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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Tue May 26, 2020 2:37 pm

“Get out of my seat,” Mandy ordered to the young boy sitting at a table in the bustling cafeteria.

“It’s not your seat.” The boy shot back up to the young girl.

“Erica, does this look like my seat?” Mandy snarled downward without looking away from the boy.

“Yeah, it does.” Erica growled from behind the boy.

“I don’t see your name on it,” The boy replied.

“That’s because your big smelly butt is covering it up. This is where I always sit.”

“I don’t remember you sitting here yesterday,” The boy argued.

“So what? You’re watching where I sit every day? Are you some kind of stalker?” Mandy glared down at him.

The boy blushed and stammered, “No.. I.. uh…”

“OHMYGOD! Erica! He’s stalking me!”

“EEEEEWWWWWW!” Erica recoiled. “He isn’t even cute!”

“I know, right!” Mandy squealed. A group of other girls stood on the other side of the table giggling at the demonstration.

“Get out of her seat, stalker boy!” Erica commanded, smirking devilishly. The boy sat dumbfounded, then slowly began to turn, grabbing his tray. Erica leaned in and shoved him out of the seat. The boy tumbled to the floor, pulling his food with him and spilling the contents all over himself. The group of girls laughed heartily. Behind them a group of girls and boys stood up, grabbing their mostly full trays of food and moved to another table further away. “Oops Mandy, looks like your name isn’t on the seat,” Erica chortled.

One of the girls on the other side of the table jumped into the conversation, “Maybe he rubbed it off with his smelly butt.”

“Ewww, stalker boy wants to rub his butt all over Mandy’s name!”

Erica took a step forward towards the boy when suddenly Jimmy stepped in between them, glaring angrily up at the tall girl, hazel eyes lit up as though they were on fire. “Get out of my way Jimmy!” Erica growled at the boy.

“No,” Jimmy forcefully blurted out.

Erica smirked then shoved the boy, but he didn’t budge. “Haven’t you learned from the last time you picked a fight with me?” Erica smarmily asked.

“Leave him alone.” Jimmy stated coldly and bluntly.

“I guess a three day suspension wasn’t enough to teach an idiot like Jimmy,” Mandy chortled. “Even chimps can learn better than that.

Jimmy clenched his jaw and his fist, and planted his heels firmly on the ground before Erica shoved him again, but once more he didn’t budge. The boy behind him sat watching, but snapped to as he realized he had an opportunity to get away in the confusion. He grabbed his spilled tray and scampered off.

“Idiot!” Erica growled as she noticed the boy dart off. She shoved Jimmy, but once again he stood firm. Unrelenting, though, Erica stepped around Jimmy to go after her prey again, but once more Jimmy stepped in front to block her path. She shoved him again, and he fell back, but only slightly this time. Her face red with rage, she wound up and punched him right in the face. Jimmy’s nose erupted in blood as it spilled out onto his shirt, but he continued to stand firm.

The two stared each other down, Erica smirking, the boy shaking in rage, fists clenched tightly, his face crimson red with veins popping out of his forehead.

“JIMMY CARTWRIGHT!!!” A voice from behind Erica screeched out. “How can you not learn such a simple lesson?” The teacher stormed up from behind Erica, who smiled sweetly and stepped aside. “What is wrong with you? You couldn’t even go two weeks without picking another fight!”

“I didn’t pick any fights!” The boy defended himself, bleeding profusely.

“What part of never hitting a girl do you not understand?”

“I didn’t hit anyone!!” The boy yelled.


“I didn’t hit anyone,” Jimmy growled up at the teacher. “Look at me, I am the one who’s bleeding!”

“You little liar!” Erica yelled at Jimmy.

“SHE HAS A RIGHT TO DEFEND HERSELF JIMMY” Jimmy stood back in shock at what he had just been told. “I will not put up with your behavior,” The teacher reprimanded. She reached up and grabbed him by the ear lifting up like before, but this time, though he rose to his tiptoes, he tried to stand firm when she attempted to pull him with her out of the cafeteria. She turned and looked back angrily at the boy, “You are going to the principal’s office LITTLE BOY!” She yanked on his ear. He buckled forward in pain, but pulled back again.

“I didn’t touch her,” He growled furiously up at her.

“DON’T SPEAK TO ME IN THAT TONE OF VOICE!” The teacher yelled. Erica, Mandy and their cadre stood grinning assuredly to themselves, enjoying events as they unfolded. The teacher pulled again managing to coerce him forward slowly, but he continued to pull back against her grip.

“What is going on here?” An older man demanded loudly as he approached from the side.

“Mr. Derichs, little Jimmy here is picking fights again.” The teacher explained angrily, “AND he refuses to accompany me to the principal’s office.”

“Is that so?” The man pinched down on Jimmy’s shoulder causing him to gasp in pain and buckle to his knees on the floor. “Listen and listen good you little bully, you will follow Mrs. Salvatori to the principal’s office right this instant, do you understand me?” Jimmy nodded his head slowly in understanding. He released the boy, who then stood only to have his ear grabbed by the Mrs. Salvatori again. Once again, Jimmy resisted, which resulted in the teacher once more turning to confront the boy.

“JIMMY CARTWRIGHT!!!” The teacher screamed.

“MOVE!!” Mr. Derichs bellowed. Jimmy turned and looked up at the man, shaking, fists clenched, staring icy daggers upward. The man forcefully grabbed the boy’s shoulders while Mrs. Salvatori grabbed his ear again and led him out of the cafeteria, though he continued to resist ineffectively.

Erica and Mandy looked at each other and giggled as they joined their friends and sat down at the table to enjoy their lunches.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Wed May 27, 2020 3:24 pm

Lucas followed Erica out of the clinic out into the hot summer sun. A soft breeze wafted through the air with the scent of lilacs as Erica clutched Lucas’ hand to her chest. She paused for a moment to take a deep breath and enjoy the scent in the air while Lucas stepped a little ahead f her. They walked t the curbside where Lucas stepped down from the sidewalk onto the blacktop then paused suddenly, holding Erica back. He looked downward.

“What is it?” Erica asked.

“It’s kinda hot out here, and you’re barefoot. Maybe it might be a good idea if I carried you to the Cutlass?” Lucas offered genuinely.

“I can walk.” Erica told him somewhat seriously.

“Are you sure?”

“I can walk.”

“OK Kitten.” The pair stepped out walking out onto the relatively freshly paved parking lot towards Lucas’ car. About ten steps in Erica began to hop around a little. A few more steps and she began to vocalize the burning sensation she was feeling in her feet. Without a word, Lucas bent over and swept her up into his arms, wrapping one arm behind her shoulders and the other under her knees. He held her up just about neck level.

“I didn’t tell you you could pick me up!” She complained vociferously looking at him irately.

“I’m really sorry Kitten,” Lucas apologized meekly. “I just can’t bear to see you hurting.”

Erica looked up into his soft stone like eyes and her brow furrowed. After a moment her frown softened and she looked at him, somewhat confused. “I suppose I will allow it. This time.” She finally offered grudgingly before leaning in and resting her head on his shoulder. She rubbed his chest softly with her hand as he carried her back to the car.

With relative ease, Lucas shifted Erica to hold her with a single arm while he fished the car keys out of his pocket. She unlocked the door and lowered her to a upright position, which she used to hop from his arms onto the car seat. She plopped down rather brusquely and watched as Lucas walked around the front of the car and unlocked his own door. He sat down and started the engine with the same flurry as before, then adjusted the air conditioner to cool off the warm cab.

Erica looked up at him with a scowl on her face until he finally turned his attention back to her. They looked back at each other in silence before she finally blurted out “How could you ask that woman to shrink for you?”

“I didn’t ask her to shrink for me, she said she wanted to.”

“Yeah, but you wanted it! Right in front of me!”

“Oh come on, Kitten, why do you get to have all the fun?”

“You think that was fun? She was really asking for it. I can’t believe she had the nerve to pull that crap!” Erica roared.

“That was kinda fun, yeah,” Lucas added with a smile.

“It’s not funny!” Erica yelled.


“What?!?!?” She screamed.

“Come on Kitten, you’re not really mad at me.” Erica stared up at him, her eyebrows twitching involuntarily as she pursed her lips.

“Damnit!! How do you do that???” She finally relented in a flurry.


“It’s like your are sitting inside my fuckin’ brain!”

Lucas Chuckled softly. “Well, last night when this all started was a pretty big tell for you. I learned a lot about you all at once.”

“That bitch really was asking for it though!” Erica said defensively.

“And you brought it! You totally put her in her place!”

Erica giggled. “I did, didn’t I?” She smiled uncontrollably

“Heck yeah, you did!”

“I can’t believe she told me that crap about not being able to take as much anymore.”

“Yeah, but you were all, ‘you’re not twice the woman I am,’” Lucas retorted back with a laugh.

Erica hopped to her feet and pranced over to Lucas, standing over his lap, her knees bent and pressed into his chest. She looked down at his giant face as she giggled uncontrollably.

“I think she pooped her pants when I did that! Her face was awesome!! I think it took her like a minute just to figure out what I said!!” Erica giggled on.

“It was seriously hot, I think she’s scared of you!” Lucas smiled as she looked up at the elfin woman and he wrapped his hands around her waist.

“It’ was, wasn’t it! I could totally kick her ass!” Erica’s giggles filled her words as she blurted them out.

“I bet you could!”

“I totally could!”

“Bitch doesn’t know who she’s messin’ with!” Erica went into a fit of giggles.

“No, she most certainly does not!” Erica giggled on, then slowed to a snicker and bit her lower lip, smiling demurely down to Lucas. “You totally want to kiss me.”

“You’re just figuring this out now?” Lucas replied back slyly.

“No! It’s been all over your face! So what are you waiting for?” She bit her lower lip again.

“I didn’t want to interrupt you while you were talking.”

“Who’s talking? I’m not talking! Do you see me tal…” Lucas suddenly sat upright, pressing his open lips onto Erica’s. She squeaked in surprise then closed her eyes, melting into him. He wrapped a hand behind the small of her back and the other behind her shoulders and held her tenderly.

They remained like this until she squeaked again in surprise as his huge tongue suddenly met hers, and the tips of their tongues playfully danced around each other. She sighed deeply, then began to giggle a bit, then more until Lucas released her from his hold. She sank down, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning her head against his chest. She giggled a little more, then exhaled.

“Lucas..” She began. He looked down at her quietly. “Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?” He asked softly.

“This. All of it. Why are you doing all this for me? You don’t have to.”

“You remember when you promised me the night of my life?” Lucas asked.


“Well, is it that big of a surprise I might want to try to earn another?” Erica giggled softly. “Where would you like to go to eat, Kitten?”

Erica looked up at him thoughtfully with deep dark eyes, smiling delicately. “You know that park with the waterfall on the south side of the city?”


“They have an outdoor café there, and they serve local fish. Could you take me there, please?”

“It would be my pleasure.” Erica giggled and slid down to lay against his hip as he reached up and pulled the car into gear. Once more there was a subtle shift in the massive beast and in began to gently ease forward. Erica wrapped her arms around Lucas’ stomach and leaned her head into as she closed her eyes.

“You’re not really thinking of taking the week off, are you?” Erica asked absent-mindedly.

“No,” Lucas replied matter of factly. Erica looked up, with a little bit of disappointment on her face. She opened her mouth to speak but Lucas cut her off. “I am definitely taking the week off.”

“Wait, you just said you weren’t taking the week off..” Erica pointed out confused.

“No, I said I wasn’t thinking of taking the week off. I am definitely going to take the week off.”

“Can you do that? Don’t you need to go in to work?”

“I have enough time saved up, and I promised I would make sure you were ok.”

“Dr. Hanson said you could have that taken care of this afternoon.” She replied a bit dejectedly.

“Well she was wrong.” Lucas stated coldly. “Besides, are you really going to take the word of someone who can’t grow you back to normal?”

Erica smiled devilishly. “Are you saying you can grow me back?”

“Maybe not me, but I know someone who can, and I am betting that once I impress upon her the importance of this mission, she’ll get right on it.”

“So you can just take the time? Just like that?”

“I’m taking the time off. Unless you have someone else you would rather have around to help you out while you get back on your feet.” Erica looked up in awe.

“What if you get in trouble?”

“I’m taking the time off.” Erica rose to her knees and stood up, leaning in to kiss Lucas on his cheek. Lucas smiled, glancing quickly over to her then back onto the road.

“Alicia was right,” Erica said casually.

“About what?”

“That you are really sweet.”

“Alicia said that?” Lucas said quizzically.

“All the time.”

“Oh wow.”

“You’re surprised?”

“Well yeah.”


“She’s always been so distant. She barely talks to me. I figured she didn’t really care for me much at all.”

“She’s always been nice to you!” Erica squeaked in defense of her friend.

“Yeah, but she’s just a nice person. I figured that because she won’t talk to me really, that she just didn’t think much of me.” Erica watched fascinated as Lucas explained, then leaned back into her previous position, deciding it best not to say anything else.

As they cruised along in the titanic automobile Erica looked around curiously at the interior of the car, admiring the plush velour seats and the shiny surfaces of the dash. Eventually her view took her to a tray sitting on the floor underneath the ashtray. A shiny gold object poked up from within a clutter of other random objects. Erica rolled over and reached down to pick it up, regarding it in her hand. It was a pin, with two pointed ends on the back, both covered with little dulled gold buckles. The top end was curved with the bottom rounding down to a point and an emblem of an eagle protruded out from the surface.

“What is this?” Erica asked, lifting the pin up to Lucas. Lucas looked down then back to the road again.

“It’s a rank pin.” He said calmly.

“What’s it’s for?”

“You wear it on your uniform to show what rank you are.”

“Like in the military?”


“Where did you get it?”

“The military.”

“You were in the military?”

“The Army, yes.”

“I didn’t know you were n the Army…”

“Yes.” Lucas continued to drive on focusing on the road as Erica looked up at him curiously.

“It looks really fancy, you must have been a high rank” Lucas chuckled softly. “What?” She asked somewhat defensively.

“It’s just a Specialist pin. They called us ‘full bird privates.’”

“So it’s not a high rank?”

“No, you can get that rank just buy being in for a couple years.”

“Were you ever in combat?” Lucas continued on staring down the road. “Lucas?”


“Were you ever in combat?”

“Yes.” He said quietly. Erica looked up at him curiously, and thoughtfully then turned her attention to the pin again. “Do you want it?” he asked softly.

“I couldn’t take this..” She began.

“I have others at home, not that I need those either.”


“If you like it, why not?” Erica smiled.

“Are you sure?”

Lucas chuckled to himself again. “Kitten, it’s just a yes or no question.”

“Okay, I’ll take it,” she smiled.

“K, sit up for me.” Erica sat up and faced him. “Now take the backs off of it.” She did so and held them out in the palm of her hand. “K, now let me see the pin.” She handed him the pin and alternating between watching the road and Erica, he fixed the pin on her left shoulder strap. He then held his hand out and Erica handed him the backs of the pins, which he put back in place underneath the strap of her dress.

Erica sat back, pulling her dress strap out to regard her new accessory. “Is it on straight?”

“It’s straight.”

“You’re not even looking!”

“It’s on straight.”

“How can you be sure?”

“I’ve done this a lot,” he chuckled. “Sometimes out in the field without a mirror. It’s on straight.” Erica smiled, then stood and walked to the passenger side of the car, pulling down the visor and admiring herself in the vanity mirror.

“Kitten,” Lucas began. Erica turned to look at him. “You probably shouldn’t be standing up like that. If a cop sees you he may think you’re a kid and pull me over.”

“So what, would you rather I sit in the back in a booster seat?”

“Uhh, no, I’d get awfully lonely up here if you did that.” Erica grinned and flipped the visor back up again.

Once more, she settled in to her position and listened to the sound of the road and the wind whirring by as they flew down the freeway. She relaxed until she felt the car slow then looked up at her colossal chauffer.

“Are we there?”

“Almost, it will be a bit of a walk, are you ok with that?”

“Yeah. Maybe we can go through the grass instead of the walking paths?”

“Sure thing, Kitten.” Erica squeezed him tightly, unintentionally rubbing her arm against the inside of his thigh in the process, and took notice of some sudden movement that occurred between his legs.

“And what do we have here?” She asked playfully.

“You know full well what we have there,” Lucas grinned from above.

Erica rubbed her hands back and forth around the front of his pants. “So what you’re saying is that I’m still attractive to you even though I’m just a little freak?”

“I’ve been saying that all morning. You didn’t believe me?”

“I guess I like to hear it,” She admitted coyly as she rubbed more fervently.

“Kitten, you’re going to make me crash.” Lucas sighed above her.

“Okay,” she said with some disappointment. And went back to hugging his stomach. After a few minutes Erica felt the car slow further, making one turn after another, each turn of the car getting a little closer to the previous one each time until Lucas brought the car to a complete stop in a shaded spot off to the side of the road.

Erica slid up to her knees and waited as Lucas shut down the vehicle and opened the massive metal door. She reached up, grabbing his hand in both of hers and hopped to her feet, following him out the driver’s side of the car. She looked around curiously as Lucas led her to the back of the car, where he opened the trunk, which flabbergasted Erica as a space she could practically live in. First, Lucas lay Erica’s enormous purse carefully in an open spot in the trunk. Lucas then reached inside and pulled out a round cushion that was blaze range on one side and camouflage on the other. He then grabbed a small blanket and tucked both under his arm, then reached down where Erica retook his hand. She looked up curiously at him. “There are tables there?” he asked gently.

“Yes?” She asked leading him on to explain.

“So these should come in handy for you so you can use them.” Erica grinned widely. They walked together through the grass enjoying the views together. From afar, on the walking paths a steady stream of people walked by, paying little attention to the mismatched pair. Eventually Erica led Lucas to a building with a large concrete patio and countless tables with large umbrellas.

Seeing her destination, she slowed to a stop, taking note of the scene in front of her. Lucas looked down to her and asked, “What is it?”

“There are so many people, and they’re all so huge..” she commented in astonishment.

“This won’t be like at the clinic, I won’t let it be. Just stay close and it will all be fine.” Lucas smiled warmly down to her. Erica squeezed his hand and led him inside the building. The interior was filled with people of all shapes and sizes, except for one minor detail- all those sizes were considerably larger than her.
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Re: Please..

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All the figures seemed to stretch into the skyline, even the children stood unnaturally high above her. What made the scene all the more unnerving was how closely packed together they all were. Skinny people, fat people, people of all colors, with all characteristics, but they all stretched up, and up and up. The noise was near deafening.

Erica leaned into Lucas’ hip and followed him, clinging closely as they stood in line. She looked up, but could only see the giants towering around her. At first the look of fear on her was palpable. The giants here moved around, bumping into each other with little to no consideration for each other, and they seemed to move aimlessly. Lucas looked around attentively above Erica, proactively stepping in front of Erica whenever someone got a little to close.

In time though, it became apparent that the obscene size was not the only thing the giants seemed to have in common. They all seemed to ignore Erica. Not casually, as one would be accustomed to, where a person would walk by, but not simply stare out of basic consideration, but as though she wasn’t even there. Erica sat below their normal perception level, and therefore didn’t exist.

She still clung to Lucas’ leg, but rather than do so fearfully, she did so from a more pragmatic standpoint as the panic on her face slowly gave way to fascination. Any person who stepped too close would be physically blocked by Lucas leaving Erica a clear opportunity to regard the behemoth that had wandered unintelligibly too near. Time and time again, though, Erica simply stood unobserved by the roving giants.

A large man stood off to her right. He was handsome, but physically thin, non-athletic and as she looked back and forth between Lucas and the man it became apparent that this man was considerably shorter than Lucas. He was the type of man that Erica had been on countless dates with before. Erica looked up staring at him, and smiled softly and waited, but the giant never even looked in her general direction. Not so much as a glance. Erica continued to smile in his direction until eventually her smile faded into disappointment.

Her face turned downward a little where she was met with the view of hips and butts all around her. An ancient giant stumbled nearby, hunched over on a cane, with thick, dark rimmed glasses. As he staggered by slowly his face drifted to Erica who looked up, still with a somewhat disappointed look on her face. The giant smiled kindly down to her and paused until Erica’s face dissolved into a warm smile in return. The man looked up and stumbled on his way once again.

Slowly the giants seemed to coalesce into a similar direction, which eventually brought Erica within view of a white counter that she recognized. She looked back and forth ahead and above her where eventually she found a row of signs high up with a list of dishes. Erica tugged on Lucas’ pants, which encouraged him to kneel down to her. She leaned in on her tiptoes and spoke into his ears. “Could I get a walleye sandwich and a cherry coke with waffle fries?” Lucas turned to look her in her eyes. “Please?”

Lucas smiled back and put his hand softly against her cheek. “Absolutely, Kitten.” He stood again and Erica waited as they slowly approached the counter, whose top sat above her eye level. High up Erica could hear Lucas shouting his food order to some unseen giant, the then reach forward handing over his credit card. After a pause, he received it back, and then bent over high above her to sign an unseen receipt. He then took Erica’s hand along with a ticket and walked with her out onto the patio. People were sitting all around, but toward the back of the patio several tables sat unused. Lucas chose a table off in the corner in a quiet spot away from other patrons and pulled a chair as tall as Erica back, setting the cushion and blanket on the seat and then dropped a tab with their number on the table.

He then bent over and offered his hand to Erica, “may I? he asked.

Erica grinned up at him and took his hand. “You may,” she replied in a stately manner. Gently, he assisted her up onto the metal chair, paying careful attention to the bottom of her dress to make sure no more mishaps occurred. Once she had sat herself atop the blanket Lucas carefully pushed the seat in to the table while Erica smiled through the ride. He sat adjacent to her with his back to the other patrons on the patio, mostly blocking Erica from view. She leaned in resting on her elbows on the table and looked up at him.

“I’m not sure I can get used to this treatment.”

“Is it really that bad?”

“It’s just weird,” She confessed.

“Kitten, I’ve got a question for you.”

“What kind of question?” Erica asked suspiciously.

“Have you put any thought into beyond this afternoon?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, are you going back to your place? Are you staying there alone tonight?” The color in Erica’s face drained away suddenly. “I thought you might feel that way,” Lucas commented gently.

Erica gulped and sat in front of him silently. “Would you like to come stay with me? There is plenty of room. If you want privacy I even have a guest room.”

“Can I stay in your room?” She suddenly caught herself asking reflexively.

“Of course, if you want.” Erica blushed after her outburst.

“Sorry. I don’t mean to be such an imposition,” Erica meekly replied.

“You’re not an imposition, Kitten,” Erica looked up again uncertain. “It’s been a bit different, but you have been completely worth it.” Caught off guard again, Erica giggled again softly.

In a surge of sudden alertness, Erica sat upright and stared up at Lucas. “Wait, didn’t you say you had to call your boss?” Erica asked quickly.

“I did, on the way back from Target. He’s more of a friend than a boss. I’m working for him to help him get his business off the ground.”

“What did he say?”

“He accused me of skipping out for a piece of ass.”

Erica giggled some more. “What did you tell him?”

“I told him that if he was going to cock block me like that he could go fuck himself.” Erica burst out into laughter.

“I knew you were just trying to get lucky,” she whispered up to him.

“Well, I had already gotten lucky when you decided to trust me enough to help you out today. That was lucky enough for me, Kitten.”

“You and your smooth lines,” Erica chided.

“It’s not just a line. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t like a little more romantic time with you. I really, really would. But the time I’ve gotten to spend with you outside the bedroom has been so much better. Well, maybe not better, but I really like it and sure do want more of it.” Erica just looked up at him curiously assessing his face.

“I’m going to have to figure out who taught you these pick up lines,” she eventually remarked. Lucas smiled in return. She sat another moment then looked up and saw a figure approaching behind Lucas. Erica pointed her little slender fingers out for Lucas who turned and saw a young woman carrying two trays of food, looking around for the right table. Lucas sat aside revealing their number and the woman noticed shortly after and brought the trays over. She walked up smiling at both Erica and Lucas, and set their food on the table.

“Thank you,” Lucas told her. She reached over to pick up the number and smiled once again at the diminutive Erica again, then paused and stood up, somewhat perplexed. She then turned and walked away.

Erica smiled, then picked up her food and reflected on the enormous sandwich in her hands. “There is no way I can finish this,” she admitted.

“Then don’t. Just enjoy it.” Lucas replied casually. As the two started their meal a thin, middle aged woman with sandy blonde hair circled slowly from a distance then gradually moved in to speak to the duo.

Lucas was the first to notice her, stopping mid bite into his sandwich as the woman approached watching her from his periphery. Without moving, he observed her as she drew near.

“I’m so sorry,” The woman began as Lucas set down his sandwich with a displeased look on his face and Erica stopped mid bite and looked up. “I just was over there with my friend and she insisted your friend here was a child, and I kept trying to tell her you were a.. what does she prefer to be called? A dwarf? Little person?”

“I honestly wouldn’t know.” Lucas replied coldly. “Maybe you could call her Erica.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve never met someone her size before”

“I’m right here, and I can hear you just fine,” Erica politely lectured her.

“I’m sorry, you’re right, I’m Bonnie,” the woman reached forward to shake Erica’s tiny hand as she sat down adjacent to Lucas. His eyebrow cocked upward.

Erica set her sandwich down and shook the woman’s hand “Erica,” she replied matter-of-factly.

“I’m happy to meet you, Erica,” the woman smiled. “Do you mind if I ask you about your size?” Erica’s eyebrow cocked upwards. “Maybe not, I don’t mean to be so rude”

Erica smiled slyly. “No, it’s ok, everyone is always curious about it.”

“Oh, I bet you have to answer questions all the time, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, every day, sometimes it gets in the way of doing things, people are always so curious!” The woman smiled widely as Lucas now cocked his eyebrow again.

“I’m sure it does! Do you mind if I ask what caused you to be so small? I mean, you look just like a normal woman, all your proportions are perfect!” The woman took Erica’s arm, admiring Erica’s form. “Oh my,” she remarked in astonishment.

“What?” Erica asked, slightly irritated, but trying to mask it.

“How old are you, Erica?”

“I’m twenty seven.”

“Oh my, you have fantastic skin.”

“Oh, why thank you,” Erica smiled and took her arm back.

“So what caused you to be so small?” The woman continued.

“Oh, it’s genetic.” Lucas noticed as Erica suppressed a smirk.

“That makes perfect sense,” the woman remarked.

“You see, my father had what’s known as a micro penis.”

“That can cause this??!?”

“Oh yes, you see most women will turn men with micro penises away just because of their size, and never really know that there is a legitimate reason they shouldn’t have children with a man with a micro penis.” Lucas’ eyes flashed wide open in surprise, then regained his self control to watch as Erica continued.

“So a micro penis makes micro babies???”

“Not necessarily. See, the genetic condition that causes micro penis also has a small chance, pardon the pun, of also containing a genetic marker that can cause my particular condition. This combined with the smaller DNA contained in his micro balls caused this.” Erica explained quite professionally. “The chances are very low. My dad was really just happy to find a woman who would accept him despite his impairment. They had no idea that he carried the marker until I was born, but my mom was starting to get really worried when even after nine months she still wasn’t really showing.”

“Oh no, were the complications?”

“No, I was born very healthy, just very, very small. It didn’t take the doctors long to discover what had happened, and explained that my father shouldn’t have tried to have a child with his micro penis to begin with.”

“That poor man..”

“Yes, well anyways, for the most part that is really the only thing that makes me any different from you.”

“Well that’s good,” the woman smiled, satiated.

“For the most part.” Erica reiterated.

“Oh, what do you mean, Erica?”

“Yes, well you see it’s a bit of a bother for my romantic life.”

“Oh, I do, I do! I’m surprised you are with such a large man, and not someone closer to your own size!”

“Oh, it’s a bad idea for me to become involved with someone else who is minified.”

“Is that what you people are called?”

“It’s not really the medical term, but that’s what we’re known as, yes.”

“Well, why wouldn’t it be good? They’d be so much more compatible for you.. physically.”

“That’s a really good question. You see, I carry the genetic marker, and while most midgets, dwarves or other persons of minified status may not have the genetic marker, but their genetic condition would allow the marker to become dominant in our children, and that would guarantee they would be born the same as me.”

“I see, but you’re a very beautiful woman, I’m sure your daughter would be very beautiful as well, even if she was small.”

“Why thank you, Bonnie. But just the same, life is much more difficult at this size. Lucas here has to carry me almost everywhere because my legs are too short to walk long distances.” The woman looked over to Lucas who just smiled sympathetically and nodded.

“Oh, I never thought of that.”

“That’s alright. Lucas says he loves to carry me, but I know that it’s hard on him sometimes.”

“I suppose it’s good he’s such a strapping, strong young man then!”

“Yes, that is part of how I learned I could select him.”


“Yes, you see, there are a number of things I need to know before I can take the risk of getting intimately involved with a man. You see, because a normal man’s sperm is so large compared to my eggs, I’m much more likely to become pregnant, and birth control doesn’t come in small enough doses while still being affordable.”

“What about condoms, and spermicide?”

“I asked the same question the first time I started dating. He was three feet seven inches tall, and I remember how special I felt that such a tall, strong man would want to be with me. But my mom explained to me pretty quickly about these pitfalls too. You see, even with a condom, some will get through usually, and my tiny eggs are too vulnerable to the huge sperm. Spermicidal solutions will weaken the sperm, but they are still too big and powerful, at least for a while, before the spermicide eventually kills them, and they can’t be counted on either.”

“Can’t you just have a genetic test done of a man? I’m sure plenty of men would be willing to do that for such a lovely young lady.”

“No, that wouldn’t work. You see, genetic testing hasn’t advanced enough to catch it in a normal test and the tests that do work cost too much money. You see the equipment for those tests need to be much smaller as well, or you risk missing the minified marker.”

“Oh, that makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, and genetic studies aren’t really a big priority, pardon the pun, for people such as myself, so we aren’t too hopeful that progress will be made in that area.”

“So then what do you do?”

“There are other telltale signs you can look for if you pay attention to details.”

“Like what?”

“Well, first, like I said, I can’t be with another minified person. Second, I need to make absolutely sure I don’t get involved with a man with a micro penis.”

“But a small penis would probably be a good thing for someone as small as you, no offense,” the woman patted Lucas’ hand. Lucas sat back, caught off guard at the comment that suddenly was directed at him.

“Oh no, absolutely not!”

“Why not?” The woman was curious beyond description, leaning in intently following every word out of Erica’s mouth. Lucas grinned, then fought it back.

“A man with a small penis could cause so many problems because it could end up being a micro penis that was overgrown because of all the hormones and steroids in our food.”

“No… You mean that any man with a small penis nowadays could have a clandestine micro penis?” The woman stated in shock.


“How many men are true micro penises?”

“More than they would like you to know. That’s actually I think one of the goals of big food. I’ve seen documents that some of the heads of big agricultural companies have micro penises. Big food is trying to hide micro penises for the patriarchal hegemony!”

“Of course! So how can you tell?”

“Good question, Bonnie!” [/size] Lucas bit down hard into a big chunk of the inside of his cheek doing his best not to laugh. His eyes began to water slightly before he took a deep breath to regain control of himself. “You see, all you really need to do is inspect the erect penis closely to find a faux micro penis.”

“Well what does a faux micro penis look like?”

“I’m glad you asked, Bonnie.” Erica took a sip of her oversized cherry coke. “You see, if you look at the penis, underneath, just before the head you should find a little piece of skin hanging down, just a little bit, like a rooster’s wattle. If that isn’t there, likelihood is you’ve found a faux micro penis. But you have to look really, really closely.”

“So as long as you have penis wattle you’re good?”

“No, you see, that only makes sure I don’t get hit with the minified marker, which would be devastating.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, you see, if I had a child with a minified person without the minified marker, I could just have another minified child, but if I had one with a normal person with a micro penis, then I run the risk of my child having a double minified marker.”

“No..” The woman gasped, “you don’t mean..”

“Yes Bonnie. If my child got a double hit of the minified marker it would be even worse. You see I’m about half sized, compared to you.”


“So my child would likely be about half my size.”

“Oh my God!” The woman gasped.

“But even if we are certain he doesn’t have the minified marker, we’re not out of the woods, because we need to find a man who will not only push the minified marker back as a submissive trait, but he needs to completely override it.”

“How can you tell that?”

“The veins.”

“The veins?”

“Yes, the veins.” Lucas cringed as he realized he had bitten too hard on his cheek and he was now tasting blood. Still, he fought the urge to laugh. “What you want is a man with an intricate web like vein structure on his penis. Straight veins means that he doesn’t have the dominant genes you want to make sure your child will be full sized.”

“Oh wow,” the woman remarked.

“I know, it’s a lot to take in.”

“For you, I bet it is!” Both women giggled heartily together.

“I take it your husband has web veins on his penis?”

“I don’t really know,” The woman replied thoughtfully. “I’ve never really liked the way those things looked, I thought they were kinda ugly, so I’ve never paid that much attention. I never knew how important it was to look!”

“Oh yes, that’s one of the reasons the patriarchal hegemony fought so hard for so long to keep premarital sex from happening, and shame it in society.”

“It makes so much sense now…”

“Yes, and for me it’s a much bigger deal to worry about. It’s hard enough finding the right man as is. I can’t waste time on other minified men, or risk micro penises, or faux micro penises.”

The woman turned to Lucas, “Oh, look at him!” She squealed to Erica, “He’s so embarrassed by all this!” Lucas smiled in return and swallowed the blood from his cheek. “So how long did she wait to, ummm, check to make sure you were up to par?”

“Oh our first date,” Lucas managed to get out.

“Really??” the woman gasped.

“Yeah, we had a blind date at a really nice restaurant. A friend of mine was friends with her parents, and they hooked us up. He just showed me a portrait picture of her standing in front of the standard photographer’s backdrop, so I knew she was gorgeous, but I had no idea how tall she was.”

“Oh you sly little thing!” The woman patted Erica’s hand from across the table. Erica smiled warmly then leaned in fascinated to see where Lucas would take it, baring her pearly white teeth in a full grin.

“But yeah, we were sitting there, and the waiter was all upset because no one warned them about her size, so she could barely see over the table, and they were scrambling around to find her a cushion or something to boost her up. You should have seen how angry she was when they suggested a booster seat. We got half off of our meal that night because of it.”

“Good for you!” She complimented Erica.

“Oh yes, you should have seen the look on the manager’s face when I accused him of making fun of me by making the meal ‘half off!’” Erica added, not missing a beat.

“So while they were doing this, she explained it all to me, and I guess I still get embarrassed about it, even though you can imagine how many times I’ve heard the story.”

“That’s ok. I’m sorry I thought you had a little penis..”

“That’s alright, it happens all the time. It makes sense, you know, because she’s so small and all.” Lucas offered sympathetically.

“So she explained to you about micro penises and later that night she asked you to show it to her?”

“Well, what she just told you is the cliff notes version.”

“There’s more?” The woman asked Erica dumbfounded.

“Oh yes,” Erica stated seriously while sipping on her cherry coke. “For instance, a big reason for the increase in micro penises and faux micro penises is the amount of interracial breeding with Asians.”

“No..” The woman gasped.

“Yes, over there, micro penises are far more common. About one in three men there has this affliction.”

“That explains why they are all so little over there.”

“Yes, but I didn’t want to interrupt Lucas.” Lucas shot her a quick look of frustration before the woman looked back to him and he straightened his face out. Erica sat with a demure smile on her face, continuing to sip on her cherry coke.

“So you were saying, Lucas?”

“Oh, right. Well, anyway, they eventually brought her some cushions to sit on and we got to talking and she tells me, that while she likes me, she just isn’t into wasting her time. I asked her if she would really just walk out on a date, and she said yes. So I said I would show it if I had to. She slid right off the chair right then and there and walked right underneath the table.”

“Wait, did you pick the restaurant, or did she?”

“She did. She knew the place and knew all the tables had long flowing tablecloths.”

“So you knew exactly what you were doing the whole time!” The woman squealed to Erica, who was now taking a bite out of her sandwich again. Erica smiled and continued eating.

Lucas continued on “Yeah, she did. She walked right underneath the table, pulled my knees apart, and unzipped my pants right there.”

“In the restaurant??”

“In the restaurant.”

“But she said it had to be erect to tell.”

“Yes.” Lucas replied as seriously as he could. The woman laughed uncontrollably.

“So I take it you passed the test?”

“I don’t know, she seems to always be testing me.”

“Gotta keep the big guy on his toes,” Erica remarked subtly.

“What a wonderful story! Thank you so much, but I need to get back to my friend! It was lovely meeting you Erica! You a such a strong little woman!”

“It was my pleasure Bonnie!” Erica called up to the woman as she stood and pranced over to her friend excitedly on the other side of the patio. Lucas stared at Erica, fighting back laughter as best as he could while she sipped on her cherry coke some more, smiling demurely.

“You realize that she is going to go home to her husband now, give him a hand job and inspect every last millimeter of his dick now.” Erica leaned forward and a laugh slipped out, almost causing her to spit out her drink.

“I’m sure her behavior will be affected in more ways than that.”

“I see why you went into marketing now.” Erica giggled and began to work on her sandwich again.

“I can’t believe how much mileage I got out of that,” Erica commented, giggling.

“Neither can I!” Lucas exclaimed. “How often do you do that?”

“Not that often anymore. I once had this woman convinced that my car seats weren’t leather, they were this new experimental substance called “New Bove” and that I had to get tested monthly to make sure I wasn’t developing rectal cancer from it. When her husband came along and figured out what was going on, he totally got in on it and had her convinced he was going to buy a car with ‘New Bove’ seats himself. She almost fainted.”

Lucas laughed vigorously at the description. “You’re a naughty girl,” he observed smiling wryly.

“So, minified, huh?” Erica giggled profusely, almost spitting out her drink again.

As the two finished their meal Erica conceded that the majority of her sandwich was too much to eat. Lucas took both trays and disposed of them for Erica, then returned to the table. Erica stood, hopping down from her seat while Lucas grabbed the blanket and cushion. He then lowered his hand to Erica.

“What are you doing?” She whispered up harshly.

“What?” Lucas asked unknowingly.

“You can’t let me walk! We told that woman you carried me everywhere!” Lucas laughed heavily, then bent down slipping his arm behind Erica’s thighs and lifted her up. As he walked out back into the park the woman from earlier smiled and waved vigorously while her friend blushed and covered her mouth staring at the duo.

Erica and Lucas both smiled graciously and continued on their way. Once they were sure they were out of earshot Lucas looked at Erica and both broke out into full laughter, which lasted several minutes.

“Their husbands are going to be so confused at the attention their dicks are getting all of a sudden!” Erica laughed as Lucas walked across the park. Lucas almost fell over laughing at her observation. “Do you wanna go see the waterfall?” Erica asked him excitedly.

“I would, but I still haven’t showered since yesterday, and I kinda feel like I need it.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Erica admitted, somewhat sadly.

“Tell you what, Kitten, maybe we could come back for sunset tonight, or tomorrow morning?”

Erica smiled, and bit her lower lip gently. “Still trying to earn that next night, huh?” Lucas smiled gently in return without speaking. “I’ll keep it in mind, but the way this day is shaping up, maybe there are other adventures in store for us tonight.”

Lucas chuckled softly as he walked along with her in his arms. As they approached the car Lucas set Erica on the ground while he fished his keys from his pocket. He opened the door for Erica, who climbed in and knelt on the passenger seat, waiting for Lucas as he made the trek around to the driver’s side. Once he climbed into the car, she stood and walked over to him, wrapping both of her arms around his right arm as he attempted to start the car. He looked over to her with a questioning smile on his face as she leaned in and kissed his cheek before hugging his thick arm and then settling down curled up next to his lap as before.

Erica waited patiently until she once again heard the reassuring “RUH-RUH-RUH-RUH-VROOOOOM” and settled into a soft whir.

“So big guy,” Erica began, “You still have a plan all figured out?”

Lucas smiled, pulling the car into gear. “I guess, provided it meets your approval.”

“Oh, well maybe you should share it with me so we can find out if it is satisfactory.”

Lucas laughed softly. “Alright, well, you are staying with me tonight?”

“Please,” Erica reached around behind him with her arm and started rubbing his back.

“K, then you’re place isn’t too far from here, we head back there and get what you need to last a few days.”

“None of my clothes will fit me anymore. Not even close,” She complained.

“No, but there will still be stuff worth getting for you. Socks may not be totally useless for you, toothbrush, shampoo, body wash, that kind of thing.”

“Do you think I will be able to go home tomorrow?”

“You can go home whenever you are ready, Kitten. I won’t keep you if you don’t want to stay.”

“No, I mean, do you think Alicia can grow me back to normal by then?”

“I don’t know, but we are going to make sure she finds a way to undo this.”

“How long do you think it will take her?”

“I have no idea, but we will make sure it takes as little time as possible, since I know you want to get back to normal.” Erica sat quietly rubbing Lucas’ back staring off into nowhere. “Kitten?”

“Yeah?” She responded, snapped back to reality.

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yeah, you’ll get me back to normal as fast as possible.” She said despondantly.

“Are you okay?”

Erica looked up at Lucas, who was staring down at her with a concerned look on his face. Erica climbed to her knees and leaned up, placing her hand aside his head and leaned up to kiss him on his cheek again. “I’m fine,” She told him, “Watch the road. I really would hate for something to happen to this car.” She then dropped back down and curled up along side his hip again. Lucas reached down and began to mellifluously knead her shoulders and neck. Erica released a deep sigh and softened over Lucas’ thigh.

The trip to Erica’s apartment was short enough, and it was made in relative silence. Relative, because along the way Erica asked Lucas if he could finally play some music. When asked what she would like to hear, Erica had no real answer, she just stared at the dash in uncertainty. Lucas took the opportunity to choose for her after a few minutes of no answer and, much to her surprise, chose a piece of classical music.

“What is this?” She asked him.

“It’s called Terra Aria. It’s a cello piece,” he had explained.

“It’s like living in a dream,” she marveled, and had him play it over and over again on repeat. She listened fascinated to every rhythm, every note, which echoed back and forth within the cab of the car. The sound system was unlike anything she had heard in a car before. There was healthy base, but not the thumping, driving base she was used to hearing in a car system.

Every last sound in the piece seemed to jump off the speakers to her ears in a masterpiece of auditory pornography that swept her away. Every time the cellist took a breath, she could feel it on her skin. In fact, the very first deep breath he took as the piece first began made the hair on the back of her neck and her arms stand up. Every minor tweak on the strings stood out, and what’s more, these imperfections, though projected and distinct, made the entire experience even more surreal to her.

When they arrived in front of her apartment building, she asked him to wait while she finished the piece one last time. Afterwards they climbed out together and walked into the building, which was still quiet. “Doesn’t anyone ever come out of their apartments here?” Lucas asked.

“It’s a really quiet place,” Erica remarked. Inside, Erica led Lucas to the closet where he found a suitcase for Erica and set it on the floor next to the bed. She directed him where to find everything she might need to last a few days and she laughed heavily as he cringed when she told him where to find her tampons and feminine hygiene pads. “Are you that close to that time of the month?” He asked with a painful look on his face.

“No,” she laughed, “but better safe than sorry.”

She had him water her plants, many of which were out of her reach now, and she walked around inspecting the apartment. She looked quietly at the chair at the head of her dinner table, which still had her couch cushions on it, then to the bedroom, where the bed remained unmade. With some effort, she climbed up and managed to make the bed herself, before climbing down, looking around the silent room. She went to the kitchen, and pulled up a chair to the countertop and began her best attempt to do the dishes herself. Lucas caught her and helped by drying for her and putting them where she directed them to go. As he assisted her she asked him, “Where did you find that stereo system for your car?”

“My dad and I selected it, one part at a time. No one had exactly what we were looking for, so we had to piece it together.”

“I’m used to a lot more base than that. I’ve known a lot of guys that have so much base in their stereos it gives me a headache.”

“When my dad and I worked on the car, we talked about the sound system. I wanted one exactly like what you said, but my dad hated the idea, and well, he was paying for it.”

“So what did you do?”

“Well, he hated modern pop stuff, he really preferred classical or folk music. He really loved folk music. In the end, I chose the parts one at a time, and he taught me what to look for when I was looking up the components, but result was supposed to be a realistic sound, not a thick one. He told me that if I ever played any of that heavy metal crap in his car he’d take the keys away from me permanently.”

“You played the heavy metal in it, didn’t you?”

“You know, I was going to, but when we got the whole system set up he sat me inside and he played a Beethoven symphony. It blew me away, and I never wanted to ruin that experience. When I want to listen to heavier stuff in that car, I always pull out my iPhone. I just don’t want to ruin it with something my dad would have hated.”

“You’re still scared of him even though he’s gone?”

“No, I can’t remember ever being afraid of him. It’s just, as much as I fought him on it, it turned out to be a really special memory, one I keep with me whenever I drive the Cutlass. I just don’t want to ruin that memory. Dad was a big guy, really intimidating, but he had a funny way of making you want to do things, rather than force you to.”

“What if I had said I wanted to listen to heavy metal on the way back here?”

“You don’t strike me as the heavy metal type.”

“No, but still, what would you have done?”

“I would have handed you my iPhone,” Lucas stated logically.

“You wouldn’t have…” Erica said incredulously.

“Oh yes I would have,” He chuckled.

Erica reached up and slapped his arm with a soapy wet hand. “Sounds like the car is your happy place.”

Lucas smiled down to the petite woman as she leaned over the counter scrubbing a pan as hard as she could. “It’s a place with a lot of meaning for me.”

Erica stopped and looked up at him, somewhat shyly. “Thanks for sharing it with me.”

They finished their work and began to get Erica’s apartment ready for her absence. Finally, all ready, Lucas grabbed the suitcase and made sure the air conditioner and all the lights were turned off and Erica looked back into the once familiar place she called home that stretched off far into the distance. Lucas laid a hand on her shoulder and she quietly turned around to leave, locking the door behind them.

As they walked out the door, gigantic rubber sandals she had pulled out of the closet slapping her feet as she walked along, Erica pondered aloud, “I wonder how long before I’m back here,”

“Not long, Kitten,” Lucas smiled from above.

“Why is that?” She asked him seriously, her face angled to her feet.

“Because we need to make sure you get back here soon to look after your plants.”

“What if I’m stuck like this? You can’t keep driving me back down here every day to water my plants.”

“You will come back here when you are ready, and for what you are ready for, and I am happy to make it happen for you.”

“What if I’m never ready again?”

“What if you are?” Erica looked up at him as he walked along with her bags stoically.

She smiled, and took his hand, picking up her pace. “Do you have any other music to surprise me with?” She asked excitedly.

“I think I can round something up for you,” he stated confidently.
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Re: Please..

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“One hundred percent, I’m proud of you Erica!” Erica’s mom exclaimed happily. Erica stood in the kitchen of their home, hunched over slightly, an ashamed look on her face.

“Thanks mom.” Erica said, a weak smile on her face.

“That’s four in a row, nice work sweetie,” she smiled and turned to her magazine.

“Mom?” Erica asked with more than a little trepidation in her voice.

“Yes dear?” Erica’s mom continued to read her magazine.

“One of my answers on this quiz was wrong.” Erica stated meekly.

“Well no, because you got one hundred percent.” Erica’s mother stated in a logical manner.

“No, mom. I knew it was wrong as soon as I turned it in. I even looked it up. I got on wrong.”

“Did you tell your teacher?”


“And what did she say?”

“She just told me I did a really good job, and that I should be proud I got one hundred percent.”

“Well there you go then.”

“Mom, some of the other kids heard me when I asked Mrs. Salvatori about it. I know some of the girls are talking about it. It’s not fair that I got that grade.”

Erica’s mom finally looked up from her magazine. “Why did you do that sweetie?”

“Because my answer was wrong mom, it wasn’t fair that I got that grade.”

“Not fair to whom?”

“To the other kids?” Erica asked, uncertain.

“Did the other kids take your test?”


“Then how does it hurt them?”

“Because I got something I didn’t earn, and they didn’t.”

“But they still got the grades they earned?”

“I guess…”

“I’m sure that Mrs. Salvatori is just trying to help you out from your stutters at the beginning of the semester. She knows you are a good student, and you deserve to do well.”

“Mom, I heard Mandy talking about it to Sally. She’s really upset that I got a grade I didn’t deserve.”

“Mandy again..” Erica looked up at her mother quizzically. “Erica, we need to talk about this friend Mandy of yours.”

“What about her, Mom?”

“Mandy is an underachiever. I’m not sure you should be wasting your time with her.”

“But Mom, Mandy was the only one who would be nice to me when all the other kids made fun of me for being so freakishly tall.”

“DON’T SAY THAT, YOUNG LADY!” Erica recoiled as her mother yelled at her. “Do you have any idea how happy I would have been to be so much taller than the other kids when I was your age? Erica, you should be bigger than them. I’m glad those kids figured out how stupid it was to pick on someone bigger than them!”

“But Mom, they’re only nice now because they’re afraid of me.” Erica whimpered.

“What’s wrong with that?” Erica’s mom put her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. “Sweetie, the worst thing that could happen to you is that those boys catch up to you in size. I hope you just keep growing and growing, and that whoever comes into your life learns that YOU are the one in control. I’m so proud to have a daughter like that.”

Erica nodded her head in uncertainty. “Now, about this Mandy girl..” Erica’s mother began.

“But Mom, we were friends last year, and that was ok.”

“Trust me sweetie, that girl will turn on you. She is just going to wind up getting pregnant by some boy either in High School, or just out of it and waste her life. She isn’t smart like you, and she isn’t athletic like you either. You shouldn’t be following an underachiever like her, and she will figure out how much better you can do sooner or later and hate you for it.”

“Mandy invited me to a party, she said everyone would be there.”

Erica’s mother sighed. “When is this party, sweetie?”

“Saturday night?”

“Maybe you can go, but you need to do really well at volleyball practice this week.”
“I’ll try, Mom.”

“Don’t try, sweetie. I know you can do it. You can be the best on that whole team, but you need to work hard at it.”

“If coach says I worked hard I can go to the party?”

“Yes, sweetie, but when you go, because I know you’re going to work hard at practice, I want you to pay attention. You need to start taking charge with this Mandy girl. If you don’t then she’ll just end up sucking you down into her dismal little world with her.”

“What about the girls at school who are mad about my quiz?” Erica asked, trying her very best to mask the frustration in her voice.

“Sweetie, stop pointing out when you make mistakes, that is Mrs. Salvatori’s job. If she didn’t point it out, then it wasn’t a mistake. That will help in the future to keep the little underachievers in line.”

“But what about this time?” Erica asked sheepishly.

“Well, this time don’t listen to any of them. If anyone causes you any trouble, let me know, and I’ll teach you how to deal with it. Look at you, stand up straight.” Erica threw her shoulders back and straightened up. “Wipe that sad look off your face, young lady!” Erica turned her face to a more stern look and her mother nodded approvingly.

“When you catch them talking about you, make sure you get close to them, and you make yourself look just like that. They will learn to keep their mouths shut, and all you have to do is learn to watch for them gathering together behind your back.”

“I think they caught me listening in.” Erica said with guilt on her face.

“Just tell me whenever something bad happens. I bet that if something bad happens to you, that that little brat Mandy is going behind your back. I can help you figure out how to deal with her.”

“Mandy wouldn’t do that!”

“Just you wait dear, she will. I know it.”

“But she’s my best friend.”

“And when was the last time she did something with you that you wanted to do?” Erica stood and looked blankly at her mother. “Exactly, she’ll turn on you. I know her type.”

Erica stood with a disconcerted look on her face then gently asked her mother, “mom, can I watch TV now?”

“No sweetie, you need to go study now.”

“I just got done studying, my eyes hurt.”

“This is life dear, you need to work hard if you are going to get ahead. Go study until eight thirty. That way, next time you have a quiz you don’t have to worry about missing a question. You’ll just get them all right.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Erica turned and walked away. As she approached the edge of the kitchen her mother called out to her.

“I’m very proud of you sweetie. Keep working hard, before Christmas you’ll be running that class.”

“I don’t want to run the class, Mom.”

“Sweetie, you have a choice to make. You can either run the class, or you can let everyone else walk all over you. You are too smart for that. Everyone in that class should look to you whenever they there is a question.”

“Okay Mom,” Erica said a little dejectedly.

Erica’s mom stood and walked across the kitchen to her daughter and hugged her tightly. “I’m so proud of you sweetie!” Erica smiled up to her mother. She then turned and went back to her magazine while Erica left to go back to her room.
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Re: Please..

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The drive back up to Lucas’ house was uneventful. Erica sat and listened as Lucas encouraged her to randomly pick unknown selections from his phone, and then connected it to the stereo system. She lay next to him, hugging his thigh, facing the massive dash in front of her, making decisions whether she could stand the music she picked or not.

On some occasions she had such a visceral reaction that Lucas was forced to immediately change songs. On others he pleaded with her, unsuccessfully, to hear the rest of the song because he really liked it, but on a few, Erica sat, enthralled by the music around her, captivated while Lucas smiled from above. It was on these occasions that Erica would look up frustratingly at him at the end of the song when he told her “No, I’m not replaying the song, that’s against the rules.”

When they arrived at his house, he drove up the alley, back to his garage and put the car into park. Erica was laying against his hip when she was startled by the door suddenly opening and Lucas stepping out. She jumped to her feet with a concerned look on her face as she watched him walk up to the garage and open it, then walk back to the car and climb in.

“Can’t you get an remote for your garage door?” She asked, pouting, when he returned. Lucas looked down to her wordlessly, lost in thought, a slight look of concern on his face. She started to turn away bashfully when he lowered his hand to her cheek, barely touching her skin with his fingers. At the contact she instinctively leaned up to his touch, grabbing his hand and pulling it to her.

Lucas, however, pulled his hand away eliciting a gloomy look on Erica’s face until she saw him slip his arm under her knees and felt his other hand press up against her back. She gasped slightly as he lifted her effortlessly into the air and pulled her close to him, her face inches away from his and smiled gently to her. Erica lay there briefly before rolling over and wrapping an arm around his neck, leaning in to him. Then she stopped, an uncertain look on her face. She looked down to his lips, touching them with her fingers, then up into his eyes.

Lucas waited for an instant, and then sat up, pressing his lips to hers. Her face drew wide in surprise, then softened to a smile as she kissed him back. Behind her his fingers rolled along her skin eliciting a “mmmmm,” from Erica. She smiled and kissed him wetly again, softly, and lingered for a moment while his fingers continued to press methodically into her skin. They kissed again without breaking contact holding as she leaned more into his lips and she smiled again at the end of the kiss.

Once more she pressed into him, kissing him wetly and lingered before she opened her mouth expectantly. An instant latter, she giggled as the tip of his tongue touched her tiny one, and they playfully danced together.

Slowly, Lucas pulled his tongue back, causing Erica to lean in suddenly to his embrace as she chased his tongue out of her mouth. They kissed again and he lifted her face away from hers slightly, and smiled back at her. Erica rolled over wrapping her other arm around his neck. She leaned her head on his shoulder and squeezed tightly as he pulled her small body close to him and rubbed his hand up and down her back.

“Kitten..” he began.

“Hmm?” She vocalized, absent-mindedly.

“I need to put the car in the garage before my neighbors come out to wondering what is going on.”

“K,” She responded and slipped down to his side, where she hugged his chest. Lucas carefully backed the car into the garage until the trunk gently taped a tennis ball hanging from a string and stopped. Erica stood on the seat and looked around the giant cavern outside the car’s windows. An empty stall sat beside them, with a long workbench covered with tools behind the car. Lucas pulled his door open, causing Erica to look over quickly, and hop over, grabbing his arm.

“Did you want me to carry you again?” He asked gently. Erica looked up at him with a scowl on her face, which softened as she sat in thought momentarily.

“Not this time,” She said considerately. Lucas grinned, and stepped out of the car. Erica then followed him, hopping from the seat to the ledge to the floor. As Lucas closed the car door behind them, Erica looked around the dark cavern around her. Gray concrete surrounded them, the only light that entered the building came from a pair of windows at the back of the garage and the garage door they had just pulled in through.

