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by Neutron



Sarah sat on Kris's bed, confused about what her best friend had just told her. "I don't get it," she said. "I'm all for new treatments, but how is this going to help?"

Kris only shrugged, her red hair bouncing off her shoulders. "Mom gave it to me. She said to offer it to you specifically, ya know, because of your back problems."

"But how does it work?" Sarah asked, running her fingers through her thin, blonde hair.

"Well..." Kris rummaged through her purse and pulled out a small, clear bottle of bubbly purple liquid. "You drink this. You get smaller. Not much more to it," she explained, handing the bottle over.

Sarah turned the bottle over in her hands, a skeptical look on her face. "Smaller? How much smaller?"

"Dunno. It's supposed to wear off after, like, ten or fifteen minutes."

"But how is that even supposed to work? I mean-"

"How the hell should I know?" Kris said defensively. She seemed to realize she had over-reacted and softened her tone. "My mom says it compresses the muscles when you shrink, and then when you grow back it releases all the tension? I dunno exactly. But she says it's better than a massage."

"Oh, wow. That does sound kind of nice..." mused Sarah, still unconvinced. Her back was always so sore from carrying around such large breasts. "But is it safe? "

"Yeah, probably?" said Kris, her voice uncertain. The words hung in the air as she considered them. "I mean, mom says it's the latest thing in nano-alchemy."

Sarah arched a brow, regarding Kris. "Right," she said, but the word was slow and measured. "Of course your mother would never give you something dangerous. Why would she? It's perfectly normal to give your daughter's friends experimental shrinking serums, right?"

"Oh come on, what's the worst that could happen?" Kris asked. "The stuff made it through testing at the very least."

Sarah took a deep breath. This wasn't the first time Kris had offered her a questionable substance. The two girls had been best friends since middle school. Sarah had moved to the area in fifth grade and had been instantly adopted by the fiery redhead. Kris's outgoing nature and tendency for mischief had drawn her to Sarah, and the introverted blonde's shyness and hidden wildness had drawn her to Kris. Where Sarah was the 'good girl', Kris was the 'wild child'. After sharing a few years of friendship, Kris had finally coaxed Sarah into trying some of her more illicit substances, and Sarah had come out of her shell somewhat.

And so far, Sarah had survived. They were, after all, about to graduate college with spotless records. After that, Sarah was off to grad school and Kris was moving to a summer job at a construction site. They would still see each other, but would most likely go into very different paths in life.

"Alright. Fine. I'm in." The young woman took a deep breath and twisted the cap off the bottle. She gave a quick sniff and frowned, screwing up her nose at the bitter scent. It was clearly some kind of alcohol, but there was something else in the mix, something...harsh. She wrinkled her nose, but with a small grin, brought the bottle to her lips and threw back her head.

"Oh, uh," she began, coughing as the liquid burned its way down her throat. "Not exactly the best tasting thing, but...ohhhhhh..."

Her voice trailed off and her eyes grew wide. Kris watched in fascination as Sarah's eyes rolled back into her head, and then, with a shudder, she seemed to vanish, leaving behind only a mess of clothes and undergarments.

Kris gasped in alarm. "What the fuck! Sarah? Where are you?!" She crawled forward on the bed to examine the pile of clothing, and reached out to touch it. But her hand recoiled when she saw a small lump wriggling beneath it.

"Sarah? Is that you?" she whispered. Neither girl had expected the process to be so intense.

Slowly, Sarah's tiny face poked out from beneath her shirt, followed by the rest of her miniature body. She kneeled on top of her gigantic clothes and stared up at Kris.

"Holy shit..." Kris breathed, staring at the her shrunken friend, four-inches tall and naked on the bed.

Sarah covered her breasts sheepishly with her arms, an awkward smile on her face. "Um, hey," she said, clearly embarrassed. "I, um...I guess I shouldn't have expected the clothes to shrink too."

Kris' eyes shifted from Sarah's face down to her breasts, then back up, taking in the whole of her tiny friend's body. "How the hell do you feel?" she asked, eyes wide, and Sarah felt a blush creeping into her cheeks.

"I uh...I feel weird. Kinda tingly, but...it's...kinda nice..." she mumbled, and looked down at her own body.

