maria reached up and grabbed hold of one of Melanie’s little breasts and began fondling it, rubbing and tugging at the nipple between her tiny finger and thumb. Melanie groaned and then looked up and locked lips with Maria again, driving her tongue hungrily into Maria’s mouth. As they kissed, I planted my own kiss on Melanie’s little bottom. Maria brought her hand around to Melanie’s side, ran it up and down and then tried to squeeze Melanie’s ass, but she bumped into my lips instead. I pulled back and then grinned at her. Then when I pulled my lips away, I went ahead and nudged Melanie’s leg with my thumb, pushing it up and over Maria’s thigh – giving Maria easier access to touch her there, plus and a nice view of Melanie’s slightly gaping pussy right in front of me. Maria traced the edge of Melanie’s mound. Melanie in turn, began working her hand south, down Maria’s stomach and then between her legs, which Maria parted for her.

Once Melanie broke off her long kiss and began turning her body to work her mouth further south, I whispered, “How about a 69?” Melanie stopped just for a moment and looked up at me in acknowledgment, then proceeded to work her way into the position, turning and lifting her leg up over Maria, shifting her knees until they were even with Maria’s shoulders, and then lowered her ass down above Maria’s face, while she positioned her own face in between Maria’s legs. Maria shifted her own position some to accommodate her. I nudged both of them a bit, now atop each other in my left hand as I freed my right.

Then I watched as Melanie took her first tentative licks at Maria’s mound. I turned my hand a bit so that I could see Maria’s reaction as she felt Melanie’s tongue probing her. Then she got into the act herself, raising her arms up and around Melanie’s thighs, pulling her ass closer so that she could reach it with her own tongue. She glanced up at me for a fleeting moment, smirked and then began to probe Melanie’s cute little mound as well.

They both went gingerly for a couple minutes, probably more trying to put on a show for my enjoyment than really getting into it. I kissed Melanie on the back and then whispered, “I want you to climax for me.” I felt a little shudder go through her as she realized what I was asking. Then she used her fingers to part Maria’s folds and buried her face in her crotch with new determination. I stroked her hair as she bobbed her head and worked her tongue inside. I turned my hand again and caught Maria looking at me, at first a little amused. I told Maria, “I want you to make her cum.” She began nibbling at Melanie’s folds between her teeth and brushing her clit with her tongue. Tempted to get an even better look - and even more tempted just to involve myself in their lovemaking, I used my finger and thumb to spread Melanie’s ass cheeks, right above Maria’s face. Yep, definitely a better view, I could see Maria’s tongue darting, her nose brushing the perineum. She looked up at me from that position, but continued licking.

I whispered to Maria, “Use your fingers too. Make her come.” She looked at me, her face contorted a bit, probably from the sensations coming from between her own legs, and then reached her arm around so that her fingers could reach Melanie’s folds. As her fingers brushed the clit, Melanie shuddered. I gently held one of my thumbs against her back to hold them both together in place.

Brushing my lips along Melanie’s back as the two continued to make out in my hands, I added further instructions in a whisper. “Melanie, climax for me. I want to see you climax. Maria, make her climax for me.” As if on cue, Maria began attacking Melanie with vigor, rubbing her fingers furiously up and down her slit, then pressing two fingers into her while she nibbled on one of her folds. Melanie arched her back and wailed. The orgasm was imminent. I was torn whether to keep watching Maria at work, or turn my hand to watch Melanie’s face the moment she burst. I went with the latter, turning my hands so that her face was just an inch from mine and I could take in her reaction. I wasn’t disappointed, as she soon burst, moaning and trembling at Maria’s touch. She’d broken away from Maria’s crotch, too moved by her own orgasm to continue, but that was alright as I had another idea in mind.

I let them rest for a few moments, Melanie catching her breath in the afterglow of her release. I slowly lifted Melanie up by the waist, tilting her back in my right hand and holding her up to steal a taste of her juices. She looked up at me, a contented smile on her face. I planted a few gentle kisses on her before I set her down, draping her over my right leg.

Then turning my attention back to Maria, I positioned her just how I wanted in my left hand, her head resting on my fingertips. I traced my finger over her body as I admired her curves and ample busom. I brought her feet up to my wrist and then parted her legs wide. She lay still and let me move her arms and legs like a doll. I lay her left hand over one of her breasts and her right hand down on her stomach. Then I said, “Maria, I want you to finish what Melanie started. I want you to show me how you like to be touched. Come for me.”

Without hesitation, she brought her right hand down between her own legs and began to stroke herself, sliding her own fingers along either side of her slightly gaping love canal, which already glinted with a trace of moisture. I watched the way she moved her fingers, where she touched herself and how she responded. With my free hand I stroked her arm and then briefly held her free breast between my finger and thumb, pinching her nipple. Then I whispered, “Gaze at me while you make love to yourself. Keep your eyes on me as you touch yourself. Tell me how much you love me.” She opened her eyes and looked right at me. It was intoxicating, I held her just inches from my face. She whispered, “I love you. I love you so much.” I alternated between gazing back into her eyes and observing her hands as they probed and caressed her own folds. I stroked her thighs with the tip of my finger. I slid my finger between her legs and brushed the edge of her labium for a moment, eliciting a gasp from her.

“Keep looking at me. You’re almost there. Climax for me now.” As if she’d been on the cusp and just waiting for my command, Maria began to explode in my hand. She wailed and shuddered. I could feel the tremors throughout her body.

Maria lay back in my hand, still looking at me, panting, fresh in the afterglow and with a faint sheen of sweat covering her chest. She continued to gently stroke herself as she came down from her high. I brought her up to my lips and tasted her with the tip of my tongue.

She gazed at me and whispered, “How was I?”

I grinned. “That was beautiful.” I ran my finger over her, tracing her curves, between and over her breasts. “Catch your breath for a minute before we go again.”

She looked surprised for a moment before composing herself. “Again?”

I nodded. “Yeah. I want you to masturbate, but this time while you touch yourself, I’m going to give you some instructions.” I couldn’t imagine what was going through her mind, but they did promise I could do whatever I wanted, and besides, I was horny as hell at this point.

By now she’d come down from her high and her breathing was steadier. As a prompt, I lifted one of her hands and lowered it down between her legs. She began to tentatively touch herself, gauging how sensitive she was and whether she was ready for more. She gently traced her finger around the periphery first, steadying herself, before she touched her folds.

Once she got back into a rhythm with her strokes, I told Maria, “Okay, Maria, now keep going, but I want you to plead with me to touch you. Beg me to caress you with my finger.”

She just looked at me for a minute, unsure how to start, and then she murmured, “Please.” She put a little more strength into her voice and said “Please, touch me! I want to feel your finger against me! My body is all yours, touch me everywhere! I’m begging you, please touch me!”

I smiled. “That’s good, keep going. Tell me where you want me to touch you. Beg me to touch you there.” I touched her leg and began to stroke it as I spoke.

“Please, I’m begging you!” she continued, “caress my body, my breasts are yours, my ass is yours, please touch me!”

I moved my finger up to her chest, circling her little breasts, and then with two fingers I pressed on them both, rubbing them as I partially flattened them, feeling her tiny nipples poking out against the pads of my fingers. As I flattened her chest, I told her, “more.”

She pleaded again, with a quaver in her voice, “Please keep fingering me, touch me everywhere, I’m begging you! Please let me feel your finger! I beg you to let me feel your touch!”

I slid my fingers back from her chest, letting her little breasts bounce back. I spread my hand so that I could trace both arms, a finger on one and a thumb on the other, sliding down until they met her waist, which I held between my finger and thumb, while she continued to stroke herself. Then I moved my fingers under her legs. I lifted her legs up in the air, exposing her ass. I said, “Maria, keep going.”

So she continued, “Please touch me! I beg you! I want to feel your finger touch me!” At that I positioned my thumb and middle finger at her ass cheeks and I spread them wide. Then with my index finger, I began to stroke her between her ass cheeks, brushing her little rose bud and stopping at her perineum. She gasped and trembled as my finger touched it. I kept my finger there, pressed against her bud, and released her cheeks. They closed around my intruding finger.

“Maria, keep going.”

As my finger still pressed against her, she spoke in a shaky voice, “Please touch me! I love it when your finger touches me there. I beg you to keep touching me!” I wiggled my finger just a little, the sensations causing her to gasp and tense her hips.

I kissed her bare chest. I blew on it, then brushed my lip against the hard nipples protruding from her chest. Then I said, “Maria, I want you to beg me to fuck you with my finger. I want you to beg me to drive my little finger deep inside of you.”

Again she hesitated just for a moment, her whole body shivering in my hand. Then despite her unsteady voice, she began to plead with me again, “Please put your finger inside me! I beg you! I want to feel your finger deep inside me!”

I slipped my index finger away from her ass, and then brushed the edge of her folds with the tip of my little finger. “Keep going. Beg me to let you climax on my finger.”

In her quavering voice she begged me, “Please drive your finger into me! Let your finger take me!”

At that, I slid the tip of my finger along her gaping little hole, which was red and a little puffy from all the attention, but sopping wet. There was no resistance as my finger easily slipped inside, eliciting a gasp. I kissed her stomach and then whispered, “Play with your nipples while you tell me how badly you want it.”

She was breathing erratically but managed to utter words as she brought her hands up to begin fondling her own breasts. “Please fuck me! I’m begging you to go deep inside me! You can go as deep in me as you want to! My body is your plaything! Please take me!”

I slid my finger further in. Her canal was slick. I kept going, unsure how far was safe, but feeling my way inside her as I went. Most of the length of my little finger was in her before I began to brush something, perhaps her uterus, that resisted me. She sucked in a breath as I touched it. Her muscles were tight against my finger, I knew she’d never had anything so big inside her before. I wiggled the tip of my finger, buried deep inside her, and she gasped with each little movement. I could see her abdomen move slightly with my finger. Then I felt movement at the tip of my finger, as if the tiny muscle there was relaxing to let me in. I gently drove my finger the rest of the way, her body conforming, moulding itself to my finger, as if it was willing me to go even deeper. The area at the tip of my finger felt different than the rest, as if I’d passed a point that nothing would normally reach. My finger had traveled the equivalent of well over a foot inside her and the diameter was almost that of her forearm. Any slight movement sent her moaning and arching her back.

I turned her upright, holding her back for support, the skin between my fingers serving as a ledge to hold her, while her legs dangled in the air astride my right hand and wrist. I said, “That’s it, climax for me now.” At this point she was already in the throes of possibly the biggest orgasm – or string of orgasms - of her life, while impaled on something bigger than anything she’d ever felt in her life. I brought her up to my mouth and licked her like a popsicle, from the point where I entered her, up through her breasts and to her chin. Her eyes were starting to glaze.

It was then that I realized I was caught up in the moment, thinking with my hormones alone. This was a massive power trip to be sure, but they’d both trusted me not to hurt them. Afraid I might have crossed the line, I tilted her back down gently into my left hand. I stilled my right hand, though I kept it mostly inside her, and waited for her to catch her breath. She was sky high on multiple orgasms. I gently kissed her stomach. As she calmed down and became aware of her surroundings, she looked up at me. It wasn’t a look of anger, nor pain, so hopefully I’d stopped before I hurt her. Instead, it was ... a look of awe. At me? I didn’t understand until she spoke.

“That … wow … so intense … incredible. Your finger … I feel stuffed like a turkey. But … stuffed in a good way. I … I’ve never come like that in my life. Not even close. Wow.” She reached down between her legs and felt where my finger still entered her, stretching her. She looked me right in the eyes.

“Okay. How about I let you rest for a little bit.” I grinned. “I’m not done tonight, but I think it’s Melanie’s turn for some attention.” I gently, slowly began to slide my finger out of her. She grimaced as my finger finally left her.

“Thank you for not pulling out too quickly. I feel like a deflating balloon. I can’t believe that’s your little finger.”

“Thank you for letting me, um, ravish you tonight.” I smiled and kissed her stomach again, and then licked her between the legs, where removing my finger was like unplugging a dam, her juices starting to dribble out and run down my arm. “Now rest for a minute.” I lay her out on the bed between my legs, as I scooped up Melanie.

Repositioning Melanie in my left hand, I said “You’ve been patient.”

She looked up at me and said, “Yes, Master, how may I please you?”

I snickered. “You rehearsed that didn’t you.”

She grinned. “Yeah. Did you like it?”

“I did. You can keep doing that.” I kissed her on the stomach. “While you fondle your breasts. And … pull on your nipples for me.”

Without hesitating, she brought her hands up to her little breasts and began kneading them with her fingers, and pinching and tugging her nipples. I watched her for a minute, strumming my finger over her stomach. Then I said “Okay, now it’s YOUR turn to masturbate for me. Show me how YOU like to be touched.” She said, “Yes master” as she parted her legs and brought one of her hands down there. She traced her fingers around her pussy mound. With my finger and thumb, I re-positioned her legs so that they spread wide and let her pussy gape open just a little. Then I just watched her for a couple minutes, gently stroking herself, tracing her fingers through the folds of her labia.

As she continued, I looked down at Maria, sitting there resting between my thighs. I had a massive hard-on at this point, with drops of pre-cum forming. I said “Maria?” She perked up and looked at me. I said “Can you stand up?” She did just as she was told. “Take a step back.” She did. I bent my semi-hard shaft down so that the head hovered near her face. I said, “I want you to swallow that.” She looked up at me for a moment, perhaps to see if I was serious or not, and then she nodded, turned back towards the head of my penis and opened her mouth. She put her arms out to hold it while she licked it clean and swallowed a couple times, taking in a final mouthful before I let go of it and let it bounce back. I said “I might call on you again for that, but you can rest for now.”

Turning my attention back to Melanie, I saw that she had stopped masturbating once I took my attention away from her. Thinking of what I’d done with Maria that had gotten me so ridiculously horny, I just could not resist trying the same tack with Melanie. They’d all decided on their own to give me this much control, so I may as well enjoy myself. So I told her “Okay, Melanie, keep looking at me while you touch yourself.” She did as she was told, looking me right in the eye while her hand stroked between her legs. I held one of her breasts between my finger and thumb and rolled it for a minute while she continued, not taking her eyes off me. The control was intoxicating, as much of this evening had been. I removed my hand. Then turning up the heat, I said, “Now while you touch yourself, I want you to plead and beg your Master to touch you.”

She had already seen and heard what I’d told Maria to do. She realized I wanted something similar from her. She said, “Please oh Master, touch me. I want to feel my Master’s finger on my body.”

I stroked her arm, and then said softly, “That wasn’t very convincing. I want you to beg.”

She gulped. “Please!! I’m begging you! I need you to touch me! I am yours to touch oh Master, my body belongs to you! Wherever you like, just please please touch me!!”

“Okay” I whispered. I brought two fingers to her chest and began to stroke her tiny breasts, caressing them. I pressed them down, flattening them against her chest. I could feel her tiny nipples hardening, trying and failing to push back against my finger. I released them, then traced my finger down her stomach and along her thighs. I traced down her legs, to her feet, and fondled one between my finger and thumb for a moment. Then I said “Melanie, beg me to touch you, like your life depends on it, like you can’t live without my touch.”

She still hadn’t taken her eyes off me. She looked a little daunted. “Please, oh please, I’m begging, touch me all over! Take my body in your hand and touch me! My body is yours to play with, to touch, just please take me!! I’m begging you!!”

I held her up, just an inch from my face, as she begged me. I stroked her cheek with the tip of my finger. I traced down her chest and over her breasts, and then over her thighs. Then I lifted her legs up high in the air. With my thumb and middle finger, I parted her ass as wide as it could go, and I ran my index finger along her crack. I whispered, “Keep going, I want you to make yourself wet for me.” I pulled my hand away from her bottom, repositioning her legs so that they spread apart with her feet propped on my wrist. I looked down between my legs.

“Maria, stand up.” She stood up. She knew what was coming this time. I said “Maria, swallow my cum.” Having heard my exchange with Melanie, she replied, “Yes master” and smirked, then stepped forward, grabbed hold of it and set about licking it clean, swallowing as much as she could in the process. As she did, I stroked her hair with my finger.

Turning my attention back to Melanie, I looked closely at her pussy. It was starting to glisten with her juices. It was finally time. I said “Melanie, now I want you to beg me to take you with my little finger. Beg me to push you onto my finger.”

She took a couple of breaths first. Then in a voice that was a little shaky for the first time, she said “Please fuck me with your little finger, I beg you Master! Hold me in your hand and push me onto your finger! Please Master, deem me worthy of feeling your finger inside me! Please! I beg you to drive your finger deep inside of me!”

I placed the tip of my finger at her entrance and just stroked her there for a moment. I said “That’s good, keep going.”

“Please” her voice cracked, “Please Master, I am yours to enjoy. I beg you Master! Place me onto your finger! My body is yours to do with as you like!”

I held her snug with my left hand and tilted her upright, her legs dangling down. I drove my hand between her legs, parting them, and brushed her slick hole with my finger. “Beg me to do it.”

Her breaths were erratic. She said “Please I beg you Master, lower me onto your finger!”

Holding my right hand steady, I used my left hand to lower her whole body onto my finger. I continued, past the first knuckle, then past the second. I’d finger-fucked Melanie multiple times in the course of our three-week romance, but I’d never driven my finger so deep that she could literally sit on the space between my fingers. But I managed it with Maria, so I felt emboldened to try it with Melanie too. I turned her body back and forth a little bit, like a corkscrew, as I lowered her further onto my finger, until I began to feel a limit. With Maria I suspected I’d actually touched her uterus, and then with some stimulation, her uterus relaxed to let the tip of my finger in. It didn’t seem to hurt Maria, she was just sore. I felt the same inside Melanie. She was slimmer than Maria, and her abdomen actually distended a little. I could see it move as I wiggled my finger. Then I felt the relaxing again, making way for my finger to go in just a tiny bit more, until Melanie’s body wore my finger like a popsicle stick, and she was literally sitting on the space between my fingers. I held her up to my face, just a finger and thumb holding her upright. I whispered, “Come hard for me now” as I licked and nibbled on her body, from her thighs and where my finger violated her sex, up her stomach, and around her breasts which I caressed with my lips.

I suppose I didn’t even need to tell her that I wanted her to come. She climaxed multiple times in this position, she’d become so sensitive to my touch that even a small movement of my finger would set her off again. Her breathing was heavy and erratic, her vision was blurry. I stopped moving my finger and watched her for a couple minutes, waiting for her breathing to steady.

Once she finally opened her eyes and looked at me, I saw some of the same awe that Maria had expressed. She opened her mouth to speak, but it took a moment to gather her words. “I … I can’t believe we’ve never done this before. That was amazing. Even you’ve never made me come that hard before.” She paused for a moment to compose herself. “I feel like Maria said, stuffed like a turkey.” She smirked. “It feels SO good, but I feel SO stretched too. I can’t believe you pushed me down onto your finger!”

“Yeah, did you realize I can make your tummy move just by wiggling my finger?” I wiggled it a bit in demonstration, eliciting a gasp from her as her whole body tensed up again and she started approaching yet another climax. I began to gently slide it out, turning it side to side. The sensations elicited another orgasm from her. I held her up as my finger slowly exited her, so that the flood of her juices – held back by my finger and now finding their way out – caught on my tongue as they fell. She gasped again the moment my finger left her, as her vagina was no longer stretched out of proportion.

I held her for a minute, letting her come down from her high, before I said “Okay Melanie, I need you to help eat my cum.” I know she’d heard me speak to Maria, but she couldn’t see what was going on. I lowered her so that her face was flush with the head of my penis. It had been rock hard for a little while, enough that it wouldn’t take much for it to explode, but I’d been trying to hold it. I held her lips up to the tip. She dutifully licked until her cheeks were full. I said “swallow.” She took a gulp and then continued to clean off my tip with her tongue.

I set Melanie back down between my legs, next to Maria. I said “Okay, ladies.” They both looked up at me. “First, kiss each other.” They looked at each other and kissed on the lips.

Maria giggled. She looked up at me and smirked. “I’m sorry, but Melanie still has your cum on her cheeks.”

I said “So how about you lick it off her?” She gave me a dirty look, but then proceeded to lick Melanie’s cheeks. They met in another kiss. “Then after that, come and finish me off here.” They both got up and stepped closer to my penis, which being erect and from the way I was sitting, rose above their heads. Maria reached out for it, running her hand along it as if she were grooming a race horse. Melanie was a little more daring – it surprised me that she had that much energy this soon – and climbed up onto the base, straddling her legs to either side of it. She leaned in, pressing her tiny breasts to the top while she reached around to stroke the underside.

I reached around Maria, eliciting a squawk as I scooped her up and pressed her against the underside of my shaft. I nudged her arms around it loosely and then began to rub her body gently up and down the underside. Then to Melanie’s surprise, I lifted her with my other hand and pressed her against the top of it. I used both hands to position them, with their breasts pressed against my penis and their legs dangling down. I slid them both up, until their faces were free and all four breasts pressed gently against the head. “Okay, now go back to kissing each other.” They tilted their heads in until their lips met. They began to kiss each other, just as my penis was building pressure directly under them.

“Melanie, kiss the tip of my penis. Slip your tongue inside.” She glanced at me for a moment, breaking her lips away from Maria’s, and then looked down at the pulsating head just below her. She bent her head down, pulling her hair out of the way with one hand, and planted her lips on the wet tip. It continued to ooze a little cum. To her credit, she planted her face in it and worked her tiny tongue into the tip. I could feel it as it darted inside. I let her continue for a few moments, enjoying the sensation, and then I said “Okay, switch. Maria, it’s your turn. I want to feel your tongue in there.” Melanie pulled back, her cheeks covered in cum, so that Maria could dive in. She buried her face in the warm goo, finding the hole with her tiny tongue, and she worked to drive it as deep as she could.

Just before I was about to explode, I had another thought. I said “Okay, embrace and go back to kissing each other.” Maria brought her head up. They began to kiss, their faces splotched with cum. I slid them higher up my shaft, so that their pussies sat on the head. I was able to pin both of their legs against my shaft with one hand. They embraced each other tightly as they realized what I was about to do. Just a few strokes and I erupted, spewing hot cum between their legs, up their chests and spraying their necks and cheeks.

I took a moment and just held them, as I caught my breath. They were a mess, covered in hot cum. I lifted them up from my spent rod and couldn’t help but smile at the sight. I said “You two need a bath.”

Melanie snorted. “Ya think?”

I held them both together in my hands, but opened them wider so that they had more room to stretch and lay back. I said “Meanwhile, why don’t you rub it all over your chests? Both of you?”

After they’d finished smearing it all over each other, I got up and brought them to the bathroom to wash them up. The others were all hanging out close by, I wondered how much they heard. No matter. They were all smirking at me as I walked past them, turned on the water in the sink and began to slowly wash both women, laying them flat on a towel and blotting them dry afterwards.

“One more kiss before we go to bed?”

Maria smirked and then rolled over and put her arm around Melanie and the two kissed. They were still kissing when I gently scooped them up and carried them back to the bedroom. I lay them down on the bed next to me and pulled the sheet over all three of us, careful to give them plenty of slack. I bent over and kissed both of them once more and then lay back and closed my eyes. I could just hear the hushed sounds of the others as they came in and settled into their makeshift sleeping bags across the room.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Thu Jul 20, 2023 2:53 pm

Mmmm... That was sooo erotic...

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

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Thanks. It's great to read a story that was written by a human for humans. It's very refreshing.

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Melanie's Story Part 54 - Backyard Sunbathing

Post by Rocket » Mon Aug 28, 2023 6:02 pm

The next morning, once I woke up the first thing I did was turn to my side and look for Melanie and Maria. They were resting and softly chatting and it took a moment for them to realize I was gazing at them. They both smiled at me.

I whispered, “Thank you. Both of you.”

Maria smirked. “So you enjoyed it?”

“How could I not?”

“So … how long had you been fantasizing about the two of us making out?” I just gave her a smirk. She snorted. “I figured. But holding us while we made out? I honestly had not thought of that one. It was clever.”

“You didn’t mind it? I mean … it was very hot. But … “

They both smirked at me now. Melanie added, “It was … more intimate, that’s for sure.” She blushed a little but it went away quickly.

At that point I noticed the others were moving about at the side of the bed. They were wearing clothes, to my slight disappointment, but then Cindy did say that yesterday’s activities were just for the day and she had something else planned. Apparently whatever it was did not involve everyone walking around naked all day. Just as well, as I suspected Sergeant Joe might stop by today with those notebooks, assuming he got clearance to. I hoped he’d have word about that 2nd machine too, having that here would definitely help.

I slowly sat up and swung my feet to the floor, careful not to bump anyone. Three lovely ladies stood at my feet. I then reached over for Melanie and then Maria, lifting them up, kissing them and then setting them down on the floor so they could go about their morning routines. As I stood up I heard Becky already asking excitedly, “Did he really hold both of you while … “

I smirked to myself as I headed towards the bathroom to wash up and get moving. I had a suspicion that Maria and Melanie were going to be grilled with questions from the others for much of the morning, the others just dying to know what I’d asked them to do and what it was like. Part of me was really curious what they would say. I supposed I would hear some of that at breakfast. Which I was going to get working on as soon as I got dressed. And I did, whipping up a stack of tiny pancakes – each the size of a quarter. It’s a little tricky making pancakes that tiny, I have to keep the heat low or they burn in seconds. But I’d gotten some practice trying to make them for Melanie back when it was just the two of us.

Then I went back to find the girls, grabbing the basket along the way. They all piled in – all dressed this time, at least in the blouses and velcro skirts that they all seemed to favor, though I noticed Cindy donned the top half of one of those two-piece bathing suits that Maria insisted I get. I had to admit she really looked cute wearing that, and it highlighted her ample busom. I was curious whether she had on the bottom half below that skirt, or if she just went commando as they others usually did … resulting in the occasional glimpse of what lay underneath, depending on how they were sitting. I often stole glimpses when they were sitting in the basket, and today was no exception.

