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She's Getting Smaller by microman

Post by OhZone » Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:31 am

She’s Getting Smaller
By microman

Part 1

I am writing this to share with you the most amazing three days I have ever had in my life! I have been
asked to relate my experience in detail and to share all of my feelings. Even though this was an
experiment to discover the new frontiers of Science, my emotions have also played a role…

My name is Cindy Howard; I’m a seventeen-year-old intern at the American Institute of Miniaturization,
AIM for short. It’s a think tank of various public/private interests, specializing in nanotechnology,
electron microscopy, and quantum studies. I became the personal assistant of Professor Shrinx, a
man who had accidentally discovered a shrinking serum.

Of course, it didn’t come without a price to pay; the professor’s son became the first human being ever
to shrink, only he shrank by himself and became very very small and disappeared into the floor,
leaving only the shrinking serum as a memento for his father. Professor Shrinx was able to discover
the ingredients of the shrinking serum without contaminating himself.

Three months after the death of his son professor Shrinx told me he had began applications of the
formula to lab animals. One day he demonstrated by injecting a cat with the shrinking serum. Within
three hours the cat became smaller than a mouse (he hadn’t told me at that point that the cat
continued to shrink after I left that day…). I was so absolutely thrilled with the professor’s discovery I
just had to tell him:

“Do you realize what this means? What a boon for science this will make? We can make ourselves
small as amoebas and enter into another person’s body. Or we could set up our own flea ranch,
people who wanted to could go hunting ants and fleas for sport!”

“Yes, well I know you think this is great, Cindy, but this shrinking formula is still in the very early stages
of testing, it’ll be years, even decades before the Institute will begin tests on humans.”

“What if someone volunteers?”

“Cindy, you’re not serious. This is very risky. The formula isn’t stable just yet. I’ve already lost my son
to it, I don’t want to lose my lovely niece, too.”

“What if I am serious...? What if I’m able to shrink real small and be restored again? We’ll change the
way we think of size forever; nothing will ever be the same! Think of it as having vengeance for Peter’s
death, he told me he was working on something really ‘small.’ Now I know what he meant. Professor,
your son would have wanted you to perfect the formula he worked so hard on…”

When the professor heard this he said, “You realize you could suffer the same fate that he did. I lay
awake at night and wonder just how small he must be, whether he’s still alive and still shrinking? Like
that story ‘He Who Shrank’?

“Yes, I understand the risks involved. Professor, I’m young and have no family except you and mom.
I’m also very fit and I feel up to the challenge,” what I didn’t tell him was that I had always had a secret
desire to be shrunk. Heck, Peter and I were the first to discuss whether it could actually be done, he’s
the one who got his dad to look into the idea, and that was three or four years ago.

“All right then, we have to do this discreetly. If we tell AIM about it they’ll want to know all about it and
they’d probably clamp down hard on my lab. I’ll prepare a dose for you to take in the morning; this will
give you a chance to change your mind. Cindy, I want you to consider this very carefully, I’m not sure I
can enlarge you after you shrink.”

That fateful night I did lay in bed, if only I had known what adventures lay ahead, how many times I
had given up hope, I don’t think I would have gone through with the shrinking experiment. But now as I
write this safe and sound I probably would have done it all over again, just for the thrill of facing the
unknown. Of course, I had a strong desire to become small, anyway.

Day 1 9:16 am

I arrive at the lab at after another lecture from my uncle about the risks of human miniaturization. He
reluctantly agrees to administer an experimental dose of my cousin’s shrinking serum.

“I have extrapolated from the size and weight of Fluffy as compared to your 5’ 8” frame, and have
produced a syringe for you that will hopefully have the desired results.”

“Oh uncle, I trust your abilities as a scientist. I wouldn’t volunteer to do this if it wasn’t you,” (or would

“I really admire your bravery, Cindy. It’s almost like you want to become small. I’m ready for your arm

The professor took an ordinary syringe with a blue liquid and stuck me in the arm.

