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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 2:13 am

Jimmy sat quietly, staring numbly downward to his English textbook as Mrs. Salvatori rambled on and on about abortion.

“And class, that is the problem with these laws, and why they need to be fought against. No one has any right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Being stuck carrying an unborn child is the same as someone inserting a parasite inside you and telling you that you hav to live with it the rest of your life, that you have to keep this parasite because it’s ‘the right thing to do.’ No one should ever have that kind of power.”

A boy near the front of the room raised his hand. “What is it Chris?” Mrs. Salvatori asked flatly.

“Mrs. Salvatori, is this going to be on the quiz tomorrow?” Mrs. Salvatori scowled at the boy. Erica raised her head and looked across to Mandy, who nodded in understanding.

“No Chris, tomorrow’s quiz is on pronouns.”

“Well, are we going to talk about those then? I’m not ready for the quiz and..”

“Then maybe you should have studied then, Chris, before you shared with the entire class how you aren’t up to speed with what we’re working on.”

“But Mrs. Salvatori, what am I supposed to study?”

“I already told you, pronouns.”

“But where in the book?”

Mrs. Salvatori let out a loud, deep sigh and turned to the board, and began writing in pages for the boy up so the whole class to see. “Alright Chris, since you need to be handheld through this, here are the pages you need to read through for tomorrow’s quiz.” She went on writing down notes on the board as the boy raised his hand again with another question. It was at this point that a wadded up piece of paper hit the back of his head, and he dropped his hand, turning around to see Mandy who was glaring nastily at him and motioning for him to keep his hand down. He tucked his head down and sat quietly.

Jimmy, however, took notice of the encounter and watched carefully. “Alright, is there anyone else with any questions?” A girl near the wall raised her hand, but a wad of paper hit the side of her head too. She also looked at Mandy, who motioned for her to put her hand down, and she did as instructed. Mrs. Salvatori turned around to see a classroom full of silent students and nodded in approval.

“Good, as I was saying, these kinds of laws need to be opposed. Government has no business trying to regulate their outdated ideas of morality, and they should know that after all these years.” She turned around and started writing again on the other side of the board. “Class, does anyone here know the landmark case where abortion was ruled a woman’s right to choose?”

Several students looked around at Erica and Mandy, but failing a nod of approval, they all put their heads down and remained silent. Jimmy watched as Mrs. Salvatori turned around and looked at the class, disappointed. Jimmy then raised his hand.

“Jimmy, put your hand down. You don’t know the answer.” Jimmy put his hand down. Mrs. Salvatori looked around the class with an expression of disappointment. “No one knows? What are they teaching you in history?” Jimmy raised his hand once again. “I said put your hand down Jimmy. We know you don’t know the answer.” Jimmy put his hand down again, this time with a slight smirk on his face.

Mrs. Salvatori once again turned and started writing on the board. “The landmark case where the supreme court ruled on a woman’s right to choose is called ‘Roe vs. Wade,’ class. Does anyone here know when this case occurred?” Again Jimmy looked around to see faces staring blankly at their desks. Mandy glared at Jimmy, who smirked and then raised his hand. Mandy then took a wad of paper in her hand and raised her arm to throw it at Jimmy, but Erica caught her attention first and shook her head ‘no.’

Mandy glared back at Erica angrily, but Erica’s face remained stern. Jimmy, however, looked on in confusion, but now a little more emboldened, raised his hand even higher. Mrs. Salvatori turned around to see Jimmy with his hand raised. “Jimmy, I told you to put your hand down,” she said in an irritated tone. Jimmy slowly lowered his hand, while Mrs. Salvatori glared angrily at the boy.

Once again Mrs. Salvatori went on with her lecture. “Roe vs. Wade marked the end of oppression of women in this country, class. Before that point, women were slaves to their husbands, forced to carry out pregnancies they never wanted to begin with, and if certain misogynistic people,” Mrs. Salvatori said with while making a quotes symbol with her hands, “had their way, we would all go back to that.”

“Seriously class, could any of you imagine what would happen if a law was made to overturn this court decision?” Jimmy raised his hand again. “Jimmy, put your hand down! This is the last time I am going to tell you!” Jimmy lowered his hand again, but remained focused on his teacher, a slight smirk on his face. Mandy glared at Erica again, wad of paper in hand, but Erica again asserted herself, shaking her head ‘no.’

Mrs. Salvatori, however, took note of Jimmy’s confidence and stared numbly at him for several seconds. “What in God’s name are you smirking at, Jimmy?” She demanded forcefully.

“I’m sorry ma’am, I’m not trying to smirk at you. I’ll be more careful,” he replied as he adopted a more serious face and continued to stare at his teacher.

“Quit staring at me Jimmy,” she growled in an uncomfortable tone.


“Quit staring at me, I swear I cannot wait to speak to your parents again.”

“The meeting we scheduled tomorrow isn’t soon enough?” Jimmy asked confidently.

“It can’t come fast enough for me little boy. I have had it with your insubordinate behavior.”

“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am,” Jimmy replied seriously.

“There you go again, how dare you speak to me like that!”

“What did I say that was disrespectful, ma’am?”

“It’s not just what you say, you little scoundrel, it’s how you say it,” Mrs. Salvatori said with a barely contained rage.

“I’m sorry ma’am, how am I saying whatever I am saying that is upsetting you? I’ll make sure to stop once I know what I’m doing wrong, ma’am.”

“You’re still doing it! Knock it off right now Jimmy!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Jimmy Cartwright, I cannot wait to speak with your father, once we sit down and have a talk with your parents,” Mrs Salvatori said, trailing off, uncertain how to finish her threat.

“What happens after you talk with my parents ma’am?” Mrs. Salvatori glared down at Jimmy, trying desperately to contain a rage boiling up within her, and beyond words. “Ma’am? What happens then? Will you put it to a vote?” Jimmy asked, emphasizing the last words in his sentence.

Almost instantaneously, the color drained from Mrs. Salvatori’s face and sweat began to form on her brow. Her breathing quickened as she drew the pieces together of what was on Jimmy’s mind. The two stared at each other in silence while Erica and Mandy looked to each other in utter confusion.

“Listen here, you little smart mouthed brat,” Mrs. Salvatori snarled through clenched teeth, “you’re attitude problems stop right here and now, I am not waiting to talk to your parents, do you understand me?”

“Yes ma’am,” Jimmy replied politely.

“I have had it with you, mister, I have had it with your smart assed comments, I have had it with your lack of respect for authority, I have had it with you. When this class is over, I am walking you to the principal’s office myself, and calling your mom to let her now you are serving detention this afternoon after school.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Erica began to fidget in her seat uncomfortably. The tension in the room was palpable as she stared at Jimmy, who sat quietly, calmly, and she swallowed hard, uncertain of what to make of what was going on around her. Several of Erica’s friends turned to her, a questioning look in their eyes, and she sat, looking back and forth between Mrs. Salvatori and Jimmy, the wheels of her mind trying desperately to fill in the gaps.

“When does your father’s flight come in, Jimmy?” Mrs. Salvatori almost spat out virulently.

“Eight forty five tomorrow morning, ma’am.”

Mrs. Salvatori breathed out in relief. “Good then, when he comes in to see you for the first time tomorrow afternoon, I’ll enjoy telling him what has been happening.”

“Yes ma’am, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, but I will be there at the airport to pick him up. He insisted.”

Mrs. Salvatori gasped slightly. “You can’t be there, Jimmy, you have school tomorrow.” She snapped after a pause to think.

“Yes ma’am, but my mom has already sent the excuse note to the principal’s office. I won’t be here tomorrow morning.”

Mrs. Salvatori began to go into a panic visible to her students. “You can’t miss tomorrow Jimmy, we have a quiz. If you miss, I will fail you in this class.”

“Ma’am, according to the most recent school records,” Jimmy said, a slight amount of bitterness slipping through his voice, “I’m already failing your class. So what’s the difference, ma’am?” Mrs. Salvatori swallowed hard, sweat now beginning to run down her face.

“Well that’s another bad point for you, Jimmy, how appropriate do you think it is to share your bad grades publicly like that when it should be private?”

“Oh, it’s definitely not private ma’am. I’ve had six kids ask me about it just this morning.”

“I am telling you, little boy, I am not allowing you to miss class tomorrow.”

“Ma’am, Mr. Alderson’s secretary already signed off on the absence and gave it to my mom when she dropped it off this morning.”

Mrs. Salvatori was fit to be tied, she raised her arm and opened her mouth to scream, but paused just in time, and glared down at Jimmy furiously. “We’re having a little one on one chat right now, Jimmy,” Mrs. Salvatori snarled. “Erica! I want you to lead the class down to the computer lab right now.”

Erica sat up abruptly at the mention of her name, and looked around in a panic. “Me?”

Mrs. Salvatori glared at Erica angrily. “Yes you! You heard me just fine, take the class and go to the computer lab! Now!” Erica squirmed in her seat as the entire class turned and stared at her.

“Alright,” she managed to mutter self-consciously. Erica stood and walked to the door of the classroom, looking out nervously at her classmates, who stared at their teacher then slowly started to stand one by one and file out of the room following Erica down the hallway as Mrs. Salvatori continued to glare angrily down at Jimmy, who sat quietly in his seat.

Mrs. Salvatori backed slowly away from him, her eyes remaining fixed and carefully closed the door to the room, shutting them in together. She then approached the boy again and snarled at him, “listen to me, brat. Whatever you think you know, you’re not telling your father anything.”

“No ma’am,” Jimmy replied politely.

“No what?” she growled furiously. “No you won’t tell him, or no you aren’t going to do what your told.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Yes ma’am what? I am your teacher and I am telling you what to do! Answer me!”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mrs. Salvatori leaned on the boy’s desk, staring deep into his eyes, shaking, gripping the edges of the desk so tightly that her knuckles turned white. “I’m not playing games with you anymore little boy. If say one word to your father, I will fail you on the spot.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Don’t yes ma’am me, you worthless little shit!” Mrs. Salvatori growled, shoving the boy out of his seat and onto the floor. Jimmy took the fall willingly and looked up at her silently, an emotionless expression on his face.

“What is wrong with you? Don’t just lie there on the ground! Get your insubordinate little ass up!” Jimmy looked Mrs. Salvatori in the eyes, judging her carefully. “Now, Jimmy Cartwright! Right this instant, get your little ass on your feet right this instant!” Slowly Jimmy began to stand, but unsatisfied with the response she was getting, Mrs. Salvatori shoved him again to the ground, and once again, Jimmy took the fall willingly and stared wordlessly at his teacher.

“Get up Jimmy!” She growled, using considerable effort to keep herself from raising her voice too loudly. Once again, Jimmy slowly began to get to his feet, eliciting an enraged response from his teacher, who again shoved him to the floor. “I told you to get up, Jimmy! When I tell you to do something, I mean do it!!”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mrs. Salvatori once again growled angrily. “Get your fucking insolent little ass up right now Jimmy,” she snarled through gritted teeth. Again Jimmy slowly rose to his feet. Mrs. Salvatori jerked toward him again, but held back at the last second, then growled furiously when she noticed that Jimmy didn’t even flinch at her sudden movement towards him. The boy stood upright and she stared down at him, uncomfortably close to him.

“I am going to ruin you, little boy,” she threatened angrily. “I am going to ruin your pathetic little life, and you will rue the day you screwed with me.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Mrs. Salvatori’s face went crimson in rage and contorted in all manner before she grunted irately and shoved the boy back as hard as she could. Jimmy stepped back, allowing the force of her push to take him, but remained on his feet. As he came to a rest, though, a light tap was heard as his sweatshirt flopped back and hit his waist. Both of them looked at each other in surprise.

“What the fuck was that?” Mrs. Salvatori demanded.

“Ma’am?” Jimmy asked back politely.

“Don’t you fucking ma’am me you fucking turd! What was it???” She ordered as she stomped up to him, grabbing at his sweatshirt pocket. Jimmy fought back as they wrestled for control of his sweatshirt, Mrs. Salvatori having considerable trouble trying to get through Jimmy’s hands and into his shirt. They fought back and forth like this until as a last resort, Mrs. Salvatori swung a knee up to try to knee Jimmy in the groin. As Jimmy twisted away to avoid her hit, she slipped an arm through and into his sweatshirt pocket, pulling out a small tape recorder.

“What the fuck is this?” She demanded, glaring at him while she shut the little machine off. “A tape recorder? You were taping me??” Jimmy just stared back quietly as she stormed back to her desk, opened the bottom drawer and tossed the tape recorder into her purse. Jimmy took a deep breath as she did so, and did his best to remain calm, looking at his shaking hands and consciously making them stop.

“Recording without my consent is illegal Jimmy!” She growled as she stormed back at him.

“No ma’am”

“Yes it is little boy!”

“No ma’am.”

“It is illegal you little fuck! It’s illegal because I SAY it’s illegal! I am going to sue your parents into the stoneage!” She said as she shoved the boy back again with both arms. What do you have to say for yourself?” She demanded, shoving him again. Jimmy just rolled with the shove and stumbled backwards.

“Say something you goddamn punk!” She demanded, shoving him once again. “Say something or I am going to get the principal in her!”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Arrrrgghhh!” She grunted furiously as she shoved him back again. Once again Jimmy stumbled back willingly as Mrs. Salvatori stormed after him in a rage. “I have HAD it with your attitude Jimmy!”

“Yes ma’am.”

Once again she shoved the boy, Jimmy stumbled back willingly, this time falling back and hitting against a wall with a loud thump. Though neither Jimmy nor Mrs. Salvatori could be certain, on the other side of that wall, another class was in session, listening to the teacher give a lecture about civics. When Jimmy hit the wall, the thump was loud enough that everyone in the room heard and turned to look at the wall, curious as to the origin of the unexpected sound.

Mrs. Salvatori stared briefly at Jimmy in pure horror as she realized what had just happened. In a panic, she grabbed Jimmy’s shirt with both hands and yanked him away from the wall with all of her might. “Get way from there!” She yelled.

Jimmy stumbled forward out of control, falling, and cracking the side of his head on the edge of a desk with an audible crack as he fell. He crumpled to his knees as Mrs. Salvatori stomped over to him. Disoriented, Jimmy struggled to his feet and staggered away, stumbling every hich direction and groaning as Mrs. Salvatori grabbed him again and yanked him upright. “You fucking…” she began to snarl as Jimmy swung around, punching Mrs. Salvatori square in her nose, which erupted into a splatter of blood.

Both Jimmy and Mrs. Salvatori staggered back, but Jimmy managed to stop himself and wobbled forward and then ran at his teacher unevenly, jumping up on her, toppling her to the ground and commenced punching her with all of his youthful vigor, screaming and wailing as he bludgeoned her face mercilessly.

Mrs. Salvatori screamed in agony, trying to reach up and get hold of Jimmy, but she failed miserably in her disorientation as the boy continued to punch her with both fists over and over again, pausing only to grab her hair occasionally and lift her head up to slam it against the floor.

Hearing the blood curdling screams, Mr. Derichs and several other teachers came rushing out into the hallway and bolted into Mrs. Salvatori’s classroom to see the scene of Jimmy at the back of the class pummeling his teacher without mercy or any sense of the world around him. They all rushed up, Mr. Derichs grabbing the boy under his armpits and lifting him off of his feet. Jimmy squirmed and wailed like a banshee as the other teachers dropped down, attempting to render what aid they could to Mrs. Salvatori.

Down the hallway, Erica’s class sat in the computer room, with Erica sitting in the corner by the door with her head down, lost in thought. At the sound hundreds of children rushing out into the hallway, she perked up and looked out the door to see a crowd rushing over to Mrs. Salvatori’s classroom as the echoes of Jimmy’s screams could be heard down the hallways. Erica ran out, weaving between her classmates, and eventually making her way to a wall of kids she couldn’t get around.

“MOVE! EVERYONE MOVE!” A loud masculine voice boomed. Erica turned and looked up to see a uniformed man she recognized as the school liaison officer. Students parted allowing him through, and Erica slipped in behind him on his coat tails.

As she reached the scene she looked up to see Jimmy still struggling and wailing as Mr. Derichs held him up in the air locked in a full nelson, and then looked down gasping loudly as she saw her teacher lying on the ground unconscious, her face battered and smashed almost beyond recognition.

“This is Sergeant Larson,” The officer spoke into a hand held radio. “We need an ambulance at La Croix Middle School immediately.”
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Re: Please..

Post by SciFiCrazy » Thu Oct 01, 2020 8:21 pm

Alright Jimmy!!! That recording better be heard by everyone. I want Jimmy to be seen as defending himself after his teachers abuse. She forced her class away to shut the door with one student, who she says is supposedly a vagrant and bully, after knowing that she screwed up before and is being watched. Then proceeds to physically assault a child over and over again. I hope she really suffers, more than her beating and is held accountable for her actions. I hate self righteous people who think they can get away with bullying cause they are in a place of power over someone. I actually hope he has been recording every interaction with his teacher and Erica and Mandy. That would be simply devine.

