When The Peaches Fell

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When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 2:30 pm

Ok, so I've been sitting on this one for a while, and it's far from a complete story, and I have no idea when I will be able to even approach finishing it, but I thought I would share and see if it was of any interest in it, and if so, I can post what else I have of it, with no promises of when I can add to what's already on paper.

When The Peaches Fell

I remember the first time I ever saw it. I hadn’t even heard rumors that it was a thing before that and when it happened, I honestly had no idea how to even respond. I remember we were sitting in the cafeteria a few days before Christmas break in tenth grade. Tina was sitting across from me and she was making fun of another girl on a project we were working on. Normally, we would have been sitting with a bunch of other mutual friends at lunch, but because of this project, we were both at another lunch period on excused absences.

Oh, I suppose I should probably talk about Tina first. Tina and I… well, I don’t think it’s fair to say we had always been friends. From what my mom has told me, we actually didn’t get along at all before second grade. We had the same teacher in kindergarten, but I guess we had to be kept on opposite sides of the room from each other. Apparently, my mother pushed more than once to get me taken out of that class and put into another. We didn’t get along. I don’t really remember, to be honest. I guess she drove me nuts at the time, but all my memories from then had almost nothing to do with Tina. Apparently, a couple years makes all the difference, though.

By second grade, we were best of friends, and I made it a point to gather and make as many friends as possible around her just so I could spend more time with her. I do remember that. I wouldn’t say it was “love” at that point or anything like that. I mean, I was eight. And it wasn’t attraction, or at least not like anything I think of that now as an adult. I just really liked her, and I wanted to be around her, and it was always a lot of fun.

I also remember how frustrated I was when I turned eleven and my mom told me that I was too old to be having girls over for sleepovers, so I just decided I wasn’t going to have a sleepover for my eleventh birthday if Tina couldn’t come with. What I didn’t know was that it was Tina’s mom who had said she wasn’t going to let her daughter, who was already starting to blossom into womanhood, spend a coed night together.

So anyways, I didn’t really “date” in junior high. I didn’t even date that much in high school, for that matter. It just seemed stupid to me. I was busy with other things, and I got the whole birds and the bees talk from my dad. (Some day maybe I can tell you how humiliating it is to sit right next to your dad while he reads the definition for ejaculation from an 8-inch thick dictionary and then quiz you on the meaning of every related word in said definition when you are thirteen).

Anyways, Tina and I were more… best friends. I mean, if I’m being totally honest, she was my first kiss. She was also a first for a few other things that we were way to young to be getting into, but one thing she was not my first for was “that.” I guess our parents were good at laying out deterrents for wild teenage minds. In the end, though, I don’t think it really mattered. We just really liked each other, and it was almost always fun. We hardly ever fought. We also had most of the same activities together. We were in band together. She played Saxophone and I played trumpet, and she was the one that coached me going into seventh grade so that I could make the cut to get into the higher band with her. That turned out to be something Mr. Lundgren told me a few months later he regretted. Not because of my playing though. Tina was a great music tutor. We both agreed on that.

So we were in band together, we both were in advanced classes together- math, science, English… Okay, so we were nerds. I’m okay with that now. We both did well in school, but yeah. Nerds. No judging. It worked for us.

In sports, I was into hockey and track. She was a basketball player and into tennis, and we went to each other’s games or matches all the time. I didn’t catch so many of her basketball games, nor her my hockey games though, because they were both going on at the same time. Also, I’m pretty sure she liked tennis way more than basketball, but for me, I lived the hockey life. She was something out on the tennis court, though. She’d use me in the off season to help train and… I could keep up with her for the most part because I could run faster and hit the ball back a lot harder, but I still rarely won our sparring matches. She made tennis look like an art form.

Anyway, I’m sorry to bore you with random details like this, since I’m sure this isn’t what you want to hear. I just… there were a lot of good memories for me back then and it’s hard not to think about them. So sue me.

Anyways, we basically had our own lives, but other than that? Thick as thieves we were, as the saying goes. And… it was pretty innocent for the most part, but there were also moments… I mean, we were teenagers, after all. Some things you can’t control. I do not remember the first time I ever got a boner. I do remember the first time I got one around her. She was bending over to get something in her cupboard and… Well I was thirteen and I had enough testosterone to kill a man in his fifties running through my body, so I couldn’t really help it.

She was MERCILESS making fun of me when she saw it. And the next day she told the entire school and laughed her ass off. That was probably our biggest fight I can remember. I was humiliated and we didn’t talk for two weeks. After that, she finally realized I was serious and came back to apologize for telling the entire school, and I wasn’t really buying it at first.

She won me over when she admitted that she’d had some kind of similar thoughts and she basically projected her own embarrassment onto me and the old divining rod, as my dad would say. And that was when the first kiss happened. But that was it. I’m not going to go into it, but she just wasn’t ready to go too far into those kinds of adult matters. It made her nervous. I could literally see her heart pounding through her shirt, she had so much anxiety, and really, I just wanted to be around her anyways.

We talked about it sometimes. Sometimes, when we had enough privacy, there was a bit more, but like I said, she just wasn’t ready. Neither was I, but I was too stupid to realize it at the time. And as for what we did do… it’s really none of your business. We were kids and we were dumb, so go back to your own time growing up and relive those memories. Leave mine out of it.

The other thing I can tell you about at the time was I was obsessed with tall women. Insanely obsessed. All I wanted was a tall woman, and I’m not sure there was such a thing as too tall. What I can tell you otherwise was that Tina was already six feet tall by the time were in tenth grade, and it took me a little longer to get up to that. She’d been taller than me most of our time growing up, so, I don’t know. Maybe I was attracted to her because society kept telling me that tall women were prettier. Maybe I liked tall women because I was attracted to her. It doesn’t really matter, because at the time, a tall, sexy woman instantly put a lump in my throat and it was like I was suffering from a fever. And Tina was beautiful, but not in a very glamorous way. She was very sporty, and down to Earth. She rarely wore makeup like a lot of other girls, because like I said, we were nerds. Even though both of us were in sports, we were both outsiders there for the most part. Where we were at home was in nerd classes, band, debate club, that kind of thing.

Anyways, tenth grade, in another lunch period and I was laughing at her making fun of the girl that ended up becoming homecoming queen and how much of a prima donna she was and that was when it happened. At first, I don’t think I even noticed. I do remember it perfectly, though. That moment is permanently ingrained in my head. She was sitting there with her lunch in front of her, and mine in front of me, and she had a small rectangular basket off to her left filled to the brim with a bunch of Colorado peaches that I had given her as a kind of lame early Christmas present. In Home Ec a couple years before that, we both learned to make peach cobbler because my dad always bought a crate of them at Christmas time, so every year I would ask my dad to order some extra and I would pick the best ones and give them to Tina.

She was joking and mimicking the other girl and we were both laughing when her head began to drop ever so slowly. At first, I thought she was just slouching, but her head just kept sinking lower and lower. Then I noticed that her blouse was getting baggier, almost like she was slowly deflating in front of me.

She was so caught up in her story, she sure as hell didn’t notice. She just kept shrinking. I mean, it wasn’t like in some cartoon or something like that. It was gradual and she didn’t turn into a doll-sized girl or something like that. Her shoulders got narrower, and her head dropped several inches and what was weird was her face was getting smaller too. Everything about her was just shrinking.

And her voice. I would know her voice anywhere. I would perk up just hearing the sound of her voice, but as she continued without realizing what was happening, her voice was getting higher. Not dramatically. I doubt most people would have even noticed, but I knew her voice so well. We talked almost every day, and suddenly it was going up and I was struggling to figure out if she was just getting more excited, or if her voice was shrinking too.

Others noticed too. All the talking in the lunchroom disappeared like someone had just turned a faucet off, and you would be able to hear a pin drop except for the whispers going on around us.

It lasted, I don’t know, twenty or thirty seconds, and she finally noticed when she realized that she had to readjust her bra underneath her shirt, but it wouldn’t go back into place, and then it hit her, in even more slow motion than how the actual shrinking happened.

She fidgeted, trying to fix her clothes and not understanding what had just happened and then the ring she was wearing fell off of her finger. Her face turned a ghostly white and she looked down to pick it up and she looked at her baggy jeans, half pooled around her thighs. She finally picked up her ring and when it wouldn’t go back on properly, that was when I could see the real fear come over her face as she tried over and over again as if she did it enough times, it would just work.

By that time, I had come around to the other side of the table. I wanted to help her, but I honestly had no idea how. She stood up, ready to run out of the cafeteria as fast as she could, and then there we were, face to face. Actually, she was more face to my neck. She was just about the right height that if we were hugging, I could have rested my chin on top of her head.

I can only imagine what it was like for her. Just this look of terror and panic as it soaked in that she had just lost YEARS of growing in the space of a few seconds, and it was gone, poof! Like smoke in the wind. The tall teenage girl, that was taller than most adult women, was now back to child size, but I could see under her baggy clothes that the familiar curves were there, just more compact. Just like the rest of her.

She was shaking like a leaf and suddenly the whispers were growing into murmurs as she was looking around the entire cafeteria, trembling and completely unable to speak while this new, bigger world stared at her like she was some kind of circus freak. She stumbled backward, and between her baggy pants and loose shoes, she fell backwards and she would have tumbled over her chair if I hadn’t grabbed her arm and shoulder and caught her.

I remember how small and light she felt. So frail. I put all my effort into catching her, since she normally would weigh about the same as me but it turned out that I was completely over compensating. I completely overpowered her and I struggled as we both wobbled and I pulled her back up to standing upright, and even though I held her much smaller arm in my hand, she still wobbled and stumbled and she ended up knocking her entire lunch along with the basket of peaches to the floor.

Her face was as bright of a red as I can imagine as a crowd started to develop and converge around us, most people in shock at seeing a much smaller Tina than the Amazon they were used to, but I did catch a couple of sadistic smirks from some of the other girls who seemed to be getting off on seeing Tina taken down a few pegs right before their eyes.

I really didn’t know what to do, but I figured I had to do something. I grabbed her hand, and God help me, she actually saw me gulp when I realized how much smaller it was. But I took her by the hand and pulled her along and told her we should go see the nurse. She stumbled again, fighting to keep from losing her shoes and trip over her pant legs and she had to use her free hand to pull up the waist of her jeans high enough so that she could actually move around in them.

A teacher stopped us in the hallway, demanding we stay until lunch was over, and I explained in a pretty panicked voice that Tina needed to go to the nurse. When he told me I could stay then and she could go by herself, I remember all I said was “I am not leaving her alone.”

Lucky for me, I guess my panicking made enough of an impression and he let us go, but I remember how confused he was looking at her, having missed the whole thing a minute before. When we got to the nurse, she didn’t even believe us. She demanded we go back to class, and honestly? She was pretty rude, especially to Tina. She didn’t know us, because neither of us had ever even been in there before, so she couldn’t tell Tina was too small, smaller than she’d been in years. When I pointed out her baggy clothes, she brushed it aside as “that stupid grunge thing,” and I honestly cannot remember a time before that when Tina seemed so absolutely humiliated.

I put my foot down and I almost got detention when the vice principal came in. He told me to quit talking nonsense, and finally, looking Tina over, he realized something did seem off, and he had her stand up. He was a pretty short guy, so imagine how wide his eyes got when he realized they were basically the same height and looking each other in the eyes when he told her to stand up. And then imagine how sickeningly red she got when he had her turn around in circles and hold her arms out while he examined this now smaller young woman in excruciating, agonizing detail.

He finally stopped when the stress was so much that she finally threw up all over his shoes and I just watched the whole thing. I just didn’t know what to say or do. I can’t help but kick myself over that. This was the worst day in Tina’s entire life. I could see it just by watching her, and instead of doing something about it, that’s all I did. Watch. I wish I could take that whole day back, and do it over again.

When the vice principal left to go clean his shoes, I did stay by her side the whole time, though. I was not going to let her be alone. She just laid there on the little cot in the nurse’s office, almost whimpering, but not quite. There were a couple times when I pulled her up to hug and she clung on to me like her life depended on it, but I didn’t know what to say. I had no idea.

Eventually her mom showed up and she almost tripped over her feet when she saw Tina stand up.

Then Tina’s mom grabbed her and pulled her along out the door and I followed while a crowd of people seemed to come out of nowhere, just to gawk at Tina while her mom tried to run her out of the building as fast as she could.

Her timing couldn’t have been worse. All Tina’s mom could think of was getting her daughter out of there and it just so happened to be in between periods, so almost every single student was out in the hallways making their way from one class to another. There was murmuring and it was as though all eyes were on Tina, who now was crying from the embarrassment and the way she tried to hide her face as her mom pulled her along by her hand at a full run left me with the impression that Tina suddenly wished she could just keep shrinking all the way down to nothing.

And then it got worse. Since she was not doing anything to hold her oversized clothes in place, I got a perfect view as I chased them down the hallways. I opened my mouth and my eyes got wide and I did call out to Tina’s mom, but it was too late. I watched as Tina tripped over her own pants legs and lost a shoe in the process. Tina’s mom kept pulling her along and Tina fell forward as her mother remained completely oblivious to the fact that she was now pulling her daughter along entirely and right out of her oversized clothes. Tina stumbled , slumping forward as she kept attempting to right herself while running in baggy clothes trying to keep up with a woman that was suddenly a lot taller than her.

Then the unthinkable happened. Tina’s mother, in her haste to race her shrunken daughter out of harms way, was now pulling her daughter forward while her reduced hips were no longer enough to hold her jeans on their own. In one stride, her jeans fell off her hips and revealed her bare butt for all to see. The next stride, she lunged awkwardly forward and face down, offering a full view of her most private parts to anyone that was behind them and the third stride, Tina collapsed altogether onto the floor with a slap and she looked around at all the hysterically laughing students towering above her on the floor while she desperately flailed and tried over and over again to untangle her oversized wardrobe.

Her mom began crying and I grabbed her lost shoe and brought it back to her, then Tina screamed as I grabbed her arm and pulled it away from her pants, and then yanked on the leg to straighten it out again. Then I stepped forward and pulled on the waist of her jeans, scooping her back up into a standing position as I put her pants back into their rightful place.

Sounds pretty smooth, doesn’t it? Well, unfortunately, it wasn’t. Tina was doing her best to fight me off, probably thinking I was trying to strip her instead of put her clothes back on for her and it was all awkward as hell. She flailed and screamed and in the whole mess as we flailed over each other, we both ended up falling, with me going down first and face down into the ground and her riding on top of me.

Her mom didn’t even try to help me. She grabbed her daughter by the waist of her pants and wrapped an arm around her ribs to hoist her back up to her feet again and then they ran off together, Tina’s mom carrying her discarded shoe in one hand and dragging Tina along out the door to the parking lot to uproarious laughter.

And that was it. She didn’t come back.

I called her house as soon as I got home from school; I even skipped practice just so I could be there if she needed me, but her dad told me that she was at the doctor and they’d let me know. A day went by and I don’t think I even slept ten minutes that whole night. I called again, and her dad just told me that Tina needed some time and they’d let me know.

A couple days went by and I called again, and same thing. We’d planned to go see a movie together that weekend. I mentioned it to her dad, but he didn’t say anything about it. I asked if she was okay, I asked if she had gone back to normal. I asked is she had shrunk more, but all he would say was he’d call me back.

So that Saturday, I went to the movie theater and I bought tickets like I normally did and I sat in the lobby waiting for her to show up. The movie time came at 7:15, and then later I could hear the people leaving the theater I was supposed to be in, and I waited. I waited until they closed and told me I had to leave.

Then I drove back to Tina’s house, and parked and the lights were all off. All of them. Even the light at the front door. I sat there until 3 AM and finally went home and then in the morning, I got up and decided I was going over there, invited or not. And when I got there, her dad was at the front door, and told me that Tina needed some time to process everything that had happened to her, and he explained politely, but very firmly, that the whole experience was very traumatic for her, so he expected me to give Tina her space. He did at least tell me she was alright, and that she was “stable.” When I asked what that meant, he only told me that she hadn’t had another “episode,” but again, that the whole thing had been insanely traumatic for her. The last thing he told me before he shut the door on my face was that they’d call me.

But they didn’t.

I sat by the phone all of Christmas break, I even left Tina’s real present, along with another basket of peaches on their doorstep in the middle of the night. When school was back in, I sat through each of our classes that were supposed to be together staring at her empty desk, and I checked by her locker every hour, but… you get the idea.

She didn’t come back to school again after that.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by AB23 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 6:16 pm

This is actually a great start. Hopefully it continues.

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 11:39 am

Wow! Feedback the same day I post! Thanks so much, AB23! Here is the second chapter.

The second time I saw it wasn’t even in person. It was a few months after Tina disappeared and left our school. It wasn’t long after Christmas that I went over to her house again to try to have another chance to see her again, only what I found was a house that was empty with a for sale sign up.

I was definitely heartbroken, but that was hardly the end of it all. A couple weeks after that, I was in the locker room after practice and some of the guys were talking about what had happened to Tina and they decided that they could have some fun at my expense over it too. They made comments laughing about seeing her standing there tripping over her own pants in the hallway. Another guy made a comment about how tight her pussy looked, but then said that it probably only looked that way because she shrank.

Then he came right up to me and stared me in the eyes, asking me how tight she was. I gave him one warning to back off, but then he went on a rant about how loose her flabby pussy must have been so shrinking her down like that probably couldn’t hurt and I honestly couldn’t help myself. I decked him. I decked him hard. I hit him so hard that he literally flipped over and when he was lying there face down, ass in the air in the locker room in nothing but his not so tidy whities, I kicked him right in the sphincter and I’m pretty sure my big toe broke through, if you get my drift.

That started a huge fight and before I knew it, it was me versus most of the rest of the team. The ones that didn’t go after me just sat and watched. I gave it my all, but I seriously got my ass handed to me until the coach came in to find out what all the ruckus was about. He never even listened to my side of things. I was kicked off the team right then and there only a few days from the section tournament and the next day I wasn’t even allowed to go to my first class.

The police liaison was waiting for me at the door, escorted me to the principal’s office and I was suspended before the bell even rang. I was also arrested, even though most of my body was covered in bruises and I could barely open my left eye.

I argued with the cop, but he literally dragged me out of the room, shoved me up against the wall and told me “listen kid, I don’t have a choice if I want to keep my job.” That was enough to calm me down and he even let go of me and took the cuffs off of my wrists to walk me out to the squad car. Once I was in the back seat of his squad car and we were alone, he said “I’m sorry, kid. All those kids had it coming.”

As we drove to the station he promised me he would do what he could, since the entire hockey team had the gall to tell him while he was recording their story all about Tina and her shrinking cooch and even the things they would do to it just to see the look on my face. He also told me that he’d let my parents know what had happened as soon as he got me booked.

In the end, the charges were dropped when the judge who oversaw my bail hearing listened to that recording and was so sick she almost threw up. She did warn me to avoid any fights going forward. I managed to keep my head down, but I was basically black listed from the athletic department after that and even had to give up my place in band. Not that it mattered to me that much. Without Tina around, it just wasn’t very fun anymore.

In the positive side, my team didn’t even make it through the first round of their tournament, even though we were supposed to be contenders for state that year. It’s not that I was irreplaceable or that great of a hockey player. It’s just that I was a solid defense player and without anyone to back me up, they basically lost every shot taken at our goal.

After that, I was basically an outcast. No more sports or arts or anything really, and I just kind of struggled and couldn’t really do anything other than pour my heart into school. I became obsessed with science. Why? Because I was determined to find a cure for Tina, not that I had any idea how I was going to even find her to give it to her.

So anyways, that’s when I finally got to that second time I mentioned before. I was sitting at the coffee table, studying for my chemistry test that was coming up and my parents were sharing a drink at the counter while the news was playing.

I’m not really even sure why I stopped reading and looked up at the screen. It was a live interview of a woman in Washington DC at a women’s march. She wasn’t ugly, per se. Definitely not beautiful, but she was pretty enough, and just a little chubby in a early thirties woman kind of way. She also had way too much make up on and bright red died hair with these retro style glasses. She was screaming at the journalist interviewing her, and I’m not really sure why since it was obvious he was on her side with everything that she said, no matter how crazy it was, and he even laughed hysterically when she complained that the Washington monument should be taken down because it was nothing but a phallic symbol of hate.

In short, she was absolutely obnoxious. I was listening to her rant and rave and then, it happened, right there on live TV. Just like with Tina, her head began to slowly drop in the frame of the camera. It was so slow that you could barely even tell at first, and the woman certainly didn’t notice. She was too caught up in her diatribe about the evils of the patriarchy to notice anything else.

The key to understanding what was happening was when I realized that her head wasn’t just dropping lower; it was getting smaller. Her glasses started slipping off of her nose and she repeatedly had to fix them and she picked at her already oversized earrings that were now becoming uncomfortable for her shrinking earlobes.

All the while, she kept screaming at the reporter, and she didn’t even realize she was looking up at him more and more as she insulted his small penis. Not only that, but every time she did so, her voice got just a tiny bit higher than the last time. It was at least the third time she’d made that insult when her blouse slipped and one of her breasts popped out right there on camera, and that was when the journalist suddenly was forced to accept that something was very, very wrong.

He tried to interrupt her to warn her, and I can only assume that the cameraman was fixated on her and unable to think straight at all as the ranting woman just kept slowly shrinking in front of the whole world. Eventually, the reporter did get enough of her attention to warn her and get her to cover her breasts up while the camera man seemed to zoom out, showing that her clothes had become quite baggy and she was starting to look like a little girl dressed up in her mother’s outfit.

If her makeup was far too heavy before all of this, it was even worse now. The smaller her face got, the thicker the make up seemed to get, and I have to say that only added to the effect of making her seem like a little girl playing adult dress up, and she even had the audacity to scream at the reporter for his sexist behavior at treating her exposed breasts as nothing more than sexual objects.

Through it all, she just kept shrinking, ever so slowly until she started wobbling in heals that had to have been at least five inch heels and she swerved and swayed, until both shoes toppled and she was left stumbling back and forth every which way in a desperate bid to regain her balance and as she did, her skirt completely fell off of her and down to the ground.

The woman screamed as she looked down at the pool of fabric at her feet and her oversized panties around her knees and then her blouse fell again, this time exposing both breasts and finally the journalist covered the lens of the camera and yelled at the camera man and the video was cut.

The next day in class, EVERY guy was talking about it. The guys who didn’t see it had heard about it and wanted to know every last detail and the guys that did see it generally thought it was the most awesome thing they’d ever seen in their lives. Meanwhile, I looked around the room and noticed that all the girls sat quietly, most of them ghostly pale listening to the guys rant and rave about yet another shrinking woman like she and Tina were nothing more than objects for their perverse pleasure.

Eventually, our teacher, Ms. Morrison, arrived with two male teachers, who grabbed the ring leaders of the conversation and dragged them out of the room forcefully. Once everything had settled down, she began class as though nothing had happened. It was the strangest thing and every one looked at each other, completely confused until one guy in the class raised his hand and waited to be called on.

Ms. Morrison eventually called on him and he asked “Ms. Morrison, are we seriously not even going to talk about that woman shrinking on national TV? I mean, it’s the exact same as what happened to Tina…”

Ms. Morrison instantly turned a bright red and she punched the intercom button to the principal’s office as hard as she could. “I’ve got another one down here,” she told them. When he opened his mouth again, and he seemed just as confused as the rest of us, she just told him “shut up.”

A minute later, another pair of male teachers showed up and they dragged him out of the class and then Ms. Morrison went on with class again like nothing had happened, even though it was clear she was completely enraged.

It was like that with every class after that and it became clear that no one, and I mean absolutely no one was allowed to talk about it. The teachers controlled every conversation and every topic with an iron fist, and honestly, it seemed like most of the girls were fine with this. I think every girl in every one of my classes seemed to have a terrified and even embarrassed look on their faces, and by the end of the school day, all the boys were essentially told they shouldn’t talk at all. On the way out of school that day, I heard one female teacher tell a male student, “the world would be a better place if you just listened and didn’t bother talking.”

The new dynamic stayed like that for weeks, and then one day, Ms. Morrison arrived at class and stormed in and everyone was absolutely silent. You could seriously hear a pin drop. She was wearing platform heels, but even so, and even with all of us sitting, it was pretty clear that she was still at least a couple inches shorter than normal, even with the platform heels. None of her clothes fit anymore either and no matter how hard she tried to force it, it was clear her voice was higher as well. She had a belt around her skirt that the end stuck right out into the air as she used it to try to keep her baggy skirt from falling off and her normal routine of wearing low cut blouses was replaced by a t shirt whose neck hung around her loosely, showing most of her shoulder while she lectured us, though sometimes she was forced to pull it back as the neck fell forward showing off her upper chest.

No one was allowed to speak at all. Not only that, but no one was allowed to stand up during class for any reason, and when class was over, she left the class before any of the rest of us were allowed to stand up. I can only assume it was because she couldn’t handle the thought of having to look up at students she once was eye to eye with.

School had become surreal, and every last girl I saw started becoming closed off and withdrawn while the guys seemed to adapt by watching the girls, leering at them and even the shrunken teacher in our midst more and more lustfully and smugly.

Under no circumstances were any of us allowed to talk about it. Any boy caught speaking about it was immediately suspended, while the girls mostly kept to themselves, sometimes huddled together in crowds and seemingly trying to hide from the boys as though some terrifying horror lay in wait for them all.

Still, though, the subject was completely taboo. Everything was fine, everything was normal, and any discussion to the contrary was forbidden. Most importantly and above all else, though, was that women everywhere all around the world were DEFINITELY NOT shrinking randomly in spurts.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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I want to say I really liked the first part, I was hoping to see some fun with Tina but it looks like your going to go a different direction. I like the world building and the story itself is great so far, but are we going to get a chance to see any tiny girls get captured, played with or any fun ownership stuff? It is totally fine to move at any pace you want, I just want to know if you intend to touch the fun parts. I like the story but I don't want to get too excited anticipating moments. I have seen great stories that ended just before something happened or would build suspense but not pay it off. I am in no way criticizing anything you write, in fact I really like it. I just wonder if your going to avoid or include any of the fun details like Tina getting played with by one of the not so nice boys or something of that nature. Seems like your protagonist is the nice type so I doubt we will see him do anything to play with a mini girl. Are we focusing on sympathy and vanilla romance towards tiny girls where they get saved by the wonderful/sweet guy character, or are we going to touch any of the darker/more fun elements like dominance and objectification? It is fine whatever you decide to do, I personally like the capture and dominance of tiny girls in stories but I understand different people have different tastes. For example, I personally would love to see Tina get moved somewhere like your story shows, but then somehow gets discovered in her new neighborhood by a guy her age and he finds a way to catch her and make her his toy. That kind of story would rock my world for sure, but I understand not everyone likes those elements. I like how you write and all the important elements and development is there, you could do awesome things with it easily but I don't know if that is what you are interested in. I did read your story "please" over on deviant art, it seems you have your own preferences on size and treatment of tiny girls. We may have different tastes, but I can say for sure I like your writing and I do sincerely wish you would write just a little closer towards my interests. I am not saying to do anything you don't want, I am just saying you have some talent in this and I think it is a true shame that we don't see eye to eye on certain parts.

Anyways, I like your story and I will watch for new chapters. I hope that at least a few glimmers of what I like will pop up, but even if not I think you are good at writing and building the right atmosphere. You should definitely keep making stories, even if they are not the kind that I prefer.

P.S. I would have written a review the first time I saw chapter one but it seemed at that time like you were going to do something fun with Tina, now that it seems Tina was removed I figured I would give some feedback. I am mostly a lurker, but I definitely saw your story when you posted it and I am always looking for anything new that gets posted. Particularly I am always looking for new SW stories. I won't comment anywhere usually but I did want to say I like your writing and I hope you do some fun things with your characters. Also, ignore any typos, this was an impromptu message and I way have missed typos. Keep up the good work ^-^

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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This was amazing feedback, thank you! I'm so happy that you chose to make an exception to sitting quietly in this forum, and I'm especially grateful you would do it for one of my stories.

To be honest, a major reason I stayed away from that kind of interaction here with Tina is because the characters are still underage. I will dive into things that happen when a character was younger, which is what is going on here, setting up for the main line of the story, but ultimately we're dealing with a fetish category so I don't like to go too far down the rabbit hole as it were until after the characters are fully grown up. Tina was there in that chapter for important reasons, but I was pretty eager to advance the story past this stage in their lives as soon as possible. Then I will feel more comfortable doing things that are a little more creative. Also, this story will have more and different characters that Please.. does. I didn't mean to mislead about whether you were going to see her in the next chapter, thus why I said right off the bat that she never came back to school. Our protagonist here is the narrator, so we'll be getting a pretty masculine perspective and it will pretty much focus on slow shrinking, in various ways.

as for your question about the character archetype, I want a hero in the story, and going down the darker road in this case in a first person narrative is more about a villain's path. Like, I like character studies with things like Falling Down and Joker, but I've had my fill with villain stories, and I can't help but want to write more heroes. However, I did look at your feedback, and made some changes to something I'd already written because it inspired me to develop things a little differently there. I need to put more work into it, though, and my work schedule isn't really allowing me writing time these days. If I was focusing on a female character who'd been shrunken I'd probably go at it from an angle with more stuff like what you are asking for, but I just don't want this character going down that road. there are other options, though, and I'm still processing your feedback and letting the seeds you planted grow, so I will see where that goes.

As far as darker elements, if you've read Please.. (thank you so much, BTW! Please.. is my baby and I've been using it for so many things, and it's such a thrill to find out someone found it interesting even a little bit!), then you know there was an area in the story where Erica goes through some pretty hefty trials following some poor decisions and alliances. That was always the plan but when I got to it I really wanted to use it to try to stretch into darker areas specifically for people like you whose taste lies there. I'd expect to see some things along those lines in this story, but I don't know if that arc scratched you itch at all. That was a goal, but I am still trying to become a better writer.

As for what to expect from this story, I would tell you it's not a straight forward love story like with Lucas and Erica. It's the narrator navigating a world that's just been turned upside down so that's the main difference here. He's stated what his goal is already and I'll tell you that he is going to do everything in his power to complete that journey. I can tell you this is a different universe than Please.., and whereas in that story, Erica's the one and only SW (for now at least), and it is Erica's tale mostly, this is a world that's already been established to have a limitless amount of shrinking women. This story will be very relationship driven, but not like in Please.. This universe will treat SWs differently as well. Erica is special and unique in many ways, so she's able to use that to her advantage to get responses from people in ways she wants. Things are different here. The next chapter (which I've also been sitting on) should show that.

I'd like to say more about what you had to say, but like I said, it's going to take a bit of time to process because you brought up some very interesting points that I find myself thinking about quite a bit. I'm not sure yet where to take it or how far, but I can feel some sparks building thanks to your input. So please, if you have anything else to say, feel free, even if you want to do so privately.

When I first started Please.., It was basically those first few chapters and nothing else. Then I got feedback from three people on the old minimizer board and that input sparked ideas in me that expanded the entire story out to what you see today and beyond with what I haven't posted and what I haven't finished writing yet. The same thing starting to happen now for me with this story to a certain degree.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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By the end of my senior year, 4 girls in my class had dropped out presumably due to shrinking spurts. One was on the basketball team and easily the tallest girl in school. She was easily taller than Tina was and I think she knew I had a thing for tall girls because she caught me staring at her more than once. One day after she dropped out of school, I ran into her while shopping and she had to have been at best 5’5”. She looked at me, recognized me instantly and covered her face and ran off looking almost like she was about to cry.

Even though it had been a couple of years, the subject of women shrinking was completely forbidden still. The whole series of events had a perverse effect on many women of becoming exponentially more strident in their feminist views. Definitely not all women. Most women seemed to be gripped with the terror of the idea of encountering her first shrinking spurt, and you could especially see it in their faces in public.

Other women had the opposite reaction, though. They would find just about any reason to verbally assault any man around them and they started becoming downright abusive. In the two years since Tina disappeared, I had lost count of the times that some random woman would stomp up to me and say the most demeaning things and over time that kind of behavior had only become more and more frequent and aggressive.

I understand that women like that were just afraid and lashing out, but I just couldn’t believe how nasty some women became in the face of this new world. The news never reported on a shrinking spurt, and in school we were forbidden from talking about it. In public you could be kicked out of a restaurant for bringing it up. White knights were popping up everywhere to protect the reputations of women shrinking everywhere. That last thing was definitely odd and my dad and I talked about it more than once. He told me he had a bad feeling about it and to make sure to steer clear of guys like that.

Those guys were in the minority, and like my dad, they just gave me a bad feeling. They were extremely aggressive and I saw a couple times where one of these white knights flat out started beating on a guy who dared use the word “shrink.” The thing was, I don’t think that the guy who used the “s word” as we were beginning to call it was even talking about women or shrinking spurts. The white knights were definitely something that gave me a bad feeling.

Then there were the smilers. I don’t know what else to call them. In the two years since Tina had disappeared, the excessive and aggressive treatment toward many men the face of the declining stature of women worldwide, men everywhere started to act differently. I think the authoritarian way society was pushing down on them to not discuss events to date was a mistake, honestly. I don’t know how most men would have behaved if the crack down wasn’t so severe, but I do know how they were behaving as it became common place for women to haul off and become physically violent towards men in all manner and place.

Like I said, I have empathy for what women were going through, but I really couldn’t believe how abusive they were becoming throughout all of this. Again, not all women. Most women were becoming rather meek and timid, especially in public, but there was a sizeable minority of women that were doing the opposite and they were recruiting.

The thing I want to impress is that by this point, despite the fact that no one would discuss it publically, is that we all knew. Some people were in intense denial, but we knew. We all did. Women were shrinking, and it was happening everywhere. Before the website was taken down, there were a lot of screen grabs of the data to keep the information and the data supporting it from disappearing from the world. A few years before this, the average height for a woman in the U.S. was 5’6”, and worldwide was 5’2”. Then scientists made the mistake of updating the data around the middle of my senior year and that number had gone down to 5’4” and 4’11” respectively.

The majority of women had not had shrinking spurts by this point, but talk was spreading through the web on sites that rose up to combat censorship on places like reddit and 4chan. Let me put it this way- do you know how many women would have had to have had shrink spurts to lower the average height of a U.S. woman two inches in just two years? What’s more, that data seemed to be several months old, and if anything, the number of women experiencing shrinking spurts seemed to be accelerating. We were definitely still only in the beginning phases of whatever this was.

Moreover, when it happened to a woman, it was a red X on them, and they were treated like pariahs. That was how I became friends with Caitlyn. Caitlyn, the girl that Tina had been making fun of that fateful day and who had actually been mercilessly nasty towards Tina up until Tina disappeared from my life. Caitlyn who had spread vicious rumors about Tina in the years since she disappeared and who absolutely massacred Tina’s reputation, and Caitlyn, the girl who just a few months earlier had been the home coming queen.

Girls whose parents had the money would move them to home schooling after a shrink spurt. Girls who didn’t were stuck with public school and they had to endure the humiliation of going back to child size around their peers. Sometimes it was too much and a girl would just simply drop out, but Caitlyn was sticking it out despite having the worst-case scenario happen to her in her senior year.

You see, we weren’t allowed to even discuss that shrinking spurts were even possible, so it was almost impossible to talk about the fact that having one did absolutely nothing to stop you from having another.

Such was the case for Caitlyn. The day of the homecoming game, she stood a solid 5’8” tall with a figure any professional model would have been jealous of. A few days after Thanksgiving she came back to school 5’1”.

This turn of events was absolutely devastating to the social life of one of the most popular girls in school. Her friends completely disowned her and cut her off. White knights would go after any guy who tried to take advantage of her in her moment of vulnerability and the smilers were growing in number.

Oh right, the smilers. I forgot to explain them. So the smilers were the creepiest of them all. Guys who you would see on the street who would do something to irritate or trigger some woman struggling with her fear of shrinking and she would verbally or physically attack him, and whereas before it was difficult to get someone to take you seriously if you were a man who was hit by a woman, now it was all but impossible. The common phrase when you would see a guy decked randomly in public by a woman was “he must have deserved it.” Women were smaller and weaker, after all and another common phrase you would hear was, “he can take it.”

I think the smilers were just guys who were giving in to their resentment and they would choose to simply smile and leer at a woman. A lot of times he would grin and coax her into doing it again while making sure to go out of his way to accentuate any height difference he had over her. It was seriously creepy, and I’m not sure how to fully describe it. The looks on their faces was always the same, almost as if they were saying “I’m going to enjoy watching you shrink away to nothing.” If it was unnerving for me, I can only imagine how bad it made the average woman feel.

Anyways, Caitlyn. A few weeks after Christmas break, she was alone in the lunchroom, because women who had had a spurt were treated like patients with a deadly contagion, and then it happened. Another spurt, right in front of everyone. There it was, proof for everyone that one spurt wouldn’t save you from future ones. Slowly, the petite little Caitlyn sank down in her seat, her shoes fell off of her feet, her collar of her shirt drooped until it fell over one shoulder and she just sat and stared into space, quivering with fear as her feet left the ground and her chin dropped down towards the edge of the table and her already petite sized clothes pooled and sagged around her otherwise womanly frame. It couldn’t have even lasted a minute, but it felt like an eternity watching it play out.

Everyone watched, but no one said a word; not a peep. The entire lunchroom was silent and no one, not even any teachers or faculty did so much as walk up to her and offer help. She sat like that the entire lunch period, not moving, not speaking, hardly even blinking until the bell rang and everyone was herded out of there. The last thing I saw as I was ushered out was her continuing to just sit there and stare as though she were staring into a bottomless abyss.

You would think after two years of listening to her belittle and besmirch Tina I would be relishing in the moment. All the nasty rumors she had spread, all the horrible things she had said? Even I would have thought I would have totally gotten off on her getting her just deserts. Instead, I saw that face, a face that looked as though her entire world had been shattered not just once, but twice, and what’s worse, the second time had been in front of all of her peers and former friends.

If she was treated like a pariah before, after that second spurt, she was persona non grata. Some girls even dropped classes just to be sure they wouldn’t have to sit next to her. Group work in classes became impossible, as no one wanted to be grouped with her. It took about three days of watching this extremely small young woman navigate this foreign and unnecessarily hostile world and watching her soul break before I couldn’t handle it and one day during lunch I grabbed my tray and walked over to her, only to be stopped by two white knights who shoved me back and asked “where do you think you’re going?”

All I said back was, “you white knights make me sick,” and then I checked one like in the good old days back on the hockey team and pushed my through and walked up to her table. It was a useful life skill to be able to do that smoothly and quickly enough that no one saw it, and I was glad I’d had the experience to pull it off.

Caitlyn looked up, and I could see that her expression was completely empty, and her skin pale and clammy. She looked up at me and I could see her entire body tremble. I think I must have looked like a menacing giant to her.

All I said was, “can I sit with you?” and her face just kind twisted and contorted, and then it looked almost like she was about to cry. She didn’t say anything, she just nodded and I sat next to her and we both just kind of stared at our trays for several minutes, neither one of us knowing what to say. She did seem to be relieved, though. At least a little bit. I think I was the first person to speak to her since her second spurt and hardly anyone had spoken to her at all since around Thanksgiving.

We basically just sat like that, each of us picking at our food, though she seemed to have trouble sorting out the gigantic portions sitting there in front of her. When the lunch period was almost over, I looked at the clock and set my fork down and she froze and trembled, afraid of what would come next.

“I’m sorry this is happening to you. You don’t deserve it. I wish I could take it away for you,” I told her. Again, she said nothing, she just sat there, staring ahead and I couldn’t help but notice how small she was sitting there in a seat where her feet couldn’t even reach the ground in clothes that she probably hadn’t worn since well before she had hit puberty. It took her a long moment, but she did manage to nod curtly for me. Then, as the bell rang to release us for lunch, and told her, “I’d like to have lunch tomorrow. If you want to.”

That was enough for the dam to break. She finally cried, but only a few tears before she managed to fight them off and wipe them from her cheeks. “Thanks,” was all she managed to whisper before we left for our respective classes.

Where I did everything wrong for Tina and sat helpless, Caitlyn was the polar opposite. I guess sitting and stewing over your regrets for two years helps you prepare for such a thing. We quickly became the best of friends, and by the time graduation came, we were practically inseparable. It felt really good to be there for someone as they struggled to adapt to life at 4’4” tall. It certainly wasn’t like with Tina, though. And it didn’t come that easily, either. Her dad was a furious monster when he showed up at our house demanding to know who the filthy pervert was that was trying to play his daughter.

It took a long conversation with him by my dad explaining everything that had happened with Tina before he finally began to accept me as a friend to his daughter, though he always remained suspicious of me.

Now, I mean Caitlyn was a girl and I was a boy, and by this point we were both 18, but like I said, this was nothing like what I had had with Tina. We were technically adults at this point, so I guess you could say we were past our “experimentation” stage, but neither of us ever really tried to take things any farther than friendship, even though we were definitely the best of friends.

Caitlyn had too much going on in her head after the catastrophe of her double shrink and as for me? Well, I guess I didn’t really realize where I was at until one day Caitlyn and I were just hanging out at the park sitting under a tree after she had let me push her on a swing set. We were sitting there watching the sun go down and she asked me about Tina and everything that happened that day.

I told her everything from my perspective and she listened, then she asked me about hockey and track and band and I told her about all of that too and she listened to every word I had to say, then she asked about Tina and where she had gone to, and I told her everything I knew, which wasn’t anything really.

She really listened to me and when I was done we sat in silence there under that tree for I don’t know how long and then she finally told me, “losing her completely broke your heart, didn’t it?”

Now it was my turn to sit and have no idea what to say. I sat and this time I was the one struggling to fight back tears and then I felt this tiny lady stand up and wrap her arms around my neck and hug me. “You two should have been boyfriend and girlfriend,” she told me after I hugged her back.

“That was a long time ago,” I answered.

“Yeah,” she agreed and sat down on my lap, using me as a recliner to better watch the sunset. “A long time ago I used to be adult sized too. I guess sooner or later we have to stop living in the past, though.”

I’m surprised at how well Caitlyn and I got along. We never had any spats or fights like I had had with Tina when we were younger. Maybe she was just grateful to have a real friend again. She shared quite a bit with me over the course of that summer.

In most ways, it was a pretty idyllic post graduation summer. Caitlyn and I went everywhere and did everything together whenever we weren’t working, which was most of the time, actually. After Caitlyn settled into our friendship and started healing again with some help from a therapist who’d had a major shrink spurt herself she kind of adopted a carpe diem philosophy and was always showing up at my work or my house to coax me on some new adventure with her telling me she was too small to go without a chaperone.

Sometimes it was simple things like just going for ice cream, other times we would go on longer excursions like out to a lake and borrow a boat from a friend and spend the day fishing and swimming. We went hiking on some of the best trails we could find and Caitlyn wanted to try everything she could, frequently telling me “while I’m still big enough.”

One time we managed to score some tickets to an outdoor orchestra concert and she used her small size to sneak up to the front of the crowd so she could see and once she was there, she faked a waterfall of tears to get the people in the crowd to find me and bring me to her. It was a little dishonest, but it worked and we got the best seats in the amphitheater. We did a lot of rollerblading and biking, though she hated the fact that she couldn’t find any bikes her size except for those for little girls and she even convinced her dad to let her go camping with me a few times. It was an insane relief to be out of school for her and she started to act like she could live again.

Don’t get me wrong; she got more than a few stares and more than one woman avoided her like the plague because it was pretty obvious that despite her children’s clothing, she was a fully grown and then shrunk woman, but we found that outside of the confines of government schools, people were a lot more accepting and sympathetic than we had been living for the prior couple years. We even met more than a few fellow shrinkees and a couple times women approached her and confided in her that they’d had shrinking spurts too, they were just only an inch or two so they had managed to hide it.

I have to admit that Caitlyn was right about everything and even though it was exhausting keeping up with her while we went through her constantly growing bucket list, I couldn’t have asked for a better summer. As she healed and as we became closer and she trusted me more, she began to open up to me about her experiences and I began to learn some of the many secrets related to the epidemic of women shrinking everywhere that I would never have been allowed to learn about otherwise.

I had long suspected this, but while males were brutally kept in check from ever speaking of the event which shall not be named, women everywhere were talking to each other constantly about it. And having been a double shrinkee, Caitlyn had insight into a lot more related to the shrink spurts than would have ever suspected. Being friends with her, I learned more in that summer than I had in the two years since I had first seen it happen.

Of course it was true- women all over the world were shrinking, and there was next to no pattern for it. She explained to me that all of her doctors were cataloguing everything about her in a desperate attempt to learn what was happening and how to reverse it. What I also learned was that the number of shrink spurts worldwide were definitely accelerating. No one was willing to publish any data for some twisted reason of trying to hide the shrinkage of women worldwide from public knowledge, but the one thing that they did know was that if they didn’t find a cure within the next few years, half the population of the Earth was going to dwindle down too small to function in the world any longer.

She also told me about what she knew about the real statistics related to the shrinking spurts. According to her doctors, major shrink spurts like hers or Tina’s were pretty rare. They were estimating that almost 85% of the shrinking spurts were around 1-2 inches, another 13% were less than 4 inches and the major episodes like had been seen with Tina and Caitlyn were among the rarest.

No one knew anything about why it was happening or even how, but what they did know was that it only seemed to happen to adult women. I immediately challenged that, pointing out that Tina was just under 17 when she had her spurt and Caitlyn pointed out that whatever this was wasn’t going by legal adult age, but by where the woman’s body was in it’s development, meaning that even though Tina wasn’t a legal adult yet, her body must have been settling down into where it would be as an adult. The only cases of people younger than Tina that the doctors could talk about were girls with extreme hormonal issues that basically made them fake adults, so to speak and even those cases were a handful worldwide at best.

She also told me that the few girls that had dropped out from shrinking spurts and the couple in the school everyone was aware of were not the only ones who had had shrinking spurts. They had only lost an inch or two, so they were able to hide it. Almost all of them were seniors when it happened and Caitlyn explained to me that the one girl that we both knew about who had a shrinking spurt as a junior had actually failed a grade twice in elementary school, meaning she was 19 when she had her shrinking spurt and had spent her entire time growing up hiding the fact that she was two years older than the other kids she was going to school with.

More surprising was when she let me know that more teachers and staff in the school had suffered from shrinking spurts than students, even though we had a class of 523 that graduated with us. So yes, this was pretty much an adult problem. Caitlyn had been 18 for a few months when she had her first spurt, which surprised the doctors and because of how soon it happened. She also told me how on her first shrink spurt, one of the math teachers at our high school was there following around a 2 inch shrink spurt and the nurses were giving her tips and training on how to hide her minor reduction. Based on Caitlyn’s shrinkage training at the doctor and conversations she’d heard at school, there were at least 24 teachers or school staff that had experienced shrinking spurts, though the most extreme was definitely Ms. Morrison.

Also, she told me how guarded facts like a girl’s height became and how girls started lying about their height to each other and suddenly girls were playing down their height, telling people they were at least a couple inches shorter than they actually were, just in case their time came to have a shrinking spurt. That was the thing though. Caitlyn’s doctors were adamant: whatever this was, it was in all the girls, and sooner or later, they were going to experience it. It was just a matter of time.

Finally she told me about how one of her best friends had confided back in September that she had experienced a shrinking spurt, this one only roughly an inch or so and Caitlyn stood by her side promising to be there for her and do everything she could to hide her shrinkage so that her life wasn’t ruined. Caitlyn thought she was just being a good friend and a good person by overlooking her friend’s bad luck and telling her that she didn’t deserve to be a pariah over what had happened to her.

Unfortunately, when the time came for Caitlyn’s first shrink spurt, this same friend was the very first to throw Caitlyn under the bus and spread every last rumor she could dream up about Caitlyn in a desperate bid to divert their clique off of her own shrinkage to someone who had suffered a much bigger spurt that could never be hidden.

It took her most of the summer to open up enough to talk about all of this, though. It was extremely traumatic for her, especially the second time, and she would frequently break down into tears telling me about it.

As the summer progressed we talked about the future and compared what we were going to do with our lives. She shared that she was going to travel and her parents were both taking sabbaticals from work so she could see the world safely while she was still big enough to live a life.

When she asked me what I was going to do, my answer was simple. “I’m going into molecular biology,” I told her.

“Why molecular biology?” she asked back with a chuckle in her spritely little voice.

“Because I am going to find a cure to all of this,” I promised her. Caitlyn looked up at me and it took a moment before she was able to shake herself back to reality. She then hugged me with all her little strength.

“I need you give that cure to me first as soon as you find it,” she informed me.

“We don’t know that you’ll have any more shrinking spurts,” I promised her. “This could be it for you. You could stay this size for the rest of your life.”

“It doesn’t matter. I still need that cure first.”

“And why’s that?” I chuckled.

“Because I’m going with you wherever you have to go to give it to Tina too,” she promised then stood up so she could give me a kiss on my cheek.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Wed Oct 07, 2020 3:22 am

College proved to be a whole new experience. Thanks to all my time spent with Caitlyn and her experiences, I had learned pretty well how to spot a shrinkee, both in process and after, even if her spurt was very minor. The key was usually to make mental notes of a woman’s feet or wrists. Then, once you had that down, you would notice when the bottom of a pants leg would drop lower or a sleeve hung longer on an arm. From there, you would check other signs to confirm that you weren’t just seeing the result of a shirt being pulled and stretched or a person shifting under flexible fabric that just created the illusion that something may be afoot.

You would look for subtle tell tale signs that something had happened, such as was she constantly adjusting her glasses or a ring, or was she fidgeting with her earrings which were now suddenly larger for her and uncomfortable. Another major telltale sign that you were looking at a shrinkee was that she was wearing a long skirt of dress or bellbottom pants that covered her feet. Usually when you found one of those, you would look and you would realize when she was walking that she was wearing higher than average heels. If she was wearing platforms, it was all but given that she’d had some kind of shrink spurt.

Once I knew all the signs and tricks to hide the aftermath of a shrinking spurt, I was amazed at how many women were out there that had suffered from a spurt. And just like Caitlyn had told me, the number of women in their late teens to around 21 or 22 was fairly low, but went up exponentially after that.

Caitlyn also had taught me so well that she could point out when a woman was actually having a spurt, even if it was very minor, which it almost always was. If it was her first one, she was often unaware of what was happening to her, but if she’d already experienced it, Caitlyn had shared with me that there is a sensation that came with a shrinking spurt and once you knew what it felt like, you became hyper aware. Those were the easiest shrink spurts to spot, because you could see the fear in her face as she began to dwindle again.

First time shrinkees were not that hard to spot though. In fact, once you knew what you were looking for, they were relatively easy to see as well. The easiest way to spot a shrink spurt as it happened, though, was the look on women’s faces around the shrinkee. Women were the ones living through it, so they were hyperaware of every last detail of every woman around them and when you saw more than one woman suddenly look frightened or trembling, you knew someone near you was shrinking and it was pretty easy to find who.

As a freshman, it wasn’t usually in one of my classes or one of my classmates. We just hadn’t entered into the danger zone yet. But I made it a point to study off campus a lot in coffee shops or libraries and there, where the women were a little older, it was a lot more common.

Caitlyn’s friendship offered me other benefits too, though it really wasn’t my intention to take advantage of it. It just more or less kind of happened. Because of my experiences with major shrinkees like Caitlyn and Tina, I had a lot of empathy for women who were suffering from what was happening to them, so I couldn’t help myself. When I met a woman who was likely a shrinkee, I just was nice and did my best to be helpful.

I also learned the language that was needed to gain the trust of a shrinkee. You always started a conversation with some kind of ask. Things like “may I,” or “could I please?” Anything that offered that woman a little bit of power or control in a world that suddenly was growing out of her control. It took a bit of trial and error, but fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your point of view) Caitlyn had actually trained me pretty well on the finer details of how to gain the trust of a shrinkee in our many adventures together.

Again, I set out to do this all with the best of intentions, it’s just that learning to ingratiate yourself with a shrinking woman often opened her up in unexpected ways as you being there suddenly gave her a sense of safety she’d lost up to that point. I found myself making friends with women several years older than myself more often than not and even when something romantic didn’t develop between her and myself she had friends. Friends who she was almost always trying to hide the after effects of her shrink spurt from, but friends nonetheless. And said shrinkee was always talking me up in front of her friends about how much she trusted me.

That word was the key to unlock just about any door- trust. A simple word back in simpler times, in a world full of shrinking women that word meant the world and once you learned to build that trust in women who needed it now more than ever, they suddenly became very lustful.

Caitlyn and I, of course kept in constant contact as she set about working on her still growing bucket list traveling the world with her parents. I told her what was happening and she ribbed me over it, but she made it a point to check in with me frequently to “make sure that I was using my powers for good and not evil,” as she put it.

Ever since the shrinking spurts had emerged as a threat to society, the dating scene had changed, and not for the better. Chaperones became a normal thing for women again, and surprisingly it was the woman on a date that usually seemed to ask for one, not the father or whoever the male role model in her life was. In cases where a man was trusted enough to go on a date without a chaperone protecting a woman, the places you could go became very strict for liability reasons. Even holding of hands was strictly forbidden in most places because clubs, hangouts and restaurants didn’t want the liability of a sexual assault allegation hanging over their business. It was a strange way to be dragged back to the Victorian era standards of courtship.

White knights were everywhere, too, and by the time of my second semester of college, it was clear what their deal really was now that we were in a more adult world. They were predators. The white knights almost always espoused strong feminist beliefs and they frequently tended to satellite around an aggressive feminist like I had mentioned before. Also, there were a lot more of these feminists in the college world than I had encountered in high school. A lot more. Young women terrified of their dwindling stature who were looking for any kind of philosophy to save them and their fear and anger over their inevitable conditions was twisting them and making them extremely bitter and resentful.

They seemed to enjoy these white knights for the power it gave them, but they rarely returned the devotion they were being given. Their hearts and emotions just weren’t there for it and they didn’t have enough to give.

But, since these relationships were often very one sided, the white knights tended to become even more bitter and resentful, and the thin veneer of their false feminism would tend to become even more transparent. Somewhere along the line, you’d see it in these white knights that they were ultimately predators, out on the search for opportunities to score up whatever woman they could find, and there was a shortage of women in this new world that had the emotional capacity to look beyond themselves and their tormented lives of unstoppable shrinkage to tend to the feelings of others around them.

It was basically a negative feedback loop.

What you would find, though, was that whenever you would hear about an assault or a rape, if you traced it back enough, you would find that he’d been a white knight in some form or another. A false protector who would become frustrated enough that he would lash out at one of his treasured matriarchs in the most despicable of ways.

And, because in many ways we were being dragged back to Victorian era standards, reporting of assaults and rape also came with more issues, so it became more and more dangerous for women to report such things for various reasons, most of them social. Like I said, it was a negative feedback loop. In the end, though, your average guy took the brunt of this attack on the masculine reputation as laws and regulations were passed to keep violent men at bay and you even saw special crime units put together just to control men’s behavior as women slowly dwindled around us.

The thing was, you knew a white knight pretty quickly when you saw him. They all used the same language and they all seemed to have that bitter look in their eyes. I was shocked when I saw a joint press conference between our governor and US Senator and I could see it in their eyes and hear it in the language they used describing the new state law they’d put in place to better regulate men in this new world.

It was always the same language and the same phrases, like they didn’t even have thoughts of their own to offer the world. Only the ones of their collective. I listened to the press conference that was being broadcasted across campus regarding the new state laws on dating enforcement and I was only a quarter of the way in when I realized “oh my God, the two most powerful people in the state are white knights.” With this came the realization that if they were anything like the roving bands around campus, they weren’t out to protect women; their whole obsession was around cock blocking as many men as possible and corralling women for their own use.

Maybe that sounds extreme to you, or conspiratorial, but I can promise you that it wasn’t. In high school, it was largely a bunch of boys squealing about garbage like the patriarchy, but now that enough time had settled in and I was in a more or less adult world, the scene was so much different.

I would see it with faculty who were just a little too eager to set up women’s protection groups and sexual predator patrols to keep violent men in check on campus. These faculty would set up evening sessions that were women only (the male faculty being the only exception, of course) and the topics were always of that same feminist mentality I had mentioned before.

Another strange thing that I had noticed: the elimination of men’s sports. Not all of them, mind you. The football and basketball teams were doing just fine, but I noticed that when I had applied for college, they’d advertised strong mens’ swimming, Golf, Gymnastics and a whole host of others. Now, all of those men’s sports were gone. Talking about it was taboo on campus as well, which was becoming far too familiar a word for my tastes. If you were heard by a roving white knight discussing the cancellation of sports teams, you were often surrounded by a group screaming in your face about misogyny.

I did make friends with a few seniors who seemed to have the most plausible explanation for me, though, having watched the sports scenes for the last couple of years. When the shrinking spurts started, in the first year, it wasn’t that large, but there was a definite drop in the competitiveness of women’s sports. Their times were getting slower, their strength getting weaker and their performance in general was shrinking along with the women’s bodies. New women’s records were slowing down. Again, it wasn’t large, but a few decent shrink spurts in some of the best women athletes on our campus and others was really hurting women’s sports. It also didn’t help when you had women falling off of a balance beam or having other accidents due to her change in balance, or a woman losing her shorts in a track event or the middle of a volleyball match or a soccer game.

The women’s hockey team was disbanded after a number of the women were unable to afford new, smaller equipment in order to continue playing. They also didn’t seem to like how much more comical many of their players seemed to look in oversized uniforms and protective gear.

The end result was a rapid and sharp decline in participation in women’s sports, and apparently there is a federal law that requires the same number of women’s sports as men’s. The issue was brought up in Washington DC, but it was actually my senator, the same one I had to listen to on that campus wide press briefing broadcast, who had led the charge for equality in sports and led the fight screaming at the top of his lungs to save Title IX. So, it was a done deal- fewer women in sports meant that the men had to cut theirs as well.

Then there was social relations. Men had fewer activities to engage in thanks to Title IX, they had growing roving bands of white knights cock blocking them whenever they so much as looked at a woman and then for some reason there was a sudden push to take men out of STEM programs. Finally, you had the white knights again. When the roving bands couldn’t get anything because male and female interaction had dropped to ridiculously low levels, they started infiltrating groups of guys wherever they did hang out and then put everything they said or did on blast, editing the conversations for the most effect, of course.

So, just like you had women dropping out of sports in record numbers, you also saw a sharp uptick in men dropping out of college because the environment became so unpleasant for them. And the net result for women? Sharp upticks in depression and anxiety even after the increases when the shrinking spurts began, increases in drug and alcohol use and, can you guess it? An increase in harassment, sexual assault and rape of women, especially shrinkees.

I know this is a lot of politics. I don’t really enjoy talking politics at all, it’s just that it was constantly in your face. I watched a lot of classmates drop out because the collegiate environment had become so toxic and I saw a lot of women spiral out of control with their depression, and I really couldn’t do much because of white knights everywhere running around on their puritanical tirades to separate men from the poor defenseless shrinking women everywhere who also just happened to be better and more powerful than men because they were women. Everything was so warped.

I had two saving graces that carried me through it all. One was my drive to finish my degree and get a job where I could help in the race to find a cure for Tina and Caitlyn. The other was the fact that my special abilities lay in spotting and building trust with shrinkees and their friends, and since college age was just slightly on the young side for the majority of shrinking spurts, most of my female friends were becoming post graduate age, and I was (accidentally) becoming quite a hit with those ladies, who were all about me and supporting me when they learned that my whole goal in life was to find a cure.

My first real girlfriend in college was a woman I met October of my freshmen year. Melissa was 24 and not a shrinkee, but her best friend was and I had befriended her. Melissa was OBSESSED with me, and she doted on me and would just sit and smile at me for hours while I would study my brains out in my desperate quest to eventually provide a cure. She would also time my study sessions and tell me “time for your break,” which was code for “I’m horny and I’m going to ravage you.”

It was a lot of fun but it only lasted until Christmas break when I took her home for the holidays. Caitlyn was back in town and while Melissa got along fine with my family, she was really unhappy with Caitlyn and how close we were. Caitlyn, of course, knew about my new girlfriend and was all too eager to meet her and make sure she was worth my time.

