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“What’s that?” He asked, pointing curiously at the orange vile of thick liquid.

A tall, athletic woman glanced back at him, intensely staring into his eyes. Her raven black hair billowed down just past her shoulders, and she stood with near perfect stillness, with her chiseled abs, muscular thighs and thick, defined arms slightly tensed. She was dressed in olive green cotton underwear that firmly hugged her curves. A lamp behind her seemed to create a faint halo around her silhouette and light from several candles caused shadows to flicker on the walls.

“Just a little something my friend promised would give me what I want, little man.”

“Little? 6’2” is hardly little. And besides, you’re what? At least 2 inches shorter than me?”

“One and a half, at least for now.”

“One and a half? You’re taller than most people.. most men, and you’re still bickering over every fraction of an inch?” She just stood there, smiling seductively back at him. “And for now? Sorry dear, but people don’t grow when they’re in their mid twenties.”

Her lips drew tightly outward in a wide smile, and she gently bit at the inside of her lower lip. “Of course they don’t…”

“Come on Erica, what are you up to?”

“You’ll find out when I want you to,” smiling even more broadly, exposing her pearly white teeth.

“K, as much as I like the one on one time, you asked me to come over here promising the night of my life, but all you’ve been doing is stalking back and forth around the room for the last twenty minutes like a jungle cat.”

“So I did.. What’s wrong? Don’t you like being stalked?”

“I guess I would like it more if the cat would pounce.”

“Is that so?” Erica’s smile broadened into a full Cheshire grin. “Well let me tell you something little man: be careful what you wish for..” With that she raised the vile to her lips and downed the entire concoction. Once done, she licked her lips slowly with the tip of her tongue, her dark brown eyes transfixed on her partner. He stared dumbly back in silence, his mouth partially agape, unsure what to make of her actions. Slowly she walked forward, swinging her hips dramatically, pausing with each step.

It was clear that the liquid was some kind of aphrodisiac, and it was already having and effect. Her skin was flush, and her breathing took on a new intensity. She was fixated on him, her eyes not wavering even for a fraction of a second. Slowly, exaggeratingly, a clock ticked in the background, and the air conditioner slowly hummed, gently wafting a light breeze that flicked strands of her hair back and forth in front of her eyes. Her thighs were so tensed now that it almost seemed as though she was squatting a rack of weights several times her own body weight, and she breasts began to take the appearance that they had swollen out half again their normal size. What had originally appeared to be a faint silhouette of nipples in the fabric of her sports bra had now extended more than a quarter inch out, nearly as wide has his thumb. She leaned ever so slightly forward, tipping her head forward slowly, gently and almost imperceptibly, never breaking the lock of her gaze on him.

He stood there, occasionally slightly opening his mouth as if to speak, but then closing it. Once or twice he turned his head, attempting to break eye contact, but seemingly unable to. Finally, they stood about a body length apart, her perfectly still, him with uncertainty. Finally he seemed to have worked up the courage to speak once more.

“Uhh…” He swallowed tensely and with grace and swiftness she leaped the remaining distance between them, more quickly than he had time to react. She grabbed his wrists as their bodies met, his bare chest against her sports bra and he stumbled back, clumsily bumping over a coffee table. He wavered drunkenly while she pressed intently back against his wrists.

It wasn’t until he finally slammed to a stop against the wall with a heavy “THUD” that he was able to gather strength enough to pushed his right arm forward again, grabbing her left wrist in kind. Throughout all of this her eyes remained fixed on his, though his face swung back and forth in a panic to assess his precarious situation. Having at least gained some form of equilibrium he contorted his face forward with frustration and belched out “What the h…” as she leaned in closing her eyes and locking her open lips over his.

With some level of appeasement he breathed out and returned in kind until his eyes jutted open again as she forced her tongue inside of mouth.
Not to be outdone, he redoubled his efforts with this remaining arm, stutteringly pushing hers back until he was able to strain his hand into the small of her back and pull her hips tightly against his strained boxers.

“Nice move there kitten, but you aren’t that strong,” he breathed, not fully breaking their kiss.

Her mouth spread widely into a toothy grin and she whispered back “we’ll see, little man…” With that, she slid one of her long legs up his thigh, hooking her heel behind his knee. Her hips pivoted in to him, grinding against his as her free arm reached around and grabbed his ass with enough force to make him gasp. In his moment of surprise, she forced her tongue back down his throat and jerked her heal against his knee pulling his leg forward.

Though straining, his back slid slightly down the wall until with a quivering leg he was able to stop his decent, but continued to visibly strain against her advance. Her eyes opened slightly and breathily she chuckled softly.

With unforeseen resolve he pulled her hips even more tightly against his showing he would not relent any time soon. Following this all of her muscles seemed to contract at once and her tongue seemed to retreat only very slightly from the back of his throat.

In surprise her eyes popped open momentarily before she laughed to herself and redoubled her assault. In a surprising move, she twisted her hips shifting her weight, partially rotating him off the wall and on to his weakened leg. With a grunt he slid downward again, but stubbornly stopped his decent once again, with both of his legs now quivering under his awkward position. “Uh uh.” He mumbled.

With satisfaction she grinned once more and pressed into him, when once again, all her muscles seemed to contract at once and her tongue seemed to recede just slightly more from his throat. She redoubled her efforts once more, and again managed to force him to slide a few inches down the wall, but again, through sheer determination he stopped himself and held steady, and again a sudden spasm of all her muscles and once again her aggressive kiss penetrated less. Slowly he pulled back his bent leg and pushed himself a couple inches up the wall while she pulled back against him with all her might and then, she spasmed once more.

Not wanting to give up her advantage, she moaned deeply and pulled back on his right arm, which swung forward unexpectedly, finally tipping the balance as he toppled to the ground with her on top of him.

Lying there, smiling as she reveled in her victory, he pulled her left arm back and braced himself on the floor with his left arm. Slowly, he pushed back against her, managing to sit up a few inches, and again, all her muscles seemed to spasm. She pulled again against his right arm, but somehow her grip slipped leaving him to grab her wrist, pulling her down toward him. Another spasm. Little by little, he strained, sitting up another few inches, and another spasm. He managed to, in one move, swing his left arm around the small of her back and roll her over so now she lay prone on her back, and another spasm. With her free arm, she swung it up towards his crotch, but he caught it in the nick of time with a look of surprise on his face. His hand locked in hers, he pushed with remarkable strain as her arm slowly dropped back, and another spasm. Inside their mouths their tongues swirled together, each fighting for control there in their own right as well. While she put up a surprising amount of fight, he slowly pressed her arm back in fits until it rest behind her head, and along the way, three more short spasms.

They stayed in this position for several moments, while she twisted her body underneath his fervently, threatening to dislodge him from atop her. Finally, he released her hand and once again grabbed her in the small of her back while slowly working his way to a kneeling position with her riding his lap. He had to let go of her other arm to wrap both arms now around her back, nearly holding her in a bear hug as she pushed and pulled to escape, nearly breaking his hold several times. Then he squeezed in as tightly as he could and moved into a crouching position.. another spasm. He pushed her back up against the wall as she convulsed once more, and slowly pushed her up until he stood straight looking her directly in the eyes embraced with their hips pressed against his and she was able to reach the floor standing on her toes and the balls of her feet.

In and unexpected turn she slid her hand into his boxers and right into is butt crack with a deep penetrating grasp and he jumped back releasing her.
“You cant help but use every dirty trick you can think of, can you?”
Wordlessly, she pounced once again just as before, and caught him off guard completely once more. Obviously pleased with herself he once again stumbled back until he stammered them both to a halt and drew her in to a warm embrace, and once again her muscles all seemed to contract at once and her tongue seemed to recede only slightly. With this, she let go and drew back, a slightly confused look on her face and he released her. She stood there for a few seconds pondering looking blankly straight ahead at his lips, then finally redirected her gaze the few short inches up to meet his eyes.
“Why is this getting harder?” she quietly asked herself aloud.

He, up to this point was transfixed slightly lower, admiring the mounds on her chest, examining in detail the subtle ripples in the fabric of her sports bra and the two coin sized protrusions that jutted forward. With her words, he snapped back to the moment, paused, and then smiled wryly stating, “You’re getting tired? Just because you lift weights seven days a week doesn’t mean you are a match for me kitten.”

Her eyes narrowed and returned the smile in kind. “You go ahead and revel. We’ll see who is the kitten when this tigress is spanking you over her knee, little man.”

This caught him off guard and while he gathered his wits in an attempt to return the verbal volley she lunged at him again, though this time, he expected it better, only stumbling back a couple short steps before wrapping his hands around her wrists and jerked them above her head. She gasped in surprise, and attempted to push her body forward against his as her body gave another spasm. He had already braced himself leaving her thrusting forward against what to her was a wall that barely shifted under her assault. Again she gasped, unprepared for the futility of her action, and once more her body seemed to spasm. He pushed back on her wrists, throwing her off balance and took one step forward. Once more, all her muscles seemed to contract all at once.

“You sure you’re not tired? You seem to have a lot less fight in you all of a sudden..” He took another deliberate step forward, pushing her back, eliciting a small grunt of frustration from her. Another spasm.

She squirmed and fought against his grip, finding more leeway than expected causing him to take pause and reset his grip just before she managed to slip her hands free. Another step forward, and another spasm. She looked up several inches locking his gaze in her eyes, sternly, her eyes quivering only slightly and pushed back against him with a heavy grunt and all her might but he continued to drive her backward, one step and one spasm at a time until now she was the one whose back was pinned against the wall.

She stood there for a moment, continuing to stare into his eyes, and he hers until she bent her knees, dug her heels in forcing him to drop her arms low enough that she could rest her palms on his bare chest and shoved up on him pushing him slightly off balance. He fell a half step back then reasserted himself pushing her back against the wall once more, crouching slightly and pinning her arms to her sides. And another spasm. And another.
And another.

“God, you’re really getting off on this, aren’t you?” he asked, and in return she flipped her legs up wrapping them around his waist. She pushed her back hard against the wall, forcing him to lean in, once more surprised, and leaned her head up to again insert her tongue into his mouth. While their tongues wrestled she fought to push her right arm towards his side. Seeming to understand her intentions, he let it go using it to brace himself against the wall while she wrapped her arm around his back, pulling herself more tightly against his body. He pressed his pelvis into hers, pushing her up against the wall to illicit another spasm and she pushed her left arm down. He released that wrist when he realized his grip was beginning to slip once again, wrapping his arm around her waist and slowly, purposefully began to rub her body up and down his.

Another spasm.

She reached down, underneath her leg and caressed around until she finally found his balls, which she began to massage through his boxers. He groaned with satisfaction causing her to smile widely and then squeezed hard forcing him to let go completely and jump back while she fell unceremoniously to the floor.

“Good lord kitten, you can keep trying, but it should be obvious you’re not going to win by now..”

“Oh little man, just you wait,” she countered as she stood and looked up into his eyes with renewed confidence, until.. She looked him over looking forward at his upper chest and shoulders, which seemed unnaturally large all of a sudden. “Whoa..” She gasped, and another spasm. She looked on for a moment processing the sudden slight movement she registered, and then, another spasm. She shook herself from her trance and looked up into his eyes again and realization finally hit her. “You’re.. bigger… But.. how???”

He looked back down at her, not understanding, until the fog of confusion lifted from his face. “Am I?” He asked impishly.

She quizzically tipped her head slightly before she noticed a thick, strong finger move forward and gently hook the underside of her sports bra and pull it forward before releasing it. Bu rather than snapping back to form on her skin, it just drooped and swung for a brief second. She examined herself. Her underwear and her sports bra still fit, sort of, but they were loose and lumpy. One of the straps of her bra hung askew on the end of her shoulder The only tightness on the bra at all were her achingly engorged nipples which pressed the fabric forward to a gentle point, while the entire article of clothing seemed to almost want to droop off leaving her breasts exposed. A gust of cool air passed by (from the air conditioner) through her clothing, causing goosebumps to rise on her arms and neck. Further down, her panties hung on her hips, but no longer clung, and damp fabric drooped slightly from her crotch.

“Oh no, no, non, no, no, no, no!”

“What?” He asked, with obvious concern. “What is going on?”

“No!! This isn’t what was supposed to happen!”

“Come on, how WHAT was supposed to happen?”

“It was supposed to make me bigger.. stronger.. I was supposed to be an Amazon..”

“What was supposed to make you bigger?” A thoughtful pause.. “The vial? That stuff you drank? Oh my God, like you weren’t big enough to begin with! You’re already taller than almost everyone.. than most men!” He looked her over, reassessing.. “Well, you were, anyway.”

“Watch it little man!”

He stifled his laugh as best as he could. “K, so what exactly is that stuff?”

“My friend gave it to me. She promised it would turn me into whatever I desired to be most. But this isn’t right! I wanted to be more, not less!! I wanted to be able to pick you up and have you any way I liked..”

“So what, you wanted to.. be a dom?” He asked, chuckling.

She blushed. “Don’t laugh, you know how often it is that I can even find a man that is even as tall as I am?”

“Was?” He smiled.

“STOP BEING SUCH A LITTLE DICK!!” And another spasm. Apparently now she was seeing the changes as the occurred. “SHIT! Why is this happening?!?!?!”

He scanned her in puzzlement until his eyes lit up in surprise and acknowledgement. “Because this is what you want, Kitten..” He glared back in rage, but he didn’t flinch. Instead, he took a solid, deliberate step forward, causing her to stumble back slightly. Another spasm. Their eyes locked together, both stuck to each other, shaking as they came to terms with what she had revealed about herself.

“Yes, that’s it, isn’t it? You’ve always been the strong one, haven’t you?” He stepped forward and she spasmed again, his grin widening as he watched her body recede into itself very, very slightly. “Oh yes, you have always been the one in charge, you decide which men are worth you time, and which ones are just toys to toss aside.. I know, because I have seen you do it at the gym almost every day.. Almost like you are stalking prey, searching for the most vulnerable creature you can find.” Again he purposefully stepped forward, and her back, and another spasm.

“No… I…”

“Yes.. But deep down, that isn’t what you want, is it? Deep down you want to be held, surrounded by the huge arms of your lover, don’t you?” She shook her head vociferously, trying to deny as she spasmed twice more. “OH yes.. You want powerful lips that can’t be pushed away.. You want to feel a man’s heart beat against yours with enough force that it drowns yours out in your ears..” She spasmed again, now beginning to breath heavily as her pupils dilated.

“I don’t want..”

“Oh, but yes, you do. You want it so badly.. You crave it, you desire it, you need it so bad you are about to burst, aren’t you? Another spasm. Then another. He stepped forward continuing to stare intently into her, as though trying to decipher her every thought, the wheels of his mind spinning relentlessly. “Yes, that’s it, isn’t it? And what’s more, you like it, don’t you” Another spasm. “You like how it fills you up inside with you craving ever more, and more..”

She snapped from her haze. “NO! This is so typical, isn’t it? All men think about is how you are going to bedazzle women with some disgustingly huge cock!”

They stood Staring at each other in silence until he smirked back at her. “I believe you.”

“You do?” She quizzed.

“Oh yes. You’re right, women, don’t generally want huge cocks, that’s a guy thing. Guys want to feel like they are big and powerful, they are the ones who crave to be told that they are so big, so they focus on their dicks. But women? They are largely ambivalent to the idea.. I mean, I’m not stupid. I know that size matters. A lady doesn’t want something the size of her pinky either, but she does want something that fits her..”

“But that isn’t what I said..” She leaned her head back, bracing for what was to come next. “No, you aren’t dreaming of a giant cock as big as your leg.. Like I said, that’s is a guy thing.. And this isn’t about guys, this is about you.. It’s all about you…” She gulped, and another spasm.
“This is about you wanting to be surrounded by a wall of masculine force, drowning in his scent, isn’t it?” She stood there silently craning up at his gaze, and another spasm. “In fact, I will prove it..”

She swallowed deeply, trembling slightly as he raised his arm next to her head slowly and leaned it against the wall, and then, purposefully stood up straight, rolling his shoulders back almost as though he was extending even further above her and his chest expanding thicker, wider in front of her dropping line of sight. And then another spasm. And again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Her breathing deepened and quickened as she swallowed once again and he continued to speak. “You don’t want to be a big jungle cat, no.. You want to be a kitten..” She spasmed. “You want to be held, and petted. To be caressed.” She spasmed again. He reached forward with his right hand, curling his fingers inward and softly caressed her cheek with the backs of his fingers. With a weak sigh she leaned into his touch, but he pulled his hand back so as to maintain contact as delicately as possible. “You want me to swell all around you, pressing you against me,” and again, her being contracted ever so slightly. You want to be embraced, and you want to feel safe in my growing arms..” Again, another spasm. “And you know what, kitten?”

She trembled, swallowing deeply, craning up into his glowing blue eyes as shadows danced on the ceiling above her. “What?” She finally asked.

He leaned in slowly, down, down past her cheek until she could feel him breathing softly on her ear. Time crept by for what seemed to be hours before he finally whispered so softly she wasn’t even totally sure he had actually spoken, or if she had made it up in her own mind, “You will be...”
With that, she let out a small moan, squeezing her thighs together as she spasmed, then again, and again, and again, and again, and again. “Yes…” She finally squeaked back.

In front of her the hulking man stood straight, quietly examining her. Then, without a word he bent over wrapping one arm under her knees and the other around her petite torso. He lifted her slowly, and leaned her head against his chest, holding her in his arms while she trembled slightly. She breathed in deeply, looking over his broad shoulders, gently running a finger over his massive chest. She leaned up, kissing him gently a longingly on his neck, then buried her face in his shoulder and whispered “Take me to the bedroom.”

He looked down at her, into those dark brown eyes, which quivered under a watery glaze. He stood there, coldly, calculatingly staring into her before eventually turning and walking quietly toward the bedroom. And another spasm as the strap on her left shoulder slid down her arm.

He walked into the bedroom with her clutching his chest, and gently lifted her out away from him, slowly tilting her up to a partially standing position allowing her feet to come to a rest on the bed. He looked at her, leaning against his arms taking notice her sagging panties, which had now dropped enough that he could see a thin strip of her finely trimmed pubic hair extending above them into view. She looked down, seeing what he was looking at, and instinctively grabbed them, pulling them up as she blushed deeply and felt another spasm. He raised his hand toward hear face and curled his fingers inward, brushing her cheek like a soft summer breeze.

Slowly he lowered her down to the bed, laying her softly on her back while she reached up, grasping the waste band of his boxers with her elfin hand and pulling them sideways in an attempt to guide his bulky body over hers as she spread her legs apart. He continued to stare intently into her eyes, and then in an apparent decision to please her he kneeled over her, a hand pressed down deeply into the mattress aside each of her shoulders. Another spasm.

She reached inside his boxers and slid her hands until she found the end of his rod, which elicited her eyes widening in mild shock, and then a coy smile from her lips. He took one of his hands and slipped her top of her bra exposing a pert, round breast with an erect pink nipple the size of his pinky. She closed her eyes and cooed while he very gently squeezed her flesh and then tenderly circled her nipple with his ring finger. She gripped the end of his manhood and rubbed it forcefully inside his boxers while he moved his hand soothingly down her body until his palm rest inside her thighs. He rubbed her thighs, up and down, his hand circling the majority of its width until he finally slid it up and inside her panties which now hung over her hips in a puddle. Slowly, purposefully and lightly he caressed the inside of her thigh and the outside of her labia, which was received with a gasp from her as she gripped the comforter with her free hand. Finally, after a soft moan, she spasmed three more times before opening her eyes to once more bask in his unwavering gaze.

In a sudden motion she reached up grabbing his boxers and sliding them down his hips exposing him for the first time. Her eyes widened at the site of what apparently was more than she had expected and she reached up with both hands, gripping his rod tightly, while pushing her hips into the air and gently biting the inside of her lower lip. She spasmed again.

“Okay big boy, now fuck me..”

Gradually he lowered himself towards her until their genitals were mere millimeters apart and craned his neck down. He took his colossal hand, and slipped each of his fingers into her hair, around the back of her head and delicately massaged her scalp as he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her with an open mouth. They lingered like this until she breathed out in relief and held for one moment longer before finally lowering her head away from him. She looked up, panting, with expectant dark eyes and he spoke.

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Re: Please..

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Ooh yay I loved this story!

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Re: Please..

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:o Loved? Past tense?
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Re: Please..

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;) Well I still love it!

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Re: Please..

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Oh good, was worried there... :D
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Re: Please..

Post by Atlas » Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:18 am

Great story!

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Re: Please..

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Atlas wrote:
Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:18 am
Great story!
Thanks Atlas! I'll work on getting the second and third chapters up.
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Re: Please..

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Very nice story.
The fighting scene at the beginning is a little bit too long but then it gets better.
The ending is quite mean. ;)

Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:40 pm

Captain Ash wrote:
Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:51 pm
Very nice story.
The fighting scene at the beginning is a little bit too long but then it gets better.
The ending is quite mean. ;)

Thanks for sharing.
Ash, thank you for the feedback, it means a lot to me. I've had a mind to go back and clean this chapter up for some time, but haven't had the chance, so I will keep your thoughts in mind if and when I do get back around to this.
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Re: Please..

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NO?? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN NO???? When a woman tells you you can fuck her, you don’t tell her NO!!!!”

He stared back silently, motionless above her. “Aren’t you going to say something???”



His eyes narrowed, and he breathed out slowly. “You know, this really isn’t working for my mood.” She looked back in shock, unable to believe the fact that she had just been turned down as he began to push himself upright and away from her.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no!” She squealed as she scrambled forward, trying to pull him back down. Was this really happening? Did a man just turn down sex??

“Where the fuck are you going??”

He looked down at her nearly enraged face. “Kitten.. I don’t really appreciate your language.”

“Don’t talk to me like I am a fucking child!!!”

“I shouldn’t have to.”

Her mouth hung agape. “You… What.. Just….” He continued to stare coldly back at her. “I’m…. Sorry.” She whimpered back quietly.

“Excuse me?”

“I said I’m SORRY!” She squeaked.

“Apology accepted,” and he continued to move off the bed to stand.

“Wait!! Where are you going?”


“But I said I was sorry! Come back!!”


“Because.. Don’t you want me??” He stared back, an almost stern look on his face. “Why don’t you want me? Is it because I am a freak now? I want this SO bad, DON’T GO!” Again, he sighed, very slowly. “What is it? Am I ugly?”

He reached down, grabbing her arm and slipping his hand behind her back, lifting her up onto his lap and pulled her into his embrace. She looked up at him with pleading eyes for an eternity until, “I think you are beautiful.” She spasmed in his arms and she gasped slightly. “I think I have wanted you for two years, and I think that you lying there is the most sexy thing I have ever seen in my life. I think you are absolutely stunning.” She spasmed twice more.

“Then why won’t you screw me?” He sat there quietly, with no reply.

“Thank you for the wonderful evening, kitten,” and he gently laid her on her back again. He began to move away, and a small hand reached up, gently touching his arm. Surprised, he stopped cold, and looked back at her.

“Please..” She spasmed. He remained fixed on her eyes. “Don’t go, please.” She spasmed again. “I will do anything you want. Please.” Again she spasmed.

He thoughtfully looked down on her. “Anything?”

“Anything. Please..” Yet another spasm

“Alright. Show me how much you want me. Stand up.”

She looked up quizzically, but then rolled over off the bed, dropping unexpectedly, almost losing her balance. She regained her composure, pulling her hair back into place, and adjusted her saggy panties and bra to compose herself while he sat up on the edge of the bed, looking up just a little bit at her. They sat in silence until he finally spoke again. “Touch yourself.”

A look of wide shock spread across her face “What?”

“Not what. You said you would do anything. Touch yourself. Make me believe it.”

Her jaw dropped, looking down at him with incredulity. “Go on.” She lowered her hands between her legs, slowly rubbing her loose panties over he hips, smiling awkwardly. “Put them inside.” She Jerked a stunned look at him, contorted her face, then finally slid a hand inside her drooping panties and began to rub herself, returning back to her awkward smile while she tried to hold her loose panties up with her free hand.

“You can’t be serious. Don’t you know how to masturbate?”

Anger overwhelmed her. “Of course I do you pervert!”

“Prove it then. Seriously, this is getting boring. Make me believe it.” She blushed, then trembled.

“Fine!” She took a deep breath, shaking, and furled her brow. She closed her eyes, took another deep breath, then opened them again and focused on his broad chest and thick arms. The disheveled look on her face began to fade as she began to slowly rub herself between her legs, her little fingers gently pulling against then releasing the loose fabric. He remained fixed on her eyes, which she could feel constantly on her. Self consciously, she occasionally looked him in his eyes, but quickly reverted her gaze back to his muscular chest and arms.

Slowly and methodically, she rubbed herself back and forth until she let out a small moan and then her body contracted slightly in front of him. “Look at me,” he commanded. She obeyed, looking into his eyes, instinctively rubbing herself a little faster.

“Mmmmm,” her voice betrayed, causing her to blush, and another spasm.

“Rub your breast with your other hand.” Her brow twitched at the command, but again, she obeyed, slipping her other hand inside her sagging sports bra and she began to mead her mostly exposed flesh underneath.

“Unnnh..” Another spasm.

He watched her work her petite body as she became more and more comfortable in the moment, her smile becoming more genuine. She began to move her hips back and forth slowly eliciting another spasm. Then another, and another. Little by little, the fabric that draped her body sagged more and more. Another spasm, then another, and another, and her panties drooped enough that a think strip of pubic hair was revealed in between her strokes. Another spasm, and another. She let out a gasp and the strap on her shoulder slipped gently off and down her arm.


She bit her lip and began to rub more vigorously, all the while staring ahead into his stone like eyes. Another spasm, and another. “Uhhh..”

Without a command, she rubbed herself even faster, stopping for a moment to rub her clitoris in circles, and another spasm. She continued to drop, a fraction of an inch at a time, and breathing heavily now until her panties slipped from their tenuous position on her hips, down her legs to her feat.

She paused, uncertain how to react. “Don’t stop, kitten.”

She obliged, now vigorously squeezing her breast, occasionally stopping to rub her engorged nipple between her finger and thumb, while they stared into each other’s eyes. Another spasm. Her small chest heaved up and down.


“Yeeeesss? Uuuh..”

“Do you want to stop?”

“N-n-n-noo.” Another spasm.

“Are you sure?”

“I.. I…”

“Look at me, kitten.”

She looked up and up into his eyes. Another spasm. The sports bra now hung lopsided over her torso, showing exposed breasts and a flush, rose colored skin. Another spasm.

