Kevin and his family

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Kevin and his family

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Kevin's family became his mini's for Christmas. Here they are in Kevin's room. He wanted to take a picture to remember this moment.

i postimg cc/7YWKqrr6/kevin-family.png"

Kevin 12. Always wanted minis. Has had the mini vaccine.
Eileen 55, Grandma on the left shoulder. First to shrink. Mark is her favorite grand child.
Mark 34. Father. Obsessed with work and fitness.
Lisa 32 Mother. Spends too much time at work and worries the family is drifting apart.
Sarah 16, Blond Sister on the left next to arm. Thought the red and green theme was too corny.
Veronica 14, Brunet Sister on the right. Dotes on her brother a bit too much.
Mary 10, Brunet Sister on the left closest to the camera. Actually wanted to take it further and dress like an elf, but wants to be like Sarah
Lilly 8, Blond Sister on the right shoulder. Very adventurous and suggested they all become minis

In this world it is possible to become a mini intentionally in various sizes, with special medicine, or by being a small segment of the population vulnerable to the shirking virus. Mark wanted a mini for as long as he could remember. Last year a test showed he was vulnerable to the shrinking virus but it wasn't a problem for the rest of the family, so he had his parents get him the complete mini vaccine which protects against the virus and mini pills.

Lisa was worried that her family was drifting apart. Kevin had been asking for a mini for Christmas for years now so Lisa thought that Mark and her would become their children's mini's for a week. If it turned out well and Kevin was responsible she would get him some mini's for his birthday. It would force both of them to spend more time with their children and each other. She never got to see Mark as he was working all the time. She was no better since she started taking her career seriously and had risen to VP of marketing at her tech firm. Their oldest Sarah was getting particularly difficult and Lisa worried that if they didn't make a change their family might fall apart with her children hating them and she didn't want that to happen.

She was surprised with Mark as he readily agreed to the idea. As it turns out that for years he had secretly wanted to be a mini, either for her or with her, for a few days, but there was never time to do it and the more time passed the harder it was for him to talk to her about it. It seemed there was never time with work making more and more demands every time he got promoted at his investment firm. He was worried his wife and children were drifting apart from him and hoped that this would make them closer. The thought of being at the mercy of his children was daunting, but Mark knew he needed to take drastic action to keep his family together and for better or worse this could be just the thing.

They went to Lisa's mom Eileen to ask her to babysit for a week. When she asked why, they explained what they wanted to do. At first she thought they were crazy, then she was concerned, but she could see how Mark and Lisa's marriage was in trouble the truth was Eileen also had a fetish about becoming a mini. So she suggested that she would become a mini as well which Mark and Lisa were not expecting. They agreed but only because they were too shocked to really process what Eileen had just agreed to. All their other family members were busy with their own holiday plans, but Mark convinced his sister to be the emergency adult and come by every other day to check up on them just to make sure everyone was still alive and the house hadn't burned down. They went home to talk to their children about the plan, but didn't expect for 14 year old Veronica to also want to be a mini. Then 8 year old Lilly blurted out they should all become mini's for Kevin and went on about all the things she wanted to do as a mini and how fun it would be to which 10 year old Mary agreed. 16 year old Sarah looked at her youngest sister in annoyance and lamented how much work it would be to watch over them all, so in an effort to sabotage her parents and point out what a bad idea this was later she agreed to be a mini too. This is not what Lisa and Mark had expected and were a little shocked, but Mark was desperate to keep his family together so he decided this is what they were going to do. For his part Kevin was excited he was going to have so many mini's for a week, and yet terrified at the responsibility at the same time.

Two days before Christmas they want to the facility to take the mini pill and also have some clothes prepared. They wanted a pill that would gradually shrink them so they could better get use to the new perspective and be ready for Kevin Christmas morning. Unfortunately the facility was closed Christmas Eve so they couldn't use any of the more common one day formulations. They had to use the lesser known variation formula 537. It didn't taste good and had the side effect of making a mini imprint on an owner immediately when they got bodily fluids on them if that person was full sized and had extremely rare and specific genetic markers, which unknown to all Kevin by chance just happened to have. On Christmas eve the mini family lined up by the Christmas tree next to the special mini box while Kevin waited patiently and anxiously in his room. Mark's sister showed up late and hurriedly put them in the mini box. She was somewhat gentle with his daughters but Lisa, Mark, and Eileen all got small bruises. She then tied the bow in a hurry and rushed out yelling bye and Merry Christmas as she did so.

Kevin could hardly sleep as he kept thinking about the box with air holes under the tree. He agreed to wait till 6AM before unwrapping them and waking them up. At 6am he was already downstairs gently pulling off the ribbon and tapping the box to stir the occupants. He took off the lid and smiled down at his family, now reduced to about 1/12th their height. Gently he picked up his Grandma with his left hand, wrapping his fingers around her chest and waist, as she sleepily opened her eyes and looked kindly at the now giant to her Kevin. Yawning she said

"Well good morning handsome"

He lifted her from the bed so easily as he brought her up to eye level and said good morning. Sarah let out a short scream looking up at her giant brother until she remembered she had become a mini. Veronica and Sarah also let out short gasps but everyone else took it rather well and smiled up at their new temporary owner.

"Good morning Grandma"

He kissed her meaning to just kiss her cheek but his wet lips practically covered her whole head with his spit getting all over her. She laughed as he pulled away.

"Oh, I'm sorry"

"Oh no child it's perfectly fine", she laughed. "It's weird for you to call me Grandma while you're this big, just call me Eileen"

"Ok. Good morning my little Eileen"

Eileen felt her skin tingle where Kevin's spit had touched her skin. As she tried to get the stick spit out of her hair the feeling seemed to intensify in her. Slowly she started feeling awe and reverence towards Kevin. With his right hand he picked up his father to compare how much heavier and solid he was, but still light and helpless in his grasp. He looked his father in the eyes

"I'm in change now. Understand?" Kevin tried to say in his best authoritative voice.

"That's right champ" his father said while the all nodded in agreement with varying degrees of fear, enthusiasm, and excitement.

"Ok then. Time for breakfast".

One by one he gently lifted them out of special mini carrier and put them on the kitchen table. As he placed Sarah and Mary on the table he frowned that they weren't wearing the red and green outfits like the rest.

"You didn't wear your Christmas outfit"

"Sarah said it wasn't cool" chirped Mary.

"Ugh, we don't need to be all color coordinated just for you" said Sarah dismissively

Eileen went over and gave Sarah a slap on the cheek.

"This is not the time for your attitude young lady. We are doing this as a family. Now how about you show our Master more respect!?"

Quickly but gently Kevin grabbed Eileen with both hands and lifted her off the table. He knew Sarah had a temper and didn't put it past her to hit back. Grandma had never hit her before and he didn't know what would happen. Sarah stared at them angrily as Kevin stroked Eileen's hair gently and looked away uncomfortably. Lisa and Mark looked at each other.

"Ok, let's just forget that happened, how about those pancakes champ?"

Kevin nodded and put Eileen on his shoulder. He then got some pancakes from the fridge that were prepared the day before and warmed them up in the microwave. He took one pancake and cut it into small triangles, one for each of them with a dab of syrup for each of them. Before pouring syrup on his.

"Do you know how much I love pancakes? I can't miss this" Lilly exclaimed as she took off her dress and ran at Kevin's stack of pancakes. Kevin turned beat red and looked away as his tiny sister jumped on to the pancakes and climbed to the center face down. She rubbed her body on them even as she ate like a caterpillar and got syrup all over her. Everyone laughed but Kevin who was a big frozen. After a few seconds he gently picked her up so she didn't overeat and throw up all over his breakfast.

"Hey those are mine little brat"

"Hah ha worth it. Now I'm all sticky. Hey what are you doing? Ah no stop! Hah it's slimy and it tickles!" she yelled as Kevin licked most of the syrup off her. Everyone laughed though Veronica was jealous wishing that was her and that he did a more thorough job. She looked at the stack of pancakes.

"Uh uh don't you think about it young lady" said Lilly as she opened a moist towlet and motioned for Kevin to put his sister down. She then used it like a towl to clean up the little girl who suddenly seemed calmer and more at peace. Lisa decided that was just her imagination brought on by the surreal experience. She then had her put the dress back on.

"Big brother we have to do this every day now. Maybe tomorrow I can swim in your cereal" Lilly said grinning from ear to ear.

"I don't think so young lady, leave the man's food alone" said Mark as he finished his own triangle.

After breakfast Mark took them to the bedroom so they could take a family photo on his bed. Playfully Eileen and Lilly climbed onto his shoulders. They spent the rest of the day playing games and indulging Kevin in his whims and fantasies. Before Mark was worried that he didn't know how to connect with his son, but as they spent the day defeating evil and saving damsels in distress he began to become more relaxed with his son. It was great to take out the frustrations of daily life beating up and breaking some of the villain action figures. Other than Sarah they all seemed to enjoy Kevin picking them up and handling them. Kevin even picked up Mark and brought his straight down boots first to pop the head off a villain, but not hard enough to hurt Mark. Mark didn't even mind when Kevin's sweat started to get on him. Rather than being annoyed it strangely made him feel calm and happy, melting away his anxiety. When Kevin told Mark to suplex Cobra Commander Mark obeyed and put every effort into the move. Everyone except Sarah cheered loudly as the figure broke apart and Mark saved the day. Playfully Eileen asked him to use her to wipe the sweat off his forehead with her dress and she laughed when he did. Eileens feelings toward Kevin just intensified as the sweat and smell surrounded her.

Lunch was sandwiches that were already in the fridge next to the roast and sides that would be dinner. Lilly looked at Kevin's sandwich and decided she was going to run in and see what it was like to be in the middle, but before she should get any momentum Eileen grabbed her by the arm stopping her cold.

"Let Master eat. I don't think he wants you in the middle of his food right now"

"Aww ok. I just want to play with Master. I know he won't hurt me and wanted to know what it's like to be in a sandwich. Do you think maybe if I ask nicely Master will let me get in his sandwich and just eat around me?"

"NO, just no" said Kevin

"Honey not right now. You have all week. Maybe he will let you later if you behave"

"Ok. Sorry Master. Don't be mad at me Master. You're not mad at me are you?" Lilly looked up at Kevin pleadingly

"Uh, no I'm not mad. Just, uh, no promises but maybe later in the week ok. No promises"

"Eileen do you think it's ok to be calling him Master?"

"Lisa, look at him? He can do whatever he wants to us and we did agree to become his mini's for the week"

"I agree with your mom honey. I think Master is appropriate." Mark then look up at Kevin and asked "What do you think of that Master?"

"Master master master" Lilly kept repeating like it was an annoying song

"Uh, yeah. You're my mini's now so yeah" said Kevin uncertainly.

"Weird ass family" said Sarah under her breath as Lisa sighed. Veronica went over to Kevin's plate and "accidentally" slid in the mustard and mayonnaise getting it all over herself.

"Oh no. Hey Kev, er MASTER! HEY!"

She put her hands on her hips as Kevin turned to look at her. He smiled about how her attitude didn't match her calling him Master while at the same time how silly she looked covered in mayo and mustard.

"I need your help to clean me up. Take me to the sink in your bathroom"

Kevin looked at the sink in the kitchen

"No I don't want to be cleaned off there where everyone can see. Your room is closest. Take me their? Please Master? Besides you could use a shower yourself"

Kevin sniffed his armpit and agreed. He took the other minis to the play-set he put together earlier and filled a small tub with wine for the adults who started to undress as if he wasn't still there. He picked up Veronica and took her to his room after cleaning her a little with a napkin. He put her on the bed and turned on his sink to a low pressure letting the water run to get warm. He turned back to the bed to see Veronica already naked standing there looking perfectly comfortable. Veronica had some bad thoughts about her brother, thoughts she shouldn't have, but it's different now that she was a mini, even if it was temporary. Anything he did with her would be fine because she couldn't and shouldn't resist as a mini. Why shouldn't he see her in all her glory? Kevin turned away and turned a little red

"Oh come on Master. I'm your mini. You can look and touch all you want. Right now I'm not a woman or your sister. I'm just a mini for you."

Kevin slowly went over and picked her up. He massaged her breasts with his index finger and tried to feel every inch of her

"Is this ok. I'm not hurting you right?"

She laughed

"You're not hurting me no. I'll let you know if you do. As for being ok that's up to you. I'm just the helpless mini in your hand. You know I can help you with that" She said pointing at his crotch.

Kevin didn't realize he had gotten rock hard. As if under a spell he sat on the bed and set her down right in front of his zipper. She tried grabbing it with both hands but was too weak to make much progress

"A little help? Please Master?" she pleaded up at him.

As if the rest of his body was frozen except for one hand Kevin unzipped his pants and watched as his naked sister pulled his cock out. Veronica had always been close to Kevin, to the point that his friends would sometimes make fun of him for it. The truth was though part of him had a crush on her even though he knew he shouldn't, but this, his brain couldn't process this. All thoughts left him as she licked the head of his penis and massaged it with her small breasts. Then she got on top of it and used her whole body the please the giant member. It didn't take long for him to start cumming. Veronica put her head in front of his penis to catch as much of the white gold as she could, but the pressure of it coming out almost knocker her off and out. She coughed, but then started eating the cum. The more she ate the happier and more at peace she felt. Before she had wanted to keep giant Kevin all to herself but now she wanted to give him the world and that meant learning to enjoy all his mini's. She cried a little when Kevin regained his senses and pulled her away from his cock and brought her to eye level. He thought if she ate any more she would burst.

"That was.... so fucking amazing"

"Thank you Master"

"I, I mean should we be doing this. I mean I don't.."

"We can do whatever you want Master. I mean all of us. We are your mini's and you are our Master. Our God. It doesn't matter what we want or think anymore. If you give the others your precious white liquid they will feel the same"

It was weird to have Veronica who doted on him but was always bossy, suddenly become his worshiper. He wasn't going to complain though. This was beyond awesome.

"Master, if I may? I think I have a plan for you but first let's get cleaned up."

Kevin took a shower and rather than letting Veronica use the sink he brought her in the shower with him using her body as a bathing sponge paying special attention to his intimate areas. He then went back to the living room with a clear plastic tub and began putting the other mini's in there with Veronica. He ignored their questions especially from the drunken adults. He took them back to his room and put the container on the bed.

"Ok all of you get get naked and put your clothes in the corner of the tub."

Before he was even finished speaking Lilly was naked and kneeling down looking up at him expectantly waiting for his next command. Mark, Eileen, and Veronica were undressing as Lisa started to protest. Sarah stood with her arms crossed and Mary started to undress uncertainly not sure of what to do.

"Now look son, we can't just... Mark what are you doing? Eileen"

"Just go along with it hon. We have to do what he says, that goes for you girls too"

"Daughter in law just do as your told. Come on now grand daughter"

"Eww no. Wait! Mom?"

Kevin picked up Lisa and took off her dress, then picked up Sarah and forcibly undressed her. With all their clothes out of the tub he undid his pants and picked up Veronica, his cock already hard again. Eileen and Lilly were obediently on their knees and looking up at Kevin as he began to stroke his cock with his sister. While he didn't understand consciously what he was doing, on a deep level Mark knew this was the right thing to do. This would make them all as Kevin's pets and there was a rightness with this. Mark hugged his oldest daughter to prevent her from escaping while Lisa just stood there. This is not what she wanted or could have imagined. What was going on? Then the cum hit her in the face and she swallowed and coughed by reflex. Then Sarah was hit then the rest. They all felt a tingle. Lilly immediately tried to eat as much cum as she could and was disappointed she didn't get more of a tingle to serve Master. Kevin put Veronica back in the box so she could get some more cum too. Almost unconsciously the rest of the girls and his father started eating cum till it was all gone.

"Oh my god that was amazing. Now let's get you all cleaned up."

"Yes Master" they all said in unison.

Afterwards Kevin ordered them all to wear the elf outfits. Then they all sat on the sofa to watch Christmas movies and eat popcorn, with Lilly of course playing in the bowl.

"What? What did you do to us? I, err... umm... "

Sarah had so many conflicting emotions and desires she was trying to resist. Veronica put a hand on her shoulder.

"Just accept it and give in. You'll be happier. Master?" she said looking up at Kevin.

Kevin picked up Sarah with one hand and began petting her with the other. Eventually she gave in and accepted the situation. Relief and pleasure washed over her like a wave and she knew none of them would ever be the same even after they got big again, and that was ok. She stopped fighting it and looked up at her Master just as it's a wonder life came on.

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Re: Kevin and his family

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Hmmm can't seem to put pictures here. Also registered after the first post. Meh. I just need to get this story out of my head
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Re: Kevin and his family

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For two weeks Kevin enjoyed his mini's in ways he never imagined. It was a bit scary at times these new doors they were opening up, like having Lilly in his mouth refusing to come out until he licked all the spaghetti sauce off. He spent more time with his dad as his own personal action figure than he had the last two years put together. He also made little dates for his parents like putting them on a toy boat in a large container with water making sure they couldn't escape. He ordered them to have a romantic evening while he enjoyed the rest of his Minis. He never thought his Grandmother could be so obedient and loving towards him. Even though he didn't have a thing for older woman, there was just something about her soft small touch that made him feel safe and loved even if he was shoving her in his pants. He could actually talk to Sarah now and she would listen, not just because she had to, which of course she did, but because she started to care again. He sometimes got lost in just fondling and appreciating the bodies of his mini's, especially his mom Lisa. Those ample breasts just felt so good in his hands. Sadly it was only temporary. After two weeks his aunt Amy came by to drive them all to the mini facility to reverse the process.

"You and the family have a good time kido?"

She could here various versions of it being great from the box in the back seat that Kevin was holding


"Oh don't be so glum. I still think you all are weird but whatever. Seems like everyone made it so I'm sure you're parents will get you those minis for your birthday now that you proved you can be responsible. Heck you guys didn't even give me one emergency call."

Kevin doubted she would have picked up even if they had. Amy came by a few times to deliver food and supplies with three or four days between visits, which was not the every other day she promised. It was good that Lisa had prepared before hand as well as she did. After a few hours the family came out to greet Kevin. Almost immediately Lilly broke at into a run and almost tackled Kevin to the floor.

"Master!" was all she said

"Ooh.... okay, yeah I don't even wanna know. Well I gotta run I'll see you all later"

"Thanks again sis"

"Yeah yeah"

And she was gone. They then left the facility though Lilly insisted on not letting go, as if the few hours away from her brother was way too long.

"Lilly let go"

"No. I'm not letting go Master"

"If I'm your Master then let me go, that's an order"

"No. I'm not small anymore so I don't have to listen to you anymore"

"Ugh, then why are you still calling me Master?"

"Because you are."

Red faced Kevin just gave up. No point in making more of a scene. The rest of the family just chuckled as strangers looked at them. Other than Lilly refusing to call him Kevin the family dynamic seemed to return to normal. After about a few days though Kevin's parents started called him Master seemingly by accident as did his sisters, well except for Lilly who never stopped. Veronica had been researching the mini pill they took because she thought that they effect Kevin had on them was strange.

"Hey little brother come here"

"What's up" Kevin said as he sat on the couch. Veronica gently put her feet on his lap as his hand absently rested on her leg when seemingly from nowhere. They always sat like this on the couch. While Kevin didn't think anything of it, for Veronica it was a way to establish a bit of dominance over him and also to claim him.

"No that's my seat"

And before Kevin could react Veronica quickly moved her feet as Lilly jumped into Kevin's lap

"Ooof. Owwww. Lilly you can't just...."

"Hold me Master. You're supposed to hold me"

Kevin sight as he put his arms around her and only then did Lilly start focusing on the TV instead. He knew already this was the path of least resistance and that he had to stay like this for an hour or so. It seemed like for the most part Lilly would do whatever he asked, but when she wanted something she could be uncompromising. Before the vacation Lilly usually just did her own thing but now she was attached to him like a third arm. Veronica just let out a small chuckle, more amused than jealous at the moment.

"So I've been looking up the pill we took when we became minis."

"What did you find?"

"It's called formula 537 and it seems to have a few side effects. Turns out that if you shrink using it or any derivative there's a tiny chance that if you come into contact with the bodily fluids of someone with unique genetics you become bonded to them forever, even if the mini process is reversed"

"So you all got a genetic defect?"

"No dummy you do. Well not exactly"

"Don't call Master a dummy" defended Lilly before turning her attention back to the TV.

"You have a combination of a few rare genes that means if you get your spit, sweat, or other fluids on someone who became a mini with 537 they immediately imprint you as their owner and it lasts for life, even after they go back to normal, but the effect is different at normal size"

"So is that why Lilly keeps calling me Master"

"Yeah I think so, but it's affecting all of us. Even Sarah, that's why she's been avoiding you more"

"I thought that was weird. Before she just tried to ignore me. I thought you had all gone back to normal when the process was reversed."

"Temporarily it seems that way, but this affects us for life. If we turn back to mini's we'll be your obedient little dolls again, but if we stay big it builds up. The more we try to resist it the worse it gets and it can make people depressed, or even suicidal"

"Holy shit, is there a cure, or something we can do!"

"No cursing Master!"

"Hah I believe Lilly is doing it, that's why she keeps calling you Master. That way it won't build up in her. This means you could shrink anyone with this formula who wasn't immunized, even if it was for just a day, and they would want to obey you for life."

"Wow anybody? Really?"

"Yep as long as they aren't vaccinated against the pill and you know that's pretty rare because it's so expensive. You know Kevin"

Veronica slowly leaned towards him, trying to show the cleavage her young body barely had

"I've been feeling a little pent up myself and..."

"Kids dinner's ready!!!"

"Ugh, umm, darn when did she start coming home at a decent time. Ugh forget it we'll talk after dinner"

Kevin was parallelized for a second as Lilly got off him and went to the kitchen. His mind was spinning. What was about to happen with his sister? Was he really thinking that? What did his sister just reveal to him? At dinner he looked around the table and each family member smiled as he looked into their eyes. Were they still under his the spell of the drug? Was Grandma ok? His thoughts were interrupted as Mark's phone rang.

"Hello? Yeah hey I know it's a big account but it's Friday and I'm having dinner with my family. If you really need me to go in I...."

"Mark I order you not to go in"

"Uh, hey get someone else. Yeah I know it will affect my bonus but some things are more important."

Mark hung up and everyone just went back to eating as if nothing happened, except for Kevin. He shook a little at the implications of what he had just done. He had ordered his father out of desperation, not expecting him to listen, and everyone carried on like it was the most natural thing in the world and this was just a week after returning to full size. His father, who had missed so many of his children's performances, birthdays, and other events, because he suddenly got a call from work, had for the first time he could remember, refused to go in just because Kevin ordered him too. It wasn't just a one time thing either. As long as he ordered them in a firm voice they would carry out any order he gave them, as long as it wasn't dangerous or too gross of course. He couldn't get Sarah to eat her boogers to punish her for being bitchy, but he did get her to bend over and submit to a spanking or banned from her phone for a few hours. Kevin ordered his mom to come home right after work unless it was an emergency and we she started getting nervous about all the work that wasn't getting done he ordered her to get a lower stress job that paid a little less and she did.

Four weeks after vacation Kevin noticed that his parents along with Sarah and Mary were anxious around him. They tried really hard not to say Master out loud and were trying to force themselves to behave like normal. Kevin tried giving them little orders here and there to ease the tension, which seemed to help, but it was starting to get award. Lilly didn't seem to have a problem and Veronica found ways to deal with it, like ordering him to order her to give him a foot massage or a blow job. It was weird to Kevin, but at the same time he wouldn't complain. The family talked about doing another little mini vacation for Spring break to ease the tension. He had ordered his parents to go out to dinner together so Eileen came over to watch them that Saturday and they were all in the living room when she came in. As soon as she saw Kevin she smiled, got on her knees and said "My Master". Everyone else did the same and Kevin knew life had changed.
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Re: Kevin and his family

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Part 3

Formula 537 was going to be discontinued. When Veronica found this out she had Kevin order their father to buy the rights and get as much of the stuff as they could afford since making more would not be a simple task. Kevin thought it was a good idea, but didn't imagine they would ever use all that formula. Veronica though had other plans which involved one day making more of that wonderful solution. In the mean time they had a situation to deal with. In order to keep their sanity they became Kevin's mini's one weekend a month and spent a whole week as mini's for Spring break. Mark was getting some friction from his job for tying to take time for his family and the family would have to deal with that in the near future. For now though they found they had all grown much closer to eachother

In particular Sarah and Veronica were actually acting like sisters now even if they were occasionally at each others throats. When they were younger Veronica wanted to be just like Sarah, but the older sister found her younger sibling annoying and pushed her away. It would have been easier for Sarah if Veronica just hated her for it, but instead she just ignored her. When Kevin got older Veronica became an over protective sister obsessed with her younger brother. She barely acknowledged her older sister, that is until Kevin started forcing them to be closer. From fighting eachother gladiator style with mini nerf weapons, or being forced to tackle mazes and puzzles as a team, to being used to pleasure their Master together, they had been forced into situations where they had to trust eachother. Sarah actually enjoyed the challenges where Mark pitted his parents against to two of them, with Eileen, Mary and Lilly acting as the audience.

"I don't know why you're worried about girls when you have us" Veronica said as she wiggled her toes. She was on his left resting her feet on his laptop

"Because you're my Sisters. I can't think of you that way"

"Oh really? It didn't seem that way Saturday when you were rubbing Sarah and me across..."

"Ahhh, it's different when you're minis. Now you're big and you're my sisters", Kevin said as he buried his face in his hands.

"It's not different for us you know, especially after Spring Break" Sarah said as she sat on his right resting her hand on his thigh.

"Yeah you got us Master" said Lilly as she hopped over and sat on the floor leaning on his right leg so Mary could come over and sit down to lean on his left.

"Don't you have a boyfriend Sarah"

"I'm dating Brad because I'm a cheerleader and he's captain of the football team. I would leave him if you wanted me too, call him and break his heart right now. Heck I'd even make him a mini and step on him if that's what you wanted"

Kevin was clearly uncomfortable with the direction of this conversation. He knew that she was being serious and wasn't sure how he felt about that. He knew they all felt like that as he looked down at Lilly and Mary. Before Lilly would have just jumped in his lap but she saw Mary wasn't getting enough attention so she forced Kevin to accept paying some attention to her as well. Mary as more reserved now that she wasn't trying to emulate Sarah all the time and she felt more comfortable around her brother and sisters. Suddenly Kevin was trapped making him wonder if he was in charge no matter how many times they called him Master. Mary looked thoughtful as she spoke up

"Well he can't tell his friends he's dating his sister, but what about one of our friends? If you use the special pill and make her like us we wouldn't worry about anyone taking you away from us"

"Oh? How do you know she wasn't want to keep me for herself?"

"Because not only will we do anything for you, we want you to have everything, not take things from you. Even mom, dad, and grandma feel the same. Right now you could order dad to watch as you order mom to get in bed and.."

"Oh god please stop" Mark shut his eyes tight as he tried to force the thoughts of his head. Veronica had a way of doing that to him making him ask himself again just who was in charge here

"And none of us would get jealous as long as you don't ignore us afterward"

"Or at least as Jealous, but Sarah's right. Looking at my research as long as we remain mini's or you give us some attention when we're big, it's not a problem. Shit gets crazy when they stop being a mini and you push them away especially in the beginning."

"What about Jessica?" Veronica offered. Jessica was her closest friend, like the sister Veronica never had especially before Kevin started fording her to mend things with Sarah. Her friend's bust was about as big as her moms, and at 5'9 she was almost as tall. Jessica was beautiful with long blond hair and she was the one she wanted most to share Kevin with. It was so painful to her to keep all her time as a mini away from her best friend. It was hard enough to lie about Christmas break and make it seem normal and boring. She knew that Kevin also had a crush on her and it was just extra fun to tease him with that. To Jessica though Mark was just the creepy little brother who was a little too close to his sister.

"How would we even make that happen?" Kevin asked

"Well she's on the freshmen cheer squad and they've been talking about doing a sleep over for the whole squad. We tell them the theme is to be dolls and we can get mini pictures for the yearbook. This place is pretty big and we have all the mini equipment. Just need another large mini box. I'll also shrink with them and Sarah and mom will chaperone."

"That mini group yearbook photo is such a stupid theme. I mean especially with some of the accidents that happen" said Mary

"Yeah like that dummy squad that got killed by a cat" said Lilly

"Only one of them was killed, some of the others were just maimed, but I see your point. Still I think they'll do it especially if a certain popular varsity cheerleader encourages them" Veronica said looking at Sarah.

"Yeah that would probably work, but how are we going to get my fluid on them? I don't think they're going to just stand still while I whip out my cock and jack off on all of them."

All the girls looked at him and smiled. Their expressions instantly made him regret his choice of words and turn beat red.

"Anyway we can use other fluids you know. Spit and sweat should still work if we get enough of it. We can make sure it's in their food and drinks. We'll find ways." said Veronica confidently

"Ok so what I'm just going to go outside and sit in the sun till I'm hot"

"Dad does have a treadmill"

Kevin groaned. The girls went and gathered several bottles. Kevin suggested that half a bottle should be sufficient, but Veronica said she wanted to be prepared and her two younger sisters agreed. Sarah laughed at how Veronica used their enthusiasm and cuteness against Kevin, but she let it be. They filled a few bottles and Sarah was sure that Veronica would have some crazy plan for the rest. Sarah and Veronica were able to convince the entire Freshmen squad to come to the event. They got 21 custom doll boxes and mini cheerleader uniforms made. Veronica wasn't on the team so hers was going to be a Dallas cheerleader uniform that she was hoping Kevin would appreciate at a later date. All the girls signed the forms to become mini's for 24 hours without protest. Then Saturday came and the parents dropped off their daughters. Veronica brought the other girls to the center of the living room. Everyone else had agreed to stay away to keep the girls comfortable. Lisa and Sarah looked at the girls Jealously wanting desperately to shrink and have time with their Master, but they fought the urge. They all took the pill at 5pm and would grow back at 5pm. Veronica winked at Sarah as she popped her pill and Sarah really wanted to punch her in the mouth for just a moment. In an hour all the girls had shrunk to 1/12th their original size at exactly the same time. They held the mini clothes in their hands and used their now oversized clothes as changing rooms.

"All right guys lets get to our spots so my sister can take our pictures"

As they went over to the boxes along the wall to find their spots Sarah and Lisa put the girls clothes in named plastic bags for later. Veronica had a slightly bigger and much flashier box as she didn't win the caption of "What a doll" without earning it. Sarah took their pictures wishing she was down there and she swore that somehow Veronica was taunting her. She thought about trapping the annoying girl in her box by putting it face down but restrained herself. They couldn't mess this up, this was for Master even though he had no idea what he was getting himself into. After the photos Veronica went to a nearby table to hand out drinks.

"Hey guys stay hydrated. We still got lots to do"

They had put Kevin's sweat in the mini water and soda bottles. Nobody noticed that the tops were not the original ones. Turns out mini everything was expensive so people took more care to reuse things like water and soda bottles with like new caps to seal them up. Veronica was able to put more fluid in the soda bottles so that's what she tried to push, but most of the girls opted for water. They had still put Kevin's sweat in the swimming pool, the food, and even the mini showers. She hoped it would be enough but they did have one more plan.

"Hey I'm feeling a little tingly. Is that normal?" Jessica said as she finished her salad.

Several other started remarking they felt it to, then most of them agreed, but a few said they felt nothing or didn't respond. Veronica memorized who to point them out later.

"Yes, it's normal with this formula. Don't worry about it" Veronica said.

After dinner they all went to the center of the living room and Sarah stood over them with a spray bottle.

"All right kids who's ready for a wet t-shirt contest?"

All the girls whooped and hollered. Lisa pressed play on the laptop to start the dance music while Sarah sprayed them with the mixture of water and Kevin's sweat. She made sure to drench the ones Veronica pointed at even as one of them tried to run away from the fun. A ball to simulate multiple lights like the ones used at kids Christmas parties was turned on and the girls danced. After they all voted and Jessica won, which was obvious from the start, they all settled in front of the laptop as rom com movies played. It was a bit annoying for Jessica and Lisa to stare at the small screen as they were protectively behind the girls, but to the mini's it was like the biggest screen they had ever seen. The final part of their plan was for Kevin to walk in sweaty, though he was perhaps a bit too sweaty. She saw several of the girls wrinkle their nose at the sudden smell of him.

"Hey mom you guys ok? Need anything?"

"We're fine. Maybe go take a shower Ma-er.. son. Sorry I'm tired, just go take a shower Kevin" she strained to say. It was hard not to call him Master when they were at home

"Ok" said Kevin as he left absently waiving at everyone.

Veronica knew that it wasn't enough for them to just feel the tingle. They had to associate it with Kevin. Of course consciously the didn't, but their nose and subconscious did. She looked at each of them and knew she had done it. She felt like a super villain watching her dastardly plan come together just right and got an evil smile. Sara managed to glance at the smile and it creeped her out a little. She decided she was just tired and didn't really see what she just saw. The next day everyone returned to the same height at the same time, 24 hours after they shrank. The parents came to pick up their daughters and Sara took down what pictures they wanted her to send. Kevin put the vent out of mind knowing it could take a few days before anyone reacted the way his family had. According to Veronica the time it takes and strength of reaction varies. That Tuesday Jessica showed up at their door and Kevin just happened to answer it.

"Oh hey Jessica. Come on in. Veronica is on an errand with my mom but they should be back soon." Kevin stopped as he noticed Jessica was just standing in the doorway. Not moving and looking nervous.

"Ummm. I don't know how to say this"

"What do you mea-urmph"

Kevin was silenced mid word as Jessica kissed him passionately. It was a desperate kiss like she was trying to suck out his soul into her or as if her life depended on it. He was only 5ft tall so it was awkward for the 5'9 beauty to bend over and kiss him like that, but she did. Her hands on his shoulders held him in place and helped her balance. All thoughts left Kevin's mind as he stood frozen except for his mouth which seemed to be possessed. Then suddenly she broke away.

"I'm... I'm sorry I... no I shouldn't be here"

She turned around on her heel and brought out her phone to summon an uber.

"STOP! Jessica I order you to STOP!!!" Mark shouted at her and she froze, finger hovering over the app.

"I order you to come inside and sit on the sofa"

She did as he commanded and sat down. She made several sounds, like the beginning of speech, but couldn't seem to get the words out. His father and two younger sisters had come after hearing the commotion. They looked at Kevin for an explanation. Kevin sighed. Then he looked at Jessica and spoke calmly

"I order you to speak and tell me why you came here"

"I. Well ever since the sleep over I can't get you out of my head. I mean I always thought you were a nice guy and could be cute in the future, but you're young and kinda weird with Veronica. I mean she's too close to you, I mean brothers and sisters shouldn't be like that, but when you came in to talk to your mom and I smelled you I felt something change in me, now how you are with Veronica doesn't bother me at all, and I can't stop thinking about you, and it feels like my skin is on fire, and I had to come over and see you or I feel like I could explode, and..."

It was his turn to silence her with a kiss, but his was gentle. He sat down next to her.

"That happened pretty fast. She's like us now" Lilly said as she came over and sat in his lap. Mary then sat next to him.

"Jessica don't be mad, but the mini pill you took has a side effect that makes you bonded to me"

"What? You can't just do that to people! I'm so mad, or I should be? Why am I not mad? I just, I just...."

Kevin put a finger on her lips to quiet her.

Mark sighed and walked over this his son. "Here, give this to her. It will only last an hour but she's gonna burst if you don't. I hope you're ready to take responsibility for what you did this weekend Master. Come on girls give Master and the new girl some privacy"

"What do you mean by that?" Kevin asked as he held out the pill for Jessica. She took it and swallowed without being asked or asking what it is simply because he held it out for her.

"Why did I do that, why did he call you Master? Oh..." Jessica got a little sick as the world rapidly grew around her. Gently Kevin lifted her out of her clothes and admired her tone athletic body. Suddenly Jessica was calm and happy. All her anxiety gone. The outrage she wanted to feel a distant memory.