Melissa despised Caitlyn and she ended up ruining the entire holidays for me over her jealousy over Caitlyn, who I’d never had anything resembling even a fling with. When I went back for the next semester, Melissa started going through my text messages and emails trying to find any sign I was fooling around with that “shrunken harlot” and she even would hide my phone when she knew Caitlyn would be calling to catch up. It didn’t matter that Caitlyn was in Greece at the time.

Caitlyn, of course was a good friend and warned me to get the fuck out before things got too bad, but I insisted I could work it out with Melissa and she’d eventually learn what an awesome friend Caitlyn was too. The final straw was when I discovered that Melissa had hacked into my phone (which I’d gone to the trouble of locking with a password now) and deleted Caitlyn’s contact information as well as every last byte of information Caitlyn had ever sent me be it email, text or anything.

It didn’t take me long to get involved with someone else, though. Brooke was also not a shrinkee, but was friends with another shrinkee I had made friends with and she was 25. She was also TALL. Not super tall, but 5’10” and OH GOD how great was it to hook up with a tall woman! She thought it was cute that I would encourage her to wear heels and she too was very interested in my life’s quest, and thankfully, she did not have the jealousy issues that Melissa did.

By this point, I had passed the 6 foot barrier, though I still had a touch more growing to do and was taller than Brooke, but for some reason it really got me off to see her in heels and have to look up at her. She’d shower me with attention and kiss me and she’d tease me that women shrinking everywhere must have been killing me because I was losing all my romantic prospects. We’d laugh about it, though there was a seriousness behind her voice about it. I went out of my way to tell her that I was happy that she was shorter than me, after all, who can complain when you have a beautiful woman by your side, regardless of her size? I also would suggest maybe we shouldn’t do the whole taller than me role-play thing since it seemed to bother her. I just wanted her to feel comfortable with me, after all.

She, however, took my suggestion and went out and bought herself a set of platform heels in varying heights and surprised me one day with a pair of platform heels that made her almost a foot taller than me. She was so fired up that night. We made out right there at her front door and she dragged me inside kissing me, grabbing me and then she tore her blouse open, had me suck on her breasts and finally grabbed my hand and had me finger her while she leaned against the wall.

That was a wild night. We were up until almost dawn before I finally wore her out (a fact I am eternally proud of). She may have been a lot taller than me in her platforms, but I was easily stronger than her and she really got off on me pinning her against the wall.

We once tried the same thing in the shower, but platform heels in a wet, slippery surface is a really bad idea. She bruised her knee over that little mistake, but I made it up to her by icing her knee and giving her a full body massage until she fell asleep. She really loved how I showered affection on her when we were alone and she would return it ten fold.

And while she really liked the make out sessions with her standing almost a foot above me, she also shared with me the reason for her wide variety of heels. They came in different heights so that she could transition in our intimate sessions together. Yes, she liked towering over me while I sucked on her nipples and fingered her pussy while she was standing so high up she couldn’t even reach down to my cock, but eventually she would get so overwhelmed she would stop me, run her fingers through my hair and tell me “one sec, I need to come down to your level.”

She’d then trade out her platforms for a regular pair of heels and we would have sex standing up, me pressing her against the wall. Once I started to hint at a bit of roleplay regarding her shifting of heights on me, but she made it really clear, really quickly that she didn’t want to hear the “s” word or anything related to it.

We also got along really well. Despite the fact that I was 19 and she was 25, our goals were really aligned, and the main issue was the fact that I was a struggling student while she had moved on to the career phase. Still, though, I was determined and I had found some ways to build some passive income streams to help me out, even if they weren’t much. It took hardly any time before we were talking about the future together, children and brainstorming ideas for me to make a bit more money instead of just being some poor, destitute student, and she always seemed to glow when I insisted on paying for dinner for her, despite the fact that she was far better off than me financially, having already established a career for herself.

On nights where we went out and I treated her like an old fashioned date, she became especially hungry and by the time we were alone, she’d often go out of her way to do literally anything and everything to get me off as fast and powerfully as possible. I would argue with her that I only get to get off once while she could climax repeatedly, but that would only fire her up more. For instance, one night, she shoved me as hard as she could onto her couch and tore my pants open after literally leaping on me.

“Shh,” she whispered in my ear as she nibbled sensually on my earlobe. “Be a good boy and explode for me.” Then she grabbed my cock hard and began stroking it so hard she actually began breathing hard from the effort and kissed my neck and sucked and nibbled on my ears until I was nothing but putty in her hands. Then, for final measure, she dropped down to her knees and gave me a blowjob right there in her living room. I honestly forgot to even check that her drapes were closed, not that she cared.

She worked my shaft with both hands and alternated with taking my whole cock into her mouth all the way to the hilt even though she was really struggling with her gag reflex and she refused to slow down unless it was obvious that she’d taken me right to the edge. Then she would back off until I caught my breath and backed away from the edge of climax, and then she’d intensify again going so hard that her hair was flying every which way. She brought me to the edge at least a dozen times, and I think she only stopped there because she was exhausted by that point.

Then she popped my cock out of her mouth and stared up at me and told me, “give it all to me, baby,” and finished me off with even more effort than she’d managed up to that point in our romantic interlude together that evening. When I blew, it was massive and she almost choked on my cock and cum, but she refused to give in. She took it all, and then finally climbed up onto the couch and laid there with me, struggling to catch her breath while I kissed the top of her head and she curled up around my body. Typically, once a guy is spent like that, he’s the one that’s quick to pass out, but Brooke had really done her job that evening and between me kissing and caressing her, it wasn’t long before she passed out, wrapped around my body and clinging to me.

I asked her once after a similar session with her why she did that because wanted to get her off too, and all she said back was, “because I can,” with a mischievous grin.

Things were going GREAT for the remainder of freshman year until just a few days before the semester ended, she called me and told me she needed to talk. I knew what that kind of phrase meant, but still was determined to try to work it out with her. I wasn’t prepared for what was in store for me, though.

When I arrived at Brooke’s house, it took about two minutes for her to answer the door, and when she did, I was shocked. Brooke was now only 5’4” tall, and yet another woman in my life had suffered from a major shrinking spurt. I was actively asking myself whether it was me and if I was cursed to do this to the women I cared most about.

Poor Brooke was beside herself, and she never looked me in the eyes that entire conversation. Her eyes were red and bloodshot and it was clear that she’d been crying so much that she had no more tears to give. None of her clothes fit her anymore and she didn’t dare try on her old heels as her feet were too small to make them work now without her toppling down to the ground. She was going to have to get new clothes and shoes and she could at least pass as a normal adult woman still, but there was another hiccup. She’d been fired from her job on the spot when she came to work freshly shrunk. The other women at her work just weren’t comfortable around a shrinkee. They were too afraid of catching it from her and they all cleared out of the office rather than be near her.

She didn’t have a lot of money, but she knew her only chance of normalcy was to move away. This wasn’t true, of course, but this is what she told me and she wasn’t going to listen to any arguments to the contrary. She was just too humiliated to be around me after her spurt, and too ashamed of herself and her body. She broke up with me right there without even letting me in the door and even showed me as she blocked my number on her phone before she told me that she hoped I had a good life.

That was pretty heart breaking for me. I was determined to be there fore Brooke and I didn’t care that she’d had a shrinking spurt. I knew it was always a possibility it could happen anyways. “I don’t need you to be tall. I just need YOU,” I told her, but she wouldn’t listen. She even found new tears when I told her that I’d been scrapping and saving for an engagement ring I’d picked out for her and had set aside, but it only made her look more ashamed and more determined.

I never saw Brooke again.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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After Brooke, I played the field. Again, I wasn’t trying to play the field it’s just that when you have a large group of female friends who are in the early to mid twenties and they are literally throwing sex at you, you feel stupid for turning them down. I know how conceited that makes me sound, and even sexist, but again, I can promise you it wasn’t because I was some sort of magnificent stud or anything like that. I’d become a product of our times by that point and I knew it, but I’ll get to that in a second.

Losing Brooke really hit me hard, and I mean REALLY hard. I poured myself into my studies extra hard and was in the middle of the first summer term when Julie, my mutual friend with Brooke who’d introduced us showed up at my dorm room. That actually took quite a bit of nerve for her as there were a number of white knights on my floor that demanded to know what I was up to and how they could help her and of course all of my flaws as a human being.

They were very aggressive with her until I found her in the corridor near the elevator where she’d been stopped and was being mobbed by her would be saviors who were preaching to her about? Feminism. Like, I actually like feminism, so please don’t take all the complaining I’ve been doing up to the point the wrong way. My issue isn’t with the idea that women deserve to be treated equally. My issue is that you had all these sick, twisted, embittered little cock blocking pussies rising up all over the place who LIED about believing women should be treated equally. I despise white knights and just have gotten so sick and tired of them out looking for any new matriarch they could glom onto, especially after having met so many women that ended up being abused by guys like this in some form or another.

I get it, the dating pool for guys was literally shrinking, so things were extremely competitive, but I can only take so much of these little milk toast pansies always up my ass about everything, and it really pissed me off to see them surrounding Julie so much that I couldn’t even see her in the middle of the crowd. I only knew she was there by the sound of her voice, and I managed to get the crowd dispersed by calling campus police and reporting a crowd of rapists in my building assaulting a woman.

They all ran like squealing pigs when they heard me do that, and then it was another two hours of talking to campus police and being interrogated by them because they didn’t believe Julie when she said she was a friend of mine.

Julie took me out and we drove for a while and she told me about how she’d found out about Brooke’s spurt and promised me she did everything she could to convince her to stay and offer support for her, but Brooke wouldn’t have it. She was cleared out within a couple days of being fired from her job and she wasn’t going to look back. The last thing she told Julie before she got in her car and left was to swear she wouldn’t tell me anything about her.

Julie and I talked about it pretty late into the night and she offered me a shoulder to lean on the entire time. Somewhere along the line, she broke the conversation up by asking, “you didn’t notice?”

“Notice what?” asked, but she made it clear she wasn’t buying my act.

“I had another shrink spurt,” she told me.

“You can’t really tell.”

“Liar. I’m only 5’1” now. Before last summer I was 5’3”.”

“You know, it looks good on you,” I added in a bid to cheer her up.

“It happened a couple days ago. I guess I’m lucky. I’m still able to hide it, but just barely.”

“I’m glad it was just an average spurt, but it sucks that you have to go through this at all.”

“I guess it’s just a part of life now,” she told me.

“Your first spurt was devastating for you. You’re handling this one really well,” I complimented.

“Oh, I’m falling apart inside,” she admitted. “I’m just faking it because my friend needs me.”

“You shouldn’t. I’m fine. You have much more important problems than I do.”

“You’ve been like an angel for me, Brendan,” she told me as she put her hand on mine. “Even people who care don’t even know how to look at me like I’m a person anymore when they find out I’ve had spurts. I think I can spare something for you too. We both lost a friend, remember.”

“Yeah,” I agreed, but I didn’t really have anything behind the statement.

We stayed up a good portion of the night and it was a couple hours before daybreak when she tried to seduce me. Really well, actually. I even kissed her back, and when she made it clear she wanted something more, that’s when I stopped her.

That was really hard, and I think I did the right thing that night, but even to this day I feel stupid for turning down sex with another sexy woman, though this one was only 4 years my senior. She told me she understood and kissed me again, but this time it was more supportive than passionate, and she promised to stick with me through all of this, then I promised the same for her.

Julie was pretty respectful after that, but she would drop hints every now and again she was up for fooling around with me. I just wasn’t feeling it. I was so heart broken over Brooke. Julie also started to make a point of having me over when she had other friends over. At first it was strange being in a room surrounded by women and being either the only or one of maybe two guys. We always met in private at one of their homes or apartments, so no need to worry about the cock blocking police, but like I said, I was hurting too much to worry about working out my little buddy.

These get togethers became a kind of regular thing over the early summer and it was early June when I was out on a patio when Lisa, a friend of Julie’s and a non shrinkee kissed me in the middle of our conversation.

For a minute, I actually felt the fire in me start up again, but only for a minute. Then images of Brooke and even Tina came flooding back, and I ended up stopping Lisa. “It’s okay,” she promised me. “I want to.”

I gave her a half smile and just told her that I was sorry, and then explained everything about Brooke and told her, “I just don’t feel like I can commit to anything right now.”

She took it well enough, but not as well as Julie had, but she still remained sweet and supportive of me.

This happened a total of four times in the month of June until another woman (Rebecca), this one a shrinkee who’d gone from 5’8” to 5’7” took the straight forward approach when we were alone in one woman’s basement. She kissed me and she grabbed my pants, and she knew how to get my dick to come to life instantly, but again I stopped her and did my best to explain to her just as I had with the others that I just wasn’t ready for anything yet.

“You don’t have to commit to anything,” she promised me. “I just want tonight.” She then placed my hand on her breast and kissed me again and whispered, “just tonight.”

I honestly couldn’t think of a reason to turn her down at that point, so I drove her back to her place and suffice it to say, we made love. Nothing intense like I’d experienced with Brooke or Melissa, just warm, affectionate and intimate. I stayed with her for the night and before I left the next morning, she wrapped her arms around my neck from behind and kissed me.

“Like I said, I just wanted the night, but if you want to do it again sometime, you know where to find me,” she said, tapping on my phone. “No strings.”

“There’s always strings,” I teased her back.

“Not always,” she answered me back in a soft and almost lustful tone that somehow really made me believe her. “I understand where you’re at. Just let me know if you want to do it again some time.” Then she saw me on my way.

Get togethers with Julie and her friends grew in number. It was almost all women, but a couple guys were allowed into the groups, and I was one of only a few that were regulars. Some of the women were shrinkees, but most were just friends who knew, were discreet about their friend’s conditions and were supportive. By the end of July, I had hooked up with five separate women from these little parties and each one insisted that they were fine with me playing the field. Most actually encouraged it.

Part of me was proud. The other part of me was starting to feel like a party favor. I knew something was going on behind the scenes, I could feel it. Some sort of talk was happening with these women and I was starting to feel used.

One night, I asked Julie to have dinner with me and when I arrived at her house, she was there, and thankfully she didn’t greet me in a negligee or anything sultry or overly sexy like that. She was just dressed in a pair of khaki capris and a green and white-stripped t-shirt. This was a relief as she had continued to flirt with me the entire summer. I still felt a little awkward after she made me dinner and finally as we were eating, I confronted her, and told her what was going on and that I felt like there was something behind it and that she knew something about it. I then told her I was starting to feel like a party favor and that was when she finally took me seriously.

“You’re not a party favor, Brendan,” she insisted seriously.

“Then how the hell is this even a thing? If it was a woman that was getting passed around from guy to guy, how would you feel about that?” I demanded to know.

She immediately deflected. “Lana had her first spurt yesterday. Just under two inches,” she said in a distant tone.

There was an awkward silence as we finished dinner and then I led her to the couch and sat her down and placed my had on hers. “Are you alright?” I asked, for the first time thinking about her that evening instead of myself.

“Not really,” she admitted.

“So maybe pushing you tonight was bad timing?”

“I’m really glad you came,” she answered back, forcing a smile and squeezing my hand.

“Julie,” I began to say, but she put her finger up to my lips and hushed me without making a sound. She then shifted up onto her knees, slid up to me and kissed me with an open mouth while grabbing that back of my head.

I have to admit, she was a really good kisser, and there was so much passion to it. I kind of lost my will to fight her this time and gave in to making out with her right up until she reached into my pants and started stroking my dick. “Julie,” I interrupted again, but again she kissed me.

“I’ve been patient. Can’t you let me have a chance too?” she asked me.

“That’s my whole point!” I argued, though my will power was waning as she began rubbing my shaft with a hand that was all at once smaller and more delicate while having more power over me than I would have ever suspected.

“You’re not a party favor, I promise. It’s not like that. Look, you know I want this. You know I’ve wanted it for a while now. I’ve been patient. Give me a chance,” she whispered into my ear lustfully.

“This doesn’t feel right,” I almost begged her.

“You’re right, sort of. But it’s not what you think. We’ll talk about it, I promise, I just don’t have the words right now, but… Brendan, I need you.”

I honestly don’t know if that is me following my dick around like a divining rod, but like I said, you feel really stupid turning down sexy women when they are throwing sex at you like candy. So I gave in. I pushed back until I was on top of her and kissed her back and felt as she unzipped both of our pants and pulled my dick out into the open air. Then she pulled on it and guided my cock into her unzipped pants while pulling her panties to the side and squeezed it between her unbelievably wet labia.

With our sexes connected, she sighed with immense relief and grabbed my ass, slowly guiding me to pump my hips back and forth as my cock stroked the length of her labia and pussy. Her whole body shook and quivered with each slow motion pump and she was forced to stop kissing me as she gasped over and over and let her head fall back, lost in the lustful sensations of my cock stroking the outside of her pussy.

This was enough to bring her to the edge of climax, but not all the way there. The slow undulation of our bodies was enough to keep from pushing me towards the edge, and I have to admit, hot enough to make me hard as a rock and keep me there.

Eventually, she pushed back against me and caressed my cock affectionately as I lifted myself up to a kneeling position. She nodded with her head toward the bedroom and I held her hand as she led me in there where she pulled my shorts down and then pulled my shirt up to fully unclothe me, though she was short enough that she needed my assistance to finish the job. Once I was fully disrobed, she took my hands and placed them at the bottom of her shirt and watched me intently and with eagerness as I lifted her shirt up and over her head before dropping it at her feet. Next she insisted I take her capris off, which I was happy to oblige.

This time I had to hold on to them and shimmy them down her hips and legs until she could finally step out of them and she then took my hands and guided me back up to a standing position where I stood naked and she stood in her bra and panties and nothing else and she stood there holding my hands, inviting me to enjoy the view.

The view was very nice, however, something was definitely off, though I had a hard time figuring out for a moment until I realized that her breasts were easily too small to fill the cups of her bra, the straps were loose and in danger of falling off her shoulders and her panties were loose and baggy holding on to her hips only loosely.

I gave her a look of quick concern, but she just smiled and pulled my hands behind her back to the clasp her loose bra. “They’re my old ones,” she assured me, which allowed me to breath a sigh of relief that she hadn’t just had another spurt in my arms without me even noticing.

I unclasped her bra and slid it down her arms, marveling at the sight of two pale, soft c cup breasts with pert, spritely pink nipples and finally she guided my hands to her hips and allowed me to remove her loose panties, which fell from her frame much more easily than the form fitting capris she had been wearing.

“What would you like to do?” she asked with a playful sparkle in her eyes. I thought for a moment while she fondled my dick, then I guided her back to the bed, scooped her up into my arms, which made her squeal delightfully and set her down as gently as I could on her back. Then I laid down beside her, slid my arm under her back, rolled her shoulders up so I could suck on her right nipple, then placed the heel of my hand on her mons pubis and began stroking her clitoris with the tip of my finger.

This was more than enough to make her scream with pleasure instantly. The intensity built up in her over and over again until she suddenly seemed to become ravenous and she pushed back against my shoulders in an attempt to turn the tables so she could mount me. I refused, of course. I was having too much fun and her whole body was shaking with each stroke of her clitoris so hard that I thought she might actually explode on me.

I held her in place like this, switching between each nipple to suck on while carefully paying close attention to her increasingly swollen clitoris and occasionally slipping a finger inside of her until it finally happened and her entire body lurched in a very nice and satisfying orgasm.

This wasn’t quite enough to satisfy my hunger, though, and I held on tightly to her, continuing to finger her and suckle on her nipples until a few moments later, she slipped into another orgasm, which spilled over into a third, then a forth and finally a fifth before she pushed back on me with serious earnest. “Too much! Too much!!” was all she could tell me as her body convulsed from being over stimulated. I let her go, allowed her to catch her breath all the while continuing to suckle on those delicious puffy nipples and fondling her breasts with both hands until she finally had recovered enough to grab my face with both hands. “Can I have a turn?” she asked passively.

“Yeah,” I agreed with a grin, and then she rolled on top of me and pulled my cock inside of her as she carefully lowered herself down on me until our hips connected. Then she leaned forward so that her breasts hung down directly in my face and she began grinding her hips and body against mine so that her breasts swung rhythmically up and down right above me as I watched them, practically mesmerized.

She continued like this for several minutes while I gripped her hips forcefully and guided her along, and then she sat upright and put her hand between her legs, using her fingertips to stroke her clitoris forcefully and suddenly she exploded in another orgasm before collapsing down and laying against my chest. “Fuck,” she gasped at me as she caught her breath and then grabbed my shoulders and pulled on me to encourage me into rolling over on top of her.

“Go hard,” she growled to me with gritted teeth, and I obliged. I thrust my throbbing cock into her as hard and fast as I could, and even though I only lasted a few short minutes like that, I was still proud for having lasted that long in the first place before I lurched and came inside of her with a heavy breath.

The aftermath of our sex was one of complete release, with Julie squeezing me with all her strength and occasionally kissing my bare chest. To date, she was the shortest woman I had had sex with by several inches, but I have to admit that it was really good. Far better than I had ever expected. Before too long, I was starting to drift off too sleep and Julie scooted up so she could nuzzle her head in the nape of my neck.

I wrapped a cover over her and she squeezed me again, even shivering a little as she did so and as the room fell completely silent around us, she finally spoke.

“There’s literally no moment in a day that goes by that I don’t feel completely… vulnerable,” she confided. I immediately came to and looked at her in the dim light of her bedroom. “It’s constant. It’s been constant ever since I first realized that we were all shrinking and it’s been a hundred times worse since I had my first spurt.”

“I can’t imagine how hard all this must be for you.”

“What’s scary, what’s really terrifying is that when it happens? It feels really good. You can feel your strength and everything just slipping away from you and you can feel the whole world starting to loom over you and it’s absolutely terrifying, but it also feels kinda… good. And then, when it’s over and the first time you feel arms around you? It’s the most amazing feeling in the world, like all the problems in the world have just been blown away in the wind. But even so, even with how amazing it feels to be wrapped up in big, powerful arms, you feel so small and insignificant. You feel weak and helpless and completely and totally vulnerable. And it never goes away. It’s there constantly and you know what the shrinking feels like and you know it could come back at any instant and every time I think about it I keep asking myself, if this one will be it. Will this be the big one and I will shrink out of existence? And then I tell myself I’d rather shrink out of existence than live a life where someone knows what’s happened to me. To lose my job and my friends, to have my family look at my like I’m some kind of shrunken monster. Like because I exist, I will give it to them. I feel like no matter what, once someone knows I’ve had a spurt, my whole world will be destroyed and I don’t need to shrink down to nothing to be absolutely nothing.”

The entire time she told me all of that, she shivered with fear and I could hear tears building as she spoke and she revealed something to me she’d never shared before. Perhaps she’d never even shared it with herself, and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to say in return. I just wrapped both my arms around her and pressed my mouth against the top of her head.

“I know it’s been over the top,” she confided after several sniffles. “We just thought… you’d enjoy it. We weren’t trying to pass you around like a party favor, I swear.”

“So you all did talk about it. I wasn’t just…”

“No, you were right. We just thought… you’d like it and maybe it would be good for you. You’re not a party favor, I swear.”

“I still don’t get it, though.”

Julie sighed again and the squeezed my torso once more. “Oh, you feel so big,” she remarked. “I only shrunk an inch this summer, but I can feel the difference. You feel so big.”

All I could do was gulp and squeeze her back while she sat there with her thoughts and finally she lifted her head and looked at me. “Shrinkees talk about this stuff. We talk about it a lot, once we’re sure we can trust each other, but even then, usually we all end up breaking down and crying before we even finish saying anything about it. It’s absolutely terrifying and humiliating when it happens to you.”

“I can’t imagine.”

“That’s the thing,” she said, tapping my on the chin with her fingertip. “You’ve always been sweet and helpful and you know just what to do and say. This Caitlyn is an absolute BITCH for teaching you to fuck with our heads like that,” she growled with frustration. “But then it happened and I could see the look on your face when Brooke left you and it was the same thing. You’ve been trying as long as I have known you as best as you could, but in your own way, I can see it now, you get it. I see you… we all saw you and we talked about it and you were just so… vulnerable. And I just needed a few minutes where I didn’t feel so completely alone anymore,” she added as she broke completely down into sobbing and tears and was barely able to finish her sentence.

I held her for at least an hour holding her and squeezing her as she cried herself to sleep and then left me alone with my thoughts as I double-checked that she was properly covered and warm.

And there it was. I wasn’t special, not really. I wasn’t some amazing stud, or a sex magnet. It was just that thanks to my friendship with Caitlyn and this sick, warped world we’d found ourselves in, I’d managed to get some small piece of what Julie and all of her friends were feeling and whereas when they had gotten together for support they broke apart and were consumed by their fears and anger and resentment for the world growing out of their reach around them a tiny bit at a time. And then I wasn’t just a nice guy anymore. I was someone who felt their world shattered in an instant, even if it wasn’t quite the same. What it was, was I was completely alone. Julie was right about that. That’s exactly how I felt. I knew that these little trysts felt good, but they weren’t filling that void in me and they weren’t breaking that insufferable feeling of being alone. And that was where each of these women had seen me, and they wanted to feel someone just for a short time with them and end the loneliness. Even if it couldn’t last.

I definitely didn’t feel fulfilled by this constant series of hookups, it definitely didn’t fill the vacuums that had been created in my life, but I didn’t feel sick about it anymore either.

The next morning, Julie made breakfast for me and we sat together while she skipped work and I skipped class and we talked some more. “I don’t know that this was right, or even if it was good,” she explained to me about our tryst from the night before. “I just know that I needed it. I needed it so bad.”

“Has it made anything any better for you?” I asked her, squeezing her hand.

“Yeah,” she admitted after much thought and consideration. “Yeah, it did.”

“Where do we go from here?” I asked her.

“I have no idea,” she admitted. “I mean, I know what you want in life just doesn’t fit with mine. I just needed it so bad.” I really didn’t know what to say, so I grabbed her chair and pulled it around the side of the table and lifted her up and set her on my lap and squeezed her tight, going out of my way to smother her face and lips with affectionate kisses and I smiled to myself as I felt her melt into me.

“God, I am going to KILL that Caitlyn bitch for teaching you to fuck with our heads so bad!” she eventually grumbled with a near rage.

“I’m not trying to fuck with your heads,” I insisted.

“I know you’re not,” Julie told me. “But you’re still doing it,” she said with a mixture of frustration and relief.

“I’m sorry.” I was sincere. She seemed so drained from everything she’d shared with me the night before and that morning.

“No. Don’t be. And don’t change a thing. I know we’re fucked up but… don’t change a thing.”

“Okay,” I agreed and squeezed her tightly once again.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Sun Oct 11, 2020 6:58 pm

All in all, it was a pretty good summer. I had all the sex I would have wanted this summer, but it also came with a lot of baggage. All I actually wanted was to help these women, these people, and somehow I ended up in these open-ended trysts with about six different women, all of whom were several years older than me.

I mean, it was fun, but it was also unnerving. Each of these women had basically abandoned the entire idea of a life with someone they could truly love due to their diminishing statures so they leaned on me, and in a strange way, I became extremely close with each of them. But it wasn’t real. It certainly didn’t have the lasting fulfillment of a real relationship. It was just all that each of them had to offer. They were each struggling so much to get by, they didn’t have enough to give to a real relationship, but when their angst went up enough, they could dump all of it out on me. In a way, I was getting my wish, and I was helping them, because it didn’t take a genius to see that they were hurting and struggling in their lives when you talked with them. It just wasn’t real. At least not real in any kind of lasting sense.

When I was with Brooke, it was the first relief I had had from the specter of my lost past with Tina, but now it was all flooding back, only this time I was struggling with the sudden loss of someone I desperately wanted to build a life and a future with all because she couldn’t face her fear of shrinking.

I did have fun, and I wouldn’t really undo that summer, but if I had a choice? I would have gone back to the innocence of that summer with Caitlyn where we were just there for each other. No complicated entanglements, no games to suppress a complete mental and emotional breakdown, just me and my friend.

That was a long time ago, though, and as a friend once told me, I guess sooner or later we have to stop living in the past.

As we moved into fall semester, I started working more on my major specifically, and was doing so a year ahead of schedule thanks to my dedication. Well, that one night I mentioned with Julie? I actually had to beg my professor not to fail me for missing class that day. She really wasn’t interested in any excuses and I was pretty sure that she didn’t want to hear that I had chosen to miss because I wanted to have a heart to heart after a one night stand.

It actually turned out to not be a one-night stand, though. Julie and I hooked up a few more times that summer. So did her friends and I. You might be asking yourself, why were six different women choosing to share me rather than finding other guys to hook up with? I was asking myself the same question. I really wasn’t getting any answers, though. The answer was staring me right in the face, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

So it was my first microbiology course that I had a class with the department head, Dr. Jurek. She was a smartly dressed woman, usually in a skirt and business blouse with dark rimmed glasses and a relatively short, but still very feminine haircut. She wasn’t very tall, I guessed about 5’3” without her heels and even though she could easily pass off as less, I was guess she was somewhere in her thirties. The main give away was her womanly figure. I wouldn’t say anything like she was chubby or anything like that, but she was definitely a different body type than the tall and slender women I had been into. Even Julie was on the slender and lithe side, just smaller than say, Brooke. She also seemed to take an immediate interest in me and my work, but looking around the classroom, it was fair to assume it was for reasons other than you would think based on everything I’ve focused on up to this point. I was one of only 3 men in that program, which raised an eyebrow or two since when I’d applied for that school, I was certain that program had boasted “while 90% of our students in this program are male, we are working hard to increase the number of female students.”

Indeed. The ratios had been completely flipped in only a year and a half.

I didn’t really have a lot of time to dwell on that, though, as I was on a mission. I needed this degree and all the course work in it because I needed to find a cure and I needed to finish school well ahead of schedule. The other guys in the course worked hard, but mostly kept to themselves. This was pretty normal. We’d seen a massive number of men drop out of college in my short career there, and those that remained were mostly white knights. The guys that weren’t mostly kept to themselves as forming social groups was getting harder and harder unless you were in a sport, and as I said, Title IX restrictions were seeing a dramatic cut in the number of men’s sports as participation in women’s sports plummeted. The white knight types also went out of their way to seek out and destroy any male-female interactions that they weren’t directly a part of, all in the name of protecting these powerful women so pretty much all social interaction on campus was deteriorating insanely rapidly, and all with loud support from the faculty and deans.

If you were a guy in that college, you were only there because you were on a mission, and those that remained of the reduced number of men there tended to be doing what I was doing- taking as many courses as we could handle to make our college careers as short as possible. Suffice it to say, I didn’t have a lot of male friends left on campus by my sophomore year, and I was turning into a bit of a loner there.

Thankfully, I went out of my way to get an apartment off campus that year rather than stay in the dorms any longer, so that helped with my social life. Maybe this is petty, but on a side note, I kind of wonder how pissed all the white knights I knew in the dorms freshmen year would have been if they knew how much tail I was getting without really even trying. Yeah, that’s probably petty, but it is what it is.

I was on a bit more of a mission than the other guys, though, so I ended up putting a lot of extra time in the lab at night as I struggled with classes that I might not have been quite ready for. Strangely enough, I would frequently see Dr. Jurek burning the midnight oil and she would always stare at me as she walked by as I would work in the lab and wave if she knew I saw she was there. One night in the middle of October, I was doing my thing and I guess Dr Jurek decided to let her curiosity get the better of her and she walked into the lab and stood across the table with me and stared until she had my undivided attention.

“Why am I always seeing you in here so late? I know you have a social life,” she accused. This was definitely an eyebrow raising accusation, but I really wasn’t sure how to respond, so I just answered as best as I could.

“This class is more of a challenge than the ones I had last year. I’m just trying to keep up,” I told her.

“Your grades are nearly perfect. If they weren’t you wouldn’t even be in this program,” she added with a laugh. Again, another odd comment in my eyes, but again, I wasn’t sure exactly what to say to that.

“Well, they’re only where they are because I’m putting in these extra hours.”

“You’re having that much trouble?” she asked me.


“You’re sure? The last three tests, you had perfect scores.”

“Two of those tests, I was guessing several of those questions. I got kind of lucky.”

“I don’t really want you to burn out, Brendan. Why don’t you schedule something during my office hours so I can help answer some of your questions.”

“What office hours?” I asked her. I will tell you I was thoroughly confused.

“The ones on your syllabus.”

“There are no office hours on my syllabus listed,” I answered back.

“What?” she asked me, now equally confused. “Do you have a copy with you?” I nodded and reached into a bag then pulled out a print out of the email that had been sent out following my registration in the class for the semester. Dr. Jurek read the page up and down, focusing very carefully on every line until she was forced to admit that I was telling her the truth. “What the…” she muttered, then scowled angrily. “Damnit!” and with that she tore up the page, my notes and all and dumped them in the wastebasket.

“My office is 119. You can meet me there tomorrow at 1:15 in the afternoon and I’ll schedule you in for an hour. And I’ll have a new syllabus for you too,” she promised. This was an interesting turn of events. She was always friendly and cordial in class, but most of her socialization was with the women in class. The few men there were pretty independent.

“But… that’s…”

“What? You don’t have any classes that afternoon.”

“Okay, how do you even know what my schedule is?” I demanded to know.

“I’ve seen all my students schedules. Be there. Now go home,” she ordered me.

“Not until I’m done,” I insisted, now turning to ignore her.

“Brendan… I’ll answer whatever questions you have tomorrow afternoon. Now go home and get some rest. This is the second time this week I’ve found you in here this late at night,” she told me, even more frustrated.

“I’m going to figure this out. I’ll have new questions for you tomorrow,” I determined, still trying to ignore her.

“I’m trying to help you keep from burning out,” she offered, this time with a little more tact and compassion.

“I appreciate it. I could really use it,” I admitted to her. “But I started this project tonight, and I’m going to finish it.”

“Alright,” she relented, throwing her hands up in the air. “Just don’t be late tomorrow.”

“I won’t,” I promised. Then as she headed for the door, I called out to her. When she turned, I again gave her my undivided attention again. “What about you? You’re in here awfully late too most nights.”

“It comes with the job,” she answered me simply then turned around to leave again. “Have a good night.”

The next day, I found Dr. Jurek at her office at 1:15 and ready for me with a brand new syllabus as promised. I looked it over and was rather shocked to find that this version was two pages while the one I had printed was less than one. She immediately declined to discuss why the two documents were so different and we immediately dove into the coursework, easily using up the entire hour and then some until another student knocked on the door wondering how much longer she should wait to get her chance at office hours.

“You’ve got my office hours now. This time schedule something with me and I’d prefer sooner rather than later,” she told me, and then sent me on my way.

Dr. Jurek was a godsend. Having the opportunity to meet with her on an ongoing basis completely changed my workload and my stress levels. Enough that when I got my third text from Janelle, an athletic blonde that was one of Julie’s little clique asking for some time with me in the span of only a couple days, I was able to tell her I’d had some time open up and I’d be over that night.

Janelle, unfortunately, had suffered from her second shrinking spurt and I will just say she was an emotional wreck when I got to her place. Once standing at 5’4”, she was now down to 5’2”, and though it wasn’t a dramatic drop in size, this whole epidemic of shrinking women was absolutely devastating to the confidence and emotional health of women everywhere. She had obviously been crying quite a bit before I showed up, and was in desperate need of some companionship.

“Sorry,” I told her as she squeezed me as hard as she could. “Classes have been brutal lately. I didn’t mean to neglect you so long.”

“It’s okay. I know you have a life.”

“Well, it should be getting better now. I’ve had a bit of a break through.”

“Discover some great scientific secrets?”

“I wish. One of my profs has taken an interest in keeping me from failing, so I’m getting some one on one time with her.”

“Should I be jealous?” she teased, smirking at me, while also sniffling.

“You’ve been fooling around with me along with 5 of your friends. Why would some professor who’s probably twenty years older than me and that I’d have nothing to offer to be a reason to make you jealous?”

“Yeah, about that… It’s not that I… I’ve never been the biggest fan of this arrangement.”

“What are you saying? You want something more?” I asked, actually with a little more eagerness than I had expected.

“No!” she exclaimed, suddenly a little panicked at the idea of an actual relationship. “Well, I mean… I didn’t mean to push,” she whimpered.

“You didn’t,” I told her back, and then she smirked up at me and pulled on my hand.

“Do you wanna…” she implied heavily as she nodded toward the bedroom.

“Uh, I’m sorry, sweetie, but you are getting an actual date tonight. Least I could do given the hell you’ve been through.” This remarkably lifted Janelle’s spirits and I took her out for Thai food immediately after going out and picking up a fresh pair of heels, which she hid under a long dress that went all the way down to her feet.

As with most dating in this new world, we sat and talked, but did so at arm’s length due to the rather large cook that was glaring at us through the window from the kitchen. It wasn’t too much of a downer, and it did give us both a touch of normalcy for a change. Next I took her for ice cream and finally a walk around a lake on a paved path so we could avoid her needing to take her newer, higher heels off. Of course eyes were on us, or more specifically me the whole time, but I did everything in my power to distract Janelle from any of that garbage and we capped the night off staring at the stars in the pavilion at her apartment complex where she told me how the shrink spurt had happened to her on the commute home in her car in the middle of rush hour traffic and how she’d almost lost control of the pedals because of it.

Finally, for good measure, I took her back inside and I drew her a bath and massaged her shoulders and feet while she soaked up the hot water.

“You would make an amazing boyfriend,” she complimented, and then I could see her blush as she realized she’d blurted out too much.

“This isn’t a big deal. I mean, I haven’t seen you in at least three weeks. I just thought I would make it up to you.”

“I didn’t actually ask to see you until this week,” she mumbled, obviously ashamed.

“Why don’t you talk to me,” I told her after a long sigh.

“I don’t want to talk,” she answered back, slipping down meekly toward the bubbles in her bath. “I want you.”

“The bath and massage aren’t working for you?” I teased her.

“Only to get me even more hot and bothered. I know you’re sporting wood, mister,” she teased me.

“You’re hot. And you’re naked.”

“And I’m shrunk,” she muttered ashamedly, letting her true feelings out finally.

“All I see is a hot woman, letting me touch her naked body.” Janelle giggled and let her self rise up a little more in the water again and placed my hands on her bare breast.

“I have a bet that I can make you scream when you cum mister always silent.”

“Challenge accepted,” I grinned down at her.

Janelle giggled and immediately stood up in the bath and showcased her naked body for me, though she still seemed rather bashful. I then grabbed a towel while she used her toes to open the drain to the tub and she still stared at me as though looking for approval. I guess I didn’t offer it, but I did wrap the towel around her and bent over to kiss her as I dried her naked body off for her. “You’re so sweet,” she complimented me. She then chirped once I was finished and scooped her up into my arms and carried her away to the bedroom. Once there, she let her insecurities slip yet again.

“I know you like tall women.”

“I really wish Julie would stop talking to you girls about things like this,” I complained, suddenly broken out of the mood and shaking my head.

“No, I mean… doesn’t it bother you that I’ve always been too small? Especially now?”

“Julie, you were never too small. First time I saw you and you flirted with me, I almost couldn’t get the lump out of my throat.”

“But you like tall women.”

“Before long, 5’2” may be tall,” I joked, though it didn’t go over well. I cursed myself and tried to recover. “Janelle…”

“When you first met me I was 5’4”. When Julie told me you were into tall women last year, I never thought I’d get you to look twice at me.”

“I lost track of how many times I looked at you back then.”

“But now I’m even smaller.”

“Only slightly. Two inches is hardly anything. I mean, the average person fluctuates close to an inch in height every day.”

“But they don’t lose it permanently. Besides, if you lost two inches, I’d be pretty upset,” she told me, rubbing the bulge in my pants. I had to close my eyes for a second because it felt so good.

“If I lost two inches, then I’d just have to work extra hard to make it worth it for you.”

“I bet you could,” she smirked, rubbing my pants a little faster.

“Luckily, you don’t have to work any harder. You are still as sexy as ever.”

“Are you just saying that?” she questioned me, and in response I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out into her hand so she could feel just how hard I was for her.

“Does it feel like I’m just saying it?”

Janelle paused and opened her mouth to speak, the stopped and looked at my penis and finally gulped. “I can feel that it’s gotten bigger,” she commented, suddenly now using my size to compare to her own. Again I sighed and lowered my head, struggling after all I’d done that evening to cheer her up only to still see her struggling right as she was about to get what she’d asked from me in the first place.

“Janelle, what do you want tonight?” I finally asked. “I’m really trying. I’m trying my best. I know this is really difficult for you, but I’m just trying to help.”

This apparently was enough and she leaned back a little and finally offered me a more genuine smile. “I just want to feel like a woman,” she told me.

“You certainly feel like one to me,” I said as I leaned over her.

“Okay, that one works,” she giggled and kissed me while pulling up on my shirt. I quickly disrobed and laid down with her, kissing her, then she bit her lip as I began slowly kissing down her body one inch at a time. I made sure to take my time, so much so that while I was edging down her belly, she grabbed the sheets in her fists and tensed and screamed, “Oh my God! Would you just get there already?”

“It’s a long trip,” I teased looking back up at her. Janelle looked at me and laughed hysterically at my attempt at humor to cheer her up and even slapped my cheek playfully.

“Lines like that aren’t going to work on a shrinking woman, stud,” she teased me.

I immediately crawled back up to her face and kissed her with an open mouth, which she seemed to enjoy as she sighed. “It made you laugh. That’s good enough for me.” She blushed and squeezed my cheeks and kissed me again.

“This is why I need to see you,” she smiled, her mood lifting again as I could see she was finally really getting into it. “Have you gotten any better since the last time you tried this?” She was referring to my skills at cunnilingus. I was trying, but I’d gotten feedback from four of the six that I wasn’t very good at it.

“I guess we’ll find out,” I teased back.

“I’ll help you out,” she promised as she bit her lip seductively.

On my way back down again, I went even more slowly, which made Janelle scream in frustration repeatedly, especially when I made sure to linger much longer than necessary on fondling and sucking on her breasts. When I did finally arrive between her legs, her entire body tensed as I began licking tentatively up and down her soaking wet labia and her whole body shivered.

“You’ve learned a couple things or two,” she laughed at me.

“I want to be a good student.”

“You’re in luck, stud. I’m going to be the best teacher you’ve ever had,” she told me with more confidence and than she’d ever shown me before. That was my proudest moment that night. It felt really good to draw that out of her and for one moment, the specter of her shrinking was gone. Sometimes I was able to pull that off with one of the girls, but certainly not always. She grabbed my head with both hands and plunged my face into her pussy and screamed as I puckered my lips around her clit and began flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

“Up, up up,” she encouraged me, coaching me as I edged further up along her clit and she arched her back while her body shook. “Now harder!” she ordered and she shivered again as I increased the pressure. “Faster!!” she screamed then gasped as I obeyed.

I’m sure some men just are great at cunnilingus, but I’m not really sure how. And I get it that it’s embarrassing having someone’s face right there in your most private of parts, but feedback is a major issue when it comes to getting a woman off. She’d complained that I was always quiet while most of the girls were pretty loud in bed, but that’s mostly because I had to concentrate. Each of the girls had their own hot buttons, their own tastes and their own things that got them off, and it was really hard sometimes knowing which thing would work and when.

When it comes to getting me off, it’s pretty simply. Rub my dick really hard and fast and you’ll get it. Working my tongue around Janelle’s pussy was a whole other matter. Her clit would swell and swell and swell and she would build up and up and up and then her clit would recede again with no real warning, even if I was doing exactly what she would tell me to do. On a few occasions, it shrank back so much that I could hardly get to it anymore behind her hood, so I was forced to lick along her labia or even penetrate her vagina with the tip of my tongue in order to coax it back out.

In short, I really needed her coaching me through this and it took enough concentration that as excited as I was, I definitely went soft again. Thankfully, she was as persistent as I was and between the two of us, we were able to finally crack her combination that night. When she finally built up for the last time, I could feel her clitoris swelling again and then swelling more than it had the previous times. She was caught off guard when I wrapped my lips around it and I was pleasantly surprised when it swelled just enough that I was able to suck on it.

At this point, her coaching ended and she twisted and writhed around me, apparently unable to speak any longer. I knew I finally had her. I decided to take a gamble and I pushed my index finger inside of her and was again satisfied when she screamed at the top of her lungs with pleasure. After a few minutes of licking and sucking on her engorged clit and thrusting my finger in and out of her, I slipped my middle finger in as well and did my best to focus on the spongy tissue inside her pussy at the top and a couple inches in.

Then suddenly her whole body began lurching and she thrusted her hips up over and over, almost breaking free of my lips and finally it happened and oh boy did it happen. She squirted massively right in my face and then collapsed, shivering and shaking in a pool on her sheets. After I used some Kleenex on the night stand to wipe my face clean, I crawled behind her and spooned her, squeezing her breasts while she continued to come down from her excessive high.

“What a woman,” I whispered in her ear, which immediately made her laugh and laugh and laugh. It took a few minutes for her to recover, but once she felt like had done so enough, she rolled over on top of me and kissed me passionately.

“Tell me what you want. Anything. Just tell me and I’ll do it,” she begged me.

“I guess a blow job would be nice,” I teased her, but she certainly didn’t take it as such. She immediately dropped to my hips, grabbed my still flaccid penis in her hand and wrapped her lips around and began sucking.

It didn’t take long for my poor neglected member to respond. It immediately felt good and I could hear her giggling as she felt me getting harder in her hands and mouth.

“That’s it, get harder for me. BIGGER!” she coaxed in between sucks. A moment after that her mouth started to begin to feel tight inside as I continued to swell. Before long, she was rubbing the shaft of cock with one hand, cupping and fondling my balls with the other and eager sucking and ramming my cock into her mouth and all the way back into her throat with surprising vigor.

She was so into it she began moaning along with my every twitch and when I let moan slip out, she actually screamed a little from the excitement and I could feel her body squirming as she rubbed her thighs together. She took me all the way to the edge and then, as my cock tensed and made its final swell before the inevitable release, she stopped and looked up at me with begging eyes.

“I know I said I would do anything you wanted, but can I please feel you inside of me?”

“I’m not going to last,” I barely managed to chuckle to her.

“I don’t care,” she panted, and then gave my cock another good, hard suck. “I need it. I need it so bad. Can I please have it?” I couldn’t help but laugh nervously.

“I wanna feel you,” I told her and then I watched with pride as her face was filled with this unbelievable and insatiable hunger. She crawled up and then angled her hips to give enough clearance for her small body over my hips and then she lowered herself onto me, gasping a little as my cock stretched her out and filled her up one inch at a time. When she had me most of the way inside of her, she closed her eyes, balled her fists and sighed a little, then looked at me.

“You’re definitely bigger.”

“I think today is a good day for the little guy. You’re really fucking hot,” I complimented her.

“He’s not little. He’s DEFINITELY not little,” she told me in a low, husky voice, and then completed her descent on me in one final surge, loud, moaning that made both of us tense. “How long do you think you have?” she asked me as she began grinding her opened hips against mine.

“Not long,” I admitted with some shame.

“I’m gonna win that bet,” she growled at me with determination, and then I watched with wide eyes as Janelle grabbed both my hands, gripped them as hard as she could (really, I was really surprised with how tightly she grabbed them) and she began bouncing on my cock so hard and fast that her pert B cup breasts almost managed to hit her chin.

Her hair flowed like it was being turned by a hurricane and her thighs and abs rippled like waves after dropping a stone in a lake and she just kept going, faster and harder and she tensed, extremely careful to not allow me to slip out of her accidently even for a second.

She began moaning with this strange, low growl and when I was caught up in the moment enough to let a moan of my own out, she immediately screamed and somehow found the strength and resolve to bounce up and down my cock even faster and harder and finally I could feel every muscle in my body tense involuntarily and I pushed my hips up, lifting her off the bed and into the air, and yes, I screamed as I came inside of her and that scream was enough to make her roar so loud that my ears rang and I could hear her voice echo well outside her bedroom and into the corridor outside her apartment.

I thrust upward several times, dumping all my precious bodily fluids inside of her and then I collapsed and she collapsed on top of me, too exhausted to move enough to even slide my cock out of her. “I won,” she laughed to herself, twitching as she failed to manage to lift her arms.

“What a woman,” I panted to her between wheezing breaths, and she laughed even harder, on and on until she was left lying on top of me, giggling to herself over her proud, but lewd achievement.

After we settled and she slid off of me and to my side, still clinging to me, I tipped her head up and kissed her. “No tall woman ever did anything like that to me,” I complimented her.

“What are you saying? You like short women now?” she asked with a toothy grin.

“I… God, you’d make one hell of a girlfriend,” I complemented, but she immediately blushed and buried her face into my chest, too afraid to make eye contact. After a bit of an awkward silence, I tipped her chin up and kissed her again. “No doubt, if this is what short women can do, short women are DEFINITELY better than tall women,” I complimented her. She grinned again at me and then hugged me then lay there staring into my eyes.

“You can go to sleep,” she whispered to me, noting my fatigue. “I’ve got you. I’m not going anywhere.”

In the morning, when I woke up, she was still there hanging on to my side and she lifted her head and looked at me, this time with some tears in her eyes. “Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I just can’t commit,” she blurted out tearfully. Not what I had wanted to hear first thing in the morning. Part of me was relieved. I would have liked something more serious with Janelle, but I was in a weird place where I felt the same way about each of the girls for one reason or another. The whole thing was getting really awkward. Still though, I thought I was so close the night before. All I could do was look at her and gulp. That was enough to make her actually cry, so I struggled and said the first thing I could think of.

“Isn’t that something a guy would say?”

She did manage a short laugh, and she kissed my hand. “I’ll tell you a secret,” she said to me solemnly and kissed my hand again.

“I’ll be discreet,’ I promised and she laughed again.

“I’ve fallen in love with you,” she admitted point blank. I was completely taken aback and my jaw dropped, but she covered my mouth with her petite hand immediately. “Don’t. Don’t you dare,” she warned me, forcing me to remain silent. She immediately knew what I would have said. “I just can’t do it, I’m sorry. I can’t handle a relationship.”

“We can work it out,” I told her. I know the desperation was clear in my voice. “We can work through it.”

“You could. I can’t. You don’t understand, that… that… Brendan, the reason you didn’t hear from me for three weeks was because I was spending every night crying myself to sleep. I had to quit coffee altogether because I felt like I was going to have a seizure from all the stress.”

“But I can be there for you.”

“No you can’t,” she told me coldly. “This whole shrinking thing is killing me. It’s literally killing me. I wouldn’t give up last night for the world, but that’s all I’ve got right now.”

“Do you want me to leave?” I asked her.

“Not yet,” she whimpered, then wrapped her arms around my chest and buried her face into my skin and cried.

“You know, I’d feel the same no matter how much you shrank,” I assured her, but that only made her cry even harder.

“I know. I know you would. But not me. I hate myself,” she sobbed.

There wasn’t really anything left to say at that point. I’d had similar reactions that I was able to pick up on from each of the girls, it’s just that Janelle had managed to be the most open and honest, but just like she’d said, that was all she had to give at that point. She wasn’t up for arguing it any further and all I could do was lie there and comfort her until she’d cried herself out. We showered and dressed together, sharing affections and her mood definitely lifted again and as we stood in her door and she lifted up onto her tiptoes to kiss me long and hard and then she reached for the door, stopped and looked up at me and then pulled on me for another kiss.

“I do love you,” she told me and placed her hand on my mouth as she did so to stop me from saying anything. She then shook her head at me as I struggled to remain silent, letting me know she couldn’t handle any more in no uncertain terms. As I walked her to her car in silence, she stared at her feet, cringing at the sound each time as her heel clicked on the concrete.

“I need you to do me a big favor,” I told her. She looked up at me and hugged my arm.

“What’s that?”

“I need every last detail of what happens when you tell them you won the bet,” I teased, which made Janelle laugh so hard she nearly fell over.

“Deal,” she giggled then jumped up, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me again, long and hard. She then climbed into her car and rolled down the window and looked up at me, struggling to keep a straight face. “I’ll try to not wait so long this time,” she promised me. I nodded, but I think it was clear that I was a little sullen and hurt.

“You know, last night,” I began, struggling for words. “I’ve never seen a woman so powerful before,” I eventually managed to describe.

Janelle struggled, a strange look on her face with a half smile and a half frown as her emotions struggled to determine which direction to go in. Thankfully, that conflicted expression managed to morph into a real grin, one that was genuine enough that I really believed it.

“I do love you,” she told me, but rolled up her window as she did so and immediately pulled out of her parking spot and away to minimize my opportunity to reply. I watched her leave the parking lot and waved then climbed in my own car and stared at the dash for a good long moment.

“God this is killing me,” I cursed myself before I drove off as well.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Mon Oct 12, 2020 5:33 pm

If I said that Dr. Jurek was a godsend before, then I was understating it. It turns out she is a really good teacher. She had a way of drawing the right questions out of her students and coaxing them into the right answers and she could do it really quickly. “Because I was at the bottom of my class,” she told me once. “I know what it’s like to struggle through this work better than anyone.”

It sure didn’t seem that way. I had been doing well in her class up to that point because I was forcing my way through it through sheer stubbornness and will power. Once she started meeting with me during her newly disclosed office hours, it was like a weight was lifted off of me. I certainly wasn’t the only one taking advantage of generosity with her time. I noticed the two other guys in the program were frequently at her office as well following my meetings with her and I even managed to become friends with two of the women in the program thanks to Dr. Jurek’s assistance and suddenly, I was doing something I had not done since the middle of high school- I was having coed study groups. Dr. Jurek was an angel. Everything got so much easier once she started getting us together.

Not that everything was perfect. Kara, one girl in our study group tended to get rather snippy with me and seemed a little catty. I’m really not sure why I set her off, but she’d bite her tongue usually after her own office hour visits with Dr. Jurek.

I wish I’d had even a single teacher back in grade school that was even half as good as Dr. Jurek. Dr. Jurek even went out of her way to make herself available for lab work. One evening in the middle of November, I was working in the lab and we were the last ones there as we often were, and I asked her, “are you grooming us for something?” wondering about the special attention she was giving each of us individually and as a group that she had personally formed.

“What would I be grooming you for?” she asked me coyly.

“Answering a question with another question doesn’t really work.”

“Well, if you really believe that, then you might want to move on to something other than science,” she told be with a wry smile.


Leading up to Thanksgiving, four of the six girls I was “seeing” were headed out of town. In that time, Janelle and I had grown ever closer. I won’t lie, I would have settled for something more with any one of those ladies. Any ONE of them. Six was proving to be more and more frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, they treated me really, really, REALLY well. They were surprisingly good at keeping their personal baggage off of me and it was pretty clear they were all coaching each other on how to utilize me and share me. And, it did seem like each one of them was getting a little stronger, and just a little more confident.

After that one morning, I never heard Janelle say that she hated herself again. By the time Thanksgiving was rolling around, Janelle and I were sharing a bath together, her nuzzling my neck and she asked me about that conversation that morning. When I let her know I remember, she asked, “do you think I’m worth liking?”

“You’re worth way more than that,” I answered without even the slightest hesitation.

There were perks to this arrangement. The girls were all older, more developed, more settled with themselves than the women I studied with or went to school with. They were also more available, which should really say something given the fact that each of them was absolutely terrified to let me in enough for anything more serious. It was as though they were afraid that letting me in like that would instantly trigger another shrinking spurt. It had its perks, it’s just that I never imagined anything even remotely like this being a consequence of intentionally befriending a shrinking women support group. That’s actually what they were. Officially. I guess I was part of their therapy. Of course I wasn’t officially part of their therapy. Pretty sure their counselor would have been pretty pissed if she knew about me and our escapades. Julie told me that under no circumstances were any of them allowed to talk about me in group or anywhere that their therapist could hear about it. They sorted all that kind of stuff out on their own, between themselves.

But like I said, I was getting incredibly close with each of them. I got all kinds of perks from this, such as being sneaked into the sauna at Yvonne’s apartment complex in the middle of the night after they’d locked everything down for the night for some hot, slippery fun in there and the promise of the best blow job I’d ever received. And it was. Unfortunately, Yvonne passed out from the heat and exertion and she was about a hair’s breath from needing to go to the hospital.

“No regrets,” she told me afterwards with an ear-to-ear grin, though. In case you are wondering, Yvonne had started off as 5’11” before all of this and was now a still respectable 5’6”.

But, going into Thanksgiving week, it was just going to be Julie and Lisa and they were teasing me about some extra special sharing that week since I was skipping going home to stay focused on studying. That Monday, Julie and I had dinner together and it was pretty low key. Just dinner and chilling in front of the TV afterward while she snuggled up to me.

“How come you never ask any of us for a threesome? Or a foursome?” she asked me curiously. When I looked down at her, she peered up at me, seemingly nervous of the answer. “Or a sevensome,” she added with a nervous but playful smile.

“Why?” I asked her back. She nodded and sat up and crawled to her knees, extremely curious about my answer. “Well, I mean… I guess it hit me that none of this works like in a porn flick. Every one of you is different. You each likes different things, and it’s hard enough getting just one of you off at a time. I have no idea where to event start with two or more of you.”

“You’re so considerate,” she giggled at me as though I were being silly. “My ex was never that considerate,” she admitted then plopped down next to me and snuggled with me again.

“What happened to you two?” I asked her as tactfully as I could.

“He dumped me for a taller woman,” she answered back, somewhat numbly.

“You’re kidding. There’s no way he said that was the actual reason.”

“Yep,” Julie quipped quickly.

“Damn,” was all I could come up with. “I dunno… I mean I have to admit, short women are fucking awesome.” Julie laughed heartily and slapped my chest.

“The lines you use on Janelle aren’t going to work on me,” she mocked with a good laugh.

“So you girls talk about this stuff?”

“We talk about everything. Well, until we break down and can’t talk anymore.”

“So it’s all a big secret for you?”

“Not exactly.”

“What do you mean?” I asked her, tipping her chin up to look at me.

“We share everything we can with each other. A lot of stuff, we just can’t get it out before falling apart. Like that conversation we had back in August?” she said and I nodded to let her know I knew what she was talking about. “They know that I told you what was going on. They were kind of impressed actually, that you… it was proof that you really care. I think a couple of the girls got a little hot and bothered about it. But…”


“But I couldn’t make it through the whole conversation we’d had. I don’t think I could even do it right now. I told you things that I didn’t even know before myself. I just felt safe enough to do it then, but I haven’t been able to talk about it since.”

“Hmm,” was all I could offer in response, trying to sound thoughtful.

“What I said to you that day? Most of it? You’re the only one I’ve talked about it to. I don’t know what those things are with the others, but I know each of us has something like that. We’re willing to tell each other, we… just can’t.”

“So I’m the secret holder?”

“Sort of,” she answered back, wagging her head. “What we talk about in group, we never bring up outside of group.”

“How do you keep it all sorted out?”

“We’ve kind of figured it out over time,” she answered casually. “But I can promise you that you have secrets on each of us too.”

“I guess I’ll take that more seriously from now on,” I told her. “Julie, you’re sexy, you’re fun, your smart, you’re successful, and you know I’m not what you want in your life. Why are you wasting your time with me?”

“I’m not wasting my time,” she answered back quickly. “I’m not sure that you really understand.”

“No argument there. But like you said, I’m trying.”

“True. Well, I guess I can tell you this much. You’ve told me how separated and segregated everyone has been getting in college. Well, beyond college? There are other ways they’re keeping people apart. Our employers have mostly gotten involved in our lives. I have monthly meetings with social workers paid by the company to make sure I’m not being abused. They don’t know about you. Also… I don’t know what the hell is going on, but over the last year or so, most of the guys that I knew who were single left the company really quickly and quietly. Not even announcements they’d left.”

“That’s really weird.”

“Yeah. Anyways, the dating pool has all but dried up. We never take you out to the clubs because they seriously suck now. You feel like you’re in a seventh grade dance. It also takes next to nothing to get a group of bouncers ganging up on a guy.”

“So they’ve run all of the guys out of the clubs?”