“Will you.. m-m-make l-love to mmmmeee?” The intensity in his stare grew, he leaned forward a bit. “P-p-p-pleeeeasseee? Before there isn't enough left of me...” Another spasm.

He leaned forward, grabbing her tiny tush, and almost covering it with his hand and wrapping an arm behind her shoulders. She gasped as he lifted her up into his embrace, releasing her hand from her soaking pussy and letting go of her breast. Her top slipped completely off her shoulder and dropping, hooked at her elbows. He pulled her head past his and breathed into her ear.

“As you wish.”
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Sat May 09, 2020 9:30 pm

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her tightly against his chest. She rested her head on his shoulder and felt another spasm. She hung there in his embrace, her feet pointing down, the balls of her feet gently brushing the floor. She sighed softly then began to gingerly kiss him on his neck. Slowly, he began to stand up, and she continued pecking him on his neck as her feet left the floor until he stood there with her feet dangling in the air and her body pressed against his chest tenderly. Down below, she could feel his hard cock brush against the inside of her leg. She squeezed her thighs together and began slowly rub it with he legs while she began undulating her hips into his stomach.

Without loosening his hold, he slowly lowered her down his body. She stopped kissing, and held her hands against his chest as she felt his stiff rod slide up between her thighs. Down she went, little by little, her face pressed against his muscular chest She let out little gasps in anticipation as his rod, still sticking directly out in front of him, inched up and up until finally it made contact with the folds of her pussy.

She clenched her fists on his skin and moaned meekly and another spasm. The contraction of her body while riding atop his cock caused labia to spread slightly, causing contact with the inner fold of her womanhood for the first time.

"Uuunnnhhh," and another spasm. Once again, her lower lips spread open slightly more as he body contracted over his. Another spasm, and again the pressure of her body diminishing over his shaft pulled her pussy open just a bit more.

He stood there looking down at her small form pressed against his body. She clutched to him tightly, breathing rhythmically and audibly. Her feet dangled in the air as his manhood extended between her legs and pointed out behind her almost like a short tail.

She opened her legs slightly, then hooked her feet together at her ankles, her pussy lips now fully spread out in an attempt to wrap around his cock. Another spasm as it pulled her lips slightly further apart.

Slowly she began to slide her hips back and forth inching herself along his rigid shaft. He lowered her just a fraction of and inch down, pressing more of her body weight on his cock, eliciting another gasp and another spasm.
Her hips began to pick up speed as she began to breath heavily into his chest. He started to help her along, squeezing the small of her back each time she lurched forward. Her body began to shake and tremble in his hands. Her stomach tensed and she began to moan rhythmically as she rubbed herself up and down his shaft. A small hand reached around his side in an attempt to hold him in return, but her size made it more like trying to wrap her arms around an old oak tree.

"N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n," she cried into his chest. Her elfin body nearly convulsed in his arms, which held her steady like stone pillars. She turned her head straight up with watery glazed eyes pleaded with him.

"P-please baby," a spasm, "I-I n-n-neeed to feel y-you in-nside me." A slight sheen of sweat had appeared on her face and chest. Her hips swung back and forth around his rod, she arched her back and her mouth opened wide.

"UUUUUUNNNNNNNNHHHHHH! P-pleeeeeaaaaaasse!" Once more her body contracted slightly in his grip. She leaned her face forward into his bare chest again, still grinding her wet lips over his cock.

Gently, he bent his knees and lessened his hold over her, slowly lowering her off him and onto the floor. He stood, high above her as she looked demurely back at him with demure, pleading eyes. Her entire chest and face were a bright red, and covered in a thin sheath of sweat. Her hair dark hair hung over her shoulders, disheveled and her sports bra hung precariously around her waist, with the straps hooked in her elbows. She lowered her arms, putting one foot forward and crossing it in front of the other. The bra slid down her hips, over her thighs, past her knees and dropped to a puddle around her feet. She stood below him, completely naked and extended her arms outward slowly. He knelt, facing her, crossing one arm behind her knees and the other behind her back in opposing directions. Wordlessly, he drew her in his arms and silently stood. The faintest crunching sound was all that could be heard as her feet left the carpet once again.

She looked up into his eyes, breathing almost forcefully as he turned and gradually lowered her down onto the bed feet first, down onto her butt, lowering her back down, sliding his huge hand unhurriedly up her back, over her shoulders, onto her neck until he held her diminutive head in his hand and softly laid that too onto the bed as well.

They continued to stare into each other’s eyes as he gradually climbed onto the bed and kneeled over her, a massive hand pressed deep into the mattress on each side of her head.

She looked up, bathed in his immense shadow as her bantam chest rose and fell deliberately. Her left breast expanded just slimly and quivered slightly in rhythm with her pounding heartbeat. She slid her legs apart showing her soaked sex and opening her vaginal folds revealing the loose skin of her hood that had been pushed up by a diminished but obviously achingly swollen clitoris.

He stared down into her soft, quivering dark eyes and she turned her gaze downward to his manhood. She lifted her hand to its head and tenderly wrapped her fingers around it, managing to pass just the tip of her thumb past the end of her middle finger. She deliberately slid her hand down the shaft until her pinky and ring finger rested on his balls and her eyes opened slightly as the examined how the head extended through her hand, past her wrist and onto her arm.

Her trembling could be heard through her breath as he lowered his forearm down so as to rest his weight on it and moved his hand, fingers curled inward and brushed them tenderly to her cheek. Her eyes scanned up his stomach, past his chest, beyond his thick, broad shoulders and neck up into his eyes, which softened at the renewed contact.

His lips spread soothingly into a soft smile. She closed her eyes and leaned in to his hand just before her opened it, sliding his fingers into her hair and behind her head, gently massaging her scalp.

He leaned as far in as he could, barely making contact with his open lips to hers and kissed her leisurely. They both slowly exhaled together before he broke contact and lowered his hand to the back of her thin neck, which he cradled with his fingers draped down over her shoulder.
Her eyes quivered looking into his as his face pulled away from hers and the heat of his cock approached her pussy. It loomed cautiously toward her as her hips angled upward expectantly.

He inched closer, closer, closer and closer still until the head of his penis touched her waiting pussy and she reached down, gripped it behind the head and guided it down until it covered the opening. He leaned in slightly, pressing the head firmly against her waiting sex.

He whispered low and softly from above her, "I have desired even just a taste of you for years now, but I can tell you honestly, everything you have done, everything I have seen tonight; I have never in my life yearned for anything as desperately as this, now."

Her eyes drew wide and she gasped loudly. "Uuuhhh!" A spasm.





And another.

She reached up with both her hands around his hips and pulled with all her might but he didn't budge. Another spasm and her pussy contracted slightly away from him. "Unnnnhhhh!" She grunted desperately. Deliberately, he pressed against her again, eliciting a gasp and another spasm. He pushed firmly against her, spreading her labia wide. One tiny bit after another the head of his penis was squeezed as it pressed inexorably into her.

"Mmmm" she moaned working her hips earnestly back and forth as he tediously moved on. He continued to press until the head was almost all the way in and then eased to a stop. She bucked against him, pulling against the giant wall that was her lover, but he would not move. Then, ever so slowly, he began to pull back, causing another gasp from her until his head was half way removed and again he eased to a stop.
"More," she pleaded with her eyes clenched shut. He edged forward once again, achingly pushing into her until the head was again enveloped and just a fraction of an inch farther until again he eased to a stop.

She groaned, and rubbed her hips up and down until her body trembled and he began easing back again. Gently, he eased himself back and forth until her squirming underneath him slowed, and then pushed into her another fraction of an inch slowly as she moaned and arched her back. Once more he paused and remained motionless for a moment then began to ease himself back and forth softly above her.

"unnnhh... Unnnnnhhhh..". He eased to a gentle stop and began to back away, little, by little, by little until the head of his penis was almost out again, and she opened her eyes, reaching up around his hips as squeezing her tiny fingers into his skin as hard as she could.

As soon as she gripped down, he relaxed his legs and lowered himself down into her. Down, down, further and further, inch after inch of him disappearing inside her fast enough to make the move a surprise, but slowly enough to be sure not to force it.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!" her eyes were wide open in shock. He watched her intently as she dropped her arms, clenching the covers of the bed as tightly as she could until their hips met. He stopped and held over his mistress while her chest heaved up and down in near exhaustion. Slowly she looked up at him again and placed her hands on his hips pushing gently. Gradually, every so unhurriedly, he drew back, almost all the way and edge to a stop before easing equally gradually back in, down, down into her until their hips met once more. Over and over at this soft pace while she moaned and cooed beneath him.

Above her, he let out a deep sigh, closing his eyes momentarily before again looking down to watch his little lover. For a few moments they continued like this until he began to slightly shift his hips alternatively to the left and right as he pushed inside of her, which caused a deep gasp. Still, the pace remained relaxed, all the way in for a pause, then almost all the way out again until she squeezed down harder on his hips, trying to pull him.

Gradually, he sped up his motion while her hands moved erratically. First to his chest, then to clutch the bed spread, then back to his hips, then the bedspread.. Above him again, he sighed, trembling himself slightly this time. On he continued, while she tried to grab harder in a vain attempt to guide him in and out of her faster.

Her back arched, and she moaned a loud “Ooooohh,” then reached up to attempt to grab his ass. Her body began to wiggle underneath him, her head turning from side to side when above him he sighed deeply again, this time uttering “shit” under his breath.

She looked up at his face while his eyes closed and he regained his composure again. The moment would not last forever. She grabbed his hips and wrapped her legs around his waist as he pressed deep within her in an attempt to hold him there for a moment. He took notice and looked down to her. “Please,” she breathed out, “go faster.” Another spasm, and she moaned loudly, her back arched as his staff suddenly seemed to slightly expand deeper and more thickly inside her. Her legs fell back to the bed.

He obliged her request and began pumping into her, a little at first, watching closely so as to be sure he didn’t push too hard. His breathing hastened and deepened, she began to squirm underneath him almost wildly, her moans taking an almost fevered pitch. Faster and faster he pressed into her over and over until his cock stiffened even more and swelled inside her. His arms shook violently as he dropped suddenly from his hands to resting on his forearms, and he kept pumping, in and out at a restless pace.

Finally, he exploded inside her with an audible grunt from him. Her eyes spread open again as a seemingly unnaturally large amount of his fluids surged into her. His body convulsed against her hips again and again, each time spraying inside her and she reached up trying to wrap her arms around his back, then digging her fingers into his skin as much as her tiny grip would allow. She screamed and pressed her head up against his peck as he finally slowed to a halt.
“Don’t stop, don’t stop..” He continued to breath rapidly, exasperatingly as he started pressing his spent cock in and out of her again. His arms quaked and his body convulsed as he pumped faster and faster again while her moans grew louder and louder until her limbs flew in all directions, her back arched and she screamed as she grabbed the covers around her.

As they both calmed, he pushed himself up and away from her with considerable effort, his arms stuttering and shaking as he tried to lift himself. Slowly, he rolled himself over until he lay next to her, and slid his arm across his brow to wipe the sweat away. He lay there, breathing heavily and looked to his right, where she had turned to her side facing away from him, panting, her entire body randomly twitching every once in a while.
Carefully, he slid his arm underneath her, and rolled her back to him. Her body was practically limp, aside from the occasional twitch and convulsion she made. His touch seemed to make her shiver uncontrollably. Gently, he turned her over and laid her face down across his chest. Her feet dangled down to his thighs. With labor, he managed to raise a hand and shakily lowered it to her shoulders, which he began to gently rub up and down. Her body convulsed and shivered but other than that she remained completely still, limply draped over him. His hand, covering much of her back, tenderly rubbed back and forth, stopping once in a while to delicately mead the skin around her shoulders with his fingers.
Her face lay on its side, still panting heavily. Little by little, her shivering subsided until finally he asked, “Are you okay, Kitten?”

She didn’t move, aside from her hand, which lay open against his skin. Her fingers drew inward as if to grasp his skin, then released. She grabbed gently again, and her hand fell unceremoniously back down.

“Mew..” She panted. She then turned her head down and kissed his chest gingerly twice before settling back into a completely limp state.

He looked to his left, where a small lamp sat lit on the nightstand just barely within his reach. Drunkenly his arm swung over, grabbing the chain. He pulled and the room dimmed. Only candlelight flickered across the walls. She dropped her head on his left peck and closed her eyes while he folded the bed’s covers from the empty side of the bed over the both of them.

The blanket completely submerged her head beneath it, prompting him to watchfully pull it back down to her shoulders. With his fingers, he wiped the sweat from her brow and cheek, and slid his fingers again into her hair, which was now wet, and meticulously massaged her head while continuing to mead the flesh on her back.

Her body twitched in his hands very slightly; then again, then the room grew entirely quiet.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Mon May 11, 2020 1:36 pm

Erica hung her arms over the cushioned surface and gripped the handle. Her biceps tensed and her arms bent gracefully causing the plates or weights near her feet to arc upwards. She continued to draw each weight up, smoothly, five, ten and finally fifteen times before letting her arms rest and releasing the handles.

A bulky figure with a crew cut of jet black hair and dark skin with a flavor of orange to it sauntered over.

"You know, if you lowered your arms more you'd get more out of each rep."

"Huh?" She was caught off guard, looking up at the muscular oaf as he stood grinning down at her. He wore a black t shirt that read "BEAST MODE" on it with the sleeves and sides cut out showing off extremely well defined pecks and muscle around his ribs.

"Your lifting. You aren't bringing the weight down enough. You can get much better reps if you fix that."

Her brow contorted slightly, then she smiled up at him, somewhat forced. "Oh, thanks."

"Yeah, I just finished my masters in health and fitness. I could help you out if you want."

"Thanks, but I already have a bunch of sessions with the personal trainers here."

"Hah! Yeah, I've watched them. They really don't know what they are doing."

"I dunno. I've had a lot of good results with Jayce."

"Yeah, Jayce is ok, but his form is all wrong and that core stuff just doesn't work." He leaned over, placing his hand on the bench Erica sat at and placing a very muscular, and very veiny orangish- brown tan arm next to her face.

She regripped the handle and began to lift again.

"OK, now hold it up there at the top for just a second and squeeze before you lower it."

An overweight, middle aged woman with tan, cracked skin strutted by looking gratefully at him and smiled demurely to herself.

"Yeah, keep lowering it further, further, just like that." She continued her repetitions, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and he pushed down on the handles. "You shouldn't do more than ten like that. It will ruin you swol."

He was looking down her shirt allowing her a brief moment to roll her eyes.

"Well, thank you," she offered, straining another smile. She stood up and turned,

"Yeah, no problem. I have some extra time before my bruh shows up.". She looked back in his direction and smiled down several inches to him. Taking notice the entire length of her unexpected six foot height, he smirked self assuredly.

"So, you do any shows?"


"Yeah, you'd be perfect for physique. You've got great thighs and if you just built up your shoulders you'd do awesome."

"Well, that really isn't my thing. I'm more into volleyball. Thanks for your help," she offered with a smile.

She walked to another row of machines and loaded 25 lb plates on each side. She sat in the chair and pressed the handles out in front of her repeatedly. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. She slowly lowered the handles to a rest and dropped her arms.

She looked to her left and the same man stood facing away from her in the mirror mechanically curling 50 lb dumb bells upward, his knees bent fixated on her reflection. They made eye contact through the mirror and again he smirked self assuredly.

For three more sets she continued in like fashion, as he continued to exchanged glances with her. She raised her small hand towel to her face and padded it dry. She stood and turned to remove the plates from her machine, sliding them one at a time onto the storage rack. Her head tipped to her left to be greeted by another self assured smirk through the mirror. She smiled flatly and left the area.

She left the free weights area and walked over to a machine with a wide bar, which dangled from a black chord. She moved the pin in the weight stack and then sat, squeezing the bar down behind her head. Seven, eight, nine.

"You know, you should really focus on a single muscle group each day."

Her eyes closed as she breathed out softly. She continued lifting until fifteen and gently set the weight down. She looked up to her right at him, smiling. "Well, This machine looked cute so I wanted to try it."

He grinned back. "Yeah, it's ok, but your not gonna build a whole lot if you do all your muscles in a single workout. You need to decide if it's a back day or a chest day."

She sighed. "What's a back day?" she continued to smile up at him.

"Yeah, a back day is where you focus on your back, your lats, your rhomboids. A lot of people don't do a lot with their rhomboids. But this is just a lat machine." His pecks twitched in front of her face. "This machine works your.."

A tall figure strode in purposefully behind her. A hand rested on her left shoulder startling her. Her head jerked left looking up in the face of a man with a square jaw, sandy unkempt hair and greyish-green eyes that had an almost soft stone like feel to them. He smiled genuinely down at her.

"Hey babe! I just got a text from Chad." He held an iPhone out and she glanced down at the unlit screen. "He said they can meet us at 8:30."

Her face relaxed into a full grin. She looked back up at him. "Cool, are Tim and Jenny still gonna be able to make it?"

"Dunno yet. I'll text 'em again."

An orangish-brown face scowled back at him. He extended his right hand exuberantly. "Hey man! How's it goin?"

"Good." Pensively an orangish-brown hand extended to meet it.

"Dude, you are huge! How much do you bench?"

"About 305." The orangish-brown hand withdrew from his.

"Damn. So, how long you been lifting?"

"About six years." the orangish-brown face tipped back down to look at her. "Yeah, I gotta go, but when you need help again be sure to give me a holler."

The orangish-brown man turned and walked away as she twisted and waved. "OK, thanks!". She looked back up into his stone like eyes smiling.

His grin turned impish. "I'm sorry to have bothered you ma'am. I hope you have a good workout.". With that, he turned and strolled away leisurely humming softly "Oom-PAH loom-PAH doomp-aty doo, I've got another puzzle for you..."

She watched him mosey off nonchalantly with a toothy grin on her face, then raised her arms and began lifting again.


Erica walked into the weight area, heading straight for the cable machine. As she passed by the benches she noticed the same man with the stone like eyes from the week before lying on the decline press pushing up the bar with a couple large weights on each side. She walked by and began to set up the cable machine to her liking. A few moments later she saw him sit back up and wipe his brow before adding more plates to the bar. As he loaded the bar up and took notice of her, she smiled openly at him. He smiled shyly back in return.

They both continued on with their business until she finished and on her way out she slowed smiled at him as he leaned against the bench changing the music on his iPod. He looked up in surprise and popped the ear buds out of his ears. “Hi,” she said with a smile.

“Hey. I was just wondering if you were going to come running to save me again today.”

“I hadn’t planned on it. Why, did you need saving?”

“I don’t know, did I need saving last week?”

“I’m probably not the bet person to answer that,” he replied with some discomfort.

“Well, you seemed to think you had the answer last week when you charged in to the rescue.”

“I guess… I saw him follow you to three different machines and you didn’t seem very happy about that.”

“So you didn’t think I could handle it myself?”

He looked back uneasily, then smiled, telling her, “Oh, I have no doubt you could have handled him. But, I know this guy, and he wasn’t going to take the hint. Seriously, he couldn’t be more of a tool if he had Dewalt stamped on his forehead.”

She giggled. “OK, but then I would have just not hinted.”

“Yeah, and you would have ended up making a scene. Which is cool, if that’s what you want. I think I saw him earlier, I can go talk to him and send him your way if you want,” he smirked impishly.

“And I could send that 250 lb middle aged woman in the corner who has been looking your way for the last 10 minutes.” He turned his head in the direction she indicated to see a rather large, pasty woman snap her head the other way. He blushed.

“I guess we have a stalemate.” He replied.

“Oh no, no we don’t. You lost,” she grinned back at him like a Cheshire cat.

“Very well then ma’am. If I offended you by offering my assistance last week and not asking for anything in return, I apologize.”

“Apology accepted sir. I suppose I can let it slide this time.”

“And if I saw you in a similar situation again?”

“I may allow it again..”

“Yes ma’am..”

“Good to see a man who knows his place.” He blushed again. She extended her hand cheerfully. “I’m Erica.”
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Tue May 12, 2020 2:16 pm

A thin redheaded woman stared off into the distance. She had soft white skin, light freckles around her nose and her straight hair hung half way down her back. She stood about five feet, five inches tall. “Seriously Erica, there he is again. You two talk all the time. Why don’t you just go out with him?” Erica looked over and saw him doing his thing on the leg press machines.

“Heh, he isn’t really my type, Alicia.”

“And what exactly is your type? I just don’t get it. He’s tall, he’s athletic, he’s smart, he’s sweet and he obviously likes you.”

“Well then why don’t you go out with him if he is so perfect?”

“Because he’s never asked me out. They all want the statuesque brunette with the killer legs.”

“He talks to you too, and he seems to like you. Why don’t you ask him out?”

“I can’t do that.”

“Oh come on, Alicia. That’s the only difference. You’re just not confident enough. Stop shying away every time a guy looks at you and you’ll get hit on too, and probably by just as many annoying guys as I do.”

“He is NOT annoying. Seriously, why don’t you?”

She sighed turning to her friend. “I dunno, I guess he’s too big.”

“Too big?? Seriously, you have GOT to be the only woman I know who won’t date men taller than her.”

“Alicia, there are hardly any men that ARE taller than me.”

“Well this one is, and he is smart, and sweet and cute!”

“Do you want me to hook him up with you? Seriously, he’s a guy. He’ll hump just about anything that moves, it won’t be hard.”

“I’m telling you, he has eyes for you.”

As they spoke, he finished, cleaned his weights and walked over toward them. “And just what are you two trouble makers up to now?”

“Just deciding if we really want to be here today,” Erica playfully replied back. Alicia smiled and dropped her head slightly.

“Well, if nothing else, your jaws are getting quite a workout.” Alicia giggled at his remark.

“You’ll never find out how good of a workout they’re getting.”

He chortled. “Wow. I didn’t mean it that way, but thank you for the visual, even if that is all I’m going to get.”

“So what are you here to pester us about today, Mr. Man?” Erica inquired somewhat forcefully.

“Can’t a guy just want the privilege of the company of two wonderful ladies?”

“Smooth. You use that on all the young boys?”

“Only the Catholic ones. But, if a purpose is all you are looking for, You know Jeff?”

Alicia looked up, her blue eyes sparkling. “Yeah, he’s that older guy that talks to EVERYONE and always wears the same shredded up sweatshirt.”

He smiled warmly back at Alicia. “Well, he and his girlfriend get a bunch of us together every once in a while to just hang out at happy hour. Last I heard like 15 were planning on being there. You should join us. Promise there will be other ladies there, so it won’t just be a bunch of dudes hitting on you.”

Alicia looked over to Erica, who just replied with a “Hmmm.”

“Oh come on, it’s not that bad of an idea to just come out and let your subjects know you’re keeping an eye on them, your highness.” He held his hand forward and bowed a little.

Erica sighed. “When is it?”

“Friday, six-ish at the Cloud Pavilion.”

“Well, maybe we’ll stop by.”

He turned away to head over to another weight machine. “Oh, you’ll be there,” he called back over his shoulder.

“Yeah? And why is that?

He turned around, walking backwards and held out his hands away from his body. “Because they have chocolate and caramel drizzled dulce de leche..” He retorted back, then continued on his way.

She looked over to Alicia who stared up at her with pleading eyes. “I love dulce de leche!”

“You know Alicia, you could always go by yourself.”

Alicia dangled the vile in front Erica’s face. “Do you really think it will work?”

They sat in a small cafe sitting at a small booth made of thick, distressed wood. Erica picked at a Vietnamese noodle salad. Most of the light came from windows on the wall adjacent to them, causing a bright yellow glare over much of the restaurant.

“Yeah, I just don’t know how well.”

“Have you tested it?”

“On some mice I got at the pet store, and on human cells. It’s absorbed into the cells really quickly.”

“So what will it do to you?”

“That depends from person to person. Given how your personality is, and the kind of guys you date, I’m betting it would make someone like you grow.” Alicia placed the vile back in its canister delicately.

Erica’s eyes lit up. “Grow? Like how much?”

“Well, I’m not sure about that yet. I doubt it would make me grow, the way we react to things is just too different.”

“But how strong is the stuff?”

“Again, I don’t know. Like, I’m sure it’s won’t hurt people now, but I still have no idea how much is needed in the human body.”

“What happened to the mice?”

“Well, one mouse grew by thirty five percent. I really should have kept them in separate cages though. He just bowled over the other mouse and they started fighting like crazy. I didn’t get to see the results in the other mouse. But Mongo is doing just fine.”


“Yeah, I named him Mongo after that.”

“What is a Mongo?”

“He was a character in an old movie.”

“Huh. So are you going to take it?”

“No, at least not yet.”

“Why not? Don’t you you’d think you’d like being taller?”

“I told you, I don’t think it would make me bigger.”

“Why not?”

“Well, it’s not a growth potion, per se.”

“So what would it do to you?”

“I’m not one hundred percent sure. I think I have an idea, but I don’t want to say until I can prove my hypothesis.”

“So then, you’re scared to try it?”

“I’m not scared, I just don’t want to commit to something like this until I’m sure I will be able to control the results.”

“But you said you’re sure it works.”

“Yeah, but I’m not sure how potent it is.”

“So what is the worst that can happen? What will it make you bobs bigger? I mean, would thirty five percent more boobs be really that bad? I’m not picking on your boobs, but thirty five percent more definitely wouldn’t be overwhelming for you.”

“I’m not ready to try it yet,” Alicia replied stoically. “So how’d your review go at work?”

“It was fine. I got a cost of living increase at least.”

“Still no promotion?”

“No, they told me I would need to commit to more travel for that. I’ve seen the people who do though. It’s ridiculous. They’re never around. I know one who sold her house because she isn’t there anymore. She said she couldn’t justify the expense for a house she doesn’t live in. It’s crazy. I’m not even sure I want the promotion. At least, not here at this company.”

“Ugghh, I don’t want you to leave. I just got used to having someone I can eat lunch with, and going back to eating at my desk every day?”

“Alicia, you could always find someone else to eat with.”

“Yeah, I tried that before you started working here.”

“Don’t you think that says something about the job when no one you work with is someone you can put up with for 30 minutes at a time?”

“It’s a decent job.”

“Yeah, but look at this,” Erica pointed back to the vile. “If you can make something like this, imagine what else you could do!”

“Not for money..”

“You don’t think companies would pay good money for this?”

“I know they won’t. That’s why I did it in my spare time over the last five years.”

“You’re not serious.”

“Erica, everything I make here, the company owns it. They pay me a salary and that is all I will ever get. It doesn’t pay to go outside of the scheduled workload. Even if I did make it at work, the company would own all the rights for it and I wouldn’t get anything, except my normal salary. At least until they decided to give my job to someone else.”