“Let’s just say this is a dream come true, uncle.”

“OK, you shouldn’t feel a thing as the formula begins its process of molecular reorganization. By my
calculations, you should be able to ‘manage’ for the first 24 hours. Thereupon you must return to the
lab here so I can monitor your progress. You may want to bring a few ‘little’ things to make yourself
more comfortable as you get progressively smaller.”

“You mean like doll clothes, stuff like that?”

“You have the rest of today, I leave it up to you and your imagination. You seem to know what you are
doing on this project. I myself would be mortified to know I was shrinking. I’m about 86% through the
calculations needed to reverse the shrinking effect. I don’t think I’ll be getting any rest over the next
few days. You can go now but phone me here at the lab if there are any side effects. This is something
that has only been tried on a cat, Cindy. We will have to monitor your progress closely. And one more
thing, don’t tell anyone you’re shrinking, it’ll only raise everyone’s suspicions, Ok?”

That’s how my journey into smallness began; with me leaving my uncle’s lab with nothing more than a
cotton-swabbed band-aid on my arm. I didn’t feel any different, I didn’t tingle or anything, but I must
admit I did have total butterflies. I was so excited that I began shaking as I walked along.

I went home to my room and lay down to rest. What if my uncle is just playing a joke on me? Maybe
he was just playing along with me, maybe he’d say he’d never in a million years let me shrink, and that
he would lock the shrinking formula away so that no one would ever be able to use it. I kept mulling it
over as I imagined myself being less than an inch tall walking around on my dresser amongst a giant
lipstick, hairbrush, and Teen People magazine. I realized there was only way to find out. I grabbed a
marker from my dresser and stood against the wall marking my height.

I found a tape measure and…hey, the tape is only 5’ 4”, I’m 5’ 8”!! I started shaking again with
excitement as I did it again trying to stand up perfectly straight bare feet on my floor. The second and
more squiggly line was just below the last one. I’ve lost four inches in let’s see, it’s about 1:30, the last
five hours!

I was so excited I dropped the phone as I dialed my uncle’s lab. He told me he thought hard about just
putting water with food coloring in the syringe, but then he told me his son’s wishes would be honored
if we did this successfully. I told him I had lost 4 1/2 inches already and he reminded me again to make
preparations now because the professor wasn’t going to leave the lab once I had arrived the next
morning. I had the afternoon to go and get what I needed. Where does one go when one is shrinking
in size?

Why, a toy store? Of course, where else would you find small stuff!

Part 2

Thinking back now, that visit to the toy store was surreal.

It was mid afternoon when I left the house (sneaking is more like it). I was a tad under five feet when I
last measured myself. I got in my car and I could barely see over the dash! I went back to get a phone
book to sit on but only my big toe touched the pedal. I thought it would be safer to take the bus.

After all, I wasn’t going to get any bigger as this magical day went on.

I climbed the stairs to the old independent toy store (every city has one) and noticed how much bigger
the stairs were, weird! Obviously, I couldn’t take out my tape measure in public, but after the bus ride I
must have shrunk to 4’ 8”, jeez…that’s how small I was in grade seven! Oh well, I had asked for this,
hadn’t I? I went straight to the doll section. Of course there was the usual Barbie display, but I came
here because I know they specialize in had made dolls and miniatures.

I figured it would be a waste of money to but a whole dollhouse, the professor said it would be all over
in few days. I wouldn’t have enough time to enjoy it. A salesgirl came over to me; she looked to be
about my age and was wearing a short skirt. I was shorter than her breasts. She even thought I was a
pre-teener out to add to my Barbie collection, so I played along as we picked out a couple outfits.
Then we went over to the doll furniture and I picked out a bed a chair and a table. The Barbie bed felt

“Boy, you sure take your doll stuff seriously.”