“No, there are a bunch of guys there. Gay guys. Basically, if you’re gay, you are golden. But, I’m not, so the only chance of me meeting anyone at a bar or club is another woman. Well, I mean it’s POSSIBLE, but… I’ll be honest, I’ve gone out and looked since we started… our thing. I have had absolutely zero luck and had no fun at all though. YOU are fun,” she told me with a smile. “And sweet.”

“But I’m not what you want,” I countered.

“You’re my angel,” she answered back and added a kiss for good measure. “You worry too much. So, no sevensomes?”

“I like one on one,” I answered back. “I don’t know that I need any more bragging rights than I’ve already got.”

She smiled up at me, and then wrapped my arm around her, and I couldn’t help but smile back at how comfortable she was. “We’d be willing to do it, if you change your mind.”

“You’ve seriously talked about all six of you banging me at the same time and place,” I replied incredulously.

“Yes we have,” she answered back straightforward and simply. “We’ve also talked about how we would make it work.”

“This is so fucked up,” I muttered, kind of taken off guard from the possibility of six women at once.

“But it’s fun,” she grinned back up with me.

“True,” I agreed, and sincerely at that. “But don’t you ever want more than just fun?”

“You’ve been pushing on that a lot lately,” she pointed out. There was no point in asking whether she meant only herself or my probing with each of the other girls. She’d just admitted they told each other everything they were able to and I doubted that this was something that would make them all break down into tears.

“I know you said I’m not right for you, but I’d be willing to work on it for you,” I answered, being as straightforward. “What do you need? I could find a job after I finish my bachelor’s instead of going on to grad school.”

“It’s not just that,” Julie answered. “Look, before this all started, the only way I would have hooked up with you would have been if I had been really drunk. No offense.”

“How am I not supposed to take offense to that?”

“Because it has nothing to do with you. It’s a me thing. You’re cute enough, you have a nice enough body. God knows you’re smart enough, and I don’t think it matters what kind of world we lived in, I think I always would have liked you. I just… had standards before and wasn’t into the whole hook up thing.”

“But now you are. And sharing a guy.”

“Times have changed. I’ve changed.”

“You can seriously do better than this.”

“I can’t. I really can’t,” Julie told me, looking up into my eyes and now crying suddenly.

“Why? Because you’ve had spurts? Because you could have more? You are every bit as amazing and sexy as the first time I met you, shrinking spurts or not.”

“You met me after my first spurt.”

“But before the second. What would you need, Julie? What would it take to make it worth it to you?”

“You’re worth it, sweetie,” she insisted.

“You are too,” I informed her.

“Yeah, my hang ups aren’t exactly the same as Janelle’s either,” she said, cutting me off.

“Then what are your hangups? Julie, just tell me, what would it take to make it work for you?”

“What about Janelle?”

“We’re not talking about Janelle, we’re talking about you.”

“No, I am talking about Janelle.”

“Is there a reason, or are you just going to deflect on me all night?”

“When the fuck did you learn to play psychologist, you little shit?!?!?” she screamed, though she did laugh a little after listening to her angry outburst.

“I’m not trying to play psychologist. Look, just pick one thing and stick with it, will you? We’re kinda all over the board here.”

She sighed and threw up her hands, then looked at me with a mischievous grin. “What do I get for it?”

“Whatever you’d like; name it,” I answered her. She smiled, and the smile devolved into a smirk.

“You’re trying to corner me into something sexual,” she accused.

“Only if that’s what you’re looking for. Go ahead, sky’s the limit. As long as I can afford it, anyways.”

“Really,” she replied back, struggling to accept my offer.

“Really really. Hit me.”

“Okay,” she said, turning away from me and taking a long moment and tapping on her chin. I sat forward and was about to speak, but she held her hand up to me. “Give me a minute,” she declared, and then continued thinking extra hard. After a great deal of thought, she turned and grinned at me mischievously again. “You said anything.”

“Within reason.”
“Who gets to decide what’s reasonable?” she asked back. I narrowed my eyes at her. She was obviously taunting me.

“Challenge accepted,” I finally informed her, making her laugh out loud directly at me.

“We talk about one thing, then we go do this.”

“And let me guess. You get to choose that too.”

“Nope, you can choose.”

“Hit me,” I told her firmly.

“My home town,” she began. Her hometown was in state, but just over two hours away. We wouldn’t get there if we left that minute until almost 9 at night. It was pretty clear that what she had in mind would be an all nighter and I had class in the morning. Still, a deal was a deal.

“What about it?”

“There’s a lake,” she began. As I suspected, an all nighter. Given it was November, the mention of a lake made me nervous suddenly.

“What about it? Spit it out,” I ordered her. She grinned ear-to-ear and climbed up on my lap, facing me. She was really playful tonight. She wrapped her arms around me.

“When I was like twelve or thirteen, we would steel a canoe from the park and we’d paddle out to this island on the middle of the lake and we’d sit and stare up at the stars and make a fire and eat s’mores.

I thought hard and twisted my lips, considering her request. “It’s November. The leaves have all fallen and it’s cold out. Someone would probably see a fire.”

“So?” she challenged in a lyrical voice.

“So if the cops come out and round us up over a stolen canoe, that’s not gonna be nearly as fun, is it?” She opened her mouth to criticize me, and then paused, considering my point. “Are there any other ways we could… borrow something to get us over there?” She scrunched her eyebrow, but a thought occurred and I wasn’t willing to wait for her.

“Get your coat,” I ordered her as I stood up, lifting her with me as I went.

“Serious?” she asked, completely wide eyed.

“Serious. Come on. Time’s wasting,” I told her.

“We won’t get there till the middle of the night anyways,” she mocked, showing a little sign that she might be regretting her request.

“Sooner we get there, the more time we’ll have.”

“You’re serious,” she muttered, slack jawed.

“Get your coat,” I told her sternly. Julie squealed and ran for the front closet while I went to the kitchen and grabbed what I could find for s’more’s, and to make some hot chocolate by a fire. “Does anyone own this island?” I called out to her and she came running back with boots and her coat.

“No, I don’t think so,” she chirped.

“Too easy. Better get a blanket,” I ordered, and she grinned at me wider than I’d ever seen before. “Go!” I ordered her.

“Oh, yes sir!” she mocking answered in abeyance, and then dashed out of the kitchen.

A few minutes later we were in my car and on the road and she was squirming on her seat, grinning at me ear to ear. “We’re really doing this,” she said in disbelief.

“It’s not a big deal,” I answered back.

“You have class tomorrow morning.”

“One night up isn’t that big of a deal.” This wasn’t really true. I hated all nighters, but my time with Caitlyn had taught be to be a little less rigid.

“You don’t like being up super late, mister man. Not unless you’re getting fucked by a mad woman.”

“You don’t really know me, then do you?” I teased back.

“I know that much,” she mocked back, waging her head in a taunting fashion as she knelt on the seat beside be, facing me.

“Exceptions to every rule,” I answered back glibly.

“So we’re really gonna steal a canoe?” she asked eagerly.

“We’re not twelve. We’ve got a couple options open to us that we wouldn’t have back then,” I laughed back.

“But that was part of the excitement.”

“Do you know how to pick a lock?” I asked her.

“No… Jessie always covered that part.”

“Yeah I don’t either.”

“Well, we can get a bolt cutter at like Walmart.”

“Way ahead of you.”

“You’re plan was to buy a bolt cutter to steal canoes?”

“No. Besides, what if the canoes have been carted out to storage for the winter?” I asked her. “You really want to get there and find out they only way to the island is to skinny dip over there?”

“Just to be clear, I am absolutely NOT skinny dipping in the middle of November.”

“I agree,” I said and we drove out onto the dark highway.

“So then what is your big plan, smart guy?” she challenged.

“Don’t worry about it! I’ve got it figured out. You’re turn. We had a deal.”

“A deal to talk about our feelings when I lined up six women to fuck your brains out almost on demand,” she challenged me.

“I’ve had months of that. I want something new,” I told her.


“But nothing! We had a deal. I’m upholding my end of the bargain, so let’s go.”

“Or what?” she demanded, suddenly pouting.

“Or I’m pulling over and I’m pulling your pants down and I’m going to spank your bare ass on the side of the highway!”

“That’s… kinda hot,” Julie giggled to herself.

“And then I’m going to make you have the conversation anyways,” I added.

“You are SO STUBBBORN!!”

“Gotta be if I have a chance in hell of getting you off, Ms. Stubborn britches,” I retorted back.

“That’s not my fault! It just takes me a while to… let… go,” she admitted bashfully.

“We had a deal,” I said with finality.

“Fine,” she said, crossing her arms and plopping back down in her seat while pouting. “Pick your topic.” I groaned. I’d forgotten where I’d wanted the conversation to go from earlier, we were so all over the board. “Or is it just begging me to be your girlfriend?” she mocked me.

“My god you’re a snot tonight,” I spat back, which made her laugh.

“We’re really doing this,” she admitted. “I feel like…”

“Like what?” I asked her.

“It’s nothing. Just pick your topic.”

“Bleh. Where’d we leave off? We’ll just go there.”


“We did? I mean, I kinda wanted to talk about you.” Julie looked at me, moved her mouth back and forth, contemplating.

“Alright, fine. You’ve been a good boy. I will be GENEROUS, and we can talk about me AND we can talk about Janelle.”

“Is that what this is all about? Is the reason you wanted to do a threesome because of something you have for Janelle?”

“NO!” she screamed at me, and then covered her mouth, highly embarrassed. “I mean… we came up with the idea because… we wanted to make you happy. I mean, you like boobies and pussies, so we figured if we got enough shrunken boobies and pussies together, it would be as good as having one normal set.”

“None of you girls have shrunk that much,” I pointed out.

“But we will,” Julie replied, suddenly extremely somber.

“Have some faith,” I told her, reaching over and squeezing her hand.

“In what?”

“In me.”

“You’re not going to find a cure, Brendan. I’m sorry. It’s not because you’re not smart enough, it’s just… you’re going to be too late to the party. I don’t mean to be a wet blanket.”

“One way or another, we’re going to put a stop to your shrinking, even if you are doing nothing but getting hotter.”

“I KNEW IT! You are getting off on us shrinking!”

“It’s hard not to get off on a woman like you, regardless of size,” I said, pulling her over and wrapping my arm around her.

“AAAARRRGGGHHHH!! Cheesy lines don’t work on me!” she screamed.

“You promised. You’re deflecting again.”

“You sound like my therapist!”

“We had a deal.”

“FINE!” she screamed and pounded the center console. She took a deep breath and gulped hard. Then she looked up at me. “It might be breaking our deal with group rules and all.”

“So it’s something Janelle never told me about before but told you?”

“I don’t know. She didn’t actually say. She…”

“Fell apart?”


“Alright, well let’s just go on. What’s Janelle have to do with me or you?”

“You don’t think it would hurt her if you and I?” she asked leadingly.

“She said she doesn’t want to with me. All of you girls have said that.”

“And you’re being so persistent. Sucks that six shrinking pussies isn’t enough for you,” she mocked me.

“Julie,” I scolded. “Stay on target.”

Julie stuck her tongue out at me, then finally rolled over and leaned her head against my chest and looked up at me. “Janelle is completely, head over heels fallen in love with you. I mean… we’re each… we’re into you more than we let on, but Janelle? She really, really loves you.”

“She said so, yeah,” I confirmed. “But she said there was no way she was going into a real relationship with me.”

“She wants to. She really does.”

“Then what? I’ve done everything I can to get her to give me a shot.”

“You’ve done everything you could to get any of us to go all in with you.”

“Yeah, and it would be nice to get a yes.”

“And what about the rest of us? Huh mister? What do the rest of us do when only one gets the guy?”

“Sounds like you’re angling back towards the six on one thing again,” I teased her. I didn’t expect her to take such a deep and heavy breath.

“I have toyed around with…” she struggled to say, but her voice wavered. “The idea of living with you and the others when we shrink too small to function in the world anymore.”

This admission took me in an unexpected direction and I couldn’t help but stare at her. “Watch the road,” she warned me unemotionally.

“So what are you saying? You all wanted to keep this all going until you were small enough I could take you all in?”

“Yeah,” she admitted, almost as though it were obvious. “I like bad boys,” she admitted to me. “I liked to date guys who were tough and big and knew what they wanted and took it,” she told me, actually gritting her teeth as the passion in her voice slipped out. “My first spurt, there was no putting it off any more. That wasn’t going to work. The things I used to fantasize about were now nightmares. A guy throwing me around like his fuck toy, pulling on my hair, talking dirty to me. Maybe it’s just a phase, but… I just wanted it. And when I say that fantasy turned into a nightmare, I mean that literally. Sometimes it happens in the middle of the day, when I’m fully awake.”

“Oh wow,” I muttered, stunned by her admission.

“I’m not supposed to have to TALK about this stuff. Guys are all ‘play with my wiener, Julie,’ they aren’t supposed to be all ‘muh FEELINGS!!’ Do you understand?”

“But it’s been helping you to talk about these kinds of things. You told me that.”

“More than you can ever know, it’s just…”

“Just what?”

“Look, I mean fuck that Caitlyn bitch for giving you Jedi mind training of fucking with a shrinking woman’s brain, but in for a penny in for a pound I guess.”

“Oh my God, you would do anything to go off topic, wouldn’t you?”

“OKAY DR. PHIL!! Fine!” she screamed then pouted.

“What’s going on?” I asked her.

“The girls and I are in a support group.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“But that’s not why we hang out outside of meetings. That’s not why we went after you.”

“You’ve been keeping something else from me. Again.”

“We’re… testing the waters.”

“Testing for what?”

“For you. We’re generally in line with the idea that we’ve got the right one, it’s just… it’s our hang ups and all that.” I had no idea what to say. The conversation seemed to be going off into really uncharted territory and I wasn’t really sure what was about to happen.

“Once we all started shrinking, every woman, and I mean EVERY woman has been asking herself ‘what the fuck do I do once I shrink too small?’ And too small doesn’t have to be Barbie sized. Once we start slipping beyond about 20% smaller than our original heights? We’ve lost half of our weight. A 120 lb woman who was 5’6” becomes a fucking toy by the time she’s not even down below 4 feet tall. Women who were in good, committed relationships? They’re pretty much set. If they’re married, all they have to do is find some way to keep their man satisfied in one way or another. The rest of us who were out mingling and single when we started shrinking? We. Are. FUCKED.”

I could do nothing else other than listen. She definitely had me hooked. I don’t know that I agreed with her, but she had me hanging on her every word.

“My first spurt, it hit me like a freight train. It’s not that I’m shrinking. It’s that we are ALL shrinking, which means? We all need to find a guy that’s not going to snap us like we’re old toys once he’s done fucking us with a dick that’s bigger than my thigh.”

“No one’s shrunk that small.”

“YET. Reality is here, mister. That train isn’t stopping for us just to take us to munchkin land. I know a woman who had FOUR spurts. She is 34 inches tall now.”

“That’s an extreme case.”

“Whether it takes four or twenty, we’re all going down that road. Even my therapist agrees with that much. And we can’t all go live with our dads. They’re all retired by this point in our lives. What do we do when they are too old to look after us anymore?”

“If we don’t stop this and find a cure, that’s pretty much the end of our entire race,” I pointed out.

“But we still have an entire lifetime left of me being a shrunk down fuck toy where some guy can kill me with a flick of his finger,” Julie told me rather spitefully. “All of us do.”

“Ok, so you were… what you wanted from me was…”

“We are CONSIDERING it,” Julie interrupted. “It’s not the only option on the table. We kinda need to figure this out before we can’t even reach the table top anymore, though.”

“You want to live in…”

“Yes, we were trying to figure out if we could live in a shrunken women harem with you as our big strong manly man and we were okay with riding your gargantuan full body sized dick if it kept you happy.”

“Julie… it’s not like you have to go to that kind of extreme. Half the population is men.”

“Less than.”

“Not by much.”

“What do you want me to say?” she asked accusingly. “I mean, as long as I am dumping out my entire fucking soul, fine! You mentioned those feminist girls on campus. You know, the ones that go up to a dude and club him with inanimate objects and then no one does a goddamn thing about it while his skull is bleeding out on the side walk?”

Yes, that was an actual event that happened on my campus. Maybe you saw something similar. I was kind of regretting complaining to her about it now.

“We all know about these psychotic shrinking feminists. We know about them and we cannot stand those miserable fucking cunts. I get it. We ALL get it. We are scared SHITLESS, Brendan. BUT WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE SHRINKING CUNTS THAT THEY THINK THEY CAN JUST RUN OUT BEATING THE FUCK OUT OF ANY GUY THEY WANTED WHENEVER THEY WANTED WHEN HE WAS ALREADY BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN SHE EVER WAS??”

That was a wow moment for me. I wasn’t expecting that, but then, she was obviously in full survival mode over this whole shrinking thing. All I could do was listen.

“Dudes are getting PISSED. They are getting seriously PISSED. You all on campus are being corralled around and herded, but out in the real world? Something really fucked up is going on and it’s happening while we are all shrinking out of significance. Yes, that’s the word I meant to use,” she growled, then pouted again. “Oh, and the dudes who are flooding out of the university you’re at? You can barely talk to them. I am telling you, dudes are seriously getting pissed and I can’t believe how warped their getting. Guys like you are a rapidly vanishing commodity. I mean, I get it that they are getting the short end of the stick right now because all us poor ladies are shrinking and helpless, but I am seriously getting scared. Really, REALLY scared. I do not want to be there when some bitter dude snaps. I really don’t.”

“I’ve seen it over and over again, some guy is just standing there, maybe he’s even cute and some filthy, pissed off whore rolls up on him and clubs him completely out of the blue and then the cops will say ‘what did you do to deserve it?’ and I’ve even gone up and tried to help him because I’m not stupid and I can see what’s going on, and guess what? Guess what? The INSTANT I do, I get ten of these soy boy, milk toast pansy assed white knight mother fuckers up in my face screaming about my internalized misogyny and I know I can’t take even one of these pussies on, but ten? I’m not even playing! I know that look in a dude’s eyes. I’m fucking with his precious matriarch and he’s about to fuck me up over it. I know that look because I’ve seen it before and I’ve felt what happens when some guy with a small penis complex starts beating the living shit out of me! And then? And then? Then that same guy I was trying to help out, looks at me and all I see is this bottomless rage in his eyes. Almost like he blames ME for it all. And don’t you start with me like this only happened ONCE since this crap started and “oh, it’s just a rare thing, Julie,’” she mocked.

“I’m not. I’m listening,” I promised her.

Julie sighed again and shook her head. “I’m not into nice guys. And YOU are a VERY nice guy. But you know what? My ex? When we were together he NEVER would have raised a hand to me unless it was something kinky and I was into it. He got me. He got that about me. But guess where he is now? Shit’s changed, Brendan. That same guy would have beat off a pack of wolves rather than let me get so much as a scratch because kink was kink and fun was fun, but no way in HELL were you ever going to lay a hand on a woman in front of him, ESPECIALLY not his woman. Now he’s in prison serving a five-year sentence for beating his newer, taller girlfriend to within an inch of her life.

Once again, I was taken aback, and I found myself unable to speak due to the lump in my throat. “We’ve all been talking about it. If you really don’t believe me, we can all have a sit down and the others can tell you all the shit they’ve seen and that’s going on around us out in la la land away from your fascist teachers and professors. I don’t know, Brendan. We all get it. We’re fucked in the head. We’re basket cases. Half of us are on PTSD medications, and no, the S doesn’t stand for Shrinkage,” she declared bitterly. “But we ARE trying to figure out how to make it work. We ARE trying to make something that’s long term. Just not the way you keep nagging us about.”

Again, she sat back and pouted, crossing her arms, apparently momentarily spent. After a moment, I finally smirked. “I really like when you get fired up like that. It’s really sexy,” I told her. Thankfully, she couldn’t help but smirk at me, though she tried to hide it.

“Janelle is head over heels, completely in love with you. She DESPERATELY wants the whole nine yards with you. Kids, white picket fence, growing old together. She wants all of it. She has her reasons for not being able to do the old fashioned thing with you. I can’t talk to you about it,” she told me. That told me all I really needed to know. Something at least as disturbing as what Julie had shared about her past had happened and it was something Janelle just wasn’t ready to discuss and Julie was bound by her promise to keep it to herself. I really had no reason to push any further on the matter.

“So how long were you going to keep all this from me?” I asked her. I think she could tell I was a little irritated by the mind games.

“I’m the only one who said we should just be honest with you. The others were all along the lines of thinking that you’d just keep getting more and more attached and more protective of us as we continued shrinking and it would just naturally happen.”

“So if you wanted to tell me, why didn’t you?”

“Because we’re in this together. All or none. We were joking about the idea one night at my place after group and the wine hadn’t really hit us and then I was like, ‘you know, I met this really nice guy recently,’ mister knight in shining armor.”

“As long as I’m not a white knight.”

“I would rather die than end up with one of those miserable little pukes. They have sexual predator written all over them.” Again, I was surprised, but it really felt good to hear a woman share the same thoughts I had had about this weird cult that was spreading everywhere.

“But you’re not into guys like me. It feels wrong that you would just… feel like you have to settle.”

“I know that I’m turned on by the wrong kind of man. I know that. The world just isn’t safe enough for me and my kinks anymore. I can’t risk a rougher guy. I really NEED a nice guy right now.” She told me with extra emphasis. “For a lot of reasons. Not just this one.”

“You’ve been hiding a side of yourself from me,” I pointed out, smirking at her. She seemed to blush and pull her legs up to try to bury her face in her knees. “It’s really sexy.”

“You sure about that, Mr. Vanilla?” she asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Yeah, you’ve only let it slip out just a little bit before now.”

“I don’t even honestly feel like myself anymore. I haven’t for a long time,” she admitted. “Are you mad?” she asked, refusing to make eye contact.

“I’m a little tired to the games and the manipulating.”

“I guess you don’t understand women as much as we were worried about,” she smirked.

“I understand enough to know that you are using sex to manipulate me even more than the average woman,” I fired back.

“Oooh, someone’s feeling ballsy tonight,” she taunted me.

“What would you call what you’ve been doing? Every time I get called on by one of you girls, it’s to get laid.”

“Not tonight,” Julie pointed out a little meekly. I looked at her, and then had to nod in acknowledgement.

“Why is that?” I asked her.

“I missed you,” she admitted while fidgeting with her jeans legs and picking at them.

“I’ve heard that a lot when I’ve come over to someone’s house and got dragged into the bedroom within the first couple minutes.

“Look at you! Most guys can’t even get a date and you’re getting more ass than you could shake a stick at and you’re the victim because of it!”

“I’m not complaining!”

“Yes you are! Look, I have busted my ass to make you feel like the king of the castle and I am the one with an actual career!”

“There’s a reason I keep pushing you so I can be closer to you,” I told her.

“You’re pushing for it from all of us.”

“Because you all but dragged me into this situation! Come on Julie!”

“We just wanted to make it good for you. We wanted you to want us.”

“This polyamory thing actually goes against everything I was taught growing up.”

“Maybe those kinds of idea are out of date,” she argued.

“Do you really believe that?” I asked her. She sat and stewed for a good long moment.

“You’re not the only one getting off on the sex,” she finally told me.

“I hope not. I sure as hell have been trying my best to please each of you.”

“Besides that,” she muttered. “It’s a good feeling. Every time we have a spurt, we can feel ourselves becoming weaker. It’s not huge, yet, but we can feel that things that were common are now a little harder. Every time I have you in bed, I look at you there and I feel… powerful again.”

“Pretty unconventional therapy.”

“Pretty unconventional times. Half the world is shrinking out of existence.”

“No you’re not,” I told her with determination.

“You’re not going to find a cure, Brendan,” she reiterated again.

“Just for a second, let’s lie and say that I won’t. It doesn’t matter.”

“Right. So why go through all this garbage of a PhD?”

“Even if I am not the one, I can contribute to curing you. We need an army of people like me who are determined to do whatever it takes to stop you from shrinking, because somewhere in that army will be the person or people who will put a stop to it. This is my great war. This is my D-Day. And I am going to rise and meet it.”

Julie stared at her lap, her brow furrowed and contemplating what I’d just told her. “I think I finally believe you,” she confessed to me. “But what do we do when we’re not big enough to be your sugar mommas anymore?”

“I’ve pulled my own weight. I haven’t leaned on you for anything.”

“Yeah, with student debt.”

“What student debt?”

“The debt you’re taking out to pay for school, dumbass.”

“I’m not taking debt out.”

“What? How?” she asked incredulously.

“Well, for starters, I have a trust fund my parents set up for me before I was born.”

“Is it that big?”

“Not quite big enough, but it was enough to get me started.”

“What do you mean started? So you only have to take out a little debt?”

“Julie I don’t have time to take 8 years to finish a PhD. What makes you think I have time for two hundred thousand dollars in debt? I got to work on this when I was a sophomore in high school.”

“So… how are you paying for things?”

“I’ve been mining crypto currencies for the last few years. I also a couple small business interests my dad oversees now that I’m down here.”

“What kind of business interests?” she asked as she perked up even more.

“Something called microgreens. I only have to go up there every few weeks to plant new seeds and sometimes help with deliveries, but I’ve automated most of it, and then we sell it to some local restaurants. And once I got access to the trust fund, I took some of it out and started investing.”

“Are you telling me that our little 19 year old boy toy is rich?”

“No, definitely not. It’s not a lot of income, but math wise I can make it work for now. I definitely don’t make as much as you do.”

“You’re just saying that to inflate my ego,” she teased me.

“No, you showed me your paycheck,” I laughed. “I can’t compete with you. It’s okay, though. I can afford to take you out every once in a while, as long as you’re patient and let me low budget it as well.”

“I knew you were going to be a good master,” she proclaimed to herself proudly, then suddenly her face became flush and she turned away from me. “Caretaker,” she immediately tried to correct.

“What have you girls been planning for me?”

“I mean, we’re… just… we thought we’d have to pool our savings for our poor, destitute student wracked with debt.”

“No more secrets,” I commanded her.

“You know you have a committee to deal with, right? I don’t just get to tell you everything you want to hear,” she answered sarcastically.

“How long did you think you could really control me?”

“As long as we could keep making you cum,” she answered back defiantly.

“You are something else,” I laughed.

“For what it’s worth, I did point out the flaw in the plan. The girls were just convinced that the power of wiener control would save us. Janelle stuck up for you too. She always does.”

“You really should have at least floated the idea to me.”

“We’re not ready,” Julie spat back. “I’m not ready.”

“You just told me…” I began, but she interrupted.

“We talk about a lot of stuff! Okay! This isn’t some master conspiracy to just keep you around as our pet man to take care of us while we shrink away to nothing, okay? That’s just part of what’s going on. I have more immediate problems too!”


“Like spending every day at work feeling like I am about to completely collapse into a basket case!”

“You’re holding up pretty well tonight. Better than I’ve seen you do before.”

“I don’t feel like myself anymore, but… tonight I do feel like a person again.”

“How long’s it been?”

“The… last time I saw you,” she admitted rather embarrassingly. “Somehow it helps when you’re around. I missed you.”

“So… we should see each other more often?” I asked trying to coax her, but she slapped my shoulder.

“I wish it was that simple,” she scowled. “It’s like I can’t keep up feeling even half way normal anymore. It does help when you’re around, but afterwards, I need down time. My brain just kind of crashes. Look, have we done this enough yet? I’m kind of spent,” she said, and I looked at her, noting the stress in her expression.

“Not quite,” I said after glancing at her.

“What now?” she asked, rolling her eyes and sighing heavily.

“5’1”… think that’s small enough for you to come over here?” I asked with a smirk.

“You serious?” she asked me, completely caught off guard by my question.

“Let’s give it a try,” I suggested and she giggled and crawled over the center console onto my lap and curled up there, nuzzling against my shoulder. It was a snug fit, but we made it work mostly because we were on an unlit highway at night. About three quarters into our drive, I spotted a Walmart and we went in and I raced straight over to the sporting goods section, Julie watched me closely, but didn’t really catch on until I found a box with an inflatable row boat. I then managed to find a couple of oars and a battery powered air pump to make inflating it faster.

“Oh, that’s cheating!” she cried out to me.

“Poor thing. Well, if you really want, we can steal a canoe if it’s really that important to you.” She huffed and then ran off to the tool section before catching up to me at the cash register with a pair of bolt cutters. Then we loaded up and continued our drive out to her old hometown and found the park she mentioned, slipped in with the lights of my car off and eeked down to the boat launch. As soon as we were parked, she bolted from the car straight toward a structure shrouded in shadow that she recognized strait away as the canoe rack. Unfortunately, as I’d feared, the rack was empty and the boats had been carted off somewhere else for storage over the winter.

“Know it all,” she complained bitterly to me as she arrived back at the car and threw her new bolt cutters into the trunk of my car while I used the air pump to fill up our boat and then we carried out gear down to the dock and launched from there.

It was a perfect night. The skies were mostly clear, a few clouds, but the moon was almost full and the lake was absolutely still and quiet as we rowed over to the island that Julie remembered, her leading in the front of the boat and steering us. Once we were there, we went up onto shore, I gathered kindling and she cleared out a space to set a fire where one had probably been lit a couple months prior. There were plenty of leaves to use as kindling and before long, we had a campfire going and growing while she fiddled with the treats to get some s’mores going. We didn’t really talk, she just sat and enjoyed the fire and she seemed very happy to lean against me.

At one point, she did tell me and she hugged my arm and pulled the blanket around us tighter, “sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to be a foot or two smaller and sit with you like this.”

Again, I wasn’t sure what exactly to say to that, but she seemed content, so I just sat with her comment, hugged her a little more tightly and enjoyed the peaceful time with her. By midnight, we were packed on s’mores and lying on our backs near the fire, which was now big enough to generally keep us warm. She was lying with her feet to the West and me to the East and our heads were directly next to each other, our ears touching.

“One of the worst parts about a spurt is that you feel yourself shrinking down to a size you weren’t since you were a lot younger,” she told me. “The times you’ve seen it happen? The woman always looks like a kid playing dressup in mommy’s clothes. When it’s happening to you, it feels a thousand times worse.”

“I’ve kinda thought the same thing,” I agreed with her.

“Right now, I feel like a kid again, but in a good way. It’s been so long,” she wondered as she stared up at the stars.

“Is this how it was when you were kids?”

“Yeah,” she whispered with wonder.

“Totally worth the deal we made for me. Hopefully it was for you too,” I told her. She turned her head slightly, glanced at me for a moment then went back to staring at the stars again.

“You really would make a good boyfriend,” she complimented, but poked my shoulder when I opened my mouth to speak.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Tue Oct 13, 2020 8:12 pm

It’s easy to go into detail about that date that night. It was an amazing date, even if the next day was really rough. Dr. Jurek did notice the bags under my eyes in class, and I think I caught her shaking her head at me in lecture, but other than that, there were no serious repercussions to our spur of the moment excursion.

That night, I got a surprise and Julie showed up at my apartment. She didn’t say anything. She just had a really tired and frazzled look and her hair was completely out of place and frayed. When I greeted her with a smile, she just looked at her feet. Maybe I’d pushed her too hard the night before, but then based on what she’d said about needing downtime after being with me, I was kind of surprised to see her so soon again.

I made us both some food, but she didn’t eat much. She mostly picked at it and she sat on my couch staring at the blank TV screen while I studied. Eventually, I went over to her and put my hand on her shoulder, but she just turned away from me. “I should go,” she mumbled and pushed herself up to her feet and tried to pass me.

In school, they offered us training on dealing with women and interactions. We had to go to training each semester on what was acceptable for interacting with a woman and what was not. What I did with Julie was absolutely not acceptable according to my training. I grabbed her, swept her up into my arms and carried her back to the table I was studying at and sat her down on my lap. “No you shouldn’t,” I told her as we sat there and I continued to study.

I studied as long as I could, then I picked her up into my arms and carried her to the bedroom and laid her down, spooning her. After a short while, I felt her body relax and melt and she tipped her head back into my neck and let the air out of her lungs.

“You’re too fucking nice,” she complained shortly before falling asleep.

The next day I only had one class, so I was able to sit and have breakfast with Julie, albeit early in the morning. She still wasn’t up for conversation but I could see some hints that her mood was actually fluctuating a little rather than completely bottoming out.

This was one of the reasons men were having so much trouble dealing with women, and I’d heard that a lot of marriages were falling apart over it. Julie had had two spurts, yes, but they were relatively minor. Despite having suffered twice from it, she had only lost a couple inches and it was still easy to hide. Most of her clothes still fit mostly normally. Typical guy response? “It’s only a couple inches. It’s hardly noticeable.” Even I did it, and of course every time I spoke with Caitlyn, she’d remind me, “don’t do that. Treat two inches like it was twenty.”

It was good advice. Of course, you then had to be careful about overdoing it. Accentuate what she was going through too much and it would explode in your face. It was like walking the edge of a razorblade barefoot. No matter what you did, you were going to get cut.

Were there women who were handling it better? Sure. They didn’t need weekly support groups overseen by accredited psychotherapists. Still, though… it was a busy time to be a psychotherapist. There was definitely a shortage of them these days. They were even cannibalizing the VA for therapists, which I’d heard was good for them because the VA pays like crap.

Anyways, my point is also something that Caitlyn liked to remind me of. I’m not just dealing with her last spurt. I’m dealing with any previous ones she might have had too, but even worse? I’m dealing with all the future ones. Now I was here with Julie and she was showing me a third side of her, one each of the girls had mentioned, but were generally afraid to talk about, and looking at Julie now, I could see a little better why each of the girls would disappear for days or weeks at a time. Some of it was they were rotating me, but also they were using the breaks for down time while they coped.

When I went to take a shower, Julie just kind of stared at me as she watched me go. I was in the middle of my shower and couldn’t get my mind off of the lost look in her eyes, when I decided that I was the one that needed something, for better or worse. I stepped out of the shower and walked back to the bedroom covered in suds and naked and she looked at me rather peculiarly. I grabbed her hands and she struggled a little against me. “Come on,” I coaxed her, and she still seemed hesitant, since I’m pretty sure she wasn’t in the mood, but she did finally go with me.

In the shower together, I definitely got hard seeing her naked and feeling her soapy, wet, bare body against mine, but I knew going for more was beyond risky with her at that moment. I kept it more sensual than sexual. We lathered each other up, there was a lot of caressing and a few kisses, and after a few minutes she seemed to warm up to the idea and leaned into me more, confident that I wasn’t going to just try to penetrate her or something like that while she was at her most vulnerable.

I also made it a point to allow some separation between us in the shower as I would either stretch a little or find some other way to stall for time to allow her to just stand in the hot water and let it work its magic. And I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the view more than my fair share.

At one point, I was staring as she rotated around under the hot shower, smiling to myself because my God was she sexy, and then she faced the shower head and leaned with her hands against the wall. I watched the stress leave her lungs and then she slumped a little more forward and leaned against the wall more and I thought maybe she was doing it on purpose, but in retrospect, she was definitely not thinking in that way at all. She leaned enough that her round ass stuck right out at me and I cocked my eyebrow as she inadvertently showed me the full monty.

I sort of thought about it, but I’ll be honest, the wrong head was doing the thinking more so than the right one, and I wound up and I smacked dat ass. Not particularly hard, but definitely hard enough and I watched with satisfaction as her ass rippled in waves of feminine goodness as a result.

She immediately tensed and turned to look at me with shock and horror and eyes wide as saucer plates. My thoughts at the time were “oh fuck, why did I just do that?” but I also knew I had only one single option.

Poker face.

I stared back at her seriously, hiding any emotion I might have had, which was mostly fear at this moment and I prayed she wouldn’t see my heart trying to leap out of my chest and she just stared and stared at me in shock and horror until I crossed my arms and tipped my head to the side ever so slightly as if to say, “yeah? What about it?” and then, thankfully, she let out a single, loud huff of laughter, her frown faded and then she began laughing in earnest for a good moment before those laughs morphed into tears. It only took a tiny amount of coaxing and she turned and hugged me for all she was worth and had a good cry against me standing under the hot flowing water, though it lasted a much shorter time than I’d expected.

After we’d dried up and dressed, she smirked, though you could see a cloud hanging over her still. “I can’t even remember the last time I had my ass slapped like that,” she admitted with an awkward giggle.

“You know, maybe I shouldn’t have but it was just… mmm,” I told her.

She shook her head at me and passed by me, but as she did so, she pulled my head down to a more reachable level, went to her tiptoes and kissed my cheek. She still wasn’t up for conversation, and she had to be getting to work, so we headed out to our respective places and the day proceeded as normal.

Around four o’clock, I was home and studying again when there was a knock at my door, and shock of all shocks? Julie was back, and I guess she’d skipped the gym that day. Throughout all of this, I had never seen any of the girls two days in a row, let alone three. Again, she wasn’t in a mood to talk, and she obviously wasn’t in a mood to fool around. She immediately burst into tears and I led her inside and I saw yet another facet to her emotional distress. She alternated with me between needing to be right there with me and as close as possible and then disappearing for 30-45 minutes and locking herself in the bathroom or my bedroom.

It was approaching 7 pm when I decided to take a study break and sat with her on the couch snuggling with her with her intermittently crying when her phone buzzed. We both ignored it at first, but then it went off again. Then again, and again and again.

Finally Julie screamed with frustration and retrieved her phone to look at the list of voicemails waiting for her. She listened and her face went a ghostly white as I watched her. Her jaw dropped and she covered her mouth and finally dropped the phone and began sobbing.

“Oh God, not now! Not now! Not now, not now not now, not now!!” she cried out. “I’m not up for this, I’m not up for this!” she repeated over and over to herself.

Eventually I shook her out of it and asked her what was going on. It took her several tries, but with enough effort, she finally told me, “it’s Lisa. It finally happened.” I sat and stared at her and swallowed hard. Lisa was the only woman in our little group who had not had a shrinking spurt yet. The fear of its inevitability had forced her to reach out for help and that was how she’d come to be part of Julie’s little squad. I guess now she was truly part of the group.

“How bad?” I asked her.

“I don’t know; she can’t even talk straight. I gotta go over there, but I can’t! I can’t do it right now!”

This was something I knew about the girls. When they had breakdowns, they had a calling tree. When someone had a spurt, someone would always go to her, usually more than one. Now out of their support group, only Julie was still in town, and Julie was bordering on a complete emotional breakdown. If I had given into my college training, I would have already taken her to the hospital where she’d be put on 72-hour hold.

“I can help,” I told her.

“No you can’t. The LAST thing she needs right now is a man.”

“Do you have a better option? Do you have any option at all?”

“I j-just need to think,” she panicked.

“Julie,” I told her as I held her head in both hands and looked into her eyes. “We love her and she needs you right now.”

Julie stared for a moment, then let out a good, hard scream of frustration. She didn’t say anything, but she grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me straight to the door, even growling at me what I was forced to stop and grab my keys.

On the drive over there, she sat curled up on her seat with her knees against her chest and she scowled at me. “You’re not right for this,” she lectured me. “It can’t be you.”

“Then who? Can you keep it together?” She turned away and didn’t answer.

“She won’t be thinking right. Like…she won’t be in her right mind.”

“How do you know that?”

“BECAUSE I DO!!” she raged while pounding anything in the car within reach.

“You take the lead, and I’ll try to back you up.”


“I have no idea.”

“You can’t do this.”

“Then tell me what we do do.”

“I don’t know! Why are you asking me?”

“Julie, you know she can’t be alone right now.”

“Janelle handled it her last spurt.”

“Did she?”

“Sort of,” Julie muttered. “But it can’t be you. It can’t be.”

“Why? Why can’t it be?”

“Because you’re a guy.”

“I can still have sympathy for her. How am I really that different?”

“BECAUSE YOU HAVE A DICK!” she raged again, pounding the door panel. “A dick that we both want and are scared to death of. ESPECIALLY now that it just got bigger and more intimidating! Look, we talk about EVERYTHING. That includes your dick. We talk about it and compare notes because… well, you know. So I KNOW that she thinks about your dick and she thinks about it a LOT.”

“I’m not going there to whip it out!”

“But it’s still there!! It just doesn’t work. I know you mean well, Lisa knows you mean well, but… it just doesn’t work! It’s not about you!”

“So you want me to just drop you off there?” That was enough to make Julie break down into tears again. When it was clear that Julie was on a complete emotional crash, I asked her the next question I could think of. “How bad is she? Do you really think she can handle it on her own right now?”

“No,” she whimpered, her lip quivering violently. “She’s fucked up. She’s seriously fucked up.”

“Then we’ll make due,” I told Julie as calmly as I could and squeezed her hand. “Maybe I can’t do this, but I bet WE could.” Julie stared at me and struggled for another long minute, then she wrapped herself around my arm and squeezed it.

“You’re too fucking nice,” she grumbled to me.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Before long, we were there and Julie was knocking at the door. When there was no answer, I looked at her and asked what we did now. “If she’s home then the sliding door in the back is probably open,” she guessed.

Sure enough, Julie was right and we slipped in the back door and walked through Lisa’s kitchen, Julie calling out to Lisa as gently as she could. Eventually, we heard a weak whimpering coming from one of the bedrooms down the hallway and made our way there. “Lisa?” Julie asked as she peaked around the doorway. She then motioned me forward with her hand. I peaked around the doorframe and could see Lisa lying in a lump on the floor, whimpering and crying to herself.

“You’ve got this,” I whispered in her ear when I saw Julie’s own hand shaking violently. I have no idea what was setting Julie off this time, but then, I guess it didn’t really matter. Time to be like a leaf in the wind, I guess. Or not. The movie saw that in, it didn’t exactly work out that well for that guy. But at the time? I just told myself, “I’m a leaf in the wind.” I wasn’t thinking about the part where the guy got randomly speared immediately afterwards the chest with a giant harpoon.

Julie stalled, but I grabbed her hips and nudged her forward, then followed her inside. As we approached, Julie crouching a little toward as she went, Lisa looked up at us, and then specifically at me, her pale face suddenly losing more color than I thought was even possible. It was always hard for a woman to have to face the people in her life after a spurt, but I guess I was the wrong person for this job, just like Julie had told me.

Julie, on the other hand was not fairing so well. I could feel the sweat building up in the palm of her hand as I helped her forward and a couple times I felt her grab harder onto my hand like one would a railing on a set of stairs when they slipped on a step. “Br-Brendan?” she asked, and there was an air of utter humiliation in her voice.

“We were hanging out and when I got your call, he was really worried about you,” Julie attempted to explain as one of her knees seemed to give out on her and I had to grab her hip with my other hand to keep her stable. Lisa’s eyes never left mine, though. She was frozen, like a cornered animal. I could see there was a difference by looking at her face, despite how disheveled her hair was. She’d obviously just had a spurt, I just couldn’t quite gauge how bad the damage was with her lying down there. Her clothes were also noticeably loose, but she was curled up and laid out in a way that I couldn’t get any decent idea just how bad the damage was.

Julie then dropped to her knees and reached out to her friend, taking Lisa’s hand from the carpet and placing it in her own. Lisa had always had delicate hands, with long slender fingers. Those fingers now seemed identical in length to Julie’s while her hand otherwise seemed to have more than enough room to rest in Julie’s. Again, it was tough to gauge still, but I was getting an idea now. At least this one didn’t seem to have been catastrophic.

“He insisted on coming with,” Julie told her gently, though by the look on Lisa’s face, I could tell she’d just thrown me under the bus. Poker face…

“I’m sorry,” I offered. “I can go,” I added. Julie closed her eyes and clenched her jaw and shot me the quickest of glares, but I ignored her.

“You always said… You always told us…” Lisa whimpered to Julie, who struggled and then reached out to.

“Just be honest,” I suggested in Julie’s ear as softly as I could. Julie gave me a side-glance, but I guess she took my advice to heart and lifted both of her hands up and slid down coming closer to Lisa.

“I’m having a crash,” she told Lisa, who stared up at her, her face growing more and more contorted. “He was already in shining knight mode, so he wouldn’t let me go alone.”

“Close enough, I guess,” I thought to myself.

“I’m a freak,” Lisa whimpered. I looked at Julie, who seemed to be overwhelmed, so I lifted Lisa’s chin with my fingers.

“What are you always telling me about self disparaging talk?” I asked her with as best of a smile as I could manage. I could see her mind was engaging the question partially, but it couldn’t fully click in.

I’d long suspected there was some kind of neurological component to the spurts, something other than the fact that she was shrinking so it was really scary. I’d seen it before both with Tina, and with Caitlyn. When you see it a couple times, you just think that it’s just reality of being slightly smaller and getting there in slow motion sinking in. But after you’ve seen it enough times, you ask yourself whether something is going on that’s shutting her down. This was the first time other than Tina I was able to interact directly with a shrinkee immediately after a spurt. Lisa was there, but it was like there was a wall in between us and her.

“You’re not alone. We’ve got you,” Julie pitched in, observing me and I think hopefully playing off of me.

“I shrank,” she whimpered, tears streaming fully again and her face melting with displeasure.

“We all shrinking,” Julie reminded her.

“Not him!” she accused of me.

“If I could take this from you, I would,” was all I could offer. “I would take your place in an instant.” That was like a stun to both Julie and Lisa. I could see her look at me almost like she was going to make a smart assed comment, but she refocused back on Lisa.

“We’re all shrinking, sweetie. It’s happened to me twice.”

“I hate it! I HATE IT!! The whole world is spinning and growing out of reach and you get so fucking weak and you can’t move and it tingles and IT FEELS GOOD!!!” she screamed.

“It’s okay. It’s okay,” Julie soothed her.

“How much? How bad is it?” she pleaded with us. Julie looked to me for some kind of answer.

“We’re not sure,” I answered back honestly while Julie cringed. She certainly didn’t like my answer. “It’s tough to tell with you lying on the ground like this.”

“I need to know,” Lisa whimpered and then suddenly tried to stand up, though she seemed really off balance.

“No,” I insisted.


“We’ll all find out soon enough,” I promised her. I had no idea what I was doing. I was talking out my ass. I just imagined it was the kind of thing my dad would have said. Julie and Lisa both gave me angry looks, but all I could do was double down at this point. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does!!” Lisa screamed at me.

“No it doesn’t, because we’re here, we’re not going anywhere and you are not alone. Whatever has happened to you physically, it doesn’t matter because to us, you are the same. It doesn’t matter because to us, nothing’s changed and we are not letting go of you, no matter what.”

I bit my tongue literally. I really had no idea what I was saying, I just hoped it would be enough to settle her down. Julie actually looked at me as though she were impressed, and she too seemed a little calmer. For Lisa, the wheels spun a little more slowly, but in the end, she took my assistance up to a kneeling position and all three of us hugged each other. The room settled and all was calm until Lisa opened her eyes and they got wider and wider as fear and panic suddenly set in from seemingly out of nowhere.

“You’re too big,” she gasped. Julie face palmed as though we’d made some elementary mistake. “You’re too big! You’re too big” she repeated over and over again in a loop.

“Turn her around,” she mouthed emphatically to me while spinning a circle with her finger. I struggled, because Lisa fought me, but in the end I won and Julie pushed me down onto my side to spoon her and then she rolled over us both, crossed both of Lisa’s wrists in front of her and we sandwiched her in a hug.

“You’re okay,” she soothed her over and over again. Once again, wrapped up in both of our arms, she slowly settled and then Julie expertly coached her through some breathing exercises.

Much like Julie had been a borderline basket case for the last few days, Lisa proved to be no different. It took over two hours to settle Lisa down enough that she was finally thinking and acting relatively clearly. It was then we all finally stood up and assessed the real damage. Lisa went first, looking around the room carefully, frowning as she could sense something was off. She fidgeted with her loose clothing, frowning as she toyed with her jeans and realized she could slip them off of her body without unzipping them. We gave her plenty of time to gather her wits, but didn’t want her overanalyzing her new size just yet. Then Julie went, standing up and turning and steeling herself as Lisa looked at her and realized she was almost exactly eye-to-eye with Julie. Truthfully, she was just slightly less than Julie.

Lisa had been 5’6”, which meant that this spurt had been a sizeable one, and she now stood just a touch under 5’1” tall. When I stood up, she looked straight ahead at my chest, struggling with the drop from being tall enough to look over my shoulder. We went slowly, and let Lisa lead the way, carefully examining her loose clothing and jewelry some more, which had slipped off her fingers and wrists in the shrinking process.

Eventually, we found ourselves sitting in the kitchen where Lisa sat on a chair that was now becoming unfamiliar to her, watching as she had to forcefully point her toes down to reach the ground without shoes.

“Say something,” she ordered to both of us.

“Want me to make something to eat?” I asked at an attempt of levity. Julie only face palmed while Lisa looked at me with immense offense.

“That’s not what she meant,” Julie lectured me as you would a child.

“THAT’S WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY TO ME?” she accused extremely angrily.

“There’s nothing else to say,” I told them both back firmly, letting it sink in but continued on before they could cut me off. “What happened, happened. What matters is that you’re here, and that we still have you.”

I was really reeling over this whole shrunken women harem idea. By now, it occurred to me that a bunch of sex crazed, shrinking women could very well be hell, not heaven, especially given the amount of energy it had taken to keep both Julie and now Lisa from completely collapsing emotionally. Even so, I felt like I needed to be what Julie had suggested the other night. Or at least try.

“We have you,” I reiterated. “What would we do without you, Lisa?”

“Without me?” she asked, bewildered. Julie could only seem to stare at me.

If you remember, Lisa was one of those women that came on to me relatively soon after I’d been dumped by Brooke and I had rebuked her. I haven’t mentioned much else of her up to this point because I’m mostly focusing on major things that happened. Lisa wasn’t a major event kind of person. She was more like the North Star.

I think, now that I know about this whole plan forming around using me to take care of them, that Lisa was unhappy because she wanted to be the first to get to me, it’s just that I wasn’t ready. She didn’t take my rebuffs as well as Julie had, but she kept at me and she went out of her way to nurture my soul throughout the summer. There were no great stories about her, and no wild romps in the bedroom when we did start sleeping together. She was there, she was attentive and she was always looking to please me. “Is this good?” “Am I doing it right?” “Do you like this?” “Is it okay if I…” These were all questions she asked every time we were together.

She was definitely using my own tricks against me. You know, put the shrinking woman in a place where she feels like she has control and authority again. But, I was going to find out soon enough that there was more to it than that.

Julie was a leadership figure. That was obvious when the whole group was together. Rebecca was aggressive and somewhat impulsive, always charging forward. Yvonne was inquisitive, creative and adventurous. She was always on the search for new things to try and experience. Lana was soft spoken and thoughtful, always carefully considering everything around her. Janelle was all emotion and compassion. Warm and empathetic when she was functioning and billowing with raw love. Lisa? Lisa was constant and steady. Her time with me was largely quiet and personal, almost always spent at home but she knew exactly how to make you look forward to the simplest of moments with her. That’s why I hadn’t really picked up on Lisa since I last mentioned her. There was nothing outstanding about the time I spent with her, but she was so conscientious that there were no crashes either like the other girls.

Hopefully that gives an idea of why each on of these ladies had managed to get me attached enough that I was even considering this hair-brained scheme and why I’d been trying to single out any single one of them up to this point for something more serious. And don’t even get me started on how it was painfully obvious that this was nothing like my attraction to Tina or Brooke. Those two earlier women in my life, it was so genuine and full of life in my attraction to them. The girls, things were good (overall), but far more… utilitarian. I had something they wanted, and they were looking to offer me something I would want. At least they were eager to try and not give up, unlike Brooke.

Anyways, Lisa looked at me with wonder, captivated that I would ever say something like that. She stared at me and I could tell that she was hanging there, waiting for me to speak and finish my thought, but that was a massive struggle because I hadn’t planned even this far ahead.

“Julie told me about the whole idea of what you girls are toying around with,” I told her. Lisa blushed and gulped.

“WAY TO THROW ME UNDER THE BUS ASSHAT!” Julie screamed and threw a kitchen towel at my face.

“It’s alright,” I insisted, still focusing largely on Lisa. “I mean, a little more faith in me could really help. Look, what’s important here is that, don’t ask me how or why, but where we’re at is working. At least for now, and I don’t want to lose you, Lisa. I can’t stand the thought of it. You’re too important.”

Lisa gulped and attempted to form a smile, but fell short. “But my life is over!” she whimpered.

“Is it?” I asked soberly. “Julie, can you jump in here? This isn’t really my specialty.”

Julie took a deep breath and then went to the door and retrieved her heels and came back inside. “Stand up,” she ordered. Lisa did as asked and almost teared up at having to look up at a friend who wearing heels should still have been 3 inches shorter than her without Lisa wearing heels. “Stand on your tiptoes,” Julie told her. “Just really stretch for it,” she told her. Lisa complied and Julie nodded as she managed to clear her height, but not easily. Then Julie began examining Lisa’s loose clothes, frowning as her plants slipped off one side of her hips.

Julie examined her pans legs, which were pooled around the floor at her toes, pulled them up a bit and walked around her as Lisa wobbled a bit from the strain of standing tiptoed for so long. Julie pulled the fabric of her pants tight around Lisa’s butt and her shirt across her chest then stood in front of her, carefully contemplating.

“Well?” I asked, taking Lisa’s hand and pulling her onto my lap to hold her and comfort her myself.

“We’ve been preparing for this,” Julie determined. “We just hoped it wouldn’t be this big of a spurt.”


“You’ve been wearing clothes like we taught you? Rotating them like you were told?”

“Constantly,” Lisa acknowledged.

With most women, they learned how to deal with a spurt after the fact. Yvonne and Lisa had always had anxiety issues, so when they were allowed into the support group pre spurt, they got the benefit of four shrunken women’s experiences and all the training they’d undergone.

Women had always been crafty with hiding things about themselves that they didn’t want others to notice, be it age, weight, habits, you name it. Women were masters of concealing whatever they deemed to be their flaws. For now at least, many women were able to use those same skills now to hide their slowly shrinking stature. As Janelle had explained it to me, she knew she couldn’t hide it forever, but with a little luck, she could hide it long enough that the rest of the world shrank down enough that acceptance had to become a thing again. Unfortunately, we still weren’t really at the point where the world even acknowledged it yet.

Ever since Lisa and Yvonne had come to the group, they were getting a heads up in training. They almost never wore the same outfits, and even though they were still pre-spurt, they made it a point to wear only long skirts or dresses, or bellbottom pants out in public. Up until now, Lisa had discarded any heels she had in preparation for this very moment, where she needed them to attempt to make up for lost height. Constantly having new outfits for any casual memory back for every day meant that a sudden change in wardrobe to adjust for shrinkage wouldn’t be out of the ordinary or draw attention. They had also spent all of their energy using slight of hand and tricks of the eye to make Lisa, who had a very sensual, womanly figure, almost hour glass, look thinner and more slight.

When they did it really well, following a spurt a woman would actually come back to the larger group and report proudly, “I was at work today, and my boss made a comment asking if I had put on some weight!” Now illusion was reality, so they had to change gears.

“The biggest problem is she went right to the head of the pack in a single spurt,” Julie contemplated, while I squeezed Lisa who was toying with a good cry again.

“Yeah, but?”

“Yes,” Julie finally determined. “It’s gonna be hard, but like I said, we’ve already been laying the ground work for this, so yeah, I think we can hide this. Thankfully you’ve been hiding your feet for the last year. And changing your outfits out this whole time.”

“Are you sure?”

“I think we can pull this off,” answered, then took one of her shoes off and handed it to Lisa to try on.

“It’s just a little loose,” Lisa answered. Julie inspected the difference. Like her hands, Lisa’s feet were long, slender, and delicate, making it harder for her to fill the shoes of the now almost identically sized Julie. Julie then went to her phone and began shopping. “Lana found a new source for shoes,” she informed us both. “Shoes JUST for shrinkees.” She checked and looked, then looked at Lisa. “Can you take time off for Friday?” she asked her.

“Yeah, I think so. I can just call in sick.”

“Don’t do that,” Julie warned her. “It’s a dead giveaway for ‘I just shrank!’ Tell them your car broke down. Like go on the highway when you’d normally be on your way to work, pull over to the side and roll down the window and then call in.”

“You are so deceptive!” I hollered at her with a laugh.

“Desperate times, Dudley Dooright,” Julie blasted back. “We’ve got this covered. We just need to rotate your clothes out with some things that are a bit more snug and we’re going to need some shoulder pads and sorry… I know you busty and all, but we’re going to have to pad your bra.”

“Whatever it takes,” an exasperated and immensely relieved Lisa answered back without hesitation.

“You’re gonna have to be careful,” Julie warned. “You’re going to have to relearn how to walk and stand in heels. But yeah, I think we can cover this.”

“And future spurts?” she asked worriedly.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. If we can hold out a little bit longer than that is where these new shoes come in.”

“Oh?” I asked, quite curious.

“You really want to learn about women’s shoes?” she asked me sarcastically.

“Yeah, actually. You’ve got my interest,” I said as Lisa curled forward and snuggled into my shoulder on my lap.

“These shoes are just for shrinkees. First is they’re made to try to hide the soles as much as possible, so you can have platforms, but generally speaking unless you look closely, you don’t usually notice. Secondly, they are adjustable. If we have enough time in between spurts and the spurts aren’t too big, we can slowly adjust them down in height over a long time so that people don’t notice you’re dropping like an eighth of an inch at a time. Finally, and best of all? You don’t get to be a client unless you got in as they were building the product line. Anyone else doesn’t get to have this advantage,” she told us rather proudly.

“And how did you find out about this?” I asked her. I couldn’t help but smirk at her devious side.

“Lana and I knew the business owner in school and helped her set up her business plan and hustled with her for some of her first investors.

“How long has this been going on?” I asked.

“Almost two years. Once it hit us what was happening to us, I convinced her that her idea was stellar and to jump on it and not bother to wait for the oh so important authorities to acknowledge that we’re all shrinking. It’s taken her this long to get production up to capacity, and just your luck, she has my size in stock. She has it in thin too,” she informed Lisa. “You get to be the first of us to try them out.”

For the record, even though going on three years had passed, the authorities refused to admit that women shrinking randomly in spurts was even a possibility. I have to admit that was pretty ballsy given the fact that one federal official had had a 3 inch spurt during a press conference.

Lisa let slip her first smile of the night and hugged me, but her relief was short lived as her fears of the future loomed once again very quickly. “What happens if one of us has a major spurt?”

“I don’t know,” Julie answered honestly.

“All we can do is prepare as best as possible,” I told her.

Lisa had finally been assured enough to be alone and she went to the bathroom to tidy her disheveled appearance up. Once we were alone, Julie stood up at the table intentionally so that she could stare down at me.

“Just for the record, you never let someone who’s just had a spurt do anything that let’s them get any reference to how much they’ve shrunk,” she scolded me.

“When did I do that?”

“When we were in her spare bedroom and you let her hug you back, dummy! You have to let them settle in to their new size first before we slowly figure out the damage.”

“Well, you did say I wasn’t up for this,” I admitted, thoroughly defeated.

“Well, you sure as hell didn’t follow the script.”

“I have not idea what the script is,” I answered back honestly. Julie sighed then pulled to take my arm and hand away from my face. When I did so, she sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around me.

“It’s went worse for us in the past,” Julie admitted. “But it’s gone better to.”

“Better or worse that I came with?”

“Both.” I could tell she was shivering in my arms. “I don’t think it was a mistake to bring you with.” She then squeezed me a little harder and stayed like this as Lisa reentered the room and sat opposite us.

“It’s getting late,” Julie pointed out. “I need my car and I am going to have to get started early tomorrow for dinner. Unless we’re going to skip it.”

“You’re seriously going to cook an entire thanksgiving dinner after everything you’ve been through?” I asked her, genuinely concerned.

“Such a nice guy,” she complained.

“You can go. I’ll be fine here,” Lisa insisted, though her heart didn’t seem to be in it at all.

“Let’s not leave her alone,” I suggested.

“No, it’s fine,” Lisa added.

“God I am so spent,” Julie complained, shaking her head.

“Alright, look: I’m worried about you both. Maybe, we can just relax and Julie, we can head out first thing in the morning and I can help you cook.”

“You’re seriously inviting yourself to spend the night at her house?”

“You’re the one that told me you try not to ever leave someone alone the first night after a spurt. I know for a fact that you had three women over helping you after your last spurt.”

“Brendan,” Julie complained, utterly exasperated, but I was not going to have it.