“So start your own company.”

“No, as soon as you pop up on the bigger companies radar they ruin you. If you’re really good, they hack your computers, steal your research, stalk you with investigators.”

“Would they destroy your stuff?”

“I don’t think so. But they would try to take it if they could. Re-engineer it to make something they can sell. Heck, if they knew about my personal projects, they might just take me to court and demand that I hand it all over to them because I made it while under their employment.”

“That could never happen.”

“Except it did.”

They sat in silence for a moment. Erica finally looked, “cheer up, I’m not going anywhere yet. Just thinking about my options.” Alicia smiled back graciously. “Hey, Alicia?”


“If you aren’t gonna try the stuff, can I?”

“You’re not serious!”

“Hells yeah I am! Coe on, you said it’s safe, right?”

“Erica.. I just don’t know..”

“Alicia, you are always playing it too cautious. Come on, let me try it. Just tell me what I need to do.” Erica grinned at her friend ear to ear.

“You’re crazy, you know that? I mean, you are already tall, and you want to be an amazon or a giantess?”

“Yeah, I think I do!”

“Well, this will definitely give you everything you want..”

“So then I can do it?”

“OK, but make sure you only take a tiny bit. We don’t know how concentrated it is, so start off as small as possible, you understand?”

“But what if it doesn’t work like that?”

“You will feel it, trust me. You don’t want to over do it.” Erica giggled as she examined the orange liquid. “I’m serious, Erica, only take a little, and not at work, wait till you get home.”

Erica’s eyes lit up and laughed louder.

“What?” Alicia asked.

“I have the perfect subject to test it out on.”

“Oh my God, you aren’t serious! You really want to use my serum to manhandle some unsuspecting guy?”

“YES!!” They both giggled uncontrollably. “Alicia, I know we were supposed to hang out tonight, but you’ll have to make other plans.”

Alicia continued to giggle. “Oh, this poor man just bit off way more than he can chew, didn’t he?”

“Yup! But I think it will be good for him! A learning experience. And who knows, if he behaves himself really well, I may just let him get something out of it too!”

Alicia chortled, almost spitting out her tea. “K, I think I know what I want to do. Will I see you at the gym tonight?”

“Sure thing!”

Alicia stood in the locker room staring at herself in the mirror. She dabbled some eyeliner on, and then put on some deep red lipstick. She examined her face in the mirror. “Aaaaahh, too much!” she growled at herself. She wiped it off, and then reapplied it carefully. She gently plucked on mascara as lightly as she could, mumbling to herself, “I can’t believe I’ve let myself become one of those stuck up bitches who whores herself up for the gym!” A rail thin middle aged woman with enormous fake boobs walked by and upon hearing Alicia snapped her head toward the mirror and snarled at her. “Really. Don’t even.” The woman stomped off in a huff.

Alicia lightly spread blush around her cheeks, practicing to her own image “Hey! You know I’m not doing anything tonight, would you like get some coffee, or something? No.. Hi! Fancy meeting you here!” She scowled at herself. “Hey, I was just wondering if you wanted to get some tea and chat after your workout. Hah! Maybe when he sees me, I won’t even HAVE to say anything!” She smiled back at herself. She fidgeted with her makeup for another fifteen minutes before finally deciding to leave.

Alicia stood up straight and strutted down the aisles of the locker room and out the entrance. She beamed with a smile, trying her very best to contain it. She rounded the corner and looked around the gym floor. On the far side she could see her target finishing up on a shoulder machine. He turned looking in her general direction, but not yet spotting her. She blushed, even from this distance, at those soft grayish-green eyes.

He turned and walked down the aisle he was in, out of sight behind several other weight machines. With purpose she strode confidently across the gym, circling around the far end to try to meet him where he was going. A couple guys looked over to her as she passed by and she smiled demurely back.

As she came to the aisle she was looking for, a tall cable machine blocked her view, but she could hear his voice behind it. She grinned and marched around the corner to find him talking to Erica. As she approached, they laughed, locked into each other’s eyes, and Alicia’s pace slowed. His voice came into range “Okay then, don’t keep me waiting.” Alicia’s smile faded and she swallowed.

“Oh, don’t you worry about that, little man.”

He turned and walked away towards Alicia, and upon spotting her smiled warmly to her. “Hi!”

She fidgeted, and then strained a smile back. “Hey.”

He slowed, a little concern on his face. “You okay Alicia?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, why?”

“Well, I think this is just the first time I’ve seen you and I thought you were faking a smile.”

“No, I’m good. It’s sweet of you to ask.”

“Just trying to be polite ma’am.” He smiled confidently down to her.

“Well sir, I thank you for you kindness then, but I have to get going, k?”

“Alright, well have a good night then.” They turned and walked away from each other as Alicia looked over towards where Erica was working out. Erica spotted her friend and smiled, showing her white pearly teeth, then winked.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Wed May 13, 2020 3:05 pm

A linen scented candle flickered in the distance. Golden orange light danced gently with dark shadows on the walls. Two figures lay side by side on the bed, one significantly larger, on his back mostly covered by a blanket with his mouth open, breathing restfully. Since they had first lain down to sleep he had stirred gathering enough strength finally to lift his body and slide the comforter out from underneath him without disturbing her restful slumber laid out across his chest.

Now, he slept, mostly covered by the blanket an arm and a leg hanging out in the open air. She had, by this point, rolled off his chest, resting her head on his arm and hugging his forearm closely. She was completely uncovered, and completely naked. The shadows waltzed quietly across her soft skin. She shivered in the cool air.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, he began to stir as the diminutive sylph trembled on his arm. His eyelids gradually lifted until he became somewhat aware of where he was. He turned his head to his right and saw her slight form shivering against his arm. A placid smile spread across his lips and he rolled a little to his right and examined her. Muscular legs were crossed together as she lay on her side, clutching his forearm for warmth. A tone round ass jutted out, pointed back to him and he could see a round, firm breast pressed under her arm as she held him. Her dark hair cascaded over his arm up towards his shoulder.

He rolled over onto his side and slid his body closer, pulling the blanket along with him and pressing her shoulders against his chest. Silently, he covered her body in the blanket and wrapped his arms affectionately around her. He shivering stopped, and she exhaled deeply in her sleep.

Her form was familiar, and yet alien to him as well. The familiar feminine curves he enjoyed so much were hitting him in the wrong places, but just the same, his smile grew warmer. His hands delicately explored her body up and down. He traced the contours of her stomach with the tips of his fingers, then up her side across her ribs, to her shoulder, and down her arm. Slowly he slid his finger back up her short arm, over her shoulder, up her neck and slid his fingers into her hair, pressing the heel of his hand into the nape of her neck as he massaged her scalp. She again exhaled deeply, leaning more of her weight back into his chest.

Carefully, he dragged his fingers down adroitly over he shoulders and onto her chest meticulously investigating the bends and curves there with the expertise of a blind man. Softly, he cupped a breast, covering it, and sensing a nipple press back against his palm. Leisurely, his fingers danced, sliding across her skin, occasionally taking the time to trace a single finger in light circles around her areolas.

With one arm, he held her more firmly, but only faintly so, while the other drew open fingers tenderly down her stomach, toward her the front of her hips, past her mound and coming to a rest at the top of her thigh. Soothingly, he lowered his palm, wrapping much of her athletic thigh in the grasp of his one hand. Mellifluously he caressed her thigh up and down, from the knee to her hips repeatedly, eventually taking the time to explore her other leg, then finally back to the original one.

She hugged the arm wrapped around her chest sighed deeply as he felt her spasm in his arms. She lowering her hand to her hips and taking his massive hand in hers, she pulled it back up to her hips as she spread them open.

Softly, he caressed her with his fingers over her labia; tickling up through her thin strand of pubic hair, then slowly back over her mound and between her legs. He stroked the inside of her thighs, then softly over the crease between her labia.

She gasped as she felt his cock stir to life again and it began pressing firmly against the inside of her thigh.

“Mmmmm,” she cooed, “Ready for work again? You’re such a good little soldier.” He pulled her securely against his chest and raised his right hand to her breast, massaging it slowly and meticulously and he continued to slide his fingers lightly back and forth between her legs, barely touching the insides of her thighs, her lower lips and the crease between her labia all at once.

She gripped his arm in her tiny hand and pulled forcefully up on it, hoping to draw a finger between her labia, but it wouldn’t budge, even a millimeter. She pulled again, and still nothing. She moaned frustratingly.

She reached up far above behind her, resting her hand on his neck. She looked far up to his face, which was covered in shadow, watching her every move, every reaction, and every thought. “Please..” She whispered breathily. Her breast receded vaguely from his grip. He smiled. “Please..” she repeated, his fingers expanded between her legs a tiny bit.

Excruciatingly slowly, his hand slid back to her sex, and gently pressed against it. She spread her legs and softly his middle finger slipped in between her labia. Sluggishly, he rubbed her back and forth until she began to gyrate her hips against his finger. He felt her body recede slightly into his arms again from another spasm.

Now he began to change the motion of his left hand, alternating, by sometimes withdrawing his middle finger all together and rubbing the side of her labia with this ring and index finger, gently sliding his middle finger up and down her slit and circling her clitoris softly with his middle finger.

Desperately, she reached down to grab his cock, but couldn’t move, as he held her in place with her shoulders against his chest. She wriggled, and moaned and rubbed her hips against his hand, and her nipples swelled and poked between his giant fingers, inspiring him to rub it by sliding his fingers back and forth as he massaged her breast. Once more, he chest spread out slightly against her back somewhat.

With every ounce of her strength she grabbed his left arm and pulled up for all she was worth. Above her, his chuckled softly, eliciting another spasm from her, but afterwards he obliged her by applying slightly more pressure to he dripping wet pussy as she moaned loudly.

Frantically, she reached down for his cock, but was still held in place unrelentingly. “Please..” she gasped, and dwindled just a tiny bit in his arms. Finally he loosened his grip enough for her to slide down his body, toss off the blanket and grip down on his rod between her moist lips.

The size caught her off guard, causing her to look down and take the sight in of what she was riding. To her amazement, his dick now, seemingly exceedingly thick pointed out a few inches in front of her. It was squeezed so tightly between her thighs it almost looked like she was looking at her own, broad penis. She spasmed again and she watched as it expanded wider between her legs and further out from her body.

“Oh my God,” she gasped. Again it seemed to jut further out in front of her slightly. She reached down with and gripped it with both hands rubbing it up at down with her entire arms. She cupped underneath the shaft with one hand, pulling it more firmly against her hips, and began petting the head with the other hand.

He took the opportunity to put his other hand to another use. He now held her with both his arms crossed over her torso, furtively and sometimes firmly massaging her breasts and rubbing her distended nipples between his massive fingers.

Her body shook and shifted in tremors as she ground herself against his staff. Her lower back tensed and she arched back into the impenetrable wall of his chest. “Please,” she spasmed yet again. She looked up at him, panting, quaking in his arms. Slowly he began to roll over to his right, but she braced herself against the bed with her arm.

Her breathing was strained with an unreal intensity. “Can it be my turn this time?” She begged with watery glazed eyes. “Please baby?” Her body shifted again as her things were pulled apart faintly despite her gripping his member as tightly as possible. He smiled, and rolled over to his back.

On top of his hips say the elfin creature, facing away from him, trying to straddle him as best as she could, but her knees came nowhere close to touching the surface of the bed. She was hunched over his cocks, rubbing it frantically up and down with both arms and her toned, athletic and muscular ass jutted out towards his face.

She slowly rotated around his staff, holding it tightly as she did so until she face him. Her hair hung wildly over her face. She took a hand and carefully brushed it away and smiled down at him, for the first time, biting her lip. She gripped his cock with both hands, hugging it against her body, looking down, inspecting it. She slid a hand up its entire length and grabbed the tip, which overfilled her entire hand. It extended up from her hips, which now straddled his balls as she gently rubbed herself back and forth, squeezing her thighs together on top of them rhythmically. From there it rose up, pressed tightly against her mound in front of her hips and up to her stomach where she hunched slightly over it, hugging it close to her.

“I have never been with anyone as big as you,” She admitted, blushing.

“Don’t you mean you’ve never been this small with anyone before?” He grinned and then sighed as she petted the head of his penis firmly with her hand.

She pulled back on his cock and pulled her hips upwards and began sliding them up and down around the base of his shaft. She leaned back then looked back up at him in surprise with how much resistance his hard cock gave to being pulled back. Undaunted, she leaned back again, pulling on it, grinding her hips as hard as she could while stroking him with both arms.

Eventually, she pulled her legs in, rising to her knees, still sliding her wet pussy against him and affectionately stroking him with both arms. Her back arched and she moaned to her self, “N-n-n-n-n-n-n” She spasmed again, his cock spreading out slightly in her arms and her body shook violently as she slid back down his cock again.

She reexamined her position briefly, then began sliding her hips up and down against him, raising herself on her knees slowly, working her way painstakingly to the top. Eventually, she kneeled upright over the head and lowered her drenched pussy to his head and began grinding vigorously against it trying with all her might to pull it inside her.

He looked up with some concern in his eyes, sitting up slightly. He reached a hand underneath her leg, grabbing it and cupping her ass in his hand. “Unnnnnnnhhhhhhh!!” She moaned out frustratingly. He lifted his hand to her face, softly touching it to her cheek. She grabbed with her whole arm leaning into his hand, sighing. Her eyes opened, she looked at him, and then she looked down. “HOW? How are you holding me up like this with only one hand?”

“Kitten,” he said tenderly. She looked up into his eyes attentively. “Patience, Kitten.”

She nodded nervously trembling against his arm. “I promise,” She panted back to him. She leaned into his touch and kissed the heel of his hand lovingly, over and over as it suddenly swelled a tiny bit in her grasp.

Slowly, she lowered her hips back to him. She look up, startled, as she realized it was a bit closer than before, but then began rubbing herself against the head of his penis and slid her hips back and forth across it. She gripped it as best as she could with one hand, and balanced herself against his arm (which still held her thigh) with the other.

Slowly, methodically she ground against it, working her womanhood more open a tiny bit at a time. She worked her whole body back and forth carefully moaning and gasping with each gyration. Finally, after an eternity of massaging the head of his penis between her thighs she seemed to have enough leverage and lowered herself onto him circumspectly. The flesh of his head was squeezed in as it began to enter her, they both gasped as she continued to arduously slide it inside her.

Her breathing hastened as the head gradually became entirely enveloped by her straining pussy. She let out a loud gasp, and fell forward, grabbing his arm, her whole body quaking. She stayed there, hunched forward and caught her breath, then painstakingly pushed herself upright again and started her decent again creeping down a millimeter at a time at a snails pace. With about two inches inside her she paused again, breathing as though she had just finished running a race. He grasped her thigh a little more tightly and gently pushed up under her as she leaned on his forearm and relaxed.

Finally, she looked up at him and smiled, sitting upright. He lessened his grip and once again, she gradually lowered down his shaft. Little by little, she eased another inch of him inside her while he sighed and she gasped repeatedly and then stopped once more to rest.

This time he gripped her thigh and pushed up on her, lifting her up and up, an inch, two inches,, she gasped and moaned, “UUUUUUuuuhhhhh,” and finally eased to a stop as she leaned on his arm, smiling and biting her lip. Painstakingly, she sat her body weight back on his hand. He lessened his grip and once more she began the slow, arduous trip downward, this time managing to compress down on her own stomach muscles, tightening her core, and relaxing over and over again, massaging his cock with her whole body forcing him to gasp, moan, then drop his head back in ecstasy.

Gently she worked herself all the way to a little more than four and a half inches into her and stopped, leaning desperately on his arm, panting. He held her up while she relaxed again and caught her breath. After a moment, she looked up and reached out for his other hand. He looked quizzically back own to her, but offered it to her. She took his huge hand in both of hers, and lowered it underneath her. She pulled his fingers apart and wrapped them around the base of his shaft then pulled on his arm showing him to follow her lead. She pressed around his fingers and hand until he grasped the base of his shaft firmly so that her hips now rested snugly on top of it.

She slid her hips back and forth slowly and gently, rubbing her clitoris against the knuckle of his thumb. In doing so she continued to tense and flex her stomach and core muscles, managing to continually massage his cock inside her. He began to gasp occasionally, trying desperately to keep from getting to the edge too soon. She undulated slightly faster, then tried to lift herself up, but couldn’t gain the right leverage.

She looked up to him, groaning. “Could you help me? Please?” She had another spasm and her head sank just a tiny bit further down, her sex tightening down on his rod just a little more. He smiled, grasping her thigh, and lifting up on her ass gently. Slowly, her petite body rose upwards and eased to a stop. She rotated her hips, moaning softly then sat back into his hand. Again, gently, he lowered her down until she rested on his cupped hand again, and once more she ground her clitoris against the knuckle of his thumb.

He felt her push her body upwards and assisted her once again as she slowly rose the length of his shaft again, this time as she rotated her hips around him her body trembled and she fell forward, gripping his arm with both hands.

She gasped heavily, moaned, closed her eyes then confided in him, “Oh my God, my legs are numb..” He smiled to himself in a prideful manner, and then turned his attention back to the task at hand.

She began to push with her arms lifting her hips slowly at first, him still assisting. He felt her whole body quiver in his hand. Little by little, she sped up, lifting herself up his dick and sliding back down it with slightly more agility. He followed her movements closely, carefully supporting her every thrust, and taking the opportunity to gently squeeze her tush in his fingers each time she dropped. She spasmed again and noticed how her legs seemed to be spread a tiny bit further apart than before. She readjusted her footing and continued to move up and down on him. She bit down hard on her lip.

Her diminutive fingers clasped around his arm and she began pushing with greater and greater force, lifting herself higher each time, a little faster each time. Slowly, she let go of his arm and sat upright again and began thrusting herself up and down in earnest.

Each bounce she let out a sharp “Uunh!” which grew louder and louder. She continued flexing her core muscles, massaging his cock within her, but the effort was now arrhythmic compared to her thrusting. She began pushing harder against his hips, quivering on top of him. “Faster! Faster!!” She pleaded with him. He squeezed her thigh and ass tighter, providing her with more lift. Her taut, firm breasts jutted out from her tiny frame and bound up and down swinging wildly as she moved into a long continuous moan as her body bounced up and down around his cock.

He gasped, then again and she looked down at him. “Can you hold on? Can we do it together this time? Please?” He opened his eyes and looked up at her, smiling. She spasmed once again and her mound became slightly more distended from the comparatively massive cock within her.

“As you wish, Kitten.”

She renewed her tempo, pumping up and down at a fevered pitch, moaning louder and louder, one long moan after another. He gasped again, and called up to her in a raspy voice, “hurry.” She hastened, rotating her hips wildly groaning with greater frequency as his cock stiffened within her.

She gritted her teeth, and her moan became stuttered, “u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-U-UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHH!!!” His hips thrust upwards, gushing into her and pushing her high into the air as her arms and body quaked, collapsing in a heap on top of him.

Her little body twitched on top of him as she aimlessly slid her legs up and down his body in a vain attempt to slide her body off of his member. They sat like this for a few moments, allowing the experience to subside both breathing heavily. Then he grabbed her butt with his huge hand and helped her slide him outside of her.

She continued to twitch, lying across his chest. He took her body and pulled it up so her head rested just beneath his shoulder. Still breathing heavily he ran his fingers through her hair, massaging her head very gently and he softly kneaded the skin around her back.

She seemed to melt into him. Her body and muscles went completely limp as he caressed her tenderly all over, her head sank down into his chest. A deep sigh released from her tiny lungs. He leaned his head up and hissed her long and sweetly on her forehead, then rested again, still continuing to massage her naked back and scalp tenderly.

She reached wider with hear arms, attempting to squeeze his massive chest closer to her, and leaned her face in to his skin, gently kissing it over and over. Slowly, she began to drift off again. Her soft kisses drew more and more infrequent, her breathing more and more relaxed.

He continued holding her carefully, walking his fingers softly up and down her bare back and quietly pulled the blanket back over her taking great care to keep it from getting too close to covering her small head. Her diminutive hands grasped gently at his skin, and she released a gentle sigh again.

Little by little she drifted off as he looked down to her, watching carefully. “Sweet dreams, Kitten,” he told her soothingly and kissed the top of her head. Then he laid his own head back and began to drift off to sleep, continuing to gently massage the salubrious sylph in his arms for as long as his exhausted mind would allow him.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Thu May 14, 2020 3:23 pm

“Are you ready for your first day of school, Erica?” A matronly voice chirped.

A young girl looked up from her book in the back seat and grinned ear to ear, showing all of her teeth, save one which hadn’t been replaced yet by an adult tooth.

“I take it that’s a yes?” The little girl nodded somewhat shyly. “So what do you think sixth grade will be like?”

“I dunno.” She continued looking at her feet with her feet with her hands tucked neatly on her lap.

“Then why so excited, sweetie?”

“I can’t wait to see all my friends again. I haven’t seen them in like forever!’

“Is that it?”


“Come on, young lady..”

“I was hoping I might get to be n the same class as Jason again.”

“Jason? The goofy little boy with the glasses?”

“Yeah,” she blushed.

“And why do you want to see Jason so much?” Erica’s mom asked mischievously.

“Well, I just remember how nice he always was to me, he was so cute, and so TALL.” She dipped her head and blushed.

“Well, honey, you may be a bit young for all that right now.” Erica sat quietly, looking at the cars go by as they drove down the road. When they finally pulled up to the school, not far from a sign that read ‘La Croix Middle School,’ Erica’s mom put the car in park and told her, “Okay, honey, I will be here to pick you up at 3:30 sharp.” Erica reached for the door handle but was stopped suddenly by her mom. “Hold on, young lady, where is my kiss goodbye?”

“MOOOM!!!” Erica scolded back.

“At least give me a hug, sweetie.” Erica looked around carefully to make sure no one was watching, then leaned forward and gave a quick hug before yanking on the door handle and leaping out of the car to run into the school at full speed.

Inside the school were kids everywhere, all shapes and sizes. Some were smaller than Erica, others bigger. She looked around at the other kids her size looking for some of her old class mates, but recognized no one. Eventually, she settled for heading to her locker. She reached it, and focused on reading and deciphering the combination in front of her as little kids scampered all around her.

After three tries, it finally opened for her and she put in her backpack. She grabbed some pencils, a notebook and her class listing and commenced walking down the hallway looking for her new classroom. She counted the room numbers on either side of the hallway as she walked. Room 203, 204, 206, 207.. She smiled as she finally saw room 209 and trotted happily in.

When she entered the room She noticed a friend from the previous year, but was taken aback. “Hi Erica!” The little girl exclaimed.

“Uh, hi Mandy, so, were in the same class?” The little girl approached her and Erica gulped realizing the little girl she knew was almost a head shorter than her, when a few months prior they were roughly the same height.

“Oh my God, Erica! You’re huge!!” Erica blushed and looked away bashfully. “Hi Jason!!” Mandy gleefully cheered. At this Erica turned to see a little boy with glasses walk in, smile weakly, then look up and up and up to Erica. His head cleared Erica’s shoulders, but not by much.

“Uh, hi..” He left and took his seat.

“That’s Jason? But he’s so.. small..” Erica commented.

“Silly, he’s not small, you’re just HUGE!” Again Erica blushed. A group of shorter boys came in, about Mandy’s height, maybe a little less and bumped into Erica intentionally.

“Watch out beanpole.” one snarled.

The bell rang and the teacher walked in. “Alright class, everyone stand up so we can put you in your assigned seats.” The few kids that were seated stood and even they were all much smaller than Erica too. The red on her skin deepened.

Erica Was seated just off to the right of the very middle of the class. Her head stuck up far above her young peers. The teacher began to introduce herself, writing on white board when something struck the back of her head. She turned around to hear some snickers around her, then looked down at her feet to find a bundled up wad of paper. She picked it up and after realizing it was wet dropped it immediately. “Ewww,” she recoiled. Two more similar objects struck the back of her head, and more snickers. She leaned forward and tried her best to sink into her seat as far as she could.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Fri May 15, 2020 2:10 pm

Morning had arrived. The wick of the scented candle that dimly lit the room the entire night had finally burned down underneath a thick pool of melted wax and slowly flickered out hours ago. The Wax had finally cooled and hardened again. The room remained dimly lit, due to long, dark drapes that hung over the window, blowing most everything of the world outside. Still though, a small crack between the drapes allowed a tiny sliver of sunlight through, which lit the far wall.

Erica was the first one to stir. Gently, she eased from warm, soft, quiet dreams and after about a half hour or so began to open her eyes to the site her lover’s massive pectoral muscles directly in front of her face. His arms were wrapped gently around her, and only the tip of her head poked out from underneath the covers. One of his huge hands rested underneath her back, the other covering her butt. He lay lopsided, mostly on his side, utterly still, cradling her tenderly like a precious treasure he was afraid to release from his dreams.

She looked up at his huge face, marveling at its colossal size. She reached up slowly, tentatively to touch it, as though she herself was just in her own dream. Her fingers crept upward and finally made the faintest of contact. His skin dented inward vaguely at her touch.

Not a dream.

The giant remained still, quietly breathing in and out restfully. She softly ran her fingers over his cheek, careful to remain only barely in contact with this skin, and then traced her index finger over his nose. Everything about him was gigantic.

She stared up towards his eyes, which were closed and then placed the palm of her hand soothingly against his cheek. His head moved slightly, his breathing interrupted and she withdrew her hand a few inches. He settled back into his restful state while she stared up at him patiently with wide, fascinated eyes.

When she was finally satisfied the sleeping colossus would not continue to stir, she withdrew her arm, pulling it in to her bare chest. She tipped her head downward, staring at enormous, muscular shoulders. The air was cool on her face, but underneath the oversized covers, and within his vast arms she was comfortably warm. She sighed softly and relaxed deep within his embrace, her naked body completely surrounded.

His skin was warm against her cheek as she bathed in his masculine scent. A gentle mixture of body wash, the dried exertion from the evening before and his own unmistakable but intangible aroma filled her senses. She pressed her hands against his chest, and leaned her body into his, closing her eyes. She rested like this, in silence until she noticed a small bump under her hand. She looked up to the left pectoral muscle and focused under the dim light. Something was breaking the sooth contour of his skin, thin, or relatively so, but longer than her hand was wide.

She inspected it closely. A scar. It was slightly discolored compared to the rest of his skin, but only slightly. To her it seemed to be approximately six inches long, perhaps a bit longer. She traced around it gently with her index finger, then ran her fingers over it purposefully, but cautiously. She placed her hand over it, carefully examining how she couldn’t fully cover it. She then began looking quietly around the rest of his body that was visible to her.
Up on top of his shoulder she saw it, just past his collarbone. Another scar. This was one was more or less round, but with jagged edges, and about twice the size of the end of her thumb. She raised her hand to it and inspected it with her fingers as well.

