Bed Time (a story set in the world of sylphs) - Warning: Sexual Situations

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Bed Time (a story set in the world of sylphs) - Warning: Sexual Situations

Post by mztarky » Sat Nov 17, 2018 4:04 pm

This is a story I wrote a while back about a wife who sylphs (see stories by Misseltowe/Keith and the world established by Catster). I have more about this couple if people are interested after reading this story.


“Its bed time,” Brian announced happily as he entered the master bedroom, closing the door and locking it behind him to stop young interruptions of the bed time ritual. It really was his ritual, and not ours, despite my required involvement.

I groaned under my breath so he couldn’t hear. At only one-twelfth of my original height it wasn’t hard to do that. “Bed time” had turned into code for relief, and that relief did not always include mine depending on his mood and whether he had to get up early in the morning.

I was trying to figure out if I was in the mood for “bed time” tonight, not that my mood mattered anymore, as he turned off the overhead light to the bedroom and quickly switched on the bedside lamp flooding my cage with massive amounts of illumination as it did every night. In the dim light of the room, I watched him strip off his clothes down to his underwear, still in awe of his toned, muscular body. The bedside lamp cast shadows along his muscles which nicely left some of the tone of his body to the imagination.

On the other hand, there were no shadows being cast in my cage with the lamp directly overhead. Brian liked it that way because it meant he could see any part of my naked curves that he wanted just by glancing over. I actually let out an involuntary audible sigh of contentment watching him bare his skin, which answered if I was in the mood for Bed Time tonight.

But then he started just indiscriminately dropping the clothes he was shedding. They landed haphazardly on the floor where he was disrobing and it honestly detracted from the free show he was giving me. I know the placement of his dirty clothes wasn’t my responsibility anymore but it still bugged me when he did stuff like that. The only thing left in the house now that seemed to have a specified and defined space was me.

I waited impatiently to find out what he had in mind as he moved into the bathroom for his nightly hygiene. I stared through the bars of the cage at the clothes piled up in the middle of the bedroom floor and thought about how I used to nag my husband about doing exactly what my master had just done.

In a few moments Brian emerged from the bathroom in only his boxers and settled into his bed, positioning himself so he was propped up with a pillow leaning against the headboard. He reached over to my cage on the bedside table and pushed his open hand into the center. Then he cleared his throat and waited.

That was my cue, as I stumbled through the hamster shavings toward the invitation – which obviously was more of a demand since I had no right or ability to RSVP “unable to attend.” “Damn hamster bedding!” I cursed as I kicked it up, clumsily making my way over to him.

“SylphSleep,” he corrected me. Brian refused to call it hamster bedding. He liked to point out that the packaging said “SylphSleep: Designed Specially for Your Special Sylph.” I think it made him feel like he was doing a good job taking care of me. But it really was just hamster bedding repackaged with a stupid name. After the passage of the Finders-Keepers Law, small animal pet supply manufacturers got real smart with renaming the same old products and then charging higher prices. But I gave up arguing with him about that pretty quickly, since it was useless.

I pushed my naked backside into his waiting palm like he had trained me – slowly thrusting my butt into his palm first and then standing up straight against his hand, resting my arms along the top of his index finger and out of the way of his thumb. Once in position, his powerful, warm fingers closed around my torso, his index finger pushing gently into both of my breasts and his pinky curling around my shins to hold my whole body firmly but gently secure in his grip.

My standard ride came almost as soon as he had closed his fist as I was quickly whisked out of the cage. I was no longer getting motion sickness from his rapid movements, having gotten used to the motions of the giants some time ago. He placed me on the pillow next to his side of the bed and leaned over to retrieve the box of tissue he kept in position beside my cage.

I guess that was the other thing in the house which had a definite place beside me, but only because he didn’t like to get out of bed after he has relieved, preferring to fall asleep. In that sense he was a stereotypical guy and always had been.

I grunted disapproval when I noticed that he settled back into his propped up position without opening the bedside table’s drawer to retrieve one of the many lubricants he had hidden in it. So apparently we’re going with natural lubrication tonight which meant that he was planning on Bed Time lasting longer than usual.

