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Sarah’s Plight

Post by LazyOutlaw » Thu May 10, 2018 2:24 pm

In an university back east on a beautiful day, there was an unassuming average 26 years old student. She wasn't part of any popular group nor was she on any honor roll. She blended in just fine however, and mostly got good grades. Only thing really that stood out really was that she was tall, at around 6 foot. Which meant she towers over a bit over some of her friends and girlfriend Sam. Sam was of average height at 5’7 as well as a year older than Lacey.

She felt a bit giddy this day, she fast walked over to Sam with an excited smile when she noticed her coming out of History class. She had found an app that gave her hope their wildest fantasy will come true, “Sam! Hey Sam.”

“Oh hey Lace! I'm sorry I wasn't able to get your favorite sandwich from the cafeteria in time. Didn't want to be late.” Sam said apologetically. She had told her earlier that she was gonna buy something for her later. Lacey had a class that ended a half hour before Sam’s history class did.

“That's ok, I'm not that hungry anyways. I have something I want to show you.” Lacey said as she held out her phone screen to her. It was a shrinking app (one that claimed it was anyways) and shrinking was something the two was always curious about. They even roleplayed it before to see if they liked any parts of the, admittedly, weird kink. Which come to find out they did.

“Alright, is it a time waster game? I can use that for our next class.” Sam laughed. The next class was in 15 minutes and unfortunately it was a boring hour and a half long one. Needlessly to say even though they both did well, they found it dull. A part of them wished they had a more interesting teacher cause really they both liked science. Just did not help at all that the teacher had a dull monotone voice.

Lacey pondered for a second before she spoke, “I guess you can make up a game with this. You know how much we roleplay quite a bit, especially giantess/shrinking scenerios?”

Sam was now curious. Right now they would hightail it to another part of campus, but this intrigued then more in the moment then class, obviously, “Yeah?”

“Well there is an app that claims you can shrink and control another person’s height. I found it earlier waiting for English class to start.” Lacey explained.

Sam face lit up as Lacey showed her the app’s front screen, “Oh cool! But I thought due to the laws of science, shrinking is basically impossible.”

Yeah that's what I thought too, but this app has convincing enough screenshots to want to try it out. Here I’ll show you,” Lacey went to the section of the app that had pictorial evidence to prove it worked, “Here's the developer’s car next to a game and an a ruler.” Sam noticed the car was near the 5 inches mark on the ruler.

This was definitely promising, “They look real enough, but to be fair they could be photoshopped like some of those shrunken women pics we found.”

“I see your point, but a part of me thinks this isn't photoshopped. And if it turns out it is then, at least it is a real good photoshop.” Lacey laughed lightly. There was something to be said about getting a little annoyed of not seeing a high quality pic after browsing for a hour on one of those adult forums.

“The wishful part I’m guessing?” Sam teased good naturedly which made Lacey laugh.

Sam proceeded to search for the app in the store. It wasn't there which just added to the strange curiosity about the app. Why would the developer pull it off? She went to google the app to see if anyone written about it. Maybe there was some backlash and criticism about how something like that can be dangerous. Which it can be she imagined, some people would probably abuse an app like that.

“It's not in the store anymore nor any mentions about it on the internet.” Sam stated. Maybe there was something about that part that gave credence to shrinking being a reality. What other reason could there be for the app disappearing so quick? Well unless it was some huge prank app but there's nothing about that either. So right now the reason was either it worked or it was some prank and the person had second thoughts about going with it.

Lacey thought that was weird too, “Wouldn't an app have something about it? Even one that got pulled?”

Sam shrugged, “I would guess that too. How does it work?”

Lacey pulled up the instructions, “It says to take a picture of your target and whatever tech in this will send out a beam linking the target to the picture.”

“Oh so kinda like an unique ID for each pic deal?”

“I guess so. This would make our next class more exciting,” Lacey said. She looked down at Sam with a knowing smile, “You're thinking what I'm thinking?”

“If what you're thinking is let's try it out then, 100 percent yes.” Sam chuckled that led to a smile.

“Alright then. Let's take a picture of you first then we can find a secluded area.” Lacey said and Sam nodded while she took a step back. The taller women took a picture before they started their walked down the hallway. They decided to just head in the general direction of the class and just hope there was a spot on the way.

