Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

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Melanie's Story Part 64 - Run Like Hell

Post by Rocket » Tue Feb 27, 2024 8:38 pm

Melanie held her breath and froze. The huge naked man was looking right up at her. Her heart was pounding. She felt a bead of sweat run down her temple. But she didn’t dare move, not a hair.

Then he scowled.

And then looked away.

And in that instant, she backed off, as quietly as she could, hoping maybe he hadn’t realized she was there. If he had, she might not get out of here alive.

She knelt there for a few moments, taking a few calming breaths, and contemplated her next move. They’d found one of the victims. That alone meant they were right, that this was the right place. But this guy – was this NXT? - the one who they think bankrolled the whole scheme - was right there with her. Less than ten feet away. Was the other victim here too?

Melanie kept trying to stay calm. She slowly backed off the edge of the grate – she could see a little bit from an angle, but dared not lean over where that creepy guy could see her again. She scanned what she could see – basically one side wall – and possibly a window – and then crept low along the edge of the ductwork. There were maybe a couple inches between the edge and the cutout for the grate. She stayed low, looked around the next wall – the headboard of that bed was in view – and then continued to the other side of the grate, where she could see another wall … and her breath caught.

It was a cage sitting on a table.

And it looked like someone was in it.

Someone who was laying down on the floor of the cage. Even from this distance though, it looked like the person had been crying recently – and she could see signs of bruises – huge bruises. One leg was just covered in purple. She shuddered at the thought that someone could be so cruel. And braced herself with the knowledge that despite the risk, they were doing the right thing trying to rescue them from this.

Now she had to … what? It would probably be best to use the knockout gas first. She couldn’t alert the others yet, or he’d hear her speaking. She was already nervous that he appeared to be looking right at her just a few moments ago. Though right now he was grunting and … oh hell, did that mean he was going to … spew his nasty gunk all over that poor girl any minute? Well, maybe he was distracted and wouldn’t notice a brown liquid dripping from the grate.

Melanie double-checked her gas mask. And debated once again whether she should sneak off and alert the others first, just in-case the mask wasn’t enough. Yeah, she felt she should do that – if the gas mask wasn’t enough to keep her from passing out, she’d have to at least tell them where she was. And she knew they had limited time, though she didn’t know how much time was left.

So she slowly crept further down the shaft – there were additional rooms around a bend, but she found a spot halfway in between, hunkered down, and then whispered into her headset.


“Babe? Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” She took a deep breath. “I found them.”

She heard a gasp. “That’s great. Just stay there, close to the grate. I’ll figure out what room you’re in and head there. Have you used the gas yet?”

“Umm … “ she paused for a moment. “I … was afraid to use it before I told you where I am … in case … in case … “

“It’s okay” he said. “But go ahead and use it now. I’m tracking you. Buzz me again just to let me know when it works, so I don’t come up there too soon. I’ll tell Keisha to head that way too, so keep an eye out for her.”

“Okay.” She took a breath. “And … there’s a guy in the next room, maybe a guard. I’m worried he’ll hear something.”

“Alright. Stay calm. I’ll be there real soon. We’re halfway through this. I’m coming to get you. I love you babe.”

“I love you too.” Her heart swelled at that reminder that he was out there and coming to get her.

She had to do this NOW … she couldn’t let him down – or let the victims down, for that matter. So she got back up and pulled out one of the glass tubes – thinking maybe it would be safer to break the tip here, rather than right by the grate. She shuddered at the memory of him looking RIGHT AT HER.

She got out a second one for good measure. And then nudged the tip of one under her foot, hoping the lack of a hard sole wouldn’t prevent her from doing this. And she stopped herself. NO. This wouldn’t do – it could go through her foot, or the gas might start spreading all through the duct instead of in the room. No, no, NO. Dammit!

Sighing to herself, she held both glass tubes and walked back to the grate. She knelt along the edge and confirmed the victim in the cage was still there … and she heard more grunts, so she figured the guy – and the other victim – were still there, though she was afraid to take a chance at moving where he would see her. She took a moment to look at the plug on the glass tip, and wondered – could she just poke it out? She thought for a moment and then realized … the saw. Or the piece of a saw blade that she’d used to widen the opening in the flex duct. And to think she’d almost left it on the roof. She pulled it out, and … maybe? … not on that end, but the bigger end … YES. It would work. She could cut away the wax plug and it wouldn’t make much noise. So she tried that, and YES, it was working. She cut away the first one, and then tilted it over the edge of the grate. As it started to drip, she propped it on her thigh and did the same to the second one, opening the wide end, and tilted it over the grate. Both were starting to drip the compound into the room, where it turned to gas quickly.

She heard a “What the … “ and then a thump. She cringed, afraid the guy might have fallen off the bed and crushed the victim.

Dare she look?

She crept a little further over the grate, to where she could see … and … he’d slid backwards against the headboard. She gave a sigh of relief. The victim was still there … attached to his dick, which was starting to sag. She almost snorted at the absurdity of it all.

Now all she could do was wait.


I was thankful to hear from Melanie, though the clock was ticking – the guard that would normally be watching the cameras, had been out for over … I checked my watch … 24 minutes. Damn. Thirty minutes was the threshold, I was pretty sure the guy would be out that long. Anything after that was just luck.

As I tossed my grappling hook up to the top of the wall, at a spot that I believed would be at least partially hidden in shadows on the other side, I messaged Keisha.

“Hey, Keisha?”

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“Okay. Melanie’s found them.”

There was silence for just a moment. “OH! Both of them?”

“Yeah, she’s about to use the gas, and I’m climbing the outer wall now. Can you start heading over towards Melanie? Do you know which way she went?”

“Sure. Heading that way now. Keisha out.”

Okay. I started climbing – I at least had the sense to make some knots in the rope, so I had a foothold for climbing. The wall was about ten feet high, not much different than I dealt with in the mansion rescue. I flattened myself at the top of the wall and looked around for any guards. Ideally I’d avoid cameras too, but I was dressed in dark clothes and wearing a gas mask and headset, so even if I was caught on camera I shouldn’t be identifiable. Hopefully.

I looked ahead to my target – on the second floor. Based on the tracker on Melanie’s back, I estimated this would be the second window in the front. Of course, I sighed. My luck, it would have to be in front and not on the side or back. So I’d be more exposed. I’d just have to move fast. And quietly. And hope there were no night patrols walking around.

Taking one more quick look around for any guards, and not seeing any, I unhooked the grapple and jumped down into the brush at the base of the wall. I took a couple of breaths and then ran quickly towards the front corner of the building, diving behind the bushes. I looked straight up to confirm I was in the right spot. There was a first floor window in the same spot – right in front of me.

And if someone looked out that window, I was SO fucked.

I crept to the side so I wouldn’t be right in front of the window, and then checked to make sure I had that small crowbar in a spot I could easily pull it out from. I’d have to do that one-handed once I was up on the window ledge. I debated whether it was possible to get up there without the grappling hook – it would make noise, especially if it whacked the glass. I recalled Melanie said there was a guy in the adjacent room, possibly a guard. I debated whether to ask Keisha to use one of her knockout doses there when she arrived, though it might take her a few minutes to traverse the distance, so I couldn’t count on that before I got up there. And time was running out.

I left my grappling hook and rope in the bushes and tried putting one foot on the corner of the window ledge, then reached up to hook my fingers under the top of the window for balance. The windows were tall enough that maybe I could get to the second floor window if I could just find one foothold in between. There was a large eyelet coming out of the mortar – likely meant for some sort of cable at one time, but empty now. It only stuck out an inch – and I worried it wouldn’t hold my weight. Though I only needed it to for a few moments. Glad I had boots with rigid soles, I tried raising my other leg enough to lock onto it with the heel, and then I pulled myself up enough that my head reached the bottom ledge of the second floor window. I used both hands to pull myself up, though to peer in and confirm – yes this had to be the right room. Through a small gap in the curtains I could make out a guy – naked? - flopped down on the bed, looking like he was asleep, and I could glimpse the corner of a cage on the opposite wall. I expected the victims would be knocked out as well as anyone else in the room, but there really wasn’t a way to avoid that – and maybe it was better, as we could grab them and get away long before they started delaying me with questions. By the time they would wake up, hopefully, we’d be in the car and on the highway, and the girls could help talk to them.

But I was getting WAY ahead of myself. I had to get in there first. I hoisted myself up on one arm – bracing to stay aloft – and tried the window. As suspected, it didn’t budge. I carefully worked my other arm around to pull out that crowbar – trying my best not to fall down. Seeing that the lock was near the center between the upper and lower panes, I tried wedging the curved end of the crowbar between the panes, carefully, working it further in until I heard a pop. I worried someone else would hear that pop too – and held my breath for a moment. I didn’t see anyone running in – though if everyone in the room was knocked out, someone running in would discover that, and I didn’t know how much of the gas was still lingering. Best to just get it over with and get inside, I was in a precarious position here. So I slowly nudged the lower pane up, enough to wrap my arm over the sill, and then brought my other arm inside and pulled the rest of me over the sill as quietly as I could. Which was NOT very quiet. I still worried someone would be rushing through that door any moment.

I stood up and took stock of the situation. And almost wished I hadn’t. I saw one woman in the cage, passed out of course, but she looked in really bad shape – bruises all over, but as dark as those bruises were on her leg, it could be broken. I knelt down and unzipped my backpack, intending to lay her gently across the padded bottom. I opened the top of the cage and reached inside, scooping up the battered woman in my hand. It was hard to be certain, as she looked like hell, between the bruises, the filth and her hair looking like she rolled around in glue, but I suspected this may be that assistant district attorney that had gone missing three weeks ago.

Laying her down carefully in the heavily-cushioned bottom of the backpack – I chastised myself for almost stopping to take a closer look at her first, there wasn’t time – I wondered why the other one wasn’t in the cage. Melanie said she’d seen both. Melanie! I looked up at the grate.

“Melanie?” I whispered.

“Here” she whispered back.

“Umm … where’s the other one?”

“That … creep has her. Look … between his legs.” She sounded like she was about to gag as she said it.

I took a look and … oh hell. OH HELL. That was SO nasty to look at. And did I have to … cut her free of that thing? Geez. I felt like I should just lop it off. The guy probably deserved it. But before I did, it dawned on me – would we need evidence, beyond the girls’ testimony once they were rescued? So I pulled out my phone and quickly snapped a few pics – of the naked guy and the woman strapped to his dick – and the cage as well.

“Okay. Babe? Watch for Keisha. I’ll … deal with this and then I’ll get you out of there in a sec.”

Not stopping to hear her response, I walked around to the … yuk. I did NOT want to touch that thing. And the poor girl – looked like she had some fresh … sperm? On her face and down her back, as well as older dried stuff caked in her hair. And EEW, it was still warm. I worked her loose as best I could, extricating her from that nasty limp thing, and tried to wipe the wet stuff off her with the corner of the bedsheet. Then I lowered her into the backpack, strapping her to one of the tiny harnesses.

Next, I pulled out my power screwdriver and looked for something to stand on – the edge of the bed would have to do. I really hoped nobody came in while I was doing this. I loosened one of the two grate screws, and then removed the other one entirely, where I could pull the grate down and to the side. Melanie walked over to the edge.

“Do you see Keisha yet?”

“No … I … OH, I think I see her now. She’s … “ Melanie began using one arm to motion her to hurry.
I went ahead and scooped up Melanie and brought her down so I could slip her into the backpack. She grabbed one of the harnesses and secured herself as I climbed back up to the grate. I heard tiny footsteps – Keisha may have been running at this point – and a few moments later I saw her peek her head over the edge of the grate.

I reached up and scooped her up. She looked like she’d been running, she was breathing hard. I wanted to ask, but time was short. The first guard could be waking up any minute. So I stepped down and placed her in the backpack next to Melanie. As she secured her own harness, I zipped it up, put it over my shoulders, and then – before leaving – debated whether to put the grate back. Seeing it open would certainly throw them off, but they’d know someone else was in here. I supposed they’d figure it out anyway. So I reattached it quickly, stuffed the screwdriver in my pocket, and headed for the window.

At the last moment, I thought of an idea to slow them down, in-case the guy in the next room came in. I took a couple more of the glass droppers out, and snapped them open near the door, shaking out the liquid. With any luck some might even travel to the next room under the door; though as much noise as we’d made, I was surprised someone hadn’t barreled in here yet. Maybe because they knew what their boss was doing and were told not to disturb him? Hopefully something like that. I ran to the window, dropped the empty tubes into the bushes below, grabbed the crowbar and secured it, climbed out, pulled the window down, lowered myself as much as I could and then jumped.

As I hit the ground I tried to bend my legs and minimize the jolt, worried I’d be further injuring the victims – and my two intrepid little explorers, for that matter. I ducked down below the bushes, felt around for my grappling hook and rope, and then looked around for any guards. We’d been lucky so far. Really lucky.

Just as I said that, I heard footsteps in the grass and quickly hid as best I could behind the bushes.

Listening and trying not to make a sound, I crouched as low as I could – wishing those bushes were a little taller and thicker – and hoped the guard would continue past. As it was, I could actually make out a little bit through the branches. I realized the guard had stopped nearby. Then I saw a small flash of light. A match? Was the guy taking a smoking break? Right HERE? NOW? Geez. The minutes were ticking, I was sure we were past the 30 minute mark. I debated whether I needed to run up to the guy and break a dose of knockout gas in his face, just to make our escape.

Then just as I was contemplating that and my chances of making it without alerting more guards, I heard “Franco! Get your ass over here.”

The smoking guard muttered, “Shit” and trotted off … toward the guard house. Oh hell. Did someone discover the guard we knocked out?

While they were busy with that, I took a quick look around – we were out of time. I crept below the bushes as best I could, over to the side of the house, and then sprang into a dead run. The wall was in my sights. I just ran for the nearest point, not trying to find the exact spot I’d used coming in. Plus I had the grappling hook in my hand, not up on the wall. Though given I didn’t use it climbing into the building, maybe I should have left it there – that spot was enough in the shadows that maybe the rope wouldn’t have been spotted. It would have saved me a few precious seconds.

I got up to the base of the wall and tossed the hook up. Maddeningly, it took a couple tries to find a secure spot atop the wall – and it made a clank that I hoped wouldn’t draw anyone this way. Then I climbed as quickly as I could.

Before I reached the top, I heard a “Hey! There! Stop!” and as I reached the top of the wall, pulling the rope up with me, a gunshot ricocheted off the stone just inches from my leg, sending shards flying. Something bit into my calf as I was rolling over and dropping down the other side – the hook almost coming loose as I dropped a couple feet and swung on the rope, almost losing my grip as well. I judged the remaining distance – I was less than three feet off the ground at that point – and jumped down, immediately spinning around to get my bearings and then running like mad.

I cleared the trees and brush, whacking my knee more than once and almost falling in a crevice along the way, and ran as hard as I could. I had no idea how quickly they’d be after us. I hoped they wouldn’t have rope handy and would have to go out the front drive – or maybe there was another gate somewhere – but if they had a vehicle, they could certainly catch up with me. They knew which direction I was headed. All I could think of was getting to the car and peeling out before they could – the other girls were in the car, completely defenseless. Surely they would find the car if they sent out people to search.

I saw the hill in sight and ran up and over it so fast I almost tumbled down the other side. I yanked out the car keys, opened the door, started the car before I even had my backpack off – I cringed realizing I had four women in that backpack – probably all bruised up at this point. I just leaned forward, trying not to squish the backpack, and peeled down the dirt and gravel path and back onto the highway. I went as fast as I could with the lights off, not even acknowledging the girls yet – they could probably see from my face that we had to hurry. I kept glancing back to see if anyone was following, but kept going until we’d taken a couple of turns – which were damn hard to see in the dark, it would be impossible to see a thing if there wasn’t some moonlight. At some point I’d flung the headset and gas mask over my shoulder, they were somewhere in the back seat. I finally gave in and flipped the road lights on (using the headlights would keep the back tail lights on as well – so I stuck with the road lights, which on this car were only in the front) and slowly worked the backpack off my back, setting it on the floor in front of the passenger seat. I felt bad not opening the pack yet – Melanie and Keisha were probably holding on for dear life, and I worried the two people we just rescued, would start waking up soon.

Running the numbers in my head, I figured Melanie was out over half an hour just from those two drops inhaled from several feet away, so maybe these two would stay under for a while longer – they’d been exposed to more of it. I estimated five minutes by the time I’d gotten up to the room and was gathering them – going by Melanie telling me she hadn’t done it yet when we spoke. Then from there to the car, maybe ten minutes? – the guy stopping for a smoke wasted a minute or two. So fifteen minutes by the time we got in the car, which meant another 15 or 20 minutes and they COULD start to wake up. We’d been driving for several of those minutes already.

The girls could see I was rushing and didn’t bother me with questions, but now Cindy started to speak. “So. What’s happening?”

“I … got delayed with the escape. A guard came around and stopped for a smoke break right in front of the bushes I was hiding behind, and then it sounded like someone spotted the guard we’d knocked out. I ran for it when they were distracted, but by the time I was climbing the wall someone spotted me and started shooting.”

“Shooting?” she mouthed just as Maria blurted, “Shit. Did you get hit?”

“I ... something hit my leg, but … it might have been shrapnel or something. I just ran here as fast as I could and pulled out. I’m still worried they’re following us.”

“Well … keep going then.”

Becky blurted, “But what about the others?”

“Oh. Yeah. I’m SO sorry. I’m afraid to stop and get them out until we’re further away. Give me a few minutes. Maybe I can find a turnoff and we can park and hide until the coast is clear.”


So I continued another roughly ten miles of driving with only the road lights on – thankful there weren’t any other cars on this road for me to whack into. Or anyone to see me slide into one of the borrow ditches along the highway for that matter – not that I did, but I came really close more than once. Finally there were some turnoffs that – according to the map app on my phone – wouldn’t put us too far off our course. I turned down one, saw a gravel service drive and a berm, and pulled off, hoping the berm would hide us from the main road. I turned the car around carefully and then shut the road lights off – keeping the car running in-case we had to peel off in a hurry.

I leaned back in the seat and took a few breaths, and then flipped on an interior light, and reached for the backpack. I lifted it up and into my lap, and then slowly unzipped it.

“It’s about freaking time” muttered Keisha, though she didn’t appear too upset.

“I”m sorry – we had to get out of there. They started shooting at me.”

“Yeah. We heard.”

“Let’s get you out of there.” I reached in and slowly lifted Keisha out and onto the passenger seat, and then Melanie as well. “I’m sorry it was such a bumpy trip back – I wasn’t expecting them to have other guards out. The days we were watching by camera, I didn’t see anyone making rounds after dark.”

Melanie replied, “I figured something was wrong. But riding in there was like a roller coaster with the lights off. Guess it could have been worse, but I’m sure I have a bruise or two somewhere.”

I sighed. “Yeah. I was worried about that. And the … “

“Oh yeah. I think they’re still knocked out, but I don’t know how long … “

“OH. Let me get them out of there. I’m not sure if they’ll … let me touch them once they’re awake, and the alternative is they’re stuck in that bag for the whole trip home. Or longer. Umm … maybe we can drape something over them until they’re ready to put some clothes on?”

Maria snorted. “You don’t want to dress them yourself?”

“I … “ I hadn’t thought of that. “Do you think they’ll be upset with me?”

“Not if you do it before they wake up.”

I nodded. “Okay. I’ll … give it a try. Do you still have those clothes from earlier? I’ll wash everything when we get home.”

Becky pulled the blouses and skirts over to the edge of the seat where I could grab them easily. I reached in the bag and slid out the girl with the black hair, the one that was covered in … spunk. Actually looking at her for the first time … she definitely looked Asian, which matched the lab notes I found. She had bruises, but mostly just looked filthy. Under the grime though, she was young, shapely and her tiny breasts were round and firm … ugh, I caught myself staring at her instead of dressing her. Sheesh, she’d wake up before I was done at this rate. So I took the skirt and held her up, dangling, so I could wrap it around her and fasten the velcro in the back. She could adjust it later if she needed to. I shifted her in my hand and then worked the blouse over her, which was a little trickier. Then I set her down in between the others on the passenger seat.

Next I reached in for the other woman, who I’d laid across the bottom of the bag. Hopefully she wasn’t in too bad a shape from the trip. I wrapped my fingers around her and slowly lifted her up. So this was the DA that was reported missing in the news – Kim Eagleton they said. Her face was dirty and bruised, but I could see the resemblance from the picture. She was a little older, but not bad looking. She was just a little overweight, but tall enough to carry it well, and her breasts were huge. Aside from her being covered in bruises all over – and her leg was purple and twisted – I wondered if it might be broken. I’d have to examine it as soon as we got home – ice and a splint maybe – if she’d let me.

I reached for a skirt and carefully draped her so I could wrap the skirt around her and fasten it. Then I took the blouse and struggled a bit getting it onto her – inadvertently smooshing her breasts more than once. As soon as I had it on her, I gently lay her down next to the other newcomer, and the others sat on either side. I was amazed that seven of them could all sit together in the passenger seat. Hell, I was amazed that I was now … in charge of seven women? It just boggled the mind.

Then I tossed the backpack into the back seat and began fishing for snacks and water for everyone. It would be a while before we made it home – an hour and a half IF we didn’t have to take any more detours.

Just as I was about to pull out onto the road again – I was mapping out the fastest way to get back to civilization, where we could easily blend in – I heard a groan. Glancing down, it looked like the Asian girl was starting to stir. I debated whether to drive or wait, but Melanie saw my look and understood my dilemma.

“Go ahead and drive. We need to get home where it’s safe. We’ll talk to her.”

I nodded. “Okay.” And I pulled out to the edge of the road, my lights still off, looking to be sure nobody was coming. I turned onto the road – this was a side road but it only added a few minutes to the trip, so I thought it would be a safe choice. It still made me nervous around here, there weren’t many places to hide – and car lights would be visible for a mile here in the dark, with flat roads and plowed fields. So I pulled out, and then went as far as I could with the lights off before flipping on the road lights only. I picked up speed and kept going, around some more turns, and picked up another farm road that should bring us back to a real state highway – not the same one we took before, but a different one that would take us towards the city from the south rather than from the east. A longer trip, but I worried there would be people after us – and I hoped that even if they figured out we may be headed to the city, they would assume we’d be on the main highway.

As I drove, I heard a yelp, and then a shriek. Keisha was on it first, saying ‘It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re safe.”


“This is a rescue.”

“RESCUE? Who ARE you?”

“I’m a police officer. My name is Keisha. All of us here have been shrunk just like you. We’re on our way to a safe house now, where we’re working on a solution.”

“I … “ she sounded speechless. I couldn’t break my eyes from the road though, not with such dim lighting to see by. I could go much faster with the headlights, but I hesitated to do that until I was somewhere that had a little cover, or perhaps other cars on the road. This was past midnight and these farm roads were deserted.

A few moments later, I heard some mumbling, and then a “Gawk” and soon after, another shriek.

“Kim. It’s ME.”

Another shriek. And then “What … Where ARE we?”

Just then, I noticed headlights – behind us. What were the odds this was just some random person driving by?

“Hold on, ladies. We might have company.”

Everyone stopped and looked at me – and the two new women looked up at me for the first time, and … shrieked again. I left the others to work on calming them down for now. I still was using only road lights, but I found the closest gravel service path and pulled off it and shut the lights off, hoping that would be enough and they’d just pass by. I turned the car around, slowly, so it would be facing the road again – in case we had to take off in a hurry, and so they wouldn’t see the license plate. Just in-case though, I turned and reached into the back seat to grab my pack and the gas mask. I unzipped the side pouch and slid out a couple more tubes of the knockout gas.

Then as the headlights got closer, I opened the car door just a couple inches – and as a last thought, also grabbed the crowbar. I whispered, “Everyone quiet” as I slid the gas mask on. Even if I didn’t use the gas mask, I didn’t want them seeing my face. The less they had to go on, the safer we’d be. Shoot, even Sergeant Joe didn’t know about this place, much less that we’d gone there.

Not yet anyway.

Though I hoped the car would just go by – and that it would just be a random person and not one of NXT’s people searching for me – a small part of me hoped if it was his people, that I could deal with them now – out here in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night – rather than close to home, where they could keep coming back after us. And put the girls at more risk. Obviously I wasn’t a trained fighter – I had the knockout gas and maybe the element of surprise. Maybe.

Sure enough, judging by the headlights, the car was slowing down. They might have noticed us pulling off. In my efforts to keep the taillights dark – thus no headlights – I couldn’t go very fast. So someone catching up to us was probably inevitable. Would they have radioed to the others by now, or waited until they knew they had me?

I crept slowly out of the car, closing the door quietly behind me, and ducked into the ditch. Not the best spot to hide, but options were very limited.

The other car stopped. Right in front of the gravel path. Trying to block it, I realized with a start. Should I dare try making a move before they found me – or before they got to my car, where the girls were defenseless? Despite the cool night air, a bead of sweat ran down my back.

I heard voices but couldn’t make out the words.

What I COULD make out were the sounds of pistols being cocked.

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Melanie's Story Part 65 - Full House

Post by Rocket » Tue Mar 05, 2024 5:57 pm

The other car had stopped. Right in front of the gravel path. Trying to block it, I realized with a start. Should I dare try making a move before they found me – or before they got to my car, where the girls were defenseless? Despite the cool night air, a bead of sweat ran down my back.

I heard voices but couldn’t make out the words.

What I COULD make out were the sounds of pistols being cocked.

I held the crowbar in one hand and one of the glass tubes in the other, ready to snap between my fingers, and waited for them both to get out of the car. I would only have one shot at taking them by surprise. As soon as the driver came around and joined his buddy, both of them checking their guns and facing my car, I leaped out of the ditch and barreled into them, swinging my crowbar. I pushed the first guy into the second and swung the crowbar at their heads, hoping to whack one of them. I heard a shout and a gun firing. I snapped the glass in my other hand and waved it in front of both of them, knowing it would be weaker outside and would take a few moments to take effect, but it was the best shot I had.

There was more shouting, more gunfire – something grazed my side and I felt stabbing pain – but one of them was struggling to stand straight and the next shot flew wide. I swung the crowbar again, whacking the guy’s hand – and knocking the gun aside into the dirt. The other one was down on the ground and trying to get up, but looked a little woozy too. Hopeful it was working, I pulled out the second tube and snapped it, waving it at him and trying to get some of the brown liquid towards his face. He kept his knee on the ground and was lowering a hand to brace himself. I ducked down in front of him, thinking the second guy was the bigger threat – he was still up, though he didn’t have his gun – and shoved the first guy into the second, knocking them both over.

I stepped back for a moment to gauge the situation, but they were both on the ground now, and looked groggy. I kicked the other gun away and ran back to my car to fish more glass tubes out of my pack – glad I’d made way more than I thought we needed. I grabbed two, then cracked one in the face of each guy, willing them to inhale as much as possible. In a few moments they were out cold.

Taking a few moments to catch my breath, I debated what to do next. It was a little before 1am and in the middle of farm country, so my hope was nobody would be around, though that would be unlikely – more likely the people who were around here were asleep, at least until the guns went off.

I hurried to grab both guns and kick them aside where I could see them, and then drag the two guys – damn they were big – towards their car, and into the back seat. I pulled out their wallets and phones and the car keys and tossed those in different directions into the field as well – the longer they couldn’t alert anyone of what happened, the better chance we had of getting away. I collected the guns and brought them to the car, stuffing them under the seat. I debated whether to just toss them somewhere, but if someone found those there’d be an even bigger investigation. As it was, there were two guys knocked out and in the back of their car. Nobody seriously injured, nobody killed. Though my side stung like hell, and I’d have to check it as soon as I had a chance. I grabbed a handful of tissues out of a box in the back seat and stuffed them between my side and my shirt, trying to hold them in place to stop the bleeding.

One final trip back to their car – with two more tubes of knockout gas. I emptied both into the back seat and shut the door, and then jogged back to my car, started up the engine, drove around their car – and partly into the ditch. The girls were holding onto each other to keep from falling off the seat. I got back onto the farm road and then flipped on the headlights and gunned it. My goal now was just to get home as fast as we could, before anyone else came out this way.


As I drove, the girls were all silent for a few minutes. I finally said, “I’m hoping they’re the only ones we’ll come across. Let’s go home.”

About fifteen minutes later, as we finally got back onto a real highway and we started to see lights and other cars, finally Keisha said something. “Umm … you know you’re bleeding?”

I grunted. “Yeah.”

Maria half-snorted. “Dude. That’s not … “ She paused. And then gasped. “Did you get SHOT?”

“Possibly. There were … a few shots flying around. Something grazed my side.”

Melanie spoke up. “Honey, you can’t keep getting shot!” Her voice cracked at the end.

I wanted so badly to reach over and stroke her cheek, but I was focused on driving us as fast and as far away from that place – and the two thugs - as I could. “I’m sorry. I really am NOT trying to. But I have to protect you guys. At least, I think we’ve rescued EVERYONE now. I hope.”

One of the new girls mouthed “Honey?” as the other blurted, “Does someone want to tell us what’s going on here?”

I said, “Sorry for all the running around, ladies … and lack of proper introductions. But we’re in the middle of a getaway … er, rescue. I’m going to call Sergeant Joe in the morning and let him know where this place is. That guy we just rescued you from, is the one who we believe was bankrolling the whole … scheme. As you can see, there have been other victims. And his people went through a lot of trouble to hide THIS place – even from the satellite images. Umm … Melanie, Babe? Maybe you guys can fill them in more while I try to get us home safe. We’ve still got a LONG drive.”

