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Tina Tempest
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Re: New collection of fiction

Post by Tina Tempest » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:37 pm

Hey Fellow shrink fans,
Tina Tempest here announcing my latest collection of shrinking woman fiction has just gone live on Amazon.
"Tiny Twists: A Collection of Shrunken Woman Fiction" features shrunken women facing unforeseen twists.


In her latest collection, the mistress of shrink fiction presents four stories involving tiny ladies and twists of fate. Here are the beginnings:
A beautiful female investigative reporter in search of a story goes undercover at a doll convention.
A beautiful young wife finds herself the tiny prize at a gathering of friends.
A disgraced state prosecutor takes a vacation to clear her head.
A son shrinks his mother so that he can throw a mammoth party at the house without her interference.
All the stories end in unforeseen ways. Always erotic, these stories are by turns, sexy, sardonic, horrific, and poignant. Perfect adult reading for anyone who has ever contemplated the wonder and sensual charm of miniature women.

Find Tina at Amazon

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