“Is there a slow shrink option?” Sam asked as she faced her girlfriend, “I like that more than instant.”

“Same.” Lacey agreed. She looked around and quickly found one which resounded in a happy yes from her. She looked up and spotted a bathroom, “Maybe we can try it there?”

“That’s good enough for me.” Sam said, The two entered the bathroom and it was thankfully empty. Who really knew how someone would react to something like this. Some might freak out and go alert someone about it, or someone might not care enough to really notice. And it wasn’t like anything dangerous or morally wrong thing was going to happen. They were two consenting adults in a relationship with a shared kinky interest.

“You ready Sam?”

“Yeah.” Lacey nodded and started the process. She pressed the shrink button and Sam immediately felt a tingling all over her body. The world expanded around her and she was joyful about the fact that this app worked! Holy shit she was actually shrinking, “I’m up to little above your shoulder now. This is freaking cool.”

Lacey watched her girlfriend dwindle down about 5 inches. She couldn’t believe it, their kink is no longer an imagined one, “Sweet! Let’s test the restore button to see if that works,” Lacey suggested. what good is the app be if they couldn’t restore one’s height easily. That would definitely take out more of the fun with the app.

Lacey pressed the restore button and Sam grew back to her given height. Satisfied with the results she told Sam to get ready to shrink again. This time Sam felt the tingling feeling for a little longer. Lacey seemed to grow before her eyes more slowly than before. Once it stopped, she noticed she was now eye leveled with Lacey’s stomach.

“How does it feel down there? It didn’t hurt did it?” Lacey knelt down to get a better look.

Sam shook her head, really she felt more aroused if anything, “No just the good kind of feeling.” Sam laughed as she walked around a bit. Lacey meanwhile leaned up against the counter, “Just a bit disappointed the clothes are shrunk along with me.”

“I have to say the same too.” Lacey agreed. She imagined Sam would look so cute shrinking out of her clothes. She stood up and just slipped her hand inside of of her pants and stroked her which caused Sam to moan.

Lacey pulled her hand out and shrunk Sam to just below her hips before she picked up Sam, Lacey easily sat her on the edge in order to get a better look. She lifted her chin up, “Well we can work around that easily.” Lacey finished it with a quick kiss.

“Yep, we can just roleplay that part with some of your clothes.” Sam smiled with a chuckle and Lacey looked her over. She was already getting an idea of how exactly they can get through science class without falling asleep. Or any other boring class for that matter.

“So what I was thinking is we can shrink you and see how far we can go without being caught.”

“I imagine it’ll be easier to get away with it if I’m thinking what you’re suggesting.”

“Yeah, I won’t undress you though, but they are easy enough to work.” Lacey pointed out while she began shrinking Sam again. This time she didn’t stop until she was a foot tall. Her girlfriend now looked like a giantess and frankly the sight just aroused her more. Lacey just smiled as she gently picked Sam up. She lightly teased her by bringing a finger to her now tiny breast and gave it a poke.

“Oh...I’m already loving this.” Sam moaned out.

“Me too.” Lacey grinned as she gently ribbed her breasts together for a few seconds before she pulled away, “So I was thinking, we should definitely put this app to good use.”

“Hmmm yeah we should. Like a punishment or something.”

Lacey already had an idea of the perfect candidate, the much disliked math teacher Sarah Hanson. She always had a tendency to be rude. She would laugh if a person answer a problem wrong, and treat her students as idiots for having to take a review math course in college. Frankly she could use a reality check she figured. And the best part is if anyone noticed she was missing, then they likely won’t care enough to report her. At the college at least. It was well known most of the students don’t care for her attitude.

“How about a temporary punishment first. Up to the next fall semester. If she falls back to her old routine afterwards then, we can think of something else.” Lacey suggested as she set Sam back down on the floor and restored her height.

“When should we do this? After science class?”

“That actually sounds perfect.” Lacey smiled. The two didn’t have any classes after that and the target would be all alone in her classroom grading papers and whatnot.

So the hour and half passed by quickly. It felt that way due to them looking forward to punishing the math teacher. Right now, they were outside the door as they talked out how they were going to do it. They could go in with the pretense of help needed, or go in their gun ablazing so to speak.

“For lack of a better idea we can just start shrinking her a little bit, then go in.” Sam suggested as she looked through the window. Luckily Sarah was distracted by the papers she was busy grading.