Melanie asked, “Don’t you think you should just call him now?”

“Something tells me he won’t appreciate me waking him up at 1am. He’s cranky with me anyway. And I assume he’s going to need something more tangible to get a search warrant. Right … Keisha?”

She sighed. “He’s right. That’s why I was willing to go along with this rescue attempt. By the time they could GET a search warrant – and there wasn’t a lot to go on yet so no guarantee – these ladies could have been long gone … or worse.”

“Plus … “ Melanie added, “if this guy was backed into a corner he could have done what they tried to do with you. Used them as hostages.”


“Yeah. Umm … sorry ladies.” Hell, why was I apologizing? I sighed too. “Anyway, he’ll probably want to come and get statements from each of you … but only when you’re ready. First off, let’s get you to a safe place, you can wash up and get some clean clothes … and OH, if you’ll let me, I’d like to check and make sure nothing’s broken … and get you some ice for those bruises.”

“Umm … and something to eat maybe?” the Asian woman spoke up, hopeful. She still hadn’t shared her name – and there was only a generic description in the lab notebook. Hell, I wondered if those goons even knew her name, or if they just mugged her on the street because she met NXT’s criteria. That galled me, that the poor girl might have been victimized just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Becky – who was probably the closest to her in age, if I were to guess – blurted, “Oh, we’ve got plenty of snacks here – and some water too.” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her offering food to both of them. They must have been hungry, as they snatched it up and immediately began munching.

After that, I focused on the road – and let the girls do the talking. Over the next hour, I heard Melanie and Maria do much of the talking, and the newcomers mostly listened, as they noted Melanie, Cindy and Becky had all been captives and abused like they were – they seemed surprised that Cindy had survived MONTHS of it – while Maria and Keisha each gave a little of their own stories. Melanie talked about how much I’d done, going back to the initial infiltration of Level 7 and digging for answers, and Cindy talked about the multiple rescues – and how this wasn’t the first time I’d been shot. Melanie was busy convincing them that I was the good guy here, that I was working on how to reverse this, and if anyone could figure it out it was me. I did appreciate her vote of confidence – and vouching for me. These women didn’t know me at all, and who knows if they’d trust me even after this ordeal tonight. Though Cindy and Becky didn’t know me either – and Keisha didn’t – yet they’d all come to decide I was their best chance of getting their lives back, and they all seemed to put their trust in me. To an extreme I supposed, if I thought about all the sexual favors they’d started lavishing on me – not that I minded. At all.

I caught myself smirking at the thought, and wiped if off before the girls started asking questions. We were in the middle of a high-speed escape from a deadly situation, definitely NOT the time for reminiscing on sexual conquests.

Once we got closer to the city, I slowed down a little. This certainly wasn’t the time to get pulled over for speeding – and hopefully we’d just blend in with the other cars on the road. The only two who may have seen my car were the ones I left passed out in the back seat of their car, with their phones and the car keys tossed into the field – and I’d backed the car and turned it facing the road, so even if they may have gotten a glimpse of the front – in the dark – I hoped they didn’t have enough to go on. And the license plate was only in the back, so I was certain they didn’t see that. Once we were in the city, my hope was we’d blend in and they wouldn’t have any clues to lead them to us.


Finally back at the house, once I’d pulled into the garage and closed the door behind us, I turned to the girls. Aside from the newcomers, the rest were eager to get inside – probably to wash up and get to bed, or possibly use the restroom, given we didn’t have a chance to stop for that the whole way back.

“Uh … how about I go get the basket?”

“The … basket?” the Asian girl remarked.

“I … made a basket to carry the others around in … it’s easier than trying to carry everyone individually. Plus … I’m not sure if you’d be comfortable with me picking you up, though I will say if you’ll need to let me carry the basket if you want to get out of the car. The others will be in there with you. Just think about it, I’ll be right back.”

So I ran inside and grabbed the basket, glancing at the clock and grimacing. Despite my fast driving, it was past 230am. Everyone would probably be sleeping in this morning. Setting it down on the edge of the passenger seat, the girls started climbing in – aside from the two newbies.

Keisha turned to them and said, “It’s fine. We do this all the time. Obviously it’s not as easy getting around at … OUR size.” I saw her emphasize the ‘our’ – they looked at each other and then started to get up. I saw Kim was limping and the other new girl helped her to the basket. The others scooted over to make room for them. We were pretty much at capacity with this basket, if not over capacity – though my hope was we’d finally found ALL of the victims.

“Ready?” I asked softly. I didn’t want to startle anyone. I got more than one “Ready” in response, so I went with it, and slowly lifted the basket up and out of the car, and then slowly walked into the house. I asked, “Bathroom first?” and got several affirmatives. So I took them to the bathroom, set the basket up next to the sink and waited while everyone piled out. The newcomers were the last two out, and again it looked like Kim needed help.

“Okay, I’ll leave you all alone. Umm .. Kim, and … “

The Asian girl looked up at me. “It’s Erin.”

“Oh. Thank you. So … Kim and Erin. There are towels in the corner, clean clothes – they’re mostly one-size-fits-all, and we have some nightshirts for sleep if you like. And then … Kim?” She glanced up at me. “I can get you some ice for that leg, and if you want me to examine it I can. I don’t want to presume, if you don’t want me to touch you I won’t, but if it’s broken or sprained I can splint it for you. Just let me know. And then the rest of the team can help you get set up with a place to sleep tonight. In the morning I’ll make breakfast … or an early lunch, depending how long you all sleep in … and then call Sergeant Joe, he’s been our main contact with the police department.”

“And he’s my uncle.” blurted Becky. She smiled.

Maria added, “You should let him look at you. He … he’s saved me more than once. Including stitching me up after those goons gashed my thigh.”

Kim looked at her with wide eyes. “He … used sutures on you? At YOUR size?” She looked horrified.

Maria turned and lifted her skirt on one side to show off where the stitches were – now a scar, but we both hoped that a plastic surgeon could fix that once she was normal sized again. She responded, “He might have saved my life. It was a pretty big gash. And … I was out of it at the time, but he had Melanie stay and watch so there would be a witness that he was … being a gentleman.”

Cindy snorted. “Since when have you ever wanted him to be a gentleman?”

“Well at the time, I was out cold, so it’s not like I could tell him it was okay if he wanted to go ahead and ravish me.”

Damn. I felt my cheeks getting warm. If it were just ‘my’ girls then I’d have come back with some snarky reply, but I wasn’t about to in front of the new people … Kim and Erin. They didn’t know me yet. And I certainly didn’t want to give them the impression I was anything like the people who had been holding them captive. SO, instead I stepped the rest of the way out of the bathroom and started to pull the door shut, adding, “Umm … just give me a shout if you need me.” as I closed it – not all the way, but just enough for one of them to squeeze out if she wanted to.

Frankly, I needed the bathroom myself too, and again I thought, if it wasn’t for the new people, the others would probably have told me to go – and then get a shower too – and it wouldn’t have bothered them. As it was, I was faced with … running out to the back and pissing in the trees? Geez. At almost 3am. I’d be lucky if one of the neighbors didn’t hear something and come out with a flashlight. Or something bit me. Or both. WHILE I was pissing in the trees. Well, may as well get it over with.


After that, I went to the kitchen and slowly peeled my shirt off – the wad of tissues was stuck to my side and this was my first time actually looking at the wound. I was pretty sure it had just grazed me – it would surely hurt a lot more if there were a bullet in there, wouldn’t it? I could tell under the tissues that the bullet had taken a chunk of skin off, but I didn’t think it was too deep. I needed to wash it and bandage it before it got infected.

Once the girls were done in there …

At that thought I headed to the hallway and called out. “Ladies? Everything alright in there?”

“We’re fine. Do you need in here?” someone called.

“I can wait, just checking on you.”

“Don’t you need to wash up too?” I heard, and I could make out someone asking, “What about his bullet wound?” followed promptly by “HONEY! Get in here NOW and let’s check your wound.”

I interjected, “But Erin and Kim … “

“They’re fine. Just come in.”

At that I slowly nudged the door open. As I was taking in the scene – the new people had washed up and were wrapped in washcloths, the others were in various states of undress – it looked like they’d let the new girls wash up first – Maria blurted, “That looks bad! You should have come in here first!”

“Well I know … Erin and Kim have been through a lot … and the rest of you needed to … “

“NO excuses. Come over and use the other sink and wash that thing. Do you need stitches?”

I groaned. “I hope not. I think it just took off a chunk of skin. The one in my shoulder last time was a lot worse.” I proceeded to rinse warm water on it and peel off the dried, bloody tissues that had stuck to it. As I got deeper, I almost gasped as I tried to work another tissue free, and some fresh blood began trickling down. “This may be … the best I can do without a shower. I’ll pack and bandage it after. Umm … Kim, do you want some ice for your leg?”

She just nodded, so while holding my side, I went back to the kitchen and grabbed a few ice cubes, placing them in a plastic zipper bag and whacking them to break up the cubes. Which took a little longer while I was holding my side with one hand. I came back with the little bag – and she let me drape it gently over her leg. I wasn’t going to presume to touch her leg or anything, not until she was comfortable with me doing that.

“Okay, let me know when you’re all done and I’ll come back and get a shower.”

Cindy blurted, “Why wait?”

“Umm … I’m not sure if our new guests … “

She snorted. “As much nudity as they’ve seen in the last few weeks, I seriously don’t think seeing you take a shower is going to bother them.”

Erin actually spoke up, which surprised me. “It’s … fine with me. OH. And … thank you.”

Huh. “You’re welcome.”

At that I went ahead and finished undressing and climbed into the shower. With everyone watching me of course, including the new girls. I felt grimy between the running and climbing and crouching in the dirt and mud. I slowly worked off the rest of the bloody tissues under a stream of water, but had to hold my hand against the wound while I washed up one-handed, it was more than a little awkward. I finished up and worked on toweling off – awkwardly – enough that I could get to the spare sink again and start dressing my wound. I packed it with antibiotic ointment and pressed gauze over it trying to stop the bleeding again. I ended up wrapping it before it fully stopped – otherwise I’d be up the rest of the night. As it was, the sun would probably start coming up in a couple hours.

Once my wound was wrapped, I finished drying off – and wiping up spilled blood – and left the room to put on a tee shirt and boxers. I came back and asked if anyone needed anything – or help getting down – before bed.

To my surprise, Kim asked, “You … mentioned you could look at my leg. What were you … going to do?”

“I don’t have an x-ray machine here, not that it would be safe for you to go in one anyway, but I have something that for you will be a lot safer. Have you ever held a really bright light up against your finger and you can see the bones through the skin? At your size we can do the same thing with your arms or legs. We just have to be careful with your eyes. I should at least be able to tell if there’s a break or not.”

She nodded as she listened. “Huh. I hadn’t thought of that. Okay, if you can do that. Just … don’t be getting handsy.”

I said, “If you want to have Erin or one of the others there as a witness, that’s fine.”

She nodded again. “I trust Erin. We’ve been through … “

“I understand.”

“Not that I … don’t trust anyone else here, I just don’t know them. Or you. Even though it did look like you took a bullet … “

“Yeah. Not the first time either. But hopefully the last. Now … this would be easier in the kitchen, would it be okay to carry you there? And … “ I glanced at Erin “you too? Or I can get the basket.”

Erin replied, “I’m fine if you want to carry me, just … like Kim said, don’t be getting handsy. We’ve been … “

I cut her off. “I know.”

At that she let me gently scoop her up with one hand, and I carefully scooped up Kim with the other, and slowly left the bathroom, turning to the others to add, “While we’re gone … any volunteers to get a room ready for these two? I assume they may want to share a room for now.”

Cindy said, “We’ll take care of it. Go.”

“Okay. Thank you guys.” I left and brought them both to the kitchen, where I set them down on the table and went to dig out my pen light … and a magnifying glass as well, remembering the time I’d used it in trying to close up the gash in Maria’s side. I supposed I’d done alright with that one – it did heal up pretty well.

As I was gathering those items, Erin began speaking. “So how did you end up involved in all this? And how many of us are there anyway?”

“Well … As to your second question, I believe there are only seven of you. That’s based on the lab notes, server files and email correspondence. Kim, I believe we interrupted their plans shortly after you were … abducted, I know they had another planned target and the police have confirmed they never got to that person. And we know Keisha was the last one, that happened when the police went to raid the underground bunker where they were setting up shop, and they tried to use her as a hostage. They’re all in jail now, aside from their financial backer – the guy who was holding both of you. And I have that machine here now.”

“WHAT?!” they both exclaimed.

“It’s here because I’m working on a way to REVERSE what they did.”

“And how do you think YOU are going to figure out something that those geniuses came up with, whoever they are?”

I snorted. “They weren’t exactly geniuses. They were working on a way to transfer matter from one place to another with lasers, but they never figured that out. They dumb-luck stumbled upon an element that doesn’t even exist on this planet. But that’s a different story. Let’s just say I understand their own tech better than they do.”

Erin interjected, “You still never said how you got involved with this.”

“OH. Yeah. Well for starters, Melanie’s my girlfriend. And the first person I rescued. Though she was captive for a month before I knew where she was.”

“And did that just happen?” added Kim, in a tone that suggested the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing might be a ruse.

“You mean … how long ago? It’s … complicated. We’ve known each other long before this. Two years ago, I hired her because I was developing a brain-computer interface and needed a biologist on my team. And she used to flirt with me all the time, but at the time she was my employee – granted my only employee, but I understand that kind of stuff is frowned upon, so I … tried not to give in.”

I continued, “After the project was over, she went to work for Advanced Future Tech, which is where this all started, and she and Maria became best friends. And yes, I met Maria before this happened to her too.” I sighed. “Alright. To summarize current events in a nutshell. Maria got caught in the midst of Melanie pushing for answers to what happened to her … and then I had to rescue BOTH of them. That’s when we discovered what they were up to. And discovered the second machine they were building, and their location, and who they were working with. So that’s what led to discovering the underground bunker where Cindy and Becky were being held, though at the time we didn’t know they were actually in the bunker. We rescued them, and brought the police in, which led to Keisha being captured during the raid and held hostage. And then when the police gave me access to the remaining lab books that they confiscated, that’s how we discovered the two of you were also caught up in this. But finding the compound they held you in … that was very hard to find. And the girls kept insisting I figure out how to rescue you as soon as possible. So I spent the last three days staking that place out and developing a rescue plan. So … that’s how we ended up here. In a nutshell.”

They digested that for a few moments before Kim said, “So this Advanced Future Tech is behind THIS?” She was scowling.

“NO. Just two rogue employees. Cindy and Becky … are the CEO’s wife and daughter. They were used to blackmail the CEO once he discovered the plot. They threatened to torture or kill them, while claiming they’d reverse this once he cooperated. In reality they had NO CLUE how to reverse this. Somehow I seem to be the only one that has ANY ideas on that subject. Which is why everyone seems to be waiting for me to come up with the solution.”

Kim scoffed. “YOU? You look like you just got out of college. What do YOU know?”

“A little.”

Erin nudged her. “Kim, you were in and out on the way back. Melanie said he’s like super smart and has multiple PhD’s or something.”

I shrugged. “Kim, I think you and I might have actually crossed paths at the university at one time.”

She scoffed again. “Not possible. You’ve got to be at least ten years younger than me.”

“Possibly. Though I was a LOT younger than my classmates too.”

Suddenly her eyes got wide. “YOU! Now I remember. A couple of my friends used to joke about this … teenager in their graduate classes. The kid who seemed to know everything.”

I shrugged again. “Well, if I knew everything then I’d have this solved already. Though I only got ahold of that machine a few days ago … and we spent three of those days figuring out how to rescue you two.”

Erin added, “And we really appreciate that, by the way.” She nudged Kim again, as if to tell her to get with the program and stop pestering me.

“Well, let’s look at that leg. If that’s okay?” I had the penlight in hand, and my magnifier on a stand so I could look through it easily. Kim scooted over and left her leg uncovered, pushing the corner of the towel down to cover her crotch. I asked, “Where does it hurt the most?” and she slid her hand down over a spot below the knee. “Okay, now let me know if it hurts too much, I need to lift it up a bit. Umm … actually, let me lift you up onto the table here so you we don’t put strain on it.” She let me lift her gently onto the Barbie table and scoot it closer, so she could lay back and I could brace her leg with my fingers. I held the pen light under it and turned it on, pressing the light up to her skin, and slowly moved it around so I could see.

She grunted and gritted her teeth.

“Sorry. I … AH. Okay. It’s not broken all the way through, that’s good, but you may have a hairline fracture. Would you be okay with me making a splint to wear, just for now? We need to keep your lower leg straight so it can heal.”

She nodded.

“Okay. I’ve got something we can use. Hold tight for just a minute.” I went into the garage and pulled down an old box of craft supplies, where I found a package of popsicle sticks and grabbed a couple. I sliced them both in half with a sharp knife and then grabbed some tape. Back inside, I lay her flat on the big table and tried to position her leg as straight as possible, then positioned the sticks and wrapped tape around them.

She just looked at it for a few moments, and then tried wiggling her toes.

“I know it’s a little awkward, but this will help in a pinch. I can make a cast tomorrow … maybe. I have to see what materials we have here to make one. We’ll figure something out.”

This time she just looked up at me for a minute, as if appraising me. “Thank you” she finally said, and then added, “I appreciate it. Sorry if I was giving you a hard time earlier.”

“That’s alright. You’ve been through a lot. Everyone here has. Tell you what, do either of you need anything else now – something more to eat or whatever – or do you want to get some sleep? I’ll make a late breakfast for everyone later and then call Sergeant Joe and fill him in on what happened tonight.”

Erin replied, “Sleep. Sleep is good.”

“Okay. Can I carry you both back to the ‘house’?”


“I bought a large dollhouse – as soon as I discovered there were more of you. It’s big enough for you to stand up in, and there are multiple bedrooms, so there’s a little more privacy. Before that, they were making sleeping bags on the floor.”

They let me carry them back to the bedroom and I set them down in front of the dollhouse, where the girls came out to bring them in and get them situated. In the meantime I went straight to bed and crashed.


The next morning I woke to chatter. The girls were all talking – bonding with the new people, or at least trying to. They hadn’t seemed to notice I was awake yet, so I just remained where I was and listened in as best I could. I was really curious what Kim and Erin thought of all this.

“So he’s not with the police? I guess that explains that we’re in a regular house.”

“No. But he’s the only one who figured out what was going on. And found the mansion. And the scientists. And the compound where YOU were. The police had no idea until he TOLD them. No offense, Keisha.”

I heard a snort. “No, she’s right. NOBODY had a clue. And from what I saw, these people were very close to getting away with the whole scheme. They were days from being able to set up shop anywhere in the world and start … selling people like us on the black market.”

“And you know he’s doing all of this on his own dime.”


At that point someone realized I was awake, and everyone stopped talking. Until Cindy blurted, “Good morning! Sleep well?” She was way too perky for this early.

I grunted. “It was a rough night. I’ll get started on breakfast.”

“Or lunch?”

I glanced at the clock and groaned. “OH. I didn’t realize it was that late. Someone should have tried to wake me. Just give me a minute … “ I staggered into the bathroom and freshened up, splashing water on my face to wake up – and a pain in my side quickly scolded me for stretching. Damn that hurt. Then I trudged into the kitchen and started working on … lunch.

A little later, I came back to round up everyone, grabbing the basket on the way. Everyone piled into the basket – they were all dressed already, I felt like the laggard today. I carried the girls to the kitchen and set the basket down on the table, so they could all start piling out.

“Umm … do we have enough seats? Apologies if it’s tight – I can grab something in a pinch if needed.”

“How about the sofa?” asked Melanie.

“Ah. Ok.” So I reached over and grabbed the little sofa off the counter and placed it on the table next to the girls. At that, everyone found seats. Kim seemed to find the sofa easier to sit at and keep her leg straight. I started doling out food and beverages and it was obvious everyone was pretty hungry. We were all a little off schedule after last night’s adventure, and as a result we all skipped breakfast while sleeping in.

As they ate, I mentioned that I was going to call Sergeant Joe after lunch and that he might want to come by today or tomorrow to take statements. And that as soon as I had everything put up from this adventure – and tried returning anything we didn’t use – I could focus on the machine – and first reconstructing my formulas, which the goons had ripped down from the wall during their break-in. I did notice that for the most part, the girls were a little more subdued. Usually somebody tended to get raunchy, but not this time. I suspected it was our new guests – who’d only been here since early this morning. Which was fine, in my opinion. While they’d been likely naked and abused for the last three weeks – or four in Erin’s case – they deserved a break from that.

Though I did wonder how those two would react once the girls went back to their usual, unrestrained – and at times raunchy - behavior.

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Melanie's Story Part 66 - Make Yourself at Home

Post by Rocket » Tue Mar 12, 2024 7:10 pm

After lunch was spent cleaning up from the rescue – unloading the car and trunk, organizing all the stuff I bought for this adventure and figuring out what I could return, since I’d put all this on credit cards and the bill was eventually going to come due.

Sergeant Joe showed up by mid-afternoon to talk to the new rescuees. When I’d spoken with him earlier, he wasn’t happy with me – and went so far as to mumble about damn vigilantes at one point in the conversation. But once here, I could tell he’d thought more about it on the way - and at least seemed to concede my point that those two women were in immediate danger. Plus even I didn’t know for certain that they were there – it was the ONLY lead we had. There was no way the police could just raid the place on a ‘chance’ that they might be there. On top of that, the memories of the raid on the mansion – where Officer Keisha was shrunk and used as a hostage – were still fresh. So our method of going in covertly, was probably the best chance of these women being rescued.

I gathered up Kim and Erin and they let me carry them to the kitchen table to talk to Sarge. Becky wanted to come see her uncle of course, and before he’d gotten past his first question, I had all of the girls here wanting to sit in on the session. I helped each of them up to the table as they padded in.

The girls and I listened intently as both Erin and Kim gave their stories. They each described their kidnappers – or at least what they could discern. In both cases they were abducted at night by people in masks. In Kim’s case, one of them was hiding in her car and forced her at gunpoint to drive to a secluded area, where two others were waiting. That seemed to align with the stories of her going missing and her car being left in a parking lot. While neither of them had said hardly anything about their ordeal since the rescue – granted it had been early early this morning – Kim’s disappearance had been a news story.

For Erin, NONE of us knew much of anything – the police hadn’t even had enough to go on to link her to a missing person’s report. But she described her situation for all of us. She had a dream of going to college, had a scholarship lined up, but everything was sidetracked when her father was killed by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting and she had to help her mother with her cleaning business just to make ends meet. So she’d decided the only way she’d get to college was to make more money.

Which she did at night. As an exotic dancer. HUH?

Despite her initial misgivings and her discomfort at dancing naked in front of a room full of men, she knew the money was good, and she’d been told (too often) that she had the body for it. So once she got over her nervousness and learned to ‘flaunt her assets’ as her coworkers described it, in three months she was pulling in really good tips. Enough that she had money set aside to cover her mother’s bills and had started saving up for college tuition. She hoped to finally start school in the fall. And then one night - er, very early morning after closing time, two men in masks followed her and abducted her during her short walk home.

In both their cases, they described being sedated, remembering only bits and pieces of being taken to some building downtown, a strange sensation and bright light, and then their next memories were of this big ugly guy with fowl breath, and the cage.

When Erin mentioned the container of cat litter in the corner of the cage, Cindy couldn’t keep her mouth shut any longer. She groaned and then blurted, “OH, if I NEVER see kitty litter again it’ll be too soon.”

Both Erin and Kim looked at her, perhaps realizing on a deeper level that their experience wasn’t entirely unique. That was good in a sense, if it would lead to bonding between the girls – and their shared ordeals.
I kept my mouth shut and let them continue, Kim and Erin each describing how they were treated and what little they were fed. Erin seemed to be used more often for sexual acts – which I could believe given how we found her. For Kim, it seemed clear he had a dual purpose – not only control and sexual conquests to stoke his ego, but torture in response to her looking into some of his shady business practices. I honestly had no idea myself whether the cases just weren’t pursued or if someone else had actually bothered reviewing the files and continuing her investigation where she left off. I didn’t think anyone else knew either. She did describe sexual acts – for her captor, as well as being forced to perform on herself or together with Erin for his amusement. There were some similarities to what Becky and Cindy – and Melanie for that matter - went through.

But the torture Kim described was difficult to hear – talk of being held upside down, wrapped in a string, and dunked in toilet water – regardless of what was already … in there. Or held over a cat or a gerbil so they could sniff or scratch at her or bat her around. Or being squeezed in his hand until she either passed out or gave in to whatever demand or request he made at the time – such as pleading for her life, or apologizing for ever looking into his finances, or worshiping him. That one seemed to amuse him often. What a jerk.

Though it certainly explained having so many bruises.

Sarge looked uncomfortable hearing some of that, though I supposed he was used to it at some level, given his line of work and how many victim statements he’d probably taken in his career. I didn’t know if he typically did that now anymore, or if this was a special situation with our shrunken victims – a situation that the police department was trying to keep out of the public eye, more out of fear that people would find out about them and try to take them, than about the fact that shrinking was even possible. Knowing as I did – and Sarge did now – that the shrinking process required an element so extremely rare that it was unknown on this planet. The tiny amount that was used in the machine, was extracted from the inside of a very unusual meteorite.

As Sarge was wrapping up, he did indicate that he felt he had enough to pursue a search warrant of the compound. I indicated that time may be short, given how hard they worked at hiding the existence of the place, and there was a risk of this NXT fleeing. They certainly knew now that SOMEONE knew the compound was there, and NXT certainly knew that ‘someone’ had discovered he had Kim and Erin – given they would have been missing when he woke up. He surely wouldn’t have missed that. And it had been more than half a day since we escaped with them. Yes it was out of my hands now, but still, I’d rather NXT not get away. He was so secretive that we didn’t even know his full name yet.

And lastly, I mentioned privately to Sarge, “If it’s of any use, I did snap a few pictures during the rescue.” I was torn whether to mention these to Erin or Kim – especially Erin, as she might be pretty embarrassed (or probably mortified) that a picture of her naked, covered in cum and rubber-banded to a flacid dick, even existed. And then angry with me for having taken it. Though this WAS the way I found her – and – hell, I was the one that had to literally cut her naked body loose from that flacid dick. And then wipe some of the wet cum off her (onto the bedsheets) before I tried putting her in my bag. I did feel bad for Melanie and Keisha for having to hold on tight right next to her for at least half an hour after that – she probably reeked of cum at that point – but there wasn’t anything more I could have done at the time. It was just plain nasty. But I knew this was the only time we’d ever be able to get pictures – and I didn’t know whether they’d be important in making the case, either to go after this NXT character, or perhaps the girls might be able to file a civil suit and get some money out of the guy. It was obvious he HAD money.

He stopped with a jolt. “Pictures?”

“Of this guy we think is NXT, the cage, and … umm … what he was doing at the time we found him.”

He squinted at me. “And how did you take pictures in the middle of this … whatever it is you did?”

“Knockout gas.”

He raised his eyebrows.

“I made it myself. A formula I developed in college. It’s pretty safe, but I was trying … not to have to fight anyone.”

He grunted and then mumbled under his breath about me being a damn vigilante again. I tried to ignore it and pulled out my phone to show him the three pics I took, in-case they might be important. Kim was already in my bag before I’d pulled the phone out, so the cage was empty, but Erin was still … in bondage. He muttered “Shit” as he saw that. Rather than have me text the pics, he asked if I had any way to print them here. So I transmitted them to the office printer and went back to pick them up before he left. He also said for the next couple days, he’d have a patrol car in the neighborhood in-case these thugs working for NXT figured out where we were, before the police could round them up.


After Sarge left, I went back to help the girls back down off the table, and asked Kim if she’d like me to wrap her leg in a cast. She was amenable to letting me try, and like last time, Erin stayed around for support. I went back to my first aid box under the bathroom sink and grabbed a roll of adhesive gauze, that I’d almost forgotten I had. For someone like me it couldn’t replace a cast, but in Kim’s case, with her tiny legs and tiny muscles, the thick gauze with glue embedded in it would probably be strong enough to act as a cast.

“Okay, let’s lay your leg flat and take a look at it.” She groaned as I touched it, and I carefully snipped away the tape holding the popsicle sticks against her leg, fearing it would hurt a lot more if I pulled at it. Then I gently coated her leg in petroleum jelly while I examined it, noting she still had a lot of bruises – some purple, some turning bronze already. The lubricant would help keep the skin moist, but also keep it from sticking to the gauze – which would make it easier when it came time to remove the cast. She lay down flat on her back and let me work, seeming to trust me a little more than earlier – at least enough that she didn’t feel she had to watch every move I made. Though Erin was there to watch me as well. Laying in that position, with her other leg bent at the knee, left me with a view of her nether regions under the skirt, though I tried not to make it too obvious as I worked on her leg.

I slid the gauze under the leg and then began to wrap it, very gently lifting her whole leg together with one hand while I slid the tape roll under – which was a little challenging considering the width of the roll was about 8 or 9 inches to her perspective. Kim was surprisingly patient with me as I carefully wrapped her leg, from knee to ankle. A few passes around and the gauze was thick enough to serve its purpose, keeping her from being able to move her leg until the bone could heal. Which given it wasn’t broken through, I hoped would be much faster. For at least a couple weeks though, she’d be hobbling around.

“I can try and come up with something you can use as a crutch, but for the moment are you alright with me carrying you around?”