Please don’t make us wait to long to find out what the occurs next. And thanks for the new chapter.

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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Fri Oct 02, 2020 2:30 am

Well, i don't want to give up where things go with the Jimmy arc. We're approaching the end of a major arc in the story and after that you'll get a couple of updates on this era here and there on events back in Erica's school days, but the flashbacks will be fewer moving into the next major arc.

I'll work on getting the next chapter up, but I'm pretty sure it's present day, so it will be a bit longer before we flashback to this arc again. Mandy kinda gets her comeuppance with Erica usurping her power within her group of friends, so hopefully that is more or less satisfying, and as for Erica, it's more or less about showing how she became the way she is as you see in present time and the story will definitely deal with her facing going back to this timeline and growing from what she was developed into here.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Fri Oct 02, 2020 3:35 pm

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HIM YOU TITANIC WHORE!” Erica roared in a rage. Alicia turned, stunned at the angry response.

“Kitten, nothing’s going on here, it was just a hug goodbye,” Lucas assured her, trying to regain some semblance of order.

“Don’t fuckin’ ‘kitten’ me!! She wasn’t just hugging you, she’s trying to make out with you!! I’m not fuckin’ blind!!”

Lucas pushed Alicia aside and knelt down in front of Erica. “No, Kitten, it was just a peck on the cheek, I swear.” Alicia stood quietly, a scared look on her face.

“You think I’m stupid? I could see your faces pushed together! I’m shrunk, not blind!”

“Erica, I swear I wasn’t trying anything, it was just a peck on the cheek.” Alicia said, attempting to reassure Erica.

“Oh, like I’m gonna believe you? Miss ‘I’m gonna shrink myself just to hit on a guy I’m too scared to talk to?’ How stupid do you think I am?”

“Kitten, I swear, it wasn’t like that. Maybe it looked different from your point of view right now, but…”

“FUCK YOU LUCAS!! Who the hell are you to talk down to ME???”

“I’m not talking down to you, would you just calm down for a second and listen?”

“Erica, please, we wouldn’t do that to you..” Alicia said defensively, clutching her purse close to her body.

“What the hell are you still doing here anyways? What, you think if you just hang out here long enough you can jump his bones without me noticing??”

“I am not trying to jump his bones!!” Alicia screamed back. “Listen to you, everything we’ve done for you today and what do we get in return? Paranoid delusional bull crap from a shrunken little mind!”

“I’ll show you what I can do with my little mind you colossal c*nt!!” Erica leapt forward towards Alicia, but Lucas interceded and held her back. “Get your goddamn hands off of me you unfaithful dick!”

“There you go again! Listen to yourself! How can he be unfaithful when YOU are the one that said you don’t want to commit to a relationship?” Alicia demanded.

“I will kick your ass!!”

“Oh and what are you gonna do shrinky dink? Yell at my knee cap?”

“How about I rip your filthy skank twat out through your throat??” Alicia’s jaw dropped in awe at the statement she just heard as Erica fought vigorously to free herself from Lucas’ hold.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Lucas stated loudly, pushing Erica out away from himself, but still holding on to her. “I’m gonna take Alicia out to her car and see her off, okay?”

“Yeah, you do that!” Erica yelled at him with balled up fists. Lucas turned around and grabbed Alicia’s shoes, then took her arm and pulled her along firmly out the front door, across the porch and handed her shoes to her. Alicia quietly slipped her shoes on and followed Lucas out the door to her car, where she unlocked it with her remote, still upset from the argument they had just left.

“Don’t you dare stick up for her after what she just called me,” She said angrily, cutting Lucas off before he could say anything. Lucas leaned back against the fender of Alicia’s car and looked at her. “You don’t ever call someone that! Never!”

“No, you don’t, she’s had a bit of a potty mouth today.”

“So then what? Now she’s delusional about me seducing you when we were doing the exact OPPOSITE of that.”

“I know, I know Alicia. But keep in mind, things are going to look different from less than three feet tall. What she saw probably did look like us making out.”

“Who the hell is she to accuse me of something like that?? And there you go again, defending her!”

“Alicia, I will deal with her foul language, okay? It’s not okay what she said, but we can’t lose sight of what we’re trying to do here.”

“And how do you plan to do that?” Alicia demanded to know.

“I’ll let her wear herself down first, then make sure she thinks over just how she acted. My guess is she is just about tapped out for the day. I seriously doubt that she has much fight left in her. First thing she says to you tomorrow when she sees you will be an apology, a good one, I promise.”

“What makes you think I want to see her tomorrow after that?” Alicia half yelled, pointing a finger at Lucas. “She’s been apologizing for crap she’s done to me all day, and then she just goes and does something new!” Alicia turned and covered her face with her hand.

“I know, I know, but Alicia, please,” Lucas pleaded. Alicia turned and looked up at Lucas, a sad look in her eyes. “Please, just try to put yourself in her position.”

“I wish I COULD put myself in her position. I wish I could so bad it almost hurts. She’s got everything right now I had ever fantasized about, and it’s not fair, and she just stomps around throwing temper tantrums all the time!”

Lucas grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes. “Yeah, she’s living the shrunken woman dream,” He said quietly. “And you’re right, she’s even enjoying it, but Alicia, it’s tearing her apart. Don’t think of putting yourself in her position as you, put yourself there as her. She’s just barely big enough to function as a person. Even letting me open up car doors for her was a challenge to get her to accept.”

“There is no way she’s big enough to handle that Cutlass’s door”

“Exactly, but she still argued with me about it. Alicia, just because what she’s doing isn’t right doesn’t mean she doesn’t need some empathy. She’s never been the type to accept personal help on anything, and now she is on the edge of needing it for everything. This is why she needs to be grown back.”

“Okay, you’re right, but even if I did want to come back tomorrow, she isn’t going to want to see me after this.”

“Just leave it to me. Please Alicia, she needs you.”

Alicia let out a deep sigh, then smiled up at him. “You’re right, I guess, which surprises me.”

“Twelve thirty tomorrow then?”

“Yeah, but I want that apology, and it better be a good one or I’m going to turn around and walk right out the door again, I swear!”

“Deal, see you tomorrow.” Lucas conceded. Alicia stepped in closer to Lucas and opened her arms, but Lucas held his hand out stopping her. “Alicia, you know she’s watching everything we do from the window,” Lucas said quietly. Alicia turned and looked up at the house just in time to see a little shadow disappear behind the window.

“Oh my God!” Alicia yelled, throwing her arms down to her sides. “Only Erica could shrink to less than half her height and become a bigger bitch than ever!” Alicia lamented. “You know, friends can hug!”

“Yeah, I know. We’ll work on it. But right now things have already blown up enough that I don’t need the extra work to get her calmed down.”

“Fine,” Alicia agreed and turned, getting in her car, starting it then throwing it into drive in almost one move.

Lucas watched her get to the end of the street, make a turn then he turned around and stared at his house. “Well, here we go,” he told himself. Lucas walked slowly up the path and looked closely just in time to see a little head disappear behind the windowsill. He smirked briefly, then approached the door and walked inside. In the living room, he found Erica sitting on the couch with her arms crossed, glaring angrily up at Lucas.

“How could you do that to me?” Erica demanded.

“I didn’t,” Lucas said plainly.

“I’m not blind! I saw you two!!”

“You didn’t see what you thought you saw. Nothing happened.”

“Oh, so it’s not that I’m blind, I’m just stupid?”


“No what???”

“No, Alicia and I weren’t making out.”

“I saw you!!”


Erica grunted loudly and glared up at him. “Well at least you had the sense to push that fucking whore away when she threw herself at you again out there.”

“Don’t you dare call her that. Don’t you dare!” Lucas told her sternly.

“Oh, then what do you call a woman who prostitutes her body off like that?”

“She did not throw herself at me. We were not kissing each other, she just gave me a peck on the cheek.” Lucas knelt down in front of her and put his face close to Erica, he then pointed to his lips. “Do you see any of her lipstick here?”

Erica looked carefully, even placing a hand up to his lips, searching desperately for the evidence she wanted to badly to find. She peered in closely, over and over, searching until she finally had to relent. “No,” she admitted angrily.

Lucas then turned his head slightly to the side. “What about here?” She asked, pointing at his cheek. Erica peered and looked closely again, this time spotting a faint smudge on the outside of his cheek.

“Yes! Right there! She DID kiss you!!” Erica yelled triumphantly.

“On my cheek, just like I said. We weren’t making out.”

“You just wiped the lipstick off of your lips, that’s all.”

“When? You were watching us the whole time, remember?”

Erica opened her mouth to yell, and pointed at him, but then stood back, frustrated, trying to think of an answer. “Okay, fine. You didn’t kiss her back, which is probably about as much as I could ask from a man, but that gigantic whore still tried to seduce you!”

“Excuse me? Stop it, stop it right now! She is your only chance to grow back and you just accused her of something she didn’t do at all. Do you have any idea how hard it was to convince her to come back here tomorrow to work on a cure for you? Stop calling her a whore!” Lucas scolded her.

“How can you defend some filthy skank who throws herself at you like that?” Erica screamed.

“Kitten, you need her, and right now you need her in more than one way, you can’t just go off on her like that.”

“I’m not just going off on her! She’s tried to seduce you right in front of me!!”

“No. No she didn’t.”

“Yes she did! I saw her with my own two eyes! She’s always wanted you, and now she’s jealous of me! She’s trying to take you!” Erica screamed frantically. She then jumped off the couch and began pacing back and forth in front of Lucas. “I won’t let her!” Erica yelled frustrated, swinging her fists downward.

“Kitten, you can’t treat her like that. She’s your friend. How are we going to get her to keep coming back here if you treat her like that?”

“What do we need her for?? Why?? Why does she have to come back??? We’re doing just fine on our own!!!”

“We’re managing, Kitten, but managing doesn’t grow you back.”

“What if she tries to poison me with her fuckin cure??”

“You can’t be serious. You really think Alicia would do something like that? I don’t see it.”

“She just wants to grow me back so she can steal you from me!”

“So she can shrink herself for me? She could shrink herself right now.”

“No! She needs the multiplier to shrink herself enough, so she has to wait until I’m too big!”

“Too big? Kitten, can’t you hear yourself?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!?! I know what I’m talking about! She wants to grow me just so she can take my place! What if she tries to lock me up in a cage to seduce you again? She threatened to do it already!”

“She can make more serum and use it multiple times until she got to the size she wanted. She’s not doing it because she cares about helping you. Good lord, you’re not making any sense anymore.”

“I’m making perfect sense! She will try to steal you! She has to! I just need to figure out how! What if she grows me too big to fit inside anymore so she can take my place when she shrinks herself???”

“Kitten, she isn’t going to take your place when you’re grown back, that’s not gonna happen!”

Erica turned and looked at Lucas, a disheveled look on her face, she then began pacing back and forth again, the wheels of her mind spinning out of control. “No, because you like tall women..” Erica reasoned. Lucas sat back, a confused look on his face. He pushed himself up and sat on the couch, perplexed. “But she thinks you want a shrunken woman. So she’ll shrink herself and fail because I will be tall again!”

“Kitten, you’re sounding downright paranoid. No one is stealing me from you.”

“No, it’s fine, because that’s what you want! You want a big, strong, powerful woman! She can’t do it!” Erica stammered on as she continually paced back and forth.

“So then she can come back tomorrow and work on regrowing you, since there’s nothing to worry about, right?”

“Why?? We were having so much fun together before she came along!! Why does she have to come back?!?!”

“We had fun when she was here too. Remember dinner? The store? The fashion show?”

“She’s just trying to worm her way in! It’s not fair! What if she tries to shrink me more so that she can be the big woman even after she shrinks herself?? Why does she have to come back?!?!” Erica screamed on the verge of tears.

“To work on your cure, Kitten..”

“Why do you want her back so bad? Is it because I’m too small for you? Lucas, you turned me down earlier in the shower.. Why? Why would you do that? I’m not too small to make love to you Lucas! I can still do it!”

“Kitten, you were completely exhausted. Even if you were able to keep going, I’m not gonna do that to you. Good grief, you’ve really hit the wall, haven’t you?”

“No I haven’t! I’m not too small Lucas! You don’t need someone big like Alicia! I can still take care of you!”

Lucas took her little hand in his and pulled her gently, coaxing her to look up into his soft stone eyes. “That’s not what I meant. Kitten, just breath okay? You’re just feeling vulnerable right now, but that feeling will pass.”

“I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE VULNERABLE! I’M NOT!! I’M NOT!! I’m over six feet tall! I graduated cumma sum laude from Stanford! I was a division one volleyball champion! I’m in the middle of a five-year plan to become a marketing executive! Women like me can’t be vulnerable!” Erica screamed angrily.

Lucas watched her, assessing her face, somewhat tense, thoughtful of his next words. “And how is that working out for you?”

Erica stood back, uncertain. She then lifted her chin and retorted back defiantly. “It’s working pretty damn good! Look at the day I just had! Look how much fun WE had!”

“Except today you weren’t over six feet tall, you were three. You weren’t invulnerable, you were scared, and you needed help. You weren’t decisive, I had to give you a direction to go in.”

Erica stood, her mouth agape, looking up at Lucas. “Don’t talk to me like I’m a child!” She shouted back at him.

“I’m not talking to you like you’re a child. Erica, you are asking me to call you Kitten, you’re admitting to me you’re scared out of your wits all day with everything you say and do, you’re confused, and you’re less than three feet tall. I’m not saying this to lecture you, I’m just telling you what you’ve already said and shown to me.”

“I can make my own decisions. I don’t need your help,” She grumbled irately.

“Yeah, you can make your own decisions. You’ve always been able to make your own decisions. You’ve always been so strong. And how has that worked for you? When this happened who would you have turned to if I had left you alone this morning?” Erica looked up at him, tears building in her eyes. “But for one day, you’ve been vulnerable, and you’ve accepted help, and you’ve trusted, and how has that worked out?”

“What happens if you get tired of taking care of a tiny cripple?” She said in a quivering voice.

“You’re not a cripple, Kitten.”

“Don’t change the subject! Answer my question!!”

“What if I don’t get tired of it?”

“That doesn’t answer me!!”

“Yes it does.”

“No it doesn’t! You don’t answer a question with another question! What if you get tired of taking care of some freakishly small crippled woman?!?!??”

Lucas knelt down to her and put his hands behind her shoulders, pulling her in. Erica pushed twisted trying to break free from his grasp. Her efforts were completely in vein, it wasn’t even slightly difficult to hold on to her as she pushed away with all her might, but Lucas looked at her with soft, sad eyes. “Please come here,” he begged.

Reluctantly, Erica stopped fighting and allowed Lucas to pull her forward. “You’re not a freak. You’re not a cripple. And honestly, Kitten, I can’t remember a day where I was happier than today. I don’t want that to end.”

“You said all moments come to and end,” she began to cry into his shoulder.

“And I asked what you wanted the next moment to look like.”

“But you said you didn’t know the answer.”

“I said I usually didn’t know. I do know what I want the moment after this one to look like. And I want you to be there to share it with me.”

“You’ll get sick of me. I’ll just end up being the little toy woman that you have to look after every day.”

Lucas pushed her away just a few inches from his face. He looked into her dark eyes and waited. Her eyes were now red and tears streamed down her face. “I don’t know what words I can say to make you feel better, and it’s breaking my heart,” he told her sincerely. “I’m here now, I’ve been here through all of this when you said yourself I didn’t have to be. Doesn’t that count for anything?”

“I guess,” Erica whimpered while her lower lip quivered.

“I need your trust, Kitten. And trust means you don’t get to be over six feet tall, unstoppable and invulnerable all the time.” Erica sniffled looking into his soft stone eyes. “You can’t know how vulnerable I am to you right now, how scared I am that this dream of the last day will all come crashing down around me. But I need you to know you don’t have to be alone.”

“I’m not supposed to be vulnerable,” She whimpered. “That’s not who I am.”

“No, I suppose it isn’t,” Lucas said realistically. “Is that who you want to be though?”

“It’s what you want! You want me to be six feet again!”

“I just want you to be who you are meant to be. How big your body is doesn’t matter.”

“But you said you wanted me to grow back!”

“I thought you wanted to grow back. Do you?” Erica stood and stared back at Lucas silently as tears continued to stream down her face. “I didn’t expect that,” Lucas admitted after a long pause.

“I didn’t say anything,” Erica said defensively.

“Yeah, actually you did. You said a lot.”

“What do you mean?”

