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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Mon Dec 14, 2020 6:00 pm

Knightstable wrote:
Tue Dec 08, 2020 2:34 am
He may be getting used but I’d still kill to be in his position! I’m exited to learn more about Shandra too. Can’t wait to read more, thanks again for sharing.
Wouldn't we all? Kind of feels like that Offspring song,
"Now I know I'm being used
That's okay, man, 'cause I like the abuse
I know she's playing with me
That's okay 'cause I've got no self-esteem"

At least it keeps things interesting, right?
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Mon Dec 14, 2020 7:01 pm

The next morning was a continuation from the previous evening. I was conflicted about all the same issues I already mentioned and a night’s sleep didn’t really help me clear my mind that much. I focused mostly on class in the morning, choosing to skip breakfast because I wanted to sleep in as much as I could.

Once class was over, I headed immediately out to meet Shandra, wondering why she chose such a clandestine location. I was at least a couple minutes late as I walked down by the loading docks and looked around with no sign of the missing Amazonian goddess. I stood around and looked, but saw no sign and after waiting a bit, wondered if she’d stood me up. Just to be sure, I decided to step onto a nearby walking path and scouted around the immediate area until I heard a whisper.

“Hey,” she called out coyly to me. I couldn’t help but smile and turned only to see a tall figure mostly obscured behind a row of evergreen bushes.

“What is this? A spy movie?” I asked her, trying to match the wit I’d chanced upon the other day.

“Just come here, will you?” she asked, giggling at me. I stepped up to the bushes and she reached out and grabbed my hands, pulling me through to a small clearing that mostly hid us from passers by and before I knew it, I was staring directly into the eyes of my fantasy woman once again, nearly nose to nose and both of us grinning at each other like giddy school children.

“Sooo..” I mostly mumbled, looking for something witty to say. I guess she wasn’t mad at me, but I was still wondering why the massive mood shifts.

“Yeah, I won’t put it off, I just really wanted to see you,” she grinned at me. There was no way she was faking this level of enthusiasm. A second later, she tugged on my hands and pulled on me, and I stepped forward so that we were now very much nose to nose, though I wasn’t sure if she was waiting for a kiss or not. “I really shouldn’t have kissed you on a first date,” she told me coyly, still grinning ear to ear.

“I’m not complaining,” I answered back softly.

“But you wanted to take things slowly,” she teased me.

“I think I can handle a kiss,” I told her. “As long as you don’t keep making my heart skip a beat.”

Her eyes lit up hearing me say this and she even swallowed a little as I watched her eyes almost literally sparkle while I’m pretty sure I turned a shade of pink having blurted out something I’d not intended to.

“I make your heart skip a beat?” she asked coyly.

“You couldn’t tell?” I asked back. Our lips were edging closer and closer to each other. Our breaths were mixing and I could taste the spearmint gun she’d been chewing on while feeling the heat from her lips.

“I didn’t mean to snub you yesterday. I know I snubbed you, but I basically didn’t have a choice,” she told me. The electricity was so palpable, and I think it was contagious. “I’m sorry about that. I figured you were doing the typical guy thing of making me wait a few days before messaging me.”

“No. The other day was too fun. I wanted to get back to you right away, I just got pulled into other issues before I had a chance to catch my breath.”

“Are you saying I left you out of breath?”

I figured why not go for broke. It was chilly out, but I tended to run hot and my jacket and sweatshirt was open, so I leaned forward and pressed my chest against hers. “Let me ask you a question. Can you feel how hard my heart is pounding right now?” She laughed pretty honestly and this time I could sense that she was definitely angling for a kiss. I decided to dance around her lips a little and tease her, narrowly avoiding the desired contact, which just seemed to excite her even more.

“Yeah, I can feel your heart pounding,” she finally answered after giving up on chasing my lips and giggling at me. I rewarded her with a soft kiss on her lips and she leaned harder against me and reciprocated, but then pulled back again, grinning. “So are you telling me that I’m causing your heart to pound so hard?”

“What else could be doing it?” I asked her back.

“I dunno. I thought maybe getting here this fast right after class might have left you a little worked up.”

My Spidey senses tingled again based not just on what she said but the way she said it, and this time I was sure it wasn’t paranoia. I looked at her more seriously. Why did she know the location and time of my Tuesday morning classes? Her smile now seemed to be more knowing and she leaned in for another kiss, though I was a little more hesitant. Rather than wait for me to give in this time, though, she stole it from me and squeezed my hands, which were down at our sides. The familiar feelings of conflict returned again, though she felt so good, I couldn’t help but get lost in the embrace. I also felt a little guilty because it reminded me very much of an experience I’d had with Tina back in high school. Shandra didn’t stop until she was satisfied and she grinned back at me, her eyes still sparkling.

“Okay, so I am going to make you a promise,” she told me flat out.

“That’s nice, but maybe first I thought you could…”

“Just give me one second,” she interrupted. “I’ve got a really good feeling about you,” she praised me and leaned a little more into me. “I was a little cold,” she admitted. She didn’t seem to be stalling for time, she just seemed really distracted and overly excited. Knowing my class schedule like that made me a little nervous. We’d only actually just met a couple days ago and never talked about mundane things like this. “So my promise,” she continued, still grinning at me, and her eyes sparkling. “I am going to tell you everything. I mean everything.” I liked this, because now I had questions. “But I can’t do it all at once. I need you to be patient with me and let me do it on my schedule. I know it’s not fair, but this is how I need it to be.”

“And if I need to know something right now?”

“If I can share it, I will. Otherwise, I need you to just accept it will have to be later. But even if I have to write it down, I promise I’ll come back to it.”

“It seems like you know my class schedule.”

“Yes,” she answered in a forthright manner, though she still smiled.

“Have you been stalking me?” I asked her. It seemed ludicrous, since she was WAY out of my league. If I hadn’t mentioned, she wasn’t just a top tier athlete at a division one school; her dad was a very wealthy man himself and a former player with the Dallas Cowboys. I wasn’t trying to look a gift horse in the mouth, but my Spidey sense were a’tinglin’

“Sort of,” she admitted readily. I was shocked. “Like, no, I haven’t been looking in your window at night or hacking your email or anything like that. I’ve just… okay, I will just say it. I’ve been trying to meet you for at least a month and a half.”

“That makes absolutely no sense,” I told her flatly. “I’m nobody. I’m just a science nerd, I’m not wealthy, I’m not a quasi celebrity like you, and definitely not like your family; I’m nothing. I’m not even that good looking. Hell, I’m just a sophomore and you are a senior.”

“I like that you’re not completely freaking out right now or worse, getting a huge ego over it,” she teased me.

“I’m being serious.”

“So am I. Like I told you, I saw you around campus, but… well I’ll get back to that in a minute. You were hard to corner though. You’re always dashing around and you don’t even live on campus, which is weird for most sophomores.”

“I needed to get an exception,” I answered her.

“The point is, and this is the short answer: I wanted to meet you, but you were tough to get hold of, so I had to do some detective work and finally found you at that coffee shop. I couldn’t really do it on campus anyways.”

“But you wanted me to make the first move.”

“I wanted to see if you’d be interested in me too.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked her.

“Because I’m a fucking giant, Brendan,” she teased, laughing at me. “Most guys are intimidated like hell by me.”

“Well, I’m not intimidated, but I’m really confused. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but you’re out of my league.”

“That league actually sucks. They’re not as good as you make them out to be. So anyways, yes, I saw you on campus, I wanted to meet you, so I had to do some sleuthing to find you and then I just wanted to see if you’d be interested in me, and not intimidated. That’s the short version, but that’s pretty much it in a nutshell.”

“What’s the long version like?”

“That I’ll tell you when the time is right. But it’s the truth. I promise. I’m not trying to hide things; I just have to be picky about how fast I share things. But I was honest, right? Doesn’t that count for anything?”

“I kind of thought you’d written me off when you didn’t respond to me when I texted.”

“Ah. That. Yeah, that fits in with the other part,” she told me. “Okay, I texted you as soon as I saw it.” I wagged my head, but okay, I guess. Sometimes people miss notifications, sure. I was surprised when I saw she wasn’t finished. “So I wasn’t ignoring you, it’s just that I have a separate cell phone that I keep in my room.”

“You live on campus?” I asked her.

“All the women athletes do. So, that brings me back to why I snubbed you. I’m really sorry. But anyways, we had our escorts with us. One of the girls I was walking with, she knows about you. But here’s the thing: being on the volleyball team means I’m not allowed to date.”

I was completely taken aback. “What?”

“Yes. We have strict schedules and curfews and everything. They reorganized a whole dorm to accommodate what’s left of the women’s teams. Getting caught means I lose my scholarships, get kicked off the team and probably out of school too.”

I was flabbergasted and it took me a minute to get any kind of idea of how to respond. “Why?” I asked her, still utterly dumbfounded.

“Because we’re shrinking,” she answered point blank. Again I was surprised. It was still such a tightly controlled subject. “It’s not a surprise. You’ve probably even seen women when they have a shrinking spurt.”

“Well, yeah, but it’s like forbidden to talk about.”

“Exactly. Okay, so we’re all shrinking. I mean even the women who haven’t had a spurt yet; it’s just a matter of time. So, long story short? When a bunch of girls had spurts at practice or worse yet in a match or a game or whatever? The school completely freaked. They rounded up all of us athletes, put us in a dorm together and we have strict rules of when we’re allowed to go out, and it’s basically like being at a women’s boarding school in the 1930’s. They monitor our heartbeats and biometrics and every day run tests on us to try to catch a spurt before it happens and they do everything in their power to stop any further spurts. They’re pretty good at it too. We haven’t had a single spurt in any of the programs since last spring.”

“But why? How is this even remotely acceptable?”

“Because money. D-1 programs bring in a lot of money and they have big donors chipping in to make a statement now that we’re in the middle of the Smurfening.” Once again I was taken aback. She was using the word I was told I wasn’t supposed to repeat, at least not in public.

“So that’s it. I have not been able to stop thinking about you since we kissed the other day, but I can’t get caught. No boys. Absolutely no boys. It’s against the rules. That’s why I have to hold onto stuff until I’m able to share it. I don’t enjoy keeping it from you, but that’s why.”

“What if one of the athletes is into girls?”

“All of the lesbians have already been kicked out of the programs,” she informed me as though it were casual knowledge. “Well, maybe not all, but if there are any left they know to stay very deep in the closet. No sex. Absolutely no sex. Not for any of us. At least not if we want to keep our scholarships and school.

“This is all very…”

“Ridiculous? Unbelievable?” she quizzed me.

“Well, I mean we do live in a clown world where every single woman on the planet is slowly shrinking and no one actually acknowledges it,” I admitted to her.

“I want to tell you everything, but it has to wait. And I’m kind of out of time. So? Still interested? Because I have a really good feeling about you.”

“A clandestine dating game with a captive goddess athlete wasn’t quite what I’d fantasized about when I met you.”

“I understand if you want to say no,” she told me.

“I was always told never, ever to ask this,” I cautioned her. She braced herself but nodded in approval. “So, when can I see you again?” She grinned ear to ear and the very tip of her nose touched mine, her eyes sparkling once again. I took my cue and kissed her and she breathed in heavily like I’d just offered her the first air she’d breathed in months.

“So… sorry for stalking you, but I have your address already,” she warned me, blushing heavily. “Not your apartment, though.”

“Two twenty seven,” I informed her.

“I should be able to sneak out tomorrow night after practice,” she told me.

“And go to my place?” I asked her.

“We’re still taking it slow?” she asked me.

“I really think we should.”

“That is why I have a good feeling about you,” she teased me, tapping her fingertip on my chest. “I’m really excited though,” she informed me with a massive grin. “I haven’t actually dated in forever!”

“So… your body guards?”

“Yeah, any time you see me on campus, I’m just gonna have to snub you. I’m sorry. Trust me, it’s really hard because… you make my heart skip a beat too.”

“Because I’m so handsome and successful?”

“Because you’re so sweet and FUN! Life absolutely sucks like this. I just need you to play along with this.”

“Until the end of your season?”

“We’ll see. But for now, I really, really need you to play along. I will tell you everything, I promise. But it will just have to wait a while. So I need you to promise me this.”

“Done. I’ll have a nice date lined up for you tomorrow night.”

“Deal,” she agreed with a massive grin and then kissed me. Then she laughed at me and rested her head on my shoulder.

“What?” I asked her, wanting to be let in on the joke.

“I’ve never dated a white guy before,” she laughed.

“I will try to make up for the lack of prowess down below,” I teased her.

“Yeah, that’s a myth,” she laughed at me. “It’s just… different. What about you? How do you feel about dating a black woman?”

“All I see is a goddess standing before me,” I told her. She laughed and laughed at this and squeezed me tightly.

“Oh, it’s been so long,” she confided, as she seemed to melt as I wrapped my arms around her. I guess the last few years had been lonely indeed. “So I take it you’re going to act all chivalrous and gentlemanly?”

“I’m going to try. Does that not work for you?”

“Will it be fun? You know, like that date we had?”

“I’ll certainly give it my best to make it so,” I promised.

“Deal!” she chirped and then looked up at me, inviting another kiss. This one was particularly long and she even opened her mouth, inviting my tongue in. When our tongues met, she chirped a little with surprise, giggled and then even moaned a little, which told me I’d done my job correctly. I was satisfied. She held on to me, and the entire thing seemed to border on making out as she grabbed me repeatedly, pulling me toward her. After a couple minutes, she broke away reluctantly and I grinned, seeing her catch her breath. “You’re gonna make this very hard on me, aren’t you?”

“Seems only fair,” I teased her back.

“Okay, I’m really out of time now. I’ve gotta run. But I really wanna see you tomorrow night.” She seemed to be practically floating now. She offered me another kiss and then left, practically leaping out of the small clearing we were in before stepping onto the walking path and adjusted her hair while also changing her demeanor to one very much like the aloof expression she’d shown me the day before.

This was certainly going to be interesting.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Wed Dec 16, 2020 2:27 am

The rest of the day was dare I say, normal. Classes, studying in the library, office hours with Dr. Jurek and we had lunch together there as well. This time I ordered the sandwiches. “Have you thought about what we talked about?” she asked me.

“You mean with the girls?” She nodded to me and I collected my thoughts. “I’ve been trying to narrow down to one, because the way things are is really stressful. But the drama got out of hand yesterday and I’m on a timeout,” I told her.

“They put you on a timeout?” she asked me, shocked. “What did you do?”

“Honestly? I think it’s more about them. I don’t know everything, but I can tell you there are jealousy issues. I’m actually kind of pissed that they put me on a time out. I’m wondering if I would be better off without any of this.”

“Be careful what you wish for, Brendan. The dating scene is a pretty desolate landscape. You can’t just go out and find another woman the way things are. Especially not on campus.”

“What if… there was someone who said she was interested… and she’s a student too?”

“You did not! How?!?!?” she asked, utterly shocked. “FOUR women?”

“It’s not really anything yet. We just admitted we really like each other. I told her we could spend some time together. Maybe take it slowly. You know, like normal people used to do?”

“And these other women?” Dr. Jurek asked me, curious about my response.

“It’s a lot of stress. There’s one that I’d rather have more than the others. I mean, I feel really strongly for her. Almost as much…” I then stopped before I said too much. For some reason, bringing up Tina still hurt too much.

“As much as?”

“Nothing,” I told Dr. Jurek with a smile. “The point is, I don’t enjoy ‘playing the field.’ Maybe it’s for some people, but not for me. Especially when they are making it a point to make sure I understand that they don’t need to be faithful to me either. I just want someone I can have and we can… I dunno.”

“You want to be in love,” she told me with a smile.

“Doesn’t everybody?” I asked back.

“Love sometimes hurts too much,” she answered back. Her voice was eerily calm as she said that. I sat and waited to see if she had anything to say, but she declined to go any more in depth and eventually prodded me on. “So you want to be in love,” she told me. I nodded to her.

“I don’t want to play around with games. I’ve just met this girl, but she seems so genuine and it’s exciting, and I can just take my time and enjoy myself for once. I don’t have to rush into anything and I’m not being seduced. We can just have… fun.”

“I think that might be better for you,” she encouraged. “I can tell you have a very sweet heart, but you’re also taking a lot onto your shoulders with your class schedule as well as tending to multiple women who are suffering from different emotional disorders.”

“Seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it?”

“But you’ve been caught in the trap, haven’t you?” she asked me.

“Maybe, but last night the fight we had really ticked me off and I was already stressed out over everything. There’s one girl I really care about a lot, and if I could get her to go with me, I would just do it. No questions. I know she’s in really rough shape, but I really want to be with her. I just can’t get her to commit to anything.”

“Is there a reason?”

“I think because she promised she wouldn’t shut the others out,” I answered. “But I’m not happy about being put on a time out because I took the time to look after someone I really care about and the others got jealous over it.”

“So do you care about her enough to have two other women attached to you all the time? Like I said, I still think they’re angling to set up a pod.”

“I’m sure probably right,” I agreed. “She and I had a date last week. We just spur of the moment decided to go up to her hometown to lake, row across to an island she always went to as a kid and we made a campfire and stared at the stars. Maybe I sound stupid for being a guy and not being all about the sex, but that was just about the best date I could have imagined, other than the one she lined up for me on Friday.”

“And what was that one?” Dr. Jurek asked me, leaning forward and forgetting about her sandwich as she listened to me.

“Just dinner. Well, I mean it wasn’t just dinner. She redecorated her house, played some jazz music, taught me how to dance and we danced for like an hour until her feet hurt because her shoes don’t fit quite right anymore and then we had dinner that she made from scratch and then a massage. She went all out.” I decided it was a good idea to leave out the more explicit details. So sue me if that was deceptive.

“That girl really loves you,” she encouraged with a smile.

“She refuses to say it though, and she’s not interested in me saying anything even close to it either.”

“Brendan, I think it’s important to remember that when someone says that for the very first time, it’s an incredibly vulnerable moment for them. Now add on the fact that the shrinking spurts are leaving every woman on the planet more vulnerable than ever, and like I told you- there aren’t enough decent men around anymore. There is going to come a point in every woman’s life, unless a cure is found in time, where she will have to give up any semblance of a normal life any longer and she will need someone to take care of her. Without enough men who are as even keeled as you around that means competition on a level women have never had to deal with before to find a partner who can take care of them long term, and that makes them even more vulnerable. I’m telling you that she really loves you. If we lived in saner times, I’m sure she would express it differently. So the question is, is she important enough to you that you would accept 2 or more women along with her? Because I have a feeling that is where this is headed.”

“If they were willing to work on it and actually try? I’d probably do it. Or at least I would have. The thing is, I’m not sure how these kinds of arrangements would work. Like, I know we over romanticize relationships and marriage, or at least we have in modern times, but the whole things smells of desperation.”

“We are desperate, Brendan.”

“Not you. You may be having trouble, but you are definitely not desperate.”

“Yes I am. I just have other goals I need to see to. But who knows how long I can keep this up?”

“So… I hate to ask, but… you’re not very tall right now…”

“No, I haven’t had a spurt yet. I’ve always been a little on the short side,” she shared directly. “But once I do? One spurt could ruin a woman’s life.”

“Why won’t anybody acknowledge what’s going on? Everyone knows!”

“You’d have to go down the conspiracy theory road to even try to answer that question,” she told me cryptically. “The point is that free speech has been all but shut down at this point when any public discussion of it can’t even exist. So what are you going to do, Casanova?”

“I’m going to go out with the new girl. I’m going to take my time and I’m going to relax while I’m on time out. And I’m going to have a little bit of fun, and that’s it. I think I can enjoy a break from all the adult matters that have been in my face lately.”

“And then? When you are off of time out?”

“I talk to the girls and tell them these games are really hurting me. I’ll tell them I am interested in one relationship, not multiple ones and I’m going to let the new girl have a real chance, without all the drama and baggage that comes along with trying to hook up too early.”

“That’s a very unique perspective,” she teased me.

“Don’t you miss it? Being able to just have fun? When this all started, sex wasn’t even a possibility for me. Well, I mean if I had really wanted to, I suppose I could have found something, but I was just going to school and studying and having fun.”

“The real world isn’t like that,” she informed me with a knowing smile.

“Why not? Yeah, we have more work, more responsibilities, but why are we letting our lives be controlled by all this frickin’ drama? Is there seriously no room in our lives to just enjoy it anymore?”

“You’re bitter because the last of your coming of age was stolen from you and the wild excesses of college has turned into a disappointment,” she told me with a smile.

“You’ve given up,” I confronted her. She sat back, surprised by the unexpected volley back at her. “Dr. Jurek, can you do me a favor?”

“I guess it depends on the favor,” she answered with a bit of trepidation.

“I hate how whenever I say that to a woman she looks at me like I’m leading her into a trap. I thought maybe since the girls do it all the time, it was projection.”

“It’s experience,” Dr. Jurek shared with me. “Men… have their own charms and can be very disarming. Take it as a compliment. When a woman says that to you, you’ve just disarmed her and she’s just surprised by it. What’s your favor?” she asked me warmly.

“You were right, of course. I’m in this program because I want to be part of the team that finds the cure. I want to do this because I can’t stand what’s happening to you all. The first time I was aware that women shrinking could even be a thing, it happened right in front of me. Someone I was really close to had a major spurt right in front of me. One of the really rare ones. She must have shrunk at least a foot.” Dr. Jurek lifted her head and listened to me with interest. “I know that was the worst day in her entire life. She even lost her pants tripping over them on the way out of the school and everyone saw everything.”

“So you’re doing this for her,” Dr. Jurek inferred.

“I’m doing this so I don’t have to watch the look of horror on women’s faces as they have their size and feeling of significance ripped form them one small bit at a time. I never saw her again after that. She was so humiliated. She was one of the early cases, so I’m guessing she just wasn’t ready for going from being one of the tallest girls in school to the same height she was in fifth grade. I tell the girls that they’re still the same person, no matter how small their bodies get and I see them the same way. That’s not a lie, but the real problem is how they see themselves, isn’t it?”

“I think I’d agree with that,” she answered back thoughtfully.

“There’s only so much I can do to convince a woman that she’s still important despite the spurts. I need the cure because I can’t stand seeing women’s lives shattered over and over again. I need to end that. In the meantime, you’re life isn’t over. I don’t care if I burn out as long as I can get on the project to end the Smurfening. Dr. Jurek, I can’t tell you how much you saved me when you reached out to me and started working with me. And I can’t tell you how much I enjoy when you let me have lunch with you, but I feel bad because all our conversations are about me, and you tell me what you just did and I feel like you’ve just basically given up.”

“I will just say that I’ve had to make some sacrifices,” Dr. Jurek told me, refusing to offer any more insight.

“I’m asking you not to give up on living and enjoying life. When I find the program that is working on the cure, I really won’t rest until you don’t have to worry any longer about shrinking out of existence.”

Dr. Jurek breathed in slowly, then released it and stared at me, for the first time looking at me as a woman, and not just as a teacher would her student. I could tell she was thinking carefully over what I had to say. “So are you going to do something to get something out of life instead of working morning, day and night down here? I get that you aren’t going to let me do anything to help you with that, but you hardly need my help, right? You said you’ve made sacrifices, but why do you have to sacrifice everything in life? I think you deserve to be happy.”

She thought long and hard and finally came to a conclusion and lowered her arm and looked at me seriously. “This doesn’t leave this room,” she told me in a slightly hushed tone. I nodded and she leaned forward slightly, displaying her earnestness. “I mean it. Not even to your girlfriends.”

“They’re pretty quick to point out to me they aren’t my girlfriends,” I remarked back.

“I don’t care. You don’t share this with a soul.”

“Is it really that important?”

“For you? Yes. I think it is,” she confided in me. I nodded in agreement and she finally proceeded. “There isn’t a program to find a cure,” she informed me which disappointed me, but only for a moment. “There are almost three dozen projects. All of these projects have the most brilliant female minds working nearly around the clock to find the cure.”

“How do you know this?” I asked her. At this moment I was more fascinated than ever in my life.

“Because I used to be on one of them,” she confided.

“Wait, you said the projects have the most brilliant female minds…”

“Yes. That’s the biggest reason I had to leave. The research pool was exclusively women. Like I told you before, they don’t want men handling women who are advanced cases, and there are more of those than you think.”

“How small?” I asked, sitting literally on the edge of my seat.

“When I was there, the smallest was a woman who was 27 inches tall. She used to be 5’11”. She was a very extreme case. Getting on these projects is extremely difficult. Getting onto one for you may prove to be next to impossible.”

“But not impossible,” I inferred.

“You’re going to need that determination, Brendan. Here’s the problem: the projects all rely on outside funding. Some corporations contribute, but even then, they want to limit stakeholders who will try to get a say in how things are run in the projects so you have to meet certain standards to even qualify to donate. Most of the funding is from political interests, and nearly all of those have an extremely… shall we say gynocentric perspective.”

“Elite feminists?” I asked her, absorbing every last sound out of her mouth.

“Not exactly. We won’t get into it here and now, but it has to do with the original project and how it was created. When the problem spread and spurts became commonplace around the world, the founders of that project split and started new projects to recruit to and attack the problem from as many angles and perspectives as possible, and that was when I was brought into one of the projects. I didn’t fit in well, though.”

“Why not?”

“Because I wanted men to be included in the recruitment pool. I was pretty loud about it, actually. I had a major falling out with the project lead when the second of our team had a major spurt that left her less than four feet tall. She could still work, but… her smaller size was having a noticeable affect on her productivity. In fact, it was a lot like what’s been happening to women’s sports. It’s a matter of being able to get everything done, get your wardrobe taken care of, how much harder it becomes as you get smaller to accomplish every day tasks and even just the general logistics of moving files and working equipment. When Dr. Schneider had her major spurt, she was too weak to carry some of the test samples from location to another anymore without having to take breaks along the way. Like I said, it’s just like what’s happening with women’s sports, even if it’s not as dramatic. The more we shrink, they less productive we get and our performance goes down. Every inch lost means our research teams get weaker too. I had a huge argument with the lead that we couldn’t just shut men out of the race to find the cure because we were all shrinking and we were all becoming less and less capable just a little bit at time and we could at least use someone stable in their size around. They wouldn’t even entertain the statistics argument.”

“What’s the statistics argument?” I asked. I was so on the edge of my seat now that I nearly fell onto the floor and had to readjust.

“Basic statistics. The women on the project didn’t want to hear it, but I think that’s part of the problem. When you can just simply ignore certain scientific principles, your whole mindset starts to suffer. It’s very simple: there is a much greater variety in intellect and aptitude for STEM among men than women. Every time I made this argument, I was told I was shaming women and telling them they couldn’t be great scientists. It’s not true, but we’re talking a statistical pool versus individual capability. Many of these women were some of the smartest people I’d ever met, but the whole project had… it almost had it’s own personality; all this was so ingrained in us.”

“What kind of personality?”

“A bitchy one, quite frankly. My point was that you could find brilliant female scientists, but you were going to find more from the male population. There’s just a general predilection for STEM that women aren’t as common in these fields and there’s more to it than just sexism. I actually didn’t used to think this way, but the threat of shrinking down to mouse size in my own lab was a pretty harsh reality check. Statistically speaking, we were more likely to find the talent we needed from men than women. Their answer was that we just needed to teach more women to be great scientists like the ones on the projects. The truth is, though, these projects together are large enough that we’ve tapped most of the greatest female minds already. If we opened the doors to let men contribute, we could have doubled the mind power overnight just because men are generally more likely to have these aptitudes. This fight got me all but kicked off the project.”

I listened on and she collected her thoughts, showing me a much more personal side to her than she’d allowed me to see before this point. I could see how frustrated and worn down she was from her past experiences.

“I had these arguments over and over again, and my peers attacked me saying that I was telling them that women weren’t as smart as men, and that’s not it at all. It’s just a matter of fact that you are going to find a higher rate of men who are exceptional at STEM fields than women, and that’s how we got to the point where the molecular biology and microbiology programs at the major universities became almost exclusively female in the space of about a year. These programs are almost exclusively recruitment systems for the projects, and it doesn’t matter how many women shrink too small to do the research work anymore, they weren’t going to let a man find the cure and save women everywhere. I don’t know how far we all have to shrink before their pride is set aside, but we’re not there yet. But what I’m telling you is they needed to clear the men out of these STEM fields so they could force as many women as possible into programs to be recruited into the projects. It’s not working, though. My old colleagues are telling me that the new women coming through are just not up for the task. Maybe someday they will be, but we need talented, experienced scientists now, and the scientists on the projects are still slowly shrinking in spurts, just like every other woman.”

“But I’m not an experienced scientist…”

“No, but I’m not going to change much in the here and now. I and a couple of other colleagues who were of similar mind found each other and we had some long conversations about all of our frustrations and what we could do about it. Don’t misunderstand me, Brendan, I want a woman to find a cure, but seeing a colleague have a ten inch spurt right in front of you while she is in a bio-suit inside a sealed chamber handling a tray of volatile samples teaches you that being that prideful probably isn’t worth it when you’re literally talking about survival.”

“We weren’t the best scientists in our projects anyways,” she said dismissing herself. I was surprised, because I honestly couldn’t think of a professor I’d met that was even close to her intellectually speaking. “The three of us decided that the only thing we could do was go back into the academic world and be part of the recruiting process. We are very much looking for women for the projects, just like they are demanding, but we have been able to sneak just a few men into the university programs this year to try to eventually filter them through to the projects.”

“So you think I could be the first man on one of these projects.”

“You won’t be,” she assured me. “One of my colleagues has a post graduate in her program that is absolutely exceptional, and we’ve found two projects that have had enough shrinkage that they are starting to waver just a little bit. She thinks she can get him into one of those two projects, but it’s a bit touch and go at the moment. She’s working with him personally to get him up to speed on everything he needs to know and exactly how he must act at all times.”

“So you are grooming us,” I concluded.