She snorted. “After how I was umm … handled … ” she scrunched her nose “… the last three weeks, it’s … refreshing for someone to even bother asking. And … we do appreciate your help.”

Erin asked, “How is your … “ she waved towards my side. “Didn’t you get shot last night?”

“Yeah. It hurts, but it could have been a lot worse. And it’s not the first.”

“Oh?” she asked, clearly trying to prompt more out of me. I thought the girls had filled them in on some of this already, but there was a lot going on – and both of them were in a daze for at least part of the trip back, and perhaps for part of the time since. So I indulged them.

“The worst was after we’d rescued Cindy and Becky from the lab these people had set up in an underground bunker north of here. The police raided that property the next day – which is when Keisha was taken hostage – but several of these thugs, including one of the scientists, either weren’t there at the time or made it out, I’m not sure. So they went after Andrew – Cindy’s husband – and beat him half to death trying to find out where WE were. Luckily the car they used still had a tracker on it – LONG story – and I was able to figure out where they went, in time for them to rescue Andrew. He’s still in the hospital, by the way – multiple broken bones, punctured organs, he required multiple surgeries and a week and a half in ICU. But half a day later they came HERE, looking for me, for the girls, and for the element that’s critical to making their machine work. There’s no other known source on the planet.”

“They came HERE?” blurted Kim.

I nodded. “Yeah, but we have a panic room here – tell the others to show you when you get a chance. I built it to be hidden where they can’t easily get to it – or find it – but it’s set up to be livable for a little while if necessary. Water, snacks, light, even a display that ties into the security cameras, and a way to send short text messages.”

Kim raised her eyebrows. “I’d really love to see that.”

“And you should know how to find it, the whole purpose is to keep you all safe if someone breaks in. But getting back to the initial question, they came here and ripped up my office and had me tied up to question. While they were distracted I broke free – somewhat – and tried running for the window to get out and get help, but they shot me in the shoulder. Right before the police showed up.”

“That can’t be that long ago, if … Officer Keisha was the last victim, more recently than either of us?”

I nodded. “Yeah, that was barely two weeks ago. Maybe less. It’s all a blur. I was in the hospital overnight – which oddly enough gave me a chance to talk to Andrew and work out an arrangement to access the lab these goons were using downtown. Which is where I made the knockout gas we used last night.”

Erin groaned. “Is that … why I don’t remember being rescued?”

I nodded. “How much DO you remember?”

Kim said, “I remember laying in the cage … and feeling a little woozy … and then next I was in the car … oh hell. How did I get dressed?”

“We brought clothes along. Based on our last rescue, I figured it was likely you … wouldn’t have any with you.”

Her eyes got wide. “So you … saw me naked while I was passed out.” She scowled.

“There wasn’t much choice. Someone had to get you out of there.” Kim’s cheeks turned a little pink for a moment.

Erin thought for a moment and then gasped. “OMG. So you saw me … on the … I’m so embarrassed.”

I shook my head. “Don’t be. You had nothing to do with that. It was all that creep – who I hope Sarge’s people can round up, now that we’ve found him and have an idea what he looks like.”

“But that means you would have to … eww … and you had to touch that … “

I sighed. “Well SOMEBODY had to. We sure couldn’t leave you there. And … I tried not to look any more than I had to. And Melanie could see me, so she can vouch that I didn’t … do anything inappropriate.” I purposely didn’t mention the wet cum I wiped off her onto the bed once I’d removed her bonds and lifted her off of her … captor’s crotch. She was already embarrassed enough, it seemed.

Despite her red cheeks, she squinted. “How was she there too?”

“She was up in the ceiling ductwork. She and Keisha were using that to go room to room to try and figure out where you both were. At their size they could sneak around. At MY size, I wouldn’t get very far without having to fight people, and I was trying to get out of there without hurting anyone. Or any serious injuries at least.”

They both were just shaking their heads at all that. Kim said, “I’d love to hear THAT story one of these days.”

“You should talk to the girls. They LIKE to talk. And they’re all pretty much in the same boat you are. I’m just trying to keep you all safe until I can solve the restoration process.”

“You think you can figure it out? Is there a chance we can get our lives back?”

“I believe it’s possible, yes. As I was telling everyone just the other day though, it’s not a quick fix. This has never been done before, so I need to do some experiments, make sure the process is safe. I won’t risk any of you before I’ve tested it first. But I’m making progress, and keep in mind I only got ahold of the machine a few days ago – and most of THAT time was spent figuring out where the compound was hidden and then how to break you out of it. The girls were insistent that I rescue you BEFORE I focus on the rest.”

“And we REALLY do appreciate that, by the way. Even if … you did … see us at our worst.” Erin shuddered.

Kim quipped, “Though from what I hear, it sounds like it’s nothing you haven’t seen already.”

I shrugged. “True enough.”


After we’d finished up, I carried them both back to the bedroom, where some of the girls were hanging out in the ‘living room’ of the doll house. The only furniture it had come with were a couple of sofas and some built-ins, so I just left all that for them. The girls had cleaned them off and just used it as a hangout space the way they used to roll up the towels and use them as a sectional back when … well, last week I suppose. Things seem to change quickly around here.

I left them to go about their business, but given I needed to work on formulas and check my calculations, and a couple of the girls were in the office in the middle of watching a movie, I sat on the bed with my notebook. I’m not sure if the girls knew I was still in here or not, but I could hear them chatting it up, sometimes loudly, while I half-worked and half-listened. When I caught bits and pieces of them asking about how I treated them, I perked up, curious what everyone would say about me when they didn’t think I was listening.

“Honestly, I think we’re pretty lucky. You know in our … situation it could be a LOT worse.”

I heard some groans. “Doesn’t it make you nervous, that he has the power to do ANYTHING he wants to you? That … now that we’re like this, ANYONE could?”

“But he DOESN’T. That’s the thing. He could, and he knows he could, but he won’t. If we say no, he respects that.”

“Do you really trust him?”

“He’s earned our trust. He’s saved each of our lives at least once – some of us several times – and he goes out of his way to look out for us. OH, we have to show you the panic room later. Don’t let me forget. He built that too, even cut a hole in the floor that’s just big enough for us, too small for those thugs to reach down. That’s how we stayed safe when those goons broke in. See, he does stuff like that for us. So yeah, I trust him - about as much as I trust anyone.”

“Hell, I’m comfortable letting him do whatever he wants with me, ‘cause I know he won’t hurt me. He’s never been cruel.”

“You WHAT?”

“Honestly, we had to push him to agree to it. YES, we’ve ALL had sex with him.”

I heard a couple of gasps. That HAD to be the newbies. “And what makes that any different than … “

“Than being in captivity? For one thing, we’re still in control. He listens to us. If I want to let him take me, it’s on MY terms.”

“Plus, with everything he’s done for us – everything he’s still doing – we figure this is our way of paying him back. If he wants to have a little fun, it doesn’t bother me. Those goons had all THEIR fun with me for over two months. For free. If they could have it, why can’t the guy who’s protecting us?”

“I don’t know … it just seems … “

“Girl, you should at least think about it. When you’re ready. He’s not going to make you do anything if you don’t want to. But it’s SO worth it.”

“Worth it?”

“Seriously. Now I’m sure you had to deal with some slime ball who doesn’t give a damn. But with a guy who cares a little – and makes an effort to make you feel good – it’s … “

“Mind-blowing orgasms.”

“Shit. I was trying to be a little tactful. But … you’re right about that. I think he likes seeing us enjoy it.”

“Anyway, tell you what. You can think about it. Nobody’s going to push you. But … back when he got back from the hospital, we’d all had time to do a little … plotting. So we came up with some treats to make him feel special. We set the ground rules and he followed them. SO, here’s what I’m thinking maybe for tomorrow …”

At that, I felt bad for listening in, and it was clear they didn’t know I was here. I debated whether to try to sneak out – and would they see me through the window? - or stay here and pretend I was napping. I went with the latter, even though I really did need to work on those formulas some more.


Once the girls took off to show Erin and Kim the panic room, I took that as my chance to sneak out. I checked out the office first, where Keisha and Melanie were hanging out. It looked like their movie was over and they were just talking. I grabbed a dry erase marker and went to work on my key equations, checking my constants and variables, and thinking through how I would produce the altered wavelength that I needed from the existing laser – or if it was possible. I needed to examine the element again, probably under a high-power microscope, but for now I’d work with what I had here.

Later I might ask Melanie if she knew whether there was a suitable microscope downtown – and we might need to take another trip.

Then it was dinner time, and of course I spent a while preparing food for seven tiny mouths. I left the little sofa on the kitchen table, thinking with Kim’s cast the sofa may be more comfortable – plus we were short of seats without it. The girls let me carry them to the kitchen table – and Kim was perfectly happy to let me carry her by hand and lower her right onto the little sofa.

While they ate, I asked the girls what they thought they still needed – any furniture for the dollhouse, bath products, clothes, whatever – and I made a list as they spoke. Melanie brought up the exercise equipment again, of course. I needed to find something used, most equipment is big and heavy, even home equipment, isn’t it? - and have it delivered here, since I couldn’t simply bring the machine with me to shrink it. That would be SO convenient if I could. Mental note - once I figure out the reversal – and yes I’m going to figure it out – I should seriously figure out a way to make the machine portable. Right now it was so big it required a truck – but much of that bulk appeared to be extraneous to the actual operation of the machine.

Towards the end of dinner, Cindy asked, “Do you have any plans for tonight?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Me? Nothing yet. What do you have in mind?”

She smirked. “Actually, we shouldn’t wear you out tonight. We … might have some plans for you tomorrow. BUT … “


“I was thinking about that whole King Kong playacting the other night. I … wouldn’t mind if a huge hand scooped ME out of bed in the middle of the night … for a quickie. If you want. Just sayin’.”

Now I smirked. “Far be it from me to stand in the way of your happiness. Your wish is my command.”

She snorted. I did notice that neither Kim nor Erin looked shocked by this.

At that, I helped everyone down – and carried Kim where she wanted to go, reminding myself to find her crutches to use (or make her something if I could) – she’d need them for the next week or two. Then I cleaned up the dishes and went back to my computer, placing a couple of orders from the list of requests. I was lucky I had some savings, I certainly wasn’t working on any paying projects right now. I sighed. That done, I skimmed Craigslist – thinking since I’d found the dollhouse there, maybe I could find some used exercise equipment. I knew most donation places didn’t accept that stuff, so I suspected I could find something cheap. And I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, I was surprised how much was listed. I found a treadmill, a weight set and bench, and a rowing machine. That ought to be enough to outfit a home gym, right? So I got on the phone and called the numbers with the listings, finagled a little on the price and offered a few bucks for people to drive it by here. Then as almost an afterthought, I looked for some used crutches – and HUH, found that too. So one more phone call and a little negotiating to talk the guy into dropping them off.

That done, I was ready to call it a day. Even though I’d slept in until almost lunch time, I HAD been up until almost 4am last night. My body was a little off kilter. Seemed to make sense to me to go ahead and turn in early. Plus I did offer to play King Kong again for Cindy, so I’d probably go ahead and nap for a while and then get up and grab her once it seemed like the girls were asleep.


So a couple hours later, I did wake up, made a quick trip to the bathroom, and then knelt in front of the dollhouse, taking a moment to make sure I had the right room. I didn’t think Kim or Erin would appreciate me reaching in and grabbing them in the middle of the night – and it would probably damage any credibility I’d built up so far. No, I’d better make sure I was getting Cindy’s room – she’s the one that hinted for me to do this. So I bent down and peered in the bedroom windows. It was dark – not pitch black, but dark enough that it was hard to see, even with my eyes adjusted to the dark. I double-checked that I had Cindy and Becky’s room, and then, slowly opened the window, reached inside, carefully peeled back the piece of towel she was using as a blanket, and then wrapped my fingers around her and lifted her carefully through the window.

I confirmed it was her that I held, and slowly stood up and tiptoed into the hallway with her, trying not to make a sound. I looked at her in my hand and loosened my grip a little. She looked back at me, nibbling her lower lip.

Without a word from either of us, I slowly peeled back her nightgown and slid it over her head. For a few moments I just caressed her chest with my thumb. Then I lifted her up to my mouth and sucked on her little breasts, flicking her tiny nipples with the tip of my tongue, eliciting a purr of delight as she squirmed in my hand. I continued sucking and toying with them as I went to sit on the sofa in the front room, and with my other hand I traced a couple fingers up and down her legs and ass, which dangled down below my chin.

Once I pulled her back from my lips just a few inches, she looked a little flushed but managed to utter her first words. “Fuck me” she whispered. “Please.”

I kissed her on the stomach, lingering there for a moment as I teased her tiny belly button – it was so tiny the tip of my tongue smothered it, but it seemed I’d discovered another pleasure spot for her. As soon as she sensed I may go lower, she spread her legs eagerly, wordlessly begging me to go there. I slid my tongue down her stomach and between her legs, wrapping it around her there, encompassing everything from her front to her ass. I slid my tongue back, running along her crack and up, and then attacked her pussy. She purred and stretched back in my hand, writhing in response to each lick, and gasped once her little lips parted and I brushed her passage the first time.

For a few moments I continued to massage her there with my tongue, and then I surprised her by slipping the tip of my little finger there the moment I pulled my tongue away. I caressed the tiny space between her quivering lips with my fingertip, and then tilted her up and lowered her onto it. She gasped again and began whispering, ‘Yes, yes, yes’ in between her labored breaths as I gently pumped her, until finally she reached her peak, and collapsed in my hand at her release.

I caressed her chest and stomach with my thumb as she slowly came down from her high, gently withdrawing my fingertip from her and tasting her on my tongue.

She just grinned at me.

So I quietly walked back to the bedroom, to the window that still stood open, and lowered her back onto the towel she was sleeping on, pulled the ‘blanket’ back onto her and lay her little nightshirt over the blanket. She reached up and grabbed my finger, kissing it, before I pulled my hand away and quietly closed the window.

Then I went back to bed. Part of me thought about taking it further with her, perhaps putting her to work between my legs – a certain appendage would certainly appreciate it – however she’d hinted about having a ‘quickie’ and doing that would probably mean giving her a bath in the sink afterwards – and changing my boxers. So I let it go. The appendage was a little disappointed. Though I was curious about what Cindy was hinting for tomorrow.


The next morning, I got up and, seeing as I’d made it up before most of the girls, went ahead and shaved and washed up right away and got dressed. Keisha was already in there washing up herself, but seeing me take a shower, or shave or brush in the other sink, hadn’t seemed to faze her at all in the past, so I went ahead with my business. By the time I was done, she was out of the bathroom already, and Maria was in her place. She smiled at me as I passed by – naked of course – to go get dressed and start making breakfast.

As I was finishing that up and starting to set up food and plates on the table, the girls started padding in. They didn’t bother waiting for the basket, so I assumed they wanted me to lift them up individually. Except that …

“Umm, Cindy? Did you forget something?”

She snickered. “Nice of you to notice. I’ll explain soon.”

By the time they’d all come in, both Cindy and Maria were naked. I was sure this had to be Cindy’s latest scheme – which I purposely tried not to listen to as they were plotting yesterday.

As they started eating – and I sat down to join them – I asked, “So what’s with the birthday suit? Not that I mind … “

Maria snorted. “I KNOW you don’t mind.”

Cindy interjected, “So here’s the deal. This is a little reward for YOU. I know you put a lot of work into rescuing our new friends here, and you risked yourself again to keep us safe on the way home. So consider this a little payback.”


“We’re not pushing Erin or Kim to do this if they aren’t comfortable with it, but the rest of us will stay naked for the day. They might join us if they feel like it.” She pointedly looked at them as she said that. “You can ogle all you like.”

Maria added, “First now it’s just ogling. We have a bet going to see if you can make it half the morning and resist touching anyone. And THEN we’ll let you touch – or fondle. Unless someone says no. Our new ladies aren’t used to this, so if they say no, then it’s no.”

Cindy said, “Oh, and this time, no picking us up just to fondle – at least without permission. But yes, touching and fondling will be fine, with anyone who doesn’t say no.”

“Deal?” asked Maria. “Those are the rules.”

I nodded. “Okay. I can certainly live with that. And thank you. I do appreciate you guys … looking out for me. In your own way, I suppose.”

Cindy stopped and looked around at the others. “I think they were just waiting to hear me tell you the ground rules. Before they … partake in the activities.” Maria snorted. At that, I watched as Keisha, Becky and Melanie each stood up and undressed. I just sat there, chin in my palm, and watched the show.

“So, guys, what ARE the rules on touching?” I asked.

Cindy had a huge smirk on her face. “Anything that’s exposed is fair game. So like, if I stand here with my legs parted, I’m giving you a green light to explore me down there. But you can’t be pulling my legs apart. If I’m not exposing it then it’s off limits.”

“Okay. I can live with that.”

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Erin get up. She muttered, “Hell, why not” as she tugged her own clothes off and set them in the pile. She looked up at me and said, “It’s not like you didn’t see me before. But I’d like to think I look better not … caked in that nasty cumshot.”

I raised my eyebrow. “Actually Erin,” I said as I ogled, “I think you’re very attractive. But during the rescue, I was more worried about getting you both out of there safely. So there really wasn’t any time for ... ogling.”

“Well, I’m USED TO being ogled.” She smirked. Then she twirled around, showing off her … assets. “You know I earned a lot of tips doing this.”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that. I suppose I should be flattered that I get to see it without a cover charge.”

She snorted.

Then I heard a sigh from Kim. “I can’t believe I’m going along with this” she muttered, as she started to lift her shirt off. “You know I’m not twenty anymore.”

She glanced up and saw me sizing her up with my eyes. I said, “Don’t sell yourself short. You’re attractive, and … clearly well endowed.”

Her cheeks turned pink for a moment.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to embarrass you. But they ARE nice.”

She sighed again. “Ladies, a little help here?” Erin helped her up – the cast on her leg made it awkward – and she removed her skirt.

“Hey Kim.” She glanced up at me again. “I do have some crutches on the way for you.”

“I appreciate that, but … where did you find something like that?”

“They’re just regular crutches. I’ll have to shrink them when they get here. Just like the gym equipment I ordered last night.”

Melanie shrieked. “You found some?” I nodded. “What did you get? Or it is a surprise?”

I snorted. “Nah, you’ll see it soon anyway. I found a treadmill, a rowing machine and a weight set and bench. All used, but they looked like pretty good equipment.”

She grinned ear to ear. “Thank you honey. And for that, I’ll be happy to exercise naked for you if you like. More than happy.”

I smirked. “When do I ever NOT like seeing you naked?”

She laughed. “So true.” At that she got up and strutted around for me. Yes, I’d look forward to some fondling later, though I did promise to abide by their ‘rules’ and wait until they gave me the okay.

Sometimes Cindy could come up with some crazy ideas. Made me start to wonder what sort of influence she’d be on Becky once they returned to their normal lives. Surely with all they’d been through – and all they’d done together – they were more like sisters now, than step-mother and step-daughter. I had the impression that prior to all this, they weren’t nearly as close.

For the rest of breakfast – which dragged out for an hour, not that I could complain at all – I enjoyed the view while we all talked. And aside from Kim, who was still hobbled with the cast, the others took turns strutting right under my nose, showing off and flaunting their assets. With the no-touching rule still in effect, I left to get the basket and let the girls climb on, though I did take my time leaving the kitchen, and held the basket up at almost eye level for a couple minutes, prompting a snarky “Whatcha doing?” comment from Maria.

I just grinned and replied, “Just ogling.”

So I finally set the basket down in the bedroom next to the dollhouse, and the girls piled out.


While I probably could have hung out for hours just hovering over and ogling the girls – since, well, they did invite me to – I figured I should actually get some work done. And besides, if they were going to happily let me do ‘more’ than ogle later, then why waste my free time now? Though technically, I wasn’t doing any contract work – there was no income coming in until I started taking some new paying projects. Work in this case, was figuring out how to reverse the shrinking process.

So I spent the next hour and a half examining the laser’s specs and the wavelength output, against the constants in the equation in my current hypothesis, to assess whether the existing laser could be inverted or if I would need modifications – or perhaps a different laser. I also suspected the element – encased in a polycarbonate block – might not be 100% pure, though I hesitated to mess with it. It was very possible that either that impurity, or fluctuations in the laser, could be at least part of the reason why each victim was knocked out for so long – an average of half a day – and would probably be knocked out for half to a full day after restoration to normal size as well. I definitely needed to make another trip downtown to the lab, and also see if they had a molecular or atomic microscope. If anyone in the city had one (outside of the university) it would be there.

I did get the occasional curious visitor padding in, either wondering what I was doing – and leaving pleased that I was making progress – or wondering why I wasn’t there ogling. Like I could do that for several hours straight. The temptation to touch, fondle, or better yet, just pick them up one by one and lick them till they climaxed, would eventually be too much to resist.

Finally though, it was Melanie that came padding in about an hour before lunch. With a sly look on her face. As soon as I looked at her, she said, “Honey, they sent me to let you know that it’s now okay to touch us – or fondle us – if you want.” She had trouble saying that with a straight face.

“Oh, is that so?” I smirked. As she came closer, I got down on the carpet. She stopped right in front of me and just stood there, as I reached out and stroked her cheek, then her arm, and then began to trace my fingers over her breasts, down her stomach, down her back, over her bottom and between her legs. She conveniently stood with her legs parted a bit, intentionally inviting me to touch her wherever I liked. “You know, it’s SO tempting to just grab you and ravish you, but I’ll try to follow the rules and resist.”

She smirked back at me. She knew. She’d probably rather I went ahead and ravished her too. Later, I told myself. Definitely later. But then she surprised me and said, “Tell you what. Hold your finger here and try not to move too much.”

I did as she said, more than curious. She didn’t disappoint. First she straddled my index finger. Then she leaned forward and grabbed hold of my finger with both hands, and began rocking her hips, grinding her pussy against the pad of my finger. I felt her tiny hairs, her clit, her slightly moistened lips, and more, as she mashed them back and forth along my fingertip. I let her go on for a minute of this, before bending my thumb upwards in front of her. It took me a moment to find just the right spot where her breasts pushed against the pad of my thumb each time she drove forward. At that point I just watched – with a little amusement – as my girl rubbed her body against my fingertip to get herself off.

It took her a couple more minutes after that, but I could feel my finger getting slicker as she worked herself closer to her eventual release. I just gazed at her as she climaxed, primal sounds escaping her lips before she just held onto my finger as tight as she could and I felt her body shudder. She looked like she wanted to collapse in my hand. Blasted rules! They said not to pick anyone up while I was fondling. Though would it be breaking the rules if she climbed into my hand of her own accord?

As I was mulling that thought – while Melanie slowly came down from her high – I noticed Maria out of the corner of my eye, with a huge smirk on her face. How much had she seen? I brought a finger of my free hand to my lips, motioning for her not to say anything. She winked at me before padding off towards the hallway.

By that point, Melanie was trying to push herself back up onto her feet. I slid my finger away, mostly so I could taste her. Something I always enjoyed. Of course she knew exactly what I was doing, and gave me a silly grin. Then she sighed. “You know it’s so much better when YOU do it. To me.” She scrunched her nose. “But I hope you … at least enjoyed it a little bit.”

I smirked. “Watching you get yourself off on the tip of my finger? I think that’s the first time we ever tried that. But yeah, I did enjoy watching you. Though … I always enjoy watching you.”

She snorted. “I bet. Now do you want me to send anyone else in? Or do you want to take a break and come out?”

“Hmm … that’s an interesting thought. I suppose if someone comes in here on their own, it means they’re inviting me to … fondle. So if nobody comes in, then I should go searching. Do you think anyone’s hiding so I don’t find them?”

She laughed. “I’d never thought of that. I don’t think anyone would think to just hide. Even Erin and Kim seem like they’re at least … well, they can handle it if you start fondling, though this is their first time, so you might want to ask them first before … though knowing you, you’d probably do that anyway.”

I nodded. “Yeah. I don’t want to be scaring them after one day. If they’re anything like … others in our little group, they’re probably desensitized to all the nudity and touching stuff, but I don’t want them associating me with those goons.”

She grinned. “Trust me, none of us are ever going to put them in the same league with you. They’re all just a bunch of jerks. You’re the total opposite. And everyone sees that. Everyone. You already KNOW they’d never do stuff like this with anyone else. You should be flattered.”

“I am. I just don’t want to cross the line with them … “

“You won’t. Just be yourself – and enjoy yourself. That’s the whole purpose of this. They want you to enjoy yourself once in a while.”

“Okay. You’re right. I’ll go out there in a minute. I was at this for a while anyway.”

“Good.” She started to walk off, but turned back and said, “Don’t wait too long, honey.”


After a few minutes making sure I had my notes organized from the work I did this morning, I strolled out towards the kitchen. It was still a little early for lunch, but the coffee was still hot. As I went to pour a cup, I noticed Erin and Becky padding in together, with four cups between them.

“Oh good” Becky blurted, “can you help?”

I bent down and said “Sure” and held my hand out. They placed the four cups in my hand. I turned and stood up to get them some coffee. I kept an empty dropper by the sink just for things like this, and rinsed it out and began filling the cups with it.

As I was doing that, Becky said, “We can come up to the table … if you want.”

“Oh?” I thought for just a moment. “OH. Okay. Here.” I grabbed the little sofa off the table and set it down next to them. They both sat down and I lifted them up in it, over to the table, and set it down. I moved their four cups to the little table where they could reach them, and then sat down with my own mug.

“So what’s up, ladies?”

Becky snorted. “We were wondering where you disappeared for half the morning. Melanie was SUPPOSED TO drag you away and make you take a break. And tell you that Cindy said it’s okay to … fondle. You know, if you want to.”

I smirked. “She did. And then she … distracted me.”

Now Erin snorted.

Becky stood up and twirled and said, “Don’t I distract you? With my womanly allure?”

I grinned. “Becky, you’re ALWAYS good at distracting me. And yes you’re alluring.” I reached out a finger and she paused her twirl to let me touch her cheek, then slide my finger down to linger at her chest.

She whispered, “You know I’m still available, if Melanie ever dumps you.” She looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes.

“I know. And I told you, some guy’s going to be very lucky to have you one day. You’re smart, pretty, and you’re fun to be around. And if he forgets it, then you call me and I’ll knock some sense into him.”

She softly snorted. “I know. But YOU have me right now. So you may as well take advantage of it. I was kinda hoping you’d be all over me the minute Cindy said it was okay.”

“Yes, and I suppose I’m lucky to be the guardian of such beautiful ladies.”

She grinned at me, despite my finger lingering between her legs. As she straddled it, I slid it along her ass and intentionally brushed her clit. She shivered a little.

“Don’t forget Erin too” she managed to get out, while I continued to stroke her there, just enough to cause her a sensation.

Without removing my finger, I turned to Erin and asked, “Would you be okay with that? If I touched you?”

She giggled. “Go ahead.”

Just then my phone rang. Hoping for news from the police – had they found the compound? Had they gone in? - I answered quickly. It was Andrew. He’d just been released from the hospital and was on his way home, finally – and wanted to check in. I filled him in briefly, that I’d gotten ahold of the machine about four days ago, got it working, and I was reworking my equations and determining whether the laser that the ‘scientists’ had used, though much of those four days were spent finding and rescuing two more victims that we identified from the notes confiscated in the mansion raid. He grimaced at that, but was at least thankful that I didn’t believe there were any more, that we’d stopped them before they could go into hiding with this technology.

I saw both Erin and Becky had sat back down, listening intently while I talked to Andrew. I said, “Andrew, I have Becky here. Would it be alright to put you on speaker?”

“Absolutely” he responded, as I was setting the phone down on the table and turning up the speaker. “Can you hear me Becky?”


“It’s me sweetie. Are you doing alright?”

“Yeah, we’re all good here. We’re kinda all bonding. You know, all that shared experience stuff. And my new friend Erin, she wants to go to my school. We might even get to be in one of the same classes next fall, can you believe it?”

“That sounds nice, Becky. Is this guy treating you okay?”

She huffed. “Yeah Dad. He’s great, like I keep telling you. It’s nice here.”

“Well would it be fine if I came by to visit? I haven’t seen either of you in a long time. Now that I’m out of the hospital I can come by.”

I interjected. “That would be great, Andrew. How about tomorrow? Do you want to come over for lunch? Or is a different time better?”

He grunted. “Maybe after lunch is better. I’d rather have time to visit with Cindy and my daughter, I really don’t know all these … other people.”

I gave him directions and then gave him a couple minutes to wrap up with Becky before hanging up.

“So” I said as I put my phone back in my pocket. I looked at Becky, nudging her chin with the tip of my finger. “You’ll need to let Cindy know, when you get a chance. And I’d suggest wearing clothes when he comes by.”

She snorted. “Yeah. He’s a little stodgy. He’s a boomer.”

I raised my eyebrows. “I thought he was only in his 50’s?”

She giggled. “He is. But he ACTS old. I thought Cindy would be a good influence on him. Though she’s … not as restrained as she was before. So he might be in for a surprise.”

Erin smirked.

“Oh, and thanks for not fondling me while I was talking to my dad. I don’t know how I’d explain it if I started moaning and groaning on the phone.”

Erin almost fell off the sofa laughing.

“Like I did when we were talking to your uncle?”

This time Erin did fall off the sofa. Becky stepped over to help her up and said, “See Erin, this place is a lot of fun. Some of us decided we don’t know how long we’ll be … like this, so we just want to experience as much as we can … while we can.”

