The Tourists. M(teen)/f

SW stories that include violence or extreme injuries etc.

DISCLAIMER: Many of the stories within are at the border of what is legal to post. Venture forth at your own Peril
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The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HHunter1 » Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:40 am

OK, lets start this again here. I'm only going to post two chapters a week to keep a lead way. Unless it's not enjoyed here. Then I'll stop, just let me know. Each Chapter will need it's own description notes. So:

Chapter 1: M(t)/f non-consensual.

Karla was walking home after a long day at work. Many tourists had been through since the borders reopened. And it seems everyone of them was into the shop today to buy something South American, like there weren't many cultures and peoples of the continent.

Suddenly she heard more voices, a young boy saying, "How about that one dad, can I have that one as my first one?"

"Oh, good eyes son." A man replied. "Yes you should collect that one for sure." The voice was now clearly directed at Karla, "Excuse me miss?"

Karla stopped with a sigh. She just wanted to get home. But tourism was a major business in her town, really the only business. It would be bad to leave this family with a bad impression. "Yes, can I help?" She said as she turned to face them.

They looked like a typical tourist family. Most likely off the cruise ship in the town's tiny port. But there was something different about them too. The man was in one of those fedora that looked to be made from weaved straw and painted white. Bright red shirt and tan cargo pants. The mother stood behind him in an over sized floppy hat and a glaring yellow dress with multi-colored birds spattered all over it. They both carried an odd looking box thing. The boy, probably about thirteen or fourteen, wore almost a matching outfit as his dad. The son was staring at her strangely. She was used to boys that age leering at her. Men as well, her boss bluntly referred to her as money drawing curves once. But no, this made her want to run.

The father made an odd statement, "Now remember son, concentrate than think shrink." A flicker in the boy's eyes and suddenly the world grew around her.

Dizzy she leaned on the wall she stood beside. As her head stopped spinning the man's voice advised, "OK son, go collect your prize."

Karla looked over at the strange family. They were now giants. The boy was approaching, his hand stretched open wide toward her. Karla was frozen in fear. She could not move. She opened her mouth to scream something, anything. But she could not force sound out of herself.

The boy's hand wrapped around her. His finger placement was directed. Index over her shoulder and into her cleavage. Thumb and middle fingers pinned her arms to her sides, but the tips still pressed her breasts painfully. The ring finger belted her waist. The pinky hooked around her leg and was stroking her inner thigh. He was lifting her high before her mind even thought to try to struggle free. She was trapped in the grip of this horny giant boy.

The boy turned his hand and opened his fingers. The father looked over his shoulder, both leering at her like they planned to eat her. "She's really pretty dad."

"You can say that again son. Wish I would have seen her first, that's one little sexy delight I wish I had for my collection." The man admitted.

Karla found her voice, "Please, what's going on?"

"Oh she is a pretty one, and such a sweet voice." The mother stated as she also leered over the boy's shoulder.

"Why are you so big suddenly? Please I just want to go home." Karla begged.

"Oh the poor thing. Don't worry, Mikey will take good care of you. Now, put her in our collector box so we can go collect more from this nowhere town." The mother said.

Karla tried the plea, but the only direct response she got was the boy's other hand raising up so it's index could stroke her chest. His words drowned out her protests even to her, "Oh Please mom, can't I carry her for a little while."

"I see how you plan on carrying her. You can enjoy her back on the boat. You petting her will just slow us down from collecting more from, wherever this is. Might even distract you from finding another pretty to put into your collection." The mother stated.

"No mom, she will not distract me I promise." The boy argued. His finger not content with rubbing, hooked her brown tank top and exposed her breasts in one powerful stroke. Karla cursed taking her bra off after work. But the tank top was designed to normally contain her D-cup breasts and was more comfortable in the late afternoon heat. But this was not a normal situation.

The father purred, "Woa, nice set. Sorry son your mother is right. She is too distracting. In the box or I'll take her away and keep her myself."

"Ok, fine." The boy pouted. His finger and thumb actively messaging Karla's exposed chest. She tried pushing them away and pulling up her shirt. But he was too powerful.

The mother opened a panel on the strange box bag she carried. The boy wrapped his grip tight around her as he reached her toward the opening. The father's voice suggested, "Why not give her a kiss goodbye first."

"OK!" The boy excitedly answered.

The mother's voice groaned, "Really Howard?"

The father reasoned, "Let the boy have some fun Milly."

The boy turned Karla to face him. His tongue licked his lips like there was something flavorful upon them. Smacking disturbingly as he did so. Karla knew he wasn't going to place a peck on her cheek, but she didn't need this disgusting display before he orally assaulted her. The mother's voice retorted to the father, "I'm certain he will have all kinds of fun with that one without this, but go ahead."

The boy's moist lips encased her breasts. Her arms pinned as they were, gave him full access to them. Not that she could have done much if they were free. Then his saliva soaked tongue pressed and dragged itself over and around her chest. Leaving drool behind like some short of giant disgusting slug. His eager mouth was too excited to contain his spit and it oozed over her and soaked the top of her shirt. He gave her breasts a slight suckle and Karla couldn't help but gasp at the sudden intense sensation.

She felt him pull her away from his mouth. A sucking smack noise boomed around her head as lips gave up her breasts. She gasped for breath, the assault had made it hard to gain breath. She watched as he directed his hand over the open panel. Suddenly she was falling. Plastic caught her and she grunted. Slipping into the box.

Inside was a small mixed crowd of town's people and even other tourists. She quickly covered herself. Trembling as the cups of the top was almost dripping with the boy's spit.

Her aunt came out of the crowd. "Karla is that you?"

"Aunt Marie, what is going on?" she asked.

Her Aunt led her away from the slide as she spoke, "These people, they are part of some group. If what I heard is correct, they are on a tour on that strange cruise ship. It's so they can shrink and collect people from failing tourist coast towns like ours and keep them as some kind of pets."

"How can they do that?" Karla asked.

"I don't know dear. I just know, they have, err, plans for us pretty ones. Why is your shirt wet?" Her Aunt replied.

"I was made like this by the boy." Karla replied.

"OH Jesus, the boy will be your owner?" Her aunt said. Then hugged her hard like she had a life ending disease.

The family traveled. Adding neighbors and visitors to the box. Mothers with children, old couples, police officers, no one was safe. Church bells rang in alarm, then began going quiet. At some point, most likely the central square by the police station, a mix of screams could be heard. They found a crowd. The family chattered on excitedly as person after person was added in with them. Stopping with the mother's voice observing, "This one is full, use yours Howard."

Despite the crowd and the afternoon sun, it was disturbingly cool in the box. No one spoke, only the whimpering of small children and infants trapped in this family's terrifying wake.

The screams ebbed. Karla realized the family was talking to a second and third group of voices. Chattering on like tourists do about the sights and finds of her town. The adult voices interrupted from time to time by a younger one exclaiming they "Found one!"

Karla could hear the bells of the buoys at the small port between the giant's rambling and the whimpering in her cage. She noticed they had slowed down.

A voice could be heard calling out, "OK, next." As the moved Karla could hear a series of questions being asked by the commanding voice.

"OK Next." Was commanded. Then, "Please place your first container on the scanner and remove the lid."

The box lurched in an odd way. Then landed softly on something. The bright sun glared in as the lid was removed. The voice asked, "Ship pass." Then, "Oh Red member, Welcome back Dr. and Mrs. Miller. What range would you like to keep?"

The mother's voice replied, "Thirteen to forty with personal assessments on any between Forty and fifty." She said cheerily.

The boy's voice whimpered, "But what about?"

She added, "Yes, sorry. We also like to personally assess any landing between say, ten to thirteen."

A blue light scanning back and forth. Suddenly lights targeted certain people. Children had a soft blue marking them. Preteens had purple. Older people had a green with a few of them also marked purple. Four red beams targeted a few targets. "Oh, looks like you have some unacceptables in this box."

A giant head leaned into view, a massive rubber gloved hand grabbed a woman and took her. A scream and a grinding sound. The other three more disappeared the same sicking way. It then came back pulling children and infants from mothers and protecting adults.

The boy asked Karla's question, "What happens to the babies?"

The man's expression softened, "We send them to the orphanage. They'll be raised to be future staff if they behave. If they can't adjust, the Company finds other uses for them."

Then he grabbed the older people. The boy helpfully asked, "And the geezers?"

The man laughed, "They are tested. And few of them that pass are sent to the orphanages to help look after the real little ones. Others are sent to the factories. The really nasty ones are used in the games on board."

"Cool, the purple lights are?" The boy asked.

"Are the one's your mother wants to reassess." The man answered.

The boy suddenly pointed out Karla, "That one is mine. She's the first one I shrunk. She's my favorite."

The man's powerful finger hooked Karla's chin. Making her look directly up at the giant in a sailor uniform. "Oh she is a special one. Now remember to treat her nicely. We are so big to her you could hurt her bad if you're not careful. You promise to be gentle while you play with this darling?"

"Yes sir. I want to keep her for the rest of my life." The boy stated. Karla could not help but cringe.

"Well little darling, you keep this lad happy and you will have a chance as a Shrunken. And you young man, find out what this sweet Shrunken likes. Treats are a better incentive than punishments for them. Understand?" the man explained.

Karla did not like this much focus. Or the intent of this talk. She did not want to be a boys pet. As if to add to her horror the boy purred, "So if I'm nice she might do things for me without being forced too?"

"Might take a bit of training. But kindness can gain rewards." The man replied.

Another male voice noted, "Jim, we have a long line up. Hurry up please."

"Sorry lad. Back to the grind." The man said. Seems the mother and father were selecting which purple lights to keep as the discussion was happening. Karla had not even noticed the removal of most of the purple marked people as she was discussed. The father voice commanding, "Mikey, take a look through these kids, Any you want to keep? Remember as they get older they'll change in looks. Maybe making pretty Shrunken later."

The mother's hand was returning a select group of middle aged people back into the container. Soon the father's and son's hands were helping and adding some kids in as well. Karla's stomach turned knowing some were being kept to be future targets of these people's sick interests.

Suddenly the mother's hand grabbed Karla and closed the main lid. Moving it off the scanner. Karla could see from her vantage point the father add his container. And the same happening to that one. She was sickened as she watched the man grab a young man marker with red and dropped him into a device with a rubber gasket with a hole in the middle. It grinned and his scream ended quickly. From her angle she could see a trickle of blood red stuff dribble out of a drain and trickle into the ocean below. She closed her eyes, but the next scream grind combo put the image in her head.

She wanted to die as babies and children were placed into foam egg cartons in a box and carried away from screaming parents. Grandparents and friends were next. Then the cruel picking through the ones on the age edges like they were selecting fruit at the market.

The lid was replaced on the container and the man noted, "If you find any in your box you wish not to keep, remember you can turn them in for more ship credits. And, speaking of, Here is what you earned for what was collected from your containers. It was a good haul."

"Thanks. Can't wait till the next port." The father noted as they boarded this nightmare ship.

The mother handed Karla to the son with a, "Here, but keep up. Understand?"

"Really, thanks mom." He said as he cupped both hands over Karla. She was hardly in his grip when her chest was exposed again. Thumb and index covering her nipples as they rotated her breasts. His other hand blanketed her, it's index stroking her side of her face and hair.

Another boy ran up beside him, about his age. "Wow, she's pretty. Wanta trade? I have some army guys."

"No way." Her capture replied. "Like the man said, she's really special. I'm going to keep her forever. Treat her as nice as she looks."

The boys continued to discuss Karla like she was a new toy and not a living person. She tried to distract herself by looking around at the people on this cruel boat. It just made things worse. Little girls going by with gaudy little cages with bobbles attached. The girls and women inside dressed like princesses or colorful animals. Boys with blue and green cages, men and boys as soldiers or superheros. Women and men walking with necklaces with small cages hanging off them. People inside dressed in revealing outfits, some not at all. But they were lucky as some women wore swimsuits, with small human shaped forms pressed under their tops to their breasts. Some men's tight swimsuits and shorts showed other locations people had been forced into.

The other boy left to follow his family to their cabin. Her kidnappers entered their cabin. It was a suite of some kind. They were barely in when the boy asked, "Can I order some clothes for her." lifting Karla as if needing to declare who he meant.

"First collect your other Shrunken from the boxes and take them to your room." The mother commanded.

"OK mom." The boy replied. Placing Karla on a table.

As the boy ran toward the boxes on the other side of the room Karla began pulling her shirt back over her breasts. The mother's voice whispered, "I wouldn't bother sweet heart. He'll most likely be tearing that off you once he gets a hold of you again. You want a better idea, get naked. It's most likely what he’s planning to do to you."

Karla broke down. Tears flooded her mind. Her whole life was stolen from her. She was a pet. She wiped her eyes, the edge of the table was foggy close by. She struggled to see through the tears and moved toward it. At her new size it would be like falling off a tall building. She stopped at the edge. Took a deep breath and leaped.

"OH NO!" The boy's voice screamed. He was horribly quick as his hands snatched her from the air as she began to descend.

"What Mikey?" The father's voice questioned.

"The special Shrunken tried to jump off the table." He shuttered. He looked down at he as he held her in one hand. The other tenderly petting Karla hair.

"Yeah, they sometimes try that. Better keep a better watch on her." The father solemnly advised.

"OK. I'll keep her caged then." The boy said. Asking, "Can I order her some clothes and things. I want her to have a special dress for dinner tonight."

"OK, I’ll turn on the measuring tube." The father replied. Adding with an eager tone, "You strip her to get a good scan."

"OK. Thanks dad." the son replied. He turned to look at Karla. She begged at him, but she could see her words were nothing but sounds to him. As he just purred at her like he was trying to claim a frightened small animal, "Shh, I'll be gentle."

He reached over the top of her head. She could feel his massive fingers nimbly hook under the hem of her tank top. She tried to resist, but she might as well have tried to leap to the moon. He gently placed her top on the table. He moved her arms back to restrain her. His fingers wander around and over her breasts. She could tell he was aroused by his access to her body.

He shook his head and retracted his fingers to expose her stomach. He reached down and picked out her extra belt length. With clear care he tugged it loose. He pinched her jeans and popped the button. He reached to wrap his hand around her waist. She tried to wiggle away, but was held to well.

He stopped. "Oh wait. Silly me, you still have your boots on." She had the foolish wish if she could keep her boots on he would give up on stripping her. She kicked her calves as best she could. Her heart was torn from her when he just giggled, "Come on pretty. We can play later." Her strength slipped away again. Giant boy finger tips stroked along her calve above the boot and slipped the footwear away. Karla went limp and began to sob again as the other was taken. He poked at her sock foot and attempted to cheer her by taunting out, "Tickle tickle."

It seemed to hurt his feelings that she didn't react favorably. Because he changed tactics as he pulled her socks off. "I know, this is scary and you're sad to lose your home and things. But you'll see, I'll treat you really nice. Yeah, I will, you know, do things for fun. But you'll get treats and we can have other fun together too. I promise."

He smiled at her and reached around her waist. Softly smiling he purred, "You see. I'll be a good owner. Cause you're so pretty and hot." She was surprised at how he easily was able slip her jeans and panties down her legs.

Fully naked, the boy held her in his cupped hand and stared wide eyed at her. A lustful gasp of, "You are so Hot." came from his mouth. He reached in his other hand and she cowered expecting him to molest her breasts more or press between her thighs. But a gentle stroke of her hair landed. It was almost sweet.

"OK it's on." The father called out.

The boy snapped back. Something close to guilt came over him as he confessed, "I'm sorry, but I am going to do many dirty things to you. I don't know why I have to say that. I just needed too."

The boy walked over to where the father sat. "Strap her in and then the machine can measure her body."

The boy placed her inside some short of a tube. Two poles were to either side of her. The boy began hooking her arms into soft plastic straps. The father noted in an unnerving growl, "Wow she is a fit one."

The boy hooked her feet to the poles the mother wandered over. Happily she noted, "The system does a good job. Too have breasts that size so firm and perky."

There she stood bound like she awaited King Kong. The boy closed the tube. Then advised, "You should close your eyes." She did, mostly. Enough to see that different color lights ran up and down her body.

The lights stopped and the father's muffled voice announced, "OK she's measured."

She opened her eyes as the boy was opening the tube. Gently he undid the straps. Making little sounds and wiggling his hips. The father asked, "So what do you have in mind? Cheerleader, maybe the costume of that girl from that game you play?"

"No, I have something special in mind." The boy replied as Karla felt herself lifted out of the tube.

The father snickered. Leaning in close to his son he whispered, "Maybe you should go fix that before you order."

"Yeah, it is distracting." the son admitted embarrassingly.

The boy started to step away when the father grabbed him. Karla's stomach turned as the father advised, "Just before you finish. Slide her to the tip. Then you can watch as your cum sprays that face and those tits."

"Oh, yeah." The boy sighed. Then dashed to his room inside the suite.

He shut the door and leaned on it. His free hand frantically working at the top of his shorts. Karla didn't want to look. But terror drew her eyes to where her next abuse was hiding. Pushing one side than the other he wiggled his shorts down. Karla trembled, if the bulge advertised honestly, he was not a small boy. Then he pulled the monster out. Even if he wasn't a giant it would be huge. Easily more than over twice her current size or more, the beast stared hungrily at her with it's one eye.

"I'm sorry, but it hurts it's so hard." The boy announced as he lowered Karla toward the flesh beast. She cowered to the edge of his hand out of instinct. His other hand came down and forced her flat to his palm. He brought her up to the meaty pillar. Wrapping his hand, and with it her to his trembling erection. Held tight, but surprisingly not crushed too or by his manhood. His fingers wrapped her small limbs to its disturbingly silky skin.

He must have been happy with her entrapment as he slowly slipped her up his length. Generating a delighted oh gasped from the boy. Soon his steady action slid her up and down his cock. He whimpered an elated sound with each down action. Karla was surprised the flesh on flesh action did not cause friction burn. But her skin slid along his sensitive skin like silk on silk.

He began blathering out words as he used her body, "Oh pretty you feel good. Oh your tits. Oh your legs. Oh oh, your hot body feels so good."

Suddenly he pushed her up to the tip. Karla knew what was about to happen. Clenching her eyes and mouth shut. She wanted to shield herself with her arms. But the way he held her trapped her hands to his massive tip. His other hand pinned her legs and stroked them in short pumps along his erection's sides.

He bark a hard ah sound. Thick hot liquid blasted her face. Slipping past eyelids and filling her nose. The sharp sudden smell inside her noise made her cough reflectively. Making her catch a load of the next burst in her mouth. Her body's attempt to remove the sudden ooze from her throat just left her open to catch the next blast in her mouth again. The boy excitedly describing her torture as, "Oh that's hot! I'm cumming all over you face and tits!"

A couple more blasts coated her features. Despite her attempts to control her choking or turn away, they all seem to strike in or around her mouth. He held her there ranting about how great she looked with his semen dripping down her chest. As she fought to clear that ooze from her throat and mouth. Unable to wipe it from her stinging eyes as he held her hands pinned to his softening tip.

Then he said, "Lets clean you up pretty." Sliding her from his relieved manhood. But still pinning her hands, now to her sides. She struggled to look through her tear clouded vision. At least she hoped it was just tears. Karla did not want to think of it as anything more.

Suddenly she could hear water flowing. Then she felt herself being lowered. The flow was refreshingly cool. Greedily taking the thick heat from her face and skin. And she was happy to let it. His hand released her. Her hands free stroked over her face. Ran through her long black hair to guide the crystal crisp water to find every hiding spot of his horrid release. Then she helped the friendly liquid push the unwanted ooze from her body. As she felt free of the semen, she stood arched in the flow. Just allowing it to flow as it liked down her form.

She opened her eyes. The boy stared, transfixed on her. Karla sadly realized her eagerness to relieve herself of his release must have looked different in the adolescent's eyes. She reached to cover herself as he sighed, "Did you want to shower a bit longer pretty? You can while I order you some clothes."

"Yes please." She replied.

"Did you want it warmer?" the boy asked.

"Please just a bit." she replied.

"Step out and I'll adjust it." He suggested.

She did, trying to use the water to somewhat shield herself from his eager eyes. The boy adjusted the tap and put his finger under the flow. Questioning, he said, "How's that?"

Karla put her hand in the flow. "Good." she replied.

"My name is Micheal, everyone calls me Mikey. What is your name?" the boy asked.

Seeing no reason not to say she told him, "Karla."

"Karla, I am sorry. You're so special and pretty. But I am going to keep doing, you know, sex things to you. That is why we are collecting Shrunken. Well one of the reasons. Anyway, if you play along. I promise I will give you everything I can to make you happy. Think about it OK?" The boy offered.

"I don't want to right now. Please, can I just be alone?" Karla honestly replied.

"That's OK. Enjoy your shower. I'll be back shortly." The boy said. Then left her view.

She was in a sink. Karla looked down, maybe she could escape through the drain. Even if she drowned she would have escaped this nightmare. Over the drain was a grate, bolted down. She sat down under the waterfall. Its warm embrace taking with it her tears as they freely flowed.
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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by frollo » Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:58 am

Your series was so creative captivating and beautifully written .
I’m sure it will be well received here again .

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by shrinker_s » Thu Aug 13, 2020 7:49 am

Great to see this series getting reposted here. I feared it had been lost to the ages. Looking forward to the following chapters.

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CH2: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HHunter1 » Mon Aug 17, 2020 1:37 pm

Thanks you guys. I'm glad to see your works rejoining the community as well! :D

Chapter 2

M(t)/f Non-consensual

Karla felt like someone was over her. Looking up it was the boy. He smiled softly and giggled out, "Let's get you out of there Karla. You'll get all pruney." He scooped her out of the sink and wrapped a puffy cloth around her body.

He carried her into the bedroom part of his area of the suite praising, "You're really hot all wet like that."

She said nothing. And from his reaction, that's not what he wanted. "Hey, there is a special meet and greet dinner tonight for our first official stop and collect. We are all bringing our favorite shrunken we caught today. You're coming. There will be special food I’ll share with you. Maybe one of the families matched to our table will have a friend of yours. Oh, sorry I didn't think. But there will be dancing and such."

She had flinched at the idea of, seeing friends. It would be another torture knowing what type of people had her friends. But was it worse not knowing. It was not worth thinking about either way. She was laid on a squishy surface. She looked about, the boy had placed her on a pillow and was laying on his stomach sadly smiling at her. He asked, "Well Karla, do you like dancing?"

She had danced for years. The sweet flow of music swaying her body was one of her favorite things. She just covered herself with the cloth and he patted at her hair to help dry it.

"Karla, I know you're really upset." the boy said. Petting her head. "I would like to make your new life as happy a one as I can. You know, within, you know. What's a good word?"

"Circumstances." She muttered.

"Yes, circumstances. If you talk to me, I could learn things you like. Things you like doing?" He said. Ending with a nervous snicker, "Even things you like being done."

"I am never going to be happy being your pet sex slave. I am a person. A human being. Not something for you to get your jollies with." She snapped back.

Karla worried he would get mad back. He didn't, just nodded. In what could only be described as a supportive tone he replied, "I agree in a way. What this trip is about is wrong. But my dad says if we don't do these things to reduce the world's population. Well, worse will happen later. So, your my pet sex slave to make the world a better place."

"But who gave you and yours the right?" She growled. Almost standing till she remembered her limited covering.

"They took it, dad says. Like we took everyone in your town. Or will, the clean up boat is there now collecting anyone we missed. They'll be selling them in a special store. I might buy some. Some will be taken to a special adults only club. I saw the ad for it." The boy stopped. "I'm sorry. You don't want to hear about that. Do you like to dance? Or chocolate, I love chocolate."

Karla curiosity pushed at her throat, "What happens at that club?"

He bit his lip. She was oddly comforted that he was actually, at least slightly, guilty about what was happening here. "They make them like half size. Then an adult or few can rent them to take to their booth to make them dance. Or force them to do other things."

Karla realized she could have ended up worse off. She trembled. Mind racing at nightmarish images. Oh god, adults were clients, what were the rules for the victims. She felt the boy stroking her head. He was speaking, soft tones to calm her down.

She looked up to focus. The boy's words penetrated her mental chaos, "Shh, Karla, your mine. You're safe. You will never work there. Just for me."

Seeing her acknowledge him he suggested, "Let's talk about something else. Really, what are some things you like?"

"But who do they select? Why are they selected? What are the rules?" She blathered on. Karla just needs to know.

"I don't know." The boy looked around. "Later, when my parents are." He paused then sighed, "Busy, I'll see if I can find the add again and show you? But please, this is bothering you, let's talk about something else." He wrapped her in his hands, the warmth was cruelly comforting.

He let her sit quietly as his finger stroked her hair. Then he questioned, "I like flying kites. I know it's old fashioned and kid stuff. But I just enjoy it. You like flying kites?"

"I haven't flown a kite in years." She confessed.

"I can make a basket for you. You could go flying like a bird." He offered.

"I'm not sure." She wondered out loud. Submitting to the logic of letting him know things about her might make life easier she admitted, "I like chocolate too. Also, I used to dance all the time."

"Cool. I'm not a good dancer. Maybe you could teach me." He suggested.

"Might be hard like this." She noted.

"We can figure something out. What else do you like? The sunsets are really pretty while we're on the boat." He pried.

"Please, not if my town can still be seen." she whimpered.

"I promise, only new sights for us. What junk food do you like? I like nachos." He questioned.

"I liked nachos. Not a fan of potato chips though. Gummy candies, I liked gummy candies." She offered.

"OK, I'll get some for us to share." He stated. His fingers hooked the edges of the cloth. Pulling them off her.

"Please, I don't want to be naked in front of you." she requested.

"Sorry Karla, but I want to look at you naked. I want to be nice and all. But I will also be making you naked whenever I want. I think you should try to get used to that as quickly as you can." he explained.

"Do you plan on keeping me naked?" Karla wondered out loud.

"Oh no. I have many, well some clothes ideas for you. Really, later, I want to show you the options so you can have clothes you like on you too. Just, I'm feeling." He trailed off.

"You horny again." Karla said fearfully.

He nodded. "Just knowing your gorgeous body is naked wrapped in that wash cloth makes me interested in more than talking." he confessed.

He tugged again. She couldn't stop him, best not make him upset. But she also worried his calm demeanor would switch to sex crazed beast. She chose to submit and hope.

He gently peeled the cloth from around her. She couldn't help but cover herself. His finger softly brushed her skin. His hands reformed the warm nest around her body. "See, not so bad."

"Then let's switch sizes and see how you like being the plaything." She snapped.

His cheek blushed. The idea excited him, not what she was hoping for. He began petting her along her legs and across her cleavage, "What are other things you like?" He asked.

"This isn't how I like to tell people about me." she pointed out. Feeling there was no point she pulled her arms back.

He gave off an almost cute murmur at her displayed form. "I know. But I want you to be as comfortable with this as possible. Besides, tell me what you like and I'll be able to spoil you my pretty Karla." Then he bowled his hands and leaned in. Nuzzling her nakedness with his face.

Karla could only think about the events of the day and the horrors she had seen and learned about, "I'm not able to think about things I like right now."

He raised his head and smiled at her saying, "That's OK. You will later." Then he got a disturbing look on his face, "I saw a vid once. A guy did this thing to a girl, I'm going to try on you."

Oh no screamed in Karla's mind. What was he going to do? His thumbs hooked her legs and spread them wide. He was nervously licking his lips as his head lowered. She suddenly knew what he had seen on that video. Her mind raced hoping the right words would appear to change his mind. His mouth opened, warm breath brushed over her thighs. If this was like his kiss from earlier it was going to be a sloppy disgusting experience. His lips pressed around her lower body as her legs were forced to straddle his face. She cringed waiting for the blundering drooling swipe.

Lightning shot through her. Making her arch her back as the tip of his powerful tongue greeted the entire length of the outside of her womanhood. She bit her lip to trap the deep gasp that was about to sound. Gently he struck again, but deeper. The edge engaged her. Guys had gone down on her before. But his size and smooth strokes engaged every sensitive section at once. His taste buds were soft extras textured to delight.

She had to think of something else. Anything else to distract herself. Or else she would slip out those sounds begging to praise his assault.

That, he was forcing her, making her. She should not have to experience that powerful beast gently kissing pleasure directly into her very being. "Oh!" escaped.

His hands took that as an invitation. Pressing around her tenderly. Thumbs messaged her legs along his cheeks. Fingertips attending nipples that had gone stiff from jealousy of her lower attentions. Pads from powerful digits kissed and stroked her cheeks. His hands were able to trap her because she was so small. A gasped ah escaped.

That was it, he shrunk her and kidnapped her. Otherwise she would be too big to experience his tongue filling her with stroke after stroke of pure pleasure. "Oh yeah." her throat failed to keep contained.

Her slip up delighted him. He started to hum as he kissed her sensitive vagina. That humming caused his tongue to vibrate. That somehow translated into her body as another intense sensation of pleasure.

Her throat and mouth surrendered growling out praise, "Yes, oh just like that. Oh you monster keep going." Her body took that as it's permission to act. Her legs stroked at his smooth cheeks. Hips grind into his tastings. Her hands grabbed his fingers and guided them to better ways to touch her breasts. She felt her face nuzzling his soft pads. Her mouth kissing and licking at them between flowing out how amazing his tongue felt.

A little voice in her mind whimpered out, "But he's raping you." To which the rest of her shouted down. She'll hate him for it later. Now, let him not stop.

White flash of organism rocked her body stiff. Her mouth sang out the only phase it could think of, "I know something I like!" As it flooded her soul he kept licking. It seemed like a perfect forever, though she knew it was just for seconds.

Once it passed she went limp for a moment. He stopped and lifted his mouth enough to purr, "Well if you like it that much. Lets keep going." Then his tongue returned.

How was he so good at this? Did he have natural talent? Was it just his size and gentle use of power? Karla's mind raced. As did her blood. She was long past trying to hide her enjoyment. Now she heard herself trying to justify it, "I don't want this. It's just you so big. Oh so big and powerful! I can't handle how you fill all of me with each wonderful lick. You understand?" He did not reply.

She could not hide her reactions. But her body could revisit the overload. It had just been there, it knew the route. And he drove her there again. Intensely flooding her body and soul again.

She felt weak after the second trip. Her legs stopped their stroking and just hung from his thumbs. Her hand fell back lifeless. But his fingers kept loving her breasts as they had directed. Her head tilted back as the pads stroked at her face. All she could do was gasp and pump her hips along her budded lover. She submitted, "OK, please stop. I can't take any more."

His mouth lifted and he cutely giggled, "Oh really, lets see for sure." Then he returned drinking deep into her body. Despite draining her of any strength, she was surprised at how quickly she was returning to that immeasurable sensation again. Her breath would not stay in her body. He lit her fuse and she was about to explode again.

A thudding at the door and the father's voice, "I know you're having fun. But dinner is in about thirty minutes or so. Better finish up and clean up champ."

His mouth left between her thighs despite her attempts to hold him there. He turned toward the door and replied, "OK dad. I'm going to take a quick shower in a moment. If Karla's outfits arrive while I am, can you put them on my bed?"

"Yep. Hurry up. You know how your mom hates being late." the father's voice replied.

"OK." He yelled.

Turning to her he apologized, "Sorry Karla. Guess we'll have to see if I can get more for you another time."

She panted honestly, "It's OK. I wasn't expecting that at all."

"Karla, ahh." he whimpered.

She knew exactly what he was thinking about. She felt oddly that he acknowledged her discomfort about his want. Even though she knew he was going to do it anyway. "If I say no?" she tried anyway.

"Yeah, not really." He replied.

He grabbed the pillow and moved it to the edge of the bed. Standing on the floor he dropped his shorts and underwear in one quick movement. His stiff maleness bobbed right above her. Karla screamed, "No wait, you'll crush me!"

"No I wont. Promise." He said as he leaned over. The shaft pressed down over her. It was so warm. The pillow under her accepted the weight he gave upon her.

Apparently happy with the position. His hips dragged cock over her body. Slowly sliding back up along her. Soon it pumped excitedly. It was hard to breathe with the body, pillow, and dick surrounding her. Lucky at least his back stroke brought little puffs of cool air into her location. He sang his delight, "Oh Karla your body feels amazing. Yes yes."

With no other ideas she attempted to raise her legs in an attempt to straddle the pumping pillar. He clearly liked this as he verbally shuttered and praised, "Oh Karla, that's amazing!"

Good she thought, this will be over soon. Then he reminded her of a flaw in this being good news. "Karla, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum all over you again!"

His word barely left his mouth when he bolted up stiff. His hand grabbed her legs, pinning tights to his tip. The head pointed directly at her stomach. She tensed just before the first burst. It was like being firmly smacked in her gut. Making her grunt in discomfort. His sprays spattered but only a few globs landed on her face. Mainly it flowed around her breasts and down her hips. Some flooded between her thighs. The worry of pregnancy came screaming to mind.

The boy shuttered for a bit. The bursts were less and less intense. Soon just a trickle. Or maybe just splatter gathered together and trickled. He looked down and gave an appreciated smile, "You feel awesome on my dick."

He scooped her and the cloth up quickly. It was soaking up his seed. He walked to the bathroom. "Sorry for another shower so soon. But you look so hot covered in my cum." He noted like it was something a girl would want to hear.

He placed her on a shelf in the tub area. Saying like a salesman, "It's a hot tub too with special shelves for Shrunken. Maybe later we could spend some time here."

"As you wish. I can't stop you." Karla pointed out.

"Please don't be like that. I know." The boy acknowledged. "I want us to be friendly if you understand what I'm trying to say."

"But we can't be if I'm to be used like an object whenever you get excited." Karla explained.