“Nice top” I said to Cindy as I lifted the basket and started to walk towards the kitchen. She grinned but didn’t respond. Yet.

In the kitchen I set the basket down on the table and they all climbed out, finding seats. I’d already set a stack of little pancakes on a platter in the middle of the table with a thimble of syrup and a stack of empty little plates and forks. I just watched them dive in for a minute, grabbing portions and starting to eat, before I grabbed my own couple of regular pancakes (each big enough that one of the girls could probably pull it over her shoulders and wear it like a cape) and started eating.

As we ate, I could hear some whispers back and forth, probably more questions about last night. Cindy broke the relative silence by asking, “So, how did you like yesterday?”

I looked at her for a moment. “Frankly? The entire day was amazing. I … have no objection if you want to walk around naked again.” I grinned.

She snorted. “I don’t doubt that. And how was last night?” I saw Melanie almost choke on her pancake when Cindy said that.

“Umm … well let me just say that both Melanie and Maria were amazing.”

“I bet” Cindy snickered.

Keisha mumbled, “Oh I bet they felt amazing against his dick.”

Apparently they’d already talked about the whole night. In detail. “I heard that” I snapped. Melanie looked mortified, but Maria just smirked.

“Well am I right?” Keisha countered, not even blinking.

I sighed. “Yes.”

“Ha!” she blurted.

Cindy interrupted before the conversation could get any cruder. “Anyway, I did say we’d have something different planned. And we appreciate that you stayed within the boundaries we set. For today, isn’t it supposed to be sunny out?”

I quickly checked on my phone. “Yep. Sunny and warm all day.”

“Good. We’d like to lay out and get some tanning in today. Some of us … have been inside for WAY too long. We need to get out.”

“Umm … out?”

“In the backyard at least. Maybe you could put a towel out for us. But … you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you?”

“I … wasn’t going to ask.”

She snorted. “But I know you’re wondering. So anyway, at least SOME of us plan to tan in the buff. You’re welcome to ogle of course … just don’t like block out the sun.” I heard others snorting. “We also need some help applying tanning oil … like everywhere.”

“Hmm … “ I started thinking. “This could be interesting.”

Cindy smirked. “I thought it might. Now we were thinking of going out after lunch when there’s some good afternoon sun. We’ll come get you when we’re ready.”

I nodded. “It would be my pleasure.” I got a couple more snorts from the peanut gallery at that.


So as we finished up breakfast I did tell them about the possibility that the Sarge might stop by and I’d give them a heads-up if I knew when. I carried the basket back to the bedroom and let my five little charges climb out so they could go about their day. By the time I turned to leave I could already hear more talk about last night. I just smiled to myself. Apparently it was causing quite a stir.

I went back to the office and continued working on my formulas, sketching them out in pencil on the office wall. By late morning I’d reconstructed what the goons had ripped down off the wall, just in time for a text from Sergeant Joe that he had good news and would be by in the next hour. I took off to alert the girls, though it wasn’t as big of a deal given they weren’t running around naked today (disappointing to be sure) and the Sarge had already talked to them more than once. I expected the Sarge was coming alone specifically because he wanted to limit how many people had contact with the girls – understandable not just because the more people who knew, the more the girls would be at risk, but also specifically to protect his niece.

Before going back to work, I took a peek outside and took a moment to clean off the table on the patio. It was just a small wrought iron table with a hole for an umbrella, I didn’t use it much but I could see if the girls were going to lay out on this, I’d need more than one layer of towel – otherwise the metal would get hot in the sun. So I grabbed a full beach towel from the linen closet and folded it up, making three layers. All five girls could easily lay out on this with room to spare if they wanted to. By the time I did that, there was already a knock on the door.

I answered the door to find the Sarge standing there with a stack of notebooks. Huh. Apparently he did get the okay to let me use them.

“Here” was the first thing he said as he handed the stack to me. “Couple things I need to point out before you go tearing into those.”

“Umm, sure. Do you want to come in?”


We made our way back to the kitchen and I offered him a coffee. He sat down – of course we were down to three chairs but most of the people living in this house couldn’t use the chairs anyway.

He took a look at the Barbie furniture sitting in the middle of the table, grunted, and then said, “Alright. Now these books – they tell me some of these are lab notebooks. I guess you know what those are.”

I nodded. “Yeah. I was able to get ahold of one – the one that documented what they did to Melanie – when I went to rescue her. I was hesitant to take more than the one, or they’d figure out they were missing pretty quick.”

He grunted again. “You have one here? Now??”

“Yeah. It’s numbered notebook 3. It outlines the experiments they performed on Melanie, proves her shrinking was pre-planned and describes the tests they ran while they used drugs to keep her under for three days. I … “ He was looking at me incredulously. I frowned. “I’m … guessing they’ll want to see that as evidence?”

“Damn straight.” He scowled at me.

“Without that notebook I wouldn’t have pieced together some of the work they did. Now … do they need all these back I guess?”

“Everything. These are on LOAN. Don’t be tearing anything out or writing anything.”

I sighed. “Okay. Maybe I can scan them all and get them back to you quickly … umm … “ I frowned again. “If my scanner still works. I was lucky I had one monitor that was still usable.” Now he was frowning at me. “But … if it doesn’t work I’ll get another one stat. I’ll figure it out.”

“Good” he grunted. “Now these other books … I don’t know if they’re important or not, but I got them to let you borrow them briefly. I have to get them back in a couple days. There are ledgers in here that show payments back and forth … “

“Umm … “

He held up a finger. “There’s a reason I brought these over. People are going to go through these and trace the sources of funds and where the money went, but … my gut tells me … if they had these machines for at least three months, and we know Officer Keisha’s … situation … was unplanned, and I understand one of your friends … “

I nodded. “Maria. Yeah, same thing, they used the machine on her when she went to try and help Melanie.”

“Right. So in three months, only three ‘planned’ shrinkings? That’s what doesn’t add up for me. I’m worried there are more out there. And if there are more and they either placed them somewhere or sold them to raise money, either way there may be something in the ledger to match up with whatever you find in those notebooks.”

I just looked at him for a moment. Damn, he could be right. I sighed again. “Alright. I agree with you, there could be more. I’ll start digging through these right away. Oh … and any news on the machine?”

He grunted again. He seems to do that a lot, around me at least. “They’re amenable to … loaning it … but given it’s already the end of the week, you might not see it until Monday unless there’s a spare driver tomorrow. They have to send a truck.”

“Alright. As long as I can use it. That will save me a lot of time, otherwise I’ll have to go downtown every day just to work on this. Plus … if … once I get this figured out and we’re ready to reverse the shrinking, it might be better to do that here where it’s private and not in the middle of downtown. Remember the shrinking victims were all knocked out for hours – or half a day or more. What if the same thing happens when we reverse it and they’re out cold for a day. No, better to do that here if we can.”

He nodded. Did he actually agree with me? Huh.

At that point, Becky came padding in and wanted to see her Uncle Joe. I helped her up to the table and then left them alone to talk while I went ahead and started figuring out lunch. I did overhear him asking her how I was treating them and Becky replying that I was super-nice and how all five of them were becoming close friends etc etc … I appreciated that she wasn’t saying anything about the sex … and almost coughed as I briefly thought of the conversation yesterday where I was fondling a naked Becky in my lap while she talked to her uncle on the phone. Geez, if he ever found out about that he’d probably haul me away even if it meant trying to find someone else who could make sense of the work I’d already done (good luck with that). Best not to tempt fate I suppose.

As I was cooking I asked if he wanted to stay for lunch, but he said he had to get going in a few minutes. That was fine. I could see he and Becky were really chatting it up, but whatever it was they were discussing, his mood was good.

Just as I was finishing up at the stove and piling food onto a platter – cut up into shrunken-girl sized pieces – and setting out some plates and cups on the Barbie table – he figured that was his cue to get going. So I showed him out and then went to go round up the rest of the group.

I returned with the basket and the others climbed out. They were all dressed in two-piece bikinis – which for me was probably the next best thing to naked, but now I was glad the Sarge had to bug out. Seeing the rest of the girls – including Becky’s stepmother – in bikinis would have raised more questions. I knew why they were in bikinis – they planned to sunbathe after lunch – but I wasn’t sure how the Sarge would interpret that.

Regardless, we went ahead and ate and I told them about the lab notebooks and the ledgers. Melanie, knowing that the one notebook I’d snatched from Level 7 was the one that had details of her planned shrinking and the experiments they ran, pointed out that there may be details on Cindy and Becky in the other notebooks. It was that first notebook that tipped us off to Melanie not being the first victim. I explained some of what I would be looking for, as well as the Sarge’s thoughts that there could be others out there, either placed somewhere as part of an experiment like Melanie was, or maybe even sold off to raise seed money. The girls looked horrified at the prospect, hoped there weren’t others, but were uniformly adamant that if we did discover any others, we had to help them. To which I assured them we would. Though I wasn’t sure that I was up to more spying and break-ins and rescues, at least until my shoulder healed up.

After lunch, the girls were ready to head outside. I offered to take Becky back to the bathroom to change into a bathing suit and then carried the basket – the other four girls inside – out to the back patio, setting it down next to the beach towel, which took up much of the table surface. As they climbed out and got comfortable, I went back inside to get drinks, the tanning oil (I was surprised I had some) and some sun screen spray for myself, brought everything out to the table, and then went back to collect Becky.

I came around the corner and just saw her standing there in a little two-piece, and for a moment I just gawked.

She grinned at me. “You like it?” She slowly turned in a circle, showing off her skimpy outfit.

I took a couple seconds to collect myself. “That … is very sexy.” I had no idea when Maria was picking out swimsuits, that they’d actually be sexy like this, but they were. The top accentuated Becky’s breasts, and the bottom just barely covered her cute ass. As if I needed more reasons to find her attractive.

She caught me just staring at her for a moment and giggled. “You know … if you really want me you could … pick me tonight, and then we can have the whole night together.” She gave me a sexy look and nibbled her lower lip, awaiting my response.

I reached down and scooped her up into my hand, my lips going straight to her bare middle where I planted a slow kiss on her. I whispered, “That is … really tempting.”

“And … ” she added, “I can do whatever you want me to. Aren’t I supposed to follow your orders?” She smirked.

“Damn, you’re getting me all worked up and everyone’s out there waiting for us?”

She snorted. “Well then we’d better get out there.” Shit. I think she knew what she was doing, getting me worked up when she knew I had to get out there before the others started getting sunburns. I brought her up to my lips once more and not only kissed her, but licked her between the legs; though it wasn’t quite the same through the fabric. She yelped, not expecting that, and I smirked back at her.


“It’s about time! I’m going to roast out here pretty soon” exclaimed Cindy as we came outside and I set Becky down to join the others.

“Sorry, I got delayed.” The others turned to look at Becky, who just smirked back at them.

“Alright, now do me first before I fry. I haven’t been out in the sun in months!” Cindy stood up and dropped her top and bottom and looked at me. “Ready to oil me up?”

I raised an eyebrow. “How do you …”

She smirked. “Any way you like. Just make sure you cover everything so I don’t burn.”

“Okay. Can I pick you up?”

She raised her arms, the universal signal that it was okay to pick her up, and I lifted her and set her in my left hand, then grabbed the oil and drizzled it over her bare skin. I used my fingers to smear it all over her, and realized this could be more fun than I thought it would be. I slid my oily fingers over her legs, feeling her little muscles and her ankles and toes, and then her arms and hands and fingers, and then her middle, caressing her breasts and between her legs. She was getting slippery, I had to be careful not to let her slip out of my grasp. I turned her over and worked on her back and bottom, spending a few extra moments massaging oil into her bum. I turned her back over and spent another minute rubbing her down – more for my enjoyment as she was already pretty oiled up.

“Okay, that’s everything except your face.”

She smirked at me. “You can do my face.”

“I was worried it would get in your eyes or something.”

“Nah, I’ll close my eyes, you go ahead and do my face.” So I did, gently with the tip of my finger, massaging the oil into her forehead, over her nose, her lips and chin. It actually felt sensual to caress those areas. Then I finished up with her and lay her down on the beach towel. She stretched out in the sun and relaxed.

“Me next?” I heard and turned to see Maria taking her bikini off. She tossed them aside and lifted her arms up. I scooped her up and lay her in my left hand, poured some oil over her and began to massage it in, same as I did with Cindy, oiling her legs and feet and toes, her arms and hands and fingers, spending an inordinate amount of time on her breasts and of course slipping my finger between her legs more than once. It was so slick I could probably slip a finger into her easily, and I was tempted to try. I flipped her over in my hand and rubbed down her back and ass, sliding my slippery finger between her cheeks and down to brush her labia a few times; I felt her shudder in my hand. I finally couldn’t resist, I took my slick little finger and slid it down there and slipped it between her vaginal folds, just barely penetrating her. She gasped.

“Oops” I muttered. She turned her head back and I smirked. I slid my finger back out and turned her over onto her back. “You’re just so slippery.”

She snorted. “Sure. Right.” At least she didn’t seem mad at me. She closed her eyes so I could rub tanning oil gently on her face, and then I set her down and she found a spot to stretch out and get some sun.

“So who’s next?”

Keisha just looked at me for a moment. “Don’t be using the oil as an excuse to slip your finger in.”

“You caught that?”

She snorted.

“Though, I hadn’t thought about bringing say, massage oil to bed. That could get interesting.”

She raised her eyebrows. “I suppose you can do what you want at bedtime. Right now, you can rub me down now, just none of that other shit. I might bite back.”

I smirked. “Okay. I promise.” At that she stripped down and let me hoist her up and oil her down. I took my time massaging the oil into her legs and feet and arms and hands and of course spent an inordinate amount of time on her chest. I told her to close her eyes and I went ahead and did her face as well, running the tip of my finger around the contours of her nose and mouth and chin and such, then flipped her over and did her back and ass. Flipping her onto her back again, I spent another few moments making sure her breasts were well oiled.

She snorted. “I think you did those already.”

“But I just wanted to be sure. I can’t have these gorgeous things getting sunburned.”

She laughed. “Yeah right. I’m the least likely to burn out here you know.”

I smirked. “I know. But I enjoyed oiling you down anyway.” I set her back down and as she found her own spot to lay out, Becky came up to me.

“Umm … any chance you have some regular sunscreen?”

“Yeah. I was going to use it on myself.”

“Oh good. I don’t think that oil’s going to be enough for me out here.”

She stripped and let me lift her up and she stretched out in my left hand. I picked up the spray first and sprayed off to the side, to gauge how this would work.

“I think I might be spraying you head to toe all at once. You should close your eyes.” She did and I took a moment just to admire her before holding the can back and quickly spraying her head to toe, then taking a moment (of course) to rub it in. I gently turned her over in my hand, nudged her hair out of the way with my finger, and then sprayed her back and bottom thoroughly before setting her down and letting her find a spot to lay out.

Finally, Melanie was ready. She smirked at me before dropping her swimsuit. “Can you spray me too?”

“Of course.” I lifted her up and sprayed her in my hand, both front and back, and took a moment to rub it in around her breasts (obviously this wasn’t needed, but I enjoyed it anyway).

Once they were all settled in and soaking up the sun, I went back inside to wash my hands, grab the first lab notebook and my laptop, and head back out. I sat mostly in the shade and settled in to start going through the notebook and taking my own notes, occasionally taking breaks to gaze at my five beauties and apply extra oil or sunscreen with my finger on request.

Knowing I might have to return all of these notebooks by Monday, I wanted to make sure I got through everything – and if time permitted, I’d try to scan the pages as well. I went page by page, jotting notes on my laptop. Once these ‘scientists’ had discovered the properties of this extraterrestrial element and merged that with the work they were already doing in three-dimensional translocation (essentially trying to figure out how to move an object from one location to another using a laser beam), they had re-directed their research entirely towards their new discovery that they could shrink objects. The first notebook outlined their trial and error with the laser and the first tests on inanimate items around the lab, followed by testing on small animals. I actually wondered if those small animals were still in the lab somewhere – in cages – or if they just killed the animals after their experiments. Knowing how ruthless that Bob was, I could believe either scenario.

The end of the first notebook included plans for an initial human experiment. Out of curiosity, I flipped open the first ledger and found entries around those dates, including some big numbers. Interesting, but there wasn’t any clear link between those dates and what was in the lab notebooks at that time. I kept going.

The second notebook started out detailing the plans for Cindy, who I suspected was the first person shrunk just based on their nomenclature; I remembered in the third notebook how they referred to Melanie as subject 2. There was nothing in the notebook that listed a name, but the description and dimensions appeared right.


She perked up and then when she saw me looking at her, she sat up. Which was kinda cute, being all naked and shiny from the tanning oil.

“Have a question for you.”

Her eyebrows rose for a moment, but she said “Shoot” as she crawled towards me.

“Okay. Do you remember your dimensions from before you were … shrunk?” She gave me a funny look. “I mean like … let’s start with your height and weight”

She snorted. “You know you’re never supposed to ask a girl how much she weighs.”

“I know. But this is serious. And besides … it’s not like you weren’t slim and petite before they shrunk you. What were you, like 95 pounds?”

She laughed. “Fine. Five-six and 110.” She looked over my shoulder as I entered that into my notes. “What’s that?”

I looked back up from my laptop. “I’m looking at the notes from when they shrunk you. You know they were planning it for a while. To use you not just as a guinea pig but to blackmail Andrew. But the experiment itself is all described in here. Just like it was for Melanie in the notebook I snatched during our break-in.”

“Break-OUT” I heard Melanie correct me. We both turned to look at her. “We were both trapped and you broke us OUT. I was there.”

“True. But … Cindy. They have this all laid out here, not only the planning, but the experiments.”

Her eyes got round. “Experiments?”

I nodded. “Yeah. Pretty much the same things they did to Melanie. You know she was out for three days … but I only had that one notebook and some pieces were incomplete, so it wasn’t until Maria that I figured out they were drugging her to keep her under. They did something like that to you also. And … umm, lift up your left leg for a sec.” She did and I held her ankle between my finger and thumb and examined her for a moment. “Yep. Can barely see it. They took a blood sample from your foot and a tiny biopsy from your leg.” Her eyes were wide as saucers now. “Holy crap.”


“The timing on all this … hell … I thought there was a much longer gap between you and Melanie … but it was less than two weeks. Damn. Melanie?” She was just staring at me for a moment. “You told me about those first three days in the lab … on Level 7 … before they lured you to the back lab and shrunk you … “ She nodded. Both she and Cindy were just staring at me. The others had sat up and started listening too. “I remember you told me how strange it was that those samples you were working on were so tiny.” She nodded again. “I think some of those samples you were analyzing … some of those were what they took from Cindy.”

They both gasped.

I continued, “I’m guessing Becky’s information will be in one of these notebooks too.”

Becky’s eyes got wide now.

“I’m going to keep going through all of these … I need to get everything I can out of these notebooks before they have to go back.”

I dove back into the second notebook, jotting down my own notes in the laptop. I started to feel like maybe I shouldn’t have told them all this just now, the girls were relaxing and enjoying themselves and now I put a damper on things. But I just wanted to be straight with them, keep them in the loop on what was going on.

About 20 minutes later, I saw Cindy had crawled back over near the edge of the table closest to me, and was glancing over my shoulder as best she could. I acknowledged her with a nod. She said softly, “I … appreciate you telling me all that and … not hiding it. Some of that is hard to hear, but I know it’s in the past now. It’s … not just that you stick up for us and take care of us, but you tell us the truth. It’s things like that … that … “

I lifted my hand and stroked her back with my finger. “I understand. It’s okay.”

She just sighed and leaned into my thumb as I stroked her back for a few minutes.

I added, “We’re going to all get through this together, alright? They can’t do anything like that to you or anyone else ever again.”

She whispered, “Thank you. For everything.”


By late afternoon, between a couple more trips inside to refill beverages and frequent pauses to liberally reapply oil or sunscreen, I managed to get through the rest of the second notebook, skim through the third again, and finish the fourth, which as we suspected, included Becky’s shrinking and the experiments they performed on her. Similar to the others, they’d kept her knocked out – this time was shorter though, closer to a day - while they ran tests and extracted tiny samples. Then I assume she was smuggled out of the lab and back to the bunker underneath the mansion. Obviously it would be pretty easy to smuggle out someone at that size, but much harder to smuggle someone in. Melanie was already working there – and they used the ‘lab accident’ story to cover in-case anyone asked. Maria was unplanned, having been subdued when she went to go help Melanie. Cindy, I suspected had gone downtown to see her husband and was probably abducted before she left the building. Becky’s situation wasn’t as clear, I knew that Andrew didn’t realize right away that she was shrunk since she was supposed to be on her way back to college at the time and probably just stopped in during a long weekend.

I hadn’t come across any documentation of other victims yet, but some of the last entries in notebook 4 involved plans for further human testing. So the next notebook would be telling.

It was time to go back in. Somehow none of the girls sunburned. That was a minor miracle in itself, given how long they’d all been inside – months for some of them. I did spend a lot of time reapplying oil and sunscreen, and of course enjoyed it, otherwise I’d probably be long past the 4th notebook by now. The girls were starting to look a little healthier, less pale, and I figured they’d want to do this more often. It’s unhealthy to stay cooped up for weeks or months indoors like they’d been.

As much time as my fingers had spent rubbing all over their bodies all afternoon, the girls didn’t object to letting me assist in getting dressed. My big fingers made it a challenge to tie back the tops, but I was happy to hold out the bottoms for them to step into. And yes I continued to ogle. Once they were all dressed and climbed into the basket, I brought them back in and straight to the bathroom to freshen up, while I went back outside to collect the towel and tiny cups and the tanning supplies and the notebooks. I’d been careful to keep the oil off the pages, but I couldn’t guarantee there wasn’t a smudge here or there. Hopefully Sarge wouldn’t have a fit when I returned them.

Back in the house, I reviewed my notes and worked on a spreadsheet, where I could plug in the before and after measurements for the girls – and compare what was in the notebooks for Melanie, Cindy and Becky to the measurements I was going to take today.

Digging through the office closet, I was hoping I’d find my electronic scale, but then remembered it had been smashed and was probably in the mess of items that got tossed … along with my scanner. Checking the time – it was getting close to dinner time but I thought I could make a quick run and I knew exactly what I needed – I grabbed my wallet and keys and threw on my sneakers. Heading to the bathroom, I knocked on the door frame first and alerted them that I needed to run to the store, but I’d be back in less than an hour, and to keep close to the panic room just in-case. I was hoping all the culprits were apprehended, but I wasn’t certain – I don’t think anyone was yet.


Almost an hour later, I returned with a new off-the-shelf multi-function printer/scanner and a small electronic scale. At that point I went ahead and fixed dinner, expecting that tomorrow morning I’d go ahead and set up the scanner, begin scanning those notebooks and then dig into the two that remained – the two that accounted for activities in the lab after Cindy, Melanie and Becky had all been shrunk. It was in these last two notebooks that I hoped to find clues to whether they had abducted anyone else – and tie that in to the ledger for clues to where they might have disappeared to. If anyone else was out there, this was our only chance to find them.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Tue Aug 29, 2023 2:54 pm

Why do I get the feeling he'll find reference to more victims?
Welcome back, I've been hoping you'd continue the narrative...

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Melanie's Story Part 55 - Family Night

Post by Rocket » Sun Sep 24, 2023 1:39 am

I took a moment and just sat there on the bed. Cindy and Becky both sat where I’d placed them in the middle of my bed, looking at me, waiting to see what was going to happen.

Cindy spoke up. “I wondered how quickly you would choose both of us for the night.” She smirked.

I grinned back at her. “You know I was pretty tempted to do it yesterday, after … all that talk about how you would do … whatever I say.”

She snorted. “I did say that, didn’t I. Alright then. We’re all yours for tonight, you tell us what you want us to do for you.”

Becky grinned. “I know you’ve been looking at me all day, now you’ve got me. So what do you want to do with me?”

Before speaking, I stood up and dropped my shorts and pulled my shirt off. Then I looked at them both. “Okay, I suppose first you should both stand up.” I gave them a moment to stand. I reached a hand out to Cindy and lifted her up and took a moment to admire her, laying back in my hand. “Okay, take off your swimsuit.” I watched as she lifted her legs up to push the bottoms off and then sat up to undo the strap on her top. I set them aside and then began to trace my fingers around, exploring her naked skin. I whispered, “You know, you’re the only one I’ve never fucked with my finger before. I think that’s going to change tonight.” She shuddered for a moment. I added, “Now if you’re not comfortable with something, say so, okay? That goes for both of you. I don’t want to force you to do something you’re uncomfortable with.”

Cindy snorted. “If I was uncomfortable letting you do this, I wouldn’t have suggested it. But I do appreciate that.”

I reached out for Becky with my other hand and lifted her up. “Okay Becky, strip for me.” I watched as she removed her swimsuit and I let the tiny clothes fall to the bed. I stroked her with my thumb and lifted her up to kiss and lick her chest.

Then I brought them both up to my lips together, bringing all four breasts up to my lips. I wrapped my lips around all four of them and then teased them with the tip of my tongue. I pulled them back just barely and whispered, “Kiss me” as I brought their faces up to my lips. I felt both of their tiny tongues against my lip, but just barely.

Then I brought my hands together. “You probably know what’s coming next.” Cindy snorted. “Kiss each other.” They both looked at me for a moment and smirked, but then Cindy turned to Becky and kissed her on the lips. I watched them for a good minute, just softly kissing each other. Then I added, “Cindy, I want you to fondle Becky’s breasts while you kiss her hard.” I felt the intensity pick up a little, as Cindy got more into the kissing and petting. I let that go on for a minute as well. “Cindy, now touch Becky between her legs. Stroke her there.”

Then after I enjoyed watching that for a minute, my mind was racing with ideas. Horny ideas. I said, “Cindy, I want you to go down on Becky. Make her cum. And Becky, while she’s doing that, fondle your own breasts and tease your nipples.” I watched Cindy get into position, bending over, her tush up in the air as she knelt down between Becky’s legs. I held my hands up close to my face as Cindy held onto Becky’s thighs and began lapping at her snatch.