I couldn’t help myself, I was having so much fun here at the toy store, I felt like a rich movie star on a
spending spree. “Well, actually I’m the Incredible Shrinking Girl, and I’m going to be wearing that doll
dress and even those tiny rubber shoes. That’s where I’ll sleep tomorrow night,” pointing at the Barbie
bed. “Um, I need some really really small doll furniture for the day after that.”

After that the salesgirl said nothing to me, I could only grin from ear to ear as she brought out their
smallest doll furniture. The tiny little chair was about an inch high.

“I’ll take’em.” Knowing I would at some point be able to fit into all that doll stuff, even sleep in that tiny
bed, gave me a weird feeling. I was a little scared but also thrilled and excited at the same time.
Knowing that if my uncle was unable to keep me from shrinking all this stuff would become too big for
me anyway.

I must have shrunk while I was at the toy store, because I almost tripped on the stairs the way out. I
realized I didn’t even come up to the cashier’s counter. By the time I got off the bus and walked home
with my bags it took almost twice as long because I was even smaller now.

I went back to my room, put my bags down and went straight for the tape measure. It was after supper
now, about 6:30, almost 12 hours of shrinking has elapsed. The mark is now…less than three feet! 2
feet 11 inches! I measured myself; I was shrunk to the size of six year old.

It was becoming harder for me to contain my excitement that I was shrinking, but now the reality of my
experience was coming home to me. I tried my best to relax and managed to wait an entire hour
before measuring myself again…another ½ inch smaller. That’s when I wished I had a scale to
measure my size. I spent the rest of the night going through my supplies, trying to act normal. I even
put on my tape of the Incredible Shrinking Man as a background, and that helped a lot.

I watched for the umpteenth time as Scott Carey Shrinks. Boy, do I know how you feel now. I took
comfort knowing I wouldn’t end up in my own cellar shrinking smaller and smaller to microscopic size
without anyone even knowing you are there (sigh * I thought of my micronaut cousin).

I knew my uncle was doing everything he could to keep from shrinking smaller than Scott Carey did,
and I knew I would be safe in my uncle’s lab no matter hard small I may become.

Suddenly I felt very tired and laughed to myself as I put my nightshirt on. It easily touched the floor
when at my normal size it would have been all the way above my knee.

I had to jump up into my bed like I used to when I was a little kid.

Day 2 8:06 am

I was awoken by a low buzzing sound, but it really was my alarm clock.. I was about to open my eyes
when I thought about how small I had become. The person shrinking in the night and then jumping out
of bed with oversized bed clothes was a classic scene in shrinking. Yup! “I’m Shr-unkk!!” I yelped in
the ‘Poltergeist girl’ tone of voice. I shook myself and my nightshirt fell off me, I was smaller than the
neck hole. Cool!

I looked around and up at my bed, there definitely was a change in perspective as since I went to bed.
I walked across my bedroom to the wall and picked up my tape measure. It was the size of a tire and
weighed even more. I left it on the floor so that I wouldn’t have to jump up to the dresser to reach it. I
put it against the wall and pushed up the now foot-wide tape. If my tape measure was a couple inches
long, I was now…fourteen inches! A new wave of excitement and trepidation went through me as I
realized again the reality of my shrinking, and this was only the second day!

My ecstatic state was interrupted by a much louder than normal phone ringing. Coming, Coming! I ran
over to the chair, one foot on the cross leg and I hoisted myself up as I walked on the soft cushion and
again jumped up on my dresser. Okay, Okaaayy! I’m coming, oops! My lipstick, I almost tripped. I
grabbed my now log sized mascara stick and pried the phone off the hook, Uunnnhhh!

“Hello, Cindy? Is that you? Are you ok?”

“Professor, I knew it was you, sorry it took 19 rings for me to answer, I feel just a bit tired running to
the phone.”

“I was worried when you didn’t call earlier. I decided to drive over thinking you may have shrunk faster
than we planned.”

“No professor, I’m still here. I may be standing naked on my dresser Barbie size, but I’m sure I’ll still be
naked to the visible eye when you get here.”