She carefully looked over both for several minutes before finally deciding she had learned all she could about them and then softly placed her hands against his chest again and leaned in, resting her body and face against his skin. She breathed quietly with her eyes closed, and then began gently kissing the skin of his chest over and over again from one spot to another.

In time she began to grow sleepy again and drifted off to sleep in his arms for a short time until she was awakened once more this time to the sensation of the walls around her shifting subtly. She looked up, fascinated as the giant’s face gradually eased in to consciousness. His breathing became a little less rhythmic, and occasionally his facial muscles would twitch until after long last his eyes began to open. At first they looked around, and she lay utterly still watching spellbound by the fact that he didn’t seem to be aware of where he was, or more interestingly, her. Finally, he looked down into her eyes and smiled in recognition to her tiny face.

“Good morning, Kitten.”

She smiled back demurely then laid her head back down on his chest, closing her eyes again and relaxing in the moment. After several minutes he stirred again and she looked up dismayed as one of those walls that held her with such care was reaching up and away from her. She looked over and saw it grab her alarm clock and lift it. 7:18 AM it read in thick, green digital numbers. He placed the clock back down and cradled his arm around her once more while looking down to her.

“Kitten, I have to get going. I need to get to work.”

She looked up at him, stunned. “On a Saturday?”

“It’s a part time job for a friend of mine. He opens at ten, but I need to go back t my place to shave and stuff before I head over there.” Her eyes grew sad and her heart skipped a beat. She swallowed heavily.

“I was hoping you could stay, at least until I grow back…”

“I wish I could, but I need to go. You have my number, you can call if you need anything, and I will come back right away, I promise.”

Her heart beat faster, and harder as she grasped at his skin which laid out before her like a vast barrier. “Lucas.. Please stay,” she squeaked as all her muscles seemed to contract at once in a short spasm. Her eyes flew wide open. Did she just have another spasm? She looked around her. Was he bigger than a moment ago?

He looked down on her thoughtfully, and massaged her scalp with his fingers. Gently, he rubbed the tops of her shoulders and the back of her neck with his fingers and she sighed, relaxing back into his embrace.

“OK Kitten. I will call in, in a little while.”

She smiled up at him gleefully, and then pulled herself tightly into him again. By this point, she was slightly restless and started to move within his grasp, surprised at how difficult it was for her to budge his massive limbs. He looked back down and smiled. “I take it you’re ready to get up?” She nodded up at him with wide eyes. “Kitten, I’m still tired, would you mind if I slept in a while longer?”

She smiled and reached a small hand up to his cheek. Then she lifted her head and crawled the distance she needed to put her lips to his and kiss him. He released her from his hold and quietly, the her nude figure emerged into the cool air from underneath the blanket. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked down between her knees and feet at the surprisingly large distance between her and the carpet below.

She fidgeted, then finally rolled over to her stomach, lowering her legs and hips over the edge of the bed, sliding little by little over until her grip on the sheets slipped and she slid off the bed clumsily and landed feet first on the floor completely off balance. She staggered backwards, regaining her balance and eventually succeeded.

She looked around the dimly lit room, not seeing much in the distance. She could see just over the corner of the bed to the door, which was opened to the next room where she could see sunlight trickling in. Her nipples stiffened in the cool air. She walked quietly around the bed and up towards the giant gateway, marveling at it up and down its vast height.

She walked slowly into the living room and stopped cold. The living room, her living room was gigantic, cavernous. In front of her stood the unfamiliar sight of her couch and loveseat positioned perpendicular to each other. The backs stood noticeably taller her. In front of both of them sat her coffee table that now looked more like an eccentric and large dining room table.

She looked to her left to see her dining room table, which now stood disturbingly nearly as tall she did. The television looked more akin to a movie screen, many of the plants around her home that rested on pedestals were now out of reach.

“Oh my God,” she gasped. She stood in awe, then looked down at her naked form. Embarrassed, she put a hand in front of her, covering her hips and the other arm in front of her breasts, covering them. She looked around, seeing nothing but a pile of his clothes.

The evening before, she had teasingly unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside carelessly, grinning at the power she had held over him, and that she son would hold over him. His pants and socks lay in a puddle not far off. She walked back into her bedroom, around a dresser that towered far above her, which was drowned in shadow. She walked to the closet door, which hung slightly open. “Thank you,” She whispered to herself. She opened it with little trouble, but after doing so, stepped in to find not a closet, but a dark grotto. High above her, shadows of clothing made for monsters could be barely made out in the darkness. Worse yet, all of it was desperately out of reach.

She found a few pieces of cotton blouses, and tugged at them in futile. The enormous white plastic hangers above had them locked out of her grasp. Dejectedly she turned around and hiked back into the living room. His shirt seemed like her best option.

She walked over to it and picked it up. The fabric was smooth, but seemingly thick. She let it and down in front of her. She entire article of clothing stood taller than she did! She held it up above her head and the sleeves dangled far down to her feet, resting limply on the floor.

She took the shirt in her arms and unbuttoned the sleeves. Methodically, she began rolling the sleeves up until they hung less than half their original length. She then fumbled through the fabric to find the other sleeve and repeated the process. Finally she slid her arms into each sleeve and draped the garment over her. She sighed realizing that as loosely as it hung on her, it literally hid nothing of her. In fact, the shirt’s fabric was stiff enough, it practically stood on it’s own. Starting from the top, she began to button the shirt together, moving one button at a time until she reach to the one nearest her hips and stopped there.

Even with the sleeves rolled up, they still reached down half way past her elbows. Again she sighed, dropping her shoulders. The collar of the shirt slid off her right shoulder, but otherwise stayed in place. Well, mostly.

She stood for a moment, examining her work, then walked around the wall into, past the gigantic table, into the kitchen. The counters stood over her head slightly. She furled her brow and then walked back to the dining room table and wrapped her diminutive digits around the back of a chair and dragged it slowly, laboriously into the kitchen. She pulled hard and carefully dragged it up against the stove. She then turned around and walked to a lower cupboard on the other side of her kitchen. She opened the door and found a frying pan, that now looked to her like a gigantic skillet.

She grabbed at it with her right hand and “Ummppff, Jesus,” she grumbled to herself. Reaching in with both hands, she lifted it up and carried it deliberately to the chair. She set the pan on the seat of she chair, and then began the process of climbing up herself. She stood, then bent over to grab the pan, and lifted it up with two hands, finally setting it on the stove burner.

She looked in front over her at the enormous dials on the front of the stove. She smiled, and wiped her sleeve across her brow. “Okay, I got this,” She reassured herself. She climbed down slowly and stepped to the side, grabbing the refrigerator door and pulled hard, but the door did not budge. “Goddamnit!” She grumbled to herself. She reached up with both hands and pulled, straining against the door. Slowly, the seal peeled back and eventually swung open slowly.

She wiped her sleeve against her brow again. She stepped inside the behemoth appliance and looked around. She reached in with both hands and grabbed a carton of eggs that she found on a shelf at face level. Behind her she found the butter, reaching up, standing on her tiptoes to grab.

She turned around, and found a loaf of bread, which she pulled out and set on the floor with the butter and eggs. She took each and set them one at a time on her chair, and climbed back up once more. She then bent over and set each item on the counter next to the stove. Turning around, she hopped off the chair, staggering for her balance briefly, then she trotted over to the fridge again. She repeated the ritual grabbing strawberry jam, peanut butter, then stopping to consider what else she needed. She looked down at the vegetable crisper and smiled. She bent down (DOWN!) and opened the drawer, pulling out tomatoes the size of a cantaloupe out and an onion.

Again she climbed on top of the chair, this time climbing further up until she stood on the counter top. She turned and opened a cupboard door, and pulled out a class bowl with two hands. She set sat on the counter beside all of her ingredients and leaned forward, pulling a drawer open and grabbing a comically sized fork.

She cracked several eggs, pouring their insides into the bowl and lowered the fork in to beat them, pausing at how difficult it was to stir the gooey substance. After much deliberation, she tipped the fork up, poking the yolks with the pointed ends of the fork and watched the yolk ooze out into the whites. She pulled the bowl between her legs, grabbed the fork with her whole hand and began beating the eggs forcefully. After several minutes she slowed to a stop, and examined her work. She smiled, setting the bowl and the fork down in front of her and unconsciously massaged her forearm.

She continued on in like fashion, dicing the tomatoes and onions. Once complete, she climbed down to the chair, and stood on it, facing the stove. She leaned far over, grabbing the butter, the diced tomatoes and onions, the eggs and dragged them over closer to her. Erica scooped a couple dollops of butter and flung them into the frying pan, then turned the dial on the stove all the way to the right.

*click*click*click*click*click* A blue light flicker from underneath the pan and the room was filed with the sound of the lit gas heating the frying pan. Erica reached over and one at a time dumped her ingredients in to the pan. She took a spatula, which she had pulled from the back of the counter earlier and began mixing the ingredients together in the pan methodically.

Several minutes later, the eggs had mixed to solid mass of red and yellow and she turned off the stove. Steam continued to rise from the pan. She climbed up on top of the counter again and pulled a few pieces of bread out, dropping it into the toast, then turned around and jumped off the counter onto the chair, and hopped again down to the ground.

Erica grabbed the chair and dragged it to the other side of the kitchen, against the other counter. She climbed up again onto the counter and walked across, opening a cupboard and taking out two plates and two glasses in her arms. She gently laid them on the counter, then climbed down to the chair, and lowered her dishes carefully to the seat of the chair. She repeated, and took her dishes into her arms to prance over to the table. She reached up and slid them on. As she gave her last push a glass rolled over the side of the plate and dropped towards the floor. In a panic, Erica stepped forward grabbing at the pitcher sized glass, fumbling it over and over again until she managed to desperately bring it to a stop against her breast.

She breathed a sigh of relief, the reached up and placed the glass on the edge of the table. She then ran over to the fridge, which was still cracked open slightly, reached up and grabbed a bottle of apple juice. Again she turned and pranced back to the table, straining to lift the entire bottle high up over her head and place it on the table. Then over to the chair at the head of the table and she ambled up onto the table, crawling over to grab the plates and glasses and drag them over to their respective places at the table.

Back down again and over to the stove, up her chair and grabbed the pan, one hand on the handle, the other hand under the pan using a potholder. She lifted it up, and lowered herself to the seat, then scooted forward to drop off down to her feet. She pranced over to the table and slid the pan up just in time to hear the toaster pop, eliciting a jump and a squeak from Erica. She ran back over the her chair, climbing up, onto the chair, to the counter and across to the toaster, then crawled back, down, and down and ran over to the table, placing the toast on each plate with a hop. She looked up at the microwave to see a clock that read 8:27.

She then ran over, dragging her chair back to the table, straining and grunting until it finally sat next to, but askew from the table. She stopped, wiping her brow with her sleeve a couple times, then ran into the bedroom. She ran around the bed with her feet tapping softly across the carpet, then gripped the sheets. She clung bitterly, pulling and straining, eventually earning enough ground to swung herself up onto the bed and sat for a short moment, panting and wiping her brow once more with her sleeve.

Up ahead of her he laid, blissfully asleep. She crawled over to him and then on top of him and gingerly kissed his lips, over and over until he eased awake. He smiled up at her.

“Hey,” she whispered.

“Hi,” he whispered back.

“I made some breakfast,” she whispered playfully down to him.

“You did?” His smile spread into a big toothy grin. “Well, that’s good, cuz I’m starved. He sat up, holding her slight frame close to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed tightly. When he was sitting upright, she let go and he gently released her to crawl quickly to the side of the bed, then she hopped down to the floor as he watched her run out of the room with his shirt dangling loosely against her body.

Looking around, he found his boxers, slipped them on and followed her out to the dining room. She stood there looking back, smiling and curtseyed to him. “Breakfast is served,” She proudly announced. He grinned back at her and looked the table, taking notice of the toast. He looked around reached out to a light switch on the wall effortlessly that rested high above her head. The lights flashed on and he walked back by the stove, grabbing the peanut butter and jam.

Her smile destabilized. “Oops, forgot those.”

“No problem, Kitten,” He grinned back warmly to her. He placed them on the table and sat in the eschewed chair, scooting it up to the side. She smiled up at him again and climbed into her chair, at the head of the table and sat. She looked up, and her smile disappeared. She could see above the table, but only barely. It’s massive service sat above her useful reach like this. She looked down, dejected.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m too fucking short to even eat at my own table.”

He grimaced, and breathed out heavily. Wordlessly, he stood and walked into the next room while she sat and pouted over her situation. After a moment, he walked back in with a couch cushion and a couple pillows under his arms. She looked up questioningly as he wrapped an arm around her and effortlessly lifted her up, and slid the cushion onto her chair and placed the pillows to the best of his ability down for her. He then gently bent over and set her back into the chair, which she could now sit relatively comfortably in while using the table.

She picked up a comically large fork and examined it while he looked down, assessing her. “Jesus, how much do I even weigh? You lifted me like I was just a toy.” He turned and walked back into the kitchen, searching through the drawers and finally coming back with a small salad fork. He took her fork and placed the new one tenderly in her hand. He smiled down at her, but she didn’t look up. He sat back down quietly and looked over to her. Then he used his fork to start scooping the eggs into her plate and slid the rest into his own.

“It’s ok Kitten, you just..”

“My name is Erica.”


“I have a name. It’s Erica.”


“My name is Erica.”

He sighed deeply, then placed his massive hand over hers as she continued to stare into empty space. “Erica.” He looked at her and waited. Eventually She looked up to him. “Erica, you made all this food, and it is getting cold. Let’s not waste it.” She took her salad fork in hand and picked at her food while her spread some peanut butter and jam on her piece of toast.

“I can do that myself,” She protested quietly.

“I know you can, Erica,” as he continued to prepare her toast.

“I can do that myself,” She protested again.

“I know Erica, I just wanted to help.”

“I don’t need your help.” He set her toast on her plate quietly.

“No, you don’t.” Erica looked up at his unexpected answer. “Look at you, you’re half as tall as you were yesterday, and you made all of this without any issues..”

She scowled back at him. “I forgot the peanut butter. I couldn’t turn on the light. I can’t even use the table.”

“You’re using it now.”

She sat stunned for a moment. “Yeah, because you stole my couch cushions.”

“You would have figured something out quickly.”

“It took me over an hour just to make all this, and look at you, you’re almost done.”

“Because it tastes really good.” She looked back it him with skepticism. “Erica, talk to me.”

“This.. All of this was such a huge mistake. I mean, look at me!”

“I can’t stop looking at you, you’re stunning.”

“I’m being serious, quit hitting on me.”

“I’m not hitting on you. Erica, look at me.” She looked up into his eyes. “I don’t regret last night.”

“Yeah, well, you’re not a fuckin’ midget.”

He set his fork down and took her hand in both of his.

“She said the stuff would make me into a giantess, but I’m a freakish midget! She sad it made her mouse grow thirty five percent, but look at this! I lost a hell of a lot more than thirty five percent!”

“OK, well when is it supposed to wear off?”

She looked back puzzled. “I don’t know.”

His face softened. “Oh honey, you really didn’t think this through at all did you?”

She dropped her head shamefully and had another spasm. She looked on in shock as the table rose just slightly in front of her. “Oh my God! It hasn’t stpped yet!!!”

“Calm down, Erica, calm down, you’re ok, you’re going to be fine.” She looked back up at him with tears in her eyes. “Look Erica, we all need help from time to time. Sooner or later, I will be in a position where I need it too.” She looked back, seemingly listening. “And if I’m very lucky, maybe you’ll have decided to keep me around long enough that I can rely on you to help me when that time comes too.”

“How can I help you if I’ve dwindled away to nothing?”

“You won’t, you’re going to get through this. I know you, you are like a force of nature, and something like this would never stop you.” He stared into her eyes, careful not to show any concern. “Look, Erica, will you allow me to be here for you?”

“I’m too weak to stop you from doing whatever you want. I could barely lift that frying pan. I don’t even know what to do!”

“That wouldn’t be helping, and it wouldn’t be me. May I please stay by your side and help you through this?”

Her face softened a bit. “Alright.”

“Erica, will you eat something? You must be hungry.” She nodded and began to slowly pick away at her food. He finished everything, careful to leave no scrap, nothing behind on his plate. She smiled weakly as he wiped the last bit of tomato off of his plate with his toast and stuff it in his mouth.

“I still don’t know what to do..”

“Well, how about we call your friend first and find out about when this will wear off?”

“You really think it will wear off?”

“It had better. It would break my heart to see you go on this unhappy, so for your friends sake, it had better.” Erica smiled softly, and continued to eat until about half was left.

“I’m really full.”

“Okay, I’ll get your phone for you.” She watched him as he stood and walked away, and then heard him in the next room fumbling through her purse. He finally came back and set her phone down in front of her. She picked it up, holding it like a tablet computer. Eventually, she turned it on, searched her contacts and tapped a number. She held the phone up to her ear as the phone began to ring.

After about the fourth ring there was an answer. He sat there motionless, holding her hand gently. “Hello?” Upbeat music played in the background.

“Hey Alicia, it’s Erica.” He looked at her, cocking an eyebrow and asked, “Alicia?” She nodded and motioned for him to be quiet.

“Erica? You sound a bit.. different.”

“Yeah, look, I need you to come over.”

“Can’t, I’m going to the spa this morning.”

“The spa can wait, I really need you to come over.”

“Why? Things didn’t go as well as you expected with Lucas? I can’t, I have plans.”

“You never go to the spa Alicia, just come over here, k?”

“You sound really off, what’s going on?”

Erica sighed. “Alicia, it’s your potion, I’m only like three feet tall.”

“Hold on a sec..” Erica heard some movement and then the music faded away. “What did you say?”

“Alicia, your potion didn’t work the way you said it would. I’m only like three feet tall.” Erica sat in silence waiting for a response. “Alicia?”

“Three feet? Are you sure?”

“Yeah, pretty sure.”

“Erica, did you follow my instructions?”


“No you didn’t. How much did you drink?” Erica blushed, not wanting to answer. “Erica, how much did you drink?”

“All of it.” The huge voice broke out into wild laughter on the other end. “This isn’t funny!!”

“I guess you aren’t as dominant in your mind as we thought you were!” Alicia continued on roaring in laughter.

“Stop laughing at me! Get your ass over here!”

Her laughing began to ebb. “No, I’m going to the spa.”

“You never go to the spa, can’t that wait a while?” Erica pleaded.

“I’m going to the spa.”

“But Alicia, it still hasn’t stopped yet.”[

“Oh don’t worry about that, if it hasn’t stopped yet, it will very, very soon.”

“But when will it wear off?”

“Wear off? Erica, that is why I told you to only take a drop. We had not idea how potent it was. I can’t believe you drank the whole thing!” Alicia laughed into the phone.

“Are you telling me it won’t wear off???” Erica growled angrily. Lucas’ eyebrow cocked again listening to his side of the discussion.

“It doesn’t wear off. Don’t remember when I told you about Mongo?”

“I guess, I didn’t think about it, you didn’t say if he stayed big afterwards really.”

“Oh yeah, he did. You’ll be fine. I’m going to the spa. I’ll come over later if you still need a little” help.”


He leaned in close to Erica. “Hold on Erica, tell her that we will be heading over to my place in a little while, and you’ll text my address..”

“Is that Lucas? He’s still there???”

Erica’s eyes narrowed, then she replied. “Yes, Lucas is still here. He said we’re not staying here all day, I’ll text you his address, meet us there this afternoon.”

There was silence, and then finally Alicia replied, “Alright, fine.” And hung up after that.

“It won’t wear off,” She looked up at him her voice trembling, tears building in her eyes.

“Yeah, I gathered that much. It’s alright, I know what to do.”

“You do?” She looked back at him with begging eyes.

“Yeah, I think I do. And I will be here every step of the way for you, if you will allow me to.”

She reached out with both hands towards him and he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her on to his lap and held her there while he gently massaged her shoulders and neck with his fingers. She sighed and leaned in to his embrace, and the tears began to fade slowly.

“I don’t even know how small I am.”

“Well, we can figure that out if you like, Erica.”


He held her closely, bending in to kiss her on top of her head. She rubbed his bare chest and eventually looked up at him. “Lucas?”

“Yes Erica?” He asked openly.

She sighed as his fingers meticulously kneaded her shoulders. “Lucas, if you want..” She paused and sat, hesitantly.

“If it makes you happy, I will gladly do whatever you need me to.”

She closed her eyes and grabbed him. Then she squeaked back softly. “Lucas, you can call me Kitten, if you want to.”

“As you wish, Kitten.”
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Sun May 17, 2020 5:42 pm

He set her gently back on the ground and followed her into the bedroom where she insisted he could find a tape measure in the top drawer of her dresser. The room was still dark and she jumped a little when he flicked the lights on unexpectedly. Afterward, she walked over to the dresser opening the top drawer, and rummaged through the various items she had stuffed in there. After a few moments, she could see frustration building on his face as he continued to search.

“You’re sure it’s here?”

“Yes, I’m sure..” He rummaged some more.

“I don’t see it.”

“Help me up, I’ll find it.”

He bent down to one knee and carefully wrapped an arm around her waist and the other underneath her legs. He stood slowly and held her close to him. When he stood fully, she looked around, over and over, twisting her neck back and forth. “What is it?” He asked.

She looked him directly in the eyes, something she had taken for granted less than twenty four hours ago. “It’s just weird. This is where my view should normally be, but everything still looks off.”

He smiled back at her and she bent over the drawer, reaching in, digging around, and tossing items around for a few minutes. In time, he began to grow impatient and sighed while waiting for her. She looked back at him and asked somewhat sarcastically, “What’s wrong? Arms getting tired?”

“No, actually.” She frowned at his response. “Kitten, it isn’t here.”

“Yes it is.”

“No, it’s not. Are you sure you didn’t put it anywhere else?”

“Put me down, I can get a chair.”

“I’d rather not.”

“You think I can’t do this on my own?”

“I think I really like holding you and having you this close to me.”

She blushed and felt another spasm as her shirt expanded slightly around her. “Stop it! I’m already too small!”

He chuckled softly, causing her to shake in his arms. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“I think you did..” She glared at him, trying to hold back a smirk as best as she could.

“Kitten, it isn’t here.”

“Yes it is.” She leaned in and started tossing items out of the drawer one at a time. A box of paper clips, packages of batteries, old headphones, computer wires, documents from her ISP, and old computer mouse, etc. Eventually the draw was empty, except for a handful of rand items and the tape measure was nowhere to be found. “Damnit, did my brain power shrink too?”

“I don’t think so kitten. I would have noticed by now, and you still seem sharp as a tack. Just take a breath and think about it.” He set her down on the floor and commenced picking up the many items flung carelessly on the floor, and putting them back in the drawer as she stomped out of the room concentrating. She looked around the living room, focusing on whatever was in her line of site. She went to the kitchen, sliding the chair near the counter and hopped up, pulling a drawer open and looking inside. Nothing.

She hopped back down, stumbling a bit and almost falling over, then running back into the dining living room. Not on the coffee table. She climbed up onto the couch and began digging her hands underneath the cushions. Still nothing. She grunted in frustration.

He came out to see her struggling in the cushions of the loveseat and a concerned look spread across his face. He opened his mouth to say something, just as she looked up and scowled at him angrily. She looked around the room desperately and hopped off the loveseat, growing angrier by the second.

“It’s ok kitten, maybe we can..” he began to assuage, but just as he did so, she darted across the room to a wooden CD shelf and plopped to her knees digging behind a clump of old CDs that were haphazardly deposited. There, underneath the pile was her missing treasure.

“Found it!!” she cheered. He smiled, but still looked a little concerned. “You didn’t think I could do it!” She accused.

“That’s not it..” She growled up at him. “Okay, Kitten, we’ve got it, let’s put it to use.”

She ran over to him holding out her hand with the tape measure. He accepted it and followed her back to and open space of wall at the back of the living room. She stood up straight against the wall waiting while he looked around. He then turned around, walked back to his pants and fished out his iPhone while she waited impatiently.

He walked back to her, kneeling and pulled a little more than three feet of tape, carefully holding it straight against the wall. “Could you stand over to your left?” He requested, prompting her to bounce over. Again she stood as straight as she could, her legs shaking as she tried to squeeze every last bit of height she could out of herself. “Feet flat on the floor, Kitten.” She growled in frustration and fixed her posture. He held the bottom of his iPhone flush against the wall, resting the length of it across the top of her head and carefully checked his measurement.

She swallowed in anticipation of the news. “Two feet, 11 and a half inches,” he finally announced.

A look of pure horror spread across her face. “Two feet eleven?!?!?” She squealed.

“Just the perfect size to wrap you up in my arms and caress every last inch of you all at once,” he offered in an attempt to console her.

Instead though, she blushed and felt another spasm as he crept higher up away from her somewhat and her sleeves drooped a little further down her forearms. “NOOO!!!” She screamed.

“Shit, sorry!”

“You did that on purpose!!”

“No, I swear!”

“Liar! You ass!!! You’re getting off on this!”

“I’m sorry, Kitten, I swear!”

“Don’t do that again!”

“I won’t, I promise, I won’t”


“You gotta admit that was really hot though.”

She gritted her teeth, then a smile crept out despite her best efforts to fight it back. “Yeah, it was, BUT DON’T DO IT AGAIN!”

“Cross my heart.” They smiled at each other and he commenced re-measuring her, she fidgeted awaiting the new results. “Two feet..” She swallowed, “eleven..” She breathed deeply, still shaking a bit, “point three inches.” She released all her air at once in relief. “Well, at least you didn’t lose much more with that last one,” he offered.

“That actually felt like a big one, compared to the others.”

“I promised I wouldn’t say anything else to make this worse..”

“You better not, mister!” She grinned up at him. “I need to see how much I weigh..”

And with that she darted off into the bathroom. He followed suit and found her in the bathroom in the dark, standing on a bathroom scale. He flipped on the lights and she stood there carefully examining the results of the scale. “Eighteen point four pounds?!?!?” How is that even possible?!?!?”

“I guess because you’re not just shorter. It’s not like you poured out half a glass of water kitten, the whole glass is smaller and holds less.”

“I’m just a fucking toy now!” She pleaded up to him, tears in her eyes.

“Not to me, you aren’t, not ever.” He knelt and wrapped his arms around her., letting her head rest on his shoulder. He rubbed her back gently until she calmed down. She held him tightly, and then whimpered, “What am I going to do?”