I waited until I heard the first faint groan from Becky before I interjected, “Becky, when you start to get close, start saying ‘Mommy make me cum’”

Her eyes got big for a moment when she realized what I just asked her to do. She blurted, “Seriously? No way.”

I snorted. “Alright. That would have been really hot, but I won’t force you. I might ask you to make it up to me later though.”

She smirked. “Okay. That’s fair.”

Cindy turned and glanced up at me, a grin on her face. “Don’t worry, I gotcha covered.”

I didn’t quite know what she meant, but I watched her work at Becky’s cunt, taking tentative licks as she traced the perimeter of Becky’s cunt and then sucked one of Becky’s folds into her mouth. I added, “You can use your fingers too if you want.”

I watched the two of them in my hands for a couple minutes, Becky laying back and rubbing her breasts while Cindy bent over and licked and stroked between Becky’s legs. Times like this I really wished I had a free hand. Lacking that, I did hold my hands close to my face, both to watch them close-up and to kiss or lick if I felt like it. I did run the tip of my tongue across Becky’s abdomen and then up between her breasts. Turning my hand slightly, I looked at Cindy’s ass. It was sticking up in the air, tempting me. I wrapped my lips around her bottom and slid my tongue along her crack and between her legs, teasing her there for a minute until I heard a moan, though I wasn’t sure who moaned. Or maybe they both did.

Pulling back just enough to get a good view of both of them, I just watched for a bit while Cindy continued to work Becky’s cunt. “Becky, spread your legs as far as you can and keep fondling your breasts until you cum.”

A few moments later I heard more moans from Becky. I suspected I’d made Cindy moan earlier. I’d be making her moan again soon anyway. As Becky got into it, starting to breathe erratically and just slightly shake her hips as she moaned, Cindy broke off her kissing for a moment, her fingers still sliding up and down Becky’s folds. Then she dove a couple fingers deep into her, eliciting a groan and a hip thrust from Becky, as she started saying softly, “Cum for me Becky. Cum for Mommy.” She glanced back at me for just a moment, a grin on her face, and then continued, “Cum for Mommy” as she pumped her fingers in and out. Becky only lasted a few moments longer before she finally came, moaning and shaking as Cindy continued to say “Cum for Mommy, Becky cum for your Mommy” the whole time.

As soon as Cindy broke off from Becky’s cunt, I started to separate them, just enough so I could bring Becky up to my lips and taste her. Then I asked, “Becky, climb onto Cindy and kiss her again hard on the lips.”

She smirked at me and then climbed out of my right hand, as Cindy lay back in my left hand to give her room. Becky’s knees straddled Cindy as she bent down and locked lips with her.

With my left hand free, I stroked both of them with my finger for a few moments as they kissed. Then I wrapped my fingers around Becky and lifted her up off Cindy.

“Alright.” I looked at Cindy. “You and I are going to have some personal time.” I gently lay Becky down, draping her over my right thigh. Then I brought my finger up to Cindy and brushed her hair and her cheek. “Lay back and stretch out.” She lay back in my left hand, her head against my fingertip, her little tush in my palm and her legs draped over my wrist. I traced her features with the tip of my finger, gently stroking her breasts until her nipples started to respond. I traced over her arms and legs, lifting each leg and placing each tiny foot in my mouth, tickling her tiny toes with the tip of my tongue. Then I brought my fingertip up along the inside of her leg until I stopped at her mound. She let out a little gasp when I touched it. I gently ran my fingertip around it and then up and down her slit, until I felt her shudder.

“Cindy, tell me that you want me to fuck you.”

She smirked at me. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Tell me you want to feel my finger deep inside.”

“I want to feel your finger deep inside of me. I want your finger in my pussy.”

“Okay. Tell me you want to make love to my finger.”

She arched her eyebrows but went along with it. “I want to make love to your finger.”

“Say you want to be ravished by my finger.”

“I want your finger to ravish me. Ravish my body with your finger.”

I whispered, “Okay.” I held my little finger up to her face, touching it to her lips. Without my even telling her, she kissed it. I ran it down her chest, around her little breasts, and then down her stomach and back to her mound. Then I took one of her legs and lifted it up and back, hooking a finger around it to hold it in place. I moved her other leg out to the side, enough that her pussy started to just slightly gape open on its own, a glint of moisture already shimmering from her pussy lips betraying her excitement.

The first time my finger brushed the space between her pussy lips, she gasped. I ran the tip of my finger up and down it several times, until I could feel more moisture building. I whispered “Cindy, fondle your breasts for me.” As she did, reaching her hand up to cup a breast and knead it between her own tiny fingers, I brought my finger up to my lips, tasting her juices and whetting it further, and then went back to stroking around her tiny entrance. It wasn’t long before there was enough moisture to slick my little finger, and I began to penetrate her tiny canal for the first time. She gasped and bucked her hips and her eyes went wide. I paused barely a quarter inch inside of her and just looked at her, naked and vulnerable and trembling in my hand.

She looked up at me, an almost pleading look in her eyes, and with a shaky breath whispered, “Please … don’t stop.”

“Okay” I said nonchalantly as I wiggled my little finger just slightly, causing her to suck in a breath. Then I slowly went deeper, until my first knuckle was inside her. She was already starting to writhe in my hand, and I suspected my little finger was far bigger than anything she’d ever felt before in her life. It still amazed – and sometimes amused - me that I could sit here casually and the slightest movement of my little finger could set any one of them off into the throes of ecstasy. I started to enter her a little more, and I felt her tiny vaginal muscles tighten against my little finger. Once I was in to the second knuckle, I decided I shouldn’t go any further. I was stretching her a little already. A few very gentle thrusts of my finger and she was bucking her hips and breathing erratically. She was right on the cusp of her climax.

On a whim, I lowered Cindy to my thigh and asked, “Becky, Cindy is about to cum. I want you to kiss her. Hard.”

Becky looked up at me and over to Cindy, and her eyes got wide at seeing Cindy on the verge of orgasm, trembling in my hand, my finger deep inside her. I held Cindy in a position where Becky could access her and watched as Becky crawled on hands and knees across my thigh. She pulled her hair back as she bent her head down to lock lips with Cindy. I paused my little finger for a moment, trying to draw out her climax just a little longer while I watched Becky kissing Cindy.

Then I whispered “Okay” and as Becky broke her lip lock, I lifted Cindy back up in front of my face and whispered, “Cindy, it’s time for you to cum.” Then I began to wiggle my little finger inside of her, and she began writhing again in my hand, moaning as she approached the biggest climax of her life. And here I hadn’t even broken a sweat. I could feel her tiny muscles pushing wildly but futilely against my little finger, as she exploded and collapsed, sprawled across my hand.

It took a few moments for her to even open her eyes, but when she did she looked up at me with awe. It took longer for her to speak. With a shaky voice, she whispered, “Wow. I … had no idea it … could be like that. Or … I’d … have let you do that … the day we met.”

I grinned at her. “So you liked it?” She nodded her head. “Would you like to go again?”

Her eyes got wide. “Again?”

Not giving her a chance to protest, I began to gently wiggle my finger, which was still deep inside her. She gasped and in moments was already writhing in my hand and breathing erratically. I said, “I want to see you cum again for me. Try to look at me as long as you can while I make you cum.”

She gasped again, and struggled to keep her eyes open, but she looked me in the eyes, a look of almost devotion, almost love, as a few small movements of my little finger brought her to a second big climax.

As she collapsed in my hand, breathing heavily, I slowly began to withdraw my finger. I took my time, knowing she was stretched and might be a little sore afterwards. I held her up over my mouth before my finger was out completely, suspecting that her juices were trapped inside her by my finger. Sure enough, as soon as it was out, a little stream of nectar came out of her. I let it drip onto the tip of my tongue. Then I licked up the rest of her cum from her swollen pussy before darting my tongue just a little lower and licking her ass, running the tip up and down her there.

She smirked. “You’re … licking my ass?”

I withdrew my tongue just long enough to say, “Sure, why not?”

She snorted. “You can do that. It’s just … nobody’s ever done that to me before. Though … nobody’s ever … taken me that high before either.”

“See what you’ve been missing?”

“Yeah. Now I wish I hadn’t said no before.”

“You know we can do this whenever you want, just come and find me”

She just looked at me for a moment. “Really? I … would like that. A lot. I’m … tempted to say you can take me whenever you want to. Actually … yes. If I’d known it would be like that, I’d have thrown myself at you the first day. I’m … giving you permission to take me. Whenever you want to. Really. But right now … being as you’re licking my ass and all … would you like me to lick yours?”

My eyebrows shot up. “Oh? You’d want to do that?”

She snorted again. “You know this is supposed to be your fantasy, I said I’d do whatever you want me to. If you want me to lick you down there just say so.”

Now I just looked at her for a moment, contemplating. “Alright. I have an idea.” I looked down to my thigh. “Becky?” She looked up at me. “Okay, here’s what’s going to happen. Becky, do you remember when I put you down inside my briefs and you made love to me down there?” She nodded. “I want you to do the same thing now. While Cindy, I’m going to lay back and spread my legs so you can get back there. You can kiss and lick and caress with your hands while Becky tries to make me cum.”

Cindy looked up at me for just a moment. “Okay. Now I’ve never done this before, so if you want me to change what I’m doing just say so.”

“Okay.” At that I lowered Cindy to the bed between my legs, and then lay back on the pillow, put my legs up, and reached back to give Cindy as much access as I could. Then I just closed my eyes and relaxed and let them do the work this time. I could feel Becky crawl up my thigh and reach out to touch my shaft, which was at about half mast. She knelt before it and began to stroke the sides with her hands, before wrapping her arms around it and pressing her chest against it. At the same time, I felt Cindy’s tiny hand touching tentatively down below.

A few moments later, I felt Cindy’s tongue down there, just barely at first, but then she got a little bolder and began to lick harder, all around my rim. At the same time, Becky began planting tiny kisses all over my shaft. I relaxed and let them both go about their ministrations for a couple minutes, at which time my shaft was close to full mast, and Becky had to stand up to reach the tip. As she planted her first kisses on the head and licked the tip, I whispered, “Cindy, you can go in if you like.”

I heard a little yelp of surprise from her, but she didn’t ask any questions. I was content to let her figure it out. Just as Becky’s tongue entered my tip for the first time, I felt Cindy’s tiny hand pressed against my back entrance, her fingers just barely entering me.

I gently clenched my muscle down there for just a moment and heard an “Oh” and then a moment later, I felt her tiny hand work its way inside. After a few moments, I heard, “Umm … how much of me do you want … in there?”

I smirked, realizing she was giving me quite an opening here. I wondered if she realized it too. If not, she’d realize it pretty soon. I reached down there with both hands, gently taking hold of her with my right hand, my fingers wrapping around her torso. She put up no resistance as I turned her until her feet pointed towards my back door. With my left hand I ran a finger over my tip to gather more precum, then smeared it over her feet and guided her in, first her toes, then her ankles. She yelped in surprise as I worked her in a little further, and turned her so that she could reach down to steady herself. I noticed Becky had stopped and was just watching this with a mix of fear and fascination. I said, “Cindy, I got you started. Let me know if you need help going any deeper.”

She yelped again. “Deeper?”

I grinned, though neither of them could see my face from their vantage point. “… and when you’re in deeper, feel free to kick your legs like you’re swimming. While … Becky finishes what she’s doing.”

I heard an “Oh” that sounded like Becky as I felt her return to rubbing my shaft. As she worked on that, I felt Cindy actually trying to wiggle herself in deeper, until I was pretty sure she was in up to her knees. As she squirmed around down there, half her body wedged in my ass, I tried to keep my sphincter muscle from squeezing her, while Becky renewed her kisses on the head of my shaft, her tiny tongue diving inside my tip. I was rock hard at this point and knew I was going to explode soon. I just lay back and let the two of them do all the work, though I did warn them with “Get ready” shortly before I erupted right into Becky’s face and down her body, with cum trickling down and covering the half of Cindy that stuck out between my cheeks.

After I just lay back and enjoyed the sensations for a few moments, I reached down and caught Becky’s slick body in my left hand, her body covered in semen. As I slid my thumb over her slippery chest, she struggled to burble out, “How was I?”

I smirked. “You were great. Now how about you help pull Cindy free?” Her eyes got wide again as I lowered her down between my legs. I lay back and let the two of them figure that out. I still couldn’t believe Cindy went for that. I could feel her legs kicking and her knees bending as she tried to squirm her way out, with Becky’s help. Definitely a … unique experience. Not something I was going to force on any of the others though. But Cindy was a good sport.

Once they were out, I got up briefly to grab a towel, wetting a corner of it in the bathroom sink. I quickly cleaned myself off down there and then gently cleaned off Cindy first, wiping her off from head to toe and then blotting her dry, and then doing the same with Becky. I gave them a couple of minutes to stretch out in the middle of the bed, as I climbed back in and just gazed at them, tracing their features lazily with my finger.

Then I whispered, “Are you ready?”

They both perked up and looked at me. Cindy chirped, “What do you have in mind?”

I grinned. “Okay. This time, Cindy, I’d like you to try to get me off. While Becky … “ Her eyes got wide as saucers – again – probably suspecting I was going to stick her ‘back there’ – though I had something else in mind. “… I want you to take a couple minutes to show Cindy what you were doing earlier – and what you did back when you were in my shorts.” She calmed down a little and nodded. “Then when you’re done – I’ll tell you what to do next. But no, I won’t ask you to go … back there.”

At that I lay back and got myself comfortable, propping my head up on the pillows, before I reached for Cindy first, and then Becky, placing them on my stomach. I watched the two of them crawl on all fours towards my crotch, and then watched with some amusement as Becky explained and demonstrated some of the moves she made, such as caressing my balls, pressing her breasts against my shaft, and of course kissing the tip.

Before they finished, I cleared my throat to get their attention, and then said, “How about both of you kiss my head at the same time.” I watched as they each bent down and kissed a side of my head. Then I added, “Okay, now embrace and kiss each other.” I was still amazed that they agreed to do whatever I asked. Or almost whatever I asked. I watched them both on their knees, as they wrapped their arms around each other and locked lips, while hovering over my semi-rigid shaft. Yes I’d seen all of them naked so often that the sight of that alone wasn’t enough to give me a hard-on – not like that first day when Melanie dropped her little towel and let me take her for the first time. I still got shivers thinking of that. The day when all of this started, though I’d never imagined what all would transpire in the weeks after.

Snorting to myself that I was drifting off on thought while two sexy women were kneeling in my crotch and kissing each other – a sight that would drive a lot of guys crazy all in itself – I just stopped and watched them for a little longer before I interrupted them.

“Okay.” They broke off their kiss and turned to me. “Cindy, do you think you have an idea what to do?”

She nodded. “I’m gonna make you cum hard.” Then she grinned.

I smirked. “Confident, are we?” She snorted. “Okay. Well I’m confident you can do it.” She beamed at me. “And Becky?”

She looked up at me, a little nervous about what I might ask her to do.

“Once she gets started, I want you to climb up my chest. I’ll tell you what to do next once you get up here.”

So at that, once Cindy straddled my shaft and plunked her little ass down at the base, Becky turned and began to shimmy on all fours, slowly up my stomach and chest. When she got high enough, I whispered to her, “Becky, suck on my pecs please?” She gave me an amused look for a moment and then got in a comfortable position and bent her head down, kissing my right pec and then wrapping her little lips around the nip. As I felt her start to suck and nibble, I reached my hand around to stroke her back and her little bottom.

Meantime I could feel Cindy’s hands rubbing up and down my shaft, then she pressed her chest against it, her tiny boobs stroking the side as she moved her body, one of her feet tangled up in my balls. I let them both continue for a couple minutes, just closing my eyes and enjoying the sensations. Each time Becky bit down on my nip, her teeth were too tiny to hurt but it was enough to trigger a sensation that traveled right to my groin.

I mumbled, “Becky, why don’t you mount that for me?” She broke her lips away and glanced up at me, a quizzical look on her face. She wasn’t sure what I meant.

“Do you mean … “

I smirked. “Here, let me help.” I lifted her up just off my chest, with my finger and thumb around her waist. “Bend your knees and spread your legs for me.” She did and I lowered her back to my chest. Then I lowered her onto the nip, brushing her cunt against it until she figured out what I meant. She reached down between her legs with one hand to part her lips, so that it could slip between. It was much much smaller than my finger, probably closer in size to her own thumb. As she sat their mounted atop it, I mused to myself that I would enjoy watching her mount a full size woman’s breast and hard nipple one of these days, and wondered if I could get one of them to try that once I resolved how to restore them. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be restoring all of them at once anyway.

In the meantime, while I felt Cindy working her way up and down my shaft, which was now rigid, I realized having Becky ‘hump’ my pec was more amusing than arousing. I’d definitely need to talk them into that whole mounting a full size breast idea in the future. But for now, I could enjoy Becky more in other ways.

“Becky, how about you come up closer?”

She brought herself back up onto her hands and knees, and then rose up on her knees and looked at me. “What do you want me to do?” As I thought for a moment, she snorted softly and added, “You know I’ll do whatever you ask … okay, almost. But you gotta tell me.”

“Okay. I would enjoy it if you climbed up here on my face, rub your tits and pussy all over me. Grind your pussy on my nose.”

She snorted a little louder. “Okay. I guess that’s one way of saying you like a naked girl climbing all over you.”

I smirked. “Well, this one in particular … “

She grinned and then crawled closer and used my chin for support to stand up, and then began rubbing her chest along my chin and then my cheeks. She giggled. “That tickles. You should shave right before you have me do this, you know.”

I snorted. It did feel nice, as she rubbed her little tits and tummy against my cheeks. Then she climbed up, using my lip as a step, and sat down on my nose. Her little feet were hooked into the corners of my lips for support as she pressed her pussy against my nose. She leaned forward, mashing her tits against my forehead as she rubbed herself against my nose. I felt just the slightest hint of lubrication there as she indulged my crazy requests. I felt Cindy’s lips pressed against the tip of my penis, as she tried to drive her tongue into the hole, and I let out a groan. Then I mumbled, “You can slide down and sit on my mouth.”

At that she slid off my nose and I got a whiff of her arousal as she worked her way down from my nose to my lips. I parted my lips slightly and she worked herself into the gap, her legs straddling my cheeks. She held my nose for support as I began to probe her with the tip of my tongue. She purred as I ran my tongue over her slit. I decided to get her off quickly because I had one more task for her, so I began working between her legs with my tongue, dancing over her clit and caressing her lips as they parted for me. It didn’t take long for her to start moaning and I felt her hold on tighter as I brought her closer to orgasm. A few more strokes and I took her over the edge, and I was rewarded with her juices dribbling onto my tongue.

Waiting a few moments for her breathing to steady, I reached up with my hand and gently lifted her up out of my mouth. I held her over me for a moment, planted a few kisses on her flushed skin, and then whispered, “Go help Cindy finish up.” She turned and looked south and saw Cindy working the tip of my now rock hard shaft. I set her down on my stomach and she crawled over to assist. I propped my head up a little more so I could watch them better.

As Becky climbed over next to Cindy, I first just watched them for a minute to see what they would do. Cindy acted a little surprised to see Becky joining her, but there was room, as Cindy lay on her side, her legs draped over my thigh and her arms wrapped around the head of my shaft as she rubbed it and kissed it. Becky cuddled up to the other side of my shaft and began to stroke her hands along the length. I could tell Becky, despite being easily the youngest of all of them, had more experience pleasuring a penis than Cindy had.

After a few strokes from Becky, I said, “Make out while you’re doing that. Pretend it’s a threesome.” I snorted to myself at the idea, but they weren’t much taller than my shaft now that it was at full mast. I watched Cindy look up just as Becky was lunging forward and she caught Cindy in a lip lock, both their bodies pressed against my shaft. Becky began rubbing the head with one hand while she wrapped the other around Cindy and reached for her ass. Cindy got the idea and did the same thing, rubbing her breasts against my shaft while she kissed Becky back. I enjoyed feeling them writhe and wiggle their bodies against me as much as I enjoyed watching them try to make out with each other around it. Soon the stimulation was enough and I alerted them that I was about to erupt, though I suspected they could already tell, feeling the pulsing tremors as their bodies pressed against my flesh. At the last moment, Becky scrambled towards the head, pulling Cindy along with her, and the first gush of hot semen splashed against their chests. Within moments they were both covered from neck to knee.

Once I was spent, I reached down and wrapped one hand around both of their waists and lifted the pair of them up so I could see them better. Semen was splattered on their chins, down their chests and some of it dribbled over onto my hand as I held them. They both just smirked at me.

I smirked back. “That was a great job, both of you.” Cindy snorted. “Before I get you cleaned up, can I see a little more kissing?”

As they turned to face each other, I heard Cindy mumble, “Surprised he didn’t ask us to mud-wrestle.” I snorted to myself. Maybe one of these days. I watched them kiss softly, tentatively a few times, and then lock lips for a longer, deeper kiss, as I held them. With my other hand I traced a finger over their exposed shoulders and backs and hips while they kissed.

After indulging myself watching them kiss for several minutes – they were kind enough to keep going, despite probably wondering when I was going to tell them to stop – I swung my legs to the floor and got up, heading towards the bathroom. They broke off their kiss once they noticed they were moving, though their bodies were still snug together in my left hand. I noticed the other girls hanging out in the den out of the corner of my eye, Maria glancing our way and smirking. Typical. Of course I was buck naked, but at least she had the wherewithal to resist her urge to whistle or cat-call as I carried Becky and Cindy into the bathroom. I closed the door and lowered them down to the sink bowl, loosening my grip so they could separate and stand up.

I turned the water on, first as a trickle until I felt it warm up, and then turned it up more, as I closed the drain – careful not to catch any tiny toes (the girls were all used to dealing with the drain and knew not to stand too close when it was open) and let the sink fill a few inches. “How about you wash each other?” I said as I lifted the soap bottle over their heads. They stood as I squirted soap over their shoulders and backs and then I knelt down to watch them at eye level as they began to soap each other up. They put on a little show as they soaped up and splashed in the water. I mostly left them alone, just occasionally reaching out to fondle a tush. I used a corner of a towel to clean myself off while they washed.

Once they were about done, I reached out my hand to Becky, saying, “Let’s check you out and see if Cindy did a good job.” They both smirked. I wrapped my fingers around Becky and lifted her up, as she lay back in my hand. I traced my finger over her face, eliciting a giggle, and then over and around her little breasts, brushing her tiny nipples. I slid my finger lower, parting her legs with my thumb as I touched the tip of my finger to her labia. She gasped and then as she realized I might be about to fuck her again, she began to nibble her lower lip in anticipation. Not to disappoint, I stroked her little mound with my little finger. It didn’t take long for me to feel a hint of slickness that had nothing to do with the bath water.

Before I went further, I said, “Becky, tell me you love me.”

She smirked. “I love you.”

“Tell me you want to feel my finger inside you.”

“I want to feel your finger inside me.” Then before I could give her another instruction, she blurted, “Fill me up with your finger.”

“Please?” I smirked.

She nibbled on her lower lip again, the anticipation gnawing at her. “Please!”

She lifted her legs up and wrapped her arms around her knees. Her tiny lips parted slightly. As soon as I touched her there, she shouted “YES!”

“Beg me?”

Her eyes got wide. “Please! Please shove your finger inside me! I want to feel you SO BAD! I can’t wait! Please!”

I calmly whispered, “Okay” as I nudged the tip of my finger, her lips parting and wrapping around it. She was already a little wet there, so my finger slid inside her with little resistance, and it didn’t take long to work my way in to the second knuckle, at which point I knew I could make her cum whenever I wanted to – and she knew it too. As I looked her over, her gorgeous little body in my hand, her breathing irregular, her tiny heart pounding. She gulped. She knew I was fully in charge and she was just waiting for the moment when I would decide to drive her over the edge. She looked up at me, her eyes pleading with me. I lifted her up and kissed her. Then a few movements of my little finger – her body responding in kind by thrusting against it – and I was rewarded with moans and whimpering. A final twist of my finger and she exploded in my hand.

For a few moments I just enjoyed watching her come down from her peak and collapse in my hand. I slowly worked my finger out of her, trying not to cause her pain, and as the tip of my finger slid past her puffy little lips, I quickly lifted her to my mouth to catch her sweet nectar on my tongue. I kissed her softly several times as I licked up the last of her juices. As I did, I heard her whisper, “I really do love you” so faintly it was barely audible, but this close to my face I could still hear it. I recalled Melanie telling me how she thought all the others were starting to feel that way about me, and I’d told her not to worry. Though I supposed this could get a little complicated once I had the ability to restore them. Something to deal with in the future, I supposed. We sure weren’t there yet.

I gently set her back down into the bath water and then turned to Cindy. I asked her, “Are you up for one more round before bed?”

She smirked. “I’d love that, but you know this is supposed to be your fantasy. Just tell me what you want me to do and you know I’ll do it.” She paused for a moment and then added, “I do hope you’re enjoying yourself. Um, master.” She smirked again.

I grinned. “I am. You know what I’d really enjoy right now? Aside from you calling me master?”

She snorted. “What’s that, master?”

“Seeing the two of you kiss. You know that’s one of the highlights of my evening.”

Becky snorted too. Then the two of them gave me a mock bow and said almost in unison, “Yes, master.” They were both smirking so much that for a moment they had trouble locking lips, but they managed, and I just knelt there for a minute watching them kiss each other.

Then I reached out and wrapped my finger and thumb around Cindy’s waist. “Alright Cindy, I’d like to make you cum once more before we go to bed.”

Cindy broke off her lip-lock with Becky and turned to look at me. “As you wish, master.” Becky giggled at that.

At first, I just lifted her a few inches, just barely out of the water. “Cindy, spread your legs.”

“Yes master.”

