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Size Doesn't Matter

Post by scidram » Sat Dec 19, 2020 5:47 pm

Though I've regularly been participating in the quarterly SizeRiot contests, I haven't posted much here lately because I'd explored outside of the SW theme (you can read some of those on my DA page). This being the final contest, I went back to my true love of size fiction. And with the theme being "My Blue Heaven" to write 2000 words about personal fantasies, well, I really went there.

Disclaimers: sex between consenting adults, described in detail with nudity and all. Enjoy!

- - - - -

by Scidram

As my foot floors the gas pedal, I can feel her seductive stare from the passenger seat. In her heels before dinner, we saw eye to eye, but when we left the restaurant, I was looking right over her fiery red hair. She’s already started, shedding just enough of her height to entice me but not enough to dislodge her clothes or otherwise draw public attention to herself.

“Oops, there it goes,” she says.

The light up ahead turns red, and I curse under my breath while I bring the car to a complete stop. My heart throbbing, I glance her way and see the strap of her dress slide off her shoulder.

Biting her bottom lip, she winks at me. “So much more leg room now.”

My eyes gaze down her little black dress, no longer as slinky as earlier but just as sexy, all the way to her sleek legs, which she stretches forward. Her left foot loses its shoe, then her right.

“You’re amazing,” I say, breathlessly, while swiveling my hips, quite aware of the limited room my pants provide.

A horn honks behind us, and I jerk my head forward to see the light has turned green. I drive forward, wanting to get home as quickly as possible to enjoy as much of the process that’s left.

I don’t know how she does it or when she gained this ability, but I don’t care. I just thank heaven above that she willingly uses it to indulge my fantasy.

We finally get home, and I pull into the garage. Before the automatic door starts closing, she steps out of the car, leaving her shoes behind and stands before me, glowing radiantly in the headlights. She leans forward, one arm across her breasts to hold the baggy dress against them and deny me a peek, and beckons me with the index finger of her other hand.

I try to get out of the car, but in my excitement, I forget to unbuckle my seatbelt and get yanked back into the car. She giggles at me while I struggle to get to her.

When I finally do, she stands before me, no higher than my armpits. She clutches the ill-fitting dress against her slight frame, both straps limp and halfway down her arms. A pair of black lace panties slips out from the dress and puddles around her feet. “Oopsie,” she says, covering her O-shaped mouth with her hand.

She dwindles in front of me, maybe only an inch or two, but it’s noticeable. The dress hangs closer to her ankles and sags at her chest, revealing the matching strapless bra resting atop her ample but smaller breasts.

I can’t wait any longer, so I bend down and sweep her off her feet. It’s a swift move, and because I misjudge how much lighter she is, she almost flies out of my arms. She laughs and throws her arms around my neck.

“You’d better get me upstairs quick,” she says, shifting in my arms as she gets just a little bit smaller. “Before there’s not much left of me.”

I dash into the house and up to the bedroom while she runs her fingers through my hair and tickles my neck. Standing her on the bed before me, I watch her dress finally give way and slip off her. She’s nude, and I gawk at her smooth, silky skin. Her comparatively long, lithe legs. The swing of her hips, curving inward to her slender waist. Her flat stomach and round, perky breasts.

She clears her throat. “Eyes up here, buddy.”

My gaze immediately jerks to her face, which gives me a look of feigned disapproval. I know the expression; she’s waiting for me to figure something out. My blood’s flowing someplace other than my brain, so it takes me a moment to realize I’m looking up at her.

“This will never do.” She winks at me, then with a shudder, she shrinks until we’re eye level once again, despite her being almost two feet shorter than usual. I nod my approval, but she shakes her head. “Still far from equal footing.”

I glance down at her feet on the mattress and chuckle at her pun, but she grabs at my shirt and tugs me forward. She starts unbuttoning, her smaller hands struggling with the unwieldy buttons, but I know she’s just pretending. This is her teasing me—the night’s foreplay—since she knows how much watching her interact with everyday objects when she’s smaller turns me on.

When I try to help, she swats at my hand. “I’ve got this. You get your pants.”

I loosen my belt, unbutton, and unzip. My clothes don’t effortlessly slide off me like hers do, so I have to shimmy a little.

“Boxers too,” she says, halfway through with her task.

Those I can’t shake myself out of so easily with the growing bulge inside them, and she distracts me by caressing my bare chest, but I’m soon bottomless. She finishes undoing my buttons, and I throw the shirt to the floor. Now we’re both naked.

“Step closer,” she commands, and I obey until my knees are against the side of bed.

She presses her body against mine, and I feel one of her thighs against my dick. She swivels her hips so her other thigh grazes it. Then she squeezes her legs together, takes my cheeks in her hands, and kisses me hard on the lips. My mouth surrounds hers, but our tongues find each other. Though smaller, she still tastes the same as she always has.

Breathlessly pulling away, she asks, “So big boy, what size do you want me tonight?”