"Hello Master" she smiled at him. "Will I be like this forever now? I think that would be right"

"No, it only lasts an hour"

He saw her frown with a deep sadness"

"Uh.. but don't worry my pet. You can be my mini any time now. For now let's enjoy the hour we got before your parents start to worry"

She smiled at that. As he stopped petting her and used one hand to open his zipper her eyes widened with anticipation and excitement. Sitting on the couch he put her between his legs and brought out his cock.

"I am not worthy master"

The beautiful blond saying those words made him rock hard and he felt like his cock had grown another full inch. She wrapped her 6 inch body around and started pumping. Praising him, worshiping him.

"My God. My Master. I am not worthy"

"Oh yes you are"

"Thank you Master. Oh" She ground her pelvis as hard as she could against the veins of his shaft.

She pumped and pumped until it all came out. It was violent and messy, cum going everywhere. It seemed to last forever. Kevin collapsed on the couch panting as his new pet was gorging herself trying to clean up every drop she could. He pet her back and she purred until she couldn't eat any more. Then she just lay there panting enjoying him petting her. After a while Kevin looked around. Mark was going to have a mess to clean up. All too soon she started growing back to size. Kevin moved her as she grew so she wouldn't fall off. Once it was done she still didn't want to move, as if she would live on the couch forever. She whimpered when he suggested their time was up.

"You need to clean up and go home"

"Oh do I have to?"

"Your parents might worry"

"Why? My dad is never home and mom barely knows I exist. It feels like I could run away and it would be a few days before they even knew" She said face down into the couch cushion.

Kevin only had to think about it a moment.

"Oh I think we could do something about that. How would you like to change it"

She looked up at him questioningly. The next day she tricked them into signing forms for therapy. Jessica's mom was a towering beautiful woman standing at 6'2, but cold and cutting like a block of ice, Her father was 6'4 and equally cold but more like stone. They agreed to the therapy only if she promised never to ask them about it again. If they had bothered to read them they would have seen they were short term mini forms, but that's what they get for not paying attention to her. Kevin gave them their therapy and they were much better people after that. Jessica and her parents would join Kevin's family on mini vacations from that point on. Having control of the parents he could now spend as much time with Jessica as he wanted. In all the excitement though he forgot about the other 19 cheerleaders who slowly showed up at his door as time went on. By the sixth week the whole squad was his. It was a bigger headache than he bargained for. That's what his dad meant about consequences.
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Kevin and his family part 4

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I know this one is super long. I had to get it all out at once for some reason. Should have been two parts. They will be shorter in the future. Probably.

Part 4

It was the Saturday after the mini cheerleader party. Jessica was now officially his girlfriend though two other girls had stopped by his house that week and he had a similar talk with them. Kevin's family had signed modified contracts that let him mini them any time and when they were mini's they were registered to him. They were his property just in case anybody else in the future tried to make them mini's or take them in their small state. Jessica and her parents also signed the new contracts as did the two new girls. It hadn't yet dawned on Kevin that in a few weeks he would have a whole squad of girls demanding his attention.

Kevin slowly sat up in bed. He checked his waist band to make sure Lilly and Mary were ok. His family would rotate being his mini's and he'd learned to sleep carefully so nothing bad happened. Last night it was Mary and Lilly's turn, and he always had to be on alert when it was Lilly's turn. She loved to run around at that size and she loved it when he handled her. She even liked being his game board piece, though that didn't work out for chess and no mater what piece she tried to be she would mess up the game. He had to make sure she got tired so that she would stay put as he slept. Mary liked his touch and being close to him, feeling the warmth of his giant body. Even with the bit of cum in her hair she looked peaceful curled up laying on him and groaned as the light entered their little cave. Lilly on the other hand looked like an angry star fish coming alive. Bits of caked on white flaked off as she squirmed in protest.

"Ok girls. Time to get up" Kevin said quietly. He felt Lilly punch his balls in response, which didn't hurt per say but surprised him. How was that being obedient and submissive he wondered. He got up and ran the water on a lower pressure in his sink to get it warm, then he put Lilly and Mary in with a bit of soap.

"Use me in the shower like you do Mom and Sarah" Lilly said arms up.

"Hah you're a little bit too small for that pipsqueak" He said as he patted her head

"No I'm not" Lilly complained as she batted away his finger with her arms. Mary just laughed.

After he showered and dressed he picked up the two of them. Lilly ridding on his head holding onto his hair and laughing, Mary docile and content in his hand. He went to the kitchen and placed his sisters on the table while he got himself some cereal and a bit of muffin for them. Kevin poured in the milk, but before he could pour in the cereal Lilly jumped into his bowl and started swimming and laughing even as she shivered from the cold milk. Kevin sighed as Mary nibbled on her bit of muffin.

"C'mon c'mon pour in the cereal" His little sister in the bowl insisted

Sarah sat down with a plate of eggs and bacon while he poured the honey oats into his bowl. Lilly squealed as the cereal gently fell on her then started splashing around and nibbling on the bits of cereal. Sarah broke of a bit of bacon, eggs, and toast to hand to Mary

"Thank you" she squeaked as she graciously accepted the food.

"You know there's eggs and bacon right Master?"

"Yeah, but I got to deal with that" he gestured towards the bowl and Lilly laughed and giggled not paying them any mind.

"Yep you sure made a mess the last time, Master" she said a bit mockingly. Lilly wanted to have a food fight with him last week when he had eggs and bacon. It was a bit messy and he had the extra worry of making sure she didn't get burned from hot food. He could have ordered him mom to clean it up, but when she saw the mess she looked at him with that disappointed look before he could get a word out, which just caused him to sigh and clean up the mess.

"Plus she really wanted to try this. I think I'm going to be eating cereal on Lilly mornings till the day I die" he said jokingly

"Oh I'd love that, but I still want to try other foods!" Lilly called up from the bowl. His sisters just laughed.

"Where's Veronica?"

"Oh she's on the phone getting ready for the Varsity cheer team next week and the JV the week after that"

"Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"It's you're fault Master! The pictures for the freshmen team came out too good and the Varsity team want's to top them. Then JV team heard about it and they won't be left behind. Do you know how much work this is for ME?" Sarah huffed as Kevin carefully got a spoon full of cereal around Lilly.

"Closer closer c'mon!" exclaimed Lilly as he sighed

"I mean we still don't know how many of the Freshmen team will be affected and it just seems like a lot"

"Well Master we think all of them will be affected."

Kevin bit the spoon and almost chipped a tooth. His eyes bulging. Lilly shouted concern but Mary and Sarah just laughed at him.

"I don't know... I mean..."

"Look little brother" Sarah said as she put an arm around him. She didn't call him Master when she was having these big sister talks. Of course she never used to do that before last Christmas

"You're not doing this alone. Trust us this will be good for you. Having only people like us around means we don't have to try so hard to hide it and makes it easier to protect ourselves. The last thing we need is some anti-mini busy body to force some kind of cure on us."

"You're just being like this because of what the pill did to you. You never think about reversing it?"

"Hell no Master. Before I thought I was too good for this family. I was going to leave for college when I turned 18 and never look back, never talk to any of you again, except Mary."

She stopped to pet her little sister who was still chewing on a bit of bacon that was like a pizza to her.

"Now I realize what a bitch I was being. Life is better with my family in it. Sure maybe I could have been happy, but chances are I would have just lived a miserable life. Now, I'm happy. I'm happy being yours, being closer to my family, sharing you, and with the special time we share"

As she talked her hand went to his thigh, then slowly to his crotch

Kevin turned red at the attention. He was totally comfortable with his oldest sister when she was a mini, but at full size he still got confused and embarrassed when she got like this. The same was true for his mom and to a lesser extent Veronica but she tended to take it farther than the others.

"Master" called up Mary from the table. The little naked girl stood tall on the table.

"Before I didn't know I was unhappy, but I did know I felt alone. Our parents weren't around much and I wasn't very close with any of you. I don't want to go back to that life." Mary said as a tears were starting to form in her eyes.

Kevin picked up Mary wrapping her gently with both hands and kissed on on the head. He put her down and petted her before leaning over and kissing Sarah on the head as she leaned on his shoulder.

"And what about you little one"

"I didn't think it was bad before, but I like the way things are now. I can't imagine life being any other way. Now hurry up and finish eating Master I'm getting too cold!"

Kevin chuckled as Sarah got off his shoulder. He picked up the bowl and slowly tilted it to drink the remaining milk. Lilly slowly slid towards his mouth with a look of anticipation. He knew what she wanted. After drinking the milk he opened his mouth wider and let the feet that were braced against his lips slide in. Once her waist was in his mouth he secured her with his lips and placed down the bowl. She laughed as his tong tickled her feet and went across her legs. He sucked on her little body carefully grabbing her, licking, and sucking on ever part of her. It was a bit rough for him though when she went in head first and she squealed so loud he thought his teeth vibrated. Once his tong had gotten all the milk and cereal off her he carefully spat her out into a large napkin to clean the spit off.

"Aww that's it. I want it longer next time. Ooo we gotta try different cereals. Maybe Oatmeal!? Oh and GRITS!"

Kevin groaned and the girls laughed. Today he was going to have a proper date with Jessica so he had to get ready. Sarah was going to take care of Mary and Lilly until they grew back to normal, then she had to go meet her friends at the mall. She actually would rather stay home, but she had the image of a snobby girl who hated her family to maintain. She was looking forward to converting all her friends on the Varsity team and then she could be more herself.

"Come on son you need to get going"

Mark called from the living room and Kevin put on his shoes. Mark didn't call Kevin Master, which meant a fatherly talk was coming in the car.

"Daaad I'm on the phone." Huffed Veronica. She was on the couch with a notebook and a calculator figuring out what sizes she needed to order for the mini uniforms and sleep wear. She was calling different places to get prices and see if the clothes could be readied on time.

"I'm here, I'm here dad. Sarah has Lilly and Mary. See you later sis" he gave Veronica a hug as she waved him off. Sarah had put Lilly and Mary in their rooms after gently cleaning them off and laying out clothes for them. It would only take a few minutes for their custom 12 hour pills to wear off. The family had investing in some mini pill making equipment, but used cheaper versions instead of formula 537. They had already confirmed that more of the stuff didn't increase the effects.

"You get everything setup Veronica?" Sarah asked as she came into the living room

"Mostly. We should be good to go for the cheerleaders. Still need a few things for the JV team. It was a little rough getting everything for the Varsity team on such short notice though."

"We have to start planning for our extended family now aunts, uncles, and cousins."

"Don't forget our other Grandma and Grandpa. Dad's parents"

"I don't know if that's a good idea. They're kind of.." Sarah trailed off

"They're family and you know how miserable they are. They deserve to be happy in the time they have left even if we have to force it on them."

"If it doesn't give them a heart attack. I hope your right about this Veronica"

"Look we've already been through this it's better if we make sure it's the entire family. Master doesn't even need to know until it's already done. We should have enough of his sweat to do it"


"You know son a lot has changed this year, but you don't need to be so nervous"

"Dad I really like this girl. I just don't want to mess this up"

"Son you literally can't mess this up short of making her a mini and accidentally dropping her down a storm drain. She's already yours and you can't loose her unless you actually, physically loose her. You can be the most terrible date ever and she'll still come back, but you won't be a bad date because you're a good son and you're becoming a good man"

"I don't know dad. I mean would you even feel that way without the pill? How can I be a good man when I basically forced an entire cheer team to like me? Good people don't do to their family members what I do."

"Son so far that pill has only brought good things to our family. Before I was so invested in work. I felt like I had to make more money, to move us into a better house, and send you kids to better schools without even asking you what you wanted. Your mom was the same way. Even though we had more money already than most families will ever make, we thought we were failures if we didn't make more. Instead we were neglecting the things that really mattered which are you and your sisters. Our family. Forcing us to spend time together made me realize how happy we could all be just being with each other. Suddenly I didn't need to make all the money to buy material things and send us on trips where we pack in so many things everyone is just miserable. Are 'little' stay-cations are more fun and fulfilling than any of those expensive overseas trips we took. You've also had every opportunity to abuse the situation and for the most part you haven't. All of us are happy and intact even your grandma."

Kevin fidgeted in his seat trying to process what his dad said

"Look son, your mother and I have never been happier. I didn't realize how little we saw each other before or how we neglected you. I'm sorry I..." Mark sighed

"I'm sorry you had to force me to spend time with all of you. I should have been the one to do that and I wasn't. You made me have dates again with your mother. You made us have fun again. You made us find each other again. You made us connect with our children. I never would have done it on my own, but you forced it, and it was good for everyone of us. I'll fight anyone who says it wasn't. You repaired the family I was in danger of loosing. How can that be bad son"

Kevin looked at him as Marks voice broke up and tears started to well in his eyes.

"So you and mom are good now? I worry because she looks at me like my sisters do and I don't know if that gets in the way of you two being.. you know"

Mark laughed as he brushed away the tear that formed.

"Son we've been having the best sex lately. Before it was a rare occasion but now your mother's turned on all the time it seems"

It's true, Kevin had been hearing them at night. The whole house could. They weren't exactly quiet.

"She feels paternal love you, but she also lusts for you because you're her owner. You know anytime you want you can have her"

"Daaad" Kevin said again embarrassed but Mark just laughed.

"When I'm full sized like this I only lust for her, but I also want to obey you. I'll do anything you order me to even if I don't exactly like it. Your mother is more willing than I am and less likely to complain at any orders you give her. You already know this. When we're mini's though our own fetishes and the effects of the pill seem to amplify each other. Sometimes when you pick me up as a Mini you notice how I react. I try not to let it be sexual but it is what it is. For your mother though it's always sexual. Oh don't act embarrassed now I know how you like holding and fondling her. You've noticed how she looks at you and how she reacts. On Monday when you used us both on your cock it really was the best time for both of us. It's just that it also makes it hard to be your dad. How can I raise someone who can pick me up one handed and trap me in a sock or in his underwear. Someone who can just order me to reverse a decision or sit down and shut up. Someone I actually want to listen to and obey. Your mother feels the same way but it's worse for her because of the lust she feels. Do you understand Kevin?"

"Kinda. I mean maybe not really. I don't know. I thought about it. I'm trying to still see you as my parents and not toys or servants. I still need you to be my dad"

"Exactly. A lot of boys in your position would have already abused the situation. You still might but I have faith in you son. Master. It's the same with this girl, I'm trusting you not to abuse the situation and be good with her"

Mark handed him a condom and three 12 hour mini pills.

"But you just said..."

"Trust me son I think she's going to want you to use them, and the condom is for when she's full sized. Can't have grand babies just yet. I'm not that old. Call me if you need anything and be safe. Just let me know if I'm picking you up tonight or tomorrow. We're hear"

Mark pulled up to Jessica's mansion of a house. Kevin got out of the car to make sure he got inside safely like an overprotective parent, then drove off. Jessica's dad Sam met him at the door and let him in.

"Oh, hello Kevin, er sir. Yes I spoke to your father on the phone and I'll be driving you two today. Can I call you sir? Oh. Ummm"

Sam was a large man at 6'4 and wearing a suit as if he wanted to be as imposing as possible for his daughters first date. Normally he was an imposing figure but the therapy had shaken him to his very core. The man who was normally bully was now more like a scared little boy or one of the employees he liked to threaten with termination. It seems like the formula worked fast on Jessica and her family. Sam was such a jerk that Kevin didn't mind being mean to him, but he had to remind himself not to push it too far. He was still his Jessica's dad and he didn't want to disappoint his dad with the trust he had placed in him.

"My shoes are dirty. Clean them, with your tong". Well he would push it just this once. Jessica and her mom Kathy walked in as Sam was starting to kneel. Jessica was wearing a simple white crop top and blue skirt while her mom wore a white knee length dress that was more sexy than it had a right to be and high white heels.

"Yes sir!" Sam keeled down to start on the left foot

"Oh, my can I participate?"

"Mom, don't embarrass me. Dad what are you doing."

"Don't worry Jessica I ordered him to do that."

"Well as the other parent shouldn't I do the same." Kevin was at a loss for words as Kathy got on her hands and started on the right shoe.

"Er, well I didn't expect that to happen"

Jessica's shock was replaced by laughter as she saw the look on Kevin's face. Even if Kathy had been bonded to him the fact that she didn't wait for orders or permission when she wanted to do something hadn't changed.

"Ok both of you that enough. That's an order"

They both stood back up. Sam was relieved but Kathy clearly wanted to keep going. Eventually Jessica forced herself to stop laughing so they could talk.

"Ehem. I know I said that dad would drive us to the theater originally, but my mom wants to come to. Can we all go to the movie together. They've promised to do whatever you say and won't get in the way. Pleeeeeaaaase"

Kevin had wanted to just spend time with her, but he knew what it was like to want to spend more time with your parents.

"Fine. They can come"

"Awesome great. Thank you so much Master!"

She bent over and kissed him passionately.

"I know my daughter can be pushy, but thank you Master. You won't regret it." Kathy also bent down to kiss him. It took Kevin a moment to catch up to what was going on and Jessica made a cute little giggle at his confused state. It seemed like the women in his life really did like it when he was frozen and over stimulated.

"Uh. Er right let's go then"

They went to the theater to see an action movie. Kathy sat to the right of Kevin while Jessica sat to his left. Sam was at the right of Kathy. The hands of both women seemed to wander as the movie went on. It started innocently enough one of each of their hands resting on his arms, but those hands found their way to his chest, his face, his crotch. By the end of the movie he wasn't sure how much of it he missed with the sexy mother daughter pair distracting him. Then they went to dinner and back to Jessica's house.

"Thanks Kevin I had a really great time. How about you stay the night Master. Maybe I could be your mini for a bit? We could go to the drug store to get a pill"

"Oh yes please do, and I can join you in our daughters room. The forms your father had us sign means you can make us mini's any time you want without having to do paperwork every damn time."

Kathy was not shy, or subtle.

"Er, I um, I have these. They should last 12 hours"

Kevin pulled out the three pills. His father must have guessed this is exactly what would happen. He texted his father to pick him up tomorrow and together they went to Jessica's room and her family took the pills. Kevin thought about putting Sam in a shoe or something, but decided to be nice and placed him on a night stand. He then placed the two naked girls on the bed and admired them. They looked like a pair of fantasy barbie dolls. Jessica was gorgeous with her perfect figure and long blonde hair. Her mom was a little taller and somehow even more beautiful. The both posed for him

"So what do you think? You like" Asked the older woman

"Mom I think his pants say he likes" Jessica said pointing at his crotch

Kevin didn't say anything. He just undressed and got on the bed. He put Kathy on his rock hard cock and lowered Jessica to his lips. He penetrated her with his tong as Kathy got to work. He couldn't believe how good Jessica tasted. He lost count of how many times he came that night. Kathy tasted almost as good as Jessica and Jessica was also pretty good at rubbing his cock. He used both beauties on as much of his body as he could and felt every inch of them. Eventually he fell asleep exhausted. He woke up the next day pinned under the two blonds. It was a good thing he didn't need to use the bathroom right away. Sam was snoring on the floor.

"Hey guys, this feels really nice, but I need my circulation back"

Both women sleepily yawned and began to get back up. Kathy saw the condom on the floor and put it on the night stand.

"Come on Sam, let's give the children some privacy. Next time maybe bring at least two of those"

She winked as she lead her husband out of the room. Jessica grabbed the condom from the night stand and looked at him

"Got one more in you?"

There were still a few hours before his dad came with a change of clothes.
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Kevin and his family part 5

Post by MasterBlaster » Thu Dec 21, 2023 7:50 am

Part 5

Kevin got back home to find two more of the freshmen cheerleaders waiting for him. A pair of cute asian girls, one korean and one half Japanese. Both about his height. Veronica had already made sure they signed the mini contracts for them and their families so they could be shrunken any time and registered as Kevin's minis. Several girls had actually started feeling the effects and wanted to stop by, but they had to go through Veronica and she made sure they had those contracts first. The parents had no idea that's what they were signing as the girls presented them as paper work for school or cheer events. Veronica had become Kevins time keeper scheduling who could spend time with him and when, which was going to be important by the end of the year as his harem was about to grow a lot larger. After the new girls were sent home Kevin sat on the couch, exhausted. His dad was watching football and Kevin wanted to get into it but was just too tired

"So how'd the date go? Give your old man all the detai-Oh shit that hit was nasty"

"It went pretty good dad. I did use what you gave me. Did you talk to them about it beforehand?"

"Nah, I only talked to them about you guys going on a date and who would be chaparoning, but I had a feeling. So even old Sam took the pill?"

"Yeah, but I just left him on the night stand and he fell asleep on the floor. The first time he was a mini he yelled most of the time until I showed him his place. This time he was like a scared little shivering mouse"

"Hah. My son did a number on him. What a killer. He's the kinda guy that didn't bat an eye about firing someone or crushing their dreams. He's a real hard ass on any deal and almost cost me my job once. What's the big guy like under that padded suit"

"Actually pretty jacked, but I didn't feel intimidated when he was at full size. I thought bankers were all weak and pasty and you were just a wierd one because you used to play football"

"Hey? It's not like on TV. Not all Investment Bankers grow into sickly old dudes. Besides he's a commercial banker, completely different"

"Uh, huh. He was just a bully who got punched in the mouth. I'm still mad about how he treated his wife and daughter before. I know he never hit them but verbal abuse still messes people up"

"Well don't shed too many tears for Kathy that old ice queen. She used to be just as bad and gave as good as she got. So you and her...."

"As a mini yeah, but I think she wants me at full size too. She's just so beautiful, I mean Jessica is beautiful but her mom is like out of a playboy or something."

"Actually she used to be a prefessional model and did a playboy shoot once. I think I have the issue where she came out in. This was before she had her daughter of course. Sam wouldn't shut up about it at the time"

"She came on stronger than I thought. I wasn't prepared. I mean I know what the formula does, and I know I act like I'm always surprised, but she was just different"

"Hah yeah. She's that way. Strong personality. You'd never imagine that from the interviews or that centerfold picture. Bet your girlfriend will look like that some day" Mark winked as Kevin blushed

"What are you boys talking about?"

"Nothing mom"

"Oh just boy talk honey" Mark laughed

Lisa sat down on the sofa brining a beer for Mark and a lemonade for Kevin.

"So Kevin I take it you're date went well. You stayed the night after all." Lisa winked at him

"Ugh. Mooom" Kevin groaned as Mark laughed.

"Anyway I think you're supposed to use us tonight. If so we'd better take a 10 hour pill soon. Still got work in the morning, I mean unless you're too tired honey, I know you've been, well, busy"

For some reason it was way more emberassing when his mother said it than his dad. She just had a way of doing that. She might be his mini, his servant, his posession, his slave even, but she was still his mom. It was an odd relationship

"I'm fine, besides I don't want to mess with Veronica's schedule again. She's scary when she's mad"

By the start of the 4th quarter it was pretty obvious who would win so Kevin picked up Mark with one hand and headed to bed. Lisa was already in his underwear as she didn't really care for football and would rather have a little break. Kevin put his mini's on the night stand and took off his clothes. He picked them up as he got into bed. Gently he placed his father under his ball sack. The little man already knew what to do. As Mark got to work licking and massaging his master, Kevin admired Lisa, caressing her body and rubbing her breasts. She was pretty, and while she looked plain next to the gorgeous Kathy she was his favorite mini with Sarah, Veronica, and Jessica all tied for second. Her softness and tenderness just made him feel loved and wanted like no one else could. Gently he sucked on her breasts and listened to her gasp. He just wanted to enjoy the feeling of her in his mouth and Mark under his balls. He released her chest and used his free hand to spread her legs. She made the best sounds as his tong penetrated her little area. He licked every drop of her he could and felt her shudder in pleasure and delight in his hand.

"My turn now Lisa"

"Yes Master. It's my pleasure"

He brought her to his cock lowered her onto it. She wrapped herself around his member and smiled as she saw her husband underneath, now rock hard himself. She used her whole body to pleasure her Master, using her feet to anchor herself at the base of his shaft and making sure he felt as much of her on his cock as possible. Her pussy getting wet again as it rubbed against the veins of his cock. She licked and rubbed for all she was worth, which was great excersise and had really toned up her body these last few months. It took longer this time because of how much activity he had recently, but when she finally felt him stiffen and get ready to cum she crawled up his shaft to put her face at the head of it and licked the sensitive area. That did trick and she pulled her head out of the way as her body was showered with the evidence of her good work. Kevin felt drained, as if there wasn't another drop in him. He reached down and pulled out Mark, placing him on his pelvis. Then he placed Lisa on Mark perfectly inserting him into her causing them both to gasp loud enough he heard it. Kevin pulled the blanket over them and went to sleep as they continued into the night. In the morning Kevin had slept but still felt more tired than normal. He looked down at his mini's though and he laughed a bit as they were painfully stuck together and were just starting to wake up.

"I guess you two fell asleep fucking. Well I better help you out"

He went over to the sink to rinse them out with warm water to get them unstuck. Then he went to the shower and used both of them as bath sponges. Before he just used Lisa so that meant he was letting go of his inhibitions, when they were mini's at least. Kevin made sure they gave equal attention to his cock. Mini's didn't make the mose effective bath sponges, but Kevin always enjoyed the power he felt using his mini's this way. When he was done he placed them on towel he laid out on the bed. He made it just in time to see them start growing. It was going to be a busy couple of weeks for Kevin.
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Kevin and his family Part 6

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Part 6

The varsity and jv varsity sleep overs had gone over smoothly thanks to Veronica with a little help from Sarah. Veronica had found some obscure research on formula 537 that showed certain additives sped up the process of bonding. The batch they made for the JV team worked almost immediately. After the wet t-shirt contest the mini's were quiet and subdued, but had all come to attention and said "Master" in unison when Kevin walked by. They were all docile as Kevin and his family fondled them and he even allowed Mark to take two slender brunets back for some quiet time. All three teams cheer teams had turned over their modified mini contracts that allowed Kevin to mini them and their families, the varsity and jv teams having used those for the initial party. Kevin already had to use his special brand of "family therapy" a few times to deal with broken or troubled homes. He even had to order the commercial banker Sam, his girlfriends father, to give jobs to one of the girls parents. They had been hiding just how bad off they really were. It would take six more weeks though before they had a signed contract for all of them, but that was fine. Veronica decided she would add girls to the schedule as they came in. Of course, the immediate family always took priority over the others, but Jessica was still a close second. She had already booked the remaining freshmen and a few other varsity teams first time visits to the house. She also made sure to schedule in breaks for Kevin so he could have time for himself. As long as he didn't do too many "family therapy" sessions it should be fine. They now had time to take care of the next thing.

"Ok so this weekend is cousin Joeys party, and it's going to be held here. It's the first time in a while that most of them will be together in place" Veronica said as her feet rested on Kevin's lap

"Wait what? Here? How did you pull that off? Why?"

"Well we have all this mini equipment now"

She gestured towards the living room. In the corner was the growing accumulation of mini related items. Hey planned to add a storage room to the house specifically dedicated to the growing pile.

"A mini theme? I mean I guess that would work, get all the family members at once." Kevin considered

"Yep. Even grandma and grandpa are coming"

"Dad's parents? Oh man they ruin any party. They're always so difficult and never have anything nice to say to anybody. They don't even like each other anymore"

"That's why you're going to make them your mini's, then you can improve their mood. I'm not saying you can do for them what you did for mom and dad, but they're miserable as they are and they spread that misery a lot"

As if on que they heard their parents giggling in the kitchen. Over the last few months their relationship had improved. When the formula really took effect a few weeks after Christmas Kevin was worried his mom ONLY wanted to have sex with him and he may have fucked up his parents relationship. Instead his mom ALSO wanted to have sex with him and his parents relationship was better than it had ever been. Kevin wasn't ready to jump of that bridge though so he tried to ignore these facts for now.

"Oh those two" complained Sarah as she sat down on the couch next to Kevin. She grabbed his chin to bring his lips to hers as she sat down.

Sarah had found that if she didn't give him time to think and give her an order she could push their relationship like this. She kept trying to push him like this trying to eventually get him to accept her at full size. It also had the bonus effect of pissing of Veronica who was starting to get a little jealous. To Kevin a beautiful blond cheerleader was kissing him and his brain didn't have time to think about the fact that this was his sister. A few months ago their relationship was very different. Sarah didn't realize how depressed she was and was simply a bitch wanting nothing to do with her family. Now family was everything and she was absolutely dedicated to the little brother she used to dismiss. She just wanted him to accept all of her and she felt like she was making progress. She could be patient.

"Hey? I want attention to but we need to talk about this" Veronica said as she gently kicked Kevin in the gut with one of the feet resting in his lap.

"Ooof. Ok ok, I'm listening" Kevin said sheepishly.

Sarah had gotten him by surprise again and he was resisting less and less. He noticed his hand on Sarah's well shaped breast and he stared at his hand for a second before lowering it, turning even more red. He had promised himself that he wouldn't sleep with his sisters or mom, though Veronica had already broken a hole in that. He tried to tell themselves that when they were mini's they were his toys but at full size they were his family. The problem was that they didn't see the same distinction. To them they were still his family, he was still their brother/son, and they still loved him, but they were his toys and he was their Master whom they desperately wanted to please, no matter what size they were.

"Look sis, when it's your day you can hog him to yourself. It's supposed to be my day so back off"

"Hah, ok sis. I'm off I'm off"

Sarah was laughing and had her hands up in a gesture of surrender, but Veronica was not amused. For the most part the formula prevented those affected from feeling jealousy regarding their owner. The exception, at least among his sisters, was if their time was cut short or taken away. This was particularly true of Veronica though this didn't seem to be the case with his parents or his grandma Eileen. Kevin didn't know if the others were like that as he didn't see their reaction whenever Veronica moved or canceled their time with him. To Veronica only his sisters and his girlfriend and her best friend Jessica got priority, while everyone else should be grateful for any time they get. She already had 5 months of his future written down in that planner of hers. She also copied any changes she made to an online version she made which had several backups and versioned any changes to prevent tampering. Lilly had already tried to get into her computer and book herself multiple days in a row with Kevin. Despite being called Master, Kevin felt it was that stupid planner that really ran the show.

"Well I guess I can go see Brad then. I just wish Master should help me take care of it instead"

She rubbed her crotch while trying to give Kevin a good view of her cleavage. She used her v-neck top to great effect. Veronica threw a sofa pillow at her.

"Ugh, enough. Away with you. And Kevin don't skip out on studying. I need you to pass that test next week and that should be the last step for you to skip 8th grade. I need you to start next year as a freshman."

"I know I know" Kevin sighed

"Sarah before you go, make sure to invite Brad to the party. Might as well get it over with. Kevin you invite Jessica too, she's feeling a little needy and you can show her off to everyone. I can invite some of the other girls to be bring the boyfriends you haven't take care of already."

Kevin allowed Sarah to date Brad. At first it was just to keep up appearances but it turned out he was actually a good guy for the most part. He wasn't the brightest bulb in the box and did still bully some kids, which Kevin would cure him of. Veronica had decided that since they had bonded so may highschoolers to Kevin, and they would certainly bind more, it would be easier to watch over and protect him at their high school rather than trying to find a way to bind people in his grade. A few of the cheerleaders already had their jock boyfriends bonded as part of their "family therapy" which was the start of her planned body guard force. She would need to find excuses to bind all their families and boyfriends, and the entire football team of course. They went over the details of the plan with everyone for the rest of the evening. That night Veronica went into his bed full sized putting some extra condoms in the night stand. The next morning Kevin woke up exhausted as Veronica always had so much energy

"Wake up sleep head. Let me help get you up"

She had taken a 1 hour pill and was walking on the bed towards his cock and reached it as she stopped shrinking at 1/12th her height. She made sure he slept naked last night for just this reason. She hugged his flaccid member and it instantly rose to attention. She used her whole little mouth to stimulate, lick, and suck on it as she rubbed her body against the shaft as well. After a few close calls Kevin had trained himself to be absolutely still while sleeping and for the first few moments of waking up until he could be sure of where any potential mini's were. Veronica knew this and was taking full advantage of it, her tiny 5 and half inch body completely in control of the situation. His body was her instrument now and she was going to play a morning overture. Each vein and sensitive bundle of nerves was slightly different and Veronica now knew most of them by heart. She could have made it last the whole hour, but they needed to get going and she still wanted to be in his morning eggs. After 15 minutes she let him release violently causing his whole body to shake. She laughed bathing

"Ah, Holy shit, holy shit, fuck......... How do you do that? It's just not fair"

Kevin was trying awkwardly to sit up and look at his mini. She was laying on her stomach, face propped up by her forearms, smiling that evil smile at her Master. Again he wondered just who was in charge here. After a moment he slowly got up and took her to the bathroom. Veronica was his favorite single bath sponge, but he had to admit Jessica was a close second but when he used her with her mother that was the best. Sarah and his Mother were also up there but they each gave a different feeling of love and protectiveness. She lovingly licked and caressed him, managing to somehow do it without getting soap or too much water in her mouth, as he dragged her across his body. She turned him on all over again and when he got to his crotch he couldn't help but use her as a masturbation toy, and for the second time that morning he came all over her body. After he cleaned them off again he went to the kitchen so he could enjoy his mini as food flavoring for a few minutes.

"Good morning everyone"

Kevin sat down with a plate that had Veronica laying on it covered by a blanket of warm, but not hot, scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. She look perfectly content nibbling on a piece she grabbed from her chest. Kevin had started eating breakfast with plastic utensils so he wouldn't accidentally hurt anyone. They all thought he was being silly, but a particularly vivid bad dream where he accidentally impaled his mini mother on a fork and father with a knife traumatized him.

"Good morning Master." His family said in unison.

"Master don't forget my Mom is coming tonight. Also the principals from the middle school and high school are coming by after school to discuss you skipping a grade and entering high school"

Kevin looked down at Veronica as he carefully got some egg in his spork to shove in his mouth and bit on some bacon

"She's right Master. I told you about it yesterday and it's been in the schedule for a week"

That damn planner again.

"Thanks for taking care of Master"

Lilly said as she leaned over Kevin to gently pet Veronica with one finger. Lilly had started liking to pet and handle mini's herself. Kevin considered maybe getting her a permanent one, or making someone a permanent one, just for her. Kevin had told his family that he didn't want a permanent mini any more as he wouldn't be able to give them any attention the way things were. Veronica had other plans though as it would be better for certain people to just stay his minis. After making sure Veronica ate enough Kevin finished his plate, then picked up the mini and slowly put all of her in his mouth. His father always ready to do the Heimlich maneuver just in case. He felt her laugh vibrate through his skull as he turned her over and over washing her in his spit. His fluids had long stop producing a tingling in his minis, but instead produced a slightly warm and pleasurable feeling. Veronica felt that feeling surround her whole being and gasped in ecstasy. Kevin slid her out of his mouth and into his palm so he could grab her and focus between her legs. He made sure to get every drop from her as she writhed in his hand from the pleasure. When she was spent he put her down on a napkin and used a second napkin to pad away the spit, watching as she gasped for air exhausted. Everyone else ignored the scene as it had become a perfectly normal thing, except for Sarah who glanced at Veronica wishing it was her. Well it would be turn tonight at least. As soon as he mostly dried off she started getting big again. After a moment she jumped off the table and surprised Kevin with a kiss, pulling him into her.

"Hey your turn's over. Go get ready for school" Sarah said.

Veronica smiled and ran off to get ready. Once she was out of sight Sarah turned in her seat to face Kevin. He looked at the beautiful soon to be 17 year old blonde as she wrapped both hands around him.

"Besides it's my day now"

She pulled him close and kissed him. Tonight she was determined to be full sized.


After school the two principles arrived at their door at the punctually at 5pm. Lisa invited the two women in. The middle school principal Mrs. Stevens was a short white woman in her mid 50's. Neither pretty or ugly. She always tried to have a smile but was still a stern person. The high school principal Mrs. Brown was a tall 5'11 darkskined 40 year old woman with short hair, thin but solid as if she was molded from a steel beam. She could be considered pretty if not for the constant stern expression she seemed to have been born with. They sat on the love seat while Kevin and his parents sat opposite of them.