“Do you want us to go?” I asked Lisa, who sat in the chair, just picking at it and comparing it to her five inch shorter frame.

“I’m gonna go grab us some food,” I declared, then set Julie back on her feet again. “Why don’t you sort things out?” I said, then grabbed my keys and proceeded out the door. I made a quick trip over to Taco Bell for something as appetizing as I could think of and made the trip as quickly as I could manage, but I also used the time to try to devise some kind of plan to help both Lisa and Julie out of their mutual semi-mental breakdowns. When I got back, Julie was standing there at the door.

“Look, I am seriously spent,” she told me again.

“Alright,” I said to her, grabbing her shoulders and spinning her around again. I didn’t know what was driving her down, but I knew that if we kept pushing her, she was likely to have a waking nightmare. “Do you have your meds with you?”

“In my purse,” she answered me as we entered the kitchen where Lisa hadn’t moved an inch since I had left. I dropped the food on the counter and set it out for both women, then made a place for myself and commenced eating. Both women picked at their burritos while I wolfed mine down and then I looked to Julie, who scowled.

“What? You wanna talk more about ‘muh feelings!’” she taunted me.

“I think we’ve done that to death,” I smiled back at her. “Come on, eat up. It’s been a hell of a day for everyone.” She looked at me skeptically, but they both put a little more effort into eating, though neither was hungry enough to finish their entire meal before throwing it away. Then I led both ladies to the couch and wrapped and arm around each before leaning back and kicking my feet up onto the coffee table. Eventually, Lisa broke the silence.

“I thought your time with him was Monday,” she pointed out to Julie, who seemed to be acting as though if she remained perfectly still, a predator wouldn’t see her. Eventually, Lisa sat up and looked at her more sternly. “We’re all supposed to have time.”

“Everyone else is gone,” Julie fired back. “He didn’t have to spend time with me. His schedule was open.”

“Hey,” I practically snapped at both of them, instantly gaining their attention, “Who are you all to just decide what my schedule is or isn’t?” They both looked down, and I realized they were too beat down to really hold up in a real argument, so I tried to rethink tactics rather than beat them even further down. “We need to have a talk at some point so I can be a part of this conversation somehow.”

“Sorry,” Lisa whimpered, lowering her head. Time was again silent around us, so I did my best to relax them by rubbing their shoulders, but I had to admit my reserves were running low a bit at this point as well.

“Lisa, you really want us to stay the night?” Julie eventually asked. Lisa sat still for a moment before replying.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“I need to clean up a bit, then first,” Julie shared. I knew now that meant she needed to shut down for a little while and get some alone time. Once we were alone, Lisa began to loosen up a little and relax and finally, she sat up and looked me in the eyes.

“Did you mean what you said about not knowing what to do without me?” she asked. I looked her over and nodded.

“Of course.”

“What about Janelle?” she asked me.

“You too, huh?” I quipped. “Janelle told me no. I guess you’ve all been talking about how I’ve tried to get each of you into a normal relationship.”

“I wish she hadn’t told you that stuff,” she grumbled. “She promised.”

“I kinda bribed it out of her, and I didn’t mean to take advantage, but I didn’t realize she was a bit vulnerable.”

“She’s also not supposed to monopolize your time like this.”

“Well, you both have me tonight. Does that help?”

“Is that what you want?” she asked, perking up slightly, though I was a bit too tired to catch it right then and there.

“We’re not leaving you alone right now,” I assured her. “We’ve both got you.”

Lisa looked up at me, turned to face me, then rose up backwards until she was standing over me. I struggled to understand what she was trying to say to me with the look she was offering in her eyes, but she didn’t really leave time for me to figure it out. In a moment, she unbuttoned her pants and dropped them over her hips, letting them fall directly to the floor and taking her oversized panties with them.

Now I was suddenly awake and stunned beyond belief. What was happening here wasn’t what I came for and I didn’t even think it was a possibility given how emotionally fragile Lisa had just been. All I could think of was what Julie had told me on the way over and I completely froze. Lisa, of course, did her absolute best to appear sultry and seductive as she lifted her blouse over her head and dropped it leaving her standing in nothing but her oversized bra that drooped on her reduced frame enough for me to see light pink, happy nipples poking straight out at me from behind a bra that was several sizes too large for her now and plump (though now smaller) breasts that didn’t even reach the fabric of the large cups any longer.

She faked a smile to me and then shrugged her bra straps of her shoulders, then when it fell to her hips, she just shimmied the strap over them and dropped them to the floor and stood there, modeling her sexy, but slightly smaller naked body at me.

I mean, I like sex, but what the hell was I doing here? Lisa had always been somewhat fragile, but right now she was an all but broken woman. Not only that, but Julie’s warnings were echoing in my brain and oh God, Julie! She was just in the next room, and she was going to absolutely flip when she saw her vulnerable friend trying to fuck me while I just sat there staring like an idiot. Why was Lisa doing this? What the hell could she be thinking?

“Wait, what about Julie, she’s…”

“We’ve talked about this. You said you wanted both of us tonight,” Lisa said, taking my hand and then sensually kissing it. I could feel her hands trembling. I don’t want to just turn down sex, but I was really nervous here that I was just about to do real damage to her if I went along with this. What the hell was she thinking?

“That wasn’t quite what I meant, I mean… we’ve always… just the two of us when I was over.” I was stalling for time because I knew full well that straight up turning her down wouldn’t go over well. It never does with women.

“Well, the girls and I have talked about that too, and we’ve been wondering when you’d come out of your shell and want more than one of us at a time,” she told me, again nuzzling and kissing my hand.

This was soooo bad. I mean, a few months before when I actually bought their crap about “no strings attached,” maybe, MAYBE I could have some more wiggle room, but now? There were strings. They were more like threads in a web I was definitely trapped in now. This is what I get for being led around by my fucking dick. Julie was going to literally kill me. How do I navigate this minefield. I can’t actually tell her yes in the shape she’s in, right? And the threesome idea? I mean, I’ll be honest, it was a little intimidating, but having TWO naked women all over me? Like I said, this is what happens when I let someone lead me around by my stupid dick. All I could think was “Julie was right. She was absolutely right. I tried to take her being right into account, but she was way more right than I’d ever imagined.

It didn’t help that she was just offering Julie up for a good fucking too.

While I stalled for time, I could see that Lisa was starting to look at me, and what little confidence she had was waning very quickly. She knew the answer was no, and it was setting in for her now. I was out of time.

Then it hit me. All the times over the last several months she had been asking me “Is this good?” “Am I doing it right?” “Do you like this?” “Is it okay if I…” It wasn’t about sex for her at all. She was looking for approval, like she always did. She just was going farther for it this time than a. she needed to and b. she had ever done before. For the first time, I was forced to tell myself, “well dumbass, you’ve got no choice but to follow ye old divining rod around this time if you don’t want to ruin her entire fucking week.”

I decided I was going to play along. I just needed to keep in mind that she really wasn’t looking for sex at all, so hopefully we could find an exit ramp before we did something she regretted first and secondly, that Julie would have enough faith in me to believe I wasn’t just trying to take advantage of Lisa when she was weakest.

Oh well, then. Time to play dumb. I’m obviously better at it than I wanted to admit already.

I stopped with my stalling for time and I slid forward on the couch, making sure to stare at all of my favorite parts of that sexy, soft body and her creamy white skin. She was shaken a little at first, especially as I looked her over hungrily, which really wasn’t an act at all and then began caressing the skin of her breasts and naked hips with the tips of my fingers.

She was shaking, but she smiled and I saw some of that fake confidence return. “Am I too small?” she asked, but I had no idea how to respond to that. I can’t deny it, even if that denial was correct, because she wouldn’t believe me and I sure and hell couldn’t confirm. I just stared directly at her breasts. “Brendan?” she asked, shaking me a little.

“I’m sorry what?” I asked as though I was hearing it for the first time.

“Am I too small now?”

“What?!? Could you maybe ask me after I’m done admiring this?” I asked her and cupped her butt cheek and squeezed it for good measure. She smiled nervously at me and trembled. This was so close to going sideways. Julie was right. I was going to tell her that first chance I got.

“You know I’m smaller. I know you can see it.”

“I’ve always been turned on by this body,” I insisted. I didn’t know what words to say, but I knew all the ones that would definitely be rejected.

“Yeah, but there’s less of it now,” she countered. This was basically a game of set as many land mines as possible. I’m not sure there was a way out. I stood up and ignored the fact that I now towered over her. This slightly smaller Lisa did feel good in my hands, though.

“Smaller or not, you feel really good.” Then I cursed myself, because just because I thought it didn’t mean I should say it. I stepped behind her and she stood rigidly, sensing my eyes all over her as I continued to caress her body and she stood there, simply trembling. I kissed the nape of her neck. She at least seemed to like that and pulled me closer and I cupped her breasts and fondled them. She moaned for me, but it didn’t really feel sincere. I ran my hand down her stomach to her hips and between her legs.

Dry as a bone.

I was certain now that taking her up on her offer was a huge mistake. She wasn’t thinking clearly and I was playing a losing game to try to repair her broken ego. I moved away from her pussy as I could feel it was making her more tense and self conscious and I leaned her head back onto my shoulder so I could kiss her open mouthed. She seemed to like that too and that certainly worked better with her at this size than her old one.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?” Julie yelled from the doorway. Julie to the rescue. At this point I was totally okay with whatever she decided to do with me.

“Julie!” I exclaimed. It wasn’t really an act, she totally caught us both by surprise.

“What the fuck are you doing, Brendan?” she demanded to know, but she didn’t bother to wait for me to say anything in response. She quickly closed the distance in a near charge and jammed her fingernail right into my chest. It genuinely hurt. Lisa attempted to cover herself and hide behind me. “What did I tell you? What the hell did I tell you? This is EXACTLY why I said you shouldn’t come here! This is exactly why you have no business sticking you nose into this kind of thing! You know what, I know you’re younger, but how fucking immature is this, following your goddamn DICK around like this?” she demanded and actually punched me in the balls as she said it. It wasn’t terribly bad, but bad enough that I actually doubled over a little.

“Julie, STOP!” Lisa screamed, jumping out in front of me to protect me. “It was my idea!” she plead as she stuck her arms out to block Julie from getting around her.

“It doesn’t matter! He KNEW better!”

“He didn’t do anything!” she insisted.

“Grinding on your ass isn’t doing anything?” Julie yelled back.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I was me, I swear! I just wanted to be wanted still!”

“I TOLD him…”

“I put his hands on me, Julie. I just… needed to know that… because I shrank.. and…”

“Of course he wants you! How could you not see this?” she demanded to know, grabbing my belt and yanking me forward to force the bulge in my pants into view. She growled at me, then scooped up Lisa’s blouse and led her straight out of the room down to her bedroom. “You can’t do this. Not right now. Not like this.”

“But we talked about it,” Lisa argued as I heard them enter the bedroom as Julie slammed the door shut. I could still hear them behind the door arguing and I grabbed the side of the couch and released just about all of their air out of my lungs. “He was totally willing to do a threesome!”

“He was what?” Julie asked, completely taken aback. “Uggh!! It doesn’t matter! There will be other times. Tonight is not the time!”

“But Julie!!”

“Would you put some clothes on?!? Please?!? I need to go deal with HIM!” she screamed and then stomped back out to deal with me. I was basically resigned to my fate. I think this was the best-case scenario. Lisa still got to feel like she was desirable and her spurt didn’t change that and Julie stopped it before anything went too far wrong. Whatever happened now was okay.

She stormed up to me and shoved me with both hands and pointed at me, just about ready to poke it in my eye when something stopped her. Maybe the defeated expression I had? Maybe the way I just absorbed her attack without even trying to lessen it? She wagged her finger at me, looked down the hallway, then glared back at me and spoke to me much, much more quietly.

“I just want to know one thing. How much of that crap was an act and how much was real that you were pulling just now?”

“Less than I’d want to admit and more than you’d believe me,” I answered flatly.

She looked at me cockeyed, but scrutinized me and approached me more calmly now. “That’s a dangerous game you’re playing,” she said to me in a low voice.

“Yeah, but turning a woman down for sex always hurts her ego a lot more than it does for a guy,” I pointed out. “She doesn’t have much ego left at the moment.”

“Fuck,” she said, shaking her head, and then looked at me more seriously. “I’m going to make this really convincing,” she informed me in a soft voice. I nodded and stood still and then she slapped me. She slapped me insanely hard. It hurt like hell and I could hear the sound echo through the rest of the house and I knew Lisa heard it because I could hear her whimpering behind her bedroom door.

I gritted my teeth and bared it, and Julie looked up at me with sympathy and leaned up on her tiptoes and kissed my wounded cheek. “I’ll make it up to you,” she whispered into my ear and then left to go deal with Julie again.

I relaxed again and rubbed my cheek. I really couldn’t believe how bad it hurt when she slapped me. I almost wanted to cry. About a half-hour later, Julie brought Lisa back out and both were much calmer.

“I’m sorry,” Lisa told me softly. “I just wanted…”

“You don’t owe me an explanation,” I answered back before she could finish. “You don’t owe me anything,” I told her and held her hand and kissed it for her. Lisa seemed to melt right in front of me while Julie looked on disapprovingly.

“Julie and I talked and you’re both staying the night. We’re all tired, we have a big day tomorrow and she and I could really both use the company. No more playing around, though. I promised.”

“Do I have to promise?” I asked back to tease Julie.

“YES,” Julie answered sternly. I smiled at her and a moment later she gave up and rolled her eyes at me, then sent Lisa ahead with the promise that we’d be along in a moment. When we were alone again, she didn’t even bother looking at me. “You are WAY too nice,” she complained then attempted to storm off on me, but I grabbed her arm, yanked her back to me and whispered in her ear.

“It kinda hit me earlier, that when I’ve done the nice guy thing when it’s just you and me? You tend to get insanely fucking wet,” I whispered in her ear. She blushed much more heavily than I’d expected and froze solid. “What? You didn’t think that the only reason I do it was just to be a Dudley Dooright, did you?”

“Yes. You do,” she contradicted me.

“I like that you get off on it,” I said then patted her butt gently for her. She turned and looked for a brief moment like she was going to come after me again with some verbal assault, then gritted her teeth.

“This is exactly why I’m not into nice guys,” she growled to me.

“Because we make you cream your pants prematurely?” I teased back. She only growled then stormed off without another word, but she did growl at me again. If she was in better form, it wouldn’t have been nearly so easy, and maybe I should take advantage like that, but then, she did tell me not to be such a nice guy, right?

We did spend the night together and we did keep from doing anything lewd or lascivious, but as we settled in for the evening, Lisa offered a surprise and insisted that she go nude since she wanted to feel my skin on hers while we slept and because she didn’t have any panties that fit properly anymore and that I go shirtless. Julie was still playing the act of a prude, so she slept in her bra and underwear and we went to bed, me with a lady on each arm.

Sleep came pretty quickly, but both women did have their share of tossing and turning as the night went on and I found myself trying to soothe frayed nerves a couple of times.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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In the morning, we took Lisa with us when we hit a minor hiccup that even Julie didn’t see coming.

Lisa drove a truck. Not a huge truck, but a decent sized one and the struggle she had to climb up into her behemoth vehicle should have been out first clue, but before we knew it, she was chasing us down in the street to get us to come back as she didn’t have long enough legs to work her gas and break pedals any longer.

Naturally, she found this humiliating, but Julie had us bring her back there where we did everything we could to adjust her seat, but sure enough, it just wasn’t quite enough to allow poor little Lisa to safely operate the gas pedal. Almost, but that only works in horseshoes. Naturally, Julie had some solutions in mind, but she did say that it was probably time for Lisa to downgrade her vehicle into something smaller, since when she had her next spurt she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to make this vehicle work anymore. The platform heels they had ordered would help, though.

In the meantime, though, Lisa would have to rely on others for rides, since Julie was not about to give up her own car to Lisa.

“I warned you that big truck would be a problem if you had a spurt,” Julie lectured her as we drove along.

“Maybe this is in poor taste,” I began and Julie answered back before I could continue.

“Then maybe you shouldn’t say it,” she told me sarcastically.

“It’s okay,” Lisa told me much more meekly. She had never been aggressive, but she was definitely more meek now than pre spurt. Or maybe I was just hearing things since her voice was just ever so smaller. “I wanna hear it.”

“Watching you have to literally climb up into that big truck was really… cute. I just kinda wanted to go up and grab you and squeeze you,” I told her.

“You don’t tell shrinkees crap like that! Especially not right after they’ve had a spurt!” Julie lectured me.

“But she’s… so sexy like this,” I complimented her. “I mean, she’s always been so sexy, but there’s just something about the way she moves post spurt that’s just irresistible. And the way she stuck her butt out and wagged it when she climbed up into her truck? I guess I kind of thought maybe she was doing it because she knows it.”

“No,” Lisa giggled somewhat awkwardly and nervously. “I didn’t know it. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. I was just kinda off balance.”

“Well, you have a great poker face, then,” I complimented her.

“So… what are you saying? Smaller me is sexier?”

“Not more sexy, I just… you’ve got moves for a petite woman that look pretty natural. Like you own it. It’s hard to take my eyes off of you.”

“High praise for someone who gets off on tall women,” Julie scowled at me sarcastically.

“You’re just never going to let me live it down, are you?”

“It’s a little intimidating shrinking when the guy you’re seeing only has eyes for tall women.”

“I really think I’m starting to see the error of my ways,” I assured them both.

“Just as long as you don’t ask us to get any shorter on your behalf,” Julie complained while pouting.

“You know, maybe there is an upside to me being into tall women?” I suggested.

“How so?” Lisa asked, leaning between the front seats.

“Even if I still think you’re amazing and irresistible no matter what size you are, I’ll never fantasize about you being any smaller. I’d think that would be a good thing, given what a living hell this whole shrinking thing is.”

“You are such a smooth talker,” Lisa cooed at me. Her mood was definitely improving, even if I could see signs in her behavior that she was struggling mentally.

We stopped by my apartment to pick up Julie’s car and then the ladies drove together to have some away from me time and I followed them back to Julie’s place. Once there, I chipped in as best as I could, but I have to admit that Julie and Lisa were far and away better cooks than I was. I followed orders diligently, but they both had to walk me through most steps in the cooking process as I went. It did allow me to relieve some of the burden for them though, especially for Lisa how now was struggling quite a bit more to reach things than before.

When we finally sat down to dinner, Julie surprised me by making sure we all said a prayer before digging. It was a lot more detailed than I’d expected, and I didn’t realize that she had come from a religios background. Apparently she hadn’t abandoned all of that belief system either, though I wasn’t sure how much she was holding onto given that plan A for her continued shrinking was a polygamy scheme.

As we ate, Lisa seemed to pick at her food and wanted to keep the focus on me by asking me personal questions, one after another. “Why aren’t you with your family today?” she asked at one point.

“My grandma had surgery this week. My parents are down in Florida helping her recover,” I answered. A lot of her questions this evening revolved around my family and friends.

Unfortunately, friends wasn’t as much of a thing for me anymore. I lost most of my social circle in high school after getting kicked out of my extra curricular activities and I’d become kind of obsessed with becoming a scientist capable of ending the shrinking spurts. My first semester of college, I made a number of friends in the dorms, but white knights were a constant blight and it was like their entire mission in life was to suck all of the joy and meaning out of it. Then there was the continuing mass exodus of men from campus. All of these things combined to make for a very lonely and unpleasant life for not just me, but many, many people.

As much as I hated to admit it, in better times I would have never even entertained the possibility of the scheme Julie had shared with me earlier that week, and I still felt uncomfortable with it, but life had become so lonely, and I was desperate enough for social time that I was having a hard time turning away from the idea that maybe we should all seven of us move in together and go for it.

There was also something else. I noticed that both ladies had a sort of “shoo now,” mentality with me in the kitchen. I know that kitchens can get a bit cramped when you have more than one person in it, but two of these kitchen dwellers had been reduced at least partially in size and I was certainly doing my part to help since Julie was too stubborn to go out and get a step stool. I felt like something else was going on. Again.

Once there was a safe enough pause, I took a sip of wine and savored it, then decided to bring up my concern.

“I’ve got a question,” I announced to them both.

“I know that tone,” Julie mocked. “Muh feelings! Can’t we just have a nice dinner?”

“I won’t beat a dead horse,” I promised. She rolled her eyes and then rolled her wrist over and over again to let me know to get on with it. “I love this sassy side to you!” I complimented her. “Why did you let them convince you to suppress it?”

Julie blushed a little and smirked at me, then took a sip of wine to try to hide it. I leaned into staring into her eyes to convince her to answer me. “They felt like I’d be more attractive to you like that,” she answered.

“They were wrong,” I told her with a wink.

“You’re buttering me up,” she accused.

“And I bet making you wet,” I countered as confidently as I could.

“What’s your question,” she asked me with impatience now.

“Was the point of all this to show me how good you could work together to be domestic?” I asked them both.

Lisa blushed, but I couldn’t quite make out with her expression whether it meant anything or not. Meanwhile, Julie stalled and stared at me from behind her wine glass as she sipped. “No, she eventually answered me.

“That took a lot of thought,” I pointed out.

“The point,” Lisa began, looking at her lap now. I could tell she was struggling again with the fact that her chair was too big for her now. “Was to see how we did when it was more than one of us with you for some personal time.”

“So another plan from the group to test me.”

“This was all Lisa and me,” Julie answered me. “The others actually don’t know we are doing this,” she revealed. I nodded and continued with my food. “Nothing else?” she asked me, not convinced I was satisfied. She was actually right.

“I promised I wouldn’t beat a dead horse,” I told her. “And I don’t want to ruin it either. This is really nice,” I complimented her. Julie looked at me and smirked, then took a more sizeable gulp of her wine. Lisa smiled, apparently happy herself and then grabbed the bottle to pour herself another glass, but Julie stood and grabbed it from her.

“Whoa, we should probably not over do it since less is more to you now and I really don’t want to end up doing something you’ll regret if we’ve had too much.”

“I’m an adult,” Lisa grumbled back, reasserting her rights to her now perfectly equally sized friend. It was clear that Julie had relied on her prior height advantage to feel confident to speak up to Julie, who was easily the most outspoken of the group.

“Lisa,” I interrupted calmly as I prepared to go into nerd mode. She turned and looked at me, obviously seeking approval immediately again. “I hate to pick out the hardest points about your spurt, but even though you lost only a few inches, you’ve lost 22% of your mass. I think Julie’s right. We should go easy on the wine until we’ve figured out your new limits.”

Wine had figured heavily into Lisa’s first successful attempt at seducing me. She loved her wine, and she was easily the best of the girls at handling a healthy dosage of it. Being under 21 still and being too engaged in the books to develop a tolerance for alcohol, she had used that advantage over me to soften my resistance to her advances. Not that it was completely necessary. By the time she had finally landed me, or I had scored with her, depending on how you look at it, I’d already been sleeping with a few of the girls and I had already toyed with the idea that it had been a mistake to turn Lisa down that first time.

The morning after, to make sure that when I woke up sober that I didn’t immediately regret my decision, she woke me up by straddling my thigh, with her naked pussy pressed tightly against my skin, kissing and nibbling on my neck in the most sensual way imaginable while stroking my cock awake in a surprisingly sensual and soft hand job. “That felt so good,” she praised me as I drifted happily back to consciousness.

But, back to the here and now. Lisa looked at me, somewhat hurt by the accusation that she couldn’t handle the same load of liquor anymore. “He’s right,” Julie agreed. “My first spurt, was a lot less than yours, and I thought I could handle the same drinks, and ended up waking up with a hangover.”

“Then, Mr. Science, why don’t you just calculate up for me the exact number of glasses I can handle in my new state and I’ll just go straight to that,” she told me defiantly.

“This is good, really good. All of it. Maybe, could we just take it like this for the night and leave the wine out of it?”

“He can out drink you now,” Julie informed her coldly.

“No he can’t,” she defied blatantly.

“Yup. Science doesn’t lie.”

“He’s a lush,” she pointed out. Lush seemed like too strong of a word. Like I said, I was too buried in studies, so unlike other students, I just hadn’t built up the tolerance. “There’s no way!”

“Honey, 22% is almost one quarter. I know math isn’t your strong suit, but that means that if you were only able to handle about a bottle and a half before and he was just a couple glasses shy of you, he’s got the advantage now.”

“Only because I’m carrying around so much extra baggage,” I pointed out in a vain attempt to save Lisa’s ego.

“I can still hold my liquor.”

“You should take your time. You’ll adapt,” Julie informed her.

“Lisa,” I interrupted again. “I just want to have this time with you. That’s all. The wine will be there later.”

“But I like my wine!”

“And now there’s more of it for you!” Julie exclaimed jubilantly. “Look at it this way: you’re a cheaper date now. Except for the fact that he’s not old enough to buy it for you yet.”

“Uggggghhh!! No one is gonna believe me when I get carded now!!!”

“It’s not a big deal. When you’re new shoes come in, you’ll be able to look at them like nothing had changed. And all because you had the good sense to wear flats for the last year!”

“I don’t want to be smaller,” she complained, and then gulped down what remained of her glass of wine.

“It’ll be okay,” I told her while grabbing her hand.

“Five inches really made me lose a quarter of my weight?” she asked unbelievingly.

“Yeah, I’m afraid so,” I told her with sympathy. She frowned and looked at the table, which was now much closer to her face than she was comfortable with.

“You need to look on the bright side,” Julie coaxed her. “How much did you weigh pre-spurt? Real weight. I know you were trying to shed some, so no lying.”

“135 pounds,” she admitted ashamedly.

“Brendan?” Julie asked, inviting me to answer her.

“She should be.. probably around 105 pounds now,” I answered. “That’s not exact, but around that.” Lisa’s eyes went wide and she looked up at us, her jaw dropped.

“YES!!!” she screamed, pumping her fist in the air victoriously. “No more Weight Watchers!!!” she screamed, allowing us all a good, hearty laugh.

Post dinner the ladies curled up with me on the couch while I watched football. I really wasn’t a football fan. I found it slow and clumsy compared to hockey, but Lisa insisted that this was a manly thanksgiving custom, so I should do it, so I did and then we all quickly fell into a post turkey hazed sleep after Julie turned on her gas fireplace for some ambiance.

Eventually, the girls woke up and were a bit restless so we ate dessert and chatted, and lord helped me, all three of us flirted. Things were so relaxed that I perked up when I heard Lisa say, “I never had a good Thanksgiving like this back before the Smurfening,” she joked.

I was immediately struck by her term. I’d never heard it before, but was able to quickly understand exactly what they were talking about. I immediately asked them about it, and Lisa clammed up. Julie rolled her eyes and decided to answer me.

“Try not to use that word,” Julie warned me.

“So this is the official name for it?” I asked, thoroughly amused.

“There’s no official name for it,” Julie answered me. “At least none that we’ve heard before. Not in group, not in our doctor’s visits. Nothing. The Smurfening is more of an unofficial name. Patients came up with it.”

“Well, I guess it works. So why can’t I use it? How is this some secret password?”

“It’s not,” Lisa answered. “This is how they keep a tight lid on everything. There’s no language available to use to describe it. There’s not as much of a point in guys learning terms for what’s happening to us, but we’re living with it.”

“Doctors and scientists will tolerate a term or phrase when it pops up, but only to a point. If they find that use of a word becomes too widespread, they start crackdowns. Usually, they control a woman being seen by outing her as a shrinkee to family or friends employers.”

“They can’t do that. That’s patient information. That’s against the law,” I insisted.

“You can’t prove they did it. But we’ve all met a woman who got a little too vocal with her experiences and the next thing, everyone in her life knew about her spurt, no matter how minor,” Julie explained.

“They control the language,” Lisa reiterated for me. “That’s why women share things with so few people. People know, but we know not to even talk to family about what’s happening. The lack of official terms makes it harder to talk about it. So just, try not to use that term. If you start sharing it, they might not crack down on us, but if they realize a term or phrase has gone viral, examples will be set. It’s happened before.”

“So this phrase has gone viral?”

“Oh yeah,” Julie revealed with gusto. “Just try not to use it, okay? It’s a lot of help for us when we actually can talk to each other about these things.”

“Mum’s the word,” I agreed, and then symbolically zipped my lips closed.

Later that night, I help them with the dishes, and this time they were more than happy enough to let me do the majority of work while they lounged against the counter and coached me on proper dishwashing technique (in a way that was much more tongue in cheek than earlier).

Originally, the plan was for me to head back to my apartment since Julie was now stable enough to handle Lisa’s needs on her own, so when the time came and Julie and Lisa were practically asleep on the couch after watching a movie, I decided to make an inconspicuous departure. I was half way down the driveway to my car when I heard a soft, weak voice practically squeak at me.

“Hey,” it said. I turned and looked to see Julie standing on her doorstep. I stood and waited and my eyebrow raised when she walked out into the cold pavement barefoot. “You know I was right, right? You weren’t up for getting her through this. It’s nothing against you, it’s just…”

“No, you were right. I wasn’t the right one for the job. I mean I knew that at the time, but, you were a lot more right than I was giving you credit for.”

Julie smiled at me and stood, staring up into my eyes the more than foot difference between us. She reached forward and squeezed my hands. “Brendan?” she asked tentatively.


“You were right,” she admitted to me.


“WE were enough to handle it together,” she confided to me, lifted up onto her tiptoes and leaned up for a kiss. I abided by her unspoken request and it lingered much longer than I would have suspected. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and squeezed and nodded, a sign that she wanted me to stand up straight. I cupped her butt with one hand and squeezed her back with the other and stood up straight, quickly lifting her feet completely away form the ground.

“I’m sorry I hit you,” she told me.

“No I get it. I deserved it.”

“No you didn’t. You have no IDEA how pissed I was the first time I hit on you and you turned me down. It’s the worst feeling in the world when a guy tells me ‘thanks but no thanks.’ What you did last night was the right call. Especially given how fragile she was.”

“I told you. I was turned on a lot more than I’d like to admit by her.”

“I only hit you because I needed to put a show on for Lisa… and I can’t believe you were willing to be the villain last night. You are WAY to nice of a guy,” she lectured.

“Is it making you wet?” I asked her. I couldn’t even try to conceal my grin.

“That’s none of your business,” she growled with clenched teeth.

“And why not?” I asked back mirthfully.

“Because you’re not getting any tonight,” she answered bluntly.

“Spoil sport,” I teased her.

“I haven’t forgotten my promise last night. Be patient.”

“I will,” I promised her.

“Stay,” she ordered me, though it had more of a feeling of asking.

“We agreed that once you had your feet under you and…”

“Stay,” she repeated.

“Okay,” I agreed, then carried her back inside. Once there, she let me put her on the ground and I scooped up Lisa into my arms and carried her to the bedroom with Julie taking my hand and leading me there. Lisa woke up as I lifted her up and looked at me with a bit of confusion, but I just rolled her over so she could rest her head on my shoulder and then I laid her in bed. Lisa instantly began to undress, and Julie looked at her with a scowl.

“I lent you clothes that fit you, what’s your excuse this time?”

“I like to sleep naked,” she insisted, sticking her tongue out at Julie.

“Honestly? With me there?” Julie asked while rolling her eyes.

“Might as well! We still have that threesome we promised so you might as well get used to seeing me naked.”

“Yeah, he turned me down when I offered him a threesome.”

“He what?!?!? WHY??” Lisa asked me with complete shock. I stuttered and stammered, but Julie was having none of it.

“We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I’m tired,” she grumbled.

“I’m still sleeping naked,” she complained and immediately threw away her unwanted clothing in order to kneel on the bed in nothing but her soft, creamy, supple skin. “You too!!” she begged more than ordered.

“His underwear stays on!” Julie ordered.

“I’ll leave it alone!” Lisa insisted.

“I can’t handle the distraction, okay! I’m really tired! I was up all night Monday night, Tuesday night completely sucked and then last night was a complete disaster for all of us! And we were up early this morning and cooking all day!”

“Okay! Okay!” Lisa relented. Julie changed into a nightie and we all crawled in to bed together and before we knew it, Julie and I were quickly falling asleep. Lisa was apparently in the mood to play, though, and I barely felt it as Lisa reached across me, took Julie’s hand and inserted it into my underwear against my cock.

Poor sleep deprived Julie moaned a little, then in her sleepy state, she squeezed it and I sighed as it quickly became harder in her delicate grip. Julie nuzzled me and suddenly she awoke as she realized what she was doing and Lisa giggled at her.

“STOP IT!!” Julie screamed at her.

“Okay!” Lisa answered, still giggling to herself. Julie shook her head and settled back in while I struggled to relax again after Julie released my cock from her kung fu grip.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:51 pm

The next morning, I left to go see to my own life while Julie and Lisa attempted to work out Lisa’s wardrobe issues on a more permanent basis. The good thing about the spurts was that they we all almost entirely proportional, meaning nothing really tended to shift in a woman’s appearance as she shrank and therefore determining fit was all the easier. There was a simple HTML calculator that shrinkees had developed for use after spurts, which allowed the women to pick out just the right sizes for their replacement wardrobes very easily.

The emergence of the shrinking spurts also saw the reemergence of another stereotypical feminine past time- sewing. In the post shrink spurt world, almost every woman had a sewing machine she was working with and learning to become expert with, so name brand clothing was becoming less in demand due to budget constraints. Taking Lisa out freshly shrunk on Black Friday was nearly unthinkable. The lack of properly fitting clothing would have made Lisa stand out too easily and besides- if the previous couple years were any example, the very first thing that would sell out and that would have the most competition to get to in the stores was women’s clothing as women battled each other for newer, smaller wardrobes.

There really wasn’t much I could do to help here, so I went home, showered, cleaned up and then decided that I had spent enough time inside, so I went out to study at a coffee shop I liked off campus.

The day was quiet, and I got quite a bit done, though around three in the afternoon, I looked up as a new face entered into the coffee shop, and I looked up at her, realizing that I recognized her, though I couldn’t quite place it yet. She was quite tall, and I don’t mean for a shrinking woman, I mean quite tall in the traditional sense. Comparing her to the door, I estimated she might be about the same height as me.

She was also very lean, with thick, powerful thighs that were not well concealed inside of your average, every day pair of jeans. She had soft, mocha like skin, and it was difficult to tell is she was part black, or just Hispanic of some form with long, silky black hair that was done up to perfection. Her legs, hips and pert behind were absolutely breathtaking and mouthwatering, while she seemed to be sporting a large b cup pair of breasts, perhaps a small C cup. Nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about either. Moreover, I was having trouble with placing her age. I was thinking she might be older than me, but she looked easily younger than any of the girls. I thought to myself she might be in the college I was attending.

She was absolutely stunning and what’s more, she immediately caught me looking up at her, she smiled sweetly at me, and she even tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as we made eye contact before proceeding to the counter.

Now, I had a laundry list of items to consider as I sat upright and considered this new, marvelous arrival into my world. First was to remember why I recognized her, but I put that off to the side for the time being. Second, was questioning whether I saw what I thought I saw or not. After she ordered her drink and stood at the counter waiting, she turned and kind of side glanced at me with a coy look and playful eyes and then I watched her run her fingers through her hair and set a lock of her hair behind her ear once more.

I couldn’t believe it. She was old school flirting with me. This Amazonian Goddess of a woman had just picked me out of the crowd and was flirting me like back in the pre-shrink spurt days. This was unbelievable!

Next on my list: what was the acceptability level of engaging this increasingly rare specimen? Both Lisa and Julie had reminded me after thanksgiving dinner that they wanted to continue to keep things flexible and open for the time being. This meant that the going standard of encouraging me to play the field seemed to be in play still. However, I honestly didn’t have time to pursue much of anything given my schedule and adding six women who were regularly sapping and impurifying my precious bodily fluids left little in the realm of desire to go about chasing women that were honestly inaccessible given the current state of society.

She looked at me and when I smiled a little to her, her smile spread widely enough that she was now showing perfect, white pearly teeth. HOLY FUCK! This hardly ever happened anymore! To anyone! I was hung up on how genuine the encouragement I’d received to play the field was, or whether the ladies I was engaged with were intentionally trying to keep me satisfied sexually for the sole purpose of avoiding having to tell me “sorry, but in order to make this work, we need you to faithful and only fuck the six of us.” Jesus that sounded fucked up as I ran it through my head.

I leaned my chin on my hand and I smirked at her, and then she turned and looked up at the ceiling grinning and laughing before offering me another playful glance. In saner times, there would be no question whatsoever. There’s no harm in going up to her and speaking to her, and I didn’t need to be racing into bed anyways, so there was absolutely nothing to lose. The invitation had already been laid out, so all I had to do was not make a complete ass out of myself.

This was going to be fun. Plain, simple, old school flirting. I hadn’t had anything like this since I was a sophomore in high school. I wondered if I could pull it off, being so rusty. And given the manner in which she had signaled to me, it was clear that she was not going to approach me. I had to put in the legwork. This was so refreshing! It was so… FUN!! So why the hell not?

We were not living in sane times, however, so I moved onto the next thing on my list, and sure enough, as I looked around the room, I found three emo looking guys at various points around the room dressed in black zeroed in on me and glaring like they meant those stares to kill me. White Knights. Always around to ruin anything they could.

I looked to each of them, allowing my smile to fade so I could just let them know that I was aware of them and acknowledge it, then I looked to the girl again, and she was leaning against the counter, observing what I would do next. When our eyes met again, she smiled once more, showing her teeth and played with her hair again.

Okay, this was old school flirting, but with a twist. She was watching to see how I would handle the situation. It didn’t really feel like a test, though. That was also refreshing. We exchanged smiles and I could see one of the white knights had had enough and he was going to put a stop to it. I looked over to him, she looked over to him after I did so, and she smiled again, still playing with her hair.

Okay, so she was aware what she was doing, and she was still encouraging it. I thought for a moment and her smile disappeared as she watched me, though it was curiosity in her eyes, not disappointment as she watched me tapping my finger and contemplated the situation as the white knight approached.

“There a problem?” he asked, putting both fists on my table, clearly trying to intimidate me.

I looked to the girl and decided my move. She wanted to play? I would play. But she was aware of what this simple human interaction was causing, so she would have to be patient. Only time would tell if we were speaking the same language. I gave her a playful smile and raised an eyebrow at her whimsically, then addressed my self appointed chaperone more seriously. I could see her fold her arms and lean back, watching me and I even saw as she bite her lower lip and stifle a grin.

“No problem,” I told the white knight.

“Then what the fuck are you doing? Why you harassing women?” I watched through the corner of my eye as she stepped forward and watched from a little more closely and leaned against a table, insatiably curious.

“I’m studying,” I replied.

“You know what I’m fucking talking about,” he grumbled as I saw that another white knight was fidgeting in his seat, struggling with whether he should help out or not.

“Why don’t we cut the crap,” I told him as calmly as I could. I could see the girl lift her head up signaling she was now close enough to hear us. I spoke clearly, but did my best not to raise my voice. “I know what you want, and even though it’s none of your business, you’re going to get what you want. I’m not going to go over there and talk to that gorgeous woman, and even though I’m not, you’re pride is too hurt, so that’s not going to be enough.”

That was enough to get the second white knight out of his seat and storm over. “What did you just say to me?” I could see the girl raise her hand up and bite her finger while she stifled a laugh.

“What’s this guy’s problem?” the second demanded to know.

“You wanted to cock block. Congratulations, you succeeded. I am not going to go and talk to a beautiful woman who is obviously flirting with me and me with her, just to make you happy. Even though we all know you can never be happy.” The girl now watched and her eyes went wide. She covered her smile with her whole hand and watched on, thoroughly amused.

“You… fucking…” the guy raged as the third pulled out a cell phone and began filming. Typical white knight behavior. They were like non-player characters in a video game. Video the interaction, goad me into a fight and then post it online, edited down to the parts that would incriminate me as much as possible. A threat? Yes, but not one that I couldn’t overcome in this circumstance.

“Just stop,” I told him waving him off with the back of my hand. “There’s not enough of you to pull this off.” Now I was speaking a little more loudly and clearly, but still trying to not come off as confrontational. “You want me to be intimidated. Well, no. Not even if there were fifty of you. You got what you wanted, now please go. Unless you wanted to dump my books on the table to show me how extra intimidating you really are,” I told him.

The girl laughed out loud and turned, wagging her finger at me playfully as she went. She walked seductively, her hips swaying confidently as she went, grabbed her ordered drink and left the shop and the two white knights struggled with their feelings of humiliation and insecurity.

“See? You win. She’s gone, and you protected her,” I told them as they fumed over me. “Please go now.”

“Not until we teach you a lesson, you misogynistic, inbred pig!” he threatened me.

“I’m not going to trade insults with you,” I told them loudly and turned back to my books. “I’m not going to fight you, and you sure as hell don’t have the balls to fight me, because if you did, you wouldn’t be standing here trying to piss me off and goad me into throwing the first punch so your buddy over there could video it and get me viral on Youtube. I’m done. You got what you wanted. Move on.”

This made the guys even more furious and though I was looking directly at my books and writing notes again, I was paying careful attention through the corner of my eye to see if they were going to continue to escalate. Thankfully, help came in the form of a barista. A very petite women in her late twenties who had obviously suffered from at least a couple of spurts and stood a few inches under 5 feet tall.

“You guys should leave. My manager is calling the police,” she warned them. The two white knights shook with rage and glared at her, but I spoke up again.

“Are you going to lecture her on her internalized misogyny?” I asked.

“Hey!” the manager called out as they turned on me again. “Did she tell you to get out, or not?” They twisted and turned and struggled with a decision, then stormed out of the building without wasting anymore time while the third white knight continued filming. “Stop filming without consent or you can leave too!” The guy finally put his phone down and then the manager stormed over to me and stood beside the barista.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” I told him forthrightly.

“Nothing in this world is about right or wrong anymore,” he scolded me. “Look, you’re a regular here, but I’m telling you; don’t do that again.”

“Alright,” I agreed. “I won’t.”

“Good,” he replied and then left us.

“I can’t believe you did that,” the barista said to me incredulously.

“That used to be normal. You know what? Back then, I bet a girl like that would have never even looked at me anyways.”

“Yeah, well, nothing’s normal anymore. What were you two thinking?”

“I guess we weren’t. Apparently acting like a human being is a crime now.”

“I feel like it’s going to be soon,” the barista lamented. She took a deep breath and then looked down at me. “She asked me before she left if you would be back Sunday around the same time. I told her I had no idea, and then she just left.

I laughed to myself and had to wipe a tear from my eye. “You didn’t have to tell me that,” I assured her.

“DON’T cause a scene next time,” she warned me.

“I’ll do my best.”

“We’ll kick you out. I’m serious.”

“It’ll be worth it,” I chuckled, pissing her off. “But I’ve got a couple days to figure out how to be low key. I won’t cause a scene,” I promised her.

“You have to know each other. Why would you do that?”

“No, sorry. I don’t,” I told her honestly. But I did remember who she was.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:55 pm

Saturday came and it was a relatively quiet morning. I assumed I would hear from Lisa or Julie, but they both remained silent, so I decided to get on with my day and heading in to the lab on campus to work on some things. While there, I was working on a project, I heard a familiar voice at the door.

“Why are you here, Brendan?”

“Why are you here, Dr. Jurek?” I asked back without needing to look up.

“I have work to do,” she answered and approached me.

“So do I,” I answered her and continued on with my work.

“I don’t want you burning out,” she warned me. “You should be off relaxing over the long weekend.”

“So should you. Spend some time with your husband.”

“I’m divorced, thank you,” she replied, then leaned against the table beside me demanding my full attention.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s fine. It doesn’t bother me to talk about it,” she answered calmly. “But I told you, I don’t want you burning out. I talked to your advisor the other day and he agrees with me. You’re pushing yourself too hard.”

“Sometimes I feel the same way,” I admitted. “But it can’t be helped.”

Dr. Jurek then snatched my notes and textbook and looked them over. “You are ahead of the class work schedule now,” she scolded. “Go home and have some fun. I know you’re popular with the ladies. Why don’t you go line yourself up a date?”

Now she had my complete and undivided attention. I was generally pretty careful to keep what social life I had quiet, since if you made too much of a spectacle of yourself, you ended up running into problems like the one I had caused the day before. “What makes you think I would be popular with the ladies?” I asked her, extremely skeptical of her now. She blushed and turned away, obviously having slipped and revealed something she hadn’t intended.

“Well, you’re handsome and young. I’d imagine that…”

“We’re all but segregated at this point by all but law,” I confronted her. “I get afraid just having interactions with you in here, everyone is so uptight nowadays.”

“As well you should be,” she warned me.

“So why don’t you tell me about my popularity with the ladies,” I offered. She’d dropped enough hints to me over the months I’d been working under her that now I just couldn’t help but feel something was off.

“I just assumed…”

“I don’t feel like you did.”

“See? It was just a guess, and you just confirmed it. Good for you, Romeo,” she teased me.

“It’s not just this,” I pointed out. “Are you watching me or something?”

“I am not,” she answered me immediately and with a sincerity that I couldn’t help but believe. Even so, she’d dropped too many hints that she knew too many personal things about me.

“Okay,” I agreed. “But I’d still like to know what’s going on that you know things about my life so often.”

“I told you. I’m not watching you, Brendan,” she insisted.

“I believe you,” I shared, making her smile with relief. “But you have dropped more than one little thing about me. I’ll drop it if you tell me about this being popular with the ladies thing.”

Dr. Jurek looked at me seriously, carefully considering my statement. “Brendan, I’ll just offer you some friendly advice.”

“But not answer my question?”

“I’m going to do both,” she told me. I perked up, interested where she would take it next. “You’re not being as inconspicuous as you think you are. I’m going to suggest that you work a little harder at that.”

“I know. The last thing I want to do is start something with some damn white knight.”

“There are other things to consider than white knights. Try to be a little less conspicuous.”

“You said you weren’t watching me,” I told her.

“I’m not,” she answered. “Check your car. They’re usually in the bumper skirt somewhere.”

“What?” I asked her, completely shocked.

“Just do it,” she told me in a hushed tone. “And not another word.” I nodded and she smiled and stepped back, then spoke to me a little more loudly and normally. “Now go home. Relax and have some fun.”

“I honestly have nothing else to do today,” I told her. “So why not get some work done? I’m bored.”

“Then make something up to do. Enjoy your time off while you can,” she told me with a warm smile. “I don’t want you burning yourself out.”

“And what about you? How are you not burning yourself out?”

“I guess we’re in the same boat,” she admitted. I sighed and tapped the table.

“I’ll tell you what. It’s getting close to lunchtime anyways. If you’re bored and I’m bored and we’re making up stuff to work on, why don’t we go get some lunch?”

“I don’t date students,” Dr. Jurek answered me with a deadpanned expression.

“I’m not asking for a date,” I replied equally as seriously.

“You might as well be,” she replied.

“You know, there used to be a time when two people could just have lunch or coffee. You’ve been a massive help to me, Dr. Jurek. Would it really be that big of a deal to just sit and talk?”

“You said it yourself. Used to be. Now go home.”

“Why? I already said I had nothing else to do today, no one else seems available so I came in to be productive and now you walk in and tell me you’re doing the same thing, so why would I go back to my apartment just to sit alone when apparently the only human interaction I can get is here?”

Dr. Jurek smiled and shook her head at me. “I need to go make a couple calls and finish an email,” she said, turning away from me. I rolled my eyes and turned back to my station and listened as she strolled out to the door, then stopped. A moment later, she walked back in half way. “Go ahead and stop by in 15 minutes,” she told me, and then left the room. Now I finally smiled and focused on working through the rest of my assignment.

It took me 17 minutes. When I finally arrived at Dr. Jurek’s office, knocked and was told to enter, Dr. Jurek smirked at m with both of her hands partially covering her mouth. “I thought I said 15 minutes,” she joked.

“It took me a little longer that 15 minutes.”

“I was just about to leave,” she told me.

“Oh, that’s fine. If you scored yourself a hot date, that’s good, right?”

“You’ve been getting a little too familiar with me, don’t you think?” she asked, chuckling at my response.

“I’m not trying to violate any boundaries,” I told her. “Want me to leave?” I asked, thumbing at the doorway.

She smirked and wrapped her fingers on the desk. “What would you like to talk about?” she asked me flatly.

“I have no idea. We can go over my last exam, maybe? I mean finals will be comprehensive, right?”

“I told you I don’t want you burning out!”

“And I pointed out the same issue with you. What would YOU like to talk about?” I asked back.

“You are THAT lonely?” she asked me, laughing thoroughly.

“Yes! I went to a coffee shop yesterday thinking that might help, but I was basically minding my own business, but that was enough to almost get me into a fight.”

“What’s basically mean here?” she asked me, clearly amused.

“A girl.”

She seemed unconvinced. “In public.”

“It happened.”

“You probably imagined it,” she warned me.

“No. It was honest to goodness flirting. Old school. She smiled at me repeatedly and she went out of her way to keep eye contact with me across the shop and she even did the thing where girls play with a lock of their hair and put it back into place, even though it was never out of place.”

“Oh, that’s flirting,” Dr. Jurek admitted, shocked.

“I know!”

“Well, you are handsome. Good for you!”

“She’s totally out of my league, though,” I answered.

“Don’t sell yourself so short.”

“Trust me. She is out of my league. She left anyways after a couple of white knights decided to put me in my place for daring to smile at her.”

“You were picking a fight,” she chuckled at me.

“In what sane world is that even an argument?”

“We don’t live in a sane world,” she quipped back. “We live in a world where all the women are slowly shrinking in spurts and everyone else is spazzing out about it.”

I was stunned, truly. She looked at me without understanding why I was out of sorts. “I’m just not used to people actually saying it. We’re not allowed to talk about any of this. No one actually acknowledges it.”

“I don’t think there’s any harm in saying this, since I dropped the ball and let the cat of the bag earlier,” she told me and watched for my reaction. I nodded to her and she continued. “You are dating three women several years older than you,” she told me point blank. Apparently she didn’t know as much as I had thought. “It’s not a secret, and I know that they’re in a shrinkee support group together. So I would imagine that you hear quite a bit more than the average guy who isn’t married.”

“Only when they’re able to talk about it. They’re in really bad shape,” I told her.

“We all are,” Dr. Jurek told me soberly.

“Mind if I ask if you’re okay? I mean, you seem like a rock.”

“I’m definitely not a rock. When you have students, though? You learn to fake it. For their sake if nothing else.”

“I’d be willing to listen,” I told her. “Do you have anyone to talk about it with?”

“Not really,” Dr. Jurek confirmed but said nothing else.

“Well, I have some practice listening now. If you ever need it.”

“Why don’t you tell me how you managed to start dating 3 women several years older than you at once. Do they know about this?”

“They actually encouraged it,” I told her. Her eyes lit up.

“Really,” she replied with immense interest. “Why don’t you tell me about it?”

I told her about my experiences freshman year, how my friendship with Caitlyn netted me more ability to spot a woman who’d had or actively was in the middle of a shrink spurt, and how that friendship led to me spotting more than one shrinkee on my own and lending a shoulder to lean on. Then I explained my failed relationships that year and being dumped and abandoned by Brooke and then the repeated attempts to seduce me by Brooke’s friends over the summer and finally how I’d given in in a moment of weakness and it spiraled into the current situation. I did leave out the names and actual numbers, however.

She listened to me carefully and when I was finished, she asked me a sincere question. “And you’re not worried about me judging you over all this? Getting involved with three women at once?”

“Afraid? Of course not! It’s stupid, and I am an idiot for letting myself get into this mess in the first place. Of course you’d judge me because I’m a moron!”

Dr. Jurek couldn’t help but laugh hysterically at me given my candor and she only clamed down when there was a knock at her office door. She answered it, and there was a man from a local sandwich shop there. She paid the man and then walked back in and handed me the bag and a soft drink once she’d taken what she wanted from it. “Our lunch is here,” she told me with a smirk.

“So you have three women in your wings, very pretty ones too from what I’ve heard and you want to add yet another?” she asked me.

“Probably not,” I told her with a short laugh. “What I have is already starting to drive me nuts. It’s just… I…”

“You care about them.”


“Well that’s the trap.”

Once more, I was surprised by her behavior, but I did thank her sincerely and we sat and continued out personal chat. “So, fair is fair, right?” I asked her, and she glanced back at me. “Why do you know all of this? I told you what you asked from me, after all.”

She took a deep breath and set her sandwich down. “First of all, I’m not going to judge you. Given the state of the dating pool, if I had to put up with three men at once just so I could have any kind of relationship at this point, I’d probably cave too. The last few years have been extremely lonely.”

“I’m sorry,” I told her as sincerely as I could. “I still think it’s stupid.”

“Well, I would just say learn to be more discreet,” she warned me. “As for how I know? I’m not going to give you any details. I will just tell you that the school would prefer the molecular biology program to be exclusively female.”

“Isn’t that discrimination? Does that fit under Title IX, or just the Civil Rights act?”

“It’s illegal,” she confirmed. “They know it. But I told you, I’m not going into any details. Do your parents know?” she asked. This caused me to stare back at her and gather my thoughts about the discussion I’d had following Thanksgiving dinner related to women who were getting treatment for their spurts and getting too vocal about topics or terminology. I shared all of these things with Dr. Jurek.

“I don’t have any proof of it, but I know what you’re talking about. I’d be careful with your relationships, Brendan.”

I then proceeded to spill my guts about my misgivings of being called on by multiple women the way I was. The games, the manipulating that wasn’t malicious or anything like that, it was just draining. Dr. Jurek continued to listen to every word I said and processed it carefully.

“What you’re describing sounds similar to something else I’ve heard about. I’m worried these women might be trying to set up a pod,” Dr. Jurek explained.

“Pod?” I asked, but I was fairly certain I knew what she was referring to. We were just using a more outdated term for it.

“A pod is something that a lot of women are looking to develop right now, given everything that is going on. They’ve realized that there just isn’t a man for each one of them, so they develop a group and seek out some man that they think can take care of them when they’re too small to function in the world any longer, and they make it a team effort to find someone, hook him, then basically all move in together. Typically they don’t let their plans slip out until after they have a couple more in the group to rely on than what you have.” I held my best poker face.

“Well, that would probably elevate me from moron to mentally retarded, wouldn’t it?”

“No judgments here,” she smiled. “You’d be a good candidate for a pod center,” she told me. “You’re not established in a career yet, which most women focus on first, but you are smart and mature for your age and… we’ll just say more responsible than most would expect from a second year student in college.”

“It’s a recipe for disaster,” I told her. I wasn’t really acting, either, even though I was very tempted by the offer. “multiple women, one man, and for all the wrong reasons.”

“Where are we supposed to go?” Dr. Jurek asked me back soberly. “Did you see that Mtach.com just declared bankruptcy? Dating has been eviscerated by current events.”

“No, I hadn’t,” I replied. Again, truthfully.

“I don’t want to end up in an arranged marriage sharing some guy that I probably don’t even know that well. But I think it beats shrinking too small to even get out of my house anymore and dying alone there. I’d like to be more idealistic than that, but can we even afford that anymore?”

This was an honest question and I seriously considered it. “But you think these women are taking advantage of me?”

“Of course they are. But aren’t you having fun?”

“Not really,” I admitted. I really cared for the girls, but this was seriously draining. “I just want one woman that I can really fall in love with.”

“And when she’s too small to reciprocate that love?” I didn’t really have an answer for her. “It’s okay. Part of me feels the same way you do. But I wasn’t having much luck like that before all this started. Now it seems next to impossible.”

“No offense, but you’re really hot. Why didn’t you have men beating your door down before this all started?”

“It was the wrong kind of men,” she answered me. Again, this answer sounded familiar. “I don’t have a right or wrong answer for you, Brendan, but what I can tell you is that if they try to form some kind of pod with you as the centerpiece, the school will definitely use that to kick you out of the program.”

“I thought you’d tell me I was being a stupid young man following his dick around and the only right answer would be to dump them and go it alone.”

“Have you seen what’s happening to all the people who are going it alone?” Dr. Jurek asked me. “The suicide rate has gone up almost 800% since this all started. Drug and alcohol abuse rates are higher than ever recorded. We’re not meant to live our whole lives completely alone and isolated.”

“I don’t know what to do,” I told her honestly.

“I think that if you follow your heart, that’s the best thing. I do think they’re using you, but not necessarily for bad reasons. What I can tell you is that if they do try to form a pod, they’re doing it out of desperation. If that’s the case, then you’ll have to make sure that you are the one in charge.”

“This is really fucked up advice.”

“Just remember, if you decide to let them take you down this road, you might as well kiss your hopes of finishing the program goodbye. I would not be able to convince the deans to let that slide.”

“How is that even any of their business?”

“Tell me the truth, Brendan,” she said earnestly. “You picked this program because you want to find a cure, don’t you?” I struggled for a moment, but I eventually nodded to her. “They don’t want men working with shrinking women. Especially women in the advanced stages of their shrinking. It’s a recipe for disaster should he decided he could use his power over a smaller woman to take advantage.”

“How is that different from a woman who is attracted to other women who does the same thing?”

“The argument made is that wouldn’t be an issue because she would be too afraid to because she knows she will eventually be in the exact same position as her patient. It doesn’t matter. These are the standards. If you want to get through this program, you will need to be beyond reproach.”

We talked for some time longer about things, but unfortunately she didn’t have any answers for me other than, “I really think that you have a lot to offer this program.”

I can’t say how much of a godsend Dr. Jurek was, even though she couldn’t really give me an answer.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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I arrived home a little before 2 pm. I didn’t really plan to have a drawn out conversation about my personal problems and dilemmas, but it had turned out to be very educational. As Dr. Jurek had suggested, I did find an electronic device tagged onto the inside of my bumper, which was incredibly disturbing. I decided to let it sit on the parking lot ground underneath my car and let the owner find it on his own.

I was sitting in my bedroom a couple hours later, staring at the wall lost in my thoughts when I got a call from Julie, which I answered after struggling with the idea knowing that the school had probably tapped my line as well. I did choose to answer and Julie seemed rather somber.

“Hey, can you come over?” she asked.

“Right now?” I asked her. Dinnertime was approaching and I was still sorting out my thoughts after my conversation earlier.

“Why? You busy?”

“Is everything okay?”

“I mean… you know…” This was pretty typical language for her when she’s hurting. Seems that Lisa leaning on her had taken her toll while she was struggling to be her support system. What I wouldn’t give for a good simple date with Janelle right now.

“I’ll be right over.”

I jumped in my car and headed over immediately and walked up to the front door, only to find a note on the door saying, “Come in.” This was new. I entered and was amazed to find a cornucopia of scents in the air. I could identify lavender and a pine like scent, but the others were difficult to make out. They smelled pretty nice, though. Seemed Julie was using most of her candles she had available and it smelled a bit like a Yankee Candle store that Janelle had dragged me to recently.

There were no lights on, and instead what I found were tea lights and I could hear soft jazz playing in the background. There was also a faint scent that was making its way from the kitchen. I think it was home made lasagna. I was impressed. She was going all out. Ahead of me was a note that pointed me in the direction of the living room. I followed it and looked down the hallway to the bathroom where the light was dim but flickering.

She was really going out of her way. The only thing is that I think this is what her idea of what a romantic evening for her was like, not necessarily what it would be for a man. As I entered the living room, the fireplace was lit and the tv glowed and pulsed to the sound of the music she’d chosen. It was very romantic and soothing. Off to the left, I could see the dining room with a table for two lit with candles and fine china.

I was admiring all the work she’d put into this when she entered in what was just about the sexiest dress I’d ever seen. It was black and showed off most of one of her thighs and offered a delicious view of her cleavage split down between her breasts. Her hair was done to perfection, she had make up on as though she were visiting a high end club for just VIPs and she had a pair of very tasteful and elegant four inch high heeled shoes that looked just a bit ill fitting, letting me know she was extremely intent given that she was relying on old shoes that didn’t fit properly anymore due to her spurts.

“Wow,” was all I could say, pretty much gasping the vision of a woman standing there for me. She grinned and even blushed at the unintelligent praise and slowly and carefully walked forward and met me in the middle of her living room.

“You must have a really hot date tonight,” I told her playfully.

“Very,” she confirmed in a sultry voice.