“Kitten,” Lucas began looking down into Erica’s sad, pleading eyes. “Gorgeous,” he continued, “stunning,” he went on, “irresistible,” Erica smiled against her wishes and sniffled. Lucas smiled back, relieved. “Alicia is going to research this, she is going to work on it, and she will find a way to reverse this. When that time comes you will have a choice to make. Who do you want to be? Do you want to be six foot Erica, or do you want to be three foot Erica?”

Erica wiped her nose and stood wordlessly. “It will be your choice, and only your choice. I can’t make it for you. Do you understand? There is nothing I can do to make that choice for you and anything I say from here on is never meant to make that choice for you. Whatever you decide, I will support your decision. I mean it. With all my heart and everything I have, I’ll support it. But deep down inside, regardless of whether you take the new serum or not, I hope you learn to embrace three foot Erica. She’s fun, she’s sweet, she’s caring, she’s beautiful, she’s irresistible, and it doesn’t matter if her body is six feet tall or three. But inside, the three foot one let me get close to her, and that is the difference. That’s the one I want, on the inside at least.”

“No one wants a mousy little woman. No one! Why would you put up with me if I’m stuck like this?? No one would do that!!!”

“What? Kitten, you are hardly mousy. You’ve even managed to be downright intimidating at that size. If anything, you’re like the anti-mousy.”

“But I’m mouse sized.. No one would want a mousy little woman!”

“I do. I want you just as you are. I’ll take you any way I can get you, Kitten. I’m not going to get sick of you just because you’re little. You’re irresistible!”

“So you like me this size?” She sniffled, wiping her nose again.

“Oh my God, yes I do,” He took her hand, holding it up in comparison to his own massive palm. “But it isn’t about this,” he told her demonstrating the difference in their sizes. He then turned her hand inward and placed it gently against her chest, over her heartbeat. “It’s about this.”

“Erica,” Lucas began eliciting a frown from Erica. “Kitten,” he continued and her face relaxed. “Please don’t make me the reason for what you choose your body to look like. Please,” he pleaded.

“But don’t you want me six feet so you don’t have to take care of me anymore?”

“You don’t need me to take care of you now at three feet, Kitten.”

“Two eleven point three,” Erica corrected with a sniffle.

Lucas smiled sympathetically at her. “Two eleven point three. You don’t need me to take care of you at two eleven point three. I’m glad you’ve let me be close enough to help you where I can, though. Just,” Lucas paused, considering his words carefully, “be who you are, Kitten. Be who you are meant to be and who you want to be. We’ll sort the rest out later.”

Erica leaned in, resting her head on his shoulder crying softly again. “I don’t know who I am anymore,” She whimpered.

“I bet you do.” He told her quietly. “I bet you do, and you are realizing you didn’t before, and I bet that’s what’s scaring you so badly. And that makes a lot of sense. If you have to lose half your height to see that, it must be pretty tough.”

Erica looked up at Lucas with a questioning look on her face. She then rested her head back on his shoulder, squeezing him as hard as she could in her diminutive arms. “Why are you doing this, Lucas?” She asked.

“I had a free night, and I thought it might be fun,” Lucas replied as he rubbed her back softly. Erica managed a laugh then a sniffle.

“Was it?”

“Even better than fun.”

Erica leaned back and looked up at him with concern on her face, “What if Alicia tries to seduce you in front of me again?”

“Again with the what ifs! Kitten, let go of ‘what if!’ Stop asking ‘what if?’ Start asking ‘what now?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, right here and now, someone is sitting right here, desperately begging you to let him close. Asking for the opportunity to bring some happiness into your life and to share in your company. What do you do about it? Here. Now. Not if.”

Erica looked back at him blankly. “Now?” She asked.

“Yes, what now?”

She grinned demurely back at him. “Now I would really like it if you would take me to bed with you. Please.”

“There are no words in the English language to describe what an awesome answer that is.”

“Well, then don’t describe it, just make it happen,” she said grinning widely.
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Re: Please..

Post by SciFiCrazy » Fri Oct 02, 2020 6:25 pm

CKent45 wrote:
Fri Oct 02, 2020 2:30 am
Well, i don't want to give up where things go with the Jimmy arc. We're approaching the end of a major arc in the story and after that you'll get a couple of updates on this era here and there on events back in Erica's school days, but the flashbacks will be fewer moving into the next major arc.

I'll work on getting the next chapter up, but I'm pretty sure it's present day, so it will be a bit longer before we flashback to this arc again. Mandy kinda gets her comeuppance with Erica usurping her power within her group of friends, so hopefully that is more or less satisfying, and as for Erica, it's more or less about showing how she became the way she is as you see in present time and the story will definitely deal with her facing going back to this timeline and growing from what she was developed into here.

I hope I didn’t give the impression that the rest of your story in anyway is not entertaining. It has been exceptionally well written and a great read so far. The shrinking aspect of wanting to be more and intimidating at the front of the mind while secretly wanting to be less and vulnerable in the back of your mind was a great way to creat the arc for your story.

The doctors office chapter was just exceptional. Loved the mom who thinks her son is such a good boy but won’t believe he could do anything wrong while seeing him doing it. And saying she doesn’t punish (spank, hit, or grab) him while basically letting him do anything he wants, as well as the treatment of Erica by the nurses, showed the way our world is today. Nothing anyone does, says, or thinks is wrong unless they believe it to be so. In other words they don’t care about anyone else except themselves.

There was just something about the background story that grabbed me. The boy that wants to help but is being forced into a spot and mistreated, all for having a good heart, doing the right thing, and being what people should be like in general. But the man hating woman, and bully of young boys, that has been put into a place of power over vulnerable minds is just someone that draws your hate and you want to see get theirs in the end.

I hope that wasn’t too much. Just wanted to show I appreciate your ability to pull readers in from multiple aspects of your story. I am curious if Erica will ever return to a normal life or decide to stay the way she is in the end. Looking forward to seeing where you story will take us in the end. Thanks for sharing your imagination with us.

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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Mon Oct 12, 2020 4:49 pm

SciFiCrazy wrote:
Fri Oct 02, 2020 6:25 pm
I hope I didn’t give the impression that the rest of your story in anyway is not entertaining. It has been exceptionally well written and a great read so far. The shrinking aspect of wanting to be more and intimidating at the front of the mind while secretly wanting to be less and vulnerable in the back of your mind was a great way to creat the arc for your story.

The doctors office chapter was just exceptional. Loved the mom who thinks her son is such a good boy but won’t believe he could do anything wrong while seeing him doing it. And saying she doesn’t punish (spank, hit, or grab) him while basically letting him do anything he wants, as well as the treatment of Erica by the nurses, showed the way our world is today. Nothing anyone does, says, or thinks is wrong unless they believe it to be so. In other words they don’t care about anyone else except themselves.

There was just something about the background story that grabbed me. The boy that wants to help but is being forced into a spot and mistreated, all for having a good heart, doing the right thing, and being what people should be like in general. But the man hating woman, and bully of young boys, that has been put into a place of power over vulnerable minds is just someone that draws your hate and you want to see get theirs in the end.

I hope that wasn’t too much. Just wanted to show I appreciate your ability to pull readers in from multiple aspects of your story. I am curious if Erica will ever return to a normal life or decide to stay the way she is in the end. Looking forward to seeing where you story will take us in the end. Thanks for sharing your imagination with us.
Sorry for the late reply. The simple fact that you wrote anything at all warms my heart. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, especially of this story, which has grown to ridiculous levels and has gotten out of hand, honestly.

When i looked back on the first few chapters, I saw a woman who was incredibly conflicted and a walking contradiction. She was tall, athletic, powerful, in charge, confident, successful, but as she dwindled, you saw another side of her in not just that there was this other side to her that she'd hidden to everyone including herself, but also in what her desires were. I asked myself how she got so messed up and this arc was the answer, among other things. Erica's past is very much dictating her present in ways she doesn't understand, or even in some cases remember.

I'm thrilled you're enjoying the flashbacks to her grade school days and all the torment going on there. Erica's teacher isn't meant to just be a straight out and out villain. She has an ingrained belief system and when something challenges that belief system, she needs to find a way to reconcile that without compromising the belief system, which causes her to act impulsively, which causes problems, which she then needs to compensate for, which causes more problems, etc. Kinda like a certain 6' Amazon who gets full of herself, decides drinking a potion will make her giant and then has to deal with the consequences. With role models like that, it made more sense to me Erica would come out to be the woman you met at the beginning. But there sure is more to Erica's past. She has to come to terms with all of it, in the end. Her demons have been released and she must face them. It also showed a way to go into Erica's mind as we rode the roller coaster of her first day shrunk. The flashbacks were supposed to mirror what was happening in current day to help keep you off balance, so yeah, it's a big deal to me that you enjoyed it. No need to apologize to me about anything.

I do want you to be pulled in to that arc, because it's foundational to Erica, but it also further shows how flawed she is. I know where things go, so there's a bit of anxiety for me about what transpires because of it and how people will view it. But I also worry because a trip that far in the way back machine is tough to manage from a story making standpoint. Same with the clinic situation. Erica has entered a world she owned now not tall enough to stand up to a small child any longer. At some point, it makes sense for her to interact with people this young and small, but this is a very adult story and there are certain boundaries I'm unable and unwilling to cross.

This whole universe has been a challenge to get out from my mind on to paper. I have well over 3,000 pages written in word now and still have a long ways to go.
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Re: Please..

Post by SciFiCrazy » Thu Oct 15, 2020 3:45 am

Thanks for the reply. I can see that your story has many layers to it. Looking forward to seeing where your mind leads us next.

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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:49 pm

Lucas smiled warmly down to Erica, and reached his wrist under her knees, taking her into his arms and stood up. Erica giggled softly as he did so, squeezing him tightly. He then slowly walked her back to the bedroom and stood her on the bed. Erica gripped his shirt in her hands and pulled down. He obeyed as she threw an arm around his neck and kissed him with an open mouth. They lingered in the kiss, quietly, Lucas massaging her between her shoulder blades with his fingers. Eventually, they let go of each other and she smiled up at him as she slipped her arms through the straps of her dress and slid it down her little body, leaving her standing before him in her underwear.

She then took her new dress and handed it to him. “Hang this up,” She told him. He quietly did as asked, putting the little dress in his closet, and came back to find Erica lying on the bed, watching him intently.

Lucas sat beside her and ran his fingers through her hair, rubbing her scalp in his huge fingers. Erica sighed and closed her eyes, relaxing and laying back, thoroughly enjoying the sensations. After a few minutes like this, she opened her eyes and stared up at Lucas. “I was really a big bitch back there, wasn’t I?” she asked him seriously.

“Afraid so,” Lucas admitted.

“Sorry,” She apologized.

“There’ll be more time for that later. I blame myself, really.”

“You? What did you do?” Erica asked, propping herself up on her elbow.

“I pushed you way too hard today. So much happened, we ran all over the place, we did so much, just one thing after another. I just wanted to fix things so bad for you, I never stopped to think about how hard I was pushing you.”

“You didn’t push me, Lucas. Today was hardly any more busy than any other Saturday for me.”

“Yeah, but this Saturday was different. Everything is different for you. I should have let you take some time to recover a bit.”

“If you did then we wouldn’t have gotten to the doctor so I can apply for short term disability. I wouldn’t have had clothes to wear past tomorrow.”

“I could have gone to Target again tomorrow and gotten you some more things, and the doctor could have waited for Monday. It was too much, you’re still exhausted from what happened last night, and it’s my fault you are as raw as you are right now.”

“I’m glad we got as much done as we did today.”

“Well, I’m glad, but I’m still sorry I pushed you so hard. Tomorrow, maybe we can take our time a bit more? And for the rest of the week too? I already sent an email to my boss about taking the week off. If we have all that time, maybe it will be a good idea just to take some time and let you adapt to everything that’s happened.”

“You didn’t push me, Lucas.”

“Maybe you’re saying that because you are used to running at full speed all the time. But if we had taken our time a bit more, I bet you wouldn’t have said or done so many things you’re regretting now. And I’m the one that kept saying we need to this or that done. If I hadn’t pushed you so much, then maybe tonight could have turned out a bit better.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” she asked. Lucas nodded in response. Erica grabbed his hand in both of hers and kissed it sweetly, then pressed her cheek into his palm. “I’m fine, I can handle this kind of schedule.”

“Are you? I mean right now? Your body has been wiped out, and you’re at your limit emotionally too. When was the last time before today you ever remembered crying?”

Erica thought back as Lucas watched her eyes dart back and forth while the wheels of her mind spun along. “I don’t know,” she confessed.

“That’s kinda what I figured.” Erica stared back with a befuddled expression. “You’re not the kind of person to cave in to that kind of thing. You said it yourself, you’re a strong woman. Do strong women let people see their emotions like that?” Erica shook her head. “Well, I disagree, but I can see why you might feel that way.”

“I’m not supposed to cry,” Erica reasoned out loud. “People will take advantage of me when I’m weak like that.”

“Kitten, you’ve shown more strength today than I could have imagined. You took what happened and you barely missed a step, and that includes when you broke down crying.”

“You don’t have to baby me,” Erica said, an uncomfortable expression written on her face.

“Recovery isn’t babying. Besides, if you wanted to slow our pace down a bit, I bet I could make it worth your while,” Lucas said, slipping his hands behind her back and massaging her neck and shoulders.

“Mmmmm,” Erica purred. “What did you have in mind?”

“Mostly getting out, going to see some things. There’s a park down south of here on the river bluffs, it looks like something out of a movie, wanna see it?”

Erica sighed in his hands. “I guess. Is that all you got?”

“There’s also a Japanese garden open to the public about forty five minutes from here. It’s gorgeous, especially at this time of year.”

“Another park?” Erica said, still purring. “What, are you trying to plant me?”

Lucas grinned at her questions and spread his massage further over her back. Erica again sighed as her diminutive body rolled up and down in his hands. “I could borrow a friend’s boat, and we could go out on the lake for a day. Ever been on a sailboat? Not a huge one, but it has a cabin inside where we can sit and eat, even lay down for a nap together.”

Erica sighed again. “Not bad, Casanova, but what about work around here?”

“Oh, I have a couple surprises I could keep in store for you around here too.”

Erica opened her eyes and looked up at Lucas. “Oh really? Like what?”

“Surprises. Think of it as a vacation. By the time the week is up, I’d bet you’ll be a new woman.”

Erica sighed again as Lucas continued to massage her. “So my shrinking disaster is going to become a mini vacation get away?”

Lucas smirked and chuckled to himself. “What?” Erica demanded from him. Lucas just smiled in response. “What? What’s so funny?”

“Mini vacation,” Lucas chided back.

Erica giggled in his hands, then slapped his arm. “Shut up, you know what I mean! So were just gonna take a vacation together?”

“Why not? You can’t tell me you couldn’t use some down time, Ms. Workaholic.”

Erica smiled demurely up at Lucas, biting her lower lip. “Will you make love to me, Lucas?”

“I’d be a fool not to when you ask that sweetly.”

“Ahhhh,” she cooed. “I mean right now.”

“Are you sure? Aren’t you too tired?”

Erica’s eyes jutted open. “Why do say that? Am I too small to turn you on anymore?”

“Kitten, it’s not like that, I’m just worried about you, that’s all. You don’t have to put out just to keep me around.”

“I’m not! I mean.. I’m not! I want it Lucas, I want it so bad! I’ve wanted it all day. It feels so good with you, I just want to feel you. Please don’t turn me down again, Lucas!”

“It feels good huh?” Erica nodded eagerly. “Then maybe you could help me with something then.” Lucas said with an impish grin.

“What’s that?”

“A new game.”

“A game?” Erica asked, biting her lower lip.

“Uh huh.”

“What kind of game?” Erica asked in a curious, yet pensive tone.

“An easy one. All you have to do is tell me yes or no when I do something for you.”

“Yes or no?”

“Yep. For instance, if I do something that feels good to you, just tell me yes. Like this..” Lucas said as he lowered himself to her and began kissing her playfully on the base of her neck. “Is that a yes or a no?” he whispered breathily.

“Oh, yes,” Erica sighed, squirming slightly in his arms.

“What about this?” Lucas asked mirthfully as he began gently sucking on her ear lobe and then began tracing around the edges of her ear delicately with the tip of his tongue.

“Yes!” She squealed as she continued to squirm in his arms.

“And this?” Lucas reached his hands underneath her armpits and began squeezing and tickling her there, causing her to lurch and thrash giggling profusely in his hands.

“NOO!” She yelled at him. Lucas chuckled and relented, laying her back down so she could see his impish grin. Erica laughed then slapped him forcefully on his shoulder.

“What? I stopped..” Lucas said, still chuckling.