Erin nodded her head. “Ah. That does explain some things.”

“Speaking of which … “ I raised my eyebrow at Erin.

She snorted again. “Okay. Go ahead. Feel me up if you want to.” She smirked as she said it, and walked a little closer to me. I reached out a finger and touched Erin on the cheek, and then traced her arm, before moving to her stomach and then sliding my finger up under her breasts and lifting them up. I kneaded them between my finger and thumb. As I held them, she asked, “Enjoying yourself I hope?”

“Definitely.” I slid my finger down and brushed the little tuft of hair above her mound.

Becky told her, “You should think about having sex with him sometime. When you’re ready for it. He’s really good.”

She deadpanned, “I’ve heard.”

I looked at Becky and said, “You know, keep that up and you’re going to have me fantasizing about a threesome with you two.”

Becky laughed. “I figured you already were.”

I grinned. “Possibly.”

Becky glanced at Erin and said, “We’ll … talk about it. I know you’re not going to make Erin do it if she doesn’t want. But maybe we’ll … surprise you.” She grinned back at me. “OH! Just to warn you too. Cindy and Maria have been … plotting.”

I snorted. “They’re ALWAYS plotting.”

“Good point. But they’re talking about something … over the top. Only once you figure out how to … fix us. A last night with us all together kind of thing, so all of us can like, thank you. She says she’s not trying to rush you, but … well, I should just let her explain it. You know I’ll fuck it up trying to explain it myself.” She scrunched her nose.

“You know I’m not pushing for you guys to do anything special. Not that I don’t appreciate it.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it when it happens.” She winked.

I spent a few more minutes with my fingers exploring both Erin and Becky as they patiently waited. I asked, “It’s getting close to lunch time. Do either of you have a preference? What do you want me to make?”

We discussed options for lunch for a couple minutes and then I got up and started cooking. They both were fine hanging out with me and talking. Erin continued to get more comfortable around me. In the meantime, Cindy came padding in, and I almost didn’t hear her – she was lucky I’d learned to always look where I was going, especially around here.

“Hey Cindy. I’m just working on lunch.”

“That’s good. I wanted to tell you, we were talking and decided there’s no reason you can’t … pick us up if you want to. It would probably make things … easier. For all of us. If you want.”

“Oh?” I remarked, and then turned and knelt down near her. “Are you sure it’s okay?”

She snort-laughed. “I think I just said that, didn’t I?”

I grinned. “Just making sure.” I reached out and she let me wrap my fingers around her and lift her up to my face. She lay back in my left hand, and my thumb drifted straight to her stomach and chest. “So what are you guys up to?”

“Just hanging out. We figured if you didn’t come by to see us yet, you were either tied up with work or someone was … distracting you. I suspect it’s a little of both.”

“Possibly so. OH, what would you think of Andrew coming to visit tomorrow?”

She was relaxed in my hand but tensed a little. “Umm … here? Tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, I won’t say anything about … how much I enjoy seeing you naked. If you don’t.”

She looked mortified for a moment, but then regained her composure. “No. He wouldn’t understand at all.”

“Hey, Cindy. Remember how you kept saying your old life is on hold. And how you wanted to experience all that you could while you’re tiny.” I barely brushed her pussy mound with my finger, and she almost without thought, parted her legs.

She closed her eyes for a moment and enjoyed the sensation of my finger before speaking again. “True. You’re right. The way I see it, when I return to my old life I’m committed to him. Though it’s going to take a lot of work to drag him out of his shell. In this temporary life I’m living now, I’m committed to YOU. I totally admit it. Despite this predicament we’re in … the way you make me feel … I’ve never felt that way in my life before, and I probably will never come close to this when I go back to that life. If your job is taking care of us and getting us back what those goons took away, then my job is helping make you happy while you do. And right now I … ooh … I just wish you could fuck me right now. This minute. Please.”

“Umm. Cindy? Are you sure? You realize I’m making lunch, and you’ve got an audience?”

“I … OH?” She stretched and looked around and saw Becky and Erin lounging on the kitchen table. Of course they’d heard the whole thing. She was silent for a moment and I figured she was rethinking this. But then she quietly blurted, “It’s okay. They’re adults.” She nibbled her lip in hopeful anticipation. “Besides, I bet you only need one hand to stir the food.”

I snorted. “Probably. But … you’re sure? Last chance to back out.”

She gave me a sly grin. “No backing out. I’m too horny now. Do it.”

I whispered “Okay” as I held her up to my lips. She shivered. I wrapped my lips around her breasts and toyed with them for a few moments, casually glancing back at Erin and Becky as I did. I was pretty sure they knew exactly what was going on. And Becky wouldn’t be too surprised. I just was not sure what Erin would think about it. She probably thought we were all nuts. And maybe she wouldn’t be wrong to think that.

While I checked on the near-boiling pot with my right hand, I pressed Cindy against my lips with my left, and she bent her legs around my cheeks as she tried to give me as much access as she could, to her most intimate parts. I sucked gently as the tip of my tongue played with her there, tickling her as it traveled around every tiny trace of her skin. I teased her little cunt until her lips parted and I began attacking her tiny canal, eliciting squeals from her as she writhed in my hand, and very soon she climaxed, her pussy dribbling her warm juice upon my tongue.

As she caught her breath, I pulled her back just a little bit, kissed her multiple times – mostly on the chest and stomach – and then whispered, “How about you hang out here in the kitchen, food will be ready soon.”

She gave me a silly grin but didn’t answer me, as I lowered her into a chair on the kitchen table. Both Becky and Erin were sitting on the little sofa, smirking. I reached over and brushed Becky’s cheek. She blurted, “If I’d known that wasn’t against the rules I’d have asked you to do that when we first came in here!”

I smirked. “It probably still is, but you’ll have to ask Cindy. She and Maria seem to be making up the rules as they go along.”

Erin and Becky both laughed. I turned back to the stove and finished making lunch, and then – since three of the girls were already here – went ahead and began serving them.

“I’ll be back in a minute, I need to go round up the rest of the team,” I replied as I left the kitchen. I found Melanie and Maria talking in the hallway and asked, “Would you like a lift? Cindy tells me I’m allowed to pick you up now.”

Maria snorted. “Yeah, I know, don’t say it. The rules keep changing. Just run with it.” She winked. Both of them left me pick them up for the trip back to the kitchen. She added, “You know I was starting to feel neglected over here. Are you spending all your time with everyone else?”

I gave her a silly grin as I stroked her with the pad of my thumb – I was doing the same to Melanie in my other hand. “I do need to give you some more attention, don’t I.”

“Yes you do.” She just lay back and stretched in my hand. I took my time returning to the kitchen, and gave them each a kiss before setting them down on the table and turning to go find my remaining charges.

It didn’t take too long to find them still in the bedroom – Kim’s cast kept her from getting very far. “Ladies, lunch is ready. Would you like me to carry you back to the kitchen?”

Keisha laughed. “I figured once Cindy went in there to announce the latest rule change, you’d either be in here looking for us or … otherwise waylaid.”

I smirked. “More the latter, though I was making lunch too. Kim, are you alright with me picking you up? I can get the basket if you’re not comfortable.”

She sighed. “Go ahead, it’s fine. I’ve gotten so used to being naked the last few weeks, I forget I don’t have clothes on.”

I reached down and picked both of them up. “Kim, is it okay to touch you? Just want to make sure.”

She nodded. “It’s fine.” So while I stroked Keisha in my left hand, I touched Kim for the first time in my right hand. She didn’t flinch as I touched her breast for the first time, nor when I bent my thumb lower to brush the little tuft of hair below further south. Again I took my time heading back to the kitchen. Once there, I lowered Keisha to the table and lowered Kim directly onto the little sofa.

By the time I’d joined them at the table, everyone was chatting it up.

“Ladies, just a few quick announcements.” That seemed to get everyone’s attention. “First off, Andrew is coming to visit tomorrow. It’s mainly to see Becky and Cindy, and we can give them the front room to talk and catch up. He was just released from the hospital today – where he’s been since the thugs beat him up pretty badly right after the mansion raid – and hasn’t seen them since their abductions. He’s supposedly walking now, but still recovering.”

There was some murmuring. Kim asked, “Why didn’t he come see them right after they were rescued?”

I responded, “He was still being trailed by one of these thugs – or their spy I suppose – and we suspected his lines may have been tapped. I met him in the park the next day to let him know they were safe, and gave him a burner phone that they couldn’t trace, but then after that meeting a guy chased me for three blocks and up a stairwell before I knocked him out and got away. And then the next day Andrew was abducted himself, and tortured by those goons trying to find US.”

She grimaced but didn’t say any more.

“Anyway, second, we have a lot of stuff coming – I ordered everything you guys asked for last night, plus found some things on Craigslist. Some should come today and some tomorrow. So just a heads-up, to avoid the front room for now, or be prepared to run if someone comes by with a delivery. I won’t let anyone go anywhere else in the house.”

Becky asked, “What about tomorrow while Dad is visiting?”

I nodded. “If that happens I might need to either move you all to the kitchen, or see if I can take a delivery in the garage. Only trick is with the exercise equipment, a lot of that stuff is heavy. At least until I shrink it. I’ll probably have to come up with some casters to move that stuff anyway. I’ll figure something out. It’s a small house, I never expected to have 8 people living here.”

That prompted a couple of snort-laughs.

“Oh, third item. I’ve been working on the reversal process, but I’m finding two issues to overcome. One is I suspect is when they extracted the element from the meteorite, they were a little sloppy. I won’t know for sure without a high-powered microscope, which means going downtown, but contaminants would explain why the shrinking process results in someone being knocked out for so long. It also could result in side effects with the restoration. Which I’d like to avoid or minimize before I risk using it on any of you.”

“And what’s the other issue?” I saw a few concerned and apprehensive faces looking back at me.

“Just that the laser they used wasn’t ideal. It may have trouble achieving the mirror wavelength in the spectrum. It just means I may need to use a better laser.”

I was a little hesitant to admit to them that it would likely clean out my bank account.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Sat Mar 16, 2024 4:13 pm

I wonder if 'Mr. big' has Andrew watched. That could lead to another home invasion.
This has been a great story so far.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rocket » Sun Mar 17, 2024 1:31 pm

Thank you!

Don't want to give away too much, but let's just say Andrew isn't quite the upstanding citizen he appears and he has a side Cindy's never seen yet. :) Though they've only been married for a year. She thought it was love, he saw her as arm candy. There's a reason the goons went back and nabbed Becky too, they were worried Cindy herself wouldn't be enough to ensure his compliance.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Sun Mar 17, 2024 4:15 pm

Ohhh...I feel a twist in the plot coming up!!
I'm looking forward to the next installment...

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Melanie's Story Part 67 - Making Progress

Post by Rocket » Thu Mar 21, 2024 3:30 pm

As the girls were still eating lunch, there was a knock at the door. The first delivery.

I’d found a set of used crutches on Craigslist, surprisingly less than a mile from here. Apparently someone had bought them rather than renting a pair as most people do. Which was good for me – or Kim technically – since it meant I didn’t have to ‘return’ them later. Can you imagine me trying to return rented medical equipment that was full size when I picked it up and fit in my hand when I returned it? Nope, me neither. SO, I met the lady at the door with my $20 cash as agreed, thanked her, and brought them inside. After taking a moment to examine them – they appeared adjustable, a little wear and tear but in good shape - I figured I would need the girls to help Kim with the height adjustments once I shrunk them. Which I promptly did, since I had the machine already set up in anticipation of stuff arriving today or tomorrow.

It was less than 15 minutes by the time I returned to the kitchen – to find the girls chatting it up, clearly not too worried about being stuck on the tabletop with no way down.

I came in with the tiny crutches hidden in my hand. It did amaze me that they fit entirely in my hand like that, after they were over 4 feet long when I’d just lugged them in from the doorway a few minutes ago. I said, “Kim, I have a little surprise for you” before handing her the tiny crutches. “Hopefully these will work, if one of you can help Kim adjust the height please?”

Kim shrieked. “You got them! That’s wonderful, thank you!”

“Soon as they’re adjusted, let’s get you down on the floor so you can try them out. Deal?”

“Deal!” She beamed at me.

Erin and Becky helped adjust the crutches to the right height as I started cleaning up the dishes – and of course immediately washing them and placing them on a towel to dry given we didn’t have a lot of extra anymore, not with seven tiny mouths to feed. At least being so small, they were easy to clean.

Then I began helping the girls down, one at a time, taking a moment to cop some feels. They DID say I could, just for today, so why not take advantage of it? I waited on Kim until last, expecting that she’d want to try out the crutches the moment I set her down, and I wanted someone else around her in case she needed help starting out. Though I did trace around her breasts with the tip of my finger, and then slid my finger a little lower, where to my surprise she parted her legs enough for my fingertip to explore her.

She snorted. “Enjoying yourself?”

I smirked. “Of course. If you ever want to do MORE than this, just let me know. I won’t be pushy though.”

“Because I’m an older woman?” she cocked an eyebrow.

“Nah. You’re very attractive. Don’t sell yourself short. I’m just … not comfortable forcing myself on anyone. Doesn’t mean I don’t want or like it, I just … don’t like being anything like those goons that abducted you … or the others. All of you have been through a lot already. I’d like to think – hope - I’m a little better than that.”

She thought about that for a moment. “That’s fair. No promises. I’ll think about it though.”

I supposed between the cast and now the crutches, I’d bought some goodwill with her and she seemed more open to trying the games the others (usually Cindy) came up with. Not that I was complaining.

Speaking of Cindy, I did start to wonder why SHE almost always seemed to be the instigator. She wanted to be in control, but she came up with some wild ideas, always with a sexual theme, and it was always something that she thought would turn me on. Was this really all a control issue in response to having no control when she was captive for so long? Or was there more to it? Did she have little control in her previous life either? Did she have this wild child cooped up inside that was struggling for a long time to find a way to escape, and now here, she could literally let loose? I suppose it was a little academic, to mull over those thoughts, but I just didn’t think I could attribute it all to JUST a desire to be in control.

Regardless, I moved on for now.

Back in the office, I dove into work related to figuring out how to restore the girls to normal size. A little part of me lamented that it was unlikely I’d ever be able to publish this stuff – it was ground-breaking research to be sure. Problem is, it would lead to a race by others to try to find more of the element. Scientific discovery required reproducible results, and how would other scientists reproduce this? It was too risky to let any other scientists even TRY to reproduce this. I could picture a mad rush to find the element, with gangs breaking into museums and university labs to steal meteorite fragments, destroying them just to see if by chance one of them held a trace of the element.

And the technology was too dangerous to put in anyone’s hands. Aside from my own, but then I knew I had no intention of ever using it for nefarious means. I couldn’t trust anyone else not to – regardless of what they might say, once they had that power in their hands that could easily change. I was loath to even let the police get ahold of the element. I’d avoided that by slipping the sample into my pocket while I was down in the scientists’ bunker after the police raided the mansion, but I knew there was still a chunk of the original meteorite – the one this element DID come from – that was supposedly sitting in the vault downtown at Advanced Future Tech.

Andrew now knew that’s where the element came from. Did he know I intended to collect ALL the remaining element – ideally myself – before someone else chanced across it? Would he cooperate once he’d had time to think about it? Or should I just figure out a way to get it myself anyway, in-case he changed his mind and wanted some of the element kept downtown to study?

For the next few hours, I put the laser through its paces, confirming my suspicion that it would NOT be able to reliably achieve the combination of intensity and inverse spectral output that my calculations hypothesized would be needed. So I dug through online catalogs looking for one that was sufficiently rated to achieve that. In between several interruptions for deliveries arriving. I was surprised much of what I ordered a day ago was showing up already today. The advantage of living outside a big city and not too far from a huge suburban warehouse district, I supposed. I really doubted the laser I needed would be a next-day delivery. More likely, I’d have to look for surplus from a lab or a small biotech company, perhaps one that was shutting down. I marked a couple of possibilities to research further.

As those shipments came in, I did some unpacking – pulling out the items that the girls were requesting, along with multiple ‘dollhouse beds’ with thin mattresses, and a larger table and a couple more chairs. I was starting to think, if everything DID get here today, maybe I could go downtown tomorrow and examine the element sample with a high power microscope – and maybe look at the meteorite. I’d talk to Andrew about it, since he was coming by tomorrow right after lunch. There’d still be plenty of daylight left after that, to run downtown to the lab.

I did have girls periodically padding into the office, wondering what I was doing. And wondering why despite the allure of their running around naked all day, I wasn’t out there doting on them. Yes I would love to be doing that, but there was so much going on – and I felt like I was close to figuring out the reversal process. It was just my mindset, how I’d gotten through so much college in such a short time, how I became so successful so quickly on my own – the last month with no income notwithstanding. I actually enjoyed the pursuit – making a new discovery was like assembling the pieces to a puzzle that had never been solved before. Though my puzzles involved equations and formulas and mechanics and chemical compounds, rather than pieces cut by a jigsaw. Both Melanie and Maria ‘got’ it, at least to some extent, but to the others this was like I was speaking another language – their eyes glazed over if I spoke about my hypotheses or equations, anything beyond knowing the work I was doing would somehow give them their lives back. And for which they were immensely grateful.

Despite all that, when one of the girls did come in, I made a point to break away for a few minutes to offer some personal attention, and having and exploring a beautiful, naked young woman in my hand, REALLY made it hard to stop each time and go back to my work.

I did manage to find two lasers that would meet my specifications – both listed by auction sites that were in the business of liquidating assets from shuttered plants and labs, pharma and biotech companies and the like. I placed a bid on one, with the auction scheduled to end tomorrow, and crossed my fingers. The other – with a longer bidding period remaining – was my backup. I hoped this would not only get me something sooner, but also not break the bank – a brand-new one meeting my requirements would be similar in cost to a new luxury car, and these were built on request, so the lead time could be weeks. A small part of me considered that by ordering a new one and having to wait a month, I’d have another month with these seven beautiful women, and probably more free time to spend enjoying them. A bigger part of my conscience reminded me that people like the Sarge and Andrew would be antsy long before that and start to believe I was intentionally taking my time with this.

So I went the surplus route, with the understanding that if all that fell through, I could still buy a brand-new one – even though it would require taking out a loan. I had no idea how I was supposed to pay for all this stuff – it wasn’t like I was on ANYONE’s payroll. Which on one hand was fine, it meant I wasn’t ‘reporting’ to someone daily on my progress and I had freedom and autonomy to do this my way, but on the other hand it did bite when it came time to having to spend money, especially on big ticket items. Hell, the scientists that WERE on someone’s payroll – either at the university or I knew the police had a crime lab somewhere in town – would probably take a long time to get as far as I’d already gotten with this, and once they eventually figured out as I did that a better laser was needed, would probably be waiting weeks for a purchase request to be approved and processed. So the girls would likely be waiting months if I weren’t doing this myself. Plus, the science around this truly straddled the line between physics and mechanical engineering, and I honestly couldn’t think of anyone else offhand who had doctoral degrees in both. Not that I’m trying to be smug about it, it just is what it is. I just know for a fact I could solve this, and I could solve it faster than any of them could.

If they could at all.

Late afternoon, I got a text from the seller of the gym equipment – apparently he’d gotten ahold of these from a gym that was closing, so these were commercial-quality machines, but they took up a lot of space so he was making room for one of those all-in-one home gyms they sell in the infomercials to consumers. That was fine with me, I was going to shrink these anyway – not that I could tell him that though. I was thankful he had a big truck – the three pieces barely fit in the truck bed – and was willing to drive them over and help unload them for an extra $50. I slid the coffee table to the side to make space for these in the front room – I wasn’t going to chance letting the guy go past there anyway, but the machines would be much harder to get TO the shrinking machine if they weren’t already inside the house.


By dinnertime, the front room was stuffed with three big pieces of exercise equipment. I asked the girls to stay clear of the room for now. I was in the garage messing around on the workbench and repurposing some casters (with my engineering brain I tended to hold onto stuff for repurposing rather than throw things away) and I made four rolling ‘feet’ that I could put under four corners of the equipment to roll it around. Yes I needed a crowbar to lift each corner, and I borrowed the casters off the shrinking machine to have enough, but I got it to work, rolling one piece into the office, setting down at the “X” I marked on the carpet, removing the casters to re-use (if I inadvertently shrunk the casters right now, I’d be stuck leaving the rest of the equipment in the front room indefinitely) and then through repeating that process, I was able to shrink all the new gym equipment, one machine at a time.

Once shrunk, each was about the size of an electric can opener on its side. I could easily lift it and carry it elsewhere. Being that the master bedroom was pretty large in this little house, and the doll house was already set up there, the girls voted for the new ‘gym’ to be set up in one corner of the bedroom. Of course as soon as the machines were in place and the girls – especially Melanie and Keisha – were doting over them – I was told they needed shoes. And not just any shoes. Workout shoes, or as Melanie pointed out, cross-fit shoes if I could find them. I sighed at the thought of more things to buy, but while we were having dinner, the girls each gave me their shoe sizes – at least what fit before their shrinking – and I promised to see what I could find.

Both Melanie and Keisha – who both seemed the most excited about the new equipment (though everyone wanted to at least try out the equipment) promised that if I could get them shoes (and socks, of course) ASAP, they’d treat me by letting me watch while they worked out naked.

So – figuring that somehow all the shipments had arrived today, nothing else should be coming – I told them I’d see what I could find at the shoe warehouse, which was having a sale. I reminded the girls to stay safe and use the panic room if anyone came by. Also reminding them that Kim would need help getting down there – thus Kim should stay in the bedroom while I’m gone regardless, even though I realized she was excitedly exploring the whole house with the new mobility she now had with her new crutches.

I hopped in the car and made it to the store about a half hour before closing time. It was a daunting task finding seven – yes seven! - pairs of shoes, all basically the same except for the size. I had my list in hand and found a teenager restocking the shelves, who was willing to help me locate these, but a little flummoxed at why I needed so many WOMEN’s shoes. I was worried the kid would think I had some strange thing with women’s clothing. Er, NO. I ended up making up a cover story that I had a kid sister and several friends and they all walked across the freshly coated asphalt driveway and ruined their shoes, so I promised to get them something, and so, here I am. That sounded feasible, right? Right? Not sure if the kid truly believed me or not. But regardless, with help I did manage to get seven pairs of shoes – yes Kim wanted a pair even though she couldn’t wear them until the cast came off, and even though it was possible I’d have her restored to normal before the cast came off. They all argued that if that happened, I could just restore the shoes too, as it would be harder to walk around barefoot when they were full-sized. Which briefly let me down a mental rabbit hole, picturing my having to run out in a hurry to buy women’s clothing when I started restoring them to normal size. Just the thought was giving me a massive headache. Maybe I could convince them to wear enlarged Barbie velcro clothes for a day. I snorted at the thought.

So, seven pair of sneakers. And a couple packages of one-size-fits-all ankle socks. Half of them in pink, but they were on sale. Definitely girly stuff.


Back at the house, it was getting late, but I’d managed to shrink all seven pair of shoes – still in the boxes - and the two cartons of anklet socks. I put them out for everyone to find their own size. Feeling like I’d done enough with managing to get those in one trip – and racking up a credit card – they could at least handle lacing them up on their own.

Once that was done, sure enough, a beaming Melanie and Keisha were first on the machines, and more than happy to put on a show for me, working up a sweat while naked from the ankle on up. I stretched out on the carpet, one side propped up with an elbow, and took in the show. Occasionally I’d slip a finger or two in and caress a sweaty breast, or once I pinched and fondled Melanie’s bum while she was on the treadmill. Both of them seemed to have no problem with me looking and touching as much as I liked, unless it interfered with their exercising, in which case they’d playfully shoo my finger away. Keisha was even alright with me touching between her legs when she sat on the edge of the bench doing arm lifts, but if I tried to fondle her arm she’d grumble at me about getting in the way.

Once Melanie and Keisha were both finished with their workout and wiping off the equipment with some tiny pieces of tissue, Melanie said, “Thank you for … all of this. I mean it.” She was grinning ear to ear, despite the sheen of sweat covering her chest and back.

Keisha added, “I should thank you too. I’ll be sore tomorrow because I haven’t really had a workout in two weeks, but …“ she glanced at Melanie “… I think we both needed this. I know you put in a lot of effort to get this … and the shoes and socks even. We really do appreciate it.”

Other girls were taking a look at the new equipment while we were talking. I figured Cindy had used a home gym, or at least a stationary bike, to help keep fit. The others I wasn’t sure. None of them seemed like they’d ever been gym rats, not like these two.

“Tell you what,” Melanie added, “if you’re up for it, I think Keisha and I may be open to some … nocturnal activities. If you like.” She winked. “It’s the least we can do.”

Keisha nodded. “Fair enough. I’m game,” she looked up at me, “if you want us tonight.”

I nodded. “I’d like that. It’s almost bedtime anyway. Just give me a few minutes. Do you want to … wash up first, or … “

Melanie giggled. “It’s totally up to you. We’ll probably work up another sweat tonight and you can help us wash up then. Unless you think we’re too … stinky right now.” She scrunched her nose as she said that.

I snorted. “Nah, you’re not. Besides, I thought it was guys that sweat and ladies glow. Or something like that I heard somewhere.”

They both laughed. “It’s your call,” Keisha said, “if you want us … glowing … ” she had trouble saying that with a straight face “… or smelling like that fancy soap in there.”

“Alright. Just give me a few minutes and I’m all yours” I said.

Melanie tagged on, “I thought the idea was we’d be all YOURS.”

I just grinned as I got up. I needed to help the girls get the new dollhouse beds in place. I was able to stack them and bring them all to the bedroom in one trip. They were pretty much identical, so it was just a matter of figuring out where they wanted them. I pulled the house out from the wall just enough to reach into the open back side and place the beds into the rooms, while some of the girls stood in the corners of the rooms to direct me where to place them and to pull up the washcloths and hand towels they’d been using as sleeping bags. They’d keep the washcloths as blankets, but I figured once the beds were in place, they could figure out how they wanted those. And the beds weren’t exactly heavy even for them – two of them could easily move a bed if they needed to. It was getting them upstairs or to a different room that would be challenging.

Soon as that was done, I saw they’d both kicked their shoes and socks off already. I asked, “Melanie, Keisha, ready?”

“You know it, honey” Melanie replied, a wicked grin on her face. She was clearly looking for some action tonight.

They both stood up and let me lift them into the air and set them down in the middle of the bed.

I noticed Kim and Erin both gawking as I set them on the bed and then began to undress myself. From their angle they wouldn’t see much once I climbed into bed though. I was sure SOMEBODY had talked with both of them about my having sex with the girls earlier – and hopefully reiterated how THEY were usually the ones to request it – but seeing Melanie ask for it and then seeing me bring her to bed and then climb in naked, still seemed to surprise them.

I heard Cindy remark, “Oh, we do this all the time. I told you before, the sex is AMAZING. Why else do you think we keep ASKING him to take us to bed?” Under her breath she mumbled, “It’s not like he’s constantly begging US to have sex.”

Maria added, “Probably because we give him enough already, he doesn’t have to.”

She snorted. “Yeah. But I wouldn’t fight it if he wanted to take me to bed every single night. Hell, maybe I SHOULD be the one begging for it. It’s getting harder for me to go two days without, I end up looking for … other forms of release.” She shook her head. “I don’t know WHAT I’ll do when I don’t … “ she lamented. “You know with Andrew, he’d think nothing of going a week without sex and say he’s busy at work, and then when I DO manage to get him in bed I’m lucky if he lasts five minutes. Or three.” She snorted again. “I’m not sure how I can just blindly go back to that now that I’ve seen … what’s possible.”

“Cindy, I’m sorry but I have to ask. What drew you to him to begin with?”

She shrugged. “Well … he was rich and educated and a smooth talker … and I was young, I guess I still am … and to be honest, I never thought about sex being that important in a marriage. You know? I … am I babbling?” She sighed. “I suppose I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And that includes about sex. I do love him, it’s just … seeing, experiencing what’s possible, NOW I know what I’ll be missing when I go back to him. And I’m not ready to just flip a switch and … give that up.”

“So … what are you going to do?” asked Maria.

“I’ll go back to him, of course. It’s not his fault that’s who he is, I knew that when I married him. But something has to change. And for that to happen, I might have to consider some … drastic measures. To ensure my own happiness. If he still wants me, he’s got to come out of his shell and make me FEEL like he wants me.”

“And HOW do you propose to do that?”

“I’m working on that. I … have some ideas.”


I climbed into bed with my two sweaty little athletes, and lay on my side to have a look at them. Though soon as I did, they were both drawn to my cock. It was still flacid and hung down, but I saw Melanie stepping towards it as if drawn like a magnet. Keisha was actually licking her lips as she stared at it, and looked like she wanted to start climbing it, but looked at me for a moment – as if to ask if that was okay. I nodded.

As soon as Melanie’s hands touched it, of course, it began to rise to the occasion. She glided her hands over it and I felt her tiny lips against the sensitive skin. Moments later, Keisha was doing the same on the other side, one of her little hands caressing near the base, her leg against one of my balls. As soon as it was stiff enough, Keisha reached and lifted herself up and over, climbing aboard and straddling it like a horse. She buried her feet in the folds of my scrotum, stroking my balls each time she moved her legs.

Melanie looked for a moment like she’d meant to do that and got beaten to the punch. She kept gently stroking, but I saw her whispering to Keisha, and then she looked up and asked me, “Honey, I have a question for you.”

“Sure babe. Ask me anything.”