“Ha, ha, you’re taking all this in stride aren’t you, Cindy.”

“You bet uncle. Just let yourself in and look for me on the dresser.”

He must have been close by. I decided to wait and sat down on the phone. The professor was going
to take me to his lab, too bad I couldn’t stay here and shrink, but I knew I was best to stay with him.
“Well Cin, It looks like things are looking a little up for you.”

“Okay, okay professor, could you hand me that bag so I can put some clothes on before we go?”

“You mean this bag here?”

The enormous bag came down the size of a tent next to me. I pulled up one end and crawled into the
bag. The dress I put on was small at first, it would be tight for a couple of hours. But it was a real live
Barbie dress. Climbing out of the bag I played model as I strutted around on my dresser. Actually, it
was uncomfortable and itchy, and the fabric didn’t bend much.

“Ok, I’m ready to go to the lab.”

After my uncle took off the two-foot wide seat belt and picked me up to hurry into his lab. I guess he
hadn’t told anyone I was shrinking. I also knew I could be the most celebrated scientists of the 21st
century, if this experiment went smoothly. I could be on the cover of Teen People and Discovery:
’Cindy Howard…Shrinks!’ I would be even more famous than Brittany Spears!!
“Ok, Cindy, welcome to your new home for the next 48 hours. As you can see, I have spent all night
modifying my lab equipment. I realized would need safe environment for you to be in, no matter how
small you become. So I set up this incubator tank with my microscope inside. See, these controls
allow me to maneuver the microscope over the entire surface of the tank.
Cindy stood on the lab table and walked over to the ‘mini-lab.’ The top of the tank came up to her
nose. Looking in all there was a blank fluorescent white light shining.
“And here in the corners of the tank I have installed tiny speakers, and soon I will have a microphone
for you to use inside the tank. That’s so you won’t go deaf. I want this to be sealed environment for
“Wow that’s mondo magnifico, professor. You’ve really thought al lot about this.”
“It’s all I could do in such a short period.”
Cindy looked back at the tank and noticed it was almost as tall as she was. At the same time Cindy
realized the dress she was wearing was fitting nicely. “Uh, Professor, I think you’d better measure me
again. I’m shrinking, remember?”
“Boy how could I forget, Cindy... Do you feel any dizziness? Do you remember your mother’s maiden
name? You’re not feeling scared, are you?”
“I feel just fine Professor Shrinx. I slept well. I guess I’m a little hungry since I didn’t eat since
yesterday. Other than that I don’t feel a thing. It’s like Richard Matheson said: it’s like everything
around you is growing instead of you shrinking.”
“Richard would be proud of you if he knew…you are now nine and a half inches tall, time 11:24 am.
Do you mind if I begin videotaping your shrinkage?”
Oh no, professor, I was going to ask you if you were going to make a tape of me to keep as a
memento…either that or my last will and testament.”
“That’s what we need to discuss, Cindy” said the professor as he started setting up my doll furniture
“Oh, what’s that big daddy?”
“Cindy, your safety is the priority here. If you were to have an accident I would never forgive myself. If
anything were to happen to you I would be overcome with grief. I would kill myself by taking an
overdose of the shrinking formula, that’s would be the most just punishment. I’ve done everything I can
to make this safe and fun for you, but there’s just one thing…”
“I haven’t had any time to work on the antidote.”
“Well, that’s Ok professor, you’ll find a way to reverse my shrinking.”
“I wish I had your optimism, but we’re looking at another day of you shrinking unabated, I’m just
warning you now.” The professor took the tiny inch high chair and placed it in the mini-lab. “If you feel
at all threatened, I’ll gladly place you inside your…”
“My mini-lab?”
For the next few hours the professor ran tests on me, and determined that although my body’s cells
were reconstituting themselves every 38 seconds, it had no visible side effects. Cindy lay down on the
table and was just smaller in exact proportion.
After I had been examined as officially the first girl to shrink, my uncle went to work on the antidote.
This was the time when I really wished Peter were here. I bet he knew how to reverse the shrinking
process; only he shrank away before he had a chance to write it down.
At 5:35 of day two of Project Shrink I measured precisely six inches tall. The time had come to change
into smaller doll clothes. If my uncle weren’t becoming a looming giant I would have just walked
around naked. Putting on another doll dress was strange; this one seems nice when I was three feet
high now up close it just looked ugly. But it was all I had to wear. I knew it wouldn’t fit me forever,
that’s for sure.