“Well, start something else then,” Erica said coyly. Lucas smiled and grabbed her hands, pinning them above Erica’s head much to her surprise despite her resisting heavily. She was about to yell ‘no’ until he began kissing her gently down the front of her neck and onto her collar bone. “Oh yeah,” She commented happily until Lucas grabbed both of her wrists in one hand and moved the other toward her exposed armpit. “I mean, yes! Yes!!” Lucas chuckled again and took her body in his hands and lifted her up. She grinned ear to ear, staring him in the eyes and she felt him hook her sports bra with his finger and pull it upward toward her head.

Willingly, Erica lifted her arms and waited patiently as Lucas pulled her bra off, leaving her plump breasts exposed to the cool air as her nipples stiffened. Erica placed her hand on Lucas’ cheek, waiting for his next move, but she was surprised when he picked her up, rotated her in his hands and laid her gently, face down on the bed. He then began gently kneading the skin of her back with his fingertips. “Yes,” she sighed heavily.

Lucas continued to massage her back carefully until it became apparent that Erica was starting to drift off into sleep. He then reached down and pinched her little bottom with his thumb and forefinger. Erica yelped, arching backwards. “NO!!” She ordered him. She then turned and slapped his thigh before lying back down, giggling. Lucas again began massaging her back then took one of her thighs in his hand and began massaging that as well, up and down it’s length pausing dangerously close to her sex before slowly working his way downward again. “Mmmmm, yesss,” Erica cooed as she tensed her thighs in his hands, lifting her pelvis slightly up in to the air.

“Lucas,” Erica began to say, but Lucas cut her off.

“That’s against the rules,” Lucas warned.

“Time out then.”

Lucas laughed and agreed, “okay, what is it Kitten?” as he continued to massage her thighs.

“Why did you tell me ‘no’ last night when I told you to take me?”

“What are you talking about? I did take you last night.”

“Well yeah, but you tried to leave. You told me ‘no’ and I had to convince you to stay. Why?”

“Oh that.”

“Yeah, that. Why would you turn me down for sex?”

“Because that’s what you wanted.”

Erica lifted up to her elbows and turned to look at Lucas. “Uh, no, I told you to fuck me, so I’m pretty sure I wanted you to fuck me.”

“Well, maybe, but not like that.”

“What do you mean, ‘not like that?’ There’s pretty much one basic way to fuck, and that’s by putting your thing inside me.”

“That’s not what you wanted though.”

“I’m pretty sure I know what I wanted, and you told me no.”

Lucas chuckled. “Kitten, you were shrinking because you felt out of control, and someone else was calling the shots. And it was pretty obvious you were really turned on by it. When you told me to fuck you, you were acting like you were in control again, but that wasn’t what was going to keep turning you on.”

“So.. you said no just to turn me on?” Lucas nodded. “So you wouldn’t have actually left?” Lucas shrugged his shoulders. “You don’t know???” Erica asked incredulously.

“Not really. I was playing it by ear. You were getting more and more turned on with every little bit of height you lost. It was really hot. I’ve never even dreamt of anything that hot before, and I didn’t want to stop that, I wanted to bring you over the top.”

“You certainly did that,” Erica confessed, lying back down again. “So all that was just mind games to get me off?”

“Pretty much.”

“How did you know it would work?”

“Well, I was pretty certain of it when I walked up to you just after we figured out what was going on and you shrank several times just by me standing over you. I knew I had you going and I didn’t want to lose that.”

“But if you left, then you wouldn’t have been able to do that anymore.”

“I guess I was betting you would stop me from leaving,” Lucas explained as he massaged down her thigh and worked his way to her calves. “I wasn’t really expecting you to be so desperate to keep me there though.”

“I wasn’t desperate,” Erica countered defensively.

“Yeah you were. And it was unbelievably sexy. It was like you had just completely surrendered yourself to the moment, and I wanted you so bad, I could barely contain myself.”

“But you did contain yourself. You seemed so detached. I didn’t think you even wanted me until…” Erica’s thoughts trailed off.

“I was trying to hide it, I guess I did too good of a job. I wanted to get you off, that’s all. I couldn’t do that if I didn’t keep focused. I was about to explode.”

Erica rolled over and climbed up onto Lucas’ lap. Lucas’ eyes remained fixed on her round breasts that swung back and forth as she did so. Finally kneeling on his lap, she looked up into his eyes, wrapping an arm around his neck. “You were about to explode?” She asked, fascinated. “How did I not know that?”

Lucas shrugged. “I just was trying to get you to climax. I needed to see it, and I was willing to do just about anything to get you there.”

“Well you did,” Erica giggled. “And it was a big one too. Why didn’t you tell me that was what you were doing?”

“You didn’t ask. I guess I thought you knew.”

“No, I thought you didn’t want me.”

“Holy cow, Kitten! Of course I wanted you! You were amazing!!”

“I was?” Erica asked coyly.

“You still are.”

“You still want me?”

“Of course,” Lucas reassured her, staring into her eyes.

“So, that’s what you’re doing now? Taking control to turn me on?”

“Pretty much. I can see it turning you on, and I want more.”

“So why not just take me now?” Erica asked, biting her lower lip again.

“Gotta build anticipation,” Lucas explained. “I’m taking my time to make sure I can have as much impact as I can.”

“Okay, so that’s why you’ve been such a damn tease. Why does it matter so much to you though?”

“Kitten, you’re unbelievable. I just want to feel you reach the edge in my arms. It’s so sexy, I just can’t get enough of it.”

“That’s… weird,” Erica managed with a smile as she stared into his eyes.

“Weird? Why?”

“I dunno.. I just haven’t met a guy that cared much whether I got off or not. Or he didn’t know how. Or both. That’s why I’ve always had to take charge before. To make sure I got what I wanted.”

“But you like it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Erica admitted shyly. “More, please,” Erica admitted with glazed over eyes.

Lucas laughed and wrapped his hands behind her back, pulling her up to him. “As you wish, Kitten.” Erica grinned as he lowered his lips to her slowly and kissed her with an open mouth. Instinctively, Erica opened her mouth, inviting in Lucas’ tongue and giggled softly as his met hers and they danced around playfully with each other.

Erica sighed heavily, wrapping both arms around his neck and squeezed him tightly, then squeaked flippantly as she felt him grasp her small butt. They continued kissing, Erica relaxing and closing her eyes, enjoying the feeling of her small mouth being penetrated teasingly by Lucas’ larger tongue.

As their tongues swirled around each other, Lucas smiled as he noticed Erica’s breathing speed up. She let go of his neck and reached down, gripping his shirt in her little hands and began squeezing the fabric up a little at a time in her hand, gradually pulling the shirt up, bit by bit until she finally found the bottom and began pulling the shirt up and off in earnest. Lucas went along with her and grinned she reached as far as she could and he had to help her take his shirt the rest of the way off.

“Stand up,” she said demurely to him. She climbed off of his lap and stood on the bed as Lucas stood as well, turning to face her. Erica reached up and traced her little fingers across his broad chest, basking in the moment, then lowered her hands to his belt, which she unclasped and opened. She then began the task of unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. As she did so, Lucas placed a hand on her shoulder, rubbing it gently, eliciting a smile from Erica. Lucas then took his other hand, and much to Erica’s surprise, reached behind her, sliding his hand inside her panties grasping her butt with hands so large that his fingers extended down between her legs, brushing against her womahood.

Erica gasped in surprise, leaning forward against his chest. She closed her eyes for a moment, lost in the sensations she was feeling as Lucas’ large hands explored her miniature body meticulously. After a moment of respite, she then reached down again and finished her work loosening her lover’s pants and pulled down as hard as she could, freeing him from the remainder of his clothing.

“Looks like those were getting way too tight for you anyways,” Erica snickered staring at his engorged cock as Lucas stepped out of what remained of his clothes. Lucas smiled and slipped a hand behind her back and the other behind her things and lifted her up close to his face. Erica gasped slightly, but continued smiling as Lucas held her against him with one giant hand and hooked her little underwear in his finger, sliding them down her small legs, past her feet and they fell gently far away to the floor on top of Lucas’ discarded clothing. Erica gulped quietly as Lucas looked down at her into her eyes steadily.

“Wanna continue our game, Kitten?” Erica giggled softly and smiled, nodding her head. Lucas then took her in both hands pressing her firmly against him. She grinned widely as he lowered his mouth to hers and kissed it openly. Lucas then took his remaining hand and once again wrapped it around the back of her upper thigh, his fingers barely grazing against her sex.

“Oh yes,” She sighed, accidentally breaking the kiss. Lucas smiled, pressing into a new kiss, this time coaxing her little tongue forward with the tip of his. Erica laughed as she chased after his elusive giant tongue until Lucas squeezed down on her thigh, pulling her labia apart so he could slide a finger in between, rubbing her back and forth. Erica shuttered in his grip and moaned out loudly, “Uhhhh… yes.”

Lucas again smiled and breathed in, pulling Erica up and against him, and lifting her leg up and outward, opening her sex wider as Lucas stroked her back and forth along her slit. Erica twitched in his grip, but remained determined to not completely lose herself, and pressed in deeper to kiss him harder. After a moment Lucas increased the speed at which he was rubbing her slit causing Erica to twitch and groan up at Lucas, “Aahhh, yes!”

Erica reached around, trying to find something to grab on to, but only found her giant lover’s massive chest. She capitulated, and squeezed him fervently as she raised her other leg in an attempt to wrap both of her diminutive legs around Lucas’ massive torso. As she did so, with Lucas still sliding his huge finger up and down through her slit gently and quickly, she began to buck her hips back and forth, grinding her little body against him. “Y-y-yessss,” she muttered, trying her best to maintain concentration enough to continue to play the game.

Lucas now broke their kiss and began pecking her repeatedly along the side of her neck, up and down, occasionally catching her ear in his mouth and sucking gently on it and caressing her skin with the tip of his tongue. Erica twitched and shuttered in his hands, struggling to maintain just a little bit of control over her miniature body, but shuddered in his grip, arching backwards, pressing her dripping pussy against his hand. “Y-y-y-yessss,” she moaned shaking as he held her. Erica twitched and thrashed in his hands, throwing her head back and exposing her breasts to Lucas. Sensing and opportunity, Lucas lowered his mouth to her, flicking her nipples with his tongue, and doing his best to suck on them as she jerked them in and out of his mouth.

Erica gripped the back of Lucas’ head, pulling down on him, trying to press her chest up to him, but over and over again found herself twitching loose from his lips. “Okay, o-okay, y-you win!” she yelled in between moans.

Lucas came up for air and stared at her glazed over eyes, still kissing and pecking at her chest as she trembled in his arms. He smiled, then replied, “it’s not that kind of game.”

Erica fought to catch her breath, still bucking her hips against his finger involuntarily. “L-l-lu-u-cas, make l-love t-to me. P-please. I w-w-want to feeel you.”

Lucas began sucking on Erica’s earlobe, massaging it with his tongue. “I’m right here Kitten,” he replied, an impish grin on his face. “I’ve got you right here, can’t you feel me?” Lucas slid his finger up her slit and finding the little bump of her clitoris, pressed firmly on it, rubbing it left and right vaguely.

“U-u-u-u-u-U-U-U-UHHHHH!” Erica moaned in his ear, her sylphlike form thrashing in his hands, desperately trying to get leverage enough to satisfy herself. She grabbed his ears, pushing his face away from her and held him as hard she could in place. Below, Lucas continued to massage her from behind, causing her to continue to twitch and convulse against him. She bit down hard on her lower lip while he stared down into his lustful eyes. “I-I-I want to feel you inside me, Lucas,” she stuttered, fighting back a smile.

Lucas continued to smile, and began rubbing her body more in earnest now, causing Erica to throw her head back with a deep moan. With great effort, she lifted her head back up again and stared back at him. “D-don’t you want m-m-me?” she asked pitifully. Lucas smiled down at her as she continued to convulse in his arms. “You do, I know you do, y-y-you j-just are trying to tease me again,” she reasoned out loud.

Lucas chuckled softly as she ground her hips into his fingers again. “What do I have to do Lucas? Tell me. Do I have to beg?”

Lucas lowered his face to her shoulder and began kissing her skin passionately, almost as though he was about to devour her. He slowly worked his way up to her ear, and the breathily whispered to her, “Yes.” Erica continued to thrash in his arms, gripping what she could grab of his shoulder in a little fist.

“Please Lucas! P-p-please make love to me! P-please! I need to feel you inside of me! I w-want you so bad!!” She yelled as she tossed her head back again and looked skyward. Lucas released her pussy and lifted a wet hand behind her head and pulled her up again so he could look her in the eyes once more.

“As you wish,” he told her licentiously.

Erica grabbed his wrist and stared back. “I want to be on top. Can I be on top?” she asked anxiously. Lucas smiled back in response. “Lucas, can I be on top? I will make it SOOO good for you. Lucas?” Lucas smiled and turned around, sitting on the bed and lowered Erica down to his lap. She bit down on her lip as she stared up into his eyes and grabbed hold if his cock eagerly with both hands. Erica squeezed down on his rod, pressing it into her stomach and began pumping her hips up and down, sliding the enlarged organ within her slit. Lucas held her with on hand, and braced himself with the other, enjoying the sensations of her small hands petting the tip of his dick enthusiastically.

Watching Lucas’ reaction, Erica grinned and went to work more vigorously, sliding her little body up and down his staff, making extra effort to grind her clitoris against him harder and harder. In her zeal, she succumbed to a series of tremors, lurching forward while Lucas smiled down at her and held her tenderly in place.

“You don’t think I can take you anymore, do you?” She asked in a taunting voice as she went to work massaging his member with her diminutive body again.

Lucas smirked, thinking over how to respond. Erica grinned, then gasped as a wave of pleasure overtook her momentarily as she slid up and down against the fleshy pole. Lucas placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head skyward. He slid his fingers into her hair and held her tenderly, staring quietly into her dark eyes for what seemed to be an eternity. Erica looked up at him, impatiently waiting for his response.

“I have no doubts about what you can do, Kitten. None. It’s why I want you so bad.”

“You want me?” Erica asked, grinding her hips harder into him with closed eyes, opening her mouth in a half gasp.

“Desperately. I want to feel every last part of you. I need to hold you in my arms and I need feel your body climax with me. Kitten, I want you even more than I did last night,” Lucas told her in a deep whisper. Erica closed her eyes, listening carefully to the sound of his voice. She opened her mouth as she listened to each word he spoke, trembling as she massaged his cock with her body, unconsciously trying desperately to wrap her labia around his rod.

She paused and looked up at him, wiping a few beads of sweat that had started to form on her brow away. “Lucas, can you please lie down?” she asked in a sweet, dulcet tone.

“As you wish, Kitten,” he replied gently. Lucas held her with one hand and slid himself all the way up onto the bed, lying on his back. Erica sat on his lap as he did so, hugging his cock against her greedily, staring into his eyes with unfettered anticipation. Once Lucas lay still, Erica bit down once again on her lip and began the task of sliding up and up along his cock, closing her eyes, enjoying the sensations until she reached the top. She straddled it, resting a knee on each of his hip bones and lowered her waiting pussy down to his head.

Lucas interrupted her by placing a hand behind her head. She opened her eyes and looked at him curiously. “Go slow, Kitten, I want this to last as long as it can,” he told her softly.

Erica smiled and nodded in understanding. She opened her legs, spreading her labia wide and dropped down onto him pausing as she noticed his thick head extending wider than expected and forming an object so wide it could almost be a seat to her. Erica looked down and squeezed it in her hand and began the task of slowly pumping herself up and down over his thick head, little by little squeezing it inside of her, a fraction of an inch at a time.

“Kitten,” Lucas interrupted quietly. Erica looked up at him curiously again. “Slower,” he told her. Erica nodded again in understanding and went about her task once more, working him ever so slowing inside of her, trying her best to keep her vaginal walls from spasming and clamping down unconsciously before she could finish her work. Minutes seemed to pass before she gasped as her waiting sex finally accepted the entire head, which was squeezed and compressed in as though it were sitting under hundreds of feet of water pressure. Erica trembled as Lucas grabbed her with both of his hands to steady her and she fell forward.

With much effort, she regained her self control and looked up at him, grinning again and began pumping up and down slowly, working his shaft in at a snail’s pace as well now. Once he was sure she was steady again, Lucas reached down and pressed his thumb against her miniaturized swollen clitoris, vaguely rubbing it in tiny circles. “UUUUUHHHHH!” Erica screamed at the unexpected stimulation, closing her eyes, and then looking up at him with a mischievous grin.