Lacey looked around in the hallway, there was still students about, but none paid any attention to them. Lacey waited for a good moment before she turned around, and quickly snapped a pic of the teacher with the app. The two moved over to the other side of the hall so that they can see the teacher without being conspicuous. Lacey got to the activation screen, “Where should we shrink her to before we go in?” She asked.

“Hmm, maybe 5 feet or so.”

“That’s perfect for a start, she’ll definitely notice something up.” Lacey smiled as she pressed the button. From the window, Sam saw her getting smaller, it wasn’t too long before she noticed something was up. She started to look around as if she was confused.

Once it was apparent she stopped shrinking, Lacey and Sam casually made their way in. Sarah stood up when she heard them come in, she wanted to be confirmed what happened was just in her mind, “Hello, what can I do for you two?” Sarah asked as she noticed the two young women looked taller than she remembered. She felt her stomach started to sink, what the hell was going on?

“Nothing, we just wanted to see if you were alright? You looked a little out of it earlier.” Lacey feigned concern as she looked down at Sarah.

“Now that you mentioned it, and it sounds crazy, but I could’ve swore I was as tall as you.” Sarah looked at Sam, she felt more confused with every second, “Everything suddenly gotten big!”

“Hmm, I don’t know. You’re right that does sounds crazy, but maybe you’re just seeing things. Have you gotten enough sleep?”

“That is none of your concern!” Sarah semi snapped at Lacey.

“Hey, no need to be rude Ms Hanson, we were just concerned for you.” Lacey had her phone behind her back when she pressed the button again.

Sarah yelped in surprised as she suddenly saw the world expand, “It’s, it’s happening again!” She stumbled back a few steps.

“It’s looks like as if you’re shrinking.” Sam suggested knowingly as she walked up close to Sarah.

Sarah looked up at the now taller student of hers, “Shrinking? What gave you that idea? Everybody knows it’s impossible. You two should know that, you’re in college.”

“Oh is it? You should have a more open mind teach.” Lacey shrunk Sarah to a tad under 3 feet..

“Oh my god, how am I smaller?” Sarah felt more frighten and bewildered now.

Lacey held out her phone in front of her, “With an app.”

“So you’re shrinking me?” Sarah felt her eyes widen with shock.

Lacey grinned amused, “Yep.”

Sarah stood frozen for a second before she spoke, “Why? You can’t do this! Restore my height now please.” She instructed but she was met with amused laughter.

“To teach you a lesson pretty much.” Sam provided.

“What do you mean teach me a lesson?”

“Well, see, for one thing you are rude to anyone that forgotten how to do something you think is simple. Two you act like we’re dumb for having to take this class.” Sam provided. She thought Sarah looked cute when she was mad.

“I’ll have you know I am not rude! Restore my height now or I’ll dock you two a grade!” She tried to threaten, but she, instead. Was picked up by Sam.

“You’re easier to pick up Sarah.”

Sarah squirmed in Sam’s hold, but unfortunately for her, she had a good grip on her, “Put me down!

“Oh we can’t do that. Like Sam said earlier, we’re punishing you. And you’re gonna be our little pet for the rest of the semester and summer.”


“Oh yes,” Lacey smiled as she walked behind Sarah and traced her finger slowly up her leg, “Don’t worry its all temporary. Well, that is if you behave and learn your lesson then before the fall semester.” Lacey stated as she slipped her hand inside of her skirt and lightly touched her underpants.”

“Don’t you even-, take your hands off and put me down!” Sarah cried out in indignation as she fought to quell the burgeoning warmth of pleasure. She moved her legs in vain to try and get Lacey’s finger off.

Insteady Lacey just held one of her legs in place with her free hand, “Oh, feisty are you.” Lacey kept up with the light strokes before she pulled her hands away.

“Just put me down and restore my height immediately!”

“If you say so.” Sam chuckled as she placed Sarah down on her feet on her desk.

“I meant on the floor! And don’t think I’m not gonna report you two ladies.”

“I don’t think that’ll quite go the way you’ll expect it to. Who is gonna take you seriously this small?” Lacey pointed out as she looked at the app again then faced Sam, “Should we take her home, or have fun here?”

“No, you can’t take me with you, I still have papers to grade.”