“Okay, what will it be tonight, Brian?”

I jumped from my pillow and carefully pulled myself up onto his shoulder. His position propped up in the bed allowed me to slide down the warm skin of his chest, barely missing his right nipple, to his mid-torso to stand before him. I quickly realized my mistake though when I saw his wide grin pointed lovingly at me as I turned to face him on my feet.

Brian liked me to call him either sir or master at Bed Time, to reinforce the change in our relationship after I had sylphed. Really, Bed Time was the one time I was constantly reminded that I was no more than his exotic pet now.

Honestly, most of the time I was still treated as Mom or “Hon” depending on who I was interacting with. “Do you know where my shoes are? – The last I saw them they were in the laundry room by the dryer.” “Can you help me with this math homework?” “What do you think, should we refinance the house?”

Despite the obvious change in my legal status and size, I was generally allowed to control what happened to me outside the bedroom. More often than not, my requests were honored and my desires met. And I still contributed to meaningful household decisions. For that, I was grateful.
But when it was Bed Time (or Nap Time, which is another story altogether), Brian was in complete control of everything we did (or, more accurately what was done to me.)

“Uh oh,” he said slowly shaking his head while staring down at my naked body. I was now twitching in anxiety at realizing my mistake. “Looks like we need to reinforce the change in our relationship status again, don’t we Servilia?”

It was never good when he used my registered sylph name. The name was ridiculous, of course, regardless of how clever my former husband thought he was being. He told me it was a good variation of the word “servile” and that it would remind me that I was now his pet, answering to his every whim. I, frankly, just thought it was a dumb name – but what master wants, he gets one way or the other, right?

“Yes, sir,” I responded, knowing that to not respond would only make it worse - a lesson I had learned over and over again in my rebellious phase that first week after having shrunk. Brian actually was not vicious or cruel with the training at all when I think about it. He never did anything that would permanently hurt me. But a rubber band snapped on a shrunken ass enough times teaches you pretty quickly that it would be best to just obey. So my rebellious phase ended pretty quickly.

Plus, I don’t care what the law says, he was still my husband, and I love him – the big idiot. So I am sure I acquiesced to the training a little more quickly than I would have if someone else had found me. I mean, I was lucky enough to still live in the same house and see my husband and kids every day.

I bowed my head to demonstrate the proper amount of deference and submissiveness he expected during Bed Time, using the opportunity to stare at his tan, hairless chest. His index finger poked into me and stroked up my belly, between my breasts, and pushed my chin up gently to force me to look at his face.

“You get down there and prepare for your punishment now,” he ordered me, but gently and quietly. It amazed me at how he could sound authoritative and loving at the same time. I learned more about him in the past two months of being his pet than I ever had in 10 years of marriage and three years of courting.

He carefully pushed the blanket off his torso. I could never figure out why he pulled them up over himself anyway when we started Bed Time since he always just ended up pushing them off.

Moving the blankets exposed the tent in his boxers, as I carefully maintained my balance and turned around to head south. With a seductive sway in my hips and ass, I walked down his chest toward his awaiting erection and my “doom.”

I heard and felt him sigh as he watched my ass moving with each step. Brian was always an ass-man, but I had not truly known the depths of his love for a perfectly sculpted, heart-shaped rear on a woman until I sylphed.

My registration as his pet had freed his sexual inhibitions. Suddenly, as Servilia, he felt unencumbered about telling me anything and everything about his sexual desires and fantasies. “No need to worry anymore if you’ll freak out,” he had reasoned with me. After all, I learned that at Bed Time, I really was just his pet. Honestly, it was freeing for me as well. No matter what happened at Bed Time, it was not my responsibility. Since I had no choice in the matter, I could always just blame anything he did to me on him – even when I enjoyed what he did!

I approached the elastic band of his underwear and bent over at the waist to lift it and free his cock. The elastic band was heavy and taut. I felt him shift, tilting his head, no doubt to get a better view of me bent at the waist struggling to lift it. I was not allowed to bend at the knees anymore. He had explained to me that bending at the waist really accentuated my buttocks. As I fought with the fabric, I felt the familiar ridges of his fingertip rub my ass.

