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The Intern's Pet

Post by Rapsta09 » Mon Mar 14, 2022 7:13 pm

This is my first story I've ever done i hope you enjoy it !!!

PJ started a paid internship at a bio laboratory he had been dying to work at since his sophomore year of college. He had finally got his foot in the door nothing could stop him he thought, but it seemed that he spoke to soon... He met his program manager Halina, she was an attractive red head with rosey cheeks with a sexy thick build with creamy vanilla legs. She was in her mid 20's the youngest Program manager working at the lab, the one that made PJ heart skip a beat and the only person out of 5 that didn't approve his internship. PJ tried to shrug it off but Halina felt he didn't belong there. The first few days Halina put PJ through hell turning him into her errand boy for food and coffee instead of working on the miniaturization project. PJ knew this was bullshit I got approved for this internship because of my knowledge and to be apart of history on this not some damn lap dog for her. That evening, PJ thought it would be best to approach Halina in a respectful manner and asked to work on the Project with her. She looked at him with a disgusted expression saying I guess you can work on my project. Just stay in your lane! She said like a royal snob. PJ agreed to her terms. A few hours had past with them working together PJ thought he made a breakthrough with Halina and the formula , before he could say something Halina spoke up and told PJ she saw him as a threat of being the next thing at the lab and so I denied your internship and I told the board today I no longer need you with a smirk on her face. Why would you do this to me!!! I don't want to step on what you built here. That's what they all say so yeah thanks for the help on the project I'll make sure you get a thank you card in the mail. Halina walked off and laugh.

PJ felt so many emotions inside him thinking all of this was for nothing then he thought to himself if she wants to play dirty then let me get the last laugh. PJ had figured the formula for the miniaturization he mixed the two chemicals together and took a drop and poured on a booklet at the blink of an eye it reduced to the size of a Starburst. PJ next test was Halina. He was slightly nervous but started to ignore that feeling plus he had a crush on her, he would get to have her all to himself. When PJ saw Halina leaving for the night and heading back to her desk to grab her purse he took a small cup of the formula to throw on Halina. No one was in the office this late he walked around the cubicle where she could seem him. When she leaned towards her desk to grab her phone PJ three the formula on her and just like the book she shrunk at the blink of an eye but, to the size of a 6 inch toy.

Halina woke up on her desk rubbing her head looking in disbelief that everything was huge. At the corner of her eye she suddenly saw what looked like a giant hand coming towards her she took a few step back but it was too late the hand fully wraps around her Halina screamed Nooo!!! As the warm logs wrapped tightly
PJ looked at her in the face with a grin now i have you where i want you!. Let me go you fucking nerd! Halina shouted. PJ brought Halina closer to his face for a better look.Your not the boss of me anymore said PJ as his hand got slightly tight around her body feeling breast and thighs when she would try to wiggle free. Halina looked at PJ while he started pressing and rubbing her chest with his thumb that held her in a bind. Halina continued grunting and squirming to get free of her giant captors grasp.I demand you change me back!!! Halina shouted. I don't think so come to think about it. See this is the formula for the miniaturization project I figured out the last component and threw on you. If you had gave me a real chance to work with you there would probably be a growth formula but things just got a little out of hand.

Halina continued struggling to break free of his grip I'm begging you let me go! How about never I'm the boss now!
Halina wiggling and squirming pushing down to get free of his fist Where are you taking me??? Halina grunted. PJ stood up and brought the cute little red head to his face with a devious look I'm taking you to your new home with me. No she screamed as PJ carried her out of Lab. PJ placed Halina in his coat pocket feeling her squirming he laughed a little stop moving your tickling me. Before he went to the parking lot to his car he went back to the lab for a small dose of the formula to get rid of Halina purse and car. He knew he couldn't leave evidence he just shrunk his boss, no one knows the formula works, still need to make it look like Halina went home. PJ dropped the formula on her purse and car vanished he took a sigh of relief and got in his car to go home. He couldn't wait to have fun with Halina.

PJ finally got into the door of his apartment scooped Halina out of his coat pocket and set her down on his coffee table she was unconscious but saw she was still breathing. So he went down the hallway to his room and grabbed his hamster cage to put Halina in.Halina wakes up realizing that PJ is gone and she needed to find a way to makes an escape from his table. Since it wasn't even high up Halina was able to slide down to the floor and make a run to the door mail slot. Halina made two strides until she heard giant footsteps approaching and she looks up in terror as PJ chuckled and said, where do you think your going!!! He went to reached down and snatched the terrified Halina. Halina yelled out, Nooo get away from me!!! Halina was in the Grip struggling and squirming being squeezed trying to escape the intern grasp.

