A Whole New World (M/f, non-consensual)

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A Whole New World (M/f, non-consensual)

Post by Miniscule » Fri Jul 24, 2020 3:00 pm

After the unfortunate end of the ViolentSW board, I've had to find a new home for my writing! So here's the start of something I'm working on.

I hope you enjoy!


A heavy sigh leaves Ana’s lips as her senses slowly return to her. Strangely, she doesn’t remember returning home after working at the cafe; neither does she remember falling to sleep. Feeling her womanly body with her soft hands, she can tell that she’s still in her uniform. A white blouse with a dark skirt & fishnets with a pair of high heeled boots. The boots are missing though.

As her vision unblurs, she crawls forward in what is seeming pitch black. Her body freezes on the spot as she feels a metal bar ahead, rising to her knees to feel another one next to it. A gasp of fright leaves her soft lips as her heart starts to race. “H… Hello!?...” She squeals out in a terrified tone.

Her heart drops below her feet as a humongous SMASH onto the ground rings out from the distance, shaking the floor with it’s force. It’s followed by another one, and another one; each distant stomp becoming increasingly powerful as the ground begins to shake more intensely over time.

Like a timid animal, Ana scurries backwards onto her plump bum until her smooth back hits another set of metal bars. Before she can react, a light turns on in the sky and temporarily blinds the confused waitress.

Her feminine hands cover her terrified eyes until her eyesight adjusts, looking down at herself. Her thick dark hair, previously tied up, has now fallen around her pretty young face and onto her voluptuous breasts that struggled to breath under her blouse.

With hesitation she looks forward, only to freeze in place at the immense & unbelievable sight. Four giant toes attached to a gargantuan bare foot. Her neck cranks upwards so her eyesight can scale the giant above her, from his titanic thighs to his distant ginormous upper body. His monstrous soft cock swings between his huge legs as it twitches at the sight of its prey, towering above her through the cage roof.

“W… Wh…” The trapped tiny girl can’t even speak as she struggles to comprehend what’s happening; her womanly body shaking with terror. Suddenly, the gargantuan foot lifts upwards, causing Ana to screech in horror as the god like sole starts to hover above her. It slowly comes downwards, pressing onto the bars of the cage roof as they audibly creak & bend in response.

“St.. Stop… STOP!” Ana cowers & screams as she curls up in the back corner of her prison.

Unexpectedly, the powerful foot stops, lifting upwards and planting itself harshly back down on the ground in front of the trapped tiny girl. Without warning, the titanic middle aged looking man starts to bend down; his rough enormous hands lowering to grip around the fragile cage. Ana’s tiny trapped body squeals in fright and backs away on her ass as the floorless cage is lifted upwards, exposing her to the giant world around her. She’s too terrified to stand; her legs turning to jelly in the presence of the overwhelmingly large giant.

A sudden thunderous words strikes down as the towering giant speaks. “Run.” His voice vibrates the ground beneath the doll sized Anastasia. Confused, Ana simply shakes her tiny head & shuffles away. “Sir… Please, sir… Wh....” Her words are replaced by a horrified screech as one of the titanic feet lifts and SLAMS down next to her, violently smashing against the ground & threatening the tiny woman’s ears.

“I said, run.” Quickly Ana stands, her screeches only intensifying as her miniscule legs take her as fast as she can go. “S.. Stop… STOP!” She cries out, before the same powerful sole once again SLAMS down onto the vast wooden floor, knocking the fragile morsel backwards as it lands in her path.

As if hit by a flashbang, Ana’s senses slowly return as her ears ring, her body shivering as she recovers on her hands & knees. A sudden SPLAT alerts her as a drop of warm liquid falls next to her head; splashing onto her cheek as she yelps & winces in disgust. Her stomach churns as she realises what the warm substance is.

Ana turns onto her back, only for a wide wall of flesh to take up her entire sight, engulfing her in darkness from it’s shadow. Instinctively she cowers, shielding herself with her arms as she kicks at the threatening wall. “N.. NO! NO! G… GET AWAYYY!” She squeals out in horror as a warm set of powerful tentacles like fingers wrap around her feminine curves.