“You bet your ass we are. What I can promise you is that you will not be the first wave of men in the projects. You won’t even be the second wave. But you are determined and very creative and your drive to get your coursework done years ahead of schedule has been enough to raise a few eyebrows already; even among some of the more gynocentric colleagues I’ve had. All three of the men in my program have been noticed, including you. That’s not the same as convincing them to let you in, though. And your little trust games that get shrinking women flocking to you aren’t going to work here either, so if you are entertaining any thoughts about trying that crap, you had best get it out of your head right now, mister,” she scolded me.

“No. It didn’t even occur to me,” I answered back defensively.

“There’s still time. You’re still early enough in your collegiate career that you’re not really being paid that much attention to, but you’ve been noticed. The first wave of men allowed into the projects will be students who are already in postgraduate work right now. It’s the first one that will be the biggest challenge, and then it will be tough going for a while. The women on these projects have been consumed by shrinking spurts, either because they’ve experienced them or they see the most extreme cases on a daily basis. And being in a women’s only environment for years that was already not particularly friendly toward men to begin with, they’ve basically become a man-hating zone. They are extremely resentful of you for not being afflicted with this condition. Hopefully by the time you get there, though, it won’t be a living hell anymore.”

“So, the other guys in our program… they…”

“They don’t know yet. This isn’t something we were planning on discussing with any of you until at least late in your senior year. The biggest focus we have right now is that there is still a preponderance of men in the years graduating before you do. We need to get as many of them as we can through the doors and prove they can be successful first. But by the time we reach your group… Well, by the time we reach the group you should be in, we’re going to hit a dry spell. Our best bet is to recruit as many men as we can before we hit that dry spell. If we can’t get men in the current programs in soon, though, the projects might end up falling apart. Women are having spurts more often now, and it still likely hasn’t reached its peak yet.”

“So what’s causing it?” I asked eagerly. “Is it a virus?”

“That’s a conversation and a half,” she warned me, showing even more frustration. “No, it’s not a virus. The short answer is we don’t know what’s causing it specifically and what’s happening is defying the laws of physics as we know them.”

“So, all the crackdowns and censorship on talking about this is related to the projects?”

“No. Those things aren’t connected. Well, they aren’t directly connected, anyways.”

“Then why…”

“I’m not going to be able to answer all of your questions today, Brendan. There is just too much to cover, and I probably shouldn’t have even told you this much. But if you want to learn more, then I suggest you learn to think on what I’ve already told you and learn to keep it to yourself.”

“Why is it all such a secret?” I asked her.

“That is multiple conversations. I have class soon, so why don’t you table that for now and maybe we can pick this up another time. And not when you want to discuss it either. I need to be careful that no one is going to overhear us. And besides, in the here and now the most important thing is you finishing up your schooling. These are all things you can learn IF you manage to get onto one of the projects. Unless you decide to lead a commune of shrunken women, that is,” she teased me.

I remembered her warnings to me about not staying in the program if the school found out about the whole harem scheme and following that, I was pretty sure she’d dropped this hint as incentive to keep me in the program since she was now aware that I was at risk of essentially dropping out for my love interests. I felt flattered that she felt I was important enough to even attempt something like that.

One of the things that was keeping me in with the girls was guilt. Not all of it, but it was definitely a factor. They were all hurting, they were all struggling and they were all looking for a safe haven as they shrank. I definitely felt guilty with the idea of abandoning them. Yes, they were sleeping with other men, but I was the one that had only thought of himself when we’d started this whole thing with them encouraging me to play the field.

Now I had a new sense of guilt. Dr. Jurek offered me the single most valuable piece of information I had been desperately seeking for three years. I wasn’t just randomly working toward an unknown goal anymore- I knew there were multiple places I could go to be part of the search for a cure. My mind immediately went to how I could handle a higher class load and what I would be willing to give up in order to do it so that I could get onto one of these projects as soon as humanly possible. And the confidence that Dr. Jurek had shown in me by sharing this information while others remained in the dark, and the feeling of how highly she must have thought about me to tell me in a bid to pull me off the fence back to the side of academic and professional dedication to this cause was an even better high for me than the Amazonian goddess telling me I was worth semi-stalking just to be able to say hi.

Could I really do anything to jeopardize my hopes of getting onto one of these projects?

I didn’t have much time to think on these things, though. Dr. Jurek finished what remained of her food and she encouraged me to do the same so she could get off to class. As we were gathering our things to head out to our respective destinations, I couldn’t help but stop her before she opened the door. “It just occurred to me that you side stepped my question,” I confronted her.

“What question was that?” she asked me.

“About enjoying your life. What is it going to take to get you to take care of yourself?” I asked her.

She smiled and shook her head at me. “You wanted to lend an ear, and you did. You have no idea how long I have been holding onto everything I just told you about my old work and how good it felt to have someone who would listen.”

“But that’s not taking care of yourself and enjoying life. I told you. You deserve to be happy.”

“I told you. You’re getting far too familiar with your professor,” she scolded me mildly.

“Well, you could always kick me out of the program,” I suggested casually and she narrowed her eyes and scowled at me. “I’m not sure I’m going to make it through this program without all the help you’ve been giving me. You burning out is a lot more dangerous than me burning out,” I told her. Now she was really contemplating what I had to say.

“I’ll think about it,” She promised, though I didn’t find this answer satisfying. “I’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices for what I’m doing right now. I’ve been solely focused on recruiting for the projects. It’s the most important thing to me. It’s honestly a little difficult thinking of anything else right now.”

“It’s only fair,” I pointed out. “You’re always on me for overworking, same should go for you, shouldn’t it?”

She smiled at me stood there for a moment. “Let’s do lunch again soon,” she told me with a smile.

It was a really good conversation, and it was so much more helpful to have this new insight. Up to this point, I was just fumbling around in the dark asking myself which programs and which classes would be most likely to get me on track to solving the conundrum of half the population shrinking. Now there was faint light at the end of a very long tunnel. Unfortunately, the single person I wanted to share this with was Julie, and I’d promised specifically not to do that.

The rest of the day was just average, but in the evening, around dinnertime, I got an unexpected, but highly welcome call from Julie. I’d been worried about her all day and hoping she hadn’t crashed again following her confessions of plans for suicide.

“So any chance of me getting off of time out?” I asked her, which got a laugh from her, albeit a brief one.

“Did you tell them about what I said the other day to you? I didn’t tell you to keep it to yourself, but I kinda needed you to keep it to yourself.”

“No. I got in an argument with Lana and Rebecca and when they told me I was on time out, I just told them I wasn’t going to leave you alone and when they pushed, I just told them I couldn’t talk to them about it.”

“But you didn’t tell them anything else…”

“Not a word. I guess I wanted to hoard it for myself.”

“Alright,” she replied. She at least sounded satisfied. In the background I could hear some soft tapping and wind rustling the microphone.

“Where are you?” I asked her.

“Taking a walk. Janelle and Lana just decided they were going to spend the night at my place because you made such a stink and I needed to get some air,” she explained. “I’m not supposed to call you.”

“It’s nice to hear your voice,” I told her. I then waited for an insufferable number of seconds without a response. “Hello?”

“Just thinking,” she laughed a little. “I missed you too,” she admitted.

“So what? They’re just sitting at your house pestering you?”

“Janelle is. She’s kinda pissing me off. She’s treating me like I’m a little kid with the flu. I got so fed up with it that I told her about.. what did you call it? The holy grail of orgasms?”

“Something like that,” I chuckled.

“The looks on their faces were PRICELESS,” Julie laughed. I admittedly got a chuckle from it as well.

“So they were jealous?”

“Uggh! They’re jealous about everything! It was kind of fun when it was just a competition to see what we could each get out of you, but I think I should have kept you making me ruin my carpet to myself,” she complained. “Janelle can’t stop talking about you. She has been whining to Lana all evening about how this time out thing isn’t fair.”

“So she wasn’t in favor of it?”

“No, she was totally in favor of it. They even convinced Lisa.”

“So Janelle basically changed her mind.”

“And so did Lisa. But they all voted and I was the odd girl out.”

“I’m just going to have to say, this is going to have to stop. I’m not okay with you all having votes and making schedules and I don’t even know when you’ve all had a conversation.”

“I said something like that yesterday too. Like… after last week, it’s just… Different. You know?”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“But that’s why they’re pissed. You, me and Lisa changed the whole dynamic and the others want to take charge again.”

“By putting me on time out like I’m a fucking child?” I complained.

“Not just you! Holy shit, were they pissed at me. Now they’re going to be even more pissed now that they know how much fun we actually had while they were out of town. I’m still sore though,” she giggled.

“Yeah, I’m still feeling it too,” I chuckled.

“Janelle really misses you,” she informed me. “I think it didn’t take long for her to realize what she was agreeing to after the fact and now when she talks about you she’s practically in tears.”

“Well, this wasn’t my idea,” I retorted back.

“Maybe tell her I can’t wait to see her later this week.”

“I’ll do that,” she promised. “When little miss goody two shoes isn’t listening. I’m pretty pissed at Rebecca, though.”

“Why?” I asked her.

“I’m not really supposed to tell you,” she answered me. I didn’t really know what to say to that, so I said nothing, and I guess the silence was enough for Julie. “Let’s just say that she is taking your time out to explore other options for herself. And she’s trying to set up Yvonne for the same thing.”

That stung, but then, I’d just had a romantic rendezvous with an Amazonia goddess that morning, so I bit my tongue.

We talked for a few more minutes before she arrived back at her house and then hung up. When I was done, I found three selfies from Shandra in my messages and I couldn’t help but smile. The photos were innocent enough, and I decided I would be playful and sent her a photo of a dachshund hound and titled it “wiener pics.” Granted it was all via text messaging, but she seemed to be pretty amused by it. I finally sent her back a selfie of myself smiling, which earned me several smilie faces.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by MrWitness » Thu Dec 17, 2020 8:32 pm

I signed up on this forum just to tell you (again) that this story is amazing. You are great!

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Fri Dec 18, 2020 2:09 am

MrWitness wrote:
Thu Dec 17, 2020 8:32 pm
I signed up on this forum just to tell you (again) that this story is amazing. You are great!
Thank you! I've really enjoyed hearing from you on DM's too! Like I said before, I'll keep working to make this a better story, and I'm thrilled there are people enjoying it. :D
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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The next day, I was sitting at my table in my apartment when the knock at the door came. I stood and set my books aside and answered, and there was Shandra, grinning and blushing like a schoolgirl while also trembling a little from embarrassment and bashfulness. For such a tall woman, she certainly was adorable. The instant she saw my face when I opened the door, her expression was one of immense relief.

“Hey,” I greeted warmly. “Are you okay?”

“I was so scared I got the wrong door,” she grinned and giggled at me. I ushered her in and she looked around, then tugged on my hand and asked for the nickel tour. I obliged and showed her around my little one bedroom apartment- hallway with folding door closets, kitchen with a short counter that looked out to the living room, dining room/cove, living room, bathroom then finally bedroom.

She giggled at me the entire time until I brought her back and she sat on the futon with me, squeezing my hand and giggling at me. “This place is so… so…”

“I mean, it’s nothing to write home about,” I admitted.

“There are NO decorations! No pictures, no anything!” she scolded me. Not that this was the first time I’d received a similar scolding.

“I’ve got a long road ahead of me,” I explained. “I don’t know if I will be staying in this apartment past this year, or if I’ll need to downsize a bit more, and after graduation, I don’t even know if I will be in the graduate program here. I don’t really spend that much time here anyways. The only reason I’m off campus is because I needed to get away from all those friggin white knights.”

“But it’s so bland!” she teased me.

“I know, but I wasn’t going to be wasting your time keeping you here on our second date,” I answered her.

“Third,” she corrected, grinning at me and tracing her fingertip down my chest.

“Meeting in the bushes behind the loading docks for a quick conversation doesn’t count as a date,” I joked with her.

“Yeah it does,” she answered back immediately.

“Then we need to seriously increase your expectations on what constitutes a date,” I informed her.

“And what are you going to do to do that, Mr. poor, destitute student boy?” she teased me.

“You want me to tell you or show you?”

“Tell me,” she answered back and leaned forward against me so that she was now looking up into my eyes.

“Too bad we’re short on time then, because I’m just going to have to show you,” I teased her. She laughed heartily at me and shoved me, then I stood and took her hand and grabbed the duffle bag I’d prepared and walked her out to my car, where I held the door for her as she climbed in and she gave me the most peculiar, yet amused look as she sat down.

On the drive, I asked her about her major and she shot me a look and smirked. “Do you know what my major is?” she asked me.

“Business management,” I admitted awkwardly. “But I mean, it’s on every bus advertisement in the city.”

“Well… so now that I just came out that I’ve basically been stalking about you… how do you feel about that? Like really?”

“I’m not sure,” I answered honestly. “I mean; it’s honestly a little much to take in.”

“So, how much do you know about me? Really? Like not just what you Googled after this weekend.”

“Oh, I didn’t have to Google you. Once I realized who was flirting with me at the coffee shop, it all started coming back to me.”

“So humor me,” she tested.

“Honor student high school, co-captain of your high school volleyball team, class president, daughter of a famous football star, 6’2” tall, business management major, finance minor, likes to paddleboard and go any place warm on vacation and you like cats over dogs.”

“You memorized my bio page on the schools site,” she remarked, impressed.

“I memorized all the volleyball players,” I told her coyly.

“Oh? Are you a fan of volleyball?” she asked.

“I’m a fan of volleyball players,” I answered her. “Or at least I was last year when I looked you up. I haven’t looked at the current lineup this year. Classes are a lot harder than last year.”

“So I was thinking,” she diverted with a grin while playing with a lock of hair as she looked over to me. “Maybe me stalking you isn’t so bad, since you know all about me.”

“I mean the information is pretty much out there for everyone to see. The school has made you their brand.”

“But you know all about me, so doesn’t that give you the advantage?”

“I don’t know that any guy could have the advantage over you,” I answered. She laughed at me and leaned over in my direction with her hand against my arm. She was really animated tonight.

“I’m really nervous,” she admitted flat out. “Can you tell?”

“Only just a little,” I answered with a smirk. She giggled and grinned at me and put her hand on my chest and I watched nervously as her grin spread even wider.

“So are you, aren’t you?” she asked after feeling my heart pounding again.

“A lot,” I admitted.

“You’re better at hiding it than me,” she giggled. “This is like the first actual DATE date I have been on in years. Maybe just tell me where we’re headed since it might make me feel a bit better,” she asked in a very good job of trying to coax an answer out of me.

“We’re almost there,” I told her. “I think you’ll like it, though.”

“You’re horrible!” she accused me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

She tried again to get me to spill the beans regarding our destination, but I refused, grinning to myself as we started on the final turns and then pulled into a small parking lot with an off white building that looked to be possibly stucco with dark brown shuttered windows. As we got out of the car, she looked around the neighborhood, and then to the building, her brow scrunched up as she looked it over and then as we walked around the front of the building she stared at the sign and gave it even a more peculiar look.

“I have no idea how to pronounce that,” she told me. She still seemed somewhat amused, but more perplexed by now.

“It’s German. That’s all I know,” I said, then held the door and watched as she entered, her eyes going wide as saucer plates and she stepped in, her grin returning with a vengeance.

Inside was a very traditional looking restaurant, and by traditional I mean, mid 19th century Germany traditional. The walls were all stained wood, most of the tables matching, but not identical, a crowded restaurant full of boisterous diners, waitresses adorned in traditional German dresses, men in lederhosen managing operations, another two men wandering around in lederhosen playing the accordion at different places in the restaurant while singing in German, and as we approached the host, the entire restaurant erupted into a thunderous roar of “ZIGGY ZAGGY, ZIGGY ZAGGY, OY, OY OY!!”

“KLINK ‘EM AND DRINK ‘EM,” a buxom waitress bellowed with surprising volume and Shandra watched with untold glee as beer mugs around the restaurant were all lifted to the lips of diners and she laughed hysterically as she realized a number of these glasses were boot shaped and sized filled with German beer.

“Holy shit!” she laughed, grabbing onto my arm to hold herself up, then blushed and looked at the host in his lederhosen realizing that we were well beyond the current norm for physical contact in public. The host just smiled, shook his head and waved it off before taking my name and having us wait off to the side.

“I wanted to find some place that was like pre-clown world,” I told her as we stood against the wall and she took in all the sights, sounds and smells around her. “I may have overshot the mark a little bit,” I teased. She hugged my arm and beamed at me, and I cannot tell you how much satisfaction that gave me.

Despite her boisterousness, by this point I was starting to take note of her behaviors and gestures and putting them together along with the things she’d revealed to me the day prior. She felt so genuine in all of her joy and laughter and increasingly animated reactions because she was. Despite her outward appearances, I was starting to see a weight around her neck and I was getting the feeling it was a tremendous weight she’d been carrying for quite some time. I could see hints of it as she moved around and experienced everything this new place had to offer like a young girl seeing an amusement park for the first time. Every now and again, she’d stop to think and when she did, I could see that weight again pressing down on her, but she would force it back quickly and there would be the boisterous Shandra once again, living life to the fullest possible.

It was a beautiful sight be behold and she was practically hopping up and down as we were lead to our table and she allowed me to get her chair for her, again offering me the same peculiar grin as when I’d held the car door for her. She was completely out of her element, but she was loving every second of it.

When the waitress arrived to take our order, Shandra fawned over her, marveling at her beautiful bright blue dress, which to the waitress was just a work uniform and then had the waitress translate and explain every last item on the menu in detail while she fumbled through the nearly limitless options and seemed to be drooling over at least half of them.

She picked her food, jagerschnitzel, which she found impossible to pronounce correctly and I chose something called sauerbraten. “I need one of those BIGASS mugs of beer!” she cheered to the waitress, who carded her and then finished the order. She also chose an interesting appetizer at my insistence and she looked at me as the waitress left us behind.

“You’re trying to impress me, taking me to a place this expensive,” she answered as she sipped on her soft drink.

“This is actually pretty far beyond what I would normally do for a second…”

“Third,” she corrected as though she were reading my mind before I even spoke the word.

“Okay, third date. But, you said you’ve been… repressed since the beginning of all this crap.”

“You have NO idea,” she remarked, taking a much larger drink this time.

“I had to find some place that still acted like the old world. I found this place. I mean, I guess we don’t get to act like people in public anymore unless we pay for it.”

She smiled at my answer and thought it over, then her smile widened as she seemed to accept it. “Well, I guess I don’t mind. I should have enough cash with me.”

“Nope. You are not paying. You are my date, and I said I would take care of it for you,” I told her firmly. “I don’t care that you’re rich,” I told her a little more quietly. “I’m still the man on this date and I am going to treat you.”

She laughed hard enough that she nearly spit her soft drink out and had to wipe her chin up. As she did, she looked over to her left as one of the elderly singing men with an accordion approached and began serenading her, which made her giggle all over again. When he was finished with his song, he stopped and chatted with her, asking her if this was her first time there, where she was from and all about her personal life and she just poured the information out like it was free candy.

He was doing this as a job, but you could tell he was honestly enjoying chatting with her while he fiddled with his accordion as though it were second nature to him. Even the people at the table next to us seemed to be caught up in the life that just poured out of Shandra as she laughed and giggled at the accordion player and she even flirted innocently with him to some degree. As faint as that weight she was carrying was before, it had all but disappeared. Finally, the man asked her for a song request, and she was purely stumped.

“I have no idea. I don’t know any German songs,” she admitted.

“Do you like the sound of music?” he asked her.

“I haven’t seen it since I was a little girl,” she admitted.

“Then let me take you back,” he offered and began singing the song Edelweiss slowly and sweetly to her, truly serenading her. She grinned and smiled at him, then blushed to me and listened to him, staring up at him, just like a young girl would and when he was done, she asked him to teach her the song, which he did, and recruited the help of the two tables next to us to do the same until she could sing the song all on her own, loudly and proudly, and with a pretty decent singing voice, if I’m being honest.

When he was done, I offered him a $10 tip and he thanked us both, took Shandra’s hand and kissed the back of it like a gentleman 200 years ago would have and she refused to let go and pulled out her own billfold from her purse and stuffed a hundred dollar bill under the wad of bills pinned down by the straps of his instrument. He was completely bowled over and she pulled down on his suspenders, whispered in his ear and kissed him on the cheek, allowing him to blush for the first time.

“What did you tell him?” I asked as he went off singing and walking just a little more spring in his step.

“I’ll tell you later,” she answered coyly.

Dinner was an adventure. She explored every appetizer, every side dish and sampled my own food more than once, relishing nearly every bite, though she did turn her nose up at the pickled beets. She absolutely adored the spaetzel.

Neither of us stopped smiling or flirting the entire meal and when they brought out a piece of black forest cake, she nearly died and fell out of her seat. Everything here was new to her, though there had been a place somewhat like this back in my hometown that we would go to when I was growing up.

She drank from her oversized beer mug and begged the waitress to make the call of “ZIGGY ZAGGY, ZIGGY ZAGGY, OY, OY, OY!!” and laughed when the whole restaurant would start singing a song that she knew nothing about, though she went out of her way to try to sing along none the less.

When we left the restaurant she danced around me in circles until we got to the parking lot and she grabbed my jacket and stared me in the eyes hungrily while biting her lower lip. She leaned toward me, but I tipped my head to the right and she looked to see a small group of emo looking guys glaring at me. She rolled her eyes and decided to pull on my arm, but as we strolled back to my car, she turned to face them bending almost all the way forward at her hips and screamed “COCK BLOCKERS!!” before we went to my car laughing hysterically and made a hasty retreat before they closed the gap between us and them.

The next stop was a residential street near the border of the city where I parked on a quiet, secluded area and took out my bag I’d packed and we walked hand in hand on the way to our next point of interest.

“The last time I was on a date,” she giggled and twirled (I think she was a little buzzed from the beer earlier), “he was the son of a celebrity and he took me to this really stuffy VIP club and it was SO BORING! It cost me like $500 and the sushi absolutely SUCKED!” she laughed.

“So then this was better? I mean we managed to keep dinner just under $90.”

“You want to know what I told the accordion guy?” she asked, pulling on me and closing the distance between us.

“Yes,” I answered eagerly.

“I told him thank you for giving me the best date I have ever had in my entire life,” she informed me then pressed against me, unwilling to accept no for a kiss again. I obliged her and she tucked her arms in, letting me wrap my arms around her and she purred as we kissed until she shivered and I insisted we keep walking to stay warm.

As we walked, she hugged my arm and settled, though I couldn’t help but smile at the grin on her face. “You look like you’ve just gotten out of prison,” I told her.

“I have. I have to go back again, but at least I’m free now, right?”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve met a woman that wasn’t completely consumed by all these shrinking spurts. Even if you haven’t had your first spurt yet, it’s like a shadow looming over every woman. Isn’t it?”

“You think I haven’t had a spurt yet?” she asked me. Her tone was sober enough that I couldn’t help but take pause.

“Have you?” I asked her. She barely reacted and we walked onward.

“I used to be six-five,” she answered me. There was no hint of joviality anymore in her voice.

“Wow… that’s tall,” I managed to mumble through the frog in my throat.

“Is that intimidating?” she asked me.

“What?” I asked her

“That I used to be taller than you,” she explained patiently.

“Why should that intimidate me?” I asked her.

“Because men are almost always intimidated by women who are taller than them. Or they look at us like we’re trophies or something they can conquer.”

“I love tall women,” I answered honestly. At the moment, I was daydreaming about standing there kissing a 6’5” Shandra.

“Really,” she commented, standing up and looking me in the eyes again with curiosity.

“Yeah,” I answered her. “I mean, you’re beautiful. At some point, can’t you just look at a beautiful woman and be thankful she’s letting you be there with her? Regardless of her height?”

“I don’t think a lot of guys can,” she commented, fascinated by me now and much less amused.

“Their loss,” I dismissed. She smiled at me and hugged my arm while leaning her head over my shoulder as we walked. I slowed my pace a little to jostle her head less.

Eventually, we made our way to a park and down an extremely long set of concrete stairs and sneaked through a mostly obscured path into some woods until we arrived back to a more traditional path and over to a an outcropping and down until we were standing in a ravine looking up at a tall waterfall. Directly above us was a half moon and I pulled out two blankets from my bag and a thermos I’d filled with hot chocolate. We sat on one blanket and snuggled under the second and sipped together, her having trouble looking at the scenery and more focused on my eyes as I did my best to focus on the romantic setting, but eventually, I had to give into those sparkling eyes.

We kissed under the partial moonlight and she shivered so I put my arm around her and she snuggled closer, curling up against me. “You’re heart is still pounding,” she informed me.

“Well, you are that sexy,” I confided in her.

“You’re better at this than the last guy I tried it with,” she confessed.

“I hope so. I’d rather not end up the same way he did.”

“You’re sure you weren’t just trying to impress me with the fancy dinner?”

“I wanted to do a budget date. I knew I wasn’t going to impress you with money,” I assured her. “You said you wanted fun, and that place came up top of my list for fun. And I thought the accordion guys would be romantic.”

“You thought right,” she grinned. “My mom would be disappointed, though.”

“Why’s that?”

“She’s French,” she giggled at me. Another factoid about Shandra: her father married a French super model. They of course divorced a few years later, but not before Shandra was born.

“I’m not going to impress you,” I admitted honestly. “I don’t have the money, I don’t have the fame, I don’t have the connections. I still think I can hold my own, though, in my own way.”

“I am impressed,” she told me and then leaned up and kissed me long and softly under the moon. When we finally parted lips again she took a deep breath and curled up again to let me wrap my arms around her. “You may not want to believe this, but I don’t want to go back to the money and the fame and all the rest of it when I graduate.”


“No. I probably won’t get a choice, though,” she lamented. “My dad completely agreed when they moved us all into a dorm together. Funny, since my freshman year he bought me one of those exemptions like you have and a condo to stay at while going to school.”

“Everyone’s scared. All women shrinking is pretty scary. If it helps keep you from having any more spurts until we find a cure…”

“Don’t,” she warned me abruptly. “That’s what my dad said. Just… I’ll tell you everything when the time is right. Just trust me that it’s not a good thing. Not for us at least.” She sounded stone cold sober when she said that and I tipped her head up and looked into her eyes. I definitely believed her.

“Okay,” I agreed. “Did I at least make it better for a few hours?”

“I had no idea how much I needed something like this. You know, I basically have to put on a serious act all the time. Ever since you started playing with me, I have had a harder and harder time keeping from constantly smiling. I have to take breaks during the day just so I can put on my bitch face.”

“Why do you need to put on a bitch face?” I wanted to know.

“That’s at the top of my list to tell you when the time comes,” she shared.

“A lot of secrets,” I mentioned, though I regretted it immediately and wished I’d not pushed on the issue at all. She surprisingly took it in stride.

“Not ones I like keeping,” she told me. “I at least can be honest with you that I have secrets. I’m glad you’re being so patient with them.”

“You know, maybe you were right. Anyone who meets you probably knows quite a bit about you. Maybe it was fair for you to scope me out a bit before we met.”

“It kinda had to be that way,” she said, though it sounded more like a complaint. “Like I said, I wanted to meet you, but it’s hard to get away from being watched all the time. When we don’t have chaperones or escorts with us, there’s a network of girls to snitch on each other.”

“So how are you getting away with this tonight?”

“The friend I told you about who knows about you? She’s my roommate and she’s sitting in our room alone right now. I literally had to sneak out through the window. I spent two years pushing to get a room on the ground level so I could do that and they have security cameras. Do you know how hard it was to figure out how to avoid those?”

“So what you’re saying is that I’m a pretty big deal to go to all that trouble,” I said, but made sure to add in sarcasm as I said it. She laughed and shoved me, but pulled me close again for warmth.

“What I will tell you is that what’s going on has been going on ever since the Smurfening started and we’ve taken this whole time to get to this point where me or Amber can get out of our room, but we have to be really picky about it.”

“So don’t count on this being a regular thing,” I pointed out. “Is it really worth that much money to them? I mean, no offense, but women’s sports don’t exactly rake in the numbers that men’s sports do. The men’s football and basketball teams basically bankroll the entire athletic department.”

“Once the Smurfening started, we got MASSIVE donations. They wanted to make a statement that ‘look at all these strong, powerful women! They’re certainly not shrinking!’ The school even went to the trouble of scouring the web to remove any indication that I had a three-inch spurt. They are insanely controlling. At first, they got us to buy into the whole deal because they promised to do everything they could to stop us from experiencing any more spurts. They brought in the best doctors and expensive equipment and everything. Most of the girls were like ‘HELL YEAH WE DON’T WANNA SHRINK!’ Then they said it would be easier if they reconfigured a dorm to suit the women’s sports teams. They gave us all kinds of incentives to give up any off campus housing and at first it looked like it would be a trade up. Then they started adding extra security. They were nice and all, but that was our first real clue that something was off. Then they started chasing off friends and boyfriends who would come over to visit and they started setting curfews and constantly interrupting and barging in when we had guests. When girls started going to other dorms for some time with others, they demanded we wear biometric tracking and any time our heartbeats got too high, our escorts showed up without knocking or anything. Basically, it didn’t happen all at once, but I can’t believe how fast it did happen. At a certain point, most of the girls wanted to drop out, but the school actually got it in contract when we moved into the dorms. It’s mostly about our scholarships and enrollment in the university. But if we do try to quit, there will be all kinds of legal action, and they video us everywhere except inside our own rooms, and if too many girls in the dorm are together security goes and either checks on us rudely, or they actually use listening devices and listen to our conversations through the doors. We think they actually spot check us with the listening devices, but we’ve had a hard time proving it.”

“This sounds like absolute hell,” I stammered. I couldn’t believe such a totalitarian nightmare was happening right there on campus.

“Hopefully that explains a little why I am so excited to see you.”

“So, I work for you because you’re basically desperate,” I concluded, partially in jest, but only partially.

“Amber pointed you out to me. At first I thought there was no way, but I saw you and I kinda kept coming back to you and she helped me plot out what you were all about.”

“So there were two of you stalking me,” I pointed out.

“Uh, yeah. Basically. But if we didn’t, there was no chance we would be sitting here enjoying the most romantic date I’ve ever had.”

“You’ve got a point,” I had to admit and offered her another sip of hot chocolate. “I didn’t notice an iWatch or anything like that, though.”