“No need for that,” he said after a minute of my struggles and his probing. “Tonight, I think we can just use the hole in the front.”
I let go of the elastic band as I shouted back at him “yessir” as was expected in this situation. I stepped onto the cotton material, feeling his pubic hair pushed down by my tiny feet under the fabric. It reminded me of walking on a blanket placed over grass during one of our picnics way back when.
I lowered myself to my knees, knowing that it would be okay in this situation as he wanted me to free him from his boxers, and pulled on the fabric at the edge of the hole to make room in the opening for it to slip through. Reaching in, I wrapped both arms around his girth, my chin resting on the stretched cloth against the underside of his erection and gently started tugging with all my might to try to pull the monster out. For his part, Brian shuddered with each of my attempts, my hands frequently slipping along the skin sending pleasurable sensations from his cock throughout his entire body.

After a couple of minutes fighting with the fabric and his engorged head frequently getting caught by the left edge of the opening, his organ triumphantly popped into view, bouncing slightly as it came to rest just above the plaid-patterned cotton material. He clapped quietly for my accomplishment and congratulated me on a job well done. Such a nerd!

I watched a drop of pre-cum already forming on its head and started wondering how long it would take before there was enough collected to drip directly onto his underwear. I licked my lips as I stared at my master’s organ, thankful he couldn’t see me do that or I would have never heard the end of it! My reverie and awe was quickly interrupted by Brian’s new set of orders.

“Okay, go ahead,” he encouraged me, stroking my back gently. This was the most humiliating part of the punishment actually. After I had sylphed, I discovered that Brian was a typical male whose masculinity was inseparably linked to his pride in his penis. On days when the kids were in school and Brian was at work, I spent a lot of time on my old cell phone reading websites about the male sexual psychology! Outwardly, he really was an open-minded person who was in no way misogynistic, not that such a term applied to me anymore anyway since I am a sylph. But I had broken the rules at Bed Time, so he was not worrying at all about what his pet was thinking.

I crawled back onto his stomach and repositioned myself in a kneeling position directly in front his penis, my buttocks in clear view for my master’s eyes. There was that drop of pre-cum, getting bigger by the second I noted in my head and smiled briefly. His organ twitched in anticipation – bobbing up and down slightly.

“Forgive me, Kong! I broke a rule.” I directly addressed his penis, rolling my eyes at the stupidity of it all. Frickin’ male ego! He could just use me and be done with it or punish me to reinforce the rules, but he insisted that I treat his cock like it was its own entity.

And yes, he had named his cock Kong – as in King Kong. It was a name he announced at the first Bed Time and he has made me refer to it in that way ever since. I found out after I sylphed that he had always thought King Kong was one of the most erotic movies ever made. He still sighed in contentment when I called it that. The brain really is the most powerful sexual organ.

“I referred to master by his name during Bed Time,” I continued, being required to recite the infraction. “I must be corrected and I ask that you punish me so that I might be the best pet you and master have ever had.” The utter ridiculousness of this ritual was obvious, but not to my “perverted” ex-husband. I heard him sigh in appreciation again at the fact that I was addressing his erection like it had a mind of its own – which, frankly, it did.

“Good! And who do you belong to, Servilia?” he encouraged and prompted me.

I rolled my eyes, which he fortunately could not see or I would have to repeat the whole thing over again for another punishment. Brian’s biggest pet peeve is when someone rolls their eyes at him. Actually, the punishment for that transgression always involves that stupid rubber band, so I have trained myself to only roll my eyes when he can’t see it.

“I belong to Kong,” I replied. “My body is the property of Kong. My tits belong to Kong. My mouth belongs to Kong. My ass belongs to Kong. I will accept any punishment Kong deems pleasurable.” I finished the asinine “Oath” by leaning in and kissing the purple head like he had trained, tasting the salty pre-cum.

My kiss caused his whole body to shudder and tighten. As he relaxed when I withdrew he muttered, “Gawd, this never gets old.” I have to admit that no two Bed Times had ever been the same, so they couldn’t get old. Every experience was new in some way.