You thought you'd get away from me ‽! PJ grip started to get tight around Halina. You can't keep me like this as Halina kept pushing down to break free of his grip.I can do whatever I want with you
Halina. Put me down Halina shouted as she continued grunting squirming kicking to get free of his coiled fist. Poor puny boss struggling in my grasp PJ laughed. Halina screamed Nooo as
She twisted left to right struggling, squirming and kicking to get out of PJ hand. Having Halina like this in his hand feeling her soft smooth legs and still feeling breast that were always catching his attention when she was normal size, started to get his cock hard. PJ losen his grip around Halina and started using his index finger from his free hand to rub up and down her body. Halina tried using her hands to block his gigantic index finger but PJ readjusted his hand to clamp down on her entire body so her arms wouldn't be free. Halina screamed as she couldn't break free. PJ nooo you fucking pervert stop it! she said. PJ ignored her feeble cries and continued to rub her body with his index finger as he made his way to his bedroom. PJ walked into the bedroom he dropped Halina on his dresser and began to take his clothes off to only having his t-shirt and boxers on. He wanted to have some fun with his tiny woman even though she did him wrong, he still had a thing for her. He made his way back to his dresser where Halina was sitting.

PJ's free hand returned to Halina. The tiny woman barely had a moment to react before she was taken around her waist between a giant finger and thumb.
Feeling herself being lifted off of PJ's dresser, Halina called out in futile desperation.

"P-PJ W-What are y-you planning to ... I d-don't ... don't ... I ... Please, just let me go. Put me down. Please!"

PJ chuckled as he watched the tiny woman's legs kick in mid-air. He then turned an he sat down on his bed to face his tiny. He set Halina on the giant plushy mattress and smiled at her.

Halina looked up at the intent expression on PJ's face. All at once, the tiny woman felt the movement around her stop. She looked down and saw the gargantuan bed, was directly below her.
The warm flesh of her giant captor's hand shifted below her. Halina squirmed to readjust herself, but then, she saw the huge fingers curl and close in around her. No, wait!" she called out frantically. "What's going on? What are you doing?" Shh," PJ whispered. "Don't be scared, Little my little boss. Just relax." With that, he slowly closed the tiny woman into his fist.

"No!" Halina called out. "Let me go!" She tried to push the fingers away, but they easily curled around her, and gently held her in place. "No!" Halina called out in a desperate whimper. "Leave me alone." PJ began peeling off Halina clothing and yanking her heels off like if she was a barbie doll.
From somewhere, Halina found the strength to get up. She scrambled to her feet, and without another thought, she started running.
PJ started to chuckled at the tiny woman's futile attempt to get away. He moved a hand and leg forward and reached down. Halina had only run a few strides before she saw the enormous hand appear at her side. While still running, she cried out and raised her arms to shield herself, as the huge fingers steadily curled around her. She squirmed to escape, but she was powerless to free herself, as the fingers effortlessly gathered her in.

"No!" Halina cried as she felt herself being lifted. "Let me go!"

With the tiny woman held in his loose fist, PJ pushed himself into a seated position. He sat Indian-style in the middle of the bed, and brought his hand just under his chin. His face broke into a evil wide smile when he opened his hand.
Halina lying on her stomach with her bent arms pinned awkwardly against her chest. When PJ's fingers spread open around her, Halina pushed herself up and squirmed around till she was seated in PJ palm. Gazing upward, the shrunken woman's bent legs were in front of her, and her elbows propped behind her. Halina's eyes darted from side to side, and then, went back to PJ's wall-sized, smiling face.

PJ's eyes gazed at the tiny naked woman sitting in his hand.

"Were you going somewhere, My Pet?" PJ laughed.

"Put me down!" Halina wailed with tears rolling down her cheeks. "Please, PJ. (sniff) Let me go! (sniff) Please! Please, put me down!"
"Aw, I'm sorry I made you cry, my little boss " PJ said in sadistic deep voice. "Well, I know just how to make you feel better."
PJ reached with his free hand, a finger and thumb extending toward the shrunken woman.

"N-no!" Halina called out. "Don't!"

She backed away as the fingers came closer. A moment later, she bumped into the fingers that were curled behind her.

"No! Please!"
The enormous index finger and thumb went to either side of her ribcage. They gently pushed her backward against the fingers behind her. Halina grabbed onto the fingers in front of her and fought to push them away, but they effortlessly held her.

"Let go of me! Please!"
"Shh," PJ whispered. "Don't struggle, My Pet. Let's just enjoy ourselves."
While she was held on her back, Halina felt one of her arms being pushed outward. She looked to one side and saw her arm being positioned in the gap between the gigantic pinkie and ring finger behind her. She struggled to free her arm, but the limb-like fingers locked it in place. In the next moment, her other arm was similarly taken and drawn outward. She fought mightily, but she was powerless against the giant fingers. She watched as her arm was pulled straight and her wrist was pinned in place by the massive thumb of the hand she lay on.