“Amber has it. We got someone in the engineering program to basically hack the software so I can leave it behind or she can when we want to sneak out. It’s been slow going. We would do more of this ourselves, but we don’t know how and they track all of our web activity.”

I tapped my chin and thought for a moment. “When we get back to my place, I can set up a flash drive you can use in your computer to get you a web browser that will let you surf anonymously. As long as it’s your laptop and not the school’s.”

“Yeah, they thought of that. A gymnast figured out how to do that on her own laptop and they found out and now they check all of our electronic devices regularly for unauthorized software. That’s why I have a separate phone for you to text.”

“Well that sucks,” I grumbled, still searching for a solution to her problem. “What if I could get you an ultra thin laptop that was set up specifically to let you surf without them being able to track you?”

“You could do that?” she asked eagerly as she sat up and looked at me with immense interest.

“I think so. I think anyone in one of the computer programs could do it too, but I’m guessing you don’t have any contacts there.”

“Nope. I’m afraid not. Not at the school, anyways.”

“I have to think about this. I’m pretty sure I could get you to sneak through without getting noticed, but there would have to be limitations.”

“What kind of limitations?”

“Well, bandwidth and… wait a second. The phone you have, it has Internet?”

“Well yeah, but it’s on a burner plan and it sucks for web surfing.”

“I’ll just hack the phone and you can use it as a hotspot. That way you don’t have to worry about the school’s network at all. And this might sound paranoid, but I’m a little worried they might have set up their own cell tower there in case one of you got this far.”

“Uggghhh! They might,” she admitted, thoroughly disgusted and frustrated. “I am a fucking prisoner, Brendan. We all are.”

“Sounds like it. This isn’t my strongest area, but I think I could get some stuff set up for you. I might have to root around the dark web, though.”

“The what?”

“Think of it like the programming code under your operating system on your computer. It’s harder to navigate, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s also a lot more dangerous to be fooling around in.”

“Why?” she asked me in a suspicious tone. “And if it’s so dangerous, then why are you fooling around on it?”

“It’s where advanced users go to trade information under the table. There are a lot of hackers that do it just for fun, but there are also people who are doing… criminal things down there.”

“So why are you on there?” she demanded to know.

“Because I have been busting my butt for years to learn ANYTHING about the shrinking spurts.”

“And why are you that fascinated?”

“The same reason I’m majoring in molecular biology.”

“Is it a secret?” she teased me.

“No, it’s just that I learned last year not to talk about it too much. It always seemed to piss everyone off.”

“I’ll be nice, even if it’s a dumb reason.”

“I’m trying to become part of whatever programs exist to find a cure for the Smurfening.”

“Racing to save the damsels in distress, huh?” she teased. I blushed.

“Stupid?” I asked.

“No. You can rescue me any day,” she told me with a grin and a kiss.

We set our business aside and she insisted on lying with me, wrapped in our blankets and staring up at the partial moon with the sound of the waterfall pouring beyond us. “So how did you figure this place out, Romeo? Find it after taking another date out here?”

“No,” I smiled as I stared at the sky. “Basically, I used my Google Fu. We’re doing the immature thing again. The path I found is something that teenagers use to get into the park after hours and hang out. I figured that us sitting quietly by a waterfall was better than vandalism.”

We stayed out for as long as we could stay warm, which wasn’t much longer than the hot chocolate lasted and then made our way back through the hidden path to the main park and then had to hide in the bushes huddled together and giggling with each other as a police squad car drove by looking for interlopers in the closed park. He took his time and normally, this should be a relatively tense moment. After all, if we were caught, we would likely be ticketed at a minimum, but while I waited I couldn’t help but look at Shandra and admire her beauty. I placed my had on her cheek and turned her toward me and we kissed and then that kiss intensified and before I knew it, we were lying on our sides in the bushes making out and clinging to each other for warmth.

When we both finally needed to come up for air, the cop was gone and I cursed myself for having missed his departure, since we didn’t even know if he was truly gone or if he’s just simply turned down his lights and was sitting in wait for any troublemakers that might pop up on his beat.

We sneaked out of the wood line and did our best to stay as close to the woods as possible until we were officially out of the park and we walked hand in hand, all too pleased with ourselves over our little foray into lawlessness and eventually made our way to my car, and as luck would have it, passed a police car, maybe even the same one from earlier, as soon as we pulled out of our parking spot.

When we were back at my place, Shandra watched me curiously as I pieced together an old laptop I had been experimenting with and hacked into the phone she’d been using to make it into a hotspot. And when I was finished, she grinned at me and held my hand. “You’ll have to be careful. Web coding is really sloppy these days so you can use up all your data really fast,” I warned her. “Try to use the crappy web browser I put on there. It’s really slimmed down, so a lot of the data garbage won’t show up on that. But a lot of features won’t either.”

Shandra literally leapt on me and the chair I was sitting on tipped over and we found ourselves making out on the floor again. It was starting to get pretty late, and my guilt began to overtake me, so I warned her of this and she attacked me all the harder and even though I had promised myself I would take things slow with her, I found my hormones overtaking me and without even thinking about it, my hand squeezing her ass which elicited a small moan from her. At least that meant that she was enjoying my impropriety, but still, once I realized what I was doing, I regretted it.

Not that I wasn’t enjoying it, it’s just that all the drama that revolved around the sex in my life, I really needed to slow things down a bit. It also didn’t help that I was feeling like I was cheating on all the girls at once, even though I knew full well most of them could very well be hooking up with someone as I lay there trying not to let things go too far too fast with Shandra.

I think she sensed my internal conflict and eased up, smiling and supportive, though also rather hungry looking. When we were on our feet again, we stood once more, nose to nose and I couldn’t help but feel flush as I basked in the pleasure of a woman as tall as me, staring me directly in the eyes, and who seemed as attracted to me as I was to her. She edged a little closer and stared at my face; probably noticing what I assumed was a little more color than I should have had.

“Can I ask you a question?” she began tentatively.

“Don’t see why not,” I smiled back. I was smiling honestly; I just was really turned on by standing next to such a tall woman for the first time since Brooke left me.

“Are you sure it doesn’t bother you?”

“The secrets? I mean, you did say you would tell me…”

“No, not that,” she cut me off. “I mean,” she started and now she blushed a little and turned away from me. I placed my hand on her cheek and turned her back to me. I wasn’t really sure what she was so embarrassed about all of a sudden.

“It’s alright. What am I supposed to be bothered by?” I asked her.

She hesitated, then took a little breath and forced herself to say it. “Doesn’t it bother you how tall I am?”

“Why should it?” I asked her. I was going for, “I accept you however you are,” but it didn’t seem to make much of an impression on her.

“Because guys are always intimidated by my height. It was even worse before my spurt.”

“I’m not intimidated,” I answered her.

“You’re blushing,” she pointed out.

“So are you,” I answered back.

“Yeah, but I am blushing because I am a fucking giant, and I used to be an even bigger one.” She started to turn away again, but I placed my hand on her cheek and made her look me in the eyes.

“I like tall women,” I told her.

“Tall WAS 5’9”. Women are a lot smaller since then,” she insisted.

“Shandra…” I laughed a little at her. “You’re… I don’t know how to say this without sounding cheesy and stupid like I’m just trying to get into your pants.”

“You just had an opportunity to get in my pants, and you didn’t take it. I couldn’t help but notice that happened just after I told you I used to be three inches taller.”

I kissed her, and felt a warm wave over my body as I did so. It felt so comfortable to not have to crane my neck down for a kiss. “I just need to take things a little more slowly. I really wanted to go further, I just… I’m not going to take advantage of you while I’m sorting out what’s going on in my life.”

“You said you were available. You said you were being given your space,” she pointed out.

“Oh, I’ve been upgraded since then,” I informed her. “Now I’m on time out.” Here eyes went wide.

“Why? What did you do?”

“What can I do when I’m being given my space? There are some jealousy issues, I think, so now I get to be on time out.”

“So… you are still available,” she checked.

“And I really, REALLY want to touch you literally everywhere, but I just need to take things a little more slowly. I mean, you want to know why I’m blushing? It’s because you are hands down the single hottest woman I have ever gone out with. You’re like a fantasy to me.”

“Even though I’m a fucking giant?”

“Shandra, I love tall women,” I informed her as sincerely as I could.

“Even if I used to be 6’5”?”

“I think I would have liked you better back then,” I admitted, and then blushed. “Sorry,” I apologized profusely. “I try not to do that.”

“Do what?” Now she seemed more curious than ever.

“Women always seem to have hang ups about their bodies, especially now that they’re all shrinking. I don’t care that you’re 6’2”, and I wouldn’t have been less hot for you when you were 6’5”. You are… honestly? You’re like a Goddess,” I told her as forthrightly as I could. “I sure as hell don’t want you to shrink, that’s for sure.”

She stepped forward and looked me in the eyes. She was searching for something, something that seemed to be on the tip of her tongue. “So you would have been okay with dating me when I was 6’5”? That wouldn’t have been too tall for you?”

“It definitely wouldn’t have been too tall for me,” I answered back honestly.

“So… if 6’5” isn’t too tall.. How tall is too tall?” she asked me. She was absolutely fascinated by me, as though I were an amazing experiment all of a sudden.

“Is there such a thing as too tall? I mean, why should there be?”

“What if, say… I was ten feet tall?” she asked me, leaning closely to me. “So you would be almost like a small child standing next to me.”

“No one’s ever been that tall,” I answered with an awkward laugh, though for some reason I could feel myself go extremely flush. This only seemed to ignite even more curiosity in Shandra, and even a touch of amusement.

“Let me ask you something,” she determined more than asked or suggested and she stepped closer to me. “Do you have a giantess fetish?” she asked point blank.

“I have never heard of a giantess fetish,” I answered. That was a completely honest answer, but the term was straight forward enough I knew exactly what she was talking about and it was like a building block, locking into place in my mind. Yes, I liked this idea very, very, very much. I didn’t say that, though.

“Really,” she said somewhat skeptically. “You have no idea what it is,” she asked and pressed her body up against mine. I immediately felt intimidated when she bit her lower lip.

“I’m guessing it’s as straight forward as it sounds, but I’ve never heard of it before,” I said. I could tell I was already sweating and I didn’t really know why. Shandra placed my hands on her butt and wrapped one arm around my neck and the other around my back.

“Let me ask you something else,” she began, though I felt like I was a lab rat suddenly. I felt her hips press tightly against mine and I felt self-conscious as in our strange conversation I’d gone soft again as there were things on my mind other than sex at that moment. She squeezed and seemed to smirk at the knowledge that I would need to be coaxed into hardness again, and the strange intimidation I felt made me wonder how easy that would be.

She then kissed me, sensually, but also aggressively. “Keep looking at me,” she said as I closed my eyes in between kisses. “I want you to imagine me. I’m just as tall as you and I have these big, thick, strong thighs and you can feel me against you,” she cooed, kissing as she explained. “Now imagine, that you can feel me growing against you as I grind my soaking wet pussy against your tiny little cock,” she said and as she did so, she lifted up onto her tiptoes slowly while grinding her hips against mine and I felt myself craning my neck upward to chase her lips one tiny bit at a time.

Amazingly, for every inch she rose up against me, my dick rose up two and twice as fast and I knew she could feel me go fully rigid as her body rose against mine by the wide eyed, exuberant and gleeful look on her face. “You DO! You do have a giantess fetish, don’t you?” she asked, still standing tip toed and staring down at me, giggling almost uncontrollably.

“I just…” I felt so embarrassed and confused. I was so turned on by her suddenly, even more so than I had felt before and I couldn’t express the sudden feeling of vulnerability and humiliation I felt. She suddenly became sympathetic to me, as though she knew my own thoughts even more than I did myself.

“It’s okay,” she comforted me and kissed me so sensually and affectionately and my eyes went wide when I felt her hand slide down the front of my pants and grab my dick, stroking it and pressing it up against my body. “It’s okay, my little man. Your giantess goddess is going to take perfect care of you,” she whispered to me while refusing to stop kissing me open mouthed and devouring my tongue. This power at least equaled that of the two much smaller women I had been with recently only this one wasn’t released on me gently and lovingly. This one hit me with all the subtlety of a freight train.

“You didn’t even know, did you?” she cooed, leaning her head down to nibble on my ear. “You’ve been thinking of this for your whole life, haven’t you, but you didn’t even have a word for it? And now, here you are, kissing your giantess goddess and you can feel me growing. You can feel me getting bigger and bigger and you can feel how warm it is inside of me and you can feel that as far as I am concerned, your little penis is just shrinking smaller and smaller while I grow all around you. And you’re scared, aren’t you?”

What the fuck was she doing to me? I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t think, and everything she said was absolutely, completely and totally true and it was as though she’d pulled it straight from my own mind from a place I didn’t even really know existed. I became so hard in her hand while she stroked me that it actually hurt but at the time I felt like I was fucking her with her riding on top of me, slowly swelling around me and my pathetically small manhood was aching and stretching in a futile bid to match her swelling, warm pussy.

“It’s okay, though, because your giantess goddess just wants you inside of her. You don’t have to be big and strong, she just needs you inside of her to feel good and powerful.” As she said so, she chirped just a little and I heard a slight sloshing noise as she we both realized I was oozing a surprisingly large amount of precum. She paused and looked down, giggling, but not in a demeaning way and I had enough of a pause that I was able to regain my senses. I grabbed her and squeezed her butt and then forced her up against the wall, kissing her and making her moan. She laughed and then pushed against me before leading me to the couch and shoved me to try to push me down onto the cushions so we could lie together.

I was sweating, I felt denigrated and turned on and insatiable and a whole host of other things all at once that I couldn’t even name because it was all mixed in there together all at once.

“You’re embarrassed,” she said, explaining it to me, even though she didn’t have any need to. I felt completely humiliated and exposed. “And that’s okay,” she promised me.

“Are you like…” I tried to ask, but was struggling for words and she kissed me.

“Everyone who has these fantasies seems to feel the same way,” she explained. “And it’s okay, because I am not going to judge you, and I am not going to make fun of you and I am not ever going to tell a soul about it unless you ask me to.”

“What are you saying? You have this giantess fetish too?” I asked her. She didn’t’ say anything, she just grinned at me as though she completely understood me and kissed me, squeezing me tightly.

“I guess we have more in common than I’d hoped,” she informed me with a grin. “You still want to take it slow, though, don’t you?” she asked me; taking a cue from the small sliver of restraint I had left.

“I just didn’t want to… take advantage… I didn’t… I mean, things in my life are…”

“It’s okay,” she purred to me. “I can’t believe I found someone like you,” she giggled. “You need to think about something, though,” she warned me, then kissed me again and pressed her body against mine. “It’s only a matter of time before even I have another spurt again and you are going to run out of opportunities to play out your fantasies. There are very few women my height left. Almost none who are taller anymore and we weren’t that common to begin with. You might want to take that into consideration when it comes to taking things slow,” she suggested.

I stared at her and she smiled while I absorbed her advice and she grinned at me, kissing me over and over. I felt as though she had just found her soul mate; she was so relieved and happy to have discovered my secret fantasies.

After a moment to take in everything she had just told me, I wiped the sweat from my brow and she assisted, using her sleeve then tucked her arms together and curled up so that she could hide in my embrace once more. “It’s okay that you’re embarrassed,” she whispered to me. “But you don’t have to be embarrassed with me. I get it. I totally get it. You can be yourself with me. You can let it all out and I will completely understand it.”

“I can’t believe I am saying this, but… you seem to know a lot more about this than I do,” I told her.

“The internet is a messed up place,” she giggled and kissed me again.

“And this whole time out thing and me being in kind of limbo?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I just can’t believe I found someone who’s into this kind of thing.”

“You have a good feeling about me?” I teased her. I think the blood loss was starting to go away again finally.

“I don’t need a feeling anymore. This is a good thing. Every single other woman in this world is shrinking just like me, but I can understand you better than they can,” she boasted with a twinkle in her eyes. That was as straightforward a pitch as I could imagine for why I should take her instead of the girls.

The smile on my face flickered for a long moment and I couldn’t help but kiss her and before I knew it she was stroking my jeans and rather than stop her, I reached inside her own jeans and played with her own private parts as she unzipped my pants and fished my penis out, playing with it quite enthusiastically. She obviously had quite a bit of built up sexual tension within her and before I knew it, she was no longer able to stroke me and simply grabbed as squeezed my cock while I brought her to and beyond climax; a soft, quiet and sensual one that was a release for her, as though she were letting loose of a long held breath. When she recovered, she began to reciprocate, but I stopped her and pulled her close.

“I shouldn’t have let it go this far so early on,” I told her.

“I told you,” she corrected me. “I get what you are going through. I think that…” she tried to tell me, but I cut her off.

“You’re more than just a fantasy or a fetish,” I told her. She grinned and listened to me, her eyes still sparkling. “I don’t want my first time with you to be about one of those things. I want it to be with a woman who deserves to feel just as good as you made me feel a little while ago. We could do role playing stuff later.”

“Not if I shrink more,” she warned me with a teasing smirk.

“Shandra is way more important to me than any giantess goddess,” I told her. She grinned at my answer and we ended up making out again for a while longer.

When the time came and she finally gave in decided she had to go in order to keep from getting caught in the morning, we stood in my doorway kissing each other. “I’m not going to change anything in your life going on right now,” she promised me. “I can’t give you the real relationship right now that you want so bad, but what I can say is that I understand you so much more now that I know about your fantasies. I’m also not going to put you on time out. Just think about it, okay? In the mean time, I’m just going to trust you. You’re not taking advantage of me,” she offered.

Finally, I walked her out to her car and got her door for her. Before she drove off, she rolled down her window and pulled on my jacket so I could leaned down and kiss her once more passionately. “Just take your time and think about it,” she whispered to me, and then she was gone for the night.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Okay I think she’s officially my favorite character. Awesome addition :)

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Two days went by and I got to my date with Janelle, the only of the ladies I was allowed to see while I was on time out. To her credit, she was so eager to see me she insisted on skipping her normal routine of a workout after work and coming to see me as soon as possible.

I was surprised to see her so early, and was (of course) studying when she arrived. Even more of a surprise was the way she seemed to be trembling with anticipation as I opened the door and I looked at the petite little lady. “Hey,” I greeted her as warmly as I could. She didn’t reply; she just stood there smiling bashfully up at me, almost like we were on our first date together. She hesitated and seemed to waver on attempting to enter until I stepped back, opened the door and actually led her inside.

Once inside, she still stood, simply staring up at me and smiling bashfully. “Why so shy?” I asked her, but she only blushed, so I took her in and sat her on the futon and held both of her hands. It was difficult to get a read form her, so while she hesitated, I decided I would try something new for this unusually bashful Janelle. I wrapped an arm around her, the other under her thighs and I lifted her up and onto my lap. Her face was awash with surprise and I hugged her. It only took a moment after that for her to seem to relax and curl up in my arms.

Something was definitely out of sorts with her, so I finally asked her when she seemed as at ease as I was going to make her that day what was wrong. She struggled for a moment, took several deep breaths and seemed to curl up in a ball. “Another spurt is coming,” she informed me.

“How soon?” I asked, alarmed by her revelation.

“I don’t know,” she answered me.

“So tonight? Are you sure you want to be here for this?”

“I don’t think it’s going to happen tonight,” she answered me. “The last time I started feeling it like this, it took more than a week before it finally happened. This will be my third.”

Well, that certainly explained why she was feeling so bashful. My mind went to Shandra who had said they were using preventative measures to keep the girls in the athletic department from experiencing more spurts and I began asking myself whether I could learn any of this information and apply it to Janelle, but I also didn’t ant to risk giving her false hopes.

“Maybe I can do something,” I said, thinking to the other source of information that had recently revealed itself to me- Dr. Jurek. Surely if she had been on one of the projects, and information had been gathered to stop the women athletes from experiencing spurts, no one would know more about it than Dr. Jurek.

“Like what?” she asked, a bit choked up.

“I’m not sure. But maybe the department head is still at school. Maybe we could ask for some advice.”

“My doctors don’t have any way to stop them,” Janelle whimpered to me.

“Well, let’s just give it a try. She’s working literally all the time. Maybe she knows about some research that could help.”

We filed into my car and headed off to campus and into the science center. I first checked the labs, since that was where she seemed to spend a great deal of her time. Unfortunately, she wasn’t in any of those. Janelle clung to me and seemed to feel out of place in this environment, and I was afraid to comfort her because of the climate on campus, which was far more hostile to female-male interactions than the outside world.

Luckily, I did see a light on at Dr. Jurek’s office and knocked on the door. “Come in,” came the gentle response. I opened the door and was relieved to see Dr. Jurek at her desk, reading. She lifted her head and adjusted her glasses smiling at me, and then she looked past me to Janelle. I think she sensed something might be up and her smile weakened.

“Give me one second,” I told Janelle and entered alone, closing the door behind me.

“I told you to keep that information to yourself,” she scolded me very quietly.

“I have. I haven’t told her anything.”

“The way she was looking at me says otherwise,” she scolded again.

“Alright, so I’ll cut to the chase. I was talking to one of the women on one of the sports teams,” I told Dr. Jurek, who instantly perked up in surprise. “She told me that they are doing everything they can to keep them from having spurts and they are pretty good at it.”

“That is very privileged information,” she told me, intrigued, and almost… disappointed. “I’m surprised you were even allowed to talk to an athlete.”

“So you know about what they’re doing to them,” I confronted her. She drew back slightly, but nodded to me. “Janelle says she can feel another spurt coming on,” I explained. “I have no idea if there’s anything you can do to help, but I just had to ask. I don’t know if she can hide another one. She’s had two already.”

Dr. Jurek took a deep breath and looked at me, seriously considering my request. She struggled and then closed her laptop and finally nodded to me. “Bring her in,” she told me. Janelle was exceptionally shy entering and Dr. Jurek had us both take seats next to her desk. “So you’re Janelle,” she smiled and slid a seat up in front of her, taking both of her hands in hers. “Brendan is very protective of his personal life. I’m surprised he brought you in here,” Dr. Jurek bantered, trying to lower Janelle’s defenses. It worked, but only slightly. “He says you’re starting to feel another spurt coming on.”

“Do you know anything about them? I mean other than the ones you’ve had already?”

“I haven’t experienced any spurts yet,” Dr. Jurek explained. “But yes, I do know a bit about it. Brendan is very resourceful,” she complimented. “Apparently he’s discovered a little secret on this campus that I know a bit about.”

“Can you cure the spurts?” Janelle asked in a very weak voice.

“There is no cure. At least not yet. There are some experimental treatments and a little bit of research into it is happening here. It’s hard to get funding for an affliction no one wants to admit exists, though.” Janelle nodded and wiped a tear from her eye. “So I’ll just tell you,” Dr. Jurek explained, “there are some experimental medications, but they are very hard to get hold of and not very reliable. And if you take them, you need to take them regularly, so that isn’t an option here.”

“So I should just accept it’s going to happen,” Janelle answered dejectedly.

“When did you first start to feel it?”

“After I got back from lunch,” Janelle answered her.

“And is it as strong as the last spurt you had?”

“A little more, I think,” Janelle answered.

“Okay, so there is no stopping the spurts, but if you do everything I say, you might be able to delay it a while, and even if it does come, there is a good chance you can lower the odds of it being a major spurt.” Janelle’s eyes lit up and her hopes suddenly soared, but Dr. Jurek cautioned her back. “This isn’t a guarantee,” Dr. Jurek warned her. “And we’re only delaying the inevitable. And it’s probably best you not share this with your friends. If they knew what I’m about to share with you, then it could make things worse. I hope you can trust me on that.”

“I won’t tell a soul,” Janelle promised.

“So you have an in with the athletic department,” Dr. Jurek posed to me. I shrugged my shoulders a little, but nodded. “Well, luckily for you, I was part of that training. This is some of the little research that’s going on here regarding our little problem,” she told Janelle with a smile. “So what I can tell you is that there is a list of triggers for an event. We have no idea what the full list is, but we have about 25 things you can check that seemed to fit in with about 80% of the spurts we catalogued on campus. Most of them are foods; some are things like make up. I’ll print them out for you and you need to take them out of your life. It’s better to do it permanently, even though it’s going to be pretty hard, but at least for the next three weeks.”

“Okay,” Janelle promised, quite hopeful.

“Next, are you on any medications?” Dr. Jurek asked her. Julie nodded and provided a full list on request, most of them being for anxiety and depression. Dr. Jurek shook her head and struggled for a moment. “The single best thing you can do is get your stress levels under control, and unfortunately, most anxiety and depression medications won’t help you here. The data is weak, but there is some cause for concern that they are exacerbating the spurts. Especially SSRI’s.”

“I thought SSRI’s were the majority of depression meds,” I added. Dr. Jurek nodded.

“And you’re taking one,” she informed Janelle, who struggled with panic suddenly. “It’s fine, it’s just I think you’re going to have to deal with your depression the old fashioned way for a while,” Dr. Jurek suggested. “And take my advice with a grain of salt, because I’m not a physician.”

“I’ll do anything. So my meds are causing the shrinking?” Janelle asked her.

“No. We have no idea what’s causing it. We really don’t. That’s really as much as I can tell you about that. But what we have done is found data on things that can trigger an event.”

“An event is a spurt,” Janelle confirmed and got a nod from Dr. Jurek.

“In lab settings they like to use more official terms. But yes, a spurt. So, basically, when you are exposed to a trigger, it doesn’t mean you will get a spurt. We’ve seen women who have a number of triggers in their systems but they miss having spurts while others around them don’t. Something else is happening that has to be present already to use the trigger to cause a spurt. We don’t understand what that is yet. But if you can find the triggers in your body and get rid of them, it lowers the odds of another spurt, at least for a while.”

“Because we don’t know all the triggers,” Janelle determined.

“We don’t know a lot of things. This whole problem defies explanation, unfortunately. But that’s the gist of it. Eliminate as many triggers as you can from your body, and manage your stress. And… I suppose I can share one other thing, but make sure you only do this in private,” Dr. Jurek warned her.

“Okay,” Janelle agreed easily.

Dr. Jurek then walked Janelle through a series of exercises to self hypnotize her and put her in a trance like state. It took several tries, but Janelle was eventually able to put herself under and then release herself from it before Dr. Jurek explained she was about as ready as she felt she could be.

“Don’t use those techniques before you go to bed,” Dr. Jurek warned. “If you feel a spurt coming on, you know, that building sensation that feels like it’s going to start spilling over?” Janelle nodded quickly in return to show she fully understood what Dr. Jurek was talking about. “Okay, so try to catch it before the spurt starts. If you can, use this technique and you might be able to stall the spurt for a while. You would probably need to use that technique for a few hours though to wait out the spurt being triggered. Keep in mind, we are only stalling the inevitable.”

“How long do you think she can stall it?” I asked her.

“You might be able to get a couple months if you’re really lucky. Make sure you clean out your body from as many triggers as possible, though. Talk to Holistic Chiropractic down off of Main Street and fifth and ask them for a plan to cleanse your body.”

“What about my anxiety, though?”

“Go to the nutrition store and get something called St John’s wart. I’d say take about three times the recommended dose and if you like dark chocolate, and I mean the really expensive stuff, maybe treat yourself and enjoy that as much as you can afford. These work as a kind of natural SSRI, but they’re a lot less concentrated. You can also make sure you are exposing as much of your body to as much direct sunlight as you can during that day and boosting your vitamin D levels. Other than that, like I said, you’ll have to manage your stress the old fashioned way. The more triggers in your system, the higher likelihood of a major spurt. I’ll let you decide what you can sacrifice and what you can’t though,” she said as she printed off the promised list and handed it to her.

We thanked her and were about to leave, but Dr. Jurek stopped us before we left. “Brendan,” she said in an ominous tone, “I understand you came across this by accident, but I want you to know- those techniques and that list? Those were developed specifically for the athletic department and the research was paid for by a few very wealthy donors. I’m sure other universities have their own programs going on, but all of this was done under the table to give our athletes an advantage over other programs that haven’t figured out ways to stall shrinking. If you get caught with that information or talking about it around the wrong person, I can guarantee you will make some very wealthy people extremely angry. Tell your contact they need to be more careful too,” she warned.

“You mean like the bug?”

“This is a whole other issue than that,” Dr. Jurek informed me. “These would be the same people that have arranged armed security for all the women athletes. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“If we let anyone else know about this… they’ll try to find the mole in the department, won’t they?” Janelle assumed based on her experience with her doctors.

“Yes. And they’ll be a lot more aggressive about it than what you might have come across with your treatment program. The only reason I even told you what I did is because I didn’t want Brendan getting desperate and trying to milk other sources that would get him into a lot of trouble, and probably some others too.”

“I won’t tell a soul,” Janelle promised. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

“Well, you can thank me by not shrinking any further for a while. Good luck,’ she told us and then sent us on our way.

Following that, I took Janelle directly to the chiropractic office where the girl at the front desk merely handed us a card for the chiropractor and a stapled a pair of sheets and sent us on our way.

“Not a very romantic date,” I muttered to Janelle as we headed out.

“This is better,” Janelle beamed with much greater hope in her eyes than I’d seen since I had met her. “Oh no,” she complained.

“What’s that?”

“I have to give up bread,” she complained.

“What? Why?”

“It doesn’t say. It just says anything with commercial wheat.”

When we arrived back it my place, we both went over the list together and looked it over in hopes of getting something both for us to eat. As we went over the many things, something began to occur to me. Shandra was likely adhering to this same list with authoritarian strictness and our dinner together at the German restaurant almost definitely gave her close to a dozen things on this list that were banned from her consumption. I wondered how long she had been forced to endure the many restrictions I was looking at and realized that probably played a great deal into the exuberance she’d experienced with me that night out. I was starting to get a better picture into Shandra’s world just by reading this list and it was depressing.

Janelle found it anything but depressing, though. She found it empowering. This list represented something for her that she’d been denied for years- a chance to affect her shrinking fate. She couldn’t stop it, but this list represented much needed hope for her that she could at least steer it a little. She read it over and over again with me, snuggled as close as humanly possible with me.