As the hours went by I became even smaller and the professor wanted to place me and my supplies in
our mini-lab. I was measured just beforehand and stood a mere 3 ½ inches tall! I could still walk over
and touch the optical equipment set up like a microscope; it was about two inches above the empty
white surface of the tank.
Cindy walked over to her supplies and felt like Goldilocks. The one doll table and chair was too big,
and the smaller set was still too small for shrinking Cindy. Even the Barbie bed where Cindy slept the
night before (just like she told the salesgirl she would!) had a tent sized cover and was three or four
times too big for her. “Next time I’ll buy that expensive mini bed with the silk sheets…if there’s a next
time,” she spoke out loud to her tiny self.
Whether it was all the excitement of a day that seemed to go by in a blur for her; or the physical
exhaustion produced by the shrinking, Cindy suddenly found herself asleep on a doll sized bed. The
professor, looking in on her, knew she was being monitored. He spent the night desperately trying to
find what it was at the heart of the shrinking formula and how to counteract that agent. He wasn’t
having much luck, but was sure he could predict what was to come. Oh boy, I’ll have to tell Cindy
about this…

“Good morning Cindy, can you hear me ok?”

I quickly crawled out from under a giant bed sheet and was blinded. After my eyes adjusted to the light
I stood up on the foam and waved up to my now gigantic uncle. “Here I am, Professor! Here I am!”

“I can see you fine Cindy, is my voice too loud?”

“Yeah, a little. Do I have to yell like this?”

“There. That’s better, Cindy how are you?”

“Well, other than being shrunk less than an inch tall, I’m doing just great!” I walked over to my chair; it
was a little big, but still ok.

“That’s good Cindy, we need to discuss what lies ahead for you.”

“Why?” I said, sitting on an inch tall chair with an inch tall table inside a slowly expanding white
antiseptic space. “Didn’t you find the antidote?”

“No Cindy, I didn’t. Have you told your mother about this?”

“No, I told mom I was staying with a girlfriend for a couple nights.”

“I better call her now, she may want to see this when she finds out.”

“Finds out what?” I asked, a little scared.

“That I‘m no closer to finding a way of stopping you from shrinking away to nothing…”

“To nothing!?” I was little more scared now.

“Well, let’s hope not, for your sake. Hello? Mrs. Howard? It’s your brother in law Professor Shrinx. Yes,
I need to come here to my lab. Yes, it’s Cindy. No, no, She’s ok…she’s just… she can’t really talk on
the phone. I don’t want to alarm you, she’s safe but there’s been an accident. She needs you to come
to the lab right away… that’s right, thanks.”

“Cindy?” came the amplified voice of professor Shrinx, “Cindy, it seems your shrinkage is continuing
unabated. Are you ok with that?”

“I’m trying to be brave, professor. I’m sure I’ll be ok. I really do like this so far, what else did you find

“Your shrinking is steady now, Cindy. You need to know about the concern expressed by scientists
and writers over whether a micro-sized person can breathe properly.”

Cindy was fidgeting in her chair; she couldn’t help but notice it was getting larger. “Breathing?
Professor, just how small am I going to get?”

“If you become smaller than air, if your body can no longer take in oxygen, you’ll die of suffocation. But
I have discovered that as you shrink you begin to warp the space around you, like a planet does with
gravity. You should have enough of this warpage of space to shrink oxygen molecules for you as they
enter into your field of miniaturization.”

“So, I can breathe no matter how small I get?”