He picked me up carefully and flipped me around so that my breasts were pushed into the palm of his hand. I was facing away from him as his fingers and thumb secured my arms at my sides. His pinky curled around the back of my calves pushing my legs together. He repositioned his other finger to along my back and the backs of my thighs, leaving his favorite target for punishment, my ass, exposed. I was completely immobilized, in a clear spanking position, just looking down at Kong as I was briefly lifted away from it.

My feet kicked a little as he poked my exposed butt with his index finger, his hand with me in it hovering over his chest so he could see my ass better in front of his face. I felt his warm breath against my exposed rear as I was brought closer for inspection.

After taking a moment to admire my backside and ensure that I was immobilized appropriately, he moved me into a position just over his balls. Then I felt the familiar pressure of his cockhead pushed into my ass, right against the tattoo which marked me as my husband’s pet.

“Mmmmm, what does this mark say?” he asked appreciatively, rubbing his pre-cum into the tattoo and all over my buttocks with the head of Kong. I know he just liked to hear me say it during Bed Time. I thought about responding with a snide comment as an answer but quickly thought better of it.
“It says Property of Kong.”

That is actually what the asshole had tattooed on my left ass cheek. The barcode which came with it linked me to his actual name in the registry system – but everyone who saw the mark asked me why it said Kong and not his initials or his name. He loved watching me try to answer with an explanation which did not involve going into the details of Bed Time, always carefully smiling so that they couldn’t see.

“Which means what?” he slurred his words lost in ecstasy as he started rubbing Kong’s sensitive head all over my ass. I felt the hand holding me twitch in appreciation of the sensations my firm ass was providing. His whole body was responding. He really did enjoy Bed Time – I did too on occasion, just not nearly as much as he seemed to.

“That you gave me to your cock because my sole purpose now is to make your cock happy.” I had never talked dirty while we were married, but as his pet, Brian insisted on it during Bed Time. “And Kong is most happy when it can use me.” So humiliating, but at least it was actually my husband and not some stranger that was using me, which would have been worse. I could at least take solace in the fact that he honestly seemed happier and more attentive to me now that my condition had changed.

“That’s right,” he whispered, blowing out breath he was holding in as Kong continued its exploration of my back side. He groaned more loudly as he pushed his organ deeper into my cheeks. I was jostled in his hand, despite being immobilized as his rubbing became more vigorous – Brian’s tell-tale sign that he was close to release.

“Why did I give you to my cock?” He asked. He said it was an exercise in him attempting to reinforce my status as his pet. His property and toy. But I actually had come to realize that it was an exercise in him living out sexual fantasy. It really was like fantasy role play to him.

“To make up for the fact that I didn’t keep it satisfied when we were married,” I responded sadly. He had always had a different sex drive than me. I guess the best part of sylphing was that he stopped looking at so much porn. He didn’t need it anymore since he had me at his beck and call.

“That’s right.” I could practically hear his eyes roll up into the back of his head as he said it. “Now you satisfy it whenever I want.”

He stopped the rubbing abruptly and removed his cock, and I knew the punishment was coming. I felt the first blow rock through my entire body as the cock head landed squarely on my butt with a quick snap.

“One, thank you, Kong,” I yelled.

He withdrew it again and repeated the blow. “Two, thank you Kong.”

We went all the way to twenty. A cock spanking on my small ass. I was drenched in his pre-cum by the time we were done, and I could tell he was close to coming from the sensations. For the most part, I liked the bumping the blunt cock provided against my ass as it sent tingles through my pussy. Wow, he even had me thinking in terms of dirty talk! The cock spanking was the closest simulation I could get to the glorious bumping of actual sex with my former husband.

But it still hurt a little. The massive phallus covered my whole ass and the force of each of blow, while providing a good bump, was not entirely pleasant. But it did provide more pleasure than pain, though I would never admit that to him.

“Good, pet,” he smiled down at me as he released me next to his cock on top of the cotton boxers. “Now, crawl on top of Kong and hold onto to it tightly.”