“Well, it sounded like you are stuck like this for a while?”


“Okay, and did Alicia say if it would stop?”

“Yes, she said it would stop ‘very, very soon.’”

“Alright, first we are going to call the doctor and get you in this morning. There have to be clinics in the area open today.”

“What can a doctor do?”

“Odds are not much to undo this, but of course, you never know if you don’t try.” He leaned back and smiled warmly at her.

“Why even bother if they can’t fix me?”

“First of all, you never know, maybe they can, so it’s worth a shot, if nothing else.” She looked up at him, still fighting back tears. “Second, your work offers short term disability in your benefits?” Erica nodded slowly. “Well, I think that losing over half your height in an evening counts as a major medical event. We’ll go to the doctor and I’m positive they’ll have to agree. It will buy us some time and you can still get income without losing your job.”

Erica smiled slightly, and wiped the tear from her eyes. Lucas continued softly. “Then, once, we have gotten you an appointment, I’m going to head over to Target to buy you something to wear.” She looked up at him confused. “It’s not that I don’t like seeing you in my shirt, I do, I love it. In fact, you can keep it, but you will need something nicer to wear if we are going to go out.”

She sniffled and questioned him. “Shouldn’t I go with you?”

“Not on this trip. We have limited time to get everything done, and we don’t need all the questions. Besides, you should clean up a bit before we head to the doctor.” She nodded slowly in agreement and walked out to the living room and to rummage through her purse until she found her medical insurance card.

She looked back at him. “Lucas, do I sound different to you?”

He grimaced slightly. “Yeah, I’m afraid your voice is a lot higher than before last night.”

She sighed. “Okay, well, can you make the appointment for me then?”

“I’d be happy to.”

She waited listening as he called the nearest clinic. “Hi, do you have any appointments left today? Okay, when? That’s fine, can we come in at 11:30? Sounds good. Yeah.. yeah… no, the appointment is going to be for Erica Simonis… Umm.. We’re looking for a full physical…. Yes, umm, massive weight loss.”

He set down his phone. “Okay Kitten, let’s get some quick measurements of you and I will go get you something to wear, then you can clean up a little.” She smiled up at him and reached up for his hand. He obliged and they walked together back to an open area of the living room. Once there, he knelt down, taking both of her hands and said, “k, this bulky shirt will just get in the way.”

She blushed, then stepped back, answering, “You just want to see me naked again.”

“Well, no, but I consider that to be the best side effect of this a guy could ask for.”

Erica blushed deeper, then slapped at his hand playfully with a coy smile, then stood straight and grabbed the top button of her shirt. She popped it open, then dropped her hands, trembling slightly, to the next button. Again, she popped the button open and the shirt dropped on one side. She reached to the next button and popped it open, and suddenly the whole shirt collapsed down around her. She dropped her arms to her sides and let the shirt drop to a pile around her knees. She then carefully and gracefully stepped out of the shirt and stood in front of the giant in all her glory, looking down to her left bashfully.

“Why so embarrassed all of a sudden?” He inquired.

“It’s just weird having you stare at my body like this.”

He reached forward and lifted her chin with his index finger, forcing her to look up into his eyes, and commented, “Well, I could stare at your body all day long, but these eyes; I could get lost in these eyes for a lifetime.”

She blushed forcefully, “Shit!”

“What is it kitten?”

“Did I just get smaller again?”

“Uh, no why?”

“It certainly felt like it all of a sudden.”

“Maybe it’s finally stopped.”

She smiled up to him, showing her teeth. “Maybe, but I told you to knock it off!!”

He chuckled softly. “Alright, I’ll be more careful next time.” He then grabbed the tape measure and pulled it out a few feet. He flexed the measuring tape around her waist as smoothly as he could. She grinned and pulled it up around her rib cage.

“Start here,” She told him.

He flexed, and pulled until he was somewhat comfortable with the measurement then announced, “seventeen inches.” She raised and eyebrow then pushed the tape down to her waist while he punched the first measurement into his phone. He then looked up and began measuring again until he announced, “twelve point.. two inches.”

“God, that sounds so freakishly skinny.”

“You wear it quite well, though.” She pushed the measure lower to the desired point on her hips and again he went to work. “Eighteen point three inches,” he finally explained to her. She then pulled the tape measure along the length of her leg and pointed on the side of her hip.

“Here too,”

“Twenty point one inches." She then turned her back to him and swayed her hips in front of him. He smiled appreciatively.

“Now my shoulders,” she told him.

He finished updating the measurements in his phone and did as asked. “Nine inches.”


“Do you have any other things you want measured, madam?” He asked impishly.

“No, thank you. Maybe a bit later though,” she responded as she strode demurely back to the shirt. Rather than put it back on, though, she picked it up handed it to him. “Maybe you should wear this to the store, but can I have it back later?”


She grinned widely, “I like how it smells.”

He smiled back and stood. “Well, that looks good on you too.”

She looked up, not understanding, “What does?”

“Nothing.” She grinned back up to him and stuck her tongue out at him as he stepped out of the room to a linen closet and grabbed a towel and washcloth before walking back and handing them to her. She gladly accepted, wrapping the towel around her and pausing to examine how the small towel sat on her like a dress.

While she did so, he began putting on his pants, socks, t-shirt and remarked “I’ll need keys to get back in the building.” She perked up at the realization and trotted over to her purse, fishing out her keys and carrying them back to him. She also carried a wad of cash and handed it to him. "I can pay for my own clothes. And can you get a better tape measure?" He nodded and took the cash from her tiny hand.

He noticed that look on her face was relatively blank and knelt to her again. “You okay?”

She smiled weakly back at him. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Okay then, I will be back in a little while.” He leaned in, slipping a hand behind her back and pulled her in to kiss her softly on the lips. She let out a little squeak as she was quite literally swept off her feet as he pulled her in, but quickly relaxed, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing him tight as she kissed him with an open mouth. They lingered together like this, slowly, gently breathing out before he softly lowered her again and stood.

She walked him to the door and watched as the massive gateway swung open, he stepped through, and then it closed shut with a few small creaks. Once latched shut she listened as he turned the key, locking the door behind him, then soft footsteps that steadily grew fainter and fainter.

She stood for a moment, just staring at the door, then walked into the living room. Before her stood the same scene from before- twenty foot ceilings, furniture made for goliath beings and walls that stretched out more than 10 yards in front of her. She swallowed and felt a shiver as Goosebumps spread across her skin. She unconsciously rubbed her arms with her hands, and then turned to walk back to the bathroom.
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Re: Please..

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“I normally wouldn’t call a parent in only two weeks into the school year, but I’m very concerned about Erica’s Grades, Mrs. Simonis.”


“Well, Miss Simonis, I’ve been looking at Erica’s grades from last year and these grades just don’t make sense when you compare the two.”

“Erica has always been a very good student, and I can assure you I have already told her how incredibly disappointed I am in her after I got your note.” Erica sat quietly with a blank look on her face, but at the last comment she sank down deeper into her chair. “Sit up straight, young lady,” Erica’s mother barked. Erica obeyed quietly and continued to stare at her feet.

“In two weeks, Erica has failed all but three assignments,” Erica’s teacher continued. “This is a bad start, but I just thought it best to talk to you first because there is still plenty of time for her to salvage her grades and end the semester on a good note.”

“All I can tell you is that Erica is beginning to enter into womanhood, and I’ve noticed she is very uncomfortable with the changes in her body lately.”

“This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this, Miss Simonis. Young ladies like Erica often times feel ashamed of themselves for some reason as they begin to mature much more than boys do. I’m sure we can help her with that.”

Erica continued to stare at her feet blankly. “Are you listening to her young lady?”

“Yes ma’am,” Erica replied back sheepishly.

“So then what exactly is your problem?” Erica shrugged her shoulders noncommittally.

“Unacceptable, young lady. You need to take responsibility for yourself. Would you like to lose your internet privileges?” Erica shook her head woefully.

“Miss Simonis, maybe I could suggest a tutor? I know a good one that could meet her here after school, and I know she could teach Erica about how she should feel about her body while she’s experiencing all these changes.” The teacher offered coldly.

“I think that would do nicely.”

“I’ll talk to her this afternoon and have her give you a call. Thank you for coming in Miss Simonis. It’s refreshing to see a parent who cares about her daughter’s education.”

Erica’s mom stood and grabbed Erica’s wrist, pulling her to her feet. “No thank you. Erica needs more role models like you in her life.”

“See you tomorrow morning Erica,” the teacher cheerfully called as Erica’s mom walked Erica out the door.

The ride home was quiet, Erica sat in the back seat, quietly Listening to her mother pontificate on the situation. “This is the kind of behavior I had to put up with from your father. Unacceptable, young lady. Unfortunately, you’ve got half of your loser father’s genetics. Fortunately, that is a problem that can be overcome with a little work. I’m not raising you to be like that pig, do you understand me?” Erica nodded slowly. “You may think this isn’t a big deal, but your grades now do affect where you can go to college. Do you really want to end up at some no name community college struggling to get an associates degree?” Erica shook her head. “Don’t just sit there young lady, answer me!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Yes you want to end up at some dump of a community college?”

“No ma’am.”

“Young lady, sit up straight. You need to learn to start projecting more confidence. The last thing you want to be is some mousy little woman in this world. The world is a tough enough place for women, and if you don’t learn to show how strong you are it’s going to roll right over you.”
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Re: Please..

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Lucas walked briskly and purposefully down the hallway. His head up high, a nearly emotionless face, aside from the smile he did his very best to fight back, his shoulders back, his chest out and his arms swinging resolutely back and forth with curled fingers. He approached the glass door at the front of the building and brushed it aside as he opened it vigorously and marched hurried down the steps. He quickly approached his car, unlocking it with his remote and jumped in, turning the key to the on position in almost a single move.

Seat belt fastened, shift to ‘R’ on the console shifter, and he pulled out, looking around for pedestrians as the car backed out of his parking spot. He drove quickly, checking his phone repeatedly for directions and arrived at Target. He pulled in to a spot, and quickly opened the door after he threw the vehicle into park.

Once more he strode purposefully forward, managing to walk by three cars before he remembered to click the lock button on his remote. In the front door, and he looked around. Ahead of him, off the right he could see rows of clothing and moved off in that direction. He search around, looking at the signs. Men, women, boys, girls.. babies.

“Man, this is going to be weird,” He mumbled to himself. He walked by the girl’s section and looking over the clothing realized that the sizes there were all still to big. He kept walking until he found the toddlers section, next to the toy aisles and walked in. He had hardly started looking around, checking the sizes of the clothes when a cheerful voice called up behind him.

“Are you finding everything you need?” A college aged woman, roughly average height smiled up at him. Short brown hair hung down, some of it over her face, partially obstructing one of her blue eyes.

“Well, no, I guess I could use some help.”

“Okay,” she smiled. “Are you shopping for your daughter?”

“Umm, no, it’s for someone else’s daughter.”

She smiled cheerfully, “well, I’m Heidi! How old is your friend’s daughter?”

“Honestly, I couldn’t tell you. I have some measurements I was given, and I can tell you she looks really thin for someone her size.”

The woman looked at the measurements and asked, “well how tall is she then?”

“If I were to guess, I would say a little less than three feet tall.” He held a hand to his side approximately at Erica’s new height and watched the response from the woman nervously.

“Oh wow, she’s really thin!” She remarked, with a look of astonishment on her face. “There s no way that can be healthy for a little girl that age!”

“Well, no, probably not. I know that there is a doctor aware of this and working with her on it. Hopefully they can help her out.”

The woman smiled, “Okay, so what would you like to buy your friend’s daughter?”

Lucas relaxed a bit and replied back “I was thinking something simple, like a dress; but nothing too cutesy. I don’t think that would go over well.”

The woman perked up, “Great! I think we can find you just the thing!”

She led him to a wall with small dresses lined up, selecting one with a white top, a bink bow tied on the front and a frilly pink bottom. “What about this one?”

“Probably not.”

“Hmm,” she placed the dress back and thoughtfully looked around the selection. “So what was your name?”

“Lucas. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude a moment ago.”

The woman beamed back at him cheerfully. “Oh that’s alright, guys are always nervous when they come into this section. I guess they are afraid we’ll think he’s some kind of freak for wanting to get a birthday present for their friend’s kids.”

Lucas laughed nervously, “Yeah, that’s pretty much it.”

“It’s so cute how guys blush around all this stuff and they almost never know what to buy at all. Here, how about this one?” She pulled out a small beach style dress that was rose colored on top and faded to a grey towards the bottom.

“Maybe, could we look at a few other things?”

The woman smiled again and strode happily down the line a bit as Lucas followed. “So do you live around here?”

“No, I live on the other side of town, but I’ve been over here all morning to help a friend out.”

“Do you spend all your time helping your friends out with their issues, or do you get time for yourself?”


“Well, you are getting your one friend clothes for his daughter’s birthday present. Most people will get toys, especially guys. And you’re helping another friend this morning..”

“Oh, well, this weekend has just turned out to be a lot more busy than I had expected. I actually would have been at work this morning anyways if my friend hadn’t run into trouble.”

“Oh wow, so you ARE always busy.”

“Not so much, the weekend work is a side job for a friend. I only work a few hours on Saturdays, but it’s looking like I won’t really get time for rest this weekend.”

“Is your friend ok?”

“Yeah, it’s all going to be ok, but it looks like it’s a bit of a medical emergency, so I said I would help out a bit around the house till things get a bit better.”

“He’s lucky to have such a good friend.”

“Thanks,” he smiled back in embarrassment.

“Do you like cars?”

“Uh.. yeah, I guess. I have one I’ve been working on for a long time, why?”

“Oh, just wondering, you kinda look like a car guy. Does the car you’re working on work?”

“It works great, it’s just a long term project. I’m out of things to do with it for the time being actually, but I haven’t really driven it in a few weeks.”

“You didn’t drive it here?”

“Hm? No, it’s back at my house.”

Her eyes lit up slightly. “Well, how did you get here this morning?”

“My Camry.”

“Oh I love Toyota’s. I have a Corolla, but I wish I could have afforded a Camry.”

“I actually only went with the Camry because I didn’t like the options on the Corollas that were there, and I didn’t want to wait while I ordered one.” She held up another two small dresses, one grey with pink flowers dotted all over it, another navy blue with a white ribbon around the middle. Lucas shook his head no.

She puzzled and then grabbed a small white dress with a handful of soft yellow flowers on it. It had relatively wide shoulder straps, but neck line dropped fairly low. “Yeah, I think that one, and you know, I’ll take the one from earlier too.”

The woman grinned showing off pearly white teeth and handed both dresses to him. “You know, since she is so thin, maybe you should think about stopping by the gift wrappings aisle and getting a couple bows that her parents could wrap around her waist. I bet that would help with the fit.”

“Thanks Heidi! That’s a great I idea, I wish I had thought of it,” He grinned back thankfully.

“Well, you know, things just need a woman’s touch to make to work right.”

“Thanks so much again, I’m on a schedule, so I have to get moving.”

“OK, thanks, and make sure to get a gift receipt for the dresses. If they don’t work well, come back here and I promise I will find you the perfect gift for your friend’s daughter,” She called after him.

He quickly marched to the home goods section and found a fabric tape measure, stopping to look around the aisle, and was lost in thought. Another cheerful voice asked him “Do you need any help?”

Lucas turned to see a shorter full figured woman in her thirties looking up to him. “No, thank you, I found what I need, just thinking.”

“Okay, well don’t hesitate to let us know if you need anything else.”

“Thanks.” Lucas continued to look around, quietly, then turned and made his way to the front of the store, where he found an aisle filled with wrapping paper and gift bags. He strode in and looked around, finding several rolls of ribbon. He grabbed a red one, a yellow on and a royal blue on then marched to the checkout counter.

“Good morning sir, did you find everything you were looking for this morning?” A middle-aged woman asked.

“Yes, thanks,” He replied quickly.

She rung him up quickly and he pulled out the wad of cash, handing her forty dollars as the cashier announced to him “$38.73.” He took his change, thanked the cashier and then quickly grabbed his plastic bags and quickly strode out the store.


Erica stood inside the cavern that was her bathroom. She could hear even her breathing echo against the cold linoleum walls. Tentatively, she walked to the tub, dropping her towel as she approached the white porcelain behemoth. It stood over half her height, and she was forced to straddle the side in order to climb in. Once standing there, she looked up and up at the spigot, which was far outside of her reach, and angled away to the wall. She cursed herself for leaving it in that position the day before and then looked around.

She felt the smooth porcelain surface and her brow furrowed. Thinking better of her decision, she again climbed carefully out of the tub and looked up towards the sink. The surface was empty, aside from a bottle of mouthwash and her tooth brush., and low enough she could see over the edge, but high enough she couldn’t really climb up.

She shivered, rubbing her arms with her hands, then turned back to the door and pushed it almost completely closed. Walking back, she looked around and sighed deeply. She looked up at the mirror again, not seeing her reflection anywhere in it. Just then she heard a soft creak outside the bathroom. She jumped, gasping quickly. Running back to the tub, she grabbed her towel and covered herself with it and curled up next to the bathtub.

She waited, and listened. Nothing. She looked around, and then another creak, causing her to jump once more. She fought to catch her breath, and once again was met with silence. She waited, and waited, eyes wide, not moving at all. Finally satisfied, she slowly rose and walked back to the door, pulling it open, just a crack to look out into her apartment. Her small eyes darted up and down the hallway, seeing nothing but her normal furniture and adornments around her apartment.

Carefully, she pulled the door open further until it squeaked on its hinges, causing her to jump once more. She paused, took a deep breath and pulled the door open far enough for her miniature body to walk through. She clutched her towel closely to her as she approached the entryway to the kitchen, and suspiciously peeked around the corner. She looked up and down, but saw nothing but her own dining room table and its chairs towards the far wall.

Carefully, she tip toed down the hall until she reached the end of the wall and once again cautiously peeked around the corner into the living room. She sat there motionless, looking to see for any sign of something out of place when suddenly there was a loud click followed by a hum, which made her scream briefly.

She stood with her back against the wall, listening until she realized the sound was coming from the kitchen. She walked back, peeking around the corner suspiciously again to see the exact same scene as before. The humming was right there though, right by her ear. She pulled her head around the corner and looked up to see her refrigerator. She walked up to it and put her hand against the door and felt it vibrating against her hand gently. She sighed in relief, dropping her shoulders as she relaxed again.

As she caught her breath another creak echoed through the apartment, causing Erica to jump once again, and go running back into the bathroom, where she waited for several minutes, silent, motionless, quivering in a corner in front of the sink.

For some time, there was no more noise as she sat curled in a ball, waiting. Eventually, she worked up enough courage to tread softly back out into the hallway and make her way toward her bedroom. She stood with her back to the linen closet and peeked around the corner into bedroom. Here as well, everything seemed just as it should be; only larger, out of reach and stretching far off into the distance. She walked in guardedly, looking around her. She first looked back and forth, around the bed. Slowly, she made her way to the closet, which was still open. She crouched down and peeked inside the dark grotto. She looked around the shadows over and over suspiciously. Eventually she was contented with what she saw and made her way around the foot of the bed.

Watchfully, She worked her way around the corner of the bed as she crouched, inching her way quietly forward. Once more, nothing was out of place. She stood upright and stepped out into the open, thinking, catching her breath, and trying to relax.

Then, out of the blue, another creak echoed through the silent apartment. Erica screamed once more, and leapt forward behind the bed, but dropping her towel behind in the process. Completely naked, she crawled and scrambled underneath the bed and sat, waiting, and waiting. Still no noise. No movement. Nothing. She looked around frightfully, half expecting to find someone right next to her side, but still nothing.

After some time passed, she crawled out from under the bed once more and crawled out from under the bed. Though the air was cool, a gloss of sweat had appeared on her skin and she wiped her forehead with her arm.

The naked little creature crept forward, hunched over, hiding behind the bed, and peeked around the side. All quiet, no one there. She Stepped out into the open again, and grabbed her towel, wrapping it around her body. She continued to examine her surroundings watchfully.

“Get a grip, Erica,” she told herself. She walked quietly and slowly back to the door of the bedroom and cautiously peeked out towards the living room. Again, no movement. Slowly, carefully, she worked her way around the corner, finding no one. Finally satiated, she lowered her shoulders and relaxed only to once again hear the creak echo around the quiet apartment. She gasped in fear, but then stopped, realizing that the sound came from the ceiling in front of her. She put her hand to her chest and breathed deep. “Upstairs neighbors..” She finally consoled herself.

Convince she was alone, she walked back to the bathroom, and closed the door most of the way. Once more she looked around the bathroom, assessing it. She smiled, then walked up to the round waste bin sitting against the wall in front of the sink. Attentively, she pulled the plastic bag out of it and tied it up. She then took the waste bin and turned it upside down setting it in front of the sink.

She walked back to the tub, where she had left her wash cloth, which looked more like a hand towel to her now, grabbed it and walked back towards the sink. She stepped onto the trash bin, and used it as a step to allow her to climb up onto the countertop. She sat down, lowering her feet into the sink and leaned forward. With some effort, she managed to twist the faucet until hot water poured out into the basin. She reached over, pulling on the latch to close the drain, then back to the faucet handle to adjust the temperature down a bit.

She relaxed and breathed out as the warm water started to pool around her diminutive feet. As the water rose, she leaned to her right and pulled over a soap dish. She then pulled her towel loose, and let it gently fall back behind her, leaving her elfin form exposed to the world once more.

Erica slid forward and began rubbing the warm water up her legs before taking the bar of soap in both her hands and began lathering her legs. She leisurely washed until the sink basin was nearly full, then leaned forward and forcefully pulled the faucet closed. She sat there, running her fingers around in circles in the warm, clear water, watching the patterns f the waves as she leaned forward, dangling herself delicately over her own knees.

She drew a handful of water absentmindedly over he legs again, and opened her legs slightly, dripping a handful of water over her hips and watched as it ran down between her legs. She took her bar of soap and began lather her sex, then drew another handful of water over her hips to rinse it away. She continued rinsing herself absentmindedly until she heard a noise that made her jump.

Boom, boom, boom. The noise grew each time. It was growing closer. Her eyes drew wide open, her pupils dilated. BOOM, BOOM. Her pulse quickened, her face began to go pale. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Her heart thumped furiously in her ears. Each beat of her heart surged with a force that could be seen on her diminutive chest, causing it to expand slightly outward before collapsing back in again and causing her left breast to quake slightly.

THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, her heart pounded within her as the noise drew louder, closer. A voice, still distant, could be heard in the hallway outside her apartment, drawing nearer. “Yeah, I’ll do it. No problem. I’ll get her this morning.”

Erica’s breathing sped up, she fought to catch it. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and slid down her cheeks. She clutched her chest frenziedly. The noise grew and grew until she was positive it was just outside her apartment door, and then it began to ebb. Slowly at first, then a little more. Little by little the sound lessened. Boom, boom, boom. She sat, desperately trying to catch her breath. In time, the noise faded away until she couldn’t hear it anymore and she was left in complete silence once more.

She continued to clutch her chest, her face washed white, frantically attempting to slow her breathing. She sat and watched the door and waited, and waited. Ultimately, more than 10 minutes passed without her moving an inch until she heard footsteps again approaching her door.

“No..” She told herself. The footsteps grew closer, louder and suddenly stopped, but immediately afterwards she could hear the keys turning the deadbolt to her door. “No, no, no, no,” She consoled herself as her entire body shook violently.

She heard the apartment door open and the footsteps enter inside, and then the door creak shut once more. Its latched closed. Her breathing reached a frantic state, she felt faint, her voice disappeared.

“Kitten?” A warm, familiar voice called from outside the bathroom.

In a flash of recognition her voice returned to her again. “LUCAS!!!!” She screamed, jumping out of the basin, over the edge of the counter, tripping on the waste bin, knocking it over, and falling to her knees on the tile floor. Without hesitation, she ran as fast as she could to the door, yanking it open and out into the hallway where a giant with soft stone-like eyes stared down at her with concern etched deep within his face.

She ran up and wrapped her naked, wet body around his leg, sobbing quietly into him.

“Erica, what’s wrong?” She wouldn’t move, she just continued to cry into his leg. He dropped the plastic bags in his hand and bent over, carefully prying her free while she continued to frantically grasp for his leg again. He picked her up carefully and pressed her head against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, leaning his face down to kiss her on top of her head. “Erica, what happened? Talk to me.”

Erica continued to cry into his chest clutching his shirt in her tiny hands. Her breathing forged on out of control, bordering on complete hyperventilation until he lifted his hand to her neck and began carefully kneading her flesh gently on base of her neck through her tiny shoulders. Erica wept and wailed into him, but as he continued to mold her flesh in his hand, her tears began to wane.

He walked back to the couch and sat down with her in his arms, holding her, massaging her shoulders and kissing her on top of her head. “It’s ok Kitten, it’s alright. You’re safe.”

Eventually, she was quiet and softly grasped at his shirt, pulling herself into his chest over and over again. Finally, she released a deep sigh, and melted limply into his embrace. “I’ve got you Kitten,” he assured her.

When, after several minutes of silence she looked up at him with bloodshot eyes, he asked softly, “What happened, Kitten?”

Erica began to tell him about the noises she heard, and her attempts to find whoever was in her apartment. “No one is here Kitten, except you and me.”

She looked around, and finally replied, “I know, and I should have known then, but no matter how many times I tried to tell myself that it felt like a lie. And I heard that voice coming down the hall saying he was going to ‘get her,’ I just knew he was coming for me.”

“I don’t think he was talking about you. I seriously doubt he knew anything about you. And Kitten?” She looked up at him with questioning eyes. “No one is going to get you. No one. There is nothing more on my mind right now than your well-being. Nothing will happen to you. I won’t let it.”

She smiled and clutched him fiercely. “Kitten?”

“Yes?” She asked with satisfaction.

“I love seeing you naked, but would you like to see what I brought back for you to wear? I promise I will let you take it off as soon as you like.”

Erica giggled and slid off his lap. “Be a gentleman and no looking.”

“Too late for that.” She smiled and stuck her tongue out at him. With that, she sauntered off, swaying her nude hips seductively as she walked around the corner to find the target bags. She brought them back to him, and stood in front of him, one leg crossed in front of the other. She pulled out both dresses and looked at them.

“Which one do you want to see?”

“Well, I’d like to know if either of them are ok at all for you.”

She looked both over carefully, holding them up Both seemed a just a little short, but she smiled up at him, “You did a good job, I like both of them.”

“Is there one you like better?”