It now dawned on Lacey who just realized, “Oh, that’s right. You were grading papers weren’t you.” Lacey lifted her chin as she got an idea, “I’ll finished them for you.”

“You will not! I am still the teacher Lacey.” Sarah yelled out as she tried to go and stop Lacey from getting into her chair and in front of the laptop, “I am still in charge.”

Sarah attempted move to run was dashed when Sam quickly picked her up, “She’s doing you a favor Sarah, you should be be grateful.”

“Look at this, all of our grades are up and ready for scored to be added.” Lacey grinned mischievously while Sam sat Sarah on the edge of the desk and held her in place, “Oh look, Sarah put our grades as C’s.”

“You deserved them. Rightfully so.” Sarah pointedly said.

“I don’t think so little pet. We’re in charge now so the grades are up to us.”

“Yep. We worked hard in this class, in fact everyone did. Everyone deserves an A.” Lacey concurred as she entered in A’s and B’s. She ended up doing a variety as to not arouse any other suspicion. And Sarah voiced her protests to this, but of course it was in vain as Sam slipped her hand and under her crotch. Sam started to slowly stroke her up against her underpants.

“Ack, don’t you dare continue or you two will be looking at expulsion!” Sarah yelled out before she let out a weak moan.

“Aww, you’re liking this? You’re getting quite wet under there already.”

“I am certainly not!”

At that moment they heard the door open, Lacey and Sam looked up to see it was their roommate, Beth.

“Oh, uhh, I was gonna ask the teacher about my grade.” Beth awkwardly said. The first thing she noticed was the shrunken teacher on the desk, before she faced her two friends.

“Whoa. how did the teacher get shrunk?” Beth asked as she closed the door before she walked up. Lacey and Sam had told her about the shrinking fetish a while back.

“With an app. It works like so.” Lacey stated as she pressed the button. Beth’s eyes got wide in amazement as she saw Sarah shrunk down to 2 feet.

“No, please. Beth you gotta help me.” Sarah pleaded as Sam took out her hand and propped Sarah up to her feet.

“Still the delusional one huh?” Lacey chuckled as she got up. Sarah, by now, felt utterly helplessly as she looked up at the three.

“Wow, it works. She looks so adorable all shrunk like that.” Beth commented.

“She does.” Lacey stated before she explained everything to Beth, “...and we’re thinking of continue the fun at our house.” Lacey finished.

Beth took off her backpack, “That’s a great idea, Sarah can ride in here.” She suggested with a smile.

“You are not putting me in there.” Sarah demanded, but she was met by Lacey picking her up while she giggled.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to make demands. From now on until the fall, we are in control.”

“No, people are gonna notice me missing!”

“Oh, I don’t think so. Your attitude doesn’t go well with a lot of people. You sorely need a lesson in humility and in being nice to students.”

Lacey proceeded to put Sarah in Beth’s backpack and the three strode on out of the room. Sarah rode in completely darkness for what felt like a long while, before she felt the backpack make a sudden move onto something soft.

Beth had placed her pack on the sofa. There home was used to be a sorority house back in the 70s and 80s, but it since been used as an another place a student can live in on campus. She opened the backpack and Sarah tried to fight against being held and taken out.

“Enjoy the ride?” Beth asked as she looked at Sarah face to face, “Welcome to your new home. At least for a few months.” Beth added and Sarah felt herself placed down on the floor. By now Sarah felt hopeless for escape from her imprisonment, or at least started too. Beth meanwhile sat down on the couch, “You mine if I watch you two?”

“That’s more than fine Beth.” Lacey replied with a smile as she faced Beth. Sarah decided to take this opportunity to try and escape, but unfortunately Lacey was too fast for her and she felt a strong arm on her shoulder, “Oh, naughty and defiant aren’t you?”

“You three can’t keep me here!” Sarah pleaded, but it didn’t do any good as Lacey just dragged her back over to the front of the couch.

“Oh, but we can, you have to listen to our rules now. And believe me everything will go just fine if you act nicely and treat us well.”

“But there are rules for you to follow, which is pretty much you have to follow what we say, and your height is under our control.” Sam stated before she smiled, “Now that we got that done, let’s start the fun.”

“Yes, first lets just grow you a little so we get a better look at you naked.” Lacey looked at her phone, while Sam grabbed Sarah’s wrists and held them above her head. Lacey grew Sarah to 3 feet before she set the phone down on the couch.

