Kara's Little SW Stories--Part 4

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Kara's Little SW Stories--Part 4

Post by Kara Dollgirl » Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:30 pm

Dear Fellow SW Enthusiasts,

As I share these stories from several years ago, I really didn't want to get (too much) into a rut, so I am going to change things up a bit and transform the Giant of the first few stories into a Giantess. As you will notice, this changes the tone of the writing (as well as some of the action) a little.

This story was inspired by my Aussie girlfriend, Laura, back when we were involved several years ago on FB. We had actually planned out how she was going to "shrinknap" me and take me back home with her. She was also the one who made me really stop and think about the the mental and emotional effects of being 6 inches tall in a giant world. I had always wanted to be a doll, so I didn't really give it too much thought. It was my dear Laura who made me realize that the psychological and emotional effects of being so tiny would really be quite profound, especially since, in the scenario we were proposing, my reduced size would be permanent. So the best preventive for serious damage to the psyche and the mind would be to spend some time each day in an environment that would make me at least feel normal. And a dollhouse was the obvious answer.

I am also including several images created by Shrinkingwomen, a friend over at DA, who was taken with my story when I published it there and was inspired to come up with pictures of my Giantess Laura in her "Cat Suit", tiny me in my "mouse costume", and my dollhouse. I think they are wonderful and really capture the look and feel described in the story.

(The third image is just one I found on the internet that shows what two normal-sized women playing "Cat and Mouse" might wear)

I always intended to finish the story, but then Laura and I ended our relationship, so it's been hard to find the inspiration to do so. Hopefully, I will get around to it, if only because I hate to leave anything unfinished. (I also have the backstory of our relationship--already written--to share as well)

Even so, I really enjoyed writing the first part of this little "mouse tale". It felt easy because it's all about the real me! (not a role-play character)


When I woke up from a sound sleep that morning, I saw that the pink mouse costume was lying on the bench at the foot of my bed. I sighed and then I smiled. It seemed my dear Laura was in a playful mood today. Well, that was her privilege. If she wanted to play a game of “cat and mouse” with me as the mouse, I would do my best to please her. Not that I didn’t enjoy these little games too, but they were always a little harder on me than on her…I’ll explain that more in a moment. Meanwhile, it was time to get up and get into my outfit. I didn’t want to keep my lover waiting toooo long (giggle). If I did, she would make me pay for it later on.

I hopped out of bed and pulled off my blue nightie and let it fall on the chair nearby. As I did this, I looked around at my bedroom and thought again how beautiful it was. I truly loved living in this house of mine! It had beautifully appointed comfortable furniture. The white carpet under my bare toes was luxuriant and felt so soft and nice to walk on. My house had every modern necessity and convenience, everything I could wish for. Oh, and the rent was quite reasonable I thought, giggling again at my little joke. Truthfully, I paid no rent or anything else toward the upkeep of my house. I had a Sugar Mommie who took care of everything for me. So you begin to think that I am a kept woman. You would be right, but kept in a way you could never imagine…my name is Kara by the way. I don’t have a last name anymore, but that doesn’t matter, because I now belong to Laura.

Humming to myself, I danced into my luxurious bath, took care of this and that, pulled my hair back into a pony tail and then, with the water running in the sink, scrubbed my face to remove any traces of make-up from yesterday and also to wake myself. Laura had keep me up late last night with our love-making and it looked like she had not yet gotten her fill of my not uncomely body. I smiled again to think of some of the things we had done last night, things you might think you can imagine, but trust me, you cannot.

More awake now, I re-arranged and clipped my long, blonde hair so it fell down my back without any bulges in the back. Walking back into the bedroom I got into the clothes chest and pulled out a pair of bikini panties that I knew Laura liked to see me in and pulled them up, settling them gently against my slightly sore bottom (Laura tried so hard to be SO careful with me, but once in a while I sported a few small bruises from our playtime. It wasn’t her fault, honestly, she is so gentle with me, but as you will see, I tend to be particularly fragile, like a porcelain doll.

I reached into the drawer and pulled out a matching push-up bra (not that I really needed it with my C-cup breasts, but I was trying to make myself as alluring as possible for my lovely partner). Slipping my arms through the straps, I settle my breasts carefully into the cups (my nipples were also a bit tender this morning), and reaching behind me, did up the clasps in back.

I walked over to the pink outfit at the end of the bed and picked it up. It felt soft to my touch as I shook it out and sat down on the bed to pull it on, It was actually a unitard made of a soft, stretchy material that clung to my body like a second skin. Luckily, I was in the best shape I had been in years right now, so I had no shyness about wearing it, especially as I knew seeing me in it drove a certain cat with dark hair mad with lust (heehee). I drew it up over my curves, wriggling into it to get it to settle on my body comfortably.

Finally, I pulled the hood over the top of my head and then stepped in front of the full-length mirror to see myself. I giggled a bit at the sight that greeted me: a tall young woman with some nice curves on her, wearing a skin-tight pink mouse costume and looking very much like a mouse person, with small pink ears and white oval on my tummy. Turning in the mirror so I could see my rear end, I was able to see the cute little tail that Laura had so thoughtfully added to my derriere. It stuck up and out and looked as awkward as it actually was, and made it a more difficult to move around in this outfit…when I wiggled my tush, I could feel the thing moving behind me, but I couldn’t see it! It was quite a nuisance, and I have a feeling that’s why it was there! But no matter…if that’s what my Laura wanted, I would be a good little mouse and go along, for love of her.