“What’s her name?” asked. She rolled her eyes and balked at me, then slapped my chest and laughed despite herself.

“I told you I would make it up to you,” she informed me as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“You didn’t have to do anything,” I told her.

“It’s done,” she informed me. “No debates tonight.”

“I can’t argue,” I told her.

“That’s a first,” she quipped with a playful grin. “What do you think?”

“Breathtaking,” I answered her.

“Which part?”

“All of it, but especially you.”

“It took me a lot of work to get the dress to fit right again,” she confessed.

“You look amazing. The place looks amazing. The food smells..”


“Delicious. And so do you,” I complimented her.

“There was a time,” she began, “when I used to date older guys and they liked to take me out to places that I needed to dress like this and that were ten times nicer than what I did here.”

“Hard to imagine,” I answered her. “I’m a little underdressed.”

“You’re fine. You’re overdressed for what we’ll have later,” she told me suggestively.

“Aren’t these things that a guy does to impress a woman when he has her over, though?”

“I needed something other than just standing naked in the door way for you,” she replied with a wink. “Anyway, do you like?”

“You naked in the doorway would have been just as amazing.”

“Typical boy,” she teased.

“I really like. I feel bad that you put all this work into this just for me, though.”

“Just shut up and enjoy yourself,” she ordered me. Despite being so much shorter than me, she certainly had an authority about her.

“Do you know how to dance?” I asked her.

“Yeah,” she answered with a coy smile.

“I don’t,” I told her and she began to roll her eyes again, but I kept going. “Would you be willing to teach me?” This immediately cheered her up. She beamed with a bright smile and she stared up at me with those amazing feminine doe eyes and then placed my hands where they needed to be and wrapped her arms around me, then told me to stare into her eyes and not stop, then guided me through every step.

Turns out she was a patient teacher for this and even though I stumbled, before long we were swaying in the open space of her living room, almost as though we were in a crowded dance floor to romantic music. I’d suggested dancing with her to make her happy, but the truth of the matter is that once the awkwardness of not having any idea of where to step or how to hold her faded, it felt really good to have Julie this close and I didn’t want to stop.

It was insanely romantic. Neither of us could seem to stop staring into each other’s eyes and smiling and I think she could tell I was getting a bit excited down below as she would brush against me. She would smile even larger and bite her lower lip, but she remained focused on the task at hand, and it felt so good, that I honestly didn’t want it to end.

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t get us reservations some place nice,” she apologized as we danced on after teaching me a few new steps. “Places that nice don’t let people below a certain level in anymore.”

“Then they aren’t very nice at all then? They must be kinda trashy, actually, if they can’t handle something as gorgeous as you in there.” She turned away from me and stifled a laugh, and I blushed a little this time. “Too cheesy?”

“This time it worked,” she giggled up at me.

We danced on for I think over and hour on our very own dance floor, always careful to take our time, due to her ill fitting shoes. She even took a moment to comment on them one time when she slipped a little and I had to catch her. I actually enjoyed the opportunity as she grabbed me and clutched me tightly.

“The last time I had these on,” she informed me, “they made me the same height as my date. Now, they just barely push me past what my old height used to be.”

“They really do make you look gorgeous, I insisted. “I thought you were more into kink.”

“The kink came after, silly,” she corrected me with a sly grin. “Dressing up like this made the contrast all the more fun,” she explained.

“So what do you have lined up for later?” I asked a little nervously.

“Nothing like that,” she answered back simply. “Tonight is going to be different.” Eventually, Julie’s feet needed a break due to her shoes being not quite a right fit despite her best efforts to adapt them. We sat at dinner and she served me and then sat opposite and we enjoyed a traditional Italian meal together with conversation.

“I’m not going to argue with you,” I told her.

“Please don’t,” she said with some gratitude.

“I just want you to know, it’s stuff like this about you that makes me wish it was just you and me. Permanently.”

She blushed and smiled, but I could see conflict in her eyes. “You promised you wouldn’t argue.”

“Right. It’s just supposed to be a compliment.”

She blushed, but she had a hard time keeping eye contact with me for a few minutes. “Thanks,” she eventually managed back.

“I’ve never had anyone go so far for a simple date with me before,” I told her. “And I don’t have the money to do it myself for a girl.”

“You were very, very good,” she answered me. “I told you I would make it up to you.”

“For acting like an uncivilized idiot, groping Lisa the other night?”

“You did it for the right reasons. But no. It’s everything. It’s listening to me when I went off on you Monday night and it’s going with me to help Lisa out when you knew you weren’t ideal for the job but you still went because she was that important to you and it’s for supporting me and not letting me fall when she needed us. Mostly, though, it’s for the most amazing date I’ve ever had Monday night. It was so worth staying up all night. I can’t tell you how long I’ve dreamed of doing that.”

“I never thought anything of it.”

“You’re too nice, Brendan. You know that? But even when I was crashing? I’ve never felt comfortable letting anyone near me. I felt so unstable. This time, I just felt safe because you were there. Enough about all that. You’ve earned this.”

Dinner remained pleasant and quiet and when we were done, she guided me to the bathroom where the bath was lit with tea lights and scented candles and a speaker played the same music in this room. Julie and I kissed there for longer than I really had any idea and then she took a step back, and used my hands to undress her slowly before she hung her dress on a hangar that she’d set in there. Once she stood before me naked, she then wrapped her arms around me and lifted my shirt up, kissing my torso as she did so.

She was so soft and sensual as she did this. It wasn’t like her. Whenever I would enter her, she would grab me and I could feel her entire body tense as she would forcefully pull me inside her. She liked to squeeze, pull and grab. This was light touches that made goodbumps rise on my skin, and gentle caresses that felt so good it made me dizzy. She was normally very passionate and driven in bed, but I felt my knees buckle over and over and shivers up and down my spine as she caressed me in the most amazing way I’d ever felt. She wasn’t doing this to do this for us. It was all for me, and I was feeling more and more guilty about it.

I barely even noticed as she unbuckled my belt and opened my pants. It was like a bolt of electricity waking me up though when she reached into my underwear and began gently stroking the entire length of my dick while she continued kissing and caressing my chest and collarbone. When the hell did she learn to do this? I could barely move!

I really like blowjobs. Everything about them drives me crazy. The way a woman looks up at you as she sucks you off, the look of how she grabs your shaft and grips if while she drives as much of you into her mouth as she can handle. I love it when she starts fingering herself while she gets me off and I love when she makes sure I can see her doing it.

The only issue is I HATE the idea of kissing afterwards. I never ask a woman to swallow because I really, really, really like kissing and I would rather finish off outside her mouth than risk getting some of my own cum in my own mouth when we kiss again. It’s so frickin’ gross. Julie had played with this little tick of mine, quickly finding out I was hypersensitive to it and she would play with me by sucking me off and then try to kiss me after words. The first time she just kept it all in her mouth, but that was too obvious and I wouldn’t touch her lips the rest of the evening. However, my aversion to the thought of tasting my own cum was strong enough that she figured out pretty quickly that I even had some trouble with the idea of coming into contact before I blew my wad.

The end result was she really enjoyed giving blow jobs and making a game out of coming back up for a kiss. It was a constant back and forth and she got quite a bit of laughter off of me because of it.

Not tonight. My cock belonged only to her hands and her lips belonged to the rest of me. I lost track of how much time we wasted just standing there, kissing me and I was getting a little frustrated because she was tall enough that I could grab her ass, but just a little too short for me to get a decent reach between her legs from behind and enjoy the irreplaceable sensation of sliding my fingers along her wet pussy.

When I was finally completely naked and our bodies pressed against each other while she continued to stroke me like a professional while opening her grip at the head and dragging her fingertips across it, she nudged me a step backwards and then another, and another and until she was within reach of the tub and I couldn’t help but grin as I felt one of her legs raise out to the side and I realized she was turning the faucet on with her foot almost as easily as you would with your hand.

She was not going to stop stroking my cock and covering my torso with her soft kisses, nibbles and licks for anything, and she was also starting to pull on my neck so I would bend down and she spread her bedeviling affections to my neck as well. It was like I was in a whole other dimension, the way she was treating me.

Then suddenly she stopped and I slowly began to look around as the haze around me dissipated. “You’re bath is ready,” she whispered.

“Mine?” I asked, thinking this would be a shared adventure.


“But I thought…”

“Oh, don’t you worry. We’ll get there. We’re just going to take our time. I am going to make sure you last and last and last and last. Now climb in.”

I did as asked, and lowered myself into water that was only barely tolerable in terms of heat. It was quite a shock compared to the sheer bliss she’d smothered me with a moment before. I found myself conflicted. I wondered quite actively how much better she could have done if she were ten feet tall instead of five, but it occurred to me that what made it work was how unbelievably delicate her touch had been. Would she even be capable of such a soft touch if she was so large and powerful that I was like a small child standing next to her and a fraction of her weight?

Julie sat behind me on the back of the tub as I adapted to the very hot water and leaned over behind my shoulder, curling around me, cradling my head and she kissed me. “No going down on me this time?” I teased her.

“I know how much you like to kiss,” she grinned back at me. “Believe it or not, I really like how I can feel it growing and getting harder just by kissing you like this,” she said and then kissed me with an open mouth, playfully caressing my tongue with hers.

“You’re an insanely good kisser,” I told her when we parted. I was almost out of breath.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she complimented. I glanced at her and she rolled her eyes at me because she knew that Lana had come to me some time back and told me that Julie was quite unimpressed with my kissing skills and informed me that she was going to teach me how to do it properly. Over, and over, and over again until I never forgot her lessons. “You’ve gotten much better,” Julie assured me.

She rubbed my shoulders and chest on and on and I my whole body felt like putty in her soft, delicate hands. Oh my GOD I was feeling guilty. This was so far from the extremely hard-earned moans and screams I’d spent months toiling and slaving for.

She massaged my scalp and arms and she hugged and kissed every part of me within reach and she did it either by laying half of her side behind my shoulders or sitting immediately behind my neck cradling my head (going the wrong way based off of my many lessons from these more experienced lovers) between her legs. I knew she was feeling as pent up as I was too, because I could felt the raw heat against my neck from her poor neglected pussy.

I think she’d refreshed the bath with new hot water at least twice when I decided we should actually talk. I could see that she had a look of soft contentment watching me as she paced herself and patiently worked out every ounce of tension in my upper body.

“Hey,” I said, looking up at her. She rolled her eyes a little down at me and jiggled her breasts a little intentionally to distract me.

“Let me guess, muh feelings?” she asked, mocking me.

“No,” I sighed as I felt her hands melt my shoulders. “I was just thinking.”

“You’re always thinking.”

“About you,” I clarified.

“Like I said. Muh feelings.”

“No,” I insisted. “You said you like stuff that’s more kinky.”

“Yeah,” she answered back, though a little distantly.

“Well, what’s your kink, exactly?”

“Take your pick,” she replied, smirking at me.

“Give me an example, then,” I told her.

“I don’t want to ruin the evening,” she answered back.

“I don’t know that that’s possible. Come on. Then give me a fantasy of yours.”

“Really,” she replied, highly skeptical of me.

“Really,” I reiterated for her.

She had to think about it. Mostly it looked like she was deciding whether or not to share with me. “You really wanna know, Mr. Vanilla.”

“Yup,” I answered her.

“I always loved being tied up. Like, when my hands were tied behind my back and then getting fucked from behind and I liked how excited I felt when I’d get fucked so hard, my face was pushed right into the pillow and I could hardly breath.”

“That’s different,” I told her.

“When you put in that much effort you tend to blow your cork,” she laughed at me.

“I bet I can last longer than you think I can,” I teased back. “Let’s do that,” I told her.

“I can’t,” she told me, her voice a little distant again.

“Sure you can. I was a boy scout once upon a time. I can tie a not. Let’s do it.”

“No, I can’t Brendan,” she told me. This time she sounded a little frustrated and seemed to be struggling for me.

“Why not? Because I’m too nice? Look, I don’t want too be boring for you. Just tell me more about what gets you off. Tell me everything and then let’s just do it.”

“Brendan…” she was becoming very frustrated with me now. “I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

“Why? You want me to be rougher with that little pussy of yours? Well I can do that.” I think I almost had her. I noticed her bite her lip and I suddenly felt the hot, wet juices of her pussy a little more at the back of my neck. But then, I saw her body shudder. “What’s wrong?” I asked as I could see she was shutting down suddenly.

“I can’t do it, Brendan.”

“Why? You think I can’t learn?”

“No, it’s just that… it doesn’t work anymore.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want to ruin this evening,” she insisted.

“You won’t. I don’t think that’s possible at this point. Come on. I just want to talk about what gets you off. I’ve seen the look in your eyes, I know you want to talk about it.”

“Yeah I do, but it doesn’t matter anymore. It doesn’t work anymore.”


“Because the spurts,” she told me. “I’ve been so petrified and afraid all the time ever since this started and I just… look, if you really need to know, I hooked up with a guy not long after my first spurt. Nothing serious, I just had it in my head that I just needed to blow off a little steam and do something that wasn’t vanilla again. We did it just how I wanted. A lot how I just described to you and I fell apart. I completely lost it. I got so terrified I completely lost my mind and I had a complete break down and I didn’t come out of it until I woke up in a hospital bed and learned they’d put me on 72 hour hold.”

I released the air in my lungs, completely understanding now. “It doesn’t work anymore. When I try to go down that road, there’s a part of me that just snaps and blacks out. I really want to, but I can’t handle it. That’s why I need a nice guy,” she encouraged me.

“But that was well over a year ago. You’re a lot stronger now. We can try it again. Maybe just go a little lighter and see if you can build back up to there.”

“I’ve already tried that,” she insisted. “No offense, but you’re not the only guy I’ve ever been with, you know. What do you think was going on in my head this whole week with me spazzing out on you constantly and shutting myself in the bathroom? That’s me going there. I know what it feels like now, so I have to just kind of shut down before I… end up waking up in the hospital again.”

“No, I get that, Julie, but. This fuckin’ sucks. You are seriously telling me that we can’t get even jut a little bit of that back for you?”

“You’re so sweet,” she encouraged me with a smile while petting my cheek. “My ex was never this considerate. I’ll tell you what. I will tell you a secret, okay?”


“There is something about the whole kink think that sends shivers up my spine and I just CRAVE it, but there’s a difference between getting off and climaxing. You have given me some of the biggest orgasms I have ever had. Is that better?”

“I don’t want you giving up parts of yourself. And I want to know more of you. You’ve learned since then. You’ve gotten stronger. Let’s try again.”

“Would you please quit pushing?” she asked with a little more urgency now. I looked at her and didn’t speak, but she definitely saw how disappointed I was that she wouldn’t share more about this facet of her personality. “I don’t want to ruin this evening.”

“Everything you’ve told me has just made this better. Like, come on. I like knowing what makes you feel good, what you find sexy.”

She sighed and looked down at me and sighed extremely heavily. “You are so stubborn,”

“You know I accept you. It doesn’t matter,” I told her as sincerely as I could. She now looked back down at me and seemed to consider.

“Okay,” she finally relented, and grinned at me when she saw that happy smile I offered her. “But there’s a point where I have to stop because even talking about it I might start to shut down.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

Julie than shared something I hadn’t ever considered at all. A detailed story that I had no idea of. I mean, I’d suspected, but I thought it was just my own jealous feelings getting the better of me. A few weeks before that night, she had managed to line up a date with a man who had, shall we say, a checkered past. He was into all the same things that Julie was into and so when she’d gotten the chance, she went for it and just as I’d suggested, they went a little more lightly than her old level of one on one time.

She’d offered him a key to her house and his job was to show up and surprise her when she was least expecting it. A little bit of role-play of this deep fantasy she had for being grabbed and raped. She was deathly afraid of telling me such an extreme fantasy but I completely brushed it off. I was more preoccupied with the fact that she was confirming my fears that she had been sleeping with other men while she was sleeping with me. I knew I had nothing to complain about, and that was when it hit me that was why she was afraid the subject would ruin the evening. I felt so jealous, but at the same time, I was sleeping with five of her friends, so who was I to get upset over anything at this point? I guess when she told me to play the field she really meant it.

It really bothered me that there had been other men inside MY Julie. It was a possibility; I knew that. Each of the girls took little breaks from me, but I’d assumed it was more of a “I don’t want to overwhelm you” or “I just need a little time to myself” kind of thing. It occurred to me that they likely weren’t out there looking to get their kicks, Like Julie was. They would likely be out there in the world trying to get a feel for which men might be a better caretaker than me; a more suitable guardian. It was bordering on overwhelming, but after the near perfect evening Julie had provided me, and the fact that, well, what was I going to say to her? “How dare you be honest with me about this?” I just couldn’t do exactly what she was afraid of and ruin it for her.

As she continued on in her story, I watched her face intently, occasionally reaching up and petting her bare hips behind my head or kissing the inside of her thigh. Anything to encourage her to keep going on as though nothing was wrong because I was struggling with the fact that I wanted Julie all to myself and despised the idea of sharing her. Especially tonight. Maybe I should have been turned off by her revelation, but it only made me want her more and made me want to fill this void she’d shared with me all the more desperately.

Anyways, she did go on with her story, and she especially seemed to like it when I would kiss the insides of her thighs as close to her womanhood while I smirked up at her playfully as she spoke and she seemed to open up even more after that.

The man arrived at her house around 2 in the morning and “broke in.” They had a password that he would use when he did so, and he was to use it twice in a row. It was in Russian, and she told me it was translated as, “I need that sweet, Czechoslovakian pussy” (Julie’s family were largely descended form there).

She knew exactly who it was, what he was there for and that he was doing exactly as she’d asked of him, so even though it was early in the morning and dark and she’d just been yanked out of sleep, she also knew above all else that she was safe. Even so, though, she said she found herself almost completely unable to breath and she was immediately bordering on a full panic attack.

She did manage to fight it back, and when he entered the room with a flashlight aimed at her, she lay sat there in her bed in her night gown holding a knife aimed at him, her feet planted out wide showing off her naked pussy and trembling, though she told me in this particular scenario she was having trouble because when she’d done this scenario in the past, it was an act. This time, it was for real.

She decided unwisely to be a trooper and see this through, though, and he approached her, already hard from her little display. She lunged at him pretty flaccidly, and then she told me that in the past she tended to overact, swinging so wide that it was easy to catch and stop the knife, but this time, she said her legs moved like she were hip deep in mud and her arms felt like they had anchors tied to them.

He quickly stopped her and tossed her knife away and choke slammed her down on the bed, pinned her by her throat while he fingered her wet pussy for her. She clutched his wrists and pushed and fought, but he had her and then he further pinned her down by resting his knee on her hip and ripped her nightgown off of her.

She went on to tell me that in movies or stories, in these situations clothes come off cleanly, but reality was that they tore unevenly, pinched in some places, and could even cause friction burns, and it hurt like hell. Most importantly, though, was that the pain turned Julie on so much that she sometimes had managed to orgasm just from that.

As she told me this, I felt an even stronger wave of jealousy as I pictured this asshole beating MY woman, but I was determined to hide my anger, just as I’d described. When she told me about it, I reached a hand up and used it to slide a finger up between her labia to tickle her a little bit while she told me her tale and I looked into her eyes mischievously. She bought my act, laughed at me and slapped my hand, then repositioned herself so she could kiss me passionately. This helped, but… God, I hated that another man stuck his fingers inside her snatch! And this was just a couple weeks ago!

On with her story: he ripped her nightgown off of her, and she said it hurt like hell and she realized that things were not going well at all. Her body was screaming conflicting messages at her. She did get incredibly wet, and in the dark he didn’t seem to notice that she also pissed herself a little from the fear as well.

She said she started experiencing vertigo and the shadows in the room starting warping and twisting and she said they were looking over her, higher and bigger, faster and faster. Even though what she was feeling wasn’t the same as her spurts, she was shrinking. She was shrinking as this man abused her and she said she almost threw up when he whipped his cock out above her and he was absolutely fucking huge.

She had no idea whether it was just her delusions or if it really was that big, but she felt like it was the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life and that it was going to rip her in two because while her mind was telling her she was looking at a nine inch beast (and that impression wasn’t even necessarily accurate), she said it looked and felt as he jammed it into her mouth like it was bigger than her thigh and she started feeling as though her jaw was cracking and was going to snap.

She punched him in the balls, but he only laughed at her, given how weak her swing was. He told her she was like a two year old smacking his knee and he did the one thing that pretty much every guy knows you never, ever do with a woman in this messed up world of ours. He looked at her maniacally and said “I can see you shrinking right now.”

Julie’s lungs all be seized up and she said it was as if her heart stopped altogether. She screamed with all the air she had left in her lungs and punched him so hard that he fell to the bed in a lump, doubled over and groaning from the pain and she swerved and staggered away, unable to gather enough strength or balance to even stand. She ran out of the room, wheezing and desperate for a single honest breath of air and she could see her vision narrowing. It had all gone wrong. All wrong. He just laughed and got up and chased her because this was actually part of the role-play. He’d asked for this.

When he caught up to her in the living room, the same living room where we’d just been dancing on the most romantic date I’d ever been on in my life, he threw her to the ground and dragged her by her hair, which was another turn on for her she confessed, back to the door and grabbed the rope he’d brought with.

He tied her up with her arms behind her back and pushed her face into the ground and began spanking her. “You’re just a little girl. You’ve got a woman’s pussy, but you’re just a little girl. You’re shrinking, I can see it. You’re so tiny and shrinking so small, I bet you’d have to use your whole body just to wrap that tiny shrunken body around my huge fucking cock.”

Julie said the room started spinning, and she couldn’t focus and he kept going on with their carefully laid out scenario (sans the shrinking talk) and paddled her ass until it was red and bordering on bruised and then rammed his middle finger straight down her vagina and pounded it mercilessly.

“Look at that, this tiny little pussy is about to split just from my little finger. There’s no way you can handle this massive fucking cock you quarter sized little cunt,” he told her. “But you will. Here comes the cock train,” he told her as he rubbed the head of his dick against her labia and prepared to jam it in.

By now, I was no longer encouraging her in a playful manner and I had turned around in the bathtub and was hugging her as she confessed this story with genuine terror and tears in her eyes. I wasn’t going to encourage anything at this point, just support and hope she stopped soon for her sake more than mine.

It was at this point in her story when she finally, barely managed to whisper the safe word, as her voice had left her in the middle of all of this. He stopped immediately, just as they had agreed and then he turned on the lights in the room to find her hyperventilating and she passed out.

When Julie woke up, she was wrapped in a blanket and he’d cut the ropes off of her and tossed the remnants aside. He was sitting at the wall waiting for her to come to again, and it was clear he was rather irritated with her for blue balling him like that, even if he didn’t say anything. Once she was up and able to stand on her own, he said he’d leave and leave he did, and Julie had to call on Janelle, Rebecca and Lana to come help her cry, sob, scream and wail the rest of the night through and well past sun up.

By this point, I’d pulled her down into the water with me, needing to lower it somewhat to keep it from overflowing and hugged her against me. “I told you I didn’t want to ruin the evening,” she whimpered to me.

“Nothing’s ruined,” I promised her and kissed her as gently as I could. “I didn’t expect you to tell me all that, but…”

“But I am a freak,” she lamented, cursing herself.

“No. You’re so wild, though. An absolute wild woman.”

“And you’re vanilla,” she countered, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Why don’t you feel down below,” I suggested. She looked at me and then reached behind her curled up body and found my penis, hard as a rock. “I didn’t want to distract you when you started getting upset.”

She laughed and slapped my chest then moaned a little when I kissed her. I can’t describe the amount of relief my simple (if mostly feigned) acceptance of her darker side provided her. She melted into my arms and lay there, actually becoming content before my eyes.

“This is the first time I’ve managed to talk about it,” she admitted to me.

“Maybe I was right. Maybe you’re getting stronger,” I tried to convince her.

“Maybe,” she considered. “Before the Smurfening, this actually would have been a little bit on the tamer side for me,” she explained. “I loved this kind of stuff. I liked feeling like it could all go off the rails at any second and that he could just throw the script away without even thinking about it and the pain mixed with all the pleasure all at once. It was insanely exciting. But now even lighter scenarios give me full on panic attacks, and I really don’t want to wake up double loaded on medications in the hospital mental ward again. I can’t do it anymore, Brendan. It doesn’t work for me. Even when I have a guy just choke me a little in bed, I start hyperventilating now.”

“You might have over done it a little bit this last time,” I told her.

“I wanted it so bad! I could just taste it! Therapy was going so good and I felt like I’d made so much progress and I just told myself ‘so what if I’m a couple inches shorter? I can still take a cock harder that he could ever hope to pound me.’ When the time came, though? I fell apart. He told me I was passed out almost a half hour. That’s pathetic. I ASKED for him to do all of those things to me, and when he did it was just a fucking nightmare. What’s worse is that I have lost count of the number of waking nightmares I’ve had over it since then.” She looked around herself and sighed heavily. “God, I’ve completely ruined the mood.

I grabbed her immediately and kissed her open mouthed and tried to do so as passionately as I could. At that time, I was very grateful that she was only 5’1” and 102 pounds. She was just small and light enough for me to manipulate and hold easily while comforting her.

“Only if it’s ruined for you.”

“I didn’t mean to go into all of that. I just was going to give you a couple examples of a thing here or there that wouldn’t work for me anymore because of… you know, and I just blurted out the whole fucking thing!”

“Julie,” I said to her calmly and softly. She looked up at me and stared, hanging on my prolonged silence. “I’m glad you told me all of that.” It wasn’t really a lie. I was still struggling with the jealousy thing, but there was something about how she’d just opened up to me. It was like that trip up to the lake earlier that week. She was so flawed, so fractured and she pulled it all together in a way that was just absolutely irresistible to me and I said exactly what I was thinking. “This is going to sound really cheesy. I just don’t have better words,” I told her. She tipped her head to the side and lifted up my chin a touch. I guess she was curious. “You are more beautiful to me right now than I have ever seen you.”

She huffed a laugh, then another. Before long she was leaning over my shoulder and laughing nearly hysterical at me and I was starting to feel self-conscious and I could tell my little buddy was going soft again because of it. When she’d had her fill, she lifted up and to my surprise, she kissed me, long, hard and passionately.

“This is why I need a nice guy right now,” she told me and patted my cheek ever so gently. “Do you get it now?”

“I think so,” I told her. “But if you have any more lessons, I’m ready for it.” She laughed again and I got another kiss for it where she practically devoured my tongue.

“I’m back in the mood again,” she whispered to me.

“Welcome back,” I whispered back to her, “we missed you,” and then I shook my body and hips and wagged my dick for her, forcing her to giggle. “I didn’t mean this to be about muh feelings. I just wanna get you off.”

“I feel lighter,” she told me, and another kiss to reward me yet again. She was so good at that. Every time she kissed me, it made me harder and harder. I was a little dizzy from the blood loss. “You’ve been SO good, this is going to be the best night of your life,” she promised and laughed at me when I lofted my eyebrows at her whimsically.

“How much better can it get?” I asked. It was getting a lot easier now to file away my feelings of jealousy. It seemed appropriate to save those for another time. I had Julie right then and there and I was going to treat her right. That was all that mattered.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Julie rolled off me and toweled off as best as she could and then stood in the tub and bent forward at the hips, her beaver intentionally so close to my face that I couldn’t even focus visually on it as she refreshed the hot water in the tub once more. I really couldn’t help myself. Julie had an absolutely divine muff. Perfectly shaved between her legs with a thin strip of hair running down the front of her hips that she always kept immaculately at that sweet length that was just barely past stubble, but no where near long enough to even attempted to run your fingers through it. When I would cross that heavenly patch of soft brown hair, it would tickle my lips. It was like a pubic golf coarse, always mowed to absolute perfection for the most sophisticated of guests to enjoy with unspoken satisfaction. Her labia were neither like beautiful pedals of roses, nor were they a straight, simple pair of succulent, welcoming lips that begged to be kissed. They were in between and so beautiful, seeing it made my heart skip a beat. I knew the purpose as she waved it enticingly in front of my face in a figure eight pattern was for her to tease me but that was like laying out a fresh rib eye in front of an African lion. I plowed in as soon as she was bent over at the hips to operate the faucet and I immediately used my tongue to find her clitoris underneath its hood and bathed it with as much affection and love as I could muster.

She screamed out and her knees buckled. The only thing that kept her from collapsing was the fact that I was grabbing her by the fronts of her thighs and squeezing them. Her legs quivered, nearly faltered and she had to grab the faucet with both hands to lean on it as she screamed again and I felt the weight of her womanhood settle on my face now that she was losing the power to stand away any longer.

“Th-th-th-th…” she stammered and then I felt a shudder ripple throughout her entire body powerful enough that her ass checks slapped me a little. I backed away a tiny fraction and she sighed and regained some strength, then I dove back in, doing my best to draw her clit completely out of it’s sensual hiding place and into the open while also allowing by nose to press up against her suddenly soaking wet vagina.

Thank Janelle and her persistence with me, because Julie’s clitoris suddenly began throbbing and swelling with each lick until I had enough that I could wrap the edges of my lips around it and suckle it sweetly. She became so excited that I swear I could actually feel her pulse through her clitoris. She moaned and shook for several minutes as I worked as hard as I could to overwhelm her senses enough that she wouldn’t have enough incentive to force herself to a standing position and deprive me of this absolutely divine candy I was devouring like a fat, spoiled child.

“It w-w-w-wa-wa-wa-was s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-supposed to b-be about YOU ton-n-n-n-night!” she screamed then I felt a massive shudder ripple though her body and her legs completely gave out and she collapsed forward in slow motion. I had just BARELY enough time to catch her and ease her into the water, which this time did overflow onto the floor and Julie turned around after plowing face first to the water with mop like, soaked hair. She screamed a primal scream at me and I laughed and rolled her over back onto my lap. “GODDAMN JANELLE! SHE’S FUCKING OBSESSED WITH GETTING EATEN OUT AND SHE MADE YOU A FUCKING MONSTER!” she screamed while also pounding the water with her fists.

“Well, I had fun at least,” I teased her. She screamed at me and slapped.

“You ruined my fucking hair!” she raged, though I couldn’t help that she was having more and more trouble holding back laughter.

“Okay that was a mistake. I didn’t want to ruin it because your hair was done up beautifully,” I admitted hoping it would help. Instead I got a nasty glare. “Are you angry?”

“I’m turned on, you dick!” she grumbled to me. “Tonight was supposed to be about you!”

“But I like getting you off,” I told her. “It gets me off.”

“But now I can’t even think straight! All I can think of now is how you just… Jesus Christ!” she ranted, still trying to fix her hair.

“Time for me to learn a new skill,” I declared and just like that I picked her up and stood in the tub (carefully) and then carried her out to the bathroom counter.

“What the hell?” she asked, looking around her. “Get back in there,” she ordered me.

“In a minute. Come on. This could be fun too,” I suggested, and then I set her down and rummaged through her drawer for a hairbrush. Once I’d found it, I grabbed another towel and wrapped it around her hair and wiped it down before setting the towel aside and ran the brush through her hair.

“I have a job to do,” she declared with immense irritation.

“I thought you said you just wanted to make this good for me,” I pointed out.


“Well, I’m enjoying this. Come on. We need to dry you off anyways. Tell me what to do.”

“But I…” came the complaint, so I leaned down behind her and whispered in her ear.

“You’re naked, I’m naked and we need to dry your hair off and fix it before we can continue. But if you just tell me what I can do, you will have your hands free to do whatever you want,” I explained. She shook her head at me and then lifted up on her tiptoes and leaned back, intentionally stroking my cock with her butt cheeks and smiled at the sensation as she felt me go fully rigid very quickly.

“Fine,” she agreed, then reached behind her and grabbed my cock so she could lower herself back to a more stable position again and began stroking me surprisingly well, given the awkward circumstances. Brushing her hair was easy and I went out of my way to lean down and massage her scalp as we went and we stayed liked this as little by little I worked the dampness out of her hair based off of her instructions and she used the opportunity to rub her body against mine the whole time as she stroked my cock and it turned into a very sensual dance of its own that was difficult to want to end.

Our bodies moved together and against each other, she smiled and enjoyed what I had to offer and she brought me to the edge over and over again only to back away before it went to far only to slowly build the pressure over and over again. It was intoxicating and I never wanted it to end, but end it did and when it had, her hair was not done nearly as nicely as she’d had it earlier, but she looked stunning and irresistible nonetheless.

Back to the bath now, per her strict orders and a swift swipe to my ass for my impertinence. She refreshed the hot water once again and she recommenced her same routine of massaging my shoulders and chest and nibbling on my ears and struggling not to continually grind her pussy against my neck now that I’d fired her engine up to full throttle.

Then and now I am frustrated by the fact that I can get off once at a time while a woman often times can go repeatedly, each one building in intensity as she goes. You feel her muscles inside of her tense over and over as you work at the limits of your abilities while you thrust in and out of her when she goes over the edge you finally feel like you can explode with pride knowing that she reached the zenith of her physical sensations except that there is another feminine explosion waiting inside her to be unlocked, twice as powerful as that one, and you just reached your limit. At least for the next 15-20 minutes or so bare minimum. She is ready to take it to the next level now, and that reset I am going through means her engine cools down. It’s infuriating. So for me, the game is to last. Do whatever it takes to last as long as humanly possible and do whatever is necessary to get her off as many times as possible until I am useless.

You may ask yourself why not just keep pleasing her as best you can after captain winkie has dropped out for a nap? Well, other than the profound sense of fatigue and sensitivity, there is the disappointment. The disappointment that when I am manipulating her with my digits and nibbling on her, I have noticed over and over again that be it Melissa, Brooke, Lisa, Janelle, Rebecca, Lana, Yvonne or even the lady of this evening, Julie, they all immediately wanted to grab my manhood and feel me still in the game, pointing and aching for her warm, soft haven. I don’t like to disappoint.

Julie was doing quite well this evening to make me last, but it only took one misread and spurt! I’m out. I despised when that happened.

Point being, I was feeling pretty good. She’d reached stage one and I knew stage two would be even more rewarding. I didn’t have stages. I had an on and off switch. But it didn’t matter. That hot, wet womanhood involuntarily pressing against the back of my neck meant she was still heating up. Because of this, I was okay with letting her play with me some more and the whole game was now relaxing. More relaxing than I’d felt ever, really. Before much longer, I was falling asleep and when she awoke me again with a playful bite to my ear lobe, I felt like I’d failed again.

“You’re ready,” she told me, then leaned over me, dangling her breasts in my face and began pulling and stroking my cock again until it was pointing above the water line again. Then she pulled on me and guided me up and dried me off carefully before facing me, stroking my cock with both hands and lead me by my cock out of the room and down to her bedroom where the mattress was lined with towels, completely covering it. She laid me on my back and stepped onto the mattress, a leg of hers on either side of my torso, offering an unbelievable view just so I could watch as she dribbled oil over her entire body and smeared it everywhere, thoroughly coating all of her skin with said oil

“Oh my God,” was all I could mutter and she grinned down at me, stepping a little more widely and opening her labia for my viewing pleasure slightly. “Is it still a date for impressing a girl?” she teased. I just shook my head. I couldn’t really say anything else. “You need to learn patience,” she shared with a coy smile.

When she was fully coated in oil from head to toe, she had me roll over and she provided a sensual full body massage on me with her entire body. I could feel her breasts and nipples as she slid up and down me and the fur of her pussy as well. She would sometimes stop and massage my back and shoulders, all the while grinding her pussy against my skin as she worked me over. I felt like such an amateur when I was trying to impress a girl in bed. I needed to up my game.

When I finally sighed from the pressure of my fully hard cock trapped underneath my bodyweight, she had me roll over again and repeated the process, only in reverse, working from my top down, instead of bottom up. There were a few times in the start she decided to be extra enticing, brushing her pussy immediately over my face and sighing with pleasure as I licked her obediently, but she had so much oil over all of her skin that I could never get a firm grip of her hips and she’d slip away time and again before I could bring her to the next level.

As she slid down me, she let me explore her belly and her breasts whose nipples were achingly stiff. She was enjoying this too, but I could tell she wasn’t advancing in pleasure like I was. Down she went until before I knew it, she those same breasts wrapped around my cock and was rubbing the entire length with them, kissing or sucking briefly on the tip as she lowered herself to the bottom.

She was very careful to avoid bringing me over the edge, but I was getting dangerously close, and I knew she had a long ways to go before she was there as well. I could see failure looming in my near future.

She humped on my leg as she stroked my cock with her oil soaked tits and I basked in the delicious music of her soft moans, some for my listening benefit, some genuine. She went on and on until I realized the friction was increasing and I looked at her, realizing that the oil had all but been used up. When the shine was gone from the light in the dimly candle lit room, she crawled forward and dangled her breasts just above my mouth. “See? Patience,” she whispered to me, offering me a much needed taste of her mammaries once more before she reached down, stroked my cock patiently and thoroughly to make sure he was fully ready and then she lowered herself on him. First an inch as I watched her labia spread and felt an amazing pinch as I realized she was exceptionally tight following all of the gestations leading up to this moment. She paused and closed her eyes as she seemed to be having trouble fitting me inside of her and I was shaking, I was so close.

Julie lowered herself with a few grunts, and inch at a time until she had all of me and then ground her hips against mine. “Are you ready?” she asked with a sly smile, then grinned as I gulped. She placed my hands on her breasts and practically forced me to squeeze and massage them roughly as she began a dance on me, grinding and I felt her pussy tighten even more as her undulations grew in intensity.

I felt like she was attached to me and milking my very essence from my being and her grin became uncontainable when I moaned, rather loudly at that. “Not silent now,” she teased and doubled her efforts. Four times she forced me to the edge of exploding inside of her and each of those times I forced myself back from the brink by willpower alone, but this was a fight I was losing.

Why not give in you might ask? Why not just go with the flow and enjoy the ride? Well, one reason, really. Pride. I took about of pride in the fact that I did whatever it took to please the woman I was with. In the rare cases where my sheer stubbornness wasn’t enough to win her climax, I showered her with enough adoration and affection before spilling out into her that she felt at least content and satisfied in some regard.

But I rarely allowed that to be the case. I hungered for the experience of the female orgasm. I needed it. It sustained me in bed. Without knowing she’d reached every by the level of satisfaction of the release I was all but guaranteed short of her walking out of the room, I was not satisfied.

But also, there was the hunger Julie had built inside of me. I know she was enjoying herself. That much was plainly obvious. She felt good, she felt sexy. But she was definitely not building up to the edge like I was. Not even close. I needed to hold out until she got there, but she wasn’t going to.

So, I took matters into my own hands. I sat up and I sucked her breast vigorously, surprising her with my sudden amorous attack. She tried her best to push me back down again, but she had neither the weight nor the strength to do it. Her concentration was broken and that offered me enough of a reprieve to gain a little bit of stamina back and then I forced us up into a standing position and I pressed her up against the wall and pounded her pussy with my full weight.

Her screams were much needed music to my ears and I ground our hips together gaining a number of satisfying moans. She pawed at me, telling me to wait, but I was in a fever. I wasn’t thinking even remotely close to clearly any longer. I needed her to cum for me.

When I realized we’d built up some pressure within her, but not enough to get her there before I was finished, I tossed her down on the bed again and fucked her while I stood at the bedside, another thing I could tell was building her ever higher for what I needed most in that time and place. She gasped and moaned and told me to hold on, but then I had a moment of inspiration.

Hopefully it was not too far down the road of her lost lustful life, but maybe, just maybe I might be able to give her just a tiny taste of that back. Either way, I was almost finished anyways, so I threw caution to the wind. I grabbed her, really grabbed her and her eyes went wide and I flipped her over onto her stomach and though her face was still up and she had plenty of room to breath unlike the fantasy she’d shared with me, I was now fucking her with all my strength from behind and she started moaning louder and louder in one continuous, long note.

As I realized I was running out of time quickly, I decided I would try one final hail Mary pass that would take all of my strength and the very last of my stamina. I carefully bunched her hair up in one hand, and tugged firmly, but not hard, something that made her gasp extremely loudly, I slid my other hand under her stomach and down as best as I could to her pussy and throbbing clitoris. “Hold on!!” she screamed desperately, but again, I wasn’t thinking clearly. I only had this animal urge that needed to be fed. I was going to please her. I had to. I knew she wasn’t having a panic attack, all of her body language screamed pleasure, so I went for it.

I pressed the hand holding the front of her hips as firmly as I could, hooked my fingertip over her clitoris despite struggling to keep from dislocating my shoulder and tugged harder on her hair and I lifted her up with those things plus the combination of my best hip thrust. She screamed and gasped and I think her eyes were as wide as they could go, but I didn’t have the best view from back there and I held her like that, turned out into the open air and fucked her with all my might and the very last of my stamina.

“I can’t… can’t… reach… the.. f-f-f-f-floooooor,” she screamed as he feet dangled helplessly. I could tell I was dangerously close to completely throwing my back out.

“Do it!” I screamed to her. “Do it! Please God do it!” I begged her nonsensically. She tensed and she felt so rigid that I couldn’t help but wonder if Julie had just been replaced with a solid granite statue without me noticing as her arms and legs stuck straight out in the air frozen and with nothing to grab hold of. Her body lurched several times as I bounced her up a few more times and finally she came. And oh my God did she cum. All of the tension in her body released at once and I felt her squirt repeatedly in a torrent down my legs as it gushed out. And this was the last straw. This satisfying experience sent me flying over the edge as though I’d overshot a grass airstrip going full speed in and SR-71 jet. I exploded into her as well. I felt it flood out of me and into her over and over and I staggered until she was able to grab the bedside and pull herself to it, me still following behind and pounding her still soaking and flowing pussy and fluids drained and drained out of both of us in a torrent. She grabbed the towels on the bedside and clawed for dear life at them.

I kept going right up to the point that her legs seem to turn to jelly beneath her and she slid off the bed and my cock and collapsed on the floor and then I dropped to my knees with a loud thud behind her and finally to my side beside her, both of us wheezing for air.

Go me.

I’d never in my life accomplished anything of that magnitude, and I honestly wasn’t sure how I could ever pull it off again. At least not until she was smaller.

It felt so good, that I pulled on her and rolled her over and on to me and I barely managed to stare at her as she panted in a deep fog following the biggest cum I’d ever had. Perhaps she had some really stellar boyfriends in her past, but I was hopeful it was the same for her.

Eventually, she came to, her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me, utterly exhausted and I smiled as best as I could. God that was amazing.

It took her a moment and then her eyes flashed with anger at me and she shrugged her shoulder and a limp arm eventually swung around and slapped me flaccidly. “I told you to wait!” she screamed.

“Why? Did I?” I was suddenly terrified that I’d gone too far and caused her to had another episode like she’d described with her late night rendezvous. “What did I do? Are you okay?”

“You asshole! Tonight was supposed to be about you!”

“Are you kidding me?” I asked her, stunned beyond belief. “I’ve never had an orgasm that powerful in my life.”

“But I was the one that was supposed to give it to you!” she screamed.

“You did,” I answered, still clueless.

“No I didn’t! You TOOK it! I wanted to GIVE IT to you!! You asshole!”

“But I… I thought it was good for you. I just wanted…” I was struggling for any kind of words to describe my confusion and she commenced pounding me, but each fist hit with the force of a dropped rubber ball. “I can’t fucking move!” she screamed again, then was immediately out of breath again. She tried to stand up, but her legs refused to function, even a little. They sort of spasmed, but spasm is probably too generous a term. She could move them. Sort of. “I can’t feel my fucking legs!” she screamed.

“I’m not sure I can either. Are you okay? Seriously, did I cause another attack?” I was terrified I’d harmed her state when that was the last thing I ever wanted to do. She screamed again at me, struggling as hard as she could and it was obvious she wanted to climb up onto the bed. I groaned and strained. Every muscle in my body now ached suddenly. But I managed to climb to my feet and then lift her up and set her on the bed. It was a lot harder now. Then I climbed over her and collapsed again. “Did I cause and attack?” I begged to know.

“No,” she answered, still pouting, but at least not screaming anymore.

“I just… what did I do?”

“Aw fuck it,” she blurted, and then looked at me. “Just hold me,” she said. “I can’t fuckin’ move!” I rolled her over to me and wrapped my arms around her. “You asshole!” she lectured.

“I don’t understand what I did wrong.”

“You were supposed to let me do that for you. This WHOLE evening was to build you up so I could just give it to you. Instead you just went and fucking took it! I was going to give it to you!” she declared with clenched teeth.

“I…” was all I got out before I had to pause. I was lost, but I think I sort of understood? “I couldn’t help myself. You were so hot and it felt so good and I just needed it.”

“Needed what?” she asked me, pouting again.

“I needed you to cum too. Didn’t you?”

“Oh my fucking God,” she declared, rolling her eyes. “Jesus Christ. I’ve never cum so hard in my fucking life. How the fuck do you do that? When you grabbed my hair? I started cumming right that instant. And then? What in fuck’s name was that?”

“You did?” I asked, suddenly brimming with perverse pride.

“You couldn’t tell?” she asked sarcastically. “I left a fucking wet spot the size of a serving platter on my carpet. How am I supposed to clean that?”

“I have… no idea. Isn’t that a good thing though?”

“I can’t feel my fucking legs, deadeye dingaling!”

“Mine are pretty blasted too,” I admitted.

“Jesus fucking Christ! I thought I’d gone to another dimension or something.”

“That’s what I wanted. I needed it. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin it for you, I thought making you cum big was the whole point.”

“No, the point was for YOU to cum big. You were supposed to cum MASSIVE for me.”

“Oh I did. I’m so fucking dizzy right now,” I confirmed for her. “The whole room is spinning. Oh shit. I see stars.”

“Ugggghhh!” she blurted out in frustration. “Why? Why couldn’t you just let me do it?”

“This is how it always is. I try to please you, you please me. I thought pushing you further than you’d been over the edge would be a good thing. I mean, I just really needed it. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t think of anything else. And I thought maybe if I pulled you hair like you said you liked, maybe it might get you there before I lost it.”

“Oh my fucking god! I love it when I get my hair pulled. I fucking love it! You’re so damn gentle all the time and when you did that it was like a dam broke. All over my fucking carpet,” she told me, sternly lecturing that last part.

“Again with the carpet?” I asked her. “I just had the biggest fucking orgasm of my life thanks to you. You even admit you had the biggest orgasm of your life. I thought that would make you happy!”

“Uggghhh! How can you still not get it?”

“I get it, and I gave to you,” I teased wiggling my hips at her.

“Well, well, well, turns out Mr. Nice guy is still, just a guy,” she mocked me. I honestly was a little stung by that comment and she groaned with frustration. “Alright. I’ve got something for your ass,” she said threateningly.

“You’re mad,” I said, still stung by her comment.

“I’m not mad, I’m just frustrated.”

“I would have thought we just got that frustration out of you,” I teased again.

“How can you not get it?” she yelled again at me and once more tried to hit me but her fists just tapped flaccidly against my chest. “Oh my God! What the fuck did you do to me?!?!?” she demanded to know.

“I thought I was satisfying you,” I grumbled, hurt that the single best performance of my life to date only brought her negative feelings.

“YOU!” she roared, and then growled with frustration. “Okay, look, you can you at least stand?”

“More or less?”

“Go to the kitchen, in the pantry you’ll find some spray in rug cleaner. I need you to bring it back with a bucket of hot water and a couple towels.”

“What? Why?” I asked, shocked and even more hurt now.

“Because I need you to clean my carpet! I squirted so fucking hard it was like stepping through a puddle!”

“Yeah, but it’s just… clear… fluid right? It shouldn’t hurt anything.”

“I don’t want to ruin my carpet, you little dick!”

“I really like your carpet as is,” I told her while petting her exhausted muff affectionately.

“Go!” she yelled, but now she was laughing at me.

When I returned, she walked me through just how she wanted the rug cleaned and I did as asked, looking up at her and moping while she grinned and giggled every time I groaned from my many strained muscles. “This is punishment,” I told her bitterly. “For giving you the biggest, best orgasm of your life.”

“It’s not punishment! I still can’t feel my legs you dick!” When she was satisfied, I got up and went to put the cleaning items away, but she stopped me. “No, it’s fine. Just as long as the carpet’s cleaned. Come here. I need you,” she told me a little more sweetly.

When I climbed back into bed, still moping, she gave me a peculiar look, though she was still smiling at me. “What are you all grumpy about?” she asked, sighing happily as I pulled her close and wrapped my arms around her.

“I just gave you… the omega orgasm,” I whined to her. I wouldn’t have admitted it at the time, but I was whining. “What just happened is like the holy grail of sexual intercourse and you just took and you’re like, ‘that all you got, little man?’”

She laughed as hard as she was able, which wasn’t all that hard and kissed me. She seemed genuine and happy and for now at least her frustration seemed to be gone.

“It’s not a competition!” she scolded.

“It’s whatever it needs to be to get you there.”

“How can you not see this is why I’m frustrated? I had this whole evening planned out to the smallest detail to give that to YOU!”

“You gave it to me. You were there. How can you not see that I feel like I’m about to fall over every time I stand up too?”

She groaned again and rolled her eyes, and I started to mope once more, but she curled up in my arms and snuggled closer and kissed me, very sweetly this time. “We’ll sort this out. I’m tired of banging my head against a wall.”

“But you’re mad at me. For getting you off bigger than you’ve ever had before.”

“I’m not mad!” she grinned. I guess she was recovered enough for the afterglow to kick in. “Even though you ruined my carpet.”

“You’re the one who squirted everywhere,” I grumbled to her.

“Because you made me cum so fucking hard!” she laughed, and had to cough a little from the exertion. “Okay, you did good. You did amazing. Is that what you want to hear?”

“I’d like you to mean it. I don’t think there’s any way I could pull that off again right now.” She laughed again and kissed me, oh so sweetly.

“I do mean it. I told you: we’ll sort this out later. I’m sorry, I just had this whole plan and I’ve been working on it all week.”

“Sorry,” I apologized to her. I had no idea what I was apologizing for, but I did feel sorry.

“It’s fine baby,” she cooed to me. Hearing her say it, especially the way she said it suddenly cheered me up for some reason. “Look, that was fucking amazing. When I tell the girls about it, they are not going to believe me.”

“You have to tell them about it?”

“Little secret? Every girl tells every girl they come across when it gets even half that good. They always have. If there is any competition here, I’m pretty sure I won it for all time,” she praised me. “You were amazing, and I mean absolutely fucking amazing. It’s just not what I had in mind, that’s all. I didn’t think you’d go rogue at the last minute and turn me into a fucking cock puppet. I had a plan for after too. Now I can’t even move.”

“Alright. I get it. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I just am frustrated because I had this whole plan. And no, you didn’t ruin it, I just didn’t think you would turn into a raging sexual monster all of a sudden. It was amazing. It was mind blowing. You’re… well, I’ll be honest. You’re a little inexperienced, or at least you were, but overall? You are an amazing lover. I’m actually kind of proud that I had that much power that I could do that to you.”

“Kind of?”

“I’m going to gloat for a month straight!” she beamed with a toothy grin. “Janelle was all ‘I’m going to make him scream first,’ and when I tell her this she is going to lose her shit. They all are. I am the undisputed queen of the castle,” she glowed. Even though she was beyond exhausted, I could tell how genuine she was. She was glowing enough now that the room was being lit only by her soft radiance. “We’ll sort it out, okay?” she promised. I nodded and she kissed me again.

“Can you do me a favor?” she asked after having my blow out all the candles and climb back into bed again with her. I agreed and snuggled up against her, squeezing tightly and kissing the side of her neck. She squirmed a little and pressed her spent naked body against mine. “Don’t let go of me. I need to feel you,” she whispered.

“A man would have to be a damn fool to ever let go of a woman like you,” I quipped back.

“That’s not bad, Casanova. But maybe don’t try to woo me anymore tonight? Just… I need to feel you,” she said and then she closed her eyes and sleep overtook us in what seemed to be mere seconds.

Later that night, I awoke to her rolling away from me. I looked at the clock and a couple hours had passed and she hadn’t moved a single inch. Neither had I, for that matter. She just stayed there with me nuzzled up to me and we were both so exhausted that we were content to not move a muscle and stay there pressed against each other the whole time. So when she moved and pulled away from me, it was alarming and I immediately missed her presence.

She moaned a little and I watched in the dark as she sat up at the end of the bed for a moment while she gathered her bearings and then pushed off with both hands to stand up. She had such a gorgeous silhouette in that dimly lit room with just a touch of moonlight trickling in to reveal her naked skin to me. Her curves were illustrated as I watched her silhouette rise and for a brief moment, I felt like I was looking at an extremely tasteful and artistic painting from an era gone by. She was stunning, absolutely stunning, or perhaps it was my sentimentality talking following an orgasm that was so powerful my ears were still ringing.

It was only such a brief moment, though. She’d no sooner stood than I watched her swoon and then her legs bow and ultimately fail and I watched her collapse downward with a plop. “DAMNIT!” she screamed. I went to her side immediately. “I still can’t fucking walk!! You asshole!!” she said and slapped me, really slapped me this time. Not that hard, but hard enough.

I grabbed her and lifted her up into my arms, and she laughed, openly laughed at me as I groaned in pain and my muscles ached. I was still staying in shape despite being out of sports, but for crying out loud, I’d overdone my muscles that hard? Two inches shorter or not, Julie was right. That pussy could take an unbelievable beating. Conquering that pussy was like trying to sink the Bismarck. There was no amount of firepower you could bring to bear to get the job done, at least not with any consistency. You just had to pray for circumstances that let you get the exact right hits needed in the right way at the right time and then leave it to luck and prayers. I was awestruck.

I realize what I am saying is literally the old saying about putting the pussy on a pedestal, but dear lord almighty, that thing had literally nearly broken me!

I sat her down on the bed again and sat with her, holding her and supporting her, and I got another slap for my trouble, though we both couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“Nothing’s wrong, I just needed a drink of water,” she explained. “But some ASSHOLE fucked me so hard my legs don’t work anymore!”

“I guess that you can’t take a cock quite as hard as you thought you could,” I teased her. It was a lie. It was more of a draw and I knew it, and it was only a draw because of sheer fucking luck at that. I couldn’t help but think of that damn pussy. It was marvelous!

Julie was NOT amused, however, and she growled at me. Really growled and it was just a little intimidating. “I can get you some water,” I promised.

“Thanks,” she whispered to me and I carefully laid her on her side again. As I walked out of the room she called out to me. “Use the bottles in the fridge! Bring me two!” she called out.

I brought back three bottles after I used the bathroom and cradled Julie as she guzzled both bottles down in the time it took me to finish one. The entire time I held and cradled her, at the ready to help with anything she needed, no matter how small and I ran a finger through her hair and I think I smiled at her. I couldn’t help it. She’d bewitched me. “Any better?” I asked when she was all done. She nodded and I set her bottle on the nightstand and pulled her closer.

“You know I can sit on my own,” she reminded me.

“You don’t like this?”

“I didn’t think I would,” she admitted somewhat coldly.

“Want me to let you go?” I asked, but she said nothing and a moment later she released the air from her lungs slowly and leaned her head against my chest. We sat like this for a few minutes and then I felt her hand slip down between my legs and begin petting my cock.

“I’m really worn out,” I told her with a chuckle.

“SHH!” she ordered me with a snap. She couldn’t even stand right now and she was still weak as a kitten but she was still intimidating. All 5’1” of her and 102 pounds. She played with it at length and while it felt nice, my dick was certainly feeling the strain from its last mission. Still, though, she ran it through her fingers and petted it affectionately and then, much to my surprise, I felt that familiar rush and slowly felt myself elongating and hardening in her hand.

“There you go,” she cooed to me in a soft whisper. “I knew you could to it,” she complimented.

“Yeah, well, I am still beat from earlier. I’m not sure I’m up for another round.”

“I can’t fucking stand up straight, you little fucking dick! You think I’m ready yet? I was just checking on the poor guy.”

“You mean little guy?” I asked in a self-deprecating manner.

“He’s not little,” she whispered up to me and offered a small, sensual kiss. “And he’s getting bigger all. The. Time.” There was just something in the way she said it. So calm, so serene, so soft, so delicate and yet I hung on every last syllable and felt a lump in my throat develop quickly. She felt something too. My cock swelled back up to its normal operational status and I could feel how rigid I suddenly became in her soft, delicate hands. “Oooooh,” she cooed ever so softly and nuzzled my neck and kissed it, making me harder still. I was just so wiped out.

“I’m going to take very good care of you,” she promised my dick as she now petted it like you would a beloved puppy. “Just you wait. Get your rest sweetie,” she ordered so softly. She tugged on my chest now and I crawled over her again and she resumed her previous position where we’d slept earlier, this time settling in much more quickly and ready to return to sleep.

“Hey,” she whispered to me just before I fully drifted off. I shook, startled suddenly again and looked at her to see her staring at me with those soft doe eyes. “You know what?”

“What’s that?” I asked back, running a finger through her hair. I could see a really mischievous look in her eyes in the dark, but just before she said something I was sure to be biting and sarcastic, her expression softened, probably to match mine. She paused a moment and tapped my lips with her finger.

“Yeah. This is why I need a nice guy right now,” she whispered. I offered her a kiss and then we quickly drifted back to sleep before I even knew it.

The next thing that I was aware of was a sense of ecstasy flowing through my whole body. An invigorating rush that slowly spread out all the way to my head and down to my toes. A feeling of warmth, but also of excitement and most of all of yearning. The pain from the night was gone, the aches of my body not even a memory. I enjoyed the sensation and didn’t care that my mind was in a complete fog. The black of the night before was gone, and I saw a warm light that really didn’t have a specific source. I was happy there and I relaxed but then tensed and the fog slowly began to lift.

As it did, I found myself to slowly zero in on the source if this wonderful sensation that was wrapping me in bliss. It’s down by my hips, I thought, then it dawned on me that all of the astounding sensations I was bathing myself could be pinpointed down to a single, minute location on my body. My penis.

I opened my eyes and looked down in the bright morning light to see Julie, still stark naked, the comforter that kept us warm the whole night tossed aside and she was lying on her side, her bare hips facing me and her lips wrapped around the head of my cock while she stroked the shaft with both hands slowly, sensually and patiently. Her head was tipped enough in my direction that she could see me awaken and when I looked down at her, she offered me a toothy grin and then began sucking on the head of my cock and the first couple inches beyond it like it was her favorite flavor of popsicle.

“Good morning,” I offered as whimsically as I could and she again grinned that same giddy, toothy grin and I gasped and involuntarily bucked my hips as I watched her as she separated her hands from my cock and then lower her face, down and down, absorbing my manhood all the way down to the base, slowly, patiently and I felt myself slide all the way back into her throat and heard her gag just a little, not loudly, but it was still there.

She rotated her lips around the base several times and then she slid up all the way to the tip again and repeated. She kept going, over and over again, cupping my scrotum and massaging it and working the entirety of my manhood with both her mouth and her hands.

What’s more, she moaned and groaned as she did it and I watched with joy as she worked her thighs back and forth against each other. The way she moved, the way she sounded and the look in her eyes made me almost believe she was enjoying sucking my cock more than I was. “I can handle this for a minute, I guess,” I joked with myself.

She looked unreal. It was usually dark when she went down on my so seeing her do it in broad daylight was new, and she was completely naked. Did I mention she was naked? God, I loved the female form. So soft, so supple, so aesthetic and inviting. Julie liked to normally take command when she did a blowjob. It was good, but she didn’t play around normally. It was business to her she took it seriously and I knew she was happy with it when she’d force a soft moan from me because she would giggle as I did it.

This was so different. She was taking her time, like this was the single most delicious entrée at a five star resort restaurant and she needed to devour it, one life-changing morsel at a time. I started trembling and once again, I knew my moment was going to be coming to an end again and how the hell did she expect me to reach my destination alone? I reached down and grabbed her ankle, ready to pull her up so I could return the favor, but she just let that leg go limp and she lifted the other, revealing and opening her already glistening, wet pussy.

“Do you like this?” she asked me in between sucks. I mentioned already, Julie’s muff was divine. I didn’t really have a favorite part of a woman’s body, but Julie’s muff was absolutely divine. Eventually I nodded. “Do you want it?” she asked me sensually.