"Can I offer you something. I know it's been hot outside" Said Lisa as she drank from an ice cold lemonade. The condensation dripping down. Veronica staged the families drinks to subtly make the principles consider how thirsty they were. "Tea, soda, lemonade, water?"

"I'll take a water" said Mrs. Brown

"Tea for me please. Black tea if you have it"

"Now Mrs Roberts, we're here to discuss your son skipping a grade and coming to my high school"

"Yes I'm not sure that's such a good idea, middle school is very informative you know"

Veronica came and put the water bottle in front of Mrs. Brown and the tea in front of Mrs. Stevens. He had already put formula 537 and hoped her efforts to mask the taste in water had paid off. Mrs. brown opened and drank from the water bottle without any reaction. Perfect. The other woman sipped her tea. After 30 minutes of going on about how this was a bad idea both women suddenly stopped talking.

"I'm sorry I feel a bit strange. Is, is the world getting bigger?" asked Mrs Brown

"Oh my god you're shrinking. You're as tall as me now, wait, I feel, oh no am I doing it too?" Mrs. Stevens was wide eyed in surprise as the world got bigger around her.

"YOU! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING! THIS IS ILLEGAL!!! I'LL HAVE YOU ARRESTED! THEY'RE GOING TO LOCK YOU UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY!!! I'M GONNA-ACK HEY STOP". Mrs's browns little rant was interrupted as Veronica sprayed them liberally with Kevin's sweat. She always kept at least two bottles of the stuff in the fridge

Kevin walked over to the two drenched minis where were both trying to hell at him

"Shut up! I SAID SHUT UP!"

Both women were suddenly silent and stood at attention. They fought to speak as Kevin picked them up

"I'm your Master now. You will both stop resisting me. When you return to full size you're going to sign a contract allowing me to make you and your families my mini's anytime I choose"

Both their eyes went wide as they considered their spouses and children.

"Your going to be respectful to me and my family. You're going to make sure I go to high school next year. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!". He gave them both a little squeeze on that last part.

They both nodded their heads in agreement, fear now added to their submission. They realized how easily this giant boy could dispose of them. He then took off his pants and sat on the couch. He stopped when he noticed his parents were still there passively watching. Sarah had also come to sit down next to him.

"Uh guys? Privacy"

"Please it's nothing we haven't seen before" dismissed him mom.

"It's my day you know, and I would like it if you just let us stay and watch. Please, I'll make it up to you" His sister said softly into his ear.

Kevin shrugged. It seemed he has little inhibition left around his family now. He wrapped the two principals around his cock.

"You two better try hard to make me feel good or else"

Immediately they started licking, kissing, and pumping their bodies. Kevin smiled at their pathetic little efforts. Sarah got down in front of him, kneeling with her mouth open, as he started beating the two principals up and down his shaft. He blew his load all over her face getting a good amount on the little principals as well. He wiped them off and waited for the two scared mini's to grow back. They stayed on the floor naked and shivering until he ordered them to get up and get dressed. They then signed the documents and he sent them back home.

"Well I guess we got two principals now. It was fun to see Mrs Brown like that. She always has such a stick up her ass" Sarah said.

"Oh like you didn't" quipped Kevin

"Ok Master I'll give you that one. Now come on I've waited all day."

"Oh" Kevin said as she pulled him to his bedroom.
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Re: Kevin and his family

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Part 7

Kevin was startled awake with a kiss. Sarah was over him pressing her body into his. She used one hand to cup his balls trying to encourage his morning wood. She then took a breath smiling over him

"Good Morning Master"

"Oh, no mini pill today?"

"No. I was kinda hoping I could shower with you like this, I mean if that's ok".

He wanted his first time doing that to be with Jessica, but it was hard to resist the shy smile of the blonde beauty hovering over him. A year ago he never would have thought she could make an expression like that. Kevin sighed as he felt a bit more of his inhibitions slide way as he nodded in agreement. The huge smile on his sisters face melted away any resistance as she lead him to the bathroom. Afterwards she took a half hour pill to both be his breakfast play thing and to avoid questions. She knew Lilly was already doing things to him at full size but wanted to let Master keep a secret with her for a little bit at least. Kevin didn't understand the need for half our pills as he thought the duration was too short to be useful, but now he was glad they had them. He went to the kitchen table holding a mini Sarah in his hand. After he got some pancakes he took a thin one and gently rolled her up in it, making a cute Sarah burrito. She laughed as he poured syrup on her, getting some on her hair and face. He picked up the sticky burrito and delicately sucked and nibbled on the pancake around her, slowly eating her out of her prison

"Ugh don't make too much of a mess guys" Veronica huffed.

"You're just jealous you didn't think of it first" observed Mary. She was right of course and they all knew it.

"Just don't bite off her arm or anything Master" his mom said as she picked up the used dishes.

"I'll be careful" he mumbled with Sarah's toned legs in his mouth.

"Don't walk with your mouth full"

Without being able to really bite down it took a lot longer than he thought to eat Sarah out of that pancake. He playfully sucked on her head to get all the syrup off of her hair, but regretted it a little when he got a tong full of hair

"Ah my hair! Stop I'll fix it myself. You can leave it"

"Yeah I kinda regretted doing that" Kevin said making a face, trying to get stray hairs off his tong. They all laughed.


The weekend came and it was time for the party. Mark's 65 year old father and 60 year old mother would be there as would his three sisters and two brothers as well as their families. For Lisa it was her two sisters and their families. They even encouraged their cousins to bring their significant others, as long as they also turned in the contracts of course. It would be 16 adults and 60 children ranging from 18 to newborn. They made sure that all children shrank together with their parents to prevent any incidents. Eileen, his girlfriend Jessica, and his sisters would be joining the fun as well. Lilly would get to be big for some time though to help out like being the giant life guard at the pool or at the ball pit, rescuing any little ones that got in too far. Kevin and his parents would watch over the party and make sure there was plenty of food, refreshments, and to do a little cleaning and staging of the events. They had to buy some more equipment for all the mini's though including 5 ft tall water slides (impossibly high when you're only 6 inches), and an impressive ball pit that was 3ft by 3ft and had an angled floor with a low point of 6 inches deep. An impressive obstacle course in the style of the TV show wipe out was manned by Kevin and Lilly when it was open. The obstacle course had several every day objects to impress on the mini's how big and their world was now and how ridiculously small they were.

All his male cousins couldn't believe that dorky little Kevin was going out with such a beauty several even tried to hit on her. His 17 year cousin Kyle was particularly aggressive, though froze and turned white when Kevin reached down and picked her up, saving her from a conversation she really didn't want to have. Kevin glared at Kyle and the cocky teenager went from almost committing sexual assault to peeing his pants and running off. Kevin and Jessica both just laughed. As for Kevin's sweat they made sure to put plenty of it in the rides, courses, food, drinks, beer, and even baby formula. They knew it was starting to work when several of the louder members of the family suddenly got quiet and subdued. When Veronica was certain they had all been affected she gave her brother the signal.

"All right minis gather in the center. NOW!"

They all started moving toward the center of the living room where they had setup, some of them dumb struck at how their bodies seemed to be moving on their own to obey Kevin's command

"What is this? What did you do to us?" They asked those and several other questions in confusion

"BE QUIET AND STAY STILL! That's on order!"

As one they fell silent. Even the babies stopped crying.

Mark's parents then used the spray bottles to rain Kevin's sweat on the group. Suddenly those who were still fighting trying to fight the effects became perfectly still.

"You are all my mini's now. Tell me if you understand"

"Yes Master" they all said in unison. His sisters and Jessica got into it, pretending not to be able to move like the others but at this point he couldn't completely paralyze with just a simple command to be still. Still they enjoyed the spectacle.

Kevin dropped his pants. He had been looking forward to this. His parents were kneeling down to the left and right of the crowd like giant protectors, heads bowed.

"Now all of you stay right there. Try your best to look at me and do not look away"

Kevin went to a nearby table to get the two dog collars and leashes he prepared. He could see on the minis faces that they were still expecting his parents to save them, but that went away as he attached the leashes and collars to their neck. He held the leashes with his right hand and picked up his girlfriend with his left. Gently he put her firm body against his shaft and pointed his dick at the frozen crowd. Then he gently used her to jack off. Jessica couldn't believe she had chosen her for this honor, her beautiful body feeling so good on his shaft. He made sure to look everyone who had lusted after her in the eyes. The message was clear, she was his, she was off limits, and they were nothing to him in comparison. The sense of power and finality of the moment made his cock harder than it had ever been and Kevin's cum exploded out, splashing the crowd in think gooey blobs. He kept going even after it had all come out until he couldn't stand anymore and went over to the couch almost collapsing on top of it. Suddenly remembering he just jacked off with his girlfriend he brought her to his face concerned

"Oh shit are you OK Jessica? Are you hurt"

"Oh, only some bruises. I'm gonna be sore for the next couple of days but I'm ok"

"Oh my god I'm sorry, I could have hurt you I"

"Oh hush" she soothed, "It's ok, I'm fine. Now how about you go address your subjects, they're waiting" she said gesturing back to the tiny crowd.

"Ok mini's you can move now. My sisters will show you where to clean up. Let the party continue and you can talk again. My sisters and my girlfriend are in charge. Do what they tell you"

He placed Jessica next to the crowd. The mini's all shuffled off, some crying, some babbling in confusion, it was going to take a bit for them to adjust. He noticed that his grandma and grandpa were yelling up at Mark who was bringing out the towlets and changing robes for the mini's to clean up. Kevin went over to them and just picked up his grandparents. Grandma shrieked while grandpa kept up his string of curses just directed now at Kevin instead of Mark.

"Be quiet you two"

They fell silent but his grandpa clawed at his mouth as if trying to get it to open and speak. Kevin sighed

"Be still. I said BE STILL! THAT'S AN ORDER!" Kevin yelled at them and they were both limp in his hands

"Grandpa, you're my mini now. Stop trying to be in charge and stop being mean to my father. I order you to finally retire and start spending time with grandma. Stop being stubborn about it you don't need to work anymore. Also you won't call my dad any names other than Mark or son. Nod if you understand"

The little man nodded his face red with rage but unable to resist the effects of the formula

"Grandma I order you to spend more time with grandpa. Stop always trying to piss him off. Don't work more than 8 yours a day and try your best to take care of his health. He's the only grandpa we have That's AN ORDER! Understand?"

He also nodded in agreement. Kevin looked at his parents running around trying to get things ready for the next event. It may have been a ruse to get everyone under his influence but this was still a birthday party and things needed to be done.

"I'm ordering you two to be nice to each other and try to have fun. I don't want to hear any jabs or sarcasm" They nodded as he spoke. Kevin sighed and put down his grandparents. He didn't want to go against the by the hour plan that Veronica had put down or she wouldn't let him hear the end of it. That damn planner is the one charge he thought as he huffed and went to help his parents. From then on it was just a normal fun mini party. Kevin let Mark have his two brother's wives for the night as it had been a fantasy of his. Lisa got her sister's husbands at the same time. Kevin sat on the couch, Veronica straddling his now flaccid penis like a cowboy who just tamed a mighty bronco. Sarah was in his hand letting him fondle her while his other sisters and Jessica sat obediently on his legs. It had been a good day.
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Kevin and his family part 8

Post by MasterBlaster » Fri Dec 22, 2023 3:42 am

Part 8

May 5th was Sarah's birthday. Veronica made a cake with a hole in the middle to put her sister in. Veronica made sure the chocolate fudge got between her Sister's legs and her body was completely covered. Sarah didn't particularly like chocolate, but that part was for Kevin. 10 of the prettiest cheer leaders, including Jessica, were also placed at the front of the large cake which had little notches for them and Lisa quickly put a think lay of frosting over their lower half to blend them into the cake. The rest of the cheer leaders, all 50 of them, were mini and on the table dressed in sparkly silver outfits ready to perform for their Master. Some of their boyfriends and siblings who wanted to come stood on the other side of the cake. Lisa and Veronica then coordinated everyone shrinking and getting on the kitchen table before finally calling Kevin to come and sit in front of the cake. They also had a few folding tables setup with a mini dance floor, bathrooms, open bar, and various other things.

"Lets hurry up I'm getting cold" complained Sarah. Kevin just laughed.

"Hey you wanted this. Ok everyone on three"

On three they all began singing happy birthday. There were no candles on the cake since they didn't want to risk burning any minis. Instead Brad held up a single candle, insisting a little hot wax wouldn't bother him. He would regret acting tough later when he saw the wax burn on his arm. Kevin helped Sarah blow out the single candle. Kevin had spent some time with Brad and decided he was a good enough guy to be his Sister's boyfriend, at least at school. He wasn't the brightest bulb in the box but he was dedicated to his sister and he had a promising career in football. He ordered all the football players to have a good work ethic and always win for him. He also ordered all his younger mini's to do their best in school suddenly making A students out of those who sometimes barely skated by.

Brad brought out a plastic spork for Kevin like he was marching with a flag. Kevin took it and broke up the cake around Sarah. Gently he lifted her and giggled like a little girl as he lowered her into his mouth. The cake was amazing and tasted even better on his sister's beautiful legs. He really savored getting every bit of it off her, making her moan and groan. Then he separated her legs with his tong and tasted the most amazing chocolate covered Sarah juices. She screamed as she came shuddering with her whole body. Kevin smiled as he grabbed the exhausted mini. Half way down she realized everyone had been watching in silence as she orgasmed and she turned a bright red in embarrassment. Brad was ready with a robe and took her off to the side to get changed. Kevin then broke free and licked clean the other 10 cheer leaders, paying special attention to Jessica.

Sarah came back in a dress fit for a mini princess. Kevin put on a necklace that had a small chair on it. He placed Sarah in the chair and used the Velcro straps to secure her making sure she was safe before they continued. A small band with mini instruments began playing as the cheer leaders went through their routines meant to worship both Sarah and their Master. Sarah whooped and hollered at the impressive show. Then the flag team came out to do a flag routine. Veronica had manage to trick them into a mini event two days ago and they were already his.

Kevin had to try hard to stay still. He didn't want anything to happen to the mini on his chest and was worried about bouncing it around and Sarah hitting her head or something. Rather than being fun it was more like a leash around his neck. Again he wondered who was really in charge around here. It was worse when he put on the throne hat for the big final number. The hat had a mini sized iron throne on it and also had Velcro straps to secure Sarah. They even gave her a cheesy silver scepter that he could feel through his skull when she tapped it on the ground. He knew he thought it was a fun idea at the time, but right now he felt like an obedient dragon carrying around a spoiled princess even though he was supposed to be the one in charge around here. Who's idea was this?

"You having fun little princes?" Kevin said to the mini in his hands

"Yes Master. Thank you. This is the most amazing birthday ever. I can't believe you guys did all this for me"

"Hah, well I just gave orders. Most of this was Veronica's idea so make sure to thank her."

"I will. Thank you again Master." she said as she smiled at him and he couldn't help but smile back

"Ok now go mingle." He lowered her to the table and looked for his girlfriend. He found her off to the side and picked her up

"Oh, oh my!"

"Hello there beautiful. You're supposed to be out there being social"

"I have been Master. I'm just a little tired."

He kissed her on the top of her head and brought her to his chest. He felt the warmth of her little body on him as he stroked her back and watched his minis talking, dancing to the music, and having fun.

"I love you Master, with all my heart. I'm yours"

Kevin heard a few others shout something along those lines but he wasn't paying attention to them. Still he took a moment to acknowledge his sisters to avoid trouble later. Then he focused back on the warmth on his chest

"I know, I love you too Jessica"

He let her fall asleep on his chest for a bit until he had to be responsible and start setting up the mini boxes so everyone could sleep. He looked over the tables at all the mini's he now had as most of them had come to the party, but there were a few who couldn't make it. His immediate family, his grandparents, his extended family, and their spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends, his girlfriends parents, the flag team, the varsity football team, the dance team, a few teachers, and even the two principals, all on the tables in front of him.

"All right mini's time for bed" Kevin yawned.

He heard several whines and complaints but it wasn't going to change his mind. He placed Jessica near one of the VIP mini boxes shaped and decorated with modern style. She would be sharing it with Veronica and he wondered what they plotted or said about him when it was just the two of them. He clamped a sturdy set of stairs to the kitchen table so some of the younger, sober, mini's could make their own way back. Then he focused on those too drunk or too tired to make it that far. He grabbed them two to four at a time and moved them. Then he got to the stragglers and the elderly. He came across Eileen and brought her to his chest for a hug, then slipped her into his underwear as she smiled up at him. He told Sarah to wait on another small throne they had setup on the kitchen table as he worked. His grandparents were the last ones he grabbed.

"Glad you two could make it. Are you getting along better now?"

"Yes Master, but I don't like being retired. It's hard to just sit at home" his grandpa complained

"Yeah and when I come home he's always there. I have no me time Master" his grandma huffed as she crossed her arms.

"Fine Grandpa you're going to spend 10 hours a week volunteering. Pick an animal shelter or something whatever"

"You want me to work for free? Why? I'll have you know I.."

"No, stop it, no talking back." Kevin said bringing the older man up to his face and giving him a small squeeze to illustrate his point.

"Volunteer that's an order. Now as for you" Kevin said as he brought up his other hand.

"You're going to find book club, or a bird watching club, or something where you talk to other people your age outside of work"

"Why should I bother with, Ah" She cut off as Kevin squeezed her now

"That's an order. I'm not asking"

"Ugh, yes Master. Damn Bra-uh" again he squeezed

"What was that"

"Nothing Master"

"You two are so, ugh. Ok once a day you're going to say I love you to each other. That's an order"

Kevin didn't wait for a reply, I just plopped them down next to their mini box, a bit off to the side so nobody could hear them argue, and went back to collect his sister.

"So birthday girl. Ready for some mostly private time?" Kevin said, patting his crotch as he said mostly

"Ugh, do I have to share you with Jessica again. It's my birthday!"

"No just Eileen. You're not getting jelly are you" he said smirking

"Hah you punk you know I do sometimes Master. Having grandma is fine you haven't given her much attention lately. Now come on pick me up"

Kevin went back to his room to have fun with his two mini's as the rest went to sleep, exhausted from the long day.
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Kevin and his family part 9

Post by MasterBlaster » Fri Dec 22, 2023 9:53 am

Part 9

Kevin decided his family would just have mini parties at their house to make them grand while also keeping the costs down. He liked being able to order his mini's to put on grand performances for the birthday girl, or boy, and make the wear what he wanted any time he wanted. Before they would celebrate on the nearest weekend in the hopes their parents would have time to be there for a few moments, but Kevin made sure those days were over.

May 10th was Lilly's 9th birthday and she wanted a frozen theme party. Kevin hated frozen, but he wanted his little sister to be happy. A year ago he didn't much care what she wanted and had in fact hid in his room the entire time from her brats themed party, and the year before that from her first Frozen party. Now though he cared about the happiness of all his sisters, his girlfriend, his grandma Eileen, and his parents. He cared about the other part time mini's to varying degrees, but those were the ones closest to his heart. This time she was going to get a spectacular frozen party. Mini clothes and costumes were expensive but Kevin now had a number of girls who liked to sow he could call upon. Veronica made sure all the costumes for the cheerleaders and flag core were completed on time. All the cheer parents had been bonded now and one of them was a professional cake chef. She was going to make several cakes for the event including a castle Lilly could lord over, and eat. Kevin and his parents ran things so everyone else could have fun. He wasn't too keen on wearing the Olaf costume though and being a giant stupid snowman, but whatever.

Veronica's birthday was May 20th and she only wanted a mid-evil style party, but instead of being the princess she was the evil sorceress in charge of it all with her closest friends, nearly half the freshmen team, being her extravagantly dressed court. The idea made Kevin a little uncomfortable for some reason. This party was smaller though with the only large groups being he flag team and the football team, no +1s. They were there to perform after all. She also made the football team dress up as flying monkey's, and even though they protested and begged their Master not to do it, Kevin ordered them to do it because he thought it was funny as hell. At least not all their girl friends were invited so they got spared some embarrassment, but Kevin would always have the pictures. A large edible evil looking castle and lighting effects to help simulate spells were also provided

Mary's 11th birthday was June 1st and she got a vampire themed party. It was pretty chill except the little cake people with red Jelly that Mary insisted on. She and her friends did make cute mini vampires. The way she bit them on the neck concerned him a little. Eventually though Lilly got bored and he had to pick her up and take her somewhere else after she did a kool-aid man out of the cake vampire themed escape room. At least with the main birthday cake she waited right until Kevin would cut the cake before stripping down and belly flopping into it.

Jessica's birthday was the 5th of June but rather than having a themed party she just wanted to spend time with him and her family as she spent so many birthdays with everyone but her parents. Kevin had been a little rough initially so that slowed down repairing his and Kathy's relationship. This man who use to be a bully and be verbally abusive to everyone, and once looked at Kevin and his family like specs of dust, now kneeled before him and called him Master. Their parents relationship with each other and with their daughter still needed some work. He ordered her parents to take him and his girlfriend out to a nice dinner and romantic movie. He of course hated both but it's what she wanted, even if her mom thought it was amusing to get handsy with him. She actually wanted to share him with her mom and he had a hard time saying no, so he ordered Sam to take Jessica on a father daughter boat trip while hey stayed behind with Kathy and they fooled around. At the end of the date he took Jessica and her mom Kathy back to Kathy's bed and enjoyed them both.

Kevin's birthday was June 20th. He took it as an opportunity to invite all the mini's. They had just bonded the high school swim, volleyball, baseball, and the soccer teams, though they still needed to get some of their family members which is the first thing that would happen at his party. Veronica had a plan to get the band when they started summer practice, but that was still a few weeks away.

It was the morning of his birthday and today he had Kathy and Lisa mini and in bed with him. They woke him by tag teaming his cock. Lisa had suggested it since she wanted to bond with his future mother in law. After all Jessica would be with him unless he specifically turned her away, and she didn't think that would ever happen.

"Oh, good morning ladies"

"Good morning Master"

The feeling of Lisa's tender love for her Master and son combined with the sight of Kathy's beautiful body sent his mind into overload.

"That feels so good girls. Oh keep going"

The two beautiful blond mini's laughed mischievously as they made the cum explode from him. They bathed in it and ate as much as they could.

"Oh I need more of this"

He said as he grabbed Kathy and pushed her into his cock, then grabbed Lisa with the other hand. He used them as a cock sleeve making himself hard and trying not to cum too fast. While Lisa had a warm touch he couldn't get enough of Kathy knew how to manipulate him. He swore that Veronica gave Jessica and Kathy tips about him. Kathy kissed and licked the tip of his cock just right and then he was cumming again.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah. Next time I just need another mini or two to lick my balls and I'll be set"

He released the women and they lay on his pelvis smiling and laughing. It seemed they were getting along great, which was good because he was going to be with Jessica for a long time which meant they had to deal with each other. He got up and went to the shower. He used them as his bath sponges and found they really did work well together as a pair. He paused for a bit to lick their mini pussies, tasting both women and getting as much out of them as he could. After making the cum multiple times he resumed using them as sponges, but they were much more limp this time. He wasn't worried about time since they would be mini's for the whole day.

"It's about time you come down birthday boy. Have a busy morning avoiding us eh" Sarah teased

Kevin sat down with a plate. Kathy and Lisa were laying on it covered in scrambled eggs and sausage with toast. The girls on the plate laughed at Sarah's words giving away how accurate she was.

"I see" Sarah smirked as Kevin sighed and turned a little red

"I'm not avoiding anything. So is everyone coming"

"Yeah. It's a good thing too as some of the ones you haven't seen in a while were starting to get antsy. We don't need anyone talking about how their Master doesn't want them anymore and doing something stupid" Sarah remarked.

"I know, but with everything going on I just pushed back too much. Well hopefully this fixes Veronica's schedule"

"It does" said Veronica as she came in "I was going to need you to deal with 10 or 20 mini's a day"

"Maybe we should let some of them mini for Lilly, or at least have her friends do it. I know it's not as good as serving me but if they mini for one of you for a bit it takes the edge off" Kevin carefully took some eggs off Kathy's body and ate, trying to compare the flavor to Lisa flavored eggs.

"Yeah, but Lilly is a bit too young to watch them by herself Master and the rest of us have been pretty busy lately. You've bonded over 250 people now you know" Veronica said

Kevin coughed and almost chocked on a bit of toast. Lisa and Kathy suddenly looked concerned and started to get up.

"I'm fine. I'm ok. Lay back down girls" He said gently. They hesitated for a moment before laying back down in his breakfast.

"Yeah, so today is gonna be like crazy. You're going to need dad, me, and Veronica to remain big. Maybe Jessica too. You can't do all this yourself. You can make it up to us later"

Kevin sighed. He wanted his favorite minis to be minis to be minis. Well at least he already had two of his favorites right in front of him as he scooped up some Lisa flavored eggs and sausage. Lisa tasted a little better around the chest while Kathy tasted a little better lower. It was interesting.

"Do we have everything?"

"Well Master the cheer teams wanted new outfits to do some kinda crazy amazing show for you. They should be all done but won't get here till the afternoon. I really hope they all fit. Wish they would have just used what they already had.... Anyway it's the same with the flag team. The beer pool for the adults is ready. You just need push the button on the keg to fill it. Don't fill it past the line. Shit Dad's gonna hate missing that. Ummm what else, Mary's setting up the dance floor over there" she gestured at Mary who was quietly off to the side plugging in wires and making sure the dance area on the folding table was put together properly

"Hello Master. I just need to finish testing and plugging these in. So far it's working so hopefully we don't need to replace any bulbs or anything" She flipped some switches to check various lighting effects. There was also a mini control they would have to check later.

"Stay out of the living room Master, I already setup the obstacle courses, mini boxes for all our guests, I swear we have to have the most out of anyone outside a breeding facility"

Kevin cringed a little at that. Mini breeding facilities were as bad a puppy mills and they were always stuck like that. He used to want his own mini's from one of those facilities, but now he was against them as they currently were. One of the nice things about Formula 537 was that even if you are born a mini, if the mother used Formula 537 a special reverse pill actually could be made which was not true of other formulas. They didn't ever want to test that though.

"We have enough emergency reverse pills but just. We should consider having Sam, or his bank, fund us secretly so we have some cushion in the future. The football team formally protests the flying monkey costumes"

"Hah, no they have to do it. I can't wait to grab them and have them make monkey noises while I wave them around. We're gonna photograph and record it, it will be so so good." Kevin said laughing.

"We have mini instruments for the few band members we do have. I set them by the stage already. We have all the mini food and mini water we need. The stupid cake you ordered may or may not be done in time"

"Hey, whats wrong with runway and trophy podium I can eat?"

"There are easier ways to parade around you're prettiest girls and you were just going to have Jessica win the competition anyway, or maybe Sarah, but I need both of them to help out anyway so" Veronica stuck her tong out and then respectfully added "Master"

"Aww man. Well I still got some pretty good competitors." He picked up Lisa and sucked the remaining egg off her body as she laughed. Kathy smiled at him waiting patiently and anticipating her turn while his tong went between Lisa's legs.

"Well our extended family should start arriving at 11"

"I thought the party wasn't till 4"

"You haven't held most of them in your hands. It will go a long way towards calming them down. I tried to stagger how they came in so they don't show up all at once. Then the newer additions will arrive at 2 for the same reason. At 4 everyone else will show up. I told everyone it was orders from you so they're going to be punctual. You better hurry up and get ready. Mom, Kathy I'm going to need your help to with the mini items so get cleaned up and get dressed" She looked at Kathy who was having a hard time responding being in the middle of an orgasm in Kevin's mouth.

"I'll take that as agreement. All right let's get to it" Veronica got up from the table and left as did Sarah and Mark who had been there but were quiet the whole time.

Lilly was already a mini and off decorating somewhere. When Kevin felt he got all the orgasms he could out of the mini Kathy in his mouth he put her on the napkin next to Lisa who had just started recovering her breath.

"Ok Master, we better get to it then." Lisa said

"Yeah, I know"


His dad's older brother 42 year old brother Markus arrived first. He as 6'2 and muscular like his dad. He looked like a taller version just with a beard. He came with his 40 year old wife Megan, a 5'11 blue eyed black haired beauty, his 21 year old daughter 6'0 Faith who had a 2 yr old toddler named Glory and a new baby named Evelyn, Faith's husband also named Sam and just as tall, his 17 tear old son Kyle who hit on Jessica last time, 16 year old son Robert, and 12 year old daughter glory who was a little taller than Kevin. They stood in front of Kevin for an awkward minute before they all got on one knee, except for Faith who was holding a baby and the toddler standing next to her.

"Master. We are here to serve you. We pledge our allegiance to you." They all said in unison. Apparently this action was in the invite and Kevin was going to get tired of standing before every family as they all did this. Was he sure he was the one in charge here?

"Good. Everyone take your pills. Here's juice for the toddler and milk for the baby. Faith don't take your pill until those kids finish most of theirs"

They all shrank to 1/12th their size rather quickly. Kevin picked up Marcus first, reaching into his shirt to find him, and brought him to eye level

"You are my mini. You belong to me"

"Yes Master"

He put him down in the party area and did the same with Sam and the rest of the family. He was a little nervous holding Glory who was just so small, and holding faith who held her baby at the same time. He made sure they all watched as he put Megan in his underwear for a bit.

"Little aunt Megan is going to keep me company for a while. The rest of you go and have some fun. Listen to my mother and sisters"

"Yes Master"

Kevin rubbed his captive gently

"Make me feel good, just not too good little one"

He felt her get to work. He just wanted her to do enough so that the other mini's would see the activity and know that he could put them there too. Kevin repeated this over and over again as each new family arrived. Veronica and Sarah controlled the flow of guests and made sure to properly bag and label thier clothes for later when he grew back. They also cataloged all the presents the visitors brought in keeping track of who brought what to judge the later. Eventually he replaced the mini in his underwear, letting her rejoin her family, with one of his cousins 24 year old red headed wife who had been a 6'4 tall model in a tight fitting white dress named Linda that used to be rather stuck up. It was great feeling that bitchy woman at his mercy and pleasing him. It was exhausting though. Kevin sat down, tired. He smiled as the girl in his underwear squeaked at the sudden change in position.

"Who do you got in there Master" Kathy said as she was straining to drag a bottle of water to him that was just as big as she was.

"Oh just a bitchy cousin in law. Thinks she's all that because she's a model" Kevin paused to open the bottle and take a drink

"Oh I'm sure she's not as bad as I was before I met you"

He picked her up and brought the blonde beauty to eye level. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress with white heels. he had taken great care to do her hair and look as good for him as she could. He smiled gently caressing the side of her face with one finger. He felt her up and down admiring the texture of the dress.

"Master, if you keep doing that I'll mess myself, or you'll mess up my dress, just let me look good for you for a bit then you can rip this off my tonight"

"You just know how to say all the right things." he said as his smile widened. He placed her back on the kitchen table.

"Ok I better get back to it. Oh get her cleaned up"

Kevin got up and casually reached in his pants fishing out the red head and placing her on the table. She both relieved to be free, and sad that her Master had stopped using her. Kevin couldn't count all the mini's he'd held that day and his back was starting to hurt from all the bending down, but he kept going. Next time he was going to have them walk up a platform in line so he could do this more efficiently and wouldn't have to bend over so much. For the few that weren't bonded his sisters took them to the other side of the house to give them their first mini pill and then spray them down with sweat. Veronica even had a blow gun to inject the formula, which everyone that was crazy but she actually had to use 10 times, mostly on the difficult kids who wouldn't take pills or drink juice and the one crazy aunt who tried to run. Veronica made sure the contract was clear that forcing the subjects was allowed.

"Oh my god I'm so exhausted. Please tell me that's it"

"Yep that's all of them. See and you thought you could do all this yourself silly Master" teased Veronica

"Oh shut up. I or-, no, no because then you communicate like a mime like that last time"

"Hey you didn't say how long to shut up for. I can't disobey now can I? It was out of my control"

"Uh huh, even after ordering you to talk again"

"Like I said, the first order didn't say for how long, so I had to make sure it was a good long time" She said smiling

He was pretty sure that she used that crazy logic on purpose to disobey the following orders. The desire to fulfill the orders is absolute, but by clinging to the conflicting order she liked she had found a loophole. Can't mess with Veronica. Was he really in charge here? It was supposed to be his party, and 250 people were already eating, drinking, laughing, having fun, and he sat there tired.

"All right it's 5 and I'm hungry"

"Oh, then lets bring out your dinner. Oh dinner crew" Veronica clapped her hands.

A team of 12 cheerleaders, all dressed like Roman slaves, pulled a tray with a lid and 4 wheels on it with ropes over their shoulders. Once it was in place the leader clapped like it was a cheer and they all lined up facing left, then in unison turned, put their hands behind their backs, legs shoulder length apart, and chests pointing at him as they said

"Your dinner is served Master"

"Bravo, bravo. That's good. They look so cute too" he touched one of the girls on he crotch and another he caressed their breasts. Both shivered

"It was Lilly's idea believe it or not"

"yeah" came a voice came from under the tray.

Kevin lifted the lid and put it off to the side. He laughed as he saw a double cheeseburger and fries with Lilly in the middle of two patties.

"Are you ok in there"

"Yes Master. Hurry it's still warm but it's going to get cold."

"Hah ok, you little ladies can join me if you want"

They looked at each other uncertainly so he broke off a bit of meat and bread for each of them.

"Thank you master they said as they ate"

"Ugh you're throwing off their diet. They work hard to keep that figure for you, you know"

"I know Veronica, and I appreciate it" He said as he petted them one by one before picking up his burger "But it's my birthday.

Lilly squealed as he took a big bite. He rubbed his teeth on her a few times to freak her out but she laughed more than anything. He got full before he finished his Lilly burger and fries so he pulled her out from what was left of the patties and licked the juices and cheese off of her before putting her on a napkin to clean up and then Lisa came with a wet mini towel to wipe her down and a cute white dress with flowers on it. The slave cheerleaders took away the tray and another team brought a second one. Inside was desert with the two prettiest girls from the swim team covered in peach cobbler. Kevin smiled and used them like awkward spoons to slowly eat the desert. He liked how they each had a slightly different flavor when he sucked the desert off of them.

"Ugh, now I'm really full. I don't have to get up do I"

"No just wait there. It's the flags turn to impress you. That gives those girls time to change too" Sarah said as she took the trays to the sink.

Veronica had run off somewhere while Jessica and Mark were taking care of the mini area, keeping everyone safe and manning some of the attractions. The music from the batman movie played as the flag team marched on to the kitchen table and gave him a special 20 minute flag show that was written just for him and would never be done again. Kevin was absolutely delighted and clapped when they finished. Just as they turned to get off the table

"Oh don't march off yet. Halt"

They stopped. One by one he picked them up and kissed them on the head, and then put them back down. Each one thanked him. They all blushed as he did so and Veronica worried slightly one of them would pop a vein with all the blood rushing to their head. After he kissed the last one he let them go. The freshmen team came out dressed in black leather and did a high energy hard rock set. It was the best thing Kevin had ever seen and he was especially pleased when he saw Jessica was also in the performance. She must have taken a short term pill just to do this. When they finished he also kissed them one by one as thanks, though he held Jessica a bit longer than the others. She ran off immediately though trying to get back to her clothes before the pill wore off.

The JV team dressed as elves and did a set to music of Lord of the Rings while the Varsity team wore super hero costumes to perform to music from Spider man and other Marvel movies. Kevin thought they were all amazing and held and kissed every one of them. It was nice to feel the warmth of their tired bodies radiate in his hands, though his palm did start to get sweaty. Once all the cheerleaders left the stage/kitchen table, all the football players walked in front of him in their monkey costumes.

"Oh man, this is great. I love this. Look everyone little monkeys. Make monkey noises for me"

He picked the biggest guys, the center and one of the defensive linemen. He pretended like they were flying as he picked each of them up and played with them like children's toys. He then grabbed a line backer he know was a bully and held him upside down.