Lacey knelt down and started to pull down her skirt. Sarah put up a fight as best she could as she was stripped to her bra and underpants, “No, please.” Sarah meekly cried out as she knew it was all in vain by now. It was hopeless to fight so might as well go with it.

“Oh, don’t fight it Sarah. The quicker you realize that, the less you’ll be punished.”

“How will I be punished?”

“Beth, do you still have that empty glass cage you had for your pet hamster?” Lacey faced Beth before she looked back at Sarah.

“Yeah I do, I think it’s in my closet.”

“Good, you’ll be put in that if you disobey or or rude in anyway. You don’t want that do you Sarah?”


“Good.” Lacey easily took off her underpants as Sam knelt down and took off her bra. Now Sarah was naked and blushed a shade of red as she felt strong hands that massaged her breasts and Lacey’s hand on her crotch.

“Ahh...oh…oh god.”

“That’s it little Sarah, don’t fight it.” Lacey softly encouraged as she slowly stroked her, “You are attractive there little one.”

Sarah moaned in pleasure in the background while Lacey faced Sam with an idea in mind, “Hey Sam, you want to get shrunk and suck Sarah off?”

Sam paused and grinned at the offer, “That sounds like fun. Would you like that Sarah?” She asked more rhetorically as she stood up, “Should I get naked beforehand?”

“Up to you babe.” Lacey replied sweetly just as Sarah orgasmed, Lacey pulled her hand away as Sarah felled to her knees, “Did that felt good little one? There’s more coming.”

“Ok, I’m ready.” Sam announced, she had taken off her clothes except her bra and underpants, and had put them aside.

“Beth, would you mind shrinking her down?” Lacey asked as Sarah got up to her feet.

“Sure.” Beth grabbed the phone and Sam got shrunk down to 8 inches. Lacey grabbed Sarah’s arms and held them behind her back as Sam walked up and Lacey picked her up gently.

“Ahh….you shrunk her?”

“Yep, we all here like shrinking.”

Sarah moaned with yelp as Lacey used Sam as a makeshift dildo to pleasure Sarah, “Oh god….”

About a minute later Sarah panted as she was still in a strong embrace. Lacey still has Sam in her grip, “Just wait until you are doll sized little Sarah.”

“’re gonna shrink me further?!”

“Yep.” Lacey said as she let go of Sarah and stood up, “You’ll be easier to handle Sarah.

Lacey looked at her shrunken girlfriend and lightly pressed a finger up against her crotch and gave it a rub, “You did great Sam.” She placed Sam on the couch before she grabbed her phone. She first grew Sam to her given height before she looked at Sarah, “Sarah, climb into the couch.”

“And if I say no, I’ll go into the cage?”

Lacey smirked, “You’re catching on.”

Sarah looked at the couch for a second before she made her way to climb up between Sam and Beth. Beth experimentally put her hand under her crotch. Sarah still felt embarrassed and undignified. Lacey activated the process and Sarah felt a tugged sensation surround her once again. She felt pulled down on all direction and she felt Beth’s hand getting stronger and strong as the world expanded.

Beth pulled out once Sarah went the two feet mark and she didn’t stop shrinking until she was 12 inches tall. Now Sarah felt even more helpless, “Wow, you look even more cute all shrunken like this.” Lacey picked up Sarah by the waist, and held her up in front of her.

Even then, Sarah squirmed a little in her grip, she wasn’t used to being handled like this, “Please, don’t hurt me.”

“Don’t you worry little pet, we’re not gonna hurt you.” Lacey assured Sarah as she easily squeezed her breast.

In September, they kept their promise and had restored Sarah height and let her go. They warned her if she went back to her way, then she’ll be shrunk and in their control for good. What they didn’t know that Sarah had planned to tell the Dean, who was her friend, about it and hoped to get some some action taken against them.

“And it was crazy Maria, they made me be their servant. I had to clean, be an art model, and I was forced to help them with their homework.” Sarah explained as Maria sat behind her desk.

“Hmm, I see. And they kept you shrunk you say?”

Sarah nodded, “Yes.” Her face felled a bit when her friend started to giggle, but it was expected as it did sound unbelievable, “Look I know it sounds completely made up, but I swear it’s true.”