“Which do you like better. Me getting slathered in your cum, or me riding your cock with Keisha when you cum?”

I smirked. “I like either, but I’d be very partial to you and Keisha both riding me, if you face each other and throw in a little kissing.”

Melanie smirked, and I caught Keisha cracking a grin. “You got it, honey.”

So she climbed up onto my shaft, facing Keisha. They both sat on the base half, so it wouldn’t sag from their combined weight. Once she was on board, their knees touching, she glanced at me before leaning in and meeting Keisha’s lips. For a few moments they just kissed, and then Keisha reached up to cup one of Melanie’s breasts, kneading it with her fingers while they continued to kiss. For the most part I was happy to just watch and enjoy them, their kissing and petting, though I did stroke Keisha’s back with my thumb. Noticing how they were sitting close, I lifted one hand and found I could rub Keisha’s bottom with my thumb and Melanie’s bottom with my index finger at the same time.

I probably would have lasted longer, if Melanie hadn’t started rubbing her feet against my shaft, while Keisha picked up her caressing of my balls with her own feet. Once they got going – managing to continue kissing as they did – it wasn’t long before I was pulsating under them and about to erupt. They could both sense it and held onto each other tighter, Melanie locking her knees against me for support as Keisha dug her little feet into my scrotum as deep as she could. When it did happen, they were both rocking together and enjoying it.

Once I was spent, I wrapped my fingers around both of them and lifted them up, sitting up in bed as I held them. I lifted them each to my lips, taking turns licking and gently sucking on their little breasts. I pulled back just a couple inches and said, “Why don’t you both continue where you left off. Get each other warmed up and then I’ll finish you off.”

Keisha softly snorted before Melanie pressed their lips together again. Soon they were kissing breasts and lightly stroking other places. They continued on even as I slid a finger between them for a moment. I felt that Keisha was starting to get wet sooner.

“Ladies.” They broke off their kissing for a moment to look at me. “I need to move you for just a minute.” They looked a little puzzled but let me move them around in my hand. I lay Keisha on her side in my left hand, then maneuvered Melanie on her back next to her, and rolled Keisha back so that she overlapped Melanie’s right side. “Keisha, I’m going to fuck you first, but Melanie, I want you to get involved. I’ll tell you what to do.” Keisha nibbled her lower lip in anticipation, while Melanie nodded. She wasn’t too disappointed, I was sure of that, because they both knew I would try to give them equal attention.

I parted Keisha’s legs with my finger and thumb, draping her left leg over Melanie’s and her right leg over the side of my wrist. Then I traced my little finger from Keisha’s cheek, down her chest – sliding it over to brush Melanie’s chest a couple times as I slowly worked my way south. Then finally down Keisha’s stomach and to the space between her legs, where I traced circles around the edges of her vagina and brushed her clit. I went back up momentarily to flick the underside of her nipple with my fingernail, causing her to tremble and gasp. Then back down to her labia, where I brushed the little lips and quickly felt the trace of wetness I’d felt earlier. Sliding my fingertip up and down it, the lips soon parted to invite me further in.

“Keisha” I whispered, “grab my little finger with your hands and pull it into yourself. As far as you like, show me how far to go inside you.” Even with both hands she’d never be strong enough to move my little finger on her own, but I kept my hand loose and let her ‘guide’ it into herself. She gasped as the tip penetrated her, but she kept going, trying to pull as much of it into herself as she could.

“Melanie, caress her breasts. Or wherever your hands want to roam.” I smirked. As I slowly began to pump my little finger inside Keisha, eliciting groans and moans, I saw Melanie’s hand slide down Keisha’s chest and stomach, and for a few moments her tiny fingers brushed the point where Keisha’s vaginal lips stretched around my invading finger. The combined stimulation produced more groans and some hip thrusts from Keisha and I knew she was close. A few more moments, a few more subtle pumps, and she came hard. I could feel the pressure around my finger, both from her tiny muscles contracting around it and the gush of her fluids against the dam created by my finger, having no way to escape.

Once she began to come down from her high and her breathing wasn’t as ragged, I slowly, gently worked my finger out of her, holding them both up so that I could stick the tip of my tongue there to catch what I could, before licking the rest off my finger.

I casually stroked both of them for a couple minutes, and then asked, “Ready to switch?”

They started to move, but weren’t sure quite what I wanted. So I gently rolled Keisha onto her side, using my thumb to keep her from slipping, and lifted up Melanie with my finger and thumb. I nudged Keisha onto her back, and then draped Melanie over her, her body covering Keisha’s left side. I lifted up one of Melanie’s legs and stretched it over to Keisha’s right, while letting her other leg hang down from my wrist. Then I caressed Melanie’s breasts with my finger for a few moments, and once I could feel her nipples start to respond, I scraped the underside of one with my nail, causing her to shudder and gasp. Then I traced my finger down her chest and stomach and finally down to her mound, tickling her little tuft of hair.

As I began to trace circles around her vagina, I asked Keisha to use her free hand to fondle Melanie’s breasts. Once I finally penetrated Melanie, she gasped and moaned in response. Her moans and groans continued each time I went just a little further into her. I’d been inside her so many times I’d lost count, but I was familiar with how deep she liked me to go, where her pleasure points were, and how to make her climax as quickly or as slowly as I liked. Though I was always amenable to her requests and sought to make sure she enjoyed it every time.

Her climax came and she trembled and gasped, while Keisha held one of her breasts firm. As Melanie came down from her high, I kissed both of them and whispered, “Keisha, you should kiss Melanie.” She glanced at me and I winked. She smirked at me and then stretched up, while Melanie turned her head so their lips could meet, and they kissed for a few moments before I started to slowly slide my finger out.

Then I surprised them both by slipping my finger under Melanie’s leg and pressed it gently against Keisha’s cunt again. Her eyes went wide with surprise and she gasped, breaking off their kiss. I said, “Melanie, why don’t you turn so you two are facing each other, and you two should … feel free to go back to kissing if you like.”

Keisha started to snort, but it turned into a strange snort-moan as she felt the tip of my finger working to separate her pouty vaginal lips and find her entrance.

Melanie, not quite realizing my finger was about to violate Keisha again, started to giggle at the sound and at Keisha’s odd facial expression. When I entered Keisha and she gasped, Melanie figured it out quickly and looked up at me, a mix of surprise and excitement in her eyes. She did settle down and try to kiss Keisha, despite Keisha’s uttering gasps and moans each time I drove my finger deeper inside her. Given Keisha had just come down from her first climax scant minutes ago, she did last a little longer this second time, though she was still wet from before and my finger found no resistance as I slid it deep into her. Her hips tried to rock in sync to the slight movements of my finger, and soon she exploded again, her tiny heart beating fast as she panted against Melanie’s lips.

I took my time sliding my finger out of Keisha, a little at a time, letting her body recover, though as soon as it was out, I nudged Melanie’s legs apart enough to slip that finger in from behind. As soon as I touched her labia, she knew, and shrieked with excitement. I entered her slick passage and drove most of my little finger inside her, knowing from much experience that she could handle that much. Keisha figured out what I was doing and I caught her smirking, before she leaned in and kissed Melanie. Their chests were nearly touching – and other parts were touching, given the tight quarters that resulted from both of them laying together in my hand. Keisha reached over and held Melanie’s hand shortly before she came.

I gave them each one more round after that, trying to ensure I’d fully sated their sexual appetites, before I felt it was late enough to go ahead and turn in.

“Would you like to sleep on my chest, or … “

Melanie grinned. “Do you even need to ask? Of course, honey.”

“I’m happy there too,” added Keisha, “as long as you can pull up a sheet or something. You know I get chilly at night in my … birthday suit.”

“Of course. Anything for my ladies.” That prompted a round of snorts. I draped Melanie and Keisha across my chest, laying on their stomachs, and lay a hand over each of them, stroking their backs lazily with my thumbs for a few minutes. Then I carefully – without tipping them over – pulled up a blanket and brought it up enough to ‘mostly’ cover them, before reaching over to turn off the bedside light and doze off to sleep.


Erin heard – faintly – some of the moans and gasps. It was hard to make out all the conversation, but it didn’t seem like anyone was screaming in pain. She thought about that for a few quiet moments. “I guess they’re done. It sounded like they enjoyed it. Do you think they really did?”

Kim – the one she’d known the longest, and while that was less than a month, they had a largely shared experience together as captives to that evil man who kept them in a cage – replied, “You must have better ears than I do, I didn’t hear much. But these ladies keep claiming they like it. So who knows?”

“They did seem like they were asking him, not the other way around, didn’t it?”


“I wonder what it would be like. This is all so strange and new, but … I am starting to get a little curious. So far everyone here has been nice, even if there ARE sexual themes everywhere we look. Has this guy made you do anything yet?”

Kim grunted. “No. He did feel me up, but he asked permission first. Which I suppose surprised me a little. Since this happened, nobody’s asked before. THOUGH, this is a little odd for a safe house, isn’t it? You would think if the police sanctioned a safe house for us, there shouldn’t be any sex going on at all, right?”

Erin snorted. “You must live a sheltered life.”

“I most certainly do not. I had to work my way up to where I am now. Or … where I was.” She sighed.

“Well … “ Erin shrugged. “I’m used to seeing all types. We weren’t exactly rich. There’s a reason I had to … do things I wasn’t entirely proud of, to achieve my goals. It was a means to an end. But the people you see in those places, you’ve got the rich, the poor, the drunks, and everyone in between. Coming to this place, I know it could have been a lot worse. We’re safe here, with other people who can actually understand what we went through. And yes, this guy – he is kinda cute too, which helps – he could easily take advantage of this situation, like … anyone bigger than us could, and that’s about anybody I guess … but he’s at least nice about it and doesn’t force us – or them” she waved her hand towards the other bedrooms in their little house “… and it seems like he’s doing a lot to help. So … “ she paused to take a breath. “What I’m saying is … I don’t mind it. If the others WANT to … get it on with him, and nobody’s in danger or getting hurt, then it doesn’t really bother me.”

Kim asked, “So do YOU want to … get it on with him?” She raised an eyebrow.

Erin shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe. Would it hurt to try it and see what it’s like? They’re telling me it’s different, it’s a lot better than when their captives were … doing stuff. If it is different, what harm is there in finding out? So … maybe. I haven’t decided yet.”

Secretly, Erin did wonder what it would be like. Listening to the others – Melanie and Keisha – ask him, not the other way around, and then hearing their happy moans and groans, made her think.

And in the middle of the night, she woke up sweaty, with a tingling and a little wetness down below. She couldn’t remember the dream itself, but she suspected she knew what she’d dreamed about. And she decided then, that if she had the opportunity to see what it was like, she’d take it.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

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I think the two youngsters, Erin & Becky would make a great team.
If I ever got the opportunity, I'd choose those two to keep, long term.

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Melanie's Story Part 68 - Back to the Lab

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The next morning, I awoke to find Melanie still snoozing on my chest. I gazed at her for a few moments and began stroking her back gently with my thumb. She stirred, stretching her little arms and legs before turning her head so she could see me, a little grin on her face.

“Good morning, little princess” I whispered.

She giggled in response. “I don’t think you’re supposed to call me that when I’m a grown woman.”

I softly snorted. “Good point. Though you’re a little size-challenged at the moment. Which makes you EXTRA cute.”

She laughed out loud at that. “I’ll show YOU extra cute.” She started to stand up, decided it was safer on all fours, and climbed up to my chin. Putting her hands on my chin for support, she stood up and leaned forward to plant a kiss on the corner of my lip.

I uttered “Love you babe” but it came out mumbled, as I was trying not to move my chin and tip her over.

She leaned forward and kissed me a couple more times before climbing down. Keisha was laying in the bed next to me and also starting to stir. I nudged her with my thumb and stroked her back and she looked up at me, cracking a grin when she noticed me looking back at her.

I carried them both to the bathroom where they washed up and changed while I shaved in the other sink and planned to jump in for a quick shower before making breakfast. Though the rest of the entourage was already up and milling about at that point, so in response to the protests – multiple complaints about the lack of coffee when the sun was already coming up - I went ahead to the kitchen and made coffee first. I was becoming very tempted to just go get a small K-cup machine, given how little the girls were even able to consume – I usually filled their cups from a dropper so a K-cup would definitely be a time saver for mornings like this.

Instead, I made a half pot so it would finish sooner, waited for it to finish so I could fill and hand out cups to the waiting crowd, and laughed at the good-natured whistles and cat-calls I was subjected to for not bothering to put clothes on yet.

What did they expect? I’d been about to jump in the shower. Besides, it’s not like they hadn’t all seen me before, right? Though come to think about it, neither Kim nor Erin had, unless they caught a glimpse last night in the dim light. So maybe I SHOULD have thrown a towel on at least, just for them. I snorted to myself at that thought. Just a towel? Wouldn’t they see everything anyway, if they just stood under me? Oh well. Though I did catch Erin looking like she was catching more than a glimpse; she almost missed the coffee I was trying to hand her. I thought of ribbing her for that but wasn’t sure if she’d take it as good natured as I’d have meant for it to be.


After breakfast I went back to work, though I was in a bit of a holding pattern on two fronts. For the surplus laser, I was still the leading bidder but the auction still had a few hours to go. Fingers crossed. For the element, I wanted to get to the lab downtown – both to analyze the current sample with a high-power microscope, and to try to get my hands on the remaining chunk of meteorite and see if I could extract any remaining element, and preferably keep it pure. I still had a suspicion the sample we did have, was contaminated during what I could just picture as a sloppy extraction process by people who didn’t know what would be in there and were just carving up the rock to see what was inside. Plus, the longer that remaining chunk of meteorite sat untouched, the greater risk that someone would make off with any element that remained in it. Andrew knew about the meteorite, the scientists and their associates all knew about it. Though eight of them were in jail right now. Did that mean there weren’t others lurking? Or that any of NXT’s people didn’t know about the meteorite too? There were too many risks – I felt I had to get ahold of whatever element remained and keep it safe. HERE, where I could keep tabs of it.

How I would go about getting the meteorite, I had no idea. I doubted Andrew or his assistant would simply let me waltz in and take it. Finding a high-power microscope to use was a much simpler matter, even if it did mean carrying the existing element – encased in a small polycarbonate block – with me across town. Traveling anywhere with it was a risk. Lose it and we lost any chance of restoring the girls from their shrinking.

Either way, Andrew was supposed to be here after lunch, and I intended to at least get his okay to go by the lab. I felt now that he was out of the hospital, I shouldn’t just be dealing with his assistant, he’d expect to be in the loop. Though I didn’t know if I should bring up the meteorite or not. If he flat said I couldn’t touch it, that would make it that much harder to get ahold of it.

So in the meantime, I worked on the rest of the new, compact machine I was building. In a small hard-sided suitcase. The entire apparatus would fit inside, I’d just need to pull out a power cord to plug it into an outlet (though it would be nice to run off batteries, I would need something the size of a car or truck battery to provide sufficient power for one or two uses) and the laser beam would need to be able to point at the target. I could certainly build out the lens and diode as a handheld component, albeit with a thick cable, and that would enable me to hold and point.

The computer components, in the original consisted of a laptop programmed and mounted on a swivel arm. Here, I could build the components into the suitcase – using a few mounting screws to secure the platform – and mount the display inside the lid of the suitcase. That way I could make the keyboard movable like with a desktop computer – to set on my lap for example, or on a table nearby – rather than hard-mounted like it would be if I used a laptop. I did build a little bracket to secure it; in-case I ever needed to flip open the suitcase and start working, it would be in a spot where I could type on it immediately.

All in all, it seemed like this was going to work – the whole apparatus built into a small hard-sided suitcase, about the size of an airline carry-on bag. And innocuous to an outside observer – it certainly wouldn’t look like an extremely high-tech piece of equipment that would have been only science fiction less than a year ago.

Now all it needed was the laser itself, and the extraterrestrial element.

Given I was using all new materials, and even modified the software (though downloading what was already on the laptop gave me a big head-start of course, it would have taken a week or two to program all that anew from scratch) I didn’t bother taking apart the original machine. It wouldn’t work without the element anyway, and maybe I could just give that (sans element) back to the police to put back into evidence. Technically it was on loan from them anyway. Once this was all over, did I really need to give them this portable machine too? They didn’t even know about it right now; this was basically my project, my improvement on the original. And it’s not like they were paying me anything for all this work, or even reimbursing me for materials for that matter.

I might think differently IF they were reimbursing me for all this. Or maybe not.


After lunch, just as everyone was wrapping up and chatting around the table while I started cleaning up and washing dishes, there was a knock on the door. I figured either another shipment – there’d been so many I lost track of whether anything was still on its way – or that was Andrew. Suspecting the latter, I helped the girls down off the table, aside from Cindy and Becky, who wanted me to bring them to the coffee table in the front room.

I greeted Andrew at the door, asked how he was doing – he had a slight limp still but was trying to hide it and insisted nothing was wrong. I directed him to the sofa in the front room and offered drinks. As he sat down, he realized Cindy and Becky were there in the room already, standing on the table, and he jumped before realizing who or what they were.

“Hi Dad!” exclaimed Becky, not too put off by the look he gave them as it took a few moments for him to settle in and focus on the little person speaking in front of him. I could understand and empathize. While logically he already knew they were shrunken – Becky was just a smidge over 10 inches tall now – knowing is not the same as seeing with your own eyes.

He finally mumbled an almost incoherent greeting back to her, eliciting a giggle. Clearly Becky was more comfortable with her current situation then Andrew was at the moment. Cindy hadn’t said anything yet, she seemed to be stepping back and watching to see how he’d react.

I left to grab beverages and returned with a round of coffee – a mug and two tiny cups. By the time I’d returned, it looked like Cindy had come closer and all three of them were talking. I tried to stay out of the conversation, though Andrew did pause and squint at me.

I said, “I’ll leave you all alone, just shout if you need me. I’ll be across the hall. OH and Andrew?”

He cocked an eyebrow but didn’t so much as grunt an acknowledgment.

“If I need to return to the lab for any more work, should I go through Lydia, or talk to you directly now that you’re … back?”

Now he grunted. “Fine. Talk to Lydia. She’ll keep me informed.”

“Alright. Thank you.” I nodded and left to cross the hall to the office. From there I could hear some murmurs but not much of the conversation. The main thing was that if something happened, any screams or shouts especially, I was seconds away. I doubted Andrew was going to do anything intentionally to either Becky nor Cindy, but this was all new for him and I was still a little nervous about something happening accidentally.

I didn’t have a lot of work left to do on the machine – and something in the back of my mind made me wonder if maybe I should keep it a secret – the new machine I was building. It made sense to me to do it this way, the old machine wasn’t going to work without replacing the entire laser assembly, and the computations needed for the reversal process would have pushed the capacity of the processor on the old laptop; I was using desktop components in the new machine. Besides, it meant I could go ahead and let the police have the old machine back virtually unaltered. They’d just never get it to work without the element. Nobody would.

My one concern was that in making this new machine portable, it was easier to steal. So I intentionally tried to make it look like it was still just a hard-sided carry-on case.

In the meantime, I did check on the status of that liquidation auction, where I’d bid on a laser. The auction was scheduled to end in just a couple hours. Another bid had come in, so I upped my own bid and hoped that was enough.

At that point I heard Becky call. So I trotted across the hall to check on them.

Cindy said, “I just need a couple minutes in private. I promise it won’t take long.”

Becky scrunched her nose and whispered to me – though not quiet enough to keep the others from hearing, so maybe it was half in jest. “I think they’re gonna talk mushy stuff and they don’t want to do it in front of me.” She looked like she wanted to gag. It was her father, after all. And he was more than twice Cindy’s age. I supposed she just wanted to get out of sight in case they DID start mushy love talk.

I snorted in response and Becky let me gently scoop her up. I wondered as I was doing that, whether I should have brought the basket, but Andrew didn’t seem bent out of shape that I was picking up his daughter and carrying her in my hand. So I took her back with me to the office for a couple minutes. I wanted to stay close, expecting Cindy would be calling in a few minutes.

Setting her on the desk where I was working, she asked, “So whatcha been working on?” as she gave me a curious grin.

I sighed. “I’m getting close on the machine. I just need two items, and one of them I’m … waiting on an auction that ends today.”

Her eyes narrowed. “What do you mean AUCTION?”

“The machine as it stands, can do the shrinking but it’s not capable of the reversal process. I need a better laser that can handle an inverse of the original spectrum.”

Now she sighed. “Whatever that means. But why an auction? Do they sell this stuff on eBay or something?”

Ah. I snorted. “Nope. But a brand new one like I need, it’s very specialized equipment. Would you believe it costs more than a new Porsche and would take a month to produce? They don’t have this stuff sitting on a shelf.”

Her mouth about hit the desk. I reached up and nudged her chin. She almost laughed. “That tickles! How can it cost that much?”

“It’s fancy stuff, cutting edge and they’re usually only used in high-tech research labs.”

“So how are you supposed to just find one in an auction?”

I shrugged. “There are companies that do liquidations. Let’s say a little biotech company goes bankrupt, or a big pharmaceutical company shuts down one of their labs. They hire companies that sell all this fancy equipment to other companies. So I’m bidding on one now, and if we win, we should have it a LOT faster, and I won’t have to take out a mortgage on this house just to buy one.”

Her eyes got big as saucers for a moment. “A mortgage just for THAT?” I nodded. “Sometimes … I forget … nobody’s paying you to … take care of us. I guess it’s easy to forget about that when we’re not involved in it and you’re doing all the work too.”

“Yeah, but maybe we’ll have this all solved soon, and everyone can go back to their lives.”

She gave me a sad smile. “You can’t get rid of me that easy you know.”

I smiled back. “I hope not. I like having you around.”

She smirked and put her little hands on her hips. “You’d better!”

At that I heard Cindy call. I left Becky on the desk for a moment and jogged back to see Cindy standing on the table still, and Andrew already heading out the door. It looked like he was shaking his head as he did. Not quite the scene I was expecting.

Once the door shut and I quickly checked to make sure it was locked and glanced out the window to see him walking to his car, I turned back to Cindy, kneeling down so I could more easily talk to her.

“Is … everything alright?”

She looked at me for a moment as if unsure how to say what she wanted to say. She nodded her head. “Yeah, it’s fine. I just … “

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’m fine … I just hope I’m making the right decision here. I can … explain later. When I get my thoughts together. But thank you for helping set this up.”

“You’re welcome. Tell you what, just give me a shout if you need something, okay? I may need to go downtown to the lab this afternoon and I might bring either Maria or Melanie with me since they know their way around the place already. But remember, from the panic room you can send me a text message if anything happens. Will you be okay for a little while?”

She nodded. “I’ll be fine. WE’LL be fine. I just need to get my thoughts together.” She flashed a grin but it didn’t reach her eyes. She had something on her mind she wasn’t ready to talk about. Yet.


Back in the office – and once I’d let Becky loose – I called Lydia and let her know I spoke with Andrew and that I needed to come by the lab again, and oh by the way, is there a high-power microscope I could borrow briefly. She was surprisingly cooperative and agreed to meet me in an hour. It was still early afternoon, I figured we’d get at least a couple hours there – maybe more – before they kicked us out, then I should easily make it back here in time to heat up something for dinner.

I briefly went around looking for Melanie and Maria, and invited them both to come along to the lab. Partly for the company, but partly because they DID know their way around. Melanie had worked there for roughly a year, which I knew because that’s where she went after the project I’d hired her for had wrapped up. Maria, I never did ask how long she worked there, though I suspected it might have been even longer. And she was the only other one here who had a clue where things were. Plus, she knew where the vault was and had seen the actual meteorite that the element was extracted from. I really, really wanted to get ahold of that – mainly to extract the remaining element. Both to keep someone else from getting ahold of it and going rogue like those scientists had the first time, and because it was an opportunity to extract the element without contaminating it. I was convinced the original sample had a contaminant in it, that was my only rational explanation for the long (half a day on average) recovery time post-shrinking. Per my calculations, pure element with a properly calibrated laser, a healthy body shouldn’t take more than 30 or 60 minutes to recover from. The high power microscope would confirm my suspicion about the contamination, but my primary goal was to extract more element. If I could find a way.

Rounding up the rest of the team, I informed them that we’d be downtown for a little while – not all day, definitely back before dinner – and not to stray too far from the panic room (especially Kim since she would need help getting down there) until I returned.

All set, I grabbed my customized backpack, placing Melanie and Maria inside the padded area where they could hold onto the straps for support and see out the back through the one-way plastic mirror. Then we hopped in the car and headed downtown.


We walked into the lobby of Advanced Future Tech and the receptionist buzzed Lydia, who came down to meet us and escort us to the Level 7 lab. To my surprise, she handed me a key card and said that she wouldn’t have time to stick around, but that she’d looked into my request for a high power microscope and Dr. Smithton’s lab on Level 5 had one that they’d agreed to let me use this afternoon. She asked if Melanie had accompanied me on this trip – recalling her joining me on the previous trip and apparently no longer shocked at the idea of a former employee being miniaturized.

I said, “Actually I brought Melanie AND Maria this time, since they’re both familiar with this place already.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Maria? As in … the one who disappeared last month?”

I nodded. “Yes, they’re both in here, riding along with me.” I gently set the backpack down and unzipped the top, folding it back.

Maria was smirking. “Hi Lydia. Yep, it’s me.”

Her eyes about bugged out for a moment, but she gathered herself quickly. “Umm … yes. I do remember you. I had no idea … but I guess I should have guessed.”

Maria shrugged. “It’s not like this is very common.”

“True enough. Though you did disappear suddenly. If I remember correctly, you just didn’t show up, no response when your manager called, and then we couldn’t find that you ever checked out the day before. It was all rather strange.”

Maria groaned. “Yes, but not intentionally. I had to be rescued after … THIS happened, up here in THIS lab.”

Lydia grimaced at the reminder of what had been going on. “Well, it’s nice to … see you. And Melanie, you too.” She looked uncomfortable. Turning back to me, she replied “I’ll be in my office on 8 if you need me” before heading back to the elevator.


Once Lydia had left, I turned to my partners in crime. “I don’t have too much to do here on Level 7, per-se. Aside from grabbing a few supplies. At some point I need to collect those animals in back.”

Maria asked, “Animals?”

“Yeah. It’s shrunken squirrels, cats and … chickens I think. I planned on testing the reversal process on them anyway and making sure they pull through it without any apparent problems, before I ever dare let one of you go through the process. I’d never forgive myself if something bad happened because I didn’t test it first. Besides, as scientists yourselves, you two should understand that better than the rest. Right?”

“Point taken. I was just curious to learn there are animals stored up here. Though I suppose it explains some of those odd deliveries. Still doesn’t quite explain how they caught squirrels though.” Her nose crinkled.

“Not sure I want to know. But once I reverse the process, I’ll need to keep them caged so they don’t threaten any of you. I’ll let them loose outside once I’ve run my tests on them.” I stopped to put my thoughts back on track. “Okay, there are two other things I need here. One of course, is I want to confirm my suspicion that the element we have was contaminated when they extracted it. So I guess that means going to Level 5. Do you both want to stay in the backpack for now, or stay up here and I’ll come back and get you?”

They both quickly responded that they’d rather stick with me.

“Okay. Now second, and much more difficult I’m sure, is I’d like to take a look at that meteorite. Or more, I’d rather extract any other element that’s still in it. Not just to try and get a more purified form – I’m afraid to risk messing with the current sample until we have a second sample anyway – but also because I worry at some point someone else is going to extract it and we could be dealing with this whole rogue scientists mess all over again. I’m sure NXT’s people know about the meteorite. And Andrew knows. It’s a risk leaving it here, even if it’s in a vault.”

After a few moments, Maria said, “The vault shouldn’t be that hard to get into … the problem will be getting yourself in there, or getting the meteorite out. Though … “

Melanie added, “How were you thinking you’d extract it? Do you NEED to take the meteorite out of the vault? This is more geology so it’s outside my … zone.”

Maria said, “Well when we cut pieces of it to send up to the lab, we did it right there – we just brought the big cutter with us.”

I asked, “Do we even need a cutter? What about … just a drill?”

They looked at each other for a moment. Melanie posited, “There may be a cordless drill in one of those cabinets on the side, but … how would you even know where to drill?”

“I’m suspecting that to have survived – thousands or millions of years in space – and then survived entry into our atmosphere and impact – any deposits would have to be buried deep in the middle. So … “

Maria picked up my line of thought. “So if the rock has already been cut in half, if there are any deposits left they should be close to the area where we cut. Right?”

I nodded. “So I shouldn’t have to go deep at all – but I’d need to flip from a drill bit to a syringe to extract the product. It appears to be liquid, almost a syrup consistency at room temperature, so it shouldn’t evaporate. I’d just need to gather the right supplies and … figure out how to get down there and work on it without someone stopping us.”

Maria said, “Well, how late is it now?”

I glanced at my phone. “It’s after 3.”

“So just wait until after 430 – maybe after 5. Many people will have left by then. There may be a few around, but … “

“So it sounds like we have a plan. Let’s get down to that microscope first on Level 5 and then we’ll come back up here and gather supplies.”


The visit to Level 5 was mostly uneventful. Melanie and Maria remained in my backpack – which I set on the bench so they could watch me through the one-way mirror window. Dr. Smithton stopped by just to say hello, he was probably close to Andrew’s age and had a salt and pepper gray in his thinning hair and in a beard that was a little scraggly – something that tended to be more common in academics who were more focused on their work than in grooming. He was curious about who I was – a visiting scientist was all Lydia had passed on. We ended up talking for a few minutes, as it turned out one of the professors I had for graduate level physics was a young assistant professor back in his day. It was enough to build a rapport and he offered any assistance during my visit and gave me his office number.