Lucas walked away, leaving Erica suddenly jerking her head up with a look of concern as Lucas casually distanced himself from her, reaching up and pulling the massive sliding gateway down. Her face grew more relieved as he walked back to her, but he took pause and looked down to her diminutive face with a small amount of concern. He then smiled and held out his hand, which she took, smiling and she held closely as he fished Erica’s bags from the trunk of the car.

After leaving the garage, on the little concrete pathway up to the house, Erica jumped at the sudden and alarming cry of a giant elderly woman from the other side of the fence.

“Lucas! You’re bringing a child home with you??”

“Hi Eleanor. No, she isn’t a child.”

“You’re teasing me again. Why do you have a child with you?”

“Come on, Kitten, you’re going to have to meet my neighbor sooner than expected,” Lucas smiled gently down to Erica, who stood with a concerned look on her face.

“I didn’t know I had to meet her at all,” she complained.

“Well, like I said before, you can’t just hide from the world.”

“I guess,” she relented slightly.

“Are you two just going to stand there and whisper about me? Let me see the little angel!” Eleanor bellowed. Lucas gently pulled on Erica’s hand, setting down her bags on the sidewalk. Reluctantly, she followed Lucas across the grass towards an older giantess, maybe a little more than ten feet tall compared to Erica. Her face was lined with gentle creases in her skin, and delicate crows feet around her eyes. Long, dark gray hair was tied back by a handkerchief that was wrapped around her head. She wore thin bifocal glasses with a big, overly eager smile on her face, and worn out clothes. The entire ensemble was finished by a pair of dirty brown working gloves that extended past her wrists.

“Oh, don’t you have the most precious little dress! Is Lucas baby sitting you sweetie??” Erica sighed and looked up to Lucas, who just gave her a sympathetic look and encouraged her forward.

“Good afternoon Eleanor, I’m Erica,” Erica began to say in as distinguished a manner she could as she approached the high chain link fence that reached above her head.

Eleanor grinned, “Well aren’t you the most prim and proper little..” Eleanor paused mid sentence taking notice of Erica’s trim figure, looking it up and down. “You have boobs,” She eventually managed to mutter. Lucas laughed heartily and Erica slapped his hand.

“You’re not funny,” she scolded him.

“It was a little funny,” he said somewhat defensively.

“Oh my, you’re not a child?” Eleanor gasped.

“I said she wasn’t,” Lucas told her gently.

“Don’t tell me..” Eleanor began cautiously, “this was the big date last night.”

“Indeed she is,” Lucas said proudly. Erica smiled and blushed at the bravado in his voice as he spoke about her.

“I figured you had gotten lucky last night, Mr. Modest, but this little thing; an ungainly oaf like you is liable to break her!” Eleanor lectured.

“Kitten, did I behave like an ungainly oaf to you?” Lucas asked, desperate for support.

“Lucas was as graceful as a cat, and as gentle as a morning breeze,” Erica told her, eliciting a proud smile from Lucas. “But you’re right, he’s still an oaf,” she continued, causing Lucas’ chest to deflate. Eleanor cackled out heavily to herself.

“Oh Lucas, you’ve got a keeper here!” Eleanor sighed after a good hearty laugh. “How did a big boor like you manage to get a date with such a dainty little angel?”

“Pure, unmitigated luck,” Lucas smiled once again. Erica blushed once again.

“So you brought her back just to show off?” Eleanor teased.

“Well,” Lucas began his sentence, trailing off attempting to watch his words carefully. “There was a bit of an incident last night while we were at her place, and Erica might..” He began to speak in a little more embarrassed tone, “need another place to stay for a bit.

“You ruined her home?” Eleanor blurted out.

“No, no, no!” Lucas said defensively. “No, there was just an incident, of sorts, and she needs another place to stay for a while. And.. how foolish would I have to be to not offer my home for a lady such as this?” Lucas went on rather proudly of himself.

“I see..” Eleanor smirked. She pulled off her gloves and bent down over the high fence down to Erica. “Well Erica, I am Eleanor and it is a pleasure to meet you,” she offered gracefully.

Erica reached up and shook the woman’s hand. “Same here,” she smiled back.

“Did I hear this lout call you ‘Kitten?’”

“Well, uh, yeah,” Erica admitted embarrassingly.

“One date and you’re already coming up with pet names for her?” Eleanor lectured Lucas.

“Well, yeah, it was… well, I was just teasing a little, and next I knew she was asking me to keep calling her that.”

“Uh huh,” Eleanor said skeptically. “You watch him Erica. Last thing this boy needs is to start getting all full of himself, k?” Erica giggled. “If you give her any trouble, Lucas, I will be sending Fred over there to straighten you out, young man!”

“Yes ma’am,” Lucas smiled as Eleanor smirked. “Eleanor, it’s already been a long day and we have more to get done, can we talk a bit later?”

“Oh, but I’m just starting to get to know the young lady!”

“We can have you over sometime this weekend and you can get to know her better, okay?”

“Alright Lucas,” Eleanor began slipping her gloves back on, and looked back down to Erica. “Don’t let his smooth lines get you sweetie. You have to keep your wits about you with a Casanova like this young man,” she said encouragingly with a wink.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence Eleanor!” Lucas said as he turned away to go retrieve Erica’s bags.

“A Casanova?” Erica began swinging along his hand as they walked. “How many girls do you bring back here anyways?”

“I don’t, you’re the first date I’ve had in months.”

“Liar,” Erica said disbelievingly.

“Nope, cross my heart.”

“After Dr. Hanson, you expect me to believe that?”

“Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. Truth be told, nothing like anything in the last day has ever happened to me before. I’m just not that successful with the ladies. Which is fine, if that means I get to hit a home run with someone like you.”

“Eleanor just warned me about your smooth lines..” Erica scolded him.

“Not a line.” Lucas smiled warmly down to Erica, who blushed once more. Lucas let her inside the house and into the kitchen. “Kitten,” he asked, “would you like anything to drink?”

“What do you have?” She asked curiously as she hopped up onto chair that sat beside a glossy wood table that looked a bit more like a dance floor to Erica from her angle.

Lucas opened the fridge, “water, milk, flavored water, apple juice, sprite or mango juice.”

“Mango juice?” Erica asked incredulously.


“Like mango flavored juice?”

“No, actual mango juice.”

“Like from real mangos?”

“I guess..”

“I really need to have some of that.”

“My pleasure, Kitten.” Lucas reached in and pulled out a plain pitcher with a thick golden liquid. He then opened a cupboard high up from Erica and pullout out a tubby fat glass, filling it about half full. He pulled a taller glass out for himself and poured it full. He then turned and handed Erica her glass, which she held in both of her miniature hands. She sipped the liquid, which left a ring above her lip and looked up at Lucas astounded.

“Where did you get this stuff?”

“There is an Asian grocery store near where I work. They have all sorts of stuff.”

“So you shop at Asian grocery stores?”



“Because I like what they have there?”

“No I mean, how did you end up going there to begin with?”

“Oh, an ex of mine was from Vietnam. She introduced me to all this stuff because she didn’t like to shop at the regular grocery stores.”

“So why aren’t you still with her?”

“She was a bit on the nutty side.”

“A bit?”

“A lot.” Erica giggled and sat down on the humongous chair, clutching the huge cup in her hands carefully, then scooted forward, hopping to the floor. She followed Lucas with her drink as he carried her bags into the dining room and then turned right down a hallway where three doors lined the walls. Lucas took the second door on the right and walked into a hardwood floored room with an enormous bed, the size of a Ford F350 pickup truck which sat in the center of the far wall.

Lucas took Erica’s bags and set them on the floor at the foot of the bed, opening them up. On the wall off to the side sat a wooden desk that stood about as tall as Erica with a wooden chair pushed into it. Lucas grabbed Erica’s netbook from her suitcase and carried it over to, setting it on the chair, which he pulled slightly out. He then went to the closet and pulled out a couple of different sized cardboard boxes, and turned to Erica.

“Which side of the bed would you like to sleep on, Kitten?”

“The side you keep warm,” Erica said coyly. Lucas smiled and waited. Erica then pointed to her left and Lucas walked around the foot of the bed, setting the boxes up against the bedside’s frame in a manner that laid them out like steps Erica could use to climb up onto the bed with relative ease. “Clever boy,” she mused. Erica set her drink on the floor, danced across the wood floor and up her makeshift steps, jumping playfully onto the gigantic cushy mattress and looked up at Lucas smiling sweetly.

Lucas, in turn, walked over and sat on the bed next to Erica, who climbed up onto his lap facing him. Lucas took her in his hands and held her gently against his chest. Erica held her hands against him, looking upward toward his face as Lucas pressed his palms into her neck shoulders and back, melodiously rolling his fingers back and forth as she melted into his embrace. “Mmmmm,” she purred. Slowly, he rubbed his hands up and down her back, gently squeezing her in his embrace as she pushed up with her legs, pushing her face into the solid ‘THUMP thump’ of his heartbeat.

After a moment Erica went wide eyes as she felt Lucas slide forward on the bed and open his legs until her feet dangled out into mid air, freed from any sort of support they may have had. She looked up at Lucas somewhat alarmed, but her giant lover was already looking down on her with soft stone like eyes, a contented look on his face.

“Relax, Kitten I’ve got you,” he reassured her softly. “Just let me take care of you for a minute or two.” Erica reluctantly laid her head against his chest again, where the solid ‘THUMP thump’ filled her little ear, and the rhythm began to ease into her soul. Alarm gave way to acceptance, which in turn slowly gave way to a blissful relaxation. Tenderly, Lucas slid his hands up and down her dainty back, squeezing her in his palms softly and rolling his fingers up and down, on and off of her shoulders and neck. Erica’s eyes closed and she let out a deep sigh, drifting off into another world, far, far from where she was just a moment before.

They sat like this for several minutes, Erica clutching the fabric of his shirt in her tiny hands, Lucas holding her upright against his chest, massaging her as she dangled in his arms. She lay like this, motionless until she felt his massive fingers slow to a stop and the palms of his hands slowly come to rest, pressing her firmly against his gigantic chest.

In time, she began to open her eyes as if waking from a dream and looked up at the face of the giant with soft stone like eyes gazing quietly down at her.

“Kitten,” he spoke almost in a whisper. “I really need to take a shower.”

Erica fought back a look of disappointment. “Alright,” She conceded, but not before she gripped his shirt in her tiny hands, pulling it tightly into her one more time.

“Alright?” Lucas asked leadingly.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Erica continued, working the cobwebs out of her mind.

“Okay then. The remote should be on the coffee table if you want to watch TV, I left your netbook where you can get at it, or you can relax. Whatever you want Kitten.”

Erica pulled herself into his embrace again. “That’s fine,” she mumbled.

Carefully, Lucas stood up and cradled the little woman in his arms and laid her tenderly on the bed. He leaned over toward expecting eyes and pressed his lips against hers, lingering for a good moment as Erica breathed in and reached around his head, pulling it to her. He then released her from his lips, stood and turned to walk to a building height oak dresser, pulling out fresh clothes for himself. Erica lay motionless watching with cheerless dark eyes as he gathered his goods and then walked out of the room. A door clicked open on next door and she heard the gentle tapping of his bare feet as he walked in, and the door creek as it closed. Then the sound of water falling against the linoleum surfaces in the hidden room away from her following momentarily by a deep flushing sound.

She lay like this for what seemed like a silent eternity before she finally sat up and looked around at the scene before her. Full-length windows (to Erica anyways) adorned the walls behind her and to her right, high up from the floor below. To her right through the windows, Erica could see branches and deep green leaves dancing in a gentle breeze, and sunlight trickled through the gaps, creating malleable shadows on the bed that ebbed and flowed around her.

The bed was enormous, like something from a foreign world and stretch on and on. To her left sat the desk, which was also obscenely large. Erica sat up, disquieted. The soft wood tones all around her were soothing, but disjointed but the frightful immenseness of all the objects pulled at her as she began to stir, unsettled. She stood and walked back to her make shift steps, then down to the hard wooded floors, which didn’t even creek at the slightest as she hopped down to it. She looked around at the furniture that all stretched up and up away from her in an almost sardonic manner.

Erica stepped outside the room, and looked at the massive pathway that stretched far out in front of her and grimaced. Then her eyes were drawn to the right, where a sliver of light poked out curiously. As she approached, an enormous wooden gateway stretched into shape in front of her, which had been left just barely open. Behind it the pitter patter of water dropping against porcelain surfaces echoed more loudly than she could hear in the other room. Erica pushed the immense door back slowly, carefully and peaked in to see off white tiled floors, a toilet, with the seat up, and a counter, just slightly taller than she was that met the underside of a wall-sized mirror.
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Re: Please..

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Erica slowly pushed the door open just enough for her to slip through soundlessly. Once through, she pushed the door closed even more carefully, then turned and looked around again. This time, she could see over to where bathtub sat and the vague figure of some giant behind a plastic curtain the extended high up into the sky. Directly to the side of the door sat a tall, tall rack of metal shelves with towels, and other assorted bathroom items on it. Steam wisped out over the top and around the sides of the shower curtain and the humidity was thick in the air.

Erica gulped and looked up at the vague figure hidden behind the curtain. She then reached behind her, pulling on the loose piece of ribbon that hung behind her waist and pulled her arm to the side, causing the bow to slip loose and then the entire ribbon drifted to the floor. Erica paused again, taking a deep breath. She then pulled her arm up through the strap of her dress, slipping the strap over her shoulder and free of her body. She repeated the exercise with the other strap, leaving the dress to cling to her body by the simple virtue of being hooked over her breasts.

She gently tugged on the chest of her dress causing it to slide down her stomach, then waft to the floor in a puddle. Self consciously, Erica reached up, covering her pert breasts with an arm, and reached forward slipping a hand in front of her hips, covering her thin strip of short dark pubic hair. The nude little woman stood there, shivering slightly, continuing to look up at the vague giant figure. She stood there uncertain, a bare, firm, round bottom in the breeze, muscular, tone legs taut holding her steadfastly in place.

Cautiously, she stepped one foot in front of the other and paused, watching the hidden giant. Then another step. One more step and she began to move forward with a slow rhythm, her hips gently swaying back and forth until she reached the edge of the tub, and sneaked along the side to the end of the curtain. She reached up with a tentative hand and pulled the edge back just enough to peek in and see Lucas standing there, facing the showerhead, leaning against the wall. She watched him stand there, soaking himself in the hot water, facing away from her and looked up his immense naked body. Firm, muscular legs stretched up to a tight masculine butt, on to a ridiculously broad, muscular back that Erica could use as a bed.

Erica swallowed once more while she stared. When Lucas began to slowly turn his head around Erica quickly let go of the curtain and stepped back. Above she could see the shadow of the giant looking back where she had been, then slowly turn back to face the shower head, soaking the hot water up once more. One more time, she swallowed insecurely, and reached up, peeking around the curtain to see Lucas still facing away.

Warily, Erica placed her hands on the porcelain surface and pushed herself up onto the edge of the tub, carefully working her way around the curtain awkwardly, trembling, trying to remain as silent as she could. As she inched forward her hand reached a puddle or water that had accumulated on the side of the tub. Her hand slipped forward, and her eyes jutted wide open as she slid unceremoniously down the slanted back end of the tub head first on her back. Dow she went squeaking out a loud “Eeep!”

Lucas turned around confused looking down at the diminutive sylph, lying on her back on the bottom of the tub with her feet up in the air. He grinned. “Seems to be raining tiny naked women all of a sudden.” Erica smiled bashfully and slipped trying to get herself up again. Lucas knelt down. “Kitten, may I help you up? Please?” He asked politely.

“I can get up myself,” She retorted somewhat defiantly as she sipped again.

“You can do a great many things. But, when you let me give you a hand, it’s such a wonderful gift you give me.”

Erica looked up timidly, color blooming brightly on her face, and raised her hand up toward Lucas. Rather than pick her up, though, as expected, Lucas slipped a hand under her petite shoulder and the other hand around her little hip, helping to turn her around. Erica stood under her own power while Lucas held firmly in place while Erica regained her balance.

Once standing, she looked up at the giant, who knelt in front of her, smiling warmly. Erica turned away, covering her breasts and mound ashamedly. Lucas’ eyes stayed fixed on Erica’s own dark eyes, and he lifted a hand, touching her cheek gently. As before, Erica leaned into his touch as the drops of water pelted her from far above and Lucas sat there enjoying the sight in front of him. He then slid his hand behind her back and pulled her closer, shielding her from the violent splashed of water drops that rained on her from far away.

“So what’s going on?” Lucas began. “I thought you wanted to stay behind.”

“I thought maybe you needed some help,” Erica said in an unconvincing manner.

“Oh?” Lucas led her on for more.

“You seemed like you might need a little… relief before you came in here. I bet I could help with that,” She smiled up at him coyly.

Lucas smiled and Erica leaned up to him standing on her tip toes, opening her mouth slightly, expectantly. Lucas leaned in and kissed her, wrapping a hand behind her lower back and the other underneath her bottom, lifting her up into the air slightly. They kissed like this, wetly, warm water stream around his face, over hers. She reached up around the back of his head, pulling down on him. Another slow, wet kiss with open mouths and she jumped when she suddenly noticed flesh pressing firmly against her leg.

She looked down shocked at the sight of Lucas’ erect penis, it’s fleshy knobbed head pressed against her calf. “I forgot about you. You’re.. bigger than I remember.” She smiled up to Lucas who stifled a soft chuckle. Erica leaned up again, with pleading eyes as Lucas leaned in once again to kiss her waiting lips softly. Erica clumsily reached down toward her leg and gripped the head of Lucas’ penis in her hand, pausing, then rubbing it uncertainly.

Lucas broke the seal between their lips, and Erica stopped, staring at him confused. “Kitten?” She looked up at him questioningly. “Did you come in here for some romance, or are you in here because you’re scared to be alone again?”

“What do you mean?” She asked, still confused.

“I mean, you feel different than a few minutes ago.”

“Okay, I was afraid,” she lowered her head.

“Kitten,” She looked up at him again. “You don’t really want to make love to me right now, do you?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes, it does.”

“No it doesn’t. I’m here, I’ve let you know you can take me. You can just do it. No one can stop you.”

“What makes you think I just want to take you?”

“Isn’t that why you have been so good to me? I’m you’re little sexy kitten,” she looked up softly smiling, hesitantly.

“Not like this, Kitten..”

“Don’t you want me? I’m right here! I can see it, look how hard you are!”

“That thing doesn’t speak for me, Kitten,” Lucas explained tenderly.

“Is it me? Did I do something wrong?”

“Of course not!, Kitten..”

“You almost walked away from me last night too,” she pouted. “If you want me, just take me!”

Lucas sighed. “I’m really not used to you acting like this.”

“But I’m not too small.. I could still make love to you..” She pleaded.

“I do want you, Kitten. I want you so badly. I want you just as badly as last night.” Erica smiled. “But not like this.” Erica looked at him confused.

“Why? What’s wrong with me?”

“What’s wrong is that you don’t want it. You’re just doing it to get me close to you because you’re afraid.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Everything, Kitten, everything.” Erica looked around, uncertain of herself. “Look at me Kitten.” Erica looked up again, confused. “I want this moment to last as long as I can hold on to it, you understand?” She smiled and nodded. “But not for the sex. I mean, yeah, I want the sex, but not if you don’t really want it. The moment I want is with you, and I want you close too. I missed you too Kitten.” Erica grinned in relief. Lucas took her in his hands and stood upright, looking her in her diminutive face.

“Tell you what, I bet you didn’t get a full bath earlier today, did you?” Erica shook her head slowly. “Then if we are going to do this, let’s do it right.” She smiled back at him, reservedly.

“What about him?” She asked, pointing down to his stiffened rod.

“It got a good workout last night. I should be able to go another hour or two without some more of that amazing nookie of yours. Maybe three if I try really REALLY hard.” Erica giggled.

Lucas then set her down, and knelt, kissing her on the base of her neck. “You wait here. I will be right back.” Erica watched in awe as Lucas stood up as if in slow motion, his face rising up and away from hers, and then she watched as his enormous rod came into view in front of her chest, then rose up pointing directly at her, passing her face and above her head. Lucas pulled the shower curtain back and stepped outside.

Erica stood underneath the hot water that pelted her from above as she hear him swing the door open and leave the room. A moment later she heard him reenter and she peered out of the shower to see what he was up to. She only got a quick glance of him cradling something in his arms before he motioned for her with his head to get back in the shower.

She obeyed, with a curious smile on her face and waited until his massive arms started to reach in repeatedly setting enormous bottles at the end of the tub. She looked closer and realized they were all her bottles. Shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash.. One by one he placed virtually all of her shower items inside for her and then stepped through standing high above Erica in his full glory, his erection considerably softened from a few minutes before.

She grinned up at him, “What did you have in mind?”

“Come over here and I’ll show you.”

Erica daintily walked over to Lucas who knelt low for her, putting one hand behind her waist, and the other behind her shoulders. She stood with a cheeky grin on her face while he looked at her seriously. “Your majesty, I, your meager servant humbly request the honor and privilege to assist you in your bathing needs this afternoon.”

A loud giggle escaped Erica before she stood up in a dignified pose. “You may, servant,” she replied, fighting back a cheeky grin. Lucas took her in his hands, and gently lifted her up, holding her close as he stepped into the water again, holding Erica out a bit and allowing her to become completely bathed in the torrent of hot water that flowed over every last pore of her skin. As he held her, he lifted her so their faces were level with each other.

Erica smiled demurely at him and asked. “Servant, if I did not know better, I would say you wanted to kiss your queen.”

“Your majesty,” he presented formally, “I would like very little this world more.”

“Do you think that you could please your queen?”

“If offered the opportunity, I would give it my all.”

“And if your all is not enough?”

“I would submit myself to her majesty for punishment she felt appropriate.”

“Hmm, I like the sound of that.. I mean, your queen finds this acceptable. I will allow it. This time.” Erica giggled to herself.

Slowly, Lucas moved his lips to hers underneath the torrential pouring from the shower, as Erica’s breathing began to accelerate in anticipation. As he grew closer and closer to her, his movement seemed to actually slow until their lips barely touched, then touched slightly, and firmly pressed together. The whole act took so long, Erica found herself opening her mouth in anticipation for him, but had to continue to wait as he still didn’t close in any faster.

Finally, their lips locked together under the falling water, and Erica reached up, wrapping an arm around the back of his head, pulling it in to her. Not waiting, she pushed her own tiny tongue forward into his mouth, evoking a smile from Lucas, who in turn delicately touched the tip of her tiny tongue with his. Erica then pressed hard on Lucas, at first pushing her little tongue into his mouth as far she could, wrestling his, but then pulling back, almost sucking on his mouth, slowly enticing him to chase her back into her own mouth.

When she finally won by luring him into her mouth, she let out a small “mmmmm,” as their tongues danced together playfully. For a few brief time this satisfied Erica until she began sucking on his tongue intermittently between dancing around it with her own, eventually convincing Lucas to push deeper into her mouth, overwhelming Erica as he pressed deeper back towards her throat, wrestling her tiny tongue and subduing it over and over again as Erica inhaled and exhaled heavily.

Eventually Lucas slowed his advance and then began to pull back, kissing her long, and softly. Their faces parted, Erica slightly out of breath, and she looked up at his, grinning. Lucas took her and set her on the ground, then stood to adjust the showerhead. Above her head, Erica looked up in awe at the now once again rigid appendage that jutted carnally forward. Her shock was broken by the change in the water as it went shifted from heavy drops that pelted and splashed her face from far above down to almost a hot mist.

Lucas knelt and looked at her tenderly, then reached behind himself and pulled forward a disturbingly large bottle of shampoo and began squirting a gob into his hand. Erica took a moment to look up into the dropping water, closing her eyes, enjoying the sensation and using her hands to draw her hair back and assisted the water as it rinsed through her locks. She turned around, facing the flow of the water, and ran her hand up, then down from her thighs, over her hips, past her stomach, over her ribs, pressing her breasts up, then finally to her shoulders, basking in the feel of the hot water soaking her skin, rinsing her fully clean.

As she relaxed in this position she was caught mildly surprised when an enormous hand gently wrapped around her stomach and slowly drew her back, mostly out of the flow of the falling water. She breathed in as she felt the heat from his body close to her from above, then smiled as another giant hand slid into her dark locks of hair , working the shampoo in carefully.

Lucas brought his other hand up to her head and used it to assist the other as he softly worked it into a thick lather around her cranium, massaging deep into her scalp with his fingers, slowly, and carefully. Erica was so taken in by the sensation that her knees actually buckled. She opened her eyes in surprise realizing she was suddenly falling only to stare forward in confusion as she saw that she was held steady. A second appraisal showed her that Lucas had taken a hand free of her hair and had wrapped it around her stomach again to catch her, and he now cradled her gently as he began massaging her scalp once more with his other hand.

Lucas tenderly pulled Erica back, drawing her to him and she smiled as she realized her feet were being dragged back over his thighs. Lucas pulled her back to his chest, allowing her to lean back on the wall that was her lover and Lucas began massaging her scalp with two hands once again. Erica inhaled deeply and held it, with her eyes shut and waited as the huge fingers worked away on her mind, and occasionally a hand would break free to work the shampoo through her hair that fell damply past her shoulders.

Lucas then released her head and placed both of his massive hands around her tiny waist. Erica looked down looked down curiously, placing her hands on his thumbs and giggled as he lifted her up and back underneath the falling water where he began to squeeze the lathered shampoo out as the hot water flowed over her body. Erica lifted her hands to help, but suddenly a hot, hulking form was pressed against her back, huge hands held her wrists and gently lowered them away from her head.

“Shhhhh,” he whispered. “I’ve got you Kitten.” Then he kissed her at the base of her neck, just above her shoulder. He kissed her again slowly a half inch higher. She reach up behind her, taking his head in her hands, pulling it ineffectually toward her as he pressed his lips another half inch higher and waited. She leaned her head to the side, closing her eyes and revealing her neck to him, and he kissed another half inch higher.

“Oooooh,” her voice betrayed as she grabbed one of his hands and pulled it to her taut stomach. Again he kissed slightly higher up her neck, and then again as the hot water streamed down her face, to her shoulders, then past her back, over her tiny butt cheeks and mischievously down her legs. He kissed higher and higher until his lips pressed affectionately just behind her ear, and she smiled as another “Ooooooh” escaped her.

The weight of his embrace lessened until she stood free of him, unconsciously pulling his arms back to bring her to him once more, but his hands moved unstoppably back to her scalp where his giant fingers pressed and kneaded and little by little he worked every last bubble of shampoo free of her.

Giant hands then once again came from behind, wrapping around her stomach and underneath her breasts, drawing her out of the steamy water and she waited until she was standing once more on his thigh and felt them return back to her head with the cool gel that was her conditioner. Again, powerful fingers pressed into her scalp, rubbing her head down her neck and meticulously soaking her hair to its ends with the conditioner. Once he was satisfied, she grinned in satisfaction as massive hands once more wrapped around her hips. She grabbed his thumbs again and giggled as she rode through the air to be placed gently on the floor again underneath the falling water.

This time, she turned around, reaching up to him. He leaned forward just enough for her to reach his broad, muscular shoulder, that shone in the light of the glisten from the conditioner that had rubbed off on him. She placed her tiny hands on his shoulder and pulled, indicating for him to come closer. Slowly, he followed until he knelt above her and she craned her head up under the shower, opening her mouth slightly, expectantly, and pulled down on him.

He wrapped his arms behind her, and drew her close, once more standing on his thick, muscular thighs, and pulled her closely so her diminutive naked form pressed firmly against his chest. She stood there, still waiting as he finally leaned in and kissed her wetly with an open mouth.

He didn’t wait this time to press his tongue on hers. She opened wide and fighting and wrestling his tongue, then capitulating with a smile as she was completely subdued once more with ease, and a giant hand slid up her wet back, underneath the base of her neck and began to stroke her gingerly. She waited, then this time withdrew from the kiss herself, smiling demurely at the giant she stood on.

Lucas held her closely as he stood and carried her into the open air again, and knelt with her once more. She swam in his embrace, kissing gently on his shoulders and upper chest, pulling herself as closely to the giant as she could, even trembling slightly from fatigued muscles that lacked the strength to draw her as close as she would like. She continued gently caressing his flesh with her lips while he reached behind once more, eventually producing a bottle of body wash.

He opened it and the fragrance of coconut drifted into the humid air around them. Has she clung to his massive form, he emptied some of the body wash into his hand and began kneaded it into the flesh of her bare back, rubbing smoothly up and down, left to right, producing a thick, aromatic lather.

He added more body wash to his hand, and then thick, strong hands wrapped around her left thigh, working the soap into a thick lather there as well, and massaging her deeply and passionately. She slumped over his shoulder as one hand continued to work her back and the other her toned thigh, sighing, seemingly unable to maintain the concentration necessary anymore to caress his skin with her lips.

Her relaxation, however, was broken as her body stiffened suddenly when his hulking hands lipped up the back of her thigh to her buttocks, and his pinky and ring finger delicately brushed against the walls f her sex. “Mmmmm,” she cried softly to his ear.

Again, he worked his hand down her thigh, massaging her legs into a deep lather, then alternated, placing his right hand on her back once more and applying body wash to her right thigh now. The same ritual began anew, him massaging the soapy cover up for her naked leg and massaging her bare back. She slumped over his shoulder again, and tensed in anticipation for the same moment where her sex was stimulated again, but it didn’t come.

She slowly relaxed in his grasp has his huge hands massaged lower toward the back of her knee, then u half way as she tensed slightly in expectation, but once again he massaged lower down her leg as he continued rubbing his palm deep into her back and shoulders. Leisurely his hand again worked its way up her leg again massaging her thigh and back as she slumped back over his shoulder, sighing deeply, and he continued to work his hand up and down her leg, once, twice, and finally up, squeezing her tiny thigh in his grip as his hand caressed up to her buttocks and his fingers brushed against her sex once more. Erica to gripped him tightly in her miniature grasp as his hand passed her elfin posterior up onto her back.

Lucas then placed his hands on her hips again, lifting her into the air unexpectedly, and turning her around to face the other direction. Massive hands wrapped around her midsection, and hugged her close to him. She stood on his thighs, leaning back against his chest, laying her head back on his shoulders. She stood there waiting as two giant hands returned from behind, covered thick in her body wash and they reached up to her neck and shoulders, kneading her flesh smoothly. He squeezed, caressed, and rubbed the face of her shoulders from behind as Erica turned her head up just long enough to see bubbles building around her chest, and then lay back once more.

“Lower,” she whispered. Unhurried, the giant hands obliged, working her body wash into her chest. She cooed gently as a hand encompassed her left breast and squeezed it in its fingers. Already stiff nipples swelled outward in his grip, rubbing against his finger as it slid by.

He continued to gently rub the body wash thickly into her shoulders, chest and stomach, methodically massaging her from behind. Erica dropped an arm, reaching back and probed the massive muscles of his giant chest with her hand. She reveled in the palpable heat of his body as it radiated up through her.

The hands worked with just the slightest more effort as they pressed into her, drawing her back to him, and manipulating her breasts carefully, yet firmly. Erica sighed. She turned her hear to her left to see a muscular column of skin she recognized as his neck and leaned in, beginning to kiss it until she felt the massive hands slide back up from the bottom of her stomach and they squeezed her breasts again.

She reached up with both hands, placing them on his arms, and she began to push down on them, encouraging their work to continue elsewhere. They disappeared for a moment while Erica stood, leaning back, indulged in the moment. When they returned, they grabbed her knees, as she felt the cool contact with fresh body wash. She looked down to see her body covered in a thick soapy lather that extended away from her naked body like puffy clouds.

In time the hands slid up, massaging her thighs. Strong, enormous fingers wrapped around her legs, squeezing into her flesh almost independently of each other. Erica sighed again as the hands worked up to her mid thigh. She opened her mouth to speak, but her body betrayed her. Her head dropped back again and she cooed once more. “Mmmmm,” echoed out as she heard herself.

She looked up at his face again. She marveled at his massive face from below and to the side, which was intently focused on his task. He stared fixedly on her nude form that lay against him, a content look engrossing him. She worked up the strength again and this time managed to speak. “Servant,” she moaned out. She could see his lips spread into a soft smile. “Your queen requires you to clean her royal parts.”

The soft smile broke way to a full grin. She lay in waiting, becoming increasingly frustrated as the massive hands worked up and down her thighs, wrapping unnaturally far around them, massaging her tenderly. They would work up her thigh, then down, then up, an inch or so from her waiting slit and pause. He edged upward very slightly as she reach up wrapping an arm around his neck, then back down again. With her other arm she reached down, gripping his forearm in her tiny hand, and she pulled up forcefully, but made only the slightest, most imperceptible of influence on its direction. She began to move upward again, causing her to smile, but then slowed and held her thighs, massaging in place.

His fingers spread wide, and she sighed as she felt his index fingers press achingly close to her yearning labia, but just outside of their reach. She relaxed her legs in an attempt to lower herself to them, but the massive hands followed along, continuing to methodically squeeze into her. She moaned in frustration just in time for both of his index fingers to slide up suddenly, brushing the soft lips of her pussy gently. “Uuuuuuuh,” She managed to explain to him.

One hand drew away, massaging down her thigh once more, while the other glided over her hips, covering her mound, and his thick fingers extended down over her sex, rubbing gently over the outside of her labia. She waited, and trembled in this hold slightly. She then opened her legs in an attempt to encourage him, but the fingers drew away slightly as if she had startled them.

“Touch your queen,” she pleaded. The fingers caressed her from achingly far away, only barely brushing against her labia. She spread her hips wider, causing her labia to open on their own and sighed as the relatively cooler air drifted past her yearning sex. “Your queen needs your touch,” she told him. He looked down slightly and smiled once more, then went back to staring attentively down her naked body, which he held so completely in his arms.

He then pressed down on her mound with his palm and his thick middle finger drifted up between her pussy lips, pressing firmly against her before it leisurely began to rub back and forth within her slit. She shook in his grasp, pulling on his neck with her arm hard enough to actually lift her up slightly.

“Uhhhh,” she cooed. “Yes, rub your queen’s pussy.” He chuckled softly at the command, but obliged. A ring finger and index finger began to press alternating against the fold of her pussy as his middle finger slowly slid back and forth and the other hand was suddenly encompassing her breast, squeezing it mellifluously. The body quaked, lowering to his fingers, and she began to pump her hips against them. It was at this time that his middle finger drew upwards, probing, up, to the left, to the right, vibrating gently against her flesh until it found her swollen clitoris.

“God yes! Stroke your queen’s clit!” she howled. He raised an eyebrow, but smiled and did as he was told. She spread her legs wide and began pushing herself up and down, sliding against his body. He carefully drew circles around her clitoris one direction, then the other, drawing her pussy open more with his ring and fore fingers.

She began pumping her hips into his grip, trembling as he began to wiggle his finger back and forth. “Faster, slave!” She squealed. She looked up to see the edge of an impish smirk, then laid back as once more he obliged. His fingers worked chaotically, massaging the folds of her labia and gently vibrating back and forth over her clitoris. Erica bucked into his gasp. She stood on his lap, pulling down hard on his neck, pumping her hips back and forth. Her eyes broadened, her, she looked up, eye dilated and mouth agape.

“Mmmmmm!” She cooed as her body shook against his. “Harder slave! Show your queen you are worthy of her presence!” She looked up, gasping for air and noticed the impish smirk on his face spread, and then the work his hands did on her breast and craving pussy began to slow. “I said faster slave!” She order, but he continued to slow. He stopped kneading her breast in his strong hand and the motions between her legs petered out as she ground her hips against his hand in an attempt to reignite the sensations that were dying away. He pressed down firmly on her pelvis. At first the moaned softly at the pressure, but when she began to try to pump her hips again, she realized she was locked in, unable to generate the friction she yearned for.

“Why are you stopping?” She cried out. “I was almost there!”

“I think someone has gotten a little to big for her britches.”

“Lucas, come on! Don’t stop!! It feels sooo good!”

Lucas grinned impishly. “No, seems to me you need a bit of a break.”

Erica looked up at him in astonishment. “I don’t need a break! I need you to finish what you started!!!” She accused. Lucas smiled and gently wrapped hs hands around her hips, lifting her off of him and up into the steamy water falling. The hot water coursed over her skin, and the thick white bubbles covering her naked body began to rinse down her soft, smooth skin. She reached up, squeezing her breasts in her hands, and slumped forward slightly. “Lucas! Come on! You’re not funny!”

Behind her, Lucas chuckled softly. He set her on the ground carefully. She attempted to turn around quickly, but massive hands covered her shoulders, holding her in place. With one hand in front of her, his huge chest pressed behind her, he held her there, rinsing her body free of the deep lather so that she stood there, fully nude, shining under the falling water. Finally he let her loose, and she turned around, looking up at him angrily.

High above her, though, the giant knelt, and just in front of her chest stood out his massive rod, pointing aggravatingly toward her face. She stood back bashfully at the sight, then looked up at him with pleading eyes. “Lucas, don’t do that. Come on, can’t you finish me off? I was sooo close!” Lucas just smiled down at her.

“OH MY GOD!! You are sucha fuckin tease!!” Lucas chuckled softly again. “Since when are men teases??? That’s supposed to be MY job!!” Her giant lover just knelt there, admiring her svelte body.

“Damnit Lucas, say something!!” The giant just looked down at her motionless, smiling with soft stone eyes as she stood, hot water rippling down her bare skin from the top of her head, over her shoulders, around her swollen breasts, down her tight stomach, past her waiting open hips and down her legs to the floor. “AAARRRGGHHH!” She yelled up to him. “I want you to finish what you started!!”

“No,” he told her softly.

“You can’t do that! I’m going to get satisfaction, damnit! If you won’t finish what you started, I’ll do it myself!”

“No,” he reiterated.

“You can’t tell me not to touch myself!! If I want to masturbate, I can do it!”

“Alright,” he smiled, lifting his massive body, and sitting on the ledge of the bathtub to get a good spectator’s position. His penis stood insultingly up, still pointing at her, swollen and throbbing slightly.

“What?? You can’t be serious!!” He just smiled down at her. She grunted loudly then cupped her breast in one hand and slipped her other between he quivering legs. Slowly she began to work her body as Lucas watched, smiling from above.

“Lucas!!” She screamed. “Please Lucas! Don’t you want me????” She pleaded. His eyebrow cocked upward.

“Come on! You totally want me! Your thing looks like it’s about ready to pop! Come on Lucas!!” She yelled, but the tone of her voice betrayed her uncertainty.

“Are you done yet?”

“No I’m not done! You need to finish me off!!” She protested. “Lucas!! You’re kitten NEEDS you to play with her!!” He sat, staring at her, smiling. “I’m sorry Lucas! I’m sorry I called you my slave!”

He knelt down in front of her again wrapping his hands around her hips. “K, well I need to get cleaned up too, Kitten.”

Her eyes went wide, then she smiled hesitantly. “I can help with that!” She interjected energetically. “I can! Let me help you get cleaned up Lucas!”

Lucas smiled down to her as she looked up at him, eagerly awaiting a response. “Alright Kitten,” he assured her warmly. “Just tell me what you want me to do.”

Erica looked around impatiently, and point up into the corner of the stall at a shelf attached to a metal pole. Lucas looked up where she pointed. “I need your shampoo,” she explained. He stood and picked it up out of it’s tray. “And your soap too, could you get that more me, please?” He reached down and picked up a bar of soap, looking down past his rigid staff to her small face. She stared wide-eyed at it as it swung over her head.

“Now what, Kitten?” He asked, snapping her out of her stupor.

“Sit down,” she said quickly. He obeyed. She motioned for him to cross his legs, and he did so. Carefully, she stepped inside his legs and looked down at his member, pointing upward tellingly at her. She bent over, and placed a hand on it’s head, squeezing and stroking it softly. She then gripped the shaft with her other hand, surprised she could no longer wrap her fingers all the way around it anymore. She pulled up on it, petting the head in her hand before Lucas reached in, taking both of her miniature hands in his and shook his head ‘no.’

“What the Hell?” She argued. “What kind of man doesn’t want a woman to play with his dick?”

“I thought you were going to help me get clean, Kitten..” Lucas stated quietly.

“AAAArrrgghhhh!” She belched out. “You are such a fuckin tease!!” Lucas chuckled softly as she stepped up onto his thighs and pulled his head downward and motion for him to hand her the shampoo. He did, and she popped it open, having to hold it under her arm in order to squeeze the goopy substance into her palm. She then bent over, dropping it slightly to the floor and stood straight, pulling down on his head so that his eyes stared directly into her pert breasts, with aching nipples standing out bemoaning her current state of emotional distress.

Erica wrapped her arms around his head and began to work the gel into his hair, working her hands in, massaging it into a dense lather. She hugged his head down to her, pulling on his head toward her chest as she worked the suds deeper and deeper. She kept pulling down on his head, inching closer and closer until he began to put up a slight resistance. She then inhaled deeply and pointed her chest skyward, into his humongous face, hoping. She waited, continuing to massage the soap into his hair until she felt large, powerful lips press into the inside of her left breast, and she sighed, hugging him most closely.

She pulled and hugged him close to her, rubbing her hands around his head as he began to gently kiss her around her chest. First on the inside of her left breast again, then, up higher on her chest. Back down to her breast, this time just above her nipple. She hugged him harder, rubbing faster. His lips met her other breast, kissing, pecking gently around it, pressing it inward.

When she felt him gently kiss her end of her swollen, diminished nipple she gasped slightly and slipped, losing her footing on his thigh. She opened her mouth to scream, but a huge hand grabbed her buttocks, and another wrapped under her armpit, his thumb reaching around her chest, pushing her breast up.

He kissed her breast once more and then set her down, lifting his head up again. She scowled, then pointed to his hand, which held the bar of soap. He gave it to her and she regarded it in her tiny hands. It took both of her hands to control it as it slipped in her grasp, and she struggled at first with it to keep it from squirting out of her hands.

She then reached up, standing on her tiptoes, and began to rub the huge slippery object over his muscular shoulder until she saw the bubbles begin to form on his skin. She slid the soap downward to a strapping pectoral muscle and back and forth, slowly, methodically working his broad, brawny torso into a slick, shiny, bubbly surface. At this point she looked up, uncertainty painted on her face to him as he grinned back. In a sudden surge, she leapt forward and Lucas reached up taking her diminutive form in his hands as she spread her hand and legs wide, pulling herself against his chest. She grabbed his dense shoulders in her small hands, and attempted to wrap her legs around him, unsuccessfully. Undeterred, however, she pulled her self against him and began to rub her entire body up and down against the smooth, slippery surface of his torso. Lucas humored her, assisting her, making her movements go with as much ease as possible as she began to rub herself into a near frenzy again, panting softly as she worked.

After a few minutes f this, Lucas pulled her carefully away from him and looked down surprised at the shy smile on her lips. She then hopped down from his thigh, inside his legs, and picked up the soap once more, rubbing it back and forth over his thick thighs, slowing after a few minutes, staring at his throbbing member.

She reached over to it, and Lucas gently took her hand again. She looked up at him primly and explained, “it’s needs to be cleaned up too..”

“Are you going to clean it, or play with it, Kitten?”

Erica grunted, then argued back at him. “Why wouldn’t you want me to play with it?”

“I thought you said you were going to help me get cleaned up,” he chided.

“I can do both at the same time!” He laughed softly as she stared down at the fleshy rod, it’s bulbous, red head pointing up at her. “It’s taunting me..” she muttered pessimistically. Lucas laughed once again and lifted her hands to his stiff penis. She giggled and began working a dense, thick soapy lather around it, sliding her hands up and down the shaft, with increasing vigor.

She gripped the head in one hand and reached down underneath, rubbing the soap into his scrotum that hung in tight, tensed balls in her soapy grasp. She knelt down, letting it rest between her breasts, rubbing it frantically up and down the shaft and went wide eyed again as she felt, even as swollen and hard as it was, as it swelled and elongated between her tits.

“Now I know you want me to play with it!” She rubbed hard and fast over the head, causing Lucas to suddenly shake around her and gasp. She grinned proudly until his huge hands grabbed her under her armpits again, lifting her up and setting her down to stand in front of him. She scowled up at him. “I’ve been good, I said I was sorry,” She said guardedly as Lucas knelt up above her.

“Have you?” He asked quizzically.

“Lucas, please, I need you soooo bad.”

“Why is that Kitten?”

“It just feels sooo good!”

“What feels so good about it?”

Erica looked back, uncertain how to answer as he stared at her kindly, patiently waiting. “You’re so big and strong all of a sudden,” She continued, hopeful this would satiate the giant’s ego. “You smell so good, even before the shower. I just want to swim in it.” Unconsciously, she hugged herself slightly. He cocked his head, examining her small face in front of him. She looked up at him, waiting for a response that didn’t come.

Without realizing it, she heard herself speaking, baring her desires further. “It’s like you’re touching me everywhere all at once, you’re all around me, and all I can feel you, and it feels so good.. I just want your hands on me, I want to feel you around me, I want you inside me, I need it so bad!”

Lucas gave a surprised look, apparently getting more than he had hoped, then a smile as he seemed to come to a realization. “Lucas, I need to feel you, I need you close to me, I feel like I’m going to fall apart, don’t you want me?” She pleaded as a look of pure, unbridled, animalistic hunger suddenly burned deep within his eyes. Erica paused, tentative.

Then the giant leaned down to her unexpectedly, a massive hand gripping around her ass, a giant arm pressed up against her back, and another humongous hand wrapped around her shoulders. “Eeeep,” She squeaked as he lifted her into the air, up, and up and up. She was high up, frightened at the sudden ascension when she noticed her head going under the hot shower again. Hot, steamy water flowed all over her body, and she looked in awe as his massive face drew close to hers, whispering into her ear.

“I want you more than there are words to describe.” He told her lustfully. She gasped as her body tipped backwards deeper into the flowing water and she rose upwards. He kissed her wetly on her shoulder, then another, lower, lower, kiss after kiss drawing slowly, inexorably toward her breasts. Kiss after kiss as his lips ascended her expectant mounds of flesh, and Erica inhaled deeply. His mouth wrapped around her nipple, and suckled tenderly, a powerful tongue flicking her nipple like a bamboo hut standing defiantly against the torrential winds of a hurricane.

Erica gasped hard at the sensations that seemed to be growing exponentially. As he suckled on her swollen nipple, squeezing her breast in and out with his mouth, the hot water surged around her body and his giant hands began massaging her butt and shoulders high above the porcelain floor. She reached up, grabbing his head in her hands, pressing her breast into his mouth, cooing loudly “Ahhhhhhh.”

A pinky slipped free of her tush and slid between her legs, brushing against her vaginal lips. Lucas switched from one breast to the other, suckling eagerly on it as Erica squeezed it from her side, pressing it into his colossal mouth and spread her legs apart causing her labia to separate as his pinky slid gently in between. Erica was beyond words, or sounds, she fought for each breath, gasping as he released her nipple from his eager lips and began kissing her passionately in a trail leading down her stomach.

Erica gasped again in anticipation of what she knew was to come next. She reach out to the side looking for something to grab, but only found open air. His kisses passed her belly button and she looked down at his slowly descending face, gripping the top of his head. He continued is trail down, reaching her mound, and pressed his lips firmly and heavily on it, causing her to press up against him wantonly. Down further he went as she felt his lips press against her labia for the first time and gasped. A tiny stream of hot water trickled into her open mouth as she looked up to the ceiling. She clenched her fists in anticipation of the moment but before she could fully close them she felt a wet, slippery muscle slip between her pussy lips, flicking her clitoris firmly. “Uuuuuuuuhhhhh!” She gasped, caught off guard by his sudden lustful lick.

Erica reached out desperately to either side, looking for something, anything to grab hold of, but again was met with nothing but open air and the splashes of hot water pouncing on her skin. He continued massaging her ass and her shoulders, as one of her hands unconsciously drew upward to her breast, which she squeezed in her hands, their stiff, aching, engorged nipple poking out well past her fingers, which surrounded it.

She spread her legs wider, and wrapped her ankles behind his head, pulling him up to her sex, even as it was devoured by her beastly lover. His mouth completely surrounded her slit, and she could feel him sucking hungrily around her pussy on her feminine juices as though they were some kind of priceless nectar. His tongue went up and down her slit as she gripped the top of his head in her hand and attempted to pull herself up into his mouth. She could feel his nose pressing down on her mound, and her breaths were heaving in and out of her frantically when she suddenly felt his tongue roll up and slide down to her vagina.

She shook forcefully in his grasp, “UH, UH, UH” as his massive tongue pressed against the opening, then without warning slipped inside her a short ways. “AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she moaned. Massive hands continued to massage her ass and shoulders as she lay on them and she arched her back, shuddering.

Once more she reached out away from her. Was there nothing in this world she could grab? Her arms flailed wildly, desperately searching before her eyes rolled back and she reached behind her clenching her tiny hand down on his wrist. Feverishly, she began to pump her hips into his mouth and hungry tongue, back and forth as she felt her entire body begin to tremble. His tongue slipped up to her clitoris again, flicking it oer and over again, up and down, left and right, counterclockwise until she lost track of which direction it was going at all, let alone where she was or what was going on around her.

“Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh,” She sputtered as she clenched her teeth. The tongue that pressed deep into her vaginal folds pressed deeper and worked faster. The water coursed around her, flowing over body, powerful massive hands kneaded into the skin of her ass, back and shoulders, rolling her entire body up and down like she was riding the waves of the pacific ocean, her back arched, tensed, her body quivering, almost to the point of a seizure.

“LLUUUUUUCCCAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!” She screamed. She squeezed her thighs down as hard as she could on his head, sensing a wave rising up from deep within her. “UuuuuUUUUUUHHHHH!!” She roared. Her hips pumped and bucked frantically against his lips. “U-U-U-U-U-U-U-UUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!!!” and massive fingers rolled up over her shoulders pinning her in place as her tiny body lurched upward in a massive surge.

Lucas rolled her forward into his arms as she twitched involuntarily in her arms, and stood out of the falling water again. Erica slumped over his shoulder, her body unconsciously jolting at every touch against it. He waited, holding her closely as she calmed. Several minutes passed before she began to open her eyes, looking up as though coming out of a deep, thick fog. As realization of who she was crept in, she turned away ashamaedly.

“Oh God,” she moaned to herself. “That was so embarrassing.”

“Why?” Lucas questioned.

“I can’t believe I let myself act like that, that is so humiliating.”

“Kitten…” Lucas began leadingly. She looked up at him after much effort on her part. “Kitten, that has got to be the most sexy thing I have ever seen in my life.”

With exhausted eyes, she examined his face, questioning him. Her brow furrowed. “You really do like me better like this, don’t you?”

“Woah, I didn’t say anything like that,” Lucas told her defensively.

“But you do, right? You like me better at three feet tall..” she reasoned.

Lucas stared back speechless, uncertain what to say. After a long pause with her looking up at him still awaiting an answer he told her, “look, you told me you want to get back to your original height as son as possible, right?” She looked at him, lost in thought, then nodded slowly. “Then that is how I like you.”

Erica stared up at him, still slumped limply over his shoulder, as he looked down at her with a confused smile. She watched him then nodded her head again.

“How about we get you dried off, Kitten?” He asked, trying to change topics.

Still trying to catch her breath, Erica stared into his eyes, then dropped her arm, pointing downward. “What about that?” She asked, pointing at his penis, which still throbbed out in front of him.

“What about it?” He asked nonchalantly.

“Don’t you want me to take care of that for you?”

“I’d love you to, but I’m not sure you have it in you at the moment to put that kind of effort out.”

“I can do it,” she asserted herself weakly.

“Can you?”

“Yeah.” She continued to lay limply over his shoulder.

“Alright, then sit up for me, Kitten.” With much effort, Erica pushed her hands on his chest and arm and slowly, staggeringly began to lift herself upright, still out of breath. “That’s kinda what I thought. I think I wore you out, Kitten.” He grinned pridefully at her.

“I can still take you on, mister.”

Lucas laughed softly to himself, while Erica managed a scowl, then fell back over his shoulder. “Heh, Kitten, you can barely sit up at the moment. Let’s take a break; it will still be here when you catch your breath.” Erica started to push herself upright again, but gave up from the strain and slumped back down over his shoulder again. She finally nodded. Lucas held her tenderly and stepped under the shower once more, rinsing them both clean. Erica closed her eyes, relaxing to the sensation of the water tapping on her skin. Lucas then reach down and turned the faucet off. He pulled the curtain open and stepped onto the fluffy mat in front of the bath tub and reached over to the rack of towels against the wall. He dropped the toilet seat, and set the towel on the seat, setting Erica down on top of it. She swooned a little back and forth, but managed to sit upright while Lucas grabbed a large towel for himself and began drying his body off one limb at a time.

As he did so, Erica turned around and looked at her throne. A concerned look spread over her face. “Lucas?” She asked him tentatively.

“Yes Kitten?” he replied looking over at her.

“When was the last time you went to the bathroom?”

“Just before I jumped in the shower, why?”

“That is the only time you’ve gone at all today?”

“No, I woke up a little while before you did this morning. I went then came back to you. What’s wrong?”

“I haven’t gone since last night, before I started shrinking.” She looked up at him, a scared look growing on her face.

“You didn’t get up at night and go?”


“And the doctor didn’t get a sample from you?”


“Do you have to go now?”

“No…” Erica stared up at him a palpable look of fear on her face. “What if my body isn’t working right anymore?”

“Oh, after the amazing performance you just gave, it’s working alright…” He kidded softly.

“I’m serious!” She scolded him.

“I know, I know. Do you feel off at all?”


“No pain, no odd feelings?”

“No, I don’t think so..” she replied thoughtfully.

Lucas wrapped his towel around his waist, mostly obscuring his erection which was now starting to soften. He knelt down placing his hands over hers. “Okay, don’t worry about it, alright? I’m sure there is and answer, but everything else about you seems alright, and Michelle..”

“Doctor Hanson,” Erica corrected him angrily.

“Sorry, Doctor Hanson didn’t notice anything either. Okay? I’m sure you’re okay, this is just something we haven’t figured out yet, and we will. And when we do figure it out I’m sure it’ll be nothing.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Because you are indestructible, Kitten.” Erica smiled softly as Lucas reached behind himself and grabbed another towel. “Don’t dwell on this, alright? You’re fine, I know you are.” Erica nodded slowly. “Are you thirsty?” Erica nodded slowly. “Alright, we’ll get you something to drink. Maybe you’ve just been a bit dehydrated.” Erica nodded again and managed to fake a smile.

Lucas took the new towel and opened it up. He smiled big for her and told her “I saved the softest towel I have for you.” She smiled genuinely this time and opened her arms, beckoning a hug from him. He reached to her and picked her up, holding her gently in his embrace, rubbing her neck under her cold, soaking long hair.

“You are really sweet,” she whispered up to him. He set her back on the toilet again and used the gigantic towel to wiped her dry softly and slowly, taking time to kiss each body part after he carefully dried it off. She smiled at the attention and caressed his still wet hair. Once she was all dried off, he wiped himself dry quickly, and wrapped a towel caringly around her tiny naked body.

She started with all her effort to attempt to push herself up when he stopped her, looking down at her sweetly. “Kitten, why don’t you let me carry you this time? I’d really enjoy the opportunity.” She smiled a tired smile, then nodded.

Once more, Lucas held her closely to him, as she lay over his shoulder and he walked out of the bathroom and back to his bedroom. Once there he laid her gently on her back on the bed. She lay there, largely motionless and looked up at him. “I’m really hot,” she complained to him.

“Hell yes you are.”

She looked up at him confused, then processed the message she received. “You know what I mean, dork,” she retorted, giggling. Lucas turned and left the room as she lay there, she struggled to sit upright again, and then found a hand towel that Lucas had brought in with them and left on the bed for her. She put her hair up and wrapped the hand towel around in a skillful fashion. A moment later, Lucas returned with a fan, which he plugged in to the wall and pointed at Erica. She grinned and soaked in the cool air as it drafted over her skin. Lucas then walked forward and handed Erica her mango juice from earlier, which Erica swallowed in one big gulp after another.

