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Unnamed Story

Post by D_T » Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:11 am

Hey. So I’ve had this floating around in my head for....a long time. Decades perhaps? Or close to it. Now and again I ponder over the various ideas, thoughts, details of a tale where a fairy finds herself in the world of humans. Care to join me as I try to finally get this out of my mind and onto -digital- paper?

Tags: M/f, fantasy, fairy, experiments, power play, and who knows what else?

I reckon I’ll write this in an episodic kinda way. No guarantees how far I’ll make it. Will this possibly change as it goes? Yeah. For sure. Everything is a draft until it is finished, right?


Chapter One: Shoot for the Stars

What….what happened?

Those were the first words that drifted through her mind as she slowly rose back up from the murk of unconsciousness, a ringing filling her ears and head. Why was it that after any such episode, those were the first words someone thought?

In this case, she could not have anticipated the answer to her foggy question, for she had no foundation to ever fathom the depth of the situation she awoke to. Opening her eyes slowly, she blinked, and squinted, nearly forced to shut them again at the intrusion of bright light that pierced the previous darkness of her unconscious mind. It took her a few more blinks, the flutter of her lashes slow and bleary as her gaze adjusted to the glare. It was coming from above her, somewhere far above, though the source seemed at once to be in one place, and everywhere.

With a quiet groan, she raised her hands to her ears, her fingers touching wetness.


Wetness? Bringing her fingers back to her eyes, she studied them in a detached sort of way, her brain incredibly slow to process what she was seeing. Red. Bright red, splattered on her fingertips. Blood. The warmth of it hit her suddenly, a sensation of liquid heat trickling down the side of her face, down along her jaw. It was pooling under her face, where her cheek was pressed to the ground.


The ground? Why was she on the ground? The ringing in her ears intensified as she struggled to push herself up onto shaky arms, the surface below her hard, unyielding, and then into a half sitting position. She hadn’t been on the ground just a moment ago — no, the ground had been somewhere far beneath her, as an updraft of warm air lifted her higher above the tree line. She’d been flying, soaring, the sun warming her gossamer wings, the wind on her face as she spiraled up, arms outstretched to play in the currents of her ascent, a broad smile on her lips. It had been a wonder of a morning. Blue skies. The smell of clover in the air. Her people, just starting their day, gathering, building, planting...all the normal activities for a normal day


The light above her wasn’t the sun. It lacked the warmth, the golden hue that brought out the pearlescent sparkle of her sun-kissed skin. No, this was….white? Unnatural. Obtrusive and unforgiving. She squinted up at it, her head throbbing as she grasped at idle thoughts. The ringing in her ears made it hard to think. She touched them again, and groaned. If any sound actually came from between her lips, she couldn’t hear it. The world was mute around her, filled with alien light and that tinny buzz.


A spike of panic jolted through her as she looked about in confusion, twisting, and groaning again as a calamity of aches sprung up at her motion. She felt like she’d run square into a stone wall. But there weren’t stone walls in the sky! So how had she wound up on the ground? And if she were on the ground, where was the grass? Where was the balmy scent of clover flowers? Where where the trees, the lavender, the people...where was the sun?

“What….what happened?”

———- ———-

He couldn’t quite believe his eyes, which were fixed on the lab table centered in the empty room on the other side of the two way, reinforced mirror.

He ran a hand over his mouth, not breaking his stare, his fingers grazing over days old, overgrown stubble. He’d done it.

Or, at least...he’d done...something.

Behind him, various monitors were running lines of script, their screens filled with calculations, symbols, numbers, all a jumble of science recording the readings in that previously empty room, down to the count of atoms. One of the screens was flashing, a small light on a dashboard of switches and knobs pulsing as the screen registered ‘Success,’ over and over.

What had he succeeded in? He’d been chasing energy, his decade long quest to find a source of renewable power to combat the increasingly urgent need to replace the diminishing resources in the world. He’d been trying to tap into the energy of the distant stars, to find a way to harness that which he knew, intrinsically, flooded their planet every day, the proof of which was visible in the lights decorating the night sky. If the twinkle of the stars was visible, surely their energy was reachable. And useable. He’d been obsessed with finding a way to do that, entirely preoccupied with unlocking the key to the vast unknown, and in turn, the millions….no, billions of dollars that his discovery would bring him.

No longer would he be the weird science nerd, sequestered in his home laboratory, shunned by a society that would rather keep sucking up their planets limited resources for their selfish enjoyment of just the next moment, instead sit down and spend the time and effort to find a way to power an endless eternity of moments. He would go down in history as the man who would shoot for the stars, who had harnessed them, conquered them. He would be like a god on earth, once he had it, and sculpted it to every imaginable use.

Ten years of toil and he’d done it! the product of his mania, it was right there!

Except, well….it wasn’t quite what he’d imagined. Rather than a likely-invisible field of raw energy, there was….

A thing. On the table. A living thing.

Finally tearing his gaze away, he strode to one of his monitors, his hands flashing in quick movements, the tiny sensors on his fingertip keyboard translating his movements into action, a screen fizzling into life right in front of him, a hologram of the figure that now lay on the table in his experiment room.

He raised his hands and spread them, the live image zooming in, honing in via the hundreds of lenses and feeds placed carefully around the room. He chewed his lip absently as he reached out his finger, and tapped the hologram, freezing it. For a moment, he couldn’t quite comprehend the image that he saw. It was….a human. But, no, a quick glance to the two way mirror showed that it wasn’t a human. Not in a normal sense, at least. The figure was magnified in his display, blown up to ten times the scale. It was a miniature...being. She — he realized it must be female — looked human enough, with two arms, two legs. Breasts, the curve of hips, tiny feet, two eyes and no unexpected extra of any of those things. She looked to be in rough shape, the trickle of blood from her ears registering as a hot orange smear on his thermal readings. Those ears were finely pointed though. And her face was sharper, the angles a little higher than those of any female he’d ever seen. He twitched his fingers again, re-enabling the live feed and switching from a thermal scan to enhanced visuals, her colors rearranging themselves from the reds, oranges, yellows blues and greens, to the normal tones of tanned skin, red brown hair, petal pink lips, and —

Wings. The tiny figure had wings?! They’d registered as a blur of white heat at her back, the shape too vague to make out on the thermal. But here, he could make them out, if barely, nearly invisible were they. They sprouted from between bare shoulder blades, gossamer thin, sparkling fractals of rainbow under the harsh lab lights and spider silk thin veins running through the nearly translucent, insect like structure.


He stepped back, his gaze returning to the actual figure on the table rather than the image on the screen, and he once again ran his hand over his mouth. He’d tried to summon starlight….and somehow, ended up with a fairy instead.

——- ———


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Re: Unnamed Story

Post by Bloodthirstybutcher » Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:22 pm

Excellent! Good work!
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