She considered for a moment and tossed the beach style dress aside and picked the white floral. She picked it up and slipped it over her head. She tugged it down into place, and stood posing for him. “What do you think?”

“Beautiful, as always.” She blushed and tugged at the middle of the dress around her waist and stomach.

“It’s a little loose.”

“Yeah, I figured, so I brought something else back for you.”

“You did?” She quizzed bashfully.

“Yep, do you like blue, red, or yellow better?”

She thoughtfully considered his question, then replied back, “how about blue?”

He leaned over and sifted through one of the plastic bags before pulling out a roll of blue ribbon. He pulled a small pocket knife out of his pocket and cut off a couple feet of ribbon, then motioned for her to come closer.

“Clever boy,” She congratulated him.

“Well, I had a bit of help with this one.”

“You can still be the hero,” She grinned up at him. She turned around as he reached around her, drawing the ribbon around her waist. He then pinched the loose fabric around her waist together with one hand while pulling the ribbon together with the other. He fumbled a bit, while she stood patiently, holding her hair up and away from her back. Once content he had everything in the right place, he looped the ribbon around itself, and tied it into a loose bow that spread out across most of the small of her back.

Once more, she turned around, striking a pose. “How do I look?”

“Good enough that I will be the envy of every man this morning.”

“Stop it, Lucas! You’re going to make it happen again!!”

“I’m pretty sure it’s stopped by now Kitten,” he said while he gently brushed his fingers against her cheek. She leaned in to his touch and grabbed his hand.

“Maybe, but still,” She countered, pausing to enjoy the soft contact. “What time is it?”

Lucas sat upright and looked around until he found the clock on the microwave back in the kitchen. “9:43”

She still smiled and she held his hand to her face. “Plenty of time then.”

“Yeah, but I’m not sure hiding in here is the best thing right now. Come on, how about we head over and get some coffee?”

She opened her eyes and considered his words carefully. “Won’t people freak out if they see me?”

“I certainly wouldn’t.” She blushed again. “It doesn’t matter anyways. If you are stuck like this for the foreseeable future then you can’t hide in here forever. We can pick some coffee up in the drive thru if you want and go to a park to enjoy it, how is that? It’s a cool morning, and I didn’t see much going on outside while I was driving.”

She continued to consider his words. “I don’t like coffee.”

“Well, how about some chai tea then?”

“I’ve never had it.”

“May I be the first to introduce you to it, then? A chai tea latte is a great way to start off a day.”

She was still gently rubbing her face into his palm, caressing his hand as she said contently, “I suppose I will allow it.”

“Thank you for the privilege, Kitten.” He bowed gracefully to her, causing her to giggle.

“Are my eyes red?” She asked, slightly embarrassed.

“Yeah, but it’s getting better.”

“Could you grab some eye drops out of the medicine cabinet?”

“As you wish kitten.”

With that, he took her hand, which mildly stunned her as she realized the hand she was rubbing her cheek into was suddenly not there anymore. He stood and they walked first to the bathroom, where Lucas found the eye drops, then out the door. She watched as he locked her apartment door and then reached up for his hand again. They walked together down the hallway before she jolted suddenly. “Shit!” She scolded herself.

“What is it?”

“I forgot to ask you to buy some shoes.” She grumbled angrily at herself.

“And I forgot to buy them.” She looked up at him in wonder about his response. “It’s fine, we didn’t get measurements of your feet anyways. We’ll find something later. She smiled up at him and gripped his hand.

“Maybe after some chai tea,” she inattentively thought out loud.
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Re: Please..

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The pair walked slowly together out to the parking lot. The concrete stairs in front of the building proved to be no challenge, but Erica was still taken aback at how much more effort it took to utilize them. Lucas just stood there, holding her hand, watching patiently as she dropped one step at a time. In the other hand he held her purse, which likely would have dragged on the ground if she attempted to wear it over her shoulder now.

As they walked through the parking lot, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his remote. He squeezed it and a charcoal gray Camry lit up and made a soft clicking noise. He walked her to her side of the car and opened the door courteously for her.

“I can do that myself,” She protested.

“Would you really take this away from me, kitten? I don’t get to hold a door for a lady that often.” She smiled, and then climbed in sitting herself in the massive seat, and frowning at the realization that she couldn’t see over the dash. She then looked off to her left to see the center console of a car. A vast island placing a formidable barrier between her and the other side of the vehicle sat before her. Her brow furrowed. She continued to fidget, attempting to find a comfortable position in the stiff leather seats as he walked around the front of the car and stepped inside.

As he buckled his seatbelt, she looked up at him, still frowning. “What happens when you stop opening doors for me?”

“Does it matter?” He asked, not turning his attention from his routine of getting the car started.

“Yeah, guys do this stuff at first, but then they stop. How am I supposed to react to it when that happens?”

“Which guys?”

She looked at him perplexed, thinking to herself. “I dunno, guys. Some do that kind of thing.”

“So your ex-boyfriends did that? Held doors and stuff for you, then stopped?”

“Well, no, I guess I haven’t ever had a boyfriend that did that before.”

“Sounds kinda sad to me.”

“No, I can open my own doors. But you know, some guys will do that kind of thing for a while then stop doing it after they’ve been together a while.”

“So, you plan on keeping me around long term now?”

She grunted and blushed slightly. “Don’t change the subject.” He smiled as he put the key in and started the car. “Are you going to answer my question?”

He turned and looked down to her with a serious, but warm, friendly face. “If it were to stop, I know you can open your own doors. But in the mean time, is it really so bad to enjoy what you have right now?”

She scowled for a moment, and then looked forward into the dash. “I guess not,” she pouted. Again she looked at the center console and furrowed her brow.

“Don’t put me down for these kinds of things, Kitten. You never know, it might just last longer than you think. And besides, even if it doesn’t, you still have now to enjoy.”

Erica went back to quietly fidgeting in her seat. Eventually, as he pulled out of the parking lot, she settled on sitting with her legs tucked in as she held them up against her body. She played with her dress to try to keep herself covered underneath. As he drove, she continued to look around her at car doors, the gray dash in front of her and the occasional tall tree that passed above her through the window. More often than that though, she would give an uneasy look to the center console of the car.

Her face drifted, and her focus on what was around her faded as she withdrew into herself. She clutched her knees more tightly. Watching her, he reached down and flipped on the radio, changing the station from hard rock to a local pop station. He listened for a moment until he realized they were listening to a Miley Cyrus song. “Oh hell no,” he commented, and searched for another station. Eventually he found a light rock station that was playing Avril Lavine. Through all this, Erica didn’t stir, she just continued to stare forward blankly, aside from occasional frustrated glares she would give the center console of the car. The transmission shifter seemed to stick up in a vulgar manner as if it were giving her the middle finger.

Lucas broke the silence between them. “I know that look,” he commented casually.

“What look?” she asked inattentively. Unconsciously, she reached over and tapped on the center console, then pulled at the hard plastic, which didn’t move.

“The look that you feel completely and totally alone in the world.”

“Well, I’m a midget in a land of giants all of a sudden. I am pretty alone.”

Lucas looked at her earnestly, then flipped the turn signal and pulled into a turning lane. Erica continued to pay no attention until she realized they were turning around to go the other direction.

“Where are you going?”

“We’ll skip the chai for now. We can get some after you appointment. I have something else for you.”

“Something else? Where are you taking me?”

“It’s a surprise. I think you’ll like it.”

“Oh? And why is that?” Erica looked up at him, trying to gauge him. He had his trademark impish smirk on his face. Obviously he was up to something, but what was it?

“It’s a surprise.” She stared at him suspiciously as he began to make a right turn and felt the car accelerate. Erica crawled over, leaned up on her knees and peeked over the edge of the car door to see them accelerating onto the freeway.

“You’re not going to tell me, are you?” She glared back suspiciously at him.


She sat back down on seat and crossed her legs under her dress, continuing to watch him with narrowed eyes. “So you’re kidnapping me.” She accused.

“Nope. Give the word and I will drive you back to your apartment right away.” She continued to stare up at him in silence suspiciously. They drove on, flying down the highway. She peered over to the dash to see the speedometer holding steadily at 72 miles per hour. As the car sped down the freeway, she would occasionally peak over the side of the door to try to judge where they were, and where they were going.

Eventually she asked over to him while standing on the floor in front of her car seat, peeking over the dash, “Why are we heading north?” He continued on in silence as she grunted in frustration at him. She climbed back onto the seat and sat down, crossing her legs underneath her dress again and continuing to watch him with narrowed eyes.

Finally, after nearly a half hour, she felt the car veer to the right a bit and decelerate. She crawled off the seat again to stand in front of the dash and watch as he turned off the freeway onto some suburban city street, then turn to the left, go several blocks, then a right and down a couple miles. Finally he turned off to a side street, then left to another, and another, and the car slowed gently to a halt in front of a small, single story house.

The front yard sloped steeply up about Erica’s height to a short yard that contained a concrete sidewalk that led directly up to the door of a three-season porch. Large pine trees adorned either side of the lawn.

“Come one, Kitten, we’ve got limited time.” He quickly opened the door and walked around the car while Erica yanked on the handle and shoved her entire weight against the car door, which slowly swung open. He met her on the other side of the door and pulled it open offering his hand to her. She accepted and walked out, stepping from the car to the curb, which he had parked extraordinarily close to.

He effortlessly shoved the door shut and clicked the car locked. “Where are we?” She asked curiously.

“My house.”

“Why did you take me here? I thought we were coming here later.”

“To give you your surprise.” They walked together towards the house. Erica pulled his hand, nearly breaking in to a run, trying to pull him forward. He unlocked the door, they walked in together and he let go of her hand as she ran ahead to the next door that led into the rest of the house while he locked the door behind them. She waited impatiently while he strode up and unlocked the next door and let her in. She darted inside as he repeated by stepping inside, closing the door and locking it behind him.

She waited for him, not knowing where to go next. “I’ll give you the full tour a little later, k gorgeous?” She smiled unexpectedly. He walked towards the back of the house into the kitchen with her jogging behind him, looking up curiously. Once in the kitchen, he dropped his keys into his pocket and reached up to a key rack on the wall, grabbing another set. She followed him out the back door, which he locked it behind them and then walked down a thin concrete sidewalk across a fenced in backyard to a small two-door garage. Instead of walking in the door, though, he walked around through a gate at the end of the yard and held the gate for Erica. She pranced through, looking up and around him in confusion.

They walked together around the garage to the main doors, which Lucas opened with his new keys. Bending over, he grabbed the bottom of the door and flung it upward as he stood confidently. Erica stood watching him, then turned to watch the door slide open smoothly as light poured into the dark cavern in front of her. In front of her sat an old two-door car, with square boxy edges, and a front end that scooped down and forward from the hood.

It was huge. Even Lucas looked somewhat small in front of it. He beamed with pride above her.

Four rectangular headlights, two on each side, adorned the front end with long, rectangular signal lights on sat squarely on the underside of the bumper, which shone in a mirrored chrome surface. Two shiny chrome grills sat just inside the two sets of headlights. As her eyes adapted to the darker atmosphere inside she saw that it was a glossy black, so well polished she could see the reflection of items hanging on the garage wall in the shiny black surface. A small silver and red, rectangular hood ornament poped up from the front of the hood.

“Here you go, Kitten,” He announced.

“It’s.. a car,” She replied flatly.

He smiled quietly. “It’s a 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Brougham.”

“K, so why couldn’t we just use the other car? This one is.. old.”

“You’ll see.” He walked her around to the passenger side and unlocked the door. “Kitten, I know you can open your own doors, but this one is pretty heavy, even for me. I’m afraid you’ll have to accept my help on this one.” She scowled up at him, clearly displeased. She looked at the long door, longer than her as he opened it and was forced to step back.

Inside were soft, dark grey, plush car seats, with a matching armrest sticking out in the middle. A square, analog dash stared back from a bygone era. “Does this thing even work?”

“Climb in, please.” She did so, unenthusiastically and plopped herself on the soft velour fabric. She ran her fingers across it, squeezing the gentle cushions as he walked around, unlocked his own door and stepped inside. She watched him as he tossed her purse casually into the back seat, inserted the key, turned it and the engine whined “RUH-RUH-RUH-RUH-VROOOOOM” and settled into a soft whir that was reminiscent of a jetliner, only softer and gentler. He pulled down the lever on the right side of the steering column and the entire rig shifted subtly and then eased forward out of the garage, bathing them in the morning sunlight. He hopped out of the car, went back to his garage and closed it, locking it carefully, and then rejoined her as she struggled with the monstrous seat belt.

He smiled down at her while she clasped it closed followed by her looking back up at him unimpressed. Confidently, he threw the car back into drive again and eased out into the alleyway and began coasting slowly down the drive. As the car moved forward soothingly, he lowered his right hand grabbing the front of the armrest. She watched wide eyed as he eased it upwards, and upwards until he pushed it flush with the rest of the seat, which now was virtually one long, continuous bench from one side of the massive beast to the other.

Erica sat watching him fascinated as he smiled and put his right hand back up to the one o’clock position on the steering wheel. He flipped the signal on casually and then accelerated the car into the main road. She marveled at the feeling of her body being gently pushed back into the soft fabric of the car seat, and then looked up at him again as they settled into a smooth glide down the roadway.

Wordlessly, she pushed the button on her seatbelt and watched as it automatically slid up and away from her body back to its resting place behind her and far above her right shoulder. She then leaned forward onto her knees and crawled over to him. She lay on her hip, facing him and wrapped her arms around his stomach, squeezing herself close to him.

He dropped his right arm once more around her shoulders and began to gently massage the base of her neck as the gigantic beast coasted along almost as if they were hopping from one soft puffy cloud to another.

She sighed, resting her face against his ribs and melted into him. “You have the best surprises,” she quietly admitted.

“Told you,” he remarked back. “I figured we could head back down to the clinic and drive around for a while until we’re ready to head in.

“No rush,” she told him absentmindedly without bothering to open her eyes.

Lucas asked down to her, “would you like me to turn on some music?” The car continued to glide gently down the road, every bump in the road seemed to be miles away as the engine whirred softly and the wind blew against the car’s enormous frame.

“No, thank you.” Erica replied appreciatively. As she relaxed into him and the car coasted along she quietly asked him, “Why do you have this thing anyways?”

“The Cutlass?” He felt her nod into his ribs. “Why? Don’t you like it?”

“It’s grown on me. Where did you get it?”

“It’s my dad’s.”

“So why is it at your house?”

“Well, someone had to take it.”

She opened her eyes and looked up at him. “He can’t keep it at his house?”

Lucas’ eyes dropped down towards her briefly and then flipped back up to focusing on the road again. “Well no, he’s gone.”

“Where did he..” She began to ask him, but then the answers began to fall into place in her mind. “How long has he… How long have you been keeping his car?”

“He’s been gone for almost four years now,” Lucas replied calmly.

“What happened?” Erica asked sincerely.


She held him more tightly for a moment then looked up. “So why did you get the car?”

“He and I used to work on it together. He bought it brand new off the showroom floor. He used it as a daily driver for a few years, but he never used it in the winter. Still, over time, wires still fray, cables break, parts wear out, you know.” Erica watched him closely as he spoke. “Anyway, he got busy with kids and it sat garaged for a long time. When I was about fourteen he told me that if I was ever gonna learn to drive I would need to learn to work on cars, and we rebuilt the Cutlass together.”

“Did you upgrade it?”

“Mostly, no. We added a few things here and there- oil pressure and a few other gauges over here,” she twisted around to see him point to a handful of random gauges to the left, underneath the dash. “We upgraded the stereo and sound system, and made some changes in engine parts. My dad always said that GM’s were made with junk parts, but the nice thing about them is that every time you replace a part you know you’re getting a better car, one part at a time.”

“So you didn’t put in a special engine?”

“No, why?”

“It just sounds so different than what I’m used to.”

“This car was designed for a different era. Driving was different back then. Honestly, I hate driving, but when I’m in the Cutlass, I’ve always loved it.”

“I don’t remember riding in a car that felt like this.”

“Well, you may not have, at least not for a very long time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’m sure you can feel it. The soft seats, verses the molded ones in the newer cars, the way the ride feels, all the extra space. Driving in cars like this, and older, it was an experience.” Erica looked down at the velour seat and ran a hand across the soft, fluffy surface, then smiled as she pushed down on the pliable cushion. “With newer cars it feels kinda, well, sterile to me.” Erica stared intently as he became lost in his thoughts.

“I mean, can’t even remember the last time I was I a car, other than this one, that had bench seats. I remember when I was growing up and my dad got his first car with bucket seats, and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. It was all I wanted. But after driving a couple years like that, all I wanted was to drive in this car, where I could stretch out and not feel so boxed in and cut off.”

Erica pondered his words for a moment while rubbing her hand against his stomach, then changed the subject. “So you were really close to your dad.”

“Not as much as I could have been, or should have been.”

“What do you mean?” Erica asked staring up, intently waiting for his answer.

“He was always closer to my older sister. The two of them were inseparable. She was always fiercely jealous of anyone who took his time, and I guess I let those things get in the way. She could tell you any detail you wanted to know about his life, things I was never privy to.”

“Your sister sounds like a bitch.” Erica snarled.

Lucas smiled, then replied, “No, she and him were just very, very close, and she was protective of him. Sometimes to her own detriment, but I have to admit she’s lucky to have had that kind of connection. Dad was great to me, and he went out of his way to never favor her, but they were just closer.”

“I hardly remember my dad,” she quietly added, looking at the fabric of Lucas’ shirt, tracing her finger across the pattern.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. He left us when I was about six.”

“Well, do you remember anything good?”

Erica remained there lost in thought until Lucas squeezed her shoulders gently while he continued to massage her. “Just thinking,” she admitted to him.

“You can’t remember anything?”

She sat there lost in thought until something occurred to her in a flash and her face lit up. “He used to read stories to me every night when he would tuck me in to bed, and he would stand up and act out the parts for me. He would always tell me the story of Cinderella.”

“I like that.”

“So did I,” Erica commented absentmindedly. Lucas looked down on her and gently squeezed her shoulders, which elicited another deep sigh as she relaxed into his grasp. “God, you’re getting good at that.”

“Well, keep behaving well. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” Lucas held a cheeky grin on his face while Erica looked up at him again, catching Lucas’ attention and then sticking her tongue out at him.

They continued to ride on in silence with Lucas continuing to massaged her shoulders until out of the blue Erica looked up and pulled down on his shirt. “Lucas, why are you doing all this for me?”

“Why not?”

“Well, you don’t have to. You could have gone to work today.”

“Yeah, but this is much more enjoyable.”

“What if it stops being enjoyable? What then?”

“What if it doesn’t?”

Erica was caught off guard by his question. She twisted her face and thought long and hard, though Lucas continued to gently knead her shoulders. “I’m afraid this moment won’t last,” She admitted to him.

“Of course it won’t,” Lucas replied matter-of-factly. “But when it comes to its end, another moment will be starting. What do you want that moment to look like?”

“I don’t know,” she again admitted while picking at the patterns of fabric in his shirt.

“Wasn’t really looking for an answer. It’s just a question for you to ask yourself. I ask myself it all the time, and usually I don’t know either.” She paused for a moment to think to herself. Lucas continued to massage her shoulders mellifluously. “Hey, Kitten?” He asked her softly.

Erica Looked up at him curiously, “yeah?” She asked.

“You’re not alone, Kitten,” He gently said down to her.

The massive beast continued to glide down the highway as Erica settled back into Lucas’ embrace and closed her eyes. “I love this car,” she shared with him. Lucas just smiled and continued to drive.

Erica began to slip slowly and gently asleep until after a blissful rest against Lucas’ lap she felt the car come to a stop and Lucas’ gigantic hand tenderly rubbed up and down her back, easing her awake again.

“Kitten, we’re here, and it’s time to head in.”

Erica sat up and looked around at the distant walls of the car. She lifted herself to her knees and was able to peek outside of the car for the first time since entering it back at Lucas’ place. She rubbed her eyes and then looked back up at Lucas. “What if they think I’m a freak when they see me?”

“It doesn’t matter. You aren’t and I will be here for you as you try to get through this.” She smiled and took his hand in both of hers as he opened his door. They both climbed out the driver’s side of the car together. She pulled him along across the parking lot to the front door of the clinic building and entered, her grinning widely as he held the door for her, bowing slightly to her as she walked in.
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Re: Please..

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“Give it back!!” The little girl screamed, red faced, at the young boy. A group of kids stood around each other near a tall brick wall. Young voices could be heard laughing and squealing from around the corner of the building.

“No, you had your chance, you’re doing it wrong.” The boy told her, defiantly. Mandy ran away from the group and up to Erica, who was sitting alone underneath a tree beside a baseball field.

“Erica, Andy just took that game gear from Tina, can you get it back?”

“What am I supposed to do about it?” Erica questioned her friend.

“Just take it back from him. God, boys are such jerks.” Mandy retorted flippantly.

“I can’t do that.” Erica replied shyly.

“Sure you can, you’re way bigger than any of the boys. They’d be stupid to say anything.”

“I dunno…” Erica said, uncertain of herself.

“Come on Erica, Andy is really asking for it. He can’t just take things out of people’s hands like that.”

“Maybe.” Erica stood up far above her smaller friend and followed her back to the confrontation, where a little blonde girl continued to scream at the young boy. “Come on, Todd, give it back to her,” Erica stated seriously.

“Forget it bean pole, stay out of it.”

Erica’s face flashed with anger. “I am sick of you calling me that, GIVE IT BACK TO HER!”

“And I said no, bean pole!”

Erica stepped forward, grabbing Andy’s wrists in her hands, and shoved him back against the wall. “Give it back to her Andy, right now!” She snarled at him.

Slowly, he fought back against her, pushing her hands up little by little, but struggling for everything he was worth. Erica held her own, but was having great difficulty keeping the boy under her control.

“I’m.. not.. giving… it.. to.. her..” He strained looking up into Erica, shooting daggers from his eyes into hers. “Let go of me bean pole!” he yelled.

Erica, having had enough, swiftly kneed Andy in the groin, causing a look of shock on his face before he started to double over in pain. With renewed advantage over him, Erica shoved him back into the wall, “I said give it back pip squeak!” She kneed him in the groin again. He dropped the handheld game console on the pavement, causing it to crack wide open. Andy looked down in horror.

“Idiot!” Erica yelled at him. “Look what you did now!” She kneed him again, then again, then again until the boy collapsed on the ground, crying in pain. Erica looked down at him and smirked devilishly as she watched the boy writhe.

“Leave him alone, Erica.” Another young voice sternly warned her from behind.

Erica turned around to look at the young hazel-eyed boy with a mop top hair cut. “What are you going to do about it, Jimmy?”

The boy, a head shorter than Erica stepped in closer, looking up at her, unwavering. “I said leave him alone.”

“Make me, midget..” Erica shoved him forcefully. He staggered back a step, but stepped right back up to her.

“Stop it.”

“You see what he did? He had it coming.”

“Yeah, I saw it. I saw a lot more than you did. Leave him alone.”

“Make me.” She grunted angrily and shoved the boy again, but he stood firm this time. Behind her she heard Andy starting to move away, and she kicked back at him, hitting him in the chest, causing him to wheeze for air. In that split second, though, Jimmy swung up hitting Erica squarely on the chin, and in a blur swung across her left temple, then back again across her right temple with his other fist again. Erica tumbled to the ground, and lay there stunned and disoriented.

“OH MY GOD!! Jimmy hit Erica!!” Mandy screamed at the top of her lungs. “Mrs. Nelson!! Jimmy hit Erica!”

A few short seconds later an adult voice came into range as loud footsteps could be heard stomping around the corner. “What is going on here?” The woman demanded, then looked at the scene in front of her. “JIMMY CARTWRIGHT!! HOW DARE YOU??” She screamed. “IT WILL BE A MIRACLE IF YOU MANAGE TO KEEP FROM GETTING SUSPENDED FOR THIS!!”

“Mrs. Nelson, she was beating up Andy, and she hit me first! She kicked him on the ground!”

“NOT ANOTHER WORD FROM YOU! YOU DON’T HIT GIRLS!! NEVER!! YOU HEAR ME?? I DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR EXCUSES!!!” The woman reached out, and grabbed Jimmy by his ear, and pulled up forcefully, dragging Jimmy off as he grunted and squealed in pain, trying his best to keep up with the woman on his tiptoes. Once gone, Erica slowly stood to her feet and rubbed the dizziness from her temples and dusted herself off.

“OH MY GOD ERICA!!” Mandy squealed. “That was AWESOME!!” Erica just stood there, not knowing what to say. Two other girls came up and gave their congratulations as well.

“He so deserved that,” one echoed as they grabbed Erica’s arms and walked her away giggling and gossiping about the event.

The other girl looked back at Andy, who was still on the ground and still crying. “I can’t believe you got beat up by a girl. Wuss.” She snarled.

Andy lay there crying and crawled over to the Game Gear. He picked it up, and tears streamed down his face. Another boy, and a small, meek little girl who had been watching from afar came over and knelt down by Andy.

“Are you ok, Andy?” The girl asked with a deep frown on her face.

“My dad is going to kill me,” Andy whined. His nose was already running as the tears continued to stream down his cheeks. “He told me I couldn’t take my Game Gear to school. He said that if it ever got broken he’d take away my Nintendo too.” He fumbled with the broken toy, feebly trying to fit the jagged pieces back together again.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Thu May 21, 2020 3:36 pm

The pair walked into the waiting room and looked around. Lucas spotted the reception desk and walked with Erica over to it. She was barely able to see over the edge of the table enough to look up at a middle-aged woman who sat filling in paper work. “One moment, please,” she told them thoughtlessly. They both stood there patiently as the woman took her time for over four minutes before she eventually looked up at Lucas. “Can I help you?” She asked unenthusiastically.

“Yeah,” Lucas responded, smiling warmly back at her. “Erica Simonis is here for her 11:30 appointment.”

“And where is she?” Erica placed her arms on the counter as best as she could, which triggered the woman to jump as she noticed the movement on her desk suddenly. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you. You must be Erica.” She smiled weakly down at Erica.

“Yes,” Erica replied plainly.

The woman looked back up at Lucas “Has she been seen here before?”

“Yes, I have,” replied Erica again plainly. Lucas just smiled as the woman looked to him for confirmation.

“Alright, the woman agreed. “Go ahead and have a seat in the waiting area, and I will let Dr. Hanson know you are here.”

The two of them walked away together, Erica holding his hand and the woman started to go back to her normal duties until she caught Erica’s hips swaying in a very feminine manner away from them. She looked closer and noticed Erica’s trim, curvaceous figure underneath the dress. Her face contorted. “Hey, Judy,” She whispered to her coworker, who was sitting adjacent to her.