“You know it’s not the size, sweetie.” I gasp as she drops an inch or so and starts kissing underneath my chin. “It’s all about the process. Just keep shrinking.”

“Oh, then I can’t wait to play with you later.” She dwindles further, and as her kisses move down my neck to my collar bone, my cock slides up her thigh until it can’t any more.

She moans, and though she holds onto me as tightly as she can, I know she needs extra support. I reach down and grab her ass, and she starts grinding back and forth, sliding herself along my shaft. Her weight dissipating, she drags her tongue down my sternum and stands on tiptoe to keep riding me. Soon, it’s a more slick ride, and her panting tells me she’s aroused as I am.

When her feet finally lift off the mattress, she pleads, “Take me now.”

Holding her tightly against me, I spin around and sit on the bed. I scoot a bit farther back and lie down, and she spreads her legs. At about half her original height, our window of opportunity is narrowing. Without hesitation, she guides my cock inside her. She squeals and leans back, her red hair cascading down behind her.

She makes herself a tad smaller and tighter, then a bit larger and looser, repeating the rhythm but increasing the tempo. My gasps grow louder and quicker, in time with her moans, their pitch changing as her size changes.

Her orgasm occurs first, and when her body relaxes, she shrinks. I feel her constrict around me, and I clench my eyes shut in the mixture of pleasure and pain. I don’t want to come yet because it will be so intense that I’ll pass out. She still has further down to fulfill her promise of playing with me later.

Eventually, she’s too small, and my cock launches her off me. She falls forward, her face landing on my stomach, and she starts kissing and licking and sucking on the skin around my navel. I grip the sheets in my hand, focusing as hard as I can on not climaxing, but her lips keep getting smaller. The sensations of her lips and fingertips are much more concentrated in her shrunken state that she can target individual nerve endings, each one a sharp and direct electrical current coursing through me.

She rolls over and crawls up my chest. Resting her chin upon mine, she whispers, “You’re not done yet, are you?”

My body quivering in withheld release, I shake my head. I’m sure my motions are like earthquakes underneath her, but she keeps her balance as she stands up and walks away from me. I watch the way she wiggles her backside as she recedes from me, and I feel her footsteps get lighter as she dwindles just a little more until she’s about doll size, probably no more than a foot tall.

She reaches my penis and embraces it, resting her warm breasts against its rim. Looking over her shoulder at me, she calls, “You’re pretty big, but could you get bigger? Please? For little ole me?”

Her playful words and tone entice and seduce me, but I don’t think I can be any more erect than I currently am. Then I feel her breasts sliding downward and her thinning arms not wrapping around it as much.

She kisses and fondles me, and those focused touches when I’m most sensitive down there are all it takes. “Sweetie?” I call out, my voice wavering.

She presses her whole body, maybe four inches tall, against it. I can feel every part of her body at once. She thrusts, lifting one leg so her thigh rubs the shaft. She rests her head against it, and I can feel the ridges of her ear lobe. “Geyser’s gonna blow,” she yells. “I can hear it inside you.”

And she’s right. In an instant, she sprouts back up to match my length and nudge my tip away from her to redirect my eruption. I release a prolonged moan and arch my back, and I feel my eyes rolling in their sockets. My abrupt trembling causes her to stumble backward, and I want to make sure she’s okay, but I’m so spent that I pass out.

When I come to, the lights in the room are still on but it’s dark outside. The clock says it’s quarter to two, and I look around for her, but I’m alone in the bed. “Sweetie? You here?”

If she fell asleep before growing herself back, then she’s got to be here. I don’t feel her on me, and I carefully get off the bed to make sure I didn’t roll over her. I’m pretty sure she can only change her size when she’s awake, so I don’t think she could have kept shrinking.

There’s a sudden chill in the air, and I realize the door to the balcony outside is open. Suddenly, a giant feminine hand—her hand—reaches inside and plucks me from the bed. She sits naked in our backyard, her feet in the swimming pool, maybe about thirty feet tall. “You ready for this?” she asks, bringing me up to her face and smirking.

Before I met her, I never fantasized about being the smaller one, but she’s opened my mind. Though she can’t shrink me, she can grow herself. She leans back, and the sudden motion gives me momentary vertigo, but it settles as she lays me between her breasts, which rise above me like hills. “Now it’s your turn to play with me,” she says.

I don’t hesitate caressing and kissing her smooth, soft skin, ready to please her the way she wants.

After all, fair is fair, and size shouldn’t matter. All that matters is what you do with your size.


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Re: Size Doesn't Matter

Post by Bloodthirstybutcher » Sat Dec 19, 2020 10:36 pm

Well done!
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Re: Size Doesn't Matter

Post by CKent45 » Tue Dec 22, 2020 4:44 pm

I'll be honest, I was hoping at the end that she was hiding somewhere at a tiny size with another interesting game to play, but I suppose her going supersized was as fitting a twist at the end as any. I had been asking myself whether her size changing powers went only one way while reading this, after all.

Very nice story. They'd better have given you first place.
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