“Want more?” He asked. She nodded, and he left the room with her class and returned a moment later with a fresh glass. She again gulped a sizeable portion down and reached up for him to take the drink, which he did and set on the desk.

“Can you get me my hair brush?” She asked, still regaining her composure. He bent over her suitcase and rummaged through her goods, then finally fished a brush out, handing it up to her.

“What about Alicia? We should get hold of her and get her up here to get her started on helping you grow back.”

Erica looked up despondently at Lucas, and reluctantly nodded her head. He searched through her purse and found her cell phone, setting it on the bed next to Erica’s leg. He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face upward to look at him.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her with a sad look on his face.

“Nothing.” She told him quietly.

“Is it that you aren’t ready for the alone time to end?”

Erica looked up at him, examining him and his question. Finally, she replied back, “yeah, I guess.”

“Well, she can’t get here for a while anyways, and I’m sure we’ll have the rest of the night alone, Kitten.” She looked up at him quizzically. And I promise, I will make it a good night for you.”

Erica looked up at him and grinned. “What did you have in mind?”

“I’m still working on it, give me a chance, I won’t disappoint you, promise,” he looked down at her with an impish grin. Erica picked up her cell phone and began typing a text message to Alicia.

“Could I have more Mango Juice?” She asked politely. Lucas brought her drink back and Erica took another big gulp of juice, then went back to texting the address to Alicia after Lucas showed it to her on his license. She then suddenly stopped cold and looked up. “Lucas?” She asked.

“Yes, Kitten?” Lucas asked, somewhat concerned.

“I think I need to pee.” Lucas chuckled, causing her to swat at his hand. Erica staggered to her feet and walked across the bed, down her make shift stairs slowly. Lucas took her hand and walked her across the hallway, where she stopped cold and looked up irritated at Lucas. “What are you doing?”

“Uh, helping you get to the bathroom, you still look like you might just fall over…”

“You can’t come in here while I’m doing that, pervert!” Lucas laughed and let her hand go. She walked in and closed the door. He waited at the door until he heard a yell from the other side. “Don’t listen to me pee! Go in the other room!” Lucas laughed heartily and walked back to the bedroom. He waited a few minutes until he heard the toilet flush in the distance, and a few moments, and heard water running. Then finally her heard the door creek open and waited until the tiny temptress dressed in nothing but a hand towel walked back in and looked up.

Lucas looked at her and waited, motioning with his face for her to answer his unspoken question. “What?” She asked.

“Well?” he lead her on.

“Well, if I am going to stay here, then you really need to learn to leave the toilet seat down. Seriously. I could literally fall in.”

Lucas laughed out loud. “Alright, so then that went ok?”

“And I really need a stool or something to get up to the sink, it’s a hard climb.”

“Sure thing kitten.” He chuckled “Your phone buzzed while you were away.”

Erica walked back up onto the bed and over to her phone, picking it up and checking it. “It’s Alicia.”

“OK good, that was fast..”

“She said she’ll be here in 45 minutes.”
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Re: Please..

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Jimmy picked up his tray from the cafeteria counter and stepped away, looking for a place to sit. His look was sullen and tired. Erica sat watching; barely hearing the conversation Mandy and the other girls were having around her.

“Definitely Tina, see the way she is giggling and smiling at Todd?” Mandy proposed.

“Yeah, it would be fun to see her scream again if you flirted with Todd again.”

“Erica, why don’t you go over to the end of the table and block anyone from getting over to interrupt us?” Mandy asked, mischievously

“I don’t think so,” Erica remarked.

“Excuse me?” Mandy asked back in disbelief.

“It won’t work, Mandy. Jimmy will just get in the way again. He always does,” Erica reasoned.

“Well, that’s why you need to block him this time.”

“It won’t work, he always finds a way around us.”

“He’d be an idiot to try. He’s already been suspended twice and he is in detention almost every day.”

“He’s a boy, of course he’s stupid. But he always figures out how to get in between us. We need to watch him more carefully Mandy, or he’ll eventually get the drop on us and we’ll get caught.”

“No one will listen to him. Everyone already knows not to go near him. Look, he’s sitting alone again.” Mandy pointed over toward the table where Jimmy sat alone, picking at his food.

“You’re not thinking, Mandy. He is always breaking up whatever we have going on, and he never backs off. Sooner or later we’ll get caught. We need to focus on him.”

“Fine,” Mandy growled. “Jessi, go flirt with Jimmy, see if you can get his guard down.”

“That won’t work Mandy..” Erica told her.

“Just do it Jessi!” Mandy scowled back at Erica, who sat with a smug look on her face. A brunette girl stood and walked over to the nearly empty table across from Jimmy and sat down, smiling sweetly.

“Hi Jimmy,” She beamed. Jimmy looked up and gave her an angry look, then lowered his face again, shoveling food into his mouth. She continued to smile at the boy, who paid her no attention. “I like your shirt, Jimmy. It’s really cute!” The boy continued to ignore her. She looked back across the cafeteria in frustration at her friends. Mandy motioned for her to go on. She rolled her eyes and smiled at Jimmy again, who just continued to look at the table angrily.

“So do you know how to do the math problems for tomorrow? I’m having a lot of trouble with them and..”

“I’m not stupid, Jessi,” Jimmy muttered. The girl stopped mid sentence, unsure of what to say. “I know you are just trying to distract me for your friends.” The girl gave a frustrated look, then stood and stomped off in a huff.

She returned to her group of friends, looking at Erica, who continued to sit, smiling smugly.

“What did he say?” Mandy asked, unsure why her friend came back so quickly.

“He said he knows you’re trying to distract him.”

“I told you Mandy, he may be stupid, but he’s still seen all of our tricks. We can’t keep using the same stuff all the time.” Erica gloated.

“Shut up Erica!”

“You’re just mad because I’m right?”

“Oh yeah smarty pants? Why don’t you go flirt with him then?”

Erica rolled her eyes. “I told you that one won’t work here, you need something else. Besides, I’m tired of getting punched for your plans.”

“Excuse me?” Mandy retorted angrily. “I didn’t make anyone hit you.”

“No, you just let me be the goon while you get to have all the fun. You know, sooner or later Mrs. Salvatori is going to catch me shoving someone and then what? I don’t want to get detention for this.”

“Oh yeah? Then how do you plan to deal with Jimmy?”

Erica rolled her eyes, and Mandy scowled angrily back. “Alright, let me deal with Jimmy.” Erica stood and took her tray over to the empty seat across from Jimmy, who continued to ignore her presence.

“Hey Jimmy,” she said non-chalantly. The boy continued to ignore her. “You’re cute you know that?” The boy continued to ignore her. “I mean, they way you think you can just ignore us away, it’s cute. Stupid, but still cute. Kinda like a dumb puppy, but without all the ‘I wanna hug you so bad!’ thing.”

Jimmy continued to ignore her as she began to pick away at her food. “You see, I’m here now, and Mandy can now go do whatever she wants, because you aren’t going to get around me with me sitting right here.”

“Wanna bet?” Jimmy finally growled. Erica smirked to herself.

“I don’t have to bet. I’ll even tell you that Tina and Todd are where they are heading next. You can’t stop them, you can’t get through me.”

“What is wrong with you? You used to be so nice. You can’t keep doing this.”

“Sure I can, who is going to stop me? Mrs. Salvatori is on my side, and the other teachers like her, and they aren’t going to listen to you.”

“I don’t need teachers to deal with you.”

“Oh no? You can’t do anything. Even if the teachers didn’t suspend you, again, I’m stronger than you, I’m smarter than you, and I’m bigger.”

“But I know how to fight. You don’t.”

“See, that’s what is wrong with boys, they only think of fighting. You’re not even a player in this game Jimmy, you’re just a speed bump. You hit me, and I will get you suspended again. You get in my way, and I’ll have the teachers drag you off again by your ear. God, you look so stupid when they do that!”

Jimmy’s hands clenched shut, and his face began to boil. Erica smiled, then pushed it back.

“And you keep trying to stop us all the time. We’re just having fun, why don’t you leave us alone?”

Jimmy said nothing. From across the room, Mandy saw the interaction going on and looked on in awe, then frustration as she heard the other girls begin to whisper amongst themselves.

“You really should just let it go, Jimmy. I mean, I’ve seen your scores, you aren’t doing so well anymore. And I have more than enough opportunities to make sure your answers get worse after you hand them in.”

“Maybe not, if I got after school tutoring too.”

“Oh, I don’t think Mrs. Salvatori and Ms. Jenson will take you in. See, they are interested in helping girls succeed, because boys already have so much more advantage.”

“How much of an advantage is it when the teacher is helping her favorite girl bully everyone?”

“She’s just helping keep things balanced. I’m sure it seems unfair to you, but you’re a boy, and boys just aren’t that smart. You’ve lost Jimmy, you don’t know it, because you’re too dumb and stubborn, but you’ve lost.”

Jimmy, smiled viciously. “If that was true, then why’d you come over here?” Erica looked up at him in surprise. “Yeah, you wouldn’t waste your time talkin’ to me if it were that simple would it? What’s-a-matter Erica? Cat got you tongue? I’m just a stupid boy, can’t you tell me off anymore?”

Erica recomposed herself, and went back to her nan-chalant pose again. “It’s like I told you, I’m here to block you. Now Mandy and the others can go wherever they want without you pestering us.”

“You’re lying. They haven’t moved, they’re just watching us.”

Erica hid it, but swallowed, taking a moment to think, while continuing to pose non-chalantly as she picked away at her food. After a moment she smiled and looked up at him, staring deep into his angry, unwavering eyes. “First of all, they’ll go play when they want to, not when you want them to. Second, Mandy and I ride the same bus as Tina, and you don’t. We have all the time in the world.”

“Bitch!” Jimmy muttered angrily.

“MRS. SALVATORI!! JIMMY JUST CALLED ME A BITCH!!!” Erica screeched instantly.

“JIMMY CARTWRIGHT!!!” Jimmy fumed as he heard the woman stomping up behind him, glaring Erica down. “You just can’t stop picking on girls, can you little boy?” She yelled at him. One table over a girl looked up at Jimmy and met his eyes, then she dropped her gaze again fearfully.

“I swear to God, Jimmy Cartwright, you will learn to respect women, or I will BREAK YOU,” the teacher steamed on. “Look at you, you still can’t stop glaring at Erica! What has she ever done to you! You are coming with me little boy!!”

Mrs. Salvatori pinched down on Jimmy’s ear hard, and lifted up, but he didn’t budge. He just continued to glare at Erica, who feigned a scared look. The teacher pulled harder, but the boy stood firm, tears began to well in his eyes, but he remained fiercely locked on Erica’s eyes.

“I said MOVE Jimmy!” The teacher screeched. Jimmy held firm, unwilling to budge. It was then that a look of genuine fear spread across Erica’s face, and she noticed something running down the side of Jimmy’s neck. Something red. In the effort to coerce Jimmy up through force of pain, Mrs. Salvatori and managed to puncture deep into his skin with her long, painted fingernails. Even through this, Jimmy, crying from the pain, continued to glare Erica down.

Suddenly a larger, masculine presence stomped up behind Jimmy, pinching down hard on the boys shoulder. Jimmy trembled, and shook, lurching forward, but continued to stare Erica down. “MOVE IT, YOUNG MAN!” The man yelled, but Jimmy continued. Blood began to soak into the collar of his t-shirt.

The man’s hand pinched down hard, Jimmy screamed in pain, but then looked back at Erica, glaring her down furiously. Finally the man’s arm wrapped around his neck and dragged him off the seat, which fell over as Jimmy was slung away from it. The man dragged him towards the door, Mrs. Salvatori stomping along with them, and the man muttering loudly “INSUBORINATE LITTLE PUNK!”

Erica took a moment to catch her breath as she realized she hadn’t managed to take a single breath through the entire spectacle that unfolded in front of her eyes. She sat quietly until she felt she could make herself presentable, then took her tray and walked back to her friends, who all sat, looking at her in shock. Mandy sat, sullenly.

“Jimmy is a bigger problem than I thought,” Erica began.

Mandy looked up. “Yeah, well he’s going to be real ticked after all that.”

“No, I mean even before that. There is no way around him,” Erica continued.

“I guess we can have some fun with him for a while then,” Mandy smirked.

“I guess,” Erica said thoughtfully, “but the normal games won’t work. He knows them too well. We need new ideas.”

“Like what?” Mandy asked, somewhat bitterly.

“Like what I did just now. See how that worked Mandy? And no one even got punched.”

“Erica…” a little blonde girl started a sentence meekly. “Was Jimmy..” She hushed her voice as she continued her question, “..bleeding?”

Erica looked up at the girl, and waited, then looked down and picked at her food non-chalantly.

“Erica?” The blonde girl prodded.

“Boys are stupid. They don’t learn, and they don’t listen. And he keeps picking fights with people bigger than him. How stupid do you have to be to do that? I guess that’s what happens when you’re stupid.”
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Re: Please..

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Alicia waited nervously in front of the unfamiliar door. “God, I hope I got the right place,” she complained to no one.

She fidgeted with her purse, and straightened out her dress. She stood in a fetching medium gray dress, with fabric that crossed over itself in front of her chest and dropped down just above her knees. She also wore a pair of glossy black four-inch heels. She checked her makeup, making sure that her lipstick was noticeable, but not as thick as the day before, checking her blush to make sure it wasn’t overdone as well and then slipped the tiny mirror back into her bag.

Eventually she heard some soft taps, the lock on the door clicked and slowly opened up. She squinted into the shadows behind the door as a face came into view, soft, stone like eyes stared back with a warm smile.

“Hey Alicia, come on in.” Lucas smiled, and beckoned her in with his arms.

Alicia paused for a moment, then grinned and stepped into the house. She followed him across the three season porch, towards an open door, staring at his shoulders from behind until he slowed to a stop, then turned and stepped aside revealing a tiny figure that just barely came up to Alicia’s hips in a white floral dress, clutching a bottle of Dasani with two teeny hands.

Alicia stood stunned as she brought herself back into the moment. “Holy shit..” She gasped.

“What do you mean, ‘holy shit?’ I told you how small I was!” Erica barked, aggravated.

“Well yeah, I guess I just didn’t expect how small it would really look. Are you even hobbit sized?”

“What the hell is a hobbit?”

Alicia giggled uncontrollably. “A hobbit is a, well, you. Or maybe a bit more than you, but with fuzzy little feet. Would you like some fuzzy slippers?” Alicia asked energetically.

Erica fumed. “Watch it Alicia, or so help me..”

Alicia giggled and chortled lowering herself to one knee, placing a hand behind Erica’s back and tipping her chin up with a finger and then pulled her in to a big hug. “OHMYGOD! YOU! ARE!! ADORABLE!!!”

Erica screamed out in anger, clubbing her friend in the face with the plastic water bottle, which just dented inward flaccidly and plopped to the floor. Erica slapped at Alicia’s arms frantically still screaming and Alicia fell unceremoniously to her rump laughing hysterically as Erica stomped off back into the house.

Lucas shook his head. “Well she reacted to that about how I would have expected,” he commented dryly. Alicia continued laughing hysterically to herself on the floor. “Alicia, take it easy. Think about how you would feel if you were that size.”

Alicia’s laughter slowed and she mumbled under her breath, “Oh, I have thought about it.”

“What?” Lucas looked down, trying to determine what she had said.

“Nothing,” she replied as she started to help herself up. A masculine hand extended down to in front her face. She looked up into Lucas’ smiling eyes and accepted his arm. He stood solidly as he helped her up. He turned and they walked into the main part of the house where she found herself in Lucas’ living room, Alicia still grinning openly ear-to-ear.

Erica sat on the couch, her feet dangling aimlessly in the air, her shoulders nowhere near the back of the seat, leaning on two hands, scowling. Alicia sat in a seat adjacent to Erica, still basking in the moment. Erica looked up to Lucas, and padded the cushion next to her gently. He chuckled softly and walked over, sitting next her. The cushions sank in, tipping her body downward into his frame. She used the opportunity to lean against his ribs. Erica then lifted her hand up and placed in on the side of his stomach.

Erica then looked over to Alicia, examining her up and down. “Nice dress,” she commented unemotionally.

“Oh, thank you!” Alicia beamed at the comment.

“And your shoes, I’m not used to you wearing heels.”

“You like them? They aren’t good for lab work, but I love to get them out whenever I can.”

“Uh huh,” Erica remarked with more than a little skepticism in her voice and paused. “They look brand new.”

“Thank you, I try my best to take care of them,” Alicia beamed once more. Erica’s eyes narrowed. Lucas looked back and forth between them, a confused look on his face.

“You did a really nice job with your makeup too,” Erica continued to examine coldly.

“Thank you!” Alicia beamed out once more. “But I really didn’t to anything special. Just some quick work before I headed out for the day.”

“I’ve never seen you where makeup at work.”

“Well.. not usually, working in a lab and all you need to be careful not to contaminate what you’re working on.”

The tension between the two began to build as Alicia’s smile became a little more serious, but she remained in her pert, happy pose sitting before Erica and Lucas. “I’m surprised your makeup didn’t take you a long time to do like that today, since you never wear it.”

“Oh, I wear it, I have makeup on all the time.”

“When?” Erica asked coldly.

“Weekends, sometimes at night after work, you know, just so I can get out and feel like a lady after sitting in a lab all day.” Erica continued to stare with cold, narrow eyes.

“So can you fix me?” Erica questioned bluntly.

“I’m not sure anyone could have fixed you even before.”

“You know what I meant.”

“Yes, I know. I warned you to take only a little bit. Seriously, you couldn’t have just been a little more patient?”

“He was totally asking for it!”

“No, YOU were totally asking for it.”

Erica opened her mouth to yell back but Lucas raised his hand, resting it on her shoulders and upper back and began to tenderly knead her skin. Erica slumped and relaxed into his ribs and sighed deeply.

Alicia sat, jarred, and swallowed quietly. “Wow, that looks like it feels really good.”

“God, yes it does,” Erica sighed back.

Alicia cleared her throat. “OK, well let me get a better look at you.” Erica looked back at her with inquiring eyes. “I want to see if anything looks out of place, odd. The serum should have uniformly affected your body.”

Erica hesitated, but Lucas gently nudged her forward. She hopped off the couch and ambled over in front of Alicia.

Alicia looked at Erica, then pulled the strap of her dress forward a little bit, examining the gold pin stuck on it. “What’s this?” She asked.

Erica grinned up in a prideful manner. “It’s my specialist pin.”

“What’s it for?” She prodded further.

“Because I’m special, duh..” Erica gloated back.

“No I mean..” she paused, searching for words. “Where did you get it?”

“Lucas gave it to me. It was his when he was in the Army.”

“Oh, I see,” she said somewhat dejectedly. “Wait, Lucas was in the Army?”

Erica grinned again and nodded enthusiastically. “He told me all about it when he took me for a ride in his muscle car. He’s a combat veteran,” Erica gloated energetically. Alicia looked up at Lucas, looking for confirmation and he nodded slowly, quietly.

“You took her for a ride in your muscle car?” She prodded more, incredulously.

“It’s not really a muscle car…” Lucas corrected gently.

“It’s the coolest car I have ever seen, and he brought me up here first thing this morning just to take me for a ride!” Alicia scowled, then caught herself and smiled down at her. Erica smiled wide, showing her pearly teeth, a mischievous glint in her eye.

Alicia sighed, and then leaned over examining Erica’s body, lifting an arm gently, tracing its length with her finger methodically. Alicia examined her friend’s torso. “Erica, have your, well have your boobs always been like this?”

Erica looked down, squeezing the plump mounds of flesh that were straining against her small dress. “Actually, I think this might have been the first change that happened when I drank the serum. I wasn’t sure, but my chest felt really tight all of a sudden when this all started.”

Lucas chimed in, “Oh yeah, I did notice that. They just filled right out all of a sudden.” Alicia blushed at the thought.

“And to be honest, they are a lot more firm than normal too. I thought it might be from being so turned on, but even after we calmed down,, they stayed this way.”

“Well, they’re not, like, huge, for your size anyways, but still, that’s interesting.” Alicia continued examining her friend carefully until she accidentally bumped her phone with her hip and it tumbled to the floor and bounced in front of Erica.

“I’ve got it!” Erica bent over, and over, and over with straight legs facing away from Lucas and grabbed the phone with two hands, waiting for a moment in this position.

Lucas coughed gently. “Uh, Kitten; you may want to know you’re giving the world a bit of a view.”

Alicia did a double take on Lucas, then on Erica. “Kitten??” She asked dubiously.

“Oh, yeah,” She peered up at Alicia, smirking, “I guess I forgot we haven’t found panties my size yet.”

Alicia sat in awe, her mouth slightly open as Erica stood barefoot on the carpet in her tiny dress and handed off the phone to her. Alicia accepted it, feigning a smile.

“So, don’t you have an antidote?”

“Antidote? It’s not a poison. It’s not a temporary thing. This is your body now.”

“Well why can’t you just give me another serum that will make me grow?”

“It’s not that simple. The serum just reacts to your body as you have physiological reactions to the stimuli around you. This happened because the only stimuli that triggered a response from you were the ones that made you feel weaker or smaller or less in power. This is the only thing I have right now. Something to counteract this would be totally different and I’m not even sure where to start.”

Erica sighed dejectedly. She turned and walked back to him placing a hand on his knee. She looked up and up to him with wide open eyes. He frowned, “It’s ok, Kitten. I said we’ll get you through this, and I meant it.” She smiled slightly while Alicia looked on in alarm as Erica lifted her leg up to the edge of the couch and proceeded to climb up on his lap.

“You know, Kitten, it doesn’t have to be so bad. I mean, I think I might like having a new pet,” he jested, with a smirk on his face.

She glared back viciously at him, slapping him on his chest forcefully. “WHATEVER! If anyone here is a pet, it has got to be you!” She then sat back down, leaned against his chest, and reached out grabbing his arm from behind her. She gripped it with her petite fingers and raised it above her shoulders and began to use her hand to press his fingers into her flesh until he began doing so on his own. She leaned in to his chest.

Alicia blushed, and fanned herself. “Actually Erica, being like that doesn’t seem so bad from this angle. Erica glared back, and raised a teensy middle finger in response, then settled back into his chest again.

She cleared her throat as quietly as she could. “So.. what if I was shrinking to half size? Do you think you would help me as well? I mean, food has to cost next to nothing for someone that size…”

Erica’s eyes narrowed. “Find your own pet man!” With that, she grabbed his other hand and pulled it up to her. She grabbed it with all of her Lilliputian fingers, then leaned forward, laying over his forearm, hugging it tightly with both arms and laying her head in his elbow while he continued to knead her shoulders mellifluously.

Alicia swallowed hard. “Seriously, I could get the serum and be back here shrinking in your arms in less than 30 minutes…”


“Hey, Kitten?” He offered, grinning ear to ear.

“Hmmm?” She looked up at him with open, thoughtful eyes.

“Would you like a chocolate chip cookie? I have some I made the other day..”

“Would I!!!” She leapt to her feet, leaned in on her tiptoes and kissed him on his cheek. He tenderly set her aside, stood and walked towards the kitchen. Erica pranced to the arm of the couch and plopped down unceremoniously, resting on her elbows, waiting excitedly, randomly kicking her feet back playfully.

“Two viles! I can drink two viles!!”

“WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU???” She growled back.

He called back from the other room, “Take it easy, Kitten. Besides, would two of you being around be all that bad? I mean, it might be good to have a friend to keep you company when I’m not around.”


“You enormous BITCH! I swear to God I will climb up there and rip your eyebrows off!”

Alicia snorted back, “Oh look at you! Thirty-six hours ago you weren’t even going to keep him! You just wanted to make him your sex toy and send him off! He’s not your boyfriend, he doesn’t belong to you!”

He returned to the room with a plate of cookies in tow. He held a look of regret on his face for stoking the flames. “Ladies, chill, please.. Kitten, I only had one chocolate chip left. The rest are oatmeal raisin.”

She perked up as he held out the last chocolate chip cookie and held her hands up greedily as he handed her the tasty treat. She then pulled it close to her, holding it with both hands and with tiny, narrowed eyes stuck her tongue out at Alicia. Alicia sat forward, her hands on her lap and leaned forward looking up to him expectantly. He walked over, and smiling sincerely reached out taking her hand, turning it up, and placed an oatmeal raisin cookie in her palm. She sat back, slightly embarrassed.

“Damnit Lucas! Would you quit catering to every damn gargantuan whore who wants to dwindle in your arms!”

“Who are you calling a whore, you tiny tramp?”

“YOU! You colossal manitee! I found him first!”

“Holy shit,” he muttered to himself.

“And then you played games with him for over two years! I’m the one who made the serum! I’m the one who gave it to you! I’m the one who knew she wanted him years ago while you sat there and teased him for two years!”

“Wait, what??” Lucas asked, seriously confused.

“And I’m the one who had the guts to drink the serum!”

“Only because you thought it would make you into some ginormous water retaining sea cow!”

“You want a piece of me??”

Alicia turned to Lucas and puffed her chest out and began speaking in a deep, mocking voice, “Hey Alicia, you think I’ll get big enough I can stuff his whole head in my vaj?”

“I did NOT say that!!”

“She totally did, Lucas.”

“Oh yeah, like he’s going to believe someone who is too chicken shit to try her own serum!”

“I will drink it right now and shrink fight you, bitch!”


“It means that when…”

“ENOUGH! Both of you, just stop! Seriously, just stop before I end up dying from crippling priapism!” Both ladies sat and stared at him in shock. He set the plate of cookies down on the coffee table and relaxed back into his spot on the couch. Erica crawled on three limbs, carefully holding the cookie close to her until her hand rested on his lap and looked up softly into his eyes.

“If you want, your kitten could help you with that..” She nibbled on the edge of her cookie without breaking eye contact..

“And you have the nerve to call ME a whore?” Alicia blurted out.

“I said stop!” Lucas yelled, silencing them both again. Erica then climbed onto his lap again and continued to nibble on her cookie while glaring over at Alicia. “Jesus,” Lucas went on in an exasperated tone, “I haven’t been able to line up a date in over four months and now all of a sudden every woman I meet wants to be three feet tall and move in with me.”

“Wait, what?” Alicia asked, again incredulously.

“Look, Alicia, Erica is less than three feet tall, and she doesn’t want to be.” Erica looked up at Lucas as he spoke, then a despondent look spread over her face and she looked down, leaning against him on his lap. “She’s supposed to be six feet tall, can you fix this?”

“She was supposed to be six feet tall. Now she’s supposed to be three.”

“What does that mean?” Lucas pushed for more answers.

“It means that this is Erica now. She should have listened to my instructions. If she had she probably would have still been tall, even if she did lose a little bit of size.”

“Come on Alicia, you made this.. size changing formula, what would it take to make a new one that did the opposite?”

“It isn’t a size changing serum, per se.”

Lucas sighed and rubbed his temples. “Alicia, why don’t you start at the top? What is the serum? What does it do? How does it work?”

Alicia sat back and thought for a moment. “Well,” she began pensively, “I didn’t develop it to change people’s sizes. I was trying to make a skin cream.”

“A skin cream?” Erica asked, confused. “But I drank this..”

“It was supposed to return vitality to aging skin. Not de-age it really, just add vitality to it, and in a more permanent way. What I was trying to do was to reinvigorate the skin cells with plasticity. As I got more into developing it, I realized it would work better if it was metabolized rather than soaked in from outside the body.”

“Ok, so it’s a kind of youth potion?” Lucas asked, trying to grasp what she was saying.

“Not really. It won’t make the cells younger, it just gives them a metabolic boost to undo damage done over time.” Lucas nodded in understanding. “It was supposed to make the skin cells more malleable, which would make them appear healthier and smoother.”

Erica lifted her arm and examined it up and down, running her hand along its silky surface. “Huh,” she commented absentmindedly.

“What I found when I was testing blood cells was that more than skin cells became malleable. All the cells I tested suddenly increased dramatically in plasticity. Not only that, but residual hormones left around or in the cells had an unexpected result.”

“They changed size?” Lucas interjected.

“Only slighty.” Alicia continued. “With Mongo, he suddenly was thrown into a growth stage again, his bones became malleable again near the joints and they began to reproduce new cells at an alarming rate, and he grew.”

“OK, the growing makes sense, why did Erica shrink?” Lucas asked.

“Mongo was always a dominant one in that cage, the hormones he produced seemed have an effect that geared him towards allowing him to be more aggressive, more dominant.”

“So your other lab mice shrank?”

“Mouse, and no,” Alicia corrected.

“Mongo killed him,” Erica added.

Lucas remained confused. “So then what cells did you find that shrank?”

“Well, like I said, the cells are only impacted slightly. The real change was affected by the addition of cells in Mongo.” Lucas looked at her, indicating for her to continue. “The other cells I experimented on went into a hyperactive state as well, but hormones produced there seemed to gear it up differently. It wasn’t until I took a larger, contiguous sample of cells that I noticed a real difference.”

“Which was?”

“Suddenly cells began to shuck off. I wasn’t sure, but it looked almost as though they were realigning to make the overall organism smaller.”

Erica’s eyes narrowed. “Where did you get the other cells from?” She asked with irritation in her voice.

“Well, I only had Mongo, and the other mouse was gone, and I had limited options for testing..” Alicia began to beat around the bush.

“So what?” Lucas asked. “You drugged someone and took a skin sample?”

“No, the subject was very willing.”

“Who was the subject?” Erica growled.

Alicia bowed her head in embarrassment and looked at her feet. “Me,” she admitted quietly.

“You knew this stuff would shrink women?!?!” Erica roared.

“No! No! I thought it might shrink me. That’s why I told you I didn’t want to take it yet. I wasn’t sure the body would reconfigure itself that way, growth and producing more cells is normal metabolic process, but shucking them to make the organism smaller is counter intuitive.”

“Wait,” Lucas interjected. “What do you mean, ‘yet?’”

Alicia looked up in shock, realizing she had accidentally shared more than she should have. “I uh.. well… uh..” Her face turned a deep crimson.

Erica looked at her, then Lucas, then back at her again, and a look of realization opened on her diminutive face. “Holy fuck, Alicia! YOU MADE THE SERUM TO SHRINK YOURSELF FOR LUCAS, DIDN’T YOU?!?!?!?”

“WHAT?” Lucas exclaimed in disbelief.

“No! No! I made it to reinvigorate skin cells, and…”

“Don’t bullshit me, Alicia! You’ve always had a thing for him! When you saw what it did to your cells, you were going to make it so you would shrink for him!”

“I… no, well…”

“Tell me the truth!!”

Alicia sighed and put her face in her hand. “He was always so big and strong, and I could never work up the courage to talk to him, even when he was right there, and…” She looked up embarrassed at Lucas, “he seemed to have a thing for damsels in distress. I thought maybe..”

“JESUS H. CHRIST IN A CHICKEN BASKET!!” Erica blurted out. Lucas looked at her in utter disbelief, and a complete loss for words. Erica went on, “So why the hell did you shrink me???”

“I didn’t think it would do this to you, I swear! Everything I’ve ever known about you, you’re always so aggressive and dominant, I don’t think I’ve even ever seen you with a guy that was more than an inch taller than me, I thought for sure you would grow like Mongo did!”

“You were seriously going to make yourself three feet tall to.. hit on me?” Lucas finally managed to ask.

“No, I was thinking a foot less than I am now, two tops, so I could get your attention, but I was going to do it a little at a time.” Alicia hung her head, trying to hide her face.

“Oh my God! Why didn’t you tell me the stuff could shrink people?!?!?”

“I didn’t know for sure.. I really didn’t! I needed to run more tests!”

“And if you were gonna do it a little at a time, then why did you give me a concentrated dose??”

“Actually,” Alicia corrected hesitantly, “The vile I gave you was a highly diluted version.”

“WHAAAT???? Then why am I toddler sized??”

“I don’t want to say just yet, I need to run more tests and..”

“Alicia,” Lucas interrupted, “This isn’t a research paper, just tell us what you think is going on.”

“Well… Erica was going to use you as a sex toy..” She looked at Lucas ashamedly while Erica growled back at her. “And.. I think the sex hormones acted as a kind of multiplier for the serum.”

“You couldn’t have told me that before????” Erica yelled once more.

“HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? How was I supposed to test for something like that? What do you expect me to do? Finger myself while I’m collecting skin samples from my own body??” Lucas coughed into his fist and stifled a laugh. Alicia once again turned bright red at the realization what she had said and sat back quietly.

“No, it’s ok Alicia, you can explain in more detail if you want..” Lucas added. Erica slapped his chest hard, eliciting a laugh from him and Alicia sank down into her seat, covering her face in her hands.

“Damnit Alicia! Why did you give me the stuff if you didn’t know??”

“You insisted! And you were so domineering, I thought you might grab me and take it anyways if I didn’t give it to you!” Erica dropped her jaw in shock.

“I would never…” Erica defended herself.

“Yes you would! Remember that guy at work you caught staring at your butt and you threw him up against the wall?” Alicia retorted.

“I could see you doing that,” Lucas added.

Erica slapped his chest again. “You’re not helping!”

“Exactly my point,” Lucas replied. She slapped his chest again.

“OK Alicia, obviously the serum can shrink someone. We’re looking at the results right now. Why did it affect Erica the way it did? You’ve said over and over again aggressive hormones made your mouse grow.” Erica looked up at him with a pouting face. “Sorry, Kitten.”

“Again with the kitten? What has been going on here?” Alicia asked in shock.

Lucas shook his head, “Why didn’t she grow?”

“I think she’s been faking.”

“Faking what?” Erica asked curiously.

Alicia thought for a moment then continued. “Well, I’m betting that deep down she never liked being so big and tall. She’s probably always wanted to be held by someone larger than her, like I do, but she was super tall, so for some reason she learned to hide the way she really felt.”

“I’m not hiding anything!” Erica yelled back at her defensively.

“You were probably hiding it from yourself most of all. You just learned to act overly aggressive because that is what your size told you you should be.”

“Those were kinda my thoughts too..” Lucas added.

Erica smacked his chest again, “Don’t talk to your queen like that!”

“My apologies, your majesty,” Lucas stated formally, bowing slightly. Alicia’s brow furrowed. “Alright, Alicia. Whether this was a desire she hid or not, she wants to get back to normal. She can’t go back to work like this on Monday.”

“You’ve got that right.” Alicia muttered just loud enough to be heard.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” Erica growled at Alicia.

“You are really aggressive, Erica. Everyone follows what you want them to do and you’ve been successful because of it, and everyone is scared of you. But if you show up like this… I think there will be some people looking for payback.”

“What? That guy who I threw up against the wall? He was a total pig! It was harassment!”

“No, not him.”

“I don’t push anyone around, I don’t touch anyone, except that guy I threw.”

“I know, but you always look like you might, and people are scared of you, especially after you threw that guy against the wall. People follow you because they’re intimidated.”

“I am good at my job! I’m really good!”

“Yeah, you are! But that isn’t why you’ve been successful. You can be kinda… ruthless, and people are scared to cross you.”

“What the hell? I’ve always been nice to you!”

“You have, that place was hell for me before you showed up because everyone there can be ruthless and cutthroat. You were the first person to help me out and look out for me. But Erica? People were scared. They stopped messing with me because they were scared of you. I know you never abused anyone there, but you scared the shit out of them. If you showed up like this.. you are the cutest little thing I have ever seen right now, but that isn’t what people are waiting to come in the door Monday morning.”

Erica sat in disbelief of what she was hearing. “So what? You just hung out with me because I was a ruthless bitch?”

“I hung out with you because you treated me like a friend, and you looked out for me. I’m not mad at you for being like that. If you weren’t that place would still be hell for me. And there are a lot of people that are really mean. Really, really mean. But, they are scared of you because.. you’re better at being ruthless than they are.”

“I can still keep them in line!”

“I’m not sure they will see it that way if you walked in like this.”

“Good God, what kind of people do you two work for?” Lucas said with skepticism, adding his two cents.

“The kind that will stab you in the back in a heartbeat. Erica never saw it because she was too intimidating for anyone to even think of crossing.” Alicia responded matter of factly.

“So what, people just worked with me because they were scared of me? Because I was big?”

“No, you are really creative and you do really know what you’re doing, but that isn’t enough to get ahead there. Being big and intimidating just helped you keep them in line, like you said. I heard more than one guy mention it when they thought I couldn’t hear them.”

Erica sulked. Lucas looked down and massaged her shoulders again. “Don’t take it so personally, Kitten. You are a strong personality, there’s nothing wrong about it. It’s part of what makes you so irresistible and why people are so drawn to you.”

Erica looked up at him, smiling uncertainly. “You think I’m irresistible?” Alicia cocked her head, confused.

“I don’t think, I know,” Lucas reassured her. Erica in turn, wrapped her arms wide against Lucas and squeezed tight. Lucas held her back and massaged her neck, gazing down with a look of concern on his face. Alicia frowned at the devoted attention Erica received. “It doesn’t matter, you’re applying for short term disability, and you will be calling in Monday anyways.” He looked to Alicia. “But that only buys us time. What do we need to do to get her back to the way she wants to be?”

Alicia stopped to consider his question, then both stopped to notice as Erica, slumped in Lucas’ arms yawned wide. “Are you sleepy, Erica?” She asked.

Erica looked over and scowled back at her. “Don’t patronize me, Alicia.”

“I didn’t mean.. you just yawned, is all,” she replied, and uncomfortable look on her face.

Erica’s demeanor softened slightly and she replied back “I’m fine,” in a rather Spartan manner.

Alicia collected herself and went back to her previous thoughts. “I don’t think there is anything you can do. I can start researching it. If I could get some blood samples, I might be able to narrow down the hormones that encouraged her body to shrink to begin with, but it will take some time.”

“How long?” Lucas asked.

“Six months? Maybe longer…”

“SIX MONTHS?!?!? I can’t live like this for six months!” Erica announced in a panic. Giant hands reached down, massaging her neck and shoulders, causing her to slump over again into his hold and she released a deep sigh. “Alicia, I’ll lose my job,” she continued in a more calm fashion.

“I’ll do what I can, but you have to remember, it took me years to get this far, and I still don’t fully understand the process here. If I do this wrong it could cause a lot of damage to you, Erica.”

“Isn’t there some way to speed this up?” Erica asked, grasping at straws.

“I don’t know, I have to work on this in my off time. I suppose I could take a little time off work, but I don’t think it will make a big difference.”

Erica wore a dejected look on her face, while Lucas went to work again trying to mitigate the bad news on her little body. “It’s alright. Work on it as best as you can Alicia, we will get the short term disability taken care of, and if need be she can apply for long term as well.”

“What about you Lucas?” Erica looked up at him fear palpable in her eyes. “You have to get back to your life too, not look after a midget cripple..” She said in a miserable voice.

“You’re not a cripple. I said I would see you through this, and I will,” He told her with stern resolve. He massaged her shoulders gently, helping her relax again.

After a moment, Erica yawned deeply again in his grasp. Lucas looked down curiously, and this time he asked her, “Did you want to lie down for a while, Kitten?”

“I don’t do naps,” She said matter-of-factly. Alicia looked on with an unhappy look on her face until Lucas caught her and she smiled for him, trying to cover it up. “Alicia,” Erica redirected, “why have I only needed to pee once since yesterday?”

“Well, when did you go?” Alicia asked with deep curiosity.

“About an hour ago. Before that not since before I started shrinking last night.”

“When was that?”

“Just before Lucas met me at my apartment and I took the serum.”

“That actually makes pretty good sense then,” Alicia reasoned.

“It does?” Lucas asked, prodding for clarification.

“Well, yeah. If she emptied her bladder just before shrinking like that, most of the water in her body would have had to leave her body through the shrinking process. There wouldn’t be anything left over to fill your bladder again. I’m betting that once your were finished shrinking that it took some time to get new fluids in you before your bladder could fill up again.”

“So.. I’ll be going to the bathroom again like normal?”

“I don’t see why not,” Alicia reasoned out. Once again Erica yawned heavily and her eyes started to drift shut.

“Kitten, you sure you don’t want to lie down? It’s getting pretty obvious that you could use some down time,” Lucas observed.

“I’m not a three year old, I don’t need a nap,” Erica lectured Lucas and Alicia.

“Actually Erica,” Alicia began. Erica glared up angrily at Alicia, and she sat back in alarm before continuing. “I’m not trying to talk down to you, hear me out, k?”

Erica rolled her eyes. “Fine,” she gave in.

“The whole process would have been an enormous drain on your body. The fact that you are so fit is probably the only reason you are awake at all right now. Some rest might be a good idea. You’ll probably have less overall energy for a couple days. That’s how it was for Mongo.”

“Yeah, but Mongo grew, I didn’t make new cells, they all left me,” she pouted.

“Your metabolism still went into hyper drive trying to adapt to create its new matrix. If you are tired, you may want to give your body the chance to recover a bit. I’m not totally sure what could happen if you don’t.”

“What do you mean? I won’t shrink anymore, will I??” Erica looked up in panic.

“No, no, you shouldn’t shrink anymore. The serum should have long since run its course by now. The odds of you shrinking any further are very, very low.”

“Odds? So there is a chance I could get smaller?” Erica began to fidget in Lucas’ hands.

“I don’t think so,” Alicia reasoned out.

“But you didn’t think I would shrink to begin with!”

“Kitten, calm down. You shrinking further isn’t really a concern here, your body just needs to recover a bit. Just lie down for a little while, k?”

“No, I need to keep an eye on her,” Erica’s eyes narrowed towards Alicia as she fought against another yawn unsuccessfully.

“No you don’t, Kitten, I will be on good behavior, I promise.”

Erica looked up at Lucas and whispered as quietly as she could “But we never got you the relief you needed.”

“I’m fine Kitten, I’m not going to do anything to upset you.” He smiled down to her.

She looked up at him, and her eyes began to fall shut again, despite her best efforts. She shook her head and looked at him again. “Can’t you take a nap with me then?”

“I have some other work I need to get done. Just get some rest, if you sleep too long I will come get you, promise.”

Erica sighed, and yawned again. “Fine,” she relented. Erica sat up, a bit unsteadily and looked at Alicia, glaring a little angrily. Alicia sat back again, a concerned look on her face.

“I’ll be right back, Alicia.” Alicia nodded and watched, pouting as Erica grabbed Lucas’ hand, hopped off the couch and they walked down the hallway together. She waited until they were out of sight, then slipped her heels off and tiptoed after them, stopping near the frame of the bedroom door to listen in.

Lucas walked with her as she went up her makeshift steps onto the bed. She lay down and looked up at him smiling. He smiled back and gently told her, “let me find you a blanket.”

He turned to walk away, but she interrupted. “Maybe,” she began without confidence. Lucas turned back and smiled warmly to her. She smiled once again. “Maybe you could give me something that smells like you?”

Lucas thought for a second, then asked her “how about one of my sweatshirts?”

“Perfect!” She exclaimed happily. Lucas walked back to his closet and found a zip up sweatshirt lying in a heap with other clothes on the floor. He smelled it carefully, making sure it wasn’t foul smelling, then brought it back to Erica, who was watching him sleepily.

“How is this?” He held it to her, she smelled it, then nodded her head. He then gently lay it over her and sat, leaning over to kiss her softly. She smiled and curled up underneath his sweatshirt.

“She’s way too aggressive today, you watch it,” Erica warned him guardedly.

“I’m not doing anything to hurt you, Kitten, I promise,” he said to reassure her.

“If I wake up and she is three feet tall and naked in your arms I will kick both your asses!”

“Won’t happen. I’ll be good. Just rest.”

“How far do you have to go to get your work done?”

“I’m not going anywhere. Furthest I will be going will be the garage. I won’t even go out to move the Camry around back. Don’t worry. I’ll be close the whole time, kitten.”

“Promise?” She asked meekly.

“Promise. I will be right here when you wake up, and missing you the whole time.”

“Lucas?” Erica asked softly.

“Yes Kitten?”

“I didn’t say I wanted to shove your head in my vaj.”

“I know you didn’t, Kitten.”

Erica smiled. “I wouldn’t have used you as a sex toy, Lucas.”

“Yes you would have, Kitten.” She looked up at him disappointed, then laid her head back down, closing her eyes. He smiled down to her, rubbing her back gently and watched as she closed her eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep. After a few moments he stood to leave just after Alicia had turned to tiptoe back to the living room and slip her shoes back on.

When Lucas returned to the living room, he found Alicia gathering her purse anxiously. “Everything ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, fine. I should probably be leaving. Thanks for having me over!” She smiled unconvincingly.

“You know, you acted the same way yesterday, and now I guess I know why,” he explained calmly.

“Oh?” She asked turning to walk away.

“Yeah, probably not the best way to find out you had a crush on me. Sorry for the embarrassment that must have caused you, Alicia.”

“Oh that, well, she was just exaggerating. I think she’s gotten paranoid in her small size.”

“No she hasn’t. She’s crazy jealous, but she isn’t paranoid. Really, where do you need to go?”

“I.. have some errands to run,” she stammered.

“What? Did you have big plans for the day?” Lucas asked her and was met with a tense silence from Alicia. “That’s what I thought. Come on Alicia, stay a while, I’d enjoy the company. Besides, it will give me a chance to finally get to know you a bit.”

Alicia fidgeted with her purse. “I’m just a third wheel. I need to go.” She stepped forward.

Lucas slipped his arm in hers and placed his hand over hers, stepping along side her. “You’re not, and you don’t. Come on, want some mango Juice? Erica drank a lot, but I still have some left.”

“Erica will be really mad if she sees you hitting on me.”

“I’m not hitting on anyone, I’m just asking my friend to stay a while. You know, a man can do that without expecting things to go to the bedroom.” Lucas smiled warmly at her.

“Seriously, Alicia. Stay. We have some things we’re going to need to work out, and I really would enjoy the company.” Alicia smiled nervously back at him, then dropped her purse on the seat next to her. Lucas then took her arm and led her back to the kitchen.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 3:28 pm

Jimmy sat alone in the nurses office, holding his bleeding ear, fighting back tears as best as he could, still trembling. He stared vacantly at the floor. Outside a door to his left, which was cracked open slightly, he heard loud, purposeful footsteps.

“Karla, I need to talk to you.” Said a familiar masculine voice quietly.

“Now isn’t a good time Steve.” A feminine voice replied.

“Karla, wait just a second..”

“I’m busy, can’t this wait?”

“No, it can’t, why is that boy bleeding?”

“He got in another fight, you saw that..”

“I saw that no punches were thrown this time. I saw that. Why is that boy bleeding?” His voice was hushed, but forceful. Jimmy stepped off the cot he was sitting on and sneaked to the door and peered through the crack where he saw Mrs. Salvatori and Mr. Derichs staring at each other intently.

“You missed it then.”

“I didn’t miss anything, I saw him not listening to you, but that boy didn’t lay a finger on anyone. Why is he bleeding?” The urgency in his voice was growing, but he kept himself hushed. Mrs. Savatori stood in silence.

“Karla, let me see you hand.”

“What? No!”


“Are you accusing me of something?”

“I want to know why that boy is bleeding, show me your hand.” Mr. Derichs reached forward and grabbed her hand as she tried to swing it behind her back.

“Let go of me!” She snarled. Mr. Derichs pulled her hand forward and looked at her fingers.

“Oh my God, his blood is even underneath your fingernails.” Mrs. Salvatori yanked her hand back.

“I didn’t tell you that you could touch me!” Mrs. Salvatori angrily whispered back at him.

“Are you even hearing yourself? Karla, you did that to him didn’t you? I saw the puncture on his ear, how could you squeeze that hard on him?” A third male voice approached hidden from behind the door.

“What’s the problem here?” It asked.

“Larry, this is bad, I saw the boy we brought in here, Karla punctured his ear with her fingernails.”

“I think you’re mistaken, Steve. Karla would never do anything like that.”

“I don’t mean on purpose, Larry, but we can’t just ignore this.”

“Steve, you are mistaken. None of our faculty would ever do such a thing. We value our students too much to abuse them like that. The boy must have hit his head on the corner of the table from fighting back too hard. It’s just another reason we need to deal with this kind of defiant behavior.”

“You’re joking, right? Karla, he isn’t just being defiant of you. You must really be hurting him. If you just back off a bit maybe we could talk some more sense into he boy.” Jimmy stared up wide eyed, beginning to forget about the pain in his ear.

“Talk down a student that is this openly defiant of authority? Steve, we can’t let this kind of thing stand, he needs to be dealt with more severely than that. We can’t set that kind of an example for the other students.”

“More severely than punch a hole in his ear? Larry, seriously, this is already out of hand, when his parents learn that Karla..”

“I told you, Steve; Karla didn’t do anything. The boy hit his head on the corner of the table because of his problems with authority. We are less than two weeks away from a vote for a bond issuance. The school doesn’t need false accusations like that getting out into circulation, do you understand me?”

Mr. Derichs looked back in disbelief. “We can’t hide what she..”

“She did nothing,” the voice reiterated sternly, yet quietly. “However, Steve, I did see you grab Karla’s hand. Karla, did Steve touch you with your permission?”

“No, Mr. Alderson, he most certainly did not.” A smug look spread over Mrs. Salvatori’s visage.

“Steve, you know we take a dim view of sexual harassment here..”

“Excuse me? I did not..”

“I saw you myself, Steve. I’m not sure the union would take kindly to defending such disrespectful behavior.” Mrs. Salvatori’s smug look spread to a devious grin.

Mr. Derichs fumed. “And how would the union feel about a teacher that injured her students in anger?”

“I wouldn’t know, since that never happened. But, I suppose I could ask our union representative how they would feel about a hypothetical situation like that.” Mr. Derich’s face spread to a look of shock.

“Mrs. Salvatori, as the union representative for our district, how do you think such a hypothetical situation would be dealt with?”

Mrs. Salvatori grinned wickedly, then put on a professional demeanor. “Mr. Alderson, it’s like you said, our faculty care too much about the students under our tutelage. Our faculty would never do such a thing to begin with. The union would never allow it. Sexual harassment between faculty though? I am sure the union would be very displeased with such unprofessional behavior.”

Mr. Derichs fumed once again while Mrs. Salvatori looked away from Mr. Derichs in the faked exchange between the two figures. Mr. Derichs looked down and saw Jimmy peeking from behind the door for the first time. He looked at him silently. He looked up, carefully, assessing his surroundings and then looked at Jimmy, motioning with his eyes for Jimmy to step back away from the door. Jimmy did, and stood nervously behind the doorframe, continuing to listen in.

“Well there you have it, then Steve.”

“Fine then,” Mr. Derichs relented angrily. “Maybe since the boy is having so much trouble in that class we should have him transferred to mine. I’ve had a lot of luck dealing with unruly students.”

“No, that would send the wrong message, Steve. You see, Mrs. Salvatori has done nothing wrong. She is doing a fantastic job dealing with an uncontrollable student. Really she is doing all we could ask of her.”

Mr. Derichs fumed once again. “Well that is great then. As long as she is doing so well then the next time tempers flare she won’t need me to step in, will she?”

“Steve, you should,”

“Thanks for clarifying for me Mr. Alderson. Mrs. Salvatori. I will see you both later, I’m sure.” Mr. Derichs stomped off leaving the other two in silence.

“Thanks for your help Larry.” Mrs. Salvatori eventually whispered happily.

“As I said, we don’t need unfounded rumors flying around just before a bond issuance is going up for a vote. I would be very unhappy if rumors like this got out at such an important time for our district,” the male voice explained coldly.

“Of course not. There is the issue of Jimmy Cartwright though. He doesn’t seem to listen to authority, and he is getting more and more defiant.”

“I see, what about his parents?”

“His father is away on business until at least the end of this month. I have been trying to work with his mother on his behavioral issues this whole semester.”

“How cooperative is she?”

“She has tried her best, since I have explained that his grades will suffer even further if his behavior isn’t brought into check.”

“I don’t think the boy will be a problem.”

“Why is that, Larry?”

“Because I keep seeing more and more reports on this boy. There is no way he will make it through the semester with the record he has accumulated. One more slip up and I think we can expel him.”

“Why not expel him for this?”

“Because he was injured. Bad optics. We’ll let this one slide, but next time.. I think it would be better for all if he did not continue to be enrolled here.”

“I’m not sure how to talk to his mother about this incident…”

“I will talk to his mother this time. I’m betting that if she sees that his behavior problems have escalated so that the school principal has become personally involved, it will help motivate her. I’ll explain to her that the disruptions he is causing are getting out of control, and I will also have a talk with child protective services. I think that maybe they can be of some help. The child is so unruly I think there is evidence that his home life is abusive. I’m betting they could be a great deal of help convincing the mother to handle her son a little better.”

“Thank you, Larry.”

“I cannot impress on you enough, Mrs. Salvatori, it would look horrible on the school if Jimmy were to hit his head like this again. You need to do everything in your power to make sure the boy doesn’t injure himself like this again.”

“I understand,” Mrs. Salvatori responded coldly.

“Very good then. I will call child protective services, then Jimmy’s mother, and you and I will have another meeting after school.”

“What about Jimmy? Should he be getting any disciplinary measures over his defiance?”

“Absolutely. A week’s detention should send him the right message.”

“Very good. He can start his detention tonight.”

“Perfect. I will let Mrs. Cartwright know that she will need to meet with us after his detention. With a little luck, we can get someone from child protective services up here to sit in on that meeting as well,” the masculine voice explained. The two figures separated and Jimmy could hear their footsteps take them both further away.

He walked back to his cot and sat, burying his head in his hands crying.
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Re: Please..

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Alicia sat pertly, but nervously at Lucas’ table in his kitchen, watching him as he bent over, leaning into the fridge. He pulled out a pitcher of thick golden liquid, closed the fridge and pulled a talk glass out of his cupboards, and walked back to Alicia, pouring her a glass, nearly emptying the remains of the pitcher. He then went back and grabbed a bottle of water for himself from the fridge and sat across from Alicia.

“That doesn’t seem fair,” Alicia began as he sat down. Lucas looked back at her with a curious look on his face.

“What doesn’t?”

“Well, get a whole glass, and you get nothing?”

“I had some earlier, and besides, I can mix some more later if I want. Go ahead, try it.” He smiled genuinely back at her.

Cautiously, Alicia raised the glass to her lips and took a sip. Her eyes went wide as she processed the taste and the textures. “Now I really do feel guilty for taking your last glass.”

Lucas chuckled softly. “It’s not a big deal. I have one more can I can mix up, or I can just go get some more. Erica loved it too.” Alicia dropped her head dejectedly.

Lucas looked at her has he opened his bottle of water, considering her carefully. “Is that a new dress?” He asked.

“Yes,” Alicia admitted shamefully.

“It’s looks great on you,” Lucas told her gently. Alicia looked up, uncertain of what to say. “I really like it. It’s kinda elegant, but not overly formal, and you look very pretty in it.”

Alicia blushed at the compliment, uncertain how to respond. Lucas sat for a moment, considering further as he carefully watched her reaction out of the corner of his eye. “Actually, you really outdid yourself. You’re really dressed to kill. I’m not used to seeing you done up like this.”

Alicia stared at him, then recoiled a bit as she thought back to her earlier encounter with Erica. “You can say something, I’m not going to bite your head off. I meant those compliments.”

“How would Erica feel if she heard you right now?”

“She’d get over it. You obviously went to a great deal of effort to look good today, so you might as well get some credit for it,” Lucas went on. Alicia blushed again.

Alicia sipped on her mango juice quietly and looked up at him, shyly, then looked down at the table again. Lucas sat back and waited this time while Alicia sat in her seat. A few minutes passed before she finally spoke. “You really drove all the way up here to take Erica for a ride in your muscle car?” She asked quietly.

“It’s not really a muscle car,” Lucas corrected.

“So you did bring her up to show off your car..”

“She was in a terrible mood at the time. We were going to go get some coffee, but it was pretty obvious that her mood was pretty ruined, so I needed something to distract her.”