Before I pulled on my gloves and boots, one more little detail…going over to my make-up table, I grabbed some black liner and painted some little whiskers on my face, then added some pink rouge on my cheeks and nose. I looked in the mirror, scrunched up my face and went “Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!” in my best mouse voice, and giggled again at my own antics.
It was time to go. Laura would be getting impatient. I sat down and pulled on my long pink boots with the high heels built into them, then pulled on the little pink gloves. Giving myself a final inspection in the mirror, I walked to the front door of the house, opened it and walked out onto the porch. Now to find Laura…or, rather, I would try NOT to find her or let her find me…that was the game…I took a deep breath and walked outside…

…As always, it took a few moments for my perspectives to shift and then settle down…at least by now I had had 3 months of practice at dealing with it. But when your entire worldview expands from normal to gargantuan, it takes the senses some time to cope…I guess it’s time now for that explanation…

…I was looking out into a vast room that appeared as large as the biggest airplane hangar in the world. Below me was a bed whose dimensions stretched out seemingly for miles in every direction. In one way, the room appeared as if it were a typical bedroom, although it was larger than a normal room and all the furniture—bed, dressers, nightstands, chairs, make-up table—were all of very nice quality. There were doors leading out into the hallway and into the bathroom and into a large walk-in closet. Everything you would expect to see in a nice bedroom occupied by two young professional women with good taste.

The main—and overwhelming—difference was that to me everything out there was approximately 12 times larger than normal….

Or was it..? As I moved off the porch of my home and down the walkway past the green grass-like covering on either side, onto a hard, polished wood surface, I turned and looked behind me. My perspective shifted once more, and from that perspective, it could be seen that my house, which was of course built to the same scale as me, was sitting on a table in the corner of the enormous room next to the giant bed. Although the house had 3 floors, 10 rooms, was beautifully appointed and decorated and was quite roomy enough for me and had everything I needed, it was quite obviously a cute little dollhouse that sat on a large table within the bedroom, and that I was the doll that was its main and, actually, it’s only occupant…

The room was not truly the size of an airplane hangar. It was a normal, ordinary room. It only seemed enormous to me because I was 6 ¼ inches tall.

Yes, you read that right. 6.25 inches tall. If you stood an ordinary school ruler up on a desk and had me stand up against it, I would only reach about halfway up. And even though I live in a dollhouse, if a doll like Barbie were standing next to me, I would only come up to her navel. She would be an absolute Amazon to me! (I know because I’ve tried it)

How did I get so teeny-tiny? It’s a long story, and I will be glad to relate it to you another time. The short version (pun intended) is that I have always wanted to be this tiny and found someone who loved me enough to help me make it happen. This was all done to me by Laura, with my complete connivance and help. A little over 3 months ago, I was a normal, healthy young woman who taught music and liked girls. By normal I mean I was 67 inches tall. Now I am a tiny doll of a woman who lives in a dollhouse on the other side of the world from my original home and am the shrunken pet, toy and plaything of a beautiful, dark-haired giantess named Laura.

Laura…she was so many things to me now…my spouse (we had gotten married just before she made me tiny) my lover (while I was normal and now even more so), my caretaker (how could such a tiny person take care of herself in a world suddenly grown so enormous for her?) my owner (legally) my Giantess (for obvious reasons) and my Mistress (she was the big, strong one now, and I was the tiny helpless little thing, so I learned to do as she told me…and I actually enjoyed that part)

So when I woke up this morning after a night of being ravished by her enormous hand and fingers and of crawling all over and inside her giantess body, giving her what pleasure I could at my tiny size, she had opened up the dollhouse while I slept (I assumed she often lay on her bed watching me through the tiny windows of the dollhouse) and put the little pink mouse costume at the foot of my little bed. I could almost see her impish smile as she did this. It was an invitation and also a command…we were going to play some more, it being a weekend and she not having to work today. And I was fine with that, already my body was responding to the thoughts of what would happen in the next little while, and I could feel my pulse quicken, my nipples stiffening under my bra, my panties getting moist as I anticipated our coming game of “cat and mouse”. And what could be more natural? I was now very close to mouse size, and I was dressed up to look as much like one as a human being—even a tiny one—could be.

And somewhere in this large apartment, there was a giant (at least to me) dark-haired siren who was now wearing a sleek black cat suit, complete with pointed ears and a cat tail, whiskers, gloves with sharp claws and high-heeled black boots to make herself even taller (not that she needed that advantage with me) . She was now hiding somewhere in the apartment, crouched and waiting for the tiny mouse to come near, so she could pounce on the little mouse and grab it with her giant claws. Then she would lift me by my poor little tail up into the air, while my stomach churned at the heights and my tiny legs wind-milled uselessly beneath me. Then she would say something like “Meow! Where is the little mousey going in such a hurry?”. I would then plead for mercy, which was always denied, after which she would precede to eat me. (Yes, actually put me in her enormous mouth!)