Beyond that, it didn’t take long to confirm that the original sample – the element encased in a polycarbonate block – included a small contaminant. I suspected when they extracted it, they didn’t expect to find anything in liquid form and found it when a piece of meteorite was being pulverized to analyze the mineral profile. In theory, knowing what the contaminant was now, I could heat the product in a sealed glass system to the point where the element converted to gas phase and the contaminant remained in solid or liquid – likely possible given the element was liquid at room temperature and the contaminant appeared solid. The contaminant was present in very tiny fragments floating in the liquid, but the liquid was the consistency of syrup which would make it nearly impossible to filter out in its present form. The fragments likely produced minute fluctuations in the laser output. It would be worth trying to purify, but only once I had a second sample on-hand, as a hedge in-case something went wrong.


Back in the Level 7 lab, I let the girls out for a while to stretch their legs – and help me figure out where to look for the supplies I needed. Along with the cordless drill – I was thrilled to discover a compatible battery was still plugged into a charger in the back – and a long narrow masonry bit – I searched for syringes and suction straws, and another polycarbonate block. As almost an afterthought, I grabbed a couple extra, and a couple steel needles for injecting sample into them.

At this point it was coming up on 430pm. Per Maria’s advice, I planned to wait until after 5 – preferably after 530pm - before heading down to Level 2 where the remaining chunk of meteorite sat in a vault.

While we waited, with an hour to kill, it was silent for a few moments now that I wasn’t searching drawers and cabinets for the supplies we needed. A faint clucking sound drifted from a far corner of the lab.

Melanie perked up. “The animals!”

Maria glanced over in that direction. Then looked over at me. “Plans?”

“For the animals?” I shrugged. “I’d like to bring them back to the house, I just don’t know how or when. I need them to test the reversal sequence and make sure it’s safe before … using it on any of you. But it’s a little complicated. The squirrels, I can set free once I’ve done testing them. The cats and chickens … I have no idea. We surely can’t have either just roaming around the house. It would be dangerous for all of you. Plus … I don’t know if these were stray cats or … I can’t just dump them in the woods either, they’d keep coming back to the porch looking for food, and the neighbors would have a fit. And then the chickens, I’m not even sure where to take them.”

Melanie thought for a moment. “Well that part we can probably figure out. I’m guessing the chickens could go to a local farm. They might have even been bought from a local farm.” She held her hands up, arms bent at the elbows, in a ‘who knows’ gesture. Which seemed fitting in this case.

Maria asked, “Well do you want to take them with us now? How soon are you going to need them?”

“Well, if the laser arrives … tomorrow, and I can get a purer sample of the element, then … I could be at least testing inanimate objects in a couple days. And there are obviously plenty of inanimate objects to test with. So I could use the animals in maybe … as little as three days if we’re lucky.”

“SO doesn’t it make sense to bring them now, if we can? We – all of us – can look after them for that long. It’ll give people something to do.”

I looked at both of them, their eyes seemed to be imploring me to go ahead and bring the animals today. Or maybe I was just seeing things. It did make sense though, if I were done here otherwise then it would save another trip downtown. I started thinking through HOW I would transport them – I didn’t want to be lugging three large cages – each the size of a fish aquarium. Even though that would make it easier to hold them back at the house, they were too big for me to move all three without a cart – and without putting on a show walking through the lobby.

I had an idea though, and I tossed that around in my head while I worked on one more task. I wanted to disable and neutralize the original shrinking machine. Both because I expected a bomb had been planted inside – based on what Melanie overheard down in the underground bunker – and because a machine that was even ‘possible’ to use, would be too tempting if someone here did somehow get ahold of the element. So I inspected the machine carefully, and it didn’t take long to figure out what they’d done. I suspected they didn’t have a lot of time, and Melanie had described what sounded like a simple pipe bomb wired to the circuitry inside. I was able to carefully remove and disable that, taking the pieces and setting them in a drawer in back where they wouldn’t be easy to find. Then I dismantled part of the laser itself, and then took a look at the laptop. I’d half expected to find that it had been wiped clean, but instead, it appeared only a couple files were deleted. The scientists probably wanted someone to try firing it up, to trigger the explosion. Now, I went ahead and just set the hard drive to reformat, over-writing everything.

Lastly, I dug around in some cabinets and found some small plastic containers. Not ideal by any means, but if I had to transport those animals – they would fit, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be too happy. It would just be for the trip home though. I punched some air holes in the tops of three containers and set those aside – once we got the element from the meteorite in the vault, we could come back up here first and collect the animals.


It was close to 530pm. With the girls back in the backpack, along with the supplies I needed – even the cordless drill, though I had it in the other compartment, pressing against my back – we headed down to Level 2. Getting off the elevator, I looked around and quickly realized the floor wasn’t entirely clear – though it seemed people were at least wrapping up. I just sat in a chair to wait, pulling my phone out and browsing as if I was bored and waiting on someone. In a few minutes the coast was clear.

The vault wasn’t quite as easy as Maria suggested it was. I tried the swipe on the lock and it didn’t work. Not a huge surprise, I should have figured they wouldn’t grant me carte blanche. The vault wasn’t solid though – it was more like a cage. I set my pack down and unzipped the top.

“Hey Maria. Do you know if there’s a release on the inside that opens the cage door?”

She scrunched her nose for a sec. “Yeah, there is. Why, you can’t get in?”

“Not with this key card, nope. I’m trying to think of other options.”

“Can … one of us get in? Look up top and see what you think.”

Up top? The cage was thick steel woven into a fence, with the cross strands only an inch apart – too tight even for the girls to squeeze through. I looked up top though and … huh. The top wasn’t a fence grid, it was bars. The girls could surely fit through there … though I didn’t have an easy way to get them up.

I bent down and asked, “Any chance one of you is up for a little climbing?”

Maria said, “Your girl is the athlete around here.”

Melanie snorted. “Like you couldn’t do this yourself. But fine. What do you need me to do?”

I reached in and lifted her up out of the bag, holding her where she could see what I was looking at. It took her a minute to figure out where this was going.

“Okay. So … if you can just get me as high as you can, it looks like I can climb up and down those … rungs. Now what do I need to do when I get in there?” She bent her head to see Maria down on the floor. “Maria, where is the door release?”

“It’s on the vault door, but there’s a metal frame around it. You’ll have to climb down the door and climb into the box. It has an opening on the inside side for someone to reach a hand in to press the button. It’s supposed to keep someone from being able to just stick a wire though to press the button. But … you should be able to get to the box and then climb inside.”

To her credit, Melanie didn’t look daunted. I could see the box she was talking about, but it was solid metal from the outside. Maybe it was glass or something on the other side, otherwise how would someone even find the button? “Alright. Get me up there, honey. Let’s do this.”

So I held her and reached as high as I could. She grabbed ahold of the fence about a foot from the top, and climbed up the rest of the way, stopping to sit at the top. She sneezed. Ugh, the top was probably covered in dust. I worried she might slip, but she held tight and waited there. Her tiny sneezes were kinda cute though. She took a deep breath and held onto a cross-bar, lowering one leg to find the fence on the other side. Then she lowered her body through the bars and began slowly climbing down. I was a little nervous watching her, knowing if she slipped I couldn’t catch her. But this wasn’t her first rodeo; she’d climbed halfway out of the underground bunker by herself, up a runged ladder, before I caught up with her, after all.

After a couple nerve-wracking minutes – probably more for me than for her – she made it down to the level of the door, and paused for a minute to figure out how best to get onto, and then inside, the steel box that held the release button. I held my breath not just for her, but hoping nobody would walk by and wonder why I was hanging out in front of the vault. I could have hid to the side until she was ready to press the button, but my own fears for her safety kept me standing there. I watched as she swung down, stretching until one of her feet touched the top of the box – it stuck out about three inches – and lowered herself into a crouch as she brought her body down, doing her best to keep centered and not slip. Then she knelt over the edge of the box and peered inside.

“Honey, I’m going to climb inside. Get ready but be careful pushing the door open, okay?” she whispered.

Yeah, she could tell too, that she’d be squeezed in that box as the door swung open. But she managed to lower herself down, swinging her legs inside while gripping the top, and she landed inside. I let out a breath I was holding momentarily, seeing that she made it without falling. At her size that fall would have broken bones or caused a concussion. But she made it, and a few moments later there was a faint buzz as she pressed the door release. I hurried to pull the door open, but only a few inches, and then slowly opened it further, reaching around to catch Melanie in my hand. I used my foot to hold the door while I grabbed my pack and stepped inside, closing it behind me as softly as I could.

Once inside, it took me a couple minutes to find the meteorite – or about half of it – sitting in a metal box in the back. I dragged the box – damn this thing was heavy – just a few feet, where other contents of the vault would hide me from passers-by. Then I opened the box lid and unpacked my equipment. I pulled Maria out of the bag, and both she and Melanie decided to keep watch while I worked. They could hide in the shadows and signal if anyone came by. I had to shift the meteorite on its edge – it felt like lifting one side of a cast iron tub, and for a fleeting moment I was afraid I’d just given myself a hernia. Damn this thing was a lot heavier than it looked. On its edge I could access the side that had been cut previously. I didn’t need to cut any more, just tap for areas that sounded hollow and then drill. I did find a few likely spots and drilled carefully – making more noise than I was comfortable with – and sure enough, on the fourth try, found one other deposit of the element. Using the special straw with a glass syringe, I drew the viscous liquid out through the tiny hole I’d made. I went around to all the other spots just in case, and couldn’t find any more – I was fairly confident that I’d gotten all the remaining element that had survived entry through the atmosphere.

Gathering up the supplies – and my girls – I then nudged the meteorite back to its original position and closed the box, then exited and returned to Level 7, where I unpacked and returned the drill and unused supplies, transferred the new sample to another polycarbonate block – making tiny marks on each one to identify which was which – and on a hunch, filled a third block with saline solution. Lastly, I put on a glove and collected the animals, placing them in the three plastic boxes with little air holes, and put them in the inside pouch of my pack where I’d stored the drill. No need for the girls to have to travel with angry animals on the way home. I grabbed some of the animal food as well, and then we headed home. Lydia wasn’t around – and I didn’t know if Andrew was coming into the office or not, but I never did see him around – so I held onto the keycard for now.


Back home, once I got Maria and Melanie situated, I dug around the garage looking for something I could use – even temporarily – as a cage for these animals. I suspected I might need three cages, I wasn’t sure if the animals were separated just to be organized or if the animals didn’t get along, but no reason to take chances. Hopefully in a few days I could set the squirrels loose and figure out something to do with the chickens and cats. I was tempted to just test the machine on the squirrels and wait on the others until I DID have a place to take them.

By the time I found something to keep the animals in – and set them loose in their new temporary habitats – it was getting late for dinner. I could imagine tiny tummies rumbling, though I doubted I could hear it unless I held one of them up to my ear. Which would probably get me a slap if I started doing that. I was able to make up something quickly and apologized all around as I doled out food and drinks to everyone.

Maria and Melanie gave a little rundown of what we’d accomplished downtown – complete with Maria detailing Melanie’s heroics in scaling the cage wall. They almost explained why we were there, but they caught me putting a finger to my lips and thought better of it – as much as Cindy and Becky were part of our ‘family’ here for now, I couldn’t be sure they wouldn’t inadvertently mention to Andrew that we’d been in there tapping his meteorite to extract the remaining element. In fact he might be furious that I didn’t ask, even though asking would have risked him saying no.

After dinner, I started letting people down so I could clean up the dishes. To my surprise, Erin asked if she could stay for a few minutes.

“What’s up?”

She looked down for a moment, as if studying her cute little feet. “I was … talking to the others … and … “

I sat down at the table next to her and whispered, “It’s okay. I won’t bite. I promise.”

She snorted. “Even if I say it’s okay?” Now she was just smirking at me.


She just looked me in the eye for a few moments. “I think you know what I’m asking.”

“Ah.” I paused. Was she really asking THAT? “You know we guys can be dense sometimes. But I think I know what you’re talking about. And yes, I’d be happy to, if you want that.”

She nodded. “Good. And … I thought you were supposed to be a genius or something.”

Now she had me snorting. “But I’m still a guy too.” She laughed. At that, she let me finish the dishes and then carry her to bed.

Once I set her down, and I sat down next to her, she asked softly, “Umm … how does this work, how do we … “

“I don’t think there’s any hard and fast rule. You can tell me what you like, or if you want me to take charge just say so. And … I’ll stop if you want me to stop.”

She nodded. “Okay. I guess I’m fine if you … get us started.” She snorted softly at how odd she thought she sounded.

At that, I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my t-shirt and sat back on the bed. I put a hand out for Erin and she sat down in my palm, a little nervous about what she may have just gotten herself into. I slowly lifted her up and brushed her cheek with the tip of my finger.

“How about we take these clothes off?” I whispered. Not saying a word, she leaned forward to unfasten the little velcro strip and pull her blouse off, revealing two soft, round breasts. I brushed one with my thumb and she shivered. She paused and started to lay back in my hand as I caressed her breasts, and then let out a little gasp as I held her to my lips and teased her nipple with the tip of my tongue. I took a minute to work on her breasts, eventually sucking both of them into my mouth, eliciting another gasp.

As I worked on her breasts, with my other hand I nudged her on her side just enough to reach behind her with my finger and tug on the velcro fastening her skirt. She made no effort to stop me as I worked her skirt off her and tossed it onto the bed. Slowly I released her breasts and worked my way down her stomach and then further south. Almost without thinking, she parted her legs to give me space, and I felt her shiver the first time my lower lip brushed her tiny clit. By the time I had my lips around her thighs and my tongue caressing her in between, her breaths were starting to get erratic. It wasn’t long before the tip of my tongue found her quivering labia, and I caressed her until her lips began to part for me. Working my tongue further inside, I found her tiny passage and gently massaged it, prompting little moans as she pushed her hips against my tongue, as if trying to push it deep inside her. Alas, my tongue was far to large for her to handle. I could use my little finger, but this being her first time, I would save that for later. Her hips began to move in rhythm to the tip of my tongue as it lapped the space between her lips, milking her until I tasted her sweet juices. I knew she was close, and I kept going, not with too much force, but steadily building her up until she finally achieved her release, collapsing in my hand. I could feel her tiny heartbeat and hear her ragged breaths as she started to come down from the high.

Finally, she sighed and stretched her little arms, and said softly, “They were right.”

As I was just pulling back from her, I mumbled, “Hmm?”

“The others. They were right. This … was amazing. Nothing like … before.”

I mumbled, “Well it’s different when it’s … “

She smirked. “When someone cares about how I feel and isn’t just pawing over me?”


She took a few moments to digest her thoughts before adding, “I’m … glad I decided to give this a try.”

I grinned.

“But let me do something for you too, okay?” She grinned back. “It’s only fair.”

“If you like.” I smirked.

“I see you didn’t take your shorts off yet.” She thought for a moment. “I suppose … Maria did tell me about … okay. How about you set me down … there.“ She pointed at a spot between my legs.

As I set her down, I asked, “Do you need me to move at all?”

She looked up at me. “Nah, just … stay sitting like that for a minute. I need some room.” I just sat there, cross-legged, as she stood up, using my inner thigh to brace herself, and stepped over to the edge of my shorts, peering inside, and then sticking her head inside. I kept still as she tugged on the corner of my boxers and crawled inside. Holy shit. Not quite what I expected for my first time with her. I felt one of her hands reaching the base of my shaft while her knees met my balls. She climbed atop the base and I thought I felt the tiny tuft of hair between her legs, brushing against me there. Her little hands held either side of my shaft as it stiffened in response to her touch, and as it lengthened I felt her stretch her little body and press her chest against it, wrapping her arms around to caress the sensitive underside.

At that point I just leaned back against the headboard and relaxed, while Erin worked inside my shorts, slowly – and skillfully - bringing my erection along. I would have suspected at this point that she had some experience with this, even if I hadn’t found her rubber-banded to her captor’s flacid dick at the time I rescued her. I almost shuddered at that nasty experience of cutting her loose from it, but it was out of mind in an instant when I felt her tiny mouth, nibbling – nibbling! - a sensitive spot on the underside of my shaft. Yeah, who was I kidding? This was incredible, and I happily went back to just resting and enjoying her work.

For several more minutes she brought me along slower than I thought possible – I was surprised I hadn’t exploded all over her twice by now, but she was able to bring me almost to the edge and then scale back, as if she could sense – and maybe she could – how close I was. It was a tantalizing experience. Finally I was at the point where she could probably just sit still and I’d probably erupt. She realized it too, and I felt her squeeze her arms tight just under the head, her thighs tight around the base, as she planted her lips right on the tip and shoved her tiny tongue into it as deep as she could, keeping her lips pressed there even as my shaft shuddered under her, and she tried hard to stay there as the initial blast hit her, somehow as much of it filling her mouth and throat as escaped around the sides of her mouth. She was pressed so tight that I could feel her swallowing as hard as she could, trying to keep it all to herself.

Once I stopped pulsating, I slid a thumb into my waistband and pulled it back. She looked up and grinned at me, some cum on her cheeks and chin but not as much as I’d expect. Did she really swallow that much of it? Then before I knew it, she was climbing out, on all fours, and up my chest, and then took hold of my chin to lift herself up, and planted a kiss dead center on my lips. I could feel her tiny tongue pushing, as if she could drive it past my lips and into my mouth.

When she finally pulled back, but just barely, I mumbled, “That was so amazing.”

She beamed. “You realize I had … a lot of practice. Though this is the first time I … ever got to do this when … I wasn’t being forced. When it was … because I really WANTED to.”

After that, we cleaned up in the bathroom – though there wasn’t much to clean, somehow she swallowed more than she didn’t. I was still shaking my head at that realization. I expected her to be soaked. I took her back to bed, sans shorts this time, and we went a few more rounds. I used my little finger the next time with her. And the time after that. And she wanted to keep going until she almost passed out from exhaustion.

I whispered, “You know we can do this again another day. If you want.”

She softly snorted. “I would really like that.” She stretched as I lay her on my chest. “You know, it really is so much better when it’s someone you … don’t hate.” I suspected she almost said something else, but I didn’t push her. It was the heat of the moment. Or many moments. We’d been going at it for two hours.


The next morning she was still on my chest, and when she realized I was gazing at her, she looped up and gave me a silly grin. If the others didn’t know Erin had spent the night with me, they surely figured it out by the time I took her to the bathroom to freshen up before breakfast.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

Post by Rusco57 » Sun Mar 31, 2024 4:53 pm

It'd be so nice to have someone like Erin...

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Melanie's Story Part 69 - Cindy's Crazy Scheme to Save Her Marriage

Post by Rocket » Tue Apr 09, 2024 8:07 pm

“Are you sure you really want to do THAT?” I asked Cindy.

She’d thrown me for a loop with the news that yesterday when she spoke privately with Andrew, she apparently had asked him to come back here TONIGHT. And not only that, but she invited him with the expectation of sex. And on top of that, she intended to, somehow, talk the others into joining her? I couldn’t imagine ANY of them agreeing to that.

“But I need to do SOMETHING.” she pleaded. “Like Becky’s said more than once, he’s stodgy. He acts older than his age. Hell, he acts geriatric sometimes. And starting out I was fine – happy even – with a man twice my age. But let’s face it, I’m not the same person I was then. Months of being sexed up, yeah … but followed by these last few weeks of the absolute most amazing sex of my life. I feel like I’ll be giving up good sex for the rest of my life when I go back. I TOLD him that I’m not the same person I was then. And he said he was open to changing, but he has no clue. He needs to see – experience – THIS. It will totally open his eyes. I KNOW it will.”

“But Cindy … are you sure THIS is how you want to expose him to … what, thinking about sex? This is kinda EXTREME, isn’t it?”

She snorted. “How ELSE am I gonna do it? The whole idea is I want to make him horny as hell – where he’s going to WANT it badly, be THINKING about it all the time. I can’t go back to that life if I’m going to go a week or two without sex and then it’s … quick and boring when it does happen. If that’s all I’m getting, I’d rather stay small like I am … and stay here with YOU.“

I shook my head “I understand, but I think this is a REALLY bad idea. And what about the others? I can’t believe any of them would agree to this either.”

“Believe me, this will work. I’m SURE of it. Think of it as you’re helping to save my marriage.” She winked. “You do your part and I’LL take care of them.”

“Well, why not just spend time with him yourself, one on one? WHY involve the others?”

“Because I want him to experience a little of the kind of stuff we do with YOU. It’s hard to do that all by myself.”

I grudgingly said, “Okay. I still think this is a really bad idea, and I can’t believe we’re even talking about it, but ...” I sighed. “I’ll consider it. Just this once. For YOU. If you’re SURE. I REALLY hope you’re right about this, because it could go SO wrong if you’re not.”


That afternoon I focused on the equipment and what we’d brought back from the lab yesterday. I no longer would need the original laser, not if the new one was coming, but returning it before I’d managed to restore the girls to normal size, would just scream out loud that I’d built my own machine. Frankly, given it was my effort and my money, I planned to keep it and return the original to go back into police evidence. I’d had to increase my bid on the surplus laser a couple times, but by some miracle I won the auction, and put in for rush shipping, so I was just waiting on the tracking information. The laser was already tested and packed up, supposedly, and in a warehouse just two states away. If it were any closer I’d offer to drive there and pick it up myself, I was so anxious to get ahold of it. The current laser wasn’t capable of the output I needed based on my calculations, to accomplish the reversal sequence. The new laser would be capable of both shrinking and reversal.

Out of some premonition that I should keep close tabs on the element, I didn’t return it to the machine – instead I kept all three polycarbonate cubes in my backpack and put that in the closet for now. The new machine, I had done everything I could without the new laser, so I zipped up the case and put it on the top shelf of the closet, where it looked just like the suitcase it started out as.

That evening after dinner, Cindy rounded everyone up. I assumed she was having a talk with them about … participating in this … game? … with Andrew. And trying to convince them they’d be safe because I would be there, I’m sure. And then next thing I know, they all stopped talking. What the hell was she DOING? I couldn’t hear much from where I was, so I crept closer to listen.

She glanced over at me but put her finger to her lips, urging me not to say anything. The girls were all staring at her … or at something she was holding … OH HELL. Was she … hypnotizing them? A knot started forming in the pit of my stomach. This just didn’t feel right at all. So had she never intended to try and talk the girls into participating in her scheme – basically inviting them to come have sex with her husband? Yeah I wouldn’t have an interest in that either. Or was this her plan all along, knowing they’d never agree to it so she’d just force them to participate against their will? Damn.

And there was no backing out I supposed, not with Andrew already on his way here. Is this what she’d talked to him about in private yesterday? Now I wish I hadn’t given her that privacy, not if this is what she promised him. How she lured him back here.

Once she was done and turned to speak to me – her eyes sad and almost apologetic – the girls were all standing still, in some sort of trance.

She gulped at seeing my disappointed expression, and finally said, “It was the only way. They’d … never agree if they knew.”

I shook my head. “They’d be furious. At you … and at ME for not putting a stop to it.”

She sighed. “I know. I’m sorry. But I’m … begging. Please. This is … what I have to do.”

I shook my head. “I don’t like this at all. I didn’t then, and that’s before I knew you were going to pull THIS. If they ever find out, it’ll destroy any trust they had in me.”

Cindy looked on the verge of tears. “Please, just this once. I promise, we get through this … I doubt he’d even last an hour anyway … and I’ll do anything you want. I already owe you a lot, but … “

I huffed.


I just shook my head. “Oh Cindy. What am I going to do with you?” I sighed. “You know if I … agree with this … and I’m not promising I can go through with an hour or even a half hour of this, trying to protect all seven of you from Andrew and make sure nobody gets hurt … can you imagine having to explain if someone can’t remember anything but has a huge bruise when they wake up? Or worse?” She cringed. “You know I’m worried too, with that kind of power, I might … not be able to control myself either. I can’t promise I won’t go horny and start participating in all this myself and … forget how badly I want to put a stop to it.”

She just looked at me for a few moments, unsure what to say. Finally, she said, “Tell you what. How about if I … give you … the triggers.”

“The triggers?”

She nodded. “I implanted a trigger phrase. It can be used to put them into a trance, all you have to do is say it, and then when you say it again it brings them back out of the trance.”

I sighed. “Fine. Probably better I have that than not. Especially if I have to – somehow- kick Andrew out when things get out of hand.”

“Okay. Let’s go … in the kitchen though. So they don’t hear. If they hear it right now … we’ll have a lot of explaining to do.”

“WE?” I exclaimed, but nonetheless I went ahead and carried her to the kitchen table, where she explained how all this worked – HOW she put them in a trance to begin with – and how to use the trigger phrase.

“Later, I’ll have to ask you how you know all that stuff. But fine, let’s get going. I suppose there’s no backing out now, since he’s going to be here any minute.” I carried her back to the bedroom where the others were still gathered – staring off into space, standing and not moving. It was a little eerie.

She told me, “When Andrew arrives, tell him to stay in the front room and I’ll bring everyone in with me. Am I right thinking you’ll be kinda weirded out if we do any of this in bed?”

I snorted. “Yeah, no kidding. The whole thing’s kinda weird to be honest.”

“You have a point there. But my hope is a lot of this will be for show – for him to see and think. And get … horny ideas. He’s way too stodgy.” She paused. “Though it’s POSSIBLE things could … get out of hand.”

“Why’s that?”

“He doesn’t get horny too often. He’s ALWAYS uptight. Once he’s REALLY worked up … I’ve NEVER seen him really worked up … I’m hoping he might open up to trying new things. Which I guess is kinda the idea. But if he can’t control himself, someone could get hurt. So just keep an eye on him before he gets out of control.”

“I will.”

“In the meantime, I suppose they’re all yours. Me too, if you want. Until he gets here.”


She shrugged. “They should all follow your orders. Only one way to find out though.”

“True. So let’s try this. Cindy, fondle your breast.”

She snorted. “You know, I’m the only one NOT hypnotized here.” Despite that, she did proceed to fondle her own breast.

“Yes, but I wanted to see if you meant what you said.” She snorted. “So Keisha, slide your hand under your skirt and touch yourself.” Without a sound, she proceeded to touch herself. “Huh.”

At that point there was a knock on the door. Did he rush over here, or was it later than I thought it was? Cindy was cutting it close if she just hypnotized the girls not even fifteen minutes ago. Either way, I got up to answer the front door. It was Andrew. Of course. I invited him in, even though a part of me wanted to tell him to turn his ass around and get back in his car. I held back not just for Cindy’s sake, but because this was NOT the time to go make an enemy of the guy. Not when I was still trying to protect his family. Even from him, I mentally appended.

He said, “I’m here because Cindy insisted I come and do this. That it’s for my own good.” He snorted. He didn’t sound convinced himself, but it sounded like he already knew what Cindy had planned. Did he know before I knew? Probably.

I nodded. “Yeah, it took her a while to convince me to go along with this. She’s persuasive. And she’s gotten used to getting her way. I suspect this is about … preparing you for when she comes home. As I understand it, she’s changed a lot from when she first disappeared.”

“That’s … what she says. And she insists it was the kidnappers that brought out this … ribaud streak.” He raised his eyebrow as if waiting for a confession.

I just ran with it. “Perhaps. She said we should wait in here.”

We both sat on the sofa – opposite corners. Cindy came out alone, and said, “Hi Honey. You made it.”

“Of course I did. You insisted.”

She nodded. “I did. This is important for YOU. We’re going to get you out of your shell and you’re going to enjoy yourself this evening. So just work with me, alright?” At that she trotted out to the hallway and instructed the girls to follow. They all came marching in behind her, like little robots. It was a little creepy. “Care to help us up to the table?”

Andrew just looked at them for a moment. I interjected, “Why don’t you try picking up Cindy, and I’ll get the others.” As I lifted the others up one at a time, setting them gently on the coffee table, I saw Cindy talking Andrew through what to do. “Just bring your hand down here, and wrap your fingers around me. Not too hard or you’ll squish me. There. Now lift me up slowly. And … stop there. Don’t put me down yet. Okay. Tilt back your hand a little, and open up your fingers a little. There. See, I can lay back and stretch now. Do you want to touch me?” She giggled. “Touch my leg. There you go. See? That’s not so bad, is it. Now how about you rip my clothes off?”

He glanced over at me. I said, “They’re just velcro. You can pull and they’ll come right off.”

Now he squinted at me. “You sound like you have experience with that.”

I shrugged. “Perhaps. Though only when they tell me it’s okay to.”

He grunted, but then tried tugging at Cindy’s blouse. To his surprise it came off with a slight ripping sound, which took him a moment to realize was only velcro. He flung it to the floor. Then he did the same to her skirt.

“Andrew, touch my chest. That’s an order.” She smirked. He touched her breast with his finger and gulped. “You can pinch them too if you want. Now think about this Andrew, I’m naked in your hand and you can do whatever you want with me. How does that make you feel?”

He looked like he didn’t want to say. At least in front of me. I suspected Cindy was right and he WAS getting a little horny. Then he surprised us both by moving a finger down her stomach. She parted her legs a little so he could touch her there.

“Yes, that’s it Andrew. I want you to enjoy yourself. Get into it. You can give me orders. OH, actually, you have all the other girls too. I want you to enjoy playing with them too. I want to see you so horny you can’t stand up because of your boner.”