“Yeah?” the stout young woman replied back.

“Look at this kid, over here, she look odd to you?”

Judy stared carefully at Erica’s walk and her figure. “A little. She walks kinda seductive for a kid so young, and wow is she skinny!”

“That’s what I thought too.”

“God, what is her dad teaching her? And don’t they feed her?”

“I don’t know, it’s kinda sick, if you ask me.”

“Should we file something with protective services?”

“We’ll have to wait for the doctor to see them first.”

Erica and Lucas stood in the waiting room area looking for a seat. Erica dipped her head slightly as she became more and more self-conscious of the situation. Across the room sat a mother reading a a copy of US Weekly and her son, roughly first grade age, who sat fidgeting in his chair. Erica surveyed the scene and led Lucas to the opposite corner of the room.

She then chose a chair that at least partially covered her from the prying eyes of the other two in the room. Lucas sat and waited anxiously as Erica lifted a leg high in the air and used it to climb up onto the chair. In the process her dress swung loose revealing her bare bottom. Lucas quickly reached over and pulled the dress down to compensate while Erica blushed and ducked to the back of her chair where she crossed her legs underneath her dress.

“We really need to find me some panties,” Erica whispered up to Lucas.

“Easier said than done, Kitten. We’ll figure something out.” Lucas replied softly. The pair sat in silence until Erica noticed the young boy across the room staring at her. She blushed and leaned back to try to hide behind Lucas. The boy, though, just leaned over far to continue to try to look at the diminutive woman. The boy began to squint and stared her down.

Lucas was largely oblivious to this and was reading his iPhone until he felt Erica tug at his shirt. He looked down and Erica whispered up, “That kid keeps staring at me.” Lucas looked across the room at the boy and frowned. The boy noticed, but completely ignored him and went back to leaning further over in an attempt to get a better look at Erica.

Lucas simply placed a hand on Erica’s stomach and pushed her back further on the chair while he sat forward completely obscuring her. The little boy frowned and tried to lean back and forth attempting in vain to get a better look at Erica. Eventually, the boy hopped off the chair and started to walk over. Erica was watching surreptitiously by peeking from behind Lucas’ back and gasped as she saw the enormous child start his way over.

“Sit down Caleb,” his mother sternly warned without looking up from her magazine, and the boy went back to his chair reluctantly, but continued to stare back toward Lucas and Erica. Lucas picked up his iPhone and went back to reading after sighing loudly in frustration.

The boy continued to twist back and forth in attempts to see around Lucas and Lucas continued to move accordingly to block the boy’s view. After a few minutes, he looked off to his right directly at the boy and mouthed the word “stop” as clearly as he could. The boy glared angrily back at Lucas.

Erica sat tucking herself as closely to Lucas as she possibly could when a voice from high above her left shoulder spoke in a patronizing manner. “Would you like a stick of string cheese, little girl?” Lucas’ eyes widened and his face deadened. Erica put her face in her tiny palm while her skin turned a bright crimson red.

“Oh God,” she managed to reply shakily.

“Oh, but little girl, you are way too thin, you should have this,” the woman waved a packaged stick of string cheese in Erica’s face.

“Ma’am, thank you but we’re not interested.” Lucas replied with just a hint of frustration in his voice. Across the room the little boy was now kneeling on his seat watching the spectacle develop.

“I’m not talking to you. What kind of father would starve his daughter to be so thin?”

“She isn’t my daughter.” Lucas replied flatly, his face now firmly planted in both of his hands.

“Then what are you doing with this little girl then?”

“Ma’am, you really need to step away from this and leave us alone.” Lucas offered point-blank.

“Are you some kind of pervert? What are you doing with a child that isn’t yours?” The woman began to scold Lucas angrily.

“I’m not a child,” Erica stated shaking visibly as the giant leaned over her. The woman, hardly hearing Erica looked down at her and took notice of her breasts pressed snuggly against the fabric of her little dress. From the woman’s stand point, she could actually see down the gap in Erica’s cleavage down her stomach. Erica lifted a hand trying to cover her breasts.

“Did you? Did you get your daughter breast implants???”

“Holy crap lady!” Lucas shot back, dumbfounded.

“I. Am. Not. A. Child.” Erica glared angrily up at the woman. The woman leaned in, still holding the string cheese in front of Erica and stared closely at Erica’s face, taking note of the defined cheekbones, skin tone and overall shape of the head.

“Oh my God Judy, she’s some kind of midget or dwarf or something!” She proclaimed loudly. Her stout coworker stood up and looked to them.

“What?” The stout MA walked out from behind the desk to get a good look for herself, and the boy’s mother was now finally was broken from her fixation on her magazine and sat up pertly looking as the clinic employees converged on Lucas and Erica. She too now stood and walked toward them while her son darted ahead, finally cut free from his imaginary leash.

“Oh wow! She just so tiny!” The stout woman reached out and poked Erica in amazement.

“Don’t do that,” Lucas warned. Erica’s eyes were wide in fear as the little boy ran over and put his humongous face right in hers.

“So your like a full grown midget woman?” He patted Erica on her head. “For good luck,” he smirked to himself as he did it.

“This is unreal,” Lucas stammered out.

“Oh, wow,” The boy’s mom gasped in astonishment as she leaned in closely.

“She’s so proportional,” the clinic woman added, “She doesn’t even have stubby little arms like you’d expect.”

Erica leaned over towards Lucas, pulling her knees to her chest and in the process exposed her bare bottom and her uncovered labia to the small crowd that had gathered. The boy went wide-eyed and dipped his head to the side to get a better look. He even started to reach an index finger forward toward her. The two clinic employees both giggled and blushed, not really paying attention to the boy, while the mom chortled “Ha! I guess they don’t make underwear her size!”

Lucas, however stood suddenly up in between the group that was hovering directly over Erica, and managed to forcefully bump into the others with his shoulders, chest and even his head. They all staggered backward a couple of steps, one even managed to begin to grumble to him angrily before Lucas released a deep, thunderous voice that shocked everyone, but no one more than Erica.

“THAT IS ENOUGH!” He bellowed. He didn’t speak particularly loudly, but the sound still echoed in the room and came with unusual force. He stood there, veins bulging and pulsing in his neck, a clenched square jaw and eyes like granite.

“What is wrong with you?” The stout clinic worker ordered.

“What’s wrong with me?” Lucas asked back forcefully. “What’s wrong with me?? Do you NOT see the look on her face?” He motioned down to Erica who sat frantically trying to cover herself in front of the boy. “She didn’t ask for this attention. How would you feel if a bunch of people twice as tall as you suddenly were all hovering right in your face touching you and poking you?”

“That’s just crazy,” The clinic woman said.

“Not for her it isn’t.”

“That doesn’t excuse you hitting us,” The boy’s mother accused angrily, rubbing her head.”

“And you,” Lucas continued, pointing his entire hand stiffly at her, “You’re little monster was trying to cop a feel of her most private parts,”

“My SON was only curious!”

“And since when does that make it alright for your six year old to insert his finger into a woman?” The woman stood back, stunned.

“He wouldn’t have done that!” She replied defensively.

“And who would have stopped him? You two? You were too busy giggling over her little butt.” He pointed an entire stiff hand at the clinic workers who were angrily glaring at Lucas.

“We weren’t hurting anyone,” The stout clinic worker retorted.

“My son is not some kind of pervert,” the mother scowled pointing to Lucas’ face and smirking.

“Oh no? Then why is he over there off to the side still trying to get his rotten little fingers all up in that?” All three women turned to see the boy closing in on Erica from the behind her. Erica turned around and squeaked as she noticed the giant child right there sneaking up on her. The boy looked up confused.

“What are you going to do? You can’t do anything to us for just standing here!” The mother stated matter-of-factly.

“Lady, you don’t even want to know what I will do to make sure she is safe.”

“You can’t touch me. You can’t touch any of us, I know my rights!” the mother demanded.

“This has gone on long enough,” Lucas commanded. He stared down the mother. “Get your miserable little brat away from her right this instant.

“I don’t use force on my child,” She retorted defiantly.

“GET HIM AWAY FROM HER NOW OR I WILL DO IT MYSELF.” Lucas thundered. The mother gulped and ran over hugging her son close to her, rubbing his back comfortingly to him, though the boy seemed largely unphased and still focused his sights on Erica.

“Now, you two,” Lucas stated angrily. One woman stood forward to stand up to Lucas, and pointed a finger at his face. “I suggest whatever you think you want to say you shut it.” The worker closed her mouth and her eyes opened in surprise. “I chose to come here because this is one of our clinics, and you know what Ben Carlson always says about employees staying within the system.”

The worker’s faces lit up in shock.

“I also have monthly meetings with Mike Krauthammer to discuss IS security, and it just so happens the next meeting is on Tuesday. I had planned to take the week off, but you had better believe I will be there Tuesday morning bright and early and I will make sure to catch him before the meeting starts. He will be very interested to hear how the weekend shift treated their patients and fellow coworkers.”

The color drained out of both of their faces. One woman reached up and turned her badge inward in an attempt to hide it from Lucas.

“Don’t bother. I don’t even need to take your names down. I know you are a HUC, and you are an MA, and we have your schedules sitting there waiting for me in EPIC, and I also know who to talk to back at system office to get your ID pictures.

“Well, we’re going to file an incident report with HR first thing Monday morning.”

“Go for it. I don’t have to wait til Monday morning. I will have one filed before I have lunch, and I will also talk to my friend in HR this afternoon, and I can assure you, she will make sure that BOTH reports are investigated as quickly as possible. They may not like me standing up in the middle of a group of mouthy, inconsiderate, wholly tasteless women, but I’d imagine that they would look even less favorably on their workers molesting a vulnerable patient.”

The entire group stood there silently staring at Lucas. Erica continually looked around her to make sure no one else was sneaking up on her.

“We are here because she needs to see a doctor, today,” Lucas continued angrily. “I think it’s time you got us into a patient room. And I know there are other staff in the back. Go get one of them to help us with that. You’ve done enough for one morning.” Lucas ordered.

The stout worker spoke up to Lucas, “We don’t have to take you to a patient room. You’re not here as a patient.”

“Erica,” Lucas said over his shoulder, “Do you want me to wait out here in the waiting room while you have your appointment?”

Erica shakily replied, “God no.”

“What would you like me to do then?”

“Stay with me through my appointment! Please!” Erica squeaked.

“Sounds like the lady wants me with her. Now go get us our room, and I better not catch you staring again.” The two workers high tailed it back to the reception desk while Lucas turned and stared down the mother.

The stout woman walked briskly to the back of the building while the other one sat back down in her chair and buried her face deep in her computer screen. Meanwhile Lucas continued to stare at the mother, who didn’t move. He raised his hand and pointed back toward the chair she had been sitting in earlier and stood there like a statue. After a moment, the mother clutched her son and dragged him protectively back to their respective chairs. Lucas remained standing, looking back and forth around the room at the dispersed crowd and down to Erica repeatedly checking on her as she looked up waiting for what he would say next until another woman opened a door to the patient area and called out “Erica?”

Erica leapt off of her chair, pulling her dress down as she dropped and then trotted over to Lucas, hopping up to grabbing his hand. She led the way, pulling Lucas along as he continued to survey the room they were about to leave behind.

This woman, rather plump and in her late thirties with short dark hair looked to the two of them. She knelt down and looked down and looked at Erica, a weak smile on her face. “Oh, sorry, you weren’t what I expected.” Erica smiled shyly back, still gripping Lucas’ hand. “What happened up here?” She asked Erica.

“We just,” Erica looked around the room again and saw the boy peeking around the corner toward her again. “Can we just get inside?”

“Alright, let’s get your vitals.” She led them inside up to a scale and motioned for Erica to stand on it. Erica stepped up and waited. “Turn around please,” the nurse politely asked. Erica spun around, nervously looking around her. The nurse lifted the bar on the vertical ruler behind Erica and motioned for Erica to stand with her back to it. She carefully slid the ruler back down to Erica’s head and calmly announced “thirty five inches.”

Erica’s eyes moved back and forth processing the number then looked up at Lucas. “Thirty five?” She pleaded.

Lucas knelt and his face softened. He looked to the nurse. “Could you be as accurate as you can for her?”

The nurse nodded and re-assessed her height, more carefully this time. “Thirty five point three inches,” she finally announced. Erica sighed in relief deeply. The Nurse then motioned for Erica to turn around and stood to look adjust the weight scale, down, down, and down. “Eighteen point five pounds,” she announced with a look of confusion on her face. She then led them into a room down the hall where there were chairs and a very tall patient bench. The nurse walked in ahead of them and put a plastic stool in front of the bench for Erica, which the gratefully used to climb up and sit on the bench while the nurse began rummaging through the cupboards.

Lucas took a seat off to the side, out of their way and just smiled to Erica. Eventually the Nurse pulled down a small plastic bin with the word “infant” printed on it and pulled out some very small apparatus to read blood pressure with. She walked back to Erica, pulling a stool up in front of her and asked politely for Erica to lift her arm forward. Erica did and the nurse pulled out a stethoscope and began pumping the device up. Over the course of many seconds, she wrote the values down on a slip of paper, then slid her stool back to the counter.

“Do you smoke?” She asked.

“No.” Erica replied.

“Are you pregnant?”


The nurse paused, then looked up at Lucas. “I’m not really supposed to ask this question with you here.”

“Please don’t make him leave,” Erica pleaded.

The nurse pursed her lips then looked back at Erica. “Has your husband or boyfriend ever struck you?”

“He’s not my boyfriend.”

“So, is that a no, then?” The nursed asked.

“Never. That little monster in the waiting room, though..” The nurse looked back at Erica and cocked her eyebrow up.

“Can ask what happened out there?” The nurse asked Lucas.

“Erica, would you like to tell her?” Erica stared back at Lucas, then nodded her head slowly. The nurse listened intently as Erica shared every detail she could think of while Lucas sat back quietly and just listened, though he showed more than his share of anger as Erica described the entire situation.

Once finished, the nurse turned and looked at Lucas, “so you really work at corporate?” Lucas nodded. “Are you really going to file complaints?”

“You better believe it,” He commented sternly.

“I know Sheri is really catty and gossipy, but she’s a good person. I’m sure she meant no harm.”

“I don’t care what she meant or didn’t mean. I was standing there trying to protect Erica from four different people at once and the situation was out of control.”

“I know, but this could mean her whole career.”

“And it could have meant Erica’s safety. They all felt what they did was perfectly justifiable, and I won’t let it stand.” The nurse sat there thinking for a while.

“Is this what you want, Erica?”

Erica looked up at her and furrowed her brow. “I don’t know.”

Lucas now spoke to Erica. “I don’t know won’t cut it. I can file complaints in the company because I’m here trying to defend you. I need to know that you are okay with that.”

“I just don’t know. I’ve never been so humiliated in my life.”

“Most people would consider that a good reason to file a complaint.” Lucas replied back. Erica’s face creased in thought over the situation. “Think about it, Kitten. You know what I want to do, but it happened to you, not me. You will make the final decision.” Erica looked up to them both and smiled weakly, nodding her head.

The nurse nodded her head, then stood up to leave. “I will let the doctor know you are ready, she’ll be in in a few minutes.”

With that, she left Lucas and Erica alone on the room together. Erica looked over to Lucas and smiled. She lifted her arm and motion for him to come closer. He stood and walked over to her, she then patted the bench beside her. Lucas sat and put a hand on her shoulder, massaging it gently. “I guess we’re going to have to get you some shining armor now,” She commented flippantly.

“Maybe when I’ve earned it,” Lucas said back seriously.

“Who are those people you mentioned?”

“Ben Carlson is the CEO and Mike Krauthammer is the VP of Clinic Operations.”

“And you know them both?”

“Well, I know Mike, sorta.” He said very quietly.


“I really do have monthly meetings where I see him. There are like 40 people in the room and I’m like the low man on the totem pole. I’m not sure he even knows my name.”

“So you lied?” Erica whispered up incredulously.

“No, I can talk to him. Not sure if he’ll listen, but I can talk to him. Often times he’s there at the meeting early, so I should be able to catch him, one way or another.”

“Yeah, but you made us all think you were like close friends or something.” Erica grinned ear to ear as she whispered to Lucas.

“Well, dad always said ‘if you’re going to lie, stick to the truth.’ I didn’t say any of those things, you just let yourselves think that way.” Erica giggled and smacked Lucas’ stomach.

“What am I going to do with you?” She asked him playfully, trying to hold back her giggles.

“Whatever you would like to do, Kitten.”
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Fri May 22, 2020 2:20 pm

“COMPETITORS TO THE LINE PLEASE,” a nearly robotic voice over the louder speakers rang out. A tall man, dark hair with a crew cut and grey eyes like steel stood staring out across a grassy field towards a line of paper targets, which were all turned facing 90 degrees away from him. He was dressed in a flannel button up shirt and wore large, metal-framed eyeglasses and large earmuffs over his ears.

“WE WILL CONTINUE IN THE CENTERFIRE MATCH WITH YOUR THIRD STRING OF TIMED FIRE. FIVE ROUNDS IN TWENTY SECONDS” The voice over the loudspeaker continued. The man reached forward to the wooden bench in front of him and picked up an older looking pistol with the slide locked back, blued and shining, aside from some fogging of burned gunpowder around the end of the barrel.

The man stood with his feet shoulder width apart, a little more than 45 degrees off from the side of the bench. “WITH FIVE ROUNDS, LOAD,” The voice continued. The man reached forward and grabbed a magazine, sliding it into the handle of the pistol forcefully, then pulled a small lever on the left side of the pistol, causing the slide to slam forward with a loud click. He lowered his arm and rested muzzle of the pistol facing forward on the bench, and took a deep breath.

“IS THE LINE READY?” the voice called. The man turned his head to his right and looked down range. “THE LINE IS READY.” The man took another deep breath.

“READY ON THE RIGHT,” the voice called out. The man tightened the grip on his pistol. “READY ON THE LEFT,” The man lifted his pistol with one arm out to his right side, up, and lowered it slowly as he breathed in, “READY ON THE FIRING LINE.” The man continued to lower the pistol slowly until he found where he wanted it to be and his thick arm held steadily, like an oak limb. Steel like eyes focused keenly on his target. A few very short seconds ticked away in an atmosphere that seemed to be frozen in time. Thirty people, all in a row, in roughly the same stance, waiting, focused intently on the horizon.

A klaxon sounded loudly and all the targets flipped forward at once as the man squeezed down steadily and the pistol exploded into action. The slide slammed back, kicking a piece of brass up and out, then slammed forward as he lowered the pistol back into the smoke from the previous firing. All around him shots rang out randomly, everywhere, all the time. BANG! He reset his aim, BANG, reset his aim, BANG, he reset his aim again, BANG! He pushed a button on the left side of the handle, pushing the magazine back out, which he grabbed, and set on the bench. He held the pistol, barrel angled downward back on the bench and picked up a fresh magazine and waited.

Gunfire around him continued to ripple around him, which slowed to a few over the course of a few seconds, then one, then they all stopped. The klaxon sounded again and the targets all turned back.

The man closed his eyes and took another deep breath. “COMPETITORS, FOR YOUR FOURTH STRING OF TIMED FIRE, WITH FIVE ROUNDS, LOAD,” the voice echoed over the loudspeakers once more. The man once again slid a fresh magazine into his pistol and pulled the lever, unlocking the action and causing the slide to slam forward.

The man opened his steel eyes and looked out towards his turned target, preparing mentally for the same exercise once again. “IS THE LINE READY?” the voice called. The man turned his head to his right and looked down range. “THE LINE IS READY.” The man took another deep breath.

“READY ON THE RIGHT,” the voice called out. The man tightened the grip on his pistol. “READY ON THE LEFT,” The man lifted his pistol with one arm out to his right side, up, and lowered it slowly as he breathed in, and he waited. And waited.

The entire row of people stood waiting until the voice came back over the loudspeakers. “SOMEONE’S KID IS TAKING A SHIT ON THE FIRING LINE,” it said coldly.

The man’s eye shot open, and his brow twisted and warped. “What the hell?” He asked to no one.


Muffled laughs could be heard as the man set his pistol down and stepped back. “Who the fuck is stupid enough to let their damn kids back here?” He asked, once again to no one in particular.

Once more the voice echoed over the loudspeakers. “ALL COMPETITORS, SET DOWN YOUR ARMS AND STEP BACK FROM THE LINE.”

The man stood and grumbled to himself for a moment before he noticed off to his left another man staring at him with a cheeky grin. His brow twisted again, and he looked to his right where two more men stood grinning like the Cheshire cat. He removed his earmuffs. “What?” he asked, but all emotion drained from his face as he drew the appropriate conclusions.

He stepped back to his bench and leaned over it to look to his right where a little boy, about four years old sat out on the grass in front of the firing positions with his pants around his ankles, squatting, and relieving his bowels in an extremely satisfied manner.

“Oh, GODDAMNIT!!” The man yelled while the entire row of people erupted into hysterical laughter. The man turned and looked to the center of the line where the announcer, an elderly old codger with a short white beard stood with a yellowed, toothy grin.


The man stepped out in front of the firing positions and marched directly toward the boy, head high, chest out, fingers curled. “Goddamnit! LUCAS!! How the hell did you even get out here?” Lucas looked up at the man as he approached and smiled, while still emptying his bowels.

“Hi daddy!” Laughter continued to roar behind the firing line and the sound of a wooden rack falling could be heard from one of the competitors falling over it in his hilarity.

“What do you mean, ‘hi?’ Don’t you know how dangerous this is?”

The boy’s face turned serious, then confused. “Jesus kid, finish up, and let’s get you back to your mom.” The man stood with his face in his palm while his son finished his work then stood and pulled his pants up. When the boy had trouble buttoning his pants, the man knelt and assisted him, then picked the boy up, who leaned in and wrapped his arms around the man’s wide shoulders. The man shook his head.

“How did you get down here, Lucas?” The boy turned and pointed to the side of the field, where up the steep berm, between the dirt mound and the high wooden fence a small hole had been dug out. The man grabbed his son’s arm and looked at how it was caked in dirt matching the berm.

He turned and marched back towards the firing line, where a few men had staggered out to their benches and were bent over laughing so hard they had begun crying. He marched back to the announcer who picked up the microphone and announced “COMPETITORS, WE WILL TAKE A FIFTEEN MINUTE BREAK WHILE A HEADCOUNT OF ALL THE CHILDREN HERE IS TAKEN TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE NO REPEATS OF THIS INSTANCE. NO ONE IS TO HANDLE ANY FIREARMS IN THAT TIME, AND THEY ARE TO REMAIN BENCHED.”

The man walked out of the range shaking his head to the sound of continued laughter, past a wire fence where a man stood by with a confused look on his face. “How the fuck did he get back there?”

“Got over the fence somehow, and he dug right through the berm with his hands.” The other man laughed heartily. The man continued marching along into a row of RV’s and tents until he came across and old dodge motor home and flung the door open. “EILEEN!!” He yelled. A slender redheaded woman, stuttered out of her snoring and sat up in the bunk at the back of the camper.

“Huh??” She stammered.

“Eileen, would you care to tell me how your son managed to get out of the camp, around the range, over two chain link fences, and directly through a dirt wall so he could take a shit on the firing line?”

“What?!? No, he’s been here with me!”

“No, he was out there, with me.”

“Oh my god..” she gasped in realization. “I.. I…”

“Lucas, what were you doing out there?”

“I missed you daddy,” he explained simply. The man shook his head and placed his face in his palm.

“Lucas, you can’t be out there, you need to stay with your mom.”

“Mom said you were playing. I wanted to play too.”

The man sighed. “Lucas, you are too young to play that game right now. When you are older I’ll teach you how to play, I promise, but right now, you stay back here with your mom, all the time, you understand?” The boy nodded his head. “What did I just tell you?”

“Stay with Mommy.”

“Good boy.”

“Why can’t I play with you yet, Daddy?”

“It’s too dangerous for you just yet. You’re too young. You understand?” The boy nodded.

“I didn’t mean to..” he offered sadly.

“I know, but you need to listen better, I can’t have you getting hurt, you understand?” The boy nodded. “It’s too dangerous up there, say it.”

“It’s too dangerous up there.”

“Good boy.” He leaned forward and kissed his son on the forehead and set him down. Then he grabbed both of Lucas’ shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “Don’t do that again, son. I could never live with myself if I knew I didn’t keep you safe.” The boy nodded. “Where is Madelyn?” In response there was a tapping sound from the back window of the RV. “Get in here and stay with your mom, Madie. She hopped down, causing the RV to move slightly and she ran inside and gave her dad a hug.

“Figure it out Eileen, I’ll be back for lunch,” the man told his wife plainly and stepped out of the RV.

The man marched back to the range, where the competitors had re-gathered. He looked around at the line of people grinning wildly at him and sighed. “COMPETITORS TO THE LINE, PLEASE.” The announcer echoed over the loudspeakers. The man walked back to his bench to find two yellow rubber gloves, about elbow length, a toilet brush, a bucket, a can of Lysol, a medical face mask, a bottle of baby wipes and a handful of plastic bags. “STAND EASY COMPETITORS WHILE WE CLEAN UP A BIOHAZARD DOWNRANGE.”

The line erupted into uncontrolled laughter once more.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Sat May 23, 2020 10:46 pm

A slender woman of average height in her early thirties with plain brown hair sat at a computer typing notes. She wore a white lab coat and thin, dark rimmed glasses. Her hair was done neatly, but not elaborate by any means of the imagination. She had a thin, long face with soft cheekbones. The plump nurse that had just seen to Erica stepped up behind her.

“Dr Hanson, room five is ready.”

“Already?” The doctor asked, still focused on writing her notes.

The nurse replied back solemnly, “Yeah. They had a bit of a rough time up front, so you may want to keep that in mind when you go in there.”

Dr Hanson sighed. “Was it Sheri?”

“And Judy, but apparently there is a boy and his mother up there, and in the ruckus the boy really pushed the limits, and no one was watching him, except this guy. And to make matters worse, he is from corporate, and he knows people up there. And he is pissed.”

“I keep warning Sheri to watch herself, but she never seems to learn.”

“I’ll talk to Sheri and Judy, maybe an apology will help settle the guy down, but I just don’t know.” Dr Hanson just shook her head without breaking eye contact with her computer screen.

She continued for several minutes, typing notes, researching her physician’s desk reference before she finally locked her computer and left her workstation. She grabbed a clipboard and walked to the break room where she poured herself a glass of water and sipped from it, rubbing her temples.