I held her in front of Becky. “Becky, help me get Cindy warmed up. Lick and kiss her cunt for me.”

Becky snorted. “Yes master. Though I think she’s already warmed up.” Then she bent her head toward Cindy’s mound and began to kiss her there. I watched her for a minute, and in the meantime I reached my other hand around and shifted Cindy’s legs so that they wrapped around Becky’s shoulders. I ran my finger down Becky’s back, along her crack and down between her legs, brushing her still-sensitive clit. She gasped, the sound muffled a bit between Cindy’s legs.

Then I lifted Cindy up and draped her across my palm. I gazed at her for a moment and she gazed right back at me.

I said softly, “Hold yourself open for me.”

“Yes, master” she replied, as she reached down between her spread legs, fingering her own folds with her tiny hands and stretching them apart. I held her close and gazed at her gaping canal, and then I licked her there, the tip of my tongue lingering against her opening. I felt her squirm and pant as I tasted her.

Then I pulled back just enough to touch her there with my little finger. I stroked her there a few times and whispered, “Would you like to feel my finger inside you?” I smirked.

Cindy, already starting to breathe irregularly, her tiny heart pumping in anticipation, couldn’t smirk back. She replied, “Yes … master. I want … to feel your … finger inside me. Please … put your finger … inside me, master … and … make me cum for you.”

“Damn. That was hot. Did you … “ I didn’t even bother finishing my question. She was nodding vigorously. She wanted me to finish her off. Now. I was happy to oblige. I began to slide my little finger past her trembling lips and into her already-slick canal. She gasped and bucked her hips in response, pushing herself against my finger, as if willing it to go deeper. I went a little further, and then whispered, “Cum for me Cindy. Cum now.” It didn’t take much after that and in a few moments she began to climax on my finger.

I just watched her for a few moments, her body flushed, her shallow breaths slowly starting to steady. She opened her eyes and looked right at me, a mix of happiness and gratitude and maybe even love in those eyes. I brought her up to my mouth and planted gentle kisses all over her, before slowly sliding my finger out and tasting her.

Once she calmed down from her high, I lowered her back down to the water. I let the two of them finish cleaning up and I lifted them up one at a time, gently drying them in a hand towel, before I brought them back with me to the bedroom. They kissed once more as I lay them on my stomach and watched them drift off to sleep.

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Melanie's Story Part 56 - More Secrets

Post by Rocket » Mon Oct 09, 2023 8:00 pm

The next morning, I awoke to the feel of two little hands on my chin and two little feet standing on my clavicle. I heard Becky’s voice, not quite coherent, but then I felt her kissing me on my lower lip. I cracked a grin as I opened my eyes. She smiled at me.

“Good morning!” she said and then kissed my lip once more before backing up a step.

I mumbled back “Good morning” as I took in my surroundings and then added, “How was last night?”

She smirked. “I’m supposed to be asking you that. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Immensely. How could I not, with such a beautiful woman doing whatever I ask of her?”

She snorted at that. “Almost whatever. And yes I had fun too. I wasn’t sure if I would or not, but it was exciting letting you take charge of me and not knowing what I would be doing next.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it too.”

“I would … do it again if you want. But … first, I think the others are going to be up soon.”

It took me a moment to get the rest of my brain going. “Oh. I guess I’d better get up and get breakfast going then. But first … “ I lifted her up and kissed her all over, including slipping the tip of my tongue between her legs.

She giggled. “Do you think we have time for that?”

I snorted. “You tell me.”

She sighed, but it was a happy sigh. “Okay, you know I love it, but let’s make it quick before we … end up with an audience.”

At that, I pressed her to my lips, as she spread her legs and straddled my cheeks. As I found one of her breasts and fondled it with the pad of my thumb, I probed her with the tip of my tongue until her lips parted enough for me to feel her tiny entrance. I teased it for a few moments, and then got a little more forceful. She let out an “Ooh!” and began rocking her hips in rhythm with my tongue. I pushed it a little harder and she quickly came to a climax on my tongue. With my thumb still on her breast, I could feel her tiny heart pitter-patting and her breaths shallow as she came for me.

I slowed my ministsrations to a few gentle licks as she caught her breath. “It … it still amazes me that you can make me feel so … like this … with just your tongue.” She smiled.

I gently lifted her up from my lips, planting a few gentle kisses on her as I did. “Well, it’s amazing to me that I can make you cum so easily. Any of you for that matter.”

“I wish I could … reciprocate. Maybe … when you can restore me to normal, I … can do more for you.”

“We’ll see. But right now, I do enjoy seeing you happy. I know you’ve all been through a lot, you deserve more.”

She snorted. “You already give us a lot more than we can give back.”

Then another voice came up behind. I wondered how long Cindy had been listening to our conversation. She chimed in, “That’s why we all decided to do this for you.” Then she walked up closer and kissed me on the chin. “Last night was amazing by the way.”

“For you? Really?”

She grinned. “Like I said last night, if I’d known what I was missing I’d have let you take me the first night, instead of being so prudish.”

“It’s alright” I replied. “You hardly knew me then, and I’m guessing every other guy you’d seen in the last two or three months was just abusing you.”

She sighed. “Yes, but you RESCUED me. Us. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know where we’d be, but I suspect I’d have no chance of ever getting my life back. YOU gave us that chance. All of us. And you put yourself in danger to protect us from them. You deserve far more than we can give, especially … at our size.”

I set Becky down gently on my stomach. I felt her tiny feet as she walked up to Cindy and the two of them held hands.

Cindy continued, “If I wasn’t afraid the others would be in here any minute … I’d be very tempted to let you continue from last night.”

My eyebrows rose. “You would want to do that again?”

She snorted. “Definitely. I had fun.” Then she looked back towards the door to see if the coast was clear, and then gave me a look, before she turned to Becky and said, “I suppose we can give him a show for a couple minutes before he has to get up.”

Becky looked at me and back to Cindy. “I’m game.”

Cindy looked back at me. “Do you want to hold us again? You can if you want to.”

“I’d like that.” I held my hands out, palms up. Cindy sat in one hand and Becky in the other. I lifted them up just a few inches and then scooted back so I could sit up in bed. Once I brought my hands together, they both looked back to me to see if I was watching, then they began to kiss. Gently, tentatively at first, and then they began to french kiss, while Cindy reached up to cup one of Becky’s little breasts. As I brought my hands closer to my face to watch them up close, Becky began to cup one of Cindy’s breasts as well, fondling it and tweaking the nipple with her finger and thumb while they continued to lock lips. They sat with their hips touching and their legs dangling over my wrists. I stroked their backs with my thumbs as they kissed and fondled each other.

Cindy broke off the kiss for just a moment, breathing heavy. She turned to me and said, “Anything you would like us to do? Tell us and we’ll do it. We may only have a few minutes here.” She smirked.

“Okay” I said softly. “How about a 69?”

She grinned. “Yes, master.” Damn, she was really enjoying this.

Becky asked, “Which of us would you like on top?” She smirked too.

I said, “Okay Becky, how about you get on top of Cindy.”

“Yes, master” she replied, still smirking. She got up on her knees in my palm, worked her way into position and then swung her leg over Cindy’s shoulder, lowering herself so that her mound was near Cindy’s face. She then lowered her own head towards Cindy’s slightly parted legs. I nudged them just a little so that they both were in my left hand, freeing up my right. I held them close to my face as I watched Becky take a few tentative licks, while I stroked my finger along her back. I turned my hand enough to see Cindy get started as well, her face buried between Becky’s legs. For a few moments I just watched them, tracing my finger lazily along their sides and over Becky exposed back.

Then I whispered, “I would love to see you both cum before the others wake up, but you’d better pick up the pace.” I grinned. Frankly, even if the other girls started walking in here, I wasn’t about to stop Cindy and Becky. I wanted to see if they would actually go through with it and cum for me. And it seemed likely, as they both appeared to drive harder, pushing their faces and tongues hard into each other’s snatches. I added, “If either of you need some help just say so.” If it was just me forcing them to do this I’d feel bad right now, but they did actually offer – and Cindy did say she’d be willing to continue where we left off last night. So I may as well enjoy myself.

I rubbed Becky’s ass with my finger for a few moments, and then turning my hand, reached between Cindy’s legs and touched her perineum just below Becky’s nose. Having the two of them in one hand gave me a lot of options. Watching this was getting me going as well, and I was already starting to stiffen down there. For a moment I was half tempted to bring them down to my crotch, they probably wouldn’t even notice until the last moment.

Instead I just whispered, “How’s it … cumming?”

Cindy pulled her face back for just a moment to look up at me. “Shoot, YOU can make me cum in like sixty seconds if you want to. It’s a little harder for us.”

“Okay. Let me help then.” I came around with my little finger and stroked Becky’s ass, and then slid my finger between her legs, just above Cindy’s face. As Cindy watched, I slid just the tip of my finger into Becky and wiggled it for a few moments. Becky responded by gasping and pushing her hips against my finger. I whispered, “Ok Cindy, I’ll let you take over in a moment.” I slid my finger back out of Becky, and then turned my hand so that I could see Becky’s face clearly. Becky hadn’t looked up yet, but I went ahead and placed my finger between Cindy’s legs. Becky startled and pulled her head back as I slid my fingertip into Cindy and moved it slightly, enough to cause Cindy to gasp and buck her hips – as much as she could with Becky on top of her. I whispered, “Just helping her along for you” and grinned at her. A few more moments of that and I slid my finger back out and let Becky continue.

After my assistance, it was only a few moments before Cindy came, and then Becky soon after. Once Becky was spent, she collapsed on top of Cindy, a sheen of sweat between them as they lay across my left palm, Cindy’s legs draped over either side of my wrist, Becky’s knees against my fingertips. I held them in place together with my thumb as I kissed them a few times and then got up, heading towards the bathroom. I could see the others stirring and all three of them stopped to watch as I carried them in – or maybe they were noticing my erection as I walked. Either way, I turned and said, “We’ll be out in a few minutes and then I’ll make breakfast, okay?”

I didn’t really get a response, but that was alright. I closed the bathroom door behind me and softly asked Becky and Cindy if they would let me do just one more thing before we were done.

Partially muffled by Becky’s thighs, Cindy mumbled, “What did you have in mind?”

Becky was still catching her breath but mumbled, “Sure, just give me a sec.”

As I sat down on the edge of the toilet seat, I replied, “Well … “ I lowered my hand down near my crotch. “I thought maybe you could help me with this?”

Becky looked up and snorted. “Shoulda figured.”

I lifted Becky up off of Cindy and lowered her down to straddle my shaft. She wrapped her legs around it like she was riding a pony.

Once Becky was off her, Cindy was able to lift up onto her elbows. She looked over at my erect shaft and at Becky and chuckled. “Of course. Alright, let’s finish this bad boy off. Where do you want me?”

As I brought her up to the underside of my shaft and held her there, her face just above the head, I asked, “How about here?”

She snorted. “Sure, but I’ll need another bath after this.”

While I held Cindy to the underside with one hand, I reached over to the sink and grabbed some lotion, squirting a little bit and then rubbing it around.

“Ooh! That’s cold!” exclaimed Cindy when she felt it hit her arm. I just smirked. Then I lifted Becky up a little, until her chest was against the topside of my shaft. I held both of them against it, but tried to keep their faces above the head so they wouldn’t get too too uncomfortable. Then I slowly started to slide both of them together, up and down it.

Becky remarked, “We’re both gonna need another bath now” but she didn’t complain otherwise. “Hope you’re enjoying this.”

I smirked. “Actually, I … do really like feeling your breasts rubbing against me like that.”

Cindy chortled. “Oh, I bet you do.”

“You two got me all worked up this morning. I don’t think you’ll be waiting too long.”

Becky said, “I can tell. I know right when you’re about to pop, I can feel it.”

I continued to hold both of them against my stiff member, trying not to squeeze them too hard against it as I rubbed their bodies up and down it. A few moments later, I heard Becky whisper, “Here it comes” and Cindy quietly replied, “Good ‘cause I’m gonna get dizzy soon.”

I just smirked. But this did feel good, their bodies pressed against my flesh. I resisted the urge to pump harder, but I did hold them so snug that they probably would be gasping if I didn’t try to keep their faces above. A few seconds and I slid them up higher, their waists up to the head, just as I erupted. The first shot caught both of them in the face and the subsequent spurts coated their chests. Yeah, they were going to need another bath.

Once I was spent, I slowly lifted them up and separated them in my hands. They looked back at me, best they could with cum all over their faces and chests. Some of it dribbled out the side of Cindy’s mouth as she mumbled, “Well, that was different. Surprised you didn’t pull that last night. You … could have, you know.”

I flashed her a grin. “I know. But I’d already put you both through a lot. It was fun though.”

She smirked. “I’m glad you liked it. That was the whole plan, for you to enjoy yourself.”

“I did. And I appreciate it a lot.”

I kissed them both on the top of the head – about the only spot that wasn’t coated in goo – and then set them down in the sink. “I’m going to get a quick shower and then get breakfast going. Will you two be alright if I open the door so the others aren’t … “

They both snorted. Cindy shooed me away towards the shower. “Go ahead, we’re fine.”

At that I got a quick shower and shaved. By the time I grabbed a towel and stepped out, Melanie was up in the other sink doing her morning routine, and Keisha was already getting dressed. I saw Maria just walking into the bathroom.

“Would you like a lift?” I offered.

She grinned. “Of course.” I reached down to pick her up. She had slept in one of the simple pullover gowns I’d made back before she showed me how to get ‘real’ clothes. It was thin fabric and I could feel her curves and stomach easily through it. As I held her, she continued, “Though … I’m dying to know how you handled that boner you were sporting when you walked in here.”

I got a sheepish grin on my face. “Umm … “

She laughed. “I already have my suspicions, but I’ll get the scoop soon enough.”

I smirked. “Oh, I’m sure you will.” I glanced over at Cindy and Becky, who were both drying off while the bath water drained. They both just smirked back at me.

At that, I gently set Maria down on the counter and headed back to the bedroom to get dressed, and then the kitchen to rustle up some breakfast. This was a heck of a start to the weekend, but I had some work to do.


After breakfast, I got to work. First, I unpacked the new scanner I picked up (replacing the one damaged when those goons tore the office apart) and began setting it up. While the Sarge had entrusted me with these lab notebooks and ledgers, I knew I only had until Monday at the latest and he’d be back to collect them and return them to the precinct. Including the notebook that I’d swiped when I broke into Level 7 to rescue Melanie and Maria, the one that had details on the experiments they ran when Melanie was first shrunk and held captive. Experiments that even she didn’t know about at the time. Luckily I hadn’t made any marks in the notebooks themselves, instead making my own notes on the laptop, but I only had a day or two left with them – and I hadn’t even started the last two yet, nor matched up the later entries in the ledgers.

The Sarge told me when he handed me those ledgers, that he thought it possible there could be another victim – or more than one – given the time gaps. Cindy and Melanie, I now suspected, were victimized maybe a week or two apart, while Becky was maybe a week or two after that. I also knew Melanie had been shrunk at least two months ago, given it was close to a month that she was captive after she left the lab. Maria and Keisha were both unplanned, we knew that for certain, but it was unlikely that they’d have used the machine on three victims in a span of 3 or 4 weeks and then not used it again for a month and a half. Even if they were secretly building a second machine in the bunker underneath the mansion.

But first, I wanted to scan all of these notebooks and ledgers – so that I’d have a copy safely stored once I had to give up the originals. So I spent the rest of the morning doing that. Occasionally someone would saunter in and check on me, either out of curiosity or out of concern that I wasn’t taking breaks or even leaving the office for that matter, but otherwise I just plugged away.

Just as I scanned the last page – the last two notebooks I hardly even looked at, just flipping page by page and pressing them against the scanner in my determination to finish by lunchtime – Keisha walked in. I looked at her but didn’t say anything right away.

“Just checking on you.”

“Oh. I’m okay. I’m almost done here.”

“That’s good, ‘cause you’ve got some hungry ladies out here.”

“Umm … “ I glanced at my phone. “OH.” It was after 1 already. “Sorry. I lost track of time. I’ll be there in a minute.”


I dashed off to the kitchen to find something I could pull together quickly for lunch. As I worked on that, Keisha had already rounded up the rest of the crew, and they all stood across the kitchen. Waiting on me. No pressure of course. I stepped away from the stove to help them up to the table, one at a time, and then finished up while they got settled. I served up the meal on tiny plates and poured out juice into thimble cups for them before sitting down with my own food.

“SO.” started Maria. “Find anything interesting?”

They were all just looking at me like I was going to spill some big secret. “Nothing definite. But I still have the last two notebooks to go through. Those should have clues to what they were doing AFTER the three of you … became tiny.” Of course Melanie, Cindy and Becky knew I was talking about them, there was detailed information about each of them in the earlier notebooks and I was pretty certain they were the first victims, at least human victims. Maria and Keisha were unplanned, never part of their original experiments – Maria was subdued when she went to Level 7 to find Melanie, and Keisha was subdued as a hostage during the police raid on the mansion. I continued, “If they abducted anyone else – and Sarge and I agree that it’s possible given now much time passed between the three of you and when we discovered the setup at the mansion … “ I paused for a moment. “Anyway, the clues we’re hoping will be in those last two notebooks and the ledgers. He has to come take those notebooks back on Monday morning, so I need to get these copied and analyzed as soon as I can. I’ll probably be busy all afternoon.”

Cindy sighed. “I suppose I should be glad you’re digging in and trying to solve all this. Though, that kinda puts a damper on our plans for you this afternoon.”

“Oh?” I raised my eyebrows.

She snorted. “No sense spoiling the surprise if we don’t get to do it today.”

I sighed. “That’s fair. Maybe I can take a raincheck?”

“Deal.” she blurted. “You’ll still have time for tonight though, right?”

“Oh, I sure hope so.” I sighed again.

“Good. And maybe tomorrow we’ll make up for you missing all the fun today.”


After lunch I went back to the books. I had everything scanned, but I hadn’t really touched the last two notebooks aside from slapping pages on the scanner. So now it was time to find out what really went on in the nearly two months between Becky’s shrinking and capturing the scientists and their accomplices. At least some of them – I still wasn’t convinced we’d found the entire organization yet, though I was comfortable that they had no way to shrink anyone else – not without any of the extraterrestrial element. Which reminded me, there was still a chunk of the same meteorite in a vault at Advanced Future Tech. Which meant a potential second source of the element, if someone knew what they were looking for and could extract it from the ore. And the element was the key to shrinking matter. I feared the only way to ensure nobody else built a shrinking machine, would be to extract the rest of the element myself and hide it here.

Meantime, I skimmed through the scans to ensure I’d captured everything – that no page files were corrupted or missing – and labeled and sorted the files so I could find them later. Then by mid-afternoon I was finally ready to pore over the last two notebooks and match up entries with the ledgers.

The first few pages weren’t anything too notable. The notes described how they tried adjusting the settings to shrink at different sizes, but it never seemed to work. At least it appeared they were using inanimate objects for those experiments and not people. The element introduced a unique diffraction to the laser that enabled it to modify matter, but they couldn’t figure out how to change the fixed ratio. Which was just as well, as I needed to know the right ratio once I solved the restoration process. Otherwise I’d be taking a woman who was right now roughly 15% of her height and she’d come back 50% or 200% of her original size. Both of which would be just as bad as staying in their current state. Plus, if they’d actually figured out how to adjust the ratio, that would probably make things worse – what if they shrank a victim to only an inch tall? I had trouble wrapping my head around the ramifications – not just how easily they could hide victims, smuggle victims, kill victims – but even if they weren’t killed, practical issues like eating or drinking or breathing would become challenges at that size. Even at the girls’ current size they needed a lot of help, but they at least could feed themselves, once I provided something small enough for them to eat. I felt like those ‘scientists’ who bumbled into this discovery were in over their heads – so I was relieved that they appeared to drop that line of research. And for at least a couple weeks they appeared to be focused on that instead of finding more victims.

At that point I saw Melanie padding in to check on me. I appreciated that, though I had a lot more work ahead.

“Hey babe.”

She smiled and raised her arms, the signal for me to pick her up. As she sat in my hand, she said “Hey honey. Are you doing alright? You need to come up for air once in a while.”

“I’m okay. There’s just a lot to go through and not much time to do it. I don’t want to leave it all for tomorrow.”

“Okay.” She thought for a moment. “Anything big so far?”

“I haven’t found details yet on any other victims, but it’s early, there’s a lot still to go through. It does look like they spent a week experimenting with how to alter the shrink ratio. But luckily they couldn’t figure it out and they moved on.”


I explained my concerns about what we’d be dealing with if they were say, trying to shrink people down to an inch or less. Those victims would be in far more danger, not just from how easily they could be killed, even by accident, but my concerns about how they’d even be able to handle food and water. She shuddered as I described it.

“But like I said, there’s a lot more still here. I find it unlikely that they’d have gone a month between the three of you and when we umm, stirred the pot, so to speak … without using this on anyone. Sarge thinks so too. So if there are any victims, I need to figure out as much as I can. Someone could still be out there and in danger right now.”

She let out a breath she was holding. “You’re right. This is important. I should leave you alone.”

I said, “Hey. I’m glad you came by though, I needed a break.” I kissed her a few times before setting her back down and watching her pad off towards the hallway. She glanced back, saw me still watching her and grinned as she stopped and mooned me, then her walk turned into a sexy sashe as she left the room.

I sighed once she was out of sight. Then I went back to work.

The next pages were more disturbing. They described specifications – almost as if they were jotting down an order or special request. That made little sense, unless … shit. Why didn’t I think of that before? That did make sense, IF they were actually taking an order – but from whom? Either they were going to sell some ‘merchandise’ to fund the operation, or they were appeasing big pocketed backers. We already knew the first three victims – Cindy, then Melanie, then Becky – were all safe here with me now. So any victims they were going to ‘sell’ would have to be people that were abducted more recently.

I flipped open the ledger to the dates that corresponded with these pages in the notebook. Nothing right then, but … yes, a couple days later, a large deposit. And then a week later, another larger deposit. Possibly the same source? The source was only identified by initials, not much to go on but it was a start. I scanned through the ledger, every significant deposit had the same initials next to it. The initials didn’t trigger any recognition for me, but maybe the folks at the police station could link it to something else. They still had the scientists in custody, maybe something they got from questioning would offer a clue.

The specifications – or special requests? - one was for an Asian woman, between 18-25, petite, must be good looking and have large breasts. Geez, only a horny guy would add THAT to the description. There was a second description that seemed … VERY specific. There were details about dates and locations and then … an actual name? Damn, every other victim was just described by ID number and some details, maybe initials noted in a margin somewhere; though given I had the first three victims literally right in front of me for comparison, it was pretty easy to figure out. But no, this one had a name. Kim Eagleton. Where did I hear that name before? I racked my brain for a few moments, and then jumped on the computer. Holy crap. Apparently she is – or was – an assistant district attorney. Here in this area, locally. She didn’t show up for work one day a few weeks ago and there was some stuff in the paper about her disappearing, but it caused a stir for a day and then there was no news after that. A chill went through me at the thought that someone’s disappearance aligned with references to the same person in these last two lab notebooks.

I dug a little further in my web search. Why would someone like that – someone in the public eye – be targeted by these people? It looked like most of her cases, at least publicly, dealt with going after corrupt businessmen and people who defrauded consumers, though she had a couple of higher-profile prosecutions under her belt. Nothing that jumped out clearly to make her a target for something like this. But I would definitely talk to Sarge about it as soon as I could. I debated whether to call him right now.

The rest of that notebook detailed the shrinking, some cursory experiments – apparently they didn’t do the full 3 days of invasive research they did with Cindy and Melanie and Becky – and the dates of transfer, likely to the mystery person whose initials kept showing up in the ledger. Given this was all still going on in the lab on Level 7 downtown, they would have to have smuggled these victims in at night or on the weekend, so that would surely slow things down. Based on the dates, it looked like one was four weeks ago and one was three weeks ago.

Did this mean the mystery person – possibly the deep pockets behind all this – was also local? Targeting an assistant DA from right here would make sense if there was a vendetta or they were trying to stop an investigation, but only if the mystery person were local, or some major business dealings were local. I documented everything I could, including the clues and my hypotheses.

Continuing on through the last half notebook – at least there was light at the end of the tunnel - I found another description. This one was also VERY specific. These people were creeping me out, was this guy looking to capture and torture anyone who crossed him? Just the thought was unnerving. Someone like that was the last person who should be anywhere around that kind of power. As if I didn’t already have enough reasons to ensure they could never use it again. Though this name sure didn’t ring a bell with me. Not like the other one. I was still trying to wrap my head around the idea that an assistant district attorney goes missing and I find descriptions of her and then details of her shrinking, dated right about the time she disappeared. I imagine someone in the public eye, the police would still be investigating that one.

Now this new name – Conchita – the last name was actually hard for me to pronounce – I didn’t recognize, but I went to do a web search. Nothing. Now, this woman must have had some connection to somebody in that organization, otherwise why would they target her specifically, rather than say, describe generally a tall woman with red hair and green eyes? No, I was pretty sure if they were targeting someone it was for a reason. Now did they actually abduct her, and then was she with the others or somewhere else? I did suspect the first two were with the same person, at least the ledger entries led me to that suspicion. Part of me hoped that was the case, as it meant we were going after one person – probably ? the missing deep pockets that financed all this – and could capture that person and rescue both women at once. I wasn’t sure we’d be that lucky, but I was hopeful.

This last one, Conchita, though, the notebooks stopped without describing her shrinking or any tests they would have run. Did that mean they didn’t capture her, or did it mean there was another notebook still missing somewhere? I growled in frustration at what appeared to be a dead-end.

Maybe Sarge would know. I debated whether to have him come by tomorrow to show him all this, rather than wait until Monday. Honestly, I felt like I needed to regardless. At the very least there were two more women that I knew were victims – both within the 3-4 weeks before the raid on the mansion – and even one day sitting on this information meant one more day they would be in captivity. Knowing what Melanie – and Cindy and Becky for that matter – had gone through, I was certain they would all want me to find these other women as quickly as possible.