“Erica isn’t into cars, what made you think that would cheer her up?”

“Well, my Camry is just a car. Older cars are more of an experience to ride in than just a car. I had a feeling it would cheer her up.”

“Can I see it?” Alicia asked, curiously.

“Sure, it’s out back in the garage.” Lucas began to stand up and grabbed his water bottle. He walked past Alicia who stood and left her drink behind. “Go ahead and bring that with you,” he told her, pointing to her glass. She smiled and picked it up, and followed him outside, down the narrow sidewalk to the garage, which Lucas unlocked and showed Alicia inside of.

Standing in the dark, Lucas flipped the lights on and Alicia “ooohed” at the glossy black behemouth vehicle in front of her.

“A Cutlass Supreme,” she remarked fancifully.

“Yeah, you know them?”

“I like the ones from the early seventies better, but I love these. What is it, and eighty five?”

“Eighty four,” Lucas corrected. He smiled and leaned on the work bench wile Alicia walked around the vehicle, inspecting every inch, running her slender fingers over the smooth, polished surface.

“It’s in perfect condition,” she remarked. “Where did you get it?”

“It’s my dad’s. We spent a lot of time redoing it together.”

“What kind of engine do you have in it?”

“A five liter v-8.”

“307 cubic inches?”

“Yeah..” Lucas said, in a leading manner.

“So, it has the original engine?”

“Yeah, we reconditioned it,” Lucas said with a little surprise in his voice.

“Oh, wow..” Alicia said excitedly.

“I get the feeling you know more about cars than I do, Alicia.”

“I doubt it,” Alicia grinned shyly. “I could never rebuild an engine like you did.”

“This from the woman who made a serum that shrinks full grown women to half their original height. Yeah, I am certain you know more about cars than I do now.”

“Just specs and data. I don’t know anything about the mechanics and inner workings. I’ve never learned to fix anything on a car before.”

“So you like cars, then?” Alicia smiled coyly back at Lucas.

“Not all, but ones like this one, I love them,” she beamed, continuing to walk around inspecting every last inch of the car, both with her eyes and hands, taking in every last detail she could.

“Well, working on them isn’t that hard. I’m sure I could teach you, if you wanted, as long as you are willing to get a good bit of grease in your hands.”

“Really?” Alicia asked excitedly.

“Why not?”

“What about Erica?”

Lucas put his head in his hand, and sighed deeply. “Alicia, Erica is safely tucked away sleeping right now, getting some much needed rest. Lord knows she has had a hell of a day already. I’m allowed to have friends, and having friends means I can spend time with them too, understand?”

“I guess,” Alicia mumbled, as she leaned against the car.

“Please don’t lean against the car, Alicia,” Lucas softly corrected her. She jumped up, startled and alertly.

“I’m sorry!” She squealed profusely.

“It’s fine, it’s just that there is a lot of work and a lot of time put into that car, and it’s very easy to scratch it when you’re leaning on it like that.”

“Maybe, could you take me for a ride in it?”

Lucas smiled and thought about it for a moment. “I think we could arrange that, but not right now, I promised Erica I would stay close.”

Alicia pouted for a moment, then asked despondently, “So how long is she staying at your house?”

“I guess we don’t know. For the foreseeable future, I guess, until we can get her back on her feet, at least.”

“I see,” Alicia said, somewhat sadly. “So you two already decided you are really boyfriend and girlfriend now..” she continued on.

Lucas looked at her, and waited. He thought for a moment, then responded quietly, “No, I guess we haven’t.”

“Why so faithful then, all of a sudden?”

“She’s in trouble, she needs support, and I want her to be ok. What more reason do you need?” Lucas said without a pause.

“You want to be her boyfriend, don’t you?”

Lucas leaned back on the bench and sat in thought for a moment while Alicia walked over and leaned over it as well, a few feet away from him. “I’ve never slept with someone before and not been in a relationship. I guess it feels.. off. Believe it or not, sleeping with someone is a big deal to me. And I now this has been a rough day for her in a lot of ways, but we’ve really enjoyed ourselves too, and I want that to continue.”

“I believe it,” Alicia responded softly. “So Erica is the one who doesn’t want to commit?”

“She’s reminded others several times today that I’m not her boyfriend.”

“Doesn’t that hurt?” Alicia asked genuinely.

“Yeah, it does,” Lucas told her in a distant tone. “But like I said, she is going through a lot right now. Her whole world has been turned upside down.” His second statement brought back a subtle tone of resolve that Alicia wasn’t expecting. “This is one of the things I wanted to talk to you about today,” he finally added.

“What do you mean?” Alicia asked, not understanding.

“Alicia, she is in a world of hurt. She’s trying to cover it up, but her whole personality is.. off. I’ve done my best to make things as easy as possible for her, but she isn’t herself right now. I’m really scared for her. She needs someone to stand with her, and I don’t see anyone else taking the role. I might not be the right person to do this, but someone has to.”

“She’s really lucky that this happened to her with you, instead of someone else.”

“Why is that?”

“Because someone else wouldn’t have been so understanding.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“What did she mean by getting back to your life?”

“I called in to my weekend job this morning and told her I would take the week off of my regular job as well to help her.”

“Oh my God, you dropped everything for her?”

“Is that really such a surprise? You two are such good friends, I am surprised you didn’t do the same this morning.”

“She is tough. She would have been fine, and I would have come over there eventually. I just needed some time to myself, after..” Alicia paused, then thought better after considering it and ended her statement.

“After what?” Lucas asked prying.

“It’s not a big deal,” Alicia told him, unconvincingly.

“Come on Alicia, spit it out. Do I have to pry every answer out of you today?”

Alicia sighed, and looked down. In a distant tone she began to explain, “Last night when I came across you, I was trying to work up the courage to ask you out myself finally. I caught you two just after Erica had finished asking you. I even did myself up with make up in the locker room to help build my confidence. I felt really betrayed, cuz she’s never had any real interest in you.”

“I see,” Lucas replied.

“I always told her that you were more into her, and she always blew it off. She said you were too big and bulky and she hated that, and kept telling me she’d hook you up with me.”

“So why didn’t she?”

“Because I kept telling her no. I told her that he was into the leggy brunette, just like everyone else. Looks like I was right all along.”

“Alicia, come on, don’t be like that,” Lucas tried to convince her.

“Why not? First chance you got, you went out with her and you slept with her! You never even looked at me.”


“Yes, seriously,” Alicia pouted.

“I went out with Erica last night because she is smart and funny and I’ve always enjoyed talking to her. It was an easy call. I didn’t know it would lead to getting laid, and I sure didn’t think it would turn out like this. But Alicia, you think I haven’t checked you out my fair share too when I’ve seen you around?”

“I’ve never seen you doing that, no.”

“All the time, as much as Erica, but you never talked to me. This is the most I have heard you speak, ever. I barely even knew what your voice sounded like. Until this morning I thought you didn’t even care for me at all.”

“You’re just saying that. You’ve never been checking me out.”

“I have and apparently I was doing it pretty well because I didn’t get caught.” Alicia smiled unexpectedly.

“But what about Erica?”

“Things with Erica are.. complicated. If nothing else, I am her friend, and friends stand by each other when they are needed. So that is what I will do.”

Alicia stared up at him, a confused look on her face. “You’re really falling for her, though, aren’t you.” Lucas just stared ahead at the car, lost in thought. “Lucas, she’s doing to you what she does with all the guys she sees. She’s going to break your heart.”

“Excuse me?”

“I’m not even sure if she does it on purpose, but she leads them on, she gets them all excited and plays with them, and teases them, then she drops them like a ton of bricks.”

“I don’t think that’s what is going on here.”

“She seemed pretty much like herself to me in there. Even at less than three feet tall, I’m still intimidated by her. She’s going to use you, Lucas, and she will break your heart.”

Lucas stood there continuing to stare off into space while Alicia waited for an answer. The silence was only mitigated by the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze outside the garage window. “Would you be telling one of her other guys this?”

“What do you mean? Don’t you believe me?”

“I think I believe you, it fits her personality. But would you warn another guy about what he was in for, or are you just doing it, because it’s me?”

“I guess because it’s you,” She admitted shamefully.

Lucas stood there, thinking long and hard. “It doesn’t matter,” he finally stated matter-of-factly.

“How does it not matter?”

“She needs the help right now, I am certain of that. She is hurting much more than you realize. I will see her through it and whatever happens, happens.”

“She seems to be coping just fine, Lucas,” Alicia corrected him. “I don’t know what you’re worried about.

“Mostly little things, but some big ones too. When she made breakfast this morning and the way she beat the shit out of herself for forgetting the jelly. When I went to get her a new dress I left her at her apartment. When I got back she was scared out of her wits that someone was in the apartment stalking her. You can’t fake tears like that. She didn’t know what to do at all about this. When have you ever known Erica to be indecisive about anything? Anything at all?” Alicia shook her head slightly. “And this possessiveness.. it isn’t like her. She wasn’t like that at first this morning, but she needs me to be there constantly, if I’m not she starts to panic. Does that sound like her??”

“You’re exaggerating.”

“I’m not. You stick around for a while today. Do it, I’m serious. You will start to see it, I know you will.”

“Lucas,” Alicia began to interrupt, but Lucas looked at her sternly.

“I’m not making it up Alicia. I don’t think she can live like this, I think deep down it is ripping her apart and she doesn’t know what to do with herself anymore. I just keep seeing these little glimpses into her feelings and it’s just this insane fear that I see. That is why I asked you to stay here this afternoon. I can’t do this on my own. I need help, and I don’t know any of her other friends. I’m doing this, I’ve made up my mind, but I really need your help Alicia. She can’t just be reliant on me. She needs friends, and I don’t know who else to turn to.”

“Lucas, I’m not sure you understand. She’s never in a relationship for more than a few months, and then she just cuts them off. They almost always come back begging for her to take them back, but she doesn’t. It’s really hard to watch. She’s going to break your heart, Lucas.”

“It doesn’t matter. You just watch her Alicia, I’m telling you. You’ll see it. I’d rather get hurt and know it could happen than watch her completely fall apart.”

“What about when she breaks your heart? What then? Maybe then could you and I..” Alicia began to ask, but Lucas cut her off.

“Don’t,” he told her sternly. “She and I may not be in a relationship, but she is counting on me just the same, and I am not going to disappoint her, not even by speculating about that.” Alicia stared up at him and swallowed hard after hearing his words penetrate into her. “Alicia, yesterday if you had gotten to me before Erica had, I would have taken you up on an offer just as fast I had with Erica, but it isn’t yesterday. Today your friend needs you, and so do I. Are you going to help?”

Alicia swallowed hard and looked at him trembling slightly with a depressed look on her face. “Yesterday she was just a big bitch who didn’t even want you for anything other than a sex toy, and today,” her eyes began to well with tears, “today it’s like she’s bonded to you, and you have pet names for her, and she’s living in your house! And you don’t even care if she rips your heart out, you’re just going to do whatever she wants, and all I get is to sit here and look like an ass and a third wheel for not being able to flirt with you like a normal girl would, and I…”

“Whoa,” Lucas interrupted carefully, “Come here.” He stepped over to her and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her while she whimpered into his shoulder. He gently rubbed her back until she began to calm down and leaned into his embrace.

“Alicia, I’m sorry things aren’t working out the way you would have liked, but this is how things are right now, and we can’t just ignore that.”

“You’re exaggerating about all this, she’s fine.”

“I’m not. Think about it Alicia. You said yourself that she is used to being able to push anyone around without even trying, and now, everywhere we go, everyone thinks she’s either a circus attraction or a toddler. She’s always been in control, and now the whole world has exploded around her. What I want here doesn’t matter, it’s her choice who she is or isn’t with. I don’t get to make that choice for her, and neither do you, do you understand?” Alicia nodded into his chest.

“Alicia, is having me as just a friend really that much of a loss?”

Alicia shook her head slowly against his chest, “I guess not.”

“I mean, even if you had gone out with me last night, you wouldn’t have taken the serum, so you wouldn’t have had that plan to fall back on, and it would have been awkward and I wouldn’t have known what to do because I still would have had trouble getting you to talk to me. How well do you think that would have worked out?”

“Yeah,” she admitted.

“But that doesn’t do us any good. That isn’t even in the past, that is a what if. In the here and now, Erica is your friend, and she needs your help. She needs you to find a way to undo this for her, but she needs a friend even more than that.”

Alicia hugged Lucas close, and lingered like that for a moment, then finally relented, “You’re right. You think she’ll still want me as a friend?”

“Be serious, Alicia, of course she will. She’s a definite handful though. Trust me when I say she will need a lot more patience than usual.”

Alicia stood back slightly, but still held onto Lucas and looked up at him. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, her mood has been up and down all day. I’ve done my best to help keep her on an even keel, but.. just don’t blow up on her if she goes off half cocked on you.” Alicia looked up at him confused. “At least, do your best not to if you can.”

“Alright, I guess.” Lucas hugged her again, and rubbed her back.

Alicia enjoyed the feeling for a moment until he told her, “Alright, why don’t we head back up to the house and discuss the serum a bit more.”

“You know biochemistry?” She asked as he released her from his hold.

“No, but sometimes dimwits like myself might jar a brilliant idea loose for you.”

“You’re hardly a dimwit,” she reprimanded him as they left the garage and he locked it behind them.

“Well, only relatively speaking,” he conceded. Alicia smiled and blushed, taking it as a compliment.

As they approached the house again, Lucas let her in and they walked to the living room together.

“Why do you have to work on this in your off time? Isn’t this what you do for a living?”

“It is, but anything I do on the network at work, or there at all doesn’t belong to me.”

“But it’s your work..” Lucas commented, confused.

“I work for Pfelscher and I signed a contract. Anything I produce there is automatically their intellectual property.”

“But you must get something for all that work..”

“I get to keep my job. I started coming up with this idea towards the end of grad school and I’ve been working on it at home since then. If Pfelscher even had any idea of what I was working on, they would most likely shut me down,” she explained as they sat across from each other in the living room.

“But I bet if you brought it to them, then all the resources there would help you get this done even faster.”

“I don’t think that is how it would work.”

“Why not? You said it boosts cell production and makes the cells more malleable. The way you describe it, it almost sounds like you’re almost turning an average cell into a stem cell temporarily.”

“That’s actually a really good description of what happens. But Pfelscher isn’t going to want this. First of all, the research they could get out of this would obsolete over half of their product lines. I know, because I was thinking the same thing as you a few years ago, but then I met Carl.”


“Yes, he worked with me, and was a crude little asshole. Erica only knew him a short time before he was let go, but she couldn’t stand him because of the way he slobbered over her whenever she walked by.”

“So what does he have to do with all of this?”

“He came in and talked and talked about all his big ideas. At first the other chemists and I thought he was just an arrogant jerk, but then he came up with some ideas that literally would have changed the entire game for cancer treatment. It was unbelievable, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and neither could management.”

“Well, that’s great!”

“No, it wasn’t. Rumors began circulating about other products needing to be shut down if his research panned out, and everyone believed it would, and management got really distant from our department all of a sudden. Next thing I knew he was gone one morning, they had boxed up everything of his and left it out at the security desk for him to pick up. Then came the lawsuits. They sued for everything of his, personal computers, items from his home, even his lab notes from college, and they won in court really fast.”

“What items from his home?”

“Beakers, a centrifuge he had there, scales, just lab work related stuff.”

“How did they know he had that all there if he was researching this at work?”

“I don’t know..” Alicia pondered quietly. Lucas sat with a cold look on his face, thinking.

“So your employers know nothing about your research?”

“No, and I’m pretty sure they black listed Carl, because last I heard he wasn’t able to find any work at all. I’m not letting them know anything about my research. I’m sorry, Lucas, I know I could do this much faster if I took it to work, but I really need to keep everything on my personal equipment at home.”

“If what you’re saying is true, you’re right. I take it that Pfelscher took all of his research and patented it?”

“Yes, all of it. They claimed it as their own intellectual property. The court ruled on it within a couple months or so, and it didn’t sound like he had any money at all to file an appeal.” Lucas’ eyebrow cocked upward at the last comment.

“Alicia, I took Erica to the doctor this morning for a physical so we could get a recommendation for short term disability. We told the doctor about your serum.” Alicia turned a ghostly pale white at this revelation. “I think it will be ok, though,” Lucas attempted to console her, “because we asked them to leave out details of her shrinking and not mention the serum at all. I just had her mention more clinical type details, like loss of weight, strength, you know. At the time, I just figured they wouldn’t believe the story, that’s why I asked, but after what you just told me, I thought maybe I should let you know.”

Alicia calmed a bit and caught her breath. “If they removed mention of the serum, then there shouldn’t be a problem. But I can’t be connected to this. I’m serious, Lucas. If Pfelscher got involved, I don’t think they would be as interested in the possibilities of the serum, I think they would see it as a threat to their product lines. I’m afraid they would take everything, and then there would be no restoring Erica.”

“Most of your research is on your computer?”

“Almost all of it. I still have some software that I kept from grad school. It’s all on my laptop.”

“Maybe we could stop by your place later? I’d like to see it.”

“It’s actually out in my car. I thought it might come in handy today, so I brought it with, but I thought you didn’t know biochemistry.”

“No, but I’d like to see it anyways. Can you go get it?”

“Sure I guess..” Alicia stood and walked out the front door to go retrieve her laptop. Lucas sat there in lost in thought while he waited for her to return. When she finally came back in he stood and sat at the dining table next to the entrance to the kitchen and Alicia joined him, setting the average, plastic covered laptop on the surface of the table and opening it up.

She entered her password and Lucas looked over the screen and the laptop components, checking information on his phone repeatedly. She opened a flat looking program and began to pull out a computer generated image of a molecule. “This is the main active ingredient in the serum,” She explained to him.

He watched, listening intently as she explained the process of developing the molecule, and it’s various chemical properties for close to a half hour before he finally interrupted her and asked, “Do you mind if I took the mouse for a minute?”

“Okay, go ahead,” she said, a confused look on her face. With a key stroke he cleared the open applications back to the desktop and began rooting through the control panels, looking in and out of settings. He then went into the root command and began searching through there for several minutes without saying a word.

“What are you looking for?” Alicia asked. “I didn’t even know that was there on the computer.”

“I’m just checking to see your network activity and any important programs. You have a pretty standard hard drive on here, kinda old too, you never upgraded it?”

“No, and I keep running out of space. I can’t even keep my music on here anymore.”

“How would you like me to install a hybrid drive for you? I have one lying around. It has three times the storage this one does, plus it has an SSD drive on it as well that is almost as big as this drive. I could clone your system here, and I could have it done for you before you left tonight.”

“Tonight? Don’t you and Erica want some time..”

“I’d like you to stay for dinner, if you could. How about steaks? Want me to grill up some steaks for you two?”

“I don’t want to be a bother..”

“No bother, none at all. I’m happy to have the company,” Lucas smiled warmly at her.

“But the hard drive? Didn’t you need that for something else?”

“I had bought it for something else, but I want to use it for this.”

“I don’t know, Lucas,” Alicia said, unsure of herself.

“Really, it’s no big deal. I can get another one for cheap if I decide I need it. I think this will be a big help for you in your research. It has way more space and is much, much faster too.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. What about your setup at home, what are you running at home?”

“Just this.”

“This is just a thirteen inch screen, isn’t that cramped?”

“Sometimes I guess,”

“And other equipment? Like for blood work?”

“I have a friend at a clinic that has helped with that in the past.”

“What if you could do it yourself?”

“I don’t have enough space for that at my apartment.”

“What about here?” I have plenty of workspace in the basement and in the garage. I know a guy in the guard, I am certain he could get me stuff like a centrifuge and other lab equipment that they are otherwise just throwing out.”

“Is that legal?”

“It’s being tossed in the dumpster. We can put a list together of what you need, I bet you’ll be surprised at how much you can get for free or that is already sitting right here.”


“Yeah. You know, in the spare bedroom, I have a twenty seven inch screen, we can hook your laptop up to it, set you up like it’s a desktop. We can do that right where it’s at, or in the garage or downstairs, wherever you think it would be best to work.”

“Lucas, this is way too much, you’re being too generous.”

“No, it’s no big deal. You know, I work for a hospital chain. I know a few nurses and some other folk that work with patients. They are always tossing old medical supplies that haven’t expired yet, but they are getting rid of it because of inventory turnover. We can get you some of that too.”

“You’re not serious..”

“I’m dead serious. Come on Alicia, what’s the worst that will happen? You come over here, work on the serum and get a free meal, and it would be good for Erica and I to have you around.”

“You have stuff downstairs?”

“Sure, come on, take a look and let me know if any of it is useful.” He stood and offered his hand to her, which she took and stood, then followed him to a door at the back of the kitchen which opened to a dark set of stairs. They went down stairs, and Lucas flipped on a light, illuminating an unfinished basement, with concrete floors, and a couple workbenches set up at the far side of the room. On the workbenches sat a couple of old looking machines with levers on the side.

“What are those?”

“Just some old machines. I got them from my dad. I can tell you those won’t help you, but, how about these?” Lucas pulled out some boxes with various equipment under the work benches and showed them to Alicia.

“A balance scale? And a set of calipers? Oh, wow, these are nice calipers,” she admitted, examining them carefully. She looked around, finding containers and beakers of various size, a burner, and various other lab level materials, though almost all of it was rather old and dated.

“I guess we could set up a lab down here, you don’t have a lot of what I need, but this is a good start,” she said thoughtfully. Lucas smiled and led her back upstairs again and they sat at his dining table again. “You’re sure you want to do all this?”

“Of course I do. Come on, what do you say?”

Alicia grinned bashfully, “I guess I’d like to spend the time with you.”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We are doing this for Erica. She hasn’t set her mind on being with me, but I don’t want her to get hurt by you trying to make a play either.”

“Sorry, you’re right. I just,”

“It’s ok, no need to explain. You know, even better; I can set up a spare tower I have lying around, and we’ll set it up with all the software you already have, and you can remote in here for your work. That way you won’t even have to drive up here, unless you’re hungry or want to spend time with us.”

Alicia grinned even more wholeheartedly. “All this might do a lot to shorten the time it takes to find a solution,” Alicia said carefully.

“That’s a good thing, right?”

“I guess, but what happens then, once she is restored?”

“We can work on that later. If you enjoy hanging out up here, there’s no reason we can’t continue to do it after you restore Erica as well. So, you didn’t answer my question. Does steaks work for you tonight? How about ribeyes?”

“That would be perfect!” Alicia told him excitedly.

“Alright, it’s settled then. Come on, help me start seasoning them up, that way we can started right after Erica wakes up.” Alicia hopped to her feet and followed Lucas into the kitchen. He pulled out white paper package from the fridge and opened it on the counter, revealing several fresh steaks.

“You have pretty much everything here, don’t you?” Alicia questioned, not believing her fortune yet.

“Ah, these were for some friends that were coming over next Wednesday. I’m pretty sure that will have to be rescheduled though, so you might as well get to enjoy them.” Alicia grinned as Lucas handed a shaker of seasoning to him and followed his lead as he sprinkled the spices over the meat he had laid out. “I was wondering, why do you need a new formula? The serum can already both grow or shrink someone.”

“Yes, but this one uses the hormones naturally produced by a person. So, I guess we don’t know for sure whether it will shrink or grow someone without testing first, but it will only do one or the other.”

“Why can’t you just give the subject something like steroids or something that would make them more aggressive. Wouldn’t that force them to grow?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m betting that anabolic steroids would be too close to a sexual hormone in this case, and just act as a multiplier here,” Alicia explained to him, before she suddenly stopped and looked up, then over to Lucas with an astonished look on her face. “Oh my God, that might work!”


“No, but if we can narrow down the hormones causing both shrinking and growing, I can suppress the ones that will cause the subject to shrink and add in the ones that would encourage growth! I could take months off the development time!”

Lucas smiled back at her. “Told you dimwits like me could sometimes be helpful.”

Alicia jumped up and kissed him n the cheek, “You’re not a dimwit, that is brilliant!”

“Brilliant is if you can make it work.”

“I bet I could. I will need new test subjects, though.”

“More mice?”

“Female, this time, preferably.”

“We’ll go to the pet store after dinner.”

“This is going to be great!” Alicia exclaimed. “It will take some time still, but I bet we could have her back to normal in no time!” Lucas grinned and handed Alicia another shaker with garlic powder.

“Really pour this..”

“LUCAS?!?!?!?!?!” A tiny voice screeched out. Lucas and Alicia looked at each other in alarm. Lucas grabbed a towel and marched quickly out of the kitchen, wiping his hands clean, and Alicia in tow close behind. “LUCAS?!?!??!” They heard once again. They walked down the hallway quickly together arriving at the bedroom door where Lucas saw Erica, sitting on the bed, desperately clutching his sweatshirt in her tiny hands. Her face was pale and covered in sweat, her body shook, and her hands fidgeted up and down, clinging to the soft sweatshirt. Her eyes were already bloodshot and filled with tears, though nothing had started running down her cheeks yet.

“I’m here Kitten, what’s wrong?” Lucas tried to reassure her.

“Where were you?” She pleaded with an unsteady voice.

“We were just in the kitchen. I thought we could grill some steaks for you, and..” Erica caught a glimpse of Alicia standing behind him, a confused and rattled expression drawn on her face.

“She’s still here???”

“Yeah, we were talking about the formula, and we might..” As he stepped closer to her carefully, it became apparent Erica’s breathing was extremely rapid and on the verge of out of control. “Kitten, talk to me, what’s wrong?”

Erica sat and stared warily at Alicia who still stood in the doorway, and who herself was turning a little pale now. “Does she have to be here right now?” Erica asked, trembling.

“Alicia, could you wait in the kitchen, please. We won’t be long.” Alicia nodded and Erica looked on with some relief as she heard the loud clicks and taps of Alicia’s heels as she walked down the wooden floors of the hallway. When she reached the living room, however, Alicia slipped her shoes off and tiptoed back to listen in once again.

“Come on Kitten, talk to me, what’s wrong?” Lucas ran his fingers through her hair and massaged her neck. She calmed somewhat, but was still noticeably agitated.

“Lucas..” She began fearfully, “Am I smaller than earlier?”

“What? No, I don’t think so, you look the same to me..”

“Lucas, I think I shrank again in my sleep,” She told him, clutching the sweatshirt harder.

“No, Kitten, you look the same.”

“What if I did?”

“I don’t think you did,” He reassured her.

“How can you be sure? Can’t you measure me?” She begged him, an intense urgency in her voice.

“Okay, kitten, I’ll measure you. I’ll be right back.” Alicia heard and ducked into the spare bedroom while Lucas stormed down the hallway, and through the kitchen, pausing for just a second to notice Alicia wasn’t there. He didn’t linger on the idea though, and ran down the stairs, bumping into an exposed wooden stud as he went and ran across to the work bench, grabbing a tape measure, then ran back the way he came to Erica who sat, still trembling on the bed. Alicia heard him come by again, and once again tiptoed out to listen by the door frame. “I’ve got the tape measure,” he told her, trying his best to remain calm. “Come on, I’ll measure you down here.”

He took her dainty hand and lead her down her steps to a clear spot on the bedroom wall and stood straight for him. He began measuring her when she reminded him, “Make sure you’re careful when you measure me.”

“I will, Kitten.”

“Don’t lie to me, Lucas, please.”

“I won’t, Kitten, promise.” He measured, taking his time, until he finally announced “Two eleven point three.”

“You’re sure?”

“I am.” Erica continued to shake in front of him, as she wrapped her hands around herself, as though she was trying to warm herself up. He took the sweatshirt from her hands, which she still hadn’t let go of and wrapped it around her. He then put his arms around her, pulling her carefully into him and picked her up, walking back to the bed and sat down, holding her. Lucas rubbed her back and shoulders until she finally slumped over into him and began whimpering and crying into his shoulder.

“Kitten, please talk to me,” Lucas begged.

“I dreamt that I kept shrinking and shrinking, and shrinking, and nothing would stop it. And I shrank right through you hands, but you were just smiling about it, and the whole world just kept getting bigger and bigger until there was nothing but black all around me, but I was still shrinking, I could feel it. I could feel it! It wouldn’t stop Lucas! I shrank away to nothing, but even then it wouldn’t stop!” She grabbed down on his shirt and pulled it tightly into her.

“It’s ok, Kitten, it was just a dream. You are right here, and you aren’t any smaller than before, and I am not letting you go. I swear it, Kitten. I swear I won’t let you shrink away. You’re too important to me.”

“What if you can’t stop it?” She questioned fearfully.

“Whatever it takes Kitten. I won’t lose you like that, I swear it. I won’t. I will not let you slip through my fingers.”

“Promise?” She wept into his shoulder.

“Promise.” He told her firmly. She looked up at him, and he held her up closer, kissing her on her base of her neck, and massaging into her skin as tenderly as he could. He continued like this, watching the cock on the wall slowly tick away for several minutes. Gradually, over time, she managed to collect herself and relax into his arms.

“God,” she lamented. “I must look like such a fuckin idiot.”

“No, Kitten, you don’t. I think I’m just very lucky.”

“You do?”


“Why? I’m just a midget cripple who can’t even deal with a bad dream anymore.”

Lucas looked her in the eyes, and ran his fingers through her soft hair. “You’re a beautiful woman, and I am lucky that you trusted me enough to tell me all this. I know it can’t be easy.” Erica looked at him and placed a miniature hand on his cheek, then leaned in hugging him tightly.

“What are you doing this?” She asked him.

“It’s the coconut scented body wash. I just can’t say no to it.” Erica laughed into his shirt. She put herself back together and sat back looking at him.

“I’ll be fine, thanks. Why is Alicia still here?”

“I asked her to stay for some dinner, and we are planning a lab for her so she can get to work on helping you out.”

“A lab?”

“Yeah, I have some things she’ll need and I know where to get a bunch of other items as well. She thinks it could take months off her research time and we can get you back to your life again.”

“You did all that while I took a nap?”

“Just some planning. We haven’t actually gotten anything done on that front yet. We got side tracked with another important project.”

“What kind of project,” she asked suspiciously.

“Dinner. Do you like ribeye steaks?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“We’re almost done seasoning them, and we were waiting for you to wake up so we can grill you some dinner.”

“For me?”

“Of course, who else?” Erica smiled back at his response.

“Alicia agreed to help you?”

“Yes, she did.”

“You don’t have to do that,” Erica told him with a little bit of guilt in her voice.

“You have to eat, Kitten. And besides, having you here is really special for me. We might as well kick it off with a good meal.”


“Yes, special. You want to get yourself woken up, and we can tell you about Alicia’s idea over supper?”

“Alicia’s idea?” Lucas nodded. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

“Want some help?”

“No, thank you, I’ll do it myself, I’ll be out in a few minutes, ok?”

“You want me to wait for you?”

“No, go ahead, I’m fine now.”

“Alright.” Lucas stood and walked toward the door before Erica called over to him.

“Lucas?” She asked. Lucas turned and smiled at her. “Thank you, Lucas.” He smiled and bowed slightly to her and headed out into the hall. He paused, then walked into the bathroom, taking the trash bin on the wall and turning it upside down in front of the sink. He then left and walked into to the living room, where he found Alicia sitting, with a sullen, serious look on her face.

“I was listening in on you two,” she admitted quietly.

“No you weren’t.”

“Yes, I was Lucas, I’m sorry.”

“No, you weren’t. Erica would likely be pretty upset if she knew you didn’t respect her wishes like that.” Alicia nodded, then looked down at her bare feet again.

“She’s always told me just about everything, ever since we met. We were such great friends from the start, but she was scared of me just now, wasn’t she?”

“I don’t think she was scared of you, so much as showing how vulnerable she was.”

“Does it matter? I’ve never known her to be scared of anything. I didn’t do anything, and she looked like she was going to die right there in front of me. I have a pit in my stomach just thinking of the look she just gave me.”


“This is what you were trying to tell me about earlier?”

“That is the worst she has gotten all day, but yeah. Look, I really am sorry things aren’t working out like you wanted, but we need you to pull it together, because I can’t keep her going on my own. I wish I could, but I can’t.” They sat in silence for a moment until Lucas spoke up again. “Come on Alicia, let’s get some dinner together. I’m betting we can calm some nerves that way.”
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Re: Please..

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Jessi stood out in the hallway waiting for Erica. When she finally rounded the corner, Jessi smiled and waved. Erica smiled back and approached, head high and confident. “Where’s Mandy?” she asked.

“They all went ahead to class,” the girl smiled, in an extremely perky manner.

“Uh huh,” Erica replied, her eyes narrowed slightly. “Well, let’s go catch up with them, then,” she smiled coolly.

“Oh, well, don’t you need your books?”

“I suppose I should go get them, sure,” Erica’s eyes narrowed further.

The two girls walked together and Erica started off with “God, Jenna is in a pissy mood today. I swear she thinks she can get away with anything just because she’s on her period. If I have to deal with one more of her little fake tears, I’m going to lose it.” She looked at Jessi, who seemed distracted.

She stared down at her friend intently, who turned and looked up and finally said, “Oh yeah, it gets really old the way she acts. I don’t know why Mandy puts up with her.” Erica smirked and lead her friend further down the hallway, picking up the pace slightly.

“Well, she’s really funny, when she isn’t all bitchy, so she’s not all that bad all the time, but seriously, I can’t stand the super bitch routine.”

The two girls finally approached Erica’s locker and Erica stepped in front of it, slowly turning the dial for her lock, smiling confidently to herself. Jessi watched intently as Erica spun the numbers.

“So uh,” Jessi started to tell Erica, “Mandy is going down to the mall after school, are you coming with this time?”

“I can’t I have volleyball practice.”

“You never come with us down there. Why do you always have other things going on instead of hang out with the rest of us?”

“Because I’m working hard to get into a good college.”

“College is like, forever away. That’s a pretty stupid excuse.”

“I don’t need excuses. They look at all your grades going back, and all your activities. If you want to get ahead, you have to work hard.”

“Whatever. Do you even want to hang out with us?”

“Want has nothing to do with it. I can’t spend all my time at the mall giggling at boys.” Erica finally unlatched the locker as Jessi winced and Erica hooked her arm inside Jessi’s, yanking the young girl in front of her locker, with Erica stepping to one side. As she opened it to the scene of a bucket of water falling down, drenching Jessi from head to toe, Jessi gasped, as did the voices of several girls hidden around the corner. A few gaggles of random kids left lingering the last few moments before the bell all laughed hysterically.

Jessi stood there, fists clenched, shivering under the cold water, speechless and mortified. An empty bucket sat on the floor at the feet of Jessi after falling out. Erica stood, leaning against the locker and inspected Jessi up and down and looked inside the locker to see the contents inside.

“Well, no damage done,” Erica commented coolly. Jessi looked up in shock as Erica continued to look over the contents of her locker, then slammed the door shut, without taking a single item and began to walk away.

“You’re picking the wrong side,” Erica warned Jessi coldly as she casually walked past the dripping wet girl.


Mandy and a couple of her friends were in the locker room after gym class, changing back into their regular school clothes. As they changed they gossiped about the events in gym class.

“I’m telling you, Jayce was cheating. There is no way he could beat all of us in dodge ball like that,” Mandy complained.

“I know, seriously. And he threw so hard. Why did he have to be so mean?”

“When is Jessi going to get here?”

“I don’t know, she was dragging her butt after class. I don’t know what her problem is today.” No one seemed to notice a tuft of dark hair drift along above the lockers behind their conversation. As most of the girls had stripped down just their panties, and tiny head peaked out from around the end of the row of lockers. It sniffed around then meandered out down the aisle in the general direction of the girls. Mandy was the first one to see it, shrieking at the top of her lungs and running down toward the other end of the aisle, leaving all of her belongings behind.

The other girls stopped dead, and looked at each other in confusion, then one caught a glimpse of the tiny creature herself and shrieked out “RAAAT!!! IT’S A RAT!!!” All the girls in the locker room began shrieking an wailing at the top of their lungs, but luckily for them, the only place rodents seemed to be located was in the same aisle as Mandy and her friends. All the girls in that aisle ran to the end of the aisle, hiding behind the row of lockers, continuing to squeal like piglets being butchered alive by a dull meat cleaver as they huddled together from the offensive rodent.

Out of the blue there was a loud “TSHHHHHH!” noise and suddenly several rats came scampering out past the end of the locker aisle, some of them out toward the half naked girls as they clung to each other. Their screaming intensified, and they all ran straight out of the locker room squealing at the top of their lungs into a wide corridor filled with kids of all ages and sizes walking to and from their respective classes.

A look of surprise, then intense amusement spread like wildfire throughout the hall as the girls looked around, confused, then quickly realized their predicament, hunching over, trying to cover their bodies with their hands.

“Oh my GOD!!” A gleeful young voice squealed. “Mandy has been stuffing her bra! Her chest is still flat like a little girl’s!!!” Laughter ensued, and kids from further away began to gather to take part in the fun.

The gaggle of half naked girls all turned bright red at the attention. Catcalls from boys began to echo down the hallway and the girls stood like deer caught in the head light of an oncoming truck. They looked around, panicked, desperately looking for a place to hide.

Then a hushed voice called out from the locker room door, “Pssst! Lizzie, Ellie! In here!!” Most of the half naked girls looked over to see Erica peaking out from behind the locker room door. She waved them back and they all broke loose from their huddle to scamper back into the locker room while Erica held the door for them. Mandy and one other girl remained alone, exposed to the world for a few short seconds that dragged on for an eternity before they too ran back to the door, which was now closed. In their panicked state, they fumbled and clawed at the doorknob before an older boy walked over and looked down at them, a confident, smug grin on his face, spreading from ear to ear.

He grabbed the doorknob and turned it, pushing the door open for them slightly. Without a word they ran through the crack and collapsed in a heap against the wall, finally hidden from sight.


Mandy stormed angrily down the hallway towards her locker, her friend having trouble trying to keep up with her pace. “Why are you mad now?” The girl asked.

“Guess,” Mandy spit back.

“Still? That was a week ago.”

“How would you have liked to be pushed out into the hallway naked?”

“Mandy, you ran, no one pushed you.”

“She knew I was afraid of rats.”

“Who? Erica? We still don’t know for sure it was her.”

“It was her! I am so going to get her back!” Mandy walked down the hallway and caught a glimpse of a girl in thick glasses smirking directly at her. Mandy stopped and stomped over to the girl. “What are you looking at?”

The girl grinned and looked around. “Where’s your muscle?” She asked noting Erica’s lack of presence.

“Excuse me?” Mandy snarled.

“I’m just surprised you’re so pushy without Erica backing you up,” the girl chimed on.

“What makes you think I need Erica, brat?”

“Padding your bra again, I see,” the girl went on, ignoring Mandy’s question. Mandy fumed and drew back to hit the girl, but her friend grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Mandy growled at her friend.

“Mandy,” she replied, “Mr. Calrson is watching you..” Mandy looked to the side and noticed a tall man leaned out, peering at her through the crowd, watching her intently.

“I will take care of you later, twerp,” Mandy snarled again angrily, then turned back to her original path, storming angrily along the way. About half way down the hallway, Mandy stopped and caught a boy ginning at her, rubbing his hands up and down his shirt over his chest evocatively. She turned and towards him, and as with the previous encounter, the small boy stood smiling smugly.

“I’m gonna rip that smile off your face!” Mandy said in her most threatening voice possible. Once again her friend interrupted.

“Mandy!” She snapped in a hushed manner.

“What?” Mandy growled back.

“Ms. Sandhuski is watching us!”

“What?” Mandy looked over and again, another teacher stood, watching the developing encounter very closely. Mandy collected her thoughts, then told the boy, “I know where you live, Jesse. I will take care of you later.” Once again Mandy stormed off, this time more rattled.

“Mandy, haven’t you noticed?” Her friend asked, a tone of worry in her voice.

“Noticed what?” Mandy asked, uncertain of what she was referring to.

“That’s been happening all morning. Every time we stop to talk to someone there is a teacher watching us. It happened during home room and again in math, and even in social studies. And anytime we stop in the hallways, someone is keeping an eye on us?”


“Mandy, how can you not notice?”

“Why would they be watching us so closely?”

“Do you think Erica snitched on us?”

“No, if she did, then she’d get in trouble too.”

“She’s Mrs. Salvatori’s pet student, you really think she couldn’t get around it?” Mandy turned pale, her mind spinning of all the scenarios that could be going on around her, working against her.

“Erica wouldn’t dare cross me.”

“Why not? She knows you crossed her. She knew that we had rigged her locker even before she got there.”

“She couldn’t have known, she just got lucky.”

“Then how do you explain what happened? And Jessi hasn’t hardly spoken to us since then. Maybe they are in this together..”

“Jessi wouldn’t dare. She knows I have those pictures I got of her with Craig at my house.”

“Well, something is going on, and I don’t like it. This isn’t fun anymore with all the teachers watching us constantly.”

The girls finally arrived at Mandy’s locker and Mandy spun her lock open as quickly as possible, grabbed her books and made her way to their next class as quickly as possible. Most of the kids were already there, but the teacher was nowhere in sight yet. Mandy breathed a sigh of relief and set her eyes on her desk. She marched in, slid her books under the desktop, and sat hurriedly.

What had gone unnoticed was underneath the desk, hanging, taped up was a large water balloon, with a make shift button taped gently to the surface of the balloon. As Mandy sat, her hips and stomach pressed against he button, which was fasted to a small nail, which in turn punctured the balloon. The taut surface ruptured wide open and the students of the room all became quiet at the sound of water suddenly splashing loudly all over Mandy’s lap.

Mandy sat wide eyed, a panicked horrified look on her face at the realization of what had just happened as the warm water soaked through her jeans into her skin. She sat motionless as the other kids around the room quietly looked to each other and around their surroundings trying to determine the source of the unusual sound.

It was Todd who noticed first, pointing at the dripping water underneath Mandy. He leaned over to his friend and whispered to his friend, who in turn looked and went wide eyed. “Oh my God!,” The boy yelled. “Mandy, did you pee your pants, or what?” All eyes once again turned to Mandy, who sat in absolute shock, uncertain of what to say or do. Kids just outside the door ran in to see what the commotion was all about and Mandy, realizing there was no way of hiding her predicament stood up, covering her lap with her hands and ran straight out of the class room and down the hallway.

As Mandy roared along the corridor, her teacher for the hour, who was finally returning to her classroom, stopped and took notice of the girl and her soaked crotch and stood with a shocked look on her face. A crowd of kids came running out after her, laughing gleefully at the exhibition.

Behind them, a small boy, easily the smallest of the entire class room full of kids, walked out carefully, looked both ways and then walked down the hallway in the opposite direction, taking the first left where he found Erica talking with Jessi and several other girls. Erica noticed him immediately, as she was the only one looking in that general direction and interrupted her smaller friends, telling them, “Hey guys, go ahead to class, I’ll be right there. They all turned and walked away, hardly paying any attention to the small boy as he cautiously approached the tall girl.

Erica smiled down at him, and he looked around nervously. Seeing no one there, he held out the taped remains of the water balloon, as well as the makeshift pin and handed it to Erica. Erica smiled warmly down to him and kissed him on the cheek. The boy’s skin turned bright pink as Erica soothingly told to him, “Thank you, Randall.”
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Re: Please..

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Erica stood and wrapped the warm soft sweatshirt tightly around her shoulders, hugging herself. She walked across the surface of the bed and back down her box-steps. Outside she could hear soft voices talking, unable to make out what they were saying. As she approached the door, she heard the voices move, presumably toward the kitchen. Erica walked out and looked down the empty hallway, then across the hall to the bathroom. She walked over and pushed the door open, walked in, and pushed it mostly closed.

Turning around she looked up at the mirror, high above where she stood then down around her to assess her surroundings. She noticed the trash bin turned upside down in front of the sink for her and smiled, taking the sweatshirt in her hands and holding it tightly. Erica walked across, the sweatshirt dragging against the ground.

She climbed on top of the overturned bin with ease and stood, looking into the mirror. She pulled her lower eyelid down, inspecting her bloodshot eyes, then leaned forward on her tiptoes over the counter. She slid forward on her stomach until she could get a good hold of the faucet, and turned it on, then waited patiently there wile she tested the water with her hand until it heated to her liking. She slid back and stood again on her impromptu pedestal, examining her face more closely.

Erica then reached into the running water and filled her hands, bringing them back and rinsing her skin free of the sweat and oils that had dried there after her outburst. She repeated this several times, taking her time to collect herself and work the worry out of her face. When she was finally satisfied, she leaned over again, sliding forward on her stomach across the counter again and she turned off the running water. Finished, she slid back, carefully lowering herself back onto the improvised platform and then stepped down onto the cold linoleum floor.

Once more, she walked softly across the room, the warm sweatshirt dragging on the floor, and she pulled the door open, listening as she looked down the long corridor in front of her. Ahead she heard cheerful voices in the background and began to walk towards them. Out of the hallway, she found herself standing in the living room again, and through the doorway to her left, in the kitchen she heard two cheerful voices continue on, louder now.

As she walked into the kitchen, she looked and found Lucas and Alicia towering high above her at the counter working diligently on something. Erica approached quietly, listening in on their conversation.

“She really said that?” Alicia asked, in an incredulous tone.

“Yeah, I couldn’t believe it,” Lucas replied. “And what is really scary is that the woman believed it too. She had her eating out of the palm of her hand.”

“Come on, you’re kidding. No one would believe that.”

“This lady did, and apparently her friend did too. It was insane. It took everything I had just to keep from laughing right there in her face.”

“How did she even come up with that?”

“I have no idea. She said she has done it before.”

“Oh my God! With imagination like that she should be making commercials or movies or something!”

“I know!” Lucas chimed in. Erica smiled and blushed at the praise they were doling out, presumably in her absence. She walked around beside Lucas and looked up, waiting to be seen.

“I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. There have been times where some jerk was groping me at work and you would be amazed at the ways she would belittle them to their faces.” Alicia went on.

“Well, that doesn’t really surprise me, I just wasn’t expecting to see the way she played this woman on the fly. I almost crapped my pants when she dumped the whole thing in my lap and let me take over with her little game, though.”

“Oh no! What did you do?”

“I tried to put it back on her again, but she just handed it right back to me without missing a beat.” They laughed high above her while she stood there looking up, hugging the sweatshirt closely to her and fighting back a toothy grin.

Lucas turned slightly to reach up to a cupboard and caught her below him in the corner of his eye. He looked down and smiled warmly at her. “Well, speak of the devil,” he remarked slyly.

“Huh?” Alicia asked numbly, turning to her left. Upon unexpectedly spotting the tiny woman, Alicia screamed and almost fell back off of her heels. Alicia leaned against the fridge, regaining her balance and looked down at Erica irritated. “God! You scared the hell out of me!”

Erica giggled uncontrollably as the giant wobbled back to a fully upright position and fixed her hair. Alicia scowled for a moment then paused and looked at the giddy elfin woman. “Did you just.. giggle?” Alicia asked, a confused looked stretched on her face.

“What’s wrong with that? I can’t laugh? It was funny!”

“Well yeah, but you always laugh. Like Hah-hah-hah-hah-hah. I’ve never seen you.. giggle.”

“I’ll laugh harder when you fall all the way over, how is that?”

“No, I like the giggles better, sorry,” Alicia offered in apology.

“Do we need to catch you up on any of the conversation, Kitten?” Lucas, asked gently.

“No, pretty sure I got enough,” She grinned happily.

“Oh my God! Were you listening in on that whole conversation?” Alicia asked, flabbergasted.

“No, just the last part.”

“I didn’t even hear you come in, why did you sneak up on us like that?”

“You mean on you? I didn’t, I guess you’re too big and clumsy to hear lil ol’ me,” Erica teased. Alicia gave Erica a dirty look, and struggled to find a come back, but failed, so she went back to work on top of the counter above her.

“Do you need any help?” Erica asked as Lucas began to go back to dive back into his preparations as well.

“We’ve got it pretty much covered,” Alicia replied distantly.

“There isn’t anything I can do?”

Alicia looked down at Erica as if to scold her, but Lucas subtly pulled forward on her hand, encouraging her to stay focused on her work o the counter. Alicia stopped, and looked at Lucas confused but went back to her work. Erica looked down depressed, holding the sweatshirt tightly to her.

“We’ve already got the steaks seasoned, they are just marinating, and Alicia is teaching me to make a salad,” Lucas explained. “Maybe potatoes? How do you like your potatoes, Kitten?”

“Baked, I guess,” Erica said, looking up to Lucas.

“Hmmmm,” he said, stopping to look down. “Well, I had thought you might like us waiting on you, but I suppose you’re kinda bored?” Erica nodded up at him. Lucas continued to look at her. “Well, baked potatoes won’t take any preparation at all, just wrap them in tin foil.”

“Tinfoil? Don’t you put them in the microwave?” Erica asked in a curious voice.

“Not when I’m grilling,” Lucas smiled.

“Well, I guess I can wrap some up in tinfoil,” Erica began to think out loud.

“No, I have something much better for you, it will top off the whole meal.”

Alicia looked over confused, but Erica looked up at him with a perky grin. Lucas went on to explain. “Do you like chocolate?”

“I love it!” Erica exclaimed cheerfully.

“Perfect, you’ll need some ingredients. Go to the pantry closet behind me on the other side of the kitchen. Some of them are a bit high up, so you may want to push over a chair.”

Erica hopped over to the small table in the middle of the kitchen and grabbed a chair, pushing and pulling, slowly dragging it over to the closet door Lucas mentioned. Under the cover of the noises of the chair sliding across the floor, Alicia whispered quietly to Lucas, “She isn’t big enough to cook. You can’t do that to her!”

“She was big enough this morning to make breakfast. If she needs help, she can ask.” Lucas whispered back.

“You can’t be serious!” She whispered.

“Stop it, she’s got this.” Lucas muttered back.

Erica turned hearing something from the two of them. “What?” She asked of the two giants.

“Just let me know if anything is our of reach, okay?” Lucas replied.

“It won’t be,” Erica said back defiantly. Lucas went back to dicing up tomatoes, while Alicia grimaced at him.

Erica pushed the chair up next to the door and climbed up, opening the massive wooden gateway with both of her tiny hands, surprised when the door just pulled open, rather than requiring her to turn the knob. Inside she saw several shelves, going up much higher than she stood, even on the chair. “K, so what do I need?” she asked him plainly.

“A bag of sugar, a package of semisweet chocolate, salt, vanilla, and some cocoa powder,” Lucas told her logically.

“What are you making?” Alicia asked curiously. Lucas just grinned.

Erica went about grabbing the various items, and taking them one at a time over to the table after hopping down from the chair. Once she had all her items together on the table she asked, “Okay, now what?”

“Okay, now you need to get some milk, and eggs out of the fridge.”

Erica pranced over to the fridge, which was right next to Alicia, who was cutting up mushrooms. Erica placed her hands on the door of the refrigerator and began straining to pull it open. Upon noticing her friend’s dilemma, Alicia reached down and grabbed the door handle, but Erica looked up and scolded harshly, “I can do it myself!”

Alicia jumped back, “Okay, jeez! Sorry!”

“Go easy on us Kitten, will ya? We’re just trying to help,” Lucas said quietly, still not looking away from his work.

Erica looked up at Lucas and reconsidered her words, and finally relented, “sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.”

Alicia smiled at Erica, then gave Lucas a confused look. Erica went back to it, and with considerable effort, she managed to pry the door open and she peer inside. She grabbed each item one at a time, running it back to the table, then back to the refrigerator. Once she had everything, she pushed the door closed. “Now what?” She asked, eager for her next orders.

“Alright, now you need a saucepan, and a couple of bowls.”

“Where are they?”

“Saucepan is near the floor to my left, bowls are in the cupboard above.”

“Can you get me the bowls since you’re already up there?”

“Sure, kitten.” Erica pranced over to the cupboard near Lucas’ feet and opened it, finding a saucepan and taking it out.

“How’s it this?”

“That’ll work fine,” he said as he handed down a couple of different sized bowls.

She ran them back to the table ad asked again, “Now what?”

“Now you need to separate the whites from the yolks for 3 eggs.”

“I need to WHAT?”

“Separate the yolks from the whites. You don’t know how to do that?”

“Uh no. Why would I?”

“Alicia, do you know how to do it?”

“Of course I do,” Alicia said confidently. Erica snarled up at her.

“K, maybe you could be a little less smug about it and show Erica?”

“Sure, can you finish the rest of the salad?”

“I think so. If I screw it up too much I’ll let you know.”

Alicia took leave of the counter and washed her hands, then sat at the table where Erica had hopped up and was standing on a chair waiting. While they got started, Lucas took a large mixing bowl and slipped it into the freezer. Alicia sat and cracked the egg, spilling the oozing contents into one of the bowls. “K, Erica, this is really easy. All you have to do is hold the egg like this and just work it with your fingers gently like this, and slowly let the white drain away from the yolk back into the bowl. Then you just drop the yolk in this other bowl.” Erica watched with a horrified look as the egg separated slowly in Alicia’s hands and the whites fell into the bowl below.

“That is disgusting,” Erica eventually remarked.

“That is cooking, how did you think it was done?”

“I didn’t know it was done at all.”

“You’ve never cooked anything that required just the white or just the yolks?”

“I thought that is why it came in cartons.” Alicia handed Erica an egg, and she cracked it and overheard Lucas chuckling at the counter and scowled. Erica repeated the practice she had just been shown and then looked over to Alicia in repulsion as she felt the gooey substance straining through her tiny fingers. “Oh my God! It’s so slimy! How do you stand this?”

“I kinda like how it feels,” Alicia admitted. Erica recoiled at the thought and finished her job.

“Gimme the other egg before I puke,” she ordered. Lucas laughed and Erica shot daggers in his direction. “Do you want to do this?” She barked.

“Sure, I can do it for you if you need me to,” he said casually.

“Ugghh, I can do it myself,” She groaned as she gently massaged the last egg apart. Once done she stood there, bits of egg whites still dripping from her diminutive fingers, with her mouth agape and holding her hands as distant from her body as she could manage.

“Alright, now what?” She asked, not as excited as before. Lucas, apparently finished with his salad, dumped the contents into a large bowl and walked over with several measuring cups in hand. He set them on the table and handed Eric a hand towel, which she eagerly wiped her hands with.

“Now we pour our ingredients in the saucepan and cook this on the stove.” Erica looked up at him with relief. “K, you need ¾ cups of sugar,” Lucas waited as Erica measured the prescribed amount and dumped it in the saucepan, “a cup of milk,” he waited as she complied, “a teaspoon of salt,” Erica fidgeted around the measuring tools Lucas had brought over, and eventually found the clump of spoons, but looked at it in confusion.

“Which one?” She asked.

“That one,” Lucas pointed at the appropriate measuring spoon. She measured and added the salt. “Ok, and two tablespoons of cocoa powder.” Erica looked again at the clump of spoons before Lucas added “the big one.” Erica grabbed it and poured in the cocoa.

“Now the egg yolks?” She asked.

“No, we’ll get to those later.” Alicia was looking on in amusement when Erica caught her.

“What’s so funny?” She demanded.

“Well, you. Don’t you ever cook?”

“Why should I?”

“So you can eat?”

“They have microwave dinners for a reason, Alicia.”

“Ugh,” Lucas interjected. “Well, you won’t be putting any of that crap in your body today.” Erica looked up confused and waited for Lucas’ next instructions. Lucas stood and grabbed a mixing spoon from a drawer and brought it back. “Alright, now we mix the stuff in the sauce pan over a burner.” Erica grabbed the saucepan and hopped to the floor, walking over to the stove and placing the saucepan on the surface above her, she then went over and grabbed her chair and began dragging it over to the stove. Alicia, struggling to watch the scenario play out started to stand to go over and help Erica, but Lucas held out a hand cautioning her to stop. Once again, Alicia looked at him with a confused look.

“Alicia, can you wrap up some potatoes in tin foil?” He asked her. She shrugged her shoulders and did as she was asked. Erica stood at the stove on her chair, and slipped the saucepan over the burner and turned it on. Lucas walked over, setting the bowl of egg yolks to her left.

