SW in video games

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SW in video games

Post by BigBoy » Thu Nov 07, 2019 6:38 am

Some video games includes shrinking contents. Such as Saints row, Postal 2 has feature that player can shrink citizens around. But that's all. You can't do something you want with that shrunken people. You just can squish that little people unfortunately. I wish Rockstar Games makes shrinking ray in their next GTA series. Imagine that you can shrink whoever you want in that large open world. And also you can pick that poor shrunken women up and take them to your room. Maybe you can tease them in your own way. It will be great! Especially the fact that this game is not about SW but has shrinking ablility makes me exciting. But you know.. probably there is no shrinking ray in next GTA game. Too sad..

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