He leaned over starting the water. Testing with his hands he looked directly into her face, "Want to know a secret?"

"Sure." she sighed.

"I really like how you taste when you get excited." he smiled. Blushing, he turned away.

She was glad he did. She could feel her own cheek flush. It was almost as devastating as everything else. Her most intense sexual experience was from a boy forcing himself on her. The embarrassment trembled her soul. Better get used to it a voice in her head stated.

The boy stepped in. The water spattered off his body all over her almost like a thick mist. She cleared her eyes and regretted it. She was just at groin height. That monstrous thing dangled loosely before her. She took a tentative step back like she might wake the penis.

His voice boomed through the fog, "Is that OK? Too much water, would you like a back shelf or a higher one?"

"Higher one please." She answered. She hated how he seemed so sweet. Then he would just pleasure himself whenever he wanted.

His hands gently lifted her to a chest level shelf. The spray wasn't as nice. But the view felt safer. It was another odd experience to add to the day. He started babbling on about a game he enjoyed and wanted her to try. Offering shampoo and conditioner like they were just in a normal situation and he was offering to share a snack. Yes his eyes would wander over and watch her bath. But he wasn't expressing differently and she could see, not getting aroused.

All was going as well, for the situation of the day. Till he stated, "Here let me use this cloth to wash your body since I have it all soapy."

She was suddenly wrapped in a warm soapy world. She could feel his fingers stroking the material all over her body. Not aiming at certain locations. But that slowly changed. Her breasts were cleaned and cleaned again. Her ass was going to glow if he kept polishing it like that.

Soon he moved the cloth. But the chest scrubbing continued. His expression told her she would be polishing him soon. She felt herself lowering.

Booming on the bathroom door rescued her, "Either finish rubbing it out or rinse off. Your mom is starting to do her mumblely thing." the father voice commanded.

"OK dad!" He yelled back. Turning his focus on Karla he bit his lip. He was deciding something. "You better rinse off." He said sadly. Placing her back on the shelf.

Karla was glad to rinse off. Glad she was rinsing soap off and not another dose of his semen. They finished and he turned off the water. He dried off first. Then gathered her with a fresh cloth.

He placed her in a cage with the statement, "Here's where you can get ready."

She looked it over. It reminded her of a Barbie apartment. Bit too pink and set up only to appear like three rooms. A bathroom area and a bed room with a sitting room/kitchen like area between them. She entered the bathroom area. She was surprised. The brush, toothbrush, and hairdryer all would work. Then she looked, the toilet had water. The taps on the sink and stand up shower brought hot and cold water. The fridge had a light and was cold inside. She wondered if they were made this size or were shrunk after being assembled.

"Karla?" The boy's voice.

She turned and he was holding what looked like tiny garment bags. "Here, these so we can go swimming at some point." She took the three bags. She tried to hide her sigh, string bikinis. She returned, he was holding out two bags with what looked like blankets. "These you can wear over them. So you can be more covered, if you would like."

Sarongs she realized. Long ones. It was a nice gesture. "Thank you." She said as she accepted them.

She came back and he noted, "We can hang up the rest later. Here is a make-up case the site suggested for your skin tones. If you wear make-up. You don't have to. Cause you so pretty. And also I will not make you wear make-up. But if you wanted too, I wanted you to have some."

"Thank you, I do wear it from time to time." She interrupted as she felt he was about to wrap around that curve again.

She placed it by the bathroom sink. To find him holding what looked like a black slinky dress. Then she took it in her arms. It was actually a dark purple that shimmered a lighter purple. She opened the bag. It was a satin like material. A little shoulder jacket was also in the bag. Black hosiery, real silk black hosiery. A matching set of undergarments was her next discovery. The bra was a topless one made of the material of the dress. If the panties shimmered like the dress, there was too little to say for sure. But it seemed like the same material. To finish the outfit, strappy open toed heeled shoes of a matching purple of the dress. They had a thin trim to them that match the purple the dress shimmered as. She was amazed at how gorgeous the outfit was. "Hope I picked a good dress. I'm going to get dressed. Give a shout when you're ready." the boy said then wandered away. She went to the bathroom and began getting ready.
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CH3: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter Three

M(t)/f consensual.

Karla got dressed. The dress hugged along her body perfectly. She felt like she was getting ready to go to one of those big Hollywood award shows. The fabric felt heavenly on her skin. She hated to admit it. But the boy had good taste in dresses. Her only complaint was the head of the zipper was huge. She couldn't get a good handle on it even with the odd grove along the top of it.

She carefully wrapped the cloth she used as a towel around her shoulders. She figured if she did her make-up before putting on the slinky dressed she would mess one or both up. She made it as secure as she could. Combing her hair out she reveled at how well the boy's shampoo and conditioner worked. It gave her raven hair such a wonderful body and flow. She gave it a test shake. Watching it almost smooth itself out. She decided to keep it down.

She opened the case listed for Mocha Skinned Pixies. She did some test passes on the back of her arm. Picking a shade that she decided went well with her skin and the purples of the dress. Once that was done she dropped the cloth.

She slipped on the shoes and stood in the pull out full length mirror. Her new home had all kinds of interesting extras. She found herself wiggling her hips to swirl the bottom of the dress playfully.

OK, she was ready. She grabbed the jacket that came with it and slipped it on. She looked in the mirror. The jacket was nice. It covered her more. But she liked how the dress looked on her better without it. But with it she showed less skin.

She slipped the jacket off and dropped it in one of the center area's chairs. She called out, "OK. I'm ready."

The boy came over and popped open the center access door to her cage. She stepped up the little stairs. Now the hard part, walking down the bars in these heels.

His hands solved that problem as he gently wrapped around her body and slid her to the nightstand top. She heard him gasp and mumble out, "Oh Karla. You look like a movie star. "

She looked up at her young capture. He was dressed in a nice suit. It reminded her of kids' suits you see in old history documentaries. Right down to the knee pants. A boy his age should really have full pants with his suit, she thought. But he also shouldn't have a tiny sex slave either.

"You look like a billion dollars." He praised her again.

"I feel like an over dress canary about to be taken into the coal mine." she replied.

"What does that mean?" He asked.

"It was a saying my grandfather used to use. Guess neither of your grandfathers was a miner." She explained.

"No my dad's dad works as a retail corporate director. Fancy name for the guy who makes up the rules for store employees to follow." The boy stated.

"And your mother's dad?" Curiosity tricking her into interest.

"Oh she was genetically engineered so dad could have a fancy wife." He replied.

"REALLY?" Karla was stunned that they could do that.

The boy giggled, "No. Grandpa does investing. Though he does wood working as a hobby." She shook her head. He caught her with that one.

"I do have one problem. I can't get the big zipper head up." she shyly conceded.

"OK, turn around and I'll help." he offered.

She turned. She felt him poke gently into her back. She felt the dress tighten. That's why it's so big. To help them use it. The slit along the top, for them to hook a fingernail in for easier undoing. Everything will now be designed for ease of their access. She sighed.

He didn't notice. Or maybe care. He just turned while saying, "Cause we are travelling around the boat a bit. I am going to carry you in this." He held up one of those cages on a necklace. Giving the good reasoning of, "I'm worried I might get excited carrying you dressed like that."

"OK." Was all she said. Last thing she wanted was to be shoved down his pants in some public style bathroom somewhere. He placed the cage before her. It was a dark purple color. He really liked purple, she figured. It was a simple design, reminding Karla of an old square lantern. He offered his finger to help her enter. She took the offer with a "Thank You." and entered. He closed the door. It gave a snap noise as the mechanism latched.

"Ready?" He asked.

She leaned back into the bars and braced herself. Not the most elegant poses in her dress. "Ready." she hoped out loud.

It was a head rush as he lifted the necklace. Like she was on one of those spinning rides at the fair. Then the cage slid down his chest and stopped. His hand made adjustments to the chain. Testing it's steadiness he paced back and forth a little. His stride made the world seem to zip past. There was a slight bump with each step she didn't notice when she was in his hand. But she could balance even in the heels.

"How is that." he asked.

"Glad I don't have motion sickness," Was her first thought.

"OK, lets go." He noted. They entered the shared room of the suite. His father wore a matching suit. Down to the short pants. His mother wore a flattering maroon cocktail dress. Her hair style was an older style but suited her perfectly. Both wore little cages around their necks.

The mother’s cage was held on with a string of beads. Karla knew the boy inside. Carlos was barely older than their boy. Karla's heart sank at the idea she might be doing things to him. He was a sweet kid. She had him dressed in tight short shorts and a shirt. Navy blue and decorated like a police officer uniform.

The father's cage was like the boy's only steel shade. Her heart sank again, but for a different reason. He had her aunt in his cage. She wore what was designed to look like an airline stewardess. What little there was to design anyway. Her aunt saw her and shook her head.

The mother announced, "I'm going to dinner with the two most handsome men on this ship."

The father's focus fell on Karla. "Isn't she a bit overdressed, son?"

"Shush you. Maybe he's just smart enough to know bare skin and sexy are not always the same thing." The mother teased. "That is a very nice dress though. You better be careful about stripping her later. It would be a waste if you tore it apart to get to her curves." The mother advised.

"Mom. Karla doesn't want to hear that." the boy defended.

"Oh what a cute name you gave her." she replied.

"It is her name already." He shyly confessed.

"I know she is a pretty son. But remember she is a Shrunken. You own her and should treat her as such." she instructed.

"Oh I remembered a few times already." the boy stated. Then just made a long nervous ahh sound. The father released a snicker.

The mother fought back her own giggles and nodded out, "Well good for you." Karla wished she could just disappear.
Lucky the conversation quickly changed as they left their suite. It was mainly what type of people they hoped to be matched up with to share a table. Who they hoped not to have. And the food options.

Karla noticed the other guests were less caustically dressed. More cages around necks or in hands. Less tiny people shaped bulges. But still some.

She also noticed tiny people were now strapped to things. A woman had a man bound to a long piece of crystal that rested just in her ample cleavage. A man had the woman dangling around his neck in a circle of chains. Karla shuttered as a pudgy man walked by. He had a young teen girl naked and strapped spread-eagle on his belt buckle. She had to turn away as a woman walked into view. Her choker was a circle of young teen boys strapped together somehow. She hated these people. But felt horrible knowing she was better off then many taken from her town.

Suddenly they stopped. Someone was talking to them. She braved a look. It was the sailor that scanned their box. He was talking to the parents of the boy. He smiled at the boy and noted, "Oh, what a lovely choice for your shrunken."

"Yeah, I thought she would look amazing in that dress. And she looks even better than I imagined." The boy praised.

"We should get going Mikey." The mother advised.

"I have a couple of questions mom. I'll catch up." the boy replied.

"OK, we'll be in dining room one at table seven." She replied.

They started away when the sailor asked, "How can I help you Dr. Miller?"

"Do you know what time sunset is? And will I be able to see it on the side of the boat away from land?" The boy asked.

"It will be around eight thirty to get the best look at it sir. And the port side would be your better spot to see it. Is there a special someone you plan on showing it too?" The man replied.

"I told Karla here that they are really pretty and wanted to show her. But she didn't want to see land when we did." The boy admitted.

"Oh you named her?" He asked. This being the second time this was asked confirmed this was a thing these people do. Kidnap and change people's names.

"No, it was, so still is her name." The boy replied.

"May I speak with Karla?" The sailor asked.

"Ahh, sure?" the boy was clearly confused.

The man leaned down. His face filled her view. "Got a view how some of the others treat their Shrunken?" He asked. All she could do was nod as a flood of horrible images returned to her mind. "Is he so bad?" The sailor asked. Karla hated to agree that the thirteen year old boy that used her as a masturbation aid and planned to again might actually be her best option out of this nightmare. But she shook her head no, it could have been a great deal worse. "Well then, you might want to show him some special appreciation." He stated. Looking past her, and to the boy, "I again advise taking special care of that one Dr. Miller."

"Oh I plan too. Karla's my first Shrunken I collected myself. She's special and I will always treat her as so." Mikey announced.

"OK, good. Remember if you need anything. Anything at all. Ask for Jim Conner of security. I have chosen you as my personal guest for this trip." The sailor decreed.

"Cool, thanks Mr. Conner. I will." Mikey replied. Then they shared byes as Mikey walked to where his parents were.

Karla was dazzled at the sight of the room. She had seen fancy weddings with less care on the decoration placement. The room was filled to make it look like a jungle hunting lodge. Palm trees and ferns appear to fill what must have been the room's pillars. Old rifles, pit helmets, shields and spears, pelts and even those yellow tinted black and white photos all over the place. The wait staff work cargo shorts and button up shirts like adventures did in old movies. Then it occurred to her. Jungle hunting theme because they were celebrating their first successful hunts.

Mikey found his parents at an empty table. His father greeted him taunting his mother, "Glad you made it son. Aren't you glad your mother rushed us so we can meet these empty chairs."

"Better early. Besides I wanted to enjoy the look of the hall before it got too crowded." She snarled.

"Dad if we waited till you got yourself ready we would miss dinner." Mikey chipped in.

His mother pointed his hand, "Your son knows you well."

As they passed loving teasing taunts back and forth Karla looked at the table. The cutlery sparkled like silver stars. Each plate and cup was trimmed with a sparkling golden pattern. The centerpiece started with an overhanging fern with a mix of local flowers clearly carefully arranged. Under the massive leaves was a rough looking wooden disk surrounded with what appeared to be thin bamboo like sticks bound together with twine. It was sectioned inside the circle. The section before Mikey's parents held her aunt Marie and Carlos. The centerpiece was also a cage to show off their favorite capture. She started to look toward the next closet table. But thought better of it.

"Are you going to wear her all dinner? Why not place her in the center piece?" Mikey's mother questioned.

"I want to share my dinner with her. Do you think they have a little table and chair for her?" Mikey asked.

"She attempted to jump off a table just over an hour ago. You want to chance her attempting to leap while you're distracted?" She advised.

Mikey looked down at Karla. A hopeful look crossed his face, "You’re OK now right Karla. You'll eat with me and not try to hurt yourself right?"

"I'll behave." she agreed.

"See mom. She promises." Mikey spoke on her behalf.

"OK. But if you lose her don't cry to me about it." the mother said, giving Karla a stern look.

Mikey placed his cage at table level and released the latch. Again offering a finger to Karla for ease of movement. She took it as it was a bit of a step down. Firmly announcing, "Thank You." in the hopes her little voice would be heard over the buzz of the growing crowd.

Turning she caught the looks of the parents. The father's lustful expression she saw on men his age before. But in her new state she found it more than just creepy. The mother's look was different. She seemed to lock eyes with Karla purposely. Karla would describe her expression as intrigue. Maybe concerned, but clearly curious.

The father's voice that carried the tone of his internal thoughts. Never looking away from Karla. "Remember son not to fill her up on human food. Shrunken can't get the nutrients from it like people can. Make her suck down a pellet or two once your back in the room with her."

Mikey clearly missed the tone, "Right. Thanks dad." He turned to look down toward her, "Karla, sorry. I should have explained your new eating needs to you."

"It can wait Mikey. She'll be fine I promise. Your father is just overly concerned about your first Shrunken’s care." the mother remarked. Karla caught the emphasis she put on the words overly concerned and your.

The waitress came up, "I know it's a bit early. But would you like to look at your meal options?"

"Yes please." the mother said. Karla noticed her squeeze the man's arm breaking his lust glare on her.

He coughed and agreed, "That would be nice."

Mikey pepped up, "Can I have a seat for my Shrunken?"

"Is she that behaved already? Lucky you for catching such a pretty Suited. I will bring that right over sir." and the girl left.

The term Suited sat in Karla's mind. But Mikey and his family were discussing the decorations and who they knew among the other guests. At least his father wasn't mentally raping her anymore. But she did notice the mom would give her looks of concern.

Karla wandered over to the cage. Her aunt shuffled over. The thin wrap of fabric that was her skirt didn't allow much of a stride. "Oh baby are you OK?" she asked.

"Better than others. You?" Karla replied.

A shutter and a tear slipped out. Karla could hear her aunt fighting back emotion, "That father has, appetites. And the mother is just as eager to indulge. That boy, he must be active at that age."

"He is. But he is also talkative. It's weird but like I said. I think I made out better than most." Karla tried to reassure.

"At least he dresses you nicely. That looks lovely on you. Did you or the mother pick it out?" Aunt Marie asked.

"No Mikey did." Karla answered. It sounded wrong to call him Mikey out loud.

Her aunt gave a sad snicker. "His father dresses us like this. The mother likes the boys like," her aunt pointed toward Carlos.

He walked over. "How are you holding up Carlos?"

He had an odd expression. Then sighed, "Crudely Karla. I don't think I'll ever want a blonde to suck me off again in my life." He nodded his head a bit adding, "At least she has a soft touch."

"It's hard I know." Karla sympathized.

Carlos actually joked back, "No it's not. And might not be again. But I see what you mean about getting the best hell."

"Karla, the menu is here. Help me pick something." Mikey called to her.

"I better go. Hopefully we'll talk again soon." Karla wished.

"Try to avoid that man if you can." Her aunt advised.

"Good luck Karla." Carlos added.

She turned to watch as the waitress placed a tiny wooden table at the top of Mikey's place setting. A little wooden chair matching the ones around the big table. She made a showing of placing a table cloth across the table. Then a napkin and a plate. "Anything else sir?" she asked Mikey.

"No, thank you." he said and the waitress left. Karla couldn't help but notice she was about her age. The wonder if she felt anything for her plight faded quickly as Mikey waved her over again and asked, "Can you help me pick?"

She walked before him and he placed the menu like a billboard around her. She started looking over the options when he whispered, "You look awesome in that dress."

"Micheal, thank you." she surrendered. His full name sounded better than his shortened form.

"You can call me Mikey." he replied. "What looks good to share. Oh, do you know dad's Shrunken?"

"For appetizers I like number three and six. She's my aunt." she replied trying not to sound the pain inside.

"If dad gets bored of Shrunken. I know he'll offer her to me now that I'm collecting if that helps. You don't like number five?" He suggested.

"Really? Are you sure?" Karla asked, turning to Micheal. Yeah she liked that better then Mikey.

"Yeah, I'm a big fan of avocado dip." he replied. "Oh, that. Yeah. We talked about it before the trip. They are going to go through their collected Shrunken and I will have my pick. They promised." He explained.

"Thank you Micheal." She fought back tears. "That does make me feel a little better in a way."

"Please Mikey." he smiled at her.

She tried a new tactic, "But I like Micheal. You don't mind me calling you Micheal do you. Makes you sound more mature." She added a little hip wiggle as she made her request.

"No no, go ahead. I like how it sounds when you say it." He sighed.

His mother's voice called over, "They have a burger and fries option."

He bit his lip. Then looked up and over his menu toward his mother noting, "Mom, I can get that at home. I want to try new foods on this trip." Karla stifled a laugh as his cheeks were bright red.

A new girlish voice sounded to his side. "That's a great idea. My father always says you shouldn't order what you can get all the time. Verity is the spice of life."

The menu wall came down and Micheal greeted the newcomer, "Hello, I'm Mikey. Who are you?"

The girl was about Micheal's age. Curly blonde hair and a pretty smile. Her eyes sparked a sky blue and they were locked on him. Karla felt an odd warmth of pride for some reason. She wore a pink dress well suited to her slim figure and long white gloves. She wore a purple cage the same shade as Micheal's choice. Inside her was a man in military garb.

"Pardon us. We are the Grants. I'm Jeff, this is my shining moon Debbie and our glowing star Chrissy. We are marked to share this table." A pudgy man smiled from behind the grinning girl. He had a face seem made to look friendly. His cage held a woman in a cat costume. Then the wife was a tall thin lady whose chest did not match her body's design. But she too had a sweet smiling face. A sky blue dress hugged her body well. But her friendly impression disappeared as Karla noticed her Shrunken was a very fit guy in a Tarzan loincloth literally strapped spread-eagle across her vast cleavage.

"We are the Millers. I'm Howard, this is my better half Milly and my son Mikey." the father introduced.

The father had not even finished as the girl slipped into the chair beside Micheal. "You mind if I sit here?" she asked. But was clearly going to do so anyway.

The girl's father nodded but Micheal's father was too distracted greeting the girl's mother. But Micheal's mother noticed.

The girl leaned close and looked at Karla. "Oh wow, you must have great talent training Shrunken to have one be table trained already." she praised.

Micheal clearly missed the invitation to talk replying, "Oh, Karla is really special. I couldn't train her, we just talked." He continued studying the menu.

"Special huh. That's interesting. So, what looks good?" The girl pressed on.

"I was thinking of the sea food platter. What do you think, Karla? You like seafood?" Micheal replied.

"Yes. But maybe the girl might have an idea of what is good. Why not share the menu with her?" Karla suggested.

"We could share like it said. I'll shuffle close so we both can look together." the girl was basically narrating her actions.

Micheal looked up and growled, "Karla isn't an it. She's a girl and special."

Karla watched as concern flashed across the girl's face. But then the smile flooded back across her features. She pivoted her attempts at his attention masterfully, "I'm sorry. None of my Shrunken are special so I have to be mean to them for them to behave." Perfectly ending this tactic by addressing Karla directly, "I'm sorry Karla. You're a new experience for me. I hope to get to know you better over dinner as well."

This caught Micheal's ear. "This is Karla's first night as a Shrunken. She's a bit uncomfortable."

"Well, that just shows how special she is. Being so posed and ready to attempt table interaction. I see why you're so protective." The girl praised.

Micheal talked for her with, "Thanks. She is naturally talented. She used to be a dancer."

"Really. What kind? I wish I found a special Shrunken. All I know about Derek here is he was a soldier at that little base and he can't learn his name is no longer Sam." the girl said.

"I didn't change her name. We sat for a while and just talked things out. So I know a few things. Like she's a big fan of gummy candies." Micheal returned.

"I love gummies too. Would you ever consider breeding her? Bet she'll make gorgeous kittens." the girl pushed.

"No!" Micheal snapped. Then stepped it back. "I make her do enough things she doesn't like. I think she should be free to pick if and who she breeds with if she wants too." Seeing Karla was a bit disturbed he reached down and stroked her hair offering, "We are not going to talk about that and you anymore."

"Sorry, it's that daddy opened up the first breeding factory. So once our trip is done we’ll have more breeders. So I kind of have been inputted all about it and I try to talk to everyone about it." The girl noted.

"But wouldn't that take decades to gain anything?" Karla slipped out.

The girl smiled down at her. "Actually no Karla. I'm Chrissy by the way. Hope you understand my Shrunken has to call me Mistress so I'm sorry if I react badly to you using my person name. But your body has been changed by the shrinking process to the Company's and its employees advantage. Just like human food isn't as good for you, so have other changes happened. You'll age at about the same speed. But you'll notice certain areas of male preference no longer grow hair. But say you and my Derek were to have sex tonight and we allowed you to get pregnant. Instead of nine months, it's just about three. Then you would have a baby. But since you're a Shrunken, they are called kittens because you're no longer people. That Kitten age races for the first few years and plateaus in about four making their bodies about Mikey's and my age. And with data inputting machines they are basically programmed over that time to know and understand their lives and what they really are. So, less than six years from now daddy will be selling fresh Shrunken to company members around the world. Though collection trips will still help keep the breeding options fruitful."

Karla was appalled. It was a horrible idea from someone's twisted nightmares. Micheal's father commented, "Really that quick? How do you plan on shipping them?"

Chrissy's father answered, "Unsure. Might have to ship breeders to local areas and sell out of many little factories to those areas. But that is a few years away yet. I'm only making special orders right now."

Micheal's father offered, "Would access to company's developing Teleport system be a help?"

"I haven't heard back. But I'm hoping." The cheery looking monster replied.

"Howard Miller, Chief researcher of Teletravel. I can give you that access." Micheal's dad stated.

A new voice spoke over the centerpiece. Karla missed a third family joining them in her focus on Micheal and Chrissy's interactions. "The data input device. Can it adjust the personality or just data?"

"Mainly data. But personal interests can be imported. Making them say, interested in tennis. Though they might not have any talent or temperament for tennis. Research seems to show a symbiotic nature of a developing Shrunken between nature and nurture and not a competing one." Chrissy dad noted to the man Karla couldn't see.

"But you could say, program the breed Shrunken to like and want to be used by a person for sexual acts?" the disembodied voice asked.

"Mostly. But not perfectly. If I breed, say my cat girl and she's from a prudish genetic group. Her offspring might be interested, but not enjoy pleasing their masters. But I am offering that for a fee for selected breeding. Course I also get requests to turn that down as certain owners like their Shrunken to struggle and fail as they are used to pleasure with." Chrissy's dad over eagerly shared.

"Is everyone ready?" the waitress voice cut through this sick talk Karla was forced to endure.

But this reprieve was short as soon as the waitress was walking away with the order a woman from across from them asked, "How do you get the little things to breed? Trap them in a cage together and withhold food till they do the deed?"

"Oh even easier. We strap the female down so her vagina is up and presented with a barrier blocking the male from her face. Then we inject the male with a hormone booster driving him into a mating fury and add him in. That booster stays in their system for about twenty four hours making the male do little else but mate or sleep for that whole time. The female is drip fed to keep her healthy. Sure it will burn the male out after a few sessions. But it's the females that are the more important and harder to replace. So it'll be no big deal to use them this way." Chrissy's father explained.

Warm hands wrapped around Karla. Micheal's voice whispered soothingly to her, "It's OK. You will not ever have to worry about that."

The breeding and mishaps that can happen was the talk of the dinner. Lucky Chrissy started another conversation with Micheal about a video game they both played. Karla knew nothing of it. But paying attention to it put less nightmare images into her head.

Just before dessert, Micheal's watch went off. "Mom, can I go out and look at the sunset? I'll be right back?"

Chrissy asking, "Can I join you? Sunsets are lovely."

"OK, but you might miss dessert." Micheal's mother cautioned.

"It's OK. I'm mostly full." he replied. He did eat the bulk of a seafood platter. The bits he gave Karla found delicious. He turned to Chrissy saying, "We are going to watch on the ocean side of the ship."

He placed his cage beside Karla and asked her while holding his finger out to help her in, "Are you ready?"

Chrissy sighed "Oh." Then reached into her family's side of the centerpiece. Pulling Derek/Sam from the cage and literally shoving him into her cage.

As Micheal stood with Karla around his neck she got her first view of the Fosters. The father wore what she would describe as a western style suit. Powder blue with white accents. Around his neck was one of those bolo ties. She recognized the girl strapped to it. Her arms behind the plate forcing her ample chest out. The strings must have had some wire in them since they were curled down her legs to dangle from her boots. She was dressed like a cowgirl with a jean skirt and shirt. A tan vest with tassels and wired to push breasts up like she needed more attention to them. Her little hat was fastened to her head. How she was still wearing her boots made Karla wonder.

The woman sat in a white sundress not fashioned for her shape. Karla saw no Shrunken, possibly, hopefully in the center piece.

It wasn't till now she noticed their two boys. About six and eight. White shirts and black shorts. Both had bolo ties but happily no one strapped to them. No, between them was two men in fatigues. At first Karla thought the boys were sword fighting with butter knives. Then she saw they were smacking the two soldiers with the flat sides. Then excitedly counting once one fell. She wondered what happened if they didn't get up. But the full ice water glass with red tinted water gave her the horrible idea.

It was more horrible sights as they traveled to the door. Shrunken men being barked at to fight on a dirty plate. Women fastened to the cage in creative ways instead of being placed inside. Tiny bodies being used as utensils to enjoy food off of. Children allowed to poke at mini people with knives and forks with no reprieve.

They stepped outside and Karla gasped the cooling evening air. It helped settle her stomach. Then she looked out over the water. Micheal was right, it was an amazing sunset. But not worth the atrocities of this day. They walked to the railing and stood watching as the ship sailed forth.

It was cooler than Karla expected and she shivered. Leaning back she found Micheal's heat radiated from him. She wasn't the only one chilled as Chrissy shivered. "Here." Micheal said and took his coat off and wrapped it around her shoulders. His hand wrapped around the bottom of her cage blocking some of the sea cooled air and generating more warmth.

Chrissy purred, "Thank you." And stepped closer. Clearly leaning for him to reach around her.

"Micheal." Karla harshly whispered.

Not noticing the whispered part he looked down and plainly asked, "Yes Karla. Are you OK?" Karla made an arm around motion. He was confused then eyes widened. He mouthed, "Really?" Karla nodded.

He extended his arm and hooked it over Chrissy shoulders. "Oh, thank you." she giggled out in a vain attempt at surprise. They stood softly talking plans for their next stop.

Karla knew the little town. She wished she could warn them. They kept talking about arriving the day after tomorrow. But the ship would make it easy by early tomorrow afternoon. Chrissy off handed answered this unasked question. To give the guests more time they go in in the early morning and collect till the early to mid afternoon. More chance to catch townspeople off guard. And therefore make less work for the clean up crew following them.

Shortly before the sun was gone they returned to the dining room. Guests were leaving but many stayed. The center was cleared to make way for a dance floor. Karla was glad, they turned down the lights for the dance. Less sights to see on the way back to their table. But sound told her the torments had not stopped.

At the table the Fosters were getting ready to put their boys to bed. The wife's Shrunken was held like he was the down pin to her belt. He was clad in fake shining armor. Mr. Foster kept fiddling with his tie. Then Karla understood, not his tie. They took their boys who carried limp soldiers but their legs upside down.

It was like a wedding dance. The music was a mix of genres and time periods. Chrissy turned almost as soon as a dancey song started and begged, "Micheal, come dance with me!" She must have heard me call him that Karla thought.

"But what about Karla?" He requested.

His father waved him on, "She'll be safe on our table. Go have fun."

"But I don't dance very well." Micheal retorted.

"That just means you have no excuse not to have fun with it." Chrissy noted pulling his arm.

He released Karla from his cage and followed the excited blond to the floor. He was still in sight as Chrissy mother and father shifted over beside Micheal's family. "Your boy is attached to that Shrunken. She's gorgeous, but is that all he's latched onto?"

Micheal's dad shrugged. "I don't know. Let's see how gorgeous she really is." Then reached for her with clear want in his expression.

But delicate fingers snatched her first. "She's his first Shrunken he captured. Note the HIS! He would be furious and hurt if you two grown men couldn't keep your claws off HIS Shrunken." Micheal's mother's voice snapped at the men.

Chrissy's mother added, "You two probably have more than your share of Shrunken to play with already from that port. You can't leave a boy's favorite alone?" Karla might have liked this defense more if Chrissy's mother wasn't stroking her finger along the groin of the tiny man strapped to her chest when she made it.

The men held their heads in mock shame. "Sorry dear." they both said then began giggling like adolescents.

They soon joined the kids on the floor. Karla closed her eyes and allowed the music to hide unpleasantries around her. Then she smelled rich chocolate. At Micheal's spot was a plate with a thick piece of chocolate cake. Even in the dark she could see how moist it was. She walked over and took a nibble. Delicious.

That's how she was spending the evening. Listening to music and nibbling at a boulder of chocolate cake. Micheal would stop for a break everyone and awhile. Mostly during slow songs. He waved off the waitress so Karla could keep nibbling. Adding a shot glass of milk so she could wash it down. Though it was more like a bucket. Then a slow song and he didn't come back. Then another. Straining she saw why, Chrissy head on his shoulder held him on the dance floor. She caught herself thinking what a sweet couple they looked like.

Everything was as good as it could be on this nightmare cruise. Then she noticed a strange man hovering near the table. He was looking around quickly. She had seen enough shoplifters to know that behavior. But what was he planning on stealing? Then she realized.

She bolted as best she could to hide under the leaves of the centerpiece. But he snatched her up and tossed her into Micheal's empty cage. Walking away he lifted her to eye view. He voice slithered over her skin, "I didn't catch anything pretty like you. Well now let go back to my room and fix that."

New terror flooded her mind. She screamed for Micheal. The man growled, "Shut up or my fun gets rough." Slamming Micheal's cage against his chest. She jostled and banged her shoulder. But screamed again. His fist covered the cage to muffle her, shaking it roughly.

He was feet from the door she tried again. Begged for someone to notice as she bellowed for all her strength could carry. A voice, firm, direct, and familiar, "Excuse me sir. But I think you may have picked up someone's else's Shrunken by mistake in the dark."

"What, no it's mine." the man snapped facing the voice.

She huffed in relief. Looking between the man's fingers she could see Mr. Connor. She screamed, "Mr. Connor! It's me Karla, Micheal Miller's Shrunken!"

"Pah. These Shrunken. Will make up any excuse to avoid servicing their master. Am I right." The man snorted.

"Why don't we find this Dr. Miller and ask?" Mr. Connor suggested.

"She just read your name tag and is making up a story. If you find him, bring him to my room and we can clear this stupid bitches story up." the man retorted and started away.

"Except I know Dr. Miller. And I spoke to him at length about that very Shrunken. You know the penalty for stealing from a Red Status Company family." Mr. Connor noted. Grabbing a radio from his belt. "Security this is Connor. I have a thief held in the main ballroom. Can someone come to take him to be adjusted so I can return the Shrunken to her proper owner."

"No, oh your right. I must have grabbed the wrong girl from the table. Here, take her. No need to shrink me!" the man rattled on in a terrified tone. Handing the necklace to Mr. Connor.

"I gave you that chance and you ignored it. Too late now." Mr. Connor said as his hands gently wrapped around the cage.

"No you can't do that to me!" The man yelled and took a step away. But stopped as a uniform sailor near the door braced as if about to tackle him.

"Brian what have you done?" a woman yelled.

"Betty, they're making a mistake. Please clear up I wouldn't steal someone else's Shrunken." he begged.