"Cmon monkey make me laugh"

"Oook Oook, please Master I'm feeling sick"

Kevin laughed and gently put him down. He spent about an hour playing with and lightly humiliating the football players. He made sure to hold each one of them and look them in the eye giving a slight squeeze to those that showed any defiance or resistance. Knowing how small and helpless they were to him as mini's would make them more obedient later. These young men who could bench 300lbs were now at his mercy, and would be for the rest of their lives.

"All right now everyone to the living room, you too Master" Veronica urged him.

"Oh what is it"

"You know, the whole point of a surprise is for it to be a surprise"

Kevin came into the living room and saw all the minis facing him and kneeling. His father, Jessica, and Sarah were also kneeling facing him. It was still except for the football players running to take their place and kneel still wearing their monkey costumes.

"Ok everybody" Said Veronica as she also kneeled right in front of him. Then everyone spoke in unison like they were saying a religious prayer.

"Master. You have found us and given us purpose. Without you we are worthless and our lives are meaningless. Because of you are lives have meaning. Because of you we are happy. Because of you we are filled with purpose. Thank you for allowing us to serve and worship you. Our submission and loyalty to you is beyond life, beyond death. We are grateful to you and ask that you allow us to serve you for the rest of our lives and beyond"

For a long moment Kevin stood in shock. Then he raised his fists over his head.

"YES! Of course you can serve me. You're all mine. Thank you for the best birthday ever"

As one they all smiled, which was a little creepy but hey things have already gone off the rails here as far as Kevin was concerned. As long as it went in his favor he was going to go with it.

"All right you can all stand, er, I order you to rise and party till you're too tired to party"

Not the most eloquent words but it was enough. There were whoops and cheers as they all went back to having fun. The final event for him involved the cake, with women walking down the runway and being judged on how sexy they were. Linda, the tall red head won first place followed by Kathy and two of the cheerleaders tied for third. The boxes on the winners podium had holes so the winners could be trapped in cake up to their necks. He was nicer to Linda this time as it was clear she was still nervous from how he trapped her in his underwear. He gently licked and sucked the cake from her even getting her to cum in his mouth using his tong. He was a bit more aggressive with Kathy and the cheerleaders but they liked it rougher for the most part. When it was time for bed he had his family come to his room. Mark carried Lisa and Lilly, Sarah carried Mary while Veronica carried Eileen, and Jessica carried Kathy. With a few more pills Kevin and his family of mini's were on his bed all naked. The mini's he started with plus a special 2 more.

"I just want to say think you all for the greatest birthday ever. Now how about you top it off by showing me how you can please your Master"

They were all tired, but suddenly they had a burst of energy to please their Master one more time that day.
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Kevin and his family part 10

Post by MasterBlaster » Fri Dec 22, 2023 11:23 am

A shorter one. This is the last of the first arc. The second will be high school and the third what happens after high school. That's how it should go, we'll see if this sees completion. I have an outline, and an ending, but there's a lot missing in-between for now.

Part 10

They had bonded the high school band and their families as well as the band directors. That alone more than doubled the amount of people bonded to Kevin. Veronica also made sure they got the incoming freshmen for cheer, football, swim, volleyball, baseball, and the soccer as well as the coaches and their families. Of course if she hadn't made Kevin skip a grade there wouldn't be a point in all this. He was her Master and there weren't many sticks he could use to make him do anything, but she had a big carrot which was his girlfriend Jessica. The promise of spending more time with her and being with her at school is what made him put in the effort and go along with her crazy plans to bond half the school. Well not half, but enough to make sure they were in control.

"So what group are we trying to get this week. Maybe you got a crazy plan for the chess club now?"

"Don't tempt me. Lucky for you we've got enough to deal with." Veronica said as she went through tabs on her laptop and looked at her paper planner. As usual her feet were in Kevin's lap while Sarah was at his side and Lilly and Mary were in front of him on his legs watching TV.

"Maybe the rowing team. I'm sure there's a stupid reason they could be useful" offered Sarah, a bit mockingly

"We don't have a rowing team, do we?" Asked Kevin

"No we don't Master, she's pulling your leg." sighed Veronica "I'm trying to schedule times with different groups, because having them come here one at a time is not efficient. Master you need some time with some of the band families. We did too many at once and I don't need the doing something crazy. We can't wait till competition since it's too far away"

"Well, why don't we get the band booster club to throw some event as an excuse. They can rent a large space and we can get them on some tables. They're all bonded right so they should be anxious to see me"

"That's a du- well maybe that would work. I mean your right they already want to see you, so we don't need something elaborate to trick anybody. We just need a large space and to get everyone together. Let's see if we can't do next weekend. We should do it before school starts."

Kevin got up as he heard the sound of his dad's truck pulling in.

"Umm, c'mon guys let me go. I made dad come home a little early today so we can play catch. It's been a while"

"Fine fine" Sarah said as she stopped massaging his cock. When did she do that? The other girls reluctantly got off of him.

"Hey it's mom and dad's turn tonight ok."

"Got it thanks"


Kevin and Mark were in the backyard throwing a baseball back and forth

"Hey dad? Do you think I'm doing the right thing?"

"You have to be more specific son"

"I mean with the mini's, with all of you"

"Son, we've been through this."

"I know but, I now have over twice as many as my birthday. It's just a lot if I stop to think about it. All these lives and responsibility. I don't have a plan for this."

"Son, you're in management now. Think of it like that. If you as a CEO had 500 workers and needed to tell every single one what to do could you"

"Well no. I guess that's what why you have managers and all that other corporate bull shit"

"Hey Language Ma-er son"

Mark tried really hard not to call Kevin Master when he was being fatherly

"I know sorry"

"Look son, like I told you before you brought this family back together, something none of us could have done, so let this family make it up to you. Your sister Veronica makes the plans and the rest of us help you keep it all together. If you try to do it alone you're going to fail so don't. Don't fail and don't do it alone, because if you fail who knows what could happen to all of us"

"Your right dad. I'm sorry. I'll do better"

"Oh son you're doing good, you're just growing up and learning. There's not a handbook for this kinda thing"

"What how to be a super villain and control the world?"

"Hah, well that too, but I mean having all that power and responsibility at 13 years old, so don't carry it all on just your back. Use all our backs"

"Ok dad"

"By the way your mother is pregnant again."


Kevin didn't catch the ball that came at him, he just kinda stared dumbly as it hit his chest and fell to the ground. His parents had been going at it a lot, but he just wasn't ready for this.


"Son I know it's your father and me's night with you, but I can't be a mini anymore till the babies born as we don't know how it will affect them. I can't get more pregnant so we wouldn't even need protection. If you want to spend time with someone else I understand I"

Kevin kissed her on the mouth she didn't respond at first as she didn't expect it, but then she melted before him and responded with passion. Kevin knew if he stepped off this cliff that was it.

"I order you both to go to the bedroom. Mark take the mini pill"

They all went to his parent's bedroom with mark shrinking out of his clothes along the way. Kevin was holding him now.

"Lisa get on the bed"

"Yes Master"

She turned red but was smiling broadly. The fantasy she had for 7 months but seemed like an eternity. It was here. He put Mark on her pussy

"Warm her up for me"

Mark enthusiastically ate his wife's giant pussy using his arms on her clit and almost falling in. After a few minutes Kevin picked up Mark and put him on her left nipple. The little man didn't need to be told what to do. Kevin got on he bed and lowered himself on to her. Turns out that cliff wasn't so high.
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Kevin and his family Part 11

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Part 11

"That feels so good. Keep it up tinies"

Kevin was sitting on a sofa chair as 10 members of the freshmen football team were putting their all into serving their Master. A tiny Veronica was on his cock like it was her royal horse, yelling at the young men like she was in charge. Kevin didn't care, he was too busy enjoying this. He loved knowing he could easily step on any of them and there was nothing they could do about it. Even when they were full sized he could only look at the big strong young men as obedient servants or action figures. It probably wasn't a good way to view the world, but at the moment Kevin didn't care. His feet were sore from earlier.

Two days ago Veronica had the principal Mrs Brown organize an all staff meeting which the used to bond the entire staff of the school. Kevin thought that was a bit extreme but Veronica wanted to go further. The next day was an event for families of the school staff and that took forever. They had to take a few families at a time and Kevin was on his feet the whole time. He didn't think it was that bad until he woke up this morning with sore feet, which Veronica had expected and was why there was a team of mini boys waiting with massage oil.

"Oh what you doing there Master? Having a bit of fun?" Sarah asked as she sat down next to him, placing an arm around Kevin and giving him a kiss

"Back off sis, he's mine right now. JOEY do it right or you're going to get stepped on. Felix don't push to hard there it's a nerve bundle...."

Sarah laughed slowly backing off and dropping her hand to rest on Kevin's thigh. Where did Veronica even get a mini mega phone?

"Oh, okay okay. Well Master I was going suggest we have some private time but I think you're a little busy right now and I don't want to be murdered in my sleep"

Kevin knew Sarah was joking, but as he looked down at Veronica part of him thought she might actually do it. He knew by now that Veronica was very patient and reasonable, but when it came to him and the time she spent with him she could be unpredictable. Woe be to anyone who messed with her plans or her time with Master. He felt her tiny purrs on his dick while he stroked her back with one hand.

"Yeah we don't want that. How's Brad doing?"

Several of his mini's had graduated high school now and were about to start college. Most were going to stay close by, but a few, like Brad, got scholarships to go to a big school. Kevin decided it would be worth it for some of them to go to the bigger colleges, especially the athletes and the two mini's going to MIT, but he kept most of them near by. Kevin didn't ask them what they wanted, but made the decisions based on what would be best for him and his family going forward.

"Oh he's anxious about being so far away from you. If you didn't order him to go he'd have turned down those scholarships"

"Yeah, but that guy's future is football, not a useful degree or something. Ooooh that's the spot. Hmmmm"

Normally Kevin would be watching football with his dad on a Sunday, but his feet really needed this.

"As long as you get him and the other out of town mini's every other month or so it should be fine. Otherwise we're going to have crying college students show up at our door like homeless cats begging for food"

"Oooooo, ummm yeah that's a good point. I'll ummm check with the secretary later. She's a bit busy at the moment and I'm trying to enjoy oooooo"

"Ok Master. I'll go and make sure things are ready for school tomorrow. Laters" She gave him a deep kiss, then got up and went to take care of things.


"Good Morning Master"

Kevin woke up to Sarah on his face on all fours, staring into his eyes, or at least one of them. He blinked a few times and then stroked her back, admiring the way her toned body responded to his touch, her back arching. Then he felt the activity on his cock. Veronica was bringing him to attention and then Lilly and Mary joined in. It was Veronica's morning and the first day of school so she had wanted it to be special for him. Last night just his sisters were his mini's and it was the first time he enjoyed just the four of them together. He wanted Jessica to join, but Veronica was having none of it. Just sister time she insisted. Kevin took Sarah into his mouth as he got hard and they both came at the same time. He took her out of his mouth and laid her on his chest, but not before almost choking

"I'm fine I'm fine everyone, before anyone says anything. Ugh I'm a little tired. Maybe it wasn't a good idea"

"You didn't like it?" Lilly asked concerned.

"Oh I loved it, last night and this morning was amazing, but it's the first day of school. Time to get moving guys"

The girls groaned in protest as Kevin gathered them up and took them to the bathroom. He left Veronica, Sarah, and Mary in the sink as he took Lilly into the shower. Veronica had actually insisted on it.

"Oh? Really Master!? YAY! My first time as your sponge!!!"

Kevin felt a little awkward using Lilly this way for the first time, having grown so use to his other sisters that way as well as Jessica and Kathy. Still Lilly was happy, and her laughter and utter delight made him smile. His shower took a little longer as he tried to be gentle with her little body, but he enjoyed it just the same. She was especially enthusiastic about being rubbed on his balls and cock. She only settled down after he came on her again. When he was done he brought them to breakfast. Lilly was in a small cup of room temperature fruit, Sarah was soaking in his warm but not hot coffee, and Mary and Lilly were on his plate under a blanket of eggs and bacon. They suggested oatmeal, but he didn't really like oatmeal and he only had it for Eileen. She really liked to soak in it as he slowly ate it and he had to admit she added a nice bit of flavor the oatmeal.

"Oh, you're having coffee today Master" Lisa asked as she sat down to eat her eggs

"Yeah, we got a little busy last night and I'm still tired from the other day" He said as he drank a little coffee, Sarah taking the chance to hug and kiss his nose as he did so. Despite being 3 months pregnant now Kevin couldn't see any difference in his mom. He was starting to miss having her as a mini, they didn't know how it could affect the unborn baby, but he certainly had no shortage willing mini's these days. He continued to eat gently getting some Mary flavored eggs with his plastic spork.

"Well all your backpacks and purses are ready. Master pay attention to your schedule high school is different then middle school"

"I know mom, but I got these girls to help me out" He said getting some Veronica flavored eggs.

"We'll watch out for him mom" Said Sarah leaning back in the warm coffee.

"Master it's good you're depending on the girls, but you need to also learn to be independent. That's what high school is for, to help transition you into responsible adult hood"

Kevin had to force himself not to role his eyes. If he tried to ignore his mom, or worse ordered her to shut up, he'd get an earful from his sisters especially Veronica. If he tried to order Veronica in particular to be quiet or not nag him he got the death stare and he just couldn't deal with it. Even though they could be crazy, and sometimes scary, his sisters and the rest of his family kept him grounded and that kept him from becoming a jerk or abusive. He decided he really did appreciate it, even if he didn't always like it. Sometimes it was easier just to be a brat like any other normal 13 year old, but those he loved could suffer if he allowed that.

"I know mom I know. I'm hearing you, and I'll try ok."

Kevin picked up Lilly and sucked juices of the cut fruit off her her. It was sweet and Lilly flavored. She giggled as he tasted her.

"Now how about you hand me some fruit"

"Yes Master! I love this Master! I love you Master!"

He lowered her to the bowl and she picked up a half of grape and a piece of melon, holding them in front of her to offer to him. He brought her to his mouth and put her arms and the fruit in his mouth causing her to laugh and giggle more. It was a slow way to eat fruit and he got about half of it done before Mary complained from her blanket of eggs

"Your eggs are getting cold and so am I. Master." She bit out the last word clearly not liking feeling neglected.

"Okay okay." Kevin said and finished his breakfast, licking all his sisters clean when he was done. It was time to get going


"You have four classes. It's going to be English, Math, lunch break, Business Computers, World History. I made sure everyone in your classes are bonded to you, but please don't take advantage of the fact you don't have to do anything. Actually try to learn. Don't just have others do your home work for you" Chided Veronica

"Hey I already promised Mom I would try. I mean I can just order the teachers to pass me" complained Kevin

"Sure, but then what? You need to know things for our future. Just trust me. Now you're going to have a few freshmen with you for all the classes. The 4 football players though have football 3rd period, so you'll have two JV and two Varsity guys for Business computers to watch over you. Me, Sarah, and Jessica will join you for business computers. Sarah and Jessica will also be in your World History class, but I already passed it first semester last year so I couldn't be in it. Come find us at lunch"

"Jeeze, you plan a whole roster of who's going to be in every class I ever have for all of high school or something?"

"Of course" Veronica said simply, unblinking, and with no further explanation

"Um, er, fine lets get to it I guess"

Kevin went to his first class and saw everyone was already there sitting. As soon as he walked in he closed the door behind them and was surprised when the whole class stood up in unison

"Hello Master. We are here to serve you"

Then they all bowed to him. Kevin hoped this wasn't going to be every class, but unfortunately it was, at least until he coordinated with Veronica to have them give a different greeting. Then one by one they introduced themselves to him.

"Hey I'm Carlos wide receiver on the Freshmen football team. You may remember me from yesterday."

Kevin looked down at his feet, then looked up at Carlos

"Yeah, you looked a little different down there though"

Kevin held out his hand for a hand shake but Carlos gave him a quick bro hug instead.

"Hah I imagine so, but me and Trevor were happy to do it. I'll be happy to do it again when you want. If you need anything let us know sir."

Carlos let him go and sat back down as the rather large Trevor came up. Despite his big frame and muscles he was rather subdued as if afraid of Kevin and only shook his had.

"Trevor sir happy be here with you. Anything you need a le, let, let me know."

Kevin imagined Trevor had been a bit of a bully before. Sometimes people who were bullies before became very timid after becoming his minis, at least until they got use to being around him. The rest of the class greeted him much the same and then he got to the teacher, a stern looking but pretty 32 year old black woman who was probably used to freshmen students being cowed with her stern expression, posture, and 5'9 height.

"I am Ms Davis and this is English 101. Veronica already made it a point to all the teachers that you're here to learn. I will of course do whatever you tell me to, even lick the bottom of your shoes right now" She said with a lick of her lips "but be informed that any attempt to use your influence over me or your classmates to alter your grade, skip class, or cheat in anyway, will result in your parents being informed as well as your Sister Veronica. If you need any private tutoring though I am more than happy to spend some one on one time with you at any size you desire"

Kevin sighed. Of course. He should have payed more attention to what his sister was doing with the principals and the teachers. He knew it was too late to try and out smart her now. Guess he was going to have to suffer through high school like every one else. Wasn't he the Master of everyone? Wasn't he in charge here? A little deflated he sat in the empty seat in front. He figured Veronica probably arranged that too, and of course he was right. Math class was pretty much the same. At lunch he found Veronica sitting with Sarah, Jessica, various cheerleaders, and various football players.

"Over her Kevin! Come come" Sarah called

He was glad none of them blurted out Master. After all not everyone in school was bonded to him, but Veronica had plans to change that and it wouldn't be a concern in the future. Kevin sat down between Sarah and Jessica, each grabbing an arm while Veronica sat across from him and hooked his leg with hers.

"I appreciate the attention but it's a little hard to eat like this" Kevin complained

"Oh how about I feed you. You're my boyfriend so it's ok to feed you right" asked Jessica. Sarah laughed at that

"Well if she's going to feed you I'll help. A big sister has to take care of her little brother"

"I ah, erm, never mind. I'll manage"

He went back to trying to eat his food. Veronica just shook her head.

"You guys need to be careful at lunch time and after school with people that aren't one of us yet"

"Veronica you're being paranoid. What do you expect to happen?"

As if on Que a pair of bullies approached the table from behind Veronica

"Hey Sam, what do we have hear. Who the fuck is this twerp with two cheer...."

Suddenly 10 football players stood up from near by tables and faced the bullies all at once.

"What the fuck? Oh you got friends? I'll find you later twerp"

The bullies left and everyone sat back down

"That, that is what I meant. This is high school, and It's not just because you got here early either. You just have one of those dorky punch-able faces bullies are drawn to. You're lucky you didn't have this problem in middle school" Veronica huffed

"Well I think his face is adorable" Jessica said as she kissed him. Kevin was torn between the kiss, and how hungry he still was. He hasn't even gotten to eat half his meatloaf with the girls clinging to him like that.

"Hey, I thought he was adorable first, even before all this. Sarah if you stop looking at him with googly eyes and be objective you know I'm right. You used to be one of the meanest girls after all"

Sarah studied Kevin, then sighed.

"Yeah, unfortunately you're right. Sorry little brother. Jessica you just don't think like that so you don't see it, but that's kinda what we like about you. We wouldn't let you date him otherwise" Sarah said.

Let him date? Excuse me? Kevin was still hungry though and his arms were restrained. Now Sarah was kissing him on the lips. She was certain anyone who was looking was already bonded but he wasn't so sure. So hungry......


That evening Kevin was back home on the couch. He had 10 mini football players on the floor getting ready to serve him. While Carlos and Trevor had done this the other day it was the first time for the rest of them. Kevin picked up Carlos and brought him to eye level. This boy had genuinely wanted to be his friend and made an effort to talk to Kevin all day, and this was also the boy wearing only tight fitting shorts that he held in one hand. Now that he had a closer look at him Kevin was surprised at how fit the boy was.

"Hey Master, what's up"

"I was surprised you asked for your mother and sisters to come"

Carlos's mother and two sisters were kneeling next to Kevin. It sounded like they were praying but he didn't understand Spanish and was unsure of what they were saying.

"Yes, thank you for agreeing Master. I didn't want to miss out on serving you, but I couldn't leave them alone. My father is coming back from Afghanistan and he's abusive. He should have been home a few days ago but I worry he may be drinking so when he does come home it won't be good."

"Ah, I understand. You guys are safer here. Now I got something for you to do little guy. Get oiled up"

"Yes sir"

Kevin gently rubbed the backs of the woman and girls next to his thigh. He felt them lean into it and respond positively. He then gently used his whole hand to press them into his thigh. They didn't fight it but just pressed into him as if he was the protective god that would save them. Kevin was enjoying his massage even playfully moving his feet to knock over the young men or playfully trap them under his foot making them feel a little pressure, but not hurting them. He looked at Carlos trying to massage his left big toe with his neck between the big toe and the one next to it. Well he had to reward good little servants. He would put the thoughts out of his mind and enjoy their massage, but tomorrow he needed to talk to Veronica to plan a "family therapy" session.
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Kevin and his family Part 12

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Part 12

Things had been going well for the Roberts family. They had bonded just over 1000 students and their families at their high school by Thanksgiving, which was about half of student population. Of course managing all those minis means a lot of resources, and a lot of time on the treadmill for Kevin. In order to make that happen, without having his parents work themselves to death, he ordered Sam, his girlfriend Jessica's dad, to offer Mark a new position and they manage to bond Lisa's boss in order to get her a promotion. Sure Mark could potentially make more at his investment firm, but that would mean less time with the family and things had been getting difficult for him there anyway. The jump in base pay really helped with various mini supplies and making their own mini pills. Veronica was also collecting a bit of a tax, only from those more well off, and directing Sam to make some business ventures, but Kevin didn't want to bother knowing what she was doing. He trusted her and knew that she was going what was best for him and the family, and he also knew that it probably wouldn't put him at ease if he did know. He would find out when he needed to. Ignorance is bliss after all

September 7th was Mark's birthday and in celebration, also to celebrate his new job, it was a bit of a frat boy party with about 50 of the men. It had been a while since they celebrated his birthday so they may have gone a little crazy. Their were four beer pools which would rotate through his favorites, a huge dance number where 30 cheer leaders were dressed as mini professional LA cheerleaders, TV screens replaying various games, and at a simulated dance club staffed with all the prettiest mini's his dad could want, except for Kathy, because Kevin wasn't going to share her, and his mom since she was rather pregnant. Kevin did choose which cheerleaders would be involved and also chose some of the strippers. For a second Kevin did think about sampling the beer, as many curious 13 year old boys would, but his sisters were watching him with hawk like attention and he didn't even have a chance for a sip.

September 30th was his mother's birthday and since it was in the same month as Mark's they used to celebrate it together though more recently they didn't celebrate it at all. That would change going forward. Since she was pregnant she couldn't be a mini so she would get to be a giant roman goddess. She would wear a toga as Kevin had 100 of the strongest they bonded dress as mini Roman slaves, with Mark of course leading all the events. There were mini gladiator events in her honor full of props and mini safe soft weapons. She couldn't help but influence some of the competitions by occasionally tilting the stage, nudging a competitor with a finger, or just blowing on them to distract them or have them loose their balance on the jousting platform. Of course they also flavored her food and drink. The 100 men massaged every part of her body and she couldn't resist picking up Mark and inserting him inside of her. The only reaction the other mini's had when she did that was jealousy. For the final act she invited Kevin back to her bedroom and had all 100 minis watch from a large table so they could get a good look as he took her.

Eileen's birthday was October 5th and she had a 1950's themed party. She wanted all their family and friends though they settled on a guest list of about 100. They setup mini drive in theaters, a 50s style mini amusement park, and plenty of dancing and 50 themed activities. Kevin got to eat his grandma out of a giant ice-cream Sunday which delighted them both. That would be the last party a their old house though as a new house was being built with a large basement so they could host 4000 mini's at once. Kevin thought it was a bit much but Veronica insisted this was necessary to deal with all the minis he could have, but if Kevin knew her real plans he might have put a stop to it then.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows though. Even though Kevin was smart, he was able to skip a grade after all, he wasn't the best student. All of his mini's were ordered to do their best in work and school without sacrificing family time. It had the effect of rising grades for the students as well as reducing unneeded extra work from the teachers. It made the principal Mrs Brown a lot more popular with the school board and administrators which was good for Kevin and his bonded minis. On the other hand with everyone in his class getting an "A" it was painfully obvious when Kevin was the only one who didn't. To catch up his English teacher Ms Davis and his math teacher Ms Blackwell were tutoring him, as minis on his desk of course.

"Master are you paying attention? Mr Roberts?" questioned the doll sized Ms Davis

Kevin sighed as he wrapped his hand around the waist of the pretty black doll and lifted her up to see the section she was standing on. She was 6 inches in her mini heels and was wearing a simple grey dress that hugged her fit figure. Her black shoulder length hair seemingly perfect. The 30 year old seemed too pretty to be an unmarried high school teacher. Most mini's were at least a little scared when Kevin handled them the first few times, but this woman was perfectly calm. He did want to remove the dress and enjoy her, but he had promised not to have any fun until they were done. He was really thinking about just ordering them to fix his grades, but when he thought about how Veronica would react he thought better of it. He looked down at the section she circled in red. She wielded that red pen like a staff which somehow made her more annoying and harder to deal with than when she was full sized

"Ok I'll redo it. Ugh I hate MLM format. Oh are you ok Ms Blackwell" he called down to the older woman who was using a stress ball as a bean bag chair.

"Oh I'm fine dear"

Ms Blackwell was a 38 years old widow with children who had left to college, and also been bonded to Kevin. The light skinned blonde was much shorter at 4'11, now under 5 inches, and had a bit of a mousey appearance. She wore a simple white top and black skirt. She sat on a bean filled stress ball reading a mini book. They were much more expensive than full sized versions, but Kevin figured it was hard to print them so small. Kevin wanted to get math out of the way first since he thought it would be harder, but now his tired brain was suffering trying to keep up with Ms Davis's exacting standards.

"You know Mr. Roberts, I want to get to the fun part of the tutoring session too" said Ms Davis while glancing at the bed.

"Hah you and me both. So this other one isn't a valid reference Ms Blackwell?"

He regretted asking as she launched into a long explanation. Eventually he finished exhausted. He thought the math tutoring was hard, but this English tutoring made him want to destroy all the worlds red pens. After another hour and a tree worth of paper he finished the assignment and the makeup work. Exhausted he went to bed holding his two tutors.

"All right you two, time to teach you something. It's time you learn to please your Master"

"Oh my!" Exclaimed Ms Blackwell

"Finally, I've been waiting for this" said Ms Davis hungrily

Kevin undressed himself and sat on the bed, then carefully undressed both the teachers. He tasted each of them making sure to get a good account of the different flavors of their juices. Ms Blackwell game almost immediately so he put her on his cock while he worked on Ms Davis for almost an hour. Kevin enjoyed the motion of both teachers and while Ms Davis was prettier and doing a much better job, that extra bit of fear out of Ms Blackwell helped to turn him on even if her efforts didn't. As he came on them both he sighed wondering how many other young men like him wanted to do that to their teachers but would never get the chance. He was a lucky boy indeed. He cleaned them, and himself off then ordered them to sleep on his balls. That morning he was woken up by My Davis pumping her body up and down his cock.

"Good Morning Master"

"Oh, not Mr Roberts"

"I'm... not your teacher right now I'm.... your pet... your play thing. Please... use me" She was struggling to talk as she spent her effort on his cock. Poor little Ms Blackwell was frozen unsure of what to do.

"Blackwell. Lick and massage by balls. That's an order"

Nodding the little teacher started doing what he said. Then he reached down and wrapped his hand around Ms Davis. He roughly pumped her on his cock and the rougher he was the more she enjoyed it. He had some pent up frustration from the long tutoring hours, but he was careful not to take it out on her too much lest he break her. Just as he was about to cum he positioned her head at the tip

"Eat it all slave"

She didn't get to respond as the white goo burst forward chocking her when she couldn't eat it fast enough. She took a moment to cough a bit then went to work eating as much of it as she could.

"Help her out Blackwell"

"Ewww, oh, er Yes Master as you command".

Kevin laughed as Ms Blackwell forced herself to eat the cum she clearly didn't enjoy. He was surprised by the behavior of Ms Davis though. He was going to have to find ways to use her more. He then got up and ran the water to put Blackwell in the sink. He decided she needed a few more sessions to get the hang of things before he used her as a sponge. As for Ms Davis she was eager for her Master to use her. She completely enjoyed being his sponge and being pressed against every inch of his skin. The stern English teacher who tried to beat the MLM format into his DNA was now a dark sexy nymph who lived for her Master's pleasure. Seems like he enjoyed a little crazy in his girls, with the exception being Jessica as far as he knew. Ms Blackwell squeaked as he suddenly picked her up

"Oh Master, what are you, Oh"

Kevin held the little woman with his left hand and spread her legs with his right. He started massaging her little pussy and slowly put in the tip of his right pinky. It took a bit of effort but he was pretty good at doing this by now. Sexually inexperienced mini's like her tended to make lots of fun noises when he did this to them the first few times. He loved the way her body shuddered and betrayed her as her face clearly showed that she didn't know how to deal with something in her pussy. Despite being a pretty little things that looked younger than her 38 years, Ms Blackwell hadn't been with anyone after her husband passed 10 years ago, not even going out on a single date.

"Master don't forget about *burp*, oh excuse me. Don't forget about me" Ms Davis had eaten all the cum she could.

"Oh don't worry I won't" he said as Ms Blackwell came in his hands.

After he exhausted the little doll he placed her on the bed and wiped the cum on his hands on the blankets. Then he picked up Ms Davis and started doing the same to her. Kevin had gotten use to handling cum covered minis, and as long as he didn't think about it being gross it didn't bother him. It was a good thing he ordered Lisa to change his sheets everyday, but he was going to have to temporarily have someone else do it as Lisa was getting further in her pregnancy. He was the Master and couldn't be forced to do it himself after all.

"Oh my GOD. Master this is SO GOOD. Oh I wish you could do this to me in front of the whole class today. OOOooooo"

Kevin smiled at that thought. He would certainly rather play with the sexy teacher all period rather than cover more Edgar Alen Poe. He was sure his classmates would rather him do that as well, but Veronica might have words if he did something like that again. When he got bored of history and made is attractive blond history teacher give him oral for the rest of the period Veronica tracked him down and went into a long tirade about how they needed to keep things looking normal at school and it was important he actually get an education so he could understand the world, and about responsibility and on and on. Kevin could order his sisters to do anything, he could order over 1000 people to do anything he wanted, he could hold them in his hands and crush them, end their lives with just a bit of effort, and yet he was weak against his sisters for whatever reason.

He knew on some level it was a good thing. Kevin knew that without anyone to restrain him he would have done something stupid already and people would have found out about him. People who could take advantage of formula 537 were rare, and even people who had most of the genetic markers but not the full set could disappear. There were rumors that some governments actually used people like him to control high level politicians, businesses, and elite soldiers. Kevin was no fool, he knew the reason they hadn't been discovered wasn't because he was lucky or great or being subtle. No it was all because of his sisters planning, efforts, and Veronica's crazy ass plans. Kevin wondered if the fact that Veronica was the closest of his siters to having all the markers was why she was independent and if she might break away from him one day, but the truth was Veronica had always been obsessed with her little brother and even if she herself was immune to the effects of the formula, or became immune, she wouldn't act any different or be less dedicated to him.

"Oh Master, oh please don't stop. I can keep going, really I, oh"

Kevin smiled and petted the small woman

"No you can't. You're already gonna walk funny today and we don't need it to be more obvious"

Kevin took them to the shower. After he cleaned Ms Blackwell he put her in his mouth and started sucking and licking her. She moaned and tried to speak but couldn't properly form words. Then he focused on Ms. Davis, rubbing her chocolate body all over his. The way she dressed he expected her to have a below average middle aged figure, but instead she was rather toned and wiry. Slim but athletic. After wards Kevin went to get breakfast, placing Ms Davis in a large mug of coffee. He was going to put Ms Blackwell in a bowl of cereal but when he reached for it Lilly objected.

"Hey that's for my turn tomorrow. Don't open that box for someone else!" Lilly pouted.

Kevin sighed and instead put his teacher inside an English muffin with grape jelly.

"Master did you finish all your homework" asked Lisa in her motherly tone

"Yes mam. My tutors helped me a lot" Kevin said sipping his coffee. Ms Davis giggled at the acknowledgement. Kevin had wanted his coffee as dark as Ms Davis, but it was a little too bitter for him so he added some more creamer

"Oh I'm just happy to be of use" said Ms Blackwell from inside the muffin

Kevin ate some eggs then bit into the side of the muffin, licking the side of Ms Blackwell before putting it back down. The little teacher was still conflicted as she moaned and still tried not to make any noise or take any pleasure from Kevin's actions. He could see her getting more flustered as he ate around her and sucked on her little legs. She panicked when he completely took her into her mouth but he made sure to be gentle with her and spit her into a napkin when he got as much jelly off as he could

"What about me Master?" Ms Davis called up from his coffee, leaning over the lip of the mug and kicking her feet splashing the coffee.

Kevin chuckled then finished his coffee and began to suck on Ms Davis. Her flavor complemented the coffee perfectly and he made sure to taste every bit of her. He sucked on every part of her body and began to lick and taste her pussy. He made her cum again and again until she begged for mercy after the 10th time. Ms Blackwell turned red as she watched the spectacle from the napkin below. Even though she tried not to look she couldn't hid from the sound of Ms Davis's ecstasy.

"Hey Master, you better hurry it up. Veronica is gonna give it to you if you're late for school" Sarah reminded him.

Kevin sighed as he placed the exhausted Ms Davis down on the napkin. He smiled as he saw how uncomfortable Ms Blackwell was. He really did hope to have more math classes with her in the future to make her feel uncomfortable. For now it was time to get ready. Soon the little teachers would enlarge and put on the clothes they had brought over.


"Mr Roberts I need to talk to you about your report. Please stay after class. Everyone else we can end class early today" said Ms Davis.

"Awww man." remarked Kevin

"Sorry bro" remarked Carlos as he and the other students filed out of the classroom

"I thought everything was good. I mean we did all that makeup work yesterday. What's wrong now?" Kevin whined.

"Oh Mr Roberts I think you misunderstand me."

Ms Davis went around and sat at the front of her desk. She spread her legs and made sure Kevin could see she wasn't wearing any panties. She of course had panties when she got dressed at his house that day, but between then and now had removed them.

"I am impressed by your progress and wanted to... well show my appreciation for how much you've improved" Ms Davis said as she sat on her desk legs spread open in anticipation.

"Oh! Well I guess we have some time before Math class" remarked Kevin.

He went over to Ms Davis and kissed her. Suddenly he found himself on the floor with the beautiful teacher on top of him. She felt better at full size than she did as a mini. He didn't know how many times he came in her, but eventually he broke himself away to end up 10 minutes late to math class. Ms Blackwell was rather upset that he was late and when she asked him why, he decided to simply tell her the truth. Kevin watched as his Math teacher turned redder than he could have imagined. He knew that her sheer embarrassment would keep her from telling Veronica or Lisa. He decided to reward her for her silence later with some fun time even if she didn't ask for it.
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Kevin and his family Part 13

Post by MasterBlaster » Sun Dec 24, 2023 10:09 am

Part 13

At the start of November Kevin had already bonded the entire school and the students families. To Kevin it meant he could have fucked his girlfriend Jessica any where and anytime he wanted, even in the middle of the gym during a student assembly, or any of the students or teachers he wanted, but his sisters made sure there were limits on what he would do. They had also bonded the staff of the three closest local hospitals as Veronica knew it would be important in the future. Any time someone bonded to him got injured or was having a baby they would go to one of those hospitals.

The new house was done and the basement level would be able to easily accommodate all 6000 minis, Kevin, and a few full sized servants for Thanksgiving. Veronica had done most of the planning and focused on efficiently getting people in, made mini's and getting to the mini area easily and quickly. She even had some custom machines made to to vacuum seal and track visitors full sized clothes and mini clothes. The limit the basement could hold was actually 15000 but for the moment Veronica kept this fact from Kevin.