"I guess that makes sense," reasoned Kris. "It's supposed to release the tension in your muscles."

Sarah nodded, staring up at her giant friend.

Kris smiled slightly. "I see what you mean, though. I dunno how the hell you manage with those giant knockers," she said, giggling.

The shrunken girl rolled her eyes, still covering her breasts self-consciously, the pillowy flesh spilling over her arms. But then she realized something. "Actually," she replied, "It doesn't feel nearly as bad now. Like, I still feel hella stiff, but it's...actually bearable."

"Oh, wow," said Kris, her eyes lighting up. "It must be physics! Since you're so much smaller, the weight doesn't have as much of an effect, even though your proportions haven't changed. I think they call it the square-circle law or something."

Sarah had never been a scientist, so she had no idea whether that was even remotely true.

"Hey, you should put your arms down," said Kris matter-of-factly.

Sarah blushed. "Huh? What?" Sarah said, pretending to have misheard.

"I mean, you want to see whether the weight is less awkward now, right?" continued Kris as if it were the most normal thing in the world. "You can't do that if you're holding your tits up with your arms like that."

"Oh," said Sarah, her face reddening. "Right. Um...is it gonna be weird?"

"Weird how?...Oh." Kris chuckled. "It's not like I haven't seen boobs before. Besides, you're so tiny, I'll barely be able to see anything."

Sarah bit her lip nervously. "Okay, just...don't laugh, okay?"

"I won't," promised Kris. "Cross my heart." She tapped her breastbone with her index finger to confirm it.

Sarah nodded slowly and lowered her arms. Her sizable breasts, now affected by gravity, dropped down and bounced slightly. The girl sighed and looked up at Kris, who looked back, her face completely unreadable.

"Well?" asked the shrunken girl nervously.

"Huh? They're uh...they're cute," said Kris with a nervous smile, looking away. "They're like...cherry-sized." She laughed awkwardly.

Sarah arched a brow. "What?"

Kris looked back down at her tiny friend, giving her a quizzical look. "What? They're cute. That's all I meant. Like...anyway, do they feel any different?"

"Well...yeah. Like, they're still gonna be sore, but I think the weight of them isn't as bad as it was before." She looked down at them again. "Cute, huh?" A small smile began to creep across her face.

"Yeah," said Kris. "I mean, I'm only a C-cup, which people say is 'perfect' or whatever, but...I don't know. I mean, I guess...if I had something like those," she said indicating Sarah's bust, "then I might like them too." She smiled.

"So...you're not...you know...jealous or anything?" said Sarah, her smile growing.

"Nah, I know they cause enough problems," said Kris, flopping back onto the bed. The impact of Kris's body startled the tiny girl, and she gave a yelp as she stumbled awkwardly around. "Oh, sorry!" Kris apologized. "Are you okay? I didn't mean to scare you."

"N-no, it's fine," said Sarah, wincing as she regained her balance. "I guess we both have to be a more careful."

Kris nodded understandingly. "Can I...I mean, do you want me to pick you up?"

Sarah froze. The idea of being picked up by the massive girl was incredibly scary. Even as she thought about it, though, she felt a strange tingling in her body. "Uhm...I guess...if you want to," she said quietly.

Kris reached out and Sarah flinched instinctively. The larger girl instantly retracted her hand. "S-sorry!" she exclaimed. "I didn't mean to scare you!"

"I-it's okay," said Sarah, her voice quavering. "I just...could you try again?"

Kris smiled, and reached forward again. Sarah took a deep breath and closed her eyes, bracing herself. Those giant fingers closed around her and lifted her up into the air. She gasped, and she felt her heart racing as if she'd just run a mile.

"Woah," said Kris, examining the tiny girl in the palm of her hand. "I had no idea your body was this..." Her voice trailed off as she ran her fingers down Sarah's thighs and back. "Soft..." she mumbled, her cheeks turning pink. "You're really, really small."

Sarah couldn't believe that she was actually in the palm of her giant friend, who was just sitting there, petting her like an animal. It sent shivers up and down her spine.

"You're really pretty," said Kris, her face growing even redder.

"R-really?" said Sarah in surprise. "You think so?" She instinctively covered her breasts with her arms again.