Erica repeatedly, and slowly worked her way up and down, taking in more and more of him with great effort, breathing heavily and loudly as she did so. Lucas watched mirthfully as her chest expanded outward, spreading her plump, firm breasts away from her deliberatively, and then collapsed inward over and over again as Erica’s body tremored more and more. He then raised an eyebrow slightly as she suddenly picked up speed, rocking his cock in and out of her with increasing tempo. Lucas once again placed his hand on the side of her head, causing her to look up at him. Lucas shook his head no with a half serious expression. “Okay,” she relented, gripping his hand in hers and kissing the base of his thumb. Erica slowed her pace again taking him in deeper and deeper within herself, filling her further than even the night before.

With a little less than a couple inches left to go, Erica stopped with a massive shudder and looked up at him with deep, dark, soft, pleading eyes. She took his hand again and wrapped it around the base of his cock, providing her with a pace to rest. She carefully molded his grip while he smiled down to her into something that pressed firmly against her outstretched labia and she stopped to rest, gripping Lucas’ outstretched forearm fervently as she trembled over him with deep, heaving breaths.

Lucas himself found himself involuntarily leaning back to the sensations he was experiencing as he watched Erica’s core muscles contract sporadically around his deep penetrating cock. Erica sat like this, eyes clenched shut, panting heavily until she felt strong enough to continue and then looked up to Lucas with questioning eyes. Lucas smiled and nodded, eliciting a grin from Erica who began slowly raising herself along Lucas’ rod almost to the top, then slowly back down again, causing Lucas to release a gratified breath of air.

Erica grinned, closing her eyes and slowly worked her way up again, but was caught off guard when one of Lucas’ humongous hands reached around her, gripping her ass firmly. Once more, Erica shuddered at his touch and shakily began lifting herself above him the end, and back down once more, stopping to rest at the bottom and grinding her clitoris against the knuckle of his thumb.

“Oh God,” she moaned, gasping for air. Once again, Erica lifted herself up his staff and down once more, then again, painstakingly slow each time, trembling around his penis, “U-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-uhhh..” she moaned as she slid him in and out of her over and over again gradually. After a moment of rocking herself up and down as slowly as she could muster she subconsciously began to increase her pace again until she suddenly felt Lucas’ hand squeeze down on her ass, holding her in place. She stopped and looked up at him, amazed at the force he was able to muster so easily that locked her in place. He shook his head again and smiled as she nodded once more in understanding. Then, gently, Lucas began lifting her himself, slowly, carefully up, much to her amazement as she quivered in his grasp, her breathing continuing to speed up, her round, plump breasts expanding out and then in again with increasing force.

Lucas then brought her back down to his hand, which rested firmly around the base of his cock and he pulled her butt town, forcing her to rub her pussy back and forth on his rock hard fist. “UUUUUNNNNHHHH!!!!” She squealed delightfully. She enjoyed herself thoroughly, eventually starting to fight to gain enough concentration to look at him, but failing over and over and over again as each time she tried to open her eyes she fell back again with her mouth agape, gasping in pleasure.

She didn’t give up however, and finally managed to open her eyes, staring at him lustfully while she bit her lip again. “Lucas,” she asked timidly. “Can I go faster now?” She asked in a sweet voice.

Lucas fought back a grin, then looked at her sincerely. “Are you sure you’re up to it?”

Erica nodded and smiled up to him. “I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself, Kitten,” Lucas went on, sounding very protective.

“I can do it, Lucas,” she assured him in between gasps. “Please let me go faster, Lucas,” she asked again, melodically before succumbing to another deep gasp. Lucas looked at her quietly, waiting. “I’m close Lucas, I’m real close. Are you?”

“Yes Kitten,” Lucas admitted confidently.

“Let me go faster Lucas, please. I’ll make you cum with me. I want to feel you cum with me. Please,” She asked sweetly again.

“As you wish,” Lucas told her softly.

Erica began rocking back and forth, now leaning forward on both her hands, a little at a time at first, but further in and out with each thrust and with gradual gaining momentum. As she reached almost the full length she was able to take slipping in and out of her, she moaned out loudly, “OOOooooh, Lucas!! Help me go faster Lucas!”

Lucas smiled and obliged, gripping firmly on her ass again with his free hand, pulling her back and forth, up and down on his cock. Erica’s body swung rhythmically back and forth as she moaned loudly, “UUUUUNNNNHHHHH!!!”

Erica’s mouth hung open, breathing heavily, panting for air. “Faster!” she begged. Little by little, Lucas sped up, pulling her back and forth faster and faster as she rocked wildly on his cock. Deep inside her, she could feel his rigid member hardening, indicating the time was close at hand. “Faster!!” She pleaded. Once more, Lucas obliged her as her body rocked back and forth wildly. At one point, Erica looked up in shock as she noticed one of her swinging breasts actually swung up, slapping her in her face. She grinned, however and went right back to work.

“Lucas,” she moaned out loud. Lucas looked down at her, brought back from his own moment of sensual bliss. “Lucas,” she repeated desperately. “Talk to me… will you talk to me? I need to hear your voice,” she begged.

“I don’t know what to say, Kitten,” Lucas admitted in reply to her request. Erica continued thrusting herself wildly along the length of his cock, but gave a sad look. Lucas smiled back and told her, “I don’t know what to say, other than I need to feel you climax Kitten, I need it. Will you do it for me, Kitten?”

Erica smiled wide again, managing to increase her tempo yet again. “Yes… you want me Lucas?” She asked anxiously.

“I need you Kitten, I need this,” Lucas said down to her, watching her gasp for air again and again as he assisted her along his length.

“UUUUUUNNNNHHHH!! I’m… not… too small for you??” She asked as her little body stuttered and shook in his hands, nearly convulsing in the plains of ecstasy she had found herself in.

“No, kitten, you’re not too small for me. I’ve never wanted anything more desperately in my life than you right now. Climax for me Kitten, do it,” He commanded her softly.

“AaaaaaaAAAAHHHHHH,” Erica moaned, growing louder and louder.

“You are such an unbelievably sexy woman, Kitten. I want you so bad. Kitten, climax for me.” Lucas reiterated.

“AAAAAAAAA-A-A-A-A-A-A-AHHHHHH!!!!” Erica began screaming, sweat pouring from her forehead, her firm breasts swinging to and fro wildly. “F-F-F-F-F-F-F-A-A-ASSSTER!!” she pleaded with him.

“Oh God Kitten, I’m gonna explode, I need you to climax for me Kitten. Kitten..”


“Kitten, do it, climax for me.”

“I-I-I’m-m cu-u-u-um-ming,” she cried out.

“Yes Kitten, cum for me,” Lucas continued in a low, breathy tone.

“U-U-U-U-U-U-U-UN-N-N-N-N-NNNNNNNHHHHHHH!!” Erica roared as her body suddenly seized up in a flood of sensations, overloading her completely. Lucas continued thrusting her up and down along his cock for a few short seconds as Erica lurched and thrashed from her climax and then he too joined her, spilling his seed deep within her.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” She screamed, falling forward, face first onto her giant lover as she felt the torrent of his fluids pouring into her, over and over again, saturating her womb. Lucas grabbed both of her shoulders as they both convulsed involuntarily together, Erica’s mind washing away in her orgasm, Lucas lost to his fluids pumping up into Erica’s tiny pussy.

After series of powerful convulsions, both lay silently, though Erica still gripped him tightly racing to catch her out of control breath as he began the very first stages of his member softening while still planted firmly deep within her. Very carefully, Lucas took her in his hands and slid her up his body, allowing his member to slide out of her as she twitched suddenly and violently to his touch.

Erica lay across his broad chest, panting, her chest heaving, her small body completely spent from the exertion she had just experienced. They lay like this for several minutes, neither making a sound as Lucas began to slowly, gently rub her back. At first when he did so, Erica twitched involuntarily as her oversensitivity to everything around her faded away. She continued to lay otherwise motionless, save her heavy breathing and a pounding heartbeat that thumped so hard Lucas could actually feel it through his own chest. Little by little, he rubbed and massaged her, easing Erica back into reality. Eventually, Erica’s breathing slowed, and as though she were lifting a ton of boulders, her head tipped upward to look at Lucas, who smiled down at her.

“You, my dear,” he told her softly, “have got to be the single most sexy woman I have ever seen in my life.”

Erica managed to draw her lips out into an exhausted smile and laid her head down once again. After another few moments, she began to realized the discomfort of the mess they had just made on each other, and she started to squirm just slightly. Lucas tipped his head up to see what she was doing and then put his hands on her back, gently rolling her over onto the bed. Erica looked up, confused as he started to climb out of bed.

“Where are you going? ” she asked anxiously.

“No where, I’ll be right back.”

“Can’t you just stay here?”

Lucas leaned over, kissing her tenderly on her sweaty forehead. “I will stay with you, you’re uncomfortable, and I’m just gonna fix that.” Erica watched motionless with concern as he walked quickly out of the bedroom but then returned after only a few seconds with a couple of towels in hand. He started with Erica, sliding a hand behind her neck and shoulders and lifting her slightly, then wiping the sweat from her face and her chest.

“I can do it,” Erica protested weakly, struggling to sit up.

“I know, but I consider it a privilege if you let me do it,” Lucas countered. Erica smiled, not quite able to muster a giggle, and laid back as Lucas wiped her clean. “Is that good enough, or you want a shower too?” Lucas asked gently.

“I’m good, thanks,” she replied breathily. Lucas then wiped his body dry and climbed up into the bed, pulling the covers down and picking Erica up. Erica was at first startled by the sudden motion all around her, but settled in, hugging his arm. Lucas slid under the covers and laid Erica down over his chest, gently massaging her petite shoulders with his fingers and rubbing her head.

“You didn’t think I could do it, did you?” Erica asked defiantly.

“Oh Kitten, I had no doubt you could do it.”

“Nuh uh, you were all ‘aren’t you too tired?’”

“Well, you had a hell of a day, I didn’t want to push you into anything.”

“Yeah, like you could push me into that,” Erica retorted, grasping his chest and hugging it to her.

“Good point,” Lucas chuckled.

“I told you I could still take care of you,” Erica scolded him softly.

“Yeah, you did,” Lucas replied back, smiling down at her.

“So I did a good job?” Erica asked bashfully.

Lucas laughed, then looked into her dark eyes. “Seriously? Best I’ve ever had.”

“You’re just saying that cuz you think this is pillow talk.”

“No Kitten, I mean it.”



“I can’t believe it..” Erica remarked to herself.

“Can’t believe what?”

“You’re four and O,” She explained.

“What do you mean?”

“This is the fourth time you’ve gotten me completely off in just one day.”

“Well, that’s a good thing, right?”

“Hell yeah it is! I just can’t believe you managed to do it so many times. I’m not used to that.”

“Well, there’s a secret,” Lucas teased.

Erica looked up at him skeptically, still laying limply across his chest. “What secret?” she demanded.

“The secret is to get you to tell me what gets you off. If I can’t listen to that, then I’m just shooting in the dark.”

“Well, nice shootin, Tex,” Erica teased. Lucas began massaging Erica’s shoulders again, eliciting a sigh from her, and slowly she began to drift off to sleep. However, as her relaxation seemed to peak, she suddenly jerked again and opened her eyes. Lucas looked down at her, questioningly. Erica smiled weakly and lowered her head again, and Lucas went on massaging her as she began to drift off again. Once more she jerked awake, causing a look of confusion on Lucas’ face, but he went back to massaging her immediately and again, she relaxed and began drifting off again, only to jerk awake once more.

“What’s wrong, Kitten?” He asked, concerned.

“Nothing, don’t you want to talk some more?” she asked, smiling weakly and nervously.

“We can.. but aren’t you tired? You look exhausted.”

“No, I’m good, we can talk more if you want…”

“Talk about what?” Lucas asked, still concerned.

Erica stared at Lucas, a desperate look on her face. After a moment of thinking hard, she replied “How about your time in the Army? What was it like?”

Lucas kept his look of concern, but managed to smile at her. “What do you want to know?”

“Wasn’t it hard leaving everyone like that?”

“I didn’t think it would be, but yeah, it was.”

“So why did you go?”

“I was stupid. God and country and all that.”

“How long was it before you regretted signing up?”

“Not long, before I finished training, actually.”

“So why not just quit?”

“It doesn’t work like that. Besides, all I needed was a sign to show me I could handle it.”

“You had a sign? Like from God?”

“I don’t know about that, but it was a sign.”

“What kind of sign?”

Lucas smiled and began gently massaging her back and shoulders again. “It was after AIT. I had come home to visit on leave, and I was driving my car down to my first duty station. I had to go through Tennessee on the way there and it was beautiful. Have you ever been to Tennessee?”

“No,” Erica replied quietly as her eyes drifted shut and she smiled listening to his story.

“Hours of driving across lush green farm land, it was fantastic. On the East side of the state is a mountain range, and the highway dips back and forth between Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, and the road twists and turns through the mountains. The roads were nice, but it was a lot more like riding a roller coaster than driving.”

“Wasn’t that dangerous?” Erica asked with a deep yawn.

“Maybe, but I didn’t think of it that way at the time. It was a rush. The road would go up and up and up, and you just weaved around the mountainside, and then you were going down, twisting and turning every way. It was a nice break from the long drive I had been in before that, especially since I was regretting signing up so much. It was at the second peak where I saw it.”

Erica made a small noise that almost sounded like a question as Lucas continued to massage her tenderly.

“It had been a cloudy day all day, but when I got to the peak, I looked off to my right and there was just a brief pause where the clouds broke and the sun peaked through near the horizon. There was a series of lakes and rivers out beyond the mountains that I could see, and everything suddenly had this orange and red color to it. I had never seen anything like it before. Nothing seemed to exist except that view and it just called out to me.”

“Wow,” Erica remarked quietly as her breathing slowed under Lucas’s probing fingers.

“Yeah, it was like this brief moment where someone was telling me, ‘it’s gonna be fine.’ After that, I wasn’t so scared anymore when I got to base. I felt like I could take on the world. Whenever I would go home or come back after leave I would make sure to time my drive so that I would go through that spot at the same time again, but I never got bathed again in the red and orange light like I did that day. It was really amazing.”

Lucas looked down, still gently massaging Erica, who had slipped into a deep sleep finally. Lucas smiled and reached over, turning the lamp off. “Good night, Kitten,” he told her warmly as he ran his fingers through her dark raven hair and then laid back, letting himself drift off to sleep himself.
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“I told you to sit up straight young lady!” Erica’s mom scolded from the front seat of the car.

“Yes ma’am,” Erica replied obediently.

“Why are you always slouching over so much anyways? You should be proud of how tall you are. Everyone should be jealous of how tall you are.” Erica sat quietly, listening to her mother lecture her.

“When we get into that office, I want you to sit up straight, young lady. I want everyone to see how confident you are and I want them to think twice about speaking down to you.”

“Yes ma’am. Mom, why couldn’t I just go to school at the normal time today?”

“Because the principal wants us in this meeting with that rotten brat’s parents. I am going to make those trailer trash dirt bags regret raising their wife beater in training.”

“But couldn’t I just go to class until the meeting?”

“No dear, I needed time to prepare you for the meeting. I talked to Mr. Alderson, and the Cartwrights are demanding to know why you led the rest of the class out of the room.”

“Mrs. Salvatori told me to, Mom.”

“I know sweetie, but they will want to know why Mrs. Salvatori wanted you to do that.”

“I don’t know though, Mom, she was just really angry at Jimmy and wanted everyone out of the room.”

“Don’t tell them that, Erica.”

“But that’s what..”

“Don’t tell them that, Erica. Mrs. Salvatori has helped you out a lot, and when she comes back from the hospital, you’ll need her again. You can’t say things like that that might hurt her job.”


“I’m serious, sweetie, you can’t say that when we get there. Tell them that Jimmy was acting out and Mrs. Salvatori asked you to lead the class down the hall because he was unsafe to be around.”

“But Mom, Jimmy was really calm when we left. I don’t know what happened, he wasn’t doing anything but raising his hand,” Erica explained.

“He wasn’t listening to his teacher, though, was he?”

“No… Well, he sorta was but…”

“Then he was acting out. Erica, this boy is violent, we can’t be making it easy for him to get out of the law’s hands this time.”

“The law?”

“Yes, sweetie. The school has had enough of his delinquent behavior, and far too late, if you ask me. I told them at the time his suspension for punching you wasn’t enough. And now because of that ignorant principal, your teacher had to pay the price.”

“But Mom, Jimmy wasn’t violent. He hasn’t tried anything in weeks, he’s been on perfect behavior. That’s the whole reason why we…” Erica’s thoughts trailed off, and she ducked her head shamefully at what she had just let slip.

“Why you what?” Erica’s mother demanded forcefully. Erica sat silently, staring at her feet. Tell me right now, Erica!”

“We stopped pushing him.” Erica replied, wincing at what was to come.

“Why would you do that? I told you that you needed to keep pressure on him to get him to slip up once and for all.” Erica’s mom lectured her angrily.