But before she could start her defense a woman screamed, "Hey that woman has my Tony!"

"Oh, sorry I must have grabbed the wrong Shrunken. Here!" the woman offered quickly.

"Security, we have two suspects, one to be processed." Mr. Connor said. To the woman he noted, "Hope you do well in processing. Cause likely your body will land you in the Half Mast Club."

She went pale. "No it was an honest mistake. Don't put me there. You know what happens to women in there?"

"If it was, processing will clear it up. Take them away." Mr. Connor directed as two men grabbed each of them and basically dragged them out the door kicking and screaming.

Karla just noticed the music had stopped. The whole room was watching. Mr. Connor noticed too and bellowed, "I know you're all excited to go collecting bunches of Shrunken from the towns we stop at. But Company Rules are still in effect. And will be enforced. If you think you might have broken a rule even by mistake come to the security office and confess the transaction. It works out better than being caught. And we will catch you, we are that good. Thank you for your cooperation."

He headed over to Micheal's family table. Micheal met him part way. "Oh my oh my. Karla are you ok?" He opened the cage and took her out. Cupping her to his chest.

"Bit banged up but ok. We had noticed Alberts lingering around. We needed him to attempt to leave with her as per the rules. He would not have got out of the room with her." Mr. Connor explained.

"Thank you Mr. Connor." Micheal gasped.

Chrissy was beside Micheal. "Lets get her into some light and take a look." she offered. Karla could hear Mr. Connor waving the crowd away. As they moved toward the door music started again.

Out in the hall they found a little table. Micheal asked, "Are you OK? Did he hurt you?"

"Just banged my shoulder badly. It's stiff but ok I think." She replied.

"Shrunken thieves are the worst. But they will face the music. Now lets see that shoulder." Chrissy noted. Gently she looked, "If I missed my guess. Just a bad bruise. Some ice and be gentle with her on that side till it's less stiff." Chrissy explained.

"Chrissy, I'm going back to my room. But I will meet you tomorrow at the store entrance?" Micheal asked.

"Yeah, I'm done after that too." She replied.

"Why don't we walk her to her room first. I could use the break to clear my mind." Karla suggested. Chrissy smiled at her instantly.

"Would you like that Chrissy?" Micheal asked.

"If you don't mind. I am a bit shaken up by that happening on a Company ship." She excused.

They started down the hall. Micheal slipped Karla into his shirt pocket. So he could text his parents of his plans. Chrissy did the same. She snatched his hand once they finished bringing red to his cheeks.

They discussed their plans. Check out the store. Red status allowed them early access to it and the uncollected Shrunken selection. Then too one or both of the onboard arcades. Swimming then decided from there. Meals between as the times come up. They were a sweet young coupling for people who kidnap and assault tiny people.

At Chrissy door they said their goodbyes. Micheal was about to leave when Chrissy grabbed his arm and kissed his cheek. "Thank you for walking me here. Bring Karla with you. I think she's special too." She petted Karla's head like she was a small puppy and entered her suite.

Leaving Micheal asked, "Karla, do you think Chrissy likes me?"

"I think so. Why don't you hang out with her some and find out for sure." Karla teased back.

He missed it. "Yeah, that might be the best idea."

They entered his suite. He took her to his room. He placed her on the night stand by her cage. "Why don't you change into one of your PJs sets I got you while I check on the others.

Others? Karla forgot he had other Shrunken girls. He traveled to the fair side of the room. It seemed a mile away too Karla. There were two cages. The second had guys in it. Right, for adventure activities. He topped up the food and came over with a little cup with what looked like hamster pelts. They were rounded at the tips. Karla realized disturbingly what Micheal's father was picturing when he said Micheal might have to have her suck a few down her throat.

"OK, I'm going to change now. You should too." Micheal said and headed toward his dresser.

She grabbed a white PJ set from the pile still out. Stopping at the edge of the cage to slip off her shoes. She marveled at how comfortable they were for heels. She started up the bars into the cage and stopped. Looking over at the boy changing across the room. Mr. Connor's advice rang in her head as images of how others were being treated raced by.

She took a deep breath. Tossing the sleepwear to the plastic table. Placed the shoes just inside on the step. She reached under her dress and very carefully slipped the hosiery off. Draping them over her shoes. She walked back to the edge of the nightstand.

Micheal returned and looked confused. "Karla what's wrong? Why didn't you change?"

"I thought. Since you are going out of your way to treat me as more than a living plaything. That I could meet you part way every once and a while and be a willing plaything." Karla surrendered nervously.

His eyes went wide. If Karla ever saw a guy become instantly hard, she figured it was this moment. "Really Karla? You want to?"

"No. But I am willing to. Do you understand?" Karla explained.

"But ah, but ah?" He mumbled.

"Lay down. Pick me up. Carefully strip this dress off me." Karla directed.

He bolted to the door. Then the lights dimmed. He returned and enveloped her in his hands and rolled to lay on his back on the bed. His fingers lingered along her curves in gentle strokes. She leaned into those giant fingers as they passed over her body. His smile was ear to ear.

His finger hooked the zipper and she felt the dress loosen as his finger lowered. His fingers then brushed the thin straps from her shoulders. As the dress's top dropped she playfully wiggled her chest out. He whimpered and stroked a finger pad back and forth across the cleavage.

He adjusted his grip to hold her under her arms. She smiled and gave her hips a shimmy. The dress slipped free and fell to his chest. Tentative fingers brushed up her legs and up past her hips. Then slowly down her curves. Slipping her thong panties down her legs. As it dropped onto the dress she pointed her foot at him. Praising, "That’s good. Gentle. I'm just a little lady. Be gentle and it's fun for me too."

He wrapped his hand around her leg. Soft smooth strokes he felt her limb. Karla noted the odd sensation of having her whole leg held in one man's hand. He uncurled his digits and gently brushed between her thighs. She jumped and shuttered at the sudden brush along her womanhood. Memories of his earlier attention there made her body flush.

He stopped and turned her around. He squeezed her ass between his index and thumb. Giving it a solid rubbing between those fingers. She wiggled her ass at him as he was staying genital, he should be rewarded.

A voice in her head growled. How being gentle did not excuse what he had done. How he had forced himself on her repeatedly, he was not a good kid. But then the idea of what others faced came to mind, she would be a good pet. Or she could end up worse.

Her internal argument ended as he slipped a finger softly along her spin. Making her jump and shiver. She felt him delicately nabbed the end of the strap. Then he tugged at it. Straight back.

She grunted. He tried again and she grunted. A third attempt generated another grunt. She quickly advised, "Pull it over some then up."

She felt the bra tighten then release. With no shoulder straps gravity took her chest covering as soon as he let go.

He turned her to face him and she posed for him to admire. And his eyes sparkled as they danced all over her display. She felt as safe as she had since she left work today.

His lips wobbled as his tongue moistened them feverishly. She felt herself lower. Another chest kiss like earlier she thought. "Micheal wait!" she shouted.

"But you said you were willing?" He whimpered.

"Yes, but I want to explain something." she said.

He nodded excitedly and made an "Ah huh." sound.

"Breasts are sensitive. Being gently massaged and pressed is nice. Being crushed or pounded like game buttons is not. Remember how you lick my vagina earlier? Start gentle like that and try to judge my reactions. Also, women don't like being slobbered over like a dog's bone. Do you understand?" She advised.

"OK, I'll try." He said as she started back down.

He made a clear effort to lower the saliva in his mouth. Lips opened wide and reached around her breasts. Karla could see them tentatively quivering. They pressed around her mounds and hugged them firmly. He worked his lips and generated a pleasant sensation in her chest. "Yeah like that." she praised.

His tongue pressed into the tops of her breasts. Slowly he slid it along them. His taste buds playfully bobbing along her nipples. Sending delighted shivers with each pass over them. She freely let her happy sounds flow. The series of ohs and ahs he took correctly as good work. Brushing that powerful stroke over again and again. Adjusting his pressure slowly. Stopping at just a perfect rhythm touch combination. She had guys play with her breasts before. Never both in their mouth as their massive tongue danced buds perfectly over her nipples. "Oh Micheal. That's incredible. Don't change a thing."

But he delightfully did. His hands encased around the rest of her body. Fingers messaged, gently brushed, and lovingly touched her all over. He didn't try to press them between her thighs or up her ass. No, they just stroked her delicately.

Her arms grabbed at the kind digits to return their attention. Her legs curled around them. Parting happily to temp strokes between them. His thumb foolishly entered and her thighs caught it. Hips grind hungrily at its thick tip. Her mouth kissed and licked at the ones that visited her cheeks. Happily she giggled at his tauntingly pulling them away from her lips. She let her amazement at how quickly he was getting skilled at this wash away the reminder of how she got here.

But he was just a boy. She felt one of his hands leave and his body jostle. Then the mouth let her breast go and she raced toward his literally quivering erection. He pressed her to it and wrapped a hand around her hard. Pressing her shoulder. She yelped loudly at the sudden pain.

His hand was gone and he was sitting on his elbows in a second looking at her, "Karla are you OK?"

She straddled his massive shaft as best she could. Holding her torso up on her hand while holding her shoulder. "My bruised shoulder." She said if it wasn't clear.

"I'm sorry. I got excited. What should we do? Want to stop?" He asked.

She had a naughty idea. "Just keep your hands to yourself." She placed her hand on his shaft. Slowly she dragged her hands up toward his tip. Once close enough she turned her head so he could see her licking along as she traveled. Arching her back to press her breasts into it’s sensitive skin. She stretched her entire length along the top part of his cock. As she moved he arched back gasping out, "Yes!"

She wiggled back and forth across his warm skin. Cupping her little hand to the sides of his broad cock head. She uncurled her legs and hooked her feet as far as she could into the shaft's sides. Feeling secure she grinds her entire body into his manhood. Making long licks with her actions. Each up motion she performed he gasped out, "Yes!"

She saw him raise his hands. Clearly wanting to grab her and drag her along himself. She purred loudly, "Micheal? Are you enjoying this?"

"Yes Karla." he mumbled.

"Then you can't grab me can you?" she teased.

"But I want to touch you." he whimpered.

"OK, give me a moment." she commanded. Then she rolled over to her black. Flipping her long hair over the head of his penis. Re-gripping with her feet and hands she grinds her back and ass into him. "OK, you can rub my breasts gently with your finger tips." He took the offer and pressed slightly on her mounds. Doing little circles on her nipples.

His touch was nice. Not as good as earlier. But nice. She watched his hand twitch and open then close. He was close to finishing. "OK, I'm flipping back." His hand moved as he gave a whine sound.

She flipped and laid close to his shaft. She pumped her hips vigorously. Grinding her groin and thighs into his cock. The action rubbed her breasts into the towering penis. He babbled out in a harsh whispered voice, "Oh Karla that feels so good! I've always wanted that! Oh Karla I can't take how hot that is!"

The red wood trunk sized mass jumped. She arched back. Holding herself in a semi seated position. Then she felt the pressure flow between her thighs. White thick fluid sprayed furiously from his cock. He mooed an oh sound. Again it jumped, flowed and sprayed. He sounded again. This repeated and she couldn't help it, she giggled.

Once the release ended he laid there gasping. His own semen puddling on his chest. Her mind joked that she slayed the giant. Her seat was losing firmness between her thighs. But she didn't want to walk through that glop.

He fixed this. He gently grabbed her and placed her on a pillow. Upside down, but on a pillow. He pulled the night stand drawer and brought out a tissue box. He began wiping cum off his own gut.

"So, are you happy you're not like the others now?" Karla wondered aloud.

He must have been as his response was, "Could you do that again?"

She was a bit worried, "Now?"

"No no. Next time!" he looked so hopeful.

"We will see. Remember I don't really want to do any of these things. But I will from time to time if you keep being gentle and not treat me like I've seen other kidnapped people be treated." She reminded him.

"You are my favorite forever. You're so pretty. I could never treat you like they treat them. I like seeing you happy. Even more if you do those things for me." He confessed.

He stood up and placed her by her cage. Her dress was laid on the nightstand. He must have moved it as he suckled her chest. "Why don't you get your PJs on now."

"OK." she agreed.

He turned and headed toward the bathroom grumbling, "I hate when I get cum on me. It's disgusting." Karla could only glare at him as he walked away.
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CH4: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter Four

M(t)/f(t)f(t) Non consensual

Micheal came back to the bathroom declaring, "I'll be right back." And went out into the shared room. He returned with a tablet. "Mom and dad aren't back yet. I have a show I like to watch, want to see?"

"Sure," Karla replied. What could it hurt?

He scooped her off the night stand and placed her on a pillow. He moved another pillow to lean the tablet on. Curling under the blankets he lifted her pillow and lay on his side around it. Snuggling to her seating place. He turned on the tablet and they were soon watching some mindless teen sitcom. Not great, but not bad. She figured he was watching it for the pretty girls it featured.

Between episodes he advised, "After my parents come back and check on me we can see if we can find out more about that club."

"I don't think I want to." Karla replied.

"But I'm curious what it is about." He replied. She took that as young teen boy for I want to look up sex stuff.

"OK, but if you're meeting Chrissy tomorrow you shouldn't stay up too late." She advised.

She didn't need to. His head slipped off his hand and plopped into the pillow he was leaning on shortly into the next episode. She chuckled softly. Now she thought, I can't let that keep running. It might overheat.

She wiggled and squirmed. Giant puffy pillows sound wonderful till you're trying to climb off the center of one. Through much effort she plopped to the bed. And it's less but still really puffy.

She imagined it was what walking in shallow quicksand would be like. Step sink. Lift and swing leg, step sink. She was getting worn out. Which was easy cause today was a tiring day.

She made it. Catching her breath she pressed at the button. Nothing, she was too small. How would she get that off. She planted her heel and leaned in with all her weight. The screen went black and the fan stopped. Great now what she thought.

The door creaked open. A slim womanly figure walked toward the bed. His mother's whispered voice, "Well what do we have here?"

Karla spoke to her, "He fell asleep watching his show. I turned it off. But, that's all I could do."

"Well you are a special Shrunken aren't you." the woman petted Karla head.

She grabbed the tablet and hooked it under her other arm. Scoping Karla she noted, "Let's get you back in your cage." Turning toward the two cages on the far side.

Suddenly Micheal mumbled, "No mommy. Karla sleeps in her own cage." He sat up and wrapped both hands around Karla, "Or on one of my pillows cause she's special."

He placed her upon the pillow the tablet rested on and moved it beside where he was laying. Her watching pillow was added to his side. He laid down and rested his head on one hand. And placed his other hand over Karla.

"Mikey Honey. You might roll over and hurt Karla. Why not put her in her cage." His mother advised.

"No won't. Cause she's special." he mumbled sleepily.

"OK, but if she gets hurt don't get mad at me." She purred and kissed his cheek.

"No special." he sighed.

She moved to Karla's side of the bed. "Sleep carefully, you special one. He would be devastated if anything happens to you. He's not a roller so you should be fine. Just, be careful." She petted Karla's head again and left the room.

Karla laid there on the pillow. Thinking if she should or even could climb over to her cage. Her eyes were heavy and his hand was warm. Like sitting in a nice warm tub. It made her limbs feel heavy too. He stroked her cheek with his finger and mumbled, "Special." He wasn't a roller, she said. Karla let sleep win.

Karla woke up not recognizing where she was. It was too big. Then her mind reminded her she was tiny now. The room was dim but lit well enough to see. Morning sun shining through the curtains. Her blanket was Micheal's PJ shirt, but was he?

Then she saw him. In the bathroom. He closed the door but not all the way. His PJ shorts were around his ankles. She felt a bit embarrassed he was masturbating in full view of the opening.

She gasped. Between his fingers of the hand wrapped around his erection dangled long light brown hair. Calves and feet dangled out the bottom of his hand pressed into his monster.

In his other he was holding something that was struggling helplessly. It was a young blond girl. Most likely a daughter of one of the tourists they captured in their attack on her town. She appeared to be near his age. He was holding her inches from the end of his cock. Arms pinned back she was begging to be let go.

Karla felt sick. Micheal wasn't like that. Wasn't like those others. No, he had greedily used her his first chance he could. She had deluded herself since he started acting nice to her.

Suddenly the little blond yelped. Micheal was tugging at her long hair. Her mouth opened and he pressed it to the tip of his behemoth. She watched as he shuttered. The girl's body jumped and her limbs went frantic. Her body jumped again and white thick fluid oozed between his cock tip and her lips.

As he released he happily grunted, "Oh that's so hot! Oh yeah! Choke it down Blondie!"

He finished by spinning the small girl toward the sink edge. She made a gut twisting heave noise and thick white liquid flowed from her lips. He watched wiping the extra off the end of his penis with the girl he was stroking along it seconds ago.

Once the blond finished choking he hooked a finger around her stomach and gave a quick squeeze. A glob more plopped out of her mouth. He then casually turned on the water and rinsed them off.

He turned and dried them on the hand towel. Walking into the bedroom carrying them upside down but their legs in one hand. They dangled limply. Only moving when they shuttered another sob.

He saw her looking at him and smiled. "Oh Karla your up. Are you ready for our day with Chrissy?" He asked like nothing just happened.

"You said you wouldn't treat Shrunken people like the way other do?" She questioned. Hoping she wasn't wrong. Some short of mistakes.

"No, I will not treat you like others treat Shrunken. Cause your special." He lifted his hands and pointed to the two teen girls in it, "These are just normal Shrunken. So they get treated like normal Shrunken."

"But you almost drowned that girl with your cum?" Karla was dumbfounded.

"No. I'm sure I don't cum that much. You're not jealous I played with other Shrunken are you? I mean if you want me to cum in your mouth I will. That would be the hottest thing ever." He questioned.

"I just started thinking you were nicer then the others on this ship." Karla sighed.

"I am too you. Because you are special." He said climbing onto the bed. Laying on his stomach he reached for her and she flinched. She could see that upset him. But what did he expect?

"Karla, I will never hurt you. Use you, yes. I told you that. You will get special clothes and treatment cause you are my first and favorite Shrunken. I'm sad I mislead you. But I didn't think you thought I would not play with other Shrunken. Treat normal Shrunken like they are supposed to be treated." He stated.

Karla realized her mistake. Ignoring how he had actually treated her at first. But she was special. He was going to treat her better. Could she handle that? "Guess I should get ready." she mumbled out.

"OK, let me put these two away and I'll move you to your cage. I'm going to shower. Did you want to join me or try yours?" He said. His voice still tinged with concern.

Part of her mind made a good point. Why should she care about them? If the situation was reversed would they worry about her? She needed to learn more about her specialness. She smiled at him, "I would like to shower with you Micheal."

"You're not mad at me any more?" He asked hopefully.

"No I am. But your right. You didn't tell me you wouldn't treat others like Shrunken. Just me cause I'm special. I think we should talk to know exactly what you mean." She explained.

"Good enough. Let's do that." His chipper replied. He went and placed the two girls in their cage. And came back almost skipping and lifted Karla off her bed pillow.

As they traveled to the shower she asked, "Shouldn't you give them back their clothes?"

"Only if it's a problem, I was planning on doing that after we showered." He nervously replied.

"No. No problem." She said. Feeling horribly guilty as she did so.

He placed her on that sink edge and took off his PJ shorts. He traveled to start the shower. She reached to pull her top off. She found herself staring at the pile of teen girl clothes scattered along it's ledge. Taking a deep breath she began to strip.

He returned and gathered her genitally. "Ready?"

"Yes Micheal. Lets shower." She purred. Rubbing herself along his hand. His eyes went wide and he smiled brightly as they entered the shower.

He placed her on the higher shelf right away. They began like yesterday, oddly casual. She started, "So I'm special. Does that mean you will no longer use me for pleasure without my permission?"

"No silly. I told you before I would. You're too hot not too." He replied.

"But you will acknowledge that I don't like it? I mean, as an actual thing to be concerned about. Not just because no one would want to be used as a plaything." She asked.

"I rather use you when you are willing. Oh like last night. That was sexy hot." He replied.

"And you think making me happy and keeping me happy is the best way to get more of that?" Karla asked.

"I'm going to treat you special because you are special. But if you're more willing to rub yourself all over my dick when you're angry at me I will make you mad to have you rub all over my dick." He explained.

"OK, Mad Karla will not want to be anywhere near you dick. Happy Karla might get playful." She directed. "So if you're willing to use me sexually even when I don't want you too. Why the two girls from earlier?" She questioned.

"I was hoping letting you sleep in would get me Happy Karla." He answered. "What will get Happy Karla for me?" Adding his own question.

"Well sleeping in helps. Keeping me safe, especially from others from The Company." She started.

"Always." He noted.

"Not forcing me around your penis." She added.

"I can't promise that, you feel too good on it." he noted.

"Fed and clothed." She added.

"That reminds me I want you to look over the clothes listed for order to see if there is anything you want." He stated.

Her mind wanted her to state not abusing other Shrunken, especially young ones. But would that make more torment focus on her? It would make her happy not to see him torment and use girls like he did today. But, that makes him not do that to her.

"It's ok. When you think of them just tell me." he offered. He then purred, "I do know something that will make you happy."

"Really what's that?" Karla asked.

He turned toward her smiling, "A special kiss."

It was kind of sweet he thought a kiss would make her feel better about him shrinking her and keeping her as a pet. Then he wrapped his hands around her and lifted her off the shelf. His thumbs hooked and spread her legs and she realized what he meant.

Her legs brushed along his cheeks as he brought his mouth between her thighs. Lips pressed into her skin. His beaded beast greeted her sensitivity warmly. Stroking and loving her in the way only his giant tongue had. Oh she was so weak. Gasping, "Yeah that makes me happy."

"Oh yeah. That's good Micheal! Yeah I like that. Yeah." she allowed herself to praise him. That praise seemed to bring out his happy humming. Vibrating that marvelous lapping tentacle. Making pleasure sing louder through her body.

Her hips danced with his tastings. That budded tip visiting every part of her womanhood. She stroked her hands along his massive giant face. Nuzzling her face to his noise. He giggled. This was heaven in hell.

The door thudded. The father's voice called out, "Your mother and I are ordering breakfast, do you want anything?"

Her heaven slipped back and asked, "Do you like scrambled eggs?"

She nodded. Really she wasn't a huge fan. But the answer hopefully brought back that tongue.

He turned from her and yelled, "Scrambled eggs and bacon please!" He turned back and those lips approached her thighs.

"Your mother and I are going to check out the finds from the first town at the store. We get early access due to our red status you know. Did you want to join us or do you have plans today?" the father bellowed through the door. If she could kill him, Karla would have.

Micheal turned away and yelled, "I'm meeting Chrissy there, when it opens. We are going to hang out today." He turned back, "Where were we?" He teased.

"If you're going to meet her as it opens you better hurry up. It's almost time." That god awful man bellowed again.

"OK dad. Thanks. I'll be right out." Micheal yelled back.

"OK have fun!" that man yelled. We were, Karla thought in frustration.

Micheal turned and smiled. Leaning toward her. Her hips pushed out to gain access to her oral lover as soon as it could taste her. He stopped. "He's right. I do need to get going." tumbled out of where heaven was hiding.

"No no, we have time for a little more kisses." Karla pleaded.

He bit his lip. He looked down. Then at Karla. Down again. Looking at her he stated, "Sorry Karla."

He moved his hands so his pinky and thumb on one hand kept her legs spread. His now free hand grabbed a bottle of body wash. A quick jerk of his arm and the contents blooped to the nozzle end. He popped the lid. She knew protesting wasn't going to stop him. He squirted a glob of teen boy smelling thick blue gel like liquid from her breasts to her thighs.

He lowered her and pressed her and the soap glob to the underside of his towering cock. Forcing her legs to stretch around its curved girth. He shuttered praising, "Oh you feel so good down there."

He readjusted his hold of her so his fingers wrapped just under her arms. Then began sliding up toward the tip. In this position she could lean her face away from the foaming lather being formed as he vigorously pumped her up and down his monumental manhood. Her free hands pushing away any excess threatening to foul that one bonus.

He pumped lustfully growling, "Oh Karla your tits feel so great along my cock! Your legs are perfectly wrapped around it too!" After a few moments he shuttered. He stopped, holding her just below his tip as his seed flew into the tub below. She could feel each flow as it bubbled up through his penis. Powerful bursts shook through his Behemoth.

Finishing, he peeled her from his dick and placed her back on the shelf. "We better rinse off." He sighed happily.

"Thank you for not cumming on me." She noted at least she got that.

"No point. The water would have washed it off you before I could enjoy how it looked flowing over you." was not what she wanted to hear replied. But it was honest anyway.

They finished and dried off. He placed her by her cage and asked her to wear the blue with red trim swimsuit for today. Advising she should wear one of the long wraps too since they were going to travel about the ship for a bit before going to one of the pools. The bikini fit well. Karla just wished it had more fabric covering the ends of her breasts. To her surprise, Micheal had not bought her body wraps. But a loose hanging dress that stayed up by being tired behind her neck. It covered from where it hung around her neck down to just past her knees. Not counting the curves it seemed designed to hang off of.

As she was finished stepping out of her cage they were informed breakfast was ready. Micheal walked over and stopped. "That looks really good on you," he commented. Seemed he liked thin fabric draped over and hanging off breasts Karla teased to herself. Soon she was hand flying to the shared room.

His parents sat at a table with their breakfasts resting before them about to eat. The father wore a blue flower pattern button up shirt, open down the front, and white shorts. His steel colored cage sat beside him. A girl from the neighborhood, about a year or so younger than Karla, stood inside. She wore a tiny white top that dangled from her neck and just hung down enough to cover her little perky breasts. The thin fabric draped over her bust in much the same style as Karla full covering did. Around the girl's waist was a belt which dangled a white slip of cloth hanging in front of her groin and ass. He held in his hand a lovely lady from the hair salon Karla used to go too. She was probably in her early to mid thirties. She wore nothing. Seems her breasts were firm enough to break and suck the yokes of his sunny side up eggs off of.

His mother wore a white with yellow flowers covering like Karla was wearing. Her cage held a man. Dressed in blue knee length shorts and a bit too tight plain white tank top. Karla thought he looked just like someone enjoying a sea cruise. The mother didn't see the need to dip a tiny person into her eggs Benedict. Or if she did, Karla didn't see them.

"Sleep well?" His mother asked.

He sat and lifted the lid off his eggs and bacon. "Yes. You?"

"Yes, I think sea air agrees with me." She suggested.

Karla watched as Michael moved a small pile of his eggs and a nib of bacon toward her. Then she noticed his father was watching her. His tongue slowly brushing around the woman's already well yoke-less breasts. He moved the tormented lady from his lips. As he re-dipped her tits in the yellow goo he asked, "Have you fed Karla any pellets yet?"

"Karla have you tried the pellets?" Micheal asked.

"No. I forgot." She answered.

The father spoke in a slow purr, "Mikey, you need to make sure she eats at least a few pellets per day. It keeps Shrunken healthy. If she will not eat them I can show you how to pump one in and out of her mouth so it dissolves down her throat. Even how you can hold her so you can place the next pellet between her plump firm breasts." If it wasn't bad enough, he then slipped the woman's breasts back into his mouth and licked the yoke off them. Eyes locked on Karla.

"Howard!" Micheal's mother snapped. In a firm tone she stated, "Micheal has to learn to look after his Shrunken on his own."

"I'm just offering to help." the father defended.

"I know what you're offering. Now go to the bathroom and wipe off your face." She firmly suggested.

"Really, What's on my face?" He questioned.

"Drool. Now give us a minute." She requested.

He placed the woman he was holding face down in his opened egg commanding, "Don't move or else." Then to the full sized people saying, "I guess I'll be right back." And wander to their room.

Micheal's mother turned to him and said, "He's right about her needing to eat a few pellets a day. People food just will not sustain her properly."

"We will mom. Right Karla." Micheal said. Karla nodded in agreement. If she needed them to live she would eat a few a day.

Micheal asked the question, "Why is dad so obsessed with force feeding Shrunken pellets?"

She smiled at him. "You haven't given them much notice have you."

"No. They're just pellets." He answered.

She clearly was thinking. She actually looked at Karla and asked, "Do you know why?" Karla nodded.

"What am I missing?" Micheal questioned.

"Am I done washing my face or should I still be scrubbing?" The father called out jokingly.

"Keep scrubbing." his mother yelled back. Turning to Micheal she joked, "I'm half tempted to leave him in there till we finish breakfast and go meet up with the Grants. Sea air is affecting your father in a much more annoying way."

Micheal was clearly still confused. He looked at his mother, "Yeah, I noticed. He is, well, like those kids at the mall that one time. Can I be right back?"

"That is exactly what he's like. And yes." his mother gave permission.

Micheal got up and headed to his room. His mother leaned toward Karla, "We were at the mall and some boys were catcalling at women as they walked by. And just about now."

Suddenly from his room Micheal's voice almost bellowed, "OH! That's why."

"Give him a minute sweetie he's going to want to try it out." She sighed. "So what did you do before you became my son's favorite pet?"

Karla thought that was an odd way to start a conversation. But, odd and horrible had been the themes for the last twenty four hours. "I was working at a souvenir shop earning money for college."

His mother laughed. "Ironic that you became a souvenir. What did you want to study?"

"Respiratory Therapist. What do you do?" Karla replied looking back at the room door.

"At this point both boys are properly distracted by a pretty from their cages. We have five or ten minutes till they play themselves out. I reset all the clocks, we will not be late. We have time to talk, Karla. I'm a spoiled and frankly a bit lonely house wife. The Company is so secretive it's hard to make friends outside it. And the ladies attached to Howard and Mikey's office are a bunch of catty little bitches. You know if you wanted we could pay to have Respiratory Therapist data inputted into your brain. We have health centers for Shrunken and they rent trained Shrunken from owners to better care for the sick or injured ones. Bit of extra spoiling money for Micheal." The woman explained.

"I don't know. But thank you madam." Karla replied.

The woman flinched at madam. "Karla, you may call me Milly. Do you like having tea?"

"I used to drink tea. So yes?" Karla replied.

"Good, once we get back I will dig out my tea set for us. While the boys are at work we'll gab about our interests. Maybe find a hobby we can share. I know that look Micheal gives you. He is going to keep spoiling you for years to come." Milly beamed.

"Back to work, at his age?" Karla questioned.

"Did you think we just used the Data Inputting devices to only enter data into Shrunken. He has a doctorate in the area of physics connected to Howard’s teleporting tech. That sweet Chrissy girl is programmed as a medical doctor specialized in Pregnancy. They sound and act like kids. But they are better educated than many adults thanks to a hour or so a day in those machines." Milly explained.

Karla just let it soak in and asked, "You wouldn't mind spending time with your son's sex pet?"

"Not if you don't tell me what he does with you. I get a feeling about you now that I've seen you interact in public with him. And I think that you might make good company. And if not, well, you're pretty enough that I would gladly entertain myself with you in other ways." Milly said petting Karla raven hair.

"So, all three of you are." Karla started.

"I wouldn't be just shoving you into places if that helps." Her finger slipped down to Karla's breasts. "But I do know many nice ways to touch a Shrunken woman. Howard on the other hand. Well if Mikey hadn't got you. Let's just say you would be sticky with his man glaze." She tapped Karla's head noting, "From tip to feet. You most likely would be getting another glazing now. And a belly filled with force fed pellets. He's so jealous Mikey saw you first."

"So once you get me home and Micheal is at work. You're going too." Karla worried. Karla herself was bi. But the thought of another giant person using her as a sex pet.

"Not without Mikey's permission. Unless you'd keep the secret. No, Howard is the one to worry about. He's taken to calling that woman you know that he has Karla. I had to rinse her off last night after he finally finished using her. Poor lady was just dripping with spunk. He unloaded so many times on her. I'm surprised he had that much in him this morning to spray in her face." Milly overshared.

"Why are you telling me all this." Karla whined.

"Honestly I'm so used to tormenting Shrunken in one way or another. I think it's just a habit now. Well maybe you can help me easy that up a bit." Milly off handed suggested. She looked down, "Eat up pretty. From what I heard, Mikey has a busy day planned."

Micheal came out of the room. A satisfied smile on his face. "Oh Karla. You could have kept eating. But thanks for waiting." He sat down and started shoveling his food in his mouth.

Howard came out of their room. Wiping sweat from his brow with a handkerchief. An expended glow across his cheeks. "Right Breakfast." Grabbing the unmoved woman and sucking the yoke sticking to her breasts. Then placing her on her back like a utensil he was done using. He began shoving food into his mouth.

Karla tried to eat. Nervous looking at the three giants eating around her. New knowledge making it hard to swallow cold scrambled eggs.

They finished and Micheal asked, "Are you ready Karla?" She wasn't going to be able to eat more with what was in her head so she just nodded.

"Cool, I'll get the chain cage." He said.

Howard stood grabbing the hairdresser, "I'll be right back. Just got to place this one back in my cage." he traveled away.

Milly added, "No dilly dallying. We are running late." Winking at Karla. She leaned down asking, "Please keep my little overshare between us. I am sorry I did that." Her finger stroked along Karla's side, "I'm just used to playing with pretty little curvy things and not chatting with them." She sat back in clear frustration, growling "Dang it!" in a harsh whisper. "You are going to be a learning experience aren't you." She said in an apologetic tone toward Karla.

The boys returned. Micheal again offered his finger to help Karla step into his cage. His mother stood and carefully adjusted his chain. "I see now why you like that one so much. Karla is a good fit for you."

"Thanks mom." Michael responded. "I told you she was special."

The parents donned their cages on chains and the family left the suite to start their days.
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CH5 The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter five

F/sm Quick Violence only
M(t)/f/f(t)*5,f non-consensual Object insertions.