So, checking to make sure the others weren’t close by – I didn’t want to overly disturb them until I had more to go on – I picked up my phone and called the Sarge.

“Yeah?” he responded in his usual gruff manner.

I explained to him what I’d found – evidence of two victims tied to this mysterious person with the repeating initials in the ledger, plus the possibility of a third victim. He assured me they hadn’t come across another notebook – this was the last one. Not that it was a guarantee of anything, but he felt having the actual name made it easy enough to track her down, assuming she was in the area – or in the state at least – and try to confirm whether she had actually been kidnapped, or if there’d been any attempt.

Now the assistant DA – Kim – he recognized that one and of course the file was still open, but there were no strong leads. He was going to have someone back at the precinct pull up those files, as well as look into what she might have been working on, in-case there was a clue there to who would have targeted her. Having two specific names – one victim, one possible victim – suggested there was a link between them and someone in this organization.

He agreed to come by late morning on Sunday.

Soon as I got off the phone, I saw Melanie again, peeking in the doorway. When she saw me looking at her, she walked in, her tiny feet making almost no sound on the carpet.

“Umm, who was that?”

Realizing she’d figure it out anyway, I replied, “I was talking to the Sarge. He’s going to help look into some … things I found in the last notebook.”

She scrunched her nose. “What kind of things?”

“I … don’t want to disturb the others yet, not until we know for sure. But there could be … “

She interrupted me. “Another victim?” She saw me start to open my mouth but before any words came out she added, “More than one?”

I grimaced and then nodded. “Possibly as many as three. But the last one … the entries stop. There was someone specific they were targeting, but … “

She lifted her arms. I reached down and hoisted her up. “On the desk?” she asked. I set her down. “Okay.” She took a moment to settle herself. “Show me.”

“Umm … “

“Hey, honey. I’m probably as familiar with lab notebooks as you are. And I worked there for a year. Besides, second set of eyes?”

I sighed. “Okay babe. You’re right.” I reached for the last notebook and flipped through to the last few pages. I held it so she could read it with me. I pointed out the description of the intended victim, and then everything dropped off – no description of the shrinking or experiments that normally came after, like they had with everyone else.

“Ah!” she exclaimed after a couple quiet minutes spent perusing the pages as I flipped them for her.

“What did you find?” I was definitely curious.

“See that notation at the bottom corner of each page?”

“Yeah?” Frankly it looked like chicken scratch to me.

“That’s a shorthand date notation.” Huh. She continued, “This date here … “ she pointed to the spot on the page right after the description of this Conchita who I assumed was the next target. “… This is the day before we – you, Maria and I – made our escape from Level 7.”

“Shit” I exclaimed before I could catch myself. If that was right … “Umm … “ as I thought this through, “does that mean … we might have thrown a wrench in their plans? Like maybe they … “

She continued my thought, “… had to speed things up and didn’t have time to go after her. Remember how we were up there on a Friday, and it was Monday they stripped the server, took the element and sabotaged the machine.” She looked back at me, a grin on her face. She was proud of herself. Well, if she was right … we may have saved one person from becoming a victim and rushed them into finishing the setup at the mansion sooner than planned. Huh.

I bent down and kissed her on the head. “You’re amazing.” She beamed at me. “I agree your wanting to go up there to investigate when you did, may have set all this in motion. Shoot, you might have been responsible for saving multiple victims.”

She snorted. “Like you didn’t have anything to do with it?”

I kissed her again. “We make a good team.”


After wrapping up and making sure I had everything I could possibly get out of the notebooks and ledgers, I made dinner. I told Melanie I didn’t want to get the others worked up yet over the other victims, not until we knew more. Right now they couldn’t do anything but stand around and worry. She grudgingly agreed with me to not say anything until after we talked to Sarge tomorrow.

The rest of our entourage – of course not knowing what I’d found yet – were all still in a pretty good mood and started needling me about who I wanted to bed for the night. I’d been so wrapped up in things this afternoon I frankly hadn’t given it much thought – and the extended time I spent with Cindy and Becky – not just the night but the next morning – had more than sated any horniness I might have had. Nevertheless, their talk – and teasing jests about who I should choose – were enough to get me stirred up again. I supposed after Sarge’s visit tomorrow, things would get more serious around here, so maybe I could try to enjoy myself for one more night before that happened. To none of their surprise, I asked Keisha if she’d be willing to join me for the night. She was the last one I hadn’t spent a night with, and I’d thought about asking her before all this anyway. So Keisha it was.

And after tonight, back to business.

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Melanie's Story Part 57 - Alone with Keisha

Post by Rocket » Sat Oct 21, 2023 3:33 pm

That evening, I went to go collect Keisha and bring her to bed. Yeah, I still had the thought in the back of my mind that there were two, or possibly three, more recent victims out there – but as Melanie and I discussed, telling the others now would just keep them up all night worrying. Sarge was already looking into what information I was able to give him after scouring those lab notebooks and ledgers, and I hoped he would have some more information – and maybe even a lead on this guy – by the time he came by tomorrow. So for today I may as well relax, there wasn’t anything more I could do yet.

“So are you ready?” I asked, before I bent down to scoop her up in my hand.

She snorted. “Kinda hard to be ready when I don’t know what to expect. It was a little more obvious when you picked two for the night. But okay, let’s do this.”

I carried her into the bedroom and set her down in the middle of the bed, and then began to undress. As I did, I said, “Now if I ask you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, say so, okay?”

She laughed and put her hands on her hips. “Honey, the rules are you tell me what you want me to do and I obey. This is supposed to be for you. That’s the deal.”

“Alright. But I don’t want you mad at me in the morning because I made you do something.”

She snorted. “You worry too much. Just enjoy yourself. That’s what I’m here for.” She smirked.

“Okay.” I finished undressing and climbed into the bed, sitting up. I patted my hand on the bed between my legs and said “Come over here.”

She slowly walked towards me, between my legs, stopping in front of my crotch. I reached down and picked her up, lifting her close to my face. I brushed my fingertip along her cheek. “Strip for me please?”

She snorted again. “Please? Okay, boy scout. I should probably copy Mel’s idea and refer to you as master. Being as I have to do whatever you say and all.” She smirked.

I smirked. “Okay.” As I held her, she pulled her top off and I tossed it to the nightstand. She lay back in my palm, her feet on my wrist, as she lifted her hips and unfastened the velcro holding her skirt in place. I also took that and tossed it. Then I gazed at her for a few moments, and she gazed right back at me. I traced my finger over her shoulder and arm, over her chest, brushing her areola with the edge of my finger, and then I traced down one leg, held up her tiny foot and kissed it, then traced my finger along the inside of her leg and barely brushed the edge of her mound. I brought her up to my lips and kissed her in multiple places, lingering on her breasts. I wrapped my lips over both breasts and tickled her nipples with the tip of my tongue until I could feel them swell.

“Didn’t you tell me you used to be a gymnast?”

She smirked. “Yes, master, I did.”

“Okay. Can you bend your legs behind your head?”

“Of course, master.” She proceeded to stretch her legs out and up until her feet were touching behind her head. I wasn’t sure if she’d ever done this naked before, but the result was that her pussy and ass were up and open, enough that everything was exposed and her lips even gaped just a little.

I wasn’t sure how long she could hold herself like that, so I adjusted her so that I could hold her feet in place between two of my fingers. I could keep her in this position for a while if I wanted to. I traced a finger over her, feeling her little leg muscles, then over her clit and pouty lips and down her ass. I brought her up to my lips and kissed her, my lips and tongue lingering there. The tip of my tongue teased her cunt until her lips separated further for me. Then I pushed her into my mouth, enough that my lips wrapped from her thighs just before the knee, all the way to her lower back. Everything in the middle was between my lips now. I ran my tongue from her belly button down over her pussy and between her ass cheeks and back up again, several times, until she grunted for the first time and I felt her hips try to move in response to all the stimulation I was giving her. I continued to work her with the tip of my tongue and it didn’t take long to make her cum for me, her body tensing and her little heart thumping as she climaxed in my mouth.

I waited for a few moments to let her come down from her high, before sliding her out of my mouth and having a look at her. I was still holding her feet behind her head, the visual effect was honestly pretty erotic. For me at least. I kissed her a few times before releasing her feet.

“I hope your hips aren’t sore, but that was pretty sexy.”

She smirked. “Only a little. Master.” She proceeded to rub her sore hips. I hoped I didn’t stretch her too much. For a couple minutes I just held her and stroked her with my finger. I massaged her hips between my finger and thumb for a while. While I let her relax, I decided to get to know her a little better, being as she was the newest of my group of charges. I got her to open up and tell me about her time on the police force, how she went into that to begin with and what it was like.

“So, I’ve kinda suspected you were a little wild child outside of work.”

She snorted. “What gave it away?”

“Just a hunch” She laughed.

After a little while just talking while I held her and stroked her in my hand, I said “Alright” and began to reposition her in my hand, holding her with my fingers around her chest, her legs dangling. “Spread your legs for me.”

She smirked. “Yes, master.”

With one hand I held my semi-rigid shaft so it pointed up, and with my other hand I lowered Keisha until she sat on top of the head. I just looked at her for a few moments like that and smirked.

She saw me smirking and snorted. “I … don’t think it’s going to fit. Master.”

“I suppose not. But it’s damn sexy.”

After a few more moments watching that, I lifted her back up and tilted her back in my hand. I rolled her over onto her stomach, her tiny nipples poking against my fingers. I stroked her back for a few moments and traced a couple of little tattoos she had on her backside. Then I rubbed her bottom, massaging it, and then parted her cheeks wide. Close up I could see her tiny rosebud, her perineum and the little wrinkle of skin at the base of her cunt. I stroked her a few times across there, as she lay in my hand and let me explore.

Then I gently turned her back over onto her back. After tracing my finger around her breasts once more, I said, “Keisha?”

“Yes, master?”

“Show me the most sensitive places on your whole body. Where is it the most exciting for you to be touched?”

She thought for a moment, and then parted her legs and reached down with one hand. “Here, on my clit, especially when I’m excited.”

I watched closely where she touched and then I tried to touch it with the tip of my finger. “Here?”

“Umm … yeah, but you can’t just touch it. I used to like … “ she scrunched her nose “getting a guy to … lightly nibble it. You know what I mean?”

I smirked. “I think so. How about if I try this?” I nudged her legs further apart to give me some room, and I lightly pinched it between my finger and thumb, rubbing very gently as if I were playing with a nipple. She responded with a gasp and arched her back, thrusting her hips against my finger and thumb. I tried it again a few moments later and got a similar response.

Once she got her composure back she uttered a breathy “Yes.”

“Anywhere else?”

She reached with her other hand to her breast. “And here, the underside of my nipples. When they’re tweaked just right I get a tingle all through me.”

“Can I?”

“You can touch me anywhere you like, master.”

“Alright. Let’s try this.” I reached for her breast, but instead of fondling it, I used my fingernail to scrape at the underside of her nipple. She gasped and shuddered in my hand. I did it a couple more times for good measure and got the same response. Huh. I started to wonder if any of the others would respond like this. I definitely wanted to try when I had the chance.

Then I brought my finger lower. I tried scraping her clit with my fingernail. That got a similar respone to the nipple, as her whole body tensed each time my fingernail grazed her clit.

I smiled. “I can see you enjoyed that. I did too.”

She tried to smirk, but I could tell it was hard, she was a little overstimulated already. “I’m … glad you enjoyed that, master.”

“Okay Keisha, now I’d like you to touch yourself.” I took one of her hands and placed it on her breast, and the other hand I took and placed on her lower abdomen. “Touch yourself and show me how you like to be touched. Make love to yourself.”

She crinkled her nose for a moment and then said “Yes, master” and began to fondle herself, one hand starting to caress her breast and the other hand sliding down to trace the perimeter of her mound, slowly working closer to the center. She thumbed her own clit and a faint groan escaped her lips. For a couple minutes I just observed her. Starting out I held her close up, as her fingers drifted closer to her pouty vaginal folds. Her other hand lazily massaged one breast while she focused her attentions on those folds. I pulled her back just a little and brought my other hand up, first just tracing her dark skin – her legs, her shoulders, her hips – and then moving to her open breast, where I turned my finger and scraped the nail against her nipple. She gasped and shuddered and her eyes opened wide.

I grinned back at her and whispered, “Keep going until you start to get wet.”

I watched her a little longer, as she worked her fingers around her labia and ran a finger along the length in between her folds. As she did that, I repositioned her legs, lifting her feet up onto my wrist so that her legs could spread wide, her knees pointed out in opposite directions. I traced the inside of her leg with the tip of my finger, then brought it to the center and brushed her perineum, just below where she was touching herself. I caught just a faint glistening, a tiny drop of cum starting to form at the edge of her labia. Then I brought my finger up to her breast again and scraped my nail against her nipple a couple of times, eliciting another gasp as she trembled in my hand. I saw that the tiny drop was a little bigger now.

So at that point, I brought my little finger in between her legs. I rubbed the tip against her labia, moistening it, and she shuddered. I whispered, “Keisha, tell me that you want to feel my finger inside you.”

Her eyes grew big for a moment. Then she said, “Yes, master. I want to feel your finger inside me.” Then she added, “Fuck me with your finger.”

I rubbed the tip of my finger against her pouting lips and they parted around it. She gasped when I touched the opening to her canal. Then I began to work it inside of her, slowly, until I was in well past my first knuckle. Just a slight movement at that point was enough to make her gasp and buck her hips. I whispered, “Cum for me Keisha.” As if on command, she started to writhe on my finger, her breaths shallow, her eyes glazed a little, and she came hard in my hand.

I let her slowly come down from her high, my finger still inside her. Once I began to withdraw it, she gasped again. Finally my finger was out all the way, and I brought her up to my lips to taste her. I let her lay back and relax in my hand, as I lazily traced my finger over her for a few minutes.

Then she looked up at me. “Master?”


“I need to pee. Master.”

“Oh you do?”

“Yes, master. May I please go pee?”

I snorted. “Okay.”

I walked her to the bathroom and set her down in the sink bowl and waited for her to do her business.

When she was done and we were heading back to the bedroom, she remarked, “Surprised you didn’t try to do something kinky there.” She had trouble stifling a giggle.

“It was tempting.”

“So what’s next?”

“Glad you asked. Do you remember that time you spent inside my briefs?”

She snorted. “How could I not?”

“Alright. Obviously I don’t have briefs on this time, but I want you to go down there and make love to me. See if you can get me off.”

She smirked. “Okay. I already kinda expected I’d be spending some time down there.”

I just grinned as I lowered her and set her down on my abdomen. I lay my head back on the pillow and relaxed and just let her do all the work for a while.

She waited for me to settle back, and then I felt her little hands and knees as she crawled towards my crotch. My shaft was maybe at half-mast, enough for her to grab ahold of with both hands and pull towards her as she got up onto her knees. I felt her maneuver herself into position to straddle it, her legs dropping down on either side, the tiny tuft of black hair between her legs brushing against my skin at the base and her heels rubbing against my balls. She wrapped her arms around my girth, hugging it and pulling it to her – or pulling herself towards it – and I was pretty sure I felt her breasts press against the top as she did.

At that point she began to rub her hands up and down the underside, all the while her chest and breasts pressed against it and her tiny feet occasionally playing footsie with the top of my sack. I knew it was a little different than inside the briefs, as those briefs pressed her in place and gave her more positions she could work herself into without fear of slipping off. Nonetheless, she was doing a good job, and I continued to lay back and enjoy the sensations emanating from between my legs as she did all the work for a change.

Before long I felt my shaft grow in response to her ministsrations, the rubbing of her tiny hands against it becoming a little more furious as it responded to her by increasing in both length and girth. Being wrapped around it like she was, she probably felt it as keenly as I did.

As she was still sitting, I was pretty sure it now towered over her. That didn’t last long though, as I felt her shift her body, pulling her legs up in order to get up onto her knees, while she held onto my shaft with both hands for support. Once she was steady on her knees, I felt her continue rubbing with her hands, while she kissed as well. She wasn’t quite high enough to reach the tip, but she was licking, kissing and nibbling just under the head. I was pretty hard at this point, and given she was largely using my shaft to support herself, I supposed I could flex the muscle at the base a few times and knock her flat onto my abdomen. But I’d rather let her continue, she was doing a good job so far – I was enjoying it thoroughly – and besides, she was doing all the work here. Though I did get her off twice first, and she sure seemed to enjoy that. I wasn’t selfish, I liked seeing them happy, and bringing them to ecstasy – whether once or multiple times – was ridiculously easy.

After a minute of kissing, licking, nibbling and rubbing, she held on tight and slowly got herself up onto her two feet, bracing herself against my stiff rod and then using it to pull herself up. Standing, I knew that she could reach the tip. I felt her press her chest against one side, rub her hands against the other side, and then begin to kiss the head. I felt the determination in her kisses, and could tell she wanted badly to get me off. Soon she wrapped her lips around the tip and began to drive her tongue inside, licking the edges and pushing as far in as her tiny tongue would go. I always loved it when one of the girls did that, not only because it was an indescribable sensation but because I knew I was the only guy on the planet that could experience something like this. Though to be honest, I didn’t know whether one of those hoodlums had forced Cindy or Becky to do something like that to them – and I had never asked Melanie if she was forced to do that during her month of captivity before I rescued her – I knew some of the details but not that one. However I was pretty sure that even if one of them had ever french-kissed the tip of a penis before, I just knew it couldn’t have been with the passion and determination that these girls displayed with mine. Because they all, somehow, cared about me – even loved me, if I believed Melanie, though my gut told me some of those feelings were a result of being around me constantly while I was taking care of them and watching out for them, and perhaps because we’d all gone through so much in such a short time. Still, I cared about all of them too.

My drifting thoughts – geez, how was I daydreaming in the middle of a beautiful young woman making love to me? - snapped back to the present as I felt her squeeze her arms, pressing her whole body against me, as she continued to press her tongue as deep into the tip of my penis as she could. I was pulsating down there, throbbing and building to a climax. I could sure feel it. Keisha was clung so tightly to it that I was sure she could feel it, would know when it was about to go, and didn’t even need to give her a warning. I did groan in response to her efforts, though I couldn’t tell if she looked back or not, as I just lay back on the pillow and enjoyed her work.

A few moments later, the geyser blew.

I heard a yelp and opened one eye in time to see Keisha, standing with her arms around the head, her face and neck and hair doused in warm goo, as more spurts shot forth. She pulled her head back, but all that did was let it fly up into her hair and start to run down her back, over her shoulders and down her chest, trickling down the space between those little breasts that she continued to press against me. Her body swayed as my member shook, discharging the rest of its load on and around her.

Once the last of it poured forth on its own, she squeezed with her arms to see if she could coax any more out, and then planted her lips on the head, kissing it again – and perhaps sucking up some of it, though I couldn’t tell from this angle. Then she turned and looked at me, grinning, her cheeks – and lips – coated in my sperm.

I grinned back at her.

“How was that?” she asked, looking proud of herself for a job well done.

I smirked. “That was amazing. Thank you.”

She smirked back at me. “Anything else you’d like me to do while I’m down here?”

I snort-laughed. “I think you’ve done a lot already. Looks like you need a bath.” I looked down at the small puddle that was forming at her feet. “Maybe we both do.”

I slowly started to sit up, and reached down to wrap my fingers around Keisha and my shaft at the same time. Since she was already down there. And she felt damn good down there. But I digress. Keisha secured, I swung my legs to the floor and then walked towards the bathroom, checking first to be sure none of the others were in there, then stepping in and closing the door behind me.

Once inside, I slid her off my shaft and started to move her towards the sink, but she stopped me.

“Hey.” She looked up at me and smirked again. “I thought you said we both needed a bath.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Oh?”

“C’mon. That way I can wash you too.” Huh. I was intrigued.

“Okay.” I turned on the water and tested the temperature as it started to fill.

“Besides, did you know that originally Cindy was planning on us all swimming in the tub – like a lap pool – she was going to get you to fill it up and then … “ she giggled, “invite you in and see whether you’d join us.”

“Oh she did?”

“Oh yeah. She thought it would be a lot of fun. But … “ she looked me right in the eyes, “don’t tell her I told you, she might try it another day.”

I snorted. “Okay. Our secret.”

“She’s … really into this stuff. Doing … things for you. And it’s like she really looks forward to it. I think she feels like she’s paying you back, but also … I really think she feels like she’s getting back at those guys who had her locked up all that time.”

I thought about that for a minute. “How do you think that?”

“Psychology. In the academy we had to take a class in this stuff. Anyway, I think deep down it’s kind of a rebellion for her. She had to do whatever they said or they’d hurt her. Here she’s free of that and she feels like she’s calling the shots, coming up with this stuff." After a moment she continued her thoughts. "Plus I think she’s got her own wild child inside. She married a guy who’s almost twice her age, shoot she and Becky are only a few years apart. Here, she’s got no strings attached, no fear of you hurting her, no consequences. No reason to hold back. So she’s … letting loose.”

“Huh. I honestly had not thought of it that way.”

The water was hot, but not too hot, and the tub was filled, but not too full – I didn’t want Keisha to be treading water once I got in. I figured we might be in here a little bit, so I went ahead and opened the door a few inches – with only one bathroom, I didn’t want four women trying to hold it while we were in here. Instead I just drew the shower curtain as I stepped in, slowly sat down and then placed Keisha in the water between my legs.

“Mmm. This feels good” she murmured.

I just relaxed for a couple minutes and then said, “Are you ready for me to wash you?”

She snorted. “I’m supposed to be all yours tonight, silly. You don’t have to ask permission first.”

I smirked. “Old habits. I’ll have you know, I was raised to use good manners.”

She grinned. “Well your parents did a good job with you then.”

I always felt a little melancholy when they were brought up. Not a story I planned to get into. But I just said “Thank you” softly and moved on.

Wrapping my fingers around her, I lifted her up with one hand and then squeezed some liquid bath soap onto her and began rubbing it in, massaging it over her arms and legs and feet and chest, of course spending extra time making sure her chest and her groin were clean. Turning her, I worked on her back and bottom as well, thoroughly soaping up her ass. I set her back down in the water and let her rinse off, and then dribbled some soap in her hair and watched her work to scrub my sperm out of her hair. I let her soap up her face as well; her features were so tiny that I probably couldn’t avoid getting soap in her eyes and mouth and up her nose if I tried to do it myself.

As I watched her finish washing herself, my mind drifted again for just a moment. Assuming I would get ahold of the shrinking machine retrieved from the mansion bunker – hopefully Monday – and tested it to be sure it still worked properly, it shouldn’t be that hard to shrink some items for the girls to use – toothbrushes, razors, feminine products – at the very least it would be a lot easier than me trying to come up with something myself, which was what we were doing now. I made a mental note to look into that in the morning.

Once Keisha was done washing and rinsing, she looked up and said, “Now it’s my turn. Can you squeeze some soap … right about there.” She pointed to my abdomen. Then she said, “Help me up?” I hoisted her up onto my abdomen. Then I watched her get down on all fours and soap up my abdomen, my shaft – which had deflated some at this point – and all areas around it. Then she slid down and soaped up my balls, at least as much as she could given they were mostly in the water. Then she proudly said, “Okay, you can rinse off now.”

She took a couple steps back as I sloshed water with my hand, up over my abdomen, rinsing away the suds. She actually did a decent job of it.

Once that was done, I reached for her and brought her up to my chest, laying her flat with her chest down, and began stroking her back with my finger.

“Mmm, that feels good.”

“Well, you worked your cute little booty off earlier, it’s the least I can do.” I smirked when she glanced up at me.

After a couple minutes of just relaxing under my touch, she said softly, “So what are you going to do after we all go back to our lives?”

I didn’t have to think to hard about that, I’d already given it plenty of thought. “Well … Melanie will still be around. And I’m sure Maria will be visiting frequently. Now for the rest of you … I suppose we’re all getting through this together. Kinda shared fates, you know? I figured the five of you would come out of this pretty close, you’ve shared something that nobody else in the world has, and you’re all the only ones who really understand what you’ve gone through. I’m … part of it, but in a different way. I understand it on some level because I’ve been around all of you, talked to all of you … been intimate with all of you. But I know it’s not quite the same. Now … back to your original question, I suspect all of us would at least keep in touch, if not get together when we can. As long as Melanie’s okay with it – and I’m sure she will be – our door is open to any of you whenever you need us … or whenever you just want to stop by or hang out.”

She paused for a moment and then grinned. “I’d like that.”

I asked her a different question. “Hey, you know I still have your uniform … from the day you were shrunk.”

She frowned.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. What I was going to ask you about, is do you want to take a look and make sure everything’s there – and maybe see if the radio still works?”

Her frown turned into a quizzical look.

“Okay. Hear me out on this one. What if we find out there’s someone else out there – and we need to go rescue them. Now when we went to get you, we didn’t know at the time that you were out cold. I brought Melanie along thinking she could relate to you better than I could.”

She took a moment to follow my logic. “So … you’re thinking if there is someone else, would I come along … and would it be better if I were in uniform?”

“Yeah. The uniform would sure be better than a velcro skirt and bare feet if you’re visiting a crime scene … or if we’re going in to rescue someone.”

“What about Melanie? Did she wear a velcro skirt?”

I snorted. “Actually, Maria had found her a catsuit. It was kinda sexy actually, form-fitting. I have no idea where she found it. But when she went into the lab that first time, I made her a tiny two-way radio headset. So we could communicate while she was sneaking around up there.”

She snort-laughed. “I bet that was something to see. But … I get your point. And if my old radio still works … I do have to charge it every few days, but it’s not like I’ve used it for a week. So it might still have some charge left. I can check it out tomorrow if you want.”

“Okay. And plus, I figured once it’s time for you to be restored, you may want your uniform and equipment with you. Unless you want to stand there naked. Not that I mind … “ I smirked.