“I wish I could share it with the others,” she remarked. “Do you really think it would be that big of a deal? I mean, they can keep a secret, right?”

“Maybe after they all cool down, but I’m a little worried with how catty everyone is getting.”

“I’m not even allowed to sleep with you tonight,” she complained, her frown returning after she revealed this condition of her date with me this evening.

“Sleeping with me wasn’t a requirement,” I assured her.

“Do you have any idea how much I’ve thought about you since the last time?” she asked me. “And I can’t believe you had a threesome!”

“You’re disappointed in me?” I asked her.

“I wanted to be part of it,” she shared.

“I didn’t think you would be into that kind of thing,” I remarked.

“I’m not,” she answered flatly. “I just…” I wanted to interject the word jealous, but decided it was best to wait it out. “It’s really hard sharing you with everyone else and I just thought it would be easier if I could at least be there instead of hearing about it after the fact.”

“You know, you could have me just to yourself. All you have to do is say yes,” I offered her. She didn’t even look at me. She just continued staring at the paper we’d acquired for her. “I can’t,” she muttered.

“But do you want to?” I asked her and watched her as she continued to stare at her list blankly.

“I think Dr. Jurek was right. I want to tell the others about this, but if I do, I’m worried about who else it might spread too,” she said, diverting to another topic.

“Maybe you’re right,” I agreed, though I was disappointed that she’d just completely side stepped my question.

Our date quickly devolved into a study session and half way into the evening, she grabbed my hand and looked up into my eyes expectantly. “Could you maybe come back to my place and help me clean out my cupboards from all this stuff?”

“Sure,” I answered with a smile. She grinned and smiled, then excused herself to go use the bathroom while I continued learning about her new anti-shrinking restrictions. When she returned, she took my hands and handed me my coat and led me out of the apartment with a bag in hand and down to her car.

We parted ways and I followed her back to her place and once we were there we went through all of her cupboards clearing out everything that might be on her list of newly forbidden list of items and then went to her bathroom and did the same there. When we were all done and cleared out a surprising number of things and thrown them in the trash, she looked at me with expectant eyes and clutched my shirt in her hands when I tried to wish her good evening.

“Don’t go,” she whispered up to me.

“I thought you said you couldn’t sleep with me tonight,” I mentioned to her. It was clear what she was implying by the look on her face, so her unexpected behavior made me a bit nervous and also more than a little excited.

“Rebecca’s exact words were ‘you need to leave his house by 9:30. No later. And no trying to get a quickie in with him before you leave.’ So I did. I even called her to let her know I had left, just like I promised.”

“You know that’s not what she meant,” I joked with her, chuckling. “You’re going to start something with them and you know it.”

“Maybe this time can be just our secret?” she suggested.

“You want me to lie to them?”

“Maybe… just not discuss it. I can keep a secret. I’ve really missed you,” she cooed up to me. I had missed her too. I allowed her to lead me back to her living room where we sat on the couch, her curled up by my hip and facing me while tucking her arms in and up against both of our chests while she let me wrap my arms around her and hold her tightly.

We kissed a little, each tentatively exploring each other, almost like this was our first session together and she leaned up to me, growing more and more tense with each kiss as her anticipation seemed to grow. Then, just before our kissing was about to cross over into something much more heated, she stopped me and stared at me with eyes that seemed to tremble.

One thing that I did like about shorter women was the ease with which I could move them around. I won’t lie: the attraction I felt with taller women was undeniable. That moment where Shandra had called out my unquenchable desire for women taller than myself had ignited a fire within me that was still burning like a fever within my body. The sense that she was growing against me was by far the hottest thing I had ever felt and I hadn’t even gotten a release from it. There was no doubt that she was right about this giantess fetish thing she had mentioned. I wanted to feel her growing around me, and it had left me feeling hot under the collar constantly since she had done it. By this point, I was feeling so pent up, I was really regretting trying to play the long game and not going all the way with her right then and there.

Now I sat here with Janelle, sweet, caring and soft and petite at 5’2”, a full foot shorter than Shandra and quiet a bit lighter to boot. I could easily overpower Shandra, despite her exceptional fitness level, but comparatively, Janelle practically folded under my power if I blew on her like a candle. I have to admit; I really enjoyed the sensation of reaching underneath Janelle and simply setting her down on my lap easily and gently. It was a strangely satisfying feeling to simply lift her up and place her where I wanted softly while she watched me do so nearly effortlessly. And thanks to Shandra and her bewitching of me with this exotic fetish, I had been struggling to not pop a boner constantly ever since.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Janelle as I came to grips with battling desires and took into consideration the conflicted expression she was wearing.

Janelle struggled for a good long moment but eventually answered me. “So… Julie and Lisa told us pretty much everything about last week.”

“Yeah,” I answered. I wasn’t really sure what else to say.

She picked at my chest for a moment and seemed to be too embarrassed and that was when it hit me that she was struggling with a feeling of inadequacy compared to the epic escapades I’d experience while she was out of town. “It’s alright,” I encouraged her. “Whatever you want to say, I’m listening.”

She smiled at me shyly, and then cupped my cheek in the palm of her hand. “I don’t think I can do what they did for you last week,” she confided with a certain amount of shame.

“I don’t think I could handle many more sessions like that,” I joked back, but she didn’t seem particularly amused.

Janelle was an endless ball of affection. She was definitely the softest of all the girls. Even when she entered into the room, it was as if she drifted in on a soft breeze. She was, quite frankly, delicate. What Julie and Lisa had put me through was well outside the realm of possibility for Janelle, even with assistance from someone else. Our love making sessions were always extremely gentle, and it took hardly anything for Janelle to cringe in pain. She was just delicate.

Now, that isn’t to say that I was unsatisfied with her. Quite to the contrary. Janelle hadn’t mastered the bewitching powers that Julie and Lisa had demonstrated on me, but it was obvious who they used as the template for their plays in our threesome days before: Janelle. Janelle never grabbed or pulled or clawed like a more aggressive girl like Julie would. Janelle would gently guide with the subtlest of motions of expressions. When she would touch me, it was so delicate it made the hairs all over my entire body stand on end and gave me goose bumps.

What’s more, while there were no massive orgasms like I would experience with the other girls, the sex with Janelle was satisfying in a completely other way. No matter the position, Janelle always clung to me, and she desired nothing more than to feel surrounded by me at all times. I could never go rough with her like I would with some of the others, but on the flip side, when we made love, that was exactly what it felt like- love. Pure, gentle, unabashed love. Not only that, but our sessions together easily lasted much longer than with the other girls. I was never exhausted, drained of fatigued after making love with Janelle. Our bodies simply pressed against each other and moved in unison when I was inside of her slowly and rhythmically and that was all it took to bring her over the edge, usually repeatedly.

The roughest thing she liked was oral and she was exactly as Julie had said- obsessed with getting eaten out. But once we were actually having sex, it was soft and gentle and it sometimes lasted as long as two hours before I finally released my seed into her and she would sigh contentedly at the sensation while hugging me and holding me inside of her until I was completely finished. Our session that I mentioned before was by far the most exotic and energetic that we’d ever experienced together and she was well beyond the bounds of her normal activities that entire evening. But then, that night she had just had a spurt and she had something to prove.

In short, Janelle had nothing to feel inadequate about. She was predictable with her desires, but every time we were together, it just felt right. I would take a life with Janelle without question because that was just how she was, in bed, or outside of it. There was so much to love about Janelle.

“What I mean is… they were really intense.”

“I don’t actually need anything that intense,” I told her. She watched my expressions and listened to me. “You’ve been doing this whole competition thing and it’s fun, but Janelle? I would take how it normally is with you for the rest of my life. I don’t need the girl that can make me make the most noise, and I don’t need climaxing so hard that I see stars. Whenever I’m with you it just feels right and it feels so good and it lasts so long and even then, I never want it to stop. And for the record, you do something for me that no one else does.”

“What’s that?” she asked, her curiosity suddenly rising.

“Every time you touch me, I feel Goosebumps over my entire body,” I shared with her. “No one else has ever done that to me.”

Janelle smiled at this revelation and leaned closely, looking into my eyes, testing to make sure I was telling her the truth. She wavered a bit, but leaned in, tucked her arms in tightly and pressed her head against my chest, inviting me to wrap my arms around her. She sat there like that, snuggling against me and we just enjoyed the time together until I felt her slip her hand free and take my wrist, which was a gentle sign I had learned meant “take her to bed.”

Janelle always liked it when I would pick her up and carry her to the bedroom. She would just lay in my arms and almost purr. While Julie was of dual minds in regards to how “nice” and “gentle” I tended to be, Janelle soaked it up like a hot bath. This was one reason why I still had a slight preference of Janelle over Julie, or any of the others. I actually liked being gentle and treating my woman like she was a treasure to be cherished and protected. So sue me.

Since she was already on my lap, I picked her up and stood up and carried her to the bedroom and laid her down and she gave me the normal treatment I almost always got with her when it came to intimacy together. She was always clear with what she wanted, though she almost never spoke about it. I think the key was her patience. She would offer a subtle cue about what she wanted and then she would stare at me with soft eyes and wait for me to make a move. If I made the right move, she would smile and her body would relax. If not, all I had to do was realize that I hadn’t gotten the right message and she would wait for me to try again, and if I got it wrong too many times, she would gently guide me where she wanted me to be.

I suppose you could call this passive aggressive, but I attribute it to her shyness and discomfort with more lascivious topics. She always struggled to speak aloud about these things and she was very patient with me learning her silent forms of communication, so I never had a problem with it. I actually kind of liked it.

When she was lying on her bed, she simply took my wrist and gently pulled on it until I was lying with her and we kissed. Nothing ravenous, but certainly passionate and leaving little in my mind as to where she wanted things to head. A few minutes into this, she pressed my hand against her breast and sighed happily as I fondled them and eventually worked her shirt and her bra off.

Form here I knew the routine. She would lie there and accept my adoration of her soft, sexy little body until she decided that she wanted straight sex, cunnilingus or to lie there with me straddling above her while she either stroked or sucked me off.

I guess she was feeling really pent up because just laying over her, fondling her breasts and suckling on them was enough to make her squirm and even moan, so I also worked her pants and underwear down, which she offered not resistance to. Once she was fully naked, she tugged on the bottom of my shirt, which was Janelle for “take your shirt off.” I complied and as I did so, she unzipped my pants for me, but took little other action to hurry me along. Janelle was just very passive, but she certainly knew how to make it work.

I stripped completely naked and she pulled on my arms to guide me on top of her, giving me the answer to my question of how where she wanted to proceed given her three normal routes. At first, I followed her lead and we moved together, sliding our naked bodies against each other while my cock stroked the wet folds of her vagina and she pushed down on my shoulders with one hand while grabbing my butt, signaling that she was ready for me to enter her.

I, however, decided that I was in the mood for something different this evening. “Janelle,” I whispered, breaking our kiss for the first time in close to half an hour. “I really want to go down on you.” She offered a strange, almost confused grin. “Come on. Don’t you want me to taste you?”

“I want to feel you inside me,” she answered, though I could tell she was struggling with the decision.

“You will. But I need to taste you first,” I told her. She smiled and bit her lip, then nodded in approval and watched me as I began the slow, methodical descent down to her womanhood. I made sure to take my time, spending my time on her breasts and then proceeded down to her womanhood. Once I reached her hips, I slowed down considerably and smiled to myself as I felt her body tense as she anticipated my arrival at her most erogenous of zones.

I slowly continued kissing and teasing her skin with the tip of my tongue until I reached the front of her slit and then surprised her by reaching out with my tongue and hooking her clitoris with it sooner than she had expected due to my slow progress. She gasped and gripped her pillows in her hands and then I could see her eyes go wide again as she looked down at me and realized I had grabbed the backs of her knees and was pushing them up and folding them into her chest. Janelle was relatively flexible, but I knew this was pushing her to her limits in this regard. Still, I was careful and she trembled nervously as I folder her in half until her wet pussy was pointing up directly at my face, open and inviting my tongue.

“You’re gonna guide me, right?” I asked her after lapping her labia delicately. She shivered and stared at me wide eyed, trembling and nervous having been put in such a compromising position, but she nodded in agreement and then I descended on her womanhood, lapping it affectionately and quickly making her scream and grab the back of my head with one hand and pulling me more tightly against her.

It took Janelle a fair while to adapt to being pinned like I had just done for her. Normally, she would just put her legs over my shoulders and spread them wide enough for me to get full access. This position left her essentially at my mercy, and it was clear that she was conflicted by this because on the one side, she was not normally turned on by some of the more aggressive activities some of the other girls always encouraged me to engage in and I could tell she was feeling a little claustrophobic. On the other hand, this new position was giving me the advantage of a much greater vantage point to push all of her hot buttons and the number and intensity of gasps and moans I was getting from her was more than satisfying. She was as encouraging as she normally was in regard to my sensual attentions, and very vocal about how to derive the most amount of pleasure from her.

Once she learned that if she merely pushed back against me I would immediately back off, she began to relax and shortly after that, I was treated to her first orgasm of the evening. Normally, Janelle preferred to take a break following each climax, but this time I pressed on and I couldn’t help but smile to myself when I felt her entire body shaking beneath me.

I worked particularly hard this evening to bath her clitoris in near constant affection, a petite pointed little nub in comparison to say Julie’s clit. Most of the other girls it was a case of steadily building up intensity and force as I ate her out, and generally speaking, my tongue just didn’t have the raw power to overwhelm them in the same manner I could do with I was manually getting her off. Janelle, though, was much more sensitive in this regard and even using my tongue, it was a matter of speed and precision with Janelle, over burying my face in and devouring her whole.

Janelle’s second climax came on unexpectedly and she bucked and twisted spastically as I powered through her intense orgasm, which I am proud to say bought me a third one that was triggered following the second.

I was more than happy to continue, and much to my surprise, Janelle grabbed my head with both hands and pushed her legs free of my grip with surprising force. I think that she meant to push me free due to her sensory overload, but instead she pulled me in even harder as her screams intensified and grew louder as she squeezed her thighs against the sides of my head and pressed her heels into my back.

She struggled and it was all I could do to keep from laughing as she pressed me so hard against her pussy that my teeth were beginning to hurt. I, of course, used this to my advantage to the best of my ability and lapped her labia and clitoris as fast as I could, and though I was certainly making progress, Janelle was completely lost in the moment and overloaded to the point that she was no longer offering me any of the guidance she had been providing up to this point was gone and she simply twitch and tremored against my face randomly.

We remained like this for at least several minutes, and to be honest, it was starting to become rather painful as she squeezed my head with her legs and hands for a while until I could feel her muscles reach their limit and begin to fatigue and then she finally plummeted into a fourth orgasm, one where every muscle in her body seemed to lock up and that went on into one long, continuous scream until there was no air in her longs and said scream petered out into a stuttering gasp and then finally, she collapsed in a heap, completely spent.

I finally was able to lift my gaze from her hips and grin at her wheezing above me while I contemplated whether to begin anew and see if I could push her higher. I think it’s obvious what I was going to choose, but as soon as she felt me approach her womanhood again, she grabbed frantically at my face and arms and pulled on me, desperate to separate me from her sex. “No more, no more, no more,” she gasped, though she was half laughing as she did so.

I was a little disappointed, but I followed her lead once more and crawled up to join her, while she looked at the excess of womanly fluids glistening around my mouth. “I’m all over your face,” she laughed and then grabbed her shirt and wiped me clean before curling up in my arms again to recover.

We lay like this for quite a while, the clock slowly ticking away in the background. I felt her relax slowly and sigh as she buried her face in my chest and she released all of the air in her lungs as I petted her mane. As relaxed as she was, however, I could tell she was fully awake and her mind at a near run.

“You okay?” I asked her after giving her more than enough time to speak up on her own.

“Just thinking.”


She took a long pause and I waited, though she took long enough to answer me that I was starting to become uncomfortable. “I was kinda surprised by how much Lisa shrank.”

“Only a few inches,” I pointed out.

“Maybe to you. But I’m taller than her now. It’s freaky.”

“Not the first time we’ve seen that happen, though,” I pointed out.

“She seems so tiny compared to before. It’s not the same when you’re already bigger than her. It’s different when you go from being shorter to taller than her.”

“It’s been a tough transition for her,” I admitted.

“She said you think she’s sexier now after she shrank,” Janelle said. There was something disquieting about the tone of her voice. I separated her from my chest so I could look her in the eyes. “I thought you were into tall girls. But now she’s so tiny.”

“I am turned on by tall women, but I wish you wouldn’t read so much into that.”

“Were you turned on when you saw me after my last spurt?”

“Janelle, I don’t want you to change. I don’t want you taller, I don’t want you to shrink anymore. I didn’t want Lisa to shrink at all. What I said to Lisa was true, but it was more about how she acted after she recovered from her spurt.”

“If I had a five inch spurt like she did, I would only be 4’9”. That’s like child sized.”

“With all the adult curves,” I reminded her with a smirk.

“But if I did have a spurt like that, would you be more turned on by me too?”

“Are you asking because you’re afraid I am more turned on by Lisa than you, or because you want to feel like you would still be beautiful to me even if you had a spurt that big?”

“Both,” she admitted soberly. I sighed and thought about my answer.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” I said to her. She perked up and leaned little further up to listen. “I can’t help but ask myself which of you I could live with more than the others and ask who I would choose if I could only have one.”

“Who would it be?”

“I’m having a hard time with that. You’re all… very good in your own right. I’m struggling. When you were out of town, I was starting to feel like I would say Julie, but now that you’re back and I’m with you again, I don’t know about that. I said what I said to Lisa because she is feeling really inadequate right now, having had such a big spurt. It’s true, but this whole shrinking spurt thing means I really have to be careful about what I say and when. But no, I’m not more into Lisa now because she had such a big spurt.”

“I didn’t think Julie would be the head of the pack,” Janelle admitted.

“Well, the head of the pack would be you and Julie.”

“Why Julie, though? I mean, she’s kinda… abrasive.”

“She’s a really strong woman. A guy can’t help but be attracted to a strong woman, spurts or not.”

“And I’m the opposite of that,” she grumbled.

“You’re definitely strong in your own way. I don’t know what you’ve been through because you won’t talk to me about it, but it must have been bad,” I told her. She didn’t respond and she merely stared into my chest again at the mention of her past. “But you take it and you own it quietly and I just have this feeling that you have been to hell and back again. I dunno; I think that makes you pretty strong.”

Janelle swallowed hard and then curled up in my arms again.

“When Lisa and Julie told us about the threesome, I tried to deflect it by telling them that I told you how I feel about you,” she confided. “I got in a lot of trouble.”

“What? Why?” I asked back. I was honestly incensed by that statement.

“Because no one is supposed to get special time with you and we’re not supposed to try to get your for ourselves. We’ve got rules on what we’re allowed to say and how much time each of us spends with you.”

“I shouldn’t have ever let it get this far,” I complained.

“Well, it sucks, because we’re not just trying to find a boyfriend. We need someone who will take care of us all when we’re too small. I mean, I guess it made sense at the time, but I just had… to tell you.”

“And that’s why if you wanted to just go it alone, just the two of us, I would do it right here and now,” I told her, hoping this would nudge her. Unfortunately, she seemed stuck as usual and only lay there in silence with me. Not what I wanted to hear, but at least she wasn’t scolding me like I’d gotten from others.

It took Janelle a while, but once she’d had enough time, she began kissing my collarbone ever so gently, another subtle sign that she was ready for more lovemaking. I tipped her head back and kissed her and she rolled over onto her back, inviting me to follow her, and before long, she had wrapped her legs around my waist and she was purring as I rubbed my hips against hers as she warmed up again.

Our bodies seemed to meld together and we kissed until I felt her squeeze my waist and guide me backwards until I was lined up according to her needs and then she sighed contentedly as she squeezed my butt and pulled, guiding me inside of her gradually.

Like most of our sessions together, this lovemaking was soft and gentle. No wild orgasms or positions, though she had a couple of gentle climaxes. Our bodies simply pressed against each other and I moved myself in and out of her slowly, but with the pressure of my weight for minute after minute for the better part of an hour before she felt me tense, squeezed me tightly and sighed as she felt me spill my seed into her womb until I was spent.

When it was all over, we just simply lay there together, her curled up in my arms and lying across me and we both fell asleep like that for the remainder of the night.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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The next morning was straightforward. Janelle and I had a truncated breakfast of coffee and toasted bagels together and then we parted ways, her to work and me to class. In between classes, I was lost in my thoughts while walking the sidewalk in a relatively quiet area when I noticed a neatly folded piece of paper lying on the concrete in my path. I smirked and wondered to myself, and decided to pick it up, given that it seemed a little odd that it would just be sitting there the way it was, precisely in the center of a concrete pad.

When I opened, it, my suspicions were confirmed and I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear. “Remember when you were a kid and you were too nervous to tell the boy you really, really, REALLY liked, so you had to resort to sending notes? 227A.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, and I looked around, and to my left I realized I was standing just down the hill from the Business Management building. I hiked my backpack more securely on my shoulder and made the short trek up and in one of the lesser used doors on the back of the building, and then looked around the corridor. As expected, the rooms were all numbered, 103, 105, 107, 109A…”

I then walked around until I found a staircase and ascended it and had to make a couple turns before I found a room that was numbered 227A where the door was just barely cracked open. I pulled it open and stepped inside to find a small lecture hall that was mostly unlit and Shandra sitting on the edge of the stage where the professor’s podium sat, swinging her legs to and fro and staring at the floor.

As soon as I entered, her head jerked up in alert with her eyes wide, but as soon as she saw who’d stumbled across her, she grinned and I couldn’t help but smile myself as her eyes sparkled for me, even from a distance. I turned and looked as I noticed the door click shut behind me, indicating it was locked, and then looked down to Shandra, who was now standing and waiting for me, so I walked down to meet her and she stood against me, staring me directly in the eyes, but then looked down as she realized I was holding her note between us and up for her, refolded just as I had found it.

She gave me a sly look, then accepted it and opened it when I nodded to her and she laughed almost so hard that she fell over when she read what I’d responded in her little surprise she’d left for me.

“I was never lucky enough to have a goddess write me any notes in grade school.”

I held her up, proud that I’d made her blush from the compliment and when she was able to look me in the eyes again, I preempted her and kissed her. She chirped and then lifted her arms and wrapped them around my neck and we stood there, making out like that for several minutes.

We both went as long as we could without giving in to more primal urges and she stepped back, but only slightly. “I know it’s a little early…” she began tentatively, “but I got you lunch.”

I grinned and then we sat together behind the podium sharing gyros together.

Our conversation was surprisingly light. She told me about her coursework and asked me about mine, though she struggled with all of the technical terms I had related to my fields of study. Mostly, we compared notes on professors, and I wondered if this was more along the lines of what I should be experiencing in terms of a relationship rather than the struggles I’d been having with a half dozen women all at once.

What never came up even once was my time out session that was partially happening with the girls. She never asked and I got the feeling that any time I even considered bringing it up, she knew it and was more interested in diverting the conversation to something else.

Towards the end of the conversation, my curiosity got the better of me, so I just simply asked her, “So, things are kind of hush, hush, but I guess it’s pretty well known that the women’s athletics program is basically a secret operation.” Shandra kind of wagged her head, indicating that made sense to her. “So if you are locked down as much as you say you are, how do you manage to sneak away to rendezvous with me?” I was going for playful, but the expression I got from Shandra was abject shame. “What?” I asked, uncertain how I’d offended her.

“You’ll be mad,” she told me.

“No I won’t,” I assured her.

“Yeah you will be, because it’s fucked up,” she insisted.

“Did you not want to talk about it?” I offered.

“I promised. Everything I can talk about I would tell you.”

“I’m not going to pry,” I added, trying to soften the blow.

“When this all started happening, I didn’t really believe it. My roommate insisted what actually ended up happening was going to happen and I wrote her off as being a tin foil hat nutcase. But little by little, everything she predicted came true. I wanted to fight it, and I even tried to drop out of school to get away from it, but my dad intervened because he doesn’t want me suffering from any more spurts and the school has a contract we all signed that basically gives them full control. Several girls tried to ignore the curfews not that long into what we’ve been living with the last couple years and leave without escorts, and I was going to be one of them, but my roommate convinced me to back down and not go with when some of the other girls made a stand. They were basically locked in their rooms for a couple months straight other than to go to the minimum classes necessary or to practice. Some of the girls weren’t in sports at that time of the year, so they weren’t allowed out at all and all of them had their roommates moved out too.”

“Solitary confinement?” I asked, shocked.

“Amber, my roommate, made me swear to do everything she said, because that was the only way we’d get any freedom back at all. So I let them all go through this on their own and that was when Jenna told me what she had in mind.”

“And what was that?”

“Well, we can sneak out because we’re the enforcers in the dorms,” she answered, unable to make eye contact any longer.

“What do you mean?”

“The women’s volleyball team all got together and decided we would stand with the administration no matter how badly they treated us all and do whatever we could to keep all the other women in line. That’s how we can sneak out. It took us time, but we eventually earned the administration’s trust and we basically run the whisper network that keeps everyone snitching on each other and living in fear.”

I couldn’t say I was mad at her. Shocked was more like it. I couldn’t believe she could do such a thing, but then I thought back to Dr. Jurek’s warnings to me and began to fill in the pieces. “I did some snooping around and I guess this is all paid for by some really wealthy donors?”

“Don’t do any more snooping,” Shandra warned me ominously. “I already know everything you will need to know and I promise I will tell you when I can. Until then… I will just tell you that the last boyfriend that showed up demanding to be allowed to see his girlfriend at the dorm ended up in intensive care. We think he left the school and got some kind of settlement to keep his mouth shut, but a lot of that is just guess work.”

“This isn’t right. It’s beyond fucked up,” I complained to her.

“Just… let me handle it,” she insisted quietly, yet firmly.

“Well, you’re wrong, I guess. I’m not mad at you. I think I understand why you did it, but I guess I just wish you could’ve done it without doing it at everyone else’s expense. I mean, there’s gotta be something we can do.”

“I know I’m keeping things from you, but.. can I trust you?” she asked. Realistically, the answer should have been no. Yes, she was beautiful, she was fun and filled with life, but she was also very off limits and the clandestine nature of our get-togethers really didn’t sit completely well with me. It was exciting, so there was that appeal, but I felt a little like a rabbit in an open field.

There was also the fact that she’d just admitted that she was actively helping in the efforts to control all the same women she herself had described as being essentially slaves or at best trophies.

But in the end, there was just something about Shandra. “Yeah,” I answered. I didn’t really have to think about it very long.

She grinned and leaned up against me and kissed me. “When the time comes, I’ll let you help,” she promised. “Until then, please just don’t get any more involved. I’ve been living with this for three years now, and I just can’t get you up to speed in time on how to navigate all this.”

“I don’t like sitting on the sidelines when you tell me that you and everyone in your dorm is being treated like the athletic department’s property.”

“You want to know the most ironic part?” she asked me with a mischievous look her in eyes.

“What’s that?”

“So, women’s sports have always had less fans, fewer viewers, and I’ll be honest… we just don’t perform as well as the men’s sports. We’ve always been just kinda there and basically tokens. I mean we’re tokens now more than ever, but the Smurfening has had a really weird side effect. You see, we were always just a token side part of the athletic department, but thanks to all the donations that are funding all of the things going on with our teams, there is now a women’s athletic department and a men’s, and the women’s has more money. A lot more money.”

“And all it took was every woman on the planet to start shrinking in spurts randomly,” I joked.

“And a lot of really wealthy people who all want a direct say in how our department is run,” she mentioned with a lot less joviality. “But anyways, I won’t keep you on the side lines, I promise. If you want to help, I definitely need it. I just need you wait for a while.”

“Alright,” I agreed. “And I am guessing that means I will be in the dark until then?”

“Yeah. But hey, I have a question.”

“What’s that?”

“Are you busy tomorrow night? I think I have it worked out that I can sneak out for as long as I want.”

“Do I get to pick you up?” I asked with a little playful raise from my eyebrows.

“No,” she grinned, but I got a sweet kiss for my question. “See you at your place?”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“You know… this is number four,” she teased me as she tucked her arms in and curled up against me, inviting me to wrap my arms around her.

“Well, if things keep going like this, you’re all but guaranteed to lose count,” I teased her. I looked down at her and she smiled, however there was a distant look in her eyes. I didn’t really know how to interpret it, nor did I know what to ask.

“I think I get it,” she commented after a long enough pause to snuggle in my arms.

“Get what?” I asked.

“Why you wanted to wait. I mean, besides your other… thing. That they’re getting their distance from you.”

“That’s not a good enough answer?”

“Life sucks ever since this thing started. It’s so miserable. There’s no fun, there’s no getting together with friends anymore; it’s all just been ruined. And for the first time since I grew boobs, I can just sit here and have fun with you and not have to worry about sex. I missed just being close to someone so much.”

“I can only imagine,” I comforted her. She tipped her head up and smirked at me.

“I’m not going to make the move,” she warned me with a mischievous smile. “I already came on to you.”

“What happened to just enjoying ourselves and having fun?”

“I won’t let it get in the way of that,” she promised and then she curled up a little more tightly in my arms and snuggled.

We stayed for as long as she had time and then departed out separate entrances to go to our respective destinations. Once I was back in the science center, I found myself sitting and staring out the window at a sea of bare, leafless trees. I guess I was a little conspicuous, because before long, Dr. Jurek showed up beside me and looked out along with me. After I looked to acknowledge her, she spoke, without looking directly at me.

“More romantic troubles?” she asked me. “Or are you just worried about Janelle?”

“A little of all of the above,” I answered her. “I won’t be seeing Janelle for a little while. The other girls gave a waver for our little time out, but now I won’t be seeing her for a bit.”

“Aren’t you worried? With her being on the edge of another spurt and all?”

“Definitely. I’m not allowed to be around any of them when it happens, though.”

Dr. Jurek sighed heavily and shook her head. “And why not?” she wanted to know.