Karla watched the other giants as Micheal walked through the hall with his parents. It was early and not many were out yet. But some were about. This morning's reminders of what her new life meant seem to cut the shock of seeing tiny bodies pressed under swimsuits. Or skimpily dressed little people bound to things as a decoration. Sure it still twinge her stomach to see someone she knew or a young teen in such states. But what could she do? She was a tiny living property too now.

They stopped outside a gated shop. It's name read, "For Littles & Things." There stood Chrissy and her parents. Chrissy saw Micheal and cheerfully skipped toward him.

"Morning!" the young teen girl sang to him. She wore a bright frilly yellow two piece. A semi transparent bit of blue shaded fabric was tired around her waist covering down to her knees. The top had a talent for making it look like she had more mass to her chest then her body shape would indicate. On that boosted bosom was a yellow cage. Inside was a fit man wearing just a little speedo. He would have been better off with more concealing shorts to hide his shortcomings.

"Howard!" Chrissy's father bellowed. The men seem to have developed a hand shake since meeting last night. The mother's greeted each other more reservedly. But very friendly.

Chrissy father wore a long white button up shirt, done mostly up thank goodness, and green cargo shorts. His neck was adorned with an interesting cage. The inside was shaped like the wooden deck chairs on the ship. A young blonde in a pink frilly two piece swimsuit sat trembling inside. Howard noted, "That looks like a fun cute little one."

The pudgy cheery man nodded. "Yeah, but I can't get the urge to do anything fun with her. Something about her reminds me of someone I would not want to be played with. But I thought she should get some fresh air and sunshine." Karla looked at Chrissy, then to the cage. They could have been sisters.

Her mother wore a bright yellow bikini. Her thin waist had a transparent yellow shaded cloth wrapped around it that dangled just above her knees. Her unnatural endowments were tightly contained with two thin triangles of fabric held in place by thin strings and girth. The string zigzagged like a lace of a shoe between the two mounds. Looking like he was weaved in, held spread eagle like a sacrifice to the gods of plastic surgery, was a well toned long haired man. His bright blue speedo Karla felt was a good look for him. Then she realized he was the Tarzan guy the woman had worn to dinner last night. She must really like wearing him.

Micheal and Chrissy talked pleasantries. Noting Karla really took notice of. She did take a dislike to the man in Chrissy's cage. Something about how he was looking at her.

The gate opened and the man from within the store greeted them, "Good morning Miller family. And to you Grant Family."

"Have we met?" Chrissy dad asked.

"No sorry. I just knew I needed to only allow red members in early. Since there are so few of you I just memorized your pictures to save me from asking everyone who shows up for their status cards." The young man explained. "Come in the store is freshly stocked. The discovered Shrunken not so much. The Clean up ship took longer than they expected. But your early access time will be the same and starting soon. Others will be delayed."

They entered and began browsing. Micheal and Chrissy wandered over to what looked like doll play sets. Karla quickly noticed they were not dolls modelling the play sets on the fronts. Micheal asked her as he looked at the display, "What do you think Karla? Any of these look like fun for us to play with?"

Karla was taken back by the models. All in their twenties or so. And repeated on many different display fronts. But they were clearly interacting with the displayed items shown. Often one or more clearly being interacted with by a giant hand that suggested play ideas.

So many ideas. Some were really clever. Little pools on legs with a plastic puppet of a shark or octopus to play sea monster with. The names were even a little fun. The shark one was labeled as "Nibble Minnows" and the octopus had "Sea Hugs" labeled on it.

There was what looked like the inside of an airplane listed as "Meter High Club." And what looked like a business office stated as, "Downsizing." Two pillars with chains for binding a shrunken person was called, "Release Your Giant!"

But others did bother her. Though they had the same models Karla felt was aimed for younger playthings. A classroom labeled as "Big Lessons." A principal's office called, "Detention Release." The one that really made her cringe was four little pink topped camping tents with a flickering light fire. The models were all clad in skimpy outfits styled after Girl Guide uniforms. It was listed as, "Grab some Cookies."

When Chrissy walked over with a box blue tents in the same set up. But with male models in boy scout styled skimpy uniforms labeled, "Little Prepared." Karla did not even notice that some play sets were not all unisex.

Micheal grabbed the classroom set down and was reading the description. Karla took note of what was included. Expected things like the two wall displays, desks, and chairs. Things that made sense to have in a class or school setting, Meter stick and little hardcover books. Even the paddle and strap made cruel sense. But there were also bindings for attaching shrunken people to the chairs, desks, and walls. Listed across the bottom was the suggested clothing line for this set, "Little Learners." and three free coupons inside for outfits in that line.

He took down the "Release Your Giant!" Pillars. Chains, leather straps, and styled twine for restraining the shrunken person made sense. Even, "Giant Monster Gloves" worked in context. But it did not need the rounded-topped "Binding Mini-Pillars" that could be attached in holes on the bottom of the set at different angles. This one came for one coupon for the "Small Fantasy" line of clothes.

He moved over to a display beside the play sets. It was covered in accessory packs. From small bags of things at the top to almost play sets on their own on the bottom. Each showed a photo on the packing of the suggested play sets to use them with. She didn't notice anything that was too bothersome till she looked down and saw the puppets. Male endowed puppets. The "Honey Bear" suggested for the "Grab some Cookies" set she felt was unnecessary for an unnerving set.

Micheal clearly wanted a play set or two. Asking Karla, "What do you think about this one?" repeatedly but not giving her time to say anything before grabbing a different one and repeating the question.

Then he took one down that made her cringe for a different reason. "Itsy Bitsy, It's a spider." It was styled like a tree trunk with a branch stretched over a large boulder. Stretched between the tree and boulder was a white net designed like a spiderweb. On the box they had one of the models done up like Tinkerbell attached to the net like she was stuck to it. Her expression matched Karla's. Three more models, also in fairies, were mostly wrapped in what looked like half done cocoons littered the bottom of the display under the main net. Between them were two finished cocoons. From the shapes of the cocoons, models were in them too. Just to make it worse, there was a large spider puppet posed on the trunk like it was crawling down toward the trapped models.

"Cool." Micheal whispered. He turned the box over. She didn't like the way he said that. She found herself reading the description, "Little Fairies not careful where they play. Might get caught in a sticky way. Then Mr. Spider will get to play. And he can play all day. This set is for owners who always like spiders or just like the idea of seeing Pixies, fairies and other little fluttering things get played with. Extra suggested if you own Shrunken with acrophobia. Boulder has storage for unused accessories or for not in use. Hidden trap door for eight legged jump scares."

She looked at the included list, Base, three webs with attached bindings. Spirals, hanging squares, and cone shaped. Three caught wraps. Two full cocoons of insertion weave silk. Six Binding spiders whatever they were. Two vibrating mini male spiders sounded like more nightmare fuel.

Then in a big yellow bubble labeled "featuring" in big bold letters. Red letter called it the "Daddy Get Some" male endowed spider puppet with Liquid smooth phallic for easy insertion. The Daddy Get Some spider puppet is perfect for giant monster or trapped Shrunken Role play. With it's wrist pumping Liquid Smooth Phallic it is perfect for Shrunken pleasure play. Liquid Smooth allows repeated use with no need to ever lubricate. Firm enough to press into even the most disobedient of Shrunken's Inputs. Yet soft enough to cause no lasting physical harm. Non-latex. It's other features were listed as: Internal controlled mandibles. Trigger activated Liquid Smooth Oral Stinger. Multi and individual leg control access. And Snuggle Soft artificial fur.

Karla saw so much wrong with this thing. How could a giant spider puppet be perfect for anyone's pleasure. How could the phallic be both firm and soft. It was a terrible idea.

"I'm getting this one for sure." Micheal announced. He walked over and dropped it into a basket then brought the basket to the display. Then the Release Your Giant, Little Lessons, Sea Hugs, two Karla didn't notice labeled "Ladies Locked In Room." and "Princess Ruled Tower." Then he grabbed a few accessory bags. Include a large puppet label "She Monster." It proudly labeled it's main features as Liquid Smooth Tentacle tips and Mouth Accessible Internal storage Cage for up to six standard sized Shrunken.

He was almost to the counter when his mother stopped him. "Two play sets, and only two accessory packs for those sets."

"Three and half the accessory packs I picked out?" He replied.

"If you buy all that you might miss out on something you want later. Like more Outfits for Karla. Or maybe some for the other Shrunken you have." She retorted.

"But mom!" He whined.

"I can hold the others till you get more ship credits from your unwanted Shrunken as long as I have stock. If it turns out to be my last one we'll send a message to your suite and you'll have till close on that day." The sales clerk offered. Milly's expression said she was not happy with his helpfulness.

"Cool! Lets do that." Micheal exclaimed. He traveled to the counter, "I'll get the spider one and, what should my second one be Karla?"

Karla was about to answer when the thought occurred to her. Whatever one she picks he's going to want to play with her in. Which one would bother her less to be forced to endure? She was drawn to the Release Your Giant. It seemed most fitting.

"Mom, can I get a puppet with the two sets and one accessory pack for each?" Micheal yelled.

"Fine. But only because I want to check out that puppet." Milly yelled back.

"Cool, then the classroom and this puppet. This accessory pack and this one." Micheal excitedly pushed toward the man.

He rang them up. Asking, "Carry out or delivered to the room? That's free for Red Status."

"Delivered please." Micheal requested.

"OK and set. I'll hold the others for a later visit. And my colleague has just opened the Shrunken room if you'd like to visit there." The salesman announced.

They walked toward the room Micheal explained, "These are Shrunken that were either missed by us when we visited the last port or one's found that the family that collected them decided they didn't want. Well, except the babies and little kids. Also the really old. And the overly sick. We might find some great catches." Karla's heart sank. He was clearly too excited to remember, their last port was her home. He continued, "They put the guys first cause they don't sell as well as girls. I'll look, but I really don't want any guys. I mean you can do fun things with them. But I want to play with Shrunken girls."

She knew a few of the men and boys. They all looked at her. But their slumped shoulders told her they understood she could not help.

Then she saw him. It was the man from last night. He saw her too and began to tremble. He recognized her from their horrible short interaction. Karla could get back at him. Four words, Micheal that's the man. He would get revenge for his treatment of her. She knew it. The man knew it.

She looked up. Micheal either didn't recognize him or didn't get a good look at him last night. The words sat easily in her throat. Karla mouthed at the man, "You're not worth what they are charging." The man just shuffled in his little clear box.

If he was here, was the woman. That would be revenge. Tall blond with what Karla guessed was D-cup breasts or Cs in a good bra. Slender waist tapered into a pert round ass. Would Micheal allow Karla to direct his play with her. Things she would describe for him to do. First, show that he had her to that man.

They reached the girls and women. Karla looked and looked. Blonde? No. Blonde? No. He was here. Why wasn't she. Did she succeed at getting through Processing? Whatever that was? Dang it! She wasn't there. Micheal didn't see any he liked enough to buy. He had other ports coming up to collect from. Karla cursed that man as she was carried past him. Cursed him and her luck.

She was fuming when Chrissy skipped up. "Is she OK?"

Micheal looked down. "Oh Karla. I'm sorry I forgot they were from your town. Was there anyone you wanted to buy?"

"No, thank you." was all she could say. And they left.

Micheal and Chrissy traveled to an arcade. Chrissy heard this was the more interesting one. They chatted like nervous kids who like each other do when on a date that wasn't a date. Karla watched the clouds and ocean flow past.

They reached "The Button Mashers'' arcade and fun zone. It was a standard old style arcade from the look of it. Stand up old style systems. Pinball. Skee ball. Those Basketball toss games. Better you do, the more tickets you earn. Prizes from cheap plastic junk to coupons for Shrunken outfits, and even ones for whole play sets.

It was sweet watching them play games. Competing with each other in games and for tickets. Karla was starting to enjoy her live teen romance movie.

"What's in that corner?" Chrissy asked. It gave Karla a bad feeling. The title over that section didn't help, "The Blood Pit."

They walked into the section. Bead shooting games, whack-a-mole games, hard ball throwing games. All themed around maiming or outright killing Shrunken either too old or handicapped to be wanted. Karla had to fight not to throw up.

They walked up to a game two giggling boys about Micheal's age was playing. It was cruelly simple. Shoot the rifle at the Shrunken as they moved past. Looking to knock the poor person off the conveyor belt they stood on. Whoever had the largest body count got more tickets.

Karla could not stop the tears from flowing. Chrissy asked in a disturbed tone, "Can we go to the other arcade Micheal."

"Yeah please." He replied.

They walked out. They said nothing for a long time. In an elevator Chrissy suddenly blurted, "I know we have to dispose of them. But that was just cruel. Disturbing."

"Yeah, I'm not visiting that one again." Micheal agreed.

"I mean. Those disposal things are quick. Mostly painless being so quick. Why that nightmare." Chrissy ranted on.

"I'm never playing whack-a-mole again." Micheal responded.

"I'm going to tell my father to complain. Kids our age shouldn't be playing games like that in the very very least!" Chrissy declared.

"Yeah, I'm telling my parents too." Micheal agreed.

"Shut down! They should have to shut down! And never be allowed to own Shrunken and have any they do own to be taken away!" Chrissy was on a tirade.

"Chrissy?" Micheal softly asked.

"YES MICHEAL?" She growled.

"Did you want to stop for Ice Cream? We could text our parents while we eat it." Micheal asked.

"Ice Cream sounds nice." She agreed.

"Think the map says there is a shop on the way to the other arcade." He noted.

"K, that's the plan. Stop, text our parents. Order Ice Cream. Calm our nerves. Hope the other arcade is not disgusting." She listed steps.

They found the shop a short walk from the elevator. The instant they were in line they reached for their watches and started poking at them. Karla read Micheal's note to Milly. Button Masher Arcade. Games you Kill Shrunken for tickets. Think Bad! He stared at his watch and Milly's response was, Really!!! Yes Bad! Warpath Momma!!

"Daddy is mad." Chrissy announced.

"So is my mom." He responded.

They got their treats and sat down. Micheal took Karla out and offered her a lick off his spoon of his cherry chocolate Vanilla. She licked the cool treat. It did help her nerves a little. Then she reached up and snatched a chocolate flake from his bowl. Nibbling it as the kids talked about food preferences.

"Oh, Eric I almost forgot." Chrissy reached in her purse and pulled out a little plastic container. Opening it she pulled something out. "Here, eat a pellet." The man glared at the girl. But took the food stuff poked between the bars of his cage.

"Karla you haven't eaten any pellets yet." Micheal said in a worried tone.

"It's ok Micheal. It takes a few days for the nutrition deficiencies to affect Shrunken if they are regularly eating human food. But, if it makes you feel better I have lots." Chrissy explained.

She pulled one out and held it toward Karla. "It’s fruit flavored. I've tried them, they are kind of tasty."

Karla took the hamster food looking pellet. This one had a pink hue to it. Holding one she was reminded of Howard's want to force feed her some. About the length of her forearm and slightly thicker than a broom handle. It was formed with rounded ends.

"I can't eat all this." She announced.

"Sure you can. They break down quickly in your stomach. You'll feel full but not stuffed for a good while afterward." Chrissy reassured.

Karla lifted it to bite into the end till the mental image of Howard watching her eat one like that made her stop. She turned it and took a bite out of the side. Cherry flavored. It's texture made her think of Fruit Loops. It was like eating a giant cherry flavored Fruit Loop. "It is actually pretty good. Thank you." Karla announced.

They finished their treats as she munched on the pellet. She was comfortable. Not full. No where near stuffed. Just content.

The second arcade was labeled, "Little Skillz." and had an interesting theme. Standard Shrunken sized control stations to play many of the games. This, this was a fun place. Well for the kids and Karla. Chrissy's Shrunken, she named Eric, was uncooperative while playing. Karla forgot about many hardships for a while to the flashing lights and musical cues. She was terrible. But that did not matter to any playing.

They finished and Micheal noted, "Did it get crowded in here?"

Some random kid interjected, "Yeah they closed the Button Masher. Too many complaints about the Shrunken games by Red Status families. Everyone came down here."

"I'm hungry anyway Micheal. Let's all get lunch." Chrissy suggested. They ended up at a sushi restaurant called, "Nori Rolled On." They ordered rolls and Karla nibbled some rice from one of Micheal's rolls and a lime favored pellet from Chrissy. They shared with each other to experience different rolls.

Micheal excused himself and suddenly Karla was alone with Chrissy. "Karla, does he like me? I know he hasn't owned you long. But please let me know."

"I think he is fond of spending time with you." Karla said.

"Oh there was just something about him. I think it was how he talked to you and listened to your opinion. You must know how hard it is to find a guy that actually listens." Chrissy beamed.

"But I'm just a Shrunken." Karla tested.

"Yes! Exactly. If he treated you so well. His plaything. Could you think how nice he would be to a real woman." the young teen theorized.

"Well, you're doing well." Karla let the real woman thing pass.

"Can I tell you a secret." Chrissy asked.

"I will tell no one." Karla replied.

"I have never been with a real man. I'm hoping our parents get comfortable with us alone for us to. You know. Do it." Chrissy confessed.

Karla thought this girl got attached fast. Then the image of Micheal's Behemoth going after her skinny body made Karla hope their parents didn't get that comfortable any time in the next few years. "Maybe you should focus on building good communications between each other. Physical interest can fade fast. But good personal connection can make long lasting relationship." Karla advised.

"You are right. Thank you Karla. Make him want it. And make him realize how wonderful I am. Then when I know he's with me for me. Give him a night he will not forget." Chrissy schemed.

"Glad I can help someone." Karla sighed.

Micheal came back. Chrissy excused herself. And he asked as she was out of earshot, "Do you think she, you know. Likes me, likes me?"

"She might." Karla replied. Great, I'm a teenage couples concealer she thought.

"You think she would want to hang out for the rest of the trip?" He asked.

"Could be possible. If you treat her well." Karla advised.

"That would be cool. I'm liking getting to know her." He beamed.

Karla waited for it. Then asked, "Anything else?"

"No. It would be good if it turned out she liked hanging out with me. Like we have the same interests." He responded.

"I will admit I expected a different answer?" Karla said.

"What like sex things? Not ready for that idea with a girl as interesting as Chrissy. Might mess things up. That's why I have Shrunken girls for." he advised. Adding like he had hurt Karla's feelings, "Oh and you of course. You will always be my favorite Shrunken to do sex things with."

Chrissy appeared, "Lets go to the pool!"

They arrived and found seats by a cage on a post. Karla liked that the cage had a shade to limit her exposure to the sun. Chrissy pulled a small container of lotion from her little purse. She added some to her fingertips. "You should put some on Karla. Just to make sure she doesn't get burned." Then took Eric out of her cage and rubbed her fingers over his almost naked body.

"Karla, take your dress thing off." Micheal request.

She did and he took her out of his little cage. He slid lotion along her legs. Swiped it across her stomach. On her back. Then on her chest. Happy with the spread, he slowly worked it into her leg. Making great care to lotion her ass. Then down the other leg. Lovingly he stroked the white cream into the skin of her toned stomach. Turning her he messaged it into her back and shoulders. Rubbing tension from around her neck with careful strokes. Then back to face him his finger tip brushed it across her breasts. Making dedicated effort to coat every possible bit of skin on the tops of her breasts. Adding between them for extra care.

Karla tried through this process to get him to let her do it. Or to lessen his intense effort. But he was clearly too focused on the activity. Lucky Chrissy grabbed his hand, "OK Michael. She's fully lotioned. Put her in the cage and let's go swimming."

Nodding he placed her beside "Eric". They closed the lid and each attached a key to their swim suit. And giggled toward the pool.

Karla liked they had little lounge chairs in the cage. She shifted hers to a sunny patch to enjoy some rays. Planning to shift it to the shade after she warmed both sides of her body.

"Eric" stood blocking the sun. "Hey, you know my name isn't Eric right? It's Emilio."

"Well Emilio. I hope you understand that I wish we didn't have to meet this way." Karla stated.

"Yeah. Fucking sucks. Can you believe that little whore said she was never with a real man. She had me pinned in her panties all morning getting ready for that little shit. And he's what she thinks is a real man." he ranted.

"Yeah. They do not see us as people." Karla acknowledged.

He moved closer, "We should show him what a real man can do."

"What are you talking about?" His stance was threatening. Was he going to try and fight a person ten times his size.

"You should let me give you the fucking he clearly wants to give you. I'll make you feel good in all sorts of ways." Emilio said moving toward her.

Karla got up. "No. Not interested."

"Please, cause it'll hurt the little boy rub down over there's feelings? Hold still, you'll like it." He insisted.

"NO! Let it go. I'm not interested." Karla looked over to the pool. Why could she never find Micheal when guys like this showed up.

"OK, get this straight bitch. Interested or not it's happening. That little cupcake used me to get off with not even a little suck off to make it right. Now you, a teen punk’s wack-off toy thinks she can stop me with, Not interested. Get into position or I'll make you." And he rushed forward.

Karla shot her knee up fast between his thighs. He ohed in pain but still stood. "I've been trained to endure torture you stupid cunt. Now I'm taking that sweet ass of yours and making you lick my cock clean afterward." He snarled. He was laser focused on Karla or he would have noticed the sound of a cheap key fitted into a cheap lock.

He stepped forward and thin fingers with manicured bubblegum pink nails wrapped around his chest.

"What the FUCK!" He screamed as he flew up quickly.

Chrissy snarled like a wild cat, "You're not going to mess up my chances at a nice guy like Micheal cause you’re a bad Shrunken." Chrissy's free hand came up and she flicked his index finger.

Karla flinched. With the background traffic and the girl’s little fingers. Karla should not have heard the thunder slap as the pink nail landed squarely into his groin. But slap it did. Load enough that people around them turned toward the sound.

Eric's eyes looked like they were about to fly from his head. His thighs pressed together. His arms struggled to reach his groin but massive girly fingers held them. Blood clearly started to trickle down his leg.

Chrissy nonchalantly sighed, "Damn, broke him. He is useless now." She looked down at Karla. "Please know I'm sorry. I was hoping your good behavior would rub off on him. I never thought he'd dare try to rub one off on you. Please tell Micheal you're not mad at me?"

Terror shot through Karla. How, raced through her mind. How did she generate that much force from a flick of her spoiled little girl finger.

Micheal showed up. "Why did you leave the pool? What's going on?"

"Oh Micheal, I'm so sorry. Eric attacked Karla. It's my fault. I knew he wasn't well behaved. I didn't think he was that bad a Shrunken. Please forgive me." Chrissy even managed tears.

"Are you OK Karla?" He asked.

"Chrissy stopped him before he even touched me. I’m just a little rattled is all." Karla stated. Leaving out that it wasn't just the attack by Eric that rattled her.

He scooped her up. "It's OK Chrissy. Karla says you saved her. We can still have fun. Want to go put him back. Did you want to try another Shrunken. Or the three of us could just hang out."

"You don't mind coming with me to my suite so I can change Shrunken?" Chrissy asked.

"Nope. We will be happy to walk with you. We could go to the red pool. They have a little pool for Shrunken." Micheal stated. Looking at Karla, "Did you want to go swimming?"

"Great idea." Chrissy noted. Grabbing her purse and asking, "Do you mind grabbing my wrap?"

They walked along the deck. Micheal thanked her for protecting Karla. She apologized that she needed to protect Karla in the first place. Suddenly Chrissy looked at the blubbering Eric, "With his balls shattered he's no use to me." And casually wiped her arm out. The speed of the boat quickly took the tiny man from Karla's vision.

They got to the door of her suite and Chrissy looked at her watch. "Oh, Michael. My parents wanted an early supper so we can get to bed early. We are in port tomorrow remember?"

"Oh yeah. Hang out the day after tomorrow then?" He asked.

"Why Micheal are you asking me on a date?" She said cutely. Arms pulled behind her back.

"Ah. I'm good with calling it a date." He said glowing red.

"Then so am I. I'll text you after I get back on the boat." She said. Then leaned up and gave him more than a kiss on the cheek. Giggling she slipped into her room.

"Karla, she kissed me. Like she really kissed me." He babbled on excitedly as he started away.

"Yes she did, and you kissed back." Karla noted.

"Yeah, it was nice." He purred.

Chrissy voice called out. "Micheal wait."

He stopped and smiled goofy, "Yes?"

She ran up and pointed, "You still got my wrap."

"Oh, here." He said handing it to her.

She took it and was clearly confused about what to do. Suddenly she leaned up and gave him a quick peck. "Tomorrow, back on ship. Text." And bolted back to her suite.

"Can you remind me to text Chrissy tomorrow when I get back?" He asked.

"Yes, yes I will." Karla agreed.

They walked. Karla found she preferred being carried to the jiggling bounce of the cage around his neck. She even found it comforting to have his thumb stroking her back. He was happily humming the theme song to that show he was watching last night.

Then his watch went off. His hand began to turn and she yelped in panic. "Oh right." he stammered. He looked toward the wrist the watch was on, to her then back. Shrugging he started to reach his free hand toward his waistband.

"Why not just put me in your cage?" Karla pleaded. She didn't want to be a bulge in his shorts. Not treated like others treated their captives.

He let out, "Huh. Yeah that would work too." And gently slid her in. She sighed in relief as the mechanism clicked close.

It was from his father. It read, "Grabbing bite with Mr. Conner/security guy. His port tomorrow. Want to go him. Divide and gather?"

"Cool. Mr. Conner gets his port tomorrow. Now I will be able to gather Shrunken on my own without mom and dad claiming them. Isn't that awesome Karla?" Micheal exclaimed. Typing back the message, "Sound good. What time Morning?"

"Yeah I guess." Karla surrendered.

"I know. I'm a monster. But you will understand someday." Micheal hoped.

The watch beeped. His father's note, "730, stairs. Text control list as guest please. He have container 4u."

"Cool. Better do that now. Oh and lost & found." Micheal mentioned.

"Why lost and found?" She wondered.

"Your dress thing. We forgot it." He noted tapping at his watch.

"Want to go take a look for it?" she suggested.

"Naa, if it isn't found I'll buy you another one. Besides I like how you look better like that." He said. In a string bikini with barely enough material to cover. She bet he liked how she looked as opposed to the mostly covering light dress.

They entered the suite and on the dining table sat three thin plastic white bags. First names and suite number. "Cool right. The play sets!" Micheal bounced excitedly. "I'm going to put the spider one together first!" He announced. Karla sighed to herself. Of course he was.

He grabbed his bag and rounded the table. Karla could not help but notice the set facing out on Howard's bag was pink tents labeled, "Grab some Cookies." But as the passed there was a second version of that set. Why would he want two versions of that disgustingly themed set. She hoped not to find out.

In his room he dropped the bag and pulled out that creepy play set. Crawled onto the bed and sat cross legged near the top. He took Karla out and placed her beside him. Placing the chain cage in the nightstand. He tore open the box and slid the contents out. Placing the instructions beside himself he started shorting through the bags.

Karla actually epped softly as he placed the bag with that awful puppet just inches away. Worse, bottom up. Like a dead giant thing. Brown and black fur and legs curled. The fact that it's endowment was bright pink and sticking straight up just made it worse. It was tapered to a soft point at the tip. Then had a bulge near the top that taper back to a shaft. She had to look elsewhere. She couldn't focus on that and where that might be pressed into.

She looked down at the instructions. He was assembling it without looking at them. It was the care, storage and cleaning listings for the set. Anything besides horny creepy crawler. The wraps and cocoons were some short of special non-fraying silk with self adhering properties. She was amazed. They were literally designed to be wrapped around a tiny person and trap them. The webs were made of the same stuff. Safety note, Always use attachment straps on webs while enjoying vertically. Silk may leg go and the fall may harm your Shrunken.

She laughed, the binding spiders were basically hair clips with a locking mechanism to hold them in, "Standing Stance."

The puppet was machine washable with light or no detergent. Lay flat to dry. Then it went to the Liquid Smooth Phallic. Suggested cleaning after every use was noted in bold. Why was that just suggested? No, clean that thing after every use. Lubrication not necessary typed someone never expecting one shoved into them, She mused. If lubrication is required, only water based brands. Such as The Company's "Slippery Slide" enjoyment gel. This secret organization makes everything. How are they secret? She thought.

"Cool, what do you think?" He announced. It looked like a creepy side of a tree trunk with a thick web connecting to the ground. "You want to be my first poor trapped fairy enjoyed by the big bad spider."

"OH GOD NO!" She gasped. "I really don't like being near spiders. Please don't make me?"

"It's OK. You're fun to play with without the play sets. Besides, I've barely used those other Shrunken. You take a break." He gifted her.

"Come let's see what I have to play with." He said as he lifted her up. He moved to the other cage. There were about twenty or so in the cage. But many were so young. They cowered at the sight of him. But Karla noticed they looked at her too, with angry glares. He opened a drawer and pulled out what looked like a small transparent plastic storage bin. He placed it beside the cage. He flicked a switch on the cage and a blue light glowed across the trapped crowd. Little red dots appeared on only a few in the cage.

He placed her on his shoulder. She had to ask, "What's with the lights?"

"If there is a light, it's alright." He recited. "It tells me which Shrunken in the cage are ripe for playing with. You know, that way. Mom and dad figure it would teach me Shrunken responsibility if I take care of the Waitins as well as the ripe Shrunken I collect."

"Waitins?" She asked before realizing she didn't want to know.

"Not ripe, ahh. Not mature enough physically. See how that one has a flickering light. She is near ripe but not ready yet. Maybe in a few days or even a year. Boom ripe." He cheery explained. Pulling the blond from this morning out. She screamed helplessly.

"What if someone plays with a Waitin?" She wanted some short of hope. His hand pulled out her neighbor's young daughter. Older than him, but not by much.

"Can't, against the Rules." He said flatly as he grabbed the only woman out of the batch.

"How would they know?" She wondered. His hand encasing a girl about her neighbor's age.

"Shrunken cages are required to have health sensors. They can tell when Shrunken that are not ripe get treated like they are." his words flowed as he snatched up what looked to have been the other girl from this morning. He added, "Then Company Security shows up and processes the offender. If an accident, like malfunction indicators. You're fined, up to and possibly including loss of all current Shrunken. In the case you realize it and notify of the transaction before they arrive, you might get off with a stern talking to. But most likely a money fine." His hand held the last one with a red dot. Another poor girl about his age." His description ended with coldly with, "On purpose though, your shrunk. Hope you get a nice owner."

He placed the container on the bed and slid her off his shoulder. He placed her down stating, "I'll be right back. Getting a play mat so none of them try to run away while I'm playing with the other ones." And left to the shared room.

Karla looked at the plastic container then to that horrible puppet. She couldn't let him force that thing on those poor girls. But could she really volunteer to let him mount that thing on her. She took a deep breath and started toward the edge of the bed toward the door. She was only on her second labored step on the padded surface when she heard a harsh toned voice, "What's the matter whore? You want to get closer so he can see you wiggling your ass like a good bitch when he returns?"

"What?" Karla was shocked.

"You. We saw you being all favorite pet for better treatment. How much cum did you suck back from that bastard for more clothes? Or your own cage?" The woman yelled.

"I'm just as trapped here as you. He has forced me to do more things then all of you?" Karla shot back.

"Really. Cause you didn't look too forced last night as you rubbed all over his cock like an alley cat in heat." She snarled.

"That was different. Things had happened." Karla started trying to explain.

"Yeah he sucked your slut tits a bit and you rubbed them all over his thing. You make me sick. Watching him gather us out of that cage like a bitchcess on a throne." The woman snarled.

The door opened. Karla spun away from the angry woman just as she harshly whispered, "Your master is back whore."

Micheal came over. He must have not heard as he smiled as he entered carrying something white in a clear plastic bag. Then he stopped looking down at Karla, "What's wrong?"

Karla didn't notice but she was so upset she was crying. But she couldn't let herself take revenge. She could see the woman's view. She was personally willing last night. The clothes, own cage, and the trips out of this room must look like special treatment. It was special treatment, cause he thinks she's special. "Nothing." She replied.

He gently scooped her up and carried her to the nightstand. "I know, you don't like seeing me play with other Shrunken. Cause it's bad. And the spider doesn't help. So I'll play on the other side of the bed on the floor so you will not have to watch." He hooked her chin to have her look up at him, "Would that make it a little better? I could turn on the TV so you will hear less too." He offered.

She had been kidnapped. Nearly twice. Forced to endure several sexual acts against her will. Been leered at by more giants then they had even seen. Maybe a little revenge. "Why don't you play here in front of the nightstand?" she asked tilting her head and pulling her shoulders back.

He quivered in his way. "But, I'll be using the spider puppet. You don't like spiders near you."

"I'll be way up here. A good distance from that thing. I might even have suggestions of fun ideas, if you'd like to hear them." she purred. If she was seen as a whore. If her only kindness was going to be from the massive boy who uses her as a sex toy against her will more often than not. Might as well milk it for a better life in hell.

He clearly liked the idea of her playing along, Suggesting scenarios. "OK I'll set up." he sang back.

He tore open the plastic bag and pulled out the white thing. "Watch this." He chirped and snapped his wrist. The white thing popped open. into a larger square with what looked like table tennis netting sewed to it's edge and held up as a fencing. He placed it then grabbed the base of the set. "Where should I?"

"That side would give us both the best view." she advised. And he followed suit. Then he grabbed the bags holding the little plastic spiders and that horrible puppet. He pulled it out and slipped it on his hand. Happily giggling he held it toward her wiggling it’s all to realistic legs. She couldn't help but cringe away making him giggle harder.

He pulled off the puppet. Grabbing the plastic spider's bag and letting gravity scatter them through a hole he tore in the bag.