“How could I not?” I asked back, but struggled as my throat had gone completely dry.

“What do you want to do with it?” she asked, then sucked my cock all the way down to the hilt again.

“Make it cum,” I gasped.

“Like this?” she asked and reached with one hand down and began fingering herself. My jaw dropped and Julie began stroking the entire length of my dick with her mouth and hand and actively masturbating for me with one leg sticking straight up into the air. Other girls had played with themselves while they sucked me off before, but it was always a case of them on all fours, playing with me while they played with themselves. I’d seen beautiful curves of hips while they did this and felt their bodies twitch as they dutifully worked us both up to our peaks. I’d seen a woman on all fours facing up at me, her succulent breasts hanging and swinging while she played with herself too. This was totally new. She was flaunting her womanhood. Baring it open and showing it off for me, knowing how much I loved looking at it, and now her, finger fucking herself full forward toward an orgasm.

A short moment later, she was moaning loudly, bucking her hips in a sensual dance and sucking up and down my cock much more rhythmically and steadily. The tenser I got, the louder she moaned and the more her body shook. She knew exactly the instant where I was going to blow and she was forcing herself to keep pace to meet me there.

“Okay, I can accept this compromise,” I told myself. “This time.”

What a show. She stroked her pussy faster and faster and gyrated her hips back and forth offering me a full view over and over again as she manually stimulated her clit and slid her fingers in and out of her. All the while she worked my shaft up and down over and over again rhythmically and steadily, slowly building her steam up to move a little faster with each stroke.

She worked her tongue around my cock and she giggled with each twitch and when I moaned, she would stop and grin fully at me while swallowing my cock whole and massaging it with her tongue, entire mouth and throat. All this time she masturbated for me. She looked so into it. Her eyes were rolled back fully and I watched as she looked as though the taste and texture of my cock was sending her into culinary bliss.

Nope, there was no way in hell I was going to last. I grunted and twitched. My body shuddered and she fingered herself harder, faster; desperate to keep pace with my rapidly escalating pleasure and I suddenly realized I lacked the will to move any longer. I was fixated on the sight of this sexy woman, fully splayed open, sucking me off as though it were her life’s dream and touching herself vigorously and with purpose to meet me at the finish line. I clenched my fists, grabbed the sheets and tried to think of a way to gain even a second longer, but my brain no longer functioned. I was completely helpless. When she felt that final swell and hardening a cock does before it gushes forth it’s reproductive gifts, she moaned so loudly that it echoed through her house and I dropped my head back, unable to focus at all any longer.

At that moment, thankfully, she twitched and bucked, her hips thrusting up into the air as she came for me. Nothing near as massive as the last night, but I’m not sure she had that in her again and I knew it was real, because when I looked down at her again, I could see her pussy pulse involuntarily. This immediately sent me over the edge and I blew my top right into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned loudly, immediately grabbing my cock with both hands and sucking, harder and harder, cooing up at me for each seminal blast into her waiting mouth until I had nothing left to give. I collapsed, fully relieved and she continued sucking and stroking, eagerly trying to drain even a little more of my essence following my ejaculation.

I sighed, thoroughly content, but a pang of guilt having not played much of a role in her minor orgasm, but I needed respite, desperately. As I caught my breath, I didn’t even notice as her weight shifted and then suddenly she leapt on top of me, landing on top of my chest and across my collar bone and my eyes popped open and my jaw dropped at the unexpected attack and she kissed me, hotly, passionately and our tongues swirled with delight until I realized a thick, gooey, almost clumpy half liquid that had a salty taste was oozing out of her mouth and into mine.

I screamed like a four-year-old girl.

I tried to toss her off, but she just moaned and groaned with satisfaction as I flailed to find some kind of hold over her. Finally, I managed to get hold of her hips and I literally flipped her off of me and onto the mattress, making her scream and then I ran for the bathroom, spitting the whole way while she laughed hysterically and uncontrollably at me.

When she finally caught up with me, I’d already rinsed with almost a half of her bottle of mouthwash and she leaned in the doorway to the bathroom, still laughing and enjoying it so much that it was evident she’d laughed so hard she was crying at my unwarranted and inhumane torture.

I went through another couple of cups, swishing and gargling and then spitting out until my jaw hurt from the exercise and she grinned at me, standing naked in the doorway and enjoying every last bit of it. “Well, I had fun at least,” she mocked me with a maniacal grin. I could only shoot her a look to kill, which made her laugh hysterically all over again.

When I was finally satisfied that my oral cavity had been successfully cleansed, I rinsed with water and spit it out. “You are evil,” I hissed at her.

“What’s wrong? I mean I never complain when I swallow your load,” she teased me.

“And I never ask you to because it’s disgusting!”

“You’ll be okay,” she snickered. Now was my turn to rant, except I had no words. I was speechless. What the hell do you even say to someone who’d just violated you in such a demeaning way? She smiled and approached, the leaned up on her tiptoes for a kiss.

“NO!” I yelled, and then shoved the bottle of mouthwash into her chest. She laughed and laughed and laughed at me, carefully swishing and then gargling before discarding the minty liquid, then rinsed with water. Then she leaned up for another attempt at a kiss. “No! Again!” I demanded. I had just tasted my own cum! What the fuck?!?

“You already used up most of what I had. You go get me a fresh bottle first from the store,” she lectured, putting her foot down. Fine by me. I turned and marched for the bedroom to get my pants and do just that until she jumped in front of me and screamed for me to stop. “Ok, one more. But that’s it!” she insisted, and repeated the cleansing ritual and finally I relented, though I still felt so dirty inside.

She pulled me back into the bedroom where she was highly playful, undoubtedly proud of her villainous sneak attack on me and rubbed her naked body all over me, kissing affectionately and playfully, which helped cheer me up but for fuck’s sake!”

Eventually, she was satisfied with playing like that, she pulled me into the shower together and we washed each other much like we had the day before, and she checked a couple times that my poor overused penis was still able to rise to the occasion. He could. It took a little work, though.

She then dragged me into the kitchen where she wore nothing by my T shirt and I stood around in just my jeans and she made a breakfast for me. A smorgasbord, actually. “A peace offering,” she told me with a wink. Then she laid out enough food for three men to eat, and I have to admit, I ate much more of it than I had suspected I would and she grinned and giggled her way through the entire meal.

“Well, you sure got off on that,” I complained to her.

“I’m actually thinking about how you made me cum so hard I ruined my carpet,” she declared seductively while stroking my arm with both hands.

“And this is my reward,” I grumbled back. She only grinned at me. I could tell she was worn down and exhausted, but her spirits were high. Higher than I’d ever seen them. I took pleasure at knowing my part in giving her that, but what the hell?

“So grumpy,” she teased me with a wide grin and then climbed up onto my lap facing me and commenced making out with me. I loved kissing. This softened my mood as she pulled my hands underneath the oversized shirt she was wearing and had me play with her breasts, which also cheered me up and eventually when we’d reached the limits of out depleted bodies, she sighed and pressed her forehead against mine.

“How was your date last night?”

“Best date ever,” I admitted and tried to go on to add a quip about her dastardly attack on my innocence, but she stopped me with a finger to my lips and then a kiss.

“That date was only half of what I could have done,” she informed me. “I want you to think about that,” she told me. “I want you to think about that hard.”

“Why are you lecturing me? I mean you already got even with me, and then some,” I grumbled to her.

“Oh did I?” she countered back with a tone that suggested I had only experienced the tip of the iceberg of her wrath.

“How was the date for you?” I asked her, suddenly nervous and trying to hide it.

“Best date ever,” she glowed to me and then another open-mouthed kiss. “You were… I have no words. But just think about it. Okay? We’ll sort it out, I promise, but just think about it.”

“Julie, I’m not sure I can ever stop thinking about a night like that.” Despite the last minute twist, it was one for the record books. My body still ached, though. By the way she moved, it looked like hers did as well.

“You’re tired. I know you have work to do, but I want you to get some rest today, promise? Take a nap. Relax. Recover.” I nodded in agreement at her gentle suggestion, and I struggled. I know she had errands to do, but it was hard to let go of her. I wish it didn’t have to end.

“So I’ll see you again in like a week or so?” I asked, knowing she was scheduled for some down time to allow the other girls access to me.

“We’ll see,” she whispered, and I couldn’t help smile at the seed of hope she’d planted in me the way she said it.

“Look… maybe I’m just overly attached right now after everything but…”

“Shhh,” she silenced me gently and kissed me. “Believe me. I’m thinking about it. I’m really thinking about it. Give me some time. For now, just let’s go on like we have been. I might… I will just say I think I may need to find a little extra time for you before next week. We’ll see.”

Now I was soaring. Maybe it was wrong to be allowing myself to get so attached to only one of the girls, but goddamn. Can you really blame me?
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Once I was dressed and on my way, the day was quite frankly boring. I did groceries and laundry in the morning and I sat and thought about Julie. I thought about Janelle and then I thought about Yvonne. Then there was Rebecca and I reminisced thinking it had been so long since I’d seen her. Then my mind turned to Lana. A moment later, my mind drifted to Lisa and that supple, soft, slightly smaller body of hers and I felt a bit of a Pavlovian response.

But then, I thought about that drive up to the lake with Julie and the simple night out under the stars, drinking hot chocolate and eating s’mores to keep us awake and how simple that date was and how magical. I appreciated our conversation together on the way up, but the silence was even more gratifying with her. I realized that it felt really good to not have to feel like I had to fill every second of silence to keep her entertained.

It reminded me of much simpler times. Times where I was also overrun with raw sexual desire, but where those things didn’t matter and where I was happy having those urges kept in check while I could just enjoy myself with someone else. I thought about Tina as I did chores around my apartment and then my mind wandered too much and I sat on the couch and I looked out the window, thinking back on my time with Tina. It was like looking at someone from a long distance through a rear view mirror and I wondered if my memories were fading of her. But then, I thought of Julie.

The perfect evening, the dancing, the sensual moments in the bath, the mind boggling sex, and then, I thought over and over again about everything Julie had told me that night. About her sexual escapades with that asshole that put her into a complete panic attack. I thought about how vulnerable and scared she was to share these incredibly intimate details not only into what she was doing, but why and what it did for her. If she had not done that for me, I would have never had any clue what to even attempt that made her climax so hard. Or myself for that matter.
It was 10:30 in the morning by this point, and then reality hit me.

Julie was using me. There was no way I could argue that point. Each of the girls were, but most importantly at least in my mind, was Julie. It wasn’t malicious. It wasn’t devious in any negative sense, but they were still doing it. Julie was sleeping around with other men and jealousy aside, it would have at least been nice to know if for no other reason than for health reasons and keeping my risk down for catching something.

I wasn’t scared, and I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t even disappointed in her. I was accepting that Julie had been open and honest with me but I was doing it at the same time I was accepting that I had fallen in love with Julie and that if I were to have a choice right then and there my relationship would be with her and only her.

She as very flawed, and I wasn’t comfortable anymore with the boundaries we’d set up, but they were boundaries that I had agreed to. There were so many contradictions and so much dissonance, but no one had done any of these things to me. I’d done it to myself, and I was coming to terms with that and at peace with it.

I wanted something serious with Julie and I picked up my phone to call her, but then I stopped just before hitting call and rethought the whole thing over. The entire conversation that bordered on an argument on the drive up to the lake was all about wanting a relationship with her. I’d practically beat this horse to death. I’d done so with each of the girls, but it occurred to me that I’d especially done so with Julie. It was time to let go. Not of her. I wasn’t ready for that, not yet. I had to let go of trying to make it happen.

The harem idea was another issue, and I would have to think that over. I was seriously considering it, but I was starting to understand why the girls were so on the fence and having trouble going all in on the concept. If it was just a matter of a traditional dating scenario, it would have been easier, but still challenging as I was coming to the grips with the fears and worries each woman had over committing to a new man, not just because of what he brought with him, but also the uncertainty of her future. Would her next spurt be an inch, or would it be ten? If Julie had a spurt like that, she would end up four foot three.

I ran the calculations in my mind and a decrease like that would put her under 60 pounds. She would be that vulnerable toy that she’d mentioned. Even with a minor decrease of a couple inches that she’d already suffered, she had lost over ten pounds. She’d lost probably around ten percent of her strength. Another ten-inch spurt would lose her almost half of her original strength. I asked myself what a loss like that would do to me and I realized I’d rather die. I’d rather put a gun to my head.

But, back to the matter at hand. I was in love with Julie. I’d felt something bubbling up inside me for Janelle, and I still did, but Julie had broken through and I was heartsick for her. I wanted a life with her. What’s more is that she knew it. I’d made myself clear more than once and she was playing the field. I was convinced her feelings for me were real too, but she was holding back, and I only understood a little about why. She didn’t enjoy opening up about these things and I’d already been pushing her. She’d been more than a good sport about it. She rewarded me with the single best date of my life. You don’t put that kind of care and devotion into something unless you felt something real and genuine, and I trusted her that she had her reasons for why she was holding back still. I wasn’t going to push anymore. I really loved her. But I was not going to add that to the pile. She knew I wanted more. She knew I wanted it to be serious. I’d been very clear with all the typical male blurting of my desires.

I would wait, but I wasn’t going to just wait. I was going to seriously think about what I was doing and I was going to start weighing in other realities in my life, such as what Dr. Jurek had warned me about.

I needed to find a cure. It was my life’s mission, and I needed Julie, but I didn’t get to decide that. It was in Julie’s court now and I’d hoped she would allow me to make this journey with her, but the only thing I could do now was let her have enough space to make a decision and move forward in my life accordingly.

I knew the time was coming where I might have to move on in my life without Julie, or without any of the others for a variety of reasons, the most important of which was the need to find the cure. All I could do was hope because I wanted the opportunity to tell Julie that I was in love with her. Now wasn’t the right time, though.

I was deep in my thoughts when I was started and jumped at the sound of my phone buzzing. I looked at it and speak of the she-devil. Julie was calling. I answered.

“Hey,” she greeted.

“Yes ma’am,” I responded.

“I just,” she began. I could hear how nervous she was trying to speak to me. I waited patiently. “I was just checking in on you.”

“I’m fine, how are you?”

“Yeah, what I mean is, I know you. You need to take the day off. I’m sure you’re beating your brains in over the books, but you deserve some down time. I wanted to tell you to put your books down for a while and get a little rest.”

I laughed a little. “I actually was just sitting here thinking.”

“What about?” she asked.

“You,” I answered and I could actually hear her gulp. “It’s… well, let me put it this way. After everything that you did last night, it would be nearly impossible not to. You were that good.”

“I only got half of what I had planned in.”

“And it was the best date I’ve ever even heard of. I’m sorry I ruined you plans. I didn’t mean to.”

“Do you understand why I got so frustrated?”

“Partially, I think,” I told her. “I’ve been thinking about it. I can see how important it was for you. I’m going to do better.” There was a silence on the other end of the line and I heard her gulp again.

“You’ve thought enough. I want you to relax and I need you to get some rest, okay? It’s been a rough week. Trust me on this. Get some rest, stop worrying about it and let it go. We’ll sort it out. I wouldn’t trade last night for anything, though.”

“Me either,” I told her.

“Now get some rest. I know you didn’t get enough sleep last night or most nights this week.” She hung up and I set the phone down.

I then laid back on my couch and closed my eyes, taking her up on her advice. I slept well into lunchtime and when I finally woke up I was groggy and sluggish. It took me a while, but I wandered around the apartment and woke slowly, drank a bunch of water and finally looked in the fridge as I was famished again, but I didn’t see anything enticing enough to spend the time cooking it.

My mind was still tired enough that I decided I would just go get some fast food and be done with it, since it was already one in the afternoon. I was driving toward Taco Bell, unexpectedly smiling to myself wondering if the girl there who’d had the misfortune of suffering several shrinking spurts and now stood about three feet tall would be there when I suddenly had a flash. The girl from the other day, who’d asked if I would be back today to the coffee shop. Should I?

I was torn. She was beautiful. She was tall. She was sexy. She was going out of her way to flirt with me. It was so tempting. On the other hand, I admitted it out loud even as I drove, struggling with the decision. “I’m in love with Julie. Is it right?”

In the end, I decided that some harmless flirting wasn’t really a big deal when compared to what Julie had been up to in her time away from me. I had been “faithful” to the girls, but they’d obviously not been so for me. Even Janelle, for all her pronouncements to me could very likely be seeing other men on the side. I’d assumed “open” when they described it referred to open with each other, within the group. I was mistaken.

Once again, I thought it over and I’d remembered who she was. She was out of my league. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Why would she be interested in me? But she was.

I flipped on my signal and made a u-turn and headed for that same café. I had my books with me, so I was going to go there, order and overpriced sandwich and a hot drink and I was going to study. When she arrived, if there was an opportunity, I was going to flirt with her. I wasn’t sure if I would even hang out with her, let alone an official date, and I certainly was not going to be sleeping with her anytime soon, but it had been so much fun playing with her the way I had the other day and I wanted to do it again. There was no harm in it, since Julie had been so insistent on keeping things the way they were. Once upon a time, before all this started and when I had budding feelings for Tina, I’d still enjoyed flirting with girls who were willing and nothing ever came of that either.

I arrived there and walked in and the same barista was there, but another supervisor was on this afternoon. She grimaced as I walked in and glared up at me when I ordered my lunch and she continued to glare at me as I went to a table at the far corner of the café to begin studying as planned. The drink was ready first and I was called up to retrieve it. When the sandwich and other food was ready, the barista brought it out to me and glared at me despite my grateful smile as she approached.

“It was a mistake to tell you,” she complained. She looked to her left and I followed her eyes to the same white knight who’d tried to film the other day me beating up those whiny little punks.

“I’ll do whatever I have to to keep things low key.”

“And how do you plan to do that?” she asked. I thought for a moment and then had a flash of inspiration and wrote a note on a scrap of paper, folded it up as nicely as I could and handed it to the barista.

“Has she been in here before?” I asked her.

“A few times, yeah,” she answered.

“Does she usually sit in the same spot?”

“If it’s available.”

“Could you please put that on the chair? I’ll give you a huge tip.” The barista read the note out of curiosity and smirked, telling me she’d do it for free. I then looked out the window and saw a group of emo looking dudes milling about, one glaring inside at me. “What about them?” I asked.

“He,” she said, pointing to the same white knight who’d tried filming me the other day, “has been in here almost constantly since the other day. They wait around until he’s done here.” So, as I’d thought. He wasn’t going to let it go and brought in reinforcements. I was going to have to be more creative this time but that wasn’t a surprise.

I studied and focused just as I had planned and just past a quarter after three, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tall, lean, athletic Amazonian Goddess of a woman stroll up confidently to the door and walk in. She looked directly at me, but I remained focused on my studies while she stood and watched, waiting to see if I would engage like I had the day prior. She looked frustrated from what I could tell, and I thought she might actually walk out the door until I saw the barista walk by her with my note in hand. I smirked and I know the girl saw me and I could see curiosity growing. Finally, she went to the counter, made an order and stood there, looking over to me and continuing to see if she could get my attention. I couldn’t help but grin and she half approached me and stood in the middle of the shop and I could see her playing with her hair again.

She wasn’t going to let this go without me acknowledge her. I turned and smiled directly at her, not trying to conceal it at all and I saw she seemed to be caught off guard and blushed. Then I turned and looked at the white knight who was trying to film me inconspicuously. I lifted a hand and waived at him and she turned to look at him. I think she seemed to understand. Then I looked out to the window and stared at the group of men and as soon as she did the man glaring at me turned away, terrified that he might anger a beloved matriarch.

She now scrutinized me and I watched the white knight down the aisle from me stop trying to conceal his phone any longer I smiled at her, but only briefly before I buried my face back in my books, disappointing the white knight, but especially disappointing the Amazonian Goddess. She gave me a pouting look, but I remained focused and then she turned as though she was going for the door after a prolonged silence when the barista stopped her. I peeked quickly and the Amazonian Goddess and she caught me and looked at me suspiciously then she had an exchange with the barista who pointed toward the seat she’d left a note by.

I was pretty sure she’d insisted she would bring her drink out to her. I saw the Amazonian goddess walk over to the table and sat in the chair without even looking until she heard the crinkle of paper under her bottom. She cocked an eyebrow and stood, then looked at the paper and set it on the table. At first she ignored it but as the moments passed, I caught her looking at the barista, then trying to catch me looking again, which I wasn’t going to let happen this time.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she unfolded the paper and looked at it. First she was confused, then she was surprised and finally she broke out laughing loudly. I smiled but didn’t look her way and finally after she’d had a long enough laugh, she got up and marched directly over to me. As she approached me I looked up and smiled innocently to her and the white knight stared in shock as she directly came for me and ignored him. She waved the paper at me and I continued to play innocent, even though my smirk said otherwise and she laughed again, then tossed the note onto the table.

It read, “remember when you were young and the boys in the class were too nervous to talk to you so they had to resort to passing notes to the girl they really, really liked?”

I knew what it said of course, but I feigned reading it and handed it back to her. “That’s so sweet,” I told her. She grinned and grabbed the chair opposite me and sat, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“So what? We’re just gonna pass notes like fourth graders now?”

“I thought it might be fun,” I suggested to her and she laughed once again. The white knight was practically enraged and filming overtly now.

“Go away already!” she ordered him. He tucked tail and slinked away while this Amazonian goddess stared at me, laughing and grinning at my novel, yet childish approach. She looked at me at length before saying anything further. “You’re studying. I should have asked before bothering.”

I just slammed my books closed and slid them aside, clearing the table for just her. She laughed again and even had to wipe a tear from her eye. “So you’re Brendan,” she declared boldly. Now was my turn to be surprised. She knew who I was. How was this possible? My mind went around in circles and she watched me to see how I rebounded from such a move, so I said the only thing that made sense at the time.

“And you are Shandra Lefebvre.”

Shandra Lefebvre was the closest thing our university had to a celebrity. She was a senior, and one of the key players on the women’s volleyball team. This year, she was in the running to be part of a division I champion team. Normally, most athletes can fit into a crowd like any other student, but not Shandra. She was literally a poster child for the university. The school was desperate to portray strong, powerful women in a bid to bring in new recruits and examples within the sports teams were becoming rare fairly quickly. Enter Shandra, an extremely talented volleyball player who had worked her way up from freshmen year and stood an impressive 6’2” tall. The same height as me. Her face was everywhere the college could afford to put it. I’d just seen her on an advertisement on the side of a city bus not long before she’d shown up that day. She was pleasantly surprised to see that I recognized her, but not overly so. “Didn’t we just do this backwards?” I asked her whimsically. She laughed again at me.

“Well apparently you weren’t going to let it go until I completely walked away or walked up to you myself.”

“Wrong,” I corrected her abruptly. She perked up, all too ready to listen. “You know full well flirting is against the rules in Oceania. I almost got in a fight the other day.”

“I thought you were going to tell me you had some kind of plan to work the courage to talk to me,” she mocked me.

“A guy needs a lot more than courage to just go up and talk to Shandra Lefebvre,” I told her.

“You’re putting me on a pedestal,” she confronted me with a cute puckered lip smile and narrowed eyes.

“This isn’t four years ago,” I told her. “It’s hard enough speaking to any woman theses days. And you are basically famous.”

“I’m not famous,” she deflected.

“I saw your face twice on advertisements on the way here today,” I pointed out.

“Okay, but that doesn’t mean I’m unapproachable.” I knew better than to overdo the comments about how gorgeous a woman was on the first round at least. I had to think fast.

“Is it just me, or do most of the sports teams have security nowadays?” I asked her. She looked at me a little stunned, then blushed.

“Just the women’s teams.”

“Like I said, one does not just walk up to Shandra Lefebvre. Even if she is very approachable.”

“Okay, fair enough. So Casanova, tell me exactly how you were going to eventually work your way up to actually coming and talking to me? I’d like to know why coming over here and confronting you was a waste of my time.”

“If it’s a waste of your time, then I will figure out a way to make it worth it,” I told her, and again she was impressed.

“You are WAY too smooth for a sophomore!” she declared with a laugh.

“Must just be on my game for once, then,” I told her.

“You’re stalling. You didn’t have a plan at all.”

“Notes,” I told her. “It’s stupid and it’s immature, but no one acts like an adult anymore anyways. So, if you needed to let a pretty girl know you really liked her, you passed notes and I’m betting that even you had a time once upon a time when you would be too nervous to talk to a boy, so how did you handle it?”

“I only did it once!” she answered me, clearly embarrassed. “I was twelve! No one is smart at twelve!”

“Did it work?” I asked her slyly.

“No! He said I was too tall!”

“No complaints here,” I assured her. She grinned and laughed at me again. “So that’s it. It’s immature, but it worked then, so why wouldn’t it work now?”

“Do you have any idea how long that would take to get anywhere doing it like that?”

“I think it would be worth the time. I was a little worried that you wouldn’t think the same, though.” She tapped her finger on the table, unable to stop herself from smiling. “Why do you know who I am?” I asked her directly.

She grinned and leaned her jaw on both of her hands. “I’ve seen you around campus. You know, when we’ve got our body guards walking around with us.”

“Just like that?” I asked her a little suspiciously.

“Well, when I saw you here, I just thought I’d see if I could get you to talk to me. See what you’re like,” she answered coyly.

“Ah, so you like me to live dangerously in clown world,” I joked back.

“It helps a girl feel good about herself to know she’s worth going through a little bit of trouble for. But then you got all sassy and left this on my chair you sneaky little punk and you wussed out!”

“Cut me some slack. There were five guys waiting to have an excuse to have a temper tantrum and take it out on me all because I like a pretty girl,” I explained. She blushed but only a little and mostly kept her composure.

“I am just saying, it would have been nice just to know I was worth the effort,” she told me patiently.

“You are,” I told her flat out. She really blushed this time and even gulped. “I just had to go a little slower than I should have. I tried to make it fun for you to make up for it, though.”

She leaned forward and stared into my eyes, almost like a cat would a mouse. I was definitely being looked at like prey and she was sizing me up, but at least she was thoroughly enjoying herself. “What else can you do for fun?” she asked me hurriedly after a long pause.

“You’re all about challenging me and putting me on the spot, aren’t you?” I teased her.

“You’re stalling for time,” she accused with a sly grin.

“And you’re afraid,” I teased her.

“What!? What am I afraid of? I was the one who just came over here to hit on YOU!” she lectured, then her face when red with embarrassment and she shut up quickly.

“Admitting that,” I answered her.

“You are sneaky!” she scolded me somewhat sternly, but the energy of her body hadn’t changed a bit.

“Sometimes,” I began more thoughtfully, “you just have to throw what you can out there and see how it plays out because you know you’ve been beaten and maybe, just maybe the sly woman who just spanked your ass might make a mistake and give you a fighting chance again.”

“You are so sassy!” she beamed gleefully. “Maybe you weren’t stalling for time…”

“I was stalling for time,” I admitted and she laughed again.

“Are you always like this?” she asked me, practically leaning all the way across the table to me.

“No. Definitely not. Maybe I have a muse today,” I suggested to her. She grinned and seemed to become absolutely fascinated by me.

“For fun. Go.”

“Wanna go see Santa Claus?” I asked. It was the first thing that popped into my head. The confused yet amused look on her face was priceless.

“WHAT?!?!?” she laughed heartily.

“You know. Santa. You do want him to know what you want him to bring you for Christmas, right?”

“You do know he’s not really Santa, right?”

“I’ve heard the debate… Did you have proof?”

“The last time I sat on Santa’s lap, I did it for a joke a couple years ago, and he got a boner,” she laughed at me.

“Well, I mean… it’s a natural reaction. Maybe he meant it as a compliment,” I struggled now.

“I could take this a thousand different directions right now,” she giggled at me.

“But first you needed to stall for time,” I teased her.

“Oh my God! You just keep going and going!”

“So no Santa?”

“I’m tempted. I don’t know why. Last time I played that game it went so wrong.”

“Well, I was just thinking you could go down the slide and get your picture with the elves and we could get some hot cider and look at the giant tree.”

“Sending notes, going to see Santa? I’m beginning to wonder if you have maturity issues.”

“Well, you did say I was only a sophomore,” I pointed out.

“It’s very creative,” she admitted, still appraising me, though it looked like she was coming to some kind of conclusion. “You’re sure you’re not always like this?” she questioned.

“Definitely. I wish I was. I don’t want to disappoint though in case I ever get another chance.” She grinned, ear to ear and looked at me, leaning all the way over the table in an animated manner.

“You’re going to,” she promised. Then she reached out for my hand and grabbed it while I gathered my books and other things with the other hand and she let me lead her out across the street to a department store where we found a Santa Claus and a long line. We stood in line and the playful banter subsided, which I was thankful for because I am pretty sure I had run the tank completely dry on witty comebacks by that point.

It was largely innocent, as I’d intended. She asked me about my major, and I hers. We traded stories about professors and even though she was still a couple years older than me, I was starting to get a taste of what I’d been missing by dating women that were in a totally different phase of their life than me.

She was quite animated, almost like a girl much younger. Even though the discussion was much less lighthearted than back at the coffee shop, I’d had the fortune of stoking her flames just right so that now I could enjoy a friendly, still flirty conversation with an absolute goddess of a woman. As I’d suspected, she was almost my exact height. I might have just a touch over her, but even that I couldn’t be sure about. We stood completely eye-to-eye. In the old world, this woman would have been an intimidating Amazon. In this one, she was a bona fide female giant. It put a familiar, but long lost lump in my throat and I had to squelch a constantly recurring thought of “if only she were just a few inches taller.”

Despite her undeniably impressive stature, she had the energy and was as animated as a school girl and the flirting in the line in our warped version of the Victorian era was becoming borderline obscene. We were both smiling too much, we blushed too often, we were enjoying each other’s company far too in excess and the times she would actually accidentally make physical contact with me and brush against my arm or touch hands as she swayed constantly back and forth as she spoke and then turned away from me bashfully turning a bright red from such a profane and unsafe for the eyes of children manner? We were bordering on being arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior.

I wouldn’t have traded this for the world. When I had first met Julie, she was in bad enough shape that it was mostly a case of me comforting her and offering a poor band-aid for her endless turmoil. It took time for her to trust enough to just hold a conversation and even back before she’d introduced me to Brooke, there was a certain level of flirting, but it was very muted. With each of the other girls, we’d also flirted and attempted to banter as we got to know each other before things turned more serious. Well, I have to honest here- things weren’t serious, they were just sexual.

But with each of them, there was always an underlying feeling that there was a deeper purpose and meaning to the playful intentions of each of the girls. Thanks to the conversation I’d had with Julie days before, I now knew why.

This was so much more genuine than those prior interactions. With the girls, it wasn’t a chore by any means, but there was a certain amount of work to it. This thing with Shandra flowed freely. There were a couple of tingles in the back of my mind that told me “there’s some kind of trap here,” just like with the girls. The girls never gave the impression that they were venomous spiders looking to lure me into their webs and devour me to leave behind a dried out carcass, it was just that I could tell there was a plan behind all their machinations and it was mostly masked by fantastic sex in every variety of the sensual rainbow.

Not so with Shandra. I was back in early high school again and I felt like I needed to be ready for that next bell to interrupt us and force us to go to band. That tingle was there, but it was weak enough that I was forced to conclude that she was either much, much, MUCH better at it than the girls were, or maybe I’d become so hypersensitive that I was imagining it this time. That second scenario seemed extremely unlikely if you have ever met a woman, but maybe, just maybe that was what I was dealing with.

“So what are you going to do while I am sitting on Santa’s lap?” she asked me.

“Go down the slide?”

“You’re not even going to watch? Then what’s the point of all this?”

“I mean, I thought when you were done on Santa’s lap you had to go down the slide right away.” Her jaw dropped and then the elf standing next to us who couldn’t help but snicker at us as we discussed our ill-gotten plans interrupted.

“You’re too big to go down the slide. You’ll have to walk down,” she informed us with a chuckle. Excellent! She was onboard with it!

“You are NOT going to sit on Santa’s lap!” Shandra gasped.

“Heck yeah I am!” I told her.

“I think it’ll be good for him,” the elf snickered.

When we arrived at the top, that same elf switched places with another elf and made sure that we were positioned standing near a couple of children in a way that made it look like we might be their parents. Then, when ready, the elf shoved me and I walked forward as Santa grinned and ho-ho-ho’d a child away. He turned to see me just as I reached him and all joy left his face in an instant and I casually sat down on his lap. Shandra shadowed me and stood right there watching and enjoying it all so much that she didn’t want to miss a thing.

“What the hell are you doing?” the mall Santa asked me quite soberly.

“Well, you see, she had a bad experience last time she did this,” I said quietly so that only the three of us and the elf could hear, “and she said that sitting on his lap she gave Santa a boner, so I figured that if anyone could kill a boner, it would be me.” Shandra laughed so hard she needed the elf to help hold her up and she started crying. So did the elf.

Santa was not amused.

He looked at them and then back at me and his expression was absolutely deadpanned. “Well good job,” he told me flatly.

“Thank you!”

“Go away,” he hissed softly with the venom of a viper.

No sooner had I stood then Shandra was plopping down on his other thigh and she hugged him enthusiastically, which was enough to make him “oof.” He was till a little stunned and he looked far up at the Amazonian Goddess he had on his lap.

“This is all a big joke to you two, isn’t it?”

“It’s been a really long semester,” she confided in him. He shook his head, and I guess he decided to play along.

“What would you like for Christmas, little girl?” he asked her, though his performance was lack luster.

“I hadn’t thought that far ahead,” she admitted. Santa was not amused. “Give me just a second,” she pleaded and thought, then smiled to herself, leaned waaaay down and whispered into his ear. Whatever she said was just enough to give him a real smile and he nodded as she went on much longer than I thought she would.

“Okay,” he told her, still not happy, but a little more patient now. “Now be a good girl, or Santa will have to give you a lump of coal and I would really rather not have to do that.” Shandra grinned ear to ear and then kissed him on his cheek ever so sweetly before standing up and joining me to leave. When I last looked back, Santa was smiling and shaking his head at us before going back into his act for the next child.

“So what did you ask for?” I inquired once it was just us again.

“Can’t tell you. If I do Santa won’t bring it to me,” she teased while spinning in circles around me playfully.

Not long after that, we found ourselves on the upper level, overlooking the winter wonderland and enjoying hot cider together and I looked down to see she was delicately running her index finger over the back of my hand.

“Soooooo… are you seeing anyone?” she asked forthrightly, but still playfully. I’d suspected this would come up at some point but I’d allowed myself to get too comfortable and she’d caught me off guard while I basked in the simple pleasure of another’s company and completely innocent flirting up to this point. She was watching me very intently and staring deep into my eyes, her chin over my shoulder as she waited for my response.

I’d forgotten my answer to this question in the pleasure of just sharing time with her and she didn’t wait long for me to get my bearings. “That means yes, you are,” she inferred, though she wasn’t backing away quite yet.

“The short of it is,” I began, gathering my wits as best as I could, “they have told me that they are not willing to commit to anything serious.”

She leaned back, apparently surprised by my answer. It was a touch misleading, but it was at least true. “And… is that what you want? Something serious?”

“Yes,” I told her honestly. She seemed pleased by my answer.

“Soooo… where exactly are you in this not really a relationship?”

“At this moment?” I asked back. She nodded and waited. “I’m being given my space,” I answered. Again, this was technically true. I knew full well that Julie was teetering on a decision, but she was giving us time to cool off from too much passion so that she could uncloud her mind. She’d done it before and she would be back again when she’d settled down. Shandra looked me in the eyes and just watched. I’m not even sure she was analyzing me at this point.

“So you’re available,” she eventually stated, though it felt more like a question.

“If you’re interested… I’d like to spend some more time with you. See where it goes,” I told her honestly. “Maybe take our time?”

“Life is short,” she told me, tapping my nose.

“If you rush too much, you’ll trip and fall over what little time you do have.” She smiled and leaned back, then closely again. I know there had to be a whole host of white knights who were seeing this and ready to kick my ass.

She smiled and even placed her hand on my shoulder and leaned her chin on it, lost in my eyes. “I’m interested,” she told me genuinely with a pleasant smile.

We just smiled at each other and she seemed to waiver, almost like she was going to try to signal me for a kiss, but then thought better of it, hopefully because I would have gotten my ass kicked for it. She seemed to waffle back and forth and then I finally broke the stalemate and reached over and held her hand. She was surprised and looked down, grinning and it was a simple piece of contact, but we both enjoyed it.

After a moment, she could hear a couple of people walking by and murmuring, so she pulled back and stood at the railing beside be. “Maybe we shouldn’t do that in public,” she suggested. I just smiled at her and we continued to look down at the winter wonderland in the mall.

All was well until shortly after, just before we were done with our ciders, we saw a large crowd enter in, mostly dressed like emos with a pale, very, very short chubby woman with too much makeup on and marched directly over the winter wonderland. Both of us were shocked and looked at their picket signs, things like “Christmas is the tool of the patriarchy,” and “If there were a god, she’d be a woman.”

We’d seen an uptick of similar protests in recent months, especially on campus, but this was definitely new. “What is this?” Shandra asked. I only shook my head. Then, because I’d allowed myself distracted, I felt a hand on my shoulder, but before I was able to look, I was spun around and my back thrown against the railing, which was only a little more than waist high for me.

“What are you doing to her?” the emo man screamed at me and suddenly four men were punching me and kicking me and pushing me against the railing. I knew they were trying to push me over.

It had been a while, but I’d seen more than my share of fights in the rink. I was not martial arts expert, I didn’t have any special moves, I just knew how to brawl and brawl dirty from years of practice and when I felt my feet leave the ground and Shandra screamed, I figured there was no way out.

This is the first time I had ever gotten into a fight with a white knight. As it just so happens, white knights are pussies. Oh, I took more than my share of hits, but they hit like… shrinking girls. I think I broke the first guy’s nose. The second guy I kicked in the balls hard enough that he fell over, and then I got punched in the gut and jaw so I grabbed one guy by the ears and started digging my fingers in. He screamed, and I got clocked really good by the other guy, so I let go and just started beating on his face until he went limp.

“We should go,” Shandra interrupted now that I was a bit battered but none the worse for the wear and she pointed down to the winter wonderland scene where parents were carrying their children away screaming and crying, Santa was getting a group beat down and the rest of the crowd were tearing the entire winter wonderland scene apart with clubs and bats they’d brought with. This was the first time one of these events had gotten violent like this to my knowledge.

“We can’t even have Christmas anymore?” Shandra asked in horrified shock. I wanted to go help Santa, but Shandra insisted on no until a couple of elves managed to pull him away and he limped off as quickly as he could as the emo crowd tore the mall apart and the store owners tried to barricade themselves into their stores as best as they could.

On our way to the exit, a couple of these pukes spotted us and tried to chase us, but thank goodness for long legs, I guess. We both outran them easily. When we finally made it back to the coffee shop, she stood there and I sat against the hood of my car, holding my head in both hands and pressing her forehead against mine. “You need to see a doctor,” she insisted.

“It’s fine. Not the first fight I’ve been in.”

“They tried to throw you over the railing!”

“Yeah but they didn’t,” I told her. “It’s okay. No one hurt you, right?”

“No. They only smack women when they’re alone in dark rooms,” she comforted me. “They completely ruined a perfect first date,” she complained.

“Oh,” I perked up. “Are we up to date status already? I guess I thought we were just having some fun.”

“Date’s are fun,” she grinned at me. “As long as you do them right.”

“So I get to call meeting an absolute goddess a date?” I asked her with a cheesy grin.

“Don’t put me on a pedestal,” she laughed at me and shoved me. Then there was bit of an awkward silence and she stared at me, almost frozen in time before she began leaning towards me, but she stopped just shy of reaching me and rethought herself. “You… I’m not going to forget that you made me come to you,” she scolded me again, taking us back to the very beginning of our conversation.

I took a half breath and looked at her, then decided I would do something completely untoward. I stood upright, stared this tall, Amazonian Goddess in the eyes, wrapped an arm around her hips, placed a hand in her cheek and waited for any kind of sign. She smiled and smiled at me, her eyes shimmering at me, so I took that as a yes. I kissed her. Nothing too dramatic or overly passionate, just a decent first kiss. She squeezed me and I felt her knees buckle a little bit before she stopped me by tapping on my arm.

“We should stop before you get yourself arrested,” she told me. I nodded and let her go and she stepped back from me, blushing and absolutely glowing with glee.

“Definitely a perfect first date,” I complimented her. She then grabbed my jacket pocket and tugged where my phone was stored. I took it out and she turned it to me and watched as I unlocked it for her and she typed in her number.

“Definitely interested,” she cooed to me and we went our separate ways.

I was on cloud nine the whole way back to my apartment, where I was able to tend to the bumps I’d received from my fight at the department store. It wasn’t really bad. Those white knights just can’t throw a punch to save their lives.

As evening approached, I started rooting through the fridge for something to eat until I heard my phone buzzing. I went to retrieve it and there was a message from of all people, Julie. “We need to talk.”
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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You’d think I was fine, given the amazing prospect I’d just found, but I hadn’t been expecting any more calls or texts from Julie for at least another week. That was just how she was. I could tell there was something really building up in her and then she would push me away. All of the girls did it. One would do it, then another would swing in and build me up and she would do it to me too. It was fun, but it was also a bit of a roller coaster.

I certainly didn’t expect that kind of message, especially after the evening I’d shared with Julie. Was she that mad that I’d ruined her date plans? She must be. The high I had been on came crashing down in an instant and I was reliving events with Brooke. I replied to her message and asked her when, and the reply came back, “are you available now?” she asked me.

I resigned myself to my fate and sighed extremely heavily and grabbed my jacket and headed off to get dumped. What’s more, Julie was no doubt the ringleader of the group and apparently the genesis of the harem idea, so who knows? I might get six for the price of one. I was comforted by the moments I’d spent with Shandra, but this certainly killed my buzz.

When I arrived at Julie’s house, she answered the door and looked up at me. I was ready, keys in hand to get this over with and get back in my car and head off. Julie looked at the forlorn expression on my face, trying to interpret it when suddenly Lisa, so cute and perfectly matching Julie in her petite size peeked around the door and looked at me, instantly interpreting my expression.

“Oh, I told you not to tell him that!”

“Well how else was I supposed to get him over here so quick?”

“You just set him up the same way Brooke did! You can’t do that!”

“I mean, I just…” Julie stammered, not expecting such vigorous pushback from her equally petite friend.

“Come in here,” Lisa ordered me, taking me by the hand and dragging me in. “It’s not what you think,” she explained. Well, at least she seemed improved from the last time I saw her. Good to see she was coping with her recent spurt okay.

Inside the entry of Julie’s house, each lady took a hand and Julie looked at me with more sympathy. “We just needed you to come over ASAP,” she explained.

“We are not setting you up like Brooke did,” Lisa promised me. Julie even looked guilty as I took a deep, cleansing breath and this immense weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

“I just wanted to catch you before it got too late,” Julie apologized. She looked at Lisa, as though for approval and then went to her tiptoes and gave me a kiss. Lisa then took my coat and Julie led me to the kitchen. She apologized again and proceeded to get me a drink and they also fed me a simple dish the two ladies had put together while they did everything they could to avoid whatever topic they had in mind. At least I wasn’t being chucked aside again. I was definitely relieved, but it was obvious they were buttering me up for something. I remained guarded.

“Okay, telling him that was a huge mistake,” Julie finally blurted as we finished dinner. Lisa shook her head at Julie and rubbed my arm sympathetically.

“I want you to go sit and relax for a little bit in the living room while we clean up,” Lisa told me.

“No, I can help. And it’s okay Julie. I just…”

“No, Brendan. Please, just go and relax for a few minutes and let us take care of this. We won’t keep you waiting long, I promise.” Lisa then led me to the living room, started the gas fireplace again and played me some classical music.

I sat and wondered what was going on, but also my mind wandered. I was really interested in Shandra, but Julie had popped up again, even though I was sure I wouldn’t hear from her again for a while. Maybe I was wrong to give Shandra a shot. I certainly didn’t mean to lie to her about me being put on a cool down. But then, all the memories of my time with Julie over the last week came flooding back and what now?

Julie and Lisa took their sweet time, and I’d heard one of them go to the bathroom at one point while they kept me waiting, then as I leaned back on the couch, practically dozing I felt the soft crunch of petite feet on the carpet near me.

I opened my eyes and there before me stood both Julie and Lisa stark naked and staring at me with soft, happy eyes. “What…” was all I could come up with. I liked naked women. I liked them a LOT, but this both seemed like an impossible circumstance while also being something that Julie and I had specifically discussed and determined that this would not be a thing.

“We need to talk about this threesome thing,” Julie informed me and both naked women advanced and climbed up onto the couch, each petite lady straddling a thigh as I squirmed.

“We already talked about it,” I told them. I was already sweating.

“Yeah, but the conversation wasn’t over,” Lisa took over. “We’ve been talking about this all week ever since Julie explained why you hadn’t tried this yet.”

“Because…” I tried to explain, but Julie grabbed my face with both hands and stared straight into my eyes.

“We’re listening,” she told me softly and calmly.

“Look, I don’t want to come off the wrong way, it’s just that Lisa has been…”

“I’m fine now,” Lisa told me as she used both of her delicate hands to pet my chest. “You and Julie pulled me out of a real crash, but I’m okay now.”

“Brendan,” Julie almost sang out to me, drawing my attention to her. I honestly had two sexy, naked women on top of me, petting my body and caressing it and staring at me with those deep sex crazed eyes. I gulped so hard that I thought I’d lost my larynx. “You were right,” she told me slowly. “You were right about the threesome. It’s awkward. It’s all fake when you see it on a porn video and when I look at one now, it’s just not believable at all.”

“So then why are we…”

“We’re listening,” Lisa interrupted gently and patiently, nuzzling my neck.

“No, you’re trying to distract me,” I answered back defiantly.

“No, we’re just demonstrating,” Julie informed me. “And we’re listening.”

“We’re going to explain everything as best as we can,” Lisa explained to me. “But until then, we’re listening, alright?”

For two petite, naked women that combined probably didn’t weigh as much as I did, they seemed to convey a ridiculous amount of power and confidence and I honestly had no idea how to deal with it.

“You see,” Julie started explaining patiently and cooing to me. “We have a problem. We have a big problem.”

“You are a very good lover,” Lisa complimented. “We’ve had talks and none of us are allowed to use the word inexperienced because each of us has had to teach you something, but you are so incredibly eager to please and please and please.”

“Isn’t that what…”

“We’re listening,” Julie reminded me again patiently and then kissed me sensually. “This has been difficult for me to figure out, so I needed to call in some help,” she explained. “And it all comes down to that you. Were. Right.”

“But there is more to life than being right,” Lisa explained. Now she was petting my crotch and damnit! As tired as it was, it was waking up quick, fast and in a hurry.

“So, we put our heads together and we just accepted that you were right. Threesomes are incredibly awkward. And I was just about to give up on the idea when something occurred to me and that is our big problem.”

“Very big,” Lisa whispered while rubbing my crotch a little more quickly.

“Look, whatever…”

“We’re listening,” Lisa reminded me again. “Now, you need to stop, or else I am just going to have to make you suck on these soft titties. I know they’ve shrunk, but… how would you feel about sucking on these soft, eager little titties?”

Lisa hadn’t had huge boobs. They were large though. They didn’t look that much smaller, but I could see the difference. I’d always loved her soft, pink puffy nipples that perked up and swelled when she would get turned on. I could tell they were definitely smaller and if I could swim in a sea of tits, I could die a happy man, but lord help me… I was having a Pavlovian response to these amazing, succulent, inviting tits of hers. She seemed to feed off of the raw lust she was instilling in me.

“So our problem,” Julie continued. I slowly found ability to focus on this other, equally naked woman. “Last night was amazing. It just wasn’t what I had planned,” she went on. “Brendan, I was going to show you what true heaven was. I had it all planned out and you just took control and had to give me the biggest orgasm of my life.”

I opened my mouth to speak, then thought better of it as Lisa was at the ready to silence me for good. “We trained you too well,” Lisa explained to me. “You never let any one of us walk away from us time without cumming at least once and once you get going, you make us cum over and over and over again.”

“You are so devoted, and we didn’t think we could make a guy so eager to see to our needs,” Julie added.

“And you love it, don’t you? You love how we move and feel and sound when we cum in your hands, don’t you?” Lisa asked me. I nodded, assuming I was allowed to respond this time.

“You’re very considerate. The problem is that you are TOO considerate. The POINT of last night wasn’t to orgasm myself. The POINT was for me to make you explode like you’ve never done before and then… then I had other plans for you to finish off the night.”

“But you were SO fucking hot and I DESPERATELY needed it!” I told her. I expected to be scolded again but both ladies smiled and kissed me over and over again, trading off. “I know you did,” Julie explained. “But you are missing something very important here.”

“You’re too focused on our orgasms,” Lisa went on. “Getting off doesn’t always mean a climax for a woman, do you understand? Sometimes, we just need to give that up so that we can have that irreplaceable feeling that we pleased our man more than he could ever be pleased in his life.”

“Do you know how much I get off on sucking cock?” Julie asked me softly and pecked me on the lips. “But YOU can’t just let me be down there sucking and stroking that big, tasty cock of yours. You just have to drag me around and start fingering me or fucking me or eating me out because you have to give me an orgasm every single time and poor Rebecca. She’s gotten frustrated when you make her cum so hard you just wear her out and she doesn’t even get to do anything for you.”

“We know you mean well sweetie,” Lisa cooed to me and both women leaned down and laid against me, petting my chest and kissing my neck. Lisa reached up under my shirt and her touch was so soft and gentle she gave me goosebumps. “But it’s actually a tiny bit selfish of you.”

“It’s selfish of me to do everything I can to make sure I’m pleasing you.”

Lisa’d had enough. She rose up and placed her hands on my shoulders and dangled her breasts in front of me. They were so succulent. As I’d said, they had been big before her spurt. Not huge, but reasonably large. Now they were smaller, just like the rest of her, but on her petite, soft almost milky frame, they still looked large, especially at this distance. Then she grabbed one of her breasts and leaned forward and pressed her puffy nipple against my mouth.

I was helpless. There was no way I could stop this onslaught. I felt her swollen nipple squeezing between my lips and I surrendered to the inevitable and began sucking on it while massaging it with my hand. She sighed so gratefully for me and squeezed me head. “We’re listening,” she reminded me.

“This is important,” Julie whispered to me while nibbling on my ear lobe. “It’s important to me. I told you we would sort it out and now we are, so we just need you to listen.”

“This isn’t listening! You are seriously leading me around by my dick!” I exclaimed, popping Lisa’s nipple from my mouth, but for my effort I only had it reinserted back in again and this time Julie reached into my pants and stroked my already throbbing dick for me.

“We’re listening,” Lisa giggled to me. I was tormented by how hot it felt when they said it the way the said it and how demeaning it seemed I should feel about it.

The power differential wasn’t even a contest at this point. Here I was, 6’2”, I still worked out, I was still in good shape and lifted regularly and I could throw not just one, but both of these little ladies around like rag dolls at the same time. That power had always been at my disposal. It was easy. When I wanted something, even when Lisa was taller, it was just a matter of asserting my dominance and taking control. I had the strength and then some. I had the desire. What’s more, I loved the look on their faces when I would just simply take command like that. A mixture of surprise with helpless lust as I overpowered them and used all that power to focus on them and nothing but their pleasure.

I knew they liked it when I did that. The biggest trick was to learn when to use it. I’d frustrated more than one woman when I used that power too early, and attempt it too late and I risked premature ejaculation or worse- a dissatisfied customer. It was difficult to understand that there was no all encompassing answer. There was something in a woman’s psyche that wanted to feel in control, but there was another side of her that demanded that I dominate and that excited them viscerally. It was a trade off between the two constantly battling sides within her and I thought I had managed to conquer this hurdle because I had an impressive string to orgasms induced that I was extremely proud of.

But now, I was leaned back getting the strangest and sexiest lecture I had ever been given and they were telling me that no, I hadn’t conquered this hurdle. It wasn’t like I thought that I could just have the right moves and bam! I’d give a girl an orgasm. I was experienced enough by now that I knew that no man, no matter how good he was didn’t ever give a woman an orgasm. It was impossible. A man could force a woman to comply. He could force his way into her. He could do whatever he wanted to her body, when it comes down to it, but he could never, ever give her an orgasm. He could never please her. That power resided only within her. A man could use his power and leverage it to convince her, even trick her into allowing him to share in her orgasm, but he was never, ever going to take it or give it to her. I’d learned this already and was well aware of it, but I guess I had some more learning to do.

What’s more was that the power I had that I just spoke of? It was GONE. Like it never existed.

Two petite, naked women should be at their most vulnerable right then and there, but there was no question who was in command here. They were. I might as well have been a bug on a sidewalk while they walked by, I was that outmatched. But it had nothing to do with strength. Neither of them pushed or pulled, and yanked or squeezed or did anything that even resembled forceful. All touch was as soft and delicate as it could be and each time I felt so much as a finger on my skin, I was covered with goosebumps and any will I had to push or fight back simply evaporated.

They could not move me. I was too big and heavy. They couldn’t force me, I was simply too strong, and yet, their feminine wiles were so powerful even separately, that I was completely and entirely at their mercy. For the first time, I felt like I was in the passenger seat and there was no way I was changing seats. In fact, I might even have been in the back in a booster seat. Without even the slightest amount of force or strength at their disposal, these two, petite, partially shrunken and naked women were indisputably in command of me, body, mind and soul. I was at risk of blowing already, and I found myself extremely frustrated because neither of them was going to cum any time soon.

“We’re not leading you by your dick,” Lisa whispered to me as she finally removed her delicious and enticing nipple from my mouth.

“We’re demonstrating,” Julie added. “But we have a lot of ground to cover.”

“I feel like I’m being treated like a child,” I barely managed to mutter.

“Oh no, you’re not a child. You are a man,” Julie insisted, finally taking her fingers from my dick to resume my lesson. “What are you thinking about?” she asked me as she noticed I was quite conflicted. I hesitated to answer. I don’t know why.

“He wants to make us cum,” Lisa answered her. “Don’t you?” she asked me and kissed me sweetly. I only was able to nod at this point. “You can taste it, don’t you? You love when we cum for you. I’ve seen how happy you are when I lose control and just cum in your arms,” she cooed. There was no denying it.

“You’re so good to us,” Julie cooed now. They must have rehearsed the hell out of this. Everything about my body was a gelatinous goo now except my cock. What the hell did they just do to me? “We’re not allowed to use the word inexperienced because we don’t want to discourage you and I feel bad for the couple times I’ve let it slip and used it. It’s just that I’m not a thesaurus. You know?”

“We have been racking our brains and comparing notes, and now I am SO JEALOUS that you made Julie cum so FUCKING HARD she ruined her carpet, and you are just this unbelievable conundrum,” she scolded me, though she grinned and kissed me repeatedly through her diatribe. “We think we have the answer,” Lisa explained.

“You see, you know that we’ve all been with other guys before you. We’ve done more and seen more because we have several years more than you have to do it. Technically speaking, when we compare stories and think about it, for most of us you are not the best lover we’ve ever had. There was something that older guys have, knowledge and experience that just makes the experience complete. They know how to touch and when to and you’ve struggled with that. But you are so diligent and you make us cum so fucking hard, Brendan, which isn’t everything, but there is this feeling you leave us with that these great veterans I just mentioned never managed.”

“I have never masturbated so much in my entire life before I started sleeping with you,” Lisa confirmed.

“You know how to get into our heads,” Julie shared, hugging my head between her mammary orbs of joy and petting it. “They knew how to manipulate us to get what they wanted, and you know… give us something that they thought we wanted in return. So not so different than you, really, but you went out of your way to really understand us and get ahead of how we felt and that is what makes you special. Even though you aren’t into the same things as me, it’s like you are in my head and you know everything I’m going to do before I do it. But there’s this problem,” Julie told me leading me. “It’s always been there and been a bit of a frustration, but last night? What you did to me? Goddamnit Brendan! You made me climax so fucking hard that I couldn’t feel my legs or stand again the whole night. I still feel weak at my knees thinking about it and as tired as I am, it has taken all of my self control this whole day to keep from masturbating myself to death!”

“I want an orgasm like that,” Lisa confided and kissed me passionately and sensually, our tongues dancing joyfully together in harmony.

“I don’t think it’s even possible to get an orgasm like that on purpose,” Julie consoled her disappointed friend then turned her attention to me. “But you sure did try hard enough!” she grinned ear to ear. I could feel both of their bare sexes gently rubbing against my jeans. Maybe there was something more going on to this, even though I could not see them building toward a climax at all. But me? They’d barely done anything to me yet and I was on the verge of blowing already.

“Between the two of us, we’ve had a number of discoveries this week working over and talking about all of our experiences with you. When Julie told me about her mega orgasm last night, I actually started playing with myself on the phone without even thinking about it!”

“You’re insecure,” Julie said, taking her turn again. Neither woman was moaning, or twitching like I liked to do to them, but their bodies moved around me like waves on the ocean and their expressions seemed as genuine as possible, both joy and admiration as they seemed focused on nothing but me and I was hooked on Julie’s every syllable. “Aren’t you?”

“That’s why we’re not allowed to use the word ‘inexperienced’ around you,” Lisa explained. “We know you’re fully away that we’re all older than you. We have more experience. We’ve all had to take time to teach you how to love our bodies.”

“And you do love them,” Julie praised me. “Oh, I’ve never seen a guy love my body so much. You just adore it! And not in some sick worshipping way. It’s just natural to you.”

“I feel like a work of art when you touch me,” Lisa shared. This was true. I did see her that way. I saw them both that way. Not just objects for my gratification, but something to be treasured and appreciated on every level I could think of. They each had flaws. These were not super models I was sleeping with. They were every day women. Very attractive ones in their own way, but otherwise, everyday women. What I loved so much about their bodies was actually their flaws. They were still young enough yet that those flaws hadn’t been exacerbated. You had to search for them but when you did, it was like looking at a Michealangelo and realizing you were staring at a patch of work on a mural that had had to be repainted (probably multiple times). Their flaws made them all the more enticing to me because you could see the care and long work that had gone into making them the works of art they were. I didn’t want a perfect woman with Barbie doll like proportions. I wanted a woman like these ones.

“It’s not that you are inexperienced, it’s just that you haven’t figured it all out yet, and it hit us when we talked this morning that we haven’t figured it out either and you just showed us the way forward.”

“I did?” I asked Julie, gulping hard as she looked at me like a lioness would a delectable morsel.

“Oh yes you did,” Lisa confirmed. “You’re a genius! We actually were letting our so called experience tell us that we were ahead of you. Even better than you. But oh, imagine my surprise when it hit me that you just taught me how to be better in bed just by giving Julie the orgasm to end all orgasms!”

“You’re buttering me up,” I told her.

“Yes we are, but for a good reason,” Julie scolded firmly, raising her voice for the first time, but not by much. She kissed me and then Lisa did as well and then Julie continued. “You don’t want to have a threesome because you are insecure and because the most important thing to you in bed is how we feel,” she asserted.

I was going to argue the first point, but I got another pair of breasts in my face to “we’re listening.”

“You’re insecure because you know how hard it is to get us off. It’s a lot of work and you know that if you’re not careful. That’s why you grab me and roll over me, all of a sudden or apparently flip me over and fuck me from behind and then pick me up and pound me until we get what happened last night.”

“Stop rubbing it in,” Lisa snarled at her with half gritted teeth.

“It was mind blowing,” she complemented me while holding my head with both hands, staring me in the eyes and offering a kiss. “I shouldn’t have gotten upset with you last night. I’m frustrated yes, but we’re going to fix that right here and you need to know that I have not been able to think of anything but you and that delicious cock of yours all day.”

“That makes two of us,” Lisa said hungrily and stole another kiss. She then reached under my shirt and tugged up. Julie immediately joined in and suddenly I was fighting two sexy, naked women to retain my clothing.

“You just admitted that threesomes are awkward and don’t work,” I complained then froze solid as Lisa leaned down and whispered into my ear.

“I need to feel my naked tits rubbing up against your sexy, hot skin,” she whispered headily.