“That’s what I’m hoping for. Right now we have to keep you warm and hydrated. I’ll have to take away
that thimble of water and begin administering water to you with a syringe. Otherwise, you’ll die of thirst
by tomorrow.”

I stood up and the chair was taller than me, much taller!! I was now less than an inch tall! The
incredible shrinking teenager! Boy, wait’ll I tell all my friends, I’ll be the most famous person in the
world. I was daydreaming again…

“…Black holes.”

“Black holes?”

“Yes Cindy. In theory a black hole is a result of something being shrunk so small it really does turn into
nothingness! Only stars have been able to do it, taking a whole lot of space with them in the process.
Cindy, you could become what is called a singularity, an absolutely small state of existence that would
turn you into a black hole!”

“Oh God! That’s not going to happen is it?? If I get turned into a black hole, your lab will be sucked
right into it!”

“An uncontrolled singularity could consume the entire solar system, even the sun!”

“Yikes! Professor!”

“Don’t worry Cindy, it would take several weeks or months for you to shrink that small. Oh, I think your
mother’s at the door, hold on.”

All the while I had been shrinking. That’s the first time I was getting scared about this shrinking
business. I was now smaller than the cushion on the chair, no more than half an inch high. In a
moment I heard my mother’s voice on those speakers, which were getting louder now.

“Cindy? Cindy? Is that you? You’re so small! Professor, what happened? Cindy? The professor said
you had an accident. I feel so sorry for you, are you all right, dear? Here, hand me a magnifying

“I’m fine, Mom, for someone’s who’s smaller than your fingernail. I’m glad you could come.”

“Yes, that’s better. Cindy? What caused this accident to happen? I’m going to call my lawyer here on
my cell.”

“No Mom! This was all my idea.”

“Your idea? I don’t understand, dear.”

“No, you never did, Mom. When my cousin disappeared, I found out he had shrunk himself. We were
supposed to shrink ourselves together to bug size, but he couldn’t stop the shrinking from happening.”

“Stop the shrinking? Professor, is my daughter getting smaller still?”

“In another couple of hours Cindy will only be seen with a microscope. I have it set over her, and soon
it will become impossible for us to communicate. If you’ll excuse me, I must continue my calculations

“Ohhh, Cindy! Dear, do you mean to say you wanted to do this all along?’

“Well…yeah, Mom,” I said as I looked up at my skyscraper sized face of my mother. “I have always
had a fantasy about being shrunk. You know I have ever movie about shrinking ever made, except
maybe for Professor Popper’s Problems.”

“Professor Who?”

“Never mind… Mom? I’ll be okay. Professor Shrinx will make me big again. I just didn’t plan on being
so tiny, that’s all.” Cindy was now putting her hands over her ears. Her mother’s voice was getting
louder and lower pitched.

“What’s that dear? Oh Cindy, you always were the daredevil. I can remember now when you were a
little girl you asked me for a shrinking recipe because you wanted to ride on the back on an ant!

“Mom…! Your voice...! Professor, it’s too loud!”

“Sorry, dear. Professor, do something, she’s getting even smaller.”

I now stood at 1/8 of an inch tall, and it seems like I was shrinking faster now. Maybe it was speeding
up or I was just getting to such a small size that it felt that way. I knew it wouldn’t be long before my
inch tall chair would become the size of a mountain and I would end up so small I would be an
amoeba sized. The thought that I would become microbe sized sent shivers down my spine as I
walked over to what was only a tiny piece of muffin.

To me it was the size of a basketball.

I had a handful of muffin and then walked over to the drop of water left for me to drink. It was about
two feet across, like a big balloon, and slowly growing before my shrinking eyes. I stuck my hand into
the drop of water without disturbing the surface tension; I cupped hands and pulled some water out. At
least I had food and water, but I knew that even this drop of water could become as big as an ocean to

I was startled when something tiny caught my eye in the water. They were pretty small but they were
moving. Yup, there are your amoebas, and no microscope either! Cindy watched in fascination as the
microscopic nasties formed in a drop of water now four feet across. When the microbes became the
size of tiny bugs she pulled herself away from the drop of water. She realized with more trepidation
than ever what lay ahead for her. By now the muffin crumb was higher than her waist.