“It wasn’t working. He just kept getting around everything we tried, and things were getting.. out of hand. I had to stop or we might have ruined his life.”

“So what? After what he did to you this semester, he’d be lucky if that’s all he gets!”

“But mom…”

“You’re sticking up for the little abusive pig now? Erica, I cannot explain to you how disappointed I am in you to hear those words come out of your mouth!” Erica dropped her head shamefully. “He most definitely was violent, young lady, and your teacher is living proof of just what a violent little criminal he is! Let me guess, you stopped pushing him and he turned all his attention to Mrs. Salvatori, didn’t he?” Erica nodded in reply as her mother glared at her through the rear view mirror.

“I don’t believe this, you didn’t do as you were told, and now look at what happened. That little brat got more aggressive on your teacher because you let up on him. I told you, he needed to feel pressure from everywhere all the time, so he couldn’t focus on anyone at any given time.”

Erica continued to sit quietly with her head down, listening to her mother. “Do you have anything else to say about that little piece of trailer trash young lady?” Erica’s mom asked looking at her daughter through the rear view mirror. Erica sat quietly. “Well? Do you?” She demanded.

“He was acting weird when they took him away. It was like he could barely walk. Officer Larson had to keep grabbing him from falling over. They actually carried him out.” Erica replied timidly.

“He was faking to get attention. He thought that if he pretended something was wrong with him they would leave him alone. That won’t happen this time, you understand?”

“But Mom, he looked really confused. I’ve never seen him act like that. I don’t know if he could have faked like that.”

Erica’s mom glared angrily at her daughter in the mirror. “You aren’t going to say anything about that either, Erica. Do you understand me?”

“Mom, it’s the principal and Officer Larson. I can’t lie to them.”

“You aren’t lying! That brat is going to get everything he deserves, I promise you that! But you are not to give them any information they could use to protect the little delinquent, do you understand me?”

Erica sat quietly in her seat, clearly uncomfortable. “Sweetie, did you like your slumber party with all the girls?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Do you want to ever have one of those again?”

Erica looked up in shock. “But Mom, the slumber party was your idea. You said that if Mandy gave me any trouble about Gabriela’s appearance I should announce a slumber party.”

“That isn’t what I asked you, Erica. Do you ever want to have another one of those again? There are other, more productive things you could be doing with your time.”

“Yes ma’am,” Erica conceded.

“Good, then you keep your mouth shut about those things. The only thing that matters here is that little brat gets his due. I’ve had to call in a lot of favors to make sure this gets handled properly finally. I told you I would never let that brat get away with hitting my daughter. Don’t do anything to jeopardize us Erica.”


Outside the principal’s office, Erica sat, waiting for her mother to come out. As she sat, a middle-aged man, an angry, stern look on his face entered into the room, with a woman on his arm, crying, and whimpering softly. The receptionist asked, “Can I help you?” she asked, not bothering to look up.

“Yes, we’re here to see Principal Alderson.”

“Right, he’ll be right with you.”

“Where is my son?” the man demanded firmly.

“Jimmy will join us shortly, Mr. Cartwright,” the receptionist replied back coldly still not bothering to look up at the man.

“That isn’t good enough. My wife tells me she hasn’t seen or spoken to him since he was taken into custody yesterday, I want to see my son!”

“Sit down Mr. Cartwright, or I will call the police!”

“The police are already coming here for this meeting, so go right ahead! Where is my son?”

“Mr. Cartwright, I am not going to warn you again! Sit down and wait or I will have the police arrest you!”

“Bullshit! You have been doing nothing BUT threaten my family for months. Child protective services has been to our house twelve times over this school’s accusations, and you know what? The ONLY place here where my son has gotten bruised, bloodied or gone hungry is HERE! And now this!” Mr. Cartwright grabbed the receptionist’s phone as he began to pick up the receiver and yanked it free of its chord. “You’ve all been real brave pushing around a woman home alone for months and screwing with every aspect of her life, let’s see how brave you little piss ants are now. Where is my son?” He demanded.

The receptionist stared up at him slack jawed and a look of fear on her face. “I’ll call the police!” she whined meekly.

“They are already coming! Is that all you have to offer my family is more useless threats? Tell you what, why don’t you go out front and wait for the goddamn cops and bring them right in here since you can’t do anything useful?”

The woman began to cry, and stood, quickly exiting the room and down the hallway in the direction of the main doors to the building. Mr. Cartwright turned and looked at Erica, glaring angrily. “Is that her?” He asked his wife harshly.

“Yes,” she replied, still crying. Mr. Cartwright walked over a little more than arm’s length away from Erica and stared down at her. Erica slouched down into her seat, hugging herself fearfully.

“I’m not going to hit you kid. I’m not going to lay a finger on you.” Erica looked up at the man, still a concerned look on her face, but less fearful. “So all this started in a fight with you on the playground…” he remarked.

“He hit me,” Erica said defensively. “He gave me a bloody nose.”

“According to my wife, you hit him first, and not only that, but you were kicking a boy on the ground. Don’t pull that self defense shit on me.”

“He hit a girl. He had no right..”

“You hit two boys that day, and you were kicking one while he was down. And for what? So you could take his Game Gear away from him?? And MY son gets labeled the bully over that?”

Erica looked up in shock, her mouth hanging agape. “Andy took the game gear from Tina! I was trying to get it back for her!”

Mr. Cartwright knelt down looking into Erica’s eyes with hazel eyes that appeared to be on fire. “But it didn’t belong to Tina, did it?” he asked shrewdly

All of the color drained from Erica’s face. She sat at a loss for words, now starting to shake. “No, it was Tina’s” Erica weakly argued back. “I was getting it back for her.”

“No, it wasn’t. I’ve seen the reports, and I’ve heard everything my wife could tell me on the subject. You tried to take away a boy’s game gear and you broke it.” Erica started to fidget in her seat, looking desperately for an escape route. “Stay where you are kid, I’m done with you.” He stood and walked to the other side of the room, sitting down with his wife, rubbing her hands as she continued to cry and whimper.

Erica sat as though her every move was being closely monitored and scrutinized, though the man never looked in her direction again. Several minutes passed, the only sound in the room coming from the whimpering of Jimmy’s mother. Eventually the receptionist stormed back into the room with fire in her eyes. She stood upright, rigidly, and pointed directly at Mr. Cartwright as Officer Larson stepped into the room.

“Arrest him!” She demanded.

Officer Larson looked at Mr. Cartwright who sat looking back with a stern look on his face. “He didn’t touch you?”

The receptionist stared back numbly. “Well no.”

“And he didn’t threaten you…”

“I felt threatened.”

“He didn’t threaten you?”

“I felt threatened!” Officer Larson stared at the receptionist quietly, thinking to himself. The receptionist then ran to Erica and knelt down to her. “Oh Erica sweetie! I’m so sorry I left you here with that brute! Did he hit you sweetie?” Erica shook her head no bashfully in response. “You’re just saying that because he threatened you if you said anything!”

Officer Larson turned and walked over, looking down at Erica as she sat slouched down into her chair. “Are you scared of him Erica?” Erica nodded her head. “Scared enough to not tell me if he hit you?”

“He didn’t hit me, he said he wouldn’t touch me.”

“So he talked to you?” Erica nodded. “Did he threaten you?” Erica shook her head.

“She is just afraid to say so because he is here and he threatened her! If I took her to another room alone to talk to her, I know for a fact she’ll tell me that he hit her!”

Officer Larson’s head snapped rightward and looked astutely at the receptionist. He stared at her quietly, thoughtfully. “He’s not causing any trouble, and I don’t see any evidence that he did anything. We’ll finish our meeting and I’ll figure out what to do about this after,” Officer Larson explained. The receptionist looked back at him with an appalled expression on her face, then stomped over to her desk and plopped down into her chair. Officer Larson then stood and walked over to the Cartwrights and looked down to the man, who just continued to stare back sternly.

“Mr. Cartwright,” he said coldly. “I’m Officer Larson, I’m the officer that took your son into custody yesterday.”

“Where is my son?”

“He’s in my squad car. I will bring him in as soon as we are ready to start the meeting.”

“I want to see my son.”

“You will sir. I want to make sure you remain calm and don’t cause a disturbance though.”

“A disturbance? I have been flying home for more than twenty-three hours. I haven’t slept in almost two days, and I couldn’t even get a nap before I came in here, because as soon as I stepped off the plane my wife is standing there telling me that my son has been arrested for attacking the teacher that ripped his ear open. I think maybe you need to reassess where the disturbance is, officer.”

Officer Larson stood back with an astonished expression. “I didn’t see any injuries to his ear..”

“No, because that happened weeks ago. But that is hardly the only time this teacher has physically abused my son. I want to see him.”

Officer Larson stood back again staring at the Cartwrights, at a loss for words. “Do you have anything to back that claim up?” He eventually asked.

“You’re damn right I do,” Mr. Cartwright replied back sternly.

Officer Larson stood over Mr. Cartwright and just looked into his eyes. “I’ll bring him in when we’re ready to start the meeting, just like I said. Just sit tight and you’ll see him in just a few minutes.” Officer Larson then turned to see the receptionist staring angrily down at her computer screen with her arms crossed. He turned and walked to the middle of the room, occasionally glancing from one person to the next, observing every detail he could until the door to the office opened and Principal Alderson stepped out with Erica’s mother at his side.

“Are these the parents of that little rodent?” Erica’s mother demanded angrily.

“Watch who you’re calling a rodent, lady!” Mr. Cartwright retorted, standing to face her.

“Or what? You’ll show me how well you’ve trained your woman abusing son?”

“Cute, bitch, real cute. We should be able to wrap this up real quick if you have that small of a mind that you automatically go for the violence victim card.”

“Don’t you dare speak to a lady like that!” Erica’s mother yelled stepping towards him. Officer Larson stepped in between them, holding a hand out to stop her.

“What? That I called you a bitch, or that I just called out your limited little brain to everyone else here?”

“You ignorant trailer trash, inbred, livestock fornicating Neanderthal! I am NOT going to tolerate your verbal abuse just because your mousy little wife does!”

“Got nothing you can hurl at me, huh bitch? All you can do is kickin’ others when they’re obviously down to try and incite me to do something’? Yeah, little brain and a damn coward!” Mr. Cartwright said, standing in place firmly. Erica’s mother stepped forward with balled up fists, but Officer Larson held his hand up again, encouraging her to back down again.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Officer Larson told them. “I still need to get James and bring him in here. Do I need to call back up to keep you all under control?”

“You most certainly do not,” Mr. Alderson stated boldly

“Fine then, maybe you and Ms. Simonis can wait in your office and I will bring James in?”

“No,” Mr. Alderson said looking at Officer Larson with contempt. “We will start our meeting and you can get the boy while we get down to business.”

“I don’t want a fight breaking out here,” Officer Larson said back with authority in his voice.

“Well, we have abusive, negligent parents here, who’ve raised their son to be just as violent, so there’s no getting rid of that risk,” Mr. Alderson explained contemptuously.

“Like I told your receptionist; you’ve got real balls accusing US of abuse, when the only place my son has gotten bruised, bloodied or gone hungry is HERE!”

Officer Larson again looked at Mr. Cartwright, observing the man closely. Though visibly extremely irate, he stood his ground, not moving at all, not even doing so much as point a finger at his accusers. “Mr. Alderson,” he finally decided, “The Cartwrights aren’t the ones I’m concerned with right now.”

“Officer Larson, why don’t you get the boy in here, and when we’re done, I will be having a talk with your supervisor.”

Officer Larson then turned and looked at Mr. Alderson, a stunned look on his face. “Are you seriously threatening me?”

“That’s not a threat, I’m going to do it,” Mr. Alderson said with an amazing amount of bravado.

Officer Larson stared at the principal with narrowed eyes, then stepped to the side of the office where several walkie-talkies were placed charging on the counter top. He took out two of them, set them to the same frequency and clicked one on and locked it into transmitting.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The principal demanded.

“I’ll get James, but I’m not missing anything that is said in here. You go ahead and report that to my supervisor too.”

“You have no right!”

“Mr Cartwright, do you have any objections?”

“None,” Mr. Cartwright replied back sternly. Officer Larson handed Mr. Cartwright the walkie-talkie and turned back to the principal. “You go ahead and get started, I’ll be right back,” he said, his voice echoing back to him with a slight delay through the walkie-talkie. He then left the room watching as the Cartwrights stepped into the office with the Principal, Erica and her mother.

As they sat down, Erica’s mother looked angrily at the principal and ordered, “why was my daughter sitting out there waiting with these… people?”

“And where were we supposed to wait, then, your high and mighty, all powerful princess?” Mr. Cartwright replied back snidely.

“In a dumpster for all I care, gutter trash! Who knows what God awful things you two are doing behind closed doors to your own son, I shudder to think what you would do to my daughter!” At her comments, Mrs. Cartwright once again erupted into tears openly, causing Erica’s mother to look upon her contemptuously.

“Nothing. Your bully child has a beef with my son, not me and I raised my son to fight his own battles.”

“Oh how noble,” Erica’s mother replied, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, like you would know anything at all about nobility,” Mr. Cartwright snapped back.

“Noble that you teach your son to hit young girls!”

“I teach my son to stick up for people who can’t do it for themselves, your daughter is the one that’s kicking other kids on the ground in their face!”

“How dare you, you unevolved, uneducated primate!”

“Oh, a masters in chemical engineering doesn’t count as educated? Tell me then, my great queen of all drama, what degree do you have that I should have aspired to?”

“You filthy pig, I don’t care what made up degree you got from your little Podunk university. You work on an oil rig and you’re nothing but a bottom feeding grease monkey!”

“Can we please get down to business,” Mr. Alderson asked, frustrated. The sparring session ended, though both parties continued to stare into each other’s eyes with burning rage. “The fact remains that your son was a disruption to his entire class and was found assaulting one of my best teachers so badly that she was admitted as an inpatient to the hospital.”

“One of your best teachers?” Mr. Cartwright asked incredulously. “If that is the case, then that is absolutely pathetic.”

“You have no right to speak of Mrs. Salvatori that way!”

“Then who does? My wife told me on the way up here that she spent the entire night awake after she found dozens of cassette tapes recording her classes. I thought my son was taking English from this woman!”

Mr. Alderson’s face went white as a ghost. “You have no right to tape my teacher! That is illegal!”

“No it isn’t, I looked it up.”

“I demand you return those tapes to this school this instant! You have no right to record without consent!”

“What’s the matter? Afraid someone will find out the kind of trash your teachers are dumping in the class rooms? I thought she was an English teacher. She spends very little time discussing English, though. Was he taking English from this woman, or what?”

“He was, she’s an English teacher.”

“Well then how is it that in her class, save a couple short hours worth, she’s spending all of her time talking about her pet political issues? What does gun control have to do with learning the English language? What about global warming? The minimum wage argument? Abortion? Apparently she really loves that one, because my wife says she has almost a dozen tapes of her ranting on and on about that one.”

“Mrs. Salvatori is a tenured teacher at this school, and her course work is not on trial here!”

“Don’t. Do not go there. You are not a judge, and don’t think you speak with legal authority over us!”

“I am the only authority that matters here. You’re son has had repeated run-ins with authority here, and his bullying has been a constant problem at this school.”

“My son has rights, and you have repeatedly violated them. Who are you to accuse my son of bullying when you’re the ones sticking up for a girl that beats other kids up just for the thrill of it?”

“Leave my daughter out of this!”

“Which brings us back to a key point- why did your daughter lead the entire class out of the room just before all this happened?” Erica’s face went white and she sank down in her seat. Erica’s mother turned and glared at her angrily, causing her to sit up straight again with a straight, emotionless expression.

“I did not invite you here to make excuses for your son’s violence!” Mr. Alderson bellowed.

“Your prize teacher has already dug a hole in my son’s ear, who’s to say he wasn’t just defending himself?”

“Your son had no marks on him whatsoever when the police dragged him out of here kicking and screaming!”

“From where I stand, the best case scenario here is that your teachers have been abusing and knocking my son around for months already and he just finally snapped, and quite frankly, I know my son. I doubt that is what happened here.”

“Your son has an established record at this school of bullying and physical violence.”

“And who established that record? Did anyone ever bother to ask him his side of the story?”

“We don’t coddle bullies here, Mr. Cartwright!” Mr. Alderson argued loudly back. At that moment, the door swung slowly open and Officer Larson stepped in with Jimmy in hand. Jimmy looked up with a blank stare and staggered slowly in.