“Not so hot, he cautioned her.” She turned the dial down a bit and looked to him for confirmation. “A little more,” He explained. She turned it down some more and looked up to him again. He nodded and handed her a mixing spoon.

“What am I making?” she asked curiously.

“It’s a surprise. You’ll figure it out eventually.” Erica grunted in frustration, then went to mixing her creation on the stove.

“God you’re a tease!” She remarked.

“More slowly,” he instructed her gently. Alicia sat at the table again and watched on in amusement as Erica slowly mixed the concoction and eventually, per Lucas’ ongoing instructions, poured a portion of it into the bowl of egg yolks, stirred it then poured everything back into the saucepan. In between stirring, Lucas helped her chop bits of chocolate up on a cutting board that he had already set there on the stove. Eventually, the entire liquid began to get substantially thicker and this is where Lucas instructed Erica to turn the burner off.

Finally, they shoveled the chipped bits of chocolate into the saucepan and Erica smiled as she watched it met in front of her. She mixed it around, making it into one thick, smooth, consistent product and Lucas smiled, telling her “Okay, we’re done for now.”

“For now?” She asked incredulously. “How much more is there?”

“Not a whole lot. You’ve done the hard part,” he smiled warmly to her. Lucas walked back to the freezer and pulled out the mixing bowl from earlier and set it on the stove in front of Erica. “Okay, now, put the contents of the saucepan in here.” Erica carefully lifted he saucepan by the handle and gently poured the contents into the nearly frozen bowl. She took extra care to scrape any left over liquid out of the saucepan and deposit it as well. Once done, she looked up to him for further guidance.

“Now, that bowl needs to go in the fridge.”

Erica grabbed the whole thing in her arms and grunted as she lifted it, then set it on the seat of the chair. She hopped down and grabbed the bowl in her arms once again and began trotting it over to the refrigerator. “Could you get the door for me, please?” Alicia smiled, finally being able to be of some use and pulled the door open for Erica as she slid the bowl into a space on the bottom shelf.

Erica stood there as Alicia closed the door on front of her and wiped the sweat from her brow. “Alright big man, what else you got for me?” She challenged Lucas.

“Why don’t you two get the coals lit on the grill, and I will clean up a bit in here,” Lucas told them. Alicia stood and walked around the table toward the door. “Charcoal and a lighter is in the garage, keys are on the wall over there, green fob,” Lucas explained. Alicia looked over on the wall and found the set of keys Lucas referred to, picking them up.

“God I love a man who can cook,” Alicia found herself unexpectedly saying as she walked with Erica out the back door.

Lucas laughed, but Erica grimaced and looked up at her, fiercely scolding, “What did I tell you about finding your own pet man?”

“I just.. I didn’t mean,” she blushed, flustered beyond words. Erica snarled and tugged on Alicia’s arm with surprising force coaxing her outside. The two walked down the sidewalk to the garage, and Alicia unlocked the door, letting them both inside. Once in, they both looked around. Eventually, Erica used a wooden stool and climbed up on top of the workbench at the back of the building and walked around until she found a butane lighter.

She smiled triumphantly while her friend continued searching along the wall for charcoal. At first, she opened her mouth to share her victory with Alicia, but then caught herself and smiled mischievously. She began searching again, left and right looking all over until she came across a pile of items that looked promising.

“Find the lighter yet?” Alicia asked, walking up with a bag of charcoal in both arms.

“Not yet,” Erica replied, tucking the lighter underneath the hem of her dress. “Go ahead, I’ll catch up in a minute.”

Alicia smiled and headed out the garage. Erica sifted through the pile, but found nothing of particular interest, and began searching again. After covering the top of the bench from one end to the other she ran back, and climbed down searching the shelves underneath. Almost immediately something caught her eye. Erica approached to find a positively ancient looking bellows. She grinned and grabbed it, running to the door and peaking out as she saw Alicia plodding over to the charcoal grill with her back turned to the garage. Erica watched as she bent over, setting the bag down and pulled the lid off, not bothering to turn around.

Immediately Erica ran out quickly and quietly behind her friend, holding her items closely to her. As she approached, she slowed and sneaked up deviously behind her. She watched as Alicia bent over picking the heavy bag up and Erica snuck around her legs as Alicia went about trying to open the bag high above her. Erica sneaked under the charcoal grill and carefully turned the bottom vent open, cautious to keep from making any noise. She took the bellows and inserted the nozzle into the vent as Alicia began pouring charcoal into the grill.

Erica grabbed the handles and squeezed down as hard as she could with a small grunt, causing a powerful blast of air to suddenly sweep upwards into the grill, kicking all of the loose soot up into the air into a dizzying flurry directly into Alicia’s face.

Alicia screamed, toppling over in her heels, falling over in the grass and dumping a sizeable portion of the contents of the charcoal bag onto herself in the process. Erica stood there, giddily waiting as Alicia eventually sat up, her face covered in gray charcoal soot with a confused, discomfited look on her face. Erica giggled profusely at the sight as Alicia considered events and began to glare angrily over at the salubrious sylph.

“Oops, did I blow the air in there too soon? I forget if you push the air in before or after you light the coals,” Erica mocked.

“YOU LITTLE BITCH!!” Alicia roared, stammering up to her feet to chase after Erica, but she stumbled in her heels and fell again as Erica raced off giggling profusely.

“Guess your big, fat clumsy ass can’t keep up with lil ol’ me!” She taunted.

“GET YOUR TINY ASS BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BITCH!” Alicia screamed as she kicked off her heels and ran after her at full speed.

Erica looked over her shoulder and saw the giant come rumbling towards her. “Oh shit,” she squeaked. Erica swerved back and forth as Alicia drew closer, then suddenly ran directly off to her right, dodging behind a maple tree, which Alicia promptly ran directly into.

Once again, Erica ran off giggling copiously as Alicia climbed to her feet again and screamed again “AAARRRGGHHH!!”

At this point, Lucas came into view in the door and opened it, looking to see what the sudden commotion was all about. Erica darted straight towards the house and between Lucas’ legs, turning and hugging his thigh as the giant came tearing towards them.

“What the hell?” Lucas asked, trying to determine what was happening. “Oh damn, what happened to your face, Alicia?”

“I’m gonna kill her!” Alicia screamed as she ran up, trying to get around Lucas to the elfin woman hiding behind him giggling.

Lucas grabbed Alicia’s shoulders and warned her, “Yeah, you just might. What happened?”

“That little bitch happened!”

“Calm down, okay?” Lucas took her and held her close, hugging her closely up above Erica, whose jaw suddenly dropped. Alicia stood in shock for a moment, then settled into the idea of the warm contact she was suddenly in and smiled, leaning in and resting her head on his shoulder. Out of the corner of Alicia’s eye she could see Erica’s dumbfounded look and Alicia looked down, smirking and stuck her tongue out and the little woman.

“What the hell Lucas?” She protested.

“Don’t even, Kitten. Seriously, you picked this fight, didn’t you?”

“She was asking for it!”

“Please. She didn’t do anything that warranted this.” Alicia wrapped her arms around Lucas and squeezed him tightly.

“UUGGGHHHH! OKAY! I’m Sorry Alicia! I shouldn’t have done it! I’m Sorry.”

“Yeah you are,” Alicia taunted above, not bothering to look down. Lucas rubbed Alicia’s back as she closed her eyes and smiled.

“She’s not even mad at me anymore! She’s just trying to rub it in now!” Erica protested again.

“Oh, I’m still mad,” Alicia replied seriously.

Lucas held her for another minute and warned Erica, “Would you rather I let her go so she can chase you down again?”

Erica stood, stunned, thinking. “Yeah, I didn’t think so,” Lucas reiterated. As tempers cooled, Lucas let Alicia go and told her, “Alright, why don’t you go in and freshen up a bit. We’ll get the grill going, alright?” Alicia nodded, wiping some of the smeared soot from her eye. As she walked around Lucas she looked down at Erica, who still clung to his thigh and stuck her tongue out. Erica pouted as the giant disappeared through the kitchen.

“Did you really have to pick on her like that?” Lucas asked seriously as Alicia left earshot.

“Me??? She’s the one talking about how hot guys who can cook are!”

“Oh is that what started this?”

“Hell yeah it is!”

“Gimme a break, Kitten. Alright, so guys who can cook aren’t sexy, is that what you are telling me?”

“Well, no, it is really hot. I didn’t know you could cook like that.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty hot,” Lucas chided as he walked out into the back yard, Erica chasing after him.

“Do I need to go get Eleanor? You’re totally getting full of yourself!” Lucas laughed again. “Don’t laugh at me!!” Erica yelled angrily.

Lucas stopped, turned around and knelt down, taking Erica in his arms. “Seriously, just chill, okay? At the end of the day you’re the one going to bed with me tonight, so what the hell do you have to worry about?”

Erica looked up and him and grinned like the cat that had just eaten the canary. “I am, aren’t I?”

“Right. First of all, Alicia is your only hope for a cure, secondly, she’s your friend, and last I checked, you need that more than anything else right now.”

Erica stood and considered his words carefully. “Yeah, I guess,” she finally admitted.

“Seriously, Kitten. Lay off the possessive act, okay? I’m here, and no one is going to steal me from you. Alright?”

Erica looked up at him, then smiled and leaned forward wrapping her arms around his neck, squeezing tightly. “Alright,” she agreed. Lucas stood and held on to her as he carried her over to the grill. “I can walk on my own,” she dissented.

“I know, I’m just not ready to be that far away from you yet,” Lucas explained logically. Erica giggled at the comment and hugged him closer. “Now come on, be nice to our guest. This is your first night here, and I want to celebrate, not spend it fighting.”

“Aren’t I your guest too?” Erica asked.

“Well, if you want to be, I guess. I just figured that this is your home as well for the time being.”

“For how long?”

“As long as you need it to be.” Erica grinned at the thought and motioned for Lucas to put her down. She ran over and started grabbing pieces of charcoal and tossing them up into the grill, while Lucas went and grabbed Alicia’s discarded shoes and wiped them clean. As Erica tossed the last of the charcoal pieces into the grill, Lucas took a peak and picked up the bag, adding a little extra until he was satisfied.

“We’ll need some paper to get these started,” he commented dryly.

“Why not use starter fluid?” Erica asked.

“Well, I don’t have starter fluid, for starters, and these don’t really need starter fluid. I’ve always managed to get them lit with a bit of paper without any problems.

Erica peered up at him with a confused look and said, “Alright, well, I saw some in the garage, I’ll get it,” and with that she trotted off back to the garage. Inside, she found a stack of newspapers on the floor right away and grabbed one, trotting back to hand it to Lucas. Lucas smiled and picked up the butane lighter off the ground, wrapping a large piece of paper into a roll, lighting it, and inserting it into the coals patiently waiting for them to light up on their own.

Erica fidgeted around at his feet while he worked on the coals. “What’s wrong?” he asked while watching her out of the corner of his eye.

“She’s really gonna be pissed at me all night.”

“She might.” Erica looked up at him, shocked at his response.

“Well, what if she leaves and doesn’t want to work on my cure anymore?”

“If you worry about whether you can trust one of your closest friends like that, don’t you think that’s a problem?”

“Like maybe I need better friends?”

“Like maybe you shouldn’t treat them so roughly to begin with.” Erica pouted at the reprimand and stood silently, uncertain what to say. “I think you are missing the most important question, though,” he ultimately concluded.

She looked up at him inquisitively. “What question is that?”

“What are you going to do about it now?”

Erica continued staring up at him in thought. Confidently, she then announced to him, “I’m going to go talk to her.” Lucas dropped his paper into the coals and looked down at her in shock.

“That.. might not be a good idea right now,” he remarked cautiously.

“Why not?”

“Because she was really pissed, and I’m not sure getting hit by her right now would be so good for you.”

“Well, what did you expect me to do then?”

“Well, I don’t know! I don’t have all the answers…”

“So you want me to fix the situation, but you don’t want me to talk to her?”

“Alright, you’re right. I’ll go with you.”

“No, I can handle it on my own.”

“You don’t have to do everything by yourself you know, Kitten.”

Erica grinned up at him and held out her arms. “Bring me up there,” she told him playfully. He picked her up and she hugged him. “I guess I don’t, but thanks for letting me,” she told him, kissing him on his cheek.

“Of course, Kitten, whatever makes you happy.” She motioned for him to put her down again, and he obliged her silent request.

Lucas watched her hips sway back and forth smoothly as she walked to the house, pulled the door open and walk inside. He then went back to trying to get the charcoal to light.

Erica walked down the hallway stopping at the door, and looked at her friend who was struggling in the mirror to fix her ruined makeup. Erica started to step inside, then thought better of it and stood in the door and coughed into her hand lightly. Alicia turned at the small noise and spotted Erica, jumping slightly.

“You’re really jumpy today,” Erica told her flatly.

“What do you want?” Alicia asked back unhappily, going back to fix the mess on her face.

“I’m sorry Alicia, I shouldn’t have done that to you.”

“No, you shouldn’t have.”

Erica walked across the floor and looked up at her friend, who was desperately trying to wipe the ash out of her face without undoing her makeup job. “You really don’t know how to do make up, do you?”

“Not really,” she admitted sorrowfully.

“How long did your makeup take you today?”

Alicia looked down at her and sighed. “Over two hours.”

Erica took the trash bin and pushed it back over to the sink, where Alicia glared as Erica climbed up onto the counter and knelt, looking at her friend. “Haven’t you had enough fun at my expense today?” Alicia asked gloomily.

“Yeah, I have. I’m sorry, Alicia. Let me help you fix it.”

Alicia dropped her hands down to the counter and said in an exasperated voice, “Fine.” Erica turned on the water and grabbed a washcloth and began wiping the smudges off of Alicia’s face. “What are you doing? You’re taking everything off!” Alicia complained.

“I know, I’m sorry, I just ruined it completely, we’ll have to start over from scratch.”

“I’m not wasting my time like that again,” Alicia told her angrily.

“It will be fine. It will just take us a few minutes,” Erica reassured her. She continued to wipe the make up away from Alicia’s frustrated face, and then dabbed some of the foundation that Alicia had pulled out of her purse on lightly. “You did it just right, but I’m betting you put too much on and had to keep wiping it away?”

“Yeah,” Alicia said back, rolling her eyes.

“The first thing you need to learn is start light when you are putting it on. It’s way easier to put more on than take off, and your skin is too good to put much on to begin with. You obviously saw that, but I’m guessing you thought you needed to cover up your flaws, that’s why you added as much as you did.”

“Pretty much.”

“You’re skin is too good to begin with. You don’t really have flaws to cover up. Besides, your natural skin tone is much better than this stuff anyways.” Alicia looked down suspiciously at Erica, but didn’t say a word as Erica continued to gently and carefully spread the substance over her cheeks.

After a few minutes Erica reached down and discarded the foundation and began to move on, still only applying very lightly as she went. “You were smart enough to know you needed to take back what you had put on, you just thought there were things you needed to fix that didn’t need it to begin with. How do you have such clean, nice skin anyways?”

“I don’t, that is why I started the serum.”

“What do you mean?” Erica worked carefully, dabbing very, very gently and spreading it with precision on Alicia’s face.

“I mean I can tell my skin is getting older looking. It has been for a long time. When I thought I could come up with a way to make my skin more youthful looking, I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about this stuff anymore. The side effect was just going to be an unexpected bonus.”

“Shrinking is a bonus? Are you even listening to yourself?”

“Yeah, I am. I’ve always wanted to be smaller, and look at what happened after you took the serum. Don’t tell me no one hasn’t noticed how much your skin seems to be glowing today.”

Erica stopped and thought about it. “Yeah, I guess a few people have mentioned it, but I’m a freak, Alicia. Who is going to take me seriously like this?”

“Lucas does.” Erica stopped and looked over at Alicia. “He’s taking you more seriously than he ever has. Just look at the way he fawns over you.”

Erica listened and tried to absorb everything Alicia was saying. “Well yeah, but he’s just a guy, and he’s just following his pecker around.”

“That isn’t true and you know it. He stopped me in the kitchen from helping you even a little bit, because he insisted you could do everything on your own. And he just waited to see if you wanted to ask for any help, which you didn’t. That isn’t a guy who just follows his pecker around.”

“Well, maybe, but still,” Erica began working on Alicia’s makeup again. “It doesn’t mater,” Erica gave up arguing with Alicia and changed the subject. “We’re talking about your skin, not Lucas. There is nothing wrong with your skin, I’m jealous to have skin like this.”

“You mean you would have been jealous. Now you have perfect skin, like I wanted.”

Erica stopped and sat there, thinking how to respond. “You aren’t going to take the serum, are you?”

“Why shouldn’t I? Maybe then we can be on equal footing with Lucas. He obviously likes the whole tiny woman thing.”

“Lucas doesn’t like tiny women, he told me that this afternoon.”

“I think he likes you just fine as you are now.”

“He told me earlier that he wants me back to six feet. He obviously likes taller women.”

“Then how do you explain his infatuation with you? He likes damsels in distress, and being less than three feet tall does that for you.”

“You’re full of shit. He wants me back to my normal size, and I need you to stay this way so you can get me there.”

“Then what?”

“What do you mean?”

“Just that. Then what? You both run off, get married and have giant kids together?”

“Why would you bring up kids? I don’t need kids. I have other things in my life and the last thing I need is some baby holding me up. Lucas and I will..” Erica struggled for words then faltered. “We’ll just get to have more fun that way, that’s all.”


“Because he likes tall women, I guess. I mean, there is no way it’s going to work if I stay like this.”

“So you do want a future with him now.”

“I…” Erica struggled again then looked up at frustration at her friend. “What is it with you? Why do I have to waste all my time worrying about a future with some random guy?”

“Random guy? You haven’t changed at all, have you?”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, I’m just looking forward to having you back to normal is all,” Alicia told her shrewdly.

“Yeah, well that is at least six months away.”

“No, from the things that Lucas and I discussed today, I think I can do it much, much faster now. If we can get the lab set up this weekend I can make big progress on it soon.”

“How soon?” Erica asked.

“I can’t say for sure, but between the lab and the idea we came up with earlier, it should take months off the process.”

“Good, I’m not sure if I can keep him happy at this size for six months anyways.”

“Oh, don’t worry, we’ll have you back to six feet in no time.”

“Can we please get back on topic again?”

“Which is?”

“Your near perfect skin and your makeup.”


“You’re too much of a perfectionist, that’s all. You know what the makeup is for and you can see how much you need. Just start off smaller. You don’t have anything to fix with it. All it’s there for someone like you is to add an accent. You learn that and it won’t take two hours anymore, it will take 10 minutes.”

Alicia looked down at Erica with a soft smile. “Thank you,” she told her graciously.

“Of course. You know, I’ve caught him looking at you before.”

“No you haven’t.”

Yes I have. You know how men are. Horny little penis hyenas. They can’t seem to help themselves around a woman they like. That’s why I’m so jealous. And right now, you are a lot more me than I am, even though you’re so much shorter than I was.”

“You think he can’t keep it in his pants?”

“Just don’t play with him too much, please?”

“I’ll do my best. Just stop going so overboard on me. All I did was give a compliment.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” Erica reached down and grabbed some lipstick and applied it gently. “You see, even your lips are so full, you hardly need anything at all even here.” Alicia smiled at the compliment while Erica lightly applied the lipstick. She then finally cleaned up Alicia’s eyelashes with a mascara applicator. “What do you think?” Erica asked, stepping away to reveal Alicia’s image in the mirror.

Alicia leaned across the sink and examined closely. “It looks really good, thanks. Better than I could do.”

“No, you did just as well before, you just started off too heavy, that’s all.”

“What about my hair?” Alicia scowled at the particles lodged in her red locks in the mirror.

My hair brush is on the bed in Lucas’s room, I’ll get it.”

“No go ahead, I’ll join you two outside.”

“No, I made the mess, I’ll fix it.”

“I’m tired of being in here, I’ll just do it outside. Go ahead, I’ll be right there.” Erica nodded, then hopped down to the overturned trash bin and then to the floor and left to join Lucas outside.

Alicia stared at herself in the mirror and admired her new makeup job. She smiled and quietly told herself, “just until I get her back to her original size, then things will go completely back to normal,” she reassured herself.
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Re: Please..

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Erica walked out into the back yard and found Lucas setting up on an outdoor table. She smiled upon seeing him and pranced happily over to him.

“How’d it go?” he asked nonchalantly, setting some glasses around the table.

“I think alright, I apologized and fixed her makeup for her.”

Lucas turned from the placemats he just sat down and gave Erica his full attention. “Is she okay?”

“Yeah, I think so. She’ll be right out.”

“I’m glad. Kitten, she and I were talking earlier while you were asleep.”

“Yeah?” Erica asked leadingly.

“She told me she feels like a third wheel. You need to know that I cannot wait ‘til I have you all to myself tonight. I want to wrap my arms around you and just hold you as close as I can get you.” Erica blushed at the admission and found herself smiling unnaturally large to herself. “But right now, Alicia is here too and we need to include her more, especially after what just happened. No more fighting or bickering. She needs to feel welcome here too.”

Erica swallowed and considered his words carefully. “But when she goes home, I get you all to myself?” She asked pensively.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Erica grinned up at him wide like the cat that just ate the canary. “Okay. You better make good on that promise to wrap me up in your arms though.”

“I’m about to fall over just thinking about it. Consider it a promise.” Erica giggled.

“I want a down payment on that,” Erica demanded, holding her arms up and outward. Lucas chuckled and knelt down to her. He took her in his hands and wrapped his arms around her, lifting her up into the air and off of her feet, and pulling her into him. She hugged there like that, her arms wrapped around his neck, her feet dangling in mid air, and her head resting on his shoulder blissfully while he buried his mouth into her tiny neck. He breathed in her scent purposefully, basking in it for a moment then kissed her tenderly on the base of her neck repeatedly. Erica squirmed at the tickling sensation, giggling gleefully. They then sat silently like this until she admitted outwardly, “This is nice.” Finally, he lowered her carefully back down to the ground and stood up and away to get back to work, smiling to himself.

When Alicia found the pair outside Erica was setting paper plates on an outdoor table and Lucas had moved the steaks next to the grill, and set the other items on the table. Lucas spotted her coming out the door with Erica’s hairbrush and they smiled at each other.

“I’ve got it covered, go ahead and relax and I’ll let you know when the steaks are done,” Lucas instructed Alicia.

“What about the mystery food?” Alicia asked.

“That’s desert. Erica will finish it once we are done with dinner.”

Alicia sat and began working on her hair when Erica trotted over, climbing up onto Alicia’s chair unexpectedly. “I messed it up, let me fix it,” she told her with resolve. Alicia scooted forward in her chair and Erica climbed around her and used the hairbrush to meticulously clean the debris from Alicia’s hair while Lucas went on with grilling.

They sat pretty quietly for several minutes as Alicia began to enjoy the sensation of having someone brush her hair. In time, she told Erica, “You know, you really don’t have to do this.”

“I really should. It’s my fault you’re a mess to begin with.”

“Well, it’s ok, I don’t need you to wait on me.”

“I’m not waiting on you, I’m just trying to show you I’m sorry.”

“I know you are. It’s ok, really.”

“I’m almost done anyways.”

Alicia sat still and waited a few more minutes, watching Lucas surreptitiously as he watched the steaks closely sizzling over hot coals. When Erica announced she was done, Alicia reached down to her purse and pulled out her compact mirror, taking her time to examine Erica’s work.

Once again pleased with the results and smiled back to her friend, “thanks.”

“I guess I’m not totally useless like this,” Erica declared proudly. Lucas turned and looked at the two quietly with a look of concern, but went back to his grill without saying anything.

“You’re hardly missing a step at less than half height, I don’t know why you’d say that.” Erica climbed down around Alicia to the ground again and then to her own chair, noticing the difficulty in seeing over the table now without the aid of extra cushions.

“I can barely even use this table. I won’t be able to eat until Lucas gets me some pillows to sit on.”

“I bet the pillows will be a lot ore comfy than this hard metal mesh.”

“You make it sound like you think being a freak like this is better.”

“Well, isn’t it fun exploring everything so much bigger than you’re used to?”

“No,” Erica barked back.

“Yes it is. I see the look on your face when he picks you up. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Erica sat and looked over to Lucas, who continued grilling away, peeking at the potatoes. “I guess it isn’t all bad,” she admitted. “But I can’t stand with him when we hug, or kiss. I can’t drive anymore. No one would want to be stuck like this.”

“I would,” Alicia declared shyly.

“Yeah, you said that. You don’t mean it.”

“No, I do. To be like that with someone you can trust to hold you and keep you close? I’d love it.”

“Uh huh. And what happens when you need to go back to the real world?”

“I’d figure it out. Obviously you have.”

“I haven’t figured out how to go back to work yet.”

“Have you ever thought that maybe that job isn’t right for you anyways?”

“Well yeah, that’s why I plan on moving up the ladder.”

“You said you didn’t want a promotion.”

“I don’t want a promotion there. That’s why I’m thinking ahead to another job somewhere else. I’m just building my resume there for the next, bigger opportunity. Maybe you should too. If I’ve been your big protector, then odds are that things might not be so fun again for you while I’m out.”

Alicia sat back and thought hard. “I hadn’t thought of that. I guess I’m back to eating lunch at my desk again.”

“See? Like I said, there are things you haven’t thought through. Being this small sucks. You wouldn’t like it.”

“Oh, I’m sure I would, especially if I had the right person to be with while I was.”

“No you wouldn’t. You’d get sick of it real fast.”

Alicia leaned forward and spoke softly, looking at Lucas to make sure he couldn’t hear her. “Having those strong arms wrapped around you, feeling his heart beat through your tiny body, all that warmth surrounding you? You can’t tell me you aren’t loving every bit of it, or else you wouldn’t be this small to begin with.

Erica turned flush, having been outmaneuvered. “Okay, you’re right, but everything else? Everything can’t be like that.”

“I never would have believed it, but seeing you today? I know I could figure it out if I were that size and still live a pretty normal life.”

“Why would anyone want to shrink themselves voluntarily?”

“To be cute and adorable,” Alicia giggled softly.

“No way you’d be as cute as I am!”

“Wanna bet?”

“I don’t have to bet, I know!”

“No you don’t!”

“Fine! Let’s get an objective opinion! Hey Lucas?” Lucas turned to the women as Erica hopped from her chair onto Alicia’s lap and stood up next to her shoulder.”

“Yeah?” He asked confused.

“If Alicia was ‘me’ sized, which one of us would be cuter?” Both ladies smiled demurely at him, doing their best to pose cutely as they could.

Lucas however looked from woman to woman rapidly speechless, uncertain of himself. “This is a trap,” he spoke out guardedly.

“Oh no, you’re not getting out of this that easily, mister! Which one of us would be cuter?” Erica demanded from him.

“Yeah, definite trap. I’m not biting. I wouldn’t change a thing about either of you.” Lucas went back to his grilling.

“Told you he likes you tiny,” Alicia whispered.

“Just wait until I’m full sized again, and you’ll see how much he REALLY likes me,” Erica whispered back.

Erica again hopped back to her chair and sat down again and looked up at Alicia. “So where is this lab you are building?”

“Lucas said we could put it in the basement.”

“Wait, what basement?”

“The one here. It’s unfinished, so there is room to put most of my equipment.”

“HERE??” Erica asked out in alarm. Lucas turned around to get involved in the conversation again.

“Well yeah, I don’t have room in my apartment.”

“Well, why does it have to be here?”

“Because she doesn’t have room in her apartment, Kitten, she just said so,” Lucas explained. “I thought you’d be happy to see the work getting done.”

“So you wanted to have her do it here?”

“Kitten, what did you expect? That I had an office building or something in my pocket?”

“Maybe, since I’m betting it IS the size of an office building to her now,” Alicia mocked.

Erica looked over to her confused, then the realization of the joke hit Erica. “Oh, don’t you worry yourself about the size of that!”

“Oy, I walked into that one, didn’t I?” Lucas lamented. “Can we please keep this conversation g-rated for the time being?”

Erica hopped down and pranced over to him, sliding her hand up and down Lucas’ thigh as she pressed her small body against his leg firmly. “Why is that? You don’t like when I talk naughty? Does your kitten need to be spanked?”

Lucas laughed, though be blushed at the attention. For that matter, so did Alicia, though more so. “Liking it is one thing, keeping you two from fighting more is another.”

“Maybe you’re just holding out for so hot chick on chick action,” Erica speculated.

Lucas set his spatula down and knelt to Erica, picking her up into his arms. “I’m holding out for enjoying the evening with you. We’ve already seen the bickering get out of hand here, why don’t we just relax for a bit, okay?” Lucas massaged her neck as he cradled her in his arms and she let out a deep sigh. He then set her down again and went back to his work.

She walked away, a little flustered herself now and muttered loudly, “Tease.”

Alicia in turn grumbled, “Show off.”

After a few more minutes, Lucas started to finished off the steaks, having already pulled the potatoes off. “Could you two get some sour cream and butter, and something to drink? I’m almost done here.”

Erica jumped off of her chair and darted in the house, Alicia following casually behind. Inside, they dove into the contents of the fridge again. Erica found some bottles of flavored water and gathered them up in her arms while Alicia grabbed the rest. They trotted outside together to see Lucas carrying the steaks and potatoes over to the table. As they came up to the table, Alicia looked down on the plates set out for each of them and she took notice of the relatively large steak set down for Erica.

“There is no way she can eat that much,” Alicia commented dryly.

Erica looked up at her angrily, but before she could speak Lucas simply stated, “She can eat as much as she likes. Whatever is left we’ll take care of it.” Erica grinned and hopped up onto her chair while Alicia set out the drinks and condiments on the table. She started to frown, realizing she was too low again as Lucas walked away quickly from the table. She watched, unhappily as he distanced himself from her and approached a large plastic bin beside the house. He opened it and pulled out several billowy cushions and walked back to Erica, smiling.

As he approached, she started to climb down again, but he held a hand up, signaling for her to hold still for a moment until he was standing over her and asked politely, “may I?” as he held out an arm toward her.

She grinned wide and held up her arms. “You may,” she replied. He picked her up in his arm and set the cushions on her seat for her. He then set her back down gently on top of them, so that she was comfortably high enough to use the table. She then giggled softly as he pushed the chair in to the table for her. Alicia sat by and watched enviously.

Finally, Lucas sat and Alicia leaned forward, scooping salad onto each of their plates. Lucas began eating eagerly right away while Alicia began cutting up her steak into small, bite sized pieces. Erica, on the other hand, sat and stared at the huge steak knife in her hand. Lucas watched her out of the corner of his eye for a moment then reached up and placed a hand on her arm. Erica woke out of her trance and looked over at him.

Lucas rubbed her arm gently, and smiled warmly at her. After a moment, Erica smiled back and began cutting into her steak. Erica took her first bite of a tiny portion she cut away from the massive slab of beef and a looked over to Lucas in astonishment.

“What?” he asked her. “Did I over cook it?”

“No, this is fantastic, better than anything I’ve had in a restaurant.”

“Well, that’s a low bar, so you like it?”

“What do you mean it’s a low bar?”

“Restaurant steaks aren’t usually as good as you can make yourself.”

“I dunno, I love the sirloin at Outback.”

“That’s another part of the problem. Top cuts are usually pretty dry, ribeye comes from a lower meat.”

“Well, it’s all the same cow, isn’t it? Shouldn’t it taste the same?”

Lucas smiled over to her, helping himself to some salad. “No, the top cuts have less flavor, and are a tougher meat. You’ve never tried ribeye before, have you?”

“No, I’ve always had sirloin.”

“Well, hopefully this will turn you on to the peasant side of beef.”

“What does that mean?”

“Top cuts in the past were always more expensive, and you could only afford it if you made a lot of money. The lower cuts were seen as junk meat, and a lot cheaper. And the poorer folk generally liked it that way, because they liked the flavor better anyhow. At least that is how my family saw it.”

“So the sirloin isn’t a better cut of meat?”

“It’s a matter of taste. I would say no, but there are people who disagree.”

“What if they’re right?”

“Well, you tell me, do you like the way this tastes less than a sirloin?”

Erica sat and thought for a minute. “No, I guess not. This is a lot more tender and I like the taste better. That isn’t just because of the way you prepared it though?”

“Some. I have a really good recipe that’s been passed down through the family, but a lot of it has to do with the cut.”

“I guess I’ll have to learn from the cow expert then,” Erica teased.

“Erica, I was wondering,” Alicia interrupted.


“What are you going to wear tomorrow? The same dress?”

“No, Lucas picked me up another one.”

“Okay, so after that? You don’t have anything to wear?”

“No, I guess not, why?”

“Wanna go shopping?” Alicia asked energetically.

Erica laughed. “I suppose we should!”

“Actually, that might not be ideal,” Lucas interjected.

“Oh yeah? And what would you prefer? That I go around naked all the time?”

“Is that an offer?” Lucas chuckled as he chewed up some more steak.


“Too bad,” Lucas said with a cheeky grin. Erica rolled her eyes and Alicia blushed. “But I was thinking that maybe shopping isn’t the answer you are looking for. Look at the dress you have right now. It’s way too big around your waist.”


“So, all of the clothes your size are made for chubby little toddlers. I don’t think you’ll find much that will work well. And then there is the problem of finding the right sized underwear, not that I mind you going commando, either.”

“So then, what do we do for her?” Alicia asked.

“Kitten, do you know how to sew?”

“Excuse me?” Erica asked back curtly.

“Not a trick question. Do you know how to sew?”

“Just because I’m little doesn’t mean that I am going to be a common seamstress or learn to tend the house like a good little woman!” Erica roared in a condemnable tone.

“What? Lucas asked, uncertain of the sudden vitriol directed at him.

“I will not be put into the role of some mundane housewife just because I can’t go to work right now.” Erica reprimanded him forcefully.

Lucas and Alicia stared at each other in disbelief. “Where did THAT come from?” Alicia asked, stunned.

“That,” Lucas stammered, searching for words, holding back in a moment of visible frustration and anger. “Okay then, Erica. So sewing is for the mere lessers?”

Erica sat back, stunned herself now. “What happened to Kitten??” She pleaded.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to make you feel belittled,” Lucas replied sarcastically.

“That doesn’t, I mean.. Can we just step into the wayback machine for a minute? Please?”

Lucas lowered his head to his hand, “Fine.”

“I don’t know how to sew, no.”

“You never learned it at all?” Lucas asked, still his head in his hand.

“Well, we did in home-ec in middle school, but I never really paid attention.”

“Wow. Just wow,” Alicia went on. “That didn’t even sound like you, Erica.”

“Well, then who exactly did it sound like?”

“I dunno. It just sounded like some line you copied from a movie or something,” Alicia tried to explain.

“What do you have against sewing?”

“I don’t know… Why do you like it so much?”

“Most of my clothes growing up were either sewn by my mom or my grandma, dear.”

“What? Why?”

“Because it was cheaper. Because we were trying to save money. Because they were good at it. Because they loved me.”

Erica looked up at him stunned. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine,” Lucas brushed it away. “Just, don’t talk down about the ‘little housewives’ to me please. So you don’t know how to sew?”

“No, why?”

“Because we’ve got two options. We can continue buying you toddler clothes, which will never fit you right anyways, or you can make your own.”

“Well, if you know so much about sewing, then can’t you do it for me?”

“I don’t know sewing. I can operate a sewing machine, sure, and I can repair a tear or sew buttons, sorta, but I don’t know how to do this.”

“I do,” Alicia interjected quietly.

“You do?” Erica asked back incredulously.

“Why is that such a surprise? Sure I do. My mom taught me. We used to sew stuff all the time together.”

“But you’re a professional woman. Why would you learn that?”

“I wasn’t born a biochemist. This was just one of those things my mom taught me growing up. Didn’t your mom teach you stuff like this?”

Erica sat, thinking back. “No, not really. All my time went into getting into a good college, getting ready for my career.”

“When you were ten?” Alicia asked back.

“Well, I guess. Why ten?”

“I was sewing my own dresses by the time I was ten. It was just a skill my mom wanted to share early on.” Lucas just sat, watching the conversation unfold, thinking it over.

“Isn’t that dangerous? What if you stuck yourself with one of those needles?”

“I did. A lot. It was part of learning. It’s not a big deal.”

“I don’t understand, you were planning on college all the way back then? When did you choose your major?” Lucas asked.

“My sophomore year of college,” Erica replied.

“Okay, but you made it sound like you had it all figured out at ten.”

“Well no, I selected marketing my sophomore year, but we always knew I was going to be some kind of business major.”

“Who is we?”

“My mom and I. She went out of her way to help me do everything I needed to succeed.” Lucas’ eyebrow twitched.

“What ten your old says they want to be a business major?”

“Well, we had to be realistic, Lucas. There was no point in dream majors when what I needed was something I could be successful at.”

“But you went to an ivy league school..”

“With full scholarships, thanks to all the coaching my mom gave me.”

“Sounds like you got the dream school and the dream ride. Why was one part of a dream realistic, but the other part wasn’t?”

“Well, what dream do you think I should have followed then?”

“I can’t answer that for you, Kitten. It just seems.. odd that you would choose business as a general area as a major at ten. Most kids that age want to be a doctor or a astronaut, or scientist or something.”

“Well, like I said, we were trying to be realistic,” Erica said with irritation in her voice.

“Alright, Kitten, sorry to push.”

“Lucas is right,” Alicia said, reintroducing herself into the conversation.

“Right about what?” Erica asked skeptically.

“We should start sewing for you.”

“Well, I was thinking Erica should learn. She knows what she wants to wear, and she is the one who can feel how well it fits, and Alicia, you need to work on reversing this.”

“Why do I have to learn? You already know more than I do.”

“I can help Kitten, but I have to go back to work at some point. Besides, I thought you would want to be self sufficient on this, and I guarantee I don’t have the eye for fashion you have.”

“You did alright with my dress this morning, I’m sure I could teach you.”

“I’m a little less confident that you on that.”

“Erica, Lucas is right. Besides, even if you we can find you clothes, there is no way we are going to find you underwear. Lucas hit that right on the head,” Alicia said sensibly. “Oooooh! Erica! This will be so fun! We can make you a whole wardrobe and everything!” Alicia squealed delightfully.

“I dunno,” Erica said with cynicism.

“But there is so much we need to get, Lucas, do you have a sewing machine?”

“No, sorry.”

“How am I supposed to make my own clothes? They make these things in factories for a reason.”

“They make them in factories because they are mass producing junk. Trust me, you can do this. Not only that, but I‘m betting you can be pretty good at it if you want to be.”

“You think so?”

“I know so, Kitten. I know enough about you to know you can do anything you set you mind to. Give it a try, I guarantee you will do great.”

Alicia clapped her hands gleefully. “I haven’t done this in so long! This is going to be so much fun! Let’s go right after we finish dinner!”

Lucas laughed, “We still have to finish making desert, and I wouldn’t miss your desert for the world, Kitten.” Erica blushed and began cutting back into her steak.

Alicia was the first to finish dinner, eagerly plowing through all the food on her plate in anticipation for the rest of the activities for the evening. Erica gave up less than a quarter of the way through her steak, and looked up with a guilty face to Lucas. “Sorry, I don’t mean to waste all of this,” she told him sorrowfully.

Lucas took her hand in his and smiled over to her. “It’s not a waste. You eat what your comfortable with. I’m only worried that you liked what I made.”

“I loved it,” she glowed. Lucas finally cleaned this plate and grabbed the plates, as well as the salad bowl while Erica and Alicia gathered up the remaining items. Once inside, Erica looked up at Lucas, and asked, “Alright, so what about this mystery desert?”

Lucas smiled and asked her to get the bowl out of the fridge. Erica trotted over and pried the door open, then pulled the bowl out. Lucas sat at the table and waited for Erica to return and took the bowl from her, though she protested, “I can do it.”

“I know Kitten, but I need you to get one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Cream out of the fridge.”


“Cream. Should be on the second shelf.” Alicia’s brow furrowed as the wheels in her mind turned over the mystery dish and she sat at the table across from Lucas. Erica went back to the fridge and looked inside, finding a smaller carton of cream just where Lucas said it would be and brought it back, setting it on the table before climbing up onto a chair and standing in front of her ingredients on the table.

“Alright, now, stir in two cups of cream and one teaspoon of vanilla and we will get the last things for you to put this together.”

Erica nodded and Lucas looked to Alicia. “Alicia, get me a large mixing bowl of ice.”

“Alright,” She said, smiling. Both separated while Erica did her chore, carefully mixing in the final ingredients as Lucas and Alicia returned with their pieces to the puzzle. Alicia looked in wonder as Lucas set an old plastic bucket, yellowed from years of use, on the table with an odd looking machine sitting on top of it and a metal cylinder inside.

Alicia stared at the contraption and finally asked, “Is that an i..”

“No giving it away,” Lucas playfully told her, cutting her off. Alicia giggled while Erica looked up in confusion.

“Alright, it’s all mixed,” Erica announced. “What now?”

“Now, pour that bowl into this metal cylinder,” Lucas instructed. She did, and Lucas went on to tell her, “put the cover on tight,” which she again obeyed. “Aright, put it inside this bucket here,” again she followed suit, “now fill the space here with ice..”

The three of them began dumping in ice until there was no space left in the bucket and Erica looked up waiting for more information. Lucas set a small box on the table labeled “rock salt.”

“Alicia, help Erica out with this while I plug it in.”

“Why can’t I say what it is?”

“Because I don’t think Erica has ever done this before. Let it be a surprise.”

Erica confirmed to Alicia by shaking her head and adding, “I have no idea what we’re doing.”

Alicia helped Erica measure the salt and sprinkle it in around the edges while Lucas plugged in the machine. He came back and clamped the machine to the top, facing the power switch forward to Erica. “Care to do the honors?” he asked playfully.

Erica smiled back in confusion and flipped the machine on, which turned out to be very noisy. The machine turned the cylinder around in circles over and over, while Erica stared at it, trying to determine what she was making. “How long does it take?” She yelled above the machine.

“Give it about five more minutes.”

Erica grunted and looked at the two of them, both towering over her, even though she was standing on a chair. Alicia stood, grinning ear to ear, biting happily on her finger, while Lucas sat with a mischievous grin on his face.

“Now you’ve got her in on teasing me! You are so going to get it later tonight mister?”

“Get what?” Lucas teased back.

Erica looked up at him and subconsciously bit her lower lip. “Oh, you’ll find out.” Lucas laughed back happily. After time had passed sufficiently, Lucas motioned for her to turn the machine off. She did and he unclamped the machine, pulling it free and slid the canister out, setting it on the table. He popped it open and set it in front Erica, who stared down into the contents, which had changed noticeably from when they had been first inserted into the canister. A spoon floated gently in front of Erica’s face. Erica looked up to see Alicia holding it, grinning widely.

Erica took it and reached, scooping out a piece of the hardened substance. “This can’t be..” she reasoned, and took a bite. “OH MY GOD IT IS! I made ice cream??” Erica squealed. Lucas laughed and sat watching her response further. She continued tasting, enjoying the textures. “Oh my God, it’s good! Get me some bowls!!” Erica ordered cheerfully, motioning frantically with her tiny arms. Alicia giggled and left, returning with three bowls, which Erica divided up equally.

“Can you eat that much?” Alicia asked.

“I’m having all I can handle!” Erica giggled. The three sat eating away at their ice cream, Erica and Alicia giggling to each other.

“How did you know what it was?” Erica asked Alicia.

“We used to make it all the time when we were kids, but we didn’t make it this involved and we had an ice cream maker that was hand cranked. Our recipe didn’t have any cooking, just throwing ingredients together.”

“Oh my God, I had no idea you could make this stuff! How did you know this, Lucas?”

“My grandma. They lived on a farm and we went out there all the time and we’d have picnics together as a family, and afterwards, she would have the kids make ice cream for everyone.”

“This is good! It’s as god as the stuff I buy at the store!” Erica giggled, licking the ice cream joyfully from her spoon.

“Well you made it,” Lucas added pridefully.

“Is sewing gonna be this much fun?” Erica asked, excitedly. Alicia giggled and smiled, nodding her head happily. “When can we go?” Erica asked giddily.

“Whenever you’re ready,” Lucas told her, enjoying his own spoonful.

“Please tell me we can take the Cutlass!” Erica squealed.

“Of course, Kitten.”

“You both seriously made this stuff as kids all the time?”

“Well yeah, Alicia smiled. It was a lot of fun. We’d especially make it in the summer if the power went out. We’d take all the ice left in the freezer and go outside and make ice cream together to pass the time. Lucas, where did you get that ice cream maker?”

“My parents. They had two. They gave me this one, and kept the hand crank one.”

“It looks really old.”

“It is, older than me. My dad got it to share with my mom when they were dating.”

“That’s so sweet! So she made ice cream for him?” Erica squealed.

“Eventually. My dad was the one that grew up on the farm and knew these recipes and stuff. My mom knew some too, but my dad got the ice cream maker when they were first dating and would cook everything up before he would go and pick her up. Then he would make ice cream for her on their dates.”

“That is so romantic!” Alicia replied.

“He would make soda pop for her too.”

“You can make that yourself too????”

“Of course, that’s how it used to be done. All kinds of flavors, whatever you could imagine.”

“No way,” Erica said incredulously.

“I will make you some soon, I promise,” Lucas said warmly to Erica.

“You know how to make it too???”

“Of course. My dad taught me. He said it would come in handy some day to impress a beautiful lady.”

Both girls blushed. “This is so weird. It’s so different than normal dates, like going to the movies or something,” Erica commented.

“But it’s more fun, isn’t it?”

“Oh my God, yes!” Erica squealed. Alicia looked at her friend and smiled, looking down at her ice cream.

Lucas caught her. “Alicia.”

She looked up at him, smiling weakly. “Yes?”

“You know all in all, this has been a fantastic day, I’m really glad you came up here.” Alicia looked at him, cynically, but Erica interrupted.

“Me too. Thank you for coming up to help me.” Erica told her sincerely, and hopped over to Alicia’s chair, hugging her giant friend. Alicia smiled and blushed, hugging the elfin woman back. Erica let go and went back to her chair. They finished their ice cream together and Lucas stood, taking their bowls and bringing them to the sink.

“Can we go now?” Erica asked eagerly.

“Alright kitten. Shall we, Alicia?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Alicia responded with gusto. Erica ran over and jumped up, grabbing Lucas’ hand. The trio walked down towards the garage together, Alicia and Erica on the sidewalk, Lucas beside them through the grass. Lucas let them both in to the garage and opened the door, allowing Erica in first.

Alicia followed, pulling the seat forward to climb in the back, but Lucas looked at Erica, motioning to Alicia. Erica took the hint and interrupted her. “Alicia, I’m not big enough to use the passenger seat, why don’t you sit up here with us?”

“I don’t want to get in the way,” Alicia replied.

“You’re not in the way. It’s going to be harder to talk to you back there,” Lucas reassured her.

Alicia looked at both of them in uncertainty. “Are you sure?”

“Come on, you big doofus!” Erica giggled and slid to the center portion of the seat, opening up the space for Alicia. Alicia smiled and climbed in beside Erica, pulling down the seatbelt over herself while Lucas opened the garage door. He walked back to the car, starting it to the same “RUH-RUH-RUH-RUH-VROOOOOM,” which settled into a soft whir.

The massive beast shifted subtly once again and eased gently forward out into the gentle early evening summer sun. Once fully removed from the garage, Lucas hopped out, startling Alicia who looked back to watch Lucas walk over and close the garage door.

When Lucas returned to the car and strapped himself into his seat Alicia said with guilt in her voice, “I didn’t notice you don’t have a garage door opener. I could have gotten that for you.”

Lucas brushed her comments away with his hand. “Just sit back and enjoy the ride.” Alicia smiled, and placed her hands neatly on her lap. Erica turned around, and leaned in against Lucas’ hip hugging around his stomach and curling her legs up closely to herself. She rested her head against him and closed her eyes.

“You’re gonna love this,” she explained to Alicia. Alicia smiled in anticipation.

“Alright, so we need something for your feet, Kitten, will sandals work?” Erica smiled and nodded into his side. “Okay, we can get those most anywhere. Then we need to get a sewing machine and all the stuff to go along with it to make new clothes.” Alicia nodded in approval. “Finally, we need to visit the pet store, and get Alicia some mice.”

“Mice?” Erica asked with some trepidation.

“Yep, for testing,” Alicia explained.

“Uggghhh, well at least something will be around that is smaller for me for a change.”

“Not a fan of mice?” Lucas asked as he put the car into gear and it subtly shifted once again.

“Not really, but it is what it is.” Erica admitted as the car glided down the alleyway. At the end of the driveway the car slowed to a soft stop and Lucas waited for an opening in the traffic. “Show her what you showed me when we got the Cutlass this morning, Lucas.” Erica requested playfully.

Lucas chuckled softly as Alicia looked over curiously. “What?” she asked.

At the first opening in traffic, Lucas pressed down firmly on the gas causing the behemoth beast of a car to roar into action. Erica giggled as the force pressed her firmly into Lucas, and Alicia’s eyes went wide as she felt herself sink back deep into the soft velour seat. In a few short seconds they were gliding soothingly down the road. “I love it,” Alicia remarked happily.
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Re: Please..

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A young girl sat by herself at the end of the table in the lunchroom waiting for her friends who were just leaving the lunch line. One waved to her, and she smiled, waving back. At the group gathered together and headed over towards her, Mandy walked in between them and sat across from her. Her friends looked at each other and turned around to head to the other side of the lunchroom.

Erica sat next to Mandy and smiled. The girl looked around her and several other girls were standing behind her, blocking a quiet exit. Quickly and quietly, Jimmy slipped in between the crowd and sat next to the girl. The girl began to panic as Erica and Mandy stared at each other. Erica shrugged her shoulders and nodded to Mandy.

“Hey Carla,” Mandy stated devilishly.

“Hi Mandy,” the young girl replied shyly. Jimmy began to casually dig into his lunch. Erica stared intently at Jimmy, assessing him carefully.

“How’d you do on the math test this morning?” Mandy went on snidely.

The girl looked down at her plate. “How’d you do, Carla?” she reiterated.

“I got a C,” she admitted dully.

“Oh, that sucks for you, I mean you’re all clumsy and chubby and you’re not even smart.” The girl dropped her head in shame.

“I don’t think she’s chubby at all. In fact, I think you’re really pretty, Carla,” Jimmy interrupted casually, still slowly enjoying his meal. The girl looked over at Jimmy, uncertain what to say, but the shame on her face partially wiped away.

Erica’s eyes narrowed, still staring intently at Jimmy. “Excuse me, Jimmy, but no one invited you to this conversation,” Mandy told him.

“It’s a free country, Mandy, I can say what I want. And I say Carla is pretty.”

“She’s not pretty, and she isn’t smart enough to pass a math quiz,” Mandy stated, frustration building in her voice.

“Sure she is.” Jimmy looked up at the girl. “You know, I think it’s your eyes. I love your eyes, Carla, they’re so dark. It’s really nice.” The girl smiled and blushed.

“What are you? Gay?” Mandy snarled.

“Why would you ask me that? I just gave a girl a compliment. In fact, I bet she would have passed her quiz if someone hadn’t been distracting her with spitballs all class.” Mandy’s temper flared. Erica placed her hand on her shoulder and encouraged her to sit as Mandy began to rise aggressively up towards Jimmy. Erica continued staring intently at Jimmy with narrow eyes.

“You’re gay because boys don’t sit with girls. They sit with other boys.”

“Well, if all the other boys are spending all their time with other boys, wouldn’t that make them gay?”

“Well, no.. you’re just here because you’re too nervous to be around all your potential boyfriends.”

Jimmy continued to casually eat his lunch, dipping a chicken nugget in honey delicately, smiling as he watched the thick, rich, golden substance dribble off onto his plate. “Oh, I look scared to you?” He asked dispassionately.

“You look petrified,” Mandy lied.

“Oh, well, do you suppose I’ll ever get over my fear?”

“No, you won’t you little pussy.” Mandy snarled.

“Isn’t that a bad word?” Jimmy mocked. Mandy’s face went pale. “What do you suppose would happen if I told a teacher what you just called me?”

“Nothing,” Erica told him curtly. “None of the teachers would believe you.”

“That’s right, none of them would believe me. Good answer Erica!” Jimmy said cheerfully. Carla smiled a bit, then caught herself and went to enjoying her meal, but Mandy growled in anger and Erica’s eyes narrowed further. “But yeah, I’ve worked with Carla before on projects. This one time she completed half the project by turning it into math problems. She’s really good at math.”

“What are you doing here, Jimmy?” Erica asked, baiting him.

“I’m eating lunch Erica,” Jimmy said as he bit into a honey covered chicken nugget, pausing relaxingly as he dipped the remainder of the nugget in honey. Carla watched the conversation go on quietly, very interested.

“Maybe you can eat somewhere else then,” she said firmly.

“Then I might spill my milk. I’d hate that. Besides, I wanted to talk to my friend Carla. Would you like me to go Carla?” Carla looked at him and shook her head.

“Pretty, smart, and nice. Thanks Carla,” Jimmy said cordially. The girl blushed.

“You know, Mrs. Salvatori is watching you,” Erica warned.

“But who is watching Mrs. Savatori?” Jimmy asked cryptically.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Mandy snarled. Behind him, on the far wall, Mr. Derichs stood, watching the conversation from a distance, but even more closely, he was watching Mrs. Salvatori. This minor detail went unnoticed by the girls, but Erica seemed to catch wind of the seriousness of Jimmy’s question. Jimmy shrugged his shoulders.

“Listen you little bitch,” Mandy growled furiously at Jimmy, “get your ass out of here or..”

“That’s two more bad words. You have a lot of them today Mandy,” Jimmy mused.

“Yeah? So what? What are you gonna do about it?”

“Nothing. Nothing I can do, Like Erica said, none of the teachers will listen to me.”

“Exactly, Jimmy,” Erica scolded him. “But all I have to do is let them know you said a swear word and you’ll get dragged off to the principal’s office again.”

“You’re right Erica! In fact, I don’t even have to say anything at all and you’d be right.” Jimmy explained with cheer in his voice. “I could even be over there on the other side of the lunch room, away from you all and if you told them that, they’d still believe you. I can’t hide. There is no where I can hide from you,” Jimmy finished in a serious tone. Erica’s eyes narrowed.

“But you could just say it, and anyone would believe you. Go ahead Erica, say it. Tell on me, even though I’ve done nothing. Go on.”

“Carla, your friends look like they have an open seat down the aisle, why don’t you go join them?” She stood up quickly but Jimmy interrupted her.

“Thanks for having lunch with me Carla, I enjoyed it,” he told her. Carla grinned accidentally, causing Mandy to snarl again. “I like your smile, Carla,” Jimmy added. Carla giggled, grabbing her tray and skittered off leaving Erica staring intently down on the interloper.

“Erica, are you gonna let this little,” Mandy angrily protested, but Erica interrupted her.

“Mandy, can you take Jessi and see if the lunch lady will let you get some ice cream for the rest of us too?” Mandy looked back angrily, but Erica stared her down. “Do it Mandy.” Mandy reluctantly stood and stomped off with Jessi.

Erica sat there and watched out of the corner of her eye as Mrs. Salvatori approached, an irate look on her face. “What trouble are you up to now, little boy?” she growled. Erica smiled, until a second voice answered from behind Mrs. Salvatori.

“He hasn’t been up to anything, Mrs. Salvatori. I can assure you, I have watched the entire thing, extremely closely. Young James here has been on perfect behavior.” Mrs. Salvatori spun around looking up into the stern face of Mr. Derichs.

“Mr. Derichs, perhaps you missed it, little Jimmy was…”

“Was doing nothing. I was watching him very, very closely.”

“Well, given the amount of trouble he has caused for Erica here, I am not comfortable with this little scoundrel forcing his way into their lunch time together.”

“James,” Mr. Derichs announced.

“Yes, Mr. Derichs?” Jimmy asked politely.

“Mrs. Salvatori may have a point here. Why don’t you go eat with your own friends?” Erica regained some of her confidence at this suggestion, but watched the tension between the two teachers with unease.