The clipboard with patient information sat in front of her. “Erica Simonis” was printed across the top. Dr Hanson barely looked at it, before pushing it away and removing her glasses. She took her time sipping her water and rubbing her forehead before she finally decided to get up and leave the room. She walked down the hallway to a room labeled ‘5’ and knocked softly on the door. After a short pause, she opened the door.

Dr. Hanson walked into the patient room, her clipboard under her arm. She looked up in mild surprise at Lucas and smiled warmly, looked quickly at his hands, which rested on his lap and smiled softly. She then turned her attention to the small figure in the white floral dress, grinning widely, “And who do we have here?” she asked energetically.

“Erica,” A small voice called back shyly.

She looked downward reaching for the pen in the pocket of her lab coat. “And how old are you, Erica?”

“Twenty seven.”

A confused, contorted look spread over Dr. Hanson’s face. She looked up again at Erica, focusing more closely, almost squinting. She then checked the notes on her clipboard. Her head cocked back. “Uh.. well, what seems to be the problem?”

“I’m less than three feet tall.”

“Well.. yes, but dwarfism isn’t something we have a treatment..”

“I was almost six foot one yesterday.”

“Six feet, half an inch,” Lucas interjected. Erica smacked his arm.

Dr. Hanson stood silently, still taken aback. “That’s.. not.. possible.”

“Except it happened.”

She looked back into Erica’s eyes seriously. “I’m sorry, but that is a little hard to believe.” Erica held out her driver’s license and the doctor stepped forward, taking it and looked at it carefully. “Six foot one?” She questioned. Erica nodded. “But he just said six feet, half an inch.” Lucas chuckled. Erica smacked his arm again.

“I rounded up.”

Dr. Hanson looked again at her clipboard. “And today you are two feet, eleven inches tall..”

“Two eleven point three,” Erica corrected. Lucas chuckled briefly and softly before Erica once again smacked his arm.

“Well, a license is just a piece of plastic..” Erica held up her smart phone and Dr Hanson took hold of it. She looked it over and there was a picture of a small group of people all standing with their arms around each other. Erica and Lucas were there, and both were easily taller than all the others in the picture. “OK, so you.. lost over half your height in a day.”

“In an evening.” The doctor’s eyebrow cocked upward considering the statement.

“How exactly did this happen?”

“Well, my friend is a biochemist. She came up with this serum that was supposed to make me sexier, only when it kicked in, this happened.”

Dr Hanson sat down, and stared back, deep in thought. “I don’t know anything on a level to make a.. ‘serum’ that could do anything like this.”

“I know, my friend is going to look at the serum again, we already talked to her.”

Dr. Hansons’ eyebrow cocked upwards. “Erica, I don’t have anything in the pharmacy that can make you grow 37 inches. You’re body is already set. Or, it was supposed to be.”

Erica dropped her head dejectedly. Lucas put his arm around her shoulder and soothingly pulled her to his side. She leaned in to his stomach as he began gently massaging her shoulders and neck with his fingers. Erica slumped into his ribs and sighed heavily. Dr. Hanson cocked her eyebrow again.

“We know that doctor. We didn’t come here for a cure,” Lucas interjected softly.

“Then what did you come here for, Mr.?”


Dr Hanson smiled. “Then why are you here Lucas? What is it you would like from us?”

“Honestly, Erica has a life, she has a job. But it’s hardly likely that she can just go back to work on Monday morning. I mean, she can’t even drive like this. We needed you so we can try to get her started on filing for short-term disability.”

“I see, well, I’m going to have to do a full examination of her then. Why don’t you go back to the waiting room Lucas, and I will take care of that.” Erica jumped to alertness and looked up panicked into Lucas’ eyes.

He looked back down to her, pausing before he replied back. “No. I’m staying here with her.”

“Lucas, I know you want to feel in control of this situation, but really you need to leave and let me and my staff do our jobs.”

Lucas stood stiffly, his face turned cold and serious. “I’m staying.”

“Look Lucas, I’m trying to be nice about this,” a couple drops of sweat began to form on Dr. Hanson’s brow, “but you need to understand..”

“No doctor, you need to understand. We are here for her. We are here because she asked to come here, because she needed it. She is the patient, she is the one who decides how her care goes forward and I’m not moving one inch unless I’m convinced she wants me to.”

“I.. but..”

“You can draw curtains around her if you like, but I am staying with her.” Dr. Hanson blushed, and stood there speechless. From behind him, Erica spoke up with boosted confidence.

“It’s OK Lucas. Go ahead, I’ll be fine.” Lucas looked back at her thoughtfully.

“You don’t have to go back to the waiting room, you can wait right by the door. I will call you back in as soon as we’re done, I promise. I’ll just get my nurse in to..”

“If it’s alright, doctor, we would prefer as few people handling Erica as possible.”

Dr. Hanson struggled for words. “Alright Lucas, I will handle the tests myself. I’ll call you back in in just a few minutes.” Lucas seemed to accept this compromise and finally turned and walked out of the room slowly, closing the door with a soft click carefully. Dr Hanson breathed out heavily, padded her forehead with a Kleenex she had been keeing in the pocket of her lab coat and smiled down to Erica. “Your boyfriend is very protective..”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Erica countered reflexively. Dr. Hanson’s smile relaxed and widened a bit.

“Oh, well, Lucas is very protective then.” Erica’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Yeah, I guess he is.” Erica replied up thoughtfully.

Dr. Hanson walked over to the cupboards and began to pull out medical supplies. Gauze, needles, viles, etc., .. Erica watched her closely following her every move. Eventually the doctor pulled her stool in front of the bench where Erica sat, her feet dangling high above the floor. Dr. Hanson sat down on her stool. “I like your dress,” she offered warmly.

“Thank you. I just bought it,” Erica replied back quietly.

“I take it you are sexually active.” The doctor asked very clinically.

“Well, yeah, I guess,” Erica answered shyly.

“And last night, you two…”

“Yeah.” Erica blushed again.

“Oh wow,” the doctor remarked, staring at Erica’s arm.

“What?” Erica asked in alarm.

“You have really nice skin.”

“I do? Oh, I guess it does look good today,” Erica replied inspecting her own arm closely. Dr. Hanson’s eyebrow rose once again as she seemed to momentarily be lost in thought.

“When it happened, did it happen all at once?” The doctor began to prepare a needle.

“No, it happened little by little, in tiny spurts.”

“So like every minute or so it would happen?”

“No, it was a lot more random than that. Some came in a bunch together, others were spread out by themselves.”

“The spurts were completely random?”

Erica thought for a moment then looked back up again. “Not really. It seemed to happen any time I felt like Lucas was so big and strong, or if I just felt really safe next to him, you know?”

Dr. Hanson stared thoughtfully into Erica’s eyes, considering what she had just been told. She did her best to hide it, but swallowed quietly. “Did it hurt?”

Erica quizzically looked back at the doctor. “The shrinking?”

Dr. Hanson sat back a little suddenly and swallowed a little. “Yeah, the shrinking. Did it hurt?”

“No.” Erica leaned up watching the doctor closely.

“So, uh, does your friend have any more of this, serum?”

Erica’s eyebrow cocked up slightly. “I don’t know. Why?”

The doctor looked down at Erica’s diminutive arm as she wiped it with a disinfectant wipe. She seemed to be purposefully avoiding looking at Erica’s eyes now. There was a pause, then the Dr. Hanson began to wipe Erica’s arm down again. “I guess I wouldn’t mind shrinking down to three feet as he held me either.”

Erica scowled forcefully. “He’s taken.”

“You said he wasn’t your boyfriend.”

Erica looked up stunned. “I.. well, no.. He has his hands full right now.”

“I don’t know. He seems to be handling himself pretty well.” Erica peered down to see a smirk on the doctor’s face.

Erica’s face grew angry. “Yeah, well, he promised me he’d help me get around so I could get on short term disability and make sure I was ok,” she blurted back.

“That wouldn’t take too much time. In fact he could probably have that taken care of by the end of the day.. We’d be happy to help you as much as possible on the paperwork before you even leave.” Dr. Hanson continued to look down as she prepared the needle, pulling the plastic cover away from it. Erica’s jaw dropped.

“So what did it feel like?” The doctor quizzed again.

“The Shrinking.”

“The Shrinking.”

Erica’s mouth closed and her eyes narrowed again to almost a squint. “Well, that depends,” she offered, fighting back a smirk.


“Well yeah. For instance, the time he told me I wanted to be his little kitten felt totally different than the time he told me that he never yearned for anything more desperately in his life than me.”

Dr Hanson dropped the needle and looked up at Erica, utterly astonished. She regained her self-control picked it up again and pressed the needle against Erica’s skin. “I grabbed the smallest needle we have. This will sting a little.” She pressed the needle into her arm eliciting a sharp wince from Erica then the doctor pushed a vile onto the end of the needle and blood began to trickle into it. They sat there in silence while the vile slowly filled up, then Dr Hanson popped it out, setting in on the bench and popping another vile on.

The dark fluid crept up the walls of the vile inch by inch, millimeter by millimeter until it was full. Dr Hanson pressed a piece of gauze over the end of the needle and slid the needle out of her arm. Holding the gauze firmly in place with one hand while she disposed of the needle in a sharps box off to her right and then taping the gauze down to her arm. She looked back up into Erica’s eyes, smirked, and broke the silence. “I’m betting there was a lot more of you back then, and maybe you just can’t handle as much anymore.”

Erica’s face deadened, she pursed her lips. “I may not have a PhD,” she presented boldly, “but I happen to know for a FACT that more is less, and quite frankly doctor, you aren’t twice the woman I am.”

Dr Hanson stared back dumbfounded. The remainder of the examination was handled in silence as Dr Hanson tested reflexes, checked for swelling in her lymph nodes and even a pelvic examination where she did an unusual amount of squinting. Erica silently endured it all until Dr Hanson finally announced they were finished. Erica fixed her dress and turned, carefully lowering herself to her elbows, then down to the step stool in front of the bench and finally stood before turning and hopping to the floor.

They waked back to the door of the room as Dr. Hanson explained, “As far as I can tell you are perfectly healthy, aside from being three feet too short. I’ll file a report in your records saying I agree that short-term disability is necessary. My nurse will give you the paperwork you need to start the ball rolling with your HR department. Sign it, and we’ll fax it in first thing Monday morning.”

They opened the door and Lucas stood leaning against the wall across from them. He looked up, smiling knowingly. “All set, Kitten?” Erica grinned wide as she walked up to him taking his hand.

Dr Hanson looked up into his eyes and told him, “I just told Erica that we’ll fill the paperwork out for you to take in, Just go to the waiting room and my nurse will bring it out to you when we’re finished.”

“So doc..” He questioned.


“Just how small exactly were you hoping to shrink for me?” Both women’s jaws dropped in horror. Dr Hanson turned a deep blazing red.

“Holy shit! You heard us?!?!?”

“Walls here are really thin, I guess.” Erica yanked on his arm and led him away stomping off. He grinned openly to the doctor before finally turning away and walking down the hallway. As they opened the door and walked into the waiting room an older woman in scrubs walked up beside Dr Hanson and watched with her as they left.

“You know, I have been doing this for twenty six years and I have seen some strange crap come in these doors,” she continued in a crackly, cigarette smoke worn voice, “but I have never seen anything like that.”

“Hey Darla?” Doctor Hanson asked.

“Yes doctor?” The nurse turned to look directly at the doctor.

Dr Hanson turned, still rose red, sweating slightly and catching her breath a bit. “Do I look smaller to you?”

The older woman’s face contorted and twisted in confusion.
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Re: Please..

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Erica tugged on Lucas’ arm as forcefully as she could, not realizing she barely moved him at all, as he followed her willingly, grinning downward as she stomped back into the waiting room. She was well out into the open when she stopped cold in her tracks and looked around cautiously.

“They’re gone,” Lucas explained. “I saw them leave when you were in the exam room. That rotten little troll even had the guts to glare at me when they walked by.”

Erica sighed in relief. Lucas took her hand more gently and led her back to their previous seats. He then bent over and offered his hand to Erica. “May I help you up this time?”

She growled back at him, and slapped his hand. “How could you ask that woman to shrink for you?”

“I don’t belong to you kitten. You’ve even said so a number of times this morning.”

Erica’s face bent and contorted. “Well, but, still. How rude is it to flirt like that right in front of me?”

“I was just joking around.”

“This isn’t a joke for me!” She began to raise her voice.

“Kitten, are you sure we should be arguing in front of the B-I-T-C-H-E-S?” Lucas whispered softly, pronouncing one letter at a time.

Erica opened her mouth and pointed at Lucas, then stood back slightly, and closed her mouth again. “Help me into my chair,” she demanded. Lucas offered his hand again and assisted as she climbed into her chair more carefully than the first time and without exposing her firm diminished posterior.

Lucas sat next to her and smiled softly to be met by a scowl from Erica. “Can we do this after we head back out to the Cutlass?” He asked tenderly.

Erica frowned, then finally nodded her head before scooting over to her left and wrapping her arms around Lucas’ forearm. He smiled and leaned back in his chair. After a few minutes in silence Erica began to fidget in her seat. “What’s wrong?” Lucas asked. Erica shrugged her shoulders. “Bored?” Lucas asked again, trying to pry an answer.

“Yeah, I guess.”

Lucas reached into his pocket with his free hand and pulled out his iPhone. Erica looked up curiously as he unlocked it, then began searching his apps. Eventually he found one and opened it and then lowered the screen to show Erica.

“A game? What is it?” She asked curiously.

“It’s kinda like Battleship. It has a two person mode, want to play me?”

“I don’t know how to play.”

“It’s easy, I’ll show you.” Erica thought while staring at the screen, then smile and nodded her head. “K, so we go here, and you can choose, do you want to be US or Japan?”


“OK, now you get to choose up to three ships.” Lucas flipped through the options showing her the various ships, and she watched fascinated before selecting two aircraft carriers and a battleship. Then Lucas went through the process again, selecting his own Japanese ships- an aircraft carrier, a battleship and a light cruiser.

“You chose a little ship?” She asked.

“Well, it can do some things that make it useful.”

“Like what?”

“Like launch torpedoes.”

“Well, why use torpedoes when you have big guns?”

“Each one has advantages and disadvantages.” Erica looked up at him skeptically.

“Now what?”

“Now we battle each other. You get to go first.”

Erica looked at the aircraft carrier she was using and Lucas showed her the options of weapons. After much deliberation, she chose a torpedo attack plane and launched it. They watched together as the plane soared in above the water. “Don’t let it get to close or you’ll get shot down, but at the same time, if you are too far away the torpedo might swerve off to the side,” Lucas warned.

Erica watched and waited then reached up to tap the release button only to watch her plane explode into flames in front of her and crash into the sea. “Oh my God, you shot me down!” She squealed.

“Warned you,” Lucas told her gently. She selected her next aircraft carrier and decided on a bomber attack this time. “Kitten, why don’t you want me to file a report on those women? What they did to you was disgusting.”

“I dunno.” She watched aghast as her bomb missed its target. “What the hell?” She demanded from the game.

“You dove in too early, you’ll have to wait a bit longer next time.” Erica grunted angrily in return. “It’s not like you to let people act like that.”

“I guess I have enough to worry about right now. If you file a report, then I will have to talk to all these people at your office and answer all these questions. Why would they even take a three foot freak seriously?”

“I dunno, but I know why they would take an intelligent, articulate and stunning woman seriously.” Erica looked up at him and smiled, then returned back to the game where Lucas was pointing to show her how to fire her battleship’s canons.

“It’s a lot of work. All want right now is to get back to normal.”

“Well, that depends on Alicia. Erica, I’ve never seen you let anyone push you around, I’m a little worried about this.”

“Do you have to call me that?” Erica asked quietly as she watched a canon volley his battleship. She jumped to her knees and breathed in excitedly at the site.

“Not if you don’t want me to.” Lucas chose a dive-bomber attack on Erica’s first carrier and Erica Watched as his bomb missed.

“I guess there isn’t anything I can do to stop you.”

“I don’t know about that, Kitten.” Erica perked up at hearing his answer and smirked. Lucas’ volley with his battleship missed her battleship, and she breathed out in relief.

“No one will take me seriously at this size.”

“I do.”

“You’re just trying to get laid.” Lucas’ canon volley from his light cruiser missed her battleship and Erica grinned.

“The nurse did,” Lucas interjected as Erica lined up another bomb run on his battleship.

“Only because you were there.”

“And I can be there for this too. But the Doctor took you seriously, and I wasn’t even there for that.” Erica thought about this as a bomb struck violently against Lucas’ battleship and grinned.

“Well yeah, but you were listening in on us” A bomb hit Lucas’ aircraft carrier and Erica giggled.

“Neither of you knew that at the time.” A canon volley hit Lucas’ battleship and it started to list to the side. Erica giggled again. “Kitten..” Lucas said to her gaining her attention. Erica looked up to see the nurse approaching with a clipboard in hand.

“We’ve drawn up the paperwork for you Ms. Simonis, could you sign this for us, and we’ll fax it in for you tomorrow.” She politely explained. Erica read the entire sheet describing how she had been examined and had shrunk to half her original height by Alicia’s serum and that the doctor was recommending Erica was no longer able to perform normal job duties as a result.

Erica looked up to the nurse and smiled. “Could I borrow your pen?” She asked while Lucas continued to read. The nurse handed a pen to Erica and she began to sign until Lucas interrupted.

“Kitten, I’m not sure this is a good idea.”

“Why not?” Erica stopped and asked him.

“Well, can I talk to Dr Hanson again?” The nurse nodded and took the clipboard back to go get the doctor. Lucas sat with a concerned look on his face. Erica sat watching him until the nurse returned with Dr Hanson.

“What can I do for you Lucas?” Dr Hanson smiled as she sat down across from Erica and Lucas.

“Well, I was just thinking about this. I’m not sure being 100 percent forthright here is a good thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“The story is pretty fantastic, and I doubt many people would believe it without seeing it, and even then…”

“I see your point.”

“Not only that, but Erica, you work for a pharmaceutical company. How are they going to react to an employee taking a strange drug? Assuming they believe it at all, they may try to fight you on the disability thing, arguing you just did this to yourself.”

“I don’t know..” Erica admitted.

“Do you have a better idea, Lucas?” Dr. Hanson asked.

“Maybe just stick to the clinical facts? Weight loss, loss of strength, etc, and try to avoid mentioning the serum? I mean, I don’t want to lie, but really, none of us could have seen anything like this coming.”

“Won’t they get upset with us when they find out?” Erica asked.

“Maybe, but think of how much you’ll have to go through to prove yourself if you tell them point blank you shrank three feet, Kitten.” Dr. Hanson paid close attention until the mention of Erica’s new nickname, then blushed suddenly.

“Uggghhh,” Erica recoiled at the thought.

“The story is just too fantastic, I would never have believed it if I didn’t see it myself,” Lucas added. “We don’t have to lie to them, just hold back some of the less believable parts until they are ready for it. Who knows, you’re pretty independent and strong willed. Maybe in the next week or two you could be functional enough to go back to work, or even have this reversed before then. No need to hide it from your employer, we just won’t mention it just yet so we can get the ball rolling for you.” Erica perked up at the mention of the possibility of her shrunken state being reversed.

“I think you’re right Lucas, I’ll rewrite my diagnosis for you and have it back in a few minutes.” With that, Dr. Hanson stood and went to the patient care area again with her nurse in tow.

Lucas picked up his iPhone and showed it to Erica again. They continued to play, landing shots on each others ships until Erica squealed in glee as Lucas’ carrier began to sink into the water. Lucas smiled until Erica noticed, then looked up skeptically at him. “Wait, are you letting me win?”

“I was, but only at first. Clearly that was a mistake.” Erica giggled.

“Didn’t think I would be able to beat you, big boy?” Erica taunted.

“I just wanted to give you a chance to figure the game out first. You weren’t supposed to attack me so viciously first chance you got.”

“If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen,” Erica teased, then giggled to herself.

Lucas began to work on his turn as the nurse returned with the lady’s from the reception desk from earlier in tow, both of them with their heads hung low. Erica watched as they began to approach, scowled angrily, then tugged on the sleeve of Lucas’ shirt gaining his attention. Lucas looked up, displeasure spreading across his face.

“Ms. Simonis,” the nurse began, looking down to Erica.

“Yes?” Erica looked up her angrily.

“Would you accept an apology from Sheri and Judy?” The nurse asked politely.

“Why should I?” Erica scowled.

The stout worker looked up a little more boldly, then at Lucas and dropped her head again. “Because they are sorry for treating you so rudely.”

“No they’re not. Look at them. They’re just afraid of him!” She pointed up to Lucas. Lucas just sat there silently staring at the two women behind the nurse.

“Ms. Simonis, we didn’t mean any harm..” The first worker began.

“Do you have any idea how humiliating that was? I have NEVER been treated like that my entire life! How would you like it of some oaf came over and starting poking and prodding you like you were just a circus side show?” Both women hung their heads shamefully. “And maybe Lucas is right,” Erica continued, “maybe we should just go all in and take this all the way to the top.” To this, both women looked up in shock and fear. For the first time Erica noticed one of them sweating as the first worker turned pale.

“Please, Ms. Simonis, we really are sorry, isn’t there anything we can do? I need this job, my husband has been out of work for over a year fighting cancer, and I can’t lose it!” The first worker begged.

“Maybe you should have thought of that before you treated me like a freak of nature.” Erica growled back.

“I’m so sorry. Please, I’ll do anything you want!” Erica’s face softened slightly, and she turned to look up at Lucas. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, Lucas’ face stone cold, Erica’s softened and visibly confused as to what to do.

“You can keep your mouths shut,” Lucas stated coldly without breaking eye contact with Erica.

“What do you mean?” The stout worker asked.

“She doesn’t need the attention, she doesn’t need all the stress from your little story telling. No gossiping. No one needs to know about her story this morning. No one. Not your friends, not your coworkers when the week starts again, NO ONE. She has enough on her plate right now without having to worry about every last idiot wanting to look up her records or find out about the tiny woman who was in to see the doctor this morning.”

The two workers stood looking at each other, with the nurse standing off to the side silently.

“And if you do talk about it, to anyone, not only will I stand with Lucas and Erica in their complaint, I will file a HIPAA complaint with the feds,” Dr. Hanson added from behind the group.

“Dr Hanson?” The first worker asked.

“Sheri, I have gone to bat for you more than once with your manager and corporate, but this time you really went overboard, and Lucas is right. The trouble that could come out of this is more than they want to deal with. If, and I say IF Erica agrees to let this go, you need to keep your mouth shut to everyone, and I mean everyone. I won’t try to protect you on this one.”

“I don’t understand, what is the big deal with talking about a little person like her?” Sheri persisted.

“I don’t think she’ll do it, Kitten. Hell, I doubt she could do it.” Lucas said after sitting in silence.

Sheri dropped her head. “I’ll do it, I will do anything. Just please, give me a chance.”


“Alright, doctor,” The stout worker conceded.

“That goes for everyone here. I don’t want anyone looking up Erica’s records, and believe me, it won’t be hard to figure out you did it.” Dr. Hanson looked to the nurse, who nodded.

“I will talk to the others who had contact with Ms. Simonis this morning, and let them know,” The nurse added, then walked away.

Erica looked up at Lucas expectantly, but he sat there in silence. “What do you think I should do?”

“Whatever you think is best, I will support you either way,” Lucas said calmly.

Erica looked up at the two clinic workers and exhaled deeply. “I’ll let it go this time, as long as you keep my medical appointment to yourselves.” Both workers sighed in relief followed by Erica adding, “Now just leave me alone.” Both workers quietly turned and walked away while Dr. Hanson sat down adjacent to Lucas and Erica.

“Here is the new diagnosis,” she handed it to Lucas, who in turn handed it directly to Erica.

“Patient came in complaining of extreme weight loss, loss of strength and inability to function after coming into contact with an unknown substance. Patient is largely healthy, but impairment in her abilities to function normally is pronounced…” The letter went on to describe the examination and much of the results, leaving out tidbits such as exactly how much weight loss had occurred or any mention of her new height.

Erica looked up again to Lucas. “What do you think?”

“I think I will trust what you decide.”

Erica smiled and looked at the page again thoughtfully. “Thanks Doctor,” she said as she handed the page back to Dr. Hanson after signing it.

In turn, Dr. Hanson stood, offering her hand to Erica’s, and shook it gently. “We will send this in for you first thing Monday morning. I will handle it myself and have them send any questions directly to me. Also, I‘d like to schedule you for another appointment in about three days to follow up. I will look over my schedule and find a quiet time when there aren’t many other patients here and call you about it Monday morning.” Erica nodded with a serious look on her face.

Erica hopped to the floor and adjusted her dress while Dr. Hanson shook Lucas’ hand only just a little more firmly. “It was a pleasure,” she smiled at Lucas, and handed him a business card. “If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to call me. Please..” Erica’s eyes narrowed at the exchange above her.

In response, Erica pressed her small body up against Lucas’ leg, and rubbed her hand up the front of his thigh gaining the immediate attention of both giants. “Lucas?” She said kindly, looking up with soft, deep, dark brown eyes. She wrapped her free arm around Lucas’ leg, hugging it cozily and continued to rub her hand in long, soft strokes up and down the front of Lucas’ thigh as she sighed softly, but still audibly. “Could we go get something to eat? Pleeease?” She asked in a sweet, soft tone.

“I’d be a fool to say ‘no,’” Lucas replied with a grin on his face. “Whatever you like. You choose where we go, and it’s my treat.” Dr. Hanson stood wide-eyed staring at the salubrious sylph, her mouth slightly agape and starting to turn a rose color again.

“Thank you again, doctor.” Lucas took her hand in both of his and shook it carefully. Dr. Hanson looked up again at Lucas, still struck beyond words. “I really appreciate everything you’ve done for Erica.” Erica leaned her head against Lucas’ hip and nuzzled her face against it. She then pulled forcefully on his leg, indicating it was time to go.

Lucas turned away from Dr. Hanson as Erica leapt into the air and grabbed his hand. As they walked slowly out together, Erica clutching his hand as close to her as she could, Dr. Hanson called out, somewhat meekly, “Call me Michelle!”

Lucas turned a bit and smiled back, but a short tug on his arm reengaged him towards his destination and they left the building together. Dr. Hanson stood for a lingering moment as they left sight then turned around to see Sheri and Judy peeking cautiously around their computer screens at the spectacle. “Shut it,” Dr. Hanson coldly commanded of them, and they snapped back burying their faces in their work once again.
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