"Y-yeah," said Kris, gulping. "You're...uh...you're really pretty. I mean, I wouldn't usually say that to someone, but you're tiny. And cute." She smiled, bashfully.

Sarah looked away, embarrassed. "Thanks," she mumbled, acutely aware that she was naked and being held by her giant friend.

Kris's mind was racing. This was the first time she'd ever seen Sarah like this. Sure, she'd gotten glimpses of her body before., whenever they'd been naked together in the locker room, or when they'd had to shower off after they'd been in the lake. But this was the first time she'd ever been so...captivated by her friend. The way her soft, smooth skin glowed in the light was breathtaking. She was so small, so delicate...it was like holding a fairy in her hand. She looked up at Sarah's face and was once again struck by how beautiful she was...

"Um, what do I feel like?" Sarah asked.

"Huh? Oh, right," said the taller girl, clearing her throat. "Um...you feel...nice, I guess?"

"Nice?" said Sarah, eyebrow arched inquisitively.

"Yeah...nice," repeated Kris, blushing. "Like...delicate and smooth."

"So...not, like...weird or anything."

Kris shook her head. "No. Definitely not weird. It's actually kind of relaxing to hold you," she admitted. "You feel...really, really good."

Sarah looked up at Kris, feeling a warm glow in her chest. "Really?" she said, smiling softly.

"Yeah," said Kris, returning her smile. "Like...really...really good." She began lightly tracing the girl's thighs with her index finger. As she did, Sarah's nervousness melted away, and she closed her eyes, savoring the sensation. For a moment she wondered what it would feel like to have the larger girl's fingers tracing her whole body.

The two were silent for a few long moments, Sarah feeling the warmth of Kris's hand as she continued to pet the tiny girl. Then, Sarah let out a soft sigh and lay down on her back, relaxing in Kris's palm. Her forearms folded neatly across her stomach, and her upper arms pushed her breasts together lightly.

Kris cautiously moved her finger up past Sarah's stomach, awaiting an objection that never came. With the utmost delicacy, she pressed her finger into one of Sarah's minuscule breasts. The soft, pillowy flesh yielded invitingly to the touch.

Sarah sighed and gently placed one of her tiny hands on Kris's finger. "Mmm," she mumbled, guiding the finger between her breasts.

Kris felt a shudder run down her spine, and she smiled. Running her finger over the soft indentation in between Sarah's breasts, she began to slowly run up and down the cleft. As she did, Sarah began to grind herself into Kris's hand, her tiny hips rubbing against the palm of her giant friend's hand.

Kris could feel the warmth of Sarah's body against her skin, and the soft, smooth flesh rubbing against her own. A soft moan escaped her lips as she continued to rub Sarah.

Sarah , enjoying the feeling of her breasts being played with. She felt so tiny and delicate lying there, in the palm of her friend's hand. It made her feel safe, protected, and completely at ease.

"You feel so...nice," she whispered to Kris.

Kris smiled. "Yeah?" she murmured, rubbing Sarah with her finger.

Sarah nodded. "Mmhm." She looked up at Kris. "Can I...can I see you?"

Kris gave a start. "You mean..."

"Yeah," said Sarah, nodding. "I want to...see how big you are."

Kris hesitated. She wanted to, but the thought of Sarah seeing her naked...it was intimidating, to say the least. She looked down at Sarah, who gazed up at her with trusting eyes. Finally, she nodded. "Okay," she said.

The larger girl ceased her manipulations of Sarah's breasts, momentarily disappointing the tiny girl. Then, with surprising grace, Kris used her free hand to remove her shirt and unhook her bra. Sarah watched in awe as the garment fell away, revealing the giant mounds of Kris's breasts. They were decently large, but still perky, and perfectly formed. Sarah felt a stirring in her heart as she looked at them.

"Wow," she breathed.

Kris smiled, blushing. "Y-you like them?" she asked.

"Yeah, they're...they're amazing," said Sarah, still trying to process the sight before her.

Kris swallowed nervously and pulled Sarah up to her breast. The tiny girl reached out cautiously and poked one gently. "Ooh," she said, smiling. She gently stroked her tiny hand along the massive orb, feeling the rough texture of her areola before reaching Kris's nipple. Sarah took both hands and squeezed the giant nipple lightly.