“Because it’s a girl thing and a guy can’t understand what it’s like,” I explained. “That’s what part of the fight is about. I went to see one just after a spurt and I guess I wasn’t allowed to. I just wanted to help her out, but she didn’t really handle it the best and… anyways, men don’t have a place there when a spurt happens.”

Dr. Jurek shook her head and looked down at her own hands, and I could tell I was seeing a much more personal side of her again, rather than the mentor I’d come to rely upon. “When I finally have my first spurt, do you have any idea what I would give to have someone I cared about and trusted there to help me out?”

“You don’t think it would be humiliating to have a man watch you shrink like that?”

“Of course I would,” she answered straightforwardly. “But that is what it means to have someone in your life. I’ve seen what happens to women who go through it alone and they are emotional wrecks. I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe everyone is going about this the wrong way. If you care about Janelle, then I think she should let you be there for her. If she’s experienced them before, then what does she have to lose?”

“I’ve noticed how… insecure? Inadequate each one feels after a spurt. Even if it’s just a little one.”

“Those are commonly reported experiences,” she answered me.

“The girl I went to just after her spurt, she tried to seduce me when I saw her, even though she was obviously not in the mood. She just wasn’t herself at all and it was like she was trying to prove she wasn’t… I dunno…”

“Also commonly reported for spurts,” she answered me. “What do you think you should do when spurt happens?”

“I want to be there,” I told her frankly. “I have no idea what I can do to make it better, but I at least want to be able to try. I’ve seen women have spurts in public and every time they look like they are having the worst day of their lives. When I saw Lisa after her spurt, it was kind of like that, but actually talking to her, it was like she wasn’t all there. Do you know anything about why that might be?”

“It’s extremely difficult to get those kinds of measurements and technical observations on a subject that’s shrinking while you’re trying to record the changes,” Dr. Jurek explained. “And there are some… other events occurring that make measurements difficult.”

“Like what?”

“Like the kind that you will need to stay in the program to learn about. I’m not just going to dump all of my knowledge into you just to have you drop out.”

“What do I do with Janelle?”

“Keep her stress levels down,” Dr. Jurek answered. “And be there for her as much as you can.”

“Let me ask you something personal,” I said and looked at her, but she continued to stare out the window without looking back at me.

“It depends on how personal,” she determined after some thought.

“Are you on the same regiment as the women’s athletes?”

“No,” she answered back. “I’m on another program. Each program has… up sides and down sides, and some are a little more advanced than others. One of the benefits to being on one of the projects. You get to see the results of each treatment and the data behind them because they all collaborate and you can choose which treatment best fits in.”

“But they only stall the inevitable.”

“Correct,” she answered me. “And some with consequences.”

“What kind of consequences? Like… more intense spurts?”

“We call them CCE’s. Catastrophic Contraction Events. Major spurts, big spurts or things like that just sound wrong when you’re talking about getting smaller. But yes, some of the more effective methods of stalling an event increase the likelihood of a CCE. Others have… an increased risk of other side effects. We can talk about those some other time. It’s nothing gross or overly sci-fi, though.”

“What side effects does your regiment have?” I asked.

“Scientific curiosity?” she asked with a distant smile.

“Personal concern.” She shook her head at me and looked up at me, and for a second I thought she was going to scold me about being too cozy with her as a professor, but something in my face made her pause and she stared at me and then led me back to her office where I sat across from her and she gathered her thoughts.

“Brendan, I am growing more than a little concerned about how dependant you’re becoming on me,” she informed me calmly.

“Well, at least you didn’t accuse me of something untoward again,” I teased.

“I’m serious,” she told me firmly.

“So am I. I don’t know if I’m too dependent on you, Dr. Jurek. Honestly, I’m not really sure I care at this point. You’ve been my best professor by far, you’ve been an incredible mentor to me, and you’re one of the few people in this world left I can trust. I feel like I can trust you as much as Caitlyn.”

Dr. Jurek sat back and looked at me with some surprise. I’d mentioned Caitlyn and how important she was to me because of our friendship and how we continued to stay in touch. With luck, I would be seeing her again for Christmas soon, and I’d mentioned that in passing during lab sessions to her, so she was very aware of how important she was to me.

“That’s very high praise,” she admitted with a soft smile.

“I’m worried about you. I know you live alone, you spend almost all your time here at work and you don’t seem to have many people to lean on when you need help. And now your tell me that treatment plans that delay spurts come with side effects, and I’m worried about you. I’m not going to apologize for that.”

Dr. Jurek smiled and looked off to the side at her corkboard and considered my comments before she addressed them. “Maybe we could have a little quid pro quo,” she suggested with a smirk.

“That phrase doesn’t usually come up unless it’s something immoral,” I teased back.

“Remove your mind from the gutter, please,” she joked with me. “It’s simple: you tell me a little about what I want to know and I will tell you.”

“Fair enough. But what could I possibly know that would be of interest to you?”

“I warned you about what I thought the women you have been seeing might be up to. Have you been taking my warnings seriously?”

“Yes,” I answered directly.

“How seriously?”

“It actually came up a couple days before you and I talked about it. They’re calling it a harem. And yes, they are angling for one, or at least they’re exploring the idea.”

“I’m surprised,” she remarked with a certain level of fascination. “From what I’ve read, women try to bring in a few more than just three to make those kinds of things work.”

“There are six women that I’ve been tangled up with, not three,” I shared, instantly causing her jaw to drop. “Janelle, Lisa, Rebecca, Yvonne, Lana and Julie. Julie is basically the leader of the group, but I think they’re having a bit of a power struggle right now and that’s the main reason I’m on time out.” Dr. Jurek stared at me slack jawed. “I didn’t tell you because at the time you made it sound like the less you actually knew, the better.”

“Six of them,” she remarked, utterly shocked.

“Yeah, and it’s really frustrating.”

“I would say so,” she agreed, still wide eyed.

“It happened just how I told you. I was on the rebound and they made it sound like it was just for fun, and they encouraged me to play the field. Almost all of them are playing the field still too. I pushed Julie hard on an actual relationship a couple days before you warned me and she finally let it slip what they were going for and what their idea of a serious relationship would look like.”

“Six of them,” she remarked again, still astounded.

“I also… didn’t want to tell you the real number because I knew you’d be disappointed in me.” The look of shock on her face faded and she looked at the shame on my face with much more sympathy.

“I’m not disappointed in you. I’m just… well, I’ll admit that you were a lot less conspicuous than I’d given you credit for.”

“It was a good wake up call when you warned me. I told them about what moving to a harem would mean for my academic career. I know Julie and Lisa are worried about it. I don’t know about the others. I don’t understand how you couldn’t be disappointed in me, though. I’m sleeping with six different women at once.”

“What about the new girl? The student on campus?”

“I wanted to take things slower with her. Maybe get a real relationship and do it right because I’m wondering if it’s better than trying to fix this other thing. I’m not happy with what sex has done to my life, so I kinda want to take a step back a bit.”

Dr. Jurek smiled at me and leaned her chin on the palm of her hand while resting her elbow on her desk. “I’m not disappointed in you,” she assured me. “A few years ago? Yes, I would be. But the truth of the matter is that things have changed that much.”

“I was really hurting when Brooke left me. It wasn’t very long ago that I realized that… well, I think I’ve finally healed from it. But I can’t keep going like this. It’s really confusing feeling like this for several women at once and it’s really stressful, and I feel like I’m just overloaded with everything going on. I liked it better when I was just friends with each of them. With.. the girl on campus, it’s a lot simpler.”

“Does she not have a name?”

“I’m pretty sure she wants me to keep it to myself,” I answered back. Dr. Jurek nodded and considered everything and I waited for her to speak.

“I’ll be honest with you. I’m not disappointed with you because if I had a pod, or a harem as you’re calling it, I could fall back on, I would do it without even thinking twice. I’m not looking forward to living in a world that’s twice as big to me in every direction. If that means sharing, I think I would just do it.”

“This is a really messed up world we live in,” I said, shaking my head. Dr. Jurek was forced to agree.

“Well, I certainly learned more than I had expected,” she confided, pondering all of the ramifications of my revelations. “As far as your questions, I was careful to pick a treatment that worked best for my body chemistry. I’m one of a lucky group of women who there are more effective treatments for, so I have a lower risk of side effects. Even so, though, I was on some of the earliest treatment programs, so I had to factor that into choosing my new treatment regiment. If we’re just going by statistics, I should be able to delay my first spurt for a few years yet and when it comes, it should be a normal spurt of an inch or two. We’re talking about statistics and odds, though, so I still need to be conscientious about what I’m doing and when. As for when the event actually occurs? The best thing you can do is enter that self-hypnosis state I taught Janelle. There is a build up that happens physiologically, and stress is the biggest factor in triggering an actual event. I have actually been on the edge of an event a couple times already, and I used that technique to stall it off.”

“So you can just hypnotize yourself into not having a spurt?”

“No,” she answered flatly. “It doesn’t work like that. You need to have the other things I sent you two home with in place as well and it’s not so much stopping the spurt as it is… redirecting the force so that it doesn’t trigger an event.”

“What kind of force are we talking about here?”

“I’m not going into that right now. Actually, I don’t even have the full answers. My point is that I have spurts as well in hand as can be. I should be safe from one for some time yet. Now, the athletes you’ve somehow found an in with? They are using an aggressive plan that we first tested in the projects that had promise, but we discovered it came at a price. It’s highly successful at stopping any spurts for very long periods of time, but there is a build up in the system as that treatment stops events from occurring over and over again. In the end, it loses effectiveness over time, and once that effectiveness is gone, you can expect those women to more often than not have a steady stream of spurts over relatively short periods of time. No one has to date reported any CCE’s after being on that treatment program, but what they are finding with it that women who started it a couple years ago are starting to experience average spurts every few weeks or so.”

“So they’re only keeping their heights long enough to get through college and then they start slowly shrinking constantly?”

“Yes,” Dr. Jurek shared. I sat in horror as I considered the ramifications for Shandra and wondered if she even knew what lay ahead for her in the not so distant future. I realized that not long after graduation, she would likely be cut off from this treatment and then I would watch as not long after that I would be an inch taller than her instead of equal heights, then by the next month, two inches, and by the end of the year I could see her descend down to average height for a woman, perhaps less. If we remained together, within a year, she could be half way between four and five feet. No wonder Shandra had such a carpe diem philosophy and kept reminding me that life was short. Soon enough, so too would she be.

“No more questions right now,” she told me. “I’m fine, and I’m as safe from a spurt as I can be for the time being.”

“I’m glad,” I told her genuinely.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by MrWitness » Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:41 am

So many female threads popped up in your story that I keep thinking about when a new character will come out! But even if that were not the case, you already have tons of exciting story opportunities. Well done!

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by Knightstable » Wed Jan 20, 2021 2:38 pm

I love this twist! I cant wait to see Shandra start to steadily shrink. Great work as usual. :D

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by drek » Mon Mar 01, 2021 7:50 pm

What's the status of this story? Is it going to continue?

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Tue Mar 02, 2021 2:30 am

drek wrote:
Mon Mar 01, 2021 7:50 pm
What's the status of this story? Is it going to continue?
Yes, sorry. The holidays were really rough for me and I had a number of personal issues that have kind of derailed my muse as of late. I'll try to get back to it, but I'm suffering from a lot of writer's block and struggling to concentrate each time I sit down to write.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by Knightstable » Tue Mar 02, 2021 2:15 pm

Hey man it’s great to hear from you. I was afraid that you were gone. I hope things get better, you should take all the time you need. There’s no point in rushing it if you’re not inspired or in the right headspace. Take care!

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by CKent45 » Mon Apr 05, 2021 1:14 pm

That night, I met all of the girls for some casual dinner and drinks (wine). I will just say that things were tense when I arrived. Each of the women seemed to have it in their heads that the others were each a threat to each other at this point. I could only imagine what further arguments they’d had in my absence.

My first priorities were to Janelle and Julie. Happily, Janelle was holding her own and adapting to her new regimen, and Julie was struggling, but hanging on as she swung from emotional crash to barely functioning. She did seem to cheer up at the evening wore on.

For the most part, I was content to just make small talk and try to mend fences, and this seemed to work out well until it came time to actually make dinner. Dinner was at Julie’s, and as such, Julie and Lisa did most of the cooking while I tried to raise spirits in with the remainder of the group.

Perhaps this is petty of me, but when dinner came, I noticed that both Lana and Rebecca went out of their way to sit at either head of the dining table while Julie and Lisa were left sitting on the spare chairs. This was a bridge too far for me and when Rebecca made a quick comment that I assume she thought I didn’t over hear until I shot her a nasty glare about having me eat at the kiddie table, I decided I had had enough. I could see the defeated look on Julie’s face as she sat down at a spare chair at her own table in her own house over a meal she had prepared, and I decided enough was enough.

“I’d like to say something before we start,” I stated, gaining attention from everyone there.

“I’m sure it can wait until after we finish dinner,” Lana told me, trying to preserve the peace, but doing a rather poor job of it.

“No,” I answered bluntly. “It can’t.” Julie lifted her head and looked at me, almost like her hopes suddenly rested on me, and Janelle and Lisa perked up, offering a silent consent. That left Yvonne, who stared at her plate and Lana and Rebecca who stood in opposition. “I mean, unless you want me to just go home, since there’s no kiddie table to send me to,” I said with a fair dose of sarcasm to Rebecca, who backed down now instantly and looked immediately at her plate.

“I want to hear what he has to say,” Lisa said meekly and cowered following a nasty glare from Rebecca, though she didn’t bother to recant her statement.

“Why don’t we just stop dancing around it,” I told her. “You’re being petty,” I told them all, making sure to not give Julie or Janelle nearly the same amount of glare as the others. “And don’t give me any more of this ‘kiddie table’ crap or whining about my inexperience or being younger than you all. I hate to break it to you, but I’m not that much younger than you and honestly, if you’ve got problems with my maturity, then don’t date me.”

Everyone at the table was taken aback by my bold statement. I can only assume they had taken for granted how pussy whipped I was and they weren’t expecting such a take it or leave it attitude when I normally went out of my way to appease them all. But like I said, enough was enough.

“Julie made us a meal. SHE cooked almost the entire thing, and she brought us to HER house and YOU are going out of your way to act like you own the place. You know what? I am glad that she told me about this whole harem scheme because it is getting insanely difficult to try to reconcile being in love with six different women at once and feeling like I’m cheating on each one of you whenever I’m with another one of you while almost all of you are going out and still fucking other guys even though I know full well this was exactly what I agreed to when I signed on. I’m sorry, but I want something more than all the sex I can handle and random company. I have been sitting on this feeling for weeks because I was the one that agreed to this crap and now, here I sit in a room full of women who are at each other’s throats because you’re just as jealous as I am. I get it. You’re all scared. I am doing my best to be understanding, but it’s time to stop acting like a bunch of little junior high school girls. You’re all shrinking and the day is coming where you are too small to function on your own anymore so you need some kind of option, but the thing is no one even bothered to consult me, and the ONLY one who had the decency to tell me what was going on and be up front with me was Julie. Why don’t you get off of her ass for being the only one who had that balls to be honest and up front.”

I saw more than one lady swallow hard as they each took their medicine. I honestly didn’t know how strong my ground was to stand on. I still don’t. I didn’t want it to be a me versus them kind of thing, or come off as holier than thou, but that was the best I was able to do at the time. Thankfully, they seemed to respond about as well as I could have hoped, and Julie lifted her head as I stood up for her and I could see her spirits lift noticeably. The tired, defeated look on her face was starting to fade.

“If you get your shit together,” I went on, pausing to collect my thoughts, “yes, I will sacrifice my college goals and I will take you all in, for better or smaller. I will love each and every one of you and I will make sure you are safe as you shrink too small to carry on in your jobs anymore. But this in fighting and catty bullshit needs to stop. This isn’t perfect, this certainly isn’t the life I dreamed of, but each of you seems pretty happy being together when it’s just the two of us, and each of you are good friends. You’re more than just good friends. You know things about each other no one else knows so I’m really not sure how the hell else to make this any more likely to succeed. But get your shit together. If I’m not good enough to take care of you while you’re shrinking, then figure it out and stop fucking with my head. And stop attacking Julie and Lisa. Julie was an emotional wreck last week and she’s going through some serious shit and instead of helping your friend out, you got all pissy because she didn’t stick to the schedule when no one else was there for her to lean on. And Lisa had her first spurt and it was a major one. Has anyone even bothered to check if she is okay having shrunk five inches? Has anyone bothered to make sure she has enough clothes to continue to try to hide what happened other than Julie or me? Has anyone bothered to check that people are actually buying her charade?”

There was silence in the room as each woman took their medicine further, but I guess even that wasn’t quite enough to satisfy Rebecca.

“And the threesome? What about that?” Rebecca demanded to know.

“The threesome was fucking amazing,” I answered back unabashedly. “I have never had an experience like that in my life and Lisa and Julie were insanely sexy. I’m not apologizing for it when nearly every one of you is still going out getting whatever cock you feel like. I don’t want to beat you over the head with that, because I agreed to it. This is an open relationship, right? Well, you don’t get to change the rules around just because what we decide to do on our own time makes you feel jealous. You know what? If it bothers you that much, once I actually recover from Lisa and Julie fucking my brains out, I can let you and Lana have a threesome.”

“I cannot believe I just heard you say that,” Lana told me rather sternly.

“I can,” Julie smirked, gaining a tad more sass as she realized she wasn’t standing alone for the first time all week.

“Lighten up,” I told Lana equally as sternly as soon as I saw how offended she was over my comment.

“Don’t play this off like that was some immature joke. You were serious,” Lana lectured again.

“And so what if I was? I’m sleeping with all six of you. I’m sorry to put it out there like that, but apparently you all were discussing a threesome or moresome anyways without me even knowing.”

“She’s not supposed to be telling you all our dirty little secrets,” Rebecca growled at Julie, who only shrank back slightly at the accusation.

“Why not? Why am I supposed to go around being led around by my dick while you keep your schemes and plans to yourself? Huh? You have been buttering me up to take all of you in and you seem to be under the impression that you can just control me forever. I hate to break it to you, but you’re shrinking, Rebecca. For all you know, your next spurt could leave you even smaller than Lisa,” I pointed out. Rebecca suddenly turned a deep red, embarrassed and obviously unhappy that I’d gone after her greatest fear. She was definitely enjoying being coequal with Lana as the biggest of the pack.

“That’s a low blow,” Yvonne interrupted, coming to Rebecca’s defense.

“No it’s not. It’s reality. You want serious? Here’s serious. I have seen major spurts happen. I’ve seen it happen twice and I have seen how devastating they are. Imagine going through a spurt of a foot or more in the middle of the lunchroom in high school. Just imagine that. I’ve seen it happen twice and if you think I get off on watching a woman’s life be ripped to shreds right in front of her eyes like that, you’re mistaken. The odds may be low, but they exist just the same. Both of you seem to be getting off on still being above average height,” I lectured Rebecca and Lana and felt reassured when I saw sympathetic nods from Lisa, Yvonne and Janelle. “I’m just going to warn you that maybe you should watch yourself because if all your power comes from being bigger and stronger than everyone else. You are rolling the dice and could end up looking up to all these other women as soon as your next spurt. I’ve kinda had my fill of the power games from women who are literally shrinking. You’re not in control, and I think it’s about time you accepted that. I want you to think about how much control you’re going to be able to exert or how much you think you’ll be able to push me around when you’re five feet tall. What about four? What happens when you shrink down to three feet, or even less?”

“It’s not fair to prey on our fears like that,” Lana lectured me again.

“I’m not. You’re body language has been pretty obvious all night and you’ve been this blatant in front of me, then I can only imagine how you’ve been acting when I’m not around.” Again, I noticed some weak nods from the other ladies in the room. “Maybe you shouldn’t rely on how much bigger you are than the others to get your way when that’s the one thing we all know is going to be ripped away from you, and sooner than I’d like. If we keep going down this road, you’re all going to keep getting smaller, and I’m already big and strong enough to put every one of you over my knee and spank your little asses.”

“You keep promising to do that to me, but you never deliver,” Julie told me with a smirk. I smirked back and saw a stifled laugh from Yvonne.

“If nothing else, you’re all supposed to be friends. Why don’t you start acting like it?”

“Now who’s getting off on being bigger and stronger than everyone else?” Rebecca demanded to know of me.

“I’m not getting off on this,” I answered back. “I told you, Julie and Lisa went through absolute hell last week and I don’t like seeing them so brow beaten. I’m not gonna put up with it,” I declared. Yvonne and Janelle both sat upright and stared in awe as they both realized I was laying down the law. “And I still haven’t heard a peep about whether Lisa has managed to keep up appearances and avoided any issues after her spurt.”

“I’ve been fine. No one’s really noticed at work,” Lisa answered me with a bashful and grateful smile.

“I’m glad,” I answered with a sigh of relief.

“You know what?” Julie spoke up. I could see immediately that her fire was finally beginning to return. “You wanna talk about him like HE is being the bully? YOU never even checked in on Lisa to make sure she was okay. And he’s also not the one that shoved me up against a wall because I dared speak up to you,” Julie said to Rebecca with immense bitterness in her voice.

“You will not ever do that again to her,” I warned Rebecca sternly.

“Or what? What are you gonna do, big man? Are you gonna through your weight around and show me who’s boss? Are you going to spank me?” she taunted, clearly not intimidated by my threat. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t realize that intimidation wasn’t my angle.

“I’ll stop seeing you,” I warned her and watched as all the other women went pale over my threat, including Rebecca. “I don’t want to go to that level, because I really do want a life with you, but I’m not going to stand by while someone else I care about gets hurt like that. I don’t care what the circumstances around it were. You’re not going to treat Julie like that again just like I’m never going to stand for anyone treating you like that either. If this kind of crap keeps up, I’m out.”

Rebecca gulped hard, as did Lana, having been outmaneuvered unexpectedly, especially since the method I’d used had nothing to do with an overt power play like they’d been employing. Unfortunately, I ended up having the same effect on the other four ladies as well, especially Janelle, who seemed utterly heartbroken following my comments. I thought as quickly as I could, because it occurred to me that if I left too much time for them to dwell, they were likely to assume I’d just made that threat to all of them at once.

“Each one of you came to me individually, and I think you are forgetting that I can just stop spending time with any single one of you. You all may have agreed to work together, but I didn’t. In fact, you went out of your way to keep me out of all that group stuff.”

“So you’re not threatening to leave us all?” Janelle squeaked.

“I’m not trying to threaten to leave anyone, but especially not all of you,” I answered Janelle, who seemed incredibly relieved.

“You just said,” Rebecca stammered, struggling now that she realized she’d lost any semblance of control over the situation.

“Stop pushing the others around,” I told her. “It’s not a threat. I don’t want to lose you, Rebecca, but I am not going to stand around and just accept bullying either. And if you did have a major spurt that left you smaller than the others, I wouldn’t let anyone do it to you.”

Julie offered me a smile that showed she was gloating, implying she and I were on very similar lines of thought. I’m sure this was a big boost to her ego, since she had always been the default leader of the group, but thinking back on it, I’d noticed that her second spurt seemed to chip away at her status, even though it was a relatively minor one. She and Lisa were the smallest of the group and ahead of the rest of the pack in shrinking spurts, and despite this, I have to admit I was a little disappointed that the girls were relying on something so immature as height to try to dictate pecking order. I certainly didn’t want to get into the habit of relying on my much larger, and also stable advantage in this area.

The room sat silent for several minutes and just like that, a new pecking order had been established, and I sat at the top. It was a little unnerving and I was more than a little worried about how responsible I would be with that power. But what was done had been done, and hopefully I could learn from the mistakes of the other women who were now starting to resort to raw physical force to establish a hierarchy.

“It’s been at least a couple months since we all actually were in one place together,” I pointed out, trying to change the topic to something more positive. Most eyes lifted to me and listened. “Remember when it was just fun to get together and hang out?”

“We had a lot of these fights with each other behind the scenes even back then,” Yvonne shared. I wasn’t surprised, but I wasn’t going to push, especially after she received several nasty glares from several other of the girls, including both Lana and Rebecca. “I didn’t like that we were keeping the whole harem thing from you, it’s just that it seemed like the best thing to do. I didn’t want to just scare you off.”

“Me either,” Lisa confirmed. I could see her squirming and adjusting in her seat, still not quite comfortable with the five inches she’d lost.

“Do you want to start dinner, and we can talk about it while we eat?” I asked. The girls started gathering the food and passing it around, but I decided I would push for one more thing before we got much farther. “Oh, Rebecca, Lana? Could one of you please let Julie sit at the head of her own table?” I asked as politely as I could.

“And I supposed you want to sit at the other head,” Rebecca asked back snidely.

“I’m fine where I am. It’s just that this is Julie’s house, she made the dinner and she set everything up. I mean, if we were at your place, don’t you think you would deserve that respect?”

Both of them looked at each other and the other four perked up and watched as they silently debated who would be the first one to vacate her seat. Thankfully, Rebecca was the first to move and switched places with Julie, who smiled very gratefully to me for standing up for her.

Over dinner the mood shifted pleasantly and thankfully I seemed to have threaded the needle. I almost made a comment about the difficulty of trying to do what I’d just apparently pulled off, but decided I should let it go for a while and just enjoy the fact that smiles and laughs were slowly starting to replace the drama and stress that was the undercurrent of our entire get together.

I certainly wasn’t the one to pull everything back, though. That credit was solely Julie and Yvonne, who went out of their way to make sure the discussions were trending positively. After dinner, we were all sitting in the living room, me on the floor to make as much room on the sofa and chairs as possible for the girls and matters turned to tentative, but surprisingly honest discussion of the whole harem idea.

Rebecca surprised me by being the first to open up and she shared some of her thoughts on why she was tentative with me. Like I’d suspected, it boiled mostly down to my lack of an established career, though she was happy to hear about my minor entrepreneurial ventures that gave me a small amount of continual income. In the end, she shared that the best thing I had going was my patience with her as well as the amount of empathy I showed her and the others. She even shared that she’d been seeing a very successful older man off and on for longer than I’d even known her and he had the possibility of offering her an almost idyllic life without sharing him with other women. His problem was that he was a workaholic and essentially emotionally unavailable. Moreover, she shared her apprehension of trying to live with a man who was largely detached and demanding Rebecca be fully independent.

This shouldn’t be an issue, as Rebecca was very much an independent woman. There was no mistaking that about her. Everyone watched and listened patiently as the more brash side of her faded and she became emotionally vulnerable to all of us explaining that she didn’t know how much she could shrink and still be that way, especially by herself. There was security in having the others around her to help as they became too small to function any longer.

I of course reminded her that was a long ways off. She might be able to remain fully independent, at least around the house even at something less than half her current size, and that level of shrinking was probably still a long ways away for them all.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s ten years from now,” Lana told me rather pragmatically. “We don’t have the luxury of trying, divorcing and then going out dating again. Maybe we can get along in the house just fine at three feet tall, but we’re not going to be able to go out and socialize like that. By the time we’re that small, we’re pushing the limits of even being able to drive, even if we have our cars retrofitted so we can still work it at a smaller size.”

“It’s probably just a matter of time before they start making my size princess Barbie dream cars that we can drive on sidewalks and bike lanes,” Yvonne complained sarcastically.

“Well, mini cars that can’t carry my groceries aside,” Lana dismissed, “we get one real shot at this. Ten years from now might as well be tomorrow.”

“The thing about you,” Rebecca told me, “is that I know for a fact that I’m safe with you. I can’t stand sharing you, though. I mean, early on, I thought I could just learn to accept it, but… it seriously pisses me off every time the others talk about how great you were in bed lately. It’s driving me crazy! But at the same time, I could really use their help when we’re only a foot or two tall. I don’t want to be just carried around like a toddler.”

“There’s something else you should probably be thinking of,” I pointed out. “I’ve never heard any of you bring it up, and I don’t really know why.”

“What’s that?” Julie asked me, sliding down onto the carpet to sit at my level with me.

“Kids. Don’t any of you want to have kids? I mean, at least while you’re still big enough?”

“We could end up smaller than them before they’re even in kindergarten,” Lana pointed out, again rather pragmatically.

“Well, I’d definitely have to step up as a parent, but that’s no reason to not have that in your life before it’s too late.”

“No one’s ever wanted to talk children with me before,” Janelle mentioned thoughtfully, also sliding off of her chair to the floor and crawling over and laying her head on my thigh.

“Well… isn’t that what this is all about?” I asked them all.

“It seemed out of reach, since men always leave all the parenting to women,” Lisa shared.

“The whole point of this whole scheme is to figure out if we can work it out together. Shouldn’t that include children?”

“You can’t look after six shrinking women AND all of their growing children,” Yvonne added thoughtfully.

“I think the days of helicopter parenting are over,” I answered her. “Kids are just going to have to start learning to do things for themselves at a young age.”

“They’re children. You can’t expect them to do everything on their own,” Lana said while Rebecca and Lisa seemed to be pondering my proposal. Actually, they didn’t seem to be just pondering it, they seemed to be daydreaming about it as though this was a long lost dream that now seemed possible again to them.

“You can expect them to handle the things they are old enough to do. A three year old can be trained to help pick up after himself. A six year old can be taught to help sweep the floors or use a vacuum cleaner. People like to baby their children, and if everyone keeps up that attitude, the human race is going to go extinct because women won’t be able to have enough kids before they shrink too small.”

“Authorities won’t even publically acknowledge the spurts,” Lana pointed out. “We don’t even know what is happening to our bodies. What if the spurts affect a fetus? What happens if we have any kind of spurt while we’re pregnant? Will the baby shrink with us?”

“There’s no evidence that spurts affect a baby when you’re pregnant.” I pointed out, and Lana immediately fired back with the obvious response.

“There’s no evidence that we’re shrinking and yet every single woman in this room has had at least one shrinking spurt. We are all seeing doctors about how we’re all shrinking and we’re being treated and no one will even acknowledge it until we are actually in a private room with our doctors and even in the therapy sessions, no one acknowledges that every single one of us is shrinking until we are all shut up in a single room to talk about it. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, there is no evidence of shrinking because our doctors don’t even keep notes on anything about us related to shrinking or spurts. And anyone who has tried to speak up on social media or Youtube has had their posts deleted. Pardon me for worrying about my unborn baby shrinking with me as I continue to shrink in spurts while the rest of the world won’t even acknowledge it’s happening.”