“No one will eat lunch with me Mr. Derichs.”

“No one?” Mr. Derichs asked seriously, continuing to stare at Mrs. Salvatori.

“No sir.”

“You don’t have to call me sir, James. That’s a bit odd, isn’t it Mrs. Salvatori? Bullies usually have lackeys that follow them around. I’ve never run into a bully before that is completely isolated from all of his class mates, have you?”

“Little Jimmy is isolated because of his own doing, Mr. Derichs. His classmates won’t tolerate a bully in their midst.” Mrs Salvatori said in nervous tone.

“But if he is isolated, how does he continue to bully? I’ve never met a bully that operates completely alone before, have you?”

“Mr. Derichs, this really isn’t the time to discuss this. We can discuss Jimmy’s behavioral problems more in depth when,”

“I don’t see any behavioral problems with James at the moment. I find it interesting that Erica is such good friends with Mandy, though.” Erica went pale at the implication.

“Well, Mandy was the first one to befriend Erica when little Jimmy went on his bullying streak with her. Erica is a good girl, you can’t fault her for being loyal to her friends.”

“I suppose I can’t. Just like I can’t fault James for sitting here quietly eating his lunch. James, I’m sorry you don’t have anyone to eat with. Why don’t you go sit over there and finish lunch to ease Mrs. Salvatori’s mind?” Mr. Derichs pointed off to his left at an empty spot a few table over.

“Yes sir,” Jimmy stated as he picked up his tray to go as instructed. Mr. Derichs placed his hand on Jimmy’s shoulder as he walked away.

“I really appreciate how polite you’re being, son. Enjoy your lunch.” Jimmy smiled and did as he was told.

“Mr. Derichs,” Mrs. Salvatori began, “perhaps I could talk to you for a moment after..”

“There will be no more private meetings between us, Mrs. Salvatori. If you have something you wish to discuss, we can talk about it at the next faculty meeting as a group,” Mr. Derichs politely explained after cutting Mrs. Savlatori off.

“Mr. Derichs, some things should be handled in private..”

“Perhaps, but I would hate it if something was said in private that was misunderstood between us. If that were to happen, it would be just a he said/she said debate, with no real way to know who really said what. It would be best if you brought any issues up at the next faculty meeting.” Mrs. Salvatori smiled, but went pale. Both adults broke away and went their separate ways.

Erica sat, confused by the intensity of the exchange that had just happened above her. She sat in her seat while the other girls around the perimeter gathered in and sat, looking at her.

“What was that?” one girl asked.

“I don’t know,” Erica said, gathering her wits. “It looks like they were about to start fighting for a minute, but I dunno.”

“Maybe they’re having an affair and he’s mad at her,” Another girl speculated.

“You think so?” a third girl chimed in. Mandy and Jessi returned with their hands full of ice cream cups and sat. Mandy sat and looked at Erica, handing her a cup.

“What just happened?”

“I don’t know,” Erica said quietly as she opened her ice cream cup. “But Mr. Derichs said some stuff about me being friends with you. How much am I going to have to pay for being your friend?” Erica scolded her.

“Well, if you hadn’t snitched on me..”

“I told you, I didn’t snitch. I don’t have to. You’re sloppy, Mandy, and things almost went overboard again because of your temper.”

Mandy hung her head, “I know, he’s just such a little dick.”

“Let me handle him from now on. You obviously can’t deal with him on your own, and seriously? You’re getting in my way when I want to deal with him.”

“He’s been getting in our way constantly lately. We’ve barely been able to have any fun at all since last week.”

“He thinks he’s being clever,” Erica lamented as she stared at her treat.

“Maybe he really is clever, Erica. I swear, sometimes it’s like he’s herding the other kids away from us.”

“He probably is,” Erica replied coldly. “Look, you need to keep a lower profile from now on. You just being here gets teachers to watch us. How long do you think I can cover for you if you keep losing your temper like that?” Mandy hung her head silently. “And how much fun will you have once they really catch you doing something?”

“You’re right,” Mandy admitted. “So what did you say to Mr. Derichs when he asked you about being my friend.”

“I didn’t have to say anything. Mrs. Salvatori stuck up for me and told him I was just being a loyal friend. Don’t forget that.”
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Re: Please..

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The first stop was a local target, where Alicia took measurements of Erica’s feet with a tape measure that Lucas had brought with them, and then inside to buy some footwear for Erica with the money Erica had given her. Erica sat on Lucas’ lap in the car, resting her head on his chest, enjoying the thumping of his heart. She ran her fingers delicately up and down his shirt as the engine whirred away at idle, cool air from the air conditioner breezed over her as music softly played in the background.

“Are you going to hide me from every store we go to?” Erica asked playfully.

“Well, this is the last place I will be able to use and excuse to, so I’m just trying to enjoy it while I can.”

“And why do you need to be making excuses to keep me out of the store anyways?”

“So I can sit here and enjoy having you close to me,” Lucas said confidently. Erica looked up at him, surprised by his answer.

“There you go with your lines again.”

“Why would it be a line? Can’t you see how happy I am holding you close to me?” Erica stared at the contented, blissful look on his face and shyly lowered her gaze resting her head against his chest again.

“Has it really been less than a full day since this all started?”

“I guess it depends on when you consider it starting.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t think you taking the serum was the start, I’m not sure about you think.” Erica looked up at him curiously.

“So then, when do you think the start was?”

“When you met me at the restaurant and you gave me that messed up look when I held the door for you.”

“I couldn’t believe that you held the door for me. Who does that?” Erica asked in astonishment.

“Apparently I do,” Lucas teased back.

“Yeah, apparently you do. At least for now.” Erica giggled and smacked his chest.

“Stick around, Kitten. You might be surprised how long it lasts.” Erica sat there, resting her head on his chest, relaxing to the sound of the beat of his heart in her ear and began to smile absentmindedly as her eyelids slowly drifted close.

A few moments later, Alicia came prancing out happily with a couple bags in tow. She ran up to the side of the car and hopped in, smiling to Erica and Lucas. “Welcome back,” Lucas greeted her as she began eagerly rummaging through the contents of her bags.

“Good news,” Alicia announced.

“What’s that?” Erica asked.

“First, there were several pair of sandals that I think you’ll like, I got them all.”

“All? I didn’t give you that much money,” Erica said with some concern in her eyes.

“I know, I couldn’t help myself! If you’re worried maybe you can pay me back later, but you don’t have to.”

“Well, let me see,” Erica said skeptically. Alicia pulled out four pair of small sandals. The first one had plain leather soles, but white straps with purple flowers decorating them that ran up the foot and past the ankle. The second pair was a plain black pair of rubber sandals with gray patterns running around the sole. The third and fourth pairs were also rubber sandals, but were brighter colors, one pair pink with various bright colored flowers while the last pair was a plain white blue pair.

“Okay, those will work,” Erica said happily.

“Oh, I’m not done yet,” Alicia announced with laughter. Alicia pulled out three more pair of shoes. Two pair were ballerina flats, one silver, and one ruby red, and finally a pair of white, silver and pink tennis shoes with a Velcro strap in place of laces.

“Nice! This is so sad! I have all these shoes now, but nothing to wear with them!”

“We’ll make that for you later,” Alicia giggled, handing over the first pair of sandals with the white straps. Erica slipped them on and laced them as tightly as possible, and admiring them as she wiggled her feet up and down while sitting on Lucas’ lap. “This is literally as small as they go, so I guess we should be happy you didn’t shrink any farther because nothing else would have fit.”

“Go a little nuts on the shoes, there, Alicia?” Lucas joked with her.

“They were just so cute! I had to get them! Okay, still not done yet!”

“Alicia, you shouldn’t have,” Erica said with guilt in her voice. Alicia reached into the plastic bag and pulled out two small clutch purses, a mere fraction of the size of the one Erica had brought back to Lucas’ house. One was a simple green with an adjustable leather strap and gold buckle to latch it shut. The other was a small black polyester purse with a belt that went over the clasp. “Oooh! Purses! And they’re me sized!”

Alicia giggled back happily to Erica. “I know! I saw all the cute shoes and I just had to find out what they had for purses in there too!”

“Alicia, this is too much, you should be spending so much money on me,” Erica told her with a rising level of guilt in her voice. Lucas smiled and watched the conversation quietly, careful not to interrupt.

“It’s not a big deal, I wanted to,” Alicia grinned as she held the black purse up to Erica comparing the size to her. Erica, however ashamedly lowered her head. “Oh stop it! Let’s have fun!” Alicia playfully scolded her. Erica smiled, but weakly.

“What’s wrong, Kitten?” Lucas asked her gently.

“Nothing,” she said back feebly.

“Come on Kitten, what is it?”

Erica sighed. “I’m just.. I can’t do anything anymore, now I can’t even buy my own clothes and people have to go into the store to by me shoes and purses, and I feel like an invalid.”

“Oh, Erica,” Alicia told her sympathetically. “I didn’t mean it like that, I was just excited. I thought you might like the purses. I mean, if it bothers you that much, can take them back.”

Erica sat silently while Alicia waited for an answer that never came. In response she turned and started to open the car door again.

“Hold up Alicia,” Lucas interrupted. Lucas took Erica and lifted the dejected little woman up to a standing position and looked at her, placing a hand gently against her cheek. Instinctively she leaned into the soft touch. “Kitten, don’t take this so personally. We’re all just trying to help. The only reason Alicia got these things for you is because we didn’t want to risk making a scene because you were walking around the store without shoes, not because you’re an invalid.”

Erica looked back at Lucas and listened. “They’re just gifts. I know you’re doing your best, but you have to admit this has been really hard for you.” Erica nodded in response. “We’re not doing this to make you feel like you’re incapable, we’re just trying to help you feel like your old self again and to cheer you up.”

“But I am incapable,” Erica complained.

“The hell you are. You’ve handled chores pretty well, like cooking breakfast and making ice cream,”

“You helped me though,” she countered.

“Yeah, because you’ve never made it before and you hadn’t learned before how. You also played two women for chumps with little to no effort, I know I couldn’t have done that, and as much as I don’t want to go back down this road again, you kinda kicked the ass of a woman twice your size this evening.”

Erica looked over to Alicia ashamedly and told her, “I said I was sorry; I am.”

Alicia smiled back. “It’s okay. And Lucas is right. From your perspective I’m over ten feet tall and you took me down twice in a row. Just don’t do it again!”

Erica smiled back with a little more confidence. “That’s a little better,” Lucas reassured her. “Do you not like the purses?”

“Well, yeah, I think I do. I mean, they aren’t Bebe or Coach, but they’re still nice.”

“Well, then what’s the problem? Alicia’s your friend, right?” Erica nodded. “Friends do things for each other. I know you’re used to never getting help on anything, but we’re dying seeing you hurting like this. Let us give you a hand, okay?”

Erica smiled again and leaned over, kissing Lucas on the lips. “You’re sweet,” she commented. Lucas let her go and she sat back on his lap again looking through the purses and sharing in the new shoes with Alicia.

“I know they’re not designer, but we have to start somewhere, right?” Alicia grinned as Lucas put the car in gear again.

“Absolutely. It’s a good start,” Erica smiled up to Alicia.

“Wait till you see the dresses we’re gonna make you!”

“What about pants? I don’t normally wear dresses.”

“The dresses will be easier to make for now. We’ll start with some simpler designs and start making you some pants a little later. BUT, we’ll make you some sweat pants tonight, for sure.”

“Oh good. Something comfy to wear around the house would be nice.”

As Lucas came to a stop in another parking lot, he looked over to Erica and Alicia. “It’s already past 8:30, so we don’t have a whole lot of time left to handle everything. I’ll go into the pet store over there and handle the mice. Why don’t you two go to the fabric store? Alicia, make sure to get everything Erica needs to get her started, I’ll be there as quickly as I can.”

Erica climbed to her feet and kissed Lucas on the cheek. Lucas sat and waited, then opened the door, with Erica following him out and Alicia exiting the other side of the car. They walked together up to the sidewalk, and following Erica stepping up on top of the curb, Lucas knelt down to her putting a hand behind her shoulders.

“I’ll be right there,” he smiled to her unsettled face.

“Maybe we could get the mice tomorrow?” Erica asked.

“We should get them as soon as possible so Alicia can get to work.” Erica frowned at his answer. “Kitten, I will be just two doors down and I will be there as quickly as I can. Besides, is getting some girl time that bad of an idea?”

“I suppose not,” Erica muttered.

“It won’t be long before your kicking me out of the house so you can get some time away from me,” Lucas joked. “Go ahead, and have some fun. I’ll be right there.”

Erica jumped up wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him. He smiled, kissing back and let her go, watching as the two ladies sauntered off casually into the building they had been standing in front of and enjoying the sultry sway of Erica’s hips back and forth. He then stood and marched purposefully down a couple stores to a pet store.

Upon entering, Lucas looked around and spotted a few stacks of terrariums on the far wall to his right at the end of a pet food isle. Lucas marched down the aisle to find various reptiles caged there. He walked down the row and came across rodents. Chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, and finally mice. Three cages had a total of around twelve that Lucas could see. He then looked around to see an aisle with cages and accessories to go in the cage. He looked down the aisle, considering his choices. He then looked around for an employee, but saw no one nearby.

Lucas walked back out to the center of the store and looked around seeing no one but someone standing at a cashier stall near the front of the store. He walked past the aisles looking back and forth until he spotted someone stocking the cat food aisle. Lucas confidently walked up to a teenage boy, with a red spotted complexion.

“Hi,” He said cheerfully. The teenager looked at Lucas apathetically. Lucas waited for a response that didn’t come. “Okay, well I was looking to buy some mice.”

“Talk to Rachel up front. She’ll go in back and get you some snake food,” the teenager told him in a cracking, droll voice.

“Uh, no. I’d like some pet mice.” The teenager rolled his eyes and turned around to walk back towards the small pet cages. Lucas watched him in dismay briefly, then followed. Unceremoniously, the teenager took out a set of keys, and opened the case in front of the cages. He opened the first cage and stared at Lucas, a dull, listless look on his face.

“How many?” He asked.

“Uh, I’m not sure yet. Which ones are female and which ones are male?”

“Don’t you know?” The teenager asked, rolling his eyes.

“No, I’ve never had mice before.”

“Then why do you want them?”

“Pardon me?”

“Look, why does it matter? They’re all the same.”

“Uh, no, they’re not. And wouldn’t it be nice to know which are boys and which are girls so you don’t end up with a house filled with little baby mice?” The teenager rolled his eyes again. “Alright, that’s enough. Who else is working that can help me?”

The teenager looked at Lucas, irritated. “Well I guess maybe I could talk to..”

“No, don’t guess, get me someone else to talk to. Now.” Lucas said firmly. The teenager walked off slowly, leaving Lucas standing there, frustrated. Several minutes passed, but no one showed up. Lucas checked his watch several times, but still no one came.

“He better not have..” Lucas began to think out loud. Lucas walked back down the row again to find the teenager back at his previous position, stocking cat food. Lucas marched up to the teenager and asked him, “did you ask to someone else to come help me?” The teenager rolled his eyes again.

Lucas’ face turned stern. “Get up!” Lucas ordered.

The teenager flashed in surprise. “Hey dude, you can’t..”

“Get your ass up off the ground and come with me!” The teenager looked up at Lucas angrily and opened his mouth to say something, but Lucas interrupted him. “Look, stud, one way or another, we’re gonna have a little chat with your manager. You can debate it all you like, but it’s happening.”

The teenager stood, puffed out his chest and stood toe to toe with Lucas, clenching his fists. “Dude, I am so gonna,” He said just as Lucas stepped around him and walked down the aisle.

The teenager turned around, uncertain of what to say as Lucas marched purposefully down the aisle, then stormed after him. “Who the fuck you think you are! Don’t turn your back on me, bruh!” The teenager shouted as he caught up to Lucas. Lucas continued to march along ignoring the teenager, until he ran up in front of Lucas and stood in front of him, blocking his path.

The teenager reached forward to push Lucas, but Lucas swung his arm up, pushing the teenager’s arm away with his forearm. Within the same motion, Lucas jabbed his arm forward, off to the teenager’s side, and used it to leverage the teenager out of his way again, allowing him to march forward once again unimpeded.

“You fuckin douchebag, get your ass back here!” The teenager yelled, once again stunned he had been side stepped. As Lucas rounded the corner, he saw three employees in blue polo shirts come running over, having heard the commotion. The teenager came running after Lucas, and charged at him, though Lucas stopped and watched him as the teenager stormed toward him. Lucas stood, staring sternly as the teenager, now emboldened, picked up speed and lowered his head into a charge. Lucas, however waited and timed the teenager’s approach so that at the last moment, Lucas took a large step backwards, up against the and of the aisle and out of the teenager’s path, causing him to stumble past angrily into the open.

“Kyle! What the hell are you doing?” A middle aged man yelled as he ran up in between Lucas and the teenager.

“This dude hit me!”

“Sparky, if I had hit you, you wouldn’t be standing here right now to bitch about it,” Lucas said coldly.

“Do you have any idea who you are fuckin talking to?” The teenager yelled.

“It’s not that I don’t know, I just don’t care.” Lucas once again said coldly.

“I’ll make you care you goddamn..” The teenager yelled again.

The middle-aged man again stepped in between as the teenager tried to run around him to get to Lucas. “Kyle, enough!”

“I don’t have to take this shit!” The teenager yelled. Lucas continued to stand tall, watching the teenager with a stern look on his face, cold gray stone eyes staring down the boy.

“Look mister, what’s the problem here?” The man asked Lucas.

“The problem is your little stock boy here is rude, unhelpful, is giving me the run around and left me standing and waiting for several minutes while he played with his kitty food.”

“You fuckin!!” The teenager yelled, once again trying to get to Lucas, this time through the man, who held him back.

A teenage girl stepped in to pushed back on the boy. “Kyle! What are you doing?”

“Get out of my way Ellie!”

Lucas looked at the middle-aged man. “You’re gonna want to get him under control or this will get out of hand real fast.” The middle-aged man swallowed and turned to the teenager.

“Ellie, take Kyle to the break room. Kyle, I don’t want to see you back here until I come talk to you. GO!” The teenager looked angrily at the man, then turned and stomped off, the teenage girl pulling firmly on his arm.

The middle aged man looked at Lucas, shaking his head. “Did you hit my employee?” He asked loudly.

“No,” Lucas replied coldly.

“How do I know you didn’t hit him?” The manager asked angrily.

“I’m not here for a pissing match. If you think that if I had hit, him he’d still be running around like some menopausal midget monkey, that’s your business.” The man swallowed again.

“So what? You want to make a complaint?”

“I don’t have time for these stupid games. I have other errands to run tonight and I’m not going to waste my time on a useless complaint.”

“Fine, what do you want then?”

“I just want to buy some mice, junior there didn’t want to help. How about you?”

“Alright, alright.” The man led Lucas down the aisle to the small pet cages again. “Damnit! Kyle left the case open?”

“Yes,” Lucas said coldly.

“Is this where you hit him?”

Lucas stared at the man sternly. “Don’t give me that crap, he’s flipped out before, hasn’t he?”

The manager stood back, in shock, then looked at Lucas and nodded.

“Alright, can we just get down to business then?” The man nodded again.

“What can we do for you then?”

“I need some pet mice, one sex. I don’t want little baby mice. I’d prefer females.”

“Ok, we have fourteen mice, eight of them are female.”

“Great, I’ll take all of them.”

“ALL of them?”


“What are you going to do with them?”

“They’re for a friend.”

“Okay, so your friend really likes mice?”

“She’s an animal person and bigger animals aren’t an option right now. She’s had a major.. incident recently, and is living at a friend’s house though, so she doesn’t have anything to get this new group going, so I’ll need everything else to get a new group of mice started.”

“Oh, I see, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, can we just do this? I do have other things I need to get done tonight.”

“Alright, so then you’ll need a couple cages, some food, some pine chips and a couple water bottles.”

“Sounds good. What about a couple of those little wheels they run on?”

“Sure, we can get you those.”

“Anything else I’ll want?”

“Food bowls?”

“Sounds great,” Lucas stated logically. The man helped Lucas by selecting three large plastic terrariums and then loading Lucas’ list of items into a shopping cart that was left sitting nearby. With little more conversation, gathered up all his items and pushed them, along with the three cages now filled with mice up to the checkout counter where Lucas got his total, paid it with his card and quickly pushed it all back out to the car, unloading the animals in the back seat and the rest in the trunk.
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Re: Please..

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Alicia and Erica walked into the store and looked around. Alicia immediately grabbed a cart and looked down to Erica, holding her arms out.

“You are NOT picking me up,” Erica protested.

“Don’t you want to ride in the cart?”

“Are you serious??”

“Of course I am!”

“You would seriously want ride in the child seat of a shopping cart if you were my size?”

“Heck yeah!”

“Alicia, you are really weird.”

“Oh don’t give me that. Now you’ve got the idea in your head. You’ll be begging me to put you in the cart before we’re done.”

“Like hell I will.”

Alicia wagged her finger at Erica, “Now, now young lady. You shouldn’t be using naughty words like that!”

“You remember what ended up happening the last time you pushed my buttons like that?” Erica scolded her seriously.

Alicia’s face went wide in shock, thinking back. “Yeah, you flashed Lucas.”

“No, after that.”

“What? The grill?”


“That was because I complimented Lucas.”

“Yeah, but you think I had forgotten you mocking me when you first got to Lucas’s house?”


“Yeah, ‘oh.’”

“Come on, Erica! Have some fun with this!”

“I can walk, thank you.”

“Suit yourself,” Alicia grinned, pushing the cart forward and walking at a normal pace. Erica trotted after, having difficulty keeping up with her shorter legs.

“Would you slow down?” Erica grumbled as they walked down the first aisle, looking at sewing machines.

“Why? You said you could keep up.”

“Yeah, well you don’t have to walk so fast!”

“I’m not walking fast, I’m walking normal.”

“You are walking fast.”

“No, I’m walking normal. Lucas has just been going extra slow for you when he walks.”

“AAArrggghhh!! Slow down!”

“Oh, so you admit you can’t keep up with my big, fat, clumsy ass?”

Erica lowered her head. “I said I was sorry.”

“Not for that, you didn’t. It’s ok if you can’t keep up with my big, fat, clumsy ass though. I’ll let you ride in the cart.”

“I am NOT riding in the cart!” Erica protested vociferously. A woman at the end of the aisle turned and looked at the two ladies, causing Erica to blush. “Damnit, Alicia,” Erica told her in a more hushed tone. “I promised Lucas I wouldn’t pick on you anymore, but if you humiliate me here, I’m telling you: you’ll regret it.”

“Alright, alright,” Alicia conceded in a conciliatory tone. “But you will still ask me to ride in the cart before we leave. I know it.”

“No I will NOT.”

Alicia brought the cart to a stop in front of several sewing machines sitting on displays above Erica’s head. Erica walked up and stood next to Alicia’s hip. “What do you think of this one?” Alicia asked indifferently.

Erica looked up, standing on her tiptoes to try to get a decent look, but could hardly see anything. “You’re the sewing expert, whatever you think is best,” Erica finally declared.

“Well, thank you, but it will be your sewing machine, you should make the decision. What about that one over there?” Alicia asked, pointing even further back on the shelf.

“I have no idea,” Erica admitted in frustration.

“Well, you really should have a say. And no better time to start learning than right now!” Alicia grinned down to Erica.

“I can’t see it,” Erica admitted angrily.

“Oh, is your eyesight failing you? Maybe we should get you some glasses?”

“You know damn well why I can’t see it,” Erica scolded.

“No, sorry. I’m not a mind reader, I can’t tell.”

“Yes you can!”

“No I can’t. You’ll just have to tell me,” Alicia told her casually.

“You’re doing this to tease me, and I don’t like it.”

“Yeah you do,” Alicia teased.

“Oh, you can read my mind for that, but you can’t tell why I can’t see the frickin machine?”

“Pretty much.”

“Damnit Alicia, I’m too short to see it! Okay??”

“Oh, well maybe if you were riding in this little seat up here in the shopping cart..” Erica balled up her fist and punched Alicia quickly and as hard as she could in Alicia’s thigh. Alicia bent over, rubbing the Charlie horse out. “Holy shit, that really hurt!”

“Stop screwing with me then,” Erica told her callously.

Alicia knelt down in front of her tiny friend. “Oh come on, you’re enjoying it, and that’s what’s pissing you off, knowing that you’re enjoying this.”

“I am NOT enjoying this.”

“Yes, you are, I can see a smile cracking right here, you’re about to smile.” Alicia pointed to the corner of Erica’s mouth.

Erica swatted her hand away forcefully. “No I am not.”

“You’re right. Better that you just keep fighting it. Don’t smile, Erica.”

Erica’s face scrunched up, she looked at her friend angrily.

“Don’t do it, Erica, don’t smile.”

“I’m not going to smile!” Erica continued to scrunch and contort her face.

“You’re right, Erica! Don’t smile! Don’t smile Erica!” Alicia told her energetically. Erica struggled and balled up her fists, contorting her face up and down, fighting against the tide of unconscious urges that were suddenly overwhelming her.

“Erica, don’t smile. Don’t do it! If you smile, you’re face will crack Erica!” Erica placed both hands up to her face to try to push her spreading cheeks back inward. “Don’t smile Erica!!”

“Stop it!!” She demanded struggling with all her effort to keep from laughing.

“Don’t smile Erica! You’re face will crack!!”

Finally, Erica broke into a wide, giggling grin. “Awww, I really thought you would make it too,” Alicia chided, placing a hand towards Erica’s cheek.

Erica slapped the hand away. “It’s not funny!”

“It’s not? Then why are you laughing?” the red headed woman said back with a cheeky grin.

“You are having WAY too much fun with this,” Erica told her as she stood back up to look at the sewing machines again.

“Yeah, I am, why aren’t you?”

“How is this fun? Everyone is looking at me.”

“No one is here, Erica,” Alicia said rationally. Erica looked around and noticed they were alone in the aisle. Even the lady that had stared at Erica’s outburst a moment before was gone.

“Well, there was, and she was staring at me.”

“Because you yelled. She thought you were throwing a tantrum, because you were.”

“I was not throwing a tantrum,” Erica protested indignantly.

“Yeah you were, it was SOOO cute!” Alicia looked over the prices on the sewing machines, checking the cards near each and considering the features.

“How can you be so chipper about all this? Everyone stares at me now. I’m a freak, Alicia!”

“Everyone stared at you before, what’s the difference?”

“Before they stared because they all wanted to take advantage of me.”

“And now they could.”

Erica went pale. “What do you mean?”

“You’re less than three feet tall now. If someone wanted to take advantage of you, there is no way you could fight them off as easily as you could have before.”

Erica stood and stared up at the giant standing above her, slack jawed. Alicia continued on, studying each machine’s specifications until she realized Erica hadn’t responded and then turned and looked downward to see a very pale little woman with a terrified look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Nothing…” Erica replied unconvincingly.

Alicia looked down at her and considered the conversation very carefully. “You’ve never worried about being assaulted or raped before, have you?”

“Of course I have!” Erica replied forcefully.

“Yeah, but it’s never been something you’ve really had to be afraid of. Most guys aren’t so big or strong that you’ve had to worry too much about being able to take them on. That’s it, isn’t it?”

“How can you be so casual about something like that?”

“I’m not casual, I’m just used to it. Every time I am out and I go to my car, I have my keys in my wrapped in my fingers, in case someone does something. Have you ever had to do that?”

“Don’t give me that! I’ve had someone try to rape me before..” Erica told her angrily.

“And how did you deal with him?” Alicia asked, casually, bending over and inspecting a machine closely.

“I threw the asshole off of me!” Erica told her indignantly.

“That’s kinda my point. I can’t throw the average guy off of me. If I get attacked, that’s pretty much it. I can do stuff, but my odds are really bad.”

“Why are we even talking about this?” Erica said, pale and sweating now.

“Because you’ve never had to be helpless, and now your are.”

“Only until you fix me!”

“Making you big again won’t fix this.”

“The hell it won’t! No one will mess with me once I’m back to normal.”

“No one is messing with you now, Erica. You just can’t handle the idea of being defenseless, but at the same time, you love it.”

“I do not love it. And I am not defenseless. You make it sound like I’m a horrible person, just shoving people around and intimidating them. Why do you even want to be my friend if that’s how you feel?”

“You do love it. And I was your friend because you were good to me. Now though? Now I know you’re just like me.” Alicia looked down and grinned at Erica with a giddy look in her eyes.

“What does that mean? We’re nothing alike.”

“We’re exactly alike. We both want to feel safe and surrounded, we both want to have fun and play. I mean, it’s unreal watching you today. I’ve never seen you so.. giggly! I’ve never even heard you giggle before today, but you’ve been giggling, and snuggling and playing.. way too rough, but you’ve been totally frivolous! Who would have ever thought that Erica Simonis would have a whimsical side to her? It’s awesome!”

Erica tugged on the hem of Alicia’s dress. “Alicia, don’t take the serum,” she told Alicia with a pleading tone to her voice.

“I won’t,” Alicia said indifferently as she went back to comparing sewing machines.

“Good,” Erica said, relieved.

“I don’t have a multiplier effect to shrink me down nearly as much as you, so there isn’t much of a point,” Alicia said.

“That’s the only reason you aren’t taking it??”

“Well no, but it’s a pretty good one.”

“No it’s not, if you need a multiplier then you could just get yourself off..”

Alicia knelt down again and hugged Erica with a little squeal. “I knew you were into this, you’re even thinking of new ways to shrink!”

“I am NOT into this! It’s just common sense!”

“It is, but it probably wouldn’t work nearly as well.”

“What? Why?”

“The hormones are different when you do it to yourself. I’m betting that if you tried to bring yourself down like that it would be only half as effective at best.”

“Uh, no. When Lucas had me..” Erica stopped, realizing what she had almost shared.

“Had you what?” Alicia asked, curious beyond description.

“Nothing, never mind,” Erica said abruptly, turning away. Alicia grabbed her and turned her back again.

“Not nothing, what did Lucas have you do?”

“None of your business!” Erica scolded her.

“You can’t just start off like that and not expect me to want to know! What did he do?”

“I’m not telling you! It’s none of your business!!”

“Oh come on, you always tell me these things! Why can’t I know this one?”

“This one was… different.”

“Well, yeah, you’re a Halfling now because of it, what did he do???”

Erica’s skin turned bright red and she fanned herself unconsciously thinking about it. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh my god! Look at you! Whatever it was it must have been amazing!!”

“Stop it! Alicia, you’re embarrassing me!”

“I’m not going to stop until you tell me!! What did he do???”

Erica looked behind her down the aisle and then around Alicia to make sure they were alone, and she stepped in close, whispering up to Alicia’s ear. “It was close to when we first discovered I was shrinking instead of growing. I told him to take me and he told me he wouldn’t.”

“What? Why???”

“I have no idea, he actually tried to leave until I begged him to stay. And for me to get him to stay he made me..” Erica paused, her face, neck and chest a crimson color.

“What??? What did he do???”

“He made me masturbate myself right out of my underwear,” Erica whispered. Alicia fell back, landing on her butt and sat staring at her disbelievingly with eyes as large as saucer plates.

“Like shrink yourself until everything fell off?” Erica nodded, bashfully. “Oh my God!!” Alicia whispered.

“I think I lost over a foot just from that alone,” Erica confessed

“And he just sat and watched you??” Erica nodded again. Alicia sat there with a dumbfounded look on her face, speechless, as she turned a bright red herself.

“Alicia, get up, someone is going to see you!” Erica warned. Alicia sat, stunned, then slowly began to stir.

“That is so sexy!” Alicia eventually whispered to Erica.

“Sexy? That’s degrading! I can’t believe I let him do that to me!”

“Oh come on, you did it to yourself,” Alicia said with a wink. Erica slapped her friend’s hand. Alicia giggled and started to get up again, fanning herself. “I doubt that the hormones were exactly like if you have been on your own. Having him involved was a huge part in what made you as small as you are,” Alicia explained, still trying to catch her breath.

“Whatever. Fine then, when you grow me back you can just get any other guy to help you out.”

“You’re kidding..”

“No, you’re gorgeous! You can get any guy you want to shrink you.”

“You are not serious, Erica.”

“Of course I am. If you need someone else involved to make it work right, well then you can just pick any guy you want and they will fall over themselves to have you. Especially since you’re a redhead. Guys love that.”

“Do you not have any idea of how colossally stupid that would be?”

“What are you talking about? Guys live to let that thing go wild. If all you need is sex to make it happen, then you can have anyone you want eating out of the palm of your hand.”

“Lucas didn’t. Sounds like he was in charge with you.”

Erica blushed. “Well, no, he didn’t. He’s weird, I guess.”

Alicia stooped over to pull a large box out from under the display, the stopped and stared at Erica. “Weird? Do you even hear the words coming out of your mouth?”

“What is your problem Alicia?” Erica demanded.

“Erica, have you put any thought into what would have happened if this had happened with one of your angry little mouse men?”

“Excuse me?”

“They would have flipped. The power they would have had all of a sudden, they would have totally flipped. And they’ve all been little submissive types, and been all pissed off little men, and to suddenly be in control like that? I’m betting they would have used you and beat you around because they were all pissed their amazon goddess was suddenly gone and even locked you up. Do you have any idea how lucky you are this had happened with Lucas and not someone else?” Erica stood and stared slack jawed, pale again.

“They wouldn’t dare..”

“Why not? Who would stop them? I mean right now you must weight what? Twenty pounds?”

“Eighteen and a half,” Erica admitted woefully.

“Yeah. Lucas isn’t weird. Lucas is.. I don’t know what Lucas is, but he is sweet and caring and you are just lucky that that is such a big part of him, because if you had done this with one of your submissive, pissy little mouse men…”

“Why do you keep calling them that?”

“Because they are! You always go out with short guys, and they are always fawning over you and want you to control them. You’re the one who keeps telling me how they want you to stand on them and whip them and crap!”

“Okay, good point.”

“Uh, yeah. You think that someone who is into that kind of violence is going to handle it well when you’re not even big enough to hold the whip all of a sudden?”

“The whip was just that one guy..”

“Whatever! Erica, you should be counting your lucky stars that you chose to do this with Lucas. Name one guy you think could have been as gentle or as understanding as him.” Erica stood speechless.

“Exactly,” Alicia said assuming her point to be taken as she hauled the large box out and strained, lifting it into the shopping cart. “He’s not weird and he isn’t some random guy,” Alicia said, reinforcing what she had said.

“What are you getting all defensive over him for? He isn’t your man!”

“And he isn’t yours either. But that’s you making that choice, not him,” Alicia reprimanded and began pushing the cart forward. Erica pranced forward keeping alongside Alicia.

As they walked, Erica stared down at the floor tiles, lost in thought. Her expression was relatively blank as they strolled along together. In time, she looked up at Alicia and told her, “we’ve only gone out once. I’m entitled to take time to think things over..”

“Think things over? After that ‘one date’ you’re already living in his house.”

“Just until I get back to normal and can live on my own again.”

“What if you like living there?”

“I need my own space.”

“Seems like there is space there, especially if you’re only two eleven.”

“Two eleven point three,” Erica corrected forcefully.

“Oh yeah, like that point three makes that much of a difference.” Alicia came to the end of the aisle and started down a new one.

“It does to me.”

“I suppose it would to me, because I would rather add it to the inches already taken off. If it were me.”

“How can you say that? Seriously, how could you want to be this small?”

“The same reason you do,” Alicia said smiling down. She came to a stop looking at rows of accessories for the sewing machine, picking items off the shelf and tossing them into the cart one at a time.

“I do NOT want..”

“Yes you do, or else you wouldn’t be that size to begin with. Seriously, I’m amazed you are still denying it like that. You are such a stubborn little thing!”

Erica’s eyes narrowed. “Don’t give me that look, little grouchy pants,” Alicia said in response.

“Don’t patronize me, Alicia,” Erica warned. Alicia giggled in response. “What? You think I’m a child because I’m this size? That you can just treat me like that?”

“No, but you are so adorable! I wish I was that adorable.”

Erica stood staring upward with a confused look. “I don’t know whether that is an insult or a compliment.”

“It’s a compliment silly. Ooh! You’ll love this,” she said pointing to a sign hanging from the ceiling as they came to the end of the aisle.

“Love what?” Erica asked as they walked around the corner to an aisle filled with fabrics. Erica looked around contemplatively. “Why?” she asked, uncertain what was so great about the walls of cloth adorning the plain shelves around her.

“Because this is what we are going to make your clothes out of. You get to choose what your clothes look like AND how they feel!”

“I can? Don’t we have to use specific kinds for each thing we make?”

“No, we get to use whatever you like, whatever color!” Alicia reached up and found a piece of black cloth and pulled it down, showing it to Erica. “Go ahead, feel it,” she encouraged.

Erica grabbed the cloth in her hands and looked up excitedly to Alicia. “It’s so soft!!”

“I know!” Alicia giggled back.

“Oh!! What can we make with this?? I want shirts with this! Do they have other colors??”

“How about a couple t-shirts and a dress in black?”

“What about other colors?”

“We can get red too, maybe turquoise?”

“Yes!! Do it!”

“And we can make tons of stuff for cheap for you because you’re so small!”

“I didn’t think of that! Oh my god! This is great!” Erica ran down the aisle, and climbed up some shelves to examine some more fabrics.

“I told you!” Alicia squealed and ran over with her, pulling out bands and comparing them, one after another.

“Excuse me, miss, could you not let your daughter climb on the shelves?” A voice called from down the aisle. Both ladies turned to see a portly young woman in an apron with a store logo at the end of the aisle.

“Uggh, this is why I hate being so little. Everyone thinks I’m a friggin toddler,” Erica complained. The woman approached.

“I’m sorry,” Alicia explained, “but she isn’t my daughter.”

“Well, who ever this child belongs to, she shouldn’t be climbing on the shelves,” The woman told her sternly.

“Look at me lady. Look real close,” Erica told her sternly. The woman looked at Erica, squinted, then stood back with a confused look on her face.

“Yes, that’s right. Boobies. And do children have boobies? Especially ones this nice?” Erica chided, pressing her breasts up and together, then allowing them to drop back down, bouncing firmly.

The woman looked at her, an upset, contorted and bewildered look on her face. “Well.. uh.. I’m sorry ma’am, but you still shouldn’t be climbing on the shelves.”

“And how the hell am I supposed to see anything then?”

“Well.. uh… maybe you could ride in the cart?”

Erica fumed. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? You know what? You ride in the fuckin cart! Get your big butt up there, and you see how much YOU like sitting in the child seat!!”

“I’m.. uh… I’m..”

“You’re sorry? You think I want to be standing here, too short to even reach above waist level? Look lady, unless you want to get me a glass of wine and bring the fabrics over one at a time for us to inspect at our leisure, I suggest you take your condescending attitude elsewhere!” Alicia stood covering her mouth, stifling a laugh.

“Uh.. alright, sorry to bother you… ma’am…” The woman shuffled off and out of sight quickly.

Erica turned to look up at Alicia, an angry look on her face, which melted as she saw Alicia giggling away at the exchange. Alicia held out a hand just within reach of Erica, and Erica grinned, slapping it with a high five and giggled along with her. Both woman turned and went back to comparing fabrics. Several minutes passed, before Alicia turned to her left and spotted Lucas, who had come in and was searching the store for them. Erica noticed the change in Alicia’s posture and looked up at her, with a questioning look. She then turned to see what she was smiling about, and went into a full grin herself.

“LUCAS!!” Erica squealed as she leapt from the shelf and ran down the aisle towards him. Lucas turned and looked down at the tiny woman running towards him and smiled, kneeling down and facing her as she leapt up into the air and aggressively came to a rest in his hands with her arms wrapped around his neck.

Lucas chuckled softly and hugged the elfin lady. “Best greeting I’ve ever gotten,” he mused aloud, eliciting a giggle from Erica. Lucas started to stand up, but noticed Erica not budging from her face planted into his shoulder, so he squeezed her a little more firmly and smiled down to her. From a distance, Alicia stared at the two enviously.

When Erica continued to cling to Lucas, he looked up to see Alicia and his expression softened. Lucas wrapped his arms around Erica, supporting her, causing her to squeeze tighter around his neck. He then stood and walked slowly over to Alicia, who stood as well and smiled as he approached.

“I guess she missed you,” Alicia said, wryly.

“I guess so,” Lucas said, chuckling back. “Everything go ok while I was gone?”

“It went great!” Erica squealed, throwing her head back to look up at him. Lucas smiled down contentedly to her. “We’re picking fabrics! Put me down, put me down!” She chirped. Lucas bent over and set her on the ground, allowing her to sprint over to the shelves, and climb the shelves again. Lucas noticed that Erica exposed her derrière to the world as she hastily scampered up to the level she wanted to be at. Lucas and Alicia both noticed, and Lucas reach down and pulled her dress down to cover her up again. Erica looked down to see what he was doing and grinned, continuing her journey up until she stood on a shelf holding several fabrics.

“That was so cute!” Alicia marveled.

“Jealous?” Erica grinned up at her.

“Yes! Do you really have to ask?”

Erica giggled and grabbed a piece of turquoise cloth and draped it over herself, and smiled diffidently up at Lucas. “What do you think? You think this is a good color for me?”

“Well that depends, what are you going to make with it?”

“I don’t know,” Erica said thoughtfully, looking at Alicia. “I guess we hadn’t decided if it was a good color for me.”

“It’s a great color for you, kitten,” Lucas assured her.

Erica giggled and grabbed some white fabric, draping it over herself in place of the turquoise. “What about this?”

“Kitten, you could make a potato sack look good. If you like it, then we should get it,” Lucas told her cheerfully. Erica giggled again. “Tell me which ones you want to get and I’ll grab them for you.” Erica grabbed the white and the Turquoise fabrics and held them out to Lucas. Alicia found a nearby piece of scissors and pulled out an appropriate length and cut it free. They chose several more pieces of fabric, some of them chosen by Alicia, others by Erica, Alicia and Erica both happily running back and forth comparing one to another and showing each other their discovery. Once satisfied, Alicia walked to the back of the cart and grabbed the handle, but Lucas put his hand on her shoulder, causing her to pause and look at him.

“Let me push this thing around, you two have other things to focus on,” he told her smiling. She gladly relinquished the heavy cart to Lucas, who pushed to forward and told them both, “Okay, lead the way.”

Erica stayed behind with Lucas and stare up at him as Alicia quickly walked off. Lucas, pushed forward to keep up and noticed Erica struggling in a near run to keep pace with them. He looked down and asked her softly, “Kitten do you want to ride in the cart?

Erica’s eyes flashed wide and she looked up at him, shooting daggers straight trough him “K, I guess not,” he reasoned in amusement.

As they walked up and down another couple aisles, Alicia ran ahead of them, picking whatever she could find that she thought they would need, and Erica began to fall behind a bit. Lucas slowed and stayed with her until she finally looked up at the back of the cart and asked, “maybe I could sit up there close to you?”

“Of course, Kitten,” He told her happily. He picked her up and stood her on the cart. Erica sat down, slipping her legs into the holes in the child seat and looked up smiling at Lucas.

“I knew it!!! I told you!!” Alicia squealed triumphantly as she ran up.

“Told me what?” Erica asked angrily.

“I told you that you’d ask to ride in the cart! I told you!”

Erica glared at the giant woman who grinned deviously down at her. “You said I would ask YOU if I could ride in the cart, and I didn’t. I just asked if I could sit close to Lucas.”

“You totally asked to ride in the cart!”

“Yeah, but I didn’t ask YOU.” Erica stated firmly, sticking her tongue out at the giant woman.

“Okay, but you’re only technically right,” Alicia reasoned.

“Is there any other way to be right?” Lucas watched the exchange with a surprised expression on his face.

“You’re just trying to win with semantics. I was totally right, and you know it.”

“No, I just wanted to sit next to Lucas. Isn’t that right Lucas.”

“People do like to sit next to me,” he offered playfully.

“Don’t stick up for her like that! She said she wouldn’t ride in the cart and now look!” Lucas shrugged his shoulders. “How can you just take her side like that?” Alicia demanded.

Lucas leaned over, placing his hand by the side of his mouth and explained in a hushed tone to Alicia, “I have it on good authority that she isn’t wearing underwear…”

“See? Now THAT is how a man thinks!!” Erica declared triumphantly.

Alicia grunted and dropped her shoulders in frustration.

“Okay, if it’s that big of a deal to you, do you want to ride in the cart then, smarty pants?”

“Heck yeah I wanna ride next to Lucas.”

Erica’s eyes went wide as saucers again. “Well tough. I get to ride with Lucas, because I found him first.”

“Actually, I saw him at the gym before you ever talked to him.”

“Yeah, but I talked to him, so I get to ride next to him.” Lucas began to tug at the collar of his shirt nervously.

“But I saw him first.”

“Okay then, can you fit in this seat?” Erica asked smugly.

Alicia fidgeted, not wanting to answer. “Can you?”

“No,” Alicia admitted sadly.

“Sucks to be you then!!” Erica squealed sticking her tongue out at Alicia. Alicia stuck her tongue impishly out in return.

Lucas laughed at the sparring session as Alicia stood there pouting and Erica sat erectly with her chest out and a smug, triumphant look on her face. “Okay, are we ready to move on now?” Lucas asked, still chuckling. Alicia nodded and went back to prancing down the aisle. Lucas shoved on the cart and moved forward after her.

“Glad you could handle that without completely losing it,” Lucas said quietly down the Erica.

“What did you think would happen?”

“I thought you might start hitting her or something.”

“Oh. Well I already hit her earlier.”

“Wait, what?” Lucas asked, stunned. “Why?”

“She kept bugging me about riding in the stupid cart,” Erica muttered with an irritated voice. Lucas chuckled.

“And now you’re..” Lucas began to say.

“Shut it!” Erica ordered him firmly, cutting him off. Lucas laughed aloud.

They continued to walk down the aisle and Erica looked up at Lucas with a look of frustration. “Lucas! ” She whispered. Lucas looked down to her with a smile. “Lucas, I’m cold,” She explained. “Come closer and keep me warm.”

Lucas grinned and inched a little closer to the cart as he pushed it along. “Closer,” She told him. Again he moved a little closer to her. “Closer,” she told him once again.

“Kitten, if I get closer to the cart, my feet will hit the cart when I walk.”

“Walk with baby steps then.” Lucas laughed again. In response he leaned down, resting his weight on the handlebar of the cart so that his chest sat right in front of Erica. She leaned up, wrapping her arms wide around him and hugged. “Mmmm,” she purred.

“Feeling warmer now?”

“Huh?” She asked back.

“I guess that’s a yes,” Lucas chuckled.

The rest of the trip went by quickly, Alicia picked up some other accessories, needles, threads of varying colors, thimbles, and whatever else tickled her fancy and then they came to an aisle that contained small white packages all over the shelves.

Alicia grinned and ran forward, Erica climbed out of her seat and down the side of the cart and followed suit, uncertain of what the excitement was about. As Erica looked around she realized they were looking at layouts and designs for various clothing. She smiled and ran back and forth, searching for the types of designs she was looking for. Alicia did the same, grabbing some designs for dresses, shirts, blouses, skirts, and even a few for pants while Lucas just sat back, leaning on the cart and enjoying the two ladies prance gleefully back and forth. Once

When all was said and done, Alicia smiled and told Lucas, “Okay, I think this will do it for tonight.” Lucas grinned back and spun the cart around and began heading toward the front of the store.

Erica ran back up and held her arms up, prompting Lucas to pick her up and set her on the cart again, where she sat down again and looked up at him. “Ahem,” she coughed into her balled up hand. Lucas looked down and Erica motioned for him to come closer. Lucas smiled and leaned down, resting on his forearms again against the handlebar and pushed the cart forward as Erica reached up and hugged his huge chest.

They walked along before Erica sat back and looked up, frustrated again. “Crap!” She complained.

“What is it Kitten?” Lucas asked, Alicia looked over curiously.

“I forgot to bring my purse in. We need to go get it so I can pay for all this.”

“No, I’m buying it for you.”

“I can pay for my own stuff!”

“I know you can, but while we are getting your disability pay together you should really conserve your money. I’ll cover this.”

“Lucas…” Erica said awkwardly.

“I’ll take care of it. You’ll have chances down the line to make it up to me, promise.”

“I don’t know…”

“Kitten, the only thing that matters here is that you have what you need and you’re ok. Part of that means we don’t waste your money until we’re sure your income is stable again.”

“All this is really expensive,” She complained.

“I have a pretty good feeling you are more than worth it,” Lucas consoled her. Erica looked up at him with teary eyes, then reached up and hugged him.

“You’re really sweet,” she told him.

As they made their way across the store Erica tugged on his shirt again. “Stop for a second,” Erica told them both. They did, and she stood up and began climbing down the side of the cart.

“What is it?” Alicia asked, uncertain what was going on.

“I don’t want that big bitch from earlier seeing me riding in the cart,” Erica explained. Alicia giggled profusely while Lucas smiled and shook his head. The trio continued on, up to the cash registers, where, as predicted, the woman from earlier was standing, gossiping with the cashier. Both looked at Erica walking along confidently ahead of her entourage, and the woman turned and sheepishly walked away.

Checkout was efficient and cordial, though the cashier kept looking down and staring at Erica, who was becoming increasingly irritated by it. Lucas watched carefully as Erica continued to look forward, but watched the cashier out of the corner of her eye.

“Just to warn you,” Lucas told the cashier calmly, “If you don’t stop staring at her, she’ll make you regret it.”

The cashier looked up sharply at Lucas with a confused look, but didn’t really say anything. She then looked down at Erica again. “Better listen to him, he’s pretty smart for a guy,” She warned the cashier, still not turning to look directly at her.

“Oh come on, Kitten, I’ve been nothing but supportive of you and that is all I get? Smart ‘for a guy?’”

“Yup!” Erica stated back, giggling. The cashier turned back to her work ringing items up one at a time. Erica looked up at the register to see the total climbing as the items were run up one by one. “Whoa,” she said in astonishment. “This is really getting expensive! Almost two hundred dollars already?”

“Well, it’ll take some money to get you started out, but it will pay for itself in the end, don’t worry about it,” Lucas smiled.

“But Lucas, it’s too much,” Erica said in dismay.

“It’s not, Kitten. I’m happy to do it.”


“Kitten, it’s fine, really. Besides, I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’re going to make,” Lucas said with a grin.

Erica smiled back up at him in uncertainty. Alicia knelt down to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Erica, it’s fine, Lucas and I know what we’re doing. We’re giving this stuff to you freely.”

“Why? This is a lot of money you two are wasting on me,” Erica complained.

“It’s not a waste,” Lucas told her firmly. The cashier stood and stared, catching Erica’s attention again. Lucas turned and lifted the box with the sewing machine on the counter, blocking the cashier’s view of Erica. “Now, I told you I would make tonight a special one for you, didn’t I?” Lucas asked looking back down to her. Erica nodded.

“This is part of that. Enjoy the ride,” Lucas said with a cheeky grin. Alicia leaned in and hugged Erica.

“I didn’t tell you that you could hug me,” Erica complained.

“Too bad! Sucks to be you!” In response Erica giggled and hugged back.

“How..” the cashier finally began to ask. “How did she come to be so short?” She asked Lucas.

“I drank too much coffee as a kid,” Erica smarmily replied, stepping out from behind the box.

“You’re kidding..” the cashier said.

“No, didn’t your mom tell you caffeine would stunt your growth?”


“Yeah, well, my mom didn’t know any better. It didn’t help that she had like three cups of coffee every morning before she breast-fed me. I had so much coffee from her breast milk that I was addicted before I was even out of diapers.”

“So she actually gave you coffee as a toddler?”

“Yeah, otherwise I wouldn’t stop screaming and crying. I stopped growing when I was just past three years old. I never kicked the habit until I was almost seventeen.”

“No way…”

“Way. You know how most babies make grabbing motions when they are hungry and they see boobs?”


“I would do that whenever I smelled a cup of coffee.”

“If I didn’t see the results with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.”

“Just remember that when you have your own kids. Doctors warn you and whine about drinking or smoking when you are pregnant. I say quit drinking coffee. Quit now if you ever plan on having kids..”

“Oh, wow..” The cashier looked at Lucas, who was doing his best to hold a serious face and nodded. Alicia sat crouched still hidden behind the box, covering her mouth and giggling softly. Lucas grabbed the sewing machine box and lifted it back to the cart. He then took out his credit card and handed it to the cashier, who finished ringing up the remaining items and ran his card. He signed his name on the receipt and the trio walked out the store together, with the cashier standing and staring.

Alicia turned around to see the portly young woman approach again and begin speaking to the cashier. They gossiped energetically with each other, though the only words that Alicia could make out from the cashier were “coffee,” and “addiction.” The other woman’s jaw dropped and she stood in shock.

Alicia turned away and giggled profusely, doing her best not to alert them to her reaction.

“Stop it Alicia!” Erica warned her in a whisper. “You’ll give it away!”

Alicia did her best to control herself until they had left the store then erupted into laughter. Erica smiled and pulled her friend’s hand, leading her back to the car. “Come on, giggles, let’s get home; we have some clothes to make!”

Lucas watched happily as the two women pranced off together towards the car ahead of him and followed suit.
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Re: Please..

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I don’t know if I should be sitting with you guys, Erica,” the young girl said with a hesitant voice.

Erica and the young girl walked up to the table where Mandy and the others sat gossiping away. This girl was about average height for her age, but extremely skinny, with long brown plain hair tied back without any care put to it. He clothes were plain and noticeably old and used. She wore thick, dark rimmed glasses.

“Of course you should,” Erica said confidently.

“But I don’t think your friends like me. One of them dumped a bunch of gunk down the back of my shirt yesterday.”

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll fix that.”

“But Erica, I’m not like you and your friends,” the girls said sheepishly.

“I know, and that’s why you’re gonna hang out with us now,” Erica said self assuredly. The girl smiled up at Erica with a toothy, brace laced grin.

As the two girls approached the table a couple girls looked up to see Erica’s guest and gaped up at her with flabbergasted expressions. Mandy observed their expressions and turned around to see what the fuss was about.

“What is she doing here?” She asked angrily.

Erica motioned for the girl to sit, and joined her. “She’s having lunch with us Mandy.”

“Uh, no.” Mandy said indignantly and began to stand.

“Uh yes,” Erica replied back and placed her hand on Mandy’s shoulder and shoved her back into her seat.

“I don’t sit with nerds,” Mandy retorted angrily. The other girls watched closely, speechless.

“Gabriela isn’t a nerd, and she is sitting with us.”

“She is a nerd! Why would you bring her to hang out with us?” The girl lowered her head sheepishly.

“Mandy, shut the hell up. Gabriela is my friend and she’s hanging out with us. If you don’t like it, you can always find a new group of friends.” Mandy sat back in shock, then looked down at her plate angrily.

“I can’t believe you would choose her over me, after everything I did for you,” Mandy grumbled.

“I’ve done just as much for you. Besides, I’m not choosing anyone over you, you’re the one who is making the choice.”

“Why should she even be around us, look how ugly she is,” Mandy complained.

“STOP IT!” Erica ordered as the girl ducked her head down even further. “She’s my friend and I’m not going to put up with you making her file like crap!” The girl looked up at Erica and smiled.

“She..” Mandy began to say, but sat back and closed her mouth as Erica shot daggers through her with her eyes. “Erica, what makes you think she belongs here with us?”

“Because she is smart, and we need someone like her in our group.”

“She’s a nerd.”

“She’s smart, and I need a study partner, and besides, she knows stuff.”

“Like what?” Mandy snorted.

“Like how to get into the computers. We don’t get to have as much fun anymore because of your temper, but she can show us a new way now!”

“Nerd fun?”

“Fun like pranking the teacher and taking over her computer in class.”

“You can do that?” Mandy asked in awe at the girl. She nodded quietly. “But we’ll get caught..” Mandy reasoned.

“No, the teachers don’t really know anything more about these things than we do.” The girl said quietly.