It was the last day of school before Thanksgiving break and Kevin had his 41 year old pregnant aunt Megan and her pregnant 22 year old daughter Faith on his dick. Megan was 7 months pregnant while Faith was 4 months pregnant. It was a different sensation having their pregnant bellies rub against his cock. Kevin really wanted to know what it felt like to use pregnant women as masturbation toys, and it felt fucking amazing. He had to try really hard not to press them in too hard so the babies wouldn't get hurt, but he did have some emergency reverse pills nearby in case either of the girls went into labor early. While he was extra cautious with his mother Lisa, who hadn't been able to be a mini for several months now with the little girl in her belly, he was certainly willing to take a little more risk with the others. They also felt great in the shower as he went over every inch of his body with each of them. Veronica theorized that the more time he spent with their mothers while they were in the womb the stronger their bond was to him, so Kevin decided he would see if the new babies would stick to him like glue as soon as they could walk. He was also going to test if they developed a taste for his cum if their mothers ate enough of it. He would later learn that both theories would prove true.

"Oh Master don't stop. Please keep using me and mom" Faith pleaded

"Hey I can't shower forever. Besides, I'm hungry. You two will flavor my breakfast"

Kevin sat down to breakfast with Faith in his coffee and Megan in the middle of his sausage and egg croissant sandwich.

"Hey those girls are going to be born clinging to you, so don't push it too far" said Veronica

"Everyone clings to me. Besides don't you want to know what will happen? For science?" asked Kevin dramatically

"Yeah yeah. It's true we know a lot about formula 537 now but there isn't as much data to what happens with pregnant women"

"Who is this WE you speak of" Kevin said as he took a gentle bite out of his Megan sandwich

"Well other than yours truly there is Sarah, your cousin Jack who's a bio Chemist, your cousin Cindy the geneticist, not the bimbo idiot Cindy, and some of the doctors in the hospital"

"As long as you are on top of it. You know I trust you with this and just need the cliff notes version" Kevin said as he drank some coffee. He liked the way the 6 inch Faith giggled and splashed around in his mug.

"It wouldn't hurt you to be a little more involved in the details you know" Veronica huffed "but yeah we're on top of it."

"Oh Veronica I order you to lighten u-" Kevin suddenly stopped as Veronica held a spork to his throat

"You know I can stab this spork in you before you finish that sentence right? Master?"

"Kidding, I'm kidding" Kevin said as Veronica lowered the utensil.

When Veronica wanted him to take some thing seriously it was best not to joke around. She wasn't like this often, but when it came to the safety of him or the family she could get a little crazy. Maybe more than a little.

"Anyway I think the formula we used on those two will influence the babies. They should be able to go longer without direct contact from you while still being completely obedient, like months if not years. You still need to spend time every month with the first few rounds of minis, like the cheerleaders, but I think we can adjust everyone else with the new formula to go longer without getting anxious and doing anything crazy"

"That's great. I really need some free time. Having to deal with a lot of mini's at once is really tiring"

Kevin put Megan in his mouth to lick off all the bits of food and flavor he could.

"Well you're going to have to see everyone for Thanksgiving, and I mean everyone. I already had the custom furniture and tables made to accommodate everyone. As long as nobody tries to mess with the plan I've laid out it will be fine. You're going to need to hold everyone in your hand one at a time, but this should be the last time you have to do something like that. Well assuming this new variation works like I think it should. Oh we're also going to need a lot more of your sweat for this. The mini's will need it to keep them calm for longer."

Kevin sighed. It sounded like a lot of work that he was going to have to do. You would think that being the Master, being in charge, would lead to an easy life with his servants taking up all the hard work. Yet here he was working hard for the benefit of his minis. Not for the first time he looked at Veronica's planner and wondered who was really in charge here


"Hey Kevin I wanted to talk to you about something"

"What's up Carlos"

"I uh, well you haven't had me over the last four times you made the guys come over and give you a massage"

"Ummm, yeah I guess so"

"Why? Is it something I did? Did I massage your foot wrong"

"Hah, no dude you always did a good job. It's just... well you're my friend now and it just feels weird using you like that. Picking you up like an action figure and making you massage my stinky feet I mean... You're my best friend and not just another toy"

"Look Kevin, you're my Master and I'll do whatever you want, but if you're really my friend then please use me just like the other guys. I don't want any special treatment."

"What? But why? Do you really like me using you like that?"

"Hah not really, but I like pleasing my Master which is you, and more importantly I want to be with my team. I hung around with you initially because your sister told me to, but that had nothing to do with being your friend. I didn't become your friend to get any special treatment. I'm just another guy on the football team and that's how I want to be treated. I don't need you to try and treat me different or better. I don't want anything I didn't earn"

"Well, what if I just didn't have those massages anymore?"

"Oh, you going to look me in the eye and honestly tell me you don't like treating us like your toys, that you don't like us massaging your feet and worshiping you? Can you look me in the eye and tell me that?"

Kevin just looked at the ground for a moment trying to come up with a response. The silence lingered for a long moment

"No. No I can't"

"Then use me. You're my Master, and you're my friend, but you're not my friend because you're my Master. Friends do favors for each other and I'm asking, as a favor, that you treat me just like the other guys. Even if you made your feet all gross and sweaty, but please wash your feet before anyone massages them. Still you're the Master though so you can wash them, or not, and we'll still do the same job."

"I uh... ok, ok Carlos. Ok. It's just, well I want you to be my friend and that's hard if you're more my mini rather than my equal or something. I just wanted to see you as my peer you know?"

Carlos put a hand on his shoulder and laughed

"Kevin. Oh Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, nobody equal to you. Nobody is like you. You have one of the most beautiful girls in school as your girlfriend. Is there any other guy who's banged the entire cheer team? I'm not just talking about massaging your dick with them or having them eat your cum, but banging every single one of them including the girls who graduated last year? Then there's the swim team, and that's just a small sample of the girls you slept with from the rumors I hear."

"Hey I didn't bang every single... er well...." Kevin thought as every single one of the cheerleaders and various other teams flashed through his mind and he realized Carlos was right. "Well ok I'll give you that one"

"Exactly. You can make anyone do anything you want, but ordering someone to be your friend isn't the same as them choosing to be your friend. Treating someone special when they don't want it is you being selfish, not you being a friend"

"I... I guess you're right" sighed Kevin.

"Glad you see it my way Master. Now lets get to class. Ms Davis won't like it if you're late. She kinda has a thing for you"

"I uh... don't know what you're talking about"

"You're a terrible liar you know. Next you're going to tell me that black eye she got the other day, and is trying to cover with makeup, wasn't from you hitting her mini face with your dick"

"Uh, well that's not how that......... I mean it's not like...... well......."

Carlos just laughed as they went to class, Ms Davis staring at the two with a sever expression for being 5 seconds late.
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Kevin and his family Part 14

Post by MasterBlaster » Tue Dec 26, 2023 5:48 pm

Things are settling down for Kevin, or at least it looks that way. Unfortunately every new mini is a new responsibility. How long can he keep going? How long would you able to keep going? Maybe you don't really care and can skip this rant and get to the story below. Most of the pressing parts of the story are here now, but I still got some things to write. We're over half now, for this particular story at least. Yes Kevin suffers from "protag-kun" syndrome sometimes, but hes become self aware of it at least. This will be important later

Part 14

It was Thanksgiving and there was a lot to do. Over 6500 people would be coming to their home and become minis, hoping for a chance to get some attention from Kevin. The sisters were still coordinating parking lots and busses to bring everyone there in an orderly fashion. They didn't have parking for thousands of cars after all. 13 20lb turkeys were cooked with appropriate sides for each, one for about every 500 minis. Shrinking down to 1/12 their height meant guests could only eat 1/1728th of what they normally would which basically meant a 20lb turkey could feed an average 10 people would feed about 17,280 minis, but many would want to take home leftovers when they got to full size and there would be some waste when mini's played with the giant food. Veronica arranged the tables separating minis by how their occupation and how they could be of use to Kevin.

For his part Kevin had really been looking forward to eating some good and less healthy food. In his infinite wisdom he ordered all his minis to be healthy and take care of themselves, to do self care for him. It seemed like a great idea, but without any limits it only took a few of them to extend this to the school lunch. Suddenly school lunches were very healthy and everyone ate everything off their perfection portioned plate even if they didn't like it, except for Kevin. Well that is until he caught a lunch ladies hurt expression when he thew away a bit of food. Now he had to force himself to eat as much as he could and not barf doing it. He just wanted his minis to be healthy and take care of themselves. How did it end up with him suffering he wondered. He allowed an exception for thanksgiving though and he was looking forward to getting full and fat with good food.

"Shit that's a lot of turkey. I feel like we've been cooking for hours" complained Kevin

"Language son."

"Ugh, sorry dad. I'll try"

"Hey Master, can you take down those mashed potatoes to the basement? Then I need you to take those green beans" directed Veronica

"Ugh, who even likes green beans" asked Kevin

"Well if you want I can make you a list but you're going to have to read every name out loud so I know..."

"It was a, what do you call it, rhetorical question. I don't really want to know Veronica. I'm going I'm going..."

Veronica smiled evilly. She really did just know how to get under his skin. By now it was no secret that at school he had a trinity of girlfriends right now. His sister Veronica the pretty 15 year old 5'2 sophomore, the 17 year old 5'9 absolutely beautiful blonde Sarah who was also his sister and captain of the varsity cheerleader, and the impossibly beautiful 15 year old 5'11 blonde JV cheerleader Jessica. His sisters Mary and Lilly as well as his mother were equally important to him, but Veronica was the one with him every day and she seemed to analyze ever reaction he ever had. Of all the women in his life Veronica was always the scariest, yet most devoted to him.

"Don't tease him too much Veronica. How much longer till the guests start arriving?" Asked Mark

"Well it's 1 so we got 3 hours dad. It should be enough time if you guys do what I tell you. I got this planned. Now I need you to move the first set of done turkeys down to the basement" Veronica said to her father

Veronica had organized the turkeys as areas and had grouped the mini's by profession and how they will be of use to Kevin. Lawyers, police officers, hospital staff, all were grouped in a logical order, even home makers and babies. It was important for the Kevin just as it was important for everyone bonded to him. They needed to know who they could trust if they got in trouble with the law, needed medical services, counseling, or needed financial help. She even made sure they had key local members of the FBI and various mini corporations like those that handle contracts. Veronica was determined to make them self sufficient and avoid raising suspicion. If she hadn't then mini companies would have already reported the large number of mini contracts their family submitted to the government, or investigated the shell company they setup to produce their own mini pills. Those minis in low level positions may not seem important, but they were critical to avoiding scrutiny until the family was strong enough to deal with it. Therefore it was important Kevin recognized them to keep them motivated as well as doing something stupid due to anxiety. 4pm came and the first bus of 90 guests arrived. Veronica enlisted 10 girls with OCD to help bag and categorize their clothes as the guests shrank down to mini sized and changed into simple white clothes for the feast.

It took 70 bus trips to get everyone in which took 2 hours even with multiple girls processing guests in parallel. Finally at 6pm everyone was mini'd and seated except for Kevin and him mom Lisa. Veronica had given him a route of which tables to visit and who he should especially address at each table. He didn't get to talk to everybody, but it surprised Kevin just how many mini's there were and how varied as well. There were important people like Judges and politicians he didn't even remember boding, as well as police men, sheriffs deputies, and FBI agents. It was rather impressive how much law enforcement and how much of the courts staff were grouped here on tables pledging their undying loyalty to him. Kevin lost track of how many people he picked up and held in his hands, but the babies always freaked him out as he was terrified he was going to drop a baby one day. Still the mothers were always proud when he gave his new worshipers some attention so he felt he owed it to them.

Finally Kevin was able to sit down next to his mom and enjoy the Thanksgiving feast. Lilly had already stuffed herself and was patiently waiting for him with her head poking out of a hill of mashed potatoes and gravy. Veronica, Sarah, and Jessica were wearing pieces of turkey like some kinda art piece, while Mary was encased in cranberry sauce. His grandmother Eileen was keeping warm inside a biscuit. He also saw his English teacher Ms Davis encased in a slice of chocolate moose pie that matched her completion while the cheer leading coach Julie Dalton, a very beautiful 28 year old brunet who normally stood 5'6, was encased in a slice of pumpkin pie. Kathy was in his cup of grape juice, relaxing in it like it had some kind of regenerative properties. Somehow he felt like there would be consequences for what he decided to eat first. He looked around for his dad and saw that Mark was being currently being freed from the Mashed potato prison on his mom's plate. She had already eaten the turkey his uncle Markus was wearing though his Dad's other brother Chris was still covered.

"Well I guess I better eat everything" Kevin said looking at his plate"

"I'm not going to tell you what to do Master, but if I was you I would think it's better to eat till you throw up than explain to any of those fine ladies down there why you didn't finish something" Joked Lisa

Kevin knew his mom was joking, but as he looked at the expectant little faces on his plate he knew it wasn't a joke to them. Good thing he was hungry. Somehow Kevin managed to eat everything even eating both slices of pie by alternating bites. Ms Davis and Ms Dalton where new additions to his little harem, but they deserved just as much respect and attention from him as the others. He managed to bang Ms Dalton just as many times as Ms Davis and have just as many mini sessions with her. By now it was common for him to have sex a girl once or twice and she would have a vague promise to spend time with him again next year. Somehow though he just found he fucked Ms Dalton more than a few times and now here she was. She really did add a nice flavor to that pie.

"Oh man, that was good. You guys make nice flavoring"

Kevin smiled down at his favorite minis now cleaned and naked on his plate. Well his mom was still big and she was enjoying his dad, but other than them. They all smiled back at him. Then the parade started. It was a proper thanksgiving parade, just mini sized and full of overstuffed minis. Next time parade first then food. Kevin was surprised at the effort the mini's put into their floats and really enjoyed the show the high school band, dancers, flags, and cheerleaders put on, all for him. Once the parade was over and every one was tired Ms Brown came up to his plate and kneeled

"Master if I may"

"Go ahead"

The little principal stood back up and unfolded a piece of paper. Kevin now noticed she also had a microphone

"Ok everyone, before I begin when I say praise Master you all also say praise Master. Let's try it. Praise Master!"

"Praise Master" answered back the chorus of 6000 minis, plus his mom. Kevin definitely wasn't expecting that or how powerful all their voices could be together.

"Master, before we met you, something in our lives was missing. You provided that missing piece. Praise Master"

"Praise Master"

"Master we all give our lives to you. Our lives are yours to spend as you desire. Praise Master"

"Praise Master"

"Master please find us useful until our dying breath. We have no meaning without you. Praise Master"

"Praise Master"

"Master thank you for letting us serve you. We dedicate our lives and our souls to you. May you find them worthy. Praise Master"

"Praise Master"

Then the mini's all clapped and cheered. Kevin just sat there a little shocked and picked up Ms Brown.

"That was great. Thank you for your prayers little one. They please me"

He petted her and put her back down

"Praise Master"


Kevin felt different now with so many mini's praising him. He didn't want to get a big head and think he'd become a god or anything, but the thought did enter his mind. Dangerous thoughts. He really loved seeing just how many mini's there were now and knowing he could do whatever he wanted with so many little lives. The power trip was short lived though. After that mass prayer to him they started sending people off as the temporary pill wore off and the busses came to return guests to their parking lots.

"Ms Davis and Ms Dalton haven't grown back yet" remarked Kevin. He was sitting on the couch and had placed the two teacher mini's in his pants. Veronica sitting next to him her feet in his lap

"Well it's their turn today" Veronica said as she nudged the bulges in his crotch with her foot. "You really need to look at the calendar. I make those for a reason"

"I try, I really do, there's just so much on there now a days. Feels like I have less and less time to breathe"

"Well, it's going to be like that for a while. I don't have all the pieces I need"

"What? Veronica did you see how many mini's came today? We had over 6000 people here. 6000 people that will do anything I want. 6000 people who are dedicated to me. 6000 people I'm responsible for. It was everyone from janitors, to cops and judges, to millionaires. How much more do we need?"

"Hah little brother. Master. Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do. You know that"

She sat up and got close to him. Her face right in front of her face. They simply looked at each other for a moment before she kissed him, thankful for the brief moment they had alone, ignoring who's in his pants of course.

"Master I need to protect you. To protect us. You don't need to know about the people who would take you from us or try to manipulate us, only that I'm going to protect you. To do that we need to grow. We need to form an organization that can't be challenged by the government, the shadow government, or other secret societies"

"Secret what now? Like who?"

"I'm telling you this for your safety Master. Some of your minis belong to secret societies and I'm using them to infiltrate those groups. You're going to need to bond most if not all of them because otherwise they could be dangerous. It's better for you if you don't know who until I'm certain we got things under control. That also means recruiting more people like you."

"You've found more people like me?"

"We're working on it, but yes I've already found a few. Just be patient. You'll know everything in time, just not right now"

"Hmmmm, ok Veronica. It's just that I don't' like you keeping secrets like that from me"

"Would it help you if I joined them?" She asked while patting the bulge in his pants and holding out a small plastic bag with mini pills.

"Yes, I mean you can't just escape this conversation I-, oh you" She had already taken the pill and started shrinking.

Kevin fished her out of her clothes and brought her to bed.

"I'm going to use you right now, but that's not going to make me forget. I'm going to ask you questions later"

She batted her pretty mini eyes at him

"Oh Master what do you mean by that"

He sighed. Well at least he was going to have fun with her. The other two mini's were just going to have to accept that Veronica was joining them today.
The world is a dark place.

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Kevin and his family part 15

Post by MasterBlaster » Wed Dec 27, 2023 10:36 am

Part 15

"Master you should just step on the bad guy and be done with it" 4 inch tall Lilly said standing on his desk with her hands on her hips, a notepad and pen at once side, and of course completely naked.

"Lilly I can't just step on people. They're scum but they're still people" Kevin kicked the shoe box with air holes at his feet.

"Of course you can. You're Master you can do whatever you want! If you don't do it then I'll do it myself when I get big again."

"Lilly I or-"

"Don't you dare order me not to do it or I'll hate you. I'll really really hate you Master" Lilly said turning a bright red.

"Look, you know I care for all minis. Sure I don't mind punishing them when I need to, but I can't just kill them, snuff out their lives. How does that not make me a killer?"

"Do you feel like that when you kill a bug"

"No, but bugs don't feel like we do"

"You don't know that Master. What about that rat you killed the other day? He was crying and he was scared, but you killed it"

"Rats can kill minis. I didn't want to kill it, but I couldn't risk it hurting any of you. Besides I was putting it out of it's misery. It got injured by the trap"

"This is the same thing. They are pests who tried to hurt some of your minis. You're just going to put them out of their misery too"

"I could keep them as minis until I figure out what to do with them" Kevin offered

"Why? Are you going to use them like you use me? Are they going to give you any happiness or joy?"

"Well no..."

"So you're going to spend time, and money, and attention you should be giving us to make sure that vermin stays alive? What about the next time this happens? Are you just going to keep a mini prison in your closet and be responsible for making them live just to live and be punished? You have to keep them forever because you don't know if they'll try to take revenge and hurt us if you let them go, or are you going to take that chance?"

Kevin knew he wasn't going to win this. Despite how she normally acted she could be really mature and stubborn when it came to things she thought were important. The men in the box trying to scream were criminals that had threatened Tera, a member of the track team. Before she and her family became bonded to Kevin her father had borrowed from a loan shark. Kevin fixed his gambling problem with some family therapy, but the girls mother lost her job and with their income cut in half the family had fallen behind. When Tera finally went to Kevin for help the thugs had beaten her father with the promise to kill the whole family if he didn't repay the loan in full by the end of the week. Fortunately one of the band members family ran the restaurant these thugs visited and they were able to secretly dose their food with formula 537, tape them up like little mummies, and deliver then in a shoe box to Kevin. Veronica had already contacted the local police who would make sure these men disappeared without a trace and any attempt to find them would go nowhere. This was why Veronica had made bonding the police department a priority despite Kevin's objections, and why she was working on the surrounding precincts.

"Look Master. They are bad. They are just uglier rats that are threatening your minis. Everyone is going to want to know what you did, that you protected them"

Lilly was staring at him now, arms crossed, done with the argument and looking for all the world like she wasn't the one 1/12 their normal size. Kevin sighed. He knew she was right, but could he do this. Sure he thought about crushing minis before, but he never thought he would ever do it for real. He made up his mind and took the box to the bathroom where it would be easier to clean up. There were 4 enforcers in the box and the loan shark himself. The police were clearing out the criminals office with a warrant Veronica had one of their judges draft just in case. Kevin took out the first naked man. He was in his late 30's 6'6, and weighed 300lbs with huge tattooed biceps, but in Kevin's hand he was just a big warm action figure. Kevin ripped the tape off his mouth

"You little fucker! What the fuck did you do OWW"

Kevin flicked the little man in the face hard enough to knock out a tooth

"Have a little more respect little man. You getting to live depends on..."


Kevin pinched the mans cock and balls with his thumb and forefinger. He thought about Tera and how the beautiful track star had come to him crying, the tears ruined her makeup which ended up on his shirt as she held him and struggled to get the words out. He thought about his family and all the other minis that depended on him. Then he pulled. The men in the box started freaking out as the enforcer screamed as his sensitive bits were torn from his body. Kevin threw the ruined flesh in the trash can.

"Ok you ready to talk now. No? You just going to keep yelling and crying? Well maybe one of your friends will be more helpful."

Kevin grabbed the mans head and turned it all the way around. The men in the shoe box fell silent at the sickening sound of a breaking neck. Kevin tossed the dead man in the trash can and washed his hands, then got the next man in the shoe box and ripped the tape off his face. He was a wiry man in his 20's of average height but already full of tattoos telling his life story.

"I hope you're going to talk more"

"I'll, I'll tell ya anything. Whatever you want kid, ahh"

Kevin squeezed him

"You will call me Master. Now what can you tell me about your organization?"

Lilly wrote down everything the man said as Kevin asked the questions Veronica had left for him.

"That's all you know? I guess you're not of any more use to me"

Kevin began to squeeze the man

"Plea, please wait, sir, MASTER, I, I can be of use! I know people. I can get you anything you want. Drugs, women, please don't kill MEEEE"

Kevin stopped. He had fractured the mans arms and several ribs. He put him on the shower floor.

"Shut up. Stop moaning and stay right there. Maybe I'll let you live"

Kevin did the same to the two men. The first was bigger, around 6ft and 240lbs of muscle at full size, while the other one was about 2 inches shorter and about 40lbs less bulky. The smaller enforcer stopped answering Kevin and started cursing at him

"You little fuck. I'm not answering any more of your damn questions. You're gonna be in big shit, you and your fami-"

Kevin squeezed

"NOOOOoooooo, I'll .... see...."

He couldn't finish as his rib caged was crushed. Kevin squeezed until the mans blood and guts started coming out, then tossed him into the trash as the man slowly died.

Then he got to the smallest man. The loan shark himself. He immediately answered all Kevin's questions and then started begging for his life.

"That's all I know I swear. If you let me live I promise I'll make it up to you. I know way more important people than those other three schmucks. Please. Oh god please let me live"

Kevin placed the man on the floor face down and slowly rested his foot on the minis back.

"No. I don't think I will. Those other idiots were following orders but you, you were going to hurt what's mine. You're scum."

"No NOOOOoooooo...." The mans voice cut off as his rib caged was crushed.

Kevin slowly put all his weight down on that foot feeling every bone in the 5 and half inch man break. He crushed the man into paste and wiped the gooey mess with some toilet paper and flushed it. Kevin then went to the shower stall. He unzipped his pants and pissed on the two enforcers leaning against the tall wall. The gasped as the hot pee burned their injuries and got in their eyes, nose, and mouth. They had tested him peeing on some mini cops earlier who had been rude to his mother. Mary had also tested using his piss in different concentrations on some homeless people, though Kevin hadn't known at the time. It seemed to be less effective than sweat but Kevin was using more than enough to get the job done.

"Stay right there you little fuckers or I'll step you. Stay there till I say otherwise"

Kevin was careful not to angle it so he didn't get any pee on his feet and left the two minis filthy and suffering, but alive. He washed his hands and went over to Lilly

"Master are you going to let those two live?"

Gently he smiled picking her up and going over to his bed.

"Maybe Veronica can find a use for them. Besides aren't beautiful little girls supposed to be merciful" Kevin asked petting her

"No! Girls are supposed to be warriors who kill their enemies, rescue their Masters, and get praised for doing a good job"

She crossed her arms and nodded as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. Kevin just laughed.

"If Veronica can't find a use for them I'll let you decide their fate. You have to give them a chance to be useful ok"

Lilly shrugged

"Fine. I'll do it for you Master. Now how about you take off those pants and I'll show you what else I can do for you."

Kevin put her down to do just that. He took off his pants and got on his bed.

"Sorry that unpleasantness happened during your day Lilly"

Kevin said as he picker her up and put her near his cock.

"It's ok Master. We can worry about it later, right now just focus on me. It's always someone else with me so I just want you all to myself right now."

Lilly went over to his cock and started licking it. She was putting her all into it but to Kevin it was a light but pleasant feeling. Her little hands then started massaging him, lightly but just enough for him to feel it. Slowly she started using more and more of her body and putting more force into it. To Kevin it was like a feeling that would grow forever, that would last forever. He couldn't tell when it crossed the line from relaxing, to stimulating, to the only thing he could focus on. She was soft, and small, but also so good on him. She moved to the base of his penis and bit, but Kevin was so stimulated it didn't even hurt. She rubbed her hair on the underside of his penis putting pressure with the top of her head. How did this innocent little girl know how to do this? Lilly smiled as Kevin moaned and grunted exactly as she directed. He was her giant instrument and she was going to play a grand concert. When he got too close she backed off and calmed him down. After an hour of this Kevin was starting to get blue balls. He reached for her, stroking her back, but if he tried to grab her she circled around

"Don't be impatient Master. Not yet. Not yet"

"I can't, I need.... I..."

She took advantage of the fact that he was gentle with her because she was the smallest. She knew if it was anyone else he would have already wrapped his hand around them and finished with them. She kept teasing him until she was ready and wrapped her body around his cock. It didn't take much after that before he exploded more than she'd ever seen him explode before. She laughed like a mad girl as the ground below her shook and spasmed. She bathed in his cum, covering herself in it as she gorged herself on the white liquid. It took a few minutes before Kevin regained his sense and use of his body. Lilly felt him start to move and yelled at him

"No Master let me stay like this"

"If I don't clean you off you're going to get stuck to me."

"That's what I want. Let me sleep like this. Please?"

Kevin couldn't turn her down when she asked like that especially since she did it rarely. He sighed left her like that. In the morning he reached down and rubbed Lilly who was now stuck on his balls.

"Are you ok little one"

"Yes Master. This was nice but I don't think I'll do it again. You're going to need to pee with me like this"

"Uh, I was gonna free you in the shower first, besides I have to, ummm do the other thing."

"Take a crap? Just do it. I want to watch stuck here and you shower after anyway"

"Uh, er, right. Fine"

Kevin did indeed pee and shit, careful not to move too much. He really didn't want to fish her out of the toilet. Wait why did he agree to that? The two things were still where he left them, unable to disobey his command. He took a shower ignoring them as he used Lilly as his sponge. He did wet them with the shower head to wash off the piss and smell from yesterday, but he was not gentle about it and was pleased by their sounds of pain. Kevin took Lilly to breakfast when they were done and put her in a bowl with some milk. Then he poured in some Lucky Charms Smores which Lilly had been asking to try.

"Hey Sarah everything ok with Tera and her family"

"Yeah, I made sure they're ok. Our cops patrolled their house and one officer slept in their house just in case. Doesn't seem like those assholes had anyone else helping them. Did you get any information out of them before crushing them? You did get rid of them right?"

"He left two alive" Lilly yelled helpfully from the bowl as she nibbled on a smores marshmallow.

"Ugh, Really Master"

"Hey I'm not in the habit of just snuffing out minis, even shitty ones"

"Please tell me you at least got rid of that sleazy loan shark Master."

"Yeah, yeah. He's paste. Killed two of the others but I want to give the last two a chance to be useful. Maybe Veronica can find a use for them to keep tabs on criminals or something"

"And if she declines?"

Kevin sighed and gestured towards his bowl

"Then I promised she would get to dispose of them"

"Oh, that could be interested. Lilly let me watch, I want to see what you come up with" Sarah said like it was a forgone conclusion and kissed Kevin.

"Will do sis"

"I feel like you already made plans" Kevin said as he picked up Lilly and used her to stir some creamer into his coffee, and then put her back in his cereal.

"Oh Master if Veronica needs criminals they've probably already gone through the process and are just another mini you bonded."

It's true that could be the case. He wouldn't even know if he had bonded a whole crime family. Kevin just wanted to be another high school freshman right now. It hurt his head to think how atypical his life was from a normal 13 year old.

"Hello Master" Said Veronica as she grabbed a banana

"Veronica I order you to eat a proper breakfast" He sighed.

She had a tendency to eat light when she was working too hard. Veronica looked at him as if deciding to ignore him or not. Lilly and Veronica were each missing one of the genetic markers needed for the full effect of the formula, but it was enough that they could resist his orders if they really wanted. It didn't effect their loyalty, but the more of those markers they had the more obedient to him they were. Sara and Mary were each missing 2 while Jessica was missing 4, but she was someone who naturally wanted to be obedient to her man so that didn't seem to matter.

"Fine all four food groups" Veronica said as she put a piece of bacon on toast with a slice of cheese and bit it then ate her banana.

"Ugh. That's not what I. Nevermind. Hey two of the thugs are still alive and I was hoping you would have a use for them. They can be your eyes and ears to the criminal underworld. Maybe have our cops treat them as CI's"

"Ewwww you bonded them"

"I peed on them if it helps"

"Huh. Yeah I guess that's fine. Hate to think you would waste good cum on those rats. Anyway yeah, we have a use for them. That's one thing off my list"

"Awww man." complained Lilly from the bowl as Kevin drank the rest of the milk.

"What is it?"

"I told her she could dispose of them if you didn't have a use for them" Kevin sighed

"Oh, well in that case I don't really"

"No, nope. Don't finish that thought. Make them useful"

"Ugh fine. Master. Don't worry sis I'm sure you'll get a chance. So then you disposed of the other three right? Master?"

"Yeah, I did" he said a little defeated

"Good, that's good. It will help moral. I'm not going to lie it would have made the others nervous if you didn't, especially our law enforcement and judges"

"What? Why?"

"Because if you can't handle such an obvious case you might be too soft on our enemies and it's going to make their role in protecting us real hard"

"Enemies? What Enemies do we have?"

"More like will have. Right now we need to watch out for bad actors in government and local criminals that could expose us. Other than that, look right now you don't need to know and you really don't want to know. I'll still tell you if you need me to, if you ORDER me to Master."

"I.. fuck.. "

"Language Master" Lilly called from the bowl

"Language son" His parents called from the living room where they were getting ready

"Ugh. Veronica, I trust you. I'm trusting you here, and I trust that you're going to tell me when the time is right."

"Laying it on there, but yes I'll tell you when it's time. Right now just enjoy being a high school student little brother. You shouldn't need to worry about this stuff yet so let me do it for you. Now come on time to get ready for school. She kissed him on the lips and ran off"

Kevin put the thugs back in the shoe box with a bit of food before leaving for school. A team would come by later to give the thugs reversal pills and take them to the hospital where their injuries would be treated, and where no record of their visit would be kept.
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Kevin and his family 16

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Writing down these thoughts means they aren't on replay in various permutations my head, but as I look at what I have done I'm not sure that's a good thing. Some things are better left not shared perhaps. If you're reading this far you know what to expect by now, and some of you are probably expecting more, expecting me to go farther than I am willing to. That's fine though, we are who we are. On to it then.

Part 16

It was now March and the baby was due. Baby Sandra was born a healthy 8 lbs. This would be Lisa's last child as this 6th birth had taken a toll on her body. Lisa asked for her tubes to be tied as she was perfectly happy with the number of children she had.

"Hey mom, how are you and the baby feeling?" Kevin asked as he bent over to kiss her.

"I'm doing ok Master. The baby is sleeping." Lisa replied, parting her lips to accept his. The baby in her arms sleeping through the interaction.

Lisa had gotten plenty of attention for Mark and the due date for the baby came closer, but she felt Kevin pushed her away. It had been three months since they had sex and two months since he kissed her, really kissed her. He hadn't held her as a mini since they learned she was pregnant, which she was distracted by when he finally had sex with her. It wasn't a normal or healthy mother son relationship, but that ship had sailed a long time ago.

"Master? Do you still see, well, see me as a woman and not just your mother? Am I still desirable to you?"

"Of course you are. I, er" Kevin turned red with embarrassment with what he was about to say out loud "I miss having sex with you and I really miss having you as my mini. It's just with the baby, I mean my new sister was still in there and when I thought about it I just..... I still think you're sexy and I still want you."

Kevin didn't think he could turn redder but he did. He didn't understand why he was embarrassed at this point with everything he had done, even to his family, and how casually he had sex now.

"I'm glad. I was getting worried that you would see me as your mom only with the new baby, or worse find me unattractive. I mean when you have the likes of Kathy, Linda, Jessica, and your beautiful sisters at your beck and call it can make a girl worry"

He kissed her again and looked into her eyes. The inhibitions that had been forming over the past few months just seemed to melt away. His pants got tighter as he smelled her unique fragrance.

"You never have to worry. Now are you sure you're ready to be a mini this evening. I'm just gonna hold you, maybe suck on you a bit. You need to heal mom"

"Yes, I've been needing it. I also think it's time for this little one to be an even littler one"

"What already? I don't know, I mean is that ok? She's my sister."

"And you've done what things to me and your 4 other sisters? Also how many tiny babies and their new mothers have you held in your hands?"

"Ugh, I, look I get your point. I don't have a good argument. Maybe I'm just not ready for this"

"Master, Kevin, tell me truthfully, will waiting make you more ready, or would it just make it harder?"

"Ahhhhhhhhh, jeeze mom. I hate it when you do that. Fine you win."

Lisa just smiled. She was really looking forward to being in her master's giant hands tonight.


"Hey little Master bro, what are you doing" Sarah asked lowering her face directly in front of Kevin

"Hey I'm try to play Call.. aww man"

Kevin was playing call of duty but was taken out by a sniper. A cacophony of complaints like "get gud" or "learn how to shoot" filled his headphones before he got kicked from the server. He already wasn't good at COD, but Sarah was being intentionally annoying today since he hadn't been giving her attention lately. Better not to fight it. He sighed

"Nothing... I'm doing nothing..... now..... So what's up"

She pulled his headphones off and kissed him.

"Awe cheer up. You have a beautiful varsity cheerleader in your face you know"

"Yeah I know" he smiled as she kissed him again.

"So mom and Sandra are going to be mini's for you tonight"

"Yeah, at least for a little bit. I know I've bonded lots of babies before. It's just different because she's my sister"

"I'm your sister"

"Ahhhhhhhhh I know I know. I don't know why I feel weird about this. It makes me think about all this and where it's going"

Sarah sat down on the couch next to him, sighed, and pulled his head down to her ample chest holding him there firmly.

"Master. Stop it. Stop thinking about morality and norms the way you used to. You're not just anyone else anymore. Master is Master. It's not just about you, we chose to go down this path as a family. We want to carry these burdens with you and help you in our own ways. Don't take that away from us."

Kevin didn't speak. He just breathed in Sarah's scent. He knew she was right, but sometimes he still felt guilty when he used his sisters and others, when he slept with them, when he commanded them.

"We're working really hard to protect you and make sure you grow up happy without turning into a shit person. We all just want what's best for you and our family. Nobody has worked harder for that than Veronica"

"I know, but I'm in the dark about what she's doing sometimes. She randomly presents me with a group of minis and has me order them to obey her and treat her orders like they're my orders. Yesterday she brought me a box of donuts and I thought I would get a powdered one, but instead it was filled with cops she wanted me to give the order to instead. It was funny to see them in powdered sugar and chocolate from the donuts."