She laughed. “Well you’ve got me naked right NOW, big guy.”

“True. So true.” I flipped her over with my finger and caressed her chest, my finger lazily tracing her features, from her breasts to her legs and the parts in between. We just lay there for several minutes as she just relaxed and let my finger explore.

By then the water was starting to cool down. I held her in place as I sat up and drained the tub, then wrapped her in a dry washcloth before I dried myself off. I carried her back to bed and held her in front of me for a few moments, as she gave me a shy grin – I suspected she was trying to give me a sexy look, but regardless, that was the effect. I brought her to my lips and kissed her a few times and then whispered, “One more time before bed?”

She grinned. “Thought you’d never ask.”

At that I gave her breasts some long kisses as I played with her nipples with the tip of my tongue, and then kissed lower, then lower still. She spread her legs and lay back in my hand as I wrapped my lips around her there and worked on her pussy with long, slow licks, until I could feel her tremble and a little moan escaped her lips. I licked up and down her labia until her lips parted around the tip of my tongue and I found her passage. I focused my attentions on it and was rewarded with more moans and some hip thrusts. Her hips began to move in sync with my tongue, and despite my trying to draw it out, it was only a couple minutes before she began to groan and buck against my tongue and a few moments later, I sensed warm cum escape from her onto my tongue.

I slowly kept working her as she came down from her high, and then I kissed her softly all over her body, lay back onto the pillow and lay her across my chest. I stroked her back with my finger until she finally dozed off.

I let her sleep, my hand over her like a blanket, and then tried to get some sleep myself. I didn’t know what tomorrow had in store, though I had my suspicions. I already knew the Sarge would be over at some point - possibly with some information on the potential victims I’d discovered in those notebooks. And at that point the girls would all know as well, if they didn’t already suspect. I wasn’t sure if they’d be in the mood for sex tomorrow, not once they knew about more victims.

So tomorrow could just be the start of a long investigation, or it could be the catalyst to another undercover operation like the mansion, or for all I knew I could end up with all five of them convincing me to rush over there that day and try to bust the victims out of captivity.

I supposed it would all play out tomorrow, one way or the other.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Sat Oct 21, 2023 5:00 pm

Out of all the girls I thought Keisha would be the most 'stand offish' but she went right along with the plan. It'd be nice seeing her little brown gymnast body doing all sorts of poses.

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Melanie's Story Part 58 - New Week, New Revelations

Post by Rocket » Mon Nov 13, 2023 11:17 pm

The next morning as we ate breakfast, the girls got chatty.

“So” started Maria, “Now that you’ve umm … had your way with EACH of us ...” She had a huge smirk on her face.

I held up a finger to stop her. “Maria, you know there’s no way I’m going to start … “

She snorted. “Comparing us?”

“Umm … “ Where was she going with this? “It’s not a competition. What do you mean, like who I most liked spending the night with?”

Maria pressed on. “More like who you most enjoyed holding in your hand. Or who was the best at … satisfying you downstairs. You never did say who did the best job getting you off inside your pants.”

Cindy laughed despite herself. Melanie spat out milk through her nose.

I smirked. “Maria. You know I care a lot about every one of you. I’m NOT going down that road, it’s not a competition. I’ve been lucky that you each have … gotten intimate with me, and I really enjoyed it. And I tried to make it enjoyable for each of you too.”

Maria sighed. “Okay. Fine. And yes it was. But I’m curious though. Now that you HAVE had your way with each of us. What would you do if you say, had ALL of us in the same night? Could you even handle us? If all five of us spent the night doing … whatever you want us to?”

I just looked at her for a moment. “Umm … honestly? I’d be flattered you would even consider that. But … unless it was a LONG night, we wouldn’t have time for the intimacy that we get when it’s just one or two of you. I’d be concerned it would just end up with me watching you all have one big lesbian orgy.”

Cindy laughed again. “Not that you’d mind that much.”

I snorted. “No. Probably not. But it wouldn’t be the same. It would just be … me sitting here and making you all get off on each other. It would be like watching live porn. And it’d be easy for me to push you too far. Then could I even look at you guys in the morning after making you do that?”

Maria thought for a moment. “You think it would be like that?”

I reached out my finger and nudged Maria’s chin. “Honestly? That’s giving me way too much power over all of you. Now what we’ve been doing at bedtime – that’s a little bit of a power trip, sure, but it’s limited. And it’s still personal. When it’s just one or two of you, we’re still … making love. Just that you’re letting me call every move. With all five of you at once, I worry it’s going to get to my head and I’ll start acting like one of these same ogres that we just rescued you guys from.”

There was silence for a few moments. Cindy finally said, “You really do care about us. I know that. But … if we want to do that for you, it’s our choice. Let US decide if we think it’s too much. We care about you too. And besides, we’re all adults here … still.” She smirked a little at that last word.

“Okay. But … maybe not today. The Sarge is coming by today and I’m hoping he has some news.”


Melanie chimed in. “There could be more victims.”

Silence followed and the mood in the room went palpably lower as the girls looked back and forth to each other and to me, everyone waiting for someone else to speak up first.

I finally started to break it all down for them. “I was hesitant to say something just yet. Until we know more, there’s not much we can do. But … okay. There’s evidence in those lab notebooks and ledgers, of at least two more recent victims. Possibly a third, though … it’s POSSIBLE the day Melanie infiltrated Level 7 and the three of us made our escape, that we threw a wrench in those plans. I won’t know for sure until we hear from Sarge today, but it does appear our little break-in pushed those scientists into rushing their setup at the mansion instead.”

Melanie added, “We already know they spent that weekend finishing their second machine and then on Monday sabotaged the first one and wiped the servers at the lab.” She looked at Becky and Cindy. “That’s how I ended up hitching a ride down to the bunker on that Sunday when we found you two. At the time … we’d figured out that you were both victims, but we didn’t know where you were. Seems we were very lucky.”

Cindy thought about that for a moment. “So … I never did figure out why you ended up down there that day. I mean, it was real lucky for us, yeah, but if you weren’t there just to find us … “

Maria started in, “She inadvertently hitched a ride on the equipment when it sat at the dock.” Then she thought about it for a moment and continued. “We were actually just going there to have a look at it and plant a listening device. That crate wasn’t even supposed to be delivered until Monday, but a truck came by on Sunday morning while Melanie was still inside the crate.”

I added myself, “It was a harrowing experience. We tailed that truck the whole way to the mansion, trying to stay just out of sight. And then Maria and I spent the afternoon plotting how to get into the mansion to rescue Melanie. We already had the cameras planted on the property, so we watched them bring the crate inside, but at the time we had no idea there was a bunker underground.”

Maria added, “Once we realized where Melanie was, he was digging through archives. He actually found building records on file, that’s how we figured out there was a separate access to the surface.”

I chimed in, “Hidden under the gazebo.”

Keisha was just listening to all this back and forth and finally spoke up. “I’m … officially I can NOT condone all this going rogue stuff, you know. But … honestly? If you hadn’t, it’s likely they would have had at least two hostages … before we even showed up that night.”

Melanie said, “Plus we wouldn’t have even known they were that close to finishing the second machine – and I wouldn’t have overheard them planning to sabotage the one in the lab, so when it turns on it would blow up the top floors of the building … and take out the only other people who knew what they were doing in the lab.”

I cleared my throat. “You know that bomb is still up there. I convinced Andrew to have them seal off the lab so nobody goes in there.”

Becky’s eyes got wide for a moment at that admission. Cindy gulped but then got herself together and replied, “Yeah.” After a moment’s pause, she turned to me, though glancing at Melanie a couple times as she spoke, “You see why we feel like we owe you so much. I … wouldn’t have put it past them to threaten to kill us just to make their escape, and then … injure or kill one of us … “ her voice cracked at that “just to make a point.”

Melanie added, “True. Just what I saw of them there … and what they tried to do when they caught me in the lab … “

I nodded. “Yeah. That’s what worries me … knowing there could be more than one victim right now, and they might be in the same location.”

Keisha blurted, “What?”

“I … don’t know for sure yet, but I have a suspicion that these more recent victims were almost … a payoff for whoever was financing some of this. At least one may have been specifically targeted either as retaliation for something, or maybe to stop an investigation into something that was going on. Two of the planned victims were described in detail – names and addresses and everything. But … Sarge is looking into what I gave him already, and we’ll see if he’s uncovered any more by the time he gets here.”

They all just looked at me for a minute.

Finally I added, “If you all want to come in here and hear what he has to say … “

Cindy said, “Can we?”

I sighed. “I don’t see why not. You’re already all knee-deep in all this, and you’re going to hear it anyway whether it’s while Sarge is here or afterwards. PLUS, if we do end up rescuing anyone else, most likely they’ll come back here. You all know what they’re probably going through, as much as anyone possibly could. I’ll need your support to help look after them and help them recover from their ordeal … while I keep working on how to reverse the process.”

What I didn’t bring up, is whether we would actually be involved in the rescue. Keisha made a good point, that if we hadn’t rescued Cindy and Becky before the police arrived, they’d both end up as hostages – and having multiple hostages means they could injure or even kill one just to ensure their escape. Though what wasn’t brought up, was that if I hadn’t supported Melanie’s incessant desire to find the truth, right now there could easily be a smoking hole and dead bodies where the lab was, and the scientists and their partners could be hidden away and harvesting victims left and right, or even setting up shop in another country at this point.

Melanie’s demand to go back to Level 7, in a roundabout way, may have saved dozens or even hundreds of future victims.


Right as we were finishing up lunch, Sarge showed up.

As I got up to answer the door, the girls stood up and scooted their table and chairs back. They wanted to stay and listen in, and expected us to meet at the kitchen table.

I took the hint.

Walking him back to the kitchen, I told him to have a seat while I went to grab the notebooks. He grunted.

Keisha spoke first. “Hey Sarge.”

“Officer Keisha.”

Becky chimed in, “Hey Uncle Joe!”

He softened briefly. “Hey Becky. Is this guy … treating you alright?”

“Yeah. He’s really good to us. I kinda like it here.” His eyebrows rose. She snorted. “Not enough to stay like this, silly. But if I have to be somewhere waiting for this to be solved … “

At that point I made it back in, notebooks in hand. He looked at me and grunted again. “Are you sure you want to go over this HERE?”

Cindy said, “Hey Joe. We told him we wanted to hear the details. We already know there’s probably more … people out there. We’ll find out the rest eventually. You may as well let us stay.”

He sighed.

“Besides” she continued, “once they’re rescued, you’re going to need us. Who else on the whole planet understands what they’re dealing with?”

He sighed again. “Fine. You made your point.” Then he pulled out his notebook. “Okay.” He spent a moment skimming his notes. “First off, the last name you gave me – the one that you said you weren’t sure if she was a victim or not.”

I nodded. “Conchita.”

He grunted. He seemed to do that a lot. “Right. Anyway, she’s here on a visa. We were able to locate her and it appears she’s not missing.”

“Well that’s a relief at least” I muttered.

Before I could get anything else out, Maria blurted, “We kinda put two and two together and suspected that our … “ she glanced at me and paused, I thought she might blurt out how we broke into the lab – something I hadn’t really discussed with Sarge. She rethought that and instead said, “research might have interrupted their plans.”

Melanie added, “They did rush to finish that second machine and vacate the lab right after they found out … we were onto them.”

I added, “It’s very possible we messed up their plans. But what I’m curious about is why this lady was targeted by name. Like is there some connection to whoever was financing this whole scheme.”

He grimaced. “We’re still looking into that.”

“Alright. At least we know she didn’t become a victim. But we have the other two … “

“Right. Okay. Now the DA – Kim Eagleton.” There were a couple of gasps amongst the peanut gallery. I hadn’t told them – did I even tell Melanie? - that I had names, much less that one of these people was a public figure? He continued, “So she did disappear about three weeks ago. Her car was found left in a parking lot near her office. Her phone was found in a dumpster around the block.”

“So … we think we know what happened to her, but … “

“We’re looking into what cases she was working on. If there was some reason she was targeted.”

“Yeah. I wondered if this guy … if she stumbled onto something. Or maybe she was just looking into shady business dealings. I noticed she worked on a lot of those kind of cases.”

“Given she was working on several at a time, it’s not a home run, but … and I probably shouldn’t even be showing you this, but you’re … involved already. So fine.” He sighed and pulled a paper out of his pocket. “Here are the cases she was working on at the time she disappeared. In-case you find something else that links to one of these characters. And if you do, I expect to hear about it. I don’t want to hear you went off vigilante.”

“I’ll keep an eye on him, Sarge” blurted Keisha.

“Good. Now … the last one. That’s a pretty generic description. We’ve had some missing persons reports that could come close to that, but nothing that jumps out. And I’ll have you know, not every person who disappears is reported in. If they took some lady off the street who was single, no family nearby, it could be days or weeks before someone reports her missing. And if it was some runaway living on the streets, it probably won’t get reported at all, or the family could have reported it a year ago. So again, not much to go on.”

I let out a breath. “I … was hoping for more. But I understand. Now … in these ledgers, the matching entries – or what look like they match – all have the same initials, NXT. No name.”

“Alright. Let me take those books now so the guys down at the crime lab can get started. I’ll give them my notes and yours to get started on.”

I handed him the books – thankful I’d managed to scan everything first. “OH. The other machine.”

He grunted. Again. “Yeah, working on that. If there’s a truck available tomorrow they may bring it over. We already got clearance, seeing as you’re further ahead on all this stuff. Just make sure you’re making progress and not putzing around, or they’re going to come take it back and put someone else on the project.”

There was a hint of a threat there, if I fucked this up. Yeah, I know. No pressure. “I know. But the sooner I can get my hands on it, the sooner I can figure out how to restore Becky and Keisha and everyone else.”

I mentioned them specifically because those were who he had the most vested interest in – his niece and one of his officers. I didn’t know how close he and Cindy were, given she was Andrew’s second (I assumed) wife and Sarge’s sister had been Becky’s mother.

At that he left. After seeing him out, I returned to the kitchen and sat down. All eyes were on me.

After a few moments, Cindy broke the silence. “So we’re going after them. Right?”

“We HAVE to” added Becky.

They all just looked at me, waiting for me to … do what? Say yeah let’s jump in the car and go rescue these women right now? I couldn’t. We didn’t even have much to go on. Where would we even go? Sheesh. I finally said, “Yes, we’re going to do something. But not yet. We don’t even know who this guy is. Let me do some research first.”

They all looked disappointed. Except for Keisha, who was probably used to this whole tracking down clues and stuff.

I added, “Look. We need a name. An address. Otherwise we’re going nowhere. But I’m going to work on it this afternoon. It’s not like I can work on the shrinking machine anyway, not until they bring it here.”

That mollified them somewhat. But I just knew as soon as I had a name and an address, they’d be jumping on me to go on a rescue mission. Whether we were ready or not.


After getting the girls situated and cleaning up from lunch, I was anxious to dig into the information the Sarge provided. While it was meager – beyond the knowledge that this Conchita was believed to to be safe, there was no information whatsoever about the Asian victim. However Sarge did confirm what I had already figured out, that the disappearance of this assistant district attorney seemed to coincide with her description in the lab notebooks. And given the detailed description of her and the shrinking that aligned with when she disappeared, I was inclined to believe the Asian woman – whoever she was – was also a victim. So we had some validation that there were likely two victims out there, not three. Beyond that, the only piece of useful information was the list of cases Kim was working on at the time she disappeared.

I suspected that the case list could be a link between her and the mysterious person with the initials NXT - and if this was personal, would (he?) likely still have her? I was pretty sure NXT was a guy, given the request for an Asian victim with large breasts, though I supposed I could be wrong. If abducting and shrinking Kim was truly part of a personal vendetta – NXT either feeling wronged or trying to stop her because she was onto something – then this person could well be keeping her in captivity. Hell, she could very well be subjected to torture, not just sexual abuse. Not that either one was right. Cindy and Becky were sexually abused for weeks on end, but I didn’t think they were separately tortured. In their case it wasn’t as personal, their captives were holding them to maintain leverage over Andrew. Kim though, I feared may have been personal – which meant torture or even the threat of death; both of which would be easy for someone like NXT once she was shrunk.

So, not a lot to go on, not as much as I’d hoped, but a little bit more than I had this morning.

However, I wanted to do something first. Trying to think ahead for once. Given that I hoped to have my hands on the machine the police retrieved from the bunker, possibly even tomorrow – and knowing it would shrink more than just people – this would be my first chance to give the girls some necessities. So toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, brushes, feminine products (you wouldn’t believe how complicated it had become trying to McGyver some of that stuff – so I was certain the girls would be thrilled) and maybe even some snacks. I wasn’t about to go buying them regular clothes, it would take some doing to figure out what would fit them before and then shrink it … the doll outfits with stretch and velcro were working out just fine for now. And if I were being honest with myself, a part of me liked that they could get them off quickly – or I could undress them quickly myself – and those skirts made it easy to sneak a peek. Which they’d all figured out already but it didn’t seem to bother them that I liked to look.

So I sent off my Amazon order – cases of inexpensive toothbrushes and other miscellaneous items – to arrive either Monday or Tuesday. I was tempted to leave everything in the boxes, shrink the boxes and let them be surprised when they unpacked them.

There was one more think I wanted to find. As cliché as it might sound, I wanted to get the girls a dollhouse. My rationale was that we already had 5 of them here – with the possibility of 2 more if we could locate and successfully rescue them. The girls were sleeping on the bedroom floor or the living room floor using hand towels as sleeping bags. Unless I magically solved how to reverse shrinking in two days – and even if I did, I was sure as hell going to put it through a lot of testing before subjecting one of them to it – the girls would be here with me for a while. Getting something like that would give them some space that was more to their size – they could set up their own bedrooms, lounge, maybe I could even rig a working bathroom at some point. But first I had to locate one – and not one that would take me two days to assemble. So I jumped on Craigslist and browsed the listings. Now if you’ve ever been on Craigslist, it’s a real hodgepodge – but you can find good deals there. It took a little time but I found someone listing a large dollhouse – it would probably require a pickup truck or an SUV to transport – but it was three stories, several bedrooms, and built for Barbie dolls. No stair railings, but at least there were stairs. I messaged the seller with a couple questions and she got back to me. The ceilings were 13 inches high – not ideal, but it was doubtful I’d find something with 14 or 15 inch ceilings. The girls were all under 12 inches, but not by much – the dollhouse ceilings would feel like a low ceiing – maybe equivalent to 7 foot ceilings for me – but it would be cozy and give them some personal space that they didn’t have now. And it wasn’t like they’d spend all their time in there anyway. So I negotiated back and forth over text with the seller and offered a little extra for delivery.

Then I settled down into taking a look at the paltry information the Sarge gave me. Going though the list of cases one by one, it wouldn’t be too too hard to look up these people and companies online and see if anything even remotely coincided with my theory that the abduction could be tied to one of those cases. It wasn’t hard to look them up, but digging through what I could locate online beyond that was tedious.

After spending the next hour scouring the internet for information on the companies and people related to those cases she was working on, my eyes were getting a little bleary and I hadn’t stumbled onto any clues yet.

Which made Melanie’s interruption to check on me, all the more pleasant.

I gently lifted her up to the desk, where she sat down cross-legged and gave me a gentle smile.

“Any luck yet?” she asked.

I let out a breath. “Nothing. Been looking at this so long my head’s starting to heart and I still don’t have a lead on anyone. None of these people jump out at me as a likely culprit.”

Her brow furrowed as she thought for a moment. “To be honest, I don’t think that’s much to go on anyway.”

I sighed. “True. We’re kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel here.”

“Did you find anything in those email files?”

Now my brow furrowed for a moment. Then it clicked. “Damn. I hadn’t even thought of that. But I remember you were going through those while I … “ Now I knew I’d been at this too long, I was blanking.

She gave me a concerned look. “Hey honey. I think you need to take a break from this. Before your head explodes. You’re not going to be any good to anyone if you can’t function.” I wanted to snap back with something like how I’d be fine and I just needed a minute, but well, she was probably right. Before I spoke, she continued, “Any chance you can finish setting up my computer? The one you were SO nice to set up for me before?” She smirked. “Pretty please?”

I snorted. “Well if you put it that way.” I thought for a moment. I’d set up something with her phone as the interface, the smaller phone keyboard being much easier for her to work with. The phone wasn’t damaged – not from just getting knocked onto the carpet – so … “Yeah. I … don’t think it’ll take too long. I … “ I got up and knelt down and grabbed her phone, still in the box of surviving items from the post-break-in cleanup. I took a look at it, flipped it over … “Yeah. I can do this. Just give me a few minutes.”

She grinned. “Take your time honey. I’m not going anywhere.”

I dug through the box and found the USB cable to connect it to the laptop, made some other adjustments … nothing quite as fancy as I had set up for her three weeks ago … geez, had it been that long? … but enough to get her up and running if she wanted to browse those email files, which were part of what I secretly downloaded off the lab server before they tried to erase everything to cover their tracks. I remembered that she’d helped find a couple of the threatening video clips that they’d sent to Andrew to ensure his compliance, with either his wife or daughter naked and pleading into the camera. She’d also come across the tracking notice for that pallet at the loading dock, which is what led us to rush there … on a Sunday morning … to try to plant a bug on the equipment before it got delivered. Which of course led to Melanie getting trapped and riding along on the delivery when they arranged a truck to pick it up a day early.

Snapping my thoughts back to the present, I finished up the connections, including the travel trackball mouse (which seemed to work for her – I knew a regular mouse wouldn’t) and eventually got everything working. She sat there patiently, watching me with amusement as I tried to get it ‘just right’ for her to use.

Once I was done, she let me lift her up – and plant a kiss of course – and set her down in front of her computer. Now it was my turn to watch with amusement as she got herself situated. I knew it had taken her a little time to get used to using a phone keyboard (though it wasn’t a lot bigger for her than a standard desktop keyboard) and trackball (the smallest I could find, it still required her whole hand to move around) – though it had only been about a week since she’d used it last, so she was able to get back into using it again fairly quickly.

It took us a few minutes to load up the email archive – which we’d downloaded using the back-door virus we planted during the break-in on Level 7. Knowing that three days later they’d be stripping the server and rigging an explosive to cover their tracks, we were very lucky to get ahold of what we did. Which come to think of it, we hadn’t gotten around to mentioning to the police. I supposed they had more than enough material on the two scientists and their associates even without these email files – especially given that half of them were involved in Andrew’s abduction and beating and then the break-in at my house, while the other half attacked Keisha and her partner at the mansion, shrunk Keisha and threatened to kill her if they weren’t allowed to escape. There were multiple police witnesses to all of that. Plus, it was possible that Cindy and Becky – and Melanie for that matter – could agree to testify against them. Maria or Keisha as well, for that matter.

Though the email files were the key that led us to finding the mansion.

Which suddenly brought to mind that the mansion ownership was listed as an LLC, which was then controlled by another LLC. So as Melanie began to look for clues in the email files to the identity of the mysterious NXT, I began searching the public state records regarding the two LLC’s in hopes of finding a link that maybe we just didn’t recognize before.


About an hour later, Melanie looked up. She’d been poring over that email archive for a while.


I glanced over at her. “Yeah babe?”

“Come take a look at this.”

“Whatcha got?” I asked as I rolled my chair over to the shelf that I’d set up as a desk and workstation for her.

“Emails. There are a few here with an email address of NXT.”

Well that got my attention. “Just … NXT?”

She sighed. “Yeah. I guess this guy created a generic email just to communicate with his associates.”

“So … we may need to read each one and see if there are any clues. But it’s closer than we were. Good job, babe.”

She beamed at me. “Okay. Maybe … we should both read these. Two sets of eyes? I don’t want to miss something important.”

“Okay” I said softly as I scooted up closer. Close enough that I could smell her shampoo. The girls were still using those fancy travel soaps I pulled out weeks ago – yes they go a long way when they only need a drop or two. I took a whiff and she giggled and flipped her head back, her forehead bumping my lip. So naturally I kissed her there before whispering, “Sorry, but you smell nice.”

She giggled again. “You’d better stop, you know you’ll get me horny if you keep doing that. We’ve got work to do.”

I snorted. “Alright. I’ll TRY to resist you, but it’s not easy. Sometimes I just want to gobble you up.”

Now she snorted. “Hope not literally, silly! Okay honey, time to focus. You can have me all you want LATER. Right now we have two more women out there waiting for us to find them.”

I sighed. “True. Okay. Focus.”

At that we both read the emails as she opened them, one at a time.

The first few emails didn’t provide much more than we already had. The goons were giving an update on their progress and plans and this NXT was just acknowledging them, nothing further. So no clues to go on. It was annoying to me to see them refer to the girls as test subjects, though it wasn’t hard for me to figure out who they were referring to as the email dates lined up with the notebook entries.

After a half hour of browsing emails that had little to go on, we finally found something useful. Or Melanie did first, and she squealed with excitement when she saw it. I almost started laughing myself – not at the email but at her reaction. But then I saw what she was pointing to. This was the first of what we believed were three requests from this NXT for specific victims. The description matched what was in the notebooks, but with more detail. Having found this, I had renewed optimism that we would find more.

Soon after that, we found a communication back to NXT indicating that they had ‘obtained’ the requested ‘subject’ and would be ‘processing’ her shortly. Geez that sounded cold and clinical.

The next email was more useful. NXT providing instructions for the ‘transfer’ – likely referring to the victim. The language was cryptic – that was probably intentional – but indicated that the transfer must be completed within the 8-10 hour ‘dormancy’ (I assume this referred to the period post-shrinking when the victim would be unconscious?) and described placing the ‘subject’ in a briefcase which would be exchanged at a specific time and location, indicated by GPS coordinates.