I couldn’t see my mom anymore; I guess she decided to go see her lawyer. As I walked around on the
white surface of the tank I could look up and see an enormous microscope lens following me. I even
tried to see if I could out run it, running around my ten story high chair, and a Barbie bed that was now
almost a mile long for me as I shrank.

This was always the hard part. Even though this was controlled experiment, Cindy still felt utterly small
and helpless. After about another hour of watching everything in the tank get even bigger, as if it
wasn’t already big already. It was hard for Cindy to comprehend that these building sized objects were
really small things. Cindy sat down on the bumpy surface and crossed her legs and began to sulk.

“What difference does it make where I am, I’ll always shrink smaller, there no use in trying to cross
those canyons…” Canyons! Oh god, I’m really tiny now, I wonder if the professor knows I’m still here.

Imagine that! You’re so small no one can see you, no one can speak with you… you’re utterly alone in
your smallness. Cindy really began to feel like Scott Carey at the end of ‘Incredible shrinking Man’.
She began to lay still and simply give into the shrinking sensation. As she embraced her shrinkage,
Cindy realized that she should have done this much sooner.

The wonder of size equaling time and the fact that her size was now so unstable left Cindy
contemplating the meaning of it all, what was the purpose of existence, why did she want to shrink in
the first place. To be collapsing upon oneself in size, to be forever shrinking into smaller and smaller
worlds, even universes.

But to be always cognizant of the instability of one’s size, something we humans take so for granted,
all the objects we encounter are our size; it gives us a sense of place. To shrink is to lose that sense of
place, and the shrinking relates always to time, so that we not only lose our sense of place but also
our sense of time in distorted. Time becomes the enemy of shrinking, yet to shrink could mean to be
able to travel in time and space.

What before we take so for granted becomes something so thrilling to the human mind. Shrinking
forces us to be more alive, because we can no longer take space and time for granted, we have to
deal with the immediacy of our survival. We become those agile cognizant animals bent on preserving
their own existence, even if they enter a microworld beyond their comprehension.

Even though we are shrinking, we are still fascinated with what waits us as we shrink even smaller. Oh
boy, if I ever get normal sized again; I can start my own religion for those who want to explore the
mysteries of size, time, and space! Wait…what the… “Oh SHIT!”

Cindy turned around still sitting cross-legged and saw some really disgusting looking creatures, and
they were slithering toward her. Cindy jumped up and saw several…something moving her way. They
have to be microbes, and they’re bigger than me! Oh man, I’m a microscopic girl, at least for now!
Professor, if you hear me, there’s some microbes coming after me, help!”

It was about that time that Cindy’s survival mechanisms kicked in and her will to not become food for
another animal (a microscopic one, what a way to go!) superceded everything else; she began running
away from the microbes.

“Oh man, if this doesn’t work, then I’ll die of sleep deprivation for sure!” The professor finally put
together a serum for Cindy, but would it work? Maybe it would shrink her twice as fast, and she’d
shrink so fast and so small that a singularity would indeed occur. There wasn’t enough time to shrink
something and try the serum on it….what? “Oh God! Cindy?!!”

What the professor saw on the monitor amazed him. There was a tiny microscopic naked Cindy
running and waving in a panic, and right behind her were little protozoa with their feelers.

“Damn!! That was supposed to be an antiseptic chamber, there aren’t supposed to be any germs in
there! Wait a minute…the doll furniture. There must have been germs on the doll stuff and now they’re
attacking my tiny niece! You little bastards, leave my Cindy alone!” But what could the professor do?

If he reached into the tank and squash the germs, he would surely crush Cindy too!

