Kara's Little SW Stories--Part 3

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Kara's Little SW Stories--Part 3

Post by Kara Dollgirl » Sun Jul 26, 2020 4:01 am

Dear Fellow SW Lovers,

For a woman who has dreamed about being a shrunken doll for most of her life, the story below would probably be a fairly common fantasy. Still, I thought I would share it because it's one that some of you have likely had yourselves--from one vantage point or the other!

Sometimes when I have this dream, there is a Giant outside my Doll House window; sometimes it's a Giantess. Although the end result may sometime be the same, the details of these two encounters are very different. This one is the Giant story.

As always, I hope you enjoy it!


Waking Up

The warm morning gently wakes me. As I stretch out in my large yet very soft bed I feel the gentle tremors of my lover approaching. The light is eclipsed in one of the windows with his arrival, I smile to myself but pretend not to notice as my stretching becomes more exaggerated. As I move around, the strap on my nightie slips off my shoulder, exposing my breast. I pretend I do not notice.

I get out of bed, and as I prance around the room I am putting on a little show for my audience of One. My rear has a distinct twitch as I walk. My hands stroke my sides. I cup my arms under my breasts, pushing them together, the one is still exposed. I smile at the ceiling with a content look as I wait. I notice the breathing outside my walls becoming heavy. I continue to pretend not to notice.

I can feel the tension I am causing build. Soon the outside wall and part of the ceiling has been magically removed and over-sized fingers reach down into my bedroom and gently brush up and down my side. I purr with contentment. The naughty fingers push up my nightgown, exposing my lack of underwear. I squeal with delight. Slowly the fingers get bolder with the body parts they massage. I act indignant, scolding the large figure. This boldness just amuses my giant tormentor. Soon I am denied even the minor amount of covering my nightie provided. I stand for a moment totally nude and completely vulnerable, waiting…

Now the huge fingers, thick as wooden logs, wrap themselves around my soft, supple body. Gently but firmly, with a strength that leaves me helpless to resist, I am lifted into the air! My feet begin to kick wildly as the floor falls away beneath them. My fists beat uselessly on the thick, unyielding walls of flesh that surround me. I am slowly rising higher and higher into the air. I wriggle helplessly against the overwhelming power that has me in its grip. I feel as though I am trapped in unyielding concrete. I am completely at his mercy, and he can do anything with me that he wishes…

Now the hand tilts in open space until I am lying on my back, looking up at the equally enormous face that stares hungrily down at me from above. There is a hint of a smile on that face as another huge set of fingers comes out of nowhere and positions my supine form more evenly across the hand...

Now the giant fingers begin to caress my soft, warm skin, touching me gently in my most sensitive areas. One finger traces the soft curves of my flesh from shoulder to hip. Then it presses down on each of my firm-soft breasts, no doubt feeling the tiny tips of my nipples as they harden under his persistent touch. I gasp at the sensations this evokes. I writhe and wriggle in the hand, resisting at first, but the huge fingers soon overpower and overwhelm me.

My own body is reacting unbidden as I am ravished by the powerful giant fingers that do not stop their insistent probing for one moment. My breathing is growing heavy, my nipples harder and a warm wetness grows between my thighs. My pale skin is warm, but I shiver in anticipation of what I know is coming…

Whimpering now, I beg the giant far above me to stop, but he ignores my weak protests. Now the finger begins to slide up and down the curves of my legs, first on the outside, then finally, teasingly, on the inside. My wetness grows as my huge fleshy tormentor works itself closer to my small sweet spot. My last resistance finally fades, then crumbles as I arch my back. I spread my legs wide in surrender, lying there in the giant hand, full and yielding and waiting...

Finally, the oversized finger presses firmly down my sex, eliciting a scream of ecstasy from my gasping lips. Then it begins to describe small circles that encompass my entire womanhood, alternately circling and pressing and releasing in the way he knows I love. This goes on and on without let-up for a long, wonderful time...

I scream and arch and writhe and kick, over and over, lying there across the hand as gigantic shudders, that feel like overwhelming electrical surges, race though my overstimulated body. I can’t seem to get a breath in. All my senses are being overloaded, until it seems I cannot take any more.

Finally, after what seems like hours soaring at the heights of bliss, I explode in ecstasy, with a long scream that seems to go on for days. The single finger has brought me to such heights of pleasure that I also black out, surrendering to the darkness of unconsciousness. Just before my brain and body shut down from the sensory overload, I hear, seemingly from very far away, a deep masculine voice, sounding very pleased…”that’s my good little doll…”

An endless time later when I finally swim back to the edge of conscious thought, I find that I am again lying on my comfortable bed, dressed in my nightie, and the walls and roof of my house are intact. I close my eyes again and a smile comes to my lips. Did it happen? Did I imagine it all? My mind gives me one answer, my body and my feelings give me quite another.

I wrap my arms around my shoulders and re-live the memories of my being abducted and ravished by a giant hand and fingers, until finally I drift back off to some wonderful and yet disturbing dreams as I lay in my tiny bed in my little Doll House, that sits by itself in the corner of a normal sized room, waiting for my giant lover to grow restless and hungry for the sight and feel of his little 6-inch doll. Me. :)
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