Final Fantasy 15 (GT) *SPOILERS*

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Final Fantasy 15 (GT) *SPOILERS*

Post by rscholar » Sat Oct 05, 2019 8:26 pm

As the title says, spoilers for the third act of the game.

The second-to-last boss fight involves a corrupted Ifrit, the summon of fire. He's humanoid and about 20-30ft tall. The heroes are all male, but at the end of the fight, Shiva, his lover and the summon of ice, shows up and finishes him by freezing him solid, then giving him a little kiss. She's also humanoid but human-sized so she's like 2ft tall compared to him.

Lore-wise, both are part of a pantheon of gods, but Shiva was murdered by the evil empire. Originally, she was also giant, but reincarnates as some kind of half-human, so, essentially, she shrunk.

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