“Have you known any women who have been pregnant since this all started?” I asked her, maintaining my calm as she became more and more worked up through her entire argument.

“No. We’re all too afraid of what would happen. Would the baby shrink with me? Would the baby stay the same but I shrank suddenly around it?”

“But I’ve seen pregnant women,” I pointed out. “They don’t seem any more worried or stressed out than the rest of women are.”

“That’s not proof. That’s barely even evidence,” Lana countered fiercely.

“We know the spurts affect women. Not men, not boys, not even girls as they are growing up.”

“But I am telling you, there is something else going on whenever we have a spurt. Where does all that weight go? Lisa lost like 30 pounds in her spurt. What happened to it? No one even asks this stuff.”

“I have been asking that, I just don’t have any answers. I’m sure someone else is trying to answer that too.”

“What good does that do me if we don’t even know who if anyone is trying to answer it? Brendan, if I had a major spurt while I was in the third trimester, I could end up ripping something inside of me.”

“What if we found a way to lower the odds of you having a spurt while pregnant?” I asked. I knew I was dancing on the edge with this after Dr. Jurek had warned me about Janelle’s new plan, and I could see the look of worry on Janelle’s face as she peaked up at me, knowing exactly what I was thinking about.

“We don’t have any way of doing that,” Lana answered back.

“What if we did? What if we found some way to lower your odds of having another spurt while you’re pregnant?”

“But you don’t have a way…”

“Lana, would you please just work with me here? What if we found a way? What if I put all my energy into finding out what triggers a spurt and I found something that would at least put off your next spurt?” I could feel Janelle tense against me, very nervous that I was about to spill our secret, but this was as far as I was willing to go. It seemed to be enough, though. Lana sat and thought long and hard about my proposal while the other girls sat and watched to see what her verdict would be.

“And you really think you could handle growing kids while we all continued to shrink?” Lana finally asked, offering me the win I desperately wanted. Most of the girls raised their eyebrows in mild surprise over the fact that I’d managed to convince her, but I just reached forward and grabbed the tips of her fingers, which were only barely within my reach. Lana looked at me and continued to consider my offer, then after more deliberation, she slid down and sat with me, Julie and Janelle.

“I might have to get creative about it, but I think I could handle. Don’t go counting yourself out yet, though. If we could find some way to slow your shrinking down, we could keep you big enough to look after your baby on your own.”

“And how would you slow our shrinking down?” she asked me.

“That’s a good question. I’m not sure yet, but I’ve been studying as much as I can find. With a little luck, I can find something. Someone must have found some way to influence the spurts by now. We can find something.”

“We have a bigger problem,” Rebecca added, stepping into the conversation again.

“What’s that?” I asked her.

“There’s no way we could live with each other,” she informed me with a great deal of frustration in her voice. “I’m not trying to pick on anyone here, but even though we’re friends, we get on each other’s nerves constantly. I can only imagine how much of a hell it would be with seven of us under one single roof.”

I sat and thought her question over while I listened to the girls banter among themselves about the problem. No one disagreed with Rebecca, which only highlighted the importance of it. At first, they focused on proposed solutions to the problem, most of those in the form of behavioral promises and schedules to keep things from getting too far out of control. This didn’t last that long, though, because before long the entire discussion devolved into a group bitching session over each of their personal pet peeves about each other.

My instincts told me to shut the arguments down and I almost did just that, but decided it was better to just watch and see if I could pick any patterns out. It wasn’t long after that when Julie paused in her own role in the ongoing arguing and she turned and looked up at me, curious why I was suddenly so calm and relaxed as I watched them become more and more agitated and the arguments reached a near fevered pitch. This was interesting enough to Julie that she actually stopped mid complaint and she watched me, waiting to see how I was going to react as I looked from one girl to the next and observed them all even as any discernable conversation became impossible to pick out among all the yelling.

Things reached a climax when Rebecca and Yvonne began screaming at each other and Rebecca, impulsive as she was, actually rose from her seat in a bid to physically intimidate Yvonne and it looked like she was going to slap her after Yvonne attacked Rebecca over her early morning bathroom rituals.

“OKAY!” I yelled as loudly as I could, finally ready to break things up. “Is this really worth hitting each other over?” I wanted to know. Rebecca plopped back down into her seat in a huff while the other girls seemed to go cold with each other, willing to stop fighting, but not ready to forgive just yet.

“What do you think?” Julie asked me, curious to see if I’d come up with anything after watching them interact so much.

“I’m thinking… a change in lifestyle,” I suggested pensively.

“What kind of change?” Lana asked, also curious.

“Well, I’m not sure. One that we can all agree to work with. That means no one gets everything want, though.”

“But what kind of change?” Lana insisted.

“I don’t want to commit to anything. I’d rather work it out with you all and try to get your ideas and see if we can think up something better.”

“But you do have an idea,” Lana intuited.

“Yeah, but I’m not wed to this idea. It’s just a starting point, I think.”

“Well? What is it?” Julie asked me.

“An apartment wouldn’t work. That much is for certain. I mean MAYBE it would work when you all shrink small enough to get your own space, but that would be a lot of shrinking. Even in a big apartment. Definitely not a town home either. In fact, I think normal suburban houses or city plots would be out too. But, if we went more rural? Get enough land, then we could easily set up different spaces for everyone. It would also be cheaper. But, I was thinking that if we had enough space, we could at least set up a she shed for each of you so you’d have your own space. Enough space to do your own things, go over your own hobbies, or even spend the night away from the others when you needed it, because there is no way we’d be able to even afford a house with seven bedrooms.”

“You want a shrunken women compound?” Yvonne asked, seemingly aghast. “I mean, isn’t this starting to feel like some kind of cult to you?”

“Not really, no,” I answered back. “You all came to me, remember? Remember when it was all ‘no strings attached?’ Well, turns out there were strings, weren’t there? I’m not even adding strings. I’m just trying to find a way to make it work.”

“No one’s asking you to worship some weird god or take part in rituals,” Julie said, adding in some much appreciated support for me. “This isn’t easy for any of us. When have any of us had an easy time with any relationships we’ve ever had? It’s a lot of work. But the whole reason we are doing this is because the day is coming when each of us is too small to drive, or cook, or clean or even operate a faucet anymore. We might even shrink small enough that the only place we can live anymore is in a doll house.”

“We’ve got a long time before we have to worry about that. No one has shrunk that small,” I pointed out.

“Yet,” Lisa interrupted. “People are talking about women who’ve already shrunk down less than three feet.”

“Why don’t we live in the here and now?” I asked. “And in the here and now, we have each other, if that’s what you want and you can live a life. I get that each of you have had to suffer through shrinking spurts, but if you just take a moment to set aside the fact that you’re all a bit shorter than you used to be, I’d like to point out that you’re all still essentially full sized.”

“I need to use a step stool to use my cupboards now,” Lisa pointed out.

“There are a lot of full sized women who have always had to say that,” I answered her. “I’m not trying to put down what you’re going through. It’s just that you’re still big enough to still get through your life, apparently without anyone noticing. Haven’t you ever thought about having kids, Lisa?” I asked her, and she lowered her head.

“Not since before the smurfening started,” she answered back sullenly.

“This is something you can still do,” I encouraged her. “Look, believe me, when I tell you that I know I’m not perfect. I have my issues and I’m not financially secure like you would want. I know most of you have been flirting around with men who know more than me, or are better looking, or have more money than me or are better in all kinds of ways. I also know that six of you together is not an easy thing to live with, for any of us and I also know that once we go down this path, it gets a lot harder for any of you to get out of it, but I can promise you I have no intention of keeping anyone here against their will.”

“What about the polygamy crackdown the feds are doing?” Yvonne asked me, adding another dose of reality.

“They can’t go after everyone. Think about it- millions of women are all out looking to do the same thing you’re toying around with. All they can do is try to make examples of a certain number of people and hope everyone else falls in line. It seems really simple to me. We keep our heads down, we don’t advertise our relationship and we keep to ourselves and you all keep living your lives as long as you can. When you’re small enough, we can decide on a transition to living with me.”

“This is one of the things that’s the biggest issue,” Julie interrupted. I acknowledged her input and then looked around the room for any one who was willing to elaborate. It took a long moment, but Rebecca decided that would be her.

“This sounds really stupid, but… I feel like an outsider moving in if the others have already been living with your for months or even years. And, I don’t like how it feels to go visit you when you already have other women living with you that I know you’re sleeping with, even if I agreed to it all.”

“That’s not stupid all. I’m trying to be good about this, because I agreed to it all, but when I learned that you all were sleeping with other men and not just me, it really hurt a lot. I don’t want to share any of you either. I’m trying not to scream and cry about it, but I can’t help but feel jealous, and I’m feeling it for all of you. You’re not Rebecca, you’re MY Rebecca, and it drives me insane knowing that some other dude is even touching you.”

Rebecca seemed relieved to hear this from me, rather than upset, which was another lucky break for me, since fair and balanced didn’t seem to be the order of the day with the girls. “This would be a lot easier if it was just one on one,” Janelle grumbled.

“Yeah it would,” Yvonne agreed.

We talked everything over in great detail, venting everyone’s feelings and though there were minor blow-ups throughout the conversation, I was pretty happy with how the stress of the matters we were discussing seemed to fade away.

We discussed plans and ideas and even toyed around with ideas of things we could do together as a whole or in larger groups other than just a threesome. We also talked more about our jealousies and being honest was finally paying off with each other. I was very happy to see the friendships among the girls seem to mend a little as we worked things out together.

In the end, I was sad when they decided that they still needed time to sit and think things over, given the progress we’d made, but I also understood. The tone as they all agreed they still needed space and down time to process everything was disappointing but understandable and I didn’t feel the same resentment and bitterness I had felt when Lana and Rebecca had come to me before to put me on time out.

The overall sentiment was that this was a massive decision, one they were all slowly coming to grips with needing to make, and probably in the direction of what I’d suggested, but it also meant abandoning their entire lives and careers and that was more than a little difficult for each of them. I didn’t feel like they were contemplating dumping me this time. I felt more like they were in pain and mourning over the slow motion loss of their lives, and more importantly they seemed to be in agreement that it had been a good idea for us all to get together as a group, even though this hadn’t been what they’d envisioned when they’d agreed to have dinner together.

The only thing that left me feeling bitter was Lana, Rebecca and Yvonne’s insistence that we refrain from sleeping with each other until everyone agreed they were comfortable moving forward again. Their reasoning for why made sense to me. They came to terms with what I had been worrying about for some time- the sex was clouding things up and causing issues with our already tenuous relationships and the jealously was difficult to deal with.

That much I agreed with and I was relieved when Yvonne mentioned that all the sex probably wasn’t helping us work things out. What I didn’t like was the fact that they were putting me on ice and that the was a conspicuous absence of any mention about them abstaining from sleeping with other men. When I brought it up, I was careful to approach the subject, and they took advantage of the soft way I brought it up to side step the question.

In the end, I knew what this meant: they were going to sleep with whoever they felt like, just not me and all of the girls agreed to this because of their competing jealousies. Personally, I felt like if we were all abstaining from sleeping with each other, it should be a full measure, not just that none of the girls were sleeping with me.

As we cleaned up, I found myself doing dishes alone with Janelle, who seemed rather sullen. “You’re really a catch,” she complimented me softly as she handed me a wine glass. “I don’t get why we need to take so long to figure this out.”

It was welcome praise and she seemed to melt when I squeezed her hand and smiled at her to thank her for her support.

After I got home, I sat and thought on the evening quite a bit. I’d gotten what I had wanted. After all, I was the one that insisted that all the sex was mucking things up and I needed to ease off on it, and how do you ease off of sex with six other women without leaving myself completely abstaining? I also understood that whatever back up plans they were trying to work out with other potential suitors wasn’t something they could just put off. You can’t just tell a guy you’ve been seeing that you can’t sleep with him for a while because you’re abstaining in the other open relationship you’re in, I guess.

It still didn’t feel right.

I was just about ready for bed when there was a knock at the door to my apartment and I opened it to see a rather timid and bashful looking Julie. She immediately responded to me when she saw the look of surprise on my face. “I’ll only stay a minute,” she promised.

“Okay,” I agreed and let her in. She didn’t even want to leave the hallway. She leaned up on her tiptoes and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me sweetly and passionately.

“You’re gonna get me all worked up,” I teased her.

She grinned and stared up into my eyes. “I’m gonna respect what the others said about not sleeping with you. But it’s not because I agree with them.” She immediately had me hooked. “I sometimes wonder if I made a mistake floating the whole harem idea with them because… I think I could have eventually just had you to myself.”

This was extremely welcome news and I wanted to say something, but decided it probably wasn’t a good idea since what I was going to say was along the lines of us doing just that.

“I don’t need to think about it, and I don’t need time to cool off or any of that other shit. I know you’re the right choice, I know you’re the right guy to take care of us when we get smaller. I’m gonna try to convince them of that too.”

“Even though I’m too nice?” I teased her.

“I told you,” she lectured me playfully. “I NEED a nice guy right now. It’s not my fault that I instantly get wet when a guy is a dick to me.”

We both laughed at her declaration.

“If you’re hurting, don’t wait to call me. I’ll be right there, sex or no sex,” I instructed her. We kissed again and she left and I was honestly touched she’d driven all the way over just to tell me what she had. The only thing that bothered me was that she was now off and back to her normal life where she was free to sleep with anyone she wanted, as long as it wasn’t me.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Happy to see you back! Great update. I really love all the nuanced discussions around how each one feels about slowly shrinking. It really makes each character feel real. Thanks again for sharing.

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Yay new chapter!

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Oh yea! My favourite author in perfect form!

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Another day, and surprisingly, no drama. I heard from Janelle early in the morning who texted to see if I was up and when I let her know I was, she immediately called to tell me about how she’d been plagued by nightmares all night. We talked as long as I had time before I had to get to school and I’m happy to report that she was in much brighter spirits than when I had picked up the phone.

I had lunch with Dr. Jurek and we talked mostly about coursework and assignments, rarely straying off into personal matters, which I noticed raised her eyebrow a few times. Still, though, she was respectful and I appreciated the chance and sit and talk with her, even if it wasn’t about anything that was particularly pressing in my life at the moment. Obviously, she picked up on the fact that not everything was right in my life the moment but she also didn’t bother pushing at all, and I have to admit, my spirits were lifted after spending a bit of time with her and just going about a normal day.

All this suddenly changed when I was heading to an afternoon class and stopped to use the bathroom. Nothing unusual there, until I stepped out and found a neatly folded piece of paper at my feet when I opened the bathroom door. I looked at it with a cocked eyebrow and bent to pick it up, then looked down the corridor to see just your normal run of the mill students milling about or walking from one place to another until I noticed in the distance a rather tall and athletic woman walking away. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had just occurred.

I opened it up and sure enough, there was a hand written note in Shandra’s handwriting that read, “remember when you were a kid and you spent the whole day waiting on pins and needles because you couldn’t wait to see the boy you really liked?”

That was really all I needed to get through the rest of the day, and it was instantly brightened as I forgot the struggles with the girls and was suddenly refocused on my Amazonian goddess who’d just saved me from my doldrums in the simplest way. I don’t care that it was immature, these notes were simple and sweet and such a welcome surprise. I just wish that there was a way for me to get one to her as well.

I wasn’t really willing to sit and ponder, so I took the opportunity and ran after the woman who I’d suspected had dropped the note for me to find. I caught up to her just outside the side entrance to the science building and she turned to look at me rather suspiciously and even quickened her pace.

I wasn’t having any of that, though, so I persisted and once I was walking abreast with her, I smiled, but didn’t really give her much more than a quick glance, knowing that she was concerned about being caught out and about without her escort. Sure enough, I recognized her as one of the women on the volleyball team.

“So you’re on the volley ball team,” I said not particularly loudly, but wanting also to make sure I was heard. “Brenda Langley, right?”

“Go away,” she whispered to me, her face turning pale white.

“I won’t take more than a really quick question,” I promised her, much more quietly this time.

“Then get it over with,” she ordered me nervously.

“Is there any possible way I can get one of these notes to Shandra?” I asked her, waving the delivered note briefly for her. She sighed and rolled her eyes at me, but I could see a little smirk on her face and she looked around to make sure no one was watching us.

“Alright, but make it quick,” she ordered me. “I only have just enough time to get back to the quad.” I nodded and led her off to a shaded space between two buildings and pulled my pen out and began writing back on the wall.

“I only remember being a kid and sitting for days desperately hoping for the next time I could even see the girl I really, really liked,” I wrote. Again, Brenda rolled her eyes at me, but she smirked.

“You are so immature,” she derided me.

“Hey, I’m only a sophomore,” I replied back and returned the note to her. “But about my question…”

She looked around and checked her watch, tapping her feet. “Okay, so after practice we always come out door E on the south side of the building before we walk back to the dorm. Shandra is usually in the lead, but if you leave one at the foot of the door, I can tell the other girls to keep an eye out so if she misses it, one of us can pick it up and give it to her when we have a chance. We normally leave at five fifteen or so. But DON’T do it too often,” she warned me. “If you make it an every day thing, then someone is going to notice us always stopping over to pick up notes at the same place.”

“Got it. Maybe you could keep a piece of paper in your pocket and switch it out to make it look like you’re just picking up some litter and throwing it in the trash.”

“Yeah, okay Danger Mouse,” she grumbled as she packed the returned note into her pocket. “Now, I gotta go.”

“Thank you. You have no idea how much you made my day,” I said and I even got a genuine smile from her before she swiftly departed and ran off to her destination before I walked the long way around back to the science center.

The remainder of the day, I got a few messages from Julie, Rebecca and Lana, each pursuing small talk of some form or another and I took Brenda’s advice to heart and followed it to the letter. Just before 5:15 pm, I was standing and smiling about outside door E when a rather large and burly man stepped out and barked at to me to leave. I pointed to myself, and asked if he was referring to me, and it really wasn’t an act. I’d assumed I would need to vacate as soon as I caught a glimpse of anyone on one of the women’s teams. I hadn’t expected the security teams to preemptively clear out any passersby by.

He reacted by kicking the door open and stomping up to me and even shoving me, letting me know that yes, he was referring to me, and I was honestly more angry than anything. I sized him up and tried to determine if I was capable of taking and, which angered him even more.

In any event, my mission in jeopardy, I lead him around in a small circle backing away before I “accidentally” dropped my backpack and apologized and also dropped Shandra’s note as closely to the door as I could manage and then made my exit, receiving another shove for my trouble. I actually wanted to try to teach the guy a lesson, but I was pretty sure he had backup coming at any second. In the end, I relied on the fact that I was circumventing their entire security protocol to get a message to Shandra and quickly left the area.

I went back to my apartment and studied for a while, waiting for Shandra to arrive and only snacking lightly as I held off my pangs of hunger and then later in the evening, I received my much anticipated knock at the door. I opened it and there was Shandra, beaming and grinning at me and heavily blushing. She didn’t even wait for me to usher her in. She took the note out and unfolded it.

“It’s hard to remember anything anymore when the present I have is so much better than any childish note passing I did when I was a kid. The only thing better than that is the future when you walk back into my life again.”

“Was this you?” she asked, eager to eliminate any remaining doubt of the source of her little note.

“Yeah,” I nodded with a grin. She laughed at me and lunged into my arms, kissing me passionately. “So that wasn’t too cheesy?” I asked her.

“It is SO cheesy!” she giggled and squeaked as I picked her up off of her feet and walked us both back into my apartment. Now that we were in private, she attacked me with kisses and squeezed me as though her life depended on it. When we both finally needed to take a break for some air, I then took the initiative and wrapped and arm around her waist while grabbing her hand and squeezing it.

“Ready for an actual date?” I asked her. She didn’t even nod to me; she just stared and grinned, so I took her lack of response as my cue. I grabbed my jacket and we headed out to my car, where she once again seemed tickled pink that I held the door for her as I ushered her inside again.

“I think I like this whole gentlemanly thing,” she teased me as I pulled out of our parking space and headed on our way. I was struggling for proper ideas that I could still afford, so what I did was headed out for the suburbs and tuned my radio as we approached our first location. Then I took out a thermos of hot chocolate and offered it to Shandra along with some sugar cookies. I had thought about asking her about her dietary restrictions, since the last thing I wanted was to induce a spurt on her, but I wasn’t sure how to do Christmas treats without processed sugar and I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell her the full story on how I knew about her restrictions.

“I know it’s a lot of sugar. It’s okay if you don’t want them,” I offered as an in between but Shandra was already devouring her first cookie before I even finished my sentence and then grinned mischievously at me. This date was a gamble, as it was the very definition of low budget, but I didn’t really have the money to spare at that moment. I was quite relieved, then, as we pulled up to our first house and her eyes lit up as she watched a Christmas lights show going on as we approached and the music began to come in on the radio as I found a place to park.

We spent a few hours like that, and she even let me fetch the eggnog I had chilling in the trunk to enjoy a couple cups of that together.

There was nothing spectacular about this date, but we did enjoy it quite a bit together and she almost refused to let go of my hand as she grinned almost non stop as we made our way around the city until we stopped off at a small diner to grab a bite to eat in the late evening together.

Conversation was light. She talked about practice and a little bit about her teammates, and she also recounted how Brenda had jabbed her with her elbow when they were leaving the athletic complex as a group and nodded down to the piece of paper lying on the ground just outside the door. She told me she was ecstatic at her surprise, but also literally sweating bullets despite the cold as she picked it up as inconspicuously as she could manage, petrified that my secret note would be discovered, and I promised I would be careful about not doing it too often, which was both a relief and a disappointment to her at once. Through it all, I could see her staring at me constantly with some of the most pronounced bedroom eyes I’d ever seen.

Eventually, we found ourselves back in the car and we watched a couple more Christmas lights shows before heading back to my place. “It’s getting kinda late,” I pointed out. I didn’t really want the night to end, but I also knew the fire I was playing with after my encounter with that one escort at the athletic complex.

Shandra stood there in my doorway; her arms around me neck, staring across into my eyes. “I’ve got all night,” she promised me in a near whisper. I smiled and stared back for a moment, then kissed her.

It wasn’t long before our tongues were playing each others’, and it was then I decided I was going to give in. I was still holding back out of guilt, but my time out had been extended and I was feeling frustrated and lonely and as though I’d been dumped by the girls and Shandra was just so amazing!

I wrapped my arm around her lower back and pulled her close and I felt her teeth click against mine as she gave me a gigantic open-mouthed grin as she felt the tense bulge in my pants press up against her hips. Then, with my other hand, I reached up and cupped her breast, squeezing it and she gasped, lifting her chin skyward as she basked in the sensation of my hand against her breast. I felt encouraged, so I began kissing on her neck and pushed her up against the wall and I was pleasantly surprised to hear an appreciative moan escape her lips and then felt her leg lift and wrap around my hips, pulling me close as she angled her hips against my cock.

She was surprisingly passive. She let me push enough of my body weight against her that I actually lifted her a few inches off the wall and she offered no pushback, only squeezing me harder with her leg and pulling me closer. Given what amazing shape she was in, I actually expected a bit of a power struggle, but instead she was inviting, practically begging me to take her, albeit silently. It was a little weird to me. She was so animated and active in almost all of our interactions, a constant torrent of flirtation and little shows of affections and now, she was just absorbing everything I had to offer. I’m not complaining, it’s just that I was surprised is all.

I decided that I would take it to the next level and I forced a separation from each other enough that I could scoop her up and carry her in my arms, which made her chirp and stare at me with those same bedroom eyes as I carried her to the bedroom. She was so much bigger and heavier than what I had become accustomed to. I was guessing that she was upwards of 170 pounds, which may sound like a lot, but when talking about a 6’2” Division I athlete, I guess I would disagree. But compared to Julie or Lisa, she was approaching double their weight.

Once we were in the bedroom, I laid her down as gently as I could, stealing a kiss from her as she simply stared at me and allowed me to do it. Again, I had the strength to pull it off, but was surprised at the difference, something that I hadn’t experienced since Brooke, which now seemed like a lifetime ago.

A moment later, I was lying on top of her and she was wrapping both of her legs around my waist while we made out and she offered no resistance or help while I slid her shirt up revealing her deliciously smooth skin. It felt so weird to be doing this with a woman of equal height to me. I wasn’t stooping over, or curling around her. In fact, until she angled her hips upward to meet me, I was having a bit of trouble reaching her lips as we made out with greater and greater passion and intensity.

Once I had pushed her shirt up to her armpits, she let go of my torso and stared at me even more intensely and anxiously as she lifted her arms above her head, allowing me clearance to slide the garment completely off, leaving her breasts only covered by her bra. Even now, she waited for me to make the next move. I wrapped my arms around her and managed to find the clasp of her bar underneath her and with a bit of struggle, I managed to unclasp it and slip her bra off as she then positioned her arms so as to make fully removing it as easy as possible.

I guess she meant it when she told me that she wasn’t going to make the next move.

She now lay beneath me, bare chested and she watched wide-eyed as I removed my own shirt, then grabbed my arms. I expected her to pull, but again, she was surprisingly passive. She just chose to use silent cues to hint at what she wanted and I lowered myself and felt as our skins touched each other and I marveled at how hot her skin felt at my touch.

We kissed and made out and she would moan so deliciously when I would reach up and squeeze her breasts while we did so. Before long, I could feel her trembling as she pushed her hips up to press them against my still confined member and I assumed that this meant she was wishing to go to the next level, so I pushed myself up to a kneeling position and looked down at her as she lay there, biting her lower lip and trembling ever so slightly. I could even see her heart pounding through her chest as I unbuttoned her jeans and slid the zipper down and she moved her legs to more easily allow me to removed them, but as I stared at her light blue panties, I decided to take another route. She seemed so content to be take, I decided I would use it as an opportunity to learn a bit about her wants and preferences.

She looked a little disappointed when instead of pulling her pants off, I laid down beside her and she even began to protest until I gripped a handful of her hair in my fist and pulled her close to kiss again, which also gained me a happy little moan and then she trembled as I slid my hand down her long body and then inside her panties until my fingers were against a surprisingly sopping wet pussy that was so slick, my middle finger slid right between her labia and she tensed and arched her back as I began stroking her slit.

Shandra was such an easy read for sensual attentions. Like her personality normally, she made it quite clear what worked with her and what didn’t work as well. She wasn’t particularly loud, but I thoroughly enjoyed feeling her body shake and tremor in my arms as I mapped out her pleasure centers. She wasn’t nearly as pent up as the last time I had allowed things to get this far, but she was still quite pent up and it didn’t take particularly long before she was grabbing at me desperately as she powered through a climax, again not particularly loud but the full body shivers and tremors made it clear her orgasm was sincere, as well as the passive flow of extra fluids from her womanly entrance and the pulsing of her vagina against my hand.

I let her catch her breath and she gasped slightly a couple times, quite relieved by the experience. I knew she’d recovered when she grabbed the bulge in my pants and I again took the initiative and began fingering her, this time with a bit more experience and expertise in what made this Amazonian goddess tick. She grabbed the bulge in my pants extremely tightly, to the point where it was almost painful and I was honestly surprised, but not enough to dissuade me. I was going to see to it that Shandra walked away from our evening together completely satiated.

Her second climax was much more hard fought. It took at least twice as long to get her there and she even struggled against me a bit, but not particularly hard and I squeezed her against me and focused in on her clit, which was much more swollen than I was used to. Not only that, but the more intensely I stroked it, the more it seemed to swell. It swelled enough that I actually began stroking it between my index and middle finger and even at one point massaged it with both those fingers as well as my thumb and I was handsomely rewarded.

She hung on the edge for what seemed like forever as I played with her and when I inserted my middle finger into her and tickled that spongy tissue a short distance inside her vagina, she surged and I noticed as her pointed her feet and curled her toes as she exploded into a second orgasm.

She was sweating by this point and this was when I got what I truly wanted. She was so fired up at this point, that she finally pushed back against me in earnest and she was big and strong enough that she almost won as she savagely fought to get on top of me. In the end, I stimulated her thoroughly worked out womanhood well into another session and that was what made her give up and seem to freeze as I used my hand to command her toward another climax.

I couldn’t believe how wet she was. I could feel her juices all around my hand and soaking into her underwear and pants in ebbs and flows. At one point, she frantically attempted to undo my belt and twitched and shuddered, then froze again as I pushed her onward until at long last, she finally climaxed again and then I pushed onward, petting and stroking her achingly swollen clitoris as fast and as hard as I could so that this orgasm spilled into another.

I was like a kid in a candy store and I greedily enjoyed her orgasms until she shakily grabbed my arm with both hands and pulled, gasping for breath. “Wait… wait,” she begged me. I stopped and she curled up into my arms, still shaking and trembling as I felt her thighs twitch and squeeze involuntarily against each other. “Oh my God,” she whispered once she’d calmed down a little. I looked at the clock and over an hour had passed since we’d started.

“Good?” I asked her and smirked at her as she curled up in my arms.

“It’s not fair! I want you inside me!” she lamented, though there was that same sparkle in her eyes again.

“I think you needed that,” I told her and she bit her lower lip again sensually at me.

“How is this fair? I lost count of how many times you made me climax, and you wouldn’t even let me touch you!”

“I get to go off once. You get to cum as many times as I want,” I told her with a smirk.

“That’s a first,” she grinned mischievously at me.

“What’s that?”

“Oh, I’m used to guys that don’t even care whether I get off or not.”

“Oh, I care. We should find out how many times we can get you there,” I told her with a wink.

She grinned at me and even swallowed a bit as she seemed to be tempted by my offer, but at the last second, she seemed to have second thoughts. “You are something else,” she teased me. I couldn’t help but give her a cheesy grin in return.

“Can I have just one more?” I asked her, though I was telling a little more than asking.

“Can you at least let me stop tingling first?” she laughed back at me.

“Why wait?” I asked her and she groaned as I slipped my hand inside of her panties again.