When I looked that up, the location appeared to be a public park. Given that they were doing this ‘transfer’ post-shrinking and before the victim awoke, and given the precautions they seemed to be taking, I suspected wherever NXT was taking them was someplace nearby. I also suspected the date of transfer probably matched one of the funds transfers in the ledger, I could check on that later but that was of lesser importance. The critical piece was that this NXT had to be somewhere in that area. The location was a 2 hour drive east, way far outside of town.

We continued on through the messages and found the ones for the second victim, similar to the first, and a different location for the ‘exchange’ but within a mile of the first location. So I felt it even more likely that this NXT had to be SOMEWHERE in that area. I thought back to the tracker I’d hidden on their car. If only I’d had it on their car back then and I could see where all they’d gone. Though by my estimation even this second ‘handoff’ of a victim was at least a week before our trip to Level 7. After I’d pummeled them in the lab to rescue Melanie and Maria, we had a hunch they’d come by her siblings’ house, where they’d ‘placed’ her, asking questions. We were right (and lucky), seeing them show up there after the three of us had camped out for hours down the street. Regardless though, we had the GPS coordinates in the email for both locations, and I really doubted they would have followed NXT to his … house? Mansion? Warehouse? So it still wasn’t enough to go on. But I felt we could narrow it down.

The two meeting spots were both rural locations.

Now this NXT, given the millions he had available to funnel into this illegal operation, and probably being behind the mansion where the scientists were holed up, I really doubted he would have a small house or a small family farm. No, the guy probably did have a big estate somewhere, or he owned a large business nearby. So back on my own computer, I zoned into the two locations where the victims were handed off, then started to slowly back out to see if anything caught my eye.

The next hour I scanned Google satellite views in a search pattern, going out from the two meeting points in all directions. Until I came across something strange. Not at all what I was expecting. In fact, I found a spot a few miles from the dropoff points, that looked like literally nothing. As if the satellite image was a fuzzy copy and paste of an image of the nearby farmland. Identical to an area a mile away – so identical that when I zoomed in, the exact same harvester was parked in the exact same spot. Yet around the edges, something just felt wrong. I looked closely over the edges and became more and more convinced that the satellite image was doctored – that someone went way out of their way to hide something.

There was no street view available, even though it looked like a road – a little two-lane state highway – ran immediately south. That was also strange.

Trying Bing maps, I discovered the same issue. Only slight variations, but the image looked as if it was copied and pasted, identical to the image of plowed fields a mile away. I cursed under my breath and thought for a moment. I was becoming more and more convinced this was an intentional cover-up, that if I went to that location I would find more than fields.

I switched to one of the more obscure satellite image programs out there, just to see if the image looked any different, and … for a moment I was speechless. I double checked to see if I had the exact same location – even pulling up both images side by side. Sure enough, it was the exact same location. But this time, there were no fields. A lush lawn, sure, but no fields. The view from the road looked as if it would be blocked by a thick copse of trees, and the entry from the main road was a narrow drive that appeared to come out of the trees on the other side in a different location – as if it were intentionally snaked through to prevent anyone on the road from seeing past the trees. But standing beyond those trees was a mansion – and not just a mansion, but a huge one – with a heliport. There appeared to be a tall fence around the perimeter, right up to the trees.

This had to be it. I’d found nothing else but farmland and a few clusters of houses for several miles.

But I couldn’t be sure, could I? Just because there was a huge mansion – one that someone had gone way out of their way to hide from public view – didn’t mean this was where NXT was, did it? I needed something else to go on.

So I worked on trying to figure out the location as best I could – would there even be a visible address? Unlikely. But I could figure out what town it was in and go from there. That in hand, I went to the county records site and started digging. At this point I was beyond grateful that most counties in the state had computerized records nowadays. Knowing the main road, I was able to narrow my search to the town and to all addresses on that state highway. Which weren’t many, given so much of that stretch bordered farmland. Checking each listing one by one, it didn’t take too long to find what I was looking for. And that the piece of land where the mansion sat, was deeded to the same LLC that the other mansion – the one outside the city with the underground bunker - was deeded to. The. Exact. Same. One.

There was the link we needed. Now I was convinced we had found the mysterious NXT.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Tue Nov 14, 2023 2:56 pm

The plot thickens....

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Melanie's Story Part 59 - Plotting

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By the time Melanie and I had pinpointed what we felt just ‘had to be’ the location of NXT – basically a large estate with a mansion and helipad, that was not just completely hidden from the road, but intentionally deleted from both Google maps and Bing maps – it was already dinner time. We’d spent the whole afternoon poring over emails and maps, but against the odds we found the needle in the haystack.

How would the others take the news? Would they insist we rush out there and mount a rescue? Melanie and Maria both understood all the work, the research and the planning that went into finding the two scientists and their cronies and the eventual rescue of Cindy and Becky.

But the others weren’t really around to see any of that, only the end result.

By the time I rounded up the girls, setting the basket on the kitchen table so they could climb out and grab a seat at the Barbie table, they were already discussing our new lead.

Becky blurted, “So why can’t you just go there TONIGHT and break them out?”

Well so much for subtlety.

“As much as I’d like to,” I started, “… I can’t just walk up and bang on the door, can I?”

Before the groans and protests started up, Melanie chimed in. “Guys, this place is huge – bigger than the other mansion. And it’s been hidden. It was actually erased from the satellite maps, and it’s hidden from the road.”

I added, “There are probably fences, security cameras. Armed guards. If I just walked up there I may not even make it to the front door. And for all I know, they might just try to make me disappear. Remember, this guy was probably the money behind the whole operation. And remember, the other place – it was in the suburbs, surrounded by other houses – and they still had armed guards and cameras everywhere. If this guy is so private he’s hiding the fact that there’s anything more than farmland there, then I can’t imagine he wouldn’t have the same – or more.”

After that little outburst, there was silence for a few moments. Yeah, I may have raised my voice a little, but they were unrealistic. Only Melanie and Maria saw what we went through to get into and out of the other mansion.

Finally Cindy spoke. “So then what do we do?”

I was expecting that question eventually. Once they got over their sudden urge to rush out the door.

“Okay. FIRST off, we need to do some recon. The place is two hours’ drive from here – and given all the measures the guy has taken to keep it private, there could well be cameras on the road – in the trees – all around the perimeter. We need to figure out where the cameras are, where the guards are, how many people are even on the property, stuff like that before we can even start to figure out how to sneak onto the property.”

The mood dampened a bit and I could see both Becky and Cindy looked a little deflated as they listened to all that.

Maria spoke for the first time, probably noticing how they both looked daunted. “Can we use the drone?”

“Possibly. Okay, tell you what. There’s about zero chance we’re breaking into the place right now. But there’s what … “ I glanced at the clock “some light out still. Maybe we have time to get out there tonight just to take a look … from a distance. What I’d like to do is get cameras out there so we can see what’s going on, but we don’t have enough to go on yet … not when I can’t even get a clear picture of the layout of the property. And given they have a helipad, they may well have a camera or two looking up. We didn’t have to deal with that last time. We need to know more before I’m willing to risk anyone going out there even to plant cameras.”

Keisha spoke up. “What about a long distance camera? Could we could watch the property from a distance, like up a hillside?”

I smirked. “Joining our little vigilante rescue team?”

She snorted. “Honestly? While I can’t condone your methods, I do agree that showing up to arrest the guy would be a challenge without more evidence.” Then after a pause she added, “And your argument about putting the victims at risk as hostages is valid.”

“Well … if we did manage to rescue them, then I would think the police would have plenty of evidence to move in without risking them. Sarge could come over and take statements similar to what Cindy and Becky … and Melanie … gave. If they’re willing. And I can’t imagine an assistant District Attorney wouldn’t be willing to give a statement – or testify – regarding her own abduction and who knows what kind of abuse since.”

I saw some shudders out of the corner of my eye as I said that.

Thinking on it for a minute, I started to formulate a plan. “Alright. We have what, three hours of daylight left? Here’s probably as much as we can accomplish today.” Everyone perked up at that. I suppose they were waiting for me to do something, well here it was. “It’s 2 hours to get there. I have to run to the store first and pick up a couple pieces of equipment, if we’re going to set up a surveillance camera or two. It’s not like I have everything just laying around here … as much as it might look that way sometimes. So then I’ll need to park out of sight of the property. See if I can get a scope of the land before it’s totally dark. I’ll need an hour or two to set up the cameras before I place them anywhere. Then place them and test them. Finally … if it looks safe … maybe do a flyover with the drone. MAYBE.”

All eyes were still on me so I continued, “We need a lot more information before we can formulate a plan to break them out. We’re going to get them out, okay? But we’re not prepared yet. If I just waltz in, they could just shoot me. And then what’s that going to accomplish? Aside from tipping them off that we found them, AND leaving you guys on your own. We’ll just make things worse.”

“No, if we’re going to rescue them we have to do it quietly – sneak in and sneak back out before they can do anything about it. And we’ll only get ONE chance at that.”


At that, I grabbed a notepad and started sketching out what I needed even while the girls were still finishing dinner. As soon as they were done, I helped them down off the table and told them to decide if they wanted to go along, we were leaving in 20 minutes. Then I jogged to the computer and pre-ordered some parts from the electronics superstore – which luckily wouldn’t be too far out of our way and had 30 minute pickup. Then I checked the drone in the garage – just in case we got that far – made sure it was charged and then loaded it into the trunk, along with a telescope, flashlight, and a box of spare parts (knowing I’d have to assemble something there on-site.) I’d much rather have spent a day planning all this and not be so rushed, but the girls were beyond anxious for me to ‘do SOMETHING’ – plus tomorrow, I hoped, the machine salvaged from the underground bunker would be showing up on a truck. Along with some other surprises I’d ordered that I hadn’t told the girls about. So I’d be busy with a number of other things tomorrow.

Car loaded, I came back inside to find the girls – all five of them – standing together in the kitchen.

“Umm … so who’s going with me?”

Cindy blurted, “I think we all are.”

“You’re sure? Nobody wants to stay here? We still have the safe house if something happens while I’m gone.”

“Honestly? We’d rather be out there. Even if we can’t do … much.”

I blew out a breath. “Alright. Car’s packed. Anything you need to do before we go? Bathroom break? There no … sink in the car.”

Maria snorted. I could just imagine what was going through her mind. Back when she and I camped out near the other mansion, planning and waiting for dark to try to rescue Melanie, I smuggled her into a convenience store restroom … where we did more than just use the facilities. I started to smirk before I caught myself, and I could see Maria was thinking the same thing as she didn’t bother hiding her own smirk. I didn’t think the others knew that story, but it was more Maria’s to tell if she wanted to.

“Okay then. Let me go grab the basket and I’ll be right back. And … some snacks and water.” I retrieved the basket and set it down, then grabbed a mini bag of chips – surprised I had a few left, but they did come in 20-packs … and one bag was more than the five of them could eat anyway. A couple bottles of water was more than enough as well, given they could just sip from the cap.

I tossed the snacks and water into the car and then came back to get the girls. I bent down and lifted up the basket, taking a moment to look at the five of them, all sitting and looking back at me. I resisted the temptation to do more than just say, “Ready?”

I got a chorus of “Ready” replies and then headed to the car, setting the basket down on the passenger seat.

As they got comfortable, I went ahead and pulled out, heading for the electronics superstore.


Two and a half hours later – following our stop to pick up parts, opening up the snacks along the way, and many rounds of ‘are we there yet’ (while I realize they can’t see the road out the window from their vantage point, it was starting to feel like I had five kids instead of five adults in the car with me) we somehow arrived with a few minutes of daylight left, the setting sun playing hide-and-seek behind the clouds at the edge of the horizon. I’d have almost preferred the sun be behind us – it would make it harder for anyone on the property to see us – though in a few minutes it wouldn’t matter much.

While there were no real roads jutting off the main road that would give us any decent view of the mansion or heliport, the adjacent farmland did have a small line of shallow hills along the opposite end. I found a dirt service road that came up behind those hills – and parked as close to the hills as possible, in hopes that the car would be hidden from view. This was largely a rural, agricultural area, but this late in the day I was hopeful nobody would be coming around to look at the crops; planting was probably done weeks ago given how many lush green plants – in nice even rows – were already here. I admittedly couldn’t recognize what they were growing yet, but if it weren’t for the service road I wasn’t sure how we’d get out to this spot until after the harvest.

I asked the ladies to stay put for a few minutes, as I grabbed the telescope out of the trunk and then started to climb the closest hill – which was a little steeper than it looked from back on the main road. I climbed until I could just see over the top – hesitant to go higher and stand out to anyone looking this way. Pulling the telescope out and focusing it, I got my first real look at the compound – and yes it was a compound, not just a mansion. There were trees in many places around the property, not just along the main road, and the areas that didn’t have trees had an actual wall built- not just a fence. It looked to be tall – maybe 10 feet? - and wide enough to stand on, though I wasn’t sure if someone could safely walk on it – hard to tell from a distance. The main building was sprawling, in a U shape with a circular drive in front, but was only two stories tall. Even from a distance I could see what looked like cameras mounted in various spots around the roof … and on the wall as well. At least, best I could estimate, they were all looking down, not up. Though around the helipad – off to the far side of the mansion and partially out of my view from here – it was possible there’d be cameras pointing up.

Scanning the rest of the compound, I could see some outbuildings, including a couple that looked like guard posts, though I wondered if those were manned all day or just during the day – one appeared to be close to where the driveway off the main road probably came out from the trees, while the other appeared to be close to that helipad. I HOPED they weren’t manned all the time, as that would make it that much harder to try to get in and out of the place. I was starting to generate some ideas in my head, but I needed to see more.

Back at the car, the girls strained to watch me from their position in the passenger seat, as I set up the drone and synced it with the laptop. I needed to record the feed from the drone while I had a chance here – and it was right at sunset, so it would be getting dark in a few minutes – hopefully dark enough to hide a drone flying high overhead but enough light to be able to see a few things. I could go over the recorded feed later. I trudged back up the hill with the controller in-hand, back to my vantage point on the hill, keeping most of my body out of view of the compound. I slowly launched the drone and brought it high up in the sky – in hopes it wouldn’t be seen easily from the ground in the dimming twilight. Then I hovered it west towards the compound. My goal here was literally to cover the area and record the images to look at later. So I didn’t stop for anything – in fact I didn’t worry too much about the images coming through to the controller, aside from ensuring I covered as much as I could and didn’t crash into anything. I spent about 20 minutes just making passes over the property in a back/forth search pattern, though I avoided going directly over the helipad in-case there were cameras looking up from there. The drone had no running lights – I had covered them with black electrical tape back when we used it at the other mansion and I never removed it – so I was hopeful an accidental pass overhead wouldn’t trigger alarms. I suspected I would need the drone later, once I formulated a plan to get in and out.

Once I felt I’d covered everything, I brought it back, watched it land and then retrieved it and loaded it back into the trunk.

Soon as I came around, Maria greeted me with “How are we supposed to pee in here?”

I snorted. Of course it had been almost three hours since we left. “Surprised you’ve held it this long.”

Now she snorted. “True, but now we’re just sitting here snacking and drinking. We really do have to go. Unless you want a wet seat.”

I smirked. “Okay, but it’ll have to be out here in the road. Nobody’s here but us.”


“Okay, who all needs to go?”

At that, I opened the passenger door and lowered them to the dirt and gravel one at a time, trying to take care to put them on a flat spot. They were all in bare feet and the service road was rough and bumpy.

“Just stay close so nobody gets lost, okay? It’s getting dark.”

Keisha snorted. “No kidding.”

At that, they all went about their business. As they did, I stepped around the car myself, walking closer to some bushes (weeds?) on the edge of the hill to do the same. Not like there was a convenience store anywhere near. I grinned to myself briefly thinking again of the time I took Maria to the convenience store restroom.

All done, I came around to the passenger side again to look for the girls. I lifted them back up into the passenger seat one by one, and then froze for a moment. “Umm, guys, where’s Becky?”

A moment later I heard a shriek, off near another set of bushes and ran in that direction. What the hell was she thinking?

“Becky?” I called softly.

“Umm, here” she blurted.

I followed the sound and soon found her on the other side of a clump of weeds, trembling. I bent down and put my hand out, and she nearly leaped into my hand.

“Hey, what … happened? Are you alright?”

She began to calm down as I stroked her arm with my thumb. “I … it … some animal. It was HUGE.”

As she spoke I glanced over and saw a field mouse scampering away. “It’s okay. It was just a mouse. It’s gone now.”

Her eyes got wide as I said ‘mouse’ but she stopped trembling as I continued to stroke her arm.

“Hold me for a minute?”

I whispered, “Okay.” As I stroked her arm, I lifted her up and kissed her on the top of the head.

“You can … do more of that” she whispered. I kissed her arm and then her tummy. She lifted up her blouse. “Umm … there too?” she whispered.

I kissed her there, my lip brushing her suddenly exposed breast. I whispered up against her skin, “You know the others are in the car waiting for us?”

She shuddered at my breath against her bare skin and whispered back, “Please? You can make it quick, I know you can. I need this.”

I kissed her again, my lips wrapping over her breast and the tip of my tongue teasing her tiny nipple. As soon as I pulled back, she hoisted up her skirt and spread her legs, her eyes pleading for me to go there. I obliged, moving her higher so that I could wrap my lips around her there. I supposed we were far enough from the car that the girls wouldn’t realize what we were doing – unless we took a long time to return. But she was right, I could get her off quickly if I wanted to. The tip of my tongue began to explore her, and in a few moments I was stroking the length of her labia. Her lips parted for me, eagerly, and I could already taste her. I supposed her scare with the mouse and my rescuing her, must have pushed her senses into overdrive. As soon as the tip of my tongue worked its way between her lips, she gasped and arched her back, pushing her hips against me as if she could shove herself into my mouth. I held my lips around her as my tongue probed her there, her hip thrusts falling into a rhythm with the movements of my tongue. Her erratic breathing and gentle moans gave way to a wail, her hips pressing themselves against my tongue as she climaxed.

I continued to lick her gently as she came down from her high and collapsed in my hand.

She whispered, “I love you.”

I slowly pulled back from her and whispered, “I love you too” and kissed her a few more times. “We’d better get going before they start asking more questions.”

Her nose crinkled at that, but then she nodded. “Okay.”


Back at the car, I heard bits and pieces as Becky described her brush with a ‘huge animal’ – and selectively left out the part where she asked me to get her off afterwards. Not that I minded. I enjoyed getting them off – both for what they obviously got out of it and for me it was always a little bit of a power rush to know I could do that so easily. But I knew some of the girls were so intent on me rescuing the remaining victims that they may not be in the mood right at the moment. Though for that matter, Becky wasn’t in the mood either, but I suppose the fright of that ‘huge’ field mouse and my comforting her afterwards changed that quickly.

I went in the back seat to pull out the items I’d picked up at the computer store and unpack them from all the wrapping. I took a few minutes to look everything over and think through what I still needed, and then grabbed the box of spare parts that I’d brought along, and began assembling. All I was doing was setting up a camera feed – which wasn’t as easy as it sounded out here in the middle of nowhere. Setting up a simple video camera and a lens for distance was easy – figuring out how to get it to feed back to my laptop at home required connecting the feed to something that could transmit periodically – think of the space missions where NASA sends probes out and the radio signals transmit over millions of miles without cell service or internet. Same principal but a much shorter distance – closer to 100 miles. I just needed it to bounce off a satellite and I just needed the battery to last a couple or three days – long enough to get a feel for how many people were going in and out, when the guards were at their posts, how much traffic came by, if a helicopter ever showed up, etc.

I worked on assembling and programming and then started to think through how I was going to place this somewhere it wouldn’t be discovered. Last thing we needed was something that tipped these people off that they’d been discovered. I worked my way slowly up the hillside, trying not to drop any of this – it took me two hours to get this all together. It was dark enough that I took a chance going over the hill and over to the other side – where during the day I’d be in plain view from the compound if someone were to look closely this direction. The hill was just high enough to see over the wall and in a spot where there was more wall than trees, so it was probably the best I was going to get. I spent the next half hour positioning the camera and lens, checking the focus, securing it so it wouldn’t move easily, focusing a small dish up towards the sky to project the feed out, and then gathering additional brush to hide the setup from view as much as I could – at least from the direction of the compound. At least the dish was only about 6 inches round, but I couldn’t block any of it without losing any signal – as it was the signal was already weak but it was the best I could get. I pulled up a bush and placed it in front of the dish, pushing some sticks in the ground to keep it in place.

Back at the car, I checked the laptop to make sure the feed was coming through – not the best picture but it was enough to be useful. The girls were clearly tired – a couple of them were already stretched out and dozing in the passenger seat, the other three were talking softly while they lay against the seat back. I closed the car door as quietly as I could – which wasn’t saying much – and started up the engine. It was well past midnight already. Damn, I wished I had some coffee, I still had two hours of driving ahead of me. Despite the bumpy gravel and the car engine, the rest of them had dozed off not long after I got onto the highway.

I drove along, trying to stay awake as best I could, even splashing a little water on my face at one point. No place out here to get coffee this late, not like on the interstate where I could stop at a travel plaza at 1am and expect a decent cup of coffee. Nothing here but 2-lane roads and pastures. I drove on, at times a little jealous that the girls could sleep through the trip back. It was a half hour before I even came to a stoplight – red of course, despite no other cars on the crossroad. I took a moment to glance down at my little charges and found my right hand drifting down to stroke Melanie’s little cheek and brush the hair from her face. At least nobody was behind me to start honking when the light changed.

By about 2am I was pulling into the driveway and then into the garage, still amazed the girls were sleeping through the whole return trip. I quietly opened the door and then the door to the kitchen, set down my laptop – the rest I could get later – and jogged back to the bedroom to clear some space. Then I went back to the car and carefully scooped up the girls one at a time, making five slow trips as I lay them down across one side of the bed, giving them a kiss as I did. I carried Becky on my last trip, and as I closed the car door and then the kitchen door behind me, I stopped and just gazed at her for a moment, the memory of her shaking in my hand - and then almost begging me to fuck her with my tongue – coming back to me. I couldn’t resist the urge to rub my thumb along the side of her breast and then lift her skirt again and kiss her down there, the scent of her climax still lingering. She let out a little moan, but didn’t wake up. I continued back to the bedroom and lay her down next to the others, then pulled out a hand towel and draped it over all five of them like a blanket.

At that point I was too tired to go back and review the video footage we’d taken – that could wait until later. I quickly washed up and then climbed into bed, pulling up a sheet. Just as I was about to doze off, I felt something push against my side. I lifted the sheet and found Becky trying to climb up onto my chest. I smirked and lowered a hand under her to help boost her up. She looked up at me and bit her lower lip. It took me a moment to realize what was different; she’d shed her clothes. She climbed up just under my chin, smirked at me, and then whispered, “Thank you for saving me out there. I didn’t get a chance to pay you back. You just lay back and enjoy your payback.” Then she crawled down on all fours under the sheets until she got to my crotch, sliding down between my legs. As I lay back, I could feel her massaging me down there until I began to stiffen. Once it was hard enough she used it to pull herself back up, and then slowly, sensually rubbed her body along its length and planted soft tiny kisses. Eventually she made her way to the head and began to kiss the tip, pushing her tongue in as she pressed her breasts against me and slid her hands up and down. She continued that for several minutes, building me up slowly. She’d done this enough that she could probably sense when I was ready to erupt, and did her best to keep me close to that point as long as she could, before she finally decided it was time. She got a little more forceful, pressing her whole body against my throbbing shaft, rubbing her hands hard against the other side and nibbling at the head with her teeth as I let loose and covered her in warm cum.

She slowed her ministrations as the last of the cum flowed from my spent rod, and let me catch my breath. Somehow the other girls were still asleep – or they were doing a good job of faking it. I slowly lifted up the sheet – which was now damp in the middle – and Becky, with a grin, fell back into my hand when I held it out. I quietly climbed out of bed with her in my hand and padded off to the bathroom so we could both clean up. I washed her off gently and kissed her several times – in several places – as I dried her off with a corner of the towel. We returned to bed with a clean sheet and I lay her on my chest, still naked. She dozed off to sleep again as I stroked her back. I knew I needed to sleep myself, though I wondered what the others would think when they woke up – all of us in bed together, Becky and I both naked. Though as I thought about it, I supposed they wouldn’t be too surprised; all of us had been intimate with each other so many times in the last couple weeks that they probably almost expected someone would do what Becky did tonight. I snorted to myself at that thought.

Tomorrow – or later today I suppose – they’d all be anxious for me to review the footage and start planning a break-in at the compound. And I had multiple packages coming that the girls didn’t know about yet. Plus the machine salvaged from the bunker could be arriving. It would be another long day ahead.

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Melanie's Story Part 60 - The Shrinking Machine

Post by Rocket » Thu Dec 07, 2023 1:37 am

I awoke the next morning to the sound of several women milling about near my pillow. It appeared they were all up and just waiting for me to get moving. I supposed they couldn’t easily jump down off the bed by themselves. With a start, I realized that Becky had climbed down off my chest – where she’d gone to sleep earlier – and joined the others. I smirked as I caught her out of the corner of my eye; she hadn’t bothered getting dressed. I suppose everyone else would easily guess what we did last night … if they didn’t already know.

“Wake up, sleepy!” I heard out of the little crowd.

I just groaned.

“Some of us have to GO … unless you want us to wet the bed?” I heard a couple snorts in response to whoever said that.

I groaned again. “Okay. But you know you guys got to sleep the whole trip back? Who do you think got you home and put you to bed?”

“Point taken. But we really do … “

“Okay. Okay.” I swung my feet to the floor. “Who has to go first?”

Cindy and Maria both jumped up. Figures. I reached down to pick them up, one in each hand, and hustled off to the bathroom, setting them both down gently next to the sink.

“Is it alright if I bring the others in a minute?”