But if I could make it all the way to the kitchen (which was the part of the apartment farthest away from the bedroom, of course) and get to a green circle which comprised a “safe zone”, I would be considered the victor in our little game. Then Laura was obliged to do anything I asked her to do (within reason)

So far, in several months of playing this game, I had not won a single time, but that was not all that surprising.

Obviously, in a game of “cat and mouse”, the poor mouse is always at a disadvantage due to its tiny size and relative weakness compared to the cat. The mouse has enormous open areas to cross to get to safety, and the cat due to its great size, can move across the same area much faster. And of course, once the mouse is caught by the cat, it’s all over. And bear in mind that the “cat” in this game was much larger compared to the mouse than the normal animals. Also, there were “mousetraps” all over the apartment to keep me using the spaces under the furniture to hide in. (I’ll explain that later)

Don’t get me wrong…I honestly enjoyed the things that Laura did to me when I lost. My knees go weak and my insides begin to melt down to goo as I think about them, There were pleasures I never could have imagined when I was 5’ 7”, things I can barely describe or talk about. But just once I wanted to win the game, just so that the “cat” wouldn’t take the tiny “mouse” for granted! I had come up with a few ideas that might help me…

But it was time to get moving. I walked up to the edge of the table and swan dived off onto the bed, landing on my front instead of my derriere because when I did that, that stupid tail always poked me in the butt, which hurt, even as padded as I am back there. But of course at my tiny size, I barely made a dent in the huge mattress on which I landed (there was a little ladder contraption on the other side of the table I could use to get down, but this was faster—and more fun!

I ran across the huge bedcover and over to the edge of the bed, my little tail bouncing behind me. Then, grabbing the blanket, I began to climb down to the floor. As I hit the floor and looked around to get my bearings, I gulped. No matter how long I have been tiny, I really never get used to how amazingly small I truly am and how big everything around me looks, especially when viewed from the vantage point of the floor. Everything in the room towers over me and I feel so teensy and insignificant again. My beautiful Laura was so right when she feared that going through this enormous change in my size and perspective would be very, very scary and almost overwhelming for me at first.

So when I was first shrunk, she was so incredibly gentle and careful with me, which made it possible for me to adjust. I had told her repeatedly that I thought that having imagined being small for so many years (most of my life) that I would be able to adjust quickly…I was SO wrong! I apologized to her so many times for doubting her wisdom in this, and but she just petted me and spoke so softly and moved so slowly and handled me—when she finally did—so carefully and gently, like she was handling the finest china or glassware in the world. I could not have successfully made the transition to my tiny state without her love and care. It made me love her even more, if that were possible. <3

We both had at least realized that I could not exist 24/7 in a giant world without it affecting my mind and sanity, no matter how much I had wanted to be this way. The obvious solution was a dollhouse. Here, among objects and furniture that were exactly my own small scale, I could relax and feel almost “normal” for a while. It was a safe haven for me and it really helped me to be able to adjust to being so small. It also helped me adjust to and accept the knowledge that the change was permanent. There was no cure or antidote to what we had used to shrink me down to sub-doll size. I would never, ever be any taller or bigger than I was right now. Sometimes when I thought about that, I would get a bit sad for the life and people I had left behind. But my tiny life with Laura was so wonderful that it balanced out all the negatives, and it became more wonderful and so much more like the dreams I had of being tiny when I was younger as time went on.

I keep digressing, but I guess I think that anyone who reads this is going to be interested in what it feels like to be as teensy as I am, and I am trying my best to describe it for you.

Anyway, once I got to the floor and made the adjustment from dollhouse scale to giant scale, I made a quick detour under the enormous bed to pick up something that I needed to take with me. It was fairly dark under there and I kept running into giant dust bunnies (obviously we couldn’t have a housekeeper who might find me and snatch me up if she knew about me, so Laura kept our place clean as best she could) but I had stashed it near one of the legs and after feeling around was able to find it…there it was. It was long and made of metal and more than half my length. I smiled as I made my way back out from under that huge piece of furniture and examined my find. It was an ordinary nail, about 3 ½ inches long with a point at one end and flat at the other. I had no idea where it had come from, and didn’t care, I was going to use to get some advantage in the game. My little outfit included a teeny belt that encircled my dainty waist and I stuck it in there so I could have my hands free. It was kind of in the way, but I could manage.

Then I began my long trek to the kitchen. I did not know where Laura Cat was, but usually she would let me at least get out of the bedroom before she began the chase. But I couldn’t take anything for granted, so I made my way to the wall, my tiny feet catching on the thick-pile carpet of our apartment, especially with these darn heels that Laura insisted I wear with my mouse outfit! I snuck along the baseboards—which were almost up to my boobs- and made my way from one piece of giant furniture to the next. I did not go underneath them, thinking Laura might have put mousetraps there, but I stayed close enough that I could duck under them whenever I saw the giant cat coming for me.

After a while, I made it to the door which was slightly ajar and then out into the hall. My tiny heart was beginning to beat faster now…

(to be continued)
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