He looked surprised at her language. I suspected she’d been much more demure back when she was just his very-young wife. Or maybe he was surprised that she was essentially force-feeding him sex. Though I really doubted she had to lay it on that thick, he likely already knew what to do without her ‘help’ along the way.

I said, “Ladies, strip please.” He’d hardly noticed the others, but now he did, as they were all pulling their clothes off.

Cindy said, “They’re all in a trance, so they’ll do whatever you want. I know it’s a little … disingenuous to them to put them in this position, but it’s THAT important to me that you break out of your shell. They will NOT remember any of this.”

He looked intrigued now. “Oh? Huh.”

I interjected, “Here, let me introduce you to them.” I went around to each one, touching them as I spoke. It was a little freaky how they all just stood there silently like Barbie dolls. “This is Maria, she used to work in your labs until last month. Then this is Keisha, she’s a police officer. And this is your daughter Becky, of course. Now I understand if you don’t want to do anything with her because she’s your daughter, and that’s okay. And this is Erin, most recently an exotic dancer. And Kim, who was – or is – an assistant district attorney. She went missing last month and we rescued her. And lastly, this is Melanie, my girlfriend.”

He just gaped at the display for a few seconds.

I asked, “What would you like them to do? Just please don’t be rough with any of them.” When he just looked flatly at me, I said, “Tell you what, pick any two. You can point to them.” He pointed to Keisha and Maria. “Okay. Keisha and Maria, kiss each other.” They turned to each other and locked lips, and kept kissing until I said “Stop.”

Cindy said, “We can do a lot more than that. And I mean we. I kept myself out of the trance thinking you wouldn’t go along with this if I couldn’t talk to you. But I can take orders just like they do. Just tell me what to do. And if you … want me to go into a trance like the others, just say so and I’ll do it. For you. That way whatever you do with us, none of us will remember it. I trust our guardian here to keep us safe, he’s proven he’s very good at protecting us.”

She just lay back in his hand for a minute, waiting. He looked a little flabbergasted. Cindy turned her head to me and said, “YOU should give me some orders then. Or we’ll be here all night.”

I snorted. “Good point. Cindy, touch yourself. Masturbate please.” I did think Cindy was laying it on way too thick – she shouldn’t have to ‘sell’ him on this – it was like she was giving away the farm for nothing. But this was between her and her husband. I felt like a third wheel. Or I suppose, the bodyguard?

She winked at me and then proceeded to touch herself between the legs, massaging her tiny cunt. He looked fascinated and couldn’t take his eyes off her. I said, “Cindy, freeze.” Cindy followed my instruction and stopped and stayed still. With my finger and thumb I moved her arms, switching which hand was down between her legs, and placed her first hand over her breast. “Cindy, continue.” She smirked at me but continued working on herself. He just kept watching with fascination. I said, “Cindy, make yourself cum.” Andrew glanced over at me and raised an eyebrow, but then returned to watching Cindy’s every movement. It took a few minutes, but finally she brought herself to the edge, her breaths ragged, her hips moving, and then came, collapsing in Andrew’s hand.

Andrew couldn’t break his eyes away from that. In between her heavy breaths, she said, “Andrew, you should taste me.”

He finally broke his eyes away. “What?”

“She wants you to bring her up to your mouth and taste between her legs with your tongue.”

Cindy encouraged him further. “Do it, honey. Lick me down there. I like it.” He lifted her up and timidly let his tongue touch her. She cooed and said, “More!” I knew what she was doing, trying to draw him in, get him worked up, get over his fears. After a few more coos and groans of encouragement, he started licking her all over between the legs and up her stomach and he just kept going until she finally said, “Whoa, down boy. You’ve got the idea. Now let’s get you someone else to experiment with, alright?”

He reluctantly removed his tongue from her crotch and started to set her down. “Hold on. Don’t set me down yet. Tell you what, pick someone. Any one of them.”

He looked down at the others and pointed. “Is this … the one you said was your girlfriend?”

I said, “Yep. That’s Melanie.”

“I’ll pick her. I suppose you’ve been doing this kind of stuff with Cindy? So I may as well do something with YOUR woman.”

I tried not to outwardly groan. I did give Cindy a dirty look though. “Hold out your other hand.” I picked up Melanie and set her in Andrew’s left hand. “She’ll do what you ask, just be careful with her. Do NOT drop her. I mean it.”

He chuckled. “You said her name is Melanie? Alright. Melanie, pinch your nipples.” He watched with a smirk as she pinched her nipples. “Melanie, spread your legs.” He remarked, “Your woman has a nice tiny pussy, but her tits aren’t as big as Cindy’s.” I could see he was getting a gleam in his eye, Cindy had definitely pulled him out of his shell, but had she created a monster? “Melanie, finger yourself until you cum.” I should have known he’d go there. He still held Cindy in his other hand, but now he was watching Melanie work on her own cunt, and looked quite entertained seeing her perform for him. “Melanie, pound yourself hard until you cum.” She started rubbing herself so hard I worried she was going to be hurting down there after this, but she finally came, her body shaking in his hand.

Andrew didn’t stop there though. Even while she was still coming down from that high, he said, “Melanie, roll over and slap your ass. Keep slapping until I say you can stop.” And she started doing that. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t waking up from the trance. It didn’t take long for her ass cheek to turn pink.

I looked at Cindy and mouthed ‘say something or I will’

Cindy said, “Honey, tell her to stop. Melanie’s a really nice lady and she’s my friend. You’re making her hurt herself.”

At first he just looked at her and growled, “I’ll do whatever the hell I want. You start slapping your own ass, Cindy. Or I’ll hurt you myself.”

She gasped, looked a little scared, but turned in his hand and started hitting her own ass.

I said, “Melanie, stop. Cindy, you stop too. Andrew, this is getting out of hand. You can’t come in here and start hurting people.” I reached for Melanie and plucked her out of his hand and cradled her gently in my own hands, stroking her with my thumb. Her ass was warm and a little red.

At that, he seemed to back off a little. He grunted. After a minute, he said, “Fine, maybe I got a little carried away. I feel like punishing your woman here since it’s obvious you’ve been messing around with Cindy. Even if she does insist she’s the one who … initiated it. I’m a little angry with her too.”

I nodded. “Okay. Tell you what. Cindy, are you alright?”

“Yes. My butt stings a little, but thank you for stopping this. Is Melanie hurt?”

“Her ass is going to smart when she wakes up, but I think she’ll be okay. Now I have an idea in mind. Andrew, I see Cindy told you to wear loose fitting clothes.”

Cindy snorted. “I see where you’re going with this. And it was probably a struggle for him not to wear a suit.”

He grunted in acknowledgment.

I said, “Okay, Andrew. Now, just work with me here for a moment. With your free hand, pull back your waistbands. Underwear too.”

He gave me an incredulous look.

“Trust me, I do NOT want to see that. But … apparently Cindy does. I need you to pull it back and then lower her down inside your pants. And tell her to ride your cock.”

He squinted at me for a moment. Cindy said, “You should do it, honey. Let me make you feel good.”

After another grunt, he pulled back his pants, lowered her inside, and said, “Cindy, fuck my cock.”

I added, “You can leave her in there for a while. Just sit back and let her work. We can do something else in the meantime. How about you pick any two of the ladies here.”

He gave me a sidelong look. “You do this all the time? It’s surprising you get any work done.”

“NO. I don’t. Cindy’s a bit of an instigator, though. She’s a sweetheart but she’s a schemer.”

He snorted. “You got that right. Okay, you said pick two? How about … which one is this?”

“That’s Keisha. The police officer. She was part of the initial raid, where your two scientists were setting up a second machine. They tried to use her as a hostage.”

“Okay. I’ll pick her. And you said two? So how about … hmm … “ His finger was wavering in front of Becky. He looked like he wanted to pick her, but was hesitating. Because she was his daughter? Or just because I was here?

“You can choose her if you want. All you’re doing is watching her, right?”

He grunted. Again. “Fine. I’ll pick Becky.”

“Okay. Pick them up, one in each hand. Like that. Right. Okay, now hold your hands together, palms flat.”

He did that and said, “How long do I hold them like this?”

“Just watch. Keisha, Becky, get on your knees and face each other.” I gave them a moment to get into position. “Now embrace and kiss each other.” Andrew just watched, fascinated.

Then he surprised me by saying, “Becky and Keisha, start fucking each other.” Andrew smirked at the scene taking place in his hands, as his own daughter kissed Keisha and fondled her breast, and Keisha reached her hand down to cup Becky’s cunt.

I said, “Now if you want them to do anything specific, we just have to tell them. For example … Becky, suck on Keisha’s right breast.” As he watched, Becky broke away from kissing Keisha on the lips and bent down to wrap her lips around Keisha’s breast. Damn, I started to think I needed to be careful, or I’d get carried away in this myself when I was supposed to be … watching out for them. I was starting to get more ticked off at Cindy for putting me in this situation.

He was distracted for a moment and groaned. “I see you’re not participating in any of this right now.” He motioned to where Cindy was … at work.

“I certainly can. Honestly, Melanie is very good at it, but I don’t want to push her, she’s been through a lot already. Maria and your own daughter Becky are both pretty good too. Maria’s the one who came up with the idea.” At that, I picked up Maria, held her up so Andrew could see and said, “This is Maria, by the way.” He looked at her and licked his lips. Ugh. Then I lowered her into my own pants and said, “Maria, make love to me, but go slowly” before closing her up inside.

Going back to the scene in Andrew’s hands, I said, “OH. They need further instructions. She’s still sucking a breast. What do you want them to do next?”

He groaned – probably Cindy’s doing – and then surprised me by getting a little bold. “Becky, lay back. Keisha, lick Becky’s cunt until she cums.”

“Interesting choice. You know, I haven’t tried this, but given they’re all in a trance and will follow commands explicitly, I do wonder how far that goes, how powerful those commands are. If it’s possible to command their bodies … let me try something here. Think of it as a scientific experiment.” I picked up Kim. “This is Kim, that district attorney that was in the news when she disappeared last month. I suppose it could be a little exciting to know you’re holding a public figure in your hand.” I held her up and Andrew broke away from the scene in his hands to look at her. “What do you think? She’s got the largest tits of any of the girls, but she’s able to carry them well. They haven’t started sagging much yet. Kim, spread your legs.” I touched her gently between the legs for just a moment. “Okay. Now let’s see what happens. Kim, cum please. Without touching yourself.”

Andrew for a few moments, completely ignored the lovemaking going on in his hands, and watched Kim with anticipation, interrupted occasionally by Cindy’s ministrations inside his underwear. For about a minute, nothing much happened, though Kim’s body did squirm a little in my hand. Then it happened. I felt Kim’s body tremble in my hand, and then a tiny bit of whitish liquid formed between her pussy lips and began to trickle down.

“Fascinating” remarked Andrew. And then he started groaning.

“You should put them down” I said, pointing to the girls in his hands, “Before you drop them.” He did, just in time as he needed to grip the edge of the table. I could tell Cindy was … finishing. After he’d set Keisha and Becky down on the table, they went back into their previous positions and continued what they were doing. I supposed that meant they’d continue until given another command.

He groaned some more and then let out a breath.

I said, “Decide if you want to leave her in there to go again, or … I suppose you could take her out, give her a break.”


“Well, with this … arrangement, they’ll all do whatever you tell them to. And apparently keep doing it until you tell them to stop. Even Cindy will do what you ask her to. Though I don’t think you can make her cum just by telling her to. Someone would have to be in a trance to be able to comply.”

“Well, she DID offer. I think I’ll take her up on that. Right now, everything I do she’s going to see. It would be nice for her … not to know everything.”

I sighed. Yeah, Cindy was creating a monster. Unless he was already like this – a selfish jerk came to mind - and it just never came out around Cindy before. They hadn’t been married very long. “Okay, tell you what, go ahead and take her out. She’ll be messy, but that’s fine. Put her on the coffee table.”

At that, he did use his free hand to reach in his pants, and a few moments later, out came Cindy, with her face and chest covered in goo. As soon as he let go of her, she slowly wiped some goop from her eyes and then looked around and blinked. “So what’s been going on out here?”

He chuckled.

She said, “What’s so funny?” She looked around and realized what Keisha and Becky were doing on the table just inches away from her, while Kim was in my hand.

I glanced at Andrew, sighed, and told Cindy, “The girls and I are exposing Andrew to some … new ideas. Per your request.” I emphasized the last.

Cindy snorted. “Oh, I can imagine.” Interesting that she seemed less bent out of shape over this than I did – or maybe not bent out of shape at all. She’d planned all this, after all.

I was a little ticked with Cindy for setting this up. I said to Andrew, “Watch this. Cindy, eat Andrew’s cum.” She let out a little snort, but proceeded to follow orders, scooping it off her chest and scooping it into her mouth.

“Has your woman … Melanie? … recovered from her spanking? Yeah. You said she was good at this. I’m going to put her to the test.” He smirked as he reached for her.

I sighed. “Alright.” I gently picked her up with my free hand and set her into Andrew’s hand.

He nodded. “Yeah, let me think. Okay, let’s try this. Melanie, lick all the cum off my cock and balls, and then when you’re done, press your body against my cock and fuck it hard.” Then with no pretense, he whipped her down into his pants and snapped the waistband back.

Cindy just looked at him for a moment, her mouth sagging.

I said, “Yeah Cindy, you’ve created a monster.”

She snorted and then finished cleaning the cum off herself, swallowing as she went along. Soon as she was done, she asked, “Umm … where’s Maria?”

I pointed to my shorts. “I told her to go slowly, so I’m just enjoying her work while I work with Andrew here. In the meantime, Andrew is telling me he’s ready for you to go into a trance with the others.”

Her head tilted. “Did he WANT to put me in a trance? I mean … I’m not … against it.” She looked up at Andrew. “I figured it would be better if I could talk to you, I didn’t know how you’d handle all of this if I couldn’t talk to you along the way. But I suppose … you’ve figured things out now.” She glanced at me and then back to Andrew. “I guess it’s up to you. Do you WANT me in a trance like the others?”

He was horny as hell, I could tell. Cindy’s plan clearly worked. I just needed to make sure he didn’t get carried away again. He said, “Absolutely yes. I’ve already made the decision. Cindy, you’re going in a trance. You already agreed.”

She sighed. “Alright.” She looked to me. “Do you remember what to do? How I showed you?”

“I do. Let me bring you in the other room just for a moment, so we don’t mess up anything with the others.” I set Kim down on the table. “Oh, and Andrew, don’t forget Keisha and Becky, do you want them to continue? They’re waiting on your next command.”

He grunted. “Oh yeah. Keisha and Becky, continue making love to each other.”

Cindy’s mouth about dropped – again. I picked her up and got up off the couch. I could feel Maria shifting positions in my pants. I said, “Cindy, caress yourself while I get ready to hypnotize you.”

She snorted. By the time I set her down on the kitchen table, she already had a hand massaging her breast. She asked, “What do you think you two are going to do when every one of us is in a trance?”

“Well, hard to say, given we’ve now unleashed the horny monster hiding within. He may have some crazier ideas to try once he knows you won’t be watching him.” I added, “I was worried this would be a bad idea and … I was right. I’ll do my best to keep Andrew from getting too out of hand and hope he wears himself out soon.”

“Just watch out for all of us, okay? I’m afraid … well, he could tell me to do anything, and I won’t have any control over my own body anymore. He may not know when to stop.”

“Okay. I will. You know I have to try to control myself too. A couple times I caught myself getting into it … the power trip and all … instead of focusing on keeping him in line. I need to be careful.”

She let out a breath she was holding. “Okay. I trust you. And yes I realize I’m going to owe you … BIG time … for even letting me talk you into all this. Go ahead and hypnotize me.”

So I followed the steps she’d shown me, and in about five minutes she was in a trance and I had the trigger phrases embedded in her head. I decided to test it to be sure she wasn’t faking, since I’d never hypnotized anyone before. I grabbed a paper napkin. “Cindy, step on the napkin and pee standing up.” Sure enough, she peed on the napkin, the liquid running down her leg. I used the edge of the napkin to blot her dry, and then picked her up and returned to the front room.

“How’s it going?” I asked when I returned, with Cindy in my hand.

“Is she … in the trance?” He looked at her in my hand.

“She is.”

“So I can tell her anything and she’ll do it?”

“If it’s physically possible, yes.”

“How about that cum thing you had … that one do?” He pointed to Kim.

“If Kim could do it then I think Cindy may be capable of it.”


“So how is … Melanie? Is she … umm … performing satisfactorily?”

He laughed. “You’re uncomfortable because I’ve got your woman in my pants. Well, I felt a lot of … I guess they were licks … she was busy cleaning my cock. She’s working on my balls now. I can feel her head down in there, almost touching my ass. Yeah, I’m enjoying it. She … oh, she’s moving again. I guess she finally licked it all up. She’s … yeah, that feels good. She’s climbing up and … squeezing her scrawny self against my cock. And … yeah, your wench is getting ready to ride my cock now.”

I said flatly, “You did TELL her to.”

“I did. And I’ll have time for more. This rate she’ll be done pretty soon.” He groaned a couple times.

I sighed. “Well then think about who you want next. Or if you’re ready to wrap up after this.” I noticed he was completely ignoring Keisha and Becky, who were still following his last orders. “Keisha, Becky, stop.” I felt like if I hadn’t said that, they could be blindly going on for hours. I still had Cindy in my one hand and I was lazily rubbing my thumb across her chest.

A few moments later, he let out a few more groans and gripped the table and then let out a breath. He breathed heavily for a few moments and then muttered, “I’ll admit, she’s pretty good. Down there.” He chuckled, and then reached in his pants and whipped her out and flopped her onto the table. I winced as she rolled before stopping on her back. She was a little red and breathing heavily, probably from the effort and the tight space down there. Before she could even finish catching her breath, he said, “Melanie, eat my cum off yourself.” He snickered.

I said, “You should leave her alone after this, the poor girl is exhausted. Besides, you’ve got a whole harem here.”

He grunted. He seems to do that a lot. “This is the most sex I’ve had since … never mind. No reason to stop now.”

“So what are your plans?”

He looked at the two girls – Keisha and his daughter Becky. He was contemplating. “You know, she’s … I know some people frown on doing it with family. Though if they’re all in a trance, I can do whatever the hell I want and none of them would ever know.”

It was obvious what he was … contemplating. “True. Is that what you’re planning to do?”


“Well here’s a thought. You’ve had those two making out for a half an hour already. How about … you could have them finish that, but … down there. Just a thought.”

“Huh. I like that. And then I can give them more instructions once they’re … down there.”

“I don’t see why not. As long as they can hear you.”

“Okay. Here goes.” He plucked them up and began lowering both of them into his pants. He was a big guy so I suppose he had more room down there. I sure was NOT going to look. Eew, gross. But anyway, he lowered them down, and said, “Keisha and Becky, fuck each other until you both cum, and then make love to my cock and balls.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. “I suppose that’ll do it. Mind if I borrow Cindy?”

He grunted. “Well … after all I put your woman through, I guess I can’t deny you that. Fine. But first I want to see her … cum.”

“Alright. Test subject number two, then.” I tilted Cindy back in my hand and lifted her legs up so everything down there was exposed. “Cindy, hold your legs in this position. Now cum without touching yourself.” Then I added, “Cum hard without touching yourself.” I held her up and we both watched. She did squirm a little bit in my hand, but that was about it. We waited and waited. It took a couple of minutes this time, but then she trembled faintly in my hand and we saw a trickle of white cum rolling down her cunt. I put my finger there to catch it.

Andrew said, “That was pretty good. Can you make her do it again?”

“You want to see her cum AGAIN?” I snorted. “Fine. We’re going to wear her out, but let’s see if she can do it. ONCE more. Cindy, cum again without touching yourself.” As we watched, I remarked, “She’s clearly in a deep trance, she could never do this if she were awake. Yes, I’m amazed the control we have over them like this, but we have to be CAREFUL. We could tell them to stop breathing and they’d hold their breath until they passed out. But Andrew, SERIOUSLY, I mean it, don’t try that. All the sex games are one thing, but we don’t want to hurt them. So have your fun without hurting them.” It took a little longer this time, but sure enough, she trembled in my hand and a little stream of cum came from her vaginal lips, dribbling onto my wrist.

I slipped my little finger inside of her. She was so slippery I could slide in past the second knuckle with almost no effort. As soon as I did it – it was almost force of habit and I wasn’t thinking for a moment – I realized I shouldn’t have done that in front of Andrew.

Andrew just gaped. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

I shrugged. He’d seen it already, not like I could take it back. “I do it occasionally when they ASK. To their perspective, this little finger is like the biggest cock they’ve ever had in their lives. But … you should NOT try this. Seriously. Your fingers are too thick – you’d probably tear something, really injure them trying to jam that finger inside. And it’s not like we can rush them to the hospital if something happens.”

He grunted in acknowledgment as he glanced at his own fingers. “That’s disappointing.”

I slid my finger out of Cindy and then lowered her to my pants, pulling the waistband back. “Cindy and Maria, make love to each other. Once Maria has cum, then slowly make love to MY cock and balls.” I placed Cindy next to Maria and let go, slowly closing the waistband as I saw them about to kiss.

He snorted. “Copycat.”

“So how are … Keisha and Becky doing … down there?”

“Oh, I’m enjoying them more than I thought I would. They must still be working on each other, but I can feel a lot of squirming and shifting around. It makes for some interesting sensations. Just DON’T say a word about it to any of them, especially Cindy or Becky.”

I shrugged. “Well, Cindy right now is the only one of them who even knows you’re here – this was her idea, after all – and I put her in a trance before you told Becky to ride your cock. So I suppose neither of them will ever know unless YOU tell them.”

He nodded. “Good.”

I snorted. “I think Cindy’s mostly hoping after all this, you’ll be up for sex a lot more often. I did tell her this was an extreme way of going about it though. But in the meantime … “ I looked down and saw Melanie still finishing off the cum that was coating her body. I was starting to wonder if I should have skipped giving them dinner. “Let’s let these girls have a break, alright? We still have Erin and Kim. Poor Erin has been waiting dutifully for an hour.”

He gave me a smirk. “Third test subject?”

“If you like.” I picked up Erin and lay her back in my hand. Then like with Cindy, I lifted her legs up, to expose everything below. “Erin, hold your legs in this position.” I held her up for Andrew to have a look. “You know she was working as a … stripper. To save money for college. She has a nice body. Okay, let’s start the experiment. Erin, cum hard without touching yourself.” Like with Cindy and Kim, Erin squirmed a little bit, but didn’t otherwise move. She came faster than I thought she would, in less than a minute we saw a glimmer of wetness between her pussy lips, and seconds later it began dribbling down.

“That was fast” remarked Andrew.

“She’s pretty young and fit – maybe that has something to do with it?” I did slide my finger along her to catch the cum and then licked it off my finger.

Andrew remarked, “I have another idea. May I?” He surprised me by reaching over to pick up Kim and stretched her out across his palm. “This is … Kim, right?” I nodded. “Kim, make your nipples rock hard without touching them.”

“Huh. Interesting idea. I don’t think Cindy had any clue you were this … unrestrained.”

He chuckled.

“How are you going to tell that they’re hard? Can you see anything?”

“They’re tiny.” He snorted. “I should have brought a magnifying glass with me. I’ll have to just feel them.”

I snorted. “Well who’s stopping you?”

He laughed. “Nobody. I can do whatever I want.” He did finger her breasts with his pudgy finger. “They ARE hard. It worked.”

“Who knew? Okay. Erin, make your nipples hard without touching them. Oh, and Melanie, make your nipples hard without touching them.” I shrugged. “May as well.” I gave it just a minute and then felt Erin’s chest. “Sure enough, they’re hard.” And I reached down to feel Melanie’s chest. “Yep, hard.” Though I let my hand linger on Melanie’s chest, enjoying the feel of those stiff nipples poking out from her chest. “Any other crazy ideas you want to try?”

I stopped for a moment as I thought I felt something shudder between my legs. I pulled my waistband back in time to see Cindy climbing out from between Maria’s legs. I was feeling beyond horny myself at this point – and more than a little mischievous. I repositioned myself to give them more room down there and said, “Cindy, caress my balls.” He looked at me surprised. “They won’t remember any of it.” Then I picked up Melanie and held her in my other hand, and looked over at Andrew.

He asked, “How do I know if one of them … climaxed down there?”

“They may not make noise since they’re in a trance, but they’ll probably shake or shudder. You can feel that.”

“Ah. So I think one of them did. Who knows which.” He chuckled.

“Well, once they’re both done, you’ll know it. You told them to start working on you as soon as they finished each other, right?”

“True enough.”

I glanced at the clock. “We do need to watch our time – you’ve been at this for over an hour, I think Cindy was figuring half an hour at the most. I assume you don’t want the girls having too long of a gap in what they remember, and starting to ask questions?”

“Fine. I do need to be back in the office tomorrow. Maybe I can get them to hurry up so I have time for … who’s left that I haven’t done?”

I said, “Well … Kim there, and Erin, and then … “ I pointed down to my own pants “Maria. But are you sure you can go three more times?”

He groaned. “Doubtful.”

“Maybe we need to wrap this up soon.”

He said, “I’ll need to come back then to finish the other three.”


“You’ll just put them in a trance again. They don’t need to know I’m here. Even Cindy doesn’t need to know. Call it round two.”

I sighed. “I’m not sure … “

“It wasn’t a suggestion. Or do I need to … make it known that you’ve been messing around with these poor, helpless victims?” He grinned wickedly.

I shuddered. I didn’t think he would dare, as he’d be in hot water himself – though if I revealed his role, how would the girls feel if they found out they’d been forced to … do his bidding, under hypnosis? This could get complicated. Damn it, Cindy. I scowled. “I’m not ready to test the reversal on them yet, but it’s going to be very soon.”

He acted surprised, almost shocked. “You … figured out a way? But I thought … “ he shook his head. As if he knew something he wasn’t telling. He mumbled, almost inaudibly, “But they said it was impossible.” Then he growled under his breath, looked down … and pulled back his waistband just enough to say, “Becky, hurry and finish off my cock now. Get your ass moving.”

“What do you want Keisha to do?”

“Oh yeah.” He went back and said, “Keisha, massage my balls.”

At that point it didn’t take long and he was gripping the edge of the table again and groaning. A minute later, he was pulling them both out and plopping them unceremoniously on the table. They were both sticky. He asked, “Where can I go to clean up … “ he waved to his pants.

I pointed to the hall. “Small house. Just one bathroom.”

“Ah.” He got up and went towards the bathroom, while I contemplated the situation. I still had Cindy and Maria down there. I told them, “Maria and Cindy, take a rest.” By the time Andrew was back – he’d been gone several minutes – they were still in there, but I wasn’t comfortable climaxing with Andrew here to see it. I hoped he’d be out the door in a minute. I also suddenly realized, the bathroom was in between the two bedrooms – the smaller one I used as an office and had the shrinking machine retrieved from the underground bunker parked near the middle of the room. It would be kinda obvious. I wondered if maybe I should have kept a closer eye on him. I didn’t THINK he’d do anything nefarious, however in our previous limited encounters he’d seemed like a straight-laced businessman, and Cindy certainly seemed to have no clue about the controlling bastard that showed itself this evening. Though as Cindy would admit herself, she’d been a wide-eyed young woman wowed by a rich guy, and I suspected she didn’t speak up much early-on.

Maria and Cindy were still down in my pants as I awkwardly got up and showed Andrew to the door. As soon as he left and the door was locked, I pulled out my waistband and said, “Maria and Cindy, ride my cock please.” I figured they were already down there, I may as well get SOMETHING out of this night. And Cindy owed me one anyway. Maria perhaps too, just for saving her from being fondled by that oaf, though she’d likely never know about that. I sat down carefully and relaxed while they worked on my cock, just enjoying myself for a few quiet moments before they brought me to a climax. I rested for a minute myself, before gently slipping Maria and Cindy out of my shorts and set them on the table with the others. A part of me felt the urge to count once more, just to be absolutely sure that all seven of them were present and accounted for, that Andrew wasn’t inadvertently heading home with someone still stuffed in his shorts. Or somewhere else. Sheesh.

The whole thing did make me a little uncomfortable, though the thought of how much power I now had over all of them, was just crazy. I would try not to let it get to my head, but no guarantees. I got up and took my shorts and briefs off – they were messy anyway after all that – and grabbed a couple towels. Returning to the front room, I looked at the girls for a few moments, before starting to pick them up and carry them to the bathroom, two or three at a time, until I had all seven of them sitting in the sink.

I turned on some warm water and said, “Ladies, wash yourselves.” I watched as they each washed the sticky stuff off their bodies.

Though a large part of me knew it wasn’t a good idea, a small part of me thought that it wouldn’t hurt to hold onto this power that basically Cindy had given me. It’s not like I would ever hurt them. Would I? I sighed again. So after I dried them off – checking for bruises and luckily finding none - and after I’d tried once giving Maria the command to “Make yourself cum without touching yourself” and held her as she squirmed and then shuddered and produced a tiny trickle of cum for me, which I licked clean – I brought them all back to the bedroom and gave them instructions. “Ladies, you will go to your rooms and go to sleep. You will not remember ever being hypnotized, only that you had a nice relaxing evening, turned in early, and felt like sleeping naked tonight. When you wake up in the morning, you will snap out of the trance and remember only what I’ve told you to remember about tonight.”

I wondered if it would work – as well as how much Cindy would remember, since SHE hypnotized the other six herself. Would she still remember doing that? I supposed I would find out in the morning.