“Oh I believe you, I just think it’s funny you think you’ll get your old job back.” Maria smiled as she riddled with her phone a bit. Unbeknownst to Sarah, she had the shrinking app as well.

“What do you mean?”

“The substitute teacher that taught in your absence has better bedside manner than you, and she does a much better job so we hired her.” Maria informed and Sarah felt like everything crashed around her.

“What? But Maria-“

“Oh don’t worry, I have something in mind for you.” Maria stood up and hit the button. She watched her friend shrink down to Barbie doll size.

It was pretty obvious Sarah did not expected to get shrunk again, “Oh god no! Maria!” Sarah exclaimed as she watched Maria walked over after she set the phone down. She felt the chance at a normal life now dashed away forever as she looked up at the “giant” women that loomed over her.

“Lacey ain’t the only one with the means to shrink.” She chuckled as she bend down to pick up Sarah, “You can thank my twin brother for it. He created it.”

“Maria don’t do this please, I thought we were friends.” She protested.

“Oh we still are, don’t worry about that.” Maria calmly assured her as she went back to her seat, “I just figured this will make it easier on you. You’ll live with me and be my little one.” She explained as she started to take off her clothes, “While you’ll work as my assistant.”

“And I can’t do that without being shrunk?”

“Oh that part is to ensure you don’t have to worry too much about money. You’ll still get paid, but that money will be your recreational money since you’ll be living with me.” Maria casually smiled as she got Sarah completely undressed.

Maria, by now, held Sarah in place on her desk as she placed a finger on her crotch and lightly started to scratch the skin, “You know, it’s a good thing you’re used to this already.”

“Ahhh….I didn’t plan on this though.” Sarah moaned out.

“Trust me, you’ll thank me later. Plus I can see why they shrunk you.” Maria patted her crotch before she reached for she reached for a pen and pressed the non pointed end up between her legs.

“Maria-“ Sarah squirmed a little bit.

“Just relax my little one. You should be happy it’s your friend here that shrunk you, and not some creep. I’ll take good care of you”

“That’s true.” Sarah just couldn’t believe this was happening, first she was shrunk and kept prisoner, now she was she was gonna go through the same ordeal. Only it sounded like her height was going to be controlled by her friend for the foreseeable future this time around.

Maria smiled as she put the pen down in favor of bringing her to her mouth. Sarah felt weak to the urge to moan as waves of pleasure washed over her until she let go. She now found herself relaxed in Maria’s hand.

“You said your brother created this? He’s not gonna…be a part of this, is he?”

“He lives in another state so that’ll be kinda hard for him. Don’t worry I won’t let any stranger fondle you.” Maria got out her tape, “Have you been taped down I assume?”

“More times than I can count.”

“Oh good, you’re used to it then.” Maria said as she proceeded to tape Sarah down to the table. Afterwards, she looked down and admired Sarah as she played around with her tiny breasts.

“You know there’ll be a caveat when you’re working here with me?”


“You’ll be at exactly 5 feet.”

“What! Maria I’ll be 8 inches shorter than normal! People will notice.”

“So? Besides,” Maria began as she traced a finger down her chest and to her crotch,” It’s not like you’ll never be at your normal height ever again. I’m not cruel.”

“When will I be then?”

“Whenever we go out together outside of work.” Maria fondled her for a minute before she took off the tape. She scooped up Sarah into her hold as she pressed the button to shrink her to 6 inches.

Maria pocketed her phone as she stood up and lightly held one of her legs, “I got the perfect place for you to ride.” She told Sarah with a grin on her face as she unbuttoned dress shirt a bit. Sarah felt herself be placed inside Maria’s breasts, “I’m sure it’s obvious, but you have to be quiet for right now while I go get some papers before we head home.” Maria instructed as she walked out of the room like nothing happened.


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Re: Sarah’s Plight

Post by xxxxx » Sun May 13, 2018 1:03 am

I've not seen this story before. Is this your first story? I hope you don't mind that I added your story to the repository. Thank you for writing this.
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Re: Sarah’s Plight

Post by LazyOutlaw » Mon May 14, 2018 5:02 am

I do not mind at all and you’re welcome

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Re: Sarah’s Plight

Post by OhZone » Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:10 am

OHMY! This is quite Hawt. How did I miss this?!
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