“Jimmy!” Jimmy’s mother cried at the site of her son. Jimmy looked over to her blankly, swooning ever so slightly. “Jimmy sweetie! Please come here! Come here!!” She cried with her arms open. Erica’s mother rolled her eyes and Erica watched with concern as she watched Jimmy slowly cross the room, staggering slightly, still with a blank stare. When he reached his mother, she wrapped her arms around him, crying loudly, caressing his head and holding him greedily while she kissed his cheeks over and over again.

“Touching,” Erica’s mother replied sarcastically.

“Bitch, why don’t you learn to keep your goddamn mouth shut since you’ve got nothing intelligent to say?” Mr. Cartwright snapped in a near rage.

“How dare you talk to a lady like that?” Erica’s mother demanded wrathfully.

“If there is one thing I’ve learned today it’s that you ain’t no lady!”

“There is still the subject of Jimmy’s punishment for what he did yesterday..” Mr. Alderson interrupted, trying to bring attention back to himself.

“Punishment? You tell me what happened in there when this girl was leading the entire class away. I want to know! What did Mrs. Salvatori have to say about this?”

“Mrs. Salvatori has no recollection of the event. The head injuries she received caused a memory blackout.”

“How convenient. Then what about the tape? My son came here yesterday with a tape recorder, where is it and where is the tape?”

“I already told you that you have no right to record conversations without consent!”

“Actually,” Officer Larson interrupted, “in this state, yes he does. Recording a conversation is perfectly legal, and I would like to hear this recording as well,” he pointed out logically as he looked at Mr. Alderson.

“Why are you looking to me? I don’t have any idea about this boy’s recordings. You got to the room before I did.”

“Because when we took James in, we didn’t find a tape recorder on him. If he’s been recording conversations, I want to know where that recording went.”

“Sounds like you didn’t do a thorough enough job searching the boy,” Mr. Alderson snapped back.

“Then who has the recording?” Mr. Cartwright demanded.

“Jim?” Mrs. Cartwright asked, a fearful intonation in her voice. “JIM??”

Mr. Cartwright turned and looked at his wife, concerned. “Jim? What’s wrong with his eyes? What’s wrong with his eyes???

“What?” Mr. Cartwright asked, now showing fear himself.

“What’s wrong with his eyes Jim??”

Mr. Cartwright stepped over to his wife and son and took his son’s face in his hands, turning his head, causing Jimmy to stare back at his father, but still blankly. At first, Mr. Cartwright was unsure what he was looking for, but then realization struck as he saw how unnaturally dilated his pupils were, especially in such a well lit room. “Oh my God,” he gasped at his son, who staggered in his grasp.

The rest of the room stared on in uncertainty while Officer Larson stepped over, kneeling down and grabbing Jimmy’s shoulder. He stared at Jimmy, then sat back in shock himself. “Oh my God, how did we miss this?” Officer Larson then went about the task, grasping and feeling around Jimmy’s head carefully.

“What? What is wrong with you three?” Mr. Alderson demanded.

“Are you blind?” Mr. Cartwright asked incredulously. “My son is injured!”

“How convenient. He’s faking,” Mr. Alderson replied snidely at Jimmy’s father.

“You don’t fake dilated pupils, idiot!” Mr. Cartwright spat back.

“Well obviously they sedated him at the police station because of his unruly attitude,” Mr. Larson reasoned out loud.

“Actually,” Officer Larson interjected, “as soon as we calmed him down he gave us no problems whatsoever. He just sat there the entire night, hardly said a word at all. I can’t believe we didn’t see this,” he said regretfully, still feeling around Jimmy’s skull.

“See what? Babying a woman beater?” Erica’s mother asked snidely.

“Found it,” Officer Larson stated, pointing Mr. Cartwright to a spot on the side of Jimmy’s head. Mr. Cartwright touched the area and winced as it give way slightly, though his son continued to look around blankly.

“Concussion?” Mr. Cartwright asked the Officer. Jimmy’s mother gasped and began crying openly into her hands.

“I’m not a doctor, I can’t diagnose things.”

“But it’s a concussion,” Mr. Cartwright reasoned out loud.

“It would explain a lot,” Officer Larson added.

“So what?” Mr. Alderson balked. “So he got into a fight at the jail and got hit.”

“He was isolated,” Officer Larson argued back. “This did not happen at the station.” Mr. Alderson glared at Officer Larson. “he’s been despondent ever since we hauled him out of here, as soon as he ran out of energy. If he got a concussion, he got it here.”

“Well, then you injured him taking him into custody.”

“Are you daft?” Officer Larson argued back again. “We had him under control the entire time. He thrashed away, but he was being held up in the air the whole time and we walked out with him with no incident.”

“One of my best teachers is in the hospital and you call that no incident?”

“No further incident then. It’s starting to look to me like this boy got hit before anyone else ever got into the room to break up the fight,” Officer Larson deduced.

“My teacher was assaulted, that is not a fight.”

“Mr. Alderson, I want to know where that tape is,” Officer Larson said, standing up and facing the principal.

“We don’t have any tapes. Jimmy had no right to be taping here anyways.”

“I need to have a look around that classroom then. Meanwhile, we need to let James here go so his parents can get him to a doctor.”

"No officer Larson, you are not inspecting anything," the principal announced loudly.

“Jimmy isn’t going anywhere except back to jail,” another voice interrupted from the doorway.

“Excuse me?” Officer Larson asked of the new person in the conversation, a tall, slender man with a thin beard wearing a dark suit.

“Officer Larson, this is Larry Kardigan. He is the lawyer that is representing the district,” Mr. Alderson explained.

“Well, that’s wonderful Mr. Kardigan, but this boy is injured, and I’m releasing him to his parents since I can’t do both at once.”

“Officer.. Larson? You aren’t examining the classroom. You’ve been denied access to that room, I heard it myself, and unless you have a warrant..”

“A warrant? I’m the school liaison officer! I have the authority to go to any part of the school that I..”

“No, you don’t, you’ve been denied access, and if you want to see that room again, you will need to acquire a warrant. And, since you didn’t seem to understand my point, the district is pursuing charges against Jimmy. We’ve already petitioned the district attorney to try him as an adult for the assault he committed. You need to take him back and press charges against him.”

“He’s severely injured! I’m not dragging him back to book him when what he needs right now is a doctor!”

“As I just said, the school is pressing charges against Jimmy, and you will take him back to jail where you got him from.” Jimmy’s mother fell to her knees, sobbing loudly. Mr. Kardigan looked unsympathetically at her and continued. “If you don’t do this, then we will call your station ourselves and have someone else come down and do it for you. I’m sure that will go on your record as well, Officer Larson.”

“You want to escalate this? Fine, I’ll get my supervisor and some backup down here right now.” Officer Larson stepped out of the room and could be heard taking a phone and calling the police station. Mr. Kardigan himself stepped out of the room pulling his cell phone out of his pocket and placed a call as well.

Several minutes passed as Mr. Cartwright and his wife consoled their son, who seemed relatively unaware of what was going on around him while Mr. Alderson stared unsympathetically, Erica’s mother sat with a smug smile and Erica sat rigidly, trembling at the scene around her. After a time, Mr. Cartwright stood and announced, “Enough, I’m taking my son to a doctor.”

“He’s fine, you’re not going anywhere,” Mr. Alderson said, standing in front of Mr. Cartwright and yanking Jimmy’s shoulder. Jimmy swooned and staggered, then fell to his knees and threw up all over the floor. Erica gasped loudly, shaking violently now.

Mr. Cartwright, however stood between Mr. Alderson and his son and closed the gap between them, forcing Mr. Alderson to step back several paces. “YOU. WILL. NOT. EVER. TOUCH. MY. SON. AGAIN.” He ordered.

“Is that a threat?” Mr. Alderson asked, swallowing deeply.

“I don’t care WHAT you want to call it you self aggrandizing, midget petty potentate! You will not touch my son again, is that clear?!?!?”

“I am in charge of this school, and you do not issue orders to me!”

Mr. Kardigan and Officer Larson both ran back into the room, the lawyer staring intently at the Cartwrights, while Officer Larson pulled Jimmy’s father away. “Christ, what did you do?” He asked the principal.

“You don’t accuse my clients of anything, Officer Larson,” the lawyer told them still holding his phone to his ear. Mr. Alderson stood back, more certain of himself now, but still wary of getting close to anyone else in the room.

“I don’t have time for this, we’re taking this boy to see a doctor.”

“He can get treatment, if it’s really necessary, in jail. If you move him from this room, that will be the end of your career. I won’t warn you again,” he announced still talking on his cell phone. He then turned slightly then held the phone out to Officer Larson. “They want to speak to you.”

Officer Larson yanked the phone out of the lawyer’s hand and stepped out of the room again. Several minutes of tense silence passed before officer Larson stepped back in with two other uniformed officers in tow.

“Thank you for coming down, captain,” the lawyer said triumphantly. The shorter of the two uniformed men, a stocky build stared wordlessly back at the lawyer.

“Casey,” he said to Officer Larson, “take James back down to the station, we’re going to have to book him.

“NOOO!!!” Jimmy’s mother screamed as Officer Larson tried to pry Jimmy as gently as he could from her grasp. When the two left the room the captain stared down the principal and finally stated, “Officer Larson will be stepping down as the liaison officer for the school effective immediately.”

“Good,” Mr. Alderson stated smugly. “When will..”

The captain interrupted him sternly, but quietly. “I am not assigning you a replacement. We’ll be asking for that warrant you wanted so bad, and we’re not assigning officers to work with your school anymore. If anyone volunteers, we’ll let them come down here, but I’m not ever forcing anyone work with this school again. Count on it,” he said, taking the other officer and leaving the room.

With the police gone, and the principal, Erica’s mother and Erica all sitting in stunned silence, the lawyer finally looked up at the Cartwrights and told them, “We’ll see you in court.” Jimmy’s parents gathered themselves quietly and left the room with Mr. Cartwright glaring with eyes full of rage at Mr. Alderson and Erica’s mother.

“Larry, they say they have tapes.” Mr. Alderson said after the room was finally completely silent and the door closed behind them.

The lawyer shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. Unless the defendant is specifically identified by name it’s inadmissible in a court of law, and the one tape they would need most is the one they claim is missing.”

“You don’t think this will be a problem? They made complaints about her treatment of their son in class and otherwise.”

The lawyer shook his head again. “No, you did a fantastic job of documenting everything. I’m very confident in this case. If I wasn’t already employed by the district I would take this case pro bono. We already have narrowed down the list of possible judges and they have nothing, and I’m confident we can get him tried as an adult. No jury is going to look at Mrs. Salvatori and acquit that boy. In fact, I want to take signed statements from all three of you about what the Cartwrights said to you. We’ll subpoena the tapes from the Cartwrights as intent to commit slander.”

“Do you really think that will work?” Erica’s mother asked thoughtfully.

“If it doesn’t we’ll find some other reason to subpoena the tapes. It shouldn’t be an issue. It’s very helpful that we know they exist now, because we can get them regardless for our own case.”

Erica sat, still shaking, then leaned forward and vomited onto the floor herself. “Good God,” her mother lamented angrily. “Will you please get someone in here to clean this up? The smell is making my daughter sick!!”
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 3:46 pm

Lucas lay in his bed, half covered and blissfully asleep while Erica lay just off to the side, lying naked on her side above the covers, having rolled off of Lucas in the night. Moonlight trickled in through a window, and shadows of leaves rustling in a soft breeze danced on the wall. All was quiet, both parties, having been thoroughly worn out from the day were deep in slumber. The scene remained like this for over an hour until suddenly Erica twitched violently. Jut once, but it was enough that her miniature body actually shook the bed. Then silence again.

A few moments passed, and then she twitched violently once more, shaking the bed again, though Lucas we still deep asleep. She then twitched again, and reached out, grabbing at the covers. Her breathing began to speed up, and she began panting heavily, whimpering in between breaths. She suddenly rolled over and began grabbing at anything within reach as her voice began to pick up in volume. It was at this point that Lucas’ head turned slowly in her direction and slowly, groggily, he opened his eyes. At first he was hardly aware of anything around him until he abruptly was jarred fully awake as he realized what was happening beside him.

“Shit,” he muttered. Carefully, gently, he took her in his hands as she thrashed back and forth, now mumbling something unintelligibly, but rather loudly. Lucas lifted her, fumbling awkwardly as she thrashed away in his hands, almost falling away from him again, but he managed to roll her back over onto his chest where he was able to massage away on her back and shoulders mellifluously. “It’s okay, Kitten, it’s okay,” he reassured her, though she continued to violently thrash away at anything within reach, which at this time was only Lucas.

Erica’s mumbling turned to moaning and wailing as Lucas continued to desperately try to rub Erica’s nightmares away when she reached up his chest and drew down hard, dragging her fingernails deep into his chest and taking chunks of his skin with as she scratched away at him. Lucas winced, but remained firm and continued to hold and console her tenderly.

“It’s okay, Kitten, it’s okay, I’ve got you. You’re safe.”

Lucas could feel the sweat she was producing pool on top of him as her thrashing became even more frantic, then suddenly, without warning she screamed out loud exhausting all of her breath. She twitched away viciously until without warning her eyes jutted wide open and gasped desperately for air as though it was her first ever.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you Kitten,” he told her calmly. Erica jerked her head up looking at Lucas with an expression of pure, unbridled dread, then buried her face into his chest, clinging tightly to Lucas and began sobbing loudly into him.

“Shhhh,” he told her quietly, “It’s alright Kitten, you’re safe. It’ll be alright, I’ve got you and I am not letting you go.” Lucas continued to massage away at her back. A little more than ten minutes later, Erica’s sobs slowly began to ebb and Lucas looked down at her sympathetically, “Do you want to talk about it?” Erica stayed put with her face buried in his chest and shook her head emphatically. “That’s alright, you don’t have to. But you’re safe, Kitten. I’ve got you,” he reassured her. Almost another fifteen minutes passed of Lucas rubbing her back, whispering reassuring words to her and massaging her shoulders, until she finally stopped crying altogether and just lay in Lucas’ arms trembling.

“Are you alright?” He asked genuinely. Erica nodded into his chest again, still not bothering to look up at him. “Do you want to go back to sleep again?”

“No,” Erica whimpered pathetically.

Lucas’ brow furrowed as he stared down with a concerned expression. “Well, then you’re not alright yet.” Erica didn’t stir, she just clung to him tightly, still trembling. “Talk to me Kitten. Tell me anything. I can’t help if you don’t talk to me.”

A few more minutes passed with Lucas continuing to hold her as Lucas started to nod off again, still worn out, but he forced himself awake again. He looked down at her with sad eyes, then his expression turned resolute. Lucas held her close and then sat up. Erica looked up anxiously at him.

“What are you doing?” She pleaded.

“We’re gonna take care of these nightmares,” Lucas told her as he reached down to the floor, grabbing his boxer shorts.

“You can’t do anything about them,” Erica replied, dejected.

“Like hell I can’t.” Lucas slipped his shorts on with one hand then stood and walked over to the closet, grabbing a hooded sweatshirt from the closet and wrapped it around Erica. Erica looked around herself warily as he did so, then pulled the soft fabric close to herself, relishing in the new warmth as her trembling began to die off. Lucas held her in his arms and walked out of the room and she looked up in protest at him.

“I can walk.”

“I know you can, but this time let me do this. I want you close, Kitten. I don’t want to let you go.”


“Because I need you to feel like you’re not alone. I want you close to me Kitten. I don’t want to let you go. I want to carry you this time.”

“Where are you taking me?” She asked, still anxious.

“Just to the kitchen. Kitten, just hold me, will you?” Erica looked up at him, somewhat confused, but then did as asked and hunched over, hugging him tightly. “Thank you, Kitten,” Lucas told her warmly as he walked into the kitchen. Erica smiled, and remained still, watching curiously as Lucas walked back and forth in the dark kitchen grabbing items he was looking for.

Lucas started by lighting a handful of scented candles he found in a drawer near the sink and an oil lantern sitting above the stove. “Why not just turn on the lights?” Erica asked meekly.

“Too bright. I want soft light for you.” Lucas then found a teapot underneath the counter and set it on the stove, which he then lit. Lucas then turned and went back to the fridge, opened it and pulled out a gallon container of milk, walked back and poured it into the teapot carefully. He returned the milk to where he got it from and finally went to the pantry closet, pulling out a container of nutmeg, which he sprinkled into the teapot as well before putting it back.

Lucas then sat down at the table, still holding Erica close and began rubbing her head as she clung to him.

They sat quietly together as Lucas waited for the teapot to heat until Lucas finally told her, out of the blue, “I’m scared Kitten.”

Erica looked up at him, a confused look on her face. “You?”

“Yes. I’m scared.”

“What do you have to be afraid of?”

“These nightmares of yours. Every time you’ve fallen asleep since you shrank you’ve had one, and they seem to be getting worse. That scares me. I want you to be okay. I want to make it better for you and I feel helpless.”