Halina looked up through wet, worried eyes at her gigantic Intern. The hold of the enormous fingers was firm yet gentle. Halina wasn't in any pain, but she was unable to free her arms.

"Please, PJ," she whimpered. "Please, let me go."

PJ smiled once again showed a sadistic smile at the tiny girl in his hand. His toy-sized boss who saw PJ as insignificant now lay with her arms spread out like a T.
"You don't need to be scared, Little One," PJ said in a calm voice. "I'd never do anything to hurt you."

Lying flat on her back, Halina gave a futile pull with both arms, and again found they were securely held in place. Gazing upward, she dejectedly slid a foot against the base of the hand that held her.

"Please, put me down," she whimpered. "Please."

Then, she saw her Intern's free hand come toward her, its two first fingers extended. Halina pressed her body backward, but she could do nothing but watch as the tips of the two fingers came to rest on both of her thighs at once. The touch of the enormous fingers was so light, she barely felt them. They trailed down her legs and lightly grazed her now tightly crossed ankles.

"No!" she gasped. "Please don't!"

"Shh," PJ whispered. "Just relax, my beautiful little woman."

PJ glided the back of a finger up Halina legs. The tiny woman thighs felt like silk as her finger lightly swept over them.

His finger moved higher.
With her arms held outward, Halina's heaving breasts were elongated and stretched toward her wrists. Still, the berry-sized mounds looked as perfect as ever. They bulged upward; their bubble gum nipples peaking beautifully.

PJ delicately touched one of Halina's breasts. His fingertip softly swirled over and under the little orb, feeling its heavenly softness, gently circling the areola without touching it.
Let ... let me ... go! ... Put (gasp) ... Put me ... down." Halina cried.
PJ brought Halina closer to his face and began to take his tongue and lick her entire body causing her to squirm and moan as he worked his tongue below her waist. She couldn't believe it but she was enjoying it, then all of a sudden she snapped out of it shouting "You disgusting pervert let me go" (grunting). PJ smiled and said "oh admit it, you enjoyed it". "Your my pet now!" And it looks like I made you cum, I guess you were all work and no play. Now how about you ride cock down here he's lonely. Halina looked at PJ pulling his large black cock out and started to panic
Let ... let me ... go! ... Put (gasp) ... Put me ... down." Halina cried out. PJ chuckled and said no problem, dropping the little woman on his cock. He quickly held her and his cock in the same hand rubbing her up and down to have him bust a load. Halina couldn't believe this was happening as she began to tear up, she had went from young top scientists to tiny pet. Halina had looked up and saw PJ had released his load and it began to come down on Halina. She wiped it off her face in disgust PJ smiled back saying "Now that wasn't so bad, now let's get you cleaned up". PJ got up from his bed and took Halina to the bathroom sink to clean off. PJ went back to his bed with Halina in his hand and dropped her on the bed. I enjoyed that stress relieving session even though the stress came from you, PJ said. "Please don't make me do that again it was gross," Halina begged. "Hmmm idk your hot and you definitely enjoyed what my tongue did for you" PJ chuckled "I think I'm ready to go for another session with you my cute red head".

The moment she got to her feet, Halina felt a limblike finger curl around her back, and saw a huge thumb press gently into her stomach. The enormous digits became snug, and Halina felt her feet leave the cushion of the giant bed, as she was lifted into the air.
As she watched herself being brought closer to PJ's wall-sized face, Halina quickly told herself there might never be a better time to try to reason with the giant man. She held the massive thumb with both hands and allowed her legs to drift freely below her.

"PJ," Halina called out. "Please, let's go back to the lab work on a new formula to help me get big again, and I promise I'll never tell anyone about any of this. Ever! I promise! Okay? Please, just let me go. Please?"
PJ face went from a annoyed look to a grin. I will definitely look for a growth formula but not for you and I will most certainly take over your project also, PJ chuckled as he watched Halina kicking and squirming in his hand as she realized that she would be PJ's pet forever....

"I Hope You're Ready For Your New Life As My Pet Boss"


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Re: The Intern's Pet

Post by kira123 » Tue Mar 15, 2022 12:05 am

Ohh! Nice work on the story there. :D

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Re: The Intern's Pet

Post by Rapsta09 » Tue Mar 15, 2022 3:07 am

kira123 wrote:
Tue Mar 15, 2022 12:05 am
Ohh! Nice work on the story there. :D

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Re: The Intern's Pet

Post by Nicodemus » Wed Mar 16, 2022 2:36 am

"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

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Re: The Intern's Pet

Post by Enigma12 » Wed Mar 16, 2022 3:45 am


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