What was starting to worry me though, was Andrew. How he acted today. And how he reacted when I mentioned restoring the girls from the shrinking process.

Something just didn’t add up.

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Re: Melanie's Story (with table of contents)

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No, doesn't add up, Andrew's more of a slease than he seemed, trying that blackmail stunt is a bit low. The whole hypnosis thing was prone to disaster.
I'm looking forward to what's next now...

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Melanie's Story Part 70 - The Morning After

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The next morning, some of the girls were already awake and washing up by the time I awoke. I stumbled into the bathroom, a little hesitant because I didn’t know if they’d remember what happened last night. A wave of guilt rolled over me as I saw a couple of the girls drying off and getting dressed. Would they remember that Andrew was here last night? Would they remember what he’d DONE with them last night? And that I was there and … LET him? Even participated myself, in a limited way? Would they be furious with me? Or with Cindy? But … neither said anything when they saw me.

Just to be sure, I asked, “Sleep well last night?”

Becky smiled as she was fastening her blouse. “Yeah. I must have been exhausted, but I feel great now. When’s breakfast?”

I softly snorted. I’d hoped they wouldn’t remember – like Cindy said, they’d be mortified if they did – and they’d probably blame ME for it more than they’d blame Cindy, just because I was supposed to be protecting them – and I was the only one who could have stood up to Andrew. But somehow, Becky seemed to have no clue, that last night she actually rode her father’s cock and swallowed his seed, or that she and Keisha were making out inside her father’s shorts. Instead, I was the one with those memories flashing by as I looked at her. While she simply believed she’d had a nice restful sleep. Though maybe she did, or they all did, afterwards. I needed a moment to clear my head. “Soon as I wash up” I finally replied.

She scrunched her nose. “Okay. I can wait, but can you get us some coffee in the meantime?” She blinked at me with her puppy-dog eyes. “Pretty please?”

I smirked. “Alright. You know you’re almost impossible to say no to.”

“Almost?” she giggled in reply.


I started a pot of coffee in the kitchen. Each person I ran into seemed to have the same story, that they’d been tired and felt like turning in early, but they’d slept really well.

Even Cindy. Which about floored me. I expected she’d have remembered SOMETHING. But she had the same story as the others, feeling tired early and then getting a long restful sleep – and thinking nothing of having slept in the buff. They all seemed to chalk that up to either being so tired, or enjoying the cool late-spring air. I did have the window cracked open a couple inches, after all.

Once I was finally able to wash up and was in the kitchen starting breakfast, Cindy did come padding in after me. She looked around – making sure we were alone? - and waved for me to pick her up.

“Is there someplace we can talk? In private? Just for a minute?” She sounded a little unsure of herself.

“Sure. Umm … I guess we can go in the garage. Assuming you don’t want to talk here?” I waved my free hand, gesturing around the kitchen.

She nodded. “That would be good. It’ll only take a minute.”

So I stepped away from the stove, taking the pan off the burner. I hadn’t poured in the pancake batter yet. I opened the door to the garage, flipped on a light, and pulled the door shut after me.

“So what’s up?” I asked, as I set her down on the workbench.

“Umm … did anything happen last night?”

For a fleeting moment, alarm bells rang in my head. How much did she remember, and would she be mad? No, I reminded myself, SHE shouldn’t be. She’s the one who planned that whole evening, who asked Andrew to come over, who hypnotized the other six girls. She did that herself. I realized she was looking at me expectantly and I hadn’t answered, so I replied, “What do you mean?”

“Well … “ she shrugged. “I thought – I was SURE - I’d asked Andrew to come over. I had this all planned out, to … you know. Get him horny again. Wanting sex. Before you … fix THIS” she waved her arms to take in her current stature “… and I come home and find he’s … the same boring Andrew and I’m no longer the … young doting housewife I was before. Well, YOU know how I’ve changed. Or at least you know how I am NOW, as much as anyone I suppose.”

I nodded. “Yes. I understand.”

“But I can’t remember him ever coming over. Just feeling tired and going to bed.”

I pondered what to say. Apparently she really didn’t remember – even the parts where she wasn’t hypnotized. When I told the girls what they were to remember once they awoke out of the trance, I didn’t realize it would even affect her waking memories of last evening. Should I tell her nothing happened? No, I dismissed that because then she’d want to go through this all over again with Andrew, thinking the next time was the first. Once again I found her looking at me, a little nervous and vulnerable when I didn’t answer right away.

“Cindy, Andrew DID come over last night.”

Her eyes went wide as saucers and she gasped. “Really? What happened?” She looked panicked. “And why don’t I remember it? At all?”

I shrugged. “You started out … put all the others in a trance. You probably don’t even remember ME flipping out when you did that, and you had to talk me down off the cliff.” She grimaced. “And you talked to Andrew for a while, and … did a few things with him. THEN he said he wanted to put YOU in a trance like the others, and you agreed and asked me to go ahead and do it. So I did. And at bedtime when I told everyone that they’d only remember feeling tired and turning in early, I had no idea it would affect your waking memories too. But it did.”

“So … “ she stammered. “He did come and … we had sex?” I nodded. “And … umm … did it work? On him?”

“Let’s just say, he’s completely broken out of his shell. I actually had to hold him back, he would have gotten out of control. He was horny as hell.”

A faint smile flashed across her lips, though it didn’t quite meet her eyes. “He was? So it really did work? I … guess that was the whole purpose. I just don’t know if I like not remembering ANY of it, but … “

I smirked. “I’m not sure you really WANT to remember all that. Let’s just say your scheme brought out a sexual monster that’s been hiding in there.”

“Well … I guess that was the goal, wasn’t it. Did he … did the others … “

“Oh, yeah.”

She gulped. “I … don’t want to know that either, do I? I guess I didn’t think that through enough when I was … all wrapped up in planning this … and trying to convince you to help me with this. But it’s a little weird even thinking about all the things he could have done with … me … and with everyone else … and he had complete control over all of us. Or I guess you did too, huh? So I probably don’t WANT to know what really happened. Do I?”

I shook my head. “Probably best not. Just leave it at that. In a few days you may be able to go back to your old life, or I suppose it’ll be your new life now. You’ve changed, and now it’s pretty clear that he’s changed.”

She nodded. “I … thank you. I know you didn’t want to do this. I remember you arguing with me about how it was such a bad idea. But you went through with it anyway. As a favor to me. And you kept us safe. Everyone seems like they’re fine, nobody got hurt.” She paused. “Nobody got hurt, right?”

I sighed. “He came close at least once and I had to step in.”

“So I … owe you BIG time. Again.”

“That’s what you told me last night.” I almost felt like telling her she didn’t have to thank me, that she’d done sex acts for ME as well, even if she didn’t remember, and that she’d given me a tremendous gift, this ability to put any of the girls into a trance with just a trigger phrase. That alone was more power than I should have – that anyone should have – over them – and I knew I had to be careful that this never got out, even Andrew – especially Andrew – must never know that trigger phrase. It was too easy to abuse. Too tempting. But I held my tongue. Instead, I lifted her back up and kissed her on the top of her head and carried her back into the kitchen, where more people had come padding in to see if breakfast was ready yet.

“I’ll have it ready any minute. Do you guys want up on the table?”

Getting nods and affirmations, I set Cindy down on the table and then bent down to lift up the others, two at a time. The rest of them made it in as I was doing that, and all seven were sitting and waiting as I finished up the pancakes. Tiny pancakes, the size of a half dollar coin, cook in seconds, even on low heat, so they weren’t waiting long. I served those up along with refilling some tiny coffee cups, and finally sat down to join the girls for breakfast. For the most part, they talked about how everyone seemed to have such a good long sleep last night and everyone felt refreshed. Nobody had an inkling of what actually happened last night, except for Cindy, who occasionally glanced at me, her face a mix of curiosity, worry and newfound vulnerability, though she didn’t – wouldn’t - say anything out loud.


After breakfast, I’d let everyone down and they scurried off on their way. Except for Cindy, who asked to stay behind for just a few minutes.

“Hey, would it be … okay to talk in private again? Just for a minute?”

I nodded. “Sure. We can go back to the garage. If you want.” I wondered if she was changing her mind about not wanting to know what we did last night. Should I tell her anything? If so, how much? Though technically the whole thing was her idea, so it seemed to me that she’d probably be the least uncomfortable with knowing.

I carried her through the door to the garage, flipping on the light and closing the door behind us. I didn’t set her down though, instead holding her in my hand as I leaned against the side of the car. “So what’s on your mind?”

“I was just … curious. You said you hypnotized me too last night?”

“Yep. Well, you did the others, but after you talked to Andrew for a bit, you offered to be hypnotized too, if he wanted. And he said yes. Or technically like he said absolutely yes. So you agreed, and then I took you back to the kitchen and hypnotized you, just like the others.”

“And I assume you … gave me a trigger phrase, like I gave the others?”

“I did. Exactly like you showed me.”

She looked uncomfortable and squirmed a little in my hand at first. But then she let out a breath and said, “I guess that’s alright. Fair’s fair, right? I suppose I DO trust YOU with having it, but just PLEASE, I’m begging, don’t ever give it to anyone else.”

“Well it WAS your idea.” She looked totally panicked for a moment. “But NO, I agree totally, we can’t give ANYONE, even Andrew – especially Andrew - the trigger phrase.” She sighed in relief and smiled at me. “They’re for my use only.” I smirked and she blushed. Then I whispered the trigger phrase in her ear. She might have realized what I was doing for a fleeting moment, but her mind overrode that and she snapped into a trance. Huh. I figured it would work that way but this was the first time I’d tried it. We weren’t in a rush, I could take a few minutes, since we’d just finished breakfast and nobody was waiting on me.

I said, “Cindy, strip.” She readily complied, no facial expressions, no hesitation, just pulling her blouse and skirt off. I caught them in my other hand and set them on the workbench.

“Cindy, make your nipples hard without touching them.” I still was truly amazed that this worked. I really doubted Cindy was aware herself how absolute my control was when they were in this trance. I stroked her now-stiff nipples with the pad of my thumb.

“Cindy, cum hard when I touch you below the waist.” I just looked at her for a moment, she lay there in my hand, un-moving, no expression on her face. It was a little surreal. I debated where to touch her, wondering if this would work, though logically it should, if I was able to make her cum just by telling her to cum, then this wasn’t that different. So I stroked my finger along her leg. And sure enough, she came. It didn’t take but a few moments this time, though I wondered if that was because I gave the order before touching her, and her body had some time to prepare, or was it that her body was becoming more responsive to my commands? I suppose I would need to try again to see. So I wiped the cum off her labia with my finger, and then said, “Cindy, cum hard now without touching yourself.” I watched and sure enough, it happened sooner than yesterday. I stopped to contemplate that for a moment. While in a trance, her body was actually conditioning itself to respond to my orders.

I debated whether to do anything more – however yes, this was making ME horny. Who wouldn’t be? It was a new power trip, to be sure. But it wasn’t like any of the girls would be coming in the garage – they had zero chance of opening the door – and they were off doing their own thing anyway. So with my free hand I pulled my shorts down, and then lowered Cindy in front of my now-rigid shaft. “Cindy, wrap your arms and legs around my cock and hold on tight.” Of course she did, no surprise there. “Cindy, kiss the tip of my cock until I tell you to stop.” She was holding on tight enough that I didn’t have to hold her anymore, so I let go and watched her cling to my cock, it sagged a little from her weight as she scooted to where her face met the head, but it was still stiff enough to keep her up. When her tiny tongue slid across the tip, I groaned, but just let her continue. She swayed with it as it pulsed under her, and she kept kissing it up to the moment I came all over her.

Wishing I’d brought a towel in here, I quickly gave her new orders. “Cindy, eat as much of my cum as you can.” I had my hand ready to jump in if she started to slip, but she held tight to my cock as it slowly sagged from its former rigid state. She was hanging upside down, almost squeezing it to stay on, but continuing to lick up and swallow as much as she could. I snorted at the thought that if I’d known this would happen, I’d have given her a smaller breakfast. That and recalling that she and Melanie especially, each swallowed a huge amount of cum last night, and if we did this often – not that I had any plans for that - they’d start to wonder how they were suddenly putting on weight. I started laughing to myself at THAT thought.

I held onto Cindy so she wouldn’t fall off my now-flacid cock, while I looked for a shop towel to at least clean up what fell on the floor. Now that I was holding Cindy, she had a free hand to scoop cum off her face and out of her hair. I decided I should help her out and pulled out a Lysol® wipe to clean her off as much as I could. Then I pulled my shorts back up.

I gazed at her once more, marveling at how much control I now had, and then whispered the trigger phrase again, snapping her out of the trance.

She was a little disoriented and it took a moment for her to realize she was naked. She gasped. “Did you … “

I shrugged. “I was just trying out the trigger phrase.”

Her mouth dropped open. “I … guess it worked.” She looked at me sheepishly. “How long was … “

“Oh, just a couple minutes.”

She sighed in relief. “That’s all? Umm … did we … did I do … anything?”

I smirked. “Well, obviously, you stripped for me.”

“OH.” She half-snorted. “Well I guess that’s alright then. It’s not like it’s anything you aren’t already … intimately familiar with. Hell, you probably already know my own body almost as well as I do. Though I suppose you could have … umm … made me do other things. Right? And I wouldn’t be able to stop you?” She snorted again. “Not that I normally would even if I were awake. But you know what I mean.”

I nodded. “Yeah. It’s a little like … when I took you to bed and you took commands from me. Except that you start following my commands without any thought, and then you don’t remember what you did afterwards.” I didn’t point out how readily her body responded - to anything and everything I asked. She might panic if she knew how much control I had. Probably best she not know.

“I … figured something like that. Just please promise me you’ll never share the trigger with anyone else. I trust YOU. Hell, ALL of us trust you. With our lives even. But I don’t trust anyone else having that kind of power over me. It kinda scares me.”

“I know. And no, I promise. I won’t share it with anyone.”

She whispered, “Okay. And you already know how much I love you.” She sighed. “I did say I owed you for helping me do this. Big time. Would you consider this as payback? I guess I can live with that, you having the power to control me. But ONLY you.”

“Okay” I said softly before I handed her clothes back to her.

“You know what, it’s possible … some of the others would even consider … if they knew … they’d probably be mad at first, mostly that we didn’t ask them first. But I really think some of them would be okay with you … having that kind of power. I’m serious. Even knowing you could make them do whatever you want, they’d … be okay with it.” She paused for a moment. “Maybe not everyone, but … I’m sure some would. Everyone just loves you too much, you know?”

“I don’t know about that. Do you want to get dressed before we go back inside?”

She snorted. “I probably should. Thank you. Just … don’t be putting me in a trance ALL the time.” She flashed a brief smile. “Or using it on the others all the time either. But you can have your fun with me once in a while. That’s the LEAST I owe you. I know you won’t abuse it though. I know you’re just not that kind of guy.”

I hoped she was right. I already could tell though, the temptation would be pretty strong some days.


The rest of the morning I spent in the office, preparing for the arrival of the new laser, as well as running some tests with the purified element on the existing machine with the current laser. I’d already figured out much of the bulk of this machine – as well as the original that still sat dormant in the Level 7 lab downtown – was unnecessary, related to the scientists not having much of an engineering background – I suspected they knew physics but not engineering – and thus buying this big off-the-shelf laser. My new machine – using the new laser once it arrived – was portable.

I was thrilled when I’d learned yesterday that I’d won the auction for that laser – buying a new one would have cost a fortune, and this one at least was a recent model and didn’t appear worse for wear. Though bidding at an online liquidation auction often meant buying sight-unseen, just based on the pictures, specs and descriptions. I paid a crazy up-charge for rush shipment and was now just waiting for delivery … sometime today. I was getting antsy. I knew it was on a truck. And it wasn’t that big – even with padding, it shouldn’t be much bigger than a large shoebox.

By lunchtime I was literally just waiting on that laser. I’d resorted to refreshing the tracking number on my phone. I needed to take a break and prepare lunch for everyone.

So back in the kitchen, I fished through the cabinets to find something that would take me a little longer to cook – knowing I needed to take my mind off waiting for this damn package or I’d go nuts. I was too anxious to get the new machine assembled and start testing my working theory.

As I set out the ingredients and a skillet, Cindy came padding in. By herself. I seemed to be seeing her a LOT today – was she just feeling clingy and needed support after last night, or was there more?

I turned and asked, “What’s up?”

She looked at me for a moment and asked, “Can I watch you cook?”

“Sure” I said as I lifted her up and set her down on the little Barbie loveseat – which was back on the kitchen counter, now that I’d ordered extra chairs along with all those little beds. I looked her in the eye and said, “… but you didn’t come up here just to watch me cook, did you?” When she didn’t answer right away, I added, “You’re not feeling a little uncomfortable around the others, are you?”

She frowned. “A little. Yeah.” She took a steadying breath. “It’s just … I wasn’t expecting to, but when they didn’t remember anything, and … well, I don’t either, but … I know something happened … and I suddenly felt guilty because I was the one who got them … and you … into all this. Umm … I’m babbling, aren’t I.”

“Hey. It’s okay. Just take a deep breath. And Cindy?” She looked up at me. “What’s done is done. It’s not like we can go back and change it. But we have to move forward. If this new part ever gets here today … I’m hoping I could start testing pretty soon. Maybe even tomorrow.”

Her breath caught. “Tomorrow? You mean … the … fixing THIS?” She waved her hands as if to demonstrate her tiny stature.

I nodded. “Yep. Now I can’t go testing it on any of you right away. I have to see if it works first, and then make sure it’s safe. But we’re getting close.”

She just looked at me, not saying anything for a few moments. “I … had no idea you were that close. Wow. I … does anyone else know? Did you say anything to Andrew, does he know?”

“Andrew?” She nodded. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her he didn’t sound excited – instead he sounded almost shocked. Not the reaction I would expect from someone hoping to get his family back. Rather than put my suspicions out there, I asked, “Can I ask you a question?”

Her eyebrows shot up. She could tell I wasn’t saying something. But she said, ‘Umm … okay?”

“Okay. I was wondering. How well do you really know Andrew. I know you two haven’t been married for real long, and I’m not trying to pry, I’m just … “

She stared at me. “Out with it.”

I sighed. “Okay. I mentioned that I might be ready to do testing soon. He … didn’t react the way I would have expected.”

Her mouth drooped for just a moment before she said, “Oh.”

“I … just got the feeling there’s something going on. Granted, I don’t know him very well. But he was almost out of control … last night.”

She looked down at her feet for a few moments, gathering her thoughts. “You’re right, you know. I really don’t know him as much as I wish I did.”

Softly I replied, “How did you two … “

“Meet? I was … an assistant in a hypnotherapy clinic. You know, like where you go when you’re trying to quit smoking or lose weight or something, and you’re so desperate you go to a hypnotist who tries to … plant an idea in your head that you really don’t want to smoke, or that you aren’t hungry, and then sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Oh, yeah, you’re wondering how I learned that stuff, how to hypnotize people. I would assist with his clients and after a while you kinda figure out how it all works and … he even started teaching me the tricks of the trade, like an apprentice I guess. He was pretty up in age and I think he hoped maybe I could take over the business someday. He thought I was really good at it, he said I had a gift.” She cracked a smile for a moment before continuing. “Well, anyway, one day this suave rich guy comes in and wants to quit smoking, and he liked to … flirt with me before his sessions. And I thought he was … decent looking, not a movie star or anything, but nice, and he seemed cultured – is that a word? - and he was rich and liked to leave big tips. And then one day he asked me out for coffee. And I was kinda … wowed by the whole thing, a rich single guy picking me up in a fancy sports car just to have coffee. And then one thing led to another, it was kind of a whirlwind, and then he flew me on a private jet for a weekend in Vegas, and next thing I knew, I was at the Clark County Courthouse and we’re getting our marriage license and a few hours later … “ She finally stopped and looked up at me, as if I’d be judging her for giving in to all this, or for making such a rash decision.

She continued, “Did you know, I never even met Becky until after that weekend, when he brought me home? He sent a butler with me to help pack up my things – like I even had very much – and then here I was moving in, and then here’s this girl who’s what, barely five years younger than I am? And at first I thought he was having another fling! I didn’t even realize he HAD a daughter!” She stopped to calm herself for a moment. “At least she seemed nice enough, she didn’t like … look down on me or anything. We got along. And then … well, she was heading back to college, so after a few days I only saw her on some weekends or holidays. So she and I didn’t really get to know each other that well until … after she was … abducted. And thrown in my cage.” She had to pause again, her cheeks were turning red.

I lifted a finger and nudged her chin. “Cindy, it’s not your fault. It’s okay. Nobody’s judging. I just … wondered why Andrew was acting oddly. Or if maybe that’s how he is normally. Like I said, I don’t know him very well.”

She nodded her head. “Right.” She sighed. “To be honest, I was home alone a lot of the time, or he’d come home and pick me up and expect me to be in a nice gown and … I felt like arm candy sometimes. And other times … well, the butler was there and the driver and the chef … “

I stopped her. “He has a driver?” She nodded. “Interesting. It looked like he drove himself here last night.”

She looked a little surprised. “He rarely drives himself. He did that day he took me for coffee, but … I don’t think he lets people touch his sports car. Usually he has someone drive him around.”

“Huh. So maybe he just took the sports car out. I didn’t pay much attention to what he drove here. But … and I’m sorry if these are prying questions, I … ”

She gave me a smirk, though it didn’t reach her eyes. “It’s okay. You can ask all you want. If there’s anyone I can talk with about this stuff, it’s you.”

“Okay. I just … wondered how much you really knew him – or know him.”

She sighed. “Probably not as much as I should.” She frowned. “I’m worried you were right and I shouldn’t have done what we did last night. I was just … desperate for something to be different when I go back, you know? For him to pay attention to me, and act like he wants me, not just tell me to stand and look pretty. Maybe I just didn’t think it through.”

“Or maybe what I think, is you had good intentions, but … maybe NEITHER of us really knows the true Andrew.”


After lunch, I asked Melanie to stay for a minute. She lounged in her chair while I let the others down off the table to go about their day.

I reached out to stroke her cheek with the tip of my finger, and asked, “Hey, do you want to come in the office with me?”

Her nose scrunched. “Not the bedroom?” She cracked a grin.

“Maybe after? Or I could promise a quickie if you can’t wait. You know I can’t resist your charms.”

She snorted. “I’d like that, but I think the bedroom is occupied. And the office isn’t as … private as it used to be.”

“Okay. I need your help with something, but first, I think I can spare time for my lady. Back yard or garage?”

Her eyes narrowed. “Seriously?”

“If you want privacy. You’ll be in my hand the whole time, so it shouldn’t matter, right?”

She smirked. “You’re right. Okay.” She thought for a moment. “Can anyone see us in the backyard?”

I shrugged. “Not too well. Six foot fences on either side and woods in the back? Even if someone’s out there, it’s not close enough to see much.”

“Okay. Back yard then. And then you can tell me what you need help with.”

So outside we went, and I sat in a lawn chair on the porch, holding Melanie in my hand. Soon as I sat down she gave me a sly look before she started stripping for me. “Just hold onto those, I may need them when we go back inside.” She smirked.

I set them on the outdoor table and then gazed at her for a few moments, as she lay back in my hand and stretched her little arms and legs. I stroked my thumb along her side and up to her breast. For some reason I had an urge to mix things up, and before I could think better of it, I whispered the trigger phrase in her ear. She lay limp in my hand. I started to think better of it after I’d done it – we were out here because SHE wanted it, and here I was depriving her of her quickie, as I could fuck her hard for the next hour or two and she wouldn’t remember any of it and would be wondering why she was so sore down there. Yeah, this was too much power and too much temptation. I had to be careful.

Though now that I had her like this, I … may as well use it. Aside from that time this morning with Cindy, I hadn’t done anything without Andrew present. That thought alone made me shudder. I couldn’t trust him to not be rough with them, and if I weren’t there he would surely have hurt people. Or worse.

Taking a moment to shake away those thoughts, I lifted her up to my mouth to kiss her first, and then whispered, “Make your nipples hard without touching them” and stroked her breasts with my thumb as I felt them start to stiffen. I took a few moments to enjoy the feel of these stiff, engorged nipples at the end of her little breasts, feeling them with my thumb and against my lips and tongue. I whispered “Make yourself cum hard” and continued to stroke her chest while I watched between her legs. Sure enough, in about a minute she trembled slightly as she became wet there. I slid my finger up and down her lips for a moment to whet them before sliding it into her. I always loved the feel of her, how her warmth surrounded my invading digit, but this time she was un-moving, I didn’t need to move my finger, it was just … still. Calm. I just rested my finger inside her for a few moments, savoring how she felt. Then I asked her to stroke herself down there. And with my finger still inside, I watched her reaching her hand down and rubbing herself on both sides of my finger. To my surprise her nipples were still hard as well.

I whispered, “Melanie, I will count to three and when I do, you will awaken from the trance, and you will only remember that we’ve spent the last ten minutes having amazing sex and how good it felt. You will not remember me putting you in a trance.”

Then I slowly slid my finger out of her and counted to three. She looked up at me, flushed, and as soon as our eyes met she grinned. I kissed her on the stomach and then whispered, “Would you like your clothes back before we go in?”

She giggled. “Okay.” She accepted them but didn’t dress right away. Instead, she took her time, slowly, almost as if she wanted to stay naked. Which would have been fine with me. I toyed with her a little, putting my finger in the way so she couldn’t pull her blouse down, lifting up her skirt when she tried to fasten it, tickling her feet until she laughed out loud, but eventually I just let her finish up so we could go inside.

By the time we made it to the office she was was trying not to laugh any more – I wasn’t making it easy on her – and then I set her down gently on the desk next to her little computer. Which used an old phone for the keyboard and had the smallest display I could find, plus a small trackball. But hey, it still worked.

She asked, “So what did you need help with?” She was still smirking.

I sighed. “Well … I was hoping you could help dig through … the emails and files we pulled from Level 7, before they wiped the servers.”

Her smirk turned into a frown at that memory.

“Sorry. But … and don’t say anything to the others about this … but I’m … wondering if you can search for any communications with Andrew, or anything that looks like it might have been with Andrew.”

She tilted her head, a confused look on her face. “You want to see those two videos again, where they were threatening him? WHY?”

I just looked back at her for a moment. “I’m … not entirely sure what I’m looking for. But it’s NOT that. Seriously. Anything ELSE but that. I just … I have a gut feeling something isn’t adding up.”

“A gut feeling? That’s IT?” She looked pretty skeptical now.

I nodded. “Let me put it this way. If I told you I had everything solved and could say … zap you back to normal size this afternoon. How would you feel?”

She scrunched her nose for a moment. “Well … I may not be the best person to ask, because … well … I’m not absolutely certain if I’ll go through with it or not. I ... kinda like the way I am now. But yeah, if you ask anyone else, I’m sure they’d be excited.”

“Okay, and what if I told Sergeant Joe that I would have his niece back to normal by this afternoon?”

She smirked. “Oh you KNOW he’ll be excited.”

“So how would you expect Andrew to react if I told him I was about to restore Cindy and Becky back to normal?”

“I … “ she stopped and scrutinized me for a moment. “I’d expect him to be excited, but … what aren’t you telling me?”

“Bingo. I mentioned to him just yesterday that I was close to solving this and thought I’d be ready to test the reversal process any day. And … “

“And he wasn’t excited?” she asked, quizzically.

“More like shocked. He even muttered something about being told it was impossible, but he stopped himself before saying more in front of me. It just … I don’t know, there might not be anything there, but it just seemed like he … didn’t react the way I would expect.”

“So … you want me to go digging around and see if there’s anything TO him? Or FROM him? What if it’s just ‘about’ him?”

“Anything. Clearly he’s had communications with them beyond their sending him videos, and if they were in person or by phone only then we may be out of luck, but if there’s anything in there … like I said, I just have a hunch.”

“Just a hunch” she repeated flatly. “Okay. Let me see what I can find.”

“Thank you babe.” I bent down and kissed her on the top of the head. She leaned back and flashed a smile at me, though it didn’t last long. I could tell she was starting to think through what I said about Andrew. Maybe it really wasn’t anything, it was just … an ODD reaction. Or maybe there WAS something there.

If there was, I’d like to know. ASAP.


While she worked, I was thrilled to see the new laser arrive. I almost ran to the door, and as soon as it was signed for, I hurried back to the office to unpack and inspect it. The next hour I spent on just that – inspecting the laser, testing it to ensure it was undamaged and confirming the specifications I’d been given were accurate.

I suspected I could probably have this hooked up to the new machine in about a couple hours, given I had everything else ‘done’ while I was waiting for its arrival. So I set to work on the final connections and programming the software to interface properly with it. I was excited at this point, in knowing I was that much closer to testing, to hopefully confirming my theorem and achieving something that nobody had ever done before – restoring a shrunken object to its original size. Though more importantly, I was on the verge of possibly restoring the girls to normal size.

I was so engrossed in my work on the new machine, that Melanie had trouble getting my attention, finally resorting to hurling an eraser – which she wielded with pinpoint accuracy, as it pinged off my neck while I knelt down over the apparatus in the middle of the office floor.

As I paused and looked up, I saw her standing there, hands on her hips. She looked like she’d been trying for a while to get my attention, but gave me a sheepish look as she saw me turning to look at her. When she saw me smirking instead of scowling, she flashed an innocent grin, though I could see some concern in her eyes.

Had she found something?

“You should come take a look at this.”

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