Don’t judge. There is no humanly possible way to say no to a request like that. A few seconds later, both petite women were clambering over my body to remove my shirt together while standing up as they did so and briefly, but clearly offering me a full view of both of their pussies before dropping down again and straddling my thighs. For the next few minutes I was forced to bask in the feeling of two naked women, one on each arm sliding their nude bodies up and down my torso while I felt their stiff nipples scrape against my skin and kiss me alternatively.

I was so frustrated. I wanted to pin them both down and make them scream until they couldn’t move anymore.

“He’s gonna lose it again,” Lisa warned Julie, who nodded and they both stopped and resumed where we’d left off.

“Brendan,” she whispered to me gently, “I cannot describe to you what you did to me last night. I am completely exhausted and yet I have never been so fucking horny in MY LIFE!” I could only gulp as she told me that with both of her pert breasts dangling right there in view. “This has been building for a while. Every time we do this you are so damn stubborn and persistent that it doesn’t matter how many times I orgasm, I can’t turn it back down again. And then, you do what you did to me last night and I can’t take it anymore!” she told me with gritted teeth. “We are going to fix this issue now!”

“With an awkward threesome that doesn’t work,” I pointed out. I mean, I know it was going to happen at this point. No matter how hard I tried, I just didn’t have the power to turn them down anymore.

“You see, this is where your insecurity comes in,” Lisa took over and my jaw dropped as Julie intentionally started lightly fingering herself for me while I watched. Nothing I could say to that. I couldn’t even gulp anymore.

“We’re listening,” I muttered, fixated on Julie who undulated even more for my amusement and then a giggling Lisa leaned in, giggled and kissed me.

“Yes, we are,” she agreed. “We have to keep it together so we can finish getting him up to speed,” she warned Julie, who pouted and removed her finger from her vagina.

“We’re basically having a threesome and I honestly don’t think I can really argue at this point,” I said, surrendering. “What else is there to get caught up on?” Both women laughed at my response and squeezed me then leaned close and continued on with the conversation.

“A lot,” Lisa informed me. “We’ve been trying to crack you for months and then this week you’ve just been… uggghhh!”

“My point is that you should totally take last night as a win, regardless of what I said. But I am getting what I set out for last night and you are not going to stop me.” She was suddenly so serious when she said that and I was honestly really intimidated. She was more than a foot shorter than me. She’d shrunk twice. What was wrong with me?

“We have a lot of things to go over. A lot,” Lisa informed me. “Us girls will tell each other all kinds of things because we have those things in common. And sometimes we like to rub our accomplishments in the faces of our friends,” Lisa said, looking to Julie and sounding a little bitter as she did so. When she returned her focus to me, however, she as much softer again. “We tell each other things because we need the support and feel like we can’t go to a guy for a lot of reasons, we tell each other things to help each other out. We basically learned when we were little to tell each other everything, but boys? Boys want something from us, so we have to keep our guard up,” she warned.

“And then you showed up and this Caitlyn girl dumped her whole fucking brain into your head and taught you how to impress any lady you wanted,” Julie complained.

“That is one of our worst nightmares. A guy who can just get in our heads, because we know what he wants from us, and I’ll tell you a secret,” Lisa said, leaning close to me ear enough that I could feel the warmth of her lips. “We want it too,” she whispered. If she’d been any farther from me those words were at risk of falling off to the ground and never reaching their destination.

“We have all kinds of reasons for the stupid secrets we keep,” Julie told me. “But a big part of it is because we’re afraid. Guys are sexy. We want them. It feels so good when they give us even a little attention, but they’re scary. They have those things between their legs and we want those too, but they are so intimidating. But you have been a good boy. We’ve seen what you’ve done with Caitlyn’s teachings.” This was the first time Julie had ever not referred to her as “that Caitlyn bitch.” I somehow managed to gulp again. “You’ve been very good to us, and Lisa and I have decided that we’re going to teach you how be even better. And that is where the threesome comes in. Mister, we are going to take you to the next level,” she promised.

That was… good, right?

“But we are going to have to show, more than tell,” Lisa chimed in. “I know we’re talking a lot, but that’s why we gave you an incentive to listen,” she said, swinging her breasts to and fro for my pleasure. What a pleasure it was, too.

“So, the threesome,” Julie told me, pulling me partially back to reality. “You were right. I want you to let those words sink in. We’ve been dropping subtle hints for what seems like forever. Hey! How many of us do you want to screw at one time? But you were ahead of us in that game. We’re not built for threesomes. That’s why it doesn’t work. We’re built for one person on another.”

“And none of us bothered to take that into account,” Lisa added, stealing another kiss. “Julie told me about your conversation and at first I was like, ‘are you kidding? Is he nuts? He’s a guy! Guys LOVE pussy and we’re offering him TWO pussies at once!’ but then it started to sink in what you were telling her and I thought that maybe it wasn’t a good idea, and so did Julie. We just had these ideas that we would just show you two pussies and climb all over each other and you’d get turned on and it would get hot as hell and we’d all have so much fun! And then Julie told me what you said, then she dared me to watch a porn with two girls and one guy, so I did and I couldn’t not see it anymore. The whole time I was like, ‘fake. Fake. Fake. Fake.”

“And do you know why threesomes don’t work?”

“Because I only have one dick,” I answered numbly.

“EXACTLY!” Julie exclaimed. “Like, we’re open enough to do this, and I think Lisa’s hot, but kissing her does nothing for me.”

“We’ve practiced,” Lisa explained. I only gulped.

“We had to completely rethink this whole threesome thing. All the way from the ground up, because that crap on pornhub just doesn’t work. It especially doesn’t work for someone like you that is obsessed with making us cum. Because you just can’t can’t do what you need to do to two women at once. You’re strong enough, but you don’t have enough body parts, and we don’t turn each other on, so what do we do?”

“We change the focus,” Lisa answered simply. “And we teach you to do what you wouldn’t give Julie last night.”

“You’ve figured out how when you just take charge it’s a MASSIVE turn on. And you know just when to do it,” Julie complimented me. “But last night, that wasn’t what I needed and I got you so worked up you just couldn’t help yourself, so it was really my fault.”

“This is very simple,” Lisa explained to me as both women began to reach down my pants together. “You want control because you desperately want to take care of us, we want control so that we can take care of you and we end up fighting over it and you get so turned on you just take control and it usually ends up in one of us having a really good orgasm anyways, but we still have that itch that needs to be scratched.”

“So we make a deal,” Julie told me. They were still going easy with their small hands on my cock. Enough to make my heart beat faster, but not so much to completely shut down the processing centers of my brain. “You are going to give us control. I mean this whole time. You need to give this to us.” Lisa was nibbling on my chest hungrily. “You give us control and let us stroke your big cock and touch you and kiss you and play with you and we’ll let you do what you can to help, but you’re going to have to let us drive.”

“In return, we will do whatever to takes to cum over and over, and over again and you’re body is what we’re going to use to do it,” Lisa told me.

“Give us control, let us get you off so we can make it massive, and in return, we will do whatever it takes to cum as hard and fast and over and over again until we just can’t move anymore.”

“And that’s it,” Lisa finished. “That’s how the threesome isn’t awkward. That’s how it works. You let us make it about you and in return, we promise to give you what you need. If you want to eat my pussy, we can do that. If you want to finger us both, we’ll do that. We know all the things you like to do to us, so we promise to let you to do those too. We will tell you everything you need to do but where you can’t you have to let us drive because we have talked it all out and we know exactly how to get off and cum for you over and over again and we promise, we won’t stop.”

“Not until you tell us we’re allowed to,” Julie finished.

Life is tough, huh? Have you ever had any kind of offer even close to that? Let’s just say that they both did an amazing job of convincing me. I had no arguments left and my throat was so dry now that I was having trouble speaking anyways.

“So, Brendan, what do you say? Will you please let us have a threesome with you?” Julie asked me. She smiled demurely at me as I struggled to be able to speak.

“Only because you asked so nicely,” I answered. I was going for playful, maybe a touch sarcastic, but the words were pretty weak as they came out. Both ladies grinned and giggled at me and then I felt Julie begin to unzip my pants.

“We just have one last problem,” she cooed to me.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Lisa just had a spurt. It’s always scary to see a dick you’re used to after you’ve shrunk. She needs a little time, if that’s okay.”

“Take all the time you need,” I answered her. It was evident how dry my throat had become. Julie unbuckled my panted and pulled them open and both women turned and stared down, peeling my underwear away like they were opening a Christmas present. Out popped my dick and Julie kissed me while Lisa looked at my dick. It was pretty clear that what she was feeling most was intimidation. Julie stopped the kiss and then tipped my head down to look at Lisa while she nuzzled and nibbled on my neck and kissed and sucked on my earlobe.

Lisa, on the other hands stared a good long while at my cock, coping with it’s increased size and I even saw her swallow nervously. It took her a moment to gather her courage and touch it, quite tentatively at first. She’d never had a complaint about my cock and it’s size in either direction, but it appears that shrinking five inches had been enough to change that assessment, at least temporarily. It couldn’t have been that much larger to her, but then she’d also been through a lot that week.

She finally gripped it and petted it and I have to admit, as much as I loved her hand jobs, her smaller, weaker and more delicate hands sent shockwaves through my body. Lisa stroked with both hands, smiling as this larger penis than she was used to responded happily and eagerly to her commands. Even more so than she had been a little bigger.

“It’s bigger,” she marveled. I would say that to her it looked a little less than ten percent bigger. Noticeable but not necessarily a game changer. Her hands were enticing around my shaft and even though the changes to her body weren’t all that dramatic, I couldn’t help as she stroked my cock and even rubbed her breasts around it, it was far sexier than the last time I’d seen her do it. She was the same Lisa, same body, she looked the same, she spoke the same (though there was some minor change to the pitch of her voice. You really had to listen to catch it, though) and she moved the same. She was just slightly smaller. I mean, it was only an 8 percent reduction in her height after all. That slight change seemed like such a difference, though. Her smaller hands carefully touched, measured and examined my cock while equal sized Julie kept me busy above and encouraged me to watch Lisa.

There was just something about it. It hadn’t been that long since I’d been with Lisa last. Just the week before Thanksgiving, actually. She was more shy than usual, mostly likely due to the eyes I had fixed on her as well as the reduction in stature. “Jeez,” she commented to herself as I watched her stack her hands on top of each other and marvel at how high the head purposed above it.

“It’s not that much bigger,” I insisted. “I mean you only shrank a few inches.”

“It’s enough,” Lisa replied, looking up at me as she stroked me off and let her nipple dangle against the head of my cock. Doing so only served to further excite me and her eyes widened as she felt it swell just slightly more in her reduced hands.

“If you’re having second thoughts…” I started to offer, but Lisa looked right up at me and shook her head.

“Nuh uh.” She was deadly serious.

“Shall we?” Julie asked after Lisa had had quite a bit of time to play with and compare my manhood to before. Julie giggled and nodded and then I watched as both women rearranged themselves down by my hips. I swallowed extra hard as I watched them each put a hand on my cock and then extend a leg over my thighs criss-crossing with each other and then repeat with their other legs until they were in a position where they would be scissoring each other had it not been for the barrier of my erect dick between them.

They both smiled at each other and I watched them both wiggle their hips a little but what I felt was jaw dropping. They were shifting their slightly reduced bodies around my shaft to open up their labia and better contact my cock with their sexes. I could feel their slick juices almost instantly and I watched with amazement as Lisa was just small enough and my dick just long enough that she could grip the end with her hand. Julie reached in next and their hands intermingled, rubbing the head like a skilled masseuse and I felt them as well as watched them grind those little pussies against my dick.

Both women moaned and worked to develop a symbiotic rhythm, which was enough to completely overload my brain. They were just barely small enough to do this. Had Lisa had just another inch or two to her, I don’t think the could have quite made it work, but their they were grinding and scissoring my rod fit snuggly against it and these two petite women were really working.

They occasionally slid up together the length of my cock to the tip and then I felt the indescribable sensation of their vaginas competing with each other enthusiastically for the right to absorb my cock into it’s warm, feminine harbor while their clits pounded each other and both women twitched and lurched from both the excitement and the exertion. They were doing it. They were on a mission and there was no doubt that for once, my stamina was not in question. They were in a frantic race to climax for me and they were both going to wind as though I were standing still.

I wasn’t, actually. I was only tentatively holding onto control of my own body throughout all of this and I was shuddering and shaking. When they dropped down again, they both grabbed the head of my cock together with fingers overlapping. “Would you look at this?” Lisa said to Julie in between moans. “I couldn’t have grabbed it like this before.”

“He made me wait until after my second spurt,” Julie grinned, taking a slight dig at me. “For me it’s always been this big.”

Once more they slid the length of my cock and I watched them scissor against the head and once more I felt like their most, welcoming sexes were battling ferociously for the right to be taken inside her and I could feel the head of my cock penetrate them both ever so slightly simultaneously. They moaned and ground against each other, then Lisa collapsed partially and reached up, grabbed my hand and guided me to finger her all the way through her first orgasm. Julie struggle for a moment longer, fingering her clit with her ling finger and using her other fingers to try to stuff the head of my cock in her vagina from the side and then she dropped off as well and grabbed my other hand so I could finger her as well along with the guidance of their petite hands.

They were true to their words. Both of them refused to relent until it was obvious each of them had just weathered two good-sized orgasms, possibly more, then they quickly caught their breaths and mounted, scissoring my cock once more.

“I want you to imagine something,” Julie told me lustfully through sex-crazed eyes. “Imagine us as we just keep shrinking smaller and smaller over time. Just think of what it would be like if we were a foot smaller and grinding the hell out of this MASSIVE pole together. Just think about how hard we could come together as over time it just keeps getting bigger and bigger and it becomes this thick, juicy pole and we can feel your heartbeat in your veins and lose ourselves fucking this gigantic cock that’s as big as our thighs,” she suggested. My muscles gave out imagining as she described and feeling their competing pussies against it, but Lisa? She fell off again and began her next wave of orgasm.

I was wrong about threesomes. I had never been so wrong in my life!

Julie struggled, and when Lisa had recovered, they tried the same game of scissoring each other around my dick, intentionally caressing around it with their labia and sliding up to the top and their vagina’s engaging in fierce battle once more over which would have the honor of my manhood inside of it while their clitorises collided with each other like passing asteroids in a fledgling star system and I felt the unique pleasure of each side of the head of my dick begin to penetrate each woman just slightly.

This was enough to push Julie over the edge again and she fell to the side while Lisa grabbed my rod and began humping it’s length, frantically in search of her peak which came in the form of a small orgasm.

For any opening act, this was a jaw dropping one, but it’d come at a price. Both women were already pretty winded and needed a slight break, but again, true to their words, they were not going to stop cumming until I said it was okay. Each woman took one of my arms, wrapped it around them as they leaned back against me on the couch and each took a hand of mine and used it once again with their guidance to finger them both off while both Julie and Lisa used their free hands to simultaneously jerk me off, sometimes harmoniously and together, and sometimes fighting each other for dominance over my cock.

Each lady had their own tastes. Julie preferred to have her clitoris attended to constantly while Lisa preferred to feel my middle finger enter inside of her and rub the spongy tissue at the top inside of her vagina while pressing on her mons. Doing both at once was an incredible challenge and concentration was definitely lacking as both women expertly massaged and manipulated my manhood. At one point, Julie began vigorously jacking me off with her hand while Lisa spent her time cupping and fondling my balls.

Meanwhile, I was struggling to find some kind of rhythm that allowed me to do the same to both of them that they were doing to me. Thankfully, each woman guided me along to get me to the destination. Lisa gripped my hand with hers and pressed it up against her and helped me grind her G spot in just the right way while once Julia got my finger rotating around her clit just the way she wanted, she began plunging her own fingers inside of it unabashedly and before long both women were climaxing again, starting with Julie, followed by Lisa, who followed up more quickly with a smaller, follow up orgasm while Julie struggled and seemed to need a small break. I backed off of her womanhood just a little and focused on Lisa, who was slowly building up pressure again.

Then, out of the blue, Julie seemed to catch her second wind, grabbed my finger and assisted it in mercilously stroking her clit until she began building and building and then both women seemed to be in direct competition with each other to get to the next orgasm first. This was fucking awesome! It was like I had a front row seats at the orgasmic Olympics. They’d turned climaxing into a competitive event and heaven help me, one way or another, this was quickly shaping up to rival my event with Julie the night before.

Higher and higher, each woman ascended, neither willing to cede any ground until finally, Julie crept over the finish line with a slow, long climax, then Lisa with a quicker, much softer one. They moaned their way through their latest barrage and both were worn out enough that they were ready for a break, but I had them now right where I wanted and I was finally getting my rhythm. They both asked me to wait, but I couldn’t help myself but drive them back up into a build up once more. They had the trump card anyways if they really objected. They each had a hand on my cock and were intentionally teasing it and taking it to the edge repeatedly to keep me lasting as long as possible. Even if I didn’t listen to them, it would take next to no effort for them to finish me off and bring this to an end in no time.

I’m describing events pretty quickly, but this was all going on in the space of an hour, maybe longer. It wasn’t back to back cumming, but as marathon sex sessions go, it was pretty intense. They said they would cum and much as I wanted and I wanted to see how many times we could get there.

I built them up to the top again and I almost had Lisa to her limit again when Julie pawed at me frantically to let her go. I did and she climbed up and whispered in my ear a new plan. I listened and couldn’t help but be smitten with her plan. I agreed and then stopped my manipulation of their bodies and Lisa looked at me in confusion before squeaking with surprise as I wrapped an arm around each of their hips and carried them out of the room asses backwards and to the bedroom.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Julie giggled and Lisa screamed as I tossed them up onto the bed and then Lisa screamed again as Julie pinned her arms down had held her with her own body weight and I went for Lisa’s hips and began fingering her once again.

“This wasn’t the plan,” Lisa complained to Julie frantically.

“In a minute,” Julie told her with a mischievous grin. “We need to take care of something first.”

“What are you doing?” Lisa demanded to know while struggling to maintain enough concentration to speak as I found her pleasure centers from a new angle.

“You’ll see,” I told her and coaxed her to open her legs again, pressed the heel of my hand against her mons pubis and inserted my finger into her to find her g spot, which was shallower now than the last time I’d found it.

Julie coached me, based on her personal experience with the female anatomy on how to milk the g-spot for all it was worth. Lisa fought us quite a bit at first but before long she collapsed in waves of pleasure and stared wide eyed at the ceiling not even breathing for several seconds at a time before gasping and replenishing her lungs in one massive shot.

I’d received instruction from each of the girls on how to trip their own triggers, but Julie had no reason to hide any secrets about erogenous zones for Julie, especially given what Julie had survived the previous night. Lisa came again in a bout five minutes or so. I was wondering how long my hand might hold up, but I soldiered on.

The first one like this seemed to be the crack in the damn that was needed and the second one came much more quickly and less intensely than the first. Julie then coached me through a change in tactics and had me plunge my middle finger into her with the force of my whole hand and arm and a few minutes later, a larger more explosive orgasm took place.

“What are y-y-y-yoou doing to-o me?” she begged us.

“You were the one who keeps complaining that you’ve never squirted before,” Julie explained.

“So we’re gonna teach you how to squirt,” I added. Lisa gasped and clenched her jaw for the next round. It took us at least twenty minutes and five orgasms of varying levels while also shifting methods repeatedly before Lisa’s body began tremoring violently. She tried to say something to us, but whatever it was, she was beyond the ability to speak by this point and was unable to move or fight both of us off.

I was working her g-spot as quickly and hard as I could when she finally screamed so loud that my made my ear ring. She bucked so hard that she actually lifted me off the bed and Julie laughed with glee at the sight and then finally, Lisa squirted. Not a powerful plast like you saw in a lot of porn flicks, and not the powerful, uncontrollable torrent Julie had released, just a sudden spurt and trickle that poured out of her onto the bed into a sizable wet spot.

Lisa lay there heaving and gasping for breath and pawing randomly until Julie encouraged me to lay down with her and hold her tight. “Oh my god, oh my god,” she repeated over and over again. A moment later, Julie laid down behind her and hugged her, petting her hair while Lisa shivered and curled up, overwhelmed by the experience.

“How was it?” Julie asked her after several minutes to let her friend recover.

“Holy shit!” Lisa gasped, exacerbated. “I thought we weren’t letting him do this tonight!”

“It seemed like to good of an opportunity to get you over the edge,” Julie retorted.

It took Lisa a little while to recover, but when she did, she was a little jungle cat on the prowl. They both pounced on me and rubbed their bodies over me and I even though Lisa had found her second wind, I could tell that she was a little slower and more on par with the exhaustion Julie and I were still powering through.

In fact, Lisa was so hungry now that she was stroking me so hard and fast that I became practically paralyzed myself and Julie had to peel her hands off of me in order to keep my from cumming right then and there. I think literally one half stroke more would have done it, but Julie wasn’t having any of it. They needed to do whatever it took to make me last as long as humanly possible.

“It’s just not fair!” Lisa cried out, partially delusional. “I wanna make him cum and cum and cum and cum!”

“Except they’re not built that way!” Julie answered back. “We get one and then he needs to recharge!”

“Yeah, but it only takes a few minutes! I’ll finger you myself while he resets.”

“I’m still beat from last time,” I told her, speaking up for myself. “I don’t know how many times I can do this tonight.”

“Come on! We already covered this!” Julie screamed, shaking Lisa back to reality.

“Fine,” Lisa pouted and I watched as they lay against me, half straddled me and began sharing my cock by grinding their labia against it together again. At first it was slow and sensual, but their tempo grew quickly and I watched with amazement as both women hooked their legs around each other, grabbed each other’s asses so hard their knuckles were turning white and because moaning as they used their combined slits to wrap around my dick and used them to jerk me off again, if you want to call it that.

They called on me to grab their asses as well and when I did and squeezed as hard as I hood, it provided enough friction against my cock in their awkward positions to make them scream. I don’t think that Lisa in her previous size could have quite pulled this off. Her spurt made her just small enough to sandwich my cock with Julie from this angle.

While I admired and stared at them, both ladies were not content to leave things be and with the added help of me pressing them together, they both started scissoring themselves and my cock as frantically as they could, though the precarious and awkward angle couple with how soaking wet both women had become allowed me to slip out from between them. They groaned with frustration and their hands fumbled over each other to reset my cock but then they were back to work and a few moments later I my body was twitching and both of them slowly, knowing they’d pushed me all the way to the edge again and I was about to erupt. Thankfully, they’d narrowly managed to avoid that calamity and we relaxed again for a have break while they assessed the condition of my penis with their hands and nibbled on either side of my neck.

They’d cut this one too close. I could barely think as I struggled in that in between dimension where my manhood had pulled back just enough to not ejaculate, but where my mind ached and begged for the sweet release despite the promise that it would end my constant stream of unbridled pleasure.

I was going to have to have a chat with them about using their inexorable power over me more responsibly. I didn’t though, because pride. However, they knew it. That much was obvious. They’d asked me to give them control, but despite their smaller sizes and significantly weaker muscles, that was more courtesy than requirement. I hadn’t given them control. They had it by default just simply by using these powers and nullifying me almost fully.

It took me a good long while to come back from that with deep, slow breathing and when I opened my eyes again, I found both ladies looking up at me eagerly and hungrily while kissing my upper chest and collarbone and gently stroking my hard on in unison. They were definitely drunk on their power. But then again, they were so cute when they were drunk. Once they saw that I was functioning again (sort of), I felt the ache in my cock begin to grow again as they pushed me toward my limits once more.

Julie moved up to continue where they’d left off a short while before, but Lisa nudged her. “You promised me,” she whined a little.

“Already?” Julie asked with irritation.

“He’s not gonna last much longer. Come on!” By this point we’d been at it for well over an hour. Perhaps two. Time was a strange concept by this point. I doubted even the Amazonia Goddess had powers like these.

“You have to ask permission,” Julie scolded her. Lisa then looked up at me and I watched as both women crawled up together, pressing their hips against my body and looking at me hungrily while they both intentionally swung their breasts as they went. Julie nibbled on my neck and ear while Lisa gave me a taste full of pert, swollen, puffy nipple.

“Can I please feel you inside of me?” she begged me. If she’d just have gone for it, I of course wouldn’t have said or tried to do anything about it. She didn’t need to ask, and I’m pretty sure she knew it, but there was something about they way she asked me that sent tingles up my spine. My mind strained to offer anything other than drool in response.

“If it makes you happy,” I managed to mutter. Everything was such a lustful haze at this point. I was fully aware of everything that was happening still, but it was an almost out of body experience by now.

They both approached my hips and Julie lifted her leg and began masturbating for me while Lisa straddled me and looked my cock over, working it with both hands. “It’s bigger,” she muttered, reminding us both of her shift in size. She smiled at me, a conflicted, nervous smile and rose up so that her opened labia were just above the head. It wasn’t that much bigger compared to her, like I said, a little less than 10% from her point of view, but 10% increase in length was a much larger increase in volume. It was nowhere near joke proportions to her though, nor should she see me as porn actor level either, at least not yet. It was more about the feelings of helplessness and intimidation she was feeling. She had always been very attentive to my cock, she knew it quite well, and now there was noticeably more of it.

She lowered herself while Julie fingered herself more vigorously for my viewing pleasure. At first, Lisa’s labia were just beginning to wrap around the head of my penis, then she was slowly lowering herself down, pulling it and squeezing it into her reduced vagina. She paused before getting the head half way in and closed her eyes. “Shit,” she breathed, but then lowered herself even more. I wasn’t that big, and she hadn’t shrunk that much. If she’d been with other guys since we’d been seeing each other, I wonder if that meant I was the biggest she’d had, at least for a while.

Down she went and I watched with lustful hunger as her pussy devoured my cock whole, slowly and consistently and I watched with immense satisfaction as my humble penis stretched her. She sat there, her breathing slow and steady and she swayed back and forth with her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of me fully rigid and inside of her, basking in the sensation. “Remember,” Julie reminded her, “you have to climax again.”

“Oh, I’ll climax,” she grinned, though it was clear she was continuing to soak up the feeling of the newer, larger cock inside of her. Lisa began with grinding her hips and shifting them around in circles. Julie, on the other hand kissed and nibbled on my chest and petted me much higher up. This was exquisite.

“I was so wrong about threesomes,” I finally admitted.

“No you weren’t,” Julie giggled at me. “It took us all week to talk through how we would do this.”

“We had to practice on each other,” Lisa cooed in between soft moans. “And make a fake you with pillows.”

“It sucked so bad!” Julie laughed at me.

“This is… I have no words,” I managed to ungarble.

“We were so scared to do this with you,” Julie purred to me. “You were right though. It can’t be as good for two of us.”

“But it’s not about us tonight. It’s about you,” Lisa purred some more, now starting to bounce playfully and I watched her plump breasts follow along.

“This is what last night was going to be,” Julie purred now as well. “It’s okay to let it be all about you. It’s what I wanted. It’s what we both want. Just let us make you the center of attention for once. Just trust us,” she whispered to me. All I could do was gulp. Julie then turned around an wrapped an arm around Lisa and sucked on her nipple while stroking her clit so that Lisa could reach her next orgasm more quickly. When she did, Lisa’s entire body shuddered and I felt the her pussy tighten and squeeze me inside of her all the more.

I hadn’t said anything, but Lisa wasn’t the only one that had noticed a difference. She was a lot tighter than the last time I’d been with her. Her vagina didn’t hug me with the same force as when she would make it do so willfully, but this newer, slightly smaller vagina naturally squeezed me with no added effort. Is was like my cock was being bear hugged from all angles at all times, not just when she was at her most aroused or when she willed it to do so.

Now, as Julie assisted her to next climax, she wavered and nearly collapsed on me, and would have done so, had Julie not been assisting. My body convulsed as my hands fell from her hips to my sides. Julie began to assist her off of my dick, but Lisa shook her head. “Just a little longer,” she begged. Julie groaned in frustration, but went back to kissing and nibbling on me and my upper parts and I think my eyes might have rolled to the back of my head.

It took several tries, but eventually I was able to form words. “I have a request,” I muttered half coherently. She grinned and listened. Unfortunately, those were all the words I was able to conjure, thanks to their magic. I pulled on her arms until she crawled forward and she looked at me without understanding. When she was kneeling near my head, I grabbed her thigh, and she finally took my meaning and I was treated to the unmatchable view as she lifted had leg over my face and lowered her pussy down to my waiting lips.

It took a little bit of warm up, but moments later, she was riding my face like a pro and purring more and more loudly until I felt a sudden increase in the juices she was producing and she began convulsing in another orgasm, even managing to squirt. She did so no with nowhere near the torrential force she’d managed the night before, but it was still a surprise to get such a sudden gush in my face.

When she was done, she dismounted my face and I was treated to the sight of Lisa bouncing up and down on my cock, moaning and screaming as she built up higher and higher while Julie recovered for another round, still petting and caressing my head while she caught her breath. Thankfully, Julie needed a good amount of time to recover, allowing Lisa time to accumulate the pressure in her britches necessary to take it to the limit one more time. She was exhausted, though. Both women were covered in sweat and noticeably fatigued and when Lisa finally came again, it wasn’t one of the roaring, energetic orgasms like she’d had earlier in our session, it was more a case of noticeable, but gentle and slow moving.

When she was finished, she fell forward onto her hands, which were shaking from exhaustion and dripping with sweat. She shivered and shook as Julie helped her off of me and then mounted me herself, while Lisa took Julie’s place on my upper body, showering me with warm caresses and pets as well as kisses of every type in every place she could manage.

Julie grabbed my dick and wasted no time playing around. She simply pressed until I began to enter her with a certain amount of effort. Apparently, though she was near her physical limits, she was still aroused and excited enough that she was tight as a drum. She placed her hands on my chest and then began rocking her body against mine, sliding forward more than bouncing on me and groaning loudly with satisfaction and she used the pressure to stimulate her clit while I watched her firm breasts swinging above me. “Tell me when you’re ready,” she gasped. I nodded and when the time came, I could only moan for her. She stopped for one moment, fingered her clit as hard as fast as she could until I could feel her whole body become unstable.

“Do it together,” she told me, then began sliding herself atop me and me in and out of her again until we both reached the apex of sexual tension. I was the first to go. I came with almost as much force as I had the night before and I bucked her so hard I almost threw her off of me. Apparently the sensation of my DNA surging up into her was enough to push her over the edge and she moaned louder and louder, her voice shaking and almost stuttering and in my post sex haze as I poured my essence up into her, her arms slowly gave way and she collapsed atop me in slow motion.

I had a moment where I gasped and struggled for air before I noticed that both ladies were still stirring, masturbating for me just exactly as promised. I couldn’t help but laugh as they continued to try to force themselves to climax despite our depleted states, to I wrapped an arm around each of them and pulled them to me clumsily. “I’ve got nothing left,” I explained to them. “Can we take a break?” They giggled and just curled up beside me without saying anything more.

Then the room was silent. All three of us were completely spent. I had not directed hardly any of the satisfying orgasms both women had bathed in, but I had been a part of each one, by design, and I was completely satisfied with that. Both women were completely used up and the object which had been used to do that to them was my own body. I could die a happy man.

I don’t know how long we lay there like that, Lisa and Julie heaped haphazardly atop me, but I was almost passed out when I felt Julie dragged her sex drained body off of me and wrap my head up in her bosom, kissing me almost on end. A moment later, Lisa was on the other side, hugging my neck and showering me with adoration while they both petted and caressed my body until I drifted off to a blissful sleep.

I woke up late that evening, or extremely early that morning depending on your view. I was still naked, but covered under a comforter and I could feel two naked women snuggled up cozily and hugging my arms. The one on the right, I could feel the outside of my hand squeezed between her thighs and my wrist brushing up a thin patch of pubic hair, which allowed me to identify this woman as Julie, since Lisa shaved. When she would move, I could feel her labia rubbing across my pinky. I was a happy man.

What had woken me up, though was the woman to my left, who was trembling. I could feel in the tension of her body that she was awake and there was an extremely soft noise, barely perceptible. It took some effort to identify it, but once I did, it was unmistakable. She was whimpering, ever so quietly and pathetically. I turned my head and kissed the petite woman’s forehead and she drew in a large breath, surprised that I was awake.

“Bad dream?” I whispered to her, trying to keep from waking Julie as I slid my hand around Lisa and hugged her. She was more than happy to pressed her body up to mine more closely and wrap her legs around my thigh.

“No,” she whispered back.

“Liar,” I teased.

“No, it wasn’t a bad dream,” she whispered to me. To the other side, I felt Julie’s breathing suddenly become more still. She was awake.

“What’s wrong, then?”

“It was a good dream,” Lisa told me, though the way she said it left me feeling there was something more wrong than I’d thought. I kissed her forehead again and she held me tightly. I wasn’t going to press her to talk, especially knowing that Julie was awake and listening too.

“I was with you,” Lisa confessed after a long pause. “We were outside and it was sunny and we were staring at the ocean and then… I started shrinking. It was faster than a spurt, but not particularly fast and it felt really good and every inch my body shrank, you would pull me closer and hold me and wrap your arms around me and I felt safe and warm and I was enjoying it. I was feeling you grow so big that I couldn’t even hug you anymore and it was like that was all I wanted. I kept getting smaller and smaller until I was the size on an ant and I just went to sleep on the pad of your finger. And then I woke up, and I swore I was shrunk down to at least the size of an lego figure and I was right here with both of you just decided I would go and explore your body and then it all hit me and came to my senses and realized I just had a dream wishing I was shrinking. And then it occurred to me, that I might have had a spurt while I was asleep and I had no way of telling.”

“Let’s check,” Julie spoke up. She rolled over and turned the light on and then both women climbed out of bed and Julie instructed Lisa to stand up straight as she did as well.

“Should we go back to back?” Lisa asked her.

“No. We’re the same size now. If anything has changed, then you’ll have to look up at me. So they just stood still, Lisa as rigidly as she could until she was comfortable with the fact that her eyes met Julie’s almost perfectly.

Then both women crawled back into bed, shivering from the cool air and I wrapped us up again in the blankets and we settled in again together.

“I can’t believe I just wished I was shrinking down to nothing,” she whimpered, completely disturbed by this unconscious desire.

“I’ve done it too,” Julie confessed to Lisa, which seemed to take her by surprise. “Not that small, but…”

“I don’t believe you,” Lisa told her.

“No. I liked it in the dream. It was the night after the first time Brendan and I were together. I just dreamed of shrinking down to the size of a Barbie doll and being wrapped up in his arms. I mean I was way too small to be hugged like that, but it worked. I was up the whole night after that doing everything I could to check that I hadn’t had another spurt in my sleep.”

“Why? I feel sick to my stomach realizing that I dreamt that I actually wanted this to happen! Why? I’m going to work today and my whole life could be over if anyone notices!”

“I think it’s because we feel safe for the first time in years,” Julie answered her. “Shrinking is all we ever think of. We’re living this constant nightmare and now we have someone that makes us feel safe and accepted.”

“I don’t want you to shrink, though,” I added, uncomfortable with these new confessions. “This is absolutely killing you and I don’t want to see you have to go through it anymore.”

“It’s not your fault,” Julie told me. “It’s everything we think about. Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking. How to we hide that we’ve shrunk? How to we prepare for the next spurt and hide that too? How do we know if the woman next to us has shrunk? How do we act when she shrinks right in front of us? Ho do we act when we shrink in front of them? What if I wake up shrunk? What if I shrink while driving or on the treadmill? Everything in our lives has become this insane obsession with shrinking.”

“Because we ARE shrinking!” Lisa complained.

“But it’s consuming you,” I told Lisa. “Lisa, look at me. I know that all this is terrifying and it really doesn’t help that you started off with anxiety issues, but it doesn’t matter that you’ve shrunk a little and it doesn’t matter if you continue to shrink. It doesn’t change who you are.”

“You always used to love my tits,” she whimpered up at me. “You’d grab them and play with them and just stare at them whenever I was on top but tonight, you barely even touched them! The last time I was with you spent all your time just burying your face in my tits, and tonight you barely even looked at them. The only thing that’s changed is they shrunk. I can’t even fill out a c-cup anymore! I don’t have tits anymore! I have little boobies!”

“Oh my God! Why are we doing this in the middle of the night?” Julie moaned as she buried her face into my armpit.

“Lisa,” I told her calmly, yet firmly, “I had four boobs to contend with tonight. Everything that I normally work with was times two.”

“One and a half,” she pouted. “You have to account for shrinkage.”

“DOUBLE,” I insisted. “It was… honestly? You both were overwhelming. The only reason I didn’t go off half cocked like 20 seconds in was because you were careful to not let me. I have never seen you sexier than I have tonight. And you have always been unbelievably sexy. But there’s more to this than sex. I just need you to relax.”

“I have to stuff my bra, Brendan,” Lisa informed me tearfully. “I haven’t even thought of doing that since I was fourteen!”

“You’re just buying time,” I assured her. “One people get used to the new you, you can back off and just tell people weight watchers is finally working for you. I didn’t mean to neglect any part of you, it’s just that… aw fuck it. You both were so fucking hot that it made me dizzy, okay? I couldn’t think and I sure as hell couldn’t focus on anything. Look, you both have things about you that make my mouth water. Julie has that tight little ass and the hottest looking pussy I have ever seen in my life, and you have this… unbelievable figure and it’s like you put me in a spell when I see it.”

“I have a flabby ass.”

“You have a very soft butt,” I told her. “Like your breasts. It’s completely just as sexy as Julie, it’s just a different kind of sexy. Look, the point is I wasn’t trying to neglect you it’s just that… I have never been so overwhelmed in my life. You two were unbelievable. I can’t stop thinking about it and feeling guilty because… I just couldn’t do anything for you. I felt completely help. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was like I didn’t even have a will of my own anymore, Lisa. Like I was under some kind of spell.” I looked down to Julie, who was smirking proudly as I told them both that. Lisa took a moment to process and began to settle down again.

“When I have dreams like that, I just try to think about times with him where he wasn’t so big compared to me,” Julie told Lisa. “My therapist told me to. I had to practice visualization though,” she admitted. “And for the record, I’m more jealous of the way you look now than before your spurt.”

“You’re jealous of me?” Lisa asked in shock.

“Yes, Lisa. You’ve got one of those figures that just comes to you and you don’t have to work your ass off to get it like I do. I kind of wish I had it. It’s not just Brendan staring at you in a sex induced stupor.”

“Don’t judge me,” I replied back numbly. Julie laughed at me and slapped my chest. “Can we try to get some rest?” I asked as it appeared that Lisa had calmed somewhat again. She nodded and I massaged her until she fell asleep again. Once she was sure Lisa had dozed off once more, Julie slid up near my head and hugged it to her bosom once again and petted me in such a soothing manner that I quickly found myself dozing off myself.

I wasn’t quite ready, though, so I pushed it back. “You have nightmares about me?” I asked her softly enough to try to avoid waking Lisa up.

“I have good dreams about you where you’re being all nice guy and I feel safe,” she answered me. “It’s real life that’s the nightmare.”

She kissed my forehead and hushed me any time I would move to speak and before long, I was out cold again.

When morning came, I awoke again to the same sensation I had the day before. Even in my exhausted state, I immediately recognized the sense of ecstasy flowing through my whole body and then remembered the vile violation I’d suffered following it. I opened my eyes and looked down and as treated to the sight of both Julie and Lisa, still stark naked on all fours facing me, grinning seductively, each with a hand on my stiffened rod and competitively sucking on it and licking it.

My sudden start was immediately subverted and when Lisa downed the full length of my cock in one smooth motion while Julie slipped between my legs, swallowed my balls into her mouth and began fondling them with her lips and tongue. I was done again. Bewitched once more.

Once again, the combined appeal of both of these petite women utterly overwhelmed me and I succumbed to their feminine wiles. I completely forgot about whatever that thing was that Julie did the day before. I think it was bad. I don’t know. Couldn’t have been that important, right?

They moaned and really seemed to be enjoying themselves and by their body movements it was clear they were going out of their way to make sure I knew they were masturbating for me as they worked my manhood over with their mouths and whatever free hand they could spare. Julie was lying flat, so it was easier for her, but Lisa had more trouble, and I wondered why she was struggling so much balancing the way she was.

I got my answer when they released me and then pressed their bodies together, sensually rubbing each other and then they switched places, Julie devouring my cock in her own way while Lisa engulfed my balls in her mouth.

So much guilt. What kind of man was I? I was just lying there, staring at them like some drugged up moron. I was supposed to be grabbing them and throwing them down and having my way with them until they climaxed with Earth shattering force. It didn’t matter that most of the time I never achieved such a thing, but at least I was dedicated enough that I rarely walked away without eliciting some kind of orgasm from my prey. Now I wasn’t a hunter at all. I was the hunted, and I was just laying there and letting them eat me alive.

I really wanted the satisfaction of being the direct cause of said orgasms and not just a passive spectator of them, but I couldn’t fucking move. Once again, Julie pulled her trump card. She went to lay down on her side and lifted her leg, fully showcasing her full pussy for me and started masturbating for me slowly and sensually, never missing a beat in the cadence of sliding my entire cock in and out of her mouth even when she’d gag slightly because of it. Also back was that look on her face as though she were devouring the single greatest piece of culinary delight ever created. I felt a little self-conscious about it, but who was I to say anything at this point?

When my entire body shook as they took me to the brink and I felt the roof of her mouth seem to get a little tighter as she spent a particularly long time working over the head, she stopped and removed her mouth with a soft, but audible pop. A moment later, Lisa emerged from between my legs and they each placed a cheek next to my penis.

“Be honest,” Lisa cooed up at me. “You think about us getting smaller, don’t you? You think about us being three feet tall and struggling to fit this sexy monster inside out mouths while our tiny little hands won’t even fit around the whole thing.”

I couldn’t answer. Images were flooding into my mind and I was so spellbound by this point that I swear I could actually see their petite bodies getting smaller and my penis swelling for them beyond their ability to control.

“You think about just being like one foot tall,” Julie added in a sultry tone, “and far too big for us anymore and watching us wrap our entire little bodies around this big, juicy cock and all those tiny little pussies grinding it until it goes off like a volcano, absolutely covering us in your delicious cum.”

“I will now,” I muttered. I have no idea when the power of speech returned to me.

Both ladies laughed and giggled, then they both began competitively sucking and licking me. One would be sucking on my cock’s head while the other would turn her head sideways, wrap her mouth along my shaft and stroke it that way. Then they would switch and reverse roles.

They once again brought me to the brink and paused, taking the opportunity to each place both hands around my cock stacking one on top of the other and stroking it lovingly. When I was sighing and started moaning a little, they grinned those sexy, toothy grins again and began randomly alternating with their competitive cock sucking game along with jerking me off with two hands, all the while, masturbating for me and both women showing me as they laid out the intimate road maps to their own personal orgasms.

They did both cum. Lisa shuddered and moaned softly, unable to continue and had to lay her head on my hip for respite. Julie followed a moment later as Lisa was finishing. Her climax was also nothing ground breaking. It was relatively mild and it was evident that she was utterly exhausted by the constant rounds of sexcapades the last couple days, but I was more than satisfied to see her womanly juices leak out of her in sufficient quantity to run down her thigh.

Their end of the deal settled, they resumed work on my throbbing cock, this time not even bothering to hold back. Julie’s lips were wrapped around my shaft sideways and Lisa’s mouth was sucking on the head like and all day sucker while someone was massaging my balls with uncanny expertise when I blew and blew hard. I’d sure my fluids were quite low given the amount of performance I’d been trying to give the last couple days, but the release was powerful non the less.

Lisa giggled and little as I shot my DNA up into her mouth and cooed for more, milking another blast from me and without a word or a motion, that was the last I heard or saw of it. She must have swallowed, but she was careful not to make a show of it.

Memory started to become accessible to me once again and I lifted my head as a vague sensation of danger started to loom. Both women were smiling at me with satisfaction and then got up to move. My body tensed, but as I did so, I watched with confusion as they left the bed and sauntered sexily and seductively hand in hand to the bathroom while I watched. A moment later, they both returned with mouthwash, each took a swig and swished and gargled thoroughly while I couldn’t help but laugh. I think they would have as well, but they didn’t want to spit mouthwash everywhere. Then they went back to the bathroom, rinsed their mouths with water and returned to me, crawling slowly up the bed to me and intentionally showcasing their hanging breasts as they went.

When they were on a level with my head and shoulders, Lisa kissed me on the mouth, Julie on my neck and both women rubbed the entirety of my chest together sensually. I felt like I was floating on air. “Good morning,” Julie whispered to me softly in my ear, then kissed me open-mouthed.

I looked around me and it was morning, but the light outside was still dim. It was still early. Apparently, Julie and Lisa were not done with me yet, though as they massaged, caressed and kissed my body softly and pressed their bosoms up to each of my ears and before long, I must have fallen completely asleep again.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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When I woke up again, it was fully light and both women were still naked and petting me much as they had earlier in the morning, but this time a little more energetically to invigorate me rather than relax me. I looked around and hadn’t been sure what time it was last time they had awakened me, but it felt like at least a couple hours had passed.

“Good morning,” they both cooed to me lyrically. I was still floating, even though they were doing absolutely nothing with my poor beaten up, worn down penis.

“Good morning,” I somehow managed to barely breath out. I was definitely still spellbound. Both women sighed and moaned a little and rubbed their entire bodies against mine adding to the bliss of this morning’s soft, gentle massage. I could feel the stirrings of my manhood down below as both of those naked bodies slid back and forth across mine, but at that moment, it would have taken some rather extreme and overtly sexual gestures on the part of my partners to convince me to act on it. I was well rested, but sexually, I was quite fatigued. I could feel it in my manhood too. It was even more fatigued than the rest of me, and yet it was still eager to rise to the challenge. Quite a good little soldier. It made me proud.

I think the ladies were in much similar conditions. They’d performed beyond imagination, and watching them climax over and over for me was quite the amazing experience. Both women were clearly tired and worn down, but they were positively beaming at me. Julie kissed me passionately at length and Lisa wrapped her body around me, while also wrapping her legs around my thigh. I could feel the warmth of her sex against my skin, another very pleasant feeling, but compared to the heat it had produced the night before, this was very tame.

Lisa hugged me harder and then I felt her smooth skin rub against my now nearly fully inflated cock. She let loose a tiny chirp of surprise, giggled and then grabbed it, petting it a little curiously, but mostly playfully. “I cannot believe it’s still up for more,” she laughed. Julie broke our kiss and looked at Lisa with curiosity and then slid back slightly so she could reach me down below and I suddenly had two petite hands tactilely inspecting my manhood.

Julie laughed and plopped her head down on my chest. “Are you serious?” she asked me, laughing still. “How can you still be ready for more? I swear we sucked every last drop of cum out of you!”

“Have you seen yourselves?” I asked back defensively. “Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you both are? Especially together?” Both ladies grinned ear to ear at this compliment and petted it a little more affectionately.

“Are we?” Lisa asked. She was basking in and glowing from the validation I’d just provided her.

“I honestly wasn’t sure I would wake up at all after what you both did to me last night. I was totally ready to die a happy man and I didn’t think it would wake up again for at least a week. I mean, I was just as surprised as you are,” I admitted. “But you’re so fucking hot!” Julie laughed, but Lisa just stared and grinned, so pleased with this deeply desired approval. She even swallowed a little. The look on her face was as though I’d somehow lifted a weight from her shoulders.

“Even if my little boobies shrank?” she asked meekly. I could see Julie was annoyed by her pandering for more approval.

“Lisa, any time you want to show off those magnificent tits of yours, I’m game to be hypnotized by them.”

“Smooth,” Julie moaned to me while rolling her eyes. I had thought it was, but I wasn’t about to argue with a naked woman grabbing my dick. “How the hell can you be ready to go again?” she teased me.

“What about you two?” I asked and as I did I lowered my hold on them to their asses and squeezed. Both women chirped as I pressed a finger between their pussy lips. They were damp, but I wouldn’t quite classify them as wet. Despite my little soldier standing at attention, it was debatable whether he was ready for war. A competent commander would not charge forward with such a battered warrior, but then I didn’t really care about being a capable commander anymore.

“I am so fucking tired,” Julie laughed into my chest.

“So doesn’t feel good?” I asked her. I could see Lisa was struggling a little bit but she was none the less purring as my finger probed her pussy from behind.

“It feels good, I am just so fucking tired!” she laughed more.

“Same here. I think you really did suck every last drop of cum out of me,” I admitted.

“So if we get you off, instead of ‘GOOSH!’ we’re going to get ‘*cough*cough*’?” Lisa asked me, laughing at my expense.

“Pretty much,” I agreed. “I can’t help it, though. Oh my GOD you’re sexy!” Lisa blushed deeply, her eyes shimmering slightly.

“Do you get it, yet?” Julie asked me. “Or do I have to spell it out for you still?” she asked.

“Get what?” I asked dumbly. She groaned and put her face in my chest, then lifted it once more and decided to try again.

“I can see the guilt in your face still. Like you did something wrong by letting us focus on you the whole night. You didn’t.”

“So all those times you got off were…” I tried to ask, and that said guilt pouring out of me now.

“Fuck no they weren’t fake!” Julie lectured me, though there was a bit of laughter behind her scolding.

“I insisted we had to learn how to get each other off for real. You’re too good at picking out our fakes you stubborn brat!” Lisa said, pinching my cheek.

“So… what are you saying? You practiced on each other?” This idea seemed a little more arousing to me than it once had.

“A little bit, you perv,” Julie told me with a smirk. “But things didn’t work out as good as we had hoped. It didn’t matter because you made me cum so fucking hard the night before I really didn’t have any endurance to make her an expert on me and still have any left over for last night!”

“I would have never made it through the night if we had,” Lisa agreed, showing her exhaustion as well.

“They were real,” Julie assured me. “You see? This is why we had to go to such extremes!”

“Oh my god, I’m still tingling,” Lisa laughed.

“This was supposed to be what the other night was about! Every woman wants to be able to get her guy off.”

“It’s not hard to get a guy off,” I assured her with a dumb smile.

“I’m not talking about making it squirt, dork!” Julie laughed. She shook her head at me and gave me another passionate kiss. “I’m talking about seeing you there in my hands and knowing that I am making you feel like you’re going to die because it feels so good. You know, that thing that you insist on doing to every one of us every time we’re together and won’t stop because you have to do it over and over again?”

“We get it. You want to please us,” Lisa shared with me compassionately. “Like you told Janelle; you don’t want to be that bad lover that blows his wad and ignores his woman.”

“My ex was like that, and you know what keeps us going in relationships like that? Knowing I can do that to him. I totally get off on that. It’s not the same getting off as orgasming so hard I ruin my fucking carpet, but it’s just as good, but you are so obsessed with making us climax so hard our legs stop working that WE don’t get to do the same thing for YOU.”

“You’re being selfish,” Lisa scolded me playfully.

“Don’t argue the irony of it, just accept it.”

I knew there were multiple ways to take this, but I thought mostly about the one that likely mattered most. I thought about asking them, but I didn’t want to ruin Julie’s moment or beat a dead horse again with talks about feelings. There were multiple components, but what I imagined it mostly was about in this world was power. The feeling that even if they were getting smaller, weaker and more vulnerable with each spurt, they still had power where it counted. They could influence someone else, and they could do it in a way that they could see and was tangible. I was able to see it in their eyes the night before and this morning. A look of satisfaction that I was so captivated and enraptured by them that I was soft putty in their hands. They couldn’t lift me, probably not even with their combined strength, and they certainly couldn’t force me to do anything, but they could be so sexy and appealing that in that way, they felt like queens. Scratch that. They could feel like empresses, beneficent rulers of all within their dominion. It wasn’t all that different from me, it just manifested a little differently.

“It’s kinda… difficult,” I told Julie, who listened. “I just want to make you happy. And I know that… I can’t stop thinking about everything from last night. I’ve never felt that good before but I just don’t… I feel like I’m gonna get obsessed with that and I’ll stop thinking about… getting you off.”

“Oh, you’re too fucking nice,” Julie lamented with a smile while shaking her head.

“We’re all having bets over you,” Lisa informed me. “You’re so stoic. You’re so quiet. We have bets- who can make you scream first..”

“Fuck Janelle,” Julie grumbled bitterly.

“Who can make you fall over first, who can make you collapse first, who can wear you out first.”

“I only shrank a couple inches and I could take a fucking pounding before, so I can’t believe how shrinking just a little bit made my pussy that much weaker.”

“For the record,” I offered, “the other night? I have no idea how to pull that off again. I almost threw out my back, dislocated my shoulder and I still was just about to cum so hard I fell over. If it had taken you even two seconds longer to get there, I was done and that was just luck. That pussy is way more powerful than me. I saw stars after that. Like seriously, I was actually really scared that I had fucked something up in my body for a while after that.”

“Would have been nice to know that before,” Julie teased me. “And why did you keep that to yourself all this time?”

“Pride,” I admitted.

“Well, it worked out for you, didn’t it?” Lisa teased me.

“Oh my god,” I sighed. What a couple days.

“In a perfect world, we’d get to climax together every single time,” Lisa told me.

“It’s fine. It’s not a lecture,” Julie concluded. “I learned some stuff. I don’t think I would have ever gotten you off the way we did last night without going through all this.” She then got up on all fours and loomed over me before kissing me. “Just so you know, that was easily the best sex I have ever had in my life last night.”

“Better than ruining your carpet?” I teased her.

“You have your bragging rights, I have mine,” she teased me and kissed me again before being pushed aside so Lisa could steal a steamy kiss of her own.

“I have never had sex that good,” she eventually chimed in as well.

“I suppose it helps that we finally taught you how to squirt,” I teased. She smiled at me coyly and then just kissed me again.

We relaxed for a little while and the ladies snuggled up against me while I processed my lecture. Learning this was going to be difficult. How was I supposed to know when to let them have control and when I should take it from them? I really wasn’t sure I as going to be able to figure this out just based off of non-verbal cues. My mind ran around in circles until I decided I should bring my concerns up again, though try to do so a little differently this time.

“I have real feelings about you,” I told them. Both women lifted their heads and stared at me.

“For which one of us?” Lisa asked. Instead of even looking either in the eye, which might give the impression of one over the other, I petted the manes of both ladies at once and pressed their ears down near my heart together. “It’s hard. I think about a lot more than just the sex. It’s confusing, because I’m supposed to feel this way about one woman at a time. I can’t help that I want more. I mean you all went out of your ways to get me attached to you. Well, it worked.”

I left it at that. No nagging this time, just trying to tell them how I felt without using any of the dreaded words that would make them recoil. Julie and Lisa both looked to each other and then back at me. For once, I could see that they weren’t afraid to broach the topic.

“It’s hard for us too,” Lisa finally assured me. “We’re doing the best we can. We just… it’s really hard. Really, really hard. We keep having these crashes and breakdowns and we’re barely functioning as it is. And none of us even know if this whole shrunken women harem thing can even work.

There was silence again, and it was then that I decided to tell them about what had happened at school and the school snooping on me and tracking my movements as well as Dr. Jurek’s words of warning for me. Both ladies stared at me and listened carefully. I could see that it was having a toll on them and once they were aware of all the consequences I could be facing to my personal life, schooling and career, I just told them, “it would be worth it.”

As I’d hoped, it was an extremely sobering moment for them both. It took a long while for them both to come to grips with what I had to say. Julie was the one to respond to me.

“We’re not trying to let you down,” she promised me sincerely. “I’m sorry. I know you deserve better, but we’re already maxed out right now. We just need space to figure out our own lives right now.”

“So keep going as we have been,” I asked her numbly.

“Not quite,” Lisa interrupted. “We feel the same way, Brendan. We’re just wrecks, is all. We just need the space.”

“Alright,” I agreed.

“Are you mad?” Lisa asked. Still seeking approval.

“No,” I answered her with a soft smile. “But I think I get why in cultures where what we’re talking about is a thing, it’s the guy who is in charge of everything.”

“What are you saying? You want us all to… you want this to be like a real old school harem? Where we’re property?” Julie asked me.

“No,” I answered her truthfully. “I don’t want property. I want equals. No matter how small you get, that’s what you’ll always be and I wouldn’t want anything less. It’s just that I get why they do it the way they do now. This is a lot harder.”

We lay in silence a little longer. I guess what I’d just said was thought provoking for them in some way. I left them with their thoughts while I cleared my mind. A little while later, I sighed and both women peeked up at me.

“What are you thinking about?” Julie asked me introspectively. This wasn’t normally a Julie kind of question. She was a very emotional being, but she had walls built up and was always hesitant to discuss feelings on any deep level. I sighed again.

“I dunno,” I told them both in a defeated tone. “I’m trying to figure out if there is just a certain point you can shrink to where I can get you both off at the same time or if I just need more arms.” Lisa blushed and smirked at me while Julie laughed at my irreverent response.

“We’ll help you out with that,” she snickered and kissed me again. She stretched and yawned then sat up. “Alright,” she said, which I thought meant it was time to get up. As soon as I tried to do so, though, I had both women leaning down on me in a bid to keep me from moving. “Nope,” Julie told me with a sly grin. “We weren’t done with you yet. We were just taking a break.”

“I told you, I think you wore the little guy out.”

“He’s definitely not little,” Lisa giggled at me. They were in good moods, very good moods. It was nice to see from them. “And he’s awake enough that he’s gonna need some attention.”

“Not until you’re ready for the same kind of attention,” I fired back with a playful smile. Julie wasn’t having the argument, though and she threw the covers back, revealing us all into the open air fully naked. She grabbed Lisa by the arm and pulled her up to her knees and then they began kissing me from head to toe and then all the way back up again. They weren’t trying to make it particularly sensual, but when a naked woman is touching you, it’s hard not to get aroused.

I could also see that they’d recovered a little as well, but Julie was leading the charge and she was going out of her way to take advantage of my fatigued arousal.

Honestly, it felt surprisingly good, however, I think this was more about the satisfaction both ladies received from it more than my own. Once they’d returned to my head again, one would hug my head against her bare breasts, nuzzling me while the other would kiss me passionately and then they would switch places. At the same time while they did this, I could feel their naked bodies pressed against me rubbing against me in a very odd but invigorating massage.

They then went up and down my body performing an actual massage in a conventional way while also offering some kisses and caresses that would definitely make me more excited than sleepy again. They spent nearly a half hour doing this. “What happened to going to work?” I asked them both.

“Lisa’s shoes haven’t arrived yet. She called in sick again,” Julie answered calmly, “and so did I.”

“Is that a good idea?” More guilt, though I was doing my best to understand their points of view.

“I told you. I’m getting what I want,” Julie informed me.

They massaged me in earnest until I actually felt a couple drops of sweat from the effort they were making and then Julie and Lisa both lay on top of me and kissed me sweetly. “Time to get up,” Julie cooed to me.

“Oh, it’s up,” I teased. Julie pinched me while smirking at me while Lisa took the opportunity to kiss me.

“Come on,” Lisa whispered to me and both women pulled me up to a sitting position. Just for fun I decided to play possum and both ladies strained together just to pull my upper body up. When I was sitting up, they shook their head at me, and then stood up and I was left looking up at both of their naked hips.

“Get up,” Julie ordered me a little more firmly, but still with a playful smile.

“Now I’m really up,” I remarked wide-eyed as they stood there, legs slightly apart and marveling at two naked vaginas just above my eyes.

“I see that,” Julie teased with a smirk while Lisa giggled and blushed, struggling against the urge to close her legs and cover her sex. When I finally stood, both ladies hopped down from the bed and I have to admit, part of me was a little sad to be looking down so far at them again. However, the view from this angle was just as lovely.

Lisa grabbed my boxers and handed them to me, though she was staring at my erection, which made me a little self conscious too, but also a little proud. “Put these on. You’re distracting me,” she told me with a bit of a gulp.

“And you’re not distracting me?”

“We’re supposed to be,” Julie joked, leaning up onto her tiptoes for a kiss.

Once I’d covered but not really concealed my offensive member, both ladies opted to remain naked and each took a hand and led me down to the kitchen, then sat me at a chair. “Don’t go anywhere,” they ordered me and then surprised me further by working together to cook me breakfast while remaining completely nude.