He then lifted the container. The girls staggered under the unusual movement. Placed beside him he grabbed the blonde girl and was about to place her inside when Karla heard her voice say, "Wouldn't the spider have more fun if the fairies were naked?"

He looked up with a mystified smile, "Yeah." He snicker evilly. The young girl tried to resist. But it was useless. He reached over her head and pulled her bright pink tee from her in one smooth action. Flipping her he grabbed the end of the bra strap and tugged it over then up. Pushing it down her arms that were too weak to stop him. Back to face him he pulled open the top of her tight little jean shorts. His free hand wrapped around her waist and peeled the shorts and her panties down her legs. Karla felt an odd twinge of enjoyment watching him easily strip clothing from the tiny thing. He placed the blonde in and she staggered to get her footing. Then pointless trying to cover her perky little breasts with her arms. Looking around at the possible horrors awaiting her.

One by one. Naked girl after naked girl ended up standing among the scattered plastic spiders. Huddle together like they would spring to life and attack their naked supple forms. Well, in a way, they soon would.

He finished with the woman. Noting, "She's not really that pretty. Think I might trade her in for some ship credit."

"Why not bind her to the web to get her out of the way?" Karla suggested. Sneering at the woman as she glared up at her.

"No, I want one of the girls there." He purred. She knew what he wanted. To see them struggling. Supple young body helpless straining in his full view.

"Binding spiders then place her by the boulder. Like she is being eaten." Karla suggested.

"Cool! Yeah." He grabbed the woman and one of the plastic spiders. Clamping it around her arms across her back.

Then he grabbed another and looked at it funny. Then giggled. It was one of the male vibrating spiders. He forced the woman's waist to bend and began to wiggle the black rubbery cock into her pussy. The woman snarled, "Get that out of me you fucking bastard!"

Micheal ignored the insult. Just turned a wheel on the things back. Karla watched as the stiff plastic legs grabbed into the woman's thighs and ass. Once secured he flipped the switch. Karla heard the tiny motor begin to hum then the woman wailed in discomfort. He placed her by the boulder and looked to the girls for his next fun.

"Oh, you'll do." Micheal praised as he grabbed Karla's neighbor's daughter. The girl always wore loose baggy clothing. Seeing her naked, especially as she struggled in Michael's grip, Karla noticed she had a great toned build for a girl her age. Toned legs and perky B-cup breasts. She squirmed and whimpered sounds as Micheal strapped her to the webbing. He then hummed and ran a finger along the x her limbs formed on the white netting. He stroked her tender strained muscles. Taking a moment to roll her tits under his finger pads.

He grabbed another girl. She squealed in terror. "Leave my daughter alone! OH!" The woman's trembling voice yelled.

"She should be cocooned." Karla gushed.

He smiled, "If that's what you want." He sighed. Grabbing one of the white bag things he forced it over her. Pulling at one end, he wrapped it to the wiggling teen. It went snug. Hugging the girl's every curve. Her tan skin was visible here and there. It held her tight. He showed off his work toward Karla. "Look good?" He chimed.

It did. the material stretched across the girl's face holding her mouth wide open. The material parted over one of her breasts to leave her nipple fully exposed. "Perfect Micheal." Karla advised.

He admired the girl's restrained form. Her every limber curve displayed by the white silk. He looked up hopefully, "Karla, I am so going to put you in one of these some time."

She waved him over and he leaned over his toys so his face was at her level. She stroked his nose and bent forward just into eye level. "You promise no spiders and I'll be OK with you even binding me to the web. Maybe you could save a poor grateful fairy from such horrible situations."

He whimpered and stuttered out, "They have fairy costumes. I'll order you one right after this." His hot breath blew past her in eager waves.

She kissed his nose and purred, "She might even be a very happy fairy to be saved." They wanted to see her as his whore pet. She would get a very happy and supportive owner.

He knelled back trembling. His shorts strained as that thing he carried was in launch position. She knew this state of him. Too aroused to think straight. "Micheal, you don't need all six to play with the spiders." She cooed.

He gleamed toward her. Then greedy looked at the unattended girls. His clawed hand snatched the blonde girlie. Her limbs waved frantically as he lifted her. Karla called out, "Save your energy. He has a lot for you to use it on."

Micheal pulled open his waistband. She screamed in terror as he fed her to his beast. Pressing her to the side he pulled his empty hand free. A tiny bulge hugged to the side of his hard cock near it's base.

He eyed the last two and made his choice. Grabbing the other girl about his age. She made no attempt to run. Just stood there pulling her arms close to her chest. He lifted her and opened the cage to his beast. Feeding it another pretty slender teen. He instructed as she slipped into his shorts, "Wrap yourselves around my cock and rub you bodies to it. Or I will."

His empty hand returned. The little bulges wiggled at the base of that towering manhood. This made him happy as his hips rocked a bit as he sat there. Making bumps along his cock into more girl like impressions and back again.

He looked down at the last girl. "What should I do with her?" He asked. The look in his eye made Karla think this type of play might become a more common occurrence. Her giant boy, begging to do her bidding. The feeling of power. Even if it might be only temporary. Was arousing.

"How does The Daddy Get Some Spider hunt?" She heard herself moan.

"Lets see." He gushed. Slipping on the puppet. He made it walk along inside the pen. That he acted like it saw the last tender teen. Then it bolted toward her. The girl just added to the play by screaming and trying to run. He got her between the toy's mandibles and squeezed them into her sides. Lifting the wiggle living doll off her feet. "Should she get cocooned?" He offered.

"Wasn't there something about a trapdoor spider play option?" She eagerly asked. The spider theme was creepy, but it wasn't happening to her.

"Yes there is." He just as eagerly replied. Releasing the girl he put his puppet hand behind the log set-up. Putting the girl in front he pushed her, ordering, "Walk that way."

The girl was trembling. Staring unblinking at the play set. Karla also stared at it. She was trying to see the trap door. But there was no seam. No difference in plastic.

Suddenly it burst out. Karla jumped. Micheal had the girl in his mandibles before she even started screaming. Karla saw now it was under a root shaped to look like a pile of old leaves. He pulled the girl into his nest. Giggling as she disappeared. Karla was amazed at the workmanship. She still couldn't see the trap door. Just knew where his hand had been poking through.

"Now what?" He asked.

"Does the spider want to seed his cocooned catch?" She suggested.

"Yeah, that's what he wants." Micheal said and moved the wrapped girl near the web. Playfully he explained, "The Daddy Get Some spider likes to show fresh prey what happens with older prey." He crawled the puppet over the cocooned helpless teen. Then stopped. "Oh she's the wrong way around."

"Is she face up?" Karla questioned.

"Yeah her mouth is, oh Daddy wants her to taste it coming." Micheal stated.

Karla leaned over to get a better view. The pink tip rubbed where the silk had the girl's mouth stretched open. The strands of the cocoon agreeably spread to allow the phallic object to her lips. Those lips stretched around the bulb at the tip. Then, like flowing water, it just slipped into her mouth. Micheal learned to better position to watch. Rocking his wrist the bright shaft slipped deeply in and out of the restrained girl's mouth. She made grunting noises as Karla saw the bulb stretching her throat.

Karla marveled, "I'm surprised she's not choking."

"No throat gag reflex in case a Shrunken needs to be force feed pellets." He replied absentmindedly.

That must be the main reason why they have rounded tips. Karla thought. Then she realized how many more cruel things could happen to her with that fact added to her already bad situation.

Micheal's voice brought her back to the fun below. "Think I'll switch to the hottie in the web."

"Why not use the mouth stinger?" Karla asked. She didn't have anything against her former neighbor really. She hadn't said the things earlier. She was a nice young girl. But she found she wanted to see more of him dominating others. Especially if it was for her.

"The what?" He asked.

Didn't he read the box too she thought. "Pull the trigger inside." She firmly commanded.

A loud snap and the stinger, looking just like the phallic right down to color, shot out and locked between the mandibles. Snickering lustfully he announced, "Daddy is going to inject lots of venom into his fresh prey."

He led the head toward the lovely girl. Reaching the mandibles around her curved hips. She struggled and strained as the pink stinger approached her finely trimmed girlhood. All her actions were doing was advertising how sensual her body was formed. He noticed and liked it. Teasing the helpless teen, "Oh that makes the spider so hungry."

The tip kissed at the tight pussy's lips. He wiggled the head and they opened around the end. He wiggled more and the outer edges stretched around the budded tip. The girl gave a yipe as the thickened end finally entered. Sliding deep with ease.

With a plaything at both ends of his toy Micheal began rocking his wrist again. The orally filled girl grunting with each down thrust. The model in the web gasping with each up thrust. Micheal's breath become quicker and quicker as he watched the penetrating action. Karla couldn't help it. Even with the idea it was a spider didn't help. The wrongness of the scene made it more arousing. Pushed her over the edge was the fact the hanging tender thing started moaning deep from her throat.

Karla's hand found it's way between her thighs. Her finger tips found that spot and danced happily. Her breath strained in her chest. Her other hand found messaging her breast helped. Especially when attending the nipple. Her mind told her she should not like this. But oh so much she did like her giant tormenting at her command. "AHHH!" slipped loudly out.

Micheal looked up at her. Her own hand in her bottoms. In her excitement she had eased her access to her nipple by exposing it. She was too far to hide her aroused gasping. He loved the view. It was all over his adolescent face.

He pulled his hand from the puppet, leaving both it's playthings penetrated. He reached for her wanting. She growled, "The two in your shorts."

He stopped, "What do you want me to do with them?" was music.

She couldn't, shouldn't want this. But she liked the rush it was giving, "Stroke them. Take that Behemoth out and let me see them slid up and down every inch." her voice moaned.

Sitting back to lean his back to the bed. He pulled his shorts down past his knees. The two young plaything stood scared and confused. Hair a mess and clinging to their sweaty faces in an delightful way. He reached with the hand close to the pen. "No, you'll need that hand. The other." She directed.

His hand pinned the whimpering slender bodies to his thick stump. Arching his groin up to better present the show. He slid them slowly up to the end, then moved them back to the base. Their sounds of distress were somehow sensual when done to entertain her. Soon he was pumping eagerly and grunting happily.

Karla was moaning happily. "Fuck them! Fuck them hard!" her voice said from somewhere. Then it growled, "The last girl, GET HER!"

He snatched the girl before she finished her first word to beg him not to.

"Put her at the tip. Make her ride it." The animal inside her demanded.

And he fulfilled that request. Forcing the pretty teen to straddle the end of his monster. It's girth made the nimble thing nearly do the splits. But he placed her just as Karla wanted. Her trembling pussy over the thunderous hole at the top.

Karla slipped her bottoms past her knees then fell to them. Stripping her top off to hug one tit and maul the other. Even an hour ago she wouldn't believe she'd be like this at watching him torment tiny girls. Even as the idea of directing him as revenge entered her mind. She never thought she would like it like this. Now she knew better why they like owning Shrunken.

She was delighted as Micheal could not choose between watching as he used three toy teens to pleasure himself or watch her pleasure herself watching him. The girl on the tip's perky tits bouncing like he was giving her a hard up fucking was the cherry on top.

He rolled to his knees and roared, "SO HOT!" His body jumped and that cock puppet gave off the sweetest startled yelp. Karla drank every drop of the sight of his cum bursting between her thighs like an over pressurized piping. Each burst's length sounded by the playthings moaning.

Micheal finished and slumped back to a seated position. The two tiny teens still held at his base like hunting trophies. The cum soaked rider weaving like long grass in a summer breeze. Karla fell to her side. Released stole her sense of balance. That animistic voice sound one last time for this event with a throaty, "Thank You Micheal."

He smiled and said between gasps, "That was amazing." The room went quiet but for the sound of the mouthy woman's chanted oh sound as the spider's little motor worked away.
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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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An other beautiful addition! Their relationship is so erotic and naughty .
I also loved the grown up table games when it was on vsw.
I thought they were to short i so wanted more ^^ .. it just was wonderful.
Thank you for posting her again !


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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Well, your welcome. I am glad your enjoying it again.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Probably one of the hottest stories on the site. Keep it up!

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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I'm glad you like it.

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CH6: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter Six

M(t)/f/f(t) Non-consensual

Shortly he took a hard deep breath and announced, "I guess I should clean up." He walked with the three he held to the bathroom. He placed them in the sink and got the water going for them. He returned and removed the stinger from the webbed girl. Karla saw as it slipped out with no visible blood. This made her feel a little less guilty with what just happened.

She began to crawl toward her cage. She needed to refresh herself and change to different clothes. Her bottoms got damp in her excitement. A helpful giant hand scooped her up and slipped her to the bathroom section of her container. She cleaned up. He was planning an early bedtime. So she looked through the given sleep choices. A little white tank top trimmed in bubblegum pink with matching pink stripes down it and a bubblegum pink little pair of shorts. The material felt great. She slipped into it. Designed to be tight and hug her curves. Like all her other clothes she snickered.

Michael was just finishing up when he smiled shyly at her and hummed, "That looks good on you."

"I had a sweet guy buy it for me." She teased.

"I ordered myself some supper. Nothing fancy. Quick food for a quick bedtime. Mom and dad are eating out." He scooped her up and headed to the shared area. She was confused. Why wouldn't he eat in his room? Seems like the thing he would do.

He placed her on a napkin on the table. She thought that was nice, he thought about the cold surface on her skin. Then brought over the tablet. "Let's look through and see what my coupons can get us." It was like going to a sexy costume sight. Tight and showing skin was the theme. He suggested certain ones for her. She pointed out ones she preferred more. He was determined she would get a fairy styled custom if nothing else. It was actually an enjoyable interaction.

The door knocked and supper arrived. She snickered, Burger and fries. "It was all I felt I wanted." he said with his head down.

He handed her a potato staff and began eating. She wondered how she should start on her pole of food. He asked, "So what happened when I left the room?"

"Nothing." she lied.

"Karla, you were upset. I know cause I've caused you to be upset a lot. What happened?" He pushed.

"It's really nothing. Please don't be upset." She begged.

"OK, shoot." he replied.

"The woman called me a whore because you treat me differently. And because of what I did for you last night." Karla announced.

“That was so hot!” he gushed. He shook his head. "You want me to punish her?" He asked.

"You strapped a vibrator up her pussy and used a puppet to orally rape her daughter, You have punished her." Karla defended them. "Besides, I have my own cage and actual other clothes and you take me out. Seeing me get all that then me pleasuring you freely. I can see why she thinks that."

"Well I'm not going to stop spoiling you." he mused.

"Getting you to play with them in front of me was really because I wanted petty revenge." She confessed.

"OH hot revenge is tight." He gushed. "I want to play like that again."

"Might happen." she confessed again.

They ate flicking through more costumes and him suggesting more shared play together scenarios. He finished his food and purred, "You know you're not a whore right."

"I give you sexual pleasure and you give me things. It looks like it in a way." Karla sighed.

"But sometimes I give you pleasure and you still get things." He hummed. Flipping her onto her back. "Like special kisses and your choice of play clothes."

He ran his fingers down her torso. She lifted her legs and pointed her toes at him. He was going to take her shorts off. She couldn't stop him. So why fight it. His nimble digits hook the top of her shorts and she could feel them start to slide.

The door opened and his parents walked in. Milly growled, "It was agreed no Shrunken play in the dining room." Karla wondered how Howard's breakfast activity wasn't Shrunken play. But didn't speak up.

Howard offered, "You know, maybe just this once."

Micheal had already released her and Karla was readjusting her shorts when Milly bluntly said, "NO."

"But you know he is." Howard whined.

"Knowing and seeing are two different things." Milly said. Ignoring her husband she praised, "Oh good you ate already."

"Yeah we did." Michael replied.

"And Karla has had her pellets." Howard asked.

"Yes, the required amount. Ate them sideways willingly." Micheal explained. Howard seemed disappointed at the eating them sideways idea. Or possibly it was the willingly.

"We are turning in now to get a jump on the other Reds tomorrow. You should as well sweetheart." Milly suggested. "Night Karla, sleep tight." she added. Stopping to kiss him on his forehead before heading toward her room.

"Yeah, I need all the energy I can get if I'm going to collect more hot Shrunken then you tomorrow." Howard teased. "You make sure he gets a good night's sleep Karla." he said in a tone not sexual. It was nice for him to talk to her for once and not imply, by tone at least, she be a plaything.

They soon returned to his room as well. readied for bed. She found herself being placed on a pillow. Warm hand for her blanket.

He huffed and shifted. Shortly he huffed again and shifted. Huffed and shifted. His thumb starts rubbing her back. He sighs heavily and announces, "I can't sleep. I'm too excited." Karla knew what was coming. She was ready for it. She was surprised he had not already done it. Most guys sleep better after they do after all. He sat up and whispered, "I'll be right back. I'm going to sneak the tablet." And he left. That was not what she expected.

She sat up and looked confused at the door. That mouthy woman yelled, "What's the matter slut? Not get your goodnight cum gargle?"

Really Karla sighed and snarked back, "How is your spider cock sucking daughter's throat?"

"FUCKING WHORE!" the woman bellowed.

"My own cage, extra clothes, and this whole massive pillow to sleep on. Yes I love riding giant cock!" Karla taunted.

"You'll burn in." the woman started but stopped just as the door opened and Micheal snuck back into the room.

He curled under the blankets. Resetting the pillows like they were last night. Her first thought was more of that teen sitcom. He whispered, "Lets see what we can find out about that adult club on board." Figures she thought. "Where should I start?" he asked.

"Half Mast Club." She stated. It was what Mr. Conner had said. Where that woman would most likely end up.

"What makes you think, oh it is." he said. He started the video on the ship's features page. Explaining, "I'm logged in as dad. Most likely wouldn't let me see since I'm not eighteen."

"Greetings guests. Are you tired of hand puppets and action figures? Want to get a real hold on a pretty lady or fit fellow? Book you visit at the Half Mast Club. Get your private booth and enjoy a Shrunken you can do more than just rub into the right spots. We specialize in playthings of both female and male at what would be half their former height. Large enough to take it, too small to stop you. Ladies, want to dominate a man or check if that curiosity is something more? Well, control that interaction. Gentleman, still having that after gym shower dream or always just wanted to go to town on some sweet ass. Well now you can. Friends, want to share more than a special handshake? Put one between you. Wanted to have the whole team, well book now. Our booths are private and sound proof. And now with our specialized Obey Collar technology you don't even have to wrestle them in place, unless you want too. We have a large selection and on this special trip are adding more the night after each port stop. Pick one, select their outfit, and enjoy the outcome. Hell, select a few, their small." It then had different option buttons appear.

Micheal clicked on available service stock. Then females. A bunch of head shots filled the scene on one side. Drop down boxes on the other labeled preferences. With skin tones, hair color, cup size were all visible. "Click on for blondes." Karla asked.

"Oh, OK." He purred. The Head shots slipped to a smaller list.

Too many to tell. Karla thought. "Can you scroll through?"

"Have a thing for certain types of blondes?" He asked.

"Looking to see if someone I know is there." She misled him. Nope, nope, nope. Where is she? Karla thought. He went through the whole listing. She wasn't one. Did that woman get away with it? And why did I care so much? Karla thought. It's not like she could rub it in that man’s face if she was. Micheal would figure out who he was. And he shouldn't have to deal with that monster. That man will get his punishment.

"Was she there?" Micheal asked.

"No. Thank you though." She said.

"Mind if I look about?" He asked.

"Go ahead." Karla noted and plopped onto the pillow that was her bed.

After a bit she looked up. He was in some poor girl's profile. She was Karla's age. He clicked on outfits and moved the selected one from maid to cheerleader. Her full body shot changed too. "Huh, they took a photo of her in each outfit?" Karla mused.

"More likely a full body scan and that is a digital estimation of how she would look in that outfit." Micheal said flatly. Adding, "The Shrunken clothes site has that option. Later I can log into my profile and show you how you would look in different outfits. That's how I picked the clothes I bought for you already"

"So, you can show me what I would likely look like in different outfits?" She asked.

"Yeah." he said.

"Then why, when we were looking at clothes earlier, didn't we do that?" Karla asked.

"You didn't ask." He replied.

"I didn't know it was an option." she grumbled.

"Oh, yeah, sorry." He said. She wanted to hit him but he was too far away. And pillow travel made it not worth it. She closed her eyes and laid in her cloud-like resting spot. She could not sleep with the tablet glowing at her. But it was a comfortable nest to just relax in.

Then he shifted funny. Then a jostle. She was getting back to mellow when the bed started wobbling slightly. Micheal didn't notice or care. So fixated on playing with girl outfit settings for a club he can't enjoy. But what was causing that.

Karla sat up and immediately saw what it was. He had moved the blankets and his PJ bottoms to stroke his balls and lower shaft while looking at girly pictures. She was insulted for some reason. If he had grabbed a girl from his cage. That would be something. But all this access and he's masturbating to girly pics.

Maybe he planned on finishing on her by surprise. She was treated special, but still used as he wanted. Karla shifted a little to see if he would react. Nothing. Slowly she rolled to the edge. Didn't even look. She rolled off. He flipped a busty redhead to a superhero costume.

She was mad. Why? Let him pleasure himself. She was glad not to be pressed into that thing. She stood up. With his weight pressing down the mattress it was easier walking. Like those thin gym mats. She walked to where he was rubbing at and back to his tip. Still no reaction.

Well, she thought. Might as well get back to the pillow. She was at the puffy hill when she saw movement from across the room. It was that damn woman. She was pantomiming that Karla sucked giant cock.

Karla turned back and stood a bit away from his massive erection. With her mouth wide she made a bobbing motion at the waist hoping it looked with perspective that she was sucking Micheal's giant cock. Then gave the woman a thumbs up.

Middle fingers was the response.

She pointed at herself. Than at Micheal. Then back at the woman. Then made a dramatic spanking motion.

The woman started spelling out whore like a clumsy cheerleader.

Karla pointed at Micheal endowment. Made a dramatic licking motion. Then a pony riding action. Then waved her arms indicating the whole place. Then pointed at herself.

Karla wanted to annoy that woman. The only way she could think of would prove that woman right. Karla sadly wondered if she was afforded special treatment due to her acceptance of her fate. Karla pulled off her top and tossed it by the pillow. Then her shorts. She walked up to just above where he was rubbing himself. She planted a wide open mouth with tongue out and her breasts to that meat tower and walked up to the tip. Micheal shuttered.

"Karla?" he startled out.

Karla pulled her arms behind her and crossed wrists. Rolling her hips back and forth she asked in a little girl voice. "Do you mind if I have some fun or would you rather keep looking at girly pics?"

"Let me log off dad's account and shut this off." He eagerly chittered.

"Can you do that on your back?" She purred.

"Yeah." He said. Rolling back he lifted her. Close to his face he asked, "What made you playful?"

"I'm a whore remember. Got to earn my place." she grumbled.

"You're not a whore. But I'm not going to say no either." and started to take her toward his cock.

"Chest please. I want you to watch me walk and mount you." She said in a loud tone. He set her down as requested. She walked down his torso popping her hip with each step. Literally waving her ass at him. At his tip she reached up and placed her hands. She rubbed her breasts into the head of his cock in a mock attempt to climb up it. "Oh it's so big!" she yelled. Then made a few more false attempts, grinding her chest at his tip.

The woman was glaring. Karla made a waving motion in a mocking offer to let the woman try climbing on him. Then reached up and actually pulled. She pressed into the end but could not get up. Then tried again. Failed, but Micheal's happy whimpering told her he was OK with her trying again.

She took a deep breath. Taking a few steps back she would try the old dirty dancing move. Course that worked better with your partner lifting you at the same time. Step, step, and jump. Hands planted and she slid herself on her chest onto his erection.

Now mounted in a down shaft position, she wiggle herself along him. He sighed. Wrapping her legs as far as she could she started sliding her body back and forth on his behemoth. He made cute little sounds at her attention. It was strangely arousing knowing she could pleasure this giant shaft.

She raised up and grind her thighs and pussy into him. He gave off a little oh sound when she pushed toward his tip. She turned to ask if he was enjoying his whore. But then his hand wrapped around her and his shaft. She waited to be stroked along his mass.

He stood up. He was walking somewhere. But she had trouble figuring where in this position with blood rushing to her head. Then the cages were in view. She forgot he did have some guys. They seem to have been enjoying the show. A few too much. But hell with it.

Micheal grabbed someone from the girl's cage. Then walked back to the bed to lay down. Karla looked back to see who he had. But he put a pillow on his chest blocking her view. Whoever they were, clothes were not wanted for his plans.

Karla went back to reverse cowgirling his massive cock. But stayed in a sitting up position to not get him off before whatever he had planned could be ready.

He moved the pillow and placed a struggling brown haired shapely form before his mammoth cock. It took Karla a second but then she remembered who this poor girl was, that mouthy woman's daughter. He tugged her hair. She yipped out an ow and then her mouth was pressed over his cum nuzzle. He growled, "Fed her all of it Karla." Karla's mind told her she should feel bad. She had gotten mad at him for doing this. How could she help it happen now?

"STOP HUMPING HIM YOU WHORE THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!" seem to be a good argument why.

"She really likes putting her mouth on cocks. Must get that from her mother!" Karla yelled.

Laying flat she pumped her body hard. Stroking her tits to his titan. Rubbing her pussy into his behemoth. Her thighs work to soothe his beast. She didn't just grind into the top of his cock. She made love to it with her whole body. The woman was yelling something. But that just made Karla want the dragon to breathe cum even more.

She felt the shimmer. Hugging tight the flow rumbled within that colossus. Then the girl made a grunting noise. Karla rode wave after wave of Micheal's pleasure release hugging her giant's manhood. "Oh Karla, that was so hot!" Micheal gasped out. His hand began stroking her back gently.

Karla found herself really relaxed laying atop him. Him stoking her back. The warmth and the easing softening surface made her start to doze draped over his manhood like she was a house cat laying on the back of a chair. She snicker and noted out loud, "Alley cat."

Micheal lifted her off her roost. She whined reflectively. She was nested on her pillow and her PJs were playfully rained upon her. Michael stood up. He still had the girl's mouth pinned over the hole. Her face was just masked with his release. Her chest was a mix of cum and her own drool. He walked with her there to the bathroom.

He turned on the light. She watched him slide a finger between her mouth and his tip. Holding it there till she was over the bowl of the sink. Once unobstructed she gave a gut heave. He helped by squeezing a finger around her gut. Forcing more thick white past her lips. He placed her in the sink she just unloaded into. Then turned on the water and washed his hands. Pulling her out with a washcloth. Karla wondered how cleaned off she could have gotten in that short period. But she was taken back to the shared cage and placed in. He grumbled, "Even a peep from any of you and I flush you." Then he went and used the bathroom. He came back to bed and laid down. He was about to lay his hand over her when he whispered, "You not putting your PJs back on?"

"Maybe I'll sleep nude under your hand." Karla found herself cooing.

"Dad finds out you sleep nude from time to time. I expect he'll start waking us up. Just to warn you." Micheal nicely advised.

"Give me a second to put them on." Karla responded. Soon after she did, sleep took them both.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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I had just found the VSW site and began reading all those wonderful stories when the site went down. Kept checking to see if it was gonna come back up. But seems it was gone for good. So i checked out this forum again and was excited to see the VSW section as well as some familiar writers and stories. Thanks for being active and sharing your passion with us.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Well, your welcome. I'm sure the other writers will be glad to have your continued support.


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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Thank You for posting this series. Was bummed that the VSW board was closed and thought this would be lost.

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CH7: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Your welcome. Glad your posting too Shrinker_S.

Chapter Seven

World/Character building.

An alarm woke Karla from a weird dream where she was climbing a tower for some reason. She looked around. Micheal was staggering to the bathroom. The windows were dimly lit. Really early. She laid back down.

Movement in the room. She must have fallen back to sleep. Micheal was getting dressed. A plan grey shade tee shirt and green cargo shorts. His hair was wet. He must have showered. A tap at the door, Milly's voice whispered, "Breakfast is here sweetie."

"OK mom." He whispered by the door. Then seeing her groggily sitting up looking at him. In his normal tone he said, "Oh your up. Cool, we can have breakfast together." And scooped her up.

Howard was eating like he had not had food for days. He was in a light blue button up that was done up. Tan shorts. "Morning you two." He stopped to breathe and greet.

Milly was in a red fitted low neck tank top. White walking shorts. She ate in a more civilized fashion. But still hurried. "You know Karla has to stay on board right?" She asked.

"Yeah, I just figured since she was up we could share breakfast." He said cheerily. Lid came up, scrambled eggs and bacon. He moved a fork full toward her and a pinch off one of his bacon strips. She started toward his plate when he started shoveling. She worried a bit about getting close to the vigorous action. But she was hungry. She ate as fast as she could too. They didn't look like they planned on dilly dallying today. It was a port day after all. Chance for them to shrink and kidnap more people to play with.

"Sorry Karla. But if you're not done we can put it on a little dish and you can eat in the room. I have to get going." Micheal spoke. First words from any of them since he lifted the lid off his food.

"No, I'm good. Thank you." She said.

She suddenly was encased between two hands. Milly and Howard's voices confirming and questioning different details. The hands opened and she was standing on the nightstand. Micheal bolted to the other cages. "Food OK for both." Micheal said from across the room. Then over her, "Good. Sorry it'll be pellets for most of the day. But I'll get you a treat later." He placed the TV remote on the nightstand. Gently slipped her into the cage and lifted the tablet. Tapped at it. Then shut it off. "If you want to look at more outfits just turn it on. It'll start in my profile. Remote for the TV. I'll leave your cage open so you can access both. I most likely will not be back till two or three at the earliest." He bent down and kissed her head, "Wish me luck!"

She smiled, "Good luck, be safe."

He smiled. Bolted to the far side of the room. Did something with the girl's cage and left. Karla looked around. Yawned. And climbed into her cage. The bed inside was nowhere as comfy as the pillow with a giant’s hand blanket. But she still dozed to sleep.

It must have been a couple hours later. She got a drink of water and a pellet and wandered to the tablet. She missed coffee this morning. She mused they probably made little coffee makers for Shrunken. She stood on the button and the tablet glowed awake. Her pellets tasted like a vegetable drink. But with the Fruit-loop texture. She had to get Micheal to find out where Chrissy got her pellets from. She wondered how to navigate the tablet. Then she brushed her toe on the screen and that worked. With careful movements she found she could dance around to browse.

She was enjoying the prancing. She just wished she had music. She turned on the TV. The ships channels had to have ones that played music. She found the dance music channel and returned to her performance. The clothing site she tangoed some outfits she liked into the cart to hold them. The body scan thing really helped. Not that she liked going through that a few days ago.

Thinking of things she didn't like. The mouthy woman was quiet. She looked over, but the night stand was just that much too far to see clear enough. Maybe she had been screaming and she didn't hear her. Well why worry about that then. Karla thought.

Done, she shut off the tablet. Another pellet. Yeah, she needed a better selection. She should have taken up the offer on the leftover scrambled eggs. Then she looked through the channels. She found a soap opera she would check up on every so often. So she began watching.

The door to the suite opened. Someone was in the suite. God with her luck it was a snake owner. What should she do? She panicked. Then she heard a vacuum start. Right, housekeeping. Shortly a pudgy woman with dyed red hair entered. She sweetly noted, "Awe your owners are nice enough to leave your TV on. Good show too, but I'm tapping it. So let's not ruin it for Gracie huh little ones. Where is the." She started, then rushed over babbling, "Oh my oh my." She scooped Karla up. "I'd get in so much trouble if I let a Red Status family's Shrunken escape. In the cage sweetie."

"No it's ok. My owner left it open so I could use the tablet and watch TV." Karla explained. Owner was hard to say.

"Might be might be. But protocol says I have to put you in your cage if I find you loose. And I am not losing my chance to stay on for future collection cruses. I haven't had my port yet Sweetie." She said as she slipped Karla into the cage.

"Future collection cruses?" Karla asked.

"Here, compromise. I'll put the TV remote in with you. But can we change the channel so as not to spoil Gracie's stories." The maid said closing the gate.

"How many of these cruises are happening?" Karla asked.

Gracie went into a sales pitch, "The Small Pursuit presents the collection tour. These tours will start six months after the last. Visit the small ports along most continents. Forget the tacky nick knacks. Get a real sampling of the culture by shrinking as many of them as you can find and bring them home for your own pleasures." she looked down and added, "Sweetie, this is the first one. They plan on hitting every coast except North America, Europe, and Australia with this series of cruises. The secret to why not them too, Company has too many interests in the small ports there. Usually we just take Company Members to visit pretty places. But, they decided it was population lowering time. So they started this collection tour."

"So six months from the last stop on this tour?" Karla asked.

"We'll be hitting ports along the Asian coast. Hope I get to collect a whole basket of those cute little Pino boys." The maid said happily.

"So a whole new boat load of people get to kidnap more people somewhere else. Every six months after the last." Karla felt kind of sick. She would never quite balance all the horrible with the interesting.

"Well, except Red Status. Unless they lend their pass to another Company Family." The maid explained.

"Wait your saying." Karla questioned.

"They are some of the biggest mucky mucks in the Company. They book this whole package. This is the Miller's suite each collection trip unless they lend it to another company family of choice or decided not to take the cruise. Honey, your owner is going to introduce you to all kinds of people from all over the world. About twice a year. They figured that should lower the population to acceptable levels in about three to four years." She explained more. Then she announced, "Oh look at me gabbing on. I will really talk with anything."

"But how will they get away with it?" Karla asked.