“They don’t?” Another girl asked. “But then how to they teach it to us?”

“They have scripts they read, and they run the whole class on that. If you ever asked them another question that isn’t in the script, they won’t know what to do.”

“No way,” yet another girl added. Mandy looked on in dismay as the girl gained more traction with her friends.

“Yeah, I found a program on the internet called a RAT that lets us see everything happening on the teacher’s computer.”

“Everything?” Yet another girl asked disbelievingly.

“So what? What are we supposed to do with that?” Mandy protested.

“We can get into Jimmy’s grades,” Erica explained coldly.

“Yeah? So?” Mandy argued back.

“So, Jimmy has been getting in the way constantly, and he’s somehow managed to keep from getting an any trouble for almost three weeks.”

“Messing with his grades won’t change that,” Mandy continued arguing.

“No, but it will stress him out when all of his teachers are on his back. And that is all we have to do. I don’t know why this lover’s spat between Mrs. Salvatori and Mr. Derichs is going on so long, but Mr. Derichs is coming down on Jimmy’s side because of it.” Erica explained. “He’s so smug and obnoxious, someone needs to take the little runt down a peg or two. I’m tired of having all the teachers watching us constantly because of him.”

“Still, why do we need a nerd girl like Gabriela?” Mandy said, still defiant as ever.

“Because she is smart, really smart.” The girl smiled at the compliment. “Come on Mandy, use your head. You know how smart she is, I’ve seen you trying to get answers off of her tests. What do you think happens to smart girls like that when they leave school?”

Mandy laughed, “They go to Star Trek conventions and make little nerd babies?” All the other girls laughed wickedly at the comment.

Erica punched Mandy in the arm, causing her to wince and rub the pain out. “They go to college, they get masters degrees and PhD’s and make hundreds of thousands a year and end up getting any guy they want because they’re successful while everyone else sits on their couch eating Cheetos and watching soap operas.”

“Who would go out with a nerd girl?” Mandy retorted.

“Lots of guys, guys who aren’t so stupid they waste their whole lives on a single high school football game. You laugh at her now, but Gabriela will be more successful than anyone else at this table, except me. And what are you gonna do then?”

“Whatever, that is like forever away, Erica, Mandy complained.

“And that is why we got caught by all the teachers Mandy, because you are sloppy and you don’t think ahead. Leave Gabriela alone. The next girl to make fun of her has to deal with me.” Erica ordered forcefully. The other girls lowered their heads in understanding.

“Ugghhh, she’s still an ugly nerd girl,” Mandy complained.

“Seriously?” Erica barked back. “Fine then, how about we give Gabriela a makeover?” The other girls all looked up cheerfully at the suggestion.

“What?” Mandy asked in surprise.

“How about it Gabriela? Do you want us to give you a makeover?” The girl looked up and smiled at the suggestion, nodding her head.

“OHMYGOD!” One girl squealed. “I can do her hair!”

“OH!! Can we get some makeup?” Another asked energetically.

Mandy sat in her chair pouting. “Seriously Mandy, get on board, or get out of the way,” Erica told her quietly just under the hearing of the other girls. Mandy nodded her head.

“Alright,” Mandy began. “But when are we gonna do this Erica? You don’t get to hang out with us after school because your mom has you studying all the time.”

“We can do it Friday. Gabriela is already coming over to my house to study, so we can give her a makeover after.”

“Your mom will never go for that,” Mandy argued.

“She will go for this, I know it.”


“Because I know my mom. She’ll be all for this. So then everyone is coming over Friday night?”

“Can we have a sleep over?” Another girl asked.

“I’ll ask my mom. No promises, but I think she’ll let us.” All the girls began giggling and talking amongst themselves. A couple girls got up and ran over to Gabriela and began pulling gently on and playing with her hair. Gabriela smiled bashfully at the attention.

Mandy, however, sat with her jaw clenched and looked at Erica. “This isn’t how our group is supposed to work,” she muttered to Erica.

“Our group doesn’t work as well as it used to Mandy, we need new people and new ideas.”

“But a dork like her?” Erica punched her again in the arm. “Ow!”

“Stop it Mandy, I wouldn’t put up with anyone talking about you like that, why should I put up with it for the rest of my friends?” Mandy rubbed the pain out again and nodded, sorrowfully.

“This is gonna be so fun!!” A girl squealed as she looked over Gabriela’s hand inspecting it for a possible pedicure.

Mandy sat quietly through the rest of lunch while the other girls giggled away at the prospect of their coming sleepover. She was no longer actively pouting, but obviously unhappy with the situation. When the bell rang, The girls all got up and disbursed, leaving Erica and Gabriela together, walking to drop their trays off.

“Are you sure you want a nerd like me around? Won’t they end up hating me?” Gabriela asked self-consciously.

“No, I’m the tough one to win over in the group,” Erica grinned. “If I like you, then so will everyone else.”

“Did you mean those things you said about me?” She asked sheepishly.

“Of course I did.”

“I dunno Erica, no one really likes me, I don’t think I will fit in.”

“You’re totally gonna fit in,” Erica smiled. “Just stick with me. You’ll be one of the most popular girls in school before we’re done.”

“But what about all the things I like? I don’t want to give those up.”

“Then don’t. Some of them we’ll keep hush-hush, but you can teach me about dragons and lairs if you want.”

“Dungeons and dragons.”

“See? I’m already learning!”

“Isn’t it going to make you look bad if you hang out with me and do stuff like that?”

“Well we aren’t going to advertise it to the whole school. But no, it won’t. This is good, because it’s good for me to know this stuff.”


“Because even though she was being a total bitch about it, Mandy is right, you are a nerd. What she doesn’t get is that being a nerd means you’re smarter than everyone else and eventually that’s gonna mean you are more successful. It’s better I’m friends with you now than trying to make friends with you when you win the Nobel Peace Prize.”

“I’d never do that,” Gabriela said shyly.

“Well if not that, then you’d invent something like the mega computer or something like that.”

“So you’re going to try to change me?” Gabriela said suspiciously.

“No, I’d never do that. But you do want to look prettier, right?” Gabriela nodded. “So then a makeover is just what you need! Keep playing Dungeons and Dragons and watching Star Truck,”

“Star Trek,” Gabriela corrected.

“Star Trek. You can teach me some more of it, and just keep doing it. We’re just gonna clean your look up a bit. Once we do that no one will care about any of the rest, and like I said, I’ll play Dungeons and Dragons with you too.”

“What if you don’t like it?”

“Who cares? I’ll play it with you because you like it so much. I’m not gonna make you give up those things. Those things are part of why you’re so smart!”

“Thanks,” Gabriela smiled.

“Don’t mention it. Stick with me, Gabriela, I definitely need someone like you around!” Erica said gleefully.
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Re: Please..

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The big black behemoth vehicle cruised effortlessly down the road with its three occupants relaxing inside, listening to music that played gently in the background. Lucas drove along with one hand on the wheel, while Erica lay curled up, facing him, leaning against his hip and hugging his stomach. Alicia watched the oncoming cars pass them in the waning moments of daylight.

“We can start by making something simple,” Alicia said, full of enthusiasm. “Maybe just a simple skirt.”

“Oh yeah?” Erica said absent mindedly without bothering to open her eyes.

“Yeah, I have a couple ideas for some skirts I think you would think are really cute. We’ll make you some shirts to go with them but before that I think we’ll try our hand at some cotton underwear for you.”

“Oh, that sounds good,” Erica said quietly, still not opening her eyes.

“I bet. I’m not sure I would want to go commando like that all day like you did today.”

“I didn’t mind it,” Lucas added. Erica giggled softly and hugged him more tightly.

Alicia opened her mouth to speak again, but then closed it, thinking better of it. “We don’t have the right stuff to make you a proper bra, but I think we can make you some decent sports bras so your girls aren’t bouncing around everywhere, not that I think that Lucas minds that either.”

“Nope, I don’t,” Lucas confirmed.

“I’m looking forward to using some of the denim we got, but that will have to wait for a while until you get a bit better at this.” Alicia continued on. “It’s not that I don’t think you can do it, just know that jeans will be a bit more tricky, so we’ll just get you some more practice before we go there.”

Lucas continued driving down the road while the three of them sat in silence for a few moments, while Alicia grinned to herself.

“I can’t wait to make this dress design I picked for you!” She said after a moment, pulling a package from a plastic bag sitting on the floor. “You are going to look beautiful in it!” Alicia went on with a palpable excitement in her voice. When she still didn’t receive a response after an extended period of time she looked over at Erica, who lay curled up against Lucas’ side and reached down toward her.

Lucas let go of the steering wheel and took her hand, gently pushing it back. She looked up at him quizzically, then he raised a finger up over his lips signaling for Alicia to speak softly.

“When did she fall asleep?” Alicia asked in a near whisper.

“Almost immediately,” Lucas told her.

“How could you tell?”

“I could feel her twitching as she started to drift off.”

“Wow, I didn’t even realize she was getting tired again,” Alicia marveled.

“Neither did I. Is this still because of the drain on her body from shrinking?”

“Yeah, it must be,” Alicia reasoned. “But she seems really comfy cuddled with you, so I’m betting that was enough to push her over the edge.”

“She’s been very cuddly all day, it’s a side of her I’m not used to seeing.”

“Neither am I. She’s never been like this before with one of her mouse men.”

“Her what?”

“Her.. oh, sorry, I guess you don’t know much about that.”

“No, not really, I’ve never met any of the guys she’s dated.”

“Well, you know one.”

“I do?”

“Yeah, Bryce from the gym.”

“Bryce??? She went out with Bryce?”

“Only for a short while.”

“Oh wow. He’s even shorter than you.. I mean.. I don’t mean you’re short, I just mean..”

“No, I get it. I said the exact same thing when she told me about him. Erica always dates short guys. Most of them are my height or shorter. I’m not sure she’s even given a guy as tall as you a second look.”

“Weird,” Lucas said quietly.

“How so?”

“Well then why did she ask me out at all then?”

“You were gonna be her sex toy, thanks to the serum.”

“The most amazing part is learning that she didn’t even know that wasn’t what she really wanted,” Lucas told her quietly.

“What would you have done if she had suddenly grown in front of you?”

“I’m not sure.. I’ve never been with a woman that tall before. How big was she supposed to have gotten?”

“I wasn’t sure, really. I was thinking maybe another six or seven inches at the time, but I didn’t really know.”

“So she would have just expanded right there in front of me?” Lucas asked in a curious tone.

“Yes, but it wouldn’t have been like a movie or anything. She would have needed mass and energy to build new cells. The process would have been fast enough that you might actually be able to see it, but only barely, and definitely not instant.”

“What do you mean she would have needed mass?”

“Yeah, the first thing you would have noticed was her suddenly growing, but almost imperceptibly. That wouldn’t last long though. As soon as she had metabolized what food was there in her stomach, she would have been insanely hungry. That’s what happened with mongo. He just plowed into his food. He was kicking it everywhere, he was so hungry he couldn’t eat fast enough to satisfy himself,” Alicia explained.

“So how long did it take him to grow?”

“About two days, but that was an earlier version of the serum. It was more concentrated, but it was also not well tuned. I think that Mongo had growing pains too.”

“I suppose that makes sense. So how do you think it would have taken Erica to grow six or seven inches?”

“Well, that’s what I thought at the time. Now that we think there is a multiplier effect, it probably would have been more, but that is really tough to figure out.”

“Well, if she shrank fifty percent, why wouldn’t she also grow fifty percent?”

“Well, because cell division and growth takes a lot more energy, for one. For another, how much she can grow depends on how much food she can metabolize. That isn’t just about how much she can eat, but how much her body can actually take in and use. The serum only lasts a certain amount of time after it’s activated. Once it’s burned itself out, it becomes basically inert.”

“Huh,” Lucas said, thinking over her explanation. “So basically, she would have grown a bit then just eaten everything in her apartment?”

“And maybe needed to go out for more too. She would have especially wanted to devour things high in protein, like meats, eggs, that kind of thing.”

“I’m not sure that would have been much of a turn on for me, being dragged along while she went on an insane eating binge.”

Alicia giggle softly. “No, I suppose it wouldn’t for most people. But you would be surprised at the things that will turn some people on. I’m betting most of her mouse men would have loved it.”

“You know, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with you calling Bryce a ‘mouse man,’ Alicia.”

“I didn’t mean to..” Alicia said, suddenly struggling for words.

“It’s alright, I guess, but I know Bryce, and he’s.. quirky, but he’s a good guy.”

“Yeah, but he’s so short for a guy, doesn’t that strike you as strange?”

“No, it doesn’t. Bryce is Bryce.” Alicia looked up at him, listening intently. “He’s a good guy, and really funny, this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone judging him just off of his height, and I’m not sure that’s fair to him.”

“But isn’t it freakish that he would date a woman as tall as Erica?”

“It’s odd, I guess, because it isn’t what I would typically go for, but think about it like this: Erica has a lot going for her. She didn’t need her height to attract someone. Her confidence alone was enough to draw stares.” Alicia sat looking at the floor mat. “Let me guess, you’re comparing yourself to her again, aren’t you?” Lucas asked, preempting the silence.

“Maybe a little,” Alicia admitted.

“Don’t do that Alicia. I really am sorry things aren’t working out like you had hoped, and I don’t want to get bogged down filling you with compliments that would upset Erica, especially with her lying right here, but you have no one to compare yourself with. You’re really one of a kind, and I’m really glad I’ve finally gotten a chance to get to know you a bit.”

“But not nice like you would say to woman you wanted to be with..” Alicia said trailing off as Lucas pulled into his alleyway.

“Please stop Alicia. You’re putting me in a really bad place.” Alicia turned and looked at Lucas again. “You really shouldn’t be down on yourself so much, I’ve seen nothing but great things from you all day.” Alicia smiled at the compliment.

“That’s better,” Lucas told her as he pulled up and slowed to a stop in front of his garage. He looked down at Erica and contemplated his next move.

“Give me the keys,” Alicia told him. “I’ll get the door for you.” Lucas smiled and pulled the garage keys off of his key fob and handed them to Alicia, who took them and gently slipped out of the car to go over and open the garage door. Once she had done so, Lucas carefully and slowly backed the car into the garage and put it in park. Alicia looked up at him and he waved her back to the car.

Alicia opened the door as quietly as she could and looked at him with questioning eyes. “Leave the door open, I’m gonna sit here a while to see if she wakes up,” he explained to her softly.

Alicia climbed in an looked up to him. “Can’t you just carry her in?”

“I don’t want to risk waking her up,” he whispered. “She still has to sleep the rest of the night, so we won’t let her nap too long, but might as well let her sleep just a bit longer.”

“So how long are we gonna let her sleep?”

“I’m not sure yet, but,” Lucas trailed off as he rolled down the window, letting the cool night air in and flipping off the car’s lights, “go ahead and keep an eye on the time. We won’t sit here for too long.”

Alicia and Lucas sat in silence for several minutes until Alicia finally looked over and broke the silence.

“Why did you get a house if it’s just you living here?”

“When I first got it, I had a roommate who helped with the bills.”

“What happened to him?”

“He got married. I was doing better financially by then so I didn’t really make getting a new roommate that big of a priority.”

“Still though, why get a house?”

“I needed the space for certain things, such as working on the car. At the time, I didn’t have the Cutlass, but my old car needed some work from time to time, and it was cheaper to fix it myself usually.”

“So it was a junk car?”

“No, it was an Olds Intrigue. I guess you could say it was this car’s great grandbaby or something similar.”

“How so?”

“The Intrigues replaced the Cutlass line.”

“So, you liked Oldsmobile?”

“Yeah, my grandpa bought them, then so did my dad, and so did I until the company was shut down. We were familiar with them for so long, it was hard to let go.”

“Why did you?”

“My Intrigue was sideswiped b a drunk guy in a parking lot. No real way to fix it, or at least not realistically. That’s when I bought the Camry.”

“But your dad kept buying Oldsmobiles?”

“My dad was gone a little less than a year after that. And… my mom isn’t so good with upkeep on cars. His Aurora was junked a couple years ago.”

“That’s sad, so you lost that part of your dad just because she can’t take of stuff.”

“Naw, it’s fine. I have the one car we all cared about and it’s doing great,” Lucas smiled at her as he continued to speak softly. “And besides, I have plenty of other stuff of my dad’s that was way more important to him than that car.” Alicia smiled at his response.

“So do you work on your Camry now?”

“Not as much. There is so much computerized on it that I need expensive hardware for it. I did, tough, get some diagnostic software for it that I run off of my laptop.”

“Your laptop plugs into..” Alicia began to ask, but Erica suddenly twitched violently in Lucas’ lap. Both Alicia and Lucas looked down at her. Erica lay motionless, while they watched, and Alicia opened her mouth to speak again, but Lucas held up a finger signaling for her to wait. They waited and watched, Alicia starting to grow impatient. A few minutes passed, when suddenly Erica violently twitched again. Then again.

Lucas looked down in dismay as he saw her breathing rapidly increase, and she began clutching desperately at his shirt, tugging at it. Then, in addition to this she suddenly started moaning in an agonizing tone while her body convulsed. Lucas reached down with both hands, and tenderly rubbed her back, shoulders and head.

“No,” she suddenly cried in a whimpering tone.

“It’s okay, Kitten,” he said gently to her. Alicia looked at the behavior in shock, uncertain how to react.

Lucas, however, kept course and remained fixed on Erica’s tiny twitching body that yanked and tore at his shirt in her minuscule hands. “I’ve got you, Kitten,” He tried to reassure her gently as she continued on mumbling just outside of their ability to understand and moaning.

“Do you think she can hear you?” Alicia asked in a whisper. Lucas shook his head.

Lucas continued to gently massage Erica and hold her close to him as she gradually began to settle down. Her convulsing body calmed slowly, and her grip on his shirt lessened until suddenly, without warning, her eyes jutted open, startling Alicia.

Erica sat up, catching her breath and looked around her, trying to assess her surroundings. Lucas, however, wrapped his hands around her and held her close to him. “I’ve got you, Kitten,” he soothingly reassured her. She relaxed and leaned into his embrace and held him tightly.

“What happened?” Alicia asked after a moment.

Erica Looked up at her with suspicious eyes, then seemed to settle down and consider her question. “Did I fall asleep?” Erica asked.

“Yeah,” Lucas replied simply.

“Where are we?” She asked.

“Back at my place, in the garage.”

“What are we doing here?”

“We wanted to let you rest a bit more before going in,” Lucas explained.

“What happened, Erica?” Alicia asked again.

“I had a dream, I guess,” Erica said, sorting out the details in her mind.

“It looked like it was a really bad one from here,” Alicia continued.

Erica looked up at Alicia quietly, then up at Lucas, who still held her closely to him. “It was at first.”

“What was it about?” Erica looked at Alicia again and stared up at her silently. “Sorry, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

Erica leaned over and hugged Lucas again tightly, then relaxed. “I was taking a bath. I even had a glass of wine, and I was reading a book. I can’t remember what the book was, but I was really enjoying it, but suddenly the tub was a pond, and the water was cold. Then it was a lake, and it was freezing, and then it was an ocean all around me as far off as I could see and the sky went dark and the waves started rolling around me, higher and higher like moving buildings crashing all around me. And the wind was so bad, it was like it was biting me everywhere.”

“Oh my God,” Alicia exclaimed, “that’s a horrible nightmare.”

“It was. But then, for some reason, an island lifted up right underneath me and the storm got pushed back away from me. I could still see it, and see the sea churning and rolling, all around, but I was safe, like I was suddenly in the eye of the storm.”

Alicia looked up at Lucas. “Do you think you did that?”

Lucas shrugged his shoulders. “Why? What did he do?” Erica asked curiously.

“You were twitching really badly in your sleep, you were even talking, though most of it I couldn’t understand, then Lucas started holding you and massaging you and talking to you and you calmed down.”

“So what?” Erica asked, impishly. “You’re my island in the hurricane?” Lucas shrugged his shoulders again. “If you are, maybe you should think of losing some weight, because the island was kinda big and lumpy.” Lucas laughed softly.

“Lucas, you kinda looked like you knew what you were doing,” Alicia commented.

“It’s not the first time that’s happened.”

“What do you mean?” Erica asked, staring up at him wide eyed.

“Really early this morning, Kitten, while you were asleep, you had rolled away from me, and I woke up to go to the bathroom. When I came back you were tossing and turning like you were possessed. I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat with you and rubbed your back and you eventually calmed down.”

“I don’t remember that,” Erica said pensively.

“You didn’t wake up, you were out cold.”

“From the serum,” Alicia reasoned. “You must have been completely wiped out from all the activity and the shrinking process.”

“And I just fell asleep here without even knowing it. How long will I be like that?”

“Maybe another day or two. I’d be surprised if you need to lay down for naps past tomorrow, but just the same..” Alicia said leadingly.

“What?” Erica asked.

“Maybe tomorrow you should just lay down as soon as you feel tired, even if it happens a few times.”

“Isn’t one nap enough?” Erica asked with irritation in her voice.

“Maybe, or maybe you’ll need five. Just listen to your body. If it’s telling you that you’re tired, then just go with it. I think your energy levels will recover more quickly like that.”

“Fine,” Erica muttered unhappily.

“Do you have nightmares often Erica?” Alicia asked in a caring tone.

“No, never,” Erica said, clinging to Lucas appreciatively.

Lucas looked at Alicia, raising an eyebrow. Alicia lowered her head slightly, lost in thought. After a few moments, Erica looked up at them both. “Why so quiet?” she demanded.

“Nothing, just thinking about my research,” Alicia replied with a smile.

“How soon can you get to work on developing a way to reverse this?” Lucas asked.

“I have some data I want to crunch first before we get any lab work done.”

“So then I can set up your computing components while you teach Erica to sew and you can get started in the morning.” Lucas said, thinking ahead. Erica looked up at Lucas, judgingly.

“I suppose, but Erica won’t learn everything she needs just tonight. I’ll need to help her tomorrow too and probably going forward for a while.”

“That’s fine, I guess, since she doesn’t seem to be too keen on walking around naked for me all the time.” Erica pinched Lucas’ stomach. “Ow!” He lamented. “What? You’re hot! Can’t enjoy that?”

“How hot am I?” Erica asked coyly, staring up into his eyes.

“Ahem,” Alicia coughed into her hand, reminding them of her presence.

“Fine, I’ll deal with you later, Mister,” Erica teased.

“How about we get inside and get to work,” Lucas suggested and popped his car door open after turning off the engine and closing his window. Erica Climbed to her feet and followed Lucas out while Alicia slipped out the passenger side. Lucas tended to the garage, closing the door and looked down at Erica. “Want me to carry you?” he asked kindly.

“Why does everyone want to pick me up and carry me?” Erica demanded to know.

“Because you are ADORABLE!” Alicia squealed delightfully.

“YOU are DEFINITELY not picking me up,” Erica told Alicia sternly.

“So then that’s a no?” Lucas asked, looking for confirmation.

“I can walk,” Erica said in a dignified tone. “For now,” She continued with a wink to Lucas. “Why do you want to carry me so bad, anyways?”

Lucas knelt down and cupped his hand, whispering softly into her ear. “Because I love feeling your body close and pressed up against mine.” Erica stood speechless at Lucas’ revelation, smiling dumbly and blushing.

Alicia stood over her looking down. “What did he say?” she asked inquisitively.

Erica snapped back to reality and looked up, scowling at Alicia, swatting at her giant legs. “None of your business!!”

“She’ll totally tell me,” she gloated to Lucas, who laughed heartily at the remark.

“No I will not!”

“Yup, I’m positive now, she’ll tell me. I can see it on her face, right… there,” Alicia said, pointing down to a spot on Erica’s lips.

“Stop it!” Erica demanded, slapping Alicia’s hand away once more. Alicia turned around to head to the back of the car, giggling, but Erica ran up swung high, slapping Alicia’s ass with a light, but audible ‘crack.’

“Eep!” Alicia chirped, standing erectly and covering the attacked area with both hands. “It’s not my fault you want to tell me all your naughty little secrets!” Alicia said defensively.

“All of them?” Lucas asked with a note of concern in his voice.

“I still have plenty of secrets! Lots of things you don’t know!”

“And you want to tell me those ones too!” Alicia stated, giggling profusely as she pranced out of reach.

“Is this how your entire time went while I was at the pet store?” Lucas asked incredulously.



“Nice,” Lucas commented with a smile.

The trio went to work gathering up their goods from the trip. Lucas carried in the heavier items, such as Erica’s new sewing machine and the larger bags of pet supplies and a couple large rolls of fabric, while the ladies took the smaller items, each making several trips into the house. Erica carried in two of the mouse cages and reached up, setting them on the kitchen table one at a time. She then climbed up onto the enormous chair and leaned on the table staring at the little creatures that, while still tiny compared to Erica, seemed unnaturally large.

The mice plodded around, looking out at their new surroundings, noses turned upward, wiggling up and down. One seemed particularly energetic, frolicking back and forth in the cage, very curious about her new home. At one point this mouse trotted up and stood on her back legs facing Erica. Erica placed her diminutive finger on the side of the cage and the little mouse leaned forward, placing her paw against the plastic where Erica’s finger rested. The little mouse lifted its head, wiggling and twitching it’s nose sniffing the scents in the air around her. Erica giggled at the cute creature in front of her. Alicia noticed as she was walking in with a couple of plastic bags in hand and stopped to see what the interest was. She approached and, leaning down, smiled at the little mouse who stood there staring at Erica.

“I guess she likes me,” Erica mentioned, giggling.

“I think so,” Alicia reasoned. “Maybe we should give her a name?”

“For a lab mouse? Do you do that? I mean, aren’t we gonna experiment on her and kill her?”

Alicia looked down to Erica and frowned. “I am not going to kill her. I didn’t kill Mongo, did I?”

“Well, no, I guess not.”

“She’ll be fine. We aren’t going to hurt her, just shrink her and hopefully grow her back again.”

“How much are we going to shrink her?” Erica asked inquisitively.

“No more than you did. But it will be a while before we get to that. You sure you don’t want to name her? How about Minni?”

Erica looked up at Alicia disapprovingly. “Like the mouse?” Alicia smiled and nodded. “Hell no. We’ll call her Skitter.”

“Skitter?” Alicia asked dubiously.

“I like it,” Lucas said as he passed by carrying more plastic bags.

“Alright, Skitter it is,” Alicia said, satisfied. “So what’s the plan?” Alicia asked, looking to Lucas. Erica turned and looked up at him awaiting an answer.

“The plan… Okay, we get the mice situated downstairs, get them their pine chips and wheels and fed, then we can set up the sewing machine in the spare bedroom. You two can get to work on that and I will work on upgrading Alicia’s laptop”

“Good plan,” Erica said approvingly. “I’m taking Skitter with us to the spare bedroom though.”

“Done,” Lucas smiled.
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 5:38 pm

“You see class, it’s like a pun.. Oh, see, see, you are red,” Mrs. Salvatori pronounced in a dignified, aristocratic voice to the room full of adolescents. “Jimmy Cartwright! Sit up straight!” Jimmy, resting on his arms, laying over his desk, looked up casually at Mrs. Salvatori, gauging the woman’s demeanor and conviction. He then looked around him to see several other students in the same position and looked up at her again. Mrs. Salvatori fumed, and turned a bright red at the boy’s inaction and opened her mouth to yell, but Jimmy sat up deliberately and continued to stare at Mrs. Salvatori.

“When I tell you to sit up, you sit up Little boy!” Mrs. Salvatori bellowed. Jimmy continued to stare up at her silently. “Well? What do you have to say for yourself?” she demanded. Erica, who had been diligently writing notes, set her pencil down and looked over, assessing the developing scene.

“I did sit up,” Jimmy pointed out calmly.

“You didn’t do it when I told you to!” Mrs. Salvatori complained. Erica watched the scene from a couple rows over with a raised eyebrow. “I am getting sick of your disobedient attitude!” Jimmy continued to stare up at the woman silently. “Say something!”

“What would you like me to say ma’am?” Jimmy asked calmly.

Mrs. Salvatori stood there, flustered. “Say you’re sorry for disobeying me!” She eventually managed to command.

“How did I disobey you?”

“You didn’t sit up when told to do so!”

“I’m sitting up,” Jimmy pointed out again.

“Don’t get smart with me Jimmy! How would your parents feel about your insubordinate attitude.”

“I’m not sure,” Jimmy replied thoughtfully. “I suppose we’ll find out in two days.”

Mrs. Salvatori stared down at the boy, uncertain of herself. “Why in two days?” She managed to ask.

“Because that’s when my dad gets back.”

Mrs. Salvatori stood there quietly, then recomposed herself. “Well good then, I can finally have a talk with him about how disruptive you have been this whole semester.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jimmy said confidently.

Once again, Mrs. Salvatori seemed to have misjudged Jimmy, and stood trying to assess the boy’s odd confidence. “What do you mean, ‘yes ma’am?’”

“Yes ma’am, you’ll get to have a talk with him.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means that yes ma’am, you’ll get to have a talk with him.”

“Jimmy Cartwright, check your smug little attitude, right this instant.”

“Yes ma’am,” Jimmy replied calmly, an unemotional look on his face. Mrs. Salvatori took a handkerchief out of her pocket and wiped her brow. The rest of the class watched closely, curiously.

“We’ll see how smug you are when your father puts you in your place, little boy.” Mrs. Salvatori said snidely. Jimmy sat silently, looking up at Mrs. Salvatori. “I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he learns what has been happening here while he’s been away.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Jimmy said confidently.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Mrs. Salvatori demanded.


“Why did you say that?”

“I thought that’s what you wanted me to say, ma’am.”

“Why did you say it like that?”

“I’m not sure what you mean, ma’am.”

“You make it sound like you think know something I don’t, you little smart alec.”

“No ma’am.” Jimmy said, a slight smile creeping in to his lips, which he suppressed.

“Well, good then, I want to meet him as soon as he’s ready, you tell your mother that,” Mrs. Salvatori commanded.

“I will tell her what you said, ma’am,” Jimmy said with almost a hint of boldness in his tone.

“What is that supposed to mean??” she demanded loudly.

Jimmy, turned his head and looked at the door, causing Mrs. Salvatori to pause, then turn to see what had drawn Jimmy’s attention. There, peering in through the window, drawn from the sound of Mrs. Salvatori’s screams stood Mr. Derichs, a stern look on his face, watching the scene closely.

Mrs. Salvatori’s reaction was palpable. She swallowed hard and wiped her brow once again, her rate of breathing increased and he skin became pale and clammy. She looked back at Jimmy, who sat quietly amongst a sea of confused, fidgeting students. Erica, however watched closely, with narrowed eyes, staring daggers at Jimmy.

“Why are you so confident to have your father hear what a disobedient little trouble maker you are, Jimmy?” Mrs. Salvatori demanded to know in an angry, but quiet tone.

“I’m not sure I’m confident, ma’am.”

“Then wipe that smug grin off your face, little boy,” Mrs. Salvatori growled. Jimmy, sat the same as he had, relatively emotionless. “What is so exciting to you about your father learning what a miscreant you’ve been while he’s been away?”

“I’m not sure if that is exciting, ma’am, but he did talk to me just before his flight. It was nice, I haven’t heard his voice since this summer,” Jimmy said, now unable to fight back a smile.

“Well, enjoy your reunion Jimmy, because once he is back and the principal and I have a talk with him and tell him what is happening, you’re days will be numbered.”

“I’ll make sure to get him up to speed, ma’am.”

“Excuse me?” Jimmy sat quietly, while Mrs. Salvatori turned to see Mr. Derichs standing outside the classroom door, with his arms crossed, still watching closely. “You don’t get anyone up to speed, Jimmy, we have been waiting for weeks to speak with him and we will be the ones to explain the trouble you have been up to.”

“Yes ma’am, but when I talked to him he had some questions.”

“What?” Mrs. Salvatori asked, sweating profusely now.

“Yes ma’am. My mom told him what she could about what you have told her, then he talked to me, and he told me he wanted me at the airport when we go to pick him up. He wants to hear what I have to say about this semester. He wants to hear EVERYTHING that has been going on with me all semester. In two days.”

A thick silence enveloped the room, Jimmy, sitting confidently, suppressing his smile once again, and Mrs. Salvatori standing uncertain of herself. A loose fluorescent light buzzed in the background.

Suddenly, a loud bell rang, causing Mrs. Salvatori to jump, startled. The students all grabbed their books and hurriedly departed the room. Jimmy left in the middle of the crowd, but Mrs. Salvatori caught herself and looked up. “Erica, stay here for a moment please.” Erica turned around, leaving her curious friends to exit the room with trepidation and approached Mrs. Salvatori’s desk. Mrs. Salvatori sat, wiping her brow, recomposing herself.

“Yes, Mrs. Salvatori?” Erica asked politely.

“Erica, you have had the most trouble with Jimmy this year, has he been harassing you any more lately?”

“No, he’s been really careful lately, we know he’s been up to something, but I don’t know what.”

“I’ve had enough of his attitude, and all I need is one more event to get him expelled from here once and for all. You’re sure he hasn’t done anything to harass or bully anyone?”

“He’s been really careful, Mrs. Salvatori, like I said. He’s always in groups, even though no one talks to him, and it doesn’t seem to matter what happens, he’s always ready for it,” Erica explained.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, someone threw a water balloon at him the other day and he didn’t even flinch. He just walked to class, soaked. It’s stuff like that.”

“Well, we can’t have this little bully running around here forever, I haven’t been able to catch him breaking any rules in weeks, I know he is up to something,” Mrs. Salvatori said, wiping her forehead again.

“Mrs. Salvatori?”

“Yes Erica,” Mrs. Salvatori said in an exasperated tone.

“What’s going on with you and Mr. Derichs?”

“Mr. Derichs is a lot like Jimmy, Erica. He likes standing up for bullies.”

“Why is he a teacher then? Teachers shouldn’t be like that, should they?”

“Well he won’t be one here for much longer.”

“What do you mean, Mrs. Salvatori?”

“Mr. Derichs has taken a job at another school district at the end of the semester.”

“That’s weird, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?” Mrs. Salvatori replied, still with a nervous tone to her voice. “Adults get new jobs all the time.”

“Yeah, but in the middle of the school year? I’ve never seen a teacher do that before.”

Mrs. Salvatori looked up at Erica and swallowed lightly. “Well, it happens from time to time. And it’s for the best, since he is supporting bullies.”

“Mrs. Salvatori, Mr. Jameson told us yesterday he was leaving at the end of the semester too.”

“Yes Erica, he’s leaving as well as two other teachers.”


“They just want to try new schools and teach different grades, Erica,” Mrs. Salvatori said nervously.

“Erica, Jimmy’s grades are really low, and his mom is claiming that his assignments are higher grades than what we have in our system.”

Erica now stood silently, a nervous look on her face. “He claims someone must have changed them, do you know anything about that?”

“No, Mrs. Salvatori,” Erica said nervously, lying.

“That’s good, Erica.”

“Why would his mom think that his assignments are higher than his grades?” Erica asked, looking a little shaken.

“She has one assignment where she says he got a B but the system shows it as a D,” Mrs. Salvatori explained.

“How many assignments like that does she have?” Erica asked nervously.

“Only a couple. She’s demanding we fix her son’s grades, but the principal wants more proof that his grades are supposed to be higher.”

“I guess if I was failing I would want my mom to do that too,” Erica said, trying to cover herself.

“Well, failing this semester would be enough to get him expelled too, assuming he can even last that long.”

“I see,” Erica said, a note of guilt in her voice. “Well, maybe he can, since he has managed to keep out of trouble for so long..” Erica suggested quietly.

“No,” Mrs. Salvatori stated curtly. “Jimmy has been nothing but a disruptive influence all semester. He needs to go.” Erica looked down at the floor bashfully. “Erica, you should get to your next class, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Erica nodded her head and turned around, leaving the room.


“I can’t get in again,” Gabriela lamented, worry and fear in her voice.

“What do you mean you can’t get in? You’ve gotten in over and over! WHY can’t you?”

“They have passwords up now, they didn’t before.”

“Crap! Well, can’t you break the passwords?”


“Why not?” Erica asked in a panic.

“Because I don’t have the right program. I mean, it could be done, but not without the right program. I don’t even know what encryption they’re using.”

“Well, we’ll find the right program then!”

“Erica, I can’t just advertise that I want a password breaker. The other programs I have are network admin tools, but this, I can’t just ask people for it. Not only that, but if they put up passwords, they may be logging IP’s now.”

“What’s that?”

“It tells them where we tried to hack them from. Every time we try to get in, we run the risk of them seeing that.”

“There is no way Mr. Jackson knows how to do that.”

“No, he can’t even figure out how to put up passwords.. Someone else must have done this. Someone who might be smart enough to log IP addresses.”

“Crap!” Erica muttered angrily.

“What do we do Erica??”

Erica stood over the girl’s shoulder, staring at the computer screen, nervously picking at her fingernails. Gabriela sat, staring up wordlessly, while Erica fidgeted and tried to buy time.

“There is nothing we can do,” she finally announced.

“We should turn ourselves in..”
“NO!” Erica snapped back, startling Gabriela. “We’ll get expelled. We can’t do that!”

“But Erica,” Gabriela pleaded.

“We can’t do anything now, it’s too late.”

“Erica, we just wanted to stress him out, this could ruin his life.”

“He’ll get over it, and besides, I think he will get through the semester without getting in anymore trouble, and we’ll leave him alone from now on. Tell all the girls first thing tonight, Jimmy is off limits from now on.”

“But he’ll keep getting in the way..”

“We’ll deal with that when it happens, he’s off limits now.”

“Mandy won’t let it go, Erica, you know that.”

“She will. If she doesn’t she will pay.”

“I’ll tell her what we…”

“NO! I will deal with Mandy, but we can’t tell her about this. We can’t tell ANYONE else about this.”

“But she already knows we were thinking of doing this…”

“She doesn’t know we actually did it. And if it gets out that we did, Mandy will be the first one to pay for it.”

“Erica, this is too much…”

“That’s why we’re stopping. Look, you ride the bus with Jimmy, right?”


“Just make sure you slip the disk with his original grades into his backpack on his way home from school tomorrow. They’ll wonder what it is when they find it, and they’ll figure it out pretty quick.”

“Okay, I can do that.”

“Just don’t get caught, Gabriela.”

“I won’t, promise.”
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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 3:40 pm

Erica watched gleefully as Lucas poured the soft pine chips into the last cage, which contained skitter. The mice ran around, fearful of the falling wood bits, only settling down once Lucas had finished adding about and inch of bedding for the mice to rummage though. Erica then took a tiny handful of food and dumped it into the small food dish, which she set in the corner of the cage, while Alicia dropped a water bottle down the side for the mice to drink from. Finally, Erica dropped in the shiny metal wheel.

The other mouse walked over to investigate the new shiny object, but Skitter came over and twitched her tiny nose at Erica’s hand, which she held nervously close. Skitter carefully examined the dainty hand, twitching her little whiskers up and down, causing Erica to giggle at the ticklish sensation it caused.

After both became satisfied following their introduction to each other, Erica removed her hand and turned to see, Alicia giggling softly down at her, and Lucas smiling widely. Erica took on a dignified look and snapped her fingers. “Cover, please,” she ordered.

Alicia giggled more loudly and placed the cover on the cage, snapping it into place. Erica then grabbed the handle and pulled the cage down, carrying it with her as she walked in a carefree manner out of the kitchen into the living room, Alicia following suit.

Lucas came last and called out, clearing a spot on the dining room table, “Alicia, I’ll need your passwords for your computer.”

“Don’t you want to come in with us first?” Erica asked, disappointed.

“Not right now, Kitten, this will take me a while,” Lucas said with smiling eyes.

“Maybe just for a minute?” Erica asked, looking up with soft, dark puppy dog eyes.

“Crap, how can I say no to that?” Lucas lamented. “Alright, I’ll help you unbox some things, and get Alicia’s passwords, then I need to get to work.”

Erica looked up at him thoughtfully. “I suppose I will allow it. This time.”

Lucas laughed and took her hand, following them both into the spare bedroom where their fabric and other goods were waiting. Erica placed her mice on the desk and ran over where Alicia and Lucas were already sitting on the floor opening their bounty from the evening.

Lucas took the sewing machine out of it’s box and went to setting it up on the desk, while Alicia sorted out accessories. When Lucas sat down in front of the old looking desk, he was caught off guard when Erica pranced over joyfully and climbed up on his lap. Alicia noticed too, cocking her head slightly to the right, trying to assess the unforeseen action.

“What?” Erica asked, looking up coyly.

“Nothing, I guess I thought you would be over opening up your new fabrics and stuff.”

“Oh, I’ll get to that. I need to make sure you’re behaving yourself first over here.”

Lucas chuckled softly to himself, holding Erica closely as he bent over, plugging the sewing machine into the wall. “And what trouble did you think I could get into sitting over here on the wall,” he asked, challenging her.

“I’m not sure, Eleanor warned me about you. I need to keep a close eye on you,” Erica said with a wink.

“And what exactly do you plan to do if I misbehave myself?”

“I think she plans on bending over for a firm spanking from you, if it happens,” Alicia interrupted jovially.

“Seriously, Alicia, don’t cock block me! I’ve got this under control,” Erica asserted.

“How can I cock block you when you don’t have…”

“Don’t you tell me what I do and don’t have!”

“I’ve seen you in the locker room, Erica. I’m pretty sure I know what you don’t have.”

“It’s just an expression!”

“But it’s not a good one for someone like you to use on herself…”

“Why the hell not?”

“Because you don’t have a cock…” Alicia explained rationally as she laid out a roll of fabric on the bed.

“Yeah, well pussy block doesn’t sound very good, so deal with it.”

“I guess. I don’t really like that word.”

“Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy. Don’t pussy block me.” Erica chided. Alicia looked up irritated at her friend.

“Stop it,” Alicia told her flatly.


“Stop saying that.”

“Stop what? Just tell me, Alicia. Quit PUSSY footing around.”

“I don’t like that word!”

“Hey Lucas, want to go to the park tomorrow?” Erica asked jovially up to Lucas. “We can go and sit under a PUSSY willow!”

“STOP IT!” Alicia screamed.

Erica opened her mouth again, but Lucas put his hands around her shoulders and drew her attention upward again. “Kitten, don’t antagonize her like that.”

“It’s just a word.”

“Well, it’s one that she doesn’t like.”

“So what? You don’t like that word either?”

“Huh? No I love it, those are some of my favorite things in the world,” Lucas said with a grin.

“Then what’s the problem?” Erica asked flatly.

“The problem is I don’t want to upset Alicia. She doesn’t like the word, so maybe we can refrain from it for a while.”

“I’m just joking around,” Erica said defensively.

“I know Kitten, but she doesn’t like the joke.”

“Okay, fine then. I’ll save all my pussy for you then,” Erica said coyly. Alicia slapped her face with her palm. “What?” Erica asked her. “I’ll stop saying it.”

“I just can’t believe I walked myself into that,” Alicia admitted.

“It’s all that extra space in between your brain cells. Takes longer for the thoughts to get there.”

“Did you seriously just insinuate that I’m stupid?”

“No, just slow.”

“Not so slow that I couldn’t do what no one else has ever done in the world before and develop a shrinking serum.”

“No, but it still took you years, because of the extra space between your brain cells.”

“I can take the shit right now and speed them up! I still have a vial left sitting in the car you smug little bitch!”

“Ooooh, big words, from a big woman! You don’t have the guts!”

“Shit,” Lucas muttered.

“The only reason I haven’t taken it yet is because I don’t want to piss you off by taking Lucas!”

“You think you could take him from me?”

“Shit, shit,” Lucas said, almost panicked.

“I don’t have to take him from you! He isn’t yours, because YOU don’t want to commit to him! YOU said you wanted time to think things over!”

“I have him because I had the guts to do something about it instead of whining all this time about how the guy I’m too afraid to even say hi to wont ask me out!”

“STOP!!” Lucas roared at the top of his lungs, scaring both women out of their wits. Erica jumped, looking up at him, while Alicia fell off the bed she was sitting on. Both women sat staring at him, slack jawed. “It’s not cute when you two want to rip each other’s hair out over stupid crap,” Lucas scolded.

“I just..” Erica stammered.

“You just picked a fight. Again. Chill, Kitten.”

“But she said..” Erica began to say defensively before Lucas cut her off.

“She said what she felt like she had to after you were pushing her buttons. Chill.” Erica pouted up to Lucas, who rolled his eyes and bent over low, whispering quietly into her ear. “I still have that unused boner from this afternoon in the shower to deal with. Don’t ruin the mood for me, k?”

Erica sat up, wide eyed. She thought for a moment then scowled and looked up at him, pulling his head down and whispered into his ear. Alicia fidgeted uncomfortably while she was ignored. “You’re a guy, you’re not gonna get turned off,” she argued back quietly into his ears.

“Wanna bet?” Lucas said dully loud enough to be heard by all.

Erica looked up at him, shocked, and Alicia looked on curiously. “Fine, you’re right,” Erica admitted unhappily. She turned to Alicia. “I’m sorry I picked a fight with you Alicia.” Alicia looked at her, disbelievingly. “No, really, I shouldn’t have done it. I’m sorry.”

Alicia looked up to Lucas, who sat with soft stone eyes staring at her pleadingly. “Apology accepted,” She relented tiredly.

Lucas shook his head and flipped the sewing machine on, a small light illuminating the mechanism the needle fit into. He pressed the foot pedal down and watched for a short moment while the machine when through its motions and then shut it off.

“Alright,” he said in a disquieted tone. “As much as I have loved having Alicia over today,” Lucas looked over to see Alicia perk up at the sound of her name. “And as much as I wish this day could last forever, I can see tempers are not going to last forever.”

“You want me to go?” Alicia asked.

“No, I most certainly do not. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, having the both of you here with me.” Alicia smiled at the attention. “But I don’t want you two trying to kill each other either. Will you two be alright long enough to get some work done with the sewing, while I upgrade Alicia’s computer?”

Erica looked up at him quietly, then nodded her head yes. Lucas looked over to Alicia, who also nodded. “Please do,” Lucas asked. “I don’t want the perfect day ruined by unnecessary bickering at the very end.”

Erica stood on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging tightly. She whispered up into his ear, “I’m glad I am the one that gets to take you to bed with her tonight,” she said guardedly. Lucas smiled, and kissed her cheek, then picked her up and sat her down on the floor. Alicia walked over and grabbed a piece of paper, writing out her passwords on it for Lucas.

“Alright, I’ll be in the next room. Let me know if you need anything.” With that, Lucas stood and took his leave of the two women, who sat and stared at each other, appraisingly.

“You certainly are a handful tonight,” Alicia eventually muttered out loud.

“Yup!” Erica agreed with a cheeky grin.

“Wait, you’re not angry with me?” Alicia asked, confused.

“No, why?” Erica asked, not getting Alicia’s question.

“Well then why are you picking on me?”

“I dunno, it just seemed like it would be funny at the time.”

“I don’t like that word,” Alicia reiterated.

“You said that, that’s why I thought it would be funny.”

“How is repeatedly using a word I hate funny?”

“Because you get all bent out of shape and your face scrunches up like..” Erica contorted her face in an odd, asymmetric way, making her appear almost inhuman.

“I do not look like that!”

“Yeah you do,” Erica stated indignantly.

“I do not!”

Erica darted out the door, leaving Alicia behind, perplexed. “Where are you..” She asked, but Erica was out of sight before she could ask the rest of the question. Alicia stood and walked to the door, only to jump back startled and screamed slightly as Erica came darting back in the room with a handheld mirror in her arms.

“Where did you get that?”

“Lucas’s room.”

“Okay, so then what is that for?”

Erica turned the mirror to face Alicia who stared into it. “PUSSY!” Erica yelled. Alicia winced and gave an angry look until she realized that the look on her face was very much like the comical one Erica had mocked her with a moment before.

“Erica, stop antagonizing her!” Lucas yelled from down the hallway.

“I’m not, just showing her something!”

“What do you have to show her that you need to pick fights with her?” Lucas demanded.

“It’s a girl thing! Leave us alone! I got this!” Outside, Lucas could be heard grunting in frustration, while Erica looked up triumphantly at Alicia.

“It’s not funny!”

“It’s kinda funny,” Erica contradicted.

Alicia stared angrily down at Erica until a smile began to crack, which she fought back as hard as she could. “Don’t smile, Alicia!” Erica ordered. Alicia immediately broke out into giggles. “No willpower,” Erica gloated, grinning.

“Okay, fine you win.”

“Yup! Now, you gonna teach me this shit, or what?”

Alicia shrugged, and rubbed her temples. “Alright. Come on, I know just where to start.”

“Where’s that?”

“You said you bought a second dress this morning?”


“We’ll start by taking the waist in on that one, then we’ll make you a new dress.”

“A new one? Just like that?”

“Just like that. What color do you think you’ll want to start with?”

“Hmm, maybe red?”

“Ooooh! Good choice! You will look fantastic in red!” Erica smiled at the compliment, and Alicia went on. “So where is this other dress?”

“In my suitcase in Lucas’s room.”

“Well, go get it, I’ll set up here.”

Erica trotted out of the room and stopped, looking down the hallway. She stared for a moment, then slipped her sandals off and sneaked to the end to see Lucas disassembling Alicia’s laptop. Slowly, she crept out, quietly, careful to make a sound. Slowly she tiptoed up to him, and crouched behind him, ready to leap.

“Hey Kitten,” Lucas said absentmindely.

“What the hell! How did you know I was here??” Erica demanded to know.

“Coconut body wash. I love that smell,” Lucas said, smiling. Erica walked around his knee, placing a hand on his leg. Lucas looked down at her, and smiled with his soft stone eyes. “How may I be of service to you, m’lady?” he asked playfully. Erica giggled.

“I just wanted to scare the hell out of you,” Erica admitted with disappointment.

“Oh, well, I can jump and squeal if it will make you feel better.”

“No, I’ll get you another time.”

“I hope so, Lucas said with an impish grin.” Erica gripped his pant leg and attempted to pull herself up, slipping, but Lucas dropped his tools to the table and caught her. “May I help you up?” He asked warmly.

“I suppose I will allow it. This time,” Erica told him regally. Lucas smiled and lifted Erica up into a hug, surprising her, but she smiled and leaned in, hugging him tightly.

“You okay, Kitten?” Lucas asked her with just a hint of concern in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m good,” she replied, grabbing his as hard as she could.

“What’s going on then?” Lucas asked, probing again.


“Come on, I won’t bite,” Lucas said, trying to coax her.

“I just wanted to see you,” She said, still holding him tightly.

“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere.”


“So then what?”

“Can’t we just call it a night? I want to spend some more time like this.”

Lucas pulled her from his neck and looked at her. He gently placed his hand against her cheek and she leaned into it unconsciously, closing her eyes. “We need to add to your wardrobe, unless you want me to keep you around here running around naked…”

“Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad,” Erica said absent-mindedly reaching in to hug him again. Lucas was visibly jarred by her response, but let her back in close.

“That would be really awesome, actually,” He said after much thought. Erica giggled in his arms. “But something just occurred to me.”

“What’s that?” Erica asked still clinging to him.

“I think I thought of something better than having a gorgeous woman running around my house.”

“Oh yeah?” Erica asked leaning back, curious for more explanation.

“Yeah. Like being able to take that same gorgeous woman out and show off how lucky I am that she would let me hang around her.” Erica blushed at his comment, and tucked her head bashfully.

“You and your lines,” She said back shyly.

“Not a line,” he told her tenderly as she grabbed his hand and pressed it into his face. “Someone like you shouldn’t be locked up inside all the time, and quite frankly no one will believe how lucky I am if we don’t get out a bit so I can show my stuff,” Lucas told her smiling.

“Where exactly did you want to take me?” Erica asked, now very curious.

“I’m still working on it, but I’ve got a good track record so far, right?”

“You do..” Erica confessed. “Okay, I’ll make something nice to wear then,” Erica decided, turning and hopping off of Lucas’ lap and prancing down the hallway. Lucas watched her with a smile, which then turned to a look of concern, before he turned back to his work.

Erica quickly went into the dark bedroom, and began tossing items out of her suitcase until she found her new beach dress. She smiled, holding it up to herself then ran back out and into the spare bedroom to find Alicia just finishing up with setting up the needle in the sewing machine.

“Well that took forever,” Alicia said, noting Erica’s return.

“Yeah, I had to check on something.”


“Something. Alicia, do you have any really pretty designs for a dress? Not really elegant, but the kind of thing that would look great going out in public? Maybe just a little longer, but something that would show off my curves?”

“Yeah..” Alicia said, leaning down, pulling a paper package out of a plastic bag next to the desk. “How about this one?”

Erica looked at that picture, examining it and smiled. “I love it, you think we can make it in red?”

“Sure, I have the fabric already out.”

“Perfect, let’s make this tonight.”

Alicia smiled, looking at the package, then comparing it to Erica. “You’re going to look beautiful in this!” Erica smiled back at Alicia, almost giddy. “Ok, but we need to get you some practice first. Is that the other dress?” Alicia asked, pointing to what was in Erica’s hands.

“Yep!” Erica handed it up to Alicia, who looked it over approvingly.

“Lucas picked this out?” Erica nodded. “Not bad, especially since most of what was there was probably hello kitty.”

“Yeah, he did alright,” Erica said proudly.

“Okay, let’s get some measurements of you!” Erica ran out of the room and back into the dark bedroom, grabbing the tape measure out of her purse and ran back to Alicia who stood looking down, somewhat bemused. “This is becoming a thing with you, huh?”


“This running out and running back in again?”

“You want the tape measure Alicia, or what?” Bent over and took the tape measure from Erica’s tiny hand and knelt down grinning widely at Erica. Erica scowled back at the naughty grin and warned her, “you’re lucky you aren’t my size, because I would seriously kick your ass right now.”

“What? What did I do?”

“Wipe that smirk off your face right this instant, young lady,” Erica scolded her, pointing a finger up at her.

“Wha… I’m two years older than you!”

“And twice my height, and I bet I could STILL take you over my knee and paddle your butt for mocking me!” Erica declared.

Alicia stared at Erica, attempting to praise her, a confused look on her face. Erica, in turn, smiled and raised her arms outward. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Let’s get measuring, young lady!”

“Did I seriously just get scolded like a little girl by a three foot tall woman?” Alicia questioned aloud.

“Yes,” Erica replied, snapping her fingers repeatedly to spur Alicia into action. Alicia sat back for a moment then leaned in and wrapped the tape around Erica’s chest.

“I so want to be that size,” Alicia muttered.

“You wish,” Erica taunted.

“Yes, I do wish,” Alicia told her back sternly, writing down the measurement and then going to Erica’s waist.

“Well, not gonna happen, missy.”

Alicia looked at Erica with narrows eyes. “You know, I’m betting that I could get that multiplier effect pretty easily, now that I think of it.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yeah, I mean, now that I’ve spent some time here, I can definitely see Lucas is attracted to me.”

“He’s taken,” Erica told her back irritated.

“No, you’re taking time to think things through, remember?”

“Lucas would never…”

“Oh no? You think he would turn me down, a curvy red headed woman standing naked right in front of him in his house, begging him to please take me?”

Erica looked up, dropping her jaw. “No way I would let you..”

“I could just make a stop at the pet store, get you a kitty carrier, and we could keep you in there while I got what I needed, right KITTEN?”

“YOU don’t get to call me that!”

“If you behaved, we might even let you watch, KITTEN.”

Erica fumed, turning bright red and opened her mouth to speak.

“Ahem..” A masculine voice coughed out from the door. Both women turned to see Lucas standing, holding a tray with brownies and a pitcher of mango juice on it. Alicia and Erica both sat motionless, their embarrassment showing plainly on their faces. “Alicia, no multiplier for you, sorry. And Kitten, quit picking fights.”

“How? When???” Erica asked dumbfounded.

“Just now. But you two were hardly quiet, I could hear you while I was walking down the hallway.”

“I thought you were upgrading her computer!!”

“I am. I’m downloading the data from her drive into the new one, which will take a few minutes, so I thought I would bring you some treats.”

