Going Nowhere

Post your pictures of shrunken or otherwise tiny women in here
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Going Nowhere

Post by chesya » Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:08 pm

I can see that the last time I posted this that my text could be easily misinterpreted. I sincerely apologise. None of the people depicted in this picture is real, although the concept may have been evocative of ideas by other real people in this community in the deep past. I am not interested in any living person here, current or past. I see this as a web of presences and I was lamenting being excluded from a zone of ideas and creation. I thought that it would be OK to bring this up again, maybe air it, maybe learn something from it after 13 years. It was foolish of me to think this and I apologise again. There is still a rich fabric of shared culture on this and previous sites from which I draw and contribute ideas, but no-one, other than celebs, etc.., can be depicted without permission

This picture is the latest version of a concept called 'going nowhere' which I have visited and revisited in this community over a period of 10 years and is entirely original and fictional in content. It was stupid of me to make a spurious connexion between it and past information on predecessor sites. It's first layer - boy, does it need work!
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