Lightning bolts shot up Kris's spine and she arched her back involuntarily, momentarily forgetting she held Sarah in her hand. Her arm jerked upward, inadvertently spilling the tiny girl onto her breast as she yelped. She wrapped all four limbs around Kris's boob to stay balanced. "Oh my god," she said, feeling the rough texture of Kris's areola against her skin. "This is amazing." She scooched downward and began to grind her tiny crotch against Kris's erect nipple. To her, it felt bigger than any dick she'd ever had.

Kris gasped and looked down at her shrunken friend. "Oh my god," she said, a hand on her chest. She'd felt Sarah's weight on her body, but now, she could actually see Sarah, tiny as she was, rubbing against her nipple. She hadn't even imagined that they'd get to this point, but here she was, holding her tiny friend on her breast, and Sarah was gyrating her hips against her nipple. "P-put it inside you," Kris whimpered.

Sarah looked up at Kris, panting, with wide eyes. She'd masturbated with sex toys that were larger than this nipple, but she'd never had another person directly stimulate her body before. She looked back down at her tiny crotch, the large nipple just barely brushing against her pussy.

"I want it!" Kris repeated more forcefully. Sarah reached down and grasped the hardened flesh, pushing it up slightly.

Kris watched as Sarah gently grasped her nipple and guided it towards her pussy. As the tip slipped between her lips, Sarah let out a long, pleasurable sigh.

"Ooh," she whispered as the nipple slid inside her, rubbing against her virgin walls. "Mm." She looked up at Kris with a gentle smile. "It's amazing."

Kris smiled back, gently stroking Sarah's back. She could see the tiny girl's face as she slowly began to ride her nipple. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and a soft moan escaped her lips with every thrust. She looked so beautiful and so sexy...Kris felt herself getting wetter.

"Kris," panted Sarah, eyes still closed. "Kris, I'm g-gonna cum."

"O-okay," said Kris, still in awe at the whole situation.

Sarah moaned louder, gripping Kris's breast tighter as she rode her nipple harder. "Oh my god," she whimpered. "Oh...oh, oh, oh, ohhh..." Her body began to seize, and her pussy quivered around her friend's nipple as she let out a long, pained moan.

Kris felt Sarah's walls tighten around her nipple, and gasped at the sensation. Her tiny friend was cumming. Sarah moaned loudly and her legs began to shake, her tight pussy contracting around Kris's nipple. The giant girl could feel a torrent of tiny girl cum washing over her breast as Sarah writhed in pleasure.

Sarah's orgasm lasted several long moments, and her quivering pussy, still enraptured by the orgasm's afterglow, finally began to relax. Her legs ceased their shaking and she opened her eyes, looking up at Kris, a satisfied smile on her face.

Kris smiled back down at the tiny girl. She gently lifted the exhausted girl off her nipple and held her in her hand. Sarah smiled up at her, and wrapped her arms and legs around the giant girl's thumb.

"You okay?" asked Kris.

Sarah nodded. "Mmhm," she said, snuggling up to Kris's hand. "That was amazing."

That was one word to describe it. It was certainly...new. Neither one said anything for a few minutes, and Sarah lay down on Kris's palm, her eyes closed. Kris sighed contentedly and pulled out her phone to check her notifications –– just a few spam messages and texts from her boyfriend. As she scrolled through her feed absentmindedly, Kris's mind wandered. What was this all about? Was she attracted to Sarah? Was she gay? She hadn't thought about it before. She had only been with men. She had never even really considered the idea that she was attracted to women. Sarah had just been...there. Kris's pulse began to race. Was she attracted to Sarah? The idea seemed so foreign to her, like she wasn't even thinking straight. She was attracted to men, right? That's why she'd been with Kevin for so long. Yet here she was, holding a tiny, naked girl in her hand. She had given her an orgasm, and she'd enjoyed doing so more than she ever enjoyed sucking off her boyfriend.

"Hey, Kris," Sarah called up to her, knocking Kris out of her stupor. "What time is it?"

Kris glanced at the time on her phone. "Uh, four thirty-two. Why?" she asked, looking down at Sarah. The tiny girl wore a nervous expression.

"Um...didn't you say it was supposed to wear off after a few minutes? I've been shrunk for half an hour at least."