Maria smirked. “Sure.” She added “and thank you” as she pulled her skirt off – no modesty there I supposed – and slid down into the sink. By the time I stepped into the hallway, she and Cindy were already squatting over the drain. As I walked back to the bedroom, I thought about whether it was possible to actually build a working toilet they could use. Not that thing I threw together for the panic room – that basically worked like a port-a-potty and required periodic cleaning – but an actual working toilet. Now that one of the machines would (hopefully) be coming here for me to work on (which reminded me that the other one, in the lab, still likely had a bomb wired to it … a problem for another day), perhaps I could buy a toilet from the hardware store and shrink it. The big challenges would be the water supply and the drain … neither would be standard connections anymore once shrunk. An interesting puzzle to solve.

Though for now we had plenty more immediate concerns. Back in the bedroom, I asked if anyone else was in a hurry. Instead I got snort-laughs. I raised an eyebrow in response.

Melanie just laughed. “Sorry. We were just getting the details on why Becky woke up naked laying on your chest.”

Becky’s cheeks turned red, but only for a fleeting second. “I told you, it was payback. He rescued me from an animal out there.”

Now Melanie raised an eyebrow at me, as if waiting for me to confirm or refute the story. “Yes I did see a mouse.”

“It was BIG!” blurted Becky, trying to defend herself.

I bent down and nudged her chin with my finger. “Hey, it’s okay. At your size I’m sure it did look big.” I did the math quickly in my head. “Probably … the size of a dog?”

She nodded. “Yeah.”

“Okay. Let’s get you all to the bathroom and you can wash up and get ready while I work on breakfast. We have a big day ahead.”

So I picked up Melanie and Becky. I stopped and looked at both of them for a moment, holding them up, before walking to the bathroom. I sighed. “I did enjoy that day when all of you spent the day without clothes.”

Melanie smirked. “I bet you did.”

I lifted her up and kissed her on the stomach, and then did the same to Becky, before setting them down next to the sink. Both Maria and Cindy had finished their business and were washing up in the other sink.

I went back to get Keisha, and as I lifted her up in my hand, she looked at me and said, “Umm .. privately, you’re not REALLY going to try breaking into that compound, are you? You’re just one guy.”

“Not by myself. But I’m still working on a plan.”


After breakfast I had the bathroom to myself for just long enough to take a quick shower and shave. I got dressed quickly, knowing we had at least three deliveries showing up and not knowing when. I checked my phone in time to see a text regarding the first delivery – from the seller I found on Craigslist. He wanted to know if he could swing by in about a half an hour, he had it loaded in his SUV already. I’d agreed to pay cash, and luckily I kept some cash for emergencies in a metal box up above the kitchen cabinets. As I retrieved the box I thought to myself for a moment about how much this was costing me. I did want to do freelance work for the freedom – and I had plenty of that, or I’d never have been able to do all this work to help the girls – but no contracts meant no money coming in. So eventually I’d have to rectify that. I mused about how I’d hired Melanie as an assistant two years ago – when I had a contract to help a company develop a neural interface and I needed someone with expertise in biology. It would be an interesting full circle if Melanie and I ended up working side by side in the future. Unless she decided she wanted to return to the lab she’d been at for the past year before her shrinking. Or unless she decided she wanted to stay her current size – something I overheard her musing about at least once. Who knows.

Snapping back to reality again, I searched for the girls to warn them that someone may be coming by shortly to deliver something - and that they may want to disappear for a few minutes.

Speaking of, a few minutes after I warned them, came a knock on the front door. I took a quick peek out the window – sure enough the guy was here already. Jogging to the door, I met him and walked out with him to the truck. The delivery – a large dollhouse – would take two of us to lift out of the SUV and over the threshold. As we did that, I mumbled something about a little niece coming to visit all the time and how she’d just love this. Obviously I couldn’t tell him the truth, that I had a bunch of tiny women here that barely stood halfway to my knee. We set it down in the front living room, I paid the guy – cash – and shook hands and that was that.

Hearing the door close and the SUV drive off, the girls started wandering in.

“What is THAT?” someone exclaimed.

I waited a moment until all five of them were in the room and then went on to explain. “Okay guys. Obviously, it’s a dollhouse. Now, I’m hoping to get one of the machines today to start working on a solution to restore you, but it’s not like I can just snap my fingers and it’s done. So this is an attempt to try to make things more comfortable in the meantime. It’s used and it didn’t cost all that much. But there are several bedrooms inside, each of you could pick one out and decorate it however you like.”

I was greeted with some slack jaws and silence. Not quite the rousing cheers I was hoping for.

“Umm … anyway, it’s just temporary. Now … do you prefer it here, or … “

Maria said, “Why don’t you just put it in the bedroom? We usually end up sleeping in there anyway.”

I thought for a moment. “You’re sure? I wasn’t sure if you might want privacy … “

She snorted. “This is already a lot more privacy than we have now. The bedroom is fine.”

So at that, they stepped out of the way as I slowly dragged the dollhouse into the hallway and then into the bedroom, setting it up along the wall opposite the bed, next to where the girls had been laying out towels to sleep in for the past couple weeks.

“There’s an opening in the back … but I don’t think we need that, so I’m turning that to the wall. Is that okay? The door in front opens – and it looks like there’s a stairwell inside too. I can order whatever furniture or other stuff, even paints and brushes if you want to paint the walls, just let me know once you figure out what you want.”

Cindy and Keisha both looked around through the windows and then back to me. Cindy said, “Thank you. We do appreciate it.”

Maria snorted.


She smirked at me. “I was just thinking … it would be kinda funny waking up to find your giant eye ogling me through the upstairs window.”

Now she had me snorting.

“How is that any different than before?” asked Keisha.



I left them alone to explore the new house while I went back to the office. I hadn’t had a chance to look at anything we’d captured last night – I was exhausted at that point and the girls were all asleep long before we got home – but if there was any chance of breaking into that compound and getting back out in one piece, much less rescuing anyone, I had to pore over the photos and video footage and try to find access points, figure out where the cameras were, and try to guess at where in the compound the victims might be held – assuming that they were still there – in addition to where the guards might be and how many would be in the mansion vs. outside.

It did bother me a bit that we had no proof the victims were there, however it was a minor miracle that we figured out where this place was to begin with – and I already knew it was linked to the same LLC that the mansion in the city was being held in – so the link between the two locations was irrefutable. Besides, who goes through all that kind of trouble to stay hidden, unless they have something to hide? I supposed it was possible that the victims could have been moved somewhere since – or sold off since. That would just make me sick, to break in and find out they weren’t there. For all I knew though, the guy might have multiple properties. After all, he did have a helipad and I didn’t see a helicopter sitting on it. No, we had to figure out if they were there – and if so, exactly where – before I dared climb over that wall. I would have one shot at this – and very little time inside.

I spent the next two hours just reviewing the drone footage, slowly, looking for clues and taking notes. By the time I got through that, I had a sketch of the property and a sketch of the mansion, with a number of key points marked. Not everything I hoped for, but a lot of material to get started with.

A little voice interrupted me. I’d been so engrossed in this I didn’t hear anyone come in. Not that the girls made any noise, not padding in bare feet on the carpet. Maybe I should get them little cowbells so I could hear them sneak up on me. I snorted at the thought.

“What’s so funny?” asked Melanie.

I smirked as I looked down at her. “Oh, nothing. What’s up?”

“You’ve been at that a while. Aren’t you getting hungry?”

“Umm … “ I glanced at the clock. It was 1230 already. “OH. Sorry. I got lost in this stuff, but you guys must be … how about I go get lunch started? Want to join me?”

She smirked. “Sure.”

So I lifted her up and watched as she wiggled her bottom and got comfortable in my palm. I stood up and walked toward the kitchen, but before setting her down I lifted her up to my lips and planted a kiss on her stomach.

She whispered, “I think we’re alone in here. Anything you want to do before lunch?” She gave me a wicked little grin.

I smirked back at her and lifted up her skirt, brushing her bare thigh with the tip of my tongue. “Like this?” I whispered back. She just purred and lay back and stretched her legs out, content to let me explore down there. Of course by now I knew every contour and crevice and fold, and I knew what turned her on. I knew how to make her explode in ecstasy quickly in my hand and how to draw it out as long as I felt like. Of course she knew just where to touch me downstairs as well, but right now was all about my bringing her some pleasure. We knew each other more intimately than we ever could have if she hadn’t been shrunk. I could already sense her anticipation as I ran the tip of my tongue along her labia, not forceful at all, just gently brushing it. She shivered.

As I licked circles around her pussy, occasionally teasing her by brushing her clit but making no attempt to penetrate her yet, just enjoying the soft moans and little shivers that told me how her body was responding to my tongue, she whispered, “Finger … please … I want to … feel you inside me … so bad.” Her eyes implored me as she whispered those words.

I gave her one long lick between the legs and then touched her there with my little finger as I whispered back, “Of course, babe.” She gasped as I ran the tip of my finger along her quivering lips until they parted. Her moist canal awaited my touch. I penetrated her ever so slightly, and she arched her back and moaned in response, as if she could push her whole body further down my finger, as if her body wanted to wrap itself onto my finger. I entered her further, bit by bit, eliciting moans and little shudders as I drove deeper inside her, until I was in well past my 2nd knuckle, to the point where I could actually move my finger and watch her stomach move just a little. Her skirt was still on and I just let it drop, hiding the point where she and I were merged. There was little for me to do, as every slight movement set her off, and little she could do, as I was fully in control. And I knew she liked it this way – she liked giving up control, letting me bring her to the most amazing orgasms she could ever experience in her life, letting me choose when she came and how many times she came, and all the while knowing in her mind that I would never push her so hard as to hurt her, rather I would take her to the threshold of ecstasy and keep her there as long as I liked and then bring her back safely to reality once we were done. And so I did. I enjoyed seeing and feeling each climax as she trembled in my hand, her eyes gazing back at me in adoration each time she came down just a little from one of her peaks. I continued for a few minutes, and then let her come down and steady her breath, her tiny heart still pounding, and I began to kiss her softly on her stomach, and on her chest despite her blouse still on, and then I slowly, gently slid my finger out of her, pulling her skirt back up so I could wrap my tongue down there and catch the torrent of juices as they escaped her.

As she rested draped across my palm and wrist, I stroked her arm with my thumb for a few moments before pouring her out onto the little Barbie sofa on the kitchen counter, where she could lay back and watch me prepare lunch for everyone. She just sighed as I pulled my hand away to start on that.

After a few minutes, she mumbled, “Anything I can help with honey?” She gave me a goofy grin as I reached over and stroked her little cheek.

I smirked. “I was just thinking how sexy it would be to see you naked and wading through this pot of rice, I could prod you with the spatula.”

She snorted. “I can if you want me too.”

“I … don’t want you to get hurt when I turn the heat up.”

She thought about it for a few moments and then said, “Let’s try it. Just keep the heat really low. If my feet get too hot you’ll rescue me, right?”

“Of course. Let’s just be careful, okay?”

“Deal.” She stood up and stripped. I checked the bottom of the pot first to make sure it wasn’t hot. Then I lifted her up and into the pot, which was just dry rice. I found myself laughing as she plopped down in the rice as if it were a bounce house full of balls. It was just a sauce pot, the smallest I had – there was no need for anything larger when the five of them together would eat a fraction of what I could. Even with this we’d probably have leftovers. She sat in the middle and the rice came up to her stomach.

“Get ready, I’m going to add some warm water.”

I slowly poured the water over the rice, and then over her bare chest as she stuck it out. Now the rice and water came up just over her breasts – meaning they were playing peek-a-boo as she scooted around. It actually was sexy.

“Okay. Do you want to help stir this up for me?”

She just smirked at me as she began moving her arms around to stir the rice and water. Eventually I’d have to turn the heat on low – and I’d get her out of there before I dared turn it up hot – but we weren’t in a big hurry, the others hadn’t come in looking for food yet. I tapped in some seasoning as she stirred with her arms – and occasionally her feet. Made me start to think of other things – like cake batter or jello molds – that would be safer for her to play around in. Definitely something to try out in the future.

“Babe, I’m going to turn the burner on, but super low. You tell me right away if it gets too hot, okay?”

She smirked up at me. “Okay honey. I hope you’re enjoying this!”

I took my spatula – which I hadn’t used yet – and dipped it in the pot first, then brought it up to Melanie and lifted her breasts up with it. I just smirked back at her. I turned on the burner – very low – and then began to stir around the edges. As I got a little more forceful with the stirring, I watched her turn with the motion of the rice and water. Her whole body moved in the same direction, facing away from me and then turning back towards me a moment later, as if she was sitting on a spinner or a merry-go-round. She giggled.

Each time she stopped spinning, I took a few liberties with the spatula, brushing her chest or legs or bottom, sometimes eliciting a yelp but more often resulting in more giggles. Then I’d spin the whole pot again and watch her go around in circles, laughing in delight.

Eventually she noticed the heat. “Honey, it’s starting to feel like a sauna in here.” She didn’t sound alarmed, but I was going to have to turn the heat up more anyway or we’d be here for the next hour waiting for the rice to cook.

I draped a dish cloth on the counter and then held the spatula in front of her. “Hold on tight, babe.” She did and I slowly lifted the spatula – and Melanie – together and lowered her onto the cloth. She let go of the spatula and shook herself, still plenty warm – her skin looked a little red in spots like she’d just come out of a hot tub – and in no hurry to cover up yet. I brought the heat up on the stove and stirred the pot again, before reaching out with my hand and brushing her bare skin, knocking a few pieces of rice off her back and tracing her warm breasts. She lay back and let me remove any other lingering pieces of rice from her stomach, her legs and a piece that worked itself between the folds of her labia. I whispered, “Now that is sexy.”

She just smirked.

I went back to stirring the rice, which was coming to a boil. I turned the heat back down to a simmer and went to heat up a piece of chicken, seasoning it before tossing it in a small skillet and cutting it into a few pieces. I’d have to cut it into much tinier pieces before adding it to the rice, or the girls wouldn’t be able to eat it. As it was, the rice – the smallest rice I could buy – was going to be large for them. They’d probably pick up three pieces of rice with a tiny fork. I alternated between the rice, the chicken and my sexy babe laying naked in the towel. She was up on her elbows watching me. I reached down and stroked her arm and of course her breasts, and then let my finger travel down her stomach and down her leg.

“Aren’t you getting chilly?”

She smirked again. “I’m close enough to the burners. I can feel the warmth.”

“Okay. Not that I mind in the least. You can stay that way all day if you like. Just don’t get too close, alright?”

She grinned. “Alright.”

As I finished up the chicken, chopped everything into tiny pieces and added it to the rice, I said, “I’m almost done here. Do you want to get dressed? Not that I .. mind if you don’t.”

She snorted. “I bet.”

“I also … wouldn’t say anything about swimming around in the rice. Though now you’ve got me picturing you in a bowl of chocolate.”

She grinned. “If that’s what you like, I’m open to trying it. Though, I imagine it’ll be a LOT harder to clean off than the rice.”

I grinned back at her. “That’s the point. There’d probably be a lot of licking and sucking involved. To be thorough, of course.”

She laughed.

At that I set the table and rounded up the girls. By the time I brought the basket back, Melanie was dressed and looking quite innocent, as if we’d just been chatting about the weather. She winked at me before I came over to fetch her, plant another kiss on her and set her down on the table with the rest of the crew.

Lunch was well received – something a little different. Neither of us would DARE tell of the naughty things done with that rice. Though despite our diversion – I suppose Melanie was overdue for a good lay – the others were a little more serious as they contemplated last night’s trip to spy on the compound and the realization that it wasn’t as easy as some of them initially thought it would be. I assured them that I had a plan formulating in my head – a legitimate plan. Today though, they should worry about settling into their new house – picking out rooms, figuring out what they needed me to order, etc – while I worried about the plan and the other shipment arriving today. The machine. I also had a couple of large Amazon packages coming – but those were items they couldn’t use yet, not until I had the machine up and working again, so no sense telling them anything about it.

I’d rather let them be surprised.

It wasn’t long after I helped them all down from the table and began cleaning up, that there was a rumbling sound in the driveway and a knock on the door. Huh. Talk about timing.

As I headed towards the door, I called out, “Guys, delivery coming in. They’re going to take it to the office.” They knew the drill. They took off hiding – in this case everyone ran to the bedroom. I answered the door and then as I walked them back to show them where this was going, I closed the bedroom door. It was a pretty small house – shoot, until a month ago it was just me, aside from the time I hired Melanie because I needed a biologist while I worked on a major contract – and even then, she was here during the day – at a second desk – and I had the house to myself at night. Not that I was complaining in the least. I didn’t have much privacy anymore … but the fringe benefits were sure worth it.

Once the machine was in place – it had similar dimensions to one of those A/V carts my parents used to have back in school, the ones that had carried the slide projector or overhead projector in the days before every classroom seemed to be outfitted with a smartboard and the rolling A/V cart became obsolete. I didn’t think it was super heavy – these people assembled much of this with off-the-shelf parts that weren’t meant to be used the way they used them, then mounted some electronics and a laptop computer on the side. The bulkiest piece – the very one that Melanie inadvertently stowed a ride in when it was delivered on a pallet to the mansion – was an industrial laser on a rolling cart, with a small generator in the equipment box underneath – the very box Melanie successfully hid inside.

I’d only had a brief glimpse of the machine when we went down in the bunker at Sarge’s request to come retrieve Keisha. At the time he didn’t know she’d be unconscious for hours and therefore thought it made sense to have someone her own size like Melanie there to talk her down from a panic once she awoke. Now that I had a chance to really examine the machine, I could see that much of the bulk wasn’t necessary – and the laser itself was overpowered for the job. I suspected I could scale the parts and make something smaller – even portable – given sufficient time and resources. But for now, I just needed to get it running and make sure it worked.

If it didn’t work – wouldn’t shrink anything – then it would be that much harder to figure out how to reverse the effect. Maybe impossible.

But that wasn’t going to happen. I wouldn’t let it.

I knew the science behind the machine, backwards and forwards, surely better than those two scientists who built it – the ones who stumbled into this unusual use for the rare extraterrestrial element. As long as I had the element – and it was still encased in polycarbonite and sitting in the panic room that only the girls could get in and out of – I was certain I could repeat the shrinking process itself. What I was lacking was the other equipment and materials – it’s not like I have unlimited resources – and additionally, I really wanted to see the laser strength, wavelength and capacity and how it was calibrated, along with the software algorithm that they’d programmed. Without those factors I couldn’t be 100% certain that I’d be copying the same process. In theory, a change in the wavelength or strength of the beam might either negate the shrinking process, or might result in a shrinking to a different size. I needed to experiment some with this and ensure I had it absolutely nailed down – and well documented - before I worked on the reversal procedure.

So in short, I expected to be studying this for a while.

In the immediate though, I did want to get this up and running ‘exactly as it was’ – both to run initial tests before I made any alterations, and because if my nascent plan to rescue the other two women was going to work, I was going to need the machine for that too.

So the next couple hours I spent just examining the machine, testing to make sure the equipment would fire up and that I could boot up the laptop (I had to use backdoor administrator access and then create a new account for myself, but once I was in, it appeared the contents were intact – we’d gotten there before they could do anything nefarious.) I took copious notes, documenting all of the settings and energy flows throughout the machine. The girls were all a little skittish around it and stayed away for the most part while I worked.

Eventually I did need to see the element itself. I went looking for the girls – all hanging out in or near their new ‘house’ – and asked if someone could help retrieve the element.

While Keisha and Melanie went down to the panic room to retrieve the cube, the others were milling about in the dollhouse, talking about what they wanted to do and starting to make a list. I saw Maria using the little 2x3 Post-It note pad and a piece of pencil lead to write with – I could already tell I’d need a magnifying glass to read the list once she was finished. At least they were keeping occupied.

It did take two of them to hoist the cube up the hole. The panic room was underneath the bedroom floor, with the trap door under the bed and covered with carpet to blend in with the rest of the floor – that was the whole intent, to make it hard to find and hard to get to – in addition to having an access hole that was too tight for most adults to stick an arm down. The trade-off was that the girls had to climb the ladder and navigate the cube through the hatch. The cube was proportionately for them, the size of a large desktop printer – and probably almost as heavy. So even though I could stick it in a jacket pocket, I needed them to get it out of the panic room first. It made sense to hide it down there, where it wouldn’t be accessible to someone breaking in to steal it. This was the ONLY sample available – unless we could extract more element from the remaining section of meteorite, and we had no guarantee that there was any element in the remaining chunk of rock. That chunk was sitting in a vault at the lab downtown and Andrew promised he’d given orders for nobody to touch it. If anything happened to this cube, the meteorite was our only slim hope of restoring his wife and daughter – and he knew it acutely.

The element in-hand, I went back to work more on the machine. I ran some of the subroutines through their paces and ran some test protocols on the machine without the element in place first, to confirm that it was programmed the way I believed it was. I realized at some point in all this testing, that the geniuses who put this together were lucky they didn’t fall through the floor wherever they were working. Not that the bunker had another level below, but in the lab downtown they were on the 7th floor. The machine itself wasn’t any heavier than a piece of furniture, mind you. It was the laser beam I was concerned about. Aim it improperly and they could have literally shrunk a section of the floor – resulting in a gaping hole, or worse, whatever they were trying to shrink then falling through the hole. I was glad to have caught the problem now and not by accident later when I’d have made a hole in my office floor. It was a matter of how the laser beam was dispersed and I was able to make the adjustments needed to focus the beam directly on the test subject or material vs. the surroundings.

Then by late afternoon I was ready to put the element in place.

I did examine the element first, something I hadn’t really had a chance to do previously. The element appeared solid at room temperature, but just warming it in my hand was enough to make it soften just a little at the edges. I suspected warming it more – even a low heat - would result in a phase shift to liquid form. In outer space it would have likely remained frozen and solid, but I was pretty surprised that any of it survived the atmosphere, much less the crash into a field in the next county west of the city – as the newspapers had reported last year. I’d have thought the heat alone would vaporize this stuff, but perhaps there was enough trapped inside – entombed in the rock – that this much survived. There was no guarantee then, that there was more product in the remaining chunk of meteorite – though if there were, it would be fairly easy to extract by simply crushing the rock and heating it. This also made it exceedingly rare to even make to Earth on a meteorite – given most of those burn up and disintegrate in the atmosphere, and those that do make it to the surface are often full of craters. It was a small miracle that a meteorite made it through all that still harboring the element trapped inside.

At some point I would love to examine the atomic structure of the element, but it wasn’t like I had the equipment here for that – and there were more pressing matters. I inserted the crystal-clear polycarbonite cube containing the element, into the rudimentary slot they’d made in the laser’s chamber. I started up the machine again and ran it through some test paces for a while, analyzing the power flows and making adjustments, before I was ready to test something. And what I tested was simple – a notebook and some pens. I set the beam, ran the subroutine and watched as the items shrunk – to about 1/6th length, similar to the girls. Bingo.

After this initial test, I checked my phone. Seems the Amazon packages were sitting on the step. The driver had texted a picture of the boxes on my step, I just was too distracted to notice I got a text over an hour ago.

So time to try out the machine on the new packages … and then surprise the girls.

The packages were both pretty big, given how much stuff I’d ordered – all things I knew they were in need of. A dozen toothbrushes, a dozen tubes of toothpaste, assorted feminine products, ladies’ razors, etc, etc, etc. I’m sure someone at Amazon thought it kinda weird that a guy was ordering this stuff … but none of it was really for me anyway. I brought the boxes to the office – making two trips. The girls were still busy with their house and nobody even came out to see what I was doing. Just as well.

I set the first box in front of the machine, focused the beam, hit the subroutine and watched the entire package shrink. Knowing how it shrunk the girls fully intact, I was confident it would shrink all the contents – and it appeared to without a hitch. Then I repeated the process with the second package.

Shutting down the machine – I wouldn’t take any chances with something that I couldn’t yet reverse, and I was nearing my limit for the day – I picked up the packages (which were much smaller now – I could carry one in each hand) and then as an afterthought, grabbed the notebook and pens as well. I brought them to the bedroom.



“Have a surprise for you.”

“Hmmmm??” They were so wrapped up still with the house that they barely acknowledged me, until I stepped in front of the house and set the packages down.

“What’s this?” I got finally from someone – Becky was the first to come out of the house. “OMG! Guys, get out here!”

I just chuckled to myself as they all ran out of the house to see what Becky was gawking at.

Maria looked up at me and back to the packages. “This … looks like a regular package, with the address label and everything … and … holy SHIT.” She grabbed one of the pens and started clicking it. “Are these real?”

I snorted. “Yes they’re real. Everything in the boxes is too. This is for all of you to share, but there should be plenty of stuff in there.”

Keisha crinkled her nose and looked up at me. “Does this mean … you got the … “

“Yep. I’ve got it working. I can shrink things. I still need to work out the reversal, but now that I have a working machine, we’re a big step closer to that.”

Cindy just grinned.

“Tell you what guys, take your time with all that stuff. I have a couple things I need to do and then I’m going to fix dinner.”

At that they started ripping into the boxes. As I left the room I heard some excited shrieks and giggles. I did wonder what they’d say about the feminine products … I’m sure I’m not the only guy who’s had to buy those for his lady, but to be honest I was only guessing about what they’d need … I just knew (or figured out) that this was an issue for them that they were mostly trying to solve on their own, not something they wanted to come out and talk to me about. So hopefully this stuff would help. Maybe Maria would come and tell me if I got the wrong stuff – she wasn’t exactly shy about things like that.


Back in the office, I jumped on the computer. With one task before I could break away for dinner. Now that I had a working machine, the ideas that had been marinating in my head – how to mount a successful rescue (meaning how to get in and make it back out) – were starting to seem almost feasible. It was a complicated plan, but then I couldn’t come up with an easy one – not with that huge compound, nothing else around for miles, and the cameras and the guards. This would be much harder than the mansion north of the city had been. The plans in my head – and on scratch paper – required some items I simply didn’t have here. So of course I jumped back on Amazon, hoping for 1 or 2 day shipping if I could order before it got too late.

The sooner we got those items, the sooner I could start talking to the girls about the plan.

The rescue.

And the potentially dangerous role I needed them to play in it.

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