"Yep, that's Veronica. She's building an organization Master. She doing it for us, but mostly she's doing it for you."

"But why"

"Well it's how we were able to handle the situation with Tera so easily. The other day she stopped a mass shooting at the state university in LA. Guy was ready with guns, bullets, and even grenades."

"I didn't hear anything about that"

"And you won't Master, thanks to her. Two weeks ago 20 of our girls were out having fun and they got close and personal with UFO, but when the men in suites came out cops hid them and made sure the two crooks you spared got taken for questioning instead. They didn't say anything she didn't want them to. You may actually have to reward the little shits for doing a good job. The hospital didn't even keep records when the girls got checked out and to take pills for the radiation."

"They get to keep living. Anyway shit aliens? That's a thing?" She let Kevin sit back up and kissed him again

"Don't worry about it right now. That's my point. Just live your life Master. That's what all of us want. You take care of us. Let us take care of you. Have Veronica be mini for you tonight. You need someone to hold the baby while you handle mom."

"Oh, you didn't want to do it yourself?"

"Of course I do. I love extra mini time with you, but Veronica really deserves it and you need to pull her away from that desk in what use to be dad's office. I know you wouldn't think so the way she has lawyers and her subordinates running in and out, she even made the D.A. her foot rest, but she really needs the break Master. High school girls shouldn't be working this hard on a Saturday"

Kevin agreed.


"She's so tiny" Kevin said as he held Sandra in one hand.

Kevin was starting to sweat as he tried to control every muscle in his body as he lifted his hand to bring her to eye level. Sandra didn't cry, but seemed to be calm and at peace as soon as Lisa placed her in his palm. The baby was perfectly comfortable with her giant brother looking at her. If anything she seemed happier when he brought her up to his face. He then lowered her back down for Veronica to take her. Other than that she just made baby noises as babies do. He was always careful and nervous when holding babies, and nothing had happened, but this was more intense for him. Then he picked up Lisa. Instead of grabbing her by the waist like a barbie doll as he normally would, he cupped his hand around her ass so that she was sitting in his hand as he brought her up.

"Hello Master. It's been a while" She said as she leaned into the finger caressing her face.

He ran his fingers over her body, slowing as he got to her new c-section scar that was still healing.

"It doesn't disgust you master? I'm sorry I know it's not pretty"

"Don't be silly little mini" Kevin said as he gently felt the scar.

Kevin's light and gentle touch on the scar caused her to shudder a little. He brought Lisa to his mouth and licked the scar, feeling it with his tong. He kissed her there. Lisa let out sounds of pleasure and pain as she enjoyed the attention but still hurt when the healing muscles were strained by her involuntary movements. Kevin slowed down at any hint of pain, but didn't stop. He explored the little body he hadn't had a chance to enjoy for almost 9 months. Not wanting to push her too far he gently put her down on the night stand, leaving her content but not satisfied. Veronica handed Lisa the baby expecting it to be her turn and he obliged

"Master I hope you're not going to be that gentle with me. Also it's not fair your the only one wearing clothes."

"You know, you're right little mini" Kevin said as he put her on the bed and took off his clothes.

Kevin picked her up as he sat on the bed, placing her breasts in his mouth. She moaned as he tasted her body, Kevin playfully licking and rubbing the mini. When he finally focused on her womanhood he noticed he didn't mind Lisa watching them, smiling while she held the baby.

"My turn now mini" He said as he laid down and put Veronica near his dick

"Yes Master. It is my pleasure" she said as she began working on his cock.

Lisa was silent as she watched. She loved looking at her Master at this size, making her feel powerless, loved, and grateful that he still wanted her. Kevin wanted to cum quickly but Veronica wasn't having any of it. It seemed when he wanted to speak, or move his hand to grab her, she knew just want to do to short circuit his brain. Lisa was impressed at the way Veronica handled Kevin and had no idea he could be so in her power when she was supposed to be in his. She was going to have to get tips out of her later. Finally Kevin blew his load all over Veronica and he laid there panting for a moment. Gently he picked up Lisa and Sandra from his night stand and lowered them on his pelvis. Lisa joined Veronica in cleaning up her Master. She put a little of it on a finger for the baby to suck on which she did. Then they all fell asleep peacefully.
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Kevin and his family Part 17

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Part 17

Prom was a bit difficult for Kevin. Everyone wanted him to be prom king, except for him. With his sisters and girlfriend Jessica, and the whole damn school pushing him though, well he eventually just gave in. He would be elected prom king all four years of high school. Since it was Sarah's senior year and she was captain of the cheer team he had her elected prom queen which she was pretty happy about. Kevin went to prom with Jessica, Veronica, and Sarah, but rather than dividing his time between the three it meant he had to dance three times as long, take three times as many pictures, but got three times the affection. By the time he got home he was exhausted. Kevin wanted to go straight to sleep, but he knew he wasn't going to get away with that.

"That was exhausting. Did you girls have a good time?"

"Yes Master" All three girls said kneeling on his chest. He knew he wouldn't get to sleep early when the three practically thew him in bed and took a 10hr mini pill

"Don't suppose I can go to sleep early"

Veronica walked up to his face and rested her breasts on his chin while Sarah and Jessica walked down to awaken his cock.

"Well Master. You could ORDER us to go to sleep and we would, but.." she paused while Sarah and Jessica started to kiss his cock "is that really what you want?"

"Mmm kinda" he said trying not to move his jaw.

Veronica liked to lean or lay on his jaw or mouth when she wanted him to comply. She knew he would try not to hurt them, which meant moving a little as possible where they were to avoid injuring them. She would then make fun of him or pretend not to understand his muffled commands or pleas. Sometimes he felt that when she was like this he was the one at her mercy when she's supposed to be the obedient mini at his. She smiled at him and waited patiently as he picked her up and started sucking on her breasts tasting the musk she had from a night of dancing in that heavy dress.

"Oh my. I thought you were sleepy Master"

"I order you to be quiet till tomorrow" He said as he switched her position to put her lower half in his mouth.

She just giggled in response. Her taste and the feeling of the two girls on his cock made him loose his sense of reason. He wasn't thinking about sleep or anything but the pleasure he was feeling at that moment. Tomorrow as going to suck, but that was tomorrow's problem.


Kevin had gone to the park with Jessica after school. He tried to ignore the fact that several people were acting as lookouts and guards as he layed his head in Jessica's lap. If he didn't let them come Veronica would have had 1000 people looking for him in no time. It's like she thought he needed secret service level protection or something, but he already learned to stop complaining or even teasing her about it. Don't tease the crazy person, a good motto to live by.

"Are you ok Master" Jessica said as she stroked his hair. He smiled up at her.

"Just tired, and this pillow is sooooo comfortable." Kevin said as Jessica let out a girlish giggle.

Kevin thought it must looked odd, this now 6ft 15year old blonde beauty in a tight fitting but simple blue dress, with an average looking 13 year old 5'2 Kevin laying on her lap. The girl wore a look of absolute love and adoration on her face. It's not like it mattered as only those bonded Kevin were around and none of them would bat an eye even if he was in the middle of the park with a harem of beautiful naked women. He absently wondered if she was going to be even taller than her mom Kathy, the former model.

"I'm glad I could take you three to prom, but it was tiring. That and everything else that's been going on lately it's just..."

"It's your fault Master. You spend too much time trying to make everyone happy, when we would all be happier if you were just selfish and took care of yourself a little more. You know I don't mind if you fuck other girls, heck I want you to fuck other girls because it spreads happiness, but you do more than that. You get too invested in girls and try to spend more time with everyone that you have."

"I think I'm plenty selfish. I just have things to do"

"Oh, things like have sex with Ms Dalton in her office and then try to solve her life problems, or was that another Julie you were lamenting about"

"I, uh, I mean ...."

"Oh don't try to come up with something. The whole school knows you're fucking her. We didn't buy it the first time she let gym out early and called you into her office to discuss your 'grades'" Sarah made air quotes around the word grades to emphasize her point.

"Well it's just, I feel like if I fuck them more than once I'm responsible for them I guess."

"Master in one way or another you're responsible for thousands of people and that doesn't really change based on who you fuck or the number of times. Some of the dance team and a lot of the cheer leaders are having doubts about their looks because you only fucked them once each"

Cheerleaders were always pretty, but since he ordered all the students, and everyone really, to take better care of themselves and their bodies the cheerleaders and dance team had really gone to the extreme. They were all pretty enough to be models now, in fact some were signing contracts to do just that when they graduated, and always seemed to look perfect whenever he saw them.

"I can't just have a relationship with everyone, then there's not enough time for anyone" Kevin tried to protest

"I'm not telling you make them all your girlfriends, take them to prom, have children with them, marry them, and build a life with them. You're only one person. I'm saying that they would appreciate it if you give them attention once in a while too. It also takes a bit of pressure of your girlfriends, mainly me and your sisters. I don't think Ms Davis ever feels pressure. Don't know why you spend so much time with her, instead of say my mother" Jessica suggested.

"I don't know, something about sleeping with the hot English teacher I guess. It's a typical high school boy fantasy that I get to live out. It's kinda hot how she can be all 'Mr Roberts', and then be submissive and cute calling me 'Master'. Also she's not intimidated by me when she's tiny, and doesn't act crazy"

"Your sisters and I aren't crazy"

"Yeah, you say that but.." Kevin said as he gestured towards some of the people patrolling the area

"Master we all just what you to be safe. So we're a little crazy about you. What can I say. Besides everyone here wants the same thing for you. They want to protect and serve you, and do the same for all the children you're going to have."

"Uh, I uh, I'm not thinking about kids yet. I mean I'm only 13"

"Master, women are always thinking about kids. I really hope to have 6 or 7 with you myself"

Kevin coughed a bit at that.

"Not like one or two?" he asked hopefully.

"Oh c'mon Master. Besides if you only had one kid to leave all this, this, whatever it is to it would be way too much for them without siblings to share it with. I'm not the only one who wants your children, and it would be good to have children from other women. I know you can't with your sisters, because well."

"Yeah I know, but they still want kids don't they? Mary especially has always wanted to be a mother"

"Well you still have time for Mary, but you should choose someone for Sarah if you aren't going to have her marry Brad, and the same for Veronica"

"I feel like she'll choose for herself and then tell me to order it like it's my decision or something"

"Yeah. You know my mom is really interested in having your baby. I really think it would be special if we were both pregnant at the same time and I've always wanted siblings. It was lonely being an only child."

"Uh, I mean, wouldn't that be weird, like your brother is your nephew and your kids uncle is his cousin?"

"You mean weirder than marrying the guy who fucks his sisters, his mother, and my mother, in various combinations and sizes along with me? That's not even considering the thousands you've had you're fun with"

"I guess when you say it like that we've really kinda left the realm of what's normal"

"Normal according to who Master? If everyone is happy and healthy serving you does it matter? Everyone's lives are better than they were before you, even those two scum bags who used to work for that loan shark. Should they be unhappy and miserable because someone else thinks all this is wrong?"

Kevin wasn't sure. He was having to redefine his ideas of right and wrong lately. He didn't know if he would do it right, and it caused him a lot of anxiety, but he knew that making no choice was the worst choice he could make and not only for himself, but for thousands.

"Master, I love you, with all my heart, but I know you're going to make decisions for all of us that I don't like, don't agree with, or even hate, but as long as you do your best that's what matters. For better or worse we all follow you and you alone."

Kevin decided it was best not tho think too hard. Jessica was right and at the moment he just wanted to enjoy the feeling of being with her a little longer. He even managed to fall asleep for a few minutes under the care of his loving girlfriend


"So what do you think Eileen?"

Kevin was holding his smiling, naked, mini grandma at eye level with both hands. He wanted her perspective on what he had told Jessica and how things were going.

"Master, son, you holding me like this, right now, asking me for my opinions, is why the girls are worried about you. There are hundreds of beautiful young girls you can be with right now, but you're here with an old coot like me." she said laughing

"I like all kinds of girls, and you're not that old"

"Oh please, there are a handful of girls you've played with like this over the age of 35 and I'm the only one older than 41. I'm grateful to be here with you like this, but I know if I wasn't your grandma and one of the first mini's you bonded I wouldn't be here right now regardless of how much I'd still want it. More than I want to spend more time with you though, I want you to be with more girls and be happy. I would gladly sacrifice all my time with you if it meant you had 5 more girlfriends and gave me great grand children from each of them"

"Oh shit, I can't even think about having one kid, like ever!"

"I know Master, but you have to understand that is how I feel, and your mother and sisters feel the same way to varying degrees. You can't have children with us, or at least you shouldn't when it comes to your sisters. Nobody is going to force you, and Veronica is very careful with who you spend time with and when. She makes sure everyone is on birth control, among other things. You really should thank her for everything she does"

"I know I know. So what should I do?"

"I'd say do what you want, but it seems what you want right now is to beat yourself up for not being a good enough person. You don't think you deserve or should have all the happiness in your life. Instead do what makes you happy. Spend time with girls who can make you happy and enrich your life. Stop worrying about what you used to consider good or right and worry about what feels right to you now. Just follow your heart my dear Master and be happy."

"Well I guess I should start now then" Kevin said as he wrapped her breasts with his mouth.

Eileen laughed as Kevin licked and sucked her chest. He always admired her unique taste. He laid down on his bed and she obediently spread her legs as he lowered her to his lips. Gently he massaged his tong into her as deep as he could. He loved hearing her gasps and feeling her soft flesh tremble in his hands. She praised him as her Master and her God.

"Oh my lord, my God, I give everything to you I.....Ooooooohhhhhhh"

She came again and again in his mouth. When she was exhausted he laid her on his chest to recover. Her older, but soft body felt warm and soothing on his chest. Only his mother as a mini came close to producing a similar feeling of comfort, of being worshiped, and of being loved. After a few moments she recovered enough to get up and walk down to his cock. Slowly, gently, she grabbed the tip and started rubbing it and kissing it lovingly. Kevin quickly got hard and she switched to hugging hit and using her whole body to rub and stimulate his cock. Kevin always felt like he could feel his grandmas love permeate his skin when she was like this and his cum exploded out. He fell asleep as she ate her fill of him and slept hugging his cock.
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Kevin and his family Part 18

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Part 18

Kevin was sitting by the pool lounging on a chair. He had a large square shaped bowl on his chest full of blue raspberry kool-aid. In his bowl 4 little swimmers were busy doing laps as he idly drank from his long crazy straw. Kevin had taken his Grandmas advice to heart and decided to date more girls. Seriously date not just have a bit of fun and send them on their way. He realized that Veronica and his sisters did what they did to let him find happiness, and to let others find happiness in serving him. He accepted that they were both pushing him towards having a harem like some kinda manga character, yet controlling who even had a shot of spending any time with him and making sure he had sufficient time with his family at the same time. It was easier to just accept it and enjoy his situation rather than trying to fight it. As good as it was for him though, sometimes, like last night when he held a mini Veronica and Sarah in his hands and they smiled at him, waiting to please him, he wondered if they were his pets, or if he was their pet. Best not to worry about it.

Both Rebecca and Mickayla had been looking for a chance to date Kevin, but everyone was rather busy. Mickayla was the one to suggest they do this as she loved to swim even though swim season was already over. Mickayla was a beautiful slim 15 year old black girl standing 5'6, well when she wasn't shrunken, with straight black hair and a bright smile while Rebecca was 16 year old brunette who normally stood 5'5. Both were sophomores and had invited their friends Laura and Linda who were juniors, but Kevin was really interested in those two. He wasn't going to complain at having two more minis tonight though.

It was a rare chance for Kevin to just relax and do nothing. Sarah's birthday was next week and it was going to be a big event. Kevin never thought he would dread having minis call him master, individually pledge themselves to him, and have him hold and acknowledge them, but when there was 500 of them it got tiring. It's a good thing they designed a platform and chair for the minis to go up to him so he didn't have to keep bending down at least. Unfortunately he let Veronica design it so he looked like some evil giant inspecting his subjects. It was complete with placement for several cameras so the minis could remember the event.

He suspected Sarah was padding the guest list to torture him and test Veronica's organizational abilities, but at least he didn't have to deal with any planning. Where he had to be and when was already written down in Veronica's planner down to the minute. He just had to show up and act like he was in charge. He was in charge right?

"Hey little brother. Being lazy I see"

Sarah came from behind him. The beautiful blond cheerleader gently moved the straw out of the way and kissed him. As her mouth pulled away she smiled wide showing her bright white teeth and looked at the little swimmers in the oddly shaped bowl on his chest. To them she looked like a giant that might eat them. Of course Sarah would never do that, well not to to them at least.

"You're not trying to make me jealous with your four little girlfriends there are you?" Sarah said teasingly. "Oh, looks like I scared that one"

Kevin looked down at the bowl to see Rebecca had momentarily forgotten how to swim. He reached in the bowl with his left hand and gently pulled her out. She coughed a little but was fine since he acted quickly. Sometimes he forgot how intimidating Sarah could be especially with how beautiful she had become as she matured. Last year he practically hated her and she couldn't wait to graduate and get as far away as possible from her family. Now she was closer than ever to her parents and sisters while also being Kevin's confidant and lover. What a difference a year and a half made.

"If I let you dry like that little one you'll get all sticky"

"Hey what are you..."

Kevin brought her to his mouth and licked and sucked the kool-aid off of her. Since this was the first time he had done more than hold her, her brain was in a bit of shock fighting between pleasure and horror, disgust and desire, but it only took a second for her to melt in his hand and give in as he licked and sucked her clean

"Oh, now you really are going to make me jealous. Hmmm that kool-aid might be ruined now too"

Sarah looked at the four girls who were mesmerized by what Kevin was doing to Rebecca

"Me next please. Oh my god, is that really as amazing my brain thinks it is" Mickayla yelled up to Sarah.

"Better actually." Sarah said smiling down at her "You know I do a pretty good job too, or at least Jessica thinks so. He gets to taste you first, but afterwards well just let me know" she said with a wink.

"Yes mam" Mickayla said obediently with her biggest smile

"Hey little bro, don't eat her swimsuit now"

"Hah. Not going to make that mistake again. You're not going to let me forget that are you?"

"Considering you ripped my favorite mini swim suit AND you knew I was still shy about being naked in front of everyone back the, yeah never gonna live that down."

She leaned over and kissed him again, the tiny Rebecca looking up at her in awe as she sat on Kevin's chest. Then Kevin reached over and petted Rebecca who still seemed to be in a bit of shock.

"I think you broke her little brother"

"Hey. She's just in a little bit of shock. You know how some of the minis can get overwhelmed in the beginning if I do more than hold them, but she's recovering. Aren't you little one?"

"Yes sir" Rebecca shouted still looking a little dazed but enjoying his petting

Sarah sat in the lawn chair next to him

"So you ready for your birthday next week?"

"Oh yeah. More like are YOU ready for my birthday next week? Did Veronica give you the run down yet?"

"Nope. I don't want to know. I'm just going to show up and do what I'm told. Can't worry about it before then if I don't know anything"

"Hey you can't avoid responsibility here. You're responsible for all of us you know"

"Don't remind me"

"Besides, you're taking the fun out of it. You sweating about how you're going to do those poses and wear that costume is half the fun for me."

"Wait WHAT?!"

"Don't worry Master you're going to look great in that Barbarian giant costume"

"No. Don't tell me any more. Ugh you're just being mean now"

"Oh, you gonna take all the fun out of it and order me to stop because you can't take it? You can also make changes, if you can't hack it after all. I mean if I have to... if you order me..."

Kevin could just order her, but then she would win and he knew it. He knew he could do whatever he wanted, when he wanted, he could be as petty as he wanted, and everyone around him would bend over backwards make his whims a reality, but he didn't want to be that person. The fact that his sisters could partially, or on rare events even fully resist his commands if need be, helped him remain a little grounded. Besides if he went down the villain route and became that petty he knew he would be unhappy and probably put himself and his family in danger. Veronica especially found creative ways to obey his commands in ways he wouldn't like if she was being difficult, though the others would do it to. The effects of the formula had made his sisters obedient and devoted to him, but they were not blindly obedient like most of the others minis.

He was thankful for that most of the time, but not right now when Sarah was teasing him, daring him to abuse his power. If he gave in, it just meant she could goad him into doing what he didn't want to do. He wasn't going to give in. Nope. Just minimize the suffering, ignore her, and move on.

"It's your birthday, I'm sure it's nothing I can't handle, but no I don't need to know any more. Veronica will tell me later when I need to know"

"Oh, that's no fun."

"I know"

"What happened to my fun loving brother. My most awesomest Master"

"Nope. Fell for that last week from Lilly. Nope."

Sarah just laughed.

"Ok ok I'll give it up for now. Anyway Veronica wants to talk to you later. I think it's time ..... well she can tell you herself"

Kevin stopped petting Rebecca and gave Sarah a questioning look.

"Sorry little bro. Shouldn't have said that much. Anyway make sure you finish your homework. I'll know if you try to get your teacher to change the grade, and no fucking your Math teacher is not valid extra credit"

"That was one time! Well ok, one time I did it for extra credit."

"Master! You slept with Ms Waters too?" yelled Mickayla with a big smile.

"Hah, guess that hasn't gotten around like Ms Davis" teased Sarah

Kevin tried to ignored the fact he was turning red. He wasn't a man whore. He could just do what he wanted. These girls below him didn't care how many women he slept with and was sleeping with, but he still got a little embarrassed talking about it in front of them.

"I should order you to clea-" Kevin was cut short by Sarah's kiss, her tong wrestling with his.

"Oh what was that? I just remembered I have to do something. Gotta run"

And with that she was gone. She really was the best at interrupting him that way. Kevin just sighed and picked up Mickayla

"Your turn little one"

"Oh my god. My Master!" she said in anticipation

Kevin brought her to his mouth and slowly licked her, sucking on her little breasts and her legs. He toyed with her longer than Rebecca as she seemed to enjoy it more and wasn't as easily overloaded as Rebecca was. When he was done he also licked Laura and Linda, but to him they weren't as fun as the other two.

"Ok Girls time to go in for lunch. I'm going to put you in my pockets now"

"Oh, I was thinking, maybe, you could put me, umm" Rebecca was staring between his legs and trying to overcome her embarrassment at stating her desires. He gently petted her then Mickayla who had also turned her gaze in the same direction

"Oh don't worry I will, later. Want to eat first and I don't need my own pubes in my food."

He placed the bowl on the ground, spilling much of the kool-aid to avoid hurting the girls while moving it with one hand. Gently he placed the girls in the pockets on his shorts, two on each side, and slowly got up. He took the bowl inside to the sink and went to the living room.

"Hey Master, can you sit for a bit"


Kevin slowly got the mini girls out of his pockets and put them on the coffee table. He sat down noticing Veronica look at the girls a little distastefully. He hoped she wasn't in a jealous mood again.

"Oh, uh, did we need to be alone or something."

"No it's fine" Veronica said as she snatched up Mickayla who squeaked as she did so. "So you think you're good enough to date my brother?"

"Ummmm no not really Mistress. I'll be really happy if he finds me worthy though" Mickayla was suddenly very frightened and the annoyed giant was holding her too tight, but it was her honest feeling. The girls on the table nodded in agreement.

"Hey now, be gentle. You're scaring them" Kevin chided

"Hmph fine" Veronica said as she put down Mickayla and put her feet on Kevins lap.

Jealousy it is. Veronica flipped through her planner and then looked at Kevin.

"You know I've asked you to be patient when you ask me where I've been going lately. I think it's time I show you."

For the past few weeks Veronica had been leaving with an entourage of assistants after school and most of the weekend. When Kevin asked what it was she was doing she would ask him to trust him. What she was doing was for the good of him and the family. Kevin didn't like the secrecy, but he did trust her so he hadn't pushed, or ordered her to just tell him what was going on.

"Of all the times I asked you, I mean does it have to be today"

Kevin said as he looked longingly at the girls on the table. He didn't care that he was whining in front of his new potential girl friends, but he would be self conscious about it later. Veronica though just seemed annoyed

"Don't whine it's unbecoming of my Master, and yes it should be today. Trust me when I say putting this off just makes things more dangerous for all of us. I should have done this already, but I hope you'll understand when you're there. Don't worry you'll be back in time for dinner if we leave now. I've arranged for lunch to be there already."

"Not going to give me a heads up? Any hint about where we're going."

She looked at him blankly and he sighed.

"Ok, ok. I guess I'll ask Sarah to watch them for a bit. Don't worry girls I'm not done with you yet" Kevin smiled at them as he saw their little disappointed faces.

"Or we could send them home and I can vet them later"

"No. No. Sarah's going to do it. I know you girls decided amongst yourselves to vet any potential girlfriends, but you're not allowed. Terra's friend Veronica is still traumatized."

"What can I say. I like Terra but not that friend she brought over the other week. Terra's got a date with you a few weeks but that other girl is out."

"I think you just don't want me to date anyone else named Veronica."

"I admit to nothing" Veronica said with a smirk. Besides it was more like she wasn't going to allow it.


Veronica made a phone call and then led Kevin to one of the black SUVs that had come all too quickly. 30 minutes later they were in a rather plain looking office park that looked a little worse for wear

"Travis, make sure our cops run the plate of that Chevy Cobalt out there."

"Yes mam" the big man in the front seat replied.

Kevin had a vague recollection of the two men in front being related to the football players. He was comfortable around them, as he was comfortable around anyone who was bonded to him, but he figured he would have an easier time placing them if they were minis

"Why are you bothering with that junker. It's probably just some schmuck who works around here getting some sleep before work"

"You would think that, but we actually own several of the buildings around here and know everybody who works at one we don't own. You'll see why we have to be careful in a bit"

Kevin was wondering what was so important he had to leave those four mini swimmers behind, but he trusted Veronica and she wouldn't go through all this trouble if it wasn't important. They pulled up to a rather large building that looked like just another warehouse.

"We own this ratty old building?"

"Technically it's owned by an LLC I set up. We got it cheap from a police auction. It looks like an industrial laundromat, but actually has a large underground basement they built to be giant meth lab."

"That's a TV show. That wouldn't work in real life"

"You're right, it didn't work. They weren't smart enough to hide the construction and the police got curious. When they finally raided the place the meth lab was mostly setup, but they never even got to make anything. Anyway you'll see why that's important in a bit. Put your phone in the box"

Everyone was putting their phones in an iron box with a number on it. Kevin figured it was to block signals or something.

"Did you make us all replace our old phones with these secure ones. Do we really need to do this" He asked Veronica as he placed his phone in one of the boxes and handed it back to the woman at the large metal desk.

Rather than answer she just motioned for him to follow through a large set of strange metal doors. Only when they were all on the other side did she answer him.

"Little brother, we can't be too careful. Welcome to the Organization. This, all this, is for you" she said in a grand manner spreading her arms wide.

"Uh, ok? Lot of people here for a weekend. Who's paying for all this?"

Inside was a large office area. He saw a bunch of people bustling around who all bowed to him as they passed. He didn't understand what they were doing but he did understand they were all bonded to him.

"Oh show some excitement. Where do you think all those mini pills you throw around come from? This is the main area for logistics, analysis, software development, new product development, HR, and other administrative functions"

"Software development? What are you making here? New Products?"

Veronica made her way around the office area, slow enough for Kevin to keep up. Kevin was suddenly shaking a lot of hands, everyone wanted to touch him and have his attention for just a second. He was use to feeling like a god or a rock star when surrounded by minis, but it was a bit different when everyone was normal sized. At least most of them had been bonded with the newer formula and were satisfied with a brief encounter but a few he had bonded earlier seemed as though they would cry when touching him, and then cry if he moved away from them too soon. He moved along simply because his brain couldn't process any other course of action.

"The secure software on all our phones is developed here. Well the main team and software architects are here but we're soon going to have to put other teams in a new building"

"How many teams do you need to modify phone software? I thought it was just an android theme or something" Kevin turned to her as he was shaking the hand of someone he vaguely recognized.

"More than you would think little brother"

"And the new products?"

"Oh just come this way, it's easier to show you"

He pushed open another set of large metal drawers. Large metal vats and strange machines were all he could see.

"This is the main production area is where we make all our mini pills. The smaller area on the left is where we make our small batch runs for specialty pills like the 1hour pills or experimental products"

"What are those black ones"

"Those are a test. Don't touch those, they're still kinda poison. This way. Ok over hear we have chemical testing area and were we make some of the more complicated pills like ones that will still work if you have the mini vaccine or those that target different genetic markers"

"WHAT? Hey no stop. First question. Did you just say there's a pill that will mini someone even if they got the mini vaccine? Like Me?"

"Yes. I'm pretty sure other people have developed it so we need to be able to replicate it and counter it. Right now it works, but it makes you sick, and the reverse pill should work an other formulas, but can kill you. Should be refined next month."

"What you think someone would try to make me a mini or something"

"Yes I do. It's how the government gets some people like you to cooperate and they aren't the only ones"

"I thought that was all conspiracy crazy talk"

"It's not. I mean most of those conspiracy theories and "facts" are bull shit, but there are some bad groups and agencies out there we need to protect you from. Please save any more questions on that for later in the tour."

That last sentence caught Kevin as he was about to say something. Instead he just looked at her and considered his next words.

"Ok now what's this talk about having the formula working with different genetic markers. Wouldn't that mean a new formula that would need government approval"

"Normally yes, but using our formula as a base we've found additives that can target different markers just like we have ones that can modify the amount of time someone is a mini or the size they shrink. "

"Why would you do that though, I mean like give someone else that ability"

"Oh little brother, everyone here is bonded to me as well as you. The gold pills over there weaken the bond you have so they can bond to someone else, specifically me. I'm working on a different one for Lilly since she's missing a different marker than me, and next will some for Sarah"

"What? Why? Are you trying to take over? Oh shit did you bring me hear to kill me and dispose of my body?"

Kevin actually was freaking out about it now.

"What!? NO!!! You idiot. Ugh. Don't you trust me?"

"I do, but I mean I'm trying to think why you did this"

"Because here I need complete control. Even over your control. Don't get me wrong everyone here still obeys you, but if you tell them to go left and I tell them to go right, they will all go right first, then go left. Then most of them will cry and a few might have a breakdown from having conflicting orders. We do have pills that can break your control completely, but thankfully they are really hard to make and I don't think anyone else has made anything like them"

She gestured towards some pink pills that were behind thick bullet proof glass

"What? Why would you need that"

"One we needed to know if it was possible to make them. Two you're not the only one with those genetic markers so if we need to break someones control so they can be bound to us we have the means to. Are you ok Master?"

She put her hand on his head concerned that he was getting a little flushed.

"Yes. I mean. You're just hitting me with a lot at once. Like when did you even do all this? How?"

"Hahaha. Oh little brother. Sam and Dad put up most of the initial seed money and the tax I had you put on everyone who could afford it helped do the rest. I never thought Jessica's dad would be so useful beyond his money. With his help I setup an LLC to handle everything and develop clients for our mini pills. As far as anyone not bonded to you knows we're just a faceless organization. It helps that we have the local police department and politicians on our side as well as two congressmen. So far."

"So you named it the organization? Really? What are we villains now?"

"No, just people who want to protect our own interests, and ultimately you. This is all for you, but there's more to see."

She led them to an elevator that seemed to blend into the wall. Kevin didn't notice it till Veronica pressed a slightly discolored square on the wall that was the call button. Things were about to get a lot stranger.
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Kevin and his family Part 19

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Part 19

Secret lair, or evil secret lair? Kevin was starting to wonder if his sister was a super villain. But he owned her, he was responsible for her, so was he a super villain? He couldn't help but feel like he was being stupid and paranoid, or not being paranoid enough at the same time.

"So under here is where they were going to make the drugs? Why are there two basement floors" Kevin asked curiously, trying to distract himself from uncomfortable thoughts.

"Well, the idiots made the basement level way to big, but it turned out good for us as I was able to divide it into two floors. So here is our testing facility and level 1 containment"

"Containment? What the fuck are we containing!" Kevin demanded as the elevator dinged and the doors opened

"Language little brother" Veronica doing her best to channel her mom

"No, you don't get to do that right now. I mean what the fuck has been going on under my nose"

"Follow me and find out"

Kevin exited the elevator to the first basement level to see what he could only describe as prison cells, very fancy and futuristic cube cells. Some contained full sized people while others contained minis of various sizes. Some where calm and dejected, some withered in pain, and others banged on their glass wall yelling words that only sounded like muffled noise.

"Here is where we test various mini formulas. It's all based on formula 537 so we don't need government approval for derivatives"

"Then why do you have these people in a secret lab like you're doing illegal experiments?"

"Well, most companies that make mini pills don't do the level of customization we do without making a new formula. It's a lot harder to modify the effects of an existing formula like we do, but we can't really go to the FDA and say we want to test a new drug that might let me or my brother have complete control over those who take it. So we do this, and we keep it secret so nobody realizes they should be regulating us."

"Ok. I see your point, but it's still really sus. I mean do we really need to be this secret? Also some of these guys seem to be in pain" Kevin asked as he shook the hand of another lab tech who wanted to kneel before him.

"Some were homeless who wanted to make a quick buck, but once I bond them to us I make them clean up their act and their lives are better for it. A few are criminals who tried to hurt our people. Those I don't squash myself or have you squash become test subjects for the more dangerous experiments."

"Ok, I mean I can live with that but this still seems a little much" Kevin said cautiously.

"Look over here in this cell" Veronica pointed to a cell that was different than the others.

The glass was clearly thicker than the others, yet it was cracked in several places. Inside was a mini that Kevin thought looked a little strange. As he bent down to get a closer look he saw what looked like a man, but not exactly a man. Veronica hit a button on the panel embedded in the cell door and suddenly the mini changed. Like an illusion dropping it went from a man with slightly strange proportions to man lizard out of some horror film. Kevin jumped back instantly, feeling like he might have just suffered a heart attack


"Language little brother. Mother wouldn't approve"


Veronica just sighed ralizing she wasn't going to get more fun out of this.

"Short answer is, that's a lizard person, one of the bad ones. He's, well it's not exactly a lizard and not even from this earth. Not to be confused with the ones that did originate on earth. They don't have a gender, but they impersonate men and women. It doesn't have a soul, but it's more like a shadow of a soul that's shared with it's whole race. Think worker ant, but a lizard that wants to kill all the humans"

"What? Why? What does it want to kill humans and how did you catch it? Mini pills work on it?" Kevin practically blurted out the questions all at once.

"Whoa whoa, one at a time Boomhauer. We don't really understand where they come from, why they are here, or what they are after, or why they want to kill us all. What we do know is that they do want to kill us all and they work alone. Seems like they aren't on good terms with the other alien races and entities currently on earth. Normal mini pills don't work on them, but I managed to make some that do as you can see. It took a few iterations and our little test subject over here almost died multiple times. We caught it because it was trying to abduct and replace one of the band parents. Specifically the drum majors mom who was on the school board. You would think they'd try to influence more important people, but it turns out one of their goals is to dumb down kids so we raise a generation of idiots who can't resist them. Pretty sure half of America doesn't need their help, but even aliens gotta keep grunts busy I guess."

"You said they all share a soul? So like there's more? Won't they notice he's missing?"

"Don't worry this basement is shielded and this is one of the easier races to deal with. Make sure you thank those nerds over there on our way out as they figured this out. Most of the other aliens we avoid at all costs."

"What? Other aliens? Other lizard people? How many are there?"

"Not sure. Nobody is. Don't go binging the history channel looking for information as the few grains of truth are buried under a mountain of lies and bull shit. Most of the aliens aren't OUR problem, but this one is. You need to take care of this Kevin"

Suddenly the men and women in lab coats stopped what they were doing and slowly gathered around in a half circle to see what Kevin was going to do.

"With that? I mean it's not even human? Isn't that cruel?"

"You're right, it's not human and it tried to hurt one of your minis. One of the people bonded to you who are absolutely and completely devoted to you. Who would give their lives and even their very souls to you. So what are you going to do? Master?"