“Yes, sir,” I agreed out of necessity. His body jumped and he moaned as I did as instructed. I slowly saddled up with the phallus squeezed between my naked thighs and my hands resting gently against his frenulum, just below the crown. Once I was in a sitting position, his hand pushed down on my back slightly. Taking the cue, I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around his girth, mashing my breasts into the underside of this organ. The pheromones he was giving off bombarded me at my size and I was becoming aroused – as I always did at Bed Time, regardless of the mood I was in when we started.

Once I was in the position he wanted, his hand encased me and his cock, locking me securely in place against him. I looked up at him as best I could while being crushed into the organ, his index finger crossing my back at the base of my neck.

“Okay, I want you to work on Kong until I cum.” He stroked me once up and down the cock, using me as a masturbatory aid, sighing as he did so. “I’m going to give both of you some privacy.” He smiled down at me his eyes widening.

“Privacy? What do you mean?” I shouted up at him. This was going to be something new he had come up with.

Instead of answering, he started stuffing his cock back into his boxers through the hole, with me still secured to it. I struggled a little but was unable to move. He was trapping me in his underwear with Kong. “Privacy.” Now I got it. What an idiot!

I didn’t protest verbally at all as he was stuffing me and his erection back through the hole in his boxers though, because I knew it was pointless. Within a moment I was encased in his underwear, resting on top of his organ which was now producing copious amounts of pre-cum. The cloth of his boxers was stretched tightly against my back side, holding me in place where his hand had been. It was not nearly as strong has his fingers, but there was still enough pressure to allow me to release my grip on him and not slide off. After a moment, I felt his hand through his boxers rest lightly on top of me and his cock. Heat radiated from his cock throughout my body as he lightly pushed down on me a little to encourage me to begin.

I started rubbing his cock with my hands and slowly began gently kissing the head. He removed his hand and I heard him sigh in approval.
I would get no relief myself tonight, I thought. Once he came, he would be out like a light and wouldn’t want to do anything for me. Sometimes, often times actually, he would pleasure me, but tonight I was sure I would be put right back in my cage when Bed Time was over. He was certainly going to cum all over me and in his boxers. There was no way he would lick me once that happened, and Brian always made me climax before he would if he allowed me climax.

I sighed to myself and got back to work, bringing one of my hands down to my own crotch. I was now quite turned on. I had to admit, this was kind of hot what he was doing to me this time. I heard him groaning and felt his cock twitch as I kissed him.

I wondered, as my owner rubbed me, how quickly I could get him to erupt. It might be a fun game to see who would cum first. And certainly I could pleasure myself when he put me away for the evening if he “lost.” I smiled, knowing exactly how to bring my ex-husband off.

I just started talking to his organ like it was my lover – as if it were a person of my size. I gently pushed myself off the underside and cuddle up next to it, draping my leg over it as I hugged Kong with my arms and started kissing again. I used my naked, inner thigh to stimulate the beast more as I moved it up and down the shaft, slowly dragging my toes along the sensitive vein which traveled up the middle of the log.

“Hmmmm, Kong I am so horny right now. Cum for me baby,” I said as loud and as seductively as I could so Brian would hear me through his boxers. I kissed the head again and I heard Brian’s voice somewhere above me moan in appreciation.

“Gawd, I love you Kong. You’re so strong and powerful. When I wrap my arms around you I feel so secure and safe.”

“Jesus!” he moaned from above. Men were so damn easy to manipulate! I was using the same types of things I used to say to him when we made love as husband and wife. But this time I was directing my words directly to his cock which I knew he wanted. I started feeling it twitch as I continued.

“Cum for me, baby,” I pleaded as I licked and rubbed more vigorously now. I used both hands and my leg so the cock was bombarded with sensations. “I love it when you cum – I love to feel you shake in my arms, Kong. My Kong!”

“Oh, Gawd, Stephanie!!” Brian moaned loudly. “I love you!!” He was close to cumming. He had used my former name and I knew the punishment was over. Now I wanted nothing more than to make my husband feel good. I worked on him harder. I did love to give my husband pleasure now that my sylph role was clearly over for the evening. I was back to a wife pleasuring her husband.

“Do it Kong!” I encouraged, continuing the role play. “Coat me!”