"Oh Honey. They have been doing it for years. About two thirds of those planes crashed, all bodies burned were them stocking their Shrunken Shelves. Besides, they own anyone and everyone who could even try to do anything about it. But look at the bright side. You're safer as a pet of a Red Status family than living in the White House. Security is always guarding them and their property. That is why I dare not let you roam loose." She leaned in and winked, "Or I might not roam loose. And no one is going to spend a plum nickel for old Gracie's big butt here."

Karla watched as the woman cleaned the room. She vacuumed to the door and yelled over, "Hope to chat with you again soon Princess."

Karla did not know how to feel about this. She felt both helpless and very powerful. She couldn't wait till Micheal got back. She knew what her status was with him.

Then the thought came to mind. What if he gets a new special one. Some pretty thing that fits his interests more. He really likes Chrissy. What if he finds a little version of Chrissy. One to hang out with. One to unload with. How safe was she from becoming sold for credit in a town or two. Or after the next trip on the one after that. She kind of wished he did not catch her that night. She mopey channel surfed.

Shortly before one someone entered the suite. Karla listened and they were making a beeline to this room. The door flew open and in walked Micheal grinning ear to ear carrying a container whose straps were straining from the weight. "KARLA I WISH YOU COULD HAVE CAME TOO! IT WAS AWESOME!"

He set the case gently on the bed. There was a murmur like a scared crowd. He then walked over. "Why did you close yourself in?"

"Maid had too. Rules." Karla said as he opened the cage.

He slipped her out and placed her on the bed. Kneeling to her level, he excitedly started, "So you remember I went with Mr. Conner to collect today right? So, since he's crew they only get one collection port per trip. And this one was his port. So he had been planning for like, forever. We, well, we get every port. So we get off and grab whoever. But he got one and he wanted a good haul. So I met him. And he's all, are you ready. And I thought I was. So he says we are going to need a cab. I'm like, why does he want to collect a cabbie. But he doesn't. Which makes sense right. So we drove clear across town. Like an hour. We show up at this hotel. He did shrink the cabby then. But so we don't have to walk all the way back."

He took a breath and continued, "I'm like OK cool. But why? He said, wait. Don't shrink anyone yet. We walk through the lobby. I was tempted to grab the girl at the desk because she is hot. Not you hot, but you know. But he says he has a plan. He directs me to take some back stairs and tells me to wait for his signal. And man it was hard. I could hear like, giggling girl voices and music just on the other side of the door."

He stopped, "I need a drink." and got up and walked away.

He came back, knelt back down and took a deep breath, "Where was I. Oh yeah door. So he texts me, open the door and begin shrinking, we'll collect afterward. I step into the room. It's wall to wall girls. Turns out it's some gymnastic dance competition. Best part, it was some special anniversary one. So there were like girls from all over the world. I'm just like, I shrink you, and I shrink you. Through the main doors Mr. Conner comes in shutting them behind him. And he's like I shrink you. I shrink you. In like minutes we are now wall to wall Shrunken. Best part, cause their music is so loud. No one noticed. We start collecting them up. Mr. Conner dumps some garbage cans and is like, lets leave the ones we don't want in this so we can gather more upstairs. So we did. Quickly we split up our catch and start through the floor to make sure no one is around to discover and slow us down."

Karla knew the competition he was talking about. She was out of dance a few years now so she had forgotten about it being about this time of year.

He took a deep breath, "Oh I forgot. Security has these scanner things. So he could scan the big room to find all the hiding Shrunken. That was awesome!"

He took a drink then started again, "Anyway we clear that floor and then we start up floor by floor. He has this automatic lock pick thing so we are popping every door of every room. I'm jumping in like, shrink, shrink, shrink. We collect hotties and leave the guys and ugly girls in garbage cans and ice buckets. Hotties dressing, hotties sleeping, I even got one in the shower. I need to scan her and order her at least one outfit."

He hugged around her, "Oh Karla we had to stop after we finished there. We each filled out containers. Technically, we over filled them."

He leaned back and smiled, "We drove back. We got lost. We couldn't ask for directions. Because it was all panicked people running from ship guests. Seems word got out people were shrinking people and collecting them. But, the boat is in the ocean. We just went toward the ocean. We hit the beach and saw the boat. So we just drove down the beach. He zigzagged and did donuts. We even jumped that old car over a dune."

He gasped then began again, "So we walked up the stairs thingy. Yellow Status people are just leaving. The guard guy is like, Jim, you're back already. Must not have caught many. Sure you don't want to go back out there. And Mr. Conner's all cool. He's like, No I'm good. This kid just had a knack for finding cute things. They laughed. Then he placed his case on the scanner and opened it. I thought their heads were going to explode. They were like, that's over filled. There is a fine for that. And he's like, for Red Status members and their collecting guests. Then they realize I'm Red Status. They were jealous."

He took another deep breath, "So we are walking. He's like thanks for letting me be your guest and coming with me. I'm like, no problem. He's like, I knew it would be a good haul. But I was not expecting that many people there. And I was, all the better for us."

He stopped and just stared. "Is there more?" Karla asked.

"Did you want to see?" he said like the excited kid he was.

"Guess yeah. Just thought you'd be more interested in sampling some you are so excited." She admitted.

"Can't, I caught too many. Maintenance is coming to install bigger cages. Don't want my stuff out when they come to set stuff up." He explained.

He leaned close and kissed her head. "There are so many. We'll have all kinds of fun play we can do. Start thinking of things Karla, and likely we'll do them."

He lifted her up and snuggled his face to her. He purrs out, "Best part since we bucketed all the extras at the hotel. Any the clean up crew finds there we get partial ship credit. Mr. Conner figures since it's so far out. We could get a bundle."

He placed her on his shoulder. Then popped the lid. It was crowded. Lots of dance uniforms from loose dresses to tight fitting leotards. But mixed styles of clothing too. It was a mix of ethic groups. Mainly Hispanic and Caucasian. But Asians, African Americans and Indians from a quick pass of Karla's eyes. It looked like the whole spectrum of hair colors. All faces fearfully looking up at them.

In shock Karla gasped out, "There must be over thirty in there."

"Yep." Micheal said proudly. Noting, "Scanner counted forty four all healthy and ripe."

Clearing his throat Micheal starts this speech, "Hello my new Shrunken. You are now property. And I will do as I wish with you. If you misbehave you will be punished and I will like it. This is Karla, she is special and therefore better than you. If you cause her problems. You will be punished. And I will like it. Now, I'm going to show some of you off to Karla."

He reaches in and grabs this brown haired girl with huge breasts. She was probably in her mid teens. Her dance outfit reminded Karla of a cheerleader uniform. Micheal's fingers were place for maximum enjoyment. "Look at the rack on this one." He put her back and pulled out a poor naked long haired blond girl. Probably about his age, "She's the one from the shower. Remind me, clothes." She was returned. Then he grabbed a woman. Karla recognized her form when she danced. In her near thirties Karla figured. Likely was a teacher at one of the area dance schools. Shoulder length brown hair and a very fit body poured into a bodysuit. "Hot huh?" Putting that woman back he pointed out, "Look here's the girl from the counter I told you about." he explained as he lifted a very slim woman about Karla's age with waist long black hair. Then she was back in the crowd. He pointed to a woman and girl in the corner. "That's a MILF and her daughter." They were very curvaceous blondes. The mother looked to only be in her mid thirties and her torso tight red dress seemed to show a very fit body. The girl, mid teens Karla figured, was in panties and a bra so her fitness was clear.

"OK for now, pretties. Your new cages will be here soon. I'll be back." Micheal said and closed the lid. He then walked back beside the nightstand. "Man I can't wait for the cages to be set up so we can start playing."

"Micheal, one, texted Chrissy so she knows you're on the ship. Two, let's go out to the shared room and order some lunch." Karla stated.

"Yeah, I'm hungry." He said lifting her up.

They entered the shared room. Micheal sighed, "You feel bad about them. So don't want to play like we did yesterday."

"I do feel bad. I'm not ready to play with them right now. I was thinking you needed to eat and if you stayed near the box too long you would work yourself up too much. Out here, easier to regain focus. Also, you could put together your other play set while you waited." Karla explained.

He placed her on a napkin. "Cool yeah, I'll get that. You could be a hot teacher and I'll punish your naughty students." And started for their room.

"Stop, text now." Karla noted.

He stopped and tapped at his watch saying, "Right, your right." Then he announced, "Cool done. Can't wait to see her. Be right back." He went into the room.

He returned with the box. Karla stopped him with, "Order Lunch!"

"Right right." He said and tapped at his watch. "Done."

"What if I don't like that?" she tested him.

"But you said you like nachos." He replied defensively.

"I didn't know what you ordered." she teased. "You are too wound up. Please just sit and catch your breath."

"Yeah, it's just. Like wow, did you see all of them. Every time I picked one up all I could think of was, I wonder what Karla will think of this one? Or I wonder how Karla and I will play with this one? Or I wonder what Karla will suggest I do with this one?" He started up again.

Interrupting Karla said in a firm tone. "You didn't sit and you're not catching your breath."

"Right," he said, then sat down. He was just vibrating. He stood up, "Maybe I should bring them out here and look through them again. Or, or, or, that naked one. We could scan her. Poor girl is probably cold. I would like to warm her up." The end came out as a lust filled growl

Karla could see he was in hormone overdrive. His Behemoth must be straining at it's own skin. She could not believe she was going to suggest this. But he might pass out from hyperventilating if something wasn't done soon. "Micheal!" she snapped.

"Yeah Karla, you want to warm her up too?" He blathered back.

"Why don't you take me into the bathroom and," was she really going to say this to him, "Masturbate with me?"

"REALLY!!!" he blared out. "You want to?"

"No, but how much longer can you take?" she surrendered.

"Cool, so hot! I bet my balls are overflowing with cum I can cover you with." Micheal said, reaching for her. She wanted to protest. But he wouldn't listen.

The door. Someone was knocking at the door. Couldn't be the food. Micheal excitement burst like a balloon. He sadly shambled over to the door. On the other side were three guys in overalls with a large flat cart. On the cart was large long flat cardboard boxes, tool boxes, and a mix of other things. The scruffy looking guy with Gus labelled on his overalls asked, "Micheal Miller?"

"That's me." Micheal responded.

"We are here to set up your cages. Which room would you like them in?" The man said warmly.

Micheal pointed saying, "Secondary Bedroom please."

The guy smiled and stepped in. The other two started moving the cart through. Gus looked at Micheal and said, "Heard you got a good hall today?"

"You bet wanna see?" Excited Micheal started to return.

"Naa kid. I'd just get jealous. Beside we gotta get this thing installed then we got a list that's longer than you are tall of chores. Look it said two max cages. But I figure save time since it's not likely you're done collecting. I fudged it and brought the max for across the bin. Five cages. We'll link them up for community living. You know, save pouring feed for every cage. They'll all be water power linked individually. Cause if one has say, bad wiring or something, it will not mess up the others in any way. Your folks be good with that?" The man explained.

"Yep." Micheal yipped.

"Cool. Best get my work on then." the man said. He started toward the bedroom. Karla noticed him seeing her. He commented on the way by, "That's a cute one. Must have all kinds of fun with her."

"Sure do!" Micheal said excitedly. Making Karla self conscious. Especially since she just remembered she was still in her low cut tight fitting pajamas from last night. Micheal walked up and leaned down. He rattled out, "The cages are here. Isn't that great. Lets watch them set them up." He snatched her from the table and followed.

They were setting up equipment. The long box was opened up. Large Plexiglas panels with little holes drill in a grid. Karla realized quickly, air holes. Gus looked at Micheal and asked while pointed at the collection container, "You mind moving that. We don't want to take the chance of knocking it off there."

"Sure." he cheerily responded.

He placed Karla on the dresser by the TV. She had never looked at the room from this angle. Standard hotel styled room. But the spaces between things were like canyons to her. She began imagining trying to navigate the room without Micheal's help.

She was literally lost in her own little imaginary mountain furniture adventure when a giant hand wrapping around her made her yelp. She looked up, Micheal of course. But she was so toy size lady Indiana Jones in her head she just didn't notice him coming toward her. He curled up on the bed to watch the men. Petting her head like she was a little kitten he found.
The men pulled out the storage dresser thing. The wall behind it was a panel that popped open and leaned down. All these power cords and plastic tubing were in there. They disconnected the two little cages and took them to temporarily connect them to the sink in the shared area so the Shrunken could use the washroom or get water to drink.

Then they dugout five panels with a plug cord and two plastic tubes hanging off them. They sprayed what they called an invisible mat on the top of the dresser thing and placed that panel on that. Gus explained it as the spray worked like those non-slip mats. This way if Micheal slipped he would not knock around the cage. Adding offhandedly, their weight will help stop that too.

Then they flipped open a panel. Then fed two tubes and a plug wire and connected that to the base. They repeated this for the other four panels. Then shut the wall panel and moved the dresser thing back. They connected a back panel which was just a large plate of Plexiglas with the air holes. then a side panel. It was sectioned off with groves and latch doors every so often. Once in place they started adding wiring, securing it by running it through little grey pipes. Then the water pipes which Gus happily noted as white in green out.

They only installed part way then slid in the first floor panel. Then they started assembling that floor. Extending the wiring as they went. Seems all water related stuff was limited to the bottom area. Karla realized it looked like a transparent apartment building. Each latch door corresponds to an apartment. It even had stairs and a hallway running down the length of it.

Once they had built and wired every floor, they attached the other side panel. Then removed one latch door from a second floor apartment and a fourth floor apartment and connected a large plastic tube with a flat bottom. As they work Karla noticed the apartment they attached the tube too had no door wall to the hallway. Making it a large open space. She marveled at it, a sky-walk between cages. Once that was set they connected the front. Which had a latch door for each hallway. Then they built the next plastic apartment cage. They worked away assembling Micheal's own little ladies only neighborhood.

Karla noticed Micheal's excitement was ebbing. He yawned. About part way through them building the third cage he stopped petting her and was just holding her. They were just about half way through the fourth she sudden was lifted up and plopped down on the pillow she usually slept on. His breathing was soft and steady. He was asleep.

She could tell there was more to the fifth building. But couldn't see pinned under Micheal's hand. Her squirming seemed to bring his index finger to life and it began stroking her cleavage. It wouldn’t have been so bad but one of the workers noticed and pointed it out to the others. Gus snarled them back to focus fairly quickly and they finished up. Karla could see several large round tube things hanging off the side of the last build held on by brackets. They cleaned up, the two worker guys taking the tools and cardboard.

Gus pulled the lid off of one of the tubes and poured pellets out of a paper tan with black writing pet food bag looking thing. She knew what the tubes at the end were, feeding silos. He placed the bag down by the head of the bed. Wrote a quick note. Folded the paper and placed it in front of the cages. It read in a rather nice script, "Questions? Text Gus. Then gave his number."

He leaned down and whispered, "Look it looks like you have some short of good pet/owner thing going. So I feel I can tell you. And you tell him. I brought some special pellets. I'm told he has so many of you little skirts now that he is not going to be able to watch them all. These pellets are designed to basically keep his little ladies from trying to hurt themselves. Basic anti depression things I can't explain. Cause I can't duct tape it. I lifted him one from the boat's supply. He can have it. But he'll need to buy his own, I can't be supplin' even to Reds understand Brown eyes?"

"Yes." Karla whispered.

"Good, well, I need to see why the boat is not hummin right. Good luck Miller's princess." and Gus left.
Karla laid there. Staring out the open bedroom door. Wondering if Micheal would wake up before Howard and Milly got back. His index finally stopped petting her tits. He shuffled a bit. Then she heard him mumble dreamily, "OK Karla, I'll coat her too." then just happy sleep noises.

He was going to be a handful when he got up. Karla thought. No, strike that, he'll want a hand full when he gets up. She laid there. Bored. Kind of wishing the finger would wake back up.
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CH8: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter Eight

M(t)/f*3 non-consensual
World/Character Stuff

Karla laughed at herself. She saw the cages assembled and followed the reminder of apartments. But laying here for maybe an hour she had time to reassess. It should have been a more logical jump. Small squarish rooms in a contained structure. She jokingly thought to herself, Welcome ladies to Micheal's Transparent Prison. I'm Karla, top bitch. Don't mess with me or I'll get him to whip out the punishment stick. And it can punish.

Yep, she was bored. She had tried to sleep even. Nope. Any attempt to wiggle out from under his hand just made his fingers close in an almost reflexive way. Best she got made her snicker. Out and about to crawl away. Only for him to grab her again mumbling, "No Karla, she can take more in." At least he was enjoying his catch in his dreams.

Door to the suite opened and it was Milly and Howard's voices happily chatting away. Howard noting, "Hey Micheal must be back too. He had. Soggy untouched nachos? Why did he order nachos and not eat them?" Karla was mad. When did the nachos arrive? She was starving and nachos, even the nibble she would actually eat sounded amazing right now. Someone had to pay for letting good nachos go soggy.

Milly replied, "Why are his cages attached to the sink here? Is he in his room?"

"Not likely, after a port day with the door open. I mean." Howard was standing in the doorway. "Milly, come here." He called. He stood lovingly staring at his son who was passed out from excitement.

Milly appeared and stopped in a startled stance . "Shit." came out grunted under her breath.

"What?" Howard asked.

"Sweet husband. You're a genius. You made tech that will remove our need to fly again unless we want to. But I am going to have to start hanging onto your arm when we are near traffic. Cause you are so unobservant that you can't see two feet to your left." She explained in a sarcastic tone.

Howard turned while asking, "What?" Then a long, "Oh!" He looked over and snuck in close to the bed. "Karla, why does Mikey have a small town of cages?" He whispered.

She didn't know why. But the fact she was able to do this to him just made her happy. She whispered, "His catch box is over on the floor on the other side of the bed. Go have a look."

"OK, cool." and Howard circled the bed. Then, "Holy." there was more but something muffled it. Then she heard him call, "Milly."

Karla watched as the woman walked from her view. Then another under her breath grunted, "Shit." slipped out. Then in a harsh whisper, "Close that lid." Then she flatly stated, "I think we should start looking after the Waitin for the rest of the trip. He has enough to keep fed with this." The shuffled out of the room. Milly looked over and whispered, "I'm going to shut this door. So, when he gets up if he wants to, stuff. He can." All that activity and noise and he was still sleeping.

A little bit longer and his stomach growled loudly. He groggy sat up and mumbled, "What's taking those nachos so long?" He scooped her up in one hand and staggered toward the door. He was swaying so much Karla wondered if he was sleepwalking. He entered the shared room and groggily noted, "Oh, they are here." Then lifted the lid, "They look awful, I'm sending them back."

Milly's voice called over, "Oh hey honey. Did we wake you?"

"Naa, hungry." he replied.

"I figured you would be. I ordered us some snack trays to munch on. The Grants are going to stop by for dinner. Hope you're not mad we are not going to tonight's table mixer." Milly announced.

He nodded and replied, "No. I rather hang out with Chrissy."

Howard came out. "Good haul son." he said like a proud papa. "Oh, I ordered this for Karla since I figured you would take her to the mixer. But I guess I didn't need to." he said happily. Karla got the feeling they found their family for boat fun in Chrissy's family.

Micheal took what his father was handing him. An outfit bag. White skirt and sun visor Karla could see. Tennis Karla realized. "Thanks dad, it'll look great on her."

"You know, I ordered a tennis outfit for my Shrunken I was taking. I'm going to text the Grants and ask if they wanted to dress them up anyways." Milly noted.

"So your mother and I decided you have enough to look after and are taking the Waiten off your hands." Howard informed Micheal.

"Cool." he softly noted.

"It's agreed. All the Shrunken will be tennis themed. Oh, I know what will be cute. I'm going to be back in a moment." Milly announced. As she started past Micheal she suggested in a, I don't want to think of it tone, "Mikey. Why don't you go. You know, Freshen up. The Grants will be here soon."

He responded in an embarrassed tone, "OK Mom."

"After dinner, I'd like to talk to you about something." Milly added.

"Sure mom." Micheal answered. She left.

"Take your girls from beside the sink please." Howard asked.

"Sure dad." Micheal traveled over to the sink. Karla could see the two young teens and the three mid-teens but no mouthy woman. Did he trade her in for ship credit? She wondered a little too hopefully. He piled them into a clear plastic container and traveled to his room and placed Karla on the nightstand. Handing her the outfit bag. He suggested, "Why don't you freshen up and change and I'll move my girls and stroke it."

"OK." she was surprised. He walked away toward the far side of the room. She figured he would be making her climb his tower. She laughed, now she knew where that dream came from last night. She entered her little cage. She stripped and was about to try to get his attention for a cloth to dry with when she noticed a draw full of her sized towels. She should have spent the day searching this place for more magic tricks.

The shower passable. She felt better, cleaner. But the water pressure made it little more than a dribble. She stepped out and could hear a couple of ladies whining and begging to be let go. Micheal was happily gasping. She didn't know if she wanted to look or not.

Suddenly her towel was yanked off her. Giant fingers wrapped around her and she was flying backward. She was a bit dizzy when she finally stopped. Micheal's grinning face was in her vision. He had that look.

She begged, "Micheal please. I just showered. Don't cum over me. I don't want to get dirty."

"Well, I'm not going to cum on you. But we are going to get dirty and you might want to take a quick shower afterward." He informed her. Then she watched his tongue lick his lips and was happy to know what he was planning.

He moved her toward his face. She spread her legs to try to straddle that massive face as best she could. Giant lips pressed along the thighs and at her belly. Hot breath flowed over her in gasps. There it was. Hello new friend she thought. Glad to feel you again. Only a few strokes of that budded touch and her hips started dancing back.

He tilted his head back and let her go. She leaned over and started stroking the bridge of his nose. He was looking at her. She smiled at him as best she could with pleasure being lapped right through her body. She gasped softly, "Are you being mean to those girls?"

He hummed an, "ah huh." The vibration raced through the tip of his tongue, into he wanting womanhood, and right into the pleasure center of her brain. She could not help but to react. Her back arched and gasped a loud "AH!" And that was all the invitation he needed. Happy humming began. And Karla greedily took it.

He sang her closer and closer to a brief heavenly peak. Then power lips pulled her down tighter. Wrapping around her thighs and her waist at the same time. Her legs stretched wide. She didn't think she could spread them nearly this wide being well out of dance so long. But there she was.

She didn't think of it long. Soon the sensation he was savoring into her burst forth. Her toes spread wide in a glee filled climax. She bent forward over his lip and into his face. That ravenous voice from the other day growled out in bliss, "Oh Micheal! Yes Micheal! Yes, more! More!"

The creature inside her slipped back to it's hiding spot too soon for her liking. But his tongue was quickly baiting her back to howl again. Karla laid limply on his smooth skinned face. His deep drink drew her strength back. Glorious glorious lapping drove her body back up. Another wave was coming. Smaller than the first, but she would still ride it. Hopefully to the next large one. "OH MICHEAL!" It from deep within her howled in pleasured triumph.

His tongue pressed magnificently hard into her pussy. It was painful, but she could, wanted to, take it. Her hips grind in denial of what that meant. She could feel him shutter with each burst. From the gurgled whimpers she knew her giant boy was blasting hot thick cum over both ladies' faces. Its final trigger her roaring pleasure. It was good being his special Shrunken the wrong being inside her whispered this as it slipped back into her shadows.

He just laid there with her draped over his face. She crawled up and curled along his brow right over his eye. Lovingly stroking the bridge of his nose. He snickered, "Really there."

"It's cozy." She purred.

"I need to get cleaned up." He advised.

"I was cleaned up and you got me all dirty. You can give me a bit more. Just a little bit more." She cooed back at him.

He lifted his hand and admired his handy work. Karla looked. The Brunette dance teacher from earlier and a shoulder length dark haired lady. Cum made it hard to see their features clearly. It covered both faces and the tops of their beasts in a thick oozing coating. Slowly running down their well toned bodies. She felt she should feel bad. She nuzzled his nose and kissed it.

He lifted her off his face with his clean hand. Placing her right in her cage by her shower. He started toward the far side of the room. "Shouldn't you wash them off?" She asked.

"Naa, they have all kinds of showers in the new cages. They can do that themselves. It's not like either of them are you." He replied and walked on.

It whispered again, really good to be his special Shrunken. She went back into the shower to rinse off. And hopefully wash the thought it was trying to plant in her mind.

She stepped out and dried off, again. She opened the tennis outfit Howard ordered her. Bra, skirt, frilly panties shorts thing, long sport socks, visor, wrist bands, and sneakers. Where's the shirt she thought. Then she looked again, it wasn't a bra. It had a strip of elastic material to hook her breasts into.

She struggled to fit into the top. Trying to stretch it enough to both cover and contain her breasts. Why didn't it just come with a corset. Finally finding a position where it didn't feel like the shirt was going to shove her breasts through her back.

She took a look. Some material hung just past her mounds. If she walked too bouncy she could be flashing her slightly covered under boob. And they were pressed up on her chest. She was going to have problems just seeing her shoes to tie the dang things. It spoke, but Micheal will like it.

She shook her head. She pulled up the frilly thing she had only ever seen cheerleaders wear. It fit well actually. Kind of girlishly cute. The skirt, as little as it was one was cute if she was alone with someone. White with a black strip of color near the helm. It flared out and fluttered slightly as she moved. The bottom of her ass was never hidden by the thing though. She worked around her new tit shelf to pull in her socks. They ended just below the knee. Then the sneaker with little pink stripes diagonally down the sides. They were good. Comfortable. Wrist bands.

Then the visor. It didn't look right. Her hair was down. It should be up for a visor. Just will not wear it, she thought. Then she wondered. To her amazement they had Shrunken sized elastics. In a pile behind them, those elastics with the plastic beads in different colors. Oh she shouldn't, she thought. But there were white ones. She divided her hair. Taking the first half she wrapped the bobble. Then the other half in a bobble. She looked in the mirror. Two perky pig tails bobbed on her head with bright white decoration. Careful not to mess them up she worked the visor on.

She stood up and looked in the full mirror. She giggled at how she looked. Great if she was staring in a tennis themed porno. Bad for hanging out with people she barely knew. Thanks Howard she mockingly thought. She turned and jumped back. She growled a scream, "How long have you been there Micheal?"

"Skirt." Micheal replied from his perch on the bed.

"You scared me." She pouted.

"You look hot." He replied.

The voice purred in her head, told you he would. She however said, "I wish it covered more."

"Yeah, I looked up the rest of the dinners and ordered you any outfits you might need for them. Though we could keep that our secret and just enjoy any dad orders ourselves." Micheal stated. He reached in and petted her head. Karla felt herself lean into the affection.

The bellow of Chrissy's father, "Howard my friend. Bet we did better than your family did today."

"Lets go, Chrissy's here." Karla said.

His warm hand soon flew her through the room and to where the Grants were standing. Chrissy flew over to Micheal. The black haired man in her cage was not ready for the sudden burst of movement. She was wearing a cute matching pink shirt skirt combo. Her Shrunken wore a tight white shirt, shorts, long sport socks, sneakers, wrist bands, and a headband. Karla found his face looked warm, greeting. She felt even more subconsciousness about her lack of covering suddenly.

"Hello Micheal. How did you do today? We made out like bandits." She sang. Eyes sparkling.

Milly called over, "You should save your story for supper Mikey."

"OK mom." he sighed. Karla felt herself smile feeling proud for some reason.

"Can I see what you have Micheal?" Chrissy asked.

"Can I show her? I could use help putting them all in the cages." He asked.

The Howard and Chrissy mom both went, "Sure."

Her dad and Milly both added, "With the door open."

"OK." Came from both teens.

They scurried into the room. Micheal had to stop himself from closing the door out of habit. Chrissy sat with her legs out to her side in a ladylike position. Micheal placed Karla on the bed edge closest to the cages and went to get his new collection.

"OH, Daniel. If you can be good you can hang out with Karla. Will you be good?" Chrissy noted to the tiny man in her cage.

"Yes Miss Chrissy." he replied in what sounded like a rehearsed response.

"OK," was Chrissy's usual girly tone. Then the next words was that form was from the pits of pink hell, "If you pull an Eric you'll feed the sharks too. Understand?"

"Yes Miss Chrissy." He flinched.

"Good." Bubblegum Chrissy was back.

She curled up and gracefully emptied the raven hair man beside Karla. "Be Good!" was Chrissy. Then she curled back pointing at him with a glare that said, "Or else."

Karla didn't know what to do. She was worried to talk to the man. She did not want to see Chrissy shatter another man's balls like cheap wafers again. They just stood there and watched Micheal bring the container. Between them Micheal swore Chrissy to secrecy. She praised his hunting skills. Then it was unnerving to watch them take turns lifting some poor girl or woman out and noting things they liked about them before forcing them into the cages.

"Well that is both a cute and horrible sight isn't it." Chrissy current man toy spoke.

"They are a cute couple of mass kidnappers." Karla responded.

"So your Micheal's Karla. She is fond of both of you. I know, she tells us everything. Lot of times even things we never wanted to hear." the man replied.

"Let me guess, you're not actually named Daniel." Karla teased.

"No, I am." He responded. "But I prefer Dan. You really Karla?"

"Yes, I thought Chrissy renamed all of her gentlemen." Karla couldn't think of a better word.

"She does. We were all in a box like that. She lifts a guy up, looks at them struggle helplessly in her piano recital fingers and then goes, you look like a Frank, you are now Frank. Remember that. And into the cage. She picked me up and I looked like Daniel. Which worked out well for me." Dan explained.

"Well, Dan, I wish we could have met under different circumstances." Karla noted.

"Yep." he replied.

"I'm sorry about Eric." she felt she should say something.

"Don't, he was an asshole. Could not stand being stationed with that man. I suspected him of such behaviors. I just hate myself for snickering every time I think of the fact Mr. Supermacho special forces had his balls shattered and tossed off a boat by a girl less than a hundred pounds." He said, then snicker. Karla couldn't help but snicker too.

"Can I ask you something?" Karla asked.

"I wish you would cause I'm stuck for a question to keep you talking with me." Dan replied

Karla felt her cheek warm. She was sad as well. Even if they hit it off, where could it really go. Spend time as teenagers giggle at each other nervously.

"You said you had a question?" Dan interjected

"How? You were a small base. But still a military base. How did they take you guys?" She asked.

"Confusion. The radio calls were always cut off or at the time made no sense. So units would go out to find who was attacking us. See nobody who radioed about the attack. Just unarmed tourists walking aimlessly in the area. So, getting them somewhere safe would be the thought. They'd get close and by time they knew the real danger. They and their weapons were too small to stop them from just plucking the whole unit into their box and waiting for the next to stumble upon them. Hell the Grants let us take them right into our secure bunker and walked out with many of us from there." Dan explained.

"I was just walking home from work and was expecting to be asked directions." Karla remembered.

"Oh, hate to say it, but we may have a cute moment." Dan joked. Micheal and Chrissy were holding hands over the box. Looking nervous at each other. Slowly leaning forward. He explained, "They both reached for the same poor girl at the same time." Sure enough nervous lips touched. They were kissing.

Milly's voice called, "Dinner kids. You'll have to finish up afterward. Put a dish in the box for them, Micheal."

Nervous young faces parted and giggled from their discomfort. Micheal scooped some pellets from the bag in a small bowl and placed it in the middle of the bowl. Girls who had not eaten for hours risked the new rumored food stuff. Chrissy shut the lid. They shyly stared at each other as they approached the bed and reached down.

Karla suddenly found delicate pink nailed fingers wrap around her and lift her up. Chrissy started softly petting her head while staring at Micheal. Who was lovingly petting Dan. Karla was about to say something when Dan waved her off. They stepped into the shared room like a couple in a strange wedding procession. The parents all snickered to the shared confused looks from the teens.

"Bit distracted were you?" Milly teased.

"Why?" they both responded. Then noticed who they carried and quickly traded.

There was a large table brought in and set up. In the middle was a tennis court with the other selected Shrunken. She wondered who brought who. Two was obvious, Chrissy mom brought Tarzan again. But she did not recognize the fit redheaded guy in about his late teens, but she figured Milly. Both wore outfits matching Dan's.

No it was the two ladies. They were both dressed like Karla. Lucky for both of them though, they had less to wrestle into their tops. Both were fit if a bit thin. One blonde one Latina and both trembled in the middle by the net.

Karla noticed a box by the garbage can. So that's what Milly went for. It was the play set they used as the centerpiece. Karla rolled her eyes at the name, "Will-Bend-Them." She however didn't enter the tennis cage. Nope Micheal placed her beside her own little table. She found herself happy to see Dan would be joining her.

To distract from what can't happen she looked to the Grants. Mr. Grant was wearing a red flower print shirt with green shorts. Mrs. Grant had stretched a colorful tee over her chest and tan capris.

Dan and Karla sat as they shared their stories of their day. The Grants had wandered into a University or High School wrestling event. Lots of strapping young men for the girls. Good stock of hapless cheerleaders for Mr. Grant. The Millers found a mall. Many of the clothing stores aimed at young women were having sales. So Howard went shopping. Milly noticed a fireman competition in the parking lot. And blazed a trail. Then Micheal started. It was a more restrained version of the one he told Karla earlier. But with approving nods from both fathers. Chrissy was transfixed at his restraint and cunning as she put it.

It was another unusual night for Karla. She started to wonder if they are just her new normal. She learned things she would not have expected, Mr. Grant was an avid knitter. Mrs. Grant discovered why Mr. Grant wanted to keep the little blonde he wore the other day but did not want to do anything with her sexually. When she found herself drawn to pull her out and brush her hair. They all call her little sister now and have her own cage in their shared room. Howard colors in coloring books when he's stuck on a problem at work. Milly used to play piano professionally. It became an enjoyable little slice of near normal.