As she said that last word she folded her arms across her chest and arched an eyebrow. Kevin knew what she expected, what he was supposed to do, but he didn't have to do that. He could do what he wanted. He was in charge here. He didn't have to kill anything if he didn't want to. Then he looked at the faces of those gathered around and he knew. In his very soul he knew these people were scared, terrified, and were looking at this not yet 14 year old boy to protect them. Kevin gritted his teeth. He wanted this at one point, he caused this to happen, but he never understood the weight he brought on himself until that moment. The responsibility of owning minis and being their everything. It didn't matter what size they were. He thought about his sisters, Jessica, the girls from the swim team waiting back at the house, his parents and extended family, everyone at school, and everyone else he bonded out of desire, out of choice, and out of necessity.

"Open the cell" Kevin commanded.

Veronica went to the embedded display and typed a few commands to open the cell. There was a his and the pressurized cell started to open. The little lizard man backed away from the door and hissed as it opened.

"Stupid humanz. I will gut each and every one of you. What are you doing you big stupid boy. Owww"

Kevin bent down and picked up the lizard with one hand. He held a tight grip on it. His grip tightened more as the not human thing started thrashing

"Inferior meat sack. Put me down or your death will be more horrible than you can imagine"

Kevin looked the little monster in the eye.

"No. You threatened to hurt what is mine. Nobody gets away with that. NOBODY!" shouted Kevin as he squeezed the lizard man.

It felt different than holding a human mini. The bones not where they should be and the rough scales gave him an odd sensation. Kevin kept squeezing feeling the bones break as if they were softer. The creature howled in pain but Kevin didn't stop. He slowly squeezed tighter and tighter until the creature coughed up green blood and guts before it finally stopped moving. Then Kevin dropped it on the floor and stomped on it.

"Someone clean this up and give me a paper towel or something"

An average looking Cuban man in his 30's handed Kevin a wet wipe and some paper towels while a beautiful red headed woman in her 20s knelt down and cleaned the bottom of his shoe. He could tell she was wondering if she should use her tong instead of the paper towels, but alien guts and all. Veronica smiled and came over to hug him. The rest of the lab workers went back to their normal duties.

"Thank you Master"

With that one gesture a whole volume was said. Kevin really wished she would just say what was on her mind than making him figure it out, but he loved her for who she was.

"You're welcome, but why do I feel like that was just a teaser and you have way more crazy shit for me to deal with"

"That's because you know exactly who I am" Veronica said smiling

"That's not comforting" Kevin said with a frown and sighed

"I know" Veronica widened her smile even more

Kevin wanted to tell her to stop, but she might break her face if she smiled any wider so he dropped it.

"Ok now that my shoe is clean let's just burst my reality some more. Lead the way Lovecraft"

Kevin rubbed the head of the girl who just cleaned his shoe in thanks before following Veronica again. He could have sworn she came a little at the gesture.

Veronica led him a little further down the hall and a body slapped itself against the glass as Kevin was walking by


"Ugh, I told you to stop. You know the consequences." Veronica said as she tapped the panel.

A menacing black shadow with glowing red eyes glared at Kevin when suddenly electricity arced through the cell. The shadow acted as if it was crying out in pain, but Kevin couldn't hear anything, then it just slumped to the ground and went from black smoke to a solid grey lump

"Yeah so that's a shadow person. Yes they're real, but not like most of the stories you hear. They feed off negative emotions. On their own they can't do much but they are are working with someone to influence humanity for some reason."

"The lizard people work with those things? Like the one I just killed?" Kevin asked still startled.

"No. Aren't you paying attention? The one you just killed is a race that doesn't work with anyone. The shadow people could be working with one of the greys, or a different lizard race though. Not sure and it's not our problem right now"

"Fucking lizards and ghost people seem like a big fucking problem"

Veronica just sighed

"I can see why mom gets on to you about language. It's not just to be annoying. Anyway those things were here before the organization and we aren't in a position to oppose them. Like all the other aliens and things I know about we need to deal with the few that get in our way and try to stay invisible to them a whole. There are good and bad aliens and secret societies that want to tell humanity what to do. Trust me we don't need to know any more than we do and we don't need to get in the middle of it. They aren't our enemies and they aren't our problem. Different aliens and entities got people in government and defense in all the major countries. As long as they fight each other they will leave us alone and we'll be safe until we're in a position to deal with them."

"I'm gonna regret asking, but who is our problem? Who are our enemies?"

"It will be easier to explain all that the next floor down."

Kevin just sighed

"Ok tell me about these other aliens at least. Is that why you're paranoid about the phones, because the aliens are spying on is to hide the truth"

"You've been watching the X-files again haven't you?"


"Only the first season is kinda true. The rest is just fiction"

"What? Uh... I mean..."

Kevin was momentarily at a loss for words so Veronica got the conversation back on track

"Ok look, the aliens are not listening in on your phone, our governments are. The NSA can listen to everyone, but they can't do it all the time so it's kinda random. Other agencies get notified if your phone picks up certain keywords like "abducted", "Majestic 12" and "Zeta Reticulans". Different agencies monitor different things, not aliens. To the aliens it would be like us using a billion dollar spy satellite to lip read what some tribe in the amazon is talking about at a village meeting, or making a stealth robot to spy on a conversation between chimps. Not worth it. The aliens, most of them anyway, know that even if the general public knew they were real, knew they were here, and knew about the different types it wouldn't change anything for them because it would be like the chimps at the zoo realizing you are looking at them and you are not a chimp. So what? The only reason we're not extinct is because the races that see us as interesting or as pets won't let the races who want to get rid of us do as they please. The shrinking virus was an effort by one of them to make humanity a non viable race"

"What? So it wasn't from a Soviet Lab or something? It didn't come from bats?"

"Ugh, seriously bro. No more internet for you. That was just misinformation to hide the fact that an alien race was trying to get rid of us. Some odd little purple race that doesn't visit us anymore since their virus failed. If we are non viable, or we threatened to ruin the planet, the "good" aliens would stop protecting us and that would be it."

"So what about the little grey guys"

"You don't want to know, but I'll give you the highlights. Some are good, some are bad, some serve the Mantis looking aliens like evil worker bees, some are from an alternate future that were human and just evolved to look like those aliens and experiment on people, some are lab grown by rich assholes to cover up other things, and some are just bored and messing with people for fun. There's more kinds but those are the major ones. The fact that they look similar enough alone with a healthy dose of government misinformation means nobody knows what the truth is. It's like how different things evolve into crabs."

"Crabs? What?"

"You seriously need to be more interested in science. Anyway don't worry about it, just follow me."

Kevin passed several more cells with different experiments while shaking hands with the people working there. They all looked human to him, but he didn't look too hard. He'd already seen enough today and felt his grip on sanity getting a little looser. They finisheds circling the lab and got back into the elevator.

"Veronica, I, I don't know about all this. It's a lot. I just killed an alien for reals. What else are you hiding from me?"

Veronica pressed the button for basement two and looked at Kevin.

"Do you trust me."

Kevin sighed and looked at the floor

"Yes, and that's what scares me"

She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in for a hug, resting her head on top of his. He leaned his head into her chest. She was thankful she chose to wear heels for this trip.

"I'm only doing what I think is right. You're about the get everything I've been keeping from you. You can understand why I didn't want to throw all this on your lap right? I know I've messed with you a bit but I really am doing what I think is best for you despite that. You know that right"

"I know. It's just a lot. You've just placed a crushing amount of responsibility on me, but I know I probably wouldn't have handled it well before now and might have gotten in your way."

"Yes. That could have ended badly for us and the family little brother"

"I know" Kevin said softly.

The Door to the elevator was open. Kevin didn't even notice that it had stopped. Veronica held the elevator open button until Kevin was ready to move on.

"Look, now we're getting to what I really wanted you to know. Just stay with me till the end ok" Veronica said softly

"Ok. I'm ready" Kevin broke away and straightened as Veronica smiled at him

The stepped out of the elevator into a large area that looked more like a space age garage with all sorts of strange tools.

"This is where we work on weapons and exotic devices."

Kevin went over to a table on his left with strange looking rifles

"What kind of weapons are these? They look like they came out of start trek or something."

"The first three are dart guns with different ranges and firing speeds that deliver formula 537. It's useful when someone doesn't want to voluntarily swallow a pill. The next four are experimental laser weapons. Please put that down Master. They can still explode"

"Ugh, fine" Kevin sighed as he put down the space age looking gun.

"On the right we got other experimental energy weapons using plasma and various types of radiation"

"How did you come up with this stuff?"

"Oh we're mostly just copying and improving designs from the military and defense contractors, now take a look at these hangars here."

"Holy shit! Is that an Alien Space Craft!?"

"Space craft? Yes, but I wouldn't trust it. Alien? No."

"What do you mean no? I'm looking right at it. It's hovering and everything"

"It's man made"

"What are you talking about!?"

Veronica just sighed.

"That's a man made craft. It's actually an experiment from Boeing that crashed. Our cops were able to cover it up and made the men in black think someone else took it. They had poor Joey in questioning for days but he stuck to the story I gave him. I've had people reverse engineering it but it's slow going. The hanger next to it has an actual alien craft, but I can't let you near it. It's radio active, that's why we got those big lead doors in the way. We haven't even started on that thing honestly"

"Who's Joey?"

"That big thug you spared. You remember, the one that was harassing Terra's family"

"Oh yeah. Never did take the time to learn their names." Kevin said shrugging his shoulders

"He's been pretty useful to me. Not gonna lie I wanted you to crush him, but I'm glad you didn't"

"Good. Invite him to the party next week so I can thank him"

"Done, now follow me" Veronica said as she scribbled in her notebook

There were several other craft and cool weapons in the second basement, but Veronica didn't stop for Kevin to admire them. They reached an enclosed office at the end of the space and Kevin noticed it was dead quiet inside. On the table were several notebooks of various colors and thickness. Veronica gestured at the table

"These are our enemies"

"What is this? Majestic 12, the Illuminati, Hands of God? It's like a 4Chan post"

"Oh I wish little brother. I wish. No this is real. All humans, well mostly human, and all a threat to us. The legion was a major one, but they were against another group with similar armor and weapons. I'm serious when I tell you they were from a parallel universe, and they both left to go fight god knows where and I'm glad they did. I hope they kill each other off. The biggest problem right now is "The Society" which isn't as powerful as some of the others, but they're aware of us now while others aren't. We still got various secret societies, defense contractors, and government agencies. All of them with an interest in using people like you, like us, to control others. These are the people we need to stay hidden from, and eventually take down. This is everything I know about all of them, and I want you to know it to now."

Kevin started looking though various folders, flipping through them with wide eyes as if the information within would cause his very soul to explode. Then he went to her and hugged her tight

"Um.. I don't know, I mean..." Veronica wasn't sure what was going on and was at a loss for words.

"I'm so sorry you were carrying this burden alone. I know I don't always realize everything you do for me, but I appreciate it. Thank you Veronica."

Suddenly Veronica was crying. She couldn't stop herself as she hugged him back. She had just done what needed to be done. It was so hard, so hard. She didn't realize how hard until that very moment when she could let her guard down in front of the person she loved and cherished the most. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. A man in a lab coat was holding a small cage with a man screaming inside.

"Uh, Sir? Ma'am? This is the CIA agent that was snooping outside in the Chevy Cobalt. He's a grunt form the Society and I don't think we can turn him. Our people are already staging an abduction using the experimental craft. I figured you wouldn't want to bond this one. If that's ok with you I mean"

The lab tech was unsure of himself. Kevin being there had thrown off his normal chain of command. Kevin went over to the tech and took the cage from him. He opened it and took out the little naked man who was shouting at him. Kevin didn't care what he was saying as held the man.

"You don't have to do this alone anymore Veronica. I'm here for you. We can't let him go now can we"

Veronica shook her head no as she wiped the tears from her eyes. Kevin brought the screaming man to eye level and looked him in the eye.

"You may think you don't deserve this, and maybe you don't, but I judge your fate now. Your yelling isn't going to help, but neither would begging. I judge you a liability." Kevin said as he squeezed.

Kevin squeezed until the little mans bones broke and his movement stopped. Then he dropped him on the floor and stomped on him. He thought about trying to save him, to bond him and make him useful, but Veronica would know best who was useful and who was not. He did this to show her he trusted her judgement, he trusted her to keep them all safe. She ran over to hug him again, crying again and burying her face in his neck awkwardly. He held her for a good 10 minutes, the lab tech who barged in earlier uncomfortably inching his way out the door. Kevin finally understood now. He was just a boy, a powerless boy who could do nothing on his own, but with the support of all those around him, with their faith, their trust, and their obedience, he could do anything. With them he was a god and without them he was nothing. For better or worse he would lead them. He would take responsibility.
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Kevin and his family Part 20

Post by MasterBlaster » Wed Jan 17, 2024 5:18 am

Part 20

Kevin was heading back home as Veronica stayed behind to take care of some things. Before now he was starting to get annoyed at her Demands, the amount of his sweat she collected, and the orders she had him give. Now it made a lot more sense and he had a greater respect for her and what she was doing for him, even if he felt like he didn't really have much of a say in it. He couldn't think of anything she should do differently that would be for the better. It cleared up one other thing for him as well. He thought she was running on the treadmill next to him so he wouldn't suffer alone, but it was also to collect her own sweat for experiments. Kevin couldn't deny he was in great shape, but how many more people had she used it on? He decided for better or worse he was just going to trust her and not worry about it.

"Hey you up front. What are your names and how did you join?"

"My name is Angel Garcia. Your sister took over our private security firm. You held me in your hand last month, but I guess you don't remember. You've held a lot of people." the driver said.

"I'm Brett Brown. Same deal. Here to serve you and your family now." said the other man

Angel was a big husky Hispanic man while Brett was a large black man. They were both intimidating to most people, but to Kevin they were as scary as white door. Kevin did vaguely remember going through a bunch of new minis last month. People kneeling to him and pledging themselves to him was so common now he often wouldn't remember if they did it as minis or full sized. Angel was right, he did hold a lot of minis. What was once exciting now seemed like more of a chore. He should do something about that.

"Tell me what orders my sister gave you"

"Uh, just take you back home and then secure the property. Just be security."

"So if order you to take me to the arcade right now instead who are you going to listen to?"

The men looked at each other for a moment. Angel turned back to the road while Brett looked back at him to answer

"Sir, we'd do what you want. Your orders always come first, but please don't do that to us. Your sister wouldn't like that and just the thought of disobeying her is enough to give me a panic attack. She can be kinda scary."

"Last week she shrunk and stepped on a guy who was supposed to be watching your sister Mary when she was at a friends house. He was slacking off and she's been worried about security lately. Didn't kill him but broke his legs, an arm, and some ribs. I saw her do it slow, breaking one bone at a time. He's gonna be in the hospital for a while." Angel said flatly.

Kevin wondered how his sister might punish them and decided it was best not to find out. Now that he understood what she was dealing with though he could see why she took their security so seriously. He thought about how she reacted with Rebecca and Mickayla even though she liked them and she was the one who arranged for them to be with him today. Speaking of which he was looking to get back to those girls and have some fun with them.


Kevin was greeted by his mother when he came in.

"Hello Master. So what did you think of the organization?"

"Wait you knew? How lo-" Kevin was cut short as Lisa wrapped her lips around his, her tong invading his mouth.

Whenever she called him Master she acted more like a woman than his mother. Like all the other women in his life they had learn how best to distract him when he had questions they didn't want to answer.

"Oh time to check on the baby" Lisa said as she hurried off.

"Yes, we all knew Master. I'm glad she finally told you everything. Lilly almost blurted out parts of it half a dozen times" Mary said as she came to give him a tight hug.

"Wait, even Lilly? Where is she and why am I the last to know" he said irritated

Kevin had one hand on her back and the other was rubbing the back of her head. Mary tended to be more agreeable when he did that and she was pressed close to him.

"Lilly is checking over the alter and mini costumes for next weeks party"

"What alt-" Kevin was silenced by Mary's kiss before he could get his question out.

"Oh, I need to check on a project for Veronica." Mary said as she broke off and ran away

Kevin sighed. He was 13. Of course it was easy to distract him with just a kiss. He went over to the living room to find Sarah on the couch with the four mini girls painting her toe nails.

"Having fun with my minis I see"

"Hey I watching them and I'm being nice this time. Aren't I girls"

"Yes mistress" all four minis said at once.

"Sarah really is a nice giant sir" Mickayla yelled up to him with a wide smile across her face.

"You see? I can behav-" Kevin cut her off with a long kiss

"It's nice to cut someone else off with a kiss instead of being the one always being cut off" Kevin said

Sarah laughed and reached over to pull him in for another kiss. It was soft, tender, and loving.

"Well Master I'm not going to complain" Sarah said quietly pulling him in for another long kiss.

The world melted away from Kevin for a second. Sarah finally let him pull away and he suddenly remembered they weren't alone. All four mini girl were staring at him either with their mouths open or smiling like their turn was next. He got a little flushed and tried to turn away while Sarah was completely unbothered.

"Remember that if you date him girls. He likes a good kiss, so if you do something wrong or he asks you a question you don't want to answer you short circuit his brain just like that"

"Ugh your terrible"

The girls all just laughed.

They took the girls into the kitchen and Kevin gently hand washed them one at a time before putting them in a plate of warm spaghetti. Laura and Linda went on Sarah's plate while Mickayla and Rebecca went in his. They used dull plastic forks as they sat down with the family to eat.

"I can see why you like minis in your food little brother. It is rather fun." Sarah said as she picked up Linda and sucked the sauce off the squealing mini.

Linda was a pretty caramel skinned girl. She was born in America but her parents were Indian. Kevin decided she was rather sexy even covered in sauce and his sisters saliva. Sarah put Linda back and then did the same to Laura, a pretty freckled red head.

"Oh, you haven't done that with Brad?"

Sarah just rolled her eyes.

"He's a good boyfriend, but as a mini he's not fun. Not nearly as fun as I am with you" She said with a mischievous grin.

Kevin turned a little red as he suddenly thought of all the ways he'd used her as a mini and looked away. He knew that reaction was her goal, but he couldn't help himself.

"I hope you use us that way Master. In ALL the ways" Rebecca called up from his plate.

Mickayla nodded her head in agreement with that large bright smile of hers. He didn't think it was possible but he managed to turn a little more red.

"Well it's nice to know you still get embarrassed Master. I'd worry about you a little more if you didn't. I mean you're just flirting with naked girls in front of your mother like any other boy" Lisa said from across the table.

"Oh stop teasing the boy Lisa. He's on a date still." Mark said trying to be helpful

"Not helping dad" Kevin sighed

"What?" Mark asked confused

The girls at the table just laughed. After dinner Sarah helped take the minis to his room and put them on his bed.

"Master, would you lend me one or two of them when you're done, I mean assuming they're willing. I'd like to see how different a mini girl feels from a boy"

Kevin just stared at her crotch area as she rubbed it. The minis on the bed were also staring at her and their eager faces fed his fantasy. Sarah could see that his brain was locking up as his imagination took over.

"Oh, well let me help you with that Master"

She got on her knees and unzipped his pants. Most of the time Kevin was in charge, especially when it was just the two of them, but Sarah loved to take advantage of the times she caught him off guard. He tried to object but the words wouldn't form as she gently touched and rubbed his cock. She made sure the girls on the bed got a good view so they could stare at it longingly before she took it into her mouth. She was in complete control as she grabbed his hips and worked at the speed she wanted. Kevin was lost in the feeling and didn't know if minutes, hours, or eternities passed before Sarah was finally ready to make him cum so she could hungrily swallow every drop. Kevin made a guttural noise as he exploded in her mouth, and she held him there as he deflated to not waste a single drop.

"Ok girls make sure you do it just like that. I especially got high hopes for you Mickayla. I got a report to touch up. Don't stay up too late my Master"

She gave him a kiss on the cheek as she left him there standing speechless with his dick hanging out in front of the minis.

"Wow I hope I get a chance to do that to him one day" Linda said in awe.

The other girls looked to her and nodded their heads, then all of a sudden they realized it was going to take Kevin a few seconds to gather his thoughts and they started chatting about what they wanted to do to him together as minis and as his girl friends when they were full size. After about a minute Kevin came to.

"Uh. What. Wow. Dang it. That woman. Oh wait what are you girls talking about?" Kevin asked at the minis on his bed.

"Oh just chatting about how we're all going to be your girl friends" Rebecca said.

"Whoa, little ones, this is still the first date-ish"

"After what we saw, we all want that. None of us are going to give up. We are going to make you accept all of us as your girl friends"

The girls all nodded as he picked up Rebecca and began to pet her.

"You know that sounds a little crazy and stalkerish"

"I know Master, but it's how we all feel. I kinda liked you before we got bonded, and we have so much in common, but now that I've spent this time with you I don't want it to end. We all felt the need to obey you before, but now we don't want to be without you. We all want to be at least as close to you as Sarah is."

Kevin put her breasts in his mouth and gently sucked, savoring the way she moaned. He was wondering if Sarah had any influence on what the little girl just said. He put her back on the bed and began to undress. He was back and control and thus completely confident as the girls stared at him the whole time.

"Right now, you're my minis. If you want to be more to me than just pets or a fun time you're going to have to put in the work." Kevin said as he loomed over the minis

Mickayla got on her knees and bowed with her arms out in front of her as if she was worshiping her god. After a moment the other three girls did the same.

"I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I will do what I have to so you find me worth Kevin, my Master, my god" Mickayla said.

Kevin smiled as he picked her up while the other three girls repeated her words like a chant. He gently sucked on her breasts and got on his bed, sitting up with the other three girls trapped by his legs.

"Rebecca worship my cock. Linda and Laura massage my balls" Kevin commanded as he resumed licking Mickayla.

"Yes Master" the three minis said as they got to work.

Kevin started playfully licking and sucking Mickayla's legs, the little girl laughing and squealing as he playfully molested her. He lowered her into his mouth and she gasped as he penetrated her pussy with the tip of his tong. He was pretty good at eating out his little pets at this point and loved being in complete control of their pleasure. When he felt the other girls had gotten him fully hard again he let Mickayla finish so he could enjoy the taste of her juices

"Ooooooh. Oh my GOD! Oh Master! Please do that to each of us every day! I didn't know anything, I mean anything, could feel so good."

Kevin brought her back to his face to look at her at eye level. He smiled as she was panting and her body was still having aftershocks from the ecstasy.

"If you make me feel good every day I may, just may, bless you with this kind of attention once in a while"

Mickayla whimpered a little. "Ok. As you will Master. Whatever, whenever you want. Oh that was so good."

"Now how about you make me feel good and help out Rebecca?" Kevin said as he slowly moved her to join her friend.

"Oh absolutely Master! It will be my pleasure! I live to serve you!" Mickayla said with her brightest smile.

Normally that kind of blind devotion would be a turn off for Kevin, the minis coming off as a bit too needy. He figured it might have annoyed him even coming out of Linda and Laura, but hearing it from Mickayla as she said it with the most genuine effort and devotion, well that just made him smile. He leaned back, closing his eyes and letting himself enjoy the feeling of four beautiful girls using their whole bodies to please him and only him. When he finally came they all cheered as if his cum was a gift from heaven raining down on their unworthy bodies. Together they tried to eat all his cum, and if they hadn't filled up on spaghetti they might have accomplished that goal. Kevin was prepared today and took the gentle baby wipes he had near by to clean each girl before laying them on his chest. The girls were exhausted and it wasn't long before they fell asleep on his chest with his hand laying on them protectively.
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Kevin and his family Part 21

Post by MasterBlaster » Thu Jan 18, 2024 3:45 am

Part 21

Kevin was sitting in a chair in his room. Four naked minis that looked like body builders were trying their best to massage his feet while his mini father scolded them for not doing it properly. Kevin had decided to reward the men with attention more often now that he knew about the organization and had some idea of what he was being protected from. He would have to do it in shifts but he suddenly realized he didn't know how many people in security they had. Ah well. The little men were more than happy for the opportunity to serve him personally, even with Mark correcting them. Angel, and Brett, the guards from the other day were obediently massaging his balls while he read a book that he needed to do a report on. When Mark was done correcting the foot massagers he climbed Kevins leg and kneeled obediently on his thigh, waiting until his Master took a break to acknowledge him. It took some time before Kevin finally took a break from his book and lazily wrapped his hand around Marks waist to pick him up.

"Man I hate doing book reports, especially when the book is boring. Doing creative writing this semester was not a good idea. Doing a report on creative writing seems like the opposite of creative writing."

"Master you just did it because of the teacher didn't you." Mark said with a wink.

"Ugh, you too? Yeah maybe I did. I mean it was great being able to do the one hot English teacher before or after class. Didn't you have a teacher fantasy like that when you were in school?"

"Yeah, I sure did, but just don't tell your mother"

"Hah, so you can understand right? I couldn't turn down that fantasy if I could have it again. When I saw she was doing a class that fit my schedule for Spring I kinda just had to. I know I can fuck prettier girls, but something about her just...."

"Doesn't she really like you? No special treatment?"

"Not an inch. She'll do something if I order her but she won't cut me any breaks otherwise."

"You could just order her to give you an A, or at least a B on it"

"Already did that this semester for another class and Mom found out. I can't take that disappointed look, and then she told Veronica"

"Ouch. Well you could order her to give everyone a different or easier assignment"

"Already got away with it three times this year. I don't want to push my luck. Pretty sure Sarah suspects what I did the last time. Now I got another almost girlfriend and three more hopeful girlfriends watching me."

"Sounds like you got a lot of women issues. Is that why you're hiding in your room with us men, trying to get some male energy. Not that I'm complaining of course, I honestly love the feeling of being handled like this, and you add to that I'm getting attention from my Master. I'm sure all these guys feel the same"

A few of them grunted in agreement. Kevin turned Mark over in his hands. Feeling him like a warm action figure and inspecting him. He even posed him a few times as he let his thoughts wander. He knew Mark loved the feeling of being a doll in Kevin's hands.

"I don't want you to stop Master, but it seems like you got a few things on your mind"

"Yeah. What do you think of Mickayla" Kevin asked as me posed Mark into a flying kick and made a whooshing noise waving him in the air.

"Steady Master, I don't want to get sick. As for Mickayla she seems like a nice girl. You like the same movies and most of the same anime and video games. Not that you have much time to play these days. I think you have more in common with her than Jessica"

"Eh Really?" Kevin held Mark in front of his face considering the statement.

"Yes. I think it's clear to everyone that what you and Jessica have is special. Now that girl loves you more than anything, as much as a girl can love someone. That said you need to share your interests with someone, so if you're going to have another girlfriend it should be someone you can connect with on a different level than Jessica. Mickayla can be that for you if you let her."

"What about Rebecca, Linda, and Laura?"

"Honestly Master, I think you like them mostly because of how pretty they are. You're comfortable with Rebecca, but it's not like with Mickayla and the other two you don't have as much in common with"

"That's kinda what I was worried about"

Kevin started to look away

"Hey don't look away, look there are all sorts of reasons to like someone. You feel like you can have any girl you want, and in reality you already do. You don't interact with anyone who wouldn't lay down their lives for you, and if you said out loud you wish you could fuck Miss America, Bella Hadid, or the next pretty finalist on American idol and Veronica would have her wrapped in a barbie box for your birthday or Christmas. I need to have a talk with that girl. Thing is you're at the point where you want someone for love, for a connection, and not just for their looks."

"You say that, but you married mom and she's always been pretty"

"Oh I didn't fall in love with her because of her looks. You know when I was single, rich with my new finance job, and in my 20s I had women throwing themselves at me, beautiful women, seemingly any kind I wanted. Not like you do right now of course. If anything it's probably kinda weird for you because you're so young and you have the power and position you do, screws with your sense of things"

Kevin reminded himself that four normally intimidating men were six inches tall massaging his feet while two more massaged his balls and this was just a break from all the female energy he felt from beautiful women fawning over him every day.

"Yeah, I guess this isn't the typical teenage experience" Kevin said

"Not at all. My point is I chose your mother because of the connection I felt with her and how we made each other feel. That was more important than money or how we looked. If you're going to be with someone you should do it for those same reasons. If you grow to care for those other three girls and want to let them into your life then do it, especially if they offer you something emotionally that Jessica and your sisters don't. Just take care Master. Relationships take work, and if you spread yourself too thin you can break them. I learned that the hard way, and my other relationship wasn't another woman, but my career. If you hadn't forced me to change we probably would have separated and I'd be miserable just trying to get my career to where it is now."

"Well it's easy to get a promotion when I can just have an old rich man give you a job and promotions whenever I feel like it."

"Exactly. Before I was killing myself, and my marriage to make it to this level for reasons that weren't important. Now that I've given up on that it came easily, and the money is the least important thing. Well, maybe I feel that way because your sister funnels it all into an off shore company for the organization and does god knows what"

"Did everyone know before me? How much do you know anyway?"

"Oh Master, everyone is just trying to protect you. As for what I know please only talk about things like that in a secure location"

"Oh shit are you a master spy now" Kevin laughed

"Something like that. I can show you all my cool spy moves. Hah watch out."

"Hah, that's pretty cool super spy action figure"

Kevin grabbed Brett to act as villain and left Angel to work on his balls. He had learned to be gentle with this kind of play, making sure his minis didn't get hurt. At this point Mark was use to acting like a stuntman including faking hits, falls and throws. Brett did his best but quickly became sweaty and flustered.

"Eww. Ok break time, Brett's getting a little moist"

"Swap him out for one of the others. I can keep going Master." Mark said

"They're all busy right now. I'm going to keep them where they are" Kevin said as he let Brett down on his thigh. The poor man was breathing hard and just trying to stay upright kneeling.

"Ok, ok. Hey Master, about tonight. Could you leave Lisa full sized tonight? You haven't had her like that since Sandra was born."

Kevin brought Mark to eye level and looked at him questioningly

"You want to watch my fuck mom? I mean I did it while she was pregnant since we didn't want to risk shrinking her."

"Master, in case you haven't been paying attention Lisa wants you at any size just like your sisters and the others do"

Kevin got slightly flushed. He knew it was true but hearing it from his dad, even as a mini still embarrassed him slightly.

"So you like me doing that with mom. You don't get jealous or anything?"

Mark just laughed

"Not at all. For the longest time I've had a mini cuckold fantasy where a giant uses my giant wife and I am forced to watch, but I was worried someone might take her away from me or hurt me if I was to actually go through with something like that. With you I don't have to worry. My Master and my wife making love. Two people I love, being happy. If it was someone else I might get a little jealous, but not with you. Also she's been a little sad about not having sex with you, worried that you are going back to just seeing her as your Mom rather than a woman, and your slave"

"Dad when you say it like that..."

"Son, we're all your slaves. There's nothing to be embarrassed about with us. We all want to be useful to you and make you happy. We all want what's best for you. The feelings are especially strong for those of us you bonded with in the beginning."

Kevin noticed Brett had gotten back to work on massaging his balls. He moved his left foot and gently kicked over the two men massaging his foot. They simply grunted and got back to doing their task using all their effort to lift up his foot and get back in place. He did the same with his right foot and again the men grunted and got back to work. He felt Marks cock get even harder as he exercised his power over the little minis.

"Oh, you like when I show them how small they are."

Kevin tilted Mark in his left hand so he could gently rub his ball with his right. The little man grunted as he answered.

"Yeah, I really do. I think most of us like you exercising your power as our Master no matter what size, but it's especially powerful when you're holding me like this."

Kevin was learning that he wasn't attracted to men, but he was attracted to power, and right now he did feel powerful. The bigger and stronger a man, or the more important they were, the more he enjoyed exercising his control over them. Kevin got a baby wipe and rubbed Marks cock, causing him to cum violently almost immediately, his whole body shaking as he exploded into the wipe. He tossed it in the trash as he put Mark on his thigh before he decided to do the same to Angel and Brett. He ordered the 4 men under his feet to climb his legs and he did the same to them. When he was done 7 muscular men sat on him exhausted.

"All of you are my toys"

"Yes Master" they say in unison.

"Tonight Lisa is going to be joining me. You are going to worship her like the Goddess she is"

"Yes Master" they again say in unison.


"Son. Master. You want to do it with me, and not as a mini?" Lisa asked nervously.

"Yes. Now undress my slave"

Kevin had found that calling her a slave, rather than by her name generally removed her resistance and made her more obedient. He stood there naked waiting patiently as she undressed

"I'm happy, I am Master. I just don't want to do this because you feel sorry for me or anything. It's just since I had Sandra I was worried tha-"

"Come close to me slave" Kevin ordered

Lisa immediately stopped talking and came close to him. He took a moment to admire how pretty she was, even with the bit of baby weight still lingering, and put his hand on her check to bring her face to his. He kissed her and thought he could feel how happy she was at being wanted and desired by him. As he kissed her he felt her well toned body, her long soft hair, and her firm breasts which still held their shape. He gently guided her to the bed.

"Lie down, face up my slave"

"Yes Master"

She did as she was told. He went to the rolling table they had brought in and got Mark and one of the other men to put on her breasts. They immediately began rubbing and licking her nipples as he got two more minis to start massaging her feet. He then got the biggest strongest mini as the rest were simply left to watch.

"Oh Master, what are you doing with that? Oh"

Kevin slowly inserted the mini feet first into her using him as a dildo. He was someone who didn't miss leg day and she appreciated the feeling of his strong muscles massaging her pussy. He inserted the mini almost all the way in, using his arms to move him back and forth.

"Oh that feels soooo good"

He had done this before with Mark, but this mini was bigger and Kevin wasn't as gentle as he would be with Mark. Kevin was careful not to stimulate her too much too fast or she might crush the man inside her. Besides he wasn't going to let her cum until he wanted her to. He slowed as he kiss and licked her belly, not staying away from her scars and marks. He let her know that they didn't bother him by loving every inch of her. He pulled the man out and absently wondered how many bruised ribs the little guy would have tomorrow.

Kevin swapped Mark with the mini in his hand. The battered man weakly worked on the nipple and he got more battered when Lisa's hand roughly grabbed him and tried to stimulate herself more. He then started using Mark to masturbate, smiling as he beat the little man against his cock, just enough to get himself hard. He then put the slightly battered man between Lisa's legs where he would be out of the way but would still get a good view.

"I'm coming my slave"

Kevin climbed on top of her, careful not to hit any of his minis, and lowered into her. Mark watched as Kevin made love to Lisa, completely fixated on the sight and oblivious to the danger he could be in if they made a sudden, wrong move. Kevin paused to lower his head between her chest. She pushed her breasts against his face, the small men in her hands struggling to breathe with the pressure for a moment until she let up to let him resume. Finally he came and he ordered her to at the same time. They came together. He rested on her so he could catch his breath. When he was ready he carefully got off her, and then one by one he put the minis around her pussy so they could enjoy a cream pie.

"Oh Master that was wonderful, but oh this feeling"

Kevin held her head and kissed her as her toes curled and she came again, the extra juices squirting on the little men. It stung some of their eyes, but they didn't slow down in their work. Kevin decided he would worry less about what was right or wrong, and more about if everyone was happy. Right at that moment, they were, and all seemed right with the world.
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Kevin and his family Part 22

Post by MasterBlaster » Sun Jan 21, 2024 8:50 pm

Part 22

Saturday came and it felt like a non stop marathon. Workers from the organization had come the day before to setup the mini attractions, throne for Kevin, two stages and field visible from said throne, alter out of a bad King Kong movie, and food booths all organization subsidiary branded products. The organization had gotten into the profitable business of making mini equipment, but he was still surprised at the variety of things they made. Just what kind of customers did they have that this alter was a thing? He was worried he was going to be trapped in that throne as the minis surrounded him. Those fears were not unfounded as guest after guest arrived, took their mini pills, changed into mini villager outfits, and offered themselves to Kevin. Thankfully most of the newer minis were simply satisfied to be in his presence and didn't need to be held, or even acknowledged by Kevin, but a lot of them still did.

At least he got to hold a lot of pretty girls. All the cheer leaders lined up together followed by the dance team and Kevin enjoyed holding the pretty young minis. Of course then that was followed by their families, but he figured it was the price he had to pay to have his own little army dedicated to him. While he spent more time on the prettier ones and his few friends, for most of the minis he pretty much picked them up two at a time every 5 seconds so it only took him half an hour to get through about 1000, but it was a long half hour.