Kong shook violently in my arms and Brian’s hips bucked up, bringing me along for the ride. I was secure in his boxers but still held on tight as his cock erupted with a powerful squirt inside his boxers. The cotton absorbed most of the ejaculate and I continued my rubbing as the second shot was fired.

This time some of his cum moved into my hair, shoulders, and face as it was running out of places to go. It was hot and sticky but I continued rubbing for the third and fourth eruptions. As the forced of Kong’s twitching started to subside I slowed down a little and re-positioned my wet and sticky body directly on top of him.

I felt Brian’s hand rest on top of me, earnestly pushing me into his penis and slowly moving me along the shaft to squeeze out any remaining fluids. He was moaning and shaking as he eventually slowed and his hand came to rest on top of his boxers and me, pinning me in place.

I did not shout or make a sound, content to let him revel in the sensations he had experienced. Honestly, I didn’t want to break his mood. I had just had a close up screening of the most powerful orgasm my husband had ever had. This sylph thing was clearly not as bad as I had originally thought.

“I love you, Stephanie,” he gasped in a hoarse whisper. “That was amazing!”

“I love you too,” I called up to him through his boxers.

I felt his hand move off me and his torso move upward as he carefully peeled his boxers up and over me and Kong and pushed them down. I looked up at him and he smiled at me as I lay on his spent organ. I gave it another kiss and he smiled.

Brian reached to his groin and gently pulled me off him and laid me to rest on his chest – generally in the same place where I had started this entire process. I propped myself up on an elbow and looked directly at his smiling face.

After a several moments, I broke the silence and announced, “Arista, needs help with her math homework tomorrow. She’s having trouble with some of the percentages they’re going over. I was wondering if you good help her?”

“Of course, I can,” he answered, still staring at me. “Let’s get you cleaned up and go to bed now though, I’m wiped out.”

“Why?” I asked with mischievous grin.

“I wonder,” he laughed and stroked my back with his finger. I waited for him to grab the tissue which typically constituted “clean up” but instead he picked me up, got into a sitting position and pushed his boxers the rest of the way off. Both of us, now completely naked, moved into the bathroom.
He drew a warm bath for me in the sink as he got in the shower. This was a first for Bed Time, but I was certainly not going to complain.

After we were both clean, he patted me down to dry me off – focusing on his favorite parts of course, and then carried me back to the bed. He got into the bed but didn’t push me into the cage.

“Its Bed Time again,” he announced.

“Wow!! You got frisky! I would have that would have wiped you out!”

“No,” he smiled. “Its my Bed Time! Tell me exactly what you would like me to do, and I will do it, Stephanie! You’re the boss now!”
I love my husband!! I sat back in his hand with my legs spread as his tongue worked between my legs. This really was the life now!!
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Re: Bed Time (a story set in the world of sylphs) - Warning: Sexual Situations

Post by Sumguy13 » Sat Nov 17, 2018 4:34 pm

this is a really well written scene. Solid pacing, and your level of detail is just right IMO. It helps that the Sylph Universe is my favorite community driven fiction. Thank you for sharing this. I hope my feedback encourages you to post more of your work. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for more.

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Re: Bed Time (a story set in the world of sylphs) - Warning: Sexual Situations

Post by mztarky » Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:43 am

Thank you, Sumguy!! After some edits, I will post some more. The Sylph universe as always been my favorite fiction as well! I really appreciate the feedback and comments!

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Re: Bed Time (a story set in the world of sylphs) - Warning: Sexual Situations

Post by AB23 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:01 pm

Yes please! Sylphs are always cool

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Re: Bed Time (a story set in the world of sylphs) - Warning: Sexual Situations

Post by QTips » Sat Mar 23, 2019 11:29 pm

Great story

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Re: Bed Time (a story set in the world of sylphs) - Warning: Sexual Situations

Post by Xinunar » Sat Nov 27, 2021 7:53 pm

Yes. You should do more.

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Re: Bed Time (a story set in the world of sylphs) - Warning: Sexual Situations

Post by slepytyme » Wed Dec 29, 2021 6:00 pm

What a delightful story I really enjoy you story building.

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