After dinner the kids went back to caging the rest of his treasures. Dan and Karla tried to talk without getting too close. Turns out they had much in common, music, shows, sense of humor. He had even spent years learning dance. The Grants called for Chrissy. Karla's heart sank. The reminder of Chrissy’s plans for many of her Shrunken reminded Karla she should not get attached to other Shrunken.

A blonde smiled down at them made her feel better. "Are you two getting along?"

"He was very well behaved and great company." Karla stated.

"So, when we all go out tomorrow for more swimming. I should consider maybe bringing him?" She tested.

"I think he would be good company for us." Karla responded.

"Goodie." She giggles. "Night Karla." She reached and scooped up Dan. She walked out petting him purring, "Someone has made Miss Chrissy a very happy lady. They might get treaty treats."

Karla snicker. Michael noted as he scooped her up. "Oh good. She wanted to find one you could have fun with too." Karla wondered what Micheal would think of Dan if he knew how she liked him.
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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Great addition to story. Looking forward to more.

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Ch9: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 9 M(t)/f*3 Non-consensual -> f/f*2 non-consensual + M(t)/f(t)*3 Non-consensual

Karla watched as the Grants and Millers said their good night. Well, short of. Howard and Mr.Grant were going to a blackjack tournament. Karla was glad not to know what they would win. Or what was needed to enter. Though it did answer who owned which girl as Mr.Grant wore the Latina as the blonde hung from Howard's neck.
Crew had come and gathered the table and such. So cleaning up was fairly easy. She rode on Micheal's shoulder as he helped his mother with little there was.
"You want the tennis set? I just bought it cause I thought it would be cute for tonight." Milly asked.
"Yeah. For the caging at least. Karla do you play tennis?" Micheal asked.
"I have." She answered.
"Cool. Or we could do the giant finds a girl’s tennis game." He beamed.
"Your mother is right there." Karla whispered.
"And watch them to learn the game." He failed to recover.
"We do have to talk about something." Milly reminded him.
"Yeah?" He asked.
"How many of your other Shrunken have you ordered clothes and things for?" She questioned.
"Ahh, none." He replied.
"How many others have you even scanned?" she asked.
"None." he said softly.
"You have fifty other Shrunken to attend to. I'm not saying not to spoil Karla. But I think it's time to scan them and order some clothes." Milly stated.
"But that will take forever. And most of my credits I currently have." He whined.
"I'll help. First let's get the ones you have in my room." She said.
"What ones do I have in your room?" he asked.
"The girls I'm trading you for the boys you'll never play with. I think we should, how can I say this the crudest, Have a cocks for cunts deal between us. Give you an advantage for collecting more girlies at the future ports than your dad." She offered. He beamed. Like he needed to have access to more tiny girls and women.
"What about the credits?" he asked.
"Well, we'll work something out. I seem to remember you might be getting a bundle tonight. I'll just lend you some." Milly offered.
"What if that doesn't work out?" He asked.
"Shrunken are more fun with different outfits to make them wear. Besides I know you will pay me back eventually. I know where you live buddy?" Milly replied. "Now let's go cattle trade. I do have a few ladies I'm keeping. So don't get mad if you don't get everyone you want from me."
They entered the main bedroom. They have a walk in closet-like area where they keep their cages. They go to one side. Karla looked across the room at what must be Howard's cages. She's happy they all seem dressed and clean.
"One second Honey." Milly advises Micheal.
Walks to Howard's side and pulls someone from a cage. Karla's heart is hopeful. Her Aunt Marie is sitting in her hand. Milly advises with an apologetic tone, "I can't trade Howard's Shrunken. But you can visit on my side of the room while we trade. Good?"
"Thank you." Karla said.
They placed them together as the two normal sized people trade. "Oh sweetie," her aunt begins, "You look good. How have the last few days been for you? How bad has he been to you?"
"They have been trying. Aunt Marie, he's been good to me all things compared to how others are treated. How are you holding up?" Karla asked.
"Stay away from that man. He's somewhat obsessed with you. He keeps calling me by your name." She bursts into tears, "Especially when he's raping me."
"Has that been often?" Karla worried.
"It was really bad the first night and the next day. If he was in this room, I was on his. He's let up some. But at least once a day I'm you." She broke down.
"I'm sorry Aunt Marie. I'm so sorry." Karla said.
"No no, it's not your doing. You though, how often are you forced to endure that creature?" She snarled.
"Well, he. I have. I am his favorite. But for not just sex things. We've come to an understanding. I've been somewhat willing since I learned what others are treated like." Karla nervously answered.
It wasn't the slap that hurt. It was that word again. "WHORE! I've been abused and abused over here. The whole time I'm sick with worry about what is happening with you. And you're willing for nicer treatment?"
Micheal was moving toward them. She turned and waved him back. She was about to turn around when her aunt growled, "Why?"
Karla snapped around, "Why, I don't know. Cause I have no choice. Willing or not I'm going to be wrapped to his giant cock. Might as well get something. Make some sort of life. The worst part, I'm starting to like it. It's been like three days. And I like it from time to time. And it's not just nicer treatment from him. His girlfriend sees me for advice. She's been searching her collection for a nice guy to hang out with me while they are out together. And she brought a sweet guy. His mother's so fond of me, we get to have this fight. What do you want from me?"
"I don't know! I'm just so tired. I was so worried! It's just, Karla I'm sorry. It was just such a shock. I just can't handle this." Her aunt trembled.
Karla hugged her. "I understand. I'm not mad at you. But don't worry about me. I'm his special Shrunken, that means I get out of here and see other sights on the ship. They take care of me. You take care of you! Please, I'll find you a way to Micheal's collection and he'll treat you nice too. And you will not have to do anything. I'll handle it."
Her Aunt looked up at her, "Really."
"Yeah, I mean he has a lot. But I will handle it. Part at a time." Karla tried to joke.
"You're awful." her aunt started crying on her shoulder. They just sat there.Holding each other.
They had been sitting there for a while. Then Karla noticed, Micheal and Milly were gone. Her aunt looked at her, and huffed, "They don't dress you much do they?"
"Hey, his dad picked this out cause it was for tonight's theme dinner. Which they didn't go to but had the theme anyway." Karla explained.
She had to do something. She had one thought that might work. But Micheal couldn't know. Her aunt grabbed her face, "What are you planning? I see it, something you don't want to do but feel you need too."
"It's nothing." Karla lied.
"Do not do it! I would never forgive myself." She growled sadly.
"It wouldn't be your fault." Karla argued. "It would be my choice. Which is a rare thing on this ship."
"No, even the idea of you hugging his thing sickens me. He can't have you." She growled, making a wide hug motion as she did.
"How thick is Howard?" Karla's sick curiosity wondered.
"You don't need to know. Or want to know." her Aunt replied.
"You know the automated lighthouse back home." Karla responded.
"What about it." her aunt questioned.
"That's about what I deal with." Karla couldn't help but smirk.
"How honey?" Marie gasped.
"If he's letting me. He lays on his back and I grind on top of it." Karla was oddly amused at her Aunt's intrigued look.
"And if he's taking care of it." she asked.
"I'm not seeing much else." Karla snickered. "He takes two girls a lot of the time. But if he used both hands he could easily have four. With ample wiggle room. Maybe six but his grip would be iffy."
"Maybe a little thicker than a telephone pole." Marie snickered.
"Really, must get it from Milly's side of the family." Karla wondered out loud.
"Look, don't. Even knowing it would be easier to handle then what you have been dealing with. Cause this would be how it starts. Then it's for a little less and a little less. Soon you're one of those poor girls in the man's speedio. Besides, if the boy found out, it would soil you in his eyes. He might agree. See it as noble. But there will be a part in his head that thinks, she sold herself to my dad for something. Will she do it again?" Her Aunt explained.
"OK Aunt Marie." Karla replied.
"Promise me." she demanded.
"I promise." Karla replied.
"He cares for you?" Her aunt asked.
"In his way. He still sees me as property. I'm just special property." Karla noted.
"How do the other girls treat you if you're treated so special?" Her aunt worried.
"I'm kept separate. My own cage. I sleep on a pillow on his bed. He never takes them out of his room. I get full sized food." Karla submitted.
Her Aunt nodded, "They hate you is what you are saying."
"Yeah. But, I did a horrible thing back to them yesterday. Then he did for me this morning." Karla braved.
"What was it." Marie pushed.
"He bought this play set thing yesterday. A giant spider with a penis and it's web. And I told him what to do and he did it." Karla confess. The image of Micheal impaling the girls raged through Karla's mind.
"And how did that make you feel?" Marie asked.
"Powerful at the time." Karla said.
"You liked that power didn't you?" Marie asked.
"Yes. I feel bad now but I did." Karla noted.
"Oh honey you are worse off then I am. You have been given a taste of their world. Maybe too much. Cause I can see on your face, you feel bad. But only because you don't feel bad. You're starting to see the world like they do. But maybe that's the only choice you had." her Aunt mused.
"Are you mad at me? Can I make it better somehow?" Karla hoped.
"I'm worse than mad. If I'm honest I am likely jealous. As for better. If I do ever become his. Don't let the other girls know I'm your aunt." Marie coldly said.
"If it happens. I don't know you. Or ever pick you to be played with." Karla sighed.
"Goodbye Karla. Hope your life goes as well as it can in this situation." Her aunt said.
"Goodbye Aunt Marie. Hope you don't have to be me anymore." Karla wished. She walked to the end of the storage dresser near the door.
A while later Micheal came and peeked in. "Are you done with your visit?" he asked shyly.
"Yeah. Thank you Micheal." Karla said head down. "Can you do me a favor?" she asked.
"Most likely." He said in a worried tone.
"If you ever get my Aunt from your dad. Don't let the other Shrunken know she's my aunt. Or play with her?" She braved.
"Did you see all the Honeys I got today? She would be so lost in that shuffle." Micheal said.
She curled into his hand. He gently petted her. He said something to his mother. Then she was being placed on the pillow she slept on. He continued taking Shrunken girls and women from the room. But he didn't bother her. He just let her get the pain out.
She was drained. But it felt better. Micheal came in with a container of his prizes. Many naked. Few re-dressing. "How are you feeling?" He asked.
"Good, how is it going? Near done?" She asked.
"Good, kinda fun. Maybe two thirds. But only a batch or two and we'll be stopping for the night. I'm getting tired.", He said.
"Can I come with you this trip?" Karla asked.
"Yes." He grinned.
He went over to the cages and opened a door on it's third level. He reached into the bucket and pulled a girl or two out at a time and placed them in. They would often wiggle and struggle for some reason. Which only seemed to be making him enjoy it more. Once empty he poured whatever clothes was in the bucket. Then he looked around. Opening doors to pulling out ladies he had not processed yet. Often with a "Your turn" or a "Next" happily announced.
He came over. His bucket held about fifteen scared helpless girls. He held the bucket about waist level. But not Karla, she rode in his hand. Not in coiled fingers. No sitting nicely at his shoulder level. The Marie lady was right. She had a taste of their world. Not equal. But better than the common Shrunken.
"Welcome back Karla. Good rest?" Milly asked with a smile. Micheal placed Karla on the desk by his mother.
"Yes Mrs.Miller. Thank you?" Karla hummed.
"Mrs.Miller? Why are you being so formal? Your Special Remember, you can call me Milly like I have said before." Milly reacted. Stroking Karla's head. Angry stares from the girls in the clear boxes.
It was an interesting set up. Three boxes. Micheal would strip girls in a box while Milly scanned the naked ones. Once the receiving box is filled. They seem to go with fifteen. Micheal would take that box and unload it and refill it. Milly would place the now empty container to the fill spot. And start working on the waiting box.
Karla couldn't help but marvel at the skill they had for stripping a struggling little form. She had experienced Micheal's skill. But Milly could make two girls naked in the time it took Micheal to get one and not pull a stitch.
"Liking the show?" Milly asked as a slender Asian teen thought she would be the one to out maneuver Milly's flexible fingers. Whoever picked school uniform styled dance outfits on Asian dance troupe just shouldn't be allowed to pick costumes Karla though. But her new internal friend just purred, already ready for class.
"You are amazing at that?" Karla noted. "Wouldn't think anyone could strip someone else so quickly."
Milly smiled, "You want to see skill. If Howard was here helping we would need more buckets. Because the machine couldn't scan them quick enough. He's not bad with real women's clothes either."
As if summoned a chipper, and likely drunk Howard staggered in with trophy in hand. "What are the best people doing up at this hour?" He slurred out.
"Trying to scan your son harem. Get over and start striping girls." Milly Ordered
"How was the tournament Howard? Great Milly I won. Really, you're the man Howard. Take me now you blackjack stallion." He jokingly said crossing the room. The Blonde in his cage slumped in the corner half smiling. Karla was certain she was drunk too.
"Just help and maybe we can do them all tonight." Milly smiled back.
"Do them all. But then we wouldn't get them scanned. Keep your mind on your job young lady." He joked. "Oh, here's one I'll start with." He petted Karla on the way by.
Milly was right. Even drunk he was finishing one girl and reaching for the next before Milly finished the one she started. He proudly, if drunkenly, smiled at Karla's shocked expression. "I work with lots of little delicate devices. Some idiot puts it in the wrong way around and I have to fix it. You get good at handling little things without damaging them."
Milly gave up on her striping any and focused on scanning. "This is why we have all of ours but today's catch scanned already. Want naked Shrunken, call Howard." he slurring declared.
He just kept going, "I like stripping girls over boys. You know why Karla?"
"Why Mr.Miller?" She couldn't help but giggle.
"Who? Mr?" Pointing at his own chest while the half naked red hair teen danged from his other hand. "Howard. Howard you call me. My son likes you because you're nice. First reason was because you're hot. But I see, fun you are. Where was I going with this?"
"You were telling me why you like stripping girls over boy Shrunken." Karla offered.
"Stop, he'll just go on." Milly was clearly trying not to laugh. Micheal had an embarrassed by his drunk dad look.
"OH right. Danglely bits. Girls have these danglely bits." He demonstrated on a Asian he just finished stripping by bouncing his fingers on her little breasts. "You ding or pinch them. Yeah it hurts. But they can go on. But guys have cocks. And you know what happens if that gets dinged or pinched. The fold up. Why, CAUSE IT HURTS! That's why you shouldn't hit a guy's dangely bits."
"Oh so that's why you like striping girl Shrunken over boys." Karla acknowledged.
"Naaa, I just find girl ones prettier." He snickered. "Which do you like stripping?"
"I am one?" She was confused.
"Yeah, you're all scanned right." he questioned.
"Yes a few days ago." Karla worried he just might anyway.
"Cool, one more in the done pile then." He murmured.
They zipped through till the end. Howard at some point just stopped and held a busty dark haired girl between his hands and just stood nearly perfectly still. They did all the rest.
Then Milly slipped the girl out of Howard's hands. He wobbly looks at her. "Time for bed dear." Milly says softly. He gives a wobbly nod and she leads him to their room. Micheal finished up.
It seemed like a long day. Karla was ready for bed. Micheal puts her on the bed then turns to empty out the last of his living toys. He hums away so happily after stripping a large group of pretty little ladies. Karla thinks to herself as she watches him work.
He stops and smiles. "Oh yeah those two." he says. All the girls down his line of vision freeze and look trembling at her giant. He shifts and opens a door. Hand goes in and Karla watches as he pulls it out with two tight asses in bright red booty shorts attached to four shapely legs in shiny hosiery with tall bright white boots on their feet.
He plops two curve figures into his empty bucket and brings them over. Kneeling at the edge of the bed. The both have on what looks like most of a majorette costume. Probably just a few years younger then herself. Both have light tan colored skin.
One has long light brown hair hanging loose. Her tiny military styled top looks to hold perky B-cup breasts. She looks scared, and most likely was. But there is something about how she's looking up at Micheal. Karla was almost certain she was also aroused. The way she was arching herself and licking her lips. Yes, she was trying not to smile. Interesting.
The other had dark brown hair just long enough to put two cute little pig-tails in at the bottom. She was just terrified. No question. Her plump Double D-chest heaved under the straining little top. She pinned herself as far from the boy as she could. She was just about in tears the poor thing.
Yes, Karla thought two very attractive catches he was showing off.
"When I caught them I thought they reminded me of you. Like your, what's that acting term, understudies. So I thought, they could be like your underlings. Still my Shrunken to do with when I want. But, they could help you get ready for things and such. Like'em?" He happily held them toward her like she could hold that container.
"I couldn't own them, Micheal." Karla started to explain.
"You don't. I do. But I do want them to be your direct helpers. Like a trio of hot sexy girls. Yeah." He said.
He looked at the two and asked, "You will do what Karla says or I'll punish you. Any questions?" They both shook their heads no.
"See they will help you do things like help do your hair. Or rub your feet. Or, oh I just got a hot idea. Don't get naked yet." He set the container down and bolted to the bathroom.
He came back with a washcloth and unfolded it on the nightstand. He came around the bed and scooped up Karla and lifted the container.
He sat down on the bed beside the nightstand. The container beside him. He started picking at Karla sneakers.
"What are you doing?" Karla asked.
"Striping you." He gleefully replied.
"I can do that myself." she remained as he slipped her first shoe off.
Her sock slid off as he said, "I know." Then to the other shoe he giggled, "But I haven't done it today."
Her shoe goes and he was now after the second sock. "I think you did it yesterday."
"Maybe. But it's fun." his index finger hooked the excuse for a shirt.
She lifted her arms up. No point in resisting, "You've been striping girls all night." was all she got out before gasped "Ah". She knew the top had been tight. But just now realized how much it was limiting her breathing. It took her sun-visor as he pulled it off her.
"Thought you would be tired of stripping girls by now.'' Before she was finished that sentence he had pulled her skirt down and off. Her little frilly panties took the trip with it.
His finger lingered loving over her skin. "I'll never get tired of stripping you. I'm tempted to get you to get redressed so I can do it again." She laughed. She could see him doing that.
Reluctantly he placed her on the cloth. She knew what he had planned with the cloth. She didn't like it.
He reached into the container and it looked like the long haired girl jumped into his grip. He pulled her out and she cowered. By arching her back and pulling her arms behind herself. Her struggles were not the frantic movements Karla usually saw. She seemed to curl into his grip. Pushed at the finger by stroking along it. Her cries of dislike sounding rather like pleasant gasps. As he reached for her buttons on her little red and white trim top. She pushed back away from his touch, with her shoulders. Each button popped received an oh sound that was less whimper. And a more throaty sigh. He pushed the fause jacket back and lifted her slightly to push it down her arms. But her hands pointed along that flow and made no attempt to grab it. He grabbed her leg. Boot untied he pulled it off a pointing foot. The next foot seemed to bend for ease of removal too. He hooked her waist and started slipping ass hugging short and sparkly hosiery. Her struggles gain a little hip shimmy which just seemed to help the pair slide off. He placed her back in the container. Her “oh” of relief sounded disappointed. She would have done better covering herself if her hand were over and not under her breasts. Karla had to see if Micheal noticed her performance.
The buster girl. That was what she was used to and more. Just a constant chorus of panic sounds. Arms flailed hands at every sight of a giant finger. He reached for a boot and the legs were all over. When he got one the other kicked at the hold. Hands grabbed for every stitch. Karla was a little worried she was going to hurt herself. But she ended up just as naked as the first girl.
He pressed the busty one to the side with the heel of his hand. That's when she just stopped squirming and just whimpered like a lost child. Karla felt Micheal would probably like the feel of those mounds trying to wiggle themselves free.
The other spread her limbs away till pinned by his fingers. Then they press into his skin. She wiggled. Well more nuzzled her face into his thick shaft.
He stood up. The behemoth's eye stared at Karla. He instructed, "Get on your knees and put your tits out."
She did as he asked. She was glad her hair was in pig-tails. Depending on how much got sprayed where. But she was fairly sure it would be the mouth chest area.
He slid his hand puppets up his beast, the long haired girl gave a squeal like it was a fair ride starting up. Micheal's grin told Karla he noticed.
"Oh they feel nearly as good as you do." He hummed.
Why not, she thought, might as well play along and hurry it up. It's going to happen anyway. "Really you'd like me there instead of the two of them."
"OH hot. They are learning they service me to service you." he purred.
Karla noticed the long haired girl was pressing her tongue to him on the up swipes. She looked like she was enthralled by the colossal shaft. "How does this lead to servicing me?" she questioned.
"They get me off. I dump my every drop of cum on you. They clean you up by licking it off that sexy body." he gasped out. She noticed his pace had quickened.
"So you get service and a show. You dirty giant." She teased.
"Oh yeah it's going to look so hot. You with those pig-tails dripping in my cum." he growled.
"I'm here." she wiggled her hips. Shaking her head side to side. "With the pig-tails I now know you like." She stuck her chest out and jiggled her breasts, "But where is this hot thick cum I'm supposed to be dripping in? Huh?"
He grunted. His hip pushed forward. Karla clenched her eyes shut. But was too far into her second playful huh to be able to close her mouth in time. Warm thick spunk splattered across her face just at mouth level. Coating over her tongue and lips. She could feel the heat from the tip of his cock. He was right over her. She received every other firm burst of cum over her breasts. It flowed all over, around, and between her mounds. It splattered up under her chin and onto her cheeks. Every spray from his mammoth cock he moaned "OH Yeah! So Hot! Bath in it! Oh Hot!" in delight. She was dripping as he said she would be.
He sat on the bed and admired his masterpiece. Karla sat soaked with semen. But he was happy.
He placed the two girls on the night stand and purred, "Go lick my cum off Karla or I'll punish you."
Both girls rushed over and she got to very different reactions. The long haired sat beside Karla. As she leaned in reluctantly she asked, "You think this will get him to fondle me more?" Then took little licks of his seed.
The short haired girl started taking big mouth filling glups off Karla's breast. After about the third or four chug of cum she looked up with a dripping face. She pleaded with strings of spunk over her lips and in her mouth, "Please, I'll do whatever you say. Just help me stay away from him."
One would do anything to turn Micheal on. The other so scared she has gone submissive. Two pretty things looking for her to lead, no, to control them for different rewards. Both knowing the giant will not be happy with them if they misbehave. That voice purred, it's good to be his favorite.
Karla ran her fingers through that lovely long hair, "If I suggest he plays with someone. That someone is usually played with. I sometimes even direct how that play goes."
She reached her hand behind those cute little pig-tails, "So if I'm not happy I could choose you to be or not be played with."
She pulled the busty girl's head toward her nipple. Karla purred as she felt that the girls lips were nice and soft. She suckled pleasingly from fear with a ting of experience. Her fear trembling hand started stroking the inside of Karla’s thigh. Smart girl.
Now the dainty one. Karla stopped running her fingers through her hair and wrapped them behind her head. Drawing her close. The girl recoiled whimpering, "But I'm not bi."
"You want the giant boy to want you? To handle and play with you?" Karla hummed.
"Yeah?" the girl replied.
"Then you are going to have to learn to fake it. Every make out with another girl at a party to tease some boy?" Karla asked.
"Yes." the girl.
"It's just like that but we're naked and covered in giant's cum. Oh, and it'll get more interesting for me at least." Karla sang.
She pulled the girl forward and pressed her lips to hers. Their tongues curled together. The girl was clearly just going through the motions. Karla reached down and pushed the girl's taunt body into her’s. Her perky tits were nicely firm. Karla’s hand slipped further. The girl jumped as Karla clawed her tight ass cheek. She started to pull back. "Play with me or no play by him." The girl looked back at Micheal watching them interact. She must really have a giant fetish Karla thought as her mouth returned for more.
Karla curled her leg around and reclined back. Laying in the semen soaked cloth. Hot supple body came down upon her, keeping her warm. She grew tired of kisses for show. If that little thing is just going to swirl her tongue around something it might as well be something fun.
She pressed on the shoulder of the long haired girl. She lifted her head. Karla guided her toward her breast. She clearly was reluctant. Hand on the back of her head helped with that. Karla rubbed the silky smooth skin on her back.
She didn't need both nipples sucked on right now. She took the head of the busty girl and started guiding it down. She snickered as she felt the girl lapping up every puddle of cum she found on the trip down she was so scared of Micheal.
Karla figured she'd resist once she realized Karla's planned destination. No, she curled her head between Karla's thighs and nuzzled her face right into the waiting womanhood. Lapping as soon as access was made. Massaging on a good spot. But once she got all your good spots lapped at once by a giant tongue this was a tease. Well, she didn't mind being teased once in a while.
Karla reached between the busty girl's thighs. Playfully she teased the girl's clitoris. She liked that as she pressed herself into Karla.
The long haired girl jumped. Karla looked down for why. Busty was working overtime. Her hand had slipped between the Long haired girl's thighs. Then Karla felt her other hand messaging the back of her thigh.
Karla laid there pressed between to fit curve forms. After a few days of giant boy play. This snuggle pile felt like a warm bath.
Micheal was watching. He liked what he saw as the Behemoth stood tall again. He smiled when he noticed her looking. "You like that?" he mouthed.
Karla nodded. But the poor boy looked so lonely. She suggested to him by mouthing out, "Go get something to play with."
He didn't move. Then he nodded. He stood taking the bucket. She watched him go over to the cages. She felt a little rush as she heard the faint sound of the first girly scream of his first selection. Then another. Busty must have heard it too as she increased her attention. Changing from messaging her thigh to stroking into her deeply. Still a third scream sang for him.
He returned. She strained to see his picks. Curvy busty girl he showed Karla this afternoon. The busty girl Howard had passed out holding. Oh and that poor long haired skinny blonde. She most likely was going to get shower after all.
She watched from under her shapely blankets as he stripped the two busty girls. They whimpered so nicely as they lost their clothes. She delighted as he wrapped them around his beast. He grunted arousingly for her as he stroked them along his hard shaft.
The long haired girl looked up and pouted loudly. Micheal growled monstrously, "If she's not happy. You will not be happy." Her mouth returned to Karla’s tit. Her hand stroked at the nipple on the unattended breast. Karla purred.
He hummed out, "I'm going to do this to these two a lot."
He looked at the slim long haired blond. Then smiled at Karla, "What should I do with that cute blond girl."
"She didn't get to finish her shower. Give her one." Karla sang. Delighted with the gifted power.
She watched as he hooked the girl with his hand so her long hair was hanging over his finger. The lithe thing was so tiny Karla could barely see her feet hanging below his hand. He brought her right to the tip of that beast. It was nearly as wide as she was tall. As he stroked the busty girls along his shaft the blonde's hair bounced. She must be curled right over the tip of that behemoth Karla though. The mental image was cruelly delightful.
"OH yeah oh yeah oh yeah!" He greedily repeated as he stroked the girls. Watching the blonde. Ready to see his thick fluid spray into her.
Karla wondered what that view looked like. To her delight he turned. The blonde was wrapped around the end. Her face clenched shut waiting for the flowing cum.
He was close Karla could tell. Just grunting as he shifted those two girls from tip to balls and back again. Suddenly the Blonde yelped. Then her face was flooded with his release. Burst after burst saturated the slight young teen.
The sight, his pleasured growl, and the attention from her two toned attendants brought her to climax as well. She trembled with pleasure as she viewed his pleasure being gushed over that helpless form. Her new internal advisor reminded her, See it's good to be his favorite.
He moved his two pleasure bringers to the tip to help catch the overflow as he walked them to the cages. He came back and asked, "Are you done or do you want more time?"
She was so comfy snugged to the two dancers. "I'm ready for bed." she sighed.
"We wash or they wash themselves?" He asked.
"We should rinse my girls off." she replied.
He gathered the group by lifting the whole cloth. The busty girl whimpered. Karla ran her hand through her hair whispering, "Shhh, it's OK."
He ever so gently poured them into the sink. The cold bowl made them all jump and shiver. The water warmed them soon. Karla leaned into the help washing off Micheal offered gifts. Then fresh clothes for each to dry off. He put Karla's two underlings into the nightstand cage and grabbed Karla's pajamas from last night. Closing the girls in.
They both dressed for bed. He curled under the blankets. She curled under his hand. Released pleasure soon brought sleep.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by SciFiCrazy » Thu Sep 10, 2020 8:40 pm

Thanks for the update. Curious if they ever are getting off the ship for good and going home or is the ship their permanent home?

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HHunter1 » Fri Sep 11, 2020 3:04 am

It's a month+ long cruise. I am planning home events for an other series of stories after.


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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by anaio10 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:06 pm

A great, brilliant, brutal, sensual, cool story. I just miss more description when the people on the cruise ship capture and manipulate the shrinks in the towns.

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Ch10: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

Post by HHunter1 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:01 pm

Analo10: There is some of that in later chapters. But the story is from Karla's point of view. She is mostly on the boat and only really viewing her owner's actions. And her own.