"Ok Master, that's all the normal guests. Last are your special minis, I at least think you'll like these" Mary said smiling up at him.

She double checked her clip board as Kevin sighed, trying to work the tightness out of his forearms. When he saw who was coming onto his platform though he smiled. His girlfriend Jessica and her mother Kathy along with Terra, Mickayla, Rebecca, Laura, and Linda. Even though he didn't have as much in common with Laura and Linda he had decided to give them a chance this week and found he was starting to connect with them at school while Mickayla and Rebecca had started to feel close to him. Jessica was of course in the lead and there was no question they were all following her.

"Well hello my pretties"

"Hello my evil giant" Jessica said, arms reaching out for him as he picked her up.

"I'm glad to see you girls, especially you my Jessica"

"Oh Master you know I love it when you call me yours"

She giggled as he kissed her, then he held her in his left hand as he gently traced her body with his right index finger. She turned red at the involuntary sounds she made knowing the others were watching. He would tease her more later, but it would cause friction if he gave her to much attention right now. While most of them were still staring at him with awe and admiration he knew they would eventually get jealous. A look of irritation was already starting to show on Mary's face so he put Jessica down and greeted the other girls one at a time a little quicker and then their families. Once he was done and the minis had all gone off to join the party Mary turned to him.

"Ok Master that's everyone you needed to do. The temps for the organization that handled the clothes will mini soon as nobody else should be arriving, but you don't need to greet them. Everything's handled on security. Ok. Pick me up and put me on the table over there with the costume"

Kevin picked her up and kissed her, his lips covering her face causing her to giggle.

"I love you too. Go, go."

He went over to the table to see the costume and placed Mary next to it. It seemed to be made from real fur. There were boots, shorts that were more like underwear, straps for his biceps, fur pauldrons, fur bracers, and leather necklace with a large ring on it. All pieces seemed to have straps and clasps to hold someone including the necklace. He was beginning to see where this was going. He just sighed and stripped down to his underwear.

"No No Master, you're going to need to go commando, otherwise it won't fit right" Mary said staring at him.

Kevin just sighed and complied. Mary stared at him the whole time, but it didn't bother him. He even noticed several of the minis trying not to stare, and a few like Jessica who stared without any shame at all, enjoying the sight of him changing.

"There how's that"

"Mmmmm perfect. Looks better than I hoped. Ok now put me on the stage over there so I can check on the first event. You got 10 minutes to use the bathroom. You're not going to leave that chair for at least three hours so go now if you need to" Mary said looking at her tiny planner and checking her tiny watch.

"When did you become a little Veronica?"

Kevin picked her up and petted her. She closed her eyes enjoying the attention as he brought her to the stage. He placed her there, but for a moment she didn't want it to end, then she remembered everything Veronica had trusted her to get done and she pushed away his finger.

"When did you become so reliable my little pet" Kevin said smiling at her.

She blushed as she ran off to go yell orders at someone. Kevin took her advice and went to use the bathroom, though it was a pain to remove and put back on the bracers. He was going to have to be careful not to drink too much as he was going to have to stay put for a while. He went back to his throne where Veronica was waiting for him on the large stage directly in front, hands on her hips as though he was taking too long. The stage was setup for music, but looked like the equipment could be quickly moved to accommodate other types of shows. To the right of the stage was a second, slightly smaller stage setup for music with lights he assumed was for the evening DJ, and a field next to that which he was guessing was for the marching band. On the right side of the large stage was an alter, and next to that a jello pool. He guessed he would be a eating a good bit of that tonight. Next to his throne were platforms with stairs and walkways leading to the top.

"Did I keep you waiting my little lady"

"Yes! Yes you did. Now connect those walk ways for the fields and jello pool and make sure they're secure. Can't have anyone falling now. No what are you doing, ugh"

Veronica complained as Kevin picked her up and kissed her first, placing her back on the stage as he went to connect the walkways. Despite her words he could tell she appreciated the gesture. When he heard the clicks and was sure they were safe he looked around. He was indeed trapped inside the circle of stages, walkways, and platforms.

"I thought I was supposed to be an all powerful giant here, but it feels more like I'm a prisoner."

"No, you're just my prisoner. Honestly I was wondering if you'd notice. Now sit down the guests are going to take their places. Just sit there, look handsome, and enjoy, I need to keep things moving." Veronica said as she tapped the mini version of her planner and walked off. How many of those did she have?

Kevin watched her go, thinking she did look rather good in that villager outfit. He took a good look at the throne. It looked like something out of a B-movie where the slaves took the wreckage of battles and built the thrown out of the materials. It seemed to be made out of broken wood and metal, clubs, swords, axes, wagon wheels, and of course bones and skulls from various creatures including humans. Kevin marveled at the detail and briefly wondered if any of those bones and skulls were real, but then forced that thought out of his head. Not going to ask, nope. Didn't want to know if it was, and didn't want to give Veronica ideas if it wasn't. There were fur cushions on the back, seat, and arm rests. Kevin certainly thought those felt real as he sat down on the chair and decided it was surprisingly comfortable.

"Hey Master, you're supposed to pay attention to your priestess. Pick me up" Sarah called from his left.

Kevin smiled as he got up and gently grabbed her. Other minis were walking around on the platforms, most making their way towards the audience section on the other side of the center stage. Some of them were staring at Kevin, a few of the women looking at him hungrily or with their mouths open, but most simply went about their business. While all the other minis wore simple pastel colored clothes Sarah was wearing a royal blue top and skirt with a crown of gold leaves. Her top had his face on her ample chest, and the words "My God Kevin" on the back.

"Well I can't ignore such a beautiful little worshiper now can I?"

"So you like my outfit then? I had it made special for today."

"Oh yes." Kevin said nodding before he brought her up to his lips and kissed her.

Holding her with his left hand he felt her legs with his thumb and index finger. She gasped as he lifted her skirt with his pinky finger and lightly rubbed her pussy. He felt her toned stomach and back muscles in his hand. He could feel her breasts with the thumb if his left hand but also took the time to feel them with his right. He even rubbed her arms and felt her hands. She seemed so strong, yet delicate to him like this. She was 18 years old now and had matured beautifully. He always enjoyed playing with pretty girls, but Sarah had certainly become one of the most beautiful that he cared about. It was probably a tie between her and Jessica for him.

"Oh my great and powerful god Kevin, I love this but I need to go to the stage or it will delay the performance. Even you can't defy your bible the almighty planner" Sarah said giggling.

Kevin laughed, kissing her and putting her down close to the stage so she could go take her front row seat. They all joked about it, but it seemed like they are all a slave to the planner if only because Veronica could become a bit scary when someone tried to deviate from it. Kevin wondered sometimes if the planner was her tool, or if she was a slave to it too. Perhaps a bit of both, best not to think about it. Kevin sat down on the throne and noticed Carlos walking with a girl on the walkway. He gently but quickly snatched them up laughing as he did so.

"Oh shit! Whoa dude you scared the shit out of me. I mean, you scared the shit out of me Master!"

"Hah, hey little guy. So who's this you brought with you."

"Ma.. Mary, Mary Lopez Master" the little girl struggled to get out.

She was a short petite Hispanic girl with pretty long black hair. She felt so light in his hand like she could float away.

"Wow. That was scary, but this is amazing Master. You holding me like this so high up. Wow. It feels so good. Better than the first and only time you held me for a second. Carlos said it was not big deal, but can you just hold me for a second more? You can do anything you want with me, any time."

"Hey hey, don't go stealing my girl. Well not like I could or would want to do anything about it if you did" Carlos admitted.

"Relax little man. I got enough women to deal with. I mean she really is pretty, but I just don't have the time now. Didn't know you were dating someone. How long you been with her?"

"Oh just about two weeks"

"Sorry man, we'll hang out soon, and you know not just with you as a mini. You take good care of each other."

"Yes Master" they both responded.

Kevin put them back on the walkway and sat down on his throne. He didn't have to wait long for the first concert to start. A pretty blond in her twenties did cover of Sarah's favorite pop songs and a few of her own original music. As she did a Swift song Kevin briefly wondered how large the organization would have to be before Veronica attempted to bond the real thing. He didn't put it past her. Next was a local country band Sarah liked, Tina Michelle & the Rhinestone Cowboys, followed by a rising star, Noah Kahan. Kevin was really curious just how she managed to catch him, but he'd ask her later. All the music was good and the crowd loved it. Kevin really preferred rock music, but he had to admit everyone put on a great performance.

"And now the great and powerful Kevin will transport you to the next performance" Noah Kahan said causing the audience to cheer.

That was Kevin's que to stand and grab the stadium seats by a handle. The whole thing was on wheels and he gently moved everyone to see the field where the marching band had lined up. Thankfully it was assisted by an electric motor or Kevin might have thrown out his shoulder with all the minis that were on the stands. There was a click when it hit the right spot and workers hurriedly locked the wheels in place. The marching band did a show to the music of the Kissing Booth, a movie Kevin hated but Sarah liked it. They ended their show with a set that spelled out "Happy Birthday Sarah". They then played happy birthday as the flag girls ran by with sparklers.

Again Kevin leaned over and dragged the stands after the workers unlocked the wheels and put it back in front of the main stage. The high school dance team came on and did a routine followed by a bit of a variety show with 15 Cirque du Soleil performers complete with crazy mid air acrobatics. Again Kevin wondered how Veronica had pulled that off. Many of the younger minis showed up for the variety show while other minis who weren't interested went down to enjoy the attractions. Just when the show was over Veronica motioned for Kevin to sit back down as Sarah walked down to the stage.

"And now, bring out the cake" she boomed into a microphone as she taped her staff on the stage three times.

A series of buff young man wheeled out a sheet cake, that was huge to them, which had several girls in it. On it was caricature drawing of Kevin the giant barbarian drinking from a goblet, swallowing his victims, with the very real mini Mary and Lilly on the shoulders, Rebecca and Mickayla on the arms, Jessica on the crotch, and Linda and Laura on the boots. There was a drawing of what he assumed was Sarah on his neck. A goblet was also brought out which had Eileen, Mary, Lisa, and Kathy relaxing in it. The girls in the cake had changed into clothes he assumed were edible chocolate and the girls in his goblet worse gummy swimsuits.

"Oh, what do we have here my little priestess?"

"Sacrifices to you oh great Master, and instructions with how to use them" said Sarah.

"Me first Master, Me first" cried Lilly.

Kevin smiled as he pulled Lilly out of the cake first. He put her in his mouth hoping it wasn't German chocolate, and was surprised to find it was a dark red velvet. Her villager outfit quickly dissolved in his mouth adding a nice chocolate flavor. He carefully clipped the now naked Lilly into the restraints on his left pauldron, which fit her perfectly and would keep her safe. He then did Mary and the rest of the girls trapped in the cake, doing Jessica last and taking a little longer with her. It didn't bother him how many of the minis looked up at him, with a few even daring to pleasure themselves as if they weren't in control of their bodies. While he was busy with that Sarah cut a few pieces of cake for others with a plastic knife that might as well have been a great sword to her.

"What about you my little priestess?" Kevin loudly boomed down like a mighty god.

All the minis reacted as if a physical force has pushed down on them. He initially only put up with this giant role-play for Sarah, but he was really getting into it. I mean was it really role-play if he was a giant to them and they all practically thought of him as their god anyway. Kevin gently drank from his goblet. It turned out to be fruit punch flavored slightly with each of the girls lounging in it. Veronica boldly kissed his nose as he drank while the other girls were just holding onto the rim, laughing and trying not to slide.

"Oh Master. I'll show you. Bring the sedan chair!" Sara shouted as she again banged her staff three times on the stage.

Four mini muscular young men were holding the ends of a simple, yet elegant, sedan chair. Sarah got on as if she was nobility and the men quickly took her up to the alter. When they finally reached the top they set her down and kneeled. She walked to the front of the alter and stepped onto something that looked like a bear trap, a trap that looked like it was a gummy clasped around her calves. Two of the men got up and secured her arms with the cuffs that were tied to the two pillars. The men then quickly got off the platform as Sarah struggled on the platform to show Kevin she was indeed secure.

"Oh mighty god. I offer myself to you as a sacrifice. Spare my people"

Kevin was getting hard, his cock pressing against Jessica's back. Her wiggling against the pressure didn't help matters. He reached down and adjusted her so she wouldn't get hurt and tried to calm himself. He walked over and stood in front of the alter, looking down on Sarah. He could see just a tiny bit of fear on her as she smiled up at him. He wanted to play the part of the mean giant, but first he was going to mess with her a bit. With his index finger he rubbed her breasts, then started feeling the outline of her body, tickling her and causing her to squirm.

"Hahaha, no stop, your ruining it" She said laughing

It was enough to throw her off balance. It was her birthday after all and time for him to play along. He wrapped his hand around her as she was still laughing

"Silence. You're my sacrifice and I can do what I want with you!" he growled.

He felt Sarah shiver through his hand and again his rising member started pushing against Jessica. He ignored Mary hushing Lilly as she tried to keep quiet but said something about wanting to be next. The restraints holding Sarah broke away easily as he lifted her, but he did it slowly just in case. He brought her to his face and smiled.

"Sacrifices get eaten" he said before putting her feet first in his mouth acting like he was going to eat her.

"Oh no" She yelled playfully, but also a little fearfully.

Kevin used his tong to break off the restraint still holding her legs together. Her boots were dark chocolate and dissolved in his mouth. Her clothes were caramel and tasted wonderful coming off her body. He even gently rested his teeth around her waist like he was going to bite her in half.

"Oh no" she yelled half joking, but also half actually scared.

Kevin relented and put her back in his hands

"Oh I can't finish you off yet. I have to play with you more first"

"You can put me back in your mouth for a little bit longer you terrible giant"

Kevin laughed as he kissed her. He then secured her to the necklace around his neck. She smiled wide as she hung like a prize against his chest. Again he had to calm himself remembering poor Jessica against his crotch.

"Master pick up the goblet. It's time for pictures" Veronica called up to him.

Kevin complied and spent the next half hour doing various poses. The focus was of course on Sarah as she demonstrated she was his superior follower today, but all the other girls got at least one picture with him holding them. He even gave a photo op to a few of the other minis like Ms. Davis, Ms. Dalton, and Ms. Blackwell. It took almost an hour before he could finally sit back down. He had to be careful not to hurt Jessica especially as he did so.

"Are you girls Ok? You don't want me to release any of you"

"No Master" they all said.

"Just put up with this a bit longer Master. I'm sore as hell hanging like this, but this is great. Never thought I'd say that all naked in front of everyone like this" Sarah said.

He gently rubbed her, then reached down and rubbed Jessica tenderly on his crotch. He would endure. He drank the rest of the fruit juice in his goblet. He was still thirsty but had paced himself since he couldn't go to the bathroom. He licked clean the girls in the goblet and put them down so they could get fresh outfits.

"Hey don't ruin that costume. I want some personal time with you in it" Veronica called up to him before running off.

Kevin groaned a little. He was worried this was going to become a thing. More acts and performances followed in the various areas, all meant to impress Sarah and Kevin. After about an hour he released all the girls on his costume so he could finally use the bathroom. He made sure the walkway was clear before removing it to leave and securing it when he came back. Sarah was holding up her staff directing some activity when he picked her off the center stage.

"Noooo. Master I'm trying to get the girls in place for the final dance before we bring out the DJ" Sarah whined.

"Sshhh. It can wait a moment my pet"

He held her up and admired her. He could only lightly rub the top of her head without disturbing her little crown. He definitely thought she was one of his prettiest minis and he would be a little sad when she went to college. He had gotten so use to being with her and everyone else at school. He briefly considered rubbing between her legs, but she just changed into clean clothes so he settled for giving her a light kiss and placing her back on the stage.

He smiled as she hesitated for a moment, blushing, then she went back to directing people. He knew this last performance was for him and he sat back enjoying it. Fourteen pretty dancers facing him, showing him their graceful and sexy bodies, and grateful that his eyes were on them. He enjoyed it a lot. When they were done Michelle & the Rhinestone Cowboys came out to play two more songs to start the crowd off with some dancing. Kevin thought it was cute seeing the little villagers do line dancing and then the DJ started to play. Kevin was exhausted, but when he saw Sarah laughing and having a good time, practically glowing with happiness, he knew it was worth it.
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Kevin and his family part 23

Post by MasterBlaster » Mon Feb 12, 2024 11:49 pm

Part 23

Since Sarah's party it really was one birthday after another which took a lot of Kevin's time and energy. Lilly flying around like Tinker Bell using wires was particularly nerve racking for him and he wasn't going to allow anything like that again. Mary somehow convinced him to eat a mini lion and tiger while wearing his giant costume from Sarah's party. She was doing a spartan theme and for one event she was in a cage in a mini arena while Kevin saved her from danger. They were sick animals that were going to be put down anyway, but Kevin freaked when the lion bent the cage and quickly grabbed both animals and ate them without really thinking causing him to almost chock. He felt bad afterwards for the big cats and was definitely not going to do that or anything like it again. How did he even get convinced to allow that in the first place? He did say no to a few things, like kidnapping BTS for Jessica's birthday or holding public executions of some of their enemies on Veronica's, but because he wanted everybody to be happy he said yes to most of their requests.

"I hope you don't have to go to the bathroom anytime soon Master" Jessica said sitting in his lap at half size.

Kevin sat in a couch in the basement of the organization HQ with Jessica and his sisters much like they did at home. Sarah on his left, Lilly and Mary trapping his legs, Veronica to his right with her legs on his thigh, and Jessica in his lap.

"No, I went before, which is good I guess, I feel a little restrained after all"

As if to press the point Sarah hugged his right arm, holding it between her breasts and making sure his hand rested on her crotch

"I like it when we're all here like this Master. It gives me an excuse to be half sized and let you be taller than me. I love you as you are you know, but being able to look up to you and feel your big hand on me is nice. You don't like it Master?" Jessica said as she held his other hand against her chest.

"Oh I do beautiful, I just don't know how we're going to work in Mickayla and Rebecca since you all seem hellbent on them joining us. It's good we have various size pills. We should offer some of these for mini vacations. Not everyone wants the normal 1/12th pills and it would be good to offer sizes the others don't"

"I'm already working on that Master. Currently we have a few in testing, but it seems there are problems once you go past 1/24th. It's harder to reverse and there can be lingering effects. We have made permanent 1/36th pills that scramble DNA without immediately killing the subject and are not reversible. Well only we could technically reverse it but there's still DNA damage. They even work on people like you who've been vaccinated, so we keep them in the electronic safe and each pill is account for. Pretty good for disposing of people without worrying too much about the body." Veronica said.

"Less than two inches? Oh I'd love to be that small. Master could keep us in his underwear and take us to school with him" Lilly said.

"Yeah, it is a bit unfair that Sarah and Veronica got to spend so much time with you at school. We feel a little left out sometimes" Mary said.

"Didn't you hear what Veronica just said? It's not safe yet, plus I'd be worried about you girls being so small" Kevin said.

Mary just shrugged her shoulders

"There are worse ways to die. I wouldn't mind going out being flattened by your balls, and then I could haunt your balls" Mary said with a wicked smile.

"Ugh don't even joke about that. All of you are going to live to be old and wrinkly with me. That's an order."

"Ewww I don't want to get old. I'd rather you just eat me when I start getting old so I can die pretty and be a part of you forever" Lilly said causing everyone but Kevin to laugh.

"OK let's not think about that right now." Kevin huffed

"Jessica can you massage my feet? I've been on em all day. You have such a delicate touch" Veronica asked sweetly.

"Of course my BFF. Maybe you'll do the same for me tomorrow?"

"Mmmmm that would be fun. It will be a nice break from all this work, but I'll be at 1/3 size so you'll need to be patient with little ol me"

"So how are we on the genetic testing Veronica?" Kevin asked as he tried to push those thoughts out of his head as his cock was already responding.

"Well, I've been working on it for a while and we have people in the most popular testing for ancestry labs, but it's not complete. There's still about a 5% chance our people don't see the sample results first, but it's improving. It's definitely going to give us an advantage in the long run."

"What about that one we bought last week"

"They're small players, and it's mostly so I, well we, can have people privately tested, like minis and caretakers who use our mini vacation service. So far we've identified 34 people across the country with the genetic markers, and 21 of them are now contractors with the organization or employed directly."

The organization had bought out "Fantastic mini Vacations", the company his family went with that fateful Christmas. It was a good way to funnel powerful people to Kevin or to organization contractors. The organization would make sure certain vacations got, misdirected, and afterwards the contractors would give certain orders at the organizations request, such as what bills to vote for. The contracts of course had various penalties built in for disobeying or betraying the organization including being turned into a permanent mini under certain circumstances.

"I think we can make more money on these mini vacations and encourage more people to go through us, maybe having special equipment only we have. Lilly and Mary, you're pretty creative in that area so give Jack some of your ideas."

"On it" the two girls said in unison, though they were still clinging to his legs.

"He'll probably complain they won't sell well or won't be high demand, or it's not safe, but these are just specialty things only we offer so it's fine. We got disclaimers for these kinds of things I guess"

"I need to talk to him too Master. We are going to have some custom sets for your birthday this weekend" Sarah said teasingly

"Oh no. What did you do?"

"Master, we can't tell you that. It's a surprise. I promise you'll like it".


Kevin's party was super hero themed this year. Jessica looked amazing in her skin tight super girl outfit while Sarah was showing off her figure and ample cleavage in a complimentary power girl outfit. Jessica's parents had come as Big Barda and Mr Miracle. Veronica was in a skin tight cat woman outfit while Mary was batgirl and Lilly was fittingly Harley Quinn. His parents broke the DC trend and were Jean Grey and Cyclopes while baby Sandra was supposed to be Hope summers with a black onzie that had a red x symbol on it. His Grandmother Eileen was a rather attractive Madam Web. Everyone was in various hero or villain costumes. By contrast Kevin's costume was rather simple as he had chosen a blue, black and white Bill Foster Giant man costume. Originally others had suggested other giant character costumes, including power ranger megazords, other giant man and Goliath versions, King Kong, Ultra Man, and even Hero Zero. Kevin didn't know who Hero Zero was but when he saw the teal, gold, and white costume it was a hard pass. His throne this time was a polished metal chair which looked like it was meant for a god from the minis point of view, but to Kevin he was actually missing the more comfortable evil giant chair. He noticed his friend Alex dressed as iceman on the walkway and grabbed him.

"Oh shit. Oh, dude that scared me. Some warning next time." Alex complained.

Alex was going to be a junior next year and become the starting quarter back. He had those blond haired movie star looks as well. He was definitely a bully until Kevin simply ordered him not to be. Alex was actually a good guy, but still a bit of a Jerk once in a while and pretty popular. Kevin liked messing with him once in a while so he didn't get too big of a head, while Veronica made sure Kevin didn't get a big head or take things too far. He suspected she had a thing for the pretty boy.

"Oh, aren't you supposed to be cool no matter what? Let me help you with that." Kevin said smiling

"Hey what are you doing? No stop, not cool dude not cool!" Alex shouted as Kevin put him in a cup of ice.

Kevin poured some water on it and sloshed it a bit before pulling the mini out.

"Shit dude you suck. Hey wait hold me a bit, your hand is warm, and now my balls are frozen. Just warm me up. Asshole."

"That's Master to you mini" Kevin said holding the little junior to his face.

"Sorry Master-Asshole. Or is it Master who is an asshole. Shit just don't do that during football season or I'll cramp up. Gonna be starting quarter back next year"

"Yeah man, that's why I gotta torture you now. You know so you stay humble. No one else is gonna do it" Kevin said smiling.

"Har har."

"We'll hang out later man I got some others to say hi to."

"Oh, you gonna give them an ice bath too? Probably shouldn't drink that water I mighta peed in it you jerk."

"Hah, no that was just for you."

"Shit don't I feel special. Master."

Kevin ignored a slight glare from Veronica as he put Alex back on the walk way. Kevin had held everyone who needed to be held earlier which was mostly members of his family or classmates who weren't at earlier parties. He picked up Ms Davis who was dressed as Storm.

"Oh. Hello Master. You know just because school is out doesn't mean I can't come over to tutor you, anytime, or just play" She said smiling at him.

"I know. Don't worry I haven't forgotten about my favorite teacher. Oh and there's my other favorite teacher"

He picked up Miss Dalton when she wasn't expecting it. She was looking sexy in her revealing black Ms Marvel costume. She yelped as he brought her to eye level.

"Uh He- Hello Ma Ma Master" She stammered a bit.

Ms Davis had to stifle as laugh as she was completely comfortable being held

"Master, you should have us both over. I can get her used to being held. I'll go ahead and put in a request with Veronica" Ms Davis said confidently.

"Of course my slave. I don't want you two to be strangers. Maybe we can play later. Go mingle" He said as he set them back on the walkway.

As for his favorite swim team members Mickayla had come as Vixen, Rebecca had come as Hawk girl, Linda was Danielle Moonstar, and Laura was dressed as Jean Grey. He said hi to each of them picking them up and giving them a kiss. The other Linda, the one married to his cousin came as Batwoman. Her tall fit frame and long red hair were perfect for the costume. Kevin wondered if she had worn that to spark his interest so he picked her up to ask her.

"Oh my. Hello my Master"

"Hell Linda I really like your costume" Kevin said as she blushed

"Thank you Master. That's what I was hoping for. I know you haven't thought highly of me because of my past behavior, but I was hoping that maybe I could get a little more time with you? I mean if you want?"

Kevin laughed. Before this woman had been rather bitchy. A 6'4 model with the attitude that nobody was worthy of her presence and her husband should be lucky she just settled for him. Now she was cowering before him, begging for every instant of his time and attention that he could spare for her. She didn't object as Kevin felt her fit body in his hands, feeling every inch of her. Kevin thought it curious that even though he had bonded other girls named Linda, the two he were attracted to were red heads.

"Tell you what. Schedule a time with Veronica to worship my cock. I'll play with you some more then."

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

He kissed her and put her down to join the party as he personally greeted a few more of his favorites and friends. Much like the last few times there were two platforms on the side of Kevin's throne with walkways that lead to the various stages used for entertainment. A field for the marching band, a main stage, and a dance stage. Kevin did think about mass producing these kinds of sets, but nobody else could have hundreds of minis to make proper use of it. Perhaps the organization could make smaller scale versions for those that had at least 20 or so minis.

The music started with Damage Inc, a local Metalica cover band. Kevin wondered if Veronica had actually tried to get Metalica and thought it was too high risk for now. Next was Lexicon doing thier song Big money, followed by The Automatic, Wolfmother, and for the finale Maneskin. Kevin was going to have to ask how Veronica had gotten all these performers for his party, but for the moment he simply enjoyed the Music. He grabbed Victoria De Angelis in the middle of a song and she didn't even stop playing, holding the guitar up and letting Kevin carefully grab her torso so she could still play.

"You're awesome". Kevin said, simply not being able to think of anything else.

"Thank you Master" Victoria said not missing a beat as they played Supermodel.

He put her back down and she continued to play like nothing happened. He was going to make sure to get some personal time with her later. After they were done the cheer leaders and high school dance team performed for him and he had to resist touching them in the middle of their performances. Other than just throwing them off he knew that messing with their timing could cause them to get hurt as they did their high flying stunts. Finally the Marching band came out to play happy birthday and spell out "Happy Birthday Kevin". What he didn't expect though was the band to them start playing In the Night by The Weeknd while his girls wheeled out two boxes to the center stage that looked like single mini boxes. The air holes and organization logo made them rather distinct. Kevin looked at Jessica quizzically and gently opened the box to see Bella Hadid inside dressed like Electra. The little model turned her face to him and gave him a brilliant smile.

"Hello Master." There was a short silence as Kevin just stared "Are you going to take me out of the box or just stare?"

He nodded and gently took her out of the box. For a moment it seemed it was just the two of them as he turned her over and felt her delicate little body in his hands. He couldn't believe he was holding a girl as beautiful to him as Jessica. Suddenly remembering his girlfriend and his sisters as he looked down to see them smiling up at him.

"So is it safe to say you like this present Master?" Sarah called up to him.

Kevin just nodded dumbly

"Put her down then so she can mingle. You're going to ruin her outfit with those sweaty hands. You still got another present to open right now" Jessica yelled at him.

Kevin gently put her down next to Sarah and Jessica. Bella was acting like they were old friends and they all seemed to be glancing and looking at Kevin, probably making fun of his shocked expression. Then the band started playing again. They played the theme from Wonder Woman.

"No. No way. Are you telling me that in that box is, IS...." Kevin's brain seemed to not be able to handle the implication.

"Take the lid of and find out Master. Then you can compliment me" Veronica said.

Kevin gently lifted the lid of the box and inside was Gal Gadot in a wonder woman costume, arms folded like she had been waiting there forever, yet still smiling up at him.

"Hello Master."

Kevin reached in and reverently took her out. His thoughts were a jumble including a desire to just rub her against his cock right now and cum all over her costume. Instead he just petted her, feeling her long soft hair on his fingers. Then he started feeling her body as if in a trance.

"Oh, Master, Oh not so hard please"

Kevin broke out of his trance and lowered his right hand, realizing he was putting too much pressure on her breasts. He turned a bright red as his brain returned to the present moment.

"Wha? Why? How?" He said looking at Veronica shock still on his face.

"Oh Master. I know who you like. We just had the opportunity to grab Bella at a charity event. Just formula in the food and a bit of your sweat. You'll meet some of the others we bonded later this month. As for Gal, well we are infiltrating Hollywood. Some contractors had already bonded some of the crew and actors on set and she was right there along with some others. In fact there's one more surprise"

Kevin froze as he was fondling Gals breasts again. There was a flash and puff of smoke on the stage as Rachel Zegler dressed as Zatana appeared. She took off her top hat and bowed

"Hello my Master" she said

"I couldn't get a good Athena costume made in time, but I figured you'd like the Zatana costume plus you gotta love that entrance. So Master do you like our presents?" Veronica said.

Kevin just picked up Rachel with his left and looked back to Gal in his right. He looked back at Bella and wished he had more hands. He was conflicted, he couldn't have Veronica giving people as presents, but damn if he wasn't happy about it.

"Oh, I do, but, um, we'll talk about this later."

He hesitated a moment and put down Rachel to focus on Gal Gadot.

"Oh, did I get passed over?" Rachel said sounding miffed

"Absolutely not. You'll get a turn little one" He said petting her.

"You only got a few hours with Gal and Rachel Master. They have to leave by 9 tonight to be back on set so we don't raise suspicion. Don't bruise them. This mixture of the formula is going to form a strong bond, like the original, but less needy when they're away. You just need to cover them in your fluid. Break from the party so you can enjoy them. We got things here."

Kevin smiled. He reached over to pickup Bella

"I'll be playing with you later, but enjoy the party for now"

"Yes Master. As you command"

He put her down and picked up Rachel

"You two are going to learn how to serve me now."

"Yes Master" the two said in unison.

Kevin went back to his room, putting the two on the night stand. They obediently stood as he quickly undressed. Since he was fondling Gal earlier he decided to start with Rachel. He picked her up and slowly removed her costume. She gasped as he slid off her fishnet stockings and felt her legs. He felt every inch of her as he removed her costume before lowering her pelvis onto his lips and tasting her. She moaned as his tongue penetrated her and climaxed violently squirting into his mouth. He licked his lips and held her at eye level

"Thank you so much Master. That was amazing."

"You're welcome my slave. Now it's your turn to please me"

He put her on his balls and she got to work using little tongue and her whole exhausted body to massage them.

"You keep me waiting again. I hope my turn is just as nice Master"

He smiled and picked up Gal. He took off her boots and admired her perfect little toes. He sucked on her feet lightly before continuing to remove her costume tasting each part of her along the way. Kevin admired her sexy naked body and all it's flaws. Gal confidently relaxed in his hand waiting to see what her Master would do next. He brought her pussy to his lips and began tasting her. He was pretty good at it at this point as he'd had a lot of practice. It didn't take long before she came for him and she did taste wonderful. He briefly thought about rubbing her on his cock, but she needed to fly back later and it would probably be bad to do so with bruises. He simply put her next to his cock.

"Both of you, use your bodies to rub my cock"

"Yes Master" they both replied.

He couldn't believe it was happening. Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman, was using her whole body to massage his cock. Rachel Zegler was right there with her sandwiching his cock. He was seeing it, he was definitely feeling it, but he still couldn't believe it. It seemed like the most amazing thing in his life up to this point. He wanted to enjoy the feeling as long as he could, trying to distract his mind to make the feeling last longer. Eventually the sight of an exhausted Gal Gadot, wet with sweat, pumping his cock, was too much and he came hard. The girls rubbed his cum on themselves, feeling the tingle that came as they became more bonded to him. He watched them happily eat his cum as he reached down and stroked their backs. They both seemed to enjoy his attention. He knew that after this he could spend time with them at any size, and he could even have them as his girlfriends if he wanted, though that could pose other problems. After all nobody outside the organization knew about Kevin and he meant to keep it that way. He considered that they were going to have to bond Gal's husband and children, and he knew he should feel bad about that, but he didn't. At least his other two presents were currently single.

"All right girls, it's time to clean you two up so you can get going."

Gal Gadot turned to face him, putting her hands on her hips like she was in charge, standing on him at full size, and not currently naked covered in his cum.

"Master, don't think you're getting rid me. I expect to back here soon and spend more time with you. I won't accept this just being a one time thing."

"Oh don't worry my pet, I'm going to spend time with both of you. Unfortunately Veronica has a time you need to leave by, and you'll learn that you don't go against her and her planner"

"Aren't you in charge Master?" asked Rachel.

"Of course I am, but Veronica keeps things running and I have to respect the effort she puts into that" Kevin said defensively.

He picked them up and brought them to his bathroom. He ran the water and made sure it was warm before putting his two lovely minis in. He almost grabbed Gal to take into the shower, but decided it was best not to. He still had Bella and all his other girls to enjoy tonight. He would spend more time with these two another day.

"Ok I'm going to leave you two off with Veronica before it gets later. I'm sure she's already told you two what to do"

"Yes Master"

They all got dressed and Kevin took them back to the party. Veronica made sure they grew back and got to their flights in time. The Party went well into the evening with music and dancing. Well less dancing and more suffering on an impressive metal throne for Kevin but he still found ways to enjoy himself. When the party was finally over and everyone started making their way home Kevin took his growing collection of favorite minis to his bed. He sighed as he finally relaxed on his bed. Between his legs now were his parents, his five sisters, his grandma, Mickayla, Rebecca, Jessica, Kathy, and the new addition Bella. He picked up Veronica and held her at eye level.

"Hey sis. Thanks for everything today. It was amazing" Kevin said as he gave her a big wet kiss.

"Ack. Master stop! Oh you're just trying to annoy and embarrass me now"

"Maybe a little" Kevin said with a mischievous smile.

"OK. Now lie down and let us take care of you."

Kevin did so and enjoyed the feeling of the minis climbing on him and going to various parts of his body to start pleasing him. Lilly sat in his belly button while holding baby Sandra and he suddenly realized that he was effectively pinned in place. He didn't know if Veronica planned that, or if Lilly decided it on her own, but he knew it didn't matter either way. He had suddenly become a prisoner to his minis lest any of them got hurt, but he decided this once to accept it and enjoy their efforts. Jessica and Sarah were showing Bella how best to wrap around Kevin's cock and stimulate him in just the right ways. It was difficult to keep still with all the stimulation as the minis massaged and licked his body. Sarah was massaging his balls as if to build an explosion that would make them shrivel to nothing. All thoughts left him as his will was devoted to minimizing his movements.

When he came the first time he had the vague notion that they were changing positions. Everyone would get a chance to pump their Master's sacred cock. It went on for hours and Kevin had no idea how many times he came. When he finally regained the ability to think he could barely hear the panting of his exhausted minis over his own breath. Sandra started to indicate she was hungry, but when Lilly took a bit of cum from his tip and gave it to her she calmed down and simply went to sleep. Kevin took a moment to appreciate just how wonderful his life was at this very moment. He smiled as he relaxed and drifted off to sleep.
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