Erica stared silently at him, uncertain of herself. Lucas went on. “Is that why you didn’t want to go to sleep earlier and you wanted to talk? You were afraid of another nightmare?”

Erica hung her head, then admitted, “yeah.”

“Smart girl,” he told her, rubbing her head in his palm.

“It’s not smart to stay up forever. I just did it because I was afraid,” she admitted further.

“You knew this would happen again and you were trying to do something about it. Smart girl.”

“But that would have never worked. I fell asleep almost immediately.”

“We’ll get better at this. But the first thing you did was try to fight back against your bad dreams, instead of giving in to them. That’s good. Don’t worry, Kitten, the bad dreams are coming to an end.”

“How do you know?”

“Because we’re going to make them.”

“Lucas, why am I so scared?”

“I’m not sure. I’m still workin’ on that.”

“I shouldn’t be scared like that. It makes me weak,” Erica said, putting herself down.

“Hey,” Lucas said, placing a palm on the side of her head, turning her gaze upward. “You are not weak, Kitten, you are way stronger than you have any idea of right now. Maybe that’s what’s going on, you’ve never let yourself really feel afraid before and now it’s sneaked in. But that doesn’t make you weak. Accepting fear takes way more strength than almost anything else. Trust me, I have some experience with it.”

“Like in combat?”

“Like in a lot of things. You are not weak Kitten. Do I look like someone who would want to be with a weak woman?”

“But I am weak. I’m too small to make a difference in anything anymore.”

“That’s not true, and you know it. And I’m certain that until this is over you’ll prove it even more than you already have. You are not weak.”

Erica smiled and spread her arms out wide hugging him. As she did so, she noticed a wet feeling on her hand and drew it in close to her face to inspect it. After a moment in the flickering light she recognized it as blood. She looked up and saw four scratches dug deep into Lucas’ chest, which she looked at, then she looked closely at her own fingers, taking note of the dried blood on her fingers and the pieces of Lucas’ skin, still caught in her fingernails.

“Lucas…” Erica said in a shocked tone.

“Just a second, Kitten,” Lucas told her as he stood up and walked over to the stove where the teapot was just beginning to whistle. Lucas pulled it off of the burner and walked back to the cupboards.

“But Lucas…” she insisted.

“It’s alright, Kitten,” Lucas told her as he grabbed a mug from the cupboard and a spoon from a drawer.

“How is it alright? Lucas…” Lucas walked back to the stove and set the mug down next to the hot teapot, then went to the pantry again, taking out a bottle of honey. “Lucas, please look at me,” Erica insisted.

Lucas brought the honey to the stove, set it down, then looked down at Erica, placing a hand gently against her cheek. Erica leaned against it instinctively as Lucas explained to her, “You were asleep, you were terrified. It’s alright. Nothing more needs to be said.”

“But Lucas, these aren’t just little scratches…”

“You were the one saying you couldn’t make a difference just a second ago. Looks like you have some more evidence that you can affect things just fine.”

“But Lucas, look what I did to you…”

“Kitten.. you were asleep, you were terrified. I’m moving on. You should too.”


“But what? Look, you’re going to miss the entire reason I brought you in here,” Lucas said as he poured out the hot milk into the mug and then poured the honey into the upturned spoon lying on the stove, filling it. Erica watched curiously as he lifted the spoonful of honey and turned it over the hot milk, letting it dribble in to the mug slowly, then dropped the spoon in the hot liquid, stirring it gently. He took the mug and sat at the table, still holding Erica in his arm, and finally handed her the mug.

“Sleep remedy?” She asked, taking the oversized mug in both hands.

“Yep,” Lucas answered back smiling.

“And where did you come up with this recipe?”

“My mom. She’d make it for me every time I had bad dreams growing up.”

Erica looked at the milk, then raised it to her lips, blowing gently on it until she felt confident enough to take a sip. She grinned and looked up at Lucas, complimenting him, “yum.”

“I’ll tell my mom you approve,” Lucas said, running his fingers through her hair.

“Your mom didn’t make it for me,” Erica said coyly.

“It’s her recipe,” Lucas told her evasively.

“Lucas.. I really hurt you,” Erica told him regretfully.

Lucas sighed, then took the mug from her hand and lifted her up to eye level with Lucas. “Kitten, that’s just the risk that comes with letting someone close to you. Sometimes they hurt you. And sometimes it’s worth it.”

“But what about this time?”

“Worth it. I’m moving on. You should too. Now, enjoy your milk before it gets cold.” He set her back down on his lap and gave her back her mug, which Erica sipped away at staring up at Lucas, tears building slightly in her eyes.

“Lucas?” Erica asked after a moment, her little hands trembling slightly.

“What’s wrong, Kitten?” Lucas asked, concerned.

“Did I shrink again?”


“What about when you were asleep?”

“No Kitten, I promise.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I have been paying very close attention to that sexy body of yours.”

“How can you be sure though? Can you measure me?” Erica asked with nervous eyes.

“I’ll measure you when we’re done, I promise. You do know that no one is the exact same height all day though, right?”

“What? No, how can you not be the same height?”

“It’s normal, walking around all day, your spine and your joints get compressed a little bit. Most people will lose most of an inch until they go to bed and lay down.”

“You mean I could be two ten now?!?!?”

“I seriously doubt it. It’s the weight of our bodies that causes it. You’re way lighter, so it’s probably much less of an issue for you. But, you can’t expect to be the exact same height all the time. If we measure you constantly, there are going to be differences.”

“So how much shorter do you think I am?”

“Maybe not at all right now. You’ve been lying down for quite a while, I’m betting you’re back to two eleven three.”

“Then why did you bring it up?”

“Because this is starting to become a thing with you, I can see it. If you obsess over it too much, you’ll find what you’re afraid of, but it won’t be real.”

“So I can be shorter than my normal height and not shrinking?”


“What if I’m two nine though now?”

Lucas smiled at her, tipping the mug up, encouraging her to sip from the milk. “You aren’t. You aren’t shrinking any more, Kitten. If I had noticed anything, I would have said something to you.”

“No you wouldn’t. You’d hide it from me so I didn’t worry.”

“No, I’d tell you because you have every right to know what’s happening to your body,” Lucas told her as he rubbed her neck. Meanwhile, Erica stared up at him thoughtfully as she continued to sip on her warm milk.

“If I do shrink any more, I may not be able to make love to you anymore.” Erica said sadly.

“Then I DEFINITELY don’t want you shrinking again!” Lucas said enthusiastically.

“I knew you were keeping me around for the sex,” Erica said with a sarcastic smile.

“I know you’re joking, but you’re kinda not. I’m keeping you around because I care.”

Erica stared up at him again as she sipped away on her warm milk. “Lucas?” she asked him after a moment in silence. Lucas smiled down at her and waited for her to continue. “Do you think that if I grow back, the nightmares will go away?”

“They might,” Lucas said honestly.

“So then you think I should grow back,” Erica reasoned out loud.

“I think you should do whatever you think is best.”

“But you think it’s best I grow back…”

“Kitten, if you grow back, this may not go away. You may have unlocked something inside yourself and there’s no putting it back again. I mean, in some ways, you do seem different.”

“What do you mean, different?”

“It’s tough to explain. More eager? Energetic? You’re smiling more than I’ve ever seen you smile, which is something I hope doesn’t go away.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you have a beautiful smile.” Erica smiled and lowered her head bashfully, blushing. “Yeah, that. I could stare at that smile forever,” Lucas said amiably. “It’s absolutely heavenly.”

“Stop it,” Erica giggled. “You’re gonna make me wet again!”

“Oh sorry. I didn’t realize getting hot and bothered wasn’t enjoyable for you,” Lucas teased.

“Well, no, but.. I’m a bit sore.”

“Did we not go slow enough earlier?”

“We did, it’s just.., a lot more than I’m used to. I think I’m full,” Erica said holding the mug up to him. Lucas smiled and took it from her, setting it on the table.

“Feeling any better?”

“Yeah. Thanks for doing this for me.”

“Oh, we’re not done yet, Kitten.”

“Huh? Why?” Lucas didn’t reply, he just took her in his arm and stood up, taking the oil lantern with them and walked to the bathroom. “What do you want in here?” She asked, curious.

“To relax you,” Lucas said simply. He set the lantern next to the sink and turned on the water in the tub.

“You don’t have to..” Erica began to protest, but Lucas placed his palm on her cheek and turned her head to him, kissing her with an open mouth. Erica looked on in surprise, but that quickly faded and she stopped to enjoy her moment with him. Lucas sat on the edge of the tub as it slowly filled and continued to kiss Erica, slowly, sweetly and tenderly. Erica became more and more engrossed in her kiss with Lucas, taking his cheeks in her hands, kissing him over and over again, slowly, lingering each time, grinning and occasionally giggling softly as they went. After several minutes, Lucas pulled back and they grinned giddily at each other, then Lucas turned to look at the nearly full tub and test the water.

He stood and slid his shorts off, then peeled Erica’s sweatshirt away as well, leaving the both of them naked with each other once more. In a final move, Lucas went to the linen closet and pulled out a brand new scented candle that smelled of lavender as well as a pair of rubber bands. He lit it with a lighter that was also there and set it on top of the toilet. Finally, he stepped into the tub and slowly, carefully lowered himself down into the hot, steamy water. He continued to lower himself until sitting, and then reached over, turning the water flow down to a little more than a trickle, and finally lowered himself down into a near lying position, allowing Erica’s small form to be gently washed over with the hot water as well.

Lucas Handed the rubber bands to Erica, who grinned, and used them to tie her long hair up so she could keep it out of the water. “You think of everything, don’t you?” She asked him teasingly. Lucas just smiled at her and slid down deeper into the hot water allowing Erica’s body to become mostly covered.

Erica sighed and relaxed with her head resting against his chest as Lucas went to work massaging her naked shoulders under the water. It was in this position that she carefully allowed her eyes to close as she enjoyed her moment with Lucas, occasionally kissing away at his chest beneath her.

“So you don’t think growing me back will make the nightmares go away?”

“I don’t know. It might. It might not.”

“But you think I should grow back so they can go away?”

Lucas leaned his head down to her and kissed her on top of her head. “The nightmares are going away, regardless. I’m not waiting long enough for Alicia to make a new serum for that.”

“But how can you stop them? You can’t…”

“I can. What we’re doing right now is part of the plan. The nightmares are going to go away, Kitten.”

“How can you be so certain?”

“Because they’ve served their purpose, and now it’s time for them to go.” Erica tipped her head up to Lucas who just smiled warmly down at her. “They’re going to go away.”

“I wish I could be a sure as you are,” Erica admitted woefully. Lucas worked a hand down onto her back and went to work massaging her there as well.

“The easiest way to bring them back tonight is to keep thinking about them. Let it go, Kitten.” Erica stared up at him with soft dark eyes, then back down to the scratches on his chest. She gently probed them with her fingers. “Let that go too. You didn’t know what you were doing. The only thing that matters right now is I’ve got you, and I’m not going to let you go.”

“For how long?”

“As long as I need to.” Erica smiled and kissed him sweetly on his chest again. She then relaxed, closing her eyes and settling into her warm bed, soaking her cares away as Lucas’ massive fingers worked tirelessly over her body massaging her tense muscles loose. Occasionally, Erica drifted off a bit until she felt movement under her and she looked up to see Lucas adjusting the faucet with his foot to pump more hot water into the tub with them.

After a while, she found herself smiling without any thought or effort and reached wide and hugged Lucas tightly to her. She was enjoying the moment when she felt something move against her feet. She looked down curiously, then up at Lucas again with a smirk.

“Am I shrinking again?” she asked mirthfully.

“Uh… no. Why?”

“Well if’ I’m not shrinking, then you must be growing,” she teased, pointing down to Lucas’ stiffening rod.

“Sorry… you’re kinda hot and naked. And hot.”

“You want me to fix that for you?” Erica asked with a bit of a giggle. Much to her surprise, however, Lucas wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up to his face and he kissed her full on the lips, once more taking his time, allowing her to settle in and relax. After a moment, he broke the kiss and stared into her eyes.

“If you really want to, then yes, but that isn’t the mission.”


“Yes, mission.”

“Okay then soldier man, what is the mission in here then if not more naughty time?”

“To relax you, Kitten. To help you get back blissfully asleep.”

“Can’t we stay up longer? I don’t want any…”

“The bad dreams are going away. I know it.”

“So you really don’t want me to help you out down there?”

“Obviously I do, but that isn’t the mission.”

“So now I’m just a mission to you?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Well, I don’t know… I guess I don’t want to be the same as a march through the jungles.”

Lucas chuckled softly and gently rubbed her neck, kissing her on the cheek. Erica looked back at him, slightly frustrated. “A mission means purpose. A reason for being.”

“So I’m you’re reason for being?” Erica asked, looking slightly uncomfortable.

“Don’t think of it like that. I won’t get all clingy to you, I promise.”

“Well then how do I think of it?”

“It’s just something that needs to be done. I promised you everything was going to be alright, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, I guess…”

“Well, how are you going to be alright if we let these nightmares go on?”

“What can you do to stop them, though?”

“Whatever it takes. Kitten, we’ve talked your bad dreams to death here. They’re going away. They are.”

“But how can you..”

Lucas took her head in his hand and kissed her once more. “Because they are.” Erica looked into his soft stone eyes and stared in wonder, then she smiled and nodded to him before laying her head back down on his chest. Carefully, Lucas lifted her slightly and slid her body back down into the water. Lucas continued to massage her for an undefined amount of time while she melted into him. After a while, she looked over at the scratches on his chest, and placed a hand over them. In turn, Lucas leaned his head to her and kissed her on top of her head.

Erica smiled again and closed her eyes, her body becoming more and more limp and heavy with each passing minute as hot water dribbled into the tub, echoing against the porcelain walls. After a time, Erica finally released a deep sigh as the hot water soaked away all of her troubles.

“How do you feel, Kitten?” Lucas asked softly.

“Wonderful,” she admitted sleepily.

“Ready for bed again?”


Slowly, Lucas sat up, still holding the little woman closely to him and stood in the tub. He used his toes to release the drain and shut the faucet off, then stepped out, grabbing a towel which he used to carefully dry Erica off, and then wrap her up. Then, still holding her in one arm, he took another towel and padded himself dry. While Erica lay over his shoulder holding onto him weakly, barely awake.

Lucas took her out of the bathroom, blowing out the lantern and carried the candle with him, setting it on his night stand.

“Lucas,” Erica said leadingly. He turned and looked at her. “You said you’d measure me.”

“Alright Kitten, since I promised.” Lucas walked into the spare bedroom and grabbed the tape measure, still sitting on the floor from cutting out patterns earlier and took it back with them into Lucas’ room near the nightstand where the lantern sat flickering away. Lucas set her on the ground and grabbed the tape measure as Erica once again stepped up with her back to the wall and stood as straight as she could. Lucas ran the tape measure behind her and examined it closely, squinting in the low light. Eventually he was comfortable enough with his measurement and announced to her, “two eleven point three.”

“You’re sure?”


“You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?”

“No, Kitten, I promise. You’re two eleven point three.” Erica breathed a sigh of relief and leaned against the wall. “Alright Kitten, I measured you, now can I have you back?” Lucas asked warmly. Erica looked up at him, grinned and walked back, clutching her towel close to her. Lucas smiled and took her back in his arms and stood up. He climbed into bed, and peeled her towel off of her, tossing it aside carelessly. As her warm skin met the cool sheets, Erica opened her eyes, and smiled as she felt the covers sliding over her. Moving, she sighed again and then asked, “Why are you doing this Lucas?”

“It gets chilly in here at night and I needed someone to keep me warm.”

Erica giggled and closed her eyes again. “No more nightmares?”

“No more nightmares,” he confirmed softly. Lucas slowly worked his fingers over her naked body as she lay across his chest, massaging, kneading gradually, gently. Erica drifted back gently into sleep, twitching slightly to signal Lucas that she was crossing the barrier between waking and slumber. Lucas ran his fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp, kissing her on the top of her head again.

“No more nightmares,” he assured her again, continuing to massage away at her little body.
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Re: Please..

Post by MrWitness » Wed Dec 23, 2020 5:40 pm

I'm looking forward to continuation of this story on DA! Yes, I read it all a long time ago, the whole story, and now I need more...

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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Wed Dec 30, 2020 2:19 pm

MrWitness wrote:
Wed Dec 23, 2020 5:40 pm
I'm looking forward to continuation of this story on DA! Yes, I read it all a long time ago, the whole story, and now I need more...
Thank you! I have another chapter that just needs to be proofread before posting. I'd hoped to post it over the weekend, but got caught up in other issues. Sorry, this year has been a beast, but then I'm assuming most can say the same thing.
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