A sudden powerful stench of sex suddenly fills the air, burning Ana’s tiny fragile lungs as her eyes adjust to the monstrous phallus that slowly approached her. A grunt of satisfaction then comes from the sky like lightning, before the pulsating cock quickly presses against the front body of it’s tiny prey, soaking it’s uniform in it’s warm pre cum. It grows & twitches with delight at the feeling as muffled screams & cries ring out from the smothered tiny victim.

“ARRRGGHHH… A… AGH….” Heaves, gags & coughs accompany stuttered screams as the wet sounds of masturbation erupt around the room, along with BOOMING moans of sexual delight. “P… Pleas... PLEA….” Ana can’t even beg as her captor’s vice-like grip harshly presses her against the pulsating giant worm while it grows with glee, only giving her an occasional moment to breathe as his stroking intensifies.

“Oh yes, oh yes. That’s SO nice.” He praises out loud, the words thundering with his groaning. “You feel so good, SO good.”

As time goes by, Ana’s fragile senses start to dull, her eyes rolling in the back of her head as she struggles to stay conscious. The horny giant doesn’t pay this any attention, his only thought being how amazing her womanly shape feels against his throbbing phallus.

His index finger idly pushes Ana’s pretty face into his glans as his moaning intensifies, his stroking forcing her organs to bounce as it quickens in pace. “Oh yes. That’s it, that’s it, THAT’S IT!” His words slowly heighten in decibels before a stream of hot liquid bursts out from the enormous worm’s mouth. “Ooohh….” His voice then reduces in power as his overwhelmingly humongous body falls back into his seat.

Ana’s tiny frame convulses in his palm as it rests underneath his boulder sized & hair covered testicles; the wrinkly skin letting out a torturous stench. “Argh.. A…” She attempts to speak, but can’t, both out of shock & pain. The unbelievable circumstance, the quick escalation, the suffocation. It all felt so real and it all happened so suddenly.

Idly, the giant’s hand raises as it homes it’s miniscule victim. Gripping her entire body in a fist, it introduces Ana to a world of darkness for a few moments; a world where movement is impossible before finally it lets go. Her body falls roughly onto some sort of glass floor, her vision blurred as well as her ears ringing harshly. Above her she can hear the screwing of a lid, looking upwards to see her glass jar prison.

With weak movement, she crawls towards the back of the jar in a hopeless attempt to make distance between herself & the huge monster, only for her hand to make contact with what felt like a foot. “EEP!” Ana squeaks like a mouse, springing back towards her monstrous captor as she makes eye contact with another woman, this one naked unlike her. She’s curled up with her back against the glass wall, shaking uncontrollably. Her dark hair was thick & messy, also unnaturally long with an unhealthy amount of baby hair, as if it hadn’t been taken care of for a long time. Better yet, as if she’d been in this monster’s custody for a long time.

Before anything can be said, a voice BOOMS from behind Ana’s shivering self, forcing her to turn around to see a middle aged man’s face take up her entire vision. She springs backwards in a similar fashion to before, stopping when her back hits the knees of the other horrified looking lady.

“Such beautiful little doll’s…” He comments out loud, licking his lips with lust. “... And you’re all mine.” A sadistic smile grows as the giant stands. “I’ll be back very soon. Be good girls while your owner is away, okay?”

Ana’s tiny little head shakes rapidly. Owner? Doll’s? Is this all really happening!? A million nightmarish thoughts rush through her brain. Meanwhile, the mysterious woman simply shakes, submissively looking down at the ground as the giant’s footsteps slowly reduce in force down as he walks away

He exits the dimly lit room, shutting the door behind him. There’s no windows on the walls, just a ventilation system in one corner along with a bed & a desk with a jar on top that homes two terrified & beautiful little ladies.

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Re: A Whole New World (M/f, non-consensual)

Post by DollShrnkr » Sat Jul 25, 2020 9:48 am

Wonderful job! Your talent for imagery is fantastic. I hope to read more from you soon.


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