"Huh? That can't be right."

"I mean, time flies when you're having fun," Sarah pointed out sheepishly. They had, of course, been having quite a bit of fun.

Kris picked up the bottle and squinted, scanning the fine print on the label. "Yep, it says right here...effects should last less than five minutes."

"Well, then what the fuck?"

"Hold on, lemme call mom." She pulled out her phone and dialed swiftly, and was relieved when the other end picked up. "Hey Diane, it's Kristen...can I get hold of my mom? It's kind of urgent...oh, okay. That works. Thanks."

Sarah stared up at her friend, hoping for good news. "What is it?"

"She's in a meeting, but her secretary said I could text her," Kris replied. "She usually responds quickly."

Sarah nodded anxiously, trying to focus on the fact that Kris was trying to help. Nevertheless, her mind started racing. What if she was stuck like this? What if she had to live the rest of her life at four inches tall? What if her friends and family and boyfriend never saw her again? She started to daydream, squeezing the large woman's finger with her eyes closed. Her trance was interrupted after a few minutes by the sound of a text notification.

"W-what'd she say?" Sarah asked immediately.

"Just hold on. We're still talking," said Kris, beginning to type a reply. The expression on her face was indecipherable to the tiny girl.

Another minute or so passed and Kris's text notification played again. She stared down at her phone for a good thirty seconds, unmoving.

"Oh my god, what is it?" asked Sarah, covering her face with her hands.

Kris didn't respond. She typed a few words, and hit send. Then, she simply looked at Sarah, a strange look on her face.

"What!?" Sarah's eyes began to fill with tears. "Kris, what's going on? What did she say?"

"Um...you weren't supposed to drink the whole thing," Kris replied slowly.


"Yeah, it's meant to be diluted. Like, just a few drops mixed with water."

Sarah only gaped. This couldn't mean what Kris was implying.

"So..." she replied, voice barely audible. "So...what does that mean?"

Kris looked down at Sarah, trying to think of what to say. "You're..." she began. "Well...it's...you've been...you're..."

Sarah waited, praying for some sort of positive news.

"I'm sorry," said Kris, her face contorting. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

Sarah barely registered the response. Tears streamed down her face and she began to sob, her body still shaking despite her attempts to calm herself. How could this have happened? She'd been so happy just a few minutes ago, and now, what was she? Four fucking inches tall. What the fuck. How did this happen. She shook her head and wrapped both hands around Kris's finger.

"I'm a...a...a fucking pixie," she whimpered. "Why is this happening? Why! God, I fucking hate you, Kris! Why'd you even...why'd you even fucking give it to me? Fuck..." she sobbed. "Why is this happening to me..." She curled into a fetal position on Kris's palm, rocking back and forth.

Kris sat in silence, her heart breaking for her tiny friend. She wanted to respond, to say something, anything, but she didn't know what to say. She was just as confused as Sarah was. Fuck, she'd thought the serum was supposed to be safe.

Sarah sobbed for what seemed like an eternity. After a good twenty minutes of crying and cursing, she finally regained some composure. Her hands were clenched into fists, and tears streamed down her face. "Y-you need to fix this," she said as firmly as she could. "Take me to your mom's lab and we'll get me fixed."

"I...I don't think I can, Sarah."

"What the fuck do you mean!?" screamed Sarah.

"My mom wasn't supposed to give it to anyone," Kris said quietly. "It's still technically in testing. She'd be locked up if this ever got out."

Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. "So, let me get this straight," she said. "I'm about to spend the rest of my life being four fucking inches tall, and you're going to let it happen?"

"I'm so fucking sorry, Sarah," said Kris, her eyes beginning to water. "I...can't do anything about it."

Sarah burst into sobs again, the hopelessness tearing at her insides as she shook with existential horror.

Kris exhaled slowly, managing to keep her composure. "We'll...we'll figure something out."


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Re: Experiences

Post by Sumguy14 » Fri May 13, 2022 3:16 pm

this was an excellent read. Great pacing and solid character development for being a short story. Well done, and thank you for posting!

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Re: Experiences

Post by potyzeff » Sat May 14, 2022 4:57 pm

Really a lovely read! And of course it's always nice when a shrinking thats supposed to wear off turns out to be irreversible in the end;-)

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