“The Anti formula! I have to test it NOW. It’s either that or Cindy will have to try and outrun the germs
until she shrinks so small they won’t take any notice of her anymore. But I can’t let that happen, she
could shrink beyond the reach of my microscope, and then she’d really be stuck in a microworld! No, I
have to administer the formula right away.”

I looked at the monitor and Cindy was clearly distraught, she was shrinking and she couldn’t outrun
those little germs forever. The germs seemed intrigued by this little four-stumped thing running away, it
looked yummy.

I put the syringe over her and tried my best to squeeze out as little as possible of the anti-formula, I
had to put it right over her, I couldn’t tell her to run toward a drop now, she was in hysterics. I watched
on the monitor as the needle moved in front on teeny tiny Cindy and a little bit of the liquid came out.

“Help me! My god, I don’t want to die this way! I don’t want to be eaten by a germ, Heellppp!!!” The
thing was getting bigger and closer by the second. Do you have any idea what kind of sound a germ
makes? I can’t describe to you, no way! And the smell! I’m running as fast as I can now, I can’t go on
like this, I guess this is the end of my existence, I will simply be devoured by a germ and cease to
exist! UUNNnngghhh!! What the… a WAVE?!? Heeellppp!!

The wave of anti-formula hit Cindy and washed completely over her, it even washed the germs away.
Cindy now thought she was going to die by drowning but she knew this was an antidote.

“I just have to keep from…”

The little drop hit Cindy like a wave, and the professor watched that screen for any sign of Cindy. In a
couple moments he could see her, and she was growing!! YES, Cindy yes! Keep growing, Cindy, keep
growing. Oh yeah baby, I can sleep tonight!! I watched as Cindy filled the whole screen and kept
growing. I moved my microscope out of the way and in about five minutes I had to lift Cindy in my
arms and put her down on my couch.

Yes, yes, yes, she’s back to normal, thank god! If I hadn’t caught her in time, Cindy would be germ
food, and if that hadn’t happened, I may have been too scared to try the anti-formula on her and she
would have shrunk much smaller. Wow, now she’s lying all wet and naked on my couch, boy! Whew!
What a day! I better get a hold of her mom before I get a call from her lawyer. Ah heck, I can afford it
now. I’m gonna be rich!! Professor Shrinx and his amazing shrinking formula, guaranteed to give a
smaller perspective on things…

Boy, that was close! One minute I’m running for my life away from a germ, and the next I’m lying all
wet and naked on my uncle’s couch! I was normal again! Oh Professor, I knew you could do it…

That was few days ago, I’m writing this now as part of my journal. I’ve been through another round of
tests, and other than the fact that there are sign my molecular structure has been altered, I feel okay
and am still a healthy 5 foot 8 inch seventeen year old. My mom says I’m crazy and can’t understand
why I would volunteer to be shrunk, she was hoping to sue my uncle, imagine that! She never liked the
professor anyway. Professor Shrinx hasn’t decided if he going to make a formal presentation to AIM
about my successful shrinking, he thinks they’ll insist on another formal demonstration.

That would mean someone would have to shrink again. I told the professor I wanted to shrink myself
again, just not right away. He responded that he knew of colleagues who would stop at nothing if they
knew he could shrink living matter, they would simply take it from him, and use it on the professor
himself to get rid of any evidence, and then go back to their own lab and shrink themselves without
knowing about the consequences of uncontrolled shrinkage. He wasn’t sure if it was safe to tell

That’s too bad, I think. I’ve tried telling my friends, but they just don’t believe me; shrinking is
impossible, they say. So what I’ve done is to come here and tell my story, there’s this guy called
Shrinkingman on the internet, and he’s the only guy who will believe my amazing journey into
smallness, so much so that my story is posted here for you to ponder…


I'm posting this 'cause it looks like it exists in only one place on the intertubes in it's entirety, the process. And lorekeep keeps saying he wants to buy the site back and delete it so I thought I'd save it here too. ha
In Love! ♡ ♡ ♡



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It is a great story ty for posting.

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