Chapter 10 M(t)/f*3

Karla snuggled in her comfy warm nest. Stroking herself to her strong fingered blanket. Content in her little spot. Curious of the time she groggy opened her eyes to peek at the world. To be greeted by a softly smiling face watching her. "You shouldn't watch a girl sleep. It's creepy." she advised the giant boy.
"But you looked so pretty." he replied. Suddenly she was being moved. She filed a complaint with a growled whimper. Only to find her blanket put her on a solid titan chest. Not as squishy as the pillow. But it was warm and cuddly. Also she was starting to like the smell of that body wash coming off his skin.
Blanket became a masseuse. Genitally stroking and rubbing her body awake. Nice way to greet the day she thought. Another digit covered friend came to visit. Lovingly patting her form.
One of her fingered friends wrapped around her waist and started slipping her little shorts off. "Hey what are you doing?" she sleepily complained.
"Stripping you." came a sweetly toned answer.
"What if I don't want to be striped?" She asked.
His hand wrapped over her head. "But I want to look at you naked." came the naughty sweet toned voice.
"Why?" she whined at him as her shirt now left her.
"Cause I really like how you look naked." Sweet tone explained. Nice part was the hands formed an enclosure around her. Fingers loving stroking warmth into her skin.
"Sleep well." the voice she wanted to be mad at asked.
"Yes." she purred. The full body rib down was making it impossible. It was not sexual. Yes they touched her exposed areas. But they didn't linger or focus. Seemingly more intent to rub the tension out of her body by stroking along her muscle tones. She rolled onto her stomach and stretched. She jumped as a muscle twinged on her inside leg. Felt like a minor pulled muscle. How did she pull a muscle in her inside thigh? Then she remembers Micheal making her do the splits across his mouth before supper yesterday. She wasn't as flexible as she seemed to have been during her aroused state.
He stroked the back of her body. She had been told by a guy or two they could make her feel good all over with a rub down. But she doubts they could have made her this content.
"Did you like your servants?" he asked in a particular curious way.
"It was an interesting game." She teased back. "Did you like watching?"
"It was hot!" He sighed. He purred out, "It wasn't a game. They do what you tell them or I punish them. Though watch the long haired one. I think I caught an Eager. She might want my punishments"
Usually he'd throw out a term they have for a type of Shrunken and she would question it. But Eager was perfect for what that girl was for his attention. "Yeah she seemed obedient last night only for the hint it might get her pressed to your cock again soon." Karla giggled.
"How did you get the other so affectionate?" he hummed happily.
"She is out of her mind terrified of you. She went down hoping I would keep you from picking her up." Karla happily explained.
She felt her bed stretch up then relax back. "Opposite, She's a Phobe. She is in the cage's bed on the far side of the cage. On the furthest part of the bed. Back pressed into the bars."
"So an Eager wants to be played with and a Phobe is terrified to be played with." Karla mused.
"Yep. Training them might be easy for you." he sighed.
"I can't train people." She stated. Her imagination puts a different image in her head.
"Why not? Their yours." he replied.
"I don't own them." she sighed.
"No, I do. And I own you. So I say it goes you own them I own you. They make you happy. You make me happy. Win win and service." he explained.
It would be nice to have two shapely ladies to help her get ready. Do her hair. Attend her wants. She was starting to warm up to owning her own Shrunken. That Marie woman was right, she has tasted too much of his world.
He jumped, "Shot Karla. We have to get ready. We said we'd meet up with Chrissy in a bit. We should shower."
"OK." Karla agreed letting her daydream fade for now. Scooped up she rose to her worldview, just lower than his.
She looked down at the cage. The two girls shared the bed. Still naked under the blankets. Seeing the front access door closed was weird. Like a door in your home that is never closed being closed.
She suddenly saw why they slept naked. Their little majorette style uniforms were still scattered on the floor where Micheal had dropped them as he stripped them.
He hummed a self contained thought. Then popped the top access to the cage. Groggy the girl's reacted. Looking around trying to bring thoughts into focus. He snatched the blankets off their toned forms and wrapped fingers around both at once. Pressing their nakedness together.
He lifted the oppositely reacting girls from the cage and began walking toward the bathroom. He placed them on the sink edge and allowed Karla to step off his hand onto the ledge. He looked at them and explained their new roles again, "Remember Karla. You are to do ANYTHING she tells you. Your lives are to make her happy." He turned his focus on the Eager, "If she's happy you'll get to service my cock." Then to the Phobe, "If not I will do other things." Both girls' expressions told Karla they got his message. She liked when Micheal spoiled her. She was going to have to find out their actual name though at some point.
He ended his speech, "I'm going to get the shower ready. Attend Karla."
They both came over to her. The Phobe whimpering, "What happens if your not happy?"
"Don't know. Do you really want to find out?" She said, struggling to keep it in a flat tone.
"So what do I have to do to make you happily?'' The Eager sound conflicted.
Karla couldn't help it. She stroked the girl's cheek. "All kinds of things." she purred her deepest hungriest voice. The beast inside her was awake. It started whispering ideas of what this lovely might have to learn to start doing.
Karla stroked the girl's lip with her thumb. She felt like a villainess from a bad movie. "What's your name my long haired delight?"
"Amanda." the girl began.
She was going to add more. But Karla stopped her with a finger. It growled through her, "We don't get last names. Were his Shrunken toys."
"And you my endowed attendant. What were you called?" It mused at the trembling girl.
Karla didn't know when that internal want started driving. But she wasn't asking about the destination either. Just content to watch the scenery roll by.
"Maria." The girl said. Then looked toward Michael and asked, "Are you cold Lady Karla? I'll keep you warm." Karla accepted her busty form pressed into her body.
She felt a great rush of power as the girl trembling with fear snuggled close. Was this what it was like for Micheal as he picked her up for the first time back home. She was staggering with it. His young mind must have been just on fire.
She started undoing the girl's now well loose pig-tails. She cooed, "Don't worry he's really genital when he's happy. And me being happy makes him happy. So you're doing good so far."
"Thank you my Lady." Maria whimpered.
Karla looked to Amanda. She was transfixed elsewhere. Karla followed her facing. Seems Micheal undressed before getting the water ready.
The thought of showering with three tiny pretty ladies was hinted at to his Behemoth. It wasn't ready to feast on their forms pressed along it yet. But it was in a semi state of being released. Amanda was already riding it through pleasured skies in her mind from her expression.
Micheal returned. "Maria, go to Amanda to be carried to the shower." Karla advised.
Maria nodded and in a strained voice replied, "Yes Lady Karla." and bolted behind Amanda. Who was slowly walking forward transfix. Micheal pressed them together in one hand. Maria buried her face into Amanda's back. Amanda leered at the giant's crotch.
He lowered his hand and Karla climbed aboard. He lifted and snicker, "Lady Karla?"
Karla laid onto his palm and curled on his hand in a way she knew he would like. Innocently cooing, "Her choice not mine. But I like it."
He raised her to her showering shelf. And she curled off his hand with an extra touch of arching. He then added her attendants. Karla looked to Amanda, "You will look after my hair." Then to Maria, "Maria my sweet, please wash my body."
It felt so nice to have someone caring for her hair. Amanda's hair was so long and nice looking. Karla figured she knew how to give her hair the care it needed.
Maria, wonderful Maria. Rubbed and massaged her. Genitally kneading her in a calming way. She still trembled. But Karla felt this was not her first time showing with another girl in close contact. She had a skill at keeping it just at the edge of arousing. Though that edge got thin as she found Karla's pulled muscle and eased some more of the pain out of it.
"Karla my special. Have they made you happy?" Micheal asked.
"Delighted." she purred to her benefactor.
"Then they shall get to service me," he declared.
Maria whimpered. Karla lifted her face. "It will be easy. Press your chest into it and you'll be done faster." It slipped in, "If you're good you'll get a treat."
"Yes my Lady. If your happy he's genital." Maria stated. The last part she chanted to herself as the massive hand took her toward the waiting beast.
Amanda was less dramatic. More excited. Giggling as she descended to pleasure the colossus.
Micheal started stroking them along his shaft smiling at her. "Guess you need something to do." He purred, reaching for her. Tongue licking his lips.
Her legs spread to allow him to kiss her deep. As he began to lap electricity through her body. Morning rub down to wake up. Two nimble attendants lathering off her body. Now his tongue tasting ecstasy into her very being. Today was starting out amazingly.
She wondered where he got his natural talents. Was it just the size of his textured attention awakening all sensitivity at once that made it such a heart racing experience. Was he just so intuitive he knew just how firm to balance sensation with intensity. It ended the thoughts on the how, with announcing the affect. "OH YES MICHEAL! LICK ME DEEP!"
It grumbled it had to learn to whisper passionately. His tongue did lick deep. Pressed and held as his body shuttered in his own release.
He softly placed her back on the shelf and leaned his head on the wall just above her. Recovering from the bursting release. His face was so close. She rubbed her face into his cheek and gave him a kiss. "Thank you Micheal. This has been the perfect start of the day."
He was more blunt. "You're so hot when you're naked and wet."
They dried and off and dressed for the day. Karla chose a pink bikini set he had bought her. And a white version of the loose style dress. Making a note not to lose this one.
Micheal choice blue shorts style swim trunks and a white plain thick strapped tank top. He came over to gather her and put Amanda and Maria in her cage.
"Micheal. They were very good girls. Could you please collect their uniform shorts and shirts for them?" She asked in a come hither voice. She was tempted to get their hosiery too. He would likely enjoy how it made their legs appear. But thought poor Maria could use a break.
Attendants were contained and barely dressed. They left the room. Trays were just being delivered as they exited. "Morning Sweetheart. Karla. How did you sleep?" Milly greeted them.
"Great Mom. You? Morning dad." Micheal answered for them.
"Good."she smiled at Karla, "You do something different with your hair?"
"Nope." Karla chirped.
"Did you receive the scheduled update son?" Howard asked. Lifting the lid to sunny side up eggs. Karla smiled, shaking her head. He used a busty short haired blonde, just a touch older then herself to pop the first yoke with her tits.
"No what is it." Micheal lifted his lid. Scrambled eggs and bacon. He loved his scrambled eggs and bacon.
"They are making tomorrow a Port Day. Some short of technical problems they want to be in port to look after. So work day is moved to after that." Howard explained then suckled the whimpering girls breasts.
As he did, Milly slipped a corner of her omelette beside Karla. Giving her a wink. "Work day?" Karla asked.
Milly sighed, "Yeah. One of the drawbacks to being a Company family is that vacation time isn't a full set time. Many family trips require now both these fellows to take a day or two depending on the length of time we are travelling to go over reports and the collected data for their departments. So they will be spending most of the day tapping at a tablet at this table."
"Oh, interesting." Karla said. Feeling she should say something.
"Hey, Jeff has to work but Debbie isn't working. We should get her and Chrissy and have a girl's day. What do you think, Karla?" Milly asked
"If it's ok with Micheal." Karla replied.
"You are a smart one. Micheal, can I borrow Karla to spoil for the day while you're too busy not paying attention to her?" Milly asked.
"If you promise to take the best care of her." Micheal answered.
"Great. I'll text Debbie in a minute. Karla we might even find you clothes that fully cover your chest. Wouldn't that be a nice change of pace." Milly teased.
"There is one more change." Howard noted.
"What?" Micheal asked.
"Well since we will be in such a hurry tomorrow morning at breakfast your mother and I will have to do it this morning." Howard stated.
"What?" Micheal's voice had an annoyed growl to it.
They pulled two wrapped boxes out from under their chairs, "Happy Early Birthday Micheal!" They cheered.
He glared, "Why."
Milly smiled, "Cause we love you. We told no one else. Promise. We just got you little things. Please open them?"
"What?" Karla asked nervously.
"He hates having birthdays. I don't know why. He always has. I think something bothered him at his first one and he never got over it. You should have seen the tantrum he threw when we had his playgroup friends over to throw him a third birthday. Wouldn't even touch the gifts for a week." Milly shared.
His parents sat there holding brightly decorated boxes as he glared daggers back. Karla nervously approached his hand. Rubbed it to gain his focus. "You could open them. They might be interesting." She gave him a wink.
"Only because Karla is curious." He surrendered in a growl.
He took his mother's gift first. His talent for stripping things works on unwrapping as well. As he popped carefully placed tape with smooth precision. They could have used it for another box. He nodded reluctantly. The "Release your Giant" play set for Shrunken scenarios.
Howard's box lost it's wrapping. Karla shook her head. That's why Howard bought two. The "Grab Some Cookies" play set still disturbed her a little for the implied scenario.
Milly started texting with Debbie whom Karla assumed was Chrissy's mother. The boys slipped into a game plan for the business day. Howard wanted to get their stuff done as soon as possible because Jeff, Mr.Grant, had talked to him on starting the process of accessing the teleport systems that Howard had developed. As they talked which reports to look through first and which data on tests to study. Karla got bored.
There sat the box for those pink tents. She read it as she nibbled her omelette slice. Some Perky Campers went deep into the woods. They checked the area's weather report, but forgot the giant report. Looks like they'll get soaked in some thick heavy rain. The Grab Some Cookies play set allows for fun play with your Shrunken ladies. From Mother Daughter camping trip gone wrong to Cheerleader Grad camping trip gone right. All you need for fun in the woods.
Includes Forest Play Matt with sturdy climbable trees. 2 Groundlock Mightlore Tents w/duel access and external liquid tight zippers and transparent top view port. 2 Groundlock Mightlore one entrance with external liquid tight zipper and transparent top view port. Six Liquid Smooth marshmallows on a branch input. Flicker Light Fire. Six stretchable satin feel sleeping bags. One Split Roast with bindings.
She looked at the image at the back. The center had a tent with two of the models with sleeping bags up to their waist sticking their torsos out of either side of one tent as a hand reached down toward it. One in the background had a woman's ass sticking out of a tent. Her uniform skirt was not hiding her cheeks. One was part way up a tree. One was tired to this wooden pole over the flickering fire held up by a set of legs on both sides. A girl sat beside the fire holding what looked like a bunch of marshmallows on the end of a thick stick. The end marshmallows melted to resemble the parts of a certain spider she had seen.
A little yellow sticker added on showed what looked like the silhouette of two girls kissing with the reaching hand added above. Noting, new feature internal light for silhouette fun. Guess it's how you use it, Karla thought.
They finished up and soon she was flying in his hand toward the rest of the ship. Milly advised, "I know you both prefer that. But you should still take the Chain Cage." Then she was on her way for the round trip. Then through the Halls and Desks in his hand. Hair blowing in the breeze caused by him walking.
There was Chrissy. Wearing one of the loose hanging dresses like Karla was. But not falling quite the same way. Bright yellow with pink decorations. A blue cage held a man in blue shorts style swim trunks and a white shirt. As they got closer she smiled, Dan. Karla wondered if his outfit matched Micheal’s on accident or by design.
"Micheal, can we go to the store first. I want to have another look around?" she asked.
"Sure." He agreed.
It turned out to be a good idea. Micheal remembered to order several bags and varieties of favors of the Anti-Self harm pellets for his prison harem. As a few small bags of regular formula in a small sampling of styles of Karla choice. She was excited to try some from the one labeled "Ice Cream Shop."
They entered the room where they held the collected Shrunken traded in for store credit or found by the following clean up crew. Micheal began to point out the Shrunken males he or Mr.Conner had shrunk in their adventure together.
Chrissy suddenly asked, "If there are so many here, does that mean?"
He tapped at his phone and showed the girl. Her eyes went wide. "You're buying lunch!" she giggled.
Karla looked through the men and boys. He was gone. Someone actually bought that creepy looking man? She wondered.
Chrissy pulled Micheal from the store before he started shopping. Advising he should start planning his purchases.
Then the pool. The two kids dropped Karla and Dan off to their own little pool. With a full sized life guard named Brad and a Shrunken one named Christine. Or as they preferred, Breaker and Sunshine. Karla always thought that surfer accent thing was made up for movies. But she had two examples of it being real.
The pool was much like the big one. Lots of seating around. But no diving boards. No Water Slide. Discolored areas where such things were. Breaker explained, "Like Little dudes and dudettes were like leaping the wrong way all the time. And like the full sized lifeguard had to spend like all day catch'em. Bummer when you missed. So like no diving."
With all the regular sized people around there were few Shrunken in their pool area. And none were in the pool. "Well, guess that makes Breaker and Sunshine's lives easier. Let's get in." Dan stated.
Karla was a fair swimmer. Dan was a fish. Zipping under the water like he lived in the stuff. "Used to compete in High School. Not good enough to get any higher level of computation. But love still swimming." Dan explained.
They played and splashed. Then they were told no splashing. Then played some more. Karla got Dan to agree to try the dirty dancing pose in the pool. Since the night she had to leap onto Micheal's shaft she was wondering if she could still do the move for real. And Dan knew how to do dancers lift. It was perfect time to try. Several giggling slashing fails the did it. Sunshine began singing out Time of my life. It was amazingly fun with the most dower audience.
Dan let her down. He was right there. Warm toned chest. His eyes were so inviting. Lips right there. Karla pushed off his chest and swam away. She looked back. There was a sad reaction on his face. The water hid on hers.
The kids collected them and it was off to lunch. Big table booth for two kids. But no one at this restaurant during the day. Mostly a supper restaurant. But dimly lit with romantic music playing. Karla knew why Chrissy picked it.
The kids gave each other very little room in their spacious seating. Dan and Karla munched on pellets from Chrissy. So much better than the plan Veggie flavored ones Karla thought.
"Why are you eating yours from the middle?" Dan asked. Karla laughed. But she could see he was serious. So made a false approach to the rounded end. "Oh.'' Then he began eating from the side. Karla laughed again.
The kids were allowed to sit there for a while. The staff could see the budding romance between the two.
Dan and Karla used the table space to show what dance steps and moves they learned and remembered. He was remarkably lithe for a man so broad. Karla couldn't help but think it would be romantic if that was even an option.
Table cloth caught her toe. Dan's arms saved her from landing. "You alright?" he asked in a nervous voice.
Karla heard that same nervousness as she said, "Thanks to you." He leaned toward her. She leaned toward him. The kiss was delightful. Heart racing. It ended.
Karla had to push herself away. What would Micheal think? What was his thought about these things? She would have to talk to her Owner she thought. She wanted to escape this situation while it made her sad to leave it.
Chrissy squealed, "Look Micheal. They are really getting along well." No Chrissy no. Karla thought.
She slipped and moved between him and Micheal. If he was mad he would have to be mad at her first. He was, staring with his head tilted. His mouth moved like he was talking out a math problem to make better sense of it.
"Micheal are you mad?" Karla braved.
"No?" he responded.
"Are you sad?" She asked.
"I'm not feeling right. Chrissy I'm sorry I'm going back to my room. Thank you for a great morning." he scooped up Karla and kissed Chrissy on the cheek.
Close, Karla could mouth, "I'm sorry. Dan did nothing wrong, It's my fault."
Chrissy mouthed back. "No, boys are just too emotional."
Micheal paid for both lunches and left the restaurant. Air didn't blow through Karla's hair. She didn't see the sky or tiny people restrained in places they shouldn't be. Just the darkness of being trapped between Micheal's bowled hands.
The trip was broken up with brief flashes of light. Elevator so he could press his floor. The Suite door. The bedroom door. Then he stopped. Karla guessed he was sitting on the bed. But had no view to know for sure. She just laid in her hand prison. Stroking his palm she laid on. Hoping her giant boy would forgive her. Just talk with her. But they just sat there.

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Re: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Another great addition. Like how the most like mini gets to be the one in charge of the other mini’s for training. Looking forward to the next iteration.

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CH11: The Tourists. M(teen)/f

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Chapter 11 M(t)/f(t)*4 Non-consensual

Karla looked up as light began flooding her hand cage. Micheal's genial touch stroked her hair. She found herself thinking she had to make it up to him. Make him happy again. She pressed and arched into each loving touch like a cat enjoying it's attention. She found herself making little happy noises she hoped he would like.
He sadly smiled at her. She leaned forward. Wishing she had shed her covering dress to present to her Micheal a more exclusive view. "Are you mad at me Micheal?" She mewed.
"No, never." he pouty replied.
"It was my fault. Please don't blame Dan." she worried for that nice man.
"I don't blame either of you. It makes sense. He seems nice and you're hot. I could see why you both would like to be boyfriend and girlfriend." He softly mumbled.
"Then what's wrong? Please tell me?" She begged her poor Owner.
"I just. You are my special Shrunken." he pouted.
"And you want all my attention. Sexy attention." She guessed.
"Yeah. I don't want to keep you from Dan. He makes you happy. And if Chrissy and I stay a couple I want you to have a couple too. But I also don't." He seemed to be trying to explain it to himself more than her.
"Dan and I can't couple, really. What if you and Chrissy don't work out while we get close? It just is not a chance of a good relationship." She noted her own self doubts about the incident.
She smiled and tried to cheer him. Her worries could wait, "I'll just have to be your special and secret little girlfriend."
He shook his head. "You can't be my girlfriend. Girls and boyfriends have to be equal. And I own you." He was a smart guy she proudly mused.
"Is there anything I can do to cheer you up a little at least?" she questioned.
"No. It's OK." he was petting her again.
Karla had an idea. She untied her dress and allowed it to fall off her chest. Exposing most of her breasts except that covered by her bright pink bikini top. "Not even a little play time?"
"You're so hot. But I think I need to get straight in my head how to handle seeing you and Dan kissing before I do any fun stuff with you." He replied.
Karla stripped the rest of the dress off anyway. Going back to her cat impressions as he stroked his concerns away. He slowly laid on his back and placed her on his chest.
His petting suddenly tugged open the side of her bottoms. "Hey you said no fun stuff till you figure things out in your head." She teased.
"Looking at you naked will help me think." He lied as the neck tie of her top was suddenly untied.
She stood on her knees with her hands on her hips. Allowing the top to flop down and display her chest at him. "I don't think you're telling me the truth mister!" She mockingly scowled. A tug and the top wasn't even hanging no more.
"Yeah, your right. I was lying." he admitted as he gathered and dropped her limited clothing off the bed.
"Here, to make it a little more even." He added with a slight smile. Sliding his shirt up his chest. Karla rolled backward as the helm went under her. And playfully dove onto his exposed flesh. Snuggled into his warm skin. Her boy smelled so good this close. He stroked her back lovingly.
They stayed like this for a while. Laid, leaned up on her elbows holding her head up. Her feet kicking loosely in the air. He patted her back softly with one hand and stroked her hair with the thumb of the other.
She had a question. "Do you know what Mightlore is?"
"It's a super durable incredibly stretchy fabric. The Company uses it for some projects. Why?" He asked.
"The tents in that set your father bought you are made of it. So it's like the stuff they use for bullet proof vests?" She wondered.
"No. To stretchy. The bullet wouldn't go through it but it would go into whoever was wearing it. It has an incredible amount of stretching ability. A piece your size could easily stretch across the room." He noted.
"Then, they could use it for like sling shots?" she wondered.
"Very little snap back. We played with a piece for hours at work one day and it just kind of. Well quickly eased back into shape every time. Nice silky texture to it." He noted.
Her eyes went wide. Stretches with little effort. Doesn't snap back. Silky texture. "So, does it hold water?" She asked.
"Yeah. But you couldn't take it much anywhere. To stretchy." he replied.
"Can you get me that set’s instructions?" she asked.
"Yeah? sure." he said in a confused tone. Leaving her on the bed alone.
She was excited. If they worked like she was picturing they were the better gift after all. She had to know. Micheal would enjoy them greatly.
He came back. "Did you want me to set them up or?" He asked.
"Can you set up a two door one and a one door one as I read the instructions about them?" she asked.
"Yeah, where do you want me to Groundlock them too?" he asked.
"Don't. I need to confirm some things. The Mightlore tents blah blah blah, pooling reservoir, to clean drain unwanted fluid out and rinse thoroughly with warm to cool water.
Here's what she worried about. Mightlore tents have an inch thick pad for compression play possibilities. Caution is strongly advised if enjoying Shrunken who's bust or girth exceeds that depth. He might have a lady or two whose bust is close Karla thought.
To enter it is advised to tuck the zipper back to avoid scratching as in image 4. She wandered to image 4. The tucked material gave the edges of the entrance a soft rounded look around a long oval hole between them. The material shaded soft pink added to the vague resemblance.
"Micheal. Can you move the blankets off the bed." She didn't want the blankets to shift during her experiment.
He scooped her on the shoulder and striped the side of the bed by the nightstand to the fitted sheet. "Please put me down at the edge." His hand complied. She paced out the best she could trying to remember the distance and guess pace difference for when he is and isn't on the bed. "OK. Groundlock the tent with two doors here with one door facing that edge." she said almost trembling at the hope she was right.
"Now the one entrance here. Make it so it's entrance lines up with the other tent’s exit door." she directed. He did as directed with a bit of a confused look.
"OK, place me on the nightstand." she requested having trouble breathing. She was so hoping it worked like she was imagining it working.
"Now what?" he asked.
"Go get some ladies." She let It coo.
"OK." he said with a smile. She knew he didn't know what she was thinking. He just knew she thought of pleasure play for him.
He came back with six very young teens trembling in his container. He saw her reaction, "What. Did you want certain ones? We can go back to gather."
"I just wish you wouldn't play with such young girls all the time." she sighed.
"Young, they're my age." he confusingly replied.
Understanding hit her like a ton of bricks. He wasn't going after the young and mid teens for some sick satisfaction. They would be his more likely partners at this age. The woman and older teens might still have a note of advanced to him at least subconsciously. He could play with them, but for quick collections it would be his general age.
"Yeah. No they are good sorry. Strip four of them." Karla instructed.
He had brought the poor still naked long blonde haired shower girl in the group. He reached in and grabbed a nimble looking brunette in a form fitted leotard. Her hair was still in a cute side pony-tail held with a playful blue ribbon around her head. A quick drag of his finger down and he peeled the leotard off her as easy as peeling a banana.
"Put those two in the end tent and zip them in." Karla instructed. That feeling of power by association was filling her.
He shoved them in and trapped them in. Karla liked the fact he hadn't added the top cover to the tent. They, trembling, gathered together looking at the door knowing something was going to open that door and enter with them.
He grabbed a shapely young Latina girl. Her dance outfit reminded her of the lady’s practice outfit from the Flash Dance Movie. She pleaded in Spanish. Very little English. Offering him any service if he didn't hurt her. He didn't seem to understand the girl's trade request. She didn't wear anything in seconds. She allowed him a moment to admire the girl's firm Bs. Karla needed it alert for her test.
She was placed back and traded for the tourist Blond from his first collection port. Karla had to shake her head, her hometown she remembered with just a twinge of pain. The girl just whimpered. Stripped and stripped enough to know it was all coming off.
"Now what?" he waited panting.
"Make sure the back door is zipped down and slide them in the first tent." It growled.
"OK?" he said. He confirmed the door was secured and popped them inside. Zipping that door after and looking at Karla, "And now?"
"Take your shorts off silly." She giggled.
"For you. Certainly." he gleefully agreed.
Karla looked at the newly entrapped. The blond just back to the side closest to Karla trembling. Waiting for that door to reopen. Karla wasn't sure if the girl stopped when she felt the wall or couldn't push the material any further. But it did stretch a sweet little bump where he ass would rest against it.
The Latina teen was a fighter. Struggling with the second door. Growling at the blonde in Spanish. Karla understood her every word. But it was basically, "Help me you stupid bitch."
"Now? Poke the tents?" He asked.
"Kind of. Open the first door and slowly slide him in." Karla instructed.
He peeled the flaps back. The Latina started for the door when his Behemoth poked its eye in. Micheal gasped at the soft textured of the rounded lips that were made slightly stiffened by the zippers hard material. Penetrating slowly into the tent.
Either out of panic or courage the Latina girl plowed herself into the entering beast. Lack of traction was against her too. She slipped and fell backward. The Behemoth slithered over top of her little curvy form.
The blond knew this monster well and pressed back to let it pass. It's tapered head still pressed along her. Between the curve and the material she side up to along the side of his massive girth. Leaving a slender girl shaped impression in the side of the tent detailed enough that Karla could see the outline of both her perky little ass cheeks.
Watching his behemoth devour both lovelies so easily was a rush. But she was still caring to ask, "Can the girls breathe?"
"Oh yeah. I can feel them sucking in air along my skin. She's muffled but the curvy girl is screaming up a storm. The vibrations feel amazing." He announced.
He didn't ask for instructions now. He opened the exit and it lurked out. The girls in the next tent were looking wide eyed up through the observation window, Heads shaking no.
He unzipped their door wonderfully slowly. They cringed and backed away. The Behemoth peeked it's eye in and they separated. As if to give it two different targets. It squeezed in for both. It's rounded head just pressed the other side. The lithe side pony tailed brunette's form was displayed wrapped to the head of his rigid cock by that wonderful material.
"Oh Karla this feels great. Thanks for thinking of this." He said admiring his power over toy sized girls.
Karla realized she missed guessed. His length was astonishingly long. Looking down at the scene she figured they could have included the other two door tent if they had placed it a few inches from the edge of the bed. His girth with the girls inside ballooned the tent. But the material did as he explained. It even adjusted to his movements of balance.
"Let's check this out." he purred. And his hips pulled back. The girls in the front tent slipped to the floor. Karla saw a possible horrible flaw in her plan as the beast rushed forward.
The tapered shape of the tip of his mammoth cock and their small size worked together. Instead of being plowed through. They were shifted up and along it. Giving his sensitive end two pretties to stroke along as it got on with it's feast of pleasure.
Her Micheal was a happy boy. "Oh yeah Karla they feel good. Oh so good." He sang.
Feeling that the material would work to keep his playthings physically unharmed. She encouraged him, "Then enjoy them, Micheal! Enjoy!" she purred.
He leaned over the play campsite. The two girls in the end tent didn't fall between thrust any more. Now firmly pinned to his cock's tip. The material goes from slight impression to detailed form and back repeatedly.
His giant body's power was on full display. He was a fairly fit young man. Well toned, like a track star. His mass servicing four screaming girls at once. Karla could only hear three as girth kept the Latina's voice muffled.
She felt her want to add to her enjoyment of the show. Her hand began to creep along her thigh. It reasoned cruelly, "Should you really get to enjoy this show after hurting his feelings by kissing Dan. Encourage our Owner Micheal and suffer the want as penance." Karla agreed with her dark friend.
"Oh Micheal. That looks so hot. Take them Micheal! Take them hard! Teach those girls what their bodies are for. Your pleasure!" She cheered from the nightstand.
"You like this Karla? You like this? Me enjoying four hot girls?" He questioned lustfully.
"You being pleasured is what I like, Micheal! That's what I like to see. You being happy! Now cum on those girls Micheal. I want to see you spray them with our load!" She erotically inspired him.
"I'm going to cum!" He grunted.
"Cum Micheal! Show me!" Karla screamed.
She expected him to thrust deep and hold. Shuttering as each burst collected in the end tent. What she got was him pulling back so his head was just in the end tent.
The two girls fell and staggered. Before the Brunette could gain her balance his first thick blast caught her in the side of her face and knocked her down. The second blast spattered at the tent wall. In her panic to shield herself the shower blonde blocked from that direction. Only to slip on some ground splatter and catch a shot in the back and slipping to the floor. Karla found herself squeal in delight at the sight.
To add to the enjoyment for the next few seconds each time one or the other tried to get up they caught a blast in the face or head and slipped back into the filling bottom. Coating every inch of their slender forms.
Once he finished he eased back his to rest his tip in the first tent. He reached over and zipped the second tent shut. Then zipped the first tents exit. He just sat panting.
Karla noticed as her giant gasped happily that his tip rested on the lower half of the Latina girl. She was struggling unsuccessfully to pull herself out from under him. Begging the blonde cowering in the corner to give her a hand. The cum that had splashed back upon his tip in the second tent was now being gathered by gravity and dripping on the trapped girl's chest. She felt weird pride that even at rest that mammoth could still torment a Shrunken lady.
Micheal's eyes she noticed were content to be observing the two now trapped in the second tent. Soaking in a tub of his fresh semen. He clearly relished the sight of their supple bodies coated in what he supplied. Karla just realized the Brunette still wore her hair ribbon as she watched a glob plopped from it.
Giggling he slipped out of the first tent and zipped them in. Then tugged the Groundlock release in the second tent. Then slipped his hand under it to support the stretchy bottom from the weight of spunk and girls. He curled to sit at the head of the bed. Looking in at his handy work. Snickering again he swirled his hand. Causing the two girls to roll in the pooled cum. "Awesome." he snickered as they began righting themselves.
He swirled his spunk globe again in amusement. Then looked at Karla. "That was amazing Karla. Thanks for thinking of it."
"Your welcome Micheal." she replied hoping he was going to get over tormenting those girls soon. Partially because she was starting to get a rush out of seeing them helpless before her Owner.
He leaned toward her. Face at the nightstand edge. "I own you. You understand that Karla." He said in a serious tone.
"Yes Micheal." Karla replied. That fact had been declared many times since their current lives together started only a few days ago.
"Well, because I own you I don't want you kissing Dan or any other Shrunken guys. All that kind of affection is for me and me alone. Does that make sense?" Micheal declared.
She stepped to his face and leaned into his warm skin. Turning so she could stroke the bridge of his nose. "If that's what my Owner wants it is what I want." she replied despite part of her demanding to point out how he had Chrissy, his collection, and her. Why wasn't she allowed just one nice guy like Dan. But that stayed inside. No longer an option in this life. No Karla did what was better for her to have her happy giant back, "I'm sorry I hurt you Micheal. Is there something I can do to make it up to you?"
"I forgive you. But if it happens again. I will have to punish you." He said, still sounding a bit hurt. Then closer to her happy boy added, "Besides you figured out how I can really enjoy these little tents dad bought me."
"As you have said I'm here to make you happy. I'm just glad they worked." She replied and kissed his nose.
A giant hand pressed her to his face and nuzzled her whole body. Making happy Micheal noises. She felt herself giggling under the playful attention. He set her back and sat back looking into the semen pooled tent. Giving it's helpless riders another spin.
"Oh I have an idea." came out of Micheal in a gleefully evil tone. Carefully he placed the goo filled tent down. Then released the first tent and unzipped one side. Opening the second. He poured the cleaner girls into the ooze filled one. The girl bathing in it already had to scramble back in the slippery semen to avoid being plowed into. The fresh ones clearly were not happy to be in a man milk bath.
Zipping and carefully lifting it Karla noticed he was smiling eagerly. He swirled the tent. The four rolled and slid inside. Making all four now dripping messes. Karla heard Amanda whimper, "No Fair."
Playfully giggles going he rolled them again. Karla cautioned, "Careful Micheal there isn't a lot of room in there. One of you pretties might get hurt." She wondered if she should bother learning any of their names.
"Yeah. Your right. What should I do now I wonder?" he said eyes locked on the dripping naked bodies in his spunk globe. His beast was showing signs of string.
Karla knew he was talking about what he should do to those helpless little morsels in his hand. She in turn was feeling guilty she was actually getting aroused watching him torment them. But she knew what he should do and how to take the sight of his dominance of her lesser away. "You should text Chrissy so you two can talk."
"But Karla I'm starting to feel, you know." He said in his cute giant whimper.
"You text Chrissy now, Happy Karla will want to play later." She offered while leaning forward arms back and gave a little sexy dance as she spoke. She didn't know if being naked would be encouragement for her suggestion or get her pressed into the Behemoth. Karla was actually agreeable to either outcome for some reason.
"But I kinda want to see them drink some." he lustfully whined.
She now liked that idea too. Part of her wondered how far gone she had become. But better advice was cautioned, "The longer you take to talk to Chrissy. The bigger strain it might add to your guys' relationship."
"Yeah. Your right." he sighed.
He reluctantly stood and took the spunk globe with him. Giving it a swirl before pouring it's contents into the bottom of the fifth cage. He came back to gather the other tent to clean them when Karla reminded him, "Don't forget the container."
He grabbed the plastic tub with the girl's stripped clothes and his two unused for now playthings and returned them.
He returned and noted, "You should get dressed while I clean these."
She turned and Maria nervously handed her an outfit. "Here Lady Karla."
Karla reached though and stoked the girl's cheek. "Thank you Maria. That was very helpful."
The girl leaned into the touch nervously. "Thank you Lady. Did I make you happy?"
"You are doing well. Thank you my pretty." Karla was really liking her attendants.
It was a cute sundress. White with pink trim. A pink belt of fabric divided the dress just under the bust line. Pink flowers decorated the bottom half of the skirt and down one breast. It looked playful. The panties included were also white and pink trim, she liked that they were polka dotted with tiny versions of the flowers on the dress. It was low cut as all the others. But the skirt hung to just past her knees and playfully danced as she moved in it. The fabric was nice light material.
Maria, sweet Maria, braved out, "You look beautiful Lady Karla I'm sure the master will like that on you."
"Thank you. And I'm sure I most likely request he not include you if we have interactive activities later." Karla praised.
Karla enjoyed how easy it was to control her. As the lovely lass nodded saying, "Thank you Lady Karla. Thank you!"
She looked and Micheal was not back yet. "Oh Amanda."
"Yes Karla." the less attentive attendant replied.
"If Maria tells me later you've practiced your attention on another girl. Later, I will request for your assistance. I am making plans for Micheal's lap later you might like." Karla mewed stroking Maria's short hair.
"What do I need to practice?" she asked. Her tone was bordering on disgust.
Karla pulled Maria close and kissed the girl between her cage's bars. Maria seemed more than willing to trade her affection to avoid his attention. Karla found her massaging Maria’s plump breast. She couldn't have boyfriends. But he was OK with girlfriends. Leaning back she bopped Maria on her nose, "That's for Maria here to decide. Anything Maria decides." smiled at her clear favorite. A bit of pink showed on Maria's cheeks. Yes clear favorite.
Maria started, stepped back and was nervously looking up. Amanda was gasping forward. Micheal was behind her, Karla figured.
Karla turned and pranced to the edge on her toes toward him. Her skirt danced as playfully as she wanted to appear to her giant. His expression showed he had been watching for most of her interaction with her servants. She held her arms back and danced her trained hips. In that tone that melted his resolve she sang to him, "Hello Micheal. Going to text Chrissy now?"
"Yeah." Was the sound that came out. Karla tried not to laugh. She might have put a little too much prance in her greeting.
He sighed some self control into his chest. "I'm going to see if mom or dad are here so I can invite her over. I don't want a bunch of strangers around." He unaware announced he was embarrassed for his actions.
"Sounds good Micheal. Sounds good." Karla praised as his hand lowered for her to ride upon. She was glad he was dealing with it fairly well.

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