“You’re checking up on us?”

“No, but after seeing this, maybe I should be?”



“Then knock it off. Good lord you two get cranky when you’re tired.”


“You heard me just fine, Kitten. Knock it off.”

“Don’t talk to me like I’m a child!”

“Oh, but you can talk to ME like I’m a child??” Alicia demanded to know.

“I… well…”

“Seriously, both of you, I know it’s getting late, but cant we just keep it together just a little while longer?”

“I guess,” Erica admitted. Alicia nodded shamefully.

“And Alicia, you know full well how drained she is after all of this. You think that hasn’t had an effect on her mood?”

Alicia paused, considering his point for the first time. “I guess, but, that doesn’t mean…”

“It’s not an excuse, Alicia, but come on. Cut her a bit of slack while she’s recovering, will ya? If she behaves too badly, I promise I’ll withhold spankings from her.”

Alicia blushed at the comment, but Erica looked up at Lucas angrily, “You have never spanked me, mister!”

“Not yet, I haven’t..”

“Don’t talk down to me!”

“Oh, you don’t want me to spank you?”

Erica paused and blushed, thinking through things, very carefully. “I…”

“Holy crap! The Amazonian dominatrix wants spankings from a big strong man!” Alicia chortled.

“I don’t know what I want,” Erica told her back sternly. “But when I do decide, it’s none of your business!” Alicia giggled, while Lucas set the tray in an open area on the floor. “Where did you get these?” Erica asked excitedly as she ran over to get one.

“Eleanor brought them over the other day. Think you can keep it together long enough to make some clothes, or do I need to keep checking up on you?”

“No, we can…” Erica began to say, nibbling away at the edge of a brownie. “You can come check up on us, sure!” She corrected herself.

“Pssst. Erica!” Alicia whispered, Erica turning to look. Alicia crawled over and whispered into her ear. “Don’t you want to surprise him the the new clothes we’re gonna make?”

Erica’s eyes widened in realizaton. “Good point,” she told her. “Okay, never mind, you can’t come back in and check on us.”

“I can’t come back here… in my own house?”

“Yup!” [/size] Lucas looked Alicia who just smiled, picking up a brownie.

“And when you two start bickering again?”

“We won’t promise.” Lucas looked down at her skeptically. “We won’t! I’ll be on my best behavior.. No go! Shoo!” Erica said, waving her arms to brush him away.

Lucas chuckled and knelt down, grabbing a brownie for himself. “Okay, but I’m keeping this!” Erica feigned shock and giggled as Lucas turned and left them behind.

When they were alone Alicia whispered to Erica, “he brought you brownies?” Erica shrugged her shoulders. “He’s so sweet!”

“Yeah, his training is coming along nicely,” Erica giggled. Alicia smirked and gave Eric a tiny shove, almost knocking her over. Erica staggered, struggling to regain her balance.

Alicia covered her mouth with both hands fearfully. “OH my God! I’m so sorry!”

Erica shook her head and recomposed herself. “It’s alright, I just wasn’t expecting you to push that hard.” Erica gave Alicia an uneasy smile. “Maybe we can get to work now?” Alicia nodded and grabbed the tape measure again, and went to measuring Eric once more, this time in silence. Once done, she stood, and walked over to the sewing machine. Erica grabbed the tray and dragged it near the desk while Alicia found some books on the bookshelf and laid them out on the desk’s chair for Erica to sit on, and placed the foot pedal on the seat of the chair.

Erica looked up and smiled, then carefully climbed up and sat, smiling to herself. Alicia took the chair and pushed it in closely to the desk, and then pulled the sewing machine closer for Erica to work with. “How’s that?” She asked genuinely.

“Pretty good,” Erica told her happily. Alicia grabbed another chair from the other side of the room and sat next to Erica.

“Okay, so it isn’t really necessary to take in a dress like this one, but it’s good practice.”

“So what do I do?” Erica asked eagerly.

“First thing we’ll do is sew up a little belt.” Alicia pulled up a pair of scissors and some gray fabric. She then laid out the little beach dress and showed Erica how to measure the dress while it lay flat on the table. Alicia took a pencil and marked the dress, showing Erica where they would be sewing the new part to her dress, and then they measured a strip of grey fabric. Alicia handed it to Erica, along with scissors and showed her where to cut.

Erica went to the task of cutting out the strip from the larger bundle of fabric, but had a great deal of difficulty, straining, cutting slowly to make sure she cut in a perfectly straight line. Alicia watched carefully, then offered a suggestion. “If you cut so slowly and work so hard at making it perfectly straight, you’ll just make it worse.”

“But if I go faster it will just go all over the place…”

“You’ll be fine. And it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, because we’ll be tucked the edges inside anyways.” Erica’s brow furrowed as soon as she was told the line she cut didn’t need to be flawless. Erica continued snipping along and grunted in frustration as she accidentally deviated slightly from her line. Alicia then took her hands and laid the fabric in front of Alicia on the desk, and pulled Erica up to stand on the chair in front of Alicia. Erica resisted, but followed along eventually. Alicia then showed Erica how to pull the fabric along and cut it in a smooth, though still not perfect line in one motion.

Erica stood in awe of the action, though she still grimaced at the imperfection of the cut in the fabric. “Here, try it again, this time on your own,” Alicia told her.

Erica did, coming up with another strip of fabric that was even less smoothly cut than the previous one and grunted again. “No, it’s fine, really good for your first time,” Alicia assured her, but Erica still frowned. “We’ll use the second one for the belt.”

Erica glared at Alicia. “But it isn’t as good as the first one.”

“It’s good enough, trust me.” Erica grunted again and Alicia helped her tuck the edges of the fabric around into what could pass as a fabric belt and then pinned it together. She then placed the fabric up onto the sewing machine and showed Erica how to sew it together by changing the settings on the machine and how to operate the pedal. A few seconds in, Erica grunted again as the thread went off track.

“It’s okay, Erica, this will be on the inside, and you won’t be able to see it.”

“No! I need to fix it!” Alicia sighed, and showed her how to pull the thread out and pick up where she went off track again.

“Try not to hold it so tight,” Alicia told her patiently as Erica went off track again. Erica grunted and struggled, but after seven more tries, she managed to get from one end of the belt to the other. Alicia then folded the belt in half and handed the scissors to Erica, showing her where to cut. Alicia then showed Erica how to tuck the ends to that they looked like clean, professionally done ends and watched as Erica sewed the ends up, grunting all along the way with a furrowed brow.

It took Erica three tries with the first end and two with the second, but she eventually managed to complete the job. “Good gravy, you’re such a perfectionist,” Alicia marveled.

“I don’t want to wear garbage,” Erica said indignantly.

In time, after several attempts at each step, Erica managed to sew in a small belt that wrapped around the waist of the dress, and that inserted seamlessly into the sides of the little dress. Alicia tied it all up in a pretty bow in the back and showed the finished product to Erica, who grinned at her accomplishment, and took it in her hands to inspect closely. She turned the dress over and over until she realized where there were flaws in her sewing and furrowed her brow again.

“What’s wrong?” Alicia asked.

“I screwed it up,” Erica said dully, pointing to areas where she saw imperfections in her work. Alicia leaned in and looked closely.

“Those are hardly noticeable at all, even looking this close. You did great!” Erica scowled at her work again. “Quit being so grumpy about it, it looks fantastic! You’re going to look so great in this,” Alicia grinned. “Okay, next project!”

“What’s that?”

“Underwear!” Erica clapped her hands, and watched as Alicia dragged out a bundle of soft white cotton. Once again, Erica went to work with Alicia, this time, having to cut out patterns they drew and putting them together. While Erica restarted the process of sewing the parts together several times, the end result was a mishmash of fabric that only barely resembled what they had been going for, causing Alicia to giggle, and Erica to grunt again in frustration before tossing her asymmetrical mutant panties into the trash bin.

The pair worked together, talking very little as Erica attempted again and again to get the sewing right, and eventually turned out a pair of panties that met Erica’s standards, albeit just barely. Once again, they went to work, and with much effort, Erica managed to put together a second pair, on par with the first. The third pair, after starting over again five times, finally came out to a level that Erica was pleased with, and she actually tried them on, taking time to lift her dress and try to get a decent look at her finally covered bottom, and strutting around, enjoying the feeling of once again not being exposed to the open air. Erica made one final pair, having to backtrack her work four times again, but they turned out as well as the previous pair.

With a few pair of workable panties, Erica and Alicia turned their attention to some matching sports bras, once again cutting out patterns, and going to work. Once more, Erica was forced to undo mistakes in her work and go back over it again and again. Alicia finally placed her hand on Erica’s little shoulder.

“You’re trying too hard. I mean, look at you, you’re getting all upset over every last thing that doesn’t turn out exactly like you want.”

Erica turned, looking up at Alicia, scowling. “Come on, grouchy pants, don’t give me that look.” Erica continued to glare up at Alicia. “I bet someone is ticklish…”

Erica’s face drained of color and her eyes shot wide open. “You wouldn’t dare..”

“Yeah I would!”

“Alicia, I will seriously kick your ass if you try it.”

“Is that so, little grouchy pants?”

“You said you would teach me this stuff! Why isn’t it getting easier?”

“You’ve only been doing it for an couple hours, Erica! You’re doing great!”

“No I’m not!” Erica complained. “I can’t keep the fabric moving in a straight line! Al my stitches are crooked!”

“Just take a deep breath, ok?”

“Don’t patronize me!”

“I’m not, just do it, will you?” Erica took a breath and held, the let it out, and looked at Alicia impatiently. “Okay, now just quit trying to force it. The machine will help pull the fabric through, so spend more time trying to guide it in the direction you want, and less trying to push it through the way you think it should go.”

“That’s the same thing!”

“No it’s not. Let the machine pull the fabric more, stop trying to shove it through. Trust me, ok?” Erica grunted, but nodded her head. Alicia pulled out some more cotton with cut outs for another pair of underwear drawn in. “Let’s try this one more time, then make you a dress.”

Erica sighed, but nodded her head. This time, after cutting Erica’s fabric, Alicia stood over Erica and pulled back gently on Erica’s arms as Erica tried to force the fabric through the machine. Erica still had to back track twice in her work, but she finished the work in a fraction of the time and had another pair of underwear of equal quality to her best so far.

“Better?” Alicia asked patiently.

“Yeah,” Erica sighed, clearly still frustrated. Alicia grabbed Erica’s arm and led her down to the floor again, where she laid out a roll of soft red fabric. Together, they used the plans to mark out a pattern for cutting and went to work on the raw fabric, Alicia watching the frustrated look on Erica’s face grow over time.

“Let’s take a quick break and check on how Lucas is doing,” Alicia suggested. At the mere mention, Erica’s head popped up and a grin spread across her lips. She then hopped up and pranced happily down the hallway to Lucas, Alicia following quickly behind after she managed to climb to her feet and run out after.

In the dining room, Lucas sat at Alicia’s computer, feverishly typing away on a black screen. “Whatcha doin?” Erica asked joyfully.

“Hey Kitten, you’re a sight for sore eyes,” Lucas said, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes. Erica ran over to him and jumped up, surprising Lucas and managing to climb up onto his lap in short order. He placed his hands around her waist and she wrapped her arms around him, hugging tightly as she knelt in his lap.

“So what are you doing now?” Erica quizzed him.

“I’m setting up a script for Alicia to remote in to a computer lab I’m setting up down stairs.”

“Well, why remote in?”

“The server I’m setting up for her will give her a lot more processing power for calculations. She’ll be able to run a lot more data like that, especially when she’s working here.”

Alicia looked at him with concern. “Lucas, how many places is my data going to be stored now? I don’t want anything to get stolen.”

Lucas reassured her with a soft look. “Just on your hard Drive, Alicia, that’s all. Raw data can be crunched over the remote connection, but it won’t be useful until it gets back to your personal hard drive.

“But I’ve been thinking.. what if someone hacks into my connection over the internet and steals the data I’m transmitting?” Erica looked up at Lucas, waiting for his response.

“Well, for one, data in transmission is pretty much safe, it’s only data at rest that is the concern here. I’m making sure the data comes from the server, and to your hard drive, and no where else, and for another, I’ve encrypted the transmission. Someone can try to hack it, but they’ll have to find it first, and even then it will be really hard.”

“So it is possible..” Erica interjected.

“Yes, but very, very unlikely. Especially since I boosted your computer firewall and malware protections. I also replaced your web browser with something that will keep you pretty much anonymous on the internet.”

“You did?”

“Yes, and… just as a warning, you might have wanted to have closed your internet browser before you gave your computer to me…” Alicia’s face went white as a ghost, and Erica looked at her, confused. “You had some… interesting web history sitting right there on the screen.” Alicia now began to sweat profusely now and swallowed hard. “The Diminisher, huh?”

“Okay, break’s over!” Alicia announced loudly and turned to go back to the spare bedroom.

“Where the hell??” Erica asked, as Alicia disappeared down the hallway. She then turned and looked up at Lucas. “What is a diminisher?”

“Just something I saw on her web browser.”

“No it wasn’t, I saw the look on her face, what is it???” Erica said, insanely curious.

“I think we should just let it go, Kitten. Why don’t you go finish your work, k?”

Erica grunted angrily at Lucas, then slid off his lap and ran down the hallway towards the bedrooms. However, she went right past the spare bedroom and ran into Lucas’ room, running over, grabbing her netbook from the chair in front of his desk and sat down on the floor, opening it and logging in as quickly as she could.

“Google, google, google, google, google!” She uttered impatiently, waiting for the little computer to warm up. Finally a web page appeared and she typed in “dminsher” in the search box, then grunted again in frustration. “Stupid gigantic keys!” She complained. She retyped her search in again, more careful this time. “The Diminisher,” and waited the couple seconds it took for her search results to pop up. She scanned the page, and right there at the top was a website that seemed downright surreal to her. She clicked it and scanned over the contents, slowly coming to the realization of what she was staring at.

“JESUS H CHRIST IN A CHICKEN BASKET ALICIA!!!” Down the hallway, from crippling embarrassment, Alicia ran over and slammed the door shut, locking herself in the spare bedroom, assuming what Erica’s exclamations were, while Lucas turned and looked down the hallway anxiously.

“Oh no..” He muttered.

“He’s got like drawing everywhere! And.. stories??? What the??? HOLY FUCK!! HOW MANY STORIES DID THIS GUY WRITE?????”

Lucas covered his mouth. “Crap, he muttered again.”


“Kitten, let it go, okay? I think maybe you’re taking this too far.” Lucas called down then hallway.

“I wanna see what’s in this forum!” Erica yelled back.


“AARRGGHHHH!! I can’t make a username!!! What the crap??” In the spare bedroom, Alicia crawled into the bed and covered her face with a pillow, curling up in a ball. Erica ran out of Lucas’ bedroom, the open netbook in hand calling down the hallway to Lucas. “I know she has to have a name on that forum! Lucas give me her forum password!!”

“What??” Lucas asked, shocked by the question.

“NOOOOO!!!!” Alicia screamed, jumping up from the bed. Erica turned and ran up to Lucas.

“Come on! Give me her password!”

“I am not giving you her password,” Lucas told her sternly as Alicia came running out in a pure panic.

“NOOOOO!! DON’T LUCAS!!” she pleaded.

“I won’t,” Lucas assured her as Erica jumped up on his lap and stared at the computer screen, clicking on the web history button in front of her. Lucas swatted her hand away but not before she got a good look at the website in question, she looked up at Alicia shrewdly.

“Usagi-musume,” Erica muttered, eliciting a gasp of shock from Alicia. “Yeah, that’s what I thought,” and with that, she jumped down and started typing in her netbook.

“It’s okay Alicia, that’s just a username. She doesn’t have a password,” Lucas reassured her.

“Why were you looking at my web history???” Alicia begged to know.

“I wasn’t I swear, it was right up there when I opened it up and I just closed it first thing without looking around, promise.”

“Got it!” Erica declared triumphantly.

“No, no, no, no, no!!” Alicia pleaded, running over to take the netbook, but Erica took it and ran underneath the table.

“General SW? What the hell??”

“Give that back!!” Alicia screamed.


Alicia dropped down to crawl underneath the table, but Erica just grabbed the computer and ran to the other side. “Alicia, why does she have your password??” Lucas asked, terribly confused.

Alicia sat there on her hands and her knees, looking up at him, a pitiful look on her face. “I gave her a couple passwords a couple years back to look some stuff up for me while I was out of town.”

“And you used the same passwords on other sites too..” Alicia nodded. “Oy,” Lucas lamented.

“Jesus Christ! She’s like two inches tall and standing on his dick?!?!?”

“Erica stop it!!!” Alicia begged at the top of her lungs. She crawled in, trying to get the laptop, but Erica ran off again to the other side of the table, where Lucas had stepped over to. He reached under the table and grabbed Erica’s laptop from her and held it up in the air.

“No fair!!” Erica squealed. Alicia crawled out from under the table, a disheveled look on her face.

“Kitten, back off!” He warned, but Erica just grunted and climbed upward. He turned to Alicia, whose look was one of horror. “Alicia, you’re going to have to change your password,” he told her seriously. “I can’t keep this from her forever, and she’ll just get in again.”

“I can’t! The user control panels on the forum have been broken for months!” Lucas smacked his forehead with his palm.

“Gimme my computer!!” Erica cried out, still climbing steadily up Lucas, much to his dismay.

Lucas took her in his arm, and held her, close to him, though she worked hard at squirming free, almost succeeding. “Alicia this is insane…” Alicia tried to cover her humiliated face, but Lucas stepped around her. “Okay, time to suck it up, Alicia. You’re secret it out. You aren’t just interested in taking your serum, you are really, REALLY into this shit, and we can’t just lock her out of your account, you might as well just sit down with us and tell us about it.”

“I’ve never told anyone about this!” Alicia said, on the verge of tears.

“Well, we know now. No judgments, promise, just.. come on, sit down”

“Gimme my fuckin computer!” Erica demanded forcefully, still squirming in his arm.

“There’s no getting around it, come on Alicia.” Alicia nodded and sat at the table. Erica growled at Lucas, who still held the computer away from her. “You’ll get it back soon enough. Jesus, Kitten. What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I wanna see what kind of sickos get off on tiny women!”

“I’ve been getting off on having you around me for the last day, does that include me too?”

“I… well…”

“Leave. Her. Alone. I’m not playing around, Erica.” Lucas told her sternly. Erica winced at the mention of her name from Lucas. “You’ll get to see soon enough, can’t you see how embarrassing this is for her?”

Erica Sighed heavily and relented. “Fine, but I still wanna see.” Lucas set her on the ground and she pranced over to the table, climbing up onto a chair, and standing, staring deep down into Alicia’s eyes, a mischievous grin on her face.

“Stop it.” Lucas told her.

“I didn’t ay anything!”

“STOP. IT.” Erica grunted, then finally wiped the grin off of her face, though she continued to stare into Alicia’s eyes. Lucas took a seat and placed a hand on Alicia’s and looked at her sympathetically. Alicia looked over to Lucas, bashfully, barely able to keep her eyes from the floor. “Okay, so apparently tiny women is a thing that people get off on.”

“It’s a small community,” Alicia admitted quietly.

“Ha!” Erica laughed loudly. Lucas glared at her. “What? It was a pun. Lucas shook his head.

“So how long have you been in this.. community?” Lucas asked her gently.

“Since I was fifteen.”

“Whoa,” Erica muttered. “They let you in that young? What are they? Pedophiles?”

“No, no, no… nothing like that, they are very strict about anything involving children. It’s completely off limits. No, it’s about adult small women, usually shrunk as a.. fetish,” Alicia winced, admitting the word out loud. Lucas rubbed her hand and took it in his. “I lied about my age. If I had been caught back then, they would have kicked me out and never let me back in.”

“How did you even find out about this fetish?” Erica asked eagerly.

“I’ve always been fascinated with it, even before I had any ideas of what sex was. I would watch cartoons as a kid, and I would see the ones where the characters would shrink in them and I would tape them, and watch them over and over again. And I would play with my Barbie dolls and wish it was me being held like that.”

“Barbie?” Lucas asked, trying not to sound too judgmental.

“You wanted to be doll sized??” Erica asked disbelievingly.

Alicia nodded. “Back then, yeah. But then I got a little older, and I started noticing boys… and I started noticing things about myself, and little little, I still wanted to be small, only, just a bit bigger, so I could do… other things still.”

“I see…” Lucas added.

“So what? Being me sized is your like ultimate sexual fantasy?” Alicia dropped her head and blushed. “Wow.”

“Why did you hide it for so long?” Lucas asked softly. Alicia looked up at him and did her best to determine his motives for the question.

“I was afraid someone would.. well.. act like Erica just did I guess.”

Erica sank back, noticeably ashamed. “You’ve really had this fantasy since you were a child?” Lucas asked.

“I know, I’m screwed up, I know.”

“No, no,” Lucas assured her, holding her hand still. “I never would have thought of this, and.. well maybe before yesterday I would have looked at it differently, but after having it actually happen right in front of me.. I guess I get what the attraction is. It was really hot.” Alicia looked up at Lucas and smiled bashfully.

“You’re not serious..” Erica said in a condescending tone. Lucas looked back at her, irritated. “This has got to be the most fucked up fetish I have ever heard of. Who would be into this kind of thing?”

Alicia sat trepidatiously, but Lucas squeezed her hand and smiled at her. Alicia sat quietly for a moment, and then looked down at Erica, a slight smirk on her face. “The irony in that statement is beyond description,” She retorted back.

“Excuse me?” Erica scowled up at her.

“Okay, so I’ve been into this idea for years now, and Lucas just admitted that maybe he is getting into it too, but you?”

“What about me?” Erica asked upward, scowling.

“You are the biggest, pardon the pun,” Erica’s eye’s narrowed at the comment, “shrinking fetish fan here.” Erica sat, looking at Alicia, stunned she would ever make such a remark. “You were such a huge fan that your whole body screamed to be shrunk and the instant it was even possible, your whole body went into hyper shrink mode. You’ve wanted this your whole life, and you have tried to hide it even more than me, so to hear you talk about ‘my’ fetish, that’s a joke, right?”

Erica looked to Lucas for support, but he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Alicia continued, “Seriously, I’d be willing to bet real money that if I had taken the same serum, at the same time in the same conditions, I wouldn’t have shrunk NEARLY as much as you did. Everything about you just begged to be a little kitten..”

“YOU DON’T GET TO CALL ME THAT!” Erica interrupted in a rage.

Alicia waited for Erica to calm and then picked up where she left off. “Everything about you begged so hard to be a little kitten for your big strong Lucas, first chance it got you lost over one hundred pounds of weight as fast as you could physically shed it, and still, even now, you are trying to deny that this is the biggest turn on of your life.”

“I am NOT turned on by being this small!” Erica defiantly retorted back.

“Oh, I bet you are. I bet you’ve been scared out of your mind all day that someone might get a look between your little legs and see just how turned on you are!”

Erica’s jaw dropped, appalled at the accusation she had just heard. She jumped up on top of the table and ran across it at Alicia, but Lucas intervened, and grabbed her in his hands, and pulled her down into his arms. “Why are you taking her side?!?!?” Erica demanded to know.

“I’m not taking her side, Kitten.”

“Yes you are! You heard what she said to me! Let me go!!”

“Karma can be a bitch, Kitten. Sorry, but you need to deal with it.”

“How is this karma??”

“Because you picked this fight, and you embarrassed her over a huge secret. And now, she’s had enough and she is telling you what she thinks.

“I am not going to let her get away with saying that about me!”

“Why? Because she’s right?” Erica’s jaw dropped again, and she stared at him beyond words.

“She’s not right,” Erica eventually said as she collected herself.

“Oh really?” Lucas asked her. Lucas placed his hands gently behind her back, catching Erica off guard and leaned her back, off balance. He bent down, placing his mouth next to her ear, breathing warm air on her tiny neck.

“Wha.. what are you doing?” Erica asked uneasily.

Lucas sat like that, Alicia blushed staring at the scene in front of her. Erica began to squirm in Lucas’ hands, but he held her tenderly, yet firmly. He then spoke in a soft, deep tone. “You don’t want to feel my big arms wrapped around you? You don’t want to feel my giant heart beat right though you, shaking your tiny body?” Erica breathed in surprised at the closeness. Alicia’s eyes widened as she noticed Erica’s nipples stiffen and press out against the fabric of her little dress.

Erica squirmed in his hands, trying to push free feebly. Lucas went on. “You don’t want to feel my warm lips pressing deep against every last inch of your body? You don’t like that just one of my hands almost completely covers your back, holding you close to me?

“Stop,” Erica pleaded quietly, her skin now a crimson color and beads of sweat forming across her face. She still squirmed, though now her legs were tightly pinched together.

“You don’t want me to take you in my arms, holding you up, completely free of the gravity, surrounding your tiny body? You don’t want to lie in my arms like they are firm, muscular beds, made just for you, caressing you, caring for you and keeping you warm and safe?”

“Lucas,” She begged softly, “Not in front of Alicia…”

“As you wish,” he told her, kissing her neck softly and gently sucking on the tip of her ear.

“Mmmmm,” She moaned against her will just before he set her back down to stand on his lap. Alicia swallowed hard, trying to remove the huge lump that had formed in her throat while Erica stood, leaning against Lucas, who held her steadily with a grin on his face.

“You ok Kitten?” Lucas asked genuinely.

Erica bit her lip for a moment, looking up at him, then straightened out her face. “I think I need to use the bathroom,” she admitted quietly, hopping down to the floor and walking unsteadily towards the bathroom. Alicia still sat quietly, staring dumbly until she heard the door close down the hallway.

“I think I’ll get that vial now,” Alicia muttered, starting to get up. Lucas grabbed her hand and looked up at her, shaking his head, a serious look on his face. Alicia sat down again, staring at him. “I guess we know now why she shrank so much..” She said absent-mindedly.

“Huh?” Lucas asked, confused.

“That was…” she began fumbling for words. “I think I lost a few inches myself watching that- without the serum.”

“I just told her what she wanted to hear,” Lucas said, brushing it aside.

“And how did you know that was what she wanted to hear?”

“It’s written all over her face. You can see it. You saw it too and just called her out on it.”

“So you think she’ll finally admit that she loves this?”

“Not a chance.”

“Why not? How can she deny how she just reacted?”

“Because that isn’t who she has been taught to be. No, I think this is gonna be really rough for her.”

“Rough? Why? We can both see she loves being little.”

“Yeah, but look at all the trouble she’s having with it. She’s possessive now all of a sudden, and stop me if I’m wrong, but she went all control freak on you in there, didn’t she? That’s why you came out.”

“How did you know?”

“I didn’t, but I could here her sometimes pretty frustrated in there with you.”

“Yeah, she won’t accept any of her work unless it’s absolutely perfect. I’m not sure she’ll be able to handle this. I mean, she’s actually really good at it, and learning really fast, but she has to have everything so perfect…”

Lucas looked down at the floor, staring away into nothing. “I had hoped this would give her a sense of still being useful, something she could still have a say and influence over.”

“Wait, you said it would be easier because she could make clothes that fit her better.”

“Well, yeah, that’s true.. but her confidence is way off.

“You’re kidding. You see how aggressive she’s been all day?”

“Yeah, but I think she’s aggressive like that because of a lack of confidence, not too much. She’s trying to compensate for everything she thinks she’s lost. I wanted to give her something that would help with that.” Alicia smiled and grabbed his hand tightly in both of hers. “I dunno. Maybe we should steer her away from sewing if it’s causing her that much of a problem. Maybe there is something else she’d like better that wouldn’t piss her off so much.” Alicia began rubbing the back of Lucas’ hand and he looked up at her.

“Give me a couple more days with her. We do need some clothes for her, so if nothing else we’ll get her at least a couple choices of things to wear.”

“What about your research? We need to try to undo this… I’m afraid of what being stuck like this will do to her.”

“I’ll work on it some tomorrow, but give me a chance, okay? I won’t let you two down.” Lucas nodded and smiled weakly at her.

In the bathroom, Erica stood near the toilet, leaning against the closed lid, catching her breath. After a moment, she lifted her dress and pulled open her new panties, looking at the dampened white cotton she had affected in her excitement. “Oh my God,” [/size] she exclaimed to herself quietly.

Erica then walked over to grab a wad of toilet paper and wiped herself up, as well as her undergarments. She then walked over, climbing up onto the upside down garbage can and leaned over the counter, turning on the water faucet with cold water. She splashed her face with the cool liquid, giggling softly to herself.

Erica took her time, running her little fingers through the large stream of cold water pouring down from the faucet and occasionally her giggles would slip into a full laugh or two, before she reigned it in again. After several moments of washing her face clean and enjoying the moment she looked up and saw herself in the mirror. The giddiness of just a moment ago slipped away and turned more to curiosity. She looked at herself, and then around at everything else behind her in the reflection, noticing how big it all was. She picked up her hands and compared them to regular objects lying on the counter, as her curiosity went away to serious concern etched in deep lines on her forehead now.

She stared at the little reflection of herself in the giant room. “Jesus. What the hell is wrong with me?” She asked to no one. She stared at herself for several minutes before she finally leaned forward again across the counter and turned the water off. In the background she could hear the soft voice of Lucas, just loud enough to hear, but too quiet to make out.

She turned to her left, trying to make out his words, but not able to. Still though, she closed her eyes and listened for a moment, smiling to herself. She then shook her head and opened her eyes. “Goddamnit. Wake the hell up.” She muttered angrily to herself.
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Re: Please..

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Hope this one continues soon…

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Re: Please..

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Oh, I didn't realize someone had replied to this thread. I'm sorry for neglecting your reply for almost 2 months. I have plenty more chapters I can post on here, I've just had a lot of trouble with work after being put on a project that keeps me working everyday from like 6:00am - 10:30pm. writing has basically taken a back seat to just having enough time to get the absolute bare minimum done in life. It also doesn't help that recently keeping that schedule drove me into the ground so hard that I got incredibly sick.

It's really great to hear that someone wants to read more, though. :-) Ill try to convert some of the text for php soon.
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Re: Please..

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Erica walked out of the bathroom down the hallway, hearing the two voices in the room at the end. “So how many more things do you think you can make tonight for her to wear?” she heard Lucas asked.

“We’ll just do a dress ad call it a night. We’ve already started it.” Erica straightened her face and adjusted her posture to walk out as tall as she could, proudly, an almost indifferent look on her face.

As she stepped out into the dining room, Lucas turned and looked at her, a wide grin spread out from ear to ear. Erica maintained her serious pose, but Lucas gazed back at her, openly cheerful.

“Hey Kitten, we missed you.”

“We?” Erica asked, critically.

“Well, me,” Lucas admitted.

A smirk began to form on Erica’s lips, but she fought it back. “And why is that?” she asked him again, seriously.

“Because you’ve made my whole day,” Lucas admitted again, proudly.

“Aw,” Alicia chimed in, covering he mouth with her hands. Erica’s serious demeanor melted, despite her best efforts to keep it up. Lucas motioned her over to him.

Erica approached him slowly, looking up at him, curiously. “What are you up to?” She wanted to know.

“Nothing much, I just wanted to have you close again. May I?” He asked, holding a hand out to her.

Erica smiled, then fought it back, but took his hand in hers. “I’ll allow it. This time.” Lucas grasped her small hand and assisted her as she climbed up onto his lap. “Okay, so..” Erica began, but she was interrupted by Lucas’ massive arms drawing her into him, holding her tenderly. Erica was caught by surprise, but grinned and squeezed him tightly out of reflex. Lucas then began massaging her scalp and her back with his hands, gently kneading her skin with his fingers, eliciting a deep sigh from Erica as she slumped over into him, all of her will to resist him gone now.

Lucas continued to several minutes while Erica completely melted in his hands and he smiled down at her. She closed her eyes and began to drift off, but opened them again, trying to make herself alert one again. But over time her eyes began to drift closed once again, forcing her to open them wide again in an attempt to stay awake.

“What’s with the royal treatment all of a sudden?” She asked, purring in his hands.

“You just seemed like you really needed it.” Erica looked up at Lucas’ smiling face and squeezed him tightly as he continued to massage her in his hands. Erica slowly slumped over again, her tight hug weakening, little by little as Lucas went on manipulating her body until she heard a small tap on the table beside her. Erica raised her head just in time to see Alicia pulling her hand away from a fresh glass of mango juice she had just set next to Erica. Erica looked up at Alicia, then at Lucas suspiciously.

“Okay, what the hell is going on?” Erica asked unceremoniously.

“Just what I said, Kitten, you looked like you really needed that.”

“Okay, you I get waiting on me, but her?” Erica asked, motioning up to Alicia. Alicia smiled, but gave Lucas a questioning look. Lucas motioned for Alicia to sit down.

“We were just talking about you while you were in the bathroom,” Alicia admitted.

“And what were you saying about me?” She demanded from Lucas, pushing his hand away from her scalp.

“He just said that this is really hard for you to be in this position right now, and that he thinks you feel like you aren’t in control of anything, not even yourself anymore, and that’s really hard for you, since you’ve always been so in control and in charge.”

Erica looked up at Lucas, who nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I guess that’s true,” she admitted.

“So, I just told her that we need to get it together and make sure the rest of the night is as good as possible for you. You’re exhausted, and your whole world has been turned upside down.”

“You did?” Lucas nodded, and Erica blushed slightly in response. “You don’t have to do that,” she argued. “I’m fine.”

“No you’re not, Kitten. You’re on edge, and you’re easy to anger and that’s okay.”

“It is?” Erica questioned up to him.

“Yeah,” Alicia added. “We’ll just make tonight and the rest of the weekend about you and try and get you back to feeling as normal as possible.”

Erica stared back up to Alicia, at a loss for words. “So,” Alicia went on, “it’s up to you. What do you want to do the rest of the night? Do you want me to go, and we’ll start over again tomorrow?”

Erica smiled and took the glass of mango juice in both hands, holding the large glass and watching the ripples in the fluid as she gently shook the glass back and forth. “No,” she decided. “Let’s finish the dress first, okay?”

“Sure thing, I’ll be in there,” Alicia said as she got up and walked out of the room.

Erica looked back up to Lucas, who just smiled at her, while Erica sipped on her juice. “So you’re sticking up for me to Alicia?”

“No, not really. She cares about you too. We just talked about how to get through the night without upsetting you anymore.”

“You think I can’t handle her on my own?”

“Kitten, of course you can, but she’s a lot more fragile than you, if you handle her on your own it might get a bit out of hand.”

Erica giggled and sipped a little more on her juice. “I guess I have been a little rough on her. Maybe I shouldn’t have called her slow.” Lucas just smiled and ran his fingers through her hair, causing her to close her eyes and lean into his touch. “Okay, big guy, I’m gonna make a nice dress to wear for you and then we can call it a night!” Erica told him excitedly after opening her eyes and giggling up to him.

“Deal,” Lucas said, grinning. Erica handed off the drink to Lucas and pranced down the hallway to find Alicia in the spare bedroom. In there, Alicia was already sitting on the floor, marking up the red fabric as Erica came in and plopped down next to her.

“You can spend more time with Lucas if you want, I’ll do this,” Alicia told her gently.

“No, I need to learn this, just tell me what to do.”

“Well, you can, but you’re really not having any fun with it.”

“I want to learn. Besides, I have something else I want to do when we finish.”

“What’s that?” Alicia asked as she reached for a pair of scissors and looked over the design for the dress.

“I’ll tell you when we’re done.”

“Okay Er-bear”

“Er-bear?” Erica asked as Alicia handed the scissors off to her.

“Uh yeah, why?”

“So you’re giving me nicknames now too?”

“Sorry, Erica, I didn’t mean to bother you.” Erica watched as Alicia as she buried herself back in the designs.

“Why Er-bear?” She asked, a curious tone in her voice.

“I dunno, it sounded cute, and you’re just so cute like this, I just.. I dunno.”

“I am cute, aren’t I?” Erica beamed.

“Yes!! I wish I was that cute!”

“I didn’t mean to jump down your throat. If you want to call me Er-bear, go ahead.” Alicia smiled and went about showing Erica how to read and use the designs. The process was slow, and cumbersome, but eventually Erica managed to cut out the right pattern and then they went to work sewing the pieces together, which Erica again still had to start and back track over again several times in order to meet her exacting specifications.

Erica grew more and more frustrated after each attempt, grunting and growling at herself more and more, causing Alicia to fidget as she attempted to help Erica guide the fabric through the machine. At one point, Erica actually sat back and almost screamed, taking the pair of scissors in her hand and attempting to throw them against the wall before Alicia grabbed her arm and carefully took the scissors away from her. Erica looked up at Alicia angrily and growled at her, but Alicia placed a hand behind Erica and gently rubbed her back.

“It’s okay, you know? This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but you’re learning really fast,” Alicia assured her. Erica calmed slightly and sat back down, not saying anything in return.

“Erica,” Alicia continued, “I know you want it to be perfect, but I’m telling you, as demanding as you are on your sewing, it will just about be perfect, and this is only your first dress.”

“No, look at this, look at how far my stitches are off track!”

Alicia sighed, then looked down at Erica. “I’ll show you something, just don’t freak out before I do, k?”


Alicia looked back at the door carefully to make sure they were alone and then stripped her dress off, leaving Alicia standing in half naked in front of Erica. “What the…” Erica began to exclaim, but Alicia put her finger to her lips to signal Erica to stay quiet. Alicia stood there in black laced panties and a matching bra, which her ample bosom stretched out as realistically as it could go. A curve of light pink skin from one of her puffy areolas peaked out over the top of her right cup, and creamy, soft white skin lay exposed directly in front of Erica’s shocked and slightly horrified face. Alicia then set the dress on the desk in front of Erica and turned it to show one of the seams.

“Erica, this dress cost me over a hundred dollars, but look at this,” she said etching a finger along the seam. Right there in front of Erica were minor variations in the threading. Erica peered closely, noticing what Alicia was describing.

“Yeah, but it’s still way better than mine, and there are a lot nicer dresses out there that I’m betting cost a lot more and are made better.” Alicia then pulled back one of the folds in the dress to reveal a hidden seam.

“No, your seams are just as good, maybe better, and this is the first time you’ve done it. Look at this one, it’s even more sloppy because it’s hidden.” Erica looked at it closely and was shocked to see that she had to agree with Alicia.

“Well, ok, but my clothes don’t have that problem.”

“Yeah they do, Erica. All clothes do, nothing is perfect. You just never noticed before.”

“Well, why am I noticing now? Because I’m freakishly small?”

“No, you’re noticing because you’re making the stitches yourself and you’re a perfectionist,” Alicia said, leaning over Erica. As she did so, one of her breasts fell out of the bra that was hanging down from her torso right in front of Erica’s face, and enormous puffy pink nipple swung directly in front of Erica’s eyes. Erica slapped it and leaned back.

“Put your gigantic tits away,” She whispered harshly up to Alicia, who turned bright red, stood up and stuffed herself back into her bra.

“Sorry,” she apologized profusely. “You see what I’m saying now?” Erica nodded. “Okay, good, I’d like to put my dress back on again.”

“Please do,” Erica suggested. As Alicia slipped the dress over her head again Erica followed up with another observation. “Damn your boobs are big. I mean they were big before, but now? Jeez.”

“Actually, Er-bear, from what I can tell, proportionately, if we were the same height yours are about the same as mine now.” Alicia added as she adjusted her clothes back to a normal fit.

“There’s nothing I’ve got that’s proportionate to you anymore,” Erica sulked. “And I always hated how much bigger your boobs were than mine. Now, they’re like the size of my head.”

Alicia smiled. “Compared to your body, Erica, your boobs are way bigger now. I think bigger than mine, comparatively.”`

“Well great, but their in reality their even smaller than before.”

Alicia giggled. “If they were this big,” Alicia said, squeezing her breasts, “you’d be constantly falling over. Don’t worry about it, when I grow you back, I’ll try to find a way to let you keep the boobs, comparatively and otherwise too.” At this, Erica laughed and turned back to the sewing machine. Alicia bent over and went about helping Erica once again as Erica went through her same old motions of starting, getting to a point where she was unhappy with a mistake and then back tracking. Eventually, Erica stopped all together and just sat staring at the fabric in front of her.

“What’s wrong?” Alicia asked, rubbing Erica’s back.

“I’m sorry Alicia,” Erica stated quietly.

“No, you’re doing fine, keep at it.”

“No, I’m sorry I humiliated you like that with your website.”

“Oh, well, it’s alright, don’t worry about it.”

Erica looked up at Alicia, a questioning look in her eyes. “How can you say that? You were seriously crying and.. I’m really sorry.”

“Why did you do it then?” Alicia asked in a serious tone.

“I don’t know…” Erica muttered staring at the dress fabric again.

“You wanted to make me feel small, didn’t you? Smaller than you to make up for how small you’re feeling right now.”

Erica looked up at Alicia and swallowed hard. “Yeah, I guess,” she admitted.

“Well, I guess that’s why it’s okay, because I do want to be smaller than you.” Alicia joked.

“Lucas put you up to saying that, didn’t he?”

“A little, but all he had to do was try to explain things from your perspective a little. And, I think he was right.”

“Maybe you should just finish the dress, there’s no way I can do it,” Erica sulked out loud, looking at her feet.

“That was one of the thing Lucas and I talked about too. Erica, you can finish the dress, if you want to. I know you can, and it will look gorgeous.”

“But I keep making mistakes!”

“So what? You’re fixing them, all of them, no matter how small those mistakes are. It’s your call Er-bear, but I know you can do it.” Erica smiled weakly back at Alicia and paused. She then turned and went back to work on her new dress.

Alicia and Erica worked for more than an hour longer before Alicia finally announced that they were done. She took the dress and knelt down as Erica climbed down from her seat and Alicia held the little dress up in front of her. Erica smiled at the finished product- a simple, yet graceful one piece sleeveless dress with a v-neck that was just low enough to show a bit of cleavage. It came down to her knees and had a front curved slit so that it could show off a bit of Erica’s left thigh. Alicia handed it to Erica, who took it and grinned at the final results.

“Do you think Lucas will like it?”

“I bet he will fall over himself looking at you in it.” Erica giggled and looked back up at her friend. “Try it on! We need to check to see if we need to make any adjustments,” Alicia smiled.

Erica took her current dress and removed it, leaving her topless and staring at her new dress. She slipped the new dress on and turned around inspecting herself. “Wow,” Alicia commented. “You did really well. We’ll have to hardly change anything.” Erica grinned and held still while Alicia made markings on the dress in areas where it needed to be adjusted, and slipped pins into the appropriate places.

Erica then stripped again and put on her other dress while Alicia moved the new dress back to the sewing machine and went to work on it. Erica joined and watched intently as Alicia helped her make the adjustments to the dress and then pulled it out again. Erica switched dresses again and both women grinned at the results.

“You’re dressed to kill now!” Alicia said proudly.

“Okay, then we have one more thing to do,” Erica announced.

“What’s that?” Alicia asked, as Erica climbed up into the chair again and pulled over a notebook and pencil and began writing. Alicia looked over Erica’s shoulder as she stood there, giggling profusely as she scribbled down her thoughts and Alicia laughed. “I love it,” Alicia said, understanding what Erica was trying to do.

Lucas was sitting at Alicia’s computer, running new programs and testing it on his wireless network when Alicia came in to the room and stood, coughing lightly into her hand. Lucas turned and smiled, rubbing the tiredness out of his eyes.

“Hey, it’s been quiet in there, everything going okay?”

Alicia grinned and lifted the notebook and began reading from it. “I would like to introduce our next model, a stunning metropolitan woman of unmatched beauty and charisma.” Lucas cocked his eyebrow upward. “Erica enjoys volleyball and lifting weights, and in her spare time works as a senior marketing consultant for Pfelcher Pharmaceutical Industries.”

“Okay…” Lucas commented in a confused voice.

“Our first demonstration is our new line of undergarments, made from the finest cotton and custom fit for the athletic woman in your life,” Alicia announced professionally as Erica came strutting out from the hallway in her new bra and panties with her hand on her hip, and nose pointed upwards, a confident, aloof expression on her face. Lucas sat back slightly stunned.

Erica sauntered over in front of Lucas, her hips swinging dramatically as she walked, hardly looking at Lucas at all, except to steal a quick glance to make sure he was paying attention. Naturally, Lucas was paying extremely close attention to Erica, as well as her sensuous little curves.

Alicia continued on, “the design is both practical and aesthetic, allowing a comfortable, perfect form fit for maximum comfort and flexibility.” Erica took her cue and bent forward, looking upward at Lucas with coy eyes and rocked left and right, allowing her breasts to swing back and forth, showing off Erica’s impressive cleavage before she stood upright and turned around. “The panties as well were designed first and foremost with comfort in mind, but also used the most sophisticated of stitching techniques to provide an undergarment that could withstand even the most strenuous of circumstances.”

Once again Erica took Alicia’s cue and bent far over with straight legs, spaced about shoulder width apart, exposing Lucas to an unadulterated view of her exposed posterior, as well as the outline of her womanhood pressed tightly against the soft white fabric. “Nice,” Lucas commented happily to the scene before him. Erica, still bent far over, peaked her head around her leg and looked up toward Lucas, placing a finger seductively on her lips and gave him a demure look, before standing upright again and sauntering back into the hallway again. Once out of sight, Erica darted down the hallway quickly and grabbed the beach dress.

Alicia giggled softly, then picked up the notebook and began reading again. “Our next offering is a bit of summer wear, for those warm, sultry days out on the lake. Erica is wearing a stunning beach dress tie died in subdued colors so as to bring the greatest amount of attention to the stunning beauty beneath it.” Erica again sauntered out, this time wearing the beach dress and once again walked right up to Lucas, who leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and rested his chin on his fist as he grinned down, looking deeply into Erica’s eyes as she tried to avoid his gaze. Lucas smiled confidently at her, and Erica stopped, looking into his eyes briefly and blushing, but she recovered and went on with her show. Erica pulled the hem of her dress slightly way from her hips, offering a dainty curtsy and then twirled on her heels, stopping, and holding a another dainty pose, with her fingers pointed outward away from her small frame.

Once more, Erica sauntered off down the hallway, with Lucas laughing softly at the show he was being given.

Alicia went on again, reading from her script. “In our final offering this evening, Erica is wearing a soft sleeveless surplice midi dress. This unique design is perfect for taking the most enchanting woman you’ve ever seen for an intimate dinner for two at a four star restaurant over looking the river bluffs, or for simply taking a quaint walk through the park after shrimp and cocktails,” Alicia said as Erica came walking out in the new dress.

“Oh wow,” Lucas admired.

Erica looked up at Alicia and gave her a serious look, causing Alicia to giggle then announce, “Could we have silence from the peanut gallery, please?”

Lucas looked up with an impish grin and then stared deep down into Erica’s eyes. This time, Erica did a much better job of hiding her insecurity, and stepped up in front of Lucas, posing with a hand on her hip, looking off to the side with seductive, pouting lips, then switching sides and placing her other hand on her hip.

“Notice the curved slit,” Alicia said as Erica set on foot forward exposing her thigh, “which is as clear a sign as any that the wearer of this dress is imbued with the professional and personal confidence that no man should ever underestimate.” Erica then quickly turned her head, tossing her long dark hair around her head and over her shoulder. Erica then pivoted to the right. Lucas chuckled softly.

“As with all of our offerings this evening, this dress perfectly compliments the wearer’s curves in such a way that it is attention grabbing as well as levying a keen businesslike acumen that will dazzle all who gaze upon it.” Erica then turned and began to walk away, but before she got far Lucas stepped forwards, swooping her up into his arms.

“Oh no, I’m keeping this one!” Lucas yelled as Erica squealed in surprise as she was yanked into the air.

“Security!” Erica yelled in a fit of giggles. As she rolled over in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Alicia stood laughing as Lucas motioned her over to the table and sat down.

“So you like it?” Erica asked eagerly.

“You look Gorgeous, I love it.” Lucas complimented her warmly. Erica smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“Of course he likes it, I told you he would,” Alicia added as she sat down.

“So, apparently you want to go to a four star restaurant on the river bluffs…” Lucas said playfully to Erica giggling further.

“Well, that’s just one suggestion that comes with the dress. It’s actually a very versatile garment, well suited to a wide variety of social situations. Of course, if you DID want to go to Mancini’s…”

“Not just a four star restaurant, but Italian, I see.”

Erica leaned back and looked up at him. “Italian? Oh, I guess we could have Italian food, if that’s what you really want,” Erica said up to him coyly.

“Umm, you’re the one who mentioned Italian.”

“No, I’m pretty sure the word Italian never left my mouth.”

Lucas laughed, replying, “Yeah, well Mancini’s is Italian food, Kitten.”

“Mancini’s? Like the composer? Wow, you even picked out an Italian restaurant already. You are so sweet!” Erica told him with a gleeful grin on her face.

Both Lucas and Alicia laughed. “Well good then, I’m glad you didn’t already have an opinion on the matter,” Lucas chided.

“Who me? I’m open to pretty much anything!”

Lucas pulled her away from him and stood her on his thighs, looking her up and down. “And this is the first dress you’ve ever made?” He asked approvingly.

“Well, I didn’t do it by myself, Alicia did most of the work.” Alicia shoved Erica ever so gently, which still rocked the little woman more than expectedly.

“You little liar! You did it all on your own, I just showed you what to do!” Erica stuck her tongue out at Alicia, who just laughed it off. “Seriously Lucas,” she continued, “she spent all of her time worrying about every little mistake, and whether it would look good enough.”

“Kitten, it looks fantastic, you really did a wonderful job,” Lucas added.

“Well, thanks,” Erica said, with a bit more pink to her skin, “but Alicia walked me through the whole thing, so she did at least half the work.”

“I’m not used to you sharing credit,” Alicia said with a grin. “Especially when it isn’t due.”

“Well, yeah it’s due. I don’t know how to sew…”

“You know how to now,” Alicia grinned. “There’s more to learn, but you did great, so much better than any of my first things I sewed.” Erica smiled bashfully at the compliment. “So, it’s getting late, maybe I should leave you two alone?” Alicia told Lucas with a warm smile.

“I guess, but you’re coming back tomorrow right?” Lucas asked, rubbing Erica’s back.

“I dunno, maybe you two would be better off if I left you alone for a day.” Alicia replied as Erica leaned over Lucas, enjoying her new massage.

“No, there is still more work to do with your lab downstairs, and besides, if I’m the only one spending time with Erica, she’s gonna get sick of me real fast. Oh, and we have one other thing to take care of for you tomorrow kitten.”

“Hmmm? What’s that?” Erica asked groggily in Lucas’ hands.

“Well, you’re going to be here longer than we first thought, right?”

Erica smiled and hugged Lucas, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Well, we should pick up your plants from your apartment then tomorrow so you can take care of them.”

Erica looked up at Lucas and crinkled her brow in thought. “Where are we gonna put them?”

“Wherever you want, Kitten.”

“I don’t want to mess your place up though…”

“Well, it’s your place too for the time being, so whatever you need to feel at home here, we should do it,” Lucas said with a happy grin.

Erica smiled back, but her brow furloughed at his observations. She placed a small hand on his cheek and stared into his eyes, asking, “Why are you doing all this?”

Lucas just smiled back at her as he held her in his hands, “Your place smells nicer than mine, and I figured it was the plants, so it’s a win-win for me,” he replied with an impish grin. Erica giggled and rested as he massaged her again. “Anyway, Alicia,” Lucas said, turning his attention back to the redheaded woman looking on jealously, “we need to take care of that, but afterwards, if you could come over, that would be nice.”

“You’re sure I’m not in the way?”

“Absolutely not. We need to get to work on growing Erica back as soon as we can,” Erica paused, and stared up again at Lucas contemplatively, “and after tomorrow I doubt you’ll have nearly as much time to get started.”

“Alright, what time do you want me to come up?” Alicia asked.

“How about twelve thirty?”

Alicia smiled giddily at him and nodded her head. “Sure.”

“One more thing about the computer. I have a new script for you that will run all the remote login stuff. You’re hooked up to the server already, but tomorrow we’ll move it downstairs and build it out a bit more.”

“What’s the difference? Don’t I just open my program?”

“No, not anymore. There is an icon I named ‘Project Kitten,’ that will remote you in as long as you have an internet connection and load the appropriate programs for you. It needs to be that way to tap into the server’s processing power.”

“But you said all the data would stay on my laptop, you’re not putting it anywhere else?”

“Right. All of your research data will just be on the one hard drive, promise.”

“What about the old drive?”

“It’s already taken care of.”

“What if someone picks it up in the trash or something and gets the data off of it?”

“Won’t happen, Alicia. There is no way anyone can get to the data, except the one hard drive now. But, if you want to use it, you’ll need to use the new script I wrote for you.”

Alicia grinned at his response. “You’ve thought of pretty much everything, haven’t you?

“I’ve tried, but if I missed anything, we’ll fix it in the future. You’re computer is just about as secure as it can be, unless we cut it’s power and bury it 10 feet underground.”

“I’ll be right back,” Erica said, pushing herself groggily from Lucas’ shoulder.

“Where you going?” Lucas asked as Erica hopped down from his lap.

“I have to pee!” Erica replied back in an irritated voice.

Lucas chuckled again, “Okay, sorry Kitten, didn’t mean to pry.” Erica giggled quietly and meandered down the hallway again.

“I should probably get ready to go,” Alicia told Lucas as she began to stand.

“Alright, but we’ll see you tomorrow, right?”

Alicia looked at Lucas pensively, then smiled softly and replied, “okay, twelve-thirty.”

“Good. Thanks for coming Alicia. I don’t know what we would have done without you.”

“You guys would have managed.”

“I’m not so sure we would have. I’m sorry you got the brunt of so much abuse today, but she really needed you.”

“I guess can see what you mean. Do you have a plan for if she has more nightmares tonight?”

“Not really, I’ll just play it by ear and see what I can do,” Lucas replied considering her question carefully. “What about you? Are you okay with the beating you took today? You didn’t deserve all that.”

“No, I know, and I’m fine. It’s like you said, she’s lashing out,” Alicia replied as she picked up her purse. “She’s searching for some sense of control in the world and sometimes that’s going to mean she hurts someone. You’re right, her emotions are really all over the board, but I can see one really good thing about all this.”

“What’s that?”

“She’s really let her hair down with you, and opened up to some affection and fun. I’ve never seen her do that before. She’s always been so cynical about everything, especially men.”

“I have to admit, that’s been my favorite part. Are you okay with that?”

“I am,” Alicia grinned. “I mean, I’m jealous, but I’ve never seen Erica trust anyone so much, and I’ve never seen her smile or laugh so much. She’s even had moments today where she’s been downright sweet, and that’s not something I am used to seeing either. I guess I don’t want to be the one to take that away from her.”

“Well, I can promise you no one is going to take that away from her. She’ll either choose to keep it or she won’t.”

“You really are sweet. Thanks for including me, Lucas,” Alicia said as she wrapped her arms around Lucas and hugged him. Erica came walking down the hallway, a tired look on her face still and rounded the corner just in time to see Lucas and Alicia standing in the middle of the room, hugging each other, and Alicia lifted to her tiptoes and kissed Lucas on his cheek.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE???” Erica yelled in a rage.
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Re: Please..

Post by SciFiCrazy » Tue Sep 29, 2020 9:59 pm

Just read through this and really am enjoying it. Weirdly though the most interesting portion that has grabbed me is the past with Erica in school. I am really interested in the Jimmy character and how he is being treated by the school teachers and staff. Looking forward to reading more.

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Re: Please..

Post by CKent45 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 2:13 am

SciFiCrazy wrote:
Tue Sep 29, 2020 9:59 pm
Just read through this and really am enjoying it. Weirdly though the most interesting portion that has grabbed me is the past with Erica in school. I am really interested in the Jimmy character and how he is being treated by the school teachers and staff. Looking forward to reading more.
Thanks SciFicrazy! I really enjoyed writing the parts of the story related to Erica and Jimmy and their past. Hopefully as Erica gets her SW feet under her, you'll enjoy those arcs as much.
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