As I’d said, Julie was relatively athletic looking even if she was now very much on the petite side. She didn’t have the perfect body, but it was something to look at and she knew it. Lisa’s was much different and also not perfect, but her lovely soft curves, tear dropped shaped ass, plump breasts with puffy, soft pink nipples and creamy soft skin made it all but impossible to not stare. This was especially so when they were both completely naked in front of me. Despite the undeniable beauty they possessed, especially combined, it was obvious that they were still self-conscious about their bodies. They wanted to cover up, especially with my eyes constantly leering at them and despite the fact that they literally ordered me to sit and stare at them.

It was a sacrifice for them, especially given the fact that clothes are very useful when working around a stove or oven or frying things. I knew this was pushing their comfort zones, which for me made it all the more attractive. For the most part, they cooked as normal, and Lisa struggled and frowned repeatedly as she dealt with the fact that a number of things in the kitchen were now out of reach for her.

Julie kicked over a chair for her to stand on, having been used to this drawback of being petite to some degree even before her first spurt and already mostly adapted to a slightly smaller stature. Lisa refused to do so and would instead choose to beckon me over with the wave of a finger and a seductive smile, stand behind her while she protruded her bare posterior against me while rubbing me slightly and have me reach above her while she waited for the item she’d requested. I think Julie actually looked a little jealous of her for never thinking of the same thing herself. A few times, she would tell me in a soft, seductive voice “good boy,” and then stand there and offer me a reward of fondling her bare breasts while kissing her neck.

A couple times of doing this, and Julie shook her head, literally kicked the chair out of the kitchen and followed Lisa’s lead every time she needed something that was above her reach and sometimes things that weren’t.

The walking around and cooking naked may have been difficult for them to do simply because being fully exposed around open flame and hot surfaces combined with my inability to keep from staring at them lustfully, but the softer attentions of my hands and lips on their skins at their beckoned call seemed to make up for it.

Neither woman even tried to remain clean while they cooked. They made pancakes together from scratch and both got more than their fair share of flower on them as well as spattering of batter, eggs and Julie even teased me by laying a couple slices of bacon over her bare chest and wrapping them around her breasts.

When they would wait for something to finish cooking, they would lean forward against the counter, intentionally stick their rear ends out and wiggle their little butts for me and pop their posteriors out until they were sure I was getting a good, unfettered view of their soft pussies. If they weren’t offering me that unrivaled view, they would lean forward and face me, pucker their lips slightly and wag their shoulders so that their breasts would swing to and fro and a couple times, they would stand facing each other and softly caress each other, especially their breasts with their messy hands.

“What did I do to deserve this?” I finally asked awestruck as they both gripped Julie’s largest wooden spoon together, fist over fist and worked together to mix the pancake batter were making while also waving their hips back and forth in a hypnotic dance. Julie even blushed at the question, most of Lisa’s body turned pink and she sauntered over to me and straddled me, facing me.

“You took the worst week of my life and you made me enjoy it,” she answered me. She kissed me and all but forced me to grab her hips while she pressed her hips against mine, as well as my rigid cock stuffed uncomfortably into my boxer shorts.

She lost herself in the kiss almost immediately and before long, she was purring to me seductively. “We’re not done yet,” Julie reminded her sternly. Lisa groaned and strained to pry herself from me (partially because she was so sexy I was having a hard time letting go of her) and returned to her duties, then Julie strolled over to me, swaying her hips with some exaggeration and stood, leaning against my shoulders, dangling her breasts right in my face and once I’d had a good long look, she grabbed my wrist and placed my hand between her legs. “Just so you know,” she told me in a soft, seductive tone, “I can get wet again.”

There was no doubt about that. She wasn’t dripping wet like she normally was when we made love, but it was enough to be functional and nearly impossible to turn away from as she sighed and waved her hips in circles while enjoying the feeling of my finger toying around with the idea of penetrating her.

“Hey!” Lisa squealed at her and flung some batter at Julie, snapping her out of her daze. Julie growled a little, but managed to regain her wits again and leaned down to kiss me. I, however, wanted just a little more fun, so I did slip my middle finger up inside of her and I squeezed a little, making her gasp and moan and fall against me. “You promised me you wouldn’t leave me out of it!” Lisa screamed and then flung a bit more batter against Julie’s cheek.

“Okay, okay,” Julie complained, then stood up, removed my hand from her vagina and sucked seductively on the finger that had just been inside of her.

There was no way in hell I deserved all of this.

When breakfast was finished, they served it to me, going out of their way to hang their breasts in my face while they placed each piece of food on my plate painstakingly slowly. It wasn’t just that this was happening, it was the fact that I knew there was no way they had managed to choreograph all of this without talking to each other in detail about it. The entire night had been planned all the way into the morning and I felt completely spoiled. My mind went in circles as to how exactly I could repay them for everything they were doing just for my insatiable lust for them.

When all three of us had food, they each straddled a knee and slid the legs of my boxers up so they could grind their sexes against bare skin and then took turns kissing me passionately while caressing me and sharing all the mess they’d covered themselves in during the cooking process with me.

At one point, Lisa fished my dick out of my boxers and gripped it tightly, but Julie slapped her hand, not willing to let her ruin her carefully laid plans even a little. We ate together with them remaining naked and rather than try to engage in the normal kinds of small talk we would each have at the dinner table, they took turns feeding me or feeding each other while giving each other suggestive glances in what had by now become almost natural for them.

We traded kisses and caresses and hardly a word was shared, other than “oops,” as one of them would dribble maple syrup over their breasts and then need to solicit a volunteer to help lick it off.

Once, Julie beat me to the punch in doing so, and I have to admit, I was jealous enough that I grabbed her hips, lifted her up, which made her chirp with surprise and set her down on my lap, where I’d again fished my cock out of my boxers and she was now sitting atop my erect penis which ran across the length of her slit.

“You have to share,” Lisa lectured Julie while reaching underneath my cock and stroking the length while pressing it up until Julie’s labia parted and I could feel her swelling clitoris against my shaft.

In the end, Julie determined that we were not ready yet for activities quite that sexual, so we both licked the syrup off of Lisa’s chest together and finished breakfast, all three of us smiling despite ourselves and even blushing a little.

When we were done eating, Lisa and Julie both demanded I sit and watch again and they then went to load the dishwasher, again going out of their way to offer me views of their beavers and breasts in all manner of position, but especially bent forward completely at the hips so their soft womanhoods popped completely out into view.

Once that chore had been accomplished in a record setting time (for longest amount of time to accomplish), I was lead again, this time to the bathroom where both women dropped to their knees and pulled my boxers down entirely. The only hang-up was my full erection, which snagged the waste band and required a little bit of coaxing from their small, feminine fingers to overcome.

“We weren’t expecting you to recover so quickly,” Lisa admired as I watched both women, still covered with smatterings of cooking materials and I stared as both ladies looked up at me expectantly, each one grabbing my cock with their hands.

Both women were now officially petite, perhaps even tiny in some people’s estimations (by the old world standards anyways). Compared to me, they were quite small. Small enough that a standing up hug required me to bend forward a little bit just to wrap my arms around their shoulders and upper back, which was a wonderful feeling kind of hug. For sexual matters, they were in an in between stage. Taller, we could stand and make out while fondling each other. Just a little bit shorter and they could give me a blowjob just by bending at the hips just a little bit, or wrap my manhood up in their breasts while standing. As they stood right now, they could kneel and give my a blowjob, which it looked like they were setting themselves up to do, but they were a little low to get the right leverage. I felt a little twinge of anticipation for future spurts that would alter this scenario, then an immense pang of guilt for wishing more torment on them.

But at the same time, I couldn’t help it. Lisa, in her more timid manner, was definitely showing to be sexier as a smaller version of herself than I could have imagined. Of course, maybe it was the threesome, maybe it was just that extra hint of “how can I please you?” attitude she had now as well.

So there we were, covered in varying amounts of raw food and both women were once again using all four hands to stroke my dick in their delicate little hands. For a moment, it looked to me like they were about start licking and sucking, but instead they rose up to their feet again and began squeezing and kissing my body while also working together to stroke my manhood. They played with me like this while I struggled to reach low enough to play with a part of them that I could enjoy as well and eventually Julie stepped away to start the shower while Lisa continued to kiss me and stroke my manhood and then each woman each took one of my hands while simultaneously tugging on my dick and lead me into the bathtub where they went out of their way to let the hot water rinse me off. I traded kisses over and over again with each woman and they slid their hands up and down my body over and over again. As we all soaked ourselves in a thorough rinse.

Once we were all glistening with running water over our naked bodies, I was surprised when both Julie and Lisa grabbed my dick firmly and started stroking intently and quickly until I fell a step back against the wall. They giggled at me, but stopped suddenly and went back to kissing me. I guess they were just testing the degree to which they had dominion over me.

As I caught my balance, I looked down at the two smaller ladies and noticed they were both smiling at me as they filled their hands with body wash and then returned to me and used their hands and entire bodies to cover me and themselves in a thick lather of suds while they each continued to trade kisses with me.

Once again, both ladies were using circumstances to turn disadvantage into advantage. The shower was extremely tight spaced, especially for three. The ladies would have to get a lot smaller to counteract that problem. Instead of fight it, though, they used it and surrounded me on all sides, their soft, wet, naked bodies pressed against me at almost all times and the experience was beyond pleasurable. Once again, they were focused solely on me and I was wondering when I would get to have my turn again to please them. The order of the entire evening and morning seemed to revolve around massages. Massage me sexually, massage me sensually, massage me in a way to relax me, massage me in a way to wake me, massage me in a way to invigorate me and it was working. I could only imagine how tired they were both getting working me over.

There was more than enough hand jobs to go around, and I even got my shots in fingering each woman a little, but in each case, the slick lather coating our bodies decreased friction to such a level that none of us could derive anything near full satisfaction from the experience. It sure did feel good though.

When we were fully cleaned and rinsed, I thought we were going to call it and exit the shower, but instead, I found Lisa wrapping and arm around my neck and stretching up as hard as she could for a kiss while stroking my member.

Julie looked at her and when I looked into Lisa’s eyes, I could tell what she was looking for, though she was a bit too timid to ask for it. Julie stepped back in and looked at us, and I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. Everything we’d done up to this point was a completely shared experience, but I had no idea how to proceed without leaving one out.

Encouragement arrived from Julie when I felt her arms wrap around me from behind and pet my chest. “Come on,” she told me, adding her hand to the mix from her station behind me as she grabbed my shaft.

“I don’t want to leave you out,” I told her.

“I don’t have the energy to do what we did last night anyways,” she encouraged me.

Lisa and I had tried sex in the shower before. At 5’6”, we’d been able to make it work, but it was kind of uncomfortable and awkward for me. Here 135 pound weight made it exceptionally difficult to hold her up while she was slippery and wet and she was too short to fuck the way Brooke and I once did, so we compensated by me stooping down low enough to reach and penetrate her. It was less than ideal, as it was difficult for me to maintain that pose of knees and ankles bent in awkward angles on a slippery surface that saw me almost falling over countless times. I got her off, though which was all that mattered.

This was a whole new opportunity. There was no way standing up was going to work anymore. That five inches she’d shrunk was enough to promise that I wouldn’t be able to lower myself enough to get the job done, at least not in this environment. That left one option.

I pressed Lisa up against the wall and she looked up at me nervously and with anticipation and I squeezed her ass with both hands tightly and pressed my body against her. It wasn’t that I couldn’t lift 135 pounds; I could very easily. It was the holding it in place and bouncing it that was the trouble. Our first go of it, Lisa had been too passive, too eager to rely solely on my strength to get the job done. Even post shrinking, I still was going to need a little more help, and I didn’t envision Julie standing underneath Lisa pressing up on her bottom.

I bent forward and put my lips near Lisa’s ear. “I need you to hold on tight,” I told her. She at first gave me a confused look and squeezed my dick harder, but after a moment to think, she wrapped both of her arms around my neck and squeezed.

Do or die, I guess. The last time I tried this I didn’t enjoy it at all. I grabbed her and lifted as though I were trying to lift 135 pounds again that would slip out of my hands at the slightest error and was shocked and amazed when her entire body lifted off the ground with substantially less effort than I’d suspected. She squealed with surprise as I lifted her up much more quickly than expected and she tightened her grip around my neck, probably afraid I might throw her up into the ceiling and that’s when it hit me- her shrinking had left her probably close to 30 pounds lighter.

With her lifted high enough to feel her pussy lips against my cock, I tightened my grip with one arm and slid the other between her legs and grabbed her thigh, lifting it upward. Then I repeated the move with the other thigh and felt Lisa squeeze me tightly as she angled her hips to that her pussy faced my waiting and eager, yet exhausted cock.

Julie now assisted and gripped it again and pointed it directly at the target so that all I had to was lower Lisa down now. Lisa gasped and tensed and it was Julie again who helped her through it. “I know he’s bigger now, but you can do it,” she cooed to her. Down below, I could feel her cupping my balls and stroking my shaft, but also caressing Lisa’s labia in a bit to help her relax her for me. Obviously, she’d taken me just fine the night before, but I guess the angle here made the fit a bit more snug than she’d expected.

It took her a moment, but she relaxed enough to allow me to lower her down and enter fully and I felt my body shudder involuntarily as our bodies fully connected. Once she was there, Lisa clung to me desperately and sighed as I felt her hook my back with her ankles, almost as though she wanted to pull my entire body inside of her.

Once she’d had enough time to relax, I used my arms to begin lifting her and lowering her against my dick, and she quickly learned to assist me with her arms wrapped around my neck and she began bouncing up and down against me faster and faster as she began moaning in one long, stuttering tone and I could feel her nails in my skin as an extremely rare, animalistic side of Lisa began to emerge.

It was amazing. There was no doubt whatsoever. Shrinking those few inches had completely changed the sexual dynamic of Lisa. She was noticeably lighter, her demeanor easier to work with, her curves much easier to grab and appealing to my senses and her pussy. Oh my god, that fucking pussy! It hugged me tighter from all angles and I could feel it struggling against my dick as I pushed deeper into her than I’d ever done before. Yes, she’d ridden me the night before, but it was obvious now that she’d also been holding back and I could go further.

I almost forgot about Julie altogether, except for the fact that she was doing an amazing job of massaging my scrotum while pressing her naked body against my back.

We kept going like this until my arms ached so much I could hardly lift Lisa any longer, so I pressed her up against the wall, pinned her tightly with my body weight and braced my heel against the other side of the tub and did something I never did with Lisa- took her to pound town.

She always preferred soft, tender sex, and I was more than thrilled to supply her with it. That was one of the problems with the previous attempt we had made before her shrinking spurt. She wanted me to hold her up on my own, move her on my own and do so slowly, keeping the encounter gentle. It’s hard enough to do in general with a 5’6”, 135-pound woman, but when you add in her being wet and slippery on top of that, it made it nearly impossible.

This new Lisa was smaller, lighter, tighter and the energy coming from her was almost feral. So I pounded her with my pelvis so hard that you could hear it through the wall and I could even hear some mild popping and cracking in the mortar that held the bathroom tiles on. The first collision with her hips, she screamed loudly enough it hurt my ear as she screamed into it and she just kept screaming as I heard the loud thuds of the wall echo through the bathroom and probably well beyond.

“Almost… almost… almost,” she gasped over and over again, teetering on the edge of climax, but after a few minutes of this, though I could still pound her with my hips just as hard, my arms were giving out and I could feel her slipping against my body as my strength began to fail me.

Eventually, I was forced to conceded at the precipice of victory and allowed my body to slide her down the wall and carefully deposit her in the basin of the tub, though she clung and continued trying to fuck me wildly as we went.

“I was almost there!” she whined as she slipped down off of my cock.

“I can’t move arms anymore,” I laughed her.

“Just finish her off,” Julie encouraged and pushed my face downward to her sex.

I was definitely too big for the tub, but I managed to cram myself down into a mostly balled up position while Lisa lay in the tub with her back now most of the way up the back of the tub and then Julie straddled her waist and bent over, cupping, massaging and sucking on Lisa’s breasts and nipples while I licked her pussy to the very best of my ability until Lisa twitched, lurched and then moaned in a good long moan and relaxed, finally having reached her destination.

“Oh, fuck,” she gasped, and I peeled my face back to see Lisa’s pussy throbbing from the aftermath of her orgasm, but with nowhere near the vigor it had shown the night before while immediately above that was Julie’s ass and vagina begging me for some attention of it’s own. Sadly, I was so crammed in and trapped where I was, that I was not going to be diving into that divine muff no matter how much I wanted to. Julie was first to stand up and look down at me with a smirk as I wiped my face. She restarted the shower, we rinsed the sweat off of your bodies while Lisa continued lying in the bottom of the tub and then when we shut the water off again, I leaned down and scooped Lisa up into my arms and carried her out where she could stand up, though it was clear she’d pushed herself too far.

“That was a mistake,” she admitted to herself, having realized she’d pushed herself to far past her fatigue.

“No it wasn’t,” I shared with her and kissed her. “We’ve got you,” I promised her. She smiled and fell into my arms and we dried off, but it seemed that neither woman was quite ready for clothes yet.

Julie made some surprisingly good tea and we sat together, not really talking. Lisa did share that she felt like she’d just done an insanely hard workout after a year off from the gym, and I held her as we all snuggled together on the couch rubbing her shoulder while Julie sat on my lap, smiling demurely at me as she sipped her drink.

“You know my profs don’t like it when I miss class,” referring to a class that I might just be able to make it to if I ran out the door right that instant.

“We’ll write you a note so it’s an excused absence,” Julie joked with me. She was still worn down, but she seemed to be enjoying swaying and moving her body in a way that drew my eyes to her feminine curves. All I could do was shake my head at her, and other than that, conversation was minimal. We were all just there and close to each other and that was enough.

It wasn’t long after that when Lisa was asleep again and both Julie and I were looking down at her, each of us smiling for our own reasons. “So did you get what you wanted finally?” I whispered to her.

“Just about,” she whispered back then watched as I draped a blanket over Lisa. I looked at her and once Lisa was fully covered, Julie decided to speak after leaning her head on my shoulder and whispering to me.

“You saved me last week,” she confessed.

“I didn’t do anything,” I answered back dumbly.

“Yeah you did,” she countered, curling up in my arm and snuggling with me. “That night after we went up to the lake? When I showed up at your apartment?”

“Yeah? It was nice to see you so soon after a date,” I praised her. She smiled, and this had to have been the most genuine smile I’d ever seen from her. For a moment, the cloud around her seemed to be gone.

“I was going to kill myself,” she told me. My smile faded, and she smiled more as she could see the pain my face. “The night before was the best night I had had in years and then I just completely crashed. All I could think of was my shitty job, my shitty life and this fucked up whatever it is we’re in an how my family would lose their shit if they knew what I was doing and then I started thinking about the shrinking spurts again, and I just decided I could never handle another one again. So I was going to drive my car back up to that lake and drive right into it.”

She lifted her hand up and showed me her left wrist. There was a long, but light scar there across her wrist that I’d always suspected, but was afraid to assume was what I thought it was. Normally, she kept this wrist covered with a bracelet of some sort. “Driving into the lake seemed fool proof. Even if I wanted to back out after, I wouldn’t be able to.” She then tucked her scarred wrist away again.

My heart broke hearing her say these things to me, and that only seemed to strengthen her more. “What stopped you?”

“I needed to know one thing before I went,” she told me. “I had to know why you thought I was worth giving up all your plans for the future for just to be with just me. And when I got to your place, I couldn’t talk. I just couldn’t talk and you just took me in and you didn’t care and you stayed with me the whole night and you never asked for anything from me. No one’s ever done anything like that for me before. I’ve always had to get through it on my own, and that night I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

“And the next night? Same thing?”

“No,” she told me. “Lisa’s right. We’re not supposed to go be with you all the time. I wasn’t supposed to see you for a while again after Monday. I broke the rules, but I just kept asking myself ‘what if it’s like last night?’ I needed someone so bad. I still wanted to kill myself, and I felt guilty for breaking the rules, but I was so desperate. Three days in a row you pulled me back from the edge after the most amazing date and then you pulled Lisa back from the brink with me. You screwed up a bunch of things when we went to her, but she rebounded a lot faster than we normally do after a spurt. That’s why I needed Friday night to be all about you. That’s why I needed to touch you and make you feel better all night long than you’d ever felt in your life, and then you turned the tables on me and made me ruin my carpet! You are so frustrating!” she scolded me, though she was grinning the entire time.

“So then,” she continued, “the threesome, and you were not slipping away from me this time. And I got it. I finally got it.”

“Finally finished your big plans?” I asked her with a warm smile again.

“The plan? Yeah. But I need just one more thing.”

“Name it,” I told her, hoping I could make her cum again.

Julie smiled demurely at me, then pulled on my hand and had me leave Lisa behind on the couch, snuggled in the blanket and snoozing still. She lead me to the bedroom and up onto the bed and pushed me down onto my back. “I need to be in charge just a little while longer,” she cooed to me as she laid across my naked body and I could feel her womanhood press and rub against my dick which was quickly hardening again.

“Alright,” I agreed. Once I was hard again, she grabbed me and slid herself down, pulling me inside of her and she sighed contentedly as she straddle me, each of her hands on my chest to hold her up. She basked in the sensation of our intimate connection.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I asked her. She opened her eyes, smiled and lowered herself forward so she could kiss me.

“I’m sorry,” she said to me ever so softly. “There’s no way I’m going to be able to climax again. I’m just too worn out. I’m not going to be able to get there.” I nodded, though I had to admit I was disappointed. “All I want…” she tried to explain and she sighed again as she rubbed her hips against mine then gathered her thoughts once more. “I just need to feel you inside me,” she informed me, her voice even softer now. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her hips and kissed me. “I just need to feel you inside me. That’s all.”

Though she was on top and we’d agreed she was in charge, she was clearly begging me. I nodded and she lifted up so that I could see her breasts hanging down toward me, desperately begging for attention, but Julie obviously wanted my hands elsewhere and I couldn’t reach with my mouth in the position I was in.

This type of lovemaking was different for Julie. She liked activity, movement and force. This was none of that. She moved sensually atop me, her body swaying like a tree in a summer breeze, but all of her attention was in stimulating me enough to keep me fully erect and beyond that? Just enjoying the sensation of direct, intimate connection between a man and woman.

She did bounce a little for me, exciting me greatly, but it was obvious how tired, and probably sore she was following the sexual marathon we’d engaged in the last few days. In order to slide me in and out of her, she eventually leaned forward and slid her whole body up and down mine, then finally laid down on me and bounced just her hips until I finally came inside of her, relying more on her innate tightness and inward muscle contractions to get me off gently and relatively quietly.

She squeezed me and kissed my neck and purred at the sensation. There was nothing spectacular about this mere ejaculation from a sexual conquest standpoint. I’d simply blown my wad too many times the last few days and there wasn’t much left.

“We really did wear it out,” she cooed to me as she continued squeezing me with her hips to milk what little I had left in me while smiling and petting my hair. “It’s still feels so good though.” She lay on top of me like that and just squeezed me while my cock softened within her, not wanting to miss even the slightest sensation as my poor spent penis receded within her. Eventually, she couldn’t stay that still any longer, she adjusted just slightly and I fell out of her, but she just kept smiling.

“Thank you,” she whispered to me and closed her eyes to just rest atop my naked body. She was enjoying the feeling so much. There was no denying it. When she’d rested long enough, I whispered up into her ear.

“The reason you’re worth giving up all my future plans, is because you’re you,” I confessed to her. “A plan is just a plan. I can make another one. I can even try to make myself not quite so vanilla.” Julie giggled a little at this comment. “But Julie? I can never make another you.”

Whatever remained of her stress and tension seemed to disappear and melt away. Julie stayed there, wrapped my arms atop me for several minutes before she suggested I go retrieve Lisa from the couch. When I had, we all cuddled like this, back under the covers of Julie’s bed and both Lisa and I fell asleep like that.

Julie, on the other hand? The last thing that I remembered before I fell asleep again was her snuggled tightly against my body, petting my cheek affectionately. And the first thing I saw when I woke up again an hour or so later? Julie still there, snuggled tightly against my body, petting my cheek affectionately.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by Knightstable » Tue Dec 01, 2020 4:44 pm

I’m not sure how I missed this but this is fucking amazing so far. I love slow gradual shrinks and all the world building. Can’t wait to read more!

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Wed Dec 02, 2020 2:10 am

Thanks so much! I'm doing my best to write an interesting story and I appreciate hearing that I'm not going off the rails. I'll keep working to make sure this story continues to earn your attention. :-)
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Sun Dec 06, 2020 7:37 pm

As much as I would have loved to stay there the whole day with both ladies, I knew my afternoon class would never let me slide with an absence, so I left after lunch. It was certainly hard to concentrate as I left Julie’s house, though. Julie would parade around naked for me on occasion because she knew it excited me, and like many of the things she did, I think she got off on the power that her body had over me so much that I couldn’t help but stare hungrily at her.

Lisa was the opposite. She was nervous in her own skin, especially now that that skin was smaller. She tended to be very self-conscious and the only time I ever got to see her body was directly in the act of lovemaking. She was too self-conscious and afraid of being judged and aside from when she was in the heat of passion; she went out of her way to cover herself. She also usually preferred to make love with the lights off. It was frustrating, because even if she didn’t have the same athletic body that Julie sported, she was breathtakingly beautiful. I was still grateful, since this lack of confidence most likely meant she was difficult to land in bed and likely wasn’t as open in the relationship as some of the other women.

Thinking of that brought out the old feelings of jealousy and the conflict in my mind about wishing I could make the six women I was sleeping with faithful to me. I thought about Shandra and the absolutely electric date I’d had with her spur of the moment, but I felt guilty. I knew for a fact that Julie was sleeping with other men. Looking back at the signs, it seemed likely each of the other women were as well and I was having trouble sorting out what was fair to bring up and what was not.

While I struggled with that, my mind wandered back to the evening and morning with Julie and Lisa. I had been so uncomfortable with the idea of a threesome. I liked intimacy. I liked having the ability to affect my lover and please her more and more each time I learned more about her, her desires and her body. The second of those was definitely still an issue for me. There were certain things I could help do to get them off, but Julie and Lisa had proved correct- a threesome could work from that point of view, but one person had to remain the focal point.

It certainly felt good being the focal point, but the only reason that I finally caved and fully accepted Julie’s ask of me was what she had shared with me near the end of our time together that day. I had managed to touch her, and I’d done so in a way that was very special to her. It hurt knowing that she’d been not just contemplating suicide in the last week, but ready to do it and with a clear, easy plan.

I knew that women usually attempted suicide and often failed, as Julie apparently had done in the past. Suicide was usually just a cry for help, and that help was something that had been out of reach for her for the most part up until I’d offered it without even realizing it. Going through with slitting your wrists is incredibly painful and your mind and body have safeguards built in to stop you from carrying it out. You have to be extremely determined to plow through the pain and then let yourself bleed out, which was likely why she failed in the past. But driving her car into the lake? That was basically fool proof. I was able to imagine several places on the trip up to that lake where should could just veer off the road and over a bank that would leave her sinking in deep water and trapped in her car while it filled up. This wasn’t just a cry for help this time; she was going to do it. When she had told me she should leave after arriving that night, it was going to be the last time I would see her. If I hadn’t grabbed her and held her with me, I’m afraid I might not have ever seen her again.

I think me finally answering her question that she came to ask me that night but never got around to made an impact. She was processing it, and not particularly chatty or jovial after I’d shared my reasoning for why abandoning my quest to find the cure was justified. As I had said, though, Julie had a number of defenses set up to avoid talking too much in depth about her feelings and apparently her past.

I didn’t tell Julie I loved her that weekend, or even that morning because it was pretty obvious she wasn’t ready for it. I knew the “L word” would remain off limits for the time being, but by now she must know how I felt because she went out of her way to shut me down as soon as I looked like I might let it slip by my lips.

Then there was Lisa. So shy about her nude body, and really pushing herself to strut and show it off for me despite her low comfort level with her perceived flaws. The shrinking made it even worse. When she’d shown her body to me before her spurt, she was bashful. The look on he face when she stripped the night of her spurt was one of absolute humiliation and desperation for any level of confirmation that she was even slightly attractive anymore.

Before I left, I took some time in Julie’s back yard with her where I could have a moment behind a privacy fence. “I know you’re scared,” I told her as I took her hand.

“You would be too if you were shrinking,” she answered dejectedly without even looking back at me.

“I don’t know how to make this go away,” I told her. “I don’t know how to fill this hole you have now. You’re just as smart as before, you still have the same personality.”

“But I shrank. Five inches,” she informed me bitterly.

“Right now I’m going to focus on just one thing. The other things I need you to help me on. Okay?” She turned and looked up at me. “Promise?” I asked. She thought for a moment and then nodded her head. “Lisa, I know it hurts that you can’t fill out your old bras anymore, but none of your old clothes fit anymore either. You have new clothes and those look perfect on you.” She opened her mouth to argue, but I hushed her with a finger on her lips. “Lisa, I’m just going to tell you, you were sexier than I have ever seen this weekend.”

“Because I’m smaller?” she asked.

“I think it’s more attitude. You look the same, you just feel smaller but not by that much, but I think it’s more attitude. Seeing you naked for me and strutting around like you were, telling me what you wanted instead of being too afraid to say? I have never seen you more sexy than this weekend. You were absolutely on fire and I’m getting hard just thinking about you right now.” Lisa blushed and smiled. I wanted to give her more substantive validation, not just tell her about her body, but how do you describe a woman’s soul to her?

“I love this body of yours. I know you don’t like that you’re not as athletic as Julie, or have as nice abs as her or Janelle or beautiful full hair like Rebecca or whatever. It doesn’t matter. Each one of them has one or two attributes that just make it impossible not to look. Your whole body is like that. And thinking of you the way you let me see you like that all night and this morning makes my heart skip a beat. It doesn’t matter how much you shrink, Lisa. I think you are absolutely, drop dead gorgeous and I just want to feel you against me.”

Lisa grinned at the praise. I think she felt it was sincere, which it certainly was. “And if I shrink more?” she asked me wavering just a little in the confidence boost she’d just received.

“It won’t change a thing. It doesn’t matter. Another spurt could be months or even years away, and it’s most likely going to be only an inch or so. Most of them are. I don’t want you to shrink any further, but if you do, it won’t change anything.”

She pulled her arms up to her chest and leaned against me, letting me wrap my arms around her and comfort her. “What about these other things you mentioned?” she asked me.

“Oh. Well, I just don’t know. You’re more than your body. A lot more. I just don’t know how to talk about those things. I do know they’re more important than you body, I just don’t know how to talk about them. You’re body is easy to talk about. You’re beautiful. Hell, you’re out of my league.”

Lisa grinned wide at this compliment, she even giggled a little. “I’m not out of your league,” she grinned back at me.

“Agree to disagree,” I told her. “Thank you for the best, sexiest evening I have ever had in my life. I’m going to be thinking about you until you’re ready to see me again.” She grinned some more, and then wrapped an arms around my neck to assist as she lifted to her tiptoes to kiss me.

It’s safe to say that Julie was my favorite at this point. I loved her take-charge attitude that slipped every so often to reveal a vulnerable little angel beneath. I loved her spontaneity, her energy, I loved how flawed she was and fierce she would get when I would chance upon a more vulnerable spot within her. And I loved how completely and utterly giving she was.

Unfortunately, she was not the only woman I had developed real feelings for. A close second would have been Janelle. Though I hadn’t seen her a while by this point, she had a soul that just clung to me, and I had a hard time going long without thinking of her. When I was with her, she was all love and affection all the time and constantly shifting to offer me every variety of it she could imagine.

Thanks to the most amazing experience in the world over the last day or so, Lisa was hanging in there as well. The only down side she had was how fragile her confidence was that she could please me, especially now after her first spurt which unfortunately had taken much more from her than average.

But the other three, Yvonne, Rebecca and Lana were frequently on my mind as well. Just as Dr. Jurek had warned me, this was the trap. My feelings for them were definitely real. Not for all of them, but for each of them and following the threesome with Julie and Lisa, I found myself insatiably curious about an experience with even more of them at once.

It was an extremely tempting trap, and I could see the utilitarian value it provided. These women’s charms were being levied against me and trapping my heart and I wasn’t just considering their harem at that point. I was beginning to yearn for it.

However, another thought had occurred to me. Julie had explained to me the night before that humans weren’t built for threesomes or foursomes or sevensomes, which I am pretty sure would qualify easily as a bonafide orgy at that point. But she was right- at least from a biological point of view; we were built for one on one, not a group connection (at least physically speaking). She had one entry point and I had one object purpose built for entry. With the versatility of the human body, it made for a very nice fit. When you added others to the equation, it quickly became an issue of too many cooks in the kitchen.

Now I was looking at it from an emotional standpoint. Perhaps for some people this makes sense. For example people who for some reason find themselves predisposed to open relationships. But me? Finding one woman who I could connect with, who we were able to create a genuine intimate relationship to one another where I began to know her privately and her me was exciting and exhilarating. I was with each woman, though we were separated in time from seeing each other, was well on the path to achieving this with me to varying degrees.

This was six different types of excitement and exhilaration colliding all at once and it was really stressful. My heart was trying to run in half a dozen different directions at once. I dreamt of futures and plans with each and daydreamt of different exciting dates with each. My feelings were intense, especially for Julie and Janelle and they were all clashing against each other and it was incredibly conflicting. The only thing I could think was I was that I was either going to have to assert myself and take greater control or I’d have to abandon the whole harem concept in favor of singling one of the ladies out or moving on. That was difficult, though given the advice I’d received from Dr. Jurek. They were desperate and needed to find some insurance they would be okay once they’d suffered from too many shrinking spurts.

Then I got to the crux of the matter: control. This was all about control. All six of these women were losing control in their life, an inch or a few at a time and they were struggling to regain at least some of that control. In they end, it had become clear that their bodies might be dwindling, but their womanly charms were not. In fact, they seemed more powerful now than ever. I wasn’t comfortable with just taking command and shutting them all down, either though.

Then there was Shandra, a woman whom I’d only recently met, who was near the top of my list in terms of fantasy women I could only dream of (if only she were taller). The chemistry she and I had shared was electric and highly charged at that. Had I met her at the beginning of the summer, I doubt I would have even given the other ladies a shot and I wasn’t getting a hint of desire for games like the girls had been playing.

Whatever spark that was there for Shandra was still fledgling, but it was rapidly growing into a real flame and closing the gap of intensity with all of the others. I think it was the innocence and playfulness of it. The sexual awakening I’d experienced this last weekend was insane and was till making my throat dry thinking about it, but the love I felt for Julie had honestly expanded much more so by the moments of intimacy and sharing.

I should have been scared to death to learn that Julie had planned to kill herself had I not unwittingly intervened. I could tell that was an immensely difficult thing for her to share with me, and yet it flowed out of her like that knowledge belonged with me. I really felt like they weren’t just into me anymore; Julie, and Lisa too had fallen truly in love with me, and it was those moments that made me feel the best.

But with Shandra? There was no sexual tension, no leading me around by my hormones, none of that. At least not yet. It was just a boy and a girl, sitting, laughing and having fun and that was something my heart was aching for. I think that was why I was thinking about that late night trip up to the lake with Julie almost as much as the sexual conquests of the last several days.

It was all a whirlwind in my mind and I didn’t really get any answers by the time I was finally parked and making a dash to get to my last class of the day on time. Class was fine and really nothing special happened there. Once it was over I was faced with how to deal with the two other professors I had stood up earlier that day and how I was going to explain that. Somehow “I was recovering from an intense threesome with two of the six older women I’m seeing,” didn’t seem like the best explanation.

As I was packing up to leave class, I discovered a note pinned to my backpack. I took it off, intensely curious about it and opened it to find a hand written note from Julie that read, “Dear Mr. Pouliot, please excuse young Brendan’s absence today as he was very busy fucking my brains out along with my friend. He’s a very dedicated student, and I can promise you that we taught him everything we knew about biology.”

I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically, though I blushed heavily knowing that if this had happened to fall into the wrong hands before I discovered it, it would have been very, very bad. Several classmates gave me odd looks as I wiped the tears from my eyes while I tried my best to control my laughter.

When I did arrive at that professor’s office, I still had it in hand and only tucked it in my pocket as he stared at it, probably wondering what I had and whether it was for him. He was relatively forgiving and I told him that I couldn’t get my car started, which was why I’d missed class and asked for anything I could do to make up for the absence.

On my way to the second class, I was walking and of all sights, I saw Shandra walking with a couple of other volleyball players. They were all tall, but she definitely stood above them not just in stature but also just as a woman. I loved that confidence about her. She was walking along and turned and we made eye contact, but she literally turned her nose up at me when I smiled in her direction and went on as though she’d never even seen me.

Following our amazing date together, this certainly stung, but I soldiered on to work the other professor over, who was less forgiving than the first, but I still managed to convince her. When I was done, I sat in a corridor on a bench sulking over the bitter treatment I’d received from Shandra, and I decided I’d text her, and that I would use full language and not texting shorthand.

“Hey this is Brendan. Sorry I didn’t text you before now. I’ve just been really busy and didn’t mean to put it off for so long. I had an amazing time at the mall the other day, but I totally understand if that’s the reason you looked at me the way you did earlier.”

I sat and watched my phone for a while hoping for a response, but one unfortunately didn’t come, so I packed up and headed back to my apartment to continue on with studying. Maybe around eight o’clock, I got a knock at my door. I opened it, and surprise of all surprises, both Rebecca and Lana were standing there, neither with pleased looks on their faces.

I smiled in greeting, but when it wasn’t returned, I asked, “what’s wrong?”

“We need to talk,” Rebecca informed me. Still standing at above average for the old standard of women’s height, I think she felt this advantage warranted a certain level of respect, given her stature above most of the other girls. She flicked her dirty blonde hair behind her ear and gave me a look that almost declared, “Step aside.” Lana was a little more gracious as she saw the look of pain I was quickly adopting and shook her head at Rebecca.

“You know what? We just talked to Lisa and Julie and you heard what they said about that phrase. And that’s what you open up with,” Lana scolded. Rebecca rolled her eyes and didn’t really respond otherwise. “We just need to talk. For real. That’s all,” she told me.

Whatever it was wasn’t good, but I let them in and braced myself. At that moment I was thinking that with an entrance like that, I was okay with just going it alone with Julie and Lisa and maybe I didn’t need that. It still hurt, though.

Once inside, Rebecca leaned against the table and told me to take a seat, and I couldn’t help but notice she was intentionally putting me in a position where both women would be looking down on me and I didn’t feel like that was by accident here.

“You know what? I’m good standing,” I told her, though she didn’t seem pleased with my defiance.

“Sit down, Brendan,” she told me with impatience, and it was then I decided that I wasn’t going to wait to have a heart to heart about this whole control dynamic with Julie or Janelle. I was going to just do it right here and now and sort out the whole being respectful of all their feelings thing later.

“Don’t show up at my place with a bad attitude, order me around, and then try to put me in a position where you’re intentionally talking down to me,” I told her firmly. This was not my normal tact with any of the girls since I preferred to treat their emotional states with care given how much they each struggled, and I have to say, both of them were shocked.

“Oh, big man,” Rebecca taunted. “Julie shares a secret with you and you think you are king of the castle.” Lana shot Rebecca a look that might have been disapproval, but I couldn’t really be sure. She seemed to be there to provide a united front, but maybe was having second thoughts.

“I’m not going to get into it with you,” I warned Rebecca. I felt it was best not to get in an insult match. The last thing I needed was to induce a panic attack, but I was frustrated enough with everything that I wasn’t about to just let her push me around.

“Now who’s speaking down to who?” she asked me snidely.

“You are,” Lana pointed out to Rebecca, immediately stunning and wounding her. “Rebecca, why don’t you just stop and let me handle it?”

“We agreed…”

“We agreed that you wouldn’t come in here trying to set him off.”

“I have a right to be pissed!”

“About what? What the hell did I do?” I wanted to know.

“Let’s all just sit and talk about this like adults?” Lana suggested.

“I’m not about to be lectured by a second year college student,” Rebecca spouted back. Now I was really fuming and I had a couple things to say, but decided I’d better hold my fire. Lana watched my face turn red and I think she must have realized it wasn’t because I didn’t have a comeback, it’s just that I’d chosen to use it. “Nothing to say?” Rebecca taunted me.

“He said he wasn’t going to trade insults with us,” Lana said grabbing Rebecca by the wrist and attempting to drag her away, but Rebecca was having none of it. It was clear why both of these two had been chosen to come over to me. Rebecca was still standing at 5’7”, though I know the possibility of another spurt was weighing heavily on her mind. Lisa’s sudden induction into the official shrinkee club might well have her spooked, especially given her rather dramatic entrance. Lana had started out 5’9” and her two-inch spurt left her equal with Rebecca. These two women now shared the title of tallest in the group. This was an attempt at a power play.

“What would you like him to say, Rebecca,” Lana pushed further. “Would you like him to taunt you about your next spurt? Maybe you can have a big one like Lisa and then you and Janelle can be shrinkee twins,” she suggested. Rebecca turned a ghastly white and I thought she might even faint. “This is why Julie wanted to come deal with this herself.”

“Wonderful. Let’s send in the midget brigade to…”

“REBECCA STOP!!” Lana warned her one final time.

“I hate to break it to you, Rebecca,” I stated, calling her out. “You’re not the biggest strongest here and you’re not intimidating me by walking into my place and treating me like crap. When have I ever treated you like this?”

Rebecca was now fuming, but struggling to muster any language following Lana intentionally preying on her fears of shrinking- a tactic that I had refused to do. Lana pulled on her and we all sat at the table together while she attempted to sort out how to proceed. I for my part was less than pleased by this unexpected attack, but I was willing to listen.

“Julie and Lisa told us everything,” Lana explained as she settled down a bit.

“Well, you all tell each other pretty much everything,” I replied and regretted it because I said it rather callously.

“She wasn’t supposed to tell you about the whole harem thing,” Lana shared. Rebecca blushed heavily at that mention and I realized that this was something she was struggling with the idea of even more than Julie was.

“If that’s what you’re mad about, don’t blame me. In fact, I could be just as mad at you for planning to use me like that.”

“We weren’t using you!” Rebecca insisted, practically yelling.

“Right. Even trade. Sex me up because all a guy needs is food and sex and in return I give you a safe space and attention whenever you want.”

“It wasn’t like that,” Lana interrupted. “We just weren’t ready to talk to you about it yet. Look, there’s a lot going on. None of us is really sure we want to live like that. It’s just; we’re worried that it might be our only choice. Julie basically did everything wrong last week. I mean everything.”

“She thinks just because this was all her idea that she can just do whatever she wants,” Rebecca grumbled.

“She wasn’t supposed to tell you about the harem. We don’t even know if we can even stand each other enough to live like that. She wasn’t supposed to spend basically every day with you last week either. Even if we’re not here, we agreed that we would all respect each other’s schedules. They weren’t supposed to be playing family games with you, and the threesome was something that we were definitely not all on board with. And she DEFINITELY wasn’t supposed to be bringing you with to help Lisa immediately after having a spurt like that. Men have no place being there for something like that.”

“And if we all did move in together? What then? Any time there was a spurt you would just kick me out of the house for a week at a time?” I demanded to know.

“We haven’t decided that’s something we’re going to go ahead and try. Besides, there’s something else genius Julie didn’t bother to mention.”

“What’s that?” I asked, struggling not to scowl at Rebecca who was extremely hostile towards me tonight with her tone of voice as well as the looks she kept giving me.

“The law,” Lana answered flatly. “A couple weeks ago Yvonne found out that the federal government is starting to crack down on polygamy groups. We’re not the only ones who are trying this idea out and the federal government doesn’t like it. Then while we were on vacation last week, there was a news story that came out that one of these harems, the women were being detained, but the man was being arrested and charged on sex trafficking charges. Julie actually had been in contact with one of the women in that group and she’s almost positive that the guy was even more of a softie than you.”

I was shocked, and was having trouble wrapping around which angle to address that revelation from. “The board Julie has been monitoring this on has basically gone dark. They’re afraid that the feds were setting up accounts and using the board to infiltrate harems. There are all kinds of conspiracy theories going on around what’s happening but we haven’t been able to figure any of it out. It’s hard to figure out when all of the women of that group are being detained and no one can talk to them.”

“How is this any of their business?” I asked them both.

“Because it’s against federal law, dummy,” Rebecca told me rather condescendingly.

“It’s against federal law to get married to multiple people at once,” Lana corrected. “The plan most of these harems is using is that marriage just isn’t something any of them will do.”

“So then what business do they have doing any of this?” I asked them both.

“I don’t know,” Lana answered me, shaking her head.

“One of the other harems Julie has been trying to learn from thinks they’ve seen federal agents following them or doing surveillance of their house,” Rebecca added.

“But we don’t know that because most of what we’ve found is just conspiracy theories and speculating,” Lana answered me.

By this point, Rebecca was calmer, and almost sulking. It seemed obvious that this whole situation was weighing very heavily on her. She had, however, calmed enough to be part of the entire explanation of what exactly was going on. The previous summer, following her first spurt, Julie had gone online in search of resources as she panicked over the possibility of shrinking too small to hold down a job or a social life any longer. What she’d found was a network on Facebook for women who were thinking just like her and that group was growing extremely rapidly. She signed on and read for days about the whole concept, learning all of the ins and outs and what would be legal and what wouldn’t.

Within three months, though, the entire group had been banned by Facebook and they found problems on other social media as well trying to reconnect, so a few intrepid little ladies set about putting up an old school internet forum that had credentials and before long the forum exploded with activity as would be harem denizens reconnected and spread the word.

Julie had been smart, though and only connected her own contact information to this forum and she disseminated information to the other ladies while they took gradually more and more interest until finally by summer, they’d worked out a list of candidates to be the center of their harem. I was a little disappointed to find that my name was actually at the bottom of the list of candidates and only existed there because Julie had insisted. Like Dr. Jurek had told me, the main focus was on financial success of the man they were considering. The top candidate was a lawyer who three of the ladies had managed to entice, and who was well set with multiple properties, so all of the ladies wouldn’t even have to live together full time until they shrank too small to operate the inner workings of a home together. Unfortunately, this amazing prospect was cut short when he hit Yvonne in a heated argument they’d found themselves in together.

The next on the list wasn’t nearly as wealthy, but also very well set but as it turned out, he was a workaholic and there was no convincing him to be otherwise, which the ladies struggled with as they figured that they’d probably start losing ability to cook, even as a group by around two feet tall.

And so on down the list they went, having to jettison one candidate after another as they went, one for anger issues, one for an inability to display anything resembling empathy, one who proved to be too religious for the idea, one for his extreme fetishes and so on until they were at the bottom of the list where I was. Even there, I wasn’t particularly competitive.

What changed each of their minds was how much I’d cared for Brooke and as much as it pissed them off, they all seemed to agree that my reluctance to sleep with any of them for so long meant that I was able to offer them something that almost none of the other men were- restraint from my constant sexual desires. It made me a lot harder for them to hook, but they almost all agreed that my attentiveness to their emotional needs was becoming too rare a quality for them to pass up and then decided to try to build plans to shore up the weaknesses in my finances.

Fast-forward to current day- emails were being traded wildly among the former forum members about the federal sting operation regarding the harem they’d arrested. What little footage that existed showed women in various stages of shrinking, many of them rather advanced and looking to be less than four feet tall being dragged out kicking and screaming while a rather battered man was shoved out in handcuffs. According to forum discussions, he was operating more of a humane society kind of option for shrunken women and was actually interested in extreme cases of women who’d suffered multiple major shrinking spurts in a row. According to Julie’s messages to some of the inhabitants of this harem, the women were actively encouraged to try to maintain whatever relationships they could and since social life was something they couldn’t do in person anymore, they were online at all hours and even video chatting with other shrinkees about whatever they felt like discussing. Julie even sat in on a live stream with one woman who claimed to be 3’9” who was more interested in discussing sewing techniques than details about her relationship with her new master while a pair of other shrinkees sat in the background chatting up a storm while drowning in a sofa far and beyond too large for them.

My point is, all evidence pointed to this being a very healthy, safe environment that a kind hearted man had set up on his relatively remote property in rural Nebraska. I guess the ladies of that group spent a lot of time walking in fields and preferred to spend almost all their time there on his 100 acres. Being brought up on sex trafficking charges was a massive shock to the community and what was more, the failure to release the would be trafficked women was sending shockwaves to anyone who was thinking of building their own harem. Moreover was the odd media coverage that described the man as a deranged fetishist who preyed only on midgets for his sex trafficking ring. None of these women were midgets, at least not in the technical sense. They’d all been normal sized women just a few years prior and they’d just shrunk that much.

In the end, consensus seemed to be emerging that what little coverage that existed of the arrest was mostly to send a message to the shrinking women harem community that they were being watched and such activities would not be tolerated. The most chilling statement came form the head of the operation who said, “cases like this strange cult are a clear example of the federal government’s legitimate interest in regulating such relationships.”

“So you’re luring me into something that will get me put into federal prison,” I told them both, quite displeased with the turn of events.

“We are trying to make sure we don’t die trapped in our own homes too small to reach the doorknob,” Rebecca answered back.

“We’re not doing anything. We haven’t decided on anything. The truth is, you’ve been better to all of us than we could have hoped,” Lana assured me, even going to far as to hold my hand. “This is just the latest thing to pop up around this. We’re all really good friends, but we’ve each gone on retreats with each other and it’s hard to live with each other for any length of time. And then, there’s…” Lana explained and then looked to Rebecca.

“I fucking HATE having to share you! I mean this was fun at first, but now I have to ask permission from 5 other women just to have fun with you.”

“Which is why we had the schedule, and why Julie wasn’t supposed to break it, even if we were out of town. None of us liked having to give up our time with you, but it’s not fair that the others get more while we’re losing out.”

“For crying out loud, I feel like a child sitting here watching a squabble over visitation rights!” I scolded them both. “Who gave you the right to just decide for me who I could see and when? All this time, I thought it was just a matter of everyone needing their space, but instead you’re going out of your way to set up schedules with me and hide it. I assume that’s why it wasn’t just a case of Rebecca on Mondays, Lisa on Tuesdays, Janelle on Wednesdays and on and on. And then you show up here and treat me like I just shot your cat or something! You know what? I’ve been really patient here. You know how strongly I feel about each one of you and you set it up that way on purpose! I have been pushing Julie for a long time now to get to the bottom of why I feel like I’m being manipulated and now I learn that even what she told me is just the tip of the iceberg! Where do you get off treating me like this? You know what? How would you feel if I treated you like this? Making decisions and plans behind your backs and keeping it from you. How would you feel if I started doing that crap to you three or four spurts down the road? Huh?”

Both women sat and stared down at the table. I felt like I’d made my point, so I let them stew on it for a while. “Are you done?” Rebecca answered somewhat sullenly.

“I’m just getting warmed up,” I snapped back. “This is fucked up and it’s driving me crazy. You have gone out of your way to do everything in your power to get me to fall completely in love with six women at once and even pulling that off isn’t enough control for you.”

Both women looked up at me and blushed, apparently not expecting me to drop the “L word.”

“What do you want from us? You think this is easy for us?” Rebecca demanded to know.

“How about some honesty for once. Remember when you promised me no strings? Seems like that was all bullshit.”

“I honestly didn’t think… I’d care about you as much as I do now,” Rebecca admitted, somewhat squeamishly. “I wasn’t trying to manipulate you, I just thought… I mean I get that you were nice, but I didn’t think you’d be so sweet.”

“Janelle wasn’t even supposed to tell you that she loved you,” Lana spoke up next.

“So she’s in trouble too,” I grumbled. “You know what? Love by committee doesn’t work. I think you can figure that much out by now.”

“Yeah, well we need to have boundaries. Julie can’t just swoop in an take you for an entire week…” Rebecca tried to assert, but I cut her off.

“Julie was in a bad way last week. I mean a really bad way.”

“She’s had crashes before. We all have,” Lana informed me.

“She was in a bad way,” I reiterated. “And I can’t really talk to you about it.” Both women paused and absorbed my words of warning, knowing full well the language, as they’d each used them on me when discussing issues that they had only shared amongst themselves. “She wasn’t up for helping Lisa out and no one else was around, so I went because I love Lisa just as much as the rest of you. I get that I wasn’t the right woman for the job,” I told them sarcastically. Both women remained hooked, though. “But she was hurting, and Julie was falling apart at the seams and she needed some back up. Were you gonna fly back in state to come help them out? I did whatever I had to help them and it’s the same I would do for either of you.”

“And the threesome?” Rebecca asked.
“The threesome is between me and Lisa and Julie.”

“No, it’s between all of us,” Lana interjected. “We’re all involved.”

“You know what? I didn’t ask for a threesome. I told Julie they were awkward and uncomfortable. They both insisted, and you know what? I don’t regret it. Any regret I might have had for it disappeared after what Julie shared with me this morning and I am not going to talk about that with you. I don’t even need to rely on the excuse that two women begging me to sleep with them together is damn near impossible to turn down.”

“We had agreed we were going to table the idea of a threesome,” Rebecca insisted.

“Jealous?” I asked her, and she blushed and turned away from me. “Fine. Let’s talk about jealousy, because this has been driving me nuts all week. How about the fact that I now know for certain how serious you all were about this being an open relationship? Julie was sleeping with another guy just a couple weeks ago, and the truth is I’ve seen more than enough evidence to think the rest of you are doing the same thing. I didn’t want to bring it up because I’m sleeping with six women at once, but apparently if you feel like you can bring it up, then so can I. So how about it? You’re jealous that I hooked up with both Lisa and Julie together, but what about you? I mean do you not get it? I can’t stop thinking about any of you anymore and I have busted my ass trying to keep every one of you satisfied in bed and out of bed, and go ahead. Tell me. I’ll believe you. Tell me none of the rest of you are sleeping with other men.”

Both women looked down, completely ashamed. “Janelle’s not,” Lana eventually shared. I could only shake my head.

“It is hard as hell knowing that you love a woman and you agreed to let her go sleep with whoever she wants, and you tell her you want something more serious and you’re told no over and over again. But to have it going on six times at once? Do I have a right to feel jealous? Be honest with me, because I don’t even know anymore. But I am. I am jealous as fuck. I can’t stand the idea of someone else fucking my Rebecca or my Lana. And it is so fucked up hearing myself say it, but I guess that’s my fault for letting me fall so deep into this with you.”

Eventually it was Rebecca who spoke, still quite ashamed. “We’re all jealous. We’re jealous of each other and when we talk about it as a group, we usually get into fights.”

“So then why are we doing this? Why don’t we just be honest with each other and try to work it out?”

“Because it’s about a lot more than just our feelings,” Lana answered. “Look, none of us, except maybe Julie, was going out and looking for guys to sleep with just to get our rocks off.”

“Served her right,” Rebecca grumbled bitterly, showing she had at least some knowledge of the event Julie had told me about a few nights before.

“Brendan, you’re a sweetheart, and we do feel the same way about you, but this isn’t a teen romance novel. This is like the whole biological clock thing except times a thousand. Every single spurt could be the end of our careers. We’re all just hanging by a thread until society finally acknowledges that we’re all shrinking. We’re trying to make sure we have some kind of future, ANY kind of future, and we don’t know if that means shrinking and moving in with you or something else we can line up on our own.”

“So I’m just a backup plan.”

“You’re plan A,” Rebecca told me flat out. “Five years ago none of us would ever dream of something like what we’re doing now, but this isn’t five years ago.”

“Desperate times,” I grumbled.

“Right,” Rebecca agreed. “We all want to be able to be with you as we get smaller, but the problem is less about you than it is about us. We all get on each others’ nerves and it’s hard as hell for us to share you. And then, there’s the fact that you’re just not ready yet.”

“We really appreciate that you’re willing to give up your dreams for us, but that’s another thing that’s screwing this all up for us. We’re not trying to sleep around on you, I promise. It’s not like that,” Lana assured me. “We’re just trying our best to make sure we have a future, and sometimes we meet a guy and what happens, happens. Look, we’re all just trying to figure out how we can have a future. Maybe you should do the same thing?”

I could tell Lana was being genuine with me, which made it hurt even more. She had literally just given me the go ahead to have more encounters like I the apparently failed one I’d had with Shandra. Shandra, my living fantasy, but I wanted more than just a fantasy at this point.

“I don’t want to lose you,” Rebecca told me. She seemed a little choked up. “But we’ll understand. That’s why we told you no strings. We meant it.”

“Just think about it,” Lana told me and squeezed my hand. “For now, though? We all had such a massive fight over everything that happened while we were gone, we need a breather. We’re going to take a week off. Janelle insisted she keep her date with you later this week, but other than that, we’re all just going to take a little bit of space to think for the next week or so.”

I really despised that word lately. “So I can see Janelle, but only once and then everyone else is off doing their own thing again for at least a week. Wonderful that you at least thought to inform me this time.” I couldn’t really hide my bitterness. I was thinking very heavily now about her encouragement to play the field a bit more.

“It’s not about you,” Lana told me. “It’s about us.”

“It was a massive fight,” Rebecca shared. “We need to cool off a bit.” I sighed heavily and still had some fight left in me.

“I am seriously worried about Julie right now. You are not telling me I don’t get to see her. I am not standing by and just hoping that things work themselves out with her.” Both women looked up at me and then at each other. It took them both some time to process what I had just said to them. “You’re not doing it. Harem be damned.”

Lana swallowed a little, then nodded and had Rebecca grab my other hand. “Let us help Julie out this week.”

“I told you, I’m not just standing by,” I informed her sternly.

“All I’m saying is just give us the chance to help her out and take care of her. You can still see her but if you don’t cool down from everything this last week a bit, it’s going to be hell with everyone else. Besides, it’s probably a good idea for us to be there for her and not just have her relying on you all the time if it was that rough.”

“It was really rough,” I shared with them.

“Okay. Okay. We won’t completely cut you off from her, but just give us a chance to be there for her. Alright?”

“We’ll set something up later this week and we can all get together and just hang out maybe,” Rebecca suggested. “Something really low key.”

I agreed and then sat there hugging both women together as they put off their goodbyes. “We’ll keep you in the loop,” Rebecca promised as they stood at the door, hugging me again. I felt almost like this would be the last time I would ever see them again by the way they were squeezing me. “Just let us be there for Julie too for a while, okay?”

I nodded and somberly let them go. Rebecca struggled at first as she looked awkwardly at Lana, then grabbed my shirt in both hands and kissed me as though she we seeing me off to war in a distant land. When she was done, she blushed and turned away, unable to watch as Lana took the same opportunity. When she was finished, she lingered and placed her lips next to my ear. “I love you too,” she whispered ever so softly. I’m fairly certain so softly that Rebecca couldn’t hear her.

When they were gone, I was surprised by how alone I felt sitting there in my apartment. I tried to get some more studying done, but the evening’s drama had really taken it out of me. I sat up staring at a blank TV for some time and then went to bed. I was out for probably an hour or so when I was awakened by a sudden unexpected light in the room. I turned my head and looked to see my phone lit up with a text message.

I grabbed the phone and unlocked it and looked wide-eyed and my jaw dropped as I had finally received a reply from Shandra.

“Hey, sorry about today. I can explain. Can you meet me by the loading docks behind the cafeteria on campus tomorrow?”

By this point, all the second-guessing about whether I should or should not pursue anything with Shandra wasn’t even an afterthought any longer. The relationship between me and the other girls was lopsided, and I was still conflicted and still very much lost in my feelings for them, but I desperately yearned for something without the same level of drama. Maybe she was just a fantasy, but reality was kicking my ass tonight. I would take the fantasy.

While I mulled it over, another text came through.

“Sorry to send this so late, but I kind of need an answer ASAP.”

“What time?” I asked back.

“9:40 am? Does that work for you?”

I looked at the phone and my Spidey senses tingled a little. That was an interesting time. My first class was 8:15 and an hour and a quarter. 9:40 am at that location gave me just about the right amount of time to get there from my class. Or perhaps I was just being paranoid.

“See you then,” I answered her and only got a blushing smiley face in return.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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He may be getting used but I’d still kill to be in his position! I’m exited to learn more about Shandra too. Can’t wait to read more, thanks again for sharing.

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