“I want you,” she whimpered as her body began shuddering once more while I stimulated her clit back up to previous levels again. “I want you,” she repeated again, this time begging even more than the last. “I wanna feel you inside me,” she finally said.

This was a difficult call, but when she pulled on my arm again to remove my hand from the inside of her pants I complied and followed as she pulled on me until we were both standing beside my bed again facing each other. She kissed me and we began making out again as we went back to her acting passively again and leaving me to guess what to do next, so I decided to peel her pants down her hips.

She took a deep breath and squeezed me as her pert, round ass was met with cool air and then she watched as I chased them down her long, muscular legs and removed them completely until I found myself kneeling right in front of a bare pussy with a soft, trimmed bush of a completely naked Shandra and I just couldn’t help myself faced with that magnificent goddess pussy. I grinned up at her and then grabbed her hips and made the best out of being down by her private areas and immediately began licking between her legs. Shandra resisted at first, but the instant my tongue found her clitoris, she grabbed my head with both hands and the fight was essentially over.

Another moment later, she was leaning against me just to continue standing up and I ended up walking her backward to the wall to assist in keeping her vertical all the while remaining on my knees and never stopping as I lavished her womanhood with kisses and tongue caresses.

Once she had the wall to lean against, she lifted one leg over my shoulder and offered me unfettered access to her sex and I used all of my lessons with the girls to bend this amazing Amazon to my will. And bend, she did. I definitely had to work my hardest, and I strained the muscles in my jaw trying to please her, but the secret with her once again was when I reached up and inserted a finger up inside of her, which quickly pushed her over the edge. Once she was there, she grabbed my head with both hands and let loose one long, stuttering moan as her body violently shook above me and she curled her leg back instinctively, subconsciously pressing my face more tightly up into her and offering me even more power over her nether regions that made her convulse and then collapse on top of me.

I really didn’t have any choice at that point. All I could do was reach up and grab her waist and fall back, allowing her to collapse down on top of me where she lay, curling up as I wrapped my arms around her and she twitched and shuddered for several minutes. “How could you possibly be so good at this?” she asked me, laughing intermittently to herself. This time it was clear that she needed some time to recover as her whole body seemed to have become hyper sensitive in her post orgasmic haze.

I did try to carry her back to the bed, but Shandra didn’t want to leave my arms even for a second, and she used her weight as best as she could to try to pin me in place. We lay like this for quite some time before it seemed to me as though she had fallen asleep like this.

I held her and kept her warm as best as I could until she surprised me by lifting her head and staring at me still with uncanny bedroom eyes. “It’s my turn,” she insisted in the most hungry, sultry voice I’d ever heard. I opened my mouth to convince her otherwise, but she placed a finger on my lips to signal me to hush. “It’s my turn,” she insisted even more hungrily.

Shandra grabbed both of my hands and pulled back, going to a kneeling position and pulled me along, bidding me to follow her until we were both standing up, facing each other and she kissed me, while also fumbling with still shaking hands to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants.

Shandra was obviously discombobulated after the treatment I had given her and she struggled quite a bit in trying to pull my pants down, but once she did, she didn’t even allow me to step out of them before she dove right in on my cock, enveloping it in her mouth and sucking on it as hard and fast as she could to the point where I could hear her struggling with her gag reflex. Her head bobbed up and down as she knelt there in front of me working my dick harder and faster than I’d ever felt in a blowjob before.

She had so much more force than the smaller women I had been with, even more than Brooke and she went until she felt my knees begin to buckle and I began to lose my balance. As soon as she realized I wasn’t going to last much longer she stopped and took a deep breath to replenish her depleted lungs, which was apparently the price for such a vigorous blowjob. Shandra then climbed back to her feet and pushed on me, leading me back to the bed and we both climbed up onto it together while she loomed over me and stared hungrily up and down my body, before focusing on my dick again and stroking it lovingly with her hand.

I, of course, was ready for more and I rolled over to grab her again, but she pushed back. “Let me do this,” she asked more than told. I nodded and she gently pushed on me until I was lying on my back and she crawled back to my hips and stared intently on my cock, petting it, occasionally kissing it, but inspecting it carefully as she continued to stroke me. She even took a moment to grab it with both hands and smiled demurely when she confirmed that the head did indeed protrude beyond the width of both of her hands stacked on top of each other, though not by a large distance.

She laid down and curled up near my hip and continued on with her hand hob, taking a little time to trace the length of my dick with her finger tips and dragging her fingernail along it just hard enough to make me shiver.

This reaction seemed to please her, for which I was happy, and then I let my head fall back and sighed as she quickened the pace of her stroking to a speed that quickly took me to the edge and then she slowed down again, this time to a point where I could fully relax again, then speed up, but not quite as much as she had before. Like in my manual simulation of her, she was testing me and figuring out exactly what made me work and what would push me over the edge. She was carefully cataloguing my limitations and performance, and thankfully she didn’t seem disappointed by anything she was finding.

There was something else, though. She was fascinated by my body and feeling it up and down with whatever hand she wasn’t using at that time to jerk me off. Some of it was sensual; she would stop and kiss my chest or my abs, but it was more like she was studying my body in intense detail and committing every last thing about it to memory. She would jerk me off with one hand and then crawl across me to the other side and use the other hand, looking for each detail across my entire body and examining it with the maximum amount of attention she could muster.

It was hot, but I felt almost like a test subject lying on a laboratory table as she committed every last millimeter of my body to memory and she seemed particularly fascinated when she would turn her attention back to my cock and squeeze it with both hands stacked on top of each other and grinning when she realized she was able to milk a little more swelling from my rigid member than when she’d started.

I don’t know how long she took doing this, but it was certainly a long time. She only seemed to stop when it became clear that her hands and arms were growing tired from the effort of jerking me off and then she grabbed my hand and rolled over onto her back, pulling me with her.

We kissed and made out and I groaned myself when she lifted her legs and spread them for me as she shifted her hips so as to allow me to feel the entire length of her slit against my shaft. It was clear she was ready, so I pulled back enough to let my cock point at her womanhood and she gripped it in one fist and pressed it against her precipice and pulled on me, bidding me to enter her.

She wasn’t nearly as tight as say Janelle was, or especially Lisa following her recent spurt, but her pussy did push back a little against the head of my dick, requiring me to apply a bit of my weight in order to penetrate her. Once I did so, she purred and immediately grabbed my ass and pulled on it with surprising force, and I found myself sliding into her in one smooth, long motion until our hips were joined and she purred even more as I ground my hips against hers.

From there, she guided me to the exact speed she wanted, closing her eyes and concentrating, and once again I felt like she was committing every last sensation to memory, studying our sexual encounter every bit as much as enjoying it. For a few minutes we continued with her guiding me at a steady, but manageable pace. She then sped me up, pulling harder and faster on me until I could feel my body slapping against hers and she opened her eyes to watch the expression on my face as I pressed onward toward ejaculation. She grinned at her accomplishment and I felt her adjust her own hips and her body tremble beneath mine as she built up to her own climax, needing to remove one hand from me to access her clitoris and stroke it while I thrust in and out of her and slowly but surely, she built up to a satisfying climax and she jerked and convulsed her way through it, almost whimpering as she did so, then looking up at me excitedly to see I had managed to survive the clenching of her vagina around me, albeit only barely.

Shandra then pushed back up against me until I was kneeling and then rolled over, sticking that round, athletic ass up into the air for me and showcasing her glisteningly wet pussy. I entered her once again and she angled herself upward as far as she could while fingering herself again. “Faster,” she whimpered back to me, and I obliged.

“Faster,” she begged again, now starting to moan and once again I met her call. “Harder,” she whined and let loose a powerful “AHHHHHH!” as I pounded her with my full body weight. “Tell me… tell me.. me… when,” she begged me as I started moaning myself, I was so turned on. I grabbed her hips as hard as I could and slammed her from behind as hard and fast as I could, drawing strength and determination from how hot and aroused she was getting once again until I could felt myself reaching my absolute limit.

“I’m gonna… I’m…” I tried to warn her and then I felt her hasten her fingering of herself to a frantic pace until I exploded into her and then she spilled over into another climax just after me as I pounded through my seminal surges up into her womb and struggled to maintain long enough to get her through this final climax before I collapsed on the bed beside her.

This was why I was so into tall women.

We snuggled together under the covers, basking in our post sexual haze and she once again tucked her arms in and curled up against me, happy to feel my arms around her. “You finally made your move,” she teased me with a toothy grin.

“Something occurred to me after we talked about it last.”

“What’s that?” she asked, sliding up more closely to meet my gaze.

“You’re one of the sexiest women I have ever seen in my life,” I praised, but instead of a grin, I got a sarcastic smirk. “I know I’m not the only person to say that to you.”

“People only say that when they want to get in my pants,” she told me.

“Yeah, that’s kinda what I thought. I mean it’s true, but, you’re right. You’re probably intimidating to most guys. And yet, they still want you, because you’re so hot.”

“Guys will screw just about any available woman,” she teased again. “Well, maybe not all guys,” she admitted after some second thoughts and smiling demurely at me.

“Yeah, well, the saying goes that men play with love when all they want is sex while women play at sex while all they want is love.”

“I’d agree with that,” she admitted after struggling to say it aloud to me for a moment.

“I don’t want just sex with you,” I told her. “That’s why I wanted to take my time with you. I wanted us to get to know each other first and have fun because you’re a lot more than… well, a goddess. But it occurred to me that other guys you might have been with might not have treated you like that.”

“I’ve always felt like I was a trophy or a conquest with my past boyfriends,” she admitted. Once again, we seemed to be thinking along the same lines, and I really liked how in sync we seemed to be and how easily it came.

“That’s basically what I was getting at.”

“So why not wait longer before we actually did it?” she asked me, snuggling so closely that our noses were touching each other.

“A girl as hot as you is going to have all kinds of guys trying to get with her, even if she is being held prisoner. I didn’t want you make you wait so long you got bored with me.”

“I don’t think I have to worry about that,” she laughed me and then kissed me long and hard.

“Well, you are a pretty good catch. I was kinda hoping I could hold on to you.”

“Sounds like you’re getting pretty serious,” she teased me while playfully poking my chest with the pad of her finger.

“Well, we just had sex. Shouldn’t that mean something serious?”

“Even after I promised you that I wasn’t going to make any changes to your life because of my prison sentence and all that?”

“Even after,” I told her. “A clandestine relationship is better than no relationship at all. Especially with you.”

She smiled at me and kissed me and then curled up against my side, tucking her head into my neck and avoiding any further conversation for a while until I was starting to fall asleep. I had hoped for more committal from her following this conversation, but at least she hadn’t shot me down like the girls had every time I’d raised the subject.

I think she could feel me slipping from consciousness when she spoke again. “Hey,” she whispered up to me, pulling me back awake and refocusing on her again.

“Yeah?” I asked back and she tipped her head up, still smiling at me and petting my chest affectionately.

“So, I promised myself I wouldn’t bring it up, but I just don’t think I can help it.” She continued to smile at me and kissed me again.

“Okay,” I replied, hoping she would take that as clearance to ask her question, but she hesitated nonetheless. “Go ahead,” I added with an encouraging smile.

“Okay, so I don’t want to push.”

“It’s fine,” I encouraged again and then she kissed me again passionately while pulling my head back toward her. She then struggled for a moment, wavering on her decision before continuing.

“Okay, so… what’s the deal with these other six women you’re with right now?”
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by MrWitness » Tue Jun 22, 2021 6:58 pm

So long awaited. Thank you.

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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My pleasure. I'm sorry, I've just been having a lot of issues and I haven't been able to write as much as I would like. Hopefully this addition was entertaining.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Do not apologize. You are under no obligation to write. Whatever you create, we should enjoy it and never blame you as if you owe us something. Because you are not ;)

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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“Okay, so… what’s the deal with these other six women you’re with right now?”

I felt as though all life instantly left my body. I couldn’t even tremble. There was Shandra, lying there, still smiling up at me demurely and I felt nothing but dread and that smile of hers suddenly felt terrifyingly threatening as though I’d just been caught raiding the palace of a vengeful empress.

“Oh my God!” she squealed with glee. “I didn’t think anyone could get that white!” she teased me. She sure was in a playful mood after accusing me of sleeping with six other women besides her. It didn’t help that she was right. I was still frozen with abject fear and this made Shandra giggle uncontrollably. “It’s okay,” she assured me and kissed me more sweetly than I really deserved. “This is why I didn’t bring it up before, but I didn’t think you’d freak out this bad.”

“You… knew?”

“Yeah,” she admitted freely and obviously.


“Oh, I’ve known all along,” she admitted to me. “You were so cute when you just referred to them as ‘they.’ Like not improper grammar ‘they’ like everyone else uses. It was literally ‘they.’ I was kinda surprised how honest you were, even though you thought you were being sneaky.”

“I don’t know that I was trying to be sneaky…”

“You were totally being sneaky.”

“I was being ‘I’m not quite sure how to answer her.’ Sneaky was more of an accident.”

“So you really are on a time out?”


“But?” she prodded teasingly.

“How far have you taken this stalking thing?” I asked, now that it occurred to me that this was information that even the private eyes for the school hadn’t fully figured out yet.

“I stopped after the first time we met,” she answered me. “I felt like it wasn’t fair to keep going like that.”

“So you knew. You knew the whole time.”

“Yeah,” she giggled at me.

“Why would you even talk to me?” I asked.

“You first,” she insisted and pushed herself up to lie on her elbows atop my chest. She was really enjoying this and it made me feel even more uneasy.

“Me first what?”

“Why would YOU want to talk to another girl when you’ve already got SIX? Was it just because of the time out thing? Did you want to get back at them?”

“No, it’s more complicated than that.”

“So then why? I know they’re keeping you busy.”

“You’re seriously freaking me out,” I stammered. She grinned and petted my cheek. How could she be into this? What the hell was I missing here? I was lying right in the middle of a horrible trap, I just knew it.

“Okay, okay, sorry. Like, I just don’t know how else to bring this up. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, but cat’s out of the bag now. So, how on Earth do you even have anything left in the tank after taking care of SIX women at once?”

“Not all at once.”

“You know what I mean. Come on. Just tell me. Do I have to make it worth your while?”

“Why?” I asked her and she nodded with a cheesy grin. I gulped and she kissed me, I guess to encourage me. “Well, when I am with one, what they normally do is put me on a cool down and I don’t see her for a while. Sometimes like a week, sometimes longer. When you appeared that day at that coffee shop, I was kind of frustrated and you just were so flirty, I thought to myself, ‘what’s wrong with just flirting?’”

“So that’s it? You just wanted to flirt with me?”

“Yeah. I mean, don’t you ever just flirt? It doesn’t always have to go somewhere. Sometimes you can just have a little fun, can’t you?”

“We’re doing a lot more than flirting now,” she teased me.

“Hey, you laid it on pretty thick,” I answered back defensively.

“So, you just wanted to flirt with a random girl. That’s it,” she said. She was obviously quite skeptical.

“Even before I realized who you were, I knew you were way out of my league,” I told her. “I had no idea why you were flirting with me, but when someone as beautiful and confident as you walks in and smiles, yeah. I’m open to flirting.”

“But now?”

“Now? I dunno. Like this would normally be something that we wouldn’t do unless we were serious, or at least that’s how it used to be, right?” Shandra nodded and watched me with intense fascination. “I mean, would you instantly be someone I would fantasize about and wake up from dreaming about? Yeah, but when you walked in the door, I figured if I was lucky I would get to flirt a little and then you’d be on your way.”

“But I came back,” she teased me.

“And apparently you came back knowing full well I was already sleeping with six other women,” I pointed out. It was hard to say out loud to her, but I guessed it was what it was.

“Yes,” she confirmed.

“You are really freaking me out. Why did you even…”

“I’ll tell you!” she giggled at me. “Just answer my question first.” She was certainly cheerful enough, but I was still unnerved.

“Okay, well, it’s complicated. I think the answer you’re looking for is that I kinda fell into this whole thing and it’s gotten really stressful. When you came along, I was looking for a way out of it. I mean, I like each of them, but six is really overwhelming and draining and I want a real relationship if I can get it. Like with just one woman. And you came along and… it’s working so well.”

“And the others?”

“I’ve talked to each one about a real relationship and they dodge. It was… alright, look, it’s a really long story. The short version is I’m ready for something other than what I’m dealing with right now. And yeah, I’m on time out. It’s more complicated than when I first told you about that, but I’m definitely on a for real time out, even more than before. They want some time to themselves.”

“When a girl says she wants time to herself, she usually means she wants to break up,” Shandra told me.

“My thoughts exactly.”

“So what exactly is this ‘relationship’ you have going on here?”

“Long story,” I answered her in exasperation.

“I’ve got all night,” she promised. Now it was my turn to be skeptical of her. “I’ve been waiting to have this for so long. I’m not going to sleep any time soon anyways,” she insisted.

So I told her. I told her everything. I told her about Brooke and that first time that Julie tried to seduce me and how I turned her down and then I went without and they kept hitting on me and then how when I finally started to give in they encouraged me to keep things “no strings” and how my feelings began to develop over time and how they distanced themselves and then how I began pushing for a normal relationship with just one as I became more confused and frustrated and Shandra listened to every last word, hooked on my every syllable.

“So what’s up with this whole… thing?” she asked as my story began to approach present day. “Are they just super kinky?”

“No. Most of them are pretty tame. Although a couple of them think I’m the one that’s too tame.”

“So what exactly is going on here?”

“They’re testing out whether we can all get together and they can live in a harem for when they shrink too small,” I answered and I saw the light bulb light up in her eyes as she finally understood.

“Ooooooooohhhh,” she realized and considered carefully. “That actually makes sense.”

“Yeah. I’m basically being strung along as a caretaker.”

“I hate to break it to you, but just about every woman wants a guy who will take care of her,” she informed me.

“Not like this,” I answered back.

“They do now that we’re all shrinking,” Shandra informed me. “Anyways, keep going.”

So I finished my tale and brought her up to current events and where things sat with each of the other girls able to go off and sleep with anyone they wanted, as long as it wasn’t me and surprise of all surprises, she seemed to understand.

“That’s kinda fucked up,” she told me. “And you’re ready to commit.”

“Yes. In fact, I’m ready to commit to you right here and now, even with all the sneaking out and secrecy and all that.” She smiled at me and kissed me, and I was a little hurt to see she was stuck trying to think my offer over, rather than just accept it. I waited a good long while, and then I finally let my bitterness out. “Apparently I’m good enough to sleep with, but not actually to have as a boyfriend. Or more.”

Shandra immediately showed me sympathy and tried to kiss me again, but I shook her way. “It’s not like that,” she promised me. “It’s just that… so this all related to the stuff I can’t tell you yet. If I could be in a real relationship right now, I would do it with you. I would totally do it.”

“I can deal with the secrecy,” I promised her.

“It’s more than that,” she insisted. “You are boyfriend material. You’re husband material. It’s just… well, like you said, it’s complicated.”

“Let’s simplify it, then. I gave in tonight because I don’t want to lose you and I want to lose you even less now. I can be yours. I can be only yours,” I promised her.

“I promised you I wouldn’t make you make any changes. This is what I was talking about.”

“Yeah, well, while they’re all screwing the whole city, I am with you, and I want more with you.”

“You want more with all seven,” she teased.

“HOW ARE YOU OKAY WITH THIS! This whole thing is massively screwed up! You actually listen and don’t shut me down the instant I start to convince you of something. Shandra, be with me.”

“I’ll be with you,” she promised me. “But… well, now that I know what this is all about, I really don’t want to mess that up.”

“They can’t even make up their minds. Like you said. Normally when a girl tells a guy she wants her space, it’s to break up. Julie even basically gave me the let’s be friends speech.”

“It’s a huge decision! Maybe given everything that’s at stake, they really do need some space. Look, okay, so… if I can find a way to be with you, this is a totally different plan than I had come up with for my shrinking.”

“And what was your plan?”

“Oh, my dad is going to throw money at it. He’s already said so. Once the school year is over and I graduate, the school will cut me off of my treatments. But my dad has already lined up a source to keep me going and if that doesn’t work, he’s had architects design little places for me and my mom and sister as we keep getting smaller. But, he’s insisting on keeping us going on the treatments.”

“You don’t know, do you?” I asked her.

“Know what?” she asked me.

“So… I told you about Janelle and her pending spurt?” Shandra nodded and waited for me to continue. “You know Dr. Jurek?”

“Yeah. She gave us all classes on our treatments and she helps with the program.”

“There’s more than one treatment and all of the treatments come with a price. She told me that your treatment program will result in them becoming less and less effective until they fail and then finally a steady stream of frequent spurts down the road.” I then told her about how the focus of the entire program was to just keep the women in the athletic program full sized until after they graduated and then throw them to the wind.

“Oh my God,” Shandra gasped. She was shocked, but not nearly as hurt as I would have expected. “So… how long do we have?” Shandra asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t think anyone knows.”

“Oh God,” Shandra sighed, resting her face in my chest. “This changes everything,” she muttered.

“I’d still love you no matter how fast or how much you shrank,” I promised her. Shandra looked up at me, somewhat surprised, but then smiled at me and put her hand against my cheek.

“I have to think about this,” she told me. “But… maybe if I can find a way out of the little gilded cage my dad is making for me… maybe I could be in your harem?”

“You seriously want to share me? Because that’s what’s got all the other girls freaking out is all the jealousy.”

“If what you’re saying is true… I could start having major spurts by this spring or summer. I don’t have time to worry about jealousy.”

“You’re handling this remarkably well,” I complimented. She huffed a little laugh at me and then shook her head.

“There’s a lot more going on than you know yet. This just… I thought it might be something, I just didn’t think it would be this. It’s okay though. I mean… Okay, yes. I want a real relationship with you, but Brendan, if what you said is true, I could end up doll sized within a couple years. Maybe even sooner.”

“I don’t know. What Dr. Jurek said was that the treatments will start to become less effective over time until they fail.”

“And then shrinking free fall,” Shandra sighed. “I will TRY to do whatever I can. So, full disclosure, I wasn’t exactly looking for a boyfriend when I found you, I was looking for… help.”

“What kind of help?”

“The kind that only a guy outside the athletic program could provide. So, there are a few of us working together, because we’ve felt like it wouldn’t just be a matter of getting through our contracts and then we’d finally be free again. We’ve been asking ourselves why all the girls who graduate never come back and we never hear from them again. I didn’t think it would be this though,” she said, still pondering the ramifications of what I’d shared. “My roommate recommended you to me, despite the fact that we knew you were in some kind of relationship even back then. And the more I got to know about you… the more I liked you.”

“So what now, though?”

“Just… don’t change a thing. I mean, I might end up needing a harem for shrinking women a lot sooner than later if you’re right. So… just… keep things the way they are and I will promise you that I’m yours and just yours, for as long I can.”

“What do you mean ‘as long as you can’?”

“If the school finds out, it’s going to be a complete shit show. Lawyers and fines and warrants and everything and not to mention my dad. I trust you though, if you’d be willing to take care of me.”

“And if the other girls freak out about adding another girl to the group?”

“You have me,” she promised me.

It wasn’t quite the answer I was looking for. “And if I tell them to walk away because I’ve had enough?”

“You’ll still have me. But I think maybe you shouldn’t throw them away just yet.”

“What aren’t you telling me?” I demanded to know.

“I will tell you, I promise. I just can’t do it right now. Besides, what you just told me changes everything.”

“I don’t understand what’s happened to women that they are all actually encouraging me into sleeping with several women at once.”

“I mean, I thought I was the only one you were sleeping with right now.”

“Like right now? Yeah. Or they could decide to take me off time out or they could just decide they aren’t going to do this with me. And I can’t believe you actually want to be a part of this harem.”

“My future is living alone in a dollhouse my dad is having custom built for me. I feel like he’s going to end up keeping me, my mom and sister as pets.”

“That seems a little harsh, don’t you think?”

“You don’t know my dad. I mean, you may not have the money, but at least I could have something resembling a life.”

“We don’t even know each other that well,” I warned her, but she only smiled at me.

“I’ve been watching you for a while, remember?” She sighed and showed her first real sign of struggle yet despite the heavy topics of conversation. “As for why I was okay with your being with all these other women? Honestly, I wasn’t at first. I mean at first, we thought you might have a girlfriend or something, and then we figured out there were two, and then three and I thought you were some kind of serious freak, but the more I tried to learn about you, the less it seemed like you were up to no good, even though none of it really made any sense. I guess, in the dorms we know women are shrinking, but we’ve all had that almost completely stopped for us. So anyways, I guess we just aren’t thinking ahead yet to when we get too small to do anything anymore because we haven’t had to. If the other girls knew what was coming after we graduate…”

Shandra lay there and contemplated for a while longer and a thought occurred to her- similar to the one I’d proposed to the girls a couple night before. “I’m probably never going to be able to have kids, will I?”

“We don’t know that,” I tried to assure her, but Shandra shook her head at me.

“On average, without the treatments, women are having spurts every six to seven months or so. I mean, it’s really random, but on average, yeah. If I have more and bigger spurts than that… I could easily end up too small to carry a baby before I even give birth.”

“The other girls had similar concerns,” I informed her.

“But with me it’s probably going to come a lot faster and sooner. At least if I was with you and your harem, I wouldn’t be alone, though, right?”

“But you didn’t even know about the whole harem thing before now. How was it that you were okay with what’s going on? I mean, I’m not even sure why I’m letting this go on anymore other than guilt.”

“For one, because I do want a real relationship. I’m just worried about getting caught or something else happening. I could end up going home at any point and never coming back again.”

“I’m willing to take that risk for you,” I told her. I meant it too, and I think she knew it.

“I don’t want to walk into your life like a wrecking ball. I mean, I knew you were with more than one woman, so I knew I could at least get close to you and get to know you, but I guess I didn’t want to just tear apart your whole life, even if it did seem really messed up. Also, there was… this other thing,” she stammered, suddenly becoming quite embarrassed and blushing heavily.

“What other thing?”

“I just… I mean… I thought to myself that you must be really good to have that many girls all over you and I was… kinda… curious.”


“I kinda wanted to see what it was like… you know… with all of us and one guy.” She smiled bashfully and partially hid her face, and I couldn’t help but chuckle and shake my head at her.

“Yeah, no. I have never been with them all at once.”

“So you’ve never done like a group thing? Not even once?” she asked, rather surprised.

“Well, I mean, each of the girls likes their alone time. But, okay, so yes, there was one threesome. I kinda had to be talked into it, though.”

“And why would you have to be talked into it?” she asked, highly skeptical of me again.

“Because handling one woman at a time is hard enough. How am I supposed to please two, or three or seven all at once?”

“You do seem a little bit obsessed with getting me off.”

“You’re really hot when you climax,” I answered her. “Besides, people in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones, miss stalking a guy for months.”

“Yeah. You like that I learned all about you before I found you, don’t you?”

“I’m a little torn. On the one hand I seriously doubt you would ever tolerate being stalked by some guy. It’s kinda creepy.” I then stopped and regretted my words, as I didn’t want to upset Shandra with an unnecessarily accusational approach.

“And on the other hand?” she asked, running her finger along my chest.

“I got seriously hard knowing a woman as hot as you wanted me that bad,” I admitted which made her laugh nearly uncontrollably at me. “So you seriously want to do the whole group sex thing that much?”

“I kinda do,” Shandra admitted. “Was it good?”

“It was, but it wasn’t like what we just had. I mean, I guess you’ve found my kryptonite. I have a really hard time being satisfied unless I can get the woman I’m with off. In a threesome, I only have so many body parts to get a woman off and I’ve realized that I need everything I have and all my body to get you off to begin with. When you add in another woman, I start to become useless pretty fast.”

“But you said it was good.”

“For me? Yeah, it was awesome. I had to spend most of my time lying there, though while they got each other off on top of me. It took a while to get into the groove, too.”

“Oh, you got me off pretty easily.”

“You don’t hide your turn ons like a lot of women do. It was pretty easy to find what worked for you.”

“And then you wouldn’t let me stop! I think I get why they’re willing to share you.”

“I try to take care of my woman,” I told her proudly, and then laughed at the scolding look she gave me. “Women,” I corrected and she giggled at me.

“I just want you to know that I don’t want it to, but this could all end at just about any time,” she warned me.

“I think you’re worth the chance.”

“I’m not going anywhere unless someone forces me to,” she promised. Again, not quite what I was looking for, but I was finally satisfied. The situation was precarious, but I essentially had what I wanted- a real relationship. “Just… let me at least get to know these other girls before you tell them it’s off. Okay?”

“You’re sure?” I asked her.

“I’m tired of being alone, and if I’m going to have faster and regular spurts starting after school, I would at least like to try to have something else.”

“You’re just doing this to protect me incase everything comes crashing down.”

“That’s not the only reason,” she teased me. “I’m just… curious,” she admitted.

We lay like that for quite some time, kissing and nuzzling and occasionally fooling around as Shandra was unwilling to let even a moment of our time together slip away without taking advantage of all of it.

Late that night, we were lying in silence with the lights off and only the light from outside the apartment to rely on as I was starting to drift off, though she was still active. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course,” I answered her. After everything we’d just shared with each other, I wasn’t sure why I should bother not answering anything she could ask of me.

“So, I’ve noticed… I mean, when it happened to me…” she said. I could sense she was struggling with something traumatic. “When it happens, why do we all become absolutely terrified? I mean, you’re obviously studying this stuff and you’re a scientist. Why is it that every woman who has a spurt seems to become paralyzed with fear?”

“Even you?” I asked her and she nodded. I thought about her question good and hard. “I’m not a scientist. I’m just a student.”

“But you seem to know more about the spurts than even my doctor does. When I had my spurt, I seriously felt like everything in me just shattered and I was absolutely terrified. No one even noticed when it happened. I was still taller than everyone else there, but even so, I just felt… It was completely overwhelming.”

“I don’t have a good answer for you,” I told her honestly.

“But you have to know something.”

“I think something else is going on. I mean, one thing I do know is that when a woman has a spurt, she’s shrinking in basically every way possible. It completely defies any explanation. Where does the mass go? How does it happen almost completely uniformly through her body? I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t think it’s completely just a biological thing that’s happening. It’s like reality inside your body is changing and that’s what’s making you smaller. I know that some people have tried to study the spurts and explain the fear you’re describing. Just about every woman who has a spurt seems to be just about paralyzed with fear either while it happens or immediately afterwards, which kinda makes sense, but it shouldn’t happen basically 100% of the time. My best guess is that whatever is causing it also triggers something in our brains that activates a fear response. But that’s all it is. A guess.”

“The last girl in the dorm who had a spurt was on the track team. She had a big spurt in training that made her completely blow a pole vault and she couldn’t even walk herself back to the dorm. Her teammates almost had to carry her and she sat there on the floor in her room just shaking. One of her teammates insisted they measure her right away, and when she found out it was a six inch spurt, she had a complete meltdown. I mean, she was still 5’3”. Not super short, but I get it that a six inch spurt is still hard to deal with, but she was so scared, she actually peed her pants right there in front of us.”

“I’ve never heard of a woman who it happened to who didn’t act like their entire life was over,” I shared with Shandra. “Even if it’s a minor spurt. I’ve been told it’s because a woman needs to be alone when it happens so she doesn’t feel as humiliated.”

“I’ve had a spurt and I can tell you I felt completely and totally alone. I felt more alone than I’ve ever felt in my life.” This was not anything that Caitlyn had ever said to me in our many conversations together, but when Shandra said it, I realized something about what women were going through when they had a spurt, and even though Caitlyn had never used those specific words before what Shandra was saying seemed completely in line with everything Caitlyn had taught me. “When I have my next spurt, I don’t want to be alone again.”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever heard a woman say that,” I told her, mildly surprised.

“Because it’s really hard to find someone you can trust enough to be with you through something like that.” I really didn’t have much to add, so I just squeezed her more closely and held her there for several moments in a show of support. “Don’t make me go through that again alone,” she whimpered softly to me. It was an incredibly vulnerable moment for her, and an unexpected one and I was taken aback by how much she tucked herself in to be wrapped up in my arms.

“You’d really let me be there when it happens again?”

“Yes,” she told me in a hushed voice. Suddenly this 6’2” Amazonian woman felt very small and fragile to me. This was quite a contrast from her boisterous and effervescent persona she normally showed. I wouldn’t say I was shocked anymore by this point. I was more touched that she had lowered her guard far enough to allow me to see it.

“I’ll be there,” I assured her. She seemed to relax a little and snuggle more closely to me.
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Re: When The Peaches Fell

Post by Knightstable » Fri Jul 09, 2021 7:21 pm

Wow that was an awesome update! Shandra is probably my favorite character so far. I'm really excited about her possible inclusion into the shrinking harem. Can't wait to read more!

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Re: When The Peaches Fell

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Shandra certainly did her best to stay awake the entire night. She was constantly fighting off the urge to sleep and would encourage me however she could to do the same. This was, after all, the first time she’d spent a night outside of the dorms in a couple of years, as well as being the first time with someone for an evening.

She started off by just trying conversation. We’d used up our quota for dramatic topics for the evening and she just wasn’t having any more of the serious talk, which was weird for me and my relationships, but it was a refreshing change of pace. I did tell her as much and filled her in on all the details of why I kept drifting back to drama in our conversation.

“So you’re psychologist along with being their boyfriend?” she teased me.

“Probably a lot more psychologist than boyfriend at this point. Not everyone is handling the spurts as well as you are.”

“I have a secret weapon,” she boasted playfully.

“And what’s that?” I asked back equally playfully.

“I’ll tell you another time,” she teased me, along with sharing a little kiss.

Conversation only took us so far, though. By 1 in the morning, we were both yawning consistently, and I was drifting off, so she decided to very conspicuously walk around my room, still completely naked as she inspected the room and al it’s objects while making sure to model for me.

“I like that you know seeing you naked is more likely to keep me awake,” I joked with her, and she blushed a little.

“I hope I’m not coming off as desperate,” she admitted to me with more than a hint of embarrassment.

“Yeah, you definitely are,” I teased her.

“Okay fine!” she exclaimed, then made it a point to saunter sexily up to me, exaggerating the sway of her hips and offering me a sultry gaze as she crawled back up onto the bed and then over to me, offering me a delicious view of her breasts hanging and swaying slightly as she approached, almost begging me to suck on them. “Come on! I haven’t slept anywhere but on a crappy twin bed in years! You have no idea how restricted my diet is, everything about my life is strictly regulated and controlled! For one night, I am free, and I don’t want to miss any of it!”

“I have a better idea than you think,” I told her.

“No, I seriously doubt it,” she challenged.

“I’ve seen the list of prohibited items they have for you. Things they think raise the risk of causing another spurt. Even a lot of make ups are banned.” Shandra was utterly shocked and laid down next to me, her eyes demanding answers from me as to how I would know such specifics. “Janelle is starting to feel a spurt coming on. I hope you don’t mind, but I kinda put two and two together and I went to Dr. Jurek about it. That’s why she told me about the treatments and she also gave us the list and taught Janelle methods to try to stall the spurts.”

“Let me guess, the self hypnosis trick?”


“There are other methods than that. That’s just the easiest one to teach.”

“I take it you’ve used it yourself to stall a spurt?”

“Normally, that feeling doesn’t come to us anymore since we started treatments. However, I’ve had to use it a couple times.”

“And it works?”

She nodded. “Basically, our bodies enter into this weird state when a spurt is about to happen. It’s like everything in us tenses up and then once we reach the tipping point, our bodies don’t relax again until there’s less of us to relax. The self-hypnosis helps release the tension enough until whatever causes the spurt to pass. Without the treatments though, it’s not nearly as effective. Like, for me? If I feel a spurt coming on and I start the self-hypnosis, I am almost guaranteed to be okay. Without it my odds would be fifty-fifty at best.”

“So Janelle?”

“I hope it works for her,” she reassured me as best as she could.

“So you really want to stay up the whole night?” I asked her.

“I don’t want to miss anything with you,” she told me. This woman was so amazing, however, I was definitely ready to crash.

“How about some coffee, then?” I suggested. She smiled and nodded, then reached over the bed for a shirt, but I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back. “Wait a second, you never said anything about not being naked!”

“Now who’s acting desperate?” she giggled at me.

“I am in bed with an absolute goddess. You’d be desperate too if you were in my shoes,” I teased her and got a giggle and a kiss. Shandra led me out of the bedroom to the kitchen where we both stood naked there making coffee together while she told me stories about her team mates and the limited games and jokes they were able to play in their structured environment. As she did so, she frequently grinned and gave me a look that I’m sure was meant to be a scolding one for staring so obviously and lustfully for her nude body, but she was amused enough that she couldn’t quite pull it off.

Also, twice I found myself asking about her apprehension of future spurts and the abuse of her imprisonment, and both times, Shandra redirected towards more playful subjects. The third time, she grabbed my wrists and dragged me tot the table, then practically forced me to sit in a chair before climbing onto my lap facing me and staring down at me with a playful grin and sparkling eyes. She leaned down and kissed me very sweetly and passionately, then stared into my eyes, and then kissed me again before finally managing to address me.

“I’m not looking for a psychologist,” she informed me patiently.

“I’m not trying to be one. I just… want you to be happy.”

“Oh, I’m happier right now than I have been in a long time,” she assured me.

“Yeah, but I want it to last,” I answered back.

“I’m going to take what I can get,” she smiled while petting my cheek. At least she seemed touched by my efforts to counsel her and her abusive situation.

“I’m just trying to help,” I said apologetically.

“I don’t need a psychologist,” she reiterated. “I’d really like a boyfriend, though,” she said, suddenly a little bashful and putting a lock of hair behind her ear while she stared at me with those beautiful dark, sparkling eyes.

“That’s all you had to say,” I assured her and leaned up to kiss her. “It can be just us.”

“That’s not what I meant!” she said as she struggled with something internally. “Look, this could all come crashing down at any second. I don’t want to tear apart your whole life, especially since… what if I need your other girlfriends? You can’t look after me 24/7 you know.”

“It’s not… a boyfriend girlfriend kind of relationship,” I answered her rather awkwardly.

She sighed and nodded just as the coffee maker finished it’s fresh brew and she looked at for a moment and then down at me again. “You know, coffee is at the top of the list of things banned. They think caffeine is a major contributor to increased spurts.”

“So you don’t want any?” I asked her. She struggled quite a bit with that question, as did I. I knew she was right; I’d read it myself on the list that Dr. Jurek had provided and I was cursing myself for forgetting. Eventually, though, Shandra found the resolution she needed.

“I have another way of staying awake,” she assured me and smiled, then leaned down to kiss me as she reached between our legs and stroked me to full attention.

I certainly wasn’t going to argue her methods. I squeezed her ass with both hands and we both tensed and sighed as she slid forward and then lowered herself onto my cock, pulling me inside her and she let loose a little moan as she felt her hips connect with mine as she straightened her back and gasped as I used one hand to squeeze her butt and the other to massage her breast while I sucked on her nipple. She was even so tall that she had to lean down to let me do even this and I have to admit, needing to strain upwards to reach her nipple with my mouth was a massive turn on for me.

We pressed our bodies against each other and felt the wetness of her pussy grinding against me and we simply writhed against each other and she danced and squirmed her body against mine and then unexpectedly I found myself boil over the edge quickly and explode up into her.

I was more than a little embarrassed as well as frustrated that I hadn’t milked another orgasm from her before I blew my wad, but she grinned and smiled down at me and kissed me happily. By the look on her face, I could tell this was intentional on her part and she then shook her head at me over my disappointment and otherwise said little.

Satisfied, she dismounted me and went to the bathroom to clean up the mess I’d made inside of her and then returned and took me out to the living room where we snuggled underneath a blanket together.

By three in the morning, we both must have passed out because the next thing I knew, it was 6 am and her phone was blasting her alarm in the next room, waking us both up. “Time to go?” I asked her, rather sadly.

“I have to get back before the sun comes up,” she admitted, also sad. “But it’s only like a ten minute drive, so I have a little more time,” she assured me. We both struggled a bit, given how tired we both were and then she led me to the shower, where we rinsed off and cleaned each other and even though we were both recharged and turned on enough for some more fun together, she insisted on something different, given our limited remaining time.

Once we were cleaned up, we made a quick breakfast together and I was treated to her next big plan for me- a simple, plain meal at my dinner table, filled with nothing more than simple flirting and banter with each other. We were at the end of that meal when Shandra’s alarm went off again and her effervescence faded as she was faced with sneaking back into her prison again.

“I can’t wait anymore. I can sneak by the camera’s until it gets too light out,” she informed me.

“Alright,” I said, standing up and walking her to my door. “Fair warning, though?”

“What’s that?” she asked me, a little of that coy smile returning again.

“I’m going to need to see you again soon. I’m not sure I can take it if I don’t.”

She grinned and giggled and we kissed and then I walked her to her car. She opened her door and began to climb in, but stopped and then leapt back into my arms, kissing me and clinging desperately to me. It was a very picturesque embrace and we both struggled to part our lips, but eventually, she got a third alarm from her phone, warning her she was truly out of time.

“I do want a boyfriend. I want him to be you,” she told me. “I’m not trying to play games with you like the others are.”

“I know,” I assured her.

“Keep your eye on your phone. I’ll see you soon,” she promised me and then jumped in her car and hurried away.

The high from my evening with Shandra kept me awake for a few hours, but by nine in the morning, I found myself falling asleep again and I was out until around lunchtime when I rolled out of my bed due to a rumbling stomach. I meandered around the apartment for a while and cobbled together a halfway decent meal then attempted to study again, but found myself struggling, so I decided to get out for a while and get myself some fresh air.

I wouldn’t say that I was frustrated or upset, as I had been in previous days. I was more thoughtful. It really felt like Shandra was asking me as a personal favor to not end things with the other girls and I almost felt obligated to try to convince them to bring her into the fold, though I wasn’t really sure how exactly to do that. It had been a very heavy conversation with stark choices, but for once, I felt hopeful, instead of feeling that I was obligated to try to bring that hope to someone else.

I guess I was mostly daydreaming about a life with Shandra and the ladies as they shrank smaller and smaller and playing out scenarios in my mind of them all shrinking at varying paces and what it would entail.

Eventually I found myself at a park as it was a rather gloomy looking but surprisingly warm day for the season and I went and sat at a bench and overlooked a pond across from a Kohl’s location. I sat there and watched the cold-water shift in the cool breeze while I also people watched as people made their way to and from the department store that was just a short walk away.

That was when I saw it. It had been a while since I had seen it happen, at least like this. Sure, I’d seen minor spurts of an inch or so just about everywhere from in my classes to just standing in line at the grocery store, and every single time I was faced with a woman who, once she realized it was happening was frozen in fear.

I think I noticed it before she did. She was a fairly average woman, probably in her early thirties and not particularly good looking and her face already covered in stress as she made her way down the sidewalk, presumably to the department store I mentioned. She had a rather average build and from the looks of her, she was probably around 5’5” and dressed in a plain pair of jeans along with a flannel shirt underneath her jacket that was open most likely because of the mild weather that day.

I didn’t look directly at her at first, because I didn’t want to come off as a creep. However, by the time she was roughly half way down her path, I realized something was off as her gait shifted to one of confusion and I wondered what was wrong. No doubt, she was feeling that sensation of a spurt coming on and not quite sure what to do, or perhaps this was her first and she was having trouble understanding exactly what it was she was feeling.

She slowed and then I watched as she froze in place and her face turned a pale white and that was when I was sure I knew what was to follow next. My first instinct was to look around and what few other people were there at that moment were further off in the distance, leaving me the closest one at probably 20 feet or so from her. Down the sidewalk, maybe 60 or 70 yards or so away was another man making his way towards us, but in no particular hurry. I then turned back and stalled, wondering what I should do next. With luck it would be a minor spurt and be over in a moment and she could go on her way once she recovered from the experience.

So, I sat there and watched as best as I could without being too conspicuous about it as it began. The first thing I noticed was her head beginning to droop ever so slightly and slowly lower as though she were slouching just a bit, but there was no denying what was going on as I watched the sleeves of her jacket begin the gradually creep down her wrists to the base of her hand and then on.

I watched as she lost an inch and waited for it to end, hoping the best for her, knowing there was nothing I could do to stop it and then I frowned to myself as I watched her jeans begin to loosen around her thighs and pool at her feet as she stared ahead in abject terror and a moment later, at least two inches had been lost now, but simply by the look on her face, I knew this was not going to be any minor or average spurt.

I felt terrible for her as she stood there, frozen in fear and panic and I winced when her bracelet fell off of her dwindling wrist and clinked on the pavement at her feet as her body receded further and further into her ever more baggy clothes.

I looked up at the man who had been headed our way and scowled at him as he walked away toward the street, crossing in the middle of it. Apparently he had realized what was happening to this woman on the path ahead of him and decided to avoid the scene altogether.

“Coward,” I hissed at him, thoroughly disgusted at his choice to run away rather than face the reality that was this poor woman having a catastrophic spurt right in front of us.

That vitriol only lasted an instant before it hit me that I was really no different, sitting there and staring at this poor woman and waiting for someone else to stand up an actually do anything. I knew exactly why he avoided the entire scene passively- all it took was one wanna be white knight waiting and watching and no matter how well intentioned and noble his actions, he could still end up plastered all over social media being blasted as their little cult open sourced his identity and went after every aspect of his life over the “misogyny” of whatever actions he might take.

It didn’t pay to be a good Samaritan in clown world.

I looked back at the woman, suddenly refreshed with humility and I watched with immense pity as her hips dwindled to the point they were no longer enough to hold her increasingly baggy jeans up and they began creeping down her thighs as physics began to sexually assault her and humiliate her in public and I realized this previously average height woman now had to be less than five feet tall and still descending and my heart broke as I watched her newly exposed thighs trembling with fear and tears now streaming down her face, though she still lacked the will to even move and I cursed myself again for my indecision.

There was no good way to approach someone in this position. She was obviously in a state of abject fear and I knew that even the slightest perceived mistake would end up in me be swarmed by emo assholes, but Shandra’s words from the evening before were echoing in my ears, and I decided that a bad decision was better than no decision.

I stood up and I walked quickly and then hastened into a light jog, trying to appear as non threatening as I could and when I approached her, she did turn and I frowned as the constant tears from her eyes became a flood and I knew my very presence was causing it. She then made this noise, a shivering squeak that had to have been the most pathetic whimper I had ever heard in my life

Still, I soldiered on and approached her and dropped to my knees as I finally reached her and took both of her hands once I had fished them out of her sleeves as I looked up at her, hoping that this might help her feel less intimidated by me.

“I’m sorry I can’t stop it,” I told her with as much empathy as I could muster. “You don’t have to be alone though. I’ll stay with you, I’ll do anything you want, any thing you need if you just tell me to. You don’t have to be alone.”

She froze and stared, offering no response, so I nodded and drew back to pull away from her, but she leaned forward and grabbed my hands with all of her strength, refusing to let go of me.

“I’m Brendan. Don’t worry. It’s going to be alright. I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got you. You’re going to be alright,” I promised her. She only whimpered and her lips quivered as I sat knelt there with her, watching her head slowly drop as she continued to shrink. I could feel her fingers shrinking in my hands slowly and gradually and even though she was squeezing so hard her arms were shaking from the strain, I could feel her strength waning slowly but surely.

“It’s okay. You’re safe. No one is going to hurt you,” I promised her. I really wasn’t sure what else to say. What do you tell a perfect stranger who was shrinking right in front of you? “Do you have anyone we can call?” I asked her.

She nodded, but only slightly and very meekly so I mustered a smile as best as I could. “We’re gonna get you home. Just breath, okay? It’ll be over soon, I promise. It’ll be over and you’re going to be alright and we’re gonna get you home. Okay? You’re not alone. I know this is the worst thing you’ve ever felt, but you are not alone,” I told her, Shandra’s words continuing to echo in my ears.

As I reassured her, I fought back a terrible frown as her legs shrank to the point where they simply couldn’t even hope to battle gravity any longer over her jeans and they unceremoniously dropped and pooled at her feet. “Don’t worry. You’re safe,” I promised her. It was really the only thing I could think of to say.

She whimpered again and then fell forward into my arms, sobbing heavily now and kneeling down on my thighs. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her and thankfully, I couldn’t feel her receding in my grasp any longer. I sighed with relief.

“It’s okay,” I promised her and petted her hair. “It’s alright. Everything is going to be alright.”

“No it’s not! My life is over!” she finally squeaked.

“No it’s not. I’ll get you some help,” I assured her. “It’s going to be okay. I know some women who have come up with all kinds of ways to cope with the spurts. You’re going to be fine,” I promised her. She only whimpered and shivered in my arms.

“How am I supposed to drive like this?” she whimpered. With most spurts, this was really an exaggerated concern, however, even though I had yet to get a good look at her post spurt, I could already tell this had been a truly catastrophic one. Besides, given her emotional state, I really wouldn’t have recommended she drive anyways.

“I think you’re still big enough to drive,” I told her, hoping and praying I was right. “But it doesn’t matter. You said we can call someone, right?” I felt her nod as she tucked her head in against my chest, shivering even more.

“My boyfriend,” she whimpered to me.

“Okay, we’ll call your boyfriend. It’ll take you a while to recover anyways, so don’t worry about driving right now. Have you ever had a spurt before?” I asked. I could feel her head-shaking no in my arms in response. “I know it’s horrible. I’m so sorry your first one had to be so bad.”

“My life is over,” she whimpered.

“I’ve known two women who I cared about who had spurts like that in front of me,” I told her. She suddenly peeked out of my arms up at me and her eyes locked on mine. I could see that fog that I’ve talked about, but I’d made contact. She was hearing me, really hearing me. “One of them, she moved away. She was so embarrassed she just disappeared. I haven’t seen her in years now. I think about her constantly. The other is my best friend.”

She looked up and straightened her back a little, hanging on my every word. “It was horrible when Caitlyn had that spurt, even worse than Tina’s. She was the homecoming queen and suddenly she was a complete pariah. I’m not going to lie. It was really, really hard for her, but she made it through it. She’s in Egypt right now, touring the Giza plateau. After her spurt, she had a really hard time adapting. She didn’t even go to our graduation ceremony, but I’ve gotta say that hanging out with her was the single best summer of my life. When Tina disappeared, it was like this giant whole opened in my life, and Caitlyn saved me. She said she’s gonna see the whole world. She’s even got an Instagram and advertisers have called her asking for her to do stuff for them. I know how hard it is to go through this because I’ve seen what happens after, but I know you can get through it. You’re gonna be alright. We’ll get you help and you’re gonna get through this.”

Again, I could see that fog in her eyes, the same I’d seen in Lisa’s after her spurt, but I could see she was listening and I’d gotten through to her. It was vague and it was tentative, but at least something I was saying was getting through.

I continued to console her and reassure her for as long as I could, to the point where my knees and legs ached and screamed from kneeling like had been for as long as I had, but I soldiered through it, doing everything I could to hide my growing discomfort as well as ignore the few emo assholes that had gathered out on the fringe and were scowling at me angrily.

Slowly she began to take notice of her surroundings again and became aware of the small crowd that had gathered, some to gawk, but others who were there for the sole purpose of putting me in my place.

I decided to get ahead of the curve on that and pulled my phone out and shot a picture of them as they videoed me, scowling and then I called 911. “Hi, I’m not sure if this is an emergency, but I’m with a woman near the Kohl’s at the Haven Plaza and she’s had a really bad incident and there are a bunch of guys here that I feel like they’re being really aggressive.”

As soon as I said this, the would be white knights turned… white. They weren’t quite sure what to do, as this was definitely outside of their normal script and I had to fight back the smirk I was feeling as I watched them shrink back. All I could think to myself was, “they deserve the spurts, not this poor woman.”

The woman I was trying to comfort stared fearfully at the group of people now staring at us, but I tipped her head back to me, making her stare me in the eyes again. “Don’t worry about them. They don’t matter. They only thing that matters right now is that you’re okay. I’ve got you,” I promised her and received a grateful hug in response.

A few minutes later, she felt good enough to stand and I helped her up, still careful to stay on my knees so as to not loom over her. “Let’s fix these,” I suggested, looking down at the pants that were pooled and caught around her feet. She nodded ad sniffled, wiping her nose with her hand and losing that hand behind her sleeve again in the process as I pulled her pants up and took my belt off and looped it around her jeans, pulling it as tightly as I could in a bid to try to secure her pants around her shrunken hips again.

Thankfully, it worked, but only barely. We walked together back to the bench where I had been sitting, me stooping as I walked her while holding her hand, doing my best to not rise up too far above her, however that was proving to be difficult. My best guess was that she was easily under five feet tall now, I was guessing 4’9”, but I was a little worried I was being too generous with my assessment.

The whole way there, though it was a short walk, she grimaced and winced with each step as her little feet slipped around in her shoes and the soles of those shoes clipped, clopped and flopped around on feet now too small to fill them. She almost tripped several times on her pants and she had to readjust her shirt and jacket repeatedly as her smaller body swam around in the collar and she was forced to readjust her bra as well as her shirt that kept slipping over her shoulder.

When we finally arrived, she frowned and was forced to rise up on her tiptoes and climb up onto the seat, rather than lower herself to it, as she had grown accustomed to doing since she was a child.

I sat there with her, holding her hand while the white knights grumbled amongst themselves until the police arrived with an ambulance and made their way to us post haste. As they did so, the white knights all seemed to scatter and slink away and I was finally relieved until the police responding charged ahead of the paramedics and grabbed me, dragged me away from her and shoved me to the ground while the paramedics began attending to the freshly shrunken woman.

The cops cuffed me and shoved my face into the cold grass, one of them kneeling on the back of my head demanding to know what I had done to this woman and telling me I had hit her. I honestly didn’t know if this was just the normal assumption or if one of the white knights had preempted me by making their own call in to 911 to challenge my own claims.

The main thing I want to convey here is that they didn’t ask, they weren’t even interrogating me. It was assumed that I had beaten this poor woman and they weren’t going to take anything else as an answer. When it became clear that I was not going to admit to any such accusation, the officer buried my mouth in the dirt and demanded I confess right up until I heard the voice of the woman who’d I’d come to help sobbing loudly and calling out my name.

There was a pause in all of the commotion until I felt one of the officers get off of my back and rush away and then I finally had enough freedom of movement to turn my head and look to see the woman struggling in futile against the cops and paramedics trying to get to me, screaming and crying as she struggled so hard, she almost appeared as though she were about to worm her way right out of her oversized shirt and jacket through the collars just to get to me.

As I said- it didn’t pay to be a good Samaritan in clown world.

“I can calm her down,” I promised the officer who was still leaning on my head.

“You’re not gonna do shit!” he growled and shoved my face into the dirt again, only making this woman scream even more loudly while the crowd of people just stood by silently gawking.

In the end, it wasn’t pleas for help or emotional appeals or any kind of logic that won. What it took was this woman screaming and ranting about her shrinking spurt that finally made all the first responders back away and allow her to crawl up to me and lie down with me, just for the opportunity to be close to someone else who actually cared about her and her well being.

Keeping my composure through it all was nearly impossible and the only thing that really kept me from completely railing against the cops pinning me down was the look of terror on this poor woman’s face.

“I don’t wanna shrink any more! I don’t wanna shrink any more!” she cried, as she curled up at my side and that was my wake up call that she was running the risk of getting injected with a sedative and then carted off to the hospital only to wake up in a mental ward on 72 hour hold.

“You won’t,” I promised her. “It’s over. It’s okay, you’re not going to shrink. You’re okay,” I promised her over and over again. “Everything is alright. I’m gonna take care of you,” I promised over and over again, which luckily had a soothing enough effect on her that the cops let go of me and allowed me to roll over so that she could curl up against me and huddle for warmth and comfort.

The entire fiasco took over an hour after that before they finally uncuffed me and allowed me to hug her back and they used me to talk her into calling her boyfriend for help, but once they had confirmed that he was on his way, the cops dragged me to my feet and shoved me out past the crowd, telling me not to come back. When I noticed one officer gripping the handle of his pistol, ready to draw it on me, I walked away until I was at the parking lot where my car was and I watched as the crowd slowly disbursed and as someone else approached from the opposite side of the park and was ushered in to the heart of their emergency situation.

I don’t know why I stood around and watched from a distance like that. I felt like I hadn’t done enough, but was fully aware that I wasn’t going to be allowed to do any more. I guess I just didn’t know where to go after that. I could have gone back to my place, but somehow that felt wrong too. So I stood there until everything had fully settled down and the police and paramedics began walking away and then I turned and headed back to my car, only to stand at the driver side door staring at it, unsure of where to go next.

I eventually climbed in and sat there at the wheel staring at the dash until I was awakened from my trance to see a man knocking at my window.

“Are you Brendan?” he asked after I rolled down my window. He had a strong, square jaw and a serious look in his eyes, along with a surprisingly weathered face. I was more that a little worried I’d found myself in another fight, but I nodded nonetheless. “Thank you,” he told me, showing little emotion.

“Are you?”

“Ana wouldn’t let me take her home until we searched every street and building around here for you.”

“Oh, well, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s cool,” he said, pulling on my car door handle. He didn’t seem to be much of a man of words. “Come on,” he insisted and led me back to his running truck where the woman from earlier was curled up in a ball on the passenger seat, whimpering to herself until her boyfriend opened the door and revealed me. Once he did, though, her face lit up and she lunged at me, hugging me and crying in my arms once again.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry?”

“Why are you sorry?” I asked her, looking at her boyfriend again who was showing emotion for the first time to me. He was very stoic, but it looked like jealousy.

“I didn’t mean to get you beaten!”

“No one beat me,” I assured her and helped her back up to her seat. She accepted the help but refused to let go of my hand. Of course, I knew this was a risk with helping someone as vulnerable as a recent shrinkee. I kind of get why her boyfriend was feeling jealous or threatened by me. “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

It took a bit more to disarm her boyfriend, but before long we were exchanging pleasantries as well as introductions. We exchanged information and talked about getting her some help with the girls and their support group and I did my best to sooth her fears as I watched that post spurt haze fade away finally.

Once we’d said our goodbyes and he closed her door for her and was walking away, I called out to him. “Hey, Jay?” He turned around and faced me as stoically as before. “I didn’t mean to go playing around in your territory or anything like that,” I promised him, but got very little reaction from him.

“It’s cool,” he answered back. Looking him over, it was pretty clear I was looking at someone who worked with his hands and worked hard for a living.

“Have you ever dealt with this before?” I asked him. He shook his head no.

“It’ll be fine.”

“It might not be,” I warned him. I approached and spoke more quietly away from Ana and confessed what little I knew as well as my theories that the shrinking process had some kind of neurological affect on the women it happened to. Normally I wouldn’t bother with this kind of talk, but the way he talked and acted, I was assuming that he wasn’t particularly emotionally available, and Ana was going to need a bit more from him now that she’d had a spurt.

We talked for a few minutes and I learned that the two of them had been dating for several years, since before the smurfening and his favorite thing about her was the fact that she didn’t try to force him into talking emotions all the time like a lot of women do, though it was pretty evident that he was not particularly happy with her being so much smaller now.

“I get it, I’m like ten years younger than you and you have a real job and I’m just a student, but can I give you some advice?” He scowled at me, not really wanting to be lectured, but I guess I came at it with enough humility that he thought again and nodded, allowing me to continue. “Look, so I know someone else, who… I’ll just say that there’s a good likelihood she’s going to start having major spurts pretty often soon and… I mean I get where you’re coming from. I’m into tall women, and it really sucks when this happens, but… if I were you I wouldn’t wait any more. I’d just marry her while you still have time.”

“I’m not interested in being a baby sitter,” he grumbled rather callously.

“I doubt she wants to be baby sat, but it is what it is. You guys have been together this long, just go for it. You never know when she won’t be there any more.”

He didn’t respond, he just seemed to think and stare at the